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Name: 20240623_Sun_Alex
Air Date: June 23, 2024
1500 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics including conflict between Russia and Ukraine, federal agents' involvement in information warfare, the upcoming election, fear-mongering surrounding immigration, climate change, mass shootings, and the priorities of the mainstream media. He emphasizes the importance of addressing real issues and taking responsibility for our actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jones encourages his audience to support InfoWars by purchasing products from their respective websites.

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Sunday Night!
June 23rd.
We're live.
I'm Alex Jones.
Dr. David Martin founded MCAM in 1998.
MCAM was hired by the U.S.
government to civilianize military technologies so that they can be exported in accordance to the international traffic and arms regulations and to provide a mechanism where banks could get credit for intangible assets such as patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.
This contract allowed David Martin the ability to witness criminal preparations years before 2020.
So my company was about civilianizing technology so that it could be exported.
That got us into a bunch of places where we got to see biological and chemical weapons labs around the world.
We are watching in real time as people file patents, as people get grants, as people do collaborations, as corporations get involved in illicit activities.
In 1990, Pfizer filed the first patent on a vaccine for coronavirus.
Going into 2000, 2001, a very interesting problem happened and that was that Ralph Baric figured out how to modify a component of the protein associated with coronavirus And he actually made it into something that would target heart tissue.
The whole reason for SARS 1.0 and the whole reason for the anthrax attack was to get commercial liability protections at the cost of civil liberties.
Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
The October 21, 2014 letter Directed from NIAID, that's Anthony Fauci's program, to Sherry Settle.
Sherry Settle, at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Ralph Baric's program administrator, was told that the gain-of-function studies that he was doing We're actually subject to the gain-of-function moratorium.
As your grant is currently funded, this pause is voluntary.
This was published February 12, 2016.
A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype.
We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues.
Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.
There is a very, very, very clear statement that says, WIV-1 is poised for human emergence.
Alex, you want to guess what WIV-1 is in 2016?
It's the Wuhan Institute of Virology Virus-1.
That paper was published at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
Not in Wuhan, China.
And in 2018 and 2019, a very bizarre thing happened.
The United States government reclaimed the patent from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the Department of Health and Human Services at the National Institutes of Health took that UNC Chapel Hill patent on infectious replication defective coronavirus And reclaim title and interest to it.
We changed the definition of an adverse event following vaccination in 2018 and 2019 so that legally there was no adverse event.
If you got the shot and fell over dead, that was not an adverse event.
They said on September 18th, 2019, that by September 20, Of 2020, the world would accept a universal vaccine.
They said that there was going to be an accidental or deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.
They knew it was deadly.
They knew it was going to kill people.
The motivation was, we have a commercially interested group of sociopaths who want to make money while killing people.
That's the bottom line.
This is when it stops being fun.
This is when it gets hard.
This is the Valley Forge.
And we've got a long campaign in front of us.
What I would highly advise, and I've advised this everywhere I go, get used to using cash and make sure you have a lot of it on hand.
And where do we go after this?
Well, it's very simple.
Start depositing goodwill all over the place.
We actually have the ability right now to actually change our behavior.
Start living and treating each other with decency.
Start doing things where the community and the humanity that we actually manifest is something that people look at and go, I want more of that, more than I want the fear, more than I want the tyranny, more than I want the control.
Because it turns out that the only way the globalists win is if you give in to fear.
That is the only way they win.
So don't worry.
They can't take what you don't give them.
So don't give them anything.
We, the people, can say no.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, folks.
It's Sunday night, June 23rd, 2024.
We have massive news on so many fronts.
We're enjoying a bunch of stations coming up in 60 seconds.
Please stay with us and tell folks to him Infowars the most banned network in the world
134 days to the election.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com frontline report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I'm going to be here for the next two hours, live, unfiltered, and then Chase Geiser for another two hours, 6 to 8 p.m.
Sunday night, live, ahead of tomorrow morning, 8 a.m.
on the InfoWars Network.
Harrison Smith, American Journal, then I'm back at 11 a.m.
Central, then 3 p.m.
Eastern, 4 p.m.
Eastern, 3 p.m.
Central, Owen Schroer with The War Room.
All right, folks.
Again, every show has a ton of news and important information, but today is even more insane than usual.
About a month ago, you know that the Pentagon and NATO announced that they're going to start delivering heavy cruise missiles and long-range cruise missiles and ballistic missiles to Ukraine.
And the head of NATO, Stoltenberg, admitted what the Russians said months ago was true, that the United States and NATO crews are running those missile emplacements.
So today, five Atacam ballistic missiles were fired into Crimea, into the main seaport there, and targeted the beach, where people were laying out at the beach and reportedly killed masses of people.
The Russians say they don't know yet, they vow there'll be major Counter-strikes because of this, and this is obviously meant to poke the Russians, poke the bear into a wider escalation.
So the United States is running these crews and is now firing ballistic missiles, heavy missiles, big missiles.
And of course, it's being reported that Russia blames the United States, but now the West is admitting that indeed these were Western missiles that did this.
They've got crazy headlines out of places like Yahoo, why it's too late to stop World War 3.
Big article, top of Yahoo, that says, hey, it's no big deal.
We're going to have a total war with Russia and China, so get ready for the national draft.
Very, very interesting.
It just says this is the way it is.
Russia says the U.S.
is responsible for deadly Ukrainian attack on Crimea.
Ukrainian attack 'ems, that's Western attack 'ems, blow up over Crimea beach forcing sunbathers to flee as Russia
claims five kill.
That's all numbers now they're saying it's a heavy loss of life.
And then RT's own headline, Ukraine kills civilians in Crimea with US supplied missiles.
Ukraine attacks with US.
supplied missiles.
It's not Ukraine, it's the West, folks.
Again, George Soros, eight years ago, went on, Farid Zarkaria, who played it probably a hundred times, on CNN and said, oh, the West has overthrown their government, we're in a war with Russia, and it's gonna turn into a full war.
Meanwhile, Russia opens terror probe after attacks on synagogues, Orthodox churches, priests, and five police, no, six police killed in attacks there in the eastern region of Russia.
Gunmen fire on targets in Russia's Dagestan region.
Six police killed.
Police and six law enforcement officers killed in attacks on synagogues and church in Russia's Dagestan.
And again, here's the attack on missiles that the West is firing at the Russians,
the MGM 140.
Attack them with cluster bombs!
And here's Russia's statement.
Today at 12.15, a terrorist missile strike by five U.S.-made ATACMS operational tactical missiles equipped with cluster warheads was deliberately delivered at Sevastopol.
The alert air defense units intercepted four of the U.S.-made ATACMS missiles.
The explosions of the fragmentation warhead of the fifth U.S.-made missile in the air led to a high number of casualties among peaceful residents.
The American specialists input all flight tasks in the U.S.-made ATACMS operational tactical missiles on the basis of data from U.S.
satellite reconnaissance.
This is why Washington is mostly responsible for deliberate missile strike at peaceful residence of Sevastopol by delivering this weaponry to Ukraine as well as Kiev regime for the territory of which the strike was launched.
Such actions are not going to be left unanswered.
You say off to the races?
Here's another one.
Ukraine begins using German weapons to strike Russian territory, reports the major publication in Germany, Bild.
So we've got a lot on that news.
Terror in Russia, government opens fire at synagogues and churches.
That's just some of the news that we'll be getting more into here today.
Now, I'm just going to go over what we're covering.
I'm going to drill more into this.
But Maxine Waters has been running around like a ferret on PCP and methamphetamine saying that imminent, we got the clip coming up, imminent attacks are coming from Trump supporters, white supremacist training at quote forest bases.
She's been saying this for four months.
He's constantly running around saying it with no evidence that Trump supporters are planning terror attacks.
Now remember, the FBI already hatched the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot four years ago, then they manipulated and staged January 6th.
So this is clear pre-programming with 134 days left.
I'll put it on screen, the number of days left.
I think it's 134, isn't it?
With 134 days left until the election, there it is, 134 days, 7 hours, 47 minutes, 16 seconds, and they are just pre-programming, oh my gosh, imminent white supremacist terror attacks.
Joe Biden's put out a national security memorandum directing the Homeland Security System, not just the FBI, not just the Justice Department, the Pentagon as well, that the number one terror threat is white supremacy in June of 2021, three years ago.
And now they are in overdrive, hyping this.
It's not hard to say 2 plus 2 equals 4.
When they are hyping this, everywhere.
Civil War, mass death, Trump supporters are going to launch all this violence.
You know they're getting ready to stage it.
Why, if we're winning hearts and minds everywhere, and all these globalist minions are rats leaving a sinking ship, why on earth would conservatives, who statistically have the lowest crime rate of anybody out there, Go out and randomly attack black people like Maxine Waters is saying.
Well, the answer is it's not true.
You're about to see Oklahoma City 2.0, which we know was staged by the feds.
And if you haven't researched that, you should look into it.
A lot of books, a lot of films made.
It's just overwhelming.
It's just incredible how staged it was.
And the very same people running the Justice Department today were mid-level back under the Clintons in 1995 when that happened.
