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Air Date: Nov. 21, 2005
2244 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It's Monday, the 21st day of November 2005.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
Hard to believe there's only a month and ten days left, or even less, in 2005.
It seems like it was just yesterday that we were starting in 2005.
It took me about six months to get...
Accustomed to writing 2005 on my checks.
And by the time I've gotten accustomed to that, it's about to be 2006.
So the years are just spilling past us.
Speaking of the years moving by quicker and quicker, as you get older, it's going to be the 43rd anniversary, 43 years since Kennedy was killed in 2006.
Downtown Dallas, Texas in Dealey Plaza, and we've got a guest joining us coming up in the second hour, Dr. Fetzer from Assassination Science, to discuss this with us because tomorrow will be the anniversary of the military coup d'etat by the forces of world government, by the New World Order crowd.
So that's coming up in the second hour today.
We're good to go.
I think?
Interstate 10...
Pulled over a dump truck full of marijuana, completely packed with tons of marijuana, millions of dollars worth of marijuana.
And guess who came over the border a few minutes later?
While the police were busy unloading the marijuana, Mexican troops, and they walked up with their machine guns, and they said, you give us that marijuana right now or you're dead.
And they pulled up with their own bulldozer, and they drug that truck right over, right across the border.
Because you obviously can't pull a bulldozer through the middle of the scrub brush.
They just brought over their bulldozer.
They had their machine guns.
They said, boy, you're on our land.
That's a reconquista.
You ain't heard the news yet?
Basically what happened, they said, yes, sir, you are our master.
Please don't kill us like you normally do.
We're not allowed to even shoot back.
That's right.
They lose their jobs if they shoot back.
I see it every few weeks.
They machine gun their vehicles.
They kill cops, sheriffs, deputies, border patrol, forestry, serving, FBI.
Minor footnote in a local paper.
You'll never hear about it on the national news.
You'll never see it on TV.
You're never going to hear about it.
Can you imagine if Al-CIA, I mean Al-Qaeda, was actually running around killing people?
Three months ago we wrote an article saying 600 plus, according to the mainstream papers here in Texas, have been killed on the Texas and Mexico side of Texas just in one sector.
The Texas sector.
Well, we've got the new numbers.
It's over 800.
I mean, we're talking about Iraq-level deaths here.
I mean, we're talking full-bore war zone.
Kidnappings, truck bombings, murders.
Average cop on the street doesn't even know.
He's just afraid of you because you've got an NRA sticker on your car.
Because the news told him to worry about people that are for freedom.
Mexican troops, I love them.
They're here to help me.
So we'll get into this and a lot more.
We've got a guest coming up concerning this.
So much to talk about.
Cheney is vice president for torture.
I mentioned this Friday, but I want to talk more about it today.
Just a ton of news.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, in a major poll conducted by Le Pew Research, 50% of Americans think torture is a great thing and think torture works.
But 50% of Americans plus cannot find major countries on the globe.
50% of Americans don't spend time with their children.
50% of Americans are soulless creatures of base appetite who are totally unhappy and who our founding fathers would turn from in complete and total shame.
And you know what?
Just because 50% of people eat cockroaches, if 50% of people did eat cockroaches, doesn't mean we all have to run out and do it.
I use the example of the Aztecs.
100% of them thought it was great to give their children over, to have their hearts cut out, and then to be eaten by the priesthood.
The person who would win, the captain of the team who won in the ball-playing courts, played every week in the major capital cities of the Mayans and the Toltecs and the Aztecs, they would, quote, get to get sacrificed.
They would play so hard for the honor of being given a...
We're good to go.
And yes, folks, by any yardstick, there is a very evil group of people in this country.
And I would even call them the majority, but they're a sizable group who are getting more base every day.
And that is going to be the source or the reservoir of sicko enforcers that the New World Order is going to use.
The good news is, on average, they're very stupid.
They're very slow.
They're very mindless.
They're not very motivated.
And basically, it's going to be like a war with a bunch of drooling zombies.
They don't move very quick, folks, mentally or physically.
They're a bunch of trash, so don't be intimidated by them.
And know this, we are waking up, out of the other groups that are out there, waking up a greater and greater portion all the time.
It was, what, around 40,000 people that fought in the Revolutionary War over the seven, eight years against the British?
And only about 6,000 died in that entire war against the British.
And at any one time we were fighting odds of 1 to 8.
We're outnumbered 8 times.
So really it is an illusion.
It is a transitory illusion.
It is a fraud.
It is a scam.
It is the man behind the curtain acting like he's big, bad, and powerful.
Now, we have a window to defeat these people, and they know that.
Once their cashless society tracking taxation grid is in, once the Air Force is over half robotic, which it will be in just a few years, 2011,
When their ground forces are half mechanized and remote control pre-programmed, or what you'd call robotic combat mechanized systems, then things really start to get dangerous for the human species.
And we're very close, the elite is very close to having that.
Though they're behind in their time schedules at almost every level, and their program is laboring and in a lot of trouble right now.
But again, that's a whole treatise I've got to do another day.
I keep saying I'm going to really try to break down their master plan, what it'll look like, what'll happen.
And we know what their program is.
It's just so important I can't just basically babble it out here on the air.
I need to write it down or write it down and then put it to video.
It's very important.
But there is good news.
I mean, now Stansfield Turner, very respected CIA director for Carter and Reagan,
They said that we've crossed the line into dangerous territory.
He says that this is shaming America and that it's embarrassing and that torture is no good, the information is no good, the data you gain from it is no good.
And it's what the Nazis did.
And that he's worried about our soldiers and people that are captured in the future being tortured and foreign governments saying, well, we're allowed to torture.
Mr. Turner, don't worry.
That was Americans of the past would grasp that hypocrisy and that irony.
Not the Americans of today, the type that will buy.
They'll, this is dumb.
We've got rape rooms and torture.
Well, he was our boy.
Well, that's all right, but it's bad now that he was doing it.
Well, now we're doing it.
Well, good.
But you just said it was bad.
Shut up.
I mean, that's really the attitude.
But actually, this government's going after your guns.
This government's getting rid of your borders.
This government's taking your jobs.
This government openly says in handbooks they want to dumb your children down and take their financial future.
Shut up.
You know what?
You don't like it.
You need to leave.
But I'm trying to help you.
I'm trying to warn you.
But see, they played a mental trick to themselves because deep down, the brain's very powerful.
Deep down, they know the truth.
Everybody knows it deep down.
And either they rationalize and make excuses, or they grovel to it.
A lot of people are afraid of this evil, so they decide to join it.
Well, if I just join it, I'll be alright.
You're in the worst spot all.
And then there's those of us that know the truth, but are still afraid to fight it and just try to stay neutral.
And then you've got the...
Individuals that know the truth but are just afraid and kind of passively fight the New World Order, then you've got the people that are actually on the front lines fighting it.
And you only live once.
I mean, I use that Braveheart line, but it's true.
Many years from now, lying in your beds, what would you do once, just once, come back here and tell our enemies, you can take our lives, but you'll never take our freedom!
I mean, why do you think we have all of these possessions?
Why do you think we have all this land?
Why do you think we have all this freedom that's left?
Why are we the apple of the eye when we don't even have that many resources compared to Russia or Africa or other areas of the world?
China's got more resources!
Look at the numbers.
Why do we have so much?
Half the world's wealth.
Four percent of the population.
Because for all our foibles and all our warts and all our problems, we were still the freest and the best and the smartest and the most educated and the most dynamic and the most ready to die.
I mean, you really read history.
The Japanese like to talk about it.
And it's true how they'll go sacrifice themselves and they'll go fight and they've got courage.
And it's true.
It's cultural.
But you look at Americans.
I mean, just time and time again, not just going up against overwhelming odds, 8 to 1, 10 to 1, but actually winning.
Where everybody gets killed, but then out of that comes an even greater victory.
What have we turned into?
These drooling, moronic, soft creatures.
And I'm one of them.
I'm not up here saying I'm hard.
But I tell you, compared to a lot of people, I'm really hard.
And I'm really informed.
And that scares me, because I don't hold a candle to people like Thomas Jefferson.
And people like George Washington.
And people like John Hancock.
And Samuel Adams.
And Patrick Henry.
I mean, who are our heroes?
Look, I'm not saying Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods...
Or some bicyclist, some cyclist who doesn't deserve to have some admiration for physical prowess and dedication.
But all the psychological studies, history shows, everything shows, moral courage.
Courage in the face of actual death and courage in the face of everyone being against you and being the first to stand up and say no to slavery.
You try saying you're against slavery in 1800 when 90-something percent of people were for it.
But just 40, 50 years later, over 60% were against it.
You see, in the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared.
But in time, when his cause succeeds, attend and join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
My hero is that single mother.
I'm not saying it's heroic that she got pregnant when she was 14.
This is a hypothetical story, folks.
But my hero is, you know, she's 25 years old now.
She's raised those children.
She's worked three jobs.
She's kept them out of trouble.
They're doing well in school.
She read to them every night.
She talked to them.
She explained to them about how the world worked and how people wanted to enslave them and how people wanted to bring them down and, you know, always be a good boy.
Don't ever play with guns, to use the Johnny Cashian line.
That's a hero.
A firefighter who goes into that burning house.
They do it all the time to save some child and gets burns all over them or dies in there.
That's a real hero.
Somebody who, I think 75 years ago, when they were building those big skyscrapers, those men every day going up there without guide wires, without safety lines, just walking out there, people dying every day to build these big buildings, the people out on those big dams, building those big dams, the people that circumnavigated the globe, people like Magellan.
I mean, these were men!
These were women!
These were people who were, for all their problems, were incredible individuals.
We're daring, just bubbling with courage and foresight and intelligence and dynamic drive.
Our heroes 100 years ago, just 75 years ago, were inventors.
They were rock stars.
People couldn't get enough of them.
People couldn't quit reading about them.
That's why we literally had over 80% of the world's inventions until just a few years ago.
Now, we're pathetic.
No, now it's somebody can put a little ball in a hoop and somebody can ride a little bicycle around in a little yellow outfit.
And our children see that.
I mean, our heroes were Davy Crockett, who after a long life being in Congress and being the heads of state houses and owning land and everything, you could knock him, they could demonize him all day.
Still, he died for what he believed in.
They knew there were 4,000 troops coming over that hill and there were only 180-something of them.
They knew those walls were only about 6-7 feet tall.
They knew they were going to die.
They said that.
They wrote letters.
They just said, you know what?
I'm not backing off.
That's how we got here and that's who we are.
We're not backing off.
And I'm not backing off.
I am honored to be where I am.
I am honored the fact the New World Order someday may kill me.
I'm not worried about it.
They don't have my soul.
They don't control what drives me.
They don't control my desires.
They don't push me around like a little sailboat, a little paper toy sailboat in a pond.
I control my destiny.
God controls my destiny.
I will always stand up against the New World Order.
There's nothing they got on us.
We got the power.
We got the will.
We got the spirit of God in us.
And we're coming, New World Order!
We're coming!
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
You are that standard.
Stand up.
Lift up.
Be part of history.
Take your destiny.
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Government is best which governs me.
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Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
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Osama been forgotten.
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By the way, today at about 2 o'clock, I'm not going.
I figured the family doesn't need a giant crowd there of people to bug them.
Tex and Wanda Mars' daughter died last week, and then they're having the funeral today here in Austin.
And Jack Brownrigg died yesterday.
Jack Brownrigg with Genesis Communications Radio Network and Minus Resources.
Minus Resources is for over 10 years.
Jack, who you've heard on the show many times over the years, he died after a, what, four-year battle with cancer?
That guy was tough.
