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Name: 20240626_Wed_Alex
Air Date: June 26, 2024
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In a recent episode, Alex Jones and guest Nick Fuentes discuss their legal battles against censorship, Israel's involvement in alternative media, and the challenges faced by independent broadcasters. Additionally, Dr. Judy Mikovits endorses Nitric Boost, a product that improves cardiovascular health and is currently on sale at InfoWarsTore.com with 40% off for a limited time.

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It's Wednesday, June 26, 2024.
The Supreme Court just directly ruled against the First Amendment.
We're breaking it all down today.
Dark times for our Republic.
Tomorrow's News Today.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say,
"I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of this, but you wanna fight?"
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Goodbye, my friends.
Wednesday, June 26th.
And yes, they are building internment camps.
In a recent interview with Clayton Morris on Redacted, U.S.
Border Patrol agent-turned-filmmaker J.J.
Carroll discussed his new documentary and the fact that prison facilities are being built in all 50 states to hold millions of political dissidents.
And there's detention facility bids.
Bids to build individual detention facilities in every state in the Union.
And then she goes on to say to me, well, JG, who do you think they're built for?
And she says in this interview, they're for dissidents, American dissidents.
The FEMA camps were reported decades ago.
This was never an outrageous conspiracy theory.
The U.S.
government has been framing American patriots as the enemy for decades.
And the reason should be obvious.
Those who have been in control of the U.S.
government for generations have no interest in serving the people in accordance to the Constitution or otherwise.
Our country is being destroyed from within and the rule of law has been weaponized against those who defend it.
Hundreds of innocent Americans have been arrested and thrown in jail because they chose to peacefully protest the 2020 stolen election.
And others, such as Jeremy Brown, a Green Beret who was approached in late 2020 by federal agents trying to recruit him for the Jan 6 false flag operation, was arrested after going public with this information by the same federal agents.
He was put in maximum security prison where he remains to this day, his 1,000th day in federal prison.
Hundreds of innocent Americans have been in jail for years and several have been tortured.
Much of America is okay with the fact that hundreds are rotting in jail for a peaceful protest.
It's already become the norm.
While it's definitely worth celebrating the release of Julian Assange, the American people have never been more divided.
The Daily Mail reports that more than 40% of Americans think a new civil war will be fought within the next decade.
According to one poll, more than 4 in 10 U.S.
voters say the country is likely to get ripped apart in a second civil war within five years.
And another shows that over 100 million Americans say that civil war is coming.
Based on the recommendation of think tank Policy Horizons, Canada has been preparing for an American civil war, including cyber attacks and grid failures, following the 2024 presidential election.
The soldiers of the New World Order are not going to die easy.
They are apparently willing to spark a nuclear conflict with Russia and are already writing new laws to bring back the draft.
So, women have never been required to register for the draft, but that could soon change, thanks to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
Martha, good morning.
The Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act, which sets out military and national security priorities, would require women to register for selective service.
It concludes, quote, this is a necessary and fair step, making it possible to draw on the talent of a unified nation in a time of national emergency.
Now there are two different versions of this bill, one in the House, one in the Senate.
So it's possible women in the draft could get dropped as lawmakers iron out the differences.
So while women may get dropped from this bill, our government is bringing back the draft while provoking a major war with Russia.
They have their bunkers, and they've already jailed hundreds for protesting an election.
So they'll definitely jail draft dodgers, and everyone else who stands in their way.
Unless we unite against them.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
And long live for getting ready for total martial law in World War III.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
I'm here at Battle Post, coming to you from even the heart of Texas, Austin, broadcasting worldwide, Alex Jones.
All right.
Huge news, massive developments on so many fronts.
But here is the final equation.
All over the world, governments are going total totalitarian.
Western governments are leading the charge with globalism.
They are overturning free speech laws.
They're arresting people for their speech.
The Supreme Court just basically overturned the First Amendment in a ruling today.
It's insane.
But that's a scared establishment doing this, and that's what Entrenched, corrupt bureaucracies always do throughout history.
So history is repeating itself in a very, very dangerous way right now.
You add to that a Gregg Reese report with border patrol agents, you name it, confirming what I already know is true up one side and down the other.
Prison camps for political dissidents in all 50 states.
We're posting it right now at RealAlexJones on X. Now, I have a major blind spot.
And it's that when I've already covered something a thousand times, and I've been on there 30 years, I have a tendency when I've already covered something literally a thousand times and made five films on it, written books on it, like The Police State, The Tyranny, The Takeover, those names, the films, I cover it here and there, but don't go back over it.
It's something in my mind, once I've covered Building 7, 3,000 times probably.
Being blown up on September 11th.
CIA headquarters, all the witnesses, the bombs, everything.
I still mention it and cover it here and there, but I don't really do deep dive on it.
Even though now we have a much bigger audience than I had 20-something years ago.
And even though new people need to know about this.
Well, when I saw the reports last week, About the Border Patrol agents and others going public with documents, witnesses that they're building camps for political dissidents in all 50 states.
I mentioned it, I talked to them about it.
And then it wasn't until I saw Greg Reese's report earlier, that's now on Infowars.com that you should go get and share, that so much clicked.
If you look at my police state films, I made four of them.
Actually, I made five, but four had police state in the title.
I mean, Masters of Terror, it's also a police state film.
And I wrote the book, 9-11, Dissent and Tyranny.
So I've written a book on this subject as well.
It just hit me like a ton of bricks that everybody's finally ready to believe this is being set up and happening.
Plus, they've got all the new emergency COVID and Operation Lockstep camps as well.
That now people are ready to hear about this.
So, when I was watching that report earlier, it just hit me.
We have the Obama-era executive orders and the Obama-era army documents that we were given first, when they were secret, and then a year later came out as real, where it says hiring the personnel and the construction companies to build civilian inmate labor camps for political dissidents in America and how to process their social security numbers How to do all of that.
So I'm telling the archivist, I'm telling Rob Dube, I'm telling Darren McBreen, they're all watching right now.
I want you to go into Police State 3, 4, and 5.
They have the really hardcore documents on them.
And show the executive orders, reprint me the executive orders, reprint me the federal government building.
Civilian internment camps.
They even use the term from World War II.
They call it an internment camp.
And it was Army Intelligence out of Fort Hood, during the first administration of Obama, should that be like, in the middle of it, 2010 or so, 2010, that gave me these documents.
I mean, I am at a gun rally, and these Army guys in plain clothes, you tell the Army guys to show up, and they go, hey, we're in Army Intelligence from Fort Hood, we want you to have this, this is really dangerous.
And they're building camps on Fort Hood.
I go on air and I show the document that I could tell was real because it had orders and things in it that were public that I could tie together and double-check it.
The media went crazy, said I was a liar, and a year later, the Army itself declassified the document.
Well, that was 2011.
So, that's how long I've been on this.
You're like, well, they didn't use them then.
No, they just got them built and ready.
It's like having a gun in your glove compartment.
Doesn't mean you're going to pull it out and shoot somebody, but it's there.
It's there waiting and now they're building new ones and bigger ones according to senior border patrol and DHS whistleblowers.
And it's hitting mainstream news.
Now that's obviously for the coming drafts they've got set up and the expanded war.
Gregg Reese does a superlative job in a four minute clip just boiling down the basics but I'm asking him now to do a more expansive report showing the executive orders And the documents and the history, because this is on record.
I mean, it is in a 30-plus page document from 2010, in the middle of Obama's first administration, talking about the civilian internment camps.
In fact, just Google tries to hide it, but just go to Google and search web, or then just search images, you'll find it.
And just type in, Obama internment camps for Americans.
Or domestic internment camps, and you'll find all of it.
Army at the top, and the Army's website, and the Army's phone number, and the officers in charge, and all of it.
And then, a few years later, Obama began to put out internment specialist ads for North America, for the United States.
So I want that document as well.
Because again, I said last week, hey, get me some documents, just kind of set it on air once.
People are busy.
They're listening, but they didn't get around to it.
We're going to do a full court press on this tomorrow.
By then, I'll have all the documents, all the clips, all the information and show this to you.
Now they're initiating this and clearly this is the big move with all the movies about martial law and civil war and mass extermination and you know the good guys going and taking over DC and killing the president who's obviously a Trump character.
I mean this is This is wild.
When you add all the ingredients and the political climate and what's happening together, they've had this back since Reagan, it was admitted, under Rex 84, they set up FEMA camps for civil unrest and to inter millions of Americans.
And you have the famous videos of Larry Grathwald.
Guys, type in to YouTuber X, Larry Grathwald, 50 million Americans in camps.
And the Democrats, including Obama, back when he was in college with the Weathermen, this came out in federal court.
They proposed, this was in the 70s and 80s, how they were going to create civil war in America once the Communists took over.
How they would invite in the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans.
That's Red Dawn, folks.
This is official.
And how they would put 50 million of us, and back then we were 200 million people, so now it'd be more.
Population's 150 million more.
How they would put 50 million in camps, but 25 million would need to be eliminated or killed.
So just, guys, give me the Larry Grafwald clip too.
Okay, so, when I start the show tomorrow, I'm gonna just go boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, and explain all this.
But the point is, they've had this ready, sitting there.
In fact, I want Larry Grafwald today.
That should be an easy clip to find.
He was an FBI guy in there able to train the Weathermen.
So understand the Weathermen types are now in full control of the government at the highest levels and they're making their move against the people in a big, big way.
So I don't normally air a report twice in a row, but Greg Reese's report is so important.
Plus I'm going to get Larry Graff all up a little.
We're going to start focusing on this and talking about it because it's the final piece in the puzzle before they go live.
And again, they need to legitimize people locked in their houses, people having to show IDs, show their phones to travel.
The globalists have admitted, the UN has admitted, they want the power to isolate and arrest whoever they want, including people during future viral scare lockdowns who disagree with it.
They're going to be put in the camps.
And in Canada?
In Australia, years after we broke it, from our sources, they admitted, oh, we're not just going to lock people up we think might have a new disease, while the border is wide open, with a real disease coming in.
We're going to lock people up that are organizing against it in these facilities as well.
So that's another big operation and a big part.
So tomorrow when we do the deep dive, I'm also going to show you the different emergency Centers around the world and how it's the UN directing that even though the treaty has not been signed.
So here is Greg Reese's report.
Get it.
it's posted on X or Alex Jones and share it like your future depends on it
because it does.
In a recent interview with Clayton Morris on Redacted, US Border Patrol agent-turned-filmmaker J.J.
Carroll discussed his new documentary and the fact that prison facilities are being built in all 50 states to hold millions of political dissidents.
And there's detention facility bids.
Bids to build individual detention facilities in every state in the union.
And then she goes on to say to me, well, JG, who do you think they're built for?
And she says in this interview, they're for dissidents, American dissidents.
The FEMA camps were reported decades ago.
This was never an outrageous conspiracy theory.
The U.S.
government has been framing American patriots as the enemy for decades.
And the reason should be obvious.
Those who have been in control of the U.S.
government for generations have no interest in serving the people in accordance to the Constitution or otherwise.
Our country is being destroyed from within and the rule of law has been weaponized against those who defend it.
Hundreds of innocent Americans have been arrested and thrown in jail because they chose to peacefully protest the 2020 stolen election.
And others, such as Jeremy Brown, a Green Beret who was approached in late 2020 by federal agents trying to recruit him for the Jan 6 false flag operation, was arrested after going public with this information by the same federal agents.
He was put in maximum security prison where he remains to this day, his 1,000th day in federal prison.
Hundreds of innocent Americans have been in jail for years and several have been tortured.
Much of America is okay with the fact that hundreds are rotting in jail for a peaceful protest.
It's already become the norm.
While it's definitely worth celebrating the release of Julian Assange, the American people have never been more divided.
The Daily Mail reports that more than 40% of Americans think a new civil war will be fought within the next decade.
According to one poll, more than 4 in 10 U.S.
voters say the country is likely to get ripped apart in a second civil war within five years.
And another shows that over 100 million Americans say that civil war is coming.
Based on the recommendation of think tank Policy Horizons, Canada has been preparing for an American civil war, including cyber attacks and grid failures, following the 2024 presidential election.
The soldiers of the New World Order are not going to die easy.
They're apparently willing to spark a nuclear conflict with Russia and are already writing new laws to bring back the draft.
The women have never been required to register for the draft, but that could soon change, thanks to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
Martha, good morning.
The Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act, which sets out military and national security priorities, would require women to register for selective service.
It concludes, quote, this is a necessary and fair step, making it possible to draw on the talent of a unified nation in a time of national emergency.
Now there are two different versions of this bill, one in the House, one in the Senate, so it's possible women in the draft could get dropped as lawmakers iron out the differences.
So while women may get dropped from this bill, our government is bringing back the draft while provoking a major war with Russia.
They have their bunkers and they've already jailed hundreds for protesting an election.
So they'll definitely jail draft dodgers and everyone else who stands in their way.
Unless we unite against them.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright, so again, that report's being posted at Real Alex Jones right now.
And the crew, just in the five minutes since I asked for it, found the Obama civilian internment camp for America document.
We can put it on screen.
Now, I said I was given 30 pages by the Army.
They didn't give me the full document.
When they declassified it in 2011, see my memory?
I called it 2010.
They declassified it a year later and everybody freaked out because it's 300 plus pages long.
And in it, it says how to process this for the social security numbers, how to put men and women and children in different areas for political reasons.
So, I'm going to explain this to you again.
This is real.
And you saw respected DHS whistleblowers warning you about it minutes ago.
So, they are expanding these, and they are gearing them up, and this is the climate, this is the time they're going to use them.
Back in the time, I didn't say it was imminent, I didn't say they were going to use them, I said they're there, and I went over the history of it, and I made five films on it.
I wrote a book on it.
Previous to, you know, Obama and his executive orders, we have been all over this like flies on you know what.
Or like white on rice.
And so I promise you, tomorrow, that we will be covering this in great detail.
I mean, I could talk about it all right now.
I am a leading expert on this.
Because I've discovered it decades ago and I've been exposing it.
But, I realize, Alex, you haven't talked about FEMA camps and their plans for years.
I mean, I'm Mr. FEMA Camp, everybody knows that, as a long-term listener.
Glenn Beck used to attack me over it, saying I was a fairmonger.
Now he says, no, I was right about that, and I was wrong about some things.
You know, I said about him, he's a good guy.
But, I get it.
Americans didn't want to believe this was going on.
Everybody had an egg on their face in 2010, when the military gave me this document.
They handed me a short version of it at a gun rally, and said, this is being set up, you need to investigate it.
One year later, they declassified the document.
I didn't print the whole 300 plus pages.
I probably should.
Yeah, we need to just... I read the whole thing years ago.
It's got all this nightmare stuff in it.
Put Chase Geyser on this and have him print all the pages that have the super creepy crap.
He's smart.
He'll recognize the super creepy crap.
I guess I've got time.
I'll read the damn thing again.
But the point is, is that you can go read it too.
Overhead shot for TV viewers.
Radio listeners, take notes.
Interment and Resettlement Operations, FM3-39.40.
And then you read the document, and it says it's for America.
How to process you.
How to put you in the camps.
How to do all this.
This is just the summary.
And it's got mixed in here, civilian inmate camps, where they use federal prisoners at these, and it's got other innocuous things mixed in.
But in it is the building of these centers that are just sitting there and waiting all over the country.
And you've heard the Democrats say, we need to go after Trump supporters.
We need to have DHS have a political war against them.
Former CIA agents have said on MSNBC and CNN, we need to outlaw the MAGA movement.
And you have the terrorism directive of June of 2021 by Obama, Biden, saying, The number one terror threat is white supremacists, and then detailing and listing what a white supremacist is.
Someone that questions elections, someone that questions lockdowns, someone that questions open borders, someone that questions forced injections.
Which is the UN saying as well, Dr. Ryan, the head of the UN's emergency response system globally, saying, we need to be able to arrest and detain anybody we want.
Be able to go into the houses and break up these families.
So this is their martial law cover.
They know they've got their back against the wall and they're gearing up for it.
So again, I will cover this with clips from my films and all the documents and the clergy response team spying on their flock and all the control arms and how it's all gonna go down, how it's all gonna work so you can recognize it tomorrow.
Tomorrow on the broadcast.
Rob, dude, come on in here.
Anytime you guys have documents, just bring them on air.
You don't have to wait.
What do you got?
Deep in the document, it's like page 200 something, but it's the facility design, so you can see how they design them.
Yep, show it right here.
Yeah, we got, these are in America.
Right here.
Great point.
Yeah, what is this page?
Want to see how the camp's set up?
And of course, there's now videos of these.
Guess what this is?
This is a, oh, it looks just like a COVID camp.
COVID camps are the cover for the camps, and they're building them.
Now, they've already had a lot of them before.
Now, they are massively expanding them.
Oh, here's another camp design.
Internment camp design.
Remember how they put the Japanese in camps, and some Italians, and some German-Americans?
Facility design modifications.
Now, the Army thought this was a pretty big deal, and thought you should know about it.
Those guys gonna face court-martial for what they gave me.
So, it's how they process you into the camp.
Receiving compound.
Personal hygiene.
Medical evaluation.
