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Air Date: Feb. 1, 2009
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IRN USA Radio News, I'm Jody Jordan.
The death toll stands at 113, but is expected to rise in one of Kenya's deadliest accidents.
Officials say an overturned gasoline tanker exploded as hundreds of people were trying to scoop up free fuel.
Victims include small children suffering horrific burns.
British doctor Sarah Hughes is treating the injured.
I think the most serious injured have already left, but there are still some here that will require surgery and further treatment.
And Afghan President Hamid Karzai is renewing his demand to the U.S.
that Afghan soldiers lead overnight raids in villages.
Hundreds of Afghans demonstrated today against an American raid that one villager said killed several civilians.
Meanwhile, a suicide bomber and a car attacked a convoy of foreign troops in Kabul today.
That's Folsom for the Taliban insurgent.
Claim responsibility for the blast.
It was a dead end.
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Rafael Nadal has beaten Roger Federer in the men's final of the Australian Open.
Here's Graham Agar's.
For Federer, it was a match of missed opportunities as he squandered 13 of his 19 breakpoint chances against Nadal.
The Spaniard took full advantage of Federer's mistakes and further established himself as the dominant player in men's tennis.
Graham Agars, Melbourne.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says his country will respond when and where it chooses and that the retaliation will be harsh.
Olmert's comments come after Gaza militants launched two rockets into southern Israel today.
No casualties or damage were reported.
For more news and analysis, log on to IRNNews.com.
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National Guard troops in Kentucky will be going door-to-door today, checking on residents left in the dark for nearly a week after an ice storm.
At last report, more than 700,000 utility customers remained without power, which crews are working feverishly to restore.
This is Governor Steve Beshear.
We're going in the right direction and we've just got to keep going until we get the lights of everybody on and get heat in every home again and get their telephone service back.
The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland has concluded without any new plan for stemming, much less revising the global financial meltdown.
There's widespread agreement that there's plenty left to do, starting at the April meeting of the leaders of the 20 largest economies in London.
This is Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.
This time they've gotten more depressed as they learn about the problems that each of them face.
So in that sense, it almost surely has contributed to the deepening of the gloom.
Initial results from Iraq's elections are still days away, but allies of the U.S.-backed Prime Minister appear to have made gains.
Here's Brian Murphy.
What's at stake is future power struggles in national elections this year.
If the government runs strong, their position is strengthened.
If they don't do so well, it leaves room for other Shiite parties to try to claim the leadership in the elections later this year.
I'm Jody Jordan for IRN USA Radio News.
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And for the next hour and a half, we're honored to be joined by one of the most sought-after speakers on radio and in person.
Filmmaker, best-selling author, David Icke.
Also championship goalie in his own right.
Of course, BBC News presenter before his startling Saul on the road to Damascus transformation.
Literally being knocked off his horse with a revelation.
And in the last 15, 16, 17 years, he has spoken to millions of people around the world, and we're honored to have him again for the next hour and a half to talk about the current world economic crisis being engineered, and how this is really going to force an even faster awakening to this tyranny.
So, David Icke, it is great to have you joining us here from England.
Thank you, Alex.
This is a short segment, but what are some of the things you want to discuss and go over today?
Well certainly we talk about the financial situation because you know for me what we're looking at is a similar situation to when they have a controlled demolition of a building and the charges go off and you see the flashes and then extraordinarily there's that split second when nothing seems to happen and then the whole thing crashes and for me where we are in this economic engineered collapse is in that split second before the whole thing starts to collapse and you know when you think
I think so.
Your bullets at the situation, and they're not working, and we're not even into it yet, to the level it's coming, then we've got a lot of challenges to face.
But as you say, Alex, there's a word in Chinese, I think, that means both danger and opportunity, and this is a danger from the system as we perceive it now and through our lives, but it's a wonderful opportunity to change the system.
In the time we have left in this first segment, I want to get your response, since the last time we had you on, to... It's got to be more than 400 articles I've seen.
If you Google the term New World Order and put it into the news section, not web, but news, the last time I checked it was 4,600 news articles, but I only, over the last few months, have read
I know it's more than 300.
It's 10 or 15 a day.
I'd see without looking.
Financial Times of London, Wall Street Journal, Der Spiegel, all the major publications of record of the establishment, the Bilderberg run of their editor-in-chief, of course, is Bilderberg, Mr. Wolf.
Times of London, Financial Times, saying, and now for world government, and they say, we set it up in secret, it's for your own good, we'll save you from the financial collapse when they engineered it, and they go on to say that we're going to pay carbon taxes on all our activities to them.
So, Kissinger came out this week and said we need to use this crisis for a new world order.
I mean, they're really, like you said, emerging, and you've always said, others have said, at the point of emerging,
That is when you know they're finally going for broke because now they can't cloak it anymore.
They've got to come out in the open.
No, there was always a time when what they were doing covertly had to break the surface because they want to change society in the image that they want to change society.
So we have to eventually see it in our face.
And that's what we're seeing.
And of course, you know, you know, those of us like you and me and many others who've been warning about this for so long.
Actually they have, David!
Actually, they have mentioned the New World Central Bank.
You may have missed it.
Stay there.
David Icke.
We are live, blasting out on the AM and FM dials, simulcasting on global shortwave, the internet at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com, and streaming live at prisonplanet.tv.
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Okay, David Icke.
Continuing, for more than 15 years you've talked about how the private financial banks would engineer a crisis and then out of that bring in their world government.
They have said, as we were getting to before we went to break, at the G20 Summit, a new world financial system with a world financial bank where you will pay your carbon credits directly to them.
I remember seeing that in the Financial Times of London.
I think so.
Yeah, they're talking in Europe, people like Sarkozy and Gordon Brown, about a new global financial architecture, which is all, of course, all well speak for this centralized financial system that will dictate the whole of global finance from a central point.
This is what they've been working towards, and it's important to stress that
You know, when people see the banking system collapsing, that they think it's bad for the bankers.
Well, it's bad for the bankers to lose their jobs, like you say, the bees.
But it's not bad for the people who own the system.
And this is the point.
The families that we're talking about own the system.
So if they owned the National Football League, they couldn't care less if one team beats this team or that team beats another team, because they own the game.
They can't lose.
So when this bank goes down or that bank goes down or this bank's absorbed by this bank,
It doesn't matter to them.
What it means is there's just fewer names on the doors to deal with.
They own the game, and they're changing the game now to increase the amount of centralized global control that will, by definition, increase dramatically the amount of control over the global population, which is what money's about.
Money's a vehicle for control, for suppressing potential, for suppressing choice, for forcing people
Into doing things they don't really want to do because they have to raise the money to pay the essential bills To the corporations that are owned by the same people that are screwing them financially.
So we're reaching a point now where We've gone so far along this road while people have been watching game shows and watching the soaps and the football And now it's it's peaked its head into the public arena where it's in our face and people are going where did this come from?
Well, it's come from decades of
And decades, indeed, hundreds of years of manipulation to get us to this point.
