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Name: 20240607_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 7, 2024
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In the Alex Jones Show, discussions range from ongoing legal battles regarding President Trump's defense fund, concerns around COVID-19 vaccination debates, potential threats of a nuclear war and its devastating consequences, conflict between Russia and Ukraine, populist waves sweeping across Europe, political realignments worldwide, evidence suggesting COVID vaccines have caused a 40% overall death rate increase in countries administering them. Jones also discusses his recent legal developments in his case against Sandy Hook shooting victims' families and personal experiences of individuals who faced paralysis after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The show touches upon various topics including euthanasia clinics post-vaccination, quality of fish oil, World War III news, NATO's plans for surging U.S. troops into Europe due to potential Russian invasion and health issues due to vaccines. Alex Jones is praised as a hero for his work in speaking out against conspiracies before they are widely accepted. The conversation explores themes of soul and its importance in connecting us to higher wisdom and understanding, the dangers of the internet and its easy access to inappropriate content, and the effects of technology and digital distraction on children and adults.

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This is the Democrats' entire strategy to confine President Trump to a dirty criminal courtroom and keep him off the campaign trail where he can bring his winning message to voters across this country.
New York has become a legal banana republic.
They are so determined to get Donald Trump.
Look, convicting Donald Trump, that's all they have.
I think they have no cards.
And they're depending upon Trump getting convicted.
That Trump train doesn't show any signs of slowing down.
The only verdict that matters is the verdict at the ballot box.
InfoWars >> Tomorrow's news today.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
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As we continue to wait and hope that more and more people wake up every single day, some that took the bait are now starting to realize that we, the COVID unvaccinated, weren't all wrong.
This is that message to you, the unvaccinated.
Even if I were pollinated and fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I've ever seen.
From partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues, and even doctors.
COVID vaccines are now available for children five years and older.
Just get vaccinated.
Get the vaccine.
Just get the vaccine!
People who are capable of such personality, courage, and critical ability are undoubtedly the best part of humanity.
There are many thousands of physicians who have been silenced from telling the American people the good news about the situation, that we can manage the virus.
They are everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, states, and ideas.
They are of a special kind.
They are the soldiers that every army of light wants to have in its ranks.
They are the parent that every child wants to have, and the children that every parent dreams of having.
A North Carolina teenager needs a new kidney in order to save her life, but her doctors say no COVID vaccine, no transplant.
Vaccinated person having a heart attack?
Yes, come right on in.
We'll take care of you.
Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo?
Rest in peace, Weezy.
They are beings above the average of their societies.
You need to evaluate the risk factor in the COVID vaccine.
They are the essence of the people who have, well, built all cultures and conquered horizons.
They are there, next to you.
They look normal, but they are superheroes.
They did what others could not.
They were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination, and social exclusion.
Now what really stands out about white anti-vaxxers in particular is that they act like their freedom has been taken!
It has nothing to do with freedom.
Screw your freedom.
You don't have the freedom and the liberty to put other people in jeopardy.
Banned from their family's tables at Christmas?
They never saw anything so cruel.
If someone in your family isn't vaccinated, should you ask them not to show up?
Uh, yes.
I would do that.
If you are not fully vaxxed, stay home.
Everyone from police to teachers to firefighters must comply or they will face penalties.
They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, had no more money.
They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciation, betrayal and humiliation, but they kept on going.
Never before in humanity has there been such a casting.
Now we all know who are the best on the planet Earth.
Men, women, young, old, rich, poor of all races or religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen of the invisible arc, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed.
That's you!
You passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest marines, commandos, green berets, astronauts and even geniuses could not withstand.
You are made of the stuff of the greatest who ever lived.
Those heroes born among ordinary men who glow in the dark.
Remember, you're the voice, and it's time to make it count.
And he put out that great promo here, as InfoWars is very, very long in the tooth right now.
But whatever happens, this operation will only make humanity stronger, and it's totally blown up in their face.
All right, we are simulcasting on the Mighty X at Real Alex Jones.
End of the world emergency transmission.
All the experts agree, never been closer to nuclear war.
Civilization ending, life ending for almost all creatures on this planet.
It'll be like a hundred mile wide asteroid hitting the earth.
I mean, a nuclear war will be worse than that because the nuclear reactors will all melt down and they're far more destructive long term than a hydrogen bomb going off.
It's radiation dissipates, not the 400 plus reactors melting down.
We're focusing on it all today.
It's a gigantic broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones.
Follow me on X at Real Alex Jones.
We'll be right back.
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We now take you live.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, June 7, 2024.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and we are going to be here for the next four hours live.
Let's put that live show headline back on screen for TV viewers.
I'll read it out for radio listeners on hundreds of stations listening right now.
We're only months away from a world-ending nuclear war.
Alex Jones and special guests lay out the deadly, life-on-Earth-ending scenarios unfolding and forecast a plan to reverse our headlong march into nuclear Armageddon.
Emergency alert broadcast.
This is an emergency alert broadcast.
That is the front and center news.
And we have Joe Biden toddling around at the D-Day event in France, not even knowing who he was and apparently pooping himself, which we've confirmed from Secret Service and others he does indeed do on a routine basis.
He has no idea what planet he's on.
This is all emblematic of the insanity.
So we are also not just on radio stations and InfoWars.com.tv and TV stations.
We're simulcasting on X at Real Alex Jones with the video feed.
But if you want to participate in the show today, we're going to be opening up the speakers on X at Real Alex Jones.
You want to go there and join the spaces where you can share it as well.
And coming up here in just about 30 minutes, we will be taking speakers who are piling in to the space that just launched a few minutes ago.
So please repost that everywhere.
Retweet it on X.
Email it out to your friends and family and neighbors and people you want to wake up.
Send it on your text messages.
Tell folks there's a very important broadcast.
The end of the world is here.
Can we stop it?
Alex Jones and guests.
So, we have to admit this is happening to stop it.
Who would have believed they'd release a virus and give us deadly shots to kill 22 million people?
Who'd believe they'd cut off most of the energy?
Who'd believe they would starve a third world to death for three years under lockdowns?
Who would believe they would have drag queen pedophile time everywhere?
Who would believe any of the things you're seeing?
This is a death cult of depopulationists that are doing this.
And we have to admit that's happening.
I'll be interspersing a ton of other economic news, election news, poison shot news.
We have some special guests.
Mickey Willis is coming in in the fourth hour with me to talk about the fight against good and evil, the fight between good and evil.
That is all coming up and just how real the fight between good and evil is.
But let's go into why I'm saying we're in so much danger, which again, every mainline analyst admits we've never been closer to nuclear war.
Western troops have been fighting Russians for years in Ukraine, even before Russia invaded.
The West was there pushing them out, starting a war, having coup after coup, and people would elect anti-war presidents there.
And so now that Russia has decisively defeated the Kiev regime, and now that Zelensky is officially a dictator, has canceled elections, arrested even his loyal opposition, banned the Orthodox Church, now masses of Western troops are Flooding in to formations in and around Russia, not just in Ukraine.
And things are heating up quickly.
NATO is making plans for surging U.S.
troops into Europe in case Russia invades.
Putin has always said he's got plenty of land in Russia and doesn't need to invade, doesn't want to invade.
That would cause nuclear war.
But he's pointed out that you're massing troops on my border, you're attacking us.
And if you start striking, Civilian targets in Russia.
We're going to start striking civilian targets in Europe.
And the corporate media has spun that and not mentioned the attacks on Russia and said Putin is just randomly threatening to start bombing people.
No, he said again two days ago in a speech, we're not attacking anybody.
We've been attacked.
You started with us.
And that's a fact.
That's the reality.
I mean, Zbigniew Brzezinski, before he died, bragged about his plan.
Victoria Nuland and you've got George Soros on CNN with Fareed Zakaria five years ago, six years ago, bragging how they overthrew ten years ago the government in Kiev and started this war with Russia.
So, NATO's making plans for surging U.S.
troops into Europe in case Russia invades, and U.S.
troops are already beginning to flood into the zone.
NATO Chief Stoltenberg, Ukraine needs at least 40 billion euros a year until Russia is defeated and they're calling it a war that will last decades and the French government's saying it's the new economy.
So it's bringing us into this martial law scenario but will it go on for decades or will it trigger a nuclear war?
Well bombing Russia proper, Russia has said will do that and that's what their doctrine is.
What would we do?
Russia warships including nuclear sub-missile frigate Those are nuke platforms.
We'll arrive in Cuba next week on top of all the submarines circling the United States loaded with nuclear cruise missiles and ballistic missiles.
Oceans can no longer protect America.
A big article dealing with that.
Well, it's the left that's opened up our borders.
It's the left and the globalists have degraded us, not the Russians.
This is really a key article right here out of MSN.
One telegraph reposted there.
And they've already been hyping this.
Oh, there's really shadow war.
Oh, those poultry plants that are getting blown up.
Those oil refineries that are suddenly catching on fire everywhere.
It's not Antifa.
It's not Extinction Rebellion that's setting all the fires in Canada or the US.
You know, they keep arresting Antifa almost every time.
One day it's climate change, and the next day it's the Russians.
And so now, if a shopping mall burns, or a factory burns, and just something made in the factory, including, you know, biscuits, literally, in the case of England, is being shipped to Ukraine, oh, the Russians blew it up.
Meanwhile, for years, thousands and thousands of drones have been flown into Russia, out of Ukraine, attacking them.
Going back a decade, or actually eight years when it really started, It's a huge long article.
I've read the whole thing this morning.
and others. So string of mysterious attacks across Europe opens new front in Russia's war on the West. So there's no evidence Russia's doing this but it's a
huge long article I've read the whole thing this morning and it just says no it's the Russians. Yeah it was the Russians closed the Keystone pipeline
with an executive order the day after they were sworn in after stealing the Vladimir Putin stole the election in 2020, got into power on January 21st, 2021.
The first thing he did as the President of America was cut off the Keystone Pipeline and end drilling all over the U.S., the Gulf of Mexico, and Alaska.
The next thing Putin did was dissolve the border until all the illegals immediately surged the border.
And then he started human trafficking small children for sex slavery and as factory workers.
Then he began pooping all the time in public and he began bubbling and babbling and he also declared that white people are the number one terror threat and said that white supremacy was everywhere and defined white supremacy as questioning election theft or open borders or forced shots or lockdowns.
And Putin had lockdowns here?
He tried to make us and gave us shots that have killed around the world 20 million people?
I mean, folks, it's true.
It's not companies getting out of business and burning down their own businesses because of the economy for insurance.
It's not Extinction Rebellion or Antifa that gets caught everywhere burning and blocking roads and doing things.
It's not animal rights groups caught burning down ski lodges.
In fact, this morning, I slipped in the shower and hit my head.
Got a little cut in the back of my head.
Didn't really, it's hypothetical.
And I knew Vladimir Putin was there and shoved me.
It's all Vladimir Putin, folks.
It's all the Russians.
Did you know that?
They're the ones cutting off our resources.
In fact, Fauci works for Russia.
Of course, they don't.
So a string of mysterious attacks across Europe opens a new front in Russia's war on the West.
And they go into attacks inside the U.S.
as well.
Total horse manure.
But that opens up the false flag front, I've been telling you, where they're going to stage terror attacks or have some mercenary group do it, and then say that the Russians did it to escalate.
We've already caught Zelensky and the regime in Kiev doing this, where they fire missiles repeatedly into Poland, blame it on Russia, but the Polish military has good anti-aircraft missiles.
And anti-missile systems.
Anti-missile missile systems.
And they shoot them down so they don't fully detonate.
Because if they hit the ground, they blow up into little bitty pieces.
But they shoot them in half and they don't detonate.
The tail numbers were Ukrainian.
Isn't that cute?
Exclusive Biden tells me your US weapons will not be used to strike Moscow and the Kremlin.
But everything about Russia's capital city and capital building is fair game.
Well, that's quite the escalation.
Because the Russians said, if you hit our major cities, we'll start hitting yours.
Then all you see is that part cut off.
If you hit us, we'll hit you.
And you just leave the part, we'll hit you.
If you hit me, I'll hit you.
You just cut off, if you hit me, it's like, I'll hit you.
I'll hit you.
Absolutely insane.
Low expectations plague the Air Force Academy as they lower standards and everything falls apart.
Well, don't worry, they've got drones for places.
Biden apologizes to Zelensky for months-long congressional holdup of weapons that let Russia advance.
Oh, yes.
No, it's that most of their soldiers are dead.
That's why.
That's the main reason.
Biden to defend democracy and speech in France, which he did, drawing contrast with Trump.
Hillary calls Trump Hitler.
Biden compares Russia to Hitler at World War II speech, even though we were out of Russia during that.
Cut off from the West, Putin says almost 40% of Russian trade turnover is now in rubles.
That's actually helped Russia and hurt the dollar.
There's a new video.
Maybe you guys can play this.
The moment Ukraine blows up yet another Russian vessel in Kamikaze drone strike.
They're in the Black Sea.
So this is just all absolutely out of control.
And there's going to be more and more and more of this.
And people sit here and watch this lead up to World War Over to End of the World, Final War.
D-Day anniversary?
Haunted by dwindling number of veterans and shadow of Europe's new war.
But don't worry, Hillary and Biden made it all about Russia being the new Hitler and Trump being the new Hitler.
Hillary Clinton makes disgusting D-Day post comparing Trump to Hitler.
But there's good news, political reports on it.
I've been harping on this, but it's mainstream news now.
As Europe votes, a populist wave surges almost everywhere around the world, not just in Europe.
Anti-war, anti-globalist, anti-WF, anti-UN, anti-ESG, BlackRock leaders are being elected.
Will they all be perfect?
Will they all perfectly execute?
But it's definitely hurting the New World Order and the globalists, but they're in trouble.
If those people don't deliver on what they're supposed to, war will replace them.
So there's a global political realignment.
That's why the system is panicking.
You can feel the shift.
Will the French be lured by Le Pen, the Guardian says.
It's really just a milquetoast conservative compared to... I mean, compared to me.
And I'm not...
What you call a super ultra right wing, you know, guy.
I'm a populist Christian who loves everybody.
And I am more extreme than Le Pen.
So I'm more just trying to stop transhumanism and the globalist takeover.
I'm not against human advances with technology, just not at being Trojan horse and set up to enslave us and forced on people, especially children.
We're talking about some of the secrets of that with Mickey Willis in the fourth hour.
Believe me, you want to stay tuned for that coming up.
We're going to break in about 10 minutes.
We've got a lot more news to cover before then.
I like Chase Geiser in here in studio with us when we simulcast on X. We're already simulcast and we'll start taking speakers on the big subject.
The CIA calls the Cold War, and then leading up to 1991 and Desert Storm, they call that World War III.
And I agree, that was the Third World War.
It was a global war between the Soviet Union and the United States and the West.
So the next one's called World War IV, but Tucker Carlson coined the term, talking to me.
I kind of Googled it to see if anybody else was saying it.
There's a few posters where but nobody prominent.
He goes, it's not World War 4, Alex.
It's the final war.
World War 1 was the war to end all wars.
Well, this one will really be the final wars.
Many a statesman has pointed out, like Albert Einstein, I think, said it best.
I don't know how World War 4, I don't know how World War 3, what was the exact quote?
I don't know how World War III will be fought.
See, new technology is growing so fast.
But I know the next war will be fought with sticks and stones.
There, I butchered it, because I'm teleprompter-free, going from memory.
I spelt the exact Albert Einstein quote on World War III.
I think it's, I don't know how World War III will be fought, but I know World War, the next world war, or the next war, 10th time I'm going to get it right.
I don't know how World War III will be fought.
But oh, the next war will be fought with sticks and stones.
I think I nailed it that time.
Hey, five times is a charm.
So here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
Albert Einstein's often quoted as having said, I know not what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
All right, I was right the first time.
We're done.
Thank you.
Now let me tell you what's coming up.
Mixed in with all of the spaces speakers that we'll be talking to on the Mighty X.
Germany has begun dumping illegal aliens, they call them migrants, in Poland.