Personal items.
It's a prison.
Admin accountability.
Biomagnosis collection.
That's your blood.
Property, evidence inventory, records review, movement to living area, holding area.
Isn't that cute?
And all these TV shows and all these movies about martial law and all these politicians and I forget all their names but guys find the CIA agent Says, Homeland Security's new mission must be targeting MAGA.
That'll pull it up from last year.
There's some of the older documents in Police State 4.
But I'm going to stop now, because I want to do this properly tomorrow.
I don't know if it'll be in the first hour, the second hour, the third hour, the fourth hour, but I will budget at least an hour of hardcore documentation for you tomorrow.
Now, let's dovetail that with the Supreme Court just ruled not only can the federal government censor, it can secretly do it and direct big tech to censor you.
The Supreme Court just ruled that today.
Now, I don't want to be naive about this.
And I'm not naive, and I want to think the Supreme Court's done some good things.
They've got no fewer than seven cases they admit here in Fox News in front of the court.
And this court has a tendency to give the federal government wins on one and shoot them down on another.
But if they rule on these other cases and throw them out, this is a very good case brought by the Attorney Generals of multiple states.
Then we're screwed.
I mean, this is a horrible ruling in and of itself.
And so, I'm not trying to get your hopes up, but I've seen where they'll, like, give the dog a bone and, like, rule one way on one, but then shut something down with another.
So, we're going to be talking about that when we come back from break.
They also found the Larry Grafwold clip I was mentioning and talking about, so we'll play that.
But there's Town Hall.
Supreme Court watch.
The first moment was just dealt a major blow.
I mean, not a blow.
If it's implemented and allowed to stand, it's a decapitation.
I mean, it is, it is crazy town.
And I've got the ruling right here.
I read it this morning.
I was, I felt good till I read the ruling.
I was, you know, having a nice day.
I got nauseous.
I mean, I pitted my stomach because it's so horrible.
It's not just saying, First Amendment's gone.
It's saying, we're going to surveil you and spy on you, and the government itself is going to censor you.
Total prior constraint, absolutely illegal, a nightmare situation, and it's just par for the course here.
You know, what dirt do they have on the Supreme Court getting them to do this?
Or, with the other six cases in front of them, are they about to shoot it down another way?
They think it's a better way to shoot it down another way.
I don't know.
This was a good case.
We had lawyers on, researched it.
I mean, they had a very strong case cut and dry.
And the Supreme Court, well, I'll tell you what they said.
Whether it's the World Economic Forum, whether it's the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whether it's Open Philanthropy and Dustin Moskowitz, we know that all of these organizations thought that they could bamboozle all of us.
They thought that by putting fact checkers on every post, we'd stop sharing posts.
They thought by canceling people, that we wouldn't actually listen to people's voices.
But the bad news is for them, We continue to do it.
So what are the simple things that you can do?
The simple things you can do, like I said before, support the alternative platforms that are allowing these voices to be heard.
Make sure that you actually have these conversations.
Without the utility of this voice and this platform, we will lose the war.
So our job is really simple.
Share this, communicate this, support the InfoWar.
Go to InfoWarStore.com for products to keep strong and prepared.
Donate and share the videos at Band.Video.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
It's Alex Jones.
Nick Fuentes is coming up next hour to cover all the different political developments in America and the world.
Have a lively discussion.
I'm sure we'll debate some items.
But since I mentioned Larry Grafwald, great guy.
Dead now, his daughter's on the show.
He was there in major college, Vietnam vet, Green Beret.
And the communists, the Weathermen, he got in with the highest level of it, were trying to recruit him.
So he went to the FBI and said, hey, they're wanting to kill people and stuff.
They said back then the FBI wasn't totally corrupt.
They said, well, infiltrate.
He did for several years.
Sent some of them to prison, federal court.
There's a whole documentary made about it, a book written about it as well.
But here's a short clip of him talking about the play in the 70s.
To take control of the government by collapsing the U.S.
system and then putting 50 million people in camps and killing 25 million.
I brought up the subject of what's going to happen after we take over the government.
You know, we become responsible then for administrating, you know, 250 million people.
And there was no answers.
No one had given any thought to economics.
How are you going to clothe and feed these people?
The only thing that I could get was that they expected that the Cubans and the North Vietnamese and the Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States.
They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter-revolution.
And they felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the Southwest.
Where we would take all the people who needed to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and teach them.
How things were going to be.
I asked, well what is going to happen to those people that we can't re-educate?
That are die-hard capitalists.
And the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.
And when I pursued this further, they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people.
In these re-education centers.
And when I say eliminate, I mean kill.
25 million people.
I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people.
and they were dead serious.
As from 1982.
So the camps are built.
They're building more.
They're getting ready to make their move.
And they're telling you everywhere we're going to have a civil war, they're going to round up the evil MAGA supporters.
Well, good luck to the New World Order trying that, because it's not going to go well.
And we've tried to fix things peacefully.
We're not going to offensively attack anybody, but America is not going to be caught with its Head in the sand, and it's ass in the air.
America's not going to be caught flat-footed.
So, everybody needs to go see my first police state film, Police State 2000.
Police State 2, The Takeover.
Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
And Police State 4.
Then, of course, there's another police state, but it's called Masters of Terror.
And it took five films just to detail some of the information.
And it's all on record, it's all documented, it's all going on under the surface, and now it's being massively expanded.
And you've seen the plan release the criminals, the rapists, the murderers, the child molesters, and then pack the prisons currently with conservatives and Christians and populists through the Soros DAs.
They can do a lot of this through the courts.
You've seen January 16th and all.
I'm done talking about it.
You're like, hey, this is America, it'll never happen.
I mean, the Supreme Court would never rule that the Biden administration, the third Obama administration could surveil the internet and censor people on open borders, election fraud, COVID shots.
They would never imagine, the government would never censor treatments for a disease.
The government would never cover up poison shots.
No, they did it all.
And then you have these good attorney generals who won at the federal courts, That Biden is illegally surveilling and censoring the American people, and you're like, well, the Supreme Court will strike that down.
Well, today the Supreme Court released its ruling.
Fox News, the Supreme Court rules for Biden administration in a social media dispute with conservative states.
In the ruling, the Supreme Court went on to say, We don't believe Biden's surveilling and censoring, even though they have all the documents and it's been congressional hearings.
So the Supreme Court said, America doesn't censor.
Oh, Biden's not censoring the Hunter Biden laptop or election fraud news.
They say it in the ruling.
I've got it right here.
So they're sticking their head in the sand and saying, this doesn't go on in America, even though it's going on publicly.
There's USA Today.
Supreme Court says Biden and men can combat social media misinformation in free speech case.
So it's that paradox where they are so disrespectful of us, they go, oh, nobody's trying to shut down InfoWars.
Nobody tried to lock the doors three weeks ago, though we did.
And we want to shut down right now in federal filings, they said.
But, Jones is crazy, it's not happening.
It's like, oh, atrazine isn't causing massive infertility and twisting genders, even though they admit it is.
Or, oh, fentanyl's not killing hundreds of thousands a year, even though it is.
And, oh, the border's not wide open.
Remember Biden?
Oh, he said when he first got in, the border's closed, it's fine.
And, oh, there's no problem.
Oh, well, it is a problem, but it's Trump's problem.
First he said there is no inflation.
Then he said inflation's low.
Then he said inflation was a good thing.
Then he said it was high because of Trump.
Now he says inflation's gone again.
Boy, I've sure not noticed that.
Have you?
Inflation's up higher than ever.
But I have a clip right here.
Before I get into the Supreme Court ruling, this is the Press Secretary.
There were grocery things that were up.
Notice that's all nebulous.
There were some things that were up, but it's gone down now.
Here she is.
So yes, you know, eggs and milk and there were grocery things that were up.
It has gone down.
It has gone down since 2022.
Gas prices, because of the actions that this president took, and let's not forget there was an invasion by Russia, it did obviously into Ukraine, that caused gas prices to tick up.
The president took action, tapped the SPR, and we saw gas prices go down.
The president has met the moment with every issue that we have had in front of us.
So food prices were up.
Now they're down.
No, they're higher than they've ever been.
Yeah, he drained the strategic petroleum reserve.
And it's not as high as it was two years ago, but it's way higher than it was under Trump.
That guy's pull up a pull up a eight year just type in eight year Gas price graph United States.
8-year graph.
United States gas prices.
High under Obama, go way down under Trump.
Biden gets in, they skyrocket, go down a little bit higher than ever.
Higher than they were previous to Trump or even Obama.
So, that's a fact and you see it every week when you gas up your car.
And anytime you go try to buy dinner for you and your family once a week, go out to
I mean, you're looking at the menu, you're thinking, "What's the cheapest thing on here?"
I mean, I don't have a ton of money, but back when I had some money,
I'd like going to a steakhouse I'd gone to, you know, five years ago,
and like the big juicy ribeye I wanted was $40, and then now it's 80 or 100?
Yeah, so there is a eight-year graph on oil prices, on gas prices in America.
U.S. regular all formations retail gasoline prices.
And I just showed you in the air the graph from memory, and is it not exactly what I told you?
So you see it go up under Obama, it goes down massively under Trump, and then what happens right at 2020 into 2021 when he gets in office?
Right when 2021 starts, boom, Biden's elected.
What happens right there?
It spikes in 2022, and yeah, okay, it went down some, but not even half of what it went up.
It's like I told you.
So, see, I got the stuff in my brain, folks.
People think this guy just talks all day, he just says stuff.
No, I don't just say stuff.
I do my homework.
And I've experienced gas prices.
I don't even need to go read books or documents, I remember.
In Austin, Right by the oil refineries, it was $5 a gallon for regular two years ago.
Now it's $3.
Under Trump, it was $1.80.
So I don't need to hear the press secretary tell me, oh, it was up, but now it's down.
And what's not gone down, like oil, because they can manipulate that down, To countermand him cutting off the drilling and cutting off the pipelines and, you know, literally trying to put his foot on our neck, but then that blew up in his face, so then he backed off, squeezing us, but it's still, you know, higher than Trump, way higher.
When it comes to food, it is insane.
Because I'm not a big shopper.
I might go buy clothes every two years or something.
I don't go out and buy a bunch of crap.
I like fishing, tackling stuff sometimes at the sporting goods store, but I do do grocery shopping every couple of weeks.
My wife does most of it, but sometimes I want to go to the grocery store.
And so I go to the grocery store every couple of weeks and buy what I want.
And I go in there and I just spend like an hour and a half.
I'm like, what the hell is $10 for cheap bacon?
It was like $5 three years ago, four years ago.
I don't need the White House Press Secretary peeing in my face and telling me it's raining because it's not rain, folks.
And look, I know you know that.
The reason I went over that is this Supreme Court ruling is absolutely horrible because it just denies it's happening and then authorizes the surveillance and the censorship.
So they go, oh, it's not happening.
Supreme Court justices, it says here in the Fox News transcript, were skeptical this was really going on.
Why, we don't want to stop the feds being able to talk to social media.
No, and the White House says, here's 5,000 things we want banned today.
The Supreme Court rules for Biden administration and social media to dispute with conservative sites.
The Supreme Court on Wednesday sided with the Biden administration in a dispute with Republican-led states.
On how far the federal government can go to combat controversial social media posts on topics including COVID-19 and election security.
Yeah, I can't have those Americans questioning open election fraud where they're indicting the president for exposing it.
You know, shut up and don't question elections.
The number one thing the State Department said for 60 years when it oversees elections worldwide is, can you question an election?
If you can't question one, you're not in a free country.
And now the Supreme Court says, yep, you don't want to do that.
Justice threw out lower court rulings that favored Louisiana, Missouri, and other parties, and there are claims that officials of the Democrat administration leaned on social media platforms to unconstitutionally squelch conservative points of view.
The case is among several, it's actually seven, before the court, this term, that affects social media companies in the context of free speech.
In February, the court heard arguments over Republican-based laws in Florida and Texas that prohibit large social media companies from taking down posts because of the views they express.
What's the government doing involved in that?
In March, the court laid out standards for when the public officials can block their social media followers.
The case over the state laws and the ones that were decided Wednesday are variations on the same theme.
Complaints of the platforms are censoring conservative viewpoints.
The states have argued that the White House communications staffers, the Surgeon General, the FBI, and the U.S.
cybersecurity are among those that applied unrelenting pressure, which is in the damn emails.
To coerce changes to online content on social media.
Yeah, they're like, take this GD thing down now!
We told you two days ago!
But the justices appeared broadly skeptical of those claims during the arguments in March,
and several worried that common interactions between government officials and the platforms
could be affected by the ruling for the states.
There's a bunch of other big rulings about to come down.
Hopefully they gave them a win on this, but are about to shoot it down with another case they think is stronger.
But this is a very strong case.
A panel of three judges in a New Orleans-based Fifth Circuit of appeals had ruled earlier the Biden administration had probably brought unconstitutional pressure on the media platforms.
The appellate court and officials cannot attempt to coerce or significantly encourage changes in online content.
The panel had previously narrowed a more sweeping order from the federal judge who wanted to include even more government officials and prohibit mere encouragement of content changes.
What is the government doing on the phone and in emails saying take all this down?
Over 50 million posts on Facebook alone, after the 2020 election, they admitted in congressional hearings, were taken down at government request.
And it was all, don't let Republicans question the election.
So this is beyond dangerous.
Supreme Court rejects challenge to Biden administration's contacts with social media companies.
Oh, it's not contacts, it's them telling them censor.
Supreme Court rules in favor of Biden administration's social media cases.
Supreme Court dismisses Big Tech free speech case on standing.
Yeah, that was their final argument.
Well, these courts and these states haven't been violated.
They're not citizens?
It's bad, folks.
Got the ruling around here.
I mean, it's so horrible that it's just poll axing.
I'm godsmacked at this point.
Yeah, print that for me.
Alito rails against White House's social media case dissent.
He says, as I was reading the ruling, he says, this is cut and dry, completely illegal, prior constraint, chilling effect, government saying what to do in live time, and most importantly, they're surveilling everyone, the government is in there with taxpayer money, watching what Americans say.
To then have it suppressed.
So it's the surveillance aspect.
It's 1984.
But look at this.
Major breaking news.
New information shows CIA contractors colluded with the Biden campaign to discredit Hunter Biden's laptop.
It's all now coming out in Congress.
Here's the congressional report.
The Intelligence Community 51.
How CIA contractors colluded with the Biden campaign to mislead American voters.
Huge report.
Go read it.
That came out yesterday.
And the Supreme Court's response is it doesn't exist.
So go ahead and keep doing it.
And you heard the White House Press Secretary.
government and permanent select committee on intelligence US House
representatives. That came out yesterday and the Supreme Court's response is it
doesn't exist. So go ahead and keep doing it. And you heard the White House
press secretary. Prices were up now they're down. That's a word game.
Oh, so prices were up 80% and now they're just 70% up.
And by the way, gas prices are down, but still higher than they were under Trump.
The point is everything else is up and you know it, you see it, you experience it every damn day.
These people are criminals and they're not going to stop.
They've been bullying the Supreme Court, threatening them outside their houses, threatening to kill them.
And going after all of them, and Alito has turned out, along with Thomas, to be the strongest ones on there.
They secretly record Alito going, they want to bully us?
They're mad my wife flew an upside down flag.
Screw them.
This is America.
They're trying to tell the Supreme Court justices, you can't fly an upside down flag.
You're bad.
You've got to step down from the court because you flew a flag upside down.
But if he'd have promoted drag queen story time, he'd have been just fine, right?
Or he would have said, Biden's okay to just open the border up and say, and again, Biden says he's signing an executive order just to legalize illegal aliens.
And a week ago, it was just, you know, people that are married to a citizen.
Now this week, it's, well, it's going to be a path for everybody to be citizens.
The globalists have done the math.
They can bring in a giant third world population that doesn't know what freedom is, and they can checkmate this country and the voters of this nation.
I am just absolutely amazed because I mean I knew this was all coming.
But we're now living in this.
They've got camps set up for us.
They've got new viruses they see are coming out.
They want to forcibly inject us with stuff that kills us.
I mean, if they treat you with a machine gun, you'd fight back, right?
But if they come with a doctor and a shot, you know, it kills you six months later, kills you two years later.
It's like, okay, no, no.
This is literally a ruling class that has decided to kill Americans and replace us with a bunch of third world slaves.
I feel sorry for and I want to help, but at the end of the day, they're now a weaponized group who had their country shut down for three plus years in lockdowns, who are organizing UN camps with replacement migration, and then that are assaulting the United States.
So when Nick Fuentes comes on, he's a smart guy, has a big following, and I disagree with some of the things he says, agree with a lot of what he says.
I'm going to just ask him questions like, hey, what do we do about a civil war?
What do we do about the camps?
What do we do about the forced injections?
What do we do about war with Russia?
Because we just all day have, you know, culture war.
And I get it.
Israel's corrupt.
Israel's got problems.
The Israel lobby is going after free speech in America.
I'm critical of it.
But I don't support the Muslims and the Palestinians either.
But to me, it's all other people seem to talk about is Israel all day.
Well, what are we going to do about the plan for a civil war?
