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Air Date: May 23, 2005
2377 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Monday, the 23rd day of May 2005.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
Dr. John Breeding, Texans for Safe Education, will be joining us to talk about the Frontline Fight.
Right here in the front lines in Texas against the new Freedom Forced Drugging, Forced Psychological Testing program now making its way through the states and towards your children.
That's coming up in 30 minutes.
Interesting article here.
Speaking of forced drugging, if they can engage in forced drugging, which is already happening to hundreds of thousands of children and adults, FDA considers implant device for depression on the verge of approving it, and of course they will then forcibly implant it.
You'll feel much better once you have the chip.
You'll be one of us.
That's out of the New York Times.
Everything will be better once you have your chip.
You'll be with the globalists.
You'll be one of us.
No more pain.
You'll love global government.
I mean, we've gotten to this point now.
Another article here out of the New York Daily News.
High-tech plan for shoppers.
Hey, why not have RFID to buy and sell?
Why not have a chip under your skin?
It will prove that you're good.
Interesting article.
Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer.
Massive studies, I was aware of these, and the article says that it's not just one study, it's a whole gaggle, a whole squadron of them, shows that if you don't get sunshine, you get all sorts of cancer, including skin cancer.
Now, if you get too much sun, you get skin cancer too, but less internal, more nasty cancers.
The government tells you, don't get that sunshine.
Stay indoors and watch the television set.
That's the answer.
So we'll be going over that too.
And a really scary article here.
Now, the London Independent, that I want to spend a lot of time on, we're going to be having some guests on this week concerning it.
When fed to rats and affected their kidneys and blood counts, so what might it do to humans?
We think you should be told.
Detailed article.
I have another report here.
Rats, internal organs, blood altered by GM corn.
Monsanto, but it's been approved, and I hope you enjoy eating it.
You see, the federal judges that get appointed by Democrats and Republicans...
The key courts over agribusiness and genetically engineered crops are former Monsanto employees.
It's a revolving door.
Of course, our defense secretary was with Monsanto and brought you wonderful things like Aspartame when he was part of that company in its division, Searle.
So we'll be going over this, the wonders of all that GM food.
Bug genes, insect genes, and your food is good for you, they say.
But then you look at all the big studies, and it's real bad for you.
But so what, ladies and gentlemen?
So what?
Just shut your mouth.
Actually, open your mouth and enjoy the goodies.
A WorldNet Daily article here.
Are illegals making the U.S.
a leper colony?
This is a real phenomenon.
It's a public health threat.
New York is endemic now.
And nobody's noticed.
Yes, all over the country, we're now seeing whooping cough, drug-resistant or immune tuberculosis, wet and dry leprosy.
Wet's the type that spreads prodigiously.
And we're also seeing even cholera in some areas.
All sorts of wonderful new diseases.
Why, if it's possible, malaria has even begun popping up in some areas of the Southwest.
So enjoy yourselves.
Enjoy the New World Order.
Enjoy the plagues.
It's good.
It's good.
Don't be against the New World Order.
No, look at all the blessings it's bringing.
You're going to lose your jobs.
You're going to be forcibly drugged.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction-solution.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Another big Monday lined up, eight minutes into this transmission, second segment.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Don't forget infowars.net or prisonplanet.tv.
FDA considers implant device for depression.
The Food and Drug Administration may soon approve a medical device that will be the first new treatment option for severely depressed patients in a generation, despite the misgivings of many experts who say there is little evidence that it works.
But once you have your brain implant, things will feel much better, we assure you.
They're not going to have to force you to take it like hundreds of thousands a year are forced to take the drugs, but...
That's okay.
Once you have it, everything will be good.
The pacemaker-like device called a vagus nerve stimulator is surgically implanted in the upper chest, and its wires are threaded into the neck where it stimulates...
The nerve leading to the brain, directly piped into the brain.
There's another one that goes right into the neck, into the brain itself.
It has been approved since 1997 of the treatment of some epilepsy patients, and the drug agency has told the manufacturer that it now was approvable for severe depression that is resistant to other treatment.
Now again,
Medically, with medical doctors who deal with real facts and real evidence and real science.
Yes, it's helped with people that have epilepsy.
Whenever you start to have a problem, it can basically short-circuit the brainstorm that accompanies, that leads into a seizure.
That's medical doctors.
But the psychiatrists, they aren't real doctors.
They just magically tell you that you have a problem.
They don't look at any real evidence.
They don't look at any brain readings.
They can't show you a tumor.
They can't show you... No, it's pure quackery.
We'll be talking to Dr. Breeding about that coming up in about 22 minutes as well as the new Freedom Initiative.
But I guarantee you
If they force hundreds of thousands, and that's now, of children and adults a year, and under new freedom they say it's going to be millions that they force onto this stuff, I guarantee you they're going to force you onto this.
Now, you're complaining now, strapped down, but after the surgery, all the pain's going to be gone as more and more generations of this system develop.
This will give you unlimited enjoyment as long as you do what's desired of you by society and the government.
Everything will be okay.
Remember that CBS news piece that I've heard so many times on the TV show?
We played the audio here.
A short clip of it is in Road to Tyranny.
Where the top futurists for the government are up there saying, this was four years ago, yes, soon we'll all have little wires in our brains telling us to do what's required of us to submit to the government.
I mean, they're actually saying this.
The Army War College in 2000 said by 2020 we'll all have our chips.
Not just our chips for buying and selling, but chips that are connected to our brains.
The Army says it.
That'll be our new society.
And they say a lot of people won't put up with it, but you're going to have to have it to live and be part of society.
They talk about how they're going to use the fad-driven Hollywood media to push it.
Oh, they laugh at you.
Ha, ha, ha!
It's going to be good!
So here's the article right here in front of me.
Oh, it's so wonderful.
So happy and good.
This is the London Independent.
There's a bunch of different reports out on this.
There were studies back, what, five, six years ago almost?
Time's really flying, with Starlink corn.
Remember that it got into taco shells in a major chain and onto store shelves as well?
And just in basic tests that were done, farm animals, pigs...
Namely, would not eat the shells.
They would eat normal corn shells, taco shells, with relish and enjoyment.
They wouldn't get near Starlink corn shells.
And so it was tested, and it found that it caused some major stomach problems and could trigger an autoimmune response in a large minority of people that ate it.
Just ate one of them.
And Starlink had a type of engineered pesticide into it that supposedly wasn't bad for humans.
It's just the bugs wouldn't eat it.
Oh, the bugs won't eat the corn, but we should.
The bugs won't eat it.
The pigs won't eat it.
Boom, let's eat it.
There's hardly anything a hog won't eat.
And lots of this GM stuff.
We've had the farmers on the show, but it's been in the scientific reports.
They won't eat it.
They won't eat a whole string of GM foods.
What do the pigs and the cows know and the goats know that we don't know?
Well, there's been another major study done.
This is in the Independent today.
It's on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
When fed to rats, it affected their kidneys and blood counts.
So what might it do to humans?
We think you should know.
And again, of all the animals' metabolic systems out there, we are the closest to the rodents.
That's why they use them in medical experiments predominantly.
The next closest creature is the hog, is the pig, the domesticated wild boar.
That's why they implant pig corneas and pig intestines and pig lung parts and pig livers and pig hearts and all of that.
The secret research we reveal today raises the potential health risk of genetically modified foods.
Here, environmental editor Jeffrey Lean, who has led the paper's campaign on GM technology for the past six years, examines the new evidence, and he asks the questions that must concern us all.
Why is Monsanto, the company trying to sell GM corn to British and Europe, so reluctant to publish the full results of its alarming test on lab rats?
It's own studies!
Why are our leaders so keen to buy the unproven technology against the wishes of consumers?
And why is the man who first raised these concerns six years ago shunned by the scientific establishment and his former political masters?
Well, they've done new studies on top of the old.
And it gets into Dr. Arpad Pasati, and it gets into the studies of it.
And it shows what the genetically modified potatoes he was studying damaged the immune systems, brains, livers, and kidneys of rats.
And to mention it briefly in a television program before his research was completed in public.
Again, his crime had been to find disturbing evidence that GM potatoes he was studying damaged the immune systems, brains, livers, and kidneys of rats and to mention it briefly in a television program before his research was completed and published.
That was six years ago.
Now major accompanying studies have been done.
He was the boogeyman of the British scientific establishment, no less a figure than Lord May, then the government's chief scientific advisor, now president of the Royal Society, had accused him of violating every canon of scientific rectitude, and ministers and top scientists had gone after him to denounce him.
His punishment was draconian.
His research was stopped.
His team disbanded and his data confiscated.
You can link through to the story.
He was ostracized by his colleagues, forced into retirement, and gagged for seven months under a national security order, forbidden to defend his case.
I was the first journalist to interview him at length, spending six hours with him.
And he goes into his interview and how he was skeptical and how now there's all these different scientific reports from across the globe showing the same thing.
I arrived very skeptical, the writer says, at his semi-detached house in the Granite City where he had worked for the prestigious Rowett Research Institute for 37 years.
With two handwritten pages of hostile questions, but I was surprised by what I found.
For a start, he proved to be no wild-eyed maverick, but the world's acknowledged top authority in his field.
A small, vital, precise man with 270 papers to his name and a self-deprecating sense of humor.
Far from a headline seeker, he was vehemently...
And bewildered a stranger to public controversy, cautious in his language, anxious to cross every scientific T before venturing a conclusion.
Perhaps most surprising of all, he turned out to be, in his words, a very enthusiastic supporter of genetic modification who had fully expected his experiments, approved and funded by the government, to give it a clean bill of health.
I was totally taken aback, he told me.
I was absolutely confident that I wouldn't find anything.
But the longer I spent on the experiments, the more uneasy I became.
And that's because, the article goes on for five tiny, tight pages, what he found was, is that what we're now all learning, that scientists believe that genes only operated in one or two ways in a limited fashion.
But if you look at plant DNA and human DNA, it's very similar.
There are whole areas of the crystalline structure that they thought weren't used and are used, that literally program the proteins and the chemicals, the...
Amino acids are almost in a random pattern whenever the genetic system is merged with its own species, or in some cases with other species.
And so they don't know what they're doing, and it's very, very dangerous.
And when you change these foods, it gets into the body and wreaks absolute havoc!
And I've got a whole bunch of scientific reports here in front of me, and the reason they're writing these articles now is he's been vindicated by other studies, by his own studies, by universities across the globe, but the mainstream media doesn't want to cover it.
It's almost an open secret.
So, folks, you just go ahead and you go eat the GM foods that pigs and cows won't eat and that bugs won't eat.
Oh, we have a new GM food that the bugs won't eat!
The stink bugs won't eat these tomatoes!
For some reason, they don't like the cockroach gene we've added.
Mmm, this corn.
The blackbirds won't come and eat it because we've added salmon genes to it.
Isn't that wonderful?
Why won't they eat it?
Because they smell the death lurking in it.
There are calls and a ton of news straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Cheryl, David, Carlos, Ralph, many others.
Your calls are coming up instantly when we get into the next segment.
But continuing with this article out of the London Independent, it gets into how after these published reports began to come out, which were never openly challenged, the government would just shut off all funding to these studies.
That now 84% of Britons still say they will not eat genetically modified foods, and even the most pro-GM ministers admit there is no market for them.
And the market's now falling apart here in the US as well.
Attention then moved away from the health benefits of genetically modified food, or the health effects of genetically modified food, to the infinitely stronger evidence emerging on the environmental impact of GM crops.
How a corn plant, a maize plant, a canola plant will jump into weeds, oak trees.
It's weird.
Trees start growing weird appendages.
I mean, it's bizarre, folks.
Study after study reported in our pages show that genes escaped from them to breed super weeds and to contaminate organic and conventional produce.
