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Name: 20190820_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 20, 2019
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Alex Jones discusses various issues including bottled water, fluoride in water potentially causing IQ reductions, left-wing media criticism, and the importance of being prepared with storable food and water purification systems. He also touches upon topics such as the conviction of Proud Boys members, manipulation of elections through cyberspace, and the origins of the New York Times. Jones promotes products available on his website such as slingshots from Slingbow.com, toothpaste, fish oil supplements, Ultimate Krill Oil, and more. He emphasizes the importance of standing up against globalist agendas and supporting alternative media outlets like Infowars.com and NewsWars.com to counter mainstream propaganda.

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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
Why do I have a case of bottled water here?
I'll tell you about that after the break.
And I'm going to tell you the most important information you've ever heard in your life.
And that's not hype.
It is the most important information on the planet.
And we will break it all on the other side.
But first, a key report.
America's streets are mental institutions, and it's because of this.
Right here.
It's because of chemical and biological warfare.
It's now declassified against you.
Stay with us.
There are over 550,000 homeless on the streets of America's cities.
36,000 of those are youths.
38,000 are veterans.
And 180,000 are families.
And if white privilege exists, why is it that white Americans are the largest racial group of homelessness?
Making up 49% of those on the streets.
However, things are tough all over as Black Americans and Native Americans numbers are high compared to their numbers in the general population.
And the homeless population is gradually increasing.
This is the worst I've ever seen.
There are hundreds and hundreds of gang members and their associates hiding amongst the homeless.
The LAPD says this video shows known gang members brutally beating a man.
Add to this national crisis the stark reality that mental illness is rampant amongst the homeless.
Because roughly 60 years ago, the medical community and the federal government saw to it that long-term state mental institutions were closed in favor of community centers and a growing pharmaceutical industry stranglehold.
There are now 14 slots per 100,000 people available for mental health treatment.
And private mental health facilities which don't accept insurance can cost upwards of $30,000 per month.
The mental health crisis has spilled out into our streets.
As a study published in the journal Psychiatric Services estimates 3.4% of Americans, 8 million Americans, suffer from serious psychological problems.
For example,
Aditi Saha says a homeless man threatened her with a knife back in July.
Saha says her incident took place just about 500 feet away from where this incident happened early Sunday morning.
Surveillance cameras were rolling when a woman was attacked by a homeless man out front of her luxury high-rise.
25-year-old Austin Vincent was arrested and now released by the court pending trial.
She tweeted Governor Gavin Newsom Wednesday night attached a video of her attack for him to see, then asked the governor to save San Francisco.
I don't feel safe.
I know that we're all at risk, especially when this thing opens up.
I mean, think about it.
250 new people, new homeless people, that God knows who they are, what they struggle with, whether it's drugs or mental illness.
And all the city is providing is a shelter.
No treatment, no security, no proper planning.
Just a shelter.
President Trump has brought awareness to what many have ignored for too long.
I was talking about mental institutions.
They closed so many, like 92% of the mental institutions around this country over the years for budgetary reasons.
These are people that have to be in institutions.
For help.
I'm not talking about as a form of a prison.
I'm saying for help.
And I think it's something we have to really look at.
The whole concept of mental institutions.
I remember growing up, we had mental institutions.
Then they were closed in New York, I'm talking about.
There were many of them were closed.
A lot of them were closed.
And all of those people were put out on the streets.
And I said, even as a young guy, I said, how does that work?
That's not a good thing.
Now, learn!
The declassified plan to literally murder you and your family slowly.
It's just heavy, heavy, heavy.
Make no mistake, it's... We're not in Kansas anymore.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
If you have a corrupt media, you don't have a democracy.
I don't think we've seen division like this in America since Vietnam.
It's a form of fascism.
The High Court will examine free speech rights and social media.
Multiple online platforms have now taken down content associated with Alex Jones and InfoWars.
First, they come for Alex Jones.
Everyone else, like Davos, would fall.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
You can't watch this.
The movie.
Available now at InfowarsStore.com.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide on this August 20th, 2019 broadcast.
And I've been talking the last few weeks about the accelerated global awakening that's taking place and the fact that basically everything that we've trailblazed breaking down is now being admitted and is now coming out in triplicate.
If you took your six-month-old baby and dropped it on its head on purpose, you would lose that child if you were seen doing it.
And you should.
If you took your child in to have a partial lobotomy done, they would arrest the doctors that tried to do it and arrest you.
But if you give that child gender-bending chemicals that also lower their IQ and lower their fertility,
And then takes a minute at age 8 to have their genitals cut off.
You're called a trendy, cutting-edge person.
This is all part of transhumanism.
How do I know?
The Tavistock Institute, the Carnegie Endowment, the Scenarion Institutes, they have all admitted the plan.
We ought to re-air Endgame.
2.0, which was just a talk with the late, great Professor Michael Kaufman, going over 1960s documents for this whole plan.
First, the sexual revolution, so people wouldn't take care of their kids, so they'd run off and leave their husband or wife.
Then once you broke up the family, then you'd start giving chemicals to the children to confuse their sexual proclivities towards depopulation.
Now, I talk about awakening points.
I've gotten, no exaggeration, I don't know, 20 phone calls or more to my personal cell phone, that's really a robot government tracking device, it's a Trojan horse given to me, given to us all, but let's define things as they are, and just flooding in emails and calls, and everyone breathlessly, the Journal of American
Madison and Harvard, they all just came out and said, gotta take the fluoride out of the water, it's lowering IQs massively.
Oh, and it's double worse with men, boys, and quadruple worse with blacks.
Now, folks, if you're wondering why it's like a zombie apocalypse out there, why there's mental illness everywhere, why people seem
So incredibly stupid, it's because the Soviets, the Communists, the proto-globalists that took over, had work camps, and they put hydrofluorosilic acid in the water and lots of other stuff to test it on the people in the Gulags, in the Gulag Archipelago.
And that's in Pulitzer Prize winning history books.
Before World War II started, at the very beginning, there was an alliance between Russia and the Nazis, and they exchanged information, and the Nazis put hydrofluorosilicic acid in the water.
That came out in Nuremberg, because it made people docile.
Now, I went to HEB this morning, the crew did, walked right in, it says, HEB, baby,
Fluoride water.
Let's zoom right in on that.
And notice it shows you the target.
It's kind of like buying a box of 30-odd-6 rifle shells, rifle rounds, and on the cover is a deer.
And there's a little crosshair on the side of the deer.
Or if you go buy cockroach poison.
A lot of it is fluoride, by the way.
And it'll show the cockroach on the front with a target on it, or if you're getting stuff to kill wasps.
It'll show a target on wasps, right?
Well, right here, the HEB, fluoride-added water, for your boy, is nothing but a box of rifle shells, firing electrified molecules of weaponized fluoride into the brain.
But let me give you the rest of the story.
Everybody when they did this in the 40s knew it was going on, so they freaked out about it.
Everybody knew that mainline poison you sprinkled around the house was just standard fluoride.
Well, you're gonna put electrified fluoride?
Fluoride's gonna turn into a psychoactive acid?
But there's more.
Then they don't have to put as many of the other chemicals in.
They're putting all sorts of drugs in the water.
And there's waivers in the Clean Water Act, there's waivers in Prop 65 in California, where you can't have one billionth of lead in your product.
I mean, the air has more than that.
So the lawyers can sue you.
But if you want to dump hydrofluorosilic acid and other grignard reagents, because there's a waiver to 400 plus chemicals, in, it's good.
So they dump the toxic waste in the water and all the leftists religiously filter their water.
They don't shower in it.
It's for you.
It's for me.
And it's for boys.
We've covered this probably, let's not exaggerate, a thousand times over the last 20 years on air.
And it comes out in a major study in JAMA.
The most prestigious there is in quadruple blind studies over years and they show exactly what the Japanese, the Chinese, the Mexican, the Brazilian, the German studies show.
Massive cancer increases.
Massive bone cancer.
Massive infertility.
Massive IQ reductions.
Four times in a black male what it is in a white woman.
Now why is that?
Because men don't have blood-brain barriers as strong as women.
Any physician will tell you, going back 5,000 years, that women
Babies are twice as strong as male babies when it comes to the injuries.
Women can take more bullet holes, more blood loss, all of it.
We're designed different because they're meant to be able to carry a baby and then have that traumatic event happen.
Women are tough, not in the physical ways we are, but in the other ways to survive on less food, less water, everything.
This hurts women.
It hurts them bad.
But boy, you talk about Black Lives Matter, baby.
Can you imagine what it's like to be black and to have drunk this when you were a child?
They're talking about a 40 point IQ reduction.
Mental retardation in most people.
If you're going to have 140 IQ, you have 100.
If you were going to have 100, you are going to be mentally retarded below 70, unable to tie your shoelaces.
That's all in the studies.
I don't just have the new one.
I've got a whole bunch of them.
It's a fact, and it was done on purpose.
And we take it.
Now let me give you the next big piece of the enchilada.
5G is fluoride 2.0.
5G literally destroys the cells in the body, vibrating at a perfect frequency to break molecules in half.
You know how you put a hot dog in the microwave for 30 seconds and it plumps up and does all that?
All the studies show that regular cell phone radiation heats the brain one degree after 15 minutes of cell use.
If you have it up against your head.
Oh, it's killing!
But slowly.
Like leaving a grilled cheese on all day, but it finally gets delicious.
So remember, these are all bullets right here.
Now, if I took a baby in here, I would never do that.
Put it in the crib right there.
And if I threw bottles of this chemical weapon at it, they'd arrest me.
I was just throwing at the baby.
Of course, that really wouldn't hurt the baby.
Maybe scratch it.
But they'd be wrong.
But, if mommy goes and gets it, because it says it's for babies, then I've got the studies for you.
They've been trying to hedge their bets the last decade, going, well, actually, kids shouldn't drink fluoridated water before their teeth erupt.
It causes dental fluorosis, weakening of the enamel, and chalking.
By the way, my dad's a dentist.
And I got those studies I'm gonna show you.
So, you specifically shouldn't give it to a baby, even if you think it's good for your teeth later, which it's not.
It's a chemical weapon.
And it's going on everywhere.
So you wonder why people are so dumb.
Folks, the average black man who was raised in a city with a poor nation has a 35 to 40 point lower attention.
This is history.
We've got two Google engineers that have the courage to go public.
The first one and the second one.
Others have just leaked stuff.
And they're there together interfacing for the first time live on an alternative system that Google and Facebook and Twitter and Apple didn't want to exist.
They knew it would threaten them in the future.
And it was here to challenge their information dominance.
And history's happening.
That's why listeners and viewers buying products, going to the store, getting things you already need at InfoWareStore.com is the reason this is happening.
You guys have the floor.
Both of you, Zach Voorhees on Twitter, Perpetual Maniac, Greg Coppola on Twitter for now, and Coppola underscore Gregory.
What do you think's coming next?
Why did you go public?
Obviously more whistleblowers are coming.
This is an amazing Watershed Moment, so go ahead and take over.
Yeah, so six years I was asleep within the company, and then the last two years it was fully awake, and that process started.
And once it started, you know, I remember the last thing thinking to myself, what else are they lying about?
And that was it.
You know, bam.
It just came.
And for two years, I was really, really, really suffering being inside of YouTube and Google and seeing the company transform like this.
I felt really guilty about drawing a salary.
And I tried to let people know that this was coming.
And now that I've released all of the information, I realize I'm not part of that evil, evil system anymore.
And it's very uplifting and I feel that I can, you know, meet my maker at the very end.
And when he says, you came across evil, what did you do?
And I'll be able to like look him right in the eye and said, I sacrificed everything to let the American people know that the AI weapons were pointed directly at their mind.
You know, I think when I was comfortably drawing my paycheck, I felt, you know, more comfortable, more certain.
Now I feel there's definitely a lot of uncertainty, but I feel more alert.
And obviously, you know, just the fact that I'm not anonymous kind of makes life a little more dangerous, which is kind of actually making me a little bit more awake.
First of all, I'm really curious when they're gonna admit that Zach's leaks have happened.
I mean, like, I mean, I'm talking about the mainstream media here.
You know, that could be an interesting thing, and just, like, what's gonna happen when they have to say, you know, this actually happened weeks ago, uh, that Zach leaked all these things, and we just didn't tell you, and these...
You know, they're alleging that there's a system of censorship and we didn't tell you about it for two weeks.
I mean, is that gonna kind of get anyone thinking?
And secondly, I think, you know, I would just underline that with Zach Stump.
I don't know.
I mean, I think you've really seen everything now.
It's all, I don't even think we need another leak.
I mean, I'm sure some people are looking for it and some people might leak other things that are interesting, but I actually don't even think that we need anything else.
And I think it's really important for consumers to just say like,
Uh, look, there's a bias.
We can see it.
Everything's set by hand.
It's nothing to do with computers at all.
And... Well, that's it.
You just said something... God, I love talking to you guys with 150 IQs, 160 IQs.
Because, exactly, everybody's always the next dump, the next piece, the next... What do you need when you have them saying blacklist and they've lied to Congress and said there aren't specific names, my names and others' names?
It's all right there.
We have them.
It's a pile of smoky guns as big as Mount Everest is what you're saying.
Yeah, I mean, it's kind of like the meme where there's like a dog in the building and everything's on fire and he's just, you know, saying, oh, yeah, everything's fine.
You know, the American people have had a fire woken up in them.
And I think that they're really going to, you know, have a conversation with the representative.
And, you know, that representative is going to come back from recess and they're going to be energized.
To, you know, start working through what the solutions are.
This is history-making.
Two senior Google engineers at a whistleblown.
The first two publicly coming together live on InfoWars.
If that isn't radioactive kryptonite to tyranny, I don't know what the hell is.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, if you just joined us, I think it's over in Daria's office.
There's a copy of Ecoscience from 1974, the year I was born.
Many decades later, the author became the head of Obama's science committee, his chief science officer.
Took direct orders from Bill Gates.
You can pull it up online.
Talks about fluoride in the water to lower your IQ and to lower fertility.
And it calls for increasing it.
And boy, have they.
And the IQs have gone straight down.
Just like idiocracy.
But it didn't take 400 years.
It happened in just a few decades.
And now it's getting worse.
First, they stun you with a soft kill.
So, if you just tuned in, study
Prompts calls for lower fluoride consumption by pregnant women because massive IQ reductions in boys particularly.
Oh my goodness, that's Reuters!
Study links fluoridated water during pregnancy to lower IQs.
Study links fluoridated water during pregnancy to lower IQs.
And here's a Harvard study from eight years ago.
Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children.
Found the exact same thing.
Got the studies out of Mexico, out of China.
Oh, oh, but...
I've also got the study showing it hurts your teeth.
But let me show you this.
Let me show you this.
If you're a TV viewer, Alex Jones top ten health claims and why they're wrong.
And when you read number five,
From Forbes, the fluoride in drinking water is making people dumb.
Alex Jones stated, I grew up in Dallas, Texas, drinking sodium fluoridated water.
All the scientific studies show my IQ has been reduced by at least 20 points.
Yeah, they found in the Harvard study, six years of ingesting 1.3 parts per million lowered IQ on average about 10 points.
So, you know, I'm saying, well, I drank it longer than that, so that's 20 points, because it's cumulative.
And of course, they don't tell you I was showing the study on air.
They just go, oh look, they go on to say it's preposterous and ridiculous.
Ooh, they use the word ridiculous.
Well, that proves that I'm this big liar.
They said I'm, but wait, they take the David Hogg statement and they say, but Jones sells water filters.
Yeah, it's like selling life jackets to people when they buy a boat.
Or, hey, you're going camping.
Want some bug spray to keep the bugs off?
Hey, you got teeth.
I'm selling toothbrushes.
But oh, it's a scam.
We sell the highest rated water filters at InfoWareStore.com.
It's what I use!
Let's go back to what they had at...
Oh, I'm sorry.
Babies-R-Us and H-E-B and everywhere.
There's whole aisles of the different... Oh, fluoride for your baby!
And then they've tested this.
This is way over 1.3.