My point is, you know, we do five interviews about Israel, and I'm just like, it's not that I don't want to talk about Israel.
It's like, why don't we talk about something else?
Because you can debate all day who runs the new world order and all the rest of it.
How about we just oppose the policies of it and stop it?
All right, Nick Fuentes is coming up.
Look at this headline.
74% of people who died after COVID vaccination were killed by the shot.
Major study.
I mean, this is just devastating.
And this is out of control.
We're going to go to break.
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They were gonna have a hearing in state court to try to certify it, close the doors tomorrow.
And so now it's back in federal court.
We're ping-ponging it.
And that's the strategy.
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When I look at Bitcoin as a historian, I don't like it because this is money built on distrust.
The central idea of Bitcoin is basically electronic gold.
That we don't trust the banks, the governments, so we don't want to give them the ability to create as much money as they like.
So we create this Bitcoin.
It's a currency of distrust.
Of you.
I do think that the future belongs to electronic money.
But what we've seen over the last centuries is that it's actually a good idea to give banks and governments the ability to create more and more money for themselves in order to build more trust within society.
So, I'm not sure what kind, what money would look like in 20 years or 30 years, but I hope it will be a currency of greater trust and not a currency of distrust.
Finishing up, you all know Harari and just how full of crap he is as an economist.
You as an economist watching him.
So I'm watching that and I'm thinking, is this guy absolutely nuts?
I mean, he is a smart guy.
He's evil, but he's a smart guy.
How could he say that printing money is going to bring trust when so much in our society right now is people can't afford to eat, they can't afford to pay their mortgage or their rent or buy food or do anything, right?
Inflation doesn't bring trust.
He's misusing the word trust.
Because what he's actually saying is, hey, when we print money...
We're going to be able to give you Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, handouts, stimulus.
We'll raise the debt ceiling to keep this game perpetuated.
We'll do all of this stuff.
And so then the people will say, trust?
It's like, I'll tolerate you because you're giving me free stuff.
That's not trust.
That's accepting their garbage because they're giving you free stuff.
That comes with printing of money excessively.
Misuse of the word trust because I don't think he's a dumb guy.
I think he's evil, beyond evil, who has no respect for human life.
They just said that we're going to continue to print money.
We're going to continue to make people dependent on the government for all of their needs.
Because the government wants to take the place of God in people's lives.
And that statement, when you dissect what he said, that's what he's saying.
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What did he just say?
He said there's a storm coming in.
I know.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming at Real Alex Jones on X.
Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States.
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.
We face a hostile ideology, global in scope, atheistic in character, Ruthless in purpose and insidious in method.
Unhappily, the danger it poses promises to be of indefinite duration.
Eisenhower's fears were well-founded.
Today, American taxpayers are unwittingly financing the growth and power of a censorship industrial complex run by America's scientific and technological elite, which endangers our liberties and democracy.
Demolishing free speech cultural narratives Americans valiantly and successfully defended by the grace of God.
The propaganda industrial complex monstrosity that Obama quietly modernized in 2012 is now rampaging across America.
You're not just going to be censored and deplatformed for disinformation.
You're going to be thrown in jail.
Now laid to waste by the creeping socialist sabotage of the O'Biden administration.
Too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal.
Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans Represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.
I give you exhibit A, as Jamie White reported, Richard Stengel, a former State Department official under Obama and founder of the Global Engagement Center, which has come under scrutiny since the Twitter files revealed the extent of its role to censor the American people who defy establishment narratives.
Propaganda, I'm not against propaganda.
Every country does it, and they have to do it to their own population, and I don't necessarily think it's that awful.
Emails in the Twitter files revealed that the GEC was a key entity involved in the social media platform censorship policies, working as a go-between for the federal government and Twitter.
For every government agency scanning Twitter, there were perhaps 20 quasi-private entities doing the same thing, including Stanford's Election Integrity Partnership, NewsGuard, the Global Disinformation Index, and many others, many taxpayer-funded.
A focus of this fast-growing network, as Mike noted, is making lists of people whose opinions, beliefs, associations, or sympathies are deemed misinformation, disinformation, or malinformation.
That last term is just a euphemism for true but inconvenient.
We are now experiencing something alien to our system of government and civilization, censorship in real time, as the walls of the First Amendment crash down in a controlled demolition.
So, all of you still supporting the effort to fund a neo-Nazi child organ harvesting hub, what are your tax dollars really paying for?
While Zelensky has imprisoned Ukrainian journalists and outlawed the Orthodox religion, Ukraine spokes-trainy and American Sarah Ashton Carillo exposed the true madness behind the Ukrainian totalitarian state.
Simply put, I'm an American serving as a Ukrainian infantry soldier and combat medic who was brought from the zero line and assigned to the TDF's media team in the dual role of spokesperson and Russian disinformation analyst.
Russians have a different culture.
Russians are Asian and ultimately they do come from the Mongols.
They do come from a grouping of People who are wanting to be slaves.
Let me also take a moment in my role as spokesperson for the AFU's territorial defense forces to state unequivocally that we in the TDF and across Ukraine believe journalists are heroes and have the right to report on Ukraine's war for liberation without interference.
I made the statement that Russian propagandists will be hunted down and I refuse to apologize for that statement.
But it doesn't end with the Kurillo-Zelensky revelations.
The New World Order wants all free speech eliminated.
The irony and cognitive dissonance from the other side of the aisle, it's deafening.
You could cut it with a knife.
They are at the same time denying that censorship is occurring, but suggesting that there's more material that needs to be censored.
They're working towards a day when their propaganda can wash over free speech like a polluted tsunami.
John Bowne reporting.
Big Point Jazz is on the line.
We'll go to him in 60 seconds.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright, when I announced this morning that Nick J. Fuentes was joining us for about an hour and a half live today, which we appreciate him doing, the popular firebrand, the populous firebrand, I saw a lot of commenters saying, oh, what are you going to cover?
The Trump green card?
The debate coming up tomorrow night?
Maybe he can pop in at the end of the debate, give us his take?
Lebanon, Jamal Bowman, and what just happened with AIPAC taking him out?
And yes, we're going to get to that, but I want to cover 35,000 foot view stuff and get Nick's take on that because I see him talking about history and big other world events and he's done his homework.
People say, what do you got Nick Fuentes on?
You know, this Nazi.
I wouldn't call him a Nazi, but I'll explain.
Where I stand is 100% clear.
When the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Democratic Party, the major media, literally says you're bad to be white, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, CNN, everywhere, and my six-year-old daughter, now seven, was at a summer camp last year for a sports camp, and during lunch they had on loudspeakers that white people are inherently bad, and she said, am I bad because I'm white?
It is healthy for white people to stand up and say, I'm not going to take this anymore and I'm not going to be guilty.
Now you can go to an extreme then of hating everybody else that isn't white.
In my view, most people that aren't white are not out to get us and they're good people.
But a large group are being brainwashed and whites are a minority 7% worldwide.
So overall, I've been thinking Compared to the ADL's total supremacy, anti-Western, anti-Christian stuff, well, what do you expect you're going to conjure with what you're doing?
And so, in an Overton window, Nick Fuentes moves it over here, away from, all whites are bad and we're the devil and we should pay reparations and kill ourselves, with, you know, Nick over here saying basically the opposite.
I see a larger 35,000-foot view of divide-and-conquer and trying to counter it.
We'll get his take on that, but I wanted to ask him about this incredibly insane Supreme Court ruling that's totally cut and dry.
And Justice Samuel Alito eviscerated it and said, I'll read the quotes here in a moment, this is the most important Supreme Court case ever.
It's cut and dry.
The states and the Congress have all the evidence.
And the Supreme Court said this doesn't exist, that none of this is going on.
The government's not surveilling and censoring, but they can do it.
So, were they blackmailed?
There's major pressure on the Supreme Court.
Are they waiting for one of these other big cases to shoot down the censorship there?
But this is 131 days from the election.
They stole 2020.
They were able to mitigate it and steal a lot of Republican wins and water that down two years ago.
This is a huge deal.
So let me read a few quotes and we'll get to Nick.
Here's Alito rails against White House and social media case dissent.
That's the Hill newspaper.
And let me just read the quotes out of his dissenting, and I've got the full order here as well.
Vermont's high-ranking government officials placed unrelenting pressure on Facebook, this is one area they focused in on, to suppress Americans' free speech during an election.
Alito wrote, because the court unjustifiably refuses to address the serious threat to the Americans' First Amendment, I respectfully dissent.
He went on.
I assume that a fair portion of what social media users had to say about COVID-19 and the pandemic was of little lasting value, Alito wrote in dissent.
Some was undoubtedly untrue and misleading and some may have been downright dangerous, but we know now that valuable speech was also suppressed.
Continuing, here's the key quote.
If the lower court's assessment of the voluminous record is correct, this is one of the most important free speech cases to reach the court in years.
And why does he say that?
Because I've now scanned over the ruling.
They refused to look at the merits and the evidence and said, and I have Fox News reporting it right here, that the Supreme Court did not believe this conduct was happening.
Says it right here.
The justices appeared broadly skeptical that the claims were even happening.
You've seen the hearings.
You've experienced it.
You've seen the emails.
You've seen the documents.
My God!
So, this is what they do.
They deny this is happening.
It's like the U.N.
replacement migration.
Saying we're going to get rid of the West.
It's not compatible.
White people aren't compatible.
2000 document.
2001 document.
Now it's official policy of the NGOs.
And then when you publish it or show it, they censor you saying it doesn't exist.
And Sacha Baron Cohen at the ADL event says you'd be put in jail if you talk about it.
So they can't address this head on because it destroys these arguments.
It's total tyranny.
So they just say it's not happening.
Now, Nick, I just did a long four minute intro.
I apologize for that.
I'm going to give you the floor now on this situation.
Yeah, well you're absolutely right.
This is a totally ridiculous situation and it's extremely disappointing because we actually have a conservative majority on the court.
It's supposed to be at least a 5-4, at most a 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court at least since 2020.
And in spite of that, we keep getting all these terrible rulings.
And it's like you said, all the evidence is there.
It was the Missouri and Louisiana Attorneys General, they found all this evidence that over a dozen federal departments and agencies were in direct contact with social media companies advocating for them and in some cases directly ordering them to suppress particular individuals, groups, in some cases even particular posts relating to the pandemic.
It's about as cut and dry as you said, in your words, it's about as cut and dry as it gets.
This is government censorship.
Which makes it a First Amendment issue.
Because, you know, for a long time they said, well, when Twitter or Facebook suppresses free speech, of course that was before Elon Musk acquired Twitter, but when they were suppressing free speech, people would make the argument that, well, these are private companies, it's their prerogative to do it, it's freedom of association, they can choose which content they want to publish or not, and, you know, putting aside that argument for a moment, At least that was maybe tenable at one point.
But in this case, it's very cut and dry that the government was directly advocating for certain posts to be terminated.
There were even specific examples where the White House Press Office was sending an email to Facebook saying, hey, delete this post.
And Facebook replied by email and said, Right away.
We deleted it right now.
Per your request.
Oh, there's even quotes where, and we have to delay this, about the cuss.
It's like, goddammit, why the fuck haven't you taken this down?
It's been 24 hours.
I mean, they're cussing at them saying do it.
And so it is as cut and dry as it gets.
I mean, they're literally ordering them to delete things and remove certain users.
And I was actually so, I was, I was a little bit pleasantly surprised that the lower court ruled that this was wrong because, you know, so rarely do we get a victory on issues like this.
But it seems like in the past few years, it's been a bit of a free speech.
By the way, two lower courts just in this case.
I mean, I'll bribe the Supreme Court.
Yeah, and so the Supreme Court then acquiring this with a majority and with Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh siding with the government in this case and basically giving them the green light.
And it's always on the technical grounds.
This is where the conservative court always fails us.
They always say, well, you didn't do it exactly correctly or, oh, you don't have legal standing or something like that.
This is the constitutional issue, maybe, of our lifetime.
As we know, the First Amendment is the most important amendment because it's what protects our freedom of conscience, what protects, I mean, really, the foundational rights, assembly, speech, and so on.
And we know that there's been a big problem with big tech and government colluding.
Rather than relieve the injury on this, they're going to side with the government?
It's really shocking.
It's really outrageous and offensive.
And it begs the question, can we rely on institutions like the Federalist Society and the Republican Party to put up judges like this in the future?
Because, you know, that is one of the things that is considered one of the best parts of President Trump's legacy from his first term, was that he transformed the face of the federal judiciary by appointing a record number of judges.
That includes the three Supreme Court judges that he nominated.
But we see, over and over again, these judges Especially on the Supreme Court, especially Cavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett giving these terrible decisions.
And not just on this, on gun rights, on the 2020 election, in some cases on immigration.
I don't think that we can rely anymore on the expertise of the Federalist Society, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell to pick these people.
And as always, it all goes back down to personnel.
Who are going to be the people that are making the decisions in the judiciary?
Who are going to be the people making the decisions In the Senate and in the potentially the next Trump administration about who these appointees will be.
That's always the operative question.
And it just goes to show that we're not going to find the right people from Yale, Harvard, and from the Republican Party.
They disappoint us time and again in the legislature, the judiciary, and the executives.
So it's just the latest disappointment.
I'm not I'm not totally surprised that it went this way.
And, unfortunately, there is one other major decision they have yet to rule on, and it makes me a little bit nervous about that.
As you know, there were two major free speech laws passed in Florida and Texas that were meant to remedy big tax censorship.
They're both slightly different.
There was one law passed in the Florida State Legislature, and that specifically applied to people seeking office, that they could not be banned from social media or else the big tech would incur a fine.
And then in Texas, there was a similar law, but it was about viewpoint discrimination that, you know, if you were banned for expressing a particular ideology, and if you could prove that in court, you could get some Legal relief for that.
And so both of these laws were challenged by Big Tech and a firm that represents all the Big Tech consortium of the Big Tech companies.
That is one of the other forthcoming decisions that the Supreme Court is going to hand down probably later this year.
And of course relating to similar topics, Big Tech and free speech.
Based on this decision, I'm not very optimistic about this.
And you brought in something which I think is extremely relevant.
As you said, the election is 130 days out.
132, 130 days.
We're not long before the next presidential election.
As we know, social media dictates the outcome of these national elections, especially the presidency.
You know what?
I don't love Charlie Kirk, but he had a good tweet about this the other day.
He said in 2016 it was the Twitter election, in 2020 it was the Instagram election, in 2024 this is the X and TikTok election.
And the reason for that, these are two huge platforms that are growing faster than any other platform, and they are because they're free speech, because they totally liberalize community guidelines, terms of service, they've allowed people like you and I back on the platform, at least on X, I think you and I are both banned on TikTok, but our content proliferates there on TikTok regardless.
And so it's these free speech platforms that are now defining this right-wing comeback, it's defining this consciousness-raising, I think we talked about it last time, and it seems like now in the 11th hour, right before the moment of decision and the all-important remaining six months, the debate is tomorrow, the conventions are coming up, now it seems like these courts are coming in and they're trying to undo what has been done, the progress that has been made.
By Elon Musk acquiring Twitter, and by TikTok, which through their proprietary algorithm is a lot worse.
I agree.
I was going to say that before you came on.
You're thinking the same thing.
It's obvious.
But it's so crazy.
The Supreme Court is like putting their finger on the scale.
Last minute, we're winning.
And they run in for the deep state and the establishment and do this.
That's exactly how it appears to me, and I don't see any other explanation for it because, as you said, it's as cut and dry as it gets.
We have evidence, and it's not just one, it was over a dozen federal agencies, in the most direct possible way, emails, text messages, as you said, delete this right effing now, laced with expletives.
And the Supreme Court intervenes and says the government has a right to lean on these major publishers with censorship.
It's totally ridiculous.
And from conservative judges.
So, I think what else can you call it other than they are putting their finger on the scale and trying to save their guy for the deep state.
They're trying to save their guy Joe Biden.
No, I totally agree.
But that makes me like Alito even more because they secretly recorded him a month ago at an event with judges.
And he just says, F them wanting to control my free speech.
I'll fly a flag upside down.
Screw them.
I'm tired of these people.
They go, look, he's bad.
He's partisan.
No, he's pro-free speech.
I mean, I think Alito is becoming, I think even better than Thomas because it seems like they don't control him and it's only pissing him off.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, they've all had their fair share of scrutiny.
There was a major ProPublica piece about Clarence Thomas recently, too.
And so, like you, I've noticed the major pressure on Samuel Alito.
There's been the scandal about him flying the flag upside down and the various flags they've flown outside the house.
And so it seems like they're really putting the screws on these conservative judges.
This is, it's like everything else.
This political conflict is coming to a head.
I think the deep state, the elites know that the moment of decision is arriving when possibly, and maybe it's likely, Donald Trump may be elected and throw off the yoke of a certain faction of the American elite for good.
And I think Trump has maybe learned his lesson.
I think certainly the American people have about what happens when you let Hillary Clinton off the hook and when you try to cut deals with Facebook as Trump did in exchange for not totally leaning on them from the conservative direction.
And so I think they all realize that they have to make a full play.
Against anybody, anywhere, that's trying to undo or reverse what they have done.
