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Air Date: June 22, 2008
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News, politics, cover-ups, government corruption.
You're listening to We The People Radio Network.
I am known for sticking to principle and not flip-flopping.
I would guarantee that I would never abuse habeas corpus.
The freedom message brings us together.
It doesn't divide us.
The Freedom Message.
Defending Liberty.
Well, Houston, we have a problem.
We need Rand Paul to solve them.
Houston, we have a problem.
We need Rand Paul to solve them.
The principle, the moral principle, is that of defending liberty and
It is a doctor in the house?
It is a doctor in the house?
It is a doctor in the house?
We're good to go.
In Washington, we either prohibit it or subsidize it.
And the markets should deal with it, and the states should deal with it.
We print money for it, the value of the money goes down, and poor people pay higher prices.
That is a tax.
Wall Street's doing quite well, but the inflation tax is eating away at the middle class of this country.
We need to get rid of the inflation tax with sound money.
I am absolutely opposed to a national ID card.
This is a total contradiction of what a free society is all about.
The purpose of government is to protect the secrecy and the privacy of all individuals, not the secrecy of government.
We don't need a national ID card.
The freedom message brings us together, it doesn't divide us.
The Freedom Message!
That we should have a foreign policy of non-intervention.
I tried very hard to solve this problem before we went to war by saying, declare war if you want to go to war, go to war, fight it and win it, but don't get into it for political reasons or to enforce UN resolutions or pretend the Iraqis were a national threat to us.
Houston, we have a problem.
We need Rand Paul to come, come solve it.
Is there a doctor in the house?
The principle, the moral principle is that of defending liberty and minimizing the scope of government.
We talk about a humble foreign policy, no nation building, don't police the world.
That is a conservative, it's a pro-American, it follows the founding fathers, and besides, it follows the Constitution.
I would work very hard to protect the privacy of American citizens, being very, very cautious about warrantless searches.
There's every reason to believe that we have enough freedom in this country to have freedom of expression and that's what's important.
We should never interfere with the Internet.
That's why I've never voted to regulate the Internet.
Even when there's the temptation to put bad things on the Internet, regulation of bad and good on the Internet should be done differently.
Run Paul, get up and run for us all Mr. President, Mr. Run Paul, Paul Three shoes pussy, we a go in do a see Man, now we first the motion, now we second it Now Run Paul, a run for presidency A real patriot, man, who we could help we If we fix the constitution, where them raping tree The youth no resuscitation could help we And Run Paul, make the government all you see If a federal government you fix it
I think so.
Do you think?
I'm Ron Paul and you're listening to We The People Radio Network.
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People keep on listening.
He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
Thank you for joining us on this June 22, 2008 live edition.
We'll be here for the next two hours.
I do syndicated radio six days a week, Mondays and Fridays for four hours, from 11 to 3 p.m.
Then back with this abbreviated final edition, where we cover the week past and what's coming up in the week ahead, here on the first day of the week, kicking off every Sunday.
A lot of news and information I want to cover.
I was out of town four days this week.
Had Jason Bermas sitting in for me.
Doing a great job.
Appreciate him doing that.
Just a program note.
Big breaking news either late tonight or tomorrow on my news websites.
Big 9-11 truth news.
I'm just going to put that little hint out to everybody.
Be very, very important.
You do not want to miss this information.
So watch those news websites.
Okay, here is the news I have in front of me.
Gold may rise to $5,000 an ounce on inflation, says Bloomberg.
Bush will seek to end offshore drilling ban.
More consumers, workers, shoplift as economy slows.
Two billion may suffer from mobile phone brain cancer, Australian government report.
Yeah, two billion of you may die soon.
Well, Kennedy's got the cell phone cancer.
EU maps out future amid setbacks.
BBC, they say, does it matter if three nations have rejected its expansion in votes?
They don't care.
They're going ahead.
We don't want Sentra taking over our roads and putting toll roads on it, and they just say, we're doing it.
Kind of like here.
We own your politicians.
If you don't like it, a SWAT team will drop by and splatter you up against the wall.
We rule, slaves.
Shut up.
One currency for South American Union, Reuters reports.
Meanwhile, the average American's been conditioned that there's no EU, no South American Union, and that we are not officially in the NAU.
You got a bunch of people invested in their egos, that they're on top of things, and that it doesn't exist, and they haven't been lied to, so none of this exists as the dollar implodes and gas prices explode.
Oklahoma gets their head screwed on straight, passes a resolution 92-3 in their state legislature, saying that they are going to basically secede from the Union because of the North American Union.
What will fake conservatives do and mainline fake liberals?
They will say Oklahoma doesn't exist.
And I'm not joking.
We got big-time neocon hosts that say the CFR doesn't exist.
I thought I'd read some famous quotes by socialists.
George Bernard Shum, H.G.
Wells, Margaret Sanger, and of course, David Rockefeller's father, about how they wanted to kill all of the blacks and Hispanics.
And by the way, they run things today, and that's why they're setting up a world government, on their own stated documents, so they can then kill the majority of us.
And I thought I'd actually read a few quotes today for you, and give you sources for that.
Yeah, the ball games don't matter as much when you read official government textbooks and documents about how they're killing us right now.
Don't believe me, though.
Doesn't exist.
Just drink some fluoride.
Everything's okay.
Also, UK to begin microchipping their prisoners and parolees.
That's right, implantable chips now happening.
And, uh, so that is, uh, one little stack of the news.
And another stack, Haditha Massacre Victims.
Ken outraged as Marines go free.
McClatchy Newspapers.
The Marines admit they went in and just killed, uh, 20-plus people, the entire innocent family.
Other Marines have been found not guilty for raping 12-year-old girls and then killing their families.
Sitting on the side of the road, shooting families for fun and sport.
They've been acquitted of that.
Uh, acquitted of torturing people to death, so why not?
And I mean, I got the Austin American Statesman today with a New York Times article basically apologizing for torture and saying it's a great thing.
I mean, why not?
Why not?
I mean, we'll just say we're torturing them, but the torture doesn't exist.
It's this... We're a nation of people in denial.
By the way, do any of you think you're safe when you've got a government that tortures small children with pliers sexually?
I mean, do you?
You sleep well at night knowing that there
Quadrupling the amount of CIA HUMET every year.
They've got them domestically in every city.
They've got fusion threat centers under FEMA command in every city.
They've built the FEMA camps and announced it to you.
Criminals have taken over the country, and this police state is their rearguard action to make sure they never get prosecuted for it.
Also, the head of the Army investigation into torture.
Says, after years of disclosures by government investigators, media accounts, and reports from human rights organizations, there is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes.
The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held accountable.
And the answer is no.
I mean, they can even torture people and get fake 9-11 confessions.
That's all that's about.
When the people running the government carried out the attacks.
But there's no debating that twelve-year-old girls don't deserve to be raped and then have their heads blown off.
I mean, I have the Army report right here, and after, the Army report's been out for three years, it's much worse since then, but since then, the Physicians for Human Rights, who now, the Major General, U.S.
Major General, who was, who did the investigation, admitted it, but he said, well,
They were ordered.
General Rick Baucus, the head of Camp X-Ray, quit and said, I can't torture people and commit war crimes.
And then he added, by the way, these people aren't even Al-Qaeda.
He's now on frontline admitting it.
It doesn't matter.
Do you know that police in the U.S.
since the 80s have been trained to torture U.S.
They just call it paying compliance.
You know, in hundreds of federal prisons, if you don't work,
And then dumb idiots out there say, good, make the prisoners work.
They're taking your jobs.
They work for 20 cents an hour on average, or 21 cents.
The average federal rate's 18, but the average with state and federal is about 21.
Go look it up for yourself.
Do you understand that's taking your job?
You think illegal aliens are taking your jobs?
And they are.
Driving down wages, bankrupting the welfare net, the social services net, which is really the eugenics net.
They call it a safety net.
It's an extermination net.
A control net to dumb down families, vaccinate you, brain damage you, carry out the eugenics operations, declassified.
But, let's say you think it's a good thing.
Well, they're burning and blowing all that out.
You don't think four and a half million prisoners and millions more in and out of the system aren't devaluing your... aren't driving down the wages?
But, side issue.
The point is, is that, do you know what they do in a federal prison if you refuse to work?
They strap you in a, quote, restrainment chair for weeks.
Hardcore torture.
