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Air Date: Feb. 16, 2005
2283 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
It's already the eighth day of February 2005, and we're going to be live for the next three hours.
We've got two big guests coming up today.
One to talk about the continuity of government, or the Congressional Doomsday Plan that was passed a few weeks ago, and another who is a transhumanist, a top professor and scientist,
Talking about how humanity is going to be merging with machines.
So that is coming up in the second hour of the broadcast.
Tons of vital news and information as usual.
Error of big government is back under Bush.
A new error of big government.
A record budget.
But then you read all the other headlines.
It's big, deep cuts.
Let me see.
We had a $1.7 trillion federal budget a year under Bill Clinton, and now we're going to have a $2.5 or $2.6 trillion budget for 06.
How is that cuts?
And I heard neocons all over talk radio yesterday saying this is a conservative budget and really cuts the government.
And the evil liberals out there don't want to cut the government.
You talk about Orwellian spin.
Yes, they do cut a few federal programs while ballooning all the others.
And we mean classical FDR or Lyndon Baines Johnson style government.
Doubled the size of the Department of Education and now they even expand on that in the last four years.
Radically expanded health and human services.
Radically expanded abortion funding by 85%.
Oh, yes.
But again, the average conservative has no idea and thinks everything's fine.
They think $2.6 trillion budget is smaller than $1.7 trillion.
And you're not going to argue with them.
You're not going to convince them otherwise.
A very small portion of this is military spending.
If they do have an inkling that government's getting bigger, well, Al-Qaeda hit us.
This is the fight, Al-Qaeda.
Bush proposes steep cuts in the budget, but huge expansions of other areas of the budget.
And to be technical, some reports say 2.2.
$5 trillion, others say $2.6 trillion.
The actual amount, as it stands now, it's normally much more once they actually pass it all, is $2.57 trillion.
And I was taught to round up, so we'll say $2.6 trillion.
Or you can round down $2.5 trillion.
What's $100 billion here or there?
Also, some bad news for those that like drafting people that have already served.
Judge rejects stop-law suit versus the Army.
And as usual, it's kind of a double-think ruling by the judge, U.S.
District Judge Roy C. Lamberth of the District of Columbia, said the enlistment contract does not notify those who sign up, but the government could extend their terms of service while acknowledging minimal harm to the Army if ordered to release the officer.
Lamberth said similar claims could lead to substantial disruption and diversion of military resources.
The judge came out and said, yeah, they lied to you, but kind of gave a middle-of-the-road ruling, but it's better than nothing, I guess.
Golly, scientist gets human cloning license.
That's out of the Associated Press.
And boy, did I get demonized by popular mechanics.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
A handful of congressmen could rule America in the event of a catastrophe.
No longer do Capitol Hill legislators need a quorum to do the people's business.
Now under a piece of hotly contested legislation, passed without media attention on January 5th, only a few members of Congress are needed to do official business in the event of a catastrophe instead of the usual 218 that makes a quorum.
Critics claim H. Res.
5 paves the way for tyranny, allowing only a few to decide for so many.
The provision states that the House should be without a quorum due to catastrophic circumstances.
Then, until there appear in the House a significant number of representatives to constitute a quorum among the whole number of the House, a quorum in the House shall be determined based upon the provincial and provisional number of the House.
The provisional number of the House, as for the close of the call of the House, shall be the number of representatives
We're responding to the call of the House.
So, I guess just whoever shows up.
Supporters claim the bill, passed under the cover of Congressional darkness, is intended to allow the government to continue operating in the event of a catastrophic emergency or terrorist attack.
However, constitutional experts say the law is blatantly unconstitutional and ripe for challenge.
Normally, 218 lawmakers out of the 435 members are needed to declare war, pass laws...
And validly conduct the people's business.
But under the new rule, a majority is no longer needed when circumstances arise, including natural disaster, attack, and terrorist attacks, rendering representatives incapable of attending House proceedings.
We're good to go.
I think?
And it was probably not even discovered by many who voted on it since the rules package centered on recent ethics violations.
And we talked about this last year.
We talked about the commission that was pushing this.
And we have a very special surprise guest joining us in about 22 minutes to talk about this.
Believe me, you do not want to miss it.
We'll get the other side's view on this.
We've been doing that a lot lately here on the broadcast, bringing you the insiders.
But I do want to spend some time today on this.
Era of big government is back under Bush.
A $2.6 trillion, to be technical, $2.57 trillion budget for 06.
It is fully...
$900 billion bigger than Bill Clinton's biggest budget.
But it's being hailed as a cut in government.
I'm not kidding.
I'm sure you've seen the newspapers.
I was at the convenience store early this morning.
They've got four or five papers they carry, and they all have the same basic headline.
Massive cuts announced by Bush.
Huge cuts announced by Bush.
New budget has big cuts.
The average person.
Bush is cutting government.
And that's just folks reading the newspaper.
If you were to tune in to the neocon lords of disinformation and big government and open borders and gun control, yesterday, I heard them yesterday and this morning, why, look at Bush.
Big cuts.
And yeah, he's cutting a few things like farm subsidies, and they've been cutting VA benefits and doing things like that, though they're now increasing the death benefit for troops.
While rolling into that bill, a legislation that gives the vaccine makers total liability protection across the board, but that's a side issue.
If you were to hear these shows or read the newspaper, you'd think they were big cuts.
I have to commend the LA Times.
Their headline, Error of Big Government, is back under Bush.
And here's another headline, an AP headline, that's indicative of the disinformation.
Bush proposes steep cuts...
As part of his $2.57 trillion budget.
Now, that's double thing.
He proposes big cuts and they give the amount of the total budget.
It's just amazing.
So now you can argue with people that think they're conservative, who were really socialist and didn't know it.
You can argue with them all day long.
They'll tell you the government's smaller and...
I say just move on to people that have brains in their heads.
And again, they'll also say, well, this is for the military.
Actually, military spending is only up about $150 billion a year.
And over...
The next four years, that is a large part of the total budget increases, but it's not even half of it.
What is it, about 40%?
The rest... Oh, by the way, the way these budgets always work is that they're always at least 20% bigger by the time they actually pass all the spending authorizations.
Because pork always gets attached and pork barreled on us.
And so I think we're going to be looking, many experts agree, at a $3 trillion year in 2006 fiscal year.
So $3 trillion budget.
Because Bill Clinton would pass a 1.7, and then they'd end up spending 1.9.
And Bush has been getting $2.2 trillion budgets passed, radically expanding government.
It was, what, $2.6?
So this is $2.6.
Who knows how big?
It could push past $3 trillion.
And I got an interesting email the other day.
Somebody asked, well, Alex, if the military budget is only general military budget, then you have all these supplemental $80 billion packages.
They've been passing twice a year.
If the...
Military budget is $450 billion.
Then how can there be missing from the Pentagon in the last two years $1.2 trillion?
And in the eight years before that, nine years, excuse me, $1.2 trillion.
Now a grand total in the last 11 years.
Of $2.4 trillion.
So in the last two years, it's accelerated geometrically or exponentially.
It's doubled.
Doubled the looting and stealing of Bill Clinton in the first two years of Lord Bush.
So, if the budget's only $450 billion...
And with all the supplements before that, a little over $500 billion, and then again with the Iraq War the last two years, over that, where is the money coming from?
Well, it's simple.
They've slashed veterans' benefits.
The government had built up its own accounts, had bought its own stock.
The Pentagon had its own CAFR, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
Every time I say that, I get an email from somebody in South Africa going, that's a racist slang.
No, it's the name of the comprehensive annual financial reports, okay, that counties and cities and school districts and water districts have and the feds have and different federal departments have and state governments have.
I mean, New York back in 96 had a...
1.4 trillion dollar surplus, okay?
I mean in cream assets, after expenditures.
Give you an idea.
So the Pentagon had built up all these huge slush funds, and what they've been doing in the last 11 years is dumping, in fact it was first the Pentagon in 1952 that started setting up comprehensive annual financial reports, or the CAFR reports.
And so they've started sucking those dry.
And look, don't believe me, just type 2.4 trillion missing from Pentagon, and you'll get CBS News.
And I talk a lot about this because I just can't get over it.
I mean, I've been talking for years, for two years, since I saw the 1.2 trillion in the Associated Press, which they admitted in the press conference was missing, and we don't know where it is.
And then now, a couple years later, Rumsfeld gives a press conference and it makes it to CBS News and one other newswire, but that's it.
And then the average person has no idea.
$2.4 trillion?
That's almost as big as the entire federal budget for 2006.
That's as big as this year's budget was.
And half of it in the last two years.
I mean, you wonder why the government's so corrupt.
Why they're militarizing the police while they're building all these prisons.
Because they're a bunch of crooks, and they know we're getting wise to them.
You know, a crook, when he's robbing you, puts you in handcuffs.
Or ties you down.
They don't want us getting in the way, folks, because they're not going to stop here.
They want your pension funds.
They're already grabbing a lot of those.
They want to loot more companies.
They're coming out with all these new forms of taxation.
The state of Texas is about to come out with a business tax, which is really a sales tax.
Some new taxing district was announced a few years ago in Austin.
Just some new district where they show up for a property tax.
It's a new property tax because they can't get a quote state income tax is basically what it is.
It's just bureaucrats just show up at your office and start demanding money.
It's just crazy.
Just where I live.
They're going to have toll roads on almost every major street.
$1,800 a year for the first year starting.
This is happening all over the country.
It's just a nightmare of corruption.
State-funded universities are now saying there's no cap on tuition.
$25,000 a year isn't enough.
Then you look at the University of Texas and it's got hundreds...
Of millions of dollars of assets and a $25 billion pure cream slush fund.
That was years ago when I checked it.
I'm told it's grown.
Not just where I live.
Just mass looting, mass greed, total corruption.
And everybody I know has lost their job and the news is telling us how great the economy is.
And I've talked to people all over the country.
You know,
Commercial real estate's plunging.
People are losing their businesses.
Meanwhile, we've got a $2.6 trillion budget.
We'll be right back.
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Look folks, I'm not trying to be negative.
I'm just trying to report the facts.
The facts are the facts.
We have this gigantic government.
Passing laws to forcibly psychologically test all our children with guidelines written by the drug companies.
Their own documents brag that they'll put half our children forcibly on their new expensive psychotropic drugs.
We've got this police state unfolding.
We've got RFID tracker chips going and everything.
And we've got conservatives, people that think they're conservative, running around, giggling and laughing, going, praise the Lord, George Bush is in office.
He's slashing the government.
No, he's not!
2.6 trills bigger than 1.7 trill!
2.4 trillion missing from the Pentagon is not conservative!
It's so larcenous, so big...
And you're like, well, Bill Clinton was part of it, too.
That's right.
And George Bush protected Bill Clinton and blocked Dan Burton's committee that was trying to go after him.
I'd love to see Bill Clinton present.
I actually want to see these criminals brought to justice.
I actually don't like Bill Clinton.
I'm angry that he's been protected.
I don't sit there sucking my thumb listening to neocons while they tell us how great Arnold Schwarzenegger is.
You know, while we got the national talk show host calling for Arnold for president, we got Jon Bon Jovi calling for Arnold for president.
Who's somebody who, you know, campaigned for Clinton and Gore and Kerry, everybody else.
Folks, it's just sick.
I mean, it really is sick.
Later in the broadcast, we've got two guests coming up.
I do want to just talk some about this popular mechanics, attacks, it's 911 lies.
It built a straw man, in the words of Jim Hoffman, who did a great job.
They built a straw man.
And once they got it set up, they asked all these fake, false questions, then they tore it apart.
And they attacked me, I mean...
Literally, these were like 20-year-old kids, and I know 20-year-olds that are smarter than I am, but these different writers I was talking to, and I talked to the editor, and then I said, look, every time I... They want to talk about bombs in the buildings, and when I say, okay, here's an AP article where they told the reporters, get back, we're going to pull the building, and here's Larry Silverstein saying we pulled the building and gave the order to bring it down and watched it come down, and here's folks that...
