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Air Date: Feb. 10, 2005
2490 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Glad that you were able to join us today.
It is Thursday, the 10th day of February, 2005.
We're 10 days into the second month of this year, and I still am not used to saying 2005.
We've got a guest coming up, but to talk about 9-11...
And the big hit piece that is coming out, we have an advance copy, that is coming out next week in Popular Mechanics, and it illustrates how the establishment carries out their propaganda actions on a host of fronts.
So this will kind of be a lesson in how the establishment builds up straw men
And then tears them down.
They don't fight our real arguments.
They don't fight our real evidence.
They play a lot of silly little tricks.
And being conscious of those tricks, you'll find them pulling it on toll roads in your area, or on taxes, or on your school policies, or on the war in Iraq, or a hundred other issues.
They have the same handbook, the same system.
And you can always tell when it's got the mark of a Pentagon on it.
Because they follow... You can guess what they're going to write next.
I mean, it's not hard.
Speaking of that, Pentagon to broadcast to millions of U.S.
The U.S.
military is to beam its own news coverage to millions of Americans.
Moving on from its phase of embedding journalists, or as some would say, a policy of restricting and controlling the flow of information, the Pentagon will now produce and disseminate the news itself.
Now, two years ago they announced, two and a half years ago, time is flying, oh, we're going to have the Pentagon Office of Strategic Influence, and we're going to lie to you.
So we'll be going over this report.
Cop tasers boy into cardiac arrest.
Taser International's answer, increase the power.
Yes, now it's like 80-something deaths in the last two years.
A few months ago it was 74 deaths.
And all these people going into cardiac arrest, having all these problems.
Their answer, increase the power.
And there's another headline, Chicago Sun-Times.
Both these are out of the Chicago Sun-Times.
Gun-toting cops on drug-raid bus two-year-old's birthday party.
Now, again, what we do is we go to the Chicago Sun-Times or pick a paper like the Washington Post or pick a paper like the Miami Herald.
We can only go to so many papers every day.
If we were to go to the other newspapers, I'm sure you'll find stuff worse than this.
There's so much horrible stuff.
Literally, we're swimming in piles of it.
We just have to kind of reach in and scoop out some of the cess to analyze it here on air.
It's just endless sea, you know, horizon to horizon.
Just nothing eclipses it.
It's just unending, constantly producing more and more at an exponential rate.
But we'll go over it.
Blair says they're not going to rule out attacking Iran.
Man, we're losing in Iraq.
Let's go to Iran.
That's a great plan.
Our own government admits they're four years away from a nuke, if they're even trying to make one, but let's invade now.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
It's fun to watch stuff blowing up on TV.
We can sit back and eat pizza and drink beer.
You know, liquor sales were record during the shock and awe.
It's fun to kill them Arabs.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, 8 minutes, 35 seconds into this first hour.
It's our second segment.
Thank you for joining us today on this Thursday edition.
We're going to be, of course, taking your phone calls throughout the broadcast today, and we've got a special guest coming up to talk about some of the latest 9-11 information and the government spin coming out of some of their shoddier activities.
Little organs, so you do not want to miss that in the second hour.
The toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
And, of course, the website's all freshly updated for you daily, multiple times daily, by the way, are infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
And PrisonPlanet.tv.
If you're joining us for the first time, you're wondering, what's this broadcast about?
Who is this Alex Jones individual?
Well, I'm somebody who loves freedom, and I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, and I know that both parties are controlled by a global crime syndicate, a global mafia that calls itself globalist or the New World Order, or those for global governance, but it all means the same thing.
And they're giving us national ID cards, they are deindustrializing us, their public plan is to only let us have one child, their public plan is to forcibly drug at least half the population by 2010, and yes, even put microchips under our skin forcibly, and by 2025, to forcibly put brain chips in our brain.
That's the Army's own report, and I had a top professor on earlier this week saying how great it is, and admitting he knows about the military reports.
It sounds insane.
It is insane.
We're in 2005.
Stuff's crazy.
The Washington Post reports like it's no big deal.
Over 50 species of part human, part pig, part human, part spider, part human, part chimpanzee.
That's just the stuff they're admitting that's going on.
You notice they're not showing you images of the creatures on the news.
And there's kind of a reality gap, though.
I mean, I have people email me and walk up to me on the street occasionally, and, Alex, you're a liar, there's no black box in my car.
Or, Alex, you're a liar, there's no New World Order.
Or really delusional stuff, like, Alex, you're a liar, there's no cross-species genetic engineering creations.
I mean, I've told the story probably ten times to the guy who walked up to me a couple years ago.
When I was at Conan's Pizza, Chicago's called Pizza, they got here in Austin, picking up a pizza, and a guy walks over, kind of pokes me in the back, and I turn around, and he goes, I used to listen to you for years and believe you, but not after I saw your TV show the other night.
You were saying there's creatures that are part goat, part spider, and you're a liar!
I said, what are you talking about?
Just type spider goat in the search engine.
I don't need to.
I don't need to.
I had biology at UT.
Then I said, well, are you a practicing biologist?
I have a degree.
No, I do something else.
Well, when we were in school in 1970-something.
And I said, buddy, it isn't 1973.
That was the year.
And why do I use that as an example?
I come on the air and I talk about this stuff, and people are living in the past, folks.
And they won't even check out what I have to say.
And then when they finally do see it on the news, telling them how great it is, I see some of these people on the street again, and they go, okay, it's true, but it's good.
You're still a kook.
Okay, all right, it's all good then.
Just enjoy it.
Enjoy record trade deficits.
Enjoy them telling you how great the economy is as it gets worse and worse according to all the real economic indexes and indicators that we have.
Okay, fine.
The economy's great.
And I, last night in the parking lot of the TV station...
One of my oldest conservative friends here in town, a guy who's been arrested at pro-life demonstrations and spent months in jail for it, a really good guy, I just said, you know, I hear you guys on talk radio, and he works on talk radio, I go, I hear you guys on talk radio saying how Bush is really cutting the budget and how conservative it is.
And I go, it's not true.
It's $2.6 trillion.
No, Clinton's biggest budget was $1.7 trillion.
And he goes, well, you've got to start somewhere.
And I go, what does that mean?
What does that mean?
And I said, by the way, I'm going in here tonight on the TV show, and I'm going to air 15 minutes of Christians having their arms broken by police on news footage.
From the late 80s, early 90s.
Something that most people have never seen.
I mean, it looks like Abu Ghraib, the photos we saw on steroids.
I mean, taking a woman's arm with nunchucks and going, you will pay!
Breaking her arm.
And breaking pastors' arms and priests' arms.
I mean, I got a whole bunch of it.
And I said, I'm going to go in there because I'm a liberal.
And I'm going to stand up against this, being sarcastic to the individual.
And I said, I want you to know that all these programs of George Bush Sr.
and Bill Clinton and the racketeering charges against Christians and all of it, I want you to know it's getting worse.
And you know about Christians getting arrested and charged with 47 years in prison for preaching on the street peaceably.
And you know about people getting two years in prison for preaching.
And you know about all this, don't you?! !
That's sort of good in his face.
He goes, yeah, yeah, okay, I guess it is bad.
And just got in his car and drove off.
Good, I forced you.
I made you face it.
I'm going to break your conditioning if it takes me the rest of my life.
All of you.
What's wrong with you?
The problem is we don't have the rest of our lives to fix this.
The country is falling apart.
All right, excuse me.
I just started thinking about that footage that I aired many years ago, and I aired it again.
Last night, and it's going on all over the country, folks, and it's the anti-war protesters it's happening to, it's conservatives it's happening to.
Yesterday, a small group of peaceful protesters stood in front, I mean, 80 yards in front of the Supreme Court building talking about Abu Ghraib, and they just said, unauthorized protest, and the cops came over and beat them up.
They'll do it in front of news cameras now, folks.
But see, it was only acceptable to do it to Christians and conservatives in the late 80s and through the 90s with Butch Reno.
It was only acceptable.
And the ACLU didn't care.
The left didn't care.
Oh, they're getting what they deserve.
They're dangerous.
They're bad.
They shouldn't be protesting out front of abortion clinics.
And now it's happening to everybody.
But see, it's just like the inauguration back on the 20th of last month.
The coronation 20 days ago of Lord Bush.
They banned crosses.
And so that made the left happy.
And they banned anti-war signs.
And so that made the right happy.
Of course, Christians and the leftists ignored it, and I want to commend them, and still showed up with their banners and their crosses.
That's good, because those are criminal orders.
Those aren't laws.
Those violate the First Amendment.
But that's what they do.
They violate one side's rights, and then the other group goes, it's okay, and then they violate the other group, and it's okay.
And really, the New World Order then gets to abuse everybody in the final equation.
And so it's a legitimizing of all this.
And it's very, very dangerous.
And that's why I wanted to kind of preface what I'm about to cover with that little rant I just did.
This is out of Reuters.
Scholar defiant amid furor over 911 remarks.
And I first just want to say that Ward Churchill is a bully.
Some of what he says makes a lot of sense.
But, you know, rat poison is 98% nutritious food for the rodent.
Well, with Mr. Churchill, it's about 50-50.
50% poison, 50% good food.
Nourishment to the mind.
Just the same thing with Michael Weiner, Savage, and all these other people.
There's a lot of stuff they say that's true.
There's a lot of stuff Bill Clinton says is true.
But a lot of it's lies.
A lot of it's manipulative.
And the solutions they give you are false.
So, this guy comes out, and I've got his quotes right here, and he says, the people in the towers were basically little Adolf Eichmanns, and deserved to die, and Al-Qaeda was striking back against the evil abuses of the American Empire, and these people were the central core of the technocracy, the technocrats, to use his term, in there.
And that they deserved it.
Now, I don't think, sir...
And I mean, I just really, when people talk like this, and they're a big fat bully like him, I've seen him in action here in Austin.
I'll tell you more about it when we get back from break, but the point is, the poor single mothers that are trying to pay off their debts from...
Secretary school, who were in there by the thousands, who loved their children, who just wanted to provide for their family, the old janitor who'd been a Vietnam vet who was up there sleeping the floors, the hundreds of janitors, the firefighters that ran in there to save people, the police officers that went in there to save people.
Okay, don't you compare them to Nazis, you punk!
You big, fat bully!
How dare you glorify Al-Ciada?
And how dare you play into the hands of the New World Order?
And I think that's exactly what you're doing, and I think you know what you're doing, and I think Ward Churchill's a federal agent.
In fact, I bet my right arm he is.
My gut.
My nose.
Nose he is.
Pun intended.
My nose.
I got a thousand different indicator points on this guy over the years, and I can tell stuff like this, and I'll give you some of the examples why.
I can tell.
This is so sick.
This is so evil.
Just like when talk show hosts say, oh, they're subhuman, torture them, or they're just blowing off steam in Abu Ghraib.
They're not human, or they're Nazis.
They don't have rights.
It's the same thing we're getting out of the left.
It's the same thing on the left that cheered.
We got the video of them cheering as they break women's arms who are standing out front abortion clinics.
And let me tell you something.
I'll tell you what's going to happen.
I can see their plan.
When we get back, stay with us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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All right, let me try to break down my philosophy that was the founding father's philosophy and, well, Jesus Christ philosophy and just common sense, decent humanity.
Okay, you have a rule that we're all human beings, we all deserve dignity, we don't dehumanize any group,
We don't torture them, we don't kill them, we don't ever legitimize the mass murder of innocents.
Whether they're Iraqi children or people in the World Trade Center towers.
And this is how the globalists play it.
They understand human nature, primitive tribalist nature.
Kill the other tribe, they're not human, they're animals.
And so we've got the left with the Ward Churchills and the rest of them.
It's a very prominent view that, oh, man, praise Al-Qaeda.
They're just great fighters who stood up against the evil American empire, and they did a wonderful job.
But wait a minute, Ward Churchill.
You're a Native American activist.
You get up on TV and radio and in print.
And you talk about the horrible massacres that wounded me in places of innocence.
And, you know, what did the cavalrymen that were killing those Native American men, women, and children?
Oh, they're animals!
They do horrible things!
They don't deserve the rules of war!
Just kill them all!
They're evil!
They're heathen!
Same thing, like you said.
Oh, the people in the towers were Nazis.
So what if they died?
You know, Al Qaeda did a great thing
You see how that works?
Or when Tony Blakely says, seize, you know, the editor of the Washington Times editorial page, seize Seymour Hersh.
Charge him.
Execute him.
He's on America.
He doesn't, you know, deserve rights.
Kill him!
It's unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
And so we see this all over the place.
