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Air Date: Dec. 10, 2008
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen.
Another important broadcast lined up for you today.
We've got Connie Fogel, the Canadian Action Party.
They've suspended Parliament again.
The Queen has suspended the government again through her Director General of her property, of her Commonwealth.
So, Connie's joining us coming up later.
We also have an expert on global piracy coming on the show with the massive increase in piracy in the Caribbean, in both sides of Africa and the Atlantic, and into the Pacific there.
And into the Indian Sea as well.
We will be breaking all of that down today.
You know, at the start of the show yesterday, we had an exclusive hour-long interview with the former head of ISI and the general who led the attacks for the CIA against the Russians in that eight-year war in Afghanistan, the Afghan-Russian War, General Hamid
Google saying that 9-11 is an inside job, Bin Laden tapes are fake, the U.S.
government killed Benazir Bhutto, on and on and on and on and on.
It was an unbelievable hour-long interview and if I have time today coming up in the fourth hour, I'm going to play some of the key clips
Some of the most important clips from that interview, but we'll also have open phones later in the show when we discuss that.
Obviously, everybody wants me to talk about the Governor of Illinois and what's happening with him.
And I will do that when we get back after the break.
Obama's honeymoon could be tainted by Ligoyevich's corruption scandal.
That's one of the headlines there.
Lugojevich arrested on corruption charges after going up against Bank of America.
You know, we mentioned this yesterday, and Kurt Demos done a story about the fact that you had the governor of New York, Spitzer, go up against the big brokerage houses that they were involved in crime and derivatives and scams and
You notice that the little bit of dirt on him got brought out instantly, that the FBI was surveilling him.
Let me give governors a tip.
Every governor in the United States is under constant CIA, constant FBI, and also foreign intelligence.
The entire British Parliament is under MI6 and MI5 surveillance.
That's been admitted.
The entire US Congress is under surveillance.
And it doesn't matter if you lead a completely spotless life,
They can try to dig something up on you.
Now, I don't like Mlugovic.
He is a vicious anti-gun pimp.
He is a gangster, a mobster, a thug, a dirtbag, a big city, Chicago City, piece of filth.
And that's clear from these tapes.
But this is par for the course.
That's why the guy's on the telephone, not caring, cussing, sounding like a gangster, saying, I'm gonna F and get a lot of money for this.
I want bids put in.
Let me tell you how Chicago works.
To have a major media show on TV or radio there, you have to make payments to government.
To have any bar or restaurant, you make payments to the police.
It's on record, it's admitted for at least 70 years.
It is the whole state
Is being run by corrupt mob bosses.
Now the Illinois folks are great people.
But all that New York corruption 150 years ago moved there and literally founded the modern police department.
And so I'm not bashing the folks of Illinois.
We have about four affiliates up there.
I think the reason we've always had affiliates in Illinois and so many listeners in Illinois is they know about government being corrupt.
They know the stuff we talk about here is accurate.
A lot of other dumbbells around the country are living in la-la land.
But regardless of how bad the governor of Illinois is, why is he... why are they going after him now?
I mean, a governor can engage in any evil they want as long as they're New World Order.
Why are they going after him?
Well, he had shot his mouth off against Bank of America and other big banks, shutting down factories in the Chicago area and other areas of Illinois.
Hello friends, this is Alex Jones.
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They turned off the telephones and email.
They voted to print $850 billion at least out of thin air.
This money now owns the American and European banks.
The exploding inflation that is now guaranteed will slash your life savings to nothing and blast the cost of necessities, particularly food, beyond many Americans' reach.
In pre-Nazi Germany's superinflation, the cost of a loaf of bread doubled every two days until it reached over 4 billion marks.
Food prices are skyrocketing so fast,
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I'm going to get into the Illinois governor a little bit more and what's clearly happening up there in Illinois.
Then we have some other financial news that's very important.
Treasury bills trade at negative rates as haven demand surges, but that's clearly long-term not going to be a haven.
Deal reached in principle on $15 billion auto bailout.
And the word being used is nationalization.
Taking over the control of the auto companies and then literally forcing
uh... all sorts of new environmental regulations and taxes on the people when you hear about obama's new deal that means federal jobs uh... most the job you'll work for a private corporations will be pure fascism private uh... kingpins will get the money when they will hire uh... you at a pittance so that is uh... being rolled out a little more over that today and also as you know um...
About a day and a half ago, they announced that the tortured patsies, they announced Monday evening that the tortured patsies confessed to 9-11.
And meanwhile, Krauthammer and Barnes go on Fox News and call for indefinite detention of anyone the government wants to say is a terrorist.
Now that's what the Military Commissions Act does.
It says any U.S.
citizen, any foreigner, anybody in the world can be secretly grabbed by snatch-and-grab black op teams.
They grab you out of your house, a van pulls up, they put a hood over your head, throw you in a car, cattle prod you, throw you in a car.
You're never seen again.
And it clearly states that any designate of the Secretary of Defense, of the President, any of their officers can declare you an enemy combatant
And that there is then no due process.
England first came out and got a 10-day rule, then a 30-day rule, now they're up to 40-something days where they can secretly grab you.
They're now grabbing the head of the Immigration Department under this, a week ago, saying that he had leaked information about the government, but he is the government.
They said, well, it was national security that the government had secretly legalized
Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.
His concern was they hired 5,000 illegal aliens for high security jobs in secret installations.
Well, of course, they've got to have foreigners come into England, the United States, and everywhere else and oppress the people.
That's a classical form of tyranny.
The Secretary of Defense, Gates, came out last weekend and said, we're hiring more foreigners for the military, including in high security jobs.
That's what they're doing.
And, you know, they can spin it and say, well, for linguists and for interpreters and translators, but that's a cover for ground troops.
And the biggest U.S.
Army recruiting stations are now in Manila, Philippines and Mexico City, not in the United States.
So they've set up huge recruiting centers in the former Eastern Bloc in places like Poland and the Czech Republic and Ukraine.
Our military is converting to mercenary forces and foreigners.
So, we will go over Krauthammer and others.
Also, a report out of Bloomberg.
Regional Fed Chiefs say elite insiders have usurped authority.
Federal Reserve Regional Bank Presidents describe invocation of war powers by Board of Governors in Washington.
So, there you have it again.
Seven and a half weeks ago on
October 3rd, when the Congress refused to pass the Banker Martial Law Takeover Bill, they were threatened with physical martial law, according to Senator Inhofe and two separate congressmen.
We interviewed two of the congressmen here and played the clip of Inhofe on Oklahoma News Radio talking about it.
The Senator, physical martial law was threatened.
Marshall Law.
Now Bloomberg is reporting war powers were invoked.
That is Marshall Law under the 1933 war powers.
So, it is now being invoked.
It has been invoked.
It is totally illegitimate.
Hitler could declare himself a dictator, it was illegitimate, but he had force du jour, force majeure, the most powerful force.
They have guns backing up what they are saying and what they are doing.
And it takes the people standing up in a unified front and saying, this is illegitimate, this is fraudulent, it takes government unions, it takes citizens, it takes organizations, it takes pastors, it takes people standing up and saying, no, that's why covertly
In the past several administrations, they have gone out and recruited pastors and prominent people and thousands of top CEOs for InfraGard and the FBI.
Remember, that came out in mainstream news about 10 months ago.
They were being prepared and the CEOs were giving press interviews saying, yes, under martial law, I'm allowed to shoot people.
And my deputies are now secret FBI agents, and we're allowed to shoot people and kill people.
There's this giant secret army that's no longer secret, because as they prepare to use them, they have to unveil it in front of everyone.
So, what was it, 20 plus thousand?
We need to do a new report on this, breaking it all down.
20 plus thousand InfraGard CEOs and executives are secretly deputized FBI auxiliary under Homeland Security, preparing for martial law and to quote, shoot people, to kill.
We have 26,000 preachers secretly trained, now publicly admitted, to train their flocks to go to FEMA camps, turn their guns in, take forced inoculations.
We have the threat integration fusion centers built in the late nineties under the government hoax, where they hoaxed everybody.
You know, the Navy, the Pentagon saying that everything would shut down.
They used that to integrate new federal computer systems, put in emergency bunkers in places like Building 7 in New York.
They have one right here in Austin, Texas.
Those are really federalization centers.
They're moving the National Guard, now federalized under NORTHCOM, under
These threat integration centers or fusion centers, emergency management centers, those are the three names they go under.
So this is very real.
This is happening.
The economy is being imploded by design right now.
The economy has had all its liquidity and currency and credit cut off, while the banks, the private inner group of banks, overcapitalize themselves to be able to buy up the depressed assets.
So that is what is currently happening right now on that front.
That's some of the other news that is coming up.
Meanwhile, in places like Iceland, in places like Argentina, in places like Greece, the public is rioting en masse
Taking over police stations, taking over the government capital, taking over the private, same central banks, controlling them that control us.
The Athens Airport is shut down.
They are now into the sixth day, going into the sixth day of the establishment losing total control, with the police in many cases now standing down or joining the rioters.
You're going to see more and more of this, as the Army report said this year, as the British Ministry report said last year, as they implode the economy, as they bring us to our knees to try to socialize us and get us under their control.
Again, it's fascist on the profit.
They privatize profit and they make loss public.
You understand how that works?
Greek fighting, the Eurozone's weakest link, starts to crack.
And this is a
article here in the London Telegraph by Ambrose Evans Pritchard and he goes on to say because of the European Union's tyranny and because it's anti-democratic because it's anti-democratic he says all over Europe the people are going to rebel and basically rightfully rebel and he goes through all of this in detail
He says, without wanting to rehearse all the pros and cons of Euro membership yet again, or debate the EMU, is an optional currency area, there's obviously a problem for countries like Greece that were let into the MEU, the EMU, for political reasons before the countries had been reformed to cope with the Euros and the rigors of Euro life over the long term.
And there's an area in here where he talks about
That said, the riots are roughly what Euro-skeptics expected to see at some point at the periphery of the Eurozone as the slow-burn effects, excuse the pun, of Europe's monetary union begin to corrode the democratic legitimacy of governments.
Did you hear that?
Did you hear that?
And it goes on and on and on and on and on.
Protesters clash with police during Athens rally.
Riot police clash with demonstrators outside Parliament.
Wednesday is the general strike paralyzed Greece, shutting down schools, hospitals, international flights, and raising pressure on the fragile government reeling from days of riots.
The lawyers for the two officers accused in the fatal shooting of a teenager that set off the unrest said ballistics show the 15-year-old was killed by ricochet and not shot at directly.
Though witnesses said the police has gunned him down.
One officer has been charged with murder, and the other as an accomplice.
But see, they didn't do that at first, so the people went crazy.
And that's what's going to happen here.
So that's some of the news there.
Speaking of psychology and people not being able to deal with reality, I don't know if this is a person who is just very stupid, but the way they wrote their little piece doesn't look like they're stupid.
Or, whether these people are operatives.
We know there are hundreds of thousands of paid disinformation people on message boards, on the comment sections of YouTube, going on InfoWars.
I will see the same person, the same handle, on InfoWars, posting every five minutes, for eight and ten hour shifts, saying the same thing in every article.
Saying I'm a liar, saying I'm a fed, saying I'm getting rich, saying it isn't true, saying it isn't real, saying we're lying, saying we're spinning.
And we see these people doing this.
They'll even start fights with each other, but we can check the IP address, to start diversions and distractions.
When we come back, I want to go over, yes, they are denying that the Financial Times of London did a story called, and now for a world government.
They are denying it.
With rising unemployment and an economy that continues to fail comes an increase in crime.
Are you safe when you walk to your car?
Are your kids safe when they go out?
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I think.
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Bin Laden.
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We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
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investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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We're here and back Sundays with an abbreviated news transmission from 4 to 6 p.m.
Okay, I don't want to spend a lot of time on this, but I literally see scores of examples every day just on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com in the article comment areas.
I mean, just an orgy of disinformation in there.
Paul Watson posted both articles separately.
He posted the first few paragraphs and a link to the article that came out two days ago and now for a world government from the Financial Times of London by their international editor, by their international affairs editor.
And then he wrote a story about it and did a screenshot at the top of the article of the news story, and then under it put a two-line paragraph link in international internet speak.
Everybody knows that's the link to the story.
In bold, it says, a jaw-dropping editorial written by the Financial Times chief foreign affairs commentator Gideon Reichman, edited, entitled, and now for a world government.
And we link to that.
Now, what does this person come in here and do?
And we found out it does this in other posts.
What did poster 115 say?
Show the article in its entirety or put up a link.
Well, we did show a screenshot of the article.
We did have a link there as well as post just a link on the main page of the story itself.
So show the article in its entirety or put up a link.
Well, we did show a screenshot of the article and then put up a link.
The people can read it and make up their own minds rather than hearing it from your biased view.
So see, rather than address the fact that we did have a link to it, we did have a screenshot of it, it does say that, they will continue denying this is the policy.
Remember folks, continuing, remember folks,
Find the information for yourselves.
Don't believe everything you read just because someone posted it on an internet website.
Learn to think for yourselves.
Remember, responsible journalism shows the references and would supply the article to back up their claims.
Seasons greetings.
So I was reading this and I looked at the article and I said, well there's a screenshot, there's a link.
This person isn't stupid.
This person
wrote this so that weak-minded people reading the comments would think it was a lie.
And they have all these paid bloggers with websites and up there saying I'm a liar.
Folks, there is a North American Union.
We are going into a world government.
Hundreds of mainstream papers, the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London, the Financial Times of London, the French News Agency, Der Spiegel, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.
In the last month,
I don't know.
...sees these in mainstream news, but then still hears the media, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and these disinfo people running around saying it doesn't exist, it's not happening.
It doesn't matter if I play 20, 30, 40 clips in a row of Gordon Brown and Nicholas Sarkozy and Merkel and everybody calling for a world government, a new world order.
Bill Clinton's doing it again.
Barack Obama's doing it.
He does it on Letterman.
He does it everywhere.
It doesn't matter.
They say we didn't hear it, we didn't see it.
Now that's a military tactic, to make you just be confused, to stand down and then look in wonderment, instead of ever debating the issue of do we want a world government, as we go into one, we're having a debate about whether it exists.
Now these same individuals, this same group of individuals, also go into the stories and say, you know, it broke
And here's the copy of my tip email and my email ticket where I sent you the article saying where the news was reporting this and you didn't give me credit.
What does that have to do with anything?
Number one, I'll guarantee you, Curt and people got that off the news.
People are calling into the show about it.
You send us a tip, hey look, the governor just got arrested, we write a story about it, and then you go all over the message board going, I've been plagiarized, I've been robbed, I've not been given credit, I'm done with this site.
What does it matter?
See, that is just done to start infighting, folks.
These are tactics being done.
What does it have to do with anything?
So the attacks against us are really intensifying, and they all have the same basic MO.
The truth is, we've been incredibly accurate.
The truth is, we've done a great job, and everybody's starting to tune in.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
The reason we're being attacked all over the internet in a concerted effort is because we are affected.
So, this is very encouraging.
Who's really being attacked is the listeners of this radio show who are activists, who are out there spreading video links, educating people, putting out key information, pointing out hypocrisy, pointing out corruption.
I notice that we post stories, links to the Washington Post, links to the very Defense Department directive put out two weeks ago by Gates on the 24th of November.
Where they say they're abolishing the governors under federal control.
The governors will just be federal officers at the pleasure of the president.
They're going to use trips on the streets for civil insurrection, for crowd control.
It's in the Army Times.
It's in the Air Force Times.
It's in CNN, CBS.
And we write articles about it that link to all the stories, giving people the big picture.
And they go into the articles and say, this is a lie.
There's no documentation.
I want to see the links to the document.
Look at these liars.
There's no links.
Knowing that right above it is all the links.
Knowing that we told people about this twelve years ago, ten years ago, five years ago, a year ago.
Knowing that millions of people heard me on syndicated radio shows, thousands of interviews I've done, my own show, stations I'm on, reading the news articles we wrote, watching the videos I made in 98, 99, 2000.
Knowing that people are going, whoa, this guy was really on the ball.
This guy was paying attention to what the Pentagon said they were doing.
They go into all our stories and say, these guys are lying.
There's no concentration camps.
There's no FEMA camps.
Give me proof.
When it's been in the Houston Chronicle and the Associated Press and Newsmax and all over the news and
That they built FEMA camps all over the country for civil insurrection.
And they just say, it's not true!
And then you follow their handles back.
They don't even hide that most of them are in army.
And we've seen cases where they're on their own MySpace or their Facebook in uniform with a PSYOP badge.
A PSYOP patch on their shoulder.
They're proud of themselves.
