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Name: 20240610_Mon_Alex
Air Date: June 10, 2024
3445 lines.

In this interview, Alex Jones discusses high-quality fish oil available at InfowarsStore.com and encourages his audience to support him by making a purchase. He announces an upcoming deep dive with Vivian Kubrick discussing her father's work and shares his thoughts on recent developments including the influx of immigrants into America. Jones emphasizes the need for individuals to stand up against tyranny and work towards taking back control of government. He promotes gravity-fed water filters available at InfowarsStore.com, and in a subsequent interview, Vivian Kubrick discusses her father's film scores, alternative medicine, conspiracy theories, and self-discovery.

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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas in one of the final broadcasts of this operation.
It is Monday, June 10th, 2024.
All right, I have all this incredible news, all this amazing information.
Steve Bannon coming up.
We've got Vivian Kubrick, the daughter and protege that's in a bunch of his films and worked on his films at the highest levels, joining us for the deep dive on the real Stanley Kubrick.
In the studio, Diddy faked the moon landings, all that stuff.
You're going to get, for the first time ever, the deep data dump from his main protégé, his favorite daughter, Vivian Kubrick, because she is sick of the lies about her father, the greatest filmmaker ever, hands down.
Because I don't care about Hollywood, but I care about Stanley Kubrick.
Does that make sense?
And he didn't like Hollywood either and stayed away from it completely.
So with all this crazy stuff, that's another thing on the bucket list is to get her on here on the twilight of InfoWars.
But don't worry, we're coming back.
We're not going to be stopped.
Okay, so many giant, insane developments going on.
But I was in my office this morning, because the moving truck's coming today.
I'm getting my stuff out of here, because we're going to try to keep it open as long as possible.
But they tried 10 days ago to close this outside of law without a court order.
The federal CRO appointed by the court.
Of course, the judge, they asked us to shut us down on Monday of last week, and the judge said no.
And that was all in the news.
People were like, whoa, Jones wasn't lying?
You think I'm going to get up here and say they're trying to close the company and kick me out without a court order and make that up?
I know that sounds crazy.
I know that sounds unbelievable.
But look at everything else around you.
It's all unbelievable.
Totally open borders, human trafficking everywhere, war with Russia.
Hundreds of thousands of fentanyl deaths a year.
Pedophile drag queen time.
The incredible inflation.
I mean, it's happening.
So we've got all this insane news.
This new talking point from all the different Democrats.
Trump's gonna arrest us.
The former FBI Director McCabe.
They're trying to arrest all of us.
And then gaslighting, as they always do, saying we're going to arrest them.
Well, yeah, people that did this in the deep state need to be prosecuted.
But I don't think AOC was quarterbacking.
I don't think she was involved in illegal activity.
But if it comes out she was, she should be prosecuted.
But we can't have this coup, this deep state bureaucratic corporate amalgamation, waging war with us and then not send them to prison.
But our mission is to get the deep state off our backs and restore the republic, secure the border.
Get energy prices down that will then bring down prices across the board.
But I'm cleaning out my office this morning and digging through things.
I found this newspaper.
Overhead shot, please.
From Wednesday, September 12th, 2021.
Zoom in on that.
And I started to read it.
And I was like, wait.
What's this?
There's something really interesting in here.
There's ads from 20 plus years ago, 20 to 23 years ago, that tell you a lot.
So we have Kroger ads, and we have HEB ads in here, and some other ads that are incredible.
So I want to show TV viewers, and I'll describe these for radio listeners and overhead shot, because this is what The New World Order is really all about artificially creating inflation while they cut off the resources to make it even worse.
So that's what they call stagflation.
You have a depression in real products while you have inflation.
That's not supposed to be normal.
Economists thought it was impossible until it happened in the late 70s under Jimmy Carter.
H-E-B is the big grocery store in Texas for those who don't know.
Come see our new look.
Let's look at the prices here.
Ground beef chuck, meal deal, buy one fresh ground beef chuck, three pounds for $5.95 and get one free.
So that's six pounds of ground lean chuck hamburger for $5.95.
And then it goes on from there.
This is the inflation in 22 years.
Look at this.
Beef chuck roast.
Nice steak.
$0.87 a pound.
It's $3 a pound right now.
Hill Country Fair chicken drumsticks or thighs.
Huge packages of it.
$0.58 a pound.
Entire packages of Hormel sausage.
Guys, look up how much Hormel, a package of Hormel Sausages now.
I bet it's like eight bucks.
Avocados, two for one.
Classic roast coffee.
Entire cans of it.
$1.47 and you get another one free.
Two cans of coffee for $1.47.
What are they?
The off-brands like six, seven, eight bucks now.
The fancy brands $15, $16.
Bud Light, $5.98 for a 12-pack.
Well, they're so hated now, I think it's probably still that price.
Right Guard, $1.62.
This is what you need to know, folks.
Here's another one.
Beef Chuck Steak, bone-in, $1.37.
done in 137. Fresh ground chuck 177. A package of sausages 99 cents for two sausages.
H-E-B bun-sized mesquite.
Hot dogs, $1.77 per package.
Eight of them.
Jimmy Dean sausage, two for $5.
Fresh split pigs feet, 88 cents.
Hill Country Fair Skinless Smoked Sausage, $2.99.
Hill Country Fair Sliced Bacon, $1.77.
That's like nine bucks now.
Two libs for $1.
Two pounds for $1.
Three pounds for $1 of onions.
Two pounds of Marigold Papayas.
Look at this.
A pound of shrimp, $5.95.
Look at this.
Five apples for $1.
Fresh red or white potatoes, $0.39 a pound.
California autumn flame peaches, $0.99 a pound.
Bare aspirin, $1.95.
And it goes on and on.
Hot sauce, $0.99.
Eight Top Ramen, $0.99.
Eight of them.
Two large pizzas for $4.
A full large package of Lay's potato chips, $1.99.
Two Saltines crackers, premium, $3.
It goes on and on.
Oh, look at the soda pops.
$0.50 for the fancy ones.
That's just HEB.
You want to see Kroger?
Look at this.
Chicken Breasts or Tenders.
Buy one, get one free.
You can get four 12-packs of soft drinks.
Four 12-packs for $9.
Blue Bell ice cream, two for $6.
That's a gallon of ice cream.
Two half-gallons, $6.
California peach is 79 cents.
You open it up.
Let's go to the meat.
This is what I really found.
And just compare the prices now.
You got one thing of soda now is $13.
That was four.
For what?
Nine dollars.
No, it's four for even less.
My God.
All right, now, let's... That's four for nine dollars.
Now it's thirteen dollars.
Ten dollars.
Look at this.
Look at this.
T-Bone Steaks, $3.99.
Family Pack Pork Steak, $1.49.
$149 Catfish fillets, $399 Nolan Ryan's ground beef, $299 per package.
Eric's Smoked Sausage, two containers for $5.
Let's look over here.
Angus Top Beef Top Sirloin, $3.99.
Delicious Bakery Savings.
I mean, this is insane, ladies and gentlemen.
And it just goes on and on.
Look how much the beer is.
Let's look at the beer.
A 18-pack, $10.99.
A Miller, Tecate.
12-pack, $7.95.
A Miller to Cotty.
12 packs 795 an entire giant gallon of wine.
Carlo Rossi Burgundy.
$7.79, excuse me.
Sutter Home, Chardonnay, $4.99.
And it just goes on and on and on.
Look on the back.
10 Valencia oranges for $1.
Whole bag of them for a dollar, that was like 10 bucks now.
So here's the bottom line.
Inflation is about, this looks to me like eight to 10 times what it was.
An entire giant bag of grapes, both red or white, for $1.69.
An entire bag of russet potatoes, looks like 20 of them, $2.49.
Look at this, seven stem gladiolas, $2.99 for flowers.
Look at this.
So you want to know the wages of the New World Order?
It's total inflation.
This is just what I pulled out here.
This thing is full of ads.
What a gold mine.
So I'm going to go back through this soon.
And if you want, I guess you can't mail it in to us.
We're about to be shut down, but I guess I can always find old newspapers.
And just how amazing it is.
To show that.
So that's what you learned from September 12th, 2001.
Terror hits home.
Now the border's wide open and you get your testicles grabbed.
But nothing's done.
So ladies and gentlemen, that's where we are as a country.
That's where we are as a planet.
And it's absolutely crazy.
And Half this inflation has happened in the last four years.
And the way the Federal Reserve was monetizing debt, it somewhat was happening under Trump.
He's partially guilty.
This is the climate he was in.
But he reversed a lot of it because here's the deal.
If you have low energy prices, it can offset overprinting of money.
But you cut off the fertilizer and the energy, and start going after the food, harassing it everywhere, and then you put on top of that monetary inflation, you have the absolute nightmare situation.
The nightmare of nightmares then ensues.
And that's where we are.
So just remember, while they're telling you that Trump's the bad guy, that he's gonna go to prison, and I'm the bad guy with all this made-up crap, just remember, these are the people That knowingly have engineered this in their own words to bring you to your knees.
And the faster people realize this and understand this, the quicker we can turn things around.
Speaking of inflation, a big part of this is the system's move to flood the country under Cloward and Piven to break its carrying capacity and implode it and then they got
their new system, their great reset, build back better.
So all over Europe, all over the United States, they have pumped in 30 million illegals plus the last 15 years in Europe and it's 23 million is the real number, not 10 or 12 like you've
Tucker's had guests on, I've seen the numbers.
It's 20 plus million.
20 is the low number, 24 is the high number of illegal aliens that have come in, in just the last three and a half years under Joe Biden.
Judas Biden, Joe Biden, and so this is where we are and just a few years ago Biden said there wasn't inflation
They said it was low.
Then he said it was good for you.
They tried to gaslight you that everything was fine.
But you bring in all the illegal aliens from third world countries that have been under even greater lockdown.
So they're victims, but they're still being used as a weapon against us.
And so you're not going to help them flooding us because their ship sunk.
Them climbing on the lifeboat and there's not room.
We're just going to sink too.
And that's the plan.
Sink the entire world economy.
Bring us to our knees.
That's where we are.
And the answer is understanding.
Whatever the globalists are pushing.
Drag queen story time.
June is pedo month.
That's what it's all about.
It's not about people being able to live their lives.
It's about targeting children and a takeover of society with an ideology that's tied to a political system of fascism and tyranny and pedophilia.
Whatever it is, open border, war with Russia, ESG's, global carbon taxes, whatever the New World Order is promoting, we need to oppose with every bone in our body, tooth and nail.
So the good news is, in the EU, massive unprecedented victories for populist, anti-globalist, right-wing parties.
But it's a mix of all those groups.
Farmers, you name it.
How dare you, farmers.
You're racist extremists.
You don't want your farm destroyed, shut down.
That's what they say in the EU.
It's not working.
People see through it.
The cutting off of energy, all of it.
And then Trump's like, listen, I don't want to deport people.
Well, they just had a big scientific poll, I'll show you, where two-thirds of Americans, it was only like 50% a few years ago, because they want to be politically correct.
Now two-thirds want every damn illegal ship back to their country of origin.
So the worm is turning, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why the system is so hysterically absolutely out of their mind right now.
So here's President Trump lays out his mass deportation plan.
When I'm back in the White House, the very first reconciliation bill I will sign will be for a massive increase in Border Patrol
and a colossal increase in the number of ICE deportation officers.
And I want to thank the Border Patrol.
These are incredible people.
And I want to thank ICE, and in particular, I want to thank Brandon Judd, Border Patrol, and Tom Homan, Central Casting.
He's Central Casting.
Under my leadership, we will use all necessary state, local, federal, and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.
Other countries are emptying out their prisons, insane asylums, and mental institutions, and sending all of their problems right into their dumping ground, the USA.
Think of it.
They're emptying out their prisons, and you've heard me say that, but they're also emptying out their mental institutions.
To use a strong couple of words.
Insane asylum.
Insane asylum.
That's where... Anybody see Silence of the Lamb?
That's where they come from.
Insane asylum.
That's a stronger word than a mental institution.
And they're putting them into our country.
Thank you very much.
I will ask every state and federal agency to identify every known or suspected gang member in America and every one of them.
that is here illegally, and the towns know who they are. The towns and cities are the police.
We love our police. The police know who they are.
And we will pick them up. And we will throw them out of our country and there will be no questions asked. >> Boom.
Now, this is the new talking point in the last six months, but it's coming to a crescendo.
AOC Trump will lock me up if he wins.
This is a woman who said what a week and a half ago.
She said we've got to keep him in court and in jail like an ankle bracelet so he can't campaign.
She says the quiet part out loud.
So does Joe Biden.
He said Trump can run.
A couple years ago he said we're just going to put him in jail.
That real crazy, jack-o-lantern, arrogant, creeper, pedo face he makes.
I mean, we're in the hands of some really evil, bad people, like President Trump said a few days ago.
These are some really nasty hombres, folks.
We've got a case of tyranny.
Happens all over the world.
You hear about it all the time.
You hear about car wrecks all the time.
You have one, and you're like, wow, these really suck.
This stuff happens in history.
And we got it big, and we got it bad.
So this is total projection, total inversion, total fraud.
This is AOC saying they'll lock you up.
Lady, we got a lot bigger fish to fry than you.
And yeah, I mean, people need to go to prison or they're never going to stop what they're doing.
But you'll get jury trials.
You'll get real jury trials.
We've got real crimes you committed.
Here's AOC.
What happens to you if Donald Trump wins?
What do you do?
What's your first move?
I mean, it sounds nuts, but, like, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy threw me in jail.
He's out of his mind.
I mean, he did his whole first campaign around, lock her up.
Like, this is his motto.
Oh, he didn't say that, you know.
He said he didn't say that.
Yeah, right?
He, I take him at his word.
I take him at his word.
I take, I take him at his word when he says that he's going to round up people.
I take him at his word when he threatens journalists.
I take him at his word.
I feel like what we saw in his first presidency was an amused boosh to what his intentions are.
He has learned from his mistakes of appointing professionals and he will not make that mistake next time.
They're all trying to put him and all his supporters in jail, and have put many thousands in jail.
And then they whine like they're victims.
Like all these videos, we played one a few weeks ago, where the woman walks over, the guy's got a pro-life sign, and she starts punching him in the face, and all he does is stop her from hitting him.
He just grabs her by the arms, holds her, says, stop.
And he goes, police!
Help me!
He's attacking me!
That's what the left does.
They're the most disingenuous, lying frauds the planet has ever seen.
Everything they do to us, they didn't say we're going to do to them.
And of course Trump, when people would say, lock her up, lock her up, he would try to be nice and say, no, no, it's all right.
But then finally, when he's on the stage with her, She's talking about, you'll never get into office, you're a fraud.
He goes, well, I better not get into office because you'll be in jail.
But the thing is, the Clintons do deserve to be in jail for the money laundering and the crimes and all the things they've done.
We know that.
But the point is, Trump wasn't vindictive when he was in for four years.
He tried to turn the country around and he thought if he just did that, there'd be enough political will and the establishment was still making plenty of money, they'd just go away.
But they don't just want money.
That's secondary.
They want power and they want control over everyone.
That's their goal.
All right, coming up, huge news on the sweep of patriots in Europe and its elections.
And Lindsey Graham admits the quiet part out loud about war with Russia.
Follow me on Exit.
Real Alex Jones.
Go now.
Real Alex Jones.
All right, I'm going to talk about something that's really central to everybody out there watching and listening.
And when I say this, I'm not lecturing you.
