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Name: 20170822_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 22, 2017
3178 lines.

" In this episode, Alex Jones discusses the current political climate and globalist agenda, fear- mongering tactics used by the media to create discord among people, and delegitimization of President Trump and his supporters. He also talks about demon possession in anti-Trump protestors, potential consequences of a stock market crash and polarization during previous financial crises, and criticism of Trump's military decisions. Additionally, he critiques the labeling of people as Nazis for their political beliefs or hairstyles, discusses an attempted bombing of a Confederate statue by an alt-left terrorist, and warns against the path Europe is taking with mass Islamic immigration." "

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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Came in last night at half past ten.
That baby of mine wouldn't let me in.
So move it on over.
Move it on over.
Move it on over.
Move it on over.
Move over, little dog, cause the big dog's moving in.
She's changed the lock on our front door.
And my door key don't fit no more.
So get it on over.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is no doubt that there is a massive move to bully the American people and our president into submission of the globalist agenda.
And they've shown that there is no end to how much they will ratchet this up, and how much social discord, how much violence they will push.
I have got CNN, MSNBC clips, so many, I'm not even playing them every day, just because there's too many.
But we are going to play some of them today, where they are legitimizing violence, saying, go out, get violent.
And they've got congressmen, senators on TV saying, Trump's always been a racist.
We have the proof.
You know, he's KKK with no proof.
Next level lying hysteria.
And corporate businesses all over are sending out of their email list all sorts of weird made up rumors about Trump and racist and how Nazis are hiding under every corner.
And then their own mentally ill
Constituents, customers are then running out and stabbing white people and shooting white people because they have short hair or blonde hair.
I mean, it's in the news every day.
Now, obviously, we're going to go over all this today.
They've introduced legislation to forcibly, psychologically test the president.
All of this is, again, to unseat the election of the American people.
All of this is an attempt to say you're mentally ill.
All of this is an attempt to say that you are the enemy and you are the problem.
And then you go look at the constituency of the average Democrat now, and it is the most sad group of people, of ne'er-do-wells, of losers, of lost people.
And that doesn't mean we even like the Republicans.
But if you go look at a Democratic Party rally or event, they look like they've been run over a car a couple times.
They look soulless.
The mental illness rates, the neurotic behavior, they're making chirping noises.
I mean, it is a group of people that make the cast of The Munsters look normal.
And they are completely lost, they are completely freaked out, and they are just threatened by culture in general, and they want to bully full control of it.
And I know you know that, but this free society has produced a bunch of third, fourth generation, spoiled, rotten, desperate, crazy people.
And they are being played like a Stradivarius
By the establishment.
And it's, again, in the WikiLeaks and in the statements, it is just incredible to be caught between the vicious, sociopathic, psychopathic, technocracy globalists, and psych warfare experts, and then giant, unwashed masses, and because we won't euthanize them, because we won't kill them,
The eugenicists are using them and preparing them as lemming armies to run over us and they want to genocide us in an act of coming of age.
So our Christian ethos to not annihilate these people is being used by the very eugenicists who every time I talk to a globalist, high level, off record, they say, Alex, they're going to tear you apart.
They're animals.
Join us.
Help affect things from the inside.
We've got to have an orderly extermination of these people.
And then I go, but that's evil and that'll blow back on everybody and we could try to lift them up.
They're like, nope, the decision's been made and you'll just be destroyed with them if you don't join us.
And then I go out and see the public and they want to kill me!
In love to serious.
And they just make jokes and gibber at me and then roll around in their ugliness and then just absolutely throw it back in my face and say, no, no, no, we're gonna kill you!
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The rulers of this earth are hell-bent to enslaving and dominating the human spirit, controlling free will, and stealing the gifts that God gave us.
Envisioned us in his mind and spoke it into existence.
But their attempt to eclipse human destiny will be their own undoing.
The designs of the enemy will only be used in the end to destroy them.
Because it'll be the globalists that in truth destroy themselves.
Ladies and gentlemen, coming up, I'm going to break down what's really going to happen in Afghanistan, not what you think you heard from the President.
It's all coming up.
This is the InfoWar.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
And yes, the enemy calls it a war.
They call themselves the resistance when they're the establishment.
They're openly on CNN, MSNBC, everywhere, calling for violence against the American people, calling for physical intimidation.
It's happened.
Mainline sites like Jihadwatch, who I want to get on, who just expose radical jihad groups worldwide, calling for violence and the overthrow of the West.
They have been banned from commerce by PayPal.
And other conservative sites got hit today.
If lawsuits aren't filed, and this racketeering is allowed to continue, we'll be next.
That's why we've entered the season of the lawsuit, not because we're litigious, but because they're moving against everyone right now, against our free speech.
We either get engaged legally, and also on the streets, and financially, and we either triple down.
Our information war and financially flood libertarian, conservative, patriotic, and Christian organizations that are fighting the globalists with capital, and with energy, and with will, and with resistance, and with prayer, then we will fall!
But I'm here to tell you we're not gonna fall.
That's why the enemy's so angry.
They can feel the fact that our will is far surpassing them.
And we're finally watching these arrogant, lazy scumbags give us their full attack!
And all it's doing is causing us to get stronger.
Forcing us out of the cocoon and into the next level.
I've always just wanted a piece of the action in the fight against the globalists.
I never even dreamed that we'd be the prominent tip of the spear.
I was just simply there to raise the alarm bell for others.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, you see the next wave of awakening happening.
And so the giant counteroffensive that the globalists have launched is their desperate battle of the bulls.
It is their Waterloo.
It is their day to meet their fate.
Let me go ahead and break down for everybody the big news here obviously.
This is very complex and it's also extremely simple like anything that is based in nuance, subtlety, brute force, reality, history, and experience.
Trump has done everything he said he would do seven months in
And he's only been blocked on three big measures by Congress, but he's done everything he said he'd do.
He's gotten much of it done, and he's fought to get the rest of it through.
He said, I will fight, I will succeed, and I will keep moving forward till we get it all done.
And in seven months, he's had a devastating group of major body blows and uppercuts to the jaw of the New World Order.
I don't need to list all the things that have happened.
The enemy keeps saying he's a failure, he's a joke, he's mentally ill.
Because they're saying you're a failure, you're a joke, you're mentally ill, you're demoralized, you're defeated.
Let me tell you something.
You go out to a Democratic Party event, or you go out to any of these liberal events, they are absolutely lost, sad dregs of society.
They look like the little creatures in The Little Mermaid from Disney, the Hans Christensen story turned into a movie.
The little slaves, the little souls that Ursula with Flotsam and Jetsam have down in her little grotto at the bottom of the ocean, the people that she's tricked to give their will to, they've turned their will over to her.
And if you look at the little creatures down at the bottom of the grotto, gotta pull that up, you see what these people physically look like.
And you can even see what they once looked like, but there's this shadow of them now.
They have been vampirically, spiritually shined onto this, and then they are just sucked dry.
Or they're like little slaves that have had much of their essence sucked in the dark crystal.
They're like bringing in the food and stuff for the Skeksis and bumbling around.
And it's very sad until you realize all that's left of them is the enemy's hate for humanity and life and honor and strength and beauty.
And so they are just ravenous little demons.
And then you realize, oh my God, it's all spiritual.
It's real.
These people are
husk of what they were.
And peering out of them, I was in Seattle and there were lots of nice families and crowds and groups of people and all the colors of the rainbow, you know, Asian folks, Hispanic, black, white, half the folks were mixed.
And our listeners were always light in their eyes, smart, had facts, were going places.
You'd see a guy walking over with a, you know, great looking woman on his arm, you knew he'd be a listener.
You know, folks with kids on their shoulders, happy, down at the market.
Good looking women waving at you.
And then you'd see the people that hated me.
One of them would notice me, like a zombie, they'd go... And all of a sudden, light would come in their eyes a little bit, like... And then they'd look around, they'd wait till a crowd of folks got there, knowing a few of them would be in the crowd.
But it was all subconscious.
It was all coward-driven.
Group, group together.
Now say it.
F-U, F-U Nazi!
And then run away and try to watch to see if someone did something to me.
Because they're manipulated by their masters, so everything they do is also a shadow of what their masters do.
And so it goes up the hierarchy.
So, it's just crazy to realize that, like zombies, they're kind of moving around slow at first, so one of them notices you and goes, BRAINS!
And like one of them's kind of leaning up against the wall, and they walk over, they go, Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!
I am an intellectual!
I am scientist!
And like, wow.
Another one walks over, Nazis!
I'm afraid of them!
And then literally, a minute later, you see him like, in like a corner of a door, like eating a booger in front of you, and like, I mean, it's just like, whoa!
I'm not kidding!
They would walk over and eat boogers in front of me.
That happened like twice.
It's like a spirit.
It's like they're run by some program and it's crazy.
It's not like Agent Smith gets into their body and he's all cool in a suit and well-spoken.
It's like something else jumps in and it's like Slimer from Ghostbusters.
And it's like, I've already run into this spirit two or three times today.
And then you run into another one and you get to where you recognize the spirits
And you realize this is like Avatar or something, but it's not like advanced aliens came and jacked into their bodies.
It's like some interdimensional thing happened where like trillions of goblin spirits or something came into the planet.
I don't know.
And then it physically takes them over.
Excuse me, I know this is insane.
It is insane.
You've got to go out and experience it.
For yourself.
And all they see is you're awake and you're alive and you care, and they take the fact that you care as a way to bludgeon you and beat you and bully you, telling you you're a bad person, knowing you want to be a good person, until you turn your will over to them!
And then they smile and go, mmm.
I mean, the universities, they get your young people in there, they bully them, and they come submit, and the professors walk around and go, ah, mmm, oh.
I mean, literally, anybody that's been to college has experienced it.
And so I'd sit there in college and go, let me test this out.
I'm going to write the most socialist paper I can and go from getting, you know, an 85 to a 100.
And I'd even misspell everything and just had it horrible.
It was just 100.
They'd say, you want to come have coffee with me after?
And I'd say, oh, I've got to go.
And that's when I got out of college.
I'm like, this is totally fake.
This is complete fraud.
I've basically, since I was a young person, I'd lie about taking money out of my dad's wallet or stealing beer out of the neighbor's golf cart.
I did stuff like that.
Cause you know, I'm going to, I'm 14 and I'm going to knock on this girl's door and I want to grab a six pack and go hang out on the top of the golf course with her at night and drink beer.
I got to get some beer.
But other than that, I really don't lie cause I'm so into the truth.
I'm neurotic about it.
You look at these people, they're just all completely into deception and into lies, where they've lied to themselves so much that they're just on a whole other planet.
Now, speaking of lies, that was a few times I tested it.
In US history and psychology and all the basic classes they made you go to, just to see if this was truly the fraud I'd heard it was, and as soon as I just wrote lies.
That's all they wanted!
I'm like, I just got like a 98 for a bunch of lies.
Here, let me turn one in.
You still hand wrote papers back then, if you wanted.
Let me turn one in that's just got misspellings and unlegible.
Got a 100 for that!
I turned in horrible crap that was deformed and ugly, and they went, ah, well done.
Now you will... You say two plus two equals five.
Now you have the spirit, my son.
Prepare to join us.
As the sabotage continues... We're going to give you the secrets of his Afghan announcement straight ahead.
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There's a video that's up on Infowars.com right now that one of our new video editors went out and shot on the streets of Dallas at an anti-Trump rally and he talks about the fact that he'd never been to one of these and that it was shocking that it was actually true that it was a collection of mentally ill people acting like goblins.
And they even did a weird anti-Trump ritual.
Well yeah, they've had witches all over the country call for spirits to come into our dimension to attack Trump.
And whether you believe in any of this or not, when you go out and you look at them and you experience them, they're not acting.
And you'll run into one of them and then be in another city and it's like the same person
But a different body.
And they say the same weird stuff, and the same little jokes, and gibber like demons.
And now more and more people are seeing the footage I'm talking about, and they're experiencing it, and it's like, what is it?
Because I, growing up, you know, was Christian, but I was more atheistic in my mind.
I wasn't sure if all this stuff was real.
I knew that the establishment churches were annoying.
I knew I didn't like that.
I knew they were full of baloney.
When you look at the behavior of these people, it's just a bunch of losers.
And then every culture talks about times in civilization when people become decadent and then become demon-possessed.
The Asians say it.
The ancient Indian texts say it.
The ancient Chinese texts say it.
The ancient African texts say it.
The ancient Greek texts say it.
The ancient Babylonian texts say it.
The ancient Druidic texts say it.
The ancient Mesoamerican Mayan cultures say it.
They say that there's times when all of a sudden people go insane and are entered by evil spirits and begin to act out and try to destroy all that's good.
They want to sexualize your children.
They want to force you to take vaccines.
They want to pull down our sovereignty?
They want to bring people in that have diseases?
And then they act just like insane, demonic creatures.
So is this just an area of the brain that gets activated?
You know, the lower animal brain?
The reptile brain, as it's called?
Or is it something different?
Are they picking up a broadcast?
The power structure, the social engineers, seem to know what they're doing though.
And they've created these giant hordes of unwashed masses of every race, color, and creed who are unified by a spirit of hatred, a spirit that hates life, and a spirit that above all wants to control the prosperous, the honorable, those that want to be pure, those that resonate with the light, those that love God.
Are hated by those that love death.
All those that hate me love death, Jesus Christ said.
You won't find Jesus Christ in one of these establishment churches.
But let me tell you something.
You go out and you go to one of these anti-Trump events, or you go to a mainline Democratic Party event, and they'll tell you, hell it's even in mainline literature now, that they believe killing babies is a sacrament.
They believe it's to hurt Christians.
They believe it gives them power.
And they get off on it and they'll tell you, I kill my babies and I like it.
And I tell me more and they go, Satan!
And they're not trying to shock you when they eat their boogers or tell you they love Satan.
They're not acting like Linda Blair because they're trying to be bad.
They by approximation have given themselves over to the spirit and given themselves over to the media and given themselves over to the spirit of this world.
And now it's all they've got.
And they want you destroyed.
And they're not going to give up until it happens.
Go to their parades.
Go to their events.
Go and experience it.
And they bully each other.
And they fight with each other.
And they try to make themselves more extreme over and over and over again.
Kissing hatefully.
Wanting to pull down everything.
They're not tolerant, they're intolerant of you.
They believe you're mentally ill.
Because they're confused, they're lost, and they're led by a resonance, an archetype, a spirit.
And that's what you've gotta know, is that when you're facing these people,
You've seen the behavior.
You've seen it all.
They're not learning this from each other.
Maybe it's in the ether, the group collective, but it's the same thing in Washington, D.C.
or in Washington State.
It's the same thing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or Tampa, Florida.
When you see these people, it's the same deal.
They're turned over.
They're so dumbed down, so poisoned, so lost, that they are just empty screens, I guess, resonating lower energy, whatever you want to call it.
And it's like weird broadcasts from another dimension.
It's all distorted.
It's blind.
It's upset.
And it just wants to kill you.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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So please support us.
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We are back live.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com.
We're not the fake news.
We're the real news dedicated to justice and civilization and a future.
A constructive global destiny.
Enacted by individuals.
But manifested collectively.
That's how we'll defeat these armies of evil.
Look at DrudgeReport.com.
Phoenix braces for Trump.
Pence is going to join him.
I was told last week that the president is strongly considering pardoning Joe Arpaio at this rally tonight.
And I've been told that
His pardon has been green-lighted.
