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Name: 20240606_Thu_Alex
Air Date: June 6, 2024
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In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses various threats facing America - killing Trump, World War III, the bird flu pandemic, financial collapse, and race-based civil war. He warns about fear- mongering tactics used by governments and media regarding bird flu pandemic, manipulating information to create mass hysteria with false positives and sensationalized headlines. Jones also encourages viewers to support his company and purchase products through InfoWareStore.com. Drew Harrison discusses the importance of persecution as an indication of the Holy Spirit's presence in a person's life, urging Christians to actively engage in politics and reject staying silent on moral issues.

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The UN is getting ready to declare a bird flu pandemic.
They've gone into full hyper mode.
It was all pre-planned, all pre-programmed.
I predicted that three, four, five months before the election, they would go into the full fear mode.
Now they say a new strain has been released.
It's deadly.
It's killing humans.
It's all over.
Which is so insanely transparent.
The British Medical Journal has come out with a giant global report reporting exactly what I told you years ago.
A 40 plus percent death increase rate in all-cause morbidity.
And they're saying it is the shot that is the main suspect.
Except we have the sparse warg plan put out by the CIA through John Hopkins and Rockefeller Foundation predicting what they do.
I'll explain the sophistication of the Hegelian dialectic straight ahead and why they want us off the air because I understand their dialectic unlike anyone else.
We'll be right back.
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You're listening to Alex Jones.
Well, I hate to say I told you so, because I want to stop what I know is coming.
We're able to stop it, slow it down sometimes.
As more people wake up, we can really turn this world around.
But we're not quite there yet.
Though, we're not just rolling over and dying.
Thank you for joining us on this live, teleprompter-free Thursday, June 6, 2024 transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be live for the next four hours ahead of Owen Schroyer and the War Room.
At 3 p.m.
Well, one of the most successful organizations of the last decade fighting the New World Order, the Epoch Times, has had their CEO arrested and charged with money laundering for taking Money that he made overseas and bringing it back here and running TV and print ads for President Trump in America.
There's Falun Gong survivors who had their family members tortured, murdered, and their organs harvested.
They fled here to escape tyranny and brought their money with them and then poured the money into fighting for the nation.
And now I believe this will be the first of many people at the Epoch Times to be arrested because they're going after anybody that is going to stand up for this nation.
Now, if you go along with the globalists, you can see that you'll be totally financially destroyed, locked in your house, given forced injections.
So the only path is forward against these people, but they have been desperately trying to put me in jail for six, seven years, and they've been desperately trying to put Trump
in jail for those years.
They've put many others in jail and tried to.
Roger Stone's joining us at the bottom of the hour here in about 23 minutes from now.
It's incredible.
So we'll hit on the total police state, the Banana Republic.
In a moment we have a Trump clip where he talks about the man the republic will be playing.
But yes, we're in the conversion phase, the transition phase, the turnover phase from a once somewhat free Republic, the best house in a bad neighborhood, certainly had problems, but still the best nation on Earth, recognized to the greatest tyranny the planet's ever seen.
So the Ayatollah Khomeini, who I thought was a bad guy, was wrong 30 years ago when he called us the Great Satan.
I think that name is pretty much becoming what we are.
In fact, let's just hear from Trump right now on the Banana Republic, because I've talked about that, and then I'm going to tell you the other really shocking news.
Here it is.
Look, what I've gone through, nobody's ever gone through.
I'm a very legitimate person.
I built a great business.
Everything's been, I have been under siege.
Nobody's ever seen anything like this in this country.
Now, in other countries, in other third world countries, or banana republic, as they say, a banana republic.
We've become a banana republic.
At the border we've become a banana republic.
With so many other elements of our country we've become a banana republic.
You take a look at what's happening with inflation.
That's a banana republic inflation what we have.
We will move back to that coming up at the bottom of the hour and also Biden clearly defecating all over himself at the D-Day memorial service in front of world leaders and the world's cameras.
I told you yesterday I was told by the Secret Service and by high-level police beside the Secret Service that this is a daily occurrence when they've been around him.
Their biggest problem is stopping him, as I said yesterday, squatting and pooping.
Guys, get the segment from yesterday.
It's viral on X right now.
It's on my X account.
And I don't want to play the whole thing because it's a 10-minute clip where I talked about it and gave the whole history.
I just want to give the clip where I explained that almost every day in the White House, particularly in at night, he runs around naked pooping everywhere because he has dementia and that's what they do when they get on the stage when the drugs aren't set right and that he should do it more and more in public and then little did I know Less than 24 hours later, he would do it on the world stage.
And there's other videos of him not knowing where he is, worse than ever, bumping into people, not knowing where he's at.
This is over-the-top insane.
So we'll have those clips for you in the rest of it.
But can you guys pull my ex account up real quick?
I want to run it off my phone.
I want to show people the particular video.
I forget the exact headline.
It's, uh, learn why Biden is defecating all over himself.
Here, I'll just go there.
It's fine.
I'll do it.
I will go to it.
Let me see.
Here we go.
Here's the live show feed.
Breaking live.
set to announce new bird flu pandemic.
That's really the big news.
Repeat of lockdowns.
Force injections to stop Trump and pass pandemic treaty.
And then continuing on here, Nick Sautore asked, you know, is he really deprecating?
And I said, yes, in fact, he is.
And then I'll scroll down to my video yesterday.
You guys, just in the future, have my X open up there so I don't need to do this myself.
And then just continuing to scroll down.
Takes all day.
I'm going to get this on the screen.
It's going to happen.
Yeah, I posted a cloud a bit this morning.
But I will get up yesterday's headline for you.
And I've got to go rebroadcast for a while.
But keep scrolling down.
To the key report.
It's also on Banned.Video.
We just go to the Banned.Video section.
There it is.
Learn why President Biden is defecating on himself and why the deep state is about to remove him.
And I specifically explained the squatting in public like bad toddlers do or people with dementia do.
And also explain Hillary's brain tumor that she didn't want to remove during the campaign because she was going to be in bed for six weeks.
And how she was having convulsions on a daily basis.
Now we were told that and then we went and caught her.
Folks caught her actually doing that once that came out.
I'm just pointing out tomorrow's news today.
But what I'm going to do is I'm going to reset because I kind of get OCD about when I ask for a clip, I need the clip.
I'm at the crew, they didn't have the clip.
But I've kind of digressed now here.
So I'm going to air a very important Gregory's report about repenting.
And then I am going to come back as if I'm restarting the broadcast.
And I am going to get into the fact that indeed, indeed, they are going to launch a new pandemic and all the same fear and attempt the same thing we saw over the last four plus years.
Now, we don't have the crew to do this, but the internet points this out.
I've laid out exactly how they would do this, and how they were going to run it again, and how they would lay out the fear.
And that isn't about, for regular listeners that know that, to go, OK, you're smart.
I know most of you are as smart as I am, or smarter.
You saw this coming, too.
The general public is about to be conned again, and they won't listen to new information, I've noticed, when I've told them in live time.
But it does get the general public to wake up when they see old clips of mine and others predicting it.
And all the old clips of Berks and Redfield and Fauci saying one thing and then saying another.
So it's not just my prediction videos that are so powerful now that it's happening about the bird flu and all this, going back years.
I'd say that would be the new pandemic, probably.
And in the last year or so, I was sure about it, that they were getting it all pre-programmed, the fear going.
You can see the increments.
It's understanding how they pre-packaged something so you know what the next big move is.
They thought they'd have their big global power grab treaty already through.
They thought that would all be in place.
So the public's going to have real trouble buying this, but they're still going ahead with it.
So while Deborah Birx and the rest of them are going, oh, we were wrong.
We covered up the lab.
It was an accident.
Oh, yeah.
The vaccine didn't really work.
We're sorry.
Trying to rehabilitate themselves.
Oh, we really shouldn't wear masks.
They didn't work.
We shouldn't have made kids wear them.
She's on show saying all that.
She's separately also saying we got to lock down the farms and ranches.
We got to make everybody wear hazmat gear around cows and chickens.
We've got to have PCR tests of all the cows and chickens and then turn the PCR test up to 30, 40 times what they're supposed to, so that anything will test for what they're testing for.
And the inventor of that is on record, just type in an X. Inventor of PCR test says it's a fraud.
He died right as the pandemic started, by the way, they didn't want him out there speaking out against it.
I believe that was probably a murder.
These are facts, so it's simple.
You start the testing everywhere.
You have the testing set with the machines, with the groups from the FDA and EPA that go out.
They then find all the false positives.
They create the ultra-massive fear.
And then deaths of people that have heart failure or cancer or some other disease, this is what they did in 2000, 2001, are then attributed to the virus that they're hyping at the time.
And again, I said a month ago, oh, it hasn't jumped in humans yet, but it's imminent.
And oh my gosh, it just jumped.
Doesn't work like that.
So don't panic yet.
So you psychologically think, oh, they're not fear mongering.
We'll tell you.
Just listen to us.
Probably not a problem.
No big deal.
And oh, well, no, maybe it is going to be a big deal.
Oh my God, it's here!
We're all dead!
Run for the hills!
You're all in danger!
So I'll get to this more in a moment, but here it is.
World Health Organization warns of new strain of bird flu has jumped to humans with potential for high public health impact.
Oh, and Bill Gates will put another funded study out saying it's going to kill 5 million Americans.
As man in Mexico, 59 test positive before dying from it.
They turn up a PCR test really high, that's what they're told to do.
They go into some sick person.
Oh, bird flu!
And then he dies.
They go, look, bird flu!
Remember the last few months, all the false positives?
Oh, this person's sick.
Oh, this person's got red eyes, pink eye.
Oh, it's bird flu.
Oh, actually, it wasn't bird flu.
So again, they hype it up, hype it up, hype it up, hype it up, hype it up.
It's like the monkey pox crap a few years ago.
And it's not working.
So it's just an incredible time to be alive.
But I'm going to go ahead now and I'm going to air this very important Gregory's Reportness at Mandot video.
I'm going to have it posted to the X channel of yours truly, Alex Jones.
Real Alex Jones.
Critical to follow me there on X. The power of repentance on a world around us.
This is key.
here it is.
And so I traveled to Russia last December to see for myself.
What I learned was that this is true, but the government is not to credit for this.
While elements of the Russian Federation do protect and preserve the Russian people and their culture, the evidence shows that they were administering the same deadly shots as we've seen in the West.
The number of deaths in Russia during the rollout of their vaccines exceeded 2.4 million people, making it the worst year of deaths since 1945.
Data shows a correlation between vaccination and the increase in morbidity and mortality, and the head of the Russian Ministry of Health urged pregnant women to get the shot, saying it will contribute to a more comfortable and safe pregnancy.
It's not the government that is saving the Russian people.
It is the people themselves.
What I noticed the most about the Russian people is that they are far more united than the American people.
And everyone I've talked to here has told me that during the mask mandates and vaccine push, the majority of people unitedly ignored them.
The police wore their masks below the chin and didn't enforce them on the people.
And employers were forging documents to show vaccination when there was none.
They were not fooled and they had each other's back.
Many have told me that this unity is a result of generations of hardship that has embedded the importance of community into every Russian's psyche.
And I am sure that this is a big part of it.
But there is another big factor that has contributed to their unity which can be adopted by anyone.
Orthodox Christianity used to be the official religion of Russia.
It was made illegal during the Soviet Union, and when Communism fell, Orthodoxy re-emerged in a massive way.
Within the first few years, over 20 million Russians were baptized, and many of these people believed that the nation must repent for allowing the Romanov family to be brutally executed by Bolsheviks during the revolution.
Millions of Russians believe that repentance is the only thing that will save Russia.
I've heard many American Christians say that America must repent as well.
But before I came to Russia, I did not understand what repentance was.
According to Saint John Chrysostom, the purpose of repentance is for healing and transformation.
There are five paths, and they are so simple that they can be practiced by anyone without submission or conformity to any dogma or belief.
The first path of repentance is contrition, or the condemnation of your own sins.
In order to improve at anything, you must be aware of your weaknesses.
If you want to become a better carpenter, then you need to be aware of what makes you a poor one, so that you can change those things.
The same goes for everything, and if you want to become a good person, you have to be aware of your own shortcomings.
The second path of repentance is forgiveness.
It is the overlooking of another person's sins.
This is not saying that laws and justice should not be upheld.
It is saying that when you are focused on other people's shortcomings, you are wasting time that should be focused on your own.
We have no right or power to compel others, but we do have the power and the responsibility to change ourselves.
The third path of repentance is prayer.
Specifically, prayer that is impassioned, focused, and comes from the heart.
Taking the time to turn our thoughts away from worry, desire, and the mundane, and cultivate the frequency of love and gratitude.
The power of prayer has been scientifically measured, and consistent group prayer has lowered crime in the areas it was practiced in.
The fourth path of repentance is kind deeds towards others.
The world is full of opportunities to show compassion and generosity to others in need.
And the fifth path of repentance is humility, becoming more humble in our thoughts, words, and actions.
According to these teachings, one must simply choose at least one of these paths each and every day.
This is about taking responsibility, which is the root of every healthy society.
And the outcome is quite clear.
The more people practicing these five simple paths, the more their society will heal and transform.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reis.
You can find the report at InfoWars.com, Bandai Video and Rolex Jones Onyx.
Things to live by.
I was never taught that by the Orthodox Church.