Finally, the government's own trials, widely expected to support GM crops, found that growing most of them damaged wildlife.
The biotech companies, in stark contrast to their confidence before the start of the campaign, abandoned their plans to grow GM crops in Britain.
Six years ago they were awaiting immediate government approval to grow 53 different varieties of them.
Not one of these applications now remains, and no new one is expected to be made in the near future.
Yeah, in France, when they tried to forcibly plant them, what, five years ago, there were riots just across the whole country.
Once peaceful farmers burned government buildings, overturned cars, beat police up, burned GM crops that had been planted.
I mean, the country was on fire.
And it never even made it into U.S.
It was all over European news.
I mean, folks, it was bedlam.
They went absolutely ape.
Because they found out what was happening in the U.S.
and Canada.
Monsanto's even been caught with Mounties driving along in Canada throwing handfuls of these canola seeds out into the ditches and then they will fly over with planes.
This has even been in major publications here in the U.S.,
Percy, Smizer, Case, and others, they fly over with planes and drop round-up bombs on your property without a warrant.
They would drop these gas bombs that would kill, like, 20-yard circle of plants.
And if one plant was still alive, that meant some of their genetic information had jumped into your natural canola.
Even if you had seed purchase records that you hadn't bought it from them, they would then sue you.
They basically owned the courts, and they would take your property.
That happened all over the U.S.
We interviewed many of the people who had their seed records, who didn't want these GM crops, but they would come out into your fields.
They'd pull out 100 plants without asking.
They mainly in the U.S.
hire retired FBI agents.
Without warrants, they criminally come on your land.
They'll grab 100 plants.
Monsanto will test every one of them if they find any of their genetics in it.
Again, you can prove that it's your plant from the seed you bought, but that it was a second generation plant
That is, the year before, one of the plants you'd paid for, one of the seeds that was a natural seed line that you had paid for, then it pollinated, got some of the canola, as an example, that was growing in, say, a Monsanto field five miles away, brought there by the wind or birds or insects, that would get mixed in with the plant, because it's not like mammals where it's one man, one woman.
Or one bitch and one male.
And by bitch, that's the name of a female dog.
I'm not using that for sarcasm here.
Or, you know, one dog and one vixen with foxes.
Males call the dog the female of vixen.
No, a plant can have hundreds, most varieties of plants.
There's different types, but hundreds of different fathers.
Hundreds of different mothers.
Well, the mother is the plant that grows the seeds, but you know where I'm going with this.
Some plants pollinate themselves.
So the point is, is that they could find less than 1% of their genetics in one of your plants and take everything you've got.
Because they own the judges.
It's unbelievable.
It is so bad for you.
And then they try to confuse the issue with propaganda in college and in the public high schools.
I've seen the textbooks.
They try to confuse it.
Why, George Washington Carver genetically engineered plants?
Why, the Romans genetically engineered 2,000 years ago.
This, we're doing nothing new.
Taking one hardy vine...
Of one grape and planting it and then grafting on other more tasty grapes that aren't as hearty, that's grafting.
That's totally safe.
That's not putting cockroach genes in tomatoes or grasshopper genes or human genes or pig genes or fish genes.
Or George Washington Carver with hybrid vigor, hybridizing, mixing different species.
Plants naturally did that.
That's how God designed it.
We just accelerated the process like breeding dogs or something.
You're still taking the original data and just mixing it around.
You're not adding some other species with it.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, we're going to keep Dr. John Breeding on hold just a few minutes to talk about the latest developments with the Chilling New Freedom Initiative.
Before psychological testing and drugging, and how that even ties in with the FDA approving and announcing they want to use this sciatic nerve brain implant stimulator is basically what it is.
And just so much craziness.
But I promised we'd go to your calls.
Let's go to a couple of those real fast, and we're going right to Dr. Breeding.
Cheryl in California.
Cheryl, welcome to the airwaves.
Hi, how are you?
I was calling because of the medication issues and stuff.
In the 80s I was a child in foster care and I was in foster care from age 5 to 18 and I was on medication.
I was on Ritalin starting at 18 months old and now at the age of 32 the court stepped into my life and they told me that I was inappropriate to raise my children because I was a ward of the court and because I raised my kids on a level system which is the only thing I know.
Well, that's what they do.
They breed generations of people that are under their wings of darkness and literally then take your children.
It'll be an endless cycle of wickedness.
And let's go ahead and bring Dr. Breeding in, and then we'll continue with calls.
But I went to Cheryl first because she told us this is what she was talking about.
Dr. Breeding, the horror never ends, does it?
That's really powerful what you're saying, Cheryl.
Basically what we're talking about with this so-called New Freedom, it's one of these Orwellian doublespeak things, the New Freedom Commission, the President's Commission on Mental Health.
It's basically a cradle-to-the-grave program to involve people with the psychiatric system and to create a marketing
Yeah, it's Cradle to Grave and Cheryl's example is exactly showing it.
She started as a baby.
They're getting her children as babies.
They're pushing her back into the system as an adult.
Two years ago they forced me to take five antipsychosis.
One was Abilify, one was Trilipto, one was Neurontin, one was Effexor, one was Neurontin, one was Iprexa, and I was on a cocktail of five of these at one time.
Well, let me go over this.
Cheryl, let me deal with this for a second because this is important.
Over two-thirds of Texas foster children, two-thirds, this is what the government does when it has a captive audience, are on these drugs.
Some of them upwards of 17 drugs, according to WOAI TV investigation.
Dr. Breeding has testified many times at the state legislature.
And when he was there a few months ago, the doctor arguing for the state said, these children are genetically defunct, literal Nazi talk, because of the families they come from, which is total poppycock.
But this is what they do, and under New Freedom, all of your children will basically be in the social welfare system that is controlled by the drug companies.
Dr. Breeding, we're talking about a tyranny that is literally on the same level as Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.
Yeah, first of all, all those so-called anti-psychotic drugs that Cheryl is describing are proven to consistently cause...
I have kidney damage, liver damage, I have a hernia, hyanal hernia now.
I have swallowing problems.
I have bone deterioration.
I have rheumatoid arthritis in my neck and back because of this.
How old are you?
I'm 32.
I just quit in June of 2004.
I had to quit cold turkey because the Department of Mental Health had a six-month waiting list.
And the emergency rooms wouldn't fill the prescriptions because they were toxic combinations.
So I had to quit cold turkey, and in October... Now, that's a key point.
I read this before.
Dr. Breeding, we hear about this.
Yeah, I have.
Hold on, Cheryl.
Where the combinations the psychiatrists push, once the person gets on welfare to have this paid for, the medical doctors look at the combinations and won't even prescribe it.
That's right.
It's a travesty in terms of genuine health care.
But what's happening, and just what you described, Alex, is that the new Freedom Commission system is set up, and this is related to what we're fighting in the Texas legislature right now that we're going to talk about in a minute, but basically they're creating a system where wherever you go to get help for your child, and not just for children, but it could be for your elder in a nursing home or wherever you go, whether it's food stamps, immunization...
Health screening, whatever it is.
Any of those places, they've set it up to where psychiatry has access, can then screen,
Which means they're going to find whatever and have more and more situations and more and more people.
These are literal spider webs.
I mean, young people, they tell you, oh, we'll give you a free tuition to go to college.
And they go, but you've got to go to mental health screening to get this.
No, sometimes they won't even let you go to college because you're on the mental health medication.
Because I got kicked out of college for that.
And I got a DUI for driving.
On the medication, going to visit my kids because the judge ordered me to drive.
Let me ask one more question, Cheryl.
I'm going to have to move on, but let me ask one more question.
You say you were 18 months old when they took you from your parents.
What happened?
I was 5 years old when they took me.
I was 18 months old when they put me on Ritalin.
They put me on Ritalin because I was walking too early and stuff like that.
My biological mother said that she couldn't take care of me, but now she has my three children, which are epileptic and ADHD.
And they're talking about viral stimulation on my children.
Is that because you took the drugs while you were pregnant?
No, I did take the drugs during my first pregnancy with my 14-year-old, and I took them during my last pregnancy with my 6-year-old.
And I was taking Tegretol and lithium with my 6-year-old, and he's very, very epileptic.
Which they love, because then it creates an even more of a damage group for them to feed on.
Cheryl, I'm sorry.
It's also another way they take your kids and make you live longer.
Like they do and they don't pay for it.
I understand.
It's horrible and thank you for the call.
I mean, Dr. Breeding, that's just one of the first callers that called in today and it's not just her words.
We have them admitting that in most states over two-thirds of the children on these drugs.
Over two-thirds of the children on the drugs and most of them on more than one.
We've got Alaya Gleason right up here in Pflugerville who's been testifying with us and her parents and they had her on the
How this works is when they take your child, and even the two-year-old toddler, thousands in the Florida system, when the toddler cries for mommy, that's called mental illness, and then they drug them.
It's totally about suppression.
It's totally about taking normal expression and suppressing it.
But isn't that abnormal for a toddler to cry for their mother?
Well, it's pathological, yeah.
It's evil.
I mean, that's unheard of for a baby to cry.
It's unheard of for a baby to cry or to get excited and then cry or to just be in great distress because they've been abandoned by their parents and yanked into a system with people they don't know.
See, all these kids in foster care, but they have bad genes, according to psychiatry.
Now, let's go over.
You have the actual AP article.
You got this in the Associated Press.
First off, in a quick definition, what is new freedom?
Then, bring us up to speed with what happened at the last big hearings, and now what the legislature in session is doing.
Again, Texas is the front line.
This is happening all over the country as they try to write laws to get the federal funds.
Dr. Breeding?
Well, Texas is the front line because it all started with the Texas Medication Algorithm Project, which was developed in
1995, with major drug company funding going straight to the state of Texas.
And that's TMAP for short?
TMAP for short.
You have Pfizer donating $230,000, Janssen $220,000, Lilly $110,000.
They then turn around and generate millions in just one year's sales by the fact that they get their protocols, they get their drug points in there in the algorithm.
Then it's adopted by MHMR that all the doctors in the state system have to use it.
All the doctors using Medicaid have to use it.
Then they get their main profit points in there.
And it started here in Texas.
And there's this growing scandal.
It's been in the latest investigative journalism.
It's in Mother Jones Magazine.
It just lays the whole thing out.
But it's specifically a thing where the pharmaceutical industry got in bed with the state of Texas, or rather the other way around.
The state of Texas got in bed with the pharmaceutical industry, developed the protocols that support the pharmaceutical industry's main profit points.
Then the same people who were on this commission, who were on this plate thing in Texas and who were taken...
I think so.
And it's driven by the same pharmaceutical dynamics and psychiatry in conjunction with that.
So that's it.
That's what drives it.
And what they're doing now is they're attempting to codify in various states the language of New Freedom Commission.
So we have been fighting a whole slew of bills.
Your callers helped us a lot on House Bill 470 about a month ago.
We killed that one.
We killed 1703.
We killed 1194.
What's happened in the last week is they...
In the Senate, they came up with this amendment from Dr. Kyle Janik, a doctor, to put onto this other bill that basically brought this language right back in there.
A whole new flotilla of legislation.
And again, for those that missed what we said, the average, the national average, even worse in Texas and Massachusetts and other places, is over two-thirds of people in their custody, period.
You know, a child gets beaten or whatever, they take the children, or they claim they got beaten, or they claim the mother can't take care of them, they put them on the drugs, the child then has problems, even more drugs.
This is what they want to do.
Now it's going to be for your children, no matter how wealthy you are or how poor you are, it doesn't matter, and it's written by the drug companies, it's totally predatory, and you were there in the committee room, and it was in the Associated Press, Dr. Breeding, and you've got those quotes on your website, we've got it at Infowars.com,
When you and others raised the point, why are over two-thirds of people in your custody on these, are you saying that's normal, that mental illness is in over two-thirds of people, and what did they say?
