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Name: 20240614_Fri-2_Alex
Air Date: June 14, 2024
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I had two choices.
They were going for Chapter 7.
I would have been removed today.
I'd be locked out of the building.
That was even set it on the stand.
I'd be removed Alex Jones.
So I had that or I could slam it back into state court and then have a battle there that at least buys us some time.
So I'm not giving up.
I'm fighting.
If I had an option to stop fighting and have freedom and be back to free speech, I'd take that option.
But I can fight With a guy in there that's out to get me, who just removes me immediately, I'm no longer in the building, or I can buy time to continue.
And so, that's the reality, that's what happens, that's the boil down.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we get the update now.
First and foremost, you want to tune in to this, forget about what the fake news is saying, This is Alex Jones, fresh out of the courtroom, giving you the update from one of the biggest, most historic free speech cases, an offense to free speech, the attempt to shut down InfoWars.
We're still on air.
Here's Alex Jones.
All right.
The best way for me to explain this, this is very historic and important, is to just really kind of start at the beginning, because so many people out there get confused When they're trying to understand what has gone on.
Democratic Party with the FBI, the CIA.
They want to stop Trump.
They want to stop me six years ago.
They go look at my history.
And they dig up a few statements I made years, years before.
But the mainstream media was putting out one story.
The alternative media was putting out another about Sandy Hook.
Okay, so that happened.
Then they had PR firms hyping all up all over the news.
Just on and on and on and on.
They built this straw man and said that I did all these things, said all these things I never did, and they said I was doing it in the present tense.
So then they, in two court jurisdictions, the deep state, in Austin and in Connecticut, bring it where the judges say I'm already guilty, and they have fake financial experts
claim I'm worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and that I made it off these people, and I barely ever even talked about them.
Then they have show trials after I'm already found guilty by the judges.
And then I knew that I had no choice because I was out of money fighting all this.
I declared bankruptcy two years ago.
The company and then myself.
And so then they run these constant headlines, HBO specials and shows attacking me and saying, oh, he's still attacking us.
I never attack these people, never sent people to their houses, never did anything they said, they never put evidence in.
This is being managed by the DNC, by these think tanks who've now bragged about it, by the head of the FBI in Connecticut, the head of the council.
And so all this goes on, all this happens, all this unfolds, and then Judge Lopez is known as a very reasonable, fair judge here in Texas, federal judge.
And so he gives them two years to investigate me at my own expense of the company, outside accounting firms, all this, as these lawyer groups make allegations that we've stolen hundreds of millions of dollars, and I've got all this stuff, and none of it was true.
And so I'm like, hey, come in all the investigators, everything, search everything, none of this is true.
And they found everything I said was true, okay?
And so, then in mediations and things, they wanted to control what I could say, they wanted to control what I could do, they wanted to put a board in over the company and get more money than we ever made.
I wasn't going to sit there and shackle our listeners to do that.
So a couple months ago, I said, fine, I'll go ahead and declare, you know, not a Chapter 11 for myself.
But a chapter 7 that totally liquidates everything I got.
That already basically liquidated everything anyways in chapter 11.
Just to show my skirts and show the truth.
These people thinking, well they... Because I didn't know.
Did they really just want to destroy us like they said in the courthouse steps?
Was it really all just political or was it about money?
If this was about money and they would be reasonable, I could just move on and move on to bigger issues that aren't my issue.
They've attached themselves to me.
I was never attached to them.
They've attached themselves to the Alex Jones franchise, not me to them, or any regular listener over a decade or 11 years since Shaney Gagapin knows that.
And so the judge got really fed up a few months ago and he said, you've got one more mediation, and if you don't settle with Mr. Jones, then I'm going to kick it Back to him and give him the company back.
And that doesn't mean they don't now come after us in state courts.
But the point is, is that now that's given us some time.
Now I've got a federal trustee over my personal chapter 7, who is reportedly very respected, that was just brought in by the court today.
We agreed to.
This could actually come in and look at the reality and figure out maybe we can settle with these people now that reality has dawned on them.
But regardless, I could only fight the big crisis that was in front of me.
And so now I'm going to go ahead and give you the big crisis that was in front of me.
Two Fridays ago, it was about this time of day, it was about 3 or 4 o'clock, I heard security people talking about something coming up tonight.
