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Air Date: Aug. 3, 2008
1706 lines.
Officials say a truck bomb exploded during rush hour today on a busy commercial street in northern Baghdad.
At least 12 people are reported dead.
Dozens are wounded.
Here's Kim Gamal.
The attack occurred just hours before the Iraqi parliament planned to convene a special session in their defusing tension over Kurdish demands to incorporate a northern city in an oil-rich area into their autonomous region.
And there's a major heat wave at the Southern Plains.
Heat advisories are posted from Nebraska to Texas and as far east as Tennessee.
Temperatures are expected to be in the triple digits in many areas.
In Dallas County, Texas, officials report three heat-related deaths.
Mike Eckert is with the National Weather Service.
The actual temperatures are going to be in the low 100s.
You combine that with the high relative humidity, we're going to see effective temperatures between 105 and 110.
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The Olympic security chief says protesters who want to speak out against the Beijing Games are required to apply five days in advance and not harm national interests.
China says it will allow officially approved demonstrations at three parks in the capital.
Meanwhile, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Roger says media will have the fullest access possible to report on the games.
I'm adamant in saying there has been no deal whatsoever to accept restrictions.
Al-Qaeda is confirming the death of senior commander known as a top explosives and poisons expert.
A statement on the terror group's website says Abu Haba Masri and three other commanders have been killed.
They are believed to have died in a US airstrike in Pakistan last week.
And actress Christina Applegate reportedly is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
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The military says two U.S.
soldiers are facing premeditated murder charges for the shooting of an Iraqi detainee north of Baghdad.
Here's Kim Gamal.
Staff Sergeant Hal M. Warner and First Lieutenant Michael C. Pehena were accused of shooting a detainee at or near their forward operating base.
Terrorists are fighting Fatah combatants throughout the last few days and clearly we have taken a humanitarian gesture in this respect.
And plans are in place for the presidential debates and they don't include any joint town hall meetings.
The presidential candidates will face off three times before the November election.
Here's Sandy Cozell.
Barack Obama is agreeing to three standard debates proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates.
He's apparently backing away from rival John McCain's suggestion of a series of joint appearances before the conventions.
In May, when a McCain advisor proposed a series of pre-convention appearances at town hall meetings, Obama said, I think that's a great idea.
I'm Jody Jordan, and that's news from the Information Radio Network.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Here's Alex Jones.
Hello listeners across the country and the planet.
It is already the third day of August 2008.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday edition.
We're here every Sunday 5 to 7 Eastern, 4 to 6 Central.
And we have
Two guests joining us today.
Later in the hour, one of the chief investigators that exposed to the world the fact that the Vince Foster suicide back in the early days of the Clinton administration was a hit, a murder.
And that's Mike Rivero, investigative journalist.
He'll be joining us coming up in about 30 minutes.
Then we have a listener who
I ended up getting PrisonPlanet.com in the news, but not quite in the way we'd like.
It was on CNN, Fox, it was in more than 20 newspapers, a whole bunch of New England TV stations covered it as well.
He went on board an airplane at Boston Logan Airport flying back to college, where he goes to college in Southern California, and he reportedly admits to sticking one of our bumper stickers that we put in all the videotape, all the film orders and book orders that go out from InfoWars.com
Sticking it in the bathroom.
Now, we understand he wanted to get the word out, but we do not encourage vandalism, even if it... His borderline vandalism probably didn't damage anything.
Still, it can create fear, and the police hyped it up, and stopped the airplane, and freaked out, and put bomb dogs on board, and he was arrested.
This was last Thursday, and he was indicted, and then charged.
Well, guess what?
The airport police said that he did it as a joke.
No, he was saying they're arresting him and cancelling the flight for three plus hours.
That was an overt reaction.
But that's the whole point.
That's why the criminals in government staged the 9-11 attacks.
It was so they could create a culture of fear and take some of the bravest people in the world and turn us into a nation.
I think?
More than 600 murders in one year.
That's all covered up and kept quiet.
I mean, a real war.
A real drug war.
54 Americans kidnapped in one day by drug games and taken across the border and then a huge firefight where some were killed.
That hardly made South Texas papers.
But you got a cardboard box on the side of the street.
They shot I-35 down.
Everyone panics and men in black uniforms arrive in black ski masks to be the saviors of everyone.
So I'm already digressing.
We'll be talking to him coming up in about an hour and 25 minutes from now.
Okay, I want to go ahead and get into the top story today.
Very, very important information.
I want everyone to take notes and pay attention to what I'm covering here.
All the proof of what I'm saying is up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
During the radio show, I was sent a YouTube clip of Seymour Hersh, the most respected living journalist today, Pulitzer Prize winner, the greatest living investigative journalist, and every report he's put out over the decades since he broke Operation Phoenix and torture camps, and the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam.
Everything he's ever reported, and I've gone over his major reportage, has been very accurate
He has inside sources in the Pentagon, in every major White House, in the FBI, and Sy Hersh, a few months ago, reported that the White House was looking for a pretext to start a war with Iran.
Now we already had White House memos, the famous White House memo, that's gotten so much attention with Tony Blair and George Bush, where Bush talks about flying our planes low, painted up like U.N.
Hopefully some of Saddam's troops would shoot at him.
Now that's criminal, but that's one thing, and we know they did then carry that out.
This is even worse.
This is even worse, and
We then put a report out on it Thursday night and Friday and put the call out for the mainstream media to cover it.
They did.
One outfit did cover it and that was Keith Oberman.
Here's just a few second snip of it.
We have a link to it if you want it up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
But here is a small piece of Keith Oberman talking about it.
He told the Campus Progress Journalism Conference that in a meeting in the Vice President's office, members of the administration sat around brainstorming ideas to provoke a war with Iran.
Quote, the one that interested me the most was, why don't we build, we in our shipyard, build four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats, put Navy seals on them with a lot of arms, and the next time one of our boats goes to the Straits of Hormuz, start a shoot-up.
Might cost some lives, and it was rejected because you can't have Americans killing Americans.
That's the kind of, that's the level of stuff we're talking about.
Provocation, but that was rejected.
Can you see this happening in Cheney's office?
Sure you can.
Can you see Cheney getting all happy and worked up and almost smiling?
Sure you can.
Can you see when they get to the part about Americans being killed and you can't do that and he just stares at them all and says, So?
Vice President Dick Cheney, today's worst person in the world!
Now of course there are more than 200 declassified examples of where criminal elements of our government, the CIA, the Army, the Marines, that's the main culprits,
They're very proud of it.
They teach it in war college and how to do it.
It's in army manuals and we post them.
Declassified army manuals.
How to stage terror attacks.
How to blow up churches.
How to blame it on your enemies.
Oh, it's official policy of the criminal government we have.
And they just got a little bigger and a little badder on 9-11.
You know, KC only killed 160-something.
That wasn't enough.
Under the Clintons.
So, $3,000.
That'll sure get the American people hopping mad for these $3 trillion wars we've had.
The two wars have cost more than $3 trillion now.
And of course, hundreds of billions in no bid weapons contracts every year to their cronies.
But this is the point.
Cy Hirsch published a story but didn't give details on the New Yorker a couple months ago.
Then, two weeks ago, at a journalism conference with hundreds in attendance,
He goes and speaks, and somebody in the audience shoots video of this.
And, Cy Hirsch, we have the tape, it's up on InfoWars.com, I played it twice last week, we're not going to play it today because of time constraints, maybe later we will if we have time, it's about five minutes long, where he goes, well, you know, there were eleven other attacks they wanted to stage, but the military didn't like the idea and said, we better not do that.
And so Dick Cheney was basically overruled by the President.
Okay, but why is this not newsworthy?
That Dick Cheney, the Vice President, is saying, let's paint up some boats, let's manufacture some boats and paint them to look like Iranian boats, and then have them go out, and if you actually read the transcript and watch the video, he says, have them have a shootout.
So that means both sides shooting at each other.
Now that's Operation Northwoods.
That's the declassified government plan to hijack jets by remote control and crash them, bomb D.C., bomb Miami, attack U.S.
military bases, blame it on foreign enemies, blow our ships up, blame it on enemies.
So I'm going to come back and finish up with this.
The point here is, you the listeners are the reason this ended up being on MSNBC.
As I said Thursday and Friday, get it out to everybody, make sure the mainstream media is forced to cover it, and one station did,
MSNBC, but we need an investigation.
What are the other eleven targets that Cheney wanted to hit?
This is criminal, this is outrageous, and it's just being glossed over.
We're not going to gloss over it.
Stay with us.
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The Chinese government has begun a campaign of economic threats against the U.S., hinting liquidation of its vast holdings of U.S.
Treasuries, responding to Washington's trade sanctions, forcing a Yan revolution.