They have such disdain for you that they are saying that there are no FEMA camps, there is no plan for martial law, that none of this is true, there's no North American Union, there's no global government being set up, and they'll even leave their handles many times, and you go to their YouTube channels, you go to their websites,
And it will be videos, we've pointed this out on air, of contractors sitting on the side of the highway shooting cars full of Iraqi families and laughing and playing Elvis music.
We've linked to those videos.
These are sickos!
And they post videos about how they want to kill us, and how they want us to commit suicide, and how they're going to kill us.
I know you've seen it when you're out there.
I mean, these are sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick people.
And then, after they get everybody hyped up, there's weak-minded, mentally ill people who then join in on it.
So, that's why I spent a few minutes on that today.
Also, I'm going to spend a few more minutes on this.
I'm going to get into financial news.
I don't have time to police things, but when you hear me endorse a sponsor or product, it means I believe in it, I'm using it, I think it's a great deal.
And Ted tries to police things with the sponsors he takes.
I think you've noticed we've gotten a better caliber of sponsors.
A lot of the sponsors that the network ends up taking separate from me, you'll hear on mainstream radio as well.
But I routinely call Ted up and go, look, I did some investigation on this, and Ted will refund their money and say, you're right, we're not going to take that.
A lot of times he catches it himself.
So we are in this society trying to, if something's even questionable, not deal with it.
That said, other networks, other people in the quote, patriot movement, are doing things that I have to morally warn people about.
You know, I've been doing this for 13 years, and not just 13 years.
I've been working and researching probably 5, 6, 7 hours a day on top of all my broadcasting and other work.
I mean, I stay up every night.
I get up early every morning.
We were eating Mexican food last night, and I was sitting there with a little laptop, reading news articles and government documents while I was... while the guys at the office I took to eat were working.
Well, while they were talking, I was working.
A little bit.
The point is, I'm totally obsessed with learning more and knowing what's going on.
And I'm going to have a series of interviews with attorney Larry Becraft, who's beaten the IRS many times, about patriot mythology.
Because I am tired of seeing good, patriotic Americans hurt by disinformation out there.
Just like I get upset by CPS kidnapping kids, or I get upset by the IRS taking people's, you know, robbing people blind, or just like, I get upset about people drinking poison, melamine, GMO foods.
I mean, that's what this show is about, is warning people and getting people active to warn others.
That's, you know, warn the tribe, warn the species.
I mean, birds do it.
Crows do it.
They see a predator,
You know, while a couple of the crows are eating, one is always on watch.
I am trying to be a watchman here.
I am trying to be as moral as I can.
And that said, I don't like fighting with people in our, quote, movement, or the old core of the movement.
It's now so huge and becoming mainstream that most people won't even know what I'm talking about.
But as I, and my listeners, wake up tens of millions of people every year,
We wake people up to the New World Order, then they go do more research and fall into pitfalls with things that are dangerous.
A few days ago I explained how the militias set you up.
How thousands of people went to prison, set up with feds leading militias, where they go, we're secret, let's go hide out, let's build pipe bombs, let's talk about attacking the police, let's sneak around, let's do all of this.
Those are feds, ladies and gentlemen.
And so we're all in the militia and I saved, created a hunting club, a shooting club, a military history club, uh, a, uh, 1776 club.
That's why I had the apple seed project on.
We're mainstream.
We're out in the open.
We're the good guys.
We don't sneak around and do things.
Then you're safe to go out and be active.
And the feds will try to talk macho and go, I don't listen to Alex.
Let's go do some secret stuff.
Half the people you're working with are feds and they're trying to set you up.
Same thing there.
I'm going to do more shows on that because I have a responsibility to not just sit here and wake everybody up and have my listeners wake everybody up.
You're the real power.
You're the key to everything.
And then just turn people loose without warning them about the pitfalls or about the rocks in the harbor.
I'm trying to put some hazard buoys out here for people.
Now, I've been through this hundreds of times.
Every time I try to personally warn somebody, once they get into Patriot strawman arguments and filing bonds or telling the IRS that I owe you no money, give me all my back taxes back, or filing bonds claiming you're taking money out of the private Federal Reserve, you get con artists, scam artists, feds, but mainly con artists in this area,
Or mentally ill people who are delusional and really believe what they're pushing.
And then they get other folks who want to imagine, they always call it a new technology, has been developed and that this is the silver bullet and everything has been answered.
And 99% of it is total, absolute bull.
Total, absolute, absolute garbage.
And it is infecting the common law.
Now, just an example of this is last week the New York Daily News in 90 minutes was able to do the entire deed process to falsely stamp that they owned and swear at the courthouse that they owned the Empire State's building worth two billion dollars.
It was deeded to the New York Daily News.
The New York Daily News then wrote a article about it and turned it back over to the rightful owners.
The point is, just because you mail something into the IRS and get money back, just because you file a lien on a police officer, just because you file something on a judge,
A lien on them, just because something bad happens to them, doesn't mean it's legitimate what you did.
And nine times out of ten, you're gonna get SWAT teamed, you're gonna go to jail.
And I've seen the smiley-faced, delusional people a million times say that isn't the case, and this technology's different, and they never give specifics, they claim all these cases, they never tell you when they won.
It's always the same M.O., and I hear it, I heard it here locally the last few weeks, and I just literally cringe.
I literally cringe when I'm hearing it because I have seen people go to jail, lose their houses, I've seen these other patriot groups set up trust, and then rip people off, and I'm going to do a series for the next few months, every week, I'm going to spend hours on this, giving you specifics, and I want all the Connors to know, I am coming after you.
You see, just because the mainstream media is lying and spinning, just because the government's corrupt and bad, doesn't then suddenly mean the public is perfect.
Doesn't suddenly mean that, uh, no, no, opportunists come in here and try to do a real, just a lot of bad things.
And it's all bull.
Now, are there ways, like with George Gordon, or Larry Beecraft, or Tommy Cryer,
Or, hundreds of other prominent lawyers, and Red Beckman, and Bill Benson, and all of these people, Bob Schultz.
This is a political issue.
And they are successfully in court, having victories, winning, getting people off over and over again, all over the country.
They are having successes.
But they're doing it within the Constitution, within the Bill of Rights, showing how the government's violating the Bill of Rights Constitution, and even their own procedures and regs.
Another guy that'll tell you about this is Ralph Winterud.
I'm gonna get him back on.
He's tried it all.
He's seen what happens.
So I'm gonna have all the legitimate people on this show who actually can give you cases and success where they've really been able to win.
Rather than delusion.
Because, you know, people do all these bonds and revoking Federal Reserve bonds and all this stuff.
Most of it's made up.
And even when some of it isn't, the government is criminal.
It doesn't follow any laws.
And so it does what it wants to do.
So that's why the main issue is publicly exposing these people in government, these institutions, as engaging in fraud.
Like, yes, they make you waive your Tenth Amendment under duress when you fill out tax forms.
You're incriminating yourself to a criminal group that changes the rules and does retroactive taxes and engages in all forms of tyranny.
Family courts.
They're totally corrupt.
They have brainwashed cops working for them, judges on the payroll.
They're making billions of dollars per state stealing children.
There's bounties on the children's heads.
There's no due process.
It's not a real court.
It's just a judge acting as a Napoleonic dictator.
You politically expose them.
You politically discredit them.
There isn't any magic filing that works in magic patriot land.
There's only true constitutional legal filings that will beat them, or it's best to know their tactics and the first time they visit you, disappear for a few months.
You know, I know what works.
I know what the best course of action is.
I know what's moral and upstanding and real.
I know what works.
I eat, drink and sleep this.
And I've proven we know what we're talking about.
And I've seen people bushwhacked by all this.
You take Wesley Snipes getting bad advice.
And then he finally got a real legal team and so got off on the major charges but got convicted on smaller ones.
I'm telling you folks, you know, if you're not going to pay income taxes, and they are fraudulent, it does go to the private Federal Reserve, it is a scam, it is, we didn't have it until 1913, it should be abolished, that should be a political move.
But they're going to try to replace it with a national sales tax, even worse.
So be aware of that.
But it is a political issue.
Now, if you're going to try to live humbly,
And live on a family member's ranch or farm that does pay taxes and property taxes, and you want to just work at the local dry cleaner, the local hamburger place, and you want to live simply and not pay the devil the income tax, that's fine and dandy.
They're just bringing in a World ID and World Cashless Society to try to block that.
And I commend people that do that, but that is the only way
To stay out of their crosshairs.
The only way to beat them, and it's still not foolproof.
You know, I get up here and explain the system's corrupt and a fraud, and people go, oh, you coward!
You should just not pay income taxes!
Well, see, my mission is about exposing them.
My mission is about following all the little rules, so that if they do go after me, it's total open tyranny.
You know, I watch all these people advise everybody not to pay income taxes, and I watch people go to prison, like Mr. Sim Cannon of Arrow Custom Plastics, who just didn't make his employees file.
He said, that's your issue.
I'm paying you.
If you want to do that, that's fine.
I'm not an indentured servant.
I don't have to collect money.
And I totally agree with him.
But he still went to prison because these are criminals.
And they want you.
to fall into the trap.
They want to shut down big guys.
I can't have 15 or 20 employees and planning to expand.
I can't have a big office and a TV studio and operate and keep the fight up if I don't pay the taxes of the private fellow reserve.
I can't build this platform.
I can't effectively fight them if I choose the one fight of not paying the fraudulent taxes because then that'll be my whole world.
You understand how that works?
You have to choose your battles.
So if you want to choose that battle, I commend you and salute you.
But just don't fall into all the patriot mythology.
That, oh, you just file this piece of paper telling them you're a sovereign, and then you send in, you know, the bond and tell them, give you back the money.
And then now they're destroying common law, because under common law you have this incredible power.
To declare yourself, and to go make filings, and that was honored.
But with that power, you can steal the Empire State's building.
With that power, you can, yeah, you can wreck a cop's life.
And he may even deserve it.
But the point is, it was fraudulent what you did, and then that lets the system demonize the common law and start removing it and replacing it with pure administrative.
So the patriots are out there polluting the common law, misusing it, and destroying it.
And I declare war on you fakes and frauds.
We'll be right back.
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Bin Laden.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to...
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
So that's coming up.
I want to bring Ted Anderson up right now to talk about something sensible, something good.
He bought gold when it was $740 an ounce.
It is now over $800 and surging today.
We've told you this is a buying opportunity.
Ted Anderson, the owner of Genesis and Midas Resources, all there in the same building, has a whole group of gold coins at deals you're not going to find anywhere else.
And yes, ladies and gentlemen, they have a limited amount that have been sold out for six months of
We're good to go.
With the economy in free fall, things imploding, the dollar in trouble, world currencies in trouble, major remonetization.
We're talking about devaluing global currencies coming up in January and February.
Now is the time, with all that is happening, to convert some of your Federal Reserve notes or stocks into physically held gold and silver.
Ted Anderson, tell us today's offer.
Yeah, let me just go over real quick.
We do have the British Sovereign.
They were bought back when gold was at $740.
Currently, right now, the British Sovereign is at $242.
We do have francs at the price of $195.
I also have a very limited supply of the Buffalo coin.
They're at $1,036.
Very popular coin, but you can't get them.
I have some of the five dollar modern still available just found out I was sold out on the 10 Indians and 10 liberties that kind of bummed me out but we do have a good supply of those coins available and and it just came to no surprise to me Alex that when they came up with this 15 billion dollar bailout that gold prices will be going up again and here and here we are sitting here over $800 gold currently right now gold at $812.40
We've seen a high today already of $813.70, so we're seeing it happen again.
Plus, the dollar is falling right now and gold is going up.
That's the way it should naturally occur, but with the manipulation that's been going on for the last month, the dollar going up, gold would go up.
Let's be clear.
Gold is a hedge against inflation, a hedge against depression.
You know, your golden parachute and silver, it's great.
But there is the speculative nature that it could massively explode and many top pundits are saying 2000 is easily approachable.
I'm not saying that's going to happen.
I'm saying it's going to hold or go up moderately.
That is pretty much a sure bet.
Regardless, I believe in this.
This is what I'm doing.
These are insanely good prices.
And again, Ted has a limited supply of the coveted, at a great price, the Buffalos.
So first come, first serve on those.
But how long can you hold this deal on the Sovereigns, the Franks, and the others?
Well, I certainly can hold it through the evening tonight, and we'll just see what the market will bear tomorrow.
But, yeah, indeed, gold is going up, and my prices will go up, too.
I'll have to pay more.
Here's the number again, folks.
Write it down.
And if you're listening to this on the AM and FM later in the day or the evening, or you're listening on the Internet in the evening or the podcast,
We're good to go.
I mean, you're actually paying a premium to get treasuries.
No yield.
That's how serious the markets are.
I mean, that's in very bad shape, Ted, so I want to get your take as a 30-year broker on that.
Hundreds of newspapers going belly up right now, or in the process of going belly up.
Stay with us.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
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An inside job?
How dare you!
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
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It's now time to take the revolution to the next level.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCM Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Beef prices are the lowest wholesale from the ranchers.
They've been in decades.
But beef prices are at all-time records in the stores.
In fact, wheat and corn and other commodities have plunged, but they're still at record prices in the stores.
This is manipulation.
There are riots going on continually in Greenland, takeover of government buildings.
Iceland, excuse me.
In Argentina, in Greece, because of the banking implosion, it's been done by design.
The mainstream media is now saying we're probably going into a depression.
They're nationalizing the automakers for a paltry sum of $15 billion, to be precise, a little bit over $15 billion.
And so this is very, very serious.
Ted Anderson,
You know, folks are insane if they don't get into gold and silver right now, especially when you've got it at, you said it's 813.
I mean, that means you bought gold at 740 a week ago, so it's up by 60 and 13, 70-something bucks.
And you're going to sell out of these coins very, very quickly, Ted.
Yeah, I mean, we're selling out of everything real fast.
That's what's been going on in the marketplace.
I mean, my biggest problem is buying.
And usually what I can find when the prices go down, I can buy again because everybody sort of looks away when the prices are down.
I don't know why they do that.
I mean, if anybody was smart, they'd be buying like crazy when the prices are down, and then profiting from that when the price goes up.
But it goes opposite to that.
So I just take care of it for you.
I mean, I just pick up as much as I can, because you know darn well, with the economy doing what it's doing, that gold and silver will not stay down for long.
I mean, you can't bail out the auto industry without having financial consequences, and that's going to affect the U.S.
I mean, every time we try to bail out jobs and create more, it's just driving down the value of our currency.
They're putting money into the system.
They don't have money to do all this.
They're turning on the printing press.
Well, they bailed out some brokerage firms now three times, and that doesn't keep them afloat.
Fifteen billion.
All three of these companies are having million-dollar-plus losses every month.
This is going to do nothing but bring federal control in.
And they're bringing in new contracts for these mortgages where people are defaulting on them.
And you know, that's still more than... it's like 70% of the refixed mortgages are going into default again because the people still aren't paying the mortgages.
You know, so government bailout doesn't work no matter what angle you look from it.
The reason why the U.S.
Treasury, you know, there's notes, bills, and bonds.
And the Treasury bond is 20 to 30 years out.
Notes are 15-year, less, 10-year notes.
That's why they call them notes.
And then there's bills, and they come due every 30, 60, 90 days.
And the reason why the yield is so far down on it is because everybody's trying to fly to cash.
They want to put it in somewhere where they're going to know they're going to get their money out right away, and they don't have to worry about market fluctuations.
Well, then why would you buy?
When you have to pay a premium to get a Treasury bill for the first time in history, why would you buy that and then have the government physically hold it?
Why wouldn't you just pull it out and have physical cash?
They're looking for a place to park money for safety, and it's institutional money.
They have to put it somewhere, and U.S.
Treasuries just happen to be... Well, we have the Congress talking about raiding pension funds and taxing them.
So, hold on to your wallets, folks.
You need to get physical gold and silver.
Ted has gold at 60-plus dollars under what it currently is.
Fire out that list of coins again.
Yeah, right now the British Sovereign, 242.
Franks are at 195.
I still have the silver.
Silver's up a buck.
And I do have the Walking Liberty Halves currently right there at 840.
I think?
But explain to people, you gotta tell them it's the radio special with Alex Jones to get those prices.
And they'll be paying today's prices, not a week ago's prices.
Ted, thanks for coming on with us.
Yeah, thanks for having me up again.
You bet.
Here's the number again if you missed it.
We'll be right back with Connie Fogel and the Canadian Action Party.
Hello friends, this is Alex Jones.
I've told you for a long time it's important to be self-sufficient, and today that's more important than ever.
We need to be independent, and food and water is the key.