I'm lecturing myself because it's a psychological phenomenon of how tyranny works.
We've all heard of the frog in the pot.
And it's a true story.
Because in Louisiana and Mississippi, they eat a lot of bullfrogs, folks.
I've had them.
They're pretty tasty.
They're fresh.
They're boiled with a little bit of Cajun seasoning.
If you throw a bullfrog into boiling water, he'll jump out.
If you put him in cold water and slowly turn the heat up, he'll just sit there and as it gets warm, it gets hot, he passes out, he dies.
So we all know we're in tyranny, those of us that are awake.
Some people don't.
But a large portion of America, I'd say a majority now, overwhelmingly knows we got a corrupt, occupied government that's absolutely at war with us.
But that's not enough to just know it.
And then you can't just get used to whatever the new insane excess is as the tyrants double down and then say, oh sure, we know about it.
And then just accept it.
You've got to speak out against it.
You've got to get upset about it.
You've got to pray about it.
You've got to vote against it.
You've got to support lawsuits against it.
And you've got to back the people in the media and in the government and in the corporations and in the churches and in education.
That are fighting the tyrants, and in medicine.
We're not in normal times.
And it's not normal to be under this level of oppression, and surveillance, and bullying, and tyranny.
And our enemies, a bunch of criminals, have arrogantly hijacked this country.
And they mistake America's history and its power for their own.
And that's why whistleblowers in the federal government, whistleblowers in big tech, whistleblowers in private industry, in law enforcement, everywhere are so critical.
We've got to kill their ideas.
We've got to expose them.
We've got to remove our support from them.
We've got to get control of our governments.
And then we're not going to imprison and execute these people once they've had due process because we hate them.
We're going to do it because we love the good people of this planet, and we're not going to take it anymore.
But when you see unbridled, psychotic evil by the technocrats and the big corporations unleashed on people, folks, if you're not pissed off, something's wrong with you.
The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.
The most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.
White supremacists.
The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
We have seen a rise in white supremacy.
The number one threat to this country, domestic terrorism-wise, is white supremacy.
But at the end of the day, folks, the best sports players, anybody, have emotion.
And the best artists have emotion.
And I'm just telling you, I'm really sick of these people.
I've got four children, and I care about humanity, and I like good, decent, wholesome fun.
And man, the people we got running things aren't just evil pedophile jerks.
They really want us eating poison bugs.
They want to take away everything decent.
A nice juicy steak.
They want to take away a nice piece of fish.
They told people during the fake pandemic, don't look at the sun.
Don't look at the sunset.
Don't talk to your neighbors.
All over the place.
Screw these people!
I'm sick of them dictating everything!
I'm tired of their cult!
And I'm not in their cult!
There's a storm coming!
What did he just say?
He said there's a storm coming in.
I know.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, I always get great clubs for the show, and most of them, I don't play hardly any of them.
But some of these clips are so good today, I've got to play them, and I've got to get this guy on.
I've told the producers I want him on before they shut down InfoWars, which could be as early as this weekend, or it could be in a month or so.
It could get pushed out because there's been some legality stuff going on with some famous court cases that we're going to be covering a little bit later that what they've done, they're not allowed to do.
When they brag, we don't want money, we want him shut down.
Well, federal courts have ruled that when you're honest about that, it can be reversed.
And that's Disney vs. VidAngels, the big one.
Disney vs. VidAngels.
So, I'd love to be sitting here in a couple months and then all this corruption comes out and it gets reversed, and they've got to do a reasonable settlement with us even though I didn't do anything of the things they said.
And people are like, hey, you said we were going to get shut down, you didn't!
I mean, I'd love to...
Pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
But I was on with Glenn Beck and obviously his legal team, he's really smart, brought this up to me today.
And they said, this isn't legal.
And there's more case law coming in right now.
So again, it wasn't legal without a court order to try to shut us down.
Eight days ago, nine days ago, not this Friday, but last Friday.
I mean, what I'm saying is we're not in Kansas anymore.
There is a hysteria in the establishment that I want to explain.
I'm not the gas in the mine, I'm the canary.
And when natural gas is in a deep mine and it starts building up, going back hundreds of years ago, a hundred years ago, they didn't have sensors that would pick up natural gas, but a canary can't handle hardly any natural gas, it'll kill it.
Whereas humans can handle it, to a certain level.
And then you light a cigarette, boom!
You're all dead.
So, I immediately, when this happened, went, okay, wait a minute, this is Canary in the coal mine, this isn't us.
Everyone's like, oh my god, Alex, it's so hard, how are you tagging?
I'm like, we gotta get ready, something's, they're about to do something to Trump, they're so crazy, they want the show out of the air, they know I've got their number.
For whatever reason, the CIA, the FBI are on record saying that I'm the worst, countering them, that I'm patient zero.
That I've got to be countered, and so they want me out of the way.
Are they about to kill Trump?
About to do a cyber attack?
I don't know, but it is not a good sign, okay?
I mean, let's just be like, wow, this is going to make the show bigger!
This is incredible!
They've got something planned imminently.
And I talked to more of the crew today that aren't gossips and aren't troublemakers about the CRO, and I did a canvas of them.
And they went, oh my God, he comes in all the time, but he doesn't want to stir up trouble.
That's the court-appointed guy.
He says, you know, you shouldn't be on the air.
You should be arrested.
The vaccine's wonderful.
I'm a liar about 9-11.
I'm a racist.
Critical race theory's good.
White privilege is bad.
He's a white guy.
And it's just a way to mess with the crew.
So we're going to get all the testimonies.
We're going to get it all.
Don't you worry.
And I've got appeals on for these fake Judgements and everything.
And so they know that.
And I guess they think Judge Lopez, who's known as a fair judge, federal judge, is going to put some fly in their ointment this Friday.
I don't know what's going to happen.
But let me tell you, running in here trying to shut this place down on the blue, and the weeks before him running around talking trash.
And nobody wants to really tell me that because they want their job.
But they're like, now that they all see it, they go, yeah, man, he's And I was told this like a year ago, he was talking trash.
But again, it's not about talking trash.
I got really thick skin.
I don't give a damn about him not liking me.
But the point is, is that that shows the type of person we're dealing with, we know is working with the Democrats and the committee, because they came in and said, we want a committee over this.
We want to have the Justice Department involved and all this stuff.
The judge said, fine.
Put all the bells and whistles on it.
Have your outside investigations, have the Justice Department involved, have your committee.
And then I got told the other day, it was like, by some of the people that, you know, camp followers of this guy, well, you've angered the families of the committee.
Now that's why they're just going to shut you down.
They would see if you'd work with them, but now you aren't.
So you're going to learn.
How dare me not sell out?
How dare me not drink the Kool-Aid?
How dare me?
I mean, it's ridiculous.
And now they're in the news saying he won't do what we say.
He won't let us run his company.
We don't just want money, want to control him.
It's a non-starter.
But again, the canary fell over.
The canary's dead.
So what does that mean?
Well, the mine is America and the world.
And the world's waking up fast, but that makes the globalists attack even faster.
So we can be shut down anytime.
And when people are doing stuff this reckless and this dangerous and this crazy, God only knows what they're about to pull.
So, follow me on RealAlexJones for now.
We've had a lot of people reach out to us and, you know, offer us, you know, to come work for them under the law.
Can't stop somebody working.
You try to grab any money I make, fine, I don't care.
I'm pretty easy to please.
Uh, so again, I'm wearing like a five, six, seven year old $10 shirt right now.
I just, that's, you know, I'm wearing, I wear blue jeans.
They got holes in them.
I'm really easy to deal with.
I got a watch my dad gave me 15 years ago.
Like, why do you wear a Rolex?
I bought my dad a tag.
He was honored.
He liked it.
And one, one Christmas, he gave me a green Rolex and who knew, who knew it would become the most popular Rolex.
And now sells for five times what he bought it for.
He bought this Rolex for $4,000.
It goes for $35,000 today.
I'm not even into fancy stuff, but I love this watch now.
It's like part of my body.
I've been wearing it so long.
But my point is, is it sentimental?
And that's why it's very valuable to me.
But just like this operation, just like freedom is a trillion times more valuable than my children, a trillion times more valuable than this watch, it means nothing to me compared to my integrity.
And so they think we're like them.
They think if they take stuff from us and attack us... Again, I've studied the globalists now.
I know everything about them, basically.
I've been learning exponentially.
And 30 years ago, I know more than most people.
Now I know more than almost anybody.
And I know a lot of you are super smart and know more than I do.
But the point is, is that they, with their intimidation and their attacks and their demonization and all the things they've done to us over the years, thought, oh, we've intimidated them.
That's why they're rolling over.
99% of people that were being bullied were asleep and just thought, this is just happening.
They didn't know why it was happening.
Now that people know they're being bullied, now that they know they're being robbed, now that they know they're being screwed on purpose, people are pissed.
This is unfair.
This is crazy.
This is wrong.
Now the actuaries are out.
35 million dead from the poison shots.
You're like, why has it been 22 million for a year and now it's 35?
Because you only get the numbers once a year.
That's how statistics work.
And they come in months and months after the other year ended.
So it took six months for the 2023 numbers to come in.
It's 35 mil dead now from the shots.
It was 22 mil dead in 2022.
It was about 9 million dead in 2021.
I mean, they are freaking killing everybody.
So, when my dad was growing up, and his dad was John Wayne for real, tough, hardworking, amazing.
Gosh, so blessed to have those grandfathers.
It was just amazing.
They're my rock stars.
And my dad would barely complain about something.
His dad would say, I complained I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.
I complained I had no feet until I saw a man who had no legs.
He explained to them, being a victim and feeling sorry for yourself is the root of all weakness and failure and unhappiness.
And that is the answer to all of this.
When I'm getting persecuted and attacked on a scale of 1 to 100, it's not even a 1.
But them shipping weapons to bomb Russia is a 90.
Mass border open, human trafficking of little children, forced sex slavery, Senate report, nothing happens, that's a 95.
I mean, folks, Into the world's a hundred.
I mean, the crime being committed is so massive, so gargantuan, so titanic, so behemoth, that the fact that they're so out in the open, it just shows you this is crazy town.
Absolute, total, crazy town.
And so, again, the attack on us is a symptom of the disease.
But it says, why do they want it off the air so much?
Because I am able to wake up the intelligence agencies and the military for whatever reason.
They've tracked us back to waking up Tucker and Joe Rogan and everybody else says Jones woke me up.
We were the main catalyst.
So they've got our number because we got their number.
And it's the Holy Spirit.
It's God doing it.
And God rose me up for this job.
I'm nobody.
Except he that is in me is everybody, is the big, big kahuna.
And you can have the big kahuna in you as well.
Just pray to bring in the Holy Spirit.
Many of you haven't.
But it's going to be the only answer to this.
And I am fearless.
I cannot stop.
I'm totally committed.
And that's why God rose me up as a vessel, as a weapon in this fight.
I am a weapon system, just like you are.
And I'll never stop.
I'll never surrender.
I'll never back down.
I couldn't give out.
And I don't want to hit these incredible clips here, but I'm always going to tell you the truth, and I'm just going to straight shoot you.
And I know that through the lawyers and the Sandy Hook, you know, Democratic Party black ops operation that just uses their people as, you know, front groups as victims, really.
They're like bitching, well, what's Jones on air?
You know, saying he doesn't know how long you can order from InfoWarsStore.com.
I'm not going to get up here and tell you to go to InfoWarsStore.com.
If they're all over the news saying, imminently we're going to close it down.
They tried to shut the doors two Fridays ago, eight, nine days ago.
I'm not going to sit there and just tell you to go do something and then screw you over.
Now, right now shipping is next day.
The order comes in, some days it's shipped the same day.
Two days, guaranteed.
And Friday's events coming up, I don't think the judge is very reasonable, he's going to shut us down then.
In fact, I think He'll announce another hearing, it'll get pushed off.
So, it could be your last chance to get products at InfoWarsStore.com.
And there's not a lot of extra money over there, so it doesn't even matter.
By the time the bureaucrats and all of them are involved, I wouldn't imagine the deep state will even get any money at this point.
They'll certainly get the money from me selling my farm and crap like that.
And I could care less.
They think that means anything to me.
It means nothing.
It's a pleasure.
An absolute pleasure to wake up the world.
An absolute pleasure, you know, to have the most cool, awesome people around call me up and thank me for waking them up and invite me to their houses and invite me to their homes on Thanksgiving and invite me to their facilities and go on tour with Tucker Carlson and just all of it and Joe Rogan and just everybody.
It's such a pleasure to be able to look myself in the mirror.
It's such an honor to have my parents proud of me.
They're suing and attacking to try to hurt me.
My parents are like, good, we love it.
Let them do more.
Let's go.
And they're not big, you know, beat their chest type people.
But what you get in a fight with them, you better believe you got one.
So I am honored to be here.
I am honored to be with you.
My family is 100% behind me.
Our listeners are behind us all the way.
And we're not going to back down together.
And I salute you all for that, because I am so damn alive right now, and I'm so honored to be here with you.
I'm so blown away by the power of our God that's almighty.
What we're talking about is going down!
It's an honor to stand against evil with every fiber of my will, with God energizing me.
It is a blessing to be real.
It's a blessing to tell the truth.
It's a blessing to know I'm real.
Every day when I go to sleep, every day when I get up, damn it, I can look in the mirror and say, that's a real American right there.
My grandparents and their parents would be proud of me and they are.
Not a bunch of crap like these New World Order pedophile devil worshippers.
I'm a straight shooter all the way and I love it.
It's my identity.
It's everything.
It's my entire soul.
It's my value.
And that's what they don't like.
I get to defend my family and humanity.
I get to have the worst people on earth come after me.
That's not a curse.
That is a blessing.
And they can put me in prison and torture me to death and cut my head off.
I don't give a damn about them because there ain't nothing on earth they got I want.
I want victory.
I want to get these scumbags off our backs, and we will, and they know it, because there's a wavelength and a spirit I've got that you've got.
And we resonate together and they know we're the fire starters in the minds of men and women that Thomas Jefferson talked about.
InfoWars is the flamethrower.
It's the hydrogen bomb dropped on their lives.
It's the fire of God's truth coming down on them and they don't know what to do because they're worshipers of Baal.
They can pray all day and they can't get a spark out of the sky.
When we pray to God and do it in earnest and do it in courage, fire rains from heaven!
And they know it.
And they can feel it.
And they understand.
We will never surrender their satanism.
We will never become their... Have you looked at the antifa and the satanist?
Have you looked to the left like zombies drooling?
Who the hell would want to be like that?
What type of God do you serve?
It's not even like, oh, I have to hold myself back from not selling out.
It's the opposite.
They are repugnant.
They are anathema.
They are repellent.
It's like, you ever been out in the country?
And one of the jobs is, you got a dead cow or a dead horse rotting, to get it out of the field, put it in a gully or whatever.
It attracts more coyotes, which is not a good thing, and just spreads disease.
So, you know, I've done it a few times.
Dead horses, dead cows.
Sometimes they've been dead a week.
There's maggots all over them.
You got to get out of the tractor.
Get over there with a big old chain tied around the leg.
Sometimes the leg pulls off halfway where you're going, and it's just like...
The most disgusting, you know, oh my god, there's a possum inside the guts eating, they'll go up their ass, be eating inside, possum's in there, leg pulls off, possum looks up at all the guts and everything.
And you know, that's my job, is, the worst part about it, is I gotta like, literally, dragging those dead animals around.
