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Name: 20240625_Tue_Alex
Air Date: June 25, 2024
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It's Tuesday, June 25th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
5th, 2024. I'm your host, Alex Jennings. We are live.
Tomorrow's news.
132 days.
12 hours, 59 minutes, 42 seconds.
32 days, 12 hours, 59 minutes, 42 seconds.
The most important election in world history.
Well, desperate Joe Biden finally did something right.
Something Trump didn't do.
And one of the big black marks on Trump.
They have freed Julian Assange.
He did a plea bargain deal and is on his way back to Australia.
We have some of the reporters and folks on the ground in Australia popping in at the bottom of the hour to talk about some of the history of what happened here and now, what's unfolded, which is very important.
For the future of the press and free speech worldwide.
All right, Biden is doing a whole bunch of blatantly unconstitutional stuff from student debt to announcing amnesty.
Senator Warren says they want blanket pathway, total amnesty for the illegal aliens.
It's all coming up today.
Really important articles laying this out.
The founding fathers must be rolling over their graves after Biden immigration power grab.
And that dovetails back to some of his other power grabs.
Like I said, the student loans, the trying to forgive people's rent during the pandemic.
This is serious dictatorial power.
And if he can do it in the name of helping poor people, well, he set the president to be an emperor.
Or a dictator like Zelensky is not running for re-election because they've cancelled the elections and now he's banning more political parties.
It's all coming up today.
We have several other huge guests as well.
As I mentioned, we have the Aussie Cossack, great reporter popping in in about 30 minutes, amazing Scottish reporter Neil Oliver, Maria Zee, and more today we may have Julian Assange's Brother on popping in, we got on a few months ago.
I know it's exhausting, it's exhausting for me, this rollercoaster battle as the establishment tries to shut down Infowars.
Now they've had the Democrat Party lawyers on CNN last week saying, we just want him off air, we don't want money.
Well the courts are designed, even if you rig a case, you just get money in a civil issue.
So I told you they've done multiple filings the last three weeks.
They tried to have the CRO block the building without a court order.
The judge blocked that.
I mean, it's been a roller coaster.
And then my phones blow up yesterday after I'm off air saying, oh, what's this headline?
AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNN, Alex Jones, InfoWars bankruptcy trustee discloses plan to shut down media platform.
There's a bunch of other similar headlines.
Bankruptcy court trustee and Alex Jones liquidation case previews wind-down of media company.
That's a wind-down over two to four months instead of the judge's order signed last Friday, Gloria Gamble, the same one that ran the show trial against me here in Texas, to have sheriffs come yesterday She said, immediately, and lock the doors.
That's in the order.
So people say, okay, well, what's happening?
Well, that's what I told you a few weeks ago.
They will immediately come and try to shut things down.
And the Democrat Party lawyers in federal court wanted me shut down two Fridays ago in court.
And I said, hey, just let it go back to the state.
And there's some maneuvering we can do there.
And that's what we thought would happen.
Now the federal court is fighting the state court trying to imminently shut us down because the federal law says if something's profitable, you don't just close the doors.
And there's a lot within that, and I'm not going to give out any more strategy here on air, but there is a narrow way To keep Infowars on the air.
Now, I've been fighting the Deep State for decades, but they've been completely after me for eight years, as you know.
And so, most people have been way shut down before this.
So your support is continually needed, because they can shoot Edison Miss, But crap Edison hit.
It's an old country saying where if people think we're shut down and don't support, we will be shut down just by you believing that.
There's a good chance we're going to stay on air, but we need your support.
The Wall Street Journal, six years ago, ran a big detailed subscription article that I read in detail here on air because it was about me.
It was about you.
And they said in a big prospectus article when News Corp was splitting up its media entertainment division and selling it to Disney, but was keeping its news division.
And they explained in the big article for investors that the internet will soon be like Netflix.
You'll have thousands of choices, but it'll be owned by a handful of companies.
And we're going to successfully censor and demonetize and destroy WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.
And when the left wing doesn't stand up, we'll set the precedent to take all the liberals off the air and off the internet.
And then when we demonize and remove Alex Jones, The conservatives won't stand up for him because they'll be scared of being shut down and then once they don't stand up for him, they won't stand up for the next person and we'll get all of them.
And I was horrified by it because it was a very serious article.
I've covered it a lot.
I forget the exact headline on it, but there was a Gizmodo headline and a couple others that were, hold on to your tinfoil hat, Alex Jones, YouTube's about to take you off the air.
And then it linked to the Wall Street Journal article, and we had a paid subscription, and I printed off a 30-something page article where it said, meeting at NATO headquarters, big tech working with the EU has developed a plan to stop disinformation and shut down blah, blah, blah.
But then it went in to the fact that this would make dinosaur media, Legacy Media more successful and was telling investors, don't worry about all the competition.
Don't worry about lagging readers at the Wall Street Journal or viewers being taken away by the Internet from Fox News.
Because we're going to end the free internet as we know it.
Well, they've certainly tried to a great extent been successful other than X and still independent talk radio and independent websites like Infowars.com.
So the system is targeting all of those.
And if Trump doesn't win, well, you know, they're only going to intensify it.
So I have been the test subject in all of this.
I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this, but I'm going to cover it now.
And then I'm going to go into all the huge news and all the huge guests and the preparation I've done for the show today.
But this is newsworthy, whether I was Alex Jones or not, or whether you were listening or not.
And I'm not going to spend 30 minutes giving the whole history here.
But three weeks ago, I'm told that the CRO appointed by the court is going to
lock the doors at nine o'clock at night.
So two and a half weeks ago, three weeks ago, it was on a Friday. And I said,
where's the court order? You're not doing it. I'll call the police. And I blocked it.
And there was a lot of concern about that.
Some people said, oh, this isn't true.
This is a publicity stunt.
No, no, no, no, it wasn't.
And then an emergency hearing the next Monday, two days later, they admitted it all and it came out in court.
The judge said, I'm not going to hear any of this until the 14th.
That was two Fridays ago.
And at that event, he fired the CRO and said, Mr. Jones owns the company.
You cannot do this.
Who do you think you are?
And handed me the company back.
That said, the judge then went on to say, but Mr. Jones is the owner.
He now today, that same court hearing, approved my Chapter 7 total liquidation.
I've already sold off all the stuff that's not exempt, so it's a foregone conclusion.
But it was me wanting to keep it in federal court.
So the judge denied shutting down the Democrat Party using the San Diego folks as front people.
He shut down their request to close me, close the operation, to close Infowars that day, the 14th.
So the last move was then to have it kicked back into state court, but the judge kept jurisdiction over it so that if he doesn't like what the state court does, Which would be imminently, Judge Gware Gamble closing the doors, he said he would probably step in.
So that's what goes into all of this and the chess, not checkers.
Now, the Democrat lawyers got up in front of the judge and they said, no, no, no, we're not going to immediately close it down.
We want to get value for the families.
But they immediately ran in and filed last Friday in front of Gware Gamble to shut us down.
She signed the order.
And told the Travis County Sheriff's Department to come paddle off the doors and kick us out of the building.
The federal trustee filed an emergency motion Sunday saying that is not going to happen and that he is going to do an orderly liquidation so there's value to the quote creditors which they don't want they don't want money they won't be silenced yesterday.
So again if I'm in checkmate In one move, but I can do another move and be in checkmate in three moves.
I'm going to move away even though I'm going to be cornered and they're going to get me.
I'm still staying on air and fighting to the last minute going down swinging.
And that's why it's we're about to be shut down and you read it all over the news and we're not and we're about to be shut down and then we're not.
People say what is this?
This is what it looks like to fight.
This is what it looks like to struggle.
This is what it looks like to put everything you've got into something.
I mean, I sold almost everything I had before I went into bankruptcy for the legal fight to keep this place going, because I understand we've saved tens of millions of lives, myself, the guests, the listeners, spreading the word about the poison shots and about all the medical tyranny and the open border and the drag queen pedophile time and World War III.
And every day we stay on air, the show gets bigger, the broadcast gets more influential, and we affect more people.
And that's admitted.
I mean, even Atlantic Monthly, that is the CIA Jeffrey Epstein publication.
I mean, it's literally Jeffrey Epstein operation, CIA operations.
Wrote last week, Alex Jones lost everything and still won.
Well, I lost nothing.
I don't care about baubles, a car, some property in the countryside that everybody can go to.
I'm so busy.
That was an emergency backup.
These things totally collapse.
So that's where we are.
And so I've not been dramatic about this.
I've told you exactly what's been happening blow by blow as it unfolds.
And the system admits in the Atlantic article that basically Everybody's Alex Jones now.
And so, his evil has succeeded in poisoning the minds, and now the Republican Party has adopted his thinking.
So they lie in the article, but they tell the truth.
We're not lying.
They haven't adopted my propaganda.
You look at the New World Order, you look at the globalists, it sounded crazy 30 years ago, or 20 years ago, or 10 years ago, to say all this was coming, now it's all here, because the globalists were setting it all up.
And I've seen them get done the things they said they would do decades before.
So I took them very serious.
These are very serious hombres.
So our credibility is like a Falcon Heavy rocket going into orbit.
It's going straight up.
And so they're completely pissed that I didn't just roll over and give up and stayed in the process because the journey is the destination.
And now they've only succeeded in making everything we say be listened to very, very carefully like a pin drops.
And it's all God.
It's not me.
It's all God.
And that's where we are.
So I appreciate the crew standing with me through all this.
I appreciate the listeners and viewers and activists.
Not being spectators, but being men and women on the field and in the arena.
This has been incredible.
And there's a federal hearing tomorrow, and if the judge doesn't block Blair Gamble closing the doors here, the Democrat Party judge, we could be closed in the next few days.
Now, I don't believe that's going to happen.
I believe the judge is going to block this tomorrow.
Also, the federal trustee took control of the bank account, so he's in control of it.
I think about a 90% chance that the judge blocks this tomorrow.
That said, it creates a paradox where if you've got your orders in, For products that we need you to order to stay on air, plus they're great products, you could, I guess the state judge might be wild enough, we've already seen that, to not care about you, and then you don't get your products, but you'll be alright.
The average order's like 50 bucks, I understand, you know, that's a bummer, but if you stop betting on us just because you think they're about to bring us down, you'll be the ones that kill us, inadvertently, instead of them.
You see what I'm saying?
So bet on Infowars, bet on us continuing on.
And some strategies I'm not going to get into that are probable.
I'd say 60% chance InfoWars continues on.
I'm not going to get into strategy.
I'll stop right there.
And then it's about 30% chance That even if that fails, added on to that, let's say like an 80% chance, 90% chance, that we're still hearing a wind down for three months.
So many orders you put in, they're shipped usually the next day, they're always shipped within a few days, you'll get your product.
I mean, I think that's a very, very, very, very, very safe bet, 80, 90%.
And maybe the Texas judge isn't crazy enough, but I mean, she already ordered the county sheriff's department to come close us.
Which is just wild.
But again, they don't want money, ladies and gentlemen.
So there is that paradox.
But if people hear this and I'm just straight shooting you and go, well, I'm not going to gamble on ordering product that I'm not going to get because we're going to close.
Then that fear has already given in to their manipulation, and then they win, shutting us down by the mere fact that people won't bet on us.
So it is now a bet.
And I'm not a gambling person.
I don't gamble on slot machines or blackjack.
I mean, I've done it a few times to see what it's like, but I don't gamble on football games and pool and, you know, stuff like that.
Or sometimes we might bet playing pool, but okay, well, you know, if you win, you know, three games in a row, I'll buy you dinner or whatever.
Or maybe you've already played three games and you play one more to find out who's going to win or whatever.
Sure, I bet some, but I'm not a betting man.
But when it comes to freedom and liberty, I'm the biggest gambler you've ever seen.
I'll put my life on the line, I'll bet the farm, I'll bet the house on you.
And I have.
Because I believe you're like me and don't want to be a slave.
So it is now a bet.
And I said this two and a half weeks ago when they had filings to shut us down.
I said, they may shut us down on Friday.
And so I said, I don't know if you can order an InfoWars.
It's a bet.
They had the transcript from the judge and said, Judge, he's saying don't support InfoWars.
He doesn't want money of the creditors, which they're saying they don't even want.
And the judge read the full transcript and said, that's not what he's saying.
And by the way, we had record sales.
Record sales for the last three years.
That week, when I said, will you bet on us?
You may not get your product.
And people flooded in and bet on us and did that.
So, there's a lot of complexity there.
I've tried to explain it as best I can.
If you don't go to infowarestore.com, they would have manipulated you.
And it's a real issue.
Into not supporting, then they get what they want, because we're running on fumes.
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So that's where we stand.
Now I'm going to stop plugging here in a moment.
But this is all part of our operation.
We're not fun about big banks or big money or globalists.
We're fun about people buying products directly from us.
I started doing that decades ago because I'd have sponsors and the left would harass them and death threat them until we lost them.
So I said, why don't I just direct sell products and we'll just remove that out of the equation.
So we innovated so much in the media that nobody else has done until the last few years.
Everybody's imitating us now.
We learned all this through necessity.
They say necessity is the mother of invention.
Now, that said, I will tell you where your order is completely safe and where you should bet on us.
And the safest bet on your future and freedom is drjonesnaturals.com.
And so many of the old products that were in Infowars that were so popular The CRO just kicked out of the shopping cart, I guess, to look to me like to scuttle the company.
My dad had already saw this coming, already had a warehouse set up in North Austin years ago.
I told him he shouldn't do it.
He did it.
And thank God he didn't listen to me.
He's smarter than me in many ways.
And he set it up.
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And that is separate from the bankruptcy, separate from Infowars, and has been a sponsor
of the operation.
And so that's critical to this operation and whatever's coming, you know, obviously, as a sponsor in the future.
So that's basically what I know.
And that's what's happened.
And to me, it's not clear.
It's 100% crystal.
That the orders have come down to the system.
The Justice Department's been heavily involved in my bankruptcy, interfacing with the, not the judge, who's been well known to be very fair and follow the law, but with the court-appointed people that are just in the wheel, that rotate through, that the judge just pulls from, flaming leftists, frothing at the mouth, wanting us off the air.
Trying to find something criminal, couldn't find it, and then tried on the 14th, no the 14th was the hearings, it was a week before that, tried three plus weeks ago to close the doors and lock me out without a court order.
Well, now they've got the court order from Travis County.
So the sword of Damocles is above our heads.
Again, I just want to thank the crew for their incredible loyalty and hard work and going through all this.
It's very stressful, I know, because I'm going through it too.
I want to thank the incredible listeners and viewers, the great supporters and activists.
And I want to thank my family for putting up with all this.
They've been harassed a lot.
I'm not going to belabor it, but it's been extensive.
And I want to thank God for the great discernment and guidance that we've all been given in this fight.
And I just have an appeal to heaven that if it's God's will to keep Infowars going, And to steer us through this storm, but if it's not God's will, then we understand that when one door closes, other doors open, and I am a faithful servant here to try to take God's guidance, to lead God and direct me, to continue to try to warn people and take on the New World Order.
So, that's where we are.
And all these attempts at censorship and shutdowns are very, very frustrating.
But it lets you know that you're over the target.
You know, I know some very prominent talk show hosts, and I know all the biggest.
All the biggest.
And I was just on Glenn Beck's show today, and after I went off, I tuned into it, and he was talking about all the harassment they're under with lawfare.
And... I won't name other people.
They didn't tell me off record, but I didn't ask, hey, can I talk about this?
So... I mean, I think it's a...
Positive thing that the enemy's after him, but some of the other big prominent people, there's only a few of them at the top, are being mercilessly harassed and messed with right now.
And I'm sure they'll talk about it soon, so you'll learn it from them.
But with 100 and how many days?
With 132 days left to this election, the establishment is pulling out all the stops.
They are hysterical.
And the censorship and all the rest of it is just completely over the top.
And I mean, I can't tell you how many people have called me where the media has called them and offered them money to lie about me, and they've refused the money.
And it goes up to like 50 grand in the offers.
And they just want to have a free hand to lie about me and attack me.
And they got one employee, got paid off at the Southern Poverty Law Center, and ran around in here for a year, really committing, I believe it's criminal.
People said, well why don't you go press charges?
It just, it takes us off mission.
But they had a Southern Poverty Law Center operative in here that hacked into the camera systems, and tried to find something bad that we were doing.
And of course couldn't, but they still published the stuff, and it was like, Me smoking a cigarette, which I have quit for 14 years, but I occasionally smoke a cigarette.
I love tobacco.
I love chewing tobacco.
I love pipes.
I love cigars.
I can't smoke one cigar, though.
It was about a couple of years ago, I was at the shooting range, and I smoked a cigar.
And then the next day, one of the crew was smoking a cigarette.
I said, give me one of those.
And that's what you got?
Is me standing there outside my office with a glass, with ice in it, pouring vodka in it, and with a cigarette hanging out my mouth.
I mean, that's the best you got, really.
And everybody knows I do that.
I admit it, I'm an idiot.
I'm a man, I can't help it.
So, like my ancestors, hell knows they did it.
So, that's the best you got.
I'm actually proud of the fact that they've gone around with a giant dragnet.
Former girlfriends, you name it.
Been going back a long time.
You know, when I got divorced, I was out of town a little bit 10 years ago.
I guess doing some test driving.
I never said I was an angel, folks.
That's why I tell you all this on air.
That guy's not a Christian.
He just... No, no, folks.
Real Christians tell you when they're bad.
I'm not even proud of how I am sometimes.
But the point is, they could not get anybody to lie about me except a couple of dirtbags.
Oh, I forgot one other crew member.
