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Name: 20240630_Sun_Alex
Air Date: June 30, 2024
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While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
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Tomorrow's news.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Start your tape right now, because I'm about to tell you the truth.
And F you if you can't handle the truth.
This version of Biden is the best Biden ever.
In fact, I think he's better than he's ever been.
President Biden has a photographic memory.
His understanding and mastery of a complicated geopolitical situation is remarkable.
He is sharp, intensely probing, and detail-oriented and focused.
Jackie, are you here?
Where's Jackie?
I didn't think she was going to be here.
I was sitting, you know, two feet from him, across the table, and he was, you know, intense.
Had trouble walking sometimes?
Yeah, so did FDR.
He wanted GD war.
But he's totally focused and he's very sharp.
They say he's sharp in meetings and so on.
Very lucid, very well informed.
Biden is state lead, he comes with gravitas.
There hasn't been, as far as I know, a single claim that Biden made a mistake.
Listen, if anybody in America thinks that that was even close to being an okay debate by Joe Biden.
I'm living in a parallel universe.
The universal reaction was somewhere approaching panic.
Right now as we speak, there is a deep, a wide, and a very aggressive panic in the Democratic Party.
There's a full-on panic about this performance.
Biden had a terrible night.
He could not land a thought.
Not even in the closing statement, which is something, that's the easiest part.
Write down a few words, go through, go through the thoughts.
That was an unmitigated disaster for President Biden from the second he walked out to the closing statement.
Again, it was terrible.
It was terrible.
That was painful.
There's no way to spin it.
I mean, can you say that you are not concerned at all having watched the president's performance tonight?
It was a slow start.
That's obvious to everyone.
I'm not going to debate that point.
Yeah, look, it was a really disappointing debate performance from Joe Biden.
I don't think there's any way, any other way to slice it.
President Biden seeming extremely feeble, seeming extremely weak.
The only job that Joe Biden had last night was to reassure America that he was not too old to do the job.
And he failed.
Joe Biden's job was to reassure them tonight.
His job was to calm his party, to make them feel that, yes, I can do this.
I have four more years in me.
I have the ability and the stamina and the strength to do four more years.
He did not do that.
Joe, you did such a great job.
You answered every question.
You knew all the facts.
Good doggy!
And let me ask the crowd, what did Trump do?
This cannot be real life!
Ladies and gentlemen, we're live.
It's Sunday, June 30th, 2024.
Turning into Biden, can't talk suddenly.
127 days, 7 hours, 55 minutes, 41 seconds.
The most important election in world history.
We're gonna take a quick break, join a bunch of radio stations.
And Roger Stone's coming up to break major bombshell news.
In the second hour, get ready, the globalists...
The Globalists are in a lot of trouble.
But they're going to strike back.
And I've got the inside baseball and major breaking news tonight.
So however you're watching or listening, spread the word and say the revolution is on air
now at Infowars.com/show, Vandot Video and Real Alex Jones on X.
Stay with us.
Oh yeah.
The globalists are in a lot of trouble.
Everybody is awakening from a deep coma and discovering the bedlam and oppression all
around them.
The world is in a state of panic.
The sleeping giant is no longer asleep.
It's Sunday Live!
We'll be here for the next four hours as we are each Sunday evening.
4 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Coming to you from the heart of Texas until 8 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
127 days, 7 hours, 53 minutes, 25 seconds.
Until the most important election in world history.
The great fourth turning is here, and the globalists are meant to have total tyranny take over during this period.
There are times when nothing happens in decades, and times when decades happen in weeks.
To quote V.I.
Lenin, who was evil but was right, we are in not just a regular turning, When the society status quo liquefies from a solid state to a malleable state, we are in the mega-turning.
Ladies and gentlemen, happens every 90 plus years on average.
We're in the big daddy one right now.
And it means a lot of good things are gonna happen, a lot of bad things are happening, but it means that evil people have a greater power right now, and good people have greater power, but the real people that have the power to give power, but don't use their power, and sit on the sideline, is the spectators and people that still really think all that matters is entertainment on Netflix, and don't realize the world and all the incredible things happening, the good, the bad, and the ugly, are passing them by.
They're already robots.
They don't need to be turned into robots in the Matrix.
Here's the deal.
I am so frustrated, in a good way, that we have 100% hole-in-one nailed it in the last decade on air.
Sure, I've been on air 30 years and we had about a 95% accuracy, but lately it's like at 99.
And it is stunning to me.
To see how on target I've been, how on target the callers have been, how on target our incredible guests have been.
But see, that's what we do.
We have the luxury of not working for the globalists, so we work for the people, and we're all on the same team, and we're all learning more together each day, and we're innovative, and we're not controlled by censors.
They try to control us, but our work product is not controlled by the enemy.
They try to block it.
And we have absolutely, totally, and completely nailed what's going on.
And I only point that out not to say, oh, I'm so great.
Give me a gold star.
It's to say more people are now tuning in than ever before.
And folks really now know.
That we've been way ahead of the curve and it's not about the credit.
It's about now folks are going to really listen more so that we're not just proving right after something happens.
We can now stop bad things from happening because enough people are listening.
We can get ahead of it, which is what we've been trying to do the whole time.
But as I said, 20 plus years ago, Going into the New World Order from beta to operational, most of it won't be stopped, but people will see us calling it perfectly over and over again.
It will add credibility, and then as things get worse and worse and worse, we'll hit a tipping point where folks go, okay, it really is this bad.
Let's admit how bad it is, not in a nihilistic or negative way, but in a positive way to fix the problems.
That said, Watching Bill Maher and The View and the Democrat mouthpieces come out and act like now they're on our side, and come out and act like now they've always been against Joe Biden, and to come out and pretend all of this just magically happened on accident is a fraud.
It is an oligarchy of bureaucrats and permanent deep state operatives who've been in control of Democrat and Republican parties.
And now what's been unfolding is Trump, and before that the Tea Party, and this show, and Ron Paul, built a beachhead in the Republican Party and began to take it over.
And now Trump's got about 70% control of the Republican Party.
When he got elected seven and a half plus years ago, he only had maybe 20% control.
And that's why the globalists are so scared.
That's why multiple former CIA directors and others have said the Republican Party is the most dangerous evil force on earth.
It is more dangerous than Russia or China or terrorists.
You mean dangerous to your corrupt evil system.
I've got the CNN headlines, you name it.
CIA director Under Bush says today the Republican Party is more nihilistic and dangerous than terror groups.
Here's another headline.
GOP is most dangerous political force in the world, Michael Hayden says.
Dangerous to their evil globalist crime syndicate that's hijacked our nation.
What do I want to grow up to be when I'm a big boy?
A threat to the new world order.
Love to come in with that great Rob Zombie remake of American Band.
And the little kid at the first goes, when I grow up, I want to be a rock star.
What I've been saying for a decade, playing that song.
When I grow up, I want to destroy the New World Order.
And they call us nihilistic, as if we don't care about being deplatformed, imprisoned, attacked, killed.
They go, oh, that's nihilistic.
No, we're not sociopaths like you.
We're the opposite of nihilistic.
We are pro-human.
We are pro-God.
We are moralistic.
We're based on ideology.
Sure, money's fine.
That's just a sign of energy, a sign of will.
That's all great.
What matters is what will are we engaging in?
That is, on my hierarchical pyramid of needs, the top of the pyramid, not the bottom of the pyramid.
And so I'm not just trying to get material gain at the expense of my worldview and God's spirit leading, guiding, and directing me.
Money is just something to be used to try to make a better world, obviously.
Why would you want to have a bunch of money and then you can't even spend it and have to build a bunker and live in it because you've destroyed the planet like the globalists are doing?
It doesn't even make sense!
Why rob and steal and collapse society?
To a point of most globalists won't even have children.
And are rejecting humanity.
So, we have nailed it like parrots squawking 24-7.
Going back, I'm gonna have the Archivist do this tomorrow, he's not on today.
There are great Archivists here at InfoWars.
Because everybody's circulating Roger Stone and Alex Jones clips from a year ago.
Us saying it'll be Michelle Obama, right before the inauguration.
They will say that Biden is a complete bumbling idiot.
And he's already been doing it publicly.
They would have just denied it if they wanted to keep him in Thursday night.
No, they're like, oh my God, this is the first time we've seen this.
He's got to go.
He suddenly is a vegetable.
No, they had it all pre-planned.
I mean, I've probably said the last three and a half years, because he stole the election, conservatively 500 times, that they will say he's got to go in June.
Totally nailed it.
You've heard it hundreds of times, like, yeah, we heard you say it.
It's not about bragging.
It's like, how do we nail it perfectly?
Because we know the enemy operation, which means we can expose what we're going to do next and stop them.
I said by June, they'll all come out.
The Democratic Party, New York Times, Washington Post, it's all happened.
Editorial boards, Biden must step down.
And then we'll either have a medical problem or they'll assassinate him and claim a Trump supporter did it.
They may do that and they can make hay out of that while also replacing him.
Or have the delegates revolt at the convention in Chicago in three, four weeks, three and a half weeks.
I'll put the exact date up on screen for the DNC convention in Chicago, the virtual one.
So this has been planned a long time.
And we even called exactly, I mean, just hole-in-one precision, like when you fire a cruise missile from a thousand miles and it shoots down somebody's chimney.
I mean, we're dropping bombs from space and they're hitting postage stamps.
And I say that again because we're not getting out of a crystal ball or from some gypsy wagon on the side of the highway, or in some séance.
I'm not, you know, taking DMT and talking to the Easter Bunny to find this out.
This is constant research and constant watching the enemy.
And the easiest part is their past actions, their current actions, and their pre-programming.
