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Air Date: Nov. 22, 2002
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Alex Jones discusses how secretive powerful groups are increasing control over people's lives, including military conducting law enforcement checkpoints for bank robbers and implementation of socialism to make citizens dependent on government before taking away those services. He highlights potential collaboration between capitalist groups and China's President Jiang Zemin in their efforts to control citizens. Jones emphasizes the need for self-sufficiency and resistance against these controlling forces by becoming independent from the system. Additionally, he talks about child abuse allegations made against a Christian school and urges listeners to subscribe to his website Infowars.net for valuable information.

Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're already into the second hour of this worldwide broadcast.
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I am totally blown away by the news and the developments that's unfolding.
Everything we said is now happening, but I can't believe they're moving this quickly.
They're desperate.
A lot of people are waking up.
They've showed their hand.
They have overreached.
A major renaissance is taking place.
Just to recap, from Colorado,
They are announcing federally controlled and funded checkpoints to force you to take breathalyzers and to take hair samples, assuming you've taken drugs over seven years, forcing you to incriminate yourself and violating the Fourth Amendment as well, not just the Fifth.
We have Tom Daschle saying talk radio needs to be controlled or shut down.
Talk back live on CNN today.
There's too much hate on talk radio.
Should we pull the plug on talk radio was the teaser that they aired today, airing throughout the day.
This is developing, this is happening.
CNN announced last night that U.S.
Marines will be running checkpoints, have been running checkpoints, helped to stop a bank robber in North Carolina and Kentucky.
This is from CNN.
Again, it's not fighting terrorism, it's fighting criminals.
See, now it moves into that, or alleged criminals.
We've got Chuck and Chris and Roy and many, many other people holding.
I'm going to go to you probably in the next segment.
I know that our guest won't mind doing that because he's just here to talk about stuff and bounce ideas around with me.
He's a good friend of mine, radio talk show host in his own right, has a large internet service company and runs InfoWars.net and Com and PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com and VirginUtah.com, our five websites.
He powers it, administers it.
He's a great guy, and he's here to talk about the Homeland Security provisions for life in prison for any type of hacking, total surveillance grids, hooking the NSA.
He's here joining us, and we'll come back in the next segment and go immediately, and you can pose your question to Dwayne Cooch or to Alex Jones, that's me.
So everybody stay right there.
Dwayne, I am shocked by how fast they're moving.
What are you going to do, my friend?
If you pull up to a checkpoint, they say, give me some of your hair.
What are you going to do, DeWayne?
Oh, really?
I guess DeWayne's gone.
Hey, are you there now?
Yes, sir.
Not a problem.
Were you trying to talk there?
That's okay.
I'm sorry about that.
Not at all, sir.
Give me another few seconds to think of my response to that question.
Well, it's good to be able to get you up.
Go ahead.
Great way to bring someone on, too.
That's a good question.
That's kind of funny, but what we're talking about is deadly serious.
We've really turned the corner, Alex.
It's here, it's now.
Everything that has been said on this show and many others for a long time is finally coming around.
We didn't make it happen.
We're watching it happen right in front of us.
When the military is protecting the
The Heartland, you know, running kick points in the middle of the country instead of protecting the borders where, you know, their sworn duty is to be.
I'm going to ask him what I'm under arrest for.
Because you can't really, you have no reason to take any sort of evidence from me unless I'm suspected of a crime.
And this is all, well they gotta even have a court order to do that even if you're in prison.
Even convicted people.
Sure, sure.
I mean where does this end?
Yeah, yeah.
Well it ends in either an absolute revolution or an absolute enslavement the way it's ended in history.
Every time this has come around.
Stay right there.
All right, Dwayne.
We'll be back.
We'll come right back to you after the break, and then we'll go to Chuck and Chris and Roy and many, many others.
You want to join me on air today?
Respond to all this tyranny.
Got our big network administrator, Peter Engineer, on the line with us.
