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Air Date: Sept. 25, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Man, I tell you, this week has just flown by.
It's already Thursday, 25th of September, 2003.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from right here, deep in the heart of Texas, Austin.
K-Haas, that is.
They've been putting off a vote for about a month and a half on scrapping the Patriot Act here in Austin, Texas.
A city may join over 400 plus cities and towns and now, what is it, four states that have decried the unconstitutional, intolerable actions of the socialistic big government liberal known as George Bush.
But I'll be down there.
I've been signed up to speak for over a month, and I've been down there three times and had the city council cancel it each time.
But they promised that this is the final meeting, why they're going to vote yay or nay, and they're going to hear our testimony.
Now, normally, if you sign up to talk about the dog catcher by law, by state law, they've got to let you talk for three minutes.
They've been breaking state law for over a month.
They don't care.
But I'll be down there again tonight, and I hope you come down there again tonight, just because this is important, and we can't let them stall us and then back us off and get away with it.
So I hope you see everybody, 7 o'clock, there at the City Council building.
And this will go on probably until 10 or 11 o'clock at night.
So very important that as you're hearing this at night, you ought to come on down to the city council because it is so vitally important to let these creatures know you're not going to put up with what they're doing.
And again, that goes for your town.
John Ashcroft, about a month ago, had a meeting in California
With the big association of editors and the newspaper reporters and told the big owners of hundreds of papers in this closed-door meeting, but there were reporters there, so it got reported on, that Ashcroft said, we want you to go out to the American people and lie to them and tell them the Patriot Act doesn't affect them and that it's good.
And he ordered U.S.
attorneys to write propaganda pieces as well as district attorneys if they wanted federal funding to write pieces lying about how great it is.
Since then, I have seen hundreds of editorials and news articles all basically written by the same person.
They must just have talking points they've been given because it's the same information just basically scrambled around.
Classical plagiarism.
They've been sent talking points, terms, whole paragraphs are almost identical, and they're just mass plagiarism.
Of course, no one's going to be called on it because, well, it's the editorial boards of these papers that are engaging in this propaganda.
I mean, let me tell you something.
A hundred years ago, if an attorney general went to the newspapers and said, push this through, the newspapers would smell a rat and would investigate that attorney general.
When they found out he was a lying police state thug, they would politically string him up.
That is, in the political arena, his political career would be gone.
That is not the case here.
Instead of...
Politically parring and feathering the Attorney General and exposing him as a liar and a minion, they're out there lying for him.
It is unbelievably disgusting.
Here's your so-called liberal media and a wall-to-wall lie about the Patriot Act.
So we'll get to that.
So instead of politically ending his career...
They are lying for him.
It's incredible.
Whereas he should resign, so should George Bush, so should Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton should be in jail right now.
His political career should have come to an abrupt screeching halt.
But that didn't happen.
Now he's running about in New York and going to be off at the U.N.
and his stupid wife's going to be running around with Wesley Clark.
There's no end to this crowd of people.
They all make me sick.
But we'll get into some of Ashcroft's lies.
Also, reliance on Microsoft called risk to the U.S.
I've been saying that all along.
NBC poll, Bush ratings lowest ever.
Be afraid.
Be very afraid, folks.
Panel to close Pentagon terror spy office.
That is a total lie.
That is not true.
This shows they're desperate, though.
We'll tell you about total information awareness.
Look, I haven't scratched the surface.
You'll want to stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
Alex Jones here.
Now 20 seconds into this second segment, eight minutes after the hour.
I do want to take a lot of calls today.
There's been a lot of different news items out there, and it's all very, very important.
And if you'd like to respond to any particular news item, and you'd like to bring up a particular news story, we'd love to hear from you.
I've been getting better and better about going to the calls and letting folks get their information out.
I guess I'm slowing down on my old age.
But I don't want to spend too much time on this, but I don't watch TV.
And really, it's been a detriment to the show.
I'm going to be honest with you.
Because every time I watch TV, I get angry.
It energizes me.
But I hate television so much.
I hate the talking heads.
I hate the info babes.
I can't stand the lying politicians, the Democrats and Republicans.
I mean, to know that these people are the equivalent of serial killers, destroying entire civilizations and targeting the family and targeting God, and to know how evil they are and how larcenous they are, I can read their comments and read their statements and not have to look at them.
And really, this has been very good for me.
I'm the happiest I've been in years.
It's now, I don't know, three or four months into maybe watching an hour of television a week.
And usually that's something like Trading Spaces or something, some home improvement show, or I'll watch some bass fishing show or some show on angling or deep sea fishing.
I mean, I just can't watch it anymore.
Last night I wanted to watch the debate, and I said, you know what?
I'm not going to watch the debate.
I'm going to go work on a new film for five hours until, you know, 1.30 in the morning.
I didn't do that.
See, I didn't watch the debate.
I do have a text of some of the tidbits of the debate.
Did you watch the debate?
I'd like to hear.
I mean, I'm being lazy here.
I have to admit, I'm living through you.
You can tell me what the Nazi...
Orgy master, gun grabber, abortion peddler was saying, what did Schwarzenegger say in the stage debate?
And it was staged.
Did McClintock ever put him on the spot?
That, hey, buddy, you're involved with Mr. Maple Forp, you know, super pervert, in some private collection.
And, folks, I don't want to get into Maple Forp anymore, but he's the guy with the bull whips and the crucifix and other things.
And then Arnold was like his favorite subject.
They were real good buds.
I mean, it goes on and on.
I just can't deal with it anymore.
I'm sitting here reading what the World Bank says, what the IMF says, and this is how the globalists communicate.
They communicate in written transmissions.
They communicate in white papers and think tank statements.
That's the realm I dwell in.
I can't dwell in that realm and watch the sitcoms laced with the family's bad stories
Soulless sex for young women is good, you know, with gang members every night.
I can't watch every cop show.
That's being sold.
Torture's good.
The Constitution's bad.
Okay, for my health, I don't watch TV.
I can't handle it.
But I have to be honest with you.
I can actually glean more from their propaganda, from their news shows, than from just reading news articles.
And I'm going to have to discipline myself to watch an hour of news every night.
I'm going to do it.
And I'm going to start, I guess I'll start tomorrow because I'm going to be working right through until like 2 in the morning tonight, but battling down at the city council against the Patriot Act and doing a live TV show and doing radio interviews and I'm driving on the highway on the cell phone and working on a film and
But I do need you to tell me about what the sitcoms are doing, the dramas, what did that other piece of fiction, the recall debate, what did that look like?
It's, of course, on for October 7th.
I need you to be my eyes there.
I mean, even if I watch 50 hours of TV a day, again, I know there's 24 hours, but you get the point.
Even if I watch just masses, you know, hundreds of hours a week,
I couldn't keep track of it all.
You couldn't keep track of it all.
But all of us together, we can.
All the time you call in with some horrible piece of propaganda from some show, whether it's Frasier or 24 or Threat Matrix, and we go find the script, which is online, or the synopsis, and boy, there it is.
What you said was there was really there.
All gun owners are terrorists.
The government, damn guns.
That's in the sitcom.
Or tortures in American virtue, those that are against torture with Al Qaeda.
Or if you believe in a corrupt world government and are against government corruption, you secretly have a Nazi flag on your wall and roll around on piles of Zyklon B gas canisters.
It's amazing.
But where am I going with all this?
Well, what I do monitor is talk radio because I'm in the car a lot running around doing stuff.
I'm the guy in the business who goes and gets the printer paper
And then the printer cartridges and the computer screens when they break or the whatever or the dog food.
So I'm out driving around a lot listening to talk radio in the morning, at night, sports radio, all of it.
So-called conservative talk radio has all the filthiest stuff, all the sex, all the everything.
It's real funny.
Oh, they're countering it, but that's just a thin veneer.
And we love Arnold Schwarzenegger.
He's a good guy.
Not that we're endorsing him.
That's just the only person we talk about.
And, boy, folks should drop out so Arnold can win or you're with Cruz Bustamante.
And look at the bad McClintock.
He's so evil.
This right winger.
I mean, I've been listening to the big boys.
Four or five of these quacks.
And, I mean, how the Paulers can call in and defend Arnold.
These neocon radio listeners don't have souls.
I mean, it shows.
