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Name: 20240709_Tue_Alex
Air Date: July 9, 2024
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It's Tuesday, July 9th, 2024.
NATO's meeting in D.C.
for their anniversary of their founding, planning World War III, and the Globalists have launched Operation Big Boy.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
119 days, 12 hours, 59 minutes, 41 seconds.
The most important election in world history.
Biden is refusing to step down and the globalists have launched Operation Big Boy to completely destroy him.
Hope you got your popcorn, because you got front row seats to Armageddon.
I'm Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Tuesday, July 9, 2024 transmission.
Start your engines, because this is bigger than just the battle for the Republic of America.
It's the battle for the world and the human soul.
Joe, you did such a great job.
You answered every question.
You knew all the answers.
And let me ask the crowd, what did Trump do?
After that, the president will hold a press conference, I guess a big boy press conference is what we're calling it, and take some questions from y'all.
This week, President Biden will speak to national labor leaders of AFL-CIO, host the NATO summit to show the unprecedented strength of our alliance, hold a press conference, a big boy press conference, according to Justin Singh from Bloomberg.
They are openly undermining the puppet in chief because he's refusing to step down.
The knives are out for the evil pedo, the crib keeper, Joe the sniffer, Biden.
All right, I had cleared the decks of guests for the full four hours to take calls and cover news today, but MTG The mighty Congresswoman from Georgia put out a post on X where she says they're planning World War III right now, ironically, on the third floor of the Cannon Building.
This week, globalists are swarming the Cannon Building where my D.C.
office is located to celebrate the 75th anniversary of NATO at their annual summit.
The White House declared purpose of the summit for Ukraine is as a member to usher in World War III.
She will be joining us at the start.
Of the next hour via video link.
But I will take calls and cover masses of news in the meantime.
Well, I had gotten off the air yesterday and I got home at like five o'clock and I decided to check my ex account and then some links and I was like, what?
Kirby and the press secretary just called him big boy.
And then all the other channels were calling him Big Boy, like Big Boy Pants.
Look, he went poopy in the potty.
And now the name has stuck.
His own people making fun of him because he has no idea what planet he's on.
So that is a major... everything they do is completely scripted.
And that means they went off script and went with the Bloomberg News script that he is an incompetent who for the first time is wearing his Big Boy Pants.
You first put blue jeans on a three-year-old because they're not wearing their little little boy pants.
They're wearing their big boy pants.
This is amazing.
Absolutely amazing.
Let's see that clip of John Pierre and John Kirby one more time.
After that, the president will hold a press conference, I guess a big boy press conference is what we're calling it, and take some questions from y'all.
This week, President Biden will speak to national labor leaders of AFL-CIO, host the NATO summit to show the unprecedented strength of our alliance, hold a press conference, a big boy press conference, according to Justin Singh from Bloomberg.
So as the world leaders from Europe, from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization show up and plan the larger war with Russia and China, the Defense Department spokesman and the White House spokesperson are openly talking about him having a big boy time.
Look, you're so smart, you answered all the questions, you're a big boy now!
What are they going to do to Biden next?
Is he arrogantly?
They even admit now Hunter basically runs the White House.
Crackhead lunatic.
Chinese communist spy.
Alright folks, I'm Alex Jones.
Follow me on X at RealAlexJones.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden arrives.
If you're a radio listener, you're missing this video that I posted on Alex Jones.
If you're a radio listener, you're missing this video, but I posted it on Alex Jones.
It's a guy with a rubber Biden mask that is so good, you'd actually think it's Biden.
You know, we can laugh, but we really shouldn't be crying.
This is all a humiliation ritual that's going on.
Okay, so here's obviously the big issues on the table.
I'm usually right, and I saw such incredible deep state pressure last week.
I said, I think Biden will be gone by the, I think I said the 20th or 21st.
the 20th or 21st, or the exact, it was like the 20th or so.
And I don't see how he stops this much globalist momentum because he's a globalist creature.
They're inside the wire with him.
And they outnumber him 1,000 to 1.
So he's got his wife, his crackhead son, and a few other people.
But at the same time he's so arrogant and he controls the DNC money.
That I've seen the media go from completely saying get rid of him, they're a bunch of lapdogs that follow orders, corporate media, to saying well maybe he's gonna stay, we're out of time.
Because they don't have enough runway to have this new fake primary without real voting, but to act like they have voting.
So the mask is coming off, the veneer of civilization is peeling away, In the heat of a Democrat deep state civil war.
Incredibly dangerous.
And what do collapsing empires always do?
They start a war.
And they've already got a war started.
They got a bunch of wars started.
And so NATO is meeting in DC right now for the next few days on the anniversary of NATO's founding 75th Anniversary of its founding.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
That is one of the most corrupt, if not the most corrupt institution on earth.
Massive narcotics trafficking.
Massive sex slave trafficking.
Just type in NATO, UN, sex trafficking.
It used to be big news.
They've got full control of corporate media.
It's never seen anymore, but there's thousands of articles.
New York Times, Leningradian, AP, Reuters.
Until about seven, eight years ago, and then it just stopped.
No coverage.
AP articles about giant NATO sex trafficking of children.
I mean just just hellish stuff now just radio silence.
So NATO is as evil as you can get.
And they're all encamped right now in DC planning their next move.
And MTG joins us coming up the start of the next hour in 50 minutes 8 seconds from now.
They are planning World War III right now, ironically, on the third floor of the Cannon Building.
That's where she's officed.
This week, globalists are swarming the Cannon Office Building, where my D.C.
office is located, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of NATO at their annual summit.
The White House declared the purpose of the summit, force Ukraine in as a member and usher in World War III, which Russia says it will be the red line.
So that is coming up.
Biden is greeting privately the world leaders as NATO vows lasting support for Ukraine, but won't promise membership.
And I sent the clip on July 4th, but I never saw it on my list.
Not blaming the crew, we took that day off.
But will you guys go back to last Thursday and pull up the Putin clip?
Putin says he believes Trump sincerely wants peace.
And then a few days later, he met with another Eastern European leader from Hungary, Viktor Orban.
They basically said the same thing.
I meant to play that.
That's important to get on record, but I just told you what Putin said.
And Trump could end the war overnight because the U.S.
funds 80% of it.
And then all Russia wants is that buffer zone on their border.
They don't want to expand anymore.
They got more land than they want.
They know it's a nuclear war.
If they did expand, they didn't start it.
That's clear.
So, that's where we are.
Here is Putin.
Well, great job, crew.
They found that clip in 30 seconds.
I'm impressed.
Here's Putin on July 4th.
You know, the fact that Mr. Trump, as a presidential candidate, says that he's ready and wants to stop the war in Ukraine, we take that very seriously.
I haven't seen his ideas on how exactly he's going to do that.
And that is the key question.
But I have no doubt that he says that sincerely, and we support that.
And that's why Trump could overnight make us the biggest economy in the world again, the biggest energy exporter again, we were number three.
That's how he could get Mexico to shut down the border overnight.
Because when you're actually the leader of what is still the greatest nation in the world, that still has some power, Left, compared to what we were, some power, still the most powerful, but not for long.
World leaders know, when Trump tells you something, he means it.
He may be wrong.
I may disagree with him sometimes.
I mildly criticized Trump yesterday.
Forbes, Newsweek, just all over the news.
Jones turns on Trump.
I didn't do that.
I'll talk about that later.
All I said was, the Heritage Foundation, milquetoast Republicans, always put out their plan for the Republican platform, and of course some of their people are always in the administration, and the media spins it that that's actually Trump's policies.
Why disavow them?
Just say, all these Republican think tanks come up with ideas.
That's not my policies.
I'll tell you my policies, which he's now rolling out.
Why give the media the chance to go, oh look, he's disavowed this.
I'm just saying, we need to stop letting the corporate media dictate Who we talk to, who we discuss with, because they tee this up, and Republicans almost always fall into the trap.
That's all I said!
The Heritage Foundation are a lot more hardcore than they used to be.
They sponsored Tucker, and we've radicalized them.
They've not radicalized us, and they're not even that radical when compared to the old Heritage Foundation they are, because the world has moved on and woken up.
I didn't like the Old Heritage Foundation.
I like the way they're going, like Elon Musk's going the right direction.
All I said is, they put out a 900-page idea plan, and they go, oh look, these are Trump's plans.
A few of the people that contributed have worked for Trump.
Trump's just saying, all the Republican groups come up with their own plans.
I'll give you my plan.
You don't have to disavow.
That turns into Alex Jones turns on Trump.
More poppycock.
But they're looking for that wedge, ladies and gentlemen.
Constantly looking to get us fighting with each other, which is what I was saying there, which they then took that and recycled it, and then were deceptive and claimed I was creating infighting, which is not what I was doing.
I'm saying we should not infight, and that turns into infighting, the alchemy of the corporate Decepticon press.
But why does that matter?
It doesn't matter.
At the end of the day, there is a two-and-a-half-year war directly with NATO, in a proxy war, in a hybrid war with Russia.
Russia has decisively won.
Now they've sent 100 F-16s and thousands of tanks, and that's not working.
And so, Ukraine is the mouthpiece of NATO, wants to start, and it is starting to attack inside Russia.
And all of this escalates according to every war game, And threat ladder continuation strategic tabletop into thermonuclear war.
I keep seeing Pentagon reports, well we could have a limited nuclear war.
99% at least of every tactical nuclear weapon exchange in Europe, since they've been doing war games on this in the 50s, leads to a full exchange, full-on nuclear war.
I say 99 because no scenario I've ever seen doesn't lead to it.
And so, that's where we are.
And it's a big, big deal.
Guys, get me the MTG video.
I want to play that at her joining us in this post she made.
Thank you.
Wow, we have everything.
We have the video.
Let's go ahead and roll her a few days ago.
And then today, what she's saying is happening in D.C.
because this is very ominous.
The little wannabe Darth Vader's are meeting in D.C.
planning how your sons and daughters, because they want to draft women as well, Europe's teeing up total national conscription, the U.S.
is teeing it up, Canada's teeing it up.
Here we are, folks.
Here we are.
You want to fight and die for the New World Order like Napoleon and Hitler did?
It's the same globalist British Empire model.
That's gonna try to march off and beat the Russians again.
And we'll kill a whole bunch of Russians and we'll get killed.
It's stupid.
I go back to From Russia With Love, written by former deputy head of OSS and MI6.
After that, Ian Fleming.
Russia would love that.
Siamese fighting fish.
Fascinating creatures.
Yes, brave, but stupid.
But some of them are smart.
This one waits while the two fight.
One kills the other, but is exhausted.
And then, like Spectre, the smart fish moves in for the kill.
Yes, brave, but stupid.
Well, I want to be smart and brave.
I've heard this probably 500 times over the years.
You know what?
Let's just roll it again before I play the MTG clip.
Here it is.
Siamese fighting fish.
Fascinating creatures.
Brave, but on the whole stupid.
Yes, they're stupid.
Except for the occasional one such as we have here, who lets the other two fight.
And he waits.
Waits until the survivor is so exhausted that he cannot defend himself.
*laughs* And then, like Spectre, he strikes.
I find the parallel amusing.
Our organization did not arrange for you to come over from the Russians just for amusement, number three.
Come in, Kronsteen.
Sit down, Number 3, while we listen to what Number 5 has devised for us.
I hope Cranston's efforts as Director of Planning will continue to be as successful as his chess.
They will be.
According to your instructions, I've planned for Spectre to steal from the Russians their new lector decoding machine.
For this, we need the services of a female member of the Russian cryptograph section in Turkey, and the help of the British Secret Service.
Naturally, neither the Russians nor the British will be aware that they are now working for us.
Number three, is your section ready to carry out Kronstein's directives?
Yes, number one.
The operation will be organized according to Kronstein's plan.
I have selected a suitable girl from the Russian consulate in Istanbul.
She's capable, cooperative, and her loyalty to the state is beyond question.
And you're absolutely sure she believes you're still head of operations for Soviet intelligence?
It is most unlikely she would know I'm now working for Spectrum.
Moscow has kept my defection secret from everyone but a few members of the Presidium.
For your sake, I hope so.
Kronstein, you're sure this plan is foolproof?
Yes, it is.
Because I have anticipated every possible variation of counter-move.
But what makes you think that M, the head of British intelligence, will oblige you by falling in with your plan?
For the simple reason that this is so obviously a trap.
My reading of the British mentality is that they always treat a trap as a challenge.
And in any case, they couldn't possibly pass up even the slightest chance of getting their hands on the electro-decoder.
They have wanted one for years.
All that you say could be true.
What else?
As an added refinement, I think that Spectre will probably have the chance of a personal revenge for the killing of our operative, Dr. No.
All right, let's stop there.
And the reason I played this so much is the deputy head of the OSS and later MI6 wrote that.
He also wrote a book in the late 50s about releasing a bioweapon to kill every person on Earth and the elite staying on a space station while we die.
Why do they tell you that?
Because that's the stuff he was hearing and seeing as the Deputy Head of British Intelligence.
Grow up, people!
And admit what's being discussed and war-gained.
And see how you see fiction from 60 years ago that's now come true.
The globalists are playing America and Russia off against each other, just like in that movie.
And are we stupid enough to fight and kill each other?
Are we?
Brave but stupid?
I don't think we are.
We've got the enemy's operation.
We know how to beat them.
We need prosperity and open, transparent civilization.
We need team humanity to come together and expand the stars in giant, aggressive, highly dangerous off-world activity, undersea activity, and full exploitation of the planet for the good of all life.
We will green the stars if we can just get these people out of our way.
We're literally a terraforming operation God created for the universe.
We are the terrafarmers.
We are the farmers.
We are the builders, made in the image of God, little creator G. What we envisioned 150 years ago is all reality now.
The globalists know that secret.
So they hijack human development, human psyche, human dreams, and project it into their operations.
All right, so I've covered the World War III NATO news as more develops.
We're sure to see Biden at public events and the gaffes and spectacular, record-breaking floundering and zombiosis and endless wandering about like a dead leaf blown in the wind is undoubtedly going to be unfolding for all of us.
But remember, as entertaining as it is calling him Big Boy, and believe me, when the Defense Department spokesman calls him Big Boy, Bloomberg calls him Big Boy, Fox News calls him Big Boy, the White House Press Secretary calls him Big Boy, they're just waiting for Trump to pick it up and call him Big Boy.
Look at the Big Boy, what you tell a two-year-old when they become potty trained.
Look, Big Boy is wearing a cowboy hat.
Big Boy's got toy guns on his side.
This is so outrageous when you understand their system, them undermining Biden publicly.
This signals they are going to pull out all the stops on Biden.
And that should be a larger discussion for the listeners.
What do you make of NATO and the World War III planning?
How do we stop it?
What do you make of Viktor Orban and other European leaders lining up and saying, we want peace now?
What do you make of them calling him big boy?
And that's a big deal.
What does that signify?
What are they going to pull on Trump now with 119 days out?
These are the big things, because when you're on the show, most shows, even Rush Limbaugh, I'm not trying to be bigger than him, overall a good guy, made some mistakes, we all do.
He lived back in his time.
We know a lot more now.
I know a lot more now.
He's been on there 30 years.
But this broadcast is not just listened to by the public.
It's listened to by every major intelligence agency in the world.
It's listened to by all the corporate media.
It's listened to by the academic heads.
And why do they listen?
Because they know we've got our finger on the pulse.
That said the stars have aligned I'm gonna mention this I'm gonna move on but I promise you before the weekends It's just a big task and I want to make it short and sweet and powerful, but it's got to be done.
I was at Dinner or actually brunch Sunday morning with my wife and my two younger daughters and my mother and My mother, again, like every two years will tell me something she wants me to say.
She's super smart, great instincts, and she's an amazing person.
She doesn't get, she never gets my business.
Other than saying you're too fat, you need to exercise, and stuff like that.
She looked at me across the table, and she said, what has been done to us in America with this Sandy Hook thing, And how they set you up and what they've done.
I want you to do a final word on it.
Not about what supposedly happened or didn't happen there 11 years ago, but on the process of the government and the media and the disinfo and what you actually said and what they said.
You need to put a chronicle out before they shut down InfoWars because you know there's a good chance it's going to happen.
And I sat back because I was literally thinking about it in the days before and that morning.
When I pulled into the parking lot of the Mexican food restaurant at 10 a.m., I was thinking about that.
I never even talked to my mom about Sandy Hook.
She just sees the HBO documentaries and all the attacks.
And I walk in there and 30 minutes in, as the food's being put on the table, she looks at me, she says, I want you to expose these people.
And I sat back and I said, I'm going to do it soon.
She goes, don't wait.
I know you don't like talking about yourself.
I know you don't really like talking about it, but you need to get it on record.
And I said, I will.
And my mother told me not to settle with these people either.
I didn't.
That's the last advice she gave me.
You know, they're attacking them and suing my parents.
So at the end of the day, my mom doesn't give me orders, but I listen to her.
So yesterday, and I'm not ready to release this yet because this is so big and so illegal.
They've definitely bitten off more than they can chew.
As you know, a month ago, they tried to close the doors here and outside of a court order.
And I knew it had to be coming from the deep state.
And then people thought, oh, come on, they didn't try to close without a court order.
And then it came out a week later in court, yeah, we want it shut down, yeah, we did that.
And then they had other hearings, the judge shut them down and said, you know, that's not happening.
So we're still here.
You saw an article two weeks ago, we'd be shut down that week.
Didn't happen.
I told you it was a lie.
Not saying we won't be shut down in like two months.
That's a whole other discussion.
I can explain it all to you, but it's a lot to unpack.
But here's what you need to know.
Not only do we have the head of the FBI in Connecticut at the time admitting he cooked all this up with the Democrat Party and Senator Blumenthal's office on the stand.
