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Air Date: Feb. 3, 2008
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is already Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd, 2008.
We're getting ready for Willie Nelson to play the pregame.
That should be interesting.
We will be here live for the next two hours to talk about three big subjects.
The fact that there's no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats at the higher levels of the party.
Ann Coulter endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.
We reported that Fox News basically runs her campaign along with the White House.
But now it's in ABC News.
And conservatives are now saying that if you're against Hillary, you are a liberal.
Now, I predicted this.
People couldn't believe it.
They thought I was joking.
The two parties are merging right now, and gun control, open borders, tax and regulation is now conservative.
And most conservatives have, of course, gone along with this.
They like the fantasy land, and that's why they're going to live in a depression.
And the Democrats like their...
Democratic leaders as well that like being part of the slave herd.
We here are not slaves, and we're going to be exposing the election news coming up today.
Also, in the second stack, I have a huge stack of important economic news here in front of me.
And we have one of Morgan Stanley's biggest partners...
Who is in the top 20 financial advisors in the world, according to the New York Times, saying, buy, this is a quote, buy a farm, buy seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine and clothes, etc.
for total economic collapse and absolute total depression.
I'm not saying this is going to happen.
I'm just saying it is a real possibility, and a lot of experts are saying it.
Nobel Prize winners on economics we've interviewed, the father of economics we've interviewed many times,
Just countless others.
People from inside the IMF and World Bank.
And we have that stack of news here for you today.
I understand the Super Bowl is very, very important.
The Pats versus the Giants.
Believe me, I'm allured by it myself.
But unfortunately, I will not be watching the Super Bowl today.
No, I'm going to be preparing my family for what there's a very good chance of.
But don't worry.
When you're in a depression, there's police and black ski masks everywhere running around.
You're getting your forced inoculations.
There will still be plenty of sports available.
There always is.
There was in Nazi Germany as well.
So don't worry.
You might just want to tune out now because you don't want to hear about serious issues.
The Pats.
The Pats.
And were they busy spying and engaging in conspiracies, videotaping the other teams?
That's impossible.
There's no such thing as conspiracy.
No one colludes, not football teams, not governments.
Everything's fine.
Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors.
Yeah, now they say, just go ahead and kill them.
I have a big stack of New World Order news about the nanny state.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
Terry in West Virginia, Mike in Washington, Florence in New York.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-590-5525.
After our namesake, formerly owned by President LBJ, no longer.
Here in Austin, Texas, the big talk station in Central Texas, News Radio 590 KLBJ, that we broadcast out of to stations like KCAA in San Diego and Los Angeles and stations like KCXL out there in good old...
Missouri, Kansas City, and fine stations all over the nation.
So, again, we are honored to have you joining us today.
And we will be going to your phone calls coming up here pretty quickly.
Let me see.
Should I get into economics now?
Economic collapse, all engineered.
Should I get into Hillary's good?
If you don't vote for her, you're a communist.
Or should I get into the control grid?
I think I'll get into control grid later.
In fact, right now, let's just go ahead and get into this.
ABC News reported yesterday, and we have the video clip up on TruthNews.com, TruthNews.us and PrisonPlanet.com, and that is Coulter, I would vote for Hillary over McCain.
And of course, McCain and Romney are the two anointed ones.
Probably end up with McCain.
Vacations, hangs out with the Clintons, just like Clinton hangs out with the Bushes, and vacations with them.
Coulter, I will vote for Hillary over McCain, in case you missed it on Hannity and Combs last night.
That's now two nights ago.
Controversial pundit Ann Coulter, who supports Mitt Romney for president, said she would back Senator Hillary Clinton, Democrat from New York, over Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona.
She's more conservative than he is, she said.
She will be stronger on the war on terrorism.
I will campaign for her if it's McCain.
And it goes on to break that down.
I remember discovering almost eight years ago now, I keep saying five years, but a few years have passed, almost eight years ago,
Right when Hillary got elected to the Senate, Rupert Murdoch had been quietly supporting her, advising her, having fundraisers for her.
Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, had been doing that.
And that she was the anointed one from the beginning.
We've been saying this, of course, now for seven years.
And now you see it unfolding.
Now there's all these mainstream articles about the White House writing her speeches, advising her.
She's a CIA operative hired with Clinton back in 68.
And this is a staged event.
It's completely, absolutely, totally staged, as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said in 1939 to a newspaper.
He said that nothing serious in politics happens by accident.
If it happens, you can bet and know that it was planned to happen that way.
But let's not listen to that conspiracy theorist, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
I'm sure he knows nothing about these things.
And let's not listen to the conspiracy theorist either, even though the patriots have paid fines and admit they did it.
It didn't happen because no one can scheme and engage in corruption.
There was no watching the other teams.
And like Madden said, it's no big deal anyway.
So, again, I'm learning myself.
Just like CNN and Fox say there's no trans-Texas corridor, no NAFTA highway.
It's on billboards and signs everywhere all over Texas and all the official documents.
And it doesn't matter.
It doesn't exist.
Just like inflation doesn't exist right now.
I mean, I go get a hamburger at a hamburger place and it's 12 bucks with fries.
Oh, there's no inflation.
A year ago it was 6 bucks.
Oh, no, a Mustang that was 20 grand a year ago is 30 grand today.
A house that was 500,000 is a million two years later.
No, no, there's no inflation.
The dollar is great.
Everything is hunky-dory right here in the good old America.
But I would ask all of the brain-dead fake conservatives that think that Bush passing the biggest gun control bill in U.S.
history, signing it two months ago, a month ago, excuse me, people who think open borders and total amnesty is conservative, people who think this string of fake libertarians and fake Republican prostitutes up there selling you the New World Order are conservative, are you still drinking that Kool-Aid?
That's the question I've got for you today.
And I'm daring those that sniveled.
And grovel around, scratching in the dirt, claiming that George Bush is good.
Look, George Bush is bad.
George Bush is a puppet.
Hillary Clinton's a puppet.
They're all a bunch of puppets of the big global corporations that have bought off our government and have used it as a personal cash machine to transfer trillions of our tax dollars right into their fat bellies.
And if you don't wake up to that real soon, they're going to fully dissolve all the power Congress and the President has.
It's almost already gone.
Since 1995, 13 years ago, all the major deals on trade has been controlled by the World Trade Organization, handed over by our Congress.
We're inside the world government.
Hillary is our girl.
That is a disgusting quote.
Kurt Nemo wrote a great story about this with hyperlinks to all the stories about how she's fully financed by the Republican Party at truthnews.us.
But don't actually go read the White House saying she's good.
I'm sure you haven't noticed that former Republican operative, neocon creature, Joe Scarborough, endorsing her on MSNBC.
Oh, this is magically all happening by accident, isn't it?
How many years have I told you we would see Hillary hailed by Fox News?
So see, when I was attacking Clinton, I was a right-wing extremist.
Then I attacked Bush.
I was a liberal.
Now I'm a hardcore commie because I'm against
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Fine, you go ahead and go vote for her, you scum.
Just remember, you're trash.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
With never-ending late fees over the limit fees and higher and higher interest rates, it has become mathematically impossible to repay all debt, making all of us slaves to our creditors.
We're good to go.
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Economist Rory Boyd published the report, Bubble Leaking.
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We're good to go.
You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
It's Super Bowl Sunday, ladies and gentlemen.
We are back live, taking your phone calls.
I'm going to get more into all the different election news on Super Tuesday, coming up in about two and a half days.
The latest on the Ron Paul campaign.
Mitt Romney.
Hillary Obama.
The Manchurian candidate, John McCain.
We're going to get into the economy.
Also, big brother, nanny state.
Don't give old people health care anymore.
That's been proposed in England and the United States.
Oh, you didn't know what eugenics was?
You'll want to write that term down.
You'll want to look in the encyclopedia.
Because they say you need to die.
So we'll be going over all of that as well.
Right now, let's go ahead and go to Terry in West Virginia.
Terry, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, hi, Alex.
Hey, I wanted to bring up a new angle on the fluoride issue that you discuss a lot on your show.
If you Google... Or how it's a chemical weapon used by the Nazis and Soviets to put in the water supply, declassified public documents, Pulitzer Prize winning books, brain damaging the general public, 20 acupoints.
Oh, yes, that one.
Thank you.
I don't know how you do it.
It would have taken me about 20 minutes to explain all that.
