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Air Date: Nov. 25, 2008
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Bloomberg Financial reported yesterday that the bailout is now over $7 trillion.
So, in the last week, an additional $2 trillion has been stolen by the private bankers.
Now understand, they're not just stealing the money, you're going to pay for it with taxes.
And that's why they are handing out radar guns and firearms and just all sorts of new equipment to the general public to spy on the rest of the public.
They are going to hire millions and millions of citizens to mug the rest of the population.
It is going to be bad.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, we're live
It is the 25th day of November 2008 on this Tuesday edition.
No guest today, but I will be airing the audio of Ron Paul's speech at the end of the Fed Rally, Saturday in Houston.
I'll be airing some clips of myself and others, including
Ron Paul's brother, Wayne Paul, who was at the Dallas demonstration there at the real source of all of our major financial problems, the head of the snake of the New World Order, so that is coming up.
I'll give you a report as well.
On the 45th anniversary of the murder of JFK in Dealey Plaza and what we witnessed there, so kind of a double header,
Killing two birds with one stone, pun intended, up there in Dallas, Texas this weekend and yesterday, interviewing Robert Grodin, Jim Mars, and others for the JFK film and the Barack Obama police state film that we are making right now.
So, seven plus billion dollars, seven plus billion, we'll be reading that report for you here today.
7 billion, excuse me, 7 trillion.
My mind can't even get around it.
I apologize, I was just saying billion over and over again.
7.4 trillion.
7.4 trillion.
7.4 trillion, excuse me.
7.4 trillion, and now they're saying, oh, we are going to bail out the mortgage holders.
But then when you read the fine print,
What Paulson proposed, and I have it here in front of me, it says mortgage-backed securities.
So it's the derivatives held by the international banks.
Look, let me just give the public something.
You're not getting anything but taxes and regulation and a billy club upside the head, okay?
The people running this country have attacked hundreds of other nations and killed tens of millions of people.
Tens of millions.
They've killed over a million and a half Iraqis in the last five and a half years.
I know I keep making that point.
They don't care about you!
All they want to do is smile at you and have their talking heads tell you that.
You know, driving home from Dallas last night to Austin, about half the billboards were tattle on poachers, tattle on drug users, fund the CPS, be proud of public schools, you know, just all government PR, government propaganda, don't spank your child, report illegal guns.
I mean, I'm living in 1984.
That's what the billboards are now.
Because everything is the government.
No one can really afford to pay for billboards anymore.
And so, the government will take our tax money and put up propaganda.
Alright, my head's just spinning, ladies and gentlemen.
There is just so much coming up today.
They are now going to put cameras in new parents' homes, the CPS's, to make sure
There's a presumption of guilt.
You're guilty until proven innocent.
No judge, no jury, no due process.
Just the eugenics arm, and so that's in the news.
Yes, it's all here.
It's all happening.
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Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
An inside job?
How dare you?
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
We're live, 25th day of November 2008.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, fresh back from the In The Fed demonstration in Dallas.
Big success all across
The Nation in 38 locations.
Hats off to everybody involved as we identify the real enemy and even got some mainstream media coverage.
But the key is all over YouTube, Google and other video sites there are just hundreds and hundreds of videos from all over the nation.
Scores of videos per demonstration.
And that's the key.
It's the activists going out, protesting, demonstrating, and then putting on the web to magnify it so people can see the action that's being taken and learn about the fact that the private Federal Reserve is the organization running this country.
It is the regional governorship.
It is the section office, the governorship, the viceroy office of the New World Order here in the United States.
Let me just run through the headlines here, and what's so shocking, what I thought of this morning when I read this, when Kurt Nemo emailed it to me, he's got a story on it, it's up on InfoWars.com, was, this doesn't even shock me now.
I've known for so long they were secretly planning this, secretly preparing it, and then in the last ten years or so, brainwashing the public to accept it,
That when you finally see it openly being announced, it doesn't have the effect it should.
And that's something we should be aware of, that we get fatigued, we get acclimated and prepared to accept this.
Now this is a very big deal.
CBS News, this is national CBS News, cbsnews.com, military examines role in domestic defense, and they come into this article and lie and say, oh we just now got this idea because of a government report
That we're not going to be safe unless the Army is on the streets of America.
Now, again, when this was completely illegal, and it's still illegal, I haven't fully overturned Posse Comitatus, there were Marines and Army in police uniforms, coast to coast, doing raids on gun owners' homes, and on drug houses as well, in Norfolk, Virginia, in Dallas, Texas, in Tucson, Arizona, in Los Angeles County,
In New York City and Detroit, Michigan.
Many other areas.
Those are areas we documented and got documents and eyewitnesses.
I covered that in my film seven years ago, Road to Tyranny.
I mean, everything we told you is happening.
Do you understand?
The rest is going to happen.
Unless we stop it.
People say, well, why gloom and doom?
Why not be positive, Alex?
We are positively, with courage, here on the air, telling you who runs the planet, who runs the country, that they're bad people.
And the solution is saying, this is an illegitimate, criminal, out-of-control government, and then you, the people, we, the people, myself, you, everybody listening, and others, finally get serious and get focused and say no.
Because they're not going to stop until we say no.
They are turning up the propaganda on radio, TV, newspapers, billboards, schools.
It's just brainwashing everywhere.
And the good news is it's not working.
They're in control, so they just move forward.
But they don't care.
People say, well, what are solutions to this?
The solution is to wake the people up!
To explain to them!
The solution is to know the enemy battle plan that is the enemy.
And whether you're in the military or the police or the FBI or the government as a bureaucrat, you can look at what's going on and say, should I be with the people or with this government?
Is this government legitimate?
Or is it just basically a receivership arm for foreign private banks?
I mean, $7.4 trillion now stolen?
$7.4 trillion in six weeks?
Do you know what this means?
And you know, a lot of the public is worried about the future, but they don't have any idea how bad it is.
I mean, I don't even know what to say anymore.
I can't believe this is happening even though I knew they were planning it and setting it up and saying they were going to do it.
I mean, all we're doing is covering what they said in their own white papers and government documents they were going to do, and we provide them every day and link to the documents.
And then people will come in on the comment sections of the stories and say, I want to see proof when it's right there for you.
Everything we've said has happened!
And I know most of those people are operatives doing that, but I don't know how those operatives do that.
I mean, how do you do that just for a little bit of money?
Completely sell your country out?
A paycheck?
To really bad people!
I mean, I've got folks still denying that NORTHCOM announced they were going to put not one, not two, not three, not four.
If you read it, it's more than seven brigades and a whole bunch of different units from every branch of the armed services.
On the streets, folks!
You know why they're doing that?
Why they've been setting that up quietly for decades?
All for what's coming in the next several years.
People say, well, when is it coming?
We're already in it, but we're going deeper down the pit.
The IMF and World Bank documents that I wrote about in my book, 9-11 dissent and tyranny, last chapter.
That I've talked about over and over since we learned about him in early 2002.
That I've been screaming bloody murder every week about.
Many, many weeks every day.
They state, the BBC even reported on it, that they will bankrupt the nation and then when the people riot from losing their homes and starving, they will turn the military and police loose on us and bring in open martial law.
And let me tell you something, cops, when you don't have money to go to football games anymore, you know, that's all a lot of Americans care about, or when you don't have money to go on that trip or money to have that basketball, but at least you still got your uniform and can strut around and have folks bow down to you, just remember, your bosses are illegitimate and they destroyed this country.
There's no doubt the government's rogue and criminal, and I don't want to be your enemy.
You know, the Dallas cops were friendly and waved at us and smiled at us and they had a, um,
Lieutenant out there, and I said, hey, you know, the Federal Reserve is private.
He smiled at me, he goes, yeah, I know it's private.
Well, I know all about it.
The cops were smiling at us, waving at us, all of them.
They weren't being rude, weren't looking for trouble, weren't shoving people, weren't in our faces.
You know why?
Because they know.
They know.
So that's good.
That's what we want.
We want to work with you.
But you've got bad guys at the federal level, through your local governments, who are controlling your cities, who have taken the pension funds, the teacher funds, the police funds, the fire funds, all of it.
On record, it's already out of the country.
It's gone.
And then they're going to need you to make sure we can't get our government back.
Because if we get the government back, then we can go and bring to justice the individuals that carried this out.
And don't say you weren't warned.
Don't say you weren't told.
Don't say you weren't given a choice down the road.
I mean, look at these headlines I've got.
Military examines role in domestic defense.
Bush says more cash infusions may be needed to safeguard our financial system.
While the financial system shuts off liquidity to Main Street.
In their own documents.
They did it!
They caused the problem and then Grandstand is the solution.
Small banks upset with city bailout.
Now, they don't get any money.
Fed announces new U.S.
mortgage support program.
People are saying, oh, they're going to finally help us.
Folks, they state in the new plan Treasury put out yesterday with Bush in that press conference that you're not going to get one red cent of this money.
This money is to buy up other banks and insurance companies and roads and infrastructure.
And to buy bad derivative
Securities has nothing to do with your mortgages.
Here's the Drudge Report.
Top Russian analyst predicts decline and breakup of the U.S.
Forget the Russian analyst.
The Pentagon's predicting that.
The British Ministry of Defense is predicting that.
They're doing it by design.
And this is going to be seen worldwide as the defeat of the American Empire.
When really it's the U.S.
imploding and being subdivided like China was 150 years ago to Europe and the United States and them breaking it up into sectors.
This is the world government being born.
All you guys have done horrible things in the name of the United States.
You were working the entire time to actually destroy our name, bankrupt us, and set us up.
It's not too late to turn back.
It's not too late to reprieve yourself.
It's not too late to hit your knees and ask God for forgiveness and join humanity in the defense of liberty.
Icelanders demand Prime Minister resign during violent protest.
Parliament besieged, Iceland boiling, mad at credit crunch.
They're going to raise the income taxes in England to 61%.
It's already 80 plus percent in France, London Telegraph, to quote, pay the bankers.
You have to pay to give them this money, you understand?
And it isn't going to be the rich, it's everybody.
Cynthia McKinney prevented from leaving the United States, that's up on PrisonPlanet.com, all part of the new freedom.
And then look at this headline, social services set up CCTV cameras in couple's bedroom.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up!
What's next?
Now, Iceland, per capita, is the second most wealthy country in the world.
Number one is Switzerland.
After that, what is it?
And then the United States?
But these are very well-ordered.
They have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
One of the highest educational levels in the world.
They have the strictest immigration rules there.
I mean, it is a very nice place to live.
Talk to folks who have visited there on vacation, people that have family there, and that work there on work visas.
Overnight, there's no food on the shelves.
People can't get their money out of the bank.
Overnight, they're going and taking people's homes.
And the people are attacking the police stations.
I mean, what do you think's gonna happen when you don't give people any room to wiggle?
When you corner us?
Believe me, your microwave guns and your sound cannons aren't gonna help you.
The police, by the way, were forced to basically back off in Iceland.
Because, I mean, it's middle class, mainline people attacking the police stations on video.
We're gonna get into that later.
This is going to happen here.
And then the cops are going to gun a bunch of people down, and then the guns are going to come out.
And then... I really don't want to happen what's happened.
Because it's going to be bad.
Let me just tell the police something.
Believe me.
You're going to get your butt kicked.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that Communism has stated that America would not jump from Capitalism to Communism?
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Just as Nikita Khrushchev said.
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In the Pentagon war planning, the Rand Corporation war planning, the British Ministry of Defense war planning, they state, they know, the local police are meant to be smashed in the position they put the public.
We're not an agrarian farming society where if the banks shut off the money, people can just live off their farms.
We're a technological society with two days of food on the store shelves.
That's why they're moving MREs.
I saw a report on this over the weekend.
And weapons and things like that into key infrastructure positions like power plants.
Now, I'm not saying that all of this has to unfold or happen.
I'm telling you what the government's gearing up for and what they're saying in the open discussions of depression all over the news.
Now, in Iceland, they have taken everything the people
And in their capital city, the people are out demonstrating, and, you know, going to the parliament, and the police have been arresting people for no reason, basically.
Which, I mean, it's destroying their country, too.
They have no future.
But see, they've got, you know, they're in that peer pressure mode.
And so the citizens then turned on the police station itself.
And by the way, there are other reports in Iceland of this happening as well.
It's happening in China.
Humans are all the same.
People are people.
We want freedom.
And the people understand.
They're educated in Iceland.
They understand the banks imploded their credit by design, shut down the banks, and won't give them their money.
And then the nation doesn't have credit.
The companies in the nation don't have credit because it's been cut off to them to even ship food in.
You understand?
The IMF and World Bank documents state that they shut food and water off and essential services to cause rioting, which then makes the stock markets and property values and everything plunge to almost zero.
Then they come in and buy it, then poses the saviors, and then turn the economy back on.
Let's go ahead and play this clip.
Hundreds gathered for peaceful protests in Iceland.
Protests which ended with a police charge and pepper spray.
Around 7,000 people gathered in downtown Rakijovic yesterday.
A familiar scene since the country's recent banking crisis plunged the small nation into economic chaos.
Several people gave heated speeches.
Their main demands that the government and chairman of the banks resign and that elections be called as soon as possible.
At the end of the meeting the organisers reminded all present that one of their own had been arrested the previous day in what they claimed was unconstitutional police action.
Several hundred protesters then made their way towards police headquarters where demonstrations continued and eventually escalated into a small riot when police refused to release the jailed protester.
Rioters threw rocks and broke windows, and used makeshift battering rams to break down the doors of the police headquarters, with police barricaded inside, still holding the arrested protester.
The standoff ensued, which only ended when an anonymous benefactor paid the protester's outstanding fine for disorderly conduct, and he emerged to a jubilant crowd.
A police spokesman said several people were injured and taken to hospital.
There are other reports all over the western world of similar things happening.
Now, the police could have rubber-bulleted, could have even shot with lead bullets the crowd, and then the crowd, the people would have burned down the city.
See how that works?
Nice-looking, middle-class people.
The veneer of civilization is very, very thin, and you steal their money.
They don't have food.
They're gonna get angry and see, this is just two weeks into Iceland collapsing.
It's gonna exponentially grow.
And so, the people have been put in a position where they have to fight back.
Now, what could happen is the government, factions that support the public, and are legitimate,
Need to move for criminal investigations of the private bank.
They need to go ahead and arrest before they can flee.
The police need to join the people.
They need to go arrest the head of their central bank.
And then they can fix their house very quickly or they can let the banks rape them.
Would that be nice, police, to actually be with the people?
Wouldn't it be nice to actually go after the real criminals?
Same thing in Argentina.
Same thing's being set up here.
It's the same group.
We have their documents.
We've interviewed IMF and World Bank employees.
It's been declassified.
This is by design.
They just cut the credit off to the country and said, you don't get your money out of the bank.
Now, that's 7,000 plus protesting there.
But if they would have attacked the couple hundred people that went to take over the police station, the whole 7,000 would have swarmed the police.
You see?
Now, we're peacefully demonstrating here in the United States, but how long will that hold?
We'll be right back and play some of those clips from in the Fed here in the U.S.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry, this show is documented.
Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns... Globalism, the New World Order, is all about multinational offshore banks coming in, buying off your government, switching your economy over to an international system where your nation is not
Independent, where it's quote interdependent on the globalist model.
And then they get you in a position of being deep in debt to them through their fiat currency banking system.
Then they cut off the currency and credit.
That's the key.
This is by design.
Even if you have money in the bank, they won't give it to you.
They seize your pension funds.
They seize your 401Ks.
Congress for the last three weeks is having hearings every day talking about taking your pension fund to protect it.
You see, the banks got the cities, counties, the different departments, the states, the Fed, the different agencies to invest 60 plus percent of all the tax money of the last 50
Almost 60 years.
Since 47.
So more than 60.
61 years.
And they use that.
They fence that money into other institutions and buy real assets and infrastructure.
Then when they're ready, they blow out the banks and brokerage firms.
And insurance companies.
Enron was a dummy Ponzi scheme.
It didn't fail.
It was designed to implode.
And hundreds of billions were stolen.
Now, tens of trillions are being stolen.
7.4 trillion, according to Bloomberg, so far.
That is, by the way, more than the entire GDP in 2007.
We won't get GDP numbers until next year for 2008, reports Bloomberg.
So, 7.4 trillion.
And none of it is going for what they claimed it was six weeks ago, back on October 3rd.
None of it is going to the economy.
And of course not!
They don't want the economy jump-started.