We also have the CIA agent getting caught in the Project Veritas spinoff video three months ago admitting that it was all a setup against him from day one.
And now you have Joe Rogan coming out last week, or I guess Last week, hell, it was Friday, when Jimmy Dore said he thinks I was set up.
And I'm not going to talk about private discussions with Rogan.
Once he gets into something, he's really smart.
He's figured it out.
And so then yesterday, I'm talking to lawyers, I'm talking to those involved on the backstory from that hearing three weeks ago when the judge says, Jones has been the head of the company, you shouldn't have tried to shut it down, you have no right to do that, that's illegal, and everything that came out.
And the court appointed person that he fired, Pat McGill, goes, well, he was talking about Sandy Hook again.
I'm allowed to talk about whatever I want, the judge said, free speech.
Plus, I wasn't even attacking dead kids or their families.
I was saying there's HBO documentaries, I'm under attack, they're lying about me, they're doing all this.
But I had a feeling, and I told my lawyers this three weeks ago, what made them so mad.
It's what I said a month ago on air.
When I figured out what really happened, and I said it on air, that the government got so upset and literally gave orders through their network to shut us down outside of law.
Shall we have them?
And it's going to come out and they are in full panic mode.
About this.
It's been sold out for a while.
It is pure deep earth crystal iodine.
It's so hard to make.
You've got to have DEA approved labs to do it and it takes months and months to break it down in this special patented process.
Nobody else has true nascent iodine.
They put it on the label, but it's still bound to other elements and it's not fully absorbable by the cells.
It's the missing link.
Even the UN estimates two plus billion people have cognitive disabilities because of iodine.
efficiency up until the 30s we had major IQ reduction because of lack of iodine in the
US food supply, especially in the US Midwest.
From the 30s to the early 80s, the government put crappy iodine in the salt by law.
And IQs went up 15 points on average, Merton effects went way down.
In the early 80s they took it out again.
This is the deep earth crystal pure, meaning atomic, on the atomic table.
And it goes into the cells at a cellular level.
Survival Shield X2, now available 25% off, InfoWarsStore.com.
Five-star review, or call toll-free, 888-253-3139.
All right, I got huge news to cover.
So many fronts.
MTG coming up, warning of World War III, the start of the next hour.
I want to finish up on the Sandy Hook thing.
I already knew this and I saw it in court but I couldn't make heads or tails of it and then I've been so busy I didn't ferret into it until the last two days.
And I confirmed, eyewitnesses.
That the U.S.
trustee appointed by the judge, and the judge just does it off a random deal.
He blocked it all when he found out what they were doing.
The CRO Pat McGill and the committee of the Sandy Hook parents that wanted to be involved in the bankruptcy of the judge let them form a committee and be part of it.
Like I was some trillion dollar corporation.
They never do that unless you're some, you know, huge billion dollar corporation.
They demanded I be shut down a month ago and made a bunch of weird threats and stuff outside of law when they have no right or anything within a bankruptcy to do that and then the CRO and others ordered the security with no court order to lock the doors and the security said no.
It's a private security company.
Now I knew that and we saw that.
But now we've got the witnesses and the documents and everything else.
So, imagine, no court order, Democratic Party using San Diego people as front groups, who attach themselves to me, who fundraise off me, who claim I have all this money because of them, now all that's admitted to be not true, the New York Times had to admit, okay, his finances are all there, he didn't really have any money.
I told you that.
So, it wouldn't be bad if I did, I wish I did, but it just was never true.
So they were trying to undermine support, saying, Jones has got hundreds of millions, he doesn't need your support, while we're hanging on by our fingernails.
So, we have the evidence, we have it all, and I'm gonna have to just do a short and sweet, like, 10-minute report, a quick history, and then what's currently happening, and expose this, and I'm not a litigious person, but my God!
These people are so arrogant.
The lawyers, the Democratic Party, using these families as front groups to lie about me, to misrepresent what I said and did, to have judges default me, to have HBO documentaries made, thousands of news articles a month, hundreds of TV programs a month, raise money off my name, claim I'm raising money off them, and then give orders to federally appointed officials to close our doors without a court order, and the judge found out and fired him and shut it down.
Then they tried to shut us down two weeks ago To the state court and the federal judge blocked that.
I mean, and people are like, why are you still here?
It's all over the news.
You're supposed to be off the show.
You're supposed to be shut down weeks ago.
There's not just evil people in the world, folks.
We're putting up a fight.
This is what a fight looks like.
But I don't sit around with my parents who I might see every week or two.
Probably seem like every week and a half.
We don't sit around and talk about this.
We talk about our family, and we talk about, you know, my mom's big garden, all beautiful flowers and plants she's got.
We talk about, you know, trips we want to go on.
There's my mother saying, you need to expose all this.
Don't worry, mom, I will.
But it's what they went ape crap over a little more than four weeks ago, almost five weeks ago.
I went on air and exposed What I believe was happening, what I was speculating.
Because 95% of the time, it's on record, I'm giving you my view, but 5% of the time I speculate.
That's what I really don't like, because I'm usually right.
And I explained with Pizzagate what really happened.
How it's in the WikiLeaks.
They confirm it's real.
Aleister Crowley rituals.
Seven-year-olds being delivered to farmhouses in upstate New York for John Podesta and the Democrats for their quote, entertainment.
That's in the WikiLeaks, it's real emails.
And so they had the New York Times and CNN focus on a pizza place they did do fundraisers at that did have weird Arnold walls, but didn't have a basement and they weren't raping kids there.
So we didn't cover that, the media covered 4chan covering it, we then covered 4chan and the media covering it, and they said we created it.
And I figured it out very quickly.
I was on a five-day vacation when the crew went ahead and covered it, not blaming us, what happened.
And I came back and the crew's like, why are you going to cover up this, this pizza place?
I said, it's a setup.
Like when a mockingbird, you get near its nest, it acts like its wings broken.
It falls to the ground to get the predator to go after it.
And then it flies off.
They diverted us to that.
And I said the same thing happened with Sandy Hook.
The police report.
The EMT reports.
You can look them up.
I'm going to put this in their piece.
Say when the police got there, they go in the bathroom and there's a pile of dead children in a pyramid with no blood and the police report says we believe they've been moved there.
There was men in the woods on helicopter footage.
I was covering the real thing.
They picked a few operatives, a few professors, a few people that either work for them or are mentally ill to create a narrative.
It didn't happen because it started coming out that it was something else.
Real kids died.
Adam Lanza was CIA.
That came out in the news.
Look it up.
Adam Lanza, CIA.
The shooter.
Not me.
I didn't kill him.
You know my name.
You don't know his, do you?
And I explained that it looks like, because I was exposing what really happened, they then diverted off, I covered it, then they made me that guy, and the rest is history.
Within three days of me, five weeks ago, saying that, all hell broke loose.
And multiple lawyers and federal appointees from the Justice Department told the private security firm, you will shut the doors.
They said, we have no court order.
What are you talking about?
Then they tried it again.
And they said, because of what he said a few days ago, he's got to go off the air now.
The pressure's intense.
They're ordering us.
How do they order federal officials when they're just parties to a lawsuit?
That's what freaked them out.
That's why they panicked.
So, I remember Chris Maddy, the federal prosecutor, now, you know, Democrat Party lawyer, when he deposed me two years ago, in Connecticut for two days, he goes, read this transcript.
And I'd read it years before, but I'd forgotten.
And I'm going to get the full video of that.
We have rights to it.
And I start reading the transcript of the police there, and I read the next page, and I go in the bathroom, the door is blocked, we force the door open, there's a pile of children symmetrically arranged, one from memory, and there was no blood.
We believe they were moved there.
And he goes, whoa, stop, stop, don't, don't, don't, don't, take a break, take a break.
Like he hadn't even read it.
No, real kids died.
And I was on that.
And they would send the transcript, and you claim that there was men in the woods in camo.
You made that up, didn't you?
I'm like, no, it was on the news.
We have the clip!
And then I remember all the other weirdness.
We turned that in in Discovery, the clips of the news, the helicopters with the men in camo in the woods, and they freaked out about it.
And I remember the judge in Texas saying, I'm going to default you.
You didn't put that discovery about the men in the woods.
I went, well, we did.
They were like, men in woods?
You just stop talking about that.
I was too dense to go like, what?
You're saying I said it didn't happen.
It was men in woods.
So we now have figured it out.
I mean, who knows?
I may be driving home today and they claim a carjacker kills me in a red light.
I mean, folks, the CIA is running this.
They've been caught on video admitting it with the FBI head in Connecticut at the time.
And when I talk about men in the woods and piles of dead kids with no blood, baby, they go bonkertown.
So no matter what happens to me, In fact, I'm telling the researchers, guys, get me the police reports that were finally made public.
They tried to suppress them.
They suppressed them for six years.
I want the police reports.
I want the EMT reports.
I want it all.
We have now figured out what happened and how we got set up.
And Joe Rogan, a few days ago, talked about his own understanding how I got set up.
And so the Internet and the population, because we're the real AI, billions of us together, we are figuring out what really happened here.
And now it's just, it's so horrible.
You got an empty school.
Evidence is very clear, in my opinion, that it had been closed.
You got all this weirdness going on.
It had been.
And then it starts coming out.
And Adam lands the CIA, his dad at DARPA, his mom buys him the gun, all this.
And all the witnesses, a lot of them have committed suicide.
I don't know exactly what happened, but as an American, And as a human being, I have a right to talk about this.
But what I do know is, lawyers and federal officials, in front of witnesses and on the stand, I don't know what I was hearing, they're like, well we wanted to shut it down, your honor, we want it shut down right now, he's talking about Sandy Hook again.
And I'm like, I'm talking about it again, what did I just say?
I said I think kids died, and the police report says there's a pile of dead kids.
What is it I'm doing now saying I think the kids died?
People go, oh he's sold out, he admits kids died, or he's lying and saying kids died.
You know, the people that are conspiracy theorists about attacking him are saying, you know, you're buying the old cover story.
You cover up a true story with a fake preposterous story that can then be discredited.
And so I'll be honest with you, I don't know what really happened.
But we need congressional investigations.
We need statewide investigations.
We need hearings on why does the report say there's a pile of dead kids in the bathroom, they gotta force the door open, there's no blood.
Because you shoot somebody, there's blood everywhere.
I've never shot people, but I've shot wild hogs and deer and bobcats and... Well, I've just shot a lot of things.
Mountain goats.
It's not the fun of killing something.
It's the fun of shooting something at 800 yards right in the chest, put in the back of the Jeep, taking it, cutting it up and barbecuing it.
It's delicious.
But what I'm getting at here is that you shoot something, blood goes everywhere with a rifle.
Police go there and they go, there's a pile of dead kids.
And they can't get around a pile of dead children.
So these people have attached themselves to me.
They've said I made my operation off them, which in every 22 minutes of video they ever introduced.
And the entire trials.
I mean, barely talking about it.
But you know what?
You don't want me to talk about it, I'm going to talk about it now, because now is the time.
And the judge, when they raised this, said he's talking about Sandy Hinton.
He goes, he has a First Amendment.
Come out whenever he wants.
But I didn't say go pee on kids' graves.
I didn't say go to parents' houses.
I never did any of that.
And no one ever did that.
They just made that up, the media, the Democratic Party.
But what I did say is there's a pile of dead bodies in the bathroom, the cops got up, forced the door open, it's in the police report, it's in the EMT report, why don't you want that discussed?
Now I understand.
Now I got your number.
And I don't know what they're gonna do now, because the last time I spent three minutes on this and just mentioned it, all hell broke loose.
Like I hit an open nerve with salt.
For folks that don't know, putting salt in a nerve, that's what causes the pain.
That's like the worst pain.
Got an open nerve, put a piece of salt on it.
So I'm not that smart, but I've been doing a lot of stuff for 30 years.
So you kind of figure stuff out when you're in this and you figure out like a B-17 bomber in World War II before radar was deployed.
They did vetted it, but it wasn't deployed.
It was deployed on the British coast, but it wasn't deployed across Europe.
They had rough maps and how fast they're flying and following topography and they're trying to hit German
factories and troop formations.
They learned wherever the anti-aircraft was shooting at them,
that was where the target was, so you flew into the flank.
Well, that's what I do.
I'm like, well, I'm sure as hell getting attacked for this.
And they think I'm like everybody else.
You attack me when I'm over the target, you think I go away because of the pain.
I go towards the pain.
But I couldn't figure out what was going on.
Like, I'm a Sandy Hook guy.
I go pee on graves.
What is this?
Years after I barely covered it?
What's happening?
What did I do?
What did I say?
I was on the trail of what really happened.
The other shooters.
All of it.
And I was told by the witnesses, the lawyers, all of it.
They said, yeah.
They said, you've got to be taken off the air now.
You're talking about other shooters.
I'm like, who cares?
I'm this evil, discredited guy.
I'm the devil.
I killed the kids.
I'm Adam Lanza.
Guess my name starts with the same letter.
A. Adam.
Alex, it's me.
I did it.
So why do you care that I just, five weeks ago, just said, you know, I think I figured this out.
This is what I think's going on.
We need to... Oh, get him off the air right now!
Oh my God!
He's gotta go off the air right now!
No, do not look at kids!
Do not look at dead piles of kids!
Do not look at what's in the bathroom!
Do not talk about it!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Do not!
Just shut up!
Methinks you protest too much!
It's like cops in your car.
They pull you over.
There's marijuana smoke.
Everybody looks all methed out.
The cops are like, where are you going?
Been drinking?
What you doing?
Mind if I look in the glove compartment?
No, no, no, no!
Don't do that!
Cops are like, I'm getting a warrant.
Open the glove compartment.
It's like, oh, kids didn't die.
Oh great, Alex Jones said that.
Alex Jones is denying it.
Alex Jones is peeing on graves.
Alex Jones is attacking families.
I'm like, I just said maybe people were right.
Maybe it didn't happen.
You know, Operation North was planned to crash planes that never crashed, blow planes up that never got blown up.
I said, yeah, it could happen.
Who knows?
Oh my God, you're the worst printer!
Because they wanted to make it about that.
But as soon as they're like, hey, what about the pile of dead kids with no blood?
Now! Now we- Oh, Adam Lanza and the CIA.
Don't touch that!
Oh, you know the calls are getting made right now.
The alarms are going off.
(imitates siren)
Like it's an air raid siren right now.
Because all the evidence points towards the Democrats all over this, Obama all over this,
their whole re-election campaign off of this.
Everything with them is about this.
This is their big event to get the guns and get the First Amendment and get everything.
And so what are we going to do?
Jones is poking around.
It was an anti-terror drill, a mass shooting drill.
Men in the woods, helicopters picked them up.
On the news, we have the footage.
We just have Samar and Lunatics go out and say it didn't happen and pump them, give them huge attention.
What do we do?
Jones will go cover it, then we'll blame him for it.
It'll work like hell.
Bam, we did it.
Well, guess what?
As Mark Twain said, a lie goes halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on.
But in the end, the truth will win.
So, I don't know what happened, but under the First Amendment, and I've been attacked, and I've been demonized.
Oh, they're like, oh, just stop talking about it.
They're all over the news attacking me, raising money.
You go to X, or you go to Facebook, and you look at any story about it, it's Alex Jones is attacking us, give us money.
They live off me.
They had PR firms going, say I said all this, and Elon Musk, when I was in a two and a half hour interview with him months ago, I said a PR firm did this, they brag about it.
He said, what's the name?
And I said, I can't remember.
He goes, get it to me.
And I never did that.
Don't worry, Elon Musk, you're going to get the report with the PR firm.
It's going to be bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, I got Biden not knowing what plan he's on, Operation Big Boy.
I got federal officials saying they're going to censor all Americans.
I got their ass.
I got it all.
But why would they order federal officials and say, the federal officials, we've been given orders by the Sandy Hook people to shut you down after what you said, what you said last week.
You said kids died!
You said there was a pile of dead bodies in the police report with no blood, which is in there!
You don't... You!
You shut up right now!
I'm like, what?
And now you know the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say.
I don't know exactly what went on, the groups, all of it, but it's got federal, globalist fingerprints all over it.
I know the persecution of myself and the First Amendment was run by the feds.
They admit that.
It's come out in court.
They testified to it.
They hid it in plain view.
They're probably like, what do we do about it coming out?
The FBI ran this with the CIA.
Well, we'll just testify it in court and hide it in plain view.
Make it no big deal.
You were the director of the FBI in Connecticut.
Yes, I was at the time.
And so where did these lawsuits came from?
Well, Mr. Jones was a bad person.
Well, what happened to you?
Well, one guy called me once to see if I was an FBI agent.
Oh my God, well, you got $130 million.
Well, what was it like?
Well, I went to the Koskoff Law Firm, run by the Democratic Party, and I organized all this.
I mean, again, they think you're stupid.
You're busy.
You're not stupid.
You're distracted.
But now you know that we're not getting the official story.
The real story.
We're getting the official story.
But to me, the official story is reality.
We're getting the establishment story.
Alright, I'm going to move on from this.
Here I am saying I'm going to put a report together.
The problem is there's too much evidence of weirdness.
And again, I'm going to tell you, I don't know.
It's like plain clue or something.
Like, I don't know what the hell happened.
I don't know why they did this to me.
I don't understand all the angles of it.
I just know I didn't do the things they said.
And then they totally go apeshit when I bring up pile of dead bodies with no blood.
It's in the damn police report.
Assuming for that, it's in the damn police report.
And they're like, no, you need to back off of that right now.
No, no, I'm not going to now.
Maybe the whole show now should just... I'm going to get it all together.
I'll show you the transcripts.
I'll get the Chris Matty deposition with me where I'm reading it.
And then he completely flips out.
You've seen them put the clips out.
They want on national TV.
But they don't want this clip out.