Communist Party bodies are warning that Beijing may use its 1.33 trillion reserves as a political weapon, causing bond yields to spike, hammering the U.S.
housing market and throwing the economy into a recession.
Russia, Switzerland, and several other countries have reduced their holdings due to this threat.
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It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
With never-ending late fees, over-the-limit fees, and higher and higher interest rates, it has become mathematically impossible to repay all debt, making all of us slaves to our creditors.
The Federal Debt Relief System has created a successful, attorney-backed program to legally eliminate credit card debt, personal loans, lines of credit, and other unsecured debts which have been fraudulently created by the banks.
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There are several huge facets to this story that you, my great listeners, the visitors of InfoWars.com,
You took the challenge I put out Thursday and Friday.
You took that YouTube video of Sy Hersh admitting what he didn't put in the article from his sources inside the White House.
He admitted they were planning some provocation, but he only gave us in that news conference one of the points.
What about the other 11?
See, that's the big issue here.
So Dick Cheney is pitching and discussing
Making dummy or false flag boats.
This is the original definition.
The British and the French during their innumerable wars would dress their ships up if they were English like the French or if they were French like the English or if they were Spanish like the French, depending who was fighting with each other.
They would dress it up like the enemy's ship, fly its flag, go commit massacres,
Pull up beside merchant ships of neutral countries.
There were some famous cases of this.
And just open fire and sink the ship.
But make sure that a few people were able to get in escape boats, lifeboats, and get away.
You can read some of the naval annals of the French and the British.
I can't put them down.
It's one of the things in my off time.
I'm into the last 300 years of naval warfare.
Very interesting stuff.
And they would even
In fact, the French were some of the first with this type of espionage, or black propaganda as they called it, or false flag as the British called it.
Give them the orders.
They would even pick a ship, a small merchant ship, that was near land in good weather so they could pull up
Flying the flag of their enemy, blow the ship to kingdom come in neutral waters, and then the survivors would get home, say in the case of the Dutch, and say, my gosh, the evil French pulled up, and they opened fire on us, and then they'd say, that's it, we're going to war with France on the side of England.
Or if it was one of the other cases, we're going to war with England on the side of France.
That's false flag.
That's self-inflicted wound.
That's inside job.
That's government-sponsored terrorism.
In fact, there were even some things like this that were done during World War II by the U.S.
Of course, Hitler became dictator through firebombing his own Reichstag, the capital, and then to start war with Poland.
We're taught in our mainline history books that Hitler just attacked Poland one day in 39.
No, they attacked their own military base, a radio relay station, dressed up concentration camp victims in the uniforms of Polish soldiers, shot film of it for the newsreels, and said, that's it, we're attacking Poland.
This is done over and over and over.
Putin's been caught doing it, blowing up stuff and blaming it on the Chechenians.
That's even come out.
In Russia, it's over and over and over.
This is their favorite trick.
And as long as we continue to buy it, they will continue to do it.
And yes, criminal elements of our government killed 3,000 of us on 9-11.
And we even have their own documents where they planned it.
They even wrote publicly saying we need a huge terror attack.
Boy, it'll be great.
I mean, that's how arrogant they are.
Gary Hart,
Earlier this year, put out a public letter in a newspaper to Iran saying, our government will stage terror attacks.
Senator Gary Hart, he's part of the CFR, Homeland Security Board, that came up with a plan for it beforehand.
He said, you better do what we say.
Don't think because 80% of Americans and Poles don't want to attack you, we won't.
Go read it!
Just type, Gary Hart letter to Ahmadinejad, or letter to Iran.
And then we went and interviewed him.
It's in Truth Rising.
We are changed when I interviewed him and said, did you really say this, that our government stages attacks?
And he said, yes, our government wants to stage attacks in the Gulf.
Why was he saying this five and a half, almost six months ago?
Because that's the very time these meetings were going on in government.
And Cy Hirsch, the most respected reporter in this country, he is out
His activity is outrageous.
He said they decided not to publish the 12 plans that were proposed by Dick Cheney and the neocons in a White House powwow to create fake Iranian patrol boats, put our Navy SEALs in them, and then have them pull up alongside a destroyer and open fire and have them have a shootout, and they said, well, people will probably get killed.
And this happened the week after they had the botched Philippine Monkey, as he's known.
That's the nickname of the pirate radio ham operator in the Strait of Hormuz who is always trying to get the U.S.
and Iran to shoot at each other.
And the media says, oh, it's just some radio pirate.
Isn't he funny?
No, it's the government, folks.
And Cy Hirsch needs to release the other eleven ways they plan to start a war, because I guarantee you they're getting ready to do it.
Now stories like this coming out in the media may stop them, but let me explain something.
The New Yorker reported two months ago that they did have a meeting and are looking for ways, and decided on some, to stage a provocation.
Keith Olbermann just reported on that Friday.
But they are not telling us what the other eleven targets are.
This is absolutely incredible.
The story you need to look at is, Cheney neocons considered killing Americans in pretext to attack Iran.
In the video here, taped at the Campus Progress Journalism Conference earlier this month, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh reveals how the neocons convened around Dick Cheney and brainstormed ways to kick off World War IV.
Everybody's confused by that.
The neocons call World War III the Cold War, okay?
We're just being technical here.
We may change that to World War III, because the public just doesn't know that.
As they finally call their pet project to take out Muslims and foment a contrived, quote, class of civilizations.
According to Hearst, the meeting occurred after the neocons failed miserably to stage a rehashed version of the Gulf of Tonkin incident in the Strait of Hormuz, mostly because it is no longer 1964 and such big lies, thinks the Internet and bloggers, are far more difficult to float.
For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there, quipped LBJ, about the imaginary act of North Vietnamese patrol boats attacking U.S.
ships, leading to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and undeclared war in Southeast Asia, ultimately resulting in the death of nearly 60,000 Americans and around 3 million Southeast Asians.
And it was declassified now, three years ago, that it was staged, completely staged, as the USS Liberty was staged.
That was declassified three months ago.
Chicago Tribune.
In an exclusive ThinkProgress story, we learned the meeting took place in Cheney's office and the subject on the table was how to create a Casus Belli between Tehran and Washington, part of an ongoing effort to provide an excuse to attack Iran.
There was a dozen ideas proffered, this is quoting Cy Hirsch, about how to trigger a war, Hirsch explains.
The one that interested me the most was why don't we build, this is a quote,
In our own shipyard, this is Cheney speaking, build four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats, put Navy SEALs on them with a lot of arms, and next time one of our boats goes the Strait of Hormuz, start a shoot-up.
That's Dick Cheney, quote.
This is the guy that five years ago reported that U.S.
Special Forces were inside Iran staging terror attacks.
The White House declassified that and said it was a good thing last year.
Hirsch would have us believe the scenario did not play out because you can't have Americans killing Americans.
An absurd explanation considering the fact that the attacks of September 11th were just that.
Americans killing Americans.
A calculated and cold-blooded act of mass murder carried out by elements of the U.S.
government as the New Pearl Harbor.
A cynical pretext to launch a war on terror, now grinding into its seventh year.
Ominously, these ideas hark back to Operation Northwoods, the JCS plan to stage a false flag terror event.
We're going to come back, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm going to get into this more later.
I want to get into the Anthrax case, which we have the real prime suspect.
You're going to hear information here you're not going to hear anywhere else.
This new suspect you're hearing about, who they murdered, total bull, you'll find out on the other side exactly what really happened.
Stay with us.
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You are listening to GCN.
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Mike Rivero had one of the very first alternative investigative news journal websites, what really happened.com in the mid-1990s.
He was instrumental
More than anybody else, including Christopher Ruddy, who also deserves a lot of the credit, for successfully exposing the fact that Vince Foster was murdered.
He's broken a lot of other major investigations.
And before he leaves us early in the next hour, I do want to get his analysis of this huge report now picked up by Keith Uberman after we pushed for it Thursday and Friday, you the listeners did, about Dick Cheney wanting to have fake Iranian boats made in U.S.
shipyards attack U.S.
naval craft.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, and there's eleven other terrorist attacks that Dick Cheney is planning, and Cy Hirsch just at a media conference just kind of, oh, just jokingly talks about it and says, yeah, we wrote an article about how they were planning to stage something, but we didn't want to say what.
That's a big issue right there.
This isn't a joke or a game, ladies and gentlemen.
There's over 200 declassified examples of criminal elements of our government.
This is admitted where they did stage attacks.
We're in a lot of danger here.
It's bipartisan.
Don't think when George Bush flies off into the sunset, all this ends.
I'm not defending George Bush, but the guy runs nothing.
And the evidence says he didn't even exactly know what was going on on 9-11 from his activities.
But I'll tell you who did, Dick Cheney, in control at the bunker, according to Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, in control of the stand-down.
We'll talk about all that later with Mike Rivera, who's also an expert on 9-11.