Within hours, you know, your back starts hurting, you start flipping out mentally.
They put a bag over your head.
And you sit there for days, urinating on yourself, defecating on yourself with a bag over your head.
I have video on my film, Marshall Lobb,
A police saying, yes, we do this, where you have activists, environmental activists, abortion activists, it doesn't matter who they are, and the cops walk up and they wrap nunchucks around the arms of the person sitting on the side of the street in an unauthorized protest, and they just break your arm, the bone sticks out, you know, blood comes out, and the cops do high-fives.
Kill America!
Rogue room!
Down with it!
Got video of you!
Got video of you!
But it's out in the open.
You don't urinate in a cup when you're at the hospital, they taser you.
In Canada, the police said, yeah, you get on the bus and you don't have a ticket or the train, we taser you as punishment.
This is literally, you are slaves.
Do you understand that?
You understand to bring you this info, I'm getting death threats.
I've got HUMET all over me.
I've got, I'm looking for anything to try to set me up.
I'm here risking my entire life to let you know the gates of hell have been opened.
Evil has been released.
Do you understand what's happened in every other country where the people let tyranny take over?
The criminals go nuts and they institutionalize it and codify it and dress it up in a nice uniform.
But no one in modern history has ever written manuals about how to rip children's privates off with pliers in front of mommy.
Only the criminals running this country.
I'm gonna get into torture first when we get back.
Then I'm gonna tell you what's happening with energy that no one will tell you.
Then I'm gonna get into a bunch of other news and I am fired up.
And how two billion of you are gonna get brain cancer.
Alright, we'll be right back.
Keep enjoying your cell phones.
Hail the New World Order.
Don't listen to me.
The government loves you.
You know in your gut everything's fine.
We'll be right back.
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Most people are invested, their egos are invested in the Democratic Party.
Or they're invested in the Republican Party.
I remember back under Clinton, all the murderers, the corruption, the evil.
And Democrats couldn't wake up, they wouldn't listen, they wouldn't understand because they had invested in him.
They had invested that he was a good guy, that he cared about them, and that he wanted to help them, and that he was wonderful.
Now after he was depoliticized to a certain extent, now most Democrats you talk to don't like the Clintons and know they're corrupt.
But back when he was under attack by the Republicans, they couldn't admit he was bad.
And it's the same thing with the Republicans today.
I mean, if you look at Bush on issues, how is he conservative?
Tripling the size of government, gun control, open borders, wars.
You know, all of this stuff, he's not conservative.
Gay porn stars visiting the White House constantly for whatever reason in the middle of the night.
Yeah, you forgot about that?
But it doesn't matter because the Democrats attack, oh, I've got to support mindlessly
Like I'm, you know, supporting my football team, my favorite football team, whatever he does.
Meanwhile, that's a diversion.
Not just that people won't see the corruption in the party they support, or quote, their party, but that you won't even see that it's not even your party.
Special interests own it.
And they say one thing and then do another.
If you look at the voting records of Republicans and Democrats, they're very close to each other.
And if you look at the special interests that own them and control them,
I mean, there's no conspiracy theory about it.
Multinational, Fortune 100, own almost every federal politician, much less state.
And they have a global agenda, and our national sovereignty and our country is in the way, and our Bill of Rights and Constitution's in the way.
You know, people say, well, it's natural for us to go from agrarians, well, from hunter-gatherers to agrarian, to city-states to nation-states, and then to global government.
Well, Europe doesn't want to be part of the European Union, but their governments say, no, you're going to be part of it.
And then you can argue that global government's the next step in humanity, because Star Trek has imprinted it in your mind, and other Hollywood-type memes.
But look at who's setting up world government.
Have we had a debate about who's setting it up?
Very corrupt, very bad people, and in their own documents they say you're not going to have any liberties or freedoms or private property.
Only the elite is going to have that, and you're going to have an ordered, controlled life.
Those of you that are allowed to live that won't be euthanized under the bioethics rules, those of you who are allowed to have children,
And it's all stated, it's all in the government textbooks, it's all in the documents, it's all in my film, Endgame, and in the extras of Endgame.
Do you know what it's like to really know what's happening in the world and to not be caught up in this diversion, this distraction that is mainline politics and news?
To know?
I mean, I was reading the last OPEC emergency conference a few weeks ago.
And I was watching it today at the office, and I was watching it here at the local station I broadcast out of across the country and the world.
I got C-SPAN on right now.
Bill Clinton's on, but earlier I was reading the closed captioning and they were talking about it's not our fault, we're not making higher profits, the dollar's been devalued, you say you don't want us to move away from dollar-denominated oil, you don't want us to move away from dollar-denominated oil, but
You, but you're devaluing the dollar.
And so there it is in the OPEC summit, emergency summit, but you'll never hear that on our news.
Never, never, never.
And I have to hear people.
You know, I went on vacation a few days, the Texas beach, and I had to hear people next to me on a fishing boat talking about why oil was so expensive.
And I had to eat all for the wrong reasons.
And I had to hear people at about by the pool at the, at the hotel talking about it.
And I had to just hear the idiocy.
And I would try to tell them, well, no, the dollar's been devalued.
That's why.
And then they would, huh?
My dollar isn't devalued.
I'm a millionaire.
I got a million dollars.
I'm a millionaire.
My money isn't devalued.
My investments... You see, they're like children.
They think because they say something, it changes reality.
A few weeks ago, I had a guy call in and he goes, how dare you say Israel has nukes?
You're not allowed to say that.
And I said, well, are you denying they have nukes?
And he's like, well, no, they're allowed to have nukes.
But you shouldn't talk about how they have nukes.
Just because our media lies to us here and talks to us like we're children when it's admitted in all the weapons journals and all the foreign press and Israel admits they have nukes.
We're not allowed to say it here in the U.S.
I mean, we are really pathetic.
And I know I said I get into torture.
But that's what blows me away is that I'm not even that smart.
And I figured out how all this works.
I stay up late at night reading government white papers, RAND corporations, Department of Defense, the Ministry of Defense, British government ten-year projections, and they say they're going to put us in camps, they're going to microchip us, they're going to sterilize us, they're going to enslave us.
They may use neutron bombs on western cities to control us.
I mean, they say if we try to take back Washington, they're going to neutron bomb us.
I mean, this is published!
This isn't even declassified!
And the British say, we work for the global elite, and we'll use neutron weapons on our own population if they try to overthrow our system.
I have to read Dick Cheney in the PNAC document September 20th?
2,000 say that they want to use race weapons to kill certain races?
And then I have to get up on the air and I always get an email when I mention it going, prove that you liar!
It's been in the London Guardian, the Associated Press, and in Dick Cheney's own prospectus he put out.
It was a prospectus.
He put it out to the elite saying, I want to implement this.
We'll stage terror attacks.
We'll get our police state in.
Then we can go into the next phase.
And then we have to have a debate about this?
You think it's fun, me getting up on the radio?
Because they don't have total control?
They don't have total control?
I'm on the air, I get on a few stations here and there, and I'm on the air telling you who they are?
You think I like that?
You think I like risking my life?
You think I like spooks threatening me and following me and trying to set me up?
You think this is fun?
This is life and death, and you're like a bunch of children!
I don't mean my mainline listeners, but the people tuning in for the first time.
You know, I think George Bush is great.
He's a great American.
If you don't like it, get out of this country.
And you go, but he's not a real conservative.
Oh, shut up, liberal.
Well, no, I'm a real conservative.
Bush isn't.
Well, you should get out of here.
But no, the greatest patriotism is to defend your Bill of Rights and Constitution, but to criticize corrupt politicians.
And patriotism isn't mindlessly not asking questions and following orders.
And they'll say right back to you, yes, it is.
Do you know what that mindset brings on to a society?
Do you know what that means?
I have to see all these well-meaning liberals, just like the well-meaning conservatives, follow Bush, all in love with Barack Obama, believing all of his, quote, change.
And then you hear his change.
It's socialized health care, total control of your life, to carry out eugenics.
That's why they want socialized health care.
It is just, just greenhouse gas taxes to micromanage every facet of your life and their own admissions.
A tax on breathing.
And it's the same thing with McCain.
If you notice, you've got the NFL, Pat Robertson, McCain, all the conservative, you know, icons coming out saying, pass the global tax.
That's the global government.