And so to the left out there that's listening,
That just because I exposed George Bush thinks that I'm your darling or something.
No, I'm not.
Not until you come to your senses and reality.
Understand something.
And get it through your head.
You guys didn't do a thing under Clinton when they were breaking Christians' arms and torturing people in plain view.
It was good.
It was okay.
Because they're not human.
Because they're bad.
And when Bill Clinton was mass murdering in Serbia...
And pulling off that scam.
Oh, well, they're evil.
They're like Nazis.
Kill them, kill them, kill them.
Again, you need to stop switching off your thinking process, and you need to get a moral base.
And then you can gauge the world, and things will make sense.
Things aren't going to make sense if we're totally immoral, folks.
And I know the so-called left, because I say it doesn't even exist, it's just a false political spectrum,
You know, fed garbage, garbage in, garbage out, the mind's a computer.
You guys are going to love Patriot Act 1 and 2.
You're going to love all of this big fat police state that's been created when the globalists put a Democrat in.
They're going to build up this revolutionary fervor against Bush, just like they did against Clinton, then they gave you a Bush, and then they're going to give you a savior, a Democrat.
It won't matter what this Democrat does, suddenly you're not going to have a problem with any of the tyranny they bring us.
I can see the setup now.
And the Ward Churchills of the world and the people that put images of hanging troops on their houses and the people that say and do all of this, you're going to be in control and you're going to love the tyranny you've got.
We got a call a few weeks ago and I was talking about Tony Blakely, talking about getting people and executing them for their political views and what they report on, and a caller called in and said, well, you know,
You know, I've kind of got the communist view myself.
What they're doing is wrong.
I'd like to get them and put them on the griddle.
I'd like to get them and give them their own medicine.
You do not fight fire with fire.
You do not become that which you hate or that which you fight.
I love this double speak of, Saddam was evil, he tortured, but we're good.
We torture them.
Yes, torture is good.
Again, the globalists know what they're doing.
And somebody like Ward Churchill, the worst part about him coming out and saying the people deserve to die, they're a bunch of Nazis, everybody in the towers are a bunch of Nazis.
It's ridiculous.
The worst thing he does is act like Al-Qaeda's heroes or something.
Al-CIA is not some group from caves having NORAD stand down and warning public officials not to fly and doing CIA put options, and you know that, Churchill.
You're not stupid.
This punk professor out putting all this out, this bully, and he is a bully.
I've seen him in action here locally.
No, they know exactly what they're doing, see?
And then that will enrage all the conservatives to bind themselves even tighter to Bush and these false policies, meanwhile conditioning the throngs of the left that murdering masses of innocent Americans is somehow heroic for the horrible globalist purges that are coming when they create another fake counter-revolution in the future.
It's amazing.
We'll come back, talk about it more, and take your calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
The last 20 minutes I've been ranting and raving about Ward Churchill coming out and saying, well, you know, the people that died in the towers, they were basically Nazis, and Al-Qaeda's a bunch of heroes.
Let me try to just condense down why this is so horrible.
On multiple levels.
And then we'll go to Abel and Robert and Mike and Tangy and John and others that are patiently holding.
And later we do have an expert guest coming on about 9-11 and this...
I have no doubt Pentagon hit piece put out by Popular Mechanics, and please don't go by the magazine.
It's not even on store shelves yet.
We got an advanced copy through our spies, our sources, but our moles, even within the institutions themselves.
But continuing, though...
I do want to encourage all of you.
Number one, I've made some great videos that are very powerful, informative, dynamic, scary.
They wake people up.
They shatter the false left-right paradigm.
They cover a whole host of issues.
Each film is really multiple films in one.
And secondarily, we need your support.
I've got three webmasters and all the things that we do.
It's come up on $20,000 on this new film I'm producing.
It's not out yet.
But all the other films are excellent, and we do need your support.
I rarely ask for your support.
Number one, they're good videos.
They're great videos.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, is really the preeminent 9-11 film that many experts have pointed out, and it's been lauded.
Because it doesn't just cover 9-11.
It shows you the history of governments blowing up buildings, killing people, blowing up ships, government documents admitting why they do it, to blame it on enemies.
Because, see, 50, 60, 100, 200 years later, governments will come right out and admit they blew stuff up.
So, see, we have all these admissions.
So we show people all these admissions.
And then we get into Operation Northwoods.
And then we get into the first World Trade Center bombing in Oklahoma City on September 11th.
And that's why it's so convincing.
And then the last, it's almost three hours long, 170 minutes long.
Then the last 20 minutes or so, we get into the master plan of the New World Order, the control grid, what they're setting up.
I mean, you really get an education with this film.
I know a lot of you already have Road to Journey.
But if you don't have it, you really need it.
And then there's part two of Road to Journey.
It's mainly about 9-11 itself.
Road to Tyranny gives you the facts and covers more than most films do on September 11th, but Masters of Terror is a little over two hours long, and I'd say 70-80% of it is just about 9-11 itself.
Very detailed.
Hundreds of points.
So if you've got a real skeptic, give them Masters of Terror.
Some have said it's the best film.
Then there's Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
And Police State 3 Total Enslavement is 2 hours 44 minutes long, and it's really 4 or 5 films in one.
I keep saying 3 or 4.
I mean, who the globalists are, what the New World Order is, who the neocons are, the false left-right paradigm, what their master plan is, then Patriot Act 1 and 2, Victory Acts, Homeland Security, the Casual Society Control Grid, government-run white slavery rings.
It's like 4 or 5.
I mean, it really gives you the big picture of any of the films...
Police State 3 total enslavements, excellent.
The Courser's Police State 2000, black helicopters burning buildings, foreign troops attacking, fire shooting out, we're there with cameras interviewing police chiefs, throwing them out for attempted bribery, total bedlam.
I'm not kidding, folks.
I mean, I could mention all the stuff that's in Road to Tyranny.
Robots with shotguns walking around in Central Texas, Special Forces troops, cars blowing up, helicopters flying around.
That's five minutes of the film.
I mean, folks, I've been to these urban warfare drills.
I've been to all this stuff.
I've witnessed them do fake terror alerts in Austin.
You just got to get these videos.
It takes hours to describe what's in them.
I can't do it.
Everybody who's seen my films, you know I jam-pack them.
Jam-pack them.
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All right.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, let me just try to calm down a bit, because I get very upset about this Ward Churchill thing.
Let me take a delicious drink of coffee and try to just briefly explain why I'm so angry about this.
Not just for the reasons you're angry about it, but from a deeper research of Ward Churchill.
And I'm not saying I know it all.
I just uniquely, this is what I do, I study this stuff all the time, and I actually, there's something about this guy that two years ago I began researching him quietly.
I get feelings about people.
I got a feeling about Schwarzenegger many years ago.
I had a bad feeling about Ward Churchill, and then I had a chance to see him here in Austin and then read one of his books.
I don't want to spend all day on him.
He's just one more what floating around in the latrine.
I'm sorry to use that analogy, but he deserves that.
I want to slap him upside the head, but I wouldn't do that because I'm a nonviolent person.
He's an arrogant punk.
You know, sometimes I might seem like a bully, but that's just because I get angry and upset about what's happening.
But Ward Churchill came to town and gave a speech, and he went on a show, Veterans for Peace, with Don Darling here locally.
Really nice guy.
Naval captain, sub-rescue commander.
I mean, did a lot of classified stuff he can't get into.
Just a real hero, a really good guy.
And he speaks out against the New World Order, and it's really woken up to a lot of stuff.
And I turn on the TV, and there's Ward Churchill on TV.
With Don Darling.
He's being really mean to him.
Talking down to him.
He's like 6'6", 6'7".
Maybe taller.
He's like an NBA basketball player.
And he's in his face on his own show.
Going, no, you're full of it.
It's a war.
America's got to go down.
America's evil.
Blah, blah, blah.
And I already researched him.
So I'm like, this guy is just evil.
He has that aura.
He's a megalomaniac.
And, you know, his spirit isn't right.
You know, whereas he may look fair, but he felt foul.
To use a Lord of the Rings analogy.
And so then I researched him a little bit more, and I read this essay everybody's talking about, where he says, ah, they're all little Adolph Eichmanns in the towers, and, you know, they all deserve to die because, you know, they're the technocrats that helped.
And I just thought about all those firefighters, all of those police, but they're not, they signed on for danger.
It's bad enough.
But the little ladies, you know, who went in as secretaries, and the people there, you know, the guy working on the lights, and the woman who was the janitor, and
They died.
Just, you know, all those people, and then all the CEOs were out of the building, literally, at a meeting with Warren Buffett out of Moffett Air Force Base in Nebraska, and Bush flies in.
I mean, it's so obvious.
And, you know, all of this has happened.
And he's saying that, so what?
Yeah, they deserve to die, and Al-Qaeda are these big heroes.
Well, this is it in a nutshell.
The guy's got to be an agent.
And basically, he's setting things up for future race war in America, and he's legitimizing a kind of red terror in America, something the globalists will control, for the fake left counter-revolution that will come in after Bush is out of office.
And it's going to be bad.
But the worst thing he does is legitimize in the minds of millions of so-called liberals that Al-Qaeda is independent and that Al-Qaeda is heroic when they are properly called Al-CIA.
And I had the former head of the CIA's analyst group in the 1980s on yesterday saying Bin Laden's CIA and our government is probably going to carry out terror attacks.
There are hundreds of academics and professors saying the government carried it out.
Do you see them in AP and Reuters?
Oh no, you don't see them in the news.
How dare this academic say the government's behind it?
Fire them!
Oh no, they don't give attention.
They give attention to Ward Churchill with this horribly evil statement that is on par, perhaps even worse, than, yeah, them Iraqis are subhumans.
Kill them all.
Nuke Fallujah.
Yeah, they're not humans.
Torture them.
They deserve it.
I feel the same rage against Churchill that I feel against Wiener and all the rest of them on the other side of this false debate.
But notice, Wiener is an old dirty beatnik from the 60s.
You know, a top... I mean, you ought to read his writings, folks.
A top little commie organizer, you know, in the 60s.
And just like the neocons are all Trotskyites who couldn't take over.
Quote, they became conservatives.
They don't even say it's a communist conspiracy.
These international crime cartels take control of any movement they can.
And so it's just so clear what's going on here.
And so the left's being conditioned that mass murder of innocents in America is good.
And then the rights being conditioned at the mass murder and the imperial attacks against other countries is good.
And across the board, we're all having our moral compasses crushed, smashed, and we're being lowered to the level of...
Of Nazis.
Oh, you think the Nazis felt like they were killing animals?
The Nazis thought they were fighting for their right.
You know, they thought they were... It's the same thing.
Well, Ward Churchill, all these people deserve to die.
You know, they're Nazis.
They're not human.
See how that works?
And... Oh, I've got so many other points.
There's so many facets to this.
And it's very, very dangerous.
It's very, very scary.
We're going to go to Abel and Robert and Mike and everybody.
We're going to go to you.
I want to go to John first because I think I mentioned John.
I think he was able to get in.
This is the same John from Ohio who I talked about earlier who called in when we were talking about Tony Blakely saying arrest...
You know, I think a lot of what you do is great, but then I'm absolutely crestfallen when I hear you use the same kind of straw man tar brushing that you resent.
Yes, Alex.
And I think that...
I don't know this character, Ward Churchill, and if what you say is what he actually said, I would have the same kinds of sentiments.
I've got his quotes right here.
Okay, but I'm not questioning that, but I'm saying that the genuine left, I'm an unaffiliated leftist, I consider myself, the real left, the socialists like WSWS.org or Workers.org... Okay, Workers.com, why don't you...
They have the same view of the U.S.
attack on Yugoslavia.
They have the same view that you have of Al-Qaeda.
I say that rather than...
Use this kind of calumny against them.
I think that that is divisive.
And I believe other people.
Well, let me tell you, I know a lot of socialists, and they just love al-Qaeda, and they just think it's a great hero.
I have an instinct.
They don't understand that it's al-CIA.
Well, WSWS.org believes that it is al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is CIA.
They believe that the 9-11 attacks were complicit with the American government.
They've written articles along these lines.
Well, do you see then how Churchill is being used as an example, saying those poor secretaries and people deserve to die?
I agree with you entirely.
He's probably an agent.
But I also believe, and I have an instinct, that these characters like this J. Smith that is constantly on your program.
You know something?
Hey, John, the communists were a creation of a globalist.
Patrick Smith's doing a great job exposing it.
You need to realize that your own commie movement is controlled by the bankers.
Are you saying that you're going to suddenly join the neocons when they attack Chavez in Venezuela?