You know, here's Giuliani saying they were told to get out of the building.
Oh, no, we're not going to talk about that.
We want to know how you knew there were bombs in there.
And then they'd go, well, we found an article here on your website where you say you interviewed two of the seismologists, and we called them and you didn't interview them.
And I went, what do you mean?
I went and pulled up the article.
I go, this is an American Free Press article we posted.
It says American Free Press.
It says the name of the writer, and it says he interviewed them.
Now, did you call them and ask if he interviewed them?
They're like, no.
Well, are you?
And I called their editor up and I said, you listen here and you listen good.
Don't you build... I even used this term.
Hoffman's pretty smart.
I called their editor up and I said, you don't build strongman arguments.
That is a fake argument you can defeat.
You better watch yourself.
You've got a highly respected publication and if you try to falsify things I've said that I didn't say and try to smear me, you're going to have a problem.
And I've got to decide what to do about this right now.
I mean, it's bad, folks.
And I told their editor, man, I had like a 20-minute discussion with him, and he was like, oh, yes, sir, we're going to double-check everything.
Oh, yes, I do see the point you've made about... I mean, imagine, it'd be like if I carried an Associated Press article, like I do every day on my website, and then to disprove what the AP reporter had said, they called the person the AP reporter interviewed and said...
Did Alex Jones interview you?
Well, no, Alex Jones didn't interview me.
Well, thank you.
Oh, Alex says he interviewed these people, but he didn't.
There's probably 50 new articles posted every day on each of my websites, and 49 times out of 50, I didn't write it.
And it'll say where it came from, who wrote it.
You've just got to love these people.
I mean, you've really got to love them.
I hope folks will...
Expose this, and I hope you'll get the real 9-11 films.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror.
I carry George Humphrey's great film, 9-11, The Great Illusion.
Endgame of the Illuminati.
Eric Huffman's great video on 9-11.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Order these videos.
Get them out to people.
Make copies of my films.
Cold toll free to get them.
Work hard.
Right now, 1-888-253-3139.
Expose these people.
Expose their lies.
We'll be back with a big guest, folks.
But again, InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or 888-253-3139.
It's up to you to expose this.
And at the grassroots level, you can do it.
But if you don't take action, they're going to win.
But they must be hurting bad if they're responding like this.
We'll be back with our special guest.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The website's InfoWars.com.
Fighting the police state.
Exposing the phony left and right.
And our new big, gigantic $2.6 trillion federal budget.
And the good old $2.4 trillion missing from the Pentagon.
That's what we've been talking about today.
But I tell you, I am really honored to have our guest on with us.
He's Dr. John C. Fortier.
And he is the executive director of the Continuity of Government Commission, who we've been talking about now for about six months.
And the commission is an American Enterprise Institute and Brookings Institution project headquartered at AEI.
It is funded by the Carnegie and Hewlett-Packard and MacArthur Foundations.
Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford and the honorary co-chairs of the commission and Lloyd Cutler and Alan Simpson are the chairman.
And our...
Guest has a bio that's encyclopedic, and I'm not even going to attempt to try to cover it all, but Fortier researches politics, the presidency, continuity of government, elections, the electoral college, election reform, and presidential succession and disability.
He is executive director of the Continuity of Government Commission.
Hey, we could probably bring up to him the fact that the Pope's real sick and they're saying may resign.
That's another issue, but it's kind of continuity of government.
That's coming up later, too, folks.
But right now, he joins us.
Now, what they propose, the amendment to the Constitution, is not to be confused with what was called the Doomsday Plan, something right out of Dr. Strangelove that they passed back on January 5th.
And just reading one more little paragraph here.
Handful of congressmen could rule America in event of catastrophe.
No longer do Capitol Hill legislators need a quorum to do the people's business.
Now under a piece of hotly contested legislation passed without media attention on January 5th in a congressional blackout, only a few members of Congress are needed to do official business in the event of a catastrophe instead of the usual 218.
Now it's basically any number, and this is very scary.
And I was talking to Mr. Fortier, who is executive director of the Continental Government Commission, and during the break, and he agreed with me.
He said, this is not good.
Thank you for joining us, sir.
Great, thank you for having me.
I'm glad we don't have to talk about the Pope's suggestion.
That's another layer of difficulty that I don't think I could rise to.
I was just, well, I mean, it made me think you're an expert on succession, and so I figured you might have a comment on it, but boy, that's going to be a circus.
But tell us just a little bit about yourself, and then let's launch into why your commission was formed and what you think of this legislation that passed a month ago.
Well, I'm a political scientist here at the American Enterprise Institute, and I do a lot of work on institutions, the presidency, and Congress.
And really, the commission came about because of 9-11, because we...
Yeah, that or the White House.
We're good to go.
In an emergency, but we have all sorts of questions about presidential succession.
If Congress were knocked out for a period of time... But couldn't he ride in on a white horse and save us if the Reichstag was burned?
Look, none of us would want that situation where the president was simply in charge and there was no Congress to check him.
And you might have a case of a president somewhere down the line of succession.
The Secretary of Agriculture acting as president that no one knows with no check.
So ideally, we'd like to
Our commission is aimed at getting constitutional government back in place as quickly as possible after a catastrophic attack on Congress.
That was our first report, and we are actually working on it.
Well, I have to be honest with you, Mr. Fortier.
I have to be honest with you.
I thought your plan was scary.
But compared, I guess this is the dialectic, compared to what they passed a month and three days ago, it's a real gem constitutionally.
Well, I think you may not like our plan, but we were up front.
We think that you actually need to amend the Constitution, not sort of get around it and interpret things loosely, but we think that you need some sort of temporary people...
Quickly appointed in the House of Representatives, like we appoint senators, to be in place.
All 435 districts would have a representative quickly until we could get the elections going, which are going to take time, especially after an election.
Kind of like the 17th Amendment.
It is like that for the House.
It wouldn't be in normal circumstances.
Why not be like Paul Begala, stroke of the pen, law of the land, kind of cool?
I mean, our new Attorney General says Bush is above the law.
He is the law.
He is the sovereign.
Well, the alternative to that in Congress really is to either do nothing or to do something very small around the edges.
Some people have proposed trying to get the elections speeded up in the states, but there's a real problem, especially with the case where lots of people are incapacitated.
Well, in a nutshell, tell us what your plan was.
Our plan is if lots of members of Congress are killed or incapacitated, we would allow some sort of appointments, probably by a governor, but there's some other methods.
They would get somebody in there quickly from each district in Congress until we could have a full membership and we could meet a quorum requirement.
A quorum is a majority.
And then we could have the Congress and the President dealing with our problems of national security.
So the regional governors would appoint members to the Imperial Council and then at a later date we would have elections at the state level?
The elections are going to go forward but realistically they're going to take three or four months to undertake.
In that time period, we did a lot of things after September 11th, and we might find ourselves wanting to have, again, representation from all throughout the country in the body that represents the people the most right after an attack.
Our goal is to get those people in place quickly.
It could be done by other methods.
The governor doesn't have to do it.
There's some suggestions that the members themselves could provide a list of successors.
Some people think that's a good idea or not.
As long as it's a legitimate way of getting people in who are reasonable... Now, how were you going to get this amendment?
I mean, were you going to just try to go for the full amendment or maybe have a con-con so we could slip Arnie in while we're at it?
Well, no, we were hopefully going through the regular amendment process through Congress.
And we've...
Got some support in the Senate.
Actually, in your state, John Cornyn is a big supporter of this sort of approach, Senator Cornyn.
And we have supporters in the House as well, although the issue has been somewhat politicized in the House.
There are people who worry that we shouldn't have someone appointed to the House ever.
Now, that's interesting.
In this other rules package...
They passed this on January 5th, a separate plan that's even more draconian.
I mean, it makes your plan look wonderful, and this sucker's passed.
Can we talk about that plan while you have problems with it?
I mean, we believe that we want a Congress after an attack, but we don't think any old Congress will do that five members or 20 members...
It's a good idea with most of the country left out and unrepresented.
You can pick your least favorite.
I've got the bill here.
It just says whoever can show up.
The Constitution says that the House and the Senate must have a majority of its members in order to conduct business.
That was to prevent...
You know, a small group from running off and saying, we're the Congress, we're doing this, that, and the other thing.
I'm in control now from here, as Alexander Haig said.
Exactly, and you can imagine after an attack with the chaos that would ensue that one would want to be very careful about this.
Well, you know, I think that's a conspiracy theory, Doctor, sir.
I mean, powerful men don't want more power in history.
Let's just trust them.
Well, we... I think you're saying that with a little bit of your tongue in your cheek.
At some point, you know, in certain circumstances, we're going to have to trust some of our leaders, but we would not like to... We would like to have whatever institutional provisions in place beforehand so that we wouldn't necessarily have to go to that.
We could have something like a normal checks and balances constitutional system, and we don't think a House of Representatives with...
Well, it sounds like a dictatorship to me.
I mean, you're talking about five people could go in there and do whatever they want, and even for natural disasters?
I mean, this thing is so expansive.
I mean, they declare an emergency every year to get around the Constitution and get around budgetary controls, as you know well, I'm sure, sir.
One of the most worrisome things about this is that the House has to work with others to do many things.
But one thing it can do by itself, and that's if we really are talking about some sort of attack on us that happened in the State of the Union or something, where everyone is together, and the President and Vice President are killed, and many members of Congress...
The Speaker of the House is next in the line of succession.
And in fact, the law is written so that a Speaker of the House, a new Speaker of the House, could come bump out the Cabinet member who takes over as President.
So those five people left in Congress, your least five favorite people out there, come together.
Well, we know that political intrigue and assassination has been part of human history, but today we're told it doesn't exist.
We are concerned about this.
Oh, you are concerned about this?
We're against this proposal that has been put forward.
Well, it passed.
Yes, it has passed the House rules.
It is now part of the House rules for the 109th Congress.
So how does that operate and link up with the Senate?
Say again?
So the House is saying we don't even care of the...
We don't even care what the Senate does.
We've just passed our own rules.
The House and Senate do have their own rules for their own internal deliberations, but this actually affects something larger.
It affects other institutions.
It's a constitutional provision that says that the House has a majority quota.
I'm looking at the bill.
It just says here, let me find it.
It says whoever can...
Get there.
I'll find the actual sentence.
What they're worried about is they've, in the past, sort of tried to whittle away, saying, well, it's whoever's alive, half of whoever's alive, which we think is not really consistent with the Constitution.
Now they've gone a step further, saying, whoever's alive and whoever's able to show up, we'll just say that that group, that's the whole Congress, a majority of them constitute a quorum, and we can go ahead, no matter how small a group it is.
This sounds like the final years of the Roman Empire.
Well, I don't want to attribute too many bad motives to the people who have proposed this, but I do think it is somewhat in reaction to what we've said.
They've tried very hard to bend over backwards to find some way to keep Congress going.
But, you know, our point is we want to have Congress quickly in place.
We want to have the House quickly in place.
But we want to have a full membership of the House.
We want to have each district... Well, explain to me, though.
The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed, what, the night before Christmas...
When all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, and we had, what, three senators pass it into the rules for the Federal Reserve Act, I mean, so they've already been doing stuff like this before with the lawmaking.
So what does this change?
Well, I mean, I don't know all the details of the case you just put forward about three senators, but certainly there have been, over the years, occasions where they've been one or two short on a quorum and they've kind of played fast and loose, I think, with some of the precedents and the rules to say, well, let's just push this through.
You know, a majority of members living or other things.
This is just a step further.
This is a... And this is done, you know, with eyes open.
With, I suppose, a good intent of trying to keep Congress going no matter what.
With eyes wide shut.
Well, it's... I think it's a mistaken proposal.