And then I opened the door.
It was hard to open.
And went in and the children were piled in a rude pyramid.
One from memory.
A pyramid.
There was appeared to be no blood.
And it appeared the children had been moved and stacked there deliberately.
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.
Okay, I'm gonna stop now.
This is just mind-blowing.
So, I'll say it again.
I don't know what's going on.
But they don't want us looking into this area.
For a reason.
And they're scared.
And they're freaked out.
And they tried to lock the doors with federal officials outside of a court order illegally out of total desperation because I covered it for three minutes as a side issue.
But that's how you learn what they're scared of.
They're so mad I said kids died now.
Oh, I get it because I'm the guy that said they didn't see, which I was the guy that just covered people saying that.
Alright, we're gonna go to break.
Please remember, we can't do this historical operation without you.
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We're right back with our number two.
Explain how the central bank digital currency, ESG-controlled corporate governance, controlling what you can do and spend, corporations, governments, private individuals, how they use that as the next bubble with the unified ledger.
This is key because their bridge to get out of this bubble is the next level of total control to take a giant slice of everybody's life, but not call it a bail-in, just call it a social credit score.
Yeah, so let me, if I may, put this into the context of you and what you've gone through in this bankruptcy that you've had to go through and everything happening with Infowars.
You know, they didn't like what you had to say, so they froze you from your bank accounts.
You couldn't access your money, right?
But that took a legal process to get to that point.
This is that exact same scenario.
Them separating you from your money, but without a legal process.
They can just do it because they don't like you.
Because they don't like your ideology.
Now slow down.
That's his key, Dr. Elliott.
This is a central bank ledger.
Just sounds like a term people know.
Everyone is in bankruptcy.
Private companies, corporations, the general public.
That's what they say.
They'll owe nothing and like it.
And then they unify it and take what they want.
Your mortgage.
Everything is unified.
See, every asset that you have that's in this digital form, whether it's a bank account, checking account, savings account, money market, stock bond, mutual fund, brokerage account, all of that stuff, and anything with a title like your house, right?
You can be put into this unified ledger Now, the World Economic Forum has explained this really well in the sense of this is digital money, it's programmable money, meaning they tokenize or they put all of your assets into a packet and that packet is now can be sold, right?
This is like a derivative.
You can flip off the ownership with a flip of a button saying, okay, Alex, you no longer own all of this stuff that you thought you had.
We're flipping the switch and we're going to give it to Person B, or person C, or to the government, right?
They can do whatever they want.
This is what programmable money and a unified ledger is.
And to make it really dangerous is that it's based on your digital social profile and your social credit score.
Now, we, you know, we're not talking about a dystopian future, right?
We saw this happen with the truckers in Canada.
They, their ideology, their, what they... Oh, the British Prime Minister said, if you don't accept military service, we'll just turn your bank account off.
That, two weeks ago.
Yeah, absolutely.
So, so, all of these things seem to be a stretch in people's minds, right?
It's like, oh, this is the mark of the beast, this is way down the road.
We've seen it, you know, bank account... Well, that's right, you're not covering things that are coming.
This is all being rolled out now.
They have gas station chains all over Europe, the U.S., including in Oklahoma and Texas, where you've got to swipe a card to get in the building.
You've got to swipe a card to buy gas just to prove you're even able to buy it.
I mean, it's coming in.
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This is a no-brainer to protect your assets and probably have growth.
We can't guarantee anything.
But my God, you're crazy if you don't call Dr. Kirk Elliott at 720-605-3900.
Operation Big Boy, the deep states move to take out Joe Biden's and full screen,
full, full attack mode right now, ladies and gentlemen.
And again, here is both KJP and John Kirby talking about it, and then Doocy, here it is.
After that, the president will hold a press conference, I guess a big boy press conference is what we're calling it, and take some questions from y'all.
This week, President Biden will speak to national labor leaders of AFL-CIO, host the NATO Summit to show the unprecedented strength of our alliance, hold a press conference, a big boy press conference, according to Justin Singh from Bloomberg.
White House officials are saying President Biden is going to host a press conference on Thursday afternoon.
All that they'll tell us is that it's going to be more than the traditional two questions when foreign leaders are in town.
They're describing it at the White House as a big boy press conference.
A big boy press conference seems to imply that he's going to take more than just a couple of questions.
And the pressure would be on him because it would only be him answering.
Well, one way to stop getting people to focus on him being 81 and possibly having issues with his acuity is just to call him a big boy.
Joe, you did such a great job.
You answered every question.
You knew all the facts.
You're a big boy.
And let me ask the crowd, what did Trump do?
Thank you, President Jill Biden.
Doctor President.
Jill Biden.
You're neither the president, neither is he, and you're not a doctor.
You're a fraud.
MTG's coming up in about five minutes.
Her meeting went a little bit late.
She'll be talking to her in a moment about World War III and the NATO summit that is taking place right now.
But I tell you, the longer I'm on air and the more I learn, the more interesting things get.
Is that not definitely what's happening with all of you out there?
I mean, the world is so fascinating.
And there's so much beauty and so much ugliness and so much good and so much bad in the world.
It just makes my head spin sometimes to think this is consciousness, this is real, this is really happening.
It's just so over-the-top fantastical to be a conscious being and I'm just so thankful for God every single day that I'm alive on this green earth.
All right.
I want to talk about World War III when MTG joins us.
Coming up here in just a few minutes.
But first I want to play a clip here that I'll get to more later of Rachel Maddow and Barbara McQuaid, a former federal prosecutor, talking about how the First Amendment is an Achilles' heel.
Yeah, to their tyranny, it's an Achilles' heel.
So here is two real monsters pushing evil.
I think we're more susceptible to it than other countries.
And that's because some of our greatest strengths can also be our Achilles heel.
So, for example, our deep commitment to free speech in our First Amendment.
It is a cherished right.
It is an important right in democracy.
And nobody wants to get rid of it.
But it makes us vulnerable to claims that anything we try to do to regulate speech is censorship.
Of course, the Supreme Court has held that all fundamental rights, even the right to free speech, can be limited as long as there is a compelling governmental interest and the restriction is narrowly tailored to achieve that interest.
But I think anytime someone tries to do anything that might limit free speech, people claim censorship.
I mean, just look at the case the Supreme Court heard today about efforts by the states of Florida and Texas.
to prevent social media companies from moderating content online.
And they call it censorship, that they are trying to silence conservative voices.
Of course, social media companies are private actors who are not bound by the First Amendment.
And so we need to have a conversation and common sense solutions to these things.
Instead, we throw out terms like censorship, we call each other names, we use labels,
and we all retreat to our opposite sides.
We need to be pragmatic and come up with real solutions.
But it is, I think, one of the things that makes America particularly vulnerable to disinformation.
Well, Whoopi Goldberg.
When the whole deep state wanted Biden to step down last week, she was a good, loyal creature, and she said, I'll vote for Biden even if he poops his pants.
MTG's coming up in a moment, about the NATO summit pushing World War III.
But first, here she is for poopy pants.
I don't care if he's pooped his pants.
My butt's been wiped!
My butt's been wiped!
I don't care if he can't put a sentence together.
The total initiative relative to what we can do with more border patrol and more asylum officers.
President Trump?
I really don't know what he said at the end of that sentence.
I don't think he knows what he said either.
Show me he can't do the job, and then I'll say, okay, maybe it's time to go.
Yeah, Biden had a bad day, but this guy couldn't tell the truth if it split his lip.
What did Trump do?
I have poopy days all the time.
That the percentage of women who register to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the
men who do so. End of quote.
Repeat the line.
Damn it!
For the last time, anything you put on that prompter, Joe Biden will read, I dissent, end of quote.
Four more years.
Four more years.
Four more years.
Four more years.
(upbeat music)
(music stops)
Operation Big Boy launched by Deep State in an attempt to force Biden to step down.
Watch live and learn what comes next.
Much watched live edition of the Alex Jones Show Tuesday.
We're now well into hour number two.
And we're waiting for the great MTG that's got an important meeting to join us live to talk about her warning of World War III.
She put this out on X Today.
They are planning World War III right now.
Ironically, on the third floor of the Cannon Building.
She said, this week, globalists are swarming the Cannon Building, where my D.C.
office is located, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of NATO and their annual summit.
The White House declared purpose of the summit Force Ukraine In as a member of NATO that will create a World War 3 scenario.
Here's what MTG had to say about it.
This is where my office is here in Washington, DC.
And today, this week, NATO is launching their 75th Summit.
So here in our United States House building, I want you to see their gathering.
They're having breakfast right now and then after breakfast they will be proceeding into the Nancy Pelosi caucus room.
Where they will be meeting and the whole purpose of the meeting in the Ukraine.
Well, the mighty MTG, who I think ought to be Trump's VP.
Maybe she will be.
Maybe she's the big spoiler, the big surprise.
What a beautiful, wonderful American.
She makes me proud to be a red-blooded American.
And we appreciate her and her busy schedule joining us on the NATO World War III 75th anniversary and Biden's total collapse.
They're calling him Big Boy at the White House, openly undermining him.
He's refusing to step down.
We've only got her for about 15 minutes.
So, Congresswoman, thank you so much.
You've got the floor.
Hi Alex, thank you for having me on.
I was pretty shocked today to walk into the Cannon Building, where my office is located on the fourth floor, to see NATO gathered in the Nancy Pelosi caucus room.
They were having a wonderful breakfast down on the floor below, there you saw in the video, and then they were called into the conference room for their summit.
The summit is for the 75th anniversary of NATO.
Uh, you know, and NATO was formed after World War Two ended.
But here we are, um, here we are in 2024, where they're having the summit and the planning is, uh, what looks to be, what appears to me from everything I've seen, heard and read, uh, moving towards World War Three.
Because the goal of the summit is what the White House says is inevitable.
They're using the term inevitable.
to bring Ukraine in to make them a member of NATO.
As everyone knows right now, Ukraine is not a NATO member nation.
And that's why none of our hard earned American tax dollars should be going to the defense
because they're not a member of NATO.
But the White House is dead set and many other NATO members.
Congresswoman, stay right there.
We just lost your audio.
I'm sure nobody's messing with it.
Let's see if it comes back.
You were talking about NATO.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me, Alex?
I can.
Go ahead.
Okay, great.
They're all speculating about making Ukraine a member of NATO.
And they said the White House is using the term It's saying it's inevitable, meaning it's going to happen.
Congresswoman, stay right there, stay right there.
I want to hear this critical information.
I believe, I'm not an engineer, I believe your audio is overdriven.
So if you can turn down your microphone, we'll go right back to you in a moment.
MTG is on the front lines, exposing the open borders, the poison shots, the fentanyl deaths, the left, all the things that they are doing.
What a champion of freedom, and she's been so demonized and so attacked.
And you know who the good guys are, and the good girls are, the good ladies are, by who?
They are attacking, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, Congresswoman, let's see if the audio is fixed.
Please continue.
On the phone?
It sounds better now.
Go ahead.
It's great.
Recapping, Naito.
I'll continue, though.
What's happening is they're planning to for the Ukraine war that will continue, that in a Trump
presidency, President Trump will not be able to disrupt because they, President
Trump has been open and clear that this war in Ukraine would never be
happening if he was president. He stated it multiple times.
Congresswoman, this is too important.
Stay there.
We're going to call you on the phone.
Keep the video link up.
We'll get on your phone right now.
We're going to call you.
We'll get you back in one minute.
All right.
Hey, the beauty of technology is it's amazing.
You can do so much with it, but sometimes it's got problems.
And so we're going to figure that out.
We're going to keep her video up, though.
We're not going to get rid of her.
We'll keep her video link.
I see color bars now.
And then we're going to get her on the telephone.
Let's go ahead, because you can't air this enough, let's go ahead and air the clip of Jill Biden, clip four, and then let's play clip eight where they talk about he is the big boy.
Here it is.
Joe, you did such a great job.
You answered every question.
And let me ask the crowd, what did Trump do?
After that, the president will hold a press conference, I guess a big boy press conference is what we're calling it, and take some questions from you all.
This week, President Biden will speak to national labor leaders of AFL-CIO, host the NATO summit to show the unprecedented strength of our alliance, hold a press conference, a big boy press conference, according to Justin Singh from Bloomberg.
All right, so there you go.
So NATO has started this war in the last 10 years with Russia.
They're losing.
They don't know what to do.
And so now they're sending heavier and heavier weapons and F-16s and cruise missiles, and it's just leading us straight into World War III.
And Marge Taylor Greene is exposing this and trying to stop this.
And Trump has said that he can shut it down overnight.
People say, oh, you can't do that.
And now NATO's trying to get deals done to get the money ahead of time for a decade in an agreement, so a president can't block that.
A president and Congress, anytime at once, can break a deal.
So we are not getting locked into this fraud.
We are not getting locked in to this lie.
Because this thing leads into decades of war.
The UK government, the French government, they've all said our new economy is war.
Alright, starting over.
The great MTG, start over, you've got the floor, start over where you were.
NATO, in your office building, what you're witnessing, what's happening now, please continue.
Yes, thank you, Alex.
I hope you can hear me much better now.
Sorry for the trouble.
Hey, it's okay.
It's awesome.
Please start over.
Go ahead.
Okay, I came into my office this morning in the Cannon Building, my office is on the fourth floor, and there was a lot of security around the building and I asked what was going on and they said that the NATO summit was being held here.
I was pretty shocked about that and, you know, did my research and asked some questions, went and found out it's the 75th anniversary of NATO and they're having their summit here in Washington, D.C.
They had a lovely breakfast set up on the lower level in the Rotunda of Cannon.
I showed that in my video.
And then all of the members were called into the Nancy Pelosi caucus room, which is a large meeting room on the third floor.
And so they all assembled into the meeting room there.
They're having their NATO summit.
And at the NATO summit, there's been many articles, it's all in the news, the point of the summit is to To make it inevitable, as the White House is using that language, that's what is in their language, make it inevitable that Ukraine is made a NATO member nation.
They want Ukraine to be a NATO member.
That's been the goal of Washington.
That's been the goal of the Biden administration.
That's also the goal of other NATO member countries.
Now, I'd like to remind everyone that currently, right now, Ukraine is not a member of NATO.
And that's why American tax dollars should not be funding the defense of Ukraine.
We are not tied to them in any type of treaty, and we should not be funding the defense of their country.
We should be funding the defense of our own country at the southern border, and we are not doing that under the Biden administration.
The Democrats refuse.
They're keeping our border wide open while terrorists, criminals, gangs, You name it, by the millions are coming into our country and are in our country, Alex.
But here's the issue with the NATO Summit.
The NATO Summit, the goal here is not only to move towards getting Ukraine to be a member nation, they are also talking about how to fund the Ukraine war and to stop President Trump From being able to end the war, they want to fund the war, basically make it Trump proof through a Trump presidency.
Hopefully we establish that in January of 2025.
But that is the goal they're doing.
But the reality, Alex, is they're going to move us closer to World War and they should be pursuing peace.
Every single country should be.
Only moving and pushing Ukraine and Russia towards a peace deal, a negotiating table.
We as the American people, most Americans do not support the war in Ukraine.
But I think the most dangerous thing happening in Washington is the fact that our dementia-ridden President Biden is going to be at the meeting tonight.
With NATO and remember President Biden, who we all saw completely fail during his debate with President Trump with dementia on full display or the other serious conditions that he has.
And we all know that he has them.
Everyone's known it since 2019.
And guess what?
The Biden family and his insiders knew of his of his serious decline and health conditions before he became president.
They knew about this, but Joe Biden will be the one sitting at the table on behalf of
America with America's checkbook in hand and making the deals in NATO.
This is like the twilight zone.
What do you make of Biden right now and them trying to force him out there?
And the whole Democrat establishment turns against him a week ago.
He refuses to go.
Now they're swinging back to him.
We're 118 days out from the election.
I mean, this is just, it's unbelievable to see the incompetency of the deep state.
They inherited American power.
They took it over and now they're just destroying everything.
Absolutely, Alex.
I'll tell you exactly what I think.
I think this country, we went into basically almost a post-Constitution state after the election in 2020.
They stole our election from us, and everyone knows it.
The mainstream media knows it.
The Democrats know it.
Joe Biden admitted it before the election even took place, that they had the biggest election fraud operation set in place in history.
He even said that on camera.
No, our election was stolen.
Joe Biden should not be president.
But I'll tell you what I make of it.
They don't care.
They all knew he had these problems before he became president.
They knew about it.
They hid it.
They covered it up.
They did everything to do to lie about it.
And it is it is the worst thing that I've ever seen.
Americans are shocked.
The problem was that the debate, the cat got out of the bag and it was revealed and he was far worse.
on camera than they expected him to be.
They knew he would stumble and stammer and mix up his words and say weird things.
They expected that like he always does.
He always does that, but they never expected it to be that bad.
So they got embarrassed and that's why they're feigning their outrage and acting like all of a sudden this is a new
problem as if he developed dementia overnight, which is absolutely ridiculous.
But here's what I make of it.
They don't really care if he has dementia.
They do not care at all.
They have a plan in place with illegal voters and absentee ballots.
They have a plan in place to steal the election this November coming up.
And I think that they just have to figure out how to get through this embarrassment with Joe Biden's dementia in front of the American people.
They're just trying to figure out how to handle it because once they move past it, they're all They're expecting to be elected and they're expecting to hold the White House by basically by sealing the election again with illegal voters.
And that's why I've been so hard on Mike Johnson and so hard on other Republicans here in Congress because the only thing we should be working on is protecting our elections right now.
We're up here in Washington, Alex, passing appropriation bills that the Senate won't pass.
So they're just messaging bills.
We're up here passing, you know, just bills that mean nothing because they'll never pass in the Senate.
We're up here in Washington wasting time every single week.