We'll cover it all.
Talk shows in his own right.
It's coming up, folks, as we battle for the Republic.
It's a political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I love each and every one of you as listeners of this show.
I love our affiliates.
I thank them for standing up for America and simply letting us report the news at military checkpoints and forced DNA databases and foreign troops and talk of shutting down talk radio.
The First Amendment
All we're doing is standing up for this country.
And I want to say that I love Genesis Communications, and Ted Anderson, and Michael Trudeau, and all the hosts, and Paul Wright, and Chris, and Mark, and everybody bringing you this broadcast.
They are brave, good, decent, hardworking people.
And they do so much fine work at this network, running four satellites with five feeds and hundreds of affiliates and the listeners asking questions about news stories and endless work.
We deserve your support.
And I am so excited that the show has exploded and we've gained so many new AM and FM affiliates.
But it's painful to see Clear Channel and Disney buying up the others.
And putting on foreign language talk or propaganda.
It is painful to get number one ratings in Austin.
Years ago to see the station bought out from under us.
It is painful to win best of Austin TV show and then to see it attempted censorship.
It is painful to know that our message could save this country and wake the people up and we could only reach them.
But it's also invigorating to know that we've done so much good
And Dwayne, being here with you, the great work you've done, with your powerful servers powering my five websites that receive hundreds of millions of hits a year, and that's no exaggeration.
It is so good to work with people like you and the bold stances you've taken for the websites you host.
Websites that have gotten international attention, the one that shows the abortions and the rest of it, the other sites you power.
Everything you've done, Dwayne Coots, I want to commend you for your fight because we have been totally validated in everything we laid out.
I laid out in six films that were made before 9-1-1 everything with precision that's now happening.
And I did that not because I'm magic or have a crystal ball, but because I studied the enemy and that's where my frustration comes from.
Dwayne, where do you see things going?
Because you've heard me give the best news I've got every day on the hour.
I've done 500 interviews plus now since 9-1-1 14 months ago.
And I have taken thousands of calls.
I don't know.
I take an average of ten calls per show I've done, per interview.
How many is that?
That's thousands of calls.
Tens of thousands of calls.
And maybe 50, 60 people called in and disagreed and they said I should be arrested for my political speech showing what Nazis they are.
Isn't that good news that everybody out there hears the message, agrees with it?
Isn't that a strong polling data for the listeners?
Yeah, and you know, there's really no other plain way to say these things.
They have to be said out loud in front of as many people as possible.
And everyone who hears you, don't just repeat what you say like a parroting everything you say.
Think about what's going on, not about what you hear in the news hammered into your head every day.
Or if you're too busy to watch or listen to the news,
Don't be trapped by the little soundbite headlines that throw things at you and you're supposed to consume them and move on.
I realize fully, sir, that I'm singing to the choir here.
Everyone listening to us, except for the fed flunkies and the spooks, everyone out there who's an honest American citizen knows what we're saying is valid.
You don't have to listen very long to realize that you can see what's going on in the world played out on a stage in front of you.
Described differently than what you see.
And if you keep seeing the same thing described a certain way, you'll begin to think perhaps that's the way it is.
And maybe you're foolish and, you know, naive to believe these things.
But when the next thing comes around the corner and hits you, you realize that, well, maybe not.
And then over and over and over again, the mainstream, which is a comically
Um, inadequate term to describe the media monopoly.
The military...
Media propaganda complex.
Dwayne, I watched the news last night.
It was Marines will now be going after common criminals at checkpoints.
We'll be taking your DNA from children and adults at military checkpoints, federalized checkpoints.
We're going to be doing this and that.
Should we shut down talk radio?
Should we?
I mean, this is just giant pyramids flashing on the screen.
The military's watching you with a flash and all-seeing eye.
It can't get any worse!
No, it really can't.
Even though it's subdued and we're passionate about it, the fact that they are sitting on the goldmine of public ignorance
Allows them to continue this.
