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Air Date: April 22, 2005
2306 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Thanks for joining us, my friends.
It is Friday, the 22nd day of April 2005.
We've got Colonel Craig Roberts, one of the most informed and really on-the-spot investigators who has been researching the Oklahoma City bombing now for ten years since he was first put on the case.
He'll be joining us for about two hours on the program this Friday.
We'll be covering a myriad of issues that tie in the government-sponsored terrorism, not just Oklahoma City, but the first World Trade Center bombing, 9-11, you name it.
First off, I want to thank everybody that came down last night to the Tunes Not Tolls, where Jimmy Vaughn played, Jimmy Vaughn and Friends, Mr. Cotton, the world-famous...
Harmonic player, harmonica player, it was really great to be around so many like-minded people, and I really enjoyed myself, and all the folks there made me feel so welcome, and I know that they all felt welcome.
It was a great time to stand up against just the unbelievable, out-of-control arrogance of this government, trying to put these transponder tracking...
Full roads in all over the country, with Texas being on the front lines.
And I'll talk a little bit more about that later.
But there is so much news here that needs to be covered.
Negroponte has been sworn in as intel chief.
John Negroponte, the death squad commander, the leader.
The man involved in Iran-Contra, involved in so many other areas of corruption.
He's been over in Iraq setting up the death squads.
And now he's going to be the supreme head of all intelligence, internationally and domestically, in this country.
So I do want to spend some time on that.
Also, I've thought this privately for a long time.
I mean, I don't know if it's the case.
If not, he is certainly a fellow traveler.
Fits into the slot quite nicely.
But is Bill Gertz a CIA plant?
I mean, it really should be asked.
It should be brought up.
It should be discussed.
I remember interviewing Bill Gertz six, seven years ago, and, oh, you're so great, Bill Gertz.
Oh, yes, Bill Clinton's evil, Bill Gertz.
Oh, I love you, Bill Gertz.
As I sat in his lap, basically, like an idiot.
But we really get to see who Bill Gertz is with the Washington Times as the years have, well, stretched past us.
Hindsight is 20-20.
And, I mean, he is really their go-to guy for fear-mongering.
Oh, they've got nukes.
They're going to get us any minute.
Give up all your rights.
And his M.O.
I had him on about two years ago, and I was exposing him, going, look, more than two years ago, Iraq doesn't have WMD.
This is all propaganda.
Bush is giving missile systems to China and taking all the controls off supercomputers.
And he didn't want to hear it.
He didn't get arrogant, though.
He was cold and calculated and just had that, okay, fine, Mr. Jones, sure, you'll see who wins.
He did have the attitude that I've gotten from other people who were admitted, CIA and other members of the shadowy intelligence and propaganda groups.
He does fit that M.O.,
And so I want to get into Mr. Kurtz.
There's so much more.
Aid worker uncovered America's secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths.
Homeland Security Lockheed Martin provide tool and total surveillance for Wisconsin town.
It's all coming up after this break.
So much news, so much info.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
TGIF, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's plunge right into the news.
Aid worker uncovered America's secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths.
This is out of a London Independent today.
I remember about a year and a half ago, almost two years ago now, after they had liberated the Iraqis, just a few months into the liberation, they said, oh,
Saddam had always tallied the number of deaths from cancer and heart attacks and malnutrition and AIDS and everything else.
We're no longer going to keep any national statistics on illnesses or death or people that are killed during combat.
No statistics.
This was actually in the news.
And the news reported it like it was a good thing.
Madeline Albright admitted that and said it was a good price to pay.
That was all done by design and broadcast from the Arab world to further infuriate them as part of a P2OG Pentagon precursor.
This was all done very skillfully.
Propaganda to further scald and sear our conscience to think all of this is normal and then to have the dual use of enraging Arab and Muslim populations so they will fight and so they will actually engage in a few of their own badly coordinated terror attacks so the globalists have an even greater reason to go in and attack them.
And that's the Pentagon's own documents.
The latest, of course, is P2OG, a $6 billion a year program, $6.2 billion.
That's a lot of money to go out and kill Arabs and kill their families to create terrorists.
But again, I digress.
We pointed out at the time, well, you're not going to keep any statistics on the numbers of people that are dying over there of all causes.
We said, that doesn't make any sense.
And now it's come out in quite a few of the British and even a few American newspapers that indeed they are keeping numbers of the people that are dead and dying.
And it has actually accelerated.
It's actually gotten worse since the liberation there two years ago.
Aid worker uncovered America's secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths the week before she was killed by a suicide bomber.
Humanitarian worker Maria Ruzkika...
Or Ruska, excuse me, forced military commanders to admit they did keep records of Iraqi civilians killed by U.S.
Tommy Franks, the former head of U.S.
Central Command, famously said the U.S.
Army don't do body counts, close quote, despite a requirement to do so by the Geneva Conventions.
We don't do body counts.
And I'm a Chinese jet pilot.
But in an essay...
That Ms.
Rusko wrote a week before her death on Saturday and published yesterday, the 28-year-old revealed that a brigadier general told her it was standard operating procedure for U.S.
troops to file a report when they shoot a noncombatant.
She obtained figures for the number of civilians killed in Baghdad between the 28th of February and the 5th of April and discovered that 29 had been killed in firefights involving US forces and insurgents.
This was four times the number of Iraqi police killed.
The statistics demonstrate the U.S.
military can and does track civilian casualties, she wrote.
Troops on the ground keep these records because they recognize they have a responsibility to review each action taken and that it is in their interest to minimize mistakes, especially since winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis is a key component of their strategy.
Sam Zay Zarifi, director...
Of Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, the group for which she wrote the report, said her discovery was very important because it allows the victims to start demanding compensation.
He added, at a policy level, they have never admitted they keep these figures.
Now, the group's own reports, and from other Army reports they have,
The casualty reports, they say, are at least 17,384.
But the group based its total only on deaths reported by the media and says it can therefore only be a sample of the total actually killed.
Its website says it is likely, then, that many, if not most, civilian casualties will go unreported by the media.
That is the sad nature of war.
All right.
Now, very interesting that she's part of an aid group trying to get Iraqis to be able to get compensation for innocents that are killed.
You know, mommy and daddy, or mommy is out walking down the street to the market and some troops spray machine gun bullets into her because somebody they think is an insurgent is standing 50 yards in front of her.
They just march on by and there's no compensation.
Now, you may think they're all animals over there and subhuman.
I've heard you on the radio, Michael Savage and others, and you may think it's cute, and Ann Coulter may think it's cute and say we should kill more civilians and use an iron fist.
Of course, that will have the opposite effect, but okay, fine.
That will teach them.
You may think they're animals, but you better understand that this is criminal.
And it stinks to high heaven.
Remember the lady that got shot?
She was the aid worker.
She was married to an Iraqi.
She was a white lady from the U.S.
She was married.
She was part of a liberal group.
She was over there.
She'd been helping the Iraqis throughout the 12 and a half year siege.
And they grabbed her.
And it was reported by mainstream news in Europe and England, and even on a few of the U.S.
news wires, but never on the nightly news or in the newspaper, that
That white men, leading a group of Iraqi National Guard, about 25 of them came in, grabbed her, let her out.
Then it was on the news that al-Zawahiri had gotten her, al-Qaeda had gotten her.
And then they blew her head off.
And that was the end of it.
I mean, why would the insurgents, why would al-Si'aida, if al-Qaeda wasn't al-Si'aida, why would they go grab this woman with white guys?
Everybody saw it.
Big trucks pull up.
They go in with the troops, get her, take her out.
She'd been reporting on the mass murder of civilians and all the corruption and been exposing Allowee, the puppet leader over there.
And so...
These vehicles pull up, grab her, take her.
They advertise in the news for a week.
Al Qaeda's got her.
Al Qaeda's got her.
Al Qaeda.
Those bloody bastards.
They killed our woman.
Then it turned out, of course, it was U.S.
And the same thing here.
I mean, this stinks to high heaven.
She is sending emails to the aid workers.
She's got information.
How to get compensation.
And a convenient truck bomb rolls into their aid center and blows up the aid center.
Aid centers that were there, again, for over a decade.
People that are against the occupation get truck bombed.
Now, there are some real truck bombs that really are insurgents, and those target police stations and the green zone, but most of them are people getting machine gunned and killed who aren't playing ball, and it's always Al-Qaeda that did it.
Always Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is just everywhere, ladies and gentlemen.
They're just popping up like groundhogs at springtime or that video game where you try to... It's not a video game.
It's a game where you've got the mallet and you're trying to hit the gopher on the head.
They're popping up.
It just keeps popping up everywhere.
You ever played that?
Let's give all our rights up and we'll all be safer.
And the tally of aid workers and people that are against the occupation that are being killed.
But that's how arrogant the globalists are.
I mean, they'll even have Anglo intelligence officers pull up with their Iraqi attack dogs, their former bathers who are back in power.
They'll march in and grab people.
They'll kill them.
They'll saw people's heads off.
I mean, they do it all.
It's so obvious, case by case, over and over again.
Look at this article I've got right here.
Homeland Security, Lockheed Martin, provide total surveillance for Wisconsin town.
And this is out of the Mantocan Bulletin.
By August, it would be serious mistake to rob a bank in Wisconsin.
Tuesday night, the Ripon City Council, with Kurt Prentiss absent, unanimously approved an agenda item that allowed Mayor Chuck Wynn to sign an agreement with Lockheed Martin that will get the ball rolling on the installation of a communication system previously utilized by the military that will allow police officers to see live feeds of various locations throughout town.
And of course it sounds good on the surface, but Lockheed's been caught putting in the red light cameras, which they run themselves.
They can make millions a year per intersection, and shooting people.
And then you can't even face your accuser.
Lockheed issues you the ticket, and then that's been found to be unconstitutional and illegal.
That's how we got it thrown out in San Diego.
But these new control grids that I've talked about come right out of the Pentagon documents.
We've covered them here.
Or they say that this is a military control grid being put in.
And you see, they're putting the grid in, not to keep us safe, but so they can abuse and rape the living daylights out of us.
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Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Continuing into this news article, it says the Griffin Consolidated Fire District will also stand to benefit.
Talking about this control grid, it goes on to say, the system which was originally engineered for use by the United States military during battlefield operations has since been taken over by Motorola, a company renowned for their innovations and leadership in the communications sector.
Lockheed Martin was hired by the city as an independent information technology consultant on the subject and helped the police chief find the new system that is the right fit for the community like Rempton.
And it goes on to say they're going to have thumb scanners in the police cars, face scanning cameras everywhere, cameras all over the place constantly tracking you.
It'll tie into your cell phones that already have the satellite tracker triangulators.
The governor of Wisconsin is talking about this.
This is all over the country.
And it's all going to be administered basically by military systems.
And it was designed to totally control and enslave a population.
They're even trying to put the same system in Baghdad right now.
I'll talk about this more with Colonel Roberts later when he's on with us.
The article gets really bad.
But the police say, Big Brother's good.
He's here to help.
But you're evil if you go to the border with binoculars and call the police as the illegals pour across.
But we're going to track everything you do and face scan you.
It's serious business, folks, because once this grid's in, the bad stuff's going to start happening.
Let's go to some calls, and I mean very quickly, because I want to give everybody time to get on.
Rob in Wyoming.
Go ahead, Rob.
Hi, Alex.
I have an update on the Camp Guernsey situation here in Wyoming.
Want me to go over it?
Another one of these military training camps where the troops openly train to confiscate our guns, and that's now, again, mainstream news.
And it's being sold to us as a wonderful thing, good for the economy of Wyoming.
And these camps are everywhere.
Yeah, and the fact that it's a smaller camp than some, the thing is, it's going on right now.
The other ones are a done deal.
And one guy called the governor last time.
I'd like to see if I could get some more people to call.
Okay, real fast, because I've got a lot of callers here, sir.
There's a clear channel station here called K2 Radio, and just as plain as day, yesterday I heard them announce on their news blip in Rush Limbaugh that Russian troops are now training in Platt County at Camp Guernsey in Wyoming.
Well, the government said if we're tied down in the war on terror overseas, foreign assets will be used.
You're not with Al-Qaeda, are you?
What's wrong with Russian troops?
Yeah, I know.
