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Air Date: Dec. 25, 2003
2395 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends listening worldwide.
Africa to Asia to right here in the Western Hemisphere in the United States.
We're good to go.
And the recruiting is falling away under the numbers they need, and they've got all the draft legislation lined up for you and your family, and all they need to do is provide another terror attack, and our journey into pure fascism will be complete.
Nation's threat level raised to orange.
Raised to orange, government says a tax possible during the holidays.
And they did this last year.
But if we learn to give our rights up to them, maybe we'll be safe.
The good guys wear black ski masks and are going to save us.
But the report that spurred all of this, just like every other alert,
Turns out to be fake!
London Times, ABC News, suicide bomber threat turns out to be false, but that's in the back of the newspapers.
They're still announcing the orange alert.
I wanted to go back over terror alerts manufactured, FBI agency, White House scripting hysterics for political effect.
I have dozens of these stories.
The one in front of me is from World Net Daily back in January of this year, almost 12 months ago.
Nation's threat level being raised to orange.
We'll get into that.
Also, a couple weeks ago, or a week ago, many Arabs skeptical on Saddam's capture.
I wanted to go back to that because now it's coming out that, as usual, just like with Private Lynch, what we're being shown is a fable.
The evidence is overwhelming.
They've had him a long time.
He's been drugged.
He's been tortured.
Why didn't they just tell the truth about it?
Six Saddam drugged.
That's because he had to be drugged and tortured first, folks, so he wouldn't spout off about who he's business partners with.
When we have the congressional reports by Republicans and Democrats, but...
You know, it's bad to have the boogeyman saying he's buddies with Bush, just like bin Laden's buddies with him.
Six Saddam drugged.
Also, Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged, and left for U.S.
That's the AFP.
Here's City Morning Herald.
Kurds say they caught Saddam.
We got him.
That's right.
Also from ABC News, Saddam held by Kurds, drugged and left for U.S.
Folks, day one, when I got on the air Monday, after hearing the announcement Sunday and watching it, I said, that guy had been beaten, that guy had been drugged, he'd been in that hole quite a while.
Or he'd been in some hole quite a while, and then Israeli intelligence front, DEBCA, came out and actually agreed with me and said, yeah, he's been held for a while.
Reuters reported that the beard was fake, then said it was real.
We're getting lied to here, folks.
That's all I know.
Certainly looks like the real Saddam, though.
But don't you love this broadcast?
You can tune in a week plus beforehand and then find out exactly what's going to come out later, just because we know how to observe.
So we got him, Kurds say, and that's ABC News headline.
Also, Saddam verdict expected to take five years, like Slobo.
From Serbia.
You'll forget all about him before that happens.
Exclusive from Time Magazine.
The U.S.
may need bigger army, Donald Rumsfeld tells Time.
Lots of new countries to invade.
Dollar drops becomes more ominous.
That out of Reuters.
Clinton agrees with Bush, backs him up that Saddam is Al-Qaeda.
Of course he's a liar.
Of course he would.
Hillary Clinton agrees with Bush.
They're all buddies.
Folks, I haven't scratched the surface.
There is so much
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're all in hot water, folks.
The all-seeing eye of the New World Order is launching its attacks worldwide, carrying out terror events to scare us into submission.
And if we don't cause a realization of this globally, if we don't realize who stands to gain from the terror and then look at the evidence of who's behind the terror, the caught red-handed smoking gun evidence, we're in even more trouble.
There is so much amazing news today.
We're going to cover it all.
We're going to take calls and cover news for the first two hours.
Then in the third hour, we have Congressman Ron Paul joining us.
Congressman from Texas.
Nations threat level raised to orange.
The level has been raised.
Government says attacks possible during the holidays.
Today, security is being increased at airports, borders, and ports as the nation stands at Code Orange, the second highest alert level for terrorist threats.
The upgrade Sunday from Code Yellow, or elevated status, followed warnings from the government that Al-Qaeda militants...
Maybe plotting attacks on America during the holidays.
The new designation indicates a high risk.
Well, Northcom's at the extraordinary level and has always been.
And according to General Eberhardt, that's martial law.
But again, that's just the L.A.
Who wants to listen to the general, the head of Northcom, telling you how wonderful all this is?
The information we have indicates that extremists abroad...
...are anticipating near-term attacks that they believe will either rival or exceed the September 11, 2001 attacks Homeland Security Tom Ridge said in announcing the change.
Now, folks, they backed off putting out these alerts every week, what, about six, eight months ago?
Because a bunch of articles came out, mainstream news, where the White House was ordering false alerts to be issued...
Ordering false alerts to be issued.
But notice how Governor Ridge calls them extremists.
See, that's a word that the Simon Wiesenthal Center or the ADL or the Southern Poverty Law Center or the FBI can call you if you're for land rights or the Second Amendment and not get sued.
It's an interchangeable word, extremist.
Well, what's an extremist?
And then they can use it for people where the term doesn't fit.
You should call them terrorists or criminals.
They can use that word there and then change the semantical meaning.
I just thought I would point that out.
That's happening everywhere.
Oh, that guy's an extremist.
Some of the intelligence information gathered, Rich said, indicates that Osama bin Laden...
Terrorist Network is seeking, again, to use planes as weapons.
They are consistently evaluating procedures to find gaps in our security posture that could be exploited.
He said the threat information comes from multiple credible sources, but officials are unaware of a specific target or means of attack, said a senior law enforcement official who spoke in condition of anonymity.
What's scary is they announced all these over the last year and a half and now have been kind of quiet for a while.
And we know who's carrying out the terror.
So when the people in the government start telling you brace for attacks, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
All over the country, to get on a plane or get on a bus or down across a bridge or to get on a ferry, men in black uniforms, usually illegal aliens, and I'm serious, 90% of those at the Boston airport weren't citizens and about 40% were illegal aliens.
Many of them from Syria, Iran, you name it.
But again, we're going to accept all the matricula cards of the illegal aliens and legalize them, Ridge said two weeks ago, but you're going to have a magnifying glass crammed down your throat.
But what spurred this alert Friday?
ABC News suicide bomber threat turns out to be false.
London Times, the average person didn't hear about this, though, because it's not in your newspaper.
America suffered a spasm of fear and alarm as two reports of terrorist activity rapidly gained credibility.
The discovery of white powder on the Pennsylvania Avenue pavement outside the White House caused a section of central Washington to be cordoned off by police who put...
In programs, a full-scale terrorist alert test subsequently showed the substance to be harmless.
The initial reaction had been such that a Homeland Security spokesman was obliged to issue a statement declaring the powder to be benign.
It goes on.
In New York, the stock market dipped after an inaccurate report appeared on ABC News' website, citing an unnamed U.S.
intelligence source as having given a warning of an imminent credible threat to the Manhattan landmark by a woman suicide bomber police rapidly issued a denial.
In an interview yesterday, New York Times head of the commission investigating the September 11th attack said that they could have been averted,
Had the FBI, immigration, other officials done their job?
Thomas Keene said investigators were still studying whether senior figures in the Bush administration should share the blame.
He also went on to say that it wasn't anybody's fault, just that they need more funding.
I mean, this is a guy they appointed, and they call it an independent commission.
It's like when Reno appointed Senator Danforth to investigate Janet Reno, and they called him independent.
I mean, a two-year-old should be able to figure out that's not independent.
But again, we're talking about a general public that doesn't know what the First Amendment is, that doesn't know how many continents there are, that doesn't know where Iraq is, that doesn't know what the three branches of government are.
Most people don't know who the vice president is.
And I'm not being sardonic here or acting elitist.
It scares the daylights out of me.
I thought I'd read back over some other fake terror alerts from the past.
These are posted on PrisonPlanet.com in the Fake Terror and Fabricated Evidence subsection.
Terror alerts manufactured.
FBI agents say White House scripting hysterics for political effect.
Ordering them to put out false reports.
World Net Daily.
Fake infiltration.
Sources say informant made up story of men who slipped into U.S.
ABC News.
Politics drove decision to raise alert level.
Capitol Hill blew.
White House press secretary admitted that.
Italy frees Pakistani terrorist suspect.
Arrest in a blaze of government back-slapping publicity as a dangerous al-Qaeda cell.
Turns out there's no evidence against them.
And there's a bunch of reports where they would arrest somebody, say they were a terrorist, and then quietly release them and, oh, they're a CIA asset.
That's happened in the Philippines.
It's happened in Bali.
It's happened in Malaysia.
It's happened in Saudi Arabia.
It's happened in this country.
It's happened in Israel.
They get caught blowing stuff up and then release the people that supposedly did it, and it turns out they're CIA, Mossad.
It happened in Indonesia.
It just keeps happening.
So nation's threat level rising to orange, and these are people who've admitted they put out false reports for political control to scare you, scripting hysterics.
So the government, after fear-mongering with fake reports on Friday, raised the threat level on Sunday.
Very, very serious situation.
And then we get into all this Saddam news, which they're trying to smokescreen.
Sick Saddam drugged.
This is out of the news of Australia.
Startling new photograph of sick-looking Saddam Hussein.
Suggests he's being drugged or given strong medication by his U.S.
Well, I mean, the guy was obviously drugged when they pulled him out of that hole.
The man who took the photo told the Weekend Australian last night Hussein appeared very sick when he was visited by Iraq's governing council member.
We're good to go.
With pronounced bags under bloodshot eyes and a stricken plaster on the back of his right hand where he has reportedly been receiving intravenous injections.
Ah, he has the injection ports in him.
Maybe they'll put a heart plug in him.
Baron Harkonnen, Hussein's daughter, has claimed her father must be being drugged by the CIA interrogators for him to submit meekly to questioning.
The photo shows the former president who once lived in a string of palaces is now being kept in a converted bathroom lit by spotlights with his bed right next to a toilet on a tiled shower recess.
Hussain's location is a tightly guarded secret, but the only wall hanging in the room was a U.S.
military map of Baghdad suggesting he was being kept at a U.S.
base in the capital, probably at the Baghdad airport.
The photo, which is on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, of a sick-looking and unkept Hussein, showed him being visited by Dr. Shalibi, the number two man in the Shah's torture squads, the convicted bank robber wanted by our allies, who fled Iraq in 1958 after Hussein ordered him killed, and is now the Pentagon's favorite to become the next Iraqi president.
Who fled Iraq in 1958 after Hussein ordered him killed?
Saddam Hussein was hired in 1954, this is a congressional report, to be an anti-communist assassin.
Now Saddam was planning to kill him?
Four years later?
Oh, see how evil Saddam is.
That photo, another in which he is talking to Dr. Chalibi in an animated way, caused a stir in Baghdad when they were published on the front page of Al Mutmar, the newspaper of Dr. Chalibi's Iraq National Congress, which said the meeting took place on Monday.
Well, isn't that nice?
Isn't that just precious?
Now, when we get back...
Saddam Hussein held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for U.S.
I heard the neocons last Friday going, how dare anyone say this?
Our government would never lie or never stage something.
You're a bunch of nutcases.
You're a bunch of crazies saying this.
I guess then ABC News is and Reuters and the Associated Press will go over that.