We first reported that two weeks ago.
Fox News confirmed with the Trump administration that it's been drafted up by the law firms, it's been reviewed by the chief counsels, and that the president has said he intends to do it.
Now he could change his mind, but he doesn't do that very often.
We'll talk about Afghanistan here in just a moment.
But look at what else is on DrudgeReport.com.
Google secretly recording you through your mobile phone.
That is shocking!
The Sun's reporting it.
Paranoid Android.
How Google is secretly recording you through your mobile, monitoring millions of conversations every day, and storing the creepy audio files.
How about the illegal audio files?
How about systems given to AI?
That then decides your algorithm and decides a detailed advertising package off what you're doing.
That pays for the main snooping.
Then they make money off stealing your literal thoughts, hopes, and dreams.
But then there's secondary sales of the information to other corporations, to other groups.
And they're inside your phone.
How can you trust anything that they claim they forensically find on a digital device when they're all backdoored, wide open, not back alleys, but big giant interstate thoroughfares for whoever wants to come through?
Because governments have demanded, via the Telecommunications Act here, and similar laws globally, unified giant backdoors that are bigger than the front doors.
You're sitting there with your little computer phone that's tracking everything you're doing.
You think it's this little window you're looking into, into the universe, but actually it's a giant doorway from everyone else to you.
And I've always warned everybody, I've always broke it down, and we told you with the patents, and we told you with the information that was sent out to the shareholders.
In 2005, by Google,
Google was only seven years old then, and they said, we're gonna activate the microphones, and soon there'll be cameras on all the new platform phones.
They called them smartphones then, coming out.
And they said, an example is, if the dog's barking, we'll know you have a dog, and then we'll have dog food ads pop up.
I was, I mean, it's happened about seven years ago in the office.
We did tests where we go in and talk about stuff in front of the group of computers and then a day later the exact ad, not stuff we've been searching, would pop up and I said let's just not videotape this and show it because it'll just be too much people won't believe it.
I already knew what's going on.
Here they are admitting it's happening.
Oh but see I'm the fake news because
I mean, it's like I was telling people on the street, they're like, ah, screw you.
One of you right-wingers ran over a poor girl.
And I'd say, well, I didn't do that.
I don't endorse that.
You're just projecting that onto me.
But I said, what about the 15 dead or whatever in Barcelona today?
Ah, shut up.
It's fake news.
Then one guy standing next to his boyfriend, he goes, actually, that did happen.
He goes, ah, whatever.
Shut up.
Because you're already so intellectual.
You're already just, oh, so intellectual.
Just, oh, frolicking around.
39 shootings in Chicago this weekend.
Nine deaths.
No national media outrage.
And the president tweeted that.
And what did the news say?
They said, the president's tweeted a racist alt-righter, Jack Posobiec.
Nothing racist, none of it true.
It doesn't matter.
They'll just have Tom Brokaw come out.
I'm Tom Brokaw and we've got to have a lot of courage right now to stand against all these Nazis like Alex Jones.
And I told everybody they're like role players.
It's like children's make-believe in these liberal groups.
That's kind of the gateway to it, is it's fantasyland.
They dress up in superhero outfits, and in Captain America outfits.
I see the video all over the country, and they show up and run around screaming, Nazi, Nazi, and then they beat up old women with American flags.
And then, I was telling the crew about it, they found articles today where they've got the LARPers, the live-action role-play people,
Showing up in Phoenix today, and now it isn't live action.
See, they always wanted to battle and fight evil wizards and, you know, be Conan the Barbarian, but now...
Now they're going to really go out and fight Nazis, and it doesn't matter the families coming out to hear Trump aren't Nazis.
It doesn't matter.
In role-playing land, you can just say anyone's a Nazi, including an old man in a wheelchair and beat the living snot out of him, or hit him in the head with a tire iron or a bike lock, because you're a hero.
And then they'll have CNN, and MSNBC, and the Washington Post go, well, cops deserve to die, they've been doing bad things, and you know, the public's all Nazis that support Trump.
And so, you know, that's what's gonna happen.
And then when we finally stand up to them, they're going to call it, oh my gosh, someone punched back!
Help Google, secretly recording you through your mobile, monitoring millions of conversations every day, and storing the creepy,
Audio files.
How about illegal?
You may have accidentally triggered a listening device, allowing it to record incriminating convos with steamy gossip.
And they even write it like, oh, it's your fault.
Yeah, you didn't read the 20 pages of stuff, the updates, you click some button or it loaded in.
They're already doing it.
And then when they get caught, they go, oopsie, that was a mistake!
All the time, Facebook, Twitter, Google, they all have these, all the time they're like, oh, accidentally we activated everybody's stuff for a year.
Oh, we got caught, we're gonna quit that now.
Did you know that Google's been recording you without your knowledge?
God, I didn't know that!
But, you know, a major newspaper reported it.
So, you know what?
I just learned that.
I just learned that.
You're about to learn what's happening in Afghanistan.
And it's the current policy, and we'll see if he can finagle it, because it is a very sophisticated maneuver the President's engaged in, but I'm going to break that down in a minute.
So the President's going to be speaking there in Phoenix.
Political leaders and law enforcement officials in Arizona are on high alert ahead of President Trump's campaign rally Tuesday night in Phoenix.
The big question is whether there'll be more supporters of Trump inside the Phoenix.
Convention Center, which holds 29,000 or protesters outside.
Oh, there'll be more supporters there, but they'll try to block them from getting in, rioting, just like they did at the inauguration.
And then they'll show footage of before Trump even gives a speech and say, oh look, no one was there.
It's another tactic of deception, just like we see in the WikiLeaks.
Then they'll be violent, and they'll say, the President's tearing America apart.
He needs to stop these rallies, and he still hasn't repudiated white supremacists, even though he does it over and over again like a parrot.
Repudiate white supremacists.
Repudiate Nazis.
Repudiate KKK.
Repudiate Nazis.
Repudiate KKK.
Hey, you know they never repudiated him.
Repudiate David Duke.
Repudiate David Duke.
Repudiate David Duke.
You know, I've never heard you repudiate David Duke.
In the same press conferences, I repudiate David Duke.
Five minutes later, you've never repudiated him.
I just repudiated him.
Repudiate, repudiate, repudiate.
Repudiate, repudiate.
Trump's response to the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia has become the biggest controversy to date of his presidency.
And then, of course, they don't show you his response.
They just say, the response.
That's a skillful deceptor at the Hill.
Don't even say he said bad stuff.
Just say, his response.
And then you've kind of delicately lied.
These things must be done delicately at the Ministry of Truth.
Right, Winston?
As if your time in the noose isn't coming.
At the hands of your masters, not me.
Trump's response to the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, has become the biggest controversy to date of his presidency.
The Phoenix rally, as a result, has become an opportunity for Trump's opponents to show their force.
You're powerful when you stumble around and attack old women.
Some GOP leaders, such as Governor Doug Ducey, have steered clear of the rally entirely.
That's right, it's all peer pressure.
Steer clear, be part of the follower group over here.
We're safe under the wings of Hillary.
As she eats us, eats our liver, one at a time, Trump is moving ahead with the event, despite a plea from Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, a Democrat.
He's doing it.
That's right, just stay away!
You've done enough, Mr. President!
They've already got to pull the security clearances of any of your supporters of the military, because after all, you're not allowed to support the Commander-in-Chief.
That's treason!
In Bizarro World...
Statson said in a statement that he's disappointed that Trump would hold a campaign rally.
They're calling it a campaign rally.
It's a rally for the agenda, not for his election.
See, that's a lie, too.
While the nation is still healing, this is a quote from the tragic events of Charlottesville.
How dare him hold a rally to criticize radical Islam when they're killing everybody left and right a hundred times?
But see, you control reality, Hill, so you tell us your whole upside-down lying article.
Phoenix Police Chief Jerry Williams.
See, they're all coming together here.
Said in a statement that her force will have maximum staffing during the visit.
Yeah, I wonder if they'll order a stand-down and like attack all the Trump supporters.
They'll probably do that.
I mean, that's how bad this has gotten.
Stanton said the city's committed to keeping everyone inside and outside in the area safe.
Imagine if we have all Democrat-run cities, what they'll do.
Gosh, it'll be hellish.
The Phoenix Police is always professional and the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have been great about coordinating with law enforcement.
Well, we'll see if that happens.
Things are changing there in Phoenix.
Sheriff wise and police wise, all of it.
So we'll see what happens.
There's that Hill story.
It's all about peer pressuring everyone into submission.
Now let me give you the big Afghanistan news.
The names of the streams on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and stuff today on the show have titles like
Learn tomorrow's news today.
But really you should say learn the news of 15 years from now today.
It is 15 years ago that I told you the cameras and microphones are watching you and how the algorithm works and how they data store it and what they do.
And it was 20 years ago I told you about all the NSA stuff but
I'm going to give you the maximum prime analysis of exactly what Trump's doing in Afghanistan.
And this is what the president is intending to do.
That does not mean that's how this is going to end up.
And before I go there, let me just give you some background as any real analysis would.
Arab Spring, Muslim Brotherhood, radical jihad movements, ISIS explosion.
That's all fomented by the globalists, by the UN, by the WTO, by the IMF, by the EU to open Europe's borders and have that giant influx to quote colonize Europe.
That's all declassified.
Soros, Zodiac boats by the hundreds a day, ferrying the people across from North Africa and the Middle East in, unvetted, dumping them in, night of attacks, bombings, mass runovers every day.
Isn't even news now, it's just background noise, AQ con, you know, all these, you know, the mayor of London, just say, get used to it, it's life.
Just get used to it, we're gonna kill you and run your life.
So, all that's happened.
Five years ago, they launched the Arab Spring as an ISIS cover.
Our military's ordered to pull out of Iraq and leave all the weapons, everything just in the storage facilities, just waiting.
Claiming, oh, it's for the Iraqi National Guard that you know will run at the first site they've been trained to fail.
By trained to fail, that'd be one guy training a thousand people, literally.
They're like eight guys training twenty-something thousand.
They leave all the weapons in there, they pull out, Obama opens it up, they give them the first load of weapons in Benghazi, they invade Iraq, take over part of the west there, go to the east of Syria, it's all staged, start the civil war.
Our military five years ago says we're not going to be part of this anymore, we're not going to be the Air Force for Al Qaeda and ISIS.
They tell Congress, Congress comes out, Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, they do a great job.
We stopped that.
We worked with the Russians.
Knock them out.
They're basically defeated right now.
And Trump says, you know what?
Now, Obama was actually talking about pulling out of Afghanistan.
Trump had said it should never have been done.
But then Trump says, hmm, the last place they've got now as a stronghold is Afghanistan.
And if we just pull out immediately, they're going to go in and set up shop again there.
The answer is actually pull out for real.
But make a deal with the different tribes for economic development per zone of the natural resources.
Share it with them.
That's what was really announced last night.
Block China from moving in by a set piece threatening to use India against Pakistan if Pakistan doesn't sue for peace with Trump.
Actually engaging in geopolitical brinksmanship, something that Obama wouldn't do.
That was all announced for people that knew what they were listening to last night.
He always told you what he would do, and that is, I'll never tell you what I'm really going to do militarily.
So he said, we're going to go in, kill terrorists.
That means kill the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS.
Remove those people.
And I won't tell you that we've got a commitment forever if other people don't do their part.
And really he's saying a peace deal and then a pullout and let Afghanistan actually run themselves, but in a balkanized fashion.
But to do that, when massive military comes in, it looks like military is expanding, but really it's the main force to pull the other force out.
Like there's more people at your house when you move than were probably ever there, because you're packing stuff up, neighbors are coming over to say bye, and you've got the movers coming in to load the truck.
But it looks like when the movers pull up, oh, more people at your house until you recognize it's a moving truck.
Well, they don't want it to look like that.
So it's going to look like a build up, but it's really going to be a pull out.
And I wrestled with whether or not I was going to tell everybody this.
Because I don't want to give away the U.S.
strategy, but smart people already know this.
I made some phone calls last night.
I talked to some contractors.
I talked to some military people.
I talked to some folks in intelligence agencies last night.
And I talked to some other folks that are real smart, just on the ground, to say, what were you told?
And they were told me the exact same thing I was told last night in about eight different phone calls I made.
We should get Pchenik on.
I bet he says exactly what I'm about to say on the other side.
Not because he's listening to me, because that's what's going on.
Trump intends to go in there with an evacuation force, make deals, pull out, and let them have their sovereignty and their chance.
And he's going to use India, putting pressure on Pakistan to do that, because it's really Pakistan running the whole show.
But we're not going to leave all the armories full of weapons and infrastructure for the Taliban and Al Qaeda and ISIS.
This memo will bring down the traitors.
McMasters doesn't want you... Deep State doesn't want you to read this memo.
I mean, talk about traitors.
You've got McMaster granting Susan Rice her same level of security clearance.
At the same time, Trump is actively saying, we need to find the leakers.
I'm being surveilled.
Oh no, you're not.
That's a big lie.
How are you going to lie to the people?
No, they wiretapped Trump Tower.
And so at the same time that Trump is saying this to the American people, McMaster is saying, I don't think Susan Rice did anything wrong.
I'm going to allow her to still have her same level of security clearance.
It's insane.
Why are the neocons surrounding Trump?
What do they have on him?
What's happening?
Well again, David admit in the memo, as I've said on air without the memo, the Bolsheviks, same globalist operatives, they created a state within a state for years and Russia only controlled Moscow.
And then they got everybody through time to turn in their guns through propaganda.
Then they slaughtered millions of people.
So they admit that it is a Maoist strategy.
That's what the weatherman taught Obama.
They are all carrying out a Maoist strategy with deep staters and cowards like McMasters and others that Trump picked.
They get approached by Deep State.
They get scared.
And they join with it because they want to play golf and do whatever while we're being carted off to death camps.
And you know, pot-bellied liberals are kicking our brains out and raping our families, literally.
That's what the left talks about, how they're going to rape us, how they're going to murder us, how they're going to have all these little nobodies.
This is their existential dream of power, is to run around defecating on everybody.
Well, people need to look no further than Venezuela and what happened.
That's the exact same thing that they did there just several years ago.
They got rid of the guns.
Everyone turn in your guns because we want to be a peaceful nation.
And then just about a year or so later, we saw the total collapse there where the government was actually purging people who are eating dogs and giraffes out of the zoo, purging them because they don't have the guns or anything to fight back.
Yeah, it only shows their hand even so more.
When the minute you start telling the truth, they try to slap you down.
The minute they start sharing anything that has a headline that's anti them, they try to ban it.
They are going to be forcing their hand so much that they're showing us, they're exposing us what their actual plans are.
They're trying to ban us, they're trying to shut us down, they're trying to fire people for speaking the truth.
That's only going to mean that more people are going to hear it.
We're not the radicals saying all this.
They're on C-SPAN.
But the Aspen Institute with Wolf Blitzer, Brennan, and Clapper saying a violent overthrow is coming in the next few months.
Don't wait for impeachment.
We're now moving.
And then Al Gore goes on the Late Late Show and says the same thing.
I mean, they are doing it!
Okay ladies and gentlemen, you want to know what Donald Trump really said in last night's speech?
Well it's everything he said on the campaign trail.
That he's going to follow his instincts and that he's going to get us out of Afghanistan.
You notice he didn't say in the speech
I'm not going to follow my instincts.
He said, my instincts are we should never have been there, but now I'm behind the desk in the Oval Office and, well, that changes things.