A mistaken part of the rules, as you say.
It's now part of the rules.
I may not persuade you that our proposal is the way to go, but it is a real question of what would happen to Congress and the President if we're talking about many of our leaders being killed and incapacitated.
And our belief is the Senate pretty much can take care of itself, with some exceptions.
The House is going to face real problems because it has only one way of filling those vacancies by having elections.
Well, what about repealing this?
I mean, last year they passed a law giving liability protection to vaccine makers.
When people learned of that, it got reversed.
I mean, how do we stop this pell-mell, wild, over-the-edge dash by the executive, the legislative...
Even by the judicial, now just everybody saying we are the final arbiter of the law.
We are the law.
It flows from us, not from the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights.
I mean, we've got all these White House officials saying Bush is above the law.
We've got Congress saying we are the law.
I think we're good to go.
Well, the way to repeal this is it's a rule of the House, and the House just simply needs a majority of their members to change the rule.
So they can just pass a rule in the House saying they're God tomorrow?
Well, they can, and ultimately it may be challenged in court, but I think they feel confident that this... We hope it never comes to the position where this would be challenged in court.
That would mean that there's been some horrible attack on Congress, and...
It's something of a theoretical matter.
Well, I know you've talked to a lot of people in Congress.
How many of them were aware of this because it was tucked in to a rules package centering on recent ethics violations?
Well, there were some voices raised against it in the debate, but most of the attention was on the ethics matters, as you mentioned, and on just general things that come up with a new Congress, the way that new committees are set up and the ratio of things that people care about on a day-to-day basis or a next-week basis.
This is, unfortunately, thought of, I think, by some as so remote that they don't want to think about it.
Or, I mentioned also that the House of Representatives has really become divided on this, in a partisan way, oddly enough.
It's not a partisan issue, but people believing that because we could never have, they don't want anyone in the House of Representatives who's never been elected, but trying to find some other way, other than what we proposed, to have appointments, to allow Congress to continue.
This is the way this has come about.
So, Doctor, finally in the final equation, the House really has more power than the Senate,
The House of Representatives, because through the Speaker, you have the line to the presidency, and so it doesn't matter what rules the Senate makes, the House has basically seized the claim to the presidential crown by doing this.
Well, the Speaker of the House is above the President pro tem of the Senate.
So it's a Vice President, Vice President, Speaker.
And if we have a case where...
The President and Vice President are killed, and many members of Congress then, and some Cabinet member becomes President.
So what is the Senate saying about this?
Well, the Senate has its own rules.
The Senate is protected in much of these disaster scenarios by the 17th Amendment because governors may make appointments to fill vacancies after they happen.
So you see a Senator leaving or dying, and quickly there's a replacement.
So the Senate gets to nearly 100 people
But it sounds to me, though, like the House can seize total dictatorial control and rewrite the whole form of government under this plan before the Senate is even able to reconvene.
The House continues in this case.
A few members are there.
They elect a speaker quickly.
That person is entitled to become President of the United States under the current law if there's no President and Vice President because they've been killed.
And then under the claims of these executive orders and now Gonzales memos, then they're in control.
And you can imagine with really not much of a Congress to check the President or to even speak up that there's a sort of greater problem than even our typical operating system.
Well, we're talking to the Executive Director of the Continental Government Commission, a subset of the American Enterprise Institute, Dr. John C. Fortier.
Doctor, can you stay with us about five more minutes?
All right, we'll be right back after this quick break.
We'll try to talk about some solutions to this constitutional crisis.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hi, Dr. Fortier continuing.
The difference between the plan that the American Enterprise Institute had that would take a constitutional amendment and the difference between the plan that they just passed...
It is night and day.
Will you kind of condense that during the break for me?
Will you do that again?
I mean, the plan we propose, we know is a high hurdle.
We're proposing a constitutional amendment.
But we're being honest about it.
We're saying we think we need this change.
We need people to be appointed to the House of Representatives after a major disaster.
They could be appointed by the governors or some other way of the states.
That would be a change in the Constitution, and we're proposing it.
And that would retain power at the states, though?
Yes, it would either allow the governors or the members themselves to have some say.
This new law is a radical centralization in Washington.
Well, this proposal, this new rules change is done, we think, around the Constitution, trying to say, well, it's not really a majority of people we need in the quorum.
We don't need at least 218 people here in the House.
Well, it means going to the House of Representatives, going to your representative.
It doesn't involve the Senate or the President at all.
This is simply a...
Okay, I want to take a call.
Todd in Florida, you're on the air with the good doctor.
Go ahead.
Yes, Dr. Fortier, I'm wondering what industry do you consider yourself to be in?
I'm a political scientist, so I work for a think tank.
I think what he wants to know is, are you CFR, or Trilateral Commission?
No, I don't belong to either of those organizations.
As I say, I work for the American Enterprise Institute.
This is a joint project with the Brookings Institution and has a bipartisan group of people on the commission.
No, I think you're in sales, and you're very good at what you do, but would you ever want to admit that you're in sales?
I could probably make a lot more money on sales, but I... Look, look, I mean, just to Todd here, to be fair.
Todd, you know, I had problems with the previous plan, but compared to what they just passed...
I mean, did you hear what they just passed on?
But it's a yelling.
It's, you know, it's good cop, bad cop.
No, I understand.
They've got one plan that isn't very good, and they've got one that's totally horrible, but I'm saying it's not a dialectic now of, you know, the two false choices, because they just passed the bad choice.
No, but the AEI is in sales.
I mean, they're not selling anything good.
They're selling dehumanization, and they're ultimately selling the Alaska to Argentina thing.
But Mr. Forte also said... Yeah, that's another subject.
The whole Pan-American Union of American States.
Yeah, you think that's a good idea, doctor?
I actually don't venture into foreign policy and Latin American policy that much.
We are a big place with some diversity of opinion here.
Yes, they've got particular experts over different areas, Todd.
No, it's many tentacles.
Mr. Fortier, you also serve as the project manager for the transition...
I do, although that is a completed project now, but yes, I did it.
The project has published two books, and one of them, when I read the title, it was kind of scary.
It was called The Permanent Campaign and Its Future.
Could you tell a little bit about really the crux of that book, I guess?
Basically, it's a series of essays by political scientists worried that we spend all of our time campaigning now.
We haven't left a lot of room for governing.
That the campaign cycles are longer, that people are often looking to... Yeah, all it is is lobbying and campaigning.
Well, it affects lots of different areas.
It affects Congress, the presidency, the media, and so it's a series of essays looking at that.
We've only got about 30 seconds left.
What's your problem with this book, Todd?
Well, the title of that one, because permanent campaign seems to imply kind of a let's never really have much of a chance.
Well, I think he's addressing it.
I mean, have you read the book?
No, I'm looking at the title.
I have another question about the other book, Preparing to be President, the Memos of Richard E. Neustadt.
Who is that and what's he about?
Okay, listen, we're out of time.
I appreciate the call, Todd.
We'll have to have Dr. Fortier back on.
Doc, thanks a lot for coming on.
It was very enlightening.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
And the website is continuityofgovernment.org.
Thanks for coming on.
Thank you.
We'll be back with another guest.
You don't want to miss it.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, well, well, in the last hour, we talked to the Executive Director of the Continental Government Commission, part of the American Enterprise Institute, funded by the Carnegie, Hewlett-Packard, and MacArthur Foundations.
President Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford are the co-chairs of it, but we have the executive director on, telling us how horrible the basic martial law plan is, and that, well, we could have somebody in the government go in and take out members of Congress for martial law.
I mean, I brought that up, and he said, oh yeah, that's a real problem.
I mean, even when we've got establishment people, again, telling you this is a problem, their plan was to have an amendment, which I think was dangerous enough to have the states appoint members to Congress if they were incapacitated or killed, and they couldn't get a quorum of 218.
The new law that was passed by Congress that no one was even aware of, we talked about it here on the broadcast before it passed, but it was nowhere in the news,
This baby passed a month ago, a month and three days ago, is basically total martial law.
Three members of Congress can, if others just aren't even there, it just says if they aren't there, they can pass whatever they want.
And so we talked about that.
Coming up, we're going to get into the merger of man and machine with one of the top scientists in the world on this subject.
Right now, let's talk to Troy in Washington.
Troy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, you mentioned the Federal Reserve Act, and earlier you mentioned about the $2.4 trillion missing, I think it was.
What would happen if, and I know your word is the abolishment of the Federal Reserve, what would happen if we just said, you know what, we don't want a private entity...
The government would just take control of it and then remonetize the debt.
There's a whole formula to do it.
Ron Paul's done bills on it.
I've had top economists on.
There's a way to do it, and the debt is fraudulent.
It's designed to implode.
It's designed to get us into financial servitude, and there are procedures that have been introduced as bills to get out of this.
But they won't do it.
Yeah, and the system's designed to fail.
Well, that's all I wanted to know because I was thinking, well, I wonder if they tried to abolish the Federal Reserve, if that would have an effect on, you know, just our national debt.
If they were to switch over powers.
There's a lot we could do.
The problem is that the globalists don't want that because it doesn't give them control.
Thanks for the call, Troy.
Who's up next here?
Richard in Texas.
Go ahead, Richard.
Good, sir.
How you doing, Alex?
I just had a question about NASARA.
It's not real.
Not real.
Not real.
Okay, how about HR 418, Section 102?
I'm curious if you're familiar with the Strategic Service Branch.
Well, I mean, you're not even... You just gave me some numbers.
Numbers to what?
It's a bill concerning...
A strategic service branch they're trying to set up.
Is it S or HR?
Yeah, HR 418.
I'm not familiar with that particular bill.
The name sounds like it's part of the National AmeriCorps, Secure Corps, new compulsory national service to get out of high school that's also rolled into things like S-89, which is the National Compulsory Service Act, Universal Service Act.
But I'm not familiar with this particular piece of legislation.
Do you have it in front of you?
What does it say?
It talks about...
No, I actually don't have it in front of me, but it basically talks about setting up a branch to investigate here in America.
Oh, a Stasi group!
Yes, that's it.
New funding for the TIPS program.
Well, they've already got that under several different programs.
They broke it up two years ago when Dick Armey put on that little theater show
Thank you for the call.
We'll be back with our next guest.
You do not want to miss this interview.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're now 8 minutes and 40 seconds into the second hour, second segment of this hour.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
If you go to Infowars.com, you can link through to our next guest's website, the World Transhumanist Association for the Ethical Use of Technology to Extend Human Capabilities, Capacities.
And we have Dr. James J. Hughes, and he's the Executive Director of the World Transhumanist Association, and he is a Ph.D.
He's the author of Citizen Cyborg, Why Democratic Societies Must Respond to the Redesigned Human of the Future.
Dr. Hughes teaches health policy at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and serves as Trinity's Associate Director of International Studies.
Dr. Hughes, good to have you on with us.
Hi, Alex.
I've got a bunch of different reports here.
Here's one out of the Village Voice.
Cyborg liberation front inside the movement for post-human rights.
Sounds like something like a legal entity out of a Larry Niven book or something.
Well, that article is a report on a conference that we held at Yale University last summer, or the summer before last,
And we focused that conference on trying to get a dialogue going between the transhumanist movement and bioethics.
Bioethicists in general, we believe, have some implicit sympathies with our point of view, but weren't aware of it until we held that conference.
And what is your point of view?
What does your organization that you head do?
Well, we have a couple different facets.
One is that we're a civil rights movement for people who
Believe that they should be able to control their own bodies, their own brains, their own reproductive capacities, and use emerging technologies to go beyond what some people consider yucky or the natural limits of the human condition.
So, for instance, we are adamant supporters of life extension technology.
We think that people have a right to use that, even if other people think that you shouldn't live past 120 or that it's unnatural for you to do that.
We're advocates of people's right to take drugs, for instance, cognitive enhancement drugs that make them smarter or genetic engineering that makes them smarter.