And so much more as we fight the terrorists.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
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Coming up, your calls on any of the news items we've mentioned or any particular article you'd like to bring up that we have not covered.
If you disagree with me, you agree with me.
If you have questions, comments, 1-800-259-9231.
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Continuing with the news.
You know, over 70% of Americans believe Saddam worked with Al-Qaeda, despite the fact that they admit he never did.
So it doesn't matter if everybody finds out the capture was staged, because it's emotional.
The big headlines say it wasn't staged.
Later they can admit it was staged.
But the average person won't differentiate.
They're not concerned about hearing different stories every day.
Again, it's like the nightly news is an entertainment program or something.
It's just totally unconscious.
Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged, and left for the U.S.
And I've got AP, AFP, Sunday Morning Herald, ABC, you name it.
Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S.
troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces, drugged and abandoned, ready for American soldiers to recover him, a British Sunday newspaper reported.
Saddam came into the hands of the Kurdish Patriotic Front after being betrayed to the group by a member of the Al-Jabbar tribe, whose daughter had been raped by Saddam's son, Uday.
Leading to a blood feud, reported the Sunday Express, which quoted an unnamed senior British military intelligence officer.
The newspaper said the full story of events leading up to the ousted Iraqi president's capture on December 13th near his hometown of Tikrit in northern Iraq exposes the version peddled by American spin doctors as incomplete.
That's a total lie, folks, if they covered that up.
A former Iraq intelligence officer, whom the Express did not name, pulled the paper that Saddam was held prisoner by a leader of the Kurdish Patriotic Front, which fought alongside U.S.
forces during the Iraq War until he negotiated a deal.
The deal apparently involved the group gaining political advantage in the region.
Before I go any further, why would they stage the capture knowing it would come out?
Well, they staged the Jessica Lynch thing.
She said it's a fable.
I still have arguments with people on the street saying it was all real.
People still believe they found dozens of chemical and biological weapons plants.
They remember those news reports.
Sean Hannity still saying they found mobile weapons trucks and mass graves.
Admitted to be totally false.
They're still reporting that Niger sold uranium to Saddam.
We're good to go.
I think?
An unnamed Western intelligence source, the Middle East, told the Express Saddam was not captured as a result of any American or British intelligence.
We knew that someone would eventually take their revenge.
It was a matter of time.
That's a respected British newspaper talking to the intelligence source.
And the Australians have their people telling them this.
Here's ABC News.
Saddam held by Kurds, drugged, and left for U.S.
Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S.
troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces, drugged and abandoned, ready for American soldiers to recover him, a British newspaper has reported.
And I love this article calling it a tabloid, but I have a bunch of other papers reporting it.
Why do we have the colonel who supposedly captured Saddam sitting there on video?
We have this from CNN at prisonplanet.com saying, now here's the story.
We found him.
We found him in that hole.
That's the official story.
Keep it there.
Don't tell anybody anything else about what you've seen.
We have the colonel wandering around
Think about that.
Colonel Hinckley saying all this.
The same guy that named it Operation Red Dawn and calls the Iraqi insurgents Wolverines from the movie Red Dawn.
So our troops have taken on the mantle of the Soviet occupying force.
There's been some news stories about that.
We'll get back into more of this news and your calls.
There is so much of it and it's so important.
What do you think about this?
1-800-259-9231 and www.infowars.com We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks, coming up the third hour, Congressman Ron Paul in the next hour and 27 minutes until the Congressman joins us.
We're going to go over news and take your calls.
We're about to go to Wesley and Mike and Manuel and Garrett and Brandon and many, many others that are patiently holding.
Let me just run through some of the other news that's coming up.
But again, Saddam held by Kurds, drugged and left for U.S.
That's British intelligence.
And Australians are now saying that, and a bunch of other people in government are saying it was a completely staged event.
And now a reporter for The Weekend Australian, who got in to take photos of Saddam, got photos of injection ports, IV ports on his arm.
He looks totally drugged out and beaten.
They're like, good, beat him!
That guy tortured people!
Torture him!
Yeah, that's right.
Joseph Mengele's bad when he tortures.
Saddam's bad when he tortures.
But when Mr. Chalibi, the torture master of Iran, comes in for visits with Saddam, it's good.
Yes, you're learning double-think out there very, very well.
When Governor Ridge has raised the terror alert, give up all your rights or the terrorist will get you.
Coming up, Saddam's verdict, expected to take five years, so you won't forget about it.
Exclusive, the U.S.
may need a bigger army, Donald Rumsfeld tells Time Magazine, getting ready for the draft.
By the way, back to Saddam.
After two or three years of torture and drugging, getting him ready for trial, which is legal in this country, by the way, the Supreme Court's rule, they can grab you, not charge you, and forcibly drug you in solitary confinement for over six years in the Dr. Charles T. Sell case up in St.
But what's going to happen here?
Oh, he'll be a good boy by the time he's ready to get up there and testify.
He'll look like our troops who got shot down over Vietnam, who would blink in Morse code, torture, torture.
Of course, the North Vietnamese are good people.
They're just doing their job.
Torture's an American value.
Of course, I'm being sickeningly sarcastic, but it was wrong when our troops got tortured.
It's wrong to torture other people.
But I know in this new sick culture where 50 million dead babies isn't enough for you, maybe it's good.
Rumsfeld wants the draft for you and your family.
Dollars drop becomes more ominous as it plunges even further downward.
The average American still has no idea what this means for all of us, because they're telling us the economy is wonderful.
Bill Clinton rides the rescue.
I remember he agreed with Bush about the Iraq invasion.
Shocking people.
So did Hillary.
Why, she was all for it.
And Bill Clinton has defended Bush on making documents secret.
Well, yeah, George Bush is protecting Bill Clinton, blocking Dan Burton's committee.
But the Clinton view on Iraq-Al-Qaeda ties, and it says, are Al-Qaeda's links to Saddam Hussein and Iraq just a fantasy of the Bush administration?
The Clinton administration also warned the American public about those ties and defended its response to Al-Qaeda terror by citing an Iraq connection.
And now Bill Clinton is out defending Bush and what he did.
This is the same man that said,
I did not have sex with that woman.
Monica Winske, how dare any of you say it?
Just like, Saddam's got weapons of mass destruction.
Niger's sold him uranium.
There's mass graves.
It's lies.
Well, you're not for Saddam, are you?
No, I'm not for Bush's business partner.
No, I'm not.
Also, USA Today, tiny transmitters give retailers privacy advocates goosebumps.
And we have this industry diagram of how it works.
Shows the factory where the RFID goes in, shows the truck taking it to the store, shows you leaving your house with it, it's a cartoon image of it, driving home, then it leaving, going in your trash can to the landfill.
Tracking everything you do.
Well, that sounds like a free country.
Also, Israel planning Iran attack.
Oh, that should cause some fireworks.
Attack their nuclear reactors.
Police call for remote button to stop all your cars.
That's already in there.
Now they're just announcing it.
Parents told shouting at youth football matches is child abuse.
Sunday Herald, it says children will be taken if parents shout at soccer games.
I have the official Sunday Herald here.
And yelling at your child will be cause for them being taken.
Does it matter if the Western world is five times more likely, that is, governments in the Western world, to abuse children than anyone else?
Does it matter if pedophiles and sickos and abusers and warehousers of children get into this business?
It doesn't matter.
No one's going to investigate them, and they're going to take your children.
So now they don't just arrest you in England for stabbing someone who's raping your wife in your house at 2 a.m., which they do.
They'll give you between five and life.
There's cases every week of this.
Now if you shout at your child, now if you shout at a soccer game, it's hateful.
Wait till we get to that.
Also, China thanks Bush for Taiwan stance.
He says, thank you for what you've done and masses troops and publicly says they may invade.
Buffett saw terror threat.
We'll get into that.
Illinois is to seek exemption to buy drugs from Canada.
And Al Gord, son arrested for pot possession.
I'm for drug decriminalization, but when Rush Limbaugh is on OxyContin and he says arrest anybody on drugs, then I want him in prison.
And when Al Gore is passed a lot of money for drug law enforcement programs, let's put his son in prison.
You hypocrite.
That's just some of what is coming up here in just a few minutes.
Let's go to the calls as promised, though.
Let's go to them quickly.
Bam, bam, bam.
Wesley in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Alex.
How are you?
Or good afternoon, Alex.
How are you today?
I'm fine.
Before I talk about the upcoming terrorist attack, I just want to make a brief comment about Joseph Biden.
The day after the alleged capture of Saddam, they did a live interview with Joe, and I'm sitting here with my wife watching it, and I was so taken aback and taken by surprise that I can't remember the network.
I do know, however, that it was the only time that I saw it.
During the interview, they were talking to him about the upcoming presidential race, and he said that he would be satisfied to have George Bush serve a second term.
And I turned around and looked at my wife, and I said... Yeah, you have one of the leading Democrats in the Senate worshiping Bush, and I did read his comments.
I didn't see it.
You have Hillary worshiping him.
This is totally staged, and it shows you the system we're going into.
That's absolute proof.
I mean, Hagel would be absolutely just enthralled with how we have managed to raise his dialectic to an art form, but getting back to this business with this upcoming attack, gosh, you know, I've never done this before, but I really have such a strong feeling about this that I really honestly believe that because of the timing of the capture of Saddam that
The time is ripe for an attack on this country again.
Well, let me just say this.
They would have already carried out attacks.
The globalists would have already released smallpox.
That was clear.
But because the police and firefighters and medical workers refused to take the shots, to be the front-line force injectors of us, the public, we have all the articles about they're going to round people up, put them in the sports stadiums, force inject them, trying to get the volunteers, then trying to pay people.
Everybody, I mean everybody refused.
So that plan fell apart.
So now they've moved to bombing British embassies and British banks and bombing our troops and bombing others to keep the fear going.
But certainly, look, I'm glad they did this capture of Saddam.
That's the type of stunt they'll pull other than carrying out more terror.
I'd rather Bush pull stunts and not, you know, kill people.
And again, Bush isn't doing anything.
He's a puppet, but Bush is the titular head.
I'd rather that military-industrial complex represented by Bush do stuff like that and just pull basic stunts or, you know, an ounce of fake weapons of mass destruction find to keep their control going than the next big event.
Well, they've issued a warning.
They've told us the type of weapon that will be used in the attack.
And I'm not in the business of doing this kind of stuff, but I have a strong feeling that somewhere between now and the day, including the day that they play the Super Bowl, between then and now, I expect an attack with an airplane here in the continental United States.
Well, there is that missing jet, remember, that got stolen in Africa?
The 747, right.
So, I mean, I think that the time is ripe.
I mean, everybody has got Bush up on a pedestal.
He's shown that he stood up to the tough guy, and he captured him, and he proved that he was the better man.
And what a better time to reinforce this with another attack against a domestic target.
Well, that's the motive.
That's the past history.
That's the evidence.
So thanks for the call, Wesley.
Thank you.
Let's talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Fine, sir.
Alex, how you doing?
Alex, I just want to say my father just traveled abroad over to Spain.
And the Spanish newspaper is over there.
He said in English, if it's translated, it says the American media is brainwashing Americans to accept...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's pretty obvious.
The British environment minister went public and said the government did 9-11.