So they've been gaslighting that Biden's the smartest, greatest, photographic memory, you know, better golfer than Tiger Woods.
I mean, he's just God on Earth.
Because an oligarchy of special interest are getting away with massive crimes, human trafficking, hundreds of billions stolen with Ukraine, selling our secrets to China.
I mean, they are getting filthy rich, and Biden doesn't know what planet he's on.
And the Justice Department has already said, because he is not cognizant, that he can't be tried.
But he can be the President.
They said that almost a year ago.
So now you've got polls out.
CBS News, 72 percent.
Other polls, 73, 75 percent.
Democrats want him to step down because they're like trained SEALs.
Oh, he's the smartest man in the world.
He's never stepped down.
Now, oh my God, he's the dumbest man in the world.
He's got to step down right now.
Jill's abusing him.
This is terrible.
On and on and on.
So the bigger issue is the corporate media and the controllers behind the scenes, and as I've said hundreds of times, the political deep state oligarchy, where it isn't like Hitler where you can take out Hitler and now you defeated the Nazis.
They've got hundreds and hundreds deep of people ready to step up and take control because they're already in control.
But Axios and Politico have all come out.
They're now calling it, as of yesterday, the Biden oligarchy.
And they're saying, they're even putting on a card deck of, well, if they won't step down, now we've got to put pressure on the people around Biden because they've been telling him he's got to step down at the convention.
He's saying no.
So they indict Hunter.
They convict Hunter.
Now they've politically humiliated him in front of the world and Jill's up there saying, I'm not leaving because she knows she's in charge.
So it's inner fighting or inside tribal warfare.
Inside of their system right now, which shows as a total runaway train, they're now admitting that for a year, not even high-level aides can see Biden.
Only five or six people.
He's kept in one wing of the White House.
He's drugged up, rolled out.
He can only operate from 10 a.m.
to 4 p.m.
or you get a disaster.
No matter how many drugs you give him, by nighttime, the way the brain works, he suns downs.
And I've had family that are, you know, start getting neurological things, grandpas, you name it.
And they're still sharp.
They're still there in the morning.
And by four o'clock, everybody who's older has had family.
This has happened to you.
It's sad.
And I mean, I've got close family right now that is still as sharp as they were when I knew them 50 years ago.
And now at eight o'clock at night, I mean, it's sad because they're not there.
And that's just how this works.
And I'm sure it'll happen to me, too, you know, at some point.
And so You, anyone that's been around has seen this in your own life.
You know what you're seeing.
But the bigger issue is they lied to everybody because he was already had some dementia and sundowning and serious problems when they stole the election four years ago.
But for several years he's been completely out of his gourd and now it's deteriorating so fast.
that they can't hide it.
But it was always the plan.
He even said, right before they stole the election four years ago,
that we ought to try to find the clip.
Guys, the clip's called something like, "Biden says he might get an illness and resign as president."
And he said, basically, almost word for word, he goes, "Well, once I get in, I'm not worried about Kamala Harris
being the president or somebody else.
You know, maybe I'll just get a little quick overnight illness and I'll resign."
So, he agreed when they did this, that he was going to be a placeholder for whoever the Obamas and the globalists
wanted to put in four years later.
But Jill and the rest of them are dug in and you've got a fight between these gangs and he's refusing to go.
So they are going to eviscerate Jill, Dr. Jill Biden.
They're going to eviscerate, they're already putting out articles about who are the people around him, who are the loyalists.
And you'll start seeing the Justice Department.
I mean, they've got the indictments ready.
I would say within days, if he doesn't start saying he's going to resign or agree to finish out his term and leave and not run, because he's not going to leave now.
He'll just agree to be there for five more months until the inauguration, six more months.
However long it is from now to the actual inauguration, because that's an extra 79 days from the November election to the swearing in there on the Capitol grounds.
So this is where we are right now.
This is a big deal.
And it's very, very dangerous with all the nuclear weapons and the war with Russia and all the rest of the craziness going on.
To have a bunch of bureaucrats that are in there stealing money as fast as they can with special deals, and then no one's even managing anything.
It's coming out of the Pentagon that trillions more is missing, and submarines are failing, and jets are failing, and everything's falling apart, and no one's returning calls about serious issues in the infrastructure because they're just grabbing as much money as they can get.
So, think about two airline pilots coming in for a landing.
And they're busy with nobody flying the plane with guns on the passengers, demanding they put their watches and jewelry and cash into a bag.
And you're like saying to the pilots, well, what are you doing?
Who's going to land the plane?
And they're saying, I'm getting rich.
You're like, yeah, we're about to crash the plane.
I'm getting rich.
It won't matter.
So that's my analogy.
The plane's coming in for a landing.
It's not on autopilot.
And the pilots are busy robbing everybody at gunpoint in the back, saying, I told you, bitch!
Put the gold watch in the bag, I'll blow your head off!
And the woman's like saying, dude, we're about to crash!
You're crazy!
And that's the nature of how tyranny works throughout history.
So they are now officially calling the White House the Biden oligarchy, and Axios and Politico are always the mouthpieces that put out the new terms domestically.
So you'll be hearing by tomorrow on CNN, MSNBC, you name it.
That there's a Biden oligarchy that's really in control and they refuse to go.
Well, they've been in control since they stole the election.
He's always been their puppet.
And the head of the oligarchy is Obama.
And people are like, well, he's not going to leave.
Obama came out and said everybody has a bad debate night.
Obama is being the good cop, acting like he's not trying to hurt Biden and letting all of his surrogates destroy him so at the proper moment he can come in.
But they already have Big Mike coming out and criticizing Biden.
The night of the debate, there's video of that of her on television, or he, on television, Big Mikey.
So, sometimes I see the incredible shallowness of people, because it wasn't just liberals.
When I was pointing out that when Obama came out and said that Friday, and I said, look, he's doing this to keep his hands clean.
People were like, oh no, he's doing that because Biden's going to stay in.
No, he's doing that because he doesn't want the political blowback.
He stays out of the actual fray.
And as other henchmen do his dirty work, that's how this works.
And it's just insane to see how politically ignorant still people are that claim they know how things work.
There is an enemy playbook.
We know who the different factions are.
We know what their plans are.
We know the dangers.
We know how to stop them.
We know their next moves.
And that's what we're going to walk through with Roger Stone coming up in the next hour, because he's the guy that first exposed that Big Mike is going to run three and a half years ago, and that they're going to draft Big Mike, and that Big Mike's going to be reluctant.
Well, now the New York Times, The Washington Post's seen it, and they're like, well, Big Mike doesn't want to do it, but it looks like Big Mike's going to be drafted.
Word for word, what we told you, they're now doing.
Roger Stone's only been in 10 major, 11 major campaigns.
He's only worked in four White Houses.
He only has his ear to the ground.
I mean, what does he know?
He's only, you know, Trump's chief advisor.
I mean, what does he know?
Let's not listen to the top expert they try to throw in prison.
It's like, it's like if Tom Brady put on a football camp.
I mean, what does that guy know?
I mean, what does Tom Brady know about football?
Yeah, you know, you're just right all the time.
You're just the most winning.
You're just the best.
We're just not going to listen to you.
See, my job's easy.
I surround myself, knock my earpiece off, sorry.
I surround myself with people that are right over and over and over and over again.
That's the luxury of my job.
Because I'm not paid to lie.
I'm paid by you to tell the truth because that's what I do anyways.
So it works really great because that's how I am anyways.
It just so happens we're super successful so I just go on the air and say what I'm thinking and what I'm reading and what I'm researching.
So I've spent time pointing out how we were right about everything in the past.
Now it's happening exactly like we had a time machine before your eyes right now, but I want to explain to you the different scenarios of how this is going to go and how this is going to unfold.
And while we said this can't be allowed to be done, and it's a warning to the establishment that's too busy stealing money and running around partying all day to actually research what you're in charge of, you guys are sitting on top of a giant time bomb, a factory of time bombs.
I mean, this is so dangerous, throwing the world into this, doing all this, with their plans to trigger civil unrest they call civil war, and then they bring in martial law, and they're expanding the FEMA camps.
They've got an actual plan.
If Biden doesn't step down, and I'm not saying they're going to do it, they've got plans, they've got options, they've got a playbook.
Like cards in your hand, okay?
And I know what cards they've got in their hand, because they've been pre-programming them.
And the big one is assassinating Biden and saying a Trump supporter did it.
Now they know people might not buy that, so they might just poison him or say he's had a stroke, or give him too many meds or something.
Or he could die anyways.
People still think they killed him.
And they'll try to blame that somehow on Trump and the American people.
And then maybe he gets wise and he steps down, but he's not in control.
His own little gang is, so they probably won't.
So it comes down to them probably removing him or the delegates refusing to at the closed, sealed virtual Chicago event.
But that's why Biden went to a closed event virtual is he doesn't want the delegates to be able to do that.
Or you could say they already control the delegates, which we know they do, and they want to be able to announce it and he has nothing to say because they just turned the lights off.
And they know Biden's not on air right now.
And you don't think Biden will have the guts and the nerve with Jill once they just turn the power off at the convention center to go on, you know, X or something and say there's a coup going on.
I mean, this is a scrabbling, battling orgy of Power grabbers fighting over the dying republic, and they think it's a smart, cool plan they had to have him step down the convention, and they had all this ready, and he was the perfect puppet to blame everything on, but now he's refusing to go.
See how the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray?
And that's where we are.
And so every permutation, every angle I look at just gets worse.
I mean, there's no soft landing from this.
Unless cooler heads in the establishment back off and let Trump get in.
And then it's too dangerous to even plunge the economy with the state of America.
We'll lose the entire republic, and that means the globals will lose their main power base.
But they instinctively hate the country so much, they can't help themselves but still sink the ship they're riding on.