Well, it's an absolute fact, and now it's in Scientific American, and Pulitzer Prize winner books are now out on it, and Nobel Prize winners are now saying it, and we have medical doctors and members of Congress and legislators going public, and we're going to expose that and everything else.
Oh, great.
Oh, the government loves us.
They just put something in the water that eats holes in our brains.
It's wonderful.
The government loves you.
Keep drinking it.
Well, anyway, I wanted to bring up this.
I haven't heard this discussed much on your show.
If you Google or if you do some research online and you Google fluoride with vitamin C, there's been a lot of studies done that shows that if you take a lot of vitamin C. You can decalcify it.
Yeah, it kind of works as a buffer.
Yeah, because collagen in the body is built out of vitamin A slash the breakdown of the acid vitamin C. And they actually did scurvy studies about 130 years ago and found that.
I've seen those studies.
I'm glad you found those.
Yeah, and the interesting thing is I just recently have become aware of this fluoride issue.
I didn't know it was bad for you.
It's a toxic sedative that reduces sperm count by more than 80% and gives you a 20 IQ reduction permanently.
A little present the government gave us.
Yeah, well, I've lived it.
You know, I mean, normal humans are just raging with intelligence and visions and ideas and creativity.
And the globalists just said, we can't have this, poison them, and they've done it.
So most people listening can't even understand us now because of it.
I know.
If you were exceptionally intelligent, genius level, you're now normal.
If you were normal, you're a moron.
If you were a moron, you're going to be retarded.
If you were going to be a genius, you're just what a normal person would be, intelligence-wise.
Let me explain that.
If you were a normal person, intelligence-wise, you'll be a moron.
And if you were just going to be a moron, you're going to be retarded.
A little gift your government gave you because it loves you so much.
And it really explains a lot when you kind of look around, you know,
Everything's fine.
Let's just trust them, okay?
Government's good.
Well, I was going to bring up the personal... They've got doctors on the radio that say there's no mercury in the vaccines.
You can go to the doctor right now and ask them.
They'll give you the insert and it says it has it in it.
But, you know, so what?
It's good for you, ma'am.
Oh, by the way, my brother just got a flu shot that I tried to talk him out of and he broke out to a rash on his back from the Samarasol.
Well, it doesn't exist, ma'am.
Vaccines don't exist.
The Super Bowl doesn't exist.
The sky doesn't exist.
I mean, I've got CNN and Fox saying there's no trans-Texas corridor.
Doesn't matter if the Texas legislature shot it down and Barry vetoed it.
Doesn't matter if there's signs up everywhere and they're grabbing existing roads.
They just announced they're going to toll I-35 and Mopac.
Doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter.
They'll just tell the yuppies it doesn't exist while they're driving through a toll road.
I can't take it anymore!
Mike in Washington, you're on the air.
Thank you so much for all your great work.
This country pisses me off.
The scum!
Look, look, a scientific elite openly said 100 years ago they were going to use scientific techniques to brainwash us and poison us for dominance and control.
And they've done it.
But there's still a remnant of human spirits fighting through.
First of all, I want to thank you.
And I just found a new guy that's really doing some great work.
His name is Von Kleist.
Dan Von Kleist.
Have you heard of him?
Yeah, Dave Riddell.
His talk show name is Dave on Clash.
Yeah, nice guy.
Yeah, he's doing some good stuff, too, with that ripple effect.
I found him, and I've been looking on everything.
I'll tell my sister about the HPV.
She just told me her daughter's just got it.
So what does she do?
She calls the nurse.
The nurse calms her down and says, oh, it's okay, it's okay.
Yeah, go ahead and take that live cancer virus shot that if you're already infected with the virus, as close to half the population as it doubles your cancers of cervical cancer, and doesn't even treat you for a normal virus that isn't even proven to cause the cancer.
They'll just tell you it's the law.
By the way, for anybody out there that doubts me, you're told it's the law to take the HPV shot.
You're told it's the law.
It is not the law.
You don't have to take any vaccines.
They tell you that you need to have it to go to school, but there's no law.
Then they suspend you criminally.
Then criminal charges kick in for truancy, and they never tell you they had a waiver by law they were supposed to give you.
The governor, by ordering the health department to make it listed for mandatory to attend school, then got liability protection for the vaccine maker Merck that brought you Vioxx that caused all the heart attacks.
And then, see, now that it's government, quote, ordered, then federal liability billions kick in to pay for lawsuits.
By the way, just type girls die after HPV shot into Google.
You'll find a lot of mainstream articles might trick your fancy there for you.
I'm a little bit fired up today.
Florence in New York, you're on the air worldwide.
Oh, hi, Alex.
You have a great show.
I have a horror story about the Adult Protective Services here in New York City.
Oh, the folks to grab the old people and take them and euthanize them?
Oh, that sounds like it.
Yeah, we have a rent-controlled apartment here, and I made the mistake of letting our foreign landlord in to spray for bed bugs.
Which suddenly emerged, and so he takes pictures, and he takes us to court.
Yeah, you got rent control, so they want to kick whoever your family is or you out so they can get the greedy things, yes.
Exactly, and you should see the mini-mansion he lives in.
And so now they want to appoint a court guardian for my brother who gets disability, and they're even talking about appointing one for me who's been productively employed for 30 years.
See, by appointing you a guardian, then you don't get the regular court system.
You get the psych-run, petty judges where there's no due process.
The fake judges.
Everything's being shifted over to that.
Don't worry.
It's okay.
Oh, so they want him out of the house, so they're trying to have him institutionalized.
Oh, let me see.
Lemon Telegraph and U.S.
Don't treat the old.
Just kill them.
I'm in my 50s.
And we've been here, like, my mother moved in in 1945.
Maybe we should send you up in a carousel, like in Logan's Run.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
They probably like to do that, but now they're limited to just appointing guardians so that they control us and put us in maybe, they even said in the motion about relocation.
What's this relocation?
I want to retire and move out of this hellhole, you know?
Well, sir, just drink fluoride water and take lots of flu shots full of mercury and you're going to feel a lot better, okay?
You won't have those higher thinking problems anymore.
It'll just kind of be a haze and everything will be fine for you, my friend.
That's probably the best move.
Okay, I'll quit being sarcastic.
We're going to break, come back and talk to Mike, Don, and many others.
Then I'm going to get more into Fox News' contributor, Coulter, saying, quote, Hillary's our girl.
Hillary Clinton, she's good.
How many times did I tell you you'd see it happen?
Full Fox News Pentagon machinery behind the Clintonistas.
Then, Bloomberg Financial News.
One of their top strategists saying, buy seed fertilizer, a home in the country.
Get ready for total depression.
I don't know if that's going to happen.
I just know that we're going to cover it.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, on this Super Sunday Super Bowl broadcast.
Super Tuesday is coming up in about two and a half days.
It's really a day and a half.
We're going to get into some of that election news.
I know that we have Mike, Don, Andrew, Blake, and many others that are patiently holding.
Toll free number to join us, 877-590-5525.
Or if you're listening to us off the Mothership Station, we transmit out of the stations across the country, 836-0590.
Let's get into some economic news first.
There's a lot of it, so I'm going to get into part two of this later.
And then I want to get into the nanny state and just what life's going to be like underneath this new world order.
You think the government's in your business now.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
And the Republicans are openly merging with the Democratic Party.
Now they were always joined at the hip the last 30, 40 years.
But now it's going to become a lot more public for you.
Here's a story I mentioned the last few days.
You know, the weekday show that I hadn't got into.
This is Bloomberg News reporting.
I'm going to get this guy on.
By the way, my weekday producer's in there.
I'm going to get this Biggs guy on.
He is one of the partners and chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley.
Chief global strategist at one of the big five firms.
And this is in Bloomberg Financial.
Biggs tip for rich.
Expect war.
And he goes on to say, Barton Biggs has some offbeat advice for the rich.
It's offbeat.
Ensure yourself against war and disaster by buying a remote farm or ranch and stocking it with seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc.
And I would just add, not because it's going to happen, because there's a good chance it will.
If there's any chance it will, you should.
That's why I've got two alternate locations to go to.
Do you?
It's not expensive to buy four or five acres somewhere.
Even if you don't have a lot of money, just quit eating fast food and buying baubles and junk so you can strut around acting cool with other yuppie neighbors and you can prepare yourself.