I was taught that by the Protestant Church growing up.
My dad, I tell you, really lives by that.
That's how he operates.
He's a very humble, smart person.
As I've gotten older, I've learned to be that way.
When I was younger, I'd get really mad at other people's problems and what they were doing and how they were doing something wrong.
But as you learn to make it about yourself, make yourself better, as an example particularly, not that I'm certainly perfect, I have always had issues with anger.
Because I just am frustrated by what's happening and I want to really fight it and expose it.
But I've got to remember just to turn loose, just do the best I can, hope people research what I'm saying.
Because all I do is study the New World Order basically, 90% of the time.
To the point of it's just all-consuming.
And you can see the quattro attack I've been talking about.
The new pandemic, which isn't a pandemic, it's a power grab excuse to lock people down and create fear and give you poison shots.
Mass wars breaking out, World War III, potentially nuclear war.
And of course, economic collapse and then domestic civil war.
And then you add all that, all the poisoning, the GMO, the magnetic manipulation, just all of it.
It is a total satanic assault.
And the people doing it know exactly what they're doing.
They want to play God.
They believe to be God.
They've got to take full control of the planet and everything on it.
And you can never do that with God's system of biology.
So they're going to silicon and robots and beyond because that is the life form that this satanic energy builds.
And we're all around it, it's all encasing us.
And it's one thing to have mechanical things, but when you go to the pure digital, it helps you in so many ways.
But Sylvester Stallone recently talked about being human is doing things yourself.
And how at a certain point, all of this automation is enslaving us.
It's the equivalent of putting yourself on a ventilator Because, well, it's just easier for me to be on a ventilator instead of breathing.
But no, breathing and walking and running and lifting weights is what energizes you.
It's what makes you stronger.
And I've certainly worked so hard and used to be in great shape.
I'm not in great shape.
Sylvester Stallone is.
He's 30 plus years older than me.
I had a chance to work out at his private gym and stuff many years ago and knew he was a patriot and conservative then.
I'll just leave it at that.
He's since left LA and moved to Florida, but he's a good guy and he's damn right.
In fact, this is a short, real simple clip, but since the crew pulled it up, let's go ahead and play it.
Here's Sylvester Stallone recently on being human.
They don't even allow these today.
They don't even allow these today because they're so dangerous.
But that's what they used when I did the film.
They're barely six ounces, they're Reyes, and they're literally lethal.
So I still have them because it's a time when people were tougher.
Sorry, they were.
Life is just getting a little easier and easier and easier.
And Oh, that's great.
It's wonderful, but it's not.
I think when we force ourselves into tough situations, that's what the human creature is supposed to do.
They're not supposed to have wheels on their suitcases.
They're not supposed to have lawnmowers with engines that pull them along.
It's a convenience, no question.
But it just makes things easier.
Now with AI, you can literally put your brain in a pickle jar and have that machine do it.
I cherish these moments.
I cherish hard work, even though I hate it.
I know.
It's like, mmm, strong medicine.
Tastes horrible going down, but it makes you feel better.
Good stuff from Sly Stallone.
Now scroll up and look what he said about, uh...
Robert De Niro, and then they tried to spin it and say he didn't say it.
I went and did some searches.
We couldn't find that quote.
We found things very, very similar that, you know, all of Hollywood, just a bunch of leftist scum in his view.
But I digress.
How could you write a movie like Rambo First Blood, and the others are cheesy, but, and not be a patriot or conservative?
How could you write something like Rocky and not be smart?
But you look at the art Hollywood puts out now, it's just, it's dead.
Almost none of it's good.
And I saw another clip on national TV of the black woman star in the new Star Wars.
And she said, oh yeah, you know, all the characters aren't white because we want to upset white people.
If I went and watched a movie about black people, I'd love it if they were all black, if it's about black people, or all Vikings, if it's about that.
But if I go watch a movie about Shaka Zulu and they're all white, I'd say this is stupid.
Or I watch a movie about Vikings and they're all black, which they're doing now, it's just stupid.
And so, the fact that she admits, oh, we're taking all the white people out, just to Irritate you she says that I've got the clip right here.
We'll play it later.
He's like well.
Don't worry I don't want to go see it plus even if it was trying to irritate me was good acting I don't care everybody's black, but the fact you're doing it on purpose.
I'm just like I think I'm gonna pass I Mean I don't listen to Jimi Hendrix cuz he's black listen to him.
He's great.
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We are in the middle of a crude and ugly communist revolution funded by the big banks as a battering ram into a new age digital economy and a total surveillance state.
All branches of government are attacking we the people and they offer us only one option, a meaningless vote in a rigged election.
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the lies of the New World Order. It's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting to you from the New World Order, I'm Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
(upbeat music)
What Trump has gone through, no one has gone through.
He said that yesterday, and it's absolutely true.
Because I can tell you, the things that they've done to me, pale in significance, and they are unprecedented.
This is real Banana Republic tyranny, ladies and gentlemen.
Everything's on the line.
Here's the president, and we'll talk to his former chief advisor, Roger Stone.
Look, what I've gone through, nobody's ever gone through.
I'm a very legitimate person.
I built a great business.
Everything's been, I have been under siege.
Nobody's ever seen anything like this in this country.
Now, in other countries, in other third world countries, or banana republic, as they say, a banana republic.
We've become a banana republic.
At the border, we've become a banana republic.
With so many other elements of our country, we've become a banana republic.
You take a look at what's happening with inflation.
That's a banana republic inflation, what we have.
All right.
I called Roger up early this morning.
He's usually up super early.
I'll be up at like 5, 6 o'clock his time.
Call him up.
He's already working.
And I said, have you noticed that there's no news coverage, except CNN of all places, but almost no coverage of what happened yesterday?
Donald Trump election subversion conspiracy case indefinitely paused by Georgia appeals court.
And CNN goes on to say, what is a massive victory for the former president seeking to push further legal issues into 2025.
So this is a big victory.
But Rogers said, yeah, it's a big victory, but we need to talk about the fact they're planning to put him in jail.
And why his lawyers These damn lawyers did not even push to have the sentencing after the RNC, which they could have done, and said it's before the RNC.
So we're going to have Biden replace the RNC.
That's now 100% clear.
Roger predicted it three and a half years ago.
Next year's news today.
And I don't just sit up and say, we predicted this, we predicted that, to brag to you.
It's like we, this is what we do, folks, all the time.
We eat, drink, sleep it.
I told you to come out with a bird flu.
They've been pre-programming that.
Now it's official.
The UN says, looks like we'll have to declare a pandemic.
Oh my God, it's killing everybody.
Because they turn up the PCR test, point it at a dying person.
You turn them up high enough, they'll say, the air is bird flu.
You program what you're looking for, you turn it up high enough, the computer finds it.
If you turn a metal detector up all the way on high, and you aim it at dirt, it'll say there's gold there.
You set it to gold, you set it to silver, what you're looking for, set it to copper, and I've been doing that since I was a little kid with my dad.
Found all this cool stuff.
My dad explained.
You turn the sensor all the way up...
It'll tell you the air is gold.
You got to set it at the lowest level you can for sensitivity and then you got to get right over it or it gets false positives and you're digging in the ground.
Well PCR tests are more sophisticated but it's the same thing and I'll get to that next hour after Roger leaves us but...
I told you this and now it's a done deal.
So they're going to try to suspend things with civil unrest they call civil war.
They're going to try to suspend things with giant war with Russia.
They're going to try to suspend the election with the bird flu hysteria and or massive bank failures that the FDIC says are imminent and already started.
So I'm not up here fear-porning you folks.
I saw where this is going.
This is the time in history when everything changes.
Lenin said there are decades when nothing happens and weeks where decades happen.
He was evil, but he was right.
He was smart.
Roger Stone, the guy that really pushed Trump to run for president, one of his top advisors.
Roger doesn't like to brag about things, but it's just true.
That's why they tried to throw him in prison repeatedly.
And he and I have barely survived these attacks.
But to watch Trump, he's under 100 times the attack, Roger and I are.
And let me tell you, withering attacks.
We made it through it, but just barely because of your support.
I cannot imagine the medal for any of his failings.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime titan.
This is a badass.
He's about to have his birthday when he's 78 years old.
It looks completely different.
The image of vitality, even Bill Maher admitted that a few weeks ago versus Biden, who I have confirmed from the Secret Service, Three years ago, when Nolan said it, I said he craps his pants.
He gets mad, squats like a toddler, and craps his pants.
He did it last week in public, getting a marine one.
He did it today at the D-Day event.
I mean, you cannot, in France, you cannot make this up.
And I'm on record, three years ago and yesterday, that he squats and does this.
He is out of his mind.
We have a U.S.
President shitting on international television.
Roger Stone, this is a crisis, my friend.
Alex, you're absolutely right.
Let me go back to last Saturday afternoon.
I was in the kitchen whipping up my famous Sunday gravy.
One-third pork, one-third beef, one-third veal, if I can afford it.
San Marzano tomatoes cooks for Four or five hours.
That's our Sunday supper.
It's tradition in our house.
And I start getting text messages.
What's going on with Alex Jones?
Are they trying to shut Alex Jones down?
I go immediately to InfoWars and I see you in an emergency broadcast.
And I contact your producer and tell him I want to jump in because this is part of the same plan.
In other words, this move on you, which folks, I've read all of the documents, I've read all of the material.
This is not some hoax or some crying wolf or some attempt for attention.
What they're trying to do is to shut InfoWars down.
It's a documented fact.
Now, why now?
Why now is because it's election interference.
If you go read my book, The Making of the President 2016, how Donald Trump orchestrated an American Revolution, there's a long section in there about the seminal role of InfoWars in the nomination of Donald Trump, breaking the back of the country club Republicans and Taking the party out of the grip of the globalist bushes and turning it into the party of America first and working class people.
So InfoWars is as big, not as big a target as Trump, but trust me, friends, it is up there and it's why they have really gone after you.
You predicted all of this, Alex, on election night.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
I was euphoric.
And you were a little downcast and you predicted that they would now try to destroy anyone who got in the way, that they would try to destroy the Trump presidency.
You've turned out to be right about all of that.
Well, Roger, before we get into Trump and where this is going, since you're on this, I want to be clear.
When they started censoring us, deplatforming us six years ago, they said, we're not doing it.
It's gaslighting.
In World War I, the Germans would attack.
They were the first to do it.
They would go on loudspeakers in English and saying, no one's attacking.
We're your friends, because a certain percentage, a low number of the Allied soldiers, French, British, American.
Russian would believe that, okay, the Germans aren't attacking.
And then they would throw on their arms and run.
Or they would not fight.
So it's the same thing.
I come up here Friday.
Why are extra guards coming in?
I figured it out, made calls.
And my lawyer's like, we just got the call.
They're closing the place at 9 o'clock tonight.
I said, under law, I'm the sole member, the CRO's advisory in my type of bankruptcy.
I printed off the law, showed the guard, showed the security camera.
They said, okay.
He tried the next day to do it.
Now, overhead shot just real quick because you mentioned this, Roger.
Here's AP.
We'll go to the next hour, Roger.
I've got a lot to talk to you about.
I know you've got a lot of stuff to do, but we'll get to Trump in a minute.
But since you mentioned it, Judge rejects call to immediately shut down InfoWars at the Monday hearing.
So this was set up.
This was happening.
The judge said he wasn't doing it, but they tried outside of a judge's order.
So that was AP.
There's London Guardian.
There's CBS News.
All the same thing.
So this happened.
I didn't lie, but I trust you.
So I sent you the documents, plus you read the court pleadings you're allowed to.
I didn't even know you did that, but you told me a few days ago you wouldn't spend time to make sure and saw it, read it.
This was circulated and the judge didn't sign it and I've been asked by the court not to show this but I did send it to you.
This was the plan to shut this, throw me out, shut this down and make the CRO the head of this company outside of federal law which the judge couldn't even do.
So the judge can override me but he can't put the CRO in to do it.
So why would they desperately try to piratically shut this down and not even tell me and lock the doors and change the locks?
I was right Friday and Saturday.
I said, this isn't about me.
They're going for everybody.
Epoch Times CEO arrested, charged with money laundering.
They said they're going to try to close it down.
Now, minutes ago, Steve Bannon, they want him off the playing field.
Judge orders Steve Bannon to report to prison July 1st for contempt of Congress.
They already tried to put Roger in prison.
He was pardoned.
So they're trying to take the president's other pieces in a chess game off the board right now.
This is what you do before a full coup, is you take out the main voices that will be in opposition.
So it isn't about Roger Stone, or it isn't about Alex Jones, or even Steve Bannon.
This is about, they are launching the assault now, there's no doubt.
And in any war, if you hesitate when the assault's happening, you get defeated.
Now we're not going to be violent.
We're not going to violently protest.
I think you're absolutely right.
We've got to get the word out, flood Twitter, flood X, flood everything, that we know this is the takeover ahead of the new bird flu and everything.
I'm going to shut up now, Roger, but I just wanted to back up what you were saying.
This is clear.
They're making their move.
Yeah, I think you're absolutely right.
Alex, actually, if you want to point out where this all really begins, other than the fact that in the fourth year of the Biden presidency, they decide to cook up all of these legal
cases against Trump.
I conclude a couple things.
First of all, they never saw Trump's comeback.
They never saw his resurgence.
So they thought that a more globalist friendly Republican candidate like Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley would be able to eliminate Trump and that Trump was done.