I mean, I thought we really believed in the Second Amendment.
I thought we really believed in borders and sovereignty.
But, see, that's all they do.
They'll comment, yeah, it's pretty bad that the liberals are...
And the Supreme Court are saying they follow orders of the UN now and their rulings.
Man, that's why we need to elect George Bush and Republicans so we can get more Republicans on the bench.
Those are Republicans.
Seven of the nine members.
I mean, folks, I'm just sick of it.
Again, it's a bunch of rhetoric with no real substance.
Exactly what the neocons talk about.
And there's just so many saps driving around in their cars or in their work listening to this tripe.
And folks, you're going to lose your guns.
You're going to lose control of your children.
You're going to lose this society.
We're going to become a third world cesspool.
It's already happened.
Now we're just bouncing down different levels of the cliff towards the open abyss.
I mean, at this point, we're just, you know, falling down another 20 feet, bouncing, breaking a leg, breaking an arm, cracking our skull, bounce much more.
We're dead, folks.
And at that point, when I decide that we're dead and mean, I'll just shift over into a survival show.
Or, you know, where do we evacuate to?
Well, nowhere.
It's a new world order.
But we do have a chance to win.
I've seen such a renaissance.
Ron Paul said that a few weeks ago in his speech here in Austin, that he didn't think the awakening would take place this fast.
At this level.
So there's a lot of good things that are happening.
But, I mean, people should be waking up.
The globalists are moving hard and fast right now.
And yes, there's an awakening worldwide.
People better wake up out of their stupor when they're under heavy, sustained bombardment.
The human psyche, the economy, the family, the infrastructure, everything is being undermined.
And then out of each new crisis, they bring you more of the same tyranny.
It's like the IMF and World Bank write the policies for the Federal Reserve that set up this debt black hole that no one can escape from.
To create a dollar of currency, more than a dollar of debt is created.
Do you understand you cannot pay something off like that?
And then the IMF comes in and says, well, your dollar's going to plunge, ha ha ha, and you're going to have to have a lower standard of living and a world tax, but this is what the greedy Americans deserve, and this is what you'll get now.
We're going to be managing your economy once it goes belly up, ha ha ha.
And so I'm going to have to watch those that engineered this, that have devalued a little bit of money I got in the bank, because they felt like it,
I've got to watch them smirk as the Savior?
I've got to tune in to the financial shows on radio and on TV and hear the experts?
Well, the IMF's our friend, and it's advising us, and we should have listened, and it's our fault!
That's what they're going to say when they finally pull the plug and tell us it's depression.
Well, it's your fault for living out of your means, and we're going to have to raise your taxes now since we're defunct.
Well, the satellite tracking in the cars is the answer.
That's going to be the new tax, along with a sales tax on top of the income tax.
And we've got to tighten our belt.
We saw what that evil Bush did.
Well, now we're friends with the U.N., and he's out of office, and there's a loving liberal in.
Suddenly the Democrats and the ACLU are going to love the Patriot Act.
All the real training that's been going on under Bush, like the Christians, homeschoolers, gun owners, that's going to be turned loose.
They're going to blow stuff up and say, oh look, the militia's working with Al-Qaeda.
They're already scripting it, already setting it all up, and I'm just sitting here watching in an abject horror.
I'm just sitting here watching it in abject horror.
I have to watch the serial killers.
I have to watch the financial terrorists.
I have to watch the land-grabbing criminals.
Sit there and pose as the experts and your friends and the guys that are going to help you.
And I have to sit there and watch the general public and all the yuppies who think they're part of the system sit there and tell me, Alex, now, the Federal Reserve wouldn't do something like that.
And then as they get abused more and more, and as the society gets worse and worse, and everything falls apart, the people are going to become even greater worshippers of the government and worshippers of the talking heads.
We'll jump through whatever hoops you say.
Just bring back the sun.
Just bring back the cheeseburgers and the beer and the football games and the topless bars, and just bring back the good times.
Just turn the money machines back on, and we'll do whatever it wants.
And that was the message of 9-11.
To defend our way of life, we have to give our liberty up.
I heard all these top people on shows...
Our way of life, you know, the hotels and the vacations and the SUVs, we can't lose it.
We've got to do whatever.
You had that way of life, the plenty, because we had liberty.
We're living on the last little crumbs, the last little rocks in this island that haven't been eaten away by this sea of corrosive New World Order acid.
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All right, folks.
24 minutes and 10 seconds into this first hour.
We're about to go to Ron Caffey.
Dale, Regina, and others, did you see the California recall distraction debate last night?
I didn't.
I didn't watch it.
I can't bring myself to it.
I did write a detailed analysis, of course, on InfoWars.com of what Schwarzenegger really is.
The Nazi, the New World Order, the porno, and a lot more.
You'll definitely want to go check it out.
I'm not talking about his daddy being a Nazi, folks.
He is a Nazi.
So you'll want to spread that around to everybody so we can know the truth and expose the neocon agenda.
But to hear the neocons on the air defending him, and, oh, what's the big deal?
He was so all right.
He was in maple for photos.
Remember all the neocons attacking maple for, and rightfully so, for the federal government funding his photos?
$200,000 for a picture of a crucifix in a brandy glass with, well, urine in it, folks.
But imagine those photos of Arnold.
They were quite interesting.
These are private secret photos.
I'd like to see those released just because, well, Arnold tried in earlier speeches to claim none of this had ever happened.
He claimed he lied to We Magazine to just get publicity, so interesting.
He said he also admired Hitler and other stuff.
But again, I don't want to spend all day on Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Coming up, NBC poll, Bush rating lowest ever.
Be afraid, be very afraid, because when their polls drop, whether it's Bill Clinton or George Bush, the CIA gets orders to go put satchels of explosives inside buildings so he can stand up there and be our savior.
A panel to close Pentagon terrorist spy office.
That is totally untrue, as usual.
We'll get into how total information awareness is alive and well, bigger than ever.
Also, Britain considers a death penalty in Iraq.
Oh, for anybody doing anything, basically.
A draft report said to cite no success in Iraq arms hunt.
That's because the Rothschilds won't let them.
It's about making America look bad.
Extended duty, war duty, leaves guardsmen searching for an exit.
And we want to get into Attorney General John Ashcroft's lies around the country that are really getting ridiculous and how the media is working with him on those lies.
That's just some of what's coming up on the show today.
And right now, let's go to Ron in New York.
Ron, and then we'll go to Kathy and Zach and everybody else.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hi, Alex.
You know, you mentioned Robert Mapplethorpe.
Aside from bull whips and things of that nature.
Please don't mention on the air.
No, no.
I'm just saying, aside from those things which you yourself have mentioned, Robert Mapplethorpe was always strongly suspected in involvement in a group called The Method, which was at the periphery, at the very least, of investigations.
Regarding the Son of Sam murders.
Yeah, I know.
Occult, Nabla connections, yes.
Hey, Bohemian Grove, buddy.
So the guy is even more than just a pornographer.
Well, he's passed on now.
Now, how would you have knowledge of that in New York?
In New York?
Yes, from your experience in life, why?
Well, that has been talked about.
Not very much, but that has been discussed as a matter of fact.
Well, Ron, I just recognize your voice.
You're a retired police officer, so I'm sure you know all about the Son of Sam stuff.
Which is just their patsy for sacrifices, yeah.
He was involved.
However, he may have had the assistance of other members of a cultic group known as the Methodists.
Which was located in a suburb.
They actually were, it was alleged, engaged in sacrifices, animal and human sacrifices, in a suburb just outside of New York.
David Berkowitz, who was the son of Sam Killa, or at least the man convicted, the only man convicted for those murders, was associated with an Ed Carr.
Ed Carr was said to have some association with Mapplethorpe.
Let me just give folks the background.
This is not an extremely well-known thing.
Arnold was initiated in the satanic order of the Bohemian Grove, the upper echelon of skull and bones, in 1986.
He is reported in mainstream reports to have taken part in rituals.
I've only seen one ritual, a reenactment of Moloch worship, and that's, again, admitted by the Grove, folks, on national TV, on national British TV, on our TV, in the San Francisco Chronicle.
It is not debatable.
Skull and bones is real.
Bush is a member.
Bohemian Grove is real.
Bush, all these so-called Christian conservative leaders, a bunch of them are members.
