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Name: 20240613_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: June 13, 2024
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have massive breaking 2024 election news.
This is breaking right now.
The Democratic Party has now filed in federal court a lawsuit to take over any conservative person's website they want, including Tucker Carlson, President Trump, Elon Musk.
They have filed in federal court to take over real Alex Jones on X.
Total election meddling, total desperation.
Under law, and I've talked to top internet copyright lawyers, someone's private real Alex Jones on X.
It's like my ability to mail a letter, or my ability to go to a grocery store, my ability to pay for electricity.
This is a social credit score.
They have filed, we'll show you the headlines, to take my ex-account when they take over InfoWars and take any future public operation I have stealing my voice.
It's like saying we want to cut out Alex Jones's vocal cords.
They want the judge to rule they're going to cut out my vocal cords.
This shows how insanely desperate they are.
But the Democratic Party, Senator Blumenthal, they run this whole operation.
This is unbelievable.
And just today, I interviewed Tucker Carlson and Russell Brand in two powerful viral videos about freedom.
They're in full panic mode, ladies and gentlemen.
They don't know what to do.
They already tried to de-platform me and silence me six years ago.
We fought back together, so now they don't know what to do.
And now they have filed in court To take away, not just my personal ex-account, but all of our crew's personal ex-accounts and say, you don't have free speech.
Elon Musk, this is the bad signal, you're not stupid.
This isn't about Alex Jones.
This is an attack on Elon Musk and ex and President Trump and everybody's free speech.
If they're able to get away with this, they can take everybody's accounts they want and they can completely silence them because in the new world, the new system, Okay, you take InfoWars away, you fire my crew, whatever, I can still do a show every day.
But they think, and this finally, my current ex-account with millions of followers and any new one they own.
This is a dark day.
This is an information coup over America.
Follow me at RealAlexJones.
I believe Elon Musk will stand up against this.
Regardless of what you think about me or Elon Musk or Donald Trump or anybody, we have a right to have our own personal accounts no matter what, and they don't have a right to steal those from us.
This is a dark day for America.
They're so close to shutting down Infowars.
They're so close to shutting down Infowars.com.
They already tried weeks ago to shut us down, but we stood up against it.
They backed off.
There's a big federal hearing tomorrow about all this.
This has been filed in.
This is insane.
This is pure tyranny.
Taking your voice, taking your vocal cords, like when Fauci cut the beagles.
Larynx is out, and their voice cord's out, so they couldn't bark when he put them in those hoods with flesh-eating worms to eat their brains.
I mean, this is literally them trying to put me in a box with a hood over my head so I can't talk while they lie about me selling my daddy.
Regardless, I'll be on air tomorrow, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Regardless, we'll be covering this all.
We got a Banned Out video.
I won't be silenced.
Other talk shows are going to have me on.
But this shows how naked and crazy and insane these anti-Americans are.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is such a critical point for America.
The deep state is in full panning mode.
And if they can shut me down, if they can take my private communication and social media away, they believe they can silence any of you.
Real Alex Jones, follow that.
They're trying to shut it down right now.
And Elon Musk, we're following the bat signal for everybody.
stand up against this please right now because this is directly targeting you and you know it.
Many years ago I coined the term 360 win.
That's another way of saying it's a non-zero-sum game.
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