And having to tie chains around all those rotting flesh and maggots is 1% out of 100 as bad as it is just looking at leftists.
Being around these leftist lawyers and they think they're powerful, they're serving Satan.
I'm just looking at a big, rotting, dead cow.
Or a dead horse with maggots.
I spiritually just see them like all maggots all over.
I'm thinking how pathetic they are and how soulless they are and how they're shooting their kids up with deadly shots if they got them and how they serve the system and Satan.
And I'm just sitting there holding my spiritual nose just going, uh-huh.
I mean, you think you're powerful over me?
I see you, a rotting pile of flesh.
Spiritual rot right in front of me.
When my mind's in the stars and infinity and just endless beauty and interfacing with God and discernment and psychic power and will and just everything that God would have given you and instead you're a pile of rotting flesh.
You are your father's child.
You are death.
And behold, I saw The horse, Pale Rider, his name was Death.
Pull up Revelation of the Pale Horse.
I want to read it properly.
Re-upload to axe the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones.
That should be put back.
Now that's an animal that's been dead about two weeks.
That's not as bad.
They're the worst when they've swollen up and are all plump.
I only probably hauled off 10 dead animals from my work on ranches.
I didn't do anything compared to most cowboys.
I've done a few years total work, with summers, than one whole year.
And yeah, when you, oh my God, you pull up with one that's got like 100,000 maggots all over it, woo, it ain't too fun.
And that's what I think all of you, Hillary Clinton, AOC, all of you lawyers, I look at you and you're a pile of stinking rotten flesh and you know you are.
So why don't you smell yourself?
And I looked and behold a pale horse and his name that sat on him was death and hell followed him and power was given unto them over a fourth part of the earth to kill with the sword and with hunger and with death and with the beast of the earth.
CIA's been caught all over the world releasing texture by Lyme disease.
We've been caught releasing weaponized grasshoppers to eat up all the crops.
They've been caught shooting everybody up with these poison shots.
Hell followed him!
Alright, let's go to this Rogan clip.
Clip 5, then clip 6.
Same guy, Billy Carson.
Really smart guy.
I want to get him on the show.
Here's the clips.
They knew back then that people would be able to have YouTube and just watch that.
If that's how they did it back then, imagine how good they are at it now.
Oh man, they're masters at neuroscience.
Applying neuroscience to the general population, they are masters at it.
And they know how to get into the psyche of a human being.
And they know how to turn us against each other while they themselves chop it all up.
Like I always say, there is no Democrat or Republican.
It doesn't exist.
The only thing that exists is a group of elite oligarchs that torture men, women, and children worldwide.
That exists.
They capitalize and monetize us and they put their boot on our neck.
But the thing that is left-wing and right-wing?
I think it's the same bird.
Yeah, it's all just money.
It's all money.
And they use social issues, whatever they are, whether it's Christianity or abortion rights or whatever it is, they just use those little moves that they put in their little game.
And really what it's about is enriching themselves and staying in power.
And the best way to stay in power is to control narratives and control influence.
Make people believe a very specific thing and drill it into their head.
But the problem is like, I think human beings are more awake now than ever before and they know this game now.
At least a large number of us know this game.
It's shifting so fast.
It's shifting like incredibly fast, which is great.
How old are you, Billy?
I'll be 53 in September.
You look great.
Thanks, man.
So you and I are basically close to the same age.
I'm 56.
And when we were kids, this version of the world was never discussed.
You'd have to be a complete kook to think that money is why wars are started.
Oh, come on. No one would ever do that.
You would be a complete kook to think that the pharmaceutical drug companies lie about their drugs.
What are you talking about?
They can't do that. They would be arrested.
You'd be a kook.
And now, especially after the pandemic, that's how everybody feels.
And watching these wars go on between Ukraine and Russia and Palestine and Israel, you're like, what the f*** is going on?
In the 21st century, this is still happening right now.
In large scale.
And people are having debate over the acceptable amount of numbers of women and children that are allowed to die in a war.
It's insane.
It's insanity.
8 billion people are being controlled by 100 families.
Who are these families?
These are the elite oligarchs that control the planet.
They literally run us.
They tell us what to do, hear, see, smell, taste, touch, feel, where we can go, where we can't go.
They're running us.
Governments are put in place to work for the people, but they got it flipped and they got us working for them.
and telling us what they're going to do to us if we don't listen to them, that's the opposite of what it's supposed to be.
The reason why the world it is today, why we have this boot on our neck, it's because of us.
We're the problem. They're sharks. A shark smells blood, a shark attacks.
A shark is going to be a shark. How come we as eight billion people haven't stopped falling for these divide and conquer tactics,
and stopped fighting each other over the scraps, and realized who the real enemy is?
While we're fighting each other, they're just cutting up the pie and laughing at us.
Left wing, right wing, all the same bird. There's no such thing as a Democrat or Republican.
The only thing that does exist, like I say, is a group of elite oligarchs that torture men, women, and children worldwide.
That exists.
This Democrat/Republican doesn't exist.
Do that if you want.
And we're still here.
Hopefully we change things.
You'll get your orders if you get them.
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Hour number two.
Straight ahead.
And stay with us.
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The Great Awakening is here, and the enemy can trace many of the main projection lines,
the epicenter of the detonation, to me.
But I was simply awakened by friends and family and others that taught me growing up what was happening, and I came along at the right time, at the right place, and was able to get the message out on a wider scale.
I was recruited.
I was Drafted by God.
I've told the story 25 years ago and told you what would happen and told you the Great Awakening that was coming and told you that this show with all of our guests and you, all of us together, we're going to do this.
And now we're here and their destruction of InfoWars is not a defeat, ladies and gentlemen, it is a celebration against their evil.
And it will only wake more people up.
That said, The enemy's making their move.
But when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
Guys, pull me up that verse.
I want the verses after it as well.
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
And that's what this is all about.
God's real.
Stephen Bannon's reportedly going to be popping in about 10 after calling in.
To talk about his call of action and what's coming up very, very soon.
He doesn't want to talk about his court case, obviously reporting to prison for contempt of Congress.
Meanwhile, just two weeks ago, or last week actually, in fact, pull that up.
Merrick Garland said, the head of the Justice Department, I don't have to give Congress anything.
I'm the government.
Oh, actually, the Justice Department doesn't have exemption, but somebody that works directly for the President does.
And Bannon said that, and that's what the Supreme Court said, but they don't care.
Let's start at verse 17.
For he put on righteousness as a breastplate and the helmet of salvation upon his head, and he put on the garment of vengeance.
For clothing.
And he was clad in the zeal as a cloak.
Think about what we do here.
For he put on righteousness as the breastplate and a helmet of salvation upon his head.
You're saved by God.
Righteousness is your defense of your heart.
And he put on the garment of vengeance for clothing to take action.
He was clad With zeal.
As a cloak.
Verse 18.
According to their deeds accordingly, he will repay fury to his adversaries, recompense to his enemies.
To the islands he will repay recompense.
The islands are good people.
So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun.
When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against it.
Are you backing the standards of the Lord?
And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the Lord.
As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith the Lord.
My spirit Isaiah 59.
that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth shall not depart out of thy mouth,
nor out of the mouth of my seed.
It's passed on to the children.
Nor out of the mouth of thy seed.
So it's eternal, paying it forward.
Sayeth the Lord from henceforth and forever.
Isaiah 59, I mean is that not powerful?
Is that not what's happening now?
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
And it is a great honor to all the standard bearers out there to be associated with you.
And I am so honored to be in the company of such great men and women from the bottom of my heart.
And for everything I am and ever will be, I put my trust in God and commit my soul to God.
But I give you my commitment to do the best job I can, but I need your support.
And I need your prayer.
And I need your word of mouth.
Be right back.
Follow me at RealAlexJones on X. Stay with us.
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The program leftists failed to silence.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Well, Steve Bannon--
Is old school.
And boy, you gotta love the old school.
That was when America was still strong, still free.
That's why they fear him.
And he's the type of guy that don't want to talk about anything happening to him.
But he's going to be thrown in prison for nothing coming up on July 1st.
They're trying to shut us down without even a court order.
Total hysteria.
Total cuckoo land.
They denied it eight days ago.
Then they admitted it this week.
Yeah, we want you off the air for last week.
It's a sign for everybody, folks.
They're coming for everybody.
But Steve Bannon has a message for AOC and former FBI director and others that say, oh, they're going to lock us all up, other than the tyrants.
Well, we have to lock you up with the Constitutional Bill of Rights and the law because you tried to kill America.
So I just beg Steve to come on.
He joins us via the phone.
Just to recap and repeat everything he's been saying that's been mega viral because it's so on target.
And he's like Travis at the Alamo, victory or death, he's not backing down.
He just said to me on the phone during that one minute break, things I hope he repeats because it's bigger than Steve Bannon, Alex Jones and Donald Trump.
Because Trump's right.
They're not coming for Donald Trump.
They want to get through us to get to you.
But the sign they're doing this is not strength, folks, it's weakness.
Now it's 500 million raised.
But Alex, you've talked about this for years.
a billion in a couple of weeks.
The revolution, huge European victories, constitutionalist, populist Christians, nationalists, right-wingers sweeping everywhere.
The New World Order is on its way out, but they're trying to claw us back with them.
So we only got 15 minutes with Steve Bannon.
You've got the floor, sir.
Let him have it.
But Alex, you've talked about this for years.
We've said this is a war to the knife, and this is just not about winning in November.
They're trying to take out Trump and the people around Trump at next level and everything, whether it's O'Keefe, Jim Hoffa, Rudy Giuliani, Alex Jones.
They're using different ways, either liquidation of companies, taking their law licenses away, putting them in bankruptcy.
I'm going to go to federal prison for a misdemeanor.
You know, Navarro's down in a federal prison.
I think he said that in 50, 60 years.
They don't think they've ever had a guy in there for a misdemeanor.
Peter Navarro's been right in a federal prison for three months.
On a misdemeanor.
I'll go, you know, for four months on July 1st, unless, you know, one of my appeals has a state to it, I'll go on a misdemeanor.
And the reason is, they're maniacal.
They're lathered up.
Jack Smith's whole team was there just to watch and report back to Merrick Garland at my court case when I had my, uh, when I went for the judge on Thursday.
So they're salivating.
Remember, Owen Schroeder, my co-host, got thrown in prison.
I mean, they are salivating.
Engelbrecht gets thrown in prison.
They want you in prison because that's kind of that Marxist-Leninist, what they think, can stop people.
And this is what I say.
With Alex Jones and Steve Bannon and President Trump, it's next man up.
This is why this movement, everybody in this audience, you have to step up to the plate.
You have to be Spartacus.
You've got to step up to the plate.
You cannot, if you believe in this country, if you believe that we can still bequeath a constitutional republic to our children and grandchildren, it's upon your shoulders.
It's not upon Trump's or Alex Jones' or John Eastman's or Rudy Giuliani's or Steve Bannon's.
They're trying to take us out.
Obviously, we're fighting back.
We're not going to be taken out.
That's what they think.
You know why?
Because they think they have no respect for this audience.
They have no respect for the people in this country.
They think they can cow you with modern technology.
They think that the American people have gotten soft and passive.
They're not the fighters of the Revolution or the Civil War or World War II.
Well, I think they're dead wrong.
And I think you're seeing it.
And that's why they're panicking.
You see it in Europe over the weekend.
I mean, Macron's government, Macron, for all the media he gets, got 15% of the vote.
That's why he had to dissolve Parliament.
And this is what he was going around.
That's why he invited Biden for the three days.
They knew the timing of this, not just coming for Normandy, but then he went around with Biden for a couple of days on national TV, state dinners, all of it.
And he got blown out because Biden is the cooler.
Even people in France know that, because this is all about this mass, you know, invasion of the West, starting in Europe and also the United States.
So, the issues are on our side.
We know the vote's going to be a blowout, but it's deeper than that.
And the deep state is just not going to sit there and give you your country back.
This was shown on CNN.
That's why I played this thing on McCabe.
McCabe was the number two guy in the coma, and he's one of the most evil people.
He's kind of one of the chief operating guys of the deep state, over at the FBI.
And he's sitting there, he's just literally whining, he's saying, yes, many people in the intelligence community, law enforcement, are having torturous conversations with their families about leaving the country immediately upon President Trump winning in November.
And even Kaitlan Collins, you know, she's got that mask on, she never, she's like, she kind of grunts, she goes, huh, what?
And she goes, you're not even talking about yourself.
And he goes, yes, I'm very worried.
And he's almost like whining and crying.
Here's why.
Alex, you know, you've pointed out for years, they know exactly what laws they've broken.
They know exactly what they did to kill the MAGA movement.
They know exactly what they did.
And explain, it's literally a conspiracy.
It is a coup.
It is treason in the law.
Explain that, Steve.
And then the word is they're going to lock Trump up.
They're going to lock Trump up.
McCabe knows exactly the coup when Trump won in 2016.
This was the whole Russia hoax.
They know exactly what they did, and they understand when we take back over, the Justice Department and the FBI will have all the records.
They understand the crimes.
He understands how many years in prison he will have.
And the people around him that signed the letter about the laptop from hell.
They've all known all along they're breaking the law.
They all know they're criminals.
They all know that they've been involved in a coup to get the illegitimate Biden regime in to steal the vote in 2020.
Don't look at me.
Go back and look at the CNN clip where he's sitting there and the fear in his eyes, and the hurt in his eyes, and Collins asking specifically about himself.
He goes, yes.
And what they're talking about is leaving the country.
And all I said, brother, You can leave.
You can go anywhere you want.
We have extradition treaties everywhere.
You can go anywhere you want.
The long arm of American justice is going to get you, collect you, and set you back here.
You're going to be held accountable.
All of these guys, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, all of them will be held accountable for what they've done, the treason that they've had against this country.
And they understand.
Why do you think they're worried?
If they didn't do anything wrong, why would they possibly be worried?
They understand their criminality.
They understand their treason.
And they also understand, Alex, they're not going to put you out of business.
They're going to try.
They're not going to prison.
Sorry, I go to prison.
The war room posse will step up like I know they're going to step up.
The show will be bigger than ever.
So they can't defeat us.
They can't defeat Trump.
They've tried.
They've failed.
We're coming back bigger than ever.
And guess what?
5 November is Judgment Day, but 20 January 2025 is Accountability Day.
And they understand they got a lot to be accountable for.
Well, that's right.
I only have a few minutes left, but...
Everything you're saying is completely dead on.
There's a global realignment, not just here for populism and back to common sense Christianity and nationalism and free market capitalism.
But the reason they're so desperate to get you off the board and get me off the board and a bunch of others is they're planning something big.
So let's war game that briefly.
What are they getting ready to pull?
Some false flag racial attacks?
George Floyd 2.0?
A market crash?
God forbid a Trump assassination?
All of it.
You know, you should be prepared.
I'd say the lawfare, the steal, and then wag the dog.
Those are the three big headings.
But listen, they understand they can't turn over this government to Trump and MAGA.
They can't do it because they will spend decades in prison.
Or they will leave the country and hide out in some third world nation.
Which they're now saying, let me interrupt, they're literally saying, the former director of the FBI, we're getting ready to leave the country.
And he looks completely scared because he knows the crimes they committed, crossfire, hurricane, all of it, completely illegal, all proven fraud.
A hundred percent.
It's his eyes.
Look at his eyes.
Look at the fear.
You can smell the fear coming through the TV.
Caitlin Collins could.
She was shocked during the interview.
And here's the point.
Folks got to be prepared.