Arnold, all of a sudden, you get him involved with Maple Forb.
It turns out, quote, Arnold was his, quote, favorite subject.
These guys were hanging out quite a bit.
And then you got the reports that Arnold made his money as a male prostitute and raised his first money to buy a gym and stuff in Munich and then in England off of this.
This is disgusting, is it not?
I'd say so.
We'll be back.
Thanks for the call.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, my friends.
Welcome back.
Already 33 minutes and 20 seconds into this first hour of this worldwide broadcast.
I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2, Central during the day, and back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
We blast out on a growing list of wonderful AM and FM affiliates.
We simulcast at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and on Global Shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 93.20 and at night from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90.
Now, I'm going to go to four or five more calls here and then I'm going to get back into the news.
NBC poll shows Bush rating lowest ever.
Again, be afraid, be very afraid.
This is very serious.
A panel to close Pentagon terrorist spy office.
I'll tell you the truth about that.
And I remember seeing a story three years ago in the Houston Chronicle about a federal plan to make you retina scan to drive a car, to make you retina scan to get into any business, if it'll save just one life.
And they admit it.
It's like Blade Runner, the Harrison Ford sci-fi Philip K. Dick classic, where they...
Measure rapid eye movement to decide if you're one of the genetically engineered suboids and if you're scheduled for termination.
Well, in this system, it is void comp.
They even admitted this in the Eastern Chronicle.
It goes off... Of course, it turned out the government already had that stuff, and Philip K. Dick had actually gotten some of that info.
You know, Philip K. Dick was robbed of a bunch of his info right before he died, but I don't want to get off into those subjects.
This void comp system will decide if you're aggressive, if you're unhappy, if you've been drinking, if you've been using drugs, just all these little measurements off your eye movements, which is total quackery.
They have proven that the old-fashioned lie detector test being used for over 50 years is a fraud.
And that many innocent people come up positive as liars.
Many guilty parties can fool the machine.
I mean, let me tell you how to fool a lie detector machine, okay?
There's several different ways to do it.
But then this is classic.
This has been well known.
Either you can keep yourself really mad and agitated when they ask you your name and where you're from and freak yourself out when you're answering the questions.
And then they just get readings that are all screwed up across the chart and then can't go in and show anybody any increases or decreases, which is going to look like the Himalayas on the chart.
Or you can convince yourself, and Bill Clinton is very good at this, that what this is, is me.
And that's what they train the CIA and others if they're caught and being tortured and being given a lot of ticker tests, what to do.
You just convince yourself that your name really is Billy Bob.
When it's not Billy Bob.
And when they ask you, is this really your ID?
Is this really your social security number?
If they're torturing you, you can say it and really believe it.
Kind of a mind trick.
That's the more sophisticated way to fool a lie detector.
It doesn't work, and that's been known all along.
It's just a way to go, oh, look, this person failed it.
And the court goes, oh, my goodness, it's over for you.
We're good to go.
The brain signatures, I'm sure you've seen shots of CAT scans, you know, green and red and purple and blue, the different heat levels and brain activity.
They actually take a shot of your brain and then look at it, and if you look upset, which is ridiculous, maybe having a bad day, could have just, you know, you could have a stomach ache, whatever.
Your wife just could have called you and told you she's, you know, sick or she's leaving you or your grandma died, whatever.
And it decides if you're aggressive.
Also, your walk.
They have a scanner hooked onto it as well that decides if your walk is aggressive.
It's just total quackery.
But, oh, the black box doesn't lie, and so we'll have 50 years of this before it's disproven.
Well, now they've got a retina scanner, and they admit the government is about to put these in now.
See, three years ago they talked about it, now they're doing it.
Got an article here where
We'll do anything to start your car, to leave your house, to get into work, to go to the gym.
It's just everything's going to, you know, make sure.
Well, you know, if we had to hook everybody up for their pulse, if you put your hands on the little machine when you come into the gym, then there would not be a heart attack from working out while you were having a heart problem, see?
And you're saying they'll never do that.
Folks, they're saying they're going to do it.
When you buy fast food, you'll have to swipe your identity card because there'll be an extra tax added.
But to make it fair, you'll be allowed to have hamburgers and ice cream, some, and a little bit of beer or an occasional cigar so that there's not discrimination for your safety.
You'll be allowed some enjoyment, some carousing at the bars, but if you do it all the time, you'll be flagged and social services will come out and talk about your alcohol problem.
Folks, the federal government says they plan to do it.
And they're implementing it.
It's like now in Arkansas.
They grade kids that are fat.
If they're even a little bit overweight, now you get a CPS visit.
That's admitted.
Parents in Houston are arrested if their child doesn't finish their homework.
Houston Chronicle.
I mean, I know that's hard to believe, but you heard about that on the news.
Now you can't smoke in your car or on the street in many areas of the country or in your backyard or even in your own home in some cities.
A cop, a veteran police officer, was seen smoking a cigar in a Florida town where it's banned and other cops tattled on him and he lost his job for smoking one cigar.
You're not allowed to.
It's total control freak nightmare.
While they sell you Ritalin and Prozac and bring the narcotics in,
You know, the legal drugs, the illegal drugs.
Folks, it is control freak land.
It makes 1984 and Bright New World look tame.
And now it's going to go in place.
They're going to have cameras in your cars watching you.
You say, oh, how are they going to do that?
Well, they're moving forward to do it.
I got an MSNBC article from it two years ago, and now they're announcing it.
If it could just save one child.
There is an infrared camera that takes snapshots, you know, real time, but it's like,
We're good to go.
It dials in.
The police then will walk over to the monitor and look in your car.
Of course, they won't put it on whenever they feel like it, only the system automatically dials them.
And of course, they'll never do that.
Oh, really?
They passed a law in 1996 that every new cell phone would have a satellite tracker chip in it.
And now they all do.
And now they admit that Homeland Security, when your phone looks like it's off, can tune in and listen to you.
And now the governor up in Wisconsin says, oh, yeah, we're working with the feds, and we're going to have local funding and a tax on cell phones so we can have our own command center using the cell phone tracking to watch you where you're at and dial in and listen to make sure you're okay.
The governor saying they're going to listen to you now as a bug using it as a surveillance device in your house and car?
Man, this is off the charts.
I don't have words to describe how bad this is.
And they're going to do it.
The thumb scanners are going in the grocery stores all over the place.
The smart shelves that watch what you're doing.
All right, I said I'd go to calls, and I want to go to your calls.
Let's go to Kathy in Texas.
Thanks for holding, Kathy.
Yes, hi.
I'm calling about the Austin City Council meeting, and I called into KLBJ 590 this morning.
I think so.
But what I said was, I told them that 120-plus cities had passed a resolution and that there's a reason for it.
Okay, it's over 400.
Over 400.
Okay, and I told them that Patriot 1, 2, and Victory Act Patriot 3 are like torpedoes.
I heard that at the rally, by the way, are like torpedoes that are destroying our constitutional rights.
And then he said to me, well, how has it infringed upon your rights, Kathy?
And I said...
Well, maybe not.
Yeah, see, Hitler's just arresting these Jews right now.
What's your problem?
Right, and I said, well, the Patriot Act, they can designate anyone as a terrorist.
Yeah, that's Section 802.
Of H.R.
3162, that the new definition of terrorism is any action that endangers human life that's a violation of any federal or state law.
Now the Washington Times had the article where they were there in the testimony in Congress that it will be used for all crimes and misdemeanors, no more rights, secretly breaking in your house, Section 213.
You know, why is Ron Paul against it?
So you're telling me...
Those neocons, I mean, they are unbelievable folks, Sergeant Sam Cox and Caesar and all them.
You're telling me they were there making fun of people that are against the Patriot Act?
That's sick.
Well, I'm saying the KLBJ...
You know, the hosts were making fun on the... Well, yeah, that's the morning host.
Right, on air of, you know, like, what's wrong, and then with it.
You know, what's wrong with the USA Patriot Act.
And I'm sure they were saying that you're liberal and you're against it.
Making it a left-right situation when now 300 folks, okay...
Almost all of them voted in the House to remove... Let me say that again.
To remove much of the Patriot Act, but the Senate won't pass it.
See, that is incredible.
Well, I didn't know if you had heard that or not.