So you get real brain cooking with this.
It's for your baby!
And if you taste it... Here, let me be a snake charmer here and drink poison.
The Bible says no weapon for me.
This will prosper.
Unless they're targeting children and they're unconscious.
And years ago I tasted it.
It tastes like Houston water.
Pumped out of a toilet.
I mean, oh baby, it's time to kill brain cells!
So, document cam shot.
It would be much nicer to these babies, you know, that the left wants to kill in the womb or kill after they're born, keep them comfortable, to just basically put them in front of a firing squad.
But instead, oh, it's so much more fun.
So much more fun.
Take our time.
So much more fun to take our time.
And then it's bye-bye brain, and you've got a good automaton.
Remember the movie?
It was a good movie.
It was a Disney movie to counter Star Wars.
The Black Hole.
With Maximilian Schell.
And this mission to the Black Hole never came back, and they get there, and where's the crew?
Oh, they all died.
But they notice that the robots have a limp.
Look, humanoid.
Well, they've given them lobotomies.
Isn't that loving?
But see, that's a black hole movie.
That's scary.
Oh my goodness.
But when it's done like, Mommy!
Give them what they need!
And oh, keep that Alex Jones off the air.
In China, they work to filter the fluoride out of their water because it's naturally in their soil there.
It's in a lot of our soil, too, but that's just the normal calcium fluoride.
And then they add iodine to the local reservoirs.
You can look at the videos online.
They'll have tanks, depending on the size of the lake or the pond, the water container with a big tank that puts fluoride in.
Oh, but Alex Jones is bad, too.
He sells good iodine.
Don't listen to him, because it's the good halogen, not the bad one.
Oh, and one of our great crew members,
Added this point, he's a big swimmer and a big health aficionado, and Connor was telling me earlier, he goes, you know, it's funny about women having twice as good a blood-brain barrier, that's why the toxins don't hurt them as bad, it's because they have this particular chemical in it, and he goes, and I was reading in a major medical journal that that's what krill oil is, and why it's so important to boost IQ.
My 27-month-old daughter, this morning, was looking at a book, and it had an American Eagle in it, and she pointed at it and said, that's the hero!
And my wife said, what does that mean?
And she pointed and means his daddy.
She's never watched the show, any of that.
She's like a Martian, head in the hundred percentile, walking around.
People think she's five years old.
In fact, I think my wife's going to let me bring her on air because you got, she's phenomenal.
And everybody loves their kids.
We'll tell you this, all my kids, you've seen Rex.
Piece of work as well.
But I'm telling you, this little cupcake, and she's been getting fish oil since she was a week old.
The purest, best in her little bottles.
And now it goes in her cups.
I just prick the krill oil, put a half a dose in there, and boy, she's on fire.
And so yes, I do sell Ultimate Krill Oil as well.
Or you can just listen to the New World Order, and you can do whatever they tell you.
Do you ever get the David Hogg queued up?
We have it.
Here's David Hogg though and here's Forbes.
The talking point is this man is so evil that he tells you there's radioactive isotopes in most of the water and there's hundreds of chemicals on average and glyphosate that grows breast cancer.
It's miracle grow for breast cancer.
It literally does it.
Mimics the hormone that makes the cancer grow.
Oh, and I found another article where frogs are raping other male frogs, but also boa constrictors.
In fact, I sent you guys that article.
Maybe we'll find it during the break, but they're just attacking everyone because of the atrazine running off.
That's mainstream news.
Oh, but David Hogg says I'm bad, see?
No, no, no.
Drink it.
Don't filter it.
And certainly don't support someone that exposes it.
Don't buy your filters from him.
Let him go bankrupt.
Shut him up!
Here's David Hogg.
When individuals say these things to us, I think it's important for their viewing audience to realize they're simply trying to make money off them.
For example, one of the main people in this situation that I don't want to name the name of, but as you said is from InfoWars, he shouts a lot.
I'll just give you that hint.
He looks red.
He's advertising many of these things, and the power lies in these advertisers to pull out of these fear-mongering, hate-loving people that just want to spread hate and division in America.
For example, on InfoWars, one of the main things that he spoke, one of his famous things is saying that, one of his most famous statements was saying that, Tapwater is turning the frogs gay and will turn you gay too.
First off, gay people are awesome.
I don't think that's a problem at all.
And secondly, if you noticed at the end of that video, he advertises water filters.
Good to go.
Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't a Netflix drama show.
This isn't a Law & Order TV program.
This is not a movie.
This is not a drill.
This is not fiction.
This is reality.
You have a major Google engineer backing up what the other engineers have said, what the documents have shown, and talking about perjury before Congress.
Pray and support this individual and others to come forward.
So Zach Voorhees, we salute you.
And I'll say this, it's all of our birthright.
Black, white, old, young, gay, straight, whether you're from San Francisco, New York City, or Austin, Texas, or Des Moines, Iowa.
We're all having our birthright stolen right now.
We're seeing election meddling, and it's time to admit it and to realize we've seen a giant backdoor.
I think?
We wouldn't have withstood this withering storm of censorship, attacks, and lies.
We have the new World Awakens Mega Sale Globalist House of Cards Collapsing End of Summer Super Sale.
It's the big, giant 50-60% off, store-wide free shipping, double Patriot Points, but only on 50-something items.
Not on every item, because a bunch of these are very close to selling out.
Whether it's Ultimate Krill Oil, Body's Turmeric, Brain Force Plus, Knock Off Sleep Aid, Turbo Force, 8-Pack Power Stack, it's all
Do you think Google is the biggest threat to US elections?
I think that, you know, if you want to look at the biggest threat, it's
Google, together with Facebook, together with Twitter, they formed this echo chamber in which if they want to apply their control of narratives, then what they're going to do is they're going to press down the voices.
That they don't want, and they're going to boost up the voices that they do.
And InfoWars has been sort of the main victim in this.
And it's clear that if your audience looks through the disclosure list posted at ProjectVeritas.com, they're going to see InfoWars pop up in numerous blacklists that have been disclosed.
Google's mission statement is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
When InfoWars was taken offline, was that making information universally accessible and useful?
No, it wasn't.
What do you think comes next in this disclosure of what Google is doing to manipulate U.S.
And what would you like to say to the Google executives that are engaging in this?
Yeah, well, something quite amazing is happening right now.
Like, there's been a huge document dump.
I've released over 950 pages, and right now there is a crowd raid.
There are a bunch of users, they're looking at these documents, they're digesting them, and they're posting the content of them onto Twitter for us all to see.
And so, you know, one of the things I want to invite for your audience is to come online
Go to Project Veritas, see their disclosure.
They've posted a link to all these documents.
I'm asking your audience to download the everything.zip file and just go to town.
And the thing is, is that whatever you think Google's doing, I promise you, it's way, way worse.
And, you know, I see the reaction online and everyone's like, you know, WTF?
And I'm like, yes, everyone is now seeing what I've seen, uh, privately.
Uh, and, you know,
We're finally having the exposure of light into the darkness and people are finally understanding what's really going on in America.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Devastating globalist lies.
Exposing the mainstream media's propaganda machine.
Tirelessly waging war on corruption.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6 in Austin, Texas.
Transmitting worldwide.
It's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I don't know about you, but I'm angry that I read this book written 45 years ago when I was born by the later White House science czar, John P. Holdren, saying that they put the fluoride in the water to lower our RQs and fertility.
Because, of course, one of the most studied compounds elements out there.
And then everybody's calling me, oh my gosh, Reuters AP!
Study prompts calls for lower fluoride consumption by pregnant women.
Massive IQ reductions in boys particularly because of blood-brain barrier being weaker.
The Daily Beast, study links fluoridated water during pregnancy with lower IQs.
Study links fluoridated water during pregnancy with lower IQs.
You know, you've got moms making their boys transgender.
How about translobotomies?
There are people that burn their eyes out with Drano to be trans-abled.
Moms already give their boys Ritalin to stunt their IQ and teach them how to behave.
They already tell them to chop their genitals off, so how about more fluoride for that baby boy?
Study links fluorinated water during pregnancy to lower IQs.
Another story.
Oh, another one.
This is from eight years ago.
Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children.
Harvard study.
Massive IQ reductions.
But the best part's the bone cancer and the infertility.
And you look how the IQ in the U.S.
is dropping the fastest in the world.
Major studies on that.
Oh, but Forbes came out and they said I'm a kook.
Now, we can put this article up on screen.
Maybe put the color version up so folks can see it.
Kind of blurs out there.
There you go.
Horny, confused cane toads are humping a python.
Biologists say it's atrazine runoff.
Causes them to... well, the males to...
Only have sex with other males and then to rape other animals.
There you go.
But again, I'm the bad guy for just telling you what was in Mainline Studies decades ago.
And here you've got it right here.
Fluoride water.
For your babies, and after Gavin McGinnis leaves us, I will get to the other studies on that for you, about how you shouldn't have any fluoride until your teeth come in because it causes dental fluorosis in the development of the bones and makes the teeth brittle.
But that's okay.
Oh, it's baby with fluoride.
We're going to cover it.
And there's all this Colgate with the fluoride in it for your kids, and you wonder why they get so stupid.
Of course, you might want to go to InfoWareStore.com and fund the operation to warn people while protecting yourself with ultimate krill oil that the major studies say is the only thing that increases the blood-brain barrier.
Oh, don't want Junior taking that.
Don't want to put any of that in the baby's muke, because you'll have a brainiac, the giant brain,
Now, joining us is Gavin McGinnis, and I appreciate him coming on on short notice.
Mom of three arrested, jailed for putting recycling in wrong color bag.
That's up on DrugsReport.com, just to show you how they're going after the good guys.
And then, proud boys, Maxwell Hare, John Kingsman,
Convicted of U.E.S.
brawl with Antifa.
Gavin was there speaking.
Antifa came to shut it down.
We've seen all the footage.
Antifa attacks them.
But for the crime of fighting back against the meth heads... Well, they've been convicted.
They've been railroaded.
And we'll show some of the footage that night of the Proud Boys being attacked first.
You saw the Proud Boys carry out a very peaceful operation in Portland.
Led by Joe Biggs and others.
But the media tried to ignore that.
But AP got it right.
They said that the Proud Boys were
I don't have plenty of time to talk to you.
I'm stunned.
You won't believe these charges.
Felony, gang assault,
Attempted assault, which is a term I'd never heard before.
One of the people that Max has the attempted assault charge on, his only contact was the guy kicking Max.
So, to be beaten by someone is now you attempting to assault them.
And these guys got three felonies each.
They're facing 15 years in prison.
Meanwhile, that same day, Antifa
I think so.
After who were arresting them, right?
They went to court, Paul Williams, the victim said, that's the guy.
Maybe it was Paul Miller, I forget his name.
But those are the guys.
They got away with misdemeanors, no criminal record, no media attention.
You can't find any of these antifa online.
They've been scrubbed from the internet.
Meanwhile, the guys who are just walking home, in that footage you see them, they're on their way home, police escort, they get ambushed, they fight back, and the DA says, well,
They fought back with too much enthusiasm.
So, they're facing 15 years in prison.
Well, Trump's gonna need to pardon these guys.
I've never seen such a miscarriage of justice.
I've watched all the footage, all of it's on tape.
They get followed, they get attacked, and for fighting back, now they're gonna go to prison.
One of them's already in Rikers.
Jeff, uh, my buddy Jeff is, um, I forget his last name.
Uh, he's in Rikers right now.
He's doing weekends.
And he said to me that the other prisoners there at Rikers go, what the hell are you doing here?
And the corrections officers are getting to know the story and they go, what were you supposed to do?
Tell me what you do when you, the Antifa draws a line in the sand, throws a bottle of urine at you after days and days of terror and says, we are not civil.
We are going to destroy you.
And then they get ambushed.
Should they just sit there and take the beating?
Because that's what the court said yesterday.
Take a beating.
And again, we're showing footage from every angle of the cowardly meth-head scum attacking.
And they didn't even show up, obviously, because they know they don't want their identities blown.
So for fighting back against masked men, they now are facing 15 years in jail.
This is incredible.
It's an irrelevant fight, too.
This is a silly... If it was a brawl in hockey, it wouldn't even register with the fan.
This was just a high school fight, like you've seen a million times.
It was a little short skirmish.
I mean, nobody got their ass handed to them.
It was, like, 17 seconds long.
There was no major injuries.
There was no blood anywhere.
It was just some guys jumped, a bunch of blue-collar dudes who know how to fight.
The blue-collar guys got fought back.
The so-called victim said,
pig to the cops.
Cops said, all right, I guess you don't need my help.
And everyone went home.
It was only the next day after de Blasio and Cuomo and the Attorney General started politicizing it, then it became, oh, this is more of Trump's hate.
And they realized they could use that to leverage the midterm.
And so they need that idea that, oh, this brown shirt paramilitary Nazi force, part of the epidemic of non-existent white supremism that they're trying to gen up, just another way to have those optics.
The narrative is that these proud boys are roaming the streets like gorillas just looking for someone to pound, looking for some Muslims or some visible minorities to beat or some trans people and that's completely fictional.
And the truth is you were there, the truth is you were literally there just having a speaking engagement they tried to shut down.
I did a funny comedy set where I was lampooning
Yeah, yeah.
But outside, they were screaming, follow your leader, 9mm, and all Nazis must die, punch Nazis, terrorizing all the followers.
You know, if these Proud Boys were gay, and it was all about these gay guys who were being terrorized for days, and then- It would have been a national hate movement comes and assaults and does- and death threats these people.
It would be if the Proud Boys were gay, then they would be on t-shirts right now, and people would be going, finally, we're fighting back against the homophobes!
But because they're patriots, because they're pro-Trump, then all the media lies become real in a court of law.
You know one thing they said in court?
They said, I called Obama a monkey.
A total fabrication!
Oh, that happened in my custody battle that I ended up winning.
They just showed some random thing on Twitter about David Duke.
I wasn't even involved.
I was five tweets down, somebody else's tweet, and the jury just looked at me and just, it was over.
But the judge knew it was all BS.
We'll be right back.
Stay right there.
Gavin McGinnis, one more segment.
I don't know where this is all going.
President Trump was sworn in in January of 2017.
The average farm journal and poll had him at about 50% with farmers.
Fast forward to August 2019, two and a half years later, and he's at 79% in the farm journal survey, which is the most respected, and other farm journals show him as high as 90%.
No president since these journals have existed has had numbers this high.
Now why am I so excited about that?
Why am I so proud of that?
Farmers got assaulted by the Democrats.
Trump came in and was reasonable about it and said, hey, foreign countries have internal tariffs.
I'll get rid of those.
We don't need all these subsidies, but we'll actually let you compete directly into those markets.
And when China put massive tariffs on U.S.
farmers, their support for Trump only went up.
And then, when China banned a week ago all U.S.
Trump's numbers went up.
Now, I talk about this all the time, but this is the key to everything.
When Americans and free people know they're being dominated and assaulted and bullied, and they know that it's artificial and that it's from outside, they will rally and come together every time.
You know, I harp on this constantly, that these globalists, the Democrats, are bullies.
And they think that if they attack us, and lie about us, and call us Nazis, and physically come after us, and dox our homes, and tell us the American flag sucks, and that America's bad, that somehow we'll become demoralized, and kneel to them, bow to them.
That's not what's happening.
Americans were asleep before, because they thought everything was fine.
Now Americans know that the country's in peril.
And they know that Trump at Infowars is fighting.
And so now they're ready for a war.
They're ready for a battle.
And so when the Chi-Coms come in and say, we're going to put tariffs on your goods, they say, oh, we support Trump more.
And then when they say, we're banning all your food, we're going to all cost each one of your families a large piece of their paycheck, because China imports a lot of food from us they can't produce.
I said, that's fine, go ahead and do that.
Because you've been screwing our industry over forever.
And the farmers get what the Rust Belt and the factories and the workers have gone through.
And they're standing up.
Because farmers have a long history in this country of standing up to tyranny because they understand how the system operates.