They're going to pull out everything.
They're going to try everything in the world to somehow make sure we even don't have a vote on 5 November.
If there is a vote, how to steal it between 5 November and the 20th of January with Mark Elias and Jamie Raskin in this crowd.
Jamie Raskin's already saying, "Hey, if they win the House by one seat, they're not going to certify Trump's election on the 6th."
They're saying the Supreme Court let Trump be on the ballot 9-0, but it said that doesn't mean the House has to certify him because he's an insurrectionist according to their
report, and that's why it's so important for Johnson to throw away the January 6th thing.
People should understand, every day from now, just now for the next couple of years, is And that's why more than ever, people have to step up to the plate.
It's upon this audience to deliver this republic back to its original constitutional basis and freedom and liberty.
It's not Trump, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, or Steve Bannon.
It's this audience.
In closing, Steve, you're absolutely right.
As you know, the Democrats have introduced legislation, Senator Blumenthal, that coordinates attacks on me on record, introduced legislation, which is a public coup with 147 days left, to pull the power of the Insurrection Act that George Herbert Walker Bush used in the L.A.
riots from Trump because they said they'll be rightful.
Mostly peaceful riots all across America.
When he wins in November, there's 79 days to the inauguration.
They're planning to throw everything at us during that period.
What can we do to get ready for it?
What should people who you're saying step up, who want to step up, what should they do?
Number one, there should be a force multiplier for all the information he shows.
Push it out.
Be talking to your next-door neighbors.
Get ready.
Get prepared.
Get prepared.
Look at what happened.
Look at the riot on Saturday.
Mainstream media didn't want to talk about it.
One of the most disgraceful things I've ever seen in Washington, D.C.
In Lafayette Park, right across from the statue.
The Secret Service running in fear of literally anti-American goons.
Dude, scary thoughts.
I mean, these people, this is one of the most dangerous things I've seen.
Right there at the White House.
And the authorities ran.
Because they were outnumbered.
And they're also told not to take direct action.
So folks, that That riot that happened on Saturday to the 10th power is what's going to happen around the White House when President Trump finishes, takes his hand off the King James Bible on the 20th of January 2025.
People just got to get ready.
Steve, I totally agree.
In closing, and spend some time on this because you're tough, I'm tough as well.
We're committed, so we understand where we are.
But we also don't talk enough about us.
It's great that Trump's raised $500 million in eight, nine days.
But it's important to support you.
You've been through hell.
It's important to support InfoWars because the enemy sees us as key support ships around the mothership that's Trump.
We need to also remind people we need prayer.
We need everybody to take your show, my show, what we're doing scares the enemy.
So magnify it, even when they still put you in prison.
Everybody should pray for our enemies and let's have the righteous indignation of the American people stand up.
At War Room, just support our sponsors.
We've got great sponsors that are all with us.
All the sponsors have doubled down now.
We just tell people, go support our sponsors.
I don't have a legal fund.
I pay everything myself.
I'm just saying right now, it's most important that the American people rise up in their righteous indignation and not let the guys like McCabe and Comey steal this.
And they're going to try.
But you see McCabe?
You see AOC says she's going to be swept up?
McCabe sitting there wetting. He wet himself on national TV. You can smell the fear. You know what that means?
That means this audience is winning and Alex what they're trying to do you use outrageous But you're a pretty tough hombre and we know you're gonna get through this your voice. They cannot silence Alex Jones
First-amendment wherever they drew the trash the thing Alex Jones a pretty tough hombre and his his words gonna get through his best Powerful audience will always be there. Well, that was my final point
It'll take me a little bit to reconstitute come back even stronger We're getting ready for that.
But take all the things Steve Bannon said a year ago, a month ago, two days ago.
Take all the things I've said.
They're evergreen.
The stuff we said ten years ago is better today.
So it's up to them.
God forbid they killed us.
We are still on record with what we've said.
That's really strong.
People need to understand the biggest thing is take our message that the enemy fears and magnify it.
The people have the power.
Everybody should go to warroom.org.
And follow your show.
I know you want to talk about your case, but is there any chance you're going to be able to stop this on July 1st, or what's going to happen?
I got a couple of different appeals, but hey, the Justice Department is so lathered up about this.
People should assume on July 1st.
I think I got a couple of good shots here, but I believe on July 1st, I'll be in federal prison somewhere.
Hey, like I said, in the 20s, I was on a Navy ship for years in the Persian Gulf, North Arabian Sea, Western Pacific in my 70s.
I serve in a federal prison.
It's all duty to my country.
So whether I'm in a federal prison, or sitting in the seat at the war room, or in a Navy destroyer, it's all service to my nation.
I promise this is the last point.
For people that don't know, I've not been in the Navy, but I've done a lot of deep sea fishing.
Being on a Navy destroyer, being tossed around in the Atlantic Ocean or wherever, a prison cell kind of sounds relaxed to that, doesn't it?
We were in the Pacific.
We had some choppy times.
But look, it is what it is.
I don't fear it.
I don't fear anything.
I just fear God, right?
And I'm a spotty trucker with God.
But I have fear of the Lord, but I don't have fear of any man.
I don't have fear of any institution.
Alright, here's the final point I gotta go.
I've analyzed the enemy with all their intimidation and their attacks.
When America was asleep, they thought the intimidation was what was keeping us under their control.
Now that America and the world's awakened and it's intensifying now, the intimidation and bullying only pisses Americans off.
And I agree with you.
You bet on America.
I bet on America.
Sixty seconds on their, if you agree, the establishment, the deep state, the psychological warfare, behavioral psychologists, miscalculation because they're cowards.
They thought according to their lens of, oh, if I was attacked or threatened, I'd back down because they're sellouts.
They don't get that we were asleep before, now we're awake.
And the intimidation, I hate to even tell them the secret here, is only pissing people off more.
That's right.
It's made martyrs of this group.
Here's why.
The people you see that came after were the ones that led the Great Awakening, the ones that said, hey, this is years and years ago.
You've been doing it for decades.
Other people have been doing it for years and years, from O'Keefe to Eastman to Rudy, to the folks praying at the abortion centers, to the folks the FBI rolled up at their houses, to these individuals that come in for these stupid guys they killed on these FBI raids they murdered.
It's all been a great awakening, and the people that, right around President Trump, that next layer, that next line of defense, is the ones they're trying to crush, because they still
believe in the old thing.
They take out Trump, and they take out his next 20 or 30 guys, they can win.
They can't win.
It only makes us stronger, right?
The only way we lose, Alex, is if we quit.
If the American people don't quit and keep on this great awakening, in their righteous ignorant nation, we're going to win this thing and bequeath a constitutional republic to
our children and grandchildren.
Steve, this is a totally true message.
As Trump would say, a perfect message.
You're absolutely dead on.
God bless you.
And courage is contagious.
We all salute Steve Bannon.
Godspeed, my friend.
Thank you, brother.
And thank you for being in the fight, Alex.
You're one of our top leaders.
I know they can't break you.
Just fight on, brother.
Victory or death.
Thank you.
Yeah, I can't quit.
I mean, I'll be honest with you.
I was getting married eight years ago, remarried in Hawaii.
And I liked the show, but it's all-consuming.
And I already had three children then.
My wife had just gotten pregnant.
We were already getting married, and she got pregnant.
She found out like a week before we went to Hawaii that she was pregnant.
And I said, God, this is so beautiful.
This is so nice.
I want to hunt in Texas.
I want to spend time with family.
I want to do a podcast once a week.
I want to write books.
Cause back then I've been doing 22 years on air, seven days a week, total obsession.
I dream about this all night.
It's all I do.
And then just all this persecution drafted me to be, I'm going to do even more.
And my wife even recently said, you, you, you, you can't quit now.
And I wasn't even saying to her, I was going to quit.
She said, you can't quit now.
And my mother is not the type in my life that's like, told me you better do this, you better do that.
She just said, you know, you should work out.
When I was younger, you ought to work harder at a job.
You ought to clean up your room, you know, stuff like that.
But my mother's 75 years old, 76 years old.
And she, every time I go over there, like every two weeks, she is like coming up to me and like grabbing me by the arm and saying, you got to save the country.
come back with your shielder on it.
I mean, my mother is like literally quoting me Spartan stuff.
I was like, whoa, people are done.
And when your mother tells you to do something, if you have a good relationship with them,
like I've always had a fabulous relationship with my mother, great relationship with my dad,
but I wouldn't say I was a mama's boy, but man, I love mama.
And it's just like, it's empowering to have your mother say, I'm so proud of you.
I want you to be as strong as you can be, and we're behind you, and we want you to go all the way.
Do you understand that?
And that's just like, yeah, mama, I'm gonna do it.
And I get tears in my eyes.
The media makes fun of it.
Oh, Alex is crying because we've broken him.
No, it's the opposite.
I've got so much energy.
I'm so close to God.
I feel so strong that I get tears in my eyes because this is epic stuff.
They just killed 35 million people in the last three years with these shots.
And they just think we're going to sit here and tag it.
They think they've broken our will and they haven't.
Ladies and gentlemen, and you hear the incredible confidence of Steve Bannon, and you know, we were telling you, he was telling you, everybody was telling you.
I know you know, you don't need me to tell you.
With all the election fraud in Europe, and they're worse than we are, and they got dozens of parties per country with little niche items, the broken coalition model, the Clintons talked about to control America, they've already done it in Europe.
And Australia in places.
People saw the American Republic.
They said, well, we want that.
They said, no, no, no, no, no.
We're going to have dozens of parties.
That always sounds good, but then it's easy to get a bunch of little parties together to override the people's will.
So this situation with Europe, where all the populist parties got up to 30% And there's a couple other, you know, per country, also pro-populist.
So, I mean, the Conservative Party up in Canada is up at 40, 45%.
Trudeau's down at 19.
I mean, it's the same everywhere.
I mean, Trudeau's going to lose his government.
He's too pussy to have an election.
You got Macron, the con artist, you know, is down at 15%, 14%.
Le Pen's at 30.
I mean, it's double.
I mean, you know.
So they don't know what to do right now.
It's the same in Germany, the same in Italy, the same everywhere.
Australia just said, oh, we're getting a new government.
Everybody's against it.
We're not going to have the carbon tax.
We're not going to have the Internet ID.
We're not going to try to arrest Elon Musk.
And sure, they'll come back and try it again.
But this isn't like past times where we get pissed and we get angry and then they back off and then they come right back.
There's no putting the genie back in the bottle.
And so, that's, see I was trying to understand the discernment of what God was telling me the last few years about, you'll come to a point where everybody who's active gets what's happening, and you'll be vestigial, you'll be obsolete, you'll be redundant.
But God's like, but there'll be another mission.
And that other mission is when they grab me to make me an example, like Braveheart or whatever, I can't be a wimp during that period.
Because they're trying to steal my identity with the censorship and control to silence me so they can then create a new Alex Jones that isn't me.
That's why I'll stay on air.
And that's why I think God even did this.
In fact, I know.
I've seen the plan.
You have to just interpret it and understand it.
Because when you get it at first, way ahead of time, you're like, what's that?
You don't see it all unfolding.
Once God's plan unfolds, like I told you, oh, it's all absolutely exactly as I was told.
The hair on the back of your neck stands up, you get tingles all over, you're like, oh wow, this is real.
They take this place down in a couple weeks.
I've got 500 conservatively interview requests.
Hundreds of them are huge shows.
And then all I do is do all those interviews for my house or I go there.
And now, Tucker, I want you on my speaking tours, the main guest.
All this other stuff behind the scenes that I'm not allowed to tell you about yet, that I stayed out of.
I'm like, you know what?
I go, God, what do I do?
God's like, get on the airplane, go.
Go now.
And that's it.
And it's all top secret right now.
You'll see soon.
So the road has been prepared, the path has been laid, and now we're going to continue to point the way.
Because it's our calling, it's what we're supposed to do, and it's what we are doing.
And so this is an epic A moment, and it's bittersweet in many ways, and we have to feel sorry for our enemies.
Let's pray for our enemies, as Steve Bannon just said.
But this is an amazing moment.
And this is a magic moment.
And I want you all to understand that.
We're gonna come back and get into all the news I just mentioned and Trump and the deportations and the latest Russian news with Ukraine and a bunch of economic news and so much more that the enemy doesn't want you to hear.
So just remember that everything you're hearing here is the absolute Antithesis of the enemy.
We are the anti-Satan.
We are the anti-transhumanist.
We are the anti-new world order.
We are the pro-human resistance.
And we are so blessed to be there.
And I can feel the power of the people energized by the Holy Spirit rising.
So take your destiny in your hands and win!
If you don't get a high-quality gravity-fed filter from InfoWarsStore.com, please just get one.
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If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, or being lied about, don't deal in lies.
Or being hated, don't give way to hating, and yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise.
If you can dream and not make dreams your master, if you can think and not make thoughts your aim, if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same, if you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken, twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, and stoop and build them up with worn-out tools, If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss And booze and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the will which says to them, hold on
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It's Alex Jones.
Another world.
Another time.
Vivian Kubrick's here.
With her dogs.
Can't make this up.
I love it.
Another time Vivian Kubrick's here with her dogs I love it. So real. I know all the coolest people in the fighting it's in the water
His life was green and good before I told the crystal fact.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Before I go any further, I want to praise God.
And just thank God for this mission.
Everything God has done has been incredible.
And for every horrible thing that happened to me, 5,000 good things happened.
And whatever God does to me, I will never be mad at God.
I will understand completely.
And God's shown me that.
Because I got to make recompense for the bad things I did when I was young.
I didn't do it consciously, but I see God's perfection.
And that's why they don't like me, because I love God, and I don't blame God, and I don't pray to God and say, give me this, give me that.
I say, what do you want me to do?
And that's my advice to people who want to know God.
Stop asking God, like these name it and claim it preachers, for what you want, like it's Amazon, okay?
Or Walmart.
Start asking God what God wants you to do, and that's when you're going to find God.
And then you're going to get all the weaponry, politically, culturally, economically, spiritually, you need that fight.
And every enemy attack is going to be turned around against the enemy.
But you've got to be able to take it.
And that's really where we're at.
So there's a lot of news to hit here on a bunch of fronts.
And I'm going to Blitz through it all.
Right now.
But I wanted to go back for a moment.
To this piece of news.
President Trump lays out his mass deportation plan.
Under my leadership, we will use all necessary state, local, federal, and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.
They try to act like, oh, you're being mean.
No, it was used as a weapon.
They broke the law.
Biden was involved to deport them, especially the military age men.
And now, Nearly two-thirds, two-thirds of Americans support deportation of all illegal aliens in a major CBS YouGo poll.
And I'm telling you, the numbers are even higher.
I got the poll numbers right here.
People are getting it very, very quickly.
They're waking up to what's happening as we speak.
Now, I want to get to the war news, and then I'm going to hit all the sexualization of children and pedo month news.
But first, let's hit this.
Here's Lindsey Graham saying the quiet part out loud on national television on CBS Face the Nation.
It's June 10th today, Monday.
It's June 9th.
And he says, we've got to get control of Ukraine.
They've got more resources than any other country in Europe.
As if the American people would even get that.
As if we want to risk World War III to get it.
Did America get richer off all the Chinese slave goods?
No, we got enslaved.
So even the devil's bargain of let us take over, let's have World War III, we'll get all this great resources is completely and totally sick.
While they launder back the hundreds of billions they've sent them.
So here's Lindsey Graham.
What did Trump do to get the weapons flowing?
He created a loan system.