We are advocates of people's right to control their own bodies for aesthetic purposes, the simple body modifications that we see around us today and the things that will come in the future.
And we believe in people's right to reproductive freedom.
We think that you shouldn't be told what kinds of children to have, when, and how to have them.
Well, the problem with some of your statements is that there are inherent dangers in genetic engineering, what type of viruses or bacteria they can give rise to, what changing the basic code of the DNA can do.
I mean, I've had a lot of
Well, we're principally concerned with biotechnologies that affect the human body and so we're not...
We do have opinions, personal opinions.
You start talking about what type of children people want to have.
I mean, the British government's already talking about pre-screening embryos, quote, to see if they're violent or propensity to be evil, thought criminals.
I mean, whatever you guys are going to push, the state's going to jump on later.
Well, that's one point of view, and the notion that we can somehow prevent the state from eventually getting involved in biotechnology in order by...
Forbidding individuals from using biotechnology, I think, is a wrong-headed approach.
Well, what they're going to do is they're going to keep it all for themselves and use the movements that are against it to monopolize it for the elite.
I mean, look, I know the elite's obsessed with life-extension technology.
They want to hold on to it forever.
They don't want to die.
In fact, who does?
But the point is that I don't see the elite ever letting 6.5 billion people, and by the time this stuff's viable, 8, 9 billion people have access to this.
In fact, they've even said that.
Well, I think you may be right.
I think there is a strong propensity on the part of certain elites, and we certainly see that in the Bush administration, to raise a bunch of bogus fears about the ways that individuals, free individuals and free societies might use these technologies.
And some of it is, for instance, that they don't want overpopulation to run rampant as if
You know, saving human lives today with medical technology and allowing people today to use birth control isn't already driving population growth around the world.
I mean, there is clearly a genocidal or a population control mentality on the part of some of the opponents of life extension technology.
But when you read an article like Why the Future Doesn't Need Us by Bill Joy, or you read Age of Spiritual Machines, and I'm sure you've read all that.
The elite, and I've been around pretty high-level academics and people, and all they talk about is, oh, the people bomb.
We've got to restrict them.
We need access to this, but not them.
And I see it all being walled off behind a walled,
Of national security, kind of these technological Mount Olympuses being built, and then the general public basically being shut out of the entire process, with the elite then using these technologies to actually, to use a Frank Herbert term, kind of engineer and suboid the general population comments.
I think there is a possibility that things could go in that direction.
I think that's, again, why we call ourselves a human rights movement.
We went...
In the first place, we believe in the legitimacy of institutions like the Food and Drug Administration because we do think that these new technologies should be tested for their safety.
But then we also believe that there should be as wide access to these as possible.
And we don't think that bans on any of these technologies will stop
The problem is, there's going to be terrorist attacks using these high-tech systems.
Of course, it'll be
Well, I don't know why that's necessarily a problem.
From our point of view, it is a problem.
I mean, there's always going to be crime, and criminals are always going to use new technologies.
But we saw that the 9-11 terrorists only had to use box cutters.
So I think that the modern world is a dangerous and fragile place.
And one of the best things that we can do as citizens is keep our bodies and our communities strong.
And using these technologies, we can do that.
For instance, we can either rely on the government to go out there and identify certain kinds of new bioterrorist weapons that might come online, or we can all keep our immune systems as strong as possible and thereby, as a body, public, in other words, be prepared for some of these bioterrorism attacks
Better than if we rely on the government.
Yeah, earlier I was doing the rare thing of trying to eat a hamburger in between you talking, and I was about to choke there, but I'm back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're talking to Dr. James J. Hughes, and he's the executive director of the World Transhumanist Association, and their website is transhumanism.org.
We have a link to it on infowars.com.
You know, you say men with box cutters carrying out terror attacks, that's a whole other subject for debate, but that's basically an impossibility when you actually look at the evidence, but I'm not going to debate you on that subject.
I see puppets like Bush using good Christian conservatives, who I count myself among them,
Saying, oh, we've got to block and control all of this, to go back to my previous point.
So then the elite can basically ban everything except for themselves.
Can you comment more on that?
Well, I think that there is a point to that.
One of the things that we're very concerned about is that if these technologies are forbidden, it won't mean that they won't be available.
The people will just have to pay to go to someplace like Singapore or Beijing in order to get these genetic engineerings or these nanotechnologies, whatever it is.
But that's why they want global government, so they can have global laws.
Well, we probably differ on that.
I do think there should be global regulation of some of these technologies, but I think it should be regulation that respects people's individual liberty.
Okay, well, look at the UN.
They give awards to China for being the model nation, and they have hardly any freedoms.
Well, I understand your point about that, and I'm also concerned that
Some of the regulations that are being proposed at the UN could be drastically conservative.
So, for instance, there's right now a disability rights convention that's being debated, and some of the radical disability rights folks who are crafting that proposed legislation are arguing that there should be an international ban on women's right to reproductive freedom over fetuses if they want to terminate pregnancies where they have a disabled fetus or a handicapped fetus.
And I think that most people would find that an extremely troubling restriction on women's liberty if... See, there you go.
You're talking about...
Human engineering, by law, being authorized, and then see, your argument is, well, it's a deformed baby, but see, then it's going to be the government, and I'm against abortion, by the way, then it's going to be the government coming out and saying, oh, you show aggressive tendencies, we're going to have to terminate this embryo, and you're going to have to come back in for testing on your next one.
What I'm talking about is that women have a right to know the contents of their own bodies and to make decisions about whether to continue pregnancies, and
I think that one of the most traumatic reasons why a woman would want to terminate a pregnancy is if she found out it was severely handicapped in some way.
And I think women have a right to make that decision.
So we'll just have to agree to disagree a bit about that.
Well, I want to talk more about your organization.
I want to get your futurist view on what life will be like in 20 years.
When we get back, I appreciate you joining us.
And we shall return on the other side of this quick break if I don't choke on the hamburger.
Stay with us.
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You know, we're told that all these new technologies are, well, just like the buggy whip makers getting angry at automobiles as they became popular in the first 20 years of the last century.
And that, oh, it's just the next phase of human evolution, this merger with machine.
I've got Pentagon documents from 2008.
Where they say everyone's going to have a brain chip and there's going to be hive minds, all of us connected.
But all these precursors to this technology that are being put into track and trace and control, that's how all this is being implemented.
And Dr. Hughes, I mean, how do you respond to that?
The government out of the gates.
is engaging in really bad applications of some of the building blocks of the future you're talking about.
Well, I am concerned about some of the Defense Department research and applications.
I think the main thing that's problematic about that is that so much is being done without the transparency of public disclosure.
We know from the Gulf War syndrome and from other health problems of U.S.
soldiers who return from the field
That research is being done on their bodies that they're not being fully informed about and that they're having long-term health consequences.
And then it comes out that they were doing experimental programs on them, which is totally illegal.
I mean, even if you're in the military, you have the right to not be experimented on, and they don't care.
I completely agree, and I think that the U.S.
military needs to be held to a higher standard about that kind of medical research and that we need to know what's going on because there is a problem about an asymmetry between
A public that doesn't have access to these technologies and a military and police state that does.
Well, the military is a perfect testing zone because you give the troops stuff that makes them sick, then they come back to your VA for treatment.
And you get to track what's really happening to them.
They're not rodents, folks, and they're not guinea pigs.
But I wanted to get into the future that you see developing because you're one of the world-renowned experts on this subject.
What type of world do you think we'll live in in 20 years?
Well, one of the things that makes this kind of prediction extremely difficult is the rapid acceleration in all of the technological trends and scientific developments that are leading in the direction of human enhancement.
For instance, nanotechnology is happening much more rapidly than most of the people in the field expected it would, and now we do have the prospect within about 20 or 30 years of having nanorobotic systems that could do quite dramatic things inside our bodies.
Similarly, the sequencing of the human genome happened much more rapidly than had earlier been predicted, and now within 10 years we're going to have on the spot full genome diagnoses
Available in every doctor's office, maybe as a security system on your door.
We're also going to have on the spot chromosome genetic engineering machines, machines that can read out new chromosomes for various kinds of tailored purposes.
That's going to happen in about 10 or 15 years.
So you start to converge all of these technologies, things that are happening at the molecular level, things that are happening in information science, the Moore's Law, the rapid increase in computing power,
Our understanding of the functioning of the brain, our understanding of pharmacology, all these things are coming together and we're going to have some pretty dramatic benefits.
So a fusion of the third and fourth wave with this exponential growth curve, it's almost unlimited.
If you take a positive projection of what could happen...
I think we could have quite dramatic increases in our life expectancy.
We could see an almost elimination of mental illness.
We could see an elimination of mental retardation.
We could see... See, there you go.
Who says what is mentally ill?
I mean, the new Freedom Initiative that Bush just passed, their own documents say they plan to put half the kids on drugs.
Look, half our children aren't mentally ill, and these drugs are horrible.
I mean, all their own internal documents show that.
So, see, I don't want the crazy people telling me who's crazy.
Well, I assume as a conservative that you're in favor of allowing parents to make those decisions with their doctors.
But it's not!
Under New Freedom, have you heard about New Freedom?
Yeah, absolutely.
I think there is a strong concern about when governments and schools collide with parents about what should be done about the medical treatment of children.
But it's really a different issue than what I'm concerned about, because what I'm principally concerned about is that
Thank you.
Thank you.
So I think a lot of parents will find that Ritalin helps their kids, but I think it should be a family decision.
So maybe, so you think the drug company's writing up the guidelines and saying half the kids need to be on this stuff?
Well, what the American... And how do humans survive without Ritalin 3s?
The American Academy of Pediatrics thinks that about 5-10% of kids could benefit from stimulant medications for attention deficit disorder, and only about 4-5% of American kids are on stimulant medications.
Actually, well, yeah, but total with the serotonin reuptake inhibitors and then the...
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, as usual, the discussions we have during the breaks are better than what happens on air, but I was just talking to Dr. James Hughes, who's a sociologist by training and
A professor, an author, and a lecturer.
And he's the head honcho, executive director of the World Transhumanist Association.
During the break, Doc, you were telling me how you're a big fan of drugs and kind of taking control of the human evolutionary process.
And we were talking about the New Freedom Initiative and this universal screening.
Please repeat what you were saying during the break, sir.
Well, I think that in the future one of the things that we're going to have is increasing numbers of technologies that allow us to control our own brain chemistry.
And the critical issue and the place where you and I, I'm sure, agree is that people should be able to make those decisions for themselves and not be told by others, by governments, insofar as possible, what to do with their own brains and what to do with their own brain chemistry.
So in the cases of, for instance, depression,
I'm sure you agree that some people benefit from these depressive drugs, and the question is whether individuals get to make those decisions or whether they're under some kind of coercion.
I certainly don't want to see any kind of coercion.
But I'm not sure that I agree that a universal...
Government public health screening program for mental illness is necessarily coercive, but it could be coercive.
It is.
I mean, I've seen hundreds of reports where they force children on these drugs.
There was a WOAI TV report a few months ago where the average Texas foster child, over two-thirds are on drugs, and the average is four drugs, some as many as 17 drugs.
And I know for a fact Ritalin causes brain shrinkage, heart enlargement.
I mean, these are the medical studies done by the institutions, and you're saying you're a big fan of it.
Well, Ritalin's been in use for 50 years.
Yeah, look at our society.
Well, originally it was called minimal brain dysfunction that was being treated for, and then it was called hyperactivity.
And as I said, I was on Ritalin 40 years ago.
So there's a whole lot of evidence about what Ritalin can and can't do and what harmful effects it can have.
And you're right that the abuse of stimulants by people who are not prescribed them in the doses that are used in pediatric treatment can have harmful effects, and that's something we have to keep an eye on.
Well, Doctor, you're a big supporter of drugs, as you said, to take control of the human mind if it's individually a decision.
But what drugs are you on?