And it goes on to say you need to have guns.
A few rounds over the approaching brigade's heads would probably be a compelling persuader that there are easier farms to pillage.
He writes in his new book, Wealth, War, and Wisdom.
And he goes in to talk about what we face as a society.
Now, none of this is happening by accident.
To give you the long and short of it, the central banks, and we have their own internal documents that have been leaked, openly have said they plan to implode the Western world and bring the economy down to absolute rock bottom so they can buy everything up.
For the last five years, the institutional buyers, sovereign wealth, Fortune 500 companies have been snatching up all of the different commodities, that is things you need, like grain, wheat, corn, pork bellies, beef, infrastructure like roads, water districts, reservoirs, communications.
And they've been telling you, though, increasing the ads on television, telling you to buy all the junk stuff they're pushing.
So they had to really increase their advertising the last four years as they moved their money out.
And again, I know quite a few very wealthy people.
For some reason, I get calls from four-star generals and billionaires and Hollywood people and rock stars and the rest of it.
Might be hearing one of the biggest icons coming up during this week.
Okay, I'm not going to get into it.
The point is that I have learned in the last four or five years that anybody who's anybody is going to the Cook Islands, they're going to New Zealand, they're going to Costa Rica, they're going to the Pacific side of Mexico.
The analogy is the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War where our troops and people were hanging off helicopter skids flying off the tops of the buildings.
And that's basically what money's doing.
I mean, you talk to Real Money, they say, our MO is there's not going to be in America.
And I was talking to this top lawyer, and I said, what do you mean?
And they just said, well, that's the word.
And I go, what do you mean not going to be?
And they say, total collapse.
And I interviewed the former head of the Treasury, the father of Reaganomics, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Wall Street Journal editor.
He says if the central banks continue their policies of devaluing the dollar and inflation, that we'll have a total collapse back to barter.
And then you have the managing global director, let me give you his exact quote, chief global strategist and partner at Morgan Stanley, saying similar things.
I'm not the one saying this.
Let's just be clear about that.
I mean, a miracle might happen.
We may just have a horrible long-term five-year recession.
But when you watch the news up until a month ago saying there is no recession, it's a conspiracy theory, and then overnight they say, okay, we've been in a recession for a while.
The M.O.
I've got is we've been in a recession for years.
From 2000 to 2007, the average median income household lost $1,000 in revenue, and their debt went to higher than late 1933, winter 1933, depths of the Depression.
We have the highest private debt, individual debt, family debt that we've ever had in our history.
We have a debt bubble that
Makes the debt bubble in 1929 look like a flea on the hind end of an African elephant.
I mean, literally, in size.
I think it's even bigger than that.
You add thousands of trillions of dollars to hundreds of billions.
It's just, that's the differences.
And the big central banks, probably owned by less than 20 families, what do you expect them to do?
They can create credit out of nothing, issue credit out of nothing, liquidity, currency.
They've flooded everything since the early 90s.
They've used that, and now they need to blow everything out so everybody's over-leveraged so when everything implodes, goes bankrupt, they then get to take retainership of all the real assets.
It's chess.
It's why they're in control, because they're cold-blooded and they're smart.
And they openly say they're going to do this to all of us.
Joseph Stiglitz left the World Bank as their chief strategist and economist in 2002.
We made a big deal out of it and said, he says that by 2008, 2009, if we don't turn this around, total implosion.
Magically, and I've interviewed him several times, magically, all of this is now unfolding just as he said.
And it's by design.
But let's not listen to Nobel Prize winners.
Let's not listen to the father of Reaganomics.
Let's not listen to the
Chief global strategist and partner in Morgan Stanley.
Let's listen to the still mainstream corporate media that tells us by the end of the year we'll be out of the recession, and they tell us it's mild.
Starbucks is cutting their coffee price in about half.
They're not going to serve sandwiches anymore.
I went into a local Austin deli that I've been going to for decades because I'll work until like 10, 12, 11 at night.
I'll go there.
It's always jam-packed.
There was like 10 people in there in seats, hundreds.
No one was in there.
I was in Dallas a few weeks ago.
More than 80% of the billboards were empty.
It's all unraveling.
It's absolutely horrible already.
But see, a recession is if your neighbor's out of work.
A depression is if you're out of work.
And so they know that if they just keep saying, oh, we're in a recession...
That people will just keep playing along, and now they're saying, oh, we want you to get a third mortgage, and we're going to give you all $600 apiece, and we're going to give you more lines of credit.
Yes, let's get deeper.
Let's get deeper into all of this.
So that's some of the news I have for you in the economy.
Do what you will with the information I've given you.
It's probably easier if you hear there's any corruption in government or any corruption in the financial markets to just say nothing bad exists.
That's kind of the know-it-all, trendy, windy banner or anthem.
But in my experience, people who are realists, people who study how the world really works, we get ahead.
So I've been giving you good advice.
I mean, I told you six years ago, get gold, and it was 300 bucks an ounce.
It's 930 smackers.
It melts right now.
And the Wall Street Journal is reporting that it will hit 2,200-plus dollars.
We're good to go.
Was six D's, as they say in Soylent Green.
It was six denaro, six dollars, six clams, rubles, marks, lira, shekels, yen.
It is now 17 plus.
But I'm sure you're not going to buy, because CNN and Fox have told you not to.
They still tell you it's a bad buy.
Don't buy at 17.
Rush it and buy when it's 100.
Because you've got it all figured out.
You listen to neocons on the radio.
Or you listen to Talkum, you know, whatever the idiot liberal channel is.
What's the idiot liberal?
That's the Rockefeller National Petroleum.
No, not NPR.
Air America.
Yeah, not National Petroleum Radio, but Air America.
All brought in bed by one of the foundations, the bankers that rule and issue all the currency.
We'll be right back, slaves.
Now, from the makers of Loose Change, the most downloaded film in Internet history, comes the long-awaited release of Loose Change Final Cut, an entirely new two-hour film that completely destroys the official fable forever.
Loose Change Final Cut hopes to be a catalyst for a new independent investigation in which family members receive answers to their questions and the true perpetrators of this horrendous crime are brought to justice.
Loose Change Final Cut is the ultimate 9-11 expose.
From hijackers being trained at U.S.
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Hi, neighbor.
No matter when the time comes to survive on our food supply, every single one of us who have prepared will have two regrets.
Even those who haven't wasted a single penny on Christmas, birthdays, and vacations in order to store all the food possible.
Even those who have sold stuff and taken on part-time jobs to buy food.
Even those who have traded their gold while it will still buy food.
Yes, we will have been called stupid, crazy, and foolish.
When folks won't be able to afford food and there won't be any food for any amount of money.
We will still have two regrets.
We will regret that we didn't get more serious about more food sooner.
We will deeply regret that we didn't get enough food.
Putting off emergency food preparations to celebrate the holidays will be the most dangerous decision that some of us will ever make.
Call 800-409-5633.
On the web, efoodsdirect.com.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making big progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they have to do.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
With never-ending late fees over the limit fees and higher and higher interest rates, it has become mathematically impossible to repay all debt, making all of us slaves to our creditors.
We're good to go.
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All right, let's go to your calls at 877-590-5525.
Then I'm going to get into, hey, let's just not give health care to the old people.
That's what our governments are saying.
That's what the global government plans for you and your family.
You know, they call you slaves in their own handbooks, their own Ph.D.-level papers on how to control populations.
I'm not their slave.
You shouldn't be their slave.
I'm just letting you know what they call you.
To get you thinking.
To stop being a slave.
Stop acting like a slave.
Let's go to Blake in Beaumont, Texas.
You're on the air.
How you doing?
Hey, Alex.
I'm an education major at Lamar University here in Beaumont, and I have some very almost emergency-like information.
The children... I saw your YouTube videos.
You've got a beard, right?
I do.
And you've done like eight or nine of them where you go through the actual textbooks saying your family isn't your family.
I do.
The global government is your family.
And they use terms like interdependence, which was first coined by Marx in the 1848 Communist Manifesto.
Yeah, go ahead.
You've got the floor.
For folks in South Texas, Southeast Texas, I mean, it's everywhere.
It's all the same.
But just go ahead and tell them what's in your textbooks.
All right, so this is directly off the Junior Achievement website, ja.org, and this is the curricula for the first grader that they're forcing college students to teach.