It was incredible.
Well, the psychiatrist said it was due to a bad gene pool, that these kids in foster care were just sort of the dregs of genetics, and that's why they had so many problems.
In that case, the legislators responded saying,
And we had success.
And like I said, your callers helped us a lot with that, too, in terms of turning that particular bullet around.
By the way, folks, the quote is in the Associated Press.
They actually said Nazi quotes.
Yeah, he actually said it.
We got it.
And most of the time they don't say it out loud, but that's how they operate.
The belief system is basically that if people have problems, children have problems, family have problems, whatever, it's not due to social...
Justice issues is not due to oppressive schools.
It's not due to bad diet.
It's not due to child abuse.
It's not anything.
It's due to biological or genetic defects and that justifies giving them these toxic, dangerous, addictive drugs that sometimes cause death, often cause suicide and calling it medicine.
And what's happening is that there's this last effort in the legislature to get this stuff into the language.
Aren't the psychologists and psychiatrists, that is the mainline ones?
Aren't they really almost like a cult that operates for Big Pharma to go out, and now they've got the police being trained to force this on the public, and they're gearing up the force?
I mean, this is literally kind of a THX 1138 type slave group.
Well, the money flows ultimately come from the pharmaceutical.
That's clear.
And how big an industry is that?
But it's like a cult in the sense that it's a false belief system that says,
You know, oh, people have, you know, what's going on?
Oh, it's a biological or genetic defect.
Oh, therefore we can call an addictive drug that would otherwise get you in prison.
Yeah, your four-year-old is drinking four or five Coca-Colas a day full of sugar and caffeine, watching TV that they admit rewires the brain when they're young to screw them up.
Major scientific studies, I mean hundreds of them.
Your child's bouncing off the walls watching violent TV.
You wonder why they punched the other kid at the playground in the face.
And instead, you call the police on your own child and your child's gone and at age 18 dies of a heart attack while in jail on 15 drugs.
Well, those scenarios happen and they're all about...
Avoiding, confronting the fact that... Instead of spending time with your children, getting them off the Coca-Cola and the Twinkies.
And recognizing that we're in and out of control, oppressive, highly distressed society, and you've got to take a lot of energy to protect your child from those forces.
Well, I mean, you're right, Dr. Brady, because we've talked privately.
Our society has gone totally nuts.
And then they're telling the normal people that we're crazy.
And there's less and less normality because basically what you've already got is about 15% of our school-aged children on psychiatric drugs, 9, 10 million maybe.
New Freedom wants to up that because every time they go in and screen somewhere, they find that anywhere between 20% and 50% of the kids they screen need further treatment.
They're nets scooping up fish.
They're scooping nets.
They use the language that's saying it's about access, but really it's about
It's recruitment and intrusion.
It's not new freedom, it's new intrusion.
This is why House Bill 2572, sponsored by Vicki Truitt in the House, is not so bad.
It's just a little restructuring thing.
When it got over to the Senate, Kyle Janik amended Amendment 1, which basically is called the New Freedom Amendment, about child psychiatry and access to people in Texas.
So we're fighting in the last week here to try to derail this thing.
We need calls to Representative Vicki Truitt.
Her number is 4630690.
4630690 and say, hey, keep 2572 clean.
Don't cooperate with what the Senate is trying to do with your bill.
They're in conference committee right now?
No, they're not yet.
But we're preparing for that.
That's 4630690.
Okay, well give out the 512.
Kyle Janik is a doctor in the Senate who is sponsoring this new freedom stuff.
It's called Amendment 1 on House Bill 2572.
Kyle Janik, 4630117.
Let him know that you do not want psychiatry and the mental health system to have access to people in this country from children to the grave.
You want that amendment dead.
Okay, Dr. Breeding, please give out the 512 first and the number slowly.
Dr. Kyle Janik in the Senate.
Wouldn't it be more effective to go right to the committee chairman?
It would be most effective right now to be contacting Janik in the Senate.
In the House, it would be most effective to contact Vicki Truitt, 4630690.
What committee is that going to be in?
Health and Human Services?
It's in the Health and Human Services Committee in the Senate, but it's going to the whole Senate now.
See, they already passed the thing out of their committee.
So everybody should call theirs?
Everybody should call their Senators.
Janik is over in the Galveston area, but anybody, anywhere, call the state senators right now and say 2572 is being badly shaped by this amendment one.
We do not want this new freedom language in the state of Texas.
And folks, we're not joking.
I mean, the British Medical Journal has reported on it, the Associated Press has.
It openly will allow them, by law, to force psychological testing from age 5 to 18.
And this new language they're trying to pass in Illinois and Texas and everywhere else says everybody.
They're setting up an infrastructure.
Basically, it says we're going to integrate behavioral health and physical health.
So wherever you have physical health services, you're going to have psychiatry there.
It's going to say you can have local authorities that can develop partnerships and coordinate with anywhere that a child is.
And it's federal bounties paying them to do this.
And this allows them to qualify for federal, they're called Transformation Incentive Grants.
How's that for more Orwellian speak?
Transformation Incentive Grants.
Convergence Slave System.
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Dr. Breeding is going to be with us for the full next hour.
And as soon as we start the next hour, we'll get David, Carlos, Ralph, Rhonda, and others that have been holding for a long time out of the way in rapid fire, give you a chance to speak.
And if I'm ranting and raving, I mean, this is crazy.
This is out of control.
This is so Orwellian and Brave New World on its face.
And my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State, gets into the forced drugging at the very end of the film.
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So we'll go back to Dr. Breeding and we'll start the next hour and then go straight to David and everybody else that's patiently holding.
And then with Dr. Breeding, we'll get into just the insanity at all levels, the DU, the genetically modified foods, the forced drugging, just this culture of death.
Just the open practice of just anti-life, anti-freedom, anti-human dignity, and it's all billed as loving and good.
But Dr. Breeding, again, for those that missed it, you've also got the number for the committee chairman in the Senate, that bill number again that should be dead on arrival but has a good chance of passing unless people call, and the name of the creature in the Senate that has reintroduced all of this slathering evil on top of a general spending bill.
The House Bill 2572, and it's Amendment 1 in the Senate that has the new freedom language in it.
In the House, the bill sponsor is Vicki Truitt, 512-463-0690.
Vicki Truitt, 512-463-0690.
She needs to hear that.
We do not want the bill moving forward with that amendment.
We do not want to live in the Soviet Union on steroids.
What about the pimp in the Senate?
Kyle Janik.
He's from out in the Galveston area.
He's a medical doctor.
He's the sponsor of this thing.
He's trying to get this new freedom language in.
And he's doing it out both sides in the sense that on the one hand he's saying he doesn't want kids screened in the schools, but then he's setting up an infrastructure that basically gives cradle to grave access to people.
Same story.
And then Jane Nelson is the committee chair in the Senate.
And that's the chairman of Health and Human Services?
That's correct.
And anybody else in the Senate, your particular senator, call them.
This is happening right now, so just put in a word on that.
We have a chance.
We've beaten so many anti-gun bills, so many brainwashing bills, so many toll road bills.
Oh yeah, we've got a chance on this.
We've already killed several of them.
They snuck this one in at the last minute.
You know, it's one of those things where they say, I don't feel good about it.
Yeah, this isn't like the Imperial Senate where it's really hard to have an effect.
In these regional governments, we have a better shot.
Dr. Burding, stay with us.
Transmission continues.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
In the last hour, we talked about steadily modified foods causing major brain problems, autoimmune responses, intestinal problems in humans, rats, you name it.
We got into the New Freedom Initiative, forced psychological testing and forced drugging written up by the drug companies being fought at the state level.
Right here at the tip of the spear as usual in Texas, the front lines of so many of these initiatives, from toll roads on all the roads, most of the roads, to forced psychological testing, to genetically modified foods.
It's all happening here.
I'm in an absolute cesspit of enemy activity.
Dr. John Breeding will give you his website and tell you about his books coming up.
I know we've had a loaded phone line since the start of the broadcast.
We're going to continue with some of your calls now and then get back into New Freedom.
Then how that dovetails with just almost a wanton self-destructiveness by the establishment.
Just a brazen disregard, a cavalier wanton disregard for the life force of this planet.
A wanton destructive chewing at the heart of humanity.
Hey, how are you today, Alex?
And good day to Dr. Breeding as well.
I just got today an article off an Associated Press story off Newsday.com, and this sort of ties in to what you've been talking about.
Is that the one where you all need microchips?
Well, doctors slowly going digital with records.
Let me read a couple paragraphs in this.
I'll get Dr. Breeding to comment.
It's a real short paragraph here.
The article is kind of lengthy, but I'll get it into a synopsis here.
It says, Connie Grimstad doesn't need to call her doctor's office when she has a question about the slew of medications she is taking.
The 57-year-old homemaker simply delves into her medical records from her home computer.
As the medical industry moves slowly to replace its paper files with electronic versions, people like Grimstad...
Dr. Breeding?
Yeah, you've got that nailed.
We're also working on the radio frequency ID cards for the high schoolers.
The guy who implemented that somewhere over towards Houston is now becoming the superintendent in Dallas as a promotion for what he's done over there.
That's definitely happening.
I heard your guest a little while back, Alex, John Rapoport.
I really agree with him that the medical and healthcare industry really can be seen as the epicenter of this whole control dynamic.
If you can get control of people's bodies and people's minds and get them on these drugs and get them in these systems where you can track all that.
That's right on.
I heard you interview that one guy.
Who had gotten a chip, the police chief or whatever.
And that we all need to have it.
And that we would all need to have it.
And so, you know, it's important to have awareness on that.
This is insane, though, because people are conditioned to be so cavalier about this.
Aren't they concerned with identity theft?
I mean, this is rife.
Well, that's exactly right.
It's a conditioning thing, and that's how... But see, they'll implement systems that make there be more identity theft, and their answer will be more control, see?
Sorry, Dr. Breeding, go ahead.
Well, I was just going to say, you put in a little piece, you start getting used to it, you get more and more acceptable, this idea of intrusion and control and have somebody responsible for your life instead of yourself.
But what's wrong, Dr. Breeding?
We just want to make you take a chip.
We just want to take care of you.
That's normal.
It's good, good.
Take your chip at gunpoint.
You're weird because you're against it.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Basically what we're facing are totally self-centered people, many of whom are also sadistic and enjoy doling out domination and enslavement.
Who are setting up a high-tech control grid, their own policy reports and documents, laugh about it, call us slaves.
I mean, whether it's PNAC or Brzezinski or CFR documents, and they know 99.99% of us, I mean, maybe one out of a million people actually reads these documents, though that's changing.
And it's a total control grid.
And we're talking to Dr. Breeding about the new Freedom Initiative now being pushed from Illinois to Texas to New York at the state level to get those federal funds for forced psychological testing, the guidelines written up by the drug companies, how we're fighting it here literally at the front lines of the state of Texas where the feds and the drug companies first concocted this ten years ago.
So the fight's going on in your area right now.
This is a big deal.
And we're about to go to Carlos, Ralph, Rhonda, Judy, and others, but...
I didn't know that Dr. Breeding, and I'm honored that he was listening, that Dr. Breeding was listening to the show when I had that police chief on a week ago.
And the police chief, we re-aired it last Thursday, there were so many requests, you may have heard it then, from Bergen County, a big county, two million people in it,
And he just says, yeah, I've got the chip, and if they order us to take the chip, I'll enforce it.
Taking the chip's good.
I mean, that's how crazy and how worshipful of government they've gotten.
And he said, that's not Big Brother, the government, making us take a chip.
You see, 98% of people in major polls are against taking the chip.