So here's the deal.
We have Andrew Cuomo coming out and saying the persecution of Trump is wrong.
We have Judge Judy saying it's wrong, just last day or two.
We have Bill Maher.
And I'm going to stop there.
We've got so many clips People distancing themselves from what's been done to Trump, the American people, that we could fill the next two hours with it.
But just in the last 48 hours, we have Cuomo, Bill Maher, Judge Judy, and a bunch of others and CNN analysts coming out saying this is wrong because the public didn't buy it, it backfired.
So instead you've got Maxine Waters telling you What they're going to do.
You know, a good boxer will faint like they're going to hit you with their right and they hit you with their left.
Or they'll move to the right thinking you'll move to the right and then they'll move to the left.
This is not a faint.
They are not running around hyping imminent white supremacist terror attacks for no reason.
Their entire fake cosmology is built on it.
We know the past MO, they'll find mentally ill people, they'll give them money, they'll give them drugs, they'll hop them up, get them to at least say they're going to commit violence before they get more money.
They came out in two of the three trials that ended in mistrials or folks being set free.
They finally got one jury that would convict some of the so-called militia that four years ago was a bunch of homeless people, potheads, weren't even military people.
If you study the case, it's incredible.
And of the 10 leaders of the militia, It was less than 100 people.
Eight of them were FBI, including the leader.
And in the FBI recordings...
That they got forced to hand over during the trial.
Well, in one case, they deleted them, but then when they still turned in the hard drive, the defense was able to do a recapture program where it's actually still on the hard drive and got the full recordings where, I don't want to kidnapper!
I don't want to hurt anybody!
I just want some more weed!
I'll give you $10,000 once you go and at least stay outside our house for the night, and we're going to do a drill that you're going to kidnapper.
I don't want to!
I'll break your legs if you don't do it.
So, they literally found 80 IQ morons.
I mean, that's confirmed.
I mean, all of the so-called militia members were homeless morons.
And I'm not trying to be mean, but you guys just showed, for TV viewers, a clip of some of them.
I mean, you look at them, you know that they're inbred, folks.
These are hillbillies.
And I don't mean that mean.
A bunch of the Muslims are inbred, British royal family's inbred.
It's a problem.
And there are some inbred people in Michigan, just like there are in Texas or Alabama.
You know, not most folks, but sometimes you go to a small town and you go, whoa, what's going on here?
I mean, these boys are inbred.
And they literally found 80 IQ that came out in the court.
One of them had like a 75 IQ.
That's retarded, okay?
They literally found retarded people.
And then gave them in one case, one guy got a hundred grand, but most of them got over 20 grand.
And again, the recordings are, I just want some weed.
I just want to buy some liquor.
No one ever planned to go kidnapper.
So that's on one end.
Where you don't just do like Jesse Smollett and claim you go out at 2.30 and you get a Subway sandwich and 23 below zero and guys show up and dump bleach on you and beat you up and say this is modern country.
Of course that was fake.
And the cops show up and he's got a string around his neck.
It was a fake cut on his face, lipstick.
And the cops are like, okay, this isn't real.
Sometimes they just make stuff up.
But most of the time, the feds go out and they provocateur Complete morons to talk about what they're going to do.
And then sometimes they find real crazies that will actually do it.
And then, it's a minority of the time, but it's the biggest attacks.
Like Oklahoma City in 9-11, the feds staged the whole damn thing.
And then magically find not one, but two of the passports within 48 hours in the dust.
Remember, millions of papers everywhere, more than millions, five feet of dust, all these blown up buildings.
And then look, sir, we found two of their passports in the rubble.
You believe that?
So, I don't think they're going to leave this up to idiots.
They try to wind up.
They're called wind up toys.
Like you wind up a toy and then it got like a little monkey or something and it beats the two cymbals together and walks across the table, or you wind up the little turtle toy and it goes across the floor, or you wind up a little boat and it goes around the bathtub for your three-year-old.
That's a wind-up toy.
I don't think we're gonna get wind-up toys in the next 134 days.
I think we're gonna get Oklahoma City's.
I think we're gonna get 9-11's.
And again, it's not a hard guess.
Because you see all the pre-programming and preparation.
I hope and I pray, by talking about this and by discussing this, that we can, you know, have eyes on this.
And most of the Feds aren't involved, and I'm not trying to kiss their asses, they're compartmentalized.
99% of the Feds are not involved in false flags.
The same special unit they used for the fake Governor Whitmer kidnapping, ran January 6th, that came out in court.
It'd probably be that same unit if I had to guess.
They have so many problems with that unit, though.
Like, one guy beat up his wife at a swinger party and broke her nose, and another guy was caught mezzling money.
So, you know, these are criminals.
They're not high-functioning.
Even the higher IQ ones, they have big problems.
So, 99% of the feds are not part of this.
And I just say that because we need them to leak information, see information, expose information to James O'Keefe or to Tucker Carlson or to myself.
In fact, don't just send your tip to one person.
We're all very busy with my message.
Send it to Joe Rogan.
Send it to everybody through whatever system you want.
But if you think something's important, maybe you turn out being wrong.
Better safe than sorry.
If you see something, and you're a federal agent, and it looks like the deep state's about to stage something, if you see something, say something.
Look, I know the federal government's super corrupt, but the times they've tried to set me up the last six, seven years, with all sorts of crazy things, I just call the FBI up, I send them letters, I go in and talk to them, Because when you go into your local FBI, that's not the same one that's trying to set you up on a DC.
Now let's go, hey, I know your bosses are doing this.
Here's the information.
I'm not part of this.
I'm on record.
Got it?
And what that does is it basically cancels out, it conflicts out what the special units are doing.
I don't bring up the Feds to lionize them here.
I bring them up because they're a key component.
And I can tell you, the globalists have got more surveillance on Feds times a hundred than private citizens.
Because that's who they're worried about.
And let's not just talk about the Feds.
90% of this intelligence operation is run out of private companies.
And you know who you are out there.
And so, if you see something, say something.
Or we're going to lose the country.
I mean, it's really that simple.
And that goes to the general public as well.
I mean, you see anything weird, anything that doesn't make sense, you need to go yourself and shoot a video on X. And just say, hey, I'm not exactly sure what this is, but it looks suspicious.
And I'm telling you, the globalists see a bunch of that, which is already happening, that will make them back off.
And then they'll just try a cyber attack because they can deny who did that, or a race war or something like that, which is bad enough, but we don't want Oklahoma City to all the idiots, and it's mainly their provocateurs, that I see online going, Alex Jones is a wimp!
He doesn't want to shoot war with the feds while we'll kick all their asses!
The globalists want a shooting war.
We're winning politically.
We're winning culturally.
Killing a bunch of feds does not do anything to stop the New World Order.
It helps it.
Having a civil war that's being hyped everywhere like, oh the South will kick the ass of the North this time!
The globalists win in a civil war.
We're winning culturally, economically, spiritually.
The last thing we want is violence, folks.
And I know most of you know that, but my God, I still see it out there.
And half the time you follow back the account, it's some, you know, sock puppet Fed Democrat group.
Boy, you're not much of a man, are you?
Why don't you just blow up a police station?
That's what the Democrats and the left do.
That's not what we do.
This is our government.
We're taking it back.
We're going to downsize it massively.
But the government is not the enemy.
The government is hijacked at the top.
And I know most of you fully understand that better than I. I'm just talking to the minority out there who could be manipulated right now.
I mean, I remember The militia that they indicted a bunch that also was then found not guilty later.
Atari militia, remember them?
And I saw one of their videos.
And I said, that's produced by the Feds.
And it turned out it was produced by the Feds.
They're standing there like Saddam Hussein as a dictator with guys behind him with machine guns.
And they're talking about all this stuff they're going to do and I'm like, That's a production.
That's feds.
And they went on the air and were like, Alex Jones is a fed.
He's saying that we're feds.
He's the fed.
Yeah, right.
So, I cannot stress enough, and I know I'm beating a dead horse here, it's just that most people are like, yeah, we know this.
We've been here 18 times.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to people out there that have not had the feds try to set them up.
When I was younger, I'm not going to tell the stories that would take an hour, but many times, hey, why don't you come out to our farm and do some shooting?
And the few times I did it, we're trained to take on the government.
I'd take one look at the guys' cars, look in their cars, see they were feds, and I'd confront them and I'd leave.
But a bunch of other stuff happened too.
Like I'd be at a book signing or a film signing 15, 16, 17 years ago at Alamo Draft House, a movie theater.
And there'd be a guy walk in and go, Alex, I got a bomb in my car.
I want to blow up the police station.
What do you think?
And I'm just like, uh, pull a camera.
I got this guy's face.
The guy leaves and we get out the parking lot and he's driving an unmarked police car.
I mean, just give me a break.
Please, please.
The bullets I'm shooting are informational, and they're very effective.
90% of war, look it up, is informational now.
Hell, it's probably higher than that.
The Pentagon said a decade ago it's 90%.
I'd say it's 95% information now.
So again, all this talk about, well, when I see the blue helmets, it's when the war starts.
They're not coming with blue helmets.