And it's a point of great challenge and great danger in terms of freedom, but it's also a point of great opportunity, because you can ignore something when crazy people like me are going, it's coming.
And you're, oh no, he's just mad, he believes in reptiles, ooh, he's mad and all this stuff.
But when it's in your face and it's in your daily life, you can't look away anymore.
And I'm sure you're finding the same, Alex, that
More and more people who were ignoring it before are now going, hold on a second, what can we do about this?
So we're moving into a stage where we can actually, those that are challenging this tyranny, this global fascism, where we can actually go to a stage of starting to do something about it rather than just talk about it.
Okay, David, while you were talking, I went into Google.
I think so.
They will selectively control nations.
They will decide how much currency can be issued.
You'll still have your currencies of the world, in their own words.
It will just all be regulated and controlled by them.
Kind of like the national ID card in the U.S.
It's the states administering it, but the feds set it up and control the computer systems.
So it's really a national ID card tied into a world ID database, but the public thinks it's a driver's license when it's really the real ID.
But there is Newsweek,
For anyone that doubts this, and I could sit here showing people hundreds of these where they are saying not just that they're setting up a World Central Bank, but that you will pay your taxes on every activity you are involved in on your carbon footprint to them.
Yeah, the idea is to eventually get rid of all currencies for a simple reason that at the moment if you go into a store or you want to buy something anywhere and you give them electronic money and the computer says no to your credit card then at least still just just
You have the opportunity to say, well, I'll pay cash then.
But what they want to do eventually is take all cash out of circulation.
So that computer, whoever programs it, decides if and what you purchase.
That's the idea of the cash.
Good day.
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Listen up, you motherfuckers!
So we're already going into that system.
I mean, I see them carting 75-year-old men buying cigarettes or beer at the store now, and the corporations admit they're getting us ready to have to show ID to buy and sell, and they're going to have a new world and local sales tax that will also have a database of everything you buy, sell, and do in the name of administering the sales tax.
Yeah, and this is happening everywhere.
I mean, in Britain, the Big Brother state is hurtling forward.
And in terms of the economic situation here, I mean, it's not really reached the point that it's going to reach as we were talking about earlier.
But when I go around
The shops which I occasionally do not very often or you go into a pub or a restaurant or something places are empty Where I go where they never were before and so, you know, we're on the brink of a massive economic Situation here globally and it's been deliberately engineered for the ends that we're talking about David
How do we get the word out to the people?
How do we reach out to them and say, look, it's now here.
We're not warning you about something coming and all the preparatory phase that was bad enough setting up this tyrannical, dehumanizing, soul-stealing grid.
We're now entering in to the long slide into the depths of global mass extermination, population reduction, because we're not making even predictions.
We're following their own documents.
We know where it goes.
Can the public face the horror of what's going to happen if they keep living in la-la land?
Well, what I say to people is, you know, if you think you don't like the situation now, then think what you're going to face a little way down the road.
And more than anything, think of what your children are going to have to face.
Because you think if we live in a controlled society now, this is nothing compared with what they are going to have to live in.
So, in terms of parents who are listening to this information, I would say this.
Go and look your children in the eyes and tell them that you can't be bothered or you're too frightened to do anything about it.
You're too frightened to get involved.
Too frightened to get involved in being another conduit for
I don't know.
As long as you stay in line and you do as you're told, you'll be fine.
And then you realize at the end of it, well, actually, it ain't fine.
And if you'd have all rebelled earlier, you wouldn't be in the situation you're facing now.
The point of mathematics alone ought to let us see where the real power is here.
There are billions of people, six billion, nearly get on for seven billion on this planet, who are being manipulated.
There are, in full knowledge of what they're doing,
A relative handful of those who are doing the manipulating to the end that we're talking about.
Because of the compartmentalized pyramids that they've constructed within all these institutions of government and finance and corporations.
The vast majority of people who are daily making contributions to push the world towards this Orwellian global state have no idea that they're doing that because they don't know how their contributions fit in with everyone else's, only the few at the top do.
And what we need to start doing is realizing
But we've reached the fork in the road, and if we keep going the way we're going, and we keep putting our heads in the sand, because you know, you can put your head in a bucket of sand when a tornado's coming, but it's still coming, and your bum is still in the air, and it's still coming, and you're going to get it eventually, even though you've ignored the fact that you have, you know, up to the point where you get hit.
If you lift your head from the sand,
And you look and face the situation, a tornado's coming, you can now take action to avoid the consequences.
That's where we're looking at now.
We need to grow up, start being adults, look at the future our children are going to have unless we do something, and get off the backsides, you know, disconnect them from the sofa, and let's get this sorted.
Well, absolutely.
We're going to go to break and come back and get more into this mass awakening.
People, and I want your take on this after the break, David.
People love to say, oh, look at those stupid Jews or those stupid gypsies or those stupid Anglicans who didn't like Hitler.
And they just went on trains and they went to camps and they stripped down naked and they got run into pits and gunned down.
Why didn't they fight back?
And we see those Nazi film footage of that.
When that was done incrementally, we're going to come back and get your analysis on this, that was done incrementally.
They were slowly trained to live in ghettos and then to wear yellow stars or pink triangles or whatever the case was.
They were slowly trained by incremental steps to put up with more and more until, well now we're taking you here to a camp to be safe because the public's beating you up and smashing your store windows.
And, you know, now just take your clothes off over here.
We're going to take care of you.
And then they would line up and see the people being shot in front of them, but they would still just run into the pit obediently to their deaths.
That is mind control.
That is incremental conditioning.
And we're going into the same thing as the ambient tyranny is turned up.
We have to learn to recognize that, to stop it now and break our conditionings.
If you don't think the global architects running the Western world and the planet
Won't kill you, won't enslave you, won't rob your pension funds blind.
It's happening.
Just yesterday I saw several mainstream news articles admitting that British SAS trained Pol Pot's people to kill between three and four million.
Why did they do this?
We'll talk more about that with David Icke.
I went into the mass mind control of people in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, over and over again, who will just march in and be mowed down and killed.
Why did the founders of this country, why would they not go along with that?
Why did they fight back?
How do we get people to psychologically realize how they're being trained to have this learned helplessness, where they just lay down to the men in black uniforms?
What's the difference?
Well, when you're talking about mass mind control,
We can't go any further than Barack Obama because America has just had...
visited upon it, a massive mass mind control operation to get him to power and to build his ludicrous, ludicrous myth of a personality and an image that so many people have bought.
And I don't know about you, Alex, but I tell you, I've shaken my head a few times in the last few months when I've seen people who I thought had got it to an extent, who had bought the Obama myth as if somehow here out of nowhere is a change to the
The system as it works in terms of creating precedence.
Grasping at straws, you know, seeing things, mirages in the desert, a man dying of thirst will, you know, see huge lakes of cool, clean water to go drink and will even go crazy and think he's drinking water when he's throwing sand into his mouth.