Look, I'll get into torture when we get back, then we'll take calls, then I'll get into energy next hour.
I got a lot of news here.
Plus, there's a bunch of disinfo articles in Time Magazine I want to go over.
We'll be back.
Big 9-11 announcement either late tonight or tomorrow on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Huge info!
We'll be right back.
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Government is best, which governs least.
Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
In today's world full of tyranny and injustice, sometimes it seems the only thing we still have is our freedom of speech.
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Alright, we're back live.
Your call's coming up at 877-590-5525.
Or if you're listening to us from the station in Central Texas that we, uh, this broadcast originates from, it's Radio 590 KLBJ.
It's 836-0590.
I don't want to attack the issue of torture without setting up some background.
I've heard the macho, fake, chicken-hawk neocons on air.
They sell it that tortures manly.
It's a tough thing.
Whereas just 50, 60 years ago, we knew it's something that Joseph Mingala did and the Nazis did, because they were just following orders.
And in our own CIA manuals, in the Army field manual, that it is all based on,
Just a decade ago it said you do not torture people because then you lose the moral high ground and torture has never been good to get real information.
It has only been good to get fake confessions, false confessions, for political persecution.
Good for the Nazis, good for the Soviets, good for the Communist Chinese, good for the Inquisitors.
They want to torture you to get false confessions.
It's only good for that.
Remember, the North Koreans did it.
The Vietnamese did it.
The Vietnamese communist.
The bad guys do this.
But before 9-11, I would read in law enforcement magazines.
What is it?
Law Enforcement Weapons and Technology.
I'm in a 7-11.
Remember in 2000, something said, buy that magazine.
I picked it up, flip it open, and it says, uh, torturing people is good.
It says if you have a ticking time bomb and you don't know if it's going to go off in a shopping mall and if you torture this person, it'll get answers.
Go ahead and torture them.
It's good.
And then it said, you know, what if there's anthrax and it's about to go off and kill a bunch of people?
Do you torture a child in front of their parents?
And then I would see other propaganda pieces put out to the police and military saying,
You know, we've got to get rid of posse comitatus, the law barring the military from engaging the American people.
Well, the military kills people and breaks things.
Police were supposed to be peace officers.
But see, now they've basically recruited out of the military into law enforcement.
They've turned the police into paramilitary forces.
All over the country, they're now just coming in people's houses without warrants, saying it's a safety check.
They're doing knock and talks, demanding to see your guns, arresting.
I mean, folks, it's all over.
They're taking blood without warrants on the side of the road from
Texas to Indiana.
I mean, it's just, they're going wild.
It's all, it's happening everywhere.
The feds are paying grants to do this.
This is all done incrementally.
Incrementally training as torture is good.
Incrementally training as attacking a country that hasn't attacked you is good.
Incrementally training you.
I'm talking, I'm getting hundreds of emails, calls, people I know, no criminal record, are going in to buy 22 rifles, handguns.
They're told, sorry, there's a waiting period.
You're going to get a visit from police first to question you about why you want the gun.
It's getting you used to police being in your backyard, police being at your door, interfacing with them, having them ask you questions.
The cops are being trained right now.
I mean, it's classic tyranny.
There's a formula.
And the criminals that run our government trained over a hundred nations in this formula of how to torture, how to infiltrate the society, how to train people for secret police.
It's now happening.
Global corporations use this nation in the last 60 years as their muscle
To the last hundred plus in the Western Hemisphere.
To, as Marine Corps two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Butler.
He was in line to be the Marine Corps Commandant.
They tried to hire him to overthrow the U.S.
Bush's grandfather did.
President's father.
Bush Senior's father.
That came out of Congressional hearings.
They said, we want to overthrow.
We're working with Hitler.
We want to overthrow the U.S.
You're a right-winger.
You've overthrown over a hundred countries.
And you've been involved in it.
We want you to overthrow the U.S.
with 500,000 troops.
We're going to militarize the police.
And he said, yes, I'll do it long enough to get to go to the meetings with the Nazi agents and Bush's grandfather.
I mean, I got the congressional hearings.
I have the newsreels.
But don't think that means that we get Bush out of office.
We're saved.
These people don't play games and they wrap themselves in the flag.
And a lot of you are right wing and think Nazis are cool.
Folks, the Nazis robbed a lot of Germans.
They robbed a lot of people in that country.
They ruined the country because they wanted to have an empire.
It's always the same.
The average person just wants to live their life.
The elite wants more power, more control.
And they're not going to stop until they get it.
They're not going to stop.
Your life means nothing to them.
The tyrannies is for the general public.
It's not for Alex Jones or the Muslims.
They just beta test and get you to acquiesce to violating people's rights.
In the name of persecuting a minority, that's part of the formula.
And then it's used on you.
And I can't tell you how many times I've been in a warrantless checkpoint covering, and I've got video of cops in Police State 2000, and I say, you're here running a warrantless checkpoint.
I said, you didn't do this just a few years ago.
And they said, yeah, but it's a federal grant and we're just following orders.
And then now they're taking your blood without a warrant.
Very invasive on the side of the street.
But see, oh, we're just following orders.
And I've got a big stack of articles here where people wake up with cops in their house because they leave their door open, you know, not locked, even in the countryside.
And they're suddenly in your house and, oh, you know, this gun looks illegal.
We're going to arrest you.
You see, it always sounds like it's a good reason.
They know how to sell you, and the average cop doesn't know they're part of something large and evil.
Like in North Korea, they have, for 50 plus years, big
Paintings of police running checkpoints, police checking papers, you know, pictures of the leaders.
Well now, all over the U.S., huge billboards on the sides of skyscrapers showing cops pulling you over, giving you a ticket.
We're the boss.
We're in control.
It's for your own good.
Big pictures of the leaders everywhere.
I mean, this is a formula.
They're going down the entire list doing it all.
And then you read the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, you read the Military Commissions Act, you read Patriot Act 1 and 2, and the Victory Act, and you read the RAND Corporation, and you read the British Ministry of Defense report put out last year.
Just type British Ministry of Defense report flash mobs.
That's a key term in there.
It'll bring it up.
Hundreds of pages.
Go read it.
They admit all this.
How do I know what's going to happen over and over again?
How do I know what's going to develop and what's going to unfold?
Because they have to give orders to millions of people.
And it's compartmentalized, but I read it across compartments.
The average person in the government doesn't want to know outside their compartment.
They want to go water skiing, or go see their mistress, or, you know, go smoke marijuana, or, you know, go spend some of the money gambling.
They, you know, they stole off a drug dealer.
So they only know their discipline, their compartmentalized area.
Well, see, I've studied all their disciplines.
And I can then see a clear picture, and let me tell you folks, it is nightmarish.
Now, the Army's Major General, who was charged, and he admitted later he was told to whitewash it and he refused because he couldn't believe it.
His own report said that 97% of those taken to 30 plus camps in Iraq were completely innocent and didn't have papers in order.
He reported that they raped children, raped women, Jeffrey Dahmer type stuff with acid and orifices and huge objects.
I can't even say it on air.
Go read the, just read Army Report Torture.
And this isn't the stuff you heard about on the news, or the few light photos they released.
Congress has seen the photos of children being tortured, and people killed.
And they hired former federal prison guards who'd been fired for raping people, for torturing U.S.
citizens, and that's who they took over there.
I've interviewed General Karpensky, I've interviewed them all.
But this is Major General, U.S.
Major General,
In the preface to a recently released report by the Physicians for Human Rights on the Criminality of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, Major General Tagumba writes, after years of disclosures by government investigators, media accounts, and reports from human rights organizations, there is no doubt, no longer any doubt, as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes.
The only question that remains is to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held accountable.
And then it goes into stuff
I can't even read this report.
Now, now worse stuff has come out.
So, you see, where does it end?
First, oh, we're just gonna waterboard and torture people who we think are with Al-Qaeda.
And of course, you find out they flew Al-Qaeda out to safety and protect them and used them to attack the Serbs and used them to attack the Russians and it's all controlled and that the Bin Ladens work with the Bushes and vacation with the Bushes and FBI agents have gone public and now they've been barred by law, AP reported, from reporting this to you.
I have AP right here, FBI.
Be arrested if they testify.
You understand, folks?
It's all staged.
It's all staged.
So when we come back, I'm gonna finish up with torture.
And don't rationalize.
Don't make excuses.
Don't say I'm making this up.