You'll never have to stand in a bread line if you have your own bread.
You'll never have to go to the Superdome and beg for FEMA to take care of your family, in any emergency, if you simply prepare.
Our elected representatives wanted a good ol' boy bailout for the special interest, so they ignored your screams not to do it.
They turned off the telephones and email.
They voted to print $850 billion at least out of thin air.
This money now owns the American and European banks.
The exploding inflation that is now guaranteed will slash your life savings to nothing and blast the cost of necessities, particularly food, beyond many Americans' reach.
In pre-Nazi Germany superinflation, the cost of a loaf of bread doubled every two days.
Until it reached over 4 billion marks.
Food prices are skyrocketing so fast, there seems as if there may be no end in sight.
The private banks merging with our government are refusing to loan grocery stores enough money to restock their shelves.
The stores have less food, but jack up prices to stay in business.
Whatever happens in America, we need to be prepared and be ready.
Everything is zeroing in on food.
One-third of Americans have to choose between buying food and paying for other necessities.
My friends, whatever it takes, get prepared, get self-sufficient, get food.
For everybody out there listening, it's very important for you to understand that by having a supply of storable food, the government, the new old order, has a lot less control over you.
And so it's a mindset, a mindset of self-sufficiency and preparedness.
No one is going to take care of your family in the final equation but you.
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Again, 800-409-5633, or on the web at efoodsdirect.com.
Take action today.
The first step is getting storable food.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All over the world, illegitimate governments are taking off their gloves, and the public is rioting and defeating them.
From Iceland to Greece,
But it's too late.
The bankers have already looted the country's drive.
The Financial Times of London, as you know, reported two days ago, and now for a world government, was the headline, admitting that it is a tyrannical world government for your own good.
There's also an article out of London Telegraph today by Mr. Pritchard, admitting that people are rioting because the New World Order is tyrannical.
And we see the same tyranny in Canada.
You have the Parliament,
You have Mr. Harper, Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, losing seats.
He should leave.
They moved to kick him out.
And so he goes to the Governor General of the Queen, the true power in a Commonwealth.
Now, the people are the real power, but... And if they knew things were really being run by the Crown,
They would know how illegitimate it was and stop it.
That's why the Crowns never wanted to use this power, though they've used it in Australia back in the 70s.
It was the last time we've seen this in a major Commonwealth.
Canadian Prime Minister wins suspension of Parliament.
This is from last Friday, December 4th.
Now they've done it again, but I wanted to reread this for you to Connie Fogel.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a rare suspension of Parliament last Thursday, managing to avoid being ousted by opposition parties angry over the minority conservative government's economic plans and an attempt to cut off party financing.
Governor General
Michelle John, the representative of Queen Elizabeth, Canada's head of state, agreed to Harper's request to shut down Parliament until January 26th.
Parliament was reconvened just weeks ago after the October 14th election.
Harper's request for the suspension was unprecedented.
No Prime Minister had asked for Parliament to suspend to avoid a confidence vote in the House of Commons.
Now, when we posted just the top couple paragraphs and link to this last week,
People went into Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and they just said, Alex Jones is a liar, the Queen doesn't run anything, the Parliament runs everything, this is a lie.
That's delusional thinking, just like we posted the article, and now for a global government.
People went into the comments and said, it's not real, that article doesn't exist.
Direct link to the Financial Times of London, saying World Government's real, saying it's tyrannical, and saying it's a good idea.
I mean, this is mental illness, ladies and gentlemen, or these are disinfo operatives.
Of course, Connie Fogel and the Canadian Action Party have caught police dressing up as anarchists and attacking other police.
That made national news earlier this year.
They've got out a new article, Canadian Prime Minister suspends Parliament again.
And just to let you know who Connie Fogel is, she's a great lady.
As a former leader of the Canadian Action Party, a lawyer and former teacher, Fogel lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where her late husband, Harry Rankin, was a long-time progressive city councillor.
She's an anti-globalization activist and was an opponent of the
A trilateral agreement on investment for the North American Free Trade Agreement.
She is also active with the Canadian Liberty Committee and it goes on and on.
But Connie, good to have you on with us.
Appreciate you joining us.
Well, thank you very much for including me.
Your show is very popular and I'm very pleased to be part of it today.
We're pleased to have you here.
Why are Canadians and Americans in denial about this and what's really happening?
Well, denial is the word I was thinking as you were talking.
People, you know, people just, I guess maybe it's human nature, people don't want it to be so bad.
They just don't want to accept that that's the way it is.
It's easier to deny than to face something because facing takes a lot of courage and it also means
Yeah, that's right.
People don't want to face that and the reality of exactly what's happened is pretty shocking and it goes even worse because
What's just happened now is that the Liberals have changed their leadership.
Just instantly, there was going to be a leadership change come May, but they got rid of Dion, who was the person that was supportive of the cooperation and the coalition to get rid of the Harper minority government.
Now they've put Ignatieff in, who is a... He's a globalist.
He's probably a Harperite as well, and they're now going to sit down, the two of them, and there probably won't be a coalition to defeat the Harper government.
That is to move the minority opposition forces in power.
It's very interesting when you have these minority governments, you know?
They can be quite democratic, but what we see happening here is that the people that are in the elected positions, they've got to the point where they're so greedy, they're so arrogant,
They just have such an abuse of the people's wish that they just go along and do what they can manage to do.
And what they've done here in the Liberal Party, they've put a leader in without going to their own membership.
Once nations start going down into corruption, there's then a snatching and grabbing phase where they know everything's imploding, so they're just stealing everything that's not nailed down, including the kitchen sink.
And so, because it revealed that the Queen really runs things, that the Governor General really runs things,
They have to go in now and take over the Liberals that were trying to rightfully take control of the government.
So they're having to go in now and take those guys over to then create the illusion that the power structure has been defeated.
Yeah, but of course what it is is all complicity with the power structure.
And it's really disgusting and disgraceful.
Unfortunately in Canada, the Canadians are so much more
Canadians are slow to really take action and to fight, you know?
Contrary to the people in the States.
I mean, I have a lot of respect for the citizens of the United States.
Maybe you'll complain about them, I know.
But on the other hand, you've got stuff written right in your Constitution that's very strong.
And you've got groups, organizations in the United States.
And you're an example of the power in the United States of the people where you really are doing some powerfully good stuff in terms of resistance.
We don't have that kind of strength happening.
The little tiny voice of the Canadian Action Party was the strongest that there has been.
And so, you know, I'm really worried.
I'm really worried about what's going to happen to us.
The last article you talked about, of the global One World Order being in place, that's true.
It's funny how you talk about these people writing and saying this isn't happening.
What's truly frightening is that enough people don't understand the implications and the really big thing that scares me.
Do I want to jump into this or ask you about this?
It's the whole depopulation thing that seems to be on the agenda as well.
No, that's it.
I mean, they're openly saying in the Financial Times of London and hundreds of other papers, yes, it's a world government.
Yes, we are going to come after your liberties.
Yes, we're anti-democratic.
And then the public is so
Mind-controlled that they were previously told it didn't exist, so they say no, no, no.
You do not have a link on your website to the Financial Times.
You are a liar.
I mean, you talk about willful delusion.
I know.
I know, but you know...
At one level, you can't blame human beings for wanting things to be nice.
On the other thing, it's a really wonderful reality that there are people like you and like me who will speak out, and we are way out in front of the other people in terms of following what's going on and knowing and seeing what's really going on, and that scares people.
I mean, I've had people tell me, I don't want to hear that, you're scaring me, go away, leave me alone.
Well, they should be scared of not doing anything and the bad guys winning.
I don't think they know what a world government means.
No, they don't.
They don't.
But the important thing is that you continue to talk, I continue to talk, and eventually I've had people come to me and say, like a year later or two later, years later, after something they said, when you said such and such,
At that time, I didn't agree with you, and I didn't vote for you, and I'm so embarrassed and so ashamed that I want to apologize now.
I mean, they do learn, they do grow, and that's the importance and the value of the work that you're doing.
Yes, and we've now gotten to the point where they're just removing the Velvet Glove off the Iron Fist worldwide and saying, okay, it's tyranny, and we run things and you don't.
Yeah, but you know, it's just...
Like you said in that video I've seen where you, you know, you stand up and you say, you don't own the world, you don't think, we're not going to let you, and that's, that has to continue.
What have Canadians said, and of course plug the website so Canadians can, you know, join you and fight back, and really you are one of the only, you know, mainline groups that's eloquently fighting.
What did they say six months ago when it was all over Canadian papers?
That, yes, US troops will be used here, yes, we will police the Americans, yes, we're in a North American system, yes, NORTHCOM is basically running Canada.
I mean, that was in the major papers.
Still denial.
It's in the major papers, but in small sections.
And you've got to remember, probably it's the fact that most people don't read papers at all anymore.
And it's a major denial.
And if it did happen, they didn't kind of, well, what does it matter, what's the problem, you know?
They don't see it.
And I think most people still do not know what we're talking about.
They don't... This business of the military of each country going into the other, it's really worrisome in terms of what might be shaping up right away and could happen in January.
So the crunch is there, and gosh, you hate to be the
The bad guy, the deliverer of bad news all the time, but on the other hand, I keep going back to the point that it's important, it's important that people must not be afraid and they must realize that the only thing that's going to make any difference for their lives is for their own courage to take hold.
What are mainline Canadians saying about the Queen openly ruling?
Uh, nothing.
Most Canadians, I mean, they like the parliamentary system that we have.
There are many who don't.
There's groups that don't, large numbers who don't.
But the idea of having the Queen in there as the final voice in our things has been something that's been part of our system forever and nobody's... They're not a significant force.
Well, it's not a figurehead because she only shows her power when she has to.
That's right.
I mean, hey, I don't care what your parliament says.
I'm in charge.
My governor is in charge.
Well, only under certain critical conditions like we've just seen, but that's the point.
The point of the critical conditions is the very time of importance, isn't it?
Bloomberg's reporting that the Federal Reserve is under war powers, under martial law.
That's in Bloomberg.
My God.
Oh yeah, they're just, I mean, they're announcing they're going to have regular army brigades on the streets of America.
It's just incredible.
Connie Fogel, I want to get you back in for a full hour in the near future.
We've got one little segment left when we come back.
Give out the Canadian Action Party website.
Tell Canadians how they can join you, some of the fights, where this takeover by the Queen of Parliament is going.
And I guess the next thing is they'll just deny the Queen even exists, but the Queen Elizabeth II does exist.
She is real, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
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I think so.
Let's do it!
Canadian Action Party website is www.canadianactionparty.ca It's an interesting situation happening in Canada for everybody to watch as we see the state of our parliament now being such that it's really not representing the people at all.
I'm worried very much about the military move back and forth between the two countries.
I just got a notice there are some military in Canada, our own military are on our streets in some places, but we never have seen that before.
You've many articles from coming from the States talking about the military being in the streets in the United States.
So, I think the disarray in our Parliament is perfect for another major something happening to be able to really get into the emergency measures kind of action that have been put in place under the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
And a false flag, terrible something happening in the United States, probably at the time of Obama's inauguration.
A lot of warnings about that.
So people have to be alert, people have to be on guard.
And the last thing I want to say is in relation to an ad that you just had on there, the health movement, the alternative health movement, the supplements are so necessary for us to fight against the impact on us of the attacks on us, actually, say in the chemtrails and all sorts of things that are used to demobilize us and to make it impossible for us to be strong, to be able to resist what's going to happen, what's coming down the pike.
Fight that movement.
Stay strong.
How do folks get involved with the Canadian Action Party?
Well, they can go to our website.
That's the best way.
And they can just click on a dot in there and they can ask to be a contact person or to be contacted or they can ask to be a member.
It's right in there on the homepage.
Getting into population reduction.
That is their stated official U.N.
Yes, yes, and that's why I'm also saying the alternative, the supplements, to stay strong on that because of the whole depopulation thing.
There's been a lot of talk about that for a long time, as you know, with Brzezinski talking about that a long time ago, and I think this whole pressure
Of the attack on these supplements is to prevent people from having natural ways to protect themselves and keep their own immune system strong.
That's going to be, I think, the subtle attack on us.
It's not going to be some sort of blatant, violent coming down on us by military and police force.
It's going to be the whole health thing.
It's going to be... I agree.
It's incremental ambient background being incrementally turned up.
Right, right, right.
So that's the thing, people stay strong, keep your supplements, get involved in that movement to prevent them from making it impossible for us to have access to those supplements, wanting to make them totally illegal, it would be illegal even to grow blueberries in your yard.
So, this is big, we have to protect them.
That's in the Codex Alimentarius, and they're now raiding Amish milk producers, co-ops that grow organic food, they're arresting them, that's mainstream news, you cannot make
Well, the Liberals I think will simply support Harper.
And they'll get whatever kind of package that they want, which will facilitate the global, the New World Order whole agenda.
There's not going to be a takeover, in my view right now, of a coalition by the minority parties, because Ignatief is a Harperite.
They're the same.
They're the same.
Same stripes.
And their agenda is the same.
It's the New World Order, it's the... So the leadership of the liberals that was actually fighting is now being removed?
Well, the leadership, the liberals, that's right, the people that were, and the leadership under Dion, who were wanting to cooperate with the rest of the...
uh... the opposition party has been removed and they put into the leadership of the liberals a person who is the new world originative.
Let's be clear, in the parliament with multiple parties, not just two, there was a coalition government forming, the people's representatives were saying get rid of Harper, we're going to go on another direction, what the people want, and the Queen came down from her pedestal, waved a magic wand and said no.
Well it didn't work quite like that.
What Harper did is he goes into the Queen's representative here and says
We're good to go.
I think?
You know, let me just get rid of her.
Who does not have the confidence?
I mean, she has the final checkmate.
She has the control, but doesn't like to publicly use it.
Connie Fogle, thank you for spending time with us.
Thank you for having me.
You bet.
Take care.
I hope folks get involved with that group.
They're wonderful folks.
We're going to come back into international piracy, then into the economy, your phone calls, the arrest of the governor, and more.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We have to look to the Middle East.
Some US investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the US.
We have to look to the South.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
In Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
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When the President is faced with the expected national security incident,
I think so.
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We're going to be talking to Captain Kelly Sweeney.
Coming up heard him on coast to coast very very informative a few months ago I wanted to get him back on and since he's been talking about the rampant piracy Increasing and the chaos on the high seas very close to shutting down major marine highways in and out of the Suez and
Canal, and of course, further away, the Straits of Hormuz.
We'll get into all of that with him today, with all the rampant piracy, and now the call for a new world order, law of the sea, international body, out patrolling and taxing everyone, and killing the freedom of the seas, instead of having the regional coalitions defending themselves against Somali pirates and others.
But piracy's up in the Caribbean, it's up in the South China Sea, it's up
All over the Pacific, it's up all over both coasts of Africa, of course, on the Horn of Africa, over by Somalia, they're going out, in some cases now, a thousand miles, I was reading.
So we'll be talking to him, coming up in just one moment, for an hour.
Coming up in the next half hour, we're gonna open the phones up at 1-800-259-9231.
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I don't have to recap for people that
There's daily piracy a few weeks ago of a ship coming out of Saudi Arabia, three times the size of our largest aircraft carriers, worth close to a billion dollars.
I know that even in the Gulf of Mexico there's been some robberies, not to mention the Caribbean.
I know in the South China Sea, I know in the ocean between.
We're good to go.
To a very interesting individual.
Captain Kelly Sweeney is a master mariner, holding the highest captain's license, the Coast Guard issues to commercial mariners.
He graduated from the California Maritime Academy in 1983 with a bachelor's science degree in nautical industrial technology.
Captain Sweeney has worked on oil tankers, container ships,
It goes on, oceanographic ships, high-speed passenger vessels, large oil spill response vessels, fish processing ships, ocean-going tugboats, a car carrier, a crew boat.
He was an officer on a U.S.
flag tanker which was attacked off the Rio.
Hanino, pronounce that right, Dominican Republic, on Christmas night 2003.
In addition to his career as a mariner, Captain Sweeney is also an experienced professional rider.
He's a columnist for the widely circulated maritime magazine, Professional Mariner, and is the author of the maritime book, From the Bridge.
With his wife, Frances, Captain Sweeney also operates Maritime Headhunters, a maritime job placement and maritime career counseling company, and encourages our listeners in the maritime industry to contact them at
Two other links are ProfessionalMariner.com and MaritimeHeadHunters.com.
So it's good to welcome Captain Sweeney, Master Mariner.
Man, I just love the sea, but not as tough or smart as you guys.
But I do admire your ancient profession, the true explorers.
Good to have you here with us.
Thanks, Alex.