Hey, what are you talking about?
Listen, I listen to Pastor Smith's program.
It's not even on this network.
I listen to it when I'm out driving around at night because it's on a station.
I can hear it.
And he exposes the neocons.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Thanks for the call.
You need to wake up and grow up.
Abel in Nevada.
Go ahead, Abel.
Yeah, you were talking about the mind control the other day.
There was a book called The Hidden Persuaders written in the late 50s.
And who was it?
It was Curtis Schaefer said that, if I can quote from him real fast, it's only going to take about 15 seconds, says, The ultimate achievement of biocontrol may be the control of man himself.
The controlled subjects would never be permitted to think as individuals...
A few months after birth, a surgeon would equip each child with a socket mounted under the scalp and the electrodes reaching selected areas of the brain tissue, and the child's sensory perceptions and muscular activity could be either modified or completely controlled by bioelectrical signals.
Aldous Huxley talked about that in 1962 at Berkeley.
He'd been in the laboratories and seen it.
This book was written in 1957, and this is a book about how advertisers just get...
Just advertising.
Well, you don't need the socket interface because the TV interfaces through the optic nerve into the brain.
Well, they were probably behind on technology back then, but that, you know... Well, it's an automatic interface.
It's what you could call a wireless interface when you watch TV.
Right, right, exactly.
So, I mean, for people who say, oh, this is, you know, a bunker, this is just brand new, they've been working on it for years.
Huxley, folks, his brother ran the UN program in 62, said in 60 that he was in secret labs in England and saw wireheads.
Right, right.
And Philip K. Dick didn't invent that term.
I just want to make that point, and thanks for your show.
All right, I appreciate the call, sir.
Excellent point.
Send me a copy of that book, or Xerox copies of the pages.
Robert in Colorado, welcome, sir.
Good morning, Alan.
Welcome to the home of the pig goblin, Ward Churchill.
You know, I never even heard of him until two weeks ago.
He's new to me, so I guess you're more into him than I am.
Well, he's a piece of work.
What's on your mind?
Oh, several things.
Number one, two great shows the past two days, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Your guests were excellent.
The transhumanist from Tuesday, he scared me.
I think he basically wants to put a chip on everybody.
Oh, he said everyone will have to have a chip.
You didn't hear that?
He said, oh, yes, yes, you'll have to go along with the rest of us.
You can't hold us up.
Yeah, and I don't think he realized what he was saying, so he was scary, but at any rate.
And the guy yesterday was very good also.
Oh, I got that little remark you made yesterday about Janet Reno.
I think you called her Butch.
Is that correct?
That made a window where everybody else was there, but I caught it.
Have you had a chance to read Vaccine A by Gary Montemoto yet?
No, I haven't.
Oh, man, please do.
It's a great book.
It talks about anthrax vaccinations and how deadly they are.
Well, that's now admitted.
I mean, it's not even debatable.
Yeah, exactly.
He did his research on the great book.
I'm about halfway through it.
If you get a chance, pick it up.
I'd love to hear him on your show.
It's a great book.
And I guess that's all I have.
Keep up the good work and enjoy the series.
All right.
Vaya con Dios.
Bienvenidos, my friend.
We'll be back with Mike and Tangy and everybody else on the other side and a ton of other news.
Don't let them dehumanize you, folks.
All human life is sacred, whether it's an unborn baby or an Iraqi.
Thank you.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
It's mission possible to defend humanity from the order of death.
The New World Order.
We're about to go to Mike and Tangi and many others.
Let me just say one more thing about Ward Churchill.
You know, coming out, no, Al-Qaeda's heroic.
People deserve to die in the towers.
They were little Adolf Eichmanns.
That's a Pentagon plan.
Even if he doesn't know he's following it, P2OG is meant to make Al-Qaeda heroes overseas, radicalize the Muslims, get them to fight back so the globalists have a pretext to go in and invade.
And so, you know, Al-CIA didn't do the Arabs any favor carrying out 9-11.
That was the pretext for this invasion.
But see how the phony left helped set this up and promote it.
Meanwhile, demonizing anybody who's against the war.
Oh, you must be with that Ward Churchill who says Al-Qaeda, you know, was defending.
It's just so sick.
All right, let's talk to Mike in California.
Go ahead, sir.
Good morning, Alex.
I've been on the show many times.
I just have three things.
One, on your show, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, I have a copy of that, and I'm making copies of it for non-profitable purposes, but to many other people where I live, because it's a conservative city where I live, San Diego, but they tell me that, oh, they come back to me and give me this footage, oh, so by 2020 we'll have the microchip inside of us, but you're exposing it as of today.
Now we see microchips in the first family, as we saw in your 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny,
What are your thoughts on that?
A brief little opinion on that.
When do you think we will actually be as Americans stabled into the microchip society?
After the globalists carry out nuke attacks and have national drafts and get us even under more control.
It's a long way away.
It's already starting with old people and some prisoners and they're making some of the military take it.
But it's just going to get progressively worse over the next 10-15 years.
And two more things.
One quick thing is that, oh, how can I dodge the draft if the draft was to come back?
Because I'm 17 now, and I just turned 17 in September.
Let me try to answer that question.
Thanks for the call.
They're making deals with Mexico, deals with Canada, already made it with Canada, Pan American Union, where they will extradite you back to serve.
And, you know, again, folks, this isn't even a declared war.
So it's not even dodging the draft.
This is a criminal war.
And you've got a bunch of draft dodgers in there that are not going to make you go serve in their army and then give you experimental vaccines and make you breathe and bleed uranium?
Just on those reasons right there, that's cruel and unusual torture you should refuse.
And if enough people refuse, they can't put everybody in jail.
They can just try to persecute a few people, like Muhammad Ali or something, prominent people, to scare everybody else into going along with it.
Tangi in Georgia, you're on the air.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, I can.
Can you hear me?
Yes, I wanted to say I've been studying Ward Churchill for a while, and I wanted to correct you on something.
When he was referring to the Little Eichmanns, he explicitly said he was not referring to the policemen, the firemen.
Look, I've got his quotes here from Reuters in his press conference.
He said he doesn't apologize that the people who died in there were the technocrats.
He is not referring to the firemen.
Well, he may be backing off what he said now, but I have the original quotes.
And let me add something else here.
He's saying Al-Qaeda was fighting against the evil America.
Al-Qaeda is CIA.
It empowered this war, and any idiot knows that.
Do you understand how destructive that is, saying Al-Qaeda's good?
No, he never... And that's another... Oh, it's another... That's another falsehood about... Oh, really?
He said they were responding... He does not...
And I've read his work.
He does not promote violence.
What he's making a point is that they are pushing back as far as, you know, the atrocities that we're committing throughout the world.
People, not just Al-Qaeda, but... Yeah, that's what he said, the 9-11 attacks.
People, they're pushing back, essentially, for what we've done to them.
Oh, so you think Al-Qaeda's real and it really carried out the attacks?
No, I think Al-Qaeda is a CIA creation.
And I believe Ward Churchill believes that too.
But at some point... Whatever.
Stay there.
Stay there.
You can keep being an apologist if you want.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we ended the last hour with this Tangy from Georgia disagreeing with me about Ward Churchill, this professor's comments.
And then Tangy hung up.
I said, hold, please stay there.
We're going to come back and talk to you.
He hung up.
And he was saying, well, Ward Churchill, you know, just says they're pushing back.
He didn't really say Al-Qaeda.
I've got his essay right here.
Some people push back.
And he says, quote, the hijackers mounted counterattacks in the face of hostile U.S.
policy in the Middle East in a campaign against Iraq through the trade sanctions imposed after the first Cold War.
And he went on to compare the World Trade Center victims in saying that they were not innocent
Calling them little Eichmanns, that's a quote that's referred to the German World War II war criminal Adolf Eichmann.
True enough, this is a quote, they were civilians of a sort, he wrote, but innocent?
Give me a break.
They formed the technocratic core of the very heart of American global financial empire.
And I've actually got a copy of the essay right here.
So don't, don't, don't, don't try to call in and say he didn't say that now that he's saying, I don't back off what I said, but then he kind of starts backing off a little.
Now, again, you understand Al-Qaeda is CIA.
They didn't carry out the attacks.
Had these al-Qaeda members who thought they were part of drills, who got on board the aircraft, gas was released, they killed everybody on board and remote-controlled them into the buildings.
Now that's what I have from all my sources and all the evidence.
And so when you get up there and go, oh, al-Qaeda's a hero, or al-Qaeda's fighting back, and that's what Churchill's in essence said, oh, they're pushing back, they're fighting back against the evil.
You play into the whole Pentagon P2OG plan,
Of building up al-Qaeda as heroes in the Middle East, getting Muslims to follow them, to then create crises so the globalists can go in.
I mean, how is it good for the Arabs to blow up some buildings that have the wrath of the New World Order come down on them?
That's stupid.
We have the analysts, the experts, the CIA people on to tell you, yes, the government's behind it.
That's the evidence.
That's the facts.
And you just can't get it.
The left wants to see Al-Qaeda as heroes, and that's how sick you are.
Just like the phony right wants to say the Iraqis are subhuman, let's torture them.
And across the board, we're turning into a bunch of thugs here.
And I'm told, I know we've got loaded phones, but I always go to those that disagree.
Rick in Nevada, you go to the front of the line.
There's another Rick in Nevada.
He doesn't disagree, but this one does.
Rick in Nevada, go ahead.
Hello, Alex, how are you?
I believe that the book Agents of Repression by Ward Churchill ought to be mandatory reading in the schools.
That book tells folks how to recognize agents, government agents, plants.
It's an excellent book.
Oh, yeah, that's just classic.
Well, if he's not a government agent, which I said I don't know if he is, but in my gut I think he is,
If he is, I mean, he's certainly helping the globalists going around saying Al-Qaeda acts alone and are attacking the evil Americans.
I mean, that's sick.
I agree that it's wrong to say that the folks in the World Trade Center deserve to die, especially the firemen and firefighters.
And it's not true.
But no one in there deserves to die.
I disagree with that.
Well, what he said is, give me a break.
They're not innocents.
They're not civilians.
You know, Al Qaeda striking back against the evil.
And that's ridiculous.
Al Qaeda didn't have NORAD stand down.
Al Qaeda didn't warn public officials not to fly.
Al Qaeda didn't have those drills that morning.
I mean, it's just not true.
Well, let me state that I have your full collection.
I give away the videos and CDs.
But on this agents of repression text, I mean, unless the guy has really lost some screws...
Well, you're not listening to me.
Listen, earlier I said that rat poison is 98% good food.
I'm not saying.
I said earlier the guy says a lot of stuff is true and good.
So does Michael Savage.
Don't you see what I'm saying?
I get you.
I just wanted to put out there that folks ought to study the man's work.
You want to talk some more?
I think that's good.
As part of their judgment of it.
Okay, thanks.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills.
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
September 11th.
The giant police state that's been set up in America and now projecting out across the globe hinges upon it.
It is the foundation.
But long before September 11th, the government was setting up its police state, its martial law, cashless society control grid, and their own policy reports from the Project for a New American Century and the Army and Naval War College, the RAND Corporation, and a hundred others were all saying, the CFR Commission, were all saying, we need terror attacks to imperially mobilize, using Brzezinski's comments, the American people behind this global warfare empire.
To mobilize the slaves, as we're called.
They even call us the slaves.
The mindless slaves.
Because they know you don't go out and read their policy reports.
How to control the chattel property.
And so there are now hundreds of thousands of people in America alone researching, posting to websites, researching hundreds that are really doing a good job of it.
And there are dozens and dozens of films, hundreds of books that have been, and pamphlets that have been written on the subject.
And what I do at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com is basically post everybody's views, everybody's ideas.
You'll find a lot of people that woke folks up and got other great researchers going don't even agree with their progeny.
In a lot of cases, the people that the forerunners and pioneers of exposing 9-11 spurred to wake up and become involved.
A lot of their, I guess, progeny, as I was saying, they don't agree with their predecessors.
But that doesn't matter.
It's about an open, free debate, looking at the evidence, debating it, going over it.
And it's clear.
If you research 9-11, what we can prove is their official story is absolutely false.
It is a fraud.
It is impossible.
There is a better chance of fire ants in my backyard building a spaceship and flying to Europa.
Being sarcastic.
Than there is of what we're told on 9-11 happening.
And people from a cave doing what they supposedly did.
Having NORAD stand down, having drills the morning of 9-11, having modern steel buildings collapse, public officials being warned not to fly, CIA insider put options...