My daughter said that after... I wasn't able to listen to it, but she said they were making fun of me even after someone else called in about it, and then he brought me up again about how preposterous what I said was.
I said it really was, and I thought, well, hopefully the people will make up their own minds, but...
I also wanted to know, are you going to be speaking there tonight?
Well, I'll certainly try.
I know I'm signed up to speak at the city council.
But I'm going to be there.
So I'll see everybody down there.
Thanks for the call, Kathy.
Look, Ashcroft told the U.S.
He met with the big heads of all the major newspapers.
He told them, tell folks the Patriot Act doesn't take your rights.
And these big conglomerates...
You know, KLBJ owned by the Johnson family, now being transferred to a bigger globalist company.
I mean, they're neocons, folks.
And you really listen to it.
They're there to cover up that Bush is anti-gun and pro-open border and all this.
I mean, I can't listen to it.
I can't listen to 35 minutes of commercials and then 25 minutes of how great the New World Order is.
And you know how these marquee stations are in every market.
That's what they do.
And it must be easy to just sit there and just worship the government.
It's pathetic.
But interesting, very interesting.
Well, I'll tell you how the Patriot Act affects you.
Now, everything you do on your bank accounts is transparent.
The government, no warrants.
Now, if you're ever caught with any drugs, that is prescription drugs, out of their bottle, you can be charged with terrorism.
They are using it against people all over the country.
And the states are saying they're going to use it against you.
It's despicable.
It's absolutely despicable.
Let's talk to Zach in North Carolina.
Zach, go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
We were talking about the TV.
I've noticed, like, all these TV shows coming out with, like, terrorist themes.
Like, you've seen this new Threat Matrix.
Yeah, torture is good.
Torturing people is an American thing to do.
Joseph Mingala is good, yes.
Yeah, and...
It's just like they're brainwashing us to get us conditioned, you know, just used to seeing all this kind of, you know, corruption and everything.
That's exactly what they're doing.
Well, that's it, Zach.
But these sickos on talk radio, I've heard them, torture's good.
So I guess when our men got shot down in Vietnam, it was good they were getting tortured.
Well, no, it's bad when they do it, good when we do it.
It's so sick.
It's so evil.
It's so transparent.
But the morals are so shot.
And the neocons will put the label on it.
You know, they'll tell you, being a male prostitute who loves Hitler is conservative.
Being pro-America is liberal.
I'm not joking about that, by the way.
Owning racehorses, having whores, betting $1.4 million on stuff, then you're a conservative wise man.
Being a member of satanic organizations and admitting you're members of them is conservative and Christian.
It's devilish to actually love Jesus.
That's what they say.
That's what these sickos get on the air and tell people, that, oh, the Patriot Act's good.
It's a Christian thing.
They're lying devils.
Have you heard about William Cooper?
Yes, I have.
He was, like, killed in 2000 or something like that.
He was killed in 2001.
He was murdered by a SWAT team.
I was interested in that because he released that Majesty 12 document.
It's all about anthrax, and he said there'd be attacks on the World Trade Centers and stuff.
Yeah, and he said that, what, about eight years ago?
He's dead now.
They took him out, and that's terrible.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
Dale's gone, so let's go to Regina in Pennsylvania.
Regina, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Real quick here.
I don't know how much time you're going to give me, but I've got to bring up a bill.
But I want to say something in regards to the calls yesterday about a talk show host in Pittsburgh.
Folks, I don't want to talk about Austin Talk Show.
Hold on.
Hold on, Regina.
I'm not mad at you, but this is getting out of control.
Hold on.
Hold on.
My show is not about every talk show host out there in the country.
That's good.
I just want to say that, you know, those people that can get into him and get some real truth into him, you know, I agree.
But I'll tell you what, he's a white washer.
Anyways, HR 936, are you there?
Yeah, sure.
I'm right here.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
That's okay.
I didn't know if I... That's okay.
Go ahead.
Leave no child behind, Act of 2003.
I didn't know if you were covering that at all because you're bringing...
All these things, and I just talked to a more friendly legislator.
I've been, you know, sort of really trying to figure out why No Child Left Behind can be discredited and stopped in Minnesota, but in Pennsylvania it's okay.
And I was told by this state rep that, you know, basically it has transportation funding in it, so, you know, it's going to be hard to get rid of it.
Well, yeah, that's how they control the states.
But why don't you tell folks what No Child Left Behind is?
The Federal Control of Education Act.
Basically, to be under S5532, we will have early childhood readiness.
They're trying to hedge that.
They're going to make you not just put your child in at five.
Now they're going to have to put them in at two.
And so they've had trouble breaking the family.
People are resisting.
Feminists are going back into the family by droves and being incredibly happy.
We're deprogramming people.
There's a mass exodus out of Egypt.
And so Pharaoh's coming back to bring us back into Egypt.
Right, and it's coming through the same channels that are supposedly, as you say, protecting us.
I want to say thank you to Kathy in Texas, too, for what she's doing.
But this Leave No Child Left Behind Act, you know, they're doing the appropriations now at the federal government, so it's really important.
936, Section 11401, Enhance Enforcement of Gun Violence Laws.
This will be, what are we going to do, ask preschool children if their parents have guns in the home?
Well, what's in the takeover, Regina?
Have you seen the takeover?
The 911?
No, no, no.
Police State 2.
Yes, definitely.
Then you saw the news articles, the documents, the video clips, where in 1999 and 2000, FEMA had already taken the schools over.
The ATF goes in and has the 7th graders write dossiers on their parents.
That's our free country.
Right, but this is a bill now that is active that we can get to these guys now and...
You know, ask them why they need... I mean, even our state reps can say, excuse me, you're going to bring this legislation on us?
You better get to our federal government.
Study of marketing practices of the firearms industry.
Regulations of internet firearms transfer.
And then you continue on.
It talks about the health care.
But, you know, here we go, Alex.
This is a gun control bill.
Exactly, Regina.
And you watch.
Bush will sign that, and he'll be hailed as a good conservative.
We'll be back with more calls.
Thanks for the call.
Trihalomethanes and volatile organic chemicals such as atrazine
We're good to go.
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All right, my friends.
We're back live.
Thanks for joining us.
I was just talking to Regina, who was making great points about these bills that need to be stopped and everybody should investigate.
We're good to go.
Whenever I'm over the target, I'm going to be getting flack, folks, from these Nazi devil worshippers.
I mean, it's just that simple.
We're about to go to Kevin and Wyatt and Spencer and many, many others.
But this whole Patriot Act situation, I'm going to get into that in the next hour, how Ashcroft went around in collusion, met with the media, and told them to tell us how good the Patriot Act is, and suddenly we're being told how great it is.
Does that not show the control the government has over the media?
And it's right out in the open.
That is so un-American, so contradictory to what any free society would have.
It's a sick joke.
It should scare you.
It should make you angry.
And so when you hear these prostitutes selling out their families, selling out America on talk radio, lying to you and saying they're conservatives, get in their face.
Don't put up with this trash.
And they are.
People trying to take your rights and your children's future and destroy America with the lowest form of filth.
That's why I'm angry.
Because I'm sick of it.
I want to be left alone and live my life.
I don't want to be controlled by a criminal syndicate and all its hangers-on and minions.
Alright, more news and of course your call is coming up.
Everybody stay right there because we're going to get to Kevin and Wyatt and Spiro and everybody else before I do end this hour.
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I know callers are calling in about a bunch of different subjects, and I find it very interesting and informative, but the different directions it takes us.
But I'd also like to get your comment.
Did you watch the stage debate last night?
I didn't.
I just, it's a luxury I have.
I won't watch it, but I'm going to start watching TV again here soon.
The longer I don't watch it, though, the more I never want to go back to watching it.
But did you watch it?
What did you think of it?
I want to talk to some Californians.
We'll be back.
Second hour straight ahead.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2.
Back from 9 to midnight.
We're here live.
About to dive into a bunch of other really important news.
Britain considers death penalty in Iraq.
Basically jaywalking.
Death camps.
Draft report said to cite no success in Iraq arms hunt.
Extended war duty leaves guardsmen searching for an exit.
More on the troops when they're injured having to pay for their own meals and medical care now.
Ashcroft is out lying and touting the Patriot Act success.