I mean, if I was the globalist in the New World Order, I would be backing off right now, real fast, real quick, because there's no good outcome from what they're pulling.
Because again, I'll be very clear, they were going to pull all this off...
And change horses in the middle of the stream like it was no big deal.
That's not happening now.
And now that it's an oligarchy that's being exposed, and now all these factions are being exposed, and now the media thought they would just say suddenly, oh look, Biden is a vegetable, he is a dementia, addled, brain rot, brain worm creature, and so Okay, we'll just accept the new nominee.
No one that has a brain is going to buy into that because they know all of the chicanery came out of the same establishment that's been lying to us and telling us that Biden is the smartest man in the world, like his son.
So, again, the globalists can only get world collapse to be the saviors if people don't know they're behind it.
Same thing goes for this.
The globalists think the corporate media thinks they're going to now act like they just discovered this.
Everybody knows you're the ones in charge of the puppet and the policies to sink the country and you thought you would just blame your brain rot puppet.
We know it's you!
Yeah, now you get it.
See how that works?
So, I would tell the New World Order, surrender now.
You have destroyed yourselves.
You were already destroyed.
You were already defeated.
This just accelerates it.
Give up now and come out with your hands up.
And we'll send you to Alba like Napoleon.
Or you keep pushing it and you end up like Hitler in the bunker collectively.
You choose your poison.
We'll be right back, stay with me.
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By the way, I should add to this whole mix that, as you know, two weeks ago they had Parliamentary EU elections, and Conservatives, Populists, Nationalists, Anti-Globalists won in every country.
Now they've had another round, the Weather Parliamentary System works in France, and the Nationalists just totally dominated and won that.
They are set within months to rule France.
Le Pen's party.
And I've got stacks of news in other countries that have the same effect with other elections.
So, I'm telling you, the New World Order is being exposed.
The uptake of understanding is accelerating at rocket speed against BlackRock, the ESGs, the social credit scores, the poison COVID shots.
These people have screwed the pooch.
But let's understand something.
They don't give up, and they're going to pull out all the stops.
What did Macron say last week?
Let me show you these.
I mentioned these, but let me just show you these.
A whole stack of them right here.
I don't want to just talk about it.
Let me show you these.
I want you to go look at it.
I want you to read it.
I got the British government, the French government, the Polish government, the Italian government, the U.S.
government, and a bunch of other governments, the parties in and out of power, but all the leftist parties, saying there's going to be a civil war and there's going to be nuclear war if you don't let us stay in power.
And what happened today?
More than 10,000 violent Antifa street militia show up and start burning stuff all over a major German city and try to shut down the populist party AFD that's surging to number one.
The globalist party got 15 points, they got 30.
28 police officers injured, one critically.
That's what I'm talking about.
That's the Civil War.
So here's the headline.
CIA director under Bush says today's Republican Party is more nihilistic and dangerous than terror groups.
Former CIA director and NSA head, formerly Michael Hayden, says that the main enemy is not just MAGA, but Republicans in general.
Here's another one.
GOP is most dangerous political force in the world, Michael Hayden says.
He says, I've covered extremism and violent terror groups around the world, and they're the enemy, they've got to be shut down, they've got to be stopped.
That's their only hope.
And then what did Macron say?
Wildly unpopular Macron threatens civil war in France if he loses upcoming snap legislative election.
Which he will.
So, they're scared, folks.
And now Zelensky suddenly says he wants a peace deal.
And here's some more of those articles I was mentioning about the Nationalists winning en masse.
So, when you've got the President of France, the former CIA director, and all these other people, and the Democrat talking heads saying, there are white supremacist Trump militias training in the woods and the mountains, right now, To kill black people en masse.
There's no evidence of that.
It's totally made up.
It's obviously being prepared as a false flag.
With four months left to the election.
So this is a big deal.
And if I was them, and I'm not saying I would do this, I don't do Machiavellian stuff, I'm not Injustifies means psychotic sociopath, devil worshiper.
But I can get the enemy's mind.
The only hope they've got, it's not going to work either, is to truck bomb some federal buildings, to go shoot up some black churches, shoot up some black colleges, go shoot up some black event.
Because they're telling you with no evidence that there's this white supremacist armies loaded with weapons and bombs.
They're coming to kill everybody right now.
And there's going to be a civil war.
They got all the movies and TV shows and propaganda all over the news.
They're pre-programming it all.
Like you go out before you plant a garden on a new piece of property and you till it with a tiller and you turn the soil over and let it set a few months.
And then you go and you put the seeds in and you put the fertilizer on it and you know in the springtime.
And they're just out there getting it all ready.
It's like if you see a truck pull up in front of your neighbor's house and it says on the side of the truck, Roofing Company, and they unload shingles.
And they put ladders up and they start pulling the shingles off.
Do you need to walk over and say, hey, what are you guys about to do to Bob's house?
It says, Roofing Company.
They're unloading pallets of shingles.
They're tearing off the shingles.
They're climbing up on top of the roof, hammering on the new shingles.
They're doing a roofing job.
Well, in this case, they're getting ready to do a big-ass false flag.
And I'm watching them do it, running around like army ants in front of me.
And I just know their next move.
I'm just sitting here waiting for it.
And of course, it's going to freak everybody out when it happens.
And no matter what they do to me, the clip will be out there for everybody.
We've stopped some stuff in the last few years because we've got enough power to do it.
That is the awakened people.
But I've sat here for 30 years watching where we couldn't stop them from their next move, even though I knew their next move.
But now we've got a big enough audience, enough people are awake, that we could stop them.
And I want to be sitting here when Trump's re-elected in 125 days, and during that 79 days while he's president-elect, they don't trigger race war and civil unrest and call in martial law.
Or assassinate Trump.
You name it.
127 days.
To the election.
It's 125, sorry.
So, and we should spin whole shows like I did four years ago.
And we had a website, 79 Days to Hell.
I put it on the side of the armored truck.
I said Trump's gonna win.
They're gonna deny it.
They're gonna have mail-in ballots.
They're already pre-programmed it.
They already told you what they'd do.
They said it's a red mirage.
And they did exactly what they said they would do.
They even said if it came out and they couldn't stuff enough ballot boxes that they were going to declare that Trump wasn't the president and have a separate inauguration in the alternate government site of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
And the Democrat Party, highest level, DNC head, John Podesta, war game, the New York Times reported on it.
I mean, so much of my job is easy because the enemies of freedom are so arrogant, they sit there like we can't hear their language.
And don't know what they're setting up and don't know what they're doing and we're watching them do it.
Like if you were sitting there at dinner with your wife and you got a concealed carry and you go to the bathroom and you're walking back out of the bathroom there's a bar area right there you hear two guys going yeah that guy that we saw get out of that truck Looks like his wife's got some good jewelry and stuff.
Yeah, we're gonna wait till he comes out and we're gonna rob him in the parking garage.
Well... If you're smart and don't want to have a confrontation, it's not worth it.
You just call an Uber and go home.
Knowing most of you out there, knowing me, I have my gun out, tell my wife to stay there when we leave, go out and see if they're waiting by the car.
But the point is, I'm sitting here listening to them talk about what they're going to do, they've done this crap before, they're totally desperate, and so, I can use analogies all day, and there's so many angles to what they can pull, will they accelerate war with Russia?
They're already doing that.
Will they plunge the dollar, claim it's a cyber attack, that quote, Trump supporters working with Russians?
I predicted that two years ago, and a year later they started pre-programming that, oh, the FBI believes the main terror threat is MAGA supporters are gonna bring down the power grid with a cyber attack with Russia.
So they're enemies Russia and the American people, so they say, oh, our enemies are gonna get together and they're gonna turn the power off.
When we're winning the election, we're culturally dominating, Why would we overturn the chessboard when we're winning the game?
They have the motive.
They have the history.
And they're pre-programming.
They're going to do it.
So I don't know exactly what card they're going to play when, but I know the cards they've got.
I know they're going to play them in the next six months.
Four months to the election.
Another 79 days after that.
Two and a half months.
I think that's the main zone.
I believe, and they may change their plan, but if I was them, they're going to wait until he's elect.
They're going to try to steal it, and if that doesn't work, they are then going to send in people to the black churches, black colleges, and they're going to kill thousands of black people.
I mean, I think you may wake up one day and hear that ten black sites Have been hit, thousands of dead black people.
They may go all out.
They may roll an ANFO bomb right into a black college.
And then, all hell's gonna break loose, and the media is gonna worship and praise an Arab Spring style deal with paid brigades of Antifa en masse, commanding groups of black thugs they've hired to start shooting, burning, and killing, and then it's off the races.
And they've already been pre-programming on that.
They've introduced legislation, Senator Blumenthal, to strip Trump, which again, they'll try to pass an emergency session during this, in the 79 days of hell, in between him being president-elect and the inauguration, to strip him of the constitutional war power of the Insurrection Act, last used by George Herbert Walker Bush in the L.A.
riots in 19...
So, again, I could go on for hours.
Every piece is being put in place.
All the preparation is going down.
Or they may have just a full-out coup.
It'd only take 10,000 men, highly motivated and ready to do it.
The feds at the top would have stand-downs and put out false reports to the other federal and local agents.
To hit the Supreme Court, the Republican leadership and the conservative media leadership, you could, in a matter of two hours, they could decapitate Trump and kill all his major supporters in three to four hours.
And they'll have truck bombs going off at black sites as the cover and say, we're in a war with white supremacists.
And then they believe that the horror of that is so huge, That the average American won't be able to admit this is actually happening, and will just, okay, fine, I'm not a white supremacist, I'm not part of the Civil War, and there'll be some special flag, some symbol, you know, that you put outside your house, you know, to show that you're not part of the evil racist.