They're shocked that he came back and cinched the nomination so easily, demonstrating that we are the party of America first.
The firing of Tucker Carlson at Fox to try to eliminate his audience, that's very much a part of this.
Little did they suspect that Tucker would bounce back to be bigger than ever.
The takeover, the takeover of Veritas, which remember, when they first fired him and threw him out of his own company, he founded, they denied for two weeks it was true, so he would have no support, then later they admitted it was.
Same tactic, Roger, they did to James O'Keefe.
Absolutely true.
Now they want to incarcerate Steve Bannon for his contempt of Congress conviction.
That's on appeal, by the way.
Even if Steve gets through that, he still faces a criminal trial in New York where they've re-indicted him on charges that President Trump pardoned him on.
So they want to get him out of the action.
Steve and I have had our differences, but at this moment, Alex, I'm praying for him.
Because we're on the same side.
Good job, Roger.
Keep going, sir.
So, but to come to the larger question of what's going to transpire immediately, first of all, I've learned a couple things.
You can talk to four really, really smart lawyers.
Now, let me be clear.
The number of really smart lawyers is very small.
Most lawyers are trained to believe that the only thing that matters Is what's in their filings and the filings of the government or the filings of plaintiffs or actually happens in the courtroom.
They don't understand that everything that happens outside the courtroom that gets reported publicly impacts what happens inside that courtroom.
There are very, very few lawyers who understand that.
In fact, most lawyers want their clients to shut up and stay out of the press.
Let me just back you up.
I was talking to the admitted top bankruptcy lawyer in probably the U.S., but definitely Texas.
I'm not going to say the name.
People will know who it is.
He literally repeated what you just said to me in a Saturday morning hour-long conversation.
He said, look, these lawyers are all trained SEALs.
Even if they were smart, they switch off their brain.
They'll understand nothing matters except The political nature, and that that has to be brought up to the judges, but they just refuse to do it because they've been brainwashed to.
He literally explained that to me.
Well, and does anyone think, for example, that the jury in the New York trial, which was not sequestered over the weekend before they rendered their verdict, wasn't watching the news?
I mean, I understand they're told not to do it, but since it's everywhere, it's impossible to avoid.
So until you have actually You cannot understand the complete lack of any restraints on these people.
The Constitution does not matter.
And it's all total deception.
George Papadopoulos was, like Carter Page was, like you are.
You cannot understand the complete lack of any restraints on these people.
The Constitution does not matter.
And it's all total deception.
It's upside down world.
The evidence doesn't matter.
The facts don't matter.
They literally get away with doing whatever.
In Owen Schroeder's case, when they arrested him and he put in a filing, you didn't arrest Alex Jones.
He was legally there with a permit for Trump to come to.
I work at InfoWars.
They said, Judge, we recommend perjury charges.
He's never worked at InfoWars.
That was seven years after he was one of the main anchors and co-hosts of the show with you.
That'd be like saying Tom Brady never played NFL football.
If he said in a filing, hey, I play for the NFL, and the FBI says, of the Justice Department, we want Tom Brady indicted.
He never played for the NFL.
It's insane!
It's insane!
So, when you talk to a smart lawyer who does understand the impact of public affairs and publicity on a case, unfortunately, four great, really smart lawyers gave me four different descriptions of how they see things going forward.
It kind of boggles my mind as to why Trump's attorneys would ask for sentencing in mid-July knowing that the Republican National Convention opens on July 14th.
So it is not inconceivable, in fact, I personally think it is likely that the judge could sentence Trump to incarceration on the 12th when there's a sentencing.
Some believe that the judge will then stay that sentence, a pending appeal.
I don't know why they think that.
They want to get Donald Trump off the campaign trail.
They want to disrupt his campaign.
They want to blacken his name.
What better way than sending him to Rikers Island?
or at a minimum, you know, putting him under house arrest, where he has to stay in Trump Tower
and wear an ankle bracelet.
No, these things are not outlandish and they're not impossible.
But I've had so many lawyers tell me, "Oh, well, surely the judge will grant bail pending appeal."
Why do you think that?
I don't know why you think that.
Judge Murchan is part of the New York Democrat machine.
Well, that's right, Roger.
It doesn't matter that with similar things like this, nobody even gets jail time.
It doesn't matter that one misdemeanor, if he was guilty, turns into 34 felonies.
It doesn't matter.
We're not playing by the old rules.
And the lawyers keep going according to precedent.
This is not precedent.
No, and that's right.
They're used to the way that things usually work.
So, one lawyer said to me, well, normally in a situation like that, the judge would stay the sentence pending appeal.
I said, yes, normally, but there's nothing normal about this.
There's been nothing normal About the prosecution of Trump from the very beginning.
The other really big story that I think most people did not see yesterday is that Judge Eileen Cannon expanded the hearing into the question of whether a special counsel, Jack Smith, was legally appointed.
Now this issue rose during the Mueller investigation.
One of the witnesses in my case, who did not want to testify, raised this issue with the trial court, was knocked down, took it to the appeals court in D.C.
That's a joke, totally politicized.
They denied it, ran out of time, couldn't get it to the Supreme Court, was never called to testify anyway.
By the way, there was nothing damaging or even interesting he could have said about me.
But that was in D.C., and that's what we call wrongly decided.
By the way, let me just stop you, because I need your expertise on this, because you love to go into each factor.
If you can stay in the next hour, I'll go slow and stop interrupting, because I want to pick your brain here, because you have a way better batting average than any of Trump's lawyers, except that one you always talk about, who was the smart enough one to end the impeachment, the last one against Trump, by a short video showing Democrats all calling for violence, and a video of Trump calling for peace.
Who is that shown?
It's all about their showing videos of lies.
We show the video true.
They show that they shut down because it was theirs.
So let's talk about this.
We have Fannie Willis' case being indefinitely suspended because of all of her fraud by the appeals court in Georgia.
We have the federal judge in Florida catching Jack Smith and his henchmen and co-accomplices falsifying evidence.
She has already suspended it and is now putting him in the crosshairs.
All their cases are falling apart.
That is my belief.
They need maximum disruption of his campaign, maximum disruption of the next election.
thing on that that makes it a certainty they're gonna gamble even though it'll blow up in their face because they always make the wrong move now and they
are going to put him in jail coming up at that July hearing. That is that is my belief. They need maximum disruption of his campaign, maximum disruption of the
next election. I have no doubt whatsoever about it and I think lawyers who think otherwise, or others who would think otherwise.
I think they are being naive.
They do not understand how driven they are.
Judge Murchan certainly wants to be on the federal court.
He wants to be a liberal icon.
Well, exactly.
Most cases are not political, but now with Soros, if you're white, defend yourself, you go to jail.
If you're black, defend yourself, go to jail.
Defending yourself, you go to jail.
They're for criminals.
That's not political.
But in the case of Trump or any of his supporters, Jan, six people, it is political.
So these lawyers are so used to it being a normal case.
It's not.
It's not.
So let me ask you this.
The big move is, okay, they're going to put him in jail on the 11th.
I think you're right.
Let's just make the prediction now.
Unless enough exposure happens, but we're rarely wrong.
Wish we were wrong more.
Trump will be thrown either in Rikers Island where they're ready for him, or he'll be made to stay I think the judge splits the baby and puts him at Trump Tower.
But he may go, they're so mad dog, they may even, I mean, they tried to shut this place down without a court order this weekend, people couldn't even believe it.
We're not normal, we're not in Kansas, folks.
So their next move will be promote a bunch of violence or trigger provocateurs when Trump gets put in jail to blow stuff up or shoot up a black church and blame it on Trump.
That's the next move.
Anybody who would send 29 heavily armed FBI agents to your home at 6 o'clock in the morning for a non-violent first-time crime of lying to Congress when they could have just called your lawyers and had you turn yourself in are as capable of doing absolutely anything.
So you're absolutely right.
Anybody who would seek to close down InfoWars without a court order, these people are capable of anything.
And I'm adamant here that Judge Merchant will do his worst.
Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, they're everywhere saying right-wing militias are about to start killing black people.
Well, they want to tell you they predicted it.
And she goes, I've talked to law enforcement.
They've got to release the intelligence.
They're in there, the FBI is telling Democrat Congress that a new Jan 6 is coming, but killing black people.
That is not a tell in poker.
That's showing them the hand, Roger.
Yeah, of course it's nonsensical, unless of course they've arranged for somebody to make these attacks.
Maxine Waters has called for violence against Trump supporters multiple times.
I rarely see her being criticized in the mainstream media for that.
Alex, I don't know if you saw this, but one of the most powerful videos I've seen in a while, Congressman Tom Massey, a Libertarian from Kentucky, questioning Garland Merritt All right, Merrick Garland, the attorney, on the legality of Jack Smith's appointment.
I really think this is the absolute key to what's going to unroll here.
Here's a clip.
Jack Smith nominated by President Biden or confirmed by the U.S.
You're asking me about a case.
Again, motions filed.
This is a simple question.
Was Jack Smith nominated by President Biden?
No, he was not.
Was he confirmed by the Senate?
No, he was not.
When was the special counsel statute passed?
There is no special counsel statute.
There was an independent counsel statute that was expired.
So it expired.
So what gives you the authority to appoint a special counsel?
You've created an office in the U.S.
government that does not exist without authorization from Congress.
Nobody can trip Roger up, and I'm interrupting so much.
It's happening.
But you notice why I'm doing it?
He's super smart.
I thought I only had 30 minutes.
So I'm like, boom, question.
No, no, no.
Answer this now.
Answer that.
We're going to go slow now.
Let him talk when we come back.
But folks, I'm in hyper Super Mario mode right now.
They literally, without a warrant and without an order, tried to close us.
And I told the armed men who were nice that I've worked with for many years, there's not an order.
They went, that's right.
We're not going to follow the order.
That's desperation by the bad guys.
Then I later got the order.
They tried to get the judge to sign.
We are in and Roger, I said to you, you've read it and they've asked me not to show it in the court.
So I haven't, but you've seen the order, right, Roger?
I have.
I read it myself.
That's right.
So this isn't a game and this isn't about me.
This means it's going down.
So pray to God.
I got a plug and we're not going to be here.
InfoWars may survive.
Good chance.
But whatever you order is going to get shipped.
We ship within a day.
The judge is not going to let them shut down right away.
He'll do a wind down.
He's already said that.
We'll probably be here a month or two if he shuts us down.
We may be here forever.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com.
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Almost no orders are coming in because people think we're shut down.
People thought I did this as a stunt to make money.
No, it does the opposite when you say you're being shut down.
People don't buy stuff from your company, okay?
God Almighty.
And so support InfoWars right now.
I'm asking you to.
You'll get it, plus you want to support it.
So in case we win, we might have killed ourselves by telling you this was happening.
It's okay, I had to tell you what's happening.
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We're fighting for you, fight for us.
Make the decision, drjonesnaturals.com right now, amazing products, go get them now, or support the New World Order destroying you and your family.
Thank you for joining us here today.
Earlier this afternoon, Donald Trump was arraigned by a Manhattan grand jury on 34 felony counts.
This case is an abomination.
You know, it's obviously political.
Seven years to try to come up with this case.
They're just wrong on the law.
The only crime that Donald Trump is being prosecuted for is the crime of running for president.
Political persecution at the highest level.
They've quite frankly given up on trying to beat him at the polls.
Either going to steal it or stop it by law firm.
What's going on here is a disgusting disgrace.
It is war on Trump.
It is war on the Republican Party.
And it is a war on the Republicans.
This case is the weakest case I've seen in 60 years of teaching, practicing, and writing about criminal law.
I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.
This judge, I mean, you don't need a prosecutor if you have a judge like this.
This judge is not on the level.
It's a terrible case, but the judge has been pretty much a rubber stamp on everything that Bregg has wanted to do.
They're perverting the system of justice.
You know, that's where the danger lies.
The corruption and subversion of our institutions by the left.
This is the Democrats' entire strategy to confine President Trump to a dirty criminal courtroom and keep him off the campaign trail where he can bring his winning message to voters across this country.
New York has become a legal banana republic.
They are so determined to get Donald Trump.
Look, convicting Donald Trump, that's all they have.
I think they have no cards.
And they're depending upon Trump getting convicted.
That Trump train doesn't show any signs of slowing down.
The only verdict that matters is the verdict at the ballot box.
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All right, Roger said during the break, "Hey, you're not interrupting me.
"We're having great banter back and forth."
It's just that I wanted to cover all the topics I had.
I thought he only had 30 minutes.
He's got another 20, 30 minutes.
I'm trying to give him the floor for this little segment, the next segment,
to go through everything we talked about, but we know what we're talking about.
It's going down.
Roger, what's front and center right now?
You know, Alex, I continue to think that the physical failures in public of Joe Biden
because uh... huge internal problems inside the democratic party yesterday he appeared as you know to actually
uh... take a crap on stage in florida you'll remember when he went to visit
uh... the italian press uh... said that he was extremely late The photos of him going into the Vatican, he's wearing a two-piece suit in which the jacket and the pants fit.
When he leaves, he's wearing a suit jacket and pants that do not match.
That are not matching.
So this is not something new.
My sources tell me that one of the medications they use them to keep alert has this side effect as I said.
But the point of course is that his continued foibles, his continued failures, his seeming to be completely out of it, this causes panic.
In the Democratic Party.