We know they put in here.
Wrote a big lie article in the New York Times where we have a fish tank with a fish and I grab it and kill the fish.
That's Wolf of Wall Street.
I love fish.
There's never been a fish tank here, though.
I do have one at home.
My daughter does.
So, you know, it's just like, come on, man, I'm killing, I'm eating fish.
That's in two movies, Wolf of Wall Street, that's based on a true story, and A Fish Called Wanda, also an excellent, late 80s, early 90s, when did A Fish Called Wanda come out?
The point is, is that I don't do that.
I'm not even a big seafood guy.
It's got to be fresh at the ocean.
Now, when I catch my own seafood, which I never have time to do, I love to go deep sea fishing.
I used to do it a couple times a year.
I've done it 10 years.
Well, I guess I took my, took some of my kids bay fishing a couple years ago.
So I guess I've been a few times.
Oh, and I went in Cancun.
I did some fishing on a boat.
No, I still do some deep sea fishing here and there.
But I used to do it all the time, and man, I love coming in with that ice fish and getting it cut right up there at the dock, going right into a restaurant, having it blackened, or pan-cooked, a little bit of garlic oil.
But, on my children, there was never a fish tank here, and I didn't grab the fish and eat it.
But my point is, that's the kind of weird, like they couldn't even come up with a good lie, they had to steal it from Wolf of Wall Street.
Alright, enough about me.
I love you all.
Please pray for the broadcast.
I'm gonna come back and hit it hard, so start your engines, and follow me on Exit Real Alex Jones.
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I want to thank you all for supporting the broadcast.
I want to thank you all for spreading the word because without you, we are nothing.
Always faithful.
Always trying to tell you the truth.
I mean, I don't make some mistakes sometimes, but in the main, I've been dead on over the target.
All right.
Our guest.
Simeon Boykov.
Known as the Aussie Cossack is himself a political prisoner in Australia.
Just like Julian Assange, he's living at the consulate.
And he's been all over the situation with Assange and led national rallies and events for him.
And he's got a lot of the inside baseball.
I think it's important with Assange now being free on his way back to Australia.
He may already be there.
Kind of a recap of what Assange went through and why this is such an important case for the world.
Because what he did was valiant and good for the world and exposed a lot of criminal activity of our hijacked government.
And they gave awards to Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers that helped in the Vietnam War.
But instead, Julian Assange has been locked up for close to a decade Now spent four years in maximum security prison in London.
He's now struck a plea bargain and been freed.
And after we cover that for the next 25 minutes, then I'm going to blast through the incredible election news, economy news, Biden treason news.
It is over the top.
And now, I told you last week, oh, first it was just amnesty for this group, and then it would be for everybody.
And now they admit a pathway to, quote, citizenship for all illegal aliens.
And that ties into all this other unconstitutional activity that, thank God, is being slapped down.
Like federal rulings out of Kansas, Missouri put Biden's student loan forgiveness on hold.
Remember when the Biden administration asked Amazon to hide vaccine-critical Books during pandemic, those documents have now been released.
Remember when he said, oh, all rents are forgiven in perpetuity.
Well, that would bankrupt the country.
He tried to have the CDC claim that power.
So he wants those editorial powers.
That's all coming up.
Also, President Trump has been prepping for the debate against Biden by going to nursing homes and arguing with dementia patients.
That's the Babylon Bee, but that's pretty funny.
And, of course, we're going to be covering the debate here live, starting several hours before.
I think the debate is, what is it, 8 o'clock Eastern?
7 o'clock Central.
So the War Room will end at 6, and it'll just continue on.
We're going to do an X Spaces, and I'm going to be here right through the debate.
And for hours after, we're going to go late into the night.
Thursday, 48 hours from now.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Video will have streams.
Stations around the country are welcomed to pick it up.
We hope you do.
We're free to air.
And then, of course, at Real Alex Jones on X, be sure and follow me there.
I'm at Aussie Cossack, at Aussie Cossack on X.
Thank you so much for joining us.
This Assange situation is really a breath of fresh air.
And I have to say, blind hogs find acorns occasionally and broken clocks are right twice a day.
Trump did not do the right thing with Assange.
He was threatened by the CIA.
He admitted that.
He did not give him a pardon.
But Biden, under overwhelming public support, bipartisan, upward in the 80s, to release Assange has done the right thing.
So we do give credit when it is due.
Aussie Cossack.
Well, I agree with you.
It's a great thing to celebrate.
It gives hope and it's a breath of fresh air.
Some good news amongst all the bad news in the world at the moment.
But the question is, why would they do this?
And I don't think they did it to help Assange.
They've done it to help themselves.
And I think that Biden just tried to probably disarm Trump.
The Trump couldn't use this card before the presidential debate which is upcoming and this basically question has been neutralised.
That's the best assumption that we can draw upon because if they wanted to help him they would have released him a long time ago and we should not forget that they did keep him for 1,901 days and Well, maybe that people can say thank you to Biden or thank you to Albanese, the Australian Prime Minister.
But I think there's plenty of retribution and there's plenty of anger.
Sure, sure.
But I mean, that was just in Balmore.
He was already basically in solitary confinement at the embassy.
Absolutely, you're right.
He was there for six years at the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Very difficult conditions.
He couldn't leave the building.
There was no outdoor courtyard.
For example, I'm with the Russian Consulate.
It's a little bit easier here.
There's a gym, sauna, facilities.
So it's easier to stay on a long-term trip in a war of attrition.
A diplomatic standoff, if you'd like to put it that way.
But of course, for Assange, He's done terrible things to his health.
You can see that he's aged.
He doesn't look healthy, but I think his spirit is healthy.
And in Australia, where we are, this country needs a leader.
This country needs somebody to pick up the pieces and challenge the establishment in Australia.
I was about to say, we could end up seeing Assange as the leader of Australia.
He's very, very popular there.
The hashtag Assange4PM is trending.
Both major parties in Australia, Liberal and Labour, have no support at the moment.
The problem is that there's no other options.
That's the way the election system in Australia, the Westminster system, is rigged.
So if Assange was to now, on upon his return to Australia, look into running for Prime Minister in some capacity through a political
party, I think he'd be welcomed.
People would be very happy to see Assange.
He's probably the most popular guy in Australia at the moment.
And the question is, what will Assange do next?
If I was Assange and my advice to him would be to go to Russia.
Don't stay in the West.
You can't trust the West.
They've only released you because it's in their interests.
And in my opinion, Assange should follow Edward Snowden's path and leave to Russia.
Russia is the place where Assange would only be welcomed and protected.
I'm sure he could find very very fertile grounds for collaboration.
And by the way, you're multi-generational in Australia, but you've got Russian roots yourself,
that's why you're at the consulate. For people that don't know, I've been interviewing you for
years. You've led big protests against the lockdowns, you exposed the poison shots,
they came and arrested you for your speech, and are now...
This country is not what it used to be.
It's not a safe place, especially for journalists.
they're now passed a regulation to quote "deprogram men to not be masculine" and
have set up a federal bureau. I mean Australia is is is beyond Orwellian now
for people that don't know. Absolutely this country is not what it used to be
it's not a safe place for especially for journalists. I mean if you're just a
person who wants to tread along in life pay forty percent of your wages and tax
and be part of the rat race it's okay but as soon as you stick your head above
the water if you're a tall poppy as they say in Australia you're in danger and
Assange's return to Australia maybe that's part of the plea bargaining deal
that he's made that he has to return to Australia maybe that's part of the deal
that the Americans wouldn't release him for example into the Russians custody
But I think Assange's full capacity, his potential as the world's number one journalist, as some people are calling him, I tend to agree with that myself.
His potential could be fully realised if he was living in a country where the government would support him, where the state media would support him.
Being in Australia, Assange would still be scrutinised, he would still be at risk, at threat, because we are all at risk or under threat in Australia.
There is no freedom of speech in Australia, as you mentioned Alex.
There's a whole department set up, a censorship department, the e-safety commissioner, they're cracking down.
Elon Musk was able to withstand the Australian government's attempts to censor That's right.
For people that don't know, your senator's bragged on TV, we're gonna arrest him.
He's too big for his britches.
He's got too much power.
These are quotes.
We're gonna put him in jail.
Yeah, they're afraid of the truth, truth speakers, and they're afraid of large platforms.
I mean, Facebook, Meta, all that garbage, threads, they're okay for the government, because the government has full influence and control on YouTube, Google, and so forth.
But of course, X is standing staunch, and the government can't get to X. So is the Brazilian government.
Musk as employs arrested but shifting back to you, it's an interesting story.
You're a journalist first and foremost, very popular.
You've led big rallies and things and I remember having you on when the police
were there arresting you.
And then just recap why you're having to live in a stalemate at the Russian consulate.
Well, the government in Australia was cracking down on, again,
tall poppies, people who stick their neck above the water in the lockdowns against
the COVID mandates.
We had plenty of successful action and rallies, and we stopped the government's mandates.
We stopped the lockdowns eventually.
They never forgave me for that because there was lots of very entertaining police interactions, and eventually they got me for breaching a suppression order.
Very technical thing and they threw me into jail maximum security as a national security interest inmate.
That's the level of concern they have at people who breach suppression orders or publication orders, non-publication orders.
Upon getting out of jail, They tried to arrest me again.
This time I said, "Look, I'm not gonna even risk being in the custody of the Australian
And I defected to the Russian consulate.
The Russian government said, "Yes, we'll give you asylum, no problems."
And Vladimir Putin, in October of 2023, granted Russian citizenship by a presidential decree.
And I'm very thankful to the Russian president for that.
And I've remained here ever since.
It's been about almost 600 days now, locked down inside the Russian consulate.
But for me, I have freedom here.
Even though I'm locked in, in a building, I can't leave, I can't see anybody, I can't
go to the beach, can't go to a restaurant, but I have freedom to broadcast and freedom
to speak and freedom to research information, relay information.
And that, for me, is the most important thing.
And for folks that don't know, in the UK and in Australia, if the government says don't cover a subject, I think it's called a D-Notice in England, you get arrested if you talk about it.
So you're literally, they've already put you in prison when they want to put you back for saying COVID shots are bullshit.
And look, the government is now paying out millions of dollars in compensation, admitting that people are injured, people are dying and millions of Australians are on death row.
They're on death row because they're going to die eventually from a stroke or a heart attack or something else.
And we were saying that from day one.
We were punished.
We were arrested.
We were persecuted.
Now the government is admitting to it by paying money out.
And I just want to know, is there going to be a day of reckoning?
Is there going to be a day when they say sorry, and when the government admits it's wrong?
Maybe Julian Assange is the person to lead that movement in Australia.
No, I totally agree.
So let me shift gears.
It's all about Assange, but he was the lead elephant, and he definitely is the most famous journalist in the world.
You say the most popular is Tucker Carlson, so I think it's kind of a twin, you know, binary star there.
It's Tucker Carlson because he's not been in prison, but now it's Julian Assange.
We're not in a competition here, folks.
But, I mean, it's Elon Musk, then Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones.
But when it comes to being a real journalist and the most famous, it's Julian Assange.
We're not, again, in a race here.
Let's just say who it is.
So, let's talk about this, though.
Because Tommy Robinson legally flew into Canada last week to do a speaking tour and then somebody, Trudeau obviously, made the decision to arrest him while he was on a podcast in front of a crowd of several hundred people.
And they said, well, you said you came in to visit.
You didn't say it was business.
Well, speech is a visit.
So they're claiming he got in illegally.
You know, they let him in and their borders are wide open to Islamists, terrorists, you know, anything they want.
And then here come unmarked police and throw him into a van.
And he's been arrested over and over and over again for free speech in the UK.
He exposed giant Muslim rape gangs, raping thousands of girls, killing some of them, and then he spent years in prison for that.
So understand folks, this is all over the world, so they're just trying to shut down Infowars today.
But it's the same globalist group that's doing this to everybody.
And they see me, again, as a lead elephant.
Once they think they've hammered this nail in, they're going to go on.
And people say, well, why do you care about Australia?
Why do you care about England or Canada?
It's the same New World Order, corporate, BlackRock combine.
It's the same global social credit score.
It's like somebody attacks one in Australia or Germany or South Africa and takes their rights.
It's our rights.
The planet's very small.
The same group's doing it.
It's like if space aliens hypothetically attacked and blew up Paris.
We saw huge flying saucers show up and vaporize the city.
And we're like, oh, we feel solidarity with the French because we know we're next, folks.
OK, so this idea that, oh, I don't care what's happening in Australia or I don't care what happens to Julian Assange.
Wake up, people.
You know, it's like McFly, McFly, make like a tree and walk.
I'm joking.
We are all under the same enemy attack.
This is a war for the world, and once we identify together in global solidarity against the globalists, it's game over.
But as long as we just fight in our little parties and groups inside our countries and don't see the big picture, it's over.
If aliens attack the Earth, we have to unify.
Well, the globalists say they want a post-human world.
They say they're building a cyborg future.
They say humans are obsolete.
They're basically wannabe aliens, okay?
In their own ideas.
So we have to unify as a pro-human team of humanity and identify that and unify with solidarity and stop it.
I agree with you.
What happens in Australia will happen in America, because Australians are similar to Americans, except they're like Americans without guns.
But they see, they experiment on Australia, they get away with it here, it's coming to America, which is why it is important to fight for people like Assange and what's happening in other countries in the West, if people in America want to have their freedoms.
Now, we know the city of Melbourne, the most locked down city, Australia in general, with the most locked down people, and People in this country want retribution and there has to be a global, worldwide movement against what the governments did to us.
We want the governments to admit, to say they were wrong on COVID, to say they were wrong on the vaccine, to admit that they killed and injured millions of people, to say they were wrong on Ukraine and supporting Ukraine and they caused that war, they caused that forever war to go on and on and on.
The Russians want peace, the Russians just want to live peacefully without NATO on their borders.
And eventually, the government needs to admit that it's wrong.
Eventually, that will happen.
And we need to push and keep pushing to force the government to admit, to reinstate the thousands, the tens of thousands of social media accounts, probably hundreds of thousands, that were banned, simply for questioning the government, simply for questioning the vaccines.
Simply for saying, I don't want to be locked down.
I want to go to my parents' funeral, for example.
We weren't allowed to go to funerals in Australia of loved ones.
That's how ridiculous it was here.
And that day of retribution is coming.
Remember they said don't talk to your neighbours and don't look at the sunset.
And I really do believe that Australia is ripe for a big change.
And Assange could be the catalyst, depending on his state of mind, depending on his physical, psychological state.
I mean, he's been locked away for a very long time without sunlight in solitary confinement.
And we don't expect him to come off the plane and jump on a white horse and charge through Parliament.
But I think he will do that.
He's a fighter.
He never gave up.
And by pleading guilty in this guilty plea deal, I don't say it as him being weak.
I say that he's just trying to live.
Otherwise, they would have kept him in jail for 137 years.
No, I told his brother two months ago on air, I said, tell your brother, take the plea.
It makes him a hero.
Just like Trump being a felon.
It's all horse crap.
Absolutely and it's almost the feeling in Australia at the moment is as if the Australian government itself didn't really have a role in this situation.
Stella Assange's wife has just posted to her Twitter account on X that the Australian government is charging Assange over $500,000 for the private jet which is flying him around to this American island to do this plea deal.
So that's a bit ridiculous that Assange is being He's a fighter, so don't talk him into going to Russia.
jet to entertain this deal that the obviously the American government has
put forward and they're charging him for that jet but I think anything to do
with Julian in Australia whether it's fundraising for him whether it's public
support whether he would want to run as a political candidate or start a party
or Wikileaks party or the Assange party. Well that's right he's a fighter or the Australian party he's a fighter so
don't talk him into going to Russia he is I predict he's gonna take a
month off recharge and come roaring out of there I think he's gonna come out of
there like a bat out of hell [BLANK_AUDIO]
Look, the Australian people need him, and I think the West needs Assange.
As a Bretton Woods chair, there's a very high level of trust towards him.
If he goes for it, I think he'll become Prime Minister.
He can, of Australia.
But, at the same time, if he wants to have a rest, and if he wants to just retire, Russia is open for people like Assange.
Snowden is in Russia.
There's plenty of Western journalists in Moscow.
In fact, Moscow is crawling with... No, believe me, I know the Russians have got the doors wide open.
Believe me, I'm going to leave it at that.
Alex, you're always welcome to Russia also.
You know that too.
It'd be news-making if I told you.
They've already invited you, I believe.
Yeah, yeah.
Infowars Moscow, it's got a nice ring to it.
I'm not gonna make some... I gotta go down with a ship.
Man, my family's been here on the Mayflower.
Texas Revolution, we led it.
I have to go down with a ship, I can't leave.
I appreciate, you know, the offer, and I'll leave it at that.
But yeah, I came directly from the top, and so...
But you know, it just shows Putin's got his eye on things.
I mean, he's, he basically, I mean, he gave you citizenship.
Well, look, Putin respects patriots and patriots, American patriots, Australian patriots, Russian patriots, it's all very similar.
A patriot is someone who cares about his country and his people.
And that's the main fight against the global... Well, it's somebody that can't be bought.
And that's the main fight.
That's why we have a common enemy against the globalists who don't care about countries or patriotism or anything.
They care about enslaving all of us together.
For them, we're all the enemy.
And it's good that there is a good, strong international network of people fighting back.
And one thing Assange is very capable of in his capacity now is to inspire millions and billions, I would say, perhaps, around the world.
And that's why they were afraid of him for so long.
So, I hope he hasn't been, as part of the deal, asked or told or pressured to stay quiet or pipe down.