The money men for Al-Qaeda meeting with the House and Senate intelligence heads on the morning of the 9-11 at the Capitol, Bush Sr.
meeting with the head of the bin Laden family, the Karloff Group function, flying the bin Ladens out of the country, flying Al-Qaeda and the Arab leaders out of Afghanistan days before it fell, our government.
All of this, it's clear, we know what happened.
It's clear that the hijackers were government ops, thinking they were part of a drill, who got on board those airplanes that morning, and subsequently then, pressure was lost in the planes, the people were incapacitated or killed, remote control took control, the planes were flown into the buildings.
Now that's what all the evidence points to, that's the, in the scientific method, you know, we know the government's behind it, you know, we know, quote, they committed the murder, you know, the cops know you did the murder.
You just won't give him the final, specific details.
All right?
And with us for this hour, and hopefully into the next hour, because I even canceled the guest we had set up a week ago, the third hour, so you can hopefully stay with us, is a gentleman who I'm really impressed with the research he's done.
Really, it's preeminent on Building 7.
He's uncovered a lot of documents about the stand-down, about...
Rumsfeld taking control of the shoot-down orders a few months before 9-11.
Cheney in the bunker.
He really hones in on the stuff we can prove.
What I've been on since day one, what I think is the smoking guns.
Now, I'm undecided on the Pentagon.
I'm undecided on pods.
I'm undecided on all that.
I just don't go there.
And we've had guests on about it, but I don't focus on it.
It's not my main focus.
We post it all.
My main focus is on bombs in the buildings, is on the implosions, is on the put options, is on the public officials being warned not to fly, is on the prior knowledge in and around New York, which even MSNBC and New York Daily News admits people were warned not to go to work.
Haratz admits that Otago called its employees and said, get out of the building.
That's Haratz out of Israel.
That's the stuff that will bring the globalists down.
Northwoods can bring them down.
PNAT can bring them down.
I focus on that, about 50 other things, and that's what I've noticed Jim focuses in on.
I appreciate him holding during this diatribe, but just because Jim disagrees with some people that we have on this show, that's not bad, and they disagree with him.
It's about having a debate, like you have in a university.
It's about a discussion of the ideas.
It isn't about one group saying, you either go with my line, or you're anathema, or you're a heretic, or go with their line and you're evil, or go with my line, or you're bad.
We need to get past the orthodoxy.
And I know we've got loaded phone lines.
Your calls are coming up.
And any issue you bring up, we'll tie back into 9-11.
Because our whole world, the course we're on, is being charted with it as the excuse.
But Jim, of course, has written for Science News, Scientific American, Science Digest, Nature, Journal of Nature, Software Engineer, and Research Scientist.
And he didn't wake up to 9-11 until 2003!
But he's certainly made up for it in his research and the great findings that he's brought to the giant accumulated body of evidence.
And we have something the globalists don't have.
They've got their 170 IQ eggheads in their think tanks, all compartmentalized, studying how to lie to us, how to cover up, how to manipulate.
They've got their propagandists.
But they're compartmentalized.
They've got to kind of keep wraps on things.
They have trouble responding to us.
They can't cover up all their lies.
Anything this big, they're going to get caught doing.
We're good to go.
And so the globalists are almost in a panic mode right now, admitting that we're winning the war, admitting that, quote, armies of conspiracy theorists are taking over, playing to the big room, as Vanity Fair said last year when they viciously attacked me in a cover story that I was in.
And here to talk about just all of this, and I appreciate you again holding to this five-minute diatribe, is Jim Hoffman.
Jim, good to have you on with us.
Thank you for that introduction.
Oh, you bet.
And your websites for folks that want to check them out?
Well, my main website is 9-11 Research.
The easiest way to find it is just to type 9-11 Research into Google.
It's 911research.wtc7.net.
Wtc7.net is specifically about the case of the implosion of World Trade Center Building 7 at 520 in the afternoon for no apparent reason.
It looks exactly like a controlled demolitions implosion.
This is a huge skyscraper, 47-story steel building, first case in history of an implosion of a steel frame building being blamed on fire.
And another website is 911review.com, in which I debunk some of the errors that are in the literature of 9-11 that have been used very successfully recently by mainstream articles.
Like most recently, there's an article in Popular Mechanics
That purports to debunk 9-11 myths.
And I would dub it the mother of all hit pieces.
Now, you've got an advanced copy, and we won't get into how, but you're not obviously publishing it until it comes out next week because, you know, you don't want to scoop them on their own story.
But you have written a detailed analysis of it.
We have a link to that on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com in case folks can't find it in your labyrinthine websites.
In fact, the...
I've had such a great response to this critique that it's come right up to the top of Google.
So if you type in, in quotes, popular mechanics and then 9-11 or...
Have you had time to add my comments because I talked to the reporters?
No, I'm sorry I didn't.
I will do that in the future.
Maybe you can talk a little bit about your treatment by the people preparing this article.
That way it's on the record for your article.
I'll be glad to do that.
That's what I want to talk about.
I could write my own analysis of it, but I think you've done a good job
I mean, really, because what you wrote in the article meshes with what I got talking to these goons.
Well, let's go over the article and go over your analysis of it.
Okay, well, the basic approach of the article is to set up a straw man.
A straw man argument is where you create a kind of a fictitious...
Um, target to attack, and then you tear it down.
And what they do is... You don't attack real evidences that are indisputable.
Although the article pretends that it does.
The article's very dramatic, and it pretends... It gives the impression through its graphic layout and...
The way that it seems to be taking on the issue, the photographs that it has and so forth, that it is attacking the main issues that 9-11 skeptics bring up.
And it does go around some of the main issues like the demolition of the World Trade Center, but when you actually look at the article, what it does is it brings up mostly red herring issues, and then it brings up a few valid issues, but only some peripheral ones, and then it uses invalid arguments against those.
So it's very much this kind of straw man operation where they set up this
And then tear it down and never give you a hint of what the real breadth of... Let's start with the cover.
It's a huge cover that says... Tell folks about the propaganda there.
Oh, well, one thing that's interesting, it's the cover story.
So the entire cover is taken up.
There's a picture of Ground Zero, and it says in big, a huge font, 9-11 lies.
And I think that itself is very interesting.
It's like people know that 9-11 is a lie.
Because they know in major polls that most Americans think there's lies going on, so that's a selling point right there.
Yeah, it's a selling point.
And then in a much smaller font, it says debunking, and then it says conspiracy theories can't stand up to the hard facts.
But the main thing that you see on the cover is 9-11 lies.
So it keys into what people know.
And then it tries to attack the skeptics with all kinds of homonym attacks and so forth.
And it attacks me in the article.
Oh, yeah, yeah, several places in the article.
But the article has come up now on the website.
So they have the text of the main article on the Popular Mechanics website.
I was surprised they published it so early.
Maybe they knew that the critique of it had come out.
But the online edition doesn't have the editor's notes where he delivers some of the most mean-spirited insults against the 9-11 truth movement.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Stay there.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Stay with us, folks.
We're good to go.
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9-11, the pretext for world government, world police state.
We're talking to software engineer and research scientist written for multiple major publications like the Journal of Nature and Scientific Digest and Scientific American.
Continuing, though, no, you're right.
They don't normally, and I've checked out Popular Mechanics, they don't normally post their text articles until a few weeks after the magazine goes on shelves, so they sell more.
Very unusual, when the magazine hasn't even hit store shelves yet, it'll hit next week, to already have the text report up, and I would imagine that's to counter
Your expert analysis of their piece.
Yeah, oh, that's interesting.
Yeah, I didn't know.
I was very surprised to see it so early.
And it's also interesting that when you go to the homepage of Popular Mechanics, the page is talking about the PM blog as if, oh, they're hip, they're on the Internet now.
You know, it's like they're playing this catch-up game.
It's really interesting.
That's ridiculous.
Now, I want to get more into the hit piece, and then I want to get into the 9-11 itself.
But you notice how they go after myself.
And I told you this, and I hope you add it to your article.
This is important.
You talk about Straw Man.
They had different reporters call me, and the reporters sounded so weird out of the hundreds of interviews I've done.
And I've been interviewed by the New York Times, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, you name it.
You know, American Legion.
I mean, it just goes on and on.
I thought it was fake.
The reporters, they would say, what about Building 7?
And I'd go, okay, well, what's your evidence?
And I go, well, Larry Silverstein says that they, you know, pulled it, and they told reporters to get back, we're going to pull it, and it wasn't, you know, hit by anything, it had some small fire.
Well, we don't want to talk about that.
Did you see the bombs?
Well, of course I didn't see the bombs.
Well, and then, well, you wrote an article saying there were seismic spikes.
And I go, what article?
They pointed out an article one of our writers wrote about an American Free Press article and an American Free Press article, and I said, well, it says American Free Press, it has a link,
You know, but they told me the web address.
I pulled up the article on my site.
I said, you know I didn't write that.
And they go, well, we called the seismologist, and we asked if you interviewed him.
And they said, no.
And I said, did you ask him if American Free Press did?
And they go, no.
And I said, I go, right there, you're trying to do a hit piece.
And I used the term.
I said, that's a straw man.
And I called their editor, and he called me back, and he said, okay, we're not going to put that in there.
But they still kind of did in a way.
Your comments?
Oh, so their technique is to zoom in on the few issues that are not valid ones.
Now, the idea that there were seismic spikes that corresponded to the start of the collapses of the Twin Towers, I think is an invalid point.
It's an easy mistake to make, but when I actually did the analysis with the timing of these spikes, the spikes occur over about a five to seven second period.
The large spikes, and they correspond to the time that the rubble
I think we're good.
To address the World Trade Center demolition, for which there are numerous pieces of evidence, rather than address any of those pieces... They don't focus on the concrete stuff.
Yeah, they find the one piece of invalid evidence that they can, and then focus on that.
But even on this questionable piece, they don't go right to the source of the article.
They call someone that posted it, and then to get a false report...
They call and say, did prisonwinant.com interview you, when clearly it said the name of the newspaper.
So do you see others' wheels within wheels?
Oh, yeah.
Go ahead.
So they ignore the many valid points that are much stronger points about demolition.
Well, let's talk about the Twin Towers.
They ignore the fact that the...
There's a whole science to this.
In fact, I have video of them blowing up Las Vegas hotels similar to Building 7, and you see how they blow out one of the central columns first,
Then they blow out the others to make it all fall in a small pile.
And it has to be done with hundreds, if not thousands, of individual explosive charges placed against the supporting columns of the building.
And those charges have to be set off with exact timing.
And if there's even maybe a second or two mistake in the timing, it could cause the entire building to topple.
Yeah, a lot of times they try to control demolitions that don't work.
They have to go back in.
And if they don't, you know, if you have a tall structure in an urban setting with other buildings next to it and the building topples, that's a huge amount of damage.
I'm sure you're familiar with the demolitions they've tried to do before, though, where it doesn't come down.
Oh, no, I'm not familiar with those, no.
Yeah, there's been quite a few cases where they put the controlled demolitions in and then some of them don't go off.
They have to go in and reset them, yeah.
And so they completely ignore the really compelling evidence about the demolitions.
The vast clouds of dust.
I mean, the Twin Towers.
People, you can probably remember that lower Manhattan was just blanketed with a layer of dust because the 90,000 tons of concrete that was in the floor slabs of these buildings was thoroughly converted to fine, mostly microscopic dust
With a particle diameter less than 100 microns.
I mean, if it would have collapsed on its own, it would have been in big chunks, not pulverized and exploded outward.
We'll be back with a long segment.
Stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Folks, in the computer from months ago, I've got the clips of the firefighters saying it looked like there were bombs.
You see them going down, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Dan Rather saying it looked like well-placed dynamite in Building 7.
I have Silverstein saying they pulled it.
I have that clip.
I mean, I have all these clips, and we're going to be playing those.
In fact, do you have that Silverstein clip ready?
Here it is.
Here's Silverstein from the PBS documentary America Rebuilding.
Here it is.
World Trade Center 7 had always been considered the starting point for rebuilding.
Located north of the slurry wall, 7 had been cleared faster than the rest of the site, and there had been no bodies to recover.
Pelted by debris when the North Tower collapsed, 7 burned until late afternoon, allowing occupants to evacuate to safety.
I remember getting a call from the fire department commander telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire.
I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life.
Maybe the smallest thing to do is pull.
And they made that decision to pull.
And then we watched the building collapse.
So, again, that's Larry Silverstein talking.
We're talking, of course, right now to Jim Hoffman.
Okay, do you want to talk about Building 7 first?
Yeah, let's... I mean, wherever you want to start, sure.