They're coming with black rock regulators to turn off our energy and brainwash our kids and secretly teach your five-year-old how to cut their penis off.
I mean, did you see, and I meant to cover this last week, the doctor in Texas, where they had kids as young as seven secretly having their breasts and genitals cut off?
He exposed a crime under state law, and then now the feds have indicted him?
The guy's a hero!
That's real war, people, is being a doctor in a hospital where they're mutilating children and going public.
Let them charge him with HIPAA violation.
He released the names of the kids.
He exposed pre-existing crimes happening.
And if the crimes get exposed, that's it for the New World Order.
The real soldier... I meant to give this guy attention and talk about him, but I never got to it last week.
Print that for me.
Just type in Texas doctor charged, Texas doctor facing prison for exposing illegal sex change surgeries.
I mean, it's just, it's massive.
That's what we need.
We need information warfare.
And yeah, you might get attacked for it.
I mean, the point is though, that's how you win.
You know, the doctor will get off, you know, he'll get pardoned.
You know, he just saved a bunch of children's lives.
So don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't think about this.
As a military operation.
Here's the converse of it, or the inverse of it, or a parallel to it.
Swalwell famously said, we're going to take all your guns, we try to fight, we'll drop nuclear weapons on you.
Now, nuclear weapons blow up whole cities.
The cities are mainly blue.
So, they kill their own people.
You don't use nuclear weapons to take people's guns.
The U.S.
had nuclear weapons and Vietnam couldn't take their guns.
So see how dumb militarily Swallowsville sounds, who doesn't know basic military systems and methodology?
Well, it's just as dumb to say, I'm going to kill the Blue Helmets.
You're never going to see Blue Helmets, folks.
They're not going to come like that.
They're going to legalize illegal aliens being military and police.
They're going to make it illegal for your free speech and then come after you that way.
Our criminal government created the U.N.
All right, I'm going to shift gears.
I'm going to come back with the Maxine Waters Club, get into all this, and then rats leaving the sinking ship.
All these top Democrats coming out now basically admitting Trump's going to win.
Trump now in major polls is set to win by massive numbers.
All swing states, including Minnesota.
It's all coming out of Alex Jones.
Stay with it.
*Sigh* Deep State's planned terror attacks to blame on us.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Or you're mine.
And they don't want us on air ahead of this to warn the people.
They're desperate.
They don't want us on air when they carry it out.
They'll have to have an internet kill switch in place.
Basically kill all other major media and websites and only force you to government sites to keep us quiet.
They failed.
We got backups.
We're ready.
We've been busy little beavers.
But I mentioned Waters.
It's just the latest.
But basically all the Democrats are saying this.
They're worried Trump's going to be violent.
He's going to kill people.
Trump's the anti-war guy.
Trump's the businessman.
Trump didn't do anything to them during four years of persecution.
They're the ones doing all this, and then they're everywhere saying, secret militias are training in the woods.
They're gonna kill black people.
Come on, you know what that means.
They are souping up and preparing the groups to attack black people.
And I've been saying that for years, the last few years, before they started the hype.
Because I could see the National Security Directive getting the FBI ready.
The number one terror threat in America is white people that are going to kill black people.
The statistics show the opposite of that.
The rarest thing in America is an Asian killing somebody.
And when they do, it's other Asians.
Look it up.
What's the next rarest thing?
A white person killing a black person.
White people actually kill quite a few folks.
They mainly kill white people.
It's like Hispanics kill a lot of people.
They mainly kill Hispanics.
People they know.
People they're pissed off at.
Black folks, it's just the statistics.
They're the number one threat to black folks, they're the number one threat to other people, and it's a very small minority of black males doing it, but they're responsible for 60% of the violent crime in America.
About 1% of the population is responsible for close to 60%, and that's black males 24 and under.
I'm sorry, it's a fact.
Can't deny it.
Don't blame most black people for it.
But when you sit there and you constantly hear white people are the number one terror threat, it is ridiculous.
But they're gonna make it true.
So you gotta ask yourself, what are they planning right now?
There isn't a Trump supporter in his right mind who wants to go kill some black people.
If anything, you go to a Trump rally and you're black and you're carried around on folks' shoulders.
And everybody knows that.
Just pay attention.
So I want to play you Maxine Waters.
I don't want to get into why they're so scared.
Here she is.
How concerned are you, Congresswoman, about your safety if Donald Trump is re-elected?
Well, I'm very concerned, not only about my safety, and not only about the safety of members of Congress, I'm concerned about the safety of so many people in this country, particularly people of color.
Donald Trump has said That if he does not win, it's going to be fraud.
And because it's going to be fraud, there's going to be blood in the streets.
He threatens about a civil war, and he threatens there's going to be violence.
So I say all of this talk is motivational with many of those who are racist, who are sitting at home listening to him, and they're taking him up on his threats even before the elections take place.
And so it's about Thousands, maybe millions of people, you know, being threatened and being at risk because of Donald Trump and his desire to wreak revenge on anything and everybody.
All right, that's enough.
It goes on.
It goes on for five minutes.
I'm not going to subject everybody to it.
You want the full clip?
There's an article on Infowars.com with Maxine Waters.
There will be violence and more killings if Trump wins election.
Notice she called him Donald Threat.
And then she said, he's promised blood in the streets.
He said, if U.S.
car companies move their car companies to Mexico to build electric cars, he's going to put a 100% tariff on it, and there's going to be a bloodbath.
That's a corporate term for insolvency and bankruptcy.
And you look up what definition of bloodbath, and it's The first definition is corporate collapse.
So, she's mixing all this in here.
Trump's trying to keep jobs in America?
That's going to kill black people.
What the hell does that even mean?
If you look at factory workers, for high-skilled folks, who's the second largest group working in car factories?
It's black people.
So in reality, Trump is trying to get jobs in U.S.
factories, and she turns that into he's gonna kill black people.
I mean, show us a clip, Maxine, where he threatened a bloodbath.
Didn't do it.
The quote is, you move our car companies to Mexico with U.S.
subsidies for electric cars, and I get elected, I will put 100% tariff on you, and there'll be a bloodbath.
It's like when Macron put a bunch of Tariffs on our stuff.
And Trump called him and said, fine, I'm putting a 100% tariff on wine tomorrow.
He called back three minutes later and said, we're done.
We're not going to do it.
Definition of bloodbath.
Informal, a period of disastrous loss of or reversal.
A few mutual funds performed well in the general bloodbath of the stock market.
That's the bloodbath.
I'm not like the media, the corporate media, that tells you something and doesn't show it.
Guys, pull up Trump bloodbath, Trump electric car bloodbath.
Just type in Trump electric car bloodbath, but let's just show it to people for new viewers.
Oh my God, this woman is such a liar.
So, that's where we are, but here's the latest exclusive.
New docs from disbanded DHS Deep State group reveal the Biden administration views Trump supporters as domestic terror threats.
And today's America First legal has sued, and just got the documents last week, where the Biden administration is secretly training DHS that if you're a Trump supporter, you are a terrorist, or if you're religious, you are a terrorist, or quote, in the military, overhead shot, you are a terrorist.
These are quotes from the document.
You cannot make this up.
You're in the military, you're religious, you're a domestic violent extremist, if you support Trump.
And what came out last week in Congress?
There's a loyalty test at the FBI going on for three years.
We just learned about it last week.
I could tell you it was going on.
I could see it.
Not as critical race theory, not as transgenderism, not all that crap.
That's bad enough.
Asking FBI agents, anybody that works the FBI, did you support Trump?
What is it your business?
You can vote for who you want.
Did you support Trump in the last election or in 2016?
And are you pro-gun?
So these are loyalty tests, folks.
And they're getting ready for this right now.
Then we've got this clip.
Michigan State Senator Jim Rundstad is furious today after Democrats passed a bill that changes a 70-year-old law and prevents the Board of Canvassers from investigating election fraud.
Think they're getting ready to try to steal it again?
They're trying to make it illegal to question it.
Trump, resurgent.
Joe Biden's fundraising lead vanishes.
Biden campaign reportedly despondent.
So Biden was three to one ahead of Trump until the conviction.
And now Trump's raised $800 million in 23 days.
One trick pony.
Biden blames Trump for everything, accepts responsibility for nothing.
Trump's no tax on tips movement exploding.
LGBTQ Dems of Maryland leader caught in child predator sting.
Trying to rape a 14 year old boy.
And then Sanders gets up on TV and goes, Donald Trump is getting money from the billionaires.
He's funded by the rich people.
No, Trump's gotten record small donations and over 90% of his donations are smaller than $50.
By the way, they found the clip of Trump's bloodbath comment.
Here it is.
Mexico has taken over a period of 30 years, 34% of the automobile manufacturing business in our country.
Think of it.
Went to Mexico.
China now is building a couple of massive plants where they're going to build the cars in Mexico and think, they think, that they're going to sell those cars into the United States with no tax at the border.
Let me tell you something to China.
If you're listening, President Xi, and you and I are friends, but he understands the way I deal.
Those big monster car manufacturing plants that you're building in Mexico right now, and you think you're going to get that, you're going to not hire Americans, and you're going to sell the cars to us?