Well, that's right.
Trump now knows when they sit there and lie to his face, it's a lie.
He's going to not go off what they say, but who they've supported in the past.
And they keep saying, oh, he's going to be vindictive.
It's not vindictive.
This is a deep state coup that we're trying to struggle out of.
It is his duty, not just his right, to go after him.
So let me say, you're President Trump.
In 131 days, he gets re-elected.
During that 79 days before the inauguration, they're going to cause civil unrest.
They're going to call it race war, civil war.
That's all pre-programmed.
Put on your prediction cap here of what you think they're going to pull.
I want to say the election fraud won't be enough to steal it.
The numbers are there.
So let's just hypothetically say Trump wins in 131 days.
What happens then?
And what can we do to make sure he gets in?
And then how do we hold his feet to the fire and make sure he doesn't compromise just out of some of his political ignorance?
And that's what's going on for my own research.
And then the big question, that's a lot of questions.
What would you do if you were President Trump?
If Nick J. Fuentes was sworn in January 21st, 2025, what does Nick Fuentes do?
Let's just start there.
Well, day one, I mean, the first thing you gotta do is close the border.
You know, because that is, people talk about election fraud, and you can talk about ballots, you can talk about media, but the biggest way that they're stealing elections is they're importing voters!
They're importing these people, I imagine a lot of them are voting illicitly, and even if they're not, Well, of course they are, and even if they're not, they're also being counted in the census, which is how the electoral college votes are allocated, how the House is allocated.
And, of course, these people come over here and they're having a lot of kids.
It's anchors away, they're having anchor babies, those people become citizens.
And this is how California went from red to blue, how it went from Nixon-Reagan landslide to blue forever.
Because Globo's documents came out this week.
They said we want Latin Americans because they vote socialist.
Something about their skin color.
They vote socialist.
They're immediately having federal tit put in their mouth.
And so they've got generational voters right now.
That's exactly right, and the numbers don't lie.
They do not support an original interpretation of the Constitution.
They do not support the Second Amendment.
They do not believe that hate speech is free speech.
So, you're right.
We move towards a European socialist-style country with this mass migration scheme that they've cooked up.
It's Texas, it's Nevada, it's almost nearly every state at this point.
So day one, you close the border.
You have to get these people to remain in Mexico.
You have to restart the building of the wall.
And I would say build a real wall this time.
Not an 18-foot steel bollard fence.
A 30-foot concrete wall like the one that was promised.
Use the military appropriations.
That's the first thing I would do.
Number two.
Make a deal with Russia.
End this war in Ukraine.
People have no idea yet how much damage this is causing to us and our allies.
It's killing the dollar.
The biggest enemy of America is the globalists.
They're killing it.
More and more countries are moving away from the dollar because the United States weaponized it in the aftermath of Russia's war in Ukraine.
They seized Russia's foreign currency reserves, seizing Russia's assets.
Now they're talking about selling them.
But it's not only that.
By sabotaging Nord Stream 1, they also made it so that Germany has sky-high energy costs, and now they're not going to be able to remain an industrial nation.
We're all going to have massive energy demand because of these data centers due to AI.
The amount of energy consumed by data centers is going to go up to 10% of the total energy consumption by the end of this decade.
We're reaching peak shale oil.
We may be reaching peak oil altogether.
The energy demand is going up.
Energy supply is going to stop growing.
And notice the left wants to ban cows and cars, but never their data centers.
And we're not able to get the energy anymore because we blew up the pipelines from Russia, and we've now made it so that Russia and China are not able to cooperate normally in the global economy.
We can't get those resources out of there.
They didn't think it would then double energy prices and make Alternative for Deutschland win, so then their answer is ban Alternative for Deutschland, that's now the biggest party in Germany.
I mean, this is not going their way.
Populists are winning everywhere, nationalists are winning everywhere, and the more the globalists squeeze, the more they lose.
It's true.
Everything that they do, it's an equal and opposite reaction.
But this is a very dangerous time because they are in a panic.
Their position and their grip on power is extremely precarious.
And this is where I think the elite is given to making mistakes and unforced errors because they're panicked, because the house of cards is falling down all around them in every way possible.
There's war on every continent.
The economy is getting squeezed, you know, between inflation and the high interest rates, stagflation.
These people have not been planning ahead.
They've not been thinking carefully about our problems.
They really do believe that they're going to be able to censor and ban all their political problems.
They think they're going to be able to print their way out of all of their money problems.
They think they're going to be able to print their way and use air power out of all of the military and Diplomacy problems in the world.
And on some level they think that artificial intelligence is going to solve whatever they can't do.
And by the way, I see AI as like Vietnam believing air-powered win.
It means nothing if people don't believe it or follow it.
It's true.
They really do believe.
They call this effective futurism or effective whatever.
They have this hope in technology that they think that they recognize there are these problems.
Major things have been messed up in a way that are not easily un-messed up.
Ecological problems, diplomacy, all these problems that I've just mentioned.
Major, major, major problems.
They have no solutions, no way out of it.
And so they think that AI is going to be this deus ex machina that's just going to... It's like an oracle.
It's going to spit out the answers to all our problems.
It's not.
It's not sentient.
It's not actual intelligence.
It's like a Hopi Indian ghost dance.
It's like some kind of spiritual thing.
It's like they're doing a rain dance asking for favorable fertility for this harvest or something.
And so this house of cards is coming crashing down.
The question is, can we catch the falling knife and prevent it from being a complete and total cataclysm?
And I think everybody sees the writing is on the wall everywhere you look.
I totally agree.
That's the consensus is how do we have a survivable crash landing.
Speak to that.
It's a difficult thing.
I think that it starts with a political transition.
We need to get these people out of power.
They're reckless, they're irresponsible.
You know, for a long time, they made it seem like they were the adults in the room, and it was the populace, like you and I, that were crazy.
And, you know, you and I, we have colorful personalities, but...
Clearly we are much more on the ball and our fingers much more on the pulse than these planners who think that it's a good idea to import a limitless number of people to go to war with Russia and China and Iran all at the same time and you know all these endless things that just don't really make sense but they insist do.
So it starts with a political solution of getting the right people In power, getting responsible people in power, and we need to get smart people to start to come up with solutions.
I think that's why the DEI stuff has to go, because at the same time that our problems are growing in complexity and growing in number, we're getting people that are less sophisticated, less competent, less, in general, do not have the aptitude for it.
We're choosing people based on the skin color, based on ideology, rather than competence.
So, America needs to think in terms of people power.
People are the greatest asset.
We need to have the right people accelerate through the advanced colleges.
We need the right people to join politics.
We need the right people at the helm of the White House, Congress.
I really think it's important that if Trump gets in office in the second term, it all comes down to the personnel.
Who is going to be hired?
Who's going to be making the decisions?
Nick Fuentes, stay there.
Let's talk about that and some of the positive things about Trump, but also some of the negative things.
When I looked at his green card proposal, I looked at both sides.
People take it out of context.
I see both sides.
So let's look at your criticism of his plan for college grads to get green cards when we come right back with Nick Fuentes.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones.
Well, I'm really liking this conversation.
This is what I want to do with Kanye a few years ago when he was in here with Nick.
He can go off on whatever group he wants for 10 minutes.
We heard it.
Now I want to see about the rest of the world and big issues and what we're going to do and the wars and the border and the AI and you know all of this.
And so people take me out of context.
It's fine.
I do a four hour show every day.
But I did like 10 minutes yesterday, a whole segment, and I said, I get what Nick Fuentes is saying, and I agree with a lot of the Groypers, but I said, then there's a whole nother extreme of, you know, people saying, well, we don't like anybody that isn't white, and I'm just like...
That's not how I feel.
I like everybody.
I judge people off of how they operate and what they do.
But then I also went on and I said, yeah, this Trump thing is dangerous.
You know, just saying anybody that gets a college degree, well, they can give you, you know, mail-in degrees, and then you're a citizen.
But at the same time, Trump's always been for highly skilled people that come here being able to be a citizen, because that's what he's done in business.
So people that are mad at Trump about it, and I get you're allowed to criticize.
I'm not saying that's bad.
To me, Trump will at least mitigate and shut the border down 90%.
Would you rather have that or just, oh, Biden saying, get here, come here, take over, blah, blah, blah.
So I don't believe in a lesser of two evils, but I also don't believe in a suicide pact.
And I'm somebody very critical of Trump, so I'm not putting Nick down for being critical of him.
I'm just trying to quantify that when I war game something, like in the first hour I said, Well, I hope with all these other Supreme Court First Amendment cases, they've got several big ones and a bunch of other ones, hopefully they just gave the dog a bone.
I think this is a better case here, but because they refuse to even look at it.
No, I see cowardice.
I think they're going to go totally against us.
But then people will take the clip out from last hour and say, look, Jones is claiming the Supreme Court's on our side.
No, I said I think they're about to screw us just like Nick did, but I'm saying I'm hoping that something else, probably not.
So that's the thing about a long-form show, folks.
We're looking at all angles.
We're at the grocery store checking the fruit, squeezing it, you know, which one's the best piece.
We're trying to work through this.
So you got caught up on the break, Nick J. Fuentes.
People can follow you.
Well, we'll put it on screen and obviously on X with what you would do if you were president, what you think is about to happen with the desperate left and deep state with 131 days left.
And then you've taken Trump to the woodshed on his green card.
And so I respect your view.
I'm not saying I totally agree with it, but I definitely understand the argument and think that it is a legitimate argument.
So let's quantify that.
Yeah, so on the green card issue with Donald Trump, I definitely see where you're coming from and I do agree with you.
It's sort of interesting because this stapling green cards to diplomas is a very old proposal.
This rhetoric has been around for over 10 years, 10 or 15 years.
And if you Google it right now, staple green cards to diplomas, you'll find articles, clippings from 2011.
Hillary Clinton said it, Mitt Romney said it, Charlie Kirk has said it, Joe Biden said it.
Donald Trump is the latest to say it.
And the idea is we have all these foreigners here studying.
There's just over a million foreign students in America right now.
And the idea is we want to retain some of them.
And I think you said on your show, we don't want to brain drain.
We want to keep some of the best and brightest here.
And I can certainly understand that on some level.
Like if you'll have somebody who is a very specialized type of doctor, and meaning they go to a very advanced graduate school, meaning they go to medical school for many, many years.
Certainly that is someone who I think we would want to retain in the United States.
What's interesting about what Trump said, which this is the part I think that was troubling to everybody, whether you're pro-immigration or more of an immigration restrictionist, is he said even a junior college graduate from India or China would get a green card under this program.
He said any degree.
four-year advanced degree, junior college two-year degree, and it's not hard to see
how that would become basically open borders with extra steps, where you would see major
firms that have a need for labor and cheap labor from foreign countries, they would be
readily willing to put up the money to put as many students through a two-year--
Plus most of the states are already paying for illegals to go to college.
There's already subsidies on the table.
So, and you imagine that if a policy like that actually went through, it would only become more streamlined, it would turn into a big scam, and they'd be able to bring in as many people as they want.
And I think that is the issue.
If there is unlimited labor, as Hillary Clinton envisioned, of common market, free movement of labor and goods, you're talking about the American worker getting screwed.
You have all these, and you know, maybe this is a little bit closer to home for me, but For you as well, because you have young children, so I'm sure this is something you're thinking about too.
Young people are being set up where they go to college, it's very expensive, they graduate from college, housing's unaffordable, inflation's out of control, college debt is very high, the job market's tough, people are underemployed, And then there's this proposal on the table that we're going to just bring in as many rich Indians and Chinese as possible.
And you know what?
They could come from anywhere for that matter.
They could come from Germany or France.
They'd still be taking jobs from Americans.
So it's really just about finding where is the sensible immigration policy.
No, I totally agree with you, and it's all been so one-sided.
It's healthy to say, no more for now, a moratorium.
I was simply saying, people mad at Trump, this has always been his policy.
And if you go to one of his hotels, it's mainly Eastern Europeans, that's who he can get cheap, that quite frankly wanted, and I'm not saying Americans are lazy, it's just harder to find them and organize them, though through these trade groups, through these corporate organizations, you're on a cruise ship, it's Eastern Europeans.
You're in a fancy hotel as Eastern Europeans, because for whatever reason, they'll get the job done, they'll do it.
That's the group they found that'll do it.
I understand Trump's being honest about where he's made his money, at his casinos, at his hotels.
So it's just Trump being honest.
So I don't see it as a bad thing against Trump.
You can say it's a bad policy.
I'm just saying it's not some betrayal, because that's what Trump's always done.
Well, I would say that in 2016, he did say that he would revise the H-1B visa program, so it is a little bit of a shift on the policy, but you are right.
Throughout his business career, he did use immigrant labor.
You're absolutely right about that, and you're also 100% right that, and this is something that you notice, and this shows that people are getting the information on InfoWars, Is that Donald Trump did attempt to recalibrate immigration, and you're 100% on the money that under the Trump administration, the focus shifted from family-based migration and humanitarian-based migration, meaning refugees and asylum seekers, to temporary or permanent work visas.
So there was a recalibration, and that was also the basis of another proposal during the Trump administration called the RAISE Act, which actually would have reduced legal immigration by up to 50%, but it would have focused on bringing over immigrants based on merit rather than based on a family connection.
And that's the thing about Trump.
He is a robot about money.
He looks at transactional.
He doesn't want a bunch of criminals and handicaps and mental patients.
That's what we're getting now.
He's like, no, we don't want them.
But if you want to come work, we'll take you and then send you home, basically.
And that makes perfect sense.
If you were to start from scratch and drop an immigration policy, you would not drop the current immigration policy where the border is wide open and everybody comes here illegally.
And the people that come here legally, they just have a cousin that was here or, you know, Everyone is apparently fleeing a war.
I guess if your country has a low enough standard of living, you could claim you're seeking asylum from something.
So you probably would draft up an immigration policy like Trump's, which would favor merit, favor, you know, where the labor market needs the specialized labor.
I think, though, across the board, it just has to be much, much lower.
You know, and he keeps saying this, and this is one of the criticisms I have.
He keeps going out there and saying we desperately need the labor, we desperately need the immigration.
We have had always-increasing immigration for like 30 years.
It's massive.
We have the largest foreign-born percentage of the population than ever before.
And the thing is about American immigration policy is it always came in waves.
That was one of the things that was distinct about it before, one among others, is that it came in waves.
We'd bring in a lot of people and then slam the door for 30 years.
We'd bring in a lot of people and then slam the door.
Because we had to get them to come over to our system, and that's the key.
Because the UN, the left, the universities, the media, they're weaponizing people.
That's why I'm for a 10-year moratorium.
If you want to get technical and I can get Trump to do what I wanted, I would just say, nobody 10 years, and then let's build up America.
So, if you want to know where I would stand, I'd say 10 years, zero immigration basically.
Me too.
That's exactly, you know, he asked what would I do on day one.
If I were Trump at the convention, I would say, you know what?
We have just had too much immigration for too long.
And it's not helping anybody.
You know, and it's actually interesting.
Hispanics are becoming more Republican.
It's these third and fourth generation Hispanics who are actually now reacting against the First-generation Hispanics that are coming over and taking their jobs.
So it's like you said, and I said this on Twitter, it almost isn't even necessarily a race issue.
Race is a component, but it doesn't need to be because it's affecting everybody economically, culturally, socially.
And so if you're Trump, if you want to be the most forward-thinking, the most progressive, and by progressive I don't mean left, but I mean forward, it would be, as you said, 10-year moratorium.
Close the border and assimilate the people that are here.
Get the Americans jobs.
Get American wages.
We basically have eaten like 20 pounds of meat.
We got to digest this.
And that's a perfect analogy, because we've just had like tens of millions every decade, one after the last, and it's having a profound political, social, economic impact on the country.
And, you know, I said this the other day also, where is the dissent on this issue?
This is one of the other things that I'm just not happy about with this Trump campaign.
One, because like you said, there's good and there's bad.
But one of the things I don't like is that there doesn't seem to be any allowance for a difference of opinion.
On immigration.
Biden is pro-mass migration.
It seems now that Trump is in favor of mass legal immigration.
And it seems like we're sliding backwards towards this uni-party thing where it's like you vote for the left or the right and you really just get the same thing either way with just a marginal little difference.
And so that's why I'd like to see Trump, who now has this renewed popularity, And I think a lot of political capital and a major opportunity to say, you know what?
I was vindicated.
I said build the wall.
They didn't let me.
The Republicans didn't let Trump build the wall because he had a Republican Congress.
He shouldn't be backing off a winning issue that's also good for the country.
So, shifting gears to the time we have left because I've got a lot of questions, a lot of comments.
Any other points about the election coming up, 131 days, what the deep state may pull?
Then I want to talk about Israel, the ADL.
They did their full push for censorship, it blew up in their face.
The whole world's turned against it, and where you think that's going, and Lebanon, and Gaza, and all the rest of it.
But just other points about what is the deep state going to do as it becomes obvious, I think Trump's going to win.
Well, one thing I think that's on everybody's mind that everybody's talking about is I don't think people are even confident that Biden will be the nominee.