And when Poland's military even resists them attacking them or killing them, now the federal police controlled by the globalist new president are arresting them.
So now even the Polish border is going to collapse.
One of the few countries in Europe that's withstood the EU takeover.
That is huge.
Big stack of news that ties in with that.
El Salvador President Exposes MS-13 Satanic Child Sacrifice Rituals.
I told you about that years ago.
There were articles saying it wasn't true.
It's a well-known fact.
We have a huge stack of just nightmare British medical journal, you name it, top studies.
It's a 40 plus percent overall death rate increase.
And every country that took the shots, that they called a COVID vaccine, It's just incredible.
Childhood heart inflammation caused by vaccine, not COVID.
Multiple new studies describe how COVID shots cause massive turbo-cancers.
Sudden infant death syndrome, a cover story for infant vaccine deaths.
And it just goes on from there.
We've got a huge stack On that front, the third hour, we have a seriously vaccine-damaged woman who's in a wheelchair.
They admit the vaccine did it to her, young woman.
And they've told her, we want you to kill yourself.
We'll kill you.
You're worthless now.
So they didn't kill her with a shot completely.
So they're like, hey, we're going to finish the job.
It's like those Pawn Star memes where somebody says, hey, I want to live in a free country.
And they say, well, the best I can give you is World War III.
So it's like, here, take a poison shot.
Oh, you're paralyzed.
Can't walk.
Incredible pain.
All this horrible stuff happened to you?
Well, best I can do is kill you.
That's kind of liberal.
That's kind of trendy.
It's kind of nice.
being very sick and sarcastic right now makes me want to throw up.
Now let's shift to this information.
I predicted As you know, a week ago, and again on Monday, when Trump raised $50 million on the first day, I said, this is going to be sustained.
This isn't going to stop.
And I said, I predict by July 4th, he raises a billion dollars.
That doesn't just shatter any record with small donations.
That'll be five times bigger than... No, wait, more than that.
Eight times bigger than a previous record for a month.
So that's what I'm predicting.
And even former liberals in Silicon Valley are massively joining Trump because they see the totalitarianism and understand the Democratic Party has become pure evil.
They've always been really bad, but they've rotted like a fish from the head down and Oh, there's something else, yeah.
He raised $53 million in one day.
Now, overhead shot, guys.
Here's the new number.
So it looks like I'm going to be wrong, which is not very often, which I'll be happy to be wrong.
I was guessing that by July 4th, it'd be a billion.
He's raised in eight days $400 million as of last night.
That's probably like $450 million now, so let me see.
Let's just say, let's round it down.
Let's say he raises $30 million a day until July 4th, added to $400 million right now.
Guys, do the math.
Show if there's like 20... Like 26, 27 days until July 4th, 29, whatever it is.
Guys, do the math in there.
He'll raise... Let me revise this up.
I'm just going to dead reckon it.
Wow, wow.
I'm really glad to be wrong about that one.
Not proven wrong yet.
Maybe it slows down, I don't think so.
And I'll make another prediction.
If the judge on July 11th orders him Clapton Irons and sent to Rikers Island, he raises $1,000,000,000 in one day.
And then $500 million every consecutive day after that, as long as he's in jail.
But there's the problem.
They're going to kill Trump in jail.
They're going to poison him in there.
There's no doubt they want him dead.
I mean, my God, you'd be crazy not to know that.
Poisonous food, like Jeffrey Epstein.
They choked him to death, broke his neck in three places.
Coroner said he looked like foul play, looked like murder.
But the national media said, no, that's not the case.
Bill Barr said it was.
He hung himself on the paper bedsheets.
He was on a suicide watch.
All the cameras turned off on accident.
They charged the cops that let it happen, but later dropped it.
Hey guys, we're gonna charge you, you know.
The money's in the Swiss bank account, don't worry.
They dropped those charges.
So everybody that thinks we're out of the woods on this, We need to pray for Trump.
He needs to watch what he's eating.
He knows that.
They want to poison his food.
He's well aware of that.
Or water.
Or Diet Coke.
And if they kill Trump, that's when they're going to stage the massive terror attacks and blame it on Trump supporters.
To then say, well, somebody killed him and now they're doing this as evil supporters.
Now we gotta get them.
And that's why they want me off the air during this period.
So that I'm not able to war game all this and get this out.
But you don't worry.
You're pretty little head CIA.
Unless you do a total internet kill switch, which I know you're going to pull during this.
You're not going to stop me talking.
Plus, I'm going to live in people's heads and people are going to record this broadcast right now.
Just like I told you, call the White House, tell them to blow up the World Trade Center using hijacked jets and blame Bin Laden.
And I said, call the White House on TV and radio.
And by the way, everybody's seen the July 25th broadcast.
Chase Geyser using AI has scanned through a bunch of the shows.
He's got me in March of that year saying that.
It's not about, you know, how early I did it.
It's just that some people say, oh, you didn't predict this first.
Yeah, people said they're going to do terror attacks and blame Bin Laden.
I said they're going to fly planes to the World Trade Center and blame him.
Nobody predicted that but me.
And we're not trying to keep score here.
I'm just saying, listen to me.
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A decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give youth a future, and old age a security.
By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power.
But they lie!
They do not fulfill that promise!
They never will!
Dictators free themselves, but they enslave the people!
Now let us fight to fulfill that promise!
Let us fight to free the world!
Let us all unite!
(crowd cheering)
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
I've got a tiger by the tail, it's plain to see.
I won't be much when you get through with me.
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas, worldwide.
And I never give up.
I never back down.
I never sell out.
It's not in my DNA.
That said, there's a big corporate media spin that I've thrown the towel on InfoWars.
It's all over the news.
It's you that has the tiger by the tail.
And I'll give you the latest updates on that in a moment and recap the nuclear war news.
It's never been more imminent.
And then we'll start going to Spaces Speakers on X at Real Alex Jones.
Remember, this is a participation sport in the InfoWars.
Please, if you're on X or anywhere else, share the live feeds, both the video feed and, of course, the X Spaces to everybody, because this is a big deal.
The end of the world is here.
Can we stop it?
They don't let you have a big headline on X Spaces, so it's a short one, but let me put up what I really am saying with an InfoWars.com live show.
Headline, please.
It boils it down.
We are only months away from a world-ending nuclear war.
Yeah, there'll still be some fish in the ocean alive and a few things here and there, but most things will be dead.
Alex Jones, special guest, lay out the deadly, life-on-earth ending scenarios unfolding and reveal a plan to reverse our headlong march into nuclear Armageddon.
Emergency alert broadcast.
Not fear porn, but the reality so that it stops.
Like telling a family member that's drinking a handle of vodka a day that they're going to die of liver failure if they keep doing it.
They might want to just cut back to a few drinks.
Or stop.
Or somebody that gets a motorcycle and that goes 300 miles an hour and tells them, hey, you know, you're probably going to get killed on that thing or wish you were dead.
So there's a probability your 18-year-old son goes out and gets a rice burner that goes 280 miles an hour that they're going to be dead real quick.
Or even people that get a big old easy rider deal.
I can't tell you how many friends I've got that are dead on those things.
I'm not saying you don't have a right to ride them.
I'm just telling you, you might not want to drive around a busy city on one, on a holiday weekend.
Can't tell you how many friends and family I got that are dead or paralyzed or have horrible epilepsy from motorcycle accidents.
I know more than 20 friends and family that are paralyzed or crippled or dead from it, including several people that have worked in this office over the years that are dead.
Good people.
Both of them men.
I'm not being an anti-state on you.
I'm just saying, America is going 300 miles an hour on the shoulder down an interstate highway on a busy Friday afternoon.
One car pulls over because his tire blew out.
You're going 300 miles an hour, 250 miles an hour, you're going to hit that car and you're going to be dead.
Or you hit a piece of garbage in the road, you're dead.
And the world right now is like a motorcycle going 250 miles an hour down the shoulder of a busy highway.
It's fun, but it's lethal.
And that's why I've even gotten rid of my Hellcat.
Quit driving it.
I said, the world's too important.
I can't have this thing and sneak out in the middle of the country road when I'm driving to see family in East Texas and nobody's around.
So I take it up to 200 miles an hour.
And then a dog runs out in front of me and I barely, barely miss it.
So I said, that's it.
Even though this is a drug, I don't take fentanyl.
I don't smoke dope.
I don't do any of that stuff, but I'm doing something way worse.
I gotta get rid of this car.
And so when the telephone poles are going... It's really fun!
But the whole world is in grave danger right now, so...
That's where we are.
I know a lot of you are already on the Space News.
You heard me cover the top stories.
I'll kind of intersperse these as topics with some of the speakers and ask them, what do you think of Russia moving nuclear subs into our waters that were already there, but having them surface and tell everybody they're there?
What do you make of NATO announcing that they want the draft to come back?
What do you make of the announcement of the bomb inside Russia, which has now begun?
It's crazy.
What do you make of Trump raising $400 million in eight days?
And that's yesterday's numbers.
That was seven.
The numbers come out a day late.
I predicted a billion by July 4th.
I think I have to up that estimate.
So there you go.
Rigged death sentence.
If Democrats can get Trump into a jail cell, he will surely be suicided during some grid-down scenario with no videos or witnesses.
Very good article from National News.
Tell you that Epstein Trump promises to release all classified files on JFK, 9-11, Epstein if he wins second White House term.
Boy, that's got to scare the deep state.
Trump does what he says or tries.
Ex-FBI Deputy Director McCabe, Bureau of Employees worried of being jailed by Trump.
Talk about projection.
Talk about inversion.
Judge orders former Trump advisor Steve Bannon to report to prison July 1st.
Steve's tough.
He doesn't compromise.
I took the 5th, not because I did anything incriminating, but because I told the committee, which they never showed you, did they?
Me and Congress.
I told the committee, you're crooks, you're planning stuff.
I pointed Schiff out and said, you've already been caught falsifying evidence three times in this.
This isn't a duly elected committee, but I know you want to put me in jail for contempt.
So, I took the 5th 98 times.
Steve Dose, little more stubborn hombre than me, probably smarter.
You can only admire it.
Rapper 50 Cent tells media, I see black Americans identifying with him.
So his old girlfriend came out and threatened him, a white lady, ugly white lady I should add.
I'm not trying to be mean to her, she'd probably do better, of any color.
And she said, you know, basically, you're not black.
She said, I gotta remind him, you're black, you vote Democrat.
I guess they were the party of the KKK and slavery, I guess you do.
Literally saying, we own you and your identity.
But Hollywood wants to own everybody's identity.
White people are evil, racist.
Black people vote Democrat.
Women abort their babies.
Go jump in a lake, lady.
We're done with you.
So, there's that.
And we've got so much more coming up.
I'm going to recap and drill into these bombshell headlines here in a moment, but let me address this and then we're going right to the space's speakers on the big World War III, how do we top the end of the world scenario?
Well, by admitting it's a real threat and doing something about it.
But the latest media spin and deception and Not knowing what to say, not knowing what to do.
I'm going to explain what's going on here.
An order has gone out through the systems to shut this show down and to shut them all down and put everybody they can in prison ahead of whatever they're about to do to Trump and these wars and all this.
They don't want people that know what's going on on air, whose audiences are growing exponentially.
And they know we're reaching... I mean, let's be conservative.
15 million people a day tune in to part of the show.
Another 20 million see clips.
And they're worried because of who listens.
Not just the great general public, but Congress and foreign governments and everybody from Victor Boot to Donald Trump to Tucker Carlson to Joe Rogan to Russell Brand to Elon Musk.
And those people Respect me.
They know I do my homework.
They know I've got one of the, if not the best batting average on Intel, and the Intel agencies know that.
Hell, I just sat there on the night of the Vegas massacre, just the last 10 seconds, I said, I think they'll attack a major music event tonight with terrorists.
And I went, people said, why'd you say that?
I said, God just told me to say it.
I don't do that very often, but I'm getting better at like, I'm getting really good at it.
I follow the orders now.
They say like, why am I being, what?
The voice is never wrong.
It's never wrong.
And so now people are pretty freaked out because I can see around corners, basically see through walls.
If I'm listening, back to the Holy Spirit and that power.
And yes, I'm saying that because it's true.
Now, last Friday, I pick up on the weirdness going on, I make some calls, and then I find out that indeed they were going to close the doors, change the locks, digital keys, and kick us out.
But don't worry, only till Monday.
With no quarter.
And so, I got upset about that.
And I said, really, they're going to shut this down permanently ahead of the judge's thing on the 14th.
He's not the one, but there's all these federal appointed people in the court system the judge doesn't control.
Or he tries to control them, but they do what they want, we've learned.
So I had to explain to the security company that's a third party, I've been there for years, six, seven years, nice people, smart, very professional.
I like them all.
I like the head of the company.
All of them are good people.
Done a lot of great work for us.
And I mean, I owe them stuff.
I mean, they helped me get my kids in my custody battle.
Full custody.
I mean, I owe these people stuff.
I like them.
And I had to sit there and explain, listen, I'm the sole member.
I'm the boss in LLC.
The CRO told you he's the boss, chief reorganization officer.
He's not.
He doesn't have the power to hire and fire.
I've just been letting him do that out of good faith, even though I've disagreed with some stuff.
And now you're not closing the building.
So I said, you better understand that.
They made some calls, you're right, we're not going to do anything until we get a court order.
They go into the emergency meeting on Monday in front of the judge and say, we want this shut down now.
The Democratic Party plaintiff's lawyers, all of them.
But they also say, Jones is crazy, nobody's trying to shut him down.
Like when they started censoring everybody six years ago, nobody's censoring you.
Remember that gaslighting?
Gaslighting is a classic, you know, 1930s movie where the guy's beating his wife in front of people, and they all say, nobody's beating you, honey, and she believes it.
It's like a mind game.
And so the CIA picked that term up.
They were set up later.
So there was a bunch of other really scary, set-me-up type crap that went on, and that'll all be told, but it's not that important compared to World War III.
Understand the weirdness going on here.
Very transparent.
And so, I start sleeping up here, I tell them all this is going on.
They spin it and say, nothing's happening, because they don't want people to know and make a big deal.
They just want to quietly close it.
They lie to you like you're a child.
Like your four-year-old goes, what's death?
People die.
No, no, no one dies.
Your parakeet didn't die.
Your fish didn't die.
It went away to see its friends.
You're not a four-year-old, okay?
That's why I get mad at some of my family that wants to have my six or seven now, you know, believe Santa Claus.
It's like most of my kids knew Santa Claus wasn't real at three because I told them it was real.
You know, it's not real.
It's fun, it's fantasy, but it's not real.
So, Santa Claus ain't real, folks, okay?
And so, the judge said at this hearing three weeks ago, not the one on Monday, he said, I'm either going to give the company back to Alex Jones, or I'm going to But he says, I'm going to give it back to Alex Jones or you're going to settle with him.
Well, they were never going to settle for any amount of money.
They don't want money.
They sit on the courthouse steps.
You've seen the lawyers, the groups.
They want to silence me.
I didn't do anything they said.
They had PR firms.
They made up all this supposed stuff I said.
Defaulted me.
They had fake show trials.
This is all on record.
People just were like, wait, he's already guilty.
They're having a fake trial run by HBO.
Yeah, it was a movie set.
Okay, this is on record.
But people are just like, well, we're still a free country.
That's not happening.
No, it's happening.
You saw what happened to Trump.
Though some higher courts have been blocking it because it's so flagrant.
And then they get attacked.
They're talking about, you know, packing the Supreme Court, putting like 10 more in.
They're all Democrats.
I mean, this is going on.
They're threatening them.
But these rather lower courts, you know, blocking them.
But I'm almost done.
We'll go to your spaces comments.
But everybody wants to know about this.
I'm going to finish up.
So then I talked to not just my lawyers, but a bunch of others, super high-powered top names.
And they said, listen, when it gets kicked back by the judge giving it back to you, Judge Guare Gamble and Travis County will shut you down in days.
And indeed, they were in the news saying, we'll just take it over and padlock it with a restraining order.