I was just up at Genesis a few months ago, I guess six months ago or so, and
He'd already had like, I don't know, three surgeries for cancer, a lung taken out, a bunch of other... He just kept beating cancer and it'd pop up somewhere else.
And Jack Brownwood died yesterday, so our prayers go out to the family there.
And, of course, we're sure he's gone home to be with the Lord.
I know Jack was a devout Christian, a good guy.
But it is...
It is sad, but you know what?
He led a full life.
Has a lot of kids, a lot of grandkids.
Very happy person.
Just stiff upper lip and big smile.
Cheshire cat smile on his face.
Until the end, I'm told.
And he died yesterday at about 5.30 in the morning.
On a Sunday morning.
So remember that.
Life is going to be gone before you know it.
It seems like five minutes ago I was ten years old.
Now I'm in my thirties and got a wife and children and
Fighting the New World Order.
I mean, life is just gone so fast.
And really, all we are is what we leave behind.
And that doesn't mean that... I hate that bumper sticker.
It says, The man with the most toys when he dies wins.
That is ridiculous.
With the most junk?
Possessions really are a hassle.
Having to change the oil and fiddle with my tires and having to get the roof done on the house and fiddling with clothes and going to the... It really is a hassle.
I guess all it brings is some security, and that's a good thing.
But my only point is that there are things that matter a lot more in this world.
And I'm not saying money itself is a bad thing, but the love of it is the root of all evil.
When you'll sell out your grandma for a stick of bubble gum, as my grandfather used to say, he'd kill an old lady for a stick of bubble gum, or for the change in her pocket.
Talking about some criminal he'd see on TV or read about in the newspaper.
And there really are those types who are so self-centered, so focused on themselves, they could care less about anybody around them.
And those are the type of individuals we're fighting.
But the good news is there are still decent people out there, more and more of them.
I mean, how many prominent individuals, former top briefers for Reagan and Bush Sr.
and members of Congress and...
Number two at Treasury and editors for the Wall Street Journal.
Just so many prominent people that have come on this radio show.
Morgan Reynolds, the chief economist.
How many of them come on this show and just say it's disgraceful, we're going into martial law, it's the end of America, total tyranny, we've got to do something.
I mean, I had the head of the Border Patrol on, the head of the Border Patrol Union.
He said, it's all a world government takeover.
We've been told we're to give up America into the Pan-American Union.
That's why we're not told to fire back as they kill us.
And now it's happened again.
Mexican troops just walk right up.
Miles into U.S.
territory on the Highway 10, aimed machine guns at the police, and said, give us the drugs, and the police have to kneel before them.
But at least Stansfield Turner and others now.
Going public, Cheney is vice president for torture.
A former CIA director has exclusively told ITV News that torture is condoned and even approved by the Bush government.
Well, yeah, the devastating accusations.
They're not accusations.
We have the White House memos telling the generals to order the troops to torture to death.
We're good to go.
The American Senate says torture should be banned, whether the justification, whatever the justification, but President Bush has threatened to veto their ruling.
The former spymaster claims President Bush is not telling the truth when he says that torture is not a method used by U.S.
Well, of course he's lying.
Speaking of Bush's claims that the U.S.
does not torture, Admiral Turner, who ran the CIA from 77 to 81, said, I do not believe him.
Well, we have orders to the troops to torture.
That's the thing.
They order them to torture.
And they said, we just no longer call it torture, even if you kill him, which is not torture.
It's pressure.
That's like if I shoot you five times in the head and I say, well, I didn't shoot him in the head, officer.
I call that loving.
I call that sweeten.
I call that kissing.
I call that freeing him.
I freed him.
It's just psychopathic word games.
It's like Charlie Manson.
We didn't kill that lady.
We loved her.
We gave her love.
You just punch somebody in the nose that talks like that.
It's just gibbering psycho talk.
On Dick Cheney, he said, I'm embarrassed the United States has a vice president for torture.
He condones torture.
What else is he?
He went on to say it's going to get our troops tortured and killed.
And he just said we're turning into a police state.
I agree with him.
You know what?
I mean, a duck is a duck.
It walks like a duck, whacks like a duck.
It's in the water.
It's a duck.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, the Dallas Morning News reported three months ago that 600 plus people have been killed on the Texas and Mexico side
Just in the Texas sector alone, we have had car bombs go off in Dallas.
We've had the U.S.
mission shut down in Nuevo Laredo a few months ago because of RPG attacks and explosions around the building.
We've had the Mexican Army has had to be called in with federal police to arrest large portions of the Nuevo Laredo police force themselves.
We've had sheriff's deputies killed.
We've had informants killed.
We've had
Forest Service people killed.
Border Patrol killed.
I've had the head of the Border Patrol Union on talking about this.
They're told not to shoot back.
It's kept quiet.
They're told to shut up about it.
And from New Mexico to Arizona to Texas, this has been happening and we've been covering it.
Can you imagine if Al-Qaeda was running around shooting and killing and bombing and kidnapping American citizens and dragging them across and holding them at gunpoint?
I mean, this should be a national story.
Now, this latest one, the police, the Border Patrol pulled over this truckload of marijuana, and then the person jumped the road and drove towards the border, and then what looks like Mexican troops came across right there at the border itself, and then drug it back over across in an armed standoff.
This shouldn't be happening.
Let me just read part of this article, then we're going to go to our guest, who I really appreciate coming on on short notice.
And he's the county sheriff's chief deputy in Hudspeth County, if I'm pronouncing that right.
Armed standoff on Rio Grande.
This is from World Net Daily.
It's up on InfoWars.com right now.
Uniformed Mexicans with guns bulldozer sees drug bus truck from Border Patrol.
It says, U.S.
Border Patrol agents were backed down this week by armed men dressed in what appeared to be Mexican military uniforms and carrying military weapons who seized a captured dump truck filled with marijuana from U.S.
agents and drug it across the border into Mexico with a bulldozer.
That's what they say.
The border incident occurred Thursday evening when border agents attempted to pull over a dump truck on Interstate 10 in Hudspeth County, Texas.
Thank you.
We're able to unload all the marijuana.
Guess who showed up?
According to Hudspeth County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Doyle, the drunk truck driver returned with armed men, some of whom drove official-looking vehicles and overhead lights.
Some of those armed, Doyle told the El Paso Times, appeared to be Mexican soldiers in uniform with military weapons.
It's a very serious incident, Doyle said.
We are very fortunate no one got hurt.
Everyone has the presence of mind not to cause an international incident or start shooting.
Well, the Americans do, not the Mexicans.
And it just goes on.
Folks, it is bedlam.
It is bedlam.
And we need Rick Perry to declare an emergency.
I mean, he'll declare an emergency if a chicken gets run over in the middle of the highway to prance around and act like our savior.
He needs to declare an emergency on the border.
He needs to put the...
State guard there.
He's put the National Guard there.
We need to have state funding.
I mean, just some type of small amount of funding compared to everything else they spend to put armored vehicles down there so these agents and these police are safe.
And we need to give the orders.
I mean, they need to shoot back when they get shot at.
I know that.
But they weren't shot at this time.
Thank God.
Chief Deputy Mike Doyle, thank you for joining us, sir.
Good morning.
How are you?
Good, sir.
Tell us about your county, exactly where it's located, and what specifically happened last week.
And then try to give us an overview of what's going on there on a routine basis, please.
Well, Hutsworth County sits just east of El Paso.
We're pretty much a remote mountain desert area.
And we've got quite an extensive stretch of Mexico border that we share.
This county covers approximately 5,000 square miles, and we've got a limited number of resources and manpower to cover it with.
And in all fairness to some of what you just said, the governor has made available some finances for the sheriffs with the Border Coalition of Counties.
But it was only a few million dollars.
Well, that's true, but at this point in time, every little bit helps.
No, I'm talking about billions of dollars.
Sir, they spend $40 million for a pedestrian walk bridge here in Austin.
Well, I'm not in Austin, so I'll reserve comment.
But, no, we are very short on funds and very short on manpower.
And, you know, anything we get is appreciated.
However, you're correct.
It is just a drop in the bucket.
There's much more needed.
What we're looking forward to in the near future is hopefully some federal funds coming down that will allow us to actually hire more people and buy more equipment.
But that's going to need to be more than a one-time shot.
It needs to be an ongoing.
Now, places like Nuevo Laredo, that's the real hot spot in Texas, and there's other places like Cochise County in Arizona that are hot spots as well, where raids of illegal aliens come in and just burn down 12 houses in a single night.
I mean, it's getting crazy.
I don't know if you've seen things like that in your area.
I haven't read a lot of incidents in your area, but I would imagine you've got problems.
I know with the drug dealing, I've seen a lot of reports in your area.
But, I mean, to have these armed people coming across and then basically dragging this back over the border... Well, again, I reiterate, they never actually came onto U.S.
soil other than the truck driver himself.
The persons that were armed pretty well stopped right in the middle of the river.
Of course, that's where the truck was stuck at.
And there was bulldozer there in their area that they were able to...
Well, I'm sure you've heard of the reports of them shooting citizens of the United States, kidnapping people, shooting police.
Does that concern you?
Well, of course it does.
So far, most of that has occurred in Texas on the radar end of the state.
I'm on the opposite end.
I guess it's fortunate that I don't have the population that they have in South Texas.
We have our problems out here, but we are also a sparsely populated area.
To date, we've been fortunate that nothing has actually occurred to our citizens.
In respect to the way it's been happening in Laredo.
Now, obviously, you guys are right there on the borderline in the middle of the riverbed.
I guess it's dry this time of year.
And, I mean, describe how this happened.
It says state troopers and, of course, people from your sheriff's office are there.
How many deputies?
How many state police?
I mean, how did this transpire?
Exactly what happened?
Well, Border Patrol had made initial contact with this dump truck as it came up on Interstate 10.
Of course, you know, we're talking about a large truck versus a small patrol type vehicle.
And the truck proceeded south back toward the river.
Now, when it reached this area that we call Neely's Crossing, it became stuck in the river.
Once Border Patrol became aware of the fact that they had armed people approaching from the south side of the rivers when they called us for assistance, we probably had seven to eight people from our department in that area.
And there was eventually about seven or eight Highway Patrol officers that came in, but it took a while to get these people into the area.
We're good to go.
So, you guys are there unloading it, the state police and the sheriff's deputies are unloading it.
Obviously, you guys then pulled back whenever you saw the armed Mexicans, or what happened?
Well, actually, no.
I mean, it was like grab what you can before they jerked the truck out from under you.
So, they're there right in front of you, hooking it up, and you're busy grabbing marijuana off the back.
Well, that's a story in and of itself.
That's crazy.
So they just march up with their guns, dressed up in what looked like, you said they looked like Mexican troops?
Well, no, they're dressed that way.
Anybody can put on a uniform, whether it be theirs or ours.
Well, I've got to tell you, I mean, as a teenager, I've been on vacation down in Cancun and rented a car and drove out to see the pyramids, and you'll just see Mexican troops standing in the backs of Jeeps with heavy machine guns guarding marijuana fields.
Well, I have heard that myself, although I have never actually seen it myself.
I've seen it.
So I don't think it's a stretch to... I mean, everybody knows that a lot of the Mexican government deals drugs.
They just had that big federal raid in Nuevo Laredo I mentioned earlier where they had to arrest a bunch of the police because they were doing it.
Well, like I said, I have heard reports of that, but I've never actually seen it, and I do not know...
Proof positive who these people were, but I do know what they looked like.
Can you specifically describe it for us, Chief Deputy Mike Doyle?
Were you there?
I mean, you told the press you were there.
You told the press you saw the military troops.
Were you there at the dump truck site or somewhere else?
No, I was en route to that location.