But when you talk to police chiefs and members of Congress and drug company execs, they're like, no!
I mean, I've had the top futurists on from universities and bioethics people.
Oh, yes, you're all going to have to have it.
Because you can't hold society back.
Andy Rooney said on 60 Minutes, we all need to be forced to take a chip to prove we're good people.
Dr. Breeding, I mean, when the insanity or just the wanton tyranny is out in the open so calmly being promoted, I mean, can you talk about the psychology of that for us?
Yeah, I can try.
I see it basically as a culture of denial.
It's basically, you know, you get conditioned, you get denied, you get abused, you get neglected, you get this unreal picture, and to protect yourself at a psychological level, you just refuse to see anything that's different.
The emperor that has no clothes, you know, the president who's waging war aggressively on the world, you know, and calling it
You know, defending America, you know, attacking people who never attacked America, calling pre-emptive aggression a defensive war, calling the neglect of the Geneva Convention, calling systematic abuse and torture of detainees, calling that a necessary defense of America.
You know, people just get first really made afraid and then
Really made dependent on somebody else and then just get to the point where they have so much apathy and so much fear I think that they literally cannot see.
I think it was Orwell who said to see what's in front of one's nose requires a constant struggle.
Once you give up on the struggle you don't see anymore.
Well, no, it's true.
I mean, the Bible says that people are given over to great delusion.
I mean, they give themselves over.
And then once you take the plunge, you don't see anything.
You literally do not see.
Psychologically, there's been very interesting experiments where they would project images on a screen and then track where the eyes looked.
And so they'd project an image of like a Norman Rockwell picture of somebody having dinner, but then somebody in the picture would have their breast, a woman would have her breast revealed.
A certain percentage of people would describe what they see and they didn't even see the breast.
And then they would track their eyes and they didn't even look at the breast.
But how does that happen?
How do they know where not to look?
You know, they had to
They had to see it on some level, but not look.
Just like people have to see that we are torturing people, that we are unnecessarily bombing Iraq and killing all these women and children, etc., and creating havoc over there, but they're not going to see it because they cannot face the possibility that they can't trust this president who's going to take care of them and take care of them even more by creating a
New Freedom Initiative that has cradle to grave protection, you know?
And then he's ordering the border to stand down, the border patrol to stand down, but saying, take a national ID card, the terrorists are going to get you any second.
People are very confused and afraid, I guess.
On the one hand, and on the other hand, there's the small percentage who really do...
Yeah, those are the people who when a leader of some foreign country, whether it's Guatemala or wherever,
So there's three groups.
The dumbed-down mass, the people that are awake and fighting evil, and those that are awake and have made a conscious decision to join it.
Yeah, yeah.
And I just want to let your listeners know that
You know, when we were fighting 470 last month and I asked you all to call and you called, we got feedback from some of these guys down there, particularly in Davis' office.
You know, they said,
Who are you calling from?
What radio show did you listen to?
It makes a difference.
They got a lot of phone calls, I heard.
They got a lot of calls.
I got feedback from two or three people that said, What radio show was that?
How did you find out about this?
So yeah, it makes a difference.
Well, I hope people called about, because the bill's still there, may pass, and the transportation bill, it's still there, to put a transponder in every new inspection sticker next year to start charging you for tolls.
It says it in the bill.
I mean, folks, if you don't call about this stuff, we can't help you.
We'll give that number out before you leave, so folks be ready for that, for the Texas legislature.
And this affects all of you nationwide, even in Canada.
Worldwide, this is happening.
Same program.
So, when I give those numbers out again, please call.
But right now, Carlos in California.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Carlos.
Well, Dr. Brady was talking about tyranny.
Various methods that Illuminati uses to impose theory, of course, is psychological testing of the teenagers in high schools where they're going to set the parameters for mental health.
And, of course, they're going to find many of them obviously
The 14-year-old says he feels anxious often.
Oh, drug them.
Who doesn't feel anxious when you're 14?
So they're going to drug them and create a bunch of zombies, which is what they need for this upcoming new world order, which is going to be mostly zombies, dumbed-down people.
One is dumbing down the people, and the other is filling the coffers of the corporate...
And I'll add this.
In 2002, there was a big Pentagon report called the Marshall Report.
And he's like a 90-something-year-old futurist.
Looks like Dr. Evil.
And it was in Wired Magazine and Reuters.
And he said, within 10 years it won't be what our weapons are, but what drugs we're on.
They're creating a huge market of people for these psychotropic drugs, and now they have super drugs that don't affect two chemicals, but three or four chemicals.
They're going to totally addict the troops and have drug addicts that have to be in the military to get their goods.
Dr. Brady?
Well, that's exactly right.
All these drugs are very addictive and dangerous, and they do cause...
Basically, we're going to have the police and the military on steroids, on bizarre psychotropics, very addictive, amnesiacs, you name it.
Carlos, anything else?
Yes, and you know, another way to impose tyranny is of course by dividing the, creating all the divisions within people.
Here in L.A., where I live, all the high schools, now there's many high schools where there's clashes between Latinos and blacks, and of course that's created by the Illuminati.
Creating the illegal immigration problem throughout the world by using the IMF, the World Bank, to bankrupt African nations, Latin nations, by using the School of the Americas to create terrorism in Latin America, Africa, and forcing all those people to come here, all these divergent people with all different cultures coming in here.
And now they're setting us one against the other, and that's going to be a real mess.
is a mess now in the high schools.
And L.A.
Well, I mean, this is their plan, and I commend you for saying it.
That's why we've got to reach out to everybody and come together against the globalists.
That's beautifully said, Carlos.
You know, we need to stand shoulder to shoulder.
We need to refuse to take it out on each other and to focus our energies on the real dynamic.
And so keep sharing that vision, because you said it very well.
Well, one thing we have to be very aware of is we cannot fight each other.
We have to fight to source the real cancer, which is the New World Order, the World Bank, the IMF, all these institutions that are bankrupting all these countries that are forcing millions of people in here.
You know what's exciting, Carlos, is that there's about a half a dozen national leaders in South and Central America right now who are all at the same time thumbing their nose to Bush World and to the World Bank, and it's
It's shaken them.
They can assassinate one or two at a time, but when you get six or eight or ten backed by their people where you've got Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, all these countries are saying, hey, no, we're not going to keep giving you all our resources.
We're not going to agree to those terms.
We're not going to let you impoverish our whole country so that your industry can take 90% of our resources.
It's very exciting that all these other places are standing up to this.
It is.
And they call them communists, which isn't true.
The globalists created communism and control it.
No, no, no.
It's just total propaganda.
Carlos, great points, my friend.
Take care.
Ralph, Rhonda, Judy, others, your calls are coming up.
We'll get into genetically modified food, back into new freedom, we'll get into DU, we'll get into all of it and just prove this culture of death for what it is, an abomination.
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You know, we sound like cows in a pen, braying as they go down the chute into the slaughterhouse, and we watch humanity being fed into this meat grinder, and we are upset, but we're not dumb animals, ladies and gentlemen.
We have a mind, we have a soul, we have a heart, we have guts, and we can stand up against this NWO.
We've got to do it.
I mean, it is threatened by independence, by liberty, by creativity, by love.
And I don't fight the New World Order because I hate them, though I do hate them.
I do it because I love my family.
And we're going to go to Ralph and Rhonda and Judy here in just a moment.
But Dr. Breeding, I mean, it does seem that we've gone off the deep end.
I mean, things are really accelerating.
What's your prognosis for the next five years, and what do you see happening?
Well, what I've had to deal with on a personal level, Alex, for the last couple of years is just kind of confronting on a deeper level the reality of the most destructive civilization in the history of the world.
You're known by your fruit, and the fruit is pretty rotten.
We've got major environmental debacles going on.
We've got people being drugged right and left, like we're talking about.
We've got...
Social justice has totally thrown out the window.
We've got this imperialistic kind of effort that's sustaining a way of living for the privileged few in the world at the expense of our brothers and sisters all over the world.
I used to talk a lot about the need to protect our children from all these toxic influences like drugs and certain immunizations and certain foods and certain medias and this and that.
But now I talk about the fact that what's really at stake is whether our children even have a future.
Whether my little ones and your little ones will even have a future.
It's dependent on the kind of action that you're trying to foment.
It's dependent on
We're good to go.
I think?
To tell the truth about it and still have the energy to have joy and happiness with my children when I'm with them.
That's well said, Dr. Breeding.
That seems to be what guest after guest, the conclusion they come to.
But if we weren't here doing this, if you the listeners weren't there doing what you're doing, things would be unarguably much, much worse.
But at the same time,
It's almost like there's two worlds.
I see the awakening bigger and growing faster than ever before but the mainstream media and the so-called dominant culture continues this illusion that nobody's waking up, nobody's involved, there is no hope.
I think tuning out to a great extent from their propaganda is a key but also at the same time
We have to realize that we are leaders and have a job.
But I was talking to Jeff Rents last week about the depleted uranium.
I mean, the government's own documents, they knew it was billions of years of half-life.
They knew it would kill the troops.
They knew it would destroy Iraq forever and areas of Serbia and Afghanistan.
But they still use it.
They know it blows over here and their children breathe it.
It's almost like it's a wanton self-destructiveness.
That's just so sad and so outrageous.
You're right.
The depleted uranium, what we're doing to that country and to ourselves by extension.
This whole mindset, it's like what Carlos was saying, this whole mindset that there's a them and an us and we can destroy them without destroying ourselves.
It's just not true at the level of the fact that we breathe the same air, that we take in the same toxins, that
That where we so hate it comes back at us.
It's got to be what you said.
It's got to be driven ultimately by an energy of loving your family and ultimately getting that everybody is our family but it's not in the sense of a new world order that we control everybody.
It's in the sense that we're all in this together and what's good for you is good for me.
But as far as your view on the basic evil dynamic that drives those kind of decisions and actions...
I think it is a wanton self-destruction.
It's one thing for an individual to do that.
I believe that when people are so out of balance ethically and so divorced from their true nature, their soul, whatever you want to call it, that they do self-destruct.
That's one thing for a petty theft fever to get themselves caught by making some stupid mistake and sabotage themselves, but there's just so much more at stake when you're talking about the levels of depleted uraniums and the levels of genetically modified organisms and the levels of New Freedom Commission.
They want to punish themselves, and they're doing it.
And they're punishing us along with them because we deserve it, I guess.
We haven't done enough to stop it.
And the hell it is that we have to save them in order to save ourselves, and that's a tough job.
Ralph and Rhonda and Judy and others, your calls are straight ahead when we get back.
We will talk about genetically modified organisms as well.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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They must be defeated.
And we have to defeat the hate that's in ourselves, the self-centeredness that keeps us from spending time fighting the New World Order.
A little voice that tells us there's nothing we can do, we can't affect change, it's a fraud.
Ralph, Rhonda, Judy, and John, we're going to go to your calls here in a moment and get back into New Freedom, give out those phone numbers.
Also, I want to get into all the genetically modified foods and all the new evidence coming out of just how deadly it is and how the industry's own internal trials...
As usual, decades ago, they knew full well what it would do, just like aspartame and sodium fluoride and everything else.
Ah, poison for you and your family.
But before we do that, my new film, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, full title, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State is out.
Three hours long, ladies and gentlemen, a miniseries, my tour de force, my best work ever.
It covers the latest developments with the police states, the FEMA camps, the hover blimps, the sound cannons being used against the American people.
We spent an hour on 9-11 and how the globalists engineered those attacks with all the details, all the facts, all the proof.
It's painful, but it's the facts.
And then a full hour on the ideology, the mindset, the philosophy.
Our world leaders want us to be atheists, want us to be agnostics, but when you study them, they believe in the devil.
This is the facts.