And should I say ahoy to you and all your listeners?
And it's great being with you.
It's great having you.
Well, you've got the floor.
Tell us about your own experience, what's happening.
Take us there.
Okay, well, let's start with Christmas night, 2003.
I was filling in at the request of a friend of mine.
I was a watch officer on a ship, an asphalt tanker.
We were real high in the Dominican Republic.
And the Caribbean, a lot of people, they are the real pirates of the Caribbean.
And Rio Jaina has definitely been designated as one of the high-piracy areas.
So the company hired two armed guards.
Anybody who has my book, From the Bridge, can see, I think I can't remember what page, I think it's like page 92 or something, a buddy of mine, a sailor, took a picture of me with the two guards, Christmas Day, hours before we got attacked.
In any case, the two armed guards are patrolling the vessel.
It's midnight, right after midnight, and I was on the 12 to 4 watch, and all of a sudden, the two armed guards run by the cargo control room where I'm running the show, and I knew we'd been boarded.
I hit the silent alarm, we locked down the ship, locked the engine room, I got my two sailors off the deck, and then I started going back toward the stern where the two armed guards were at.
And it was very quiet.
I'm really glad they called my wife Christmas Day, because I might not see another one.
So anyway, I'm not sure how long it was.
It seemed like hours, but it was probably just a minute or two.
There was dead silence.
And then all of a sudden, more gunfire erupts, and again, silence.
So I wait for a little while, and then I start easing my way back, and all of a sudden, a flash light goes on my face, and thank goodness it's one of the guards.
And he's in Spanish, and he says, it's okay.
So I go back to the stern and in the water there's a body that got half his head blown off.
And that's the reality of armed attacks on merchant vessels.
And this happened and I really felt violated and vulnerable.
Now tell us who got their half their head blown off.
The pirate did.
One of the pirates.
And he got shot.
And the armed guards, in my opinion, saved the vessel.
We got hit again before we left port, but it wasn't nearly as strong as the first one when I was on there on watch.
But I really felt vulnerable and violated because I was doing what I'd been paid to do since 1981, and that's work in the Merchant Marine when I started school.
And we were
You know, pumping cargo, doing what merchant mariners do.
And to have this thrown in my face enlightened me and really woke me up to the reality of armed attacks against merchant ships.
And it's not Johnny Depp, it's not some fun-loving Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland.
This is the real deal.
And we had no protection, basically, except those two armed guards.
So, weaponry is what saved us, and these two experts who knew how to handle the weapon.
It leveled the playing field with us and the people who were attacking.
They still managed to steal equipment valuables off the ship, right under our noses.
How many pirates assaulted the ship, or did you ever find out?
I have no idea.
And why would they try to hit the same ship again?
Well, I figured, well...
Try once, try again.
I really don't know why they went after us again.
We were actually tied up to another ship discharging cargo to them, a lighter.
And they hit us again.
And I think it's because they were desperate.
And they were, you know, trying to, you know, we were the main ship and port at that time, and they were desperate.
That's what I believe.
Now, they're not just attacking big ships, and we're going to get into what's happening across the world now that this works, and how we need to get all these ships armed.
I think that's the answer.
You can disagree.
I'm not sure, you know, what your view is on that, but I think more guns, less crime.
Oh, I agree with that.
We could talk about that, sure.
But what I've been aware of for years is that, and what you don't hear as much about, is the sailboats, the yachts, the husband and wife out getting robbed, especially in the Caribbean, and you never hear about it.
The ship gets sold.
Well, the reason you never hear about it is companies who make money on recreational boaters traveling up and down, or people have this dream of retiring and we're going to sail around the world.
You don't hear about that, but even as close to, you know, a few miles off the coast of San Diego, in Mexican waters, armed robbery against recreational vehicles is rampant.
I mean, it's almost cliché-ish.
At this point, recreational boaters are going in, like, flotillas.
And if you go to any yacht club, especially ones that have a lot of people who are ocean sailors,
They'll tell you the cutthroats along the coast of many of the places that are sought after, the islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, down to Costa Rica.
They'll slit their throat, they'll jump overboard, they'll take the valuables, they'll have them at gunpoint.
Actually, a famous yachtsman from New Zealand a few years ago was on a racing yacht, and they were tied up, actually they were at anchor in a river in Brazil, and they came aboard not knowing who this guy was, and they blew away him and the entire crew and stole the boat.
And they're easy to dispose of.
I mean, you know, you make a few little alterations and you can get rid of it, sell the boat, use it, live on it.
And these yacht clubs don't advertise that you need to carry firepower and that you need to have somebody on watch.
I mean, this is life and death.
They don't tell you.
They just sell you the yacht and say, bye-bye, go have fun being murdered.
Well, that's true.
That's true.
Because nobody wants to advertise the reality of what's going on right now, the lawlessness that's going on.
You are an adventurer if you take a yacht on these cruises pretty much anywhere in the world now.
That's true.
And what makes it even more problematic is that private ownership of weapons
Is illegal in many countries.
So let's say, for example... That's where you always find the pirates.
And that's where the pirates are, of course.
Well, I mean, they're all over.
Because they want to rape the defenseless people, though.
That's right.
And so, you have a port where you can't clear customs, or immigration, when you come in, let's say on a vacation, a recreational cruise, for example.
If they find out that you have weapons, they won't let you in the country, or they'll impound your vessel and maybe arrest you.
And so people come in unarmed because that's what the law says, and yet when they get attacked, what do they have?
What we have on the ship is fire hoses against AK-47s and grenade launchers.
What the recreational boaters have is even less.
Well, we clearly need to change the laws, but going back to piracy in New York being founded by the Dutch to deal with pirates, the biggest pirate port in the world,
You know, back in Captain Kidd's day, they were fencing the stolen goods and they wouldn't protect the people from pirates.
So, I've read that, and you're the expert, you can tell me that a lot of these third world countries and others actually work with the pirates and sometimes the local constabulary dress up and they're the ones out actually pirating.
There was a very famous case, I think it's the Kuang
Yes, that's true.
I can't remember, but it was a very large bulk carrier carrying bulk ore or grain over in the South China Sea.
And they took all the crew members out on deck and beat them to death, tossed them over the side after they slit their throat.
They took the ship and the cargo and they went to a Chinese port where they repainted and renamed the vessel, stole all the cargo.
And then sent the vessel out under a different name, under a different flag, and continue to work it.
Was that a Korean or Japanese ship?
It was a, uh... It was a... Korean ship.
Yeah, that's what a memory served.
I think it was a Dong Quan.
I'm sure I'm not saying that right.
Dong Quan.
Yeah, the bottom line is I've read a lot of the piracy around there.
It's really Chinese government.
Yes, and actually what they found out was, in that particular case, they did apprehend some of the pirates, and it turned out to be the local, in that area, head customs official.
Uh, with the guy, the leader of the gang.
And so, uh, and yeah, so that's, yes, and in Somalia, because there's basically no government there, the local warlords are definitely, uh, in, uh, a relationship with... Well, we're going to cover all that, and maybe I'll keep it a little bit longer if you can do it.
Of course.
I know you're busy.
But this is so interesting.
No problem.
But, I mean, backing away from this, um,
Do we have any gauge for how much piracy is increasing?
It's certainly on the rise, but I mean, is there any gauge to... Piracy is up about 500% this year alone.
And that's only what's reported.
Even by International Maritime Organization announcement and analysis.
A half or maybe even more of the piracy attacks are never reported because shipping companies don't want to have their insurance rates raised.
So they'll pay the ransom on the fly and in cash in a suitcase of $100 bills, U.S.
bills, that's the most operandi, and not say anything, but it's a lot cheaper than having the insurance rates raised for their entire fleet so they don't report it.
So even by international authorities,
At least 50% of the attacks, and I think personally it's a lot more, are not reported.
So they're giving in to the terrorists, and that's what they are, they're giving in to the terrorists and it's getting worse.
It's getting worse like you wouldn't believe.
It's chaos on the high seas.
And by the way, all this cost is being passed on to the people buying goods.
We know who pays it in the end.
Yeah, but you guys pay with your blood, so that's what really matters.
Stay there, Captain.
Captain Kelly Sweeney, our guest.
He's the author of a powerful book.
Toxic heavy metals negatively impact our health.
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This is the end
There are riots taking over major government centers all over the world, from Greece to Iceland right now, to Argentina.
Thailand's been taken over for two months.
Rioting, taking over the airports.
Government's powerless.
The bankers are stealing everything.
As societies implode worldwide, corruption is only going to increase.
Crime is exploding in the continental United States.
It's exploding in Europe.
They're not going to tell you it's exploding.
Watch your back.
500% and he's saying that's with about half of the reports coming in.
So that's really a thousand percent increase.
Before we go any further, briefly, Captain, and we'll get more into it, tell folks about your book.
Well, my book, From the Bridge, is not a book of fiction.
It's my own experience.
And it has pictures, including those two guys who saved the day in Rio Jaina, Dominican Republic.
I don't know those guys' names, but I'll always be very grateful to them.
And people can pick it up at Amazon.com.
It's available there and it's available on my website, MaritimeHeadHunters.com.
If they click on the company info page, they can go there and they can get a signed copy of the book directly from me.
Alright, continue.
I've thrown a lot of my points, but here's one final question before you continue with the story and what's currently happening.
Why do they so often slit throats and kill people and not just take a hostage?
Why beat the whole crew to death?
I mean, I guess it's like old-fashioned pirates.
They're just degenerate scum.
Well, I think that you, Alex, you ask such excellent questions.
I was talking with my wife during the break.
You're right on, man.
Let me tell you, the old style, quote-unquote, is what we talked about with the bulk carrier where the guy's getting their beat to death on deck.
But now, in Somalia, there's a new tactic that's spreading worldwide.
The pirates in the Malacca Strait and South America are all glomming onto this because money is much easier to hide than a 1,100-foot ship full of cargo.
But what they're doing now in Somalia with taking the ships and crews for ransom and basically holding them and getting the money dropped down in suitcases on the deck of $100 bills, American unmarked bills,
Is the new modus operandi.
Now, when companies, Hammond, Hobb, are paying the ransom, and right now there are hundreds of merchant mariners, I believe probably close to three or four hundred, whose lives are in the balance of whether companies are paying the ransom or not.
There was one Korean company that tested that and they started, well we're not going to pay the ransom, they brought one of the crew members out, blew his head off and tossed him to the side to make a point.
They're going to have incredible liability.
Oh, right now, ransoms begin ransoms, and the pirates have extracted, officially, 30 to 50 million dollars just in the Somali area alone, and by one estimate, close to 150 million, because a lot of it's hush-hush.
But every time they get more ransom money, they get better equipment.
Right now they're getting, as you pointed out in your introduction, the attacks are going farther and farther out to sea because the pirates are better equipped.
They're purchasing faster and more modern vessels, excellent better weaponry, GPS surveillance, and they have what's called AIS, which is a radio-based technology.
They're buying receivers where they can track the transmissions from the ship.
And they're going to get more and more brazen, and they're going further and further out.
The Cirrus Star, that Saudi-owned and Dubai-registered, or I guess it's Liberian-registered tanker, that was taken about almost 500 miles out to sea, which was unheard of just months ago.
And now, they're hitting cruise ships.
Yes, they are.
There have been two cruise ships that have been attacked in the last week and a half.
All right, stay there.
We're going to come back in 70 seconds and continue with Captain Kelly Sweeney, Master Mariner, and they were able to fight off an attack in 2003 in the Caribbean Sea, just south of the United States.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right back live into our number three after maybe twist his arms to this the whole rest of the hours We have time to take phone calls.
He is captain Kelly Sweeney master mariner author of the true story from the bridge
And back in 2003 on Christmas night, they were boarded and they had two armed security guards in that dangerous area on board the ship who blasted them and got them off the ship, killing at least one of them.
Alright, continuing sir with the 500% increase in piracy, where the hot spots are in the world, what we're really facing?
Well right now the big hot spot is what everybody's been reading about in the papers and hearing about, and that's the Gulf of Aden.
This is one of the most
Important shipping lanes in the world.
12% of the world's oil go 21,000 vessels a year go through here.
It is the eastern entrance and exit to the Suez Canal.
Our troops are supplied by ships that go through the Suez Canal, through the Red Sea, around the Gulf of Aden and the Horn of Arabia, and then up to Iraq.
And I actually have two friends over there right now
Uh, who are doing it, who are supplying the troops and, uh, and, uh, actually a container ship, a mares blind U.S.
fly container ship, was attacked just about a week and a half, two weeks ago.
But it's a major supply line, and the oil from Saudi Arabia comes either along the coast, down around the Horn of Africa, or, uh, goes through the, uh, goes through the canal, and therefore through this shipping line.
So that's the hot spot that we hear about, but it's not the only hot spot.
Piracy is rampant worldwide.
In the Malacca Strait, over in the South China Sea, South America, as you pointed out, in the Caribbean, there have been attacks in Haiti in the last few months, off of Haiti, on an automobile carrier that was attacked, an armed attack in port.
In the Mediterranean, there was a yacht that was attacked off of Italy a matter of months ago.
A private yacht.
There have been cruise ships that have been taken.
The Le Ponant, which was a French luxury cruise vessel, was hit by pirates.
It was coming back empty from the Seychelles Islands through the Gulf of Aden, so the crew was on board.
But the, you know, that was a cruise ship that was attacked.
And so it's rampant worldwide, and chaos is reigning at this point on the high seas, and the governments of the world, the militaries of the world, are unable to do what they need to do, and that is to make the waterways as safe as possible for merchant ships to go through.
Merchant vessels, we're unarmed, we're civilian merchant mariners, and we don't have weaponry.
I mean, merchant mariners are paid to take people back and forth, like on a ferry,
From one place to another.
Or cargo.
Whether it be oil, or whether it be, you know, ten Nike tennis shoes, or anything that people buy in the store that comes from overseas.
By and large, it comes by ship.
And merchant mariners are the ones who take it.
We're civilians.
We're not armed.
And as I said in the last segment, a lot of countries do not allow the personal ownership of weapons, and that restricts
Being able to have armed merchant mariners, which is something I think we need to do.
I know you brought that up.
We need to discuss that.
I agree.
But in any way, piracy is rampant worldwide.
And who bears the cost?
The people who pay the good.
There's right now, the insurance rates have increased on the average of the size of, say, the ship of the Cirrus Star.
$100,000 to $200,000 just for additional insurance to go through the Gulf of Aden.
Private security forces are being hired by companies
To protect their vessels going through these areas.
And at this point, I don't see any stop to it.
What's going on right now is not putting any more than a minor dent in it.
And I don't believe, if we continue on, I'm not saying it might not mitigate it some, but it's certainly not going to cut it back or eliminate it.
All right, quick break, long segment coming up, Captain.
I want to get into where you see this going and what other mariners and ship company managers, where they see it going.
Uh, if it's up 500% on record, you're saying probably more like 1,000% in the last year.
Where's the bottom of this?
If there is one, you talk about it threatening global trade, it's already doing that to a great extent, jacking up prices.
Uh, and then how do we get the ships armed?
Hello friends, this is Alex Jones.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We are back live, now 8 minutes 16 seconds into the third hour.
Our guest is with us for the rest of the hour.
We're opening the phones up.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour.
You can go ahead and line up if you'd like to call in.
Do you know anybody who is a sailor who's seen Pirate's Year but been involved in it?
Are you a mariner?
Are you thinking about going into the Merchant Marine?
Are you concerned about this?
Uh, what about the United Nations trying to push through the law of the Sea Treaty for global government to run 76% of the world's surface that is saltwater, another 1% is freshwater, so 77% of the world's surface covered in water.
This is a
We're good to go.
Discover with Leif Erikson when Europeans first discovered this continent.
It was mariners from Polynesia and mariners from Asia that clearly didn't just come across the Bering Strait, but people Central and South America.
That's been proven.
They found jade only from Asia, of course, and some of the Aztec, Mayan, Toltec idols.
And the languages are similar.
All of this is so important, and 500% increase in what they admit piracy, really 1000% because less than half of the ships report it, because they don't want their insurance going up.
This is a real crisis.
Not to mention, all the people off the coast of California, people in the Gulf of Mexico, folks down in the Caribbean being robbed, being killed, and the media doesn't report on it.
It's kept very, very quiet.
Only when they murder some prominent person do you hear about it, and that's constantly going on.
So, very, very dangerous, very, very rough.
Madison Avenue tells all the rich yuppies to go out to sea, and then they don't come back.
Not to mention the dangers of the sea itself.
I'd like to talk about some of the storms you've been through, some of the things you've witnessed, the most concerned, the most white-knuckled you've ever been, why you got into being a mariner.