I did have a couple of my officers already there.
So it was your deputies that said they saw them?
Gotcha, because the newspaper doesn't have all those details.
We're just trying to flesh that out here.
So basically, your deputies and the state police are there trying to get the drugs off the vehicle, and they're busy dragging it away.
Pretty much, the deputies and the state police are there to make sure that the Border Patrol...
Well, that really is a standoff then.
Literally, you guys are there, the state police and the sheriff's deputies are there with their guns.
Meanwhile, Mexican paramilitary forces, whatever they are...
Clearly Mexican troops, folks, whether on or off duty.
And they're there just dragging away.
Were the deputies still, or not deputies, were the Border Patrol still there unloading the drugs while they're busy dragging it away, or did they jump off at the point they started dragging it away?
Well, at the point that the truck started to be drug out, the Border Patrol vacated the truck.
So there's Border Patrol jumping off of the dump truck as they begin to drag it away.
That was my understanding.
I'm not going to swear to that, but that's the way I understood that it occurred.
Talking to your deputies, were they... I mean, the police will draw down on you if they...
Think anything's suspicious.
So I would imagine, were your deputies aiming their firearms at the armed men?
There were weapons pointed in both directions, yes.
So this could have gone bad very quickly.
Very much so.
Well, that's... You could make a TV show out of this one incident.
Well, you know, pretty much, I think that
The whole reason for letting the story out and doing the press release, we've never really done things like this before.
We try to handle our own business.
But the public needs to be aware of the fact that we do need help from our government in order to finance and hire more people to try to do our job.
Well, that's why we called to get you on, because we try to tell people about this stuff.
I mean, obviously, I'm here in Texas, so I read about it more than, say, somebody in Kansas City or up in New York.
And most people just find it hard to believe this is going on.
I mean, you say you haven't talked a lot about this in the past.
Can you fill us in on some of the other instances that have taken place?
Well, in past years, I think in 2002 and in 2003, there was also a couple more incidents down there.
In one case, there was a water patrol agent that was shot in the leg while they were trying to get in on another load of dope, a smuggling load.
And there's been another case where water patrol agents were ran at with a vehicle and there were shots fired.
We had another incident.
I don't know if you know what a quinceanera is, but it's like a birthday party, a 50th birthday party celebration for a young lady that the Mexicans celebrate and call it a quinceanera.
We had an incident where a car lift came through
On a road right next to where one of these parties was going, there was a lot of small children in the area and proceeded south back toward the river and there were shots fired and exchanged on that incident.
There's been several through the years, but again, it doesn't occur every day.
But nonetheless, it's kind of something that we look for and expect out in this area.
But even in your little sparsely populated area, you've had Border Patrol shot, you've had other people shot at on a routine basis.
I mean, this is just out of control.
Now, I'm not an expert in all of this, but if we put National Guard on the border, and the next time these armed troops start shooting, if we kill a whole bunch of them, I think they're probably going to stop doing what they're doing.
Well, I understand what you're saying there, and I'm not going to say I disagree with you, but I think a lot of the responsibility is going to have to lie with the Mexican government taking control on their side of the border.
Because we've got a line there that we can't cross.
We can deal with what we find on our side of the line.
But it's hard to deal with the people on the other side of that border.
Well, plus, I mean, just dealing with the normal fights going on at somebody's house or somebody steals a car.
I mean, I'd imagine you guys are pretty busy having to deal with just the regular stuff and then having this Wild West border.
Well, you know, it's not all Wild West.
You know, for the biggest part of it, this sounds, I guess, kind of...
Silly under the circumstances because you're talking about death and felony offenses and people running narcotics.
But for the most part it's always been catch me if you can.
And the people out in this area, very few of them ever actually carried guns.
But you've got this small element that has changed the whole scope of things.
And they choose to endanger property and life.
And that's the part that we need to help on.
Well, before it turns into an away Laredo, where now Laredo, everything's shut down, nobody goes there for tourism anymore, the city on our side's dying.
We've had newscasts locally about that.
It's getting bad.
Well, there never has been a whole lot of tourism right where I'm at, but the incidents have began to increase.
Things that are happening now, it's not like it was in years past.
You know, we need to take control of it before it gets worse.
So you think things are starting to get out of control?
Well, not yet, but it's headed that way, and I don't want to see it get out of control.
Well, Chief Deputy, thank you so much for spending time with us, sir.
All right.
Thank you.
You bet.
God bless you.
All right, folks, there they go.
We'll be right back, and we'll get into some other news.
We have another guest coming up as well as we talk about the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination coming up tomorrow.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, we just talked to the Chief Deputy, who you can tell was a good old boy, a nice fella.
And they don't want to panic people.
I mean, they've still got the Nuevo Laredo
Mexican side and the Laredo, Texas side on the news telling us, come down, come down, it's wonderful.
But then you talk to the locals, I'm moving, I'm getting out of here.
Everything's shutting down.
Hotels are shutting down.
I mean, we're talking 800 dead in just the Texas-Mexico border area.
And it's about even on each side.
I mean, 2,000 troops in Iraq.
It's really about 8,000, but that's the official number, 2,000.
We're talking about massive numbers here.
Just in their rural little mountainous nobody area.
I've been down in that county.
They have had Border Patrol shot in the leg.
Every week or two, I see a story where they shoot up a Border Patrol vehicle, shoot Border Patrol on horseback, shoot Border Patrol, kill sheriff's deputies, and it's a minor footnote.
So I'm glad that this particular sheriff down in that particular county has gone public, is doing what he's doing.
And this is a military attack.
This is a military invasion.
That's what this is.
When they come in, aim their guns at the police.
I mean, I vote.
If you go out and you walk up to police, and you aim guns at them, and you tell them what to do, that'd be all over the news.
It'd be the... Antichrist has risen.
He has appeared.
He is attacking.
But it happens on our South Texas border, and it's kept quiet.
So I'm glad...
We wouldn't know about this if they wouldn't have told us about it.
But it's a drop in the bucket.
The only reason we're talking about this particular case is because they did speak.
Can you imagine?
The Mexican troops are aiming guns at them, and they're there with the state police, and they're there with the sheriff's deputies and the border patrol, and they're unloading marijuana as they drive away with it.
Personally, I wouldn't risk my life going after that marijuana.
You know, I think we should decriminalize because the government ships in the heroin and the cocaine to drive up the prices.
That is a criminal element within the government does.
And the bigger the drug war gets, the more drugs we have on our streets because it adds the element of money to it.
And it gets a lot of people killed, including cops.
Police should be dealing with child kidnappers.
They should be dealing with murderers.
They should be dealing with rapists.
They should be dealing with embezzlers.
They should be dealing... No, but you can't get a cop out to your house, and it's happened to me twice, when your car gets stolen.
You can't get them.
It's happened to me in Dallas and Austin.
You can't get them to come out when your motor transportation is stolen.
But, oh, they'll sure come out looking for a marijuana cigarette.
The priorities are all screwed up, ladies and gentlemen.
You want police running around giving everybody tickets?
Or do you want police out going after real crime that endangers us all?
And 20, 30 years ago, that's what police did.
But they've shifted it now to this micromanaging our lives.
We're going to start the second hour.
And I'm going to go to a couple of your calls, Joe and Emmett.
We've been holding the longest, and then we've got a doctor coming on, a professor, assassination science, to talk about the Kennedy assassination.
It's the, what, 43rd anniversary.
All right, I'll be out here in Austin, Texas.
They're up in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We've been having some connection issues, so we'll be right back with all the news and your calls and a great guest.
Stay with us.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're now into the second hour of this November 21, 2005 edition.
And we've got, again, a professor coming up in a few minutes to talk about what really happened with the Kennedy assassination 43 years ago tomorrow.
It is the eve of that assassination.
And we've got so many other news items to cover, so many other issues to go over.
We will cover those in the next two hours.
Right now, let's go to Eddie in England, been holding with Joe Emmett and others.
Eddie, you're on the air.
Am I speaking with Alex?
Where are you calling us from?
Yes, you are.
Well, North Midlands, England, yeah.
North Midlands.
Is that near Sheffield?
Yeah, about 20 miles away, I guess.
All right.
Well, Paul's back in Sheffield now.
Yeah, I heard him on your program a while ago.
I just phoned up regarding the start of your program, because of course I know nothing about Texas and marijuana.
When you were speaking about the moral part of society, or lack of the morals of society, I just wanted to give you a couple of quotes, if you will allow me.
George Orwell said...
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Yeah, I have a t-shirt that says that.
Oh, right, I'm very sorry.
But one of your own very good people, Benjamin Franklin, said they that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
And that's where I'm with you all the way.
There's so many people who for the
Fooled into thinking that their government is giving them security when the government is simply crushing them.
Well, it's like taking a loan from the mafia.
That's what power and centralization has always been like.
And so people think they get free money from the government.
No, the government takes a dollar and gives you 30 cents back with strings attached.
The last one I was going to give you, if I may, very short.
How fortunate for leaders...
That men do not think.
Guess who said that?
Adolf Hitler.
That's exactly right, sir.
Yes, how fortunate it is for the leaders that the people do not think.
Yes, and your next guest, of course, which I'm going to listen to, when Kennedy's assassination and the whole world went doolally mad, none of them thought that he had written Executive Order 1111,
That's what killed him.
Well, you're right.
He signed that executive order that was going to abolish the Federal Reserve.
And that order was rescinded on the plane back to Washington with LBJ.
And I've now interviewed LBJ's mistress and his lawyer.
And I have two eyewitnesses.
Eyewitnesses to him bragging to killing Kennedy.
And I appreciate you joining us from England, sir.
Really interesting points.
Are you still there?
Yes, I am, sir.
Okay, go ahead and finish up.
We're about to break.
Well, if you've got that, you're in terrible danger, sir.
That's all I can say for you.
Well, I think we're all in danger.
We're all going to die.
I get in my car every day.
That's pretty dangerous.
But I'll tell you that, no, I mean, I've had him on air.
I've had Barr McClellan on, father of the White House press secretary, public personal lawyer for, what, 12 years for LBJ.
And I've interviewed his mistress, who's now dead.
I interviewed her about nine years ago, Madeline Duncan Brown, in studio.
Will I be able to email you, sir?
You can email me, and I do read it.
I read it.
My wife reads it, or one of my three webmasters reads it.
I mean, you've got a chance.
We read everything.
One of those four people will read it, sir.
But fire away.
It's tips at infowars.com is the best place.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
Well, Joe and him and others, we'll get to you.
Don't worry.
That fellow from England was on his own dime.
Interesting points he made.
We'll be right back with Professor Fetzer.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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The civil emergency was created by the police.
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The medical bills...
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We've interviewed Dr. James Fetzer several times over the years.
He joins us to commemorate the sad 42nd, I keep saying 43rd, 42nd anniversary coming up tomorrow.
We're on the eve of it right now of JFK being murdered in Dealey Plaza.
90 plus percent of Americans now in major polls believe the government was involved.
That is, elements of the government were involved.
These are mainstream polls.
Between 80 and, I've seen polls as high as 95 percent.
But still they get on the national television to call us grassy knoll conspiracy theorists when their official story is the most ridiculous, unprovable, impossible conspiracy theory of them all.
So that's coming up here in just a few minutes, and we'll open the phones up for anyone who would like to talk about the JFK assassination, the anniversary again coming up tomorrow.
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All right.
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Going to Professor James Fetzer of Assassination Science.
He is an editor, he is an author, he is just a great lecturer, a great mind.
Professor Fetzer, thank you for joining us again, sir.
My great pleasure, Alex.
I know you have a very busy schedule, especially right now.