I said, what's going on?
Well, more security's coming in.
I instantly, I'd already seen some of the weird stuff by the CRO, the Chief Restructuring Officer appointed by the court, Patrick McGill, I made some calls and my lawyers go, yeah, it just came in.
He's locking the doors at nine o'clock tonight.
And so I call the security head, which is a private company I've used for years before.
I said, what's going on?
He goes, oh, we're just closing to the court hearing on Monday.
This is two weeks ago.
And I make more calls.
It's actually two weeks up until this hearing today.
And I check and Judge Lopez said it's fine.
He would let it operate until the 14th, this meeting today.
And so why were we told that the company had to shut down without a court order?
Also, under an LLC-type corporation I have, I'm the sole managing member, not the CRO.
I'm the boss.
If he disagrees with what I say, he's got to go to the court.
But he was operating as if that wasn't the case.
And now we've learned, over a month ago, without telling me or telling anybody, he stopped ordering more product.
So as we sell product, we don't order more product, we won't have the money to pay for things, and we'll shut down.
The judge was very concerned about learning that I was never consulted about any of this.
So Patrick McGill, really going back over a month ago, began turning off InfoWars without us knowing.
and began taking myself and other key crew members off administrative controls even of the websites and and things like that and things were being shut down they'd say oh it's an accident but you know we'll fix it but so it was like flipping switches flipping switches and so out a day in court Pat McGill had been telling my financial advisor And people on the court.
What about the court?
Oh, I'm not going to be there after Friday.
I just want a conversion of free speech to Chapter 7.
And I want Alex Jones removed.
He doesn't make money for the company.
We don't want Alex Jones.
And I started learning And he'd been calling around other talk show hosts asking if they would come in.
I just learned this two days ago.
Hadn't talked about it yet.
So this was literally, lock the doors, kick me out, bring in another talk show host.
Kind of what happened at Project Veritas, basically, but a little bit different.
And so, the judge saw this, and then the other side created the Connecticut Democrats, Senator Buenaventura's outfit.
They created transcripts and tried to enter into evidence that weren't complete.
And the judge said, I'm not going to take these if they're not complete this morning.
So in hours, it turns out they had the full transcripts from a real transcript company.
They just had their people, it looks like, the lawyers pull out the quotes they wanted, you know, in a Word document.
They go, oh, actually, we have the big actual certified transcripts.
The judge said, I'm taking a two-hour break, an hour and a half break.
Again, I'm going to go read all of this from the shows I did two weeks ago.
So he goes and reads this and comes out.
And it's like, whoa, because he didn't know they tried to take over the company outside his order.
He didn't know I said that he was doing a good job.
He didn't know that they were basically turning the operation off.
And so he said to McGill, said, well, the trustees that were part of the court wanted you to stay on and transfer this stuff and do all this stuff.
He goes, I want you to do one more thing.
And the bank accounts back over to Free Speech Systems right now and you're done!
Thank you very much.
So it was a pretty serious repudiation.
It's not about being convictive about the McGill guy.
People hear me on air going, hey, they're trying to close the doors tonight.
That sounds wild and crazy.
It's not a court order.
It is.
And then you learn he started not ordering products in the future.
That's crazy.
Why would you?
All these things were done.
Why would he approach And Drew didn't want any trouble.
We were trying to hire him as a reporter.
Why would they approach Drew Hernandez and say, well, Alex Jones may be gone soon.
We want you to host.
Well, that's because they knew Chase Geyser and Owen Schroer and Harrison Smith would not, you know, take over my show if I was removed.
So the bottom line is he tried to remove me today.
I'm telling my lawyers yesterday, he was leaving today, would not be part of it.
He tried to stay on in a liquidation of company assets.
This is just absolutely wild.
It's just, it's just, it's just crazy.
And then also they kept getting up on the floors from Connecticut.
They kept getting up over and over again and saying, he's on air attacking the families right now!
The judge goes, hey, I don't know if that's true or not, but that's the First Amendment.
Plus, I've not been talking about the families.
I've always made it a trillion percent clear that they're being used and manipulated by the deep state that's on record that admits they organized this, the PR firms, the New York Times, the FBI.
I'm a CIA and that's all the news was testified to in court.