And they just slip it out there, mass conditioning and acclimating people.
Very calmly and in a subdued way.
And as you described before, incrementally introducing these concepts so that they're acceptable to the population.
Soon you'll have to bum scan to buy your food in Austin.
They're tearing out the checkout counters and putting in this new system.
Let's talk to people and see what they say.
I love it!
I just think it's great!
Oh, this is so good!
I have this on tape!
Sure, sure, sure.
People get giddy and giggly, you know, with the technology, but the truth of the matter is... Oh, it says, Dwayne, it says, it says... Let me find it.
Pupils were brought into the school's cafeteria one class at a time to have their DNA collected by patrolman Tom Facetti, who took two swabs of each pupil's mouth.
There were a few complaints from pupils who seemed eager for their turn to be swabbed.
Does that mean there were a few complaints from the people who seemed eager for their turn to be swabbed?
Oh, they were begging to be DNA database.
It continues.
It wasn't bad, said one first grader.
Some kids actually liked it.
The officer said it tickles, so a lot of kids start laughing.
Oh, isn't that sick?
Well, instead of reporting the angle, the entire story seems to assume that this is a normal thing that must occur, and that this is a development that has improved our society.
That's the great disguise.
If we were really listening to the truth, the truth would make us scream
Why are they doing this to school kids in the heartland?
Why aren't they doing this at Juarez?
Why aren't they doing this in Tijuana?
Why aren't they doing this in Brownsville where folks are jumping across the border?
Who knows who?
You talk about South Texas hemorrhagic fever spreading now over a thousand people with it, a form of Ebola.
Back page of the newspaper, we have federal agents being killed, we have Forest Service people being shot and killed, FBI agents in comas.
Back of the paper.
Yeah, depopulation just occurring.
I mean, that's just another phase of the plan.
Depopulation has been planned for a very long time.
They have to get the plantation under control, Alex.
There's just no way they can conquer an entire human race and run it from this capitalist machine that they've developed without this
Capitalism is the greatest form of communism, and that's totally true.
The average person hearing that says, what are you talking about?
Whether it's Russia or China or Cuba.
They get total control, have a few generations of dumbed down slaves, then they transfer all ownership to the global bankers and call it capitalism.
It's fascism.
It's command and control.
Communism, socialism, fascism, it's all really the same thing.
Command and control, they just confuse the terms as if there's some separation.
Oh sure, sure.
You know, let's be honest here.
I mean, capitalism was a wonderful idea if it were followed in its basic, you know, simplest... Free market, not lackey capitalism.
Lackey capitalism and, you know, this conglomeration of individuals who have diced it up.
And the planet is now diced up into nice little bite-sized chunks.
Everyone has ultimate control of their little fiefdom, and there can be no more change of hand of the control and power structure.
That's why the war on terrorism, and I said this the last time I was on the show, and this is just my opinion, but I ain't scared to say it, and you know it.
There is no such thing as terrorism.
This is not a war on terrorism.
Even allowing that 9-11 was not an operation, which I thoroughly think it was,
But let's for a moment go off in la la land and say it wasn't an operation.
Let's say it was actually some freaked out Islamic... They're doing... They're leaving the borders open while running internal checkpoints.
That shows they're doing nothing.
They're using it to enslave us.
That's the truth that you see, but yet they keep whispering in your ear that it's something that...
You're not seeing.
More attacks are coming!
We've got to take all your rights!
Okay, the bomb's coming!
Let's consolidate all these federal agencies, get them under one gigantic electronic database so that we can control not only your movements or whereabouts, now DNA databasing, everything's under control.
Then all of a sudden, you realize that it's over.
You have been conquered.
You're a conquered people.
And we can't get that far down the road while we still have the humans
The mass of humanity sleeping in blissful ignorance with, you know, loaded up credit card debt and a mortgage to pay and, you know, working two jobs.