If we announce an evacuation, it'll be like Saigon 1975 with people hanging off the helicopter skids on top of the hotels trying to get out.
And the C-130s overloaded with men, women and children, marked for death once the North got full control.
So, the real victory is deception in war.
Tell everybody that you're beefing things up so that you see all the equipment being moved around on the ground and what looks like an expansion is actually the beginning of a pullout in the next twelve months.
But then, how does he secure that?
The globalists kept Al-Qaeda and ISIS still operating.
They protected them all over the world.
They used them as an excuse to be there.
Trump is actually going to kill them all just like they've done in
Syria and Iraq and crushed and defeated ISIS and Al Qaeda.
And you never hear about that on the news.
But he and our military have succeeded.
So he's actually going to go in, end the problem, kill the terrorists, not try to occupy the country.
The Afghans are going to see that and historically stand down.
Then we'll work.
Through corporate systems with all the different tribes that want economic development for their lithium and their other rare earth minerals and their natural gas and their oil, cutting out China.
And the deals are being made.
But the globalists wanted destabilization and an excuse to actually stay there and just make money for the contractors.
And that's not going to be done.
The globalists didn't want to defeat China and cut them off, but Trump's now doing it with India, with pressure on Pakistan, and if you look at all the chess pieces, it's a master move, but you don't tell people when you're coming, you don't tell people when you're going, you tell people...
American people what you're going to do.
Look, Denny told you, but military wise, I'm never going to tell folks what we're doing exactly.
I'm going to deceive our enemies.
I'm going to tell you the truth.
I'm going to deceive our enemies.
That's exactly what he's doing.
But not really deceiving them, because all out in the open is the real pieces of the plan.
Go in, actually knock out the terrorists, knock out the Al Qaeda, knock out the ISIS.
Pull the troops out.
Come in with economic development.
Put pressure on Pakistan through India and others to make them stop supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS and tell Pakistan, you can actually run Afghanistan like you've always wanted to, but you've got to get off our back.
Now that's what Trump is attempting to do, and I believe it is the very best plan, knowing all the different factors, studying it, getting exclusive interviews with Hamid Gul, the former head of Pakistani intelligence, and everybody else on and off air.
Don't just talk to him.
Trump's plan is the very best for America, American business, and for our veterans that have bled so much over there to actually defeat the Wahhabist scourge that we've actually been propping up at a globalist level.
The globalists create the enemy, prop up the enemy.
Trump's not doing that.
We're going to devastate the actual Al Qaeda ISIS, bring in economic development, and pull out.
We're giving them a carpet of gold instead of a carpet of bombs if they accept it.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing till they got a hold of me.
I opened doors for little old ladies.
I helped the blind to see.
I got no friends cause they read the papers.
There can't be a scene.
We are back live.
Millie Weaver, who videoed the amazing eclipse with Gavin Wintz yesterday, is going to be joining us at the bottom of the hour just to talk about how amazing it was and how it's seen by different folks as a different portend or omen.
And we're also going to be opening the phones up.
If you just joined me, coming up in the next segment, I'm going to be playing clips of Trump's speech last night on the situation in Afghanistan.
During the speech I said, knowing Trump and knowing his background, I hope that this is him understanding you can't just announce an evacuation and then turn over all the infrastructure to Al Qaeda, ISIS.
They'll know you're pulling out and during the transition they will attack.
So what you do is you announce a build-up, you do go in and build-up, turn the military loose to just kill and destroy, seek and destroy, search and clear all of the Al-Qaeda ISIS forces, and then once they've all been wiped out, a lot of them are on CIA payroll, old payroll from Obama, once they've been dealt with, once they've been taken out, then you can go in and make the business deals with the different tribal chiefs, that's how it is,
You cannot democratize Afghanistan, because they'll kill you.
Because they're always at war with each other, because there isn't a Afghanistan.
There's a bunch of past-tune, Akhani Network tribalists that are also half the population of Pakistan, and Pakistan can't control them either.
You try to, they kill you!
So it's their country, it's been their country for thousands of years.
All they know is people always try to invade and take it from them, from all different sides, North, South, East, and West, and all they know is they kill you.
But if we come to them and say we're liberating you from an oppressive central government, it took a couple hundred U.S.
Special Forces six months to completely kick the Taliban out of Afghanistan in 2001, early 2002.
The problem is we had to, quote, you know, make a deal to basically not, quote, stay.
Well, then when we did stay, then all the tribes started fighting again and they started allying themselves with ISIS and Al Qaeda again in an attempt to kick us out.
And then that's why you've got the ongoing bombings and killings and people getting shot, their arms and legs blown off, and the trillions of dollars we've spent.
And that's the big boondoggle.
The big banks didn't want a good policy for U.S.
They didn't want to make business deals and go in there and actually have infrastructure and have to pay the locals.
They'd rather go in and just have trillions of dollars spent on a failed war that saps American money, power, and treasure.
And allows China to continue its globalist economic expansion, where they're taking over the world through economic operations, and Trump sees that and says, no!
We're going to beat you, China, economically!
We built you, we put Mao in, we set your country up, we let you have our markets, and you screwed us over for it, and now we're taking that back from you, so get ready.
We're going to hit you with military containment,
And we're going to hit you with economic growth and expansion and all your one-sided deals are over.
And we're going to go in and build up India.
And if Pakistan wants to play ball, we'll work with them.
If they don't, we're going to hit them with economic development in Afghanistan and in India and cut you off another pincer operation.
You want to know the whole plan?
Here it is.
I don't need to talk to Trump to know it.
I said, well, that's what it probably is last night when I was watching, but I wasn't sure.
Then I made phone calls, and that is currently the plan.
The big question is, can Trump execute it, or will they try to sidetrack it?
They failed so far in a big test in Syria.
They tried to expand the war, take out Assad, and Trump has said no.
Can Trump contain the generals?
Can he control McMaster?
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The men and women of our military operate as one team with one shared mission and one shared sense of purpose.
They transcend every line of race, ethnicity, creed, and color to serve together and sacrifice together in absolutely perfect cohesion.
That is because all service members are brothers
And sisters, they're all part of the same family.
It's called the American family.
They take the same oath, fight for the same flag, and live according to the same law.
But despite all these speeches he's always given, the NAAC awards he got 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago,
Despite all of that, despite other things I'm not going to say on air, they still continue to call the President a racist.
Because it's all they've got.
And once they get away with lying, and once you can have Tom Brokaw say he's a racist, or Tom Brokaw say Alex Jones is a racist, the sky's the limit!
And so they have no qualms, they have no standards, they have no governors.
They have nothing now.
They are fully committed to outdoing each other in the controlled corporate media to destroy the president.
It's quite a spectacle.
So every day I have the clips with CNN, MSNBC legitimizing violence.
I've got MSNBC legitimizing an end to the First Amendment saying it's bad, it's racist.
See, once you can say everything's racist, you can ban everything.
Arizona congressman, President Trump's clearly racist and just an abject liar.
MSNBC test card describes President Trump as the trash man.
And this is what I've noticed over and over again before I play these clips.
Every time they attack us and we really pull back and look at their attack, whatever they've just done
We're going to play some of this video in a moment.
Whatever they've just done ends up backfiring on them.
It's incredible.
It's like BuzzFeed went, the same folks that made up the PP dossier on Trump, and are getting sued over that, they admit it's a fraud now, they went and had a bunch of our products tested by a top California lab, because California has the strongest state laws in the world, where there's more lead in the air
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Oh, but it's overpriced.
Look at this B12.
This is the best in the country, the lab says, and it's $35.
Theirs is $17.
They didn't even know that
The B-12 company they picked is all over the country, known to be the best.
We went and private-labeled with them!
I'm not even doing a plug right now.
I'm just showing how this backfires on them.
So here it is.
It hit me.
They're calling him the trash man.
On the slate of the video, for those who don't know how broadcast TV works, when you have a clip, they'll put a
Rainbow color card at the front and at the back.
And that way folks picking up the feed or picking up the clip from other networks, other affiliates, they've got a scope that can look at that color bar and they can dial the scope off the colors they're sending out.
That shows you what color scheme they're broadcasting.
So you can then match up your colors with theirs or change it if you want to.
And you put the name of the clip or the subject file, like in the NFL, it'd be post-game highlights, or it'd be year highlights, or it'd be coming up.
You have names of files.
We have them here.
We have the same stuff here.
Even though we don't send clips out to a bunch of networks, still, that's just how clips work.
We can punch up the whole rainbow screen, you know, behind you right now if you'd like.
NBC used to use a peacock.
It had all the colors and people would dial to that.
But they're calling him the Trash Man!
But what's the trash man do?
They think that's an insult.
Who is a trash man?
He's a hard-working person in sanitation that goes out and does a rough job with dogs attacking you and driving around with cars everywhere and hanging off that vehicle.
That's a manly job.
And getting there and taking people's trash and throwing it in a big truck and smashing it and driving to the landfill.
That's a very honorable job.
I think of a trash man as a very honorable, hard-working job.
See, I'm not an elitist, like the folks at MSNBC.
To them, the trash man's the lowest thing.
He takes out their garbage.
He is a garbage man.
He's covered in garbage.
He's dirty.
He's down in the goblin's nest.
What's a trash man do?
Trash man takes out the trash.
So, even their own attacks, out of their own demonic mouths comes the truth.
Out of the mouths of little babes.
You're the trash man!
They're literally Oscar the Grouch popped up out of the trash.
Your kids belong to me!
Use the words I say!
You're all racist!
Ah, screw you!
They're like dirty, hateful, degenerate, heroin-head comics or something on CNN, MSNBC.
I mean, they're just so reprobate, so nihilistic, so desperate, so unhappy, so annihilated that misery loves company.
They're like, ah, the trash man.
Go to trash man bin.
Yeah, the trash man said more stuff today.
And then you hear what he said.
Bring people together.
Build the economy, appreciate hard-working teachers and firefighters and police and farmers and our military, and let's all have honor again, and let's come together.
And then he's getting the economy going, and they're like, ah, shut up, you trash man racers!
Meanwhile, it's like a little evil, satanic Oscar the Grouch on PCP popped up in the trash can
Have you noticed, trash can man, that you're being taken to the trash by the trash man?
So I love it.
We now have Trump's new name.
He's the trash man.
Here comes the trash man!
He's up there early every morning.
He's working late into the night.
He's going into all the dangerous places and all the nice places.
He's going to every town, every house.
But he's not like Santa Claus that doesn't exist, who supposedly brings you free stuff.
That's the Democratic Party.
He really is a trash man.
He shows up, he pulls up that big stinking trash can full of baby diapers and rotten food and all the rest of the crud, and he gets in there and he walks over and he dumps that right in there for ya.
And the glass and the dangerous stuff, all the things that are in there, he gets his hands dirty to clean up the garbage.
To clean up the crap off the sidewalk.
And they call him the trash man.
I think that's his name.
Donald Trump's the trash man!
Showing up in a nice suit, right in early, clicking his heels, saying, I'm ready to take that trash out for you.
And you know what?
He's been taking the trash out.
Destroying ISIS that Obama turned loose around the world, that Hillary funded.
Deporting record numbers of felons and criminals doing just what he said he'd do.
They're not deporting little kids and people like that, unless they don't even have parents here.
They're going after the criminals.
69% reduction in illegals coming across the first six months.
They're like, that's racist!
Really, Mexico will torture you if they catch you there illegally.
They'll take all the money out of your wallet, but it's okay that Mexico does it.
Oh, some people have been deported up to 40 times?
Serial killers?
And Trump's doing his job!
We're a country!
We have borders!
We're open!
We want you to come here, but not if you're a criminal, not if you're a felon.
And you know what, have you got leprosy?
If you're going to come here, we're at least going to know you've got leprosy and send you to a clinic.
Under Obama, they let people in with leprosy and TB and everything else and didn't even treat them when the Border Patrol, the people came wanting medical help, saying, I have leprosy!
I have leprosy!
Sometimes they were getting a leprosy case every day on the Texas border.
I was told this by medical people.
Health department people said, I used to think you were crazy, Alex.
We're getting leprosy cases and told to be quiet about them.
We've got whole wards of drug-resistant TB.
You know they still got plague down in Guatemala.
People coming out of Venezuela that used to have the plague.
Used to be as rich as we were.
They got plague down there.
Because the sewage is running in the streets.
Because the trash men don't come anymore.
Just like Seattle.
I was like, that's not dog crap on the ground.
There was homeless feces all over the place.
And I should have taken our cameras and shown it, but I couldn't even do it.
It would be like a homeless guy splayed out with urine all over the ground and piles of crap.
And nobody cares.
Cops driving by.
And it wasn't that I was some angel.
I couldn't help it.
Even though they're total drug addicts, I just couldn't help but give them money.
Or take homeless in and say, do you want a sandwich?
You want some food?
And it was like a night, and then while I'm buying them sandwiches, I got people going, F you Alex Jones!
F you!
They don't want to help those homeless.
They just want to see homeless so they feel better than them.
Because they look all homeless and whacked out too.
That's what it is.
They need to give the liberal underclass somebody to look down on.
That's why they've got all the homeless there.
They don't take care of them.
I started figuring it all out.
It's like, man, these people are sick!
We'll be back, ladies and gentlemen, with a live.
I've got some key intel.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Mark Moreno is our guest.
He's been traveling the world.
They've had arrest warrants out for him.
They want him arrested here in the United States.
The governor of New York wants him arrested because he dare questions Al Gore when Al Gore says the polar bears are all dying and can't swim.
New York and L.A.
would be underwater by 2013 because the ice caps are gonna melt, actually Antarctic's at record levels.
But they don't care because they can defraud the public.
But recently in Australia, he ran into Albert Gore.
The guy that told us Naphthene Gat was great and wanted us to have the TPP.
The guy who uses 34 times what anybody, you know, uses on average in Tennessee.
At one of his gigantor mansions on a lake.
With gigantor boats and gigantor monster trucks and gigantor everything.
But it's okay, because he's an elitist blubberbot.
So here's the evil criminal, Mark Moreno, daring to even speak to the guru.
Here it is.
Can I ask how you got in here?
We've got double scum with us here.
They dare talk to one of the greatest con artists on earth.
How dare you speak to the royal highness?
You're on fit to groom his stool.
Mark Moreno of Climate Depot, what do you say for yourself?
Thank you for having me on, Alex.
Yes, I was in Australia, we were in Melbourne, Australia, and I had to sit through an hour and a half presentation by Al Gore previewing his new sequel, number one.
Number two, we had to wait because Al Gore's devious plan included allowing the front
I think so.
Al Gore gives this presentation that's all anecdotal, just claptrap, and then immediately walks off the stage.
He doesn't even take a single question after people paid $500 plus a head.
He had no time for question and answer, so that's why I decided to follow him out.
Was able to get that.
He was all friendly when he thought I was nice, when he knew who I was.
He literally just brushed me off, kept walking, and departed in his Lexus waiting SUV outside in the parking garage.
And I love how there's some redhead lady toting behind.
She's looking at him, breathing heavy, that she's just near him.
The guru, I saw him sneeze.
Some of his snot went in my mouth.
And then she looks at you just like... Alright.
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You're the pretender!
What if I say I will never surrender?
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, MSNBC's pool camera that was playing clips of President Trump was named Trashman.
And they're saying, no, we don't really call him the Trashman.
We never call him anything bad.