That would be very unlike his character.
As you said, he's a fighter.
He wasn't afraid and he's not afraid.
Look, he's flying into Melbourne.
There's going to be a protest tomorrow, a celebrationary protest outside the US Consulate in North Sydney.
That's happening at 12 o'clock in Sydney.
There'll be many marches, appearances.
I've just spoken to a few of his associates that they'll be flying into Canberra also.
People will be celebrating with champagne on the street.
Because this is a big day for Australia.
This is a big slap in the face to the establishment.
A slap in the face to the government.
A slap in the face to the People that enslave us and want to continue to enslave us.
So people have a lot of hope.
And people are losing hope because there's so much animosity towards the government.
The government needs to firstly admit they were wrong.
By the way, that was my next point.
So your new PM, we played the clip a month ago, he said it twice, he wants to ban anybody making fun of him.
He said, we will put you in jail.
Total kook.
Biden now wants to censor or go after anybody that puts out, quote, cheap fakes.
He's not claiming they're fake videos.
He just calls them cheap fakes, not deep fakes.
These are all real videos.
Or they'll show a video that's obviously a joke and claim that we're claiming it's real.
And so Canada is passing laws to arrest people for speech.
This is real tyranny.
And we think, oh, Canada's safe, Australia's safe, America's safe.
No, no, it's not.
This is real grade A tyranny.
This is happening.
And it's all directed by the globalists internationally.
Yes, they're losing control of the narrative and when an animal, for example, is cornered, it fights back and it makes irrational decisions, it gets desperate.
The government now is like an animal which has been cornered, cornered by truth, cornered by the people, cornered by the phenomenon of social media, telegram groups, ex- And so many other ways of transmitting information real-time.
The government can no longer blind us and trick us.
And that's why now the government is afraid of its own people.
Because it's all unravelling.
And we, of course, we live in an age of exposure and the governments are being exposed.
And the governments are not nice people.
The American government is not.
The Australian government is not.
And that's the reason why I think there'll be a lot of success For Julian Assange in politics, if he was to simply run on the truth line, run on that line where we demand as the people for the government to take responsibility, to apologise.
To admit they were wrong, and most importantly, to admit that the people who have been fighting tirelessly, the hundreds of thousands of Australians who were involved in marching for Julian's freedom, for example, Julian Sanders' freedom, against Lockheed.
Simeon Boykov, people can follow you on X, at AussieCossack.
I just want everybody to get past their normalcy bias.
We're not in normal times.
We're in incredibly dangerous times.
Next hour, I'm going to run the gambit of U.S.
and world news.
I'm super prepared.
I'm going to hit it all.
I'm ready.
I'm ready to go.
But we've got a 60-second closing comment, buddy.
Well, in closing, it's a win for the people.
It's a win for all of us.
And Julian Assange was always a symbol of our freedom.
Now that he's free, now that he's on his way back home to Australia, we need to take full advantage and exploit that new state of Freedom that we have been given through Assange and the government will be afraid of us if we really get behind Assange if we get behind a big movement right now the government is Absolutely terrified of its own people that's why to make it worth it to make it worth what Assange went through we need to finish the job and Get rid of the tyranny and fight back as long as we fight back the governments will be afraid They're more afraid of us than we are of them.
That's for sure.
That's a hundred percent and Alex, thank you for the opportunity to have a chat tonight, but I'm sure there'll be plenty more conversations, and I'm sure Julian will appear very shortly on InfoWars once he is safely back on Australian soil.
I was thinking suspicion will probably be on Tucker first.
Alright, thank you so much.
We'll talk to you again, Aussie Cossack.
Thanks, Alex.
Hour number two, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
They don't want this show on the air for a reason.
When I look at Bitcoin as a historian, I don't like it because this is money built on distrust.
The central idea of Bitcoin is basically electronic gold.
That we don't trust the banks, the governments, so we don't want to give them the ability to create as much money as they like.
So we create this Bitcoin.
It's a currency of distrust.
Of you.
I do think that the future belongs to electronic money.
But what we've seen over the last centuries is that it's actually a good idea to give banks and governments the ability to create more and more money for themselves in order to build more trust within society.
So, I'm not sure what kind, what money would look like in 20 years or 30 years, but I hope it will be a currency of greater trust and not a currency of distrust.
Finishing up, you all know Harari and just how full of crap he is as an economist.
You as an economist watching him.
So I'm watching that and I'm thinking, is this guy absolutely nuts?
I mean, he is a smart guy.
He's evil, but he's a smart guy.
How could he say that printing money is going to bring trust when so much in our society right now is people can't afford to eat, they can't afford to pay their mortgage or their rent or buy food or do anything, right?
Inflation doesn't bring trust.
He's misusing the word trust.
Because what he's actually saying is, hey, when we print money...
We're going to be able to give you Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, handouts, stimulus.
We'll raise the debt ceiling to keep this game perpetuated.
We'll do all of this stuff.
And so then the people will say, trust?
It's like, I'll tolerate you because you're giving me free stuff.
That's not trust.
That's accepting they're garbage because they're giving you free stuff.
That comes with printing of money excessively.
Misuse of the word trust because I don't think he's a dumb guy.
I think he's evil, beyond evil, who has no respect for human life.
They just said that we're going to continue to print money.
We're going to continue to make people dependent on the government for all of their needs.
Because the government wants to take the place of God in people's lives.
And that statement, when you dissect what he said, that's what he's saying.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Check him out.
Go on the site.
Call him.
Get a consultation.
Email him.
Talk to him.
720-605-3900. Again, that's 720-605-3900. One of the most important calls you would
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What did he just say?
He said there's a storm coming in.
I know.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming at Real Alex Jones on X.
All right.
The M4's archivist found a video from 2020.
Seven months before the shots rolled out, early 2020.
It's a 17-minute clip.
It's up on Real Alex Jones.
Alex Jones exposes the COVID shot, takes over the entire body in 2020.
Scientists have now confirmed that the makers of mRNA shots knew this still Injected the public last week.
The CDC, FDA documents were made public.
So here's a few minutes of the report.
I hope you go find the full report and share it.
Here it is.
This is taking over your children's bodies and turning their cells into factories with engineered nanoviruses.
Completely alien!
This is the alien takeover, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the New World Order.
This is the reality, and that's why they want us off air, because they want you to get blindsided by this, this evolutionary takeover.
Just like The Thing.
The Thing grabs you, takes over each one of your cells.
This is all done through vaccines very slowly, they're testing it, they go in, you know, with thermal populations, they test the really dangerous stuff, then they refine it, they bring it back here, it's got soft kill, it's got time release, it's got Trojan horses, it's everything.
It's Big Pharma jumping on us.
With its tentacles and sucking us in and taking us over and telling us it's all okay.
This is the alien takeover.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And we stand at the precipice of the end of humanity.
Information we're about to cover in the next four hours is the most important information ever revealed on air in the history of human communications.
That is not a joke.
Engineer and researcher David Knight, coming up in 15 minutes, It's gonna be in studio, several hours with Owen Schroyer, and we have investigative journalist John Rappaport joining us as well.
Now, you know you get next year's news today here.
You always think of aliens via Hollywood coming from far away star systems, or coming from another dimension, or coming out of a black hole.
But what if humans made new life forms here on Earth that had never existed?
Those would be, by their definition, alien.
Now, this is hiding in plain view.
And doing deep research on this, it hit me this morning, about two hours ago, what this really is and how to define it.
We'll put the article up on screen from Infowars.com, the live feed.
World exclusive.
There is a alien takeover via nanotech vaccines Now, happening on a planetary scale.
Imagine, if you are Bill and Melinda Gates, the supposed computer geniuses that sit atop Microsoft, that's really the global's front group.
What's the next frontier?
They've told us it's humans merging with machines.
Oh, we're gonna be cyborgs.
Oh, we're gonna live forever.
But really, what's happening is, These so-called mRNA vaccines go into every cell
and reprogram the cell to produce a virus's protein to supposedly give you immunity.
Instead of introducing a weakened virus, or an attenuated virus to your body
that it learns how to defeat, that still has autoimmune problems, other things,
and they've been caught adding things.
The vaccines that sterilize people and all the history of secret experimentation.
They just hope you forget all this.
Well, Bill and Melinda Gates represent all that big money and the robber barons that Hitler was just a spinoff of.
The mighty Oak is Bill Gates's people.
Hitler was a little side tree.
They pruned the bad son.
And now they have a whole class of vaccines that reprogram your brain, reprogram your cells,
and overwrite your body and reproduce it.
Researchers at Vanderbilt and others call just this one class of mRNA vaccines.
They're rolling out worldwide against all of us.
Some of the crews have been with me 22 years or longer.
During this critical election, 132 days left, and all the attempts to shut us down, I am so honored to have this amazing group of people tuning in of a race, color, and creed that love God and love justice and love freedom.
And that's just what I want to be clear about, is that we've done the job, we've stayed the course, we've not backed down, we've not faltered or wavered, and we've been vindicated.
And it is an extreme honor and extreme pleasure to be associated with all of you, and I want you to know that.
30 years.
27 years of InfoWars.
And all the enemy's attacks are like medals we've been given.
The signs of the fact that we've been over the target.
All right, let's now in this hour before these other huge guests join us, in the third hour, plunge into the news.
And boy, is there a lot of it here.
So let's just start here.
I barely mentioned this last hour, but I want to get back into this first.
Biden campaign launches task force, that's their new excuse for censorship, to combat alleged cheap fakes, a new word they've invented, urges media support.
So they don't call it deep fakes, which is a fake video.
In fact, I sent you guys a video yesterday, I didn't play, of the press secretary with Obama's face talking.
They're calling that a cheap fake.
No, it's clearly a joke video.
The people that put it out weren't trying to deceive anybody.
It's a joke.
But most of the videos they've been listening and talking about, we'll put this in a moment, are real videos off of C-SPAN and CNN and Fox News of him acting like a complete lunatic.
Those aren't fake videos of him sniffing kids.
Those aren't fake videos of him not knowing where he's at.
Those aren't fraudulent videos of him saying, my butt's been wiped.
Those are real.
So, the Biden campaign has put together a special task force that has been formed to counter what it condemns and considers manipulated portrayals of President Biden in online videos.
That's right.
He's really the smartest person ever.
Like his son, Hunter.
According to a staffer who spoke at Politico, this initiative aims to mitigate the risks associated with these videos, which depict the president in various awkward and confusing situations.
And it goes on.
So, the same group that told us the Hunter Biden laptop was fake, are now telling us that all these other videos are, well, not fake, but they're cheap fakes, they're out of context.
And then Tommy Robinson flies into Canada, and they arrest him for giving a speech.
Starting to figure out where we are, folks?
They're trying to Julian Assange everybody.
Now, let's look at Biden and his criminal activity that's taking place right now.
The founders must be rolling over in their graves after Biden's immigration power grab.
Daily Caller has an article.
And the reason I mention this article is I don't need to go read an article to know that the power over the border in the law is the Congress and then the president executes that law.
The president Cannot just arbitrarily say what a citizen is, or legalize whoever they want.
A president can ban, during times of war, people coming from certain countries, and Trump did that.
But if you read the article, it does a good constitutional historic breakdown, and it lays out in the Constitution the establishment of a uniform rule of naturalization.
That again, is in the Constitution.
And it talks about how the King of England was using illegal aliens as a denizen of aliens to assault British citizens.
And the Framers cared so much about this, they explicitly accorded to Congress, in Article 1, Section A of the Constitution, the power to establish a uniform rule of naturalization.
The message is clear.
The President is not King.
Here's the article.
To the Daily Caller, the founders must be rolling over in their graves after Biden immigration power grab.
Very important article.
And there's some good news.
Federal rulings out of Kansas, Missouri put Biden's student loan forgiveness on hold.
He's never going to give them real forgiveness.
It'll bankrupt everything.
But he's dangling it out there, knowing it'll get blocked.
Just like what he did, saying all rent's forgiven.
Did it for almost a year until it almost bankrupted the country when he got in by theft in 2021.
And then he turned around and said, your rent's forgiven forever.
Really, how do the owners of the house, the apartment, pay for the insurance or the taxes or repairs?
No, it'll collapse things.
It's designed to collapse the country.
Attorney General Bailey obtains court order blocking Biden's latest illegal student loan program.
Federal court backs Missouri AG motion to block Biden's illegal student loan handout plan.
What else is Biden up to?
My administration, this just came out yesterday, asked Amazon to hide vaccine-critical books.
They sent lists of hundreds of books, like Robert F. Kennedy's, the real Anthony Fauci, that they wanted blocked, and it got censored.
They hid the book.
And here are the emails, right here, from the White House to Amazon.
Enlisting the books that they want to take it down.
They've been running the whole show.
You want to live in a country where the White House tells you what books you can read, and then the left's always like, oh, we're fighting Republicans, they want to ban books.
No, we're saying you can't give books to elementary and middle schoolers that are pornographic video, pornographic graphics, real life graphics of stuff I've been blessed enough to never run into child porn.
Reportedly, it's all over the place.
People run into it.
I know they've emailed it to us.
The crew's seen it, been horrified by it.
That's been in the news.
It was reported to the feds years ago.
But I've been blessed enough to never run into it myself.
Until I had to cover what was in the Austin library for the elementary and middle school, these different books.
We got copies of the books on air with the library scan on the first page.
It was saying Austin AISD library, middle school, and it's literally pornographic pedophilia.
Now it's not technically illegal because it's not a real kid, but they did it.
And it's all over the country.
You've heard about it, you know about it.
Parents read these at the school board meetings.
They get arrested for profanity.
So you're arrested at a school board meeting reading it to adults, but you can give it to eight-year-olds.
That's what they're doing.
So now we move on to the really unconstitutional stuff that Biden is up to.
Canceling the Constitution, Biden hailed for violating the rule of law to extend eviction moratorium.
Remember when they tried that a few years ago?
And that ties into Senator Warren.
Democrats want a pathway to citizenship for all illegal aliens.
Do you want to be subjected to a video of her?
We have it.
I'll let the crew decide.
Do you guys want to hear from her?
Okay, I don't want to watch the full ten minute clip.
It's cut down, right?
I can only watch so much of this.
Okay, here she is.
We have a real problem, and we need security at the border, we need financial support for all of the places that are now housing migrants and supporting them, and we need a pathway to citizenship for people who are here, for spouses, for dreamers, for essential workers, for people who serve in our military, for people who come to school here and want to help make this a stronger country.
Alright, that's enough.
So we need foreigners to be our military and our police.
All over Democrat cities are hurting.
Legal aliens be the police.
We need a foreign army to rule you.
Biden says, when I win the election, which he stole, immediately surge the border.
And then they try to run and say, oh, there's no problem with the border three and a half years ago.
And then, OK, there's a little problem.
It's the Republicans' fault.
And now they're like, OK, there is a problem.
Pass our blanket amnesty.
That'll fix more people coming.
It'll do the opposite.
Alright, let's shift gears out of her now.
And let's continue on through the stacks.
This is a very important article.
I'd like to have some fun here.
This is fake news.
But it's not fake in fake.
It's a joke.
And that's Trump preps for debate against Biden by going to nursing home and arguing with dementia patients.
According to Biden, because they've listed the Babylon Bee, this is fake news.
No, everyone knows the Onion and the Babylon Bee are satire.
They're jokes.
But I've noticed even when I post on X a joke and say satire, people go, why are you putting out fake news?
They're playing a game, folks.
They're acting like we're putting out fake news when it's a joke.
Speaking of deep fakes, here's one the White House is trying to get banned right now.
They've reportedly taken off Instagram and Facebook.
And this is a joke of Obama's face on the White House press secretary.
Clearly it's a joke.
Clearly it's fake.
It's not deceiving anybody.
But they're saying this is fake and you don't have a right to a joke because they don't want to be made fun of.
Here it is.
You know, there's been zero evidence.
Zero evidence.
You can ask me, how can I, I mean, Obama be the hidden puppet master for this administration?
But there's no evidence.
There's wait, wait, there's no evidence.
There's no evidence that Obama is Joe's puppet master.
There's none.
Absolutely none.
And that is just a fact.
You can't say that it looks like my hair is the dirty mop the janitor is looking for.
You can't say that it looks like I lazily slapped on some of Big Mike's lipstick and horrific eyeshadow.
Don't even look that close.
So that's a waste of time.
That's AI.
But if you're someone watching that, you can see it's Obama's face on the White House Press Secretary, and it's a joke.
But the reason the joke's powerful is because Obama is the guy on record controlling Biden.
And so it's funny because it's true.
Humor is only funny if it's got some basis in truth.
And the more basis it's got in truth, the funnier it is.
And that's what they don't want.
They hate more than anything us laughing at them.
But we should laugh at them because these people are a sick, disgusting joke.
Now, I've got a bunch of other news I want to hit here in a moment.
But talking about Julian Assange and him saying Seth Rich was the leaker on the DNC who was shot in the back and executed and all their attempts to shut down discussions of that.
I want to air clip 17 Joe Rogan talking about Seth Rich.
Just remember what Assange and people of the world, not just Americans, have gone through dealing with this garbage because this is a big deal.
And of course, Joe has gone on to talk about Assange and what happened and explain how if they can get Assange, they can get us all.
But what really pissed the Democrats off was when Assange was exposing George W. Bush, it was okay.
But when he exposed Barack Obama, they couldn't put up with it.
Here's the clip.
This is a guy who is a real Bernie Sanders supporter.
Open Bernie Sanders supporter who worked for the DNC.
The DNC absolutely rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.
He was aware of this.
He was there while this was all going down.