So are his minions.
I want to talk about the big newspapers working for the government publicly.
Five to one against genetically modified crops and biggest ever public survey.
And that's just some of what we're going to be getting to.
Also, Tony Blair's popularity is plunging.
But right now, let's go back to the calls.
I want everybody there, JQ and Walt and Jeff and Roy and Myron to stay there.
All these great callers.
In fact, Myron in South Dakota is up next.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex, you were talking about Oppenheimer, DeBeers and
And I added Angold.
And that whole fortune was created by Cecil Rhodes.
And 100 years ago, Cecil Rhodes set up the Rhodes Scholarship Program.
And all the students of the Rhodes Scholarship Program are indoctrinated to promote world government.
The only interesting thing is that Wesley Clark is also a member, a Rhodes Scholar, and also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
And at the same time, Rhodes also set up the Roundtable Groups, and that's where our CFR came from.
I was trying to come, and I had a conversation with an old schoolmate of mine.
I hadn't seen him in years, and we were talking about fishing about half an hour, and nothing controversial.
So finally I asked him who he worked for, and he told me he works for the FAA repairing electronic equipment.
Ah, that's interesting.
I told him about the golfer Stewart, playing who came down about 50 miles from where I live, and crashed right outside of Aberdeen, South Dakota.
And I said, you know...
The two F-16s were, within 15 minutes, there was an F-16 on each one of his wingtips.
That's within 15 minutes.
What happened on 9-11 that no planes were scrambled?
He just blew up.
And he said, I can't talk about that.
That's classified information.
And he got up and took off.
Well, they threaten all of them.
Now, guys, we know you know the sun comes up and the world is round, but you better say it's flat or you're in big trouble, Buster.
I guess.
I couldn't believe it.
Well, he could really defend his ideas, couldn't he?
I mean, he didn't give any excuse, none.
I just can't talk about it.
This is classified.
And boom, he's gone.
Oh, I lost another friend.
Oh, really?
He stormed out?
Well, Al-Qaeda asks questions like that.
You were asking why in 15 minutes, 18 minutes actually, they had jets all around Payne Stewart in the middle of nowhere, but in the most highly controlled airspace in the world, over an hour and 25 minutes.
But again, that's an Al-Qaeda-type move, very Al-Qaeda-ish, you know, to ask questions and call for investigations.
How about I share that with you, Alex, and...
I guess.
I did watch that debate last night, and I thought it was actually a debate between Arnold and Ariana Huffington.
It was... That's what everybody keeps saying.
How did Arnold handle himself?
And the moderator kept always giving Arnold all kinds of time.
You know, if somebody mentioned Arnold, the immediate Arnold could respond.
And it was... And he was just talking.
Oh, I love the staged event.
I love dressing up like a ballerina and loving Hitler.
I'm a Christian leader.
Pat Robinson loves me, so does Rush Limbaugh.
So good when I get your guns.
I'll tell you, McClintock, I know personally, I was involved in a gun group back in 89 out in California when they were starting the hand... when Purdy shot those kids in the school round.
Well, anyhow, McClintock came down and he spoke to a group of 400 people defending gun rights.
So the guy's pretty solid, I feel.
That's why he's liberal.
No, no.
When you're in Mapleton, for those, you're good.
When you're not, you're bad.
We'll be right back.
Thanks for the call.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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Let's go back to the call.
Let's talk to Roy, Jeff, JQ, and then Walt and John and others.
There are a lot of you holding.
You're on the air.
Roy in Michigan.
Good to talk to you.
I'm doing well.
Okay, then.
I guess Roy's not there.
Yes, go ahead, sir.
Last night I was listening to Genesis, and the statement was made that OPEC would not take the Federal Reserve notes anymore for payment for the oil.
Yeah, everybody keeps going back to that, and that's why they invaded Iraq, because he was buying euros.
The Arabs were all already doing that, because the euro played the game of claiming they were against invading, and so the Arabs bought into the fact that the UN and Europe is the good cop.
See, they bought that.
The reason they don't want production out of Iraq, that jacks up the prices.
OPEC is under globalist control, once you're talking about Venezuela, and that's why there's been attempted coups down there, because they've been increasing oil production.
No, what I'm saying is that they were not understanding each other.
I'm saying that the statement was made that OPEC would not accept the U.S.
dollar in exchange for the oil.
That is not the case, but if the dollar continues to plunge, that will happen.
Okay, well, this is what was stated last night, and I wondered if this was true.
I knew that the IMF had made the statement at any time that the
Yes, they've been in snow.
The Treasury Secretary and Bush have been out bad-mouthing it, and so has their buddy Soros.
And this is all by design, yes.
Yes, I do have knowledge.
The Arabs have been preferring, obviously, gold for a long time, and now they're moving a lot of their reserve currency into euros.
But they accept dollars for oil.
That was the thing that was stated last night.
Okay, what publication from who?
Well, it was another Genesis Talk Show.
Okay, and what were they reading out of?
What news article?
See, that was the thing.
They didn't give any backup.
They made a statement about the IMF, and it said, after that statement, the statement was made that...
OPEC had made the announcement that there was going to be no more acceptance of U.S.
dollars for oil.
Well, I think that's a big news item, and it's true.
I do have the IMF statement that the dollar is going to plunge, and it's our fault, and they're going to take us over because they love us so much.
I mean, that's out there.
But not the statement that was made last night.
There's a lot of news I missed, so who knows?
Well, I don't know.
It's a very important statement, if it's true, because I knew that in November they were planning to do a cutback to force the oil prices up.
And that's now happened?
It does now happen.
I appreciate it.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you, Roy.
Jeff in Indiana.
Go ahead, Jeff.
He's gone.
Let's talk to JQ in Oregon.
JQ, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you, Alex?
If you remember, I was the guy who showed up the day that 9-11 happened.
The old air defense type that pointed out all the defaults in air defense would put the
Fighter interceptors right in the face of the threatening aircraft.
It's just the way the defaults are.
Okay, what I really called about was you asked several times earlier in the program for impressions about this debate that occurred last night, and I didn't hear very much of a response, so I'll give you my impressions.
They're purely subjective.
I'll go from right to left.
Bruce and Monty
Struck me as being really smooth.
The guy is polished, sophisticated.
He doesn't leave many hooks out for an opponent to grab a hold of.
What bothers me about Busamani is the La Raza thing and the threat to the integrity of the United States.
Oh, he is very sophisticated and is ready to be a New York gangster.
He is a racist, and we don't like him or the Nazi Schwarzenegger.
Well, the thing is that Busamani comes across...
He's being non-threatening.
He's polished, he's smooth, but he's probably the most significant threat to the integrity of the United States in the long run.
Arnold's going to continue to do that and put people to sleep.
Well, you know what?
I say, bring it down as fast as possible so folks wake up.
Let that racist preacher in there and let us see what the race is all about.
Huffington sat next to Bustamante and she was personally confrontational
She was the most confrontational person there.
I think she kept on pounding on Arnold.
I think she had underlying kind of sexual tension with Schwarzenegger, although she would die before she ever admitted it.
I think that's where the energy was coming from for the attacks on Arnold.
I saw her claws pop out a couple of times.
I saw her claws pop out a couple of times.
Some women can do that.
You know, they have these soft little paws, but those claws pop out and they disappear almost instantly.
So that's my impression of Huffington.
The Green Party guy is hardcore New World Order and UN.
He is really hardcore.
So, I mean, he puts it right up front.
McClintock takes a traditional Republican conservative point of view.
I'm comfortable with McClintock.
One thing he did mention
He supported all of the Constitution, including the Second Amendment.
He made a point of mentioning that, and I like that a lot.
Well, obviously he's going to get the most votes, but that will never come out, because Diebold admittedly is already tampering with votes.
Yeah, our elections.
Schwarzenegger, his big thrust, and I think his big selling point, is that he was a self-made man.
He knows how to make things happen, and he'll help the state of California.
Young men like to help him out.
Well, he'll help the state of California achieve what he has achieved against many odds, and that was his big selling point.
Plus, he pounded on the jobs thing and the business thing.
Well, I agree.
I think he probably will whore California out even further.
Well, one thing that bothers me about Schwarzenegger is that
He's anti-gun, and that proves he either doesn't understand history, which is dangerous, or he's not to be trusted with power.