So we have the hearing the 14th, he gives me the company back, and probably like the next Wednesday, we're closed.
So in the final moves here in the chess game where they're going to put me in checkmate, and I've got a few moves to run just to keep getting word out, keep transmitting, getting the word out, doing everything in the last minute, because I'm a gunner with overwhelming enemies coming in in the InfoWars, that's an analogy, I'm not saying literal gunner, they'll spin that and say I'm a gunner.
I'm a gunner knowing we're all dead anyway, so I'm just running to save my family behind me, and I'm just ramming ammunition and going to the last minute.
We attacked to the last minute, okay?
So I did that to buy some time, because they'd already filed to put us into Chapter 7.
They didn't want that before.
The CIA, FBI groups running the whole attack on me that's now come out in court and it's all on record and whistleblowers and everything else.
So, before I was going to sit there and see, well maybe I get the company back, then I try to recuse Square and fight that.
That wasn't going to work.
So, and then they filed, but notice the news isn't saying anything about it, because that was a tactic to make me negotiate and settle, to give in to their demands, to let them run the company, to make me their slave, to control what I say.
That's what it's always about.
That's what it was about in high-rise, 50-story buildings, you know, in D.C.
six years ago, where I went and met with not these people, but the people that run them, and I'm in there with the top Democrats and all of them and the top Representatives of the man at the time in the world who was the richest man in the world.
That's why they got pissed when I said this over the weekend.
Because I mean, I can say the names and everything, though I'd have these meetings and never do, unless it's something criminal that I'm forced to say it.
They were very, very, you know, a little guarded about it, but you know, they were like, well, we just, you know, stop what you're doing and whatever, we'll give you, you know, this much money for a free speech foundation, you know, on and on.
So I, I started talking about that.
And that's what it was like.
It's over, we're done, we just want him shut down.
So they had already filed, but notice it wasn't in the news, the Chapter 7 liquidation.
They had filed that they were intending to file it at the 14th.
So I just said, well, let's just get ahead of what you're doing and I'll do it and then I'll kick it into the federal courts and then I'll tell the judge what's going on and I'll tell the receiver they bring in that, hey, we can give the crew severance pay and sell out the products in here and stay on the air a few months.
To be classy, but I'm going to tell the judge, you watch, they don't want all the money they can get for the millions and millions and millions of dollars of product and advertising to do this because they don't want money, but I'm going to tee it all up so in the future when they say, Jones wouldn't pay us money, Jones wouldn't do any of this, Jones has, you know, got $280 million or $400 million, all these lies that are in the news again today, there'll be a record of every single bit of all of this and the true history of what happened here.
So I'm down to my last moves on this, and that's where we are.
But if you type in Alex Jones, those that have followed the case, and you look at national news, CNN, all the fake news, you see different stories, because they can't figure out, even CNN's Oliver Darcy, the sidekick of Brian Stelter, said, well, it's very confusing, we don't know what's going on, but InfoWars is over.
Well, let me Tell you what's going on.
There are no assets other than products that are worthless if I don't promote them.
Our listeners will never buy those from you if I'm gone.
No matter how much they love them.
And the rest of the story is I will not sell out or be compromised to stay on air here and be a puppet.
So there's that.
And I will not work with a CRO.
They try to keep him on as the liquidator.
And so that's it.
And that's where I stand.
But if you read these articles, they're back at it.
Well, Jones claimed in court he was bankrupt out of money, which I was at the time, and even more so now.
Officially bankrupt.
And Jones really has $270 million the court proved.
No evidence, no documents, we couldn't counter it.
It was just, he's got hundreds of millions, he made it off these people, total lies, just give it all to us.
And they're back in the news promoting the same damn lies again.
I mean, these people are disgusting.
And they use, I'm talking about the lawyers, the PR firms, the Democratic Party, using these people.
They got fundraisers all over X, all over Facebook with my name.
He's attacking us right now!
He's hiding money!
Get him, give us, give us money!
That's why, they've raised so much money, hundreds of millions reportedly, off of my name as the bad guy.
And then they're the victims, and it's just all BS.
Total horseshit.
Again, barely ever talked about it, thought it really happened at first.
Now we do think it happened and know what really went on.
I believe Lanza had other shooters with him.
And then other people go and question it.
It becomes a huge story.
We cover it some, have a few debates about it, move on.
Don't talk about it for years and years and years.
Then they say I'm the Sandy Hook man attacking all these children, these dead kids.
I'm like, hey, years ago I already said I thought it happened.
Let's move on.
They go, Oh my God, you admit you lied.
No, I didn't.
We're suing you.
And then, and then it's Jones did this.
Jones created the story.
Jones made his empire off this and blah, blah, blah.
These PR firms that later brag, I didn't know there were PR firms and the head of the FBI in Connecticut bragged on the stand.
I created a lawsuit.
I went and did it all.
I was like, wow, I learned that.
And then the CIA guy gets caught on tape admitting they did it all.
It's like, whoa.
And the public's all watching this going, yeah, this is right while you're doing all this to Trump.
I mean, this is crazy.
So then my last move is send it to Travis County as corrupt as D.C.
or New York.
I mean, it's bad.
And don't worry, I'm leaving Travis County.
Run me out of the county.
My family, literally.
Travis didn't have any family other than his son that didn't have children, but my family raised Colonel Travis's son, so I can tell you, right?
The Greshams, I can tell you.
This county's named after us, okay?
And they went and wrote the whole thing with Jackson before it ever happened.
We sent the people and the missionaries.
We ran the whole operation.
We set up Santa Ana even before he was around.
I mean, my family ran the operations, okay?
Let's get that straight.
And yeah, okay, you sit there and laugh and say you're running me out of here, you'll see what happens.
I'm only evacuating to come and retake it politically, not violently, culturally.
So, in closing, we'll go to your spaces for the rest of the show.
Look at these headlines, and each one is a different BS story.
Alex Jones agrees to liquidate his assets to pay Sandy Hook Families and move that would end his ownership of InfoWars.
In my ownership, it will be completely worthless.
This equipment, most of it's 5, 6, 7, 8 years old, worthless in the resale market.
Technology's obsolete in two years.
Oh, you got some supplements and some t-shirts?
Nobody's buying them from you.
No, it's not because... They've, they've, they've, they've put me into the corner.
Alex Jones to sell InfoWars to pay $1.5 billion debt to Sandy Hook families.
Maybe it's a weird way for Jordan Soros to give them a couple hundred million and they'll say, like, I mean, maybe not with the families themselves, but is this some type of weird money laundering operation or something?
I don't know.
Like, why do they keep saying I have $1.5 billion?
I made like 50-something million dollars in 30 years myself and paid half of it in taxes than most of the rest of the lawyers.
And I've lived fine, but I'm not an opulent person.
So if I made $54 million in my lifetime, how am I supposed to pay them $1.5 billion?
The answer is I'm not.
So now it's acting like, oh, to help pay, and then it's going to be later, oh, he's still not paying.
And they're like, oh, we got his farm.
Look at this.
This is the great one, KUT.
Local CIA PBS.
Alex Jones came for the Paris and San Diego victims.
No, I didn't.
Now they're coming for his ranch.
It's already been sold.
I've already sold everything I've got but my house.
I've already sold my cars, my guns, a few watches people gave me as gifts.
I was totally honest and just said, here, have it all.
I'll never even wear it.
I don't even go there.
I don't care about it.
Already sold the big house I had to fund this place years ago.
Already put all the Bitcoin money in.
It means nothing to me.
Integrity is everything.
It's not even on the Richter scale.
Then they say, but they're still looking for the $270 million.
I thought it was $400 million you made up and pulled out of your butt.
Alex Jones liquidated assets to pay Sandy Hook families.
So there you go, folks.
They're shutting this operation down for political reasons.
They sat on the courthouse steps.
They can't help but brag.
But I want to tell you this.
If you order stuff at InfoWars, we should be open for a few more weeks.
It ships out in a few days.
You should get it.
That's great.
Support it.
But if you want to support my embattled dad, who's been sued by these people and attacked and lied about, and my family, and he's a great sponsor for what we do in the future.
He's already a target, doesn't matter.
He's got a great warehouse in Central Texas.
He's got incredible products.
He's got them all right now, ready to ship to you.
And if you want to support me, you need to go to drjonesnaturals.com right now.
Next Level Financial Energy is incredible.
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All the nano silver products are next level.
They're amazing.
Go and check out the more than 60 products at drjonesnaturals.com if you want to support us.
And look, it's great Trump's going to raise a billion plus dollars in the next month, and that he needs it.
And I've told you to support it, but darn it, we're not bringing in much money over there, Dr. Jones Naturals, even though these are great products.
I need your support.
It's my dad's company, but by supporting my family and what he does as a sponsor, it is critical to me.
And he's a sponsor.
He goes and pays sponsorship for Free Speech Systems.
All that to be able to do this because they kicked all his products out of the store that he designed and built.
They said, no, we're not buying this war.
But you can advertise and promote over there if you want.
OK, well, we did.
And he already foresaw that.
Funny, it might be genetic and set everything up for this show.
Again, go to drjonesgadgles.com.
I'm firing the bat signal.
I'm like Travis at the Alamo.
I'm saying, you want to give us provisions?
You want us to keep fighting?
All I want to do is keep fighting.
But if we don't have sponsors in the future to relaunch whatever we're going to do through another group, another organization that I'll work for, Then we will not be able to.
So the bat signals fired.
We'll post it on X. We'll post it on the live show feed.
Get to DrJonesNaturals.com.
Today, ladies and gentlemen, get there and check it out and take action.
I'm asking you to help me help you.
I'm in your hands.
You are in my hands.
All right, we're going to start our number two, and I promise we're going directly in just two minutes right to X Spaces speakers on World War Three and the New World Order and all the insanity and how do we stop it together?
I'm Alex Jones with Chase Geyser and crew.
Big guest coming up.
up stay with us.
to make of the attempt to take January 6th, which we know was a federally provocateur event at many levels, there were also some useful idiots that got sucked into it in my
view, to now project on that, no it's not radical Islam that's the big threat, it's not communist China that's the threat, it's the American people and patriots that are
the threat and with straight faces the CIA has come out and said, oh we believe a civil war has already begun.
We're going to have to arrest all the leadership?
I mean, this is what a real authoritarian takeover looks like historically.
The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.
The most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.
White supremacists.
The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
Can you speak to that with your historic understanding?
I expect something, again, another distraction.
I expect because of what was staged on January 6th and what was staged up in Michigan to kidnap, you know, the fake kidnapping of the governor up in Michigan, Whitmer.
I think we're going to see staged events.
I really do.
I mean, I really do think that do not put past this administration with their thugs, in some cases, that they have access to.
to do not put it past them to stage something.
What did he just say?
He said there's a storm coming in.
I know.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
at RealAlexJones on X.
We're into the second hour of my syndicated broadcast, The Vaunted InfoWars.
27 years ago, I founded InfoWars.
Three years after, I began on AXS TV.
Within one year, I had a local radio show.
Within two years, it was nighttime show number one in the city.
Ratings-wise, won all the reader reviews in the newspapers.
People were hungry for freedom.
It wasn't that I was that good.
The people had a hunger for it.
And now, 30 years plus on the air, the end of InfoWars is here.
And there's a lot of things that go into that, but InfoWars is tied to free speech systems.
It's part of the company.
You know, they can say we could fight for the name or whatever, but you know, InfoWars will forever be alive.
It will forever be here as long as there's people alive.
And so the term wasn't even really known 30 years ago, 27 years ago when I started really pushing it.
It was known in intelligence agencies and now it's household word.
And so it will just live on no matter if they grab the domain and redirect it to, you know, some pedo drag queen story time or something or the ADL.
Now tell us who we've got in the spaces because we're on 300 plus radio stations.
By the way, wherever I go, they're ready to come right over.
They're all asking.
They're all waiting.
We've got 300 affiliates.
We'll probably have 600 after this.
So this is how the Streisand Effect works.
I understand you leftist pea brains don't understand that, but that's okay.
But there's just so much stuff happening right now.
But Chase Geyser's here.
We're over 300 stations, so they don't carry the first five minutes.
That's what we do.
Five minutes for the internet.
They take a one-minute break and join them all.
When we come back, At this one-minute break, I will go to everybody.
Tell us the order you're going to go to these.
Who's up first?
We appreciate him holding.
Yeah, as of now, the order is Liz Churchill is going to be first, then Prometheus, then Robert the Builder, then Harry, then Destiny, then Mike Mack, then Trelley, and then Skylar.
And if you guys want to speak, go ahead and raise your hand just to let me know that you're still there.
And request to speak, too, because we're going to get Nick Sordor.
How do you say his name?
Nick Sordor, like Mordor within us.
That's right.
I'll get him in here, too.
But it's going to be a great space.
You should invite Adrian Dittman in, too.
Your favorite.
He's definitely not Elon Musk.
Definitely not.
Absolutely not.
Such a good sport about it.
Don't get me going.
Hey, man, if it's the last week on InfoWars, you gotta get going every day.
Oh, it's gonna be a lot of fun.
Well, I think we got about a I think we got about a week and a half.
Because they're not going to want to sell the product right there.
They just want to stomp it in the ground.
That's what my wife says about my marriage, too.
I'll be alright.
Your wife's really nice.
She's awesome.
She's the best thing that ever happened to me.
Other than you.
We're not, we're not, we're not, don't make the jokes here.
Okay, start the rumors.
Alright, I date Brian Stelter, not you.
My heart belongs to him.
You know, he's out of CNN, but he's running for school board in New Jersey.
Is he actually running for school board?
He has to care about our children.
And so, any other observations?
In the space or just generally speaking?
Trump raising $400 million.
Oh yeah, that's huge.
But you know, it's not as much money as it used to be.
With Bidenomics, it's really not that impressive if you calculate inflation.
Yeah, so maybe you can buy a cup of coffee.
Right, right.
But if he raises $1.5 billion, I think he should just buy InfoWars.
You know?
That's a good idea.
I don't think it's worth that much.
No, because it's just ideas.
It's priceless, man.
You can't put a price tag on it.
This is a box, though.
Do you think the next thing's going to be better?
Are you excited about the next thing, or have you not gotten there yet?
Well, you know, I'm kind of like a dog in a butcher shop.
I don't know which big old piece of meat to bite into.
And then they'll chase me around and harass me.
It makes it even better.
It's fun to be next level, like you're literally doing the Lilliputians.
If somebody offers to buy it after it goes to Chapter 7, can they refuse that buy or do they have to take it?
I think the CIA people that run this whole thing, that they control the committee, so I think they would do that.
They don't want any money.
I think that's clear.
They just want to take stuff from me and like make me spend all my time and energy on this.
Which is fine because now it's just an illustration to everybody about the tyranny.
Does that make sense?
So I'll just go, oh you want to attack me and divert me off the mission?
But see, exposing that, just like the person getting trumped, backfires.
You understand?
But they think one-dimensional.
They don't even think two-dimensional or third-dimensional or fourth-dimensional.
And I am thinking, we're up about the sixth dimension right now in the equations.
All going on right here.
And I do tease you to make you more angry to attack me more, which makes the equation work better.
But the enemy's free will adds to our power.
I'm just going to be willing to take some pain.
And you know what?
Quote Lynn Danzig, "I don't mind the pain."
Pain don't hurt.
I don't mind it.
We'll be right back.
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Don't need to!
Your world is everything to me!
Oh yeah!
It's when you die!
I'm just reversing the song.
And got no reason to cry!
So you can take the devils and use the best musician to go.
So all you do is reverse the devil's music and then you get God's music.
That kind of makes sense.
A little secret.
A little bit of a stretch for me.
So what's the devil's music?
I mean people call the blues the devil's music.
This right here.
But you just reverse it.
And you got a tondo.
I'm giving you the real deep secrets here.
Because see, the devil reverses everything God does.
So it's reversed.
We flip it back.
There you go.
It's like playing the devil.
It says, your world don't mean nothing to me.
This world means everything to me.
This is God's world.
We're taking it back.
Oh Yeah!