Okay, so with Building 7, they have...
The Popular Mechanics article sets up 16 points which they want to make you believe are accepted by all 9-11 skeptics, as if there's nothing else important except these 16 points, and about half of them are invalid.
But they have one point on Building 7, and they only go into it peripherally.
They say that they use a quote from a website that says, the video clearly shows that it was not a collapsed subsequent to fire, but rather a controlled demolition.
But it doesn't tell you where the video is at.
You can look at WTC7.net and see, I have three videos that very clearly show the building undergoing a precise controlled demolition style collapse where the building just sinks with precise verticality into its footprint and leaves a small pile of rubble.
But what they don't tell you in the article, they just leave that assertion out there and then they bring in their NIST expert that gives this bizarre explanation that, oh, if one column failed, the whole section would collapse.
Now, even the experts they quote the first few weeks were, yes, steel melted, and then later, when all the scientific studies show that it was, you know, a thousand degrees cooler at the minimum for it even to get red and start weakening, then they go, okay, it...
It didn't melt.
It just weakened and then all just fell apart.
So they're changing their story, too.
So the article accuses 9-11 skeptics of saying that the official theory has the fires melting the steel when that story was trotted out by the experts.
Oh, yeah.
There's an article...
On BBC, where this structural engineer, Chris Weiss, is saying that the fire's melted to steel.
Well, if you look at the melting point of steel, which is 1535 degrees Celsius, it's about 700 degrees Celsius higher than the maximum temperature that you can possibly get by burning.
Any kind of hydrocarbon in an open flame, like in a building fire, without systematic preheating or pressurization of the air.
If you don't have a blast furnace that has that kind of pressurized air or whatever, you can't get much above 800 degrees Celsius with a hydrocarbon fire.
And if it's a diffuse fire, not the kind of blue flame that you have on a stove, it's much cooler yet.
Now, you might have a...
And then fall perfectly.
And then fall perfectly into its footprint, yeah.
But anyway, so back to Building 7.
They don't mention the three critical facts, which are, one, the building collapsed in a precisely vertical fashion.
If you look in the videos, it's just amazing.
The alignment of the outer wall doesn't even deviate a degree or so within the first five seconds of the collapse.
Secondly, it collapses almost at the rate of free fall.
Now, you can calculate how fast it would take a brick falling from the top.
Building 7 fell as fast as a bowling ball.
Oh, just about as fast.
Within a half a second of the time it would take
And why don't we see the penthouse collapse first?
Well, apparently that's because they took out the central columns ahead of the perimeter of the building.
Which they always do, so it falls in on its own.
Yeah, with a tall building like that, it's quite an engineering challenge to bring such a tall steel structure down into its footprint.
So what they do is they take out the core structure, they take out the core columns of the building just slightly ahead of the exterior, and what happens is the core starts to fall, and then it pulls in the outer parts of the building, so that what you get when the building falls is that the rubble pile...
You see the outer walls of the building kind of folding in and lying on top of the rest of the building.
And if you look at photographs of the remains of Building 7, that's precisely what you see.
And unlike the Twin Towers, which were just spewed all over the place, the remains, Building 7, the rubble pile was almost entirely lying and piled up on the block.
This building occupied a whole city block, and it was straddled an electrical substation.
It's almost entirely consolidated within that block.
And now, notice they were talking in that clip about that no one was believed killed in Building 7.
Well, if this was the first case of a steel-framed building that imploded on itself supposedly because of fire, shouldn't that have warranted a careful investigation?
And yet, what they did with the entirety of Ground Zero, including Building 7, is that they sealed off the area and started carting away the steel immediately, apparently without any...
I think so.
But anyway, going to the Twin Towers, the Twin Towers are often described as implosions also because you see the buildings fell straight down, maintaining symmetry and just falling straight down.
But instead of imploding on themselves, a more accurate way of describing it is that they exploded.
Because if you look at what happened, the collapse started near the top, actually a little bit above where the crash zones were.
The buildings just started shattering
And then evolving these huge mushrooming clouds of dust that just were growing at an explosive rate.
The buildings are so large that you don't get a sense of how fast those dust clouds were growing.
But you can measure them in the videos.
And the radius of these clouds was growing at a rate of 50 to 80 feet per second.
And so by the time they got to the ground, these rubble clouds
We're good.
I think so.
There are hundreds of images of Ground Zero, even though they attempted to suppress people from taking photographs of it.
Yeah, they said, no, don't take photographs.
Because they don't want there to be any evidence.
But there is enough surviving evidence that you can look at it, and you can't find any recognizable objects other than the steel skeleton and the skeletons and the aluminum cladding of the metallic components.
And most of those are even unrecognizable.
Like, every single floor on these buildings
had these steel corrugated floor pans, which were large, flat pieces of steel, and the concrete was poured on, the floor slabs were poured on these pans.
But you don't even see any big sections of these pans.
I mean, if the pancake theory were correct,
And the floors were panicking down.
You should have a pile of platters, you know, a pile of these.
Instead, the blue Tower 1 and 2 from the top down, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, with Building 7 with the classical demolition blowing up the bottom.
From the bottom up, yeah.
So they were very... In fact, we even got video stills where you zoom in on 7 and you zoom in on other buildings and you can clearly see the explosions following down as it collapses.
Yeah, and one of the really interesting features in the collapses of the towers is that there are these things, these high-velocity energetic ejections of gas and dust that are called squibs.
And you see these little things ejecting about 10 stories below the zone of complete destruction.
And you see this when they blow up Las Vegas hotels.
Yeah, you see squids, although they're not as energetic.
They're more like little kind of blunt puffs of dust.
But in the case of the towers, you see these really energetic squids coming out and shooting out about 100 feet from the... Well, I've seen some controlled demolitions where the squids are even bigger.
Yeah, well, there's so many ways that you can do controlled demolitions.
One thing that people often don't understand is they see Building 7 and they think, oh, they see that that's a controlled demolition because they've seen other controlled demolitions and that's what it looks like.
But the towers look completely different.
And I've seen the...
The specious argument that, oh, that can't be a controlled demolition because a controlled demolition is from the bottom up.
Well, of course you can engineer a demolition in any of a million ways.
You can have the explosion starting from the top or starting from the bottom or you can have large explosions or small ones or, you know, or
You know, there's any of a number of ways they did it.
No, I mean, I bought a bunch of the videos they sell on TV of buildings being blown up.
And they've got all different types, where it starts at the top, where it starts at the bottom.
But then when you see these office buildings or hotels, the style of seven, they like to do that crimping where they blow one of the middle or off from the middle, off center, so it all collapses in on one area.
Yeah, what's so interesting about...
What happened to the World Trade Center complex is the way that... See, the towers were part of the 16-block superblock, and they were surrounded by low-rise buildings that were part of the World Trade Center complex.
And they blew up, and they just rained all this heavy debris on the adjacent low-rise buildings and largely crushed them.
Like, half of World Trade Center 4 was completely crushed.
World Trade Center 3, the Marriott Hotel, was about half crushed.
There was a big hole in World Trade Center 6 from the falling debris of the North Tower.
But still they didn't fall.
And still they didn't fall.
And think of it.
And you've got to be at ground zero to realize how far away 7 is.
I mean, you've got Bankers Trust and all the other buildings right up against the South Tower.
Buildings fall into them and they don't collapse.
Yeah, so all the buildings that were totally destroyed on 9-11 all had a World Trade Center address.
So all the buildings in the main block were just totaled by this.
The towers were blown up, and then the debris that rained down crushed... The only stuff owned by Silverstein gets destroyed.
Yeah, and the only other building that was destroyed was one that had a World Trade Center address, but was on a block across the street.
It's across Vesey Street to the north of the World Trade Center complex.
And so they use an implosion on that building so that they don't destroy the adjacent Verizon and U.S.
Post Office buildings.
How interesting.
And by the way, Building 7 is falling with these big buildings.
I mean, literally 50 feet from them, folks.
I've stood there.
And so you've got another building in fires falling right there, and then these buildings hardly get damaged.
You're right.
So how interesting that all the buildings that had the same owner, that had the same insurer, that were part of the same insurance policy, were all totaled.
But anyway, back to the point about the crushing of these adjacent buildings.
We're supposed to believe that, like in the case of the North Tower, that 15 floors of this lightweight construction, these are 100% steel-framed buildings.
Now, if you...
That's something that, if you see the buildings blowing up, you think, gosh, these masonry buildings, all this pulverized dust and everything.
No, these are over-engineered buildings.
All buildings like this have to be over-engineered.
These buildings had to withstand 140 mile an hour crosswinds.
Hurricane force winds, and they have to withstand probably magnitude... They were designed to take multiple large passenger jet impacts.
Yeah, yeah.
And with the largest plane of the era they were built was the 707340.
And another misconception is that the 767s were jumbo jets.
But if you actually compare a 767-200 to a 707340, they're almost identical in size.
They're so much bigger.
I mean, a 767 is a little bit heavier.
But it has a slower cruise speed, so a typical collision would actually involve less force with the 757 than with the... These aren't jumbo jets.
These are just passenger planes.
Yeah, they have a slightly wider body, but they only have a seating capacity of about 160 or so.
Now, I want to, when we come back, play some more clips of newscasts and things, and then I want to get into other areas of 9-11 that are really important evidence, and then, of course, take some phone calls, but...
And, of course, Jim's going to stay with us some of the next hour.
We're going to get into some other news items from around the country and the world.
But, Jim, we've got a funeral coming up this weekend in Austin, and I'm going to be attending it, and I'm going to put a plug in for folks to come to the funeral.
So I'm going to put you on hold, and then we're going to go to break, and we'll come right back to you.
Okay, thank you.
Okay, Jim?
Thanks a million.
We're going to come back with Jim Hoffman after this quick break.
Right now, my good friend Stuart, who helped us build a home for a veteran when they were going to bulldoze his...
His house, Jocum Panum, we did that successfully.
Then we built a memorial church for all those that died at Waco.
And the chief engineer that donated just...
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of his hours to help build the memorial church at Waco.
I told you about how he went in and had surgery and then got some type of infection.
They said he'd die in 24 hours.
He actually lived another four days.
But he did die over the weekend.
George Pulliam and his memorial service and funeral is going to be this Saturday at 1 p.m.
Stuart, tell us about it.
All right, great.
It's going to be 1 o'clock Saturday at Cook Walden.
That's at Wells Branch and I-35 north of Austin.
Cook Walden is on the service road just a little bit south of the Wells Branch Parkway.
His wife, Annelle, has requested an open mic so that anyone that wants to say something can say something.
And requested that it be videotaped.
And I do not have one.
If I have to rent one, I will.
But anybody out there that's going to attend that could bring a video camera, you know, if I can leave my phone number or something.
No, Stuart, it's no problem.
There'll be plenty of video cameras there.
I'll bring one.
Okay, great.
And she really, you know, George was an amazing guy.
You know, he was one of the guys that makes a difference.
You hear, like your show today, all these people who are fighting and arguing and
You know, just all this criminal activity.
George was a guy that made a difference.
He was a hero.
He's the guy that donated his time without...
Hesitation and without complaint.
Well, I'm going to be there this Saturday, and I will bring a camera, and I'm sure some other cameras will be there, Stuart.
For folks that just joined us again, they don't want, he didn't want anybody to wear suits to his funeral, so please don't dress up.
You know, just come in your work clothes or whatever.
That's what he asked.
And on top of that, give folks the address one more time.
It's cookwalden.com.
Funeral home at Wells Branch Parkway and I-35 North.
And that's 1 p.m.
this Saturday, Stuart.
this Saturday.
1 p.m.
Cookwalden, Wells Branch, and I-35.
All right.
Thanks a lot, Stuart.
Take care.
Thank you.
We'll come back with our guest, Jim Hoffman, and we will continue with the news and information and your phone calls.
Exposing 9-11.
It's not hard to do, folks.
It was a very sloppily done job.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
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All right, we're back live.
We're going to have Jim Hoffman with us into the next hour.
We'll take the calls.
We'll play some clips of firefighters saying I look like detonators and bombs.
And we have Silverstein saying they pulled it.
And I have another clip.
We're in the same video.
The head of engineering for New York goes, pull it means demolishing a building.
And he says we gave the order to pull it and watch it come down.
I mean, what else do you need, folks?
I mean, we have them admitting it.
And I've called Silverstein's office.
TV ads have been running in New York asking him, did you blow it up?
He won't respond.
Very suspicious.
We'll go back to Jim here in just one moment.
You know, I've made two films on 9-11, The Masters of Terror Exposed and 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
I also carry George Humphreys.