I've got a problem with the Peruvian Army, British Royal Air Force, and now Russian troops.
Announced on Clear Channel as though it's just... Well, I mean, they admit it was just in the Oregonian that these camps are to deal with evil civilians, evil homeschoolers.
And the governor's done nothing to stop it.
And it's all financed by the Wyoming Highway Patrol.
Okay, well, if you want to give the number, I'll go ahead.
Okay, the regular number is 777, area code 307, 777-7434, extension 8514.
All right, Rob.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
I've just got a guest coming up, and I want to get to all the calls.
Dwayne in New York.
Dwayne, go ahead.
Alex, how you doing, my friend?
I've got a little video clip here for you of Fox News.
I think it was Fox News Network, I think, April 19th, a couple days ago, as you know.
And stuff here of Mr. Frank Keating, former Oklahoma governor, that came on and stuff and had a little shill talk.
Well, I think we know that's what they've always said, so...
I really don't have time to air that right now.
I apologize.
Plus, I mean, if it was Keating saying, we found bombs in the buildings like he did that day, I definitely would want to air that.
But I mean, that's just basically airing a whole party line, Dwayne.
And then he talked about how...
After supposedly, you know, the attacks and stuff like that, he had Dick Cheney, Vice President, come down, had a little fundraiser for a national charter and stuff, how he paid off the victims of the attacks and stuff like that, had Worshipping Bill Clinton coming down.
And so forth, so... Yeah, it was Nick Cheney and Bill Clinton worshipping together, and we should give all our rights up to the nice men in black uniforms, or the bombs will get us, yeah.
And of course, Bill Clinton said it was Talk Radio's fault.
I mean, it's Talk Radio's fault.
No, it's your fault, Bill Clinton.
Your bosses carried that bombing out.
You were a murdering pig, and George Bush protects you.
I mean, really, it's that simple.
I'm sick of it.
Dwayne, if you want to send me that tape, that's great, and I really appreciate your call.
Thank you.
I'm going to jam Keith, Anthony, and John in, and then we're going to Colonel Craig Roberts.
Then we'll continue with your calls, but I want to get into Oklahoma City because it's another government bombing.
Bottom line, they bombed it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
If you break the law, you'll hear from me.
I know I'm working for the state.
I'm the highway patrol.
Well, the decorated Marine Corps sniper, army colonel, police detective, SWAT team commander, helicopter, police pilot,
Detective on the Oklahoma City case, best-selling author, researcher.
I mean, really, Craig Roberts is a good personal friend of mine.
And we're going to have him with us for the entire broadcast.
That is the time we've got left, two hours and 20-something minutes today.
And I'm working on Charles Key coming on, the state rep who really exposed Oklahoma City.
They invited me up to speak at the 10th anniversary, and I wish I could have gone, but...
I've just completed the new film, Martial Law, and I was trying to finish these Arnold ads, which I've now finished the ad that I made.
We've gotten the contest there.
But I would have loved to have gotten up there.
We're working on getting Charles Key on, spur of the moment, later in the broadcast today.
But are you talking about a real police officer, somebody who serves the people and not the state, as that song was just saying?
He'll be joining us here in a few minutes.
But right now, let's go back to your calls.
Just a few of them that have been holding along is Keith, Anthony, and John.
You've got to move quick because I don't want to make our guests wait.
Keith in Ohio, go ahead.
Okay, Alex, just about 60 seconds there.
I really appreciate all the work you're doing there.
Some of Satan's greatest work, you know, is an imitation gospel.
You know, there's a couple of websites we have here real quick.
Through the Bible, ttb.org and wayofthemaster.com are great Christian websites.
There's so many people that think they're saved or not, and it's based on a heart relationship of trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ alone, because we're all going to die someday.
And people read Mark chapter 4, Romans 7, and...
You know, it's based on what the Lord Jesus Christ did and having a relationship, not on our own good works.
And another quick thing, you know, the Russian leaders said they couldn't get to America in years past because of our morality and religion where so much of that has deteriorated and now kind of the immune system, as they say, is down and people need to read Jeremiah 19.
You take care.
All right.
Thank you for the call.
I agree with you.
You've got to have an immoral population to have slaves.
That's how you take a people from freedom to slavery.
You've got to get them distracted on the more bestial levels of the mind so they won't defend themselves, so they won't defend their neighbors.
You've got to get people thinking about themselves first.
Me, me, me, me, me, me, me.
When you get that attitude then, the civilization falls apart.
Because the truth is, when you only care about yourself,
You've just destroyed yourself.
You've just created an atmosphere where corruption breeds and where despotism takes over.
Anthony in Louisiana.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
An article or a study or something where that said that public technology has fallen behind like 50 years from real technology?
No, it's like 25 to 35.
Okay, I was trying to find the source for that.
I can't find it on your site.
Do you remember the source, basically?
Hundreds of sources.
I mean, there's just masses of evidence on that.
Here's an example.
This is probably what you're talking about.
The SR-71 Blackbird was in flight in 1955, being tested.
It was in service in 1958, and it was taken out of service 20-something years ago, and they still claim it's the fastest plane in the world.
Now, do you believe that?
Probably not, no.
I think the Aurora passed that up.
Well, yeah, the Aurora Blackman of the space planes.
But take the B-2 Bomber.
It's been reported they had that thing in the late 70s, and they unveiled it in the late 1980s.
And there's just so many technologies that they dole out and dribble out and give to us piecemeal.
But the technology in the research laboratories at universities and in these big private labs at companies, they admit is decades ahead.
It just takes them time to then integrate it into something that's usable by the public.
But there isn't one source document on that.
Okay, one last thing.
On the Larry Silverstein quote, he said that he got a call from the fire chief, and then he went ahead and said that to pull it.
Wouldn't that mean that some of the fire personnel had to be in on it?
And how does it justify that somehow he got a demo team in there to keep their mouths shut and go ahead and set up all that demo and then never be heard from again?
And I'll just hang up.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
And again, for those that don't know what Anthony's bringing up here, Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center.
And a couple million dollars worth of TV ads and print ads have now run in New York asking him what he meant by that, and he will not respond.
I mean, if you were running millions of dollars of ads about me and saying I've blown buildings up, I'd respond.
But again, it's not just his statement.
It's everything else.
Firefighters told an AP photographer and others, get back, we're about to bring the building down.
It was on local radio.
They were about to pull it.
And yes, they couldn't have put demolition charges in there while it was burning.
It's amazing.
Last call before we go to Colonel Roberts.
John in Ohio, go ahead.
Yes, I wanted to talk about Oklahoma City and some of the Bill Gertz party line types who are pushing the official Bush-Cheney version of LCI-ADA and Oklahoma City.
But just before that, I just wanted to mention that
You've got a lot of the independent journalists, not the prostitute embedded journalists over there who have documented a lot of the cold-blooded slaughter and murder by the U.S.
military of people.
And they're the journalists that get killed, and then they blame it on Al-Syeda.
And I'd like to mention two of these party-line types who are now coming out of the woodwork, I believe.
I was listening to KDKA Radio, which I think you've been on,
I called in after this person was on, and it was David Davis, and she's written a book that is really pushing the party line on steroid, the Bush-Cheney party line on Oklahoma City, trying to get a Mideast connection, an Iraqi connection, completely whitewashing the fact that the Iraqis in this country, as you pointed out, were actually agents of the CIA in Oklahoma City.
And I called in and I said that they should have you on again, apparently on kdkaradio.com.
I guess you could get in touch with them if you want to do it yourself.
And I just have to insist that listening to another person, I think, is pushing the Bush-Shaney line.
And I think the reason that he's the favorite on this ultra-arch-warmonger Art Bell over the years is Stephen Quayle.
I listened to him last night and he was peddling the same kind of line about
Thank you for the call, John.
Let me briefly comment on what you just said and then move on.
Steve Quayle believes that it is a group above our government controlling Al-Qaeda, and I totally agree with it.
I mean, George Bush certainly knows about it.
Cheney knows about it.
Cheney was involved.
But they're puppets.
And Steve talks about the New World Order.
He exposes it.
And I don't agree with what you're saying about Steve Quayle.
I mean, I've been on his show many times.
I've been on the air with him when he's saying it's the New World Order.
And he thinks there's a suitcase nuke threat.
I think there is, too.
And he'll tell you it's from the globalists.
We can debate that.
As for Jaina Davis, I think Jaina's done a good job exposing that it is John Doe No.
2 and John Doe No.
1 and all these other people involved and that there was a Middle East connection.
Why did the government cover that up?
And then we go further, well, because they were government agents.
So I don't want to sit here and attack Jaina Davis over that.
Let's bring Colonel Roberts in.
Colonel, that was a good caller to end with.
I appreciate you joining us, my friend.
How are you doing?
You know, just keeping them back at the edge of the jungle.
Oh, doing good.
I was down.
I was one of the speakers at the Oklahoma City conference that we just finished up with.
It was one of those deals where we had a lot of great speakers, a lot of great information, but the attendance could have been a lot better.
We had, I think, maybe 50 or 60 people end up showing up where there should have been thousands.
You have a lot of incredible speakers.
I should have gotten you guys on to promote it.
Well, you know, they passed out 3,000 flyers, and they got with the news media, and they did all kinds of... See, mainstream news, I've found, doesn't get a response.
No, no.
I mean, I've gone on, you know, like I've said, I've gone on Good Morning America and plugged my website twice, and we don't get any visitors to the website, and I go on some little Christian station and plug the website, and, you know, we get tens of thousands of visitors.
Well, you know, most of the people who watch the mainstream media on a consistent basis... They're jellyfish.
Yeah, they're semi-braindead.
So, otherwise they'd be watching the alternative news sources to try to find out what's really going on instead of the line of propaganda.
Well, I apologize.
I should have promoted what you guys were doing.
I probably would have got a few people there for you.
Like when we had shell-out crowds in that big old hall in Kansas City.
Yeah, that was incredible.
I mean, it was like in ten minutes before we were supposed to start, the place was half empty, and by the time we started, it was a standing room.
I think everybody comes to the last minute.
That's what they do.
Now, but, Craig, let's respond to what the last caller was just saying.
Talking about Jaina Davis, I mean, I've heard her, and she lost her job over this, and we got clips of her in my film, Road to Tyranny, and, you know, she has documented that there were Arabs involved, but then we've got to go to the next question.
Well, then why did the government cover that up, Colonel?
Well, you know, this is the same thing that we've been...
Hashing over for 10 years now, Jana was kind of a part of our ad hoc team back in the very beginning.
For a lot of the listeners that aren't up to speed on this, I'll do a quick recap.
I was full-time with Tulsa Police Department.
I had not retired yet.
On day three of the bombing, I was assigned by the Chief of Police at the FBI's request to work with the FBI and try to come up with who McVeigh was and where he's been and
Yeah, I think so.
So that kind of put me where I was kind of a loose cannon, but by that time I'd already made several acquaintances down in Oklahoma City with other people like Dana Davis, David Hoffman, Jimmy Rothstein, and several others.
We were able to start using bits and pieces of what we all got and put it together in one big pile and sift through it and find out what really happened.
Jaina was one who was, of course, a news reporter for Channel 4, and I spoke to her many times, and I've seen the original videos uncut that she did of the different interviews and the mock-ups and the recreation of what happened using computer graphics and so on.
Everything that she has come up with fits what the witnesses said, fits every piece of information that we could develop,
And these witnesses are firefighters, police detectives, people that were there.
And the surveillance cameras that the government has declared national security on.
You know what's incredible, Alex, and I'm sure for the next couple of hours we're going to be able to go down a lot of hallways here, but what's incredible, that brings to mind the fact that you've got government attorneys who in court
We're good to go.
When you've got four or five or eight or ten eyewitnesses that saw the same thing, that's pretty darn reliable.
I worked traffic accidents when I was a cop and you'd get three people that saw the accident and three versions of what happened.
But on the Oklahoma City bombing, everybody agreed.
They all added things to it.
Maybe they're varied on the shade of the color of a car or something like that.
One will say mustard and another will say yellow.
All in all, we had a very clear picture within the first 72 hours of what happened.
We knew we had two Middle Easterners standing in front of the front door because many people that we interviewed had walked right by them and said, �This is odd.