They're sitting on 10 to 12 trillion dollars of critical minerals in Ukraine.
They could be the richest country in all of Europe.
I don't want to give that money and those assets to Putin to share with China.
If we help Ukraine now, they can become the best business partner we ever dreamed of.
that 10 to 12 trillion dollars of critical mineral assets could be used by Ukraine and the West, not given to Putin and China.
This is a very big deal how Ukraine ends.
Let's help them win a war we can't afford to lose.
Let's find a solution to this war.
But they're sitting on a goldmine to give Putin 10 or 12 trillion dollars of critical minerals
that he will share with China is ridiculous.
Now the same Western powers, the CFR that runs America for the globalists, wrote hundreds of books since the 80s right to a few years ago about the Chinese century.
And they made all these deals where China got 98% of rare earth minerals and set up one-sided trading deals.
And now, oh, we need war or China will get it.
I mean, just the idea of risking World War III to get these resources is insane.
Ukraine Air Force hits first target on Russian territory as war continues to escalate, but they're going to park the F-16s in other NATO countries and then run the attacks out of there, which is another major escalation on the threat escalation ladder.
There it is.
Ukraine will keep F-16s abroad to protect them from Russia and launch attacks out of other countries.
Well, Russia specifically said that that is a red line, which it is for anybody.
Macron can cause World War III, Italy's Salvini warns, one of the main Deputy Prime Minister there says.
Yeah, people are starting to get wise to this.
Your money's fake, your food and water is being poisoned, all these wars are based on lies, your country is run by a bunch of pedophiles, and you're too distracted by BS to do anything about it.
You know, Jim Jones says, I use Kool-Aid to take out almost a thousand people with cyanide.
Fauci says, hold my beer.
My juice took out millions of people and counting 35 million.
And I got a quick clip here by Nick Fuentes.
I don't I don't agree with his political issues on groups of people.
But I agree with his overall analysis.
I thought we'd play this clip.
The elites Whoever you say they are, this is how they operate.
And people don't buy mainstream media's BS anymore.
The censorship's not working.
That's why they're in panic mode.
Here it is.
And this goes with how we understand how American politics works, which is that decisions are made at the top, and the decisions are made regarding the most important things, which are economy and security.
Okay, the two most important cabinet positions, which I alluded to yesterday, are state and treasury.
So it's defense...
And it is economy.
And so decisions are made at the very, very top about allocation of resources and monetary policy and things like that.
Decisions are made at the very top about security policy, which is how the government is going to deploy its immense resources overseas, both its monetary soft power resources, diplomatic resources, as well as its military, its hardware.
And then what happens is those decisions, which are made by effectively a bureaucracy or an oligarchy or a managerial class, they are laundered through media, legitimized by the public, and then fed back to government after having gone through the legitimate channels.
So, the elites make the decision, They whisper from their mouth to the ears of the press and say, you know, we're going to war with Russia today, we're going to war with Syria, we're going to raise the interest rate, we're going to do a five-week shutdown to slow the spread.
The media goes to the public and they brainwash the public through repetition and propaganda.
They say, you know, sources in the government say this, that, and the other.
It's quoted in the Associated Press.
That is carried by all the syndicated publications.
That's picked up on television and blasted on social media.
All of the liberals absorb this and this becomes their opinion and then they repeat that.
And then this becomes what we call public opinion.
Public opinion Is a function of media.
It's like an algorithm.
Inputs go in for media, output goes in in public opinion.
So public opinion is generated, created by media.
And so public opinion then says, we want war with Russia, we want war with Syria, we want all these things.
And this legitimizes the decision because we're in a democracy so the decisions have to come from the people.
So the media gives the people these bright ideas and then the people voice them and then that becomes the legitimate popular mandate for the decisions.
Then government responds to the requests and the mandate of the people.
And they say, well, the people demand it.
And so now that the decision that they had already made, now that it has been laundered through the legitimate voice of the people, now they can do the thing that they had already decided to do from the beginning.
And it was their decision to make.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
InfoWars has been banned.
and I'll see you next time.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
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Alright, Vivian Kubrick is super smart.
And she was the protégé of her father, the greatest filmmaker ever, hands down.
Not just the quality of the films, but the ideas.
Stanley Kubrick.
And she worked on the films, in the films, whole nine yards.
His protégé.
You want the real deep dive on the real Stanley Kubrick.
She's about to tell you stuff never before heard in the next two hours, never before seen about what really goes on in Hollywood, all the stuff, everything.
You're going to get the deep download.
This is going to be historic.
No one else knows this information.
She's told it to me.
I know a lot of it's true from my sources anyways.
This is going to be important decoding our universe.
And it gets into the fact that basically Stanley Kubrick was what you call, they would call a remote viewer.
He knew this stuff.
And just like we all do at a certain level, but he was more powerful than most people.
You know, maybe one out of a billion.
So she's coming in here to give you the deep download coming up.
Now I've got stacks of news here, but you talk about people turning against the New World Order.
You know, Glenn Danzig.
I don't really follow his religion, but he says he follows both Christ and the devil.
He wants energy out of it.
I think that's super Illuminati.
But even Glenn Danzig, the evil Elvis, has come out and said, The new world order, the pandemic, all this stuff is pure BS.
And I know he said nice things about the show before.
We'd love to get Glenn Danzig on the show.
Maybe I can bring him to Christ.
But it's never too late for anybody.
But that is how people are totally and completely turning against the system.
That's up on InfoWars.com.
We've got that coming up.
And I want to play a short clip of Robert Barnes here.
That is so important.
It's on my list here.
Now just look at it.
Yeah, clip eight.
With an interview with Ivor Cummins about what really happened with my cases.
Because I know most of you know this, but the public's still starting to get it.
About the weaponization and how I was used as a guinea pig for everybody else with lawfare.
So here's the clip.
We'll hit a bunch of news.
Play the Nancy clip and more.
Here it is.
One of them I want to start off with is the kind of very interesting and very public story of Alex Jones because I just found out you were involved in some of his defense and I only recently discovered through the Twitter spaces with Carlson I think it was, maybe it was Musk, I got the story of Alex Jones and I had presumed he was mostly guilty but it was fascinating to see it was pretty much a bona fide stitch-up, the whole thing with Sandy Lane, it was insane!
Indeed, the case itself was its own form of libel.
So it was sort of a fake case, supposedly about a fake case.
Jones himself comes from sort of the long American libertarian populist tradition, was anti both parties when he started out in the early 1990s.
Before 9-11 he was considered the potential replacement or successor to Rush Limbaugh.
9-11 happens and for about a year he had been warning something like 9-11 was going to happen because his belief was that powers that be wanted to have some national emergency to justify foreign wars and surveillance state domestically.
Because he wouldn't shut up about that, his famous phrase was 9-11 was an inside job, he was fired from all of his radio stations, all of a sudden the path he was on was gone.
He just doubled down and stuck with it.
Then, you know, Obama comes along and he becomes a little more overtly political in the sense that he sees Obama, he was anti-Bush, but he was also very anti-Obama.
And he saw Obama as promoting the surveillance state in a way that others had not.
And he was prescient in that regard.
Obama ends up prosecuting more whistleblowers than all 43 presidents before him combined.
The Trump comes along.
He's a big Trump fan.
He supports Trump.
He thinks Trump might shake up the system.
Because of that, a guy who's never been sued in a quarter century suddenly is sued 25 times by 12 different people within 12 months.
It was pure lawfare.
And in that process, they used the most sensational case, the case of the kids who died at Sandy Hook.
They used some of their... 95% of the people who died at Sandy Hook refused to blame Alex Jones for any of it, refused to sue him, refused to join the suit, etc.
But the 5% that did, many of whom, you know, are political, They brought the suits in two jurisdictions very hostile to Alex Jones, Austin, Texas and the community in Connecticut where the deaths occurred.
And it was clear when I got in, I was like, they're never... So Jones represented me briefly to give broad strategic advice, but primarily to defend on the constitutional issues.
They were saying that you could punish someone for their speech Even if you didn't even talk about a person.
So like, historically in America, there's a constitutional concept called colloquium, which says that in order for defamation to be an exception to the First Amendment, you have to say something specific, factually that's false, provably false, about a specific person.
I said the name of one of them when there was like a hundred million views on YouTube, literally, of Robbie Parker walking out and he's laughing and stuff, he sees the camera and starts crying.
I just said, yeah, that, you know, looks what it looks like.
That's it.
The FBI agent, the minute he went and got the suits going, William Aldenberg, said in the court in Connecticut, in the Rigg case, where I was already guilty, he said, I went to the FBI, I went to the law firms, I got this set up.
Chief FBI counsel, the head lawyer in Connecticut.
I'm like, what?
And again, you now see it with Trump, so people go, oh my gosh, this is crazy.
This is out of control.
This is wrong.
Here's a clip of Glenn Danzig at a recent concert talking about the poison shots.
It's been about five years since we were here.
here because of some bullshit made up pandemic this one.
And look, you're like, okay, we know that, but it's more and more people coming out and This is what it's all about.
We're not putting up with the new lockdown.
We're not putting up with more of your tyranny.
We're not going to be henpecked and bullied by you people anymore.
It's over.
All right, let's look at a whole slew of different stories.
Top Canadian university posts jobs listing that excludes white heterosexual men.
Total disintegration.
Total discrimination.
On its face.
Workers revolt against Pride Month in Mexico City.
Tear down unworthy manors.
Yeah, it's the flag of the pedos.
It's the flag of the takeover.
It's the flag of targeting children.
Nobody's attacking gay people.
The last 12 mass shooters have been transgender, mainly male to female.
But in the one case of Nashville, a transgender who killed six at Nashville school, bought guns with federal grant money, and now they finally got the full dossier, the full Manifesto.
Transmask shooter planned killing for five years according to new released pages from TransFesto.
Federal grant.
Meanwhile, another GMO vanity project, Bayer, folks that put HIV and hepatitis in the blood knowingly, in the factory for hemophiliacs, are going to create gene-edited salad for U.S.
Is glyphosate causing massive rise in autism?
Yes, it's a big part of it.
Eating bug killer, eating weed killer, it's not good for you.
Who would have thought that?
Who would have imagined that?
And now let's shift gears to this big enchilada.
All up on InfoWars.com with direct links to all the sources, unlike corporate media.
Australian Senate launches landmark excess death inquiry following COVID shot rollout.
It's all coming out.
Steve Kirsch, an incredible scientist, inventor of so many things, billionaire, breaks all this down.
He has links on the site documenting the fact of massive deaths and that it's in the first year that most of the deaths take place and it's worse in old people.
That's why they chose it as a bioweapon.
We're going to play that clip in a moment.
Here's some of the other clips.
Researchers claim COVIDVax is safe despite kids getting epilepsy, allergic shock, myocarditis, and so much more.
Who plans more health promoting in schools?
Critics say vaccines less parental control are fueling the plan.
Yeah, the UN wants to be in your schools.
Breaking COVID mRNA jabs are not vaccines.
Ninth Circuit rules stripping liability.
Mexico says bird flu patient died of chronic disease, not virus.
I told you that last week.
Now it's mainstream news.
Tomorrow's news today.
Here's a clip of the great Steve Kirsch.
It's an amazing clip, isn't it?
It's on the list, guys.
Steve Kirsch, clip four.
Here it is.
And people like UK professor Norman Fenton and people like Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch, he's one of the top epidemiologists in the world, have looked at this data and have validated that yes, this shows beyond any doubt That these vaccines are killing people, especially the elderly.
And the killing, the peak killing happens about six months to a year after you get the shots.
And it depends on which dose you are and how old you are as to whether the peaks are.
So for Medicare, for example, if you get the shot in the US, your death rate, your mortality rate, It's going to climb and it's going to go up and up and up every single day for 12 months straight.
It is unbelievable.
All right.
Very important interview to watch.
The full thing's posted on InfoWars.com and at RealAlexJones on X. We're going to go to break.
And I told Vivian, she's a great lady.
She's got her dogs with her, so it's fine if they're barking or whatever.
I love it.
It just adds to the fun.
She does not do interviews, but like every 10 years.
I'm a huge Stanley Kubrick beyond fan.
I admire him.
The guy's a genius.
I've always resonated with it, so much the show as Stanley Kubrick.
I reject Hollywood.
He always rejected Hollywood.
And you're going to get the real deep dive.
But I also saw people saying that he faked the moon landing with no evidence.
And that's wrong, because everything he did was against the establishment.
He never did that.
There's no evidence of that.
He's going to talk about that as well.
So when we come back at six after next hour, I want to play the monolith scene at the moon.
Where it's pointed, you know, to the next level.
And then she'll be with us.
So we got plenty of time to get her in here, get her dog settled.
And then we're going to do like an hour and 45 minutes with her.
And the war room's coming up.
But remember, every show, every minute here, the enemy wants shut down and we are in fighting for our lives here.
But we knew we're in this territory.
It's the way it is.
And please remember, I can't do this without you, and I appreciate all of you out there.
And I know there are millions of people watching us today on X, and we're on 300-something states.
There's millions there, and hundreds of thousands at InfoWars.com.
It's great.
I love you all.
You shared the links.
It's great.
It's wonderful.
But if you got excited and really did it, it would change the world even better.
So come on.
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Four, election insecurity and interference.
Five, the educational indoctrination of children.
Six, the asymmetrical weaponization of justice.
Seven, the destruction of private property rights.
Inflation and debt.
The global depopulation agenda.
Record low fertility and plummeting birth rates.
Unaccountable federal bureaucracies.
Toxic food supply.
Vaccine and pandemic disinformation.
The transcontagion and sterilization of children.
Overprescription of pharmaceuticals.
Destruction of the nuclear family and parental rights.
DEI and the new racism.
Moral and societal decay.
The financing of endless foreign wars.
The sprawling surveillance state.
The centralization and consolidation of government power.
The destruction of trust in institutions.
The censorship industrial complex.
State media propaganda.
The smearing of those who challenge it.
We interrupt this program to bring you a special report.
America has been captured.
We have an occupied government.
Any loyal American who does not want to be a complete slave of a biomedical extermination operation needs to get informed quick, get right with God, and then start telling everybody you know about it and not complying with the system.
The system is here to destroy us.
Complying with it will get you killed.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
There are many claims that Russia has fared better than most big countries during this deadly era of fake pandemics and experimental mandated shots.
And so I traveled to Russia last December to see for myself.
What I learned was that this is true, but the government is not to credit for this.
While elements of the Russian Federation do protect and preserve the Russian people and their culture, the evidence shows that they were administering the same deadly shots as we've seen in the West.
The number of deaths in Russia during the rollout of their vaccines exceeded 2.4 million people, making it the worst year of deaths since 1945.
Data shows a correlation between vaccination and the increase in morbidity and mortality.
And the head of the Russian Ministry of Health urged pregnant women to get the shot, saying it will contribute to a more comfortable and safe pregnancy.
It's not the government that is saving the Russian people.
It is the people themselves.
What I noticed the most about the Russian people is that they are far more united than the American people.
And everyone I've talked to here has told me that during the mask mandates and vaccine push, the majority of people unitedly ignored them.
The police wore their masks below the chin and didn't enforce them on the people.
And employers were forging documents to show vaccination when there was none.
They were not fooled and they had each other's back.
Many have told me that this unity is a result of generations of hardship that has embedded the importance of community into every Russian's psyche.
And I am sure that this is a big part of it.
But there is another big factor that has contributed to their unity which can be adopted by anyone.
Orthodox Christianity used to be the official religion of Russia.