And let me go further.
Sure, sure, sure.
Rosie O'Donnell said, ban all guns.
You should be arrested if you have a gun.
She said, throw your husband's gun in the trash can.
We boycotted her.
She went from the number two show, the number five show, lost her Kmart contract.
We boycotted Kmart.
We boycotted Smith & Wesson.
They were moving against the Second Amendment.
They went bankrupt.
We have the power to boycott.
A Dell computer came out anti-gun, we boycotted them, they retracted it.
We have got to boycott anybody that puts a thumb scanner in.
Because if we don't, they're all going to put it in and then we are conquered.
That goes back to what's wrong with capitalism and why would we say such a terrible, un-American thing.
The truth of the matter is, that is an agreement.
Capitalism is merely an agreement of those who have built their empire, fooling the ones in the middle.
Into thinking that someday they could possibly have an empire.
In fact, they invent these terms.
Capitalism, communism, fascism.
How about a constitutional republic?
How about a free market?
How about a rule of law?
That sounds familiar.
I vaguely remember that.
Instead, if you look at the so-called capitalists funded Mao, Hitler, Stalin, they funded them all.
To set up dictatorships, and then you see the bankers working with them.
That's why Jiang Zemin, President of China, BBC, said, the most pure form of communism is capitalism.
People said, what?
It made perfect sense.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, Chris, Roy, Ken, Chris, Kevin, many others, your calls are coming up here in this segment.
We're going to get to everybody today.
I'm a normal person.
I'm shocked by them announcing, oh, the Marines are now going to conduct law enforcement checkpoints for bank robbers.
That's just the new thing.
Oh, we're going to take your DNA.
Oh, we're going to do this and that.
And explain what Dwayne Cooch, talk show host, systems, computer guru, the powersinfowars.com and that and my other websites, what he's explaining is this.
They use socialism to get us dependent on government.
Then they take that away and transfer it all to corporate welfare.
Yesterday, Federal Appeals Court said, second highest court in the land in D.C., said we are no longer going to give any health care to the veterans.
We don't care if we said we would, no longer.
I read that Associated Press article.
So see, capitalists are not free market, what the capitalists are today.
They use government to send regulators after the small businesses, the medium corporations, that means billion dollar companies.
They blow them out, they use nap and gap, they wage economic war with slaves, producing goods.
They shut down factories here to consolidate.
So they're pirates, is what they call themselves.
They're crime rings, they wage economic war.
And that's why, type into Google search engine, Chinese President says capitalism is the greatest form of communism.
Because he's said that about ten times in the last two years.
I've seen it in mainstream articles.
You probably won't be able to find it on my website.
It's there, but there's hundreds of thousands, literally, of articles saved there.
I don't know, tens of thousands.
But you don't believe me?
Why would Jiang Zemin say that?
Dwayne, that really shows us that they're going into the final phase.
Look at Russia.
After all the dehumanization and slavery, now six guys publicly own the country.
And they interface with the globalists.
Go ahead.
It's a two-headed dragon, Alex.
And both the heads lead down to the same, you know, fat bloated body.
They're like-minded.
You know, seeing what's happening in front of us now and understanding that
No matter which angle they're coming from, the end result is the same.
You know, I've often heard it being published on many Patriot websites and spoken about on your show before that, you know, liberalism is socialism and conservatism is, you know, just another way to control us, and one is heading toward a brick wall at five miles an hour and the other one at a hundred miles an hour.
It's actually, there are two yoked
Well, under Bush, we're going a million miles an hour because conservatives went to sleep.
Let me read a quote and then we'll go to the calls.
The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.
David Rockefeller's statement in 1973 about Mao, Chaitung, New York Times, August 10, 1973.
Let's talk to Chuck in Texas.
You're on the air.
Welcome, Chuck.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex?
