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What is this?

This is a search engine for The Alex Jones Show. The transcripts are automatically generated by WhisperX and Whisper.cpp. The site is updated whenever there's a new episode.

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The source for the transcripts are videos from 2008 to present day, and audio before 2008 and where the video is missing. The transcripts are not perfect and do contain errors. They are also available for download.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email me, or send me a message on Twitter / Reddit.


I provide downloads of the archives I've collected here as torrents.

Radio: The Alex Jones Show (1998-2024)
Archived from InfoWars, GCN, PrisonPlanet, Internet Archive, and other sources.

6,515 episodes, about 20,500 hours of audio, last episode 2024-06-18. Coverage is spotty before 2003-05, and early audio converted from RealMedia.

284 GB, MP3 format

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Radio: Other hosts (2009-2024)
American Journal, Barnes, Bermas, FirePower, Knight, Mike Adams, War Room
Archived from InfoWars

3,538 episodes, first episode 2009-03, last episode 2024-06-19.

137 GB, MP3 format

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Video: The Alex Jones Show (2008-2024)
Archived from InfoWars, PrisonPlanet, Internet Archive, and other sources

5,013 episodes, from 2008-04 to 2024-06-18. Most were downloaded as MP4, early videos converted from FLV and WMV.
Resolutions go from 320x240, to 480x270, 720x480, 700x394, 768x432 and finally 1280x720 from 2019-09-06.

8.1 TB, MP4 format

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