Even if you're an atheist out there and don't believe in God, which I think is foolish, folks, the leaders of this world, they do believe in God.
They do believe in good and evil.
They do believe in the dark side.
That's what they like.
You do as thou wilt.
Focus on yourself.
And then they manifest it by literally worshipping these idols.
The Order of Death that Hitler was a member of also had a chapter in the U.S., several chapters.
Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove.
We have all the mainstream news articles, the documents, the experts, the witnesses.
I run into the Karl Rove of four administrations, Mr. New World Order himself.
And David Gergen, he gets very angry.
I say, what about the rituals?
None of your business.
I'm a member.
I'm not going to talk about it.
Oh, you're the man that infiltrated.
Bleep, bleep, bleep.
I mean, the film is so important.
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Going back to Dr. Breeding, let's briefly get into New Freedom for a few minutes, then go back to calls, then get into the genetically modified foods, new info, new major studies breaking there, even the industry zone studies they tried to keep secret.
But again, New Freedom, tip of the spear, Texas legislature, forced drugging, forced psychological testing.
We defeated three bills a month and a half ago.
Now they've introduced more bills.
Tell us about it.
House Bill 2572, sponsored by Representative Vicki Truitt.
We need to call her office to let her know that we do not want that Senate Committee 1 New Freedom Language on her bill, that she needs to take a stand on this.
Vicki Truitt, 512-463-0690.
It occurred to me while I was listening to you, Alex, that
That kind of attitude for the call is kind of like, forgive them, they know not what they do.
If you only knew what you were doing, I knew you would not do this, put our children and our old people and everybody at risk and in the hands of big pharma and psychiatry.
Also, we need to call a couple of senators.
Kyle Janik, the sponsor of this committee, substitute amendment number one.
And then there's also the committee chairman.
Jane Nelson.
And Texas and Illinois, again, are the main front lines of this.
It's being introduced in a bunch of other states as well.
Dr. Breeding has been traveling the country for a decade fighting this stuff.
Texas is a front line.
Texas is where the drug company really got this thing in place with TMAP, the Texas Medication Algorithm Project, which is the same forces that were behind the new Freedom Commission.
Basically, it's a cradle-to-the-grave axis.
To the citizens of this country to be supposedly screened, which means more and more people.
Ordered onto drugs.
Let's go to some calls, and I want to get into this genetically modified food scandal.
Let's talk to Ralph in North Carolina.
Ralph, go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Okay, I'll tell you what's really going on.
You've got all this stuff.
The Lord said this is the days of Noah, and you've got the last generation.
No, people, you're absolutely right.
The mental health system is nothing run but by the devil himself.
You might as well say devil worshippers or whatever.
The majority of the people who run that are in New Age or they're in some kind of satanic worship.
And they use these experimental drugs to... Well, let's be clear.
Let's be clear.
I have studied the globalists.
I have the documents.
The Order of Death is a Nazi organization that believes in Lucifer.
I mean that... Let me stop you.
I mean that literally, when I say it, they really do believe in it.
And where does it go all the way back to?
You know, Hitler was a Roman Catholic, okay?
And he studied the Jesuit order, so...
You might as well say that he got all his ingenuity from the Jesuits.
So the Jesuits were running the whole show here.
Well, there's another connection here in that one of the belief systems that really undergirded the Nazi dynamic was the belief system in genetic determination.
Social Darwinism.
And so you had the so-called eugenics.
You know, you had the
The life unworthy of living kind of rationale so that you would put to death those who were considered defect or considered an inferior gene or race.
Because we love them.
Because we love them.
We're helping them.
And their program was modeled after the sterilization laws here in the United States.
Margaret Sanger.
Yeah, and Davenport and those guys, the eugenics record office in the United States.
And there was a strong connection.
And there you were a few months ago.
The important thing is that modern day, we heard the psychiatrist a few months ago here in Texas, the modern day belief that children's problems, that adults' problems are due to biological or genetic defects and we need drugs.
It's the same belief system that drove the Nazi dynamic.
Ralph, thanks for the call.
But listen, on top of this, understand, folks, there's no real medical testing.
They just say, we put over two-thirds of them on it because they're genetically defect.
It's a pseudoscience.
It's a belief system that really is more like a faith dynamic, or really a control dynamic.
It's basically a belief system that's put out as facts.
There's no evidence that any of these children or anybody who has a problem that's routinely seen by psychiatrists has a specific physical or chemical abnormality that's called a drug.
It's a propaganda system.
There is no specific chemical imbalance.
There is no neurological disorder.
There is no bad gene.
It's false data.
And so anybody who's kind of caught up... Well, they're not even doing a test!
...needs to look at it and say, God, you mean that might not be true?
No, it's not.
Let's take another call.
Rhonda in Missouri.
Thanks for holding, Rhonda.
Well, what I think is interesting... Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Bless you both.
I think what's interesting is they tried to sell the New Freedom Initiative, what selling was done, because most people have never even heard of it, as a way to set off problems before they happened.
If I'm not mistaken.
Yeah, they want to start with pregnant mothers and go into the homes and do home interviews with pregnant mothers and screen the mothers for mental illness and follow the baby right away for potential problems.
And that's a CPS fishing expedition.
A couple months ago my nephew came marching home from school with this paper.
It's called an Informed Consent Disclosure Statement.
It says you're being asked to participate in a group activity to help
A psychology student developed his skills.
They're going to videotape the group.
They'll be reviewed by the course instructor.
Yeah, they use that as a lot of covers.
I've also been aware of that.
Yeah, and my sister, down at the very bottom in small print, of course, of course at the top it says it's all confidential, of course.
Down at the bottom it says, however, there are legal exceptions to the rights.
We must divulge this information when ordered by a court or the counselor or supervisor.
Or if we find evidence of mental illness, we must report it.
Right, or child abuse or whatever.
See, again, they admit it's a fishing expedition at the bottom.
Dr. Breeding?
Well, it's just tragic.
I'm a psychologist, so I'm speaking of the devil here.
But the sad fact is that the psychiatric and psychological system, the mental health system,
It's driven by this belief and dynamic that supports the basic fishing expedition, the basic idea of looking for people who need these drugs.
And it's a marketing arm for a farmer that has a whole belief system that justifies it.
And so the problem is that access to kids means that a greater and greater percentage of them
And when they have a captive audience, over two-thirds of them are put on drugs.
Wherever there's a captive audience.
My nephew, he's not even in what you would call an at-risk category.
He's an A student.
He's a good athlete.
He's a nice young man.
My sister didn't send this back, and a couple days later, he came home with another little typed-out letter.
What I thought was interesting about this falls right in line with what Charlotte Iserby has been telling us about the group mindset, because in this other little paragraph, it's a 10-line paragraph, and it has the word group.
Your son will be excluded because of this.
Well, she went up to the principal at the school, because I said, you know, Shelly's probably not just good enough.
She wanted to do it because they get out of class, and they get cookies and Kool-Aid out in the trailer where they're going to be doing this little bit of videotaping.
Yeah, they're bribing them.
And again, what they do at the university is they tell all the graduate students, we have a federal grant for this.
This is your graduate student work.
Go out and do this.
I guarantee it's going on all over your state.
Yeah, she told them.
She said, my nephew down and said, you know, Jake, if you don't understand, they can take what you say, twist it, whatever.
So she went up to the principal.
And she said, I don't want my son participating in this.
If I find that anybody outside of the school is talking to my son about anything, don't have to do the school work, I'm going to sue you through the school district and whoever else is involved.
And she said, I don't want him treated any different than anybody else because he's not going... Good for her.
We need more people like that.
We need more people.
We have a declaration on our website, wildestcoats.com, that's basically a declaration of refusal.
It's for people like that who say, I absolutely refuse to cooperate with
With any of this kind of dynamic.
Because what they do is they override consent.
They even do a thing where you don't have to give consent, but you can refuse consent, but it's kind of assumed that you give it if you don't hear otherwise.
There's just... Well, that's exactly why I told her she should go up there, because down where it says it has for her to sign, it has participant, which is my nephew, and then it has witness, and in parentheses it says parent or guardian.
I said, you know, when he's in their government...
In the public school system, they are his guardians.
And they might say, well, he wanted to do it.
Well, again, they're just introducing this.
They're just introducing this now.
Rhonda, I'd like to see a copy of that.
You can block out the names, but I am familiar with this.
When I was a senior in high school...
We're good to go.
And I remembered that some of my friends were, quote, recommended that they go to a psychologist or psychiatrist because they saw some danger signs.
So this was going on before 95.
Yeah, it's just being escalated big time and systematized.
But that's great what she did.
That's why we need to keep empowering each other and parents and others, you know, because
You really can go up to the school and make a statement because ultimately you can also just take your child out of the school.
We've been working on that.
Rhonda, finish what you were going to say.
Good and evil is not a fight.
It's a choice.
When I thought of it as a fight, it was scary to me.
Now that I see that it's a choice, it's much more empowering.
It's like a young person who refuses to fight in Iraq.
It's like once you refuse to fight, you win whatever you do.
The worst they can do to you if you're already in the military is they can court-martial you and put you in jail for a year or they're having trouble even winning that.
The point is that just by the fact of refusing to participate and cooperate in that dynamic, you have already won.
We're not victims.
We're not powerless.
Well, here's an example.
And there's countless examples.
Three years ago, they ordered all health care workers, 11 million, including police and firemen, to take the smallpox shot, and 99-plus percent said no, and so their whole program fell apart.
I mean, there's so many examples of people just saying no.
Simple as that.
All right, Rhonda, good to hear from you.
I appreciate your call.
Dr. Breeding, when we get back, I want to talk about genetically engineered foods, just to go to the mentality of they know it's destructive, but they still put it out there.
And I want to get your take on that, and then talk to Judy and John and others.
Talking to Dr. John Breeding, and the website, Dr. Breeding, is wallacecolts.com?
WildestCults.com, how many people signed your petition?
Well, we're approaching about 10,000 now.
Well, that's great.
And I know you're out there fighting this hard.
We commend you.
So folks, go to his website and get on board to fight the globalists.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Here's the headline of London Independent.
Rats' internal organs, blood altered by GM corn.
Monsanto's own studies and major studies funded by the British government that were pro-GM foods found six years ago.
There's even older studies that it caused major problems not just in their blood, but in their brains, their immune systems have been damaged, or that a disorder such as a tumor had grown in the system was mobilizing to fight it.
All sorts of bizarre problems.
And now all these new studies are coming out, and we're finding that old studies, that they knew this.
We're not talking about crossing some plant with another plant.
We're talking about mixing human and insect and other animal genes in with it to where animals won't even eat the corn, won't eat the grains, won't eat the canola.
Dr. Breeding, I mean, if animals won't eat something...
I mean, just off the bat, if they can smell with their noses, their olfactory nerves that are in some cases a thousand times more powerful than ours, I mean, what are they smelling that we don't smell?
Well, you've said it very well a while ago when you talked about anti-life.
That means disconnecting from life, disconnecting from the obvious truth that all life, plant life, animal life,
Well, I think human life, at least at a physical level, is completely interconnected.
At a physical level in terms of our bodies, which is the temple of our soul, it's called
We operate from the same dynamics as those animals do, you know, and if it's toxic to other life forms, it's toxic to us, you know, it's just a very, very perverted kind of control dynamic.
The sperm counts are plunging, cancer is exploding, all the numbers are coming in.
Well, it's mixed.
You know, there are some environmental groups that really are concerned, and then there's some others that aren't, and there's certainly a subset that is...
And then the average person is environmentally concerned, and so all of our energies get co-opted by groups that just want to control private property.
That's right.
That's the dynamic.