It was made illegal during the Soviet Union, and when Communism fell, Orthodoxy re-emerged in a massive way.
Within the first few years, over 20 million Russians were baptized, and many of these people believed that the nation must repent for allowing the Romanov family to be brutally executed by Bolsheviks during the revolution.
Millions of Russians believe that repentance is the only thing that will save Russia.
I've heard many American Christians say that America must repent as well.
But before I came to Russia, I did not understand what repentance was.
According to Saint John Chrysostom, the purpose of repentance is for healing and transformation.
There are five paths, and they are so simple that they can be practiced by anyone without submission or conformity to any dogma or belief.
The first path of repentance is contrition, or the condemnation of your own sins.
In order to improve at anything, you must be aware of your weaknesses.
If you want to become a better carpenter, then you need to be aware of what makes you a poor one, so that you can change those things.
The same goes for everything, and if you want to become a good person, you have to be aware of your own shortcomings.
The second path of repentance is forgiveness.
It is the overlooking of another person's sins.
This is not saying that laws and justice should not be upheld.
It is saying that when you are focused on other people's shortcomings, you are wasting time that should be focused on your own.
We have no right or power to compel others, but we do have the power and the responsibility to change ourselves.
The third path of repentance is prayer.
Specifically, prayer that is impassioned, focused, and comes from the heart.
Taking the time to turn our thoughts away from worry, desire, and the mundane, and cultivate the frequency of love and gratitude.
The power of prayer has been scientifically measured, and consistent group prayer has lowered crime in the areas it was practiced in.
The fourth path of repentance is kind deeds towards others.
The world is full of opportunities to show compassion and generosity to others in need.
And the fifth path of repentance is humility, becoming more humble in our thoughts, words, and actions.
According to these teachings, one must simply choose at least one of these paths each and every day.
This is about taking responsibility, which is the root of every healthy society.
And the outcome is quite clear.
The more people practicing these five simple paths, the more their society will heal and transform.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
For the next two hours, we're doing the deep dive on Stanley Kubrick, the undoubted, undisputed, greatest filmmaker of all time.
The secrets and the truth about Stanley Kubrick with his proto-shay daughter, Vivian Kubrick, straight ahead.
But first, the obelisk moon scene from 2001's Space Odyssey.
Again, for radio stations that aren't carrying video, obviously they're marching down to the obelisk dig site on the moon.
Pointed at one of the super gas giants.
And, well, it's in this transmission, it's not too healthy for them because they're not...
They've not been chosen like you're about to see later in the film.
The great Arthur C. Clarke book made into a film by Stanley Kubrick to go to the next level.
So, it's like they're not Moses at the burning bush so they get killed.
Who will be first to touch the obelisk?
Must be heavy metal that riffs off this amount.
The Green Jewel.
I am the sum of all evil.
Look into me one last time.
They're not making movies like this anymore.
And again, they're marching down into the dig site.
The obelisk was caught sitting in transmission out in space.
And they're about to... And look how good the cameras are.
This is made in the 60s.
It looks like it's happening today.
All this is so well done.
Truly visionary.
It's almost like the government and the media is way ahead of us.
They did a lot of research, you know, for this.
We'll talk about it with Vivian Cooper in a moment.
Vivian, go ahead and say that your dad did these handheld shots we're seeing.
Yeah, uh, my dad actually did quite a lot of the operating if it was hand, well, actually he did all of the hand operating, um, hand operated shots.
Uh, but, yeah, I won't blather over this.
No, you're not, it's great.
There's radio listeners, so it's good you're doing it.
Oh, hey, radio listeners.
So they can't see this.
That's why I always narrate.
Listeners are like, why are you telling us what's on the news article?
Or why are you reading a quote?
Because they can't read it when they're listening.
We're on 300 plus radio stations.
Kind of our big secret.
I want to tell the stations, no matter what happens to us here very soon, the stations are ready to pick us up.
More stations want us now.
Glenn Beck gave us a full endorsement today.
So it's amazing.
We used to be big enemies.
He's number one on talk radio right now.
He kind of took over Limbaugh's mantle.
So he reaches 20 million a day on radio alone.
People don't realize we're all under attack together.
So they're taking their group photo here.
It's that little act of vanity.
And then they touch the obelisk and it's bye-bye.
This is Sansa Transmission System.
As soon as it comes up, the signal hits it and it's bye-bye.
All right, Vivian, you're here with your dogs.
We're glad you brought them.
Thank you.
They're not just allowed to be here.
We invite them.
We love dogs.
I've had, like, Mike Adams with his dog climbing around on the table.
So we've had Special Forces colonels here with their dogs.
So you're a very private person.
You've only done a few interviews out there.
You were your dad's protégé.
You were in a lot of his movies.
You worked on the music and a lot of the stuff in the films.
Like Full Metal Jack, you did the music for, the original score.
You're in 2001 Space Odyssey when the dad from the space station calls down to his daughter we're gonna play that coming up but I'm not trying to pick fights really we're not gonna name names but I always hear this Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing with no evidence but what I know is a Stanley Kubrick fan Your dad was a anti-establishment guy that got harassed by the CIA and the FBI because he was putting out these anti-establishment films like Dr. Strangelove.
And then to sit there and see people on our side that are awakening saying, oh, Kubrick, it's kind of an ode to him.
Oh, the moon landing, he faked it.
Well, if he faked it, it would have been much better.
So kind of repeat what you said over the phone and stuff when we've talked, because I've known you now for 13 years or so.
Met you at a JFK.
Anniversary in Dallas when the police attacked us and everything else.
You're a great lady.
And it's just amazing to have you here.
So I'm going to try to shut up the next hour and 48 minutes and really talk about the deep dive on Stanley Kubrick.
And if you want to tell me the stuff you told me, you know, privately and other things about how your dad knew these things, how he was able to make these things.
People say, well, he must be an insider.
No, he just knew it and knew how to follow his instinct.
I think that's really a big secret.
Well, you're finishing that, I've gone blank.
I think I'd like to just start by saying that the whole news media and the way in which they report on celebrities, and it's sort of like now that we don't have public floggings and throwing cabbages at people, You humiliate and lie about people and punish them in a new way, which is basically to talk about them in the mainstream media.
And because my father did enough interviews at the beginning where he would say, you know, apples are green.
And then when it was printed, it would say oranges are, you know, orange.
He would be outraged that they would just completely lie and not actually say what he said.
So he stopped doing interviews unless he had full control of the editorial.
And by him stepping away, and I'll just be very clear about this, Because it's happened to me as well.
If you don't talk to these journalists, they are so spiteful that they then try and write the meanest, nastiest piece they can on you, even if it's the most fantastic lies of all time.
So, for instance, that's a lot of the reason why I have such a feeling of camaraderie, not only for the whole InfoWars thing, but camaraderie with Alex for the way people lie about him.
Um, because I know how news media lies.
And, uh, so because my father didn't do any interviews, what then started to happen is these fantastical stories about him.
Like, you know, he would drive around in a crash helmet at 30 miles an hour and, you know, sort of just nonsense.
By the way, look at that intensity in your dad's eyes.
Oh, I know.
He was, there is no question about it, he was a bloody intense human being.
But anyway, the reason why I mention that is to then look at this fake moon landing stuff.
Now, I understand People assume that I'm going to lie, but for what it's worth I'm going to tell you factually why I know that he couldn't possibly have done that.
So there's two major reasons and then I'll go into detail.
One, when I was six months old I was asleep next to my parents in my little cot and they woke up with me like banging and crashing and they looked down at me and I was completely blue.
and I had very very severe croup as a child so I you know I had a sister I had two other sisters one was only 18 months older me and so my parent you know I
know all of you parents out there know this one parent stays awake all night with you know the sick child and the other one tries to get some sleep so it
just turned into where my dad would take care of me and to make it so you bond with him even more well I bonded with him even more but what I'm trying to
get to is that he became so terrified.
In fact, I was talking to Harrison about this.
You know, lots of people understand what it's like to have suddenly a severe emergency with a child.
It's terrifying.
So I'm going to cut this short.
But they bond?
No, take your time.
They bond to you.
Well, and I bonded to him, and he was literally the guy that sat up with me taking uppers, right, because he was terrified of falling asleep, nodding off, and then, because what croup is, is it's your trachea spasms and it locks, and you just go, and that's it.
And it was so terrifying for me that I would also vomit.
Sorry, this is lovely, isn't it?
But this is important.
This is real.
So I would vomit, I would choke.
He was terrified.
And this is like in the early 60s.
And there really wasn't the kind of... He's making Dr. Strangelove right now.
No, it's pre-Dr. Strangelove.
Because, oh, that's the other thing is that, you know, he also went through the Cuban Missile Crisis.
And so he was a pretty hysterical parent at that point.
He had two very young children.
But anyway.
He would set himself up, like people do, in a separate room with me and take care of me when I was sick.
And because he was so scared of me being sick, he didn't care when I went, "Right, I don't want to go to school. I'm coming to the studio with me."
And I just became like a kind of little pet dog, you know, and I just went everywhere with him.
You guys super bonded?
Yeah, super bonded.
And I think, you know, when you're struggling for your life and that person is there trying to save you, that's a pretty strong bond.
So he didn't let me stay anywhere.
He didn't go anywhere without every day seeing me and being with me and sleeping mostly in the same room.
So I say all this because I don't see how he could have been off somewhere.
And I was just talking to a friend of mine that I met on Twitter, Mark Lowe, he's got a show called Deep Thoughts, and he introduced me to Bart Sebrell?
How do you say his name?
Yeah, you know, astronauts gone wild, all that stuff.
Because really, I'd ignored all of that fake moon landing and I absolutely believe that we landed on the moon and everything.
I didn't want to look at it because it upset me that people accused my dad of faking this.
So I hope I'm not going all over the place here, but I'm just... You're doing a great job, keep going.
You're an amazing person, just relax, you're doing good.
I know that for those of you that have children and have a really, really special bond with one child, I knew my father.
He was the most important human being for me in my life in this lifetime.
And we had a very, very close, loving, passionate, very argumentative relationship.
And you're asking him to respect your father.
Stop lying about it.
I'm saying that I know that he wouldn't have done that.
I know that he couldn't have done that unless he did it, you know, between four and eight o'clock at night, you know.
And then here's the second thing.
When you make a movie, and all you movie makers out there know this, You are doing, you're lucky if you can take a shower, have a quick bite to eat.
Oh, fake of the moon landing was like a two-year job.
Well, I don't know, even if it was... And you saw him doing all the jobs.
Well, the thing is, that's, that, that is the thing, is that when you make a movie, and I've been on several of my father's movies, so I know how he does it, it's 24-7 and it's... Well, his famous very small crew, he ran everything.
And he, he did all the cinematography, he... Yeah, so many films you see a big name now, they didn't make it.
Your dad, he made every one of them.
Yeah, and I think there's some quote, which I'm going to butcher now, where he said that, you know, making a film is not like a kind of committee thing.
And lots of films are.
It's very compartmentalized.
He said, one man has one vision.
And so he did everything.
And those films are the greats because one person made them, not a bunch of people cobbling.
Right, now he did have people working for him and through his miserable experiences when he first started in Hollywood where he was a photographer so he wanted to set things up and light things much more naturalistic, more realistic.
And he told me this story on Spartacus where the cinematographer would stand behind him and like ape him laughing at the other, you know, electricians like, you know, because my dad would do sort of that trying to get shots.
No, I'm pointing them to go to you.
Oh, yeah.
So he began to feel undermined by most of the crew that, you know, was professional cinematographers.
Yeah, I don't really follow Hogg, but I follow your father.
I know he was an outlier.
You guys moved to England, he was very reclusive.
The idea that he's with the feds and making fake movies is just preposterous.
Well, let me just finish this.
I hope this is a labor of love for me to say this, so I hope I'm not boring you to death.
You're not.
Anyway, if he was there, and not if, he was, when you finish filming, he would stay behind with some of the, you know, camera crew.
He would do lighting tests.
You know, I took part in a lot of the lighting tests.
We'd stand in for Shelley or, you know, whoever.
You know, he's having meetings with the assistant directors, trying to do schedules.
On 2001, that was the biggest film, except for Barry Lyndon, that he did.
It was massive.
It was huge.
It was complex, special effects.
And 2001 is, hands down, the film ever.
You know, I think it's absolutely unique.
There's nothing absolutely unique.
No, it is the film.
Yeah, well, you know, anyway.
I mean, you say the good, the bad, the ugly.
It's shot quick and loose and it's like number two to me.
Well, I'll tell you one thing.
There are very few movies that you could say it was a spectacular, metaphysical, beautiful and strange film.
And it's evergreen.
Yeah, and you know, it's still the special effects even to this day look amazing.
But anyway, what I'm trying to portray to you is that from 1964 he started working on 2001 and we went to England.
We had already been in England where he had made Lolita and Doctor Strangelove.
Sorry, I feel like I'm being terribly boring.
No, it's not boring.
Stop making yourself boring.
I don't know why people can't understand this, but one, I was always with him because of this group.
Two, he was working so bloody hard on his film, on the script writing, on the special effects, on everything in 2001.
So 2001 had a premiere, I think, in like April 1968.
And the moon landings were in July 1969, right?
So, everyone can check this.
Clockwork Orange came out in 1970.
Another masterpiece.
And what do you think precedes 1970?
So he's, I was on that film with him as well.
He's always ahead of the trend.
He may, I'm sorry, I'm just being so like pragmatic about how, I'm just trying to show people, he would never have had time to go and... No, I got it, but the more powerful point about your dad is, he was anti-establishment.
Why would he go do this?
Okay, that's another thing.
On Twitter a thousand years ago, no, 2016, I think I wrote a really good piece.
I don't know if you can get it up.
Variety printed it.
It's like, you know, Stanley Kubrick's daughter, it's on Variety and it's some, I can't remember it verbatim, but essentially what I said is that how could anyone think that a man who had made movies That was so, yeah, that's me.
He was actually showing me there.
There's a picture of me with my dad next to the movie in front of the moviola, which was how he edited.
It's amazing because if you saw a moviola, you literally only see the size of a 35 millimeter.
you know, thing slightly blown up this big and he cut the whole of 2001 on this incredible. But anyway. Right now it's huge screens, digital
your dad's fricking master. Yeah, I know he's like looking at a little thing.
That's why he's such a master.
He did what they can't do today with old technology that was it's like It's superhuman.
Imagine your dad today with the technology.
Oh my God.
I feel so sad as well because with these TV series that go on forever... They're unwatchable.
Well, no, no, no, no.
I was just going to say that his desire was always to make Napoleon, but he said to me, I just, I can't make it in two and a half hours.
You know, this needs to be a really long... He could have made a whole series.
He could.
Oh my God.
He would have absolutely loved to make these super series that they do on TV.
I mean, he would have... When I was knocking the series, he would have done a better job.
Well, look, he was very...
Alright, wait a minute, we're going all over the place.
Let me just get back to this point.
So in 1968, he was doing all the promotion and he did all his own promotion because he told me that he learned with his first film that if you don't promote your movie, you know, he spent his father's savings, his uncle put money in it, but because he didn't know anything about promotion, nobody went to the cinema to see it and he was heartbroken.
So from that point on, he always did his own promotion.
He figured out, oh, I gotta, I can't just make the art, I gotta promote it.
And he figured out how to do that.
He designed and chose his own artwork.
He did everything.
And I think it's also just because he loved to do it.
But as a result, I think the unique product is you've seen something truly from one person's vision.