Alright, let's go to the X-Space commenters, speakers.
Really appreciate them holding.
I'll intersperse some of this.
World War III news is the most insane of all time.
All the experts agree.
It's totally insane.
We're taking your calls.
We're taking your comments on Spaces right now.
Go ahead.
All right, let's go first to Liz Churchill.
Liz, if you're still with us, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Yes, I'm still here.
I apologize earlier for having my mic on by accident.
This is a new thing for us, right?
Hey, we're working it all out live on air.
Everybody loves it.
You are working it all out.
And the thing is, this is how you're going to have to be broadcasting going forward, right?
So we all have to band together and create a show for you on X. This is the only way.
The CIA can take away absolutely everything from you, but they can't take away us.
And that's what you need to work with.
That's a very interesting idea you have there, Doctor.
So I did offer Chase my facilities in Canada if you needed another studio.
However, I'm also in a communist stronghold.
So perhaps that wouldn't work out with you.
So with saying that, I did hear today that you're going to have Kayla on from Ontario.
So I'll let other speakers speak in regards to... But tell people about Kayla, yeah.
But before we get to World War III, they're already attacking us with the deadly shots.
That's part of the World War.
Well, absolutely.
It's medical murder.
That's what this is.
The COVID vaccines are meant to murder you.
They're a slow-kill binary weapon.
This should be known by everyone by now.
However, you have to pay close attention to all of the politicians that are failing to acknowledge the evident genocide.
There are people that are speaking out and reaching out To anyone that will listen, these people are injured, dying, and in Kayla's case, a quadriplegic.
Yeah, yeah, why don't you give people a prelude, because she's going to pop on for about 30-40 minutes, but we'll go back to all the spaces into the fourth hour today.
But just give us a few minutes, Liz, because you've covered her case.
It's incredible.
They admit the shot almost killed or destroyed her life, and they said, we'll kill you as a little added love.
It's liberal.
I don't know what to tell you.
Medical assistance in dying in Canada is considered liberal and I shouldn't laugh because it's awful.
But you know in these situations you just have a nervous laugh because it's so diabolical that you can't process it.
Yes, Kayla received a mandated vaccine to visit her dying father.
She received the vaccine and became a quadriplegic.
After becoming quadriplegic with evidence from doctors stating specifically it was from the vaccine, the solution they offered her was euthanasia.
This is a true story.
And so we're at the point where we really have to look into where all of these euthanasia clinics suddenly popped up.
Well, this was after the COVID vaccine, of course.
So with saying that, I truly believe that you don't need cattle cars to bring people to death camps when you have people willingly walk into vaccine clinics.
That's what it is.
And that's what has happened to millions and millions of people around the world.
We're estimating over 20 million deaths.
And this is coming from the EU Commissioner Christine Anderson, the MP Christine Anderson.
So with saying that, I think that we have a very mass scale of genocide on our hands.
And the question becomes...
Who watches the Watchers?
Who is going to prosecute these mass murderers that implemented planetary genocide at the behest of Bill Gates?
The World Health Organization, the United Nations, and all of those other organizations that have constantly complained about the world's population, and yet here they are with a magical vaccine that's going to save you from mysterious illness X, Y, or Z. This is crazy.
This needs to stop.
And they're also, in Ontario right now, they've just released a new PCR test to check for avian flu.
Avian influenza real-time PCR test.
All you need to know.
It's the same playbook over and over and over.
And so here's the most important point.
She's adding the incredible things that are the most important point you're saying right now.
Thomas Jefferson was asked by a newspaper reporter, what is the level tyrants will go to and what level will the public put up with?
He said, tyrants will go to whatever level you allow them because there's always someone more evil behind the last tyrant that will outdo them.
So evil always gets more intense until good realizes you can't lay down anymore.
So we ask, why are they poisoning us?
Why are they depopulating?
Why are they on TV saying we're gonna get rid of humans?
And it's the Wall Street Journal, New York Times.
Because this is a death cult.
of the sickest most evil people, because we've been asleep for a hundred plus years, getting in control. And so now we're just now waking up that it really is that horrible as
you just said six, seven minutes ago. And so it's facing that, hitting rock bottom and turning around that's going to get us out of this. We're going to see the most beautiful renaissance ever.
Thank you, Liz Churchill. Thank you so much. You know, I think that's really fascinating because traditionally speaking, we've seen tyranny by conquest. And now what we're seeing in our present
time is tyranny by conspiracy.
I was talking about this the other day on air.
I can't remember exactly what show it was.
That's one of my favorite things about InfoWars is this is one of the first organizations
in a very sophisticated, consistent, and large, massive, critical mass reaching way
that fought back against the New World Order on the same battlefield, right?
So they're not conquering us with physical force yet.
They're conquering us with conspiracy, and that's why they attack conspiracy theorists so much,
and we fought 'em back on the same playing field with information, counter-information.
Yeah, we're shelling the rabbit trick.
We're shelling the scam, but I wanna get back into World War III, guys,
and I'm glad Liz called in.
We always love talking to her.
But look at these headlines.
NATO is making plans for surging U.S.
troops into Europe in case Russia invades.
Well, they've already invaded the Russian homelands.
They're already attacking Russia.
NATO's now directly bombing Russia.
NATO chief.
Ukraine needs at least $40 billion a year until Russia is defeated.
Says war may last 20 to 30 years.
This is cuckoo land.
They're getting the national draft ready.
Russian warships including nuclear sub-missile frigate.
that's enough missiles just on those two systems to destroy 50 cities conservatively, will arrive in Cuba next week. They're already there, folks.
Oceans should not protect America. They claim that Russians are now blowing up stuff in Europe and the U.S.
when it's actually the left that's blowing up infrastructure and cutting off infrastructure.
Okay, NATO to expand defense tech intelligence sharing with Kiev.
They're just going to make it public that they've been at war with, you know, the West was at war with Russia.
Exclusive, Biden tells Europeans Europe will not use strikes to hit Moscow.
So that's some good news because Russia said that's a red line.
So it just goes on from there.
Let's go to more people now.
I'm going to shut up now.
Alright, let's go to Prometheus.
Prometheus, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Thank you, Chase.
Thank you, Alex.
So great to speak to you both.
I'm going to start with a prayer as usual.
Holy Spirit, thank you so much for my brothers Alex, Chase, the InfoWarriors, everybody listening on this call.
We thank you for being there with us when it looked like the Pharaoh had surrounded your people.
We thank you for being there with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they were thrown to the fire, when George Washington was surrounded by the British, and now you are still here with us.
You are the master of the universe and nothing goes past you.
We thank you for being with us always.
All right.
The first, you know, as usual Alex, I was praying before coming and speaking with you.
And so, there's a couple words that I have.
The first is to get America, like the body of Christ, leaders in the body of Christ, onto your show.
There are some prophetic voices that I recommend.
One of them is Chris Reid of Morningstar Ministries.
Another is Julie Green, who also recently prophesied a word that World War III is not going to happen now.
It is going to happen.
There are biblical wars that are set, but it won't happen now.
That doesn't mean we don't try and stop and you don't try and stop.
We're in this fight together.
Well, exactly.
We know it's going to happen if we don't stop it.
We have to get engaged.
And I want to say, we need to have mass protests that are peaceful with the left and the right and just say no to war in the Ukraine war now.
In fact, I am going to organize.
The next thing I'm going to do is an anti-war protest.
I think it's time to do it.
I don't care if 500 people show up at the first one and 10,000 the next.
I'll be the first to protest COVID lockdowns in the first days of it.
We have got to have anti-war protests.
God bless you, Prometheus.
Appreciate it.
I got to move fast now.
I've gone too long.
Who's up next?
Let's go to Robert the Builder next.
Thank you.
Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me to speak.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
This has to do with the topic.
The similarities between Trump and Alex Jones is they never quit.
They always come back.
And the slogan I have to quote is, win the people and you will win your freedom.
And how do we do that?
Through messaging.
And when people have an overwhelmed feeling, it's coming from the evil one.
It's not good.
All men of faith have courage, is what I'm trying to say.
So we put God first, but win the people and you'll win your freedom.
I think that has to do with Trump and Alex Jones.
And how do we do that?
We have a lot of influencers on X.
Big influencers, and they have smaller influencers, but we're not going to win this with 28 influencers.
We're going to need everybody.
So if the messaging isn't reaching the large masses, then we just have to adjust it a little bit.
Love you, Alex Jones.
Love your show.
Love your work.
Love everything you do, brother.
I'm here to support you all I can, and it's a win-win situation, purchasing the vitamins.
It's good for your health, and it helps Alex Jones.
Thank you very much, sir.
Thank you, brother.
But what I'm trying to say is I'm not conjuring World War, nuclear war, and the final war.
I don't need to believe all the top experts.
I'm into this.
I've always studied it.
This is the closest ever.
We've got to be really concerned about this.
And Biden, a year and a half ago, was like, oh, we can't bomb Russia and we can't send tanks and F-16s.
That'll escalate to World War III, because that's the real war games.
This is not like my opinion.
This has been war-gamed a lot, folks.
Not just by humans, but supercomputers.
This is like, I get chills.
Like, this is really bad.
You want to comment, Chase?
Yeah, well, I want to ask you this.
What do you think the reason is that Ukraine is so important to both NATO and Russia that Everyone in the world, basically, is allowing this conflict to escalate to an existential threat.
Because it's about, will this globalist New World Order dominate that area, or will Russia dominate it?
And it's about currencies, and it's about old war that happened in, you know, not just World War II, but World War I, and before that, this has been going on for a thousand years.
And it's about the money laundering of the politicians, and it's just about the brinksmanship of the deep state.
You know, the globalists aren't going really and playing poker.
To them, it's exciting to go order hit teams and Defund things.
I mean, these are control freaks.
And so, Putin's been showing them up for 15 years.
And they're tired of it.
And now Putin's gone against all the Satanism.
You know, he's polling on a new president that was the deputy head of the EU.
Immediately, we're going to cut boys' penises off, girls' breasts off.
Drag queen story time.
The border's open to the Muslims and to all the illegal aliens.
I mean, it just, boom.
I mean, it's like, they want a global plan to get rid of any nation state.
And Russia will not get rid of itself.
Russia will not off itself.
Well, and there's the factor, too, that if Russia controls Ukraine entirely, that means that it's the breadbasket of Europe.
They could divert those exports.
Instead of sending them to Europe, they could send them to China and make China independent of our agriculture.
And that further... Absolutely!
It all goes into the Belt and Road Initiative and the BRICS.
But look at Poland, a month and a half after they installed this new president, who's totally unpopular, probably stole the election, he's arresting his political opposition, drag queen
story time, gay pride parades, and the border's wide open, and they were shooting and killing and stabbing.
Border Patrol, the Border Patrol fought back, fired warning shots, they've been arrested.
So they just, the Polish border, it's the same enemy, the same thing.
Shields down.
I mean, it's simple.
I mean, what happens in Dune in the first part of the book, which is such a masterpiece of politics, and the new remake's great, and they lower the shields.
The first thing, and in comes attack.
I mean, that's how it works.
And it's interesting, too, because one of my favorite lines in that movie is, the slow blade penetrates the shield, and it goes...
It's all allegories.
It's all allegories.
They go slow, incremental.
And I've been explaining, we're chronicling the slow blade, okay, here it comes for like decades, and once it hits you, now, first blade went through, they didn't fully kill us, and I'm like, they're striking now here, slow blade, like you guard yourself for true.
Good stuff.
All right, let's go to another... Herbert was a total genius.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I get it.
His first... I read all his books before Dune, and then he got so rich and everything off that, he kind of melded in on the other ones.
The other books aren't... They just kept writing them.
They go downhill.
I think Ghostwriters or something, but, you know, Sun put out a bunch of... Stephen King.
Yeah, yeah, but, I mean, like, Dune is a... To understand the Illuminati world politics, it's all in that.
He's telling you how the whole world works, how the secret societies work, everything in Dune.
Everyone should read it.
Right, and one that inspired Star Wars big time, came out way before Star Wars.
Well the book is, it's early 60s, the book is way more powerful than the films.
Now up next.
I've read it like eight times.
Yeah, it's good stuff.
Let's go to Harry Fisher.
Harry, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hey, thanks for having me on.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
I agree 100% that slow blade thing.
I'm a paramedic.
I've been doing this since, you know, I've been an EMT since 97.
And watching the death occur on the front lines, Being awake to actually how bad the shots are, seeing people die in the Pfizer line, like literally get their shot and die, and then trying to bring them back.
I've been experiencing war, physical war, for the last few years.
So to hear people go, when's the war gonna start?
For those of us that have been working the front lines, the war started a while back.
I've been watching your kids die.
I've been trying to help them, trying to save them.
I've been trying to save you.
And then whenever I try to speak about it, when I go on to TikTok or YouTube, They censor you and ban you.
They're taking away your frontline voices and that right there... And let me add that, there was a detective that saw nine deaths at one hospital in Canada of babies after the shot, did the right thing, called, eight of the families were sentenced, said yeah, the baby died right after the shot, COVID shot.
But they got one family to complain to then suspend and maybe fire the good detective.
See, detectives aren't allowed to do their job.
It's like in V for Vendetta when he says, why did you wait, V?
And he says to the chief inspector, I was waiting for you!
I'm waiting for you!
Like, I can't do this alone.
Go ahead.
It's been a slaughter.
A true horror show.
Tell people what you're seeing.
Because this is part of the world war we're in.
But what have you seen as an EMT?
God, where to start?
I've seen anything from more miscarriages than I've ever seen before in my career.
One night we had nine miscarriages come through.
Nine miscarriages in one shift.
Copious amounts of bleeding, and then few people actually in my field, especially early on, would ask, did you take any of these shots?
The only reason truly I was asking is because I did CPR.
I call it doing CPR in a Pfizer line.
What they are is those makeshift clinics that were showing up in parking lots and gymnasiums, and I didn't know what to call them, so I'd just be like, there's a Pfizer line over there.
And I got a call out to one of those shot lines where someone had died, not old person, died, you know, after taking their shot, defibrillated multiple times, couldn't revive the patient.
And the nurse came over to me and said, this is the second one in two weeks.
And that just threw up so many red flags in my head.
By the way, I'm going to interrupt you, but this is key.
This is not anecdotal.
This is an eyewitness account, plus we have the numbers, 40% plus global increase in total morbidity.
World War I and World War II were below 10%.
This is bigger than World War I and World War II.
Go ahead.
But you're on the ground as a front line seeing this.
Yes, and it's been terrible.
But that's when my red flags were just starting to go up.
So I started asking my patients, did you take any of these shots?
You know, any of the COVID-19 shots?
And I was noticing most of my, actually, almost all of my colleagues weren't asking that question, because vaccines are always ingrained to be safe safe safe and what they did is they was you know they propagandized safe
safe and effective safe and effective so the medical industry all of my friends and colleagues weren't asking if people were taking these shots and we started
seeing young strokes young heart attacks things that I'd never seen before since 1997 so I guess you've got 30 years in doing this and you've never seen it or
almost 30 and that's the thing I remember it was surreal I'm in I'm in Arizona late 2020 protesting the stolen election and I'm staying in the hotel
downtown it was the Weston and I walk out at the city square where they got some sculptures to shoot some videos and I'm sitting there waiting because the
crew wasn't up yet I got out there early I'm drinking coffee and all the sudden a bus drives by it says nanotech soon will cure cancer
And then another bus drives by and says, heart attacks in young people are completely normal.
And I'm like, and the scientists were already saying this is going to give all people heart attacks and stuff.
And I was like already seeing the pre-programming.
Now there's TV ads everywhere.
Heart attacks are normal little kids.
Sure, it's up.
We don't know why.
Isn't that sick, brother?
Oh, it's completely sick.
I mean, whenever you're running the young heart attacks that you've never ran before and you're asking the questions, have they taken any of these shots?
And their parents are having to tell you, you know, yes.
And you can see the actual look of surprise in the parents' face.
And then you can see the denial take over.
And it's just like they blip out.
They don't want to face the fact that they could have harmed their children.