We just call him a Nazi with no evidence, a white supremacist, mentally ill, a liar, a criminal.
No, we never call him the Trashman.
But you know, whether they are really calling him the Trashman or not, I think it's a nickname we ought to have that's endearing.
To the president, because what's the trash man do?
He takes out the trash that is mainstream media, corporate whore media, with the prostitutes and people like Mr. Maddow.
And Ben Garrison, for the last two years, keeps likening Trump to the trash man.
I was like, where have I heard of that before?
The racist president's evil, says the trash can.
You got Trump in there sweeping up all the little Podesta people, all the little ISIS folks, Obamacare, the fake news, the open borders, NAFTA, the corrupt media, globalism, all of it.
All of it's either been defeated or being defeated.
And the swamp is striking back with a grand jury.
Out of the swamp, District of Criminals, but they can't even get an indictment.
So now they move on.
They move on to he's KKK!
Go away!
When their own Democratic Party created the KKK, and they're removing all these statues of famous Democrats!
But see, I'm cursed with actually being informed.
I'm cursed with actually knowing what I'm talking about.
Fifteen years ago, telling you Google was listening to you over the droid phones when they were first coming out.
And now it's in mainstream news today!
Google secretly recording you through your mobile!
All confirmed!
Oh my gosh!
Isn't it amazing?
Turns out what you're saying is valuable to those AI algorithms!
Think about that.
What if I put a microphone in your house to, quote, see what you wanted to buy from me so I knew who you were and all your secrets?
And they've got computers collating it?
No wonder Amazon, run by the CIA, two years ago announced it knows what you're going to order online when you're a prime member, meaning you order enough before you even order it with 99 plus percent probability.
So they already have the product a day before packaged.
And you're like, how does it know that?
I didn't know that.
Because you are subconscious most of the time.
And your conscious can only focus on a tiny bit of your consciousness.
But the computer is sitting there logging it all.
It knows you better than yo mama!
Yo daddy!
Yo greedy greedy granny!
That go beep beep beep down the Sesame Street!
Ain't no mountain high enough!
Ain't no valley low enough!
To keep them from getting all your data!
But it's okay, because Bezos is liberal!
Oh, hi, I'm Bezos!
Oh, hi, Apple has slave factories!
Oh, but it's alright!
We're liberal!
Hey, cool, yo!
Share a party serves up, dude, yo!
Oh, we're all real cool guys!
Ah, yeah, yeah!
Total psychopaths!
They're just sitting back going, how fast can we just kill all these people?
The Earth's going to be so nice when I can go thousands of square miles and not look at one of these subhumans.
But we're getting rid of their families.
We're hitting out with the strongest ones right now that we can't hire.
Shutting them down and we'll have full control soon.
As if someone with that type of uncool attitude will ever
Be given the real next level by God.
You people are stupid.
You're so blind, you think you're willing to exercise pure evil, and so, you somehow are going to transcend us.
When you haven't transcended us, you've sunk all the way to the bottom.
And you're looking into the fishbowl, going, look at those people, they're in hell, because you're already so cold, and so devoid of God, and so disconnected from reality, that you don't even know what you've done.
Do you know what you've done?
You're guilty of attacking yourself.
But cancer isn't conscious, is it?
It believes, if it had a consciousness, that it is transcendent.
It transcends the bounds of its world.
It's a god.
It can do whatever it wants until the host is killed.
The globalists are not symbiotic colony organisms.
The globalists are cancer.
A demonic
In space.
In time.
A color.
There's no color in a black hole.
There's not even blackness.
It's just dead silence.
Dead space.
But an oozing oil slick kinda streams out behind it.
It's a color, they all see it.
It's like a rainbow, but not the rainbow.
It's like a slime.
A smell.
A stench.
The smell of failure.
And the god of failure.
The god of cancer.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Ladies and gentlemen, if we want to transcend the globalist, we've got to realize we're in a big giant universe.
And these people want to create their own little paradigm, their own little false reality and trick us to enter it.
Like that famous photo Drudge tweeted out of Zuckerberg walking bipedally while all his employees are wearing the VR goggles.
I want to play an intro piece that we cut out of a piece that Millie and Gavin Wentz put together with 2001 Space Odyssey.
And I saw this yesterday, the report before we aired it on a special live transmission we did covering Trump's Afghanistan speech.
And I said, that looks so good.
I said, what graphics package did we buy that out of?
And they go, no.
Gavin Wentz shot that of the eclipse, and I went, boy, I sure wish I'd have gone outside for that, because I've seen a few eclipses.
They were nothing like this, but the way he shot it...
I guess it was a really good spot where he shot it from the middle of the country.
It looks like something out of a movie.
And then he added Infowars.com into it, and it just lets you know what a magic, incredible universe we live in.
So we're going to go in a moment for the last five minutes of a great report they filed yesterday.
But I want to play that little intro piece with 2001 Space Odyssey music on the front of it.
Here it is.
Again, for radio, it's not as powerful, but the song is always powerful.
Look at that!
Actually shot loose.
Look at the mass scale of the universe.
I love it!
And... it just gets better.
Globalists are just here to test us for the next level.
And the challenge is that it's going to get more intense after that.
So, good job to Gavin and Millie.
They are so good in the field.
They're great here.
I just wish we could find more reporters like them.
I mean, I'd hire ten new reporters.
The problem is just going through all the resumes and the people and the rest of it.
There's so many great folks, but... And we all see the funding to do it, but...
It is amazing.
Now, coming up, we're gonna actually show you the raw footage of it and narrate here on air.
But the name of the video, it's on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
The name of it...
We'll pull it up on screen, is that it brings people together.
Total Eclipse of the Sun brings humanity together.
And I think it really does, because we all look at the same moon, we all look at the same sun, our ancestors looked at it, we've had the shared experiences.
We're the humans!
And the globalists believe they're breaking away from humans, that they want to control the environment to such an incredible level, that they're going to change who they are, because they believe they're ugly and fallen.
Well, that's because they're spiritually ugly and fallen.
If they had a connection to God, they would realize that they don't need to exterminate everybody and merge with machines to be somebody.
They don't have to run everybody else's life and control everybody and surveil everybody to be somebody.
They could be somebody by actually being honorable and good and opening up that channel to the divine, to God.
But they don't want that.
And meanwhile they've got the Antifa, the Bikers for Trump, and other groups planning to protest Trump's Phoenix rally.
Look at that deceptive headline.
Antifa's Bikers for Trump and other groups planning to protest Trump's Phoenix rally.
Well, Bikers for Trump aren't protesting Trump.
Look at that Phoenix headline.
Phoenix Times headline.
Who writes these?
It's like Trump's doing a campaign stop and everybody wishes he wouldn't come.
How dare the president even come?
Yeah, and anybody in the military that likes him, they need to have their security clearance taken.
Yeah, did you hear Jack Posobiec in Naval Intelligence?
President likes him.
Yeah, he's lost his security clearance.
You can't have a security clearance like the president.
It's just a huge, no-platforming, shaming thing.
Like we're all a bunch of cowards.
And like a bunch of leftists defecating on the side of the street are gonna point at us and just, we're gonna call you racist if you don't bow down to us!
I'm like, listen, schmuck.
You're not even part of the elite.
The average liberal is like one step away from being homeless.
And they walk around, no matter how intellectual they are, and they only want a bunch of homeless around so they can look down on them.
They love misery.
And then they want to point everybody else and just shout a bunch of lies.
We're going to Millie in a moment, but let me get to this clip because I said I was.
MSNBC test card describes President Trump as the trash man.
But notice how that backfires.
Yeah, he's taking the trash out.
Arizona Congressman President Trump is clearly racist and just an abject liar.
Where's the racist quote?
Oh, he didn't decry the KKK.
Yeah, he did, you liar!
He said the Antifa is a bunch of trash too, because they are!
Now talk about the Muslims killing everybody!
Oh, that's not even in the news!
A day after they kill, you know, 15 people and run over 200 and another 7 stabbings here, 5 stabbings here and 3 stabbings here!
Just all over Europe!
Allah Akbar!
Allah Akbar!
Allah Akbar!
Allah Akbar!
No where does it say Muslims are responsible.
Most headlines don't even say terrorism, it just says car attacks, knife attacks!
Right next to it, USA Today, New York Times.
Vicious car attack leaves 13 dead.
It was later 15.
Read the whole article, nothing about Muslims.
Right next to it, America turns against right wing after their violence in Charlottesville.
Every gun owner is responsible for any gun crime.
Every gun owner is responsible for Charlottesville.
You killed that girl!
You have guilt!
The anointed ones, the great intellectuals, they said it!
And you are gonna go along, and you're racist too, and you're mentally ill, and the president's mentally ill.
Doesn't matter all the statistics.
All the university studies show liberals are nine times more likely to be mentally ill.
Six times more likely to steal.
Nine times more likely not to give to charity.
And depending on the study, many, many times,
To have less hygiene.
They're dirty, lazy, lying, cheating, stealing, frauds.
And then they go and they bully other well-meaning people to go, I guess I'm a liberal, I guess I'm a progressive, because I'm sure not the evil blue-blood Republicans.
And I'm like, of course you're not.
Neither am I.
I am a real progressive.
I want to progress science.
I want more of my paycheck.
I want more self-defense.
I want more technology.
I want more life.
And I want it to serve me and my family and you.
And I want us to have a great time into the future with incredible adventure.
But they don't want that.
They want to run your life.
The new feminist magazines, I always told you they said this proudly.
They're like, we kill babies as a kind of ritual for our freedom.
It's a sacrament.
Kill your baby.
Oh, because it freaks out the Christians, saves for Satan.
We don't really mean that.
Even though we're at night, we got tears we can't not finish.
You liberal!
Give us control now!
That's their spirit.
Pull up that photo I tweeted out last week.
Are Debbie Washington, Schultz, and Hillary.
It's in the photo.
I mean, that's a real photo of them at a campaign.
Hillary's like... And Schultz is all... Just robbing and stealing everything.
Putting horrible, hardcore, radical Muslims in charge, just blow up churches, enslave the women, put women in slavery, sell them on to slave ships.
They take little girls, 100 men, rape them till they die.
And they're just like, you say something to a liberal, they go, screw you, we're gonna get you soon.
Of course we're doing that.
The Muslims, we're allied with them.
You'll never stop them.
You'll never stop us.
I actually had this top Pentagon globalist guy, what was his name?
Thomas Barnett.
John Harmon heard it during a break.
Years ago, he was coming on as he calls for world government, says our military works for global government, kind of trying to mainline the whole deal.
And he thought I was Alex S. Jones of the Shorenstein Center, because that guy had a syndicated radio show his family used to own the New York Times.
And he goes, excuse me, this is the Alex Jones of Infowars?
He goes, I'm not talking to him.
And I'm sitting there and I go, Harmon, let me talk to him.
So he patches the call through.
I go, listen, defend your ideas.
Just come on.
He goes, you listen here, you're never gonna win.
We're gonna defeat you.
And his voice is like, you listen here.
He was looking at me like, nope, not doing it.
I said, listen, we're gonna defeat you.
He goes, you'll never defeat us.
I was like, whoa, Harmon heard it.
He's like, that's right.
Because they just dial into this evil and it's a spirit.
They're just like.
And the reason I'm illustrating this is because that's who you're facing.
They don't want prosperity.
They want to screw you over.
So let's play this clip and go to Millie.
Arizona congressman President Trump is clearly racist and just an abject liar.
Representative Ruben Gallego, you lie!
Here it is.
And to call the President of the United States a racist is a big statement.
Yeah, I kind of realized that, and that's why I'm saying it.
And it's sad that I have to say it, but look, you have to look at other aspects of this.
One, you know, his Muslim ban.
Where did that come from?
Obviously that was, you know, a campaign rally, but a statement that he tried to turn into policy, and here he is actually executing that.
Again, it's unfortunate we have to say it, but at some point if somebody has been acting the same way since the 1970s, particularly using racial animus for political gain, whatever gain, it is what it is.
And the press may not want to admit it, other politicians may not want to admit it, but this is who the president is and we have to either vote him out or we have to figure out how to pen him in.
He says these are his own words, he's the least racist person you've ever met.
He says a lot of things, but look, one, we have to also admit that he's just an abject liar.
Why don't you hit pause?
They never show where he says the racist stuff, just like with me, or it's always in print, edited together words.
They're a racist, but the man is.
I apologize to the American public, but we elected a racist as president.
He's irresponsible with his words.
I'm sure in his heart he doesn't think he is, but look back since the 1970s and this is what you have.
This is the guy up on high using the magic word racist.
No proof, no nothing.
He's the liar using race, so that guy's the racist.
The racist pig is Representative Ruben Gallego.
He's a racist pig.
Little wimpy pig up there, you know, trying to get us all fighting with each other.
What a joke.
Let's bring Millie Weaver in, just on the general hysteria, being there at Charlottesville a week and a half ago.
Everything you witnessed, the ugliness of the globalists, their lies, and now those seeing the beauty of that total eclipse of the sun.
Well, we've seen all this division in the country right now and a lot of it's being perpetuated by the mainstream media and some of these deep state operatives that are trying to create the environment for civil unrest in the country to blame it on President Trump.
But I'll tell you what, a lot of people all drove out from all around the United States to come and see the eclipse and so there were people from different areas and even the East Coast down there in
Spring City, Tennessee, a little tiny town.
And so it's interesting and really cool to see everyone come together just in peace and harmony to witness a miraculous event and to actually see this eclipse.
Now, I will say this.
Seeing the eclipse on camera is completely different from seeing it in person.
I was expecting to see something similar to what you see on film.
But the problem is, is typically in order to film the eclipse, you have to have filters over your camera because it's so bright and it'll blow out the lens.
But when you actually see it in real life,
It's like the difference between seeing black and white television from the from the 60s versus seeing it now in HD with full color and everything.
It was amazing.
It was absolutely beautiful and profound.
So I'm just really I feel really blessed to have been able to go there and see it.
And if you actually look at our footage, it's pretty bizarre.
But when the
You can see a little bird, or I think it's a dove, flying across over the eclipse.
And Gavin actually slowed it down, and you can actually see wings flapping.
And what's really interesting about that is the filters on the lenses only show really bright lights.
So I'm wondering, how is this bird so bright, you know, it lit up?
I saw that because it almost looks like...
Either a tiny bug or a bird, but it's so small, how would it be picked up?
And it, like, flies.
It spins up.
Like it's warping off into the eclipse.
Yeah, so that was pretty interesting to see.
And it just, it was a very amazing thing to see.
Very spiritual experience.
And I'm just so happy.
I hope that maybe the nation can try to come together after, you know, all coming together like they did during the eclipse, because that was just really nice to see.
And, you know, we are seeing this division in the country, but I feel like a lot of the division we're seeing, it's being created and it's being over-exaggerated.
Most Americans just want to be united and they want to go about their lives and live normal, happy lives.
They don't want this warring and fighting that we're seeing in the country right now.
You guys put together an 11-minute piece.
It's on Infowars.com.
We're also going to post it on Facebook.com that really shows this beautiful footage.
But here's the last five minutes of it that even though radio listeners can't see it, we can pick up from your voice the excitement.
Here it is.
Well, all in all, it looks like people have come from all over the United States right now along this path that this eclipse is going to take, where we can see the moon come and block out the sun.
And we will see this wonderful corona surrounding it.
And it's just going to be so amazing to see you guys.
This is very exciting.
