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Air Date: Nov. 23, 2008
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IRN USA Radio News, I'm Jody Jordan.
Advisors to President-elect Barack Obama are pleased that Wall Street reacted so well to his choice for Treasury Secretary.
The Dow soared almost 500 points Friday on word that Obama had tapped Timothy Geithner of the New York Federal Reserve.
Obama has even gone outside his inner circle in naming Ellen Moran as White House Communications Director.
Here's Sandy Cozell.
Moran will be in charge of getting Obama's message out.
She's now in charge of Emily's List, a group that backs female candidates who support abortion rights.
Moran was an active supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton during the primaries.
She also worked for the AFL-CIO and helped plan inaugurals for President Bill Clinton.
And Obama advisor David Alexrod says unless the big three automakers offer a plan for retooling and restructuring, they're unlikely to get any taxpayer help.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
The following from News Broadcast Network.
A study called Jupiter presented at the American Heart Association's annual meeting found that 20 milligrams of Crestor reduced the combined risk of heart attack, stroke, or cardiovascular death by nearly half.
Howard Hutchinson, AstraZeneca's chief medical officer, says that this is a dramatic result.
The Jupiter study showed us that Crestor had a beneficial effect on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality
In a never before studied population.
In Jupiter, Crestor 20 milligrams was well tolerated in nearly 9,000 patients during the course of the study.
I'm Lee Shepard.
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Legendary actor Gary Oldman lends his voice to the game.
I was always very intrigued by the game from the very beginning.
You play a video game, but you also get a little taste of history.
The game is rated M for Mature.
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I'm Kid Michaels.
The Economic Summit of Asian and Pacific Countries is wrapping up today in Peru.
President Bush is reassuring them that the world economy will emerge in better shape.
The countries have agreed to resist protectionism.
Here's Ben Feller.
He mainly wants to send a message to the world that the United States and other nations, big and small, are being aggressive and working together.
There was reportedly a coup attempt overnight in Guinea-Bissau in West Africa.
A top official says the country's president was not hurt as mutinous soldiers fought their way into his residence during a three-hour gun battle.
And a member of Florida State's football team has been named a Rhodes Scholar.
Safety Myron Royal interviewed for the honor in Birmingham, Alabama yesterday.
The aspiring neurosurgeon then immediately flew north for a game against the University of Maryland, making it to the game before halftime.
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Sounds from the wake-up call to Endeavor astronauts!
An excerpt of Can't Take My Eyes Off You, played for Commander Christopher Ferguson, who's celebrating his 23rd wedding anniversary.
Astronauts on the International Space Station hope the way a centrifuge is mounted can explain why a water recycling system hasn't been working.
For three days in a row, the new machine hasn't quite worked right.
It's essential for expanding the size of the crew next year.
The U.S.
military carried out an offensive in Afghanistan today that left several militants dead.
Here's Jason Strasioso.
The U.S.
military said American and Afghan troops were dropped off by helicopters in the southern province of Kandahar into an insurgent safe haven where they killed 17 militants.
Southern Afghanistan is the center of the Taliban-led insurgency.
More than 5,200 people, mostly militants, have died in insurgency-related violence this year.
The Vatican media are praising the music of the Beatles compared to what it caused the standardized stereotypical songs of today.
Last week, the Vatican newspaper and radio noted the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' White Album.
I'm Jody Jordan for IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Congressman Ron Paul joins us out of the gates for his analysis, his breakdown.
The congressman from Texas, of course, a presidential candidate who sent shockwaves through the political system, the controlled left-right paradigm, is with us for the next 20 minutes to break down what we're facing.
Congressman, are you feeling the dread that many of us are feeling right now?
Yes, I do, but I don't think it's brand new.
I didn't wake up with it.
I've had it for a while.
I don't think the election was a surprise.
But the rhetoric is getting pretty strong, and they are getting very bold.
I think McCain was obviously a backup candidate in case something happened where Obama didn't win.
They'd have been satisfied with McCain.
But they've been positioning Obama for a long, long time.
You know, he's a man of the people, and yet he was the first guy to spend, you know, more money than anybody else.
He probably spent more money than everybody else put together in these last two years, and that was, you know, on the books it's about $750 million, but when you look at all the free stuff, and you look at all
I don't think so.
Well, he's the guy who helped ram through the banker takeover bill, and now what you predicted and others predicted is happening.
They're openly announcing the end of the dollar, a new Bretton Woods, a new world monetary system run by a small group of private international banks.
We will buy our carbon credits from them, and Barack Obama is signaled that he will do whatever they say.
I think there's no doubt about that.
He wouldn't be there if he didn't toe the line.
And, you know, when the meeting starts on November 15th for the new monetary system, this could be, you know, the beginning of the end of what we see as what's left of our national sovereignty.
I don't know how long it will take for their announcement.
I guess the meeting starts on November 15th, and it won't be November 16th.
I think it'll be a little while before the announcement is made and before we fully understand
I think the fact that the markets are relatively calm right now, and the dollar has not totally crashed, is all being orchestrated by all the central banks.
The message is out that the dollar is doomed.
They can't keep doing it.
I think temporarily they've been able to hold it together, but something has to give.
It's on the business news station now.
It's not just your radio show and others talking about it.
I was watching a business station yesterday, and they were very, very... Stiglitz was on.
You've heard of that guy?
He was very much bragging about this thing, you know, about a new world reserve currency and world regulations.
That means world government.
And it looks like it's coming rather rapidly right now.
We played the club yesterday.
That's right.
He said, over the banks, over the stocks, over every nation, a trilateral world currency, everything the Trilateral Commission announced in the 70s, everything we warned people about in Obama is saying he's going to give us change.
But the change with class warfare is robbing the middle class and transferring it all to the multinational corporations.
You know, I guess you heard a statement by Sarkozy from France.
He said that we want to reform capitalism.
But our president, you know, came right back and he says he's all for this World Summit, but only on one condition, that we not tamper with the free market system.
And people believe this stuff.
You know, they just listen to that and it just goes over their heads and it's so sad.
For those that just tuned in, the last segment we were discussing how they're openly announcing a world government of and by a private group of central banks, the same international institutions that create
There's implosion that we're seeing right now.
Reuters, Obama urged to shape new economic order.
Biden, on the last week, his running mate, the new vice president-elect, has called for world government twice last week and a new world order.
Everything we told you decades ago, you are now seeing it.
So they move out the old puppet Bush.
They're moving in the new puppet to fool the left now to get on this bandwagon.