And that's one of the major attacks they're pre-programming and ready with.
It may just be full-on war with Russia, it may just be a Trump assassination by itself, I don't know, but they're at the end of their operation.
They're at the end of everything they are.
I mean, why would they have feds outside of a court order try to close the doors three and a half weeks ago?
People didn't believe it because it doesn't sound believable, but it came out in court later and it was true.
Of course I didn't lie about that.
I'm not a chicken little.
I don't cry wolf.
I tell you, I see a wolf come out of the woods, baby.
You better believe it's a wolf.
I'm not that important, but in the scheme of things, because we were so critical getting Trump in seven and a half years ago, and we're still critical today, but people get the paradigm now, so I'm not as critical, which is really good for my own personal safety and life, but more importantly means we've done our job.
You can't shut this truth down.
And that's what I want to explain is, no matter what horrible thing the globalists do, no matter what the deep state pulls now, in the end, it's going to bring them down.
In the end, this New World Order will be defeated, at least this permutation.
Doesn't mean we're angels, doesn't mean we're offering utopia, doesn't mean some perfect things are going to come out of this.
We're not leftist globalists that put out false utopia ideas of free lunches and bed of roses.
But that's where we are.
So let me walk through some of this right now.
The Roger Stone's coming up, but this is a big deal.
Again, the other big takeaway is The same corporate media that's been lying to you about Biden being a near vegetable for years now acts like they just suddenly discovered it because now it's time to remove him.
And just understand, the same establishment that has controlled Biden is puppet mastering the corporate media.
So remember, they're a bigger enemy than Biden because he's not even cognizant.
He's just a puppet.
They're the traitors that did all of this, that are going to continue to stick a knife in our back when they steal the next election.
Or try to.
So don't, like, get so excited and look, oh my God, CNN's fact-checking Biden, everything he says is a lie!
Oh my God, it's so wonderful!
They think you have no memory, and as soon as they get Newsom, or Big Mike, or Governor Whitmer, and they've got them all ready, there's different factions pushing them.
Or even Hillary, she's trying to get in there now.
At least four pigs.
Kamala's in there.
Kamala, Hillary, Newsom, Big Mike.
So Newsom, Big Mike, Hillary.
Kamala Harris.
About four of them.
And that's where we are.
And all those factions are battling over control right now while they start war with China, while they start war with Russia, while they accelerate all the craziness, while the borders are totally collapsed.
All this is happening.
God knows what else is going on in the world because the corrupt collapsing empire is only focused in on what's happening in America because they're in a power struggle and that is a very dangerous vacuum to be in.
We'll go over more of this with Roger.
He's got big breaking news on all of this.
But I know everybody's got the clip of him at TPUSA last year predicting all this, and I know there's the clips from years ago.
I want to get the oldest clips, three and a half years ago, of both of us laying this out, because that's what gets new people to finally listen.
I can tell you now what's happening, or what's about to happen.
People are like, okay, you told me what's gonna happen next week, that's not impressive.
But when we show them exactly what happened years ago, they listen.
So they'll listen to me now.
It's like telling your four-year-old, don't stick the fork in the light socket.
And then when your parents aren't looking, you go ahead and stick it in there and get one hell of a shock that knocks you across the room.
You don't ever stick the fork in the light socket again if you survived.
Because if you die, you never do it either.
Or you're a little kid, and your dad tells you don't run around across the street, and don't run in traffic, and you see the neighbor kid run over by a truck a month later.
Boy, now you see why daddy said don't do it.
That's the whole point of me saying, see, I told you about all this, and it came true.
Not to sit here and say, man, aren't I smart?
Anybody can figure out the enemy once you study him.
I don't study football, or baseball, or rock and roll, or stupid crap.
Anybody can become an expert on that.
People aren't even stupid.
They're focused on things that do not matter.
I focus on what matters.
I focus on physics, and energy, and economy, and politics, and spiritual issues, and I study who the globalists are, and how they operate, and I study the other factions that are supposedly against them, and I see all these fake political movements out there, but the pro-human, pro-God movement is real, and is the enemy's biggest enemy because we are the counter-system to them.
And we've got our work cut out for us if we remove this current group of scum.
Because we just can't step back into the decadence anymore.
We have to approach God.
We have to repent even more.
We have to work steadfastly and not be corrupt.
And we have got to build a future system for humanity.
We have to give the alternative to the New World Order.
Alright, here's some of the headlines.
Boy, there are a lot of them.
And again, I'm just going to scan over these and go to these with Roger next hour.
CBS poll after debate finds 70% don't want Biden to run.
Axios, Biden oligarchy will decide the president's fate.
Incredible article I'm going to read over.
Poll, 70% want him out.
Staff hid, declined from public.
No, you didn't hide it from the public.
We saw it.
You just convinced yourself you were hiding it.
First lady desperately clings to power.
Top aides, again I mentioned the shield Biden from staff but couldn't hide the debate.
He didn't hide anything.
Joe Biden takes flack for urging Joe to carry on.
Increasing numbers of voters don't think Biden should be running after a debate with Trump.
Private call of top Democrats fuels more insider anger about Biden's debate performance.
Haley warns Trump to prepare for younger rival.
Oh, she tells him to prepare for the sun rising.
Haley's such an idiot.
Renu's called for cognitive tests, including Trump.
Yeah, Trump's got to watch out for that.
Bill Maher dumps Biden.
I have nobody to vote for.
Everybody's like, oh, he's so great.
Oh, he's so good.
No, he knows he's a loser.
Everyone's turning against him, so he's got to act like he wasn't part of this.
It just goes on and on.
Joe Biden set up to fail in debate as part of a soft coup.
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer makes secret move to prepare for possible presidential run.
That's right.
That woman, they love her.
She's pure evil.
Trouble in La La Land.
Freaked out big money Hollywood donors threaten to cut off Democrat Party unless Joe Biden replaced nominee.
Oh, Ted Cruz reveals who he believes will replace Joe Biden on the presidential ticket.
Oh, oh, oh, who'd he say?
Oh my God, I'm about to get the news early.
Cruz then outlined how Democrat Party would convince a reluctant Michelle Obama to run while acknowledging two possible independents.
We told you years ago, it'll be Michelle Obama drafted reluctantly.
Now, word for word, Ted, I'm not even against Ted Cruz, but I'm like, oh my God, he's so smart.
Remember, Chip Roy on a rescue mission to save Democrats.
Proposes a resolution to initiate 25th Amendment proceedings against Joe Biden will save Democrats, allow them to run candidate in all 50 states.
Oh yeah, maybe if he had to step down, they'd try to postpone the election.
There's no telling what they're gonna pull.
Gotta love this.
video of it. Nancy Pelosi claims Trump, not Biden, is the candidate with dementia
or having a senior moment of her own. It's all coming up and a lot more next
hour, but the corporate media is dead. They have no credibility. The power
structure is incompetent. They're completely out of control.
America's losing its power.
We've become a giant joke.
It's time to get rid of the New World Order and reject it and reject their entire leftist, anti-human agenda.
The whole world is rejecting it.
The globalists want to take over America and then exploit us, use us to take over the next country and we have to stand up.
We have to wake up.
We have to say no because the alternative is hell on earth.
All right, I'm going to go to break.
Come back with Roger Stone with the hugest breaking news.
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Hour number two.
Tomorrow's Zeus Today.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
When I look at Bitcoin as a historian, I don't like it because this is money built on distrust.
The central idea of Bitcoin is basically electronic gold.
That we don't trust the banks, the governments, so we don't want to give them the ability to create as much money as they like.
So we create this Bitcoin.
It's a currency of distrust.
Of you.
I do think that the future belongs to electronic money.
But what we've seen over the last centuries is that it's actually a good idea to give banks and governments the ability to create more and more money for themselves in order to build more trust within society.
So I'm not sure what kind, what money would look like in 20 years or 30 years, but I hope it will be a currency of greater trust and not a currency of distrust.
Finishing up, you all know Harari and just how full of crap he is as an economist.
You as an economist watching him.
So I'm watching that and I'm thinking, is this guy absolutely nuts?
I mean, he is a smart guy.
He's evil, but he's a smart guy.
How could he say that printing money is going to bring trust when so much in our society right now is people can't afford to eat, they can't afford to pay their mortgage or their rent or buy food or do anything, right?
Inflation doesn't bring trust.
He's misusing the word trust.
Because what he's actually saying is, hey, when we print money...
We're going to be able to give you Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, handouts, stimulus.
We'll raise the debt ceiling to keep this game perpetuated.
We'll do all of this stuff.
And so then the people will say, trust?
It's like, I'll tolerate you because you're giving me free stuff.
That's not trust.
That's accepting their garbage because they're giving you free stuff.
That comes with printing of money excessively.
Misuse of the word trust because I don't think he's a dumb guy.
I think he's evil, beyond evil, who has no respect for human life.
They just said that we're going to continue to print money.
We're going to continue to make people dependent on the government for all of their needs.
Because the government wants to take the place of God in people's lives.
And that statement, when you dissect what he said, that's what he's saying.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Check him out.
Go on the site.
Call him.
Get a consultation.
Email him.
Talk to him.
720-605-3900. Again, that's 720-605-3900. One of the most important calls you would
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What did he just say?
He said there's a storm coming in.
I know.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming at Real Alex Jones on X.
Roger Stone coming up in five minutes.
The United States operated Native American concentration camps in the 1830s that went on for decades and later evolved into reservations.
During World War II, the U.S.
imprisoned Japanese Americans.
About 1,000 indigenous Aleuts of Alaska were forced into camps as their homes were burned to the ground so that invading Japanese forces could not use them.