And you've written a great analysis breaking down the mass mind control, the real programs
It's Barack Obama, the naked emperor.
You've introduced a very, very important point, Alex, in terms of mass mind control.
It's the principle of the target wanting it to be true.
And in many ways, the worse it gets, the more people can be enticed into following someone who's telling them what they want to be true.
I mean, if you take what happened in Nazi Germany and those other examples you gave, at each point
People don't want to face the fact of the situation they're in.
So they will believe when someone tells them, no, no, it's not that.
Just do it for this reason.
They want that to be true.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show!
What's happened with Barack Obama?
See, this whole technique of problem-reaction-solution we're now seeing in America, and indeed globally, because of Obama's global influence.
I mean, I was in Africa recently, a few weeks ago.
I mean, crikey, he's a god there.
I guess you can understand why, but if they knew that the
And he was also arrogant, and didn't care, and lied, and said, I don't read the newspaper, exactly a perfect psy-op what the Romans would do with a governor, give them an abusive governor, but then bring in a slicker governor who could engage in even more abuse, and the people would accept him as a savior.
One of the interesting things between the mid-90s and about 2002, I did enormous amounts of research into mind control, individual and mass mind control.
One of the staggering things you came across when you talked to some of these individual victims of mind control was that they had a, I wouldn't say a love, but they had this enormous affection
I think?
In outrage, and anyone who's not Bush has got to be better, and he's come along with his smiling face, the smiling Viper, and now he is going to, from January the 20th, be offering solutions to the problems that the Bush administration created.
And people see, all over the world, they see
A change in president has a change in direction.
And all it is, in truth, is a new phase in the same direction towards this global or well-interior.
They're just putting a new quarterback in.
And what Obama's been brought in to do, the salesman, well he's a salesman as long as he's reading someone else's words on autocue.
David, stay there, stay there.
We're going to talk about this next phase.
You thought it was bad under Bush?
Get ready.
Stay with us.
Get up, stand up!
Stand up for your rights!
Getting their cameras.
We had hidden cameras.
World leaders being confronted.
Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
On and on and on.
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I would also add supporting David Icke is key.
He also has a similar members area of his site, DavidIcke.com.
Okay, David, we got a long segment here.
Let's roll with it.
I mean, he's clearly doing NLP, Mind Control Program, when he gives these speeches, the way both parties have gotten behind him, the way Pat Robertson is getting behind him, saying socialism's good, it will save us.
Obama is unstoppable.
We have Kissinger saying he is the man, the world's perception.
This is an opportunity for a new world order.
In fact, cue that video up.
We'll play a clip of it later.
Just the part where Kissinger says that.
They're halfway through the three-minute clip.
David, break down, David, what's happening with Barack Obama and how he's being sold and packaged as this messiah.
Well, what they've done is used all the mass mind control techniques and the key one
Up to the point where he was elected.
Because once you go into specifics, when you're trying to be elected, you're already pushing some people away who don't like your specifics.
Ah, so that's what you mean.
No, I don't want that.
So what he's done is just continually repeated the mantra of, I stand for change, I stand for hope, and I stand for something to believe in.
Now the change idea is very effective because of the way the system screws people.
At any point in time,
The vast numbers of people are not happy with their status quo, the way their life is.
So anyone who comes along and starts saying, I will change things, is immediately open to that because, well, I don't like the way things are.
Change, yeah, change.
I mean, Clinton did this when he got elected for the first time.
And so they created a blank screen.
Many other subliminal, even technological, I would say definitely technological effects that have been attacks on the human perception so that they have actually started to see this guy in messianic terms.
I mean, I've spoken to people and I think, you know, I'm going to click my fingers in a minute, mate, so you wake up when they're talking about this fellow.
And I found that in Africa as well.
So he's going to get this
Compared with most presidents, a really big honeymoon period where he's going to be allowed to get away with a lot of things that other presidents like Bush wouldn't.
Oh, let's see what Bush is doing.
Look, oh, I knew it.
But Obama is going to be different for a while anyway.
And I expect, because they have this agenda and they want to push it on as fast as possible and they understand this honeymoon period, anything goes for Obama, following January the 20th, that we're going to see things kick off real quick.
We're going to see a blitzkrieg of activity before the public wakes up.
And going back, look at all his betrayals though.
To get the anti-war movement that swept the Democrats into Congress in 2006, behind him, his handler,
We're good to go.
...confront Russia.
I mean, Obama is doing 180 degrees from what he claimed he'd do, but now he's not saying anything.
He's not weighing in on Gaza, on nothing.
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...said there was no Trans-Texas Corridor on CNN and Fox.
They said Ron Paul was insane, that it didn't exist.
On and on and on and on.
Then they put up the signs, put up a lot of the toll roads, many of the 8,000 miles of toll roads.
About 10% were put in place.
Then they came out this week and said, OK, the Trans-Texas Corridor is dead.
And then they announced a few days later, well, really, it's not dead.
We're just breaking all the projects down into sub-pieces, and we're going to
We're good to go.
Yeah, that's the way they work.
In terms of Obama, we've got a mass mind control operation behind him that's far more, well, it's not sophisticated if you know how it works, but if you don't, it's far more sophisticated than I've come across.
This is really a step up
Well, you said it.
They're using every science they've developed together, overlaid, working on all eight cylinders.
For the first time ever, they're telling us we must be unified.
And for me, that is the signal that they are really moving into a new phase.
Well, it was interesting.
Years and years ago, when I was researching this back in the early 90s, I came across a lady called Kitty Little, who was an Oxford Don.
And she told me that she attended a talk by someone at Oxford University in like the 1940s.
And she got into this meeting, which was a closed meeting, because they thought she had certain political views and she didn't.
And so she was an interloper and they didn't know.
And this man stood up and he made a speech and he said that
There was an organisation that had no name.
He said we don't give it a name because it's much more difficult to track it down if it doesn't have a name.
He said it has a political wing and it has what he called a biological wing.
The head of the biological wing was Lord Rick de Rothschild.
And he, he said, was the head of that time of the political wing.
And he said as a result there was going to come a point where he was going to become Prime Minister of Britain.
His name was Harold Wilson and he became Prime Minister of Britain in the early 60s and apart from four years until 1975.
But what he said in that speech was that the infiltrators of this conspiracy
We're going to go into the right wing of the Labour Party, which was perceived then as a left-wing party, and they were going to go into the left wing of the Conservative Party, which was perceived as a right-wing party, because he said people instinctively don't like extremists, so we can oppose as moderates.
He said, and what's going to happen
Is from control of both these parties, we're going to fuse them together to the point where they become one party under two names or three names with the Liberal Party.
And what has happened in this country from the end of Margaret Thatcher onwards, particularly when
When Blair came in, that is precisely what has happened.
We have three parties in this country, two that have any chance of forming a government, Labour and Conservative, there's the Liberal Democrats as well.
You can't hardly, except in rhetoric, get a cigarette paper between them on most of these things.
And the same is happening now in America.