They are apoplectic because it's the worst of both worlds.
They don't have any record to run on.
We have record inflation.
We have record gasoline prices and rising.
They can cook up the economic numbers as best they want.
People do not feel confident about the economy.
And then, of course, the open borders has caused not only a crime epidemic and fentanyl epidemic, but also fiscal problems for cities, towns, and counties, who by state law are required to provide social services for these illegals.
So, the Democrats can't run on anything positive, so they have to run on Trump's a convicted felon.
They achieved that in New York.
January 6, recycling that nonsense again.
And lying about abortion.
Oh, Roe v. Wade outlawed abortion in the United States, which of course isn't even close to being the truth.
And then the fourth leg of the stool, mark my words, is going to be, the Republicans want to extend the age for you to receive your Social Security benefits, and they want
to means test you so that if you have any income beyond Social Security and you're a senior citizen, they cut your benefits.
There are a small handful of Republicans in the House who believe this.
They're all in safe districts.
Donald Trump has made it very clear that he considers Social Security to be untouchable.
Why don't we take some of that money that we're shipping to Ukraine for a war that I think the Ukrainians are losing and use it to bolster the Social Security Trust Fund.
$160 billion to bolster the Social Security Trust Fund makes a lot more sense to me.
Uh, then spending that money in Ukraine.
So you're going to have an all negative campaign by the Democrats.
Uh, I still believe it is entirely possible, uh, and the outcome of Hunter Biden's trial will play a factor here.
Uh, that Joe Biden, uh, in the days just before the Democratic nomination could announce that he will not stand as a candidate, not resigning as president.
but he will not stand as a candidate, throw it open in a dramatic fashion, release his delegates and let the convention draft whoever they want.
I've said repeatedly that that would not be Kamala Harris, that would be Michelle Obama.
We'll do a final segment with Roger Stone.
You've looked at the political there that I totally agree with your analysis.
The best out there.
Then they've got their extra political backgrounds.
Bigger wars, a new pandemic, more George Floyd stuff, 2.0, much worse.
They're all pre-programming civil war.
Let's talk about that atmosphere they're trying to create and how these systems collide and how we stay peaceful and win with Roger Stone back in 60 seconds.
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Alright, some of our 300 plus amazing radio stations.
Do not carry the first five minutes, because stations run news and ads, then we totally get it.
Roger made amazing analysis of why the Democrats are falling on their face.
They're trying to run on Trump being a convicted felon.
They put up the same thing they did in the 2016 election.
There's this n-word tape that we know is fake.
That disappeared.
Nothing they're selling is working anymore.
Not the E. Jean Carroll crap.
None of it for a lot of stations that just carry the second, third, and fourth hour.
It's gotten almost no coverage.
The appeals court indefinitely paused the Georgia show trial case.
The Florida federal documents case has been indefinitely paused.
Now the investigation by the judge is shifted on to the Justice Department and Jack Smith.
Who was not constitutionally appointed, and Merrick Garland in Congress days ago couldn't even defend that show.
Everything's blowing up, but when I see the pre-programming, Roger looks at the political machinery of the RNC, DNC, and their moves, but that's the politicos.
Then you've got the Justice Department, the CIA, and the think tanks, and the movies and culture they put out, and the professors and the propaganda, and it's all civil war, total deaths, black killing whites, power outages.
Cyber attacks, you know, oh, there'll be a new deadly something, bird fluids.
They're getting ready to announce that as a pandemic of hysteria and fear using PCR tests.
It's all official now.
And after Roger leaves, I'll lay it all out.
So they're telling you economic collapse, regional bank failure.
So the economic crisis, war with Russia, call it the quattro.
And then you've got the new pandemic, And then you've got the Civil War.
So they've got all of those as a four-headed Hydra that they're trying to pre-program and play, but none of it's working.
There's a global realignment.
So this is very, very scary for the New World Order.
So it appears they're going to go ahead and go with a full World War III car with the Russians, with massive bombardments of Western weapons, including U.S.
cruise missiles, F-16s dropping 2,000-pound bombs that already began three days ago, killing thousands and thousands of Russians a day.
And the Pentagon has announced that it's fine, and so has Stoltenberg, head of NATO, to hit Moscow with 2,000-pound cruise missiles.
And then Putin responded saying it's BS.
At the big summit he's at today, this big St.
Petersburg summit that I was invited to, but I didn't go to it because I knew I'd be arrested.
Even though I'm a journalist, they don't let you do that now.
This is three months ago when Tucker could get in there.
It was the opposite.
So they're pulling journalists off planes trying to go there.
And he said, it's BS.
We won't invade you.
We won't attack you unless you attack us.
We will not offensively attack you.
So I've laid out that buffet of crises, four big ones they've got, Roger.
Do you think there's more or do you think that's the four?
And what's your analysis of each?
Alex, I think you're absolutely right.
You'll recall only weeks ago when the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who's as bad at statesmanship as he is at the guitar, announced that Ukraine would be joining NATO in September.
This is the line in the sand that Putin has made very, very clear.
That would be a violation of two different treaties that we have signed, the Budapest Memorandum and the Minsk Accords.
We specifically agreed, if the Russians allowed the reunification of East and West Germany, we agreed in return not to push Ukraine, to use the words of Secretary of State James
Baker, one more inch east into NATO, and we would be in violation of that.
They used the cover of Trump's conviction, which dominated the news.
How many people didn't see that we've just authorized American planes, American armaments, American missiles to attack Russia?
This is an invitation for World War III.
They would rather have World War III than have the re-election of Donald Trump.
They are prepared to resort to starting a world war if that's what it takes for them to hold on to political power.
There's no exaggeration there.
That's precisely what's happening before our very eyes.
So how do we deter that?
How do we get saner heads prevail in the beltway than moving into the other crises, the civil war, civil unrest they're cooking up, the economic collapse, and of course it looks like after World War III the secondary thing is the bird flu.
Well, Alex, I think the one thing, there's two things that are absolutely consistent about the radical left and the globalists.
One, they constantly recycle the same crap over and over again, no matter how debunked, disproven or discredited it is.
So we saw the Russian collusion crap being recycled.
No, there is none.
There was none.
But they're back to recycling it yet again.
They will also In my opinion, we're either going to have some kind of pandemic, that worked so extraordinarily well for them in 2020, and they're prepared to go to war, as I said.
And then there's the A word, which we don't like to talk about.
I pray every night, I say the rosary every night, and the list of people that I am praying for Because I've got a written list.
It's getting longer and longer and longer, but at the top of my list is Donald Trump, because I think that they are entirely capable.
I wrote a book on this, The Man Who Killed Kennedy, the case against LBJ.
They killed one president.
I don't think the deep state is beyond killing another president.
Let me stop you because that's why I've got Roger Stone on.
I sat down for like an hour.
Friday before I learned they were trying to lock the doors and I said, what are their attacks?
And I came up with a quattro and I just missed it.
It's the, what's the five in Spanish or the five in Latin or the five in German?
They came up with the five of course.
In fact, they would kill Trump before they did World War 3.
So the main threats, they kill Trump.
The next one's World War 3.
The next is the bird flu.
The next is financial collapse.
And then to confuse everybody while they've done that, they have a race-based civil war.
Do you agree with that order?
Because it's less damage for them and everything, but they want to take out Russia too.
So maybe World War 3 is their main plan.
Secondarily, because if they go with World War 3, they'll kill Trump.
Because during bombs raining down, they can do whatever they want.
By the way, folks, this is where we are.
So, Roger, you're right.
It's five main threats, not four.
And the whole idea of potentially sending Donald Trump to Rikers Island, that's an extraordinarily dangerous place.
That'd be a perfect place to attempt to kill him.
So, no, I'm not trying to be an alarmist, and I'm not.
I'm not making up conspiracy theories.
It's happened in our history multiple times, including in modern times.
So, yes, I do.
I pray about that.
I worry about that.
I pray for his safety and the safety of his entire family.
Again, until you've been in the crosshairs of these people, like General Flynn.
By the way, if you haven't seen his great new biographical film, Flynn, you really need to.
It's amazing.
You can go to FlynnMovie.com, I think it is.
It is a must-see.
But if you haven't been in this crosshairs yourself, and if you haven't seen the evil in the eyes of the people who are seeking to lock you up or impoverish you, or if you haven't seen a judge with no regard for the law, Uh, mostly being coached by left-wing clerks, determined to destroy you and to extinguish your constitutional rights.
Well, then, in all honesty, you cannot understand the seriousness of the threat.
These folks recognize that if Trump is returned to power, there's going to be an examination of the laws they broke.
The freaks over at Media Matters, they took a bite from my show the other day and say, you see, stone-calling for revenge.
If you take the whole clip, I specifically say this has nothing to do with revenge.
This has to do with equal enforcement of the law.
Nobody's above the law.
They've had an ongoing coup against America.
The cancer must be removed under the law.
Well, nobody's above the law unless you're Hillary Clinton.
Unless you're FBI Director James Comey.
Unless you're former CIA Director John Brennan.
Unless you're Joe Biden.
Unless you're Barack Obama.
Those people, Andrew McCabe, we can go on and on.
So don't you think Trump needs to come out and talk about the five attacks?
I know he's a bull, so I'm going to talk about himself being in danger, but he should at least come out and say, look at the bird flu right on time.
Look at World War III.
He's already doing this, but I think he should be hammering their attack plan because we know their blueprint.
You're right.
They regurgitate the same plan over and over again because that's what they've already pre-programmed people for.
That's what they're already ready for.
You know, I thought this was one of the most effective things about the Hannity interview last night.
He did, he hammered the issue of nuclear war.
He hammered the danger of impending nuclear war.
It was one of the best parts of the interview.
I was live texting Hannity during the interview.
I think it's one of the best interviews Hannity has ever done with the president.
And the president was very crisp, very strong, very on point.
This was a triumph.
This was, I think, a milestone.
This is his first real major interview since the conviction.
And now he heads to Las Vegas, Nevada, a swing state, for two campaign stops this weekend, right back out on the road.
The man is a machine.
He's a machine.
He is so strong.
He is so resilient.
His stamina is so extraordinary.
A normal person would have Collapsed under the weight of all this.
He really is a superhuman individual.
And the time we have left, I think you're right, and by the way, this was an act with Roger who was brought up Christian and believed in God, but I was the same way, brought up
Christian, believed in God, but it wasn't until I was in a crisis, they said there's no atheist in the foxhole, that I really had to call on God and saw what God's done miraculously.
And so Roger, we didn't pre-plan this, but I hope you'll lead us in prayer, talk about the power of God, pray for Trump, pray for America, pray for world peace, and then tell
people how they can find your show and the great work you do.
I'm going to do one thing before I do that.
Brainforce folks, this is how I'm able to join you today.
This is how I have the energy to do this show.
I'm putting in ridiculous hours.
I'm not getting much sleep.
I'm working like a dog.
I talk at midnight our time, 1 a.m.
your time, and then we're talking at 6 a.m.
You're sleeping four hours.
So sorry, go ahead.
So the great supplements, also your nitrous oxide product, I can't recall the name.
Yes, great.
These are both great products.
By the way, I don't get paid for anything for saying this.
Alex didn't ask me to say anything about this.
I'm just telling you the truth.
These two great products, Brain Force and Nitric Boost, really turbocharge my workday.
They give you mental clarity.
You don't have that crash that That you get, you know, with the energy drinks that have, you know, ephedrine in them.
So I recommend both of them to you.
It helps keep the InfoWars operation running.
You're right.
With all of these stories, people stop buying things.
Now is not the time to stop, folks.
Now is the time to place your order.
Let me say that.
All right.
Let me wrap this up in just a moment of prayer.
Not much of a preacher.
I'm more of a politico.
But dear Heavenly Father.
I ask your protection for our president and for our nation.
And every single day, we must remind ourselves, this is all in your hands, Lord.
This is all in your hands.
We are your people.
This is the last, best chance for freedom on Earth.
But as Nayib Bukele said in an incredibly articulate inaugural address, if you have God's will on your side and you have the will of the people on your side, then you can accomplish anything.
So, Lord, we ask for your guidance.
We ask for your protection.
We ask for your wisdom.
We're going to go through some very tough times.
Please, please protect your son, Donald J. Trump, and his entire family.
Protect everyone in this movement.
We are the victims.
We are the ones they seek to victimize, I guess is what I should say, and the people that seek to destroy us.
I'm thankful that you have delivered my wife from stage four cancer.
It's only through the grace of God that I myself escaped the deadly snare set for me by Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller, and I am thankful, Lord, that you have delivered me.
I'm thankful that you have delivered my wife from stage four cancer.
I am thankful for the protection of everyone out there who loves America and simply wants a free, fair, honest, transparent election.
We ask for all these things, Lord, in your name.
God bless you.
Thank you.
I mean, God is our refuge.
And it's, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we'll fear no evil, for Thou art with us.
Thou art with me.
Roger, how do people find your show?
Go to StoneZone.com, folks.
You can catch our daily show at Rumble.
You can also hear our weekend 77 WABC radio show.
You can go there for many of the great products.
It's interesting, Alex, while they were trying to shut down InfoWars, StoneZone was the target of a massive online attack.
There's no question.
they took us offline for several hours.
Most people that are prominent to be known, we're all under attack right now.
They're making their move, Roger.
There's no question.
Alex, thanks for having me with you today.