The German technology minister went public, has a best-selling book about it.
Everybody's talking about it.
But again, domestically, everybody's talking about all the fake news reports.
But the average American is so dumbed down, they have no idea.
Absolutely, Alex.
They're very dumbed down.
I want to ask you a question.
This terror alert,
Yeah, it's next to the highest, orange.
Under a red alert, according to Sid Kasperson of FEMA up in New Jersey, you will not be allowed to leave your home, you will be considered enemy combatants if you leave your home, and you will have virtually all your constitutional rights stripped from you.
Now, Alex, what's the reason for raising this terror level?
Well, the news of the fake Saddam capture started coming out.
News of Halliburton scamming.
News of 9-11 culpability started coming out.
And they like to scare you.
They did this last Christmas.
They like everybody to be afraid and to see them as our saviors.
So while we're all home for Christmas, on the holidays, we can watch Blockhead Ridge up there telling us how much he loves us.
Unbelievable, Alex.
Hopefully we could, you know...
Like you said, Alex, through your videos, I tell anybody out there, I've got five of your videos, and anybody who hasn't seen them needs to get them because they're a wonderful piece of information.
I've had churches brought up to my local church.
I had another church view three of them, and a lot of the people in there are just, they want questions.
They have questions.
They want answers.
I've given information about your website.
It's just a wonderful thing is knowledge and educating the American people and to know what the truth is.
Keep it up.
Thank you, Mike.
And I don't want to go on too long about this, but what I do is very dangerous.
I'm a big fish in this fight.
But there are tens of thousands of people who are now prominently fighting the New World Order, like Ron Paul and others.
And many other talk show hosts and authors and folks that run websites.
A few years ago, the globalists, I believe from the evidence, had a provocateur go into Bohemian Grove and do a bunch of bad stuff and then get arrested and say my name.
I got a report that a guy went into a big hardware store last night here in Austin, pulled his shirt off with a huge swastika on it and began saying, I work for Alex Jones, I work for Alex Jones.
We've been at a pro-gun rally and had the swastika business happen before, and we found out they were federal informants doing it.
But it's really comical.
I mean, it's not going to work for them.
I don't know what type of thing they're trying to prepare for me, but I have a bad feeling.
My family and this country is worth whatever the cost is.
But, you know, we try to go out and build a veteran a new home.
He died, by the way, earlier this year, Joe Campana, World War II vet, full disability.
They weren't giving him his disability.
He lived in a little shack, didn't even ask the government for anything, and we went out there and built him a new home.
Austinites did.
There's news articles on that on the website.
Just type in Austinites build veteran new home into a search engine.
Stories will pop up.
And that was about five years ago.
And even for that, even with that event, we had police coming on the grounds, trying to start fights, trying to talk about violence, trying to frame us for something, just for trying to build a new home.
We had the Fortune 500 demonstration three years ago, and I have this on video.
And they had cops in anarchist outfits trying to start fights.
I exposed them as police and stopped them before they got the news cameras to film them doing some violence as a pretext to attack all of us.
Though we've seen that in Seattle and Miami and everywhere else.
They just keep doing it.
I mean, we're in a lot of trouble.
We got a government, local police, national police, all of them,
That is at the top and many of the departments in between.
Framing people, planting evidence, DNA, running murder for hire, dealing drugs, running whores.
It's sick, folks.
I mean, we really are living in a corrupt, evil country.
And we've got so many naive people that don't even know it.
But there's more of us than there are of them.
And I don't know about you, but I'm not going along with it.
I'm going to speak out.
I'm going to expose you to it.
I'm going to resist it.
I'm going to get in these people's faces.
And I'm going to stand up for this country and humanity.
I'm not going to... I mean, these people are so evil, folks.
The globalists have been caught kidnapping children.
Mainstream news.
The globalists have been caught putting cancer viruses in your vaccines.
The globalists have been caught engaging in every form of wickedness imaginable, and then some.
I mean, my mind has never thought of the things that they get caught doing, and suddenly I'm being bathed in this wickedness just having to research it.
It's stunning.
And if your humanity doesn't boil with a fire to resist this, something's wrong with you, folks.
Just the level of pure evil.
And then you've got all these useful idiots that don't ask questions that empower the system, that give it energy and give it power and give it control.
Stop going along with it.
Face the evil.
Face how bad things have gotten.
And be part of history.
Love your family.
Love your children.
Love your country.
Stand against evil.
Because if you cower in fear, you only empower the bullies, the tyrants, the corpulent parasites that are the New World Order.
Please, your humanity, your guts, your bones, your very soul should be icy cold with the horror of what's happening.
Fight or flight, folks.
I choose to fight.
Fighting is always...
The best defense when you're cornered, and we are cornered.
We are cornered.
We are cornered.
So face your fears and realize that it's better to face the bully than to get down in the dust on your knees.
We'll be back with more calls and more news.
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All right, my friends, we're back live.
Second and third hour straight ahead.
We're about to go back to...
Manuel and Garrett and Brandon and John and many, many others that are patiently holding.
And there's just tons of amazing news exposing the globalist criminality that's coming up.
We'll get back into the fake Saddam capture, the staged event, as the evidence now streams out from government sources.
We'll also get more into the terror alert being raised and what that means.
Before I go back to your calls...
I have made ten films, and these are my lasting legacy work that will go on long after I'm gone.
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FEMA in Kansas City saying that all founding fathers are terrorists, all Christians are terrorists, and enemies of the federal government.
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Not just the official training manuals, but video shot by a firefighter of them saying this to a classroom.
Three minutes of that film, and it's all just as horrible, folks.
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Yes, it's evil.
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So go to the websites as well.
Let's go ahead and talk to Manuel in Pennsylvania.
Manuel, you're on the air.
Well, it looks like they're turning up the heat.
And whether there's a terrorist attack or not, you see the acclamation going on on TV.
You turn on your TV, it's flu shots, flu shots, flu shots.
The thumb scanning module, they keep flashing that on the TV, so they're pushing their biometrics.
So they're playing on the hysteria.
All we got to do is turn the tables on them.
We've had your message of terror here on the local access channel before.
We'll just air Police Day 3 now again, and I'm going to New York.
I'll do the same thing up there.
That's all we need to do, because we can see what they're doing, but it's transparent.
I watched a little TV this weekend, and it was.
The terrorists are going to get you.
Biometrics are good.
Cashless society.
Torture's good.
World government's good.
Give your rights up.
Men in black ski masks are good.
Oh, and also about the torture.
There's another shortwave host, and I respect him because he has open lines.
He don't censor the calls.
He was asking, do you think torture is good?
Can we do it, save 100 troops who are going to die?
We knew 100 troops were going to die.
The only reason to save them was to torture Saddam.
All of his callers, I think basically all of them, no, absolutely no torture.
And these are people that on other points, they're your consummate neocons and still.
It's not working.
It's not working at all.
Well, if you say torture Saddam, then our troops got what they deserved when the Vietnamese tortured him.
Then they do it over here.
Then they do it over here.
We can't claim that we're civilized people living under a rule of law with ethics if that's what we're going to go around doing.
Great points, Manuel.
Are you done?
Are you done, sir?
Yes, thanks.
Good to hear from you.
Thanks for holding to make those fine points.
All right, everybody else, your calls and a bunch of other news I haven't gotten to.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, we've got Congressman Ron Paul coming up, who was an Air Force flight surgeon.
He can tell you all about how many of our troops got shot down over Vietnam.
We had a caller earlier denying that anyone was ever shot down over Vietnam and how torture's good, but now the whole show's going to descend into arguing about this.
Let's go to calls.
Kim in Texas.
Go ahead.
Kim, you're on the air.
Hi, I wanted to know something about Lyndon LaRouche.
What do you know about him?
And also, no one gave credit to Malcolm X when he talked about Kennedy being assassinated.
He said our government did it.
And now 92% of Americans believe the government killed Kennedy.
But also, I wonder, do you ever listen to 88.7 here in Austin?
Sometimes, yes.
I know they won't answer any questions when it comes to government issues.
You can't talk about those topics on that station.
And it's a non-profit station.
Yeah, it's the local predominantly black station, and I've noticed they don't really allow a lot of First Amendment stuff.
And I'll say, can I come to your office and pick up the tape, or do I have to order them?
Yeah, you know, I've got an office where I take mail, and I've got my physical office, and it would just turn into a circus.
But you can go to the Hardware Store Incorporated at Spicewood Springs Road 183 in North Austin, and they sell the videos.
Thank you, Kim.
I appreciate your call.
Great points.
Let's talk to... Let's go to Walt, then we'll go to Sean and Steve and John and everybody else.
Walt in Kansas City, go ahead.
Well, God bless you, Alex.
I heard this guy on there, and boy, I'll tell you what, for he that doesn't think that a lot of our guys got shot down or that we just didn't blow anything up over there...
He was correct in the fact that there were no fly and no attack zones, and that's what infuriated me is...
A lot of the no-fly, no-attack zones were their tank farms, not tanks as in army tanks, but in fuel tanks.
We weren't to bomb those.
Well, he was saying that we didn't lose any pilots or that they weren't tortured in Vietnam.
Yeah, well, everybody was tortured over there that was captured.
You can bet your bippy on that.
And we did lose a lot of pilots.
We lost...
I know at least three or four off of the USS Coral Sea when I was flying over there.
And we would come in many times as low as 300 feet and eliminate anything that we could find to eliminate.
That was part of the orders.
And I didn't know that Brother Butch was one of them that charted the planes.
That's pretty interesting.
But think of the level of denial to say our troops weren't tortured in Vietnam.
Well, yeah.
I mean, you know, any time our troops get captured, you can bet whoever captures them is not going to treat them as fairly as the United States always did.
All right, thanks for the call.
I appreciate that.
Sean in Colorado, go ahead.
Good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you, Alex.
This morning I was listening to a religious show before you here on 1360 in Colorado, and it's a rabbi.
Mr. Spivak, and he was so adamant about torturing Saddam that it spurred me to call him up and ask him why he's torturing Saddam if Saddam knows of a bomb that's going to kill 100 U.S.
And then he won't even address the fact that... Hey, I'll tell you what.
We've got a lot of callers.
I'll get to all of you after Ron Paul.
We'll only be on a few segments.
We're honored to have him.
He's coming up.
We'll get back into this whole torture discussion because it is very important.
And we'll discuss it when we return.
So please stay with us, everybody.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster as a New World Order.
The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already 8 minutes and 35 seconds into the third hour of this December 22, 2003 Monday edition.
And I've had Ron Paul on this show many times.
We're going to have him for the next two segments, maybe even get to a few calls in the next segment.
I've got a host of issues I want to throw out at the Congressman.
But Congressman Ron Paul, before we go any further, I had a caller last hour that caused quite a controversy here on air.
He said that he thought torture was basically a good idea.
And then I said, well, what about our troops that got shot down in Vietnam?
They got tortured.
Are you saying that was okay?
He then said, no, none of our troops got shot down over Vietnam.
I'm going from memory here, but weren't you involved in Vietnam in the air?
No, not really.
I was involved during that period of time.
I was in the military.
I was in the Air Force as a flight surgeon from 1963 to 1968, but not actually in Vietnam.