There's two Middle Eastern guys in blue jogging suits.�
I think so.
We're good to go.
But he drives up, but when he gets a block away, there's a UPS truck parked right in front of the building.
Well, with a UPS truck parked in front of the building, taken above the parking place, he had to stop right across the street from the post office, which is a block west.
So this book, American Terrorists, that these two bozos up in Buffalo, New York wrote, that are supposed to be these great investigative journalists, that had him lighting fuses and driving right straight in, that was a pack of lies.
It was fiction.
We showed that right up front.
We haven't heard about the book since.
But anyway, he stops there, gets out of the truck, walks behind the truck.
More eyewitnesses see this.
Walks behind the truck, stands on the sidewalk, and has an animated conversation with another Middle Eastern male who's shorter than him with curly dark hair.
I mean, we get very good descriptions here.
It's not just like he talked to a guy.
FBI agents have even told the L.A.
Times the same stuff that's in the local news reports.
That they've got the surveillance tape showing all this, exactly what the witnesses saw.
Yeah, and then you've still got John Doe, too, sitting in the cab of the truck.
So now we've got four million... But to disprove this, I mean, the government's declared national security on these videotapes and fought in court to keep them secret.
I mean, why would they do that?
Why wouldn't they use the video of McVeigh by himself, if this is true, in the court case?
Well, obviously, McVeigh's not by himself.
Our deal was, okay, show us the tape.
Show us the Zapruder film.
Show us how many people got out of the truck.
Because you're saying, the government is saying that...
The contrary to Elliott's truck rental people up there in Kansas, that McVeigh showed up with another guy, and another guy was waiting outside, which made three, that they had mistaken, and they changed it, and McVeigh came alone, and the next day, Todd Bunting, an Army private who was moving to the East Coast, came alone, and they had confused them.
Well, you go back to Elliott's today, and they'll say, no, we never did say that.
The FBI said that, but we didn't say it.
You've got those two right there with McVeigh, and you've got the two in front of the door of the Murr Building that hold the parking place for him when the UPS truck drives away.
And then you've got the one in the truck that's riding with him, who we know who he is, picked up by eyewitnesses who identified him off photographs.
And we've got another one standing on the curb.
So now we're dealing with four to six of these guys.
We know that there's a cell of 12 of them.
We identified all 12 in this cell.
Now, Jane did this.
Even local news and undercover reports went and shot video.
The police intelligence unit went and shot video of them.
We even got some of that video in the film.
Greg, when we get back, though, for people that just joined us, I want to first put in a nutshell from your decade of investigations since day one.
What you believe clearly happened on April 19, 1995.
And then I want to go through all of the evidence and take phone calls into the next hour.
So we're going to break and we'll come back.
The website for Colonel Craig Roberts' information is RifleWarrior.com.
Of course, he's the best-selling author of One Shot, One Killed, Marine Corps Sniper in Vietnam.
He's also written some other best-selling books.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side of this quick break, so stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We'll continue with Oklahoma City into the next hour.
But I want to dovetail it.
With Alci Aida, I want to get into Oklahoma City, but also at the same time Waco, which happened two years before that, 12 years ago on April 19th.
I want to get into just a few weeks before Waco, the FBI bombing.
They cooked the bomb, framed the driver, gave him the detonators, told him to go ahead with the bombing, and he freaked out and tried to expose him, Ahmad Salam.
There were the first World Trade Center attack.
I want to go over all that with Craig Roberts.
And I also want to talk about these control grids, these electronic tracking grids that Lockheed Martin and Motorola are helping put into our cities and admitting that it's a United States Army military project system.
And get his response to that from working in intelligence and many other areas.
But before we go back, Colonel Roberts, just very quickly, get your pens and paper ready.
My new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, is out.
It's my best work, my master work.
It is three hours long on DVD, two hours, 35 minutes on VHS.
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Very concise and focused.
Tells you how the globalists carried it out.
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Colonel Roberts, we've got two minutes before the break.
Give it to us in a nutshell.
Bottom line, we've talked many times, driving for three hours in your car from an event back into Oklahoma.
Just give it to us.
What really happened in Oklahoma City?
Who really did it?
Well, you know, I think the key to the whole thing was everything that is important on any event happens on day one, hour one, hour two, hour three, and by day two they've spun everything and they've cleaned it up and you're not going to see the same stuff.
In Oklahoma City, the most important thing that struck me as being odd was that they stopped rescuing people who were trapped in the rubble, pulled everybody back, and set their other explosives in the building when, yeah, there probably were.
But at the same time, what they really did is they came in with 50 guys and they started removing boxes of records.
Now, that building had no agency in it.
We're good to go.
I think?
And they came in, they even got filing cabinets out and loaded them up on trucks.
So it was what was in the records.
Now the question we have to ask ourselves is, why Oklahoma City?
You know, I worked with the British Army in England and they didn't even know where Oklahoma was.
I had to draw a map of the United States, point to Dallas and say, drive north.
So if the Brits don't even know where Oklahoma City is, how would the Arabs know where Oklahoma City is?
And why Oklahoma City?
I mean, if you were going to do something to attack America, and we know that... Bottom line, Colonel, you know who did it.
Give us your take on who was behind it.
Well, I think the records, as I was told by a telephone call from a guy that said he was a federal agent, were the MENA records of the drugs running that ran through MENA, Arkansas.
And when the Clintons went through Washington, they were taken to Oklahoma City.
The Clintons...
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
It's Friday, already into the second hour.
We're talking to Colonel Craig Roberts about Oklahoma City.
Ten years and, what, three days later, it's clear that it was a globalist bombing, a globalist-controlled bombing meant to usher in a police state.
And at the same time, the Clintons used it as a place to stow their MENA drug running records.
And as people were dying and bleeding to death, they pulled all the rescue workers out for hours so they could get all of that material out of there, which then disappeared.
They then blew up the wreckage of the building later and buried it under guard at a landfill where it's guarded today by men with guns.
Very interesting, and we have the reports of these Arabs on scene, surveillance camera tapes, all of it.
Why won't the government release that?
And if it was Arabs acting alone from Iraq, why wouldn't the media use that?
Because these were Arabs that were brought into the U.S.
by George Herbert Walker Bush, and of course then Bill Clinton, and Craig...
I mean, let's just cut right to the heart of the matter.
There's so much evidence.
We could talk about the evidence for hours, and we will get into it.
Then I want to take some calls coming up here in a few minutes.
But bottom line, we know these Arabs were brought into the U.S.
We know when police got them, they were ordered to release them.
We know that they won't release the surveillance camera tapes.
I mean, it's clear who these Arabs were being protected by.
And then you've got all these other groups with the Elohim City and the white supremacists tied in.
Was this a bigger operation that...
They were going to use the demonized domestic groups tied in with the Arabs, and then they decided to go ahead and compartmentalize the operation?
I mean, what do you think really happened here?
Well, you know, this is one of those typical off-the-shelf operations, just like the Kennedy assassination was in Dealey Plaza.
In fact, there are so many parallels between the Kennedy assassination and the way the investigation was handled afterwards.
In Oklahoma City, it looks like they used the same blueprint.
We know, and here's the thing, what they're trying to do is they muddy the water by having various news media types poke up and say, gee, this goes all the way to Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda did it.
It went to Osama Bin Laden through the Philippines and all this, that and the other.
Well, there's some ties there, but let's back off and really look at Osama Bin Laden.
Thank you for watching.
That was our own government that did these guys.
And then refused to pick them up.
No matter what Jada Davis developed, no matter what I developed, or anybody else, we could not force the FBI to even bring these guys in for questioning.
Even though all the eyewitnesses picked them out of photographs and said, that's the guy that did it.
Now, if you have a bank robbery, or if you have a murder, and you get a witness that looks at mud shots and says, hey, that's the guy I saw right there.
And they're all saying it was independent of each other.
Yeah, you're going to pick this guy up,
And talk to him, especially we've got three different witnesses who don't even know each other pointing at the same picture and one of them even telling you the guy's name.
That was the barmaid in Oklahoma City that saw McVeigh and Husseini together and knew them both by name.
And she wasn't even called to testify at the trial.
So when you take an investigation like that and you're sitting there as a police officer and you're saying, hey, we've got bad guys.
And they're going, we can't because the Clinton White House and Janet Reno says there is no Middle Eastern connection.
Let's go pick them up.
And the deal was, they just had a block put on that whole end of the investigation.
And all of a sudden, the strangest thing happened on day five, is that the whole thing shifted over to the right wing, the militia, you know, who knows who, anybody on the right wing was the natural... The talk radio!
Yeah, talk radio, hate radio, and all the rest of it.
And when we get back from break, let's talk about where that came from.
Let's do that.
We shall return, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side of this quick break.
Stay with us, and we'll be taking your calls at 800-259-9231.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Eight minutes, 15 seconds into the second hour, Friday edition.
Talking to Colonel Craig Roberts.
Best selling author, Marine Corps sniper, Vietnam.
Colonel in the Army.
Police officer who worked for the Oklahoma City bombing case.
Craig, I want to go to calls.
And again, this story, a 10-year investigation, we could spend 10 hours just on it alone, but we know we have these Iraqis brought in by the U.S.
government, the Iraqis during the 80s who were trained here in this country in suppression of populations, in bombings,
In just basic military tactics, Bush Sr.
and Bill Clinton bring in between 3,500 and 5,500.
No one's really sure.
The Washington Post and others have reported 3,500, but that's just one wave of these individuals.
Then they're there at the scene, all these witnesses, police, workers, everybody sees them there.
We have all these different surveillance cameras, FBI agents have said on record, yeah, it showed Middle Easterners there, but
We're not allowed to talk about it.
All this going on.
Then you have these individuals trying to leave the country.
The police stop them.
They've got wire cutters and blue jogging suits and duffel bags.
I mean, that's how arrogant they were.
Bill Clinton orders them released, not detained.
Then we have doctors who are on the scene dying mysteriously.
We have police officers...
Who are exposing it, being tortured to death, being killed.
We have all this swirling around going on, and it's clear.
I mean, we understand and know what happened.
The building was blown out, not in.
A two-year-old can figure that out.
All the seismic records, all of it.
And it's really the test model case for what we see today with 9-11 and the rest of it, and how it ties back into the first World Trade Center bombing in 93, where the FBI admittedly cooked the bomb and trained the driver and told him to go ahead with the bombing and let it take place.
All of this happening, all of this going on, and then now we have Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney up there for the anniversary.
...posing as our saviors, and Bill Clinton on Air Force One in 96 said, I owed my re-election, was his quote, to Oklahoma City.
That's what got his approval ratings back up.
Craig Levy, let's try to encapsulate from all the evidence.
If you had to go before a jury, or we made you king for a day, you could go arrest...
The people that you believe were behind this from the mountains of evidence, what would you do?
You know, there's so many different directions on this.
For one thing, we've still got Terry Nichols, and we still have him alive, and we still have his trips to the Philippines, and that whole area over there should be exploding.
I mean, it should be just wide open.
And from there, we can go in several different directions.
We've got Ramsey Yosef in jail.
We've got a couple of others in jail that are his buddies that know who all the players were in this deal, and they were involved in Oklahoma City, or at least the planning of it.
And so we've got at least a dozen Iraqis that we could start out with.
We've got their boss down in Oklahoma City who we know who he is and he's still running around.
And I would turn around and I would pick up about ten of the FBI agents that were involved in this and bring them in.
If I was sitting in the Oval Office and have them standing in front of my desk one at a time, and we would get to the bottom of why they lied about this, why they lied about that, why they did all of the things they did.
And you know, Alex...
Excuse me.
What we saw here, and I definitely want to mention this, is how they conduct damage control.
Now, damage control has four D's.
Deny, discredit, debunk, and destroy.
And they did all four of these on a continuing basis all the way through this case.
Deny, you state that it didn't happen, or at least it didn't happen that way.
I'll give you an example.
JFK was killed by Oswald acting alone.
So you deny what really happened.
You discredit.
You attack the messenger and the message.
UFOs and Project Blue Book.
If you see a UFO, then you're crazy because you're seeing little green men from Mars and everybody laughs at you.
This was mind control that was put in the mind of the American public back in the 50s.
You debunk.
You muddy the water.
You give alternate excuses.