God bless you and keep fighting.
Just keep fighting.
We'll never stop fighting.
I will.
Thank you.
And folks, they want to pin us down by making us fight not to be shut down and to cover our own stories.
We're not covering what's affecting you, the inflation, the open borders, the World War III, all of it.
So we're going to come back and exclusively for the rest of the show, I've cleared out some other guests, cover the news, what they don't want you to know, but I cannot stress to you enough how serious the situation is and I cannot stress to you enough That we could be shut down as easy as the 14th, coming up in just nine days.
So that's where we are right now.
And I want people to understand that.
And I want people to understand that I'm not the type of person that cries wolf.
And you heard Roger, you've seen the court filings.
It's public.
AP admits they tried to shut us down.
They still put out the report that, oh no, nobody's trying to get you, you're banned in order to report to jail July 1st.
Epic Times CEO arrested for money laundering, for bringing in foreign money to fund pro-Trump stuff.
And it's not Chinese money, it's not Russian money, it's businesses he owned overseas.
These are people fighting, and we're fighting as hard as we can as well, and we can't do this without you.
I don't think the judge will shut us down the 14th, but he said he will kick it out of his court to the state courts because the other side didn't deal in good faith and they don't want a settlement.
So it'll be the state courts and it'll be very hard to stay open.
And so we're talking about a matter of days or weeks.
So knowing how sick they are, they probably want to close the doors July 4th is what I'm thinking because that's what it lines up with is about July 4th.
But that said, it's a paradox.
It's not a bunch of extra money in InfoWars.
We have some paths out of this, 30% chance.
If everybody doesn't support InfoWars, we will have no money in InfoWars.
We already have half the revenue coming in the last few weeks.
Let me say we may shut down, if I'm being honest.
Well, if that continues, we'll be shut down anyways in like a few weeks.
Maybe a month is like a remnant.
So this could be your last chance to get the products.
They will be shipped to you.
We ship like within a day of the order.
They're all in stock.
They're ready to go.
And as we get closer, the judge rules something on the 14th, and I think we're going to be shut down.
I'll say, OK, stop orders, folks, because, you know, you'll probably still get them.
But we're shut down two weeks after that.
It's not safe.
So that's where we are.
Maybe your last chance to get Nitric Boost, or X3, or Ultimate Fish Oil, it's the highest grade, or an Alex Jones or InfoWars t-shirt, or one of my signed or unsigned books, The Great Awakening or The Great Reset.
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So, we're ready.
We need the funds.
We need you to go to InfoWarsStore.com or call toll-free, 888-253-3139.
That said, years ago my dad said, "This is all political, you're going to get a shutdown."
I said, Dad, you helped me set up a supplement company, but Mom didn't want you to work anymore.
I can handle this.
And he went, without me asking him, set up a warehouse north of Austin in a suburb around Rock, set up a big shipping department, put all the grid in, even built me a studio without telling me.
And I learned how much money he spent to do it.
I got mad at him.
And I said, look, you've been helping me enough, Daddy.
And you know, he didn't come until about 12 years ago with a cell phone company.
I did this on my own, setting it up, doing it all, but you know, he wanted to help and he was tired with what he was doing and he'd been involved in getting stuff, you know, all sorts of stuff approved and been involved in drug development and everything else.
And so he did that and he set up, you know, what is InfoWars Health.
He set up drjonesnackles.com.
That's been up for years.
And I barely plugged it because I was like, well, it's not needed.
And I told him not to set this up.
So I plugged it just enough for him to be a sponsor, just enough for the infrastructure he built so he wouldn't lose more money.
Now my daddy was right again.
He's a lot older than me, but dammit, he's had more foresight than even Alex Jones again, and now it's our only sponsor going into the future if free speech shuts down.
We've got plenty of sponsors for free speech, but they got kicked out, but the CRO didn't seem to want the money to come in here in the last few years during the bankruptcy.
It was just pure money, to me, just right into the coffers, because it was never about a settlement.
And now the Democrats have said that we're on this, we don't want money, no amount of money, we want InfoWars shut down.
In a filing Monday, and if you're a new viewer just tuned in, you're like, oh really?
I've already shown all the proof a hundred times, but overhead shot, here it is.
Judge rejects call to immediately shut down Alex Jones, InfoWars and bankruptcy.
So they're saying, we did try to shut him down last week, the Democrats, but we want him shut down right now.
That's Associated Press.
Let me show you 20 articles saying the same thing.
And then there's transcripts of the Daily Mail of what the Democrats said.
Literally federal prosecutors that are now lawyers against me in a civil case, Chris Maddy, saying something he said on the courthouse steps in Connecticut when they won their fake trial after I was already found guilty by the judge.
He said, don't send him money, we don't want money, he's playing us, we want to shut him down.
But in the news they go, he won't pay us our money.
They made it a billion and a half bucks so I couldn't pay it.
But the judge said, well Jones will give you whatever property he has, because I don't care about the money, and you don't either, so what, we're still on air covering you.
And they said, we don't want that.
Then they separately say, though, he's gaslighting We don't want money.
I mean, he's gaslighting.
Nobody's trying to shut him down.
It's ridiculous the games they play.
They're trying to arrest us all.
They're trying to shut us down.
As Trump says, they're not trying to get him.
They're trying to get through him to get to you.
Do you understand?
So shepard from InfoWars.
Shepard from this operation.
And I'm sure they'll come after my dad next and he's good to go and that's why I didn't want him in the fight anymore.
Years ago I said, time for you to bow out, dad.
And he's like, no.
I won't bow out in the fight for America.
And my son, he's very proud of me.
And my mother's been mad about it.
She's really tough, but she understands now she's fully behind me once she got all this.
She said, come on with your shoulder on it.
So it's crazy to be 50 years old and like without even asking my dad figured this out and set this up.
We've got a lot of other folks that want to support us.
A lot of the things to do.
There's a lot of the ways to come back, but I'm not going to give out strategy here.
But I haven't gone and set all that stuff up yet.
I wanted to purely fight for InfoWars down to the last minute.
And so that's where we are.
But if you strategically want to support us, you want to be part of history, you want to actually be in the heart of the fight and get great products at the same time, I need you to go to drjonesnaturals.com and they have all the nano silver products, the toothpaste, the immune gargle, the surface wound gel that's incredible, works so incredibly.
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You find a lot of great products, but a lot of great products aren't available there.
You find at DrJonesNaturals.com.
So that is a critical place for everyone that if the enemy successfully shuts this place down like they tried on Friday night and Saturday, had to physically be here with the law saying, don't follow the illegal orders, which was true.
They now admit that.
We wouldn't be here right now, because something big is planned right now.
I don't know if it's a war, I don't know if it's a financial collapse, I don't know, but I said to Black Op commanders, Delta Force colonels, you know, high-level people, Over the last week, I said, this isn't about me, it's about everybody.
And now they see the arrest everywhere.
This is the enemy coup happening right now.
So, back us now.
You're pushing back.
You spreading the articles.
You spreading the videos.
It changes the world.
Go to drjonesnaturals.com and put your orders in.
Put in a big order.
And get the funds in.
We need to keep fighting.
We're firing the Alamo signal.
We're firing the bat signal.
Support us now.
Let's go to Nurse Keith in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Welcome and thanks for holding.
About an hour ago, you were kind of explaining to people about how the micronutrients and stuff that are available and different foods actually have an effect on... Let's be clear.
There isn't long-term, billion-year evolution.
Not trying to brag, but I'm a board-certified wound care associate, which is not an easy certification to get.
It takes years.
There is innovation and humans do get ancestral memories from their ancestors, that's called instincts.
I'm not trying to brag, but I'm a board certified wound care associate, which is not an easy certification to get.
It takes years.
And it encompasses, you know, cardiology, endocrine, pulmonary, you name it.
You've got to be good at all kinds of stuff.
And let's face it, a lot of my doctors, they don't know anything about this stuff.
It's my job as a nurse to figure it out.
The average medical doctor gets two hours of college education on nutrition.
So one of the things that I do is I'm looking for results and by using very good nutraceuticals and supplements and things like that.
I can fix a problem.
Just a real quick example.
Let's say you have a really bad wound on your leg and you have diabetes and poor circulation.
Well, I can order you a bottle of Nitric Boost, a bottle of BezoBeat, and Get your ass up on a treadmill a little bit.
And these things work better than any of the medication that we give.
So I've got about 35,000 points because I gave these things away as gifts.
Hold on, hold on.
This is important.
This is important, absolutely.
Just iodine alone, it's essential.
It means you die without it.
They don't tell you most people are deficient.
Two billion people have cognitive disabilities, the UN admits.
That's what these concentrated plants and other compounds do.
So you're saying you're taking care of people with wounds, one of the biggest Medical industry's out there.
Super tough job.
You're seeing with nutrition and also they need to not be sedentary, obviously.
You're seeing massive effects, because I've actually read about this.
I'm not an expert like you, but that there's massive problems because the doctors don't even say exercise or get out of the bed or take supplements that are good for your skin.
And it's so simple.
I mean, my wife takes supplements to have good hair and good nails and it really works for her.
I mean, this stuff works.
It's the compounds.
Tell people about some of the things you've witnessed.
Alex, I would not have 35,000 Patriot Points if this stuff didn't work.
I'm not into buying BS and I don't push BS.
When I've got a complex wound and I see something that you guys sell that I know We can sell the stuff Walmart sells, synthetic stuff, and the bottle costs more than what they're selling.
With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a bottle, like DNA Force, okay?
The stuff that you guys sell is legit.
We can sell the stuff Walmart sells, synthetic stuff, and the bottle costs more than what they're selling.
With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a bottle, like DNA Force, okay?
I mean, so there's cost because it is the highest rated.
If you're taking a nitrate, like you were talking about the nitric boost, boom, that is going to vasodilate.
So when you're vasodilated, yeah, you're going to be pitching a proper 10.
The vasobeat does the exact same thing.
But it also helps if I've got a person who's got really poor perfusion.
Thank you so much and God bless you, Nurse Keith.
We'll talk to you soon.
from going septic and actually get some granulation going.
Or I could throw all the medications at it.
Not gonna do a damn thing.
The doctors see the patient for 10 minutes, write a prescription, say, "Okay, come back in 45 days."
And it's my job to actually go figure it out.
And so I use a lot of the stuff that you guys have.
Thank you so much, and God bless you, Nurse Keith.
We'll talk to you soon, give his name and number.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Welcome back.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I want to just say something here, before I go any further.
Because I don't give platitudes, things I say I really mean.
Because I could be shut down any minute.
And I just want to get these things out here right now, before I hit all this news.
I am very blessed to have this crew.
I've had some good crews and some great crews that have come and gone.
But there are people that have been here 22 years, 20 years, 18 years, a bunch of folks 15 years.
I'd say the average person's been here about 10 years.
And these men and women that work here are amazing people.
And they've gone through a lot of persecution over the last few years just for being associated with us.
And I'm just blessed to have this crew that is basically the equivalent of a high-tech Alamo in the year 2024.
And I appreciate all of you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do.
And I appreciate the listeners and viewers for all they've done and their support over the years.
And I can sit here and I am going to cover all this other incredible news.
It's important.
But you have to understand that The deep state and announcing bird flu is going to be a pandemic and all this.
COVID was not a pandemic, the poison shots were.
COVID didn't kill 80-something million people from starvation, the lockdowns did.
I think you never really hear that number.
It'll be buried in the New York Times, they admit it, but it's not a big deal.
Or the 22 million dead from poison shots, they try to cover that up, but it's insanely coming out.
So for me, I know how to not look at myself because I'm extremely selfish.
I'll say that again.
I don't think about myself because I am an extremely selfish person.
Like that makes no sense.
One of the smartest things I ever heard Trump say in one of his books I read years ago.
I know who Trump was.
When he was wanting my endorsement, I read like all of his books in like two weeks.
I wanted to know the guy.
I talked to people that knew him.
They said, no, he's a great guy.
I just thought it was some, you know, reality TV show guy and that's something I'm not into.
So he might as well have been a Martian to me, some casino owner, you know, guy that flies around the fancy airplanes.
That's just not what I'm into.
But he had a quote.
Maybe you guys can find it.
Where he said, the deepest thing I ever learned was to be shallow.
And he didn't even know how to describe that, but I'd already thought things like that.
Like, why does a woman have such intuition?
She has an instinct, a well of knowledge, her ancestors, her instincts, and women go with that.
But men have instincts as well.
You know, that's the whole Carl Jung School's psychology that's the one that's the most accurate.
In my experience for you, not research for you, I've experienced that what he says is the most accurate thing I've seen.
In fact, it's dead on.
Carl Jung was asked, do you believe in God?
And he said, no, I know God's real, I've experienced it.
I don't believe, I know.
See, knowing is beyond belief.
I don't believe in God, I rely on Him.
So Trump said, the deepest thing I've ever discovered is to be shallow.
And what it means is go with your first instinct, go with the spirit, go with the gut.
If you've already got all this knowledge of your life, look at the facts in front of you, but a lot of times those are distorted.
Go with your gut.
And that's the bottom line here.
Is that, there's a subquote, it can be smart to be shallow.
But really, the first thought you have, the first inclination, is not the first little dumb thought, it's your some knowledge thought.
That whole storehouse, it's your brain's first response to something because it's actually the deep response.
And that's where we're at.
