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Name: 20240614_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: June 14, 2024
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I was the test case for what's now being done to President Trump, Steve Bannon, and others.
This is an attempt at digital assassination.
I never said or did any of the things they claimed on Sandy Hook.
Two judges in Texas and Connecticut found me guilty by default and then had literal show trials on how guilty I was.
The billion and a half dollar verdict is a fraud.
The judges had already told the juries that I was guilty.
Now we've been in bankruptcy for almost two years proving that everything they claimed about me having hundreds of millions of dollars was not true.
Notice you don't hear about that anymore.
None of that was true.
And now instead of wanting the money that is there, The so-called plaintiffs, who really aren't the families, it's the government that's been behind it that's come out in court, want me silenced.
They said on the courthouse steps, the plaintiff's lawyers, in Texas and Connecticut, we want Alex Jones silenced.
That's what this is all about.
This is about the destruction of the First Amendment in America.
And now, the plaintiff's lawyers, Democratic Party lawyers out of Connecticut have filed today to try to take Real Alex Jones on X away from me.
Now they want my identity under the terms of service of X. You cannot do that because it's my own personal property.
These people want me silenced.
It is completely and totally transparent.
And the world is seeing through this.
I was asked by one reporter earlier, is this the end?
This is probably the end of info wars here very, very soon, if not today, in the next few weeks or months.
But it's just the beginning of my fight against tyranny.
As the founder of the US Navy said, During the Revolutionary War, John Paul Jones, when his ship, about a third the size of a British ship he was fighting, was starting to sink, the British officers hailed across on their bullhorn and said, would you like to surrender?
And he said, surrender?
I have only begun to fight.
People know I've been right.
They know what I really cover.
Tens of millions of people a day want to hear what I actually have to say, not what the corporate media says.
The corporate media have become mercenaries.
For the globalists, for BlackRock, for the WEF, and the public knows that.
So the power structure, not just here but around the world, is in full collapse.
The corporate media is basically dead in a shadow of its former self because it's become a prostitute of the big corporations and tried to wage war against the independent popular press.
All the most popular posts, not just here but around the world, are populist, anti-globalist.
Whether it's Tucker Carlson, Or Joe Rogan.
Or Alex Jones.
Or Russell Brand.
The list goes on and on.
Joe Rogan has an audience 100 times that of CNN.
I have an audience 15 times that of CNN.
Tucker Carlson has an audience 100 times the size of CNN.
CNN and other corporate media like it are zombies.
They are empty husk that no one believes or listens to anymore.
And so this is a desperate deep state attempt using lawfare to shut me down and silence me.
Judge Lopez has been fair.
He's followed the law.
He's been very frustrated by the fact that The plaintiffs do not want money and have admitted it and have only used the bankruptcy process to try to torture me and harass me.
It's done the opposite.
My resolve against this tyranny has never been stronger and I will not be silenced.
I'm given hundreds of interview opportunities a day.
I've got all these incredible groups They want to work for me, or work with me.
And now, this information coming out, and this open, naked attempt to silence me, has blown up in their face.
So the judge today could rule to put this into a Chapter 7 free speech systems, upon a trustee, and begin to shut it down in the next few days or weeks.
Or he could hand me back the company, they're still going to be attacking at the state level and trying to shut it down.
Regardless, InfoWars is not The operation.
Alex Jones and my crew and my listeners and my viewers and our guest is the operation.
And that's why this is only going to make me stronger and I will never surrender in this information war.
And as Colonel Travis said, victory or death.
We are winning.
The people are winning.
The corporate media is lying.
And I'm shooting this right now for the start of my show today, 11 a.m.
Central, coming up today in just a few minutes.
We're going to have the interview I did yesterday for an hour and 40 minutes with the great Tucker Carlson.
Then another hour-long interview with Russell Brand and more.
Then by then this hearing should be over and I should be back in the fourth hour into the war room today.
But they could shut us down this afternoon.
I want to commend the crew.
I want to commend our listeners.
I want to commend our supporters.
I know there's some congressional hearings coming up on what's been done to me.
and others that came out of the FBI and CIA created these cases, went out and organized
the plaintiffs and ran the whole thing as a State Department, deep state operation against
the American people. And this is all coming out in Congress.
This is a very, very exciting time to be alive. So as we boil here in the Houston heat, the
real heat is being put on the establishment that has the lowest approval rating ever.
The phony President Biden.
All of them are the ones that are collapsing.
The American people are rising.
And so, God bless you all.
I want to thank all the viewers and people out there.
They're trying to take real Alex Jones away on X. It's preposterous.
There's no bearing in law.
But it shows it's about silencing me because they want to silence you.
As Trump has said a thousand times, they're not coming after him.
They've got to get through him to get to you.
That's the same thing.
But it's well known on the Internet.
It's a maxim.
The Alex Jones tip jar.
Alex Jones was right.
Alex Jones represents the people.
And that's what this is about.
So, in what is the twilight of Infowars, like the Phoenix, we will come back ten times stronger, just like when Fox Fire Tucker Carlson.
So I want to thank my viewers, listeners, and supporters and salute them all and just remind everybody this is the most critical election in world history and I've been honored to be involved in this fight with you and our greatest days of victory against tyranny and the deep state and the fake corporate media are coming.
This is just the beginning.
God bless and good luck.
Let's go ahead and go to Bikini Truther in Nevada.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
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