In the Connecticut case, the FBI head gets up and bits.
He cooked it all up.
They're proud of themselves.
They've had extreme arrogance.
And so literally, by the grace of God, it's not me.
I snipped this out two Fridays ago.
I stood there with the private security that didn't know what to do, explaining them a law.
I backed that down.
My crew stood with me.
The listeners stood with me.
But people heard all this and so what?
People are like, what's actually happening?
And then the next week they admit it.
Okay, we wanted to shut down InfoWars.
And so everything I've said has been on the record.
It's complex.
It's a long story.
But that's where we're at.
That's what's unfolding.
And so this is the two bad outcomes.
This is the one that's way better than the other.
So it's another, you know, lease on life.
More time to understand what's happening.
More time to find out what we're going to do.
But it was just wild.
To see him get up there and say, we don't need Alex Jones, and we want him basically removed out of the company, and we want to have a new talk show host.
And the judge asked him, he said, well, have you talked to the InfoWars crew?
Are they going to stay when we remove Jones?
And the judge wanted to say, plus, this is under law, Jones's company.
You cannot do that through your operation.
You're only to report back to the court.
So I was so nice to these guys when they came in almost two years ago and just a team player that he really took advantage and the biggest thing I learned the last few months is He would go around to the employees and say, Alex Jones deserves to be in jail for his political views.
Alex Jones is going to kill people saying, you know, don't take the shots.
Alex, this type of programming should not be on the air.
He said it to a whole bunch of the crew.
They didn't want to stir up trouble because he's saying, I'm the boss.
And then they finally all told me about what he said, what he did.
And then even our security head, he's a great guy, said, yeah, he's been doing that for the whole time he's been here.
I'm like, well, that's really nice to know now.
So the guy is a leftist.
Whether acting with the other side, probably not.
He's probably acting on his own.
That's what they do.
It's Trump derangement syndrome.
Get all this.
So that's why I had two choices.
They were going for Chapter 7.
I would have been removed today.
I'd be locked out of the building.
That was even set it on the stand.
I mean, remove Alex Jones.
So I had that, or I could slam it back into state court and then have a battle there that at least buys us some time.
So I'm not giving up, I'm fighting.
If I had an option to stop fighting and have freedom and be back to free speech, I'd take that option.
But I can fight with a guy in there that's out to get me, who just removes me immediately, I'm no longer in the building, or I can buy time to continue.
And so, that's the reality, that's what happens, that's the boil down, that's where we are, Owen Stroyer.
Well, so everybody is going to want to know, and I guess as best as you can, try to let the audience know, how much time do you think we've bought with this decision?
What do you have, if any, expectations for the Texas court?
Look, we're out of the oven in the frying pan, and in the case of the federal judges, In the case of Travis County, it's famously partisan, whatever.
Point is, that all takes time.
That takes process.
I had a guy in there filing, pick me out of my own company, you know, the law says he can't, and then take it over.
And then he was talking about getting rid of most of the crew and stuff to the judge, even though it's a profitable company.
So the only option I had was to, you know, to roll the dice, tell the judge the truth.
And I don't think the judge He was 100% gonna rule for us until he came back from lunch.
And when he came back from lunch, he's a very smart guy, top of his class.
He just kept saying, who's CRO?
You've done such a great job, now get your stuff and get out.
And he was like, you just transfer those bank accounts over right now.
Because I'm sure the judge is reading this horrified.
You know, that outside of law, locked the doors, kicked me out, and he just heard McGill before lunch, before the break, say, I want Jones gone, and I'm gonna stay on, and I'm gonna run this thing.
I mean, it's just like, total power grab.
So, I don't care about this Pat McGill guy.
I'm out here saying all this to attack him.
This is the historical record of what happened and what went on.
So, would it be InfoWars is shut down today?
I mean, let me ask you, Ellen, he literally said to the court, "Oh, I'm going to go to the other house.
We're shutting down Alex Jones."
Can you imagine how pissed the listeners would be if they turned it on and like, "Well, Alex is gone.
He was fired, but we run this now."
Everyone would turn against us, even if they had a brain that was like, "Nope, we're not selling you the products.
The funding operation, it'd be over."
It's not just that you're loyal and if they fired me, I'm guessing you're going to leave, probably.