Because they don't want to admit they were wrong.
Because it's so horrifying.
Because they feel overpowered.
But you beat it by admitting it.
So you save the other children.
Keep going.
I want you on as a guest.
You're totally on target.
I'm sorry I'm interrupting.
Oh, you're fine.
It's been bad.
I mean, I liken it to just complete abuse.
Whenever I run an abused patient, an abused spouse, You try to get them to report their spouse, most of them don't.
You try to get them to admit that they're being abused, and they won't.
So, normally they'll just get mad at you.
And this system, our people have been so physically and mentally abused.
It's truly Stockholm Syndrome meets Munchausen by proxy.
Guys, can we put Harry Fisher's... Hold on, I'm gonna hold you over.
Can we put Harry Fisher's profile up?
Because what he's saying is more poignant than I can say.
You're talking about Stockholm Syndrome, brother.
Describe this more.
Basically, the abused are...
I wouldn't say in love with their abuser, but so incaptivated, so captured by their abuser that they'll take up for their abuser.
They'll fight you to the death for those that are abusing them.
And Munchausen is the poisoning.
I mean, they're poisoning us and abusing us in all aspects, our mind, our body, our soul.
So it's like talking to people that are going through that and they will get mad at you.
I ran a very, very young Stroke who was playing She was playing kickball at a school, and I got a call out there, and I've never... And that's what it happens, the scientists say, because the blood's pumping, and it causes a kickball at a school.
What happened?
They had a thunderclap headache, went paralyzed on one side.
I got a call out there, and the parents had already shown up on scene.
The parents got in with me, and one of the parents is actually a nurse.
And I was, you know, I was just doing patient assessment, getting my patient to the hospital.
I was trying to get patient history because we want to get a full history.
And I said to the parents, have they taken any new medications?
And they were like, no.
Do they have any health history?
And then I was like, well, did they take any of these shots?
Well, what shots?
You know, any of the new vaccines?
Well yeah, they just had their second Pfizer shot a couple weeks ago.
They didn't even correlate that it could be that.
Hold on, stay there.
This is so critical.
Makes me think of... Oh my God, this is so insane.
He's never seen any of this before.
Almost 30 years as an EMT and now the shots start.
I mean, we'll be right back.
Don't hang up.
Go right back to him.
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I just want to acknowledge your leadership and your ability to see around corners.
Again and again and again, you have been labeled as a conspiracy theorist and a nutcase for speaking the truth that you were able to perceive earlier than many people.
And I'm in your debt and I think we're all in your debt for your courageous actions over these many years.
You've been vilified and denigrated and gaslit and everything else.
I've received a small taste of what you've been through and I don't like it very much.
So I certainly appreciate and empathize with everything you've been through.
And thank you for being the hero that you are and not backing down in the face of all the crap that's been thrown at you.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
(outro music)
Alright, I'm Terry Fisher.
I'm going to give you all an official guest.
Tell your story of an EMT.
Give us the region you're in or whatever.
You made some really interesting, horrifying points here that we know from the statistics are true.
Say whatever else you want in the next few minutes.
And then I have my question.
How is this affecting the other EMTs and medical professionals here around?
A lot of them are injured themselves.
I've got friends that Have either, you know, died from heart complications that aren't old, that are living with new, you know, new onset AFib.
Afib's a big one.
Younger age groups that usually didn't have to deal with these kind of heart problems, and they know it.
I don't have anyone combating what I'm saying anymore.
At the start of this, because I was very vocal, after seeing the immediate death and starting to see more and more, I was just vocal where a lot of people, they weren't vocal.
I noticed that I wasn't making a whole lot of new friends, but I've been working with a lot of these people for so long that they weren't just disowning me.
They just didn't want to talk about it.
Some would argue, and now I don't have anyone arguing anymore.
In the medical field, in the real world, online, I have tons of shields that come on and try to just do the same thing on a small scale.
They're going after you like it's going out of style.
Thankfully, I'm just a small fry paramedic, so they just send the baby shields after me that just want to call me names, everything but a white boy.
They do everything they can to just discredit or upset me.
Thankfully, I don't have any money that they can take, but they would try to do that, I'm sure.
Well, that's it.
They want to demoralize you and degrade you and make you give up.
But seeing people die of this stuff all the time is way worse than anything they can do to you if you have a soul.
Oh, 100%.
We had a real pandemic of abuse.
The true pandemic was the suicides.
I've been a frontline worker through the heart of COVID.
I worked New York City, contracts in New York City, lower Manhattan, ICU, ER.
I worked North Dakota.
Needless to say, I know a lot of people in the medical field and I have not lost one friend to COVID.
But I've lost so many to suicide since this all started, since the lockdowns have started, since the mandates have started.
I've lost friends to depression, to alcoholism, to drug addiction, but I haven't lost one from COVID.
Not one.
Man, keep going.
You're dialing it.
Just keep going.
Sorry, it makes me a little emotional.
It's been a very difficult situation.
So when I hear people go, World War III is coming, I've been living World War III.
I've been your frontline medic or one of your frontline medics experiencing the censorship, the bans.
The first time I came out online whenever I finally had enough, because an ER doctor pulled me aside.
In North Dakota, we had a huge shot push and they did it all very strategically, big push.
So it was easy to see the carnage because it was all happening at once on a native reservation.
And we had so much death.
Like, one of my nurses lost her husband a day after the shot to a heart attack.
The same guy's brother died a week after.
We were having case after case of pulmonary embolisms come in.
It's like you're in World War I facing German machine guns.
I mean, you're a medic and all of a sudden it's like, what hit?
It's just death everywhere, which the statistics prove.
But they, again, because it's all isolated in the medical system, they thought they could hide it.
Yes, and it was just so strategically spread out that if you're not in a smaller area when they're doing it all at the same time, it's a little harder to see.
There's been waves, but it's harder for people to correlate it, and especially when you have an online push of them going, correlation doesn't equal causation.
So they were programming the people to go, don't correlate that, Just look the other way.
But then the New Zealand was the lower who was in control of all the data, they now admit he was telling the truth, they charged him with crimes.
He had all the databases including who took the shot and who died and it was all people who took the shot that died.
Yes, I mean, my ER doctor pulled me aside when we were watching this and said, "We are So imagine being in an ER, you're working, you just intubate your nurse manager on the job because they have multiple PEs and we're having to fly our nurse manager out and the ER doctor pulls you aside and says, hey Harry, we're experiencing genocide.
That was a flooring moment for me.
I had so many flooring moments.
Let's slow that down.
You're talking to the ER doctor and he says we're watching a genocide.
Yeah, she pulled me aside and said, we're witnessing genocide.
And after that, I was like, OK, I'm going to go out and actually put this online.
And I went on TikTok because I didn't know exactly where to put it.
I basically did a video.
I just said, I'm a paramedic.
I've done CPR to Pfizer line.
That line lost two patients within two weeks.
These aren't safe.
That's basically all I said.
That video just within 12 hours got millions of views, but the comments, the comments are what got me.
I lost my brother.
I lost my uncle.
I lost my sister.
I lost my, and just tons and tons of comments.
And then they deleted my video.
The reason that TikTok gave me was quote unquote, terroristic activity.
I've been in two branches of the military, Army and Air Force, and I've been a paramedic for a long time.
To call me, A terrorist for trying to warn people, trying to give consent to the public about just what I've seen.
Hey, I've seen this.
You need to be concerned.
And then to call me a terrorist for that.
Well, one, first, when I saw that, it scared the shit out of me.
Like, I'm not going to lie.
My balls sucked out to my throat a little bit because I was like, holy crap, there's something big, bad, really going on here.
I'm already seeing the death and now I'm being called a terrorist.
And you're smart.
You can see how coordinated it was.
It was like, oh, the systems behind this.
Yeah, this is the next level.
I want to get you on in the next few days.
We're going to be shut down within a week easily.
And everybody's like, oh, yeah, right.
More hype.
It's all in the news.
They're shutting us down.
OK, just we've literally, I literally stand up against attempted takeovers with no court orders in the last week.
I had to sleep up here.
I'm not a guy who's a drama queen.
I'm totally exhausted.
Okay, I don't make stuff up.
Everybody knows that.
At least not consciously.
I get things wrong sometimes.
But I want to get you on with Ben Marble because he's a great medical doctor.
Very early came out.
He's saying right now as an ER doctor, he says what you are saying is what he saw.
And I can open the phones up too and take unlimited calls from medical doctors, scientists, nurses, EMTs.
They're all seeing it, but the numbers are here.
British Medical Journal.
Record 40% increase of all-cause morbidity.
That means a total death.
I mean, this is ultra-massive.
I mean, I think the consensus here is, I said open up the spaces about World War III or World War IV, nuclear war, and the callers are like, the commenters are like, no, it's already begun.
I think that's really it.
We're already in it.
I don't think it's, we can't stop it now.
We can mitigate it, but we're in the extermination right now.
Nuclear is just an icing that they're going to bring in to cover what they did, I think.
Is that what you're saying, sir?
Yeah, imagine walking back from the front lines after you've just experienced child death, or child die, and you know they've taken a substance that's, in your mind, this experimental substance that has been rolled out in gymnasiums that you've seen in parking lots, and you've never seen these types of children die.
And then you walk out, you're trying to go get some R&R, trying to get off work, and you get back and you just, you get back to the rest area, to the green zone, and then everyone in the green zone is looking at you going, I think a war's about to start.
We've been experiencing.
The war started.
People have been dying in droves.
And then on online you had this huge war and your InfoWars a great name for this huge InfoWars where we have Tons of bots and pharma shields and just agency and you can tell their agency because they group up against you and a lot of them paired each other.
So you have this group that's already inside your line, inside your rest area where you're wanting to rest, that's attacking you 24-7 and all they're doing is gaslighting you saying, you're not seeing this, you're not seeing this, you're not seeing this.
They're trying to attack your psyche.
And then you have to go back, put your drawers back on and get back out there on the front lines and take care of more people.
And that's the hardest war.
You know, Vietnam was a tough war, but the reason they had record suicide was the left that had actually launched the war attacked them when they came back.
And that's the thing.
This is even worse.
You're in a war trying to save people and they won't even admit you're in it.
That's the thing, folks.
Get past it.
God knows.
Reach out to God.
You're in a war.
Admit it.
Get strong.
We got children to save.
Brother, you are one of the most amazing in 30 years on air.
I know you're dead on.
The statistics are all there.
God bless you.
Stay on.
Chase is going to text you later, message you.
I want to get you on our last week on air.
We might last two, three weeks, but I told the crew we got about...
Maybe a week and a half here.
And boy, when they shut us down, people are going to probably go, whoa.
I've not even made preparations.
I don't know what to do.
Everybody's flooding support.
I'm just on air battling.
Family's under attack because they're trying to divert me off the mission.
But I'm just here for the mission and here because we can beat these people.
They're not invincible.
They count on us living in denial.
God bless you, sir.
Thank you so much.
All right.
Let's go next to Colonel Gannon.
Colonel Gannon, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hey, Alex, thanks so much.
We are in the middle of another middle.
We're at the beginning of World War Three.
And I, you know, I've been listening to you for the last few weeks and actually a few months.
And what I'm more convinced of now is the kinetic phase of this is on the horizon, as you probably see as well.
Steve Bannon is getting locked up.
They're going to lock up President Trump.
They're trying to create a Civil War.
People aren't buying the Civil War.
That's the great thing.
I'm on the ground.
I'm engaged here in Mississippi.
That's not happening.
Let me give you just one minute of the background so you guys know who I am.
No, no, no, no.
I know who you are.
Tell us who you are.
And I'm glad you're calling on the topic.
Go ahead.
Okay, so on the topic of why World War III is almost completely inevitable.
First, tell us who you are.
You've got plenty of time.
Tell us who you are.
All right, I'm Colonel Gannon Burton.
I did 30 years in the United States Marine Corps, graduated number one in my class out of 243 lieutenants, all the way back in 1993.
And, you know, went through, went to Top Gun, test pilot in the United States Marine Corps, F-18 pilot, flew up to John C. Stennis Aircraft Carrier, commanded twice as a lieutenant colonel and then a colonel with the largest fighter squadron in the Marine Corps, a deputy commander of Marine Force Korea, and I finished up in the Pentagon.
And I was there on January 6th.
I took leave that I mean, I was listening to President Trump speak where he laid out a little voter fraud, which we all knew happened.
We had an industrial scale voter fraud that went on.
We had a coup in the United States of America, and my heart was broken.
But the whole time I was seeing it, I was thinking in my head, there's no way that the good people in Congress and the Senate would let this go.
There's got to be enough good people.
And when I walked back to the Capitol on, you know, past the Capitol, excuse me, I saw people moving barriers and they look like feds.
They look like young, well put together people that were hustling their butts off to funnel people into the Capitol.
And sure enough, as I was standing there, you know, a hundred yards or so from the Capitol, kind of just, you know, I couldn't participate.
I was active duty military at the time, but I was watching me and my wife and I was watching and all of a sudden people A ten day Senate investigation.
in the Capitol and I realized they actually set up barriers to run people in the Capitol. Why? Because they wanted to disrupt that proceeding. Why? Because
they couldn't allow the voter fraud to be presented, which was the plan actually, right? You mean you, I mean all your listeners probably know that as well.
A 10-day Senate investigation, that was the goal. Bingo, bingo.
I know it, and you know it, and we've seen it.
And it's coming out now.
You've got Benny Thompson here in Mississippi, who basically is a DHS-protected shill, who frankly is a felon.
He destroyed congressional records that would free the January 6th prisoners.
That information is out there.
It's available.
It's in the congressional record, but he destroyed it.
It's somewhere, I'm sure.
But there's all these January 6th prisoners who shouldn't be out there.
Now, I say this to say this, you know, on the next day I got up and after I saw what I saw, and I saw how I was portrayed, I realized we just went through a coup.
I'd lost my moral authority to stand over caskets in the middle of the night in faraway lands.
I mean, my Lord.
The Marine Corps offered me, I put in my, you know, my retirement paperwork the next day on January 7th.
And the Marine Corps offered me a couple jobs to stick around for a little while, frankly, because a lot of people had saw the same thing and they were getting out.
And I didn't kind of realize that at the time.
But then something happened.
I had this cush job where I was going to be able to retire comfortably and just kind of make my way out of the Marine Corps after 30 years of service, five combat deployments, all that stuff.
And I had taken it, but then in July, my stepmother took the first Moderna vaccine.
Three weeks later, she took the second one, and three weeks later, she was on a ventilator, and three weeks after being on a ventilator, she was gone.
And right at that time, when she died, that's when the vaccine mandate went out.
And I'm sure you remember this is in 2021, about August to September, and People that did this mandated that vaccine.
And I knew, and actually I was going to go take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, just get a one and done, you know, take it off the street somewhere.
But my wife said, you will chew your arm off if you do this.
And I didn't take the vaccine.
And I said, that's it, I'm retiring.
And within three months, I was out of the Marine Corps and retired back here on the farm in Mississippi by December.
And, you know, I basically run away from the Marine Corps and the United States Military Service
because they were chasing me out.
I didn't understand that.
I mean, they were literally chasing me out 'cause I was a critical thinker.
I was like, this is wrong.
And you know what the last thing, my last official act was?
While I was sitting there on terminal or getting ready to go on terminal leave,
I was asked to do an investigation for a colonel who had had a stroke while he was on his every Sunday,
three mile run that he does every Sunday and he had had a stroke.
And I asked that guy at the end of the investigation, I said, "Hey, are you vaccinated?"
And he said, "Yeah, I'm probably up for the booster."
I mean, the cognitive dissonance that these people can't put this.
I do.
I said this.
They've got to cover up this attack.
This has all been pre-planned because they'll never get away with this unless there's a nuclear war.
war is almost inevitable now is you know Dr. Fraser Long right Alex? I do yeah I said this they've got to cover up this attack this has all been pre-planned
because they'll never get away with this unless there's a nuclear war go ahead bingo
And that's exactly right, because here's the deal.
It's almost like before, you remember after World War II kicked off, the first thing they did is they fired all of the generals, right?