All you have to do is say, our investigation proved it did not happen that way.
And that's what they did with the Oklahoma City bomb.
They did the greatest investigation of all time.
You know, 30 gazillion documents, 2,000 agents, 15 million dollars, yada, yada, yada.
And we proved that it didn't happen the way that Jannie Davis said it did.
They didn't prove anything.
They haven't showed us anything.
But they say this over and over, and most brain-dead people out here go along with it.
The last thing is they destroy.
Eliminate the messenger, eliminate the witnesses, and eliminate the evidence.
If you can't intimidate them, if you can't debunk them, discredit them, or deny what they say, then you destroy them.
You kill them.
They did that to Terry Yakey, Don Chumley, and a whole string of others.
So that's what happened in the Oklahoma City case.
Now, when you catch them doing this, if I were king for a day, I'd be bringing these people in and say, okay, we know you said this.
We know it didn't happen.
Who ordered you to lie?
And I'd start going up the chain of command from there and start making arrests.
Let's try to encapsulate this and then go to some calls, because I think the murder of these doctors and police officers and others are very important.
First off, let's tell people who one of the doctors is, tell them about Terrence Yakey, and then let's tell those stories.
Okay, let's go Yakey first.
Yakey was a police officer that was one of the first ones, if not the first one in the building.
Behind him was Don Browning.
They both saw things.
Browning was a K-9 officer.
He took his dog to the rear of the building and explored the real pit that went down two sub floors in the cut.
Yakey was going around pulling people out.
I think he saw other explosives still on the columns that did not detonate.
He began asking questions.
He also knew that the ATF had foreknowledge.
He had already talked to some of them and they told him that they were told not to come to work today and he was writing all this down.
He was documenting everything and he saw something wrong and his own chain of command
Told him, back off.
You don't want anything to do with this.
And I've talked to several Oklahoma City officers since then.
They were all told, this is a federal case.
You don't talk about it.
I don't care what you think.
You don't report it.
If you reported something, destroy the report and so on.
I've got the whole... Also, again, with Mr. Yakey, he'd been cop of the year.
He'd been police officer of the year and so on.
And one day after he'd been harassed by his own chain of command, followed by federal agents, his apartment had been broken into, things had been taken.
He had everything in a briefcase.
And he called a friend.
He said, I'm on my way out of town.
I've got to go by the headquarters and they're going to chew me out again and then I'm going to go out to my mini storage out in El Reno or Yukon, one of the towns west of Oklahoma City.
He says, I'm going to drop my stuff off where they can't find it this time.
He says, and we'll have dinner when I get back.
Now this isn't the guy that's going to go out and commit suicide.
But he's found the next morning by the Canadian County Sheriff's Office and he had several cuts inside each wrist.
I think so.
And he'd been drugged through a field, had mud and grass on all of his wounds.
He'd put up a fight, and he was shot from the top right side of his head down through his left cheek.
Now, all of the autopsy stuff that I could ground up on this, the photos and everything, are on my website.
If you want to go there, folks, at riflewarrior.com, scroll down to Baker Street Irregulars, click on that, and it'll take you over, and click on the Yankee case.
Also, my Oklahoma City report that I had to write before I retired and turned in,
I was ordered to destroy.
They didn't like my 26-page report of what I really found out about Oklahoma City, so I put it on the website, too.
So if you scroll down to Oklahoma City... Isn't that illegal to order people to destroy official reports?
That's the way I looked at it.
Once written, it's mine.
Okay, Chief, you can have your copy.
You can tear it up if you want, but mine's going public.
They're not supposed to destroy police reports.
Well, they're not.
He ordered me to do away with it, as the guy that wrote it.
He wanted to reject it, and I just wouldn't do that.
And so I ended up putting it in my book, The Medusa File.
And it's also on my website.
If you want to go over there, just scroll down to the Oklahoma City Report and click on that, and you can read the whole thing.
So they're ordering you to destroy it, too.
But, I mean, Terrence Yakey was a happy man, family man, cop of the year.
He'd been exposing all this.
He wouldn't shut up.
Clearly tortured.
And then they go, oh, no, he committed suicide.
I mean, it's like Arkansas, where you shoot yourself twice in the back of the head.
I had dinner with his mother and his sister two nights ago.
And down in Oklahoma City.
And I talked to him about this and I said, let me make sure that I'm getting some of this correct.
I said, there was no gun when he was found.
Is that correct?
He said, that's correct.
The gun was found after the FBI flew in in a helicopter.
Is that right?
They said, that's correct.
I said, was it his gun?
They said, no, it wasn't his gun.
Because the report says that he shot himself with his own service pistol.
Turns out his mother had his service pistol and turned it into one of the detectives afterwards.
Along with a personal gun that they never got back.
So she verified that, you know, how can you shoot yourself through the head if you don't have a gun there, number one.
Number two, if you'll go to my website and look at those drawings, you'll see that on the gunshot, it shows a contact wound of a barrel imprint and no powder burns.
And it's a small caliber, like a .32.
It goes from the top right of the skull down through the left cheek.
So they had to shoot him from four or five feet away?
It was a contact wound with no powder burns.
That means it was a silencer.
And it was a .32 or a .25, which is what they use for assassinations.
Because it bounces around and doesn't leave rifling?
Well, no.
The flame and the powder that normally would blow the skin away when it exits a muzzle on a contact wound is absorbed inside the silencer instead.
So you've got a clean hole.
And they also, by the way, I found out, his car was parked in a road nearby and there's just very little blood in it.
But they took the entire interior out of the car and put it back in.
They were looking for that briefcase or looking for something.
They also found a knife that had his blood on it, but it was stashed up under the dashboard on top of the heater.
Now, if you're going to slash your own wrist, you're not going to worry about hiding the knife that you did it with.
So they got that, evidently.
Didn't they have 13 knife wounds?
They had... Yeah.
There's either 11 or 12 or 13 right in there.
You can go actually count them on my website.
Yeah, I think I've read the report.
It's 13.
Yeah, you can actually, I actually show the drawings that show each of the wounds on my website, so you can actually see what happened.
Well, I mean, you've said in the past, it was pretty clear he was tortured.
He was tortured, beaten up, and evidently put down on his knees, and then the guy standing over him shot him down through his head.
Boy, these are really nice people.
We'll do Tom Chumley after break.
Yeah, let's talk about that, and then your calls are coming up, and I know you've been holding, but this is important.
This is the type of loving government you have, okay?
Those around killing, you know, cops of the year, police officer of the year.
And doctors that were there saving people.
This is your government.
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All right, the next segment, your calls are coming up.
Then we're going to get into Waco.
Colonel Roberts, he's also studied and written about that.
We're going to get into the first World Trade Center bombing, 9-11, the police state control grid, and a lot more.
But, Craig, please continue with some of the other people that were clearly murdered because of what they were doing.
Well, one of the other interesting cases is Dr. Don Chumley, who was at the scene on day one and patched up a lot of people.
He was friends with Yakey, right?
Well, he knew Yakey, and his main, I think, sticking point to the dark side forces was that one of the ATF agents came up and said, I want you to bandage me up because I fell in an elevator or something like that.
And he said, well, I don't see anything wrong with you.
He said, it didn't make any difference.
Bandage me up and go along with the story.
And he wouldn't do it.
So later on they came and they threatened him that, you know, you need to back me up on this, that we got hurt when the elevator fell.
And he said, you're not hurt.
There's nothing wrong with you.
Obviously, we already know that the elevator didn't fall anyway, according to the elevator people.
Because they had a problem.
BATF wasn't in the building.
They ran up in their bomb gear seconds after, and firefighters, on their own record, said, what are you doing here?
And they said, no, we've got a warning not to come in.
And several other people talked to ATF agents who heard the same thing.
And of course, the next day, the story changed.
Chumlee, a few months later, I think it was the following November, was on a hunting trip with some friends of his.
He was a 250-something hour pilot.
He had an instrument rating.
He had his own Cessna 210 Centurion, and he had, I think, four people on board, including himself.
They were coming back from New Mexico on a hunting trip, and then the plane all of a sudden fell straight down out of the sky and impacted in a cabbage field near Shamrock, Texas.
I was, of course, with the air support unit of the police department then, and so I had a lot of contacts inside the FAA.
I called the FAA investigator down there to find out what happened.
Officially, he said the report will show that it's under investigation and there is probably going to be pilot error, possibly he had a heart attack or something like that.
Later, I find out, unofficially,
That, number one, the airplane, there's no way, and I've worked a lot of crashes, there's no way that an airplane is going to fall straight down out of the sky.
That doesn't happen unless you lose the wings.
And still you've got a parabolic curve because you're going forward, you know, 12,000 feet or something like that at 160 miles an hour.
Even if you pull the wings off, the airplane is an artillery shell.
It's still going to have a curve to it.
But it fell down directly below.
It spun in directly.
And that's the only way you come straight down, spin in, stall it out, spin in, or nosedive it.
From whatever cruising altitude it was on radar, from where they lost it on radar to where it impacted was within an eighth of a mile.
So it basically came straight down.
It killed everybody on board, and later they could find nothing mechanically wrong with any component on the airplane.
So then they started doing the checks and found out that at first they said it was a weather problem.
Well, the weather was fine that day, and even if he had, he was an instrument-rated pilot.
It flew into bad weather.
Another government report was that he was a low-time pilot that was just barely above a student and didn't know what he was doing.
He was a commercial pilot.
He had over 250 hours.
He had no problem at all flying this airplane.
It had been well checked out, and it had a lot of time in it.
It sounds like Wellstone.
They say it's bad weather, but it wasn't.
Then the plane just basically plunges straight down and blows up.
What it appears happened was something was on that airplane.
This is the only thing that I can think of.
It's my theory that there was something on that airplane that after the last refueling stop, they climbed to altitude.
They talked to a center.
They said they got their new course heading in altitude.
That was the last conversation they had with them.
I imagine there was something on that airplane that erupted with a poison gas or something that incapacitated everybody on the airplane because no one tried to take any corrective action when the airplane started spinning down.
It came straight down and there was nothing wrong with the flight controls.
The engine was running.
So something happened to the passengers to where they couldn't fly the airplane.
And according to what I heard, it looked like they were all dead before they hit, which would have added more credence to that.
So that's the Chumley accident.
There was a U.S.
attorney, and I don't remember his name offhand, but he was trying to be a good guy and get to the bottom of this, and he was objecting to the way the Justice Department was handling it, and he was found on the steps of a church.
He had blown his head off not too long afterwards.
So these typical Clinton-esque suicides that keep mounting up, like Ron Brown and Vince Foster all over the place... Yeah, the Air Force colonel into the autopsy said he'd been shot in the head.
And, you know, I mean, if you just look at the Clinton deaths alone, you had over 50-something of those guys.
So, you're going all the way back to the boys on the tracks at MENA.
Well, it's higher than that.
I mean, we had James McDougal, and it was in the newspaper that a helicopter landed, government agents go in and see him, and he dies.
I mean, this is just over and over and over again.
And then right after Oklahoma City, two things happen.
Clinton gets re-elected, and they pass the Ominous Crime Control Act of 1996, which half-destroys the Constitution.
There's a bunch of other deaths, too, folks.
We're going to come back and take some calls from Mark, Scott, Brock, George, Danny, and others, and we'll get into some other key issues.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I don't know about you but I just love that beat my friends.
Thanks for joining us.
We have to look at this.
We must investigate it.
We're about to go to your calls.
Here, in just a few minutes.
Craig, before we go to these loaded phone lines, and then later get into Waco and 9-11 and the first World Trade Center bombing, and then things like Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio, and the admitted U.S.
government plans to carry out terrorist attacks to be blamed on enemies or for domestic control, tell folks how they can get some of your great books and materials.
And believe me, folks, they are excellent.
Well, you know, the New York City books that I did, including the new one that's a follow-up to One Shot, One Kill.
By that, you mean the big establishment mainstream books.
Right, the ones that I managed to sneak a few books through occasionally.
Crosshairs on the Kill Zone is the brand new one that's just come out here this year, and it's out there about military snipers from Vietnam all the way up to Iraq.
And the other books, the Medusa File,
Crimes and cover-ups of the U.S.
government, which is a must-read.
In fact, I gave one to Congressman Bob Barr when he was here.