I'm guessing.
But you also know- You don't have to guess, Alex.
You know I'm loyal like a hound dog.
Well, absolutely.
And plus, it's not that you're loyal to me.
I mean, you're not with this leftist, is what I'm saying.
Well, and I think that this is maybe where we take this conversation now, because there's so many eyes on us, there's so many eyes on you, because this is the important thing.
Look, the fate of InfoWars, the fate of Alex Jones, has kind of already been sealed when we decided to take this battle on, when you decided to take this battle on decades ago.
But in the videos you shot earlier, this is the most important point for people to understand.
These are true tyrants we're dealing with.
This is true tyranny.
This is the attack on free speech.
And so it's always InfoWars.
It's always Alex Jones that's the test case.
And so look, it was censorship of Alex and InfoWars, then it was everybody else.
It was the imprisonment of Owen Schroer, now it's everybody else.
Now it's the lawfare against Alex Jones and InfoWars.
Now it's Trump and everybody else.
I mean, so...
You know, this is a major moment, I think, for people to realize the seriousness of this.
Folks, we are dealing with true tyranny.
We are dealing with true authoritarians right now.
I mean, this is war.
And look, best I can tell, everything I told you earlier is on record.
We have videos, court filings, it's documented.
This is speculation, but it's the best I've got.
It's the only thing I saw out of the, uh, Akron final trustee, who just ran, you know, about a court, and I... Oh, and I kind of broke up there.
Am I still there?
Yeah, you're still there.
You were just getting into the new trustee.
We've got you Alex, go ahead.
The new trustee is good, as far as we can tell.
It's high grade.
The ones that came in are big liberals.
The CRO is a big liberal.
And they were basically, as we can tell, conferring and working with the committee, the court, aloud on the Connecticut plans.
to sit there and read all my bills and look over my shoulder and ask what was this $400 bill for dinner you know when i took out people for a business meeting i mean literally they've enjoyed
all this i don't care the the the harassment means nothing to me they tried to come after your cat alex but but but these guys in the court today said we want mr jones shut down
We want Alex Jones off air.
That's the best thing for the creditors, even though that means all the money gets turned off.
So yeah, I mean, it was just absolute crazy.
The best I can tell is McGill, this little group he works with, they normally do like low-level Italian food restaurant, mom and pop goes bankrupt, they do that.
These are small fry people.
Because I did a chapter five at first, this is, you know, a very quick, fast bankruptcy, got converted into something else later.
But basically, these were liberals, old liberals, who literally thought they had, like, Satan on their hands.
And so in that process, I mean, hell, the subject of 5 Trumps T openly said, I don't like what he's saying on air.
I want him off the air.
And the judge looked at both of those women and said, I'm not here to take people off the air.
It's the First Amendment.
That has no bearing on this.
She's a Trump-appointed judge, but that's just an American thing.
So, and then again, they also tried to pretend like I was hacking a family.
I always said the families are just being used.
I'm talking about the Deep State, the globalists, what they're doing.
I didn't kill the kids at Sandy Hook.
Adam Lanza did.
And I barely ever talked about it.
So, they were in front of the judge saying he's saying terrible things about the families.
He's saying all the stuff he said before, which I never said.
And it's all, again, a misrepresentation.
And the judge went and railed because they were dumb enough to put into evidence the transcripts of my shows about this.
And he got the download.
Because everything I said about the court was real.
Everything he knew I said was accurate.
And I'm telling you, that's what took us over the edge, was they thought, oh, he'll go show the judge transcripts of Alex Jones' show.
And then what do you think happened when he actually read them, Howard?
Well, and it's just so incredible because that is one instance where they misrepresent what you say, what you represent, and who you are.
I mean, that's the case for almost all of these situations.
Yeah, well, the judge did a good job.
He was very torn.
And Chris Lopez.
And so that's basically where we are.
Oh, there was also huge misrepresentations that, oh, we caught another secret scam.
We caught a secret advertising scam.
Alex has Dr. Jones naturals.
And it's like literal advertising.
We've had it for years.
It's Advertise on the show.
It pays advertising and free speech systems.
And then they said, oh, Jones wants InfoWars to shut down.
Jones says, don't give money to it.
No, we've had record sales.