And congressmen
I've been interviewing a lot of international experts, by the way, including Sticklitz, who's pushing all of this right now, and they are saying, yes, the big announcement that Powell's talking about on the 21st or 22nd of January will be devaluing the dollar and basically announcing a new economic order run by the very people that orchestrated all of this.
World leaders are saying it's also going to be economic implosions and military adventures, Pakistan.
What is this huge event where they're naming dates but they won't tell us what it is?
Well they're just getting us prepared and they are doing the planning and they're in charge and unfortunately the people get distracted.
I consider our election this whole past year or two is just a distraction making everybody think
Boy, this is really critical.
This election means everything.
You know, if we don't have McCain, the world is going to go to the dogs or vice versa.
If we don't have Obama, we're not going to be able to take care of the people and the poor are all going to suffer and die.
And it's all orchestrated so people are misdirected from the important issues of war and peace and money and the Federal Reserve and the business cycle and all these calamities that are going on.
I don't know.
Congressman Powell is saying the 21st, the 22nd.
Others are naming that date.
You're there at the Hill.
You know, you're closer to the inside of the actual workings of power than the general public is.
I mean, have you heard anybody who has inside knowledge about what the crisis is or is it going to be the announcement of the New World Order?
Well, I think it's going to be an announcement of a new monetary order, and they'll probably make it sound as very limited.
They're not going to say this is world government, even though if you control the world money, and you control the military, which they do indirectly, they do control the world.
They're mainly interested in controlling the money and natural resources.
And right now it's not in the hands of private property owners.
Here in Texas, you know, we develop natural resources pretty much by private property ownership, and we all survive rather well.
But compare that to what happens in Alaska.
But what happens when it's a world central bank, worldwide regulation, and world control of the whole system of law?
And it's going to be controlled by the very financial institutions that orchestrated the controlled crisis.
And they're openly saying, for those that don't know, and I'd like the congressman to comment on this,
No, but these IMF and World Bank chiefs, the head of the International Bank of Settlements, Treasury Secretaries, others, Fed Chairman, are saying that we will pay different stock taxes, different derivatives taxes, different taxes on the stock market transactions, and there's going to be world carbon taxes that you buy from this group of banks.
I mean, that is total control, and as Barack Obama said, he's going to bankrupt the coal industry that gives us 49% of our power.
It's in direct control.
They're not going to own the coal mines and the coal processes.
What they can do is just tax you, and they can control us.
I've argued the case that we don't have private property in this country anymore because we have all the responsibility and liability, but can you use your land without getting permission?
You have to get 20 permits to use your own land in order to stay on the land.
I think so.
The big thing here is it slows things up so much.
I imagine a few of them think that they'll be able to manage this and we'll be able to help take care of everybody, but obviously that isn't the case.
They're going to make the world a lot poorer.
You're listening to Alex Jones with Congressman Ron Paul and Trend Forecaster Gerald Cilente in this encore presentation of the Alex Jones Radio Show.
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Congressman Powell is saying the 21st, the 22nd.
Others are naming that date.
You're there at the Hill.
I mean, have you heard anybody who has inside knowledge about what the crisis is or is it going to be the announcement of the New World Order?
Well, I think it's going to be an announcement of a new monetary order, and they'll probably make it sound as very limited.
They're not going to say this is world government, even though if you control the world money, and you control the military, which they do indirectly, they do control the world.
They're mainly interested in controlling the money and natural resources.
But what happens when it's a world central bank?
We're good to go.
And it's going to be controlled by the very financial institutions that orchestrated the controlled crisis.
And they're openly saying, for those that don't know, and I'd like the congressman to comment on this, that these IMF and World Bank chiefs, the head of the International Bank of Settlements, Treasury Secretaries, others, the Fed Chairman, are saying that we will pay different stock taxes, different derivatives taxes, different
You know, taxes on the stock market transactions, and there's going to be world carbon taxes that you buy from this group of banks.
I mean, that is total control, and as Barack Obama said, he's going to bankrupt the coal industry that gives us 49% of our power.
This is the neo-feudal model.
Yep, it is.
It's in direct control.
They're not going to own the coal mines and the coal processes.
I don't
That's why Newsweek's calling him the president of the world.
They're calling him that in British and German and French newspapers.
I mean, they are calling him the one.
I mean, any time you see that in history, Congressman, isn't that dangerous?
I mean, that means not only dangerous, but maybe we have crushed Rubicon.
You know, maybe it's going to be very difficult.
So we have to look for sources of optimism.
What do we do?
Ultimately, though, all that happens to us is a result of philosophy and beliefs and convictions.
And that's where I think we've made some inroads.
You know, in spite of the shortcomings of our campaign, I think we made some inroads,
I'm calling attention to a lot of people in this country, the importance of monetary policy, the importance of the central bank, the importance of how government causes so much problem.
It's just that we're in the minority.
That's right.
Your campaign covered all the issues that are now unfolding, center stage on the world, but as you said, the global crisis they were going to engineer,
For decades you've said this, that when we came to that point, it would be with the free market and liberty and freedom, be able to use the crisis to expand liberty, or with the establishment who orchestrated it, use it to bring in more bondage.
Now, I want to get into the trifecta.
The House, the Senate, so now the Legislative, and the Executive, at least for a year or two with
Just absolute power.
How dangerous is that with Chuckie Schumer talking about all these new taxes and more gun control and fairness doctrine restricting free speech?
I think it's very dangerous, and the first year is probably going to be the most dangerous year.
Just think of Bush's first year, but he also had the 9-11 thing that he could use to scare everybody to death.
And Obama will use the financial crisis.
The crisis will get worse, and there will be some more military skirmishes around the world.
So he'll say, well, we've got to do this, we've got to do this.
And just as the Republican Congress wouldn't say boo,
To our Republican President, you know the Democratic Congress is NEVER going to stand up.
There'll be a couple, maybe a Dennis Kucinich and a few others who are principled and anti-war, but the Democratic Congress will not stand up.
I don't want to look like I don't care about it.
Well, that's the issue.
Obama's called for a million-man youth brigade as large as the military.
The Air Force has now announced more brigades being added to NORTHCOM.
What is the left, the mainline left, going to do when they realize that Barack Obama is actually going to intensify all of the policies that George Bush had?
Well, there's not too many left.
I mean, you have the Ralph Naders and others, but they get marginalized, just as I was in the Republican Party.
So those who are principled, who object to this, aren't going to be heard from, and people are going to go along with it.
No, it doesn't.
Congressman, how do we prepare for this?
How do we
I mean, we already have the government triple under George Bush, now Obama's talking about expanding it even more.
I mean, what do we do, in your educated opinion, to somehow save the republic?