They don't want... Six weeks ago, when they got up on TV, the Treasury Secretary and the rest of them said, we're going to have a depression if you don't do this.
They destroyed confidence, folks.
They precipitated it.
Just at Bilderberg, two and a half years ago, they wanted to destroy confidence, starting with the subprime mortgages.
So they can consolidate.
And now in Iceland, the second most wealthy nation in the world per capita.
In two weeks time, the majority of the banks will give their people none of their money.
Most of the stores are completely bare.
The people are, they're saying, fire the head of this private central bank.
They engineered this.
Mainstream news over there.
The people understand
Tough times have a way of getting people focused to actually research and go, wow, these guys took over.
And worldwide, folks are coming to InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.net and TruthNews.us, JonesReport.com, our sites, and finding out the truth, the documents, the videos.
They're seeing us 5, 10 plus years ago predict and lay out what was happening.
We weren't sure when the bankers were going to do it.
We just knew in their own documents that they were planning to do it in the future.
And that they had us so leveraged in debt a decade ago, they could have pulled the same thing.
But then, in 2002, we learned that they were planning it in 2008-2009.
Then, two and a half years ago, with our moles inside Bilderberg, we learned the specifics and laid out exactly what was happening.
Last week, I played those video clips from Canada that we shot
With the sources saying exactly what happened, precisely what would unfold.
So you, if you're a new listener, you better listen carefully because we know the Patriot Movement.
We read the documents about the New World Order.
We found out about the plans.
Who started the modern Patriot Movement in the last 20 years?
They were all former military, normally in intelligence, officers.
They were police officers.
They were people in positions of power that found out about this and were told this was being set up, who went public and said no to it.
And now it's gone from being secret to being public.
Just like we told you a year and a half before it was in the news that they'd hired 24,000, no 26,000 as of last year, preachers to go tell their flocks, martial law is good, turning your guns in is good, doing what the government says is good, going to FEMA camps is good.
So of course we've been screaming bloody murder here on air.
Of course we've been freaking out and warning you.
Of course we've been upset.
Of course we've been worried because we see the preparation.
We know it's being set up.
We know it's horrible.
And out of the crisis that is created by a financial collapse, they then manage it and pose as the saviors and bring us into full tyranny.
Let's play an NBC clip out of Chicago, within the Fed, getting some coverage.
On the web at USHomeAuction.com, the bidding resumes at 9.30 tomorrow morning in Rosemont.
That's great for the people losing their homes, of course.
In a related story, major protests in cities across the nation today.
They rallied against the Federal Reserve here in Chicago.
Demonstrators are calling for a dismantling of the Fed.
Activists believe the Federal Reserve Bank is responsible for the current financial crisis.
They claim government bailouts will further disrupt the economy and plunge the nation into a severe depression.
They support legislation introduced by Representative Ron Paul to shut down the nearly century-old Federal Reserve Bank.
Other news now... Alright, I have probably, just looking around this weekend on the hotel computers,
I didn't spend much time in the looking some last night this morning when I got back to Austin I don't know probably seven eight news reports and they're all local in Texas and Illinois and few places like that so we got some coverage there doesn't matter that the alternative media is carrying the ball and getting the word out so they're not stopping us there here is a compilation put out by a video crew that was out there
of uh... some of uh... my speeches and some of the things i had to say out there short compilation and then we'll uh... continue breaking down what's happening at the bottom line here is here are the american people doing just exactly what people are doing in argentina what they're doing in iceland but they're doing all over the world pointing out of the real enemy is pointing out of the real culprits are here it is
You're watching OTN, the Obscured Truth Network.
In the pit!
In the pit!
In the pit!
In the pit!
In the pit!
In the pit!
In the pit!
Hey, I want to talk to the workers up there on the parapet.
The ones smoking cigarettes who just jumped back.
You're with the American people, we know that.
But understand, ask the workers inside.
You're not in a federal government building.
You're in a private Federal Reserve that uses that name as a fraud.
I'm not a federal government.
I'm not a federal agency.
But if I said my name was Federal Reserve,
I could go out and pay off politicians and get them to allow me to get into power so I can issue the currency and credit and then I can buy up the world.
That's what these criminals have done.
The Federal Reserve is totally private and Ellen Greenspan, two weeks ago on PBS on Laird NewsHour, said Ellen Greenspan, two weeks ago on Laird NewsHour, said on record that they are above the law, the Congress, the President, everyone.
The former Federal Reserve Chairman on the Later News Hour a few weeks ago came out and said, we are above the law.
Congress, the President, no court can do anything.
We run America.
Think of the arrogance of a private group of banks that have bankrupted the nation by design so they can repo the country.
A private group of banks that loaned us our money back are telling us they're above the law!
You are not above the law, criminals!
I appreciate you guys, too.
And this is going to hurt all your families.
All the police officers here, the camera people here, everybody who's here to cover this needs to know that that's why we're here.
So we're going to go ahead and let them know that we're not their slaves.
The Federal Reserve is a run-for-profit private organization.
This is everything.
Instead of our economy being about goods and services and real products and manufacturing, it's all about these guys, the private Federal Reserve that masquerades as a government entity, who controls the issuance of currency and credit.
They're the ones that have cut off the liquidity in the market.
They told us, have a debt-based economy.
Then they cut it off once they get us under their thumb and implode the economy so they can consolidate it.
That's what they're doing right now.
I mean, it's in their own documents, it's in their own statements.
They claim, give us unlimited power, give us trillions of dollars with the Baker bailout bill that's already $5 trillion, not $850 billion as they say, and we'll get the economy going.
But they're hoarding the money and buying up other banks that aren't part of the Federal Reserve, buying up insurance companies, buying up roads, infrastructures, media empires, defense contractors.
What the banks do is they implode an economy by cutting off credit.
And then once things really fall to a low, and they know the low because then they buy everything up and start then putting more money back into the economy and then they build it back up.
So they build us up and then share us.
Build us up and share us.
And they're getting ready... All over the world they're always sharing some country and floating it.
Comes out in their own IMF and World Bank documents.
That's just the foreign arm of the same cartel.
Yeah, what they do is...
They make you think Clinton's evil and running things.
Then, oh, Bush will save us.
And then, oh, Bush was evil.
Now, we'll be saved by Barack Obama, but he's just a puppet.
But as we get deeper into this phase, when they implode the economy, they have all the money and all the control.
But they also like to pose as the savior.
So Obama is meant to be the savior during the depression and he'll save us with a million person.
He said it's bigger, bigger than our military domestic spy force, a three million person environmental spy force.
So giving people these jobs to be government bureaucrats and spies to go out and manage
The other 290 something million Americans.
And so this is classical fascism.
The communists also do it.
Any vertically integrated, command and control, authoritarian system does this.
So they're openly following what the same group of banks did in Germany, Russia.
It's in the communist manifesto to have a private central bank.
Because the private central bankers actually wrote the ideas that they had Marx and Engels put out.
People go, well why would the banks want communism?
It doesn't exist.
They rape us, they consolidate us, they put us into work brigades, they make us slaves, and they say it's a people's paradise!
Look at it!
Boy, you're really doing good!
And then...
They transfer all the wealth of the nation offshore.
The globalists are outside all the nations.
That gives them safety.
And they play countries off against each other.
And so that's what we're facing and dealing with.
And so they're bringing in classical hardcore tyranny in the U.S.
But we have the internet.
We've grown our numbers.
The alternative media's exploded.
That's why they're trying to move in to shut down and regulate and tax the web.
But it's too late for them.
They're playing in the 19th century, 20th century rules.
It's 21st century.
We're good.
Either they fall or we fall.
Either worldwide darkness and a new age of tyranny and oppression with a scientific overlay or a new age of liberty and freedom and a new renaissance.
The choice is the people's out there.
We can tell you what's going on.
You can check it out for yourself and find out it's true.
But don't wait.
Investigate now.
Get involved now.
Go out there and reach out now.
We don't have time.
If you're looking for the solution,
Look in the mirror.
Look right into the mirror because you, out there, men, women, old, young, black, white, doesn't matter.
It's going to be up to you if they win or if liberty succeeds and the people have a chance of having any future.
These are cold-blooded eugenicists.
These are cold-blooded people who think they're God, think that they're our masters, and think that we're animals.
These are the guys that funded Lenin and Stalin and Hitler and Mao.
These are the guys, it's all on record, that bankroll this stuff.
They are hardcore vicious and they must be resisted.
All right, I've got several other clips.
Let's play the one that starts at 3.50.
John, I want to play the clip that's got just a little comment from Ron Paul's brother, Wayne Paul.
We've got a longer interview.
I'm just playing a YouTube clip somebody else posted because we haven't had time to get ours up yet.
We appreciate folks.
This is a short clip of him saying the answer in 1984, 1776.
I'm going to play a clip where I'm thanking the police at the end of the demonstration for
You know, not acting like they hate free speech and hate America.
We appreciate that.
So when they act normal and act like they're with us and with the American people and peace officers, we're all for them.
Let's go ahead and play that next clip.
My name is Wayne Paul and the answer to 1984 is 1776.
That's what we want back today.
We want the ability to use our brain and use the fruits of our labor
They helped me in pain and we're having it extracted from us on a daily basis.
So we gotta pass that bill to abolish it?
Got to do it.
Do you speak directly to abolishing the Fed?
I think if there's any one bill that you could tell every congressman in this country to do is to vote for that bill.
Absolutely the most vital vote anybody up there could do in their life.
What's the sponsorship up to now?
It's above 60 isn't it?
That's what I heard.
Okay, let's go on to the next clip now.
Here we go.
uh... the next round of the uh... next job in the federal
I'm going to jump up here real fast.
I'm Alex Jones and we're sick of it!
I'm not really mad right now.
I'm Alex Jones and we're sick of it!
I'm Alex Jones and we are sick of it!
We're sick of it!
Speaking of that...
Again, this has been absolutely amazing!
Absolutely amazing!
After the government staged the 9-11 attacks, they tried to claim that people couldn't protest and demonstrate without permits, and then they would refuse to issue the permits, or they'd put people in free speech zones and then arrest them.
But thousands of lawsuits later, all over the country, the First Amendment is now being recognized and not trampled again.
And I want to say the Dallas Police have not just done their job to protect the First Amendment, they've been pretty cheerful and friendly.
They've been pretty nice and have actually acted friendly towards us.
And that's what we want!
Because they're American people too!
And the Federal Reserve...
You know, the Federal Reserve for 90 years has brainwashed public school children that they are a government bank.
And now, they're intensifying their propaganda, bringing in school teachers, college professors, administrators, and they've got hundreds of them in there right now, brainwashing them about how the Federal Reserve is government, and how the Federal Reserve wants to fix the economy, when the Federal Reserve is the enemy!
And we're here to tell them, we're not going to stand by while they brainwash people!
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
I am so frustrated.
I can't seem to remember anything anymore.
Seriously, my memory and attention span is terrible.
I read something and forget.
I forget people's names.
I hear all this great information on the radio and I want to tell people, but I forget.
I... Okay, slow down.
Poor attention and memory loss is not your fault.
Factors like fluoride in the water, aluminum in deodorants, genetically modified foods, the way the education system taught you.
It's all meant to dumb you down.
You know, I can remember everything now.
Even entire books.
There is this website called School of Phenomenal Memory.
Their online course is a real breakthrough in the field of memory improvement.
In fact, they guarantee that every single person will be able to memorize any type of information, including entire books, after they complete just 60 lessons.
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What's the website?
Now don't forget, it's Pmemory.net.
The letter P, memory dot net.
They railed against the crown, another ragtag band.
They railed against the crown, another ragtag band.
Declaring independence,
On a bloody war.
For liberty.
That's us, their descendants.
Free today.
I am free today!
And the lives they lead!
Far ahead of their time.
Without the Renegades.
Lord knows.
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
And I salute everybody within the Fed, across the country.
I'm going to play part of Ron Paul's speech from Houston later in the show today.
We'll also have some open phones coming up in the next hour.
In other news, military examines role in domestic defense.
Troops on the streets of America with the police.
CBS News.
Been telling you that for 13 years!
When I witnessed Marines training to confiscate our guns and admitting it was for America.
And I said, man, I'm against that.
And they said, what, you don't like our military?
You're some kind of commie!
Uh, if it's really our military, they're not training to take our guns.
If it's our military, they're not training to attack the American people.
And you know what?
It's not our military.
Those individual men and women are good folks.
That's why the majority of them gave campaign contributions to Ron Paul.
More than any other candidate.
But the people directing them are pure evil.
So you got a decision to make, a lot of you out there in government.
Who do you stand with?
How far will you go?
How many criminal orders will you follow?
But again, they're rioting in Iceland because the police are falsely arresting people, breaking down the doors of police stations.
That's all coming up.
It's all coming to a head.
I want to bring Ted up for this segment and the next, and then I'm going to get into all the news and take your phone calls.
I've got a lot of other audio clips from around the country and the world and a bunch of other important news.
And again, the Ron Paul speech, but Ted, so much is happening, I mean, on a daily basis.
Now they're going to, quote, bail out.
That means capitalize and fund Citibank.
With hundreds of billions of dollars, and they're using the car bailout as a diversion, whether you're for it or against it.
$25 billion is nothing compared to $7.4 trillion.
You heard me in the clip from Saturday saying $5 plus trillion.
And then Bloomberg came out and the government admitted on Sunday, you know, it already meant $2 trillion more in a week.
Do you have any idea what this means and interest on it?
Ted, I mean, I know I'm ranting here.
I wanted to get you up.
It's just getting incredible, Ted.
It is.
Incredible is a good word for it.
I mean, it's amazing.
And now they're talking about coming in and just paying off credit cards and student loans and all these... The printing press is not the solution here.
And this last protest we had over the Fed, that's the solution.
We need to get rid of that printing press.
Stop the printing press.
The economic power of the people will stop.
Well, Ted, to be clear though, with the student loans, with the credit cards, the people aren't going to get them paid off.
The banks will still get to collect and get money.
Well, where do you think the money is going to go?
If you pay off the credit card, it goes right into the banking system.
This is just a new bait and switch.
Like they said, oh, we're going to get this money, this $850 billion to help you with your mortgages.
And the next day they said, you get none of it.
The thing about it is, Alex, if you try to solve a problem, I don't care if they're giving it to the two-year-olds out there.
With a printing press, when you're putting money out in the system, you're not creating value.
All you're doing is creating more currency.
Yeah, people don't understand this.
Let me explain it.
Let's say you collect Dallas Cowboy memorabilia.
Now, if there's one Roger Stahlbach NFL helmet, uh, Super Bowl helmet he won, the thing's probably worth $50,000.
But what if he took on and off 15 different helmets in that game?
You know, the helmet would be worth a couple grand instead of $50,000.
You got it?
It's devaluing.
Gotta use sports analogies to reach him, Ted.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother and cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Worldwide, folks, people are tuning in.
It was so exciting to be in Dallas, walking around on the West End, by our hotel, by the Grassy Knoll.
And I had white folks, black folks, Hispanic folks, walking up, who weren't part of the, in the Fed demonstration, weren't down there to see the Grassy Knoll.
They were up there by the restaurants.
They go, hey, aren't you Alex Jones, in-game?
Or, I saw your film, my neighbor gave me your film, and I checked out your site.
Now, listen now.
I mean, folks, I'd be at the hotel and people walk up to me.
And again, that's only a yardstick, an example.
I'm just one person in this fight.
And I can go to England, I can go to Canada, I can go to California.
People in little towns all walk in a little store and the people are, hey, we listen to your show.
It is growing exponentially and that means we've got a fighting chance.
Now, Ted Anderson, I've got you up and we're here talking about
7.4 trillion so far given to the private banks of our tax money so that they cannot loan to people and hold it to buy up the currency and buy up the markets.
I'm going to get more into that after you leave us, but you did a pitch here Friday.
When we had you on doing some economic news, you also told folks that you had bought, in between 701 and 710, because you did some different buys,
Um, you know, when gold was at that level, he bought gold coins and he's, most people are sold out or can't even get them.
Uh, and, uh, Ted was able, uh, because he's been in business 30 years, to get really good buys out of Europe and the U.S.
on Maple Leafs, uh, American Eagles things nobody has.
Very few people have their huge 30-40% premiums on them.
He was able to offer those at below spot.
This was below spot.
Because gold went up to 800 bucks.
It's gone up another 12 bucks or so today.
It's 815 last time I checked.