We're going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you're not going to be able to sell those cars.
If I get elected, Now, if I don't get elected, it's gonna be a bloodbath for the whole... That's gonna be the least of it.
It's gonna be a bloodbath for the country.
That'll be the least of it.
But they're not gonna sell those cars.
They're building massive factories.
A friend of mine... So... That's what he said.
A bloodbath for the car industry.
So... We have... CNN host, ABC host, CBS host, We have Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York.
We have Bill Maher.
We have Judge Judy.
All these Democrats coming out and saying we should have left Trump alone.
This needs to stop.
Now, why are they doing that?
Because they know that even New Jersey is in play to go Trump now.
The landslide's so big.
Real polls, he's 20 plus points ahead nationwide.
But battlegrounds are key.
He's 13 to 15 points ahead in those.
There's more polls out Friday on that, two days ago.
And so, they're in complete panic mode.
And Americans love an underdog, and they love somebody who isn't a criminal, who the media keeps telling them is criminals.
And we watch the establishment commit all these crimes, do all these terrible things, and then point their finger at Trump, or myself, or other people, and try to throw us in prison.
It just doesn't work!
Americans are smarter than the system gives them credit.
I'll be honest with you.
Americans have been asleep, Americans have been decadent, myself included, Americans have been lazy.
But Americans are not pussies.
And when you mess with us enough, and you bully us enough, strangely, we don't start bowing down at that.
We're like, alright, alright.
Okay, if you want to fight, you're going to get one, politically.
That's the smart way to do this.
But the system tries to bully me all the time, as you know.
And it is a pleasure to be persecuted to fight these people.
It's not a, it's not like, oh, I'm tough, I can take it.
No, I like it.
And I'll talk more about that in a moment.
But since I mentioned it, oh, there's another clip too.
I forgot to send the crew, but they're grabbing it right now.
It's up on it.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Oh, it's ready.
We'll get to that first.
MSNBC's twisted take on illegal alien killings goes viral.
Even Elon Musk weighs in.
There's several clips actually where they make jokes and laugh about raped people and dead people.
I mean, this is getting insane.
This is, this is, this is out of control.
MSNBC hosts make joke and laugh About illegal aliens raping a little girl.
Guys, I meant to send you that clip, this one's another clip of them making jokes.
Just send it, I don't know why we don't, maybe it's on my list, I missed it, but it's just a clip where, from Friday, headline, Democrats laugh about girl raped by illegal in New York.
And then you found this other one too, so good.
That's the problem here, there's like too much, I'm like a dog in a butcher shop, I mean these people are crazy.
So let's get to these, these Bill Maher clubs.
So Bill Maher asked how the heck Biden is ahead of Trump in the polls when he lost 14 points among Hispanics, 43 points among black voters, under 50 favorability and among student debt holders.
Because a lot of polls are scientific.
You look at the company, the methodology, you have to read the methodology how they did it.
So in the scientific polls, he's 20 points ahead nationwide, 13, 15, depending where you're at.
In the battleground states, you can't override that with fraud.
Not enough dead people get that job done.
And at the same time, You've got all these other weird little polls they do where they're showing Biden ahead of Trump.
And you look at the methodology, there's no methodology.
They just claim it.
So Bill Maher goes, well, how is Trump getting double the support on average he got just three and a half years ago in these other polls with blacks and women and Hispanics?
And then how now is Biden still ahead?
There's only so many people.
That's a fraud!
And then he talks to Cuomo about the criminal conviction, and Cuomo says, yeah, it's total crap.
But Fox News is always the Judas Goat.
Remember Fox News was the group that in 2020 declared, before the polls were even close to closing, that Biden was the winner of Arizona.
And so, where are the fake polls coming from?
Fox News.
You keep your friends close, your enemies closer.
Fox News is there to keep conservatives close, so they can stab you in the back at the right time.
But first, here's Bill Maher.
And the full clip is on Infowars.com if you want to see it.
I'm not going to play the whole thing, but Maher audience silenced after Andrew Cuomo admits to New York City Trump trials should have never happened.
We'll play that secondarily.
First, here is Bill Maher on the polls not making sense.
45% of Hispanic voters prefer Biden compared to 39% for Trump.
Last time he won, 59%.
That was 2020.
So he's lost 14 points there.
He went to Morehouse.
He said, what is democracy if you have to be 10 times better than anyone else to get a fair shot?
That seemed like pandering to me.
Black voters under 50.
He led by 80 points in 2020, now by 37, still a lot, but he's lost 43 points off the key constituency, student loans.
He's forgiven $144 billion in student loans.
Only 36% of student debt holders like it.
I mean, if you can't win the people you're pandering to.
I mean, I get it.
Politics is somewhat about pandering.
That's not even an insult.
You're supposed to do what people want to a certain degree, also be a leader.
But if you're not winning these groups, and he's lost 8% off women since 2020.
And yet I read in the polls, he pulled ahead this week.
Explain that to me.
The trial in New York, the one he got convicted for.
Was the greatest fundraising bonanza ever.
He's now, he was lagging behind Biden and now he's pulled quite a bit ahead.
That trial was the greatest reason people had to send their checks for 5, 10, 25, whatever dollars to Donald Trump.
So I was always with you on the one in New York, the hush money trial.
I don't think they should have brought that one.
It was just always going to look like a sex case and people were always just going to look at it that way.
That case, the Attorney General's case in New York, frankly, should have never been brought.
And if his name was not Donald Trump, and if he wasn't running for president from the former AG in New York, I'm telling you that case would have never been brought.
And that's what is offensive to people.
And it should be.
Because if there's anything left, it's belief in the justice system.
So, Cuomo and Maher are not doing this as good people.
They know The majority of America supports Trump.
And they know no amount of election fraud is going to fix this.
So they're getting on the right side of history, they think.
So this is rats leaving a sinking ship.
Here's Judge Judy.
I would be happier, as someone who owns property in Manhattan, if the District Attorney of New York County would take care of criminals who are making it impossible for citizens to walk in the streets and use the subway, to use his efforts to keep those people off the street, than to spend $5 million or $10 million of taxpayers' money trying Donald Trump on this nonsense.
That's my view.
But I, as a taxpayer in this country, resent using the system for your own personal self-aggrandizement.
Now, if you didn't know... And that's what you think the DA did in Manhattan?
That's what I think.
I mean, if you look, he had to twist yourself into a pretzel to figure out what the crime was.
He doesn't like him.
New York City didn't like him for a while.
What do you think of Donald Trump?
What do I think of him?
I think he was A good businessman, a real estate guy, and he was certainly terrific on The Apprentice.
Alright, here's a couple clips of Joy Reid on MSNBC and some of the other hosts just absolutely behaving disgustingly about the illegal alien crime wave, where all over the world they're dumping their criminals on us.
So here's Joy Reid making jokes about Little girls being raped, and then we've got other clips of them making jokes about dead people.
Here it is.
But there's a lot of fear-mongering.
There's a lot of fear-mongering, absolutely.
And I think it's kind of remarkable that the polls I look at, the national polls, actually Americans still support immigrants.
They support immigration.
It's just that they would like to see a system that actually works and that can keep them safe and secure.
And all of us want that.
And you know, I've been working on this issue for 20 years, since before I came to Congress, in the streets as an activist.
Let me show you, this is one of the reasons that people have this sort of thinking.
Here's the three cable networks reporting on this.
Our banner said, soon Biden announces legal protections for undocumented spouses via citizens.
CNN's banner said, Biden announces new protections for some undocumented spouses.
Here was Fox's banner, migrant arrested for raping 13-year-old New York City.
And so I think that's part of the problem, right?
Is that you have a lot of fearmongering.
And we know that when people have economic insecurity...
What do you tell the parents of those people, those young girls who were killed?
This is absurd.
The preponderance of these people, Michael, are male.
But what is the difference between an illegal immigrant who, unfortunately, engages in that activity... And we don't like that, I want to be clear.
We don't use the term illegal.
Undocumented individuals.
That's sweet.
They're illegal aliens.
Undocumented individuals.
Versus anyone else who commits the same crime.
The point is, is they're dumping their criminals on us, and they're disproportionately committing crimes, and they keep getting deported for the crimes, coming back and doing it again.
But let's go back to Joy Reid.
You know, in the last year, she's worn that Trump wig on her head, cultural appropriation, which I think is fine.
She wants to wear blonde hair on her head, that's fine, but now she's gone with the bald head look.
Which is, I guess, the most trendy thing to do, and she's dumped the wig because she got so much criticism for it.
It's just absolutely ridiculous.
All right, here's the deal.
I've got 15 stacks of news.
I've covered five of them.
We're going to start the next hour here in a few minutes, and I'm going to come back and cover everything that I haven't gotten to yet on so many incredible fronts, including the election, And what they're going to try to do to Trump.
And then hero doctors, not just here but in Europe, being arrested for exposing illegal actions, castrating little boys.
Doctor can face up to 10 years in prison for exposing transgender child mutilation at Texas Hospital.
I'm going to hit that.
And so much more coming up next hour.