Um, when we should be working hard to secure the election because that's the only thing that matters.
And the only way to save this country is taking back the White House, controlling the House and controlling the Senate.
And the only way we can do that is by winning the elections in November.
But here we're passing the SAVE Act.
And you know, I love the SAVE Act.
I think it's incredible.
But it's not going to pass the Senate.
And Joe Biden's not going to sign it into law.
So Mike Johnson and And everybody else that's all talking about the SAVE Act are basically lying to America because it's dead on arrival once we pass it in the House.
The only way to make that a law is to tie it to government funding, which the government funding deadline comes up on September 30th, Alex.
The only way to force it to become a law is to tell Joe Biden, you don't get a single penny for your war in Ukraine, Joe.
You don't get a single penny for your daily border invasion at the southern border.
You don't get a single penny for anything until you make the Save Act a law.
Because that's how important our elections are.
And that's the only thing we should be working on.
Because we can't stop the border invasion until we take back the White House and control the Department of Homeland Security.
And we can't protect our country until we fully control the White House.
But here in Washington, Alex, the globalists have gathered and they are plotting and planning to make sure that the Ukraine war is funded, that Ukraine gets more deadly weapons, and they can continue killing an untold number of Ukrainian men.
Making Ukrainian women widows, making Ukrainian children fatherless, and continue to round up these Ukrainian teenagers with their conscription teams to throw them out there on the battlefield to be killed.
And this really shouldn't be happening.
I'm so against these foreign wars because we have a war on our own country.
And the war has been declared on Americans by our United States government and by the border invasion that Americans are enduring day in and day out and day in and day out.
And also by fentanyl that comes from China and is smuggled into our country by the Mexican cartels murdering 300 Americans a day.
That's the real war.
It's the American government against the American people, and it's the federal government not protecting the states, even though that's what the Constitution says the federal government is absolutely supposed to do.
So that's the reality in Washington, D.C., Alex, and I wish I could make it sound more hopeful, but I'm just trying to tell everybody the truth.
Look, it's not negative to admit when you've got a crisis that you admit the problem so you can fix it.
In closing, I think I gotta go, President Trump, way ahead in every poll, deep state panicking, Biden refusing to leave.
Where do you see this going?
I mean, I know in politics a day is a lifetime, but I just sense victory.
But how could they grab their victory from the jaws of their own defeat?
Well, I think we should watch what's happening worldwide.
You know, there's a worldwide movement of people all over the world working as hard as possible to take back their governments and take control of their countries.
We can use France as an example with Le Pen.
We just saw her election basically get stolen.
That was an entire conspiracy to make sure that she was not elected to power.
And so we saw the people of France be defeated.
We just watched the same thing happen in Great Britain.
The people of Britain have been defeated, and that happened through migrants coming in, taking over their country.
That happened because of Obama's Arab Spring that sent these Islamic migrants all over Europe.
And so we're watching this happen.
We watched a president of Mexico get elected that makes no sense to me.
She's basically what I would call a communist, a radical leftist.
And I think that poses a real threat to the United States of America.
But we're seeing people all over the world rise up and try to take back control.
And that is absolutely what is happening in America.
That's why the polling is overwhelming for President Trump.
Because the people in America want to re-elect him.
They want him in power.
They want him to be the President of the United States.
Because they hate what this government is doing to this country.
But Alex, I'll tell you right now, I don't trust our elections.
They have let in millions and millions of illegals into our country.
They're giving them social security numbers and they are getting them registered to vote.
They are going to cheat and try to steal this election and all I can tell everyone watching this show and all I can encourage you to do is you got to get everybody you know to vote.
You have to get everyone you know to vote.
You have got to watch your elections and you have the right to do it because you're an American citizen and you pay for it.
You're right, and the Democrats are trying to let illegals vote.
That's all in the news.
MTG, we love you.
We salute you.
Thank you so much.
God bless you.
Keep fighting, Alex.
Thank you.
I will.
You keep fighting.
Whether it's the World Economic Forum, whether it's the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whether it's Open Philanthropy and Dustin Moskowitz.
We know that all of these organizations thought that they could bamboozle all of us.
They thought that by putting fact-checkers on every post, we'd stop sharing posts.
They thought by canceling people that we wouldn't actually listen to people's voices.
But the bad news is for them, We continue to do it.
So what are the simple things that you can do?
The simple things you can do, like I said before, support the alternative platforms that are allowing these voices to be heard.
Make sure that you actually have these conversations.
Without the utility of this voice and this platform, we will lose the war.
So our job is really simple.
Share this.
Communicate this.
Support the InfoWar.
Go to InfoWarStore.com for products to keep strong and prepared.
Donate and share the videos at Band.Video.
our defence industry.
They are all advanced defence industries and part of what we agreed as allies will be to step up our cooperation with them also when it comes to defence industry capability developments.
So, this summit will be a celebration summit, but as you understand, the only way to celebrate the most successful alliance in history is to demonstrate that we are fit for purpose also for the future.
This is the head of NATO, Stoltenberg, in D.C.
live right now.
A warmongering war pig.
Literally talking about business opportunities for worldwide war.
And that means a meat grinder for your children.
And therefore we need to step up our cooperation, we need to invest more, and at least we need to work more closely with the defense industry.
Thank you so much.
Alright, we're simulcasting on X right now, and I want to be 100% clear right now.
This is not a normal talk show.
I didn't get into this because I wanted to be in movies and couldn't be.
They say radio is for ugly people.
I got into this because I was pissed about the New World Order 30 plus years ago.
And most of these politicians and most of these media people are a bunch of whores that say and do whatever they're told, but their system is coming to an end.
And we can't sit here on the edge of thermal nuclear war like we're rearranging deck chairs in the Titanic and not be upset like MTG just was from Congress.
We're in a lot of crap right now, folks.
We're in deep you-know-what.
And I don't say it to be negative, I say it because I believe in you and I believe we can do something about this if we admit to ourselves where we are and repent and pray to God.
Because you've got world's financial systems collapsing.
They're trying to prop it up with war.
And you've got NATO on its 75th anniversary, while you've got this zombie Crypt Keeper Biden who can't even find his ass with both hands wandering around.
Chase Geyser's joining us for the balance of the show.
And we are going to be taking speakers live on X at Real Alex Jones on, let's put the topic up if we can, at Real Alex Jones, NATO plotting World War III.
Globalist plan World War III as NATO meets in DC, Alex Jones and speakers.
So we just fired this up.
It's a great way to basically take HD calls.
And comments here, and I'll probably also give the toll-free number out and take additional calls here, but we're talking about World War III and the NATO Summit and the election, and Operation Big Boy with the White House Press Corps sitting there while the White House officials, the Defense Department, call him Big Boy to try to get him to leave, but he is refusing to leave.
So all the speakers need to repost on X, What's happening right now?
We'll be going to your comments live on air, uncensored, unfiltered, here in a few minutes.
Chase Geiser, you've been sitting back.
We launched this space just 27 minutes ago.
As you see all this unfold, what's your take on the state of the world right now?
And Operation Big Boy, and Biden refusing to step down, and the NATO summit, and all the craziness, and MTG saying they're planning World War III.
You know, it's interesting because I follow NATO on X and I'm always incredibly triggered by the content that they post because it's just propaganda after propaganda after propaganda.
Yesterday I noticed that while they were showing a compilation, a montage of clips of tanks and helicopters and bombers and munitions and world leader after world leader who has called for war with Russia, Over the course of the last several years now, they had this hopeful, optimistic music in the background in this message.
I can't remember the exact way that they phrased it in their post, but this message about how NATO has been responsible for 75 years of peace and it's been this greatest thing, when the fact of the matter is it's been responsible for some of the greatest escalations of all.
And in recent years, having seen the way that this has been playing out with With Russia and this Ukraine conflict, it begs the question whether or not NATO was ever a good thing to begin with.
It begs the question whether or not the Cold War was ever actually a legitimate threat to begin with.
It seems to me now obvious that...
It's very likely the military-industrial complex and the intelligence community intentionally created or manifested the notion of the Cold War in order to justify increased spending so that they could line their own pockets.
Well, let's be clear.
British intelligence and U.S.
intelligence put the Bolsheviks in, killed the Tsars, and put a cancer in Russia, trying to neutralize it in the future because Napoleon And then after that, you know, Hitler couldn't beat him, but they put it in 1917.
So, the Russians have been their own disease center.
It's like America is the disease center of the world right now.
We're occupied, captured, exploited cancer.
I was listening to a really interesting podcast with Sean Ryan the other day.
I can't remember the name of the guest he had on.
She just wrote a book about how nuclear war would play out and how many nukes all these countries have.
I believe that Russia has like 1,600 or 1,700 active.
Yeah, way more than that.
They have more than we do.
Ready to launch.
They've got thousands more than that.
It seems to me that that's exactly what's going on here.
They understand that Russia is more of an authoritarian country than the United States.
They are terrified of the wild card that is whoever is the leader after Putin.
So they're trying to get the grip on Russia right now so they can contain that national security threat.
And that's what our intelligence community does.
It justifies crimes against humanity, the killing of civilians, war after war, in the name of a utilitarian Machiavellian.
We'll save Europe for later.
Some, but it's for greater good.
Oh, vaccines kill some, but it's for greater good.
No, it's not.
And you have to understand, if you look at the Cold War, and the globalists were ready to do with it in China, they make a deal, they put Mao in for 49, they come in in the 70s and exploit China.
So they had the Russians for 80-something years under globalism, under communism, then they wanted to bring the Russians in to now exploit the resources, but the Russians wriggled out of it.
And that's why they're pissed.
Well, my concern is if Russia really does control Ukraine, even if not in name, but practically speaking after this, I wonder if they're going to divert all the agricultural resources that Ukraine develops away from Europe and into China, thus making China independent of U.S.
agricultural exports and positioning them for a hot conflict with the United States.
That's right.
The average American goes, why do we care they're banning farming in the Netherlands?
They're one of the biggest producers in the world.
They're tiny, they're excellent.
Ukraine is one of the biggest producers in the world.
You cut that off, it is seismic.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And ultimately, this is what happens when you have globalist policies.
We get more and more entrenched and entangled.
Globalism was pitched as this thing of our species coming together as one world and setting aside differences of religion or race or immutable characteristics in order to resolve all conflict forever.
After World War I, it was the League of Nations.
After World War II, it's the United Nations.
It's this notion that the leaders of all these nations can come together and manifest peace.
But what it's really...
Ultimately manifested in is this entanglement and interdependence and complicated the political dynamics of different nations, including the United States, especially the United States, to the point where everything that we do, we fix one problem and it creates two others.
It's like the scene from the Mario movie where they plug up one hole in the drain that's leaking and then two others pop out of the wall.
It seems like that's the... Well, again, globalism is losing its power.
And they can say, oh, they put Biden to be a puppet, but it makes them obvious that they're the public controllers.
What do you make of Biden and the big boy pants statements of his own press secretaries literally undermining him on national television?
I mean, that shows what are they going to do?
Here's the question.
To remove Biden now that he's being stubborn.
I fear that they're going to whack him.
And I don't know if they're going to blame it on Trump supporters or right-wing extremists or if they're going to make it look like natural causes like the scene from Gladiator where he suffocates Marcus Aurelius, his father, with a pillow so he can be Caesar before Russell Crowe's character can take the throne.
But I would be very surprised because like we discussed together last week, Alex, he has transitioned from a useful idiot to a useless idiot.
And we know that he was a CIA candidate.
We know that he was probably blackmailed to even get into office in the first place so that he would be insured the power to pardon his son for his son's crimes as well as cover up his own crimes as the Vice President of the United States.
Now he's he's more of a liability than an asset.
And we know that once you're an asset, you're always sort of an asset.
But the CIA has a history of whacking presidents.
They have a history of neutralizing threats.
And as soon as you become useless to them, then they really despise every moment that you draw breath.
So I would be very surprised.
I hate to say this because I don't want a hair on his head harmed as much as I hate him.
I'd be surprised if he draws breath by the end of next year.
Well, he's definitely refusing to step down. They're thinking, "Well, we'll get
rid of him next year," but they're seeing how obstinate he is.
It's crazy. So I want to go to speakers on X on the subject of World War III and the NATO summit and the huge
waterfront that is.
Okay, let's go to Skyler first. Skyler, you have your hand raised. Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have
Chase, Alex, it's a pleasure to speak with you again.
to say.
Yes, this is the final part that they have to play.
It sounds like you're talking to us from a phone booth.
Can you get to an area less echoey?
Yeah, is that better?
I mean, I can't tell.
Just keep going.
Uh, yeah, so, uh, this is the last card that they have to play.
NATO will induct Ukraine into NATO, which will cause them to enter us into World War III, because you attack one, you attack them all.
Um, this is very sad, um, that if we let this happen, just like MTG was just saying.
Yeah, I absolutely agree.
And one of the things that she said that really resonated with me, something that we've been saying and more and more voices have been saying, was Americans are finally realizing something, I'm putting words in her mouth, finally realizing that the greatest threat to national security is the government of the United States.
It seems to be the number one betrayer Absolutely.
traitor of the American people. And so rather than thinking of Russia or China as these
great enemies, I think the American people are finally realizing that it's the government
of the United States of America that has the greatest liability to the American people.
What do you think, Skylar?
Absolutely. And if you do remember the Illuminati card game, one of the cards that they have
is World War III. I also think that the other play that they have is to crash the stock
market which Alex is always talking about.
Yeah, well all the reports that I've seen have suggested that the stock market is expected to crash in a massive way next year and this is exactly what Trump has been warning about.
The fear that it would happen on his watch because if it does happen, well he's the President of the United States, they're going to pin that on him.
Oh look, he got elected and the stock market crashed right away.
Businesses understand and investors understand that Trump's presidency is a threat to our economy.
And it's just going to be another example of gaslighting, even though we've predicted it, even though Trump himself has predicted it.
And that's what's going to be incredibly frustrating to witness.
Do you think that we're going to see a crash in the next 12 months?
And I also think that that will put Trump in a position where it will ruin his legacy, because during his presidency, we had the most booming economy the world's ever seen.
Yeah, absolutely.
What do you think, Alex?
Stock market crash next year?
Oh, they're definitely... Trump has said like five times, they go, oh, Trump wants a crash.
He goes, no, the crash is looming.
I hope it happens before I get elected because he could turn it around.
But if he goes to the public spine works, he gets it, they crash it completely, announces it's crashed, he'll have real trouble fixing it, he'll be Herbert Hoover.
Well, we've seen too repeatedly that the Republican Party has been sort of weak in the way that it supports Trump or doesn't support Trump.
A lot of people flip back and forth.
There was the whole push for another candidate early on in this election cycle as well.
And one of the things that I thought was kind of alarming and interesting is Not a lot of people are talking about it because it's in the shadow of this NATO meeting today, but the Democratic leaders of the DNC met this morning.
Loomer was on the ground reporting on it.
They all go in and they come out and people like Nadler are saying that They support Biden again, even after just yesterday, I believe, or two days ago, it was that these major Democratic leaders were calling on Biden to resign, trying to quietly do it in a politically correct way.
Why is it that they're meeting and supporting Biden again all of a sudden?
I wish that Republicans had the same amount of conviction and unity about supporting Trump when push comes to shove and things get difficult.
That's what leadership is all about, is leading when things are difficult.
Anybody can lead when things are easy.
Because I think the Democrats may end up rallying around Biden.
So I don't know what to make of that.
It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
Roland, I've seen that you requested to speak some time ago.
Roland, can you unmute yourself and say what you have to say?
Hey y'all, thanks for letting me on.
Just real quick, you know, I wanted to touch upon You know, a real good way to kind of challenge the corporate slave state.
Something really interesting happened.
I'm a libertarian.
When Trump came to speak at our convention, you know, he wound up, you know, embracing some of our ideals.
And if you guys really want to stop the war machine, we really need to see a lot more people You know, starting to champion those ideas as well.
We got to get rid of this bureaucratic mess, these unelected agencies that are, you know, undermining our Constitution with, you know, rules and regulations that they have no authority to be placing upon us.
You know, I just really wanted to touch upon that.
I also want to talk about Trump's VP pick, and who y'all think that might be, because that's not really on the discussion.
I think it's really relevant though.
I'm glad that you brought it up because there's a number of reasons the VP pick is relevant.
First of all, if he doesn't pick somebody who's just as populist as he is, the chances that he gets whacked are incredibly high.
I'm on Joe Biden death watch.
And they're going to truck bomb the White House?
I think anything's on the table.
A nuke?
Blame it on Trump.
A cyber attack?
They already said Trump supporters of Russia are going to cyber attack.
I mean, they don't put that out for no reason!
I even predicted it a year ago before the FBI.
The MAGA is working with Russia to do a cyber attack during the election.
We're about to win!
They don't pre-program that, ladies, for no reason.
Here's the thing.
Johnny, come lately.
I've been doing this for 30 years.
I know the enemy's operation.
They are going to start a massive war, which is already happening.
They're going to cyber attack.
They're going to kill Joe Biden.
I don't know which one they're going to do, but baby, I know what cards they got in their damn hands.
And I'm just sitting here going, do people even understand how close we are to being shut down?
I guess once we get shut down, people will pay attention, but then it won't matter because the enemy's about to make their move on everybody.
Well, the crazy thing is, too, we've been the subjects...
of countless cyber attacks throughout the past year and nobody's admitting
when cell towers go down or entire cellular networks go down, they blame it on
solar weather, when banks go down, when major banks are failing to make
direct deposit payments to employees at companies like Deloitte.
I had friends that work at Deloitte that were reaching out to me. We've been cyber attacked after cyber
attacked after cyber attacked all year.
And then some fluke thing's gonna happen and they're gonna blame it on right-wing extremists.