The point is, he bought gold at a little over 700.
In that range, because there was different buys.
Summit 701, Summit 706, Summit 7010.
And so even with his tiny 6% markup in there, he'd be able to get the gold in, pay his staff, stuff like that, and he's the reason the show's possible to his network.
He is able to then pass those savings on.
Now, he's sold out of the Maple Leafs.
He's almost sold out of the, uh, I know you are sold out of the American Eagles.
Uh, he's got Indians, he's got Franks, and he's got, uh, Sovereigns.
At that deal of $700,000 of last Monday when he bought those.
And he held the deal through yesterday, through the weekend.
This is probably the last time.
But he's guaranteeing, even if he sells out of what he's got, he will take the hit and bring it in and still, you know, at that level.
This is guaranteed to get this deal.
Ted, again, as you said Friday, this is the best deal you've ever offered, topping the one you did three months ago.
Yeah, and it got better because gold's up, well it was up at $8.30 today.
Last time I looked it was at $8.18.
So when we were talking about it on Friday, gold was at $7.99.
Same price on the British Sovereign.
They're $228.
The Frank at $187.
Alex, before I put out the memo, I walked into the studio.
Mona, my buyer, she comes in, she says, are you crazy?
We have to pay a lot more than that for these coins right now.
And I said, yep, I'm going to run them.
And that's because we picked up this bit of supply.
There's not much left, but I'm going to hold it.
I'm going to hold it throughout the rest of today.
If you want to buy gold right now, buy the Franks or buy the Sovereign or pick up the 10 you need, the 10 Liberty, because you're going to be getting it for a lot less than what I have to go out in the marketplace and get it for.
As a matter of fact, dealers are paying for more, paying more for them now than I'm even just selling them to you.
So, you can't be... They're not just getting the fact that Ted's a huge wholesaler, so you're getting his discount.
He's giving you the deal he got last Monday at $700 in, you know, 701, 706, 710, the different buys he did.
Now, how many Eagles do you have left?
You said you're low on those.
No, the eagles are gone.
I can't offer another eagle.
It's going to take too long to get them to the people.
Okay, but what's the $10 piece you're talking about?
The $10 piece that I'm talking about is the $10 Liberty from back at the turn of the century.
Okay, so you've got the $10 Liberty, and then you have the Franks, and you have the Sovereigns.
Ladies and gentlemen...
There's a good chance they're going to seize the money in the bank.
There's a good chance we are going to have a full board depression.
Move now into gold and silver.
Come back to talk about the silver on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his M.O.s.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
Hello, I'm Steve Schenck.
We're entering a holiday season never before seen in America.
We're thankful for the warning given by members of Mr. Obama's campaign team of the coming international incident which will force unpopular decisions.
Without this warning, many of us who still have money available would have unknowingly wasted it on Christmas gifts that will be useless when the only food available is in a government breadline.
When the President is faced with the expected national security incident,
The in-place Patriot legislation will control transport and distribution of food.
Those of us who are able to take care of ourselves must put in supplies of food.
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The greatest gift this Christmas is life itself.
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You can run through all the top financial news stories and take your calls this hour to the next.
I'm going to air about a 25-minute speech Ron Paul gave Saturday in the Fed, down in Houston.
That is coming up.
Military examines domestic role in your daily lives, ladies and gentlemen.
The Military, openly CBS News.
In the streets of the United States, toll-free number to join us on-air, 1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
We'll get you up and on the air.
It is the 25th of November, 2008.
Ted Anderson.
I want to get some of your views on what's happening right now, these new developments, separately from pitching gold at people.
But I will tell listeners this, that when Ted takes a huge risk, when gold that he predicted had bottomed at $700 an ounce, and he bought a ton of it,
Um, he is now passing it all on to you.
Any other broker in the world would simply, you know, sell gold for whatever the price is today, and they're adding huge premiums.
Again, Google.
Gold selling for premiums.
Central banks can't keep up.
Gold sold out.
Hundreds of mainstream news articles.
Most places are sold out.
Go to their sites.
Go to their... Look.
Look at the prices.
You will find...
This is below spot, ladies and gentlemen, and this is in a bull market in precious metals.
Ted is doing this because he wants to pass it on to the listeners, because he's a great guy, he's a free market guy, and he loves to smash all his competition.
I'll just be honest with you.
And you should take advantage of this.
He made such a big buy, and he told me this morning, 90% of it's out the door, last Monday, that this is it.
This is the tail end of this deal.
Who knows if it'll come back, you know, by in the next even year or two to ever have a deal like this again.
This dwarfs the deal he offered three months ago when he did something similar.
So again, Ted, explain to people the mathematics we're talking about here.
Well, I mean, take the British Sovereign, for instance, that 228, multiply that by 4.
I mean, you're just sitting right in that range.
There's no way you're not going to be able to get it.
I even call every single dealer across the United States, you are not going to buy a British Sovereign for 228
Not here, not in Britain, not in Europe, not in South Africa.
I have them.
I have them for the least, the lowest price.
And I also have the Franks right now.
Fifth of an ounce of gold.
Obviously you want small gold pieces.
Again, nowhere.
I mean, Mona came in, Alex, and she says, look at these!
They're over $200 a piece and you're selling them for $1.87.
I said,
I don't care.
We picked up the position.
It was actually, I put up the numbers, it was close to $3 million worth of this stuff.
And I gotta tell you, it makes me happy.
It makes me happy that I'm putting gold into people's hands.
I mean, you don't know how much of a treat it is for me to go down to the Federal Reserve Bank and have a whole crowd of people yelling, and the Fed, and people driving by, and you know, just the pleasure of being able to see it happen in front of my very eyes.
Fighting this fight to try to get people convinced that this institution is no good for the United States, no good for the people.
And, you know, to have it to the point where, you know, these clips that you're playing, I mean, you don't know how much satisfaction that that just brings me to see that.
All these years we've been here telling them the Fed's the enemy.
Back when nobody knew who Ron Paul was, you know, you were promoting him and
and and and airing his little five-minute radio show once a week here on the network and you know when you were there bankrolling the network all those years it lost money uh... you know more having to mortgage your house five years ago uh... so the network wouldn't go under everything you did and now we're here the future is here we were right about everything people are exponentially tuning in and waking up and getting involved and getting protected uh... ted from what i hear the the the best deal is the franks or the sovereigns
They're both a fabulous deal, Alex, because the market's gone up more than a hundred bucks since I put this deal together for people.
The market took care of it.
I still get my little margin in there if we have to go back and buy a few at the very end, big deal.
So I get some gold in the people's hand, I get a good price.
The sovereigns are a great buyer.
The Franks are a good buyer.
It's good because they're small pieces of gold.
And explain how this is working.
10, 20, 30, 40.
Usually it's about a 30% premium just to even get gold for wholesalers.
Wholesalers are paying 10, 20, 30% over what's supposed spot is because we're in a manipulated market.
If you're lucky enough to find a U.S.
Eagle right now, you're paying over $900 an ounce for this silly thing.
I mean, it's crazy what the market has done.
And just the physical supply is so tight right now, because everybody wants to put it away, and when you see the spot price fluctuating, that's the futures market.
Okay, Ted, I want to be careful about this, though.
Do you want to say this is going to midnight, or do you want to say it'll go until people stop answering the phones tonight?
Because I don't want you to get, you know, upside down and the phones are going to blow off the wall.
No, I can tell you, I'll take it and I'll stay committed to this till midnight, but I would suggest if you want to get into something that is so close to melt, I mean, it is quite literally, I don't know, once before there was a time... Well, Ted, in the real market it's below melt.
I mean, they've got that fictional
You know, Comex.
But, I mean, in reality, nobody, I mean, everybody's, the brokers are paying premiums to even get it, right?
Yeah, well, there's not a dealer in the world right now that's offering francs, even at the wholesale level, to sell at these prices.
So that's, that's, and the, and the, uh, and the British sovereigns.
The $10 liberties on the $10... So in the real market, this is way below what real spot is.
Yep, that's right.
And you know, there's a lot of people that are concerned about the stuff because it's so close to melt and confiscation.
But if you're concerned about that, go to the 10 Indian or the 10 Liberty.
That stuff is so close to melt right now, too.
I mean, everything is so tight in supply.
The Walking Liberty have silver coins.
I can't say it enough.
I mean, here we have Christmas coming up, and people are going to be buying people, you know,
You know, radios and all this stuff from these electronics, gizmos and whatever.
This is something you can actually give to somebody and you know darn well that we've got a train wreck of an economy right now.
How about giving them something that they can actually use?
This will be something that will support and take care of their children, they'll take care of their grandchildren.
People need to get gold and silver in their hands, and once they start getting gold and silver in their hands, they start to realize how messed up the Federal Reserve System is, and what this real monetary system is about.
It only takes a little bit, it takes a seed to grow a plant, and that's the idea that needs to be placed in the minds of the people that don't understand
How money comes into existence, and why it's losing purchasing power, and why we got Paulson and Bernanke doing what they're doing, and they're just trying to protect the system.
If it totally falls apart and blows up, then we're going to win.
And they don't want us to win.
And we're going to fight hard to win, because you know what?
It's about liberty.
It's about freedom.
It's about the Constitution of the United States.
It's about we the people.
We're the ones who go out and labor for this wealth that we create.
We should be able to keep it, and they shouldn't be able to destroy it by printing more money.
Absolutely, and Ted...
Take Iceland, the second most wealthy nation per capita after Switzerland, one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
They are attacking and breaking down the doors of police stations and government facilities right now because there's literally no food on most of the store shelves.
The banks aren't giving them their own money.
I mean, that's the point.
This is engineered.
It's fractional reserve banking at its highest, most ultimate point.
It is the worst thing that could have ever happened to a society.
And our forefathers knew this, Alex.
They knew this.
They terrorized us into going along with the bailout tip.
Look at how they terrorize the public and they're going along with that.
I want to give you the number, folks.
We've been ranting here because it's just so amazing to see people waking up.
It's the best of times, worst of times.
On the other side, to see the enemy coming right out in the open on CBS News going, yeah, the U.S.
Army is going to be on the streets of America with the police.
We're to fight Al-Qaeda.
Give me a break, folks.
That's for the public.
If you go videotape the actual Army training, and they admit this in the Army Times, CBS doesn't.
They say it's for civil disturbances and to fight the American people.
It's in the John Warner Defense Authorization Act.
It says the governors don't run anything, that the military will be used against the people for insurrection and rebellion and rioting.
Because they're going to eat our lunch.
They do it by design.
I just hope you call and get the Sovereigns, get the Franks, get the silver half-dollars, 800-686.
Two, two, three, seven, and let me tell you folks, Ted is running out of this stuff.
This is probably the last time it'll be at this deal.
I can't imagine that there'll be anything left tomorrow, but it's there right now.
One more time in case you missed that number.
If you call, the number's busy, leave your name and number, they'll call you back in a few hours because Ted's got 25 brokers there and it takes a lot of time with each person so things get clogged up.
Ted, thanks for coming on with us.
Just last question.
We now have more bank bailouts, as I said, 7.4 trillion.
I'm going to cover that when I come back.
And then the local banks, small town banks, you know, that really are a part of the economy, and in many cases actually helping the local economies, they're freaking out because they're actually solvent, many of them, and then they're getting bought out.
Government regulators are coming in and forcing them to sell out to the big banks, and they know it's a fraud.
I talked to a bank president
Who came to the end of the Fed protest with his son of a small bank there in Northeast Texas.
And he was saying they all know exactly what's going on.
Well that's it.
They're lacing the pockets of these big Wall Street banks and they're taking that money and they're buying up these smaller banks and creating monopolies that are bigger than what they were.
Then we have even a bigger problem.
They're too big to fail.
Guess what?
They've just become bigger.
You know, is that good?
Obviously that's not good.
These community banks are the ones that are actually creating wealth and helping something along.
This whole derivative thing that's coming out of Wall Street, you know, it just boggles my mind.
Look, they took the majority of the pension funds, of the investments, of the stock market, you know, investments made by governments,
County, state, local, federal, the agencies, there's tens of thousands of these different groups invested and they invested in derivatives and they're now telling them it's all gone!
Folks, they've already destroyed your pension funds and what's left of it, mainstream news, they're getting ready to take it!
The Federal Reserve System was put together, Alex, for this reason.
They didn't want the smaller banks taking control.
They wanted to have this unified central thing that would allow them to collect the taxes and the debts from the entire country.
They set up the income tax the same year, 1913.
Your call is coming up to cover the financial news, the police state news, and play some more clips.
Ted, thanks for coming on with us.
Stay with us.
You know what?
I wish you would have told me in the time we had about the end of the Fed up in Minnesota, but I'll have you on later to tell us about that.
Okay, he was up at that one.
We'll be right back.
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I want to know from the listeners, are you warning people, or people in your circle, friends and people you work with, go to church with, do they realize the private banks are openly setting up world government run for and by the banks, carbon taxes that will be paid to them?
Are they aware of the fact that this is a take-up?
This is a major move.
The crisis they're creating, they plan to manage and manage the people into the world government.
You know, I read a New York Times article last week on air and showed you a shot of it on PrisonPlanet.tv.
We were doing a live feed.
And it was where parents are putting surveillance cameras with live internet feeds off a wireless card in the cars to watch and track their children.
See how that's the Big Brother Society and now the police in New York State and Connecticut State and others are paying for studies to make everybody have these cameras in their cars.
And then out of England, and similar things are being proposed here, the Houston Police Chief, remember two years ago, proposed making people have cameras in their homes.
Google that term.
Don't believe me?
It'll come up.
Social services set up CCTV camera in couple's bedroom.
And it said, because they had the school records on them, that the mother and father were educationally disadvantaged.
And so because they didn't have good test scores, then when they had their baby, it says they make the parents, they just calmly announce this, have a camera watching them in their bedroom to make sure they're good parents.
Guilty until proven innocent.
Social services set up CCTV camera in couple's bedroom.
Social workers set up CCTV camera in bedroom of couple and they said, well we do this to everybody.
With learning difficulties, in order to monitor their behavior, a new report
And then you read the article and they admit.
The social workers say yes.
They had bad test scores in school.
And now they've got a baby.
And so you have to have the government surveil you.
So they can look for anything you're doing wrong to then take your child.
When the government isn't fit to clean toilets.
Statistically, five times more likely.
At least in the United States.
I know it's bad over there as well.
To abuse children because they don't care.
Council staff sees these cities running, are said to have spied on young parents at night as part of a plan to see if they were fit to look after their baby.
And it goes on, the mother and the father were forced to cite the Human Rights Act, which protects the right of life to private life before the social services team.
They said they weren't able to have sex.
It was because the camera was in the bedroom.
The social services team backed down and agreed to switch off the surveillance camera while they were in bed together, but the cameras stay on except when they're asleep.
So see, the whole issue is why is there a camera watching them?
Why do they have to live with cameras watching them?
This is Big Brother.
Instead, it's alright when you're sleeping the camera, you know, once you turn the lights out.
And it goes on to say that, yes, in young parents' homes now in England, as we told you, this is the social insurance, what they planned decades ago.
We read you the documents.
They're proposing it here.
Oh, well, just new parents, you know, if you're at risk, if you're poor, uh, you know, any of these excuses they call at risk, we will surveil you.
Now, in the US, when you go to have a child...
They run your credit report.
It all goes through health department computers that are in the hospitals under regulations, not law, all over the country.
And they ask the wife, you got money?
Do you ever get tired?
Is your husband ever rude to you?
Do you ever get frustrated with your children?
How you doing, honey?
You ever get mad?
And they sit there filling all this out, putting it in a computer for the health department, not telling you that you're basically in a police interrogation.
Not telling you you're right.
Not telling you.
That if you talk about not having enough money... Oh, how's your finances doing?
Get enough help?
I mean, I sat there earlier this year, as my wife was in labor.
Got enough money, hun?
About to have our third child.
And we go to the hospital to have him because it's, it's, it's...
My wife's already had a cesarean once, so we need to go there, instead of a midwife, and they make it hard to do that.
And I just sat there rolling my eyes, you know, and I was like, I know you're putting on a health department.
I know where that's going, the way you would look at me.
And then when the, you know, baby had been born, you know, for a few hours under the heating lamp and they're being checked out, the nurses were like, you sure you don't want to give them injections?
Well, you got to sign a waiver form.
And I said, there's no law, I don't have to.
And they said, yeah, we don't give our children shots either, but we have to, to push it on you.