Okay, but now...
I know that we had a bunch of aircraft shot down and troops tortured, but can you give us your historical view on that?
Well, I mean, that doesn't even deceive... I mean, I can't understand anybody saying that.
We probably had a lot more helicopters shot down than airplanes, and the people in the helicopters were the ones that ended up being prisoners so often.
But there were hundreds of helicopters shot down.
And I'm sure other airplanes were shot down too, but it was mainly the helicopters that were knocked out of the air.
Yeah, how could that guy be deceived by that, as you were saying?
But no, he was saying that our jets didn't get shot down.
We lost masses of pilots.
Remember John McCain and all those people?
Yeah, and Duke Cunningham also in the Congress was, you know, I think he was captured.
And Johnson, Sam Johnson from Texas, was also a pilot.
Yeah, and he was not a helicopter pilot either.
And McCain was not a helicopter pilot.
So there were a lot of planes shot down.
I don't know the numbers, but we ended up losing 60,000 men, so they had to shoot a lot of them down.
I'm going from memory.
I believe it's over 2,000 fixed-wing aircraft were shot down and helicopters were shot down.
I believe it was over 8,000 times.
Now, many times it was just technical difficulties or they had to land.
But I didn't mean to get off on that side issue.
I was just so blown away by that statement.
But, I mean, we just had the big report, 339 universities...
No, I didn't see that, but I guess I'm not surprised.
A lot of them can't even name who the Vice President is.
You were down at the Jefferson Forum, and I got a bunch of calls out of Houston.
You were saying that it looks like they're lining up the draft now.
Rumsfeld in Time Magazine just said, yeah, we need a bigger military.
They've got a bunch of legislation lined up to do it.
What do you see happening, Congressman?
Well, I hear a lot of talk behind the scenes, but there's been legislation introduced, some by moderate liberal Democrats as well as the Black Caucus.
And there are all sorts of arguments to increase the size of our military.
Rumsfeld, who's always argued for a small military, he's never argued to slow down on the intervention overseas, but he's always argued that we don't need a lot of men, just highly skilled.
But now he's admitting that they need more men.
The question they never ask, and the Congress should ask, and I'll continue to ask, is, well, if we're coming up short of men,
Why don't we cut back a little bit on our empire?
Why do we have to be in 130 countries looking for trouble around the world?
Then we wouldn't need so many individuals in the military.
Well, I mean, I've read the Houston Chronicle where it says they've got a bill to draft skilled people, professionals, doctors, engineers, firefighters, and some of these national drafts look like you'll serve domestically, some will serve overseas.
What do the different pieces of legislation say?
I haven't looked at them all, but that sort of follows a historic precedent, especially for physicians.
Even when they ended the draft in the early 70s, they kept the doctor draft going on for a while longer, and they have already talked about drafting doctors.
There's a pseudo-draft on right now as well, because those individuals who have been scheduled to get out of the military and have not re-enlisted have been told they can't.
So they're forced to stay longer than they agreed to, so they've been, in essence, drafted.
Well, I've seen articles, Congressman, where they also, if you had served a five, ten-year stint before, that you're being recalled.
Yeah, and I guess they do sign some of that paperwork where they'll claim that they have agreed to do that.
And it's not a very good sign.
Okay, well, I hate to put you on the spot.
I don't ever really do this when you're on with us, but you've got some children.
What are you going to do when they try to draft your children?
Well, they're all going to be old enough to make their own choices.
My kids are all past that age.
I have grandkids that age, and it'll be up to them.
The individual himself has to decide that, but to me it's a real tragedy.
I think that, you know, the use of the...
I think so.
No, I'm not even... I wouldn't go that far either because I don't think we should ever have a draft.
But I always believe that if we're attacked
That we would respond.
We didn't have a draft in the Revolutionary War, and we won it against the greatest in power at that time.
So if it's a righteous war, we're going to have more men than we need.
And the real defense of a country comes by civilians armed, and that's why the Second Amendment is so important.
And it's the militia, the concept of the militia, people who are readily armed, and then there will be no takeover.
So I just don't think you ever have to have a draft because what you concede with a draft is ownership of one's life, and that means the politicians own your life.
And you can unfairly pick a certain group and force them into battle, especially under today's conditions, into a battle that makes no sense.
It's unconstitutional.
We may be fighting it for the United Nations.
So it is more atrocious now than ever.
Let's shift gears into torture.
There's a big debate about, is torture good?
Should we do it?
We know it's already going on some.
Your view on torture?
Well, there's two practical reasons not to.
If we torture them, they'll torture us.
And the other thing is what torture does not to the person who may well deserve it.
As much as the people who dish it out.
So if a country who pretends to follow the rule of law and justice, if they practice torture, that means you lower yourselves or ourselves into the same category of the people we're trying to defeat.
And the other practical reason why it's not wise is that you don't get that.
There's no proof that you get good information.
A lot of times those who are being tortured
We'll eventually say whatever you want them to say, and it's not reliable.
So there's just no excuse for the use of torture.
You can't trust a government that tortures.
You can't trust the confessions.
I mean, you can't say Joseph Mingala was good.
So how can, you know, Saddam's back because he tortured.
Now we're going to become Saddam Hussein if we do this.
Shifting into immigration, Governor Ridge...
While raising the alert level, wants to give amnesty to at least 8 million illegals, accept the matricula cards, all over the country that can easily be faked, how can they have a magnifying glass down our throat, but then have the borders basically wide open?
Your take on that.
Well, that's essentially what they're doing.
The other day, a couple weeks ago, we had a bill that was threatening Syria, almost to the point where we put on sanctions and we were getting ready to invade Syria.
And they said the main reason was the borders weren't secure.
And my argument was, well, how can you expect the Syrians to have secure borders between their country and Iraq?
At the same time, we don't have anything called secure borders.
So the whole thing is complete nonsense.
That's why our money and our personnel should be used domestically, not internationally.
How can we say that Saddam is this great demon when he is a bad guy, but then Bush cuts Taiwan loose and violates basically the treaty and changes our 50-plus year policy with Taiwan?
Well, whatever is practical, they do.
And if they want to go with the big red Chinese, they do.
And, you know, they don't follow moral principle.
They follow just pure financial pragmatism because we were close allies with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden in the past.
We helped build them up.
And when they don't serve our purpose, then we turn them into Hitler themselves, and we did that with Noriega, and we do it constantly.
That's why I argue the case that the more non-intervention we have and the less entangling alliances we have, the better.
Well, that's like what George Washington said, but that's radical extremism, Congressman.
Yeah, I know.
And somebody said the other day, they said, boy, this sounds like you're almost like an isolationist.
I said...
Not really so, and then I pointed out George Washington said it, and they said, yeah, but that was a long time ago.
I said, does that mean our Bill of Rights is no longer necessary because it's a long time ago, or the Ten Commandments no longer do we have to abide by because they were written a long time ago?
This whole idea that...
Because conditions are different today.
Anything our founding fathers said or intended by the Constitution no longer applies.
Well, what the founders, as you know well, were saying was something new.
We're going back to the imperial model.
We're going back to something older, aren't we?
That's right.
And I think freedom, although we had a hint and a taste of that in our early years...
Freedom is a very, very modern idea.
Most of all history has been built on tyrants and government control and very, very minimal protection of civil liberties for the individuals.
So I would say that we are the progressives, even though that's a horrible term today.
We are the progressives.
We are the liberals.
We're the ones that believe in liberty.
And we believe in the future, they do want to go back to the old ways.
That's it.
We're going to break, maybe go to a few calls, but I want to get into the plunging dollar, the $43 trillion deficit, according to the Dallas Morning News.
That's right, folks.
That's what we really owe in all of our agreements, $40-plus trillion.
Get those questions answered by Congressman Ron Paul.
And maybe jam a few of these calls.
We've got loaded lines.
I want to find out who wants to talk to the congressman.
Then after that segment, we'll come back and just talk to the callers and go back over some news I haven't covered yet.
We'll be back with Congressman Ron Paul from Texas.
I'm Alex Jones.
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All right, my friends, Alex Jones back here live with Congressman Ron Paul.
Try to go to a few of your calls here in a couple minutes.
Congressman, getting back into important issues, dollar drop becomes more ominous.
We have the euro trading at $1.25 when it was 90 cents against the dollar just a year and a half ago.
And what does this mean to us to have the World Reserve currency and to now be losing it?
Well, it means a whole lot.
They're still buying our currencies, and the central banks are still trying to prop it up.
But if they get to the point where they really leave the dollar and oil is not priced in dollars, you're going to see tremendous price inflation.
You're going to see us paying a lot more for oil.
We're good to go.
The dollar will go down, which means commodity prices, which are already on the rise, as well as gold, they'll continue to go up, and inflation will be back with a vengeance.
Well, the globalists have already moved most of their holdings to China and India.
They've got Treasury Secretary Snowe saying a dropping dollar is good.
I don't really see him doing much to prop it up.
It seems like the bigger, overriding global corporate system wants a weak dollar.
I saw the Davos Economic Forum three and a half years ago saying that.
Yeah, you know, the exporters keep thinking a weak dollar is going to save them, but it never seems to happen, and members of Congress who represent steel districts and farm districts think this is the salvation.
Just have a weaker dollar, and then there'll be, you know, generous exports, which means, well, they don't care about consumers, and they don't care about importers.
I mean, a lot of companies depend on imported goods.
This whole notion that governments should be manipulating goods
Well, this was the conference report.
We're good to go.
And they can demand information from auto dealers and travel agents, pawnbrokers, anybody and everybody.
And now we're hearing about them going after topless bars, county commissioners, marijuana dealers.
They're using Patriot Act.
I have articles every week against everybody.
That is right.
And it's the kind of thing that has been on...
They've been proposing for years and years, but this post-9-11 atmosphere has helped them to get this stuff passed, and they haven't even been satisfied with Patriot Act No.
They're demanding even more power.
So how do we stop them?
I mean, they say it's for terrorists, but their definition of a terrorist is misdemeanors, according to Section 802.
It is really tough, because I think with your help, there was a lot of awakening...
About Patriot Act No.
1, and when we did have a clean vote on repealing some of that in the House of Representatives, we actually won it overwhelmingly to repeal the sneak and peeks.
But that, interestingly enough, when it got to the conference, it was deleted.
So they put in the bad stuff, they delete the good stuff, and then everybody leaves town and everybody forgets about it.
It's a darn hard job that we have to keep plugging away.
Information to the American people is ultimately the only thing that counts.
Absolutely, Congressman.
We've got about a minute left.
Folks, we'll come back and take your calls, but Congressman's got to leave us.
We appreciate him during this holiday week joining us.
In the last minute, any other key issues we need to be made aware of?
I think he touched on just about all of them, but I think it's the appetite that American people have for spending that is the big issue.
Congressmen get, for the most part, re-elected, and they vote for all the spending.
Evidently, either they're totally uninformed or they support the idea that the government should continue to spend all this money domestically and police the world.
But one of these days it'll change because we're going bankrupt.
We are literally technically bankrupt, but when it's discovered, the dollar will crash, and then we will have to cut back and we'll have to live within our means.