We're reaching this point where
The parties are fusing into the one party that they want them to to to become and so we don't have political choice anymore Yes, whereas before whereas before they would have little fights with each other over the power structure over who got to sit in the seats and leverage the power to to to fund themselves and aggrandize themselves and
Now, there is no separation, and remember last year, David, in England it came out that the House of Commons was being spied on by MI5, all their phones were being listened to, but that the main focus was on the few little parties that weren't controlled, and that they weren't worried about the three major parties, because those were basically already run by the intelligence apparatus.
Yeah, well you've got Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister.
You've got David Cameron, the Leader of the Opposition.
They use different words and they criticise each other, but you look at their basic policies and what they would do in power.
It's precisely the same.
And so it shows how far along the road we've now come, where even the pseudo-fighting that went on before is now fusing into this one-party state.
And what they've done with Obama is turned him into a
A public Demo-Republican, if you like, a Republo-Democrat, whatever you want to call it.
They're putting him right in that center ground, in the public mind, of bringing people together.
But actually, he is a massive extremist who owes more to the fascist state of mind, especially the people behind him, than any socialist state of mind.
Although, if you go far enough left and far enough right, you meet the same situation
And then we get into colors, using colors to program.
Have you noticed that he and his wife, the night they won, both wore red and black and so did their children?
Again, there's major messages in that.
Yeah, I mean, they understand the way that vibrational codes affect people.
And colors are vibrational codes.
Different colors and different shades of color.
And that's the fascist color.
Red, black and white.
And it affects you in a certain way and they speak to the subconscious mind.
But I think one of the key things that we're going to see with Obama is the creation of a situation where
If you're not for him, then you somehow need to be marginalized.
And you're causing the economy to get worse.
They're already saying that.
If you do exactly what they say, and you don't question, and you go to the work brigades, and you hand your children over, and you spy on your neighbors, and you pay all these carbon taxes, things will be fixed.
That's the solution.
But if you stand in the way of the solution, you've got to be removed because you're the cause of the problem.
Yeah, I mean, when these demigods and tyrannies come to power, I mean, Hitler's a classic example.
Anyone that is against them is attacked, is marginalized, is abused, is libeled and slandered.
And it's designed to stop people being that nail that stands out above the rest, as the Japanese say.
Stay there, David.
David, stay there.
We'll come back and continue with that.
David Icke is our guest for another 40 minutes.
He'll open the phones up in the next hour.
We're fighting the technological enslavement system.
We're fighting
The final revolution of the elite against humanity trying to make themselves gods.
I want to get into the genetic engineering, why they're destroying the environment in the name of saving it, what their final endgame is if we don't defeat them, and more about us being empowered and taking action that you speak so elegantly to, David, but continue with the point you were making when we got interrupted by the break.
Well, I just feel that Obama is going to be put up there in a situation where you're either for him and you're a good guy or you're challenging him and you're just trying to destroy America.
And the other thing that is going to be played, although he's talking all the time about racism and all this stuff, the race card is going to be played as well.
People who attack him, they're going to be called racist and it's just because he's a black president.
Oh, David, David, David, I know this has happened to you.
On my website, InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, we'll write an article with Rahm Emanuel saying compulsory service.
We'll say we're against it, and every other comment is, you just hate black people.
But then I notice it's mainly white yuppies saying it.
Are they programmed, or are those disinfo?
Well, that's an interesting point, and you know, I would make this point very strongly.
You know, I've got a great friend in Africa.
He's a Zulu shaman, a very well-known man in South Africa.
He's in his 80s now, and his perception of Obama is absolutely spot-on.
He wrote a poem that's on your website.
Do you want me to give you a few lines from it?
Read the whole poem.
Go ahead.
He wrote this poem after he saw Obama speaking on television.
An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of life, wearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon's crown.
A gown, rather.
Pretense smiles upon the crowded hall of life, holding out hope as bright as it is false.
Son of a woman in whose veins flows the blood of ancient Ireland and dark Africa's plains, you are Obama, nicknamed the Standing King.
You are Barak, O son born to deceive.
The suffering hordes of Africa look up to you.
See a black savior where naught but a Judas strides.
An entrapper of nations, bringer of dismal war.
Behind the robes and the nylon wings of hope.
Oh may those who look up to you see you as you are.
May those who hope in you behold you as you are.
A prince deceitful to bring down Africa's shrines.
A siren who leads Africa's ships onto rocks of obliteration.
Your rule, my lord, will not be one of peace.
Your reign, my king, will not be one of smiles.
And so it goes on.
And some of the people that are going to be most disappointed about the reign of Barack Obama are going to be the black people of America.
Because he's got a different color skin doesn't mean that he has their best interests at heart.
Well, David, the first thing he's doing is massively increasing, and even the Huffington Post liberals are reporting this, massive forced abortion eugenics funding in Africa.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
I mean, he is going after them.
The agenda for Africa is absolutely grotesque, and that's what Credo Muchua is pointing out here, what the agenda for Africa is.
But, you know, there is a black overclass in America which Credo Muchua describes as white people in black bodies.
And that black overclass does not answer.
This is the Obamas and the Jesse Jacksons and the Oprah Winfrey's and the Jay-Z's.
That doesn't answer in terms of its allegiance to black people in general.
It answers to the white overclass, the bloodlines that run the... Stay there, David.
Stay there.
70-second break.
We'll be right back with David Icke in the final hour.
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One economist says there's good news concerning food.
This is the GBN Radio Network.
Radio 590 KLBJ, Austin.
IRN USA Radio News.
I'm Jody Jordan.
The lights are out in hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in Kentucky.
And officials say for some, it could stay that way for several weeks after last week's ice storm.
Some 4,600 National Guardsmen have been pressed into service.
This is Governor Steve Beshear.
These people need food, they need water, they need security, and we need to work to get their power back up.
And two Afghans have been wounded by a suicide car bomber who attacked a convoy in Kabul.
Here's Vishni Kabrashi.
A police officer says the bomber tried to hit the convoy in Kabul's western outskirts on Sunday.
But there were no immediate reports of casualties.
Meanwhile, hundreds of Afghans are protesting an overnight raid they say left several civilians dead.
The U.S.
military says two militants were killed.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
This Sunday, football fans all across America will be gathering with friends, family, and food to enjoy the season's big game.
Atlanta Falcons fullback Obie Mahaley is no different, and he's here to share some of his game day secrets.
Now people know I can play ball, but what they don't know is I'm also a pretty good cook.
My must-haves are good dip, good dogs, and good potato skins.
Bourbon blue cheese dip is my specialty.
You can find the recipe at jimbean.com.
Now, no game day would be complete without pigs in a blanket.
I make mine with Hillshire Farms Lil' Smokies.
They're big on flavor and easy on the wallet.
I also grill up Bryant hot dogs.
Where I'm from, they're called the hot dog of the south.
And of course, potato skins.
I love potato skins.
Idaho potatoes are the perfect size, lend great flavor, and at only 25 cents each, I can feed a whole lot of guests.