So see, they're even nice people, but they've been put in these criminal roles as spies.
And now it's everywhere.
Now it's everybody.
They're now converting the economy over to this, and announcing one million domestic spies, and then army brigades in CBS News Today to work with the police at accidents.
And they say that so it's, oh, they're just helping with accidents and for rioting.
Just, oh, suddenly the army's here.
See how they're just easing it in, slowly turning up the heat on martial law?
Alright, I'm gonna come back, get into the financial stuff, and then we're gonna go to your phone calls at 800-259-9231.
My website's at prisonplanet.com and infowars.net.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This Atomic Age of Renegades!
Renegades in this Atomic Age!
This Atomic Age of Renegades!
Alright, we're back live.
You know, I'm just going to go to Scott, Forrest, Mark, John, Tony, Shauna, and others now, and then into all the news.
We've got some other clips from in the Fed protests around the country coming up and Ron Paul's speech, so stay with us today.
Let's talk to Forrest in California.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir, Alex Jones.
I'd like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving week and weekend.
You too, my friend.
Because you are bringing to light and everything I've been talking about for years now is happening and
Regardless of like what we love in life, and you know, people are fanatical about sports, you know, and all these things.
They like, you know, going out and meeting women and, you know, having a family.
But, you know, if it wasn't for American sovereignty and freedom, uh, that you all are working so diligently hard every day to save and preserve, you know, we wouldn't have all this great stuff.
So... If it wasn't for everybody that sacrificed before us, we would not even exist right now.
Yes, sir.
That is the truth.
I mean, your guests and all the people of God are preaching and teaching the truth to all creation, and it's going to save this nation, and our souls are eternal.
It's like infinite love that you all have, man.
It's amazing.
It just makes a country boy, like, feel happy.
It brings us all together.
Florence, anything else on your mind?
Yeah, I've been driving a cab now since 1998 and 9-11 severely affected our business and my father, an American hard-working man, put it together and, you know, with all the money and everything.
People I've talked to in the cab over the years, a lot of intelligent people here in the Silicon Valley, and they're
Pretty much a lot of the things that they've talked about, you all put it together and explained it in a good way and backed it up with evidence.
So, I mean, this infinite intelligence, man, it's awesome.
Working together is infinite intelligence, and I appreciate your call.
Good to hear from you, Forrest.
Mark in Texas, you're on the air.
Hey, Mark.
Go ahead.
Put him on hold, we'll go back to him.
Let's talk to John in Georgia.
John, go ahead.
Hey Alex, long time listener.
This may sound bizarre, but I've been listening to Neil Bortz and Rush Limbaugh a bit lately, and they're starting to sound like you these days.
Especially concerning the Bush-Obama-McCain bailout, or the bomb, as Bob Barr calls it, the B-O-M-B.
Well, they're being forced to, and I've tuned in some and heard it myself, because their listeners are all waking up, so it's now mainstream that we have private banks raping us.
Listen, the cops in Dallas
We're smiling and waving and being friendly and talking to us and acting like we were human beings and then we treated them like human beings and uh... this smiley police lieutenant well he was about fifty years old you know in the suit running things and it wasn't over response to the probably ten cops out there for you know two hundred fifty of us normally be like five hundred cops for two hundred of us or something like that I'm exaggerating like a hundred cops for two hundred fifty of us I was like hey do you know Federal Reserve is private?
And he said, yeah, I sure do.
And he goes, I know all about them.
He was smiling at me.
And so, I mean, they know.
And it's happening more and more, and that's what's exciting.
I just think it's a good sign that mainstream talk radio is now talking about the criminal bankers and the socialism.
And I know how unlikely it would be, but I was just thinking if you could get a major talk radio host on your show, that would have a big effect.
Well, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and guys like that sold out to the dark side.
They're only... I mean, it's like Glenn Beck.
They saw Glenn Beck at a Fox News show basically talking like myself or Ron Paul.
But notice Beck one day will say, use the military to arrest the 9-11 truthers.
They're a threat.
And then a month later he's saying there's a new world order.
The bankers are taking over.
They want to set up a one world currency.
They engineered all this.
But I do appreciate it that Beck gave Ron Paul several hours on his show to just basically have his say.
But when it mattered, when Ron Paul had a chance at winning primaries, he attacked him and said he was dangerous.
Yes, yes.
We're winning, and I'm always telling the liberty movement, the freedom movement, the reality movement, the people that just want to be free.
We're just normal people.
We're not even a movement.
I mean, a name is too constraining.
I've always explained to people, we have to be ready to win, and we're a long way away from that.
But the point is, we have the opportunity.
We have the capability.
We have the information.
We have the truth on our side.
99% of people are going to be hurt by this new world order.
So whether they're an FBI agent, or a school teacher, or an auto mechanic, or a police officer, or a firefighter, we're all in this together.
And I'm not lying about any of this, so what do I have to worry about?
I mean, when I say DynCorp runs child kidnapping rings, it was in hundreds of newspapers.
Including the Chicago Tribune.
I mean, big, big child kidnapping rings.
I'm sorry if that sounds crazy on the AM and FM dial.
I'm sorry if that sounds nuts.
It's true!
Somebody's gotta stand up for those people, because I understand that evil doesn't stop.
If you allow evil to keep growing, and you ignore it, it will take over.
And so it has to be resisted.
We can't have a culture of corruption.
And now it's all coming to a head,
And we've got dire straits.
We've got a very tough road to go down.
But, as bad as it gets, I am getting very excited.
Listen, man, I'm walking down the street in Dallas, and because of the fried economy on Saturday and Sunday, in between the end of the Fed protests downtown, and the grassy knoll, and our hotel that's all in about a three square mile area, or I guess more than that, about a five, six square mile area, I mean, I had people all over walking up to me, who, you know, lived in Dallas, were down there to eat dinner, or down there to go to work, who were aware of all this.
I mean, just
Just that alone, that amount of feedback, it's just having an incalculable effect because of you spreading the word out there.
There's more people than ever waking up.
I'm seeing it here in Atlanta, Georgia.
What's happening in Atlanta?
Well, I mean, we just have people supporting Bob Barr, a former Georgia Congressman.
There are people here with Ron Paul signs in their front yards and Chuck Baldwin signs for president in their front yards even after the election is over.
Well, good job my friend.
Good to hear from you.
I appreciate that call.
Is Mark back?
Mark in Texas, go ahead.
Okay, that's done.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tony in Illinois.
Tony, you're on the air.
Hi, how are you, Alex?
Good, sir.
Uh, I'm sorry, what did you say?
I said go ahead, sir.
Okay, thank you.
No, I appreciate hearing you.
You're very, very loud.
You're what we used to call back in the 70s an alarmist, but we need alarmists these days.
Hold on.
$7.4 trillion in six weeks stolen by offshore foreign banks.
Open announcements that they're going to use the U.S.
Army against the American people.
Bank runs all over the world.
Cancer viruses in the vaccine.
Fluoride in the water.
I mean, what is there to... I mean, it is alarming, sir.
Definitely it's alarming and it's very troubling.
I'm, of course, calling here from Chicago, and basically, what's going on with the Chicago machine is somewhat like a microcosm of what you're speaking about, what's going on there.
Well, actually, the Chicago machine was always a big part of Clinton's make-up in his cabinet and his White House, in his West Wing.
Now, it looks like the Chicago machine's going to make up the whole thing.
They're basically in control.
In fact, I try to run for public office.
I do have to say, though, that when my uncle was Housing Secretary, I am Tony Cisneros, I'm Henry Cisneros' nephew here in Chicago.
We have a large family, we go everywhere in the Hispanic world.
But anyway, what I wanted to say is that when he was Housing Secretary, Mayor Daley tried to put his hand in the pension funds, and he federalized HUD, CHA with HUD, Chicago Housing with Federal Housing, so that he could leave the pension funds back to the pensioners, those that deserved it.
And of course, Daley has been in a disagreement.
That's why I've never gotten anywhere politically here in Chicago.
And I've tried to run for public office.
I've ran for Congress twice.
But nevertheless, that's not why I called you.
I called you to encourage you to keep on alarming the world.
One question do I have to ask you is that when we do get rid of the Fed, and we will eventually get rid of it, because I believe that when the people are angry enough to speak, that they will overthrow the oppressive government, as Thomas Jefferson said, and a lot of our framers of the Constitution, our forefathers said, that when people band together, there's nothing in the world that can stop them, nothing.
And my question is, when we do get rid of the Fed, we do go back to the gold standard, the silver standard, and sound monetary, which has been historically the standard of currency was gold and silver, and of course precious stones and so on and so forth.
But my question is, when that happens, who basically, I believe whoever owns most of the gold is basically going to be in control.
And I would like to ask you, who do you think that would be?
I mean, do we still have enough gold in our reserves, Fort Knox, and in our reserves, in our independent banks?
I'm not talking about Federal Reserve.
No, it's a great question.
I have, the best thing to do is to Google, or go to YouTube and Google Alex Jones, the Money Masters, and I have the Makers, one of them's a banker, on
I don't know.
cornered the major uh... supplies the big stockpiles of gold going back to nineteen thirty three when they ordered our great grandparents and grandparents to hand their gold in for for paper notes back they printed up paper money the government did gave it to us and then we had to give them our gold that was then shipped to europe because it was illegal for americans to own gold and they doubled the price of gold in just one year that was a huge profit for the international crime syndicate
So, yes, a lot of monetary experts believe we can have a fiat currency controlled by the government, but educate the public about the money supply, use a money supply like Lincoln did to actually empower the people, because all money really should be is a symbol of agreed upon exchange so that we can grease the skids and accelerate the ease of commerce.
And so, whereas Ron Paul is an economist in his own right with the Austrian School, with the Von Mies Institute, and I see his points and understand his arguments, he himself has said we would have to phase that in.
And I tend to lean towards the model
Uh, and the economic reform model, uh, put out by Richard C. Cook, uh, who's a monetary historian and economist.
And, uh, and that model is similar, uh, to the model, uh, put out by the makers, uh, of the Money Masters, which, by the way, we have for sale on InfoWars.com on DVD.
It's three and a half hours long.
Folks can also watch it for free floating around on the web.
But that's an important three and a half hours to watch.
And at the end, they have the monetary plan.
And people can say, well, that's boring monetary plans.
Well, your whole life depends on it.
Our whole future depends on it for the listeners.
We better get control of this or it's over.
But going back, you're saying that Mr. Cisneros is your father?
No, he's my third uncle.
Okay, he's your uncle.
He's your uncle.
My grandfather was a Mexican revolutionary, but he was under Venustiano Carranza.
He's basically the author of the Mexican Revolutionary Constitution that's in effect, that Vicente Fox was basically subjecting himself under.
He was at least the last one.
But anyway, he was a revolutionary, which you would call a land-owning conservative revolutionary, because when my grandparents came over, they did have gold pieces.
Why do you think they targeted Cisneros?
I'm not saying he's perfect, but it's kind of like the New York governor went after the bankers and so they shut him down.
And I had heard they went after Cisneros because he didn't go along with Daley.
Is that what you heard inside the family?
Basically, yes.
He did not want to play ball with the machine and he appealed to Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton said, well look, I appointed you Housing Secretary, not Daley.
So that's when my uncle basically came in and federalized Chicago Housing with
They're now in the media today blaming Cisneros, and I'm not defending Cisneros because you're his nephew.
I'm not saying he's perfect.
The point is, blaming him for what the central banks did, selling derivatives off of the loans, has nothing to do with HUD and with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
That's another red herring.
That's correct.
That's correct.
My desire is to run again here in Chicago within the next major election for city-wide office.
I'm looking to run for city treasurer to get at least the city back on sound footing, financial footing.
Of course, Miriam Santos, the last Hispanic treasurer, Daley had set her up
Yes, you're right, you're right.
Very, very controlled with the Mafia.
Very controlled with the... And of course, behind the Mafia, I think you already should know who's behind the Mafia.
I mean, what would be the Sicilian Mafia?
I mean, come on.
And this gets into the religious aspect of the religion.
No, it gets into the P2 Lodge in the Vatican.
Thank you.
You just said it.
Basically, that's it.
All Sicilians are Italians.
They're not Lutherans or Presbyterians or even Baptists.
That's why my concern is that if we do get back on the gold standard... Come on!
The Satanic Vatican has controlled gold for the last 18th century.
They've been collecting it.
Come on!
18th century is collecting gold.
You know they're going to have some power, some saying what's going on when we do get back on the gold standard.
That's why my concern is that the people have the gold, the people have the silver, the people have real estate, the people have basically hard assets.
You know what I'm saying?
Oh, I'm listening to you and I agree with you.
Call back sometime, Tony.
It's good to have you on board the show.
Let's talk to Shauna in Florida.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I love your show.
Just discovered it recently.
Listen, I wanted to, um, discuss this, uh, martial law thing that, uh, that report that came out, um, suggesting that we don't have the proper defenses and, and all that.
And, uh, I wanted to offer an alternative, if, if I might.
Um, I was in Iraq just recently, um, just a few months ago, and I was serving at CENTCOM.
And, uh,
While I was there, I watched a transformation happen where the guarding of the posts, the guarding of the dining facilities, local national escorts, things like that, that are normally handled by the U.S.
military with live rounds, were handed over to a private contracting firm called EODT.
They employ a bunch of non-English speaking people and it created a lot of havoc.
And as far as I know, it has not changed.
Yeah, they're bringing us into a mercenary force.
Exactly, and here's the deal.
While I was there, this is what forced me to leave.
I went in as an IT professional to handle some issues at CENTCOM that they were having with their network.
What forced me to leave early was they started shooting people on the base, Alex.
I'm not kidding, and here's the thing.
I mean, you're saying contractors would get drunk and go out and just kill people for fun?
No, they're not allowed to drink over there.
Well, stay there, stay there.
Well, there's been reports in the press that they come out of the green zone drunk and start blasting people.
Don't hang up.
Shawna, I want to hear about this when we get back.
Stay with us.
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Okay, Shawna in Florida.
What are there, 227,000 contractors?
Last government number I saw.
In Iraq, 160,000 U.S.
And that's just what we know about.
Okay, continue your story, please.
Okay, now, here's the deal.
The ELDT guys are a bunch of Ugandan mercenaries.
Okay, that's who they brought in to protect our troops on the bases.
The press is not allowed
On the Victory Base compound, which is where Central Command is located.
It is where I was.
I worked in CENTCOM.
Steps from General Petraeus when he was there.
And here's the deal.
We just signed over, they're ratifying a, um, the security pact over there that President Bush signed that allows, you know, cargo shipments and aid shipments and things like that to be searched and seized
And they're going to pull everybody back to the bases in June, making them sitting duck.
And here's the problem when I see Alex.
Everybody that's over there.
You know, the base that I was on supported a lot of people.
They have their rifle or their sidearm, depending on what they were issued, and one clip.
And they're not allowed to keep their clip inside of their weapon.
And the only people that are carrying, you know, weapons that are locked and loaded are
The contractors that are, you know, supposed to be protecting the base.
What happened when we pulled these guys in in June?
They're a sitting duck!
Well, tell me about who's getting shot on the basis.
Um, the three that happened within a week of each other, by the way.
One was a U.S.
soldier, 19 years old, a private, coming out of the gym.
And the official story was Sheree Bullock from off base.
Which was impossible where the gym is located.
Have you seen all these reports of a murdering Marine Corps and Army investigators of corruptions by the hundreds?
I saw, I wore the blood of one of the people shot.
That is why I left.
They pulled me out to the Perfume Palace, which is where they do their intelligence.
They debriefed me and told me what I saw.
And it's not what I thought.
What's really going on?
There's arguments between the U.S.
forces and the Ugandans?
The Ugandans aren't even forces, they're just mercenaries that EODT hired.
Well then who's shooting the troops and why?
Who's killing troops on the base?
You're saying the mercenary forces?
And I'll tell you what, these Blackwater pigs,
You know, I dealt with those guys first-hand.
They would come on base, and I'm a 32-year-old Norwegian descent, you know, Native Minnesotan, you know, all-American-looking girl.
These guys would come on base, and I'm a professional, and they would treat me like I was the freakin' entertainment, and two of them, two of them tried to force me.
You know, and nobody did anything about it.
No, it's total, um, we see these reports, it's total lawlessness.
It's a force of nature.
We had a serial rapist.
What the hell is going on?
Evil is going on!
You know, in a position to probably be extinguished.
That's what I was going to say.
In a couple of small places.