That's why your little program, not little program, but your idea that one part is to wean yourself off of Main Street Press and only use that as a tracking system to be aware of what the propaganda is, reach out to get alternative information, and thirdly, connect to life inside of yourself and in the world around you with the children, with the other than human, I call it the other than human or more than human world, and get over this idea that
We are disconnected.
But the food thing, it's awful what Monsanto has done.
It's awful what they've done to other countries.
It's awful what they've done to agriculture in this country.
It's awful what they're doing to the human experience and the human body.
It's side by side with Eli Lilly and the other pharmaceutical industries.
These corporate entities
They're evil twins.
They're evil twins, you know, and they operate based on the fact that they've established control.
Well, they want to create a monopoly, and that's why they're coming out with all these plants that are taking over everything in their own subspecies, and then when they corrupt and pollute your fields, they then come take your property, saying you stole their genetics, even when they admit they contaminate you.
So the people that go out in the field and pull the roots off these crops are in the same...
I think it's parallel with the woman who just called and her sister that went and got in the school's face.
It is time.
For active kind of disobedience.
Active refusal to comply with all these different things.
You got it, man.
Well, they don't have genetically engineered food in Europe because the farmers rioted.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Dr. Breeding, I know you spent an hour and a half with us.
Yeah, I'm going to have to go, man.
I really appreciate you having me on and helping us with this, and I'll keep you posted.
You bet, my friend.
Take care.
We're going to start the third hour.
We're going to go right to Judy and John and many others and a bunch of other news.
Big news blitz coming up.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Fighting for the Second Amendment.
Fighting for our borders and national sovereignty.
Fighting for our military to get out of Iraq and to stop breathing and using the depleted uranium.
Fighting against the forced drugging.
Fighting against the toll roads and the satellite tracking systems.
Fighting against it all, folks.
We appreciate you out there fighting with us.
I commend the listeners.
And just God bless you all.
Coming up, there's just so much news.
Are illegal aliens creating a U.S.
leper colony?
That's World Net Daily.
Afghan prisoners were tortured to death by American guards.
We'll also get into Bush administration accused of hypocrisy over Newsweek Koran allegations.
The GOP's police state, the liberal road.
I want to wake this poor person up.
But it's both parties.
The Galloway documents have been a sponge from the Senate record.
It's his testimony.
Countering them, very rare to see them cut out his testimony from the congressional record.
Very serious.
And a bizarre article out of the Indianapolis Star exhibit reveals Mason's influence, the Capitol and Washington Monument, among noted buildings marked by group.
Really weird.
China's trying to build its own Silicon Valley.
You name it, it's all coming up right now.
Toll-free number to join us.
Take a bunch of your calls.
They go into your calls slowly.
Now we're going to go a lot faster.
Let's talk to Judy in New York, then John and others.
Go ahead, Judy.
It's such an honor to talk with you.
Hi, Alex.
I'll try to be fast.
I just wanted to share that I was a caseworker for social services.
And I saw the drugging firsthand, and it was appalling.
I'll just describe one case very briefly.
It involved a grandmother who was raising her two granddaughters.
And the oldest one turned 13.
She got moody.
Well, what else is new?
She was immediately assessed by a psychiatrist and diagnosed bipolar.
And she was, like, all excited.
She was at her friend's role, had the same diagnosis.
And she's put on Prozac, and then she gets worse, and they up her dose.
Then she begins cutting herself.
I ethically could not.
Oh, yes.
Jimmy, this is an unbelievable call.
So many good social workers.
This case was so awful because they were scaring this grandmother.
She's a lovely lady and she was really against this whole thing with
The drugs, because she saw her granddaughter's friends, and she said, they're worse.
The way they treat their parents, the way they talk, the way they act in school.
But it's this weird, deceptive thing, because initially they may start to look like they're improving.
And then they start, I don't know if they become toxic, you know, they don't metabolize the serotonin, but they start getting worse.
And then they say, well, you know, we'll try, we'll add another drug, or we'll up the dosage.
And the more they do it, then maybe they feel a little better, then they feel a little worse.
And when she started cutting herself, oh, and then this is really serious, and then they want to take these.
And this poor grandmother.
By the way, this cutting is widespread.
I hear about it everywhere.
It is insane.
I never heard of it when I was growing up.
I mean, we were moody.
We were rebellious.
But now those girls on drugs slice themselves.
They slice themselves, right.
And then they want to put them away.
And then if the grandmother starts objecting and saying she doesn't like what's going on, they can get her on medical neglect.
They can have CPS come in.
You know what?
Stay there, Judy.
Stay there.
I want to hold you over because some stations don't carry this segment.
I want you to repeat what you said and get into more detail.
Then we'll go to John and others.
But I've got the mainstream news articles.
I've got the documents.
It's true.
They take somebody who's perfectly fine, and by the time they're done with them, they're in a straight jacket, grueling.
And that's the norm, not the exception.
Or they engage in a mass school shooting.
Judy in New York, stay there.
I want to hear more on the other side.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
In the first hour, we had a lady call in.
We've been on a Ritalin since she was 18 months old, taken from her family at 5 years.
Now she's had children, they've taken her children.
The national average is about 70% over two-thirds of foster children are on multiple psychotropics.
We have all those mainstream news articles posted where they say how great it is because they're genetic defects.
They can't find any genetic defects, they just say that all these children were taking her.
It's basically nonsense.
But in New York, a bunch of social workers about four years ago went public and said, we go and tell a black mother, we're ordered to do this or we're fired or demoted, sign over your eight-year-old, and we're going to take the two-year-old too.
They take the child, they test drugs on them, pesticides.
This is mainstream news.
And a lot of social workers have quit, gone public.
Because it's getting so evil, they're waking up.
And the same thing, a bunch of social workers in Texas blew the whistle.
You have to commend them.
That's why we learned of the over two-thirds being on it.
WOAI TV, which did say things were bad.
I was surprised Clear Channel told the truth there.
That's who owns that TV station.
Biggest TV station in San Antonio.
They did a multi-month report, every week having a report on it.
Kids dying on these drugs.
Somewhere on 17 drugs.
The average was on four.
But I wanted everybody to have a chance to hear this.
Judy, tell that story again for those that may have missed it.
You're a social worker that took early retirement in New York, and you gave us one case as an example, but give us that case again and then some others if you'd like.
Oh, sure.
Yeah, I could not bear what was going on.
I had worked with Child Protective Services for a while.
I got out of that.
I got into Intensive Preventive Services, which was to try to keep families together.
And I would get very high-risk cases.
But there was this one lovely grandmother.
She had these two granddaughters that she was raising.
The oldest turned 13, and she got moody.
And immediately, they put her, they assessed her by a psychiatrist, and they diagnosed her as bipolar.
By the way, it's trendy to get moody.
All the TV shows for girls and magazines are about everybody cutting themselves, everybody being moody.
And you mentioned how her other friends got on it.
She got all excited that she'd been diagnosed.
What happened to her once she started taking it?
She's like, oh, Sarah's on it.
She's like, oh, my God, I have those bipolar 2, you know.
So anyway, she gets put on Prozac.
She starts feeling better.
Then she starts feeling worse.
So they up her dose.
And then she begins to cut herself.
And then now she's psychotic.
She went from being moody, a moody adolescent who's hormonally whatever, and now all of a sudden she's cutting herself.
Now all I hear about now is this cutting, girls on drugs cutting themselves.
Yeah, they can't stand the pain, they can't stand the emotional pain, so they do that because it gives them physical pain, distracts them from the emotional pain.
Now, the grandmother is, like, all concerned, but if she doesn't comply, then she can get a charge of medical neglect.
Now, how do the social workers continue to enforce this?
You thought it was evil and quit, but, I mean, what about the other people?
How do they, I mean, they're not dumb, they watch people get worse on this stuff.
See, I was a social worker, but I was a caseworker.
So I was like, my thing was like, I was an advocate.
I would go in with the family.
So you were actually seeing what was happening, not just enforcing?
I was seeing what was happening.
I had no power when it came to... I just read that nationwide, record numbers of social workers are quitting.
What's turnover?
30% a year?
Oh, I don't know how people can stay and do it.
I saw another woman.
She was born in Portugal.
She had a daughter who was defiant.
The girl was on a drug...
I think.
I think.
I mean, they're all going to special schools.
They're all classified special ed.
Well, that's what the doctors, I mean, medical doctors have said on those broadcasts is that you first go on it and you feel good the first few weeks, but then it starts messing with all of your other...
Levels of key hormones in the brain, and you always get worse, and it's perfect for the drug companies, because then the answer is more and more drugs.
Everybody I know, I mean old men, young people, middle-aged children, who go on one drug, end up on two, three, four is the average.
Yes, at Alex, they line up in the morning.
When I was at the CPS, I was astounded.
They line up in the morning in the nurse's office, but their candy coat is cracked.
I've never seen like that.
Where were the kids when I was going to school?
I taught in the New York City school system.
I taught in Harlem.
I taught in Hell's Kitchen.
Where were these hyperactive or attention deficit disorder kids?
Well, they didn't have candy with red dye number five in it, and they weren't guzzling cola.
Yeah, that's true.
And maybe they weren't watching television, which has fed up the frames so much.
Oh, the major scientific reports, I read one two weeks ago, major institutions, when you put your two-year-old in front of it, it actually rewires their brain.
When my son, my youngest son, was going to school and he started to act up a little bit and they said, well, maybe you ought to go to a neurologist.
I said, oh, maybe.
But they didn't enforce it and, you know, at that point I wasn't even working for the system and I am so... What do you think of the new Freedom Initiative that's going to force everybody into this?
I'm horrified.
I am so horrified.
You know, look at the people who have made the greatest changes in the world.
Wouldn't they be oppositionally defiant?
Wouldn't all you guys on internet radio who are trying to fight a system be oppositionally defiant?
If Jesus walked the planet, wouldn't he be classified?
What about a Gandhi or a Buddha?
You know, it's incredible.
And for people who don't know, anybody who criticizes and argues is called mentally ill.
Yeah, or if you squirm a little in your seat or you look out the window, this is a normal, healthy, young child.
Well, that's what mammals do.
I mean, whenever you get a new puppy, it runs around and chews on you and rolls around, and that's what mammals do.
Yeah, it's a sign of health.
I mean, is a teacher that interesting and that exciting that you're going to sit there riveted?
If you sit there riveted to what the teacher's saying, maybe you're classified somewhere else, you know?
Well, I was always looking at the girl in the front row.
That's totally healthy.
I must have been bad.
I don't know.
I just feel that this initiative is really, really scary.
I'm glad that my children are out of the system at this point, but I just feel for the children's children and everything that's going to go.
I don't know what's going to happen.
I just don't want to lose focus.
Well, when you were around other social workers and getting ready to take early retirement, I'm sure you voiced your concerns.
Oh, Alex, I'm an essayist now on rent.
I talk up.
I do not keep, you know, I talk up too much.
I mean, what did they say once you were talking to them?
Well, a lot of people would say, oh no, I see a lot of improvement.
Oh, they're much more focused on the riddling.
You know, and then there were the people who would say to me, yeah, I agree.
I really agree.
I don't like it, but what can you do?
What percentage of the social workers didn't agree?
I would say a very small percentage, unless they didn't agree and they were just afraid to speak out.
Because people are afraid.
They want to keep their jobs.
They have their bills to pay.
They're afraid of speaking out and getting called in or whatever.
Well, that's killing yourself to live.
I mean, and I don't know how you, if you have ethics, if you have morals, I don't know how you can do this kind of stuff.
You have to prostitute yourself for paychecks.
And so, I mean, I would rather, I'm teaching piano lessons, and I'm writing essays, and I would rather have less money, but this way I have peace of mind.
Keep your soul.
Exactly, and I can talk, and I can call you, and I can talk about it without the fear of getting a call.