Go read the Army Report.
Are you for killing children?
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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Though the people of the U.S., where their numbers and influence are strongest, have primary responsibility for reigning them in and bringing them to justice, all nations will participate since they reside the world over.
They are called Illuminati, elite, proponents of the New World Order.
They oppose everything that is God and truth.
They are of the line that was disinherited 2,000 years ago.
Everything they have built over the centuries, the wealth they have accumulated, the power they have established, the poisoning of the masses, the destruction of the Earth and mankind, we will undo through the authority that has now been delegated to us.
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It's time to think outside the box with your host Alex Andrzej from 1 p.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central every Saturday right here on We The People Radio Network.
Folks, do you think they let me on national radio shows?
Fox radio shows, Coast to Coast and with Jordan Oring, biggest stations in Toronto, LA, WABC New York.
You think they let me on talk sport all over England, the UK?
You think they let me on all these AM and FM stations that are owned by mom and pops, but regardless, or MS radio stations right now, if I'm not known for covering real things, I'm telling you the truth.
When I tell you that Dying Corps and Halliburton has come out in congressional hearings for at least four years, run giant child kidnapping rings out of Europe, these aren't... I know you've dehumanized the Muslims and raping and killing them is good and loving and of the Lord and of Jesus, according to a lot of fake sickos out there who rationalize that it's somehow Christian.
When I'm a Christian, that's very offensive to me.
I mean, I hear you, sickos.
I hear you on talk radio.
Michael Reagan, new clips have come out of him after he death-threatened 9-11 truthers and said we should all be killed and murdered.
And he said he'd pay for it.
Now, tapes have come out of him on Fox News saying, take Muslim children, babies, and put hand grenades up their hind end.
And if he can say it on Fox TV, I can say it here.
Maybe we'll pull that clip up.
I'd heard about that last week and couldn't believe it.
And then this weekend, I got back from vacation.
And actually saw the clip of him like a year ago with the host giggling and laughing.
You just type into YouTube, uh, Michael Reagan hang grenades.
That'll get it for you, it should.
Uh, I mean, now let's kill babies with hang grenades?
This is not a conservative!
The Democrats are not, quote, liberals.
They're all bought and paid for.
But what really upsets me is fake intellectual, fake moderate stuff like the New York Times.
And it was on the cover of the Austin American-Statesman.
I was already going to talk about torture today, and I got into the studio, and there it was laying on the table.
CIA interrogators mix force and fitness.
Force, you know, torturing somebody, torturing the child in front of them, and it's admitted that they threatened one guy's children in here.
That's how they introduce it to you.
It's much worse than that.
And then they just kind of report, well, it's what works, you know.
It's the finesse.
One guy tortures, next guy's nice.
Do any of you feel safe with a government that'll, A, violate federal law and every canon of decency and torture people?
See, but dictators and corrupt systems know how to seduce you.
They know how to get you to accept something like that.
And once you've accepted torture, then why not have DynCorp and Halliburton run child kidnapping rings?
Why not have it come out in Congress and they don't get in trouble?
You think I'm joking?
Type DynCorp Halliburton sex slavery into Google and you'll get congressional videos.
You can order it from C-SPAN.
And they just, the Defense Department says, yeah, they do it and I'm not going to stop.
And then the Congress people say, well, what about the trillions missing from the pension funds?
And they just say, we're not going to answer your questions.
And then you read the Ministry of Defense report?
If we don't like it, they'll just drop neutron bombs on us.
You think I'm joking, folks?
The only reason I'm alive is they don't want to kill me to validate.
Killing Alex Jones puts an exclamation point and an underlining.
It highlights everything I've said.
You understand this isn't a game?
You understand psychopathic geniuses have taken over and they're using behavioral psychology to twist you into their dark minions to serve them.
This is a country losing its soul.
It isn't enough to abort 50 million babies.
It isn't enough to be a country of lies and egos and people lying to themselves.
Now we've got to have a government that endorses child sex rings.
How many Homeland Security Deputy Directors have been caught in child molestation stings?
But it's always state and local government bumps into them and bust them.
Because, see, all government isn't bad yet.
We're in a race.
They're kicking all the good guys out.
They're moving the evil in.
They have to openly promote torture and secret arrest and have Congress try to pass retroactive laws to get rid of the Fourth Amendment so they don't go to jail for illegally spying on us.
You understand, folks?
We're in a life and death battle here!
We have a child molestation cult that runs the New World Order that is totally sick and inbred, in control, and they're ruthless, and they enjoy killing people!
Why would the Justice Department and the Attorney General and John Yoo as deputy order the military to sexually torture children?
We've played the clips of John Yoo at a CFR meeting saying, yes, we do that.
Yes, that's authorized.
There is no way you can say raping children is good!
I can't believe it!
I can't believe that I'm the radical because I'll come on air and talk about this and say it's bad.
Don't you know you're the targets, you thumb-sucking weaklings out there?
You cowardly, decadent people who think you're part of the power structure and are on these ego power trips with your Democratic and Republican parties like you're part of the system.
Why do you think Scott McClellan's so scared he went public?
Why do you think we've got generals coming public and saying they tortured kids?
Why do you think we have the top CIA briefers and CIA section chiefs coming out and saying the government carried out the attacks?
Because they're scared, folks!
They know this is deadly serious!
You understand that they're filling the ranks of the government with psychopathic killers who love evil right now?
You understand this isn't a game?
I read this article, it makes me so sick.
I could talk hours about the subtle nuances of Scott Shane's evil psyop.
CIA interrogations mix force and finesse.
So instead of calling it brutal torture and mingle of Nazi evil, it's, oh, force and finesse.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's case illuminates hidden tactics.
Now, it's admitted that they tortured this guy and then threatened to go after his children.
They admitted they threatened to imprison his kids.
Small children.
You can bet it was more than that.
This guy was a CIA operative.
And by the way, they just staged a break-in to release 3,000 Al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan.
And as soon as I heard it on vacation, Burmese called me about it filling in.
I said, watch, it's going to be U.S.-aided.
And then it came out in the foreign press that the U.S.
did aid them.
That's their favorite deal.
Every time they bust Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, they, quote, have a jailbreak.
And then the guys jump on U.S.
aircraft and take off.
I mean, it is so... The Saudis!
You understand, folks?
They work for the New World Order.
That's where the supposed hijackers came from.
They were U.S.
government agents.
That's been admitted.
You know what it's like knowing the truth?
I read this sick article.
In a makeshift prison in Poland, Al-Qaeda professor, professed engineer... Now listen to this.
In a makeshift prison in Poland, Al-Qaeda's professed engineer of mass murder.
Faces off against his C.I.A.
Wait a minute.
They admit he's been tortured to say this, and his children have been threatened.
They admit here!
But they start out with, oh, but he's confessed!
So, see, he deserves it.
By the way, he confessed to bombing buildings that weren't built.
He's been in custody for six-plus years.
He confessed to bombing buildings that, after being held for five years by the way, now it's been six, that didn't exist.
He confessed to things, we've written articles about it at PrisonPlanet.com, oh my god.
Let's see, the average person sitting down drinking their coffee all over the country today reading the New York Times thinks, ooh, finesse, I like finesse, force, I'm a forceful guy.
This is all behavioral psychologists written.
In a makeshift prison in Poland, an Al-Qaeda professed engineer of mass murder faced off against his CIA interrogator.
It was 18 months after September 11th attacks and the invasion of Iraq was giving extremists new motives for havoc.
You read actual Pentagon documents and they say they wanted to go in there to actually create resistance.
Like, here's an example.
They're a real terrorist.
But the big spectacular ones are U.S.
government ops, okay?
Like in Nigeria, they've been having civil war for decades.
Well, they call the group that's fighting with the government, terrorists.
And so you hear on the news, terrorists attacked oil pipelines.
So there are rebel groups around the world, they just call them terrorists now.
So when you hear that, yeah, that's a real terror group.
But it's really a rebel group, whether you're for them or against them.
But when you get to, quote, Al-Qaeda, that's an admitted CIA creation.
It's a catch-all for your simple minds, and they admit that.
It was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the interrogator.
Deuce Martinez, a soft-spoken analyst who spoke no Arabic, had turned down CIA offer to be trained in waterboarding.
He left the infliction of pain and panic to others.
So that's kind of got the psychological ring that, oh, he isn't for torture, but he does let them bring them to him.