Well, they're going to claim they're saving it because they take all these people up and put them in all these organizations and the military and type of things.
Oh, unemployment rates are going down.
That's what they'll probably argue.
No, we have to continue to do what we're doing.
You're in the business of
I think so.
That's how I won office the very first time.
If I hadn't won that thing, I'd have never been in politics.
Congressman, do you think that we are in danger of not just them using the staged economic crisis that they created to get total control, but Gulf of Tonkins, because they're also talking about terror attacks, inaugural bombings, Al-Qaeda, Al-Ciaida, wants to test the resolve of the United States.
Do you think that's on the cards?
Oh, it sure is.
But back to the philosophy of the Bush Doctrine, which was that we have the right to preemptively strike anybody.
And then he even expanded that recently by saying, well, we don't have to invade and conquer, but we have the right to go in and bomb anybody without their permission.
That's why we go into Pakistan and Syria, which are acts of war.
So, they have the tools to do it, and they have the sentiment, and most Americans are oblivious to what's happening.
So you're saying you think members of the establishment might stage something so that people will then support more warmongering, but this time by Obama?
It would have occurred sooner because Bush was so anxious to go into Iran.
It hasn't happened so far, so maybe our talking about it made him back off a little bit.
That doesn't mean we should be complacent.
Hold on one second.
You're listening to Alex Jones with Congressman Ron Paul and trend forecaster Gerald Cilente in this encore presentation.
We're good to go.
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This is the GCN Radio Network, home to hard-hitting talk radio.
Last week's title, Salente predicts revolution, food riots, tax rebellions by 2012.
He goes on international television, national television, Fox, CNN, you name it.
He is one of the, if not the most accurate, because I've been following him for more than a decade, people predicting trends.
They call him a trend forecaster.
I would call him a futurist, but just seeing where things are going.
And he makes a lot of the similar predictions we make, but I tend to just read UN think tank documents, Rand Corporation, where they say what they're going to do.
He said, there will be a revolution in this country, and it's not going to come yet, but it's going to come down the line, and we're going to see a third party, and that's the catalyst for it, the takeover of Washington, D.C.
and broad daylight by Wall Street in a bloodless coup.
And then he goes into talking about basically riots and homelessness and complete breakdown of society.
And so joining us for the next hour is Gerald Salente to talk about a host of issues and get where he thinks we're going in the future.
And of course you can also link through and go to his website TrendsResearch.com.
Gerald Salente, thanks for coming on.
Hey Alex, thank you for having me.
You bet.
We've got three minutes before we break, but just lay out in the first three minutes a little bit about yourself and what trend research is.
Well, current events form future trends.
So we look at the major social, economic, political, geopolitical, environmental, consumer.
We look at over 300 different categories on a daily basis, worldwide, looking for those major trends that are shaping the future.
For example,
The current event today that everyone should know about is what Citigroup announced.
They're firing 50,000 people.
And they're not going to make those jobs up in the circuit city of Starbucks.
So we look at this data and we analyze it, but we do so as political atheists.
We're good to go.
You can see what's happening and then take the measures necessary to protect yourself or to profit from what the future may bring.
When we come back, I want to get into the fact that the NSA uses its snooping system not so much to even, quote, spy on the individual, but to see major trends and try to get ahead of it, to control it, and to give that info to select inner group corporations.
The government, the big corporations, they know what you and I know, Gerald, and what you're so good at.
They just don't like advertising real systems to the public.
Well, yes and no, because we've worked with a number of the major corporations, and that's our business.
And I have to tell you, there are corporations like Ford, for example, they came to visit us in the 90s, and we thought we were talking to dead people.
And we said, why waste our time working with these people when we know that what we give them is not going to be implemented?
So, you know, we assume that they know, but from our experience, Alex, most of them are well behind the curve examples.
You know, look at the major corporations today and how they're suffering at so many different levels.
Gerald, I want to get into how you integrate all these different sectors of the economy, the society, how you come up with your trends that have turned out to be so accurate.
But before we do that, perhaps we should get the listeners
We're good to go.
Well, the way I began my career, after graduate school, I managed the mayoral campaign for the fellow running for office in Yonkers, New York, and it was 1971.
And, um, from there, they sent me up to Albany.
I did such a great job.
I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
Which, by the way, was the worst job I ever had.
You know, it's a disgusting spectacle to see grown men grovel.
Particularly from a kid that was grown up in the Bronx.
You know, you'd watch all these people.
I'd be talking to a buddy, you know, and we'd be in the chambers, in the Senate chambers, and a senator would walk in.
My buddy would leave me to go help the senator sit down, you know, pull his chair out, you know.
So my friend would come back, I'd say, what's the matter?
You know, the guy can't sit down on his own, he needs some help.
So that was my, I got to see the insides of government from there.
I went to St.
John's University, and I taught probably one of the nation's first courses in American politics and campaign technology in 1972.
From there, I went to Chicago, and I was a government affairs specialist working for segments of the chemical industry and other parts of the industry, and between Washington and Chicago.
As a matter of fact, I was in D.C.
when the first energy crisis hit in 1973.
Jimmy Carter later becomes president and the Iranian conflict breaks out.
And I had been following this thing for years, Alex, and I knew how the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran, and Mosaddegh, and on and on, and how the SAVAK, the secret police of the Shah, was only second to the SS, you know, it was a brutal regime.
When the revolution started to happen in Iran, I knew it was real, because I knew of the pent-up hatred that they had against this guy.
Jimmy Carter goes to spend New Year's Eve with the Shah and his wife, he and Rosalind.
And in those days when the President came back from overseas, it was a big deal.
He walks up to the microphones after saluting at him, walking out of the helicopter on the White House lawn.
And Jimmy Carter announced to the American people that the Shah was the island of stability in the Middle East.
At that moment, I became a political atheist.
I'd been around long enough, I knew the game.
And then the second thing that hit me was, what will be the implications of what's going on?
And I realized that gold and oil prices would increase.
So I started to speculate in both those fields.
And I was only a kid.
I was in my early thirties, you know.
And I didn't know what the hell I was doing.
But I did know enough that I knew that the American public was getting one story, and there was a whole other story on the international scene.
I made enough money from that where I quit my job, and that's when I began the Trends Research Institute in 1980.
Always under the understanding that current events form future trends, but if I look at them, as you said going into the break, without looking at them the way I want them to be, the way I wish them or hope them to be, and just the way they are,
And let the data speak for itself, then you can see a clear direction of where the future is heading.
You know, it's like going to a doctor.
You get a diagnosis.
You don't call the doctor an S.O.B.
if you don't like his economic or political diagnosis.
You accept it for what it is and work from that parameter.