He was our keynote speaker down at the rally.
His eyes just kind of got big on that.
I think he was overwhelmed.
Some of the people that were down there said that every member of Congress ought to get one of these.
But the Medusa file is there on my website at riflewarrior.com.
And as is Killzone, A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza.
Now, if you get both of those books, you got the book that my agent could not sell in New York City a few years back because none of the publishing houses would touch it because of the information that was in there.
Later I found out that CIA's Operation Mockingbird, it does exist and it does control what goes through these publishing houses.
That book had to be published through Consolidated Press, which is not a New York City publisher.
Also, I have resurrected Alex, and a lot of your listeners are going to be glad to hear this, because we did two printings of a book called JFK, The Dead Witnesses, where I chronicled what happened to all of the witnesses around the JFK case.
115 of them.
Some of them died by what we might say are natural causes, but most of them under mysterious circumstances.
I tell you who they are, what happened to them, what they knew, and what connection they had to the case.
After two printings...
We let that book go out of print because it didn't sell fast enough to justify storing it.
Had so many requests that I've now put it in PDF format for Adobe Acrobat, put it on my website.
So you can go there on the website, scroll down and click on JFK the Dead Witnesses, and there's the book on Adobe.
You can print it out, read it, whatever you want to do.
We're doing the same thing with some other books that I wrote on there.
We're putting them in PDF format so that we can get the information out to people.
I'm not here to make any money.
I'm here to educate, enlighten, and try to build forces against evil just like you are.
That's why we put them up on the website.
RifleWarrior.com tells us about all the books, which ones are in print, which ones aren't in print, and how to get them.
That's great, Colonel.
Let's take some calls.
Mark in Nevada.
Mark, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Uh, hey, Semper Fi, uh, Craig Roberts.
Semper Fi, bro.
That was, uh, 0311 with 35.
Alright, I was with 15 at one time.
Raw, the 5th Marines get to wear the French Verge.
Right, you got it, green rope.
Yep, uh, anyway, I just wanted to share, this is, uh, somewhat, uh, unrelated, I've been on hold for a while, I just wanted to share a news story, news article today, talking about Howard Dean, uh, Neocon Howard Dean, uh, he was, uh, giving a speech in Minnesota, uh,
And he says, quote, now that we're there, in reference to Iraq, we're there and we can't get out.
He said if we leave Iraq, Al-Qaeda is going to take Iraq over, basically saying leave the troops in Iraq, don't bring them home.
Let me inject something here, Alex.
This is important.
You brought up a good point because I want to take it a few steps further.
Let's look at what's really happening here.
Lyndon Johnson's job was to turn the American people against the military and against war and all of this nonsense.
This is about depleting the military and then building the EU as the good cops after we're done taking over oil supplies for them.
Well, it goes further than that.
Let's look at the progression of events because it all fits together.
Nixon was to open the door to China and make them friends and then get us out of Vietnam.
And then Carter was to give away the Panama Canal knowing that it would go to the Chinese.
And then Reagan, you know, we had George Bush Sr.
under him that got all the drug running going real good through MENA and all the rest of it out of Columbia.
Plus, his deal when he became president was to expend our weaponry and Gulf War run.
Get rid of all the cruise missiles, you know, use the Tomahawks up, use up all of our assets and then disband the military as much as possible.
So Carlyle Group could buy it for nothing.
And then we have
And then, of course, we have... Clinton comes along.
His job is to destroy what's left of the military as much as he can in closed bases, which he reduced the numbers of planes and fighter squadrons.
He put the ships in mothballs, reduced the number of ships... Took the launch codes off the submarines.
Signed Presidential Decision Directive 60, saying we'll absorb nuclear strikes.
The whole bit.
And then what's left of the military...
Bush Jr.
comes along, boom.
Turns into U.N.
police forces.
And then the next job is to deplete the reserves of National Guard.
Also, Clinton was supposed to destroy the military's morale and did do that.
Ran off the best leaders.
A lot of people retired and just quit and left.
And now they're using people for two, three terms, lying to them, doing all of this.
Boy, I mean, they couldn't be doing a better job of destroying the military.
Well, we've got to the point now where we've depleted the National Guard and Reserves.
There's no one home to watch the chickens.
We have no one guarding the southwestern border.
Everybody's overseas, burnt out or wounded.
And go over this.
How many... I mean, you've had family in these meetings, public meetings.
It's also been in the news where they say, we're going to use foreign assets if we're attacked while our troops are overseas.
That is the whole thing.
They were told 10 years ago at the casket course in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas by General Barry McCaffrey.
That should we be deployed to the point, with the build-down of the forces being what they are, should we be deployed to fronts overseas where we've got Afghanistan and we've got Iran right now, we've also got Korea, and we could have China if they invade Taiwan.
That's four.
If we have that happen, we will not be able to patrol our own streets, and we'll be forced to call upon foreign assets.
General McKenzie said that on Nightline three years ago.
And U.N.
And they've been training Soviet bloc troops at Fort Polk for years now under Operation Cooperative Nugget to do just that, not patrol Russia, not patrol Bosnia, patrol the United States.
And by the way, folks, I have the video of this in my police state films.
Mark, thanks for the call.
For people that don't get this and don't believe this and don't understand this...
Let me just break it down for you.
They're doing drills all over the country at public schools where simulated homeschoolers' parents attack and kill everybody.
They're doing drills for gun confiscation.
The defense forces of the states, I have their training manuals, are training to confiscate guns.
All of this is really going on.
This is not a joke.
Craig, how would you see this unfold?
Because we know the New World Order.
We know China's economy is about to be bigger than ours.
We know they're putting all their infrastructure in over there.
They're the new model country.
They're de-industrializing this nation.
And then they're using America, the fumes in the gas tank, to empower this New World Order.
Then we'll take the blame for it.
I mean, how do you see this unfolding?
Well, you know, as a battlefield intel type,
I've been watching it unfold, and you've got Costco, and you've got Hudson Wampoa, which is basically the merchant marine for the Chinese army, has set up the biggest forward-deployed resupply station in Freeport in the Bahamas, 90 miles off our shore.
But that's not a threat.
Iran's the threat.
Yeah, right.
And anyway, if you go to look up Hutchison, Wampoa, if you go to look up Costco or Freeport, Bahamas, and you'll see the biggest ocean shipping point and cranes in the world down there with all these boxes already sitting there sealed, ready to go.
We don't know what's in them.
We've had them try to smuggle Conex boxes and sealift containers into several ports around the United States.
They've got the whole enchilada.
Bombs, everything.
Rocket launchers.
And we've got them controlling the Panama Canal.
You know, I don't think so.
Is that a coincidence?
And you've got Chinese troops landing in Mexico all the time.
They're providing the Mexican army with tanks and missiles and weaponry.
And, of course, it's not going to the Mexican army.
It's being staged south of the border.
The southern border is wide open.
We are totally surrounded.
We have no one left here to watch the chickens.
And the only thing... All that's been ordered to stand down, even if they're tracking a thousand inbound missiles.
Well, the only thing that we have going for us right now is the Second Amendment and people who believe it.
The only thing... We have the biggest armed citizenry in the world, and this scares the heck out of them, because you can't fight a guerrilla army with a conventional army.
Hitler found it out.
Stalin found it out.
We found it out in Vietnam.
You have to fight an unconventional army.
You just can't do it.
When you've got a population base like the United States, armed as well as we are,
Even though most of us are pretty on in years with gray hair right now, but we've got a lot of people with combat experience around.
This scares these guys.
So their deal is legislate the guns away one type at a time, legislate the ammunition away one type at a time.
Put in these camera control grids designed by the Pentagon everywhere, set up the checkpoints, get everything tracked and traced, get people off the land, build trans-corridor highways that lock out all the rural areas, subdivide the populations, and
I mean, it's unbelievable, but when you look at all the puzzle pieces, they really are setting this up.
Let's take another call.
Scott in Texas.
Go ahead, Scott.
Hey, Alex.
First of all, I want to tell you guys how much I respect and admire you guys for what you do.
I'm really grateful that you're there.
I've had something that's bothered me for years that happened within my family, and it had to do with the Oklahoma City bombing.
About nine months before the bombing took place, I have a really close relative that
I was heavily involved in the National Militia groups and was for years.
He sent a letter to me and to several other family members that stated that the National Militia was going to show a force on this specific date, about nine months from the letter that was sent out.
I didn't think much of it at the time, but the date that he stated in the letter was the exact date of the Oklahoma City bombings.
And it really surprised me.
When this happened, we tried to present this to some news media, but no one would listen to it at all.
Well, you've got to understand that McVeigh was a sheep-dipped government operative.
He was traveling around to literally hundreds of meetings, creating a ledger, creating a story, to then blame the militia and go all the way with it, and then to tie that in with white supremacists and even try to tie it in with Arabs.
But for some reason, I guess because there were so many witnesses that saw these Arabs with McVeigh, knew it was a government op, they didn't go with the full story.
Craig, comments?
Yeah, you know, there's new development along that line.
All of that stuff that McVeigh did and all of this militia stuff was a total diversion.
It was created out of whole cloth.
We never could make any connections with anybody that stuck anywhere, including the LLM City Bunch.
That was a total dead end.
The Northwest Bank Robber...
I think so.
But they didn't do the same words.
So we were able to put the three memos together and we came up with this one.
I just want to read two paragraphs of it.
This goes along to explain a lot because why did the media switch from Arabs on day one to the right wing on day five and stay there when we had nothing going that direction?
For those who don't know, Trinidad is a lawyer out of Utah.
His brother was tortured to death by the government.
Right, and he's been suing him ever since and doing FOIAs and getting these different documents, and we've been going over them.
I checked with my contacts in the media, and they said they were getting all this right-wing data information from two places.
That was the Southern Poverty Law Center with Morris Dees, and the ADL with Foxman, the Anti-Defamation League of the Bannock Bridge, which makes no sense whatsoever, because they should have been, yeah, Arabs, we told you so.
But they didn't do that.
This is an FBI memo.
It says, Information has also been received through the Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC, that one Andris Strassmeyer, a.k.a.
Andy the German,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But he's hiding out in Kirk Lyons' office, and Kirk Lyons smuggles him out of Mexico, which it says here, it says, and plans to leave, now get this, plans to leave the U.S.
via Mexico in the near future.
The source further advised that he or she has learned that Strassmeyer is fleeing the U.S.
for an unknown reason.
Now, what this means is it appears by this memo that the Southern Poverty Law Center knew what was going to happen in advance, they had foreknowledge, and they even told the FBI about it and didn't do anything about it.
If this is true, this would explain a lot, because they're going to want to water the investigation down so they don't get discovered as having people inside of Elohim City.
This thing gets to be a real hairball at it, Alex, when you start connecting who knows who and who doesn't know who.
I mean, it's a classic intelligence operation.
But here we've got Strassmeyer in an FBI memo who's getting ready to escape through Mexico, and no one stops him.
Oh, yeah.
No one picks him up.
One more point, Alex, is after this happened, I talked to my cousin...
And he was infuriated about the events that took place because he said that what he had been involved in was that the militia had nothing to do with the actual events that took place or the entire bombing, the way that it took place.
Well, thank you for the call.
All right.
We could never make any connection to any militia, period.
Let's talk to Barack in British Columbia.
Go ahead, Barack.
Hi, I was wondering if some of the same players that were involved in Oklahoma City were also setting up Waco and the World Trade Center, some of the same people that the government hired out, like the Iraqis.
Is there a common thread?
Could they use the same duds?
Well, there is, in the sense that these Iraqi POWs that we had still had their ties back to the Middle East and through the Philippines, and some of the Middle Easterners that went through flight school here and did all this stuff, they were tied into
Well, there's incredible connections.
They admit Nick Berg is at that military training base, and the guy that supposedly got his head sawed off, he's at a flight training base with some of the hijackers, loaning them his laptop and his code, and then the FBI picks him up with his cell phone company, holds him for 13 days in Iraq, and releases him directly into, quote, Al-Qaeda hands, who then saw his head off.
I mean, it makes... Greg?
It's a small world, isn't it?
The very small world.
I mean, when we did the Oklahoma City bombing case, we kept running into the same people over and over and over again at different places, and the same groups, and the same money, and the same power structures, and you couldn't get the FBI to go talk to any of them.