Tell us just kind of a thumbnail sketch, an overview of who Professor Fetzer is, how you woke up.
I think you're right, Alex.
I mean, if you can knock off the President of the United States in the middle of the day in broad daylight in a major American city in front of hundreds of witnesses and
We're good to go.
Well, I agree with you, Professor.
For the listeners, tell us a little bit about yourself, your websites, things of that nature.
Yes, I'm a professional philosopher.
My field is the history of science and the philosophy of science.
In 1992, I began to collaborate with some of the best qualified individuals to ever study the death of JFK.
We have had fantastic success in separating the authentic from the inauthentic evidence, discovering that the medical record was extensively
...altered apparently at Bethesda Naval Hospital when the President's body, the x-rays, the photographs and so forth were under control of naval officers of the United States, medical officers of the United States Navy, the President's personal physician, agents of the Secret Service.
We've turned up over 15 indications of Secret Service complicity in taking him out, including not welding the manhole covers, not covering the open windows, not controlling the crowds which were allowed to spill out into the street, having the vehicles in the wrong sequence,
Canceling the flatbed truck that would normally carry all the reporters in front of the presidential limousine.
Moving the president's physician and his military aide to the very last limousine.
Taking an improper motorcade route.
Actually having the driver bring the limousine to a halt in Dealey Plaza after bullets began to be fired.
Getting a bucket and sponge and mopping up blood and brains out of his limousine before the man was even pronounced dead.
Having the limousine taken back to Michigan and completely torn down and rebuilt from ground up on Monday, the day of the official state funeral.
Well, one of the Secret Service agents took the autopsy photographs that were exposed but not developed, and also the autopsy x-rays, both exposed and developed, and the next time we have access to them, Alex, the only time the public has access to them, they have been substantially altered and changed.
I've worked with the World Authority on the Human Brain, Robert B. Livingston, MD, who concluded that the brain shown in diagrams and photographs in the National Archives can't possibly be the brain of JFK.
With David W. Manning, MD, PhD.
Well, sir, I want to go over all this slowly today, and I'll hold you over to the next hour if you can, just so we can talk about this.
But, number one, I mean, I've shot deer and wild hogs in the head with a high-powered rifle, so I know what it does.
I've never shot a person, but I know what it does.
I've seen the forensics evidence.
Dr. Fetzer, but I would like to specifically just point out to people that we saw his brain splatter.
So how do they show an unsplattered brain and then claim that it was hit by a 30-odd 6-round?
Yeah, what you're seeing, Alex, is a barrage, a special effect that shows the brain bulging out to the right front.
There are actually x-rays that
Suggest that he was missing that right front quarter of his skull, which is the kind of effect that you might have if he had been hit in the back of the head by a high-powered rifle.
But Noel Twyman, the author of Bloody Treason, about a 900-page book about the individuals and groups who appear to have been involved in the assassination, consulted with Roderick Ryan, a special effects expert who actually won the Academy Award in the year 2000 for his contributions to cinema, who told him that that had been painted in
What we've discovered, Alex, is that these Pruder films, which most persons tend to assume is an authentic... Which the government released.
Yeah, record of the assassination has been massively recreated using...
Techniques of optical printing and special effects where you can combine any foreground with any background.
Well, clearly, clearly, even on the supposers of murder film, I mean, it looks like the back of his head blows off, so how do they say it's the front?
Well, that's great.
That's actually great observation, Alex.
Yeah, but that back and to the left is a very curious phenomenon.
David W. Mandic, who may be the leading expert on the assassination in the world today,
Today, I believe that that may be an artifact of the way it was edited.
You may recall that when the frames were actually published in the supporting volumes for the Warren Report, that frames 314 and 315, which immediately follow the hit frame at 313, were published in reverse order.
So that's the jump.
Yeah, and if you look at that, the reverse order greatly mitigates that back-and-to-the-left effect.
But that appears to have been a case where somebody didn't get the word, Alex, in the case of...
Finishing up the recreation of the film, somebody didn't get the word and reducing that problem wasn't taken care of.
Jackie, of course, said he looked perfectly normal from the front.
She said, you know, she was holding him in her lap all the way to Parkland Hospital.
She was trying to hold his brains in in the back.
Terrible time trying to hold his brains, his skull together in the back.
Yeah, well, and that's what she said in the interview.
She was having to push the brain back in.
She tried to put it back in.
Stay there.
We'll be right back after this break.
And we'll go through all this.
We have plenty of time.
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Dr. James Fetzer, professor, is our guest, author, researcher, editor.
And we've got plenty of time.
We're going to keep him about 20 minutes in the next hour.
We will open the phones up later in this hour if you want to talk to Dr. Fetzer.
Dr. Fetzer, I want to go over the scientific evidence, the evidence it was a fraud.
The problem here is it's like 9-11.
We have an orgy of evidence, but some of the clearest evidence...
Is destroying evidence.
And we saw that with Oklahoma City.
They haul off the building, they blow up the rest of it, they bury it with armed guards guarding it.
9-11, they destroy it, haul it away.
The Firefighter Association say it's a cover-up.
At Waco, they hauled away the wreckage.
The Church Records Vault buried it under armed guard.
We're good to go.
Madeline Duncan Brown, his mistress, who I've interviewed, and she said he came in after the dinner the night before and said, I'm going to kill that SOB.
I mean, I've interviewed the admiral who took the call whenever he said, I want that GD ship going to the bottom.
I mean, he just loved it.
He was an evil person.
Talking about the U.S.'
's liberty, the blaming on Egypt.
I mean, I can interview the admirals that take the phone calls when he says, sink the ship, let it sink.
I can talk to his mistress who had his son.
I've interviewed his personal lawyer, Barr McClellan, who says, yeah, I killed that SOB.
I mean, how much evidence do we have to have when we have eyewitnesses?
An eyewitness is enough to send somebody to prison for murder, Dr. Fetzer.
Oh, Alex, you're so exactly right.
I mean, as far as, you know,
The destruction of evidence is concerned.
Taking the presidential limousine, which was a crime scene on wheels, sending it back to Ford Motor Company, and having it completely rebuilt on Monday was a complete travesty.
It belonged eventually in the Smithsonian Institute unaltered.
It should have remained as an object of forensic study.
Yeah, even if they weren't trying to cover it up, obviously they know that.
I mean, these are people that saved baseballs because it hit the person's record home run.
I mean, they knew that.
Yeah, absolutely.
And of course, the
You know, other ways the FBI function here, or the Warren Commission staff, the ten persons closest to the limousine were never interviewed.
Others who were interviewed were never asked questions that would elicit the important information they have.
Or if they said the wrong thing, they were found dead.
That's right, or their testimony, if it happened to work its way before the Warren Commission was altered.
There was a very important press conference at 316, the day of the assassination, where Malcolm Perry, M.D., who had performed a tracheostomy,
Through the President's throat, this small puncture wound through his throat that had actually come through the windshield en route to its target, reported three different times to the reporters that this was a wound of entry, that the bullet was coming at him.
That transcript, the transcript of that report, that press conference never made it to the Warren Commission.
We're good to go.
Let's bring in something that isn't totally documented.
We know Bush Sr.
was CIA.
We know they named ships and operations in the Bay of Pigs after Bush Sr.
We know people who were in the CIA who said he was CIA.
I mean, obviously, you don't go to CIA director overnight without ever being in it, as they claim.
It's like Porter Goss, it turns out, has been CIA since he was out of college, CIA in the Congress.
It's like Tony Blair's MI6.
That's all public.
These guys all are, but I'm sure you've seen the photos where it's a spitting image of Bush Sr.
standing there in Dealey that day, and we know he was down in Texas.
You want to comment on that?
That's right.
There's a photograph in Jesse Curry's JFK assassination file that shows someone who looks identical to George Herbert Walker Bush standing in front of the book depository.
The same height, the same head, the same shape, that same slightly tilted head forward, his hands in his pockets.
If it's not George Herbert Walker Bush, it's his twin.
It's quite clear, and yet he denied that he was anywhere near Dallas at the time.
And Cheney denies that they ever met with the oil company execs, and they lied in front of Congress two weeks ago, and now the document's public, but nobody gets in trouble.
I know, and about 9-11, Bush can't even go before the commission without Cheney there to hold his hand, and they aren't willing to...
To be sworn in so that their testimony is under oath.
Did you see Bush panicking, acting like a two-year-old when the doors wouldn't open?
I know, I know, Alex.
I mean, a normal person would have just tried to open it and walk away.
Instead, he sits there and pulls on them and stands there making a little five-year-old face, three-year-old face, like he's about to throw a fit.
I think he never matured past the stage of being the president of his fraternity and a cheerleader.
What do you want to bet he's actually wearing diapers?
I wouldn't be surprised, Alex.
I'm sorry.
For people that haven't seen the video or the photo, I mean, literally, he looks like a clown.
The face he made.
Normal people don't make faces.
Professor Fetzer, have you seen the picture of this?
Yes, I have.
I have, Alex, where he walks into the door.
He was trying to escape questions about the Iran war that had been raised in Congress and the attack on Representative Murtha.
He wanted to escape them, but he couldn't quite make it, Alex.
He even said, I want to escape.
So now the guy that ran the operation in Dallas, his son, is your president.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
The ring of fire.
The ring of fire.
All right, I'm out of control.
I went and saw Walk the Line.
It was pretty good.
Kind of had Johnny Cash's too wimpy of a character, though.
It was still pretty good.
So I recommend you go out and see it.
The taste of love is sweet when hearts like ours meet.
I fell for you like a child.
All right, I'm going to quit screwing around.
I just try to have fun a little bit sometimes.
This is scary.
Scary stuff to talk about, but somebody's got to do it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Pick up on the point you made about Madeleine Duncan Brown.
For those who don't know her, she began an affair with Leonard in 1948 when she was a young advertising executive in Dallas.
She bore him a son, Stephen, in 1950, not his only child out of wedlock, but his only male offspring.
Stephen would die in 1950 from bone marrow cancer.
Madeline was indeed at the home of Clint Murchison the night before the assassination.
It was an unusual gathering because the high-powered players were there among only about two dozen people, including J. Edgar Hoover.
Richard Nixon was there.
He'd been driven out by a Republican leader who worked in the same bank building as Madeleine.
George Brown of Brown and Root, heavy construction when the Vietnam War went down.
Although Vietnam has many magnificent natural ports, Brown and Root was hired to the tune of a billion bucks to dredge a new one at Cam Ranh Bay.
John J. McCoy, former High Commissioner to Germany and former Chief Executive Officer of Chase Manhattan Bank was there.
And late in the evening, Lyndon showed up unexpectedly.
These heavy hitters disappeared into a meeting room.
And 15 minutes later, they broke up.
As Lyndon was striding toward her, she thought he was going to whisper sweet nothings in her ear.
Instead, he told her in a hateful tone of voice that after tomorrow, he was going to have to put up with those goddamn Kennedys any longer.
She had a rendezvous with him on New Year's Eve in the Driscoll Hotel in Austin, Texas six weeks later, Alex.
During which she confronted him with rumors rampant in Dallas at the time that he had been involved since... Yeah, I don't want to give any more to his quotes because we have a lot of children listening, even mild stuff.
This show is used as homeschooling and also in private schools.
But, no, I mean, you know, I killed that GD.
And, of course, the night before, the only quote you didn't have was, I'm going to get that SOB.
I don't want to put up with those Kennedys anymore.
I mean, yeah, he loved to brag.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, well, what he said to her when she confronted him, he became angry and told her,
That the CIA and the oil boys had decided that Jack had to be taken out.
Now, I got to know Madeline very well.
I had over 100 conversations with her.
I interviewed her at a national convention in 1998.