Just cook them in some olive oil, salt and pepper,
I think so.
As they look forward to the Super Bowl, some of the Pittsburgh Steelers are remembering the past.
The team won the Super Bowl.
Topping Austin's news, a motorcyclist involved in an accident last night in Georgetown has died.
Pompeo Guzman died at 2.30 this morning at Scott and White Hospital in Temple.
Super Bowl 43 in Tampa, Florida.
The Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping to win their sixth Super Bowl title.
The Arizona Cardinals, their first.
But with the economy in such awful shape, there's buzz that there may be a less than full house at Raymond James Stadium.
The team that's favored to win has more fans to cheer them on.
Here's Jim Melitello.
There's significantly more Steeler fans and Cardinal fans.
Very easy to understand.
The Steelers already have been to the Super Bowl six times, winning five of them.
This is the first trip for the Cardinals, and they haven't really had a history of winning, so their fan base hasn't had a time to really build itself up.
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But what I do have are a very particular set of skills.
Skills I have acquired over a very long career.
Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.
If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it.
I will not look for you.
I will not pursue you.
But if you don't, I will look for you.
I will find you.
And I will kill you.
Liam Nelson in a scene from Taken, which finished on top of the weekend box office, taking in an estimated 24.6 million.
Paul Blart, Mall Cop, came in second.
Roger Federer will have to wait a little longer to break Pete Sampras' record of 14 major tennis titles.
Federer lost the final of the Australian Open today to Rafael Nadal, who became the first Spanish player to win the championship.
Federer says he's disappointed.
I love this game and it means the world to me, so it hurts when you lose.
And in Kenya, authorities expect the death toll to rise from the explosion of an overturned tanker.
At least 113 people were killed in the blast, which came as people were trying to siphon gasoline from the tanker.
I'm Jody Jordan for IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
You're finishing up with a black management overclass of the Judas Goat class that is tied into the New World Order just as much as George Bush or anybody else.
Please continue.
Yeah, this black overclass answers to the overwhelmingly white network of the Illuminati families.
Well, almost entirely white network of Illuminati families.
And that's their allegiance.
So just because a black face comes into the presidency or a black face comes into this position or that position doesn't mean
By net definition that he has allegiance to other people of that of that race in that country his allegiance is to himself his allegiance Therefore is to those that he gets his rewards from and he gets his power from so he's going to play their agenda out not what he's right for the
Poor black people and others in America, and that's what we're going to see.
But he's going to play the race card, or it's going to be played for him, as you quite rightly quote Emmanuel there, where anyone who is against him is somehow racist.
I mean, you get this when you challenge Zionism.
You're a racist.
I'm against slaughtering innocent people.
No, I'm not.
But we're going to see all of this, and this is why those that are
I don't
As you're well aware, mate, talk show hosts, where he's even talking about having to have every side of every story covered.
And you can't have an opinion, basically.
Well, it's amazing.
It's that comfort zone you talk about.
We have to get outside the comfort zones.
Those are really little prisons used to control us.
And if we don't stop caring what people think about us, it's over.
Yes, it is.
What we've got to do is let go of fear.
What we've got to do is become conscious.
I might be getting into some deep levels here, but there are many, many different levels to this, Alex.
One of them is, very clearly to me after many, many years of this, is that we live in a virtual reality universe and that this
Virtual Reality Universe, this matrix, is actually founded on a four-letter word, what we call mind.
What we call mind is actually not consciousness.
It is like a computer program, like they're building now biological computers that don't just have the ability to react to input and do what they're dictated to do by programmers.
They have the ability, these computers, to assess information and actually make decisions based on that information.
And if you go
We are kept in mind and people talk about my mind or your mind.
I don't see it like that anymore.
I see the mind and the mind is the matrix.
And if you are coming from a position of mind, in other words, you're identifying yourself
with the body the the Reflection in the mirror in the morning.
That's me Then you are operating on the level of mind and we talk about mind manipulation and mind control is exactly what we're talking about They manipulate us by keeping us in this state
David, I want to continue with the awakening, but I did want to ask you...
Are you not pleased?
I mean, I'm seeing in the hundreds of interviews I do every month or so in my own show and people on the street that the majority of callers to shows are not even my own.
It can even be a hostile radio show.
The callers call in agreeing with me.
And the people now are really ready to hear the truth, and I see a paradigm shift, and I think that's why the globalists are crashing things, so that they can be the only savior and feed the people and clothe the people, bringing us into this collectivist model.
I mean, is not this whole new order takeover a response to their attempt to fully dominate us before we break free of their conditioning?
I mean, I've been writing for years that there was a change coming, a change coming that was going to wake up vast, vast numbers of people, like a spiritual alarm clock, if you like, waking people up.
And waking people up is absolutely the phrase.
It's breaking the amnesic state that people live in.
And, you know, going back to what I was talking about before the break, you know, this is a big focus, the focus of my work at this time, and I'm accumulating now enormous amounts of information about the fact that this is a virtual reality universe, and what we call mind is a construct of this virtual reality, this matrix.
And if you are stuck in mind, then you are a program, basically,
of the matrix of the virtual reality game and it runs your perception.
What is happening in this awakening is a consciousness is starting to break through what I call real consciousness, not mind, which is a very, very low level of awareness and perception.
It's what we call intellect.
It's stupid compared with consciousness.
Consciousness is starting to break through and connect into more and more people.
And when you do that, instead of looking close up at a brick, symbolically, you are, as you become more and more conscious, you're moving further and further back from the brick to the top of the hill.
And now you see that what you were looking at, the brick, was actually part of a house, which was part of a street, which was part of a city, which was part of a country, etc.
You're seeing what you were in.
And you're seeing that what you thought was freedom is actually fundamentally manipulated tyranny and control.
So you start to see the game because like a stooge of a hypnotist in a stage show.
When you are programmed to believe that there's an elephant in the audience, you see an elephant in the audience.
You believe anything as long as it's programmed in because that means that your brain starts reading reality like a computer reading software that fits in with what it's been programmed to read, i.e.
you're eating a potato but it's actually an apple and that's what you taste.
So what's happening with this awakening, Alex, is as people break out of the amnesic state, controlled by mind, into consciousness, they're starting to see what they couldn't see before.
People say to me, it's so obvious, mate, why didn't I see it before?
Because you were entrapped in mind.
Now you're becoming conscious, you can see it.
The whole conspiracy is about holding us in a state of mind.
Uh, so-called elite Oxford students sometimes.
They're the most difficult people to talk to compared with the general public about these things.
But some old, some old starving person in Venezuela on the street, uh, or sometimes a poor homeless person, I'll talk to them, you'll just think they're some old drunk and it turns out they're incredibly aware and tuned into the universe and even know what you're thinking.
They get it, but people who have been through the system, particularly the elite ones who have been through the system to a greater level than anyone else, they're programming into mind, into intellect, which is a desperately stupid, compared with consciousness, level of awareness.