And that's what we do.
We see the trends, the way they're laying out in front of us, where they're going to go, and then we work around that direction, not trying to redirect it in our minds so that we hope for something different.
Now specifically, because we have limited time with you, I could talk to you for 10 hours, you've got so much information.
Briefly, I know you don't like to brag, but no brag, just fact, as John Wayne would say, break down some of the predictions and trends, the projections that you've made that have unfortunately come true.
And I say unfortunately, because
Your analysis is pretty much identical to mine and many other experts I'm interviewing about, on the good side, total depression, breakdown of society, police state.
On the bad side, road warrior, Mad Max, you know, 10,000 BC, just lawless third world bands of
I mean, that's what you're talking about now, and that's where all the trends are headed, and government is doing everything it can to accentuate that.
So, let's break down some of your track record, and then get into what's happening currently, and then into the future, sir.
You're listening to Alex Jones with Congressman Ron Paul and trend forecaster Gerald Cilente in this encore presentation of the Alex Jones Radio Show.
May I have everybody's attention, please?
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Specifically because we have limited time with you.
I could talk to you for 10 hours.
You've got so much information.
Briefly, I know you don't like to brag, but no brag, just fact.
As John Wayne would say, break down some of the predictions and trends, the projections that you've made that have unfortunately come true.
And I say unfortunately, because...
Your analysis is pretty much identical to mine and many other experts I'm interviewing about, on the good side, total depression, breakdown of society, police state.
On the bad side, road warrior, Mad Max, you know, 10,000 BC, just lawless third world bands of...
I mean, that's what you're talking about now, and that's where all the trends are headed, and government is doing everything it can to accentuate that.
So, let's break down some of your track record, and then get into what's happening currently, and then into the future, sir.
Yeah, well, I guess my first big forecast came in 1980, actually it was January of 1987, and I had predicted that there'd be a stock market crash that year, and the Wall Street Journal gave me credit for that one as well.
From there, the next big one was with, in my book, Trend Tracking, as a matter of fact.
I came out and said there would be a new third party.
This was in 1988.
And for some reason, I said that Ross Perot would be the type of candidate that would head this kind of party.
In those days, nobody knew who Ross Perot was.
From there, my other big forecast in the consumer end had to do with gourmet coffees, the organic foods, water in the early 80s, a big water trend, bottled water, a whole variety of natural healing trends.
Matter of fact, one of the early books I worked on in 1986
I think so.
So, those are some of the things.
Then, going back into the economic crisis, we then forecast the 1990 recession, how long it would last, and the 1997 foreign currency crisis.
The dot-com crash in our Trends Journal, we said in October 1999 that by the second quarter of 2000, we would have the dot-com bubble would burst.
Then the ensuing recession, and then this past November 7th, we took out the domain name panicof08.com.
And we knew that there would be the panic of 08, and we also said that in our top trends for 2008, which came out on December 17, 2007, we said that there would be an economic 9-11.
And now we see that unfolding.
What do you see
What is the best case scenario versus the worst case scenario?
I mean, take that question any way you want.
Those are just general thoughts I have.
Well, and let me back up, too, because, you know, I'm only, we're only human here, and we don't see everything, and we don't make all the calls properly.
In the 1990s, for example, we underestimated, around 1993-1994, the impact of the computer revolution and the technology boom.
Any of us that remember back then, you know, it was still in its infancy.
And they had that law, I forget the name of the law, where things increased at an exponential rate in technology, far beyond what we had ever anticipated.
So that's what's got us out of the 1990s recession, because we should have been in the shape we are in now, back then, had it not been for that technological boom.
But isn't it also, I mean, I understand for time where we're simplifying, but also they changed the banking rules in 93, 95, 99, but that also helped the bubble along.
That helped the bubble along, and that created the big bubble that burst that we're in now, as you well know.
So, just to give you the scenarios, yeah, we're saying we're going to go into a depression worse than the Great Depression, and here's why.
And then I'm going to tell you why it cannot happen, or it may not happen.
Yeah, I mean, there is a way to get out of this.
There is a way to get out of it, but not through fiscal or monetary stimulus.
If we have an alternative energy breakthrough, beyond solar, wind, geothermal, biofuel, that they like to talk about, whether it's something in coal fusion, zero-point energy, charged clusters, permanent magnets, hydrino power, something like that that's a productive enhancement.
That's as big as the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel, then we get out of this economic mess.
A whole new market, a paradigm-shifting development.
You're saying minus that we're in deep trouble?
Minus that, we're going to go into the greatest depression, and here's why.
Back when we had the last depression,
Most people didn't own homes.
They didn't have all this burden that they're carrying now with taxes and everything else, insurance.
Back then, people didn't have home equity loans.
Matter of fact, you know, we're probably both old enough to know when people had something called second mortgages, they were called losers.
Back then, people didn't have credit cards.
They were in for over $14 trillion in debt.
Back then, the government had a trade surplus.
We were not $700 billion in the whole year.
And the people were self-sufficient.
And the people were self-sufficient.
Back then, the government was not spending $11.5 trillion and growing in the hole with a budget deficit.
Back then, we had budget surpluses.
Back then, we weren't costing us over $2 trillion to fight wars.
Back then, we had a manufacturing base that when the Depression finally did end with the onset of World War II, we were able to manufacture ourselves out of it, and then later on, the rest of the world.
Gerald, you were going over why we're in such a much more precarious and weak and debilitated position
Then the people that went through the 10 years of the Great Depression, and then forecasting where we're going in the future.
Please continue.
Yeah, the other thing too, and by the way, the one that you pointed out as well is very, very important.
The people are more self-sufficient then than they are now, you know, this is a...
I think?
You know, you can do some of these work project things that they talk about.
You know, we didn't have these deficits that we have now.
So to keep talking about stimulus packages, to keep talking about work project packages, where is this money going to come from?
And again, as every historian or economist knows, the only thing that got us out of that depression was World War II.
So having said that, we are looking now in the short term, here's the scenario that we see unfolding.
What we're going to see is after, we think the real breakdown is going to begin in February.
That's our forecast.
Because in February we're going to now realize the shock of what has happened from a disappointing Christmas holiday retail season.
And you think the Obama hope will fade by then as well?
Yes, for a lot of people.
It's going to pay for the people that have lost everything.
You go to all of these places around the country, like the Carolinas, we had Wachovia, and all these banking centers, financial centers, people living in their McMansions.
And having these huge, huge mortgages.
I mean, they're going to become like boarding houses as they try to get people in there so they can pay the rent and pay the taxes and pay the utilities.
So we think it's going to be February because the real data is going to come in to show how really bad this is.