Not that probably a lot of these people would be listening to internet radio.
Well, we blast out on the AM and FM and shortwave, but hey, good to hear from you.
Alex, I'm not ashamed.
I am proud, and I'm so glad.
It was really a pleasure to speak to you.
Well, Judy, it's exciting what you're doing, and God bless you.
And it's been social workers all over the country that have been going public and saying, I'm not going to be part of this anymore.
And I know you're listening out there.
You make excuses for what you do.
You make excuses for this system.
It's unbelievable.
And for those out there making excuses, it's time to stop.
John in Tennessee.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead, John.
How are you doing?
I'm just calling about this new freedom stuff.
Everybody's concerned about discipline in the schools.
Well, the answer to this is very clear.
There's an article I found on ABC News, and they've taken it down, but you can still find it on the Internet Archive, about this teacher that instituted a sugar-free school.
And they said that within a year.
You know, I meant to get that, it was a principal.
I meant to get that principal on, wrote a note months ago and never got him on.
What was the name of the story?
The name of the story is A Different Kind of Education, One Woman Makes a Difference.
Email that to me.
I am going to get them on.
What was it?
Disciplinary problems dropped by half.
Visit to the school nurse went down by 30%.
Disciplinary problems dropped by 20%.
And test scores went up.
Well, I mean, listen, folks, when I was in high school, it was twinkie machines every 50 feet, less than that, everybody gobbling, and, I mean, it's ridiculous.
Yeah, so it's...
And I just thought about this when I saw that picture of that poor girl down in Florida that was having a temper tantrum, was taken out in handcuffs and everything.
They hype our kids up on sugar.
Five-year-old, and they take all the corporal punishment out of the classrooms, and then they say, oh, we've got to send in the police, and they can do whatever they want.
Then they get beat up in the jail cell.
Yeah, it's just ridiculous.
Oh, and listen, when I was bad in school, I got to the principal's office for licks with a big old paddle, and believe me, it worked.
But notice back when we had that, the crime rate was much lower in the schools.
Take it out, it's total bedlam, now you get to get in the criminal justice system.
It's all done by design.
Oh, one other thing I saw on the news this morning, they were talking about how sex offenders have been getting Ritalin through Medicaid in New York.
That's just insane.
Not Ritalin, Viagra.
Yes, I have the article.
They're giving sex offenders, ladies and gentlemen, free Viagra, the government is.
That's just crazy.
In fact, that was one of the next articles I was going to go to here.
Oh, okay.
No, no, it is mind-blowing.
Well, NAML is part of the U.N.
I can't even imagine anybody getting Viagra as part of Medicaid.
It's not a necessity.
Well, there's, you know...
It's the New World Order.
Anything else, John?
That's all.
Thank you, sir.
All right, a bunch of calls when we get back, and I will get into that article that the listener just mentioned.
I mean, it just goes from crazy to crazier by the millisecond.
Don't forget Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv and Infowars.net.
They're all great sites.
Check them out today.
Thank you.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Let me do this.
I'm going to cover news, then we'll come back and go to Todd and James and Brian and Adam and many, many others that are patiently holding.
Scientists are murdered after call for full B.S.G.
A prominent physician at San Francisco General Hospital, this is San Francisco Chronicle, by the way, who once headed the San Francisco Medical Society, was found stabbed to death inside the doorway of his Diamond Heights home Thursday, police said.
Dr. Robert J. Lull, 64, was discovered on the floor in his entryway of his hilltop home on Goldmine Drive at Jade Place shortly after noon.
Hospital officials concerned when he did not show up for the clinic he ran in nuclear medicine alerted his personal assistant, Elsie Grace, who found the body, authorities said.
At this point, we can't say what the circumstances were, but we know he was a victim of a homicide, San Francisco Police Inspector Holly Perra.
At least they didn't say it was suicide, like with the man who wrote Crack the CIA, the man that wrote the expose exposing CIA drug trafficking, Gary Webb.
Shoot yourself twice in the head.
Yeah, right.
Lowell was liked by his neighbors and respected by his colleagues.
Harris said he had a real love for medicine.
And again, he'd been exposing how mad cow was already in the U.S.
Big cover-up going on this.
I know people whose families have died, family members have died, and they say it's mad cow in humans.
Of course, fellow Jacobs are linked to BSC and cows.
And they get followed, they get harassed, the hospital gets told to destroy the records, and they do it.
And it's scary stuff.
And then people who have the documents get raided by the police.
That's happened right here in Austin.
It is really scary what's going on.
I've got several articles here about torture.
jailers tortured innocent Afghan to death.
This is just one example.
Out of the Irish Examiner, here's another one out of the London Independent, Afghan prisoners were tortured to death by American guards.
Shocking and detailed accounts have emerged of how two Afghan prisoners were tortured to death by American interrogators and prison guards at Bagram Air Base outside Kabul.
A 2,000-page report on an internal investigation by the U.S.
military leaked to the New York Times and published yesterday provides exhaustive detail of how the two were kept chained, excruciating positions, and kicked to death
The harrowing stories of the deaths of Halbula and Dilwar told the report could prove as damaging to the U.S.
as photographs of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib Jail in Iraq.
Folks, our own government admits that they put 5,000 people in containers, put them out in the freezing weather for four or five days, opened them, half the people had died, the rest were lined up and shot.
You go, well, they're terrorists!
They don't deserve that!
Well, then it'll happen to our troops, and how do we gripe later?
And most people were in there were totally innocent, haven't even been fighting.
They just rounded up all the men.
But the New York Times story will not go away easily for the Bush administration.
It sources its findings of the U.S.
military's own investigation.
It also comes as a dangerous time in Afghanistan with violence increasing and signs the Taliban may be resurgent.
So pretty serious news there.
And it gets into how they...
Torture these poor people absolutely savagely.
I mean, it is unbelievable.
start joint war games in Russia and Germany.
military servicemen will take part in U.S.-Russia joint war games that will start Monday.
IRA Novostop reports, together with Russians, they will rehearse the U.N.-sanctioned defensive operation against a third country.
So practicing invasions together.
And Torga, 2005, 10 days of war games, named after the German city of Torgo, where Soviet American soldiers met in the last days of World War II, opened in Moscow on Monday.
Got an article here about high-tech plans for shoppers, New York Daily News.
It says the Verichip used in RFID systems is dwarfed by a penny in this photo.
And it says that very soon, Walmart and almost every other major chain will no longer even have registers.
You will, in all the new credit cards within two years, will have chips in it.
You'll automatically be billed and tracked from the time you come in to the time you leave.
Long article.
It's posted on prisonplanet.com right now.
Here's another interesting article.
I've got about 50 more of these.
Are illegals making the U.S.
a leper colony?
This is a real phenomenon.
It's a public health threat.
New York is endemic now, and nobody's noticed.
Leprosy, the contagious skin disease evoking thoughts of biblical and an evil times, is now making its mark in the United States, and many believe the influx of illegal aliens is the main factor.
And it says this long eradicated disease like tuberculosis, leprosy, and polio, for example, are now exploding.
7,000 cases of leprosy in the United States right now.
There were less than 10 cases a year just a decade ago.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's the boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know.
I'm working for the state, I'm the highway patrol.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's just bang right through your great calls and then right back into the news.
I want to talk more about leprosy exploding.
We're now having to set up leprosy wings in major facilities.
They're setting up huge quarantine wings for the drug-resistant or immune TB.
The whooping cough is spreading.
All different types of third-world meningitis.
The list is very long, very thick.
It's all part of the wondrous open borders.
So good to be a third world country.
Globalism is good.
Look at all the fruits.
Losing your jobs, balkanization, open sewers.
Oh, yes, the New World Order.
Todd in Florida.
Go ahead, Todd.
Oh, hello, sir.
I would just say, maybe it's about...
Narcocracy exposed and exploding.
Because from what I understand, Yahoo is a pretty big forum, and I've been participating in that.
They have Yahoo Messenger voice chat.
And now, more and more in the last six months, or maybe now it's like eight months, I've listened to a lot of people that are obviously paid to facilitate
Kind of a Delphi Technique groupthink discussion, and it really is about giving a false choice, and from there it gets even deeper into psychological warfare.
The stunning part is that a lot of the people that are kind of victimized by it or that are listening to it, they're paying for their own psychological warfare.
Well, I'm not specific.
I guess you're talking about chat rooms or something?
Well, absolutely.
And then from there, I would want to ask about COINTELPRO, because I think it's naive from what I've read.
Well, I wouldn't say everybody you're on the web arguing with is a government agent.
Are they out there?
They certainly are.
But I say we're educating them.
So people have discerning minds.
I mean, the globalists are flooding the web with disinfo right now, but predominantly that's through fake information.
Well, you were just saying massive.
And as far as chat rooms go, I don't know what you'd call massive.
Are there massive fake newscasts?
Are there massive fake propaganda news stories?
Are there fake websites like Talon News Service and Mr. Gannon?
Yes, yes.
Right, and even that Mr. Thorne guy who's attacking you, he's got a fake name too, so that's weird.
Listen, I really appreciate your call, but I don't traffic or associate with that stuff, and this is my show, and that's not what my show's about.
It's about the information.
I appreciate your call, Todd.
But if I ever gave attention to all the people that were attacking me, the entire broadcast would be made up of that.
I'd rather, you know, cover this major studies that are out, what the genetically modified foods are doing to you.
I'd rather talk about that.
I really would.
James in New Jersey.
James, go ahead.
Greetings, Alex, from Hackensack, the county seat of Bergen County, New Jersey.
Ah, where your police chief says we all need the chip, and he'll enforce it.
But he's normal.
We're not.
We're crazy because we don't like police chiefs saying that, yes, the government forces us to take the chips.
It's a good idea.
What did you think of that interview you had with him?
I think I've heard more remarkable interviews.
I wasn't too much surprised by anything he said.
Just major police chief saying we all need chips.
Yeah, I wasn't surprised.
Well, I didn't say it wasn't a big deal.
I just said I wasn't surprised.
I know, I'm being sarcastic.
Now, the reason I called was, I think, I don't know if it was Thursday or Friday, you were talking about George Orwell.
And I do appreciate that you... Somebody was saying that he was an evil government agent or something.
Oh, okay.
Well, that I don't remember, but...
What I do remember is, I believe you said that he was a communist.
Yeah, okay, that's not correct.
And it might be a minor point, but maybe not.
What happened with Orwell was when the Spanish Civil War was ongoing, he tried to go over there to both cover it and fight with one of the militias.
The English communists refused to give him credentials.
They called him politically unreliable.
No, no, that's accurate.
They tried to kill him and tried to grab him when he was in, what, Madrid?
Well, what happened was... It was the street battles.
I've read the book.
Yeah, well, he wasn't a communist.
That's why I'm calling.
It's an important distinction.
You called him a communist.
He was never a communist.
And what happened was, when he went over there to Barcelona... Well, how long ago did you read, what is that, Down and Out in Paris and France?
Are you talking about Homage to Catalonia?
It was so many years.
He was a socialist, and his books were published by or recommended by the Left Book Club, which was headed by a guy, Victor Golan.
Look, it's all apples and oranges.
Let me just stop you right now.
I was saying he was a well-meaning person who first was a soldier for the British in India.
He saw the Secret Police Act.
Then he went and fought for the Communists against the Franco-Fascists.
Shot in the throat.
He was in street battles.
The Communists tried to kill him.
Wouldn't give him credentials.
That's all true.
Socialist, Communist, to me it's the same thing.
They being Socialists.
But then he even woke up to that later and was a propagandist for BBC and all that.
So you can apples and oranges or, you know...
Argue that small point all day.
My point is he explored many things and then got a total spectrum analysis that it was all controlled by the same people before he died.