But here's the bottom line.
I can't fight the globalists without you.
And I'm more than happy to sell my farm I had and put it in to keep it in force on the air.
And I'm more than happy that I sold my house to do it.
And I'm more than happy.
But I'm up against the wall.
I'm out of money.
And Infowars is out of money.
And we've got a path to stay on air.
You've seen them try to shut us down.
They admitted it now.
First few weeks, oh, we're not trying to do that.
They're like, yeah, we want to shut down right now.
So it's simple.
Without getting into a long story and explaining it all, I'll do that on a later show.
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Please stay with us.
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Hour number two, Sunday live with Alejandro Jones.
(upbeat music)
From Tifidardo, Texas.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, there's a great Scottish broadcaster I've been aware of for five years.
I don't know why we haven't got him on yet, but I want him on ASAP.
Neil Oliver's been making the rounds on Big Podcast.
He's done a great job exposing what's happening with the tyranny of the poison shots and more.
And there's a couple clips I want to play.
He also talks about the fact that we've got to stay focused on the globalists and how they're been committing these crimes.
Because as patriots, we're not victims.
We move on from an attack.
Because that's what we do.
But we've got to understand exposing the old attack will stop the next attack.
We've got to keep hammering how many they've killed with these shots.
Here's the clips.
And so there is a big appetite out there to forget and move on.
But I think it's absolutely beholden on people like us to say no.
There's a stage we've got to go through.
And it's owning up, taking responsibility, accepting responsibility and acknowledging What was done?
I mean, many people, you know, Jordan Peterson's and many other people out there have said that in the West, we all grew up in the in the second half of the 20th century or whatever, believing when we watched the movies that we would have joined the French resistance, that we would have that we would have sheltered our neighbours, that we would have been the heroes.
You know, that was the way everyone was invited to think.
That was the vicarious thrill of those maverick characters that were invited to worship on Celluloid.
But the Covid experience showed so many people that actually, actually, when the single choice of their generation came down the line at them, they were Gestapo.
They were ready to don the uniform and kick the doors in.
And I think that's an incredibly difficult realisation for people.
When the choice was finally there, when we were being sorted, you know, when that sorting of people was going on, so many people went the wrong way.
And there's an enormous reckoning that has to be lived up to and lived through and accepted.
And unless and until that happens, people like me are going to keep on banging on and banging on and saying, no, we got there.
It's all on record.
What you did, what you said.
And the extent to which Covid was simply used as a tool to open a door to bring in this technological revolution which leads to a digital archipelago.
We can see it.
It's plain.
It's evident and clear.
And, you know, as long as it's incumbent upon enough of us just to... Because it doesn't take everyone.
It's incumbent that there just be enough of us that say, no, we remember exactly what happened, who said what, and the consequences that apply.
Everything that the people, all of the inducements to be law-abiding, peaceful citizens is being taken away.
And what do I get in return?
You're going to get a digital ID.
You're going to get central bank digital currencies.
You're going to live in 15 minute cities.
You know, you're going to have your, we'll tell you what to eat.
Your, your currency will be programmable.
So we'll have complete moment to moment in real time control of everything you do, everything you want to do.
Now that's a heck of a gamble for, for a very narrow group of people to take with billions of people because there's nothing in it for the people.
There's nothing in it for them.
And I think, I think they have fumbled the ball.
I think that's where there's hope.
Because not 50%, not 51% of the people have realised that and would do anything about it.
But history shows that it never requires, it only takes 5% or 10% of people to cotton on and do something about it and make the difference.
And I think that in the final moves towards this kind of neo-feudalism, They have exposed themselves.
They've gone galloping towards the finishing line.
Too early.
In the wrong way.
And too many people have seen it.
Powerful Neil Oliver.
I want him on the show.
I want him on the show.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I got a ton of news to hit this hour.
In 55 minutes, Chase Geyser takes over Sunday Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
Remember, every hour we're on air, every minute, every statement we make is in defiance of the CIA and the Justice Department that have hijacked our country with the Deep State.
They are so pissed we're still here.
They are so angry that we've got their number, and they don't know what to do.
All right.
Every time And I've been on there 30 years, so I've been covering this for more than 25.
Every time the summer comes, and you've got Mecca in the middle of the desert, in Saudi Arabia, one of the five things a Muslim's supposed to do in their life is make the hajj, H-A-J-J, I think that's how you spell it, To Mecca and then march around the meteorite that came down out of the sky and supposedly hit there.
I think it's a holy site.
It's the most holy site of Muslims.
So 1,300 have died in the last month.
It's reported.
And all over the news they're saying global warming, record heat.
They died because of the heat.
It's a desert!
They're not breaking their temperature records.
They always die.
By the thousands.
Every summer.
And the Muslim population is double what it was 30 years ago.
Pushing 1.8 billion.
And so you're gonna have record dead people Hey, if you're gonna do the Hodge, why don't you go in their winter where it's 90 degrees?
Why are you going to their summer when it's like Death Valley, 120?
So, again, you see the headlines.
Oh, global warming kills record people, Saudi Arabia.
Oh, record heat.
I saw this, Death Valley.
So I saw the Death Valley number and I went and looked it up last week.
Three degrees under the record for this month.
For June.
They don't care.
They lie.
And they've caught the globalists, these professors, all the climate cult, all over the world, putting thermometers on blacktop at airports and other facilities where it's even hotter.
So if it's 100 degrees in Austin next week, hypothetically, and if I go stick a thermometer on the blacktop, it's going to say 120.
Because it's black, and it absorbs heat.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, there are always some records getting broken, but the Earth is not getting warmer.
We have the numbers.
It was getting warmer since the turn of the century.
The turn of the century before last, 124 years ago.
It peaked about 15 years ago, and now the temperature's gone down a little, but it's still hot.
And that's part of the world.
You know, like when you watch The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.
It's fiction, but it's set in the Southwest Desert.
And Clint Eastwood is being marched through the desert.
You know, that wasn't global warming.
He's in the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico.
Actually shot in Italy, but they're claiming it was that.
So, it's all a perception game they play.
And there's so many other better examples.
Guys, just type in polar bear.
Global warming.
And there's the famous photo of a polar bear up on top of a melting piece of ice.
And it says, oh my God, he can't swim.
The North Pole melted.
He's going to drown.
It always melts, and half of it goes away in the summer.
And then polar bears swim up to 200 miles hunting beluga whale, walrus, and seals.
And then they sit on top of ice.
Type in polar bear global warming.
It'll be the famous picture of a big piece of, you know, floating iceberg and you've got the polar bear sitting up on top of it.
There were 15,000 polar bears 50 years ago.
Look it up.
There's now 50,000 polar bears.
Look it up.
Their numbers have exploded.
Because humans don't shoot them anymore.
Used to, you got a camp or something, you see it, you shoot them.
Mass gains of Arctic ice sheet greater than losses.
Isn't that funny?
The North Pole's bigger.
The South Pole's bigger.
They'll show some starving polar bear and say, look, he's dying.
No, he's sick.
So, I'm neurotic.
I've got to find the photo right now.
It's not the crew's fault.
I'm just not giving the right search term.
But you've for decades, you've seen the image of a polar bear sitting on an iceberg and they go, oh, he's going to die.
He doesn't know what to do.
There's no ice.
But the point is, it's all a lie.
Ladies and gentlemen, polar bear.
Global warming.
Click images.
Maybe they've removed him because it's so embarrassing.
Yeah, here's kind of one of the standard ones.
Overhead shot, please.
So, this is what they show you.
They show you a bear on a melting ice and they say, look, he has nowhere to live.
All a lie, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's another one.
Oh, look!
It's all melting.
Yeah, that's the famous photo.
I found it.
That's the photo for decades we've been shown, saying the Arctic is almost melted, the polar bear's gonna drown.
The polar bear is the greatest land animal swimmer there is.
They've been recorded swimming over 350 miles.
Usually, though, they only swim 100 miles at a time.
And they swim around, and they eat everything.
So again, there's so many other great examples of this, but don't look, oh the baby, it's dying, it's about to melt, it can't swim.
No, they're hunting on the damn thing.
And they don't find seals or walrus, they're so strong, a full grown male can scoop a 3,000 pound beluga whale, there's video, type in Polar bear kills beluga whale and a big male can reach him with one arm and stick those three-inch claws in like he's catching a salmon.
When grizzly bears, by the way, see a polar bear, they run.
It's the most powerful land animal.
Not five tigers couldn't beat one.
They're vicious as hell.
Grizzly bears run in fear when they see them.
It'll just stick its arm in and haul with one arm a multi-thousand pound whale up and eat it.
How about a power lifter?
But again, they're telling you they're all dying.
There's 50 plus thousand of them now.
There were less than 15,000.
It's all lies.
And I know you know that.
But the bigger thing to expose is, since I'm on a jag, I need to do some videos on this.
How many satellite...
Compilations are there when we got good satellites are in the 60s of showing Florida or Texas or England or?
Japan and the the sea level is exactly where it was then as it is now it hasn't gone up It hasn't gone down.
It's all a lie And Al Gore, remember he said, oh by 2009 and 2000 they'll all be melted, we'll be underwater.