Any politician who's anti-gun cannot be trusted with power.
Yeah, but, Jake, what did you get from the debate?
I mean, I'm reading that it was just totally staged.
It was supposedly an orchestrated debate, but it had a lot more dynamic, a lot more spontaneity to it,
It was enjoyable in places, and I think it was revealing, although it was, I suppose, structured as a very regulated kind of debate.
It didn't turn out to be that way.
So there was a lot of stuff that came out.
That's my impression.
What type of stuff came out?
I mean, particularly personality stuff, the various personalities of the people.
I had never really had a chance to listen to him, other than Schwarzenegger gets a lot of airtime.
Now, was Gary Coleman up there?
Gary Coleman?
Well... I mean, I can't watch that type of distraction or diversion, but I'm glad you told us about it.
Well, I expected to be thoroughly disappointed and turn it off, but it turned out to be more genuinely interesting.
Well, now I hope somebody sends me a videotape of it, or we'll probably re-air it on C-SPAN.
Yeah, I saw it on C-SPAN, and I also saw it again.
When did I see it again?
Well, anyhow, I saw it twice.
You saw it twice?
How long was it?
An hour and a half.
What color tie was Arnold wearing?
I didn't pay attention to that kind of stuff.
Little messages and that always.
So how many people were in the debate?
Five in the moderator.
All right, well, sounds like a circus, but I don't know.
I have to admit, I'm glad I didn't see it.
Maybe if somebody sends me a tape, I'll watch it.
Well, I was going to avoid it, but it turned out to be pretty good.
All right, thank you, Jake.
Take care.
Walt in Missouri.
Go ahead, Walt.
Well, good afternoon, Alex, and God bless you.
Good to talk to you.
God bless you and yours and all the folks up there at Genesis getting this good information out.
I know you've probably got a bunch of new listeners, and I haven't called for a while, but to help reinforce what you're saying, as a pilot, if we had a problem with an aircraft, all the aircraft in that series would be downed.
They'd have to slide all of us into other aircraft to go fly our missions or whatever.
Flight 800, how many 747s were downed because of a possible fuel tank problem?
Senator Carnahan's 332-352 Cessna.
How many of those were downed because of a mechanical malfunction?
How many Learjets were downed, speaking of the Golfer's aircraft?
By the way, he had publicly gotten in Bill Clinton's face and told him he didn't like him at a golfing event, and the guy, he pressurizes a few days later and dies.
Yeah, isn't that amazing?
Now, obviously, JFK Jr.'
's plane, because they said that it was pilot error, however, if the horizon indicator does malfunction, that will definitely be contributed to pilot error.
Yeah, but it turned out it wasn't all foggy and stormy like they said.
Well, he had flown the plane many a times, but now to the big issue of 911.
As a pilot, I trained out at Miramar for what we call the CFS, Tactical Fighter Systems, that the Marines had.
Hey, Walt, stay there, Walt.
I'll let you finish on the other side.
Yeah, my dad's a pilot.
And I've flown with him many times, and he'd have his charts out.
We'd fly all over the Midwest and into the South and stuff, and down to the farm or wherever from Dallas.
And he'd have those charts out, and he'd say, if I was to go just a mile over this line here, we'd have jets around us in ten minutes.
But see, the average American doesn't know where Iraq is, doesn't know what the Fourth Amendment is, doesn't know who their mama is.
So how are they going to know about planes, Walt?
They're not.
They're going to be slaves.
Late summer 2003.
Mainstream press tells us we're having a stock market recovery.
Late summer 2002, I heard the same thing.
Late summer 2001, you heard the same thing.
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That's recovery?
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All right, I've got a bunch of news I need to cover, so we're going to talk to Walt, John, and Ian.
And that's it for calls today.
Sorry for others, because I need to get to the rest of this news.
The calls are always great.
Yes, Walt, and I'm not trying to sound elitist.
I mean, I know enough to know I don't know a lot.
And I know I learn massive amounts of information every day.
You know, it's an old saying that my great-grandmother had, that you've got to be old enough to die to know how to really live.
And so I'm learning more every day.
It's just that I know about planes.
I understand how the transponders work.
I understand how the air defense system operates.
And it's just impossible.
They ordered it to stand down.
That's now come out.
It turns out the CIA had control of the aircraft from those drone control systems.
The smoke screen was that it was just a drill to order the Pentagon and NORAD to stand down.
That's all out there now, and they murdered those people.
And those Arabs were just CIA officers to be seen by the surveillance cameras.
It's turned out they're alive.
It's totally staged.
And people better figure that out real quick, folks.
But look at the common sense.
You don't have people with box cutters taking over planes,
Flying them just right to the Pentagon and World Trade Centers.
You don't have an hour and 25 minutes knowing they were hijacked.
Why has the government grabbed the black boxes?
Why have they told the towers not to release any of the audio tapes?
I mean, he goes on and on and on.
Why did public officials not fly that day?
Turns out Bush knew at his hotel, in his limo.
He knew.
There's photos of him watching TV of the smoking building.
Goes out, gets a little goat story.
Tells us that's when he first learned of it.
I mean, they're a pack of liars.
Go ahead, Walt.
Yeah, well, you know, Alex, and this is the thing.
I know there's a lot of people that doubt whether these planes could have actually been remote controlled.
As our high-tech training took us out at Miramar, electronically we would have to shoot our instructors down.
But, you know, if you go to a state fair or anything, electronically is a lot different than shooting your .30-06 at, you know, elk or something.
Anyway, so over the ocean, we would have to shoot down old voodoos and starfighters and thuds and, you know, what have you, older aircraft.
And when they hit the ocean, well, there was nothing, you know, there was nothing left.
No need to fish them out because they're destroyed.
You know, we'd shoot them down with a 20-millimeter cannon.
Thousands of drones have been used, old aircraft, as target practice.
JFK's firstborn son was killed in the chase plane by Messerschmitts guiding in a B-23 cruise missile.
Well, yeah, you know, and that's the thing.
That was 1952, by the way.
Yeah, and all of the, and people have asked me, well... 1942, excuse me.
You shot down those planes?
Well, what happened to the pilots?
Well, they were remote controlled by the tower.
You know, I mean, yeah, and they had been doing that for years.
And then, yeah, you brought up on your program about 1942 or whatever.
And, you know, folks, I just want to say this in leaving.
People ask for solutions.
My daddy had a saying.
The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.
Get these videos Alex has got out.
Get his T-shirts and wear them out in public.
Get these books.
Not just the gun shows.
Boy, I'll tell you, you'll find who's on your team real quick.
You know, and God bless you, Alex, for getting all the information out to make it possible so that we can save our once great nation.
Well, Walt, I appreciate you, and it was great meeting you in person.
I'm in Kansas City, and I talked to locals.
You've handed out thousands of Road to Tyranny and other great videos.
Yeah, yeah.
You'll confront them with this and they'll go, I don't want to talk about it.
I don't want to talk about it.
Because anybody that knows anything knows it's ridiculous.
It's like claiming that fire ants in your backyard can build a spaceship and fly to the moon.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I hear you.
Alex, God bless you.
You're doing a great job.
And just keep up the wonderful work.
And folks, get all of his stuff here that he offers.
Get all this good stuff and be prepared.
Well, thanks.
Thanks for the plug, Walt.
And take care, my friend.
Let's talk to John in Tennessee.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Democrat Wesley Clark is now leading Bush for president in 2004.
And, of course, General Clark was knighted by Bush's third cousin, the German Queen of England, just like Bush Sr., Greenspan.
And, by the way, that is a violation of the Constitution.
You cannot have a title of nobility and be under foreign powers' control, folks.
Well, they claim there's some kind of treaty agreement
Well, maybe I'm wrong.
I predicted that Bush is going to get back into office, and we're going to have a bunch more terror, beg police state, then you're going to get Hillary in there in 08, with Clinton running the U.N.
Tell you what, let's talk about this criminal.
Stay there.
Let's talk about this creature.
We'll let you talk about him, John.
And we'll talk to Ian in Canada, then I'll spend about 25 minutes, last part of the show, on a bunch of other key news.
ItemsInfoWars.com We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
Alex Jones here, back live.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
We were talking to John in Tennessee.
John, you were getting into Wesley Clark.