Now, in my film, Matrix of Evil, we cover who the main suspect in the anthrax attacks are.
He's a dual Mossad slash U.S.
government bioweapons expert.
The papers on the East Coast and news stations, TV, did report that he broke into Fort Detrick, Maryland after he'd been fired.
He did break into the Level 4 bioweapons lab where the U.S.
grade weapons, super weaponized anthrax was stored.
But he was never the suspect.
First it was Hatfield, who's now won a huge multi-million dollar lawsuit, totally innocent.
Just like when the Feds bombed in the Olympic Park, they tried to blame Richard Jewell.
Now they've set up Eric Rudolph.
It's the same thing here, remember.
And they told you it was non-weaponized.
Turned out when samples came out it was the most weaponized ever designed, patented U.S.
Just the process of miniaturizing it takes over a hundred million dollars
of equipment and a giant factory and is so deadly that it is in containment units and and and robotic arms are used to manufacture it.
And these giant cylinders.
Remember, the FBI lied to us about that.
They lied and said that it was Mr. Hadfield.
Now, they have found a classic Patsy
Who even after they claim he'd been visiting his shrink, his government shrink, and saying he wanted to go into the lab and shoot everybody.
And he was involved in the vaccines, not in the weapons side.
And that's in the Washington Post today.
Even the Washington Post says, scientists question FBI probe on anthrax, because they're the experts.
They say, he didn't have access to it.
He couldn't get in there.
Why are you... Well, no doubt, folks, he didn't commit suicide.
That's a 99% chance.
So they murder somebody.
Out of thousands of scientists, they find one who's mentally ill, one they can have a psychiatrist say, he didn't talk about anthrax attacks, we talked about shooting people.
But they didn't do anything!
In fact, they continue to let him work in and around non-weaponized anthrax for the last few years.
So, that's some of the basic facts here, but we do know who the main suspect is, and we've known this for five years.
I made Matrix of Evil five years ago and briefly covered it.
Mike Rivero has done the original research and put it all together, and this is amazing info.
We're going to have him with us into the next hour, and then I want to get into
Dick Cheney wanting to attack U.S.
This is public.
Cy Hirsch, most respected investigative journalist living.
And now Keith Olbermann has covered it.
Thank God, because I knew people would say when we talked about it, or played the video clip of Cy Hirsch saying this, that they wouldn't believe it.
We can now push this further out in the light and demand Hirsch be drug in and tell us the other eleven targets.
I demand to know those other eleven targets.
But again, we're getting to that later.
I rarely have two such huge stories.
I don't know which one to get to first, but they all deal with government-sponsored terror.
We haven't even gotten into how the White House was on Cipro, the anthrax-fighting antibiotic, September 10th, four weeks before it shows up.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this is bombshell information.
Let's go to Mike Rivero right now.
Mike, I've set the table with some facts.
Can you, in a chronological order, roll out what happened with the anthrax?
People have forgotten.
It's been almost seven years.
Go through all of that, and then bring us up to speed with this new Patsy, and then who the main suspect is.
Okay, well basically, shortly after 9-11, at the time when President Bush was trying to get the USA Patriot Act ramrodded through Congress, these letters started showing up.
They were filled with this weaponized anthrax.
The letters themselves and envelopes
And this is the same government, I've gotta add this, because we can't forget this, that
Yeah, basically, it was a very obvious setup and because of the fear of the anthrax letters, Congress passed the USA Patriot Act without even looking at it.
And it was a big, big, scary deal.
Now, fortunately, not that many people were killed.
It was a relatively minor incident, but of course the media played it up.
We were all in danger.
People were afraid of opening their envelopes.
And it was a very scary time.
Now, as we all know, it became apparent very quickly that this anthrax, in fact, had come from within the United States.
There were foreign labs who had requested samples of it, and they quickly identified the genetic structure as identical to a strain kept at Fort Detrick.
So it became more and more obvious that this was beyond the capacity of Al-Qaeda to produce, and they started to look for somebody inside the U.S.
Now, according to the Hartford Courant and other sources, who are quoting from apparently now classified U.S.
government documents, there was a scientist working at Fort Detrick by the name of Dr. Philip Zach.
And he was caught on the security system going into the lab where the anthrax used in the letters was kept and he did this after he did not have authorization to be there because he'd been fired over a racially motivated attack against an Egyptian co-worker.
Now let's be clear, we got somebody breaking, a bioweapons scientist, breaking into a Level 4 lab, international incident, right there alone, it's covered up.
And basically a lot of people are convinced that it was the same Dr. Philip Zach who sent letters to the FBI attempting to frame the Egyptian scientists for the anthrax letters as well.
And they investigated him briefly and let him go.
Then all of a sudden Zach, you know, he's moved out to, I believe he's currently at Dugway Proving Grounds.
He still has his security clearance, he still has his job, he's still working on these things that kill a lot of people.
Meanwhile, apparently at the urging of Dr. Barbara Rosenberg, the FBI focuses on Dr. Steven Haxel, and they proceed to destroy his life bit by bit.
They point him out to the media, they call him a person of interest, which is a null term with no legal validity, and the media hounds him and they just, they turn his life into a fishbowl.
He can't get work, he is losing everything he's ever worked for.
I'm glad he sued, I'm glad he won, I'm glad he got his settlement.
Then the FBI, which of course is having to deal with this question of why can't you guys find out who did this, apparently they focused on some other scientists except for Dr. Zack, the man caught going into the lab where the anthrax was kept.
And this Bruce Ivins was apparently being harassed and hounded much the same way that Stephen Hatfield was.
It was not allowed into the press to forestall a potential lawsuit.
But from his associates, it is clear that the FBI simply harassed this man to death.
Now that's the Patsy.
Stay there.
We're going to come back and analyze the Patsy.
Analyze the real suspect here.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're getting information the establishment does not want you to have.
They launched those attacks to create more fear.
They launched it against Democrats.
They launched it against American media that had done hit pieces on the Bushes.
And the White House was on Cipro.
Multiple smoking guns in triplicate.
We'll cover it all on the other side with Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com.
My website's PrisonPlanet.com.
You've been there.
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I just love it when our affiliates, like 5678
9, 10, 11, 12 years ago would be ashamed of us.
But a lot of our affiliates, especially this one, are proud of the show.
And they've got big links all over their main page and links to our own little sub-page on there.
And they are now asking us every week for clips from the video we shooted here on air on local TV in Austin.
We shoot it on Sundays and air it Wednesday nights on the TV show.
We're now putting little select clips every week up there on their site.
And the video quality is just unbelievably good.
I'm kind of afraid to plug it, though.
It'll probably crack your servers.
I don't know if they know how big this show is.
I think they do.
I think they have an idea.
But that's up there.
Okay, so... Mike, I want to go back here.
And, and, and, and again, how they're setting up is Patsy, who they probably murdered, or may have driven to suicide.
But I think they murdered him.
They like to murder their Patsys, like Lee Harvey Oswald, McVeigh, and others.
The big issue here that I want you to give us your expertise on, there's a bunch of big issues, is that the FBI out of the gate said this is not weaponized, this was probably made to basement in a bucket, that's a quote, and then we went on air day one and said, folks, I've looked it up, I've looked at Jane's Weapons Quarterly and what the bioweapons experts say,
Regular anthrax doesn't even kill most people it comes in contact with.
This stuff's killing people in a day or two who just get a whiff of it.
And it's obviously weaponized, and I was called a conspiracy theorist by the national media, and then within months it did come out that it was super weaponized, was the U.S., and they had to, okay, go try to find a Patsy.
But the FBI knew that day one.
And so we have them covering up, and then we have them ignoring somebody breaking in with foreign intelligence ties into a Level 4 bioweapons lab.
And for those that don't know, inside Fort Detrick, these are underground, in their own pressurized sub-facilities,
There are three layers of barbed wire, 15-foot fences around it, minefields, men in machine gun nests.
Oh, but he just breaks in, steals it, but then, you know, that's okay.
He's not a suspect.
I mean, Mike Rivera, this is insane.
It's good to be here.
Uh, filed court papers in which all of these claims about how dangerous he was is, and if you go and look carefully, every quote in every news report about how he's homicidal, he was talking about killing people, he's crazy, going back to his college days, it's all from this one court document.
There is no corroborating evidence about it at all.
Now the interesting thing is, Smoking Gun has put up Gene Dooley's original handwritten note
about all of this and in it it says quite clearly that the FBI was in communication with her before she filed these court documents.
Now the interesting thing is on the basis of her court filing, Bruce Ivins was committed to the Frederick Memorial Mental Hospital.
The hospital turned around and scheduled him for release.
Which means they didn't think he was a problem.
Let me stop you.
Now, they're saying for years it was known that he was a nut.
Why was he given access to bioweapon labs?