This is powerful.
And so you don't get this kind of composite.
What composite?
Well, I was going to say a dispersal of views, you know, he's kind of going.
Anyway, which is great, the human mind, you're actually getting a rate, honest, actual view, vision.
Yes, and not only that, but I want to just finish what I was saying about that Variety article, which you can find online.
I think it's like Vivian Kubrick or Stanley Kubrick's daughter speaks out on Variety and you'll see the quote that I said, but I'm going to butcher it now.
Basically, I said, how would a man who's made films that were, you know, so obviously someone who is, you know, criticizing the elite, You know, criticizing war, which is just slaughter.
Criticizing mind control, you know, clockwork orange.
I mean, this is a man who is not, like, going to be going, yes, sir, to the CIA.
And in fact, I told you about this, is that my dad told me that when he... Alright, I'm going all over the place.
So back to this point.
So in 1968, he was working on all the promotion for 2001.
Remember, promotion is global and you release films in different countries at different times.
And in those days, it's all kind of, you know, magazines, paperwork.
You've got to like go through all this stuff, read it, find the best quotes, put posters together, make sure the translations are right.
So You know, he was working on all the translations because he never wanted his films to go out to other countries and have horrific dubbing with completely inaccurate dialogue.
So he would work on all the translations.
know it's a huge job if you are the one taking responsibility for the product and he did so he was doing all that and then he started making Clockwork Orange in you know 1969 so when when
was he um desert desert um and shoot perhaps some of the most ludicrous footage ever shot in the history of filmmaking uh i just want to say something um it
If you've got a low gravitation, right, it just means you're going to be lighter.
It doesn't mean you're going to bounce when you walk.
I mean, you don't see three-year-olds bouncing on planet Earth just because they're lighter.
So here they are on the moon, bouncing.
Like, I mean, I think they did it.
So as a filmmaker, you say it looks fake?
Oh, it's so obviously silly!
And also, if you look at my dad's film, when you see the astronauts walking on the moon, they're walking kind of slowly, but they're not bouncing like, you know, isn't it?
You're saying you think there's a lot of fake stuff?
Don't blame your dad.
It makes sense.
Well, now I want to move on to this.
When Mark contacted me, Mark Lowe, who does Deep Thoughts podcast, he contacted me and he was so nice and not like the usual arseholes that, you know, attack me and say, I started DMing him, then we got on the phone, we were talking, and he started explaining to me all the ways in which the moon information is just ridiculous.
For one thing, I also looked at this and I went, you know, anyone who ever had rolls of film, you know, in the old days when we used film, There was always these big sheets which say... Hold on, Vivian.
This is gold and we'll finish up with your dad on the moon and then move into all the other amazing things he's done, you've done, and this is incredible.
People want to hear this.
It's so important.
We've got more clips coming up.
Vivian Kubrick is our guest.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Stay with us.
with us, the secrets of Stanley Kubrick, straight ahead.
(upbeat music)
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¡Viene una tormenta!
What did he just say?
He said, "There's a storm coming in."
I know.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming at Real Alex Jones on X.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Here's some music, ladies and gentlemen, from Clockwork Orange.
All right, Vivian Kubrick, the daughter of Stanley Kubrick, his protégé, works on the films at Music Forum.
She's in 2001, Space Odyssey.
She's also worked on a lot of work on Full Metal Jacket and, of course, The Shining.
I want to talk about it all, but she's so humble.
She's so real.
She's here saying, please stop saying, My dad faked the moon landing with no proof.
He would never do that.
I saw him on a shooting schedule.
He was busy.
We know that.
So just because we don't believe the corporate media about what they say, doesn't mean we can then just make up whatever we want.
I never made stuff up on purpose, but I've made mistakes.
And it's important to do that.
But I want to play a short clip from 2001 Space Odyssey.
This is 40 years.
And now, now.
I was about to say 40 from the time it happened, yeah.
What I'm saying is 40 years before they had video conferencing.
Oh, right.
So imagine this clip is 60 years ago.
You're a little girl.
How old were you in this clip where your archetypal father, of course your dad was actually the maker of the film, and so the big globalist or high-powered NASA director is calling down to Earth for the birthday party or whatever it is for his little daughter.
How old were you when this was shot?
All right, so here you are.
This is a 2001 video conference sequence.
Everyone's here with us.
Will Mr. Travers please contact the Met Office?
[Blood splatter]
Will Mr. Travers please contact the Met Office?
How are you, squirt?
All right.
What are you doing?
Where's Mummy?
Going to shopping.
Who's taking care of you?
May I speak to Rachel, please?
She's going to the bathroom.
Are you coming to my party tomorrow?
I'm sorry, sweetheart, but I can't.
Why not?
Well, you know, Daddy's traveling.
Very sorry about it, but I just can't.
I'm gonna send you a very nice present, though.
Anything special that you want?
A telephone.
We got lots of telephones already.
Can't you think of anything else you want for your birthday?
Something very special?
A bush baby.
A bush baby?
Well, we'll have to see about that.
Listen, sweetheart, I want you to tell Mommy something for me.
Will you remember?
Tell Mommy that I telephoned, okay?
That I'll try to telephone again tomorrow.
Will you tell her that?
Okay, sweetheart.
Now, have a nice birthday tomorrow.
Have a nice birthday party tomorrow too, huh?
Okay, now take care and be a good girl, won't you?
Happy birthday!
What a visionary!
Because you go back to the 60s this is being made and I know the globalists had their intergalactic communication system by 61 the whole plan of the internet all this they envisioned we get the technology for this so it shows what humans envision Vivian we're able to do.
You know I think that's one of the great You know, fun things about artists is that they get to envision the future.
I mean, certainly, and this is obviously another reason why they have this spectacular idea that my father faked the moon landing, because he had a lot of NASA people there.
But that is standard procedure on a movie, is to get experts.
And, you know, if you're making a war movie, you get former military, you know, it's just, that's what you get.
Oh, people say I work for Stratford, which is some stupid CIA propaganda firm.
It's like a joke.
Because they're in Austin.
Austin's 2 million people.
What does that mean?
Look, the thing is, people have got to take responsibility for this.
You have to understand that newspapers need to print stuff that people are going to buy.
And if they want to make up lies about you saying they can sell newspapers or be sensational, they're going to do it.
So from this point on, I really hope that everyone will believe me when I say 90% of the things that are written about my father, written about Alex, written about so many people, are total made-up lies.
And then correspondingly, people who actually do terrible things.
And I could mention a few Hollywood people who are Real criminals.
Feel free to talk, go ahead.
Well, I'm not going to go into that because that's a whole big subject, but... And then they're presented as these lovely people who have these lovely homes and they're just lovely people.
And I personally know them to be psychopaths.
So it's like, people you've just got to realize that you'd have to get to know my father.
You'd have to be friends with him to know him.
Now, I know Alex, I know my dad, and I know that, you know, my dad The last thing he would do is betray humanity.
So I know we're getting off the moon landing stuff, so I'll stop now.
But anyway, I just want to tell you a funny story, actually, about that shot and also about the premiere.
That's why I played it, yeah.
That's you.
Yeah, that's me.
But what happened is I had this black dress with a little slit up the side and lace, you know, black velvet with a rose on it.
And I came to the studio and my dad looked at me and went, oh God, take her home, change the dress.
And I was going, But daddy, this is the dress I want to wear!
And he was like going, Vivian, it's black, it's boring, I don't want to, you know, I was going, but I want to wear this!
You know, classic five, right?
So my mom takes me home and she picks this dress because it's very colorful, but it's got no lining and it's wool, right?
It's wool, whatever, I don't know.
That's why you're scratching yourself.
So, and I'm sitting in front of an arc light, which is like, you know, standing up.
Well, that makes it even better, like a little give and act.
I know, but I was, you know, obviously thrilled that I was going to be filmed.
You were burning up.
Well, I was more than burning up.
I was itching to death.
So that's why I was squirming around.
But when we shot this, my dad wanted it to be sort of naturalistic.
So we were in a stage where there was some other huge set from 2001.
So they just put this platform up because that's where the camera was.
And they just sort of turned the camera around and they made this quick little set, but it was way up in the air.
And they put a TV there with my dad on the other end, and he was talking to me.
So I was just talking to my dad.
He was so smart, that's why it was so real.
So I was just talking to him.
Wow, we're getting the secrets here.
Nobody even knows this stuff, do they?
Anyway, so, come the premiere in New York City, and it's a big event, and there's lights everywhere, and all the celebrities and politicians, it's a big deal.
In fact, there's a wonderful clip of my dad standing out there.
Talking about how there are other worlds and other civilizations in this universe.
It's a great clip.
You can find it on YouTube.
I hope you can find it.
We'll do it.
What do we type in?
Stanley Kubrick talks about other worlds?
Well, I think it's Stanley Kubrick premiere of 2001.
And it starts off with him, you know, at some editing table and it's black and white.
And then you hear him talk about how... Anyway, find it.
You'll find it.
Stanley Kubrick talks about It is, it is.
Stanley Kubrick's 2001 premiere.
Anyway, so we were standing out there and I was so desperate being a sad little thing that people should recognize me in the film that I decided to stuff myself into the same dress.
Of course, I've grown a lot.
So I was standing in this much smaller dress, but you know, I want people to recognize me.
Anyway, we went in and it was like, you know, everyone, you know how these premieres are, it's all big stars and yeah, it was a huge thing.
Anyway, I'm sitting next to my dad and it's the first 15 minutes and people start getting up and walking out of the premiere.
Now, anyone who's been to a premiere, you know, this is all networking, super... The dogs are fine.
It adds to the fun.
It's okay.
They're just guarding.
I like dogs.
It adds the ambiance.
I'm glad they're doing it, actually.
Anyway, so people start walking out and I'm like tugging on my dad's shoulder who, you know, he must have just been in spasms of horror.
And I was going, Daddy, they're gonna miss the bit with me in it.
And he went, Vivian, stop!
You know, because I'm all like, you know, anxious about it.
It's so pathetic, but I will admit to being... Those are great stories.
Anyway, so suddenly Rock Hudson gets up and he pounds his way past my father going, I've never seen anything so blasphemous in all my life!
So this is the first 15 minutes of the premiere.
It's terrifying.
You gotta love Rock Hudson being like a Christian.
Oh, here it is!
When they're ready with the audio, we'll have it.
You guys tell me when you're ready.
They gotta back up.
All right, rack it up, roll from the start.
Here it is.
We started in 1965, early 1965.
Well, I became interested in the idea that the universe was full of intelligent civilizations, which is the current scientific belief.
that Kubrick still shows himself in public.
We started in 1965, early 1965.
Well, I became interested in the idea that the universe was full of intelligent civilizations,
which is the current scientific belief.
Well, the facts in the film only help you believe the story, but the...
Scientists know now that there are about a hundred billion stars in our galaxy,
and about a hundred billion galaxies in the visible universe.
The point is that there are so many stars in the universe that the likelihood of life evolving around them, even if there were possibilities of one in a million, there would be hundreds of millions of worlds in the universe.
Before we go to that, I would love to know your dad.
What would he think of the world today?
I think he'd be as terrified as all of us are.
I think, you know, he died March the 7th, 1999.
So he missed the whole World Trade Center design of violence false flag event.
I think he would be... It's good though in a way that they would have blamed him for that too.
Oh, Stanley Kubrick produced this?
Well, it's kind of an honor, like, anything's powerful.
Stanley Kubrick did this.
I know.
So, in a way, do you get why they do that?
Like... Uh, not really, because I think... No, no, I'm not saying it's good.
I'm just saying, you know... No, I know what you're saying.
Corresponding Spectacular Filmmaker, Spectacular False Flag, join the two together.
Well, he obviously did it.
Alex Jones lives in Austin, therefore he works for this intelligence group.
Anyway, so my father had to sit through, I'm now going back to Rob Hudson piling out, and he wasn't the only one.
There were quite a lot of people, like two-thirds Of the audience walked out of a premiere.
Now anyone who's been to a premiere, you would know that that is almost, I don't think it's ever happened in the history of films.
So it's the biggest premiere in New York, it's the big opening, and two-thirds of the audience walk out because they consider that depicting man as an ape was unacceptable in some way.
Whether it's true or not, it was a symbol of evolution, which you can argue that all day, but clearly evolution's there.
The question is how fast does it happen?
Whatever it was, it was just heartless and rude to do that.
These are fellow artists, you know?
Look at that shot, I'll give him a mad at that.
Go back three seconds.
Oh yeah.
The obelisk and the sun, it's beautiful.
Oh my God.
Actually, you know what was quite funny, even though I can't bear and I haven't watched Barbie the film, but the promo for Barbie, did you see that?
I did watch, they rip off your dad repeatedly.
It's pretty funny.
Anyway, so two thirds of the audience walk out, my father has to go through the whole film in agony, and we go back to the apartment in New York, and of course he's desolate, and then he gets all these phone calls from the studio heads going, this is a disaster!
This huge budget film.
Yeah, and so they would, you know, my father was just devastated. So how did it work? Wait, let me finish. So then this smaller executive at MGM called him up, and this is like, you know, in the middle of like 2 or 3 in the morning, and I'm sitting there with my dad, right?
And, oh, and he calls up and he says, you know, "Stanley, don't listen to them."
This is an incredible film.
Just wait.
Just wait.
People are going to love it.
The only one.
Everyone else was tearing him to pieces, which is so heartless.
I just don't even understand it.
Anyway, so.
It's like to me, Force 10 Navarone, where they blow up the dam and the explosive guys go, just give it a wait.
It took a few minutes for it to collapse.
It's like, I agree.
Like, that's what the whole thing is about that.
Not quite sure about that analogy.
But my point is, is that something really big doesn't take hold right away.
Well, you know, and think of it, 1969.
I don't know if you've watched anything that was on TV.
Mindless crap.
Yeah, absolutely.
Nothing against Elvis, but it was like Elvis in a white one, baby I love you.
That's pretty good!
Yeah, so anyway, we stay up all night and we go to the first show at 10 o'clock in the morning and we look around, you know, see if anybody's there and there's kind of a line and then we go to the next show and the next show and anyway by the evening there's crowds all around the cinema and so my dad, you know, having been up for like 48 hours, you know, Finally gets this payoff that he sees that people truly do want to see it.
So the critics didn't matter, the establishment didn't matter.
Well, you know, and this is part... There's that last scene with like the reborn human.
It's like, you have a soul, you see it.
But of course the establishment didn't see it because they're satanic.
Don't even get me started!
I want to tell you, artists and filmmakers, an interesting thing here.
That baby at the end of 2001, and it also happened on The Shining, he could not decide how he wanted to end the film.
And he told me that even while they were in filming, filming 2001, he still hadn't figured out how he was going to end it.
Now, anyone who's, you know, responsible for a huge film like that, you can imagine that it might be terrifying.
But his viewpoint was that somehow he had total faith that he would think of something.
And so the baby just kind of came to him as A way to end the movie.
Like Plan R?
And all the stuff that came today?
Well, you know... We're going to talk about that next hour, or what are you talking about now?
But I mean, your dad, you've told me, come on, get it all out there.
He would just get this stuff, and the government would come to him.
My mom was a kid.
I'm like eight years old watching Dr. Strangelove.
My mom goes, yeah, he knew how the coders worked on the B-52s, and the government came and said, how'd you know?
And I asked you later, like, yeah, he just kind of came up with it.
That was what was great about your dad, is he somehow knew stuff.