All right, many questions.
Supreme Court, campaign finance, they say it's good.
Violates the First Amendment.
What do you think about it?
Well, it's amazing because when it was on the House floor, there were a lot of us that were yelling and screaming, but DeLay and these other guys said, Don't worry about it.
It's so bad that the courts will throw it out.
And we're going to get some political pluses by saying that we're for campaign finance reform besides the president wants it.
And I guess a lot of them were shocked when the courts actually didn't cover the Congress and rule it unconstitutional.
All right.
Congressman Ron Paul, have a great Christmas.
Appreciate you coming on the show.
God bless.
We'll be back with your calls.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Unfortunately, with the Drug and Money Laundering Act, the IRS Revenue Rule in 6045 of 1984, and the Trading with the Enemy Act in Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order of 1933, some precious metal holdings are subject to government intervention.
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Hey, I know we've had a lot of callers holding for a while, and I couldn't get to you with Ron Paul.
I wasn't even talking a lot.
I was just throwing out questions at him.
You heard him talk about the depression that's coming up, the plunging dollar going to happen, gold going up.
You heard him talk about the torture, the police state, all of it.
Now let's go back to the call.
Sean, John, HW, Tim, Mike, others.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
I'm going to go through your calls real quick and back into some more important news.
Sean in Colorado, I made you hold earlier because I gave you about 30 seconds before a break.
You were talking about
Well, in reality, you never really run into those situations.
I mean, that's a bunch of government PR.
And again, there's a greater damage in what happens to your troops when they do get captured, because then they're certainly going to get tortured, and then you can't punish those that did it, and you've lost the moral high ground, and then from there, torture's going to be legitimized.
And I know there's a lot of well-meaning people
Who have been sucked into this.
But Joseph Mingala tortured it was bad.
Saddam Hussein tortured it was bad.
The Vietnamese commies tortured it was bad.
Torture is bad.
Torture is bad.
Go ahead, Sean.
Well, that's right, Alex.
And what it comes down to is it's a bunch of...
We're good to go.
I think?
Which further takes away our rights.
At one point, you know, do people stop listening and start paying attention?
Here's the question.
Why did General Rick Baucus quit and refuse to torture at Camp X-Ray?
Because he's a moral person.
And he said, these aren't even real Taliban or Al-Qaeda.
What we need to do is arrest those that flew the 8,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda out to safety in Afghanistan who worked with the CIA.
We need to have an investigation of why the hijackers were trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station.
We need to have an investigation of government carrying out terror attacks.
Again, it's the big monolithic government that can't be trusted.
And why they're trying to sell us this idea of torture being good... Listen, I want to have anybody on who thinks torture's good.
I want to debate this fact.
What's this gentleman's name?
No, no, not Sean.
That would be Rabbi Stevack.
I apologize.
And he's out of New York.
Rabbi who?
Rabbi Stevack.
Say it slowly.
You know, maybe it's just my audio, but a lot of what you're saying is distorted.
Are you on a cell phone?
Okay, S-P-I-B-A-C-K.
I'd like to have him on.
Well, you know, I would love to hear you talk with him.
I mean, I brought up the fact that, you know, at the same time, they passed the, you know, 22-17, and, you know, if he's all in favor for torture, you know, for saving a couple hundred people's lives, how come they're not having that same passion when they hear about John Ashcroft saying 11.5 million people will die?
Don't you think maybe we should torture him and find out what he knows about 11.5 million people in this very country?
Sean, I do not wish any harm upon John Ashcroft or Bill Clinton or George Bush.
Neither do I. I was just stating a point about torture, and it's bad all around.
It is bad all around.
Thanks for the call.
Look, the point here is, this shows how bad things have gotten.
The government makes you feel threatened, says the terrorists are going to get you.
And then, oh, torture's the answer.
I mean, look, 24, Threat Matrix, these shows on TV, every time I tune into them, they're torturing somebody, and it's good.
They're warping our minds.
The same thing happened in Nazi Germany.
We cannot allow this to happen.
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
And when you start letting the government do that, you're in deep trouble.
Be more afraid of the government than you are terrorists, folks, because the government is the terrorist.
They're carrying out the attacks, so you'll accept stuff like torture.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Tennessee.
John, go ahead.
Good to talk to you.
Yeah, go ahead.
That caller just sounded like a provocateur trying to wind you up.
He's a liar if he claims to have listened to you for two years, and nobody's that retarded.
Are you talking about that caller earlier saying none of our jets got shot down in Vietnam?
Well, the Pentagon torturing a thousand Afghan POWs to death is not good for America.
And Colonel Fletcher Prouty, who I'm sure you know, reported in his book JFK that the Viet Cong shot down 15 helicopters per ambush using nothing but bows and arrows wrapped in steel wire.
And that book, JFK, helped Stone get Operation Northwoods released, so that's a very...
He also reported 5,000 choppers were destroyed with 20,000 crew dead.
A credible book.
I thought it was 8,000 choppers, 20,000 crew.
2,000 fixed-wing aircraft shot down.
That's approximately right.
Half of them just crashed by themselves, though, and Hill Helicopter Contracts were our own worst enemy after Agent Orange.
Well, that's what my uncle said.
You know, he got shot down I think seven times as it was listed, but really I think he said, what did he say, three of those were from fire.
A lot of times, you know, getting shot, a lot of times the things just broke down.
I talked to a guy who got hit in the head twice by a helicopter rotor and survived.
So those things are just death traps.
Also, I wanted to ask you, did you hear last week the AP article about the $230,000 speeding ticket under the Patriot Act?
No, I didn't.
That was in Tennessee on November 9th.
Three men were arrested and $131,000 cash seized and a brand new Humvee seized, and the people are held without bail even now, a month later.
I can't get any calls about that.
Will somebody email that to me and I'll post it?
Yeah, I did email it.
I'll email it again.
Send it to tips at infowars.com.
Yeah, it was in the Knoxville News Center on Friday.
And a Tennessee state trooper pulled this Humvee over from feeding it, allegedly 90 miles an hour, which is above the top speed of the Humvee.
He then searched their car and found this cache.
And they were just traveling through Tennessee.
They weren't going through an international border checkpoint.
The one guy allegedly said the word Canada, so they arrested them and seized all their property.
So if you have a passport now and a traffic stop, or you say you're going to Canada or Mexico or out of the country...
And you have any cash on you, then they can seize that and arrest you under the Patriot Act.
Over $3,000, yeah.
Yeah, and this is a new precedent case.
They said in the article that they've never seen this happen before, even though they say it's legal to drive through the state of Tennessee or any other American state with cash.
They're saying now you can't even go from state to state.
Under asset forfeiture seizure, you've all heard the stories of the old lady with $10,000 in her purse because she doesn't trust banks?
And they grab her $10,000 and say it's up to you to get it back?
They've been doing this on drugs for years, and now they're using the Patriot Act, which apparently gives them even more authority.
Hey, they're going after topless bars, county commissioners in zoning disputes.
They're using it for misdemeanors.
People with marijuana paraphernalia.
A guy with a marijuana pipe was charged with terrorism.
And they got the ads on TV where you're a terrorist and you use drugs.
I mean, it's sick, folks.
Well, I've got this article also posted at AmericanAutobahn.com.
In the news, if you just scroll down to the middle of the page, it's got the full text of the article.
All right, I'll find it.
It'll be big news on this show.
I miss a lot of stuff like that.
There's no way to keep track of all this, folks.
I believe you, though, John.
Can somebody call in and second that article?
I don't think John's given me good info in the past, but just... H-W in Colorado.
H-W, you're on the air.
Don't bother with us, Rabbi Spilak.
When that guy comes on in 1360, I turn the radio off.
I don't want to bash our affiliates.
Don't do it.
Say again?
It's a great, great station.
They're all great stations.
But this, I'm saying with Rabbi Spilak, I don't waste my time and don't waste yours either, would be my suggestion.
Is it Spibok or Spilak?
S-P like Paul, A-V like Lenham, A-K.
Okay, now I got it.
I think he's even a doctor.
But the guy talks real nonsense and below any moral standards.
Okay, listen.
One thing I'm not going to have is Bastian on our stations.
He has a right to the First Amendment.
I'll try to get him on.
Well, yeah, but I don't listen to it.
I only listen to Rob Noel, Eric Sederstrom, Bill Brumbaugh, you, and occasionally Stan Montheus.
All the others don't make any sense to me.
Now, you guys have been working wonderfully on explaining to the people that government is by definition, as I about five calls ago mentioned on your show, by definition evil.
Only thieves, liars, and now I say murderers, want to rule your life, and they make rules that don't even make sense.
And, of course, the way they print pieces of paper into money, that is not earned.
That is by that elite, which doesn't want to work.
And now they're going to rob your wealth, your energy, through devaluing it.
Thanks, H.W.
Thank you.
Mike in Arizona.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good to talk to you.
Yeah, same here.
About 25 years ago, there was a group of communist terrorists in Italy.
A lot of people may not remember them.
They were called the Red Brigade.
And in 1978, they abducted the Prime Minister of Italy, Aldo Moro.
I don't know if you remember that.
Yes, I remember.
And basically, they rounded up a bunch of Red Brigade members.
That's it?
Just thought I'd leave you with that quote for today.
Well, absolutely.
Anything else?
Thank you, Mike.
Yeah, we're not America anymore, and we start torturing people.
Can't you understand that?
Now, Israel admits they torture people, okay?
But then it's come out, and UPI, Haratz, you name it,
I think?
And that's not Alex Jones.
That's Haratz.
That's the Jerusalem Post.
I have those articles in Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Now, Israel admits they torture.
Folks, our government tortures, too.
In Fort Benning, Georgia, they train Latin Americans, Arabs, a lot of these people in torture.
You got legalized torture in Saudi Arabia.
I don't want to become like the Saudi Arabians.
Now, they don't even call it torture, though.
They call it punishment.
If you're a Christian, they see you with a cross.
They will grab it off of you.
They will beat you up.
So I am tired of this worship of the Muslims, folks.
Understand, I'm not here against Israel.
I'm not here against any of these people.
I'm against corrupt governments.
And I do not want Saudi Arabia involved in our lives.
I mean, I have family who work for oil companies.
And Buddy...
You don't congregate on Christmas.
You don't congregate on Sunday.
You don't wear a cross.
You don't talk about Jesus, or they will kill you.
And there they torture people.
They've got an incredibly corrupt government.
Now, I don't want to be like Israel, and I sure don't want to be like Saudi Arabia.
There are peace plans that will work, folks.
But both sides, the military-industrial complex in Israel and the terrorist complex that is controlled by the Arab states, wants these wars to continue.
Because that's how they maintain their control over the region.
That's their pretext for police state.
The same thing's happening here.
I know we've got a lot of other callers, but I've got to hit some news.
We'll try to get a few calls in here in the final segment.
Police call for remote button to stop cars.
London Guardian.
They already have this in your ignition, folks.
Motorists face new Big Brother technology.
After speed cameras, road humps, and mobile phone bans, there could be more bad news for Britain's motorists.
Police are urging ministers to give them the power to stop vehicles by remote control.
If what will be seen is yet another example of the increasing power of Big Brother, drivers face the prospect of their cars being halted by someone pushing a button.