Having said that,
There's still going to be the element of hope that Obama is going to be able to do something, and being that they're painting him as an FDR and cloaking him in that mantle, get ready for a bank holiday.
And I love the terminology, Alex, that they use, you know, holiday, holiday, you know, they make it sound so beautiful.
That means you're not going to get your money out of the bank.
And they're going to say, don't worry, it's FDIC insured.
We just can't get it out all at once.
So we are also in that camp, by the way, that we are going to see, even though it doesn't look like it now because of a variety of manipulations going on, we believe that gold is going to go into the 2000 range, and we're going to see periods of deflation whereby all those homes out there
We're good to go.
It's going to be a glut of commercial real estate, and that's the next shoe to fall.
Alright, long segment coming up.
I want to break down, then, over the next few years, what he thinks government's response will be to this, why he thinks it will push the people into open rebellion.
Our guest is Gerald Salente.
I'm Alex Jones.
Our website's InfoWars.com.
You're listening to Alex Jones with Congressman Ron Paul and trend forecaster Gerald Cilenti in this encore presentation of the Alex Jones Radio Show.
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I'm Jody Jordan.
President-elect Barack Obama has pledged in a phone conversation with Afghan President Harmad Karzai that fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and the region would be one of his top priorities.
Here's Jason Strasioso.
Obama's pledged to fight terrorism in the region, an apparent pledge in Afghanistan,
The hang up is, what are the terms going to be?
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Police are still looking for the man who opened fire inside a mall packed with shoppers near Seattle yesterday.
One person was killed and another is listed in critical condition.
Police say they expect to identify a suspect soon and make an arrest.
Mike Murphy is a police spokesman.
I'm confident we're going to get him at some point in the near future.
And retailers are anxiously getting ready for this week's Black Friday.
Stores will be pushing big-time discounts and specials.
Though they worry shoppers will be too worried about their own economic futures to buy much.
Shopper Carlos Colon of Bronx says retirement is allowing him to spend money and buy gifts without too much concern.
I'm retired.
So I don't have any problems economically.
I have a good federal pension.
And I get Social Security too now.
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This year's group of Rhodes Scholars includes a man who used to dish out punishing hits on the football field.
Here's Bob Eller.
When he created the scholarships that bear his name, diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes ordered that recipients not be merely bookworms.
Myron Rolle certainly fits that bill.
The Florida State Safety had started 32 straight games until last night, missing most of the first half against Maryland after his scholarship interview.
Rolle plans to be a neurosurgeon.
Byron White was a football star and Rhodes Scholar and went on to be a Supreme Court Justice.
Tom McMillan and Bill Bradley were Rhodes Scholars.
They played pro basketball before serving in Congress.
Bob Eller, Washington.
It isn't quite Big Brother, but it's close.
The security precautions for President-elect Barack Obama will be like no other.
Here's Bryant Thomas.
Those attending the parade and ceremony can expect to be searched by either machines or security personnel or both.
Precautions will range from magnetometers, like those used in airports, to counter snipers, undercover officers, and even bomb-sniffing dogs.
And the U.S.
Geological Survey says a moderate earthquake has struck before dawn off the coast of Puerto Rico.
Randy Baldwin is a geophysicist.
We have a preliminary magnitude of 5.1 at a depth of 6.2 miles.
It was located approximately 61 miles north from San Juan.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Hey, I was just talking to Gerald Salente during the break.
He didn't tell me not to say this, but he'll probably get a seat in the FEMA camp for it, probably already will, but I didn't know he was aware of our work and said it was, um...
Well, interesting.
Well, let's just get from Gerald Solente, because I'm interested, I really respect him, what he thinks of the work we're doing here, from the work of mine that he's seen.
Mr. Solente?
Yes, I've been following you for years, and I admire you as a man of courage.
And in these times, not many people have it anymore.
And they're always towing the party line or afraid of the implications of what they say.
And you've been a man that speaks out, you speak your mind, and you're a man of your word and your conviction.
So, you know, what's not to admire?
Well, I admire you, but I mean, look, with me it's not even courage.
And I would imagine it's the same with you, because I talk to other people that'll speak out and trailblaze.
I mean, why would you lie?
I mean, all you've got is who you are and the truth.
I don't think so.
Oh yeah, no listen, you know...
It's funny, when we talked about the failings of the Bush administration, we were called Bush-bashers, now we're being called Obama-bashers, you know, but it's the price that you pay.
And you said it, but what's more than your word?
I mean, for me, my belief is that when I take that last breath, I want to know that I was true to myself.
There's a great saying, you know, that whether it's the Koran, the Bible, Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha, there is no salvation for the hypocrite.
You know, what's the sense of living if you're going to be a hypocrite?
But it really is a time for people, as they say, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.
And this is that time, and we've never seen it more than this.
Because there is going to be that period following.
When the crime rates start going up, the first reaction is going to be, send more police out into the streets.
And so they're going to build up more and more of this.
Again, you can call what's going on now, with the government now controlling the world's largest insurance company.
The world's largest mortgage brokerage, and now they're talking about taking over one of the largest auto companies, and of course now they're buying into the banks.
You could call this either socialism, communism, or fascism, but you cannot call it free enterprise or democracy.
That's right, it's total command and control, and the break in a refugee, you were continuing to go through how you see this unfolding, and just how bad it's going to get.
We're good.
That'll be another thing, because we're already hearing from the G20 members to reinstitute some format of the Brenton Woods Agreement, which, of course, gold was the standard.
But, of course, there's too much money out there, so that means gold would probably be $6,000 or $60,000 an ounce.
It would have a really, really high value.
So we think that there's going to be that kind of confiscation.
We think also that they're going to
They're doing it already, they're squeezing the little people and this is what is going to be a revolt.
You look at, go around the country Alex, state after state, city after city, locality after locality, they're raising taxes to make up for lost revenues.
How are the people going to pay these things when their median household income is well below $19.99 levels?
Wages are falling behind.
How are they losing their jobs?
That's number one.
Here in New York, what they're doing in the city is they just hired several hundred new traffic enforcement officers so that when you're driving in New York City and if your car goes into that white space between the lines where the pedestrian walks,
Yeah, what they're doing is white-gloving everyone now.
Everywhere I drive in Austin, there's a cop every half mile.
Now if you go a couple miles over the speed limit, they give you a ticket.
Everything's being watched, but then they admit in major Texas papers that illegal aliens are above the law.
They don't have to have any driver's license, insurance, nothing.
Only the citizens.
And then meanwhile, traffic enforcement cops in New York have gotten in trouble because they drive the worst.
They park wherever they want.