I know everyone said that for a long time and we're pretty late in the game, but it'll be very interesting to see tomorrow how Biden performs because there has been, and I'm pretty critical of people that obsess on this in particular, But there's been a very noticeable cognitive decline in just the past few months.
It was bad in 2020.
It's been four years.
He's gotten really bad lately.
Like, he just can't even go out in public without some kind of major gaffe or he gets lost or something.
It'll be interesting to see what that looks like tomorrow.
And don't you love the new claim that they're, quote, cheap fakes?
Yeah, I saw that.
It's a cheap fake.
It's real footage.
I mean, everybody sees it.
They're real people.
But this is just like one of those things where now they're just brazenly lying to your face.
Don't believe your lying eyes.
You watch this stuff and they, oh, it's a cheap fake.
Isn't that convenient?
I guess now whenever anything bad happens, anybody is in an embarrassing moment, we can all just blame it on AI, deep fakes or something.
It's obviously real.
And I think that there is a slight chance that he may be replaced at the top of the ticket.
I wouldn't put money on that, but if I were to put money on... Well, that's what Roger Stone's been saying for three years.
And I think he's right.
I mean, if you were to put money on some Democrat hijinks, that would be one of the big ones, that they're going to do something... They're already wanting, here in Chicago, they're already wanting a virtual convention.
Well, and they want that, I think that's because of the Ohio deadline, where the Ohio, they need the nominee before August, the convention's in August.
The other thing, though, is they know these radicals are going to come to the convention and cause all kinds of trouble.
It's a classic case of, I was talking to my barber about this, you know, when Xi Jinping goes to California, they clean up the streets, There's no more poo on the streets.
There's no more homeless.
No more urine anywhere.
And it's going to be the same thing.
When Joe Biden and the Democrats come into town, they're going to lock this city down.
You know, for the past year, they got rid of the shot spotter.
You can't locate the gunshots anymore.
There's no cops anywhere.
It's a total free-for-all.
But now that the Democrats are in town, it's going to be a clash between these young radicals.
They kind of fawn on the hostile environment of the city of Chicago versus these Democrat elites.
So, you know, it's like we talked about in the last one.
It's this house of cards coming down all around them.
They just really can't.
So now looking at Ukraine, I'll give you my take and then you give me yours.
Two years into Ukraine, Russia had won.
Everybody learned that basically the West had started the war 10 years ago.
It's all falling apart.
And so they go, what do we do?
Well, we'll just start a war in Israel, have Israel stand down, have some backroom deal through Iran with Biden giving them six billion to do this attack.
And then Netanyahu could stay in power with an endless war using this excuse and then Marry the funding for Ukraine with Israel, which they successfully did, though it was held up for a few months, panicking the deep state.
That's what I see, but then the social capital Israel lost.
I don't have some fetish of hate of Israel.
It's like I don't hate the U.S.
I don't hate the Jewish people, but I don't like the Israeli government.
It's another corrupt kleptocracy, you know, criminals.
But just looking at this, things are not going well for Netanyahu, his own generals are saying we can't beat Hamas, his cabinet's resigning, you've got Zelensky falling apart, he's a dictator, now cancelled elections, banning all his political opposition, banning the Orthodox Church, you add all this mess together with China threatening to invade Taiwan, what do you see happening on that front?
Well, something's got to give.
The empire's stretched too thin and there's conflict on every continent.
There's the three major ones you pointed out, Ukraine, Gaza, Taiwan, but there's also the smaller ones.
There's Azerbaijan and Armenia, there's Kosovo and Serbia, there's Guyana and the Essequibo in Venezuela.
Something has got to give.
We are overcommitted.
We're overstretched.
This is what happens of 30 years of basically unchallenged American hegemony and we started to believe that we were God.
We started to believe that we could do anything.
We could fight a hundred wars at one time.
You know, somehow it went from like we need to fight two to like we need to fight a war everywhere all the time.
And so if I were to call it Xi Jinping's term ends in 2027-2028, and I think that is when they're planning on making their move and going for Taiwan.
It seems that the situation has become a little bit more balanced.
The United States has rushed a lot of defensive aid over there, and they've been making a lot of diplomatic visits over there to deter any kind of attack.
But China's been getting a lot more bold.
They're sending out more planes over the sky, sending more ships over there than ever.
And so I think that There is going to be a real scenario where it's a full-on crisis, where Russia is going to take the entire coast of the Black Sea.
There is going to be a major war in Lebanon that Israel cannot win.
China is going to take Taiwan, and there's nothing the United States can do about it.
And what happens the week after that is people realize the unipolar moment is over.
American hegemony is over.
The American Empire is done.
Deterrent is not real.
Rather, deterrence is not real.
America's deterrent threat is not real.
And we're now living in a truly multipolar world.
And it's like you said, this war in Russia has been going on for 10 years, and now is really the beginning of the end.
And what we're going to see within the next five years is the end of the end, which is the full completion of the transition from America running the world to now it's a multipolar world for the first time since before World War I, really.
So let's talk about false flags.
We see Maxine Waters, all the Democratic talking points, saying white supremacists who train in the woods are going to kill black people.
So kind of Governor Whitmer on steroids with the fake kidnapping there.
Clearly they're pre-programming that.
What do you see in their attempt to cause civil unrest they build as a civil war slash race war where they have all these movies and TV shows hyping it.
Clearly that's What they think their saving grace is going to be?
I mean, that's what I see.
I'm really concerned about that.
You're right.
The predictive programming is everywhere.
That Barack Obama produced that movie, Leave It All Behind.
It just gets so blatant.
Like, Barack Obama producing a Netflix movie about Civil War, then you get an actual movie called Civil War.
You're gonna get a nut job.
You're gonna get some lone wolf guy.
His best friend is an FBI informant.
We're gonna find out.
He's gonna go and kill a bunch of people.
And whatever the crisis is gonna be, because there's bound to be one with all the tension and all the You know, this crisis is going on in the country.
They're going to use that to come down hard and the Supreme, you know, bring it full circle.
The Supreme Court ruling is going to give them the power to do that, to come down hard on X, TikTok.
It's going to be the end of free speech.
And they're also going to use that, you know, maybe and probably to flip the election back towards Biden.
And then once you get Biden in, it's going to be the January 6th DOJ on steroids.
Just like they've been coming after patriots, they've been doing it since Obama, the backdoor gun control and all that kind of stuff.
They're going to be doing that again all over this time to, I think, finally put the MAGA movement in the ground and make it so that the only opposition there is to the Democrat Party and liberalism and progressivism is like Nikki Haley and Tim Scott.
That's what's going to be what remains.
So my concern is that the deep state never gives up.
And if they kill JFK for not going along with him in 63 in Dallas, it is a real possibility they could kill Trump or they could kill Biden and claim a right-winger did it to then use that as the excuse to replace him.
They could kill him at the DNC in Chicago or right before.
I mean, I don't think it is a possibility.
I think it is a very good probability that they are considering doing this.
Can you speak to the issue of assassination?
I think it's very likely.
I think you're right about that.
And the thing is about Trump, you have to realize they have thrown everything short of assassination at him.
That's one way to look at it.
If there's kind of an escalating menu of options that they could do to prevent an individual man from taking power, prevent this campaign that he's been on, they've done everything short of that.
Impeachment, Lawfare.
They've gone after his family.
They've lied about him in the press.
They've played every card but assassination.
Everything up to that.
And if you think that that's something that isn't on the table, it's as you said, JFK, his brother RFK, his son.
There's a whole host of them.
MLK, Malcolm X, you name it.
This is something that the intelligence agencies specialize in.
And when you get these major false flags, and when you get these major wars, You also get the assassinations, too.
And so I don't think it's outside the realm of possibilities, you say.
I think it's probably far more likely than most people think.
And it's truly a scary proposition because somebody goes down like that, and there are going to be riots in the streets.
And I think that's why it's very, very important that people now, more than ever, Have to be extremely discerning and extremely careful.
And you and I both know the kind of dragnet that happened after January 6th.
People, it's not a joke.
You know, the feds are coming down on people.
They are going to be as liberal as possible when they interpret some of these statutes.
People have to be very, very sensible and smart about how they conduct themselves in the next six months because whenever Whenever these elections kick off, there's always this exuberance.
There's always this getting caught up in the moment.
You know, this is the language that people use after the fact.
They say, I got caught up.
I was in the crowd.
You have to be very on the ball and make sure that nothing happens.
You were smart and I was smart.
We didn't go into the Capitol.
We tried to stop people that day.
And that's the thing.
It sounds tough.
Oh, let's have a civil war.
Let's have violence.
No, we're winning the intellectual war.
It is so critical to be on record that we do not support offensive violence.
100% absolutely disavow violence, offensive violence, anything like that.
And you're right, it's not a game.
And what happens is that you're never going to win that battle against the surveillance state and the military.
The idea that, you know, a bunch of guys, amateur, disorganized, you know, not that we would ever suggest anything like that, but people that do, We saw what happened with the, like you said, the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot.
We saw what happened on January 6th.
They know your number.
They got the score before you've even incepted or conceived of the thought of something like that.
And the only people that that helps is them!
You know, because you see that all these plots, all these, like you said, this tough talk about civil war and stuff, it only ends up helping the enemy.
And like with the Whitmer kidnapping plot, that was half of the crew Was gullible suckers that said, oh yeah, we're going to go and show them.
And the other half of the crew were FBI informants and agents.
More than half the crew.
Yeah, it was it was like 70 percent FBI.
And they were running it, too.
It was not only more than half, but it was the head of the transportation.
Key point.
They were in command.
From the beginning.
And so if you're in a militia or some groups who care about America, great.
That's constitutional.
And if you've got some guy trying to train you for violence, Get their license, follow them home, read their mail.
They're a fed.
Yep, all day, every single time.
And with every one of these shooters, every one of these kinds of things, it always comes out the week after, oh, you know, one out of the five confidants was a federal agent, oh, so-and-so that he was friends with wasn't a foreman.
The whole crew was informants.
And you're always a sucker, and it turns out that it only helps them, because that is what they use as the pretext.
To justify the crackdown on Patriots.
It's textbook.
You and I have been doing this long enough.
You longer than me.
But we both know that is literally the textbook strategy.
You're right, but the good news is there's AP in two of the three trials.
They've had to release him.
AP admits FBI set it up.
FBI states that there it is on screen.
So that's got to scare the deep state because we know their tricks don't.
Right, with social media now and with the kind of citizen journalism that's out there, they can no longer cover it up.
You imagine 60 years ago all you had was television and radio.
Now people are able to report on this and I think people are hip to the playbook and how they're able to operate.
That's why it's so important now more than ever that people are very, very on their guard about any kind of rhetoric like that or any kind of incidents like this.
I totally agree.
Nick, stay there.
Let's do 30 more minutes.
You're very gracious to be with us.
We'll put it back on screen.
You can find him on RumbleRumble.com forward slash NickJFuentes.
We're going to cover a bunch of other big issues.
I've got a bunch of questions, a bunch of other stuff to ask him straight ahead.
Hour number three.
We're back in two minutes.
HSBC and JP Morgan Chase.
So you look at what do they do?
What are they the biggest banks in the world?
Those two are number one and number two largest short sellers of silver on the planet.
Those two banks.
And now we're starting to see a short squeeze happening in silver.
But we had 568 million ounces of silver being shorted, naked shorts.
Meaning they don't own the assets.
They just put these futures contracts on them to shorts to drive the price down.
Well, when you have a short position and the value of the underlying thing that you're shorting goes up, Alex, you lose money hand over fist in multiples, not dollar for dollar, but multiples.
The day before Iran basically sent those drones into Israel, China made this announcement, said, hey, everybody in China, start buying silver.
Don't just buy gold.
Buy silver.
You made the point that China was trying to call the naked shorts of the Western Central Banks.
Look at what's happened to silver since that time.
You've got low supply, you've got high demand, you've got a short squeeze starting where the manufacturers of the world, the defense contractors, the aerospace industry, the fuel cell technology people, the solar people, they all need silver and there's not much available because India has already committed to 66% of the world's supply this year.
So here's where we've got this short squeeze happening.
Physical supply coming out of inventory.
Not available for the manufacturers to purchase.
And what has happened to the price of silver in the last two and a half months?
Literally, the last 75 days or so, silver's gone from 22 and a half to almost 32.
It's up like 45% in two and a half months.
And you've got those Western banks that have millions, hundreds of trillions of ounces of silver short.
And the price went up 45%.
They are losing money hand over fist.
So part of me says this kind of being on the wrong side of a price move when it's leveraged could cause HSBC and JP Morgan Chase to have a really, really, really big financial problem.
And their CEOs are jumping ship.
They're getting out of Dodge.
Our firm is just different.
We charge 8% when you purchase, 0% when you liquidate.
We buy directly from the depository in Shiner, Texas, the Texas Precious Metals Depository.
So their wholesale prices, you tack on 8%, they ship it directly to you.
When you sell it back, we take nothing Zero, and whatever the depository prices are, you get all of it.
See, that's a huge difference from buying a rare coin, something that has a high commission, high premium, where even after the big move in silver that we've seen, you still haven't even broken even.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Check them out.
Go on the site.
Call them.
Get a consultation.
Email them.
Talk to them.
Again, that's 720-605-3900.
One of the most important calls you would make, obviously, and like he's been saying, get silver.
One of the most important calls you would make, obviously, and like he's been saying,
get silver, up 40% on the year.
He says he'll make such profits in silver, when the gold run starts, you use that profit
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broker, no big company does.
That's why there are 4.7 star ratings that nobody else has.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
So, Nick, in this short little segment, we'll get into Israel and the wars next segment.
I didn't know you were going to Detroit a week and a half ago when I was invited to go to that.
And I was supposed to get there earlier, but stuff got delayed.
J. Foyntes, that's a key thing he wants you to follow.
So, Nick, in this short little segment, we'll get into Israel and the wars next segment.
I didn't know you were going to Detroit a week and a half ago when I was invited to go to that.
And I was supposed to get there earlier, but stuff got delayed.
But I got there after Trump was there and I spoke the next day.
Then I learned your event got canceled at another facility, and then you were in TPU, I was saying they threw you out.
I just want to say, I like the folks at TPUSA, but they need to get past being scared of the establishment, what they're going to say about us.
It shows how far they've come just to invite me.
That was them realizing, being the outlaw, being the outsider, being the rebels, good.
I think they should invite you to speak and say, we don't agree with everything Nick says, but it's free speech.
They should invite leftists on.
You know, they should invite AOC there.
That would make it more interesting.
But talk about the fiasco that happened in Detroit.
Yeah, I totally agree with you and I'll speak to that a little bit.
So we had our fourth AFPAC conference planned for last week in Detroit.
We took a little break for two years and we came back and we had it all scheduled.
We had about 2,000 people coming and it was going to be a great time.
We did everything lawfully.
We had really nice production.
It was going to be a great time.
And it was scheduled to be on Saturday, June 15th.
The day before, we set up our stage, tables, chairs, hung lights on the ceiling, the whole deal.
Subwoofers were making the whole building shake.
It was going to be great.
24 hours before the event, with all our equipment set up in the building, the venue called us and told us they were not going to allow us to proceed with the event.
We told them we have a contract.
We paid the money.
We have our stuff here.
We're doing the event.
They called the cops.
Cops came and threatened to trespass us from the property.
They locked the doors with all our equipment inside.
So here we are 24 hours out.
We sold 2,000 tickets.
We got 2,000 people in the city ready to go.
And we have no venue.
So we made a last-ditch effort.
We called all around the city.
Nobody was able to accommodate us on such short notice with such a big crowd and with no production equipment because it was all inside the other venue.
And so we wound up giving a little impromptu speech outside Turning Point and then we held a VIP event that night with about 500 people and we got shut down there too.
So we really got chased out of the city of Detroit and on that point... And physically attacked.
And physically attacked also.
Yes, there was a security guard at the second venue.
And the reason I raise this is, I can't talk about it yet, but very prominent top talk shows in the country are being denied to speak in Austin, and they already have venues booked, or Tampa.
Those are being pulled from major talk show hosts.
So, it doesn't end with Nick Fuentes.
People need to get this, folks.
That's why we have to, like, stand up for what's happening to you, because if we let Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes get censored, everybody does.
It always starts with Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes.
That's always how it starts, it's never how it ends.
It starts with people like us, and then once they set the precedent that you don't have a right to assemble, then they can go after anybody.
And then, like you said, it goes further and further to the right.
And that's really what it's about.
We have a First Amendment that protects not only the freedom of speech, which everybody knows, but also the freedom to assemble.
And the problem is that increasingly, you're just not able to do that.
If you go in public now, and I know this because I've done these things and you know because you've done them as well, You go out in public now and they demand that you have, like, insurance for your protests.
There's this arduous process of getting permitting, you now need insurance.
Even though we have a history of being totally peaceful and the left burns down whole cities, they're okay.
Right, yeah.
BLM can show up and they can torch the whole city block.
That's fine.
You know, no insurance required.
We show up to do a peaceful thing and it's this whole process.
And, of course, it's very difficult to do stuff in public because then you encounter Antifa.
You encounter the left.
That's what happened in Charlottesville.
It leads to deadly fights and Horrible situation.