For example, your family.
You know, I was taught in school that your family was your mom, your dad, you know, aunts, uncles, grandparents.
And it says the global economic community, yes.
Yeah, it says...
You know, it emphasizes the role people play in local economies and engage students about interdependence, wants, and tools.
And the concepts, see, these are just ideas.
The concepts behind them is what it's, you know, the idea is just the vehicle for the concept.
The concept behind family is business, economic institutions.
Yeah, it tells you that family is not your family.
And on their website, I also found just a shocking discovery.
I was just looking at some of the people they honor.
They use examples of what it is to be successful.
And on their 2007 laureate bios, Vernon Jordan, it actually says,
He's a member of the Bilderberg meetings.
This is on their website.
Most media, you know... Let me explain what's happening for those who just joined us.
The government will say there's no chemical spraying out of government aircraft in the population, even though it's declassified.
They know you don't know how to look into that.
They will then put it in children's textbooks.
Government approved that they are spraying us for our own good.
They will then admit there's a world government.
It says your parents aren't cool.
This is in my film, The Takeover.
Your parents aren't cool.
They don't understand how cool it is to have chips put in your body.
They also tell the kids how to tattle on their parents right here in Austin.
They give them $200 discount credit cards to do it.
They enroll them in little spy agencies.
And so they won't tell the adults all this is going on, but they admit the global government, Bilderberg Group runs everything, but they love you.
It's why they do it.
And so, yes.
By the way, LeVar University...
Is where Eric Pianka, the eugenicist at UT... Uh-huh, the guy that says he can't wait for 90% of us to die and how great it's going to be.
He says we need a global police state to enforce it.
Exact quote of that guy?
He's an endgame, by the way.
Yeah, but a lot of the listeners out there aren't going to go read and find out that sodium fluoride was put in the water to reduce their IQ and poison them.
They're not going to find out there's an official global government plan to kill us after the global government's set up.
And they don't care what curriculum is.
They don't care if they're making Spanish first language in Texas, forcing it into a program.
They don't care.
They like being slaves.
And don't worry, you will be.
One last thing.
Here's the sad thing about it.
This is a requirement of all education majors.
And I got out of it.
I presented my facts to the education people there and said I wasn't going to do this.
But the education people...
The students are being forced to go and teach this.
And if they don't teach this, they're going to give them an S. Sir, that's nothing.
Already in the U.S.
and England, they're telling teachers they can't say mom and dad because that will hurt children that have gay or lesbian parents.
I appreciate your call.
Good job, sir, with the work you've done.
I've seen your research.
It's par for the course, everything else I've seen.
But he shows documents in the textbooks on screen and blows it up for you.
Uh, good job.
And you notice I just... I saw Beaumont put it together when he said it.
That's how much research I do.
See, when you find out they're killing you, you can't stop researching.
My mind is just burning with knowledge and info and documents.
But imagine how much easier it is just for the general public.
They just tune in and say it's none of it's true.
Okay, fine.
Sodium fluoride's good for you.
It doesn't matter if it's the main ingredient in rat poison.
Guzzle it with pleasure.
Just guzzle it.
Okay, let's go ahead and take another call.
Don't listen to me.
You've got it all figured out.
You know how everything works.
Let's talk to Dawn in North Carolina.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
You are brilliant.
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
I just would have been really brilliant, but I'm just average.
The floor I'd only knock me down from 160 to 140.
The second is about the debate.
You know, we've been force-fed this idea that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the smartest woman in the world.
Well, she is a good CIA operative.
The Washington, D.C.
bar exam.
Go ahead and say what you said.
I'm sorry.
She was a good operative for the CIA, though.
No, I said Dick Morris has reported that Hillary, the smartest woman in the world, actually flunked the D.C.
bar exam.
Well, Hitler flunked a lot of tests, too.
I know, but still.
I mean, she's smart at being cunning and vicious.
She should have soared through it with flying colors.
Are you a liberal?
Second of all.
Because it's liberal now.
Ann Coulter's endorsed her for president.
Are you a liberal?
You don't like Hillary?
But the second thing is, it may be unconstitutional for a woman to be president.
It specifically talks about, he shall hold his office.
Okay, I just want to throw that out.
But the second thing is, I'm really upset about the way Ron Paul was treated in the Republican debate.
Oh, you mean cheated, given less than one-third of the time is usable?
I don't think we can just hold Anderson Cooper and his cohorts responsible.
Oh, let me stop you.
Anderson Cooper, stop, ma'am.
Stop, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, stop.
You mentioned another known CIA operative.
Just Google Anderson Cooper admits he was a CIA officer.
I'm sorry.
Everybody talks about Anderson Cooper.
They talk about Ron Paul not standing up for himself.
But does anybody ever think about the fact that Romney, McCain sit there smirking, and Huckabee, nobody comes to Ron Paul's defense.
When they jumped over Ron Paul, why didn't one of those people who sat there talking about fairness and talking about the little guy, why didn't somebody say, just wait a minute?
No, I agree with you, ma'am, and I'm sorry to be jumping in over you.
Anderson Cooper is another CIA operative in the media.
And that's admitted.
We, by the way, exposed that first, then he had to admit it.
Most of them are CIA at that level, or Defense Intelligence or one of the other agencies.
And they just sit up there for the government and they read a script.
Now, Ron Paul in every debate has been given a third or less of the time and a third or less of the questions on average given to the other candidates.
And he was cheated.
He won first place in Louisiana, and they reported second place in national news.
He won second place in Nevada.
They lied and said that he didn't win any place.
And they steal everywhere, and it's totally staged.
And the CIA runs the big five voting machine companies.
In the past, you had to have the ballot box in the middle.
Everybody watched it.
People came in and voted.
The precinct counted it in front of witnesses.
Now they say it's secret.
You can't look of it.
And magically, the polls aren't accurate anymore because it's all staged.
You say, well, Alex, then why are you still for voting?
Because we're going to prove it's a fraud.
We financed, helped finance the recount in New Hampshire, and Beth Harris, who produced the HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy, has gone public saying it's, quote, a criminal enterprise and was staged.
And now 85% of Americans in major polls know the elections are staged.
We're going to go on doing that.
We can't just let them steal the election and not engage them or expose them.
Oh, thank you very much for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Andrew in California.
You're on the air.
Yes, you're on the air.
Oh, right.
Have you heard of Paul Lafley?
And the World Trade Center thing.
I just wanted to know if you were familiar with that guy.
But anyways, he has some good info with that 9-11 thing.
That's just, you know, pretty much it's just all bullshit.
But anyways...
All righty, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Russell in Austin.
Russell, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, whenever you're talking about buying land, what should we be looking for?
Like, where, I guess, and what?
Well, I'm not saying buy land.
I'm saying I've done that.
And, I mean, I have a family property I can go to, and I have a little thing out in the German Hill Country outside Austin in case I have to.
In case everything collapses.
I mean, here's the bottom line.
We were more than 80% agrarian, that is farmers, rural, in the Great Depression, and a lot of people still starved.
Now we are 90%.
Urban, living in cities, and of the rural community, 4% or 5%, depending on the study you look at, actually could sustain themselves.
So 4% to 5% of the population can take care of themselves.
If things collapsed, what would happen?
Well, you'll have lots of super domes like New Orleans, and for four days with the food stacked up and the head of emergency management out of one of the parishes following orders and not getting his mother out of a nursing home until she died five days later.
I mean, these cops will follow orders while their mama dies in a nursing home.
They'll stand down.
They will follow orders.
They've been brainwashed.
And so if we had 90% able to take care of themselves and they barely made it, what's going to happen if there's a collapse and 95% can't take care of themselves?
I'm saying you've got to have food, have water.
The government does that.
They build bunkers.
The elite, the rich all have it.
They're all leaving the country.
But they tell you it's kooky if you have more than a day of food and just worship black ski masks, worship inoculations, worship fluoride, worship government.
Anything else?
I guess that's it for now.
Thank you so much.
And don't listen to me, folks.
I can just quote legislation bills, the Bill of Rights.
I just study this stuff 15, 16 hours a day.
Oh, don't listen to me.
Listen to all the guppies who told you not to buy gold when it was $300 an ounce and it's now $930.
Don't listen to me.
We'll be right back.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Here's Alex Jones.
It is Super Bowl Sunday.
We are live.
It's about ten minutes to kick off here.