Because they're so specialized, they're so specialized to be inserted into the interlocking pyramids you talk so much about.
Yeah, this is the whole point, you know, Alex, when you look at it.
The whole system, the whole education system, is designed to turn out mind intellects.
It's about passing exams, which is what?
Taking information that they tell you to believe, regurgitating it out onto exam paper, and the better you do that, the more you progress within the system.
We're good to go.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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Thrushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
You see, people encased in mind in Israel as we speak will justify the slaughter of Palestinian people.
They're in that tiny paradigm.
They're in that tiny paradigm.
But there are some fantastic people in Israel, Israelis, young people particularly, who are conscious and consciousness is telling them this is wrong and they're the ones that are refusing to serve in the military and going to jail as a result because consciousness is
They're also fundamentally getting out of their Earth suit.
And realizing they're not Israelis, they're human beings, or they're not.
Exactly, that's what consciousness does.
Consciousness, once you become conscious, the physical body becomes a vehicle to experience this reality.
It doesn't become who you are, and then racism, and division through race, and division through country, suddenly starts to fall, and we start to realize we're all one consciousness having different experiences.
Okay, stop!
What's happened, Alex, and the conspiracy is fundamentally set up to do this,
The idea is to get us to identify who we are with our experience rather than what we really are, which is consciousness having the experience.
Instead of being our base, you know, galactic programming of this ancient species in this wondrous universe,
They're trying to give us the new false programming to stay within that very limited spectrum as you talk so much about.
And we're almost out of time, and I promised to go to calls.
So we're going to go to break in a moment.
We're going to come back and take calls for two short segments with David.
We've got to have you back soon, David.
We're very thankful and appreciative of your important time.
And I know the audience is, but briefly in the three minutes before break.
The genetic engineering, the cloning of the milk, all of this that is now going on and happening, the cross-species engineering, the mass poisoning of the public.
Why is the elite pushing to destroy the biosphere of the Earth while grandstanding and claiming they've got to have world taxes to save it with carbon dioxide that's a red herring?
Why do they want to destroy the Earth and hurt the environment?
Well, this actually goes on for what we've been talking about.
If you take it one step back and you start to see what we're dealing with here, from their point of view, particularly from their point of view, the human body is a computer system.
I don't
So if you destabilize it electromagnetically or chemically, you're destabilizing it, you're stopping it working efficiently, you're stopping it being a highly efficient receiver transmitter for consciousness to experience through it and to influence its behavior, you're disconnecting it from consciousness and pulling it into the mind.
Which is what the mercury and the poisons and the GMO, and we get the government documents,
And when we get them out of England and out of Russia and the US, it says we gotta poison them when they're young so they never fully develop and they're literally like biological androids.
That's exactly the game and this is why, again, the point you made earlier, I've been talking about this for years,
This massive assault on human freedom, on the human body, on the human mind, is because this period of change, this cycle is coming, and it's waking people up.
And they're desperately trying to keep the lid down so that they can control for the next cycle.
And therefore, they're attacking the young particularly, because they're going to be the adult people as this cycle really unfolds.
And that's why we've got the kids being put on Ritalin and Prozac.
David, for PrisonPlanet.tv viewers, I'm only doing it with one segment today because time's precious.
We're going to talk behind scenes for the PrisonPlanet.tv and internet listeners right now.
Then come back to your calls after the break.
Stay with us.
Okay, John, I'm going to skip this break.
David, we are just on the internet audience now because I promised to come back to calls.
Let's put bookends on what you just said.
I just read the other day in the New York Times, 100 million people on serotonin reuptake inhibitors alone.
If that isn't THX1138 Brave New World, I don't know what is.
And, I mean, they're attacking the police, the military, the citizens, all of us are in this together, and isn't that the great final illusion?
Is that people that work for the system feel like they're part of the elite, when even high-level elites are being poisoned by their own system, and that's why people say it's a spiritual thing.
There's almost this cosmic force, and you get into that, but I just can see that it's there, driving man towards destroying themselves, and it's overall a hatred of the species.
Yeah, the thing is, I say to these people in uniform, you know, I say to them, you know, you've got no power.
You know, there's some people that love the uniform because they think they've got power.
And I say to them, you've got no power.
Your power is what you put on in the morning when you open the wardrobe.
The uniform you wear is an extension of the state.
When you wear the uniform, you're an extension of the state.
When you take the uniform off, you have no power.
I think?
These are the people that need to wake up and need to realize that they have children too.
I know of one who's high in NATO, who's just realized, he said he looked in the eyes of his four-year-old grandchild and said, I can't do this anymore because I know what I'm contributing to now, and he's trying to get information out about what's going on.
This is what we need to do.
The police need to realize that they are the pawns also.
I don't want to be part of this.
I mean, a lot of people in the system are having an awakening too, aren't they?
Yes, they are.
There's so much to be optimistic about.
I mean, the challenges are there.
Of course they are.
They want to push this on.
And they want to push it on faster and faster now because they are desperately trying to stop this awakening manifest to such an extent that their house of cards comes down.
So those challenges are there and they're going to push on through Obama, but there's so much to be enthusiastic and encouraged about because there is fantastic changes going on in the awareness of so many people.
David, as you said though, in the one minute before we come back, quickly,
I'd say Obama has two or three, four months when he first gets in till people wake up to that phase of the illusion.
So they want to start a big war, a biological release or a financial collapse.
What do we do to expose this guy and stop him being able to carry the ball for the new world order in the first few months?
Well, all we've got to do is keep whacking this information out.
And people who are listening to this information, don't be a cul-de-sac for information.
When you receive the information, there is a responsibility.
Pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.
By word of mouth, you can inform vast numbers of people very quickly if enough people do it.
That's what we need to do.
You're right, and we have incredible power, but we better use it now because they are planning to shut down the old web.
The inventor of the web said a few days ago that quote, it's going to die.
They're letting it die.
It's being killed.
So we need to move right now.
We're good.
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Are you tired of searching for great talk radio?
Well, search no more.
We are the GCN Radio Network.
Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
The New World Order with its programmers admit that they're colonizing our minds, our souls.
They are keeping us weak, confused, dumbed down, infighting.
But the awakening is happening.
David Icke, amazing guest, is our guest right now.
DavidIcke.com is the website.
We'll put that up on screen.
Let's go to Ryan, first-time caller from Georgia.
You're on the air with David Icke.
How you doing, Alex?
First off, I just really want to tell you I'm very appreciative of this waking me up and informing me of all the information that's currently going on.
And second, I just really want to say by far, I've been wanting to say this for a long time, Lindsey Williams, David Icke, Steve Quill, and Tex Mars are by far your most important guests that you have on your show.
And I would just really appreciate if you can even get them on even more because every time they speak,
I mean I'd have David on every week or two if he'd do it.
He's just very busy but he has been agreeing to come on every month and a half or so.
So I hope we can continue having David on, David.
Yeah, well, that'd be great.
Well, thanks very much, Ryan.
Thanks very much for that.
I'll give you an example of how things are moving on, though.