So this isn't about standing up to the bullies.
This is the central fight, the right to assemble.
It's right there in the First Amendment.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or the right of the freedom of the press or the right to assemble for peaceful redress of grievances.
And if you can't do that in public, and then you can't do that in a private venue, where can you do it?
You can't do it in public because you get attacked and you get shut down.
You do it in private, they pull the plug on the venue.
And so it's getting to the point where it's like, if you don't own a giant property yourself, you're just out of luck.
And that doesn't sound like a very peaceful society.
All right, stay there.
You know what Kennedy said?
Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.
We'll be right back with Nick Fuentes in 60 seconds to talk about censorship, what's happening in Israel, and more.
All uncensored, unfiltered.
Stay with us.
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Nick Fuentes is with us the last 30 minutes.
We're going to talk about Israel and the censorship of the ADL.
He can go wherever he wants.
It's censorship free with defiance and tyranny.
But first I want to talk about myself and get his take on it because this is bigger than Alex Jones.
So in the last three weeks they tried to lock the doors here of the federal CRO, a big leftist, appointed by the court.
The judge fired him two weeks ago.
And they filed all these filings to shut us down.
People are like, oh, that's not really happening.
And of course, now it's all over the news.
Yeah, they're shutting us down.
And then I knew it would get kicked back into state court and they would call for it to be immediately shut down.
And I predict it would be kicked back into federal courts.
We're playing this ping pong game right now.
It's my last moves here.
I'll still be on air.
I'll still be able to broadcast for now.
Well, the internet kill switch and all the censorship, who knows?
Once they launch full World War III or an assassination of Trump or Biden, God knows they may kill Biden actually instead of killing Trump to make, you know, conservatives be the bane of everything.
I think that's probably more probable than them killing Trump.
I'll just say that.
Here's a short CNN clip, and I've got this from CBS News, ABC News.
It's the same thing everywhere.
They sit on the courthouse steps.
They put in their filings.
We don't want money.
So, they had rigged trials, big judgments, all this.
They didn't want money.
They said, we want him shut down.
So, I don't think of myself as that important.
I ask the question, why do they want me shut down?
They want the precedent set, and they don't want us on air with what is about to happen.
Now their problem is they don't have Alex Jones to deal with now.
This isn't 10 years ago.
There's now Joe Rogan's awake.
Tucker Carlson's awake.
Elon Musk is awake.
Russell Brand's awake.
The list goes on and on.
They've got a big problem.
But here's a clip of CNN admitting with the so-called plaintiffs that what they want is to be silenced.
Here it is.
judge rules today that this company must be liquidated, it will essentially take InfoWars
out of the hands of Alex Jones.
What's really interesting actually is just in the last two days, the families also requested
that Alex Jones' social media accounts, his X/Twitter account, will also be liquidated,
arguing that this Twitter account, his X account, is essentially like a customer base.
It will be really interesting to see how the judge rules from that.
Now Jones, for his part, for the last few days has continued airing his shows, has continued
peddling lies about who is behind these cases he was broadcasting even on his way to Houston
to court.
Now for the families, they actually, I spoke to one of the lawyers for some of the Connecticut
families and he says that they are trying to find the most amount of accountability
that the legal system can deliver and that the money is just one component of that and
not the most important component of it.
For them, the most important component of this is to essentially try to get Alex Jones's damaging lies and conspiracy theories that he continues to peddle off of the airwaves.
So there's a lot of examples of this, but this is the oxymoron.
We filed to shut him down, but he's crazy.
We're not shutting him down.
That total disrespect they have to reality, so that I think a certain percent of the audience will go, oh Jones is making this up.
Now you know I, of course, didn't make this up.
People think, oh, he did this as a publicity stunt to make more money.
It killed orders at the store.
People think we're shutting down, which could create its own effect and shut us down.
So, Nick, you're sitting here watching this.
Why do you think they're so desperate?
Because I'll be frank, I don't think in 2024 I'm that important anymore because so many people now get it.
Well, as you know, it's all political.
You are representative of a whole generation of independent broadcasters.
Like you said, this new generation that, I mean, really are inspired by you.
I mean, spiritually the successor of you.
You are the archetype, the origin.
And not to glaze, you know, I'm not not to blow smoke or whatever, but it's just true.
And so taking you down, you're the one that's parodied on Stephen Colbert.
You're the one that's parodied in the movies because you are representative of this, we don't believe the government generation.
We don't believe the lies that are being told.
We lean into the idea that yes, the elites conspire and they conspire to achieve A concealed agenda.
I know that's like a radical notion, but now I think it's very uncontroversial.
Let me stop you because that's why you're so smart.
I'm not kissing your ass.
It's true as well.
You nail it.
It's not me.
I'm the archetype.
So these globalists think like if we beat him, we beat the whole thing, which they don't.
That's the big joke on them.
But they just see me as if I magically like a wizard run it all.
I don't.
It's way past me now, which is actually a great pleasure, actually, to know that no matter what happens to me, they're going to lose.
So elaborate on that.
It's like Ben Kenobi.
You know, they strike you down, but you still go on afterward.
Your spirit lives on in these newer generations.
But that's why it was so important to take you out, because you represented this independent voice with a massive listener base and a massive production, getting out the message and totally defeating the mainstream narrative.
And so they couldn't allow that for this election.
But like you said, the bigger picture is they think that taking you down is the spiritual victory.
It's also a chilling effect.
I think that's the other dimension to it as well, and I think there is something real about that, because you're right.
No, exactly.
It's a threat to everybody else.
We'll do to you, we did to Jones.
But I love the fact it's having the opposite effect, because they thought we were bullied.
We were asleep.
Well, and it emboldens people.
They think that it will chill everybody.
People look at you and you're being made an example of going through this horrific ordeal that nobody envies.
I get accused of the same things.
People say it's a publicity stunt.
Lawfare is absolute hell.
And nobody knows that better than you.
You were banned for two years from flying.
They later admitted it was real.
Remember when you first went public, they said it was fake.
Later they went, yeah, he is banned from flying.
And now to this day, they say, oh, nothing bad happened to him after January 6th because he didn't get charged.
He was only on a no-fly list.
He only had his money seized.
Only got subpoenaed and paid fortunate legal fees.
You know, so you and I, we're on the same page.
We know how this stuff works.
And they put you through that ordeal so that people look at a guy like you and say, man, I better just save myself the trouble and not talk.
I was talking to another friend of mine and they said, well, how could Jones have prevented that?
And I said, he couldn't have prevented that.
It was targeted.
It was political.
They went looking on a fishing expedition for years to find something that would be the pretext to take you out.
And the only way that you could have prevented that is by not speaking your mind and not expressing yourself.
Oh, no, I mean, they were off-record meetings, but I met with the top law firms.
Oh, there's a way to get you out of this.
So I mean, they're like, well, we'll give you $50 million a year.
Just do what we say.
I mean, so yeah, exactly.
And that is what they want people to do.
They want to show this is what happens when you mess with us.
So you better just take the deal and shut your mouth and watch what you say, because we're in charge.
But you're right.
There is a whole new generation that says, you know what?
We ride or die with Alex Jones.
We ride or die with Donald Trump.
We ride or die with these people.
They're putting these people up and it's, you know, I don't think it's always in good taste to compare it to, like, Jesus, but there is a similar effect of saying, hey, we have to fight for something.
You know, we're either going to die on our feet or we're going to live on our knees.
And we're not going to live on our knees because all these terrible things happened to Alex Jones or Donald Trump.
Instead, a bunch of people are going to rise up and say, well, you can't sue all of us.
The plaintiff in this case can't sue everybody who's going to go out and talk about every conspiracy that the government's up to, and eventually it's going to overwhelm the system, and I think that's what you're seeing right now.
It's basically like the genie has gotten out of the bottle, and this message that you've gotten across to the public cannot be reversed.
It cannot be unheard.
The signal went out.
No, I agree, and as long as I'm willing to take the pain, it only makes it bigger, which they seem to be blind to that.
They have a missing blind spot.
It happens all the time.
It's hubris.
It's hubris.
And it's this fundamental misconception because, and it's so tied in with what you talk about all the time, they're transhumanists because they want to live forever.
They have it so good and they're so empowered and they're so afraid of God and judgment and death that they want to live forever.
So that's the thing that they're terrified of the most.
They want to transcend it.
They cannot possibly comprehend the way that people like us think.
Which is that we're looking to be martyrs.
We're looking to die for something.
We're looking to give our life and spend our life on something that matters.
Like family, like our nation, like our God, like our values.
That's why they'll never understand what the inspiration is.
Because that's how we actually transcend that way.
That is how we achieve, that's the sort of irony.
The only way to achieve immortality is to die a martyr, to go out like that.
And I think that's what, you know, that's what legends do.
But I know you'll be around with us, but what they're doing to you is totally horrible.
Well, beyond me, I wanted to get your expert, you're a smart guy, take on it, I totally agree with you.
So the time we have left, 14 minutes, 12 minutes.
Israel, totally blown up in their face.
They're now turning against each other.
I'm not an enemy of Israel, but I'm an enemy of what the corrupt government's doing.
It's like I'm an enemy of our corrupt government.
What is going to happen with them now that we're going to Lebanon?
I mean, it's just the head of the Israeli military says we cannot defeat Hamas.
We've just made them stronger.
I mean, I could tell them that easily.
So where does this go?
Well, and the same people are saying they can't defeat Hezbollah.
So they're talking about de-escalating the fighting in Gaza.
They're wrapping up the offensive in Rafah.
And as they've said from the beginning, they're now going to rearrange their army and they're going to move everybody up to the north.
They're going to finish the fighting in Gaza.
They're going to move to the north.
And then they think they're going to take on Hezbollah full on.
And there was a report that came out that said by mid-July, there'll be a major offensive in Lebanon against Hezbollah.
That's right.
They fought a brutal one-month war.
It was objectively a major defeat.
And that's because they relied too heavily on air power.
They had that major victory in the Six-Day War, and they've kind of been riding on that high ever since, you know, for the past 50 years.
But as the war in Ukraine has proved, you can't just win with air power.
And that's because of the changes in the technology and the tactics and the strategy.
It's all about boots on the ground, and the Iranians are tough.
So they're just waiting.
Well, it's boots on the ground and it's a missile game.
It's missile defense and it's missiles.
And Israel's very vulnerable.
Their electrical grid is vulnerable.
Their critical infrastructure is vulnerable.
Hezbollah's got 100,000 missiles.
They've got 100,000 guys.
And they can fight like a professional military.
Israel's gonna walk in there and they're gonna get slaughtered.
And I think the big concern on everybody's mind throughout all these conflicts is nuclear.
You know, it's not been too long since the nuclear bomb was invented and used.
It's only been eighty years. It's only been a handful of generations.
And so the question is, in a conflict with Russia, is Russia's back going to be pushed to the wall and they're
forced to use nukes?
Well, it turns out, maybe not.
I don't think we're out of the woods yet, but maybe not.
The big concern is in Israel, where they're going to bite off more than they can chew,
because Netanyahu doesn't want to face jail time.
They're going to march into a slaughter in Lebanon.
Iran is going to counter also.
Well that's the real problem is Netanyahu is using his sustained power.
Oh, and everyone knows.
And everyone knows that.
I mean, like you say, that's not even anti-Semitic or controversial.
It's just, I think even many of the Jews are pointing this out now.
Adelson, AIPAC, they've turned against Netanyahu.
And that's because he knows that the minute that he leaves office, he's going to jail.
And the longer the war goes on, the more that he can defer that until later.
So the war must go on.
It must expand from Gaza into Lebanon.
He said, don't investigate October 7th until the war's over.
Now he says it never ends.
And it will go on forever.
It'll go out and it'll go out like a cowboy.
I think that's what he wants to do by, you know, making all these territorial acquisitions.
But this is going to be brutal.
And that's kind of the cruel irony.
It's actually a sad thing is that I don't think the Israelis even understand how bad this is.
I was reading an anecdote from somebody who actually just visited Israel.
And they say that people are still partying in Tel Aviv.
You wouldn't even know that there was a war going on.
And the news coverage, they don't even really talk about Gaza or how brutal the fighting is over there.
And a lot of them are so high on their own supply, they don't know that they're marching into an absolute disaster if they're going to fight over there in Lebanon against Hezbollah.
And the United States, I don't know how much they're going to be able to help.
Hezbollah plans to launch an offensive and bring the war into Israel.
They don't want to do the fighting in Beirut and Lebanon.
They want to do the fighting in Israel.
And Israel's not a big country.
So if the fighting is over there in Israel, it's going to go very badly for them.
And as I said, it's a hundred and two... So yeah, how do we not push Israel into the Samson option?
Well, they have to be restrained.
And the only way they're going to be restrained is if they withhold the aid.
And the Biden administration and the Democrats, they've been trying to drag the aid a little bit.
You know, this senator, I think from Delaware, forced the National Security Council to adopt this memorandum.
They have to certify Israel's following international law.
And it's not because the U.S.
Warhawks don't want to kill the Muslims.
They know it's not going to work.
Right, precisely.
It's not going to work.
It's a disaster.
It's a disaster in Ukraine.
It's a disaster here.
And so the one thing that they can do is to just limit the amount of weapons that are going over there because Israel needs the weapons.
They need specifically the replenishment of the missile defense.
There are three missile defense systems, the Iron Dome, David's Sling, and there's a third one.
Because they know all these missiles are going to come in, and this battery from Hezbollah is going to totally overwhelm them.
It's going to blow up all their infrastructure.
And then they're kind of done.
I mean, Israel's going to be uninhabitable for a long time if this, like, nightmare scenario plays out.
So, the hope is that diplomacy prevails, but, you know, the unfortunate thing about Israel is I just don't see that happening with them.
I think they're emboldened.
I think they've had it too good for too long, and they're kind of in for a rude awakening here.
Well, shifting gears, Well, they're going to have to ally with the right wing.
There's so many contradictions right now because of how chaotic they are.
rat hole and goes back in, but they were out last year, they're kind of back in the rat
hole and they're going to come back out.
What do you think they're going to do next?
Well they're going to have to ally with the right wing.
That's kind of the, it's such a, there's so many contradictions right now because of how
chaotic they are.
Yeah, that leads us to Jamal Bowman.
Right, right.
AIPAC is going up against the progressive squad because AIPAC and the ADL have realized that they've created this monster.
They've created a golem in the left.
And it's interesting because a lot of these, the more secular Jews, left-wing Jews, they have amplified progressivism.
They've amplified BLM and these progressive causes.
The only anti-Semitism I ever heard was when I went to campuses to speak and they're like all obsessed with Israel attacking me like they think white supremacists are bad.
I mean like the left it literally hates Jews.
How did American Jewish groups fund their own destruction?
Like where did that come from?
Well, I think that a lot of the left-wing Jews were attempting to undermine what they thought was the big threat, which is fascism.
You know, their mantra is, never again, never again.
That was the basis of this Open Society vision.
You know, the famous George Soros Open Society Foundation comes from Open Society, which is a book.
And the idea is that the biggest threat to the Jewish people is authoritarianism, fascism, the authoritarian personality.
So a lot of these... So they ally with radical Islam while they attack it?
I mean, that's crazy.
Yes, they're allying with all these cultural Marxist causes that seek to undermine the basis of fascism, which is solidarity of white people, Christianity, the nations.
And what they get is this vile leftism.
It's all about deconstruction and destruction.
And now this black hole of leftism is drawing in Zionism and saying, well, you know what?
Zionism is also this colonial entity.
Well yeah, I mean the left says whites are inherently evil and rich whites are the worst and then Jews are the richest whites.
You just literally set yourself up for it.
I saw the head of the ADL, Greenblatt, on TV like last year and he said, it's weird, it's like black people and others are at the top and whites are at the bottom and Jews are at the bottom of the whites.
We're not white people.
Well dude, you look white, you dumbass.
Like what, why did you, do you not think this wouldn't, the gun kicks as hard as it shoots.
That's it's precisely right.
I mean, they they do look why they are white presenting and they are just as much a part of the elite, maybe even a little bit more than white people.
And the idea that the like the black people would never notice that or the brown people who have been kind of stirred up With these passions, anti-colonial, anti-white feelings, you know, that that would never blow back on the Jewish people?
Well, that is now happening.
And that's why a lot of these, you know, at least nominally, ostensibly, this is why a lot of these big Jewish liberals like this Bill Ackman and like this Jacob Helberg are now leaving the Democratic Party and going to the Republicans.
And I think that's mirroring maybe even a little bit what's happening with the ADL, where maybe the only reliable base that still supports the State of Israel, they're only going to find it on the right wing.
They're only going to find it among evangelicals, among white boomers, Republicans.
So now we see AIPAC rushing to support Republican candidates.
Some of it.
They're rushing to support some, and of course they oppose Thomas Massie.
They oppose Jamal Bowman.
And they just unseated Jamal Bowman.
They paid $15 million to get him out of his seat in the Democratic primary.
And you know, the thing is, it's funny.
I don't support AOC.
I don't support Jamal Bowman or any of them.
What I don't support though is all this foreign money coming into the elections.
And I think everybody agrees with that.