That's what I was going to say next.
I mean, come on!
No, no, no.
It's in mainstream news.
They're going to use foreign, Czech Republic, Mexican, Canadian troops here.
And the Canadian press reported last week that their people are being told U.S.
troops will be used against them.
That's not even true, and I'll tell you why.
They're going to take these security firms, because there's a hell of a lot more of them over there than you know.
This stuff hasn't been reported.
I saw it first hand and press is not allowed on that base.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We're back in one minute.
I want to hear more.
What's happening is this is all a laboratory.
Iraq's a laboratory to test taking over the United States.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
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We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
General Barry McCaffrey, General Wesley Clark, and others, on record.
We've documented it all, but Lynch, uh, now it's in mainstream news.
They've said they will use foreign troops.
Now they're using Latin American death squads.
I've seen in the press, um, Pakistani troops, African troops in Iraq.
Uh, they also have Blackwater and others recruiting all over the world.
And they've said they plan to use them here domestically.
So that's mainstream news.
It's true.
CBS News today, military examining using troops in the United States.
It's already been announced.
They're just now putting it on CBS News, whitewashing it.
And we were talking, and are talking to Shauna in Florida, just got back from Iraq.
And during the last one minute break, I wanted to get down to brass tacks with her, and I basically said, so let me guess, these guys, and she said, let me tell you, before I can even ask the question, I was going to say, what you're getting at is, you're prisoners on the base to them.
I couldn't get the question out.
She said exactly what I was about to ask, without me even posing it.
Tell me, tell the listeners what you just told me during the break about how you've got to show your ID to them, but then their IDs are fake names.
Explain that the troops and the contractors
The Americans are prisoners to the foreign troops.
Explain that.
Okay, let's first of all declare that they are not foreign troops.
Okay, they are foreign mercenaries.
They are independent contractors.
They're privately paid mercenaries.
Okay, let's call it what it is.
But, in order to enter any facility, whether it's the dining hall, the store, and in my case, the palace, because that's where I worked,
Um, and with the palace, I had to carry a second ID.
Um, fortunately in the palace, we had the Tonga Marines guard the palace.
But aside from that, the only people carrying live weapons were mercenaries.
And, um... That's right.
Well, I mean, before they used Delta Force and others to be above the military chain of command, now they just use foreigners.
And as you said, foreign... I mean, explain what they do.
Tell the listeners.
What they do is, they stand guard at any facility, and they use the excuse that
You know, um, we could be sneaking in to bomb the DFAC, the dining facility.
So, you have to stand in line, show them your ID, and they verify, you know, that your military ID matches, you know, your picture, your picture matches your face, so on and so forth.
Um, and then they let you in to eat, or let you in to shop, or whatever else.
Um, these guys don't have, they're called CAT cards, common access cards, they don't have the CAT card.
I still have my CAT card, but anyway, they don't have a CAT card.
What they have is a little strip across their shoulder that defines their name.
Now, if you look at any military soldier, it's got their last name.
These guys, it has their first name and a number.
Fred 475, Emanuel 163, whatever the case may be.
And we were told that it's because
Their names in whatever, Swahili or whatever, we wouldn't recognize.
Also they claim, and this has been confirmed in the press, they claim immunity above all laws.
Now the troops are under the uniform, you know, military code.
So are the contractors.
Exactly, the contractor mercenaries are above the law.
That's why they, there's all these videos of them shooting children for fun and all of that.
Oh, they're shooting right on the freaking base.
So they're literally gods and just do whatever they want.
Yeah, and here's the thing.
When I was over there, see, I had to go through the Commerce Replacement Center at Fort Benning, Georgia, go through some training, you know, about how to handle yourself in a combat zone, and it was very clearly explained to me that I was held to the same standard as the soldiers.
You know, under the uniform, you know, and these guys are not.
And I went through CRC with some of the
Some of the replacement security guys, when they had that Blackwater kind of backlash and everything, they brought in some additional guys.
These guys are just the sickest people I have ever met.
I spent a week with them in Fort Benning and then I ended up, you go to Kuwait for staging.
I spent a week with them in Kuwait, where it's just lawlessness.
On the base in Kuwait.
These guys are so scary.
The whole government worldwide is collapsing and this criminality is flooding into all the departments of power.
I want to hear a little bit more.
This is key information.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The global corporate controllers know what they're doing.
To get power, took the street thugs, the criminals, mercenaries, the veterans of World War I, and he formed the SA.
And they stormed the power.
Beating people up, shooting people, attacking, intimidating, threatening phone calls, burning down shops.
His domestic spy force, that's what Obama is announcing.
And again, they set it up back under Clinton and Bush expanded it.
They all work on the same team.
It's all staged.
Now, last time I checked, sixty-plus billion dollars.
That was about a year ago.
We should have another report on that and pull it back up.
At PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
But remember, every month, billions and billions of dollars in $100 bills on giant C-130s.
And they give a private to stay quiet and go along with all the corruption, about $30,000 a year.
They give different grades of sergeants, hundreds of thousands.
And they give the colonels, in some cases millions.
The generals, it's untold.
So, they want to pay off the troops.
They want to pay off the officers to go along with the mercenaries and the killings of Army investigators and the killings of Marine Corps investigators.
I mean, I've seen reports where you'll have twenty-something investigators killed in one year at one base.
I mean, they blow their heads off in their rooms, or in the dorm, and then say they killed themselves.
And this is done by design, just like Delta Force and other clandestine groups all over the U.S.
went into police chiefs, sheriffs, and others and said, look, we just want you to be our friend with what's coming in the future.
We want to give you $100,000.
And the people are like, is this a sting?
Is this a setup?
They go, no.
Department of Defense, National Security, just work with us in some covert training with your police.
Let us do domestic operations, secret operations in your town.
And we want to give you briefcases of cash.
And then the police chiefs we've interviewed, it's in some of my films, Police Day 2000, they say no.
Then they find out fire chiefs, mayors, they are taking the money.
See, we only hear about this from people that say no.
And once you've taken 50 grand, 100 grand, 200 grand, they're now, oh, you want an investigation about that money you took?
We want you to shut down this drug investigation.
We want you to go arrest this person.
You see how this works?
And a lot of these police chiefs and others, they don't know what to do when there is a army colonel in their office.
This is going back decades ago, with a satchel of cash.
They'll say, here's the cards.
And they'll give them numbers.
You can call the commanding general.
Here's a presidential letter.
Now, if you take this, I need you to sign a national security agreement not to say anything about this.
And a lot of them think, well, if it's the government, it must be okay.
My wife would like a hundred grand.
So, they're everywhere.
They run it all.
They're all around you.
And now they're going to come out in the open with army brigades on the streets, and it's just, oh, why is the army down here?
I mean, I remember in 1999, 98,
People would bring me videos, you know, they'd just be down at Fiesta, down in San Antonio, you know, downtown, on a river walk, and there'd be Army and Air Force MPs would just walk up and say, we want to check everybody's IDs.
And they'd have police with them.
They'd randomly do that.
But they'd set up checkpoints.
And then we got video of it.
And then it was on the news.
Oh, the Army, the Air Force police are helping.
Oh, they're helping in accidents.
And see, now you hear, oh yeah, the Army Brigades, they're going to help with the Jaws of Life, get people out of crashed cars, and
They're gonna keep you safe, and they're gonna help the police.
But then overall, oh, they're gonna fight terrorism.
And they're gonna take your ranches, your farms, your car dealerships, your restaurants.
I mean, this is just old-fashioned, hardcore criminality.
And see, they want this devil-doggish group of paid-off mercs.
Even the military are mercs now.
You should anonymously write up an article with the basics and post it on PrisonPlanet.com forum.
But this stuff's all been in the news.
What you're telling me has been in the news in triplicate, and they just whitewash it.
So the Iraq theater is about corrupting our troops, about training them to accept Bolivian, and Paraguayan, and Colombian mercenaries from the death squads in the 80s.
It's about the acceptance of Ugandan troops, and South African troops, and Pakistani troops, and you mentioned Marines from other countries.
It's all about just changing the culture.
They're moving everything to drones, pilotless aircraft, pilotless tanks.
They are moving everything to what small groups can control.
And yes, I am aware that Blackwater and a lot of other groups, they end up being above the rest of the troops.
They end up running the security.
The foreign merc groups, now Blackwater Worldwide, no longer U.S., but it's even more overt with the Pakistanis and the Africans.
And it's like, for at least 30 years, one Israeli company guards all the nukes at the United States, in the Army and the Marines and the Air Force and the Navy.
They guard the nukes.
See, everything's being taken out of U.S.
Panama Canal given to China.
China, I saw reports last week, taking over all the ports they didn't control.
You know, Arabs taking over ports.
You know, the son of the Chinese president running a U.S.
That's how the globalists get control.
They move their people in, in slow motion, creeping death.
You understand?
I want to bring Shawna back up.
Shawna, are you still there?
I am, and thanks for continuing to listen, because I've been sitting on this with a lot of fear.
You know, I did see several suicides, and I, whatever, while I was there, you know, and I saw so many things.
And the day that I left, you know, I hate to admit this, but I had someone fake a Red Cross message to me so that I could get out under emergency circumstances.
Because I was very fearful that something was going to happen to me after what I had seen.
Now, were these suicides suspicious?
They were very suspicious.
And I also want to mention one more thing that I think is really important to note now that we're, you know, have all of our guys combined to their bases, they're confined.
While I was there, you know, there's a C-RAM program going on over there where they try to intercept mortar shells and rockets that are incoming.
I saw a lot of mortars and a lot of rockets.
Yeah, that's a radar system that triangulates.
Right, and it also fires, you know, a shoot-down, you know, anti-trajectory thing.
But anyway, I'm not a weapons person, so I don't get it, but I did see it in action.
Not very effective.
But there was one day when the C-RAM guys were there.
And they were there to shake hands with General Petraeus in the palace.
That particular night, the C-RAM that was close to my quarters
We're good to go.
That if these guys are there for maintenance, that we're taking all this incoming... Let me tell you what happened.
Have you seen my film, Terror Storm?
Yes, I actually watched it last night.
Thank you for making that available.
Sure, sure.
Did you see how they keep catching Israeli and British and U.S.
mercenaries, but regular SAS as well, regular British troops, dressed up with fake beards, attacking U.S.
Yes, and what kills me... Well now listen, this is what they do.
There was never really a real war.
Okay, I mean, there's a few, quote, insurgents and people fighting, but that's how they do it.
They say, oh, we can't leave because thousands are dying, you know, Iraqis a day, hundreds of U.S.
troops a month.
We have to fix it.
And then now they say, oh, see, we had the victory.
We did fix it.
No, they just cut back.
And I mean, this is confirmed in mainstream news.
No, they just have mercenaries.
Most of the kills have been our troops being killed by the mercs.
I know, and you know what killed me?
You know, I volunteered some time with the mortuary chaplain.
But see, it's the same thing!
It's like they have bodies!
I saw bodies!
I saw what the hell was going on over there!
And while this is, you know, some of it's hitting the mainstream news...
Newspapers and any reporters are not allowed on this base, Alex.
Because it's so evil, no one could ever believe that they're actually doing this.
And I sound like a psycho when I say these things out loud because I think, God, this can't possibly be true.
They've caught Israeli troops, British troops, and mercenaries attacking the Marines and the Army over and over again.
Listen, listen.
They've caught them.
It's admitted.
I know.
I didn't even get to this.
I saw it.
I didn't even get to this.
In Kosovo, even the people the CIA brought in now want them out.
So, what did they do?
They had the German troops, German intelligence, dress up like Serbs, and they had them over the weekend.
This is Reuters, by the way.
This is caught.
They were caught!
Because, see, now people are learning about this.
The other UN troops caught them attacking the UN base, and they shot them up and wounded some and caught them.
Rocket attacking, hand-grenading, bombing NATO and UN bases.
Now, why are they doing that?
It took a day or two for that to come out that the German intelligence had staged that for NATO.
But see, the NATO people on the NATO base don't know they're being attacked by their own people, so they could beef up troops to have a new crackdown in Kosovo.
See, that's how it works.
Why did one group of Denver cops dress up and attack other cops?
And then we found out because the cops blew the whistle.
They said, I don't appreciate the fact that cops came in here dressed up and attacked us.
They didn't tell the cops they were attacking.
That was Denver Post.
See, everything is run like this.
This is a... They're testing this.
They're testing it, Shawna.
And imagine knowing this all these years and people don't believe me.
Imagine knowing the government isn't a government.
It is a psycho group run by top psych warfare experts.
And they're so smart.
And they're so crazy!
And they're so wicked!
And they're so gung-ho!
I mean, they are just... I mean, you talked about being around these mercs.
You said they were so horrible.
They were awful!
How were they?
They were the scariest people I have ever come in contact with.
You know, and I didn't believe that human beings could behave that way outside of a Hollywood film.
Well, as bad as what you saw, Halliburton and DynCorp out of Iraq, out of Eastern Europe, hundreds of thousands of women and children a year, that's mainstream headlines.
Chicago Tribune, Reuters, all of it.
You know what else needs to be pointed out here, and I think that this is something that other people just don't freaking know, Alex, is that KDR, who I hate,
Also, they have nothing but slave labor.
They have Indians and Filipinos that they import and pay them no money.
Listen, a lot of those people were kidnapped.
That was in the news.
I know we've got other callers.
Hold on.
This is important.
You saw slaves.
I want to hear about this.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings in war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled Enemies.
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Every morning at the mine you could see him arrive.
He stood six foot six and weighed 245.
Kind of broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip.
And everybody knew he didn't give no lip to Big John.
You know, they're proposing having military all over the streets of the United States to deal with terrorists and for domestic uprisings.
And they're saying, oh, it's a new report out, we've never prepared for this, and we're not safe because of Katrina, which they quote, you know, stood down on purpose so they could then claim this.
As I said they would.
We need unlimited power.
Not just the trillion for the current defense budget, but another trillion
For the domestic spy force and the rest of it.
I mean, it's just unspeakable.
I want to go to Janice and Matt and Joe and a few others here, but finishing up, Shauna, you were talking about slave labor.
I don't know if you're talking about slave wages, but in the case of Halliburton, it's admitted, they actually bring kidnapped people.
Out of Iraq and other countries to other nations where they run things like brick smelting facilities, metal smelting, and it says they are prisoners, literally just grabbed up.
See, slavery's all still legal, folks.
They just call it something else.
Just like they catch you smoking marijuana, you become a slave for five years, you know, in a prison camp working, building license plates or doing telemarketing.
Go ahead and finish up, though.
Okay, you have to hear this because you can't make this shit up.
That's the thing that's crazy.
Ma'am, I'm going to let you, please watch the language.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm just freaking out.
What happens is the Indian and Filipino people are recruited by some third party out of their country for this great job opportunity.
They are charged a $5,000 fee, okay, in order to, you know, process and whatever and get the job.
Basically, it's a bribe.
Yeah, that's like the women in Russia.
They say you're going to be a model and they kidnap them.
Right, and what they do is they bring them over and they work them 16 hours a day in the laundry, in the kitchen, you know, cleaning the port-a-pies, whatever they're doing.
And it's all happening right in front of the eyes of every American that's over there.
And then meanwhile there's hardened Ugandan troops swaggering around with machine guns and you're not allowed to be on.
Now, how are they treating you?
The Ugandans?
The Ugandans, well, they treated me like the entertainment.
I'm a blonde, blue-eyed woman.
So, I mean, I was exotic to them.
They were very... They searched me, even though I didn't profile, which I thought was very odd.
They just used it as an opportunity to molest me.
But the thing about the third country nationals, the Filipinos and the Indians,
Is that they're paid a wage of about $400 a month.
But then they're charged rent, and they have to buy their own food.
Yeah, it's sharecropping, and then they can never even afford to get out of the base or leave.
And they sign, like, you know, ridiculous-length contracts, like 12 years.
You know, just, I mean, it's just unbelievable.
And then, these people don't have enough money for soap.
And what I used to have to do was, because they put them in their own separate camps, they have an Indian camp, they have a Filipino camp,
And, you know, we'd find, you know, Indians dead in the lake all the time.
They'd get murdered.
But, uh, the thing is, what I would do is I would take all the excess soap and toothpaste and stuff from the care packages that nobody wanted and bring them out to these camps because these slaves are out there with nothing.
And I mean nothing.
Working 16 hours a day.
Cleaning port-a-potty.
Well, that's only one level.