So was Donna Brazile.
Everyone was aware of it.
The guy got murdered after he leaked information to WikiLeaks.
If you don't think that's a little weird, what are you looking at?
What delusional rose-colored glasses are you looking at your party from?
You think you're in some Julia Roberts movie from 1990?
This is real sh**.
Some guy got killed.
He was 24 years old.
He was a young guy who was very optimistic and had this...
He's a patriot in a lot of ways.
He wanted to be involved in the political process.
pants and shirt. There's a famous picture of him with a beer on. He's a patriot in a
lot of ways. He wanted to be involved in the political process. He was very idealistic.
He was probably shattered by finding out that the party that he was working for was corrupting
the democratic process.
And because I've said this before, you know, I've been accused of helping Donald Trump win by really wacky people online, like by pointing out all the flaws of Hillary Clinton.
Like, look, man, you can't ignore that because you want one side to win.
I've talked about all of his flaws, too.
There's a lot of flawed human beings that run for president, pretty much all of them.
I mean, it's very rare you have someone who's not flawed.
We're extremely flawed.
We're all flawed.
But extremely flawed who wants to be the f***ing king of the world.
It's very rare.
Listen, man, I'm not a f***ing reputable person.
That's what I try to tell people.
I mean, I'm just not.
I'm not that well-read when it comes to politics.
I have my opinions on things.
But when it comes to things that are rock-solid and clear, like that Seth Rich was murdered and people want to ignore it, I'm like, what the f*** do you think happened?
There has to be some sort of a disconnect here.
When a person is giving information to WikiLeaks that exposes corruption inside the very organization that's responsible for the f***ing Democratic Party, and he gets murdered, and you're like, oh, the conspiracy theories.
No, he got murdered.
There's no conspiracy.
It was a botched robbery.
Says who?
Says who?
Where's his- How come his wallet was there?
How come his watch was there?
How come they didn't take his phone?
What the f*** are you talking about that I'm a conspiracy theorist when I just tell you the facts?
And this WikiLeaks thing with Julian Assange is the craziest shit ever!
When he said there's consequences to sharing information with us!
And everybody's like, ahhhhhhh!
He works for Russia now!
He works for Russia!
He was the darling of the left when Obama was in office, do you remember?
So isn't that amazing?
So Julian Assange, he's just a great news guy who's tough as nails.
And dances creepy and might have f***ed some girl while she was asleep.
Whatever, whatever.
He can't leave!
He's stuck in the Ecuadorian Embassy forever!
By the way, that case was so f***ed.
So f***ed.
So f***ed.
He's been so f***ed.
And it's because the CIA wants him so bad.
And they control everybody.
And now they're trying... They have influence over Ecuador.
And they're trying... They're trying to get a Halliburton guy to be their new... Anyway.
They might just blow up that place.
Oh, the gas leak!
No doubt, right?
I wouldn't be surprised if something like that happened.
More stuff comes out, like the Seth Rich stuff.
The amount of people... And this is where I leak any conspiracy.
The amount of people connected to the Hillary Clinton Organization, to the Clinton Foundation, to Bill Clinton, the amount of people that have been iced, is stunning.
Some of them are bullsh** and coincidental, and you know people, and they're in a weird job, and people get killed.
There's a lot of people that have been killed.
A lot.
That's Joe Rogan, six years ago.
Vindicated today.
They threatened to sue me for talking about the stuff the Democrats did.
Well, now it's all out.
And what else is out?
The Jan 6th Committee, illegally appointed.
The Constitutional Republicans were supposed to appoint their people.
They didn't.
Transcripts confirm January 6th Committee lied about Trump attacking Secret Service.
The Secret Service said it was not true.
But then they said the Secret Service told them that.
The Trump tried to grab the wheel and all the rest of it.
It just shows how brazen they are.
But what did they do last year when they concluded their fake committee?
My interview with them, all the interviews, all the people in Congress testifying, it was all deleted.
Because it was a roadmap of the criminal activities that they had committed.
Private reports, transcripts confirmed January 6th committee lied about Trump Trafficking.
Trump attacking Secret Service.
And it continues.
Biden campaign chair bullish on North Carolina, less on Florida.
None of those states are in play.
Trump's going to win it all.
Meanwhile, we have the technocracy trying to take over civilization and selling all these horribly dystopic ideas.
Cognify the present of the future.
We're going to be looking at this because this isn't just some concept.
This is what the globalists are pushing.
You see a movie came out 20 years ago like Minority Report.
That's actually their plan.
We'll be covering that coming up next segment with a bunch of other news.
And then, in the third hour today, an amazing, super successful talk show host out of the UK, out of Scotland, Neil Oliver, will be joining us to cover what's really happening in the world And the future of the planet and what he sees unfolding.
Very smart guy.
Just had a huge interview with Tucker Carlson that reached tens of millions of people.
Really looking forward to him joining us coming up.
Now, if you just tuned in, you see all the headlines, InfoWars is going to be imminently shut down.
Those are real.
They're trying to imminently shut us down right now.
And it takes hours to explain it all.
But if you want to know, I'm not going to repeat it.
When we archive the live show to Band Up Video and Real Alex Jones on X in a couple hours, you'll be able to see me in the first 20 minutes of the show break down what's really happening with the broadcast.
I don't believe we're going to be shut down right away, and there is a path where we will continue on, and I'm not going to get into the strategy on that.
But I've told you we're here.
People say, well, why are you still here?
They've been trying to shut you down for weeks.
We're fighting back.
We're using every maneuver we can.
We're in a war.
That's what it looks like when you don't just sit there like a jellyfish and take stuff.
That said, we're cornered, but it's okay.
We won't give up, even if they shut down in full force.
We'll be stronger than ever in many ways.
Though I'm loyal to this crew and loyal to this operation, so I'm going down with the ship.
But please support our big sponsor that keeps us on air and in any future endeavors, I know will be a sponsor.
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All right, I was on Glenn Beck this morning and after I got off the air with him, he said
something I didn't understand.
So I understand lawfare, I understand the deep state, I understand the CIA weaponizing lawyers, but I was on with Glenn Beck this morning, and then after I got off air with him, I thought, well, let me listen to his show, see what else he says.
So I went and found a feed off a local radio station, clicked it, started listening, and he had Stu on talking about, we're being threatened by the Democrats, they're saying we can't cover any of their campaign events, we can't show any of their speeches, they're claiming copyright.
Even though under fair use of politician speaking, or someone saying something, you are totally safe playing large excerpts of it, if you're giving commentary.
That's established law.
So, I kind of mentioned it to the crew, I mentioned it at the start of the show, I said, I don't know what Glenn was talking about, because I had to get ready for my own show.
I was on with him from like, you know, 9.30 to 10, so I listened a little bit more, but I was getting ready for the show, I had to turn it off.
And then Rob Dew just came in during the break.
They're doing an article.
They're giving it all to me and explaining it.
I guess Musk is on this.
So I went and looked it up when Dew told me it's true.
The Democrats are saying you can't show anything Biden says or it's a cheap fake.
And they're claiming copyright on everything he does totally desperately.
Dew, come on back here.
You ran over me, buddy.
And here's the big takeaway.
Elon Musk has told him, F you, it's fair use.
I'm putting it out on X. Well, yeah, we're going to air the debate here and give commentary.
So thank God we're on X. Come over here, Rob.
Are you going to go in the studio, control room?
No, I mean, I could talk in the microphone really loud if you want.
Come over here then.
Yeah, basically, he said this came out yesterday and I sent it to the writers.
I said, hey, we need to write an article on this because this is a big deal.
Because they did that thing where nobody's allowed to criticize Trump.
Nobody's allowed to criticize the debaters.
Nobody can criticize Jake Tapper.
They cut him off yesterday.
So they did that gag war.
Yeah, did you see where she goes, Jake Tapper says he's Hitler.
She goes, you can't say that.
You can't say that.
So now they're trying to say, oh, now you can't watch and show the debate because we're going to control everything.
So this is total control of the narrative.
And that's why we have to do things like this.
This is why we have to be on air.
OK, I didn't know this broke yesterday, but then I heard Beck.
So I looked it up.
They're telling Beck he can't even play clips.
It's a total insanity.
Folks, I try to cover everything.
I try to know everything.
I can't even keep track of this anymore.
This is desperation, Rob.
It's all falling down.
Just give me everything now.
I tell you what, I'm going to air a promo.
I got to get on top of this.
This is big.
Because again, I'm usually way ahead of the news, but sometimes I'm way behind it because I'm so ahead of it, then you miss what happened behind it.
But it's just total panic mode.
Total and complete.
Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
Panic mode.
Go ahead and roll the promo.
(crowd chanting) "1980!"
(crowd cheering)
(crowd chanting) "1980!"
(crowd chanting) "1980!"
(crowd chanting) "1980!"
(crowd chanting) "1980!"
(crowd cheering)
(crowd chanting) "1980!"
(crowd chanting) "1980!"
(crowd chanting) "1980!"
(crowd cheering)
(crowd chanting) "1980!"
The answer to 1980!
So this fight for America is key, not just for us, but the entire world.
Because if this republic falls, the entire world falls to the U.S.
The UN and the globalists and their hellish plan to literally take everything you've got, including your children, away from you.
And whether it's Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates or Yuval Noah Harari, they represent the globalist ruling class of the planet who say the future is not human.
Well we got news for them.
The future is not globalist!
The future is human.
The lies they spread about Alex, they've tried to take him out more than they've tried to take any of us out.
But let me tell you what it is.
What they'll never say is that Alex Jones has spent 30 years being the loudest voice for freedom, for liberty, and for anti-war that this world has seen.
He stood against them, and that's why they're against him.
They have tried to burn him to the ground, but he won't stop fighting!
Let's launch Team Humanity!
Team Humanity!
Team Humanity!
Are you going to let them brainwash and take your children?
The answer to their 1984 anti-human dehumanization world is humanity coming together and celebrating freedom that God gave us and saying no!
The answer to 1984 is 1776!
So I have a message to the globalists.
I don't know how all this is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you've got one!
They declared war on us.
They're attacking us.
They're surveilling us.
They're censoring us.
They're cutting off our energy, our water, our communications, our freedom.
We're simply recognizing it and saying we're not going to roll over and die.
Our God is the God of the universe that created all There is a global, worldwide, political realignment against the New World Order.
The New World Order is a couple thousand arrogant people led by King Charles, who sits around and talks about how he wants to depopulate people, and so did his father, Prince Philip.
And I'm telling them right now, we are not rolling over and dying for you inbred globalists.
You will not divide and conquer us any longer.
And as long as we never give up, we are invincible!
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
Okay, so, again, I was on Glenn Beck this morning, and I knew in general what he was talking about because we've been under the same law for harassment, but he said, you know, Stu, his co-host, is a producer, couldn't host a show today with him because he was busy with threats of lawfare that they, quote, couldn't show Democrat spokesman and Biden clips.
They're being threatened with lawsuits.
He said, we can't tell you the details, we will tomorrow.
So I'm like, okay, so I go get ready for my own show, and all of a sudden Rob Dew runs in here and goes, here's the new article, which I've had time to read while I played that piece there, and it's exactly what I thought it was.
They've sent cease and desist letters out to all these big, I'm sure it's in our email too, we haven't found it, to Glenn Beck, to you name it, Elon Musk, I would imagine Tucker Carlson, Fox News.
And CNN, that Trump agreed to go into their lion's den, into their fiery furnace, CNN is sending out cease and desist letters saying no one can show any clips of this, even though it's a fair use, public, presidential thing, and no one can commentate on it, or we're going to sue you.
So they can tell you Biden won the debate and only show you the clips they want in narrative control.
That's how they're rigging this.
And Biden gets to sit down and they're going to turn Trump's microphone off.
Trump is walking into a trap.
But Biden's such an idiot, I predict the robot's going to malfunction.
So, Elon Musk shuts down CNN trying to censor presidential debate coverage.
Alex Jones to host live commentary of the event Thursday night.
And yeah, they can piss up or rub.
Fair use.
We're going to air it.
What are you going to do?
Sue me for a million bucks?
I'm bulletproof now.
Alex Jones and crew will host live commentary of Thursday's presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump at 6 p.m.
We kick off pre-coverage despite CNN's threats to stop alternative coverage of the event.
Jones announced him for his debate coverage the same day Elon Musk made it clear the public has a right to see the debate however they would like.
The public has a right to see the presidential debate however they would like, said Musk.
DMCA does not apply.
It's fair use.
Musk has responded to podcaster Tim Pool's concern and the social media platform X would honor DMCA's file by CNN, the network hosting the debate in Atlanta, June 27th that begins at 8 p.m.
So that's 48 hours from now.
And it goes on.
So that is how crazy they are.
People who don't know media, you can't Re-air the NFL.
It's entertainment.
You can show short clips and there's commentary.
But if it's a presidential debate, or a presidential speech, or a mayoral speech, or whatever it is, you can show the whole thing!
As long as you give commentary, it's 100% decided.
It is on record with the Supreme Court, and the state courts, and local courts.
So, we will air the debate.
And we will give commentary live to the debate before, during, and after Thursday night.
Or who knows?
There's a court hearing in federal court tomorrow.
The judge may say, let the state padlock the doors.
I'll just go live from my house with the crew on X and we will show it on a TV and do it there.
People will love it even more, you know.
The internet was designed to be able to take nuclear attacks and not get shut down.
And you now see it backfiring on the globalists.
So, simply amazing.
Speaking of the campaign, Jack Smith admits to evidence tampering a Mar-a-Lago raid for stunt photo of classified documents.
They just arranged them, put up fake stuff, put up fake classified documents to manipulate.
A total fraud.
A total criminal.
That's up on InfoWars.com right now.
Absolutely wild.
So, we're in a fight.
And we can roll over to the intimidation and be slaves, or we can stand up and be part of the animating contest of liberty that Thomas Jefferson talked about.
And people tuning in here go, my God, I've been reading mainstream news even.
They've been trying to shut you down for three weeks.
They've been trying for years, but they are desperate with 132 days left to the election.
And then we fight back and we survive another week, like, well, well, well, why aren't you off the air now?
Is this staged?
No, this is a real fight, people.
Trump's a real fighter.
All this is real.
We are the people.
This is real.
And I don't, I have a sick sense of humor.
If they're successful shutting us down, which there's a good chance they're going to be, how are you going to feel then?
You're like, God, I didn't think it was real.
I didn't think, you know, Jones survived so many times.
Yeah, because I'm a fighter.
But I don't have any power without you supporting us.
Everybody watching and listening should go follow me at Real Alex Jones.
And you should go on X and say everybody should follow the most censored voice in the world right now at Real Alex Jones.
Because if the federal judge doesn't override the state court tomorrow that already signed an order to have Travis County come lock the doors and we're going to be friendly, we're going to be nice, they're following an order.
Nobody's going to be violent.
They even tried to say in federal court two weeks ago, Jones is going to be violent.
We need to shut him down now.
He's got guns.
Oh yeah, I'm going to be mean to the Travis County deputies that have a court order and come here.
I'm going to be like, have a cup of coffee.
Thanks a lot.
Hey, mind if I get a few more papers out?
Oh, you can't?
That's why I got to get everything out today.
There's not much left.
But I'm going to fight with the sheriff's deputies.
That's going to happen.
You idiots.
You globalists?
They literally said in court, well, we're worried we want to shut this down.
He's got guns.
What the hell does that mean?
So, the orders have come down from the top to get us off air.
I don't know what they're planning.
Cyber attack?
A new war?
Something big's happening.
And they don't want me on air when it's going down.
There are dozens of studios I know about in Austin that I've gone and been a guest on.
They're all offering me right now free of charge to go to a show.
Huge studios just as nice or almost as nice as this.
But the left sees a target and something they can get and they can't help but hit the button.
They can't help but try to come in with both feet and smash us flat and try to smash the next thing flat.
Then they threaten the next group that supports us.
But a funny thing happened on the way to tyranny.
Bullying doesn't work with an awake population.
It only pisses them off.
Millions of bombs dropped on Vietnam.
Did that make the Vietnamese roll over?
Or did it make the Vietnamese get more pissed off?
So, the globalists are now learning this lesson that you were bullying us and attacking us and thinking, oh, we've bullied them, they're laying down because they're bullied.
No, people were... They were seeping.
They were tired.
They were asleep.
People aren't asleep now.
A large minority approaching a majority is awake.
And you don't need a majority to win, only a tireless, irate minority to win, to quote Thomas Jefferson again.
That is setting brush fires in the minds of men and women.
Guys, pull the Thomas Jefferson quote on setting brush fires in the minds of men.
And baby, are we setting brush fires here together in a big way.
They are so panicked with management control that they're sending cease and desist letters out to Elon Musk and to... and you know everybody else, but I only know about Elon Musk, you talk about it and Glenn Beck.
They're sending cease and desist letters out Sam Adams said that.
I thought it was Thomas Jefferson.
I thought Thomas Jefferson said that.
It was Sam Adams.
Put it back on screen.
By the way, he was one of the richest men in America.
He supplied half the alcohol for the East Coast.
And he put everything he had into the war And at the end of the war, he had almost nothing.
He got it all back.
And I remember the newspaper interviews.
They were like, how do you feel at the end of the war spending all... He said, I would do it all again.
This is the greatest pleasure of my life.
I'm paraphrasing.
He said, this has been the greatest joy of my life is doing this.
They blew up and burned down his breweries, occupied his house.
And oh, did it intimidate Sam Adams?
No, it pissed him off.
He basically said, I only wish I had more to give for my country.
Because it was the fight, ladies and gentlemen, and we are the progeny of the George Washingtons and the Sam Adams.