The gung-ho paramilitary types, who the more cerebral interrogators call knuckle-draggers.
Oh, see, they keep their hands clean, but then they're, but they
The people under him are ordered to do the torture.
Martinez came in after the rough stuff, the ultimate good cop, with the classic skills.
And see, that's what government is.
Oh, they're going to help you on this side.
Oh, but they're going to get you on that side.
We're all under torture.
We're all under mind control.
We're all under their bull.
They have bank compliance.
Every police department tortures citizens every day with pleasure.
Torture is legal in the U.S.
We're gonna come back, start the next hour.
I'm gonna go to your calls immediately, then into the energy, what's really happening there.
I'm gonna finish up with torture later.
Stay with us.
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Yes, George.
How good of you to call.
We had dinner with the Cheneys last week.
We had a great time sitting around talking about politics, you know.
And I saw when Mr. Cheney was paying for the tab, I saw a big red stain on his wallet.
And I was thinking to myself, heavens, you know, the war must be going splendidly.
I think so.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
This is the Microworking Talk Show.
Our phone number 1-800-468-MIKE.
Naming their children as below.
You know what I'd get them for a first birthday?
I'd put a grenade up their butts and light it.
Happy birthday, baby.
You can just type in, uh, Mike Reagan kill babies into Google and it goes on for like 10 minutes saying, yes, I want to murder children.
Yes, I want to kill them.
Pastor Hagee down in San Antonio has said, uh, he praises God every time another Muslim child is killed.
And let's just get one thing straight.
I think we've got too many foreigners in this country.
I'm a Christian.
It's, it's diluting the culture.
I am not even a fan of many factions of Islam, especially the Wahhabis that the British Intel and our government are in love with.
That's the Al-Qaeda group.
But the Muslims do not talk like that about us, and it makes us look really bad, and we lose the high ground when people behave like this.
But the point is, Dyncor and Halliburton aren't getting the precious Muslim children.
It's Christian children out of Central Europe, Eastern Europe.
That are taken to the slave camps in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Thailand, and others.
And if you don't believe me, there's frontline specials about the sex slave trade.
I mean, it's mainstream news.
And that's what I mean.
Just the incredible institutionalized evil that is going on all around us.
I mean, the governor of Illinois last year came out and said, I've had constituents bring me the documents and I've seen congressional testimony.
About Halliburton and DynCorp kidnapping a million women and children, and how they have offshore islands all over the world where most of them are used not in sex slavery, but they actually kidnap them and then chain them to sewing machines.
I don't mean living in China and, you know, basically being a slave, having to go live and work in a factory.
That's bad enough.
I mean, they're grabbed, they're put on U.S.
aircraft, they're flown out by the military to literal slave camps.
You think I like fighting with these people?
These are killers, folks.
You think I like getting up here when they're already calling my house saying they'll go out for my kids next?
But I'm past the point of return.
I'm committed.
I mean, you have no idea how evil it is.
So that's why we now hear them say, take all 9-11 truthers to camps, torture us, kill us, take us out, shoot us.
He'll pay for the bullets.
Well, they're all saying that.
We've got the Morning Joe saying it on MSNBC, we've got Glenn Beck saying it.
You're like, wait a minute, Glenn Beck talks about the New World Order.
Yeah, they'll say, I'm against the New World Order, but then they'll be for all the policies that create the New World Order.
They're doing that because they know the majority of you have woken up to some extent now that there is a global government, there is this tyranny happening.
Now, I said I'd go to your calls, the number's 877-590-5525, but on the subject of torture, go read the Army's own reports.
This is illegal.
This is murderous.
This is horrible.
This has been done to innocent people.
Remember they lied and said, oh, that's a fake puppy video Alex Jones put up on his website.
Michelle Malkin, the fake conservative, not a real conservative, writes books about how wonderful putting people in camps are.
That's even the name of the book.
The Case for Internment.
And, uh, big CFR husband, wants big government, but they'll give you torture, and you think that's conservative.
She, uh,
She said I was a liar and that video of throwing the puppy off the cliff wasn't real.
Nobody cares about humans, people got upset about the puppy.
And I just said, these guys are coming back here to be cops.
And I gave the fact that on many big city forces, over 80% of the new recruits are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
And then I give you the Ithaca Times with a positive report with Gruckheimer, you know, the private Gruckheimer about how they go into villages and kill every baby, every woman in Afghanistan and the Army came out on Fox News with a clarification two days later saying, well, yes, in some areas we kill everyone.
Don't you understand if they're going to torture them, they're going to torture us?
And so now the military
You know, most of the World War II vets that I got a chance to know, growing up, deer hunting with them, fishing with them, camping with them, a lot of people, you know, who'd been in Germany, been in Italy, been in the Pacific, they had most of them served a year or two.
Audie Murphy only served a year and a half, you know, in country.
After his last incident where, you know, he was up on top of the tank and shot all the Nazis and
The rest of them, they finally pulled him out after he'd been shot a whole bunch, you know, repeatedly.
The point is, is that, from Texas, is that these guys, after they all died, we got a chance to see what was in their trunks.
We got a chance to see all the combat they'd been in, what they'd gone through, and they all had problems throughout their lives.
Whether they owned construction companies, or businesses, or were successful, or were county sheriffs, or county tax assessors, they had heart attacks young.
They were aggressive.
They got in fights a lot.
They would fly off the handle.
Because they'd seen a lot of horrible things, and the few times I get them to tell stories... Okay, you want to hear a war story?
We'd go into Germany and we'd fight through the troops, and then imagine a, you know, beautiful woman, looks like Marilyn Monroe in red lipstick, running out with a buzz rocket, a phosphorus-tipped rocket trying to kill you, and you got a shooter.
That messes you up, son.
War isn't a good thing.
My point is, these heroes, who had to do these really horrible things because they were being shot at,
They were screwed up for life.
They had major problems for life from this.
Serious post-traumatic stress from one tour on average.
Eleven and a half months.
Now, the average tour now is three and a half tours.
This war is six years old plus.
Five years plus in Iraq.
They are in hardcore combat, door-to-door police duty, searching people, and a lot of them are just converting to evil.
They're putting human skulls on their tanks, they're raping, they're killing children, they're sitting there drinking whiskey, shooting families out in the street, laughing, going, watch me blow this lady.
Have you seen the videos online?
And you'll see Marines posting an army all over the post going, I love it, I love killing children, I love killing women.
And then we'll post the video and they'll post under it on my website.
Yeah, we're gonna kill you soon, Jones.
We rule!
Hail Satan!
And I mean, helicopters with 666, Reuters videos of helicopters with 666 and human heads hanging off, blaring heavy metal music.
Can you imagine those Iraqis seeing this?
People landing with skulls and death and screaming, running around murdering and raping their children?
Now, they're all coming back to be cops.
Time Magazine has this deceptive cover story, The Military Secret Weapon, implying it's a weapon, it's a great thing, it's gonna work.
Kinda like when I'm talking to generals I've interviewed, and I've got their own manuals where it says DU will kill anybody that comes in contact with it, you're gonna get lung cancer if you breathe any of it.
And they admit our troops are all breathing it.
And they go, well it is a great weapon though.
As if that makes it okay.
And listen, your bravado isn't going to get you past the fact that most of you are going to be dying young from lung cancer.
It's already happening.
But the military secret weapon, for the first time in history, that's a lie.
They have been giving antidepressants to troops since World War I. They have been putting troops on Prozac itself since the 80s.
And they put hundreds of thousands of them on it since the first Gulf War.
In fact, they won't give you medical treatment as you're dying from nerve gas exposure.
That's been in Congress.
They will give you serotonin reuptake inhibitors, known as the Prozac class.
The Military Secret Weapon.
So see, that's a lie.
For the first time in history, that's a lie.
See, every line's a lie, or a twisting spin, so I could never cover this whole article on here for you.
I did read it this weekend.
Actually, last week at the beach.
The Military Secret Weapon.
For the first time in history, thousands of U.S.
troops are being given antidepressant drugs to deal with battlefield stress.
Is this a way to fight a war?
And then, basically, it's a positive article about how wonderful this is.
Folks, they're not just giving them Prozac.
Mr. Marshall, the head futurist of the Army for decades, they tested LSD, PCP, a bunch of other stuff on the troops.