They take the Iraqi men as slaves to other third-world nations, and they are physically slaves.
No judge, no jury.
And anyone who does an uprising?
Do you know how many mass graves were uncovered when I was there?
I mean, I never saw it.
Anywhere on the news, they filtered our access over there, you know?
But, you know, I had access to some other stuff, some other news sources within the military.
Because of my clearance.
And these mass graves.
You know?
I mean, thousands of people found.
I mean, come on!
There's over a million and a half Iraqis dead since the liberation.
Listen, I want you to call back again, but you should write down what you witnessed and what you saw in an article at PrisonPlanet.com.
Will you promise to do that?
I will.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you so much, and call back again.
And then I would tell the great folks over at the PrisonPlanet.com forum, the great researchers, everything she's saying has independently been in the news, leaked out here, leaked out there.
Under her article,
Post, or go ahead and create a section now, all the other articles with the videos of them shooting families for fun and laughing, playing Elvis music, the mercenaries, or running over people's cars with tanks, the troops, and laughing as the family cries, and bombing the sheep.
You know, put all those videos up.
But also, put up all of the Chicago Tribune articles about physical slaves, sex slaves.
Post the articles about the mercenaries, the Latin American death squads.
Because that's an important section and then we'll put a link to it on the main page of InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com in the next few days.
But don't, Shana, don't screw around on that.
Get that done.
All right, I'll come back, take a few final calls, a few final news stories.
I'm going to play part of this Ron Paul speech.
And then Dr. Jerome Cordsey is joining us.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 25th day of November 2008.
People say, man, how do you handle this so calmly?
Well, I don't.
That's why I blow up and scream a lot.
It freaks me out.
But overall, I mean, I just have to commit to fighting it.
I mean, it's pure evil, folks.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think so.
I just got time to talk to Janice.
I'm sorry to Tom, Joe, Matt, Scott.
Because I want to play most of this 30 minute Ron Paul speech before Dr. Cortsey joins us.
Before I go to Janice, everything that lady was saying earlier,
I have separately already seen the news.
It's just never made to be a big issue.
I mean, unbelievable stuff.
You can't even imagine this would go on until you learn about it.
It's so horrible.
And it is a culture of evil, by design, with the social engineers, the behavioral psychologists, designing all of this.
And they're bringing these troops back.
Three, four, five terrorists, totally brain dead, totally psychopathic.
Or they break down and commit suicide, but some of them like it.
They're going to be cops.
They're going to use mercenaries in America, foreign troops.
There's no end!
They're not joking around!
They're going to take everything we've got, they're going to bankrupt the economy, and we've got a fight ahead of us.
And you want to know who runs our government?
Look at what they've done in Iraq and Serbia.
Again, I should have talked about it all day long.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.net.
Steve Watson did an article on it today.
Very important.
I should talk the whole show about that.
But it's every day now.
The Germans attacking NATO-UN bases in Kosovo to blame it on the Serbs, on the Kosovans, as an excuse to bring in more control.
Oh, we're being bombed.
We need more troops.
I mean, folks.
It's so bankrupt.
I hope you'll go to PrisonPlanet.tv and get five months free.
Share your passcode with folks to it.
Download the films.
Burn them to disk.
Get them out to people.
Folks are really waking up now.
They're really listening right now.
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Oh no, I'm sorry, it was actually up to $830.
So, again, ladies and gentlemen, take advantage of those coins.
They're going quick at that price.
I won't be able to keep you on for 30 minutes, Janice, like I did Sean.
I had to hear that story, but go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I've been researching all about the endgame and the RFID.
The conspiracy to implant people with the RFID chip?
It's public, the government, and now Microsoft wants to microchip everybody.
Yeah, it's really happening.
Oh yeah, yeah.
And so what I figured I would try to do as a 13th generation American who wants freedom on the streets of America is I figured that what I would try to do is I would try to fight
The mandatory helmet law in North Carolina on an unconstitutional basis and you wouldn't believe how difficult
It is, to just try to overturn... Well, it was beaten in Texas, and I'm not saying it's... I mean, people do deserve freedom, and I understand why people fought it and beat it.
I just think there's things a lot more hardcore than that.
But I understand that in any state, I mean, once you agree they can make you wear a helmet, well then, oh, we'll put a camera in your car to make sure you're behaving yourself or in your home.
They're now proposing that, so there is no end.
And standing up itself is victory.
Resistance is victory, so I salute you.
So, I mean, it's taking me two years of solid work just to try to get the government to recognize that they should not be attaching a device to people's heads without their permission.
I mean, that's what it's coming down to.
And the same thing is going to happen with the implant of the RFID.
Yeah, they're going to say it's for your safety so we know where you are when you're hurt.
They're already trying to make it with old people or prisoners.
I gotta jump, but it's a great point you make because I want to air as much of this Ron Paul as we can.
We'll air Ron Paul till the 8 after.
Most of the speech, the rest of it's up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com if you want to go watch it.
From the In The Fed demonstration, it went on 38 cities.
I was in Dallas with the great folks there.
Ron Paul was in Houston.
And I was there in Dallas with Ron Paul's younger brother, Wayne Paul, so that was wonderful.
And it was great seeing all of you up there and just wonderful seeing you stand up against evil.
And everybody...
I mean, the evil's growing, folks.
Out there.
That's what happens historically.
You don't stand up and fight it.
You rationalize.
You say the government's good.
Everything's fine.
Let the government grow.
Give up our liberties.
You end up absolute slaves.
We have all this liberty and all this wealth because we had forefathers that wouldn't lay down and be slaves.
Doesn't mean they were perfect.
But the point is, it was better than the other nation.
We're losing all our basic freedoms, and the people running things are just completely psychopathic.
Here is Ron Paul in Houston on Saturday, and then Dr. Corsi is coming up.
We'll be back after the Ron Paul.
Please stay with us.
But it is a great event, and I understand that there are a lot of events like this throughout the country.
And this should be very significant.
We won't be on the evening news tonight, I'm quite sure of that, around the country.
But, we are on the evening news every single night, every single day, and we're on the minds of the people every single day because there is a crisis in this country.
One of, if not worse than the crisis of the Depression of the 30s, and that's on endlessly.
And we know who caused it.
It was the Federal Reserve that gave us all this trouble.
Concern and interest about monetary policy comes and goes.
When things are in the boom phase of a cycle, everybody loves it.
And they ignore it and they don't care because they're getting a free ride.
And we've had an especially good free ride for decades now because we've had a system that was devised where the dollar could act as if it were gold.
This has occurred since 1971.
Absolutely beneficial to us, because we were printing the world gold, in essence.
So they were willing to take our dollars.
We knew they were building this huge financial bubble, and we knew it would come to an end.
So now, the economic crisis is the top agenda in the whole country, but our job is to make sure the people come to the full
Realization and understanding of the relationship of who controls the money and why we have the economic crisis.
And that is what the job is of campaigns and organizations and rallies like this.
So I compliment you for coming and joining in and understanding this issue.
When the Brenton Woods Agreement broke down on August 15, 1971, which was a Sunday, it brought about loud cheers in the marketplace.
The stock market soared, Nixon closed the gold window, put on wage and price controls, and he raised taxes.
The business community loved it!
Until a few days later, they realized it was a disaster.
The 1970s turned out to be terrible.
Inflation and recession.
But it brought about a new economic system.
And since that time, we have been able to spend beyond our means, live beyond our means, print money beyond our means, and all live much better than we really had earned.
So we were living beyond our means so the country benefited and we had on the surface had an appearance of great wealth.
But it was doomed to fail, and that is what the announcement has been in this past year, is the failure of the dollar reserve standard that was set up in August of 1971.
It has ended.
The only question that is to be answered right now is what is it going to be replaced with?
And believe me, they're working very hard to devise a new system.
And they're talking about an international fiat currency paper system with the loss of U.S.
sovereignty in total.
And our goal has to be not only to restore the integrity of our money and our dollar and our Constitution, we have to stop this move toward one world government and a one world currency.
Periodically, the money issue soars to the forefront.
It's there, right now, today.
But there's a lot of work and a lot of danger, because if we don't win, we lose our liberties and we further lose our Constitution.
But at the time of the Constitutional Convention, this was one of the key issues.
It was a monetary issue.
They had gone through runaway inflation with the continental dollar.
So that is why the founders knew and understood that they had to put prohibitions in the Constitution.
They said no admitting of bills of credit, no paper money, only gold and silver as legal tender, and no authority for a central bank.
And of course, hard money people won that argument.
The Constitution was written in such a way that we knew that gold and silver were to be legal tender and no central bank.
But immediately after that, the Federalists changed it all, established a national bank.
The big argument between the Jeffersonians and the Hamiltonians started right off the bat, because historically throughout
Throughout all history, there's always been a fight over who can control the money.
So what we're facing today is not brand new.
It is the power of government that wants to control the money because it can control the people.
The freer the country, the more likely it is that you will have a sound currency with no national control of the currency whatsoever.
But, that didn't last long.
Of course, we do know that when Jefferson had the chance to deal with the First National Bank, what did Jefferson do?
He got rid of the National Bank!
Only for the second national bank to be established and along came another hard money man who said that he didn't like the bankers and he didn't like government power designed and worked around the monetary issue.
So, who came along to get rid of the second national bank?
That was Andrew Jackson!
And he got rid of it!
But lo and behold, in 1913, the American people, complacent, and the Congress, complacent in it, went along and said, oh no, we have to have a national bank once again.
So, the Federal Reserve System was set up.
And so we've been struggling.
We've been struggling since 1913.
There was a linkage to gold up until 1971.
But the erosion continued, and now we're seeing the erosion of our prosperity.
But we have now seen, which is to our benefit, it is written on the wall.
It is the end of this system that we have today.
They cannot patch it up.
They can't put it back together again.
They know it, and we know it.
The only argument is, what is it going to be replaced with?
The other day, Bernanke was before the banking committee, and I asked him... I asked him explicitly, because he had just been in Europe, whether he had talked to the other central bankers and made any plan whatsoever for an international...
Reserve currency.
He said no.
But you know, he's on the side of the law, not on the side of the Constitution.
But the law is written that he has no obligation to tell us anything of what he does.
Monetary policy, any kind of conversations with other central bankers, the law explicitly says he does not have to reveal anything that he does.
So I pressed him a little bit further and I said, does the subject of gold ever come up?
And he said no, and then he quickly corrected himself because he really wanted to destroy the idea, the concept, that we might someday move in the direction of having a commodity standard.
So he quickly said, oh yeah, it comes up when we talk about selling gold.
What he's saying there is very, very important.
He admitted that the central banks do get together, they do talk, and they do dump gold for a very precise reason.
They do that to pretend that the dollar is still more valuable than it really is.
In the 1960s, up until 71, Nixon and Republican and Democrats alike, because the law said the dollar, after Bretton Woods established in 44, the dollar was as good as gold at $35 an ounce.
So the foreigners started coming in.
They knew we had printed all this money, and they got sending the dollars back.
And we had given away
Ounces of gold at $35 an ounce, so we were running out of gold because we had abused the system and that's why that had to come to an end.
But in a way, they were giving away this gold at this artificially low price to try to prove the dollar was really strong.
Well, that broke down and the dollar was devalued and we had all the inflation that came.
But they've done this now in the last 10 or 15 years.
I'm convinced because they do admit it.
Central banks in the West especially have been dumping gold to artificially lower the price of gold in order to artificially pretend the dollar is of great value.
And they're still doing it.
But they're running out of time and they're running out of gold because the gold is getting into the hands of the economic powers who are stronger.
And those are the ones who have been working hard, saving money, loaning the money back up, and are ready to buy off America if we continue to do this.
So the Asian banks are buying the gold.
The Europeans and the Americans and others are dumping gold.
So the other nations, including Muslim nations, even before the Bank Committee, I did point out to Bernanke that the Iranians have just bought $75 billion worth of gold and put it in reserves.
So, it is a contest.
There's no doubt.
There is a contest between sound money and hard money.
And that is such an important issue.
To me, the money issue has been key.
In 1971, I was interested in politics and ran for office in the 1970s.
The general issue, of course, was personal liberty and national sovereignty in our Constitution, but the specific issue was monetary policy.
What they were doing to the money, because those who love big government, they love and must control the money.
Because if governments were ever required to pay the bills as they spent the money, the people would rise up and object.
So it is the most deceitful tax that you can have.
The income tax is horrible.
But the tax through inflation is even more deceptive.
But politicians and proponents of big governments loved inflation because they have more control.
They can delay the payment.
They can hide the victims until finally, you know, the whole thing falls apart.
And who does it serve?
Who would want this?
Well, people who like war.
People who want to pay for war.
You know, if we had to pay every single day for all the money we spend on the wars that don't need to be fought, we'd end it.
So I would say if you're anti-war and pro-liberty, we have to get rid of the Fed so they quit fighting these wars.
Likewise, others like the monetary system where you inflate the currency when you can't tax anymore, you can't borrow anymore.
What they do, of course, is print the money.
So they love welfare.
Everybody loves welfare.
Who wants to sell welfare?
So there's all these special interests and the politicians just accommodate.
And they don't have to be responsible and balance the budget at all.
But eventually though, of course it causes all these great problems.
But there's quite a few good reasons why we should oppose a monetary system like this.
One, it's very clearly written in our Constitution.
So if we believe in the rule of law, that should be enough.
So if we had more men and women of integrity in our government that would just stand up and take their oath of office seriously, this whole mess would be ended!
It wouldn't even happen!
For moral reasons, and that's a pretty good reason.
You know, there are even strong admonitions in the Bible about honesty and waste in measures.
That you're not supposed to cheat your fellow man by dishonest waste.
And that is what...
The inflationary system is.
In the old days they clipped the coins or diluted the metals.
Today we just allow governments to print the money or create it in a computer.
That is immoral.
That is immoral and it's equivalent to counterfeit.
If you or I counterfeit we rightfully are taken to jail and prosecuted for it.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings in war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled Enemies.
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The loudest they can play with it, they become the legal counterfeiters defying morality and the Constitution.
And it's time we stood up to them and said, this is an immoral, illegal, unconstitutional act and we won't have any more of it.
But above all, what this does, it really is destructive to our personal liberties.
If we allow big government to grow in this sinister way, the real threat, there's economic threats, and there's war threats, and there's all these problems, but the real threat
Is that the more power those individuals have to create money out of thin air and create big government.
Big government is the office of individual liberty.
So, the bigger the government gets, the more control they have on money, the less freedom we have in just look at what's happened.
Even in the last 10 or 15 years, what has been happening?
Our personal liberties, our personal privacy are being diminished.
The right of habeas corpus has been undermined.
The whole idea of the Patriot Act.
These bills and laws should be repealed, not enhanced.
Right now we're facing the economic consequences and this will get the attention of the people and like I said the real task is relating the problems we have today to the powers of the Federal Reserve System and why we have to have the proper changes.
When governments inflate a currency, there's always a boom.
People do benefit, people do feel better, and sometimes the boom can last longer than other times.
The longer it lasts, the bigger the bust.
And since 1971, we've had some various recessions, and some have been more serious than others, but not tremendously so.
Because they quickly came back in, inflated the currency, spent the money, run up the deficits, keep the wars going on, and on the surface, it looked like it was doing pretty well.
At the same time, the bubble was getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and we were becoming more dependent on borrowing from overseas.
And now we got to the point where that has all come to an end.
This system is on its last legs.
We will not go back to the old bubble in the stock market, the old bubble in the housing market.
That has all ended and now we have to do something about it.
So what are they doing in Washington?
Everything they're doing so far is absolutely opposite of what they should be doing.
Right now the attitude in Washington is everybody gets a bailout.
And then pretend that they're being cautious about it.
But right now, we in the Congress and the people don't even know how much is being spent.
You know, you've heard about the lawsuit by Bloomberg.
They have filed a lawsuit against the Federal Reserve under the Freedom of Information Act saying, look, we understand you've created two trillion dollars and we want to know who got the money and who got the benefits.
But they're not going to get the information because, like I said, the Federal Reserve is protected.
They don't have to give that information.
Two trillion dollars
And even I on the Banking Committee on Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee, I have no access to this information.
I can't attend the Open Market Committee meetings where all this policy is designed.
And this is the problem that we have.
It is so out of control.
So Congress comes along.
And they appropriate $700 billion.
They get the first half of it, $350.
They give it to the Secretary of the Treasury.
He starts buying up worthless assets.