And you don't have to be white.
To be part of that epic arc, you just join us and you can be part of the West.
The West is an idea.
And Trump came out last week, I forgot to play the clip, I sent it to you like three days ago, see if you can find it.
And he's talking to a bunch of business leaders and he says, yeah, no, if somebody gets a degree, We should accelerate them getting a green card.
And man, all the white supremacist people got pissed off.
They said, oh my God, Trump has betrayed white people.
He's selling us out, blah, blah, blah.
As long as the factories are here, as long as Trump brings energy and jobs back, why should we give, why should people get, Asians mainly, get straight A, 4.0s, and then move to China or India?
See, that's the difference.
Trump has always said, I don't want a brain drain.
I want the smart people.
And people got so pissed.
Well, that's who Trump is.
And that's who I am.
We got brown people working here, folks.
And they do a great job.
And you know what?
They hate the New World Order as much as I do.
And they got families.
They want a future.
I care about their brain cells, their spirit.
They got red blood just like me.
And so, yeah, you got the wrong guy.
I ain't wearing Hitler uniforms in secret.
I mean, you know, nothing against the Kruipers.
They're funny and they've got their points.
And I think Nick is a smart guy.
And, you know, compared to the ADL, he's like one half as an extremist and a supremacist.
The ADL's Jewish supremacist, you know, race-based organization.
I'm against that.
I'm against Hitler.
I'm against the ADL.
And so I'm like, hey, Nick, I think this race-based stuff's bad.
But I'm at the airport in Detroit.
And they had a big grouper event in Detroit as well.
And I'm walking through with my wife, and with Chase Geiser and Rob Deere with me, and I see the groupers.
And they're wearing German uniforms.
Not Nazi uniforms, but Austrian and German uniforms.
Not dress uniforms, but fatigues.
And they go, Alex, what do you think of this event?
Well, you know, I'm like, well, whatever.
It's fine.
And I'm just like, dude, why are you wearing an Austrian or why are you wearing a German uniform?
And they start giggling and laughing.
It's like, it's like dressing up for the end of the world.
Hitler's a loser 80 years ago.
Most people I know, when you walk through an airport wearing a German fatigue uniform, don't know what it is.
To me, I know what that is.
I don't fetishize that.
That was a loss for Europe, a loss for Western culture.
That was a setup that killed 20-plus million Germans and 20-plus million Russians.
It was bad.
And so, the only reason I'm going off on a jag about this is, no, I really do like everybody.
But I will not be demonized because I'm white, and I will not hear Western civilization is bad when it is superior.
But if people want to adopt Western civilization, and they happen to have brown skin, come on, let's go, right now.
I mean, that's what this comes down to, guys, is that the world is 93% non-white.
We've got to convert those people over to Western civilization and Christianity, not by force but by free will, to defeat this whole thing.
If not, we're going to kill each other.
And so, oh, look, we caught Trump.
We caught Trump saying he'll let the brown people be Americans.
He's never said he's against that.
It's a lie that he hates all the Mexicans.
But the white supremacists are like, oh, God, he's our guy.
He hates the Mexicans.
You're believing CNN.
That's not who Trump is.
Trump and his company hired record numbers of quote minorities if they did a good job.
He didn't care if you were black or brown or white.
You better do a good job.
And that's what I care about.
I love my crew members that are white and brown and black.
What type of hypocrite would I be if I snuck around actually hating them because they got brown skin?
Now, if they hate me because of what color I am, I'll stand up against anybody and say, screw you, get out of my face.
I don't have white guilt.
I'm a good person.
I'm proud of who I am.
But at that, and I love European culture, I promote it.
And I think it is, out of all the amazing cultures, you can look at it and say, this is the best thing.
But I'm a human supremacist, and so I want to export the power of the West, and the superiority of it in many ways, to everybody.
Because I'm a big tent guy, and so is Trump.
So you act like it's a secret.
No, Trump's always said this.
You didn't catch some secret clip.
And you didn't catch some secret clip of me betraying your Hitler operation.
Screw Hitler!
Here it is.
But what I want to do and what I will do is you graduate from a college, I think you should get automatically as part of your diploma a green card to be able to stay in this country.
And that includes junior colleges too.
Anybody graduates from a college, you go in there for two years or four years, if you graduate or you get a doctorate degree from a college, you should be able to stay in this country.
It makes absolutely no sense, by the way, that we send home 40,000 engineers and scientists who earn a PhD in our university every year and we send them back home.
We should be stapling a green card to each and every one of those degrees as they walk across the stage.
So people are mad that on this one thing Trump agrees with Biden.
And I get it can be abused and it's got to be controlled.
It should be engineers, stuff like that.
I get that there's a way out of balance.
There's an anti-white movement.
White people need to learn to stand up for themselves, not buy into the guilt, reject Hollywood.
I get all that.
But at the same time, are you going to look every person in the eye that loves America and actually wants to be part of this and say, no, you can't be part of it?
Well, okay.
I would tell all those white supremacists who I've seen them, I know them, they can't seem to get any women.
They can't seem to have any kids.
So you hear Elon Musk over here saying everybody should have a bunch of kids.
Where are the white people having a bunch of kids?
But see, it's all a fetish.
It's all a larping operation that just goes on and on and on and on.
So, Trump will stop the hemorrhaging, he'll shut down the border with all the criminals and everybody coming across, he'll deport people en masse, but yeah, if you're a rocket scientist, you can come here if you got brown skin.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
It's absolutely disgusting, and I didn't mean to go off on a tirade about that.
We got another guest joining us.
But we should reject the anti-white garbage, but then not become what the ADL wants us to be, and literally start putting on German uniforms.
Nazi uniforms.
It's a joke!
Alright, please support DrJonesNaturals.com.
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DrJonesNaturals.com, stay with us.
HSBC and JPMorgan Chase.
So, you look at what do they do?
What are they the biggest banks in the world of?
Those two are number one and number two largest short sellers of silver on the planet.
Those two banks.
And now we're starting to see a short squeeze happening in silver.
But we had 568 million ounces of silver being shorted, naked shorts.
Meaning they don't own the assets.
They just put these futures contracts on them to shorts to drive the price down.
Well, when you have a short position and the value of the underlying thing that you're shorting goes up, Alex, you lose money hand over fist in multiples, not dollar for dollar, but multiples.
The day before Iran basically sent those drones into Israel, China made this announcement, said, hey, everybody in China, start buying silver.
Don't just buy gold.
Buy silver.
You made the point that China was trying to call the naked shorts of the Western Central Banks.
Look at what's happened to silver since that time.
You've got low supply, you've got high demand, you've got a short squeeze starting where the manufacturers of the world, the defense contractors, the aerospace industry, the fuel cell technology people, the solar people, they all need silver and there's not much available because India has already committed to 66% of the world's supply this year.
So here's where we've got this short squeeze happening.
Physical supply coming out of inventory.
Not available for the manufacturers to purchase.
And what has happened to the price of silver in the last two and a half months?
Literally, the last 75 days or so, silver's gone from 22 and a half to almost 32.
It's up like 45% in two and a half months.
And you've got those Western banks that have millions, hundreds of trillions of ounces of silver short.
And the price went up 45%.
They are losing money hand over fist.
So part of me says this kind of being on the wrong side of a price move when it's leveraged could cause HSBC and JPMorgan Chase to have a really, really, really big financial problem.
And, hmm, Their CEOs are jumping ship.
They're getting out of Dodge.
Our firm is just different.
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See, that's a huge difference from buying a rare coin, something that has a high commission, high premium, where even after the big move in silver that we've seen, you still haven't even broken even.
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One of the most important calls you would make, obviously, and like he's been saying, get silver.
One of the most important calls you would make, obviously, and like he's been saying,
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the end for war and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
This is incredibly comical if it wasn't so serious for the First Amendment.
Three weeks ago, the CRO appointed by the federal court tried to shut this building down without a court order.
And then they denied it all over the news and said, I made it up.
Then a few days later in federal court, they admitted it.
Then, a week and a half ago, they had another federal court hearing where the families, you know, the Democratic Party law firms, wanted me shut down that day and things liquidated.
We agreed to have a liquidator come in and point by the court to, quote, liquidate the company.
So that news was there.
That was us winning that motion.
Now it's all over the news.
The empire of lies finally ends.
Alex Jones will be shut down.
Let me just explain something to everybody.
Everything you've been told by corporate media is a lie.
None of it's been true.
They were trying to shut it down.
I told you they were going to fail.
And they were trying it and they denied it.
And then now I'm telling you that what you're seeing in the news is not accurate.
And I'll just leave it at that.
But there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.
A lot of things unfolding.
But here's the bottom line.
The plaintiffs, the Democratic Party folks, Openly have won us shut it down the whole time.
They've never want to stay on there and their federal law They're supposed to get money for a supposed Grievances happen even though the judges found me guilty.
They were show trials.
Okay, they had their big judgment that's gonna be overturned on appeal and and and so now they're desperate to shut this place down because they don't want money they knew there wasn't all this money they claimed and And so now they're being forced in the state courts to come in now and tell the state courts they want money.
That's what's happening.
So there's a lot of stuff that happens within that.
So just sit back and watch the next few days, the next week or so, I'll be able to tell you what's really going on here.
But InfoWars is hard to kill.
And I'm hard to shut down.
But InfoWars is just a building and my great crew and a name.
Really, overall, it's me.
But this is not a fun process.
I didn't ask for all this, but at the same time, if I'm put in that position, I'm going to make HALO the sun shines.
I'm going to take lemons and make lemonade.
But continually, the corporate media just seizes on headlines and deceives people all day long.
But just remember, a couple of weeks ago, I was lying.
Nobody wanted to shut us down.
And now, oh, I'm going to be shut down.
So they are all over the map, just like the entire establishment.
The American corrupt empire is dying.
Not America.
America is coming back.
But the corrupt, evil influences that have hijacked our country.
They're being exposed.
Everything they do turns to pure crap.
So, Info Wars is only this building and equipment and our great crew.
They can go anywhere.
I can work anywhere.
They're not shutting anything down.
But it's all just a big, giant tug-of-war trying to close down this facility, which they see as some victory to mount our head on the wall, or like a Roman standard they want to get.
Again, it was fake news.
They weren't trying to shut us down.
And now it's fake news that we're being shut down.
I'll play this video in a few weeks and you'll say Alex Jones is tomorrow's news today yet again.
Follow me at ExitRelAlexJones.
Support our sponsors, DonatejoesandIdols.com and InfoWareStore.com.
Thank you all for your support and the revolution will be televised.
All right, I'm really excited about our next guest for the rest of the hour, Neil Oliver, an amazing talk show host out of Scotland in the UK.
We've got all these huge issues we're going to discuss.
We're about to come right back.
Please, whether you're listening on local radio stations, watching on TV, or the internet at Real Alex Jones, share the links now.
That's how we overpower the censors.
Really smart, prolific journalist, Neil Oliver, joining us coming up.
Follow him at neiloliver.com.
At the Coast Guy, like the ocean.
The Coast Guy.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Alright, we've got an award-winning writer.
Broadcaster, podcaster joining us, Neil Oliver.
He lives in Stirling, Scotland.
He's written 14 books, presented 19 series on national broadcast, recorded two major broadcast series, hosted a live show on GBN News and broadcast weekly on his own line channel, neiloliver.com, and at The Coast Guy on X. Neil, thank you for coming on.
I've been a big fan for years, and you've been having a huge effect for many years, but you've really exploded, so congratulations with your commentary.
It's right up there with Tucker Carlson, so we really appreciate you.
And you were kind enough, because I have my own questions, they're very similar to yours, to send me some of the questions you wanted to go over.
But how would you describe the state of the world right now?
And then let's plunge right into it.
Oh, Alex Jones, it's a real privilege for me to be with you.
So thanks so much for making time for me.
Well, what do I make of the state of the world at the moment?
I think we're on the cusp of great change.
A friend of mine said to me just the other day that although these are upsetting times, anxiety-inducing times, that there is everything to play for.
I think the group that I describe as the baddies, I think those that have arrayed their forces against us, I don't think they have ever been as frightened as they are now.
I don't think they have ever been as weakened as they are now.
Perhaps most importantly, I don't think they've ever been as exposed to so many of us.
As they are right now.
Those are the positives, you know.
But obviously, there's the escalating potential for war in Europe, which could go, according to some commentators, all the way up to global thermonuclear war.
I have to say, I doubt that very much myself.
There's all of the trouble in the world.
There's all of the moves towards round-the-clock digital surveillance, central bank digital currencies, digital IDs, social credit systems, and all of that nonsense.
So, the forces are arrayed, but I think it is absolutely the case that the baddies have made themselves so rigid, so ossified, so brittle, that it's like the glass that is shattered by the note that's struck by the opera singer.
I think there is the potential now to bring all of it down around their ears.
Beautifully said.
They are a cornered animal, rats leaving a sinking ship, but still have the arrogance that they had before mixed with the fear.
What do you expect them to do next?
How do we stop them?
I think we have evolved.
We have created an ecosystem.
By which I mean we have to take responsibility ourselves.
Baddies do what baddies do.
But we have at least stood by, most of us have, I certainly have, while an ecosystem has developed that has allowed to thrive a psychopathic, parasitic, frightened, greedy entity.
We have evolved an ecosystem that suits the psychopathic mindset But they will do what they will do.
But I think the internet, the work of people at personalities, particularly someone like you, I mean, I doff my metaphorical cap to you, Alex Jones, because I have, as I've been confessing to people for a while now, I only woke up to all of this in the last three or four years I was shamefully oblivious for the longest time.
Until I was about 53 years of age, I just wasn't paying attention.
I make no bones about it.
I trusted the establishment, broadly speaking.
I wasn't really paying attention.
For me, it was a bit like if I'd been in a long marriage and suddenly, suddenly, I found out that my partner had been being unfaithful to me all along.
That's why I am so angry now, because I trusted the other side.
But I am ready to take responsibility for having trusted.
I should have paid more attention much earlier.
In terms of what happens next, I think that the baddies are playing with worn out, blunted tools.
You know, if the only tool you've got is a hammer, you treat everything as if it's a nail.
And so we're not going to see anything sophisticated from them.
Another very interesting commentator, Gerald Salentis, has said to me, you know, they take you to war when all else fails.
So war works for them on a cyclical basis.
When they run out of ideas, they take us into war.
First World War, Second World War, wars throughout the second half of the 20th century, wars throughout the early decades of the 21st century and so on.
So we'll definitely see more of that.
They are going to use the technology that's at their disposal to seek to enforce a round-the-clock, three-dimensional surveillance society.
They will attempt to do that.
They will attempt to take control of our money with central bank digital currencies that are programmable and all of that.
But the point is that what might have happened 20 years ago, or even maybe more recently, without us noticing, too many of us Well, actually, perhaps not enough of us quite yet.
But let's say enough of us are paying attention.
If someone like me has noticed the confidence trick, if somebody like me has woken up to see the matrix, then it's available to be seen by so many more people.
And so while these are very anxious, Desperate, frightening, unsettling times.
I think, I think we've got them.
I think we've got them where we want them.
I agree, Neil Oliver.
Let's go back to a really important point you made.
The world, you know, just a hundred years ago, was almost all on farms.
And people weren't stupid, but they were naive because they were projecting their own decency onto the power structure.
So that allowed greater and greater corruption to build.
And so really, this system's built for kleptocrats.
It's built for these sociopaths and psychopaths.
It's really their system.
And you're right.
Just saying they're bad isn't enough.
We have to build new systems.
We have to come together and there's a large minority that's awake.
It's about to be a majority.
That's why they're in full panic mode.
Every piece of evidence shows that.
So can you speak more to your point of this is their system, but as soon as we're awake and refuse their system, it must have our acquiescence.
Even just a slight resistance will bring it down.
I mean, look at the Blade Runners.
They're in the UK, mainly in England.
You know, out there with these carbon tax cameras everywhere cutting them down, the system can't stop them.
That's like a pinky finger in the fight, not a full hand, not a full arm, not a full fist.
Imagine the full weight of what we would do non-violently but still in civil disobedience.
I'm so glad you raised the... I'm so glad you invoked the Blade Runners.
That's the group that are cutting down the ULES cameras, the ultra-low emission zone, so-called, that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has imposed upon London.
You're charging people bringing vehicles of a certain age into the city.
It's just another way of taxing motorists.
But, unexpected perhaps, a whole team of vigilantes has moved into the environment and is disabling the cameras.
Anything from spraying, you know, glue onto the lenses to taking angle grinders to the superstructure itself and cutting them down.
And at any given moment, I think it's anywhere between 20% and 50% of these cameras are disabled at any one time.
Apart from that, Where people are driving into these ULES zones and receiving fines, an enormous number of the people receiving the fines are ignoring the fines.
So over and above anything that the Blade Runners are doing to disable the cameras, even people that are being captured by those cameras that have been left standing, they're not paying the fines.
So there is this massive, really, really significant civil disobedience.
I think what's required, you're quite right, is to turn away You know, I don't believe in revolution.
You know, I'm very interested in history.
And if you look back at history in reality, revolutions are never in reality of the people and by the people.
You know, the English Revolution was not by the people.
The French Revolution was not by the people.
The Russian Revolution was not by the people.
And it always leads later into a Napoleon or a Hitler.
Yeah, they're perpetrated by the mob.
The mob is a tool of the elite.
The elite One part of the elite decides at a given moment to knock another bit of the elite off of the perch to make room and they exploit them all and then they reverse engineer it to make it look as if the people revolted.
It never happens.