And this game is what matters.
The imploding economy, the global central banks openly doing this by design to create a depression, and you being homeless on the street, that doesn't matter.
The game is what matters, ladies and gentlemen.
You've been trained like that, and that's good.
We need to be slaves here in this nation.
So I'm glad you're not listening to the show today.
I'm glad you're watching the Pats and the New York Giants.
It's what our country needs.
Keep drinking the sodium fluoride, rotting holes in your brain, by design, openly in government documents.
It is a wonderful, beautiful thing.
And it's a wonderful, beautiful thing that bioethicists under eugenics in the U.S.
and England, all the way out to Australia, are talking about not giving treatment to old people because they need to go ahead and die.
That's not an important issue.
We should talk about the patriots again, ladies and gentlemen, and we will.
I'm going to stop being sarcastic.
The globalists are great pitchmen, and they know how to institutionalize the fake war on terror.
They have 10% of the college graduates having their scholarships paid for to go be spies, thugs, secret police, to shift the economy over where the military industrial complex is actually going to own the nation.
And they do the same thing with the environmental movement.
It's good to not have poison water and air.
And so they sell you on it, and they also institutionalize it, where you can make money in the clean movement.
But then meanwhile, the government allows the big companies to have open-air testing of genetically engineered crops that are spreading, causing super bad problems, toxic waste dumping in the ocean, cutting down the rainforest.
All the real environmental degradation is accelerating while they train us that we shouldn't have more than one child for the one-child policy in the U.S.
now being proposed and pushed.
That we shouldn't give old people treatment because there's too many humans.
Once you decide that, everybody knows there's too many people.
Okay, well then you die first.
After they sell us on these ideas...
Then they've set the precedent that humans are bad, the government's going to deal with this threat, war on humanity, a global tax, regional taxes on carbon, on carbon dioxide that humans exhale, that plants breathe.
That's the big toxic waste threat, not all the real genetic engineering toxic waste and all the things that are actually happening.
So in this stack, I had a few stories that just came out this last week that I thought we'd go over.
Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors.
Why should...
We pay for smokers' health care.
See, once they socialize, then we're all in a big pot, and the government's going to decide.
Mississippi politicians seek to ban fats.
This is from the smoking gun.
We have the bill here.
It says that state-licensed restaurants, which they all are, now just don't have a clean restaurant or don't serve alcohol to minors.
Now it's don't serve to people that are fat.
See, everybody's a secret police member for the government.
They have all these
Reasons that sound reasonable, but it's all about control.
Once they sell you on what type of light bulb you can have or what type of toilet you can have or
We're good to go.
I think?
That boosts the load of life that can live on the planet.
Some good news.
Wesley Snipes cleared of serious tax charges.
We'll be going into some of that and some bad Second Amendment news and good Second Amendment news today.
Right now, let's get through some more of your calls.
I'm going to come back and get into the eugenic society, what you're really living in, what you really face, and how you're all going to have more government bureaucrats and social workers literally ordering you around and telling you how to go to the bathroom, basically.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Al in Australia.
You are welcome to the airwave, sir.
Yes, sir.
I just want to let you know some good news.
We've got a 9-11 truth to coming to Australia from March the 14th to the 16th with some high-profile speakers.
What time is it in Australia?
Right now...
11 past 10 in the morning.
Oh, so it's an early morning show for you.
Well, I've been up all night painting banners for it.
So tell me who's coming to the land down under.
Oh, good.
Professor Stephen Jones.
These are the confirmed speakers so far.
Lieutenant Colonel Bob Bowman, Gerwood Griffin, Barry Zwicker, Dave Von Christ, Dr. Frank Legg, Dr. David Leifer, Ian Woods, and Cosmos...
Where are they going to travel around?
It's just in Sydney for three days at the Powerhouse Museum right down in the center of the city.
Is it going to be a big event?
Well, I hope so, yeah.
It's the first big one here that we've done, so it's done sort of... Hey, on another issue, I've got reports that your central bank's got serious inflation starting there just like we have here.
Yeah, they're talking about raising it at a point or something in the next few days.
What, rising the interest rate to try to drive down inflation?
Why not be like the U.S.?
Why not cut it by 125 basis points and implode the economy?
Our dollars are not worth anything anyway.
Yeah, so in order to talk to you, Alex, I've been listening to you for about three years.
Got woken up by Dave on Christ and then followed it up with your stuff.
Yeah, I really appreciate the work you do.
Well, God bless you, my friend.
Good to hear from you from Sydney, Australia.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Chris in St.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Chris.
Alex, thank you so much, listeners, since 01.
What I was going to point out was there was a PBS special in the past week about lobotomies.
And how they're good.
Oh, they're fantastic.
We all need them.
Maybe at birth we can all be given them.
Or you're with Al Qaeda.
They were giving them up until 1960, and the creator of them actually had a... Yeah, he was a psychopath.
I've seen film footage of him in the 40s taking an ice pick into a child's head and just jabbing holes in their brain.
Oh, were they showing that and saying it was good?
Alex, what else was I going to say?
Oh, even among the people in the truth movement, I'm finding I'm 28 years old.
I've been talking about gold since it was 320.
If you had a lobotomy, you wouldn't think gold was good.
What's wrong with you, sir?
Poison is good in your water.
Lobotomies are good.
Well, what I'm going to say is, even among the people in the truth movement, I find a lot of people still have been affected negatively by fluoride, I assume, and chemtrails and who knows what else.
Most people just touch the surface and can't get the greater issues.
Yeah, and most people don't have critical thinking.
They've been brain damaged with a mass chemical lobotomy.
Yeah, I mean, like the guy on your in-game video, Crawford, I can't remember what his name was, he said,
They're not after money.
They're after power.
And even people in the truth movement still can't understand it's about them.
The elite openly said with eugenics that we are going to dumb down the mass to make them more easily controlled by putting chemicals in the water.
I mean, that's their own documents.
Sign me up first.
I want extra chemicals.
How about you?
Well, if you don't take them, sir, it shows you're with Al-Qaeda.
You know, I really think, sir, that you do need more sodium fluoride.
I mean, you know, how dare you?
How dare you attack America?
How dare you, boy?
If you're a good Republican, you're going to support Hillary.
How many years did I tell you that was going to happen?
And now Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by Ann Coulter.
She says she's our girl.
Hillary is our girl.
That's a quote.
Our girl.
We'll destroy your dollar, destroy your future, poison you, and then go have you fight with some Muslims.
They're the threat.
Not the government surveillance, not the government taxes, not the regulation, not the social workers.
Look, in-game blueprint for global enslavement getting serious.
Shows in their own documents, their own film, their own admissions, where the scientific elite got hired 100 years ago by the big banks to dumb everybody down, propaganda, brainwashing, poisoning you.
And I'm sorry that the reality is so incredible.
But a lot of you that play it safe and think you're members of the establishment, you better take action now or you have no future.
That's the only hope we've got.
And there's a lot of good old boys who think you're part of the system or you know I'm telling the truth and you say, yeah, I'm just going to stay out of it all.
You're in it whether you know it or not.
But I know I'm a cook.
Just give your child the mercury shot and just go ahead and give them lots of tap water.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Builder Earth.
Wouldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world of government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's why they have to use it.
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You know about genetically poisoned food.
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You know they're turning food into fuel with corn ethanol plants.
If we do not control our food, food will be used to control us.
Food control has been the plan historically in every enslaved population and is the plan for America.
The only value of the knowledge you have to take control of your food is if you choose to give a supply while you still have the freedom to choose.
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It is the Sunday edition.
I am your syndicated radio talk show host and documentary filmmaker, Alejandro Jones.
The website's ourprisonplanet.com, infowars.com, truthnews.us.
By the way, infowars.com, the next few days, is going to have your own MySpace accounts on it.
Your own sections for yourselves.
Total redo has been done for a week or so, but it'll be launched in the next few days.
So be watching Infowars.com very closely.
It's got the same design it had like in 1999, and some people like that retro look like grudge, but...
We're moving on here, so you'll be able to have your own place at InfoWars.com.
Let me just rampage through a bunch of calls, then I'll get into the government wants to not give treatment and basically kill old people and anybody who's overweight and the rest of it.
I'm not kidding.
It's all right here, and we're going to be going over it.
But right now, let's go back to your call.
Jared in San Marcos, Texas.