You know, their deal was McVeigh did it, Nichols is involved, case closed.
Well, if the case is closed, show us the films.
Meanwhile, you have hit teams pulling cops over and killing them, and FBI helicopters landing and planting guns.
Well, when we get back, I'll tell you what they did to me.
All right.
Barack, thanks for the call.
George and Davey and others will get your calls as well.
Craig's going to be with us for the entire next hour.
I do want to get into some of the other issues, too, especially this little article in front of me.
Homeland Security, Lockheed Martin provide total surveillance for Wisconsin town.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
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The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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All right, I want to get to all your calls, and I'll do what I did yesterday.
Yesterday we blitzed through in one segment about 15 calls.
Well, I'm going to do that.
For much of the next hour, and then we'll just do little info bombs where we cover key little subjects in news articles here that I want to get comments from Colonel Roberts on, who I really respect for his great investigative skills.
Before we go back to Craig and let him talk about the stuff he's been through, and believe me, I've ridden in a car with this guy for about six, seven hours before when we were riding back from Kansas City.
In Oklahoma, when I got back in the car with my friends that were following us, and I drove on back to Texas, and to hear all the stuff he went through trying to investigate this, it is legion what happened, or encyclopedic.
But the new film, Martial Law, is out.
I'm really proud of it.
As I've said many times, it's my best work.
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Please take action.
Craig, just again in kind of a thumbnail sketch, some of the stuff you went through trying to investigate all this.
I think when I started generating memos that were contradictory to the official line, the official truth, and I started talking to people without reporting on who I was talking to at the time, trying to maintain their anonymity, I noticed that I started getting some problems with my telephone at the police department.
So I got my gear out and checked it, and it was tapped.
I think we're good to go.
I think so.
I think so.
Before it ever arrived at the mailbox, I had my house surveilled.
I had been followed by unmarked cars which I turned around and followed them which is great fun.
Stay there, Will.
I want to hear some more of this when we get back, and we'll go to your calls.
Third hour coming up.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, now, 30 seconds into this final hour.
It is Friday, the 42nd day of April 2005.
Colonel Craig Roberts has been riding a shotgun with us since the middle of the first hour.
And we're going to literally blitz through your calls in this hour and cover a bunch of other key news items.
We just passed the Waco and Oklahoma City anniversaries, also the anniversary of 1775 there at Concord in Lexington.
And, of course, our government doesn't celebrate that day as a day of standing up against tyranny.
No, the government celebrates it by murdering people and blowing things up.
And moving forward with their tyranny.
We're talking to Colonel Roberts, who was a police officer, also a colonel in the Army, Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam, worked the Oklahoma City case.
He was talking about some of the harassment he went through going up against the official and fraudulent story.
The dead animals at the front porch, the dead birds in the mailbox.
I had that happen a few times.
It's standard operating procedure.
But I guess you fared better than some of the other cops that were murdered and tortured who were investigating all of this.
What would they do, Colonel, when they'd be following you and you'd swing around and get behind them?
Well, it's an easy procedure.
I had been trained when I was with the tactical unit in Tulsa on how to do different types of tails and how to get rid of tails.
So it was a simple matter of if you ever think you've got this problem, what you do is you turn down a street, turn to the right, go down into a residential area, then turn left and pull in a driveway and see if they drive past.
If they drive past, you pull in behind them.
Now they've got a choice.
They can either try to get away from you or they can stop and try to confront you.
Or they can drive someplace and park and get out and walk into the store and act stupid.
It's all great fun in the long run.
The problem is it also can be very dangerous.
If you've got somebody that you're after and there's two or three of them in the car and they decide to get out and pull guns, then of course you've got to be able to find reverse real quick.
How many times did this happen?
It happened consistently on almost a daily basis.
Did you ever get to confront them or what happened?
About two times.
Oh yes.
This one particular morning I got up and I looked across the street and it was cold outside.
And I could see exhaust gas coming out of the exhaust pipe of a white van that was backed into a parking place in one of the local parks right across the street from my house, looking right straight at the front porch.
So I went out the back door, over the fence, down the block, came up a creek bed, came up behind these guys, walked up and tapped on their glass.
And a guy rolled the window down, two white males wearing sunglasses, young guys.
And I said, you know, you guys don't have to sit out here in the cold.
You might as well come out of the house and have coffee.
I don't have anything to hide from anybody.
And he said, well, we're not here for anything like that.
We don't know what you're talking about.
I said, yeah, right.
And that's why you're driving a G car, which is a government car.
And I said, have you guys got any identification?
And he says, we don't have to show you anything.
And I pulled my badge case out and I said, yeah, I think you do.
And about that time, he rolled the window up and they drove off.
And we never saw him again.
But, you know, that's just one instance.
Yeah, because they could be car thieves!
Oh, they could be anything.
You know, I was getting ready to call the police and have them, you know, taken out and spread eagles and do a field interrogation on them.
But I decided to go ahead and handle it myself just to let them know that I wasn't stupid and I wasn't blind.
And you said it happened another time.
Tell us about the other confrontation.
The other time was actually it was a Tulsa County Deputy Sheriff that had been assigned to follow me.
And I found out about him, so I just did what we call a 180 split, which is where you go into a residential area like I described.
He was in an unmarked white unit.
And I let him get ahead of me, and then I pulled him over in my police car.
And as soon as I did, of course, he said, well, I'm a deputy sheriff.
And I said, what are you doing following me?
Well, I'm not following you.
Of course, then we, you know, had the typical, yeah, I think you are because this is like the fourth time I've seen your car behind me in three days.
And so, you know, they break off as soon as they get discovered.
So I went to the undersheriff, who was a friend of mine, and I said, look, tell these guys, you know,
Back off and leave me alone or I'm going to get real unfriendly and they're not going to like me.
Then they took a published book you'd done and tried to claim it was a terrorist plan, correct?
Yeah, that was hellhound.
I mean, you're a best-selling, New York Times best-selling author.
They're taking your books and... We'll talk about that and then take calls.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've been talking for the last hour and a half predominantly about the Oklahoma City bombing.
Clearly a government operation.
Police officers, doctors, you name it, being tortured, murdered, killed.
attorneys that weren't going along, you name it.
And Craig Roberts...
Wasn't afraid to die, wasn't afraid to stand up against this.
He'd been a highly decorated Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam, and of course later a colonel in the Army, an intelligence, he'd been a police officer, been in the SWAT team, flown the police helicopter, been in a helicopter crash.
He's investigating this day one, first following these leads, leads back to the government, leads back to a cover-up, so they're tailing him, he's confronting the tails, all this is happening.
Then they, and we're about to go to calls, but the last point on this is to show what happened to you personally.
The last thing, I mean, one of the last things they did to you is, I mean, again, you've written New York Times bestselling books, folks.
I mean, One Shot, One Kill, I mean, that was a super bestseller.
You have a published book, Hellhound.
And they tried to somehow cook it up that you're a terrorist because you were a helicopter pilot.
And in Hellhound, it's a story of this deadly helicopter.
Just a fiction book.
What was that like?
Tell us that story.
That same story you told me when we were traveling back from Kansas City that time.
Some character was sitting at a Little League football game.
We're good to go.
That this crazy named Craig Roberts that flies for the police helicopters here is putting together a strike team to take out the Sun Oil Refinery in Tulsa.
And what they were discussing was the plot of the book that I'd written, Hellhound, where these terrorists use a sophisticated Russian helicopter and they're going to try to take out the nuclear power plant at San Onofre, California.
But this guy, you know, he put it all together totally separate.
Well, they ended up at that time putting more caps on my phones and following me and trying to do stuff.
And they ended up... Now, they claim that's how they got on you doing this.
I don't believe that story for a minute.
It's incredible that they would waste any time at all.
All they had to do was call me on the phone and say, Hey, we just heard this.
What's the deal?
But that's not the way the FBI works.
So they...
They ended up calling in the FBI HRT team and staging in them on the day that this is supposed to happen, which is Labor Day of that year, which is 1994, I think.
And they put them in the Sun Oil Refinery in Tulsa.
They've got them up on towers.
They've got... So again, this is even before Oklahoma.
This is before Oklahoma City.
Which is one of the reasons that when this thing all came out in the wash, they found out that I had a lot of contacts and capabilities that they didn't.
And that's why you ended up getting put on the case.
This is one of the reasons... This shows the crazy paranoia, though.
So what happened?
What were you really doing on Labor Day?
We were water skiing at the lake and I found out about it two weeks later when the undersheriff called me and said, let's have lunch.
I've got to tell you something funny.
They had worked on me all summer long and I had noticed some of these tales.
The phone taps and the whole bit, I just couldn't figure out what it was all about.
I thought it was because I was doing some lecturing and doing some programs at some of the churches on the New World Order and things like that because that always makes the government real nervous when you start exposing what they're really up to.
And the bottom line was they backed off.
They wasted I don't know how much money.
I've got a big thick file on this that I ended up being able to do some good with later on.
But the bottom line is they pulled out and sent everybody home and they called this guy in and his lawyer and they said, look, we just spent I don't know how many millions of dollars Sun Oil Company increased their security.
They put in new lights and guards and yada yada.
And nothing happened.
What's the deal?
And this guy said they finally got him to where he admitted all he did was overhear excerpts of a conversation.
And what it was, he had overheard the plot of this book.
Well, what I did is I took a copy of the book, I addressed it to the special agent in charge, and sent it to him.
Now, Craig, one last little quick story here that you told me about, because this is really important.
This is the same thing I've seen happen.
You talk about when you go deer hunting and there's 20... You know, because you're a police officer, retired now, but, you know, cops hang out with cops.
You go deer hunting and there's 20 guys there at the camp.
And five, six, seven years ago, they were all disagreeing with you about the New World Order and government involvement in terrorism.
And now you've seen a total, total shift with police officers and people that you talk to and people that are still on the force.
And that's the same shift that I've seen.
I mean, everybody I talk to now knows in their guts what's really going on.
Tell us about that story.
Well, actually the Special Investigations Division of our department had a file on me that they kept because I've always been a loose cannon.
I don't mind whose toes I step on or what I say.
I'm not much of a tactful individual when it comes to politics.
They had a meeting here about a year ago and one of the guys that was there called me up and was laughing.
He said, it's funny.
He said, ten years ago they thought you were crazy and now they say you were just ahead of your time.
They're all starting to see the light now.
And you've got two different breeds of officers.
You've got the older ones who are saying, hey, everything is getting weird.
The federal government is coming up with new laws that violate the Constitution.
They violate the laws.
They violate everything that we've been taught.
You know, when I went to the academy, we were taught you could not stop a car or detain anyone unless you had probable cause.
You had to have reasonable belief that they broke a law, and you had to have probable cause that something occurred to stop that particular car.
Now we have roadblocks out there that Howard McCrone puts up and checks for driver's licenses for everybody that goes through.
That's a form of arrest.
There's no probable cause in there.
There's nothing that says that person doesn't have insurance or a driver's license or whatever.
But what they're doing is they're mentally conditioning us
To allow Big Brother to step forward and say, we can search anything we want.
You have papers?
But you talked about how now you go deer hunting, and I mean, what are the guys saying to you now?
Oh, they're saying they can't believe what's going on because it's all coming down with these new homeland security laws and so on.
And these different things that are popping up that are absolutely incredible, and they're going, how did they get away with this?
You know, if we had done this 10 years ago, they'd put us in jail.
And now it's becoming the way they do things, and it's all for national security and stuff.
They're incredulous.
And this is all over the country.
In my department, this is all over the country.
Local officers are getting worried.
Now, some of the rural-type officers think it's great because it gives them more power.
And, you know, you've got these young white Earps running around that,
They love to be cross-commissioned as a federal officer or a task force officer or as a state, county, slash federal task force guy.
They think this is great.
What we're seeing now is we're seeing the militarizations of the departments in which they're becoming more military in their uniforms.
They're wearing blouse boots.
They're wearing Kevlar helmets.
They're doing all this kind of stuff.
You've got SWAT teams that wear ski masks.
Now, I was taught that the bad guys in the terrorists wore ski masks.
We're seeing all of this happen.
And what we're going to see is we're going to see by legislation the creation of a cross-deputization where we have a national police force.