It's already in your ignition, folks.
The police lobby is being led by Superintendent Jim Hammond.
...of Sussex Police, who chairs an association of police officers technology working group, which is examining the idea.
Providing an effective means to remotely stop a vehicle and fast becoming a priority, Hammond told the European Conference, the development of a safe, controlled system to enable remote stopping has the potential of directly saving lives.
And they go further.
Let's read this guy's quote.
Starting it now in England, they're announcing that they want to do it here, and the systems are already in all the new cars.
They put the grid in, then they announce it.
It's like they started taking your DNA at birth 33 years ago, now 33 years later they go, oh, we want to start a national DNA database, we just so happen to have your blood.
Israel planning to attack Iran, massive escalation.
After Israel, the U.S.
and England sold them the stuff.
I have BBC articles on that.
Israel's considering a military strike to destroy the nuclear program of Iran, now regarded as Tel Aviv's number one enemy.
Israeli daily Herat cited Defense Minister Saul Movaz as telling Israel radio Persian service last week that if a decision was made to destroy Iran's nuclear capability, necessary steps will be taken so that Iranian citizens will not be harmed.
That is really scary escalation.
No telling what the Iranians will do.
Listen to this.
Parents told shouting at youth football matches is child abuse and your children will be taken.
Parents of young footballers who shout criticism from sidelines during matches will face criminal charges in the future and be guilty of child abuse under new guidance from the sports governing body.
Under new rules, parents who give lifts to children of neighbors or friends or of other children may also have to undergo police checks.
The player protection policy also says that if they see a bruise on a soccer player, they've got to call the police.
So now your child gets bruises playing soccer.
I've played soccer, but when I talk about bruises all over my shins, now they come grab your children.
They've created this new core over there just like here to grab your children.
Here's another one concerned over tough new abuse rules.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, final segment before I get into some of this news here at the end of the show.
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We're good to go.
I think?
That's just very dynamic.
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Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Look at this article out of the Washington Post.
China thanks Bush for Taiwan's stance.
They thank him again.
China thanks Bush for Taiwan's stance.
Beijing issues new warning against move towards independence.
China's President Hu Jintao thanked President Bush in a telephone call Saturday night for opposing any words or actions by Taiwan to alter its status and again warned that China would not tolerate the island's independence.
State media reported Sunday.
The telephone conversation came as President Chin-Sin Bain of Taiwan continued to ignore warnings by the United States and China against holding a referendum in March to demand that China redeploy hundreds of missiles it has aimed at the island.
Oh, so you've got a free country where they have elections, a republic, and we're against them, and we're against China pulling out its weapons, and the globalists, I don't want to say we, but those that control us, are arming China but not arming Taiwan.
And I'm a liberal because I'm for Taiwan.
You're conservative if you're for red China.
It's sick.
And there's another Sunday Herald article, Concern Over Tough New Abuse Rules.
And they're passing all these laws where if you yell at your child, you lose custody or are arrested.
And it says they passed the guidelines because the government was abusing children.
The guidelines will be published next month aimed to make it more difficult for pedophiles to target young people.
In the wake of the trial where school caretaker Ian Hutley was found to have already been accused of sex crimes years before he murdered Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells.
They always pass new laws because the government's raping and killing children.
The very people that were grabbing children are abusing them, so now you yell at your child at a football game, they're going to come after you.
It actually says that.
They're five times more likely in government to abuse children.
So let's let them grab more children with no oversight.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow.
Take care.
We're good to go.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Now we're into Hour 2.
Congressman Ron Paul from Texas will be joining us in the next hour.
Talk about the draft, Patriot Act 2.
The free trade area of the Americas, the New World Order, Bush cutting Taiwan loose, you name it.
By the way, the communist Chinese are thanking Bush again today for what he did, cutting Taiwan loose.
Changing 53 years of treaty obligations.
It's now coming out, what we can already tell from the evidence, that Saddam had been held for at least three weeks...
By the Kurds, and that was a staged capture.
Then you watch the video of Colonel Hinckley telling the troops, keep their mouths shut, let me tell you the official story.
And that was on CNN of all places.
They don't even hide this stuff.
It's amazing.
We're on the heightened terror alert.
Members of FEMA, federal and state, have said that if we go to a red alert, we're all going to be basically slaves and have no rights.
Well, the comment was by Sid Kasperson, virtually all your liberties will be stripped away.
You'll be an enemy combatant if you leave your home.
We're good to go.
I think?
And the websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Let's talk to Garrett in Louisiana.
Go ahead, Garrett.
How you doing, Alex, man?
Fine, my friend.
Oh, man, yeah, things are coming down heavy.
And I was wondering when you're going to have Jim Rawls on again as a guest on your show.
Jim who?
Jim Rawls, Patriots, Surviving the Comic Collapse author.
Oh, John Wesley Rawls, yes.
I do need to interview him.
I also want to interview Mr. Chittum of Civil War II.
Yeah, that's a good book, too.
It's a little bit, you know, different race type issues, but it's a scenario.
It's a good book.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Reading that book, it just talks about what's going to happen.
Because they are creating racial divides.
They are balkanizing the country.
I'm not saying he's a racist.
It shows what's going to happen.
And I'm in one of the worst places that I could ever want to be.
But, um,
Anyway, people would like, for instance, a man out there at Christmas time has went and bought, paid $1,000 for his wife a ring.
I would suggest he take it back if he's got the receipt and go buy him a weapon.
That's a mammonition because things are fixing to get bad.
A lot of people are saying that, and my antenna are up, and I don't mean for Christmas, but here before the election, I've got a really bad feeling from all the evidence I'm looking at kind of doing a prime projection on what I see happening, and I tell you, we're on the razor's edge.
If we get the word out about who's behind the terror, we may back them off, but that is...
Statistically, that's the minority future I see.
Yes, sir.
And I'm glad you had Ron Paul on to talk about Patriot Act II.
A friend of mine who listens to your show regularly says that you discussed it the other day that they had ramrodded through the 1st of December.
And I'd like to hear more about that.
But keep going, man.
You know, this movement and this effort is like a football team.
Everybody's got their part to play, and everybody's got to be a team player, and you're doing your part, and we're doing our part.
God bless, and keep going, man.
Well, thank you, Garrett.
You too, my friend.
All right, your call's coming up in more news after this quick break.
It's all about freedom, all about liberty, all about chronicling the criminal activities of the global elite, also known as the New World Order.
I mean, folks...
These people are absolute total criminals.
We'll be right back.
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Alright, I'm about to go back to your calls.
Everybody be patient.
Let me just recap some top stories.
Hit a few I haven't gotten to yet in detail.
Then we'll go right back to your calls.
The toll-free number to join us on this Open Line Monday edition, 1-800-259-9231.
We got him, Kurds say they caught Saddam Hussein.
Saddam held by Kurds, drugged and left for U.S.
That's out of ABC News.
Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S.
troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces, drugged and abandoned, ready for American soldiers to recover him, a British newspaper has reported, according to British intelligence.
Also, a respected photographer and journalist for a major Australian newspaper, The Weekend Australian, and you can see the photos on my websites, infowars.com and prisonplanet.com,
Saddam's got an injection port, an IV port in his arm.
He looks totally drugged out and beaten.
Worse than he looked eight days ago when they captured him, supposedly.
Very serious.
They're saying they're going to try Saddam again.
Well, it could take a few years to even get the trial going, so he'll be tortured properly, just like our troops that were shot down over Vietnam would say whatever the Vietnamese wanted him to say.
Don't worry, Saddam will say whatever the globalists want him to say.
He won't talk about how he's business partners with the entire Bush crime family.
Saddam verdict expected to take five years.
Iraq officials and judges involved in setting up Baghdad's new war crimes court have revealed that Saddam Hussein's trial would not be finished for five years, despite the clamor for speedy justice since his arrest last week.
The desire among many ordinary Iraqis for their former dictator to be tried rapidly must be sacrificed to the need for a full and open hearing.
Ha ha!
That satisfies international legal standards, officials said.
It will obviously cause impatience among the Iraqi people, but I don't think there is anything that can be done about that.
No, he's got to spend a lot of time in the Ministry of Love, like Winston did in 1984, and then he can love Big Brother.
And he did get visited by the torture master, Dr. Chalibi, who's the admitted number two man for the Shah of Iran for torture, also convicted bank robber, wanted by our allies in Jordan for stealing $300 million from a bank.
But, again, it's good when we torture, bad when Saddam tortures.
We've got to learn the double thing.
Rumsfeld says we may need a bigger army.
Donald Rumsfeld tells Time magazine.
We may need a bigger Army Secretary of Defense at all.
Rumsfeld tells Time and this week's Person of the Year double issue on newsstands for two weeks beginning Monday, December 22nd.
Ooh, I've got to have one of those.
Rumsfeld has been under pressure from Congress to expand the military by at least two divisions or 20,000 troops.
Times Washington Bureau Chief Michael Duffy and Pentagon Correspondent Mark Thompson report the Secretary resisted the pressure over the summer and fall, but in his conversation with Time, he said he was studying it more closely now, opening the door to a deal.
And news is out of Washington, they're getting ready to pass the draft after the next terror attack, folks, so get ready for that.
Really serious news that we need to cover here.
Dollar drop becomes more ominous.
This is out of Reuters.
After months of looking at nothing but the bright side of a weaker dollar, investors are starting to look at the darker side of its struggle against the euro.
There's no struggle.
Bush has had Snow, Treasury Secretary, out bad-mouthing it.
Saying a dropping dollar is good.
Demand for the dollar has been dampened by concerns about the widening U.S.
current account deficit.
We have a $43 trillion deficit.
And expectations that benchmark U.S.
interest rates will remain low.
For most of the past six months, that has seen a positive for the most part, as U.S.
goods and services became cheaper compared with those produced overseas.
Folks, there are no American goods to speak of.
Maybe a toilet plunger.
Maybe napkins.
Maybe something like that.
No, the trade deficit got bigger than ever in the last six months, by the way.
Now, though, investors are looking at the...
We're being turned into a third world country, folks.
Indeed, this past week, several large companies said the weak dollar continues to be a boon to corporate results.
Oh, yes.
General Mills, folks, says they're making more money on their cereal.
That's a vital, vital thing there.
Doomsday scenario.
Few are expecting such a doomsday scenario, but with the dollar at a 7-year low against the Swiss franc, an 11-year low against the British pound, and the euro enjoying an 18% gain this year, investors are hoping that the dollar is closer to the bottom than not.
If the reluctance to hold U.S.
security spreads to U.S.
treasuries, interest rates will also rise, potentially jeopardizing the economic recovery.
This is one of the slickest forms of inflation.
And it usually takes six months to a year after a currency drops for the full effect to be felt.
That is, your dollar in the last year and a half has dropped by 36%.
18% this year alone.
36% in the last, what is it, 18, 19 months.
Now it's 20 months, excuse me.
Coming up on two years.
And it's dropping about a cent a week against the Euro.
That's massive, folks.
That's massive.
That's huge.
Now, why do you think the stock market is up by about 6%?