But he bought land right on the beach.
And so did Obama.
And then by 2017 it'll all be melted.
Yeah, here's a composite for your TV viewer.
36 year time lapse.
Shocking NASA Google time lapse footage shows the terrifying rate at which the sea levels are rising.
And of course, it's not rising at all.
And I know as a general audience you know this.
Your job is not to Just have new information, which we do.
It is to get the general public to understand what's happening.
So why do I raise that?
They're running headlines everywhere that record global climate change and global warming is killing people in Saudi Arabia.
You're in a desert, and a million people a day are going into this thing with all their own personal heat, marching around all day long, waiting 15 hours to get up next to the black drape that's got the black stone, and they throw pebbles at it.
Okay, great.
You want to go do that, and you want to march around for 15 hours in 120 degree heat in the Saudi Arabian desert?
You might as well, it's the same thing as going to Death Valley.
Imagine if we had people in America just marching by the millions into Death Valley and marching around in circles and throwing pebbles at something.
If you want to do it, I'm not attacking the Muslims for doing it.
I'm just saying, don't say it's global warming.
They've always been dying doing this.
So, world breaks 1,400 temperature records in a week as heat waves sweep the globe.
We see these articles every year.
And when you actually check the numbers, none of it's true.
And it gets worse.
They have all these fake lawsuits being teed up, and the state basically loses these on purpose.
The state of Hawaii just settled a case with teenagers that are concerned about their future, a bunch of Greta Thunbergs, that they're all going to be underwater and they're all going to be dead.
And the state said, you're right, we'll do whatever it takes.
I'll read you the article in the ruling.
And Hawaii said, we're going to ban all ships and all planes coming here.
Well, that sounds wonderful.
The same politicians that can't control the national debt are going to control the thermostat.
Hawaii Transport agrees to take any actions necessary to stop climate change as it settles lawsuit with teenagers.
They're just inviting the lawfare.
We need the Supreme Court to strike the stone.
Hawaii's Department of Transportation has reached a settlement with 13 teenagers who alleged it was violating the state constitution by operating a transportation system that harms the environment and infringes their right to pollution-free environment.
They have a right!
How many of these teenagers fly on airplanes or ride around on boats or cars?
All of them?
you know, the Extinction Rebellion and the no oil people driving their cars to attack Stonehenge or throw paint on a
famous painting or break in, you know, to an airport and spray paint airplanes.
Under the settlement, the Hawaii DOT will adopt a plan to hit net zero emissions for ground air and marine
Emission targets are set for five-year intervals.
The DOT has promised to take any action necessary to meet the emissions targets, including creating a Voluntary Youth Council.
Oh, total malice propaganda.
The youth are telling what to do.
To advise the department and the establishment of a special unit under the direction of the Climate Change Mitigation and Cultural Manager.
This is all Mao Zedong crap.
Just like the average college student goes to college, their parents are paying for it, they get off the bus, we're the rebels, we're shutting it down, we love Mao, we love communism, and the professor's like, oh, you're so powerful, don't destroy me.
It's all done to make you feel powerful within the template of the totalitarianism.
They're taking young, impressionable youth, firing them up, making them feel powerful for going along with this crap.
All right, I'm done talking about that.
But it is, it is crazy.
You go, well, who cares about Hawaii or California?
Folks, if they can get away with it, they're... They can get away with it anywhere.
Now the good news is everywhere the globalists are running into obstacles.
Everywhere people are saying no and waking up.
And there's legislatures and governors and corporations not going along with it.
And so their whole program is falling apart.
But we've got to continue to push it over the top.
Neil Oliver said in that clip we played earlier, he's like, listen, as populists, as conservatives, as Christians, as constitutionalists, as normal people, we want to just move on to the next thing.
We're not victims.
We don't want to whine all day about something.
Well, you better understand that if we don't expose the globalists, they're going to bring back a new lockdown, a new virus, new forced shots.
If you don't expose the climate change people, they never go away.
You've got to hammer it, and hammer it, and hammer it, and hammer it.
I could sit here on this show, and I could play you 50 crime videos we've got that are incredible, that are horrifying, but entertaining.
If it bleeds, it leads.
And I'd probably have more viewers if I just showed you all the black shooters this week that did mass shootings that the media covered up.
And I'm not against black folks, but it's important to show whites aren't the main group doing it, the media is lying, why are young black males doing this?
It's interesting, it helps some, but it's not really what I'm covering because I'm getting into cutting off the power, opening the borders, starting World War III, pedophilia, attacking the family, the big globalist operations.
Because as bad as it is in the last week that young black mass shooters have killed over 100 people, A hundred people compared to thousands this week that died of fentanyl.
See, I look at things like, what's really killing people?
For three years, they cut off the third world's operations.
They cut off their energy.
They killed 80 plus million people with starvation, the UN admits.
Now they're flooding us with the survivors.
Why don't we talk about the 80 plus million dead from starvation?
Why don't we talk about the 35 million dead from the poison shots?
New numbers came out a month ago.
Why don't you talk about Palestine?
Okay, they've killed 50,000 people.
I think Israel's gotten out of hand and created Hamas and stood down.
It's a staged event.
That's wrong.
Okay, 20,000 dead kids.
I'm really concerned about them.
Let's per capita talk about it.
If we're talking about the 35 million dead people, millions of them kids, I should give that hours per show and what's happening in Israel, 10 seconds.
But see, they want us covering what they want us to cover.
Sorry for the 20,000 dead kids.
Sorry for the 10,000 dead women.
The issue is, why is it on every channel?
Because they want me focused on that instead of the poison shots, the energy being cut off, the fertilizer being cut off, the food shortages worldwide, the UN bases with replacement migration to flood the West.
They want us focused on that, and they want us focused on that alone.
So you have to ask yourself, when you're being told to focus on something, why are they doing it?
My job is easy.
I look at whatever's killing the most people, that we can stop, and I expose that first.
And I spend way more time per capita on the Palestinians and all the rest of it, just because I know that's what you're focused on.
But again, ask yourself, why are you only focused on that?
And I focus a lot on World War III, which we're basically already into, because it could kill 90% of us, or more.
I mean, I'm focused on, from my own research, my own intellectual understanding, my own geopolitical acumen, what is really important.
And that's why the CIA tunes in, and they're like, get this son of a bitch off air.
Because if the other government leaders start listening, which they are, and if all the other big talk show hosts start listening, which they are, I don't just know they listen.
I talk to people every day.
Do you name them?
Think of the top 20 populist talk show hosts in the world.
Think about the leaders of movements in Europe.
Think about them.
I talk to them.
And when I talk to them, I say, hey, I know you're smart and I know you know all this.
We're going to lose civilization if you don't stand up and if you don't fight back.
This isn't about credit.
It's not about who.
And Elon Musk has come out and said just last week, Chair must act, that there is an extinctionist death cult that wants to destroy humanity.
And that the death cult must be stopped if they want to depopulate us.
How big is that, that Elon Musk sounds just like Alex Jones?
See, the issues we were covering in the wilderness a decade ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, were little niche things, but they weren't niche things.
They were the big, central, real issues.
I was right.
And so, if the public begins to care about this, If the public begins to understand this, if the public begins to see what the New World Order is doing, then they'll recognize each globalist attack and then it's game over for them.
Because there's thousands of flavors of political systems and ideologies and side issues and, you know, I could talk about, and I love Jason Bermas, but he was on the show Friday.
Or was it Thursday?
He did an hour on Conor McGregor and is he raping women?
He did an hour a few years ago and I called him up and I said, dude, I'm not covering up rape, but we're not a tabloid channel.
You don't think I couldn't cover Conor McGregor or I couldn't cover Hollywood?
And have a bunch of viewers?
It does nothing!
It does nothing!
But people have their weird fetishes for the UFC, and they kind of make a stir in the UFC, and I'm not mad at Jason.
It's just that that's not my show!
That's not what we're doing!
We're trying to stop nuclear war, and the next big virus, and the open borders, and the fentanyl, and the mass pedophilia, and the mass castration of children.
Instead we get one hour on Conor McGregor.
What's wrong with you, Jason, that you're focused on Conor McGregor?
I watched it this weekend, 45 minutes of it, about this woman, and this woman, and that, and I'm like, okay, okay, on a scale of things, let's say he did, let's say Conor McGregor raped 20 women.
I don't know that, whatever, it's all a big tabloid thing.
Okay, okay, he raped some women, alright, that's down there, that's an important point, we need to focus a lot of time on that.
Okay, and the Israelis killed 50,000 people.
Okay, and a bunch of them were kids.
Okay, that's here.
And then Fentanyl killed 150,000 this year.
That's down here.
And then we've got vaccines killed 35 million.
That's up here.
And then World War III killed everybody.
That's way up here.
And the economy and the dollar dying, that's way up here.
And I'm just like, The thing is, I love the other talk shows we have, but I think at a certain point, I'm just going to do my own show.
In fact, I'll announce it now.
I love all the other hosts, I love them all, but what I don't want is, I have to sit there and then worry about what they say and what they do instead of me.