Now, since I've had my shallow response as my deepest response, I can then walk through intellectually, politically, culturally, mathematically, militarily, and see that I'm dead on.
But I just, from a look somebody gave me Friday, said, why are more guards coming in?
Earlier I kind of just said, why are more guards coming in?
I was making a simple story.
It wasn't, why are more guards coming in?
It's like, why are more guards coming in was the bluff.
They're like, we don't know, but why are more coming in?
Because we're being shut down.
That wasn't shallow, that instant thought.
That was all the stuff I've seen, all the things going on, all the developments there.
And I went with it.
And of course it was right.
And I stopped it for now.
And my instinct tells me if they were willing to try to shut this thing down and bluff the private security company that I hired six, seven years ago, worked with before that, To come in here and bluff them to shut us down outside of a court order.
Do you think the same people that did that are going to stop before this hearing on the 14th?
What's your first instinct?
Hell no!
Now see, you think, well I didn't think about that.
You didn't just think about it because you already know that!
If they did it once that recklessly, and that's why I said Friday, I expect them to try it again today.
It was like, oh no, no, no, no.
And I said, no, I'm going on there to expose it.
It's going to be my last show.
And they'll definitely do it.
And sure as hell, I said, two hours into this special report, emergency live show, they're going to try to shut us down.
And it happened again.
Whenever I'm making a creative choice, I try to step back and remember my first shallow reaction.
The day I realized it could be smart to be shallow was, for me, a deep experience.
There you go.
And I'm reading his book because I'm kind of on the fence about him.
Eight years ago or whatever it was, before he was just getting ready to run.
Because it was behind the scenes, people trying to, you know, put out the feelers.
They wanted to get all the big shows on board.
Stone was, you know, getting ready and saying, hey, Trump wants to, he's going to So I go, let me, let me read about this guy.
The best thing to do is read what he wrote and talk to people I know.
I talked to like Jesse James.
I've been neighbors with for a long time.
I moved with my divorce, but he moved in next door to me years ago.
Gosh, it's like 15 years ago now.
So I was neighbors with him for years, became good friends.
And, uh, He said, oh, there's nobody better than Trump.
And he told me like a 30 minute stories about him and staying at his house and Melania cooking him breakfast and, you know, just in business, how great he was.
I was like, well, this guy's really cool.
And he's been nice to me for years.
So I called some people I know and I learned about, oh yeah, I talked to the Secret Service people I knew, the New York cops, and they go, let me tell you something.
Trump's actually a softy for black people.
He promotes them if they're good workers, but a little faster than everybody else.
And on Christmas, all the regular janitors and workers and people, he goes around and gives them $300, $400.
This is 20 years ago, I was like $1,000.
He goes, the black ladies were getting $10,000 checks, but Trump made them promise to never tell anybody he did it.
One time his limo was broke down, it's a famous case.
This was like 20 years ago.
And a black truck driver pulled over to help them with the flat tire, because for whatever reason, this happened to me six months ago, my tire blows out, and the spare wasn't full of air even though I had it full.
The black truck driver pulls over, helps him.
Trump says, give me your phone number, give me your address.
Finds out the guy's mortgage, it owed like $300,000, paid it just because he helped him on the side of the road.
That's Trump!
That's the real Trump.
Like with people trying to screw him or other businesses, he's mean as hell.
He's a gangster.
Not illegally a gangster, but he rebels beating people that are better than him.
But for the common people, Trump doesn't like looking at the American people not doing well.
It doesn't make him feel good like Alexander Soros or George Soros.
That makes him feel like crap.
Because he knows how much wealth and potential we've got.
We can do unlimited things together.
And that's why they're after Trump at the end of the day.
Because he doesn't have a heart on for you.
He doesn't want to hurt you.
He doesn't want to take everything you've got away.
He knows he needs a prosperous world for what he does.
Hotels and golf courses and casinos.
And that's about people having money.
That's about people having fun.
At the end of the day, he's like the concierge at a restaurant.
He wants you to have good food, he wants you to have good service, he wants you to have a good night, and he does better when that happens.
And that's my philosophy.
I've got children, you've got children, a lot of you.
If they don't have a world to live in, and it's some dystopia, how is that good for me?
If I sell out and then I've got to hide in some bunker because the world collapses because of what I was part of.
No, the evil people only think as far as their nose.
They don't think out far.
They don't think about any of this stuff.
They're the shallow ones.
They act like they got it all figured out.
They don't have anything figured out.
And they're going to destroy our planet.
So, I could sit here for 10 hours.
And I got all the time, so maybe I will.
I already gave the crew a bunch of clips of Deborah Bricks, one of the top propagandists, misleading America and Trump during the pandemic that was the pandemic that wasn't.
Before I hit this huge bird flu news that is as big as it gets.
I want to explain something to you.
I've got carjacking videos that will get us higher ratings.
I've got all sorts of stuff that, you know, it bleeds, it leads, that I never even hardly get to here.
Because the real stuff I'm covering, World War III, economic collapse, new pandemic lockdowns, arresting the political enemies, the Democrats, that is way, way, way, way, way bigger than what we are facing right now.
With all the little crime rate and race stuff.
Yeah, that's all going on.
But that's the diversion.
That's the little thing.
Is some little thing gonna get you, or is it the big thing?
No, it's the big frontal assault.
But the first clip I want to play is the inventor, the scientist, who invented the PCR test.
And he said, if you've set it right and have the right sample, and you turn it down to the lowest level, and you test it dozens of times, maybe it's right that it's found whatever the virus is or thing you've set it for.
But just like a metal detector, because I've seen the full podcast before he died, right when the pandemic started that killed him, I think.
You turn a metal detector up on its highest sensor rate, it'll tell you a glass table is gold or silver.
It'll tell you the air is.
You can turn a metal detector up in the air on high and it'll be... Well, where's the gold in the sky?
It's not there.
It's the same thing with the PCR test.
They turn them up 30, 40 times, some cases 50 times.
The federal government ordered that with these companies and they go out and go, oh my God, you've got COVID.
Oh my gosh, COVID's everywhere.
And then we go turn them up with a dead body that died of a car wreck.
Oh, man dies in a motorcycle accident, died of COVID.
Remember they were adding all statistics in 2020 to scare people and intubating people to kill them because the virus really wasn't killing anybody.
Remember, Tanzanian president was a doctor, tested papaya at a goat and tested positive.
He spoke out, they killed him.
They killed five African presidents in six months who wouldn't inject the population.
Africa had less than a 2% uptake of the COVID shot.
They had the lowest COVID death rate.
Because they've been through being poisoned by UN shots.
So again, They're doing the same thing now with the bird flu.
They admit it.
Debra Briggs.
We've got to test all the cows in America.
Everybody's going to wear hazmat suits so there's a feeling of hysteria at the farms and ranches.
And we've got to go in with a PCR test, turn it way up, find that there's bird flu to create the hysteria.
And I told you months ago this is coming.
Now they've started it.
And now they say a man that died tested positive for bird flu in Mexico.
Because they follow the directive to turn up the sensor and they admit that.
So they're trying to replay it again and again.
Here's the inventor of the PCR test saying it's a fraud.
How do they misuse PCR to estimate all these supposed free viral RNAs that may or may not be there?
I think misuse PCR is not quite I don't think you can misuse PCR.
The results, the interpretation of it, see if you can say If they could find this virus in you at all, and with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody, it starts making you believe in the sort of Buddhist notion that everything is contained in everything else, right?
because if you can amplify one single molecule up to something that you can really measure, which BCR can do, then there's just very few molecules that you don't have at least one single one of them in your body, okay?
So that could be thought of as a misuse of it, just to claim that it's meaningful. It is.
There's very little of what they call HIV and what's been brought out here by Philpott and Isai already.
Our measurement for it is not exact at all. It's not as good as our measurement for things like apples.
An apple is an apple.
You know, you can get something that's kind of like, if you've got enough things that look kind of like an apple and you stick them all together, you might think it's an apple.
But, and HIV is like that.
Those tests are all based on things that are invisible, and they are, the results are inferred, in a sense.
PCR is separate from that, it's just a process that's used to make a whole lot of something out of something.
Also, it doesn't tell you that you're sick and it doesn't tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you or anything like that.
Alright, I asked the crew just off the fly, it's not their fault, I said get me the Kerry Mullis clip on PCR.
I've never seen that one.
The one I want is he's in a dark room right before he died in like 2019.
There's other videos I sent you yesterday where he attacks Fauci and says he's a totally fake scientist.
But in the clip I'm talking about, he says, all they're doing is turning up the PCR tests for all these diseases to find them to create fear to get money for their vaccines.
And they killed him.
And they found a whole other clip, separately.
So let's go ahead and play that one.
one here it is. Oh you're still pulling it in.
It's my fault, folks.
I sent these clips Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
I didn't get to them.
It's on their previous list.
They've got to find them.
Look up Kerry Mullis, PCR test, and I'm learning there's more clips than what I've seen, because there's so many of them.
I didn't know he was running around saying this is all BS, but you already heard him say basically what I said in that clip, but I've got clips of him saying Fauci's not a scientist, he's totally full of crap, he's always been a fraud, and I've got clips of him saying they're going to turn up PCR tests and say everything's a deadly virus when it's not.
And then they admitted after he was dead, that's been a minute, that they turned up PCR tests at least 30 times what they're supposed to be said at, And sometimes 40 plus times guaranteeing and the way it was described is again.
You can stick a PCR test in this in the wind and say they found cover.
So that's your they found one of the clubs.
There's so many.
I don't know.
This is the one I want, but here it is.
What is it about humanity that wants to go to all the details and stuff and listen?
You know, these guys like Fauci get up there and start talking.
You know, he doesn't know anything, really, about anything.
And I'd say that to his face.
The man thinks you can take a blood sample and stick it in an electron microscope and if it's got a virus in there, you'll know it.
He doesn't understand electron microscopy.
He doesn't understand medicine.
He should not be in a position like he's in.
Most of those guys up there on the top are just total administrative people and they don't know anything about what's going on on the bottom.
You know, those guys have got an agenda, which is not what we would like them to have, being that we pay for them to take care of our health in some way.
They've got a personal kind of agenda.
They make up their own rules as they go, they change them when they want to, and they smugly, like Tony Fauci, does not mind going on television in front of the people who pay his salary and lie directly into the camera.
You can't expect the sheep to really respect the best and the brightest.
They don't know the difference, really.
I mean, I like humans, don't get me wrong, but basically, the vast majority of them do not possess the ability to judge who is and who isn't a really good scientist.
I mean, that's a problem, that's a main problem, actually, with science, I'd say, in this century.
Science is being judged by people.
Funding is being done by people who don't understand it.
Who do we trust?
Fauci didn't know enough to, you know.
If Fauci wants to get on television with somebody who knows a little bit about this stuff and debate him, he could easily do it, because he's been asked.
I mean, I've had a lot of people, president of the University of South Carolina, ask Fauci if he'd come down there and debate me on the stage in front of the student body, because I wanted somebody who was from the other side to come down there and balance my, because I felt like well these guys
can listen to me but I need to have somebody else down here that's going to tell me the other side.
But in fact you didn't want to do it. So this is actually really good because I've sent the crew some clips and then used them so they can't find them.
They go randomly find clips I haven't seen that are even more powerful.
You saw, it looks like a shot on VHS 20 years ago.
Because it turns out he knew they were giving people false positives for HIV and he's a scientist, super highly respected.
And you hear him decades ago, that clip's really old.
No wonder they killed him right when they rolled this out, I believe.
He's literally saying they'll have one rule, they'll change the rule, they're not scientists, they've got an agenda, they're trying to sell you something.
So good job crew funding that club, see?
That's how the Lord works in mysterious ways.
We have the information.
But here's what I'm getting at.
Deborah Bricks, who was one of the top advisors at the CDC during the whole rollout of the COVID hysteria power grab, Admit she lied about the mask.
Admit she lied and said the shot worked when it doesn't.
Admits there's all these excess deaths and new clips to cover her ass, act like she's not part of the fallout.
And she's on the news this week and last week, everywhere, saying we need to have hazmat gear at all the farms.
We need to wear body suits to be around cows and chickens.
And we need to PCR test with federal numbers that are being given by the Biden administration.
Turning them up to find bird flu and everything.
Just like they go find somebody that dies of kidney failure at the hospital or heart attack, and now they're going to stick a PCR test on them and say, look, we found COVID or we found bird flu.
But remember, they suddenly said there was no flu for those three years.
No flu!
Because they needed those numbers as well.
It's all a lie.
Here she is saying, test all the livestock.
testing to really see how many people have been exposed and got asymptomatically infected. We should be testing every cow weekly. You can do pooled PCR. We have the
technology. The great thing about America is we're incredibly innovative and we have the ability to have these breakthroughs. We could be pool testing
every dairy worker. I do believe that there's undetected cases in humans because we're once again only tracking people with symptoms.
When we did that with COVID, the virus spread throughout the Northeast undetected because it took a long time to get to the vulnerable individuals.
But in the meantime, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people were infected with asymptomatic or mild disease and never came to medical attention.
We have to switch from symptoms And instead, what this monster did, all written up by the UN and the globalists, they follow the same thing in Europe, Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, was you'd come in with the flu, dehydrated, just need an IV and just need some drugs, and they'd say, sorry, go home, we're closed because of COVID.
They admit that now.
And they said, oh, we're so overwhelmed.