I'm not one for pitchforks.
I'm not one for that kind of activity necessarily and in any event I don't even think it's necessary.
What is necessary is a turning away from these people.
And however difficult, however major a task it might seem, it's about contemplating and then putting into action the building of alternative ways of doing everything.
We have to re-educate our children.
Get them away from these indoctrination camps that are the state education systems and the private education systems.
We have to break away from Big Pharma and from Big Health that's in the business of keeping us fat and sick and unwell and unfit.
Rather than inculcating and inspiring people to be healthy and to look after themselves, we have to find alternative ways in which to transact with one another.
In essence, what we have to do is turn our backs on these people.
I remember the film The Horse Whisperer, where the idea was that horses are herd animals and they don't like being ignored.
They don't like being excluded from the herd.
This parasite class, this psychopath class that we have bred, that we have allowed to thrive among us, they thrive on our attention and our fear and our absolute dependency.
And when the moment comes when we turn away from them and deny them our fear, deny them our dependency, and we begin to do what we are on this planet to do, which is to take care of ourselves, to take care of ourselves and to be responsible for one another.
You know, to build communities, to turn our backs on centralised policies.
We don't need policies.
We don't need political parties.
You know, we don't need these top-down, centralised, one-size-fits-all solutions to this idea that these simplistic solutions can be applied to the endlessly complicated reality of being human and alive.
Every single one of us is on this earth to take responsibility first and foremost for ourselves and then to link arms and take responsibility for one another to maintain the family.
So much of the activity out there by the baddies is to Is to persuade people that there's no point in having a family, that there's no point in having children, that you're better off as some kind of isolated, atomised individual, when the reality is completely the opposite.
You know, the more families the better, the more children the better.
We've got bunching birth rates all around the place and what we need are more of us.
We educate ourselves, we take care of ourselves, we take responsibility for ourselves and we turn away from these centralist, globalist, One size fits all.
Do this.
My way or the highway.
I totally agree with you and Elon Musk is right about that as well.
So you've exploded on the scene.
I've been following you for years, but you're reaching hundreds of millions of people a week now.
But this is critical for other people because you're a smart, caring, intellectual guy, big, successful TV producer and writer.
Was it a gradual wake up for you?
Or was it Covid?
Or what finally woke you up?
Oh my goodness, Alex, you've asked a $64,000 question there.
As I said in my opening remarks, I was asleep.
I was preoccupied.
I've always been self-employed.
My preoccupations were always with paying the bills, paying the mortgage, looking towards the next job, looking towards the next contract.
I was interested in the things that I was interested in, and I was not.
I was not.
I freely admitted paying attention to what was going on.
I've done.
I've voted for these people before.
I've voted for the incumbent Prime Minister.
I've been party to all of it.
I've been persuaded by the nonsense and I was persuaded by the nonsense all the way down the line.
You asked me the question, what was it that did it for me?
And it was Covid.
But it wasn't the start of Covid.
When we started watching the footage coming in from China that was being pushed out as the propaganda, the footage that was coming out of Italy, which was what we started to see, first of all, in the United Kingdom.
Like millions of other people, I looked on at it as a father of three.
My wife and I, we looked on at it and thought, oh my God, what is this?
And we thought, if the government are telling us that it's terribly dangerous, then it must be.
And we went along with it.
We trusted what we were being told.
But it was a gradual process for us.
In many ways, it was simple things.
We realised that we didn't know.
Weeks began to pass, and contrary to our expectations, courtesy of the propaganda, we didn't know anyone that had died of Covid.
I still, four years in, don't know a single person who has died of Covid.
I don't really think I know anyone who knows anyone who died of Covid.
I do know plenty of people, subsequent to what happened in 2021 with the rollout of the products that were marketed as vaccines that were really gene therapies.
I've seen the heart attacks, I've seen the strokes, I've seen the accelerating neurological damage and all of the rest of it, but I didn't see anyone dying of Covid.
Then when the nonsense started with the things like mandated masks, where you had to wear a mask to go into a shop, you had to wear a mask to get on a plane.
Then when they started to say, when the gene therapies were brought out at first and they were mislabeled as vaccines, safe and effective, lie after lie.
To begin with, my wife and I, we thought You know, that's very quick to bring forward something like that.
Let's just not bother just now.
It's voluntary, so let's just leave it.
Then it became increasingly coercive.
People were being told, you know, take the job or lose your job.
You know, take the job or you can't have your social life.
Take the job or you can't get on a plane and you can't move.
And as that began to evolve more and more quickly, my wife and I thought, really for the first time in our lives, the establishment's out to get us.
This is malevolent.
This is malicious.
There's something seriously wrong here.
And we were starting to feel that somewhere during 2020 for the first time in our lives.
And then by the middle of 2021, I got invited to be part of a team setting up a new television channel in the UK called GB News.
And I was part of the first cohort of presenters for that show.
And I finally, you know, I had at that point a platform from which to ask my questions and to make the points that I thought needed to be made.
And it was, you know, it was from that point onwards that I've, you know, gradually developed to the point that you're describing.
So you were already starting to awaken, you got immersed while others are awakening.
But you had a key point here.
You're not looking for power.
You're a father.
I'm the same way.
You've got your job, your life.
You're happy.
And they thought they were bullying you before you were just asleep.
Once you figured out you were being bullied, then you got pissed off and woke up quickly.
And now you're one of the most articulate people out there.
I mean, you you're right up there with the smartest.
It's true.
I watch your show every day when I watch it every day.
Me and my wife do.
And we share the clips here because you say some of the most important On target points, and the good news is you woke up in just four years.
That's got to scare the system.
But do you agree with me that you were asleep before they thought they were bullying everybody?
That was their miscalculation.
Now the bullying is only pissing people off.
Oh, 100% Alex.
I think if I am obviously I'm delighted I'm very pleased to hear you say those you know to make those kind remarks about me you know coming from you it means a lot to me to hear you say that but I would say if I have any kind of you know unique selling point I think I articulate simply things that everybody knows are true There's something very, there's something irresistible and independent about the truth.
You know, I've said this before in other contexts, you know, sometimes in a situation you hear yourself delivering a very effective line and sometimes maybe, you know, in company it makes a lot of people laugh around a table.
And if you think about it, you didn't actually compose the line.
It came to you instantaneously.
That's right.
Fully formed.
And all you did was say it.
That's because it's the truth.
And everybody recognizes the truth.
And the truth runs through every single person like lightning through a conductor.
It just earths through you and you feel it.
And I think that, well, it's very kind of you to say what you've just said about me, but I know that I chime with, I strike a common chord with just regular, real, decent, common sense people.
And I know that because... You're saying truth is addictive, and it is.
I don't make it up, I'm not telling people.
You know what's really, what's a real pleasure?
When you listen to someone say something that's true.
What it makes you realise, you're not learning something new, you're realising that you knew that all along, but you hadn't realised.
And that's what it makes you smile.
It almost puts a tremor through you because you think, that's exactly right, but I already knew that, but this person has just channelled it for me.
And that's all I, I think that's, I think that's all that I've been doing.
You know, people come up to me and I have all these amazing encounters with people on the street where, you know, grown men come up to me and hug me in airports and on the street and stuff and they say, you're saying exactly what I think.
And I think in reply, I'm not, I'm not actually telling you anything you didn't know.
It's just a great relief.
Now you're knowing there's community and a community of the truth.
It's a family.
Yes, and it just works.
And I know that because we've been... I've said in other contexts that when the internet came into being in the 60s, I'm sure the people, DARPA and the DoD and the guys at MIT, they thought they knew what they were creating.
But in that kind of Frankenstein's monster way, the thing took on its own reality and it began to have its own personality.
And so I suspect that the intention was that the Internet would be something that could be used to control us, to harvest information from us.
Oh, you suspect, right.
I mean, I can give you the documents.
They thought it would be in total control.
About 10 years ago, they panicked and they said it's not working.
Well, it's because any blade has, you know, it's a two-edged, it's a double-edged sword.
And what has happened through people like you, you've been at this for decades, you've been at this for a long time, exploiting, in a good way, the technology to reach so many people.
And what has happened is that so many of us, and it was crystallised and it was brought to bear during Covid because people were locked down.
They sent everybody home.
They sent people into their houses for 23 hours a day and said, just be in your houses.
And so what did people do?
They went online.
For something else to do, they went looking for information.
and the information is there.
Trillions of pages of data are available to us.
And really for the first time.
So while on the one hand, the technology is there to enable for the first time
on planet Earth, global surveillance and global control, which is true, and that's the threat we face,
but we can also use their weapon against them.
And by God, those people have realized that they have created something that is being used
against them every bit as effectively as they are using it against the people
that they want to control.
And so I have hundreds of conversations every week of all sorts of people all over the planet are able and are equipped and given the technology and the free software to share information, to do our own research, to find things out for ourselves and to tell each other And now the baddies find that they've got a tiger by the tail.
Because, you know, people like Henry Ford and Rockefeller at the start of the 20th century are on record as having said, we don't want educated populations.
We just need drones to come and work in the factories.
We just need people to do what they're told.
We just need to deracinate people, break them away from their roots, take people away from their skills, and just have them do menial tasks in the factories so that they feel isolated and atomized.
But together we're rediscovering each other under pressure coming back.
And we are rebuilding ourselves.
All of the parts that were atomized and broken down and separated one from another, the internet is enabling all of us to come together.
You're on fire.
Let's go.
Gotta go to break.
We're gonna come back right back to that point.
You're right.
The pit they dug for us is the pit they're falling into.
We'll be right back.
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Thank you.
He got cut off by the break, you know.
They asked how six years ago and they banned me off the internet and I stayed on air.
We're on over 300 radio stations.
We're still on those stations.
Even though talk radio has faded some, it's still huge.
We're on 50,000-watt stations.
That's why we have brakes, folks.
For everybody that's on X, why do you have brakes?
Well, we're on 300-plus radio stations, over 100 TV and cable stations, so thanks for putting up with that.
But you were getting to the point of, they thought the Internet, and they admitted this, the social engineers, would be our downfall to isolate us and control us.
They thought locking us up in our houses for years would make us bow.
It definitely crushed some, especially our children, but it backfired overall Complete that thought, and then you sent all these amazing questions I want to go over.
The perilous state of the political class in the UK and Europe and the US with elections looming, the incessant push for war, genocide in Palestine, the demonetization of popular parties across Europe, the fall of the US Republic, along with the fall of our freedom across the West, the criminal syndicates that run the world, the push for CBDCs and digital IDs and social credit.
Neil Oliver, please continue.
Yeah, we've got plenty to talk about, Alex.
That's for certain.
I think every force has an exacted, has an equal and opposite.
And I think the psychopath parasitic class, they, I don't think, I think they're very, there's an anti-human agenda at play here, in no small part because those psychopathic parasitic entities don't get humans.
They don't understand what it is to be human and alive.
I don't think perhaps they've ever properly felt the texture of what it is to be, you know, a biological human being, which leads them into nonsense like transhumanism and all of the rest of it.
This idea that the human animal, Mark One, has somehow become suboptimal, obsolete, ready for an upgrade.
I think this is These are symptoms of a psychopathic class that doesn't understand people.
And while they have been pushing and pushing and pushing to try and break people away from, turn people away from family, turn people away from community, turn people away from faith, Make people ashamed of their national heritage, make people ashamed of their culture, make people ashamed of their religion.
You know, this has been a sustained process that's been going on, not for years, not for decades, but for centuries.
But I think against the expectations of those that have applied those pressures and used those tools, quite the opposite of what they intended has started to happen.
And in the face of it, people are once again beginning to realise that they value family, that they want to have a partner that they love, that they want to raise children.
So many people are rediscovering faith, or if not faith, so to speak, then at least an awareness of the transcendent.
You know, they're realizing that there's more to life than the material, that there's more to life than, you know, capitalism or any other political ideology that might be being forced upon us.
So what I'm saying is that the pressure.
That's been brought to bear upon us as a species and also upon us as individuals has done what pressure exerted from all directions inevitably does, you know, like let's say in relation to carbon and it produces diamonds.
You know, those bright precious stones are created by pressure over time.
And that's what's happening.
And so I think people, there is a, there is a renaissance happening.
I said earlier that I'm not, I'm not particularly predisposed towards the notion of violent revolution, because I think violent revolution is just a tool of the elite.
It's just taking exploit, taking advantage of people, exploiting them all and then casting them aside.
What is much more required is a reawakening, which we're all talking about, or an awakening for the first time, a renaissance and a renewal.
And I do genuinely think that these are, that is part of what we are seeing happen around us.
You know, people are reconnecting with the eternal verities.
They're reconnecting with the truth, that they're realizing that they've been, what they've been sold as happiness, which is... And it's so awesome, interrupt, when you just look at a sunset of the moon, your children playing or just cooking dinner, just the awesomeness of consciousness and this planet and human experience.
And then you see what a joke Hollywood and the corporate media is.
It's just, it's nothing.
They're the losers that project their own hatred onto us, and you just lean back into God and infinity, and it's so empowering.
It's just, it's ecstasy.
Don't you find?
That's exactly it!
Don't you find?
We, my wife and I, we talk about that all the time.
You know, we used to consume television and, you know, the stuff that was pumped at us, you know, this, this, you know, this Kool-Aid that was pumped at us all the time.
We were just docile consumers of it.
I mean, just sitting on the back porch listening to bugs, you know, sing or frogs, it's just ecstasy.
And almost more to the point, we've realised that we now find no sustenance, quite the opposite of any kind of nourishment or sustenance from the stuff that's being pumped at us.
You know, and increasingly, Trudie and I find that what we get is from sitting outside in our back garden all by night with a fire pit lit and we're just watching the flames, you know, lit around the logs and we're aware of the fact that, you know, that we're blessed with three kids and we're watching them go through the various stages of their evolutions, you know, they are going through the stages of their lives.
And the opportunity that we have had to be wrenched away, broken away, of necessity, from the nonsense, from the lies, from the two-dimensional, pantomime, you know, bad makeup, bad set design, dodgy lighting... So humanity is disconnecting from the inhuman matrix right now?
More and more of us, I think, yes, they are.
And that's what is.
I think people have been sold the version of happiness that people have been being sold for from a time beyond the reach of memory.
Almost we're being sold apart.
We have been sold something as happiness, which is not happiness.
Basically what people have been sold, you've got to get yourself to a point where you can buy more and more things, you can have multiple mobile phones, you can have multiple screens, you can have multiple cars, you can have multiple homes.
All of that is what people have been being pushed towards.
So many people are beginning to realise that that is not happiness.
That is the equivalent of being drunk.
Now, you know, many people, myself included, like, you know, like a glass of wine and all the rest of it and that feeling of inebriation.
But you can't be like that all the time.
That's alcoholism.
That's destructive and useless.
And that there is actually so much more to the texture of reality.
There is so much more to what it is to being alive.
Sadness actually gets a bad rap.
We've lived for decades with people being told that if you feel even momentarily less than deliriously happy, you should get yourself to a doctor and get them to prescribe you something else.
By the way, Neil, I totally agree with you because when I focus on infinity and humanity, there is a sadness in all the people we've lost and the future There's a nostalgia, there's a my-ness, because the feeling is so good, there's going to be sadness as the balance.
Deep sadness is like ecstasy.
I don't know how to describe it.
You're hitting the nail on the head right here.
It's because there's only a certain response to happiness.
You know, being happy gives you a certain thing.
But what people are being reminded of, and what is very necessary, is that the whole spectrum of emotions, the whole spectrum of experience, is what gives being alive No, I totally agree.
I am my smartest.
get given a bad reputation, up to and including grief.
I totally agree. I am my smartest, if it's necessary.
I am my smartest, and you're so on target. When I am sad or I am grieving is when I have my greatest thoughts.
Yes, because that is what it is.
That is what it is to be alive.
It's to experience the full texture of it and to experience the full spectrum of emotions.
And so part of what has been being done to us by the same baddies that are seeking to do everything else to us at the moment is just to dumb us down and anesthetise us into this state of slumber You know, Georg Gurchev, you know, Gurchev and Ospensky, in Search of the Miraculous and all of that, you know, whatever you might think of him, he was a Russian mystic, you know, working at large in the 20th century.
But he pointed out way back, you know, during the First World War, that the human beings had a tendency to exist in a state of slumber.
You know that way that you quite often you maybe jump in your car of a morning and you drive to work and you park up and then you think, I don't remember driving here.
I don't remember doing that.
Many parts of the day, if you think that you're maybe awake for 16 hours during the course of a day, but how much of that time are you actually paying attention?
How many of those moments are you actually in?
And some of that is in the nature of the human animal, but it's also something that's been, we're imbibing that from those entities that want us just to be dumb, And silent, and unthinking, and fearful, and compliant, and uneducated, and unopinionated, and not prepared to get up on our hind legs and say anything.
They've tried to accelerate the entire species.
Towards this dumb, unhealthy compliance.
So the sleeper must awaken.
But he's still doing the woken as are.
The sleeper must awaken.
I mean, here's an example.
I woke up at 5 a.m.
this morning, about an hour and a half before my wife and my other kids are moved out, they're older,
before my wife and my seven-year-old get up.
So I get up at 5 a.m., drink some coffee, I go on the back porch, I live by a greenbelt
and a creek and all this stuff, and I go out there for an hour in the dark
and I hike around with these big oak trees and hawks are flying by and owls,
and I was like, this is better than red carpets, better than the hottest woman, better than anything.
Just that hour I had out there, literally as the sun started to come up in the woods,
and that's what they're trying to disconnect us from because there's nothing they have that can even begin
to the interfacing with God's universe.