I want to cover stopping World War III.
I want to cover three, five, excuse me, ballistic missiles blowing up beaches and killing Russians today.
I think China announcing that they may invade Taiwan in the next three months, I think that's a big deal.
I think GMO in our food is a big deal.
I think glyphosate in our food is a big deal.
And I'm not attacking Jason.
I love Jason Burmess.
I've known him for 18 years.
The point is, I just can't get excited about Dancing With The Stars.
I just can't get excited about what some UFC fighter does because it doesn't matter.
I've been invited to the UFC.
I've been invited to stand around and everybody screams for me and everything.
Maybe I should do it, but at a certain level, it's like not where I am, people.
And I'm getting into philosophy here.
We'll go to break and come back and cover it.
You know what?
We'll cover Conor McGregor on the rest of my show forever.
It's all we're going to cover.
And when the nuclear bombs are raining down, we'll talk about Conor McGregor.
Did he pull a girl's pants down in a hotel room?
So, we're told to focus on Conor McGregor and on Israel.
Because the media tells us to.
I'm saying, what are the big issues?
What are the big things we face?
That's what I'm trying to say.
This is my show.
This is what I want to cover.
And I get it.
All the other talk show hosts, they can go off somewhere else, host another show, and talk about the UFC till their
eyes bleed.
Alright, I'm not gonna rant anymore about...
87 million people starved to death in the three years of the lockdown.
UN's own report, nobody talks about it.
The UN begs for money to feed people they're starving with the lockdown.
The virus didn't do it, the lockdown did it.
Nobody cares 87 million.
If a big asteroid was coming towards the earth and we knew it was going to hit us in six months, we're going to launch missiles, launch stuff to knock it off course, blow it up?
No, let's just talk about Conor McGregor.
And we're on the verge of nuclear war with Russia.
Every mainline analyst agrees.
So it's not some hypothetical asteroid.
It's the real deal happening.
I'm just saying, what are our priorities?
They're going to try to steal the election to stop Trump, who will end the war overnight by cutting off U.S.
funding in Ukraine.
That is the big, and all I'm saying is we need priorities.
Let me explain something.
I can get up here, like I said, and show you fight videos, and crime videos, and sports videos, and have an incredibly successful show.
I can show you clips of bikini models, and believe me, I like it.
I screw around sometimes and do it.
But all I'm saying is can we get our heads screwed on straight and focus on the real issue?
Because unlike a hypothetical giant asteroid that's about to hit the earth and cause the extinction like with the
dinosaurs Nuclear war is a real thing that is now not a possibility
but a probability And I'm not gonna sit here when I got four children
I love your kids as much as mine because they're going to live in the world with your kids.
I'm not going to sit here.
I mean, I can give you, you know what?
I might actually do it as a test just to show you.
I could come in here tomorrow and every two minutes play another incredible clip, give analysis.
It'll be entertaining as hell.
You'll be riveted to it.
It'll be amazing.
But I refuse to do it.
Because it's a lie, folks.
I refuse to spend more than 5% of our time on Palestine, and I'm sad for what's happening, and it's terrible.
50,000 dead.
What about the 80-plus million dead from starvation with the COVID lockdown?
What about, again, the hundreds of thousands of fentanyl deaths a year?
What about all the transgender surgeries?
What about all this real stuff going on?
And veterans sleeping on the street.
Nobody wants to talk about all this stuff that's killing us.
and they out of control inflation.
And I'm just saying, how do we set priorities here?
Because I can do a tabloid show all day.
I can become the Daily Mail.
Not going to do it.
And so, by extension, my broadcasts are not going to be that.
I'm not trying to make waves and impress some people in the UFC.
I know how these people's brains work.
That's what's so frustrating.
I'm going to stop right now.
I'm obsessing on that one point.
It's just... What does one lunatic, Conor McGregor, who's obviously completely out of his mind, on a complete power trip, what does that matter in the scheme of things?
If he was sent to Mars tomorrow, does that stop World War III?
No, it doesn't.
That's my point.
Like, we're in a lot of trouble, folks.
The big banks are going under, regional banks are going under, the dollar's being dumped.
I mean, I know what it means if we lose the dollar, which is a horrible globalist system, but we lose it, we're effed.
And I just, I'm just, our politicians aren't serious, the public's not serious, we're not serious.
Let me tell you who is serious though.
Look at these articles.
We'll put the hero on screen.
I should be talking about this guy every day.
Because this is who he should be like.
And they're trying to put him in prison for 10 years because of what he's done.
because they want to intimidate other people so they can commit these crimes in secret.
Doctor could face up to 10 years in prison for exposing transgender child mutilation at Texas
So he finds out they're secretly, illegally cutting little boys' genitals off.
He didn't put out their names.
He didn't violate their HIPAA.
He just went public and said we're doing this here at this hospital.
For big money.
Remember the different heads of universities saying we're going to make billions of years, billions a year, cutting little boys' penises off.
That's a real issue, folks.
That's something they're setting up and rolling out against all of us right now.
Our sons, our daughters, our future.
We got tens of thousands of kids.
They want it to be hundreds of thousands of millions a year.
Millions a year they want to have their genitals cut off.
Can I get a little interest in that?
A few years ago, Texas Children's Hospital made no secret of its support for transgender medicine.
Its doctors proudly administered puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and other medical interventions to children who self-identified as trans, which gives them cancer, medical problems, and stunts their growth.
Mental problems.
Massive suicide.
Then, the tone shifted.
In the face of public pressure, the CEO, Mark Wallace, announced that he was shutting down the child gender clinic.
But doctors in the hospital, including Richard Roberts, David Paul, and Christy Raylan, never stopped.
The public would not have known if not for the courageous surgeon Ethan Haim.
But let's not talk about Ethan Haim.
Let's talk about the latest crime video or Conor McGregor.
Let's just stop here and talk about Conor McGregor.
The public would not have known if not for courageous surgeon Ethan Haim who felt morally obligated to expose the subterfuge.
He contacted me about the hospital.
And how they lied about terminating the transgender medicine program and the doctors were, in fact, continuing to perform sex change operations on children as young as 11.
And I've read the documents for the promoting as young as 7.
The story rocketed across the world.
The hospital immediately went on the defensive.
Within a week, Texas legislators passed a bill confirming that transgender medical procedures for minors were illegal.
But the story also attracted attention from another powerful source, federal prosecutors.
The Department of Justice has not shied away from targeting political opponents of the Biden administration.
Former President Trump conservative school board protesters, persons parading outside abortion clinics, and now doctors
who dissent from transgender ideology are being arrested.
This is the big story folks.
On the morning of June 2023, we're only learning about it now,
that Hain was to graduate from the Texas Children's Hospital Residency Program.
Federal agents knocked on his door.
They had identified him as a potential leaker.
Presumably through forensic examination of the hospital's computer system, thereafter, Assistant U.S.
Attorney Tina Ansari began threatening Haim with prosecution.
And now they're moving to prosecuting.
He didn't put out kids' names.
He said it's supposedly illegal.
They're cutting little boys penises off in here.
Now, answer eyes may good on those threats.
Earlier this week, U.S.
Marshals appeared at Hames' home and summoned him to court to face an indictment on four felony counts of violating HIPAA.
We're just saying they're illegally cutting kids' genitals off.
His initial appearance is for next Monday, where he will learn more about the charges against him.
That's tomorrow.
According to one of Haim's attorneys, Marcel Burke, he is anxious to get to trial, to get his side of the story told.
He is confident this will result in the correct decision being made.
All he did was say they're still doing it.
There's another one.
Surgeon spoke against gender-affirming care.
He faces federal charges.
A surgeon out of Texas Hospital for treating trans kids.
Now he faces federal charges.
There's a picture of the hero.
DOJ targets whistleblower over secret child gender prosecutions.
But what's the real story about Conor McGregor?
And where there's smoke, there's fire.
Reportedly roughing up women and doing all this stuff.
Yeah, he's powerful, so he's protected.
Well, what about these big hospitals at industrial scale doing this to children at 100,000 times, a million times what Conor McGregor is alleged to do?
Why are we talking about him?
Why are we talking all day about Palestine and 50,000 dead?
I don't support what Israel's doing.
I know Israel stood down.
I know Israel created Hamas.
I know it's an excuse to keep Netanyahu in power.
I've said all that.
At the same time, why am I supposed to spend every hour, every minute, every day talking about it when it's 20,000 dead kids?
Not the millions killed a year here by abortion.
See, they choose what you're supposed to focus on and I will not be part of the system directing
me to cover what they want, when they want, how they want.
This man is a hero.
And I want his lawyers on.
I want to support him.
Ethan Haim.
I want to get behind him because it's illegal and they're still doing it.
He exposed a crime.
He's protected.
He didn't say the names of the children.
He didn't release their medical files, which he could have out of the law, because under whistleblowing, if something's illegal, and they're doing something to a kid, you release it.
If the government won't do anything, that's what whistleblowing is.
87 million dead from starvation, the UN admits, under three years of lockdown.
It's a footnote.
And they beg for money and get contributions when their policies did it.