And Thomas Jefferson said it'll be the yeoman farmers
That will end up being the heart of this country, and when the country's in crisis, it'll be the farmers, who are close to the ground, and close to the earth, and close to reality, who are going to be the ones to save the nation.
So I'm so proud of America's farmers, for a race, color, and creed, who are the heartland of this nation, and who understand that, hey, you try to intimidate me, you try to bully me, because our president stood up for our industry?
We're ready to take it on the chin in this fight because we understand it's for a greater good.
America had surrendered for 50 years to globalism and deindustrialization and 30 years selling our jobs out to China.
And that surrender is open.
But I'll say this to farmers.
You think you're under attack?
Infowars is under attack as well.
And I notice that it's farming families that really support us.
You're our strongest group.
You understand that we're in the same position you're in.
You think you've been sanctioned?
They have unleashed hell on us, but you know what?
We're still here because of you, so please, whether it's coffee, or toothpaste, or fish oil, or turmeric, we got great products at great prices at Infowarslife.com, Infowarsstore.com, and your financial support is what keeps us here as well.
So, the globalists have sanctioned us?
That's okay, because the farmers of America are standing with us, and we stand with you.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, I'm here live.
David Knight's on right before me in the morning for the David Knight Show.
Doing a great job, and of course, Owen Schroer and the War Room, Will Johnson's here visiting, sitting in for him, doing an excellent job as well.
I tried to take a bunch of calls yesterday.
I didn't.
I took some.
I had to open the phones up with all this other news and whatever you want to cover and talk about in the next hour into the third and fourth hour.
Joey Gibson, the Patriot Pair Breakfast was there in Portland.
He's going to pop in and give us a report on that and respond to this because this is a real miscarriage of justice.
I followed the buildup, the charges.
I went and watched.
Dozens of videos, because people are coming out of the club after the event.
So there's all these angles of them being followed down the street.
As soon as the police break off in their protective detail, a mob of people attack with clubs and bottles.
And they get their ass kicked because, again, they're meth-head professors.
They are, you know, acid-head devil worshippers.
They are government employees, the bad ones.
And they are also members of the media.
And they come out and wear masks.
And they want to get their bones.
They want to get some blood.
They want to go out there and become real men fighting Nazis.
In fact, I never got to it yesterday.
Maybe we can pull it up.
But the headline was, Democrat fundraiser forced to apologize for simulating Trump's murder.
And it was a bunch of full-grown men dressed up in superhero outfits like they were the Avengers.
Taking on Trump and simulating killing him.
When I was in San Diego, I had some leftist walk by my table, bow up and think about saying something.
He was like a 60-year-old man, wearing a Deadpool shirt, saying, with an arrow to himself, saying, I've got issues.
Hey, dude, because you're wearing a Deadpool shirt doesn't mean you're the fictional character.
All you're going to get is your neck broken if you put your hands on me.
But these people live in fantasy land.
And so, they're letting you know in these jurisdictions, we're going to follow you, we're going to attack you, and then our jurisdiction's going to put you in prison.
When groups that say they want to kill the police and have attacked ICE facilities and the Dayton shooter, all of it, and the guy in Texas, Antifa, they changed all his pages.
They got that hoax over on us.
So, Gavin McGinnis joins us, uh, hosting his own program.
He's been banned everywhere like us, except on his own platform.
We'll tell you how to go there in a moment.
Because remember, the internet's still alive, it's still here.
We have to decentralize it, as Drudge has warned.
And it's starting to happen.
Uh, but, a lot of my crews are really upset, they're really threatened by this, because to see the injustice, to see people hounded, and bullied, and attacked, and then convicted by this servile jury, it really shows you, in these leftist jurisdictions, you cannot get justice.
So where's it going, Gavin?
I mean, I don't know.
The opposite is always true.
You know what I mean?
Like they say, we're anti-fascists, right?
And we're against the government.
And we're going to go fight these fascists because they're Nazis, because they're full of hate.
And you go, OK, that sounds good to me.
Fight some Nazis.
That sounds great.
But what really happened?
The Antifa is the paramilitary wing of the DNC.
They are the government.
They are the establishment.
And they say, okay, go attack these Trump supporters, call them Nazis or whatever you have to do, and we'll let you get away with it scot-free.
So they assault everyone, no problems for Antifa.
Somehow they magically get lawyers, no media attention at all for the Antifa that attacked that guy.
And then they take this alleged Nazis, the Trump supporters, and charge them with 15 years.
I mean, they haven't been sentenced yet, but they're facing 15 years
for defending themselves against a mob.
So the fascists, the tyranny is the left in this case.
And the patriots, the guys supporting the president, they're the ones being treated like anarchists.
They're the ones being treated like Guy Fawkes.
And, you know, we've got this one of the guys, John, he's got four black kids.
His wife's black.
And he's going to go to jail.
So these four black kids lose a father for 15 years.
Basically, the only years you need a father.
Because of a lie.
A myth that the DNC is pushing.
And one other thing I wanted to add in there, Alex.
You're listing that they're all rich kids and professors' kids.
There's another group of Antifa.
The mentally weak, the vulnerable.
Antifa and the DNC and these globalists, they prey on weak-minded men.
Like Finbar Slonim, his father had just committed suicide.
Two years earlier, he was a red carpet guy, and that's not, that's a young man's game now, so he got depressed and killed himself.
They see Finbar, they see him, you know, fatherless and weak, and they go, come on into our family.
All you'll have to do is commit some violence, and you can repay the group.
It's really some, it's like a sick cult.
Well, what it is is a violent street gang, like the Brown Shirts,
And they actually worked for someone who was working for Hitler in the day of the brown shirts, George Soros.
I mean, you cannot make up that their main financier made his first money working for the Nazis as a bloodhound, is what they called him, a Jew that would go find hidden Jews and convince them to then set them up and send them to death camps.
And Soros says on 60 Minutes, the best time of his life, he said, I had happy making
And he's not sad for what he did, and then I'm the Nazi.
It's total mental illness.
Oh, I forgot.
At this event with Trump, where they simulated killing Trump at this Democrat event, again, they were dressed up like Captain America battling Red Skull.
I've said that a hundred times.
They think they're Captain America battling Red Skull.
These people are crazy.
You know, they call Soros a Holocaust survivor for those years.
The media spin with that whole story is just incredible.
He's an atheist.
He hates all religion.
That includes Judaism.
That includes Christianity.
His father was an atheist.
His father hated Judaism and hated Christianity.
You're not Jewish if you hate Judaism.
So this has nothing to do with anti-semitism.
This has to do with a man who worked with the Nazis.
But I think because we're intellectually lazy, we're mentally obese these days, that we're easy prey for these propagandists who just make up basically any story they want.
They vilify anyone they want.
And it works!
And it doesn't just work in the court of public opinion.
It works in actual criminal court!
And again, you're a really nice guy.
You're a famous
He's a kind of culture guy, famous, I'd call you kind of classical liberal or libertarian.
That's what the left really wants you banned is because you've been so popular and launched a lot of movements, launched vice, done a lot of other things.
But they love just projecting this lie.
So you come on my show and you go, we're not Nazis.
We're just into being proud of America.
And of course, my audience knows that, Gavin McInnes.
But the larger issue is they're not going to stop.
The New York Times has announced, well, it leaked, that they're going to basically try to start a race war pivoting off of the Russia hoax.
This is all very, very cold blooded.
How do we respond to a group trying to cause a race war?
I think we point out they're the social engineers creating the racism as poverty pimps.
I mean, these are really, really... Talking about comic books, these are like comic book villains.
We just keep fighting.
You know, we've been through worse.
We've been through the Civil War.
We've been through the American Revolution.
We've been through Vietnam totally polarized America.
And we fought through that.
And truth, you know, the pendulum swings both ways.
And I think truth is on its way back.
These propagandists
have no plan.
They say no border, no wall, no USA at all.
And I even heard a chant the other day that said, from Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go.
So they don't want any borders at all in the entire world.
An idea like that, much like fascism, by the way, can't gain any serious traction.
The Nazis couldn't have lasted, and these people won't last, because tyrannical
Orthodoxy, tyranny doesn't last.
Freedom lasts.
That's right.
Gavin, where do folks find your great daily programs?
They find me at freespeech.tv.
I'll be announcing, we're going to have to crowdfund for an appeal for these guys.
There's still another one by the way, but he's East Indian.
He's brown.
So that's not helping their narrative.
So that one's delayed until December or something.
But we have to fight for an appeal for these guys.
It's just very difficult to set up a crowdfund because these Antifa wasps
Swarm everything you do and constantly shut it down.
So every payment system has to have 10 different layers and offshore accounts and whatever just to raise money for legal representation.
I don't think the listeners and viewers out there realizes we're not whiners just how much attack we're under because we are the resistance.
Gavin McGinnis, thank you so much.
Talk to you soon.
Thanks for having me.
Great guy.
These terrible
Terrible things are happening around the country and around the world to persecute nationalists because we're winning, and we're going to win in the end.
But please, you heard what he was just talking about.
I've got major lawsuits.
We've got a file to counter these people.
I want to just keep operating, so I'm trying to expand in the face of the globalists going into 2020, and we're successfully reaching out to folks.
Thanks to you spreading the word about the articles and the videos.
Thanks to Matt Drudge linking to them.
Thanks to folks supporting our local stations.
But seriously, we're going to have to end this extended sale.
Uh, this World Awakens sale, that's almost every item at InfoWareStore.com.
All the supplements, 50-60% off.
And a bunch of other big deals.
We've gotta end it in a couple days.
We've extended it, but a lot of things are about to sell out.
But it's just an incredible time to be alive.
So please, please check it all out.
And the new documentary, available on DVD, so that it's not digital, so that you have an archive of it.
That's so important these days.
It's now available exclusively at InfoWareStore.com.
All-new documentary.
You can't watch this with Gorse Truly, Gab McGinnis, and so many others.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So let's go to Allen from Ohio.
He wants to talk about DNA Force.
Hi, can you hear me?
Yes, loud and clear.
Oh, good.
It's an honor to talk to you guys.
I don't miss the broadcast.
So DNA Force, okay.
I broke my neck 16 years ago, you know, in a skiing accident.
I was paralyzed from the neck down only for a short period of time, like the first hour after the, you know, after the accident.
But I experienced that and I have a knife hardware in my neck.
Multiple plate.
And anyway, it did all right for like 12, 13 years.
And about two years ago, I started having the most incredible nerve pain down my arms, especially my left arm pulsing.
And you can't imagine the pain.
It was like I had rebroke my neck.
I went and got MRI to see if my heart rate was okay.
And this whole process of seeing a doctor and everything took a month or two.
And they scheduled me for these pain shots.
They were just going to deaden the nerve.
It was so painful.
I couldn't take it.
So anyway, I was waiting for my shots.
I missed
Yeah, I ordered them once, so I scheduled them again for a month later.
I ordered DNA Force, and I started taking it, and I was taking 25 a leave a day.
Five, five times a day.
And I was wearing a neck brace for the first year of this, like, two years of pain every day.
But I started taking DNA Force, and within two weeks, I started thinking, I don't need a leave anymore.
That is amazing.
That is amazing.
You know what?
When I talk about the products, that's one of the things I've always focused on is how well they work.
You know, they actually, they actually work.
It's not something that, you know, let's get it and just, you know, take it and whatever, hope for the best.
I mean, they actually work.
And hey, thank you for the call.
And because of people like you, the reason why Harrison and myself get to sit here today.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Okay, here's what's going to happen.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
We're going to wage war on corruption, and I'm going to take a bunch of your calls, bam, bam, bam, this hour, so folks are going to have to hold an hour.
For this hour and the next, we're going to take calls on the fluoride and the big studies admitting it lowers IQs, particularly in males.
Causes cancer.
Also, the runoffs causing horny, confused cane toads to rape pythons.
Gang rape them.
I'm not joking.
We're going to show you the video of the gang raping.
So much is coming up this hour.
We've got Elizabeth Warren's apology.
We've got that insane press conference last night with Tlaib.
I want everything free!
My mother just couldn't come to Israel and get free health care!
Or my grandmother!
I want to overthrow Israel and kill all the Jews, but give me free health care!
It's over the top.
So that's all coming up too.
I'll give the number out next segment, but here is a report detailing a lot of this.
A New York Times to reframe American values in order to launch a race war.
Here it is.
Help us understand the genesis of this, how long you've been thinking about this, how long you've been thinking about changing our notions of the start of this country, moving it from 1776 to 1619.
So I first came across the year, the date, 1619, as a high school student.
And I came across it in a book called Before the Mayflower.
And I just remembered as a student being astounded.
Yeah, don't tell us about the Muslims.
Still running it.
For teaching us how.
That people of African descent had been here even before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.
So I've been obsessed with that.
That's not even true.
It was in Spanish.
They were in the Caribbean.
Gotta kick America around some more.
The whole world had slavery then!
We look at the New York Times, and we look at all CNN, MSNBC, and they're just up there.
This is a white supremacist.
When he lowered flags because of the shooting in El Paso, it was to heil Hitler.
And you're just like, this doesn't make sense.
It's targeting the dumbest people in the country.
And it's also creating hysteria where people think that if they don't jump on board with whatever the Democrats say, they're going to be called racist.
That's the new religion.
That's the system of bullying that these people are inducting everyone into.
When someone is dividing the country with racist rhetoric and saying things that are causing people to literally anger up and get into fights and act crazy, and he's giving people a license to hate, you gotta call it out.
Otherwise, what are you doing here?
I think there are a lot of people in
The Republican base and Trump's base and Fox News' base that have a visceral reaction to the color of my scans.
You don't get to say I'm for racial equality and all these good things.
I disagree with him there, but I like his economic views.
I'm going to vote for him.
No, you own it.
You own the blood that happens.
It used to be, well, we're against illegal immigration, but we're for legal immigration.
That was the party's historical stance.
Now, it looks increasingly like, under Donald Trump, the Republican Party is hostile towards all immigrants.
If you are supporting a president that is caging brown babies, and you are okay with that, then I'm sorry, that is supporting racist policies.
And that is not distinct from supporting a racist president.
Trump came out and lashed out at the New York Times, claiming it's going on a racism witch hunt now that the Russiagate has failed.
No, ladies and gentlemen.
That's not what he claims.
That's what they say.
But Slate Magazine is who got it.
And you read the transcript, it is unbelievable.
The head of the New York Times says to the employees, look, Russia didn't work.
He came up flat-footed.
These are quotes.
We're pivoting to race to remove him from office.
They're the ones bringing up race.
They're the ones lying.
They're the ones dividing.
They're the ones doing all of this.
And then they've got the nerve to act like it's Trump when he's done nothing but prison reform to get black people out of jail and tried to bring factories to the inner city.
But it's beyond a racism witch hunt.
They're trying to invoke a civil war.
Stay with us.
Critical Intel straight ahead.
It's just heavy, heavy, heavy.
Make no mistake, it's... We're not in Kansas anymore.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
If you have a corrupt media, you don't have a democracy.
I don't think we've seen division like this in America since Vietnam.
It's a form of fascism.
The High Court will examine free speech rights and social media.
Multiple online platforms have now taken down content associated with Alex Jones and InfoWars.
First they come for Alex Jones, everyone else like Davos would fall.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
You can't watch this.
The movie.
Available now at InfoWarsStore.com.
I am burning inside.
Burning with the fire of liberty.
Burning with the desire to touch the stars.
I come to you from the front lines.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
What we are looking at is good and evil, right and wrong.
A new world order.
A new world order.
A new world order.
As I sit here on this live Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 Global Transmission, I have the 1974 blueprint.
A PhD and above battle plan that was adopted on a planetary scale by the forces of the Anglo-American establishment.
Now, that's the corporate designation.
It has nothing to do with white people in the main, but it is a racist, anti-human project.
And so, when you read a book written by the later White House science czar of Barack Hussein Obama, John P. Holdren, with Paul Ehrlich and Annie Ehrlich, and you read about all their statements about forcibly depopulating the world,
And now, compounds like fluoride should be used to reduce fertility.
That's sterilized, statistically, in the main.
Reduce fertility.