I think, Alex, I think you're absolutely right.
I'm really concerned about what the presidency is going to look like between November 5th and January 20th.
I think that's a major, major time to play it safe.
We see things like Patriot Front coming out in Nashville the day after the 4th of July.
Oh, they all pile out of U-Hauls.
They really wear FBI uniforms.
I mean, it's just... And we know their feds have come out.
They are.
They pull the mask off.
It's like soy boy, Antifa people.
I mean, it's just like...
It's unbelievable, and I've never, I know a lot of right-wingers, I know, there are a lot of people that I know that I'm friends with who are much more extreme than I am.
I have never met a single person, Alex, who's enthusiastic about it.
Well, let's be clear, I learned this 30 years ago, 25 years ago, going to protest the KKK in groups.
You go to the event, and I've got decent gaydar, and it's all film students, liberals, gay dudes.
And they pull Patriot Front guy's mask off, it's a gay dude, he covers up, he cries, he runs, it's a bunch of gay dudes.
It's a bunch of gay Democrats dressed up as Nazis.
Charlottesville was the same thing.
Well, we know that involuntary celibacy leads to radicalism.
I mean, it's been true ever since the Nazis.
Like the Nazis.
Oh, Hitler was anti... All he was doing was that.
It's a homosexual cult.
The point is, folks, just sit back and watch it because you're on the front row seats to Armageddon.
All right, let's go on to J.D.' 's Two Cents.
J.D., go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hi, guys.
Thanks for having me on.
Can you hear me okay?
You sound good.
Yeah, the World War III thing.
I've been warning about this on my X for a while now.
It's either going to be World War III, the collapse of the economy, a combination of both.
We just, we gotta be ready for it, but we also gotta keep it in the narrative, in the forefront, because what the Democrats are doing now, ever since the atrocious debate failure, is they're trying to just spin everything.
I've seen Democrats, on my XP, digging up videos of Trump ten years in the past, and little stuff too.
I mean, nowhere near the grab-the-pussy stuff, right?
Excuse my language.
But, yeah, I mean, These people will do anything to stay in power, and the fourth branch of government is the true enemy of the people, and we gotta be on guard against that, for sure.
I totally agree.
One of the things I'm concerned about, and this just occurred to me as I was hearing you speak, is we know that World War II got us in large out of the Great Depression, and I'm concerned that in anticipation of this economic collapse, the problems with our fractional reserve currency, our dollars, the global reserve currency, I am concerned that all of this escalation Is so that we have a World War 3 as a backup plan to save the economy in the event of a collapse.
So if there's this major economic collapse, the deep state can push for World War 3, further secure its interests as far as the dollars, the global reserve currency is concerned, and use that to justify bringing manufacturing home and ramping up military development, munitions, things of that nature.
I'm concerned that this World War 3 is actually an economic play, but I haven't given that much thought because it just occurred to me.
What do you think?
Well we know, listen, in the last hundred years, we already had two giant world wars that killed 200 plus million people, conservatively.
I think that's the low number, 300 million.
So people are like, oh, because people lived a life for like 30, 40, 50 years, like, oh, we'll never have a world war, we'll never have a world war III, Alex Jones being a fear monger, blah, blah.
Because they don't have a historical perspective.
They're like, I go to the movies, I go to the bar, I go play pool, I go play golf.
This Alex Jones says that bad stuff, you're not in a communist country.
Most of the world's a hellhole.
And they just sit there with their own little weird perspective.
Believe me, everything's fine.
It ain't fine, boys and girls.
It's redlined.
And we have a corrupt, decadent elite that sold the country out seven ways on Sunday.
They think being sociopathic is cool.
They think not.
It's like in Dune when the bidding judge says, she says, you picked the wrong side.
She goes, there is no sides.
All there is, is sides!
I'm the sides guy!
Things matter!
Who you come from, who your tribe is, what you stand for, what God you worship, what you do every day, what you build, what you create, that's who you are!
And anybody that tells you there's no sides is the devil!
All there is, is black and white.
All there is, is up and down.
All there is, is red and blue.
All there is, is green and yellow.
All there is, is up and down.
It's complete, gravity's real, folks!
It's all real, you must choose a side.
The Bible says you were neither hot nor cold, so I spit you out of my mouth.
God says Satan is better than some fence-sitting piece of shit!
So, tell the CIA and the New World to think they're smart, kissing every ass, going around with every system, bowing down to every program.
No, you're losers and you destroy civilization.
So that's where I'm at with people.
You picked the wrong side.
There are no sides.
No, you don't have a side.
You don't exist because you didn't pick one.
The universe demands you pick a side.
The universe demands you take a stand.
So take your stand or be cut off from God forever.
You know, it's interesting, I never thought about the Bene Gesserits in this way, but you mentioned that from Dune, and I don't want to get into weeds on Dune on this broadcast.
They're a globalist organization, though.
They're the only organization in that whole entire universe that goes in every single house.
It's literally a globalist organization.
Everything else is siloed, every other house is sovereign to itself, loyal to itself, but their globalism is the catalyst for total universal galactic war.
It goes back to the goddess, it's the woman.
And so only that cult can take over.
Herbert was a super thinker.
But the later books, that book is a masterpiece.
Way beyond the movies.
He's telling you the whole secret right there.
Old-fashioned artillery.
Old-fashioned artillery.
All right, we'll be right back.
People don't know, by the way, so, you know, and I'll say this again, that many moons ago, when I was just getting started in all of this, that I remember I used to come on with Alex in 2016 is when we started doing it.
Met you at the RNC in Cleveland.
We did the rally by the river.
With Roger and everyone's there.
And Diamond and Silk were there.
That was great.
We're out here to spite all the threats and exercising your sacred First Amendment.
We salute you!
InfoWars salutes you, and you are part of history.
You are the future.
God bless you.
[crowd cheering]
Back then, even before I was at One America, I used to host Hour Four.
You remember that?
And you'd be like, and I didn't even know you back then!
And you were, I was just some guy, and you were like, hey, your microphone's not good.
So guys, Alex Jones sends me my first microphone that I've got set up in like a, uh, just like a spare bedroom in the house, and I'm doing it over my laptop, and he goes, oh yeah, yeah, I need someone to host Hour 4.
So I'm like, get in there, just do it.
He's like, what do you want me to talk about?
As wherever you like, we're good to go.
And I'm like, I'm just some, I'm just some guy at that point.
You know, I had been through 2016, we had met, etc, etc.
No, but you were a smart guy.
But it, but it, my point though is that people don't realize how much Alex does behind the scenes to help people.
People don't realize how much that Alex really is just, just generous with his time, generous with his resources.
And that's a sigh.
And, and by the way, spends time with your family.
You know something that I've always tried to say is like there's this this media caricature of Alex Jones And I'm like that's not the guy that I've ever met.
I've never met him.
I've spent plenty of time with him I've never met this guy.
He sounds crazy I don't know that I want to meet the guy that they take you out to be because that's just not you and so I I mean I just want to take the opportunity real quick to just say thank you for all the help that you gave me when I was getting started Well, thank you, Jack, but it was because you were like, I was just, you know, you were a talented, smart guy and making great points.
I'm like, well, hey, you need to get on air and you need to do more.
He's going to take over.
We're going to go to break.
I haven't plugged in three hours.
If we don't do that, we'll be gone.
Infowarstore.com, big sale, Vitamineral Fusion back in stock.
X2 back in stock.
So pray for us.
M4swear.com, drjonesnaturals.com.
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This is full.
You're nice to support us.
Why would you bring in this many people in such a short period against the law?
I'm a big believer in immigration, but to have unvetted immigration at large scale is a recipe for disaster.
Let me walk you through the past seven days in Europe.
In London, four people were stabbed in a time span of just 42 hours.
In Paris, hundreds of African migrants took to the street to riot.
We are paying for our own destruction.
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just a few incidents in just a couple of days on our beautiful continent.
And it's happening for political reasons.
It's happening because the Democratic Party has ceased making the case for itself to Americans.
And so in order to keep power, in fact to expand their power, they're going to need a brand new electorate.
And this is their electorate.
Can we stand?
Can we fight?
Amsterdam currently consists of 56% migrants.
The Hague, 58% migrants.
Rotterdam, almost 60% migrants.
Conclusion, the Dutch population is already outnumbered in the majority of our cities.
London, 54% migrants.
Again, inclusion, native population outnumbered.
And what's interesting about replacement is that the establishment will either deny its existence... A totalitarian state is ruled by the lie, and the lie is the principle of governance, and everyone who lies is complicit in maintenance of the state.
The so-called replacement theory is obviously racist, dangerous and dehumanizing, bigoted, dehumanizing and dangerous.
Just think about how dumb and dehumanizing it is.
Deeply racist, bigoted and dehumanizing.
It's also incredibly stupid.
Risk talkers are generally slow thinkers.
Or, when they admit to it, they say that it's a good thing.
Fewer than 50% of the people in America.
We'll be white European stock.
That's not a bad thing.
That's a source of our strength.
There is not going to be a nation that will not see diversity in its future.
By now I think we all know what they mean with the words diversity.
It means less white people, less of you.
We want, you know, two million people every year pouring into the country because if we send them down to a Democrat state, it means that we get more apportionment in the household.
And everyone's been like, well illegals can't vote, what's the problem?
No, this is the endgame.
Undocumented immigrants cannot vote in federal elections, so how is that possible?
If you look at the apportionment with and without illegals, there would be a net loss of blue states of approximately 20 seats in the House.
And once they have more apportionment in the House, you can bet your bottom dollar they will use that extra large apportionment to give these illegal aliens voting rights.
Just watch it happen.
You answer to the same question.
How many times will you learn the same lesson?
It's illegal, you say, for illegal aliens to vote in a federal election.
Well, actually, it's not.
Congress passed something in the U.S.
Code, the Federal Code, a line that, unbeknownst to the rest of us, makes it legal for illegal aliens to vote in federal elections if they believe they are citizens.
It's a state of mind.
Title 18 left us just gobsmacked.
Scroll all the way down to the fine print and what you read is that non-citizens can vote without penalty if at the time they are voting they believe themselves to be U.S.
We're now calling in the big boy, his own press corps, his own press secretary.
Real quick, before we go back to commenters, speakers.
To me, that's major undermining them all calling him Big Boy to his face.
Yeah, what's his face?
I guess that's what we're calling it, the Big Boy press conference.
Kirby was like, what?
It's focus group driven.
That's what we're calling it.
He was given the name to call the press conference before, embarrassing.
Which means like a big boy, you know, three year old.
I mean, they're really signaling to the establishment, we're not with Biden.
That's what I say to my three-year-old when she does something good, I call her a big girl.
That's what that was about.
Oh, what's the Secretary of State Blinken up to?
What's this?
Stronger than it's been, larger than it's been, and ready to deal with the challenges.
The ongoing NATO summit.
Yes, again, we've said it on a number of occasions, but especially here in Washington.
On this anniversary.
I wonder if Blinken's going to play the guitar for us.
Finally, I would just say that One of the reasons it's so important that we celebrate this anniversary, as well as prepare the alliance for the way forward, is because of what this alliance actually means to the people of all the countries who are members of NATO.
These are the guys that overthrew the Ukrainian government 11 years ago, started a war with
Russia, got Russia to come into a war, they're now losing, they want a new world war.
They came together to determine that we would not see yet another global conflagration.
Which they're starting.
And one of the ways that they did that was coming together in a defensive alliance, NATO,
12 countries, 75 years ago.
And the secret of NATO's success has been the commitment that those 12 countries made
to each other, and that now 32 countries are making to each other.
And that is an attack on one, is an attack on all.
The strongest possible deterrent to aggression.
They've got to take on all of them.
So they say Ukraine's NATO and now a Russian attack on NATO.
We're World War III.
They've got to take on all of it.
That's why 75 years later, NATO has been the most successful defensive alliance in the history of the world.
But also why it remains the critical alliance going forward.
He couldn't wipe his ass.
They should tell us all about preventing wars.
Yeah, the U.S.
More safe and secure.
We're totally open borders.
We should tell us all about preventing wars.
Yeah, the US government.
So that they can go about doing everything they can.
More safe and secure.
We're totally open borders.
Build strong, resilient countries with opportunity, with progress that's shared among all their
Warren Stoltenberg.
Thank you so much for hosting me and my delegation here today.
And thank you for giving me some basic advice about baseball yesterday.
It was great to throw the first pitch, but I think I should focus on politics, not on baseball in the future.
It's good to hear, not least because this week is an important week for NATO.
We have our 75th anniversary summit here in Washington.
We started a major war with the Russians.
It's going quite horribly.
For your leadership, your strong personal commitment to our independence.
I'm sure of it!
Your leadership, my dear.
Your leadership, my dear.
...but we also have to make important decisions for the future.
Now that it's July, we should take Russia.
...on Ukraine, on partnerships in Asia Pacific.
And of course, none of this would have been possible without the leadership of United States of America.
Without the leadership of America, World War III.
...to ensure that we have now 32 allies.
Germany will finally win World War II.
...to take...
Our panzers are fighting the Russians now.
We will make decisions on Ukraine and I think what we have seen over the last days demonstrates the need to step up our support for Ukraine.
We have seen Russian missile attacks against cities, against All we did was overthrow the government and attack the Russians.
How dare them?
All Napoleon did was do that.
Hitler good.
And Hitler too.
that and Hitler too. Hitler good, Napoleon good.
We will do more together on the terrorist events.
Allies are stepping up when it comes to defense investments.
23 allies are investing more, or 2% at least, of their GDP on defense.
This is twice as many as just four years ago.
And then we'll further strengthen our partnership with the Asia-Pacific partners.
This is a busy week.
Alright, that's enough.
Let's go back to speakers who have been holding patiently.
I can't hear anymore.
Let's go to the Deep State target himself, George Papadopoulos.
George, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, sir, if you're still with us.
Thanks, Alex and Chase, for having me.
Oh, I'm here.
It's always great to hear your insights.
By the way, I didn't interrupt you.
You've been holding for 20 minutes.
We should explain your patient zero of the Russia hoax.
And you didn't bend to their lies.
You didn't roll over and tell lies.
So we're just continuing to live this lie.
Continue, please.
No, Alex, you're absolutely right.
Patient zero and, you know, what we lived was basically an operation.
See, the operation that started with me and others, including General Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, in 2016 wasn't simply this run amok FBI Investigation the way the mainstream media characterize it as or even you know supporters of mine and others There was an actual CIA operation that was launched in March of 2016 that went after Myself others the Mossad was involved the five eyes was involved and this isn't conspiracy stuff.
This was reported in the New York Post just three months It's all mainstream news now Yeah, that's the key.
So basically, that started, now Trump's convicted, and we're on the path to the current topic, which is World War III.
The same players that instigated that attempted coup did the Ukrainian coup in 2014, and now they're doing everything in their power to prevent the smooth transition of power to Trump's second term.
To get World War 3 ongoing.
So I think what's going to happen is you're likely going to see black swan events.
I know you've been talking about it a lot.
The border's been wide open for months right now.
You have a lot of these black arms from going shipping from Ukraine, Afghanistan, through that border, through all these various illegal migrants.
And what you saw... George, you're a smart guy, but not everybody's a national security expert like you.
Black arms mean untraceable weapons.
Untraceable weapons, absolutely.
Like black market arms, yeah.
So what we're talking about were black market arms, untraceable weapons, 80 billion left to the Taliban.
You have all these untraceable arms in Ukraine while simultaneously the open border.
And I'm just looking at what's happening with all these bizarre terrorist attacks that are ongoing in Russia, right?
You have these low IQ And NATO said a year ago, since Russia's winning, we're going to hit them with asymmetrical warfare.
you know, killing people for absolutely no reason, going on these suicide missions
while there's been absolutely no threat of radical Islamist extremism in Russia
for at least 20 years.
And NATO said a year ago, since Russia's winning, we're gonna hit 'em with asymmetrical warfare,
Operation Gladio.
And this is what's going on.
So when I'm looking at the totality of the situation, I'm just going to land here with the NATO summit.
Start over.
No, no, don't end.
He's interrupting.
I'm not trying to cut you off.
Go ahead.
I'll shut up.
No, no, no.
I'm just looking at the totality of the picture.
With the coup ongoing against Biden, you have this civil war right now in the Democrat Party.
You have Biden basically fighting for self-perseverance.
I think he certainly has something in Obama.
That's why Obama is at least openly in his corner.
And you have all of these various investigations going into the Biden family.
He's not going to go down without a fight.
People think, oh, he's a senile, there's something mentally off about him.
You know, when he's lucid, he's lucid.
That's what Roger Stone this morning said.
Listen, Biden, 18 hours out of the day is a vegetable, but he's still lucid at times.
He still has like the ring of Mordor.
He's still able to make evil decisions.
No, and he absolutely does.
And those evil decisions have absolutely all to do with keeping him and his family out of prison.
The reason I think that Congress stopped all these various investigations, remember just it was a year ago that Jamie Comer was showing receipts about illegal payments from countries like China, Ukraine, Romania, all of that, you know, just miraculously stopped.
And the reason I think it was was because they want to make sure that Biden was going to be the nominee after the convention, once the convention ends and Biden's Biden's officially there and they don't pull a switcheroo.
I think all of these investigations are going to ramp up.
I think they're going to have a lot of leaks from the White House and they're just going
to try and muscle them out.
But between now and then, the situation that I'm focusing on right now is the security
And when situations like this are as unpredictable as they are domestically, that's when you see these black swan events.
That's when terrorist attacks happen.
That's why Trump himself just yesterday was saying it's likely a 100% chance we're going to have a massive terrorist attack in this country.
Yeah, he said that on Hannity last night.
He said 100% terror attack.
He absolutely said it because he was a commander-in-chief.
He saw the classified information.