I had the head of Fort Bragg, the head of Army Intelligence, General Stubblebine, on two weeks ago talk about it.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
Why believe the facts?
Just believe lies.
Just believe it.
They give them amnesiacs.
They send them in to kill whole villages, to kill babies, and then they give them Halcyon and other amnesiacs after.
It's all mind control testing.
It is the pit of hell.
But the point is, they're all coming back to be cops with post-traumatic stress disorder on Prozac, which in the Prozac's own inserts radically increases psychopathic tendencies, mass murder, suicide.
All the mass shooters have been on it.
Mass shooting psychopath troops coming back on Prozac.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Burr is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after these years.
Order In Game on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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Finishing up and then I promise right to your calls.
When I just said that all serotonin reuptake inhibitors
There's close to a hundred different ones.
Paxil, Prozac, Luvox.
They all are basically the same thing.
It's really the ingredients from chemical weapons.
By the way, a very evil person.
I would imagine whenever anything evil happens, there's like a puff of smoke and Donald Rumsfeld's there.
He got Aspartame that's killed millions approved.
He got Prozac approved.
He just sold nuclear reactors to North Korea that were used in atomic weapons production.
I mean, just no matter what the evil is, it's always Donald Rumsfeld.
I've never seen something he wasn't involved in in our modern age.
But I'm not just saying that Prozac makes you kill people.
It started about six years ago in Europe, and finally there were so many murders of people on it that they, by law, forced
The drug companies put it on the labels, and now if you go to Prozac online or other serotonin-reuptaking inhibitors, it will tell you that this leads to violent psychopathic breaks, that it leads to acting out violence, that it leads to mass murder, leads to suicide.
I mean, this is what the drug does.
This is what it does to you.
And I've talked to so many cops, I've read so many news articles, I mean, they pull up and see a naked woman dancing on a roof, cutting herself with
With a butcher knife every time they go, oh, she's on Prozac.
Or every time a woman chops her toddler's arms off.
I'm using Texas cases here from the last few years.
They go in, she's on Prozac.
That woman drowned five of her kids in a bathtub.
She's on it.
Every few months a woman drives their kids off into a lake.
Because it all happened once about seven years ago and then they copycat.
See, they've heard that.
They think about it.
And they go into a dream state.
It's in the hallucinogen class.
Go look at their drug inserts.
It is a hallucinogen.
It puts you in a dream state and everything's fine until you have that bad trip.
So you take these cops who have been over there and seeing all this murder and carnage and death, post-traumatic stress disorder, you hop them up on Prozac, that's what Time Magazine admits that hundreds of thousands are on it,
They come back, they're on the force, and that's why we got videos of them pulling up to a guy who's in a wheelchair in the car, and they beat him up because he can't get out of the car.
Or they taser an old woman, or they freak out and just pull out a gun and start shooting people.
But now, see, the government's so corrupt, they go, you know what?
Good job, officer.
You're not in trouble.
Just like I have McClatchy Newspapers here, says, um, Hadith victims can't outrage as Marines go free.
The Marines testified, admitted that they just killed everybody in the house.
And it says, um,
Eight Marines were charged in the case, but in the intervening years, criminal charges have been dismissed against six.
A seventh Marine was acquitted.
The residents of Editha are being told this could happen, that this could depend on U.S.
justice field betrayed.
We put our hopes in law and in the courts, and one after another, they are found innocent.
And it goes on.
And the guys for throwing kids off bridges on video.
Grab some ten-year-old kids, throw them off a bridge to drown in a fast-moving river?
Marines high-five each other?
You know, on my weekday show, I've played the clips of Marines.
We gotta string a bunch of that together while they're beating kids.
They go... And then you'll hear, like, heavy metal in the background.
Devil, Satan, death.
Party time!
And then it's just like, Satan, Satan, Satan.
And imagine the Iraqis are just watching this.
It's just like... You guys think I'm... Trey, you've heard that clip I've played on the air.
What's the name of that clip?
We could probably find it.
I told you I had Michael Reagan saying kill children with hand grenades by inserting them sexually into their body.
That's what he's obviously into.
It's on his mind.
Who would ever think of something like that to hear Michael Reagan?
Alright, I'm going to shut up.
The point is, evil's taken over.
They're in positions of power.
You better look out.
They're trying to acclimate you all so they can engage in their mass murder against you and your families.
And they're going to have a bunch of psychopathic, they already do, cops running around foaming at the mouth.
Basically, it's all over.
And for all the cops, you're being hit with fluoride, you're being hit with cancer viruses, you're under the same eugenics attack.
And before the show ends, I'm going to cover that for you.
From mainstream sources.
Kevin, in Missouri.
You're on the air, thanks for holding.
I have a couple questions for you today.
My first one is, I've been drinking sodium fluoride water for a while, and I was wondering how an average person with not a whole lot of money would be able to
It is irreversible, the damage, but you can stop more damage.
You can go to the store and get a reverse osmosis system, you can get Berkey systems.
Uh, you can also, a good system, but you have to boil it each time, uh, is a distilled water system.
You can buy big bottles of distilled water.
The media says tap water is completely clean and good.
Don't, you know, don't trust bottled water.
Well, in a way, a lot of bottled water is just tap water and is bad.
So you've got to take that in your own hands.
Uh, hundreds of government university studies, uh, just a child who drinks water in their first six years will get a 20 point on average IQ reduction.
So, uh, you know, it's pretty hardcore, brother.
Yeah, I appreciate that.
And my second comment that I want to give to you real quick is that do you think it's possible for the HAARP system to create a weather disaster on the West Coast or East Coast?
Yeah, that's been declassified.
I've interviewed, right when it got declassified, Ben Livingston, even before it was on Fox and CNN and AP picked up on my story two years ago.
We flew him to Austin.
In fact, I just put that up for PrisonPlanet.tv members, but it's on the web for free everywhere, but not in this high res.
But the point is, he was the father of weather weapons.
He was the first guy to fly into hurricanes, and the
You know, a hurricane's 170 miles an hour top speed.
He also flew into the typhoons that got up to 220.
And with just cloud seeding, they could create hurricanes, kill hurricanes, steer hurricanes.
Certified Naval Weapons Laboratory, Stanford Research Institute, 1967 certified.
They were already controlling them by 62, but certified.
By 67.
And he's the guy that also led squadrons of aircraft in with people like Chuck Yeager.
People don't know Chuck Yeager wasn't just a fighter ace in World War II who broke the sound barrier.
He went back to Vietnam for three years and flew fighter aircraft.
But with him and some of the same squadrons in weather control was Ben Livingston.
And just amazing.
So, yes, it's all certified.
I don't know when they're controlling the weather.
I just know that they do control it.
And I remember they had huge floods a few years ago and they admitted in the San Antonio paper that they've been doing weather experiments.
When it happened, 35 people died in one night.
So, yes, sir, they do have total control of the weather.
And that's what Secretary of Defense Cohen said in 1997 in a televised press conference.
Have you heard anything about the HAARP system being active right before the... I have interviewed... Yes, I've interviewed the former head of HAARP, Brigadier General Benton Partin, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, and he said that's classified and he won't discuss it.
I appreciate your call.
Great questions.
I have time for another call?
Okay, we're going to try to hurry here fast because you guys have been holding forever.
Ed in Pennsylvania.
Yes, I had a great Bilderberg experience I'd like to tell you about.
I rented a van, went down there, ended up driving Mr. Tucker around for three days.
And, uh, met you, met incredible people down there, Alex.
It was the best four days of my life.
It was great confronting the world elite and shutting down their conference because there was one area where the conference hall was.
Stay there.
We'll talk about when we get back.
I never even really spent enough time talking about the great victory we had there.
Of course, the general public doesn't even know there's a global elite.
They were taught there's no such thing as elites.
There's no such thing as corrupt, powerful people.
Meanwhile, we're all risking our lives to confront them with giant bullhorns and to have the head of the CFR
It was called for our extermination.
Walk outside and look at me with a look that... Well, if it looks good to kill, I'd be lying on the floor.
Doesn't matter, though.
I'm happy, folks.
Whatever comes of this, I'm fighting evil.
New Old Order's going down.
We don't have a choice.
Stay with us.
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I'm Ron Paul, and you're listening to We The People Radio Network.
