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In this InfoWars segment, Alex Jones and his guests discuss various issues related to immigration, child trafficking, economic trends, and financial strategies. They express concerns over fraudulent organizations providing fake paperwork to illegal immigrants, lack of accountability for contractors involved in moving kids into foster homes, and potential national security threats due to such practices. The discussion also touches upon the situation at a New York facility where children were sexually abused before being delivered there, with frustration expressed over the lack of coverage from mainstream media outlets. They highlight the need for preserving their constitutional republic and expose an organization called La Jornada that allows illegals to buy residency and ID NYC paperwork without proper verification. The video raises concerns about civil unrest and political assassinations that may arise due to the issue of granting fake identities to criminals or spies. The speakers discuss potential military takeover in America, rumors of illegals being armed by the government to create unrest if Trump wins, and the importance of standing up for the truth against the lies spread by the New World Order. They also address the issue of fake government-issued IDs being given to immigrants by sanctuary cities, which has led to concerns over national security threats and potential voter fraud. The discussion touches upon Congress' inaction on this issue and addresses the large number of immigrants entering the country. The speakers criticize the acceptance of propaganda in society and discuss the connection between unaccompanied minors coming across the border and child sex trafficking. They mention vans carrying these children to various foster homes, some of which face serious accusations of sexual assault. The speakers allege that there is a significant amount of money being made through this system, with foster homes receiving large sums from the federal government's unaccompanied child program while simultaneously profiting off the children. The conversation then shifts to inflammation in the body and how it can lead to various health issues. The speaker promotes a product called "Baudis Ultimate Turmeric Formula" as a solution for such problems. They also reflect on their journey, mentioning their authored book called "The Great Reset and the War for the World", which became a national bestseller. Finally, the host discusses various economic issues with an economist and theologian Dr. Kirk Elliott. They talk about central bank digital currencies (CBDC), drone attacks on civilians, and the current rise in value of precious metals such as gold and silver due to inflationary pressures. The guest emphasizes that this loss of privacy is predicted to lead people to buy tangible assets like gold and silver, which are not trackable in a digital world. They also discuss underfunding of the FDIC and Social Security in America, societal shrinkage due to low fertility rates, and the potential for a global financial crisis. The speaker promotes investing in physical silver and gold as a safe haven investment option during these uncertain times. The conversation highlights the importance of good people taking control and building better systems to combat corruption. Lastly, Alex Jones promotes his improved coffee through Minuteman Coffee, available on

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