Reduce yields.
And then what else?
Lower IQ and increase morbidity.
You know, when you have rictimortus.
When you're bye-bye.
We're going to get to this in just a moment.
What you see on screen of your radio listener, you probably want to go in and read the toothpaste in your house.
If you're a new listener.
And it's got a warning saying if you ingest more than a pea-sized amount of this, call poison control immediately.
These things must be done delicately, my little friend.
And I'll get you and your little kids, too.
So, the eugenicists call the general public bad sons.
Bad sons, you've got a crepe myrtle or an oak tree.
Actually, the tree itself's roots throw up more.
But maybe you don't want a bunch of trees.
You just want to have pretty trees.
Well, you go pull up the bad sons.
So, real eugenics isn't trying to improve the race.
That's a parlor, or porch, or outer room.
To recruit the low-level dumbbells to support it.
Oh, our movement's to help people!
And all it is is a science project of the Illuminati, which is a real organization, a real group.
Check your encyclopedia, you'll probably think, oh wow, type in George Washington letters on the Illuminati.
Now he was battling it.
Oh, you didn't know he wrote like dozens of letters on the Illuminati and Luciferian organizations that his Masonic Order was battling?
It's not true that all the masons serve Lucifer, but a movement that's taken over masonry, in many respects, when you become 33rd degree, you learn all the secrets of Lucifer.
And I made no secret of the fact that my family's founding members of Texas, and some of them were 33rd degree, but they were Christians.
And those are not the secrets you learn from those orders.
And I'll just leave it at that.
Now, continuing, ladies and gentlemen,
Here we are, with everybody calling me and just freaking out, going, oh my gosh, the Journal of American Medicine and Harvard, they all just came out, and they said, take the floor out of the water, it's causing massive brain damage, massive infertility, just, it's devastating black people.
And yes, we're all different, we're all similar, but we're all different.
And males have blood-brain barriers,
Up to 70% weaker than women's.
On general it's about half.
I've got all the studies I'll show you right here.
And women have much stronger blood-brain barriers.
Because of what chemically goes on in their body.
Men and women are different.
But black males, just type in blacks and fluoride.
Blacks suffer most from fluoride.
And that's the new American with a big link to studies.
But let me explain something.
That's at 1.3 parts per million.
Little over one part per million.
If you ingest the powdered eggs they were serving until the 60s in federal prisons and on chain gangs, they were up to 600 parts per million being fed to prisoners.
Might want to learn about that.
Now, at that level, ladies and gentlemen, you're talking shutdown of the brain, fertility's fried,
You might as well dip your testicles into acid.
Might as well blow your head off at that point.
Now, if you look at what's in Crest for children, all of these, it's not even listed what parts per million, because the fluoride is in the parts per hundred.
It's so high that one of the main ingredients is fluoride.
Hydrofluorosilic and it all tastes like candy for children.
You've got Mickey Mouse on the front.
That's what your kid's into.
Oh, be a little mermaid who drools and is so stupid and has her whole future taken away from her.
It's all meant so your kids eat it.
Oh, and maybe your son's into velociraptors.
They think those are cute.
And all these R's like the VC would put like a cool doll or a cool ring or a cool samurai sword.
The Japanese did this in Island Warfare as well, and you know, somebody that wasn't listening would go, oh, that's a cool-looking sword!
You pull it... Well, the kid sees it and is like, oh, mom, I want the... This has got... Mickey Mouse on it!
Oh, look, mommy!
Fluoride Act!
Oh, fluoride!
Oh, it's all so good!
Oh, smart rinse.
You're gonna be real smart once we rinse your brain with this.
That's a big joke.
So at 1.3 parts per million, I'm gonna show you mainstream studies right now that everybody's freaking out over.
They're exactly what all the other studies showed 100 years ago.
Say it again.
The Nazis used it in death camps.
That's in Pulitzer Prize winning books.
But hell, why listen to that?
I've got the science czar saying increase it in our water to lower our IQs and dumb us down.
Look it up.
Call for sterilization agents in water.
Fluoride's the chief.
Might want to read it.
You know, it's the owner's manual to screw up your life and make sure you're not a player in the future by dumbing you down.
They don't want you making decisions.
We know the education system is designed to dumb you down.
It's social control.
So here's the studies, but let me hit some of these first.
military pondered love not war.
BBC spraying chemicals on men to make them be attracted to the opposite sex.
No, that's not what the headline is.
I'm adding a Freudian slip.
To the same sex.
Now think about that.
Well a lot of the sex is off olfactory nerves.
How do you do that?
It's off smell and other things that go on.
Now let's continue.
That's BBC.
Doesn't exist though.
They say Jones is crazy.
Says it was a gay bomb.
military once proposed gay bomb.
So, when we come back, I'll get the number out to open the phones up, but I wanted to show Forbes saying I'm a big liar, it's all good for you, and the new studies, here's Reuters, study prompts call for lower fluoride consumption by pregnant women, saying it lowers IQ, particularly in boys.
Well, who needs that IQ?
Study links fluoridated water during pregnancy to lower IQs.
From JAMA, the most prestigious one.
Study links fluorinated water during pregnancy, and it's conclusive.
But then I've got the Mexican studies, the Chinese studies.
I've got the frogs from the Atrazine now raping snakes.
We'll cover that when we come back.
I'm not joking.
Truth, strange and fiction.
But I wanted to show you when they say, oh, well, the babies need it for their teeth.
No, actually, ingesting fluoride of just the regular types, tossing it up.
Calcium fluoride, but hydrofluorosilicic weaponized.
It's charged up acid.
It bounces around the nerves better.
You know, acid eats through things.
So it just eats, eats, eats, eats.
The elite just watch your eyes dim and they sit back.
The hardcore evil that will wait till I tell you how they trick your kids to eat it.
Let's go with Aaron in Alabama.
Thanks for calling, Aaron.
Hey, Alex.
You're on the air.
I want to say I've been in broadcasting, or I was, for about 15 years as a programmer.
And to be honest, I hadn't heard of you until about six months ago.
And I'm very thankful that I found you.
You touch on a lot of stuff that I've felt in my heart and soul for my whole life.
Well, God bless you, brother.
We're all kindred spirits.
We really are.
We really are.
Listen, I've got a couple of points to make.
But first, I've had body pain all over my entire life.
And you know the product better than anybody there, I think.
What would you recommend?
I mean, literally, it's joints, it's muscle, it's everything.
What would you recommend to me to purchase?
You know, I think X2 or X3 because that's a building block to everything.
And if you don't have that, the bad halogens take over.
And I would think Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula.
Turmeric is amazing.
This is a very strong extract.
One of the strongest out there.
Probably the strongest.
I would think Real Red Pill, Real Red Pill Plus.
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That's it.
Because I would, I'm gonna explain this again.
I'm a very superstitious person.
And by that, I'm God-fearing.
I treat you like I want to be treated.
You've got my total commitment.
Anything I do, information, any of it.
Products, like they went out and tested, third parties did, Alexa Pure and Pro Pure.
Some are better at this, some are better at that.
People are like, wow, we tested 30 gravity-fed filters and you have like the two best.
Why'd I do that?
What the hell do you think I'm doing?
I go out and find out what is the best price for the best quality, because there's always like some space-age $5,000 thing that's better, but I look at a line of like, what is the lowest price for the best benefit, and that's what I promote.
So, so, that's my advice on that.
Well, and I appreciate that, and I can tell just from the way you talk about the product, I feel like I can trust you that you kind of do things the way I do.
Go ahead, sorry.
You either do it right the first time, or just don't do it.
And I feel like I can trust you on your product.
Well, now listen, don't trust me, because here's the deal, is you need to talk to a physician, you need to research, because the iodine conspiracy is everything.
Most people have almost none of it, but if you've had none of it for 20 years, you take a bunch, you could have some issues.
Detoxing, you name it.
I mean, this is it, man.
I mean, this is dangerous.
It's dangerous.
Because it's an element you've got to have, they've taken away from you.
Well, what happens when you finally get it?
You've got to be careful.
Because if you've not had this, your body will take in bromine, chloride, fluoride.
There's a whole bunch of bad halogens.
Your organs, everything operates.
Your hormones are produced with halogen.
And so the globalists have been targeting that with bad halogens that block it.
So this is the good thing.
But like anybody knows, it's like being punched in the kick in the head by a mule.
It's like, oh, that's the real thing.
Yeah, that's the mule.
So I'm just telling people, this X2 isn't a joke.
We just researched what the globalists are doing.
But yes, everyone with X2, X3, you need to consult a physician, because you're like, oh, that's just Mother Nature.
We do the opposite.
Yeah, Mother Nature.
The drug companies and all the stuff they do is a counterfeit of what God's already given us, okay?
So let me explain it again.
Pure iodine, you die.
The fields are depleted.
Everything's depleted.
Most iodine is bound to iron, copper, or lead, or something else.
You don't get it.
Pure iodine is explosive.
So yeah, be careful.
Iodine you have to have.
It's just paramount.
And so, that's why we sell it.
That's why we've hyped it up, because it's what they don't want you to have.
But yeah, if you've been off of it and not had iodine for your whole life, it's like you've never been in a boxing ring.
And you get in the ring with Mike Tyson, your body's gonna be like, what the hell is that?
Because you've never had it.
It's just iodine.
It's the magic sauce, folks.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
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We win, and you know I love those.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're here live weekdays 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Right before we come on there's David Knight live weekday mornings 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
and then 3 p.m.
Owen Schroeder and the War Room.
So I get up here and I cover all this and I'm really extremely angry that I've been sarcastically you know talking about how sick this is
Because, just like Joe Camel admittedly targeted children with cigarettes when I was a kid, they had candy cigarettes and candy cigars to get you ready for it.
And it turned out that the tobacco companies early on owned those candy companies.
And they funded the feminist movement to tell women, you show your man, get out there and smoke cigarettes, because it was seen as kind of an uncouth thing to do for ladies.
But boy, those women, up until even the 80s and 90s, have still said, you've sure come a long way, Virginia Slim ads.
Type in Virginia Slims, you've come a long way.
There's even TV ads like, you're moving up in society, you're showing those men, you'll get lung cancer like them too!
And what did they do?
They added hundreds and hundreds of chemicals to the cigarettes to make them more addictive and to get past the blood-brain barrier.
Now there it is.
You've come a long way.
Maybe in post, when we post this to InfoWars and we're not live, we should just add the add-in with audio so people can hear it.
But it was one of Bertrand Russell's good buddies, Sigmund Freud's nephew, who came up with the idea.
Edward Bernays.
To fund full-page ads telling women, march for suffrage and have freedom torches.
Hold up your cigarettes.
They had doctors on TV later saying, smoke camels, they'll...
Oh, Mickey Mouse!
You'll be with Mickey in your grave.
Your brain cells.
And it all tastes like candy.
And you tell the kids don't eat it.
But they do.
They eat the candy, and then they see the pretty colors.
And then they don't do too well.
But that's alright.
It's all for the greater good of the New World Order.
It's all done so there's not pesky people with high IQs in the way.
Who will actually read the textbooks they wrote like we're idiots and don't even care?
And then we've got fluoride for babies.
Fluoride for babies.
Isn't that just cute?
Well, I'm going to show you the studies saying, oh, don't, don't.
Give your kids any fluoride before their teeth erupt, because the studies are conclusive.
They go in and cause the teeth to be malformed, have dental fluorosis, and fracture and be chalky.
That was the American Dental Association 20 years ago.
Started hedging its bets and creeping away from fluoride.
Let me show you those studies.
But again, here's the Pentagon, BBC, you name it, saying, chemicals to make males not have children.
Gay bomb.
Oh, but don't worry.
Forbes says I'm crazy.
There's no studies, they say, that fluoride lowers IQ.
They just say I made it up.
Study prompts call for lower fluoride consumption by pregnant women.
Well, here it is.
Reuters, because it lowers the IQs, particularly in boys.
Over the years, up to 20, 30, 40 points.
Double bad for blacks.
Study links fluorinated water during pregnancy to lower IQs.
Let me show you the other ones I was going to tell you about.
Fluoride, developmental neurotoxicity, another study.
Department of Health and Human Services.
National toxicity program.
So they mandate to put it in and tell you, by the way, we're killing you while we do it.
Drinking fluorinated water during pregnancy may lower IQs in sons.
Again, runoff of atrazine causing frogs to rape and toads to rape pythons.
Rape snakes.
Gang rape them.
Oh, the fluoride's not making the chemicals in the water, making the frogs gay.
They're just making them sterile and rapist.
Prenatal fluoride exposure and cognitive outcomes in children.
Mexico study shows the exact same thing.
Massive IQ reduction.
Infant formula says don't mix in formulas that use water that have fluoride because it'll increase the chances of fluorosis.
But that's just the warning.
You're never told that when you're at the end cap of the grocery store and all there is is fluoride for your baby.
So they got screwed up teeth and screwed up brains.
Thanks, New World Order!
Well, if we can't abort them, or get their organs after they're born, we're gonna teach your son he's really a girl and chop his balls off.
And now, the Drag Queen Story Times don't just have children humping men's groins.
Now they have books at the library teaching six-year-olds oral sex and how enjoyable it is and how, if you see a man at the park, go pull your pants down, he'll do something for you.
Oh yeah, they're telling him, go to him, get in the white van.
Actually, go to the man.
The man comes in your backyard, climb out.
This is in libraries.
Four children.
Hey kids, go to the park.
Go to the pervert park.
Go in the bathroom.
He's got a prize for you.
Hey, Georgie.
Stick your arm down in here.
So, there you go.
See, I just documented all that, but Forbes... What did Forbes say?
They said the word ridiculous.
They said Alex Jones is... ridiculous.
There's no IQ reduction.
Particularly in boys.
Exactly as I said.
What a good person.
And you know, so many of these leftists I learned at the city councils and state level, it's always leftists pushing this.
We've been to these meetings now.
They admit they're lowering IQ and they're a ruling class.
I used to think they were just dumb.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, none of them drink it.
Their kids don't get it.
They want to get ahead.
They're so satanic that they love being in on the club where they walk to the mall.
And 50 years ago, there wouldn't be one kid with cancer.
Now, like, God, look at half the kids out there dying.
Wow, pediatric cancer is up 50,000 percent or whatever.
Diabetes up 3,000 percent.
Type 2.
Wow, man, we're really... These people don't know how we killed them.
And they all filter their water and eat organic and just... And it's their pleasure.
They all go to the Whole Foods.
They all... They all try to stay away from what they're doing to us because it's their ruling class.
And it's...
Just like in ancient Japan, even ancient Europe, you couldn't have a hunting dog, if you had it for herding sheep, they'd cut half its paws off, half its digits off.
So that it could never hunt the king's deer or whatever.
And they'd also make sure the lower levels didn't get enough food to ever be straight and strong.
That's a thing of feudalism to, like bonsai trees, keep them little.
The nobles will be big.
Ha ha ha!
Little people serve me!
I told a free number to join us to talk about this.
I guess we're all going to keep drinking and giving to our kids, right?
Watch the eyes dim.
Celebrate our Luciferian pleasure.
What do you think about this?
What are we gonna do about this?
Can't you tell your children?
Tell them for Lucifer!
The most banned network in the world.
The British ended up being the most powerful empire in the world.
Not because the Spanish couldn't fight.
Not because the Portuguese couldn't fight.
Not because the Austrian-Hungarian Empire couldn't fight.
You ever wonder why British are called limeys?
The British ended up getting basically key limes.
When they went into the Caribbean 500 years ago, and they had their captains right, and their ship's doctors, how long sailors survived, what climates, they were trying to figure out what's making sickness.
They weren't sure if it was hot air or why they got close to the shore.
More of their sailors would die in a couple days.
And they figured out pretty quick it was mosquitoes.
But the British classified that 400 years ago.
So the British would always lay off the coast.
And foreigners would ask, why did the Brits lay off the coast?
Because they don't want mosquitoes.
And they didn't get all the
Well, the Brits also figured out with their scientists, limes.
But the Brits were suspicious.