That's exactly the point.
They do background on this?
I mean, they go back and find out about your great-grandma.
Yeah, I mean, I went up for security clearance myself, and they gave me heck because my father was born in Shanghai, China, and I wasn't dealing with any weapon systems or anything.
I was dealing with
with satellite data and uh... this this gene do it the only person who's saying that he was showing all the symptoms all throughout his life is this uh... gene do it now they're trying to claim that she is a therapist she isn't she is a social worker and her only certification is that she is a substance abuse counselor which takes just an associate's degree
She's not a doctor, she is not a psychotherapist.
But the way the media has framed it is that his psychiatrist said this, and then you read deeper, it's clearly a bunch of bull.
Yeah, there is no psychiatrist involved.
This woman is not a psychiatrist, she is a substance abuse counselor.
That is her entire qualification.
And then magically, magically he kills himself, case closed, and I guess if they would have killed Steven Hatfield, he wouldn't have won a $15.6 million lawsuit by proving that they were liars.
Okay, but I'm still getting to the punchline here, okay?
The LA Times is reporting that Bruce Ivins was still in the Frederick Mental Hospital when he died.
Now, people walk around a mental hospital and pick up handfuls of Tylenol number three to take.
Oh my God, he died in government custody.
And I read a bunch of news articles and didn't even find that.
The fact that they're burying that, that's even bigger!
Yeah, he was still in the mental hospital when he died.
And, you know, this stuff is locked up.
He's supposed to be on homicide, suicide watch.
He's in a mental hospital and, oh my goodness, he overdoses on Tylenol 3's.
I mean, come on people!
Well, let's recap it all.
We have these anthrax attacks against Democratic targets and media targets that are against the neocons.
Now let's get into the big smoking gun, because we have to bring in all the old evidence, Mike.
Tell them who was on Cipro.
And by the way, I have Ari Fleischer on tape.
We're making a new film year-end, Fabled Enemies, covering it all.
We have the press conference where the White House, not just an AP article, admits that the White House went on Cipro the day before 9-11, weeks and weeks and weeks before the anthrax letters are mailed.
Yeah, that's absolutely correct.
The White House staff, the President, all of his key people, they were all put on a program of CPRO, which is the medicine that you take to prevent being infected by airborne inhaled anthrax.
And they were on this medication to build it up in their body for weeks before the anthrax letters were mailed.
How did they know?
It's like the people who say, we had to get out of Building 7 because we were told it was going to come down.
Okay, who told you?
Well, we weren't told after all.
That was just conspiracy theory stuff.
And it's the same thing.
Our top governmental people were being given the very medication for anthrax four weeks before the anthrax letters came out.
And then the debunkers say, but wait a minute, if they were launching the attack, they would know the letters weren't coming to them.
It was going to go through the DC special post office for the White House and the Capitol and it killed some workers there and made others sick.
So that's why they knew in their threat assessment turns out the CIA in 99 did what a three million dollar study of how to mail weaponized anthrax through the mail and who else was behind that study?
This is just incredible and now Mike give us your take on that.
Well, yeah, we see a continuing pattern of the government literally practicing and rehearsing these events that happen.
We know that in the months before the Oklahoma City bombing, the BATF had a special unit out in New Mexico making truck bombs and blowing them up, and they did about a dozen of them, and the guy who was in charge of that program
Jeff kind of happened sort of to be in Oklahoma City one block away from the Murrah Building when it went up.
And Terence Yakey, who became cop of the year, big linebacker, big black guy, who carried a bunch of people out on his back, they were there telling a doctor, you know, suture me up.
Well, I mean, there were all kinds of things like that.
You probably know the newscaster Connie Chung.
She's actually a friend of mine from way back in Los Angeles.
She was out there at Oklahoma City.
She asked one question.
Why the fire trucks were parked in the blocks around the Oklahoma City bombing just before it went off.
And she was immediately fired.
Thrown right off the air.
Just gone.
That's right.
And for those that don't know, Mike Rivera is kind of like Batman.
He has one life he leads and the other is this.
Mike's a big Hollywood guy.
We're not going to get into all the stuff he does.
I look terrible in black tights.
I look terrible in black tights.
You don't want to see me.
Trust me on this one.
You know, when the criminals see me in my costume, they laugh.
They don't run away scared.
I understand, but you're doing a great job.
Mike's done Lost and a bunch of other big TV shows.
But, Mike, getting back to... I mean, any other points you want to say on this?
We have so many smoking guns, it's just mind-numbing.
Well, I think the point I want to make here is that we used to see in the old Soviet Union, when they wanted to destroy somebody and get rid of them,
They would claim they were insane, they'd gin up a case against them, throw them in the mental home, and that was the last anybody would see of them.
Very obviously, we're looking at that here.
This Julie, this Jean C. Julie, looking at her actual CV, you know, she's a minor, minor flunky.
She's not even allowed to treat people without a doctor being in attendance, or a real psychiatrist or psychologist being in attendance.
She cannot
Do that kind of work for anybody.
And the FBI is well known for going out and getting minions to testify for them.
Yeah, absolutely.
I gotta tell you, I think this Gene C. Dooley is the social workers equivalent of Gerald Posner.
Alright, stay there Mike.
You can stay with us and finish up on the Anthrax developments and then get into this new Gulf of Tonkin, Dick Cheney wanting to stage terror attacks on our own ships.
We'll be right back with Mike Rivero after this quick break and news.
Everybody stay with us.
PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com, and WhatReallyHappened.com.
Stay with us.
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Some Central Texas homeowners stage a protest outside the office of... Thank you for listening to GCN.
In Austin.
Details coming up on In Austin.
I'm Jody Jordan.
Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, whose office was a target of the anthrax attacks in 2001, says the suicide of the government's main suspect doesn't mean the case is over.
He says he wants the FBI to go public with details from its probe.
Therapist Gene Dooley says Bruce Ibbins described a plan to kill co-workers.
The therapist working with the late microbiologist says she was scared to death of him.
According to court testimony, she says Bruce Ivins had tried to poison people as far back as 2000.
He committed suicide before being charged.
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Baghdad is recovering from its first major bombing since last Monday, when suicide bombers killed more than 30 people and wounded hundreds in a Shiite religious possession.
Officials say 12 people were killed and dozens wounded today after a truck bomb exploded on a busy commercial street.
A South African official says power-sharing talks between Zimbabwe's rival political parties are back on track.
Negotiations between the government and the opposition broke off Monday after President Robert Mugabe's insistence that he lead any unity government.
And pilgrims are gathered at a mountaintop temple in northern India for a festival to celebrate a Hindu goddess.
But they're mourning the loss of 68 people, all women and children, who were killed in a stampede that sent worshippers plummeting to their deaths over a broken railing.
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Actress Christina Applegate reportedly is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
Here's Keith St.
Christina Applegate's publicist says the actress has been diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer.
They detected it early through an MRI and the cancer is not life-threatening.
The 36-year-old has earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her starring role in ABC's comedy, Samantha Who.
Israel is sending Palestinians back to Gaza after they fled fighting there.
Now, the Palestinian Minister for Political Detainees Affairs says the Palestinian President must stand up to Hamas.
I think that the President, Mahmoud Abbas, must decide in this situation to act against what Hamas did in Gaza Strip.
And in Arizona, a 34-year-old woman has been shot to death.
The suspect?
Her 12-year-old son.
The boy is facing a murder charge after shooting his mother after an argument.
Carol Capas is a spokeswoman with the Cochise County Sheriff's Department.
The parents left the home for a short amount of time, and when they arrived back to the house, the 12-year-old was outside with a small caliber handgun.
He fired multiple rounds at the mother, striking her several times.
And now, Cata is confirming the death of Senior Commander, Top Explosive and Poison Expert, Abu-Habab Mousri.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Yes, and I see the loaded phone lines there.
We're going to be getting to your calls coming up in the next segment.
We have another guest popping in.
Mike Rivero, I want to get into Dick Cheney, New Yorker Magazine reporter Cy Hirsch, getting into the fact that they wanted to stage terror attacks against our ships and blame it on Iran.
But before we do that, what should be done about the Xanthrax case?
We have someone breaking in
with ties to a foreign intelligence agency into the level four weapons lab that had this very anthrax.
We have the FBI covering that up.
They already tried to frame Stephen Hatfield.
That's been proven and admitted and they've lost in court.
They're embarrassed.
They grab a patsy, throw him in a mental institution.
He pops up dead.
The media is not even really reporting on that.
It's in the bottom of a story in the LA Times.
Uh, you got the White House on the drug that fights the anthrax four weeks before it shows up.
They admit that arrogantly.
The White House's enemies get mailed the anthrax.
Where do you see this going?
I guess case closed.
They murdered the Patsy.
Uh, they absolutely did.