They do whatever they want.
Well, this is why the revolt is going to take place.
You know, there's another one, too.
They've unleashed all the people from the sales tax people, you know, going to all the small shops, the pizza shops.
You know, the liquor stores, all the small people, and they're cracking down on them, making them pay more sales tax.
IRS is going to go after more of the small people, because the too-big-to-fails, the too-big-to-control, and too-big-to-monitor.
So, this is where the revolution starts taking place.
Because when you're hungry, and when you're out of a job, and when you're out on the streets, you don't want to hear, yes, we can anymore.
And that's what's going to happen.
And the other thing that's going to happen as well...
And we believe that there's going to be a new third party formed around the same reasons the third parties were formed in the 19th century against the central bankers taking over the country.
And if anybody's not old enough to see what's happening or too blind to look, they better wake up.
As we said in our trend alert recently, it was a D.C.
They hijacked Washington.
And you have Henry Paulson in there from Goldman Sachs.
I love it, you know.
The liberals, you know, they bash Bush and Cheney.
You know that Cheney has ties to Halliburton.
Yeah, how about, you know, who did Obama bring in as his new team, his transition team in there to look for the economy?
Robert Rubin and Larry Summers.
They're the guys that changed the rules to do all of this.
They're the ones that put the nail in the glass steagle act, that allowed the banksters to be running wild as they are now, and also to put all these phony little gambling games like derivatives... Well, here's the $64 million question, then.
Why did Kashkari even go up before the House and basically admit they took the $5 trillion, not $700 billion?
They're not telling anybody where it went.
And then he started laughing at them.
I mean, I've never even in modern history, or even in Rome, with Caligula, you know, marrying his horse, seen this type of craziness where it's like they're wanting to push us into rebellion.
And this is the same thing.
I mean, the same thing happened in France, you know.
If they don't stay, they are living
In a world that is... I was on MSNBC one time recently during the elections and Mitt Romney was still in the race and he came out with his shining city on the hill kind of thing, trying to mimic Reagan.
And the host said to me, well isn't Governor Romney correct in what he's saying?
Shouldn't we be more hopeful?
This was, you know, last year, and I said, this year actually, but earlier, and I said, you know, I said, this guy doesn't go to the gas station and pump his own gas.
He doesn't go shopping and stop and shop and watch the prices of cut coupons.
They don't have a clue what's going on.
And that's what's going on over here.
Let them eat cake.
You're listening to Alex Jones with Congressman Ron Paul and Trend Forecaster Gerald Cilenti in this encore presentation of the Alex Jones Radio Show.
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How bad is it going to get?
So we think the first cracks are going to become very evident in February.
When the cold winter sets in, people are going to feel the hardship.
From then on, it's going to go downhill from there.
We're going to see the real estate markets going to bust out completely, and again, the next big shoe to fall, here they come, is going to be the commercial real estate sector.
This is what we wrote in the Trends Journal last year before this all happened.
We said the subprime problem was merely the cracks at the bottom of the foundation.
Matter of fact, you can see that on a clip that I did in December of 2007, when we said, you know, this stuff about the subprime.
Wait till all these hedge funds, and how about these leveraged buyout firms, like Sibiris and Carlyle Group and Blackstone, that were buying up multi-billion dollar companies with no money down.
How about all these real estate developers?
And credit default swaps, and credit cards, and just everything.
So now you look at the commercial sector, as I said, you're seeing now after the retail hit comes, you're going to start seeing ghost malls.
Who's going to occupy these things?
But here's the positive end, and I want to make this very clear.
As the giants fall, they're going to leave big gaps left behind.
And that's for the entrepreneurs to move into these slots.
You see, what's happening, Alex, is this is, by the way, more than just the collapse of the markets.
This is the decline of Empire America.
This whole corporate model is built upon growth and expansion.
Let's take first the retail sector.
They get their money and their stock, people to buy stock in them, by the amount of new stores they're building each year, their expansion.
Now they're in decline.
It's not as though these are brilliant managers and increasing in-store sales.
That's not happening.
You're saying we've got to switch to innovation, not just growth and expansion.
Exactly, and they don't know how to do that.
As we were talking earlier, why, you know, I get frustrated working with large corporations.
The innovation is not part of their DNA.
If they were, they wouldn't be them.
All they know how to do is make money.
That doesn't make you smart, it makes you shrewd.
You know, so there are very different things here.
I think?
I don't
I don't want to pay for this stupidity!
So this is where we're going, and then we're going to start seeing the tax revolts.
You can't raise taxes when people are out of work and their incomes are declining.
Who do these people think they are?
Well, what you said earlier is happening already.
Bush tripled the size of government, Obama's promising to expand it even more, and they're hiring more cops, more bureaucrats, more, more, more, and we just don't have it!
What is it you don't understand?
For anybody to think that these people in Washington are intelligent...
Well, Mr. Sollente, a lot of them are people worth billions of dollars that I know that live in Austin that I've met personally.
They have fled the country in the last three years, and their inside info, and I was saying this three years ago, the United States, quote, won't be here economically, and that's the term you're using is a post-industrial, a post-first world nation.
Yeah, and we call it an underdeveloping nation.
And they're gonna do the things that they do in other underdeveloping nations, for example, like in Argentina, when the currency busts out.
You can't get your money out of the bank.
And they'll do a fake flag thing, you know, they'll blame something else for the problem.
I mean, I love this Obama and his speech, you know, how, you know, yes, we can.
We don't count.
If they were listening to the we,
Well, let's stop right there.
Let's stop right there.
You talk about a false flag, some type of staged event or group of staged events to keep the slaves rallied around the bankers while they slit our throats?
You got it.
You know, look, there's nothing that they say that I believe.
Read my lips.
No new taxes.
I didn't have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky.
I smoked, but I didn't inhale.
I'm no crook.
You know, Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaeda.
What am I, a kid?
I'm going to believe these people?
Well, it just came out again that every TV station that Congress looked at is broadcasting fake news.
They were paid to lie.
And you know, one example is, every year before school, you see the same newscast on every channel, same words, and I knew it was paid for then, but now they admit it, and they say it's the law to take vaccines.
There is no law!
I mean, that's how bankrupt and evil and corrupt, and they aren't going to stop.
Now, what about pension funds?
You talk about Argentina, you talk about other countries, they are now saying, hey, we want to take over the pension funds, the 401Ks, to
Again, you know, as I said, you could call it communist, fascist, or socialist, but you can't call it democracy or free market.
They will do anything.
And so, yeah, I don't put that past them.
Well, Congress just had hearings last week saying they're looking at it, taxing them, taking part of them.