There are literally thousands of government and university studies, the newest ones put out by the Australian government funded it, and there's no doubt that cell phones heat the brain, they destroy the blood-brain barrier, and now people normally didn't have this very rare tumor on the side of their
And now, millions of people are getting it a year, and it's caused by the cell phone.
And they say 2 billion of us are going to be getting it very soon.
That's what I mean.
Everything's gone crazy.
They admit the GMO food, in just one variety of potatoes that was approved more than a decade ago, killed all the rats that ate it, and it's causing all these allergies and problems and illnesses in us.
But we're not going to stop.
We're just going to die.
I guess that's the way it works!
I guess that's who we are!
I want to go over that and what's happening with the oil prices.
Let's go quickly to all your calls here.
Going back to Ed in Pennsylvania.
He was there covering the Global Elite as they were setting our policy for the year in Chantilly, Virginia a few weeks ago.
Yeah, I was standing right next to you when we found out at the conference hall and you start a bullhorn at them and they come running out of there with horror on their face like, what the hell?
Go ahead.
It was incredible.
Well, to explain, I mean, most of the hotel conference center, five-star hotel, Marriott Westfields in Chantilly in D.C., is about five yards back, excuse me, five acres back in the middle.
But the one area where their big conference hall is was only 20 yards off the road.
And so they didn't want to arrest us because it would have made a scene, like when they grabbed me up in Canada and made all the papers.
And so, but yeah, boy, they were really upset.
Um, when you buy, like, when you want to drink good water, buy spring water, and you could actually Google the source.
Don't buy filtered, buy the better local companies where you can even check out online, they'll show you their spring, where they're getting it.
My dad, I was talking to my dad, he's thinking about, we've got some deep water wells, good water on some property we've got, he thought about starting a little, everybody's doing it, water's very profitable.
Yeah, I run mine for a Berkeley's, and then
For like $8, you can buy a pH test kit from a pet store that'll last you for years.
Make sure your pH is real good.
Osmosis can ruin your pH of your water.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Let's hurry through your calls.
I don't normally go an hour plus without taking calls, but there's just so much happening, and I've got stacks of it here I want to get to, but I also want to take your calls.
It is a classic Catch-22.
Lynn in Chicago.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
Um, you know, I learned about this about a month ago and for the first two weeks I was telling everybody I was, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep.
Nobody believed me.
Everybody thought I was crazy.
And then, you know, about a week ago I decided to be proactive and I got a little bit of courage and I said, well, gee, I'm going to, you know, email my representatives.
I'm going to email my congressman.
I'm going to, um, you know, do things that, to bring awareness to this.
And then I emailed, um,
A bunch of stuff to Ireland newspapers and media outlets.
And I went on one of the sites and it said it wouldn't let me go through.
It said I was blacklisted.
I was put on a blacklist.
Yeah, and my website's being blocked in much of Europe and China, and then we're blocked there.
They're already, and they've announced it, shutting down the web incrementally.
Well, what I noticed is that my email has been confiscated for two days.
I belong to, like, groups and stuff, and I always get tons of email every day.
I can... and then I did a test... Yeah, let me announce what happened.
The Pentagon, a year ago, announced that they've had a five-year secret program, many times bigger than the Manhattan Project.
Hundreds of billions are being spent.
To, quote, wage war on the web and shut us down that are exposing them.
So this is only the beginning.
That's why we better take InfoWars.com serious.
We better spread the word while it's still accessible now.
We're the biggest there are out there in this fight.
And we're not that big.
That shows how much trouble we're in.
People better appreciate alternative information and the online videos while they're still available.
Because under internet, too, they're shutting it all down.
It's been announced.
Well, are they going to come after me because... No, they're not going to.
No, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.
It's all AI, and I appreciate your call.
It's all artificially intelligent.
Let's say they've got a million torturers, which they don't, and a million thugs.
They don't even have that in this country.
They have brainwashed do-gooders who think they're on the good side, carrying out compartmentalized pieces that fit together into a larger evil.
Uh, they're not gonna fly a helicopter over your house, they're gonna fly it over everybody's house and scan through your walls with infrared looking for, quote, marijuana plants.
That's how they start all this surveillance.
They're not gonna, uh, scan your naked body into a scanner in an airport, they're gonna do it to everybody.
You see, it's all industrial, it's done to everyone.
It isn't, they're singling you out, they're following you.
Now, they do me, but that's a little different.
So don't ever let it, you know, get yourself into fear over all this or they win.
We're the good guys, we're out in the open, they're the bad guys.
Ireland voted down, the European Union taking them over, and the European Union said a day later, we're still doing it!
And that, they had me back on a national British show and they basically said, you were right, it's all happening, you're right.
Last week I was on a national British radio show and they said, my God, everything you're saying is true, it's true, they're criminals, it's tyranny, we said no and they're still forcing it.
They're showing you who they are!
Eighty-plus percent of us don't want the war, it continues.
Ninety-one percent in Gallup polls don't want open borders and amnesty for illegals, it still happens.
Ninety-plus percent of us don't want these no-record electronic fraudulent voting machines.
Their own executives go public and say they've been hired to commit fraud, it's all a scam.
They don't care!
The government's gone rogue, it's gone criminal.
It's militarizing against you.
But we've got a fighting chance here.
I'm on the radio.
Other people aren't.
They haven't totally taken over.
They've got to replace the last good people in government.
They've got to sell you on being apathetic.
Be the opposite.
George in Florida, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Yeah, so I know you talked about your family being in the oil business.
My wife is from Texas and has family in the oil business.
And, uh, we're arguing about the offshore wells.
And I gotta say, Texas has just as pretty beaches as well.
Well, my oil business, I've had family that have worked in the oil fields as roughnecks or pipe layers.
I've had family that worked, you know, in management positions, you know, over refineries.
And I've had family who've been petroleum geologists.
So, yeah, I mean, it's Texas.
A lot of us are in the oil, you know, working for oil companies, yes.
Can I ask you a question?
Isn't it true that there's more seepage of oil coming from the seafloor
I hear you now.
Listen, let me comment on that since you bring it up.
That's why I have to hurry through the calls fast.
Because I want to get into energy and I also want to get into the cell phone news.
And I've got eugenics quotes by Margaret Sanger,
Uh, by H.G.
Wells, by Prince Philip, other quotes about how they want to kill us.
I thought you might want to know what these people are saying.
But I'm going to comment on the oil in a minute.
Let's go ahead and talk to Zainab in Florida.
You're on the air.
Yes, hello.
Hello, Alex.
How are you?
I was calling to say that I hope that you and your listeners are not getting upset over everything that's happening, because regardless, it's all in God's hand, and that he didn't give them the rope to hang themselves.
They would never be prosperous.
And also, I have some contacts for you.
Could you leave me on the phone after you take this, because I have some people you need to get in touch with.
Okay, sure.
Let me just say this.
It is in God's hands, but I've had enough of all these churches saying, don't worry about evil, don't fight evil, because it's not our job to fight evil, it's in God's hands.
Trust in God, but tie up your camels, the Bedouin saying.
There's another saying about, yeah, pray to God, but row away from the rocks.
Okay, this cop-out of, I mean, they've recruited 26,000 preachers, and I told you this a year before it was mainstream news, when it was secret.
26,000 preachers were secretly recruited by FEMA to give, but then to give sermons
Saying, turn in your guns, submit to government, and when the emergencies happen, go to FEMA camps, let the government take your children.
You understand how spooky that is?
How grade-A tyranny that is?
And so, most of the preachers are warmongering, or they're a bunch of neocons bought and paid for.
Because their denominations have been bought off by the big tax-free foundations.
They work for the government, like in China.
They've always had freedom of religion there, if it's government-approved.
You understand?
We're going into tyranny.
So I'm not gonna cop out.
I know what God wants me to do.
He wants me to fight evil, have courage, and never stop till I suck my last breath into my fat little lungs.
Massive news straight ahead.
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All right, I want to take a few minutes out to go over what's happening with energy.
Then we're going to go to Charles, Bill, Clint, and John.
That's all we have time for with calls, and have your comments or questions quickly, because I need to cover the rest of this news.
I don't know how I'm going to do it.
Let me explain how global inflation works.
When Mexico, say Mexico in the 80s, they did it in the 70s, and this is when the elites decide to print up a bunch of currency, a bunch of money,
And you heard about the Russians doing with the ruble.
