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Explore Entities | Animated recap of 2008-2023

Indexed 6,492 episodes - 21,090 hours of the Alex Jones Show so far. About 196 Million words.
Random episode: Feb. 26, 2021

The text talks about resistance against oppressive systems and the significance of freedom of speech. It highlights issues such as political unrest in Europe, border control problems, vaccine refusal among US troops, and alleged biased mainstream media fact-checks funded by powerful organizations like Bill Gates. Alex Jones discusses various topics related to vaccines, globalists, eugenics, and the New World Order's plans to exterminate carbon-based life forms. He encourages listeners to do their research and stay informed while promoting discounted water filtration systems and storable food at and Dr. Nick Begich shares his thoughts on personal struggles and finding one's rhythm of inner and outer world, living truth, long- suffering, and public service. The speaker promotes natural mouthwash, discusses the transitioning state of America, emphasizes the importance of overcoming struggles and fears, and encourages using high-quality water filtration systems and storable foods available at and

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