This is why, this is, for me, I'm all for choice and freedom of expression and all of the rest of it.
But the transhumanist movement, I remember, I've read about Marvin Minsky and Doug Engelbert having conversations way back in the 60s.
You know, one would say, we're going to make the machines conscious.
We're going to do all this for the machines.
And Doug Engelbert said, what are you going to do for the people?
Which is, that is the question.
What are we going to do for the people?
So as long ago as the 60s, it was manifesting, it was crystallizing that there was a group out there who believed for all of their anti-human reasons, The human experience, being human, being biological, being flesh and blood, being a creature that just by being conscious in the universe was aware of the transcendent.
There were those technocrats, those fledgling technocrats that thought even then that that wasn't good enough to be a biological flesh and blood human being.
And so they have devalued all of that.
All of that.
And that is where we are.
But because they've done that, I think they've done us a favour.
By trying to persuade us that it's technology this, technology that, that there's a technological fix for everything, that you can have a neural link in your brain that's going to connect you to the whatever, you know, to the World Wide Web or whatever.
And thank God, because by doing that, they have made us think no.
As things stand, we have barely, we have barely paddled a dugout canoe out onto the Pacific Ocean of the unknown of consciousness.
We're only just beginning to realise what it is to be conscious.
What our potential is.
Every single one of us.
And this drive to get us all herded into 15 minute cities, to put us under surveillance from cameras and satellites and drones, to take control of our transactions with central bank digital currencies so that they can make in real time decisions about whether you can buy that or go there or make that decision for yourself.
It's because they've tightened the screws.
I think there were various things happened.
I think in 2016 in America, a majority elected Donald Trump.
In Britain in the same year, a majority elected or chose by the biggest plebiscite in British history to leave the European Union.
Those were two things that were off the script Of the psychopathic parasites.
It took them by surprise and everything that's happened then, Covid, war in Ukraine, all of the rest of it has been this sustained punishment beating to put the democratically minded people back in their boxes.
And because of it, they were panicked in that moment, and they've tried to tighten the screws too quickly, something they had been doing slowly and subtly.
They've tried to do in a hurry over the last four or five years.
And in so many ways, they've made this break for the tape.
They've tried to breast the tape and get to where they wanted to be.
And in so doing, right in that last final act, they've blown it.
And too many of us have seen what they're doing and we're waking up to all of it.
You see all across Europe, people are voting for popular populist parties.
You know, they're voting in increasing numbers for people that are talking about secure borders.
They're talking about, you know, taking care of a religion that has served Europe well for the best part of 2000 years.
They're talking about You know, championing the family, doing something about falling birth rates, giving people a voice, encouraging people to think, making sure that people aren't afraid to voice their opinions.
And the tractors' revolts, the farmers' revolts, the truckers' revolts in Canada, all of these things they have, those baddies have inadvertently triggered.
And by God, they've got a tiger by the tail now.
No, I totally agree with you.
And in the time we have left, I'm going to invite you back in soon.
Just big picture, the globalists, people are turning against them.
You see a Bill Gates video on X or Instagram, there'll be, you know, 10 million views and 50,000 comments, and I read for like an hour, can't find one comment for him.
People really get who the baddies are now.
That's only part of the equation, but what do the baddies do to try to maintain control?
I think people need to understand the danger of that.
Well, I think we already see the outline sketch of it, at the very least.
It's about surveillance, it's about taking control of money.
I think what will inevitably happen are a series of terrifying, and they will be frightening, false flags.
False flags of the stock and trade of these people.
The sinking of US Maine that kicked off the Spanish-American war at the end of the 19th century.
The false flags that were used to provoke Vietnam.
We know they've got a playbook.
They've got a worn-out playbook.
I would counsel people to be prepared to get frights.
There will be big spectacular frights between now and the end, which is to say between now and the end of the paradigm that's been dominated by these psychopaths.
So be ready for that.
I suspect there will probably be an attempt, possibly successful, to bring down the economies.
Some kind of global economic collapse, possibly, that will make 1929 look like a Vicar's Tea Party.
I think there could be a, you know, a cyber, a so-called cyber attack.
Bring down the internet, all of these things.
I would just counsel people to be ready for some fireworks.
But the point is, and war.
War, war and war again.
Like Gerald Solenti says, you know, when all else fails they'll take you to war.
Which is why they're turning up the temperature on Ukraine.
Which is why the missiles are flying all over the place.
Because that frightens people and it makes people more inclined to comply.
And they're clearly trying to push the Russians into an escalation.
But, I've said it before and I'll say it again, they're not going to go, they're dangling
the sword of Damocles of nuclear war over people, but they won't do that because these
people with their trillionaire lifestyles and their holidays, they're not wanting scratches
on their cars, they're not wanting their windows broken, they're not wanting their hair ruffled
by the consequences of something as massive, as real.
I agree, they don't want nuclear war, but they're pushing Russia in that position.
Well, at the moment, at the moment, at the moment, Putin, at least, whatever people's
opinions are of Vladimir Putin, goodness me, he appears to be operating like the grown-up
in the room.
You know, if anybody seems to be operating like a grown-up, you think what you like about them.
Love them, loathe them, or find yourself somewhere in between those two extremes.
But I think there's been an element of restraint about Vladimir Putin.
In spite of all the provocation that's been flung at him, and most recently with these attackums, you know, killing kids on a beach in Crimea and all of the rest of it.
But they won't go to war.
They will escalate that war and they will.
There's already noises in Britain, across Europe about conscription.
You've got an automated registration for young men and I think one of them is for young women
into the draft.
Well, you know, who saw that coming?
Well, anybody that's paying attention saw that coming.
Because, you know, not only will they take you to war, if they really want to upset people, they'll come after your kids.
They came after the kids with near-mandatory or mandatory vaccinations for babies and all of the rest of it.
That was my next question.
Neil, the time we have left, this is an amazing interview.
You've alluded to this, but It's all coming out.
Tens of millions dead from the shots, causing Alzheimer's, infertility.
It's all mainline news.
We have politicians apologizing.
Where do you see, definitely Fauci and Bill Gates didn't expect that.
This is blown up big in their face.
Where do you think that's going?
My bottom line, my basic, is there's an anti-human agenda.
Birth rates are falling all over the world.
It's not just a Western problem, although it is a Western problem.
You've got it in America, you've got it all across Europe, but it's happening in Asia, in Japan, it's all over the place.
Singapore, people are not producing enough babies to reproduce themselves.
I don't think that's a coincidence.
I think there is an intention, a choreographed attempt to reduce the world's population slowly and then possibly more quickly, using whatever means to bring down the population.
I think what's been set in train, I think that I was listening to a German Thai clinician, research scientist, three years ago, who said in relation to the products that they were pushing as vaccines, that this is gene therapy.
This mRNA is going to change people's DNA.
And we We are going to pay dearly for doing this.
And he was saying to his fellow clinicians and fellow physicians, in the name of all that's holy, in the name of all that's honourable, do not take part in pushing these products into human beings' arms because this is the greatest crime against humanity that has yet been attempted.
Those products have been pushed into billions of arms, and it's the biggest experiment that's ever been imposed upon the human species.
And in the years ahead and in the decades ahead, well, we're going to get the results of that experiment.
But I think we all know where it's going.
As you say, tens of millions already dead.
Goodness knows how many people are still alive.
And getting into the minds of the globalists, they have this death cult.
I guess it's the wrong.
They're mad at the public waking up.
They want to use a virus for control.
They want to kill people.
They've already got the power, why don't they just leave us alone?
But they have this instinct to just attack.
You're dealing with people that are frightened.
I think.
I consider myself just to be a reasonable guy.
I'm just an averagely educated, I'm just a common sense person.
I think what we're looking at is a subset of people, the elite, a narrow group of people, possibly just thousands of people.
Who are frightened.
Their basic reaction is it's arachnophobic.
You know if you're arachnophobic and you're a full grown human being and you're confronted by a little spider on a white table or on the wall and you're so terrified by it you have to kill it.
It's a completely irrational over-the-top response because you're frightened.
That would be my analogy for the way these people are.
I tell you what, they're so scared of humanity's power, and humanity taking control of their destiny, they want control.
So it's just a simple arachnophobic response.
Yeah, they just, they look at other people.
They're frightened of everything.
They're probably frightened of their own shadows.
But they are certainly frightened of other people.
You know, up until 1800, there were only, 1800 we reached a world population of a billion for the very first time.
And then it took another 50 years to get to 2 billion.
And then by now we're adding a billion people every 10 or 15 years.
And for those anti-human people, the thing they're most afraid of is more and more people.
I'm probably making assumptions about you, but I think people like you and me, we think the more people there are, it's like the more, you know, if you combine two elements, if you combine tin and copper, you get bronze.
If you bring four elements together, the opportunities for all the things you can make with bringing four elements out of the 200 elements together, it's enormous.
It's numbers with more nothings than you can count.
And likewise, the more people you've got, the more solutions you've got, the more ideas you've got.
You know, if they would just unleash the latent power that's out there, Nikola Tesla's suppressed ideas about free energy and all of the rest of it, if they would let free the actual potential of the Mark I human being and allow us Individually and collectively to do what we're actually capable of, then you would see a whole new world.
Then you would see a whole new realm of potential.
But these people, these people think, perversely and conversely, that the solution is hardly any people.
That's their objective.
It's their desperate weakness.
I believe in you, Matty.
More people, more freedom means more innovation.
We go to the stars.
We do it all.
Neil Oliver, I'm extremely impressed.
Always impressed watching you.
We love you.
Everybody loves the work you're doing.
How do people find your work?
How do they find your books?
How do they find everything Neil Oliver?
Oh well.
Gosh, follow me on at The Coast Guy.
That's my Twitter handle.
I've got my own podcasts that you'll see wherever you go looking for your podcasts.
Hold on, Neil.
Do five more minutes.
I'm going to hold you.
I've got a two-minute break.
I want you to finish up everything.
Plan it, Neil Oliver.
Amazing mind.
We'll be right back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
I don't know what I'd do if I saw Fauci walking down the street or Bill Gates.
I mean, he's so outrageously evil.
He's such a murderer!
And we need to have, you know, you're a Christian, you're a father, you're a theologian, you're able to be really calm and nice about this.
I know you're pissed off about it, but the thing is, take action, folks.
Resist them.
Protect yourself from them.
Expose them.
What do we do biblically, do you think, to just spiritually be able to deal with this?
Well, we can't deal with stuff like this on our own.
You have to lean on God.
You have to.
Because when you look at what He is, He knows the beginning from the end.
He knows everything that we're going through.
In the midst of the storm, He brings peace.
We know how this game ends.
And we know who wins.
And the Bible tells us every knee must bow.
The knee of sickness, the knee of disease, the knee of all these things that we're seeing.
And we know what happens to the devil.
Jesus throws him in the pit.
And so we know who wins this.
But here's the thing.
God never told us that this life was going to be easy.
He never told us.
In fact, He told us the opposite.
He said, Jesus said, you know, take up your cross and follow me.
People are going to oppose you for following me.
But you know what?
The end result is going to be better if you follow me than if you don't.
So, look at the opposition, take the opposition, but never deviate from that path of following truth and following victory and that strength of God who created the universe, who put All of his creativity in us because we were created in his image.
We have to realize we've got that power of God Pulsating through our veins every single day because we're created in his image and when we do that We can have confidence that like what Psalms tells us and we can rest under the shadow of his wings That the enemy will come near our tent, but they can't come into it right so look at the enemy they're all slaves satan always
destroys them even before they die we we see them betrayed we see them destroyed and we see
billions and billions of dollars spent by the federal government secretly with just walgreens and cbs
alone to not prescribe ivermectin So all this evil, you wonder why are they not giving people the drugs that they now admit works?
Because they wanted to hurt people, they wanted people fearful, but it took billions to buy them off to do the evil, and the devil has the control of the purse.
He has the power of the earth right now.
He's the god of this world right now.
But it shows every bit of it is mercenaries working against their own self-interest for a little bit of money.
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We buy directly from the depository in Shiner, Texas, the Texas Precious Metals Depository.
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And whatever the depository prices are, you get all of it.
See, that's a huge difference from buying a rare coin, something that has a high commission, high premium, where even after the big move in silver that we've seen, you still haven't even broken even.
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All right, final segment before our next guest host takes over here in the fourth hour ahead of Owen Schroer in
the war room.
Neil Oliver is on fire.
You were talking about your podcast, your books, everything you do, how people find you.
People can go to neiloliver.com or The Coast Guy.
Where does the name The Coast Guy come from?
Do you live on the coast?
I did a television series here in the UK that ran for years and it was called Coast.
And it was exactly what you think.
It was about a team of us, a team of people going around the coastline of the British archipelago and telling all sorts of stories about the landscape and about the history.
I remember it.
I've actually, I've seen it before.
It's great.
And then I was able to take it.
I also made Coast in Australia and in New Zealand and I had all sorts of wonderful experience, took my family and so on and so on.
But the point was that people would come up to me in the street and if they didn't know my name, if they didn't know that my name was Neil Oliver, they would just say, you're the Coast guy.
We recognise you, you're the Coast guy.
So when it came to having a handle on social media, I just chose the Coast guy.
For that reason.
It's a project that's still repeated endlessly all over the world and all over the UK.
People still see episodes of Coast.
During the lockdown, myself and a good friend of mine, we started doing some podcasts, Neil Oliver's Love Letter to the British Isles, and then we broadened that out to Neil Oliver's Love Letter to the World.
People will find that You know, wherever you find your podcasts and you find it on Patreon and all of that.
I write books.
I've been writing books for years.
History, archaeology.
I've got a new book out.
I've got it right here!
It's all about spirituality and the supernatural and ghosts and all of that.
So, you know, that was the kind of world that I inhabited before all of this.
You know, suddenly I was reinvented as a loud-mouthed contrarian.
Really, I'm an archaeologist, and I love all things history, and I love all things archaeological, and when people look at my back catalogue, as it were, and go looking for me, that's a whole other side to my… What is the most beautiful coast you've ever seen?
Oh, that's a terrible question to ask, because then you alienate everybody that lives on every other stretch.
I love the Cornish coast in the southwest of England.
Cornwall is absolutely hypnotically, poetically beautiful.
The far northwest of Scotland, Northumbria on the east coast of England, the west coast of Australia, you know, north and south of Perth, absolutely otherworldly, Arnhem Land up in the far north, east of Australia, the whole coastline of the South Island of New Zealand.
Coasts are so magic, it's where it's like time comes together, the land and the sea in eternity, it's like...
It's the liminal zone.
It's why in ancient times, our ancestors used to bury their dead on the coast because they understood the coast as being that liminal zone between the land and the sea.
The Hawaiians did that.
And so we have that in us, that when we're on the edge between the land and the sea, that we know that we're on the portal between one reality and another.
And people felt it tens of thousands of years ago, hundreds of thousands of years ago.
And most of us, when we go and you turn your back to the land and you look out at the sea and it reconnects you, resets your clock, recalibrates your dials.
And yeah, it's a magical landscape.
So people know me as the coast guy, I'm more than happy.
Well, I am very honoured to know you.
We love your work and it's a great blessing.
Thank you for the time today.
Neil Oliver, thank you so much.
And promise me, Alex, that we can do this again.
This is my first time on with you on InfoWars and I'll be honoured to come back and spend some time, share some time with you.
Yes, sir.
Well, I haven't been to Scotland yet.
I haven't been to Eastern Europe, so I promise you, if you'll have me, in the next few months, I'm coming to Scotland, then I'm going to do a week or two in Eastern Europe, because they may lock stuff down again.
I need to see the world, and I want to see Scotland.
God bless you, brother.
We're really proud of you and the Scots, and it's good to have you awake, because the globalists are in trouble now.
I count you as a brother too, Alex.
And you come here, Scotland.
The history is so thick around here, you have to brush it away from your face.
You know, there's a historical adventure everywhere you look.
So come here and we'll chew the fat and we'll break bread.
God bless you, Neil Oliver.
Thank you so much.
There goes the Coast Guy.
Thank you, sir.
I'll introduce the next guest host.
And this could be the final days of Info Wars.
It's just so crazy, but such a blessing.
We're getting all these amazing people on at the end or the new beginning.
Neil Oliver, amazing.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The program leftists failed to silence.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
And now they're more desperate than ever to silence us.
It'll be some victory for them.
It won't be.
I love this building.
I love the crew.
But we will continue on one way or another.
crank up this song and neil oliver is impressed so many people that are great souls are asleep
but now they're awake And that's got to scare the hell out of the New World Order.
Amazing hour interview with Neal Oliver.
Wow, that guy is smart.
But he was projecting his own goodness on the world.
Now he realizes that was a lie, and now they got him to deal with.
I'm here to wake people up.
I'm here to get them to ignite who they are.
They don't follow what I say.
I just simply try to get people to open their eyes.
And nothing about me, but just as a microcosm of how powerful you are, I can't tell you how many guests we call to get on.
And they go, oh, you woke me up, we want you on.
Like this doctor in Texas exposed to secret illegal transgender surgeries.
He doesn't want to come on right now because this criminal trial is about to happen.
You woke me up, you got me to do this, blah, blah.
And it's not about me, it's about the power You've got to wake people up.
The power, you've got to speak the truth.
The power, you've got to take action.
It's amazing.
So no matter what happens to us, we've been planting seeds, laying eggs, for 30 years, folks, and all that back catalog of information is there, and every day is just getting stronger.
Not me, God.
But you are the progenitors.
You are the emissaries.
You are the ambassadors.
You are the missionaries.