Oh, well, I have acid reflux, so I take that.
I mean, what drugs?
Psychoactive drugs am I on?
I drink my red wine in the evening.
That's my big health effect there.
Yeah, that's why they lived to 115 over in Italy, huh?
Yeah, certainly there have been some studies on that.
I believe you there.
Okay, I want to get into, because I hear these futurists on the radio.
I read their reports.
I've read what you've said.
I mean, I've heard you guys say, well, the body modification movement, that's paving the way to the acceptance of the cyborg, this new life form.
People are already declaring themselves, that professor in England, a new life form.
We know the military's doing a lot of secret projects, and I've talked to people who are involved in them, only described as nightmarish.
But how soon do you think we see a real, as you call it, new species?
Well, it depends on what you mean by a species.
I mean, the classical definition of a species is an animal that can't breed with another animal.
And I think that we're going to soon be able to have people who ordinarily wouldn't be able to have natural offspring, will be able to have offspring through the intercession of technology.
So, for instance, I think that we'll be able to have same-sex children who are the products of both a man and a man or a woman and a woman.
You know, even as the computers get more and more advanced, I don't think that they're going to become truly...
I think you're probably right, actually.
I think that the challenge of generating a self-aware, self-willed personality inside a machine are much greater than any of the AI enthusiasts think.
But what we are going to have is an increasingly intimate marriage of computer technology with neural technology.
And you saw this just last year.
The FDA approved for people who have severe paralysis a chip that can be inserted into their brain that can communicate directly from their brain into computers.
Yeah, the nerve stimulator.
Well, not just the stimulator.
There's stimulation going towards the brain, but there's also a chip now that allows the brain to control a cursor in a computer.
And, of course, this is a tremendous boon for people who have severe paralysis because otherwise they would be trapped inside a body and not be able to communicate for as long as 15, 20 years.
What about 20, 30 years from now where, say, 20% of the public, mainly young people, is it will be packaged as some rebellious, trendy thing to do.
Your parents don't want you to get it, but they pass a global law that you're allowed to go in and be fitted with the new brain chip to interact.
And the military says, you've got to have this to work with us.
Well, I don't see us getting rid of the Amish.
The Amish have rejected all kinds of technologies.
Well, there's some legitimate questions about how far the rest of us need to bend over backward, and that is where your question comes in.
So, for instance...
Do people have a right not to be required to know how to read when they go for a job?
I think it's perfectly acceptable for employers to expect that their employees, their prospective employees... Yeah, so in the future, you've got to have the chip.
So, yeah.
The rest of us shouldn't have to bend over backwards for you.
So you just say it's an individual decision, but then we extract... Doctor, doctor, then you extrapolate out right into it's going to be reasonable, we're going to have to have the chip.
Well, you're saying that employers should be forbidden to expect that people have certain kinds of skills.
But because of the Trump card that these technologies give people and the corporation's consolidation, I don't think you want the government passing a law that says that employers are not allowed to ask that people know how to read when they come for a job.
Yeah, but you just talked about chips.
Well, I'm saying that in the future, if certain kinds of technologies become widely available and dramatically increase the performance of potential workers, then people may feel a little bit of coercion to go and get that.
Just as, you know, 50 years ago, or maybe 500 years ago, I wouldn't have been able to see very well without my glasses.
And today, if I tried to go for a job and didn't have glasses, I wouldn't be able to do very much.
Yeah, but the analogy of putting glasses on your nose and taking a brain chip is light years apart.
Well, how about wearing your prosthetic limb in the workplace?
Already we have a debate about what exactly constitutes a disability.
I have no problem with intelligent artificial limbs.
That's different than saying you've got to put something into your brain.
It isn't different because already we have people with disabilities who go into the workplace and say, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you're not allowed to fire me because
Although I could put that prosthetic limb on, I want you to give me a wheelchair.
What I'm talking about is this technocrat elite, which you obviously are part of, and this future technocrat elite.
I wish I could get paid by the technocrat elite.
Let me just finish this.
What's going to happen, and this is going to happen because it always happens, this is the way our society works, what's going to happen is they're going to build the infrastructure, the rapidly expanding infrastructure that's going to overlay the current infrastructure,
We're good to go.
And it's going to be a hell hole, and it's going to have control designed into it, because that's what the state's always wanted, and you're for the state ordering psychological testing when they're going to write the guidelines, and it's out of control.
This elite is evil, sir.
This elite has done so many evil things.
You just mentioned what they do to the troops.
They're going to control this.
Well, I think there's always going to be a question about what constitutes child abuse.
And right now, our society leans over backwards to respect the rights of parents who have kooky religious beliefs who want to beat their kids.
There you go.
And those kinds of things.
I think there is a legitimate question about whether parents who don't teach their kids to read are committing child abuse or not.
And in the future, not giving your kids certain kinds of medicines and enhancements may be considered child abuse.
Just like in THX 1138, he's bad.
He's caught taking injectors off the little children, and so they need to chase him down?
Well, that's clearly not the future any of us want to live in.
Look at real life, sir.
It's pretty darn dystopic.
Well, I think that, again... Except for the coddled 4% living here in America and the total 10% living in European nations.
Again, where you and I probably are on the same page is that we want as much individual choice over these things as possible.
We don't want to see a coercive... But you just said that it will be basically abusive to not give your child the ZM-12 brain chip.
What I'm saying is that for all of your listeners, I'm sure that there is some point at which they consider child abuse committed by some parent towards their kid to be so severe that that kid needs to be taken away from that parent.
Because they won't give them the medications they need.
Well, if the medication is life-saving...
I think most of your listeners probably would agree that the state has a right to intervene and say, look, you have to save your kid's life.
What do your colleagues think of your ideas and your work at the college?
Most of them don't seem to have a problem with it.
I'm always itching for a good argument, but I haven't found one here.
I used to get more arguments in graduate school at the University of Chicago where folks were a little bit more conservative.
Well, I'm going to be honest with you, Professor Dr. Hughes.
I'm sitting here and you keep talking, you keep putting out the statement that nothing should be coercive, and it's kind of like Waco when they're ramming the tank into the church going, this is not an assault, and then you come right back with, well, if you're not giving your child the drugs they need, or yeah, the chip they need, yeah, they might need to take them.
I mean, it's not backwards and weird if I don't want a chip in my brain.
Well, what I'm talking about non-coercion, there's, principally for adults,
With children, we always have the question about what the proper balance is between parents' rights and society's right to protect kids from parents.
And I think that all of your listeners would find that there are some kids who need to be protected from their parents.
So we see where this is going.
Well, I mean, Dr. Phil says the state owns the kids.
Well, I don't agree with Dr. Phil.
You know something?
I mean, this is unbelievable.
You know something, I'm always interested in people by the art, by the fruits, by what they produce.
Do you mind telling us, because it's on your website, your organization, tell us about your wife's artwork.
My wife has long been interested in the intersection between maternity and domesticity and domestic life.
Her mother was a physical anatomist who studied teeth, so my wife's done a lot of art about the human body and in particular about birth.
For folks that haven't had the pleasure of seeing some of the art, tell us about an average piece.
One of her pieces was that she kept track of every lunch that she prepared for our kids over the course of two years.
Then she made a series of lunch bags, one series out of lead, one series out of paper, one series out of glycerin soap.
And then had these installations in various galleries lined up or scattered around.
What about the ones with the teeth and the hair and the umbilical cords?
Well, the teeth project, again, is kind of a pay-on to her mother who studied the evolution of Native American teeth.
But in her case, my wife's case, she took casts of our kids' teeth as they fell out over the course of their five-year-old to ten-year-old selves
And then cast them into silver and had a series of teeth on the wall cast in silver that showed that evolution of their mouths.
And what's the umbilical cord part?
Well, the umbilical cord, of course, has always been a profoundly spiritual symbol in a lot of different cultures, and so she kept the umbilical cord.
We had our kids at home because we're very critical of obstetric practice, and she kept the umbilical cord.
But you want the state to have more psychological testing.
I think the state has a role in encouraging public health, subsidizing various kinds of... But you don't trust them to have your children at the facility?
Well, the state didn't have very much to do with that.
We have private health insurance, and the private health insurance...
Would either pay for a midwife to come to our house, or we could go to the hospital.
But I'm trying to get this, doctor.
See, that's what I mean.
You don't trust the government, which I think is pretty reasonable, to have your children at their facility.
The government wasn't offering to come and deliver my kids, either at the home or at the hospital.
It's a matter of us deciding where to have our kids.
You know what I mean.
The government sets the standards.
Well, I think, yeah, I think the government has legitimate reason to say that certain kinds of people can practice medicine and others can't.
And it has a legitimate reason to say that you can deliver kids.
You can't deliver them in the street.
You have to deliver them... You know, Doc, I think you're talking yourself in circles here.
Well, I think I'm trying to make a point that the government has legitimate rights to set certain types of regulation for medical practice.
And it doesn't have anything to do with whether there's a legitimate right for me to have my kids at home.
If the government were to say I couldn't have my kids at home, then I would have to fight that law.
But the government allowed me to have my kids at home.
So you see yourself as a pioneer, I would guess.
I think we're all pioneers.
This time of history, it's hard not to be a pioneer.
Well, you know, I...
I find you to be an intriguing individual, and I appreciate your honesty with us.
Out of the gates, I see all these applications being used for the bad, not for the good.
And I don't see choice being involved.
I see choice being phased out quite rapidly.
And I think that discussions of taking people's children because they won't put them on the drugs that would advance them, I don't buy the school of thought.
I wasn't proposing that, but it's your hypothetical.
Well, they are taking people's children by the thousands that won't put them on drugs.
I think that we have to have this debate, because I don't care how extreme your guest or your listener is,
There's some point at which they think apparent... But who governs who is extreme?
Hold on a minute.
Who governs who is extreme?
You want to... I'm not casting aspersions about your listeners.
I'm just saying...
But who sets the parameter of what's extreme, Professor?
All of your listeners have some point at which they think apparently... Let me ask you a question.
Who sets the parameters of what's extreme?
The almighty government, who I say is extremely evil.
Well, okay, that's fine.
But if someone's walking down the street gibbering to themselves, I think that we have a responsibility, a compassionate responsibility as a society...
To go up to that person and try to figure out how we can keep them from hurting themselves and hurting others.
Well, they're not hurting themselves.
I say leave them alone.
And I think some of the nuttiest people in the world are running the nut houses.
Okay, that's fine.
But I still think that most of us would agree.
That we have a social responsibility to have a government to stop crime and to make sure that people who are in severe need have what they need.
And I think that what you seem to be really worked up about is this government plan to do mental health screening.
And I understand why you're worked up about that.
But I think that the question of whether the government has an obligation...
To figure out how much mental illness there is in our society and what we can do about it.
I think that's obvious.
Sir, I have the government documents, and I've had former folks that were, you know, number two Department of Education, where they were in meetings where the plan is to dumb our kids down.
Well, I don't... I believe very bad things about the Bush administration, but that's not one of the things I believe.
Well, I mean, it's not beliefs, sir.
It's their documents.
It's not the Bush administration.
It's all of them.
Well, every institution in our government right now is controlled by the Republican Party, so... Yeah, well, stay there, Professor.
It's just unbelievable.
We'll be right back in fullwars.com.
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Now, going back to Dr. James J. Hughes, who's the executive director of the World Transhumanist Association, Mr. Hughes, again, talking to you during the break, you talk about all this freedom and liberty and doing all of this, and then
You know, I said to you, well, it's not natural for children to be on drugs.
You said, well, death isn't natural anymore at 40.
You know, it shouldn't be.
Well, to make the comparison between something like that and people being forced on drugs in mass is ridiculous.
Then that gives the state total control over controlling those drugs and how they're distributed and everybody being an addict.
But then on top of that, Professor...
We then have the fact that it looks like we have an angelic government right now.