Right or left, You know, we can have a fair contest and sometimes the right's going to win, sometimes the left is going to win.
It's not always fair with the left.
But the problem is when this foreign money comes in, this was the most outside money ever in a congressional election.
It was the most expensive congressional election in history.
And that's because AIPAC poured $15 million in because this guy criticized Israel.
And I think that that's part of our First Amendment.
It's also part of being in a republic that we, as the sovereign people, have the right to criticize other countries.
And that's all basis of why... Sure, so in closing, Nick, and I appreciate all the time, join us again soon, maybe tomorrow night.
We're doing live coverage of the debate.
Pop in 10 minutes, we'd love it.
After the debate, what else is on your radar?
What else is important you want to impart to folks?
Well, I would say that the most important thing, we have another really big opportunity here with Trump to kind of dial it back in, 35,000 foot view on this election and kind of the big picture here.
It's a very short time between now and the election.
I think Trump is going to win.
And I'm not optimistic, but it does still present an opportunity for patriots to get in government and make change.
So people need to volunteer for the Trump campaign.
They need to get involved in Project 2025.
We need to all infiltrate the Trump campaign to have control.
Because, you know, in 2016, they had a website where they had all the Trump supporters volunteer that, you know, they might have a job in the Trump administration.
RNC came in and said, yeah, we're not doing that.
We're scrapping that.
We're putting all our friends in there.
And that's why none of this stuff got done.
Or a lot of it didn't.
We need to get it right this time.
So we need the patriots to get in the Trump administration because the bureaucrats run the country.
You can become a bureaucrat.
Hopefully if Trump fires these 50,000 Schedule F reclassified employees, we could get 50,000 or maybe even 25,000 patriots in the government and we can Start to right the ship.
But that is going to be the battle.
Whether we or whether the RNC controls the destiny of the country kind of comes down to this personnel battle that's going to happen during the transition after November.
And you know, maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves if Trump wins, of course, and then into his first term.
And we could do some historic things with the mandate.
If we win, then we're going to get.
But it just needs to be the right people.
And the right people, it's two qualifications.
Love God.
Love America.
That's all.
You know, because a lot of people look at me like a hateful guy, but that's my, that's my guidestone.
It's America first.
It's Christ is King.
And if you believe in those things, you're qualified.
No, I get what you're doing though.
They're trying to bully Americans, conservatives and Christians and whites to hate ourselves.
Instead of even debating their system, you go to the other extreme and that kind of shuts them down.
Yeah, it's like this, you know, they say in improv, the principle is yes, and.
And I was one of these guys that was tired of saying, I'm not racist, here's why I'm not racist, here's why I'm not those things, and I just started saying yes, and.
Okay, I'm racist, now what?
Okay, sure, I'm that.
Well, now I want to put America first, you know, and so we need to start to get out of this dialectical trap.
I know you gotta go, but do five more minutes on the other side.
Because I want to talk about the civil war they're planning because that's the race in the hole.
They've said that in five more minutes.
People can follow you on Rumble.
Rumble.com forward slash Nick J Fuentes, right?
Yes, and I'll be there.
And they should also follow you on X. How do they do that?
I'll be on X. I'm at x.com slash Nick J. Fuentes.
All right.
Do five more minutes, because I want to focus in on the next 131 days and then that 79 days between the inauguration and Trump being elected.
Final comments.
Nick J. Fuentes.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Powerful interview.
Follow me at ReynoldsAlexJones on X. We'll be right back.
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You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Get your motor running.
Head out on the highway.
Looking for adventure.
And whatever comes our way Yeah, darling, go make it happen
And take the world in a loving place Fire all your guns at once and
Explode into space I want to be a thousand percent clear before Nick Fuentes leaves us.
We're not like some other talk show that talks about crime statistics or funny videos or Republican Democrat crap.
We're the zeitgeist.
We're what the system wants shut down.
So, they don't want this on air because we've got their number.
Now, it is not even 2 plus 2 equals 4.
It is 1 plus 1 equals 2.
It is just the number 1 recognizing it.
That they are hyping and pre-programming and predictive programming, white supremacist attacks, a civil war in the next 131 days.
And then they say, Blumenthal's introduced bills to pull the power of the military away from Trump during civil insurrection, and the Insurrection Act that George Walker Bush put in in 1992 during the L.A.
They are planning that.
So, anybody saying we're in boring times is asleep or dead.
They're going to pull something big in the next 131 days, and they'll definitely pull something big when he's president-elect.
I called it four years ago during the 79 days of hell.
We had that website that redirected the Bandai video.
And I said, when Trump wins or when they try to block him, it's going to be hell, and it was.
So, Nick, in closing, it's not Russia and that war they're going to use.
That's part of it.
It's not even the dollar collapse.
Everything they're pre-programming is race war, even though you have record numbers of blacks, Hispanics voting Trump.
They're going to try to build that.
Do you agree with that statement?
And then B, how do we stop that?
Because speak to the pre-programming.
You talked about it earlier, briefly, and you were on target.
But to me, gut level, intellectually, this is where we're at.
This is my main focus.
Well, my gut says it started with that Biden speech, which the infamous Biden speech he gave, I think it was in Pennsylvania, with the very ominous lighting in the background, where he castigated these so-called MAGA extremists.
And basically ever since then, for the past couple of years, I forget precisely when the speech was.
Yeah, I mean, he's an independent soul with Hitlerian red light, all of it, yeah.
He gives the speech, and he singles out and excludes these MAGA extremists.
He did something similar at one of the State of the Union addresses, and he said, well, you know, you could be a Republican, but that's different than these MAGA extremists.
And more and more, that is That does seem to be the foil that's being created.
That is the cleavage that they're describing.
You could even be a Republican.
You could be like Liz Cheney.
But you can't be like Trump.
And you can't be like those people that tried to overthrow the government on January 6th.
And this has been the theme.
It's actually interesting.
There was an echo of this.
In Joe Biden's 2020 campaign, his announcement was about Charlottesville.
That was his announcement when he announced he was running for president the first time.
He said, on Charlottesville, the deadly attack.
And when he announced his re-election, it was about January 6th.
And so, the Democrat message has coalesced around fixating and honing in on, in order to exacerbate, I think, right-wing extremism, or the threat of right-wing extremism.
Racial, religious, partisan, and so... And they've been trying to bait us, but it hasn't worked.
And they have talked about white supremacists.
They've talked about MAGA extremists.
Now, for some time, the thing has been Christian nationalists.
And it's like you say, they're goading the more extreme elements.
Although it's never an extreme element.
Let's just be very clear.
It's always a nut job.
Like, I don't believe that anybody would take it to the logical conclusion of, we're going to go and harm a bunch of strangers, you know, for some political project.
It's always somebody that has psychosis.
It's always somebody that's on SSRIs.
They're extremely anti-social.
And then they find some anti-social ideology.
In some cases, it's white nationalism.
In some cases, it's transgenderism.
But it's always just some expression of a deeper underlying issue.
And anyway, they find their nut job.
They find their person.
They groomed that person, the intelligence agencies groomed that person, and then they turn them loose and put them out there to do something despicable, and then they cast a wide net and blame everybody, and that's how they shut it down.
And so, I think it's like you say, they've been trying to goad somebody under that pretext.
It's Christian nationalism, it's MAG extremism, it's white supremacism, whatever.
And they're waiting for that person to do it, but I don't think that has happened.
I mean, if you've been paying attention, there hasn't been anything major like that in a long time, because it's like you say, they're just not taking the bait.
And I think that, ironically, the more free that social media becomes, the more understanding there is, and the more I think people realize we're not actually extremists, we're not actually violent, we're not actually Maniacal.
You know, for a long time... We're just not rolling over and dying, and that's what X has done.
I've noticed drawing all the censorship attacks there, it's freed up a lot of other platforms now.
And some of the other platforms have rolled back their terms of service because they see Axe is doing well.
TikTok is doing well.
You know, even these streaming platforms like Kick and Rumble, they're doing well.
Twitch, after the success of Kick and Rumble, started rolling back their onerous regulations.
Sneeko just got his Twitch channel back.
Some notable others did also.
And so, you're right.
I mean, free speech is triumphing.
And not only is that not leading to the proliferation of extremism and misinformation, It's the opposite.
We're getting better information.
I actually think things are cooling down a little bit in some sense, if anything.
And so that's why people just got to be on guard and make sure that, you know, we don't take debate on this stuff because I think... But you agree with me.
They're totally pre-programming this is their move.
Oh, it's undeniable.
I mean, there's literally a movie called Civil War, as you know, the A24 movie.
And if you watch Civil War, $300 million price tag, it's all white people being killed, Secret Service being killed, Trump is killed.
It's a race war movie.
And people say, we don't know the message.
Watch the movie.
Again, that's what they're trying to pre-program, but it's not going to work.
What do you expect in closing?
If Trump wins, we'll actually get him to get good people in.
What is the rail of not being vindictive but doing the job we're supposed to?
Because we have to shut down the deep state.
Trump just can't be, oh, I'm going to leave you there and they'll keep attacking.
Plus, it's his duty.
What would you do in closing if you were Trump and he gets elected in 131 days and he gets into office 79 days after that?
He's got to fire every U.S.
He's got, like Clinton did when he first got in.
He's got to put his people in.
And then what do you do to the deep state?
I say go whole hog.
Because they're already going to attack us anyways.
Let's just go whole hog under the law.
And it's not vindictive.
You're right.
Vindictive is the wrong word.
Because vindictive implies that it's personal, it's emotional, it's vengeful.
But it's not.
It's punitive.
It's not vindictive.
It's punitive.
It's about punishing these people under the law because they have committed crimes.
You know, we went through all of Trump's everything over the past 10 years with Russia, Ukraine, with January 6th.
They couldn't come up with anything.
They came up with a bunch of nonsense.
Conspiracy statutes, you know, the classified documents.
This stuff is nonsense.
On the other side, you've got Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.
On the other side, you have the corrupt Biden-DOJ.
On the other side, you've got Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and their corruption with China and Ukraine and every foreign government.
So it's not about revenge.
It's about justice.
It's about the law.
And these people have been wrecking our country.
And it's about stopping the same deep state from doing it again.
It's about survival.
I mean, we have to.
And by the way, they'll come after you and I for saying that.
They're like, oh look, they tell the intelligence agencies, look, Fuentes and Jones are coming after us.
No, you came after us, jerk!
You, you, you literally are destroying, like, we're supposed to sit there and take it?
Well, and they started it.
Not to be juvenile, but it's true.
They made the play to steal America.
They made the play to steal our dollars.
They drew, just like in the great movie, with the great Sylvester Stallone.
It was just a masterpiece.
His other ones were cheesy, but I get it.
He was making money.
But First Blood is so good.
He's like, hey man, you drew First Blood.
That's right.
They drew first blood.
And now it's our turn.
And we have to set it straight.
Otherwise, it's going to be this all over again.
And that was maybe the cardinal mistake that Trump made, is that he declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton.
He said, I'm going to appoint a special prosecutor.
I'm going to lock her up.
And it wasn't about vengeance.
That was about, that was criminal conduct.
That was corruption.
It needed to be punished.
You've got to shut down a criminal group that's over the country.
It's about law and order.
Just like it's law and order when you lock up a murderer, you have to lock up these corrupt people that steal elections and manipulate the media.
So if you were Trump, who would you, with the Justice Department, who would you prosecute first?
I think Obama, go for the head.
Biden, Hillary, Soros, go after them.
All of them.
Yes, Biden, Hillary, Obama, Soros, all the major donors.
I'd go after all the corrupt prosecutors.
I'd go after the people that prosecuted him.
I'd go after Fannie Willis.
I'd go after the... You'd have to go after everybody.
And you'd have to go after Silicon Valley.
You've got to go after Mark Zuckerberg.
You have to go after the Cambridge Analytica and all that kind of corruption and their data that they steal.
And they're all a bunch of cowards.
As soon as they see Will, they're going to collapse.
That's right, because they have no will.
You know, these people, they live for nothing.
They are weak.
It's not the deep state, it's the derp state.
They're a bunch of incompetents.
It really just takes an iron resolve.
It's got to come from Trump, it's got to come from his personnel, but we need serious people in Washington to go there to take the country back.
Look, we're already in a war.
We've got to go to war politically.
Yes, and it's a political war.
It's a political problem that we have.
You know, people always talk about everything other than that, but it is politics.
And that's why we need political people to go to Washington and set this whole system straight.
And then once that happens, everything will start to resolve itself.
You realize so many of the problems are really just symptoms of the fact that we have a very corrupt government that is, you know, putting their profit and putting their influence on us.
In closing, look at COVID.
Millions, tens of millions dead.
They wanted to put us in camps.
People backed that off.
They're not going to stop.
We didn't look for a fight, folks, but they're not going to stop.
Yeah, and you know, it's unfortunate because I think conservatives have a very, like, sweet and well-meaning disposition.
Conservatives want to build stuff.
They want to farm.
They want to do their business.
They want to help everybody.
They want to go to church.
Democrats are the sickos, but we have to, you know, unfortunately, the enemy gets a vote.
We're in a war.
We got to show up to the battlefield to defend what we love.
Why do you think they're in such panic mode, saying Trump's going to come after them?
Because they know that their time is up.
They know that Trump was able to do it the first time.
They see that he's only grown stronger.
And this is why I think, like you said earlier, maybe they're considering assassination.
They've thrown everything at him, and he's just emerged stronger.
Somehow, he's less controversial, more popular.
higher in the polls than he was at any time during 16 or 20, which nobody points that out,
especially in the swing states. And so they say, like, we just can't stop this guy. It's like the
Terminator. You know, we're dropping bombs on this guy and he just walks through the fire towards us.
And they know it's just like Netanyahu, that their precarious grip on power is slipping
and it's going to be a lot less comfortable when they're in jail or they're out of power
than when they were in it.
And, you know, this fantasy they've had about this, you know, this open market, a free movement of goods and people and total globalization, it's falling apart before their very eyes.
This rhetoric about our democracy, it's coming to an end.
And all the so-called adversaries of the open society, it turns out they're going to be writing the history and they're going to be writing it with us on the right side of it.
It seems like everything that they've worked for for generations is now being undone.
Everything from Gay marriage now falling out of favor.
BLM has totally crashed and burned.
You know, this immigration stuff.
Even Biden is now having to try and secure the border because it's so unpopular what he's doing.
And this is going to be inaugurated by Trump triumphantly returning back after he survived maybe the worst political attack in American history.
The worst sustained, most thorough, most intense political attack possibly in the history of the United States or the history of modern liberal democracy.
So I think that's the fear.
It's just the intensity and the finality of the defeat that they're about to be dealt.
But it's not a guarantee.
But that's the panic.
So it's not a done deal.
They're panicking.
They've still got a lot of power.
They may even still be the favorite.
I think that if you look at a normal situation, Trump is probably the favorite.
But as we've talked about throughout this interview, you can never discount the Democrats' ability to cheat, rig, assassinate, do false flags, civil war, predictive programming, you know, whatever it is.
They're always willing to play dirty like that.
So that's why we got to run through first base.
We got to run through the finish line and really get there in November.
I'm an uncommitted voter right now.
I'm not really all the way in it.
I still want to see some things change.
I think the only way we do that is by expressing our disapproval of what we're getting from the right-wing side.
We've got to put leverage on the right wing because we're the populace.
We've got to make sure they feel their feet in the fire instead of just letting them sink back in the swamp.
Yes, and that's the other part of the battle, is it is just as much about beating the left as it is about winning as the right.
Because what happens all the time with Republicans is they win the war, but they lose the peace.
You know, they win the election, They change public opinion, but then they endlessly capitulate and conceive, just like how we started this interview.
Supreme Court is 6-3 conservative, and they can't even rule in favor of free speech.
They can't even say the government shouldn't lean on Facebook and tell them to block certain posts.
Thank you for having me.
fetish for institutions and power, but the institutions are seized, it's cancer to give
into them.
Nick, this is our best interview yet.
We didn't get off on side issues or fighting over stupid factoids.
This has been a very important interview.
People can follow you at rumble.com/nickjfuentes and follow you on X as well at NickJFuentes.
Nick, powerful interview.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for having me.
Great to be here.
That was a powerful hour and 48 minutes.
And I'm going to cover a few other stories for 10 minutes in my part of the show.
And then Chase Geyser's coming in for the fourth hour ahead of Owen at 3 p.m.
But look, I feel really good right now.
I mean, we're so close to being shut down.
The enemy is at the gate.
They're constantly attacking every day in court trying to shut us down.
And there's the sick part of me that if they do shut us down, people are like, oh God, Look, read the news, man, they're everywhere.
People don't think about how powerful we are.
Like, we fight back, we keep winning.
And so that's my frustration.
Like, you want me to lose?
To show you how bad the fight is?
We keep winning because of God and your support.
Don't sit there and say, well, how'd you beat the last five attempts to shut you down last month?
Jones, what, is this fake?
No, it's not fake!
We're literally fighting!
There's not just evil.
In the universe, there's good as well.
And that's what I'm trying to explain to you.
And I can't do this without you.
I can't do this without your support.
We have sponsors.