And, of course, I'm not expecting the government or even the corporate media to ever do anything about it.
But we just put the word out there.
We show the proof.
We make our case.
That, and especially after the Hatfield fiasco, you know, the FBI's credibility is zilch to begin with, and this is just going to crater it.
And we have really become the former Soviet Union, because this was a common tactic by the Soviets.
If somebody had something that was embarrassing to the government, throw them in a mental hospital.
Say he's crazy so nobody will talk to him anymore.
And just get rid of them that way.
And that's exactly what they did to this Ivan.
The government is desperate to close off this investigation.
It's a tremendous embarrassment.
It is leading towards the real culprits because of public pressure.
And what the public can do right now is just say, I don't care what the government says anymore.
I'm going to keep investigating.
I'm going to keep digging.
I'm going to keep bringing up these facts.
Because if the government wants to marginalize itself by continuing to lie, go ahead and let them.
Because we're not listening anymore.
Speak of the government!
Go ahead.
No, I said the government has rendered itself irrelevant to the mainstream of American life now.
And speaking of the devil, speaking of continuing to investigate, there's over 200 declassified examples, and we list many of them in Terror Storm, other films, the CIA's own website admits they staged terror attacks, Operation Ajax and others, and the public is learning about that.
Now, Cy Hirsch comes out
Writes an article two months ago saying, yeah, Cheney is looking for pre-Texas staged events.
All these other bigwigs go before Congress and say that.
Even Zbigniew Brzezinski comes out and warns, because they all know, in Washington, and I guess some of them don't want World War III right now, or World War IV, depending on how you look at it.
And then Cy Hirsch, a YouTube video services, of him at a journalism conference two weeks ago saying, well, we didn't put in the article that my White House source, again, he's impeccable, folks,
But it's disgusting now that, I think this mars his record, he says there's 11 other staged terror attacks they want, but the one he would talk about was... Listen, this is huge!
I keep talking about it because it's so big!
But the response is even more incredible.
The Dick Cheney wanted to manufacture fake Iranian blue PT boats, have Navy SEALs pull up, and quote, have a shootout
With the naval vessels, the larger vessels, the missile cruisers and destroyers and aircraft carriers that don't know that it's not Iranians, then kill the Navy SEALs.
It said kill them.
Now this is incredible and this is just calmly reported like they're talking about the price of cheese or something in Sheffield.
Well, I mean, you know, if you go back and you look at the art of war by Sun Tzu, he says right in there, all war is based on deception.
If you go back and you study the history of any war, the country that starts it has to start it with a lie or a deception in order to get that war going.
Whether it's blaming a coal bunker explosion on USS Maine on the Spanish, or claiming that there were torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin, or
Here's an example nobody ever hears about.
It's in my film, The Masters of Terror.
And we just spent three minutes on it.
As a child, living in Texas, I remember being very little and going to the Pacific War Museum, now the George H.W.
It's the main national museum in Fredericksburg, Texas.
It's where Admiral Nimitz is from.
They owned a hotel that looked like a ship.
And, of course, he was the head of the Navy in the Pacific during World War II.
So it's there.
And I remember going and reading and going and seeing the midget sub that said, attacked Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7th.
And it was hidden in plain view and then years later CNN comes out and with the headline US actually attacked Japan.
I'm not defending that all governments are bad folks.
The point is...
It was a setup.
Four midget subs attacked.
They got their times off and attacked an hour early.
And then it came out the Navy was ordered to stand down.
So there were submarines attacking, coming in, being sunk out at the opening to Pearl Harbor.
A submarine crashing on the reef.
Another crashing into the side of another island.
Four subs trying to attack.
Midget subs.
And then there was still a stand down.
Absolute open and shut fact.
Right there, Mike.
Well, you know, the midget submarine that the USS Ward sunk was discovered by oceanographers off the mouth of Pearl Harbor just a couple of years ago, and it was a vindication for the crew of the Ward, who basically spent their entire lives being told they just hallucinated the thing.
But there were other subs.
There was another that crashed that they've had for 50-something years in Fredericksburg.
And it came up on shore right over on Kaneohe Bayside.
That's where you live?
Well, that's where I used to live.
I'm over on Pearl Harbor side now, but yeah, and absolutely, and walking around, you know, Oahu, you get to see the artifacts of a lot of the things.
I've been out to Haia State Park.
You can still see the foundations of the antenna system from the shortwave listening station that was there during World War II that intercepted Yamamoto's order to the fleet to sail to Hawaiian waters a week before the attack.
And, you know, it's all still there if you know where to look for it.
In closing with this Dick Cheney story, to me it isn't even that it's come out they're planning to blow up our own ships and use Navy SEALs to do it.
The story is the media, other than Keith Olbermann, and even Keith Olbermann just kind of spent a minute and a half on it.
I mean, to me that's a huge cover-up.
What do we do to get this out?
Well, again, we just have to stand up every time, and it's like they used to say in Network, I'm mad as heck and I'm not going to take it anymore.
We just have to tell the government and the media, we don't believe you anymore.
We don't believe you when you say it's Arab Muslims doing this.
We don't believe you when you say it's terrorism.
We don't believe you when you say the nation is under threat from the Iranians.
We don't believe you.
You are lying.
There's another word I'd throw in there, but it would be, shut down this here radio station.
Well, look, the U.S.
has more than 10,000 working nukes.
Our government's owned by foreign banks now.
Iran, if they got one nuke, is not a threat.
Israel has 400.
Pakistan, we gave nukes to, is running around threatening India.
The globalists are in the business of destabilizing.
America is only under threat by the people running our government.
And I demand that all the neocons out there listening,
The country's almost gone already.
They've killed our dollar and so much more.
It's time for you to stop living in denial about the fact that George Bush is a good guy.
We're not saying Barack Obama's good either.
It's only going to get worse.
The point is, they own both parties.
It's time to wake up and defend the Republic.
We're real patriots, folks.
Patriotism isn't buying into evil.
Mike Rivero, you've got 45 seconds.
Well, all I can say is you need to get angry out there.
I know a lot of people I talk to and I say, do you know what's going on?
They say, yes I do, but I'm afraid to do anything.
Well, get angry, because anger kills fear, and it is time to get angry.
It is time to hate what makes you afraid.
And you better realize, folks, being afraid and cowering is gonna make these people win.
Okay, you understand?
You better be afraid of not standing up.
Why can't they understand that, Mike?
Because the TV and the media have been telling them, you know, you really can't do anything, you're just part of the massive crowd, and your government loves you, and God wants you to sit there quietly and just let it happen.
You're right, Mike.
We're finishing Fabled Enemies in three days.
If tonight you can take a one, two minute deal, because you're in the film yourself and overnight it to us, talking about the new development in Anthrax, we'll cut it in.
We only have 48 hours.
Can you do that?
Yeah, I can do that.
Thank you, Mike.
All right.
He's in the new film Fabled Enemies coming out September 1st.
Thank you, Mike.
Bye bye.
Thank you.
We'll be right back with your phone calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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The Chinese government has begun a campaign of economic threats against the U.S., hinting liquidation of its vast holdings of U.S.
treasuries, responding to Washington's trade sanctions, forcing a yon revolution.
Communist Party bodies are warning that Beijing may use its 1.33 trillion reserves as a political weapon, causing bond yields to spike, hammering the U.S.
housing market and throwing the economy into a recession.
Russia, Switzerland, and several other countries have reduced their holdings due to this threat.
Economist Ambrose Evans Pritchard published the report, China Threatens Nuclear Option of Dollar Sales.
Call for the report today, 800-686-2237.
The value of your hard-earned money is being lost in a global game of chess.
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Okay, I'm gonna jam in a bunch of your phone calls.
Always a great grab bag here right now.
We're gonna have a brief guest on for about 10 minutes and then phone calls for the rest of the transmission.
Some other important news as well as we just... Oh, ho-hum, mainstream news.
We pushed it out into MSNBC that Dick Cheney was planning to blow up our own ships and blame it on Iran.
Oh, I guess that's pro-America.
That's good.
We're bad because we don't want to kill our own people.
You know us, we're those crazy people that keep warning you that this is what's really going on.
And oh, the anthrax attacks of the government, but that's okay, the government loves us.
Those founding fathers were wrong telling us don't trust them.
Steve in Chicago, you're on the air, then Mike and others.
Go ahead, Steve.
I hate to switch subjects, but I'm gonna do it.
Um, this is in reference to Obama's visit to Berlin.
Uh, the truth didn't come out.
Oh, he called for a new world order, that one?
Uh, yes, sir.
Um, the situation was that there was a protest ban, and anybody who protested was summarily arrested.
Yeah, that's freedom!
It's the same way at the DNC and the RNC.
Banning, banning protests is what America's all about!