And it just kind of speaks to some of the craziness that we're seeing right now in our country, because this path takes a path directly
Dividing the nation in half and maybe this is an opportunity for us to all come together as a nation, witness this wonderful, whether it be a biblical event or just an amazing rare solar or celestial event.
It's an opportunity for us Americans to come together and witness some of the wonders of this world.
So we are nearing total eclipse right now and some pretty bizarre events are happening.
It is starting to get noticeably darker.
It looks almost like it's night time and you can hear the bugs have all come out.
The crickets have come out.
The cicadas have come out and here it is guys.
We are witnessing the eclipse.
You can see right now.
Look at the moon, buddy!
Wow, what we are seeing right now is so unbelievably beautiful right now.
I mean, it just looks out of this world.
It is so beautiful and everyone is just looking up mesmerized.
It looks like it's nighttime outside.
It has drastically gotten cooler.
It's just amazing to see.
I'm looking at it on video right now and then I'm looking at it up in the sky and how beautiful it is in the sky greatly outweighs what you see on the camera.
You can't even capture even closely what you're seeing on the camera.
So what did you think of the eclipse?
It was one of the most incredible experiences in my life.
I drove here all the way from New Jersey and it was totally worth it.
I'm so glad I did it.
It was awesome.
The most awesome thing I've ever seen in my life.
I've never witnessed one.
I'm 51.
It's awesome.
I missed work for it and it was well worth every minute.
I'm glad you invited me.
What did you think of it?
I'm speechless.
I've never seen anything like that either.
I hope I'm alive for the next one.
What did you think of it?
You can't put it into words.
You see solar eclipses on television and pictures and whatnot until you experience one personally.
Seriously, it just touches a person.
It touches a person.
Doesn't it look so much different than what you see on film?
Yes, totally different.
There's nothing to describe seeing it live.
You're sitting here and you're watching it.
The sun is slowly disappearing and then it's totally covered and it's like, it's just
It just puts you in awe of the universe.
It's awesome.
Just look up and think how far the difference is between the size of the sun and the moon and how different the distances are.
And they come out from here to be the same size.
Now don't try to tell me that's random chance.
That's a creator showing off.
Oh, it was incredible.
It was the most spectacular thing I've ever seen.
I thought it was beautiful.
How about you guys?
What did you think of it?
I want to cry.
It was very emotional to see how the sun was coming up.
It was great.
It was worth it.
And anybody who didn't get to see it, I'm sorry.
It was miraculous.
And it just was like a spotlight shining down on you.
It was wonderful.
It's kind of interesting to look all the way around, and it looked like a sunset or sunrise all the way 360.
And also the crickets are all still chirping because they thought it was night for a while.
It was very cool.
We also liked how the shadows got very crisp.
It was totally in a lifetime adventure just to see that happen.
It was pretty great.
What'd you think of it?
Awesome knowing I'm young and got to see it.
Was it worth it?
Sure was.
So what is this here that you're showing?
It's a pair of binoculars that just made a little device so that you can view it through the binoculars on a piece of white paper.
Very cool.
We drove three hours from Huntsville.
I'm just, I'm really glad the globalists returned the sun.
I think that Donald Trump helped with those negotiations and I'm glad we reached a good ending.
Well, all in all, it was a miraculous event.
Definitely something that came off as heavenly and out of this world.
And I wouldn't miss it to save my life if we have that opportunity again in my lifetime.
This is Millie Weaver signing off for InfoWars.com.
I want to make a few points here.
Notice those gentlemen at the end showed their historical knowledge to our camera crew.
When they said, oh, I want to thank the globalists for returning the sun, because I'm sure Donald Trump had something to do with that negotiation.
And this is something that happens over and over again throughout history.
When people didn't understand science, they would be told by the priesthood that the sun won't come back unless you politically give us control of your lives, give us offerings of food, you name it.
And so early on, elites learned to guard knowledge and not give the general public knowledge.
So that's one microcosm of all of this.
I've got a couple other points I want to make about this eclipse that have touched me personally, but I wanted to get some other views from Millie on this as well.
Well, it was just so bizarre to see the different phenomena that happened.
The leaves had weird shadows of the eclipses all over the ground, reflecting off the trees.
Everything was brighter, like the reflections off of things.
The light was so bright, it actually hurt your eyes.
Just walking around.
The sun was really hot and beating down because it when the moon was coming into contact with the sun, it like creates like a reflection and it just gets really hot.
Everything's really bright.
And then when those shadows start coming in, the shadows are really crisp.
And then when it gets dark,
That you hear the crickets coming out and the bugs come out that come out at nighttime.
It looked like there was a sun set 360 around us.
So that's kind of how that looked.
I was expecting it to get really dark, like pitch black dark.
And no, it's actually more like dusk.
And basically it looks completely different from what you see on camera.
You're essentially seeing like an x-ray on camera.
That's like an x-ray.
It's not even, you see the full detail of the moon, like a light bluish grayish moon with the bluish sky behind, you know, dark navy bluish light blue sky.
So instead of it just being a black circle and a corona around it, it was blue.
It was more gorgeous.
Let me make a few points here.
Because this is a window, as I say, a Rosetta Stone, a skeleton key into the universe in that I personally get so focused on fighting the globalists, even though I say we should transcend them by looking at the universe around us, our children, all of God's incredible gifts.
I personally was so focused yesterday on fighting the New World Order that I didn't even go outside
To see the eclipse myself, I was just here on air, not even covering the eclipse, just wrestling with the New World Order, trying to wake people up, instead of going out and having the communal experience of not interfacing with the television and the Matrix and the computers and this false creation, but going out communally with all these millions of other fellow humans of every race, color and creed, all one race, looking at this ancient spectacle together.
I think?
Getting into the fact that you did see it in person versus the matrix of seeing it through a lens, through a computer.
That's how the matrix in the computer silicon world in VR is a fraud.
You don't feel the air, the crickets, you don't feel that intense heat and then it cool off and get cold, then it get hot again or share it with other people or
Hear their voices, or smell their pheromones, or have your little boy, that I can hear you had there in the background, looking up and seeing that, and experiencing that for yourself.
It just shows you how the real world, this dimension, is the real world, not the false ones they've built.
What was it like for your son?
He was amazed.
He was like, moon, moon!
And he was pointing up and smiling, and everyone was just in awe over it.
It was beautiful.
Blue moon.
And there was the mother, with her child, looking up together into the universe, into the future, but also standing in the present with the past beneath us, all in great unison together, with the little pathetic globalists trying to be God, running around trying to dumb us down, so they could be God over a throng of brain-damaged idiots.
That's no God.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Billy Weaver and her crew are there.
They picked this area in Tennessee because it would be right in line with the eclipse yesterday.
I think it's good to look back on the eclipse and our shared humanity and it's very touching.
I feel a sense of kinship.
With Gavin Wentz and Millie Weaver and their son, and all of this shared event together, and the majesty and the giganticness of it, and it's only a tiny microcosm of the hundreds of billions of chronicled galaxies that are already out there in this incredible spectrum that we're all living in, the third dimension, the most stable dimension, with all these other dimensions above us, dimensions below us,
Really, humanity on a launch pad to the future, already doing God-like things.
People 5,000 years ago would see what we've already done as God-like, but we have the mind of children.
We're good to go.
Well, what's actually cool is this eclipse went west and east, and there's going to be another eclipse.
That's the good news for those of you guys who missed it.
In 2024, this one will be going south and north, and it actually will be coming through Austin, Texas.
So that's a bright side right there for those of you who had missed it because
They are rare events and it's kind of interesting that it's going to make a cross directly in the middle of America.
I think the middle point for the cross is somewhere in Missouri.
But the whole thing has just been so wonderful to see and the amount of unity and just
The spirit, the feeling that, you know, was there with all those people who came from all over.
I saw people from New Jersey, even from the Boston area, everybody from all around the United States, people from Florida, all came to that little tiny town in Tennessee to stand together and witness something great, witness nature and witness what the world we live in is like.
And a miracle that you can see that the creator has put
It was so different in person versus in camera, and that's why you saw some of those people's reactions where they're saying, this is absolutely beautiful.
Can you see that?
Yeah, it's amazing.
Can you hear the cheering?
It's amazing.
This is the most phenomenal thing I've ever seen.
I just want to get really exciting out there.
Is somebody outside your car?
Maybe we should talk to them.
Millie, it's just beautiful hearing you describe all this and again, sharing this human experience together.
That's why the globalists are obsessed with getting us out of nature and into these false systems.
People aren't having barbecues.
They're not outside anymore.
You walk by people's houses, it's glowing blue.
I walk around on the green belt at night by my house.
And I can look up to another neighborhood where there's golf courses, and all I see is glowing blue, and I'll walk along and look in people's houses from, you know, 100 yards away, and I can see big jumbo TVs.
And it'd be one thing if you got knowledge from TV or watched a movie sometimes on your TV.
I'm not saying it's pure evil.
I'm saying the way it's been deployed is sucking us out of reality and bringing us into this matrix.
But we're using television right now to hopefully get folks to spend less time watching it and more time outdoors.
Definitely, and it was a great thing for families to all come together and be able to see this.
And the fact that the path was cutting the United States in half, a lot of people were thinking, well, is this a biblical prophecy, or what is this?
And then you have people on the other hand who were saying, oh, this is just science, and we're out here witnessing an amazing planetary event, and... Well, people saying it's just science are saying they're the priesthood, they have all the knowledge, and knowledge is stopped.
Obviously, it's all science.
And then as we learn more science, we learn much of the old fables and things were abstract projections or archetypes of greater truths that people were trying to understand.
I just hope that my feeling I got out of this is we need to work hard to create unity in the country and get this division away because to experience such a horrific event in Charlottesville and then experience such a beautiful and miraculous event with people all coming together and loving each other, it really spoke like we need to create unity.
Because again, they create the disunity hoping we play along with it.
They are the media.
They are the enemy.
They're saying Trump won because of inherent racism when it was the left that ran the campaign on a race-based system.
Yes, not only is the left tactically fascist, not only are they using the sort of tactics of the Nazis, but they also have the ideology of the Nazis.
Let's remember that Nazism and fascism were both variants of socialism.
The very word Nazi is putting together national and socialista.
That's where we get the sound Nazi.
Mussolini was a Marxist.
He was the leader of the Italian Socialist Party.
He was recognized to be on the left.
He saw himself as on the left.
When Mussolini came to power, Lenin sent him a telegram of congratulations.
Because Lenin recognized that Mussolini was a fellow revolutionary of the left.
So, what an incredible sleight of hand in which these leftists, whose political platform reads like it's right out of the Democratic Party platform... And by the way, Dinesh, this is something... You're absolutely right.
This is something that leftist universities say that we're lying about, and a real hot point for them because it's a fact the Nazis were National Socialists.
It's a fact that he modeled himself after the fascistas in Italy.
It's a fact they wore black.
It's a fact they wore masks.
It's a fact they beat up their opposition.
It's a fact that Hitler then turned against Stalin.
They admired each other back and forth because he was seen as a rival politically and a rival militarily.
But they had an alliance for the first year of the war where they divided Poland amongst each other.
So we had the Warsaw Pact.
They hope that's not known that they are authoritarian and that socialism and fascism have to have different and left-right versions and that it was the American left that backed Hitler early on because he was a vegetarian and a bunch of other issues and he wanted planning of society.
This is incontrovertible that the KKK was founded by the Democratic Party.
It is incontrovertible that the Republicans
...passed the Civil Rights Act and took, you know, that system away from them and they panicked.
It is incontrovertible that the power structure got scared of American Christians and American Republicans and Eisenhower and created this whole new strategy to get everybody to go, oh, you're going to be liberal?
You're going to be anti-racist?
We'll take it over and make it extreme, own it, then double-cross you later and make everything race-based again.
Once whites have been taught to bow down as long as you say something's for racial equality.
So they're using our goodness, our bigness, our Christian Western ethos to then bring us down.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Listening to Millie Weaver earlier was just very powerful.
Describing seeing the total eclipse of the sun with her own two eyes, with her son, versus seeing what it looks like on a camera.
I've talked to so many genetic engineers and they say, having the genetic code, even having the CRISPR system, being able to edit it in live time, is like having a photo of a Bengal tiger versus the actual Bengal tiger.
So humanity has incredible technology and we interface together through this technology, but still, all the studies show, it's making us weaker, stupider, slower, as we're removed from the natural environment, seeing the eclipse together, versus seeing it on television,
Two entirely different things.
Because it's obviously not just visual, it's also hearing the birds start to sing and go to sleep, and the crickets get awake and start playing their violins, and hearing the laughter of children, and witnessing it for yourself, and smelling the fresh-cut grass out there in the park.
And then physically seeing it, the moon is blue.
And the corona's actually almost electric green.
And it's like, I never saw this before!
I saw it on television, and it was totally different!
Because you weren't seeing an eclipse.
You were seeing a digital facsimile of it.
And even with our incredible technology, it was nothing close to the real thing.
Now joining us is Harry Dent, formerly worked with Bain Capital, really smart economist, best-selling author.
HarryDent.com, he's made a lot of accurate predictions, and he's been predicting the last few years that we would see an economic downturn in the economy.
We've seen that in many areas of the world.
I obviously want him to be wrong.
Not because he's not a smart guy or I like him.
I understand it's all a big bubble.
I understand demographic cliffs.
I understand what he's saying is dead on.
But we've been so tied down by globalism and artificial systems and regulations and all this that if we could get rid of Obamacare, we could cut taxes and we could cut regulations, the economy would come soaring back.
And I said that a year ago, months before Trump even won the election.
And then said, well, they've got a few tricks left, I guess.
But he said, I don't think they can push it much further.
Ron Paul agrees with him and says, when the economy goes down, it's not Trump's fault, but that he thinks there could be a 50% correction very, very soon.
Now, I'm not trying to say that's going to happen because, you know, they even blame me and
Daily Beast in places.
They went to the New York Stock Exchange.
They said, the market went up.
And they said, we tracked it back to Alex Jones when he played that clip of the FBI director saying, former director at the time, saying that Trump never asked him to obstruct justice.
And that made the stock market go up.
Well, because we played it.
They were going to ignore it in the media.
Folks picked it up.
Rush Limbaugh picked it up.
Fox picked it up.
But before they even did, Wall Street picked it up and the market went up.
So I want to be real careful about this.
I'm not bragging, it's just a fact.
I mean, I happen to know the strategy for Afghanistan.
And I want to tell the listeners, don't worry, Trump really means to pull out.
But to do it, it's got to look like we're building up, because you see a lot of folks moving around, that's really a pullout, to make them sue for peace, use Pakistan via India, putting pressure on them to actually have an economic deal.
Trump's actually offering Afghanistan a great deal, and is planning to pull out in the next year or two.
That is the timetable.
Now, will the generals manipulate him?
Who knows?
We've defeated ISIS, basically, in six months, seven months.
So Trump's really delivering.
The question is, can he keep the generals from expanding it like they want to do in Syria?
I don't know.
But I almost don't want to get up there and say, hey, don't worry.
I called a bunch of my contacts.
They confirmed what I was suspecting.
Trump never tells the enemy what he's going to do.
So he's saying we're going to build up.
That's actually the cover for the pullout.
Then I talked to some other folks this morning who are smart in that context.
They said that's the word.
We'll see if that's the case.
So there's my preface with Harry Dent.
Joining us to get into the state of the economy, the state of the world, and what he thinks is really about to happen.