The average sailor thought if you swim, you get sick.
And they thought, you know, you don't want to eat vegetables, they make you sick.
This is what people actually thought back then.
So they would put the limes in the grog.
Which is what's grog?
One-third rum, two-thirds water.
To make sure they would at least drink their water.
Part of their pay, their daily ration for good behavior, was grog.
So on the job, all sailors, Spanish, Russian, it didn't matter, they were paid in alcohol.
And part of their daily food was alcohol.
So the British would start putting, 400 years ago, limes in the alcohol, the grog.
And so, what would happen when they were a thousand miles from home and ran up against a Spanish frigate twice their size?
Well, the Spanish, all their teeth had fallen out.
They had cuts all over them.
Open wounds.
No fresh vegetables.
No vitamin C. Well, notice the British for 200 years could keep it secret that limes were... And so it was a joke to all the other armies that there were bags of limes and obsessions with limes and powdered lime powder to put in.
And they would put it in the grog to make them drink it because they knew our troops are ready to fight.
Because they've got vitamin C. So I'm going into a plug here, but here's the deal.
Every study, Linus Pauling won two Nobel Prizes for vitamin C. So these are the things that are known.
If you think vitamin C is powerful, the stuff at DNA Force is even beyond that.
It's the next level of that.
That's what we know.
And when your body doesn't have the good halogen of iodine,
It uses the bad halogen.
And at a certain point, the cells are using toxic chemicals to survive.
They start mutating so they can use that and not die.
But then they take over your body and you die from cancer.
And so, so much of the deformity and the mental illness and the low IQs and everything is that people have vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
And they work around the clock with all these fake reports.
Oh, you don't need vitamins, you don't need minerals, you don't need... And they lower the amount you're supposed to take.
They know exactly what they're doing.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink.
So, I'm here looking at the actual government documents, official policy, fluoride to lower your IQ, fluoride to lower your fertility.
I mean, type in US IQs plummeting.
They've done it.
That's genetic.
That's chemical.
That's physical.
And I just showed you all these big new studies that came out from JAMA, you name it.
I mean, okay, it's giving you cancer, it's lowering your IQ, especially men.
And their answer is to come out and attack me.
Because I think it's sick.
I think it's evil.
I think it's horrible.
You know all about the Tuskegee experiments.
You know all about the secret testing.
You know all about the stuff that's gone on and happened.
And it's a criminal group inside Western governments.
It's a scientific dictatorship that is carrying all of this out.
And they know what they're doing.
And it's premeditated.
So what do we do about that?
Because 70-something percent of the country's fluoridated.
They're fluoridating about half of Europe now.
And I've gone with Harvard and Princeton top toxicologists, and I've shown them universal letters signed by the unions of these federal agencies, universal, saying, we want this out.
So see, 99% of the government's not bad people.
But it stays in.
I showed you last segment studies from the U.S.
I mean, this isn't like Prop 65 where there's one part, again, per billion of lead in the air, but they say it can't be in food.
That's impossible.
It has no effects on you.
It's non-detectable in almost all systems.
We're talking about ten parts per hundred in some of these toothpastes?
I mean, that's a psychological and mental death sentence.
What it is, is a chemical weapon to induce a biological effect.
It is a chemical lobotomy.
And you warn people about this, and they just go, oh, I heard that's a conspiracy theory.
Because we all saw Dr. Strangelove and Stanley Kubrick, who was putting that in there to warn people about it.
But the only way to get it past the system was to make it a joke.
To tie it to end of the world nuclear weapons and fluoride.
See, you can die from nuclear weapons, you can die from fluoride, you can die from the big quick weapon, or you can die from the slow weapon, the silent weapon, for quiet wars.
That's another Pentagon paper.
So I'm gonna go to your phone calls, but it was Connor, who's a big exercise aficionado, swimmer,
And he said, yeah, you're talking about women having twice as strong, on average, blood-brain barriers as men.
And that's why they don't get as much autism.
It's why they don't get their IQ lowered as much.
Fluoride mainly targets men.
It hurts women really bad.
I mean, it's just like shooting three bullets into you instead of six.
It still doesn't feel too good.
But males are geared for quick action, strength.
Not really defensive.
That's why, again, female babies are twice as strong at being able to take insults.
That's what the medical system calls being cut, being shot, being poisoned.
Insults to the nervous system that men can take.
Men are, on average, twice as strong muscularly.
Men, on average, have better vision.
We're all different.
Like, they have a womb.
They are designed to protect that.
And try to build little nesties and things.
That's how we're designed.
And the men go out and defend the nest and bring things back into the nest.
Well, they've already broken that up.
So the human system is being destroyed before your eyes, and then they introduce, right out of Russian gulags and Nazi death camps, fluoridated water.
And that's a historical fact.
And the only reason I'm hammering it now is people always ask me, hey, you don't cover fluoride as much.
And I say, man, I've made documentaries.
I've probably done
Thousand shows on it, I had all these scientists, and I would have scientists.
I'd get those guys back on, brain surges, you name it, and I'd bring them down to City Council, and the mayors would laugh at them.
They'd say, here's all the studies, here's the facts, blah, blah, blah.
They'd go, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho.
These studies were already out there, but people are listening now.
Because they know about the Epstein.
And they know about the globalists.
They know about the world government.
They know about radical Islam being funded and protected.
And they don't trust the system anymore.
And they don't trust mainstream media.
The system has cratered.
That's why they're trying to start a race war to start it all over again.
With a civil war so bad that all of this gets forgotten.
You know, we were given a tour of the water treatment plant that I'm going to recall is here in Austin.
And they said, don't shoot video, wink wink, but let us.
And there's skull and crossbones all over the fluoride.
They said if one drop gets on you, it eats through your skin.
They show where a drop got on the concrete and ate three inches of the concrete.
The only acid, there's a few acids out there that act like the fictitious, fictional alien blood in the movie Alien and Aliens.
Pure fluoride, hydrofluorosilicic, literally eats through concrete like a hot knife through butter.
Now what do you think that does inside your body?
It grabs all the other toxins, they all link up with it and just delivers hell through your tissues.
In fact, it's one of the biggest causes of cancer.
But where are the lawyers suing over fluoride?
They know not to do it.
Even though it's open and shut because it's just like the chem trailing.
It's just like the chemtrailing.
CFR, former CIA director, comes out, says, yeah, we're adding barium sulfate dioxide to jet fuel for the major suppliers, and then it creates nuclei in the atmosphere, and we control the weather.
We block out the sun.
And then Bill Gates comes out in Smithsonian Magazine a week ago and says, yeah, we're doing it.
We're spraying you.
And it's like, Jones, you are really discredited now.
Jones, you are the filth of the planet.
Exactly as I said with Epstein.
I said he's into eugenics, he's into death cults, he's into Satanism, and he's into cloning.
That hasn't come out yet.
You watch, the cloning's gonna come out.
What do you think he was given all these mysterious millions for?
He was an investment of the Albert Einstein Institute that he headed up to carry out the development of a planetary regime to carry out the extermination of the human population and the rise of the Superman, in German, Ubermensch.
You can go watch my film, Endgame.
I show you that institute, I show you who's at it.
Could have gone and seen the head, Epstein.
They're abusing the children for trauma-based mind control.
Again, the 15- and 14-year-old girls, they're just the outer room.
We're going to go to break.
I'll be right back with your calls.
But it was Connor saying, hey, you're absolutely right.
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And so for me, the reason I like it, is I like to have really cool, full color, awesome dreams.
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So I like to go places in my sleep.
So, I gobbled, and I'm not saying you should do this, I gobbled,
I love watching David Knight in the morning.
I love tuning in to Owen Schroer.
I love all the other shows we do here.
But I'll be honest with you.
We run, during the breaks, a lot of news reports because I'm sick of hearing the ads.
So, you think you don't want to hear an ad?
I don't want to hear an ad.
But here's the bottom line.
We're barely paying the bills here.
And I want to expand in the face of the globalists, not contract.
I don't want them to win.
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But we can't let them get away with it.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to your calls now.
And then coming up at the bottom of the next hour, Joey Gibson is going to pop in, but I'm going to Tim and Ryan and Alex and everybody else here in about a minute.
I want to just go back to plugging here.
Because I didn't plug anything to the very end of the first hour, and I was here doing accounting yesterday, and I don't want to sit here and complain.
I don't think this is really the time to get into this, but there's two different paths we can go down, because I'm never giving up.
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I mean, so I've really been praying about this, and I mean praying hard.
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Because it's always serious.
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
They've taken our sponsors, harassed us, sued us over the years.
I mean, you know what's going on.
They tried to plant child porn on us.
It's been incredible.
And we've cut the fat down to the bone.
We've figured out a lot of things.
I've gotten better at business and a lot of things.
To be able to still be on air.
And you've come through spreading the word and your financial support.
But I want to add some more shows which are happening next month.
And I want to fight back.
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And we need that support, so thank you.
All right, let's go ahead and go back to your calls or go to your calls.
Tim, thanks for holding in Montana.
You're on the air worldwide.
Talk about water and the chemicals that are in it.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Actually, I was going to talk about hydrofluoric acid use in oil refineries.
You know, they use HF acid in oil refineries very extensively.
And in those areas, they're painted off, marked very, very significantly to where people obviously know where those areas they're at.
You have to wear special, you know, like rain suits.
You have to have all your cuffs taped off and everything.
They have tools that they only use in those areas.
Because if you get
Even a small portion of that into your skin, the acid is drawn to the calcium in your bones, and it will actually dissolve your bones, and a very small amount of that will kill you.
And the pH level on a hydrofluoric acid is 3.17, whereas hydrofluorosilicic acid is 1.2, so hydrofluorosilicic acid is even more acidic
Then what they're using in these oil refineries that they take great precautions to prevent their employees from from coming in contact with that and yet we're dumping the stuff that's more acidic in our water.
By the way you're an incredible caller stay there but it sounds like you're either an engineer or a scientist or a someone or a roughneck that's really informed because you're absolutely right about that and again all I gotta do is type in
The oil and gas refining process
I'm not an engineer or a scientist.
I work in a technical field, but I work with oil refineries, and I've been in there, and that's not something you mess around with.
I mean, if you're walking through and you take your hard hat off and you scratch your head and you get a drop on your head, you better hope that that was condensation.
And not acid, because guess what?
You've got a hole in your skull by the morning.
You know, it's, it's, it is a, it's a, there was a great video I saw one time that the Honeywell company put out and it was talking about the great precautions you need to take and why.
And, uh, you know, it's, it's just amazing to me that people, they just want to put their head in the sand and no, no one would ever do anything like that to us.
It can't be true.
And that's why Alex, I just,
When are they going to accept that you're right?
When are they going to admit that, man, this guy, he's got it.
Tomorrow's news today.
I mean, everything you do, if you listen, it eventually comes out.
And I tell people all the time, you're where I get my news.
And then I cross-reference, and by God, you're right.
Everything is fine.
Well, Tim, I appreciate you, and God bless you.
Please keep spreading the word.
But I don't want to toot my horn here.
Our audience is smarter than I am on most subjects.
It's been known for a hundred years what hydrofluorosilicic acid does.
We've had major industry for 200 plus years.
They've known.
Like you said, in the production of gasoline at the refinery level and before that at the exploration level.
I mean they're dealing with all this toxic stuff.
Everybody knows that's why 100% of the FDA scientists in the mid 90s and again in like 2010 was it?
They got every one of their engineers and toxicologists and chemists to sign a letter saying, take it out of the water.
And you know what?
The feds still push and hold back money to the states if they don't Florida it.
But you go into any rich person's house or any liberal's house, they're not drinking tap water.
But they have all these initiatives about, oh, you should drink it.
Good, good, good.
These are monsters.
They want to kill babies after they're born.
Keep them comfortable.
And so the sooner we come to grips with these monsters, the better.
We'll talk to Alex about Kim's in the water, lowering IQ, making the frogs gay, and I just threw that out there as a pop thing.
It was a headline.
It was like in Berkeley newspapers, making the frogs gay.
Literally, they want male frogs, not females.
They go hump male frogs, and there are no babies.
They don't fertilize the eggs, because there's no eggs coming out the...
Rear end of a male frog, and then the frogs die!
But David Hall goes, that's great, I love things being gay!
What does that even mean?
And so when we go to that next caller, I'll show you the article, there's video of it too, of large snakes being raped by gangs of toads and frogs.
It's because of the atrazine.
It drives them mad with lust.
I've got the
Headline here is, lusting toads gang rape large snake.
And they say the phenomenon is so bad that they'll pile up on them until the snake basically just dies.
There's just all these frogs hopping on it, raping it.
So, frogs are trying to, you know.
It's just, it's incredible what they do.
You'll see the video for yourself.
Stay with us.
Every day I walk into the studio and I see all of the people working so hard against the tyranny of the left, against the tyranny of the globalists, and it just makes me think that all of these people are on the same page and they understand.
They are awake to what is actually happening here.
And Alex Jones has created something that is completely remarkable.
People understand that Alex Jones is doing everything he can.
He's putting everything on the line to wake up people and to fight for humanity.
And for me, that is a great honor to be sitting here to try to represent the best of my ability and show my appreciation and say that, you know, InfoWars is a wonderful opportunity for anybody.
Without you supporting InfoWars against what the left is doing, it doesn't happen.
We don't have someone in the pocket like George Soros or Tom Steyer.
All of these filthy rich billionaires that are trying to take out America.
Alex is depending on the American people.
He's depending on all of us to step up and to support InfoWars.com.
And when you share the articles, you tell them that you're not taking it lying down.
You're not going to take it any longer.
By you going to InfowarsStore.com, you show everybody that you love everything that Alex Jones is doing, and you don't believe the lies that's coming out of the left.
That's what it comes down to, is if you believe the lies, then don't buy anything.
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The TurboForce, the BrainForce, the DNAForce, they're always doing specials that's
Have you ever seen anyone that's doing a special on their products constantly?
And the main reason why they're doing it is because it gives people the opportunity to find out how good the products really are.
That's what it comes down to.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're taking your phone calls.
Joey Gibson's popping in.
Fresh off the heels of being arrested for daring to go to Portland.
The Proud Boys have been convicted in New York for defending themselves by a sycophantic jury that was told they were the racist.
What are their Nazis in?
15 years in prison?
But right now, we're going back to your phone calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Alex in Michigan.
Alex, you're on the air.
Thanks so much for taking my call, Alex.
What an honor to be a part of this legendary broadcast today.
Thank you, sir.
You're doing an amazing job exposing the hydrofluorosilicic acid in the water, mainly from China.
The vaccines causing autism, the chemtrails, the human clones, the GMOs, Big Pharma dumping Prozac in the water, and of course the atrazine and BPA estrogen mimickers turning the frogs gay.
And you have the solution if everyone went to InfoWareStore.com and bought a water filter and the X2 and the bodies.
Actually, there's a lot of studies on turmeric being able to get fluoride out of the brain.
Well, that's right.
I mean, we just promote everything that's super good and we're against everything that's super bad, so...
We like sunshine.
We like green grass.
We like Jesus.
We like America.
We like the Second Amendment.
We like capitalism.
We like the free market.
We like liberty.
And, you know, we don't like chemicals that sterilize us and kill us.
And so that's why we're against this.
I wouldn't say I'm a hero for harping on this.
I just can't believe they've gotten away with this so long when they admit it's designed to literally sterilize us and kill us.
And I know this is a little controversial, but cannabis has been shown to also reverse autism.
Just something to throw out there.
Of course, organic cannabis, none of the George Soros Monsanto pesticide crap out there.
But also, spirulina is a good option, too, if you wanted to add that to the InfoWare store.
Spirulina algae is another solution to get gunk out of your body.
And I just want to throw this out there, Alex.
If you need help with your InfoWars operation, as a listener and fan, I want to do everything I can to support you.
If you ever need any help, I'll come down there to Texas.
I'll pull a Ted Nugent and work for minimum wage.
I don't care.
I'm kind of a minimalist.
Just throwing it out there.