Because if the dollar's down by 36%, it's going to take more dollars to buy that stock, and so the stocks should, if we were just staying even, go up by 36%.
But it only went up by 6%.
It's fluctuating between 5% and 7%, the stock market being up from its low of 2.5 years ago, or right before 9-11 and right after 9-11.
So there's your inflation.
And in the next few months you're going to start seeing the price of items across the board go up.
And if you have money in the bank it has been devalued by 30 plus percent.
And remember...
This is very important, folks, that this also affects Social Security.
It affects the entire government.
So what do you think about them apples, my friends?
We'll get into more of the news here in just a few minutes.
But right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to John in Illinois.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Great show, man.
Listen, I got through to the call screener this morning on Rush Limbaugh's show.
Let me tell you how I was treated.
Just to prove again that he's nothing but a puppet, the call screener asked me, what do you want to ask?
And I said, well, he had Tom Ridge on this morning.
I don't know if you knew that, but he had Tom Ridge on his show for about four or five minutes asking stupid questions and not giving him any hard questions.
And I said, well, I'd like to ask him how come he wants to legalize eight million illegal aliens.
And I know a listener got that out of my mouth.
The guy said, well, you're going to have to call his office in Washington, D.C.
They don't want that kind of a call on their program, Alex.
Yeah, that's why I told you.
You should have said, I love Ridge!
I'm sick of these liberals!
Now, I mean, do that voice.
You will be on the air instantly.
Yeah, well, I'll tell you what.
I was going to also ask them, how come they have this orange or red alert, whatever it is, and
And then Tom Ridge was on there.
He's saying, yeah, well, we're safer than ever now because we really have a lot more out there.
We've been working hard at this.
And I wanted to ask him, well, how come the borders are still wide open?
I mean, I have a lot of questions for these people.
Well, of course, that would be a perfect question.
For Ridge or for Limbaugh.
They're so conservative.
Why are they for amnesty?
They say $8 million.
It's more like $25 to $30 million illegals here.
Why are you for amnesty for them?
Why are you accepting their fake matricula cards?
But of course not.
We can't allow that.
We've got to keep the illusion of conservatism going.
Don't want to rile up 20 million people that could save this country if they weren't sucking their thumbs.
And I also wanted to ask why the governor of Illinois wants to give driver's licenses to a half a million illegals in the state of Illinois alone.
Well, they always say half a million.
It'll be more than that.
Yeah, well, that's what they estimate.
But whatever the number, it doesn't matter.
I know that then they'll be able to vote.
Well, I know this now.
If you have a parking ticket in most states, you can't get a license or renew it.
But, yeah, illegals can walk in, no ID, no nothing.
Here's your driver's license in a bunch of states and cities now.
And, oh, that's Homeland Security.
And they also showed the pictures at O'Hare Airport here today of these black masked men with fully automatic rifles walking around.
It was police on the back of their uniforms.
And everybody's getting used to this police state nonsense.
Well, that's it.
They're equating.
They'll show some Taliban, and then they'll cut to the good guys in their black ski masks.
Shoving us around.
Stand forth for detention.
We're going to search everybody.
It's part of your freedom.
Anything else, John?
Good points.
That's it.
Thank you.
Good to hear from you.
Yeah, if you want to get through on a neocon show, you've got to do this.
I just love what they're doing.
I'm sick of these liberals.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, coming up, Israel planning to attack Iran.
That's what they're saying.
Clinton agrees with Bush that Saddam is al-Qaeda, of course.
More on RFID tracker chips.
Police call for remote button to stop all your cars.
Parents told shouting at youth football matches is child abuse.
That's right, folks, now shouting at your children.
Power restored to San Francisco.
What was behind that?
China thanks Bush again for Taiwan stance.
Buffett saw terror threat before it happened.
Yeah, I know you did.
And much, much, much more.
I would like to hear from some of these callers about this news coming out by British intelligence that Saddam had been captured weeks before by the Kurds, and that whole capture by U.S.
troops was staged.
Let's go ahead and go to Jonathan in Georgia.
Jonathan, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
I can understand why the Kurds would want to torture Hussein to some extent after the gassing and all, but I think it was okay for the U.S.
to torture.
I think it was a chrono to torture that run Iraqi during an interrogation by grazing his ear with bullets.
And he got discharged for that.
That was like a couple months ago or something like that.
I don't know if you remember that.
But I don't know where this thing... It sounds to me like it's okay for everyone else to torture, but that sounds like Geneva Convention rhetoric to me.
Okay, I've got to stop you right there.
Because you obviously disagree with me, and I want to keep you on because I want to flesh this out, Jonathan.
So if we hit this break, don't hang up.
Oh, no, no, no.
Okay, I want to go over something here with you.
Number one, you can't trust a government that will torture.
Number two, you can't trust what comes out of confessions from torture.
For our government to torture people.
Well, in the case of that colonel that got discharged, he helped save soldiers from an ambush or something during a raid they were having.
Okay, okay.
Did you know that in the Revolutionary War, we didn't torture anybody and we treated the Redcoats with respect and that ended up helping us?
Did you know the British did torture people?
And that blew up in their face?
So you don't know what you're talking about?
Well, that's what I thought.
Hold on, hold on.
The northern Vietnamese, when our jets would get shot down, would torture people, and they said, oh, it's to get intelligence.
Now, are you saying it was okay for them to torture our pilots?
It would save communist lives?
Alex, there were no pilots.
We didn't even dive bomb those guys.
Oh, you're saying pilots didn't get tortured by Vietnam?
There were no pilots.
Our planes weren't allowed to go over there.
We weren't allowed to bomb them.
We weren't allowed to gather intelligence.
We weren't allowed to do anything.
We really are.
Sir, sir, we did have soldiers.
We did have a lot of pilots captured.
Now, come on.
No, you know we weren't allowed to bomb or do anything.
No, sir.
I've heard you admit it before.
Sir, John McCain was in custody.
Are you saying we didn't have people shot down and tortured?
Who could be shot down when we're not allowed to fly over it?
Otherwise, we'd have bombed the daylights out of them.
How long have you been listening to this show?
A couple of years.
And all this time listening, you don't know that we had people shot down over Vietnam?
Well, Alex, I did a whole report for a history class once on Vietnam.
Oh, you did a history class?
No, I was all over the library.
Sir, do you know about the SAM missile batteries?
You didn't know we had thousands of aircraft shot down?
There were no aircraft.
We weren't allowed to bomb them.
Doing if we weren't allowed to bomb them.
Answer me that.
That was Hanoi we couldn't bomb.
Now, let me stop you for just a second, because I'm trying to understand this.
Okay, fine.
There weren't any pilots shot down in Vietnam.
You're wrong, but let's just say you're right.
All right.
Let's go back to torture here.
You cannot trust confessions from people that have been tortured.
You can't trust governments that torture.
How can you say Joseph Mingle is bad?
Or how can you say that, you know, the Russians were bad for torturing, but we're good when we do it?
Because we don't torture.
We don't torture our criminals.
We beat them up a lot sometimes.
I see it on cops every week.
But that's not torture.
Beating somebody up isn't torture.
Putting a bag over their head?
Hey, I tell you what, stay there, please, my friend.
I'll be nice to you.
All right?
Just stay there, Jonathan, will you?
Because I want to hear some more from you.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
Kim and Mark and Alan and Sean and others, your calls are coming up.
And a lot of the different news items I was mentioning.
Police call for remote control button of your cars.
You know, the hardware is already in your ignition for all the new cars built in the last seven, eight years.
Some cases, nine, ten years, but it became mainstream about seven, eight years ago.
And a lot of other key issues coming up.
Congressman Ron Paul in the next hour to talk about the draft, Patriot Act II, the ballooning deficit, the open borders, all of that.
Jonathan in Georgia called into the show, and he disagrees with me, so I respect him for that.
I'm going to treat him with some respect.
I got into an argument with him about torture being a bad thing, and he said, well, I agree with that officer who fired the gun by the guy's ear to make him talk and save lives.
I thought we were going into Iraq because Saddam tortured people.
Which he did.
He was hired by the CIA in 1954, trained for two years in torture assassination.
Fort Benning, Georgia, right through 1990, was training tens of thousands of Republican Guard.
That was one of the main groups there.
This is congressional funding reports, folks.
In torture.
Electrodes to genitals, rubber hoses, lights, all of that.
But Jonathan says that our police beat people up, but that's not torture.
Let me ask you a question.
If we're going to Iraq to stop the torture, which isn't the case, Bush said in the PNAC document it was for the oil and weapons sales and to use Iraq as a military base, but let's just say you're right, why then would torture be okay for our troops to carry it out?
Would you like to try to answer that question for me?
Because he was trying to look after his men when he shot the thing at the guy's ear.
What more do you need to know?
Well, we saw a local newscast, for these guys who were acquitted, by the way, for the yogurt shop murders, when they obviously didn't do it, here in Austin, and the cop put a gun to his head and cocked it.
And they put that on the news, and people said, oh good, put guns to people's heads.
Sir, that's not America.
We never had to act like that before, and now the more we do it, the more trouble.
That depends on where in America you're talking about.
Hold on a second, hold on a second, hold on a second.
I read law enforcement magazines all the time where they say, well, if it'll save lives, maybe we should torture.
Government has more power than anybody else.
You want to restrict their powers, even if it means some bad things are going to happen, because bad people generally get control of those levers of control.
If they're going to torture in Iraq, they're going to torture here, buddy.
And there's cases every week of police torturing people, getting convicted for it.
You better hope
Torture doesn't get normalized.
Now go ahead.
Well, for one thing, as far as law enforcement is concerned, I'm always hearing about gadgets that are non-lethal and shoot nets and rubber-coated bullets and all this other junk that they're trying not to do to save the criminals' lives.
But I don't know what you're reading.
Let's take it point by point.
Stop right there.
You talk about when you're in a rally and they run up and spray babies in the face with maize and say you shouldn't be here and fire rubber bullets at crowds of old women.
They're not old women.
They're not old women at those rallies.
Oh, yes, I got video of it in Portland, Oregon.
Hey, hey, buddy.
You just said that we didn't have planes shot down in Vietnam and that our men weren't tortured.
That's because they weren't allowed to fly over.
That shows the most complete and total lack of history.
And you know what?
You're not alone, Jonathan.
Let me tell you something.
Over two-thirds of college administrators and students didn't know what the First Amendment was in a poll of 339 universities.
So you know what?
I know a lot of people are like you, but I care about you.
I care about you being a free person, Jonathan.
What are you going to do when you find out that we had thousands of jets and prop planes and C-130s and B-52s and Thunder Chiefs and just tons of aircraft?
And I expect you to expect me to believe that they all just shot the Vietnamese and bombed them and everything else.
Yes, we had a war from 1964 to 1972, 1973, and we lost thousands of pilots.
Very brave men.
Yes, yes, and the Vietnamese did torture them.
They had them on TV saying America was bad after they'd been tortured.
Yes, that did happen.
Yes, it did.
And torture's wrong.
Anything else, Jonathan?
I don't know.
What are you reading about law enforcement magazines?
What law enforcement?
Firearms and Weapons of Law Enforcement, April 2001 issue, page 46.
Gets into how wonderful torture is.