Dwayne, the reason for my call is, uh, I saw today in the San Antonio Express and News, uh, page, uh, 2, uh, section B, that the SWAT team had, uh, left up the wrong guys once again here.
Yes, sir!
And, uh, on the west side in San Antonio, Texas, they came in on, uh, three Hispanics, uh, ranging from age to 20 to 17, came in, said 12 officers entered, screaming and pointing guns,
And, uh, the, uh, Hispanic gentleman said that he only understood the profanities.
They, uh, tear-gassed the place, and, uh, let's see, uh, two of them, I think one was treated at a local hospital, and another had minor injuries.
They broke, uh, Salvador Huerta's, uh, front tooth, and he got a swollen face, and Marcos, uh, his cousin, was taken to a hospital.
Now, notice the Nazis would...
But, in America, men in black uniforms busted the door, is this freedom?
And look, good luck if they weren't killed.
Every week I see it.
Every week!
Usually every two days, where a SWAT team goes in the wrong house and kills innocent people.
But, uh, Vincente said, the way they entered, I never thought it could be the police.
Well, they don't do that in Mexico, I guess.
Yeah, he hasn't been in this country very long, more than likely.
Let me get a comment from DeWayne and then we'll hold you over and then we'll go to Roy, Ken, Chris, Kevin and others.
Any comments on what Chuck just said, DeWayne?
Yeah, just another example and you know it.
I mean, in another parallel, you know, in the communist belief system, the worker is the asset and in the capitalist
We're good to go.
Uh, to find you out of line or walking off of the tightrope, that's when you get in trouble.
And it's just as brutal.
Just as brutal as Nazi Germany.
Anything else, Chuck?
No, that's it, Alex.
Thank you, sir.
On to the next step.
At least it isn't like what happened in West Texas a couple years ago where the SWAT team killed a couple of their own guys and then tried to frame the innocent man.
Yeah, this is number one cause of death by a SWAT team, by the way.
Here's another SWAT team member.
So, you guys are your own worst enemies.
We don't have to worry about you.
You'll kill yourselves.
I'm not saying all SWAT team guys are bad, but you're definitely in a bad system.
Be right back.
This is GCN.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday, folks, from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
I'm here live back from 9 to midnight Central Time, and I rebroadcast the daytime show from 1 a.m.
to 4 a.m.
I know about half our stations rebroadcast the show, and the listeners of those fine affiliates, whether they be in Colorado or Rhode Island, are welcome to call in when we're live during the day or at night, and then you can hear yourself later when it rebroadcasts.
I don't know where to begin here.
It is just mind-blowing.
I'm stunned even by the speed.
Dwayne, before we go to these calls, I have to say, flashing the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati, the pyramid on every news channel that I turn on, telling us the military is watching you.
Why do you think they're doing that?
I would clearly say, for pure intimidation, because they know the cat's out of the bag, I'll announce it again, I've done 500, I've counted them up, over 500 as of two weeks ago, radio interviews on small stations, big stations, syndicated internationally in four different countries, almost every caller agrees with me, way over 90% now, that shows their polls are a fraud.
Why are they putting out then the flashing Illuminati pyramid saying the military's watching you?
Do you agree with me?
Well I would certainly say so, Alex.
The foreign press is pointing out things that we don't hear, but all we hear is the anti-American sentiment.
However, a big part of that organized, oh gosh, diabolical, you know I'm looking, I'm fighting for the words here to describe it because I get so frustrated, and then flashing it in front of everyone
Rather, more or less rubbing our nose in it is really what's frightening to me.
And not frightening in a way that I'm personally affronted, but frightening in a way that it is affecting folks who are not aware of what's going on.
They're flaunting it.
They know now, just as you just did, the corner is turned, the cards are now all face up on the table, and no one blinks.
No one is able to change any of it.
And we have to keep fighting.
There can't be any more important thing in your life now, right now, than at least bringing other folks to face in the same direction to look at what's happening, not what they say.