Because I want to see you proven wrong.
Well, let me comment on the eclipse real quick.
I've got a good friend in London, a guy that came up to me in a presentation and said, you know, the last time we had an eclipse like this, that was this strong, total eclipse and cut right across all the way across the United States, because eclipses don't hit everywhere.
They hit in specific areas.
He said,
This happened at the beginning of the Civil War.
I also look back, the last one like this also happened in 1918 when we had this big influenza pandemic and stuff that killed like tons of people and affected 25% of the population.
I was about to say, they made fun of me this week saying that generally these a lot of times are seen as harbingers of war, doom, calamity.
Well, and usually turning points.
Sometimes they can be positive, but more often not.
I mean, we've been in a very strong economy.
So it means a new beginning, something big, a crossroads.
I mean, again, these don't hit a place like the United States this solid very often.
And when they do, it usually is a sign that there's going to be big changes.
By the way, you're not into mumbo-jumbo.
I mean, your chart's been proven some of the most accurate out there, dealing with even, not just demographics, but sunspots.
And even the ancients knew this.
No one really knows how it works.
It's not mumbo-jumbo.
It's really something's going on.
I mean, what is it with the sunspots?
Let's continue down this line.
Well, you know, I mean, sunspots are a real thing.
They go up and down in approximate 10-year cycles, but they can vary from 8 to 13.
A guy named Ned Davis had a 10-year decennial cycle for many decades, and it worked.
The first two to three years of every decade saw recessions and stock crashes.
Early 60s, early 70s, early 80s, early 90s, early 2000s.
And then it didn't work.
Wasn't there an eclipse the day Christ was killed?
The day.
They did finally document that, and also the key turning point in the Revolutionary War for George Washington.
And they said, they've been losing everything, and they said, we think this is Providence.
Now I'm getting freaked out.
Because, I mean, I was thinking, because they confirmed through the Roman historians that it was true, and through Josephus, the Jewish historian, but then now with computer maps, they know the day they hung Christ high on Golgotha, they got really freaked out, because boom, total eclipse, right over, Christ hanging.
Can you imagine?
The skies got dark so I mean this sort of stuff again people think you know sunspots look they go up and down The biggest core if you look at the economy Regardless of anything I say about demographics and other trends and cycles we get a recession about every 10 years Sometimes it's 8 sometimes it's 11.
That's the sun 2008.
Yeah, it goes up and it brings more energy to everybody and people get more optimistic and when it goes down it
Things go down, and when I finally got turned on to this sunspot cycle thing by one of the largest fund managers in the country, I went back 150 years.
88% of the recessions, as far back as we can track them in this country, happened in the downside of the sunspot cycle.
And if you look at major financial crises, like 2008 and 9, or 73 to 74, and 30 to 32 and stuff,
11 out of 11 major financial crises happen when this sunspot cycle is pointing down, and it is pointing down.
And demographic cycles are pointing down.
Geopolitical cycles have been pointing down since 9-11.
I've tracked those back 200 years, and now this is a great chart.
We have, in addition to the kind of whole debt deleveraging and bubbles bursting I've talked about, and bubbles always burst, there's no zero exception.
I'll tell you what's scary, Ron Paul agrees with you, that's what I said earlier, he says it's not Trump's fault, he's doing a lot of good stuff trying to get the economy going, but he's saying, he says we're overdue.
He called it himself.
There's no way to get out of a bubble easily.
They have to deleverage.
Stocks have to go down.
Real estate has to go down.
Banks have to fail.
Companies have to fail and reorganize.
But what I'm saying now and over the last year is that
We don't just have a 1930s-like debt deleveraging coming.
We have the greatest political social revolution since democracy itself in the late 1700s.
Democracy meant industrial revolution and free market capitalism, i.e.
Adam Smith, the first and only great economist in history, as far as I see.
And we've been booming ever since, because this is a perfect partnership.
You know, democracy is more inclusive, like the lady you were talking to earlier.
And capitalism rewards meritocracy and innovation and survival of the fittest.
And it took these two to come together to really make the magic juice.
And now we're killing it.
And globalization has been booming.
Since World War II, the first surge was from the mid-1800s into World War I, when we had steamships and then railroads to facilitate trade.
So globalization took off for the first time in history.
And guess what?
Globalization retreated
From 1913 to 1945, like 32, 33 years, I think we're seeing the same thing now.
This whole backlash, Trump hit it on the head when he said, look, it's not the 1% that's the problem, even though they are.
And the everyday person doesn't like the fact that the top 0.1 to 1% are running away with all the wealth, which they have been in the last few decades.
They're more worried about immigrants, competition with immigrants and illegal immigrants.
They're more worried about foreign competition and labor.
But they really didn't like globalization.
Like, globalization made everybody prosperous for a while.
Now a lot of people are saying, no, it's more harm than good.
Trump hit that chord, won the kind of rural vote by, I mean, he didn't win like 60 to 40.
He won like 80% in a lot of rural counties, and that's what
Well, let's expand on that because the elites really want him gone.
Even though they're able to defeat Trump, which I don't think will happen now.
The public's mad at them.
It's not Trump.
He's just a manifestation of the fact the public's rejected them.
Then how does that tie into all the forecasts showing a cliff?
Could we escape it with the end of Obamacare, with a tax cut?
Because it seems for now, Trump has staved it off a little bit.
Japan has been stimulating on a level that's three times longer than anything Europe and the United States has done, and they still average zero growth over the last two or three decades.
You can, yeah, some of these things will make things better, of course.
If you can cut healthcare costs, of course.
If you cut taxes, that's going to be good for business.
It's not going to expand our economy because businesses already have too much capacity.
And if you think we don't have too much capacity, go to China.
Sure, sure.
It's the problem of how good we've got it with production going on.
We're actually transcending, you know, being able to work, but then that turns us into lazy slobs, so what happens?
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Now, getting back to our economist friend and best-selling author with all the material that he's been researching, Harry Dent.com.
This eclipse information is intriguing.
Then we'll get into the state of the economy with him and where he thinks it's going because there was a total eclipse of the sun geographically over Israel and Golgotha the day he was killed.
They've now proven with mathematics and computers that indeed the historians were correct.
The Bible's right.
It happened right before the Civil War started.
It happened when the Spanish Flu started.
It's normally a harbinger of really big change, doom, destruction, you name it.
The ancients
Always thought that.
Now it's not mumbo-jumbo that this keeps happening, where the solar flares, we now know, like the ancients said, actually cause the rain.
They cause nuclei when they come into the atmosphere.
They thought it was just potash.
Now they know the ancients were right.
The sunspots are associated with rain.
They didn't know why, they just knew it.
Sunspots are associated with booms and busts.
So what does this big, massive, once-in-a-lifetime, last time we had this was 1776, at the start of the war, and was seen as a harbinger of our victory.
So Harry Dent, what does this signify?
I've been saying for the last year, and now the media is saying, I've been saying we have a civil war coming.
It's not maybe, you know, cannons and stuff, but the red states and the blue states, the right and the left, just as we just saw in Charlottesville, have nothing in common.
I've got research from Pew that I published last year that showed from 2004 into now that the left and Democrats have gotten more far left and the Republicans have gotten more far right and so there's no common ground.
That's why we can't get any bills passed in Congress.
And I really think, I mean, I've never seen this much polarization in politics, in social values.
You do have to go back to the Civil War to see this.
Even in the Great Depression, when the rich were rich like now, and the everyday person wasn't making much progress, then we had a Great Depression and 25% unemployment.
People were still not this much at each other's throats.
Yeah, I think this is global.
I mean, why do we have wars in the Middle East?
Where are the places we have wars in the Middle East?
Where there's Shias and Sunnis together in the same country like Iraq and Syria and Iran and Afghanistan.
We don't have wars in the rest of the Muslim world so much.
These two groups are different and they can't get along.
So why not break into political entities where people have more common values?
I really think
Sure, but here's the problem.
The parasitic left wants to colonize and is taking over Austin.
I'm not a right-winger.
I'm a libertarian.
They're authoritarians.
They tried to beat me up everywhere and physically attacked me last week in Seattle.
I mean, it's like a cult.
Our soldiers were getting attacked less on average in Iraq.
I mean, they saw me as the devil.
They believe their own propaganda.
They have gone crazy.
It is the left saying, kill the president, lying about everything.
I believe that they've gone completely insane.
So how would we ever split off?
Because they won't do that.
They'll come here and make us their slaves, make us their titty mama.
I think if they rearrange the Middle East and the
Iran and the Shia part of Iraq got together, and they're right next to each other, and then the Sunni parts of Iran and Iraq got together.
I don't think you have big warfare over there.
As long as people are in their own communities with people like them, why would they care?
Sure, most of the war in the Middle East is creating the countries and sticking them together when before they were split up along religious and ethnic lines.
You're absolutely right.
I'm just saying, the blue, the red would love
To let the losers go all kill each other and crap on the streets and Satan worship and fall off the edge of the earth.
They always follow us around.
Demographically, statistically, they need blood.
We don't need them.
Okay, let me throw another thing in and just pull up this stock chart I have.
We have this much polarization in an economy that's still doing pretty well.
Imagine if we go into a deep recession like 2008, and I think it's going to be deeper because the government's just pumped up the economy artificially.
There is no demographic... Stay there, stay there.
You're absolutely right.
When this thing goes belly up, which it will, no matter what Trump does long term, I think he can prop it up longer than Dent thinks.
I think I've been proven right last year, but we'll see.
It's gonna blow.
And so what happens when it blows?
I mean, when you've got the EBT parasite class, what's gonna happen?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I hate to say I'm right again, but...
Last night and this morning, I laid out that the President's actually planning to pull out of Afghanistan.
But he's going to do it with a big force, so that as people are being pulled out, it basically looks like actually more are coming in because of all the movement going on, and that they're brokering a deal between India and Pakistan, using India to put pressure on Pakistan, and then using economic offers to Afghanistan
To then sure up the government and get rid of the Al Qaeda-ISIS problem, something bipartisanly the globalists have been using as a destabilizing force, and a program phase two to take over Europe and destabilize it.
And Trump said, we're just getting rid of that old plan.
That's done.
So you're seeing a whole new plan.
I've been watching Rex Tillerson during the breaks and reading the transcripts.
He's basically saying that on television right now.
Now, how did I know this was the plan?
Because Trump's doing stuff with what he calls, I love a term he used last night, never heard it before, moral realism.
You're a moral person, but then you're realist about it.
And you're not old Machiavelli.
Just because you can think all Machiavelli and doesn't mean you go do it just because you could come up with some schemes and then execute them.
How about just do what's normal and natural and good and then you win just because you're so successful already.
So that's what I believe the plan was.
And I made a few phone calls last night.
I talked to some fellas I know here also at the office that have a lot of contacts.
And I said, what is it you've heard this is?
And they all said the same thing.
It's a pullout, but an actual plan to wipe out the Al Qaeda ISIS scum instead of leaving them there, like Obama did in Iraq when they pulled out and gave them all the weapons on purpose.
So, that's coming up with Dr. Steve Pachinik.
I don't know his view, but I know he's got a lot of contacts as well.
One of the co-founders of Delta Force, best-selling author, ran psychological operations for different operations in the CIA and State Department, co-authored stuff with Tom Clancy.
We'll get his take on this.
Now, the big question is, can he control the generals and actually have them execute this plan like they've actually done, crushing ISIS in seven months, doing what he said he'd do?
They want to start a wider war and knock out Assad and destabilize more stuff.
Trump really has a stabilization plan that's actually good for everybody, including us!
And he said we're going to go in there economically and get all the rare earth minerals!
And they'll want us to come in there!
So we'll talk to him just in a few minutes, but going back to Harry Dent, he's written a new best-selling book, Sale of a Lifetime, about how if there is going to be an implosion down the road, hopefully we can stave it off, how you could definitely, you know,
Clean up during that time.
And you've got to sell the Lifetime.
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Okay, going back to our economist friend, Mr. Denny's got a few more charts to show you and talking about a really bleak situation saying what happens when the economy goes under and America's already basically been put into a civil war destabilization position by certain parties.
Well, again, Alex, think, think, okay?
Things are this polarized now.
If the economy goes down and there's much higher unemployment and stocks are crashing and people are losing wealth and their real estate and their homes going down, like in 2008 forward, how much more polarized are things going to be?
I hate to say it, it's one of the reasons I'm in Puerto Rico right now.
They've been in a recession for 10 years and there's no polarization here.
You don't have that same sort of thing.
So if they can bring up the stock chart, I always want to make this point because every time I'm in the mainstream media like CNBC and Financial Station stuff, they're always like, oh, this isn't a bubble.
Well, if you look at it, we've had four bubbles now, 87.
This is a bubble boom, just like the early 1900s that entered in the roaring 20s, and then the Great Depression.
We had a bubble in 87, 40% crash in two weeks, most of it in two days.
Then we had a bubble, the tech bubble, in the early 2000s.
Big crash.
Then we had the next bubble in 2007.
Not as big.
Bigger crash.
And now we've got the greatest bubble of all.
I mean, all these experts are saying, oh, this isn't a bubble because stocks are not as overvalued as they were in early 2000.
And the tech bubble.
The tech bubble was in every fundamental trend that I studied was 100%.
Technology booming.
Geopolitical cycle, very positive.
Demographics, the strongest stage of the baby boom spending cycle.
And the sunspot cycle was up during that.
All those things, and then it cracked.
So this bubble has to burst.
I mean, real estate is so expensive that most people can't afford it, especially the young millennials coming in.
I just saw an article, Hong Kong is the most expensive real estate
We're good to go.
That's what people can afford there.
Sure, so as they put people into this pressure cooker, and as Amazon builds its new buildings, where it even gets its employees money, who then live in Amazon buildings that are triple the cost, but they basically make them live there, as the pressure cooker goes up, when do we get the young millennials and folks to actually blame, you know, the top ten of one percent, the parasitic fake liberal globalists, instead of trying to get their own people to blame free market, as if free market's the reason this is happening to them, when like you said, it's artificiality that's causing it.
Yeah, yeah.
If we had free markets, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Because it's the government that every time the economy goes down, it doesn't let the economy rebalance and flush out bad business.
But Trump has said real estate is too high.
Then they say he's trying to plunge the market when he's just being honest about it.
But then if we do let it plunge, that hurts us too.
So what do we do?
Well, I hate to say it.
Real estate has to come down, and that's going to hurt banks and lenders, and it's going to hurt people who own real estate.
I don't own any real estate except an island off of Puerto Rico.
I'm renting here in a super-duper condo in San Juan because I don't want to own real estate.
My island place is my getaway, and it also is moving from 25-acre to 5-acre zoning, so it could drop in half, and I'd still be ahead because now I've got five lots instead of one.
So I haven't owned real estate since late 2005 because we did predict the real estate crash in late 2005 when everybody said, oh, this isn't a bubble.
Bubbles are bubbles.
They go up exponentially.
They get crazy.
So let me ask you, how long till you think this bubble is going to pop?
And look, I think you've been saying any time now for a year or so.
Hasn't Trump staved it off with the regulation cuts?
Yeah, well, number one, the day, first of all, we ran an infographic.
Before the election saying why Trump was more likely to win than the poll said.
Then when he won and the markets went up and said they went down overnight they crashed overnight but they went soaring up the next day on high volume and I and I came out and said to our subscribers hey I'm sorry this bubble ain't bursting yet we got at least 20 percent this is a real rally because the markets
Would like to see cuts in taxes cuts and regulations and they do believe we can get 4% of growth again.