Such a romantic thing, but so beautiful, but also so dangerous.
But before we go there, let's continue with just how bad the piracy has gotten.
If you want to call in, the toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
We'd love to hear your stories as well, or other stories that you've heard.
800-259-9231, and ways you think we can turn this around.
So finishing up with just how prolific it's gotten, and then, how do we arm these ships?
How bad is it?
It's so bad that the head of the Naval Task Force in the Gulf of Aden,
He said yesterday that naval forces patrolling this area are not going to stop piracy.
That's in Yemen, that's in Yemen.
Yes, and that's in Somalia, Yemen, that whole area.
It's not going to stop piracy.
And he's right.
One of the problems with, and we hear a lot about sending ships down there, different naval ships going down there, and yes, they're patrolling, but we're talking about a huge area here.
You know, we're talking needle in a haystack.
And the bottom line is, there's no coordination between all these naval forces.
Like, for example, the French have two frigates down there, and they are going to announce that we're going to give priority to French ships, French-owned or French-registered ships, to go through here.
And everybody else has to line up and take a number, and then we'll take care of you.
There's one opening in December, and there's one in January.
And that's the way that it's going.
There's no coordination.
And the pirates know this.
They work together.
There's no government in Somalia, basically.
So they're working with warlords ashore, and they definitely, and that's why they like cash, because cash is a lot easier to dispose of than, let's say, you know, a container.
Well, this would be easy, though, if they just did a month-long operation, put four or five AWACS up, track ships leaving, track where they were going.
And then the minute they went after a ship, just go in and strafe it until it sinks.
And you do that, they would quit real fast.
Well, the problem is, we got the mariners on there.
And me and my buddies, you know, my fellow shipmates, or my fellow mariners, are on board these ships.
I mean, there have been so many examples in the last year and in the last few months, when pirates have taken ships in plain sight of the U.S.
naval vessels,
And actually, the Navy admits that even with two miles away, a naval vessel two miles away from a merchant ship, and the merchant ship gets attacked, the Navy has very little that they can do.
The problem is that there are no clear rules of engagement for the military what happens after the pirates take the vessel.
That's the problem.
You have to hit them.
You've got to have intelligence on the ground and they can find out in five minutes who the pirate ships are and then just blast them when they near the other ship.
But then they'll say that you're killing people without due process.
Well, that's right.
And that's actually one of the things that I think is a major problem is that when they, for example, they had some French commandos that came in after La Ponante cruise vessel was hit by pirates.
I think it was in April.
I think so.
And it's like, no, you can't try Somali citizens in a French court, pal.
That's not going to work.
And so now their hands are tied.
And legally, there's all kinds of wrangling.
They don't know what to do.
And so there's no international mechanism to try and punish the pirates once they've been taken.
And of course, there's misinformation.
It was recently reported, I think it was like two weeks ago, that the Indian Navy had sunk one of the pirate motherships.
I don't
Are presumed dead and missing.
Because it wasn't a pirate mothership, it was actually a trawler that was controlled by pirates.
And now it appears that the Indian Navy made a mistake and blew up a wrong vessel.
What about the British success they just had?
Well, the British have managed to, and there's been various repelling with military forces of pirates.
Mainly because of their proximity when the merchant ship is attacked.
The other thing is, when ships are high out of the water, when they have a lot of freeboard, which is, you know, the amount of vessel above the waterline, when they have a lot of freeboard it makes it very difficult, and fast vessels are difficult.
The problem is, merchant vessels are not built in general for speed, they're built for economy.
And so, like the Cirrus Star, which was taken, and that's, by the way, the largest commercial vessel ever taken by pirates in the history of our civilization,
And that $100 million worth of oil that's on there right now, and that hijacked vehicle was actually bound for Texas, by the way.
But when the pirates take the ship, it's slow.
It's only going 15 miles an hour.
They throw grappling hooks up on there, they swarm aboard the ship, they have AK-47s and grenade launchers, and they take the ship.
Well, we know the answer, then.
We know governments want a monopoly of force, a monopoly of power, so governments everywhere aren't letting merchant ships
Arm themselves.
We need to have an international convention, of course they won't do this, an international convention where nations are signatories, people know it's a safe port, to allow heavy armaments to be put on ships and then sailors can choose if they want to have a training course and sign a liability waiver and then sign on to ships that are armed or aren't armed.
I mean, there's no way I'd go out to sea on a ship that didn't let me be armed, but I know they don't let you be armed because you can't call it the ports.
That's true.
My last ship, I was working in Panama, which they've had armed attack incidents against vessels going through the canal, waiting to go through the canal.
And we were a slow-moving 10-knot, 12-knot vessel, and we were an easy target, low to the water.
And that's the way a lot of merchant ships are.
Oceanographic ships.
A good friend of mine, I went to school with a captain on an oceanographic ship.
His ship got attacked off Somalia.
And that thing has a high speed of like 12 knots.
And it's only like 10 feet above the waterline.
Because oceanographic ships do scientific research.
They're slow.
I agree 100%.
We need to either one or the other.
Either have armed guards on board vessels.
A good friend of mine is on a ship right now supplying the troops in Iraq.
And he's over in Dubai right now.
They have armed guards.
With, uh, Uzis and AK-47s patrolling that vessel 24-7 in that area.
They're hired by the company, they're paid by the company, and they're patrolling the vessel for the protection of the ship and the crew.
And this argument that, well, you know, merchant ships shouldn't have weapons or even recreational boaters shouldn't have it.
Followed by the wayside of my opinion, because there are merchant vessels that are armed now.
The Zim container line, which is the Israeli container line, and many of your listeners have probably either seen a Zim container line ship or seen Zim containers on the highway being pulled by a truck.
Uh, every one of those crew members on board a Zim container line ship is armed with an Uzi.
And they know how to use it.
They're officially in the National Guard, the Israeli National Guard.
Every one of them is a citizen.
And I know, I have a good friend I went to school with who is a big shot at Zim.
Every one of those guys and women on board that vessel, on the board, all their vessels.
How do they call it ports?
Or they just don't call it ports and don't let them defend themselves?
Nope, they call it the ports because they're officially in the Israeli National Guard and therefore are not civilian.
And they are allowed to carry the Uzis as a result of the fact that they have a military affiliation, even though they're not actively military.
I have never once
And you know what?
Heard of an attack on the Kazim Container Line ship?
Because if I were a pirate and I took the easy oceanographic ship with lots of high-tech equipment, lots of expensive electronics, going 10 to 12 knots, or the Kazim Container Line ship... With an Israeli flag on it, they don't mess with that.
And you never hear about that.
You bet.
When you know you're going to be facing 26 Uzis and people who know how to use them, yeah, well, we'll take a pass on that.
The military sea lift command has civilian merchant mariners that are government employees.
They're not military.
Well, I'm telling you, these bigger ships need barrettes mounted in housings that are waterproof, pop open.
You need something where you can, you know, really take on these pirates.
We need, we need to have something because what we have now is fire hoses and, uh, you know, I mean fire, that's one of the big things that they have.
Fire hoses are like,
Uh, you know.
Yeah, they're now using sound cannons.
What, one, um, cruise ship did use sound cannons to run them off, though.
But that was a brave guy at the sound cannon running them off.
Yes, that's one thing.
It's called an LRAD, and they have limited effectiveness, but yeah, you pirates put earplugs, and then, hey, then it doesn't bother them as much.
All right, stay there.
Let's continue talking about the solution is not having a global government taxing everybody, and then they still won't keep you safe from the pirates.
The answer is arming all the ships.
We'll be right back.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his M.O.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
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Before our guest leaves us, we'll tell you about his websites again and his riveting book, From the Bridge.
We'll talk more about solutions and how to organize the mariners together and their companies to have a real solution, not global government, Law of the Sea Treaty, to tax everybody and put UN international ships on 76% of the Earth's surface, the water.
That's the plan here.
It's the imploding world economy that is really generating a lot of this crime.
I'm going to go to calls in just a moment, but do you agree with that, to Captain Sweeney?
I mean, why?
I'm sure there's other reasons, too.
Why is it just getting so bad?
Has it been an incremental march?
I know it's been getting worse the last decade, to where now it's just become so profitable that more people are getting into the piracy business, or how does the economy falling apart fit into that?
Well, I think the global economy has something to do with it, but ships move regardless.
I mean, you know, to get 95% of basically of the world's goods move over water from one place to another, but that are traded.
So I think it has to do more with the success of the pirates.
Success breeds success, and now it's spreading elsewhere.
And actually, it's to the point now where shipping companies have said, we're going to go a different way.
And so there are now companies, Maersk Line is one of the, I think, the biggest shipping line in the world, has announced that they are not going to send a number of their vessels through the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal anymore.
They're going to go all the way around the Cape of Good Hope or all the way around Cape Horn.
To South America, around South America.
And that will add incredible cost and danger.
And the pirates might just shift their operations down there.
When the shipping lanes increase down there, they're going to have to round the horn.
They'll be maybe hanging out right there.
And who pays ultimately is, obviously, we all know who that is, the consumer.
I know another solution.
We need to call for a Letter of March with the French, the US, the British, the Germans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Japanese.
Well, I think what you hit the nail on the head was the arming merchant vessels.
Because what saved us that night, on Christmas night 2003, when we were hit on my watch in Rio Haina, was those two armed guards who were able to fight back.
Me, with my pipe wrench, I wasn't going to do much with what I had available.
And a lot of merchant ships, their plan is to have a safe room where the crew can hide down the steering gear, and hopefully not get killed by the pirates, and then let them take over the ship, and they all huddle into a safe room that's got food and water and supplies.
And so we need to have, in my opinion, either armed guards on board the vessel or
Armed the Merchant Mariners.
I've heard all kinds of arguments against it.
Well, that's a lot less expensive than having to circumnavigate the globe.
Oh, yes.
And we would feel a lot better.
Oh, yes.
And, you know, Military Sea-Lift, VIM, they have training.
You know, there are thousands of Merchant Mariners now who have weapons on board.
And they're trained.
You know, you have under lock and key.
The senior officers have access.
When you go on a military sea lift command, I have a good friend who's a civilian on there, a merchant mariner.
On the bridge of those ships, they've got an M1 shotgun, I think they're M14s, and they've got an M9 pistol for people on the bridge.
I think the answer would really be the big semi-automatic shotguns, the high capacity.
They're nice, yes.
And also... That's what the Marines use.
Yeah, and you know, we need to have that, and we need to have the military
I have a lot of old friends who were old-timers in World War II, a lot of the convoys supplying the troops, whatever theater it was in Europe or wherever, and they said, you know, we had military convoys, and the outside was the military vessels, and the inside was the merchant ships carrying the vital supplies, which is what we do.
From one place to another.
And I see it, at least in certain high-piracy areas, like the Molucca Strait or the Gulf of Aden, and maybe even in the Caribbean.
Well, that's what the British East Indies and the Dutch East Indies, they would always have with a convoy.
They would go in convoys and always have a few military ships.
That's right, and I think we need to do that.
And right now, it's unorganized.
It's helter-skelter.
And we're talking about a very large area.
The Gulf of Mexico, what a great piracy target a drill ship is.
I mean, you have a high-tech ship that is sitting there.
Drilling, putting pipe into the, you know, to drill for oil out on the Outer Continental Shelf.
It's just a sitting duck.
And, you know, what a great target.
You know, their merchant ships are a target worldwide, and the authorities are not doing, you know, and so if we're not going to do it, I think we need to take care of it ourselves.
You know, we have to have convoys to the most dangerous areas, and organized convoys.
Not helter-skelter where the French say, okay, well, you know, we could pitch in next January, you know, we just wanted to wait until then.
We need to have organized convoys, and we need to have armed merchant vessels, or armed guards on merchant vessels.
You know, what gives the pirates the upper hand is their weaponry.
We need to level the playing field.
Absolutely, and it's very inexpensive.
What, on the bigger ships, put five, six guards, smaller ships, just a couple guards.
I mean, right there, that'll give you guys the edge to repulse these attacks, and then the pirates will go off and do something else.
But if we let them keep robbing, they're going to build themselves up into an international combine of global force, and then it's going to be even that much harder to deal with.
We're going to take your calls from BL, John, Chris, Donna, and others.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, I take the general at his word and my best advice is to have your food in your possession prior to the inauguration.
Day after day
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
Your call's coming up to balance the hour.
Then in the fourth hour, I'm going to cover news and take phone calls and play several key audio clips.
They're proposing just having warrantless arrest of the American people and indefinite for life secret detention.
So they're now openly rolling that out.
That's coming up.
More on the governor being arrested up in Illinois.
And what's happening with the economy.
But BL, John, Chris, Donna, and others, your call's coming up here.
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Alright, going back to Captain Kelly Sweeney.
Captain, let's take some calls.
BL in Texas, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
I have just a couple of things for Captain Sweeney.
Captain, 55 or 60 years ago, it was common practice for a merchant or a private vessel to have an arms locker on board.
And just like an international shipping container, when you entered a port where arms were restricted, the harbormaster would put a seal on the arms locker.
Now, when did that stop being common practice?
I have never been on a ship that had an arms locker, and I've been going to sea
About 28 years.
And I don't know when it stopped, BL.
The only ships that I know that have it now on the American flag are the military seal of command vessels.
I had a great uncle who ran away when he was 13 years old.
He moved back to the farm once he was grown.
But he ran away, went to Houston, went to Galveston, got on a ship, went around the world.
Yes, and I'd like to see those days come back.
I would 100% like to see those days come back.
Well, Captain, are you aware of the Greek freighter Elevita?
Now, tell me about WL.
Well, they got tired of the whole pirate problem, so they electrified their decks with 220 volts AC when they enter pirate waters.
Yes, I do know about a similar system.
It's called the Ship Secure System.
It's marketed by an outfit in the Netherlands.
And what they do is very similar to that.
They have, and I wrote about that in my previous article in Professional Mariner Magazine.
People can check it out at ProfessionalMariner.com.
But they have the ship secure, and it's not really a fence.
What it is, at the gunwale on the outside, it extends outward like beam, metal beam, all the way around the ship.
And then they lay these wires on top of it.
I'm tempted to say 9 million volts.
So it's a shipboard generator?
I could be wrong on that.
It's a ship, yes.
It's generated from the electricity on the ship, and it basically doesn't allow them to grab on and to board, because they use grappling hooks or whatever to get over that.
One of the things that I have, and it's been marketed heavy, and the international shipping community is pushing merchant vessels to have this,
Because it's a quote-unquote non-lethal method of repelling pirates or armed attack.
The problem I'm concerned about is, what if they short that out?
I mean, and that's the thing, and I'm not sure exactly, you know, if they could throw something, a metal something up there and ground it to the ship itself, and that, I don't have the answer to that yet, but yes, BL, that's very astute of you, and yes, they do have that system that they're marketing.
Well, Captain, I think the day of the Q ship has come again.
An apparently unarmed vessel that is heavily armed.
I think you might be right on that, my friend.
Now, firing on a vessel that hasn't demonstrated hostile intents just should never happen, whether you're the Indian Navy or whoever you are.
But once a vessel has fired on your vessel, you should be able to respond with devastating firepower.
I'm with you, brother.
I'm right there with you.
I agree.
Because it's the life of me and my shipmates out there.
I'll tell you what, I've been going to sea my whole life, and I don't go on the water without a firearm.
All right.
Well, hey, get a hold of me through my website, MaritimeEditors.com.
There's a contact us page there in Texas.
Shoot me some information.
I'd like to talk to you personally.
All right, BL.
Good to hear from you.
John in Canada just hung up, so we'll go to Chris in Texas.
Chris, you're on the air.
Good morning, Alex Jones Show!
I'm glad you're hitting this topic, but I've got to say that other people have been pirated and rocked.
Hold on, back off your phone!
You're totally distorted.
Totally distorted.
How about now?
Yeah, you sound fine.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I know people who have been totally pirated in Rockport, Texas.
I know of incidences in Cozumel, but I will never go to sea, as BL just said, without a weapon.
And what I do, when I pick up a target on radar, and I'm on a recreational vessel, I will certainly start assembling my weapon and try to reach them on the radio.
And if they get closer, I'm going to start firing over their bow, because if they get close to you in international waters, they're going to kill you, and they're going to scuttle you.
And most people don't truly understand
How devastating this issue is around the globe.
Because I've sailed in the Med, I've sailed in the Caribbean, I've sailed in the South Pacific, and it is truly a horrible situation that has not truly been addressed until today.
Well, thank you, Chris, and I appreciate your insight.
You're a smart guy.
What do you do about ports?
Do you have a hidden compartment for your firearms?