Why are they doing these things in the heartland of America?
Why aren't they protecting the border?
I don't understand these things.
You have to bring folks in a group
To realize what's going on, and I'm not talking about you, Alex.
You work hard.
You're the one that needs to be congratulated, not me, man.
No one works harder than you.
What people have to do is, everyone listening out there, don't just take this to the barbershop.
Look, I know I do the same thing.
You go out there and you bring it up, and people look at you like you're a freak and a kook and a crackpot.
You know why?
It's them.
It's not you.
They have been conditioned, and that conditioning is very difficult to unravel.
You know, don't change your life and make your life into a, you know, Kelly Sabalas or a Robert Duvall movie, THX 1138.
You can't shave your head.
That is not the solution.
Stay free, stay strong, and keep moving forward.
And by save your head, the checkpoints, you know, they're going to start taking our hair at checkpoints announced.
That is confirmed out of Colorado.
Bottom line, this is horrible and we have to boycott these systems before they get them universally put in.
The Cash Flow Society, biometric systems going in the grocery stores and stores, trying to make it mandatory in areas of Colorado and Arlington, Texas.
This is happening.
We have the articles on InfoWars.com.
As they squeeze tighter, more people are waking up.
Duane, I'll tell you why the people in the barber shop don't listen to you.
They don't respect themselves.
They only respect the establishment.
And that's why they don't listen.
They think you're putting them down like, oh, you know something they don't.
But when they hear somebody on talk radio putting it out with the documents, then they go, oh, this is an establishment thing, and then they have more respect for it, and go, yeah, I did hear about that, and that's why they'll call in and agree, or those that disagree or don't know what's happening won't call because they feel stupid, because they are ignorant.
Let's take calls quick now.
Roy in Michigan, then Ken, Chris, Kevin, and others.
Roy, you're on the air with Dwayne Coots, my fellow that powers my websites.
Go ahead.
A lot of things that you guys are saying that has to be done, like getting the word out.
I have full agreeance and put full effort into that.
But I know that the Secretary General of the U.N.
many years ago said this.
He said, we're going to use food to change the attitude of BID and we make no apology.
No, they said that was the Population Control Summit 1997 in June in Beijing, China, where they gave the China awards for their forced abortion, fantasy, one-child policy.
The head of the UN Food Program, a woman, I can dig the quote out, it's public on the UN website, she said, we will use food as a weapon and we make
No apology for it.
We make no apology for it.
There you go.
Well, here's what Vinnie has spoken.
This is what's happening in my area.
I'm telling the people as well as telling what's going down.
I'm letting them know.
You get your food and get yourself a place to flee to.
Get at least one gun and get it away from the house.
It's down to that point.
I know in my area there are bunkers going in.
And I pray for the rest of the nation that they will get ready.
You will not be able to resist once they cut off that food, and they could do it.
Well, that's where the mass quarantine, shutdown of highways, sports stadiums, which they've admitted it was forced inoculation, mass roundup, and it'll be against everybody.
But if you have your own food, then you're not going to be going door-to-door to be a part of the chaos.
And the fact is that now you could
We're good to go.
We've got to get self-sufficient again.
We've got to stop being dependent on their system.
That's how they control us.
Thanks for the call.
Your comments on that, Dwayne?
And they're not making any apology about it.
You know, it's all out there.
If you research it and see it, we're just faced with it every day, like he said.
And you're right in your assertion that
You have to get folks exposed to more than just what you're saying because they just don't believe you.
They won't get with it.
That's why the films are so powerful that you pick out.
The radio show is an excellent tool.
The website is an excellent tool.
Point them that direction.
If they look at you like you're a kook,
Point them in that direction and say, look, I'm not making this up in that way.
It's really the only effective way to get the word out.
And they may not listen at that time, but later as they get squeezed, they'll remember and they'll know who did it to them.
And it's key to create the resistance now.
It is fertile ground.