Well, if we don't get the funding, we might have to do that down the road, but we've kind of got a lean, mean fighting machine right now, and it's not that we don't want help.
It's just that we're trying to get it all developed and all set up.
You know, I found a really, really funny meme page, that whole bunch of Alex Jones gay frog memes, and where Alex Jones is holding back the gay chemicals from everybody.
No, folks, it's funny, but it's not.
But at least it gets
The information out to everybody to have a larger discussion.
I appreciate your call.
Let me give folks some viewer discretion is advised.
We're gonna put this up on TV screen for folks.
This is from the CBC and warning this is gay frog rape photos and video.
And I'm not being funny here.
This is a horny confused cane toads are humping a python says biologist.
These cane toads, pictured above, on the back of a python.
In Australia, we're actually blind with lust, says the amphibian expert.
And then it goes into how, again, this is happening more and more, because they are dealing with all of the atrazine and the rest of it.
But it's cute and fun to be gay now!
And then, of course, they just die.
But getting serious.
They try to make a joke out of all this.
It's not funny.
Here's CNN.
Once in a while being truthful.
IQ scores are falling and have been for decades.
New study finds.
And again, fluoride is on record as the main cause.
Why do you think?
These studies are always coming out.
Why is it so big now?
Why would Yahoo put it on the front page now?
Because before they'd hide that.
The study's also the same thing.
I mean, it's conclusive.
Like, shooting yourself in the head with a gun isn't good for you, it probably will kill you at work.
If you take cyanide, it's gonna kill you.
You take a lethal dose of cyanide, a gram of it, you're gonna die.
Well, you drink fluoride, you're gonna have little bitty genitals, and it's gonna eat holes in your brain.
And you're gonna be
Partially sterile.
So, why the hell are they doing it?
Because they're eugenicists who want you to be dumb so they can out-compete you!
They're jerks!
They're criminals!
They're leftists!
They're devil worshippers!
They're child rapists!
They're evil!
The Globalist?
Serving with InfoWars is a great honor.
But I still need my morning coffee.
And luckily, our break room at the InfoWars headquarters is stocked full of high-quality InfoWars store Patriot Blend coffee.
Grown in the high mountains of southern Mexico, the Chiapas farmers grow 100% organic, non-GMO coffee at the ideal altitude for the perfect cup.
A robust coffee with great flavor and mild acidity.
There has never been a more important time to support InfoWars.
So if you love coffee and if you want to fight for freedom, then you can help.
Order now at the InfoWars store.
Sign up for auto ship and get your own high quality supply of Patriot Blend coffee delivered right to your door at InfoWarsStore.com.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
So, you have a normal man, just a regular person, not an anointed drag queen story time person, tried to come into the park and ask your kid to sit on her lap and
We're good to go.
And if a man in the park wanted to give your child something that looked like it was pretty blue or pretty pink and had Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse or a little mermaid on the front of it, and then you found out that this would lower their IQ, give them a 7 to 50 fold increase in bone cancer,
It's exploded off the chart.
And it's in all the studies right here.
And lower their IQ?
Well, if you caught them doing that before the police got there, you'd beat their ass.
And there isn't a grand jury in the country that wouldn't say, no bill.
He may have knocked that guy's teeth out and broke his jawbone.
But that's what you do to somebody soliciting your child.
Catch them talking to your kid in the back fence about
Hey Junior, pull your pants down.
You're gonna like it.
They get their ass kicked.
But oh, when they do it in the school and it's a big ol' fat man.
Now it's smart.
And when they give you that fluoride, that weapon, you heard the guy calling earlier, he's right.
The stuff they use at the oil refineries to break down oil, break down hard oil, and to separate it out.
If you get a drop of it on you, it can kill you.
And it's not even as strong as what they put in your water.
When they dump hydrofluorosilicic acid in the water supply in Austin, they put on full body suits, and they're about 50 yards away.
We've been there when they do it.
And they turn it, and then they run around the corner.
And they're still all gonna die of cancer.
So, remember that they know what they're doing.
And remember, it's a plan.
And it's the people up on top.
100% of the FDA scientists, over a thousand of them, signed petitions twice in the last 30 years, unanimously saying, pull it out of the water.
Didn't do it, did they?
Because there's a plan.
Have you ever heard the lawyers sue over fluoride?
I mean, it's way worse than glyphosate.
Oh, no, no, no!
Because it's not kosher.
It's not acceptable.
It's verboten.
And it's all this big mind game.
Because you don't want Forbes to write an article about you.
Saying you're an evil, horrible man.
Big cover story.
Alex Jones is evil.
He says fluoride increases cancer and lowers IQ.
Especially in boys.
And blacks.
Because he's a Nazi.
But it was the Nazis put it in the water.
Of the death camps.
Because it made them more docile.
The Nazis gave it to people in the water way stronger than they put it in our water.
They put it in there not even as strong, though, as is in the candy-flavored toothpaste that everyone knows the kids swallow when mommy isn't looking.
And then they get real quiet and just kind of fade out all day.
And they get put in special ed because there's a chemical weapon eating their cerebral cortex.
It's gotta be good to put in the tummy because the Little Mermaid who had her voice and her soul stolen like all those other slaves by the evil witch.
And now she's gonna get your kids.
Just like the pedophiles will use a kid to lure kids to the van.
I've got a puppy.
I've got candy.
Come to my van over here.
But instead, it's the Little Mermaid.
Oh, and who else is gonna help you get in the van?
Oh, the little Velociraptor.
Or... Mickey.
Mickey Mouse.
Oh, or the Fruit Explosion Toothpaste.
Tell the little primate, oh, look, it's fruit.
Eat it.
Looks just like one of your yogurt tubes.
Oh, but Junior can't read, though.
Zoom in, please.
Because on the back, it tells you, do not ingest it.
And if you do, call poison control.
Let me put that up on screen for folks.
Type in the toothpaste warning.
I'm going to go to your calls again.
I appreciate you calling.
This is kind of a big deal, because the question is, why is it suddenly being put in the news?
Because they're moving on to 5G.
Hydrofluoric acid is a acid.
It's a, it's a amped up molecule.
It's electrical.
They got something better than electrical.
They gonna microwave us with the 5G, baby!
And they admit out of the gates it kills ya!
So everybody get ready to move on upstairs, cause you gonna be dead!
You think you're gonna cut the fluoride out?
We gonna kill yo ass with 5G, baby!
It's a lot of fun dying, isn't it?
Horrible excruciating deaths and having those big ol' yellow fluoride teeth when they come out of your mouth when you're five years old.
Has mommy been dumping that H-E-B fluoride baby formula down your throat?
Cause it's the right thing to do!
But we're not gonna have Forbes make fun of us.
Cowardy butts!
Good, good man from Baylor.
Dated my grandma some.
Why, the head of H-E-B, the founder of H-E-B, if the government says drink fluoride, the baby gonna drink it!
I say, I say, give that baby!
The eye's dimmin' now!
Oh, you got a 70 IQ now!
I give as you a gift!
Say bye-bye, baby!
Let's talk to Eric, California, worked for Water Municipality for 12 years.
Fluoride testimony.
Thanks for calling, sir.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
Long time, first time.
What do you think of the broadcast?
Good, man.
It's good.
It's impactful again.
Is it on target?
Is somebody that worked in this area?
Yeah, well, when I was 23, man, I started over there as a water operator here in the Bay Area.
Not to get into details, but when I first was part of a project, not a project, but a delivery
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It came to me and it's like, wow, I'm actually putting this stuff in the water firsthand.
And there was, um, there's these lids on top of our bowl storage tank that are all rusted out.
All the plumbing, we have to go in there and change it out every three to five years because once that stuff gets into the air, it starts eating away at everything.
And you can imagine what it does.
But I mean, yes, it eats steel and concrete, but your child's brain, oh, that's different.
Yeah, I mean, all the guy who delivered the stuff, his hands were all beat up and mangled.
His suit was just a mess.
And it just goes to show that, you know, a lot of people don't realize what this stuff is.
I even asked a customer one day, I'm like, how do you feel about Florida in the water?
Oh, it's the greatest thing.
It's widespread.
I said, I would think twice about it and go do some research.
And of course, she lived in the country club.
She didn't know any better.
Because she's in the country club while we run the country, and there's nothing wrong here.
Just drink it up.
Yeah, well, hopefully she came across this article today and she realized the conversation she had with me about five, six years ago.
And she thinks twice about it.
But, hey man, keep doing what you're doing, Alex.
Brother, you keep doing it.
You're just as important as I am, or more.
So don't ever forget that.
I mean that.
You're more important than InfoWars.
Because without you, there's nothing.
Remember that.
By the way, it is true that... Sorry sir, go ahead.
The first t-shirt I bought was that InfoWars t-shirt.
Uh, that InfoWars Flo Rida shirt.
The one that has poison in it.
We're gonna bring that shirt back.
There's this weird culture in Google.
They're trying to, like, install this monoculture.
And yes, there are people.
There's kind of a patriot network inside of Google, but they're afraid to come out.
And some of it extends all the way into the executive class.
And so the thing is, is that I felt that if I came forward, that I would galvanize other people by paving a path of disclosure for these documents so that people could come forward and say their opinion without violating the NDA.
Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't a Netflix drama show.
This isn't a Law & Order TV program.
This is not a movie.
This is not a drill.
This is not fiction.
This is reality.
You have a major Google engineer backing up what the other engineers have said, what the documents have shown, and talking about perjury before Congress.
Pray and support this individual and others to come forward.
You heard him say he hopes to blaze a path to get others to have the courage.
That's leadership.
So, Zach Voorhees, we salute you.
And I'll say this.
It's all of our birthright.
Black, white, old, young, gay, straight, whether you're from San Francisco, New York City, or Austin, Texas, or Des Moines, Iowa.
We're all having our birthright stolen right now.
We're seeing election meddling.
And it's time to admit it and to realize
We've seen a giant backdoor power grab.
They didn't come like an enemy from over the horizon.
They came from inside, and they came through cyberspace.
Our republic, our constitutional little d democracy has been hacked.
And please remember, without your financial support,
We wouldn't have withstood this withering storm of censorship, attacks, and lies.
We have the new World Awakens Mega Sale Globalist House of Cards Collapsing End of Summer Super Sale.
It's the big, giant, 50-60% off, store-wide free shipping, double Patreon points, but only on 50-something items, not.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been on air 25 years and I've never at a gut level felt the fire of war.
Like I do right now, ladies and gentlemen.
So many incredible things are happening.
So many dangerous things are unfolding.
And at a cellular level, at a spiritual gut level,
At the heart of my gut, the heart of my mind, at every level, I can just feel the evil rage of the globalists, knowing that their plan for world government, and their plan for total censorship, and their plan for human-animal clones, and sex with children, and Satanism is in trouble.
It can feel the spirit of Christ coming back into the world.
There's gonna be a tribulation.
During this fight, but the devil knows he's going to lose.
The devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows his time is short.
And I can feel Satan's rage.
I know you can feel it.
And they are planning a bloody revolution here.
They're planning massive censorship across the country and the world.
This is a time to be praying to Christ for justice and for freedom.
And that God's spirit come into you and lead God and direct you.
But it's also time to be politically and culturally active.
And it's time to spread the word about InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and override the AI sensors, to override their systems and to let people know, hey, here's the name that must not be spoken.
Here's what the world fears.
Here's the guest and the information and the history and the analysis that is the cure to the globalist poison.
Strength lies entirely with you and the action you take.
You are the InfoWars.
You are the resistance, and everything you do now will affect the battle space for billions of lives going to the future.
The war has already begun, quote Patrick Henry.
It's an information and spiritual war.
The enemy's losing that war so they want to make it a physical war.
So prepare yourselves.
You have been warned.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, and hundreds of other publications, literally, it's more than that, have come out and attacked me for saying fluoride causes bone cancer, massive reductions in IQ, and massive decreases in fertility.
It's one of the most studied chemicals in world history.
They've known what it does for 200 years because they had to deal with it in chemical manufacturing production.
The only thing studied more would be something like mercury or lead.
And they knew 200 years ago that people that work with lead or mercury were mad as hatters.
The guys that made hats would stain it with mercury.
Think about that.
Your calls are coming up next segment.
Joey Gibson's been kind enough to join us.
He's the founder of the Patriot Prayer March.
He just saw a bunch of bullies three years ago beating up men, women, and children.
They tried to have gun rallies, property rights rallies.
Antifa would show up all over the Pacific Northwest, down to California.
And famously, Pelosi was out there supporting them in San Francisco, and they attacked even their own crowds.
Even the liberals that came out got attacked by them.
They're such meth-head scum.
Well, now we've seen them attack children, attack people with hammers, and even AP.
I've got the headline here somewhere.
I showed it yesterday.
Admitted that the Patriots were peaceful and that the Antifa was violent, even after the Proud Boys left.
But Joey Gibson,
Joey Gibson, he got arrested.
He got arrested for being there months before and simply doing nothing.
They said inciting a riot because when Antifa was threatening him, he stood his ground.
Remember what Chris Cuomo said?
He said, the Covington kids are bad because they stood their ground.
When a man came over with people yelling that they were going to kill them and genocide them because they were white and beating a drum in their face when they were just there to pick up a bus, get on a bus.
So the mob surrounds our guests, Joey Gibson, and now they're trying to put him in jail.
And it's a perfect time to have him on because Proud Boys, Maxwell Hare and John Kingsman, we already showed the footage the first hour when Gavin McGinnis joins us, founder of the Proud Boys.
They follow him out of their event.
The police escort in, just like Antifa always does.
They try to attack him near their cars.
They simply fight back.
It's a 15-second scrap.
On a scale of 1 to 10, it's like a 2.
Nobody got their teeth knocked out.
And they're facing 15 years.
One of them is already on Rikers Island, where they hold
People from the Mafia.
So, this is the new crime.
Joey Gibson, strange days my friend, but congratulations on keeping your chin up and you guys not being violent in the face of those pigs.
Yeah, the organizers, Joe Biggs and Rickey, did a really good job.
I'm really impressed.
They were committed to avoiding the violence.
They understood that the media is going to use that against us.
Shoot, they probably arrested a bunch of people for defending themselves.
You know, I got arrested for not even being violent.
You know, standing on the sidewalk.
And getting pepper sprayed.
I mean, talk about civil rights.
Like, you know, people have been kind of, you know, haven't been really been paying attention to Antifa that much.
They like watching the videos, but they think it's just a bunch of gangs fighting in the streets, so people don't pay attention to it.
But now, you know, this should really wake people up, especially what you're talking about with the two Proud Boys in New York.
They didn't do anything wrong.
We shouldn't be sending these people to prison.
It's very important to understand that Antifa is allowed to go on the streets with batons, like literally, with no masks on, right?
So you can identify them, take it to the cars, right?
Block traffic, like literally start riots, and they don't charge them at all, ever.
And you look at them attacking people with hammers, blooding people inside vehicles, doing all this, you guys don't even fight back, and a lot of the media said that you were the bad guys.
AP actually got it right, which was pretty, pretty amazing.
So when you read through the headlines, most of them say, uh, uh, Proud Boys clash with Antifa or Far Left clashes with Far Right and everything.
But, you know, they don't have any film to show.
All they show is Antifa fighting with the police or Antifa beating on a random guy and his daughter, right?
So they're really trying to manipulate things.
And I know that you talk about this, but it's important for people to understand that this is like exactly what China does.
You know, they manipulate the culture.
They just repeat it over and over and over again until people believe it.
People believe that I'm some far-right extremist.
They believe that I'm racist.
And they believe that I have hate speech.
But they can't find one piece of evidence.
This is the world we live in.
And I know you understand, Alex.
You've got to deal with it more than anybody.
But, you know, I just wish people would do the research.
Open your eyes.
Let's pull people out of the Matrix.
Come on, now.
Like, let's go wake up, United States.
Like, this is our freedom that is under attack.
And all you can think about is that everything is racist.
That's it.