But her testimony has been corroborated in a piecemeal, indirect fashion by Barr McClellan, whom, as you have mentioned, worked for a law firm where he said they were involved in the planning for the assassination, but much more directly by Billy Saul Estes.
Who was, of course, a crony of Lyndon, John Connolly, and others involved in a lot of scams, making a lot of money from the government through the Department of Agriculture and so forth.
Billy Saul gave an interview to a French investigative reporter by the name of William Raymond, which was published in a French journal whose title translates Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, that Lyndon had been involved and that he'd sent his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements were in place.
Billy Saul has now published a book called
Which I recommend, entitled Billy Saul Estes, A Texas Legend, in which he repeats and elaborates on a great deal of this and explains how he had a conversation, for example, with Cliff Carter and Malcolm Mack Wallace, whom Madeline and Billy Saul and others have identified as a hitman for Lyndon.
Yeah, but why are these guys suddenly going public?
I mean, we've got Barr McClellan, LBJ's lawyer.
We've got his mistress years ago I interviewed in studio.
I mean, all these people.
Well, Madeline's been telling the same story for a very long time.
Why is now Billy Saul?
None of it.
Billy Saul is dying of cancer, and he wants to clear his conscience.
I mean, he seems to me like Jack Ruby, one of the few individuals who are up close and personal who actually had some kind of conscience.
Ruby, you may recall...
Not only wanted Warren to take him back to Washington where he felt his life would be in jeopardy, but told others that if you knew the assortment of individuals and groups involved it was truly bizarre and that their motives were very tangible.
And insofar as it appears to involve collusion between the CIA, the Mafia, the Vice President of the United States, the Director of the FBI, financing from wealthy Texas oilmen, it is a bizarre... Well, I mean, how much more obvious the police detectives walk...
You're absolutely right, Ox.
They even changed him into dark clothing before they walked him out, which I believe was to conceal where the shot actually occurred so you couldn't see the blood pattern.
So if it weren't that serious a shot, they could ensure he was, say, dead between transporting him from the jail to the Parkland Hospital.
In fact, Charles Crenshaw, M.D., actually was there attending Lee Oswald.
He'd actually been present two days before when the president was brought into trauma room number one.
He was the last physician to observe Jack Kennedy.
He actually closed his eyes before he was wrapped and put into the coffin.
While he was there, he was summoned by an operator who said there was an important telephone call.
He went out to take it, and it was a very familiar voice booming at him that this was the president of the United States.
And that he was going to have someone there to take a deathbed confession from the assassin.
Crenshaw explained that it looked as though he was going to survive and that there wouldn't be dying.
But by the time he got back, there was a big sinister-looking guy there in a trench coat, apparently the designated note-taker, confession-taker.
But Oswald took a turn to the worse and died.
So Crenshaw explained to him there was going to be no deathbed confession.
But I mean, it's obvious.
The cops walk him out, hold him up, here comes a guy with a gun, and then Ruby starts trying to talk, and then he gets one of those two-day cancers.
Both Henry Wade, the DA, and Will Fritz, the homicide lead investigator on the team, reported having had conversations either directly with Lyndon Johnson or with Walter Jenkins, his aide,
Telling them that they had their man and they should shut it down and there should be no discussion of conspiracy.
I mean, this was very blatant.
It's just the vast majority of people had no idea this was all going on behind the scenes.
Imagine, I mean, you're police chiefs and people, and look, for those who don't understand how it can be mafia and oil men and the military involved, this is how good old boy networks work.
I mean, basically, big business at a certain level isn't ever free market.
At a certain level, it is mafia.
When you think of some good old boy, you know, eating...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's what's going on there.
That's what's happening.
And it's simple.
A bunch of good old boys get together and they go, well, we've got to check it with this guy, we've got to check it with that guy.
Real mafia knows they've got to check with all the other big, you know, strong men, king rats that are over other sectors of the economy.
And it was real serious.
It was, look, the New York boys, which are the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, and I've talked to those, again, who witnessed...
We're good to go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, you're absolutely right, Alex.
On all accounts, in particular...
At this point in time, the CIA and the Mafia were two sides of the same coin, especially in operations against Castro.
Basically, the CIA was used to assassinate targets abroad, and the Mafia was used to kill people domestically in the U.S.
There was a tremendous amount of collusion involved here.
Sam Giancana, one of the biggest of the Mafiosi, and he and Carlos Marcello Santo Tropicante were involved in this and had advanced knowledge that Jack was going to be
Well, he talked, had conversation with his brother, and his brother and his nephew wrote a book about it entitled Double Cross.
You'll find two chapters about the collusion of the CIA and the mafia and taking him out.
I must point out that there is a disinformation movement that wants to pin the tail on the mob alone, but that really won't wash.
I mean, especially it won't wash since the mob wouldn't have been able to control the Secret Service.
In setting the man up for the hit, the mob couldn't have altered the x-rays.
Well, it's simple.
People go, how did Bin Laden do it?
It's like Bin Laden.
Are you saying the government did it or Bin Laden did it?
No, folks, they used front men.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
As you say, plausible deniability is key all the way through.
But, I mean, the mafia couldn't have altered the x-rays.
To conceal the massive blowout to the back of the head.
Well, it's like the CIA was trying to use the mob at the same time to kill Kennedy.
I mean, to kill Castro.
More than 24 attempts, and they were all unsuccessful.
That's right.
Of course.
But I mean, the fact is, they had a lot of experience doing this sort of thing, and the mob might be a convenient scapegoat, but there's no possible way.
Well, they did put up some of the shooters, as you observe, and Charles Harrelson, yes, the father of actor Woodard Harrelson,
Said at one point that he had killed Kennedy, by which I interpret that to mean he claimed to have fired the shot that hit Jack in the Right Temple.
He was arrested with two others who are known as the Tramps.
Yeah, he assassinated a judge who was known for giving maximum sentences, and there was a drug dealer who didn't want to have one, so he hired Harrelson to kill him.
And Haroldson got picked up.
Now, the third of the three tramps, an older man with a hat, actually was a fellow named Chauncey Holt, who had a very extensive history with organized crime and later worked as a contract agent for the CIA.
At one point, Alex, he was Meyer Lansky's accountant.
And anyone who knows the history of the mafia knows that was the most sensitive position in the entire organization.
He later wound up out at the Los Angeles Stamp and Stationery Store, which was a proprietary of the CIA agency.
Chauncey told me, I got to know him, he told me that the first four or five floors, they were a legitimate operation, and then above that, they ran their ID and other fabrication of documents operation, and the fantastic thing about it was those lower floors actually manufactured sheriff's badges, police badges, and other IDs, so if you wanted or needed some kind of sheriff badge or police badge, they wouldn't give you a phony, they could actually give you the real deal.
He was instructed by his handler, Philip Twombly, to prepare 15 sets of forged Secret Service credentials for use in and around Dealey Plaza.
He was worried that he might not get the color-coded pins, the color code for the pins the Secret Service agents were going to wear that day, but he got them.
He wound up in Dealey Plaza looking around for a red pickup truck parked behind the grassy knoll where he was to leave them.
It wasn't there initially.
He started wandering around Dealey Plaza.
He told me he saw more bad guys, assassins and killers than you'd find at a Soldiers of Fortune convention.
He went back and found the pickup truck was there.
He left the 15 sets of forged Secret Service credentials, headed down toward those railway cars where Harrelson and the first of the three tramps, a fellow he knew as Richard Montoya but who appears to be Charles Rogers, got into this railway car they were told would appear to be locked but actually wasn't.
They found it was full of a lot of weapons and explosives.
I think that if the Oswald scenario, if Oswald hadn't been... They were going to claim communist attack with bombs.
They were going to use these guys as a fallback and possibly even blow up the railway car and claim they were the actual assassins.
I tell you, it just never ends, does it?
They always have a fallback, Alex.
There's plan A, then there's plan B, plan C. If Jack hadn't been killed in the Dealey Plaza...
He was going to be giving a talk at the trademark.
The Secret Service hadn't liked it because it had all kinds of balconies and exits.
It was very unsafe from a security point of view.
And later that evening, he was going to wind up on the LBJ Ranch.
That would have been the least desirable scenario, but there would have been complete control of the scene, and that was the ultimate fallback.
He was not going to survive that weekend.
Dead one way or the other.
But they did it.
From the evidence you've seen, how many times did he get hit?
Jack himself was hit four times.
He was hit in the throat from in front by that shot that went through the windshield.
He was hit in the back about five and a half inches below the collar by a shot that appears to have been fired by the top of the county records building.
A very shallow shot, only went about as far as the second knuckle on your little finger.
They were hit in the back of the head by a shot from the second floor of the Dow Tax, where there's a closet that belonged to a uranium mining operation that was a CIA outfit.
And then he was shot in the right temple from the front.
Actually, not the grassy, no lab such, but the intersection of the picket fence and the triple underpass where there's an above-ground sewer opening where a man could have excellent firing position if he had a little camouflage.
The limo was actually further down Elm Street.
It was just about opposite the concrete steps that lead up to the pergola.
And the shot to the throat appears to have been fired from the opposite side of the triple underpass from that other symmetrical...
Now, Dr. Fetzer, looking at this, because I've studied it, but obviously not as much as you have,
We know that they produce a lot of fake TV shows and have a lot of their agents and minions on TV telling us how it's all a bit of a conspiracy.
But that's not working anymore.
But the same thing with 9-11.
They've got over ten produced shows about why the towers collapsed.
And on these shows, they'll claim, oh, there were no support columns in the buildings in the middle.
When everybody knows the towers are the biggest support columns ever.
They've now got a new show out about...
Oh, we've got tapes from two of the hijacked planes.
So I watched it, and then they used the same phone call by one of the victims on both shows for both planes.
I mean, over and over again, these disinfo pieces are so shoddy.
But I guess when they're designed for a public who doesn't even know their own state capital, on average, or can't find Iraq on a map... I'm not trying to be mean...
It's just, is it frustrating to see the hit pieces that are done on people exposing this being so ridiculously shoddy?
Oh, absolutely right, Alex.
I mean, the key to it is understanding the concept of laws of nature.
Laws of nature, like that water freezes at 32 degrees temperature, can't be violated, can't be changed, require no enforcement.
Steel doesn't melt until it reaches 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Underwriters Laboratory had certified the steel in the Twin Towers to up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for six hours.
The maximum temperature at which jet fuel can burn is around 1,700 degrees.
We've got to break, Doctor.
We've got to break.
And I've seen similar stuff with the Kennedy thing.
I mean, when you know the facts, you watch these shows, they're building straw men.
We'll be right back.
We'll take your calls, I promise, on the other side.
Stay with us.
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When the levee breaks, the New World Order crowd will have no place to stay.
Or is that really the case?
I mean, you prove they lied to you once, twice, three times, a hundred times, a thousand times, a million times.
I mean, most of the time they're lying or they're twisting.
It's such a fraud.
It's such a scam.
This is not our government.
This is private interests that have seized control of it and think we're a bunch of idiots.
We're going to go to him and Jeff and John and Sally and many others here in just a moment.
Doctor, please continue finishing up the point you were making about how we've got these false pieces of evidence or straw men they build and then knock down.
It's really a matter of elementary physics, Alex.
For example, if you were to go to the top of a 10-story building and release a billiard ball, it would take about 10 seconds for it to reach the ground when it's falling just through air with absolutely no resistance.
In order for those 110
Floors, too, have collapsed the way the government claims.
You have to have one floor collapsing on another, which a physicist in California has estimated would take about a half second before it overwhelms the carrying capacity of the lower floors and continues to collapse.
It would not matter where the planes hit or which floor collapsed first.