They basically cleared, they cleared the slate.
That's how Eisenhower, who was a lieutenant colonel at the start of the war, became, you know, a five-star by the end of it.
And what happened was, all those people who were involved in that corruption, they had to get rid of.
We're basically in that same situation now.
And this is harsh to say, but this is the cognitive distance that we've got to get over.
The current leadership of the United States military is complicit in poisoning the entire United States military.
And let me add to that, there's no need to even have vengeance.
Some of them need to be prosecuted, obviously.
We need to just have Trump purge them by firing them.
And we're going to have to do that because they're non-critical thinkers.
They've invited in the DEI.
They sucked up to the Obama administration.
They have brought in people that are given ridiculous missions, ridiculous things.
Stand on your head, stick your thumb up your nose to see if they'll follow the orders.
And they have proven themselves clowns.
They've all got to be removed.
And because these non-critical thinkers are there, those people are vicious, right?
They are going to protect themselves at all costs.
This is your Alexander Vindman.
This is your D.E.I.
woke general at the highest level.
And so now you've got Mark Milley's, right?
All of these folks who care more about how they're perceived in the history books, but history is about to be, and that is kind of, it almost plays into the great... It's really the end of history.
It's the final war.
Go ahead.
Yeah, so the bottom line is what I believe they will do is they are trying to do everything they can to provoke Russia into a response so that they can do a reset on the order of like they did in 9-11 where everyone went into their caves and didn't even recognize what you'd already told them was happening and try to restart that because what they're doing is failing.
I mean on the ground in Mississippi, we've got this covered.
However, even at the highest level here, you can't get folks to take on the vaccine stuff.
You can't get them to take on- Well, that's right.
The enemy has control of a bunch of mindless yes-men and women that don't even think.
They're just zombies getting a check.
Their job's easy.
They work one day a week.
They get a script.
They read it.
They're done.
And that's exactly it.
But I want to just reinforce what you've been saying, and we need to be prepared for, including a nuclear war, because the people that we're up against are vicious.
They poisoned the entire United States military, and they know they did, right?
They know they did.
in what Theresa Long, Dr. Theresa Long, Lieutenant Colonel, brave, brave woman.
God, if that's the kind of people that are going to save this country. She knows and she knows and the information was presented to the National Security Council about the harms that were being
done to service members from the vaccines.
And instead of coming out and stopping the vaccines, they doubled down and they tried to get rid of the test group of unvaccinated by vaccinating everyone.
Because in January of 2021, The vaccine rolled out and it was optional for service members and that was the first time in 30 years of service that a vaccine was optional and frankly if that vaccine wasn't optional I probably I probably would have took it because you know I've taken every other vaccine that the military gave me but this one was optional and something was wrong with that but I believe
I believe that the reason they made it optional now is to figure out that I was there and I wouldn't comply and I would be skeptical, so that I would run myself out of the military
or be ran out of the military.
So I don't know.
Thank you.
Well, Colonel, let me throw something out here real quick.
I've been on other spaces with you and talked to you and you're a great guy, a smart guy.
We come on as a guest, we can talk for a whole hour here in the twilight of Infowars, which is only going to be bigger, except the enemy's planning a total overturn of everything.
That's why they don't care.
They want to get stuff off now because now they're making their move.
What'd you make of that incredible EMT in the military as an EMT, 1997, spends years in the Army and then the Air Force, then spends over 15 years as an EMT, sees none of this.
Dead kids, strokes everywhere, all this.
Suddenly the shots start, he just sees dead people everywhere.
That's what the statistics show though.
But that anecdotal witness of this and the doctors quietly knowing the truth, the nurses knowing, but staying quiet.
We can't stay quiet.
Because they've been conscripted to give us poison shots, hoping the medical system covers it up, and then they've got to if that happens.
What's your view on that amazing caller?
So an incredible caller laid it all out, what we've all known.
300% increase in miscarriages in the military.
This is the best control group that's out there.
1,000% increase in heart failure among military pilots, which are the healthiest group that we ever had, right?
So that's there.
I have two friends who died of turbo cancers shortly after the, again, the healthiest people on Earth.
We have those anecdotal evidence.
But what we have to go after, once we get power, if we get power back, if we win this thing, I believe we will.
I believe God wins this thing.
Keep telling the truth in the meantime.
Take childhood vaccines for a minute.
Right now, there's a 40% kickback for most pediatricians who get compliance with the CDC schedule.
That's raised the rate of autism, as you know, from 1 in 10,000 when we were kids to now what?
1 in 36, right?
So those numbers are real.
That's all available to us.
So we actually have the truth on our side.
It is dammically sword.
We've got to keep telling it.
And that's why I just, God bless you, Alex, for telling the truth and giving us a chance to get out there there and do it. And then we have to do this in our communities. We have to be
brave. You have to overcome the cognitive distance, but you've always got to present yourself from a position of grace because the people have been
deceived and it's so hard to to wake people up who have been deceived.
It's much easier to deceive people.
But if you approach it from a sense of grace and they can tell that you actually care and you love them, then you have a chance to actually waking enough people up.
I wish I was on your farm.
We are winning.
That's why we know we are.
That's why the enemy wants to overturn the table of nuclear war.
I wish I was on your farm in Mississippi.
I can hear the birds tweeting.
I'm going to have my folks contact you.
I've talked to you a lot.
I've told them before I want you on.
They're busy.
It's a great crew.
But let's get you on in the twilight of InfoWars.
We may survive, but it doesn't look good.
9% chance we're shut down in two weeks.
So please come on the next week as a guest.
And I love doing these spaces.
Such amazing people come on.
Thank you so much.
How do people follow you who are listening on the radio and watching on TV, Colonel?
Yeah, I'm at Carl Gannon Burton on Twitter.
I'm easy to find right here on the space.
You can click on that.
Also, I wrote a book called Mississippi Top Gun, which kind of lays all this out and tells the story of my journey and then awakening, right?
I mean, that's the biggest part.
I can't believe, you know, it's like I'm just crushed.
Standing over those caskets in the middle of the night in faraway lands with those kids whose parents were on the other side of the world and didn't even know they were dead yet and they were dying for so much lying and frankly for just some horrible people that have been running our country.
And we can fix that.
We can do better.
I really believe that.
Well, you know, Tom Cruise plays the top gun, but you're actually the real top gun in there.
God bless you, sir.
We'll talk to you soon.
It's just, that's the great part about my job.
As dark as things are, we got the best people, man.
They're articulate, they're smart, they're accomplished, they're amazing.
We're going to go to break.
We have Dr. Ben Marble, who's a great friend of mine.
I've been trying to get on the show.
He's going to come on soon.
Medical doctor.
We're going to pop in with him on Spaces.
And then I've got a lady, Damage.
I guess the consensus is it is about the shots.
World War III has already begun.
Forget nuclear war, this is already happening.
Because it's an open, free show.
No one will talk about it.
The colonel mentioned it some, but nobody's on the topic of war with Russia.
Okay, fine.
We're talking about vaccine damage.
Because it's so huge.
We're going to break in 40 seconds.
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But our sponsor, drjonesnaturals.com, is not InfoWars.
It's still there.
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Good evening, America.
I thought we'd take some time out of our daily lives and sit down for a nice little chat.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
I suspect now even calls are being placed from the White House to members of Big Tech.
I can almost hear George Takai and Stephen King tweeting furiously on their phones, and very soon federal agents will be on their way.
Because words lead us to the truth, and the truth is, there is something very wrong with this country, isn't there?
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression, and where once you had the freedom to object, until now you have had censors and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable.
But truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
Oh, I know why you did it.
You were afraid of the Orange Man.
Who wouldn't be?
Mean tweets, funny jokes, and fights with Rosie O'Donnell.
They got the better of you, and in your panic you turned to Joseph Robinette Biden.
He promised you war, he promised to forgive your student debts and make reparations for slavery, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
So if you have seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then I would suggest you allow the 5th of November to pass unmarked.
But if you see as I see, if you feel as I feel, if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me at the ballot box,
and together we shall give them a 5th of November that shall never, ever be forgot.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, she survived, but barely, and now the state of Canada, They will own our state once they're dead.
Want to go deep inside the New World Order?
She joins us in five minutes when we join some stations.
But right now, let's talk to Dr. Ben Marble, great friend of mine, great medical doctor, EMT doctor.
Day one, exposing the mass death he saw from the shots.
Dr. Ben Marble, thank you so much.
Ahead of this survivor joining us, hopefully the pain she's gone through will help bring these criminals to justice and save a lot of people.
But you were listening to the previous experts, you were texting me saying this is dead on, what's happening, pointing out you're in the spaces.
We're going to you here.
Thanks a lot for having me on, Alex.
Good to be talking to you.
I want to confirm what Harry Fisher was saying.
You know, he's a great, heroic EMT.
He should be commended for what he's doing.
I graduated medical school in 1997, like him.
That's when I became an MD.
I started working in the ER in 1998.
So, in the ER, we did not used to see these types of injuries to young people, like blood clots and strokes and heart problems, etc, etc.
Like we're seeing now, all these weird, bizarre cancers.
So, everything that Harry Fisher was saying is totally spot on.
And, you know, I want to pray for him and encourage him to keep fighting the fight.
You know, what he said is, you know, World War III started a long time ago.
And so it is aggravating when people talk about it as if it starts in the future because it started as a bio, as a war of bioweapons.
And if you recap what has happened, if you take the sum total of people who had the COVID-19 Frankenstein pseudovirus, And you combine it with the people who took the shots, then that's around 7 billion people who have been poisoned by the spike protein bioweapon.
And so we're seeing the mass die-off is in progress at ERs all across the world, certainly in America.
My dog's barking, so I got to get him to be quiet.
It's fine.
It's fine.
We don't mind that.
And so we're seeing the mass die-off.
The mass die-off is in progress.
The enemy is actively poisoning our people all around the world.
And it's the Globalist Transhumanist.
This is WEF's Great Reset.
It was a reset of the human population via the mass poisoning of the people with the spike protein bioweapon.
And so we're seeing every shift I work in the ER, I'm seeing the poisoning victims, people coming in with strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism, DVTs, miscarriages.
All kinds of bizarre cancers in young people that we've never seen before.
And, you know, the fake doctors, they're all baffled.
They think it's a great mystery is why we're seeing these massive increases in these problems.
And it's not a mystery.
This is what we told people was going to happen back in 2021.
You know, I was on the show multiple times.
We warned.
We warned the world.
Time has proven we were right.
And by the way, it's all been vindicated.
The British Medical Journal record death.
What's causing it?
We don't know.
Gee, is it the shot?
I mean, this is crazy.
It is crazy and in the process, you know, they've made me the basically the most banned doctor on earth.
I've been banned from Twitter, 26 different accounts, but I'm a computer geek.
I know how to make new accounts and I can keep making new accounts and keep telling people the truth that these shots are poison.
We need to stop these shots as soon as possible.
We need to hold the poison pushers accountable.
We have these doctors like Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Dr. Bhattacharya, They pretend to be on the right side of history.
Meanwhile, they told the elderly patients to take poison.
These doctors need to apologize for telling the elderly to take poison.
Nobody should take poison.
Doesn't matter if you're elderly, if you're pregnant, if you're a child.
You shouldn't take the poison COVID-19 fake vaccines.
At this point, if you do a deep dive on all the science, you shouldn't take any vaccines because none of them have true double-blinded placebo-controlled studies.
And until this war is over, I wouldn't take any vaccine.
I would avoid big harmless products as when and where possible.
And a simple way to do that is to fire the poison pushing doctors and find a real doctor at MyFreeDoctor.com.
We've been delivering free doctor visits to America since 2020, trying to help treat as many people as we can.
All right, Dr. Marble, we'll talk to you soon as a guest.
God bless you.
We're gonna come back with a woman that barely survived the attack in Canada.
The government said, hey, we can help.
We'll just euthanize you.
How about that?
We've already tried to kill you.
It didn't work.
We'll kill you for sure.
How's that sound?
She said no, and she's fighting back.
She's our guest.
We come back in T-minus 60 seconds.
Follow me on Exit Reel, Alex Jones.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Here's a report we did months ago by Greg Rees on Caleb Pollack, a survivor of the chemical by a weapon attack in Canada.
The government said, well, let us just kill you as a condolence.
Here it is.
Kayla Pollock was one of millions coerced and deceived into getting the deadly COVID shots when they were mandated in 2021.
Could you tell us why you decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine?
Basically, a lot of it had to do with the things I was hearing on TV.
So, there was a lot of fear just being screamed at me by not just the TV, But also like, you know, when you hear like the WHO is on TV telling you that this is like a deadly pandemic and, you know, people with immune disorders are gonna, you know, die from COVID-19 more likely than other people.
You know, I was hearing about that and my dad was dying in long-term care at the time.
In order to go see him, I needed the shots.
In order to go to work, I needed the shots.
A week after receiving the Moderna booster shot, she fell to the floor and was paralyzed for 30 minutes.
Another episode happened a week later, and shortly after that, she became paralyzed from the neck down.
The first doctor told her that this was something that often happens to people when they're upset, and that it was all in her head.
He told me that this was something that often happens to people when they're upset and that I, essentially, this was in my head and the good news was that I would get better because I was essentially having an episode that was some sort of psychotic episode.
I asked him when I would get better and he said, you know, it's up to you really.
A second doctor was honest with her, but had to keep it hidden.
The second diagnosis, a doctor came to me and he whispered in my ear and he said, I think there's something seriously wrong with you.
I do not think you're faking.
He said, I have a neurologist or a radiologist who's willing to read your report at home.
If you go into the scanner right now, I can get that done.
They found a massive lesion on her spine and the doctor told her it was most likely caused by the vaccine and that he's seen many cases just like it.
Most likely it's going to be probably, I'm using my gut impression here, from the vaccine.
So other people have it?
Kayla spent several months in the hospital's rehabilitation center, where the staff offered her medical-assisted suicide on two occasions, which is the only assistance the medical system seems to offer.
Rehab didn't do a whole lot.
When I was sent home from rehab I was told that I'd be getting a lot of personal support hours and I got home from rehab and for four days straight nobody came.
If this story is disturbing to you, then it means you still have a heart and your human soul has managed to survive these dark days.
The trauma has been too much for many who have disassociated into cold indifference and fail to fully recognize the crimes that are being committed against all of humanity.
Celia Farber wrote that what has happened and is happening is by far the worst crime ever committed.
Worse than the atomic bombs and all wars combined.
We all struggle to fight off the feeling that in some way we have already died.
And the daily challenge is not to disassociate, but to bear witness.
Since every person still alive now is either a victim of the shots or a witness.
And we should be prepared for these criminals to try this again.
The mainstream media is now talking about strange cases of the measles.
The highly infectious measles virus is spreading across more of the country, including in Florida, where a concerning outbreak is growing.
And the latest CDC data shows more than 30 cases nationwide this year across more than a dozen states.
Is there something about this year that is making people more vulnerable to the measles right now?
Yeah, it's a combination of people not getting their vaccines on schedule during the pandemic and then just not necessarily getting to the doctor's office.
If you are looking for ways to help, Veterans for Freedom have launched a Give, Send, Go for Kayla to raise funds for a service dog.
Greg Reese reporting.
That report's from six months ago.
We're about to talk to her.
A lot of new info.
85% of those bodies showed a two times level increase of water in the lungs.
So what was happening is, when this drug is pushed, it causes a drowning.
And it's stated as akin to dying by waterboarding or drowning.
Meaning, the reason people in Canada who are given maids seem peaceful is because they're giving a paralytic first.
So they're completely paralyzed, then this drug is administered as one of the four, and they start drowning.
To death.
They're drowning to death!
We waterboarded people in Guantanamo.
There's a reason we had to stop.
It falls under cruel and unusual punishment.
Yet we are having people like Dine with dignity say that this falls under compassion and empathy.
when you're drowning people chemically to death.
And M.A.D.E.S. in Canada is the pilot program of the W.F. for Worldwide Euthanasia.