Well, that's already happening.
But they don't come out and say it yet.
One of these days we're going to see United States police on a patch and everybody's going to wear the same patch.
Let's take calls.
We're going to move quickly here because folks have been holding a while.
George in Texas, then Davey and others.
Go ahead, George.
Yes, Colonel Roberts, I just finished reading the 550-page Oklahoma City Bombing Investigative Committee report, final report.
In the very last part of the book, there's a statement of security guard Melvin Dennis Beal, or Bell, I don't know if you've read it.
He was a security guard, and on April 6, 1995, at approximately 1 p.m., I saw a Spanish officer
Appearing male, approximately 25 to 32 years of age, coming into the lobby.
He was smoking a cigarette.
He was accompanied by two white females and a white male who I'm convinced was Timothy McVeigh.
Due to the fact the building is a non-smoking building, I got up from my desk, pointed to the Spanish appearing male, and advised him he would have to take the cigarette out of the building.
He came back into the building.
And he and the two females approached me and apologized for the cigarette.
And he began a conversation, I'll just paraphrase here, with the two white females.
He gave all this information to the FBI.
And after reading the rest of his statement, it appears that the FBI just weren't interested in following through
On this very important information, this is two weeks before the bombing.
There are dozens and dozens of those reports.
And I was wondering, Colonel, have you been able to talk to the security guard?
No, not that one, but interestingly enough, one of the points, and we didn't cover this, but...
I got information out of Texas that a Mexican drug lord named Juan Garcia Abrego sent two bag men, Mexicans, to Oklahoma City to help finance the bombing to get rid of the building, to get rid of the papers in the building because he was part of the Iran-Contra drug network and he had a stake in it as did other people.
And then when they got to Oklahoma City, these two Mexicans showed up at one hotel dressed as Arabs.
Everybody laughed about it because they thought, what are these Mexicans doing dressing up as Arabs?
Classic intelligence software.
They use all these go-betweens to have compartmentalization and plausible deniability.
Yeah, but that was the Mexican connection.
So I found it interesting when you said... We also have detonators bought out of Mexico and the BATF practicing blowing up trucks, truck bombs in the months before in a congressionally funded study.
And so now you're saying that the security guard had observed a Mexican coming in.
And everybody says there's no Mexicans involved.
Well, yeah, there was.
Well, anyway...
The last time you were on Alex's program, you mentioned the FBI has a file where they put all the excorplatory evidence, the stuff that doesn't fit their theory.
What was the name of that file?
Well, they call it, I want to say the K-Drive or something like that.
Something drive, Alex.
Help me out here.
That was K-Drive.
Is it the K-Drive?
A whole separate parallel computer system.
Yeah, it's where they put stuff that you can't access unless you know where it's at.
Well, see, that whole file needs to be open to the public so we know what's really going on here because the FBI that should be helping the general public is not really helping us at all.
Yeah, that's putting it lightly.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back and talk to Davey and Craig and Mike and many others that are patiently holding.
I'm going to move a little quicker through your calls, so be ready.
And I do want to spend some time on Waco and the First World Trade Center attack and, of course, the last World Trade Center attack.
Craig, I have no doubt that we're going to see even bigger terror attacks in this country.
Oh, no, I am absolutely shocked we haven't seen a mini-nuke go off someplace.
And then, boy, we're going to have to give all our rights up to be safe, Craig, but the border has to stay open, though.
Yeah, yeah, we've got to do that.
Let them come in.
But the Minutemen are evil because they're down there just calling the Border Patrol when they see illegals.
But tattle on your neighbor.
Spy on your neighbor if they're smoking marijuana.
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Coming up, after we take some calls, if you want to know what your city and town is going to be like very, very soon with all these cameras, everything you do, scanned and tracked and traced, with the military industrial complex actually running it, that's coming up with an example out of Wisconsin, mainstream news, and a bunch of other issues.
But let's hurry to your calls.
I want to thank Davey from Texas for holding patiently.
Davey, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Gosh, Alex, you know the thing about holding on is you get so many things,
You said that you forget what you called in for, but I wanted to ask Craig about the bombs in the building and Dr. Deagle reporting that he had examined an individual that was there that was exposed to radiation.
Specifically, how did those bombs get in there and how many were there and who might have put them in there?
Well, actually, Jane Graham, according to her deposition, saw, when she was coming to work, she worked in the building, and she was coming to work.
She was the chief HUD person.
Right, and she was coming in through the underground parking, and she saw Andrew Strassmeyer and one or two other guys
In the basement of the building, there too, ahead of time, and they were putting putty on the columns and stringing wire.
They call them blocks of gray butter.
And stringing wire between them.
Obviously, it was C4 and dead cord.
These are shape charges they're putting on the columns, so we know about those.
However, what's interesting is that the huge cut that goes back into the building and then goes down two or more subfloors was an explosion back in there that was not caused by C4, and there were elements of tritium in the atmosphere.
There was more tritium
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But I think, and it's just a theory, but I think that if there was any type of a mini nuclear device, some type of special atomic subunition was used in this place, like some people claim, that would explain why they wanted to tear the building down, haul it off, bury it, put a fence around it, put armed guards around it.
Otherwise, you'd go up there with a Geiger counter and say, hey, gee, we've got a problem here.
Two more points real quick, Craig, so the other callers can get in.
One, if you have a chance to talk about the death of William Colby.
And regarding Waco, y'all mentioned earlier about the ADL involvement with the FBI.
If you could kind of cover the history of the ADL and the FBI.
And I'll listen off the air.
Thanks for being there, Alex.
Thank you.
Let's try to cover that a little bit later, but let's not forget to.
It's important.
Yeah, but we'd have to do a whole show just on that.
Yeah, but we should at least mention it.
Craig in Illinois.
Go ahead, Craig.
Hello, gentlemen, and thank you for fighting for my freedom.
We're just trying to get you to fly for your own freedom, but thank you.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
My question is, being that Alexander Levin, who was murdered in a helicopter crash when he was about to become the president of Russia, admitted on national TV... Suitcase nukes.
Suitcase nukes are coming across the Mexican border, being that all the illegal drugs come across the Mexican border, being the fact that in California, 40% of the prison population...
I asked a similar question to Bob Barr a couple days ago when he was here.
Hispanics don't want an open border.
Hispanics love America.
They love America.
Everyone knows it.
They fight like crazy in our wars.
And yet, this Mexican so-called republic, which is nothing but a fascist regime, uses us.
I can't even speak.
I gotta let you go.
Yeah, I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, it's really a scam.
Well, it's also about the drug trafficking, isn't it?
It also is about NAFTA and the whole North American continent becoming one political zone.
That's in the Canadian and Mexican papers, but the average American has no idea that's even happening.
No, it's the New World Order.
We're zone one.
And Europe is zone two.
And Asia is zone three.
And there's ten zones.
There's ten toes of the beast.
And so the New World Order crowd is doing everything it can at the very top...
To reduce us to second nation status, and they've pretty well succeeded.
Now, we've heard of first world and third world, but we haven't heard about second world.
Second world is where you redistribute the wealth, and using multiculturalism, you bring up the third world to second world status, and you destroy us and bring us down to second world status, and everybody's one big happy family.
Tony Elite ruling over the source.
We'll be back with your calls.
We're on the march.
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All right, we've really got to conserve our time here.
We've only got about 26 and a half minutes left and a lot of news and calls to cover.
So I'm just going to take, I don't know, maybe seven, eight more calls.
We're going to really have to move fast.
Toll-free number to join us as soon as you hear one caller hang up, 800-259-9231.
Then I want to talk a little bit about Waco and coming terrorist attacks and what really happened at Waco just briefly with Craig Roberts.
Before I do that, I just want to, one more time, as I did at the start of the broadcast, thank everybody that came out last night.
A huge crowd of great people there at the Doubletree for Jimmy Vaughn and friends, with the Toons Not Tolls, fighting these criminal toll roads on existing roads.
It was a lot of fun, and it was great seeing you out there.
Thanks for buying the tickets, which every dime of the proceeds goes to sue government officials.
And to fight against these toll roads.
And that was really exciting.
I also want to thank Jimmy Vaughn and everybody for getting involved to fight these toll roads because I'm going to move out of Austin if they put these suckers in.
And I'm not going to put up with it.
Of course, there's nowhere to run.
It's going to go in nationwide.
But Austin's going to be one of the worst places in the country to live.
And we've got to defeat this.
So last night was great.
Let's go ahead now and go back to the calls.
And I guess up here next would be Mike in New York.
Mike, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex and Craig.
Go ahead.
Privileged to speak with you gentlemen.
First, I just have to commend you on your efforts to expose the truth and to make all the sacrifices required to get that truth to the rest of us so everybody else could get on board with what's going on with these traitors in Washington.
I'm just moved by everything, and I just have to say we've got to pray for all the people that have died seeking the truth, the people mentioned by Craig for Oklahoma City bombing and so on.
Everybody should be praying for these poor guys, for the ultimate sacrifices they have made, and to pray for all you guys still doing the job for us, getting it out there.
And we have to remember, people, we're dealing with traitors.
These people are representatives.
They're not royalty.
They're public servants.
We're the masters.
And when a servant starts telling the master he's boss, it's time to lay the law down.
And under the Constitution, treason is punishable by death.
I think we should get into the rope manufacturing business big time, start hanging all these traitors really quick.
All right, thank you for the call.
You've got to be careful about that rhetoric, though, because that's the type of stuff they use.
They are servants.
They are building a control grid, because they know things are going to get really bad.
They're setting up a system where we're going to resist.
They've got to have that straitjacket in place before then.
Craig, any comments on what he was just saying?
Well, you know, there's so much that's going on, it's hard to keep track of a lot of it.
But one thing we didn't mention, and he...
He kind of spurred me off into another line of thought, and that is we haven't talked about the national ID card.
And how it's coming along, and the one that's going to have the biochip in it that's going to be able to identify everybody.
And there's also another area.
I want to mention this before I forget about it.
I made a note to myself.
We've got this bird flu, and I've seen message traffic here recently on all kinds of practice exercises at county level and state level for mass inoculations because of a possible outbreak of bird flu.
And it's all just the model states how the Emergency Powers Act gearing up.
And if you can't identify who everybody is and where they're at, obviously you're going to have to have a national ID card.
Plus, we've got the immigrant problem.
To solve that, we have to have a national ID card.
But they actually put loopholes in there where it doesn't even affect all the illegals.
Good point.
And that bill's on the verge of passing the Senate today.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Eric in California.
Eric, go ahead.
Hey, one more thing about what the border patrol in Mexico and why we should invade and all that stuff.
I just want to say one thing is that, you know, I've met more Mexicans in the Border Patrol as Asians than I did Caucasians, Africans, and I just want to say with the other guy that was talking about how Hispanics will fight for this country, that's absolutely true because... I mean, the polls show that about 68% of Hispanics are against open borders.
87% of Americans are against open borders, and they try to announce that everybody's for open borders, and it's racist to be against open borders.
That's totally made up.
And I was in a program called Law Enforcement Exploring, which is the subdivision that used to be of the Boy Scouts, where you explore a specific career.
My career was with law enforcement.
My branch of law enforcement was the Border Patrol.
I just wanted to admit, I mean, I was like the only white guy in that post.
And there's more women than guys in that post.
It's amazing, the actual... It's all an illusion.
No one's for the toll roads, they're doing it.
They say we don't care.
I mean, 98% of police and studies are against gun control, but still they carry out their criminal orders.
Thanks for the call.
It's incredible.
Larry in Arizona.
Larry, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Craig Roberts, you know what?
We're having the Mexican Army mass just south of the Arizona border here in Naco, Arizona for the past two or three weeks.
And, of course, Alex has exposed the fact that the Pentagon has contracted with the Mexican Army to come into the United States and enforce martial law against the American people.
That's actually...
The Washington Post... No, that's part of the North American security perimeter and the deals they've signed with Mexican and Canadian troops to police all of North America.
Craig, any comments on that?
Well, that, and there's not enough of them to do it, so you're going to have to call in Chinese.
Well, yeah, I have the article in the Chinese, too, but my question to you is, could it be, and I love the Minuteman, okay?
I went down there, I talked to them, they're really great guys.