Follow the footage of this girl that could be no more than 10 or 11 and with her dad and they again if you watch the whole footage there's 20 minutes of it they follow them while they're trying to get to their car he wasn't there looking for trouble he came out to exercise free speech and they wait like cowards and they're even attacking her she got taser but the taser didn't go in they threw mace on them pepper spray I mean this is just imagine if a Republican or a proud boy was doing this to somebody a huge horde of
White meth heads, because they keep saying everybody's racist, it's almost all white people, chasing down a white guy and his daughter.
I mean, if Radio Lizards can't see this, it's on Infowars.com.
It's just unbelievable.
Yeah, absolutely.
And this is what I tell reporters all the time.
I said, because everyone keeps talking about the white supremacist movement, the white nationalist movement.
And I say, listen, if there's a thousand white supremacists running through the streets, beating up people on the left because of their speech, like I would be there to stand up for the Democrats.
I would be there to stand up for the liberals.
I don't understand why it's so hard for the left to disavow Antifa.
Like, are you that afraid, or do you just believe that their behavior is okay?
Because these guys are literally acting like how racists treated black people back in the day.
Like, it's identical.
They're acting like how Nazis want to treat Jews.
So, it's just amazing that everything they say they're against, but that's how they're acting.
It's like that, what was that show?
I think it was an MTV show back when they still had some good shows, a comedy.
And it's the Nazis sitting around going, well we're in black uniforms, we have skulls on, maybe we're the baddies.
And if you look at them, they are so bad and so villainous, and so cowardly attacking women, children, people in wheelchairs.
I notice they don't ever want to attack big guys like you, unless they have like a club or something, they still get their ass kicked.
But they target women and children, or like a little gay Asian dude.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I love to target minorities because I have a guy that goes down to school down in one of the two-year universities in the Bay Area by UC Berkeley.
That's where the professor who used the bike lock, that's where he taught.
This kid that came out of school said they kicked him out for so-called racism, even though he's Indian.
He said they specifically target conservatives who are of color.
So they're literally racists.
Like, they're literally trying to find people of color or people who are, you know, gay.
Yeah, they're bullying and telling people what they can do.
And there's also footage of white guys calling black guys racial terms because they're cops.
I mean, they don't even believe in borders, police, anything.
Of course they do.
They want full control.
Let's play this audio as we go to break.
Here it is.
Look at that too, man.
Out on the street!
You really can sleep at night?
That's so sickening.
That is so sickening.
He probably did it.
Look at this kid.
Oh, even worse.
Look at that kid.
They called him all sorts of names.
They're truly the scum of the earth.
Joey, we're going to break.
We'll come back and take some calls with you on a whole subject, a whole bunch of subjects, but one word to define Antifa.
I want to get your take on that when we come back.
Joey gives us our guest.
I'm Alex Jones with NewsWords.com, InfoWars.com.
If you don't share these links, nobody will.
It's not just on my shoulders.
I'm just telling you, you are the resistance.
You are everything.
And if you don't take action, we're going to lose.
If you take action, we're unstoppable.
This is important.
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Ladies and gentlemen, you read what's in this and you research every ingredient in this and then you experience it for yourself.
It's incredible.
InfoWars presents the David Knight Show, the Alex Jones Show, and the War Room with Owen Troyer.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
William in Florida.
William, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thanks for calling.
Before I get into my points, I want to plug a couple of products.
First off, the Immune Wall.
You don't mention it very much.
It helps keep me healthy.
I work in an environment where I'm exposed to the public.
And of course, you know, everything that comes along with that.
I stay healthy with that.
Well, thank you.
For those that don't know, you've got things like emergency and you've got things like airport or whatever it's called that, you know, that people take and those things have some good things in them.
When we did immune wall, I'm like, what's three times stronger than any other immune support formula?
They're like, okay, we can make this.
And so anything we make is just chocked full of the very best things.
And yes, the super silver wound gel is a natural
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I'll be very clear.
Do not ingest it, okay?
It's very toxic.
But, I mean, it's weaponized.
It's the strongest silver over-the-counter.
But bacteria, viruses, it's approved and proven to kill them better than a hammer.
Since you mentioned it, my friend, what experience have you had with a super silver wound gel?
Everything from minor burns to actually take out a little sloppy in the kitchen one day, and I normally turn my, when I'm chopping stuff, I turn the knife away from me.
I didn't do that.
I was in a hurry.
I couldn't reach for the knife, and I cut my finger right down to the bone.
It was bleeding pretty good, and I put the super-silver wound gel on that and wrapped it, of course, and in less than four hours, the pain was gone, and in a day, the deepest part of the cut was already healing up.
It is the best wound gel out there, and I've tried to haggle them down on the price, but after the patents and the FDA approval took them like nine years, this is the thing used in hospitals.
So we're very, very proud of it.
So thanks for the plug, William.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live, raw, and unfiltered.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
We're good.
Recently, President Trump launched a new offensive against progressives by drawing attention to the decrepit state of major leftist-run cities.
Wonder where he got that idea from?
But forget about Baltimore.
If Baltimore was a toilet, L.A.
would be a 500-acre landfill.
can truly lay claim to the accolade of being king of the s**tholes.
There are now an estimated 60,000 homeless people living on the streets of L.A.
That's a 75% rise in homelessness since 2012.
Did you ever see, uh, I Am Legend?
Remember when all the f***ing crazy zombie people were running at once?
That's what it's like.
Are you serious?
I'm telling you, you can't believe the volume.
To illustrate the homeless problem, look at this comparison between 2015 and 2017.
Look at the increase in trash and tents in a period of little over two years.
And what's the mayor's solution?
To paint murals of homeless people.
Because painting a mural of people who can't afford...
I stepped on my headset cord.
And broke it so I had to find a new one.
One of the things too is, you know, the big government is about bringing as much money as you can, right?
So they convince the folks to bring in a bunch of taxes, but then they don't want to use that money to go clean up the streets and clean up their problems, right?
They want to use that money to go to special contracts or wherever that money goes.
I always tell people this, that, you know, they go up on that grandstand and say, hey, we need raises for teachers, right?
So they increase taxes and like 5% of it goes to the teachers, 95% of it disappears to a bunch of different, you know, special interests.
How bad do you think it's going to get, and when do you think Trump is going to declare them a terrorist organization?
Because I'm all for free speech, but when you organize and say your mission is to stop other people's speech using violence and to make them politically submit to you, that's the textbook definition of terrorism.
As soon as he gets evidence that there's money coming in from outside the country, as soon as he gets evidence that certain organizations like CARE that work hand-in-hand with Antifa, as soon as he gets evidence that the Chinese are involved in this, I think that that's when he can push really hard on it.
Because we literally have outside forces of this country that are funding and pushing this division in our country, especially with the media.
The media is not owned by this country, alright?
Let's make that very clear.
And the media
Overwhelmingly supports Antifa or is completely silent on their behavior, right?
It's just unbelievable how much they justify their behavior.
Just like that lady who went on national television on CNN and was saying that Trump sided with the Nazis instead of siding with the peaceful protesters, which she was referring to Antifa.
So, like you said, it's clown world.
They do it over and over again.
I want to get you back on later this week to give us your take on Hong Kong.
We're going to have some reporters that I'm talking to over in Hong Kong that are going to be popping in because the word is that is heating up very, very quickly.
I've been talking to some of the British connected folks in the government.
You know, there's obviously a couple different factions over there.
We're going to be looking at that very, very soon.
Joey Gibson, thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you.
All right, there goes Joey Gibson.
I promised to get to your calls, so I appreciate you holding.
We're going to get to everybody now before this hour ends, or we're going to go into the next hour to take care of it.
But Mike Adams is loaded for bear, as always.
There's a lot of other news I haven't hit yet that I also want to try to cram in with Mike, so I'll probably just co-host with him.
Some know I have a dental appointment today.
NPR reported that all my teeth were knocked out when I was a teenager.
Because I was tied up by children I bullied and taken to a field, and all my teeth were knocked out.
I just always loved that.
I offered to go have my teeth looked at, that I've never had a tooth knocked out, and they did not do it, because they're a pack of criminal liars.
And again, then they run with that in hundreds of articles about my ethos, that I'm a bully.
No, you, the left, are a bunch of pedophile-backing, Islamic-backing scum.
And you always want to get into countries that have some semblance of freedom.
Because next time, I'm going to play a clip of it, Tlaib crying and saying, my grandmother couldn't get into Israel for health care.
She's not an Israeli citizen.
But Tlaib says, we need open borders.
Everyone come here.
Free stuff.
But you can't come to that fat ass's house.
And ask her to give you some money.
She won't.
It's like Maxine Waters buys a book from a homeless woman who's trying to help Skid Row.
Acts like she's done a good job and smiles like she's this good, great person.
She's a sociopath.
Probably a psychopath.
Doesn't know how dumb it looks.
And then goes, I need change for my 20!
I need $10!
You should have given her the whole 20, you stupid witch, or said, I'm going to take you to Congress for a tour.
We're going to promote what you're doing and try to get some private citizens there to help.
But no, instead she just, I'm helping everybody.
We're going to play that next hour.
That's a cue to get the video.
And waving the money around, that's up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
This is all rivetingly poignant stuff that really illustrates
The type of nutcases we're dealing with.
I mean, I couldn't imagine talking to a woman trying to pull the homeless out and publish her own book and slipping on the street.
She's trying to provide tents for people and mental health with the money she made off a book and Maxine Waters wouldn't give her $20 for it.
And smiles and goes, look how good I am.
I'm helping.
How many, what's your husband's still 30 million?
Was it in two different swindles, a taxpayer money right to his own damn bank.
But look, I'm going to give this lady $10.
I'm so nice.
What a freakazoid, man.
Fake is a $3 bill.
Okay, back to the Coles, my friends.
I just ranted a whole other segment, didn't I?
Oh no, Joey was on with us.
Who's we got?
Who's been holding the longest here?
Jefferson's been holding the longest.
Jefferson and Virginia, you're on the air.
Thank you, go ahead.
Thank you for letting me on, Alex.
Thank you for calling?
Are you kidding?
Joey Gibson and the Proud Boys are in a bind because they get over-prosecuted for simply protecting themselves.
The President and A.G.
Barr need to step in on this.
This is ridiculous that these people get charged and sometimes convicted of things they didn't even really do.
We need the FBI to go for an indictment of the day-long threats and harassment for two days that stopped them at a bunch of venues.
They finally get a venue.
They come and promise to kill the cops, attack them.
Then the cops have to leave them alone.
And then they get attacked and then they go to jail.
Yeah, it's gotten nuts.
I mean, I'm no fan of what happened in Charlottesville, but that guy James Field, he got convicted of first-degree murder, like he planned to kill Heather Heyer.
Yeah, premeditated.
That's ridiculous.
No, he freaked out with them beating on the car and then she had a heart attack and died.
It's very sad.
Then they sued me saying I said that the cameraman killed her.
No, I said the left came in with all their people to clash with this.
A lot of those Nazis were staged.
That's come out to create a melee hoping something bad happened.
But then they're like in court going, Jones says this man himself killed the... I mean, it's just crazy.
And it's all this racism thing.
Same reason they put the Proud Boys in jail.
15 years, Rikers Island's what they're facing.
Because they told the jury, they're a KKK group.
And the jury went, ooooh.
And didn't even care that they showed it wasn't true.
They wanted to prove they weren't Nazis.
So it's the same thing with this judge in Virginia.
I mean, literally, they just go in there and they say, Jones says that, uh...
That the same people at this event did the stuff in Ukraine.
We didn't say that.
We say Soros funded both groups, which he did.
Stay there.
I'm gonna come right back to you.
Don't hang up, Jefferson.
Everybody else's calls coming up!
That's the name of the game!
Thomas Jefferson.
This is history.
We've got two
Google engineers that have the courage to go public, the first one and the second one, others have just leaked stuff, and they're there together interfacing for the first time live on an alternative system that Google and Facebook and Twitter and Apple didn't want to exist.
They knew it would threaten them in the future if it was here to challenge their information dominance.
And history's happening.
That's why listeners and viewers buying products, going to the store, getting things you already need at InfoWareStore.com is the reason this is happening.
You guys have the floor.
Both of you, Zach Voorhees on Twitter, Perpetual Maniac, Greg Coppola on Twitter for now, and Coppola underscore Gregory.
What do you think is coming next?
Why did you go public?
Obviously, more whistleblowers are coming.
This is an amazing watershed moment, so go ahead and take over.
Yeah, so about six years I was asleep within the company, and then the last two years it was fully awake, and that process started.
And once it started, you know, I remember the last thing thinking to myself, what else are they lying about?
And that was it.
You know, bam.
It just came.
And for two years, I was really, really, really suffering being inside of YouTube and Google and seeing the company transform like this.
I felt really guilty about drawing a salary.
And I tried to let people know that this was coming.
And now that I've released all of the information, I realize I'm not part of that evil, evil system anymore.
And it's very uplifting, and I feel that I can, you know, meet my maker at the very end.
And when he says, you came across evil, what did you do?
And I'll be able to like look him right in the eye and say, I sacrificed everything to let the American people know that the AI weapons were pointed directly at their minds.
You know, I think when I was comfortably drawing my paycheck, I felt, you know, more comfortable, more certain.
Now I feel there's definitely a lot of uncertainty, but I feel more alert.
And obviously, you know, just the fact that I'm not anonymous kind of makes life a little more dangerous.
It's just kind of actually making me a little bit more awake.
First of all, I'm really curious when they're gonna admit that Zach's leaks have happened.
I mean, like, I mean, I'm talking about the mainstream media here.
You know, that could be an interesting thing, and just, like, what's gonna happen when they have to say, you know, this actually happened weeks ago, uh, that Zach leaked all these things, and we just didn't tell you, and these...
You know, they're alleging that there's a system of censorship and we didn't tell you about it for two weeks.
I mean, is that gonna kind of get anyone thinking?
I don't know.
And secondly, I think, you know, I would just underline that with Zach Stump.
I mean, I think you've really seen everything now.
It's all, I don't even think we need another leak.
I mean, I'm sure some people are looking for it and some people might leak other things that are interesting, but I actually don't even think that we need anything else.
And I think it's really important for consumers to just say like,
Uh, look, there's a bias.
We can see it.
Everything's set by hand.
It's nothing to do with computers at all.
And... Well, that's it.
You just said something... God, I love talking to you guys with 150 IQs.
Because, exactly, everybody's always the next dump, the next piece, the next... What do you need when you have them saying blacklist and they've lied to Congress and said there aren't specific names, my names and others' names?
It's all right there.
We have them.
It's a pile of smoky guns as big as Mount Everest is what you're saying.
Yeah, I mean, it's kind of like the meme where there's like a dog in the building and everything's on fire and he's just, you know, saying, oh, yeah, everything's fine.
You know, the American people have had a fire woken up in them.
And I think that they're really going to, you know, have a conversation with the representative.
And, you know, that representative is going to come back from recess and they're going to be energized.
To, you know, start working through what the solutions are.
This is history making.
Two senior Google engineers at a whistleblown, the first two, publicly coming together live on InfoWars.
If that isn't radioactive kryptonite to tyranny, I don't know what the hell is.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'll have one of your phone calls here in just a moment.
But since I mentioned Maxine Waters, it's one thing to hear me talk about her at Skid Row.
But if you're a TV viewer, radio listeners will hear her voice.
But if you see her, you just really pick up on she's so proud just like she won the blue ribbon.
She's such a good person, and she's doing this good deed, even though it's the blue cities where the people are doing so bad and where they set it up to bring in people and to cater to the drug addicts and all of it, to create as big an eyesore as they can to get more funding.
She knows damn well what she's doing, and she's such a greedy monster that swindles taxpayers for decades, hundreds of millions of dollars, her husband 30 plus million in two different scams, that they admit.
But because she's black, they don't dare indict her.
It's incredible how the left operates.
So here she is on Skid Row.
Let me tell you, the camera cannot pick up how disgusting Skid Row is and how out of control it is.
And the drug dealers openly flipping the cops off 150 yards from the police station.
That's where it's at.
And now we're getting Skid Rows in Austin.
They're legal anywhere and everywhere, including your front yard, but not at city council.