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And I have no doubt, if we get shut down the next week, You'll be sitting there going, God, I want to support this.
We won't be on air.
We'll have some new operation we got to launch, which I've not even spent time on.
I've spent all my time, because I'm loyal, trying to save this operation.
But I need your help.
I cannot do this without you.
It's like that gladiator scene.
Guys, put up the gladiator scene.
I want to end it with this.
Are you not entertained when he gets, you know, almost killed and sold into slavery in Africa and fights in gladiatorial games in Africa?
It's historical, compositive novels.
It's three true stories combined into one.
It's a great movie.
Ridley Scott.
I think Ridley Scott made it.
The point is, is that he goes out in this African, North African gladiatorial event and he kills like four guys in 30 seconds.
And the head gladiator comes to him later and says, you need to do it slower for more entertainment value.
Well, we're not here for entertainment value.
We are slaughtering globalist lies.
We are annihilating the fraud.
We are hacking literally through it in a war.
This is real.
I'm real.
Alex Jones is real.
I hate the globalists.
I hate their GMOs.
I hate their world government.
I hate their transhumanism.
I'm a human.
I'm pro-human.
I love my crew.
I love my family.
And I love fighting tyrants.
We'll play the clip in a moment.
But I cannot do it without you.
So it's simple.
It is your decision.
There's all these thousands of flavors of news.
Why have they run hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands?
Because one AP articles in 10,000.
So when I say hundreds, millions of articles.
I mean, every day AP attacks me and it's in 50,000 publications.
So millions of publications.
These numbers even sound real, like every nightly news program attacking me.
What is it?
Because they've surveilled me.
They know my number.
They know my family, all these famous war heroes, everything else.
I don't live off them, but that's what I come from, of people that don't back down, people that don't give in, and people that deliver victory.
And all that genetic wealth is expressed now here on this broadcast with your genetic wealth and your family and your future to fight these people.
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Because I'm not backed by globalists, I'm backed by you.
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Yeah, I want to fight.
I'm pretty smart.
I don't give up.
Yeah, okay, I'm okay.
The real manifestation is the power you've given us by your will, and your prayer, and your support, and your word of mouth, and your financial support.
So go down to DrJonesActions.com.
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And they wanted to shut us down today in court again.
The federal judge said no.
It is a fight, people!
And no one wants to get left held in the bag instead of federal court who shuts us down because they know metaphysically it's a curse on them.
Because this place is true to God.
This place is real.
This place is fighting for its life.
This place believes in you.
It's trying to stop nuclear war.
So understand, it's a fight, people.
They go, why does it go on and on?
Why is it shifting?
It's a fight!
Learn how to fight again.
Learn how to stand for what's right.
Learn how to have will.
And learn how to back the truth.
Because if you don't back the truth now, it's your decision.
You've asked for what happened to you.
Here is a clip I talked about from Gladiator.
And I'm not some physical badass, but politically this is what we've done in the last 30 years.
Nothing but victory.
That's why they hate us, folks.
We've done nothing but deliver victory after victory because of your support.
Are you not entertained?
30 years of war and it's a globalist.
Nothing but delivery of victory.
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?!
Are you not entertained?!
Is this not why you are here?
See, they aren't just Satanists that serve evil.
There are people that fight evil.
And we're doing it.
And we love it.
And we're committed.
But I want to win the fight.
I can't win the fight without you.
I can't carry on without you.
I need you.
I am in your hands.
Alright, I'm going to end this broadcast and Chase Goss is going to take over.
But I've done my job.
And I feel strong at the end of the day that I've not backed down.
I've never given in.
I've never faltered.
I've never wavered.
But now, everything is in your hands.
This is the critical juncture 30 years on air.
This is the point of decision right now.
Will you take the articles and videos and share them?
No matter what happens to me, will you save them and share them?
Because believe me, what's coming, our stuff, everything we've covered will be 50 times more powerful because you will see it happen if we don't stop it.
And I don't want to be proven right.
I want to back it down and stop it now.
But if the enemy continues on, the spirit of the war will live centered against it.
All right.
Hour number four with Chase Geyser.
I'm Alex Jones.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
I don't know what I'd do if I saw Fauci walking down the street or Bill Gates.
I mean, he's so outrageously evil.
He's such a murderer!
And we need to have... You're a Christian, you're a father, you're a theologian, you're able to be really calm and nice about this.
I know you're pissed off about it, but... The thing is, take action, folks.
Resist them.
Protect yourself from them.
Expose them.
What do we do biblically, do you think, to just spiritually be able to deal with this?
Well, we can't deal with stuff like this on our own.
You have to lean on God.
You have to.
Because when you look at what He is, He knows the beginning from the end.
He knows everything that we're going through.
In the midst of the storm, He brings peace.
We know how this game ends.
And we know who wins.
And the Bible tells us every knee must bow.
The knee of sickness, the knee of disease, the knee of all these things that we're seeing.
And we know what happens to the devil.
Jesus throws him in the pit.
And so we know who wins this.
But here's the thing.
God never told us that this life was going to be easy.
He never told us.
In fact, He told us the opposite.
He said, Jesus said, you know, take up your cross and follow me.
People are going to oppose you for following me, but you know what?
The end result is going to be better if you follow me than if you don't.
So look at the opposition, take the opposition, but never deviate from that path of following truth and following victory and that strength of God who created the universe, who put all of his creativity in us because we were created in his image.
We have to realize we've got that power of God pulsating through our veins every single day because we're created in His image and when we do that we can have confidence that like what Psalms tells us and we can rest under the shadow of His wings that the enemy will come near our tent but they can't come into it, right?
So, look at the enemy.
They're all slaves.
Satan always destroys them even before they die.
We've seen them betrayed.
We've seen them destroyed and we see Billions and billions of dollars spent by the federal government secretly, with just Walgreens and CVS alone, to not prescribe ivermectin.
So all this evil, you wonder why are they not giving people the drugs that they now admit works?
Because they wanted to hurt people, they wanted people fearful, but it took billions to buy them off to do the evil, and the devil has the control of the purse.
He has the power of the earth right now.
He's the god of this world right now.
But it shows every bit of it is mercenaries working against their own self-interest for a little bit of money.
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It is an honor and a pleasure to be with you.
I was privileged to host the American Journal this morning.
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All the headlines on the desk, all the stacks on the desk.
And one never really knows where to begin.
One never knows, no matter how much they prepare for any broadcast, what they're really going to say until the on-air light switches on and you're live.
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I'm going to allow the crew to screen these calls.
I see the board is lighting up right now as we speak.
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Live from Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, ladies and gentlemen.
I am Chase Geyser, filling in for the next 54 minutes before the great Harrison Smith hosts the War Room this afternoon.
Owen's just taking the day off.
He's going to be back tomorrow, I believe.
And tomorrow is going to be a historic day with this unprecedented debate coming up.
No studio audience, Dana Bash and Jake Tapper and the two candidates with stringent rules designed to undermine the performance of Donald Trump.
A performance which cannot be undermined because the truth is on our side.
We're simply too big to rig.
But I want to hear what Logan in Pennsylvania has to say about the debate tomorrow.
Logan, you are on the air.
How are you, sir?
Chase, good.
How are you?
I'm good, man.
Thanks for calling.
First off, I just want to say great job on the book.
I bought it on Amazon.
I think I got it in two days delivered.
So everybody go ahead and buy that and then obviously leave a good review.
On Amazon and Goodreads.
So Chase kind of keeps going up the charts on that.
But great job with that.
I'm two chapters in so far.
But wanted to talk about the debate and get your thoughts.
I mean, obviously, with these stringent rules and everything that's set up, I mean, who's to say that CNN is not going to say Donald Trump said this off the mic?
If you were in the Trump campaign, what would you try and do to mitigate that?
And is it something like recording what Donald said the whole time and then air it on Yes, that's a really great question.
or a different outlet after the fact, because there's definitely something
that they're gonna pull.
Yes, that's a really great question.
And one of the rules of war, I talk about this on air a lot,
is never attack a stronger enemy head on.
And I think what we're witnessing right now from legacy media is an example of hubris,
hubris being the pride that comes before the fall.
It's not just pride.
It's a specific type of pride, the pride that comes before the fall.
when you think that you're too big to fail, when you think that you're too strong to be overcome,
we have this legacy media, whether it's CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,
any number of these outlets which have traditionally been sort of the stalwarts of American narrative
throughout our history, they all still perceive themselves as these behemoths, but the fact of the matter is
they are no longer that.
I mean, their viewership, their listenership is less than Tucker Carlson on his own podcast.
It's less than Joe Rogan.
It's less than InfoWars with 47 employees and $1.5 billion in judgments against this.
I mean, we have crew wearing Iron Maiden suits, excuse me, shirts, suits.
We have crew wearing Iron Maiden shirts that they cannot keep from coming to work
despite how hard they tried.
They being the CIA, they being those who have instituted lawfare against us.
And so I totally agree with you that it's very likely that these institutions, namely CNN tomorrow at the debate, are going to try to mischaracterize his statements, even potentially make false claims about something that he said between commercial breaks or off the air.
I mean, I saw from Harry Sisson this morning, someone who I repeatedly challenged to a lawful duel under Texas Penal Code 2206 without any response.
Harry Sisson this morning claimed that Donald Trump passed out during a phone interview with Newsmax because he didn't respond immediately to a question.
His phone could have either been muted, he could have been distracted by someone else.
There's any number of reasons why he didn't respond within five seconds to a question on Newsmax, but the immediate claim from Harry Sisson and these leftist pundits who are paid by the leftist political machine is that he must have passed out and he's cognitively impaired.
So there's no doubt in my mind That, Logan, that you're making the right call here, saying they're going to make claims.
But what I suggest to you is that we not underestimate our own power, and that we observe the fact that these legacy media outlets are overestimating their own power.
They simply do not have the power that they once had.
So they can attack head-on as much as they want.
I hope that they attack Trump and populism and America First head-on because they are simply not as strong.
And if they attack us head-on, the more powerful we become.
We've seen this over and over again.
Yeah, I mean, I hope you're right with that and I'm definitely excited for tomorrow.
gets invited to turning point events to speak. They attacked Donald Trump by
convicting him 34 times on bogus charges instead of going down in the polls he
goes up in the polls so I hope they just keep punching head-on because that only
makes us stronger. What do you think about that Logan? Yeah I mean I hope you
you're right with that and I'm definitely excited for tomorrow.
Obviously everything we see is gonna be a cheap take whenever Biden stumbles and
Biden misspeaks but it's gonna be interesting and I can't wait to tune into
the show. Absolutely we're gonna be on the air from 6 p.m.
until at least midnight, I think.
It's going to be an extravaganza, an InfoWars extravaganza, so make sure you tune in, and make sure you don't forget to go to InfoWarsStore.com to get something.
Please keep us on the air.
Logan, I appreciate you, I love you, and God bless you.
Sean in Denver.
Sean, what is on your mind?
Alright, Chase, can you hear me okay?
You sound great.
Alright, I'd like to talk about a little bit what we can do Uh, to stand up against this B system before we see a new world order commence.
And that's the fact that we need to get out into the streets with our numbers.
We really need to get organized.
We need to get out of our Internet ghettos.
We really need to let our voices be heard in the streets.
And I know it's Kind of unrealistic at this point.
I mean, it's been a while since, you know, people have been going to Trump rallies and everything, and that's fine, but the problem is, is we don't have anything grassroots, and the people that are running the narrative are angry leftists saying, you know, free Palestine, and there's, you know, there's nothing wrong with freeing Palestinians or having freedom, you know, for everybody and whatnot, but the problem is, like I said, we don't have anything grassroots.
That's the biggest problem and our resistance is so divided.
I keep telling you guys, Chase, I call in all the time talking about how You know, this establishment is getting ready to set Donald Trump up for the fall of the United States after he wins this election.
This is going to be a landslide victory.
Well, let me ask you this.
Who do you think he's going to pick as his VP?
Because I honestly think it's a life or death decision for him.
If he picks some establishment cuck to be his vice presidential candidate, they're going to whack him so fast next year and just install a puppet.
So it's really crucial that he picks somebody that's just as much a threat to the establishment As Trump is in order to, I think, you know, protect his own life.
I mean, I mean, the best decision that Joe Biden ever made was choosing to have Kamala Harris as his vice presidential candidate, because that's the only reason I think the establishment hasn't unseated him so far, because she's so incompetent that it saved him in his presidency, his first term.
Who do you think Donald Trump is going to pick or who are you polling for?
Well, to be honest, I have no idea.
I mean, it could just be anybody.
I really don't know.
I mean, that's just honest.
And it really doesn't matter kind of because, yeah, they could set him up after they set Donald Trump up or her.
It doesn't matter.
They could, you know.
This is when they're going to go after the Patriots, is after the election, because what they're waiting on is the central bank digital currency.
This is the market of bees, so that's why I'm saying we're running out of time and we really got to get out into the streets and make the message about Jesus and spreading the gospel and explaining salvation because Listen, I believe the Rapture is right around the corner, and I don't think it's something to really argue about, but it's definitely something that, if you're not warning of a pre-trip Rapture, you're doing your listeners a big disservice, because we oughta war game the Rapture.
War game the Rapture?
That should be your book, man.
You gotta write a book about this.
Well, I should, man, because, you know, I really don't have, like, a dog in the fight.
It could be a mid-trib, a pre-trib, or something.
Everybody has a dog in the fight when it comes to the rapture, bro.
Well, here's the thing.
It does look, like, more like it's going to be a pre-tribulation rapture, because God goes back to dealing with Israel in a harsh way during Revelation, and that's just not for the church, I don't think.
There's certain facts like, for example, the 144,000.
They're the only ones that are going to make it past the sixth seal in Revelation because they have the protective seal on their foreheads and nobody's going to get past that wrath.
So to think it's a post-tribulation rapture.
It's a little out there, because you have to be one of the 144,000 if you're going to even endure God's wrath, and we're not appointed to wrath.
So it's more likely going to be a mid-trib or a pre-trib.
You know, Sean, I would love to get in the weeds with you another time about the nuances of Revelation and prophecies, and I'm not trying to knock you or anything at all.
I think it's all fascinating and something to be studied.
But you said something very interesting that I want to touch on specifically.
You talked about CBDCs, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and you mentioned the Mark of the Beast.
And I know there are different feelings about CBDCs.
There are different ideas about what the Mark of the Beast is really going to be.
Is it the vaccines?
Is it Neuralink?
Is it some other piece of technology where we're all wired in?
And honestly, I don't know the answer.
As a Christian who has faith, I can't claim to know the nuances and the details of some of these More cryptic passages in the Word of God.
But regardless of whether the CBDC is the Mark of the Beast as depicted in the Bible, it might as well be.
I mean, if you look at what they're going to be capable of, they as in the globalists, the New World Order, the political elite of the world who seek to conglomerate all political power for the sake of subjugating humanity indefinitely, If you look at the power that they're going to claim for themselves by instituting a global central bank digital currency, they will be able to not only monitor every transaction, not only freeze every bank account, but determine and allocate for you which of your dollars can be spent on which products or services.
So even if you have a million dollars in the bank, the government could say you can only spend $50 this month of your dollars on meat because cattle is bad for the environment.
Or you can only spend $500 this month of your $1,000,000 on gasoline because emissions are bad for the environment.
So it might as well be the mark of the beast, whether or not that's literally what it's going to be as prophesied in Revelation.
It is end of freedom level, existential level, extinction level event in terms of political policy and monetary policy.
Sean, what do you think?
Right, and it's undeniable that these systems of control are going to be in place here pretty soon, and it's possibly going to be, you know, could be next year, but what the Bible says is very clear in Revelation 13 that it's going to be a mark in the right hand or in the forehead in order to buy or sell, and that's going to be a physical mark, and obviously that's going to be once cash is gone, and it's got me so convinced Well, not only can we look this up to see that this crypto
patent W02020-06-06-06 is the most...
[no audio]
...a system that will go into your body and will be able to, you know, read your mind and do all kinds of things, but
this is coming...
I'm so convinced that I'm out here on my own free time every weekend.
I mean, I work from 9 to 5, but I come out on my own free time now and I preach the gospel and I warn people of the central bank digital currency downtown with a megaphone.
I preach it loud and clear so everybody, you know, has clear warning.
Especially what they'll see after the rapture, because I believe a lot of people aren't believers yet.
They believe in vain.
They're lukewarm.
So they're going to get left behind.
And that's the group that's going to have to deny the mark of the beast and die for Christ to be saved.
So it's important to understand this dispensation of Revelation is different from the church age.
See, right now we're born again.
We're saved by grace through faith, not of works.
Any man should boast.
But once Revelation starts and the two witnesses show up, It's going to be different.
God deals with people differently, and so that's why you're going to have to deny the market a beast, die for Christ.
We've already been given the terms, so everything changes, right?
It's not like before the terms were given.
I appreciate your call, Sean.
Connor in Ohio.
Hi, O'Connor.
What is on your mind this afternoon?
Oh, hey, cheers.
Can you hear me?
You sound great.
Hey, thank you.
I really appreciate all the work you and the team do.
You're welcome.
Thank you for your support.
Hey, one thing that I've been thin