87 million dead from starvation from the COVID lockdown, not COVID.
35 million dead from the poison shots.
Are you going to tell me about 50,000 dead in Palestine?
Okay, great.
Let's, before you put on your Judgment hat?
I'm going to cover Palestine 24-7.
I'll never talk about anything else again.
Not the Goliath of State.
Not the GMO.
No, I'm not going to do that.
I challenge all of you that sit there and chase the stories the corporate media tells you to cover to start covering the real issues.
That's why they want us off air.
Because we don't follow the narrative of what everybody else is covering.
Sometimes it's important we do to give what's really happening and to bring on guests and analysis.
But most of the time we're covering things they don't want us to talk about.
In fact, let's play this clip again.
This is Neil Oliver, really smart Scottish TV host.
Explaining about COVID.
We can't forget this.
They're going to come back with new lockdowns and new poison shots.
We have to focus on this because in their own documents, in the Rockefeller and CIA documents, like lockstep, their total world government takeover plan is going to use a virus and a cyber crash, which you know is coming.
Yeah, how's it going to work if you're talking about Conor McGregor all day, but you don't expose the cyber attack when the lights go off?
That's all I'm saying is, on a scale of Conor McGregor raping women, purportedly, versus 87 million dead from starvation and 35 million dead from the shots, I just, I just, I'm a proportionate person.
I'm proportionate.
Like if I woke up at 3 a.m.
and smelled smoke and looked out my window and saw the neighborhood on fire, And then I ran to the front door to my phone to call the fire department and I bumped my knee and cut my knee on the stairs.
I'm not going to call the ambulance and say I cut my knee and call my mommy and say I cut my knee.
I'm going to ignore my bleeding knee and I'm going to go see if I can help my neighbors.
I'm saying it's proportionate.
And I don't get why people don't get proportion.
But I get it.
We're all raised on TV, all raised on culture, flooded news, flooded entertainment.
People just take it all the same.
You see some horror movie with a demon sucking somebody's blood out, and you go watch another movie with a bunch of porn, and you see something else, and people just can't differentiate.
Well, let me tell you something.
I can differentiate.
And that's maybe my curse.
Because I sit and look at the world and I go, what's the most dangerous thing?
What's the highest death count?
What's really hurting people?
We're all in this together.
And I get obsessed about what's really going on, not the BS.
So I'm not trying to hurt people I'm criticizing here, I'm just saying grow up!
The system doesn't come after you when you talk about Conor McGregor pulling some girl's panties down in a bathroom stall.
What is she doing in there with him?
I'm not defending that.
The point is, is that we've got 35 million dead from shots!
We got World War III!
We got 87 million starved to death!
I don't want to hear about Conor McGregor!
Well, that son of a bitch is like Fauci or Bill Gates, killing tens of millions of people.
I'll be on his ass every day.
And if the Russians put troops on our border and we're starting World War III, I'd be up Putin's ass.
He isn't doing it!
NATO is.
I'm a person that looks at proportion.
You catch your 16-year-old drinking a beer, you're not that worried.
You catch him drinking a bottle of vodka every day, you get worried.
It's proportion.
And we're way out of whack on proportion, folks.
We're in crazy town right now.
And so I don't know what I gotta do to get everybody that listens to get focused on World War III, and new lockdowns, and new poison shots, and open borders, and devalued currencies, and open Satanism, and mass abortion, and GMO, and 5G.
That's what I want people to focus on, and holy hell!
I don't think it's a hard sell to get you to listen to me.
You really need me to tell you World War III is more important than Conor McGregor?
And sluts in hotel rooms?
Do you really need me?
I'm not saying it's okay what happened.
I'm just saying it ain't in World War III, Jack!
I don't care about a bunch of party animals and a bunch of idiots.
That's not what I'm running around doing.
I'm trying to stop World War 3 and total surveillance and robot takeover and world government and we're beating the New World Order with 10% of our power.
If people got focused on this and went to their churches and synagogues and mosques and demanded this be covered, we'd win overnight.
But people aren't serious because they still want to cover Hollywood and all this crap.
Here's the clip I was talking about.
Here it is.
And so there's there is a there is a big appetite out there to forget and move on.
But I think it's absolutely beholden on people like us to say no, no, there's a stage we've got to go through and it's owning up, taking responsibility, accepting responsibility and acknowledging What was done?
I mean, many people, you know, Jordan Peterson's and many other people out there have said that in the West, we all grew up in the second half of the 20th century or whatever, believing when we watched the movies that we would have joined the French resistance, that we would have that we would have sheltered our neighbours, that we would have been the heroes.
You know, that was the way everyone was invited to think.
That was the vicarious thrill of those maverick characters that were invited to worship on Celluloid.
But the Covid experience showed so many people that actually, actually, when the single choice of their generation came down the line at them, they were Gestapo.
They were ready to don the uniform and kick the doors in.
And I think that's an incredibly difficult realisation for people.
When the choice was finally there, when we were being sorted, you know, when that sorting of people was going on, so many people went the wrong way.
And there's an enormous reckoning that has to be lived up to and lived through and accepted.
And unless and until that happens, people like me are going to keep on banging on and banging on and saying, no, we got there.
It's all on record.
What you did, what you said.
And the extent to which Covid was simply used as a tool to open a door to bring in this technological revolution which leads to a digital archipelago.
We can see it.
It's plain.
It's evident and clear.
And, you know, as long as it's incumbent upon enough of us just to... Because it doesn't take everyone.
It's incumbent that there just be enough of us that say, no, we remember exactly what happened, who said what, and the consequences that need to apply.
That's right.
George Orwell in 1984 says, freedom is being able to remember the past, not being brainwashed.
And so our world's on fire.
Everything is collapsing around us.
And if we sit there and we cover tabloid crap, we're going to lose.
And so I'm done talking about that.
It's just, they hate this broadcast because we spotlight the real issues, the real attacks against the general public, against you.
They want you talking about some other little person over here, little person over there, all day long, instead of the world government, mark of the beast, cashless society, social credit score, vaccine passport, total world government, and we're beating it in Australia, and beating it in Europe, but just barely.
We're just barely winning!
We're fighting for everything we've got!
We're barely still on air ourselves here!
And people are like, oh, that's just one more thing on the air.
No, it's not just one more thing.
I'm gonna say this.
The system thinks taking a farm away from me that I haven't had time to go to, just some acres, means something to me.
It does.
It actually means I feel good that I'm being stripped away, that I'm down to the bare nuts, that I don't care about these things.
It makes me so alive and so much more passionate.
And I want everybody else to have the real urgency that this is.
Because we're in an urgent situation.
This isn't a game, people.
What we cover here is not BS.
It's not one other little political idea or some guy up there talking about stuff.
I got their number!
I got their name!
I know who they are!
I know how to beat them!
And so do you.
So that's where I'm at.
Chase Geyser's taking over Sunday Night Live here in a few minutes.
I, uh, do the best job I can.
And I'm just gonna say it again.
What are the big things happening?
The attack on energy, cutting off the food supply, the infrastructure.
Water is energy.
Fertilizer's energy.
Gas is energy.
Oil is energy.
They're cutting it all off.
I mean, it's... And just the cuts they've done are going to devastate things so bad, that is, just what they've done so far, and Trump will flip it right back on.
But he'll have his own problem, because it's hard to turn this around.
I mean, I'm a man, folks.
I'm tough, okay?
I mean, I can take stuff.
I'm geared for it.
And I am so freaked out, fundamentally pissed about this.
That I just can't play games anymore.
I can't dance around anymore.
So I told you months ago, and you've seen it, the new Alex Jones is here.
Because I used to be a nice guy.
No more Mr. Nice Guy.
And that doesn't mean we're the New World Order.
It means anybody around me.
I want people to get their heads screwed on straight and deal with what we're dealing with because we are barely winning right now.
We're barely winning.
We are winning people.
Most folks have to be defeated in their lifetime to do the right thing and it changes things down the road.
But things are accelerated now.
They're amplified right now.
They're compressed right now.
And every day is like 10 years in the past.
Things are so critical right now.
I want to thank all of you for your support.
I want to literally tell you I appreciate you and your support, your prayers, your word of mouth, your financial support.
I literally want to defeat these people.
It's who I am.
Like I'm a dog born and bred and trained to fight these people.
It's what I am.
It's not like I chose this.
I can't stop.
Because I love you.
I love myself.
And I understand what happens to you happens to me.
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It'll take an hour to explain all this.
They don't want me to give away strategy and stuff, but we've gone from an 80% chance shutting down two weeks ago to a 60% chance we stay on air and we're hard to kill thanks to you and thanks to God, not me.
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So, very exciting time to be alive, very thankful to the crew, very thankful to all the hosts, everybody else, and when I start bitching about stuff, we're all public figures here on air, I'm just being honest with people about, can we get our head screwed on straight?
It's that simple, drjonesnaturals.com, I'm done.
I'll be back tomorrow, Lord willing, 11 a.m.
We're gonna go to break for two minutes.
Chase Geyser's coming in.
24 hours a day in order as well.
Triple A, two five, three three one three nine.
I'm done.
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