We're building mechanisms of total tyranny, and tyranny always takes control of those mechanisms.
Your comments to that, and tell us about your book.
Well, my book is called Citizen Cyborg, and it reviews in the first third of the book the technologies and how rapidly they're going to come upon us for human enhancement.
And then I outline...
The different political factions that are beginning to shape up on the right and the left opposed to and in favor of these technologies and the different arguments that they use about them.
And then I proposed a series of public policies in the latter part of the book.
About how to regulate these technologies to ensure that they're safe and universally available and empower people and don't increase the amount of tyranny in our society.
If you take a liberal country like Germany, I bet you like their laws.
They're saying to women, your 25-year-old computer programmer, no, you want your unemployment check, you've got to go be a prostitute and serve as 10 men a day because there's no morals anymore.
And there's no moral compass.
And, you know, humans, it used to be natural for a woman to have love with a man, but love doesn't even exist anymore.
That's just some chemical in the brain.
And so you go have sex with ten men a day.
Well, I have seen the argument of why you think the German social policy would lead that direction.
No, no, you didn't hear?
I heard.
I heard.
I'm for the legalization of sex work, as they have in Holland, because I think that... Well, they want to legalize both, and then telling her, you don't get your unemployment unless you go take this job.
That only happens when you have coercive workfare policies, as were instituted here in the States, where you tell women who have three kids that they have to go out and find a job, but they can't stay home and take care of their kids.
Yeah, but Germany's doing it.
They're ordering women...
Talk about destructive.
I don't want to have sex with people I don't know.
This is dehumanizing!
We are human beings!
I think you do.
Big brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Our guest is Dr. James J. Hughes, head of the
World Transhumanist Association.
He used to be a Buddhist monk.
And he's into this merger with the machines, I guess, at a spiritual level.
Maybe the state would have to take children if you don't give them the drugs they need.
It's the next level of evolution.
And this is the school of thought that's going to dominate things in the years to come.
Well, you won't take the brain chip to have the job?
Society shouldn't bend over backwards for you.
You'll feel much better once you've got it.
Once you're with us.
But he's honored me by staying on with us into this third hour.
We've had him on for the last hour to take your calls coming up here soon.
Professor, finish up telling us about your lovely book, Citizen Cyborg.
I also want to plug my radio show.
People want to listen to all of my weekly public affairs radio show, Change Surfer Radio.
They can go to changesurfer.com and listen to all the shows there.
My book is Citizen Cyborg, and I also have a blog called cyborgdemocracy.net.
Doesn't sound like much of a democracy talking about forced drugging.
Well, you... It depends how you define it.
It's all nebulous.
Well, you posed a hypothetical about whether employers should have a right to have certain expectations of what their employees are able to do.
Having a shift in their brain, yeah.
Well, and I... You compared it to breathing oxygen, yeah.
I compared it to reading, and I think that employers do have a right to expect their employees to read, and I don't think very many of us would.
Hey, you're going to win.
Don't worry.
You've got the men in the black ski mask with machine guns backing you up.
The nice friendlies.
I wish.
You know, I told you about Department of Education documents where they said we're going to dumb the people down into unthinking, mindless idiots.
It doesn't feel that way.
And you did agree during the break with me that, yeah, institutions do tend to want to, you know, knock the edges off people.
That's right, and I think that's why we need to give people as much control over their own personalities as possible, because I think most of us would choose to be... No, what you're doing is legitimizing all this so you can enforce it on us.
Well, I think most of us would choose, to the extent that we have control over our own brain chemistry, to be creative, independent, free-thinking individuals.
Have you heard about these viruses they're going to inject people with?
They're about to make it law in England that re-engineer the brain.
I haven't heard about that.
I'll tell you about it after the break, but let's take a call, Doctor.
Bruce in Kentucky, and then Annette and others.
Go ahead, Bruce, you're on the air.
After you hear the delay, you'll come over to the telephone.
Yes, go ahead.
I'm sorry, sir.
Go ahead.
That's all right.
Well, I just think this is all a bad idea.
You know, he was on Ritalin.
I was on Ritalin years ago.
I didn't like it.
I'm sure it affects different people different ways, but I didn't feel any less better.
I was pretty much a zombie.
You'll feel better with the chip soon.
You'll join us in the next level of evolution.
You'll be tied into the Evermind.
The pain will end.
We'll be part of the great zen.
There with our brother, Dr. Hughes.
Is that right, Dr. Hughes?
So I think you're doing a great disservice to all the parents out there who find that their kids actually do do better at rolling, but...
Some kids don't, and I think that we need to listen to our kids.
Doctor, when did you come up with all of this?
Let me finish my point about medicating kids.
I have two kids, and I have listened to my kids very carefully.
My daughter doesn't seem to like Ritalin, and she's off it now.
She didn't find any benefit from it, and she didn't like it, so we took her off it.
I think any parent has that responsibility.
To listen to their kids.
And if their kids are depressed and you try antidepressants and it doesn't work... But the state says no!
They force kids on it!
But not when you got the case in New Mexico, that gentleman being charged with child abuse for taking his kid off Ritalin because it wasn't doing him any good.
What about cases like those?
You don't have much of a choice then there, do you?
Well, that is a case I disagree with because I think this should be left up to, for as much as possible, to the decision between a parent...
And their kid.
And their doctor.
In the case of the harmful effects of not being on Ritalin, I don't think that they're so harmful that the state should step in.
Doctor, stay there.
We'll be back soon with your chip.
You'll feel better after this break, Doctor.
We appreciate him joining us.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
We'll tell you about his websites as well.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The Cashless Society control grid straightjacket is going into place.
The dehumanization is being accelerated.
The entire world population is going to be, in an orderly fashion, exterminated by 80 to 95 percent, according to UN documents.
And the small group that's left will be a drugged-out, mindless minion class, literally with their disconnect buttons at the fingertips of the elite.
Now, that's what I see being set up.
That's what the documents show.
That's what the Pentagon says.
That's what the Ted Turners and the Prince Phillips are out promoting.
And I've really been honored to have Dr. James J. Hughes on the website transhumanism.org for those that are public school educated.
Since they started all these great new ideas, we can't read and write or even think.
Transhumanism is spelled H-U-M-A-N-I-S-M dot O-R-G or link through at infowars.com.
He's the author of Citizen Cyborg.
And I want to get into a few issues with him, but I also want to go to Annette and Linda and Bart and George and...
My wife hadn't called in to my show in about four years, and she called in.
She's also my producer, Violet Jones.
So we'll see what she has to say.
We're going to be talking to the boss here in a few minutes, folks.
So I look forward to this.
I told her I was going to tease her and say that.
My lovely, intelligent wife.
But, Doc, you were...
Earlier before the break, we were talking about Germany, where they say, okay, there is no right or wrong, so we've legalized prostitution, and now you can't say it's right or wrong.
You've got to go service 10 men a day to a 25-year-old woman with a college degree who can't get a job as a software engineer anymore.
And then you were making some comments about that?
Well, it's really not a topic that our organization addresses, so it's kind of off-topic.
That just shows what the state is doing.
You know, when there are no morals, when it's all just...
You know, nebulous.
Well, generally I'm much more in sympathy with the kind of social policies that they have in places like Holland and Germany.
And one of the attitudes that they have over there is that people should be able to smoke marijuana without going to prison and that women...
That the best way to control prostitution is not to throw women who sell their bodies in prison, but to get them organized in health checkups.
And as soon as they did that, my point is, they then jumped right into, we're taxing it now, and we're the state, and we're now your pimp, and we're going to go grab good-looking young women that have got careers ahead of them, now that the state controls things, and you're going to have to be our whore.
Prostitution's the oldest profession, probably, in human race.
But what about the state telling you you have to do it?
And I think that women should not be thrown in prison for practicing it.
Answer my question, Doc!
Well, I am answering your question.
I'm saying I don't think that women should be thrown in prison for practicing prostitution.
I think it should be...
An open profession that we make sure is safe and that women are not infected.
But then if we say it's normal... Hold on a second.
Then if we say it's normal, and then in this new futuristic world, there are no morals, but what the state tells you, then the state says you shouldn't have a problem with destroying your psychology and getting in bed with Tim in a day you don't know.
Why does the state have to enforce our morals?
Why can't women make a decision for themselves?
They're telling her.
Why can't women make a decision for themselves about whether it's... They're telling her she has to.
Well, I told you that the problem with the German policy is that they're coercing women who are on public assistance to leave public assistance to find employment, and then you're saying that this is one of the employments that they could find.
And that's the problem when the state controls everything and has universal psychological testing and all of this.
They're going to tell us what we've got to do.
What we need to argue about, I think, in that case is whether governments should force women on public assistance to leave their families in order to get jobs, and I'm opposed to that.
I was opposed to it when Clinton did it over here, and I'm opposed to it under the Bush administration as well.
Well, let me... I want to tell you, since you didn't know about it, you've heard of the vaccine that, quote, stops the child's synapses from being able to pick up narcotics and nicotine?
Yeah, I'm opposed to that, too.
Okay, this is a virus, and they're about to make it law in England.
We're talking BBC, London Telegraph, Times of London.
I think that kids... I mean, the question of
Well, let me just finish for those that don't know.
Well, let me just say about that.
It's a drug that interferes with kids' ability to uptake certain kinds of drugs.
I think the critical question there is, obviously, we think all parents should have a right and an obligation to keep their kids off of drugs.
But for parents to permanently change their kids' brains so that they can never experience certain kinds of drugs, I think is far too far.
Well, then they can't even experience their own endorphins.
But my point is the government system that you're saying is so great, give them all this power, look at what they're doing out of the gate.
Well, it doesn't require a government system.
That kind of technology is going to be offered to parents over here without any kind of government interference.
And they're insane if they do it.
It is a virus that creates plaques.
It's an extremely bad idea, and you know what gave birth to that idea is the war on drugs.
The war on drugs is the principal handmaiden of... You know, this is classic.
You're talking about a war on drugs, but then you're saying the state should be able to forcibly put kids on stuff even worse.
Well, what I'm saying is that people have a right to control their own brain.
But we're not going to under new freedom!
You're too much of an optimist, Professor.
We have half a million people who are imprisoned in the United States for smoking or selling marijuana.
The George Washington smoke, I know.
I'm for decriminalization.
All those people are political prisoners, in my opinion.
I'm for decriminalization, sir.
But you're not listening to me.
This system you've bought into has been craftily designed to get us in the criminal justice system, the psychiatric system, or the welfare system.
It's all designed to get us dependent.
Well, I don't share your worldview, but... It's not my worldview, sir!
It is the facts!
I do think we should have decriminalization of marijuana, because I think people have a right to control their own brains.
See, sir, it's not all moral relativists.
There are facts in this world.
I'm not a moral relativist.
I'm not at all a moral relativist.
I have a very strict and clear set of morals.
I'll tell you what.
My wife, Violet Jones, has called in.
I think it's about four or five years.
She's got a person to set you up for this broadcast.
I'm going to go to Annette and Linda and Bart and George.
My dear, you are on with a good professor.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Violet.
Hi, Dr. Hughes.
How are you?
I wanted to go over what I think is at the core of transhumanism and of your book and of your opinion is
What is your background?
Now this is a secular show, but you have a very spiritually oriented background and I think your approach to transhumanism is a spiritual approach.
So you were once a Buddhist monk.
Okay, and so the reason or how I found out about all of this was on BetterHumans.com, which is an interesting website itself.
An article by Wesley J. Smith, who we've had on the show before, who wrote The Culture of Death.
A real humanitarian.
He's one of my favorite scoring partners.
Well, here's a sentence I wanted to read from the article that he wrote about your book.
He calls it an epistle for the new religion of transhumanism.
Which I call dehumanization.
End of the species.
I think that's the real concern here, is that it is...
The humanist kind of belief or thought.
But anyhow, I wanted to read this one sentence if I could.