I said, this will be your last chance to get products at InfoWars.
So yeah, now you will definitely get your products if you order in the next few months.
We just probably got three, four months of runway.
Hopefully, God keeps giving us like the widow's mite or runway here.
So hopefully, that happens.
Hopefully, that's the case.
But I was like, hey, if you're going to get your InfoWars orders in, you better do it soon.
We may get shut down this Friday.
And Pat McGill was in there saying, kick me out, get rid of me Friday.
So, you know, we just dodged a bullet, praise Jesus, and now you can order at InfoWars.com, you'll get it for sure.
That funds the operation, so that's exactly what I said.
I said, there's a chance the judge will keep us open, so keep ordering, even though there's a small chance of things shutting down on Friday, and your order came in Friday, you might not get it.
Well, now, you know, people bet on us again, so we have money to continue on, but just enough to barely operate.
So I want to thank everybody for their support.
InfoWarsTore.com and yes our great sponsor we should mark it down as a plug because you know we gotta pay for all our advertising and for my evil father And go to drjonesnaturals.com for all the nano silver products, all the great Comet Shell, the Top Brain, the Rocket Rest, all the great sleep support.
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And again, that is also very, very critical to what we do.
They're a great sponsor.
But I want to give Chase Geiser a chance here.
He was there, he was in the court, he saw it.
If Mike wants to talk, probably done, he's driving.
If Rob Aguero wants to, you guys go ahead.
Alright, we're transferring over to Chase now.
We're having an audio issue.
Let's try to get the audio reconnected.
Chase Geiser, Rob Aguero, we're both in the courtroom representing the InfoWars crew there today and feeding us updates along the path as well.
And so, you know, the good news is with the extension of the runway, however long, that I still get more days with this crew that makes this show so special, the Alex Jones Show so special, with Harrison Smith, the American Journal, in the morning.
I think we've got our audio back, Chase.
We've got about two minutes left if you and Rob want to try to squeeze something in here.
Yeah, I just want to say really quick that Alex did a great job summarizing everything.
It's been a crazy day.
I do want to mention, too, that it was amazing the amount of support.
I've actually never been out in public with Alex before, believe it or not.
Let's get Rob in here for a statement.
Rob's been on my team for years.
for allies people wanted to walk up to take pictures with them it was really a beautiful thing to see how many members of the community just happening to walk
by we're saying things making remarks like I love Alex Jones so I really do think that this is a populist network with a populist message of free speech I
think there's an awakening happening and I'm just really glad to hear that we're gonna have the opportunity to continue to broadcast for a foreseeable future
let's get Rob in here for a statement Rob's been on my team for years go ahead Rob or we'll get the we'll get the audio connected there
Rob, go ahead.
Hey guys.
Yeah, it was a big win for us today.
A big win for free speech and I'm just happy to be a part of it.
And that's the biggest thing is that the fans came out to show support and it was crazy that they saw the address on TV and were like, you know what?
We're going to show up.
So that was amazing.
All right, well, it's great that I'm going to see you guys shortly.
I know that.
We'll be seeing you guys shortly.
And for the time being, we'll be doing more shows here together.
And so that's a meaningful development from today.
And I don't know if Alex wants to make a closing statement, or I know Alex... I want to say, I want to thank the viewers for their support.
I want to thank the job that he's been doing.
Sorry, I know this is all crazy.
I love everybody.
I'll be able to be on at 10 a.m.
For an emergency show, I would have been off the air today.
The judge had to come through and done the right thing.
So, we've lived to fight another day.
I salute everybody.
I praise God.
I praise everybody for their support.
I love you all.
I love the listeners and viewers.
We're a family.
Old, young, black, white, Hispanic.
We all love God.
We all love justice.
And I love all the folks that came out.
And we're gonna keep fighting to the end.
Thank you so much, Owen.
And you said 10 a.m.
tomorrow right here in studio?
Oh yeah, we gotta celebrate the fact that we're not dead yet!
They're gonna come even harder, and that's okay, we're gonna come even harder, that's what it's all about.
And then, uh, and then I know you're on a top secret mission after that, and I'll just leave it.
That does it!
Wow, okay, what a week!
What a show!
Not dead yet!
Hold on, hold on, I'm checking the pulse.
Still got one.
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