I think artists, you know, I mean, I would love to go into the architecture of who we are as beings, but I really believe that we have lived many, many, many, many times, and I think that artists have an innate ability to channel and draw in all kinds of really deep stuff and we don't know how long
we've been crashing around in this universe or what we really know beneath our conscious awareness but yeah I do think that he was very psychic he
certainly was psychic with me you know he would know things about me and and be wait talk about your dad talk about that I just want to I just want to finish
this thing So he always said to me, and I'm going back to this idea of him having the confidence and calmness that he had faith that he would think of an idea for the end of 2001 or the end of The Shining.
And he said to me, the only thing you need to know as an artist, the only thing you need to be able to do is to be okay with not knowing what you're going to do and being okay with it not working out.
Then you can be an artist.
That's how I feel about InfoWars.
It's just, God's going to make the next step.
It's like, just do it.
It's intention.
It's a pure intention where you just know, you don't know how, but you know that it's going to come through.
Like, you know, on Full Metal Jacket, I literally had, like, no time to write the music.
I had, like, less time than most professionals.
That's amazing.
And I'd never done it before in my life.
You can't do it like... I can't make the sound.
Anyway, so the last most important cue, my dad called me up and he said, okay, you're going to have to do this, you know, record it live, Vivian.
We've got to get it to the dubbing station tonight or we're going to miss all the openings and the theaters in America.
So it was like super hardcore pressure.
Because he would always go right to the end and make it the best he could.
Yeah, everyone does.
You always go down to the absolute, like, you know, 11th hour of the 11th hour.
Anyway, and so I had a lung infection.
I had eczema all over my body.
My periods had stopped.
I'd had about, like, you know, two hours sleep every day for, like, three months.
So I was absolutely, like, broken at this point.
And I was lying in the bath in the morning going, OK, I have six hours to do this.
I will write it.
I will get it done.
And He came to CTS Studios and there was a big Tina Turner concert going on.
And we actually got trapped in all the traffic and we were late and we had to do the dubbing at two in the morning at Pinewood to get out.
But he sat there with me and I played all of this in the final scene of Full Metal Jacket.
I played all of it live.
And he just sat in the back of the studio and he just said, yeah, I like that.
No, I don't like that or whatever it was.
And I literally, I just did it.
I mean, I have no idea how I did it and then I went with him and we were in the dubbing stage and we were all, everyone's so exhausted at this point and he had had me separate out all the tracks.
This is only interesting for people who write music maybe, but he, I'd separated out all the sounds on the track so that we could mix it on the stage into the dubbing.
And to me being like 10 years old watching or 12, 11?
What, Full Metal Jacket?
Yeah, it was the most powerful thing about it was the music.
Oh, thank you.
I love, like, the rock and roll words, the verb.
That was all great.
But the stuff about that was like, that made it like, whoa, that music was amazing.
Well, thank you.
Anyway, I just want to say is that he was trying to, like, mix it.
And we were also trying to say, Daddy, for God's sake, you're pushing up the wrong thing.
So I, like, pushed him out the way.
This is the one thing about being the child of the director is that your behavior takes on the form of something in the household as opposed to professional.
So I, like, shoved him out the way and I said, let me do it.
And literally, when I finished it, because I knew where the sounds were coming up and, you know, he wanted to back down certain sounds that were kind of cutting into the dialogue, so I had to, you know, ride that.
Everyone who mixes knows what I'm talking about.
And then literally, I just lay down on the floor of the dubbing stage, and I just, I could not believe that I'd done it, but I'd done it.
I'd finished, like, with everything taken away from me.
And how satisfying was that?
Incredibly satisfying.
So you see, on many parallel levels, I relate so much to your situation.
I relate to the peril of it, the experience of losing, you know, having things taken away and then given back.
But all the time is your intention to do it, to get it done.
That's all that matters.
Well, it is the closest thing to the manifestation of your eternal spiritual being.
The power of that.
When you have a really passionate intention, which you have, Alex.
And that's really why I'm here.
I want to support Alex.
I've always wanted to support Alex.
I've been listening to him for, God, it must be nearly 20 years now.
In the same way that it hurts me when people lie about my father, it hurts me when people lie about Alex.
They always choose the most unflattering and not in any way representative of the true value of the information that he imparts.
I mean, you know, Alex is a wild cowboy.
Uh, you know, he has this personality where if you want to take clips of it, you can make him look really silly.
But he's incredibly brilliant, incredibly intelligent.
His bravery is, you know, absolutely astounding.
And that's another thing with my dad.
You know, he was really brave.
He had to stand up to a lot of cruel, Uh, crap.
I'll give you an example.
The point you're making is he was the anti-Hollywood.
Admit your dad lived in England with you.
He had nothing to do with Hollywood.
He did whatever he wanted.
I'll tell you what.
He obviously had to be in Hollywood at the beginning to make some kind of career.
And Kirk Douglas really gave him the big break.
I think Kirk really wanted to support him.
Well yeah, and although my dad, that wasn't the kind of film he wants to make, Kirk gave him an incredible opportunity there.
Anyway, what happened is that he didn't like Hollywood, and when he got to England, because they had this tax relief for anybody who would make films there, he went there to make movies.
And he loved it, and he loved the English people, and he loved not being in Hollywood.
And he never went back.
Alright, we've spent a lot of time just on 2001 and your dad obviously didn't fake the moon landing.
It would have been much better done if he did it.
No, I wish people would stop saying that.
He wouldn't have done it and it wouldn't have been better or worse or anything.
So we've hit that.
I want to shift gears into whatever you want to talk about in the next hour.
We're so blessed to have you here, Vivian Gilbert.
Thank you.
But I want to talk about Wherever you want to go, but I want to talk about Eyes Wide Shut.
I want to talk about what, you know, you told me some personal stuff, whatever you want to get into, but I've had more of these experiences you told me about since then.
Well, we're all in this ether all connected and like, you know, your dad like literally knowing how the scramblers on the BBC News worked and they came to him and the government came.
Is that true?
I remember you told me years ago about it, but the government comes is how do you know that your dad just knew it?
I mean, that is amazing.
Well, actually I was talking about something different.
I'm over memory.
Remember you told me a lot of like 15 years ago.
I can't even remember what I did yesterday.
So My father was a pilot.
He flew planes.
And he... So I am sure that he met... When he was working for Look Magazine, he flew a lot of places, took photographs.
He was a young man, right?
So he dug all this kind of stuff.
And then he had a near accident.
He nearly killed the people and himself on the plane.
And in true tunnel vision, he decided that if he could have such an accident, then anyone else could.
So then he decided to never get on another plane.
And he never did.
And he didn't let me get on a plane until I practically blackmailed him by saying my boyfriend would pay for it.
But anyway, he... Is it true the government came to visit him about... Well, this is what he told me.
Hold on, we've got to go on a break.
Hour number four.
I'm sorry about that, Jess.
No, don't worry.
This is super exciting.
Hour number four is straight ahead with the great Vivian Kubrick.
I'm going to give you a break with your dogs.
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(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
Vivian, I was like 11 years old or so.
Visiting my uncle and aunt in San Antonio and he'd been in special operations.
And I went to the movie theater with them.
And I remember watching the whole movie, Blooming Away, Full Metal Jacket.
It's like two different worlds.
They're in boot camp, now they're in this hellhole.
But the music that you produced for this was so haunting and so touching.
Thank you.
No, it's true.
I'll tell you something about it when it's finished.
That noise that sounds like scaffolding is a coin falling on a table that I recorded and then I played it slowed down.
Because the Fairlight in those days, these sort of sampler things, would lower the pitch of something by just playing it slower.
So that kind of thing that sounds like rolling scaffolding is actually just like a No, the thing that sounds like, you know, scaffolding those metal pipes that come off?
That sound, that is a coin dropping on my table.
Actually, when I, this was the first, I'm going to tell you a little bit about this, how I got to do the score of the film.
Oh, OK.
So I was 26 at the time and I was really desperate to just free myself of my associations with my dad.
I didn't want to be Vivian Kubrick.
I wanted to go into the world and have a different name and just escape everything.
Because most people don't understand this, but when you're the child of someone who's extremely famous, It in many ways it's it's it it capsizes your ability to have a normal life and you know people do really strange things and they try to use you and manipulate you to get opportunities and show business it's just it's icky anyway and I was determined to go to America and be free of all of it and my dad I you know I
He really didn't want me to go, but he also wanted to show me what I was capable of.
And so he said, I want you to do the music for Full Metal Jacket.
I said, Dad, all I've ever done is like love songs and things.
I mean, how am I going to do a score like this?
And plus, I don't even know how to do it.
He said, um, I'll get you the Fairlight.
I know you can do it.
I was saying, no way, Dad.
Look, I'll find music for you, which I think is great.
So I found all this kind of very militaristic, you know, kodo drumming Japanese music, which is so, so powerful.
It's so terrifying.
And he was at the dubbing theater trying to use the track that I'd chosen over a TV commercial.
And he called me up and said, It's too busy.
Listen, can't you just do something?
Just do it.
I know you can do it.
So I said, oh God, all right.
So I... I don't know if it's on the... Oh yeah, it is.
I can't remember if it's on the album or not.
But anyway, I wrote something and then my dad went, it's fantastic, I'm using it.
And I was like, what?
You know, I thought he was just saying it because he wanted me to stay in England.
And then he used it and he said, Vivian, goddammit, just please do it.
So that bit of music that you just heard there, you know, he got me the fair light.
And actually, it's quite funny, Hunt Zimmer, who's now quite The, you know, the auteur of film composers.
At that time he was working at a place at Lily Yard.
And Hunts taught me how to use the Fairlight in like three days.
And I think they all thought that I was going to fail abysmally.
But I did my first recording at Lily Yard.
And I'll never forget it.
It's the actual track from when... Oh God, I can't remember the character's name now, but he's the one that gets bashed with soap or whatever.
And it's that kind of track where it kind of goes... Private pile!
Yeah, and it's where it goes... I can't go low enough.
So anyway, I brought my huge floppy disk in to the studio and they said, oh, there's nothing on it.
It's empty.
And I went, no, no, no, look, look.
And I pointed at the one note that was on the page.
So you can imagine what a loser they thought I was, that there was just one note on this bar repeated.
And so Hunt said, Let's get that note up on the desk.
So it was sort of like, Oh God, they think I'm an idiot.
Um, anyway, that's just kind of nightmarish.
It's all amazing.
You want to read something out of a news article you wrote about your dad decades ago.
We're going to get to as soon as they're ready for it.
I printed it off, but it didn't.
I think with subscribers, we have to find it.
But, but let's talk about your dad's last film, Eyes Wide Shut.
I mean, we know now Satanism, pedophilia, the New World Order, it's all out in the open, it's all exposed.
How did your dad come up with Eyes Wide Shut?
And then there's a lot of intrigue in and around that.
And you told me more than a decade ago, and I'm going from memory on this, that your dad literally envisioned this.
He just came up with it from the ether.
Well, honestly, I don't remember saying that.
Oh, thank you so much.
We'll get to that in a minute, but we'll get to his earlier stuff.
But just get into the Eyes Wide Shut.
What do you tell us about it?
Okay, so back in the 80s, Steve Martin and his girlfriend, Bernadette Peters, came to our house.
And at that point, I think it was called Trauma Novel?
I can't remember, it's German.
And that's the story that he based Eyes Wide Shut, but at that time he decided it would be good as a comedy.
Can you believe that? So Eyes Wide Shut was originally going to be a comedy with Steve Martin.
They never met a comedy, though.
What are you talking about?
Doctor Strangelove?
Well, it's the ultimate comedy, but also, I take it as serious.
Oh, yeah.
It all came true.
No, no.
Well, actually, there's some interesting story on that.
So anyway, he was going to do it, and Steve Martin came to our house, and he did wonderful magic tricks.
Oh, my God, he's the most amazing, amazing, like, close, what do you call it?
Close hand tricks?
Sleight of hand.
Well, yeah, but it's like close work.
Have you ever been to the Magic Castle in LA where you get to see the Las Vegas magicians right in front of your face do these insane card tricks?
Anyway, so he's fabulous and he was very sweet.
My dad really thought that he wanted to do it with him and make a comedy.
But, you know, in the end he just kept that on the back burner for like 30 years.
And I think what happened is that he was going to do a Holocaust movie.
Again, I want to tell you a story about this.
So he was going off into Europe to find locations to do this Holocaust movie.
This is prior to Eyes Wide Shut.
And when he tried to come back to England, the authorities went, sorry, you can't come back.
And he lived there for like 40 years.
So he had to get lawyers to just get him even back in the country.
Why'd that happen?
Well, so the same thing happened to me when I was just 15.
I was in Germany, I came back to England and the passport officer went, it's your father, Stanley Kubrick.
And I went, yeah.
And he went, right, you've got to leave in six months.
And I said, but I'm a little girl, I'm in school, you know.
And I had to, my dad had to go to the ambassador at the American Embassy in London to get this taken off my passport.
I do not understand what this is about, but the intimidation, the attempt to intimidate... They were not happy about the films he was making.
But I also just think it's spitefulness.
Yeah, people think when you're super avant-garde and famous, like a super beautiful woman, they think, oh, everybody loves her.
You're nice to a super hot woman and sweet to her?
She's easier to get than a regular girl because they get messed with because they're so beautiful.
Yeah, I mean there's, you know, that speaks to the state of consciousness on this planet and that is really, I think, the reason why I am being so open and truthful is this is the time for truth, people.
This is the time to be as real as you can be and to explore the incredible power that exists if you're willing to be fully real in this world.
So let's move from your dad before we get into Eyes Wide Shut for a minute.
Let's talk about, you're a smart lady in your own right.
How would you call this moment in the world?
What's happening?
What's going on?
The huge awakening, but also the huge evil rising.
What is this time?
Well, I certainly think it's an invitation to be more than human.
To begin to, and I certainly did a lot of work on this, because part of the time that we're living in is If we don't evolve out of this kind of punishment, tooth and claw world that we as beings have created over, you know, I guess what I'm trying to say
We are spiritual beings, but we're like a composite.
You know, I have this physical body.
This body could probably walk around without me in it.
It's got its own unended, unbroken line all the way back.
You know, I am an unbroken line of sperm and egg all the way back.
It's got its own intelligence.
The vehicle has its own intelligence.
And I, a being, a consciousness, I also have this monkey riding on my back.
You know, I'm riding on the back of this body, but I have another monkey, my mind.
And I know people don't like to talk about it.
It's true.
I have the same vision.
We're interfacing with this Earth suit, but it's like a drug to be here.
If it takes control of the actual consciousness, we're destroyed.
Because now we have nuclear weapons.
We have to go to the next level we're all at.
Well, you've zoomed in on a very specific and very real danger, but I'm just trying to analyze the architecture, and by looking at it and being aware of it, to then be able to cut across the way in which our mind controls us.
Like, anyone who's read Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, where he says, You know, you are the witnessing consciousness and all the noise and the pictures and the movies and the memories going on, that is this separate thing, your mind.
And, you know, the Buddhists talk about it as well.
It's such a well appreciated, I don't know how understood it is, but I would say that if we don't start to separate from the mind, we are going to, I mean, you know, they say that we repeat history or that history is a rhyme.
There's a reason we're dramatizing these things.
We're controlled by It's like in The Matrix when Neo goes there about to destroy Zion and he goes, this is the 179th time it's happened.
I haven't watched that film.
It's cheesy compared to that, but the point is, they're telling you what they're doing there.
It's over and over again.