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Random episode: June 7, 2021

In his discussion on InfoWars, Alex Jones explores the implications of human-animal cloning and transhumanism being normalized by mainstream media. He raises concerns about the possibility of there already being human clones among us, corporations using human genetics in animals to create new classes without rights, and the UN's stance on these creatures having limited rights and following their orders. Jones emphasizes the importance of questioning everything and being aware of government actions and corporate intentions. Jones also discusses his family's history in an underground civilization with cures for every cancer and cloning capabilities. He mentions a new trailer for Pushing It, vaccines with contaminated vaccines, lab-grown vaginas, designer babies, and animal-human hybrids being created for military purposes. A narrator describes a dinner he had with someone high up in the elite who explained their plans to create sexbots that will control procreation. Jason Jones discusses the role of the Catholic Church in addressing global issues, including standing up for marginalized communities and advocating for change. The speaker emphasizes the importance of supporting InfoWars, recognizing free will, and having faith in God's plan for us. Alex Jones shares his testimony of becoming a Christian, discusses the value of human life and dignity, and mentions evidence that COVID-19 was created in a lab.

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