After the war, the United States seized Okinawan homes and burned them to the ground to make way for military bases, forcing 300,000 civilians into concentration camps.
And deliberately starved about a million Germans to death in prison camps.
The Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950 led to the construction of concentration camps meant to hold American dissidents.
In 1961, the U.S.
forced 8 million South Vietnamese civilians into prison camps to deprive the Viet Cong of any potential support.
Starting back in the late 90s, Alex Jones has been releasing films warning that people are being conditioned to accept seeing their neighbors rounded up and thrown in prison camps, such as the WTO protests, where hundreds of protesters were arrested and thrown into jail.
The 2004 Republican National Convention, where over a thousand protesters were arrested and sent to a makeshift prison.
And in Katrina, where police went door-to-door confiscating guns.
The police and National Guard going street by street.
House to house, sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn and instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You say guns will be taken?
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
You see, for over 20 years, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been building and constructing, maintaining concentration camps as well as the personnel to incarcerate literally tens of millions of Americans.
It seems now, with some of the latest developments, they are attempting, in a psychological warfare program, to condition and control the populace, so the populace will actually believe that all of this is needed to maintain the public safety.
As we, in the research community, say, this is a psyops.
They're preparing people for what is coming.
Not what is being presented today.
So you're saying they're preparing people to accept it with incrementalism?
That is correct.
Like the old frog example.
You know, you put the frog in the water and you just gradually...
Continue to raise the heat on the water until the frog is cooked.
After 9-11 came the Patriot Act, and American citizens officially became potential enemies of the state.
In 2006, President Bush amended the National Defense Authorization Act to grant the president power to declare martial law, and in 2007, signed Directive 51.
For the smallest of reasons, including, in the document's own text, any incident in the world, regardless of location, that affects population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions, can trigger, at the President's will, total martial law.
During COVID, healthy people with no symptoms were arrested and locked in prison camps because they failed a fraudulent PCR test.
And if they tried to escape, their fellow prisoners reported them.
The second she jumped over, we all freaked out because we just wanted to call to let the wellness people know, let the police know.
In response to their triple zero calls, she was picked up by the police within 15 minutes and fined $5,000.
Prison camps are being built all over the world and they are for whoever the government sees as a threat to their agenda.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
It's also posted at Real Life Shows on X, FEMA Camps for American Dissonance.
We're finally doing the deep dive on this tomorrow, just the debate was so huge we...
Move that to tomorrow.
I'm going to host all four hours tomorrow.
It's the third and fourth hour.
Big whistleblower, DHS.
All FEMA camp documents.
All the proof.
What's happening.
Where they're being built.
What's going down.
How to stop it.
The globalists know they've lost, so they plan martial law to stop it.
Roger Stone is coming up.
We've got a little treat for you, too.
It's about to go mega viral.
Stay with us.
Now, Roger Stone is joining us in mere minutes.
And they're playing clips from a year ago predicting all this.
He did it three and a half years ago.
I got the archives grabbing it tomorrow.
It's not about, oh, aren't we smart?
It's about we got the enemy's number.
We got their name.
We got their number.
We got their ass!
And so better listen to us with what's coming next.
And we've got the enemy playbook.
We can beat them if you'll just understand we've got the playbook.
I know the listeners got it, too.
But the damn establishment Republicans don't quite have it yet.
They're starting to get it.
Now, we got something really interesting here for you.
I noticed this meme today, so I put it out on Axe.
And it's one of my favorite Beatles songs.
It's Nowhere Man.
He's a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans, for nobody doesn't have a point of view.
Knows not where he's going to.
So, on Mandaw Video we put the whole song out, with some of his antics.
But we put a short clip out minutes ago on X. It's already gotten 100,000 views in five minutes.
This baby is going to get 15, 20 million views like the video I just came up with Friday morning with the eye of the tiger and Trump.
And then Biden can't go down the stage with Enya.
So that's coming up and we'll plunge into how much trouble the establishment's in and how they're trying to spin this, the fact that now they're all saying, okay, it's Big Mike, just like Roger Stone said, and the different angles and where this is going and how dangerous this is.
But here's the little short clip.
There's another great meme.
Put it back on screen.
Yeah, Biden doesn't need a cognitive test, his voters do.
Wasn't the COVID lockdown, wasn't all of this just a cognitive test?
So here is the new hit song.
Biden releases Nowhere Man.
Here it is.
He's a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.
Doesn't have a point of view, knows not where he's going to, Isn't he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, Now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
Well, I don't celebrate people that lie on purpose or people that are wrong because they're idiots.
I try to associate with winners and people that sear on corners.
And that's why the show has a 95% accuracy rate.
It's even higher than that now.
That's why they're so mad at us.
Roger Stone has been involved in politics forever.
He's an advisor and good friend, of course, of Richard Nixon.
And right through, Ronald Reagan, Trump, got Trump to run, all of it.
He doesn't like to toot his horn, make it about himself, but they want to put him in jail and have tried.
Got to be pardoned by Trump because he knows his stuff.
He's not a lightweight, he's a super heavyweight, he's a champion, and he is a great ally to our republic.
And that's why enemies of America hate him.
So I wanted to get him on to talk about the angles, the different jockeying groups, the admissions by Politico and Axios are the mouth of the establishment that, okay, there's an oligarchy that runs things, now they're going to target the little nest of globalist deep staters that the larger deep state wants to control but is Roger said three years ago, Jill is in control, she won't leave.
Now remember, Biden famously said on the campaign trail, he kept calling Kamala Harris President Harris, even once she got elected, well don't worry, if they want me to leave, I'll just get a sudden illness and go.
So he made an agreement with Biden, with Obama, Biden did, to do this, and we knew it, and we said this back at the time, before the election, four years ago.
But now, he's in total cuckoo world.
He is in cloud cuckoo, la la land.
He is refusing to go.
Now Roger nailed it.
We're not gonna, I'll play the clips tomorrow, we've already got a bunch of them, but three plus years ago that a month before the convention, which is next month, they would then say he's a cognitive idiot and has to go.
They'd build the pressure, even if he refused.
They would then have the delegates turn against him and remove him, and they would draft Michelle Obama.
Now Ted Cruz and the Democrats are on the news saying, well, we're going to draft Michelle Obama.
She's reluctant.
Word for word.
I'll show you the quotes.
New York Times and Ted Cruz, both left and right.
She's reluctant, but she's going to do it.
Word for word.
Now the reason I keep nailing that is you might want to listen to what Roger Stone says next because then we can stop them.
There's nothing more frustrating than having the damn enemy's playbook and knowing exactly what they're going to do and sitting here watching a bunch of dipshits on Fox News run around with their thumbs up their ass.
And I'm excuse the French.
I'm not even in competition with these people.
I want to fix the country.
Stop nuclear war.
I've got children.
I want grandchildren.
I'm beyond pissed off at this point with all the lightweights.
But again, they hire a bunch of lightweights because they'll be idiots and fall over the establishment once.
They try to put the heavyweights in prison.
So, to bring Roger in for the rest of the hour, I want to play this clip that they don't want out there.
I'm posting to X right now.
With the headline, Breaking Video.
Because it is breaking.
It's nowhere.
It took us hours to find it.
Couldn't even find it on X. Breaking video.
Biden says he may resign for medical issue.
He said this late in the campaign.
Then he said it again.
We found another clip six months into office.
This is big because he made the agreement.
Now he's trying to get out of it.
Here's the clip.
We go to Roger Stone.
And like I told Barack, if I reach something where there's a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign.
And then he goes on in a larger clip.
It's a one-minute clip we'll play coming up in a few minutes.
We have the medical clip.
In fact, you have it now.
Play the one-minute clip where he talks about resigning as well.
Here's the newer clip.
Look, I view myself as a bridge, not as anything else.
There's an entire generation of leaders you saw stand behind me.
They are the future of this country.
The New York Times report that he's also considering pledging to serve only one term.
Quote, framing Mr. Biden's 2020 campaign as a one-time rescue mission for a beleaguered country.
He's also questioned, you know, whether this type of thing or serving one term is the right thing to do.
He's going to run for one term.
I may end up, if I get elected, only having one term.
Biden pledging to serve only one term.
The Abrams strategy and the one-term pledge, both an effort to tap down concerns about electing a 78-year-old president next year.
We're coming on the air with important news in the presidential race.
President Joe Biden is officially running for re-election.
But all kidding aside, the first lady to be told me she holds them for you.
Yes, she does. But not with the she's because she and Kamala become friends.
Yeah, but all kidding aside, it's a matter of the thing we are simpatico on our philosophy
of government and simpatico on how we want to attach approach these issues that we're facing.
And so I don't have, and when we disagree, it'll be just like so far, it's been just like when Barack and I did.
It's in private.
She'll say, I think we should do A, B, C, or D. And I'll say, I don't, I like A, don't like B and C. And let's go, okay.
But, and I, like I told Barack.
If I reach something where there's a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign.
We don't have that.
And we discussed it length.
Our views on foreign policy, on domestic policy, on intelligence.
And the great thing is, she has a background in the Senate on intelligence, the Intelligence Committee.
She has a background in the Senate on a whole range of things that are going to be pertinent to what we have to do.
But it's going to be, I think so much is going to be incoming, Jake.
It's a matter about who takes what when.
I don't need to tell you, Mr. President-elect, that the NAACP... Alright, so what you get there, and that's backchatter, those are messages, political messages, kind of like disappearing ink, and reappearing magic ink.
saying, "Well, if I have a problem with her, I'll just resign." He told Barack that.
Now he's talking about her or him. To me this is very, very clear what he was
talking about and that's where we are now. But shifting gears out of that,
Roger Stone, so much to cover, such a huge one. We can celebrate all day what was
just transpiring on Thursday and how the media is trying to spin it like, "Oh, they
They didn't know, they just learned.