Meanwhile, the nurses are dancing and drinking and having fun.
They got one level where they're killing people with Brandesivir.
And here she is.
We need PCR on every cow every week to find the bird flu.
And she said in the full articles to shut all the farms and ranches down and then slaughter the animals so they get rid of the production.
Same folks want to shut down your fertilizer and R. Same people that are shutting down your energy.
And now.
I gotta give you the background before I give you the big enchilada.
I should have just come on and said, it's official, they're trying to bring back a new pandemic.
World Health Organization warns a new strain of bird flu has jumped into humans with potential for high public health impact, meaning high death.
As a man in Mexico, 59 tests positive before dying from it.
The good old propaganda daily mail.
Oh, he tests positive.
What did he really die of?
What did he learn?
Man dies in accident.
Dies of COVID.
He's dead at the scene.
You think I'm joking?
Type it in.
Man dies in motorcycle accident.
Ruled COVID.
Person with bird flu dies in Mexico.
World Health Organization says, right on time, we don't pass the treaty, right on time for the election.
WHO Director Tedros says it's time to be more aggressive in pushing back against anti-vaxxers and they're producing right now an mRNA bird flu shot that will be ready for, get ready for it, September.
They're going to hype the fear, get the PCR test out, going, and then boom.
People are dying from the COVID shots, they're dying from other stuff, they turn it on and test for bird flu, say, oh, you're dying from bird flu.
And now all those numbers of the record deaths that are being reported, what did I say, for years, they'll cover the next virus they release claiming it did it, but it's really going to be The COVID shot.
And they found the headline.
Was it Florida?
Man that died in motorcycle accident.
San Antonio.
I guess they did it in Florida, too.
Man who died in motorcycle crash counted as COVID-19 death in Florida.
Oh, it was Florida.
It's just been reported on in Texas.
So, see?
I told you.
Motorcycle accident.
I don't make this stuff up.
I have a good memory.
So, I've got their plan.
And here it is.
Let's go to break.
I'll cover it next hour.
British Medical Journal reports record deaths, 40-plus percent increase worldwide in overall deaths.
They don't know what's doing it.
They think it may be the shots.
Who told you this before they rolled the shots out?
Well, I did because I was talking to top scientists.
Here's one of the headlines, White Washington.
COVID vaccines may have helped fuel rising excess deaths since pandemic study.
That came out three days ago.
I didn't just cover it now.
I predicted it all and I know how to beat them.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now and tell folks you don't know, tune in now.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Hold it right back.
Good evening, America.
I thought we'd take some time out of our daily lives and sit down for a nice little chat.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
I suspect now even calls are being placed from the White House to members of Big Tech.
I can almost hear George Takai and Stephen King tweeting furiously on their phones, and very soon federal agents will be on their way.
Because words lead us to the truth, and the truth is, there is something very wrong with this country, isn't there?
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression, and where once you had the freedom to object, until now you have had sentences and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable.
But truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
Oh, I know why you did it.
You were afraid of the Orange Man.
Who wouldn't be?
Mean tweets, funny jokes, and fights with Rosie O'Donnell.
They got the better of you, and in your panic you turned to Joseph Robinette Biden.
He promised you war, he promised to forgive your student debts and make reparations for slavery, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
So if you have seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then I would suggest you allow the 5th of November to pass unmarked.
But if you see as I see, if you feel as I feel, if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me at the ballot box,
and together we shall give them a 5th of November that shall never, ever be forgot.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the InfoWarrior.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
[Gun cocks]
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Dr. Carey Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize for his invention of the polymer's chain reaction, the PCR.
The PCR is a method of analysis and wasn't designed to test for a virus.
Mullis explains why.
And with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.
It starts making you believe in the sort of Buddhist notion that everything is contained in everything else, right?
I mean, because if you can amplify one single molecule up to something that you can really measure, which PCR can do, then there's just very few molecules that you don't have at least one single one of them in your body, okay?
So that could be thought of as a misuse of it, just to claim that it's meaningful.
The PCR test can potentially find anything you are looking for, depending on how high you turn it up.
And this is exactly what has been done.
The official protocol given for the PCR testing of COVID-19 created a floodgate of false positives to skew the results.
They call it asymptomatic because it's a lie.
These people don't have symptoms because they don't have COVID-19.
They do it today because they've done it in the past and always gotten away with it.
30 years ago, Anthony Fauci, head of the NIH, made a name for himself by pushing for higher doses of the deadly drug AZT, an old cancer chemotherapy too dangerous for approval, onto AIDS patients.
Kerry Mullis was hired to measure HIV in people's blood samples with his PCR.
He was working under the premise that HIV was the probable cause of AIDS.
But when he went looking for the proof, he found there was none.
They just made it up.
What is that paper?
Who do I go to for that?
And I looked around, I asked a couple of virologists at that company and they said, no, you don't have to reference that.
I said, I have to reference that because I don't know, I don't know where that came from.
How do I know that?
And it turned out that nobody knew it.
And I was getting really freaked about that.
That's when I first started saying, they don't know.
Nobody really knows.
This whole thing is a big sham.
Mullis pointed out how the CDC was losing money, and how the HIV-AIDS connection brought their profits back in the black, and how the men at the highest levels were all in on it.
Kerry Mullis knew these men were dangerous.
They don't want people like me walking up and asking them those kind of questions, and they're willing to, like, go to great lengths to prevent that.
They're out on a limb.
I wouldn't want to be there with them.
But he was still outspoken.
When ABC's Nightline approached him about doing a documentary on his work, Mullis convinced them to cover the HIV debate after nearly a decade of ignoring it.
In a 1994 interview with Celia Farber for Spin Magazine, Carey Mullis expressed how he really wanted to expose Anthony Fauci and Robert Gallo.
He said that he'd be willing to chase the little bastard from his car to his office.
A Nobel Prize winner trying to ask a simple question from those who spent $22 billion and killed 100,000 people.
It has to be on TV.
I'm not unwilling to do something like that.
Unfortunately, not many people were listening back then.
And on August 7th, 2019, just about three months before the first utterance of COVID-19, Carey Mullis, age 74, a Nobel Prize winner, inventor of the PCR test, a man who was once willing and eager to expose Anthony Fauci, quietly died of pneumonia.
The timing of it all is mysterious to many of us.
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It's Alex Jones.
Here's some new articles that just went up on InfoWars.com.
And video clips I'm going to be playing as soon as I get them in my hot little hands.
Here's one of them.
After COVID shot introduction, Canadian military had an 800% increase in vaccine injuries.
That's according to the Canadian government.
That's right, and we've got a 40 plus percent increase in total death around the world, which they say is not COVID in the new British Medical Journal report.
You're like, yeah, we've heard you say this 100 times.
Yeah, because we already have the numbers coming in.
The number's about the same per capita.
It just grows over time.
And we got this video.
Ex-FBI Director McKay.
Bureau employees worried of being jailed by Trump may flee country.
So they're trying to jail all of us.
They're doing this.
They're like punching us in the face and attacking us and lying about us and lawfare and opening the borders up and just mass crime exploding.
And they're like, if you get rid of us, they're going to do this to us.
You know, I'm not a vindictive person, but criminals need to be prosecuted for what they've done.
You guys have openly come across, but if we can put you on an island like we did Napoleon in abstention, then that's fine with me.
I've said that many times, just give up, go public, speak out.
Here's the disgraced McCabe, listen to it.
Because just few people know the inner workings of the FBI better than you do.
And you've also personally experienced the pressure from Donald Trump.
And when you see him promising this wholesale takeover of the Justice Department, I wonder how you worry about what that would look like.
Yeah, Caitlin, I mean, I worry a lot about it.
And I think it's, you know, when you think about these things and you try to predict how Donald Trump is going to react or the steps he's going to take, you really don't have to go any further than listening to the things he says and does.
I mean, his comments recently are offensive and horrendous, but they're not surprising in any way.
He's been saying this for quite some time.
I will be your retribution, is his refrain to his supporters.
So, you know him, you know what motivates him.
He is not a person who is driven by principle or ideology.
He is someone who's entirely transactional.
And if he feels like he's been wronged in some way, then he focuses on revenge and vengeance.
And so he's made it perfectly clear that that's what he's going to do.
And in the process of seeking that, he is going to really --
he runs the risk of really dismantling and greatly incapacitating
the Department of Justice and the FBI.
And that is something that Americans on both sides of the political aisle should be worried about.
We depend on those institutions to protect us.
And he is proposing to tear them down.
What do people inside the FBI think when they hear a comment like that?
You know, it's it is it's terrifying.
It's frightening.
I have a lot of conversations with former colleagues, people who are or were in the intelligence and law enforcement community and may have worked in the Obama administration, other places.
And, you know, people are really trying to assess, like, what is life going to be like if Donald Trump wins a second term?
And on a very personal level, I mean, these are torturous discussions with their family members about whether or not they have to leave the country to avoid being unconstitutionally and illegally detained.
I mean, people are actually worried about being thrown in jail or grabbed in some sort of extrajudicial detention.
And I think, you know, as crazy as this sounds in the United States of America, I think people should really consider that these are possibilities.
Listen to what the man says.
He typically does what he says, as crazy as it seems.
And that's really all the indicators you need.
Look, what I've gone through, nobody's ever gone through.
I'm a very legitimate person.
I built a great business.
Everything's been, I have been under siege.
Nobody's ever seen anything like this in this country.
Now, in other countries, in other third world countries, a banana republic, as they say, a banana republic.
We've become a banana republic.
At the border, we've become a banana republic.
With so many other elements of our country, we've become a banana republic.
You take a look at what's happening with inflation.
That's a banana republic inflation, what we have.
The whining of McCabe with no evidence when they were attacking us everywhere with total evidence of evil, totalitarianism, reminds me of Fauci.
I sent the crew a bunch of clips on Tuesday after he had his testimony, Monday, I never got to a bunch of them.
I played some, but he would whine and cry and say, I'm getting death threats and they're hurting me.
This guy locked the country down, ran all the HIV evil, put foster kids by the tens of thousands in illegal tests, killed many of them.
He lies about everything.
He goes back on his lies, says he never told the lies.
He's Joseph Mingula 2.0 and then he's whining about how everybody's being mean to him.
They're attacking us.
They're coming after us.
And then when the world rises up and just says, we don't like you, we want you prosecuted.
What are you doing to me?
I'm a nice man.
I just gained a function to virus and release it.
I just locked up the hospitals all over the world by recommendations and killed a bunch of people.
I'm the good guy.
Here he is.
Everything from harassments by emails, texts, letters of myself, my wife.
My three daughters.
There have been credible death threats leading to the arrests of two individuals and credible death threats mean someone who clearly was on their way to kill me.
And it's required my having protective services essentially all the time.
It is very troublesome to me.
It is much more troublesome because they've involved my wife and my three daughters.
At this moment, how do you feel?
Keep your mic on.
Do you continue to receive threats today?
Yes, I do.
Every time someone gets up and says, I'm responsible for the death of people throughout the world, the death threats go up.
All I did was lock the kids up and make them wear masks.
All I did was keep you away from your parents and give you a poison shot.
22 million are dead, growing.
Why are you mad I killed so many?
Why are you mad I did secret AIDS testing on little kids that were healthy and killed over thousands of them?
Experimented on tens of thousands.
Why is it bad that I lock beagles up and paralyze them so maggots can eat their heads?
Why do you say things about me I do?
Why do you not let me do it to you?
I just want to do it to you.
Sirius blaming MTG.
I'm still getting death threats when you have performances like that unusual performance by Marjorie Taylor Greene in today's hearing.
Those are the kind of things that drive up the death threats because there are a segment of the population out there that believe that kind of nonsense.
Were you aware that... Now, now, pause that woman.
Oh, she's the same woman McCabe on.
McCabe's, oh yes, they want to put us all in death camps, and oh yes, and then she's telling Fauci, oh Fauci, what are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
They're being mean to me.
All I want to do is depopulate them.
I want to inject them with self-replicating nano.
Cryons that attack all their cardiovascular and their brain and their organs.
All we're trying to do is depopulate you.
Roll over and let me kill jizz-jizz.
Come on, what's the problem with that?
It's only 15 days to stay in your house and wear a mask.
It's easy.
Do it.
Sorry, it's a month.
Oh, it's five months.
Oh, it's a year.
It's two years.
Stay in your house jizz-jizz-jizz-jizz-jizz.
The shot will protect you.
How's that shot feeling, huh?
All the videos I've got of him on C-SPAN and stuff, years before COVID.
I run the gain-of-function.
We take the viruses and make them more deadliesies.
People go, wait, you said this, you didn't.
I did not do any such thing, Senator Paul.
How dare yousususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususus But my wife and I are big Leprechaun fans.
We watched all four of them repeatedly.
The last one's Leprechaun in Space, I think.
And it's just hilarious.
It's a hilarious movie.
I also like Ernest Goes to Camp, but also Ernest Fights the Trolls or whatever it is.
I like really stupid stuff.
But it's funny.
When I look at the Trolls and the Leprechaun, if you cross them, you would have Dr. Fauci.
Which means Grim Reaper in Italian, a scythe.
Hey, my name is Grim Reaper Scythe.
I'm here to help you a little bit, alrighties?
In fact, can we pull up a little clip from Leprechaun?
The first one's great with Jennifer Aniston.
It was a little more high budget, which means it was a super big movie.