Go ahead.
General Clark played an illegal role in the NATO United Nations Corporation's massacre of Americans at George Bush's symbolic hometown of Waco.
And Joyce Riley reported this week that a U.S.
Army helicopter crashed
So it makes a lot more sense that Jews and Satan worshippers would massacre a Christian church.
It also makes a lot more sense that
European-bred Jewish Zionists would massacre 3,000 people in New York City and D.C.
on 9-1-1, then blame the Arabs and steal their oil.
So Tex Mars is talking about that a bit, and a few other people are.
I considered myself a Democrat before, but I certainly didn't know that I would be voting for Jews.
Not that I have anything against Jews, but they need to be up front about who they are and what their names are.
Well, thank you for the call.
I don't totally agree with what you're saying.
I mean, they're evil people, and it's the old cliche, but it's true.
They're evil Germans, there's evil Jews, there's evil Chinese, whatever.
And really, when you get down to the New World Order, I mean, it's Germans, it's Jews, it's British, it's Russians.
I mean, it really is a mixed bag.
You do have a lot of people who claim to be Jewish,
Who are involved in the World War II.
But every time I turn around, they're funding Nazis, involved with Nazis.
There's a weird Nazi fetish.
And then it's basically used to demonize anybody that wants freedom.
They'll call you a Nazi.
Well, then they're out defending real, live Nazis.
And, you know, it's like Kurt Voltheim and the U.N.
and how they defended him and the Schwarzenegger thing.
I mean, it just goes on and on.
Well, maybe that proves that Hitler wasn't a Jew then.
Well, from the evidence, I mean, that group that claimed they were, the evidence clearly points towards the illegitimate.
His dad was an illegitimate person.
And it looks like the mother, too.
It looks like it was a Rothschild breeding program.
Thanks for the call.
And, folks, that's in mainstream books.
I mean, that's in Secret Wartime Report, and that's in a bunch of reports.
I mean, that's not like something that's not really a conspiracy theory.
Now, Hitler had his birth certificates and his mother's birth certificates, his father's excise destroyed, but it's clear.
That the mother of his father, Alois Hitler, was impregnated by the head German Rothschild.
Now, it's amazing.
It turns out that Joseph Goebbels was part Jewish.
But, I mean, again, Counterpunch was a liberal publication.
There's been a lot of liberal Jews who've been writing about how they can't believe it, but the Zionists, they found out, actually were involved with Hitler early on
And they were in correspondence with Hitler, supporting him, saying, if you'll force all the Jews out of Europe, that will allow us to have our homeland and have control of these people.
You have a lot of the Orthodox Jewish people, real Jews, who are protesting the socialistic people that are running Israel.
And there's been a lot of Jewish writers and others that have written about this, like Barry Hamish and others.
Again, what the globalists have in common, whether they're German or Chinese or Jewish, is that they're into the occult.
That's why I said earlier, even if you're not a Christian, you need to understand that they believe in the occult.
They really believe in the devil.
And Moloch was not, just so you know, not a Jewish god, though it was adopted for a while, then God punished Israel.
It was a Canaanite god just north of them.
The Canaanites, the Philistines, the Syrians, their entire... That was their god.
And Dagon and the whole fish sign, the rest of it.
That's why it's so blasphemous, folks, when you've got those fish signs in your car.
I know, Jesus was a fisherman.
The occultists just love laughing at you.
It's something else.
I'm not saying you're a devil for having it on your car.
You don't mean it bad.
It doesn't make it bad, but you know it's Dagon.
And they would also, you know, kill children, and they would use a dagger called a Dagon, a dagger, to sacrifice the child, and it goes back to the curve, knife, Satan issues.
And this is all in the encyclopedia, folks.
I'm not sitting here... I remember five years ago, I talked about how Halloween was a satanic ceremony for Europeans, for the Druids.
I mean, that's in the encyclopedia.
Bonfire was bonfire.
They'd take children, burn them.
They'd tie you up on an effigy of a wooden man, a burning man, burn you up.
Trick or treat.
You had to give offerings to the Druid priests or they'd kill you.
And sometimes you'd have to give up family members to them.
Or an ox or a cow.
Some of your sheep.
It was like a tax to the terrorists.
And so that... And every culture is into this.
You have to ask yourself, why is that?
Why do you have this unified theme out there?
When I snuck into Bohemian Grove, I watched our world leaders standing around a 45-foot stone owl of Moloch.
It can be an owl, or in these religions they always have multifaceted faces.
It can be a bull.
Either way, it's a bull with short horns or an owl.
They say it's an owl.
And they bring in the bound body of a child.
They say an effigy, but a little body.
They burn it.
It screams in pain.
And it's all done in a stylized fashion.
That's how rituals are done.
People said, oh, it looks like a plague.
It is.
Plagues came from religious rituals, folks.
People were players or participants.
And they said, you know, good owl, a great owl, of good we tire and Babylon.
And, of course, that's where Moloch originated was in Tyre.
He then moved into Babylon there where Baghdad is today or a little bit south of Baghdad on the Tigris-Euphrates rivers.
So really, it's the roots of antiquity that go back to Egypt and go back to the evil people that Moses threw the tablets at and killed.
So today, the people that were dancing around not following God's orders, and this is what the Illuminati says, by the way.
You understand?
The people running the world are those that were dancing around below Moses.
That type of person.
And then they say, don't criticize us or you're a wicked devil.
When they're the ones doing the evil, they're the ones doing the bad.
And so they could be Jewish, they could be German, whatever.
They're dancing around down there, worshipping the golden calf, worshipping Moloch, and they're down there going through all these machinations, and that's their religion.
And so it goes back, whether it was Babylon or Tyre or evil people in Israel, and how many times were they judged.
And it is those mindsets.
So you don't believe in God.
You're an atheist out there, okay?
I'm a Christian, but this is a news show.
I'm not here pushing my beliefs.
What I'm telling you is, is that even if you don't believe in God, or you don't believe in the supernatural, you need to know that the leaders do.
You know, you could say, well, I'm an atheist.
I don't want to hear about Charlie Manson believing he was under Satan's control.
Well, isn't that important to understand his psyche?
Why are all these killers thinking they're under Satan's control?
I'm telling you, it's real, folks.
I've had experiences in my life that I don't get into here on the air.
I know, folks, about the occult.
People attempted to recruit me into it when I grew up in Rockwall, Texas.
And I'm telling you, that's the elite's religion.
I don't care whether they've got blonde hair and blue eyes or brown hair and brown eyes or whether they're from Rammstein or Jerusalem or Beijing.
Evil's what we're fighting.
All right, let's go ahead and take some calls here.
I'll take two more.
Ian in Canada.
Real quick, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
I appreciate your response to that last caller about his toxic attitude toward the Jews.
Well said, Alex.
Well, look, it just feeds into...
I mean, the caller says he's a Democrat.
I don't think the caller, whether he's Republican or Democrat, is racially mad at people.
The globalists are good at making things look one way.
I'm just saying it's more sophisticated.
And you don't have to apologize for pushing your faith on the air.
It's about time we pushed back.
But two quick things.
That article on the IMF imminent collapse of the U.S.
dollar, you'll find it in the London Guardian for last Friday, September 19th.
Yeah, we posted it over the weekend on Infowars.com, last Friday actually.
It's on PrisonPlanet.com.
The caller wasn't talking about that.
The imminent collapse, that's been reported by our enemy, the IMF, posing as the savior.
What I was saying is this comment about OPEC's not going to take dollars anymore, I don't know if that's true.
Oh, I see.
And the other thing is, you make very good illustrations about the confusion of the left and the right, because the media isn't interested so much in lying anymore as they are in creating emotional exhaustion and a complete surrender to the confusion.
I remember back in 1990 when the Soviet Union was, as they told us, collapsing.
Suddenly, it was certainly true in the Canadian broadcasting industry,
...corporations television news, suddenly the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and their apparatchiks and cadres became the right-wing conservatives and the opposition were the left-wing liberals.
Do you remember that?
Absolutely, and then you had six strongmen put over the country, more arrests, more gulags than ever before.
Putin and Yeltsin would take payment from North Korea on weapons sales by slaves.
I mean, BBC reporting 35,000 slaves were delivered to the slave death camp.