And the thing is, could that be a cover to mask the Mexican troops on the border without anybody getting excited?
I don't think so.
The Mexican troops are there over the border of Cochise County helping move the illegal aliens to outflank the Minutemen.
Yeah, 150 miles, by the way, 150 miles west.
So I agree.
In other words, there's a reason for the Mexican Army to be masking from Naco all the way to the Yuma border.
Well, they're always there.
I mean, they're always there killing people and...
The feds just rolled over.
Thanks for the call.
It's the real deal.
Let's talk to James.
James, where are you calling us from?
I had a question about the event earlier this week.
Mr. Roberts mentioned Bob Barr.
Earlier, what was he talking about?
Is he on board with the true thing, or was he talking about a side issue, or what was Congressman Barr doing at the event this week?
He was the keynote speaker for the banquet the night before the program, and he talked about fighting against this Homeland Security issue.
Wait a minute.
You guys had the 10th anniversary Oklahoma City Truth Meeting, and you're telling me that Bob Barr came to it?
Yes, he was our keynote speaker.
Well, I was invited and just didn't go, and I should have gone, but I would have loved to have gotten all that on video.
I've just been so busy.
I don't like traveling, frankly.
But I should have gone to that.
So Bob Barr is there at a meeting where you guys are talking about government involvement in Oklahoma City?
Well, he spoke the night before.
He was gone when we had our program.
But basically what he was speaking on was his efforts.
He's formed an organization there in Atlanta, and their efforts are to reduce and do away with much of the Homeland Defense Act.
And get back to the Constitution.
Which has nothing to do with fighting terrorists.
Well, it has to do with trying to restore some of our rights in the Constitution.
No, but I'm saying Homeland Security is a control grid.
Oh, no.
Homeland Security is here to make sure that you and I don't fight terrorism.
I mean, if you look at TSA at the airports, they don't do anything to stop terrorist acts.
They harass the public so that you don't want to fly.
Ron in Oklahoma, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Ron.
We'll go ahead and bring Ron up now.
Okay, Alex.
For your listeners' benefit, I'm here in Oklahoma City, maybe a mile and a half from the Murrow Building.
On April 19th, I felt the shock.
I saw the gigantic dust cloud over the building, whatever caused it.
But also, Oklahoma is definitely behind the information iron curtain.
And I would like to know, for one thing, what the Mexican involvement in this was.
How were they involved?
Well, you see, the CIA, when they carry out an event, or one of those other agencies that were all involved, they like to use organized crime.
They like to use different go-betweens, compartmentalized, like a Lego set or an erector set, but then put it all together.
That's just standard operating procedure.
They were involved in smuggling across the detonators.
Colonel Roberts, you worked the case.
This goes back to the drug smuggling that happened during
Iran-Contra, the MENA affair and all of that, when we get information that a major Mexican drug kingpin who's in charge of the land route in through Texas is sending two Mexican bag men up to Oklahoma City to help fund the bombing,
And it's not followed up by the FBI, even though I did two separate, extensive, detailed memos on who these guys were and where the information came from and what they allegedly did.
I could not get the FBI to move.
In fact, they denied that Juan Garcia Abrego even existed up until the time three or four months later when they extradited him out of Mexico on unrelated charges.
And put him in our prison system.
And as it turns out, at the time I was asking them to check on this guy, and they said he didn't exist.
It turned out he was on their 10 most wanted list.
You can get on Google right now, type Juan Garcia Abrego, A-B-R-E-G-O, and you get all the hits you want.
Yet they couldn't find this guy on the FBI computer.
So yeah, there were some Mexican connections there that we were investigating, and we couldn't get the government to move on.
Ron, anything else?
Anything else, Ron?
Yeah, Alex.
Where does the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Jewish Defense League play in all this?
Well, it's not the Jewish Defense League.
They're a sub-organization of the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League of the Benite Brief.
They were busy running around spouting the Clinton line that it's evil talk radio.
It's the evil right-wingers.
Yeah, they were the ones that diverted and derailed the entire investigation, and we dropped the whole Middle Eastern part on day five.
Every time we...
Someone talked about the bombing here in Oklahoma City.
They tried to tie it into Nazis or whatever white supremacists.
That's all brainwashing.
That's all that is.
But the government knows that we're waking up with their stories of fraud, so they give you a false story to fall into.
I personally realize that, but what I'm saying is this is for your listeners' benefit.
That's how they operate.
They try to demonize anyone who comes out and tries to spread the truth.
I hear you.
Let's shift gears.
Thank you for the call.
I may have time to take a few more calls, but Craig, I wanted to cover this.
I saw the Pentagon plan about five years ago, how they were advising the cities with all these cameras going in, the transponder readers.
The whole grid's been put in.
And now from Florida to Wisconsin to Texas, they're quietly putting in the final touches.
But this is out of a major newspaper out of Wisconsin.
Headline, Homeland Security Lockheed Martin Provide Total Surveillance for Wisconsin Town.
And let me just read a few paragraphs.
This isn't Big Brother situation that we have here, said Councilman Red Nut.
This is another tool for our law enforcement officers.
For the last 18 months, Police Chief Richard Bold
It's been investigating the technology, even going so far as to take a recent trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida, with city administrator Leon Compton to see exactly how well the system works.
And it goes on to say that this is basically opening up a whole new world.
This is something that is cutting edge and will allow us to get in on the ground floor with something that is great for the safety of our community as a whole.
And it goes on to say it's wireless cameras and systems that are hooked in.
It's run by Lockheed Martin with a Pentagon system.
Thumb scanners, face scanners.
The entire city uses every stoplight, every street will have these small wireless cameras.
And it goes on to say,
It continues.
After these three phases of installation are complete, the entire community of Ripton will be online with a system and virtual wireless hotspot giving city-equipped vehicles and Lockheed Martin engineers the chance to iron out any receiving bugs in various pockets throughout the town.
And it just goes on about the thumb scanners and face scanners and everything will be wired into police cars with cameras watching and scanning everything we do, and they admit it's a Pentagon program.
I mean, Colonel, this is just...
I mean, they've got a bill in the Texas legislature to put transponders in all our cars by law, to tax us with the toll roads, and the minute our insurance runs out, they instantly arrest us.
I mean, this is Nazi Germany on steroids.
Oh, it's the invasion of privacy that they keep saying that we've got to have this right to privacy, we've got to protect your privacy, we've got to do this and that and the other.
Then they turn right around and they put cameras every place.
You go to London, England.
Of course, the IRA is supposed to be the threat, even though the IRA hasn't done anything in London in years.
They've got cameras everywhere watching everything in London.
Now, that's a test place.
Yeah, over $4 million.
But with this...
They're not even saying it's for terror.
I mean, they put the systems in, then they announce what they're going to do with it, and it is just this total control grid, and then Lockheed Martin runs most of the red light cameras, and they even give you the tickets and charge you a private corporation.
I mean, it's a joke.
Oh, it's crazy, but it's Big Brother, and the war goes well in Oceania, so citizen, just step in the line and do what you're told to do.
That's where we're going.
We are past 1984.
We're knee-deep in it right now.
But they won't do this on the border.
No, they haven't got any assets to fix a fence on the border, but they've got assets to go up here into these various towns and cities and put cameras on every red light.
It's absolutely incredible.
For those who don't know, every car that drives through, constantly, instantly, it reads your license plate and runs it through a criminal background check.
Well, and they've got the face recognition software that will go through windshields now.
So that when you drive through, it can run.
And it's not infallible.
I mean, you can pop up as somebody on the 10 Most Wanted list if the camera just gets... Well, they found that in Tampa.
Yeah, the light reflection is wrong, and you can get stopped and have guys with guns pull you out of the car.
Folks, do we want to do this to America?
I mean, this is a sick joke.
Here's another one.
Prison Planet reporting on this.
We have the mainstream news articles.
Links to it.
The British government first declared two years ago they found this Ryerson plant.
Turned out it was fake.
Turned out it was a false story.
Now it's come out again that it was a fake news story.
And they ordered mainstream British newspapers with a, quote, denotice to remove the articles.
But we have them saved on the website.
They ordered major newspapers.
From the Guardian and others to just remove the stories.
Do not report that we're issuing fake terror alerts.
I mean, same thing.
It's like our press now with all these fake news reporters, Craig.
Oh, I know.
Well, you know, I found out a long time ago that the mainstream media is an organ of the CIA.
You sit there and you take the three main ABC, NBC, CBS and you're watching the evening news and you can flick back and forth and guess what?
You're not going to miss any news stories because they all report exactly the same thing at exactly the same time.
If that's not pretty obvious...
You know, they decide.
Their deal is, we tell you what the news is.
You know, it's not all the news that's fit to print.
It's we tell you.
And again, that's the predominant media.
It isn't that all the people are government agents because the people that write the good wire stories, nobody reads the wires.
And you find all the real news on the wires, but no one ever learns of it.
You know, they get the same talking heads every night to spout the same propaganda, and they'll go off and sensationalize... But, Craig, it's not working.
This is from editor and publisher Dallas Paper Suppers.
The only thing that they've got worth anything is the classified ads.
Other than that, you've got birdcage liner.
It literally is birdcage.
But I mean, so they're losing their viewership.
The globals have to move quick.
I mean, are you not finding the same thing I'm finding?
That people are really waking up?
Yeah, absolutely.
And I think it's scaring the opposition.
And like you say, they're going to have to move quick, and they are.
Well, when you blow up a city, New World Order, everybody's going to know you did it.
You murder and trash.
We'll be right back.
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I've just got time to take two final calls from Joe and Nancy.
Sorry to all the other callers.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight central.
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Before we take these two final calls, Craig, I want to thank you for coming on with us.
And just real quick, if you could, in 45 seconds, talk about what really happened on Waco.
Well, I think what happened there is there at the end,
Yeah, I think so.
You can see troops firing their machine guns and the news goes, no, that's not machine guns.
And they put the bomb on top of the book suppository and...
You know, the records vault.
It's so disgusting what they did.
Let's talk to... Good point.
Let's talk to Joe in Chicago.
Go ahead, Joe.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Hey, just wanted to let you know, I was watching the History Channel this morning.
They had a program called Days That Shook the World.
And they had one on there about the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler in 1944.
Yeah, with the bomb they put right up against him, but the leg of the table didn't kill him.
The one thing that really kind of like really opened my eyes and just put me at attention... A huge explosive couldn't blow through the leg of a table.
Yeah, right, right.
But a truck bomb blows giant columns away, further away than columns right up against it.
Is that the point you were going to make?
No, actually not.
Some of those guys, they had me mention the actual name of the two gentlemen that were part of the conspiracy.
They had mentioned that they were part of the German Homeland Defense Division.
Now, is there any truth to that?
No, it was Reich Security.
Reich means land.
No, Homeland Security is a German translation.
Colonel, comments?
Yeah, it goes right back to the same stuff that happened in the 1930s after the Rocksteak fire.
I mean, a lot of it was patterned right after that.
It was almost like an off-the-shelf deal.
They just pulled it out, dusted it off, and Americanized it.
Thanks for the call, Joe.
Great points.
Yeah, the 1968 Gun Control Act is an exact translation.
Two words are changed from a German Gun Control Act.
Senator Dodd did that.
Nancy in Texas.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
Hello there, Alex.
I just wanted to thank you and everybody on your show.
Hey, go ahead.
We're not your property.
We're not your slave.
We're not your farm animal.
We're not here for you to send us to your wars.
We're not here for you to judge.
We're not here for you to tag.
We're not to be discriminated.
We're not to be violated.
We're not to be scammed.
We're not watching your mind control advertising.
We're not watching your reality bullcrap shows.
We're not watching your brainwashing sitcoms.
We're not over you taking away our rights.
We're not over you killing our people.
And we're not over your big brother cameras everywhere.
We're not the people who will let you take over.
We're not the people who will believe your lies.
And we're not the people who will be controlled.
We're not afraid.
We're not afraid.
And we're not alone.
We're not hurt from your greed.
We're not hurt from your rules.
And we're not hurt from your power.
Because we the people of the United States
In order to reform a more perfect union... Listen, Nancy, you're going to have to call me back on Monday with the rest of this poem.
Greg, thanks for coming on.
See you next time, brother.
Take care.