I'm coming to America in about 10 days.
I'm going to be there for about two and a half months.
I'm talking in Los Angeles on the 16th for seven hours, and then I'm going down to speak in Mexico.
After that, I'm going all over the world.
I'm going to Greece.
I'm going to Australia.
I'm going to South America, to Brazil.
I'm going to Croatia.
I'm going to all these different places.
A few years ago, I couldn't fill a phone box in England.
This is the scale of the awakening that's going on.
We're good to go.
By the way, I talked to David a month and a half ago and he was on.
He's agreed to come to Austin.
I'm going to set that up.
I have to probably talk to you in the next few days so I can go ahead and decide on a venue and set it up and get you over here for maybe a two-day event.
The problem is getting a big enough venue.
You can probably get 5,000 people.
I can probably get 5,000.
But I need to find a time that's good for you.
I need to nail that down.
Hello, can you hear me?
I have to agree with the caller that was just on, Ryan.
I love it when you have David Icke or Steve Quayle.
I just wanted to say thank you.
I'm a huge fan.
I wish you could go on tour.
I want to meet you in person.
And that's all I wanted to say is thank you.
Thank you to you and David and everything you do.
Oh, thank you very much.
Whereabouts are you?
Let's go ahead and talk to David in Montreal, Canada.
You're on the air with David Icke.
I'm very happy to finally be able to speak to you both.
I'm the webmaster of CriticalUnity.org and I syndicate a lot of both of your articles and videos on my site.
As David mentioned, people need to take a good look at the big picture and not be intimidated by the elite's manipulation and scare tactics.
The playing of the racial card is only possible because racism was indirectly created by the elites by molding our worldviews
As fascism unfolds, those who supported Obama, or any of these bloodlines, they're waking up.
And we will stand against the corruption no matter what they throw at us.
Our world, our lives, and our freedoms are at stake here.
Because the people have been at the mercy of the malevolent... Sorry, I'm a bit nervous, but... We've been at the mercy of these malevolent powers that have taken over our planet.
The people are ready to hear the truth, but as long as the majority has no opportunity to even know about Infowars, DavidIke.com, or
Well, we're doing that now, sir, and I appreciate your call.
I mean, I'm not exaggerating when I say, without even looking, I can spend 10, 15 minutes on YouTube and count up videos that people are posting of my TV show or audio, and it's over a million a week just with that.
You know, I've produced films that have been seen, well, I can look on hit counters a piece tens of millions of times on the web, and that now is the new medium.
And people have made tens of millions of copies of the tens of thousands of videos
I've shipped out.
Same thing with David.
So, uh, look at the newspapers failing.
Look at mainstream media losing its ratings while Alternative explodes.
So, the word is getting out, isn't it, David?
It is, and we're heading towards a real explosion because the curve in Awakening is getting really exponential and starting to go upwards very fast.
This is a great time and, you know, it's not a time to get fearful and it's not a time to get depressed, although there are many, you know, reasons to do that.
It's a collision course.
Hold on, David, we're going to skip this one too in the time that we have.
Just from Prison Planet, our TV viewers.
For everybody else, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Okay, David, continue with what you were saying there.
You know, the exponential curve is now heading straight upwards because as more and more people understand the basics of what is going on, they talk to more people and the whole thing expands.
So you reach a point eventually when it's an explosion.
And we're absolutely on the cusp of that now.
In fact, we're already beginning to see some of it.
So, you know, this is a wonderful time.
This is not a time to get depressed and run away and try to find some, you know, some land to hide in away from everybody.
This is a time to run straight at this, because these people, I absolutely have no doubt whatsoever, are starting to panic about what's happening in terms of public awareness of their game.
If you go to Google Trends and look at DavidIke.com, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Rents.com, all the hundreds of huge sites, my two are the biggest individually.
Infowars is the largest alternative site, Prison Planet is the second largest, and there's Rents and Ike and others.
If you look
Anyone can look at this for themselves.
And the curve, the growth curve, is exactly the same for all of these alternative media, consciousness-expanding, you know, lie-breaking websites.
It is hyperbolic.
It is straight up David Icke.
Yeah, so, you know, anyone that's sitting out there and is sort of frightened about doing anything or getting involved or all the rest of it, you know, there are millions and millions and billions and millions of people gathering now all over the world.
We just need to get together and deal with this because we're in a position now where we're heading to a time when we can.
I look back a few years and my goodness me, you thought, well, is anything going to change?
But crikey, this is dreamland compared to where we were a few years ago.
They probably interviewed me for three hours off and on about you when a British crew was here for Channel 4, and the one little smart-ass thing I said ended up being in the film about you being a turd in the punchbowl because people weren't ready to accept some of the things you were saying, and then I would have trouble with the basics, and I've apologized for that, but I'm gonna do it again because you've been so big about it and forgiving me, and also because I know that information is used out there still by people to try to drive a wedge, so I'll say it again.
I apologize.
No problem, Alex.
You know, we all have different opinions at different times, and they're not always correct, and they're not always... We all grow.
We all grow.
Yeah, of course we do.
And what we need to do is drop anything that divides us, any fault lines, any of this nonsense, because together, we're going to sort this.
Divided, we're not.
Well, I think all of us that are awakening are right.
It's just we've got different perspectives.
And then I just had a chance to move and see things from different angles.
Let's go ahead and, I mean, what's different from what you're saying about an evil overarching force behind it all with what Christians are saying?
Really, again, it's all perspective.
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Final segment with David Icke.
Only have time to make a few final calls with him because I have some special information I'm going to be covering.
Let's go ahead and jam in.
Who is up next here, John?
I got confused with the calls.
Mark and PA?
Oh, John in Canada.
John in Canada, you're on the air with David Icke.
How's it going there, Alex?
Good, sir.
I just want to thank you guys very much for
You're giving us an alternate source of international news right now, and I enjoy your show greatly.
Alex, did you know that this last Christmas here in Canada was the first white one that we've had across the country since 1974?
Global cooling is happening because the sun has, for the first time in 300 years of recording it, no sunspots, which are the huge flares.
And so the Earth is rapidly cooling.
This is another area, Alex and John, where Obama comes into play.
It's another one of his solutions in the agenda behind him.
You people will have noticed that his, if you like, environmental energy science advisor network of people are all
Yeah, and we just missed the big carbon tax thing here with the last election.
It was one of the main platforms for the Liberal Party.
And I've talked to some people about the Liberal Party and how they're involved with
It's not just the Liberal Party now either, it's also the Conservatives who are involved with the Power Corporation of Canada, who in turn is also linked with the genocide in Sudan.
And every Prime Minister we've had in Canada almost, since Trudeau, including Trudeau, has all been on the board of directors for the Power Corporation of Canada.
And Paul Volcker actually was on the International Advisory Committee as well.
You tell people this and they go, oh, that's just business.
It's got nothing to do with politics.
Business in terms of the Illuminati is control.
I mean, that's what business is for.
They're just arms of control.