I mean, you know, and it's, oh, they've reformed themselves.
The only reform is they don't care if you know they got slaves now.
They don't hide it.
Oh, yeah, we got giant camps.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
They're not hiding it anymore.
When will Colonel Roberts be back?
Craig Roberts.
You know, Craig is one of the most common guests that I have on the most, and I like Craig.
I'll be having him back up soon.
I'd like to ask him some questions, so I'm looking forward to that.
All right, Ian, thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Yeah, it's not politically exhausting you, burning you out, oversensitizing you, until you just throw your hands up.
Hey, follow the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, enforce that locally in your area, have a Bill of Rights culture, as Aaron Zellman says, and it won't matter what they try.
They can run around and talk about whatever craziness they want, beat on their heads and try to confuse us.
It isn't going to work if we have our ideas of liberty and freedom and the decency of what we know works, the family.
With God's guidance.
All right, let's talk.
Last caller, Wesley in Tennessee.
Go ahead and finish up.
I don't know what that is.
Is Wesley gone, or is his phone running out of batteries?
I think we went to Wesley right when his phone died.
All right, no more calls.
Let me get to some more of this news here.
I already mentioned Bush's approval rating is now down in the 40s.
NBC poll, Bush rating lowest ever.
Now, wait.
Three weeks ago, there was a Gallup poll that showed 44%.
And do I believe this poll?
Well, I know on the street, Bush is very unpopular.
And so are the Democrats, though.
This government.
The mainstream media's approval rating is at about 32%.
It was like 50-something percent just a few years ago.
They're all losing credibility.
It's 49% approval of a president's performance.
So luck out or terror attacks.
So we'll love him.
So he can pose as a savior and hold up a bullhorn and say, people that knock these buildings down, we're going to knock you down, all that theater.
Panel to close Pentagon terror spy office.
This is from the Associated Press.
They claim they're getting rid of Total Information Awareness Network.
Maybe the name for terrorism information awareness, but they're not getting rid of Echelon or the NSA or Carnivore or the Matrix system at the state level.
That is a total lie.
They've increased its funding in 100 areas and cut it in one.
It's like Bush cutting abortion funding by $87 million and increasing it by $3 billion.
I mean, okay, believe whatever you want.
If you want smoke and mirrors, enjoy yourself.
Not hard to see through this stuff.
Draft report said to cite no success in Iraq's arm hunt.
And this is out of the New York Times, an early draft of an interim report by the American leading.
The hunt for manned weapons in Iraq's team has not found any of the unconventional weapons cited by Bush administration as the principal reason for going to war, federal officials with knowledge of the findings said today.
Now, they could pull these weapons out right during the election, during Bush's darkest hour, and say, see, we told you so.
And I've been thinking that's what was going to happen, and I've heard Lord Limbaugh brag on air that's what they're going to do, that they've already got the weapons.
Ha, ha, ha.
Again, just desensitizing you to all this insider control.
I don't know if that's going to happen.
It looks like Europe is here to make us look bad, and Bush is going to play that part.
We'll see what happens.
We're good to go.
I think?
But he met a month ago with the heads of the media before this trip, TV, news editors, you remember, and told them, get behind this, write op-ed pieces.
And the scary thing is, they went out and they did it, despite the fact that you have to ignore all the readily available facts.
So when you're reading the U.S.
Attorney or the District Attorney or the editor of your paper writing a special article about how important this is to go ahead and submit to this,
No, that that is the federal government telling them what to do.
It is a big deal.
Ashcroft touts terror successes.
Attorney General John Ashcroft said Wednesday the nation is winning the war on terror.
Speaking before a group of about 250 law enforcement officers, yeah, these are staged events, and prosecutors at a hotel two blocks from the state capitol, Ashcroft said there had been no acts of terrorism on U.S.
soil for two years.
Our strategy is succeeding, he said.
America is more secure than it was two years ago.
America is safer than it was two years ago.
And today, America is freer than any time in the history of human freedom.
That is an absolute lie.
They're taking ranches, farms, people's children.
There's no due process.
I mean, what a ridiculous statement.
There's another one, Jacksonville.
Attorney General Boos Patriot Act.
This Attorney General John Ashcroft yesterday in Jacksonville said the nation is now safer.
And he goes on and on.
Same stuff.
Everywhere, the same articles, the same script, the same everything's wonderful, everything's good.
And then see Ashcroft visiting all these towns and just the backdrop for the papers to go, it's so wonderful, everything's good.
You read the articles, they're all almost identical, just changing the names of the cities.
Should be a plagiarism investigation.
That is interesting.
Police set for school terror.
See, before 9-11, it was all about stopping shootings, but about training kids how to be prisoners, how to be loaded on buses.
And it says, this is the New York Post, the NYPD has created a special unit to thwart terrorists who are attempted to target city schools.
It was revealed yesterday.
Remember all the movies they've had, Die Hard with a Vengeance and all that, where the terrorists target the schools?
They just really want to sell you that idea to turn the schools into prisons.
Law enforcement officials say that they have got no specific threat against any school and maintain that setting up a unit is part of an overall strategy to prevent another terrorist attack.
Better safe than sorry, said one police source.
They're the terrorists.
Training your kids how to be prisoners.
Let me tell you, they are going to target schools.
You can tell by all their preparation, all their preconditioning in the news and the sitcoms and the dramas.
When they slaughter a whole school of children, they're just going to howl, Our youth have been killed!
Switch off thinking process.
That's what mammals do.
You know, when a big cat grabs one of the kids out of the front of the cave, the men all go on a rampage off killing everything in sight.
The anthropological record shows.
So they know how to imprint us and use our kids to do this.
They're trash of the earth.
I've got some other key news.
5-1 against GM Crops.
Probe into breaches at Guantanamo Bay expands.
Now those that don't like torture are being arrested.
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They can try to sell us slavery, but it's not working.
People know big government's dangerous and bad, no matter if they were never taught it in school.
They know genetically engineered crops, cockroach genes in the tomatoes and salmon genes in the corn is bad, and goats spliced with spiders and human genes put into pigs.
We know it's dangerous.
There's a big poll, five to one, against genetically modified crops and biggest ever public survey.
The widest formal public debate ever conducted in Britain has found an overwhelming percentage of people uneasy, suspicious, or overly suspicious.
Outrightly hostile to the introduction of genetically modified crops in Britain, yeah.
They make it where then your crops don't produce seeds, they produce plants.
It's patenting life.
Again, it's about controlled scarcity.
Artificial scarcity control.
Getting you dependent.
More than 650 public meetings were held around the country, and about 37,000 people responded to questionnaires, with a 54% saying they never want to see genetically modified crops grown in the UK, and a further 18% said they would find the crops acceptable only if there was no risk of cross-contamination.
13% wanted more research.
So they're trying all their lives, but it isn't working.
Also, probe into breaches at Guantanamo expands.
Remember, Brigadier General Rick Baucus had to resign.
He was going to quit, and they told him to get out of there.
He refused to torture people.
Well, now they want to keep folks quiet who've been there and seen the torture.
This is the Associated Press.
An investigation into possible security breaches at Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp for terror suspects that expand to a third member of the military, Pentagon officials said Wednesday.
So now they're arresting the military.
Oh, they're Al-Qaeda, too.
The arrest of an Air Force translator and a Muslim army chaplain.
Both worked at the Cuban base.
Now, the apparent ties to Syria, oh, sure, have shaken Defense Department officials.
About 660 suspected Taliban or Al-Qaeda members are being held at the high security base.
And it goes on to the people they've arrested.
I wonder if they'll arrest Rick Baucus.
He didn't want to torture people who were innocent.
And we're almost out of time here, folks.
Oh, we already talked about the California recall candidate staged event.
The most anticipated debate in California's recall campaign quickly descended into a squabble of overlapping attacks Wednesday forcing the moderator time and time again to personal comments by the four of the five leading candidates seeking to replace Governor Gray Davis.
And also, well, I'm out of time, folks.
Lord Bush is going to visit one of his superstar destroyers in England,
And to see how the Empress is doing on board that craft.
Nice photo here of Bush meeting with the palace, with the Queen and the Queen Mother before she died.
President George Bush is to pay a visit to his family members in Britain in November at Buckingham Palace, said today.
Alright, we're out of time.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
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