It says, Moreover, transhumanism is nihilistic at its core, holding that being merely human is wholly inadequate to attaining a truly fulfilled and happy life.
For transhumanists, humans aren't smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough, or healthy enough for life to really be worth living.
Besides, it's all over so soon.
So what do you say to that?
Well, let me just correct you about transhumanism and its relationship to spirituality.
We have recently polled our membership, our 3,000 members around the world, about their spiritual beliefs.
And we found that although the vast majority of transhumanists are secular of one sort or another, secular humanists or whatever,
That we have Christian transhumanists and Hindu transhumanists and Eastern Orthodox and Mormon and all kinds of folks.
And I happen to be a Buddhist.
Well, sir, I think your worldview is even more dangerous because of how it kind of squiggles around issues.
I call it moral relativism.
Let me answer your wife's question.
I don't think that there's any necessary relationship between a belief in the afterlife and the conclusion...
That it's probably a good idea for us to have technologies that allow people to live an extra 50 years, or technologies that wipe out... Or forever with the cybernetic interfaces?
Well, that people have a right to control their own brains, and if they find that it's useful to have a cybernetic interface, that they should have a right to have one.
Of course, it won't even be the original creature.
What Wesley's point is, and what some Christian conservatives have said about transhumanism, is that we're some kind of anti... you know, we hate the body and we hate the human condition.
There's a grain of truth there.
We think it could be radically improved.
We think that people will generally enjoy living a second... I don't want how man and the government, the elites, want to improve the body.
I see an obsession with death and sickeningness.
I'm getting that impression, Alex, but what I'm saying is that... I understand what you're saying, and I understand your response to that, but you clearly are a person with strong spiritual beliefs because you were once a Buddhist monk.
I'm still a Buddhist, and I have not had the opportunity to read your book, but basically this review by Wesley J. Smith, whose opinion I admire greatly in most things, and everything that I've read about him.
Well, you'll have to read my review of his book.
Well, and I, you know, might be interested.
Oh, were you for euthanasia?
Here's an interesting thing that Wesley J. Smith says, and I was going to try and find it.
It has to do with embryos and certain things being unaware or not self-aware.
I'm sorry, I'm scrolling on the internet.
Let's just ask him, are you here for using all these baby parts?
Well, one of the concerns that Wesley has about my work... Here, I have it.
I have it here.
Can I just read it real quick?
Hughes denigrates human embryos, fetuses, presumably infants, who are, after all, not self-aware, and those with profound cognitive disabilities to the status of property or sentient property.
This really alarms me.
That's kind of like, I forget who this guy is, Peter Singer, who says that retarded babies or newborns
...are worth nothing more than macros.
And, I mean, Alex was just talking earlier on the program about the possible combination of embryonic... Chimeras.
...neurocells with machines, you know, unborn...
Children who've never had the chance to live out their destiny being combined with some sort of perfect game.
Doctor, can you stay with us just a little bit more, take some more calls?
I want to answer your wife's question.
Honey, stay there, and then we're going to come back and go to Annette and Linda and Bart and everybody else, George that's holding, so whether you're calling from West Virginia or Chicago, Illinois, stay there.
All right.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, they can call cancer evolution and something good.
You know, everything's good.
Everything's just a change.
There's no such thing as a mutation.
Everything that gives rise is natural.
You know, all of these arguments, this is dehumanization.
This is the matrix.
And I want to go to Annette and Linda and Bart and all these callers for our guests, but...
Going back to my wife.
Violet, did I finish up what you were going to say?
Well, I was reading again in this article while you were on break, and I just was struck again by another sentence, and of course we're talking about Wesley J. Smith, who wrote The Culture of Death and his review of... Citizen Cyborg.
Right, of Citizen Cyborg.
Anyhow, it states how Dr. Hughes, some of your favorite philosophers that you refer to frequently in your book are...
Infanticide proponents Peter Singer and Jonathan Glover.
So we're not just talking about embryonic stuff here.
We're talking about actual infanticide.
And I'm just really concerned about this whole issue as not only being nihilistic, but it's an extinctionist thing.
I think it's an extension of Peter Singer's animal rights thing, which is extinctionist.
And I just
From the things that we've been talking about, I envision a horrifically possible future where
Children's brains have been melded with machines, and things like in the Matrix where people are plugged in, just their minds driving.
Whatever happened to humanity, the love of humanity?
I think life is beautiful, and humanity is beautiful.
Why do this?
Why say we're not good?
Thank you for calling, my dear.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, Violet, I think your concerns about those kind of scenarios are absolutely legitimate, because what we could have is the coercive use of these technologies to restrict people's liberty.
I think that's why we need to have a civil rights movement around people's right to use these technologies in self-chosen ways.
But let me address the issue.
I am, of course, opposed to infanticide.
But the issue is framed between people like Wesley J. Smith and myself.
Wesley is an advocate of what I call human racism.
He believes that
Being a human has some kind of meaning and that it is in itself something that needs to be protected from the moment of conception.
Oh, now it's racism to want to stand up for the human species.
And my argument is that humanness in the first place doesn't really exist.
We recently discovered the hobbits of Indonesia who were about half our height and were genetically similar to us but wouldn't have been considered human.
But if they were tool users and language users and had culture, I think they should have had rights.
Even if they weren't human.
But the cockroaches can't vote, so you'll vote for them.
And since the cockroaches outnumber us, then... I think the key issue here is whether humanness is a moral category.
It's not.
It's an irrelevant category.
So now we don't have any God-given rights.
The state does.
I think what we have to look at is someone...
Is someone the kind of person who has the kind of thinking and the kind of feeling that we have going on inside of our heads?
So the state will decide if you're even a human.
And if they do, then they deserve the protection of human rights.
But only if the state decides.
Only if the state decides.
I understand.
The state's all powerful.
The state is the only one that protects rights other than we as individuals.
I think they're the ones that chew it up.
We have to restrict the state.
That was the Founding Fathers.
What do they know?
Annette in West Virginia.
Annette, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Dr. Hughes.
Alex, I have a comment for you, but first I would like to address the root
Of the basis for a doctor's use tendency to believe or to accept the world of artificiality.
And that will be the doctor's demon possession.
As necessary to perfect human beings.
Now, coming from a Christian background with a great deal of...
The Seed!
So what's your question for the doctor?
Well my question is were you ever exposed to the scientific laws of the Bible, the Old Testament?
There are stat...commandments, statutes and judgments, and, you see, I believe that the Creator gave us a manual, and the manual was to be used... Well, let me get a comment from him.
The doctor?
Yeah, actually, I have a great deal of respect for the Old and New Testaments, and I actually am teaching a religious education course about the Old and New Testaments at the local Unitarian church, so I think it's very important for...
My own kids and for all of us to understand the cultural contributions of the Bible, sure.
Doc, just a few more callers and we'll plug your book again.
Thanks, Annette.
We'll be back.
You stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That's right, the dehumanization slave grid's in place.
They're just enforcing it daily.
We've got to warn the people so we can escape the pens as quickly as possible and resist the enemy.
Well, I only have time to take four or five calls.
We'll go to Dr. Deagle, then Linda, Bart, George.
So that's all the time I have to take.
I'm sorry to all the other callers.
Real quick, Dr. William Deagle, we've had him on before.
He advised Homeland Security, worked in a lot of classified programs, and advised Homeland Security, and he's been in a lot of these meetings.
Reported news here that later came out in the mainstream about the Roundup plans, the force inoculation plans.
Dr. Deagle called, and he had a comment for...
Dr. James J. Hughes.
Go ahead, Dr. Deagle, who's a medical doctor.
Deagle, go ahead.
Yeah, thanks very much.
My comment and question would be that it sounds like it's high-minded to be a civil rights advocate for the transhumanist.
That doesn't mean you can't get a hip replacement, but what he's proposing, and I'm going to get down to the nub of this, is civil rights for all living things with all boundaries between species broken.
And what it will result in is the creation, as I've seen classified documents, to create cyborg soldiers, to create a caste system within our culture.
Yeah, it's going to be like India.
Look at the fruits of that country.
Hell itself.
And he's a Buddhist, and the cows are walking around.
It also is going to create a situation where I know about classified research going on in anti-aging technologies.
Some of them are very benign and very simple.
I told you last time you were on, don't get into that stuff that's classified.
Exactly, yeah.
But the thing is that this technology is going to extend human lifespan within the next five years by triple or more.
I agree.
Without making new sub-races or super-races,
The elite want to make a super race that basically rules over us for millennia.
They're in love with the Nietzschean beast man.
I think you've got an absolutely important point there, and that is that
We need to make sure that the human race moves forward together.
It won't do for some of us to become... But you think the state should be able to force drug us.
It won't do for some of us to become super beings.
You're against them having total control, but you want to give them all the tools to do it.
Well, the problem is that people are not going to make... Even if they think they're making correct judgments... And I'm going to go back to the quote of the lady earlier that talked about the rules in the Old and New Testament.
And the rule in the Old Testament was...
You shall not mix the species.
And what's going on is what happens when you make a transhuman mouse that has a human brain in it?
What happens when you make a transhuman bear or another animal that it basically thinks and talks and has a voice box and new neurons that allow them to do things that are human?
Let me set that aside for a question and just ask, do you think that we should all be able to live as long as Methuselah?
I don't see any problem with that at all.
I don't think that is the issue.
What I'm concerned about is not the issue of whether or not we live long.
It's going to go the bad way, period.
It's going to go bad.
I can tell you this, from being on the inside, it is already planned and they've already done research.
They succeeded in cloning human beings over 25 years ago.
All of the classified research that I've personally seen...
It's so horrendous you can't even imagine it.
And unfortunately it's not available to the university professors at the regular secular level because they don't understand.
It will be used for evil.
It will not be used for good.
Doctor, let me ask you this.
Which do you think is the better way to assure that that bad outcome doesn't happen?
First, we have to inform... Wait, wait, just let me... The two options I see are to ban civilian use of these technologies or to encourage widespread access to these technologies.
Which do you think is a better way to go?
I think what we have to do is do something different than either one of those options, which is, number one, we need to, as a human race, make a judgment as a human race to actually listen to the wisdom of the Old Testament, which is, if you create new creatures, you're going to have things like the P.E.R.V.
gene get out of pigs and kill millions.
You're going to create new types of catastrophes that are going to cause tremendous cultural and other damage.
I mean, look at movies like the Star Wars and the War of the Clones.
We don't think these things are in our future, or thousands of subspecies and superspecies of humanoid beings a thousand years from now.
This is what's going to result, and it will not be pleasant.
It will be a result in...
Dr. Deagle, I want to thank you for your points.
Good to hear from you.
Maybe we can have you two guys on for a debate sometime.
Let's talk to Linda in Texas.
Linda, go ahead.
I would...
I'd like to know where the freedom of choice is for parents when all of our foods are loaded with artificial flavors and colors which are made out of petrochemicals.
And that's what causes the ADD?
The petrochemicals, the food additives, which we don't seem to have a choice over because the FDA protects the food industry, is actually drugging our children
Don't they sell organic vegetables in your local market?
They do in mine, and I think it's a wonderful idea.
I'm talking about the majority of Americans.
There's a drop in the bucket.
But there is a shift towards the organic.
I think if people want to eat Cheetos, they probably have a right to eat Cheetos, as long as it's not making people drop dead immediately.
But I think it's up to parents to decide what to feed their kids.
And I think parents should be educated about the potential health risks of different kinds of foods for their kids.
And then we should allow parents to make those decisions.
Why not just have industry take out those petrochemicals that they are in fact drugs?
There should be laws against poisoning of food.
It's not very radical.
And I'm fully for the Food and Drug Administration.
But they don't.
Their own is a revolving door.
I agree.
Big corporations have far too much influence over the Food and Drug Administration.
We saw that with Vioxx, and we've seen it with all kinds.