For all 110 floors to collapse, that requires 110 times one half second or 55 seconds.
Which means the fact that the buildings collapsed in about 10 seconds, Alex, means that it had to be equivalent to free fall, and the only way that can happen is through controlled demolition.
If you look at some of the footage, you see explosions going outwards.
Oh, you even see the squibs!
I think we could have George Bush out there with the detonator, like Wile E. Coyote, pushing down the plunger.
And still, some people wouldn't understand it.
Here's a funny feature, too.
Rudolph Giuliani, the mayor, was in Building 7, which eventually, a 47-story building, which would come down even though it was hit by no aircraft at all and only had a couple of very small fires.
And he said they were warned.
They were warned the Twin Towers were about to crash, and they tried to rush out of the building in time.
But that invites the question, Alex, how in the hell would anyone have known the buildings were going to crash?
No steel-structured high-rise building had ever crashed in the history of civil engineering, and none has since.
These criminals love to brag.
Well, that's the thing.
They always slip up.
And he did tell Peter Jennings that on live TV.
Let's go ahead and talk to Emmett in Pennsylvania.
Emmett, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Yes, well, two hours ago I didn't know this was going to come on, but William Cooper would really be happy with this, wouldn't he?
Well, Cooper believed that William Greer was involved.
He advanced, looking at a terrible version of the Zapruder film, he advanced the hypothesis that Greer might actually have even shot Jack.
I have no doubt that Greer was involved, but we don't need the idea that Greer shot him.
Greer actually pulled the limousine to the left into a halt
In Dealey Plaza to make sure Jack would be killed.
It's very difficult to hit a moving target.
Yeah, caller, you're welcome to bring up what you'd like.
I mean, I let people call in at the start of the show, which I really shouldn't do.
But then sometimes you're going to have to hold.
If you choose to call right up at the start, before I'm even giving the number out, you may have to hold a while.
I guess the Lord has it on my mind.
Go ahead.
I can't get it off my mind.
CNN had a report on last Wednesday, Wednesday the 16th.
If the news is archived, maybe you could find it.
A Democratic congressman from Delaware, since I live near Philly, he found 11 memos that they had prior knowledge of 9-11.
It's called a commission, and I understand now Ted Kennedy is the head of it.
Well, I don't know about that specifically, but there was lots of prior knowledge.
I mean, there were even put options on...
On American and United Airlines, which are forms of stock wagers that their stock is going to fall, there was a group of five, six, or seven so-called Israeli art students on the roof of a building across the river who were taking photographs and had telescopes watching it take place and were celebrating.
That's New York Daily News and Fox News, so that's confirmed.
I'll tell you what, Dr. Fesser, stay there, and I'm going to let you finish up, too, Emmett.
Just stay there and be specific about what you're talking about when we get back.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I like the way Dr. Professor James Fetzer puts it.
If you can kill a president in broad daylight...
In front of thousands of people, and then have what thousands of people publicly saw become a conspiracy theory, and stand evidence on its head, and scientific facts on its head, you can do anything.
And now we've seen that, though now people aren't as trusting as they were back in 1963.
But they are more apathetic than they were at that point.
Now, we kind of shifted off into 9-11, and Emmett in Pennsylvania brought this up.
You were saying a congressman specifically brought up 11 memos.
Were they talking about now memos that Congress has had that they've kept quiet about able danger and things like that?
Or what are you getting at?
Well, the CNN News reported this from 6 a.m.
to 12 noon, and they cut it off.
They wouldn't repeat it anymore.
They said this Democratic congressman from Delaware...
He and eight other congressmen and senators were in a committee, something like the Grits Group or something like that, and they were going to look into these 11 memos that they had prior knowledge.
Now, what I'm wondering is, would Ted Kennedy sell out
I think Ted Kennedy.
They've had Ted Kennedy under their control since Chappaquiddick.
Thanks for the call.
I really appreciate you holding.
What do you think about that, Dr. Fetzer?
Well, I think there's some important resources for anyone who wants to look into 9-11.
One is The New Pearl Harbor, a book by David Ray Griffin.
Another is his study of the 9-11 Commission Report entitled The 9-11 Commission Report, Omissions and Distortions.
Anyone who wants to see some video clips that offer very persuasive evidence
That the Twin Towers were subject to controlled demolition and that no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon.
You can go to my website, assassinationscience.com, and you'll find those video clips right there.
If you want to see a photograph of the facade of the Pentagon immediately after the hit, and you'll be startled to discover it's a very small opening, only about 10 feet high and 15 or 16 feet wide, scroll down the menu bar to my 9-11 links section and hit the 20 Studies+.
It'll take you to a page that shows that photograph, many others, and a photographic study of the Pentagon hit and a whole lot of other stuff about 9-11.
They're masters of the big lie.
Well, we know this.
And they know that if they just tell us what something is, a lot of times we'll just buy into it and they can produce a few of their own little fake witnesses.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeff in New York and John and others.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
It seems to me that
There is a lot of similarities between the Warren Commission cover-up and the 9-11 Commission cover-up.
And as far as Kennedy's assassination goes, I spoke with Arlen Specter, and he gave me a standard list of reasons why we're still investigating the Kennedy assassination, we're still investigating the...
Lincoln assassination, this is something that I heard Lee Hamilton say in relation to the 9-11.
Well, I mean, for those that don't know, the author of the magic bullet theory that hits three or four bones and hits metal and changes direction 160 degrees, that's impossible, by the way, folks.
That is none other than Arnold Spector.
It seems like there was rewards to certain people on the Warren Commission, too, like Spector, who is
Even though he constantly defies his constituents' remains in office, Gerald Ford was given a presidency without being elected.
Oh, you're absolutely right.
In fact, Gerald Ford had the role of changing the description of the location of that wound to the back from the uppermost back, which, as I've explained, was five and a half to six inches down below the collar.
That's already an exaggeration.
To the base of the back of the neck in order to make the magic bullet theory more plausible.
Well, look at who got rewarded.
Bush Sr., clearly involved.
El Presidente, made CIA director just eight years later.
If anyone wants to see the absurdity of the magic bullet theory, go to my website and scroll down to the JFKIntroductorySeminar.com
And take a look at the load-nutter reputation.
Yeah, we'll certainly plug that, too, before you leave us, Doctor.
Anything else there?
Yeah, I've got another thing for you.
Okay, real fast.
We'll go to John Mangood, I believe, and many others that are patiently holding 1-800-259-9231.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
Before we end the show, I want to play the clip of Pat Robertson telling us how wonderful
Retina scanning is, and well, Big Brother's all over you and he laughs about it, but just accept it.
And then Bush fumbling and bumbling with the doors and saying he's trying to escape, but the audio doesn't capture one one-hundredth of how ridiculous it is to actually watch the video that's up on Infowars.com right now.
Because a normal person would try to... I mean, number one, he runs off the stage before it's supposed to be over.
So he went for a door that he didn't even know was...
It wasn't through the door he had come.
And by the way, according to the New York Daily News, Bush throws these huge tantrums, freaks out, screams at 17, 18-year-old staffers who aren't even connected to what he's doing.
Clinton did the same thing.
It just shows how unstable they are.
And then at the very same time, it just shows that once the door was locked, he like throws a fit.
He looks at it madly and makes this weird face and then stomps over.
And then he composes himself and makes a joke.
You know, I'm trying to escape.
I mean, this is a guy who writes notes to Connie Rice saying, can I go to the bathroom?
Am I allowed to go to the bathroom?
And that just shows how handled he is, how controlled he is.
Finish up your point there, Jeff, in New York City.
This is Stafford, New York.
But anyways, I recently went to a local open house at a local Freemason lodge, and I got a lot of video from there, including a speech given by the local Freemason.
And he brings up a local murder conspiracy that was covered up by Freemasons in local governments.
I have video of pentagrams inside their building, and Alex, that video is yours if you want it.
So wait a minute.
While you're there, he brags about how they... Well, he says we're not involved in Satanism, we're not involved in conspiracies, and then goes on for 20 minutes.
I have this on tape, too, of him talking about a local murder that was a conspiracy to cover it up by Freemasons and local government.
So this was an advertisement to John, and he's saying, hey, we get to kill!
It was actually a local historical society had their meeting there, and the Freemasons put on a little display and speech and let us film inside the temple.
I'm not begging.
I'm pleading.
I want you to mail that to me at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And be sure to have a note in there clearly saying, this is the Mason video.
What format is it on?
I have it on DVD.
I can send it to you on that.
I also have a lot of black helicopter footage from around here.
Sure, sure, sure, but just do not wait, do not delay.
Please send that to me.
Okay, can I get a plug-in for my public access show?
No, please, lavish it.
All right, it's on Syracuse Time Warner, channel 98.
It's called Expose and Defeat Tyranny.
It's on from 4 to 6 on Thursdays.
It won't be on Thanksgiving, but every other Thursday it is.
And I'm showing your videos right now.
Good job, brother.
Please send me that video.
You got it, Alex.
I'll give you credit.
Thanks a million.
I'll put a little clip on the TV show or something.
Going back to our guest, Professor Fetzer, Dr. Fetzer, I know you don't get a lot into the occult and things, but let me just tell you.
We're good to go.
I think?
Where they get to murder people and get away with it, because most of the judges are Masons, and obviously Texas is the lone star state, and there's a lot of Masonic control down here, and I don't think there's any mistake that they picked Texas as the place to blow Kennedy's head off.
Well, I'm no expert in this area, but I have a student, a graduate student of mine who is Alex, and I think he'd be very interested and supportive of a lot of the involvement of
I mean, it's a crapshoot when we're looking at candidates who may indeed have taken an oath to support one another
In all of their public efforts throughout their entire lives.
No, I heartily agree with you.
You're absolutely right.
I want to go to some more calls here quickly, but before we go any further, tell us about your website and tell us about some of the books you've edited.
Oh, thanks, Alex.
Yes, AssassinationScience.com is my public issues website.
I have three books on the assassination of Jack Kennedy that I've edited where I brought together the best experts on different aspects of the case.
One is entitled Assassination Science.
We're good to go.
In scientific evidence that establishes that the film was recreated, which had to be done for technical reasons, Alex, because all the original frames have pocket hole images that link the frame before them and the frame after them, so in order to recreate it, you couldn't just change a few frames.
You had to reshoot every frame.
Also, anyone who's really interested in this might want to know that on my website, Assassination Science, if you scroll down the menu bar to the bottom, I've produced a four and a half hour video, very thorough, very comprehensive,
Thank you.
Well, to show my ignorance, Doctor, I'd like to see that, and I might like to carry that in my new bookstore.
I'm going to be adding a lot of items, so be sure and stay on me about that, because I want to definitely carry that.
Because I love your passion for the truth, and I really pick up on that every time we have you on.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Ohio.
John, go ahead.
Yes, just before I get to my points, I think Norrie was going to be discussing this tonight, so people might want to call in as well as your guests.
And I wanted to bring up the motives, which I think are important, who did it, and the complicity of the media, because I think these are important, the reasons.
And it could have been accomplished without the complicity of the media in covering up this operation.
The main motives were that Kenny was going to withdraw from Vietnam, as he told his... Mike Mansfield, the Speaker of the House, subsequently said that, as well as Kenny O'Donnell's chief aide said that.
He told him that.
And that he was going to normalize relations with Cuba.
And also, he made the comment that he was going to destroy the CIA and send it to the winds in 10,000 pieces.
This shadow threat at my back.
And abolished the Federal Reserve, and he also gave several speeches.
In fact, I tracked down the audio of this a few months ago and gave it to my radio guys, but never told them to get it queued up.
I've got to find that.
I meant to play that.
I'll try to find that, because I've actually found the audio.