This is why when I hear people of the left dismissing the global conspiracy and saying globalization is just greedy corporations, it's not greedy corporations.
Corporations are a vehicle.
Hello, this is Mark.
Hello, Mark.
I want to thank both of you for opening my perceptions as well as many others around the planet
To the truth of what is really happening.
I'm pretty much a non-traditionalist, a non-conformist, but there are many out there who aren't.
They're busy doing what they're doing.
They want to believe in the good of government.
They want to believe in the good of their community and all of this.
The reality is these things are happening and they're not even aware of it.
When I start to share these things, as well as others,
I'm sure I'm not alone.
When you share these ideas, these perceptions with people, at first they look at you like, oh, that can't be, and then they're in shock, and then they're like the deer in the headlights.
So what comes up to me, and I appreciate very much that you guys are opening our perceptions to these things that are happening and continuing to investigate and research and find out what they're continuing to do, but here's the thing.
When it comes down to it, people are in shock at first, and then they don't know what to do.
I've listened, I've watched your show, or listened to your show, Alex, many, many times, and I've read your materials, Mr. Ike, and the thing about it is when you boil it all down, people don't know what to do, like taking simple steps of what to do to respond.
Alright, I hear you.
We have to end this here in just a moment.
I'm going to let you go, and I'm sorry.
No more time to go to Tim, Rob, and many others that are holding, and I want David to be able to close out in the last minute here.
Last time we had David on, the time before that, he went through.
Just say no to national ID cards.
Say no to giving up your personal information.
Start growing a garden.
Start talking to your neighbors about the elite.
The awakening is the solution.
Overturning the false paradigm.
Expanding the horizon.
Yeah, once you break out of mind, the program, and into consciousness, then you instinctively know what your contribution is, and you go for it, because when you become conscious, you let go of one of the great expressions of the mind construct, which is fear.
But also, you know, this relatively tiny network that's manipulating the lives of billions
We're good.
They can't impose their will on billions of people unless the billions accept it.
What would happen if everybody wrote InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or DavidIke.com on all the paper money?
That's already waking up.
A lot of people coming to the site are because of people doing that.
What would happen if people made copies of my films or, you know, handed out David Ike documentaries?
Well, what is happening?
We're seeing we're having an effect.
We've just got to push that much harder.
David, when's a good time?
Because I forgot that I invited you to town.
You'd agreed when we were on a month ago.
When's a good time to call and talk to you and try to look at some calendars and figure out when it's good, say, four or five months in the future to get you to Austin, Texas?
Okay, well, tomorrow's fine, or Monday's fine.
Okay, I'll call you tomorrow, because I'm going to be out of town a little bit next week.
Jason Burns is going to be sitting in for a few days.
But I will call you, what, in the evening?
Yeah, that'd be great.
Well, David, we really appreciate your time.
DavidIke.com, folks, check it out there.
Great materials.
And we appreciate everything you're doing, David.
Same to you.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Take care.
There goes David Icke from the United Kingdom joining us for the last hour and 40 minutes.
Yeah, cheers.
What is the surprise today?
Well, it's not Alex Jones' Tyranny Crusher 1.
This was the first time we ever did an eBay item.
And the reason we did it is because people are like, well, this megaphone's broken.
We bought a new one.
You've had this one for all these years.
It's in the movie, A Scanner Darkly, that they rotoscoped.
That's really me and the bullhorn in there.
We're going to play a clip of that in a moment.
This is the surprise, surprise coming up in a minute.
Tyranny Crusher 1, you know, should we get it fixed?
Like a $125 megaphone, or should we sell it?
And obviously it's a fundraiser.
We're not saying the megaphone, just as a megaphone, is worth $3,500.
I think it's the latest bid on there for it.
We opened it up at $1,500.
There is Tyranny Crusher 1 on the PrisonPlanet.tv screen.
This is, and then I saw disinfo shills on the comments on that article going, how dare you try to make money?
Again, when the establishment taxes our money and uses it against us, I'm not supposed to try to fund things so I have a good mic to get the voice out there well, to give you a good, you know, show of information, to have these guests on, to have a producer to schedule it.
I mean, it's asinine.
And so because the establishment's criticizing me for trying to fund this operation,
Which is like a pea shooter against their propaganda, but having a great effect.
You know what?
Just because of you establishment, folks, go ahead and send me checks.
You want to donate $100, $1,000, $5, whatever.
You have my word that 95% of that money that comes in here will be used.
The other 5% for me to live and wear this on TV so it goes across well to folks and all the rest of it.
Because it's my whole passion.
As if we can't have a political or sociological passion and then fund our operation, or we can't sell our books.
But everybody else in the establishment, they can sell their books and get $10 million a year to read off a teleprompter on the nightly news.
There's no teleprompter here, ladies and gentlemen.
This is my heart and soul, and my intellect, and my research, and the guests we bring you here, and all the people we build up.
So, you know what?
I want to see $50,000 bid for Tyranny Crusher 1.
I mean, I know we got some big donors out there.
I mean, you know what, because we're going to use... In fact, I'll use 100% of Tyranny Crusher 1's money.
100% of Tyranny Crusher 1's money, because we spent over 100 grand on this little studio, and folks, that's cheap.
They're like, well, that's expensive.
We have the cheapest switcher they make that's new.
20-something grand, you know, and the cameras and all of it.
We're trying to really develop and expand this.
It's having a huge effect now with just this new look.
It's not even that fancy.
Instead of the videos on YouTube, each one every day, getting 10,000 views a day, it's like 60, 70, 100,000 views per video.
I mean, it's getting crazy.
All because of presentation.
I'm going to have professional lighting people and folks come in with just a basic two-camera shoot for a news program separate from this, but I looked at the books, even after the money bomb, and moving into this new office, we don't even have the money for that.
So, it comes down to that.
So, all those COINTELPRO that are so angry, or people that are just jealous of the work we're doing, don't understand this is life and death, go in there and let's bid Tyranny Crusher 1 up all the way.
Let's get it done, ladies and gentlemen, because this is a fundraiser for free speech and what we're doing here.
Let's see how high it'll go.
It closes out next Wednesday.
Let's go ahead and play a clip from Scanner Darkly where you see Tyranny Crusher 1 and Alex Jones.
When we post this video, people put links up saying I'm making it up, I'm not even in Scanner Darkly or Waking Life.
Folks, that's COINTELPRO on the site saying I wasn't in Scanner Darkly.
I don't talk about it that much, so I guess they just can't believe it.
Uh, or that a film I'm in this year is the top selection at South by Southwest, but I'll... I'll leave that as a side issue.
Uh, and coming up at, uh, what's the one up in, uh, Utah?
That big one.
Side issue.
The point is we're having huge effects, and that's what we should.
We should be ready for success.
We should be ready for victory.
Let's go ahead and play this clip from A Scanner Darkly.
Where did Substance D come from?
Why can't we stop it?
The bigger this war gets, the more freedoms we lose, the more Substance D is on our streets!
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