You are the people that are going to carry the truth in this time of darkness into the darkness with the light and expose the evil.
So it's an amazing time to be alive.
Maria Z is having a technical issue connecting.
As soon as she's ready, I don't want to cut her off.
She's got a bunch of big guests she's going to be taking over.
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And we don't give up, and we don't back down, and we don't surrender.
Because our audience of activists for race, color, and creed are amazing people.
And we thank them humbly, and we appreciate them for their support.
Alright, we got Marie Aziz.
Video link up.
And she's got some big guests right now.
Gillian Assange-Freed, almost back to Australia, and so much more.
And then, in 49 minutes from now, Owen Schroyer with The War Room.
Stay with us.
Maria Z.
Thank you so much, Alex.
It's such an honour to be here with you all today.
I'm coming to you remotely, travelling at the moment, but the world is basically on fire.
Thank you to everyone for the momentum, especially in the case of Assange.
All of the people, all of the people around the world who rallied behind this case.
As an Australian, I have to say it is incredibly, incredibly encouraging to know that he is on the verge of coming home and seeing that footage of him.
boarding that private jet was, I can't explain the joy that me and I'm sure
many many people around the world but particularly Australians feel. He should
have been home a long time ago. Nonetheless this is a huge victory.
So we see that even when the world is on fire, even when things are escalating to
the point that seems like no return, we still see some semblance of justice.
We still see good things happening because the people of the world and the power that their unity behind causes has is undeniable and we can't forget that.
We really cannot forget that.
We're not going to pretend that everything is great when it isn't, but we have to recognize the power that we have as a collective.
Fighting for humanity, fighting for what is right.
And so today, yesterday and today are really symbols of that.
We are all Julian Assange.
My guest today is attorney Todd Callender from Vax Choice.
He has been absolutely monumental.
Any day I get to hang out with you is a good day, Maria.
time he was on this broadcast he showed us some very interesting admissions that the COVID was
not a virus at all but in fact was a misuse of wireless sensor networks. We've had many many
broadcasts together and I'm honored to introduce him today.
Todd thank you so much for being here with us. Hey any day I get to hang out with you is a good
day Maria, thanks for having me.
It's great to see you.
Well, we have a lot to discuss today.
I want to talk to you about the attack on water, the attack on farmers.
While we're having these winds, they're simultaneously coming after our food supply and the water.
Something astounding has happened in Idaho.
I hope the team have that clip.
We'll get to it in a moment.
But before we get to some good news about Idaho, could you take us through what you know is going on there?
They are coming after the water.
Yeah, that's right.
We found in the Federal Register that the EPA had entered into an agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers whereby regulation of water goes all the way to it leaving your body.
And effectively, the U.S.
Department of Defense is the one in charge of enforcing the EPA edicts.
So anything the EPA says goes, we are in again, plenary power, dictatorial edicts by a regulator out of control.
I've seen, I mean, how many millions of people have been affected by these decisions, Todd?
This is unprecedented attacks on not only the farmers, but the people of that region.
Yes, and so herein lies the problem.
They've given onto themselves the ability to do anything they want as a dictatorship.
How and why?
13 March 2020, a national emergency was declared.
That by itself consolidates power in the executive branch alone.
But worse, after that a public health emergency was declared.
Title 42 is in operation.
Guess what that means?
All human rights, all constitutional rights are suspended and plenary power sits in the hands of the executive branch and the public health authorities in particular.
You might have seen the governor of New Mexico said gun violence is a public health emergency.
The border has to be opened because it's a public health emergency.
They will use it for any and all excuses, including taking away our food supply, Under something they call the One Health Initiative, they designed diseases to be zoonotic so that they can blame disease on people and on animals for the purpose of killing them and depriving us from our food supply.
Well, this is something I've discussed many times, Todd, but I keep referencing this document because it really is the model for the whole world.
Australia, in conjunction with the CSIRO, who is accused of having involvement in gain-of-function research in Wuhan, published Australia's pandemic preparedness report two years ago now, or almost two years ago, and in that report it says how because of human encroachment on natural habitats, This is going to cause pandemics and potentially change the course of pandemics, impact pandemics.
And so we need to look at more gain of function, legalising gain of function and also preemptively injecting populations.
And this is, of course, why the digital ID, there's a rush for digital ID right now.
Australia is obviously past it.
And we're seeing this rush all over the world to implement digital ID.
But also, you know, I think that has something to do with the fact that the World Economic Forum says once cyber COVID happens, you can't get back online without a digital vaccine.
What's a digital vaccine?
Your digital ID.
Zero trust model where you have to say, yes, I'm a good little obedient slave in order to use the internet.
That's exactly the point.
They expected the whole world to be vaccine slaves by now.
The good news is the whole world didn't take the shot.
I figure only about half of them did.
But they had given onto themselves this power to control people by and through intellectual property rights created by a U.S.
piece of law.
It's case law 2013.
Molecular pathology versus genetics.
If you got the shots using mRNA, you belong to the patent holders.
You no longer have human rights.
You are a slave, a vac-slave, and all of their plans were dependent upon this, including digital ID.
You have no rights.
And this is exactly the point, Maria.
They're going to get away with anything we let them get away with.
The water only came back on because people had a fit and said, no, we're not going to do that.
Colonel Chambers stopped the pulling of cattle and herds of livestock in Texas because he said, no, it's up to us, Maria.
I agree.
I'd really love it if you tell that story about Lieutenant Colonel Chambers.
I know that he has been helping farmers.
A lot of people don't know all of the things that he does behind the scenes.
He is an amazing human being.
Talk to us about that.
Yeah, so I love this story.
It started back in the middle of the COVID madness.
He was still wearing his green suit.
He was an Army Green Beret Medical Doctor and he was tasked in Texas with going around preparing the meatpacking plants for their PCR tests.
And by this point in time, he'd already figured it out because he was tasked with giving shots to his troops.
And he said, informed consent requires we know what's in it.
By the way, I'm not giving my troops these shots.
And he saved thousands of lives that way.
He went to the meatpacking plants a day before the test was supposed to happen and said, you should probably have a sick out tomorrow because these tests will make sure that everybody gets tested positive.
They'll shut down your plant and the meat supply to Texas will be no more.
So, they had a great giant sick out and he saved the meat packing business, the meat business, in Texas.
More recently, the thugs from USDA said, we suspect that these deer, domesticated deer, have some kind of a brain virus and we're going to kill all of the deer to find out.
And Colonel Chambers with his Don Joe stood the line and said, nope, not over my dead body unless you produce a warrant.
Hours and hours later they eventually produced a warrant and they killed 300 deer that had no viruses in their brains whatsoever.
But he created such a ruckus that they haven't come back to do it to the cattle.
I want to talk about that, but before we do, you mentioned New Mexico.
I was actually in the States when New Mexico said, oh yes, gun violence is a national emergency, you know, tried to suspend the Constitution for a month.
The Governor said it was a public health emergency, and on that basis, plenary power rests in the Governor, and for that reason, she would have had the legal reasons to obfuscate the guns.
The only good news is the Sheriff said not me, not on my watch.
Yeah, well I was about to say, there were peaceful protests, everyone turned up.
In droves with their weapons to say, no, we have a Second Amendment and you're not getting away with this.
And very quickly they backed off.
And that is exactly what we need.
We need non-violent, non-compliance and resistance, but standing up for our rights.
And that's exactly what's happened in Idaho, by the way.
So Todd's just explained to you what's, what's initially happened with these farmers.
It's not completely gone away, but for some time, their safe team, if you have, The clip of the Idaho farmer.
Can you please play that?
Big, big win for Idaho this week, guys.
So earlier this morning, I received a phone call from a good friend of mine who works up the Idaho state legislation, telling me that they were bombarded with phone calls from furious people about the Idaho water shut off.
Now this is a true testament to show you guys that we do have power.
We do have a voice.
And if we stick together, we can change things.
They're going to allow the Idaho farmers to water out the rest of this year.
But next year, guys, we've got a big fight coming because they're going to be trying the same thing.
So thank you to everyone who called.
God bless you guys.
Stay true.
Buy American.
Buy local.
God bless that man.
Very, very encouraging to see that.
But you know what the problem there was, Todd?
That he said next year they're going to try the same thing again.
Why are we in a position where they are trying to stop us from accessing water and eating?
Yes, and you know what, it's going to get worse.
So with the One Health Initiative, two things to take note of.
Number one, our government created zoonotic diseases so that the sniffles could go between species, us and cows.
They even gave cows tuberculosis so that they would have a predicate excuse for killing off all the cows and saying humans can't be around them.
But be also aware that the chicken culling started with a PCR test, and we all know with 40 cycles a PCR test can find anything and anything.
So the thing to take to heart, the thing to keep in mind for all you farmers and ranchers, no PCR test.
If the USDA wants to come on your property, make them get a warrant.
Prove your case.
How is it that you believe my chickens have a stiffle?
On what basis do you think my cows have a problem?
Hold the line and you call Colonel Chambers and you call all the other people, your neighbors, and they must come from near and far and bring their weapons with them.
So they show, when you show up, they know.
You're talking business here.
The same thing has to apply with these Idaho farmers.
They've got to go to their legislature and exercise their First Amendment and their Second Amendment rights at the exact same time.
I just can't help but see how the US has more protection under the, you know, your laws are just better than ours here in Australia.
Team, if you can bring up, I sent you a photo of the Victorian farmer who I am going to keep anonymous because that was the conversation that we had.
But we were given permission to discuss the case.
So if you've got that photo, guys, bring it up.
Basically, this farmer sent a message out.
This is following the Australian government saying, we've got to kill all these chickens they already have.
And this farmer has sent a letter to their customers saying, we're very sorry, but due to the current avian influenza that is in Golden Plains Shire, Agriculture Victoria has placed a restriction on us and other farms in the area, preventing us from moving eggs off our farm.
Having said that, we do not have avian influenza.
Even with this fraudulent test, Todd, the birds actually tested negative.
We confirmed that when we rang them.
And so, you know, they're saying this is an incredibly stressful time and even though You know, the birds are not sick, they're not displaying any symptoms.
The government has come in and shut their farm.
Now, I will say, this farmer, you know, worked with Agriculture Victoria and eventually they backed off.
But the point is that they're just coming in gun-ho, shutting down farms, shutting down businesses, when there's no evidence that these animals are sick!
They have no evidence.
And you know what that farmer could do if they wanted to make all of their friends and neighbors happy and produce goodwill?
They can say, look, I'm going to loan you this chicken.
They didn't say I couldn't move the chicken.
They said I couldn't move the egg.
So here you take care of this chicken for the next month.
All the eggs are yours for free.
I would like to have the chicken back when you're done.
We can find ways to beat them.
They're too slow.
They're too big.
We are nimble and aggressive and we can solve these problems.
It takes a little bit of creativity and willpower.
I agree with you, Todd.
I really do.
And there is a lot of pushback, you know, even though this farmer was under the impression that the government was on his side, which, you know, I'm not going to judge him for that.
A lot of people are still under that impression.
You know, he did push back and he did get a result.
And so this is what we need to be doing.
We really need to be informed, standing our ground and getting those results.
The Idaho farmers Are a perfect example of that.
So I am seeing a lot of things moving in the right direction.
But unfortunately, we have to be completely aware of the agenda of what is coming in order to be able to stand against it properly.
So that is very, very important.
I want to talk to you, Todd, about the draft.
The draft that was recently announced With women included in the draft, what do you see coming down the pipeline?
Yeah, I don't think it's going to work.
You know, the United States, we've had selective service for many years.
It was briefly retired.
All they're doing is bringing that back in.
Hey, you have to register a case.
We have a draft.
They've actually not gone to the trouble of drafting anybody yet.
But the problem is this.
It was born in large part by our case.
Robert V. Austin, We educated the military, the service members, what was in the shots, and they said, we're not going to take them.
At the end of the day, 400,000 service members said no, and the military was trying to frag their troops, and the service members understood it to the point where they said, we've lost trust in our leadership.
We're not working for you anymore.
There is now a 25% hole in the US military.
Meaning people that have left and cannot be replaced.
There's a huge hole in the 06s, that's colonels and captains for the Navy.
This is top layer echelon officers that run entire divisions and brigades, ships.
They can't find anybody to fill those roles because there is no leadership.
And this is the problem, there's no trust.
So even if they try to draft people, It's not going to happen.
They open the military to people who don't speak English.
They open the military to people who didn't go to high school, don't have a high school diploma.
And even then, they can't fill the ranks with people walking across the border.
People don't want to go to work for their employer who's going to frag them.
And they still require the recruits to take stupid COVID shots.
Nobody's going to do it.
Even though the mandate isn't there, they haven't stopped trying.
Yes, we're having a similar problem in Australia.
I just got told a story yesterday about someone being pulled over by a highway patrol.
These are essentially, you know, cops that are looking for ways to raise revenue that patrol the highways of Australia and was pulled over and this person described the police officer as an Indian man which That's not the problem.
I don't have a problem with another race policing me.
I have a problem with the fact that the man couldn't even speak English.
The highway patrol officer coming to patrol our Australian roads cannot even speak English.
He could barely string a sentence together.
So this is how desperate the establishment is becoming.
They're not only hiring migrants to do the job that people of their own country won't do anymore because the establishment is It is repulsive to people.
They don't want to work for it.
You know, they're putting people in those roles who are just blind drones.
I don't even know how he passed a test.
How do you even drive in the country when you can't speak English properly?
I doubt there was one.
This is outrageous.
Todd, we've got to go to break.
On the other side of the break, I really want to talk to you about these escalations towards World War Three.
The Trump gag order has partially been lifted, so it'll be interesting to see what comes out of that.
The case of Assange and why you think perhaps it's happening now as an attorney.
Don't go anywhere.
And we'll be right back with Todd Callender after this break.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones I'm your guest host, Maria Zee of ZeeMedia.com, and we've got our special guest with us, Todd Callender.
He's an attorney and an amazing, amazing defender of freedom.
Todd, I want to talk to you about what's just happened with Assange.
And, you know, this has gone on for years, and all of a sudden, they're willing to work To let him go.
And so I found it really fascinating the timing.
I think that the Australian government is trying to claw back some sort of trust again from the people.
I think perhaps this is the case with Biden as well.
We know Trump said he would consider pardoning Assange.
said he would pardon Assange.
What is your assessment of this situation?
I think you have it exactly right.
You know, when the politicians in their dictatorial powers think about how far can they get away with things, they always have in the back of their head what happened to Romania in 1994 with Ceausescu.
And that morning, to a captive audience, he's giving a speech.
By six hours later, he's behind the presidential palace getting a bullet in his head.
They go a bridge too far, and this is exactly what's happened.
Maria, they've been caught.
They've been caught trying to extinguish our species, and now they've got to finish the job, except that not everybody's going with the program.
Now you see fracturing.
There's no longer this monolith train.
There's no longer a giant DOD train wreck happening.
It's all falling apart, and they have to do something Well, I just had Dr. Francis Boyle on with me on Vigilant Fox's media blackout.
called a felony murder rule. If somebody dies in the commission of a felony, everybody gets
hit with murder, with murder one charges. So this is what they're worried about and
this is why they're starting to back off and this is why we're seeing the fracturing.
Well I just had Dr. Francis Boyle on with me on Vigilant Fox's media blackout, it's
a show that I host every single week, and he said we need to move away from civil proceedings
What's happening in Kansas is fantastic and it needs to happen, but we need to not only have civil proceedings, but we need to move to criminal proceedings.
And in his assessment, and bear in mind he's the architect of the Biological Weapons Act, In his assessment, these are not only biological weapons, but weapons of mass destruction, and we need to move in the direction of criminal action based on that.
And I'm in agreement.
I think that these injections would meet the definition of biological weapons in multiple countries.
What we really do need to see is criminal proceedings, Todd, and I know that you're quite passionate about that.
So talk to us about how that would look, at least in the United States.
Well, we actually drafted my little law firm as a pro bono law firm back in 2020.
We drafted a form criminal complaint where people could download it and try to stop the shots with their local law enforcement.
I think it was May of 2021.
There were more than 20,000 of these things downloaded and filed.
So it wasn't just us seeing it for what it was.
And by the way, I know Professor Boyle.
He's the guy that literally wrote the law.
And of course, he's right.
What is implicated here is something called universal jurisdiction.
So believe it or not, the Nuremberg Codex It came from the Nuremberg Trials of World War II, created international law, international criminal law in particular.
And what that says is that some things are so egregious, so universally bad, like bioweapons, that nobody can hide from this, that they can be hunted down, they can be tried in absentia, and they don't get to live in a country that doesn't allow capital punishment.
One way or another, they're going to pay.
And this is exactly what Professor Boyle is talking about.
Universal jurisdiction for war crimes.
Crimes against humanity.
And by the way, that little trick about having your bioweapons factories in territories, not countries?
Ukraine, Taiwan are territories, not countries.
They were not signatory to this bioweapons treaty.
So what happened?
Our government, of course, put their bioweapons factories in the territories to try and avoid the application of this law, and they got caught.
Putin already rolled over them in Donbass and one of them that he captured was owned by what?
That's a company owned by Hunter Biden.
They are all going down, Korea.
Well, I certainly hope so.
Alex just posted Dr. John Campbell covering a recent FOI or FOIA in the United States.
that came out of Australia where our Therapeutic Goods Administration knew long before mandates
that the lipid nanoparticle was not staying in the injection site and that it was basically
taking over the whole body going to vital organs. So in my opinion our Therapeutic
Goods Administration and the head of it at the time really really needs to be put on trial.
And I mean serious, serious criminal charges.