He sees the situation with the border.
He saw what happened with all of these arms shipments that we were just talking about from these various war zones.
All of this in tandem are leading to one conclusion.
There's going to be a major distraction here to deflect from all of the issues going on with Biden, and that is going to lead us to not only a domestic security crisis, but a global conflagration.
So I'll land on that.
No, don't leave.
George Papadopoulos, who was literally the first person other than Flynn, maybe the second, targeted.
All of it came out wasn't true.
Not a Russian agent.
None of that was going on.
They tried to set him up.
He didn't accept the deals.
I had the Feds approach me with Russian money and it was the FBI and I reported back to the FBI so they couldn't put me in prison.
But this has been ongoing.
Let's talk about Trump and just America and the sense of the world and NATO and just where you see the planet right now, George.
Yeah, the situation is that the world is shifting, right?
You have the rise of the East and the decline of the West in many ways, and the decline of the West is intentional by the Democrats, and especially the extremists on the left.
So you have the rise of the BRICS, Which is this new basic geoeconomic order that you've talked about extensively.
I know you have the collapse of the U.S.
dollar as the reserve currency.
The petrodollar basically no longer exists.
And the moment that the U.S.
under Biden imposed these sanctions on Putin and the Russian government, After they went into Ukraine to stop basically this pariah state on their border, that's when these countries like South Africa, Egypt, India, Iran, Ethiopia, China said if they could sanction and take away billions of dollars of reserves from Russia because they didn't tow the line of the U.S.
foreign policy establishment, they could do it to us.
And that's exactly why now- But you hit on a key two minutes ago.
The left, with their cloud and pivot strategy to undermine and collapse the American empire, they believe it will give them control of the wreckage to rebuild it, build back better, the Great Reset.
They are doing everything politically to drive people out of the dollar.
That's exactly what's happening.
They're doing it so intentionally.
And we've seen this kind of restructuring of the world after World War II.
And this is exactly why, should Trump get re-elected, the first order of business he has to actually do is he has to take on the statesman approach Just the way right after World War II at Yalta happened.
He has to sit down with the leaders of China and Russia and say, we need to redesign how we're all going to fit into this world.
Because the way the world is currently, the U.S.
economy is about to collapse and these countries are about to abandon.
The U.S.
won't even have a seat at the table if we don't make a deal.
They won't.
No, they absolutely won't.
And the way things are going, if Biden gets re-elected, the term between not having a seat at the table and total collapse is going to shorten absolutely dramatically.
That's my next question.
You're a smart guy.
What happens if Biden's able to steal it and ensconce himself?
If Biden ends up stealing it, I think everything that he's talked about openly, and this is just quoting him.
You had a quote about him just earlier.
Basically, the Great Replacement Theory is going to become a reality.
It's not going to be a theory anymore.
That's something that they've wanted for decades right now.
I think you're going to basically have certain demographics in America replaced with illegals.
Yeah, if you think the border's open right now, you ain't seen nothing.
No, and that's why this is the existential threat of today's election.
It's the crisis in America.
It's the lack of sovereignty, and it's the globalist agenda trying to usurp and replace sovereignty with foreign agendas.
That's why so many people who are listening to this right now probably don't even recognize the America they live in.
Certainly it's not the America I grew up in.
It's not the America you grew up in.
And kids that are growing up today have actually seen their parents lose control of them and the state taking over control of how those children are raised and educated and actually becoming citizens of this country.
So I think more and more this aggressive takeover of America, the usurping and replacing of its traditions, its cultures, It's Judeo-Christian values is going to become the norm, and we're going to become so weakened from within, just like the ancient Roman orator Cicero said, that when you have enemies from within, the empire collapses much easier than having enemies from abroad.
Then it's just going to evolve into this new world order.
America's not going to have a seat at the table.
China's going to be the ultimate leader, and the way China governs its country, its people, and the world, Is not something I think wants to be imported here, but that's where we're going Alex.
You know, I totally and completely agree with you George Papadopoulos.
Any other key points you want to drop on folks?
I would just say, just watch this NATO summit very, very closely.
What the Biden team and NATO has been trying to do for months now is to actually instigate a further conflict with Russia.
Russia's not abiding.
This missile strike that happened just yesterday with this children's hospital, which is absolutely Uh, devastating and, uh, horrific, uh, did not come, uh, from Russian, uh, missiles.
It actually came from a, uh, a Ukrainian missile, and there's just been so much disinformation regarding that conflict.
I highly recommend- No, Ukraine got caught last year firing missiles into Poland, but the Polish missiles shot it down, so they got the tell numbers, and Zelensky said immediately attack Russia.
It turned out it was Polish- it was Ukrainian missiles.
Yeah, just always remember the playbook.
When there's a crisis at home, rally the flag.
In fact, find a crisis abroad.
The only difference between what's happening usually back, like with Bush, with the whole war on terror and what's going on right now is...
You have the collapse of Biden, you have a coup ongoing against him, you have a desperate man, and the only thing he's left with is a desperate strategy.
So, remember, we're probably going to face a crisis domestically, and we're going to see the conflict with Russia heat up, but hopefully Putin doesn't fall for it.
But just watch very closely what NATO's up to now that they're all in Washington, D.C.
So, thanks so much for having me, Alex and Chase.
Appreciate it, guys.
Thanks so much.
Well, I will say that George was on the American Journal with me last winter when I was guest hosting for Harrison Smith on the morning show here on InfoWars.
And George, if you're still with us, one of the things you said, first of all, you enlightened me as to the details of the IMEC corridor, which turned out to be really true.
The second thing is you mentioned to keep my eyes on Africa, something that
hadn't occurred to me at all.
And what I noticed after you said that, following Secretary Blinken, is that there's report
after report of Blinken meeting with African leader after African leader.
And he's always talking about things like humanitarian crises in Africa and gay rights
violations in Africa and encouraging Uganda and others to be more democratic.
But then when you dig through and you look at reports, all of these African nations that
Secretary Blinken has been visiting and their leaders have been visiting him here, all of
them have been reported to be participating in a black market of uranium exports to Iran.
Can you talk a little bit about why or how Africa plays into this World War III narrative?
Yeah, so as some of you know that, you know, Africa was basically carved up among major European powers, you know, at the end of the 19th century.
So between, let's say, the UK, Italy had some colonies, France, Belgium, France obviously had, you know, a lot, the Netherlands, and basically what's happening is those countries rebelled, right?
You had this decolonization effort in the 60s, the 70s, And you have some remnants of influence, especially by the French and the British.
But now China is filling the void.
So this is why it's getting very important now, because the African continent, and just one thing about the African continent and NATO, you had the NATO Secretary General say this, or it was Blinken, I can't remember who was just saying it, but when you had the clip on, this is the greatest defensive alliance in history.
Well, say that to Qaddafi.
NATO went into Libya, absolutely destroyed that country, killed Gaddafi, because Gaddafi wanted to basically unify the entire continent around a new currency backed by gold.
And that's open source information now.
That's something that these countries have been attempting to get off of this European colonialist mentality. So what's happening now in Africa is
the Chinese and the Russians are telling these African leaders, "Hey,
we never were, you know, colonial masters of you. We don't care about changing
your traditions and your cultures to make you import all these bizarre agendas
and blinkin' in the Biden administration." - Which again, I know what you're
about to say. Let me steal your thunder because I would just impress people that we're on the same
page. The main mission in Afghanistan with transgenderism made the Afghans all
The U.S.
turn against us.
goes in and says, we're going to cut your son's genitals off to Africans.
They go, screw you.
It's clear that Washington is driving the West out of Africa for China.
Is that what you were about to say?
That's exactly what's going on and is being replaced by Russia and by China.
Now, why is this so important?
You have Wagner Group operating all over the African continent right now.
All of these coups that happened recently, I think there was like seven or eight in Central Africa.
We're all in order to get the French or American military out.
These aren't simple, random events.
They all had a specific purpose.
But wait, I thought you were a Russian agent.
Why are you against the U.S.
being pushed out?
Sorry, go ahead.
I'm being sarcastic.
No, no, I'm not against that.
I'm being sarcastic, George.
Yeah, I know.
So basically, Africa now is part of this new world, this new order that Russia and China are leading.
The BRICS, there's a lot of gold there, there's a lot of natural resources there, a lot of oil, and all of these reserves are going to, one way or another, back this new currency, whether it comes out in a year or five years.
Once that BRICS currency comes out and these countries are part of it, And they're away from France, the UK, Italy, the United States, and aligned with Chinese business and Russian business.
That's going to accelerate the... That's right.
So just like Saudi Arabia backed the dollar after Bretton Woods, now it's going to be Africa that's going to back the BRICS.
That's and that's exactly what's going on and that's why South Africa, which is the biggest economy or the second biggest economy in Africa, was one of actually the first countries that participated in BRICS because they know that trillions of dollars in worthless fiat currency that we're just printing and printing and printing is just gonna Uh, you know, evaporate in any value.
We're $34, $35 trillion in debt.
It's backed by absolutely nothing up until we have the petrodollar.
That's gone.
So, this new currency... And our own government is working against the dollar and is securing... Like, how does China get 98% control of rare earth minerals?
Because the West put laws in not letting Western companies explore it.
So, in closing, George, you're a genius.
You've quantified this so well.
How do we stop this?
Yeah, you know, the worst thing that happened, besides the trillions spent and thousands in deaths in Afghanistan, is the American military muscle opened up the doors to the Chinese companies to go take over all those rare earth minerals that you're just talking about right now, Alex.
What really has to happen here, and I'm just gonna just explain very, very quickly, when Trump gets re-elected, and I'm hoping he gets re-elected, we get that Yalta number two, he's... George, we gotta make this hard satellite break.
Finish your point.
But what George Papadopoulos is saying, stay there, don't go, we're back in just three minutes, is nailing it.
He's nailing it.
The United States went in for 20 years in Afghanistan to give Afghanistan to China for the lithium.
Everybody buys the Life Select storable food, which has a 25-year shelf life, just in case of an emergency.
Frankly, it's cheaper to eat the Life Select storable food than it is to get groceries in Biden's economy.
Then they don't buy the Alexa Pure water filter in conjunction with the storable food.
My thinking is, like, how are you going to prepare the food if you don't have clean water?
They go hand in hand.
What do you think, Jacob?
You got to get both.
You look at every post-apocalyptic movie in the library, the most powerful person has water.
I'm a well driller, so we have actually a pretty sound filtration system, but I recommend to people that can't have the complex system like I have to get the electricity.
Thank you so much for your call.
Super important call, Jacob.
I encourage everyone listening now to go to InfoWarsStore.com.
I appreciate it.
Get the Life Select storable food.
Get the Alexa Pure Water filter as well because you want to make sure that you have the ability to prepare that food with clean, pure water.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com.
Be the reason that we're still on the air.
Well, we got the best-selling author of Deep State Target, George Papadopoulos, on the phone here, or via ex-Digital Connection, on speakers.
And then we'll go to other folks.
We've got Liz Churchill.
We got Matt Baker.
A lot of great folks we're going to in a moment.
But I held you over because you were making a really key point, which I was interrupting.
And I don't do it to show that I know this stuff.
Show folks we can finish each other's sentences because what we're saying is the truth.
We didn't talk before you came on.
We're just trying to tell people what's really going on.
So, George, finish up your point.
No, Alex, you're absolutely right.
It's because, you know, we have one thing in common.
We want to see great things for America and its citizens.
We don't want it to be taken over by a tyrannical agenda that's being imported from abroad in this country.
We don't want to see our traditions usurped and replaced.
I think that's exactly why we're able to finish each other's sentences, because we're just common sense people who are educated on these very important facts.
So what I would just say is, you mentioned, so what are the next steps?
It's very simple.
If Trump gets re-elected, the priority is sealing the border.
Then you have to have a complete mass deportation effort.
To get rid of the millions or potentially hundreds of thousands of criminal elements from all around the world that have infiltrated this country.
Once you have that done, you have to start figuring out how to repatriate various industries to assure that these are made-at-home products.
We have to make deals with certain countries that do have these various rare earth minerals and reserves that we don't have at home.
Before China and Russia cover up the world.
And the last thing that has to happen after we've done that, after we've taken care of the domestic situation,
Trump has to sit down with both Putin and Xi at a summit, where and when they decide to do it and decide how we're
gonna carve up the world, how we're gonna create a peace and international stability
And assure that we all have a seat at the table and hopefully America has the biggest seat at the table without
the collapse of the US dollar, without this resulting in endless wars, and
without this creating the situation that we're facing today as a nation,
domestically and abroad with the globalists and the Biden administration,
who want nothing more and nothing less than to destroy America from within and
to cause World War III abroad.
And I noticed when you've been on my shows, I guess, a few times, and
on other posts, I watch you all the time.
You're not a vindictive person.
They try to put you in prison.
They lie about you.
You don't talk about yourself.
You don't talk about what you went through.
You talk about saving America.
But at the same time, I'm not a vindictive person.
But if there's a rabid dog in my backyard, I'm going to have to deal with it.
I don't want to deal with it.
I'm sad it's got rabies.
I at least call Animal Control.
I'd probably put it down myself.
Trump has sat back and, you know, Rubio said yesterday, Trump's not going to be vindictive against the deep state.
It's not vindictive.
They're right.
They have a coup.
They've been attacking us.
They've got to go to jail.
It's our duty or we're complicit.
So you're a victim of the system that survived, barely.
What do you think Trump should do?
Sneezing attack, live on air.
That's never happened in 30 years.
Sorry, go ahead.
God bless.
No, no.
What I would say is, along with those priorities that I just described, equally as important is eviscerating the deep state in the United States.
Because if you don't eviscerate the deep state, and you don't put patriots at the top of these groups like the CIA, DNI, the FBI, and the Attorney General, meaning the Department of Justice, then Americans just won't have trust in the system.
If we continue as a nation, where I think the FBI now has a 15% approval rating by Republicans because of the self-inflicted wounds of what they did during Russiagate, the various indictments and the raid of Mar-a-Lago, then you have the January 6th situation and all the information that's come out of there, then it's not tenable.
It's like if you don't have a border, you don't have sovereignty, then you don't have a country.
It's like the same parallel.
George, you nailed it.
Just for the credibility, the FBI would have a 90% approval rating if Merrick Garland got arrested.
I mean, exactly.
It's our duty.
It's got to happen.
It's not like I'm a vindictive guy, but they're already gone full-out attack.
We have to put them in prison.
Well, here's the situation.
It's either that these people get held accountable for what they've done, which are egregious crimes against the American people and defrauding the U.S.
government of their rights and putting people in prison for absolutely no reason except expressing their beliefs and supporting candidates that they don't like.
Then it's not sustainable.
So what Trump really needs to do, and I've said this before, I'm going to say it right now, while Trump's VP pick is important, I think his Attorney General is the most important cabinet member in American history.
Who he chooses as his Attorney General, whether it's a he or a she, That individual has to be two things, a patriot, a constitutionalist, and probably even more importantly than that, somebody with gumption and heavy stones.
A lot of guts.
To go and clean house from top to bottom, because if they don't, Alex, and if they don't, we're going to have this weaponization of government targeting dissents writ large in America.
It's not simply going to be conservatives, it's Catholics, it's school teachers, it's white Christian males, it's people that have, you know, who express the belief to have a 2A in America, a 1A in America.
The list will continue to go on and on and on, and it has to be stopped now, because if it doesn't, As I explained earlier, America is not recognizable to me and others who are listening to this show right now.
It's not even going to be something anybody will... It's just going to be completely replaced with something foreign.
America's very existence is on the line.
George Papadopoulos, join me as a guest about your book soon.
In fact, guys, we can't contact him anymore.
George, thank you so much for the time.
Thank you so much for having me, guys.
Thank you.
God bless.
I want to go to a bunch of other commenters on X, but I want to just say this.
Anybody that's ever been in a real fight where somebody attacks you for no reason, you're getting mugged, you're being beat up in the parking lot.
When you really want to fight, it's not a mental thing.
Because mentally you decide to make a decision in your life, it's in your brain.
And you really love a woman, it's in your heart.
You feel the love of a woman in your heart.
But when you decide to beat somebody's ass, Like somebody just knocked you upside the head and your nose is broken and they're about to kill your ass.
It's in the gut.
It fires up like fire in the belly.
And you're like, oh, that's like it's in the gut.
It's the fire in the belly, folks.
And he just said that we got to have the guts, Chase.
We got to get the guts on fire.
You know, it's funny you mention that because I've never been one to get in fights or anything like that.
I've got a bleeding disorder.
I always avoided that sort of thing, but one time when I lived in East Nashville, kind of a bad part of town, my first house started home.
It was like midnight and my door didn't close all the way, the front door of my house, unless you deadbolted it because the house is 100 years old and it was winter so everything contracts.
And somebody knocked on my door and the door flew open.
And as somebody who's not particularly physically tough by any means, Fire in my belly.
I charged at the guy, and he was this giant black guy.
He looked bigger than you, Alex.
Taller than me.
He goes, I'm the guy who mows your lawn!
I charged at him.
I'm the guy who mows your lawn!
He was just knocking on my door to ask me if I had any cash, because he just needed help.
And I just saw a silhouette in the door.
And it's true.
We need to activate that quiet, sleeping giant within.
We all have it.
Regardless of how tough we are, or smart we are, or talented we are, we all have some degree of it.
And I think that's what it's going to take in order to face this giant in our door.
That's right.
Let's go to the next person.
Liz Churchill.
Liz, go ahead.
Good afternoon, everyone.
Thanks for inviting me.
I saw that you were talking about NATO, and I do actually think it's very important to view NATO as like a formal collection of all the washouts and losers that are leftovers from each respective country's intelligence community.
And it's created a Nazi Goliath.