They're going to take your private 401k and then the Social Security Administration is going to send you a check.
I mean, what are the... So you're saying you really think they're delusional in government and they just think we're going to go along with this?
Well, yeah.
I mean, again, you know, look at who these people are.
I love it that he's saying, you know, now that, you know, the Democrats are in power over here, you know, now that we'll be able to get something done.
I mean, who's going to get what done?
How about Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello?
What have these people ever done?
Who could get away with this stuff?
Except Steele.
Except Steele.
Why do you think?
And make bad decisions.
I mean, who could?
None of us would be employed if we screwed up as much as they did.
So, I mean, you know, there's the yesterday Obama, you know, they broadcast that thing on 60 Minutes.
And you know, about the economy.
And he said, he'll do whatever it takes.
Well, what's whatever?
Well, that means nationalizing industries, stealing everything the middle class has got.
Folks are going to point the poor, uneducated people at the middle class.
They're going to rob the middle class.
And they're planning on all of this.
We'll talk more about it on the other side and take your phone calls with our amazing guest, Gerald Salenti.
His website is friendsresearch.com.
Ours is infowars.com.
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I think so.
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Okay, we're going to go to Steve, Tyler, Mike, Casey, Aaron, and others.
Please have your question ready for myself or the guest, Gerald Cilente, one of the top trim forecasters in the world.
I mean, that last question, we're here marveling at this.
They have increased the police force six, seven-fold the last 15 years.
They have prepared this MIT surveillance grid, the cameras, the license plate reading systems.
They say they're getting ready for revolts.
They're moving NORTHCOM.
We're good.
They're going to try that, but it's not going to work, because they're going to be very angry at all levels of society, because there's not going to be any money out there.
The government's going to become the common enemy.
And as a matter of fact, we see the Republicans and the Democrats working together very closely to defeat the common enemy, which is going to be the common man.
And that's what we see the battle shaping up in the coming years.
That's right.
That's why we see such incredible integration of both parties, because they work for the very same interest.
They both work for the Wall Street mob.
You just have different divisions.
You have the, uh, you know, the, uh, Goldman Sachs group over in D.C.
You have the J.P.
Morgan mob over in, um, in, uh, New York.
You know, it's just different, you know, members of the crime family.
You've got Gambino and the Genovese.
So, so, in closing, before we go to call, sir,
Crime is going to be rampant, and it's going to be
It's going to be also a time, and I really want to make this, because there's a positive end of this, because something old and ugly is dying and something new could be born.
This is going to be, this could be the time for a renaissance.
It doesn't have to end ugly.
Because one thing America has, and I travel the world, I mean, you know, people still look to America for the place of innovation.
They don't know how bad it is over here.
They don't know how everybody's become so corporatized.
But the thing is that
We have, more than any other nation, the ability to turn this around and turn it into a positive.
And the way it becomes a positive is if we break away from one-size-rules-all.
So if we start going back to states' rights, to local rights, and then also, Alex, necessity is the mother of invention.
No, I agree.
We're stagnant, we're decadent, we're dying.
This is like getting a fever that burns out the infection.
But, so that's the big challenge.
Do we let the globalists, the New World Order, use the crisis to sell total control, or do we do a judo move and use this attack against them to fully discredit them and have a true renaissance?
And that's, by the way, the foundation of the work at the Trends Research Institute.
We provide the trends.
We provide the lifeboats.
But once you get into it, then you have to use your own skills, imagination, and ingenuity to navigate the open sea.
Yeah, this isn't some master control thing.
So, we believe that every human is endowed with a unique
Individual gift.
And that has not happened.
We've become all corporatized, homogenized, and, and, and, and, I mean, what is this?
This is a McDonald's and a Burger King.
Yeah, they're like androids.
The public has literally taken on a false reality.
Now that nightmare hopefully is about to end.
Go to TrendsResearch.com.
You can subscribe to his
We're good to go.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
With the trend of big government that we've had in the last eight years, and which will probably continue under the reign of Obama, do you see Obama, or somebody like him, being in office for more than eight years, repeal the constitutional amendment that prevents a president being in there for
Absolutely, and hype dissipates a lot faster now.
The people
The people aren't very sophisticated in knowing they're being lied to, but more than ever they know they're being lied to, and so they want instant gratification.
If Obama doesn't deliver them to Valhalla instantly, they're going to turn against him.
Yes, I agree with you.
Not instantly.
We give him at least six months.
I mean, we could be wrong on this.
You know, but again, the people are so desperate, they're so desperate that they buy lines from a presidential reality show.
Oh, by the way, I have to make this point.
You know, Obama, this
I don't know.
The whole stage, the whole scenery, the whole performance changed.
Yeah, she took over.
She took over.
This was an Oprah production.
You saw it in his nomination speech, if you missed it before, and then you saw it in his acceptance speech, rather, and then you saw it after Election Day, Election Eve.
You know, this great staging.
Yeah, she wants global power.
She's got a church now so she can put her money through that and I don't want to use the term launder but you know clean it up and she's got a two million person church.
She wants a global religion.
I mean this girl is
We ain't seen nothing yet, huh?
That's why I'm saying not to sell it so short.
Because this is a country that loves the reality show, and they certainly love the presidential reality show.
Well, by instantly, I meant like six months to a year in the scheme.
Yeah, we're probably talking around the same period.
Alright, anything else there, Steven?
Oh, no, thanks.
You all have a wonderful day.
Thank you.
Let's cram Tyler in California in.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, what's going on, Mr. Jones?
I just wanted to say, how are you guys doing?
Fine, go ahead.
Hey, my question is, I am a reservist.
I am an active reservist.
I'm using my GI Bill to get my degree in history, and my family is small business owners, and is a rental construction equipment business owner, and according to my dad and some other guys in that business field, that things have
The economy started to slow down.
Nobody's building anything anymore.
People aren't doing like lawn and garden type things.
They're not taking care of the yard because they don't have money to.
Yeah, it's dead.
They better sell all that equipment now, even though it's already been depreciated because of the recession.
We're going into depression.
They need to get rid of everything now, Gerald.
We're not telling him what to do, but it's not going to get better.
It's only going to get a lot worse.
When you talk about gardens, during World War II they had victory gardens.
We should start thinking in those terms again.
Stop ripping up these stupid lawns with grass that you can't eat or smoke.
I don't know.
The winter's coming, prepare for it.
Again, you know, about going to, getting a degree in history.
You know, we're recommending to people that, you know, if you have a kid going to school and they're not getting a degree in like, let's say, medical field... Hold on, give us that advice after the break.
Final segment with our guest.