Let's talk to Ken in Arkansas and then Chris, Kevin and others.
Go ahead, Ken, you're on the air.
Hi, I am a finance manager.
I've been doing this since 1985.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I don't think so.
And continually pay it completely off, and then I got a letter, we don't want you to have this credit card anymore, you're not approved, and I got a bad credit score for not having debt.
Now, you are in this, you know that having a little debt gives you a good credit score.
What happens if there's no debt?
It depends if there's been debt over a long period of time and then at one point it's all cleared off, it'll give you a very high score.
But the point really is that they can choose to turn that off at any point.
I mean, they have access to that.
It's divide and conquer.
The new Privacy Act, you'll notice that every contract in the country now has to have a Truth in Lending Disclosure form, which makes every contract in the country uniform in that one area where anybody, any government person can go look at it and understand everything about that contract according to the Federal Truth in Lending Disclosure box.
And now they have the new privacy laws where I cannot find out, it used to be I could call and get a payoff.
If a customer wants to trade a car in, I could call their bank.
Hey, we're going to send you the check.
We're buying this car from them.
What's the payoff?
They won't let us do that anymore without the customer's permission.
So now we cannot look at each other's business.
We can't help each other.
And so you're stalling the process.
And you're getting us stuck in the mud, so to speak.
So we cannot... Meanwhile, America is competing against China.
It's 40% tariffs on us.
We have a 2% on them and their slave labor.
No environmental standards.
No insurance.
It's shutting us down.
It is a shutdown.
Right, but the government can look at anybody's information they want.
They can find out anything about anybody if they want to.
We can't find out about each other's stuff.
You've got to go to them to get the information.
That's exactly correct.
And the other thing is, I want to let you know, I showed the Road to Tearing.
I have an Adult Sunday School class at an Assembly of God church, a rather large one.
And I went ahead and showed that film in class.
It took about three or four weeks in a row of just starting it over.
And the class progressively, we would have more people each and every week as they would walk out and really feel weird after watching this.
They literally would just be picking their jaw off the ground after staring at this because I have my kids in a private Christian school, one of the biggest ones here.
I work very, very hard so that they're not in that public school because I know what's happening out there and I don't want them in that situation.
And when I watched that Road to Tyranny show them going into that private school, I mean, I'm looking at the posters, the banners that were on the wall were the same banners that are in my school.
I'm looking at this, I'm going, man, that's my kid's school!
A big, mainstream, Baptist Christian school run by a very wealthy businessman in Missouri.
They had an incredible record in the community.
No warrants.
They grabbed 167 children, tried to make them say they were being abused at the Christian school.
They all said, no we weren't.
Chose them crying, being put in jumpsuits by CPS and thrown on school buses.
And that brings us to where they're saying now that the Bible espouses child abuse because it says that a person that hates his son will spare the rod.
That we won't spank our kids if we want to discipline them.
That that's espousing child abuse.
The social workers, the school teachers, it's the Calhoun Reader, used at UT.
I've read it on air.
Have you heard me read where they say the family belongs to the age of barbarism, the state, the age of enlightenment.
We're going to shut down the family.
We're going to use the schools to make the parents get involved and take rights away.
This is in the textbooks!
That's right.
That's right.
And like I said, it's those that choose to be blind themselves that are the only ones that cannot see what's going on in this wealth distribution system.
That's the thing.
Socialism, we were talking about that earlier, man, it's here.
It's among us, and it's a monster in the kingdom.
If you understand, the bankers, the so-called free market people, create the socialism as a sponge to repossess your life.
That's right.
Alright, thanks for the call.
Dwayne, comments on what Ken just said.
Sure, sure.
Slavery through consumerism is just as potent
Alright, let's talk to, let's talk to, who's up next here?
Alex, how are you?
Welcome, where are you calling from?
All right, go ahead.
What's your name?
All right, Chris, go ahead.