Now they're admitting an oligarchy is in control.
There's major power struggles.
I'm going to try to give you the floor to lay this out.
Roger Stone, StoneZone.com.
Well, Alex, thanks for having me.
I just finished my 77 WABC radio show in the most dynamic AM radio station in the country.
And I'm glad that I was able to catch up with you here.
First of all, that video, of course, makes no sense.
Why would the president resign if he has a policy disagreement with his vice president?
What this does demonstrate is that the reports are correct, that it was Barack Obama who insisted on the placement of Kamala Harris as Vice President.
This was not Joe Biden's first choice.
Biden was still smarting from the fact that Kamala Harris essentially called Joe Biden a racist in one of the presidential debates, only to be exposed herself by Tulsi Gabbard on the exact same issue, kind of ironic, and that Joe wanted Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan.
But why would the president step aside if he had a policy disagreement with his vice president?
He wouldn't.
What he meant was, if he had a policy disagreement with the de facto leader of the country, that would be Barack Obama.
And now I have to believe that this extraordinarily early debate, taking place before either Donald Trump or Joe Biden was legally the candidate of their party, was a well-timed effort to demonstrate to the country very quickly That the emperor has no clothes.
The speed and the unanimity that the media cabal that backs the globalist combine immediately said, Joe is toast.
This is a disaster.
He must step aside.
The New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Politico, Axios, all Immediately in one voice.
Well, first of all, it means that they lied to us for three plus years because they kept insisting that in private, Joe was hale and hearty.
He was absolutely in control.
He was running the show.
You wouldn't believe how great he looks behind the scenes.
Don't believe your eyes.
Believe what we say.
Alex, I think where we are right now is a similar situation that we had previously in American history.
Woodrow Wilson was our 28th president.
His term began in 1913.
He won the 1912 election in a three-way race where Theodore Roosevelt, a former president, sought renomination at the Republican Party, was unsuccessful, bolted to form the Bull Moose Party.
The Republicans nominated his successor, William Howard Taft, and people don't know this, Wilson was first, Roosevelt, an independent, was second, and the Republican nominee ran third.
Wilson was struck by an incapacitating stroke in October of 1919, where he was both physically and mentally incapacitated, and his wife, Edith Gault Wilson essentially was the de facto president of the United States.
And the same thing happened with FDR, and I want to go through that, and that's great history, Roger, but you don't like to talk about yourself.
I want to know what's coming now.
You can spend time on this, but let's just know.
Big Mike, Michelle Obama, they're all over the news saying, oh, she's reluctant, they're going to draft her.
Oh, they're going to have delegates refuse Biden if he doesn't step down coming up in Chicago next month.
It's all happening literally like you had a time machine.
Well, yes, but I think it has a lot of nuance.
I mean, there are important parts to understand of this.
First of all, the Democratic nominating process is over, and Joe Biden got about 95% of the 4,000 delegates.
Now, many of those delegates are, in fact, Biden people, and Biden and his wife, as I predicted, have dug in their heels.
They don't want to go.
They love the limelight.
She does particularly.
Also, of course, And Roger, that's what you said three years ago, that when it came time for him to leave, they were going to bring in Big Micah Newsom, that she would do this.
And again, I know it's all in the news now.
You literally nailed every damn piece perfectly.
I want to know how you did that.
I want you to tell us what's coming next.
Well, I think Politico has a great piece on this about the mechanics of the Democratic Convention.
There are 700 super delegates who are really the establishment.
Barack Obama and Bill Clinton quickly put out statements in support of Joe Biden, but that's cover in my opinion.
That's to give them plausible deniability.
In the end, as I said on this show last week, if Joe absolutely refuses to go, I believe Barack Obama could very quickly pull together the majority of the cabinet, With the acquiescence of the Vice President and threatened Joe backstage, threatened Joe with removal under the 25th Amendment.
Then he would lose all of his legal ability to pardon his son, his brother, himself and other members of the Biden crime family.
So in the end, are they prepared to pull out the stops?
Joe is going to refuse to go.
He's a notoriously stubborn person when he's not comatose.
Hold on, I'm going to shut up in a minute.
You're dropping bombshell after bombshell.
You're saying he's refusing to go.
You're saying that he'll try to pull 25th Amendment.
If he doesn't go, then what do they do?
Do they strip him with the delegates or do they go 25th Amendment?
Well, I think they threatened him with the 25th Amendment.
I don't think he wants to be removed.
Therefore, I think he would finally release his delegates.
This is where Michelle Obama and others come into play.
If he releases his delegates, then the convention would be free to nominate anyone they wanted.
I reasoned that it would be Michelle Obama because, frankly, she's probably potentially the strongest candidate they could nominate.
She would be much stronger than Kamala Harris.
She would be much stronger than Gavin Newsom.
She has no public record to attack.
She's been largely nonpolitical.
She is, I dare say, probably the single most I never said she wanted to run.
who's eligible to run. Barack Obama is not eligible to have another term, at least not
I never said she would run.
formally. So I believe in the end, I never said she wanted to run. I never said she would run.
What I said was she would be drafted by a runaway Democrat convention. That can only happen if Joe
releases his delegates. If he chooses to fight.
This will be the deepest division in the Democratic Party since the Vietnam War caused the deep divide on the left in 1968.
People have said, well, she's not interested.
I didn't say she wanted to run.
What I said is she would Be convinced that she was the strongest candidate to potentially beat Donald Trump.
Now, you have a lot of problems with this.
First of all, you can't have a ticket of two women of color.
What should be done with Kamala Harris?
Kamala Harris will certainly believe that if Joe is not going to run for renomination, that it's her turn.
And under any normal political circumstance, that would be the case.
But Democrats have no confidence in her ability.
Biden, who still controls these delegates, could step aside and try to deliver the nomination to Kamala Harris, who has remained loyal.
That would allow Hillary Clinton and others to finagle for the vice presidency.
Now, if Hillary Clinton, who's definitely out there in the woods, she's got a new book out, you can see the cover of it, you've never seen so much photoshopping and airbrushing and that cover photo in your life, she's starting to do a book tour, you know what that means.
So, if you nominated, let's say, Kamala Harris, And Hillary Clinton for Vice President, Kamala Harris would need a food taster, to say the least.
And you've got Gavin Newsom, who is hovering here.
He recognizes that he probably ends up as vice presidential material on a Michelle Obama ticket.
But if they nominated Kamala Harris, if they could not persuade Michelle Obama, who I think would be a very formidable candidate and they went with Kamala Harris.
Well, they have two choices, Hillary Clinton or Gavin Newsom.
Also, Wes Moore, the governor of Maryland, he's looking around.
There are other candidates, JB Pritzker, when he sits around the house, he really sits around
the house.
He'd like to get in this mix, the 400 pound billionaire who'd like to be president.
I mean, it will be wide open if they can pressure Joe Biden out of running.
If he refuses to go, this will even get much, much uglier.
So there's a giant power struggle going on in the middle of war with Russia, in the middle of open borders, in the middle of all the economic insanity.
We are seeing a giant Democrat power struggle.
While they pre-programmed there's going to be civil war and racist attacks, obviously false flags, against Trump.
How should Trump respond to this?
What are the main attacks on Trump going to be right now that polls are showing 72% of Democrats want Joe Biden gone.
Trump's getting 20 plus points nationwide.
10, 15 points battlegrounds.
I mean, it was held today.
Even mainline news says Trump wins in a landslide.
No amount of fraud is going to work.
No one will believe that Biden could beat Trump right now.
I mean, this is I mean, I want to laugh at it because I hate the Democrats so much, but it seems to me, at a gut level, very dangerous to have this much bedlam and hysteria and power struggles going on.
President Trump deserves enormous credit for his debate performance, which was incredibly disciplined, very tight, said everything he wanted to say, contrasted the economy and the border and the chaos that is costing with the current administration.
Didn't take the bait several times when Joe Biden tried to bait him.
Really, I gave him an A+.
He came in with high expectation levels.
He more than met them.
He was strong.
He was funny.
He was disciplined, really was a great performance.
And then when you contrast it with the way Joe Biden looked and sounded.
I mean, just horrible.
Then 24 hours later, obviously with a different drug cocktail, you see Biden still reading from a teleprompter.
Very different when he appeared comatose in that rally where his wife was at the podium and said, Joe, you answered all the questions.
It was almost childlike and embarrassing.
I think he has a very hard time holding on, but never underestimate the stubbornness of Joe Biden.
He's incredibly stubborn when he is lucid.
You're absolutely right.
I mean, you say almost childlike.
It was like he was a two-year-old crapping his pants while she talked about him.
It was just disgusting.
Well, I think you have internecine warfare in their party now.
Look, the heavy guns, when the New York Times comes in and says Joe has to go, you can't just look at that and say, no, that doesn't matter, we're going to do whatever we want.
So they've announced that they have a big parley at Camp David where the family is going to confer.
This looks to me like a step towards Joe throwing in the Stay right there, Roger.
You're on fire.
I know I interrupted a lot because there's so many great angles here.
Let's talk about what the step-down looks like and the power struggle over who the replacement is.
Let's talk about the media trying to distance themselves from the cover-up of Joe Biden's incredibly declining mental state.
Straight ahead, and then where this goes, and then once Trump is re-elected in 127 days, what are they going to pull when he's president-elect?
That's when I see them making the big move.
Stay with us.
Roger Stone.
Whether it's the World Economic Forum, whether it's the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whether it's Open Philanthropy and Dustin Moskowitz.
We know that all of these organizations thought that they could bamboozle all of us.
They thought that by putting fact-checkers on every post, we'd stop sharing posts.