Just like the EU exempts its own bureaucrats from EU taxes.
Yes, you can't make that up.
These people are incredible.
So here's Maxine Waters.
Okay, I'm Maxine Waters, and I'm here, and I'm with Stephanie Arnold-Williams.
With Stephanie Arnold-Williams.
And she's so creative.
She set up a really nice environment here.
But she's got all these educational books, and guess what?
I just bought the book on Langston Hughes for $10.
I need change.
I need 10!
By the way, I need a lot more than $10.
I'm gonna go to your calls.
I'm gonna explain this.
I can run this place for a year.
But that's a year.
If I don't order more product, I can run us for a year at our current operations.
And maybe even expand some.
But then, in a year,
We'll have to shut this place down and I'll still reach everybody and it'll be big.
It's just that it'll be a crew of 10 people on a crew of 50.
We do a lot of stuff behind the scenes, a lot of stuff you don't know about, a lot of things that, a lot of projects we funded over the years and I really can't even do that anymore.
But we can see our projects doing very well.
Some projects I funded 100%, some projects I funded 30%, but
We've done a lot.
And I wish back in the day, before they'd cut us off so many places, taken all our sponsors away with all the harassment, that I'd made more money and sorted it up.
I didn't.
And so, again, we've got David Knight in the morning doing a great job.
You've got my broadcast you're watching and listening to.
You've got The War Room.
We've got a couple new shows starting in September.
I'm not going to announce those yet.
But there it all is.
And word of mouth, your prayer, and your financial support.
They're all admitting that the water's full of deadly poisons.
Not just the glyphosate, but the fluoride, lowering IQ, all of it.
People are suddenly ordering more filters from us.
So it's a win-win.
And we also have a new film that I'm in, a lot of other folks are in.
It's You Can't Watch This.
It's won a whole bunch of big film awards.
And of course, it's good to have this in your library, because nowadays, they're taking everything offline.
So it's good to have original books.
It's good to have DVDs.
It's good to have things that you can copy and share with others.
So, You Can't Watch This.
Very powerful film.
One major awards.
Alex Jones, Gavin McGinnis, Paul Joseph Watson, Tommy Robinson, and Laura Loomer.
Look at those names.
Laura Loomer's totally banned.
Tommy Robinson's banned everywhere.
He's in jail for free speech exposing pedophile rings.
Paul Joseph Watson's a hunted man.
Gavin McGinnis, all the stuff there.
That's where we've gotten here, ladies and gentlemen.
I like my belly hanging out.
I've lost 10 pounds since then, but it doesn't matter.
It's a good film, and people should get it and donate it to local libraries.
That way you reach more folks.
You can go right alongside the pedophile books at the local library teaching six-year-olds how much it is fun to meet men at parks and be driven off in vans.
I'm not kidding.
We covered that yesterday.
The bottom's broken out, folks.
Hell is here, but we are here to counter it.
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
Okay, who was I talking to?
Jefferson in Virginia.
Go ahead and make your points.
Thanks for holding.
Thanks again, Alex.
On the funding front, I'm pretty sure you can turn the script around on Obama and the leftists here.
He set up the countering disinformation and propaganda
You know, that's a good idea, but you know, the center was created to counter me, so I don't know if the directors of that are going to go along with that.
Well, the president is not the king of the country, but he is the king of the executive branch.
And he can direct them to do what he wants them to do in the executive branch.
By the way, Jefferson, get his name and number for the weekend show I'm going to start doing.
I'm going to start doing it.
And other weekends, it'll be other hosts.
But where we have guest callers on that co-host together.
I think you should be one of those guys, Jefferson.
You've got a great voice.
I can tell you're pretty smart.
What line of work are you in?
I'd rather not say.
But your caller yesterday, Stuart, was a great caller.
Your discussion with him was fantastic.
And you touched on another solution, which was the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
Stuart didn't want to talk about it, but you should speak about it more often.
There's $80 trillion sitting around in those funds that they're hiding from us in the second set of books.
And you know about it, and I know about it.
And that's a subject.
You know, we need to revisit all those subjects that I covered hundreds of times, but then I kind of drop it like a dog finally drops a, you know,
A dead squirrel it's got in its mouth.
But all those old subjects that are so critical, I think we should go back and cover again.
What do you think?
Yeah, I think if we want to expand our audience, we have to go back to the basics of what we made ourselves into here.
You know, they call us propagandists.
They call us disinformation people.
But what we are trying to do is make people aware of what the big scam is.
And it's clearly going on.
And if we want more people to tune in to what we're saying, we've got to go build on the foundation.
I hear you.
Well, hey, if you want to be part of that show, I've told my crew we've got to start it within the next two weeks.
I keep saying I'm going to do it.
I still come in every weekend and do shows.
So we're intending to launch Saturdays, I think.
I think the best time would probably be in the afternoon.
And that way, people that want to go out at night can still go out at night, but we can do it live and then archive it.
People to watch Saturday night and just have a roundtable discussion each week with like five or six callers.
Maybe have a group of 20 people we have that we rotate through.
And I just think it'll be something really, really exciting.
Thank you so much for the call.
God bless you.
Hey, I live here in Austin.
I've called before.
I used to work in music and rock and roll and all that.
I wanted to say yesterday
I got an InfoWars original for you.
We want to use a music analogy for the current political situation.
It also gets into what you were talking about today with the chemicals and the additives and everything that these clown world Democrats, you know, you hosted the show, we know what it is.
They're like the goofball pop stars on American Idol.
He's begging for Simon Cowell's approval, while Trump is the greatest punk rocker of all time.
You know, recording his own records, booking his own tours, playing what the people want.
He exists outside the system.
He's the president, but he's not the man, right?
You can also use the Elvis and Led Zeppelin analogy, because anybody that knows rock history, they wrote their own book, they called the shots.
And pretty much nobody else ever did.
Even the Beatles couldn't really call their own shots.
Very few of them do.
And even if they have the ability to, there's other factors in play.
And so when you had all the stuff on the desk today, you know, all the different mouthwashes and all that, it's the same thing.
You don't have to get Crest and Colgate just because it's on the shelf in the store.
There are other options.
But you've got to seek those options out.
Don't go with the flow.
No matter what you do, where you are, don't go with the flow.
You made a comment earlier about why do these people think the gay thing is so great.
There was an old Chris Rock joke.
If everyone had a gay cousin and he was gay before he knew who gay was, you were playing basketball and he was skipping rope.
If it's a natural thing, God bless you.
But all these people that, oh, it's so liberal, it's so enlightened, they do this as a substitute for a personality.
They can't stand on their own two feet, so they do that identity politics crap.
Well, that's it.
Plus, exactly.
They've added a leftist, globalist position on the identity of being gay, so of course they want you to now be gay.
And really, it's about not having children depopulating.
If people don't want to have kids, that's their issue.
I'm not saying they're bad.
That's a total issue of whatever.
Some people can't have kids.
And to act like the country that's been the most open and liberal towards everybody is the bad country, when America's led the way in empowering people, they're using our strength against us.
God bless you, I appreciate your call.
But I'm telling you, the LGBT community now is pedophilic, it's evil, and I will oppose it.
I will absolutely oppose it.
I mean, I oppose Jeffrey Epstein trying to have sex with 10-year-old girls.
Believe me, they got younger than that.
And I oppose, you know, some pervert homosexual who wants to have sex with a little boy.
It's disgusting, and it's evil.
Keep your damn hands off the kids.
Or we're gonna hang you from the neck till dead.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Hour number four, your calls, Mike Adams and more.
Thomas Jefferson predicted, over 240 years ago, that when our republic was in trouble in the future, it'd be the farmers that were close to the ground, close to reality, who actually worked for a living, that would end up saving the nation.
And today, the communist Chinese have banned all U.S.
farming goods a week ago, and we've seen massive increases in polls to support for the president.
And what he's doing in this trade war wants China to put pressure on our farmers.
That's beautiful.
Americans aren't going to be bullied.
And we aren't going to back down.
So to the Joaquin Cruises and the Hillary Clintons of the world that want to intimidate people and tell us to back down, we're never going to give up.
And all you've done is awaken the human spirit.
And the human spirit lives at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
And I'm asking listeners,
Whatever you do, spread those links because we are the light in the dark of the night.
We are the resistance.
We are 1776 Worldwide.
As we witness the most disastrous geological activity in recorded history, the globalists are backed into a corner, and the leftists are pushing for civil war.
Borders are being broken and sovereignty is being challenged.
The world is going to change, and how it changes will likely be decided by those who are prepared to stay strong when the system fails.
The system is vulnerable.
Electricity could be gone in an instant.
And grocery stores could be empty in three days.
Having storable foods and the ability to purify water will give you a fighting chance in the next level.
And being without puts you at the mercy of others or makes you a slave to a dying system.
Buy storable foods and an Alexa Pure Gravity Water Filter today.
Support mankind by being prepared and support freedom by buying from Infowarsstore.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, we're into hour number four and I mainly hit on fluoride.
Now they admit it's causing massive IQ reductions and cancer.
It's insane!
It's insane, and they know it.
And it's not like Prop 65 where they say, you know, a one-billionth piece of lead kills you, and it's a fraud.
It's the left saying, fluoridate, fluoridate at super high toxic levels that they know hurts you, and then going, oh, but a factory is putting out carbon dioxide.
It's deadly.
Plants breathe it.
They claim they're the environmentalists.
They claim they're the guardians of humans.
But the left can't talk about how they want to kill everybody.
Well, these callers have been super awesome.
They're always great, but man, these are some great calls.
Chris, Dennis, Chris, David, Chris, Joseph.
We'll get to all of you, then Mike Adams is taking over.
Got a few more clips I'm going to play next segment I haven't gotten to yet.
Well, we'll play them next segment, but right now, who's been holding longest now?
Chris in Illinois.
Then we'll go to David and others.
Go ahead, Chris.
Hey, Alex.
You know, I've been selling water filtration here in Chicago for about 12 years, and I recently have seen more calls for RO filtration, which actually removes the fluoride.
We offer something that actually puts the minerals back in after filtration, so that's good news.
And then one other point real quick about the... Well, let me just stop you because people ask me what's the best water filtration.
This is important.
The best thing is reverse osmosis.
Cuts out 100%, as you know, if it's set up properly.
Very inexpensive.
And that's what I use for cooking.
But you better add the minerals back in.
That's critical.
Because if you drink only distilled water or only reverse osmosis, you get some major problems from that, right?
Yes, sir.
That's a fact.
We actually do a post-treatment that puts like 20 minerals back in.
And that's the good news is you're only getting the good minerals because most minerals that are already in the water raw are bound to other chemicals and toxins.
So that's why it's critical to just take everything out.
And you know, the thing is that we get a lot of calls into the office.
People want RO.
They're becoming more educated.
Oh, I mean, today I've had three conversations with people that
That have said, I want the fluoride out of the water, essentially.
Yeah, well RO's the best way to go, except, or still, if you add good minerals back, it just better be the right thing.
That's why I just go with Gravity Feds, because they cut out all the toxic chemicals, leave some of the minerals, and so if people don't know what they're doing, it's the best system.
I literally, morally think about the best systems.
We also sell reverse osmosis, we've just got to notice about it, because, of course, you explain to people though, you better add the minerals back.
That is correct, yes.
Because RO... I mean, it strips it down to hydrogen and oxygen, the two elements of water.
Oh, you want absolutely pure water.
It's reverse osmosis.
That's my own research.
But I'm sorry to keep interrupting.
What's your main point?
Well, so, you know, The Hunt, that movie, The Hunt.
I don't know if you've covered this.
I'm sorry.
I haven't been able to listen a lot.
But, you know, Dick Cheney was in Kathy O'Brien's book about how he... The Most Dangerous Game.
The Most Dangerous Game.
And so I've been calling Liz Cheney's office and asking them about it, and they don't really like me calling and asking them, but I mean, you know, it's not that, you know, I just don't understand why these things are occurring, but it still seems out of the realm of possibility for people, and it's actually happened already with a vice president of ours, you know, hunting people.
And you know, a lot of folks don't understand that hunting people's been done.
The Romans did it.
The Babylonians did it.
Uh, hunting, uh, folks is a very old deal.
And it goes back to sometimes you'd let prisoners go or gladiators go and then run them through swamps and things.
And so, truth is stranger than fiction.
Great points.
Anything else?
That's it.
Keep it up, man.
Love you guys.
Love you too, brother.
Yeah, you know, that piece that, uh,
Greg Reese put together was powerful, but I encouraged him.
I said, go back and do a bigger one with Ewing Cameron, who actually, Dr. Ewing Cameron, who actually ran the MKUltra program.
And it was declassified in 77 that he had kidnapped more than 10,000 children and taken them mainly to Canada and also New York.
And turned them into robots.
I mean, they were totally programmed.
And that was in the 60s and 70s he did that.
That's what they do.
This is really real, folks.
Well, today, InfoWars Live Protein Bar.
I just devoured your cousin, InfoWars Live Protein Bar.
What's going on here?
Ladies and gentlemen, we're in hour number four.
Coming in, Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, NaturalNews.com.
More of your calls here in a moment.
I have two clips I want to play.
One of these, I had the idea today when I was talking about fluorides like a weapon targeting children.
They admitted it, and I showed the documents and all the new studies.
And this big awakening, people are like, oh my god, you're right, incredible!
How has what you said come true again?
I showed people seven or eight other big Harvard studies, Mexican national government studies, Chinese studies, German studies, saying the exact same thing.
I mean, these studies are done well.
Kids just drinking fluoride a year lowers it about a point a year.
And that's just what's in the water.
It's much stronger in toothpaste.
But, uh, I said it's much like Darth Vader, like, you know, shooting and targeting, uh, the, uh, kids or, or, you know, you know, predator.
I mean, this is a weapon system, like on a box of shells for hunting varmints.
If it's for coyotes, it shows a coyote.
If it's for prairie dogs, it shows a prairie dog.
If it's for white-tailed deer, it shows a white-tailed deer.
If it's for a moose, it shows a moose.
Well, on the fluoride box of the fluoride water is a baby, because that's the target.
It's a baby's brain.
So here's that quick clip.
If you took your six-month-old baby and dropped it on its head on purpose, you would lose that child if you were seen doing it.
And you should.
If you're wondering why it's like a zombie apocalypse out there, why there's mental illness everywhere, why people seem
So incredibly stupid, it's because the Soviets, the Communists, the proto-globalists that took over, had work camps, and they put hydrofluorosilicic acid in the water and lots of other stuff to test it on the people in the gulags.
I went to HEB this morning, the crew did, walked right in, it says,
Baby fluoride water.
Let's zoom right in on that.
And notice it shows you the target.
It's kind of like buying a box of 30-odd-6 rifle shells, rifle rounds, and on the cover is a deer.
And there's a little crosshair on the side of the deer.
Maximum firepower!
Oh, I mean... Oh, baby!
It's time to kill brain cells!
So much more fun to take our time.
And then it's bye-bye brain, and you've got a good automaton.
That's scary as hell, because it's all real, folks.
But there's the cognitive dissonance that the White House science czar wrote this huge book about putting fluoride in the water to brain damage you 45 years ago.
It was published the year I was born, EcoScience.
And it's like, well, oh, 5G, they admit, is way worse than kill us.
I die.
There'll all be these marathons that raise money for everybody getting brain tumors.
Instead of just stopping it, not letting these people do it, but until we admit they're a bunch of eugenicist devil worshippers, it's only going to get worse.
Yes, a gang of psychotics took over our government.
That's why they don't want Trump getting into everything, because they've done so many crimes.
Okay, let's go to your calls.
Dennis in Virginia, and then we'll go to David and Chris and everybody else.
Dennis in Virginia, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me on again.
Yeah, I just saw your clip on Maxine Waters, and I tell you, she epitomizes the effects of fluoride toxication.
Yeah, she's sitting with a homeless lady trying to sell books to help the homeless community, and she wants her change back.
She's worth, I think she's worth like $100 million or something herself, and she wanted to give the lady $10.
She's way out there.
She's like