And then he wonders why nobody wants it.
Nobody wants it, other than the taxpayers getting stuck with it, because they are worthless.
So we take more money, we inflate the currency to buy up worthless assets that are worthless because of the monetary system.
So all the things that we're doing, we're the cause of the problem.
We spend too much, we inflate too much, we have too much debt, and now what are we doing to try to bail everybody out?
We spend more, we inflate more, and we borrow more, and it goes on, it goes on endlessly.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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Loose Change Final Cut hopes to be a catalyst for a new independent investigation.
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Loose Change Final Cut is the ultimate 9-11 expose.
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You are listening to GCN.
So the confidence will finally be lost and we will
We will be threatened because there are some who believe, and I am greatly concerned, that when the problems get bad, see I don't think the problems are that bad, one thing it leads to is there's going to be a certain group of people that won't agree with you.
You might agree that you have responsibility for yourselves and assume it.
What you'd like to do is get the government out of the way, let you keep what you earn, and let the government just forget about taxing and get rid of the income tax and all the
There are a lot out there still and we just wonder where the numbers come down on that believe that we owe them a living.
The people who have something owe something else to those who don't have something or don't work or can't work or whatever and that the government's role is to redistribute the wealth.
That worked, too, for a while because there was a lot of wealth.
Or at least it looked like we had a lot of wealth.
But now, can you think of how many trillions and trillions of dollars of this paper wealth has been wiped off the books in the last six months?
Everybody has been involved.
They've lost wealth.
So now,
Does that mean will they automatically look to us for the answers?
Not likely.
Because they're going to do what they've been doing.
Saying, you owe it to us.
We deserve it.
We have a right to it.
And their idea of rights are a lot different than ours.
We believe, of course, that we have a right to our life.
We have a right to our liberty.
And we have a right to keep that which we earn.
Others believe they have a right to your wealth, they have a right to a job, they have a right to free medical care, and they have a right to education.
Those aren't rights, those are demands.
So as this evolves, and the country keeps getting
It is only through understanding that we can avoid that and correct our problems.
Before the 1930s, we had recessions because there was a lot of abuse.
Even when we had gold, there was abuse of the gold standard, so we would have inflations and recessions and depressions.
But the one rule was, the government was to keep their hands out of the recovery phase.
The last depression that we had before the Great Depression was 1921.
It was one year.
It hardly even makes the history books.
But it was real sharp, very severe.
It was a consequence of the inflation of 1917 and 1918 for World War I. But they kept their hands off.
But as soon as the crash of 29 hit,
Hoover and Roosevelt just said, well we have to do something, do something.
So the mentality has changed and that is what gave the prolongation of the Depression.
So, today, we're right there where we are again.
Unfortunately, so far, we're making the same very bad mistakes that we made in the 1930s, and this is going to be prolonged and very serious.
Unless, unless we win the intellectual argument that we're talking about here today.
Individual liberty, morality and money, the Constitution,
Responsibility for ourselves.
What freedom really means.
If we win that, and we could eliminate all this pressure to perpetuate a deeply flawed system, if we win, this could be over in a year.
The big problem is, is can you imagine how the people respond generally who want more stuff?
To say, oh, what is the answer to the recession and the problem we have today?
For the government to do nothing, just get out of the way, is what we need to do.
Of course, doing nothing has a very positive spin to it.
Doing nothing means we're not going to tax you, and we're not going to regulate you, we're not going to tell you what to do with your life, and we're not going to tell you...
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled Enemies.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
This hour and the next hour, for the next 52 minutes, Dr. Jerome Corsi is our guest, and Professor Michelle Chosodosky joins us to talk about how the bailout is a private looting, or a heist, and the documents that cover all that.
Former head of the Treasury, head of policy, Dr. Roberts, former head of the Wall Street Journal, talked about how it was a heist on Friday.
But none of that matters now.
The police state, none of it matters because Obama's in there, and the whole agenda of the New World Order is continuing on.
And I've never seen any American leader worshipped like this.
The last person in the Western world I saw being called the one, the one to change the world, the leader, by major publications, was Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler was talked about in Europe and the U.S.
like this.
Like he was some type of rock star.
A lot of Americans don't know that.
You've only heard the bad stuff about Hitler, but before the war, in 1940, 1939, when he went into Czechoslovakia, and then into the Rhineland, Sudetenland, Danzig, places like that, he was the savior.
He was the guy.
He had all the answers.
He had the Olympics in 1936.
He drew the designs for the Olympics, the torch, the rings.
He was the one.
Anytime you see that historically, that lets you know the system is planning some bad stuff with this person.
They're gonna bring in the police state, North American Union, carbon taxes, everything under him, and police, military, FBI, all of you have a choice to make.
Are you with the American people and liberty, or with the New World Order?
And a lot of you, through fear, are gonna go along with this, and I, um...
In the end of this, when we fall like Germany or however it's going to happen, just remember, you were warned.
And we could have said no to this.
Dr. Corsi, of course, wrote the book that helped defeat Kerry.
And then he was no big fan of McCain.
He wrote the book, Abomination, that I found to be very accurate.
They didn't attack him on that.
They attacked him on interviews he'd done or things he'd said or for coming on this radio show and saying, you know, that we needed to look at the collapse of the towers.
He said, just look at it.
So that became a big international issue, this show.
And we interviewed him out in Denver, but not since then.
And so, of course, he's an expert on the NAU, on the carbon tax, on all of this in together with Barack Obama.
So I wanted to get him on today to talk about what's happened during the campaign, what happened in Kenya.
He's been pretty sick.
He got real ill in Kenya.
He's still ill right now.
I'm not going to spend too much time on that, but he's just now able to do interviews a lot again.
Dr. Corsi, good to have you on with us.
Thanks, Alex.
Great to be back with you.
Yeah, I've had arthritis in my spine, and a really kind of chronic arthritis.
It just flared up in Kenya.
I could barely walk.
Then I went to Hawaii, did more research.
I mean, I've been
Really struggling for the last month, but still researching and getting the stories out, so I'll be hopefully able to get the meds in me and take some rest now that the election's over, except the stories continue.
At least, I don't think there's going to be much rest for a while.
Well, let's talk about briefly your experience in the campaign, the way the media handled it.
The way they gave kid gloves for him, but then would even make stuff, not that I'm defending him, but make stuff up about Palin and others.
And then let's talk about now where we're going in the future.
We exposed last week that on his website, last Thursday, change.gov, that he said compulsory national service for old people, young people, little kids.
And they took that down over the weekend, and now big neolib websites are saying, we are liars.
That was never on his site.
So, cult-like devotion and denial.
Well, I think, you know, certainly what I suffered, what I went through, if you criticize Obama, you're in for severe attacks from the Obama campaign.
I don't
Unfit for publication.
You know, saying my book was full of lies and inaccuracies.
Actually, there were very, very minor issues.
You know, easily corrected a second printing in my book.
And then they used data mining with the government to pull up everything on Joe the Plumber and then twist that.
But that's okay.
That's loving and sweet.
And they also, you know, they did... I wrote a 60-page rebuttal rejoinder to, oh, the, you know, it was unfit for publication.
But I publish in WorldNet daily, and of course the Obama campaign totally ignored by responses.
So, it's an entirely one-way attack, and the Obama campaign seems to be totally, you know, totally, um, unable to take criticism.
It's going to be, if they continue this way, it's going to be worse than Nixon, enemies, or
You know, the inability of a campaign or presidency to engage in what's normal of give and take of policy criticism.
Well, that's like Rahm Emanuel when he was Clinton's head guy in 96, screaming, die, die, as he said the name, stabbing the table at a dinner they were having, foaming at the mouth.
They're now saying, Chuckie Schumer and all of them are saying, yes, they're coming out to talk radio, everybody's free speech,
And all these mainline liberals who were against George Bush and his police state, they're suddenly saying, yes, yes, ban all the shows, ban them, get rid of free speech, it's good.
Well, I think we're going to have, certainly, a first round here where free speech will have to be defended.
Because if the Fairness Doctrine gets reinstituted, and there's an attempt made, which I think there will be,
To shut down talk radio, you're going to see that the American people, again, are denied an opportunity to get the truth.
Certainly, now you've got the Washington Post openly saying that they were biased in favor of Obama.
That was obvious.
Certainly, the New York Times, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, they were all biased in favor of Obama.
It was very hard for anybody, for any of us,
To get research out there that was accurate, was well-defined, and deserved comment and criticism.
Certainly, now we're going to find that a lot of the stories we developed at the time were true.
Reverend Wright, I'm sure, will write another book.
You've got Rescoe in prison.
Rescoe, I'm sure, to save himself, he's already turning state's evidence against the governor.
I'm sure he'll also turn state's evidence against Obama.
This is only the beginning, and Obama's not able to handle the kind of criticism that most presidents expect as part of the job.
Well, we saw that with Clinton, that they really had an enemies list and really would sick the IRS on people.
I mean, I know people personally who are authors who would mildly criticize them and have the government come after them.
And we've seen that same inner group of the Clintonistas
Come in.
Let's talk about Obama's policy because, you know, you're an economic guy.
You've got a degree in that.
And, you know, you've worked for some big firms.
Obama was the big cheerleader when McCain said, hey, maybe we should look at this bailout.
He came out and said, how dare you, McCain?
We've got to give them unlimited power.
And then the banks kept the money and said they're going to use it for bonuses and to acquire other healthy institutions.
I mean, that's now even in the New York Times.
We've got Obama for an NAU.
We've got him now saying he's for more trade deals.
We've got him openly saying youth brigades and million-man Stasi forces.
I mean, you can't make this type of stuff up.
And then there's literally hundreds of editorial cartoons out in the last week showing him putting the Constitution back together, taping it, gluing it back together, taking it back from George Bush that he's going to give us all our liberties back, and meanwhile he's actually saying take more!
Well, what I'm saying here, and if you take a look, I'm writing now this Red Alert.
If you go to redalert.wnd for WorldNetDaily, redalert.wnd.com,
Every week I've got a economics newsletter now that I'm publishing.
And the current one, you'll see also the lead story on WorldNetDaily's front page.
I'm saying that the stock market is headed now to the next low, which is $6,000.
I mean, right now, we're trading, as we're talking, the stock market's down about 77 points, and it's trading at about, oh, 88, 86.
On the day of the election, the stock market was, you know, over 9,500.
There was enthusiasm at the time that McCain might be winning, and the stock market was doing well.
The stock market, you know, dived about 1,000 points since Obama's been elected.
And I'm saying, and people should listen to this very seriously, I'm saying that the next low in the stock market is 6,000.
Which means, you know, we're standing here to lose 2800 points on the stock market.
That's a huge amount of money out of the economy.
Out of 401ks, out of people's ability to really earn a living.
I mean, if the stock market hits 6,000, which I'm saying it will, there's going to be an economic crisis that will be equivalent to starting to enter the Great Depression.
Well, Dr. Corsi, that's my point.
You've got all these Kool-Aid drinkers who literally, I mean, they're on TV saying, the world has changed, I don't have to work anymore, I'll never have problems again.
I mean, they actually believe this guy's the messiah.
I mean, even if he was a good guy, he couldn't change or fix any of this.
What are they going to do, as all he offers is giant million-man domestic spy forces and compulsory drafts for our children?
Well, I think, first of all, the key issue with any new president, with any president at all, is they're going to be judged on results.
So Obama can say whatever he wants.
People can now cheerlead.
They can say, these are brilliant moves.
These are, you know, what they love what Obama does.
They can say how wonderful it is.
But it's going to get judged on results.
And the stock market, which today is now down 79 points.
So the stock market heads towards another triple-digit loss.
We'll have had
This will have been the third triple-digit loss since Obama was elected.
You know, he's now president-elect.
Since last Tuesday, all the stock market has done is headed south.
That's reality.
We can cheerlead all we want, but the reality is what he's going to be judged on.
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May I have everybody's attention, please?
I've come with a message of information.
9-11 was an inside job.
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR?
Listen up.
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
John, how dare you?
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
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Well, he's the author of Abomination.
Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Doc, while we've got you, I'm going to open the phones up in the next segment for you.
I mean, I came out and said, look, he's for the same policies as John McCain.
He's for the corporate looting.
He's for more wars.
He's for warrantless spying on the American people, which is just completely widespread.
The government's now had to admit that.
I mean, they're totally bankrupt.
And then the people just email me going, haha, you lost, you're just mad!
And I've never seen such cult-like following or such mainstream media kneeling before a president.
I mean, you heard my Hitler quote earlier, but I'm not joking, Dr. Corsi.
This is getting worse than I even thought it originally would be.
I think it's going to continue to get worse.
Look, Alex, when I was in Kenya, I went to Kenya, I was there for a week.
I was researching when I got called over saying that, you know, my chapter four in the Obama Nation is all about how Obama has supported this radical politician Odinga, Ryla Odinga, who is a communist, basically extreme socialist or a communist.
His father was an outright communist.
And Odinga signed an agreement to expand Sharia law, Islamic law, if the Muslims voted for him in Kenya.
Kenya is about 85% Christian right now.
And also, when Odinga lost the election in December, we're just talking about December 27th, last year, just a few months ago, Odinga asked for his Luo tribesmen to go out and protest.
They protested.
They killed a thousand of the Kikuyu tribe
They destroyed about 800 churches, not a single mosque.
You know, this little town, Eldorette.
And it turned out that Senator Obama's office had advised them to basically do that.
Well, in fact, I came back with the document, which was the plan for Odinga's campaign.
And the plan, and I talked with top officials of Odinga's campaign who were defected because they were appalled by the violence after the election.
And by the agreement Odinga signed with Radical Islam.
So this is an accurate document.
It called for that if Odinga lost the general election, he was going to use a round of tribal violence to gain power.
And you had Obama working with Odinga on the cell phone, entirely through the primary campaign,
In New Hampshire, to advise Odinga as to how to use all of this power, all of this tribal violence.
And that's exactly what Obama's saying now on his own website.
They're saying, youth brigades, old folks, compulsory military service.
The campaign that Odinga ran was identical to Obama's.
Odinga ran a campaign on hope and change.
The themes were identical.
You know, I brought back the documentary evidence.
This is why I was detained in Kenya.
I was there for a week, a meeting with the government, a meeting with top party officials.
I decided the day I was going to leave, I would hold a press conference.
And at that press conference, I would reveal those findings, including that Obama had brought Odinga to the United States three times.
And raised a million dollars for Odinga in the United States to run for Prime Minister in Kenya.
Also, Muammar Gaddafi had raised a million dollars for Obama, I mean, I'm sorry, for Odinga to run for, you know, Prime Minister for President then in Kenya.
So you had Obama and Gaddafi working hand-in-hand with Odinga to expand Islam in Kenya.
That's a tremendously important story.
And it was not told in the American press.
And you can't make this up that the whole family's basically communist.
He's surrounded by communists.
And we raise it and they say, so what if everybody's communist?
And so what if he wants national compulsory service?
That's freedom.
And then meanwhile, what are his zombie followers going to do when the economy keeps falling apart when they don't get the change?
Are they going to blame people that don't support him, and then if we would have just gotten behind their savior, then everything would have been alright?
Well, certainly they'll do that, but also the Obama people will blame the current recession on Bush.
This will be Bush's recession.
No matter what, for the next two years, no matter what happens economically, you can bet that Obama will blame it on Bush.
Obama intends to continue to run against Bush throughout his first term, hoping for a second term.
But what I'm saying is that the supporters, the Obama supporters in Kenya, the people Obama's worked with, don't like to go dinga.
Odinga, Odinga, the father was an outright communist.
He worked with Obama's father.
When Obama's father was a failed economist in the Kenyatta regime, Odinga himself was trained in Eastern Germany and named his first son Fidel Castro.
So I can show you both Obama's willingness to work with radical socialists.
No, it's clear.
I mean, Obama is a... Hold on, doctor.
Long segment coming up.
We've got a break.
He comes from hardcore political communists, and that's why the big banks love him, because they want to destroy the middle class and free market, have a world... We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, I'm Steve Shang.
For the past several months, folks have constantly asked me to give them the date as to when they should be finished stocking up on food.
We've been so beaten up by stock market banking, housing, and unemployment crashes that we're desensitized and frozen inactive like the frog being unknowingly cooked in gradually increasingly hot water.
Well, snap out of it.
We now have a deadline.
Joe Biden said it's going to happen.
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell went on CBS Meet the Press and pointed to about January 22nd as the time a major international incident would force the new president to make unpopular decisions.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled Enemies.