And, and the situation is, is that the police would come in, they had to hide their signs, their, their banners under their clothes so they couldn't bring them in.
Because Lord Obama said no signs allowed, that's freedom!
See, see, everything George Bush has done is everything Bill Clinton did, and it's gonna continue under Barack Obama.
Right, but you're not mentioning the clacks that were hired.
They have pictures of, uh...
German actors and actresses dressed up as U.S.
Army personnel, enthusiastically supporting Mr. Obama.
Now, the situation is... By the way, the BBC reported five years ago, the Queen of England claims she goes to Africa, but really, she gets on sound sets with fake Africans, and then says, oh look, I'm in Africa, on her tour to Africa.
That's how dumb they think you are.
Now, what's your proof that the troops were fake?
The troops were fake.
Go to the Spiegel online.
There's a photo series there.
There's also a... Oh, there's Spiegel saying I was fake?
Yes, sir.
That's an English death rate for you.
No, no, that's their biggest, biggest magazine, I know.
Yeah, right, but they originally, they lifted the photos from their Tagus Spiegel.
That's the Berlin newspaper, but it's the exact same paper, uh, pictures from the paper.
And, uh, this situation here, the protestors... No, he's gonna save you.
They were protesting.
No, no.
Barack Obama called for a world government.
Doesn't exist, but you know.
That's good.
New World Order.
These protesters, they were protesting against the use of uranium shells in Afghanistan.
How dare them?
They're terrorists, the rest of them all.
How dare them think they've got free speech?
I'm glad they've banned protests, period.
At the RNC and are restricting them to free speech zones.
Nobody can see it at the DNC, that's where I'm going to cover it live here.
That's America!
Our veterans fought and died so there wouldn't be free speech.
It's good!
How dare you say it's not?
Arrest that man immediately.
Mike in Denver.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Pretty good.
What do you think of the last hour and a half?
Power-packed info.
Wow, just craziness going on.
You know, my brother and I, I just want to let you know, we do everything we can here out in Colorado to spread the word and get out DVDs.
My brother's got his own truth channel going on.
Well done.
Hey, I had a question for you.
It's just hypothetical.
You know, let's say the dollar crashes and everything goes to
Well, it's already crashed, because that's the policy.
Already down by over 60% overseas.
It's going down by 15% a year here, compounded.
But it's freedom, you know, it's good.
It doesn't exist, everything's fine.
No one knows why gas prices went up and are still up.
We know why, but hey, so what?
We know basically all the basics, but why listen to us?
We're always right.
But anyways, uh, say they do a Clayton Marshall law here in America.
No, no, it'll be emergency for your safety.
Yeah, emergency for your safety.
Did they declare emergency for your safety?
Do you think they already have it all planned out, where they're just gonna shut everything down, roadblocks?
Will I be able to get somewhere you think?
No, no, it's gonna be slow motion, just like they first confiscate guns in New Orleans, now in Illinois.
There's the National Guard to confiscate guns and put it on NBC News.
It's just, oh, it's good!
Oh, we take your kids for no reason!
Oh, we put cameras up!
Oh, we're tripling in the cops!
Oh, we're running domestic checkpoints everywhere with federal grants!
Oh, we're taking your blood at checkpoints!
Oh, it's freedom!
So all of a sudden it'll be like, oh, why can't I get here without what ID?
Well, they're already scanning your plates, tracking everywhere you go, using your cell phone to track everywhere you go.
Google admits they dial into any computer they want and watch you with the video cameras built in and the audio and brag about it.
Oh, I see it happening everywhere.
Now that you bring it up, I see it everywhere.
It's all freedom, sir.
That's freedom.
I appreciate your call.
Good to hear from you.
I'm a little sarcastic and I apologize right now.
Carla in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Carla.
Hello, madam.
Hi, this is me.
Hello, Carla.
Yeah, hi.
I wanted to speak to you about Nancy Pelosi and the stuff she pulled Friday in the House.
I tell you what, the representatives were furious.
Oh, she's saving us.
What is she doing?
Well, she shut down the whole house.
They were trying to vote on the oil situation.
Well, we're not allowed to drill for our own oil?
I mean, listen, listen.
Listen, Bush could have opened that oil up back when he had the control of the House and Senate.
The oil companies don't want it opened up.
They want select areas for them or there'll be too much oil and they won't make big profits.
It's called, two words, artificial scarcity.
There's more than double discovered oil in Alaska that is in Saudi Arabia.
And if someone like Congressman Baggage tries to get it opened up, his plane's gonna blow up.
We're not getting it.
Gonna be interviewing his son about to beat Ted Stevens for Senate tomorrow.
Anyways, and it's all a big scam.
The first thing Bush did when he got into office was give thousands of square miles of our coastline to Mexico and allows them to drill.
Pemex can drill.
Because, see, Mexicans have got to pay 50, 60, 70 cents a gallon.
Only schmuck Americans are supposed to pay $4 a gallon.
It's all a staged event.
Let's jam in one more.
Ryan in Austin, you're on the air.
Wrong caller, sorry.
Call back.
Ryan in Austin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, I got a question for you.
So, if there's a provocation of war with Iran, does the United States government have the power to put the elections on hold and just keep Bush in office?
Yeah, but why should they do that?
Because they can fool the public into believing in the government again by giving you a Barack Obama or a John McCain.
They're puppets.
They run nothing.
They're nobodies.
They're there to make you think that you're electing somebody.
It's all a big curtain.
The elections, the DNC, the RNC is all a big distraction, flypaper that the American people get stuck in and never looking behind the curtain.
It's all a big diversion.
Thanks Alex.
Thank you so much.
Oh, let's jam one more in.
Stephen, you're on the air worldwide from New York.
I'd like to inform you about a special psy-op that they call an anti-terror drill in New York.
Oh yeah, where they run checkpoints to stop everybody?
Nah, it's something totally different.
So last week I was walking down the street, and then I see one of these officers all rambled out, you know, the body armor, gigantic gun, I don't know, the sub-machine gun, like automatic.
Outside the Bloomberg Building in New York.
So I walk in the building, and I ask one of the guards, like, what's going on?
What are these guys doing all rambled out with a gun?
Like, do-do-do-do!
And then he was like, just, like it's some sort of, just seagull that just pops out.
He's like, oh yeah, they just do it every week.
Every week!
And then after that, I just step outside, and then it's like, it's like, you know, like in sci-fi, they do that.
That commercial thing where the, where the crowds are walking around and the guy just turns into an angel and everybody's just like, like it's nothing.
I'm just looking around, these guys are just on the corner in front of buildings with gigantic guns and they're like, just doing nothing.
All of the, I hear ya, all of the anti-terror drills are to train you for martial law and to see guys in black uniforms with machine guns and checkpoints.
It's to train you how to be a slave.
We'll be right back with our next guest.
He got arrested for sticking a PrisonPlanet.com sticker inside an airplane.
Wake up, Protestant America!
There is an ecumenical movement now being planned to join church and state.
This confederation of evangelicals, Catholics, and Protestant denominations will form one huge political voting bloc.
Their agenda is enforcement of religious worship and morality by legislation.
Our forefathers wrote the Bill of Rights to guarantee all Americans this freedom.
Liberty of conscience.
History and the Bible prove to them that these two systems, church and state, must be kept separate.
It must be our love of God and of country that prompts or constrains us.
This will change the character, not civil enforcement.
From history we saw that when church and state united, known as Papal Rome, religious intolerance resulted.
This union would go directly contrary to the great principles of our nation.
America and Papal Rome are uniting in this agenda.
Protestant America, awake before it is too late.
The prophecies are fast fulfilling.
Jesus is coming soon!
For free materials call 888-211-1715 or write The Bible Says, Box 99, Lenore City, Tennessee, 37771.
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Robo, a Worcester native, has been charged with interfering with aircraft operation and disorderly conduct.
He allegedly left a politically charged message on a sticker inside a Delta Plains bathroom.
According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, after Robo left the bathroom, a flight attendant went in.
She found an adhesive address label that read 9-11 was an inside job prison planet dot com.
After he was seen running off the flight before takeoff, he was found by state police and upon being taken into custody, made statements indicating that the stickers were a joke.
The only truth to any of this is the half-truth that I said this is a joke.
Them arresting me is why I referred to as a joke.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, and again I want to tell my listeners, and I'm not personally mad at Jason Robo, you know he's been one of the
He's one of the heads of his college and student government.
He doesn't have a record.
He writes a lot of great blogs and news stories.
Since we learned of him, we checked into him.
We found out about this Friday morning.
But basically, he ran off the plane from what I've seen in the news after they started freaking out about it and questioning him.
And still, in this heightened system where they have all these drills and alerts to scare the public into submission, he's there trying to expose that they're the ones that
Stage the attacks at Boston Logan Airport, by the way.