This is one of the big problems with the Bush Administration, is that they take all the corporate lobbyists and lawyers, and they stick them in to be regulators for these industries.
Yeah, but Clinton did that, too.
It's both parties.
We don't get good regulation out of that kind of a system.
Two more calls, Doc, and then I'm going to let you go.
I appreciate all the time.
Bart in Texas.
Bart, go ahead.
What I'd like to say is, is hell itself has been built on pragmaticism.
And much like one of your callers that was a new ager that called in last week, I really feel the doctor has been blinded by the potential of these technologies and is not understanding... Yeah, he's caught up in the gray and he's going to get sucked into the black.
Well, but there's a line between technological advancement and fundamentally altering the human race.
You know, the buggy whip argument doesn't fly with me
Because you're talking about changing the human mind.
Oh, the doctor wants to.
He thinks it's great.
No, but I know.
I know he thinks it's great, but I'm saying the dangers in doing that are unlimited.
You know, you can even look at popular culture like movies like Gattaca or Ghost in the Shell, where essentially, you know, in one, the human mind is no longer solid.
Well, I think from this we've gotten the solution.
Instead of debates about which Super Bowl commercial is our favorite, we should be having a real debate daily in society about this.
I think science fiction movies are entertainment.
They don't really tell us what's going to happen in the future.
The science fiction of 25 years ago is the reality today.
Art imitates life, and life imitates art.
I don't see the giant ants eating Cleveland yet, but, you know... You can use whatever example you want.
I do see space stations and satellites...
And offshore drilling, and it was all once science fiction.
I'm a great fan of science fiction.
I think we can learn a lot from it.
But for every dystopian science fiction novel or movie you can come up with, there was also a positive one.
Well, atom bombs were science fiction, and they're real.
And I asked the folks in Japan how great it is.
Yeah, but you're talking about opening up the human mind.
I mean, what happens when we are all connected via computers?
I mean, you can have any hacker hack into a computer.
What's to keep somebody hacked?
We're all connected by computers.
Let me add one other thing.
We're all connected by computers right now, and we have the problems of spam.
That whole argument about the government already has all your personal data, so what if they get more?
That's like saying you've got one leg that's cut off, so let's cut the other off.
We have the problems of spam and personal privacy and computer viruses.
Don't worry, the UN will save us with the tax.
So we're going to enlarge that problem to include our personal minds and thoughts?
So let me ask you, is your solution to the problem to get rid of computers?
No, my solution to the problem is not to create technologies that go beyond all bounds of control.
That's an object outside of myself.
Whatever problems it creates in the future to have the ability to directly communicate with our computers from our brains...
Those problems will be as manageable as we find today computer viruses and all the other problems that computers bring today.
There's nothing profoundly different that's going to change, is what I'm saying.
We've been creating external devices to help our brains compute since we wrote down the first written language.
Yeah, but not altering the brain itself or hooking it into some government control.
Of course it would.
As soon as we wrote down written language, we were saying, we don't have to memorize these things anymore.
It wiped out the whole profession of storytelling.
You can't compare writing to having everyone have a chip put in their head by law.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Bart.
Last call, George in Illinois.
Go ahead, George.
Good show.
Doctor, you're a dangerous man, but I don't think you're a mean man, and I think you're a doctor of politics versus a doctor of science, and I prove it to you.
If you would subscribe later, as a doctor, they will revoke your license.
Although thousands and tens of thousands of people in other countries have been cured of cancer.
And the quick question I have with you is, is cancer caused by a virus or by bacteria?
What is it?
Well, I'm a sociologist, not a medical doctor, but I do have an opinion about the... Most are caused by viruses and tissue that's already replicated many times and unable to resist the virus.
It's a deficient disease, and if we would get the right food in our bodies, we could all be healthy people.
But because it's a multi-billion dollar industry, they don't want to find the cure.
That's the thing.
I don't think the professor knows just how evil the controllers are.
He doesn't know anything, this professor here, unfortunately.
I'm a man of 10 children.
I wouldn't even go to you, doctor.
I really wouldn't.
I'm not a medical doctor, so I wouldn't want you to come to me.
But let me just say something about the FDA.
I think that the FDA has the right and responsibility, as we just said, to ensure that food and drugs in our society are safe.
But they don't!
Sometimes they don't because they've been corrupted by big corporations.
They're police states!
All they want to do is take our vitamins!
And sometimes they don't because they've been corrupted by big corporations, and sometimes their regulatory agencies are overly zealous, and sometimes they're not zealous enough, and I think it's... How about the aspartame?
How about the red food diet?
How about the unsaturated oils?
How about...
I know, but the answer is not to get rid of the FDA.
The answer is for the FDA to do a better job.
No, the FDA is in the way of the people because I don't want to be controlled by anybody else.
God gave me a brain to think for myself.
I understand that point of view, but I think our situation in this society would be a lot worse off if we didn't have the FDA.
George, you have 20 seconds.
Finish up.
Our point is...
We are God-given entities, and God gave us a brain, and he gave us a free choice.
I don't need you to tell me what I should do with my children.
And we're the most powerful thing on this planet, and the elite can't dominate us, so they want to set the trap for us to merge with their devices so they can control us.
And the battle cry now!
Smash the machines!
Butlerian Jihad!
Listen, I appreciate your call, George, and I want to tell the professor we're going to win, we're going to smash the New World Order,
Professor, you are the author of Citizen Cyborg.
Thank you for joining us.
My pleasure.
Take care.
Now, you know the score, ladies and gentlemen, and we're going to win this fight.
And they are not going to win.
We are going to win.
With God's help.
And you know what you're facing.
Genetic, biometrics, all of it.
It's all here.
It's all amongst us.
And we must defeat them.
My humanity just cries out against this.
We're God-made creatures and they hate it.
The devil wants to make a counterfeit, wants to destroy God's creation.
And your Christian leaders are going to tell you to go along with this.
Don't go along with it.
Alright, let's go to Debbie Morrow, New William Concepts, and I'll hit some final news.
Debbie, one thing we can do is quit drinking their water, can't we?
We sure can.
We can filter our water and be sure that we're getting good filtered water instead of a bunch of chlorine and other types of things that are found in your drinking water.
Take control of our bodies.
Take control of our good health.
You know, your body is over 70% water.
Be good to put non-poisoned water in your body.
Well, according to him, and according to others, it just might be something flavorful.
Something what?
No, there's nothing really bad for the brain.
It's just all... Well, you know, it's real funny, because when I first came to work here in 1998, I always drank tap water, and I never would buy bottled water, and I was used to drinking chlorine.
So it became a real change for me to get used to not drinking flavored water.
You know, that's why you go to the store now, and they sell all these flavored waters with a little grape or this or that in it, because people are so programmed to think that their water is supposed to taste like what comes out of the tap, you know?
Delicious sodium fluoride!
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And I have had a few customers call and ask, what exactly is the Berkey?
So they said, please come on the air and explain what it is.
And what a Berkey is, it's a gravity water filter.
It holds two and a half gallons of water.
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It's very simple to use, but it works great.
It's very efficient, and it's very cost-effective.
Also, some things people want to know about the Berkey's is, does it take out fluoride?
And yes, we do have a post filter that takes out the fluoride.
Fluoride's really, really bad.
And it's very, very difficult to take out.
It does require a secondary filter to take the fluoride out.
Well, that's why it's used as a chemical weapon.
That's right.
And why do we want to put that in our bodies?
I mean, we have enough challenges.
You know, chocolate tastes really good, and I love it.
You know, that's the challenge I can work on.
I don't want to work on fluoride challenge, you know.
Folks, give Debbie a call.
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At 888-803-4438, or just keep giving your family and your children poison and just ignore what we say and just believe your love and government.
Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you, Alex.
Appreciate it.
Thanks for holding while I finished up with that professor.
It was so interesting.
I was really glad to listen.
Well, thank you.
It'll re-air tonight for folks that want to hear it.
God bless you.
All right, folks.
I want to come back and hit a smattering of other really important news that we covered a little bit in the first hour, but a lot of it I haven't even mentioned.
So I'll rattle through some of that on the other side.
The last 60 seconds of this segment...
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But we've got it.
This popular mechanics piece is coming out.
I'm going to analyze it later this week.
Please don't go buy it.
Please don't spend money on it.
It's like a huge 16-page demonization piece filled with propaganda and half-truths.
They built a straw man of false information and attacked it.
And it's pretty sick, folks.
Pretty darn sick.
But we're going to be documenting this and going over it
The era of big government is back under Bush.
A new $2.6 trillion budget.
Normally the budgets are about 10-20% bigger than what they actually pass.
So we're looking at $3 trillion.
Or perhaps more, but right now $2.6 trillion.
Being hailed the biggest budget ever as cuts.
Because they're making a few cuts.
Oh, why?
Bush is a conservative.
He just radically increased the budget.
Tell you, you've got to learn the double think out there to be normal, I guess, nowadays.
Also, Dolly Scientist gets human cloning license.
AP, the British government, on Tuesday gave the creator of Dolly the Sheep a human cloning license for medical research.
It is the second such license approved since Britain became the first country to legalize research cloning in 2001.
Again, it is not the first country.
And we have California and New Jersey passing it two years ago.
So, there you have it.
More disinformation.
Also, Bon Jovi backs President Schwarzenegger.
Rock star John Bon Jovi is a staunch global Democrat.
But he may be turning over a new leaf.
He's now backing Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger for president.
Though no one has yet to tell Bon Jovi that the U.S.
Constitution forbids the governor from running for president, the rocker says he would jump the Democratic ship to help Arnold.
This is more than a celebrity news item.
Bon Jovi has been a major player in the last two presidential races, holding concerts
And appearing at rallies for both Al Gore and John Kerry.
Bon Jovi is an idiot.
Bon Jovi played the role of crowd builder at the closing days of each campaign.
I'm sorry.
He's an... Ugh, I can't stand him.
Perhaps Bon Jovi is getting tired of his free concerts and wants to back a winner next time.
Bon Jovi says, I would vote for him right now.
I've known him for a long time.
I think he's a brilliant man on and off the cameras, and he's the most hardworking, the most focused I've ever seen.
He knows more about our country, having come to this country as an Austrian.
He's better than us, than a lot of people who have never been to our Statue of Liberty.
Forget the history concept.
He understands what it is to come from nothing, and he knows very well what it is to have everything.
He came from a working construction worker in Santa Monica.
I think he's a well-rounded background.
I've been in a room with him.
And talk about people that light up the room, I think world leaders are going to come to see him the same way.
Pretty sick stuff.
Stormin' Marxists is toast of the neocons, London Times.
An obscure Marxist professor who has spent his entire academic life in Manchester has become the darling of Washington right-wing for his outspoken support of the war in Iraq.
Well, the neocons are all Stotskyites, folks.
You didn't know that?
Despite his leanings, Norman Grias, who writes a blog, Diary of the Internet, has praised President Bush and says the invasion of Iraq was necessary to oust the tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein that our government put in.
And his daily jottings have brought him to the nickname of Stormin Norm.
From the title of his daily Norm blog, the Wall Street Journal has reprinted one of his articles in the online edition of American Pundits often cite his words.
So see, everybody being cited are communists.
See how this scrambles your left-right paradigm?
Again, a $2.6 trillion budget, biggest ever by hundreds of billions, is smaller government!
Adding in your guns as conservative...
Worshipping the UN as conservative and being an idiot is conservative.
So don't call me a conservative.
Call me a freedom lover fighting the pack of liberals, the pack of conservatives, all those that want me and my family to be their slaves.
Also, there's an article out of the Fort Wayne newspaper where when you go in the hospital, you're going to have to have a microchip inserted under you.
But that's no big deal.
It's for your safety.
Things change, you know.
You've got to have a chip.
Ha, ha, ha.
Don't listen to those criminals that are against it.
They should be put in FEMA camps.
presentplanet.tv is the website.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.