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Random episode: Aug. 26, 2016

In this Infowars show, Alex Jones discusses Hillary Clinton's recent speech attacking Trump and the alt-right. He claims her accusations are hypocritical and nonsensical, pointing out that she has received large sums of money from a country with poor treatment of women, and one of her campaign advisors praises a man who had racist views. Jones believes people will soon begin fact-checking Hillary's claims and find them incorrect. He also discusses the importance of knowing history and understanding power dynamics in today's political climate. Jones mentions how major banking associations have been trying to take over education for over 130 years, with the Renaissance still going on today as we enter a golden age of it. He notes that mainstream media has lost public trust, but their propaganda focus has shifted to entertainment through late-night shows and TV programs. He talks about an incident where Jimmy Kimmel joked about him using a BB gun to shoot a pickle jar, while ignoring Hillary Clinton's more serious actions and controversies. Jones emphasizes that he doesn't think Kimmel is a bad person; instead, it's the writers at these networks who craft the propaganda. In addition to this, Alex Jones discusses globalism, the power structure, the current presidential race in America, family lineage and genealogy, Trump's political views on various topics including immigration, Hillary Clinton's emails and foundation, state of US, driverless cars, Dr. Drew Pinsky's concerns regarding Hillary Clinton's health, conspiracy theories, understanding the system, recent Hillary Clinton speech where he was attacked by her, Turkey invading Syria, Assange promising to release more information on Clinton, current state of America's economy, law enforcement treating transgender people with respect, kids getting in trouble for saying "brownies", conflict in Syria, Russia's response to US condemnation of Assad, the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, Brexit vote, Christianity in creating good societies, Clinton's hypocrisy in attacking him, interview with whistleblowers, leaked emails revealing details about Hillary Clinton's personal situation, and climate change. He also discusses a new probiotic product designed to improve digestive health called Probe Immune.

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