You're on the air worldwide.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
I guess I'm doing all right.
Well, I just want to let you know that there is a different avenue for the information you're conveying
To my generation, which I'm 21 years old, and I play Xbox Live.
Now, when I play Xbox Live, I share everything that I hear on Coast to Coast AM, your show, and everything that I've read about Daniel Estelon and the
Build-A-Bird Group.
No, I know, in World of Warcraft and all that, you can talk to all the people.
There's tens of millions, more than that, probably 50, 60 million last time I looked, in these now.
Look, I'm in a couple video games, a big one.
It's a top marquee game put out by Viacom.
Of course, it was a low-level fans here in Austin, but I'm at the beginning of Blacksite.
Oh, really?
Yeah, the new Blacksite.
I'll pick that up then, most definitely.
Yeah, that was made here in Austin.
The guys are fans, but go ahead.
Cool, cool.
I just wanted to let you know that there are people talking and awakening on Xbox Live.
I've informed people who are 15, and we've sent them to your website.
There's another really popular game.
I forget the name.
Call of Duty 4 is another good one.
There's another huge one where when you get to the end of the game, you open the safe.
For the fight in the New World Order, and there's one of my videos that's in there.
I forget the name of that one.
Oh, man, I wish... Man, I don't know.
There's so many that kind of... It's a game where it's got, like, you know, really high-quality film video at the first, the intro, and the group and the government releases a bioweapon to blame it on terrorists.
It's one of the marquee games.
It was, like, two years ago, so I forget the name.
One of the games that we talk on is called Fear, and it's about psychically controlled soldiers by one psychic commander.
Now, it sounds far-fetched, but, you know, it could be happening right now as we speak.
Oh, yeah, Blackside Area 51, but it's another one, too.
Yeah, this one's called Fear, though, and that's what me and my friends talk on.
So just letting you know there's a different avenue, and your information is getting out to the younger generation.
No, I mean, I'm aware of that, and it's great news.
I think Blackside Area 51 is the way I'm going to talk about it.
It's Blackside Area 51.
But there's another big game.
I forget the name of it.
But people put the video up on YouTube.
At the end of the game, when you find the big secret, it's Road to Tyranny and Order of Death, my videos.
The end of the game, I hate to give it away to you, you open up the safe, you've defeated the New World Order, and there are the videos in the safe.
Nice little thing they did, because then all those kids, and I guess adults playing it too, go watch the film.
Yeah, we're definitely having an effect.
You know, I try to get up here and have a happy face about it and be sarcastic sometimes.
About how serious stuff is.
But the government really does put fluoride in your water to rot holes in your brain.
I mean, it's a fact.
I mean, it's so incredible.
Total criminals run everything.
They've been running the country since the 50s.
And, you know, I'm just going to... Now new scientists and now, you know, Nobel Prize winners are all going public about it.
The government did it on purpose.
I mean, do you understand that?
Do you understand that?
Do you understand who runs things?
Why are you still alive then?
God is the reason I'm still alive.
And they don't want to make me a martyr.
But I'm sick of people, every talk show interview I do, I did a couple interviews yesterday, and they're always asking me that.
I just get sick of being asked about it.
I get sick of thinking about it.
I'm just telling the truth here.
And I'm never going to surrender until I draw my last breath.
And I'll come back and haunt the new world order, God willing.
Let's talk to Barbara in Austin, Texas.
You're on the air, Barbara.
Yes, hi, Alex.
I'm calling about slavery and the IRS.
Well, you think that's bad.
What about everybody that runs a restaurant now is going to have to spy on overweight people and not feed them?
I don't know about that.
I mean, they make us all little minion spies of the government.
You violate the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, against having to incriminate yourself when you fill out a tax form.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
On a Saturday morning, I called my bank because I hadn't received the 1099.
And the IRS had frozen your account and sucked it dry with pleasure.
That's right.
All my money was gone.
All my money was gone, and the bank hadn't even given me a call.
How much did they snatch?
No judge, no jury, no letter?
$1,400 they took out.
But my bank, here's for most of the slavery crimes in my bank,
...told me that they were going to charge me a $75 fee for them giving my money away.
Now, why is the Internal Revenue Service that pays the money of the private Federal Reserve, why did they check your money?
I had previously complained to the Austin Police Department about the IRS harassing me.
I complained to them in 2001 and also 2003 because IRS was harassing me.
I was a former employee and I'd left... Oh, that's definite reprisal, yeah.
Well, that's what America's all about, ma'am.
No judge, no jury.
You know, they don't arrest you.
Nothing happens.
But see, Americans think that's normal now.
No judge, no jury, no indictment, no grand jury, no arrest.
Just your body's gone.
But don't worry.
All over the nation.
State police everywhere.
Local police have been caught.
They'll just pull an old lady over.
She'll have five grand on her.
They'll just say, you shouldn't have five grand.
We're taking it.
No judge, no jury, no arrest.
Asset, forfeiture, seizure.
That's what America... That's freedom, ma'am.
There's no due process.
That's good Soviet Union.
But don't worry, officers, those of you that like the system and go along with it.
I know a lot of you don't and are waking up.
Don't worry.
Don't believe me.
I'm a kook.
In your gut, you know I'm not.
But drink a few extra helpings of tap water today.
Just drink it and don't listen to me.
Go ahead and give your 18-month-old baby that third round of shots when they have that convulsion and they're gone and basically drooling in the corner for the rest of their life.
You've got to keep them in diapers until they're 50.
I mean, I wish you wouldn't hurt your children, but you believe in the government, don't you?
You know, I went to buy my wife a present the other day, and I was at the mall.
I rarely go there.
There was just autistic children in wheelchairs everywhere.
And I wanted to stop and tell them, if you have more children, don't take the mercury shots.
But they would have told me, the news says there's no more mercury.
Or, the mercury is good for you.
I heard a doctor on the radio say so.
Okay, don't believe me.
Again, don't believe me, okay?
Don't you believe me.
I mean, I've been on vacations.
I've been at the gym.
I've been everywhere.
And I'd say to a lady who has an autistic child, I'd say,
When did that happen?
And every time they say, well, he was 18 months old, she was 18 months old, and I gave him that third, we went to the doctor, the third round of shots, he had a convulsion in the car, and he never talked again.
He was talking and running around the house and giggling and happy, and he's gone now.
And he's gone now because they love you.
He's gone now because they're sicko eugenicists, and you better find out, every single one of you, what that means, because it tears my guts out to talk about it.
I'm sick of talking about it.
I'm your friend, police.
I'm your friend, military.
I know the majority.
Ron Paul's got more military contributions than both parties combined.
I know the troops are good.
He's got more cop contributions.
I don't know if the cops are good.
I'm talking to that few out there that still serve the system.
I don't even know why I'm attacking the cops.
Most of the cops I talk to, no!
But a lot of them still don't!
This government's evil!
It's gone bad!
A bunch of psycho-scientists!
Run it!
All I'm trying to do is warn you!
Endgame's free on Google Video!
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Hi, neighbor.
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Genetically poisoned food, dangerous food imports, and constantly recalled disease-contaminated foods are mixed in with our safe food.
Farm food production is turned into ethanol fuel.
What should I do?
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Let me get serious with you out there.
Imagine when you read the government documents how the U.S.
and England discovered in the 20s that sodium fluoride was a toxic sedative that attacks every gland, every organ, and causes a 20-point IQ reduction.
It's even worse if you drink it continually as a small child.
Brain damages you.
To find out they put it in the slave camps in Nazi Germany and the gulags in Russia.
That's mainstream history.
Then they come here and put it in our water.
Now, again, I keep harping on that because that's one point of thousands I could get into.
All the testing, all the chemicals, biologicals, radiologicals, they've dumped on U.S.
It's all declassified.
And so today, you ought to go to Google Video and watch Endgame for free.
It costs $150,000 to make.
You can buy the DVD at Infowars.com or Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble and Best Buy.
I don't care if you buy it.
All I want you to do is go watch it.
I mean, it's better quality on the DVD.
It's better quality if you watch it at PrisonPlanet.tv.
But I don't care.
How could I morally not put it up for free?
Before Google Video and YouTube, we couldn't afford to put stuff up for free.
I put up bribery I caught on tape that made national news and the statesmen locally.
In 1999, the Texas legislature was in session.
Was it 2000?