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Barack Obama is openly anti-gun and believes in banning all different types of rifles, handguns, you name it.
Banning gun shows.
Private sales.
I mean, I've got a list of it here.
It's unbelievable.
His chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is the guy that got the assault weapons ban passed.
He was the spearhead of that.
So now if you're against NAFTA and GATT, if you're against the North American Union, if you're against
Obama saying he's gonna spearhead this new global currency and the private bank setting up a quote new world order that is change that's accelerating the tyranny that is change that is
Bringing in world government.
Now, again, of course, he's been sick.
He was one of the first interviews he's done since the election.
We appreciate him being here, and he's going to be back on more in the near future.
He gets some rest.
I do want to take some calls, but let's look forward.
You've studied Obama.
You've studied his handlers.
You've studied the people he's bringing in.
You've written a best-selling book about the North American Union, about how they would implode the U.S.
currency, try to bring in a new global basket of currencies.
Exactly that is now happening.
He helped spearhead the banker takeover.
When Congress wouldn't pass it, Obama went on TV and said, you've got to do this, and had his zombies call Congress, and then they rammed it through.
So break down, Dr. Corsi, from studying these people, where you see them going in the future.
Well, everything I wrote about in the Late Great USA is happening.
In fact, Simon & Schuster has asked me to do a paperback version of the Late Great USA, and I'm right now doing the new epilogue.
If you saw it today, right now Reuters is running an article where there's going to be a speech given next week where Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown is
First keynote speech he's going to give to an international conference saying that we need to have a global society.
Britain is out in the ages saying this is the global age.
They're using the crisis just exactly like I said would happen.
When I wrote The Late Great USA, I predicted we would have a dollar crisis.
We had it.
Now we've got both France and Germany out there saying we need to look to a global economy
Very few people saw it.
I reported it in my Red Alert newsletter.
Even the International Monetary Fund has given away like half a trillion dollars to emerging countries who can't meet their debts.
Once that money is given away, the IMF will again own the emerging economies.
We're basically running a situation where the governments are nationalizing the banks around the world.
And the next step after they nationalize the banks is they'll nationalize the currency.
These are the progressions that we're in, and the crisis, this whole subprime crisis, which if you recall, when I wrote The Late Great USA, I was predicting the subprime crisis, and Alex, I was predicting that we would see the same kind of unemployment that we're seeing right now in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, where the jobs would be continuously going overseas.
Also, this talk about how a global economy would save, you know, the U.S.
economy is nonsense.
All we've done is throw the entire global economy into a global recession.
This is our first global recession caused by this New World Order thinking.
And it will be used to create a new world currency.
The push towards a North American Union will never be stronger than it will be under an Obama administration.
Now, to be specific, I have the London Telegraph today with the headline, Gordon Brown calls for New World Order to beat recession.
I mean, this is so over-the-top asinine, the chutzpah.
They're out there openly.
They're blatant now.
Well, they are the ones that engineered this banking consolidation.
They've taken the over trillion bucks that's been pumped into their gullets, their craws.
It already happened.
Once the banks are nationalized, once the United States and Great Britain nationalized the banks, we've already moved into a government-controlled economy.
The next step is to move into a government-controlled regional currency like the Amaro.
If they don't just bypass the Amaro and go directly to a North American European currency, which now they could do, it's on the agenda.
And Gordon Brown, by giving this speech, you know, when I do the epilogue to the late great USA, I'm going to be saying that we slowed the agenda down by publicizing it.
The work you did, Alex, the work I did, the work of others, to get out there and publicize it.
But given the magnitude of this worldwide depression that's been intentionally caused, I think it's all overwhelmed.
So the people will very quickly, instead of saying, look, we're on the verge of losing our homes, losing our jobs, just like I wrote in the late great USA, if you cause enough fear,
People will be willing to abandon economic sovereignty and economic control into a new world order that will have a new world currency, which is exactly where the banks and the governments pushing for these regional governmental structures want to go.
And by the way, you weren't flying blind.
The architects of it, like Robert Pasker at the CFR, said they would use terrorism and economic crises to get this in place, and they're openly saying
A basket of world currencies regulated through an international private banking agreement.
And like you said, they're telling the public, this is your only hope.
When going down this path is what will destroy the economy.
And I said this again going back to July of 2007 when I wrote The Late Great USA.
You're going to start seeing the next set of things, the Council on Foreign Relations, Ben Steele, which is already, he's already written one article saying that, you know, regional currencies are a thing of the past.
The next push will be for, you know, getting a world currency.
Not just... Forget national currencies.
They're already beyond that.
I just got back from Africa.
The main push in Africa right now is for an African currency.
The African Union is the main push right now in Africa.
Just the same as it's going to be in Asia, the same as it's going to be in Europe, and the same as it's going to be in North America.
And that destroys their local sovereignty and brings them under regional governments.
And the same idea is that, look, they're going to say these economies are under such bad condition, they'll blame it on George Bush,
Well, you know, Obama doesn't have a single idea that he's expressed so far, except to give more money away.
I mean, you know, it's almost ridiculous.
Why does Obama just simply buy everybody their homes and give them to them?
Buy our mortgages and give them to us?
Of course, the problem is, if they did that, the currency would be, you know, more, it'd be worse than worse.
Actually, McCain said, buy off the bad part of the mortgages and let the people then have that reduction.
Instead of just letting the banks write it off and keep the profit?
Well, probably what they're going to do is... And then Obama said, no, all of it goes to the bankers!
So he's really a cold, hard thief!
What they're going to do is they're going to bail the bankers out, and Obama will participate in bailing the bankers out.
What they'll do is they'll consolidate, they'll go down to about a dozen world banks, consolidate them, they'll go to probably initially four or five regional world currencies,
All of the way to having the Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, and the U.N.
be the major agencies in control economically.
So the central banks of the individual countries will be minor details.
Basically, they're going to say that the Paulson-Bernanke plan failed, and what's necessary now is to move up to the next level of regional and international control.
I'm predicting that's going to be the next immediate pressure you're going to start to see.
Well, they've said they're doing that!
Late Great USA is published out as a reprint, as a paperback.
It's going to be well along the way.
Simon & Schuster has also asked me to do a reprint of the Abomination.
Because again, most of the questions I asked for the Abomination have never been addressed at all.
Yeah, why didn't they release the original birth certificate?
Well, in fact, I've been asked today, we had discussions all weekend with Joseph Farron, WorldNetDaily.
WorldNetDaily is going right back onto the theme of the birth certificate.
I'd say as soon as I get a little bit of rest here, maybe a week, we're going to be designing a strategy to go after these birth certificate issues.
I've got a variety of theories I intend to pursue very directly as to who Obama really is, what the parentage really is, what the birth certificates are really going to look like.
I mean, you've already got being put into place the basic fear of a world government, with the American people being totally, you know, misled and fooled as to what's happening.
Because the structure of everything I argue, the necessity for a crisis, necessity for the fall of the dollar, when I wrote The Late Great USA,
Back when I was writing Black Gold Stranglehold, which was a year before that, in 2005, and I said then that oil would go to $100 a barrel, I was being ridiculed.
People said it would never happen, and now that we've gotten oil down to about $65 a barrel, everybody's saying, isn't this great?
Look, we've solved the problem.
No, that's just been a relaxation.
Oil's going to be back up to $145 a barrel as the economy, the Dow Jones, heads down to $6,000, which is where I'm predicting.
And I'm saying oil will, again, you'll see gold head back over to $1,000 an ounce.
All these movements are already in progress.
And for those who don't know, I mean, you've got a degree in this from Harvard, so... Well, also, I've been predicting.
Over 25 years, I've worked in financial services.
I've worked with banks around the world.
Part of my job was always to do predictions.
What World Debt Daily asked me to start doing at the end of last year was to prepare this redalert.wnd.com newsletter.
I've got the newsletter now fully prepared and designed.
I kept it going even through the election.
If you take a look at World Net Daily today, you'll see one of the major articles.
I posted on there that the next bottom number we're headed to in the stock market is 6,000.
And Alex, there are thousands of people listening today, and I'm telling people, sell your stocks.
People are usually told, hold on, the market's going to come back.
Don't worry, your 401k will be back if you just hold on.
I'm saying that's nonsense.
If you've got one in the stock market today, sell it, get left.
Get out of the stock market what you've got left, because it isn't coming back.
And if it does come back, it's not coming back quick.
Doc, I want to take some calls before you leave us, but other predictions for the future.
But before you do that, I want you to address the Million Man Domestic Spy Force, as big as the armed forces, the youth brigades, and the fact that
Obama lies so much.
I mean, they removed that off their website, and they're now saying it was never there despite the fact we have the screenshots.
I mean, this guy is already putting Bill Clinton to shame.
Lying is nothing for Obama.
Lying, you know, Obama said they knew Ayers because they lived in their neighborhood and their kids went to school.
Like Dennis Miller once pointed out to me, Obama's kids are two little girls and Ayers' kids are all grown up.
Plus, Ayers' kids were very slow.
They never went to school a single day together.
They are together because Ayers and Obama agree politically on a radical leftist agenda.
You're going to see the same thing happen with this national, whatever kind of corps it's going to be.
It's going to be like
A brown shirt effort to equip the youth and have them be a thought control brigade.
We're extremely concerned about it in the world that they live.
We also have one of the first following what this brown shirt brigade means.
And expect lying to be the norm for Obama.
Obama is very, very hard to pin down on the facts.
But it's going to be very difficult.
I know Jeremiah Wright is going to write a new book.
You're going to see Rezco.
Rezco right now is already spilling the beans on the governor.
Federal prison's not very much fun to be in.
I suspect Rezco will try to start talking about Obama soon.
He'll look for a pardon.
Rezco's only real chance to get out.
And Obama's going to be pressured to give him a pardon.
What do you expect Obama to do when he first gets in?
He's openly saying... There's going to be a series of executive orders.
Obama's not even going to bother with Congress.
He's going to take five or six of his top agendas, whether they be abortion or they be global warming or they be stem cells or whatever, and he's just going to issue direct executive orders saying, this is now a fact.
And as Obama gets into power, as he begins to settle in,
I think you're going to see the economics, all the idea that 95% of the people are going to get tax cuts, although that's lies.
There's going to be people out there who are expecting that Obama is going to pay their rent and pay their mortgages.
Forget that.
I think Obama's going to do very, very little for the poor of the country.
He hasn't even done very much for the poor in his own family.
I'll look.
You constantly show new people are showing up who in Obama's family have suffered poverty.
He's done nothing for them.
Obama's out for Obama.
And I think you'll see a series of lies.
The next thing also I expect is I expect there to be some major, major tests.
In the Middle East.
I expect there to be a major revival of terrorism.
Well, we keep hearing that.
I mean, Doc... Somalia is going to be the next major station for terrorists.
I think Somalia is easier to get to than Afghan.
And Somalia is going to be the next major base where the terrorists look to organize their training camps.
Well, I mean, it's clear that they're preparing a crisis.
Colin Powell was saying the 21st or 22nd, and then...
Obama can go blow up some training camps that may not even exist, then flex his muscles and get hawks behind him.
All the issues of violence, all the issues of, you know, seeing political terrorism are going to be issues used by the Obama campaign, now the Obama presidency, to gain power.
I think the Obama presidency gaining power is going to make the Bush administration, steps the Bush administration took with these various
You know, presidential orders, grabbing power in the case of emergency.
They're there for Obama to use.
I think you're going to see... That's what I was going to say next.
The media keeps implying he's going to restore the Bill of Rights, but the Obama campaign is actually accelerating all the powers that Bush accrued.
I think you're going to see the Patriot Act No.
2 being introduced.
I think you're going to see very much more radical control.
There'll be an effort to control by reinstituting some kind of a fairness doctrine to shut down any criticism of Obama in the press.
It'll be very much more difficult.
I mean, look how difficult it was for me.
I went to Kenya.
At Research in Kenya, the one day I'm trying to do a press conference, I'm arrested.
And by the way, today in Africa, Odinga is already saying he deserves a payback for arresting me because that helped elect Obama.
So, just wait to see, you know, the extent to which the press is suppressed under an Obama regime that really doesn't want any criticism at all.
Well, I don't know why folks think having a black face is going to change anything when Obama works for the very same big Wall Street international firms that are looting the economy right now and he's a big cheerleader for it.
Obama got as much or more of his campaign contributions from the major Wall Street firms than McCain ever did.
Way more!
Way more.
And I think you're right now in line for a reorganization of Wall Street.
And the one firm which survived, and I don't think it's accidental, Goldman Sachs thrived.
Goldman Sachs thrived on the downturn of the housing.
You've got Paulson.
You've got any number of people from Goldman Sachs that will come out of this administration.
And Goldman Sachs, under the Obama administration, will be the main Wall Street firm under which a Wall Street reorganization occurs.
See a consolidation of Wall Street.
Looks like you'll see a consolidation of banking.
Vertical integration.
Dr. Gorsuch, stay there.
We'll take some calls when we get back.
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Dr. Corsi with us for two more segments going straight to your phone calls.
Obama's now at the White House meeting with the outgoing puppet.
While we're all busy watching them, the big corporations are looting everything.
Briefly, Dr. Corsi, because you know you're into economics.
Does it even make you stand back, though, in awe to see the level of corporate looting and to openly see them announcing world government, of and by the banks, and that they are literally just taking trillions that we're going to have to pay back in tax money?
Well, it's amazing because, again, I predicted it.
That's exactly what I wrote in the late great USA.
By the way, it'll never be paid back.
What they'll do is they'll create a new currency.
The new currency will essentially be a devaluation.
And so they'll basically forgive all of these loans that they're paying back.
Right now, the loans will be translated into equity.
And you'll see the next round being government ownership and international ownership.
Because you'll see that immediately the petrodollar states are already holding meetings that the Treasury people know very little about.
The Treasury is already holding meetings with the petrodollar states as to how Sharia law can be introduced into the economics of the United States to invite petrodollar investments.
China is very angry.
China hates seeing the investments that they've made.
A lot of these
You know, subprime loans were sold to China.
China wants a return on their money.
China's going to want to see direct investment in the United States.
By the way, I want to go back there.
People don't know that Sharia law is just Islamic law.
They think it's drowning your daughter in the pool.
They don't understand it's only one small part of it.
One small part.
I mean, Sharia law is so that larger international institutions can do business with those countries.
Most of Sharia law is about economics.
Sharia law has fundamental controls over economics.
Sharia law, when it comes to economics, is completely different than U.S.
The rules are different, interest is different, the handling of money, the handling of control, what you can and cannot do in a corporation is different.
If you think that, you know, women are not... I just can't wait to see what the feminists are going to do once Sharia law is imposed upon economic activity and banks.
Be lucky to see women advanced in banks at all, or women advanced in corporations that are owned by Arab investors who are not fond at all of seeing women advance.
It's going to be a fundamentally different world.
Oh man, let's take some calls.
Mark in Boston and Mark in Oregon.
Patrick and Scott, we'll try to get you all in here.
Mark, go ahead.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me on.
Thanks Jerome for being on Alex's show again.
I thought I had a lead for you.
I went to a lecture with Linda Bilmes, and apparently you've already had her or her co-author of the book, The Three Trillion Dollar War, on your show.
I asked her whether or not she would like to appear on your show, and she said that she would indeed like to show up on the show.
Well, I had Stiglitz on, who's now calling for world government, so we're getting him back on to ask him about our new world government we'll be under.
Yeah, well... Oh, by the way, before I forget, Dr. Corsi, if Limbaugh and Hannity would come out and talk about all this, I mean, it's in the Boston Globe, it's in the Associated Press, can't they come out and admit, okay, we were right,
I think they're going to be forced to come out now and look at what happens with the world government after the next six months.
The United States is strapped for capital.
You're going to see a search for capital that is unprecedented.
We're going to be with the petrodollar countries.
We're going to be with the Chinese, with our negative balance of trade.
We're going to be all over the world saying we need to recapitalize the United States.
And when we do, the United States will be for sale.
We will not be in control the way we are today.
China announced today 500 and something billion quote in economics demo yields.
That means, by the way, buying up the U.S.
So yeah, that's it.
They blow out our economy by design, then take our tax money to buy us up.
You gotta love it.
They blow out our economy, then the international banks take our money in the name of the bailout, and they use it to buy us up.
Stay there, I'll let you finish up, Mark.
You are listening to GCN.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
Thank you for listening to GCA.