That has effectively infiltrated every country in our world and George Papadopoulos is absolutely right.
This infiltration is going to be the absolute demise of America and every country in the world because every country as you're watching right now, and you know, if you pay attention to all not just This issue that we're talking about, the asymmetric issues and your southern border and the evident Soros-Cloward-Piven strategy that you mentioned earlier.
And it becomes really complicated because your FBI and DOJ have become Gestapos of the Democrat Party.
And this is true.
And again, if you go back to NATO, the only thing that I personally see NATO as is their sex operatives, their W.E.F.
Marxist criminals.
And their goal, ultimately, is to implement World War III.
George also made a really good point in regards to Africa.
I don't know if Chase wants to extend on this, but you have to remember the Brzezinski family is heavily embedded In that continent.
And they had a rather large monopoly on weapons, I believe, and other business transactions.
And they have just pulled out of those and have joined the BRICS community.
Mika Brzezinski, not going to lie, one of the ugliest communists you'll ever see on state TV.
She's there for a purpose.
And we know that... Her father was the master engineer for 30 years.
That's right.
So, I mean, when you put all the puzzle pieces together, and I'm not even going to pretend to say it as well as George did, but this really is a communist takeover.
And you have various factions of globalist entities around the world.
NATO just being one of them.
That's my next question.
What do you make of the obvious civil war in the deep state over Biden and him refusing to step down?
You're a smart lady, Liz Churchill.
Where do you think that goes?
Well, here's the problem.
They're going to have to replace Biden because there's absolutely no path to victory.
And in regards to how they're going to do that, that becomes very complicated because anybody that they put in his place, they need to ultimately escape months of vetting.
And people like you, and I'm going to even say the Dilley Meem team, myself, that would absolutely annihilate their potential candidate to the point where No matter what they do, Trump has an ultimate path to victory.
We can go on about how you were completely persecuted once you...
They gave your support towards Trump and they viewed you as a very valuable weapon that had to be dismantled at all costs because, again, they have to eliminate all paths to victory for Trump.
And with Biden, again, we're dealing with a Biden crime family.
I can talk forever on the Marco Polo, Hunter Biden laptop.
The levels of criminality that you have witnessed from this particular family, What they have to do, first of all, is find a way to avoid any further prosecutions or jail time.
They need some type of pardon.
And I think that the only way that they would be able to garner said pardon would be if, there's two paths to that, if Biden granted pardon to the Biden crime family members, and at the same time, he would also grant a pardon to Trump.
And that would really spin things into a different direction.
Other than that, I think that... Well, I mean, I agree, but that's the delusion of the Biden crime family.
That's right.
I agree with you, Liz.
They're not going to let Biden stay in.
So the bigger question for this whole show should be, what are they going to do to remove him?
Because I agree with you, or maybe you didn't say that.
That's what I got from what you said.
They're not going to let him stay there.
It will have to be a national tragedy because they ultimately need to use the sympathy card.
And it would be like a multifactorial event that could ultimately also extend the upcoming election or postpone, just like the blueprint has been all over the world and the examples that we've seen with Zelensky in Ukraine.
So I think that they have to replace him.
They don't have a choice.
And we all know that it wasn't Biden running any of the nightmares that you're witnessing in America today.
We know that it is Barack Obama.
And we know this because President Trump openly states this, has stated this multiple times on his True Social account.
So we're saying that they need to put in somebody that will Cover for all of the Democratic Party crimes and all the crimes against humanity that they were, they had committed during not just the COVID criminal industrial complex, but extending back to Russiagate and all of the treason that we witnessed President Trump endure during his time in office.
And this really is probably the most treasonous event in our world's history.
Alongside the murderous event in medical history.
So it's multifactorial, it's asymmetric warfare that is meant to demoralize you and really give you that feeling of despair.
And again, we see it over and over when people say, well, I'm not even gonna bother voting.
And again, that's the type of warfare that is working and capturing the minds of people that feel so intimidated and upset with the current circumstances, not just locally, but globally, so that they fall into this pit of listless unhappiness.
You're right, Liz.
Liz, great points.
Let's go to Matt Baker.
Thank you so much.
Matt Baker, go ahead.
Matt, are you still with us?
Hey, yeah, thanks for having me.
Alex earlier talking about picking a side and.
And I was saying it says people always say, oh, that doesn't matter.
Matt, we're going to come back to you, get to a better spot with the Internet.
This doesn't matter.
Yes, we're going to come back to you.
You're breaking up.
Go ahead.
Let's go to Nico and then we'll go back to you, Matt.
Nico, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say if you're still with us.
All right, looks like Nico's not there.
Let's go to Luke McKee.
Luke McKee, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Okay, Alex, how are you?
I want to talk about a great disruptor to the New World Order event that happened in 2016, and that was WikiLeaks exposing spirit cooking and how the fight against the spirit cookers are not over.
Alistair Crowley's cult, the Ordo Templi Orientis, is involved.
an Australian I really despise them because Australians are being sent
directly to jail without appearing in court under blasphemy laws. Age newspaper
couple jailed for contempt in vilification case and the High Court of
Australia ruled this to be an extra judicial kidnapping because only a court
of state may extradite. So it's being... Now Australia is trying to pass laws to put
people in jail that criticize the government. That's right, eSafety
Commission and all that but what's happening in America and Arizona is
the spirit cooking crew of Alistair Crowley who called himself
the great beast 666 when he was alive he also called himself Baphomet
XI is before the courts There's actually a character which is known to Infowars
because he gave Z Media his COVID conspiracy/research on Bluetooth beyond the grave, Adam
And he's been locked up as a complex case.
His case was declared complex without his consent by a lawyer in Arizona who is very
He's in the Washington Post, Adam Zickerman, for saying it's religious persecution for
Samuel Bateman to have been charged by the FBI for having sex with children and having
20 wives in the fundamentalist sect of the Church of Latter-day Saints.
You can just Google Adam Zickerman on Daily Mail, all the world news for that.
So that's not defamation, that's actual quote from the Washington Post.
So that's a lawyer.
Listen, listen, I'm not trying to be mean.
You're a very interesting sounding person.
I'm having real trouble following Aleister Crowley, kids, whatever.
Quantify, what are you saying?
What this guy Adam Smith is doing is he intends to introduce leaked training videos from the Ordo Templi Orientis from the global head of the cult.
I'm trying to follow you.
X aka David Shriven and he's got three videos online armed on the pin trade of
stop or a lover that's and that's where a mirror of them is and but there is no
I'm trying to follow you what's this have to do with Biden and NATO in World
War three well as you know we don't get the Democrats get in that's going to be
And this is a huge scandal for the Democrats because they've been doing a lot of interference in Adam Smith's case.
Everyone involved in the case has been paid off by Democrat grants, including the judge on the case.
They've been involved in governor ops.
So this is a huge I got it, I got it.
Okay, thank you, thank you.
go into court because it will take away the auto template orientation 501c3 by
proving they have a doctrine of child abuse. It's an upgrade.
I got it. I got it. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Back to Matt Becker, see if his phone works.
Okay, Matt, go ahead and try again, buddy.
All right, looks like he's not there. Jack Tron. Jack, go ahead.
All right, thank you. Good to be here.
I think with this week when it comes to Biden, there's really three people that we need to be paying attention to, and that is David Axelrod, Mark Warner, and Jim Clyburn.
So, David Axelrod.
All the key Democrat operatives say Biden must go.
I totally agree.
Keep going.
Yeah, so David Axelrod is Basically the spokesperson for Obama.
Him and Obama are tight.
And I've heard this from people I consider very reliable.
So really what he does is he says the things that Obama can't say out loud.
Now of course Mark Warner is the biggest deep state goon in Congress.
So really what he does is basically on behalf of the deep state.
And Jim Clyburn is the one that really is with connections to the donors.
So those are the three people that you really need to be paying attention to this week.
And I think also when it comes to this NATO conference, I think it's especially good to pay attention to certain people like Michael McFaul and maybe even Norm Eisen.
Those are people that were very instrumental in the revolution of Ukraine in 2014.
And Norm Eisen is very much key in the persecution against Trump.
So I would say pay attention to those people.
So why do you think they want Biden to shut down?
Because they know he's a joke?
He's helping Trump?
That's a good question.
I'm not necessarily sure if I can answer that, but I'm saying like, I think it's good to just pay attention to what they're doing because they're devious and they have a lot of influence.
Well, I think it's obvious.
Biden's a train wreck.
It's going to help Trump get re-elected in spades despite election fraud.
But Biden is refusing to go like Roger Stone predicted three years ago.
So this is spectacularly crazy.
It'd be extremely entertaining if it wasn't so dangerous.
No, I totally agree.
I mean, Biden, it's been well documented that Biden thinks of himself as like the second coming of FDR.
And that during the Obama administration, he thinks that the perceived success of the Obama administration was because of him.
He's a sociopathic, narcissistic liar.
That's who he is.
Well, exactly.
Say what you want about Obama.
He did win and didn't get re-elected and was popular.
He was horrible, evil, but charismatic.
Biden the whole time thought he was the reason.
Biden was a joke.
Not only is it because he's too arrogant to drop out, it's also because Hunter won't let him drop out because he needs him to pardon him.
And then, of course, Dr. Jill, who's a fake doctor, won't let him drop out because once the second he does, she becomes irrelevant.
And she's a power-craving narcissist, just like her husband.
That's right, I talked to Roger Stone this morning, who's on tomorrow at 11.30, first 30 minutes, he's on the second half of the first hour.
He said, look, Biden can't go, he's facing all these criminal charges.
Yeah, so one of the things I thought was really interesting was how reluctant Axelrod was immediately after the debate to admit that Biden was a disaster.
In Axelrod's case specifically, of all those people that we named, it seems to me as Obama's former campaign manager, as somebody who's obviously very close, To the Biden administration, this is a person whose mind is always focused on who can win and how to win and who can win and how to win.
I think in Axelrod's case, he has realized that Biden can't win.
And I actually find that incredibly encouraging.
Because if anybody is familiar with the extent to which the leftists can cheat in federal elections, David Axelrod would be among those people familiar with that.
So if he's pulling the panic button, On Biden, reluctantly admitting that this guy has to go because he can't win against Trump, then that proves to me that there's some semblance of election... Sure, so what happens when Biden doesn't leave?
25th Amendment?
Yeah, they're gonna remove him.
That's my gut, is once they get in motion, none of their puppets want to get blamed or attacked by the Biden machine, but the Biden machine's getting smaller and weaker, but the...
The levers have been flipped.
The juggernaut is rolling forward.
Biden goes.
That's what I think.
I think so, too.
The line seems to be breaking, too.
You hear reports of staffers quitting and things like that, too.
Everything's falling out from under them.
Well, that's why they called him Big Boy on TV yesterday.
Because that was the Pentagon spokesperson and the White House spokesperson attacking the president.
They were signaling, hey, we ain't with this guy.
I never could have even dreamed anything like this would even happen.
I thought it was the Twilight Zone when I saw your show at 5 o'clock.
I thought that's not real.
It's like House of Cards Kevin Spacey level stuff.
There's like, well he's gonna be a big boy now.
Who's up next?
We gotta go to break.
We'll do 5 more minutes.
Hey listen!
We're still here.
The products are there.
We're still on air.
We had all sorts of deep state tricks to shut us down.
God's in control.
But if you don't support us, we'll shut down for sure.
So it's like, if you think we're shut down and don't buy the products, we'll shut down because you believe they already beat us.
They haven't beaten us.
It's unbelievable behind-the-scenes stuff going on that I'm gonna have to expose, because I just got a rule.
I just tell you what's going on.
It's disgusting.
It's insane.
And I just can't do anything but tell the truth.
So you don't want to miss tomorrow's show.
But just go to InfoWarsTore.com, and there's a big 1776, a spirit of 1776 sale, up to 60% off right now.
We'll come back, take a few more callers.
I don't know what I'd do if I saw Fauci walking down the street or Bill Gates.
I mean, he's so outrageously evil.
He's such a murderer!
And we need to have, you know, you're a Christian, you're a father, you're a theologian, you're able to be really calm and nice about this.
I know you're pissed off about it, but the thing is, take action, folks.
Resist them.
Protect yourself from them.
Expose them.
What do we do biblically, do you think, to just spiritually be able to deal with this?
Well, we can't deal with stuff like this on our own.
You have to lean on God.
You have to.
Because when you look at what He is, He knows the beginning from the end.
He knows everything that we're going through.
In the midst of the storm, He brings peace.
We know how this game ends.
And we know who wins.
And the Bible tells us every knee must bow.
The knee of sickness, the knee of disease, the knee of all these things that we're seeing.
And we know what happens to the devil.
Jesus throws him in the pit.
And so we know who wins this.
But here's the thing.
God never told us that this life was going to be easy.
He never told us.
In fact, He told us the opposite.
He said, Jesus said, you know, take up your cross and follow me.
People are going to oppose you for following me.
But you know what?
The end result is going to be better if you follow me than if you don't.
So, look at the opposition, take the opposition, but never deviate from that path of following truth and following victory and that strength of God who created the universe, who put All of His creativity in us because we were created in His image.
We have to realize we've got that power of God pulsating through our veins every single day because we're created in His image and when we do that we can have confidence that like what Psalms tells us and we can rest under the shadow of His wings that the enemy will come near our tent but they can't come into it, right?
Look at the enemy.
They're all slaves.
Satan always destroys them.
Even before they die, we see them betrayed.
We see them destroyed.
And we see billions and billions of dollars spent by the federal government secretly, with just Walgreens and CVS alone, to not prescribe ivermectin.
So all this evil, you wonder, why are they not giving people the drugs that they now admit works?
Because they wanted to hurt people.
They wanted people fearful.
But it took billions to buy them off to do the evil, and the devil has the control of the purse.
He has the power of the earth right now.
He's the god of this world right now.
But it shows every bit of it is mercenaries working against their own self-interest for a little bit of money.
Our firm is just different.
We charge 8% when you purchase, 0% when you liquidate.
We buy directly from the depository in Shiner, Texas, the Texas Precious Metals Depository.
So their wholesale prices, you tack on 8%, they ship it directly to you.
When you sell it back, we take nothing Zero.
And whatever the depository prices are, you get all of it.
See, that's a huge difference from buying a rare coin, something that has a high commission, high premium, where even after the big move in silver that we've seen, You still haven't even broken even!
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Go on the site.
Check them out.
Call them.
Get a consultation.
Talk to them.
Email them.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
And for breaking news and updates, be sure and follow me at RealAlexJones, here on X.
Alright, big story up at Infowars.com House GOP leaders declare Biden unfit.
Call out Democrat media over cover-up of his mental decline.
They've known this for five years.
Back during the campaign.
Maria Z from Australia takes over than one hour.
Owen Schroer, The War Room.
Right now, let's go ahead and go to the next speaker.
Let's go to Kevin Castley.
Kevin, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Yeah, thanks everybody.
I'm going to keep this one really short.
Thank you for having me on, Alex.
I just want to say with regards to the real danger here, what scares me the most is that I don't know if you folks know this, but you can Google Able Archer 83.
The biggest threat is even a miscommunication with regards to World War III.
I mean, we were on the brink of nuclear war, and then NATO people and their hubris didn't even realize it.
It only came to light after the Cold War ended that we realized how close it was.
I remember that.
In fact, mention that again.
What was the name of that event?
Yeah, it was Able Archer 83.
and why it was so dangerous was it was just a routine war game.
But the thing is, the Soviets thought of it as a potential invasion plot.
And what I'm worried about is that Putin might interpret even routine money-making
as an attempt to control.
Well, you know, they always use a war game as a cover for attacks.
That's why you do war games, so you never know when it's really coming.
Yeah, exactly.
It's like Barbarossa was a war game, right?
So they have that in their mindset to look out for that sort of thing.
Yeah, for folks who don't know, the Germans did a war game that was the real German invasion of Barbarossa.
Yeah, absolutely.
And so I'm going to keep things short here, so thank you for having me on.
I just wanted to say, you know, even without malintent, things could go south.
You know, we could have World War III, just in the hubris of people thinking it couldn't happen, you know?
No, I agree.
The idea that we've already in a hundred years had two giant two world wars, and oh, it's not going to happen because it had to happen because you're 50 years old.
Great points.
You want to comment, Chase?
Take one more commenter?
Let's go to Nico.
Nico's back in the chat.
Nico, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
I see your hand raised.
Thanks, brother, for having me up here.
Appreciate it.
Great space.
Trump 2024 all the way.
Also, make sure to support Alex Jones's product.
One of them is the Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
Make sure to pick it up.
It does work.
Just want to second my brother, George.
He nailed it on the head.
He said a lot of great points.
Going back to the situation with Africa and Muammar Gaddafi, alright, during Obama's presidency.
We killed him in 2011.
We had no business going over there.
Even if we went there, we created a vacuum.
Same thing we did in Afghanistan.
We went in there, we pulled out, created a vacuum, and the Taliban is in charge.
Right now, what China is doing, they're creating modern day slaves in Africa, alright?
So, what is the Biden regime doing as far as China and Russia being all over Africa?
The only way to fix this mess, like George said, like all of us, I hope all of us know, is to get Trump back into office, and I'll end right there.
Thank you for having me up as a speaker.
All right.
Thank you, brother.
Sorry to all the other speakers.
We're out of time.
We'll, I guess, keep the streaming for a while.
Maria Z is coming up, but we should do some more of these spaces soon.
It was a lot of fun.
Great speakers.
I'll be able to follow you on that.
Just follow me at RealChaseGuys or follow Alex Jones at RealAlexJones.
Go to InfowarsStore.com and that'll do it.
Alright, and I'm on Real Alex Jones.
They can shut down Infowars anytime the deep state's trying to shut us down.
And I just keep telling you that.