Alex, I break it down into several pieces, and you stow it in different areas on the vessel, and you just have to take that risk when you're going into a foreign port, especially on a recreational, and I'm speaking from a recreational standpoint.
Yeah, that's the point.
When tyrannical government keeps the people from protecting themselves,
It really does come down to immoral laws just have to be broken.
It's either you or them, and when you're out to out at sea in international water, your boat is your island.
You are the king, you're the president, you're there to protect the boat, you protect your passengers, you protect your crew.
I agree, and it's unfortunate that recreational voters
are put in a position where if they have a weapon to defend themselves that they face prosecution or being locked up in another country.
The only thing you have on board, quite frankly, if you don't have a weapon, is a pyrotechnic flare gun.
I mean, think about that.
That's the only thing legally you can carry on board your boat.
Those are pretty deadly, though.
You've got a whole bunch of them.
But you've got to be close, and they're not very accurate.
All right, let me go further here.
You know, they tend to bounce off.
I have heard from the people that go out on the 100 mile, 200 mile fishing trips that people are being robbed, are being killed, it's all kept quiet in the media.
You're saying you've heard about piracy in Rockport?
That's correct.
Rockport, Texas, one of my clients delivering his boat from Florida, just inside state waters was pirated.
He let a boat get close to him, they came on board with guns, they robbed him, they didn't kill him, and they didn't scuttle him, but they took everything on board their boat.
And that's a huge risk that you take, even in our state waters.
And the problem is, around the United States, our Coast Guard is not worried about that.
They're more worried about interdiction, drug interdiction, and weapons interdiction.
Were these guys American that robbed him?
They were.
They were.
I mean, there are pirates in every culture and every society.
It's something that has been happening forever and ever and ever.
You think about New Orleans.
New Orleans is well known for centuries as a pirating mecca.
I mean, it's truly well known about that.
Well, New York.
New York was the greatest pirate mecca ever.
And Captain Sweeney made a great point.
Think about the Gulf of Mexico.
What's going on just off our shores out in the Gulf of Mexico?
It is truly, you've got thousands of square miles where recreational boaters are buying these gigantic million dollar yachts, wanting to move them around between Florida and different ports.
And nobody tells them.
They don't even put somebody on watch.
They just pull into some cove or tie up to something and get killed.
The problem is, Alex, as I said, if you protect your boat, you protect your crew, and you protect your passengers, that's the number one rule.
So what do you do?
Somebody never sleeps.
You've always got to stay up.
Well, you've always got somebody on watch, but as an example, I always take night watch, because night watch to me is the most deadliest time to be out there.
Not to mention ships running over you.
Go ahead, Captain.
Well, I was going to say with Chris, Chris makes a very valid point.
It's interesting, though, that at least in the Gulf of Aden, the vast majority of the pirate attacks were during the daytime.
And I think that's because the pirate vessels, even though they're very fast, they don't have radar.
They don't have navigation.
Obviously, they don't have navigation lights or anything like that.
Yet, anyway, well, at least they have some sophisticated equipment to track the vessels.
But that might change, I think, because as they get more and more sophisticated equipment, they're going to be able to tell whether the ship they're coming alongside of is a merchant vessel or a naval vessel.
Yeah, exactly, because they're doing that for their own safety, so they don't pick on the wrong target.
Again, the fear of self-defense.
That's right.
What else have you heard about in the Gulf of Mexico, Captain, and Chris?
Cozumel, a boat was pirated two years ago because they had a stowaway.
A gentleman got on board the boat, he had an automatic weapon, and once the boat got underway, he started shooting people and then his pirate buddies came alongside and came up on board.
I think the cruise ship industry right now is in a critical time.
We just saw, as Captain Sweeney pointed out, two ships that have barely escaped.
Once these pirates decide or figure out a way to get weapons on board the boat first,
And then start killing people and killing crew and taking over the flybridge and the pilothouse.
Then we're going to see the cruise ship industry suffer.
Then you're going to have thousands of people held hostage and robbed at sea.
And that is coming.
That is the next phase of this.
Well, it's already been happening.
But is that a danger in the Caribbean, Captain?
The cruise ship, as far as the cruise ship?
Yeah, and most of that's in Africa, right?
Well, yeah.
Right now it's in Africa, but you know, cruise ships are very
They're high out of the water in general.
They have a lot of freeboard.
And they're not an easy target.
But I tell you one thing, when there's been attacks, as Chris mentioned earlier, as Chris pointed out, there have been attacks on cruise ships in the Gulf of Aden in the last week and a half.
And if they get, if the pirates actually get control of a cruise ship, it's going to be the golden jewel.
Because what's going to happen is you're going to have a hundred
Uh, crew members or up to three or four hundred crew members.
It's going to be a giant international incident meltdown.
Thousands of hostages.
You bet.
And actually one cruise liner.
You bet.
And again, these are the real terrorists, so the government's doing nothing about it.
Meanwhile, they've got us all afraid of boogeyman al-Qaeda.
That's right.
And actually, a RAND study came out earlier this year that pointed exactly to that, Alex.
The RAND study pointed out that the U.S.
government, under Bush,
Has been, to a large extent, at fault for some of the increase in piracy because they focus so much on the doomsday scenario of terrorism.
I'm not saying that we shouldn't have that, but the everyday reality of piracy has been largely ignored.
And then, and even the RAND study came right out and said that, you know, maritime terrorism is one thing, and yes, a lot of times that's politically... And I'm not saying that... But it is terrorism, even if it's for money, when you kidnap people and kill them.
It's the same thing, you know.
Yes, it's... What better place, when you think about it, where if you're going to take over a ship at sea, all you have to do is kill the crew, kill the passengers, and scuttle the vessel.
I'm talking on a recreational aspect, you know, 150, you know, 100 to 150 foot yachts, or something along those lines.
Those are, those are million dollar pieces of equipment.
They have a lot of things on board and a lot of wealthy people on board, and you've got a graveyard in the ocean, quite frankly.
I think if the pirates actually manage to hijack a cruise ship, and actually what's happening now, the German cruise line, I think it was the MV Columbus, I think that was last Sunday,
What they did then, instead of transiting through the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea with the passengers on board, when they anchored off the Suez, they took everybody off and they flew them.
By plane, all the entire group of passengers, hundreds of passengers, over to Dubai, and then the crew brought the ship through, and then they met the, they're going to meet the vessel, the passengers are going to meet the vessel over in Dubai and continue the world cruise that they're on.
That's what's happening.
The companies are starting to avoid the area.
And what happens to them is that it's a snowball effect.
Egypt derives the vast majority of its money from the Suez Canal.
Okay, billions of dollars a year.
Well, now fewer ships are going to start going through the Suez Canal.
So Egypt gets less money.
It further destabilizes the area.
This is a snowball effect of piracy.
You know, you're going to start paying more, and I'm sure you already have.
I'm paying more for things as we go.
Anything that's coming from overseas.
It's amazing.
We're going to break in just a moment.
Anything else, Chris?
No, thank you, Alex.
Great show, Captain Sweet.
I'm going to get your book.
I appreciate you just being out there doing this, Alex.
You're doing a great job, my friend.
Well, thank you, Chris.
Hey, go to the website, Maritime Editor, is what I'm going to do.
I'm going to give everybody who's listening and says they heard me on Alex's show today.
I'm going to cut him 10% with no shipping and I'm going to sign the book for him and send it out.
So go to the website MaritimeHeadHunters.com.
Let's jam in Donna in New Hampshire.
Then we'll hold her over.
Go ahead Donna.
Hi Donna.
Thanks for taking my call.
My husband is a captain in the Gulf of Mexico and this is one of my major concerns.
I'm concerned because the International Monetary Organization has recommended that merchant mariners be unarmed.
And that poses a great big problem for me as a wife who sits in New Hampshire while her husband's down in the Gulf of Mexico.
I understand completely.
My poor wife has felt the same thing.
I had just called her Christmas Day from Rio Jaina before we got attacked.
And, uh, there was a guy on the dock, uh, who, for 25 cents a minute, uh, would let you use his cell phone.
And, uh, I know exactly what you're saying.
It's a terrible feeling.
Well, the other thing that my husband... Donna, stay there.
Stay there.
Hold for the break, okay?
I want to talk to you on this side, so don't hang up.
We'll come back to Don after the break with Captain Sweeney.
Maybe we'll twist his arm into five minutes in the next hour, so we can take a few more calls after that, and I'm going to get into all this other news and information.
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Phase two of their insidious plan is complete control of our food supplies.
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We're going to finish up with Donovan.
We've got Dan, former co-star, and Brandon.
That'll be it for calls.
Captain, we can keep you five minutes to the next hour, can't we?
Alex, you can keep me as long as you want, brother.
I can stay for a half hour after, whatever.
I love you.
You have informed listeners, and you are a great host.
You are sharp, man.
You obviously have been doing your research, so I can stay as long as you need, my friend.
Well, I appreciate you being with us.
I try to study all subjects that I can.
Knowledge is addictive, as you know.
That is the true value in the world, the true riches.
But I want to learn a lot more.
That's why we have you on with us.
Donna, yes, the International Monetary Fund, others, the UN, they don't want anybody armed, so things will break down, so they can be the global force.
They're openly saying that.
And unlimited numbers of UN ships,
Taxing the seas, taxing world commerce, that's what it is with the Law of the Sea Treaty, that is not going to protect the ships, only arming the ships.
Go ahead.
Well then the other thing is, my husband had to apply, I'm sure as all maritime seamen go, they have to apply for the Twix card.
I think that was the last straw for my husband.
My husband said this was one step before every mariner becomes chipped.
And this was concerning on top of the fact that Lockheed Martin was the one who prepared all these twit cards.
And just one more thing, I would say to everybody out there, whoever wants to take a cruise ship, that most ships are not foreign flagged.
And that concerns me because Americans are going to become targets.
And unless you have a U.S.
flagged vessel, you're not going to be protected.
We saw that, I think, back in the 90s when the ecstasy caught on fire.
And all the crew members of that boat got off and left, every one of the passengers.
Yeah, that was that Greek ship, right?
No, the Ecstasy was the one off Florida Coast.
Well, there was another one where the captain got himself off.
Yeah, that was the, uh, yeah.
Yeah, he went, yeah, the Kelly Laurel.
That's where he went, the Greek captain went ashore.
Hey, I'll call you from ashore and let you know how things are.
But Donna's right.
What she was talking about with the TWIC card, which is the Transportation Worker Identification Credentials, not only for U.S.
Mariners, longshore workers, truckers who go on container terminals, people who work in offices at container terminals or cargo terminals, port workers who go there to repair things or fix, you know, whatever.
Anybody who goes on a terminal, and they're all U.S.
And I wrote an article about the TWIC card and Professional Mariner.
People can see it in the archives, professionalmariner.com.
From a mariner's point of view, you know, most of us have no problem going in there and doing what we gotta do because, you know, we gotta stay employed.
But this is a worker ID for the feds to track everybody.
Yes, that's right.
And the problem is, though, even though there were, I don't know how many, I think it was 17 ships that had identifiable links to Al-Qaeda after 9-11, merchant ships,
We're good to go.
It's federal control of our activities.
Homeland Security wants every American to have to have a similar card to have any job.
I saw the head of it, when Ridge was the head of it, said that on C-SPAN.
Let's start the call now, finish it up in the next segment.
Thank you, Donna.
Let's talk to Dan in Texas, former Coast Guard.
Oh, hey, Dan.
Hey, yeah, this is Dan.
I'm a retired Coast Guard.
I served for 21 years active duty, and I just want to let you know that it's a real privilege and honor to speak to you.
Thank you for all your insights and help.
And I just want to touch on a couple of things.
A lot of people have brought up the point about tactics, and that they're on target and tracking.
It's the only way to protect the crew, because without the crew, it's just a hull.
And with a hull, you know, it's useless.
And it could be in a watery grave, and that's what all mariners are...
Subject to its power.
So, you know, I thank you for putting all these people together to bring these points up.
Because we have to have surface assets that are coordinated to help each other.
And that's real important.
Tell us more about that when we get back in 70 seconds, OK?
Stay there.
And then we're going to go live at PrisonPlanet.TV with Captain Sweeney right now when we come back in the fourth hour.
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We're good to go.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're live at PrisonPlanet.tv as we are every day going into the fourth hour.
I'm going to have our guest with us for about five more minutes, because I have a lot of news and other phone calls we're going to be taking on a host of important subjects, so please stay with us.
He, of course, is Captain Kelly Sweeney, Master Mariner, and the author of From the Bridge.
Back in 2003, on Christmas night, their largest ship was boarded off the Dominican Republic.
They killed at least one of the pirates and drove them off.
They had armed guards on board.
We've been covering helm.
There's an international move by the U.N.
to keep mariners disarmed so the pirates can rob them so they can basically call for the Law of the Sea Treaty to have world government take over 76% of the Earth's surface and have armed U.N.
vessels taxing and controlling all commerce.
We're talking to Dan in Texas who is a retired Coast Guard.
I mean, how big a threat is it out there?
I mean, previously before you retired and then now hearing that piracy is up at least 500% in 2008.
Well, Alex, I served from 1983 to 2004.
I'm a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, in which I served in the port of Bahrain, Manama, Bahrain, when the war first started with Afghanistan.
So my travels are extensive, and I've done port security my whole career.
I ran boats.
I ran gunboats and search and rescue craft.
I've been a boarding officer, so I'm familiar with a lot of things.
I've been there and done that.
I got the t-shirt and all that.
I didn't have to go to the David Jones Locker to get it.
Well, hold on.
I think we'll keep Kevin Sweeney a little bit in the next segment so we can finish up with you.
Any stories you'd like to relate to people about what it's like, because you were obviously in the very area right now that's being particularly ravaged.
Yes, I was.
Just the cultural differences was the biggest thing to deal with there, being American.
I was born in Texas and grew up in North Texas, so I'm close to where you grew up and everything.
So I decided to join the Coast Guard, serve my country, do all that good stuff, and do my part to serve the American people.
It's always been my primary thing and I still have that attitude.
It's hard to, you know, break a sailor from their habit.
Why are people... I mean, in your opinion, why are things breaking down so bad now?
And what, in the 30 years they've disarmed ships, did it take that long for the pirates to build up, or what's happening?
Well, it's... I don't know exactly who's behind it all, but it's very, I think, very strategic, the way they've taken everything apart and assembled it.
But Captain Sweeney, you're probably familiar with the coal rigs of 1972, and that's basically the rules of the roads at all.
All vessels on the high seas conduct themselves by, because that's international communication.
And comms can create a situation where you can have a safe passage and there's no accidents.
And that's why it was created.
But there's no other law after that.
The high seas, as everyone knows, it's been out there, is the law of survival.
And it can take many forms.
And that's why there's so many vulnerable
Things that happen to any kind of craft, it doesn't matter what the size is.
Well that's another issue, is that are people so busy looking for pirates, they end up running into other ships or running aground or having problems?
Yes, these are all other problems that are, you know, when there is a lack of safety, a distraction can take away from the operator of the vessel and create a hell that you just wouldn't want to live in.
Luckily, I was in search and rescue a lot, and I went out on a lot of cases, and I haven't seen my share of disasters.
I picked a child up out of the water, 11 years old, and was swept off a shrimp boat in Galveston, July 4th, 1993.
I remember like it was yesterday, and I could tell you his name, but I don't want to go there.
I know how dangerous the sea is, and if you don't feel safe and you're distracted by something, she'll take you if you're not ready.
Did you ever come across people that have been killed or thrown off ships?
As a matter of fact, in San Francisco, I picked up a floater there.
I got used to that because we had suicide victims off the Golden Gate Bridge all the time.
PTSD, that's why I first was introduced to that in 1987, but I'm okay.
I can deal with it.
I'm a big boy.
We once had picked up a floater and had a hand tied behind its back, head blown off with a shotgun.
It was obvious as hell, but we had to turn the body over to the coroner so that the county could do the investigation.
All right, stay there.
I want to briefly come back with Captain Sweeney and have him respond to what you've said, let you finish up, then we're going to take a few other calls from Brandon and others.
Then I'm going to get to other callers on other issues.
Stay with us.
This is part of the world, 76% of its surface, nobody talks about.
Hello friends, this is Alex Jones.
I've told you for a long time it's important to be self-sufficient, and today that's more important than ever.
We need to be independent, and food and water is the key.
You'll never have to stand in a bread line if you have your own bread.
You'll never have to go to the Superdome and beg for FEMA to take care of your family in any emergency if you simply prepare.
Our elected representatives wanted a good ol' boy bailout for the special interest, so they ignored your screams not to do it.