You don't have a memory like that, do you, Jonathan?
I wish you did.
Well, I would like to hear an excerpt from that, but I thought you got it with you.
You need to see my film, Road to Tyranny, where they say how good torture is.
Have you seen him on the news saying how good torture is?
Let me throw something else out here at you.
Put him on hold.
I'll let you talk in a minute.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
General Rick Baucus, a two-star general, resigned.
Then they said, no, you're fired.
Last year, because he refused to torture people at Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay.
Do you understand that?
They've been torturing and killing people.
They lined up 3,000 Afghans and machine-gunned them.
That's admitted.
And they're not even real Taliban or Al-Qaeda.
Okay, so they would just martyr these Afghans without getting any information from them first?
That makes sense.
It's admitted.
Just like Vietnam's admitted, buddy, and you don't know about it.
No, no.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
That's not smart strategically.
Okay, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
You're not listening to me.
You're not listening to common sense.
I'm on dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of AM and FM stations.
Do you know why I'm on those stations?
Because most of those station owners and managers heard me as a guest on their station four, five, six, two years ago, laying out everything that was going to happen.
They didn't believe it then, but they had memories.
They had IQs.
They had brains.
And after it all happened, they said, I don't care how wild this guy sounds, he's accurate.
He's put down his predictions on videotape.
He's laid out history.
He's had the guest on.
He's brought out the proof.
He knows what he's talking about.
Alex Jones has credibility.
This guy that just called in, folks, and I don't want to be mean to him because I don't want to discourage that type of call, but that's the type of person.
I'll be on KOA or KFI or some big 50,000 water as a guest for two hours or some mom and pop will take 20, 30 calls and one guy will call in like him and say there is no New World Order, there is no blah, blah, blah, just total denial.
Total denial.
I remember six, seven years ago saying the Supreme Court was following U.N.
orders because I had their rulings.
Then, a year ago, the Supreme Court started announcing, we will follow the U.N.'
's edicts, we will follow foreign courts' precedents.
People said, oh my gosh, you were right.
Yes, they were already doing it.
They just wait to announce it until after it's in place.
You already have national ID cards in 42 states.
It's called your driver's license.
It's federal specs, biometrics, federally controlled, federally regulated.
That's admitted.
There's already face scanning cameras in every major city, but they haven't announced it.
They're announcing it piecemeal.
You see, folks, you're not aware of this stuff.
And, Jonathan, I don't know what I can say to you.
We're going to go to Kim and Mark and Alan and Sean and others here in a minute.
I want to bring up for five minutes my good buddy Jim Shepard, who I appreciate holding.
Jim, did you hear that guy saying that our pilots weren't shot down in Vietnam and tortured?
Yeah, I did.
And I just think that there's a lot of...
It depends on where you're getting your information.
If you just pull up the nightly news and listen to the Ted Koppels of the world, you get this real pretty picture of the way things are and the way things ought to be.
But if you dig in and you start looking a little bit below the surface, there's all kinds of information out there.
But you don't have to dig beneath the surface to find out what happened in Vietnam.
Well, I think that probably to the gentleman that called in, it's probably, you know, he's heard you and he hasn't heard that before, and he hasn't probably taken the time to actually look into the matter.
It's just that, look, and probably his attitude is, look, Alex, you're saying something that I don't hear on the nightly news.
It can't be true.
And unfortunately, if you don't want wisdom, you've got to dig a little bit deeper than that.
But, I mean, I would point out that Saddam tortured people, therefore Saddam's bad, which he is, but then we're torturing and suddenly good.
That is double-think.
That is double-speak.
Yeah, I'm very concerned about this acceptance, and to a large degree it's being accepted by American people that torture is good.
And I think that the foundation for that kind of thinking is that
Whatever the government does is good.
It can't be bad.
If you think that anything in the government is bad, then you must be subversive.
But the reality is, Alex, I don't care if you look at doctors, politicians, you know, most of our politicians are lawyers, and it's kind of funny to me, people say, well, lawyers are bad, they're a bunch of sharks, but somehow when they go into politics, all of a sudden they're good.
I guess it's magic.
And now that they're part of the government, they can do no wrong.
And I think that's very fallacious thinking, and the reality is that it doesn't matter what profession you go into... You're going to find corrupt people, so you've got to have controls.
You're going to find corrupt people, you're going to find good people, and if you allow torture and we get some corrupt people in government, buddy, you might be next.
We can't open that door.
That is a Pandora's box.
And I'd say the same thing with respect to removing Americans' rights as citizens and calling them combats.
Well, why do you think the media every night in sitcoms, dramas, news, tortures good, tortures good on 24 and Threat Matrix, tortures good, so the police will watch that and have their social mores altered?
We're in deep trouble, Jim.
Well, I tell you, we're in deep trouble when we start saying that the ends justify the means.
And one of the reasons why America has become such a success story in the history of government is because we have been a nation that is governed by rule of law.
And once we remove that rule of law...
Buddy, the termites are in the building, and it's not going to be long before the building comes down, and that's why we must defend the laws and not let them be eroded and decayed away
That's what Saddam Hussein did!
And, you know, he had his arguments for it.
Well, and I'll tell you something that else is very troubling to me, and I think it ought to trouble any red-blooded American.
If there is a company in private business and they do something wrong, buddy, send them to jail.
If the guy out in the street does something wrong, send them to jail.
If somebody within the government does something wrong...
Then all of a sudden, it becomes, well, let's investigate it and bury it in a thousand pages of documents and stretch it out until the public no longer concerns, and when it goes away, let's give the guy a promotion.
And unfortunately, that is the modus operandi that we are seeing across the board in government right now.
They gave Lon Horiuchi a medal for blowing a woman's head off who had a baby in her arms.
And so, see, these are troubling things.
And the Solicitor General, Clinton Solicitor General...
In an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals case in 2007, if a citizen kills somebody in cold blood, it's bad.
If a Fed does it, it's okay.
We follow different rules.
He actually said that.
We cannot allow those precedents to be set.
No, we can't.
And, you know, a number of years ago during the Clinton administration, they came out with this ruling that it was an automatic death sentence if you fired upon a federal agent doing their work, whatever.
And about that time in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, they were having these gang members dressed up in black outfits and jackbooted suits, and they barge into people's houses and say, FBI, everybody on the floor!
And no warrant, no nothing, and then they proceed to rob and rape the people.
How does a person know the difference if we're not going to follow the rule of law and knock on the door and say we've got a warrant here to search the premises?
Well, that's my point, is that bad guys always wore black masks.
Suddenly they say the good guy's wearing it.
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And Jim, I'm glad that you're disgusted by all this stuff.
I mean, Joseph Mengele was bad because he tortured the Nazi.
But we're good if we torture.
No, that is pure evil.
That is the road to Hades, my friends.
Alex, I couldn't agree with you more, and again, we cannot compromise these issues.
These issues have carried us in good stead, made us the most powerful nation on Earth, and the concept or the thought that we're going to throw this out for a new ideology, that the ends justify the means, we're going to get rid of the citizens' rights, that your rights are dependent upon a bureaucrat in Washington, what he decides about you, without maybe even knowing who you are, any of your background, strip you of your rights, and be able to send you into some sort of detention camp,
Incommunicado, and then use torture
In order to do whatever they want to do.
And all that's happening.
It's absolutely un-American.
That's in the Patriot Act 1 and 2.
They passed 2.
They're saying torture is good.
It's all happening.
It's all happening.
It's so sick.
Jim, thanks for coming on.
Keep up the good work, Alex.
You bet, my friend.
That's a great American.
Great products made right here in the USA.
And give them a call.
I would have already gotten to Kim and Mark and Alan and Sean and David and everybody else, but...
I got off into a ten-minute argument with Jonathan.
I mean, Jonathan, saying we didn't have jets shot down in Vietnam is like saying the sun didn't come up this morning.
I don't have words to describe your ignorance.
But you think torture is okay, so, you know, there you go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I knew that that caller earlier would spur massive phone calls saying that we didn't lose any jets in Vietnam.
We're about to go to Kim and Mark and Alan and Sean.
We've got Ron Paul coming up, and I'm going to hold him back a little bit just to get to these.
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Now, Pastor Butch Paw is a decorated Vietnam veteran, host on this network.
He brought in, you know, saw the dead bodies from the jet pilots and the other pilots.
And then we'll go to Kim and Mark and Alan and Sean.
But, Pastor Butch, you called in because you heard that Jonathan character saying none of our people got shot down in Vietnam.
But torture is good.
Well, Alex, I raised some call in your program because you've got the callers backed out forever.
Go ahead.
But I had to share this.
Jonathan scared me more than any standing army could because a man of ignorance is a dangerous citizen.
He's dangerous to himself and the whole country.
I was in Vietnam, and I don't mind telling Jonathan this, I was also in Laos, which was totally illegal in 1969.
We were not supposed to be there.
I was in Laos.
I was in communications.
I saw the dead bodies brought in.
I saw the plane wreckage brought in.
I don't know where Jonathan's coming from, but Jonathan, I am 55 years old, a Vietnam veteran.
I saw these things with my own eyes, and I don't know where you got your history from, but my friend, you've been lied to, and you need to pay attention
To the truth and quit believing these talking heads on TV because they're going to destroy you and your land.
Pastor, we had as high a rate as in the worst parts of World War II.
They would send out a dozen jets and many times six or seven would come back.
I know we lost over 2,000 pilots of fixed-wing aircraft.
We lost thousands and thousands of helicopter pilots.
My uncle was shot down multiple times.
This guy calls in and says it didn't happen.
Alex, my job in the military, I was in the
In communication, my job was Morse code tracking our jets flying the missions.
And they got very upset that I lost the jet with the signal going across.
Don't tell me they weren't there.
I tracked them.
I know they were there because I'm the one who sent the grids out there to keep them on satellite and on radar.
I tracked them.
I know they were there.
Well, everybody knows they got them and tortured the living daylights out of them, and then he... I don't know what he's talking about.
Well, I don't either, Alex, but he's a product of the dumbed-down society of America, the ones who watch ABC and the rest of the communist broadcasting stations, CNN, all of that.
We've got one minute left, Pastor.
Okay, well, I'll come back and take calls.
Okay, John, take care.
Now, hold on.
I want you to tell me, why is torture bad?
Torture is bad because it's immoral, unscriptural, ungodly, and it's never been done in this country before that I know of.
I probably have behind the scenes that if we legalize it and make it right, our nation is all but gone now, Alex.
One more step like that and judgment will come on this country like you're not going to believe.
And the Vietnamese did torture our people.
Yes, they did torture our people.
And as a fact, I can give names of prisoners of war.
You mentioned one, McCain, who was tortured, who would tell him, yes, they were tortured.
But not according to this guy.
Yeah, the poor boy needs to get his eyes open before it's too late.
Alex, thanks a lot for bringing me on.
Yeah, thank you.
I'm going to come back and get your calls in, Ron Paul.
Stay with us, folks.
Third hour.
That's what I'm fighting against, though.
I mean, people that don't know how many continents there are, what the First Amendment is, where Iraq is, what the three branches of government are, they don't know anything.
But they are for torture, though.
Oh, yeah.
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