That's where some of the operatives that thought they were taking part in drills got on the planes that were then taken over by remote control.
All the evidence shows, and we cover that in my film, Martial Law, 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State.
But he's now been charged with this, and so we go to Jason Robo.
Jason, I'm really sorry you're getting in a lot of trouble here.
They are going overboard, but at the same time,
They can at least try to claim that it's vandalism.
The exaggeration here is that, you know, they're trying to slap all these other charges on you.
But the last thing I want is for my listeners to get in trouble.
And I hope that you get out of this thing.
But this is a world where if an old lady won't take a drink out of her, you know, or a mother won't take a drink out of her own breast milk to prove it's breast milk, they beat her up.
I mean, they kill people at the TSA all the time.
Beat them to death in the back hall.
So I'm just worried about you, my friend.
You're lucky you got out of there in one piece.
But directly from the horse's mouth, we have Jason Robo.
Jason, thanks for coming on with us.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
Okay, what really happened versus what we're hearing in the media?
Well, just to go with the main things that they're distorting and lying about is I never ran off the plane.
Everybody was ordered off the plane.
Also, I never said the stickers were a joke.
I take the truth movement incredibly seriously.
Oh, stop!
My goodness, we just got a hold of you today.
That is huge news that they ordered people off the plane, but they claimed you ran off and scared everybody.
That is a huge issue when you go to court.
Go ahead.
Yeah, so, and then they, you know, they're putting words in my mouth saying that I said the stickers were a joke.
And they also, you know, say that I had
Nervous behavior and such, and I was perfectly calm.
I was just reading a book.
I chatted a little bit with my neighbors about, like, uh, they read something about, in Time Magazine, Michael Savage's opinion on autism.
Started talking about the thymus are all in the vaccines, the mercury, which they're familiar with.
And then I know we were told the play was delayed for non-threatening stickers.
The captain read aloud, uh, what the sticker said, and it was, uh, 9-11 was an inside job, prisonplant.com.
And the captain assured passengers it was just political.
Uh, nobody fretted the
There's, uh, a couple near me that got a kick out of it being read out loud.
You know, it was good advertising, I suppose.
Um, some passengers started pulling out cameras to actually record what the captain was saying.
Um, and they let us know that bag sweep would be conducted shortly.
Um, and that we were still cleared to take off.
And anybody uncomfortable could get on another flight, but nobody cared.
I didn't see anybody get up and exit the flight.
People just, you know, started conversing with each other, just trying to kill time.
Um, and I guess apparently after they'd conducted the sweep, or during it, they found a couple more of these stickers.
Um, so they, they got on the, you know, the PA and said that they'd do a second sweep.
And our delay would now add up to about an hour and 15 minutes plus.
Um, so some passengers concerned, like myself, about missing connections, um, you know, started to wonder what was going on with their own travel plans.
And then the captain said, you know, we could make up for lost time, but didn't elaborate on exactly how much.
So the only concern I've seen was regarding connections.
No danger, um, people didn't seem scared at all.
And assurances, uh, started to escalate concern by the captain, but still people relaxed.
I called the stewardess who became immediately concerned with my t-shirt.
My t-shirt was a double-faced shirt.
I think Bush and Hitler were on it.
And the shirt said, Oilwellian doublespeak.
You know, a play off of Orwell.
And then she just disappeared without even letting me ask a question.
So I pushed the button again to ask about the ETA just before the captain began to ask the passengers to get off for a full sweep of the craft.
So then everybody exited in an early fashion.
So, as I get out, you know, I'm in the, you know, two-thirds of the way in the back of the plane, so a ton of people got out before me.
It was impossible that I could have ran off the plane, and like I said, they completely fabricated my behavior.
They said there was 30 people at the gate, and I logically went to another one.
Not one of the sheeple, I think, for myself.
I went and I asked somebody how I could arrange another flight, got a morning flight arranged for the next day, comped the hotel room, and told them to pick up the papers at the ticket counter.
I was told to pick up my bag of claim 4 after I got my papers for the hotel room,
All right.
The police brutality that you cover, like the 16-year-old who magically fell 30 feet and was tased with a broken neck 19 times, you know, I thought about that and I cooperated to avoid being beaten or tased to death in front of all these strangers waiting to get their bags.
So being dragged away, I said that the actions that they were taking, arresting me without any due process, was a joke.
So, in the cruiser as they were taking me to an unknown location, the cop wouldn't explain anything.
He repeatedly yelled to shut up.
Well, the reason... Let me stop you.
Let's go back and then finish the second part of the story.
The reason they want to say it is a joke.
They want to claim you did a prank to do that to the planes.
They have something to charge you with.
If not, if there's no damage from the sticker,
They really have nothing here, and so they're going to try to make you plea bargain by the time this is all done.
But this is another example of when they shot I-35 down over a small cardboard box that blew out of a car north of Austin.
This is the land of the cowards, home of the slaves.
Now that I hear your story, we've got to get an article out on InfoWards.
Prison Planet tomorrow morning.
Soon as my writers can do this.
This is a story of a media hoax.
Them taking a PrisonPlanet.com sticker.
Now, was it handmade like they said?
Or was it a... It was a handwritten sticker.
Okay, a handwritten... And what exactly did it say?
It said 9-11 was an inside job.
Okay, because we actually put out a sticker that says that as well.
So, let's go back.
Now they've had their hysteria.
Now they've put it on national news.
They get to have some fear.
Scores of newspapers attacking.
They get to scare everybody.
These 9-11 truthers are evil.
They've exaggerated it all.
Absconded with the truth.
Engaged in a lie.
He's screaming, shut up.
You're in the car.
Yeah, you don't want me to shut up.
Just come asking questions about what the heck's going on.
And I was trying to be polite despite the situation, dressing him as sir, even though he was treating me incredibly rudely and with absolute disrespect.
Well don't worry, they're going to get his pension fund.
His bosses are going to get him.
Yeah, and so I responded, you know, to him because he was basically threatening me with the demeanor that he treated me in.
I couldn't help but say, you know, what are you going to do, pull me over and tase me?
And so they get me into this barracks and they throw me in this holding cage and they start searching my carry-on bag saying that I deserve this without explaining what this was.
Um, I was refused access to a lawyer despite numerous times I requested that or a phone call.
Um, they didn't read me my rights.
One cop yelled saying that I, uh, that I said I have to get off this plane right now and I ran off the plane by myself.
So then, so they're the liars.
That's what they do.
I mean, it's congenital lying just like it just came out in New York.
Bike riders, the cop runs 15 feet, tackles a guy, busts his head open, charges him with attacking the cop.
Now the cop's fired, it's come out, he lied.
The lying has got to stop.
Yeah, the critical mass actually happened up in Humboldt County in Northern California.
Um, where I go to school, there was a student I knew that was slammed, um, picked up off of her bike and slammed on the ground.
A young woman, actually.
Was she then charged with attacking them?
Yes, of course.
That's how they op, okay.
Well, that's why we've got to get it all on video so we can fire each and every one of these criminals.
Now, let's go back here and find out exactly.
So, you're in there.
They're saying you ran off the plane by yourself, trying to create more false crimes, which they've now charged you with.
Please continue.
Yeah, and then they start telling me that I said the stickers were a joke.
Well, I never did so, twisting my words.
Uh, well, and then they start frisking me and they joked actually that TSA was pointless.
They said, oh, like we trust those guys.
And, which just confirms that the whole, you know, security screening is just a psychological thing.
We're not taking- Stay there, I want to finish with your arraigning and indictment, all of it.
Uh, with our guest, Jason Robo.
Now we learn the truth.
By the way, there's another facet to all of this.
Boston Globe sends Alex Jones to the memory hole.
Wait till you tell you about their deceptive coverage.
Stay with us.
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We are the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, we've got some questions for Jason Robo.
The PrisonPlanet.com bumper sticker, Thought Criminal, from Forrest in California.
We'll get to Lisa and others.
Got a few up in lines here at the end of the show.
We're listening to our flagship that we come to you from.
877-590-5525 or 8360-590.
It's Radio 590 KLBJ.
Jason, um, so now you're in there being interrogated, they're setting you up, they're lying, claiming you've done all these things.
And again, folks, in my new film I have New York cops saying they're gonna say that bombs are on 9-11 truthers to charge us for terrorism.
I mean, that's criminal.
I'm not saying all police are like that, but when cops start trying to frame people on video, it shows the criminality has gotten so, so widespread that they just think it's normal.
So that's what we were talking about, all this footage coming out of police beating people up for no reason and then charging them with assault.
I mean, it's not enough you beat us up and you charge us, but the tapes are coming out.
So they start setting you up, lying, saying you did things you didn't do, that I bought into, leaving the mainstream media.
Finish up, Jason.
Yeah, and like I said, you know, they were joking at TSA, it was a joke that we're not safe, it's just to get us to pay, you know, theme park prices for these businesses beyond security.