They turned off the telephones and email.
They voted to print $850 million at least out of thin air.
This money now owns the American and European banks.
The exploding inflation that is now guaranteed will slash your life savings to nothing and blast the cost of necessities, particularly food, beyond many Americans' reach.
In pre-Nazi Germany's superinflation, the cost of a loaf of bread doubled every two days, until it reached over 4 billion marks.
Food prices are skyrocketing so fast,
There seems as if there may be no end in sight.
The private banks merging with our government are refusing to loan grocery stores enough money to restock their shelves.
The stores have less food but jack up prices to stay in business.
Whatever happens in America, we need to be prepared and be ready.
Everything is zeroing in on food.
One-third of Americans have to choose between buying food and paying for other necessities.
My friends, whatever it takes, get prepared, get self-sufficient, get food.
For everybody out there listening,
It's very important for you to understand that by having a supply of storable food, the government, the New World Order, has a lot less control over you.
And so it's a mindset.
A mindset of self-sufficiency and preparedness.
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Take action today.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, doing one more segment with Captain Sweeney, The Warrior Calls, and a lot of the news I haven't gotten to yet.
Captain Sweeney, what do you think of what Dan, retired out of the Coast Guard, is saying?
Well, Dan certainly has had some hardcore experiences.
And the thing is, Alex, is that all the Merchant Mariners are civilians.
And, uh, we all accept, uh, the dangers of going to sea.
I've been in 60-foot seas.
I've been in 130-knot winds.
I was on a car ship one time, coming back from Japan.
We got hit so hard, uh, off the Aleutian Islands that it buckled the whole of the ship.
I've had, we don't have, uh, doctors on board.
We have, uh, one of the crew members, usually the, uh, chief officer, uh, or the second officer, one of the officers, uh, takes on the duties, the medical duties.
I've had guys, you know, hack off, uh,
Limbs, parts of their finger, you know, do emergency things on board the vessel.
I mean, there is no 9-1-1 2,000 miles out to sea.
We are the 9-1-1.
We fight the fire.
We take care of the emergencies.
But you're not allowed to have a gun to defend yourself.
What do you think of this, Dan?
Dan, we need to have a gun.
I agree.
And you know, the thing is, the Coast Guard is stretched so thin.
Guys like Dan are doing, like, so many jobs already, Alex.
Thousands and thousands of miles of coastline here in the United States.
Well, real fast, Dan.
Real fast, because he's talking in the background there.
Just real quick, I'm going to let you go, Dan, and then have Captain Sweeney comment on it.
I mean, what do you think about arming the people that are on board these ships?
Oh, absolutely.
I believe, you know, people... One thing about mariners that we learn, you know, you improvise, adapt, and overcome.
And the Marines stole it from the mariners.
So, you know, high-powered deterrents and something that'll disable a craft.
You know, you throw some line in the water of a craft that's trying to come alongside, you disable their screws, and then, you know, they gotta go to the grocery store after that because they're gonna be starving, and they gotta survive once their vessel's been disabled.
You know, the flare gun idea?
Well, they are overstretched.
I mean, the Coast Guard is doing... I mean, Dan alluded to it.
I don't even know how many jobs they're doing, but they're overwhelmed.
And we have a huge coastline.
And in my opinion,
If piracy continues to rise like it is, it's only a matter of time before it comes to our shores.
If it hasn't already, we just don't hear about it.
Now, what's the law on that?
If you're in U.S.
waters and you've got a concealed carry permit, say from Texas, is the Coast Guard going to come after you if you're out fishing with your grandson and you've got a handgun in the glove compartment and you're in U.S.
Well, I'm not sure how that would work as far as having a concealed weapon.
Because I deal, you know, mainly with, obviously with merchant vessels, and so I know what's going on as far as we're concerned.
As far as a private individual, and they already have the permit to carry a weapon, I think it would be problematic if they were outside.
The state's waters where it was issued from.
Do we have any idea how many people in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico and on the Pacific side of California are disappearing?
I know it's hundreds of boats a year and it hardly even gets a mention in the newspaper.
They just say, oh, lost at sea and really they were killed and their boats sold.
Oh, I don't think anybody really knows.
And I don't think we ever will know the true story because there are whole industries that go around the romance of the sea.
And believe me, I love going to sea.
You know, I don't want to make it seem like, you know, I enjoy going to sea.
It's an honorable profession, and the work we do is vital for our economy and our military.
But, the reality is, as far as recreational boaters, as we may never know because it's, uh, you hear reports only when they say something, but, you know, they're going to go to the authorities.
You know, the authorities will say that somebody gets attacked off Mexico, and they steal their vessel, or they hold them at gunpoint and take everything they have.
Well, the authorities aren't going to mention that.
They're not going to put that in.
In fact, part of the time, it's probably the authorities doing it.
Well, there could be a collusion.
They're already a relative or whatever.
I mean, their whole clan in Somalia, grandpa on down to the grandkids that are making money off piracy and ransom there.
But even the authorities in Mexico is just one example.
It could be anywhere.
They don't want to advertise that the waters are unsafe down there.
They want people to come down.
So they're not going to put that out to everyone.
Well, we are.
Let's take a call from Brandon in Canada.
You're on the air, Brandon.
Go ahead.
Ahoy, Brandon.
How you doing, Alex?
Ahoy, eh?
Well, first thing, I think it'd be important to have our people okay, as North Americans as a whole.
I think it's important to have our people safe.
All right?
And if they're transporting goods that other people want to rob, obviously they have to be armed.
And the U.N.
is just basically, in my opinion, all that they are is just running interference.
That's all that they do.
You know, they're just constantly interfering into things that they shouldn't be involved in.
Well, they want to be the authority over 76% of the surface and all the minerals and oil and everything that's on the floor and all the commerce that goes over the seas.
Well, then obviously it should be guarded.
If they're precious resources, right, they should be guarded.
And, you know, we shouldn't be letting people run away and steal.
You know, like, the whole thing is, by saying that this boat had this problem, it's going to create more, it's going to increase the cost, because it's simply going to be, well, now we have to have armed guards going with every boat that's carrying oil or diamonds.
Yeah, the answer is, well, they're trying to just steal the boats, too, or hold them ransom.
The answer is arm everybody on the ships, and then this problem will basically disappear, won't it?
Exactly, but then if you see what we've gone and done with Al-Qaeda, how we armed them, now we're basically fighting people that we trained.
You know what I mean?
Yeah, it's always the same story.
It's always the same story, and it won't change until people do something about it, and stand up and say, yeah, we want to impeach the President, yeah, we're not going to stand for these politics, we elect you, and then you're supposed to have our, what we want, what's important to us, as your primary target, not your back agendas.
And that's what happens, these people just want to keep their agenda,
And they just want to screw the people and then, like you say, imprison us, microchip us, and it's coming.
You know, within five, ten years, everyone will have a chip in them.
No more passport, no more social insurance card number, no more bank accounts.
What happens when you stop, like you said, and then they just turn your chip off on you?
All right, good to hear from you.
That's our final caller for our guest.
In closing, Captain Sweeney, Kelly Sweeney, how do we put pressure on these countries' international organizations to stop leaving mariners defenseless, this victim disarmament?
How do we stop the victim disarmament of the seas and let the capable men and women that are on the seas defend themselves?
Well, I think that people, your listeners, can do a number of things.
They can push their elected representatives to do everything they can to, as Donna pointed out from New Hampshire, to facilitate U.S.
flagships and U.S.
mariners on those ships.
And I know I'm biased because, hey, I'm a U.S.
mariner and I work on U.S.
flagships, but the less reliance we have on foreign vessels, as she pointed out, the less of a target I think that we are in general because we're taking care of things in-house.
I think on a personal note, what I would encourage everybody to do would be, now there are semen centers throughout the country that are located in port areas, and merchant mariners go there as places, safe havens, to contact their families ashore to buy sundries.
And then people can go and volunteer at a semen center and get to know the mariners.
And it's true, it's not only going to be U.S.
mariners, it's going to be foreign mariners too.
But the people they rely on to carry their goods.
And I think that from my point of view, we need to encourage lawmakers to allow changes in laws to have merchant vessels carry weapons on board and convoys, if we get to that point, through dangerous areas as well.
Because otherwise if we don't arm merchant ships and we don't have the military supporting us...
Really, like in convoys, and have armed guards, or have us armed, you know, we're targets.
Well, in closing, as you said, in 2008, 500% increase, more than half of the kidnappings and ships being seized are not being reported.
The companies, the shipping companies, are quietly paying the pirates off all over the world, from the Caribbean to Africa to Asia.
And it's exploding.
If it's up 500, 1,000 percent this year, will it be 2,000 percent in 12, 18 months?
This is already just so horrible, and the deaths of citizens and people out recreationally boating, sailing on the seas.
This is a huge issue, so that's why we're covering it here, and as you watch ABC-CBS
CNN, Fox, BBC, you hear nothing about arming the mariners, going back to the way it was, so that they're not sitting ducks, not easy pickings.
It's all, oh, we've got to have a world government, we've got to have the law of the sea, we've got to have the UN take over and tax everybody and put UN ships everywhere that'll just harass and raise taxes and board mainline merchant ships and squeeze everybody, instead of saying, we're human beings, we're allowed to protect ourselves.
No, the mafia government
wants to not let us protect ourselves like New York or Chicago, these mafia cities, and then all the criminals move there and then things get worse and worse and they have the highest crime rates.
It's simple.
More guns, less crime, and in closing, Captain Sweeney, again, folks can simply go to your websites and we'll put your picture and website up there on screen.
It's maritimeheadhunters.com and professionalmariner.com, a magazine that you ride for.
People can get your book
Yes, I agree with you, Alex.
Traditionally, merchant mariners have used weapons on board their vessels to defend themselves against pirates.
It's a long-standing tradition at sea that is no longer the case now, and I think we need to go back to that as one of its facets.
And really stemming the rising tide of piracy.
Well, it's just like disarming the pilots that used to have guns in the cockpit.
That's right.
Then they take them away, look what happens.
I mean, we have to do this.
Yes, I think that's definitely one of the prongs of the attack on stemming the tide of piracy that we really need to focus on, is in making it, and to help make the seas more secure.
And to me, it starts with the merchant ships and the people like me and my fellow mariners who are out there doing it.
Well, you have a lot of courage with everything you do, and you have a great profession, and we really appreciate you coming on.
And as things develop and unfold, let's have you back a couple times a year, Captain Sweeney.
That'd be great, Alex.
You're very informed.
Your listeners are very informed.
I encourage everybody to visit me at MaritimeEditors.com, and I wish you and your listeners smooth sailing until we talk again, Alex.
Take care.
Thank you, my friend.
Good to talk to you, Captain Sweeney.
You bet.
Alright, we're going to come back, get some more calls, more news.
Final 40 minutes of the show.
Straight ahead, it looks like smooth sailing.
Stay with us.
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I think so.
First, the 9-11 patsies after seven years of being tortured at the Camp X-rayed.
Guantanamo Bay.
We're going to plead guilty just a day after the former head of Pakistani intelligence came out and worked with the CIA so that 9-11 was a staged inside job as well as the Mumbai-Bombay attacks.
Now the Washington Post is reporting.
We'll have a link to this up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Five 9-11 suspects offered to confess but proposal was pulled over death penalty issue.
And so now they're withdrawing their pleads.
So I guess they'll just continue to be tortured until they plead guilty.
But it's been admitted that most of the people took there were not even in Taliban.
They would just have a roast of a cow.
Hello, Alex.
How are you?
Okay, and it's Ship.
Sorry, Skip.
Got put in the computer.
I must tell you, I was terribly excited to hear your guest on Monday with the Apple Feed program.
I'm very excited about it.
Okay, well, thank you.
Well, yeah, because I grew up in a small town in Missouri, Rolla, Missouri, was born and raised, and it was, during the 90s Census, the safest small town in America, per capita.
And it also is the lifeblood of Phelps County, which is the most heavily armed militia in the United States.
So I think there's a link between a conscientious public and a well-armed public being able to keep things safe.
There are no police in Rolla because no one messes with anybody because everyone's got guns.
Well, look at a town, a bedroom community of Atlanta had high crime rates in the 80s, so they passed a law that you have to own a gun, and crime dropped over 95% according to the Justice Department in one year.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I heard you say earlier on your show today you were going to maybe do a small film on Patriot movements and how they're so easily infiltrated.
I wasn't saying a film.
I was saying I'm going to do a series of interviews.
Cover that in the future and then also on the different Patriot Mythology con artists that come in to prey, to preditate on the Patriot Movement with all their fake Patriot Mythology, you know, of straw men and bonds.
Something I think that ties into that very well is the education system.
In Rolla, I was a part of a special education program.
It was an accelerated program.
They called it Quest.
We're good to go.
The judge does the sentencing, the mayor can, you know, he doesn't necessarily have to follow all the rules, you know, but it's about... Yeah, they teach corruption in school.
They teach people how to go along with the system.
They've dispatched Federal Reserve governors and their minions to propagandize about how great the banker takeover is.
And that's proof that we can affect change.
They know they can affect change.
That's why the bad guys are so active.
They know they've got to keep all these balls in the air.
And if we get involved fighting them, they can't keep all the balls in the air.
I mean, we have Fed governors coming out saying it's a corrupt foreign bank takeover, that martial law has basically been declared.
That's a story about Steve Watson that he links to Bloomberg Financial saying that.
I mean, all this stuff is starting to come out, and it's good to hear from you, Skip.
Dan in Canada, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Dan.
Hey, I had two quick questions.
One is the first time I started watching and listening to you was probably around six years ago.
You interviewed Gary Busey.
I just wanted to know if you knew his condition of late?
No, Gary Busey called me, I guess about 7 years ago, about 8 years ago, right before 9-11, said he was a big fan, and he would literally call me every few weeks.
And then finally, he said, next time you're out in LA, which I only got there every year or so, he said, come on to my house.
And so I went out there and interviewed him.
Interesting fellow.
Very eccentric.
And then I talked to him a few other times and never really even returned his phone call since then.
Because I'm not really starstruck with people.
And I've been there, done that.
Nice fellow.
Very interesting, to say the least.
But no, what's going on with Gary Busey?
Well, he's been on that celebrity rehab show that's on, and I guess he's got some serious brain problems, not so much drugs.
Well, yeah, he was in a motorcycle accident, and the police reported when they got there, his brain was outside, you know, hanging out of his skull, and so that's, he almost died.
But when I was around him, I've actually been in his house a few times, you know, he only eats healthy food, he does smoke cigars.
I didn't see him smoking.
Very clean lifestyle.
Well, he smokes cigars, but, uh, and we ordered some food over there.
We're sitting there eating mashed potatoes.
He goes, that stuff's poison!
I wanna eat mashed potatoes!
But he's pretty interesting.
Anything else?
Yeah, just one more question if I can.
Sure, we'll come back to you here in just a moment, get into a bunch of news.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
We're live at PrisonPlanet.TV.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, he smokes cigars, but, uh, and we ordered some food over there and we're sitting there eating mashed potatoes and he goes, that stuff's poison!
I wanna eat mashed potatoes!
But he's pretty interesting.
Anything else?
Yeah, just one more question if I can.
Sure, we'll come back to you here in just a moment, get into a bunch of news.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
We're live at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This is usually the Watson's theme song when they join us from England.
Oh, yes!
Old Hickory!
All right, I'll at least get to Dan, Vince, Patrick, Brenda, and Will before we end this hour.
Before we end this radio show today.
Coming up in T-minus 26 minutes.
I want to get into some of the financial news.
There is so much of it.
But let me, before I do that, finish up with Dan in Canada.
You had one other question, Dan.
Go ahead.
Probably around a couple days after the D.C.
Yeah, Alex.
madam there was murdered, you were on Fox News with Geraldo.
And did they know that you were, like, arrested?
Remember when he was in the streets of New York?
I mean, he gave the crowd the finger and that, and you were arrested, taken off, and it was awful.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, how that happened is, we spontaneously went and protested Geraldo, because we were about seven, eight blocks away, a couple days before 9-11, two years ago, or not two years ago, two anniversaries ago, about a year and a half ago, on the sixth anniversary.
And we're there, and we see him in Times Square on the Jumbotron, so I think his name's Mike Nahr, said, look, it's Geraldo, let's go over there.
So he's okay with it?
He's okay?
I mean, those guys are bored.
That was, like, fun for Geraldo.
Did you know Geraldo helped take over a college with, like, a semi-armed group when he was in college?
And then he became... He was a big street activist, so... And I know he got a lot of hate mail over that, and I think he was kind of trying to...