I do not believe that's possible in this high debt declining demographic stage of our economy, but.
I told people, look, we're going to go up 20%.
Well, we're getting close to that.
I don't think we're there yet at this point.
The rally is starting to show some aging signs, but I'm guessing a few months from now, I do think this is going to peak.
And I do think, you know, before
I showed three cycles, a 250-year cycle back to the American Revolution, 84-year populist movement cycle, and a 28-year financial cycle.
These things are all coming together right in late 2017, right on this eclipse.
So I think something's happening.
I'll tell you the biggest sign to me, Alex, real simple.
Janet Yellen comes out, I don't know, a month or so ago and said,
Oh, the banks are now in great shape, and I don't think we'll see a financial crisis for the rest of our lifetime.
That is the classic sign.
That's what Irving Fisher, the leading economist, in two months... Not even God can sink this ship.
No, I hear you.
But you've got all the new science, all the new technology, all the new innovations, and big regulations being cut off of us, and exuberance.
Maybe salmon can swim upstream.
Exuberance and people knowing that the big banks want to, you know, kind of block the stock market to scuttle Trump.
Maybe we can overpower them, but I agree.
All the classical points, all the signatures are saying you're right.
Ron Paul says it's coming, but it's not Trump's fault.
We'll see who's right, unfortunately, or fortunately, very, very soon.
Thank you, Mr. Dent.
Thank you, Alex.
There you go, folks.
Smart guy.
Made a lot of accurate predictions.
You know, one of the top guys before he left Maine Capitol.
Smart cookie.
And Ron Paul agrees with him.
Now, another smart guy that predicted the EE would break up to me 10 years ago on air, that predicted the power would devolve back to the South and the Midwest and to the Southwest and away from the East and West Coast, that the Democrats would become a, you know, side, a political party of mental patients.
That's now happening.
But also he's worked a lot with the Pentagon in planning and things under Steve Pchenik.
StevePchenik.com needs no introduction.
I was sitting there watching last night knowing that for months Trump's been having meetings every week.
Had meetings last week at Camp David to finally discuss what he would do.
And my takeaway from it is that he's planning a very strong retreat, or a true build-down.
They always claim they're going to build down, they never do.
But he's first going to actually take out the real opposition instead of playing with it, like the globalists have been doing, to then bring in a real economic deal that will benefit the United States, India, and Pakistan.
But that if Pakistan doesn't want to play ball, then he's going to really use India and others to basically crush them economically and start playing hardball.
Now, I know Dr. Pachetnik has a lot of contacts.
He won't tell us anything classified.
I don't need to talk to folks about secret stuff to see that's what I got.
Then I talked to a couple guys I know, who have a lot of contacts, and they just basically said that they had heard, without me telling them what I thought, basically what I just said.
But then I kind of feel bad.
If that's really what's going on,
We're a big enough show now where if he's not going to tell them the strategy, because you don't tell us what you're going to do, but then you don't want his constituents to get mad at him and he's betrayed us, I'm kind of in a quandary here, but Trump always told us what he was going to do, but he never lied to us, he hasn't lied to us, but he said, I will not tell the enemy what I'm going to do, and I will be
I don't want to say deceptive, but I will put all options on the table when we do something militarily, because you never tell folks what the options are, or then you've eliminated those options.
What I think we're seeing is real presidential strategy here, and my gut is the exit is a very strong victory, pulling out with an economic deal, not giving the extremists a safe haven, and cutting off the globalist operation of playing footsie with the al-Qaeda-slash-ISIS folks.
Dr. Pucinich, that's a mouthful, but is that somewhat accurate, or is that wrong?
It's completely wrong.
Not only has the President lied to the American public, but more importantly, the generals, Mattis, McMasters, the people we helped to put in, have lied to themselves and to the American public.
These are generals who know better than to say that more troops putting into a constant war, an insurgency, will clean out the area of Afghanistan.
When I've been in Afghanistan,
They don't know the history
I will turn against you and I will have every American turn against you because this is a disaster.
There is no strategy.
Putting in more men, McMaster is an idiot.
He knows very well does nothing.
The effect that you're going to put pressure on Pakistan is absurd.
The Pakistani and Pompeo is the smartest knows that this was created by AISI, the Inter Service Intelligence Agency.
Now let me just get further.
There was no terrorist attack from Afghanistan or Iraq.
And these generals know it.
They're lying.
They're cowards.
Moral cowards.
And they're ineffectual.
And I say that as a former Rear Admiral and a military officer who resigned my commission with honor, and I find them disgraceful.
This is the most absurd thing you could have done.
Trump is now on notice that we will work against him.
The alternative right and the Tea Party started with guys like me and Steve Quayle and others in Montana said this is enough.
This 9-11 was an inside attack by CIA.
Furthermore, not one of those generals knows any idea how cars they came in there.
I was there the day Zalmay Khalilzad, the neocon who was born in Afghanistan, a CIA operative who worked for me in the West Bank in Gaza, a total moron who never did
I don't call up guests and pre...
We're good to go.
It looks like he thinks he's telling the truth to go in and get us out, but I agree.
It's never worked.
It's a quagmire.
It puts more targets on the ground.
I said last night on air, I don't know how India is going to really put real pressure on Pakistan.
I thought that would cement them more into the Akhani networks and all of it, but I'm trying to be positive and put out all sides, because here's the thing, Dr. Pachinik.
Here's the thing, Dr. Pachinik.
I've talked to you.
You're a smart guy.
I talked to you a few days before the election and remember our private conversation.
So the thing is, I'm right sometimes when you're wrong.
So all I'm saying is, I'm not saying you're wrong.
I'm saying that this is bold statements by you and I respect them.
I want to hear them.
We have you on for a whole hour tomorrow if you want to take calls about it.
Because I mean, look, if Trump's really taking a sideways slide, his support
Of that bad health care bill, just wanting to get a win, was when he lost a lot of his support with people because it was a bad move.
He did that.
He hasn't gone after the vaccine makers.
He's done some bad things.
A lot of good things, too.
And I see the globalists hating his guts.
Is this the beginning of the sellout by him?
Like Bannon has kind of signaled this isn't the same administration?
What are you saying is really happening?
What's really happening is Bannon was correct that our military is creating a self-delusional scenario.
McMaster's has never won a war.
He wrote a book which shamefully tells about dereliction of duty and he's committing the very dereliction of duty.
He knows that.
In order to
Increase his prestige and his presence.
He's brought in Mattis, also, who never won a war.
Every one of those generals have been out of Iraq.
They came in right after.
I understand.
Generals always want to fight the war.
Everybody's lost to prove they can do it.
But I agree with you.
If it is delusion, they really believe they're going to win with this plan, though.
And they really believe they're going to let the military actually wipe out the real ISIS and al-Qaeda folks that we know we've been protecting.
So is this a different strategy?
Or are you saying it's all bull?
It's bullshit.
...by the CIA.
The real ISI was created by the CIA.
The real al-Qaeda was created by the CIA.
What are you talking about?
We don't have a war on terror.
This is 16 years of insurgency in a place that's not even a country.
McMaster knows that.
Mattis knows that.
I've been in Afghanistan... I understand, but you're saying... I understand you have, but you're saying Trump then...
Trump made a big mistake.
He should have gone with his impulse.
He knew better not to listen to the generals.
When you noticed he said that, did you watch the speech where he said, my instinct says don't do this?
I don't care what a man says, I care what a man does.
And he went against his instincts.
He was brought in for his instincts, not to hear the generals.
And we actually helped the generals to come in to stop a war.
That was my mistake and others, but we will get rid of these generals.
They should have been court-martialed for the arrogance and the stupidity and the number of lies.
Let me stop you there.
Let me stop you then, because I want to look at this then as if you're right.
He looked forced last night.
He didn't want to get to that part.
He said, my instincts say this is bad, but now I'm behind the desk and things are different.
How did they get him to do this when he's very pig-headed and always does what he thinks is best?
Because, you gotta remember, when his father wanted to get rid of him and put him into disciplinary action, he was sent to a military academy.
He then refused to serve in Vietnam, so he basically looks to generals as if they're their mentors and fathers.
These generals are what I call idiot savants.
They know what they read, but they don't know how to create a war and a win a war.
Unlike Eisenhower and Marshall, who knew exactly how to initiate a war and stop a war, they've never done it.
And an out-of-control war!
It's not, they don't even know how to execute a war.
They're a disaster.
Mad Dog Mattis is a disaster.
He hasn't really created anything other than his reputation.
He reads all these books.
Let me stop you again.
You seem really mad.
The military sources I've talked to are disgusted by this.
And there are a lot of really, you know, right-wing, anti-...
Men will die.
Trump has now created a greater, greater graveyard for our men, which shouldn't have been there in the first place.
What about his argument that since we've lost so many troops, we've now got to win this?
The only way to win it is to kill everyone in Afghanistan.
That's exactly what happened in Vietnam.
We kept on putting more and more men until we lost 50,000 men's lives, one quarter of a million, and we killed three million Vietnamese, and we lost the war, and we walked out of there.
And now we've conquered them via the economy.
Well, what about Trump's statement about, we're going to offer you a carpet of gold?
He said money.
Afghanistan is so corrupt.
They're running billions of dollars.
The CIA knows it.
We know it.
It was nothing.
Let's bring up the opium.
Opium production was 3% worldwide out of there in 2001.
Now it's 97% out of Afghanistan.
What's going on with the opium?
Okay, the opium is a crucial element of export.
Our Marines protect it of whatever getting in.
I don't even have to talk about opium.
Let's talk about... No, let's get into the real stuff.
You say you want to stop it, then tell folks what's going on.
What's going on is that Pakistan and India for 75 years have been shooting at each other on a daily basis over Kashmir.
Have we stopped it?
Can we stop it?
But we don't need soldiers for that.
I need a Rex Tillerson who's smarter than they are.
Oh, I love how Mattis tries to impress everybody that he's read a philosophy book.
We paid him money in the Clancy franchise.
I was not happy.
I was hoping that he would act in a more professional way, but I taught at the War College.
This man's an idiot.
He's basically, he should have been court-martialed for this decision.
He's performing dereliction of duty.
The problem is our generals have been, they have been patsies.
They have been treated like feminine, like prima donnas.
If this were George Marshall, I would have fired 600 of those generals on top as he did in World War I.
Hey, no more cussing, because you can only delay, and then, and then it blasts the bill back up.
Anyway, Alex, doesn't matter.
You can see I'm furious, because we helped to put in these generals, and I thought they were smart enough and had half a brain.
No, you did, during the campaign and after, warn them, don't let them go wild, don't expand these wars, end these wars.
And what happened?
He went right into that phase.
Does Trump not get any credit, though, that he controlled them so far, and didn't let them expand the war in Syria?
He gets no credit whatsoever.
This is not a question of a grade.
This is a question of what we call the existential moment.
You want to go to war?
It takes six seconds to go to war.
You want to get out of war?
It's taken us 17 years to find out what the hell we're doing there.
We don't belong there.
Men are dying there every day.
We have no strategy.
And putting more men into this place is not principle rationality or principle morality.
Then here's the question, why are they doing it?
You agree it's delusional, and they think there's a plan to extricate.
This is 6 trillion dollars in that war, and who's gonna make money?
Who makes money in Africa?
What are we doing in Djibouti?
The same thing.
I've got soldiers who come back and say, what the hell was I doing in Africa?
Why am I in Djibouti, Sudan, Somalia?
The soldiers have no idea what they're doing.
Why don't we do what China does and just go with economic power and take over?
I agree with you.
We don't have the brains.
I thought Trump would be smart enough to do that, Alex.
You just hit it on the head.
China went into Djibouti and instead of using guns, they built 400 miles of railroads from Djibouti to Ethiopia.
What do we do?
We send a bunch of young Christian kids who don't speak.
They don't speak Arabic, they don't speak French, and we send them the guns to Somalia and Sudan to support corrupt individuals.
That's our military.
They're dysfunctional.
We have billions of dollars invested in men who have never really done anything in their real life.
And they have been treated like prima donnas.
It's the most socialist system I've ever seen.
They get up every day, they know what to do.
So you're saying it's basically like Paths of Glory, but America style?
This is like paths of childishness.
These are pansies.
These are not men.
These aren't men who went out to create jobs.
These aren't men who went out and risked their lives to do something creative.
These are men who got addicted to some kind of shooting and have no idea what it means.
They have no idea what regime change means.
One of the reasons why I left the National War College was these men, men like McMaster and Mattis and others, were stupid.
And after a while, you couldn't really talk to them.
And when the Iraq War occurred, I said to all of these guys going in, you're going to lose.
And you won't even know what you're doing.
You will be in there for years on end because Paul Wolfowitz and zombie... Sure, but here's the thing.
Maybe they're not stupid.
Maybe they're parasites and all they want is the money a war brings.
That's fine.
I don't care how you say it.
They're stupid.
They're parasites.
They are malcontents.
These are misanthropes of our society.
Okay, well, why do people seem to think, then, that this is really a build-down for real, to then go in, claim we made a deal with them, paper it over, and then haul ass out of there?
From your sources, you think this is a real escalation of invasion?
Because notice, he didn't say any numbers.
He didn't say any numbers.
I mean, tell me.
What do you think?
No, it's nonsense.
It's absolute nonsense.
This is not a strategy.
It's a cockamamie, a series of tactics that McMaster has no idea what he's talking about.
He's gonna economically...
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We want your soul!
We want your soul!
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Okay, we got five minutes left and Paul Watson's taking over.
He's fully ready to go.
I just have guests on I respect.
We have different views.
People ask, how does one guest say one thing, the other guest says another thing?
Because we're not scripted folks, we're having a real college of ideas.
That means a spectrum, a pantheon of ideas.
And I tend to think if he's right the way this is going,
This is the first big screw-up of Trump.
I'm trying to see it from what Trump's been sold on, that it's a way to, you know, go in, negotiate, actually take out the Al Qaeda and terrorist folks that aren't working with us, that we've been protecting, as Sputnik said, pull out, and then have a business deal with them, but not, you know, have people hanging off helicopters.
But I get Trump wanting to be macho, looking up to the commandant when he went to military school, when daddy sent him there because he was a bad boy.
The two accidents that occurred in Singapore and in Japan Harbor is indicative of how incompetent we have had in terms of our Navy leadership, our commander in the Pacific.
I mean, these are people who are not trained to do what they're supposed to do on an ordinary day.
We have young men and women who are going into combat.
They don't know what they're shooting at.
They have no idea what the issues are.
The generals make up these nonsensical stories and theories that are absurd.
These generals knew damn well that a 9-11 was an inside job.
The CIA did it.
Even the general who was involved had to confess it to me because I oversaw these boys.
And now they say, oh, this is a retribution for 9-11 for terrorists in
Let me tell you, Zalmay Khalilzad brought in the Taliban when I was in the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Bush Sr.
and Reagan, and he brought them into the White House.
Now, would you bring the so-called terrible Taliban into the White House to meet Reagan?
How do the generals explain that?
How do the generals explain that Karzai was brought in by Zalmay Khalilzad, who's never fought in our country, a CIA operative trained at the American school in Lebanon, and brought in Karzai from Silver Springs, Maryland, a delicatessen of... No, I'm saying because we've run these people to a certain extent, now if we actually turn them off or kill the ones that aren't working with us, then we could actually have peace.