9-11, the...
Great Illusion and Eric Huffman's excellent video, 9-11 Painful Deceptions.
We have a package deal where you get all four of those videos, over nine hours of footage, and Paul Watson's 300-plus page book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsor Terror and the New World Order, for $59.95.
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Or, as I said, the secure shopping cart at Infowars.com or presentplanet.com.
That's 888-253-3139.
It's so important to take action.
It's so important to get these videos and to show them to people and to get them thinking and to tell them, go check out our evidence for yourself and realize the facts.
It's so important.
And my film, Road to Tyranny, is different from others because we spend 40 minutes on Oklahoma City.
We spend five minutes on the first World Trade Center bombing where the FBI cooked the bomb and trained the driver.
That's admitted.
We just cover all these different instances of government-sponsored terrorism, and that's why it's so effective.
Continuing with 9-11, there's a lot of different areas that prove we have controlled demolition in the buildings, but having Silverstein say this...
And having Giuliani say we were told to get out of the building and already running a drill that day, now it's admitted that FEMA was.
They tried to deny that when the FEMA person messed up on the nightly news and said they were.
I mean, there's so many points to this, but Silverstein won't respond to over a million dollars worth of ads running New York on TV and in print saying, hey, Silverstein, why'd you say this?
Why won't he respond?
Oh, I guess it's to his advantage not to.
One wonders why he would even say anything so incriminating.
But what's even more amazing is why it hasn't even been acknowledged in the mainstream media that there's even an issue here.
Because what's so incredible about it is that
No government agency has done anything but try to sell the official story that it was fire that brought down Building 7.
And for a while they said it was some fuel tank, but then they admit that fuel tank didn't even blow up.
Oh, yeah, and how could a diesel fuel tank blow up?
You know, do this experiment.
Put some diesel fuel in a cup and drop a match into it and see if you can even get it to burn.
I mean, you have to elevate diesel fuel.
You have to inject oxygen or aerosol.
Yeah, or heat it up a few hundred degrees Fahrenheit to even get it to burn.
It's not that volatile.
And even if something could blow up, even if you had a tank of fuel that could blow up in the basement, it wouldn't bring the building straight down into its footprint with such precision.
Well, you'd see a giant explosion.
And you'd see a giant explosion at the base.
But they admit that it didn't even do it.
But then the officials are still out there in the newspapers saying that.
Yeah, yeah.
So it's just this incredible contradiction.
So if they made this decision to demolish the building late in the afternoon, think how ridiculous that is.
They had demolition experts go in in the space of a few hours and take down the building.
But if they did that, then how come FEMA wasn't interested in that or NIST isn't interested in this interesting detail?
No, why isn't it a news item?
Stay there, Tim.
Stay there.
We'll be right back and we'll take some of your calls and get into some of the other...
Real smoking guns of 9-11.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We're here live and back from 9 to midnight.
We're talking to Jim Hoffman, software engineer, research scientist, writes for Science News, Scientific American, Scientific Digest, the Journal of Nature, and we're honored to have him on with us.
And he focuses on a lot of areas that I think are the most important concerning the 9-11 government terrorist attacks.
The ALCI-ADA attacks, and we're going to get into some of the other areas, smoking guns of 9-11, and I promise we're going to start going to your calls.
Paul and Manuel and Ed and others, toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
I want to go back through and play some of these clips concerning the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers.
Before we go to some calls, what are some other issues you want to talk about, Jim?
Well, I think it's important to point out just how many issues there are that are smoking guns of 9-11.
I think part of the way that the psychological operation of 9-11 works is that it's so overwhelming.
There's so many things that are so obvious when you actually look at them that they're counting on people to be intimidated by the very magnitude of the crime not to really want to take it apart.
Let's look at one thing, for instance.
The, quote, smoking gun video that was aired in November of 2001 in which Bin Laden is supposedly taking credit for the crime.
Well, if you actually look at the video, you can see that the actor who's supposedly Bin Laden doesn't even have the same facial structure as Bin Laden.
I mean, that's how obvious the scam is.
Then they did voice print tests and found out it wasn't Bin Laden.
Those voice prints are 100%.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, even without going to anything more advanced like voice tests, you can just look at the photograph.
So it's just...
But Canadians and French did the test.
I mean, you can take my voice, create a voice key with it, then later test and see if somebody's really me.
And it failed the voice test, and then experts looked at it linguistically.
It wasn't even the same dialect.
But then you can look at the hijacking scenario by which these supposedly...
These hijackers took over the planes and... People who couldn't get a Cessna off the ground.
Yeah, so they were terrible pilots.
The alleged hijacker of the pilot for Flight 77 that's supposed to be crashing the Pentagon wasn't even trusted to fly a Cessna.
He was considered a terrible pilot.
His flight instructors were just laughing that he couldn't fly at all.
This was in the New York Times.
And then you have this scenario where if you look at the flight paths of the planes, two of the planes, flights 93 and 77, go way out as far as Ohio before turning around and turning back to their target.
Now, why would...
Hijackers, if they were intent on attacking these targets, wait for an hour before they even turn the planes around back to their targets, exposing themselves to certain intercepts had standard operating procedures been in effect.
That's another thing.
They claim in the Popular Mechanics article that there's been one interception in history... Ten years before 9-11.
But in reality, all the time I would hear about before 9-11 of some Cessna that went over a base or something and they scrambled F-16s and forced it down.
Yeah, and I think it's interesting that one of the very, quote, experts that they cite in their article is on record saying that there were 67 scrambles in...
And the nine months preceding June 2001.
And so if even half of those led to intercepts, scramble is when you get the jets into the air, and intercept is when they... Well, I've talked to pilots who got off course in storms and stuff, and they had F-16s fly up and threaten them.
So it's a common thing, and it's just an indication of how incredibly...
Loose this article is with the fact that they make this sweeping claim that there was only one intercept in the ten years before 9-11.
In fact, we have a lot of pilots that are listening.
Pilots, if you want to call in, not just the news articles we have, but if you want to call in, if you can get in and talk about people you know or if you're air traffic controllers we've had on or anybody who can document just for the listeners.
You know, eyewitness stuff of being intercepted or watching intercepts, and I call in 1-800-259-9231.
I want to go over all these points, Jim, in detail, but first we'll come back and take some calls, so stay with us, okay?
We'll be right back, folks.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And when we get back, we'll tell you how to check out Jim's website.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're talking with Jim Hoffman, and he is a...
Scientific researcher, or research scientist, and he's been on the 9-11 case for a few years, done a lot of really interesting work.
And Jim, you ready to take some calls before we get back into other areas of 9-11 that are totally obvious?
Let's talk to Paul in Mass.
Go ahead, you're on the air, Paul.
Hi, I was just... A question that came to me when I very first saw the collapse was...
How could planes bring that down?
To me, right off the bat, I said controlled demolition.
And then the four planes being simultaneously hijacked all at once.
I mean, to me, common sense would dictate that somebody was behind it, and I thought... And an hour and a half and no intercepts, and then finally they launch a few planes and order them to fly at 600 miles an hour?
Not even 600 miles an hour.
If you do the math, it's more like 300 miles an hour.
It's like F-16s and F-15s are flying barely above stall speed.
I was about to say, they can hardly stay in the air at that speed.
Yeah, so that was the point I wanted to make.
I don't know how people could decide to...
By the illusion of the lie.
Well, when you're at ground zero and you see how far away 7 is and all these buildings, I mean, that were just right up against the towers.
The towers fell on and they've just got some light damage.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
I saw that live, actually.
I was sitting with my mother and I said, how did that building come down?
I said, they blew it up.
But they didn't blow it up.
I said, sure they did.
I said, it's nowhere near the towers.
Jim, let me bring this up to you.
I've been in New York.
The day of the event, I'm driving in my car, you know, at 5 o'clock or whatever, when 7 came down, and I heard them go, is that a demolition?
Well, there was some talk of demolishing it.
I heard that on national radio, ABC radio.
Listen, but since I've been in New York, people keep telling me that they heard it on NPR that day, and that it was openly discussed, and I haven't been able to track those tapes down.
I'm not aware of that.
I haven't seen many of the live tapes that were made during the day.
And I was watching during the day, but I only vaguely remember them talking about Building 7.
And when I heard that, I thought, oh, maybe it's some small, low-rise building right under the towers.
I didn't even know what it was until I went back and checked it, you know, looked into the story.
Notice how much attention they gave to the big towers, but this 47-story building falls in a little over three seconds.
And it's just, oh, it just fell.
Yeah, and then it just disappeared from the news like the day after.
They reported it on the day, and then it was just gone.
You didn't hear anything about it.
Anything else, Paul?
No, that was it.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
Let's take a call from Manuel in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Manuel.
All right, guys.
You got a good discussion.
And Jim, pardon me, because I meant to call in earlier.
I wanted to talk about Ward Churchill, Alex.
Well, go ahead and talk about it.
It concerns 9-11.
Oh, it definitely does.
He's the professor saying that the people that died in the towers, they're not innocent, and that they're basically Adolf Eichmanns.
I've got his quotes here.
And that Al-Qaeda was fighting back against the evil America.
That plays into the globalist's hands.
It was Al-CIAIDA.
And that's right and exact.
Yeah, comment on it.
I gotta disagree with you when you say you believe this fool, and he's mega-arrogant, you're right on point when you make that surmise-o.
Go ahead.
Let me tell you something.
He's not unlike every other socialist I run around here, even locally.
They all believe this was a true socialist uprising, which is the most foolish notion.
They don't see the fact that even petty drug dealers who they themselves discounted the phony drug war, but then they don't see the fact how the globalists even use this pretext to even that facet of society somehow shapeshift, say, a petty drug dealer into now a terrorist.
They forget all the evidence.
They truly think Hugo Chavez can save them.
I saw Ward Churchill speaking on C-SPAN.
It was televised, I think it was this past Wednesday.
And he said, I think he's one of those UN savior types.
You know, he discounts the Constitution.
He calls for universal human rights.
Listen, folks.
Listen, socialists.
That was not a socialist uprising.
That was an engineered attack.
Recognize and look at the facts.
Another thing is, Hugo Chavez ain't going to save you.
The UN won't save you.
And neither is China.
You need to wake up to that fact.
This is all controlled and engineered.
Well, look, how is it different with Ward Churchill saying the people that died in the towers were at-all fightmans and they weren't innocent, and this was an uprising hitting back...
Ignore all the evidence, but how can he say that?
That's just like these talk show hosts saying, all of these Iraqis are animals, let's kill them.
It's the same sick mindset.
And that's what I'm saying.
The left loves it when they're breaking pro-lifers' arms at pro-life protests, but they don't like it when it happens to left-wingers.
We've got to stand up for everybody's rights, because if anybody loses their rights, we all lose our rights.
Thanks for the call, Marcello.
Or not Marcello, Manuel.
Yeah, I think the blowback argument is very compelling for people with an ideology inclining them to that.
That's basically where I was when the attack was first going on.
Even though I kind of suspected it was an inside job, I was thinking, oh boy, the chicken's coming back to Ruth.
And so it's very natural to accept that argument, and that's how the attack is designed.
It's designed to have this hook for all these different ideologies so that they'll be brought along into buying the big lie.
But it wasn't until much later that I realized that it was entirely engineered.
Somebody has to ask Ward Churchill, you know, did Al Qaeda order NORAD to stand down?
Did Al Qaeda have drills that morning of hijacked jets flying around to confuse NORAD?
Did Al Qaeda call Mayor Willie Brown and John Ashcroft and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and tell them not to fly to New York that day?
Did Al Qaeda do the insider trading to the CIA?
Did Al Qaeda, on and on and on and on, did Al Qaeda fly the bin Ladens out of the country?
Did Al Qaeda wire $100,000 to Mohammed Adda?
No, the CIA-controlled Mahmoud Ahmed did, who was meeting with Porter Goss and Graham on the morning of 9-11.
It's ridiculous.
Let's talk to Ed in Pennsylvania.
Ed, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I'd like to know, you know, you know that the whole 9-11, the situation there was just a whole set up.
It was a done deal.
But what I try to reflect is, like, common sense.
And when you see, when people try to, especially in the news media, saying that a whole bunch of guys in a cave in Afghanistan orchestrated this whole thing, well, heck, I can't even get a clear hookup on my cell phone for the next county over.
And they're going to tell me that guys in a cave did this whole thing.
I mean, come on.
With total precision.
Sure, of course.
With just absolute, total precision.
And then you find out that the hijackers had their cars, their homes, their credit cards paid for by the FBI and CIA.