But then they set me up again about the DC Madam a few months later and I was sitting in the studio here in Austin on satellite and then they packed too much in the show and he said, sorry Alex Jones, we can't have you on this time and smiled.
So look, I mean my whole thing is bygones are bygones.
I'm gonna go on and talk about how they murdered the DC Madam and I'll go on anywhere as long as it's live.
I will not fly to Fox because
I've had them cancel me probably 10 times and I've only made it on once.
And so I'll still get in a car and drive down to a studio.
That was not the first time I've been in a studio and they don't let me on.
Same thing with CNN.
Hammer's Showbiz Tonight twice.
I was on A.J.
AJ's a fan.
Most of the crew were fans.
They were all, hey, love this video, love that show.
And then they set me up to come on.
I get to the Austin studio, a different one that CNN uses, in the hills of Austin, in Westlake actually, in the town of Westlake, outside Austin.
I get there and they call and say, we apologize.
Believe me, we've already leased the studio.
You're not going to be on the show, but you'll get a call later from a producer.
The producer called and said, look, we've got huge ratings with you on.
This is a huge story.
We had a poll.
Eighty-three percent of people agree with you that it's an inside job.
I agree with Charlie Sheen.
They said, higher-ups told us, no Alex Jones on CNN.
I said, they said, well, don't say my name and I'll tell you.
We've never had someone from the executive level, non-programming, said system-wide, no Alex Jones.
A few months later, well no, a year later, CNN did do a piece on me, but it was a hit piece saying I was a nut.
So no, I'm banned from these channels.
I don't know how I got on Fox, but c'est la vie I did.
So that's it, I appreciate your call.
Does that answer your question?
Yeah, it sure does, thank you.
Alright, appreciate that call.
Okay, look at this story.
Let's just go to document cam.
Punch up my bad boy document cam for folks on PrisonPlanet.TV.
Check it out.
Regional Fed Chief.
Elite insiders have usurped authority.
That's a quote.
And this is not just an article by Steve Watson.
He details it and adds more background knowledge.
This is from a Bloomberg report.
Reports Bloomberg.
These quotes that we have in here
This is from Bloomberg, and you can... and the Government Disinfo people go on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com, we post these articles, and they'll say, this is a lie, this has not been said, there's no link, it's all lies.
Now they know people are lazy and dumb, some of them, in the comments, they won't go look and see that there's a link to this.
Just like it has been reported in the Financial Times of London, the headline, and now time for world government.
And it says world government's tyrannical, but tyranny's good, we need to get rid of freedom, the American people and their guns are a problem.
You can go read the article.
People comment on the comment page, because Paul wrote an article about it, we also linked to the article, saying, oh, it's not true, it's all made up, when there was a link right here to it, and then a screenshot of the article.
These are not stupid people.
This is government operatives trying, and they admit they're out there on the web, sent comments they do it, trying to deflect weak-minded people targeting you, but this was reported in Bloomberg.
You know, in fact, Paul, let's just put the Bloomberg article up on screen.
Google Regional Fed Chiefs Elite Insiders.
Google Web, find Steve's article, and then I want you to put on screen before the show ends, the Reports Bloomberg News.
I want you to go get this article, and then I want you to go link through to that Bloomberg, and I want to put the very article on screen for people.
There's a lot of denial going on about all this.
Kind of like when I had two congressmen on to say seven weeks ago that they were threatened with physical martial law.
One of them said it on C-SPAN, two of them said it on C-SPAN, then we had them on here.
And we said, let's be specific, this is physical martial law.
And they said, yes, we're threatened with the nation going into martial law.
Then Senator Inhofe told the news two weeks ago that that was indeed true, that Secretary of Treasury Paulson had threatened them.
There are still people claiming that this
Never happened.
They are putting NORTHCOM troops on the streets.
They have said it's 20,000.
They are saying the governors will be federal officers under federal control.
They are saying it's for civil insurrection and for the American people.
You know, we told you Ford and GM a year ago we're going to go bankrupt, or we're very close to it.
Now it's happening.
We are accurate.
The establishment is hoping you are stupid and won't check in to what we're saying.
But this is a very important article right here.
Regional Fed Chiefs and Lead Insiders have usurped authority.
Federal Reserve Regional Bank Presidents described invocation of war powers by Board of Governors in Washington.
Regional Bank Presidents of the Federal Reserve have described the ongoing financial policy
Several former and current regional bank presidents have intimated that they now have little to no influence over Federal Reserve actions, that the Central Bank has effectively been completely hijacked by high-ranking insiders who are giving it all to private offshore banks.
Now $8.4 trillion as of last week.
We haven't found out late in the week or middle of the week.
Last Wednesday, AP, Bloomberg and others reported $8.4 trillion.
8.4 trillion.
Did you find that article, Paul?
You need me to pull it up?
Watch this.
Watch this.
I'm going to go to Google.
I'm going to go to Google right here.
I'm going to take this headline.
I just could just go to my website and find this, but I'm going to do this for everybody.
Punch this computer up on screen for everybody.
Alright, I'm going to go to screen for everybody right here.
This is like the incredible
childlike denial that the public is in that I have to go through for people.
Okay, and I will put this headline into Google and I will say Regional Fed Chiefs and then I'll put InfoWars
Let me just try Prison Planet.
That's actually where this was posted.
Then it will come up.
Okay, now I did that.
Oh, you did find it now?
Well, there it is on screen.
Now, there he is on screen.
Click on the Bloomberg link.
And there is Bloomberg.
And yesterday we posted on screen the Financial Times of London saying, and now for world government, saying world government is good and will save you from the banking collapse and all of the rest of it.
Boy, that computer is loading slow in there.
Yeah, I tell you what, it better be different at the other office.
That's all I can say.
Oh, there it is!
Headline, War Powers!
It says, War Powers!
Now, people will hit the site and hit it hard.
They are now denying this.
Right now, this is being denied.
It's being denied by everybody.
The operatives, they're in there denying it right now.
So, war powers threatened.
No, no, no, excuse me, not threatened, put into place.
So, we're operating under the War Powers Act.
of 1933 with Roosevelt.
So this is high treason, this is tyranny.
Ladies and gentlemen, they are forming a world government run by the banks who have engineered the implosion.
We told you three years ago it would start with subprime mortgages.
It has.
We told you all of this.
Do you still have those articles yesterday about the world financial system and now for a world government?
Let's punch those up on PrisonPlanet.tv.
Let's stop having denial by people.
Oh, it doesn't even matter.
If you want to believe the banks aren't running anything, if you want to believe they're not imploding, or you want to believe $8.4 trillion, here, watch this.
I'm on Google.
$8.4 trillion bailout.
Watch this.
Click on news and the news cycles through so fast I don't see it.
It was in Bloomberg and AP last week.
View all the results.
Now that's old web stuff.
Now here it is.
That's 8.5 trillion.
That's somebody's blog.
They will probably, oh that's pointing to Prison Planet.
So let's go to the Prison Planet article, and then it will link to a mainstream news article.
The San Francisco Chronicle.
See, what's crazy about this is that we're the only ones that seem to be pointing this stuff out to people.
Folks are still talking about the horrible $700 billion bailout.
There you go.
San Francisco Chronicle, government bailout hits $8.5 trillion.
By Kathleen Pender.
You know what?
Ladies and gentlemen, hundreds of top experts are saying that gold and silver are going to double in the next year.
I don't know if that's true.
I know that according to inflation, gold should be at about 3,000 an ounce.
It was 2,500 an ounce a few months ago.
It should be 3,000 an ounce.
All I know is the ComEx has been artificially messed with.
Mainstream News reports that.
They can't suppress it much longer.
Gold has gone up 70-something bucks today.
And yesterday, Ted Anderson bought gold when it was $7.40, so he can pass on almost $70 in savings to you, but not for long.
The new group of coins he has are almost sold out.
We're going to come back and take calls.
We're going to take them right now, but Ted, just briefly, I want to give people another chance today on this deal.
You're almost sold out of some of the coins.
Tell folks about the deals.
You've got one more chance for them to call.
What I have right now are the Franks, they're at $1.95.
I have the British Sovereign, they're at $2.42.
We have the Walking Liberty Habs, they're at $8.40.
We have the $5 gold pieces that are in the MS-70 slabs, they're at $384.
Unfortunately, the 10 Indians and 10 Liberties sold out.
We still have a few Buffalos that we can sell.
At a thousand thirty-six.
So really... Those have a bit of a premium though, because you can't find those anywhere.
No, they definitely have a premium.
I think the better of the buys, the better buy of the bunch is going to be the British Sovereigns or Franks or look at those five dollar gold pieces.
Now let's explain.
You said this earlier.
You know the listeners.
We pitch gold when it's hot, because that's what people buy.
I buy when it's low.
So Ted does it for you.
He buys it when it's low, and then sells it to you at the low price when it's high.
And that's how he annihilates all the competition.
We're talking 2-4% markup here just to literally pass this through.
Ted is doing this for the listeners of this show.
Insane deal.
How long can you hold it, Ted?
Well, I'm going to hold it until tonight for sure.
I can hold it until midnight if I have to see what's sold, what I have to buy back in the marketplace again.
You know, I locked in about 1,500 of those British Sovereigns when the prices were lower, and a bunch of the Franks.
I can't remember the exact number, but right now I just can't sit enough.
I mean, every time there's a dip, I mean,
I don't know why people back off and they don't want to buy when the prices drop off, and I'll step up and do it because I know what we're in for here.
The United States dollar is going to be doomed.
This bailout here, I was talking to the guys down at the Campaign for Liberty, and right now Ron Paul's fighting long and hard to stop this bailout for the auto manufacturers, but you know they're going to get it.
I mean, it's just one thing on top of the other.
Deficits right now.
But it's not even a bailout.
The feds are just going to nationalize it, then steal parts of it and hand it over to foreign interest.
That's the whole thing.
We're being looted.
They got the country in debt.
They cut off the liquidity.
They're consolidating.
The way to fight back and protect yourself, at least, is to get gold and silver.
Now, silver's up over a dollar today.
You've still got it at the lower price, Ted.
That was the same price I was handling on those walking Liberty House when silver was down at nine dollars.
I do.
So, silver's up a buck.
I mean, that's a fantastic... Where is silver right now?
Silver right now is at... hang on a second.
I have that one right here.
It is at $10.32.
Today's high is $10.34.
So it's up a dollar.
You're not going to find a better deal on silver out there.
Are those the half dollars?
Yeah, those are the half dollars.
Gorgeous World War II coins.
Call, folks, before it's gone.
And there are still some of the Buffalos there at an insanely good deal as well.
Gorgeous coin.
They're sold out.
They're gone.
The Mint's not making any more right now.
I think so.
2, 2, 3, 7.
Thanks for popping in for two or three minutes with us, Ted.
Thanks for having me on.
You bet.
Alright, we're going to come back and we're going to jam in as many of these phone calls as possible.
We're going to try to get to everybody.
Vince, Patrick, Brenda, Will, and others.
In fact, I'm just going to skip this break right now.
Okay, let's go ahead now and go to Vince in Los Angeles.
Vince, you're on the air.
Actually, it looks like he dropped off.
Okay, let's go to Patrick in Seattle.
Patrick, you're on the air.
They always hang up right when you go to them.
Hey, Patrick.
Patrick, Patrick.
Yes, Patrick, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I have two stories that I want to share with you.
I was listening to the radio, 98.9 at a jazz station, and the
It was the morning news and they were saying that people were just giving their guns away.
I mean, I couldn't believe, like, to the authorities... Yeah, they run those nationwide.
That's called product placement, or propaganda placement, and to create a Pavlovian response of seeing your fellow sheep, treating us like a herd animal, do it.
They have buybacks where foolish old ladies whose 80-year-old husband dies and he has shotguns that are carved, worth $5,000 apiece, we've seen this, will show up
And give their guns, and the cops just take them and sell them.
I mean, I don't blame them.
They're not going to throw away some $5,000, you know, carved, you know, British shotgun made, you know, a hundred years ago.
So that goes on.
But the main issue, the reason Handgun Control, Inc.
and the feds and others pay for this, is it creates the local news image of people lined up handing guns in.
The truth is that most of the gun shops are completely sold out, just like most of the gold shops are sold out, the ammo is sold out, or huge 50%, 100% markups.
People are grabbing guns everywhere, but yes, and Obama's saying, don't worry, I don't want your guns, I just want to restrict some of them.
I mean, what a piece of filth.
So, yes, they're doing gun buybacks.
They also put up billboards in Texas and other areas that don't have all this victim disarmament saying, report illegal guns with a picture of a revolver.
Well, then your idiot neighbor thinks that gun's illegal because they're not part of the gun culture.
So it's all part of a massive hoax.
Yeah, my dad has three, but he has a rifle and two shotguns, so I'm telling him, you know, buy some ammunition.
So they're running, going, oh it's so wonderful, everyone's turning their guns in, no one wants guns!
I mean, what were they saying?
What was the filth saying for money?
Uh, they were just, like, these people were just, like, all happy about giving their guns away.
Oh, it's so wonderful!
Everyone's handing them in!
I mean, what were they saying specifically?
It was kind of weird, and, uh, I got another comment, uh, Obama's, he, his advisors, he pointed out the guy, the guy from Google, and I was wondering, like, what is that going to happen?
Like, what do you think?
Well, Google is run by the CIA and based at NASA, and they're going to take over the web and set up internet too.
They've announced that they're coming after the web.
They're coming after your guns, the First Amendment, everything.
I appreciate your call.
Ira Hayes, Ira Hayes.
Yeah, the last caller that we took just for PrisonPlanet.tv viewers, he was talking about how they're appointing the guy from Google as the internet czar.
It's internet too.
They're going to shut down the old web, force you on the new one, control you, they've announced it, they're doing it.
You've been told, it's happening.
Fight back, boycott, speak up, talk about it.
They'll tell the yuppies it's the newest thing and they're all going to run off the end of a cliff.
That's why they're going to get hurt real bad by the New World Order.
Brenda in Arizona, last caller.
Maybe we'll have time for Will in Canada.
Go ahead, Brenda.
Yes, Alex, hello.
Skoll, welcome.
Yes, we live in the Constitution Free Zone here in Southern Arizona, and I'd like to tell you about a little incident that happened to me.
That's right, you live with 100-mile checkpoints, only searching citizens.
Go ahead.
Yes, we do have a checkpoint just a few miles from my house, and my beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed daughters were heading north, and they were at the checkpoint.
Deaf-footed, Elkado!
One of those dogs went off on the car, and we do have a dog in heat that's been in and out of that car.
Because the dog gets traits when it alerts, yeah.
And so they were pulled over for the secondary inspection, and we have trained them all to not answer the questions, because we are free Americans.
Well, they get rattled, they get scared, they answer the questions.
But the car was completely searched, and they were asked a lot of nosy questions, and so I've been in touch with
Border Patrol, I've been in touch with our local Sheriff's Office, and every time they get pulled over I'm going to do the same thing.
And I just wonder if you have any advice for those... Well, they're criminals.
They're enemies of America.
These Homeland Security checkpoints are for citizens.
Roaches come in, they don't go out.
The borders are open.
The Mexican tribes can kill and shoot whoever they want, kill cops they don't care.
It's all about squeezing the slave citizens
And I would go out there with a video camera.
I would tell your daughters to have one.
I would tell them to go there deliberately with a camera, go complain, call the local media.
I would buy an ad in the paper.
I started an access TV show in the nearest town to you.
And I was part of a local organization of citizens, it's already happening, that are against these Nazi checkpoints that are for citizens and nobody else.
And Governor Ventura's noticed.
Illegal aliens, they go right past.
But him, boy, they pull him out and get up against the car, Ventura.
You're al-Qaeda, boy.
And that's how this country operates now.
It's all a pretext to enslave us.
In our county, there is a Border Patrol agent for every 120 citizens in my county.
And they're going to run your life.
They're there to get you.
They're there to grab your child if they've got a marijuana cigarette.
They're not there to start the 2,000 deaths on the Texas border alone.
They're not allowed to do their job.
I appreciate your call.
Sorry to hear your daughters ran into a Nazi Germany checkpoint.
I just wanted to say that there's been a lot of information going out about
But I mean, that's how parliaments work, though, is that parliamentary is not like the U.S.
system that is here.
But should the Queen come in and then veto what the elected representatives are doing?
Nothing to do with it.
That's all on paper.
It was in Reuters.
It says the Queen's Governor General did it.
Oh, really?
Listen, I appreciate your call.
We're out of time.
Call me back and argue tomorrow.
Rebroadcast with all the big, important information.
It was huge at InfoWars.com.
Streaming now and the free podcast.
We'll see you back in one minute at InfoWars.com.