The famous quote of him saying, I've discovered this evil group.
They're in control.
I'm sure you're familiar with that quote as well, aren't you, Professor?
I'm not quite sure, Alex, but of course, in addition, the Texas oilmen were upset because he was going to cut or abolish the...
The oil depletion allowance.
The military was very upset.
Kennedy had bought into their whole program.
He doubled military spending, cut taxes by 50%.
Really a very conservative president.
Fiscally, he was pro-Vietnam War.
I mean, I've read several books on the subject and studied it quite a bit, folks.
Then he found out that it was all just a big scam and a big fraud and that they wanted to go to war.
Then he discovered, this has even been on Frontline,
Before Northwoods got released, I saw it mentioned on Frontline, that some operation called Northwoods had upset him so bad.
And that was just a few months before all this happened.
So he really found out that this was all staged, and he thought he was really the president, and they killed him.
Sorry, John, go ahead.
Yes, I think that's very important.
And he made a speech at American University that one of the greatest threats was this Cold War with the Soviet Union.
We had to find a way to have some kind of detente.
But as well, I think you talked about Operation Northwoods, and one of the chief organizers of that was Undersecretary of Defense Paul Nitsy, along with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to murder Americans and blame it on Cuba as a justification for invading Cuba.
And then when you get to some of the things of the media's cover-up, such as, well, for instance, Life Magazine, the top expert in...
Photography put that obvious forgery on its cover, centered around the world, framing Oswald up falsely as a leftist, holding up very conveniently two leftist newspapers that hated each other, the Carcano Carbine with Oswald's face fused onto somebody else's body, proven as a forgery because of the shadows going in different directions and the chin having a totally different...
Actually, they had to know.
Yeah, that picture was clearly slept together.
A dogger?
Actually, Jack White has used those communist newspapers, The Worker and The Militant, which, as you have said, had antithetical political philosophies, as an internal yardstick to determine the height of the individual in the photograph.
Oswald was 5'10".
When you lay it off using the newspapers as a yardstick, the individual in the photograph is only 5'5".
Which proves that it's a fake photograph because either they had a guy who was too short or they put in the newspapers, they inserted them too large in dimension to make it real.
Life Magazine, being the expert in photography, knew they were peddling a forgery.
And if you look at what happened to Mark Lane, one of the main researchers in the Kennedy assassination and CIA involvement, he got his CIA file in it and it revealed that the reason why all the media had been attacking his work
Well, Carl Bernstein published an article in the Rolling Stone back in about 1974 in which he revealed that the CIA had agreements with the major media in the United States.
All right.
Thanks for the call, John.
Professor, do one more segment with us so we can talk to a couple more callers.
You got it, Alex.
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All right, I'm going to move quickly through each caller, because this is our last segment with Dr. Fetzer, and then I've got to cover a ton of news when we get back in the last 30 minutes.
Right now, let's go to Mandigood in Canada, I believe, and then we'll go to Sally and Joe and others.
Go ahead, Mandigood, you're on the air.
How are you doing?
It's Mandigood.
I'm calling concerning the video evidence, which is often the most important thing in these great events.
One of your first callers was actually right.
If you read the book, Behold the Pale Horse, Mr. Cooper actually told us about how the driver shot the president.
And if you have a clear video of that, no matter how much he manipulated it, you could still see that he turns around and shoots the president with a pistol.
Well, I actually addressed this earlier, which is, and I talk about it in my video, by the way,
And explain why, while there is... Back off your phone, Professor.
Well, yes.
Well, there's some supporting evidence for that.
Clinton Hill, for example, said the last shot sounded different.
It sounded like a revolver impacting with something hard.
Mary Mormon, who was standing near the limousine, said she thought at least some of the shots came from inside the limousine.
But I'm talking about video evidence, Professor.
Well, you know what... You know, I published a whole book on the video, okay?
You might want to look at it.
The Great Zapruder Film Hoax.
What I'm explaining is...
It's not necessary to endorse that hypothesis to account for all the shots.
What he's saying is if you get stuck on one little bump in the road and make the whole debate about that, it can open you for ridicule when we have an orgy of other evidence.
We have eyewitnesses to LBJ bragging about having him killed.
I think that's the most powerful evidence.
He could be one of the shooters, and no matter how they manipulated the video, you could still clearly see that he turns around and shoots them.
Listen, listen, listen.
It's not that I'm not familiar with this.
This is one of the most debated issues in the history of the study of the assassination.
It's very well known.
We have looked at the evidence.
We know what you're talking about.
Now, I say, take a look at the whole book we have on the way the film has been edited, and the point I'm making is this.
Well, it's not impossible that Greer might have shot Jack.
We can't prove it because the film has been edited so extensively.
We know Greer was involved.
Greer was absolutely involved.
Caller, go ahead.
One at a time.
I just wanted to know, why is it that they would edit it in a sense where you could actually see him shoot it?
Because I could clearly see him turn around with his left hand around his right shoulder.
Well, you're quite sure that that is not the reflection of Kellerman's forehead.
You know, I mean, there's a lot going on here.
Look, just take a look.
We could debate this at great length.
Let me just say, there's an extensive discussion of this in my video.
JFK, the assassination, the cover-up, and beyond.
Anything else out there?
No, I really appreciate your expertise.
Yeah, well, thank you for calling.
Thank you very much.
All right, let's go ahead and take another caller.
Sally, Sally in Georgia, I believe.
Go ahead, Sally.
Yes, hi.
I was calling about what you're saying about Kennedy, and I was told something, too, that another reason why he was shot is that he was going to tell the entire country that the Illuminati was running everything.
Well, I appreciate your call, Sally.
I know this.
He did sign the executive order to abolish the Federal Reserve.
He did give the order to pull back the first 150,000 troops.
It's admitted.
That's publicly admitted.
We were pulling out of that stage war.
It is true that he was going to abolish the CIA.
Let's go to Joe in Wisconsin.
Joe, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Did anybody actually do any in-depth research
About who this guy Oswald was?
Oh, God, yeah, sure.
Total government operative that is set up and killed at the end, which is why you shouldn't serve these people.
Now, I don't know if that's the professor's view, but that's what I've seen in the evidence.
Well, I'm a former Marine Corps officer and used to supervise recruit training at the same recruit depot and rifle range where Oswald took his training.
He was a mediocre marksman.
He appears to have been recruited by the government...
To do intelligence work, I suspect by the Office of Naval Intelligence, his defection to the Soviet Union was a pseudo-defection, a faked one.
Yeah, that was an intelligence gathering.
It appears to me that he had been stationed at Sugi, which was the most secure base in the entire American military arsenal.
I think he was defecting to give the Soviets information about the height, the altitude of the U-2 flight so they could shoot it down.
It actually happened.
We're good to go.
I think?
Yeah, believe me, at that time, folks, they didn't just let defectors come back.
He'd have been nabbed and interrogated and never seen again if he was a real commie.
That's right.
They sent him down to New Orleans where he was given this phony persona as a pro-Castro communist sympathizer.
I think part of the idea in blaming Oswald for the shooting was the American people were supposed to rise up and demand that...
That the military invade Cuba, which is something they desperately wanted.
I've got to let Joe go.
We're out of time here, Professor.
But now, 42 years later, tomorrow, their cover-up is blown up in their face, hasn't it?
I think it has, Alex.
I think we've decisively shattered the illusion.
Well, a lot of that's thanks to you, Dr. Fetzer, and others.
I look forward to having you back up before another year elapses, my friend.
Absolutely wonderful, Alex.
Thank you for coming on with us.
You bet.
We'll come back.
I'll cover news.
And then we'll try to get to Richard and others.
But I've got to cover news first.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
There's a couple of little clips I want to play.
The first one is of Pat Robertson.
Last Thursday, they had the 700 Club Daily News program, and Pat Robertson, while he's praying to heal someone with a toothache,
He clearly does the Diablo, touching his two metal fingers to his thumb and extending the index and the pinky upward, and then when he says, God's going to heal, he moves it forward, invoking it, which is actually how that's done in Black Magic.
So I'm against abortion.
See, I'm not a Christian.
I'm a conservative and I'm anti-gun.
See, I'm learning how this works.
But obviously we can't show you him doing El Diablo here on the radio.
You can see it at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
But we do have his... This is how he always does it.
A couple of years ago.
Here's the microchip.
Big brother's here.
I tell you.
He's all over us.
Well, we're living in the age of terrorism.
This isn't really the mark.
No, no.
This is for medical.
And this is really not a...
Not a problem, but if they make you happen to buy and sell, that might be a problem.
That wouldn't be it, but it'd be close.
I mean, if he came right out and said, I love it, do it, you would rebel psychologically.
But he comes out and he just goes, well, big brother's all over you.
And see, it's always the same for him.
I don't even watch his show.
Listeners send me videos of this.
And then other people send me mean emails.
I used to listen to you, but Pat Robertson's of the Lord, and I'm not going to listen anymore.
Okay, don't listen.
I'm against abortion, therefore I'm a devil worshiper.
I understand.
You're a Christian because you love somebody who's for it.
Believe me, I figured out how this works, okay?
If I was a member of a satanic order known as the Order of Death, I could be your conservative president.
I'm not.
I love Jesus, so I must be a devil worshiper.
I mean, this is the inverted world of this whole thing.
But listen to him.
He goes into laughing and smiling and Big Brother's used all over you.
Well, this is how it is.
They're going to be doing this and that to you because of the terrorists.
Because there's bombs.
They're looking for terrorists.
And then he says, I don't really see a problem with it.
They're not telling you they're taking your fingerprints.
Yes, they are.
They're taking your fingerprints to get into school, to check out books, to pay for your school lunch.
It's total control.
And then when you know what they're going to use it for, it's even worse.
Go ahead and roll it, please.
This is Frances who says, My son's middle school is considering using a biometric finger scan system.
Instead of having an ID card, students would just be able to have a finger scan.
Do I have a right not to allow the public school to do this?
I can't afford private or home schooling.
Does it seem like too much government infringement and control?
Like it or not, Big Brother's on your case all the time.
And we're going to have our eyes, the iris scanned.
You're going to have... Even in the amusement parks without the fingers.
Oh, yeah.
There's all kinds of things these days for identification to make sure that you're not some bad guy with a bomb.
I really don't think that that's terribly intrusive to ask somebody to have a scan of their finger any more than it is to ask for fingerprints.
So, I mean, it's one of those things.
I don't think you'd have much success in convincing anybody that was too much intrusion.
If they began to take blood samples and DNA tests, it might be a different thing.
Now, notice he tells you, oh, I don't think you'll have any success.
Convincing people this is bad.
You look at polls from the Biometric Consortium a few years ago, met in Chicago, and they said this.
90 plus percent of people hate it.
You know it's Big Brother.
But see, Robertson, they script all this beforehand.
They put it up on screen, her letter, edited letter.
And they just go over this.
And it was all crafted.
Big Brother, keep you safe from bombs.
Everybody's for it.
You're not going to convince anybody.
Everybody's going for it.
Just all the psychological triggers are there.
And from Cub Foods to HEB, all over the country, it's going in.
Hadn't in Austin, though, because people won't put up with it here, because I've been able to concentrate firepower in the Infowar, and so have you out there spreading the word in Austin, but it's happening.
Most of the banks are doing it for their employees, then suddenly you walk into the bank and there's a thumb scanner.
Oh, we need two forms of ID on that, please.
Thank you, sir.
This is for your safety.
Meanwhile, most of the identity theft going on is big banks and others like Bank of America selling the data to other companies.
That's 80 plus percent of it.
But that's in the actual statistics.
Who reads that in the nightly news?
It just tells you national ID cards are needed to stop identity fraud.