They had informants living with them.
They would order the embassies, even though they were on terrorist watch lists, and let them back into the country.
We've got hijackers on buses with Nick Berg in Oklahoma, riding around.
He gives them his laptop.
I think.
It's clear.
And, you know, James Woods, the actor, weeks before, is flying on a flight from New York out to California.
He's on board a plane with Muhammad and others.
He gets off the plane and says, at a connection, these guys are simulating a hijacking, and the FBI comes and says, shut your mouth or we'll arrest you as a terrorist.
I mean, even actors are on planes.
These guys were, all these so-called test flights, they thought they were part of a drill.
They got on board the aircraft, and I've talked to people inside, folks, who've heard the tapes, okay?
And clearly the stewardess was saying, we can't breathe.
The pilots have locked themselves in the cockpit and are depressurizing.
The official story is a fraud.
You got any comments on that, Mr. Hoffman?
Oh, one thing to add to that is the fact that...
At least six of the alleged hijackers that the FBI was so quick to identify after the attack showed up alive after their photos were flashed all over the world by the FBI.
And they're photos on passports, too!
Yeah, yeah.
Magical passports.
Yeah, and yet, the 9-11, even though there's all these reports in mainstream media, all these sources, you know, from them coming to U.S.
embassies overseas and identifying themselves and saying, look, I'm alive, I didn't have anything to do with this, and yet the 9-11 Commission report runs with the same list of suspects that the FBI identified three days after the attack and doesn't even admit that there's any problem with their identities.
And the FBI even admits they, quote, had problems.
Yeah, yeah, but the commission won't admit that.
The commission is the biggest fraud I've ever seen.
Yeah, thanks for the call, Ed.
I want to play this clip.
This is from the French documentary.
This is minutes after the collapses, and this is firefighters.
We bleeped out.
It's not edited.
We just bleeped out any profanity.
This is the firefighters talking about how it looked like detonators.
Then I want to play Dan Rather.
Here's the firefighters.
We made it outside.
We made it about a block.
We made it at least two blocks.
And we started running.
Floor by floor, it's gonna pop it out.
All the way down.
I was watching and running.
And then you just sort of, this cloud of cheese.
I couldn't run it.
I jumped on it.
Okay, that's good.
Now, get Dan Rather ready.
I want to see if we have time to play this before we get a break.
Go ahead and play Dan Rather.
You got Dan Rather?
Again, what you're seeing are high shots.
Now, here we're going to show you a videotape of the collapse itself.
Now we go to videotape the collapse of this building.
It's amazing.
Amazing, incredible, pick your word.
For the third time today, it's reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen too much on television before when a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down.
All right.
And we also have Peter Jennings saying the same thing.
But regardless of all of that, this is the common sense.
I mean, I had my friend Jimmy Rydon, who's an...
Structural engineer, worked in the World Financial Center as an executive, and I had him on that morning, 11 o'clock, we came on the air, and he said, it's the most beautiful controlled demolition I've ever seen, but they were from the top down, Alex.
And that interview is on my website.
But then we have Silverstein saying that they blew up Building 7, and it's on the news, we call his office, all of this, he won't respond.
He won't say anything.
We're on the air saying he blew it up, he says he blew it up, but he won't respond.
He's quiet for a year and a half now.
We'll be right back, folks.
He slipped up big time.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
Talking to Jim Hoffman, and he is a scientific researcher, research scientist, and he's really been doing a great job focusing on a lot of key areas of 9-11.
Jim, give folks your websites in case they missed them.
Okay, 911research.wtc7.net, or just type in 911research into Google, and you'll get right there.
Wtc7.net focuses on the case of Building 7.
There's videos there that show how this was a controlled demolition.
It just focuses on that case.
911review.com corrects some of the errors that are in the 9-11 literature, which
Well, you believe you're correcting errors.
I mean, in some cases it's your opinion, in others it's... Oh, yeah, well, everything is my opinion, yeah.
Well, I mean, I'm just saying, none of us... I mean, it's good to have a debate, though.
Yeah, yeah.
And I think you do a good job of that, and I actually appreciate it as long as it's done in a gentlemanly and scholarly way.
I think it's great.
I think your introduction was great.
You pointed out how, you know, people...
Various literature woke people up and then the progeny doesn't even agree with the people that they initially read.
In my case, I read Painful Questions, which I think does a great job with the World Trade Center
And yet I disagree with it about the Pentagon, but I think... But you disagree, you told me last night on the phone about the Pentagon, just because you can't be proven one way or the other.
Yeah, I think the Pentagon... That's what I've said all along.
People go, why aren't your films about the Pentagon?
I go, look, I've got them warning public officials.
I've got NORAD standing down.
I've got Bin Laden being CIA.
I've got them blowing the buildings up.
I think the Pentagon attack was designed to be a confusing issue that could be used just to keep debate going that would never come to a conclusion, that would always be a source of distraction, because there's all kinds of things that we do know.
Even in the case of the Pentagon, we do know that the plane crashed into, or whatever it was crashed into, the portion of the Pentagon that was undergoing renovation.
It was sparsely occupied.
It was only occupied pretty much by the Office of... And we know the FBI came out to hotels and gas stations and took the video tapes.
We've never seen it.
Immediately after the attack to take the videos.
And a lot of people jumped to the conclusion of saying, oh, they took the videos because they don't want us to see that it wasn't a jetliner.
But an alternative explanation is that they took the videos so that it couldn't be proven that it was, so that they could keep it a source of...
You know, continuing controversy and non-resolution.
Yeah, they're very, very sophisticated.
And that's the modus operandi.
But they cannot ignore that Condoleezza Rice called up Mayor Willie Brown and said, don't fly to New York tomorrow.
They cannot ignore that the FAA called Salman Rushdie and said, no flights in the next week to New York.
They can't ignore that the Joint Chiefs of Staff told MSNBC, we were told not to fly to New York that day.
I mean, that stuff cannot be ignored.
Right, right.
They cannot ignore Otagobe.
Calling its employees and saying, get out.
That's admitted, folks.
I mean, that's stuff they cannot ignore.
They can't ignore Silverstein saying they blew up Building 7.
Now, some of the other areas.
You were getting into NORAD and the planes.
Let's spend a few minutes on that.
I mean, folks, this has never happened before.
One thing I don't think a lot of people appreciate is just how sophisticated NORAD is.
It has this... Well, they've reorganized their command structure since 9-11.
It's under Space Command.
Yeah, so there's this NORTHCOM.
But anyway, NORAD has this command and control facility in Cheyenne Mountain.
In Wyoming, it's this incredible nerve center that has multiple command centers.
And it's in control of the FAA towers.
Yeah, and it direct lines to FAA, and they have continuous air coverage over the entire United States.
And the standard procedure was and is...
That if a plane, all aircraft have flight plans, and if they deviate from their flight plans by just a few degrees or a few miles, or an air traffic controller is unable to get a response from a pilot... They immediately launch F-16s.
They immediately call NORAD, and there's planes that are on standby.
The pilots are in their bunkers.
They run off to the planes.
They fire them up, and they get off the ground within a couple of minutes.
They can get up to altitude in a couple of minutes.
You know, these planes can fly at...
1,500, 1,600 miles an hour.
They can cover the distance between New York and Washington, D.C.
in like eight minutes or less.
But that day they're flying at 300, that's true, 350 miles an hour.
And they're dispatched from the wrong air bases, and they're supposedly flying the wrong direction.
What, were there eight bases within 50 miles?
What's that?
There were eight bases within 50 miles.
Yeah, right, right.
And the most damning thing of all, of course, is that the base provides coverage for the Washington, D.C.
area, Andrews Air Force Base, which is about 11 miles from the Pentagon.
It's like seconds away from the Pentagon.
And the Pentagon was struck at 940.
They're saying there's a radar hole when this is the most surveilled area in the world.
In the world, and yet they can't get a fighter in the air for an hour and a half to protect what you'd think would be the most protected building in the world, and it's left wide open to... And we even have some of the tapes that they didn't shred.
We have people saying they were ordered to shred them.
Where they're going, is this part of the drill?
Is this a simulation?
I mean, it's amazing, folks.
Yeah, the suppression of evidence, I think, is... You know, it occurs throughout 9-11.
The FBI are mopping up the evidence of the Pentagon attack.
The fact that the steel from Ground Zero was just systematically destroyed... We're going to come back and talk about it more and take calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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All right, I'm told we've got Leon in Texas who disagrees with us, so he'll go to the front of the line in front of Craig and David and Clint and John and everybody else that is patiently holding.
Here in a few minutes, we're going to go to your calls, and I want to ask Jim Hoffman to stay with us for the balance of the broadcast for the next 26 minutes, 26 and a half minutes to be precise.
Before I do that, I'm getting a lot of emails and calls.
When is Marshall Law, your new film, going to be ready?
We want it.
We want it.
Well, because I have to take time out to, I guess I'm going to have to do it myself, write a rebuff to the, because a great rebuff's been written to the popular mechanics piece by Jim Hoffman, but I've got so much inside knowledge.
These guys interviewed me, and again, I thought it was such a bad hit piece, I thought it wasn't real reporters.
I actually called up the editor and said, are these people real?
I mean, it was so bizarre
I mean, I thought it was like weird government investigators or something trying to set me up.
And I'm not normally paranoid like that.
It was so weird.
I've never done that.
You know, call up and go, are these reporters I'm talking to real?
Because I try to send them news articles and think, okay, now we don't want to talk about that.
We'll talk about this.
And I send them more documentation on that.
Well, now we want to talk about this.
Anytime I could prove something, they wanted to, like, go get some obscure thing I didn't even write and then, like, try to play some game with it.
You know, it's amazing.
And again, what I do with prisonplanet.com and TV and infowars.com and infowars.net is I post basically what everybody's saying.
It's about having a discussion.
It's about researching.
And then I will tell you with comments and with films and books what I believe.
And I stick to the things that Jim Hoffman sticks to.
You know, I was on the air two months before 9-11.
It said Masters of Terror.
My second 9-11 film.
I put the video for my TV show where I said they'll probably use Bin Laden.
They'll attack the World Trade Center or something like that.
And he'll take the blame for it.
And then we'll have a police day.
And you know, how did I do that?
I said call the White House.
Tell Bush don't blow the buildings up.
Well, because I have thousands of points of information that I integrate and try to give you my analysis.
And I'm pretty well known for being able to do that.
You know, folks, you don't need to wait until Marshall Law comes out to get films.
Because, you know, I'm behind putting it out.
By the end of the month, it should be on the website for prisonplanet.tv members.
Then I've got to have the DVDs mass produced, because they're of a higher quality.
And, you know, these aren't burned DVDs.
These are stamped DVDs.
And I've got to make that.
We probably won't be offering it for general sale until the big conservative of the middle of next month.
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You need to get Masters of Terror.
You need to get Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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All right, let's go back to Jim Hoffman.
Jim, let's talk to Leon in Texas.
Leon, you disagree with something?
Tell us all about it.
Okay, I do.
Basically, there's a little codicil to that.
That thing about steel-framed buildings not collapsing from fire alone.
And the codicil is that they don't collapse from fire alone if there's a professional fire department with plenty of water that can fight the fire.
In this case...
The professionality of the New York City Fire Department was considerably reduced by the fact that it already lost 200 people.
I'm going to stop you right there.
I'm going to stop you right there.
That's pure garbage.
The underwriters of the buildings did their own test.
You can take steel and stick it in furnaces.
And if you don't get it up...
To the proper temperature, and we're talking these fires conservatively, even if they burned hotter than we know they did, we're talking 1,000 degrees below the temperature of even weakening it.
The proper temperature.
Sir, I'm going to stop you right there.
Hold on, put him on hold.
Put him on hold right there.
They now have to admit that fire didn't make 7 come down.
They aren't even saying what did it now.
Do you understand me?
That Larry Silverstein, do we have that Larry Silverstein clip ready?
We have Larry Silverstein saying they pulled it.
Then we have clips from the same documentary where the head of New York Engineering says pulling it means demolish.
Play Larry Silverstein, please.
Here's Kevin Spacey introducing it.
Play it, and we'll let you comment.
World Trade Center 7 had always been considered the starting point for rebuilding.
Located north of the slurry wall, 7 had been cleared faster than the rest of the site, and there had been no bodies to recover.
Pelted by debris when the North Tower collapsed, seven burned until late afternoon, allowing occupants to evacuate to safety.
I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire.
I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life.
Maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.
And they made that decision to pull, and then we watched the building collapse.