Um, and anyways, after asking for a lawyer repeatedly, I lost count on how many times they remember that pesky habeas corpus thing, um, and they read me my rights.
I was booked without charges being explained, um, and then a detective came in, apparently part of a private firm, um, and he shook the stickers in my face, telling me to look in his eyes, um, while he's like, you know, waving things in my face, asking if they were mine.
I told him I wouldn't speak to him since my words were already being manipulated, saying, you know, they said I said the stickers were a joke.
Um, and so I asked for a lawyer again, and so the detective got, uh, even more rude than anyone I dealt with.
Wouldn't answer any of my questions, since I wouldn't answer any of his, acting like a kid.
Um, and despite the fact that he wasn't being charged with anything, so he said that I wasn't actually booked properly, so then he re-booked me.
Um, started out reading charges, listing them off, flipping through his little booklet, like it was a game, laughing to himself as he, uh, picked out other charges.
Yeah, it's fun ruining people's lives, but don't worry, it's gonna happen to them, not by our hands, the system they love.
When you're dying at 45 of those vaccines you took full of cancer viruses, you won't be laughing anymore.
Yeah, and so I was told I couldn't speak to a lawyer.
I was first told I couldn't speak to a lawyer until after they booked me, and now they're telling me I couldn't speak to a lawyer until I had a bail hearing that night.
I think it's important to know... Well, by the way, I want to stop you.
A big mainstream news article, a newscast admitting that the vaccines are killing the troops.
I mean, killing them!
They bleed out like Ebola.
I'm going to be talking about that Monday.
We're not joking when we say that.
Go ahead.
Um, and, and so I was told I couldn't have a, you know, a lawyer until they scheduled a bail hearing.
I finished the bail hearing now.
And it's important to note that actually I was on video audio surveillance this whole time.
Um, so I should be able to acquire, um, you know, this evidence as proof of the way they handled me.
Um, so my check-in bag, they started searching that, um, as the detective told the, the, you know, the cop under him to put me into a holding cell.
They finally let me make a phone call.
Um, so I could let my girlfriend know what was going on, and then they dragged me to a cell while I was being dragged to the cell, a cop joked that I could have called a lawyer, and then, you know, I'm being taunted by this phone that's right outside my cell he places me in, um, and told that he'll let me call eventually and give me a number.
Um, they literally took the shirt off my back, Alex's evidence, um, and then, you know, they conduct that degrading cavity search and dehumanize you to make you feel like an animal.
Oh, so they did the pervert thing they like.
Yeah, yeah.
Six stuff.
And so hours later I'm sitting in the cell pacing and getting stir-crazy without talking to a lawyer.
I had my bail hearing finally.
The only reasonable person I dealt with, he gave me $40 bail.
I had $118 to my name.
I don't use banks.
I don't know anybody really in Boston.
So how did it all end?
I want to take some calls.
We're almost out of time.
They let me go on my own recognizance.
They told me they didn't take anything else except for my t-shirt.
Now what are all the arts crimes you're charged with?
Um, they charged me with disorderly conduct, disorderly conduct on public conveyance and interference with a flight crew.
Um, but let me just get one thing in.
But you did not interfere with the flight crew, and boy, that's the big charge.
Yeah, they blew it up a portion.
They interfered with themselves, which is a very interesting paradox.
But when I got back to the hotel, you know, I couldn't go through all my belongings.
They told me they only took my shirt.
I found out they took my phone book.
And so the next day when I went to my bail hearing, or yeah, my arraignment,
I went to that and I got back to the airport area, and when I went to the trooper's office or the barracks, and I asked, you know, I can't find my phone book, and they said, oh yeah, we kept that, and the FBI picked it up while I was there, so that means everybody that I know has all been, you know,
I put in some kind of a database, of course, and I'm really outraged with that, especially.
Don't worry, the government they love is destroying the dollar.
The country's about to completely implode.
Everything they love, everything they've worshipped, they think they can just dish evil out on us?
Evil's going to be dished back by their lovers, and that's their loving government.
Let's go ahead and talk to Forrest in California.
You're on the air with the thought criminal, Jason Robo.
Howdy, Alex.
And Jason, are you from Boston?
I was born in Worcester.
Oh cool, yeah.
I'm originally from East Boston and the South.
I moved out to California because things were getting rough out there in Boston, man, with the tyranny and socialism.
Well, on your taxes, they come in and count your socks, your watches.
For the income taxes, they tax you on what you own each year.
And I made fun of Massachusetts, but now in Austin, if you own a business,
In Texas, they come as a new taxing authority and look at all your goods and charge you for them each year.
No judge, no warrant, just total cesspit third world.
Right, so I believe all of us in the truth movement, if we just stick to the story that we believe in the beauty of nationalism, that it transcends like all races, because the beauty of America, it's not about any race.
It's about like all these beautiful people who, so all it's about with these stickers and wearing t-shirts,
I mean, I believe that our First Amendment rights should be protected.
Well, I'm going to be clear here.
I think you ought to get a ticket or something.
I think you weren't thinking.
And sticking a sticker in there would have been okay for you to leave some stickers.
You know, in the area where the magazines go or something like that, they probably would have made something up with that, too.
But I don't want our listeners getting in trouble, so I would say, Jason, that this could be an example for others.
I mean, I get calls from New Zealand and Canada going, how dare you put DVDs on everybody's car?
9-11 is an inside job.
How dare you spray paint government buildings?
You know, it's my listeners doing it, and I've said, I don't want you guys getting in trouble, so be careful.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
We'll talk to you in the future.
You're welcome to call in sometime during the show tomorrow.
In fact, we'll try to call you and set you up to pop back in with new developments tomorrow on the weekday show from 11 to 3.
And we'll be praying for you, Jason Robo, as this develops.
You want to give out a website or something where some of your articles you write are?
Yeah, I'm on MySpace.
You can just look my name up.
Jason Robo, R-O-B-O.
And I got an email I set up for anybody who wishes to support me.
I saw some people wanted to maybe help me with defense.
I don't like seeing my people getting caught in the jaws of this.
Don't do stupid things that let them throw the book at you.
Okay, don't worry.
They're going to get hurt bad enough by their own system.
Their own masters are going to hurt them real bad.
And I feel sorry for them, okay?
Don't worry!
You're going to get your new world order, boys!
And you're going to wish to God you'd have woken up earlier.
Again, today we documented the government launching anthrax attacks.
And it's now come out in mainstream news, thanks to my listeners, that Dick Cheney planned to attack naval vessels with Navy SEALs and blame it on Iran.
That's who you're working for!
This government's bankrupt!
Let's go ahead and talk to Lisa in Austin.
Lisa, you're on the air.
Last caller we have time for.
Hi, Alex.
I drive a cab in Austin, Texas, and this week I was parked at 6th and San Jack waiting on a fare.
This is, I mean, sorry, 6th and Congress.
They're in front of the Starbucks waiting for a fare, and a cop car goes down the street heading down Congress, stops in front of, at 6th and Congress, in front of the Metro bus stop there, and it's got a window down.
There's two officers in the car, and they've got their window down, which I thought was a little unusual, but not terribly.
Got one minute.
Tell us what happened.
They slow down real slow, like they're stopping at a red light, and the cops take his arm out the window, and I see a flash, and I'm thinking, was that a camera?
So I'm looking in, if I can see anything, and sure enough, it happens again.
There's a cop taking pictures of the people at the bus stop.
Yeah, that's an intelligence unit.
And it just continues on like nothing's happening.
They'll put us all in files.
It's all about secret policing.
They're all being federalized.
Thank you for the call.
Meanwhile, the border is wide open, rocket attacks, truck bombs going off in Dallas.
Mexican troops hired by the CIA in a drug war killing their competition.
Oh, God help us.
And see, you've all lived in denial.
It's just going to get worse and worse until we turn around and admit this country's going to hell in a handbasket.
Boston Globe sends Alex Jones the memory hole.
I noticed the Boston Globe and other New England papers mentioned the bumper sticker and said it was the website of syndicated radio columnist Alex Jones.
And then I noticed yesterday that they'd taken my name and the website out of a bunch of news stories.
Well, we were able to get a Google cache of the article and show that they're going in the memory hole out of 1984 and cutting us out of it.
So another example, hey, cat's out of the bag.
You're not going to stop us, establishment media.
That's why the newspaper circulation is down by more than 60%, why TV viewership is plunging, and why alternative media is exploding.
You can even try to shut the web down with internet too, but it's too late for you.
You are failing!
You can even kill people like me individually.
But you can't kill ideas because they're bulletproof.
God bless you all!
Have a great week!
Now get out there and take on tyranny!
And stand up for the red, white, and blue!
And liberty worldwide!
God bless you all!
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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