Then even Microsoft experts and the head of Scotland Yard go public and go, no, this will actually cause more identity theft.
You do not want this.
We're in a lot of trouble, folks.
And, of course, things will get even worse.
And we've got everybody from Andy Rooney to Tommy Thompson to Sean Hannity saying we all need our chip to prove we're good people.
I mean, they're the weirdos.
They're on the news saying we need these chips to prove that we're good people.
And this next clip is Bush throws a fit, runs offstage.
I mean, the audio doesn't really capture it.
I am pleased that I am in a position to be able to explain to President Hu as clearly as I can my concerns and my appreciation
Thank you all very much.
Yeah, that's, I mean, even on the BBC clip we got a link to, it's not very good because it's somebody's camera way back in the back of the audience.
I guess no one else thought that was important to run, so that's the only clip we could find where they actually had the microphones mic'd to the podium.
But he literally looks like he's mentally ill when he's up there.
And look, none of us are perfect, but it just goes to how ridiculous this is.
The son of a CIA spymaster is our president just because his daddy did a good job in Dallas 42 years ago.
Yeah, a lot of big rewards got handed out for that little plum.
Don't forget, Arm Standoff, where there's this dump truck on the U.S.
side on I-10, runs from the state police and the Border Patrol.
And the sheriff's deputies gets down to the border.
Mexican troops come across at gunpoint, aim guns at the border patrol, the state police, and the sheriff's deputies.
There's a standoff, and with a bulldozer, they drag the stuck bulldozer, the bulldozer drags the stuck dump truck away to their side.
Clearly Mexican troops.
That's up on InfoAwards.com.
And then I have the sheriff on.
Well, in our little town, or the sheriff's deputy, chief's deputy, we've just had, you know, War Patrol shot and him robbing and doing this, but it isn't that bad.
We do need a little help down here, though.
Meanwhile, last week, everybody's hearing about this.
Ooh, Bush is getting tough.
100 arrested at Walmart construction site.
They're building a giant distribution center.
And so local deputies with the feds swooped in and arrested who they believed to be 100 illegal workers and almost the entire crew, at least 120 illegal immigrants.
Most of them from Mexico were detained.
The headline's 100, but it's 120.
But basically the entire workforce.
Can any American, can even a Mexican American have the job?
Can a black American?
Can a white American?
No, only...
By the way, folks, this was up in Pennsylvania.
What I find interesting about this is that they couldn't find it.
It was the entire, everybody was.
It's just amazing.
Chavez renews trade pact attack.
Thousands of Venezuelans, God bless them, have joined a march against the economic policies of U.S.
President Jorge Bush and his Mexican counterpart, El Fox.
Now, President Hugo Chavez led the protest against the U.S.
proposals to create a free trade area of the Americas.
Last week, Mr. Chavez accused Mr. Fox of being a lapdog of the U.S.
How about... He said U.S.
corporate interest, not U.S.
He may make it a personal thing, though.
For going along with Washington's plan, Venezuela and Mexico withdrew their ambassadors from each other's capitals as a result of the bitter fight.
Latin American Brotherhood, Mr. Chavez attacked...
The U.S.-backed trade, FTAA proposal, as he led the Caracas rally.
Wearing a Mexican hat and singing Mexican folk songs.
You've got to love it.
I mean, this guy is something else, man.
Mr. Chavez, he has a weekly TV show where he just sits there and takes unscreened citizen phone calls.
Mr. Chavez told around 5,000 protesters that he did not want Venezuela's recent argument with Mexico over the free trade argument to continue.
In his speech, Mr. Chavez stressed that the people of Mexico were Venezuela's Latin American brothers.
And he said the FDA can go to hell.
Mr. Chavez shouted into his microphone, this country is free, we're not going to be colonialized again.
And brother, that's exactly what it is.
Let me tell the little Reconquista crowd something.
It is public, it is in triplicate, it is totally documented.
Everything you do, when you run around in those little brown berets claiming you're fighting the corporates and you're fighting America, you are funded by the U.S.
They're the ones, the corporate interests that control America.
We're just puppets too.
We've already been colonialized again.
You understand that?
Their plan is to merge our countries and none of us are going to have sovereignty and they're using your slave labor wages to destroy any freedom that was left here to use us as their engine to totally enslave you!
Vicente Fox isn't even Mexican, folks.
How many Mexicans who are living in the U.S.
right now that are running around with Mexican flags on their cars and the invasion stickers on their cars, actually bragging about how you're taking over, why don't you ask yourselves why the government doesn't stop you?
Why don't you ask yourselves why they cater to it?
Why don't you ask why they're trying, why Bush wants total amnesty?
Because the NAFTA highway is going to run all the way down into Central and South America.
And it's going to drive your wages down, and they're going to bring it right up into the U.S., right up into Canada, and none of us are going to have any rights.
Meanwhile, I went to check the weather yesterday.
I was going to take the Watson brothers canoeing yesterday afternoon before they got on a plane back to England.
Why am I telling this part of the story?
This point.
Well, I went to check the weather at News8Austin.com.
News 8.
It's just news, the number 8.
News8Austin.com And I gave the story to my wife.
I told her to email it to Bob Dacey.
I want him to write an article for us.
I mean, I can't do it all, but I spent about 20 minutes reading it.
And it was just a big puff piece.
Oh, there's going to be this corridor commission, and they're going to run things because they're friendly, and they're a big highway to make you happy, and it's going to be real good for your economy.
Just right there.
I mean, I just can't even...
Last time I went to that website to look at the weather, it was about how our police are going under international jurisdiction to go arrest people in foreign countries, and they're going to come arrest us here, and there'll be foreign police now in Austin.
I mean, I'm living in the Twilight Zone, people.
And a lot of people go, good, FTAA won't take over Latin America.
You won't take anything over.
It's like, we're taking Iraq's oil.
You mean you're paying tax money to send our troops over to take the oil for some private interest?
You mean that?
So the oil won't flow so they can rip you off at the pump.
You mean that?
Is that what you're talking about?
It's just so frustrating.
Whether you're Mexican or Venezuelan or you're an Argentinian or you're a Russian or you're Chinese or you're African, man, we're fighting the new world order.
And so many of you that claim you're fighting globalization.
I am fighting globalization.
We will do that with the La Reconquista of America.
And I go, well, why are the biggest global corporations funding you?
Ah, shut up.
Well, no, seriously.
Why is Hugo Chavez fighting your aims?
I like Chavez.
Don't talk bad about him.
Again, you're not getting full spectrum information.
If America falls, which it basically already has, but if they get us fully under their control, it's over.
The whole world used to look to America for liberty and freedom.
Now we're looked at as the scum of the earth.
So remember, you hate George Bush, but you love his little reconquista plan.
And Chavez goes on to explain how it's going to enslave and hurt people.
The exact same reasons we're against it.
But Vicente Fox, who loves La Reconquista, oh no, it's good.
It's real good.
By the way, the honeymoon for all these illegal alien Mexicans is about to be over.
In ten years, if the globalists have their way, a lot of them aren't even going to live here.
They're going to have to go back to Mexico.
Stuff's going to be so bad, some of them are already going back.
You're going to all be displaced with Chinese.
You're going to be displaced with other Latin Americans who will work for even more.
You see?
Oh, you'll work for $4, and the Americans, they'll work for $10 an hour because they've got insurance and taxes to pay, and they don't live 10 to a small apartment.
They live 3 or 4 to a small apartment.
The average American, we've had our standards destroyed, no matter what color you are.
Well, now the Mexican will work for $4 an hour.
Uh-uh, buddy!
We've got a thousand people right here from China and from Venezuela and from Brazil and from Chile and from Ecuador and from Bolivia and from Peru, and they'll work for $2.
Oh, and you go, well, that'll just be a free market system.
That's not free market.
When people work as slaves, folks, that makes everybody lower their standard of living.
So feel good.
Slap the Revolution stickers on your car and drive around like idiots.
Just like the idiots with the George Bush stickers drive around feeling good.
You're being conned.
You're being laughed at.
You think it's funny?
It's not funny.
Being scammed, being ripped off, being a fool isn't funny.
It's sad.
I cry for you.
And you know who else I'm sick of?
It's Newt Gingrich.
Gingrich sees Iran threat to U.S.
like Nazi Germany.
Ex-speaker Neocon Trash, who actually was there to destroy the 94 Revolution, make sure it didn't go forward.
Ex-speaker, latest official to raise alarm on threat of nuclear EMV attack by Tehran.
Now listen to this.
This is like saying we're threatened by Martians.
The threat posed to the national security of the United States by Iran was likened only to those posed by Nazi Germany in the 1930s
Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, also suggested Tehran could be planning for a preemptive nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack on the U.S.
that would turn a third, turn us to a third or more of a country, whatever that means, turn a third or more of the country back to the 19th century level of development.
Folks, our government has tested the MPs, hundreds of them, in the 1960s.
It doesn't do anything.
It makes a few radios and a few transistors and a few things pop and explode.
It's just... Iran, yes, they're going to hit us with an EMP and blow their heads off the same second knowing they'll get hit with a thousand missiles, a thousand warheads.
I mean, that's just made up.
Just mindless baloney.
We'll be right back.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
You know, we've got Mexican troops killing and murdering and kidnapping and slaughtering and rocket attacks.
Car bombs going off in Dallas.
Nobody even knows about it.
Meanwhile, this is...
Out of the Portland Press Herald, Portland to continue drills for bus drivers.
Portland transportation officials will continue to place objects on school buses randomly to determine whether bus drivers are checking for bombs and other dangers.
Oh, everyone's got to be a... Portland's such a target.
Superintendent Mary Jo O'Connor said Thursday, Can you imagine if there was actually a bomb on a bus and somebody died?
800 died under the Mexican military attack we're under.
That's okay.
Let's just ignore that.
Oh, what if Al-Qaeda tries to blow up the bus?
We've got to all scrabble around, living in total and complete fear.
It's just amazing.
Meanwhile, Camden, New Jersey has been ranked most dangerous city in the United States.
Next is Detroit, and then down the row we have Chicago and New York.
And what do all these cities have?
They have massive total gun control.
San Francisco, of course, is a very high crime rate.
They've banned handguns completely, like New York and other areas.
And it just goes on here.
About all the raping and killing, and it admits here in the Associated Press that the police are very corrupt, and everybody knows they deal with drugs.
Well, of course, that's what happens.
The criminals just take over and move in, and now no one's going to the college.
It's a big city.
It's falling apart, and everything's rotting.
You pack of crooks can just sit there on a big rotting cesspit up on top of it.
Good for you.
Everybody else is escaping.
A really scary article here out of the Christian Science Monitor about how having all of our factories means...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, it's sick.
You ought to read this article, though.
It's up on prisonplanet.com.
Gingrich sees Iran threat.
I just cannot get over that.
I'm going to talk a lot more about that tomorrow on the show.
The housing bubble is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
Is it going to bust?
We're going to have some guests on about that subject this week.
We do have Ron Paul joining us later this week on Wednesday.
And we're scheduled to...
Have Jordan Maxwell on with us, talking about all the occult neurology and the elite occult...
I think it's funny that Bob Woodward, who's always been a government mole, I mean, Nixon was brought down because the establishment wanted to.
I've always thought Woodward was a real slimebag.
I don't really think Bernstein is.
And of course it turns out now that he's involved intimately in the leaking and involved in basically burning people, but he's so special and wonderful, everyone's being told, hands off Mr. Woodward.
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
I really want to thank all of our AM and FM affiliates, shortwave affiliates, internet affiliates, everybody out there that helps us get the word out in the fight against the New World Order.
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Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
See you back same time tomorrow.
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