They thought by canceling people that we wouldn't actually listen to people's voices.
But the bad news is for them, We continue to do it.
So what are the simple things that you can do?
The simple things you can do, like I said before, support the alternative platforms that are allowing these voices to be heard.
Make sure that you actually have these conversations.
Without the utility of this voice and this platform, we will lose the war.
So our job is really simple.
Share this.
Communicate this.
Support the InfoWar.
Go to InfoWarStore.com for products to keep strong and prepared.
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Hi, Roger Stone's our guest, and look, I don't normally gush for five minutes before a guest comes on about nailing it.
I mean, he's been here for three and a half years, saying exactly how this would go down, the big power struggle, the insanity.
And so we're literally getting tomorrow's news today with all these complex issues.
But I want to, before we get into Trump and the election, what they're going to do in the 79 days of hell, once he's re-elected, which all the evidence looks like is about to happen, a landslide so large, a political realignment so huge that, you know, nobody but God could stop it.
But if you look at this, the corporate media, the Bill Maher's, all of them trying to act like they were never for Biden and that they knew this and that or they suddenly just discovered this.
The corporate media was already a shadow of its former self, but this is the house of cards.
I mean, I really see last Thursday night and what happened then as a historic, historic moment where there was a mass A mass understanding and the mass recognizing that we all saw the truth.
We never bought the lie.
They tried to sell us the lie, but it failed and the corporate media could already not recover from all their lies.
But now they seem to realize the final vestiges or fumes of their arrogance seems to be running out.
And I see this as a bellwether, really is the final epitaph or tombstone on the corporate media that Trump calls the enemy of the people.
Roger, how would you describe how big this is?
It is potentially seismic.
It's interesting, Alex, the way they move so smoothly in lockstep.
So there were two messages here.
One, yes, Joe needs to go.
He's outlived his usefulness.
But then secondarily, even if Joe is not all there, even if he is mentally deranged, even if he is a near vegetable, Donald Trump lied so much.
He's such a liar.
Let's let's take a look at that if we could.
Biden recycles the whole suckers and losers about American veterans.
20 people present in the cemetery in France.
19 said he didn't say it.
One man, a guy he fired, General Kelly, bad guy, said it after he was canned.
That's his motive.
Saying that the people in Charlottesville, they're good, fine people on both sides.
Even Snopes of the left-wing fact-checking site has debunked that.
Insisting that Joe Biden capped insulin at 15 bucks.
That was Donald Trump.
Uh, said that no soldiers, no servicemen died on his watch.
Does this guy not even know what happened in Afghanistan?
Saying that Trump wanted to inject bleach for the COVID-19 vaccination.
Yet another lie, claiming the Border Patrol endorsed him.
Yet another lie.
There are a thousand trillionaires out there and they're not paying their fair share.
Another lie, that abortions are never performed in the eighth or ninth month.
We've all seen the video of Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam talking disturbingly
about that exact infanticide.
This guy told more lies in a short period of time than imaginable, but it's classic Alinskyism, of course, which is always attack us for what they themselves are doing.
It's unbelievable how many lies this guy got away with.
Absolutely, so let's move into the 79 days of hell.
You've already gone through the different permutations of who they're jockeying for, who they want, what they're trying.
Maybe you should finish up with your dead reckoning or prediction or probability on who that's going to be, then what the main challenges to Trump are going to be, and then I don't want to be over-optimistic, but I think it's very clear even their fraud can't overcome what's about to happen.
They even recognize that.
What do they pull when he's president-elect?
I see that as the real weak spot when they make their move.
I've seen all the pre-preparation for that.
Well, first of all, Alex, in politics, as we've now just seen graphically, strikingly, a day is a lifetime.
So this has completely changed the political landscape.
The truth is, anybody who tells you who they're certain who the Democratic presidential and vice presidential nominee is going to be is lying because we're in a period of uncertainty.
One difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, we tend to air our dirty laundry in public.
They keep very lockstep and tightly locked down.
But major establishment globalist figures and media empires moving aggressively to persuade Biden to throw in the towel.
uh... and it will be quite attractive when he realizes it's the only way he
can remain as president they have the power to remove him entirely
uh... which i think he agreed to if you look at those to videos
uh... if he doesn't cooperate so uh... how long does he hang on uh...
The poll numbers, if he continues to crater in the swing states, it's only going to increase the pressure on him.
Jill Biden, the de facto president of the United States, there was a moment in that debate when Biden said to Trump, you had an affair with a porn star.
Well, I kind of wanted Trump to say, but you had an affair with the babysitter when your first wife Before she was tragically killed, and now she's the de facto president of the United States because that's exactly where we are.
That performance the next day, which they say rallied Democrats, I frankly think it hurt them.
It showed everybody she's the one in charge.
She's the one they've got to persuade to throw in the towel.
If Joe Biden agrees not to run, Let me be clear though.
his delegates, I still say that the emotional favorite of that convention, which could become
a runaway convention, would be Michelle Obama.
She's the only candidate not carrying the bag of the Obama.
Sure, Roger, let me be clear though.
You three and a half years ago, and every time you've been on, every week since then,
have said when all the calculus comes down, the month before the convention, they will
then start saying remove him.
It's all happened.
So there's two ways to look at things.
There's a lot of ways, but two big ones.
You can look at all the aggregate information, the flow of history, and see how it time flows, and do a calculation of how you think it's going to come out, which you nailed.
I agree, the globalists are talking for power, different power groups, different oligarch
groups, different donor class are struggling right now.
But when you do the permutations, I'll go with your original prediction that it's now
basically 95% come true and say that you're right.
So again, I understand what you're saying now currently in the weeds on this, but from
the 35,000 foot view, you already called it.
Look, you may well be right.
All I'm saying is no one can say with absolute certainty what's going to happen.
I don't agree, unfortunately, with that final point, Alex, which I still think that our election systems are vulnerable.
I still think these people are desperate to cling to power.
I think Republicans, Trump supporters, free thinkers should take nothing whatsoever for granted.
Every single vote is going to count.
I agree.
We know there'll be massive fraud, there's been massive fraud, and they're going to pull out the stops.
But from all the experts I've talked to, including you, a huge overwhelming landslide.
They don't have enough dead people, enough out-of-district voters to stuff.
They don't have COVID as the pretext, you know, to keep things going, you know, for weeks after the election.
So I'm just saying we shouldn't be overconfident, but we should also start wargaming.
What do we do when he's president-elect?
We still don't know that there's not going to be another bird-related pandemic.
We still don't know whether, God forbid, there may be some attempt on President Trump's life, something I pray about every single day.
We're in uncharted territory.
The people here are not just fighting over power.
They're fighting over survival because they know they are guilty of treason.
And if we have equal protection under the law, no, not revenge, not recriminations, equal protection under the law, then there's a number of them who know that they could face penalties for their treason against the country.
So that's why we're in this power struggle.
They don't want to put all their chips on Joe Biden because he is beginning to stink like a loser and all internal pressures will be put on him to step aside.
I'm not saying you're saying it's certain, but you called where we would be three years ago right now to the day, basically.
So let's move on then without belaboring it.
Massive pre-programming of civil war, civil unrest.
Massive pre-programming of race war.
Massive pre-programming that white supremacists that support Trump are in the woods or come kill black people.
They're clearly telegraphing a false flag.
And I actually see that right before the election or once he's president-elect to create such a... Macron's threatening civil war if he isn't elected.
The same thing's happening in Germany, so it's the same playbook.
Let's move forward to 127 days from now.
Trump is elected president.
What does the deep state pull?
Well, first of all, I think he needs to identify the key offices in his new administration and do what he was unable to do in his first term, and that is to build an administration that is loyal to him and to his agenda.
I think that they have been very clear that they're looking at all kinds of options, including refusing to certify his election.
You can find that in The Atlantic, although that's weird because that's what they're saying Trump did.
that was a crime, that is a very real possibility. This entire group out of Georgetown University,
many of the same actors who were behind the Russian collusion hoax, who were behind the two
Ukraine impeachment hoax, they will look at any gambit to hold on to power.
So the answer, Alex, is we're in for very turbulent times.
I'd like to win the election before I worry about, you know, the color of the curtains in the Oval Office.
I still think this is all extremely volatile and up for grabs.
Why did they wait till the fourth year of Joe Biden's presidency to spring this law fair?
The answer is they thought they were going to get a more favorable Republican nominee.
They thought Trump was done.
They didn't foresee his ability to stage perhaps the third greatest comeback in American political history.
And they didn't see that their efforts to jail him or to otherwise penalize him through the courts was going to backfire badly.
And actually turbocharged.
No, Roger, I agree.
We're not putting the cart before the horse here.
But we have to also understand, and I'm not saying we've won, I'm saying they're pre-programming everywhere, terror attacks blamed on Trump supporters, and creating civil war.
And they're saying more and more in the news that their go-to is stopping him with civil unrest once he's president-elect.
So I understand we need to spend 90% of our time getting him elected, but we better start what you just said.
Vetting the cabinet, getting that stuff ready, so there's thinking ahead of us so we don't repeat what happened eight years ago, or seven and a half years ago.
And so we head the globalists off at the pass with what they're planning, because they're already acting like, from the evidence I see, they've got some low-level oligarchs fighting over who controls the puppet, but the big fish are actually getting ready for a big move against America, war with Russia expanding.
I'm not sure, but I'm just saying this is important.
I think you just hit the great danger, which is Trump very clearly emerges in this debate
as the peace candidate, basically says that even before being sworn in, he believes he
could bring peace in the Russia-Ukraine situation.
That makes him the peace candidate.
That is a real, real threat.
It's absolutely clear if they insist on Ukraine joining NATO in September, that has the capacity
to trigger a world war.