But these are genius, genius films here.
Let's see Dr. Fauci starring in an episode of Leprechaun.
Let's turn this up.
Those are my rubies!
Oh, you took my goodies!
Oh, you like that lightsaber, doozies?
(children laughing)
No, no, no!
No, no!
You stay with Cupcake!
And he says, why are you abusing me?
This is Fauci, why are you death-threatening me?
I'm so nice!
Give the babies the shot!
What's wrong with that?
He's like, maybe I shouldn't have firefights.
If I just say I'm a doctor, and release a virus, and then give him a shot so I can kill him, that's the waz-az-az-az.
Oh, he jumped from the hangar.
He's always in love with one woman in these, yeah.
He's like, I'm alright, baby.
This is quality, man.
I think they've defeated him, but never defeat Leprechaun.
He always comes back to Congress.
We need some help here!
We need to get her back to the shuttle.
Danny, get over here.
Maybe we should just air Leprechaun today.
Just play Leprechaun Clubs.
Oh, you take more gold, it reconstitutes him.
It's quality film.
What episode of Leprechaun is this?
In space.
I forgot this.
Peeing on the leprechaun's hand is not very nice.
Alright, that's enough.
There's too much cussing in this.
Only Democrats can cuss on TV.
We'll get FCC fines if we do.
Oh wait, go back.
His head grows out of the hand.
Oh, here we go.
He's like, you can't ever beat me.
Never, never, never.
No matter how many times I kill you with HIV, or with COVID, or the shots, or now bird flu, I always come back and kill you.
It's what I do.
And it came out in Congress last year that he illegally has 15 federal marshals that guard him.
We just want you to stop killing us, Fauci.
Now go ahead and turn this part.
This is, this is, uh, Leprechaun in the hood, up to no good.
Here it is.
Back to the hood.
You hit like a wheelhouse.
This class, bitch.
Welcome to the hood, baby!
[punching and grunting]
It's just like Fauci, no matter how much you hit him, he's like, "I still will poison you!"
Man, watch the fuck that thing do, bro!
I will still lock you up!
Oh, actually, pause right here.
Start this over in a minute.
But Fauci is actually, I've discovered, is the leprechaun.
He is remaking all of his movies in the real world.
So he shows up in the hood like, why don't you let me put something in your child?
You're not protecting people if you don't!
So this is the real Fauci leprechaun back to the hood.
I forgot to actually start in the movie.
We'll be hearing this.
It's a very, you don't even feel sick.
It's like you don't even know you got infected.
It's very, very good at protecting you.
I'm not settled with the information that's been given to us right now.
So I'm not going to be lining up taking a shot on a vaccination for something that wasn't clear in the first place.
And then you all create a shot in miraculous time.
It takes years to create vaccinations.
Well, it used to take years.
You know how many years were invested in this approach?
About 20 years of science to get us to be able to do it.
20 years is not enough.
And nine months is definitely not enough for nobody to be taking no vaccination that you all came up with.
The only reason I'm talking to you right now, as close as we are, is that I've been vaccinated.
But if it allow thousands of people like you don't get vaccinated, you're going to let this virus continue to percolate in this country and in this world.
Something like the common flu then, right?
It's much more serious than the flu.
Well, the flu killed a lot of people.
You know how many people died of the flu the last year?
I mean, not this year.
Virtually none.
But the previous year, about 20,000 to 30,000.
You know how many people have died from COVID-19 in the United States?
600,000 Americans.
Well, the number that you are giving that died, that once again, that's you all's number.
You gotta pay us.
Yeah, definitely.
When you start talking about paying people to get vaccinated, when you start talking about incentivizing things to get people vaccinated, there's something else going on with that.
It is something going on.
You're right, but I'm glad millions of people like me and almost everybody here That's enough.
We're on to something here.
So that's the fifth Leprechaun movie.
and protecting the city, but I won't keep doing it anymore.
-It's okay, 'cause my campaign is about fear.
It's about inciting fear in people.
You all attack people with fear.
That's what this pandemic is.
It's a fear. It's fear, this pandemic.
That's all it is.
-How you guys doing with vaccines?
-Oh, that's enough.
We're on to something here.
That's the fifth "Leprechaun" movie.
"Leprechaun Army" starring Dr. Anthony Fauci.
Oh my God.
*sneeze* He's the same size and everything.
How do we know that he's not actually the leprechaun?
Folks, we're on to something here now.
This is bigger than the gay frogs.
Oh, my gosh.
In fact, pull up that old newscast about the leprechaun on the tree.
See, they thought he was friendly at first, but then they saw him and they weren't sure.
And then they took a piece of his gold, and now he wants to kill everybody with poison shots.
You know, I joke about this, but it's probably we're actually onto something.
Can we roll this?
This newscast is about 20 years old when Fauci was first seen in the hood.
Here it is.
Well, just in time for St.
Patrick's Day, crowds are coming by the dozens to get an up-close view at what some say is a piece of Irish folklore.
Some people in the Crichton area of Mobile say a leprechaun is taking up residence in their neighborhood.
A leprechaun?
NBC15's Brian Johnson has more.
Curiosity leads to large crowds in Mobile's Crichton community.
Many of you bring binoculars, camcorders, even camera phones to take pictures.
To me, it look like a leprechaun to me.
I gotta do a little bit of treat.
Who else see the leprechaun say yeah?
Eyewitnesses say the leprechaun only comes out at night.
If you shine a light in its direction, it suddenly disappears.
This amateur sketch resembles what many of you say the leprechaun looks like.
Others find it hard to believe and have come up with their own theories and explanations for the image.
My theory is it's casting a shadow from The other limb.
Could be a crackhead that got hold to the wrong stuff and it told him to get up in a tree and play a leprechaun.
We don't get down to the bottom of this.
You're still on there, guy.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid, man.
Don't take a shot.
This guy hoping to direct traffic says he's prepared for his encounter with the leprechaun.
He's suited up from head to toe.
This war is all spells right here.
This is a special leprechaun flute which has been passed down from thousands of years ago from my great-great-grandfather who was Irish.
I just came to help out.
Others just came to get lucky in hopes a pot of gold may be buried under this tree.
I'm gonna run around the backhoe and uproot that tree.
I wanna know where the gold at.
I want the gold.
Give me the gold.
I want the gold.
This is Brian Johnson, NBC15 News.
People will do anything for a pot of gold.
I mean, anything.
Well, he got, Fauci made $200 million off killing 22 million people so far, and Fauci got $100 million reportedly.
So, he has the pot of gold.
He's got it all.
And even his minions now wear green.
Folks, we are on to something here.
I'm actually pretty freaked out right now.
I was joking at first.
I thought she is a leprechaun.
That's why I said, oh, we've been developing this plan for thousands of years.
Kids are hiding behind their dad.
Come here, sweetie.
Got a little something for you.
Hey, in the middle of a potential World War III, we gotta have a little bit of fun here.
He's actually far worse than a demonic leprechaun.
Because he actually exists, look at him, like, summing up who he wants to kill.
You are subhuman, I'm going to euthanize you, take your shot!
I'm here to make it better for ya!
Leprechaun 5, Fauci's army.
The Leprechaun became angry and summoned from the host of hell an army of medical procedures and minions and soccer moms and Karens to force inject the public.
Soon he'll control the entire planet after he's killed his enemies.
Leprechaun 5, Fauci's army.
Showtimes start Friday.
Oh my gosh, we've done it again.
This is incredible.
He's a leprechaun.
That's a joke, folks.
It's a metaphor.
But they'll have it clipped out.
Jones really believes Fauci's a leprechaun.
And the people know they're lying, they'll actually find the full clip, and that's how we do it.
You'll see it by tomorrow, the young turds, when they're not salivating over bestiality.
If I was world emperor, this is what the head of the Young Turks said, he would make it legal for him to pleasure farm animals.
Oh, you think I'm lying?
Pull it up.
Sink Uyghur bestiality.
Then you'll find it.
Can you imagine, like, Sigur is like a demonic goblin creature that's on all fours, and then riding on it is Fauci the leprechaun.
Or Sigur is like a huge flying monkey.
And he's got these big wings.
And then... Look, I'm not making fun of short people, but Fauci is legally a midget.
You know, people think that a... They call dwarves midgets.
Dwarves have a genetic disorder.
Bigger hands and bigger feet than the rest of their body.
That's what you mainly see.
They're more common is dwarfs.
But midgets are anatomically the right size and Fauci registers as a midget, which is nothing wrong, but sometimes he's into medical procedures.
Here's Fauci at the CDC or the Centers for Infectious Disease.
And he's about to... Oh, do you hear what I do to Beagle sometime?
How about I put your head in a basket with flesh-eating maggots, huh?
Oh, let me... Oh, he already did that for him.
Here we go!
Joseph Mingler was nothing compared to me.
I'm gonna give you lots of shots.
Are you ready?
Here we go!
Enjoy as is yourself.
Now I've given you the shot.
Aren't you feeling better?
Ha ha ha!
It's so good.
I'm the victim.
I'm Anthony Fauci.
We'll be right back.
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If, by Rudyard Kipling.
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, or being lied about, don't deal in lies.
Or being hated, don't give way to hating, and yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise.
If you can dream and not make dreams your master, if you can think and not make thoughts your aim, if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same, if you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken, twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, and stoop and build them up with worn-out tools, If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss And booze and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the will which says to them, hold on
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, or walk with kings, nor lose the common touch.
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, if all men count with you, but a nun too much.
If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run, yours is the earth and everything that's in it.
And, which is more, you'll be a man, my son.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
All right folks, Fauci's released a new music video.
I got to do a little bit of the treat.
Who else in the global crowd say yeah?
I don't wanna know where to go.
I don't wanna know where to go.
Give me the gold.
I don't wanna know where to go.
I don't wanna know where to go.
Give me the gold.
I don't wanna know where to go.
I don't wanna know where to go.
Give me the gold.
I don't wanna know where to go.
I don't wanna know where to go.
Give me the gold.
I don't wanna know where to go.
I don't wanna know where to go.
Give me the gold.
I don't wanna know where to go.
I don't wanna know where to go.
Give me the gold.
I want the gold.
I want the gold.
I want the gold.
Give me the gold.
I want the gold.
I want the gold.
I don't wanna know where to go.
I don't wanna know where to go.
Give me the gold.
I don't wanna know where to go.
I don't wanna know where to go.
Give me the gold.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And we are back live, transmitting and broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
You know, I'm trying to have some fun with the demonic leprechaun.
He's actually killed 22 million people.
So it's actually extremely serious.
But since we're on this line of humor, which isn't funny, because this is really happening, but we've got to at least have gallows humor.
Biden Went to the World War II D-Day memorial service.
And here's the headline out of the Gateway Pond.
In humiliation, Biden almost collapses at D-Day celebrations.
Is he downloading into his diaper?
Very, very important with President Macron visiting.
So Biden's awkward moments of confusion in Normandy over in France.
So, let's play the videos back-to-back.
One of them is the straight video, the other has a joke sound in it.
But the point is, this is really going on.
I told you about this yesterday.
First, let's play me talking about this yesterday, hours before this actually happened.
Here's a short clip from my full report.
So three years ago, Biden is going to fundraisers and events in New York.
This happens multiple times because these units are assigned by the state and the city and the county.
I'll leave it at that so they can't find out who they are.
To augmenting the Secret Service.
So these are elite police.
And they said Biden has a pelican case, a black pelican case full of drugs.
They've seen it opened.
They don't know what it is.
There's needles, pills, all this stuff.
And he's, they gotta get him up on speed to do something and then he crashes and they put him out for a while so he'll disappear all the time on vacation.
He's really completely passed out.
They'll get blood transfusions, all these drugs, all these vitamins, all this cocktails.
And he's had all these brain surges and stuff like Hillary.
And then they said in one two-day visit, twice, he starts screaming at people and yelling and like a toddler.
And then he goes, he starts cussing, and then he just blasts shit out of his ass.
And it's just all over the place, and they've got to have all these extra sets of clothes.
And I'm being told this by senior police from, let's just say, New York.
So, Biden is in the right on the walls with shit level right now.
And I'm not trying to be gross here, I'm telling you personal stories, this is a very sad thing.
But we have a guy in control of the nuclear codes, he's not really in control of them, that they say he is, who is into scrapping all everything.
On my children, this is true.
This is what I'm crying.
Distinguished guests, please welcome the Honorable Lloyd J. Austin.
Distinguished guests, please welcome the Honorable Lloyd J. Austin.
Alright, and we're showing real videos, they make jokes out of it, but this was... I specifically in yesterday's clip though say he does this squatting motion when he does, it's what I was told.
So, we can make jokes about it all day long, you know, the Justice Department said, well, he did launder money, he is a criminal, but he's too old to be prosecuted.
But then Trump for doing nothing.
Well, he can be prosecuted.
That's where we are as a society.
That's where we are as a culture.
Play clip 10.
This is the latest Trump ad about Biden.
I'm not a young guy.
That's so sick.
I, uh, um...
So, that's where we are right now.
And I go back to this, we've got so much other stuff to hit that's so huge.
I want to go back to this because I talked about this quite a bit, but for me this is front and center.
They've done all the pre-positioning, all the pre-programming, all the pre-hive, get the PCR test out, wear hazmat gear at all the farms.
We've got 22 million dead and record numbers of people dying