They then buy Swiss villas and oil companies and real things outside the nation while the currency still has value and is backed up by the people's wealth and the taxpayers.
Then the word gets out that they have destroyed and debased the currency.
And then the people get left holding the bag with massive tax increases to pay off the international debt, which is all fiat paid to private banks that issued the currency.
It's an incredible scam for the bankers.
They get all the real assets, we get left on the back.
But inflation first hits when a currency goes down outside the nation.
And so, whereas the dollar, in many areas, has lost more than 80% of its value, and against the euro, close to 70% of its value, when you get into commodities,
It's even lost more.
And so, oil is denominated in dollars.
And if you watch the OPEC summits, or you read all the foreign papers, it's not even debated.
It's, well, dollar devaluation, that's why.
But you'll never hear that here.
You'll hear the oil companies are doing it, or you'll hear, you know, it's, we need to get cleaner burning cars.
If you do that, they'll just charge you even more.
It'll be a hundred bucks a gallon.
I'm not saying don't get cleaner burning cars.
The point is they'll just keep jacking it up and jacking it up.
You're being raped.
Now, the globalists bought up all the real assets.
Now that they devalue the dollar, those dollars that they cashed in for other currencies are coming back in to buy us for pennies on the dollar.
All the big skyscrapers, the companies, the roads, it's just all going into receivership.
I mean, the countries, we are being gutted like elites gut third world countries.
And the IMF World Bank documents say that.
It's over.
The country's going third world.
Doesn't mean there still won't be wealth.
There still won't be.
But this will be a place where wealth doesn't want to be.
In fact, all the big money, the billionaires, are all leaving.
It's just incredible.
I can't believe they did it to us.
And they're leaving a vanguard of militarized police and military to suppress us during the implosion.
They've already moved offshore.
Halliburton's left to Dubai.
They've all left.
That's the new capital.
Got a building almost twice the size of the World Trade Center's there.
Now, they will tell the truth about inflation in other markets, in other commodities like gold.
Here's Bloomberg today.
Gold may rise to $5,000 in inflation.
Gold prices may rise to $5,000.
It's $900 an ounce right now.
As investors seek to protect themselves against accelerating inflation, Schroeder Investment Manager Ltd., which oversees $277 billion of assets globally,
Now, in dollar devaluation, to have $5,000 gold, that would mean that the dollar's going to drop by another 30%, or we'll have roughly, depending on which index, about 10% of what it had.
And that's just to seven years ago.
It's less, it's worse, it's worth less than a cent to what it was in 1913 when the private banks took over the U.S.
And man, all we're going to be left with is a vanguard of Iraq vets on Prozac and police uniforms, totally out of their minds.
God, drinking fluoride and injecting their kids as they flop around having convulsions from the mercury.
And still loving their God government.
Still loving that power.
Still loving bringing this country down.
You just have no idea what you're getting ready to be put through, people.
Oh, I can't believe it!
Oh, man, I can't believe it.
It's all over the foreign news.
You'll never hear it here on the slave control grid.
But $2 billion may suffer from mobile cancer by 2020, study finds.
The study survey conducted by Australian Health Research Institute funded by the government indicates due to billions of times more in volume of electromagnetic radiation emitted by billions of mobile phones, internet, intranet and wireless communications data transmissions will make almost one-third of the world population about 2 billion patient of ear, eye and brain cancer beside other major body disorders like heart ailments that affects electromagnetic ganglia, impotence,
Migraine and epilepsy.
According to the reports, the tissues of children are tender and are likely to be more affected by the use of wireless gadget and devices that should not be encouraged to be used.
The fatal and volumetric effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted mainly by mobile phones, mobile phone antenna, tower, mass transmission tower, microwave oven, wireless devices, systems and equipment.
These dangerous effects have been certified and confirmed repeatedly
By many leading medical scientific institutions in the world, ministries of health, and various governments, including the World Health Organization, and have now admitted and confirmed, and it just goes on.
It's all over.
The GMO is a hundred times worse.
I mean, just killing every rat and getting a pig, they feed it to.
They're getting post-chestation, fast-acting mutations that are non-cancerous.
Now, for people that don't know scientific terms, they're getting mutations like you'd see in old 50s movies, you know, where radiation makes somebody grow another head, and scientists always thought that was impossible.
Mutations could only happen at the zygote level, at deformities, you know, of that scale.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
You don't believe any of it.
You just love what's happening.
And let me tell you, you're really going to love what's going to happen to you.
And as it gets worse and worse, I want you to remember that some of us sacrificed our names, our treasure, maybe even our lives, to warn you.
Don't give your children mobile phones.
Stop using them.
I've stopped using mine.
I've got it for messages and literally
Maybe use it once a week now.
I've just got to get rid of it.
In fact, we have wires in the office.
I don't know why wireless has been stuck in there.
I want it out this week!
I want it out this week!
We are trained to use this stuff.
We are habitualized and we get trained to use it and it's over.
I'm not your enemy, government low-level minions!
You've been brainwashed!
You're being used!
You're in the boat with us!
You're under attack, too!
In fact, let me find the Eugenics article.
I've got a big stack of disgusting quotes.
You can send off to the universities and actually get the books where they wrote this.
And they're disgusting private letters.
Where is it?
Here it is.
This is hell on earth.
National Post wrote this.
Socialists made eugenics fashionable.
Yeah, funded by the big banks who want to socialize our wealth.
Alright, there's George Bernard Shaw, H.G.
Wells, Margaret Sanger.
This is all out of their books, their letters, okay?
Let me find it, I should have highlighted this.
The people of Africa and Asia, he said, simply could never find a place in a modern world controlled by science.
Better to do away with the lot.
I take it they will have to go.
And then he went into how they had to be exterminated.
Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and the mother of the abortion movement, called for radical eugenics approach as early as the first year of the 20th century.
And I've got the quotes here.
By the way, we sent off to universities for Endgame.
We didn't even spend much time on her.
We ended up on the cutting room floor because there's just so much evil we couldn't cover it all in Endgame.
And it's like, oh, we've got to kill all these black weeds, but we can't let them know we've got to hire their black leaders to do it.
And in the twenties, oh, if we could just get fluoride in the water, that'll dumb them down so we can kill everybody.
Oh, I've got all the quotes.
Oh, we'll give them mercury shots.
We found in rat tissue brains with the microscopes that it, that it, that it destroys more tissue.
But, and the problem is when they eat it, we can put it in the food, but then they pass most of it.
But if we can get it into their blood, it will attack their cerebral cortex.
And we've been giving mercury shots to mental patients at the sanitariums and we're brain damaging them with a chemical lobotomy.
Oh, it's so wonderful.
Oh, oh, oh.
I mean, I've got it all right here!
I'm sick of it!
Wake up, man!
I'm not the weirdo for getting upset by these bug-eyed bastards!
You understand me?
All of you that have children out there, all of you corporate climbers who wear the suits and act official and do whatever it takes to climb the ladder while our life is collapsing around us?
You better decide to join the fight.
Hey, I'm a big mouth.
I'm a loud mouth.
I'm not the right guy to lead this movement, probably.
Well, then you step up!
You step up right now, all of you who think you can do it better than me, and you start warning people right now!
Don't you deny what I'm saying without checking it out!
Don't you just say I'm making this up without looking into it, because let me tell you something.
You look into this, you're going to find out it's true, and you're going to find out there's a murdering group of scientists that work for the private banks that now own the planet who want the future, the ultimate in selfishness.
They want to control the future.
They want to control human destiny.
They say they're going to kill 80-90% of us.
UT has lectures where they get 95% standing ovations when they talk about carrying out the plan.
My dad had never told me about it.
He was in the Academy of Sciences when he was in high school, already in college.
He went to UT as a freshman, and they had 125 of the smartest kids in Texas that year from their test scores, and they took six kids, he was one of them, the German botany professor.
What, Spear, I think was his name, and said, yes, we're gonna set up a world government, carry out eugenics against everyone.
You have been chosen for this!
And my dad said, hell no!
And he'd never told me that until about a year ago.
This stuff's everywhere!
They're everywhere!
You understand that?
We're all in danger!
We're all under attack!
Right now!
All I'm trying to do is warn you!
They're killing you!
And they say you deserve to die!
They've even told me you deserve to die because they go, Alex, you tell them and they don't even care!
That shows they deserve to die!
This is pure evil!
Pure evil!
Wake up!
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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