I put it up and got a $4,000 bill at the end of the month just for putting up a four-minute clip.
And I said, that's it.
We're putting this up for free.
But when Google Video came along that same year, I said, baby, it's all free.
All 18 of my films.
Jet airplanes.
You know, we're flying to Istanbul, Turkey to make these films.
To Ottawa, Canada.
To Honduras.
To Nicaragua.
To El Salvador.
To England.
High-def cameras.
I don't take the extra money I get and buy a few more fancy cars or a bigger house.
I take it and I make films to warn you how they're killing you and your family with slow-kill weapons.
That's what I do.
So I just want you to see Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
It's been off and on, number one, number two, number three on Google Video for like a month and a half now.
Tens of millions seeing it.
What did Google Video do?
They took the counter off.
This was getting national attention that all the top videos on Google Video now, go to their most viewed, their top 100.
It's all Patriot stuff.
It's all the truth because people are waking up through their fluoride fog.
And that's only one.
They've been doing that to us since the 50s and other countries since the 30s.
Imagine how long they've been doing other stuff to us.
All right, I'm going to go to Mike, Dan, Mike, Fred, others that are patiently holding.
In fact, Fred's in Japan.
I'm going to go to him first when we get to him.
I want you to understand, this stack of news I have is just the last few days, and what I do on the Sunday show is I kind of go through my stack of news, probably 500, 600 articles, because we print them.
We don't just get them on the web.
We print them out so we have them in our hand.
It's impossible to surf around and go to each story on air.
And I mean, this is a fraction of them right here.
Now, remember last week, it was California's going to pass a law to remote control the thermostat in your house to decide how hot or cold it can be.
Or the feds have passed a law to make you take the new light bulbs that last eight years that are full of mercury and toxic waste.
It doesn't matter if they have phosphorescent bulbs that last almost as long and are much better for the environment.
They don't care.
It's about setting precedents.
And there's a lot of CPS in people's kids in Colorado and California and New York.
And one of the worst places is Arkansas.
Coming and taking your child.
They started it about five years ago in different parts of the country.
Six years, seven years, some areas.
But about five years ago, it started going in everywhere.
And now the psychologist is paid for by the feds.
They're actually reps.
This is in the New Freedom Initiative.
Go read it for yourself.
To try to get, quote, half the kids on drugs.
They already have 20%.
The psychologist that works there is basically a rep for the state.
And they call you in and teach you about suicide, which actually has made suicide go way up.
Ten-year-olds didn't used to think about suicide until they told them about it, and now it's an option.
So suicide explodes.
Putting the kids on Prozac, Ritalin, and then they go nuts like Britney Spears after they get on the stuff.
Every mass killing, every woman that cuts their kids' arms off or drowns, and every shooting we've had at schools, they're always on the serotonin reuptake inhibitors in the psychotropic class.
And I remember in those states, they started, oh, at first it sounded reasonable.
We're going to help your child be healthier.
And they just had a really low standard.
I mean, by low, you didn't have to be but a few pounds overweight, and they put you on a list.
And if you haven't lost that weight in one year, then they put you, quote, on probation.
But there's no law.
There's just people in uniforms, and the public's dumb.
They say, okay, I don't have any rights.
And the next year, if your kid hasn't lost that weight, they take your child!
It's going on all over the country.
And now they want to have a national sales tax, which they have fake conservatives, probably most of them well-meaning idiots, pushing a, quote, fair tax.
They don't tell you, as I saw the federal documents 10 years ago, I've been covering it for 10.
You've been listening to me, some of you for 12.
Let me see, it was 99, 98, about 10 years since I started covering this.
Been on the air since 95.
And I remember reading how
We're good to go.
Buy cigarettes, beer, we're going to know, and then that's going to go on your insurance, and we're going to have socialized medicine, and then we're going to sell the public that we can't be paying for these people overweight or people that smoke or drink or eat red meat.
And so then we'll stop giving them health care through the bioethicist boards, which grows out of eugenics.
Here's the London Telegraph.
Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors.
Now listen to this.
See, first they sell you on what sounds reasonable.
Always sounds, but see where it leads.
Doctors are calling for the NHS treatment to be withheld from patients who are too old or who lead unhealthy lives.
See, too old now.
Oh, you're old.
You don't get any health care.
See, that's what national health care is about.
The government controls it.
Smokers, heavy drinkers, the obese, the obese, and the elderly.
See, oh, you're fat, so you don't get, oh, you're a heavy drinker, oh, you're a smoker.
By the way, you know what the main thing, fluoride attacks, is your thyroid.
And they've been doing treatments now, major studies, if you get off fluoride, your thyroid, if it didn't completely burn out, will reverse it.
I know people that eat regular-sized meals that are overweight.
Why has diabetes gone up 3,000%?
Why has cancer gone from 1 in 33 decades ago to 1 in 3 now?
Why is all this happening?
But see, notice how they say smokers, heavy drinkers, the obese, and then they just add somebody who hasn't done anything.
The elderly should be barred from receiving operations, according to doctors, with most saying the health service cannot afford to provide free health care.
And the government goes on to say it.
government saying it, and reports here pushing it as well.
I have the U.S.
And then I have this off the Drudge Report today from the smoking gun Mississippi politicians seek to ban fats.
New bill would make it illegal for restaurants to serve the obese.
Now, first it was you can't, you've got to clean your counter, sound reasonable.
You can't serve whiskey to eight-year-olds, sounds reasonable.
And then now, oh, and by the way, this is all through international bodies that then give bond ratings to cities and states.
That's why the same laws happening in Mississippi are happening in Texas.
They've pushed this here.
Mississippi legislators this week introduced a bill that would make it illegal for state-licensed restaurants, that's all of them, to serve obese patrons.
Bill number 282, a copy of which you'll find below, is the brainchild of three members of the state's House of Representatives.
Republicans, Marshall Jr., John Reed, and Democrat Bobby Shows.
The bill, which is, and it goes on.
And here it is.
And so they're going to weigh you now, and they're going to come out and tape measure you.
But see, it also makes the restaurant slaves the government having to enforce this.
Folks, this is just the beginning!
How many years did I tell you this?
They're going to run our entire lives controlling our thermostats!
I saw a bill from 1988 where the feds wanted to have the same FEMA system that's in control of this radio station, every TV station.
Everything's wired through it where they can control it.
A FEMA box you're not allowed to get into.
An armored box at the transmitter is controlled by the government.
All cable, all TV, all radio, all the internet hubs.
They hit one button and whatever they want to come out of it.
Have you seen how half the billboards are now government stuff?
Don't be fat.
Don't drink.
Don't, you know, tattle on your neighbor.
Guns are evil.
I'm living in a running man!
I said I'd take your calls, but I got more.
Minister orders fluoride to be added to the water.
London Times.
Despite protests and top scientists saying it's deadly poison, they insist it's for your health.
Oh, they love you so much!
You just wait.
Under the new carbon tax, you're all going to have social workers that visit your house to see if you're wasting energy.
No Bill of Rights, no nothing.
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With never-ending late fees, over-the-limit fees, and higher and higher interest rates...
It has become mathematically impossible to repay all debt, making all of us slaves to our creditors.
The Federal Debt Relief System has created a successful attorney-backed program to legally eliminate credit card debt, personal loans, lines of credit and other unsecure debts which have been fraudulently created by the banks.
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All right.
Final segment.
We're back live.
Some final news coming up right now.
Let's go to your call.
Fred in Japan.
Land of the rising sun.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, fat boy.
I mean that affectionately.
Listen, I live in Austin, but I came over to Japan.
I do video production.
For this tattoo artist, because, you know, real expensive tattoos make us feel like real men.
I love your little comments on that.
Anyway, side note.
I'm in Osaka, and Fulford has his TV show here every Wednesday.
And so I've got an interview with him tomorrow evening.
He's going to let me videotape an interview with him.
And so I was just going to see if you had any...
Anything you might want.
For those who don't know, that's the former Forbes writer who quit because they were censoring him and talks about how the Asians discovered the elite's master plan to exterminate 80% of the world's population.
I've interviewed him several times, including on this Sunday edition.
But, I mean, just bring up whatever issues you want.
I've interviewed him three times.
I was just going to videotape it and then maybe post it to YouTube or something.
So, Fulver didn't tell me you had a television show in Osaka.
Is it regional or is it nationwide?