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Or a chemist, because those jobs you need a college degree, you're really taught something.
But, you know, fine arts or history, folks, you can forget it.
You're not going to have a job in the foreseeable future with that.
And you do a lot better going out and learning how to be an exterminator or learning how to mow lawns.
I mean, explain this to people.
Well, you hit it right on the head.
I mean, people spending this kind of money for art history, psychology, business administration, you know, economics.
I mean, my God, you know, get into the workforce and do like they did in the old days.
Find yourself a master and become an apprentice, not the Donald Trump junk.
I think?
We're seeing a giant paradigm shift.
Take Joe the Plumber.
That guy's making a couple hundred grand a year.
He's a plumber.
I know people that own lawn companies, plumber companies, that are small, and they're living better than I am.
And then I see these yuppies with two, three, four degrees, and they're working at the local grocery store.
Where are they going to get a job?
You get out of college, you're going to go to work for the sports authority?
And the thing about working the lawns, again, now you go into business and you say, listen, we're going to turn your lawn into a productive piece of real estate.
And I'm Italian descent.
I mean, we spent our times in the backyards, my grandfather, with grape arbors and rabbits and the whole thing.
I mean, it's a beautiful setting.
So that's the kind of innovation.
Again, Alex, I can't express it or stress it enough.
This is the time for innovation.
And the people that think for themselves, and by the way, that's the motto of the Trends Research Institute, think for yourselves.
You're going to be ahead because once everybody rushes in, then you're just going to be able to survive instead of capitalizing on the future and getting out ahead, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, this is all about survival, about telling the truth.
But studying the globalists, studying trends, studying the real world, it's a way to make a lot of money, isn't it, Gerald?
You're going to make more money now than you will before, because every schmo is in the game before, because of all the cheap money.
Let's jam in a few final calls and let our amazing guests go, who you will hear from again.
Let's go ahead and talk to Casey.
Oh, Casey just hung up.
Let's talk to Aaron in Hawaii.
You're on the air.
Then we'll talk to Sheila, and that's it.
Go ahead, Erin.
I just wanted to ask about, they want to take over our 401Ks, and about a month ago my husband and I said we want out of the stock market, we want to sell all our stocks, and that was about six weeks ago, and they're not giving, I mean they lost 60% of the value by that time, but they're not paying, they're just keep giving us excuses on why we haven't gotten the money for that yet.
Listen, I'll tell you why they give you excuses.
Because a lot of them don't have the money.
And I can tell you a problem that I had.
I took all my money out of the banks.
You should see the song and dance I got.
I mean, I had to go through.
I mean, I had witnesses.
I had to take a witness with me to get my money out of the bank because I was having such a tough time.
I didn't want to get arrested.
And that's how bad it is now.
I don't even have that much money and I try to take some out to pay payrolls in emergency and the bastards wouldn't even give me like 10 grand.
I mean, it was a real song and dance.
So that's why they're not giving you your money.
They're trying to stall you, and they're going to tell you, they're going to give you all the reasons why you shouldn't take it out.
Well, the big money guys pull all their money out.
See, they're only waiting while they get all their assets out.
You got it.
He's talking about bank runs by, what, next February?
Yes, we see them happening by February.
All right.
Okay, anything else, Erin?
Should we keep our money in the bank?
Absolutely not.
Well, you know, I can't tell you what you to do, but I'll tell you what I do.
We only keep enough money in the banks for our operating expenses.
As soon as it hits a certain level, it's out.
That's what I do.
And of course, I'm not really in the job to even capitalize.
Yeah, that's what we do.
Our job is getting the word out.
So we don't have that big of a problem with a bunch of surplus.
But we keep in there what we need to operate.
But if they have a bank holiday, my office may even shut down, folks.
You may hear us on air saying, send us money, send us money.
Because that's the type of situation.
I mean, talk about confidence being lost, Gerald.
What's going to happen if they do do that?
Yeah, one more call.
Appreciate the call, Aaron.
Sheila in California, you're on the air with Gerald Salente.
You can go to his website at trendsresearch.com.
Excellent, thank you.
I'm kind of new to your show, so you may have addressed this before, but it's a two-part question.
Excuse me.
And what it has to deal with is, with the bankers getting their bailouts and there's pretty much no accountability, there's talk of many, I know, that say, well, I'm in debt at this point in time, and I'm a renter, and why should I pay my credit card debt, my student loans, etc.
Why shouldn't I just take my credit cards, put it into a debt settlement,
Unless in my load.
And I'm asking this question because what I want to know is, is there any laws that you all are aware of that say, you know, those who do this have to pay it off in civil service or whatever?
Yes, they're trying to strengthen it where the little guy has to pay back, but the big bankers and others don't have to.
But a lot of people are purposefully running up cards.
They're rebelling.
It's kind of like a tax revolt, but it's overall a credit revolt.
Well, let's remember who's the one that put in these pernicious bankruptcy laws was Joe Biden, the governor of the loophole state, Delaware.
You know, he was the one that made it so hard for everybody but gives the big guys the break.
But don't forget, they're going to go after you no matter what.
These are people that know no bounds.
You know, if they'll get your first child, if that's what they have to do, it's not going to be an easy ride to get off the hook.
Yeah, people keep saying, well, why should I have gold?
They might come take it.
There's no perfect world.
We're talking about getting the best position you can, Gerald.
Yeah, listen, I own both gold and guns, so...
As a matter of fact, that's all my investments other than the Trends Research Institute and my own properties.
I'm totally invested in that.
It's hard to say because as you
You know these markets are being manipulated in front of our eyes.
Remember they wouldn't allow short selling?
The game is being rigged.
It's not even pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
There's no hat.
So we know that they are, report after report, of banks buying tens of thousands of Comex gold
We're good to go.
We're good.
Because there's a shortage of supply and the shortage of supply is worldwide.
And that shows the manipulation.
You have gold down by a hundred and something bucks now going back up.
Meanwhile, there's 30, 40, 50 percent premiums and you can't get it.
I mean, talk about global manipulation.
So what we're saying is, you know, gold is, and again, we could be wrong, you know, we don't walk on water, and we're only human, but I'm telling you what I do and what I believe, and I put all my investment capital is in gold.
What about silver?
Well, I
I understand.
You trade in what you love and what you know and what you research.
Well, Gerald Cilente, ladies and gentlemen, the market trend research, mandrendresearch.com, thank you for spending an hour and 20 minutes with us, and we'll talk to you again sometime in December.
Okay, thank you so much.
You're listening to Alex Jones with Congressman Ron Paul and Trend Forecaster Gerald Cilente in this encore presentation of the Alex Jones Radio Show.
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