I wouldn't argue with that, but he didn't fight for the communists.
And what he did... What are you talking about?
He was in a communist brigade!
No, he was not.
He was in the P.O.U.M., which was anarchist socialists.
And the communists...
Well, that's actually true.
One group of Marxist-Leninists was after him.
The Communist Party was after him because he was fighting for the anarchists.
This is why I called.
He never fought for the communists.
He didn't fight for a communist.
Sir, I see socialism and communism as one and the same.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, did you have different factions that were battling for control if they won the war, which they didn't, against Hitler and Franco?
Okay, I mean, you can sit there and call those different groups.
It's like saying, are you a Southern Baptist or a, you know, Anglican?
I mean, it's Christian.
I mean, give me a break.
I can't spend all day on it.
I've got loaded phones and a ton of news here.
But you're welcome to call me back tomorrow if you want to argue about it more.
And it's been years since I read those books.
But I've read the Orwell Reader.
I've read about five of his... I think I've read everything he's written.
I even read some of his letters right before he died, back when I had time to read more.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Oh, who's up next here?
Christina in Kansas City.
Go ahead.
Greetings, Alex.
KCXL in Kansas City is where I've been listening to you for over four years.
A group of us are showing your latest film at the Public Library, and I'd like everybody to know about it in Kansas City.
Oh, great!
Tell us.
Thank you.
It's at the Johnson County Main Library.
We call it the Taj Mahal, at 87th, about five blocks to the east of I-35 and 87th Street, Wednesday night, May 25th, 6 p.m., in the main conference room.
Again, what's the date and time?
This Wednesday, May 25th, 6 p.m., Alex Jones' newest film, 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State.
And how many seats are available?
Well, Alex, last time we showed a film, we invited Dave Von Kleist to come and preview 9-1-1, his 9-1-1, and he came out, he packed the room out, and all the librarians were coming over to find out what in the world we were doing to bring all these people in.
So, anyway, everybody in Keelville City come out Wednesday night 6 p.m.
to the public library.
Well, that's great.
And which public library again?
The main Johnson County Library on 87th Street.
And while you're there, you can check out some George Arwell books.
That's right.
All right.
Anything else?
That's enough, Alex.
Thank you.
All right.
Thank you.
Who's been holding the longest?
Brian in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Brian.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Hey, I just got 911 Road to Tyranny the other day.
I've been listening to you for about three years.
But, you know, I've been listening to you.
I've been hearing what you're saying.
I believe in what you're saying.
But watching that video just about brought me to tears, man.
I mean, the evidence is so compelling.
Wait till you see Marshall Law.
Well, I've got that, sir.
And my son has it.
And I'm going to watch it tonight.
We ordered both of those videos at the same time.
I'm going to watch that one tonight.
With this kind of evidence...
Why can't we do something?
I mean, why can't we?
Well, I mean, sir, people knew 30 years ago that they weren't treating black men with syphilis and letting them spread it and die a torturous death.
People knew 20 years in, by the 40s, people were fighting the forced sterilization, but it kept going on until 1985.
And was basically a secret.
But large groups knew about it, but the public didn't know.
I mean, this evil just goes on for a long time.
But it seems like the public is starting to know.
No, they are.
The question is, will the globalists blow something else up before we're able to... Sure they will.
Sure they will.
One more thing, if I can.
My niece is in the military.
She's in the Army.
She was an MP.
She was over in Iraq.
And she ended up getting pregnant over there.
She just got married.
Her husband is also military over in Iraq.
And you know what, man?
I'm scared to death for her.
You know, this is my brother's daughter.
I am, like, scared to death for her.
With all the birth deformities, thanks to the DU.
Yeah, that's what I understand.
And I need to get these videos out to her.
To her father.
I mean, her father is a flag-waving American patriot, but he really doesn't know what he's waving the flag.
Yeah, he thinks he's waving a plastic Chinese flag, American flag, made by slaves as patriotism.
Patriotism is knowing what that flag symbolizes.
Well, he believes that he's being patriotic by waving that flag, you know.
But, you know, we've just got to wake people up
I'm going to be making copies of the videos and getting them out to as many people as I can.
What else can we do, Alex?
What else can we do?
People need to join together.
One big thing is hitting the knee and asking God to forgive all of us for not doing enough and asking God to heal this land and ask God to bring down these powerful people in high places and bring judgment on them instead of all of us.
Well, amen to that, brother.
But I also believe that, you know, not just asking God, but taking a stand ourselves is... No, I mean, it's double-edged.
We've got to take action, and we also have to ask God for guidance.
Either one doesn't do it by itself.
And, you know, if we're living for God, we're going to be fighting evil.
You know, faith without works is dead.
And I do believe we're saved by grace, but if you don't have that grace, you're not going to be fighting.
So, you know, the evidence will be there.
The fruit will be there.
Sure, I agree.
Hey, Alex, one more thing.
Do you know how I could find out if there's a group of like-minded citizens in this area?
I'm listening on Radio Braveheart in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Where are you?
Oh, there's a ton of patriots in that area.
I know there are.
I know there are.
So, I mean, you need to get an email address or start a website.
It's easier than you think.
They have website builders where for like $25 a month you get a little web space enough for thousands of visitors a month, more than you'll need at first.
And with just rudimentary few hours of study, you'll be able to build your own website, post your own comments, then hand flyers out around town, announce you're going to have a meeting, say to throw the Patriot Act out or to defend the Second Amendment or, you know, for any issue you pick,
And maybe five people will show up to the first meeting, and then 10 the next, 20 the next, 40 the next, 150 the next, 380 the next, 5,000 the next?
Well, I think everybody in every city and every state that's listening to you needs to do something like that.
And we really need to band together and put an end to this.
I hear you, my friend.
God bless you, and I appreciate your call.
I mean, really, you just need to start an organization, give it a nice name, and start meeting at the local library.
I mean, you know, and don't count on others to be your leaders, folks.
I mean, so many people say, I'm the leader, follow me, come to my banner.
Everybody's got to do what I say or has to work with me.
Watch out when you hear that.
Listen to those that are saying, be your own leaders in your area, pick the issues you want to fight.
It's strength through diversity.
And I don't mean the phony baloney diversity of multiculturalism in the mainstream media.
No, I mean all of us fighting at our own level, doing our own good deeds.
Number one, exposing government-sponsored terrorism.
Because if enough people understand that the globalists have the motive for terror, the globalists have been behind the terror,
Then that may stop them from carrying out more attacks because they don't think that we'll buy it.
Or if they do carry out another attack, it'll backfire on them.
I mean, we've got to be ready for total martial law to be declared, for nukes to go off, for smallpox to be released.
I hope and pray that doesn't happen, but the government's saying it will happen.
Remember before the election?
I said, I don't think this is going to happen, but here's...
News and World Report.
The White House says we will be nuked.
Biologicals will be released.
I mean, they said it will happen.
And that report got picked up by like 20 major publications.
And I said, let me make it clear.
I'm not saying this is going to happen.
I believe it's not going to.
But this is the type of terrorism, that is terrorism, to say something's going to happen, to create fear.
And to run TV ads where wolves are stalking around you in the woods, you know, the terrorists want to get you, give your rights up and will protect you.
But I have said that there will be more terror attacks, period.
I don't know the place or time.
I don't know if we can back them off further.
The more time we get, the more time that they get in more trouble, the globalists.
I mean, this is their control system.
It's very frustrating.
And people say, well, you know, the New World Order couldn't carry out 9-11.
They'd get caught.
No conspiracy of this magnitude could stay secret.
It hasn't stayed secret.
They're just counting on people not having the will to face what's going on.
I was debating a top Pentagon anti-terror expert for two hours last night on the talk of New Mexico.
It's like syndicated around the state.
On some big stations.
And the guy had nothing to say.
He had no facts.
And almost every caller was calling in and agreeing with me.
And then one guy called in to agree with him, and he couldn't even hardly talk.
He couldn't string a sentence together in a cogent fashion.
And here are the hosts agreeing with me.
Here are the listeners agreeing with me.
Here I am saying the government did it and giving the evidence.
And this guy was a high-level government agent.
He was totally annihilated.
He could do nothing.
When faced with the facts.
I wish you could hear shows like that on my own show.
I'm not that dynamic.
I'm a lot more dynamic when I'm up against the enemy.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Sorry, no more time to take calls.
I've got to go through a bunch of news.
Hey, don't worry, Australia, who lets any foreigners in who want to come in, Australian lawmaker wants to ID dog droppings.
It's out of the Associated Press.
A local Vienna politician wants to use DNA technology.
It's Austrian, excuse me, I misread that.
Wrong country, second in a hurry.
They use DNA technology to chase down owners of dogs that leave their droppings on streets and sidewalks.
Well, that's time well spent, isn't it?
Connecticut nears strict school junk food ban.
Hartford, Connecticut.
Lawmakers want to make sure Connecticut students aren't part of the Pepsi generation.
Sounds like a good idea, but shouldn't that be parents that should just keep their children from doing that?
And there just shouldn't be a ban.
They just shouldn't have it in all the hallways and at the end of the lunchroom.
By the way, when I talked about how the Tillman death in Afghanistan was a fraud, and I was called an evil traitor, well, now the family's calling it a fraud.
Tillman's parents lash out at Army, handling a Ranger's death called a sign of disrespect, MSNBC.
Former NFL player Pat Tillman's family is lashing out against the Army, saying that the military's investigations into Tillman's friendly fire death in Afghanistan last year were a sham, and that Army efforts to cover up the truth have made it harder for them to deal with their loss.
They claimed he died fighting Al-Qaeda, and the truth is, our own troops killed him.
Then they tried to lie about it.
But you're with Al-Qaeda if you say that they're lying.
Sex offenders in New York receive Viagra via Medicaid.
Scores of convicted rapists and other high-risk sex offenders in New York have been getting Viagra, paid for by Medicaid.
For the past five years, the state's comptroller said yesterday, illegal aliens get it, sexual offenders do, and my friend has Crohn's disease and he can't get help.
Classic, folks.
Can't eat.
But they're not going to pay for the surgery.
Audits by Comptroller Alan Heavy's office show that between January of 2000 and March of 2005, 198 sex offenders in New York received Medicaid reimbursement for Viagra after their convictions.
So people convicted of raping children as young as two years old got their Viagra.
All right.
That's truly sick.
And at the same time...
All righty then.
Bush says he's going to have the Border Patrol stand down, but going to give you a national ID card.
All righty.
Experts call for common North American border.
Another article about that.
Pan-American Union in your face.
UN forces using tougher tactics to secure peace.
That means secure mass murder and death.
All the cloning that's going wild right now.
I could spend hours on that, but we're just flat out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
World history is a long string of events where tyrants feed and feed and feed and get more and more aggressive until people say no and stand up against it.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors about this broadcast, whether you listen on AM or FM stations, shortwave or the Internet.
And come to my showing of martial law if you live in Texas or surrounding areas.
Three different showings.
Friday, June 3rd, coming up in about ten days.
Friday, June 3rd.
Friday, June 3rd, ladies and gentlemen.
Downtown Alamo Draft House on Colorado Street, 7 and 10 p.m.
Then the next week, Wednesday, June 8th, 8 p.m., Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
I'll be there giving a speech, taking questions and comments.
And also selling my other videos and books and great materials.
So I hope to see you there.
You can buy tickets via Infowars.com by linking through to the Draft House website.
Or call toll-free to get Martial Law.
Don't wait.
Get this new film.
Please don't wait.
It's such a good video.
You've heard the reviews by listeners.
Or any of the other great films, for that matter.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
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That number, if you missed it, 888-253-3139.
To all the listeners, the great folks running the broadcast,
To the sponsors, to the affiliates, to everybody, God bless you.
Thank you for all you do.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.