I think that's what Trump may be trying to do.
Trump, he has no understanding what wars are about.
He has no understanding what it means to begin a war and to complete a war.
Neither of these generals, none of these generals were involved in finishing a war.
They're not like Eisenhower, who went in,
Thank you.
We're good to go.
The ones who come in under either Blackwater or Prince.
I knew Prince.
He was talking to a bunch of us intelligence officers.
All he cared about is to have a cheaper war on the come.
And basically, if you look at his history as a SEAL, he was pretty pathetic.
He was not a great seal.
He was not even great in his training.
You can ask a lot of guys who worked with him.
So what you have here...
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Ruthless offshore elites use their corporate liberal media to attack and demonize any Americans or any independent news that dare challenge their lives.
Five companies own over 90% of the media.
And that's why, whether it's comedy shows, award shows, Hollywood, TV entertainment, the news, it doesn't matter.
It's all focused in one anti-American, anti-free market, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-gun voice.
And it gets worse.
These ruthless social engineers have an iron grip on our educational system and are teaching our children to hate America and that our president is worse than Hitler and needs to be assassinated.
But as America reawakens...
These powerful, deep state, rogue government forces are beginning to panic.
They've even got the former president on television and in the news, and traveling to foreign countries, bad-mouthing America, bad-mouthing sovereignty, and calling for a resistance to our elected president, in a last-ditch effort.
Mainstream media is now legitimizing the use of violence against anyone that opposes the globalist takeover, and against anyone who's actually trying to make this nation great again.
They are absolutely intensifying their efforts, screaming homophobe, xenophobe, racist, to make them march, to make them go out on the streets and assault viciously anyone trying to exercise their free speech.
International criminals like George Soros are openly pushing for civil insurrection in America
That will lead to civil war.
The beatings, the stabbings, the shootings, the burning cars, the looting of shops, the execution of police officers.
All of this leads to the destabilization, to the martial law that the deep state and the globalists say they need to bring in their final takeover of America.
We are America, and we are the Infowar.
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Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
We are live.
It is the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show with me, your host, Paul Joseph Watson, speaking to you from somewhere in the rotting corpse of Western Europe.
Of course, over the last two weeks, we've had basically a purge of conservatives happening across the internet.
They're attacking people.
Financially sabotaging people at every single level imaginable.
I'm going to get into that.
First I want to read you something that the British writer Brendan O'Neill said speaking about the new definition of anti-fascists.
The new definition that the media, the political class, the left has embraced over the past 10 days or so.
Listen to what he said about what constitutes an anti-fascist in 2017.
Quote, so today being anti-fascist means destroying historic monuments, censoring people you don't like, starting fires on campus to prevent people from speaking, calling for certain books, protests and flags to be outlawed, refusing to take a stand against gangs and violent misanthropes who've massacred hundreds of people for the crime of being free and believing in democracy.
Incessantly referring to everyone by their race and having more sleepless nights over the Jewish state than any other state.
Is that right?
What's next?
Show how anti-fascist you are by measuring people's skulls before deciding if they're a good or a bad person.
That's literally, word for word, what has come to be defined as anti-fascist.
And it's accelerated, it's intensified over the past 10 days.
The mainstream media, the left,
Has embraced the alt-left, has embraced violent Antifa thugs and declared them to be heroes.
Do you think for a second that's going to come back on them?
Is it already coming back on them?
I mean, I remember being on the show two weeks ago, two, three weeks ago, joking with Alex Jones because I got a haircut.
Which is now the new Nazi haircut.
Now let's put it aside for the moment that it's literally the most popular haircut in the entire Western world for men aged between 18 and 40.
No, that doesn't matter.
You get a haircut of short back and sides, you're a Nazi.
Now we covered this a couple of days ago, I'm gonna flash back to it now.
Man stabbed after haircut gets him mistaken for a neo-Nazi.
This is out of the New York Post.
This Colorado man is avowedly not a neo-Nazi, but he believes his long-on-top, buzzed-on-the-side haircut got him mistaken for one and nearly stabbed to death by a confused anti-fascist.
Now this was Joshua Witt, 26 years old, who escaped his brush with hairdo doom.
And they're all tongue-in-cheek and jokey about it.
With a defensive slice to the hand and three stitches,
Quote, apparently my haircut is considered a neo-Nazi statement, he told the Post Saturday as his account garnered 20,000 Facebook shares.
So literally, one of these hysterical, hopped up, frothing at the mouth, social justice warriors, the new anti-fascist that the left, the political class, the media has embraced, tried to kill this guy because of his haircut, because they now think having a certain type of hairstyle means you're a neo-Nazi.
I mean, you've all seen the meme, everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler.
They've now actually put that into effect, and anything is fascistic behaviour, anything mandates, anything justifies violent attack, even murder.
These are the people the political class and the mainstream media have embraced and endorsed since Charlottesville over the past ten days.
And look what happened.
This is out of RT.
Texas man charged with trying to bomb Houston Confederate statue.
That's right.
Literally, an alt-left terrorist tried to plant an IED in a public place because he was radicalized by mainstream media hysteria once again.
The question is, will CNN disavow?
I mean, I disavowed the quote, alt-right, nine frigging months ago.
Of course, that hasn't stopped them claiming that I'm alt-right.
In every single hit piece since, I disavowed the alt-right, the fascistic, race-obsessed elements of it, nine months ago.
CNN embraced the alt-left after Charlottesville.
You remember we had the story.
They literally changed the headline on CNN at the request of Antifa.
A headline that said,
Oh, Antifa is seeking peace through violence.
Yes, it actually said that.
George Orwell rolls in his grave.
CNN embracing, endorsing Antifa, the violent alt-left.
The group listed by the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security as a terrorist organization.
They're your new heroes.
What do you think is going to happen?
Now we have people planting or attempting to plant IED explosives in public places because they're triggered by offensive statues.
This is literally what we see in America right now.
This is the start of civil war and the mainstream media is pushing it.
They contrived it.
They created it.
The article continues, a man captured while trying to blow up a Confederate monument in Houston, Texas on Saturday has been charged with a federal crime.
Andrew Cecil Schneck tried to drink the liquid explosives, this is how mental he is, when he was approached by officers.
Schneck, 25, was spotted among the bushes near the statue of Confederate officer Richard Dowling in Houston's Hermann Park on Saturday evening, after protesters demanding the removal of the statue clashed with those who wanted to see it remain.
A park ranger saw Schneck holding several boxes, including what appeared to be duct tape and wires, according to court documents cited by the Houston Press.
Schneck tried to drink from a plastic bottle he was carrying.
The liquid turned out to be nitroglycerin.
Abe Martin, as U.S.
Attorney for the Southern District of Texas, said Monday, a white powder found inside one of the boxes was identified as hexamethylene,
Triperoxide diamine, a chemical used in detonators.
This is the violent alt-left, literally trying to plant explosives that will kill people, anyone in the vicinity.
Because they're hopped up on hysteria from mainstream media.
Trump derangement syndrome.
Schneck was charged with attempting to maliciously damage or destroy property, receiving federal financial assistance.
So he goes on, they raided his home.
This is an alt-left terrorist.
This is one of the very individuals, and we've been warning about this forever.
We warned before the migrant crisis that these jihadists, these refugees would turn jihadists.
That's exactly what happened.
We were proven right on that.
Now it's happening in the case of the violent alt-left.
They're attacking people for their frigging haircuts.
Trying to kill people for their hairstyles.
And they call us the extremists.
You see how this works?
People trying to plan... Alt-Left terrorists trying to plan IEDs in public parks to blow up statues because they're offended.
You see where this is going to lead?
You see where this is going?
Oh, but Jay Johnson, the former DHS head, head of Homeland Security under Obama,
...says that the removal of Confederate statues is a matter of homeland security.
This is out of American Mirror.
Former Obama administration official Jay Johnson said the removal of Confederate statues was a matter of public safety and homeland security.
So he's saying they need to be removed for the security of the American people while alt-left terrorists are trying to blow them up with high-powered explosives, with IEDs.
Absolutely incredible.
Jake Tapper of CNN is literally punching, posting puncher Nazi memes on his Twitter account while these alt-left terrorists are going around punching people and trying to stab them for having the wrong haircut.
Let that sink in.
We had another video yesterday which I posted on InfoWars.com of a black Trump supporter who is holding a Milo Yiannopoulos book
And a free speech rally.
Another violent alt-left thug terrorist walks straight up to him, viciously punches him in the face.
Oh, so you called for punch-a-Nazi, didn't you, Jake Tapper?
And look what happened.
They're going around punching black Trump supporters in the face.
How's that working out for you?
This is the start.
If we allow them to push this narrative, to continue to push this narrative, that the most virulently hateful and violent people involved in politics in America today, the alt-left, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, they're the good guys.
If we allow them to push that narrative, it's going to end up in bloodshed.
There's no other way.
We already had it last year.
Javier Johnson, Black Lives Matter-inspired terrorist, gunning down, killing five police officers in cold blood because he, quote, hated white people.
Again, radicalised by alt-left rhetoric, embraced, endorsed by the mainstream media.
Oh, by the way, one of those cops that he gunned down in cold blood was black.
See how they're pushing this narrative?
They don't give a damn about race.
They're creating the racial division because they literally want to overthrow everything that America stands for.
They're starting with the statues.
Next, they're on to your rights, your freedoms.
That's already happening with conservative media across the board being completely shut down, which I'm going to get on to.
But we have this headline up on InfoWars.com.
Civil War alt-left plans anti-Trump riots in major cities on November the 4th.
Remember we predicted the summer of rage, which culminated in what happened in Charlottesville.
We had the Battle of Berkeley on two separate occasions.
Now the alt-left, the violent alt-left, is planning in their own words, their own platform, the template for their unrest.
They say civil war in America to overthrow Trump.
Alt-left agitators are planning to stage mass riots in major cities on November 4th, during which they hope to instigate a civil war that will lead to the regime change of the Trump administration.
And you bet your bottom dollar they will be cheered on by the mainstream media.
As soon as they start smashing stuff up and assaulting people, they'll be completely ignored.
We'll be back on the Alex Jones Show live after the break.
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It is the Alex Jones Show.
We're here with Tommy Robinson, author of Enemy of the State, but he also has a new book out, which I think came out today.
So we're already skyrocketing up the charts on Amazon.
Tommy, welcome back.
Hello, Paul.
Thanks for having me.
Good to have you back.
Now, before this unfortunate attack in Hamburg, Germany today, which we don't know the full details of, but it seems to be another Islamic terror attack,
There was this kind of lull, at least in Europe.
The terror attacks seemed to stop all of a sudden, at least for a period of three or four weeks.
The terror attacks appeared to stop when Ramadan ended.
Now, Tony, surely there's no connection, given we know Islam is a religion of peace and that it has nothing to do with terrorism.
So why did the terror attacks in Europe suddenly seem to stop when Ramadan ended, given that there's no connection?
We see this every year.
We see what's it called?
The Ramadan Bomathum.
Which you see the figures coming through daily and they excel.
We see most attacks as instructed during the holy or unholy or very violent month of Ramadan.
Another thing that they seem not so keen to be reporting on, Tommy, is we had a mob rampage in Liverpool recently, which was, you know, as plain a hate crime as you will ever see.
Numerous people attacked in the street.
We're all supposed to be really concerned about hate crimes in the aftermath of Brexit and in the aftermath of terrorist attacks.
But Tommy, why is the BBC not reporting on this?
What is it about this hate crime that seems to have prompted the left and so much of the mainstream media to ignore it?
And let's have the details as well of this crime.
The details are, young Muslim men, they stopped a Muslim man.
They said to him, what religion are you?
And he said, Muslim.
They said, say the Muslim words.
And he said, there is no prophet but Muhammad.
He said, they left him.
They walked on.
They stopped the next man.
What religion are you?
I'm Christian.
They violently beat him.
His girlfriend tried to stop him.
These weren't just hate crimes where there's a group attacking a man.
They're attacking men who are with their partners, with their girlfriends.
If the roles were reversed, if this was a bunch of white people, a bunch of far-right Christians or whoever, rampaging through the streets, asking Muslims if they were Christian, if they said they were Muslims, attacking them viciously, that would be a national outrage as it is.
The BBC hasn't even reported it in their local section.
And these guys, Tommy, they're going to be in jail.
They've got sentences for about 42 weeks.
They're probably going to be out on the streets again within months, and no one will even have heard of this because they're not reporting on it.
Can anyone imagine the outcry if Muslim families, because this is what it is, families, men and women, were stopped walking home and asked, are you Muslim?
And when they said yes, they're all violently beaten.
Could you imagine?
Imagine that it wouldn't just be national outrage, it would be international, it would be worldwide.
News, analysis, reports.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Paul Joseph Watson.
We're live.
It's the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Now, a couple of weeks back, I talked about the purge that was coming of libertarian conservative voices, basically anyone with a dissenting opinion.
All of whom are now neo-Nazis, of course.
Anyone with any kind of dissenting opinion is a neo-Nazi.
Black, white, Hispanic, doesn't matter.
This is a purge.
Now, the purge has only deepened in that two weeks since I made that YouTube video.
Just yesterday, Rebel Media, who, of course, many of their reporters have been on this show, was, of course, owned by Ezra Levin, a Jewish man,
Rebel Media had their website basically deleted from the internet.
Their DNS server was swept out from underneath them because there was a targeted campaign to try and convince their domain name host that they were a neo-Nazi outfit.
Dehysteria knows no bounds.
This is a company owned by Ezra Levant who is Jewish.
They pulled their website because they said it was a neo-Nazi website.
Are you starting to get a picture of the absolute relentless hysteria that is gripping America right now?
Anyone, anyone that diverts from the narrative is now being cawed and feathered.
This is out of Reuters.
Canada's conservative rebel media said a technology company stopped directing traffic to its website making it inaccessible to some users around the world on Monday.
There's a site known for tirades against Muslims and refugees scrambled to get back online.
So they didn't name the company that took the website offline, they scrambled to get it up on another domain host.
Finally did.
It was down for half of the day in many areas of the world.
But again, that is absolutely chilling.
Remember we talked about YouTube, we talked about
We talked about Facebook.
Oh, it's a private company.
They can censor who they like.
Well, how about if somebody just wipes your entire website off the internet?
What if you own a radio station?
They just take that down.
They just take you off the air if you're a TV channel.
When does it become tyrannical?
You can't make the argument that it's just a private company.
They can do what they want when they're literally
Strangling people, preventing them from being able to exercise their First Amendment right on any platform.
Pamela Geller just earlier today tweeted that PayPal is cancelled.
Again, financial sabotage.
Breitbart's advertisers have been targeted.
What, they're now down to 25 advertisers?
They had hundreds before.
The left, the alt-left, lost the argument so they have to resort to censorship and financial sabotage.
It's dirty tricks all the way.
Now thankfully InfoWars is somewhat protected from those kind of attacks because we sell our own products and that is the key.
This is not a cliche.
We're only protected because of your support and we need your continued support.
Because the purge is accelerating like I've never seen it before.
We said it was coming.
It's even worse than what we said.
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By using their focus on our products to sell more products.
And sales are up because of that.
And it's thanks to your support that we're able to keep the lights on and continue the fight for liberty.
Again, not a cliche.
You've seen it happening.
Conservative websites literally being deleted from the internet.
Their advertisers being pulled out from underneath them.
We don't rely on outside advertisers because that's a point of weakness.
We only rely on you getting the products
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