Oh, you're sick, you're old, we'll just kill you.
All right, she joins us now.
Then we'll go back to the spaces.
Commenters on World War III and the consensus is forget nuclear war.
The shots are Armageddon now.
Kayla Pollack is on Skype.
And we've got her bio and her information.
We'll tell you the best place to reach her and see what she's doing.
But she's stood up and spoken out.
And we have the numbers, we have the facts.
40% plus increase in total morbidity worldwide since the shots out of all these major studies.
Kayla, God bless you and I've been following your case for at least six months since I knew about it.
I know this has happened over the last year or so.
Does it give you a ray of hope that now even in Yahoo News and mainstream news they're going, record death from the shot, record injury, they're having to admit it.
Not with so much hope for yourself, who we hope gets better, but hope they won't do this to a bunch of other people.
So that's kind of my first question.
Hit that letter if you want just first.
Any observation?
Well, I've been, you know, talking about you before you came on for the last 30 minutes about what you want to say to people and what happened to you because it's incredible.
I hope to have hope, but I don't know what to say there.
Like I said, I hope that there's hope that this won't happen again, but I'm not really sure after what happened to us all and the coercion that we were faced with.
I'm not really sure what will happen.
Well, I've had tons of scientists, Don, we have all those studies.
Depending on the person's genetics, it attacks the cardiovascular, it attacks the nerves, it attacks the brain.
A lot of folks get their spine attacked and holes eaten in it, in their spinal cord.
And I guess that's what happened to you.
Tell people, again, a recap of what happened to you so they know.
And then, they came to you and said, it's okay, we'll just kill you.
We'll just officially kill you.
Yeah, so like you were seeing in the video there, I basically, I became paralyzed from the neck down at the time.
And, you know, no bowel function still, no bladder function, no movement below the chest, and no help.
And, you know, people think Canada is, you know, this, you know, free healthcare country.
That's a joke.
Um, looking for just something as simple as a vehicle.
Um, it's, you know, a luxury vehicle because of the fact that.
Um, it's, you know, like, 100,000 dollars for a wheelchair van.
Nobody in a wheelchair thinks that their, their, their van is luxurious.
But, um, yeah, I was, um.
I knew that this had something to do with my vaccine as it started just days after and I decided that it's been over two years now and on the anniversary of my two years we decided to sue Moderna and we were six hours shy of the You know, meeting the mandated time.
Statute of limitations.
Limitations, yep.
And so we got it within the six hours.
So, you know, I think it was meant to be.
I should have opened this up.
You took the really, it's the same as the Pfizer shot, but four times stronger.
So you took the big daddy.
Sorry, keep going.
Yeah, I did.
Like I said, I had a dad in long-term care at the time who was dying, did die in long-term care.
He also got a Moderna shot and he had early onset dementia.
And as soon as he took his Moderna shot, he started getting seizures and he never walked again.
And he ended up with blood clots in his legs.
So there was probably a lot going on there too.
But I was sort of lucky enough in a way that after the hospital said I was crazy and faking and put me on a psych hold, a doctor did come over and actually admit that it was the vaccine and it was written in my medical files.
So I've been fighting with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Board in Canada for About two years now.
They just refuse to get back to me.
They say they'll get back to you in 48 hours.
Sure, that's how it works.
That's how they minimize it.
I don't mean to interrupt you, get into it if you want, but talk about the timeline when they come to you.
This is mainstream news, I can't help but deny it.
Hey, we offered to die!
We're loving!
They've given you two wonderful offers to kill you, and they got a special way.
They don't line you up with a firing squad.
That'd be humane.
They, like a spider, put you in a coma, and then slowly... I mean, this is really loving what they do.
Yeah, and you know what?
I think it's even worse because it's not something I asked for.
I did ask for help.
I asked for help with more services in Canada, like there must be something else.
But that's the loving liberal answer.
Oh, you want more services?
We're going to kill you.
I saw like 10 years ago in the Netherlands.
A Down Syndrome, high-functioning Down Syndrome man.
And then the good-looking reporter girl's like, you cost us three times more.
And he goes, I'm sorry, please don't kill me.
She goes, we need to kill you.
Why don't you just let us kill you?
I mean, it was so sick.
In fact, I've called for that clip for years.
Only we can find it and it's so old.
But it was just so scary to see that.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
No, I've seen it in lots of veterans.
I saw that you had Kelsey there at the front.
And, you know, I've seen it in lots of veterans and, you know, anyone who's expensive, if you're expensive because you're taking therapy or if you're expensive because you're, like in my case, quadriplegic and, you know, you have to have a bag to pee and you have to have someone to help you and you have to have nurses and Personal support workers to get me out of bed and get me dressed because I can't I've lost all of that function But they've got but they've got plenty of money for illegal aliens So describe the first time they come to you because they admit they did it and said sweetheart.
We're on your side We'll kill you right now Yeah, and I I took home the papers and I actually emailed them back because I was interested and then when we and that you know I didn't want to live like this and then when it said 90 days I'm like I'm not ready to say goodbye to my son in 90 days So I mean it just became this this gave you an appointment to kill you Yeah Yeah
And, uh, three times I was offered.
That was the third time.
Oh, so the headlines are two, but there's a third time?
There's three times, yeah.
Do they even do it in person or they just send you an email?
They're like, oh honey, we'll kill you.
They did it in person and by email.
Describe the person that comes up to you and says this.
What's it like?
Oh, we can't we can't pay carry or give you a surgery or fix it.
We just we got that, you know, I was either going to be put in long term care, which if you've seen long term care, that's absolute jail.
I mean, I think it'd be more humane to put me in jail.
And they just basically said that, they basically said, you know, we don't have the resources to house you, but we do have this option.
And it was like glorified and made to sound like this wonderful, peaceful, wonderful thing.
And, you know, at the time, I was so down on myself that you could almost say I was suicidal at the time because, you know, I was so just defeated with all this that was going on.
Well, you know they've got bioethics scripts of how to convince you.
They're handed them, they didn't come up with it.
But yeah, this is all psychological warfare.
I'm interested to hear, and interrupt me if you want, say whatever you want, but I want to have you back for like two hours, see if you can do it.
We just love what you're doing standing up.
What brought you back to fight back?
My son, my son told me, he's like, mom, you know, there could be people just like you that are afraid to come out and speak and you're not afraid to speak.
And, you know, I really knew like when I kind of said to God, like, why did you, why did you let this happen to me?
It was like, you know, you didn't lose your voice.
You were, it was millimeters away from my trach.
Meaning like, I mean, I lost my lung function and everything, but I didn't lose Let's talk about, this is so beautiful, talk about how old your son is when he sent this, and what he said to his mommy about you gotta save people.
That's exactly what this is about.
Tell us.
He was seven at the time, turning eight, and he just said, like, Mom, like, you should really come forward with your story, because if you don't come forward, then there might be all sorts of other people that are afraid, and they don't want to come forward.
And if they see you doing it, then maybe you could help them, or maybe there's other people that are quadriplegic, and you could help them.
And, you know, when it comes, I knew I needed to help.
I knew I needed to write a book or something or speak.
I mean, I'd already spoken in front of, you know, 19,000 people before.
So it's not just through vengeance or retribution, but through love.
That's the famous saying, there's so many, but the latest quote, the best one is, you don't fight for those you hate in front of you, you fight for those you love behind you.
Yeah, it was my son.
It was coming out of the mouth of a bathe.
And he was just so innocent and young.
And, you know, now he's still he's he'll say he's proud of me and You know, there's not much a mom can want more than her son saying that.
And he's going to be even stronger because of your example.
Because God spoke through him, Kayla.
And this is so beautiful.
As bad as it is, it's beautiful what you've done standing up.
Yeah, and you know what?
He's become a better kid.
Like, he goes to Tim Hortons and he finds me a wheelchair accessible table and he gets so upset because my wheelchair doesn't fit under it.
And he says, Mom, it says it's wheelchair accessible.
And I said, Mason, you know, it's meant for manual wheelchairs.
And he goes, well, why didn't they just put a lever on it?
And then it could have gone up and down.
Like, you know, hey, you've got a great business idea and maybe you could sell that to Tim Hortons one day.
Or maybe, you know, he's got great ideas and he's very empathetic.
So, you know, in a way it was a blessing for him, but it hasn't been a blessing for me.
At all?
No, I understand that.
I understand that.
And so I want to give you all the time you need.
We'll have you back soon.
What else do you want to impart to the viewers and listeners with their new bird flu push, their new mRNA?
It looks like it doesn't look like they're doing it again.
They're coming back like strafing us with another attack.
Well, I mean, Trudeau's gotta go.
That's one thing.
And also, people need to be held accountable.
And unfortunately, you know, suing Moderna, you know, even if I win, what happens is, because Moderna does technically have immunity, the government would be responsible, which means the taxpayer... But not immunity from conspiracy if they knew what they were doing, which the documents show they did.
I want to be clear.
Well, Moderna documents are blacked out.
I have the same lawyer as Dan Hartman.
I think that's kind of the neat part is that we're the first two people to sue Pfizer and Moderna in North America with loan suits.
Our cases were strong enough that we didn't need a class action.
You know, with me, it's in my files twice and I've got an audio recording.
I was smart enough to realize that people were not going to believe it.
And then I also got another audio recording of another doctor saying it.
So there's two audio recordings and there's two places where it says right in my You know, in my records that this happened because of the vaccine.
So, I have no reason to doubt it.
I mean, this happened to me.
It's painful.
It's a lot more than losing your legs.
And, you know, I need help and I've had to come out on social media to ask for it.
And I think that's the sickest thing about the Canadian health care system.
Like, People believe we have free health care, but I had to come out on social media and ask people to help me because Canada can't offer me some things that I need to even just leave my house.
Let's do a few more minutes on the other side.
I want to ask you back to the Twilight of InfoWars for the next few weeks for a few hours and we'll have special guests, doctors and scientists, on to talk about this and show the statistics and the numbers, but we're about to go to break.
For me, you talk about Trudeau, a total empty vessel of Klaus Schwab, who attacked the truckers, who said the shots are forced, and said he didn't.
But here he is, right after he claims he took it, saying it really hits you.
Yeah, it really hits you.
Here it is.
Getting that shot?
Really was an amazing feeling.
It hits you.
Getting that shot really was an amazing feeling.
It hits you.
I mean, Patrick Bateman, the fictitious psychopath played by, you know, famous Hollywood actor Christian Bale has nothing on that.
I mean, he either has a soul or spirit goes, whoa, that's the devil.
I mean, that guy, that guy ain't playing for team humanity.
No, that's, you know, and I worry about, you know, what's going to happen to people like me and, you know, like, I don't want to live like this, but I can't afford to live like this because they don't, the government doesn't pay us enough money to just even have normal lives.
Like, I'm paralyzed in my body and trapped in my home.
And, uh, you know, the Canadian Independent and Veterans for Freedom were nice enough.
The Canadian Independent made a website for me, www.opkayla.ca.
Um, that's not the, uh, that's just some of the things on there, but, uh, they made a website with the proof and everything and how people can help.
But it's just, I think speaking out and trying to help other people come forward, I've gotten Emails from all over the world, just from other people that are vaccine injured and just unfortunately don't have... So there's a solidarity there and we know what they really did.
They thought we were too dumb to understand it, but we understand it and we're going to defeat them.
I want to do a few more minutes with you and invite you back soon to talk about this, but everybody's to support you, they need to pray for you.
The government came and said, shut up, we're going to kill you.
No, we need to back you.
Your case is on record.
They admit this happened to you.
They don't deny it.
They said the best we can do is kill you.
So how do we back you?
Helping, like I said, opkayla.ca.
There's ways to donate.
I just want a wheelchair vehicle so I can leave my house.
I used to be very, very active.
And the other thing is also just sharing and, you know, getting the word out there that this is a real thing that happened.
I want to tell you something.
Stay there, beautiful.
You're a beautiful soul.
You have a beautiful family, beautiful son.
God is with you.
And we're with you as well.
And we're with all the others.
We'll be right back.
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capacity max.
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Support the Info War.
It's a 360 win.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
Well, Kayla Pollock is a veteran of the bioweapon attack that is the poison shots.
And it's all coming out, which is in the Spars document.
It's super creepy.
We covered three years ago.
It went super viral.
The Pentagon predicted, and it's a war game for 2020 to 2024, they set a future That they'll use, when people find out the government killed a bunch of people and poisoned billions, killed hundreds of millions, killed billions, that it'll cause the societal destruction.
Except their plan, they think they'll have a few executives resign and say it was an accident.
No, we know it's on purpose!
And that's why they're scared.
Because if you know it's on purpose, you don't just blame the government or the bureaucracy that were just vassals or conduits.
You blame the controllers, the architects.
So, Satan claims he's the great architect, but God is the real architect.
People go, why is Christ the morning star and so is Lucifer?
Well, Lucifer's the counterfeit.
It's the same thing.
God says he's the great architect, and then you say, oh, the other groups say, no, God's the great architect.
God is in control.
So Caleb Pollack, I want to get you back up soon for a full hour or two as a special guest.
Maybe we'll get Naomi Wolf on with you.
That's what I feel like we should do.
We're going to get Naomi Wolf on with her next week if we can do it.
Let's get them on together for like an hour and a half.
But just closing comments you want to impart to folks.
We appreciate you hanging tough, not letting the Canadian government kill you three times, offering to and following the directives of God.
Through your son, out of the mouths of babes, as you said.
That was God speaking through your son, the Holy Spirit, and you followed God's directive, and praise God.
Yeah, just the support is great.
The exposures, just letting more people know that this is a real thing that happens.
It could happen to anyone who took the shot.
I mean, I'm just a normal person.
This could have been anybody sitting in my chair and I wouldn't trade it for any amount of money.
So when people think I'm going after them because of money or something, it's not about that.
Oh, I love how they admit they did it.
They admit the shot did it to you.
But now you're bad.
We just want to kill you.
What's your problem?
You want some money?
I mean, come on.
And that's sick.
I really, like, that's really sick.
That's gaslighting.
Oh, that's what these people do to me when they're persecuting us.
Nothing like you.
But I don't know, I'm worried about, oh, nobody's doing anything to you.
And I'm like, listen, I was born in the dark.
It wasn't last night.
Yes, exactly.
I was born into foster care, so I understand what you mean.
It's really messed up.
I also want to fight just for Canadian healthcare in general and people in the disability community for how we're treated.
Well, Kayla, I want to say a prayer for you.
And I'm not some preacher, folks.
None of this is fake.
This is God's telling me to do it.
I believe God can heal people.
I believe, I know God is unstoppable.
But regardless, I ask for everybody to support you in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and God working through all of us in our will, praying together, God makes that reality on this planet, to lead, God, and direct us and to support people like Kayla Pollack right now.
And that we all pray for God to literally, with His angels and His energy, heal her if she accepts that, and rise her up, she's been through the tribulation, so she can stand against this enemy.
In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.
Do you accept that prayer?
Thank you for that.
It's in God's will now.
I've asked God to do it.
Thank you.
Anything else you want to add?
No, thank you so much for having me and I would love to come back and talk to you about anything that would help other people.
That's what you're doing.
God bless you.
Thank you so much.
We love you.
Oh my God, this makes me so angry.
But we're going to fix this.
All right, Chase, everybody's been patient for 35 minutes, 40 minutes, 37 minutes holding.
Let's get to as many spaces as we can before Mickey Willis comes in on the nature of good and evil and the keys to reuniting the spirit with the body.
This is something the enemy doesn't want coming up.
Chase, who's up next?
Let's go to Apothecaryl.
Apothecaryl, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Oh, thank you.
I think I'm jumping the line though.
I know that Destiny and Mike... It's okay.
It's okay.
You go ahead now.
You go ahead now.
That's who you went to.
Go ahead.
All right.
Thank you, Alex.
And yeah, I just want to thank you for having this space and bringing awareness to the medical industrial complex.
I've been a registered nurse for 43 years, and for the past 20, I've been trying to help people
avoid all this pharmaceutical mess.