Listen, Alex, I've given up trying to tell people about what's going on because they think I'm crazy, so I just put in your video, and when it's over, my friends just turn white as a ghost with their jaw hanging open, like the last guy said.
I've got a copy of 9-11 Road to Tyranny, but I've only been able to watch it twice because every time I have my friends over, somebody wants to take it home to make copies, and then I can't get it back for a couple of months.
Well, that's what the reports I'm getting is 90% pure conversions with police, military, bureaucrats, because they've already heard and seen it all in pieces.
Then they see it laid out in 170 minutes.
It's a college education on the New World Order.
And I'm not bragging when I say that.
Dwayne, your comments on the road to tyranny?
Well, if you tie it all together like that in a neat package, even if you're a small-time bureaucrat who has been one of their unknowing enforcers all these years,
You have no alternative but to look at what's in front of you, and you put your little piece of puzzle into the mix, and suddenly you realize that you're a pawn, and what you've been doing all along has not only played into their hands, but forwarded the agenda.
And then your son or daughter walks in with a toy in their hand and says, I love you, Daddy.
I love you, Mommy.
And they go, what type of... Buy me another Xbox game.
What type of world, yeah, what type of world are we giving our children, they think?
Hey Alex, I wanted to make a couple of quick points if I could.
Go ahead.
We know they're using fear to get the population to submit to their agenda, and Clinton mandated digital television several years ago, but I don't hear too many people talking about the fact that they can use computerized digital TV, just like in the movies, to manufacture a fake virtual reality on the evening news and scare the people into believing whatever they want to believe.
That's 15-year-old technology.
They can create an image of George Bush flying a broom if they want.
They can create an image of an Easter Bunny, you know, doing the evening news.
You can't tell the difference.
And I'm looking at the homepage right now for the Total Information Awareness Network with the Illuminati pyramid for the logo, which just blows me away.
And it talks about some of the technologies they want to implement, and one of them says... You're a radio talk show host, aren't you?
No, I'm not.
You've got a good voice.
Go ahead.
Yes, you do.
I want to be, though.
I'd like to do what you're doing.
It says, Event Prediction and Capability Development Model Building Engines.
That's Minority Report, the new Tom Cruise movie, where they're going to predict things better.
No, no, no.
They admit.
Look, Hollywood is paid publicly by the Defense Department to make these films, to make the TV shows.
This is Associated Press.
They did that in World War II.
These are propaganda films.
It's pre-crime.
Look, look.
Boston Logan Airport.
I'm driving along, CBS News is weekend.
I got the AP article on Tuesday.
He read it on air.
It said, I have a brain scanner and it also picks up facial features of the side of your criminal record.
On that alone, they make arrests.
I mean, it's total clockery, but the average fool doesn't know that.
Hey, Alex, I'm spreading the word every day.
Keep it up, man.
Alright, appreciate the call.
Get yourself a station, man.
Yeah, you know what I did in college, this was ten years ago, took me two or three years to get a radio show.
Oh yeah, with my cousin, made, was an RTF, made a hour-long radio broadcast where I just talked about issues.
And I sent it in to a local talk station when I was still in college and the host got on the air and laughed at me and said, this Alex Jones wants to be a talk show host.
I've got to run, man.
When we come back, I want to briefly talk about Infowars.net and the services it offers, okay?
Great, great.
Then we'll go to Kevin in Texas.
Dwayne, I love you to death and the great job you do.
I don't talk about Infowars.net enough, a nationwide internet service, why anybody wouldn't be a subscriber to this.
I don't understand.
It has incredible services, low prices, and Big Brother has a lot of trouble watching.
It's ray shielded from the eye of the Illuminati, the Information, Total Information Awareness Network.
InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net.
Hey, we also got a new site, FrozenPlanet.com, and I'm gonna go over a ton of other news I haven't even covered.
We got an hour and nine minutes left in the broadcast, stay with me.