You see the news.
They're shut down next week.
It doesn't happen because we're fighting.
But it doesn't mean it won't happen.
So pray for us.
Pray for InfoWars.
That's the most important thing I'd say.
Please say a prayer for the operation, for the crew, for everything we do to reach more people.
Just whatever God leads you to do, please today.
I'm asking you.
More important than buying product, more important than spreading the word.
Please, today, tonight, when you get ready to go to bed, just kneel down by your bed and say, God, InfoWars has done a lot of good, if you agree with this message.
Please help it reach more people, and please protect the crew, and please help this operation continue on.
That's your mission.
I'm asking you now to pray for InfoWars.
Please pray for this operation.
We can be shut down anytime.
There's stuff I haven't told you about yet.
We're very close to being shut down.
We've survived so many times, but we don't take it for granted.
Please pray for us right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Zee of ZMedia.com, and it is an honor to be with you all here today.
Every single time that InfoWars is live, whoever is hosting, it is an honor and a blessing Because of the importance of this network and the difference that it has made and is continuing to make in the world.
So I thank everyone for their support for InfoWars over the years.
It has been instrumental and Alex has been instrumental to my upbringing all throughout my teenage years and even my adult life.
Alex has been A beacon of truth, a beacon of light in this world.
And I know that that is the case for so many.
So I'm grateful to him and this platform for everything that they've done to wake up humanity and make us strong.
It's not just about waking us up.
It's about making us strong.
It's about making us resilient, being prepared for the absolute worst, because we see just how far these maniacs want to take it.
And that's what my broadcast today really is about.
I cover current events a lot.
But one thing that I have focused on quite a bit in my reporting is what they actually want to achieve.
And what the UN has published in terms of the real reason for Agenda 2030 and what it is that they're trying to ultimately achieve in terms of transhumanism It's absolutely terrifying, and I've done an extensive series on what's called bio-digital convergence, covering official Government of Canada documents, Policy Horizons Canada documents, and that series was several hours.
I've done the same with what's called the UN100 or Agenda 2045, which is the key driving
factor of Agenda 2030.
Let me tell you that any world leader that is talking about climate change and net zero,
no matter how right-wing they seem, needs to be inspected with a magnifying glass.
And it makes me incredibly, incredibly happy to hear President Trump denying the climate change hoax and talking about how he's not going to ban fuel vehicles, electric vehicles.
Sure, they should be an option, but to mandate them for everyone?
That is a signal to the globalists that he's not going along with their Sustainable Development Goal agenda.
Believe me, that is one of our main markers in this day and age as to whether or not someone should be considered as a serious candidate for leading a country.
Because what the UN is trying to achieve through the Sustainable Development Goals is literal hell on earth.
And so I want to go through some of what they have said in their book, Remaking the World Towards an Age of Global Enlightenment.
I want to cover some of the highlights of this book for everyone today.
And I'm going to show you the social contract for the AI age.
I'm going to show you the fact that they are considering human beings to be objects, not actually humans.
And mind you, this is the AI World Society that the UN has published and said that we're all now part of and we're now in a social contract, a new social contract, and the UN calls us objects and not humans.
This is the most suppressed topic that I have found on X.
It is one that gets immediately flooded with bots.
It's one that gets shadow banned.
The globalists and their bots don't want you to know about this topic.
It's the reason for central bank digital currency.
It's the reason for smart cities.
It's the reason for digital ID.
Every single The lunatic thing that we see, including wanting to ban you from going out into nature and keeping you in your zones and keeping you tracked and traced, is contained within this book, and this book explains the reasons for it.
So before I get into some of the highlights of this book, I've sent through some videos to the team which I really want to go through and to show everyone some of what the globalists have said are going to be the things that are going to be achieved past 2030.
Now, some of these clips I've pulled off, you know, futurist accounts on YouTube, people that are interested in the technological advances.
And it's very important to see what sort of dystopian world they're trying to create in motion before I take you through some of the highlights of this book.
So team, if you can queue up clip one, nanotechnology, please.
First, let's take a look at nanotechnology.
Over the years, scientists have made exciting developments and discovered numerous innovative applications for nanotechnology.
As it stands, nanotechnology has the potential to change life as we know it.
Experts in the field believe that nanobots will, in the future, be fitted into our brains to connect us to the virtual world more readily and faster.
With the use of brain-computer interface technology, technology, the mind and computer will be one, making
humans very powerful beings with access to endless information and solutions to problems
that the mind wouldn't be able to solve.
If nanotechnology reaches that stage, there may be no need for gadgets like phones and
That we have exposed on this network and seen media exposed on several of our broadcasts
in terms of, and Greg Reese especially has done some great research on this topic.
If you haven't seen his interviews on, sorry, his videos on nanotechnology, you must go and watch his channel on Band.
Because This is something that was achieved to a very, very large degree through the COVID injections.
At bare minimum, the largest experiment that they've ever done in nanotechnology through these injections.
And it's admitted that the COVID injections are nanotechnology injections.
In fact, in Biden's nanotechnology initiative, it admits in there that the COVID injections are already nanotechnology injections.
I'm not going to go into all of the details about nanotechnology in this broadcast, but I want people to understand that this is the goal.
The goal is to have nanobots in your brain.
In fact, Neil deGrasse Tyson was interviewing with Ray Kurzweil a little while ago, and he said, oh, by 2030 we're going to have these, we're all expected to have these nanorobots in our brain that can kind of, you know, we can control devices and link with the internet and everything.
Just openly saying it.
And Kurzweil said, well, no, it's not really going to be ready until 2030, but by then we'll be ready to roll it out.
Well, we're just a few years short of that now, and I dare say they've already experimented on the populations through mandates.
Now we go from the extinction of phones to the eradication of death.
Well, by 2050, the finality of death may be a thing of the past.
With the brain connected to a computer through BCI technology, the information stored in our brains can be transferred into a hard disk, like computer files.
That means the data, including memories, can be retrieved and uploaded into another being, maybe a more advanced humanoid robot.
This way, the best minds in every field will be preserved and able to continue working on innovations.
So these transhumanists are absolutely obsessed with life extension and they are saying now that we'll be able to upload humans into robots, we're going to have these robots walking around with, I don't know, your loved one's consciousness and you can see how a lot of us think that that's just simply a disgusting idea.
We appreciate that life begins and life ends and there's really no way of becoming immortal other than the way in which God designed, which was the life that comes after this one.
But they are anti-God, they're anti-creation.
And so they say that, you know, we're going to get your consciousness and upload it into a robot.
And we think, well, that's gross.
We're going to respect the cycle of life and we're not going to go about things that way.
Except that a lot of people, you can see how a lot of people will be tempted by this.
People that are ridden with grief.
People that don't want to, can't let go of a loved one.
Well, I won't say can't, but don't want to let go of a loved one.
And will do this for ongoing companionship.
I mean, we already have people, you know, getting into relationships with AI bots because they're lonely.
They're having a really tough time in this world.
It's something new.
It's something exciting.
And so, We can see how people will be roped into this.
I want to go into... What did we just play?
We just played 3D printing.
My apologies, everyone.
Was it 3D printing or Extinction of Death that you just played, team?
Extinction of Death.
Okay, good.
So what we'll do is go into Clip 2, which is 3D printing.
If you can please queue that one up.
If the current trend of open source 3D printable files continues, it will not be long before everyone prints their own large objects, like furniture and weapons.
Well, here's an idea.
How about developing an affordable 3D printer for food?
That could be the end of world hunger, despite global warming.
So of course they say that because of global warming we're going to have world hunger and this is a common line by the UN, you know, if we don't achieve the sustainable development goals, which is really just depopulation goals, we are not going to be able to stop climate change and world hunger.
The interesting thing about the printing of 3DMeet is that when you read Policy Horizons Canada Bio-Digital Convergence, and I recommend everyone if you go to the ZMedia tab on band.video or even zmedia.com and just type in Bio-Digital Convergence, watch that series.
You will be astounded at what the Canadian government is already planning for.
All governments are, whether they've published it or not yet.
They say that essentially, you know, you won't be cooking for yourself or ordering.
If you do order food, it'll come from a selected globalist picked distribution centre.
It'll be delivered to you by drone.
AI will be deciding what you need to eat, and in fact, the Canadian government says, well, you're going to wake up in the morning and because of all of these nanobots and biosensors that you have inside of your body, AI is going to tell you what food you need to 3D print for the day.
And, I mean, I can't even imagine what nutrients will you have from this 3D printed food.
If any, it's going to be full, you know, what the drones are delivering.
It's going to be full of gene editing, gene altering substances to cyborgise you.
So we need to support our farmers.
We need to absolutely not allow them to remove our food supply, leaving us with only the food that they want to feed us.
Please go to clip 4 AI, please.
Artificial intelligence.
Something that may be available for everyone is artificial intelligence.
Already more advanced than most of the innovations mentioned here, the development of artificial intelligence will only get better through the years.
Experts in the field believe that AI will surpass the processing power of living brains.
That wouldn't be scary if it didn't open the door to the robopocalypse.
Luckily, scientists still have to figure out how to impart all the important human values into an AI before it can become a part of our everyday life.
But the rise of AI will, of course, change the face of the workforce.
Not only that, but the job market will also face radical change.
And with the way things are going, about half of the world's current jobs will be extinct, taken over by AI machines and robots.
So that is an incredibly important point that people need to realize about how absolutely, you know, this is such an existential threat to humanity, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.
And again, I go back to why it's so important at this current time.
AI is set, in that video they say, set to take 50% of jobs.
It's actually, you know, estimated to be a lot more than that.
Their plan is to put people on a universal basic income and have you a slave forever to the government because you can't get a universal basic income unless you are compliant and the UN admits to that inside this book that we're going to go through today.
You can't, unless you are absolutely in alignment with the world citizen or the AI world citizen values, the value system, you're not even allowed to participate in the world unless you're part of their value system.
This is why censorship exists.
It's not just to silence the truth, but it's also to retrain, to train their AI on their value system, right?
So you are going to be excluded from society If you don't participate in that value system and qualify for a UBI, they plan to eliminate your jobs.
And so it is absolutely vital to have people in elected positions of power that understand how destructive this agenda is, deny the climate hoax at all costs, because that is one of the main key drivers for achieving what they want to achieve.
Please go to Clip 5 Metaverse.
Now we move on to the Metaverse.
Since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced it, virtual reality and AI have been assimilated into our everyday life through the social media giant.
For those who may be a bit confused about the Metaverse, you're not alone, and you've come to the right place.
The Metaverse is a virtual reality computer-generated environment in which you can interact with other users through AI-enabled software.
So, it's about simulation, with avatars representing users.
As Metaverse functions get more developed, by 2050 it will be able to offer a full virtual experience.
That includes shopping, to travel right from the comfort of your own home.
People will have the option to share their virtual experiences with the world.
Imagine taking a trip to your favorite holiday destination with your family, only you're not physically there.
That's what the Metaverse will offer.
So in the Biodigital Convergence Canada documents, Policy Horizons Canada documents, they actually talk about, and a lot of, you know, the nanotechnology studies talk about the fact that you will not be able to travel.
And we know that the goal is to ban people from travelling more than 1,500 kilometres or around 900 miles per person every three years.
That's all that they want to be able to, that's the travel they want to limit you to.
So all those people who got injected to travel, oops, sorry, And so they say that even visiting your loved ones, you're going to do through a hologram in your lounge room, and because you're going to have all these sensors inside your body, when you hug your hologram mum, you're going to feel like you're really giving her a hug, but it's not going to be
Your mum.
But you're going to have all the sensations, you're going to have the oxytocin release, you're going to have, you're going to feel her skin because the nanotechnology inside of you is going to enable you to feel those sensations even though you're not really hugging your mum.
These people actually have this planned.
It's not like, I understand that it's a fantasy and I understand that it's a pipe dream and it's bizarre, but they actually have this planned and they're actually working towards this.
Tim, if you can go to clip 6, money please.
Next is money.
Even though we will still use money, one thing that has been used less and less over the years is cash.
Keeping up with that trend, cash will most likely no longer be used in 2050.
All transactions will be done virtually, and new modes of financial transactions will emerge because of AI and decentralized finance.
As the world slowly starts to adopt those technologies, We may not even have to do our own grocery shopping anymore, making traditional paper and plastic money even less useful.
Like Tesla, which orders its own car parts as needed, our automated pantries and refrigerators may order our groceries.
No more getting the wrong milk, or even running out of milk.
So, this is something that was written in the letter, the year is 2030, I have no privacy and life has never been better, published on the World Economic Forum's website and also published in Forbes by Ida Orkin, she's a WEF puppet.
And she says, I don't really think for myself anymore.
The algorithm orders whatever I need.
Sometimes I'll think about what I might want to order.
But the problem is, you know, even when they tell you about, oh, your fridge will order your milk for you or you're missing ingredients.
Well, they don't plan to allow you to have milk.
They are planning on banning milk and all animal products.
And so you will only have, the algorithm will dictate your entire life.
The algorithm will be the legal system, the AI will be the health system, the AI will be absolutely everything in the global brain sort of hive mind.
The final clip from that YouTube presentation I want to show you is clip 7, Hologram TV.
Interactive hologram televisions will exist, meaning that you can verbally call up your hologram TV and it will appear right in front of you.
The best part?
You will never have to look for the remote again, because you can control the TV with your mind using nanotechnology.
Just control the TV with your mind using nanotechnology!
Wow, that's just great!
That is some creepy stuff, guys.
Just back to that previous video on money, they want to eliminate all cash and go completely digital because that is how they lock society into this UBI and AI takeover.
So without The elimination of cash, they cannot achieve their goals successfully.
They need everyone hooked in, hooked into the matrix, hooked into the internet of everything.
If we keep cash alive, they can't achieve that goal, so it's absolutely vital to do so.
I don't know about you, maybe some people think it's really cool to be able to control your television with your brain using nanotechnology.
What about hacking?
What about people that are going to hack your brain?
What about Rand Corporation that says we'll be able to coerce people and manipulate them to do things they wouldn't normally do?
Or Yuval Noah Harari that says humans are hackable animals and they're useless and we're just going to drug them and keep them busy with video games?
So whilst the futurists present this really cool world of, you know, controlling your TV with your brain, what they fail to recognise is what the globalists are saying they will be able to do with this technology.
The fact that they call you a hackable animal is really outrageous.
Again, I'm showing you all of this to show you the importance of getting leaders elected and getting people into politics who absolutely Denounce this agenda.
At all costs.
At all costs.
Now I want to play a couple of clips, and there's just a couple more, which show a bit of a different side.
This is a darker, dystopian side.
This is actually from a fictional scenario, and I do apologise that I can't remember who actually posted it, because it's done very well.
This is a fictional scenario for the future of Smart Cities.
Team, play clip 8, please.
...around different levels of artificial intelligence, with a central AI brain that receives and sends data to all of the connected machines in the city.
From the surveillance drones, the self-driving cars, to the drone delivery apartment buildings, and so much more.
The streets have no lanes or traffic lights.
The City AI creates an hourly digital road layout for the self-driving cars and vehicles.
More lanes are created during rush hours, and streets are erased during weekends to create more pedestrian spaces.
The digital road layout is also adjusted based on weather, construction, and special events.
So people might think that's really cool, managing traffic well, and I just did a live stream on this last night because they've just announced these micro cities officially in Australia.
And so once again, Australia is leading the charge when it comes to the implementation of Agenda 2030, the true testing ground of the New World Order.
Um, and, uh, or at least a major one.
Uh, and so they talk about, you know, the reduction in traffic and the convenience and living locally and having everything at your fingertips and the, your child's school, you don't have to travel in peak hour traffic.
It's all going to be beautiful and flowing great.
But what they fail to tell you is that with this convenience comes an extreme cost to your privacy and your liberty because you won't be allowed to leave.
Geofencing will prevent your bank account from working when you step outside of your 15-minute city.
In fact, there is already an area in Canada that is requiring people to register before they leave or before they enter.
have to pay to enter, to visit, and also register to leave their place of residence.
It starts off with registration, it starts off with QR coding to leave your house,
and then it ends up, well, unless you've been a good, obedient little slave, you can't actually
leave at all, and then it's, well, actually, you can't leave anyway because climate change.
The goal really is to ban people from going into nature.
This is admitted by the Council on Foreign Relations where they say, no, we need to protect 80% of the land for the rights of Indigenous people because they care so much about Indigenous people, everyone.
Injecting them under trees with no gloves on like they did in Australia and getting the military to escort them to concentration camps in the middle of the night during COVID for a community that wasn't even sick against their will.
Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back with the rest of their agenda after this short break.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Zee of ZeeMedia.com, and we are covering the UN's plan to destroy the world as we know it through their Age of Global Enlightenment, enforcing the AI World Society on Humanity.
Just before the break, we played a clip showing how the AI brain would be what is in charge of smart cities that they are planning to attempt to force everyone into.
We're going to play the Robots in Your Home video now.
Clip nine, please.
Buildings have been redesigned.
Apartment buildings have drone landing pads on the roof where deliveries are made.
A small elevator brings the package down into the building and a robot collects it and delivers it to the person's door, where a robotic post box brings the package into the home.
So when they tell you about sustainable construction and sustainable development, just keep these clips.
Again, this is a fictional creation of what smart cities could look like.
But watching that and reading their documents, the similarities are astounding.
Because it really is.
The elimination of all human workforce, drones and robots taking control over everything, you're trapped, you have no way out, you have to eat Bill Gates' cancer meat that's delivered by drone and, you know, probably take injections, I don't know, three times a day, like equilibrium.
If you haven't seen that film, I recommend it because that's really what they're trying to do here.
I want to play two more clips very quickly.
We have clip 10, drones.
City streetlights have platforms on top where the drones are able to recharge.