I've been watching these various viruses that they roll out every election year,
try to scare us with.
Saw this one coming.
I've been banned, not as often as my friend, Dr. Marble.
We joke about that.
But I've been banned off of social media quite a bit.
This is my newest account.
I call it rebranding.
And I've been doing a space every Sunday for the last three years.
Some spaces were beta testing, trying to help people get healthy, be healthy, stay healthy, and either avoid or get away from the biopharmaceutical medical industrial complex.
Because I'm a registered nurse, I'm in a great position to communicate with doctors, read medical records, and help people like that.
And, you know, my heart breaks for Kayla and for everyone with these vaccine injuries.
I'm right now, during the day, I work in hospice.
So what I am seeing is absolutely astounding.
I've talked with other hospice nurses that are friends of mine, six of them here in Texas.
I am in the Austin area.
And one up in Kansas.
And we are all seeing the same things.
I thought maybe I'm hallucinating here, but the turbo cancers, the cardiovascular diseases that are progressing at incredible rates, the dementias that are progressing at rates that I have never seen before in my entire career, just the things that we're seeing.
And hospice is so busy that it's not like our patients are coming on and we have them for months like And they're trying to make this mass death the new normal that we have statistically.
But the good news is people aren't buying it in my view.
What do you think the establishment was planning?
It's going down a hill.
It's going so fast and accumulating so quickly that by the time we get them, like, they're almost gone.
And this is very unusual.
And they're trying to make this mass death the new normal that we have statistically.
But the good news is people aren't buying it, in my view.
What do you think the establishment was planning?
How do you think it's going for them?
Oh, yeah, I think it's rolling out for them just as they intended.
And the thing is that, you know, if you drop a weapon and kill a bunch of people instantly, well now you've got a bunch of bodies to clean up, but we're out here burying our own.
So it's kind of a slow roll, even though the diseases are progressing so rapidly.
On the side though, and for the last, oh gosh, I don't know, 20 years or no, about 15 years, I also have a private practice where I teach people how to get away from the medical industrial complex.
Oh, that's the key.
We gotta build a new system.
Tell us about that.
Absolutely, and so that's what I do on the functional and integrated medicine model.
And so I do a lot of their nutrition, diet teaching, help guide them with their supplements and so forth.
And also if they do need a doctor, they need to get away from a doctor that is gaslighting them or lying to them or telling them to get jabs that they don't need.
It's real simple, the minute they're pushing shots, they don't even tell them they're being paid massive money to do that, immediately leave to a doctor that doesn't push it and there's plenty of them.
Absolutely, and so I help them find those doctors in their area if they want one locally, or I send them to places like Ben Marbles, My Free Doctor, or other areas.
So we're building the human network.
Beautiful call.
Sorry to jump.
I've got to get to everybody now and call back again, or be part of the spaces again.
Thank you so much.
These callers.
But here's the big consensus.
I call it about Russian missiles, Russian submarines, U.S.
troops massing, the NATO bombing Russia proper, and people are like, that's not the issue, we've already been hit, World War III is already here, and I agree.
So I brought up it just like the callers of the show, they don't ever do what I tell them.
They can say whatever they think about a topic, they won't call on the topic.
But I guess it's kind of the zeitgeist or the spirit of the day.
It's okay, I'm glad we went to the poison shots, and this is important, but that's where they are, Chase.
Yeah, absolutely.
We should go to Destiny next.
Destiny, you've been waiting so patiently this entire space.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Thank you, Chase.
Thank you, Alex.
It's a pleasure to be here.
And I just wanted to reiterate the end of the world being the topic here.
It's something that has bothered me since prior to the pandemic, that we've seen actions, and I think Alex Jones is a great example of this, actions that are just unbeknownst to history.
Like we've never seen certain instances, like who gets sued for $1.5 billion for what, 20 parents?
That's ridiculous.
and the money that was gone into COVID, $5 trillion.
That's 15% of our national debt just wiped out.
And we see all this money just being floated around by the government spending pork as far as it can.
Meanwhile, we do have these vaccine injured.
We have science that is being suppressed and doctors being suppressed.
Like I would agree with the entire group in here that it's already begun with World War III.
If anything, we're reaching the precipice of something else but it seems to all be a massive distraction
from a much bigger agenda.
And I don't know what to make of it, but, you know, as a vaccine researcher myself, and by the way, thank you guys for publishing some of my work recently.
I do appreciate it.
Thanks to Jamie White and InfoWars.
And I wanted to say that there's people in this very room that I see right now that have lost children and got answers for Sean.
You've got people like Ernest Ramirez, who lost his son as well.
You've got people whose companies and lives have been threatened by the establishment, like the IX Focus Experience with Ariel Zen.
These are people who are affected financially.
They're affected every outlet of their life.
And if you live in the United States, it's inflation through the wazoo.
Where does it end and where is the money going, is my question, and why is it not going to help the people?
It seems to all be distractions from everything but actually helping people.
You're amazing.
These Spaces commenters have been, they're always great.
These are, you're an amazing lady.
Destiny, keep going.
You're knocking out of the park here.
Well, I mean, I just look at things from a really broad view and I saw the entire global economy crash.
But money is money.
It doesn't just evaporate once you hand it over to somebody.
It goes somewhere.
Where did the money go?
I mean, the entire country is broke.
We can't just say it all went to Ukraine and it didn't all go to Israel.
Where did it go?
And it's so mind numbing to know $5 trillion is being held by the Pandemic Oversight Fund and zero of it is allocated towards anybody who was a victim of these forced inoculations.
Which are bioweapons, and for the lady who was speaking earlier... Yeah, that's why Kayleigh Pollack is so important.
They're in the CBC, Canadian National News.
Yes, COVID vaccine ate your spine.
By the way, we're gonna kill you.
It's like, there's nothing for you, lady.
Go to hell.
It's like, we're the big liberals!
Everything's free!
Oh God, isn't it great?
By the way, you don't get jack shit.
Well, and I've been watching a lot of Alex's broadcasts from 2014, and the Affordable Care Act was a big topic of debate.
You were talking about death panels way back then, because when the government pays for your health care, they want to kill you.
Well, Bill Gates and their own, they were saying we're going to kill people.
People keep thinking, I predict this stuff.
Yeah, I do make predictions about current events very accurately.
I do do that.
I do have the touch.
Everybody does.
I just know I have it, so I use it.
But 90% of what I do is their own admissions, Chase.
Sorry, go ahead.
Go back to Destiny.
Go ahead.
Oh, I was confused.
But yeah, I wanted to let Kayla know in Canada.
I did a major piece on the Moderna manufacturer because Moderna did not manufacture their own vaccines.
That was a company named National Resilience, which is ran by the intelligence community here in the United States.
Yes, it is.
Tell folks about that.
Chris Darby, head of In-Q-Tel.
Yeah, Chris Darby, head of In-Q-Tel for over 20 years.
He was the president for 20 years.
He just recently retired his post.
But he is the president on the board of directors for Resilience, which made the COVID-19 vaccines for Moderna.
And vaccine is a very liberal term.
I would prefer to say biological weapons countermeasure over vaccine.
I don't think that's an accurate definition.
But that company, there is a tie to Canada absorbed by resilience that made the vaccine.
One of them is called Therapere Biopharmaceuticals.
They're from Ontario, Canada.
They are largely responsible for the rollout that happened for Moderna shots in Canada.
So I do hope that helps you in your endeavors.
But the CIA implantation inside of Moderna that has injured so many people like Kayla,
and there's people in here, Julie, who's had her and her family injured from this.
These people are regular people who are forced and or they were people that work the front lines for the pandemic and we're supposed to be the heroes.
They're supposed to be rewarded, not penalized for doing what they were told and doing a service to people across the country that were terrified.
Terrified because the propaganda being pushed by mainstream media.
And it was just overwhelming to watch And know that the CIA, literally your taxpayer dollars, going into this intelligence community, 18 intelligence communities, but the CIA is the only one with a long-standing history of biological weapons research and testing on human populations, including the one here in the United States, over the course of decades.
And yet we're going to sit quietly and allow for them to poison the population through these, what almost 40% uptake of vaccines administered was Moderna, and it was, all their shots were not created by them, and even if they were... You're right, right.
Five years before they released COVID, 2015 was certified that Obama, University of Texas, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, they had it, it was ready, it was patented, it was ready, they had it all.
I thought the virus was that deadly.
It was that when they created the shot for it.
That was deadly.
And now they've done it.
And they've launched their full attack.
This is their full broadside for world government.
Total takeover.
Believing we'll buy into the fact they're saving us in the process.
This is more die.
Oh, it's a new virus.
It's a new thing.
No, it's them.
And the good news is a large cadre of people, a core, that's a huge minority, that's growing, gets the full thing.
So you've got to face the full hard and minute.
Only then can you defeat the enemy.
Thank you so much.
Closing comments.
Closing comments, I just wanted to thank AmeriCommission and I wanted to say to everyone in here, do the best you can to support your people on X because X is what's keeping the free speech alive.
This is a platform that everyone needs to support to get the message out there.
And, you know, I will just end with that.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
And again, I've been going two hours and 48 minutes.
We'll continue in the next hour.
There's a lot of disinfo in the media and some of it's true, some of it's not.
They mix truth with lies.
They have filed in the court now.
The CIA, FBI group that runs this whole thing on record, they admit they do, to liquidate us.
So the judge had said two, three weeks ago, I'll either give your company back or they'll settle.
But now there's a liquidation on the table.
That is our parlay to say, well, fine, we'll go with your liquidation so we can battle for months in federal court instead of state court that will instantly shut us down.
So it's like cornered in a chess game.
And it's like Obi-Wan Kenobi literally knows he's cornered.
He's in checkmate.
His last move is not to extend the fight with Darth Vader, because then Luke Skywalker, they're going to try to save him.
He looks to make a speculation.
Okay, I'm cornered.
I'm going to get beat.
He's too strong now.
All right, they got to get out of here.
Go ahead and take me out so we can move on.
And then something way, way, way, way bigger is out of that, because I'm just another piece.
Getting the Millennium Falcon off with the Death Star codes is the most important thing.
And I'm telling the enemy of the traffic, because even when they get the truth, they're dishonest.
They can't understand it.
It's like, it's like Martian to them or something.
So that's where we are.
I've told you the complete truth of what's happening through this temporal weakness that I have.
It's not perfect.
It's like 99, 99, 99 percent true.
I can't even understand the full truth.
I'm trying to give it to you, but it's we're in perfect vessels and perfect transmission instruments.
But that's where this is.
And so we're launching this right now.
And it's already behind the scenes.
If I told you what's going on, you wouldn't you would probably believe it.
But it's spectacular.
So, and they're dumb enough to think when they shut this down, that's gonna, but see, I don't think of us as one layer.
I don't think of just us as the universe.
They actually know that at the higher levels.
They're meaning to shut everything down.
They don't care.
Like, oh, you're gonna be ten times bigger after this?
We're gonna blow everything up soon so it won't matter.
But regardless, they're not completely in power.
They're not invincible.
So go to drjonesnaturals.com, our great sponsor, that is separate from this operation, that is sponsoring InfoWars.
But regardless, we'll go on as the next target.
And then you've got the next, the next, the next.
Oh, there's probably a hundred lined up.
It's like shark teeth.
Oh, and here is the next line of people ready to take you on.
And here is the next line.
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DRJonesNaturals.com is the attack vector in the InfoWars with great products and to fund the operation, DRJonesNaturals.com.
Go now!
All right, who's up next?
All right, let's go to Katie.
Katie, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hi, thank you so much.
Honestly, with all these emojis, I'm absolutely just fuming.
Someone put me in a room with these pharmaceutical POSs because as somebody myself that is vaccine injured, I'm in the UK, I'm under the care of Professor Lobo.
Shout out, Professor Lobo.
Thank God for him.
I'm so furious.
At what's happened, not obviously just to me, but to so many other people, that is factual, it is scientifically factually now proven that whether it's Covid or the vaccine that alters your body's autonomic response system, it is just Sounds like we might have lost you for a second, Katie.
Are you still with us?
You're back, you're back.
Go ahead, go ahead.
It is so irresponsible and disturbing and disgusting and it's actually very sadly a very real thing.
I speak from first-hand experience.
What has only gone and happened to myself, I'm a single mum to a five-year-old little boy and I have literally been non-stop in and out of doctors, specialists and now thank God with Professor Lobo and his team because it started off where I had a suspected heart attack and was rushed to hospital which was terrifying because I used to run a 5k every day and was incredibly fit and healthy and strong and I'm like what on earth is It was terrifying to be frank and then my heart rate would just be through the roof and I just every day would wake up and think oh my god this is it, this is it, this is it, I'm gonna die.
It was terrifying and the RGP, so in the UK we have general practitioners, And, you know, God bless them and God bless the NHS, but really, it's like, what can they do if they don't know too much about it?
Yeah, they're totally compartmentalised and controlling what they can do.
And so I didn't give up.
I knew in my body that something wasn't right.
And I felt inflamed and I felt like... But how vindicating is it now to see... How vindicating?
But I was like, oh no, I feel like I'm swollen, inflamed, like what the hell's going on?
And when I spoke to Professor Lobo, long story cut short, because they said that I have tachycardia and that my autonomic system, which is basically your involuntary system, so your breathing, your heart rate, your circulatory system, etc., is completely sharp.
And then I went through extensive testing and they said it is to do with the COVID vaccine because I was never actually COVID positive and I took a test.
Katie, Katie, can you hear me Katie?
Katie, you can't hear me, put her on.
Katie, in closing, we're almost out of time here and we have another guest coming to the studio and more speakers.
Do you not feel vindicated now that they admit mainstream news, insurance company actuaries, 40% increase in total cause morbidity, meaning total death, record world deaths?
Are you not vindicated now when they try to gaslight you that you are indeed damaged?
Go ahead, Katie.
You ought to be able to unmute yourself.
Sorry Alex, I'll jump off.
I'm so sorry, I can't hear you.
Okay, we'll let her go.
She can't hear me.
It's an Xspace glitch.
It's not us, it's not her.
It's not her either.
Yeah, we'll talk to her.
I'm just saying, we're vindicated.
It's admitted now, but that's what's... I want to get your comments quickly because we've got a break.
But SPARS, the Pentagon, War Game, John Hopkins, CIA, that's what the Carney Endowment, all those guys are, they actually said with a public wake-up three years into this, we'll use that to collapse society.
They admitted to us.
So they planned this, but not as bad as they thought.
They didn't think we'd wake up this much.
Yeah, that's one of the things that scares me about our current political climate is our politicians, if you look back 10 or 20 years ago, used to be incredibly good at lying and covering things up.
Even Bill Clinton, as silly as it looks now, everybody fell for it.
But now they're so brazen in the way that they lie, it's like they don't even care because they know that they're not accountable to the people.
Alright, I got Mickey Willis coming in here.
He's loaded for Barry.
Super smart.
He's a great filmmaker about good versus evil.
And what he told me when I was talking to him recently is absolutely true about people that have even been conscious, suddenly have those dim eyes.
Something's happening, particularly with boys and men, where their soul hasn't been removed from them, but it's moved a little millimeter off of center.
How do we bring them back?
What is the process of that?
So our number four is straight ahead.
Stay with us.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
If, by Rudyard Kipling.
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, or being lied about, don't deal in lies.
Or being hated, don't give way to hating, and yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise.
If you can dream and not make dreams your master, if you can think and not make thoughts your aim, if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same, if you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken, twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, and stoop and build them up with worn-out tools, If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss And booze and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the will which says to them, hold on
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, or walk with kings, nor lose the common touch.
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, if all men count with you, but a nun too much.
If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run, yours is the earth and everything that's in it.
And, which is more, you'll be a man, my son.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
As we continue to wait and hope that more and more people wake up every single day, some that took the bait are now starting to realize that we the COVID unvaccinated weren't
all wrong.
This is that message to you, the unvaccinated.
Even if I were pollinated and fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I've ever seen.
From partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues, and even doctors.
COVID vaccines are now available for children five years and older.
Just get vaccinated.