No, I think what I've been told is Osaka is the second largest city in Japan.
So, I'm pretty sure it's nationwide because the guys that I'm working for, they know him.
They're pretty big fans.
And the people here, at least the people that I've been interacting with, they seem pretty well informed.
I showed them the...
The Japanese Diet Parliament video.
Yeah, the government's saying 9-11's an inside job.
The former Italian president's saying it's an inside job.
The former head of the German parliament's saying it's an inside job.
All these former top CIA people saying it's an inside job.
Oh, but we're kooks.
But then I wanted to show them loose change, and I couldn't figure out how to do it, but they immediately pulled it up, and it's already been translated to Japanese, and they love it.
Good job, man.
Good to hear from you.
That's an Austin transplant to Osaka.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Dan in Texas.
Dan, you're on the air.
Dan in Texas.
Yes, Mr. Jones, I was having one of those moments, one of those Alex Jones is right moments.
If anybody wants to learn how to stay calm in a crisis, they're going to teach it at the Baptist Church in New Braunfels, Texas on February 24th.
They're going to have a lecture on how to stay calm in a crisis.
Now, for those that don't know what that is, I first reported two years ago and had the pastors on and released secret FEMA documents that 13,000 preachers had been secretly trained in 2006 to tell their people to... They tell them, come to learn how to stay calm.
We're good to go.
I think?
They're going to double it again in 08 to 52,000 preachers, an army of the government to tell their flocks to lay down to the government and hand their guns in.
They're getting us ready for martial law.
Tell me the name of the church.
Was this your church, or what happened?
Well, I'm not actually a church member.
The church is called the First Baptist Church.
I'm just kind of a visitor.
I went with a friend, and I was just... Hey, bring me a pen, guys, before I forget to write that down.
First Baptist Church in New Braunfels.
I don't doubt you, because I know they've got 26,000 preachers on FEMA payroll secretly to do it, but now it's not so secret.
And I'm not kidding.
Just type pastors training for martial law or pastors being recruited by government into Google.
You'll find all the documents, the articles, the rest of it.
And when the preacher, one of them came on my show, he faxed it from another place.
The FEMA went and interrogated the place, tracked back when he made the fax and came in and threatened him.
But it doesn't matter.
A year later it came out.
So how did you hear about this?
Well, I went to church.
I went to church on a Sunday morning, and they offered me this packet, the new member packet.
It has all this neat stuff in it, and it has a little brochure in it.
It tells you what they're doing this month, and that's what they're doing this month.
Now, have you heard me talk about that?
Yes, I have.
I've been listening to you for probably five to seven years now.
Now, did you open it and read it at home, or did you see this there?
No, I read it at home.
See, actually, that's what I was going to ask you.
What should I tell these people?
You should go with a video camera.
They're going to hear about this.
FEMA's going to probably be there and say, and again, in America, secret police at a church.
They'll probably tell you, don't have a camera.
But I would just pull one out and start taping and have a friend there.
They'll probably try to call police.
I mean, I don't know this group, but this is a standard MO because you're not allowed to tape it.
Well, it's secret.
Oh, government, martial law.
I mean, see, folks, how bad it is?
Well, don't get crazy now, Mr. Jones.
I'll go ahead and record it for you, but don't go hunting anyone down or nothing like that because I, you know.
Don't want to cause too much trouble, sir.
We want to just let the martial law happen.
I know.
Oh, okay.
You're right.
I mean, specifically, what does it say in there?
I haven't read, though.
Well, it's a lecture.
The brochure doesn't say what they're going to teach.
But that's what church is about in the Soviet Union and China.
You go, and the pastor tells you how to submit to the government and how to worship them.
That's pretty much what they're going to do.
So we'll find out, I guess, huh?
Oh, listen, I want you to... What date is this?
This is on February 24th.
And is it a lecture by the pastor?
I don't know.
I've only been to the church twice.
I assume it's by the pastor.
What to do in a disaster.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, it doesn't matter whether that story's true or not, and the caller sounds credible, but I'm sure it's a wonderful church.
And you've got a lot of well-meaning idiots in these churches that run these systems.
Hitler, of course, recruited the churches.
The Soviets did that, too.
The Communist Chinese did that.
And don't believe me.
Go to prisonplanet.com and read the actual documents.
But you don't have to believe the documents we got a year before it broke in the news.
You can just actually go to the newscast we now have posted where they say, Martial law.
The pastors have been recruited by FEMA to teach their flock how martial law is good and how we must turn our guns in.
That's good, isn't it?
And Ann Coulter's endorsing Hillary Clinton.
That's conservative.
They're going for broke, ladies and gentlemen, because they know when they pull the plug for depression to take everything you've got, you're going to get angry.
So they've got to have all the pastors out there.
No, no, it's of the Lord.
It's of the Lord.
Oh, it's so sick.
Mike in Maryland, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going, man?
Well, I'm learning how I go to church to submit to the church.
Hey, man.
I'm calling you from about 13 miles other side of Fort Detrick.
You ought to see all the building up in the last three years up here at Fort Detrick.
Yeah, that was under BioShield.
Tens of billions of dollars to create huge, expand the biological and chemical weapons labs.
So that's what that's going on.
BioShield, yeah.
Okay, and the other thing is I wanted to let you know that I'm retired military and
And no longer can you, you know, the paper, like medical records that you can't carry in to see your physician wherever you go, Walter Reed, National Naval, they're doing away with that.
It's all got to be in the database in case you were a smoker or in case you are overweight, you're not going to get treatment.
Exactly, and they're changing the meds that you're on.
Yeah, they're going on.
You've been on for 20 years, they're changing them, buddy.
Well, it's for your own good, sir.
Yeah, right.
Sir, drink fluoride, okay?
It's good to have preachers telling people to turn their guns in.
I mean, I mean, I mean... It's going to be a battle.
It's going to be a battle.
We better get ready.
Well, now, sir... I'm going to be fighting.
I'm going to be fighting.
Sir, your pastor says... They even teach him how to let the government take your kids.
It's of the Lord.
This government secretly recruited the preachers, and now they're openly announcing it.
Secretly recruiting preachers?
The Pentagon and FEMA is at the Lord!
Having secret government ops everywhere, it's good!
Oh, Mike in Virginia, where our friends rule us.
Go ahead, you're on the air, sir.
How you doing, sir?
Hey, look, I'll be quick about this.
I should have called at the beginning of the show.
I'm new to all this information.
Just drink more fluoride, you'll be okay.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Go ahead.
I heard you on the Alan Combs Show a couple weeks ago, and I've been hooked ever since.
I've been to your website, infowarsandprisonplanet.com.
I have a couple of questions.
I'll just let you speak on it.
Hit me.
All right.
Like I said, I'm an infant to this kind of awakening, so be patient with me.
I just recently found out that the Federal Reserve is not a governmental agency.
No, a private corporation.
Now they're going to bankrupt everything and take over, yeah.
Yeah, I was wondering if you could comment on that, as well as...
We're in Iraq fighting for democracy, so to speak, but yet we allow families such as the Saudis of Saudi Arabia and the English monarchies to survive and the Kuwaiti families.
It's all staged.
The official Pentagon plan is to exterminate Iraqis and carry out genocide.
But the public thing is 100 years to democratize them.
It's about oil, drugs, no-bid contracts, invading other nations, building permanent bases, and also creating a cadre of military people that have done house-to-house gun confiscation to bring them back here and double the size of the police force with them.
That's all in the Pentagon documents, too.
Everything I say is documented.
Great question, sir.
Call me back next Sunday or during the weekday show, and we can talk more about the run-for-profit Federal Reserve.
Look, I've just been real angry today.
Callers remind me of things, like the preachers being recruited, telling them, let them take your kids, let them take your guns, go to camps, let them give you shots, it's of the Lord.
I mean, that's like a science fiction horror movie.
It's going on all around you.
You need to ask your preachers locally if they're part of this.
Look, the good news is the people have woken up.
They tried to bring fascism in with Hillary and Bush.
They're all together.
It isn't going to work.
The battle's joined.
Spread the word.
Tell everybody about truthnews.us, prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
And look, I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl, but I hope you start thinking about what really matters.
That's your children and your future.
God bless you all.
Big news tomorrow on Prison Planet.
Huge breaking news tomorrow.
Wait till you see it.
Thanks again to the listeners at GCNlive.com.
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