And I'm not sure that they're against a world war.
Maybe they think that the instability of the situation and a wartime president aids them.
They have miscalculated at every single turn.
But also you see people who are proponents of a strong America.
Yourself, Alex.
Steve Bannon, who has to report to jail tomorrow.
Attacks on me last week because I had the audacity to say Republicans should use every legal and technical tool to ensure that the elections are honest.
That's what I said.
Stone reveal secret plan to steal election for Trump.
So this effort to continue to try to discredit us when all we want to do is have a free, fair, honest, transparent election.
And that we refute all of these mainstream lies just continues.
We are in it now, baby.
This is it.
No one can say how this will unfold.
But I do think, I like where we are much better than where they are.
And I still think in the end, the American people see through all of this crap.
I totally agree.
So in the eight minutes we have left, or nine minutes, let me ask you this then.
What do we do as populist Christian Capitalist, common sense, anti-nihilist.
To ensure Trump wins, how do we support him?
What do we do on the ground?
What other tricks do you expect?
A lot's coming out about election fraud being confirmed.
What do we do in the next 127 days to make sure DJT becomes the 47th president?
Well, Alex, I found the Supreme Court ruling last week very, very deeply troubling because it basically says it's perfectly all right for your government to collude with private companies to censor those who don't accept their dictated narrative.
They're right back to where we were.
So don't expect to have a free, fair level playing field in social media, which plays
such a vital role in our politics.
That ruling is outrageous.
It is a signal that they will be right back to where they are.
Throttling, throttling, canceling, shadow banning anyone who disagrees with the idea
that Joe Biden is a great president.
He's doing a great job or that Michelle Obama has the capacity to be a great president of
the United States.
So what people can do, frankly, Alex, is when you see a compelling story, whether it's on
the Stone Zone, whether it's on InfoWars, or maybe it's a link on banned video.
Copy and paste that and pass it on.
Information is power.
There's going to be an effort, once again, to censor what we can say and where we can say it.
And that can only be defeated when people spread the word.
They can silence you.
They can silence me.
They maybe can silence Steve Bannon.
They couldn't silence Tucker Carlson.
But they cannot silence all of us.
It is essential that people do that.
I can't even begin to say how important That is.
Well, you're right.
It's ours to lose.
We can't be overconfident.
We have to understand the censorship is already going on everywhere.
People have to realize they have the power.
They have to look in the mirror, share the articles, share the videos, do it in person, go speak at city council about what's happening in America.
It'll go out to thousands.
Call in to talk radio.
Call your neighbors.
Get people set up to vote.
Bring old people you know that are conservatives but are in nursing homes to vote.
Every damn vote counts, especially in the battleground states.
Looking at the poll numbers, they're A wide spectrum of them, but what are we seeing poll number-wise in general, but also in the battleground states?
First of all, it's a little bit early.
We're still in the aftershock, the afterwaves of this seismic event.
I'd like to wait a few more days, but the trends we are looking at are very favorable for Donald Trump.
Major gains among independents, as you point out... Since the debate, I should have made this question simple.
Yeah, how big of a bump, because I don't need to even... He's going to get a bump out of this.
How big of a bump does he get off of Thursday's debate?
Too early to say.
Remember, you have a very close contest here.
The pool of undecideds, the pool of gettable voters is very small.
So neither candidate is ever going to pull out, no matter who the Democrat is, to any kind of landslide lead.
If you're looking for that, we're not going to see that.
But first of all, Trump had huge financial problems, Trump and the Republicans, which were solved when they convicted him in this bogus kangaroo court in New York.
That solved the party's and the candidate's money problems largely.
He continued to take it- And how could we predict that and they couldn't see that?
What's wrong with them?
I think they have misguessed this at every step of the way.
You ask me how people can help?
Go to DonaldJTrump.com.
There's one way you can help.
Your 25 bucks counts.
Give to his campaign.
Yes, he needs the support.
Beyond that, I think people have to not be baited.
into saying and doing anything stupid.
Even when you don't say something wrong, as I didn't in this illegal video filmed at Mar-a-Lago at the Catholic event, even when you don't say anything wrong, they will accuse you of saying something wrong.
So don't be baited into overheated statements or actions.
Recognize they would love to goad you into doing something stupid that they could then turn around and blame on Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans.
I can't stress that enough, having been a victim of a mugging only a week ago in which I said things to a camera that was surreptitious that I say in speeches every single week.
No, that's right.
So in closing, you talked to Trump the day of the debate.
I don't get into inside baseball, but how is the great president doing?
I admit to you, I have not spoken to him since the debate.
I've tried.
We will connect here hopefully this weekend.
But look, he has to be feeling good.
An enormous amount of discipline.
His ability to handle stress and pressure is I've never seen anything like it.
You know, I work for multiple presidents, many political leaders.
This guy is a man of steel.
I mean, he really is both in terms of stamina and his ability to remain optimistic.
He's a happy warrior.
I think he went in there and did everything he needed to do.
You know how it is, Alex.
You're getting advice from 40 people, 50 people.
Everybody's got a different idea.
The thing to remember about Trump is He's not handled.
He's not managed.
He's not scripted.
He was the only one who knew what he was going to say when he got in there, and of course, he said it.
It was one of his most effective performances ever.
And that's why the globalists hate him is they want these roundtables of controlled presidents.
He is his own man.
He's not perfect, but that's why they hate him.
In closing, two minutes.
I've asked a lot of questions in the last 50 minutes.
Any other key tidbits that after you leave, Roger, at StoneZone.com, you wish you would have added?
You know, Alex, I just think we Several things.
I guess the first and most important thing is I am concerned about the over-optimism.
We talked about that at length.
We should not think anything is in the bag.
And you said that four years ago!
And what I don't know, of course, is whether this changes the calculus regarding who Donald Trump takes as vice president.
Personally, I would not want to choose a vice president until I knew definitively who the Democrat candidate for president and vice president are going to be.
We don't know who that is, so I haven't told him this.
It's just my personal opinion, but I would defer that decision as late as I could, which of course would be On the eve of the convention, he could wait until July to make that decision.
I don't know why you would make it now, but that again, just a personal opinion.
I'd like to know who the two Democrats are before I know who I want to select.
for vice president, and that question is in flux.
Yes, Alex, my money's still on Michelle Obama.
I haven't backed off of that, not an iota.
I've called all of this right so far.
We shall see, at a minimum, I stick by my prediction, Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee.
Any other Ted Betts?
Look, I think everybody understands that we now have an establishment at war with itself.
Watch these people eat each other alive.
People say, well, what should Trump do?
The answer is Trump should do exactly what he's doing now.
I think it was Wellington who said, never interrupt the enemy while they are in the course of destroying themselves.
This is an internecine battle where the left hand doesn't know what the far left hand is doing.
We have to let it play out to a certain extent.
But this is going to get very ugly internally.
And the money pressure and the legal pressure and the political pressure put on Joe Biden is going to be enormous.
and then watch them orchestrate the open convention, which drafts Michelle Obama.
And as I've said previously, I still believe the way they handle their Kamala Harris
issue is by offering her a Supreme Court seat.
Somebody said to me, well, I hear there's a deal to make her governor of California.
That wouldn't work because if she and Newsom were both, if she and Newsom were both on the ticket,
They're both Californians.
So I don't see that.
There's a lot of calculus.
Roger, great job.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Great to be with you, Alex.
I'm in the show in a minute and a half.
Chase Geyser's loaded for bear.
Ton of clubs.
Ton of calls.
Ton of news.
Sunday Night Live coming up here in just a few minutes.
Next hour.
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Chase Geyser takes over.
Stay with us.
I don't know what I'd do if I saw Fauci walking down the street or Bill Gates.
I mean, he's so outrageously evil.
He's such a murderer!
And we need to have... You're a Christian.
You're a theologian.
You're a father.
You're able to be really calm and nice about this.
I know you're pissed off about it, but... The thing is, take action, folks.
Resist them.
Protect yourself from them.
Expose them.
What do we do biblically, do you think, to just spiritually be able to deal with this?
Well, we can't deal with stuff like this on our own.
You have to lean on God.
You have to, because when you look at what He is, He knows the beginning from the end.
He knows everything that we're going through.
In the midst of the storm, He brings peace.
We know how this game ends, and we know who wins.
And the Bible tells us every knee must bow.
The knee of sickness, the knee of disease, the knee of all these things that we're seeing.
And we know what happens to the devil.
Jesus throws him in the pit.
And so we know who wins this.
But here's the thing.
God never told us that this life was going to be easy.
He never told us.
In fact, He told us the opposite.
He said, Jesus said, you know, take up your cross and follow me.
People are going to oppose you for following me.
But you know what?
The end result is going to be better if you follow me than if you don't.
So look at the opposition, take the opposition, but never deviate from that path of following truth and following victory and that strength of God who created the universe, who put all of his creativity in us because we were created in his image.
We have to realize we've got that power of God pulsating through our veins every single day because we're created in his image and when we do that we can have confidence that like what Psalms tells us and we can rest under the shadow of his wings that the enemy will come near our tent but they can't come into it, right?
So look at the enemy.
They're all slaves.
Satan always destroys them even before they die.
We see them betrayed.
We see them destroyed and we see Billions and billions of dollars spent by the federal government secretly with just Walgreens and CVS alone to not prescribe ivermectin.
So all this evil, you wonder why are they not giving people a drug that they now admit works?
Because they wanted to hurt people, they wanted people fearful, but it took billions to buy them off to do the evil and the devil has the control of the purse.
He has the power of the earth right now.
He's the god of this world right now.
But it shows every bit of it is mercenaries working against their own self-interest for a little bit of money.
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