They made the decision to pull, that's the industry term, for demolishing a building, controlled demolition.
I mean, Mr. Hoffman comments, then we'll go back to Leon.
Well, I just wanted, he makes it sound like, oh, if there's, if the firefighters have to fight the fires in order for a building not to collapse, well, there's not a single example in history of a steel frame high-rise building collapsing due to fire.
And they don't go up and fight them.
In Caracas a few months ago, the thing burns for, what, eight hours?
The Meridian Plaza fire and a 38-story skyscraper in Philadelphia burned for 18 hours, just raging flames.
Just the eight floors of this building were gutted.
And, you know, it went on all night.
And, you know, there was some sagging of some parts, but none of the columns in these buildings were damaged.
There's not any evidence.
Well, how does the fire make all this dust magically shoot out, too?
Oh, yeah.
Well, then you get into the feature, all these numerous...
You know, smoking gun features of demolition.
Let me just stop you for a second.
Leon, if I get mad at you, I'm sorry.
This really frustrates me.
It really annoys me.
Now, you've got the floor, Leon, but I want you to answer my question first.
What is Larry Silverstein, the owner, saying there?
Go ahead.
He's saying that he let the fire department abandon the building.
Doesn't make any difference to him.
Oh, so pull it doesn't mean demolish it.
We get the order to pull it and watch it come down.
That doesn't mean, okay.
That theory doesn't make any sense because according to FEMA, there were no manual firefighting operations in the building all day.
So how could they have pulled firefighting operations if there were no firefighting operations?
In any case, the buildings you people are talking about that burned for long periods of time without collapsing are old-fashioned buildings.
The Bankers Trust, sir, was literally 55 feet away from the South Tower.
Hold on.
It fell on it.
It had fires all in it.
Burning all day.
Nothing collapsed in it.
I've been there.
Have you been there?
The Bankers Trust building and other buildings like that, like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building... No, no, no.
Bankers Trust is a modern...
Is a modern building.
That is ridiculous.
Can I say something?
The first interstate bank building in Los Angeles is very similar in construction to the towers and to Building 7.
In fact, most modern skyscrapers have a similar design to the twin towers in which they have a bundle of... It's a modern box rectangle.
They have four columns, they have interior columns, and they have trusses that support floors... Sir, you're living on another planet.
I told you to respond to what Silverstein said.
I'm sorry, but I'm not living on another planet.
I have four years' experience as a firefighter in shipyards.
Oh, really?
Put him on hold.
Firefighter engineering said that fire couldn't cause that and said there was a cover-up going on in their major issue that came out after 9-11.
Tell them about it, Hoffman.
So Bill Manning in Fire Engineering Magazine was pointing out that they were destroying the evidence.
This is against the law.
Evidence of such disasters needs to be destroyed.
I mean, that issue... And they went on the issue to say steel buildings have never done this.
Yeah, yeah.
Of course this has never happened with steel frame buildings.
Certainly not with steel frame high-rises.
Number one, 7 wasn't hit by stuff from the towers.
The myth I think that I need to speak to here is this idea that somehow buildings 1, 2, and 7 were some kind of bizarre, strange architecture.
And that's just not true because most modern high-rises...
Well, look, Bankers Trust was built, I believe, in the late 60s.
And I did a bunch of research for this film that's coming out on Bankers Trust.
Now, sir, are you just telling me... Because I've been there.
I've been inside the Bankers Trust building.
I was just in New York.
Are you telling me that Bankers Trust is an old Empire State building or Chrysler building?
What I'm telling you is... What you're telling me is you're an idiot.
What I'm telling you is that if you can't pump water...
Into the stand-by system in the building, you can't fight the fire.
Sir, steel buildings do not collapse from black smoke fires.
Look, here's another thing.
They say the towers collapsed because it was so hot.
I got video of the people standing in the holes with the supposed hottest area.
Then the feds say that all the firefighter tapes malfunction.
The firefighters get mad, release it to New York Daily News.
In my film, I have their clips going.
This is ladder number 10.
The fires are almost completely out.
Carl, more ladders.
I'm getting more people out of here.
Very small fires.
I just knocked them all down.
It's so ridiculous in the case of the South Tower, because in the South Tower, the fires had almost gone out when the building collapsed.
All there was was a thin veil of smoke coming up from where the fires were in the South Tower.
The fires never spread beyond...
You know what?
Stop right there, because I've got a bunch of callers.
I want to finish with Leon.
From the same documentary where they talk about how they then pulled, got rid of what was left of 4, 5, and 6, the buildings that were right in amongst the towers that didn't fall from real fires in them and buildings falling on them, let's just play the clip from the same documentary where the head of engineering for New York tells you what pull it means.
But you know what?
Please play the clip.
By mid-December, the Department of Design and Construction had leveled World Trade Center buildings 4 and 5.
Oh, we're getting ready to pull building 6.
We had to be very careful how we demolished building 6.
We were worried about the building 6 coming down and then damaging the registry wall, so we wanted that particular building to fall within a certain area.
And actually, the clip goes on.
There's a longer clip on my website where then they go, Getting ready to pole belt in six.
Oh, that was a good pole.
It took it down well.
Now, I've got a last question for you, Leon.
And I'm sorry to get mad at you.
Just this delusional thinking gets on my nerves.
Let's talk about the rest of the 9-11 story.
Why did NORAD stand down?
Why did public officials get warned?
I'm sure you've got some reasons for that, too, right?
Nope, I don't.
Except that if you ever call for close air support, you know that it don't always come on time.
It's just all these bases and everything in an hour and a half.
Yeah, that's right.
And then, why'd the jet fly at 300 miles an hour?
I have no idea.
Because they were under orders.
Thank you for your call.
Jim, real quick, comments, because I want to go to more calls.
I just think the point I wanted to make about the buildings, though, was that it's a myth that there was something about Buildings 1, 2, and 7 that was different from earlier buildings.
Oh, I don't know.
There have been examples of severe fires in buildings with almost identical construction, like the first Interstate Bank building, which had a structure very similar to a 64-story skyscraper.
It had huge fires low in the building and had core columns and perimeter columns just like the towers in Building 7.
That's the most common design in modern skyscrapers.
And even if it did cause something to collapse, if magically suddenly the laws of science change and steel melts at a thousand degrees cooler than it does... It wouldn't explode into fine dust and shards of steel.
It would start sagging.
Yeah, it would topple.
No, it would just magically pulverize and fall apart.
Oh, man, you can't argue with these people.
It's just unbelievable.
That's the kind of call I like, though.
Leon, you want to come on and debate me sometime for a full hour, you just call and leave us your name and number, buddy.
And I'll get all my stuff together, and I'll clean the decks with you, pal.
Those people were murdered in there, and I'm going to expose it.
You understand me?
This is serious business.
I'm not playing games.
Delusional thinking makes me sick.
I'm sorry if I sound mean, folks.
Let's go ahead and talk to Craig in Illinois.
Craig, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for having me on the show.
Jim, I'm glad to get a chance to talk to you.
I'd like to separate a little bit of fact from fiction because where I come from, we have a steel mill here.
This steel mill actually created some of the structure work for the two towers.
One of the men that worked on that is a friend of mine and he is or was the head metallurgist for the steel mill.
My father-in-law worked there for 45 years and my grandfather and they were also into welding and pouring the steel and I'll tell you one thing right now there is no way that those beams melted or anything else it was a controlled explosion the day that that happened
My father-in-law happened to be over here having a cup of coffee with me.
We watched it on the Communist News Network.
The towers come down.
He got up.
He was so mad that he walked out of my house because he said, there's no way that could have happened.
And again, they know because it's hard to make steel, folks.
They have to blast air in and have the coke.
And it's an incredibly complex process, all specially done to just make steel.
And then to melt it's even harder.
Explain that to these dumbbells.
I'll tell you what.
One thing about... I am not actually a steel man, but I'll tell you what.
I'm a glass man.
And I'll tell you one thing that is always left out is that these steel columns were encased in concrete.
Now, according to everything that I have seen... And they had asbestos on them.
And they were three foot square.
Now, I will tell you one thing.
Anybody that knows anything about any type of rock or glass knows what vitrification is.
And vitrification is high temps applied to rock and glass, which don't make them...
What should I say?
More fragile is what they do is they strengthen them.
Because in the old days, back in the medieval times, and a thousand years before that, they used to strengthen their forests by burning great huge fires to ventrify or completely change the solidification of the silica crystals so that it would create almost a solid glass wall which was impenetrable.
Incredible call, and I wasn't aware of that.
Thank you for the call, sir.
One thing I'd like to point out, though, is that steel isn't the same as glass or rock, so when it heats up, it does start to lose strength.
But you have to heat it up to about 600 degrees Celsius before it even loses a significant fraction of its strength.
But the thing is, if it starts to cool down again, it regains its strength.
So in the case of the South Tower, when the fires were going out, you couldn't see any flames or anything.
That steel had regained probably almost any strength it had lost while the jet fuel was still burning.
Now, the jet fuel burned off within five minutes.
Because, you know, the jet fuel... That's cool burning!
Yeah, and remember, the tower fell 56 in 102 minutes.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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I'm going to try to jam three calls in here.
I want to thank Jim Mahoff for coming on with us.
The two hours of the broadcast will go back to Jim here in a second.
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Just check it out.
It's the right thing to do.
Real fast, Jim, try to finish up what you were saying before the break.
Let's see, what was the... I can't remember what I was talking about.
Talking about the steel in the buildings.
Oh, just the fact that steel does lose strength at high temperatures.
One thing to point out about fires in steel-framed buildings is that there's, in the Twin Towers, there's 90,000 tons of concrete in these buildings.
And if you know the first thing about metals, you know that metal has...
Yeah, I think so.
Also, we had the people standing in the holes in the fire.
Another thing is that people confused the North Tower and the South Tower.
The North Tower had some serious fires, but the South Tower, the fires had basically gone out by the time the building collapsed.
All there was was just a thin black smoke, the kind that you get when you snuff out a fire.
Black smoke means an oxygen-starved fire.
And there were firefighters in the 78th floor sky lobby of the North Tower saying, there's two pockets of fire, let's knock them out.
Yeah, we played the clips here.
Real fast callers.
Died within California.
Go ahead, then others.
Real quick.
Isn't it interesting, you guys haven't got to it, but Muhammad Aded's passport was miraculously found intact.
That's number one.
Oh, yeah.
Jim, what I wanted to ask you is, do you have any knowledge as to why these buildings were destroyed?
Now, I've heard that they were loaded, that they were... Well, that makes it even more dramatic...
I think there's two issues here.
One is World Trade Center 7, and there's a number of reasons for that.
The CIA was based in there, the Security Exchange Commission.
The SEC, which had all these records of ongoing investigations of companies like WorldCom.
But I think the most important reason these buildings were destroyed was to provide the psychological shock, to shock people.
Yeah, it's a three-part series.
One plane hits, all cameras aim.
Next plane hits, and then continual fireworks to keep it going all day long.
Every 20 minutes, there's another shock, and I think the whole... While they tell us, give up your rights every 10 seconds.
And I think the whole attack was engineered to play in people's minds like a horror movie and to trigger their suspense.
We've got to take some final calls here.
You're absolutely right.
Who's up next?
Clay in Texas.
Go ahead.
All right.
Hey, I want to just say thanks for your show.
My friend Carl who lives in Austin turned me on to you.
The 9-11 thing.
My birthday's on 9-11.
I saw that whole thing happen.
And I'm with you guys.
Keep going.
I hope you expose this thing.
The only question I have for you, in order to bring down that building in a controlled explosion, wouldn't they have to have been planning the charges in that building and the wiring?
Yeah, exactly.
It takes a bare minimum of weeks.
Thank you.
John in Oklahoma, you're our tail gunner.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
It's John again.
Hey, the ATC system is designed to keep airplanes running into things simply.
That's their job.
If an airplane gets out of the system somehow or another, they will scramble and get dead.
Hang Steward is a fine example of what will happen.
They went up, looked to see what was up there, and just waited to see what the airplane was doing.
It finally ran out of fuel.
The autopilot kicked off and crashed.
That's it.
The aircraft control system is designed to keep airplanes from running into things.
That's it.
All right, Jim, you've got 20 seconds.
Oh, yeah, let's see.
Yeah, so we have these whole systems in place, the air traffic control system, NORAD and everything, and they were all designed to prevent exactly what happened.
Let's see, what was the comment before?
There was something I wanted to say on... Jim, what we're going to do is have you back up with us, and I appreciate you coming on.
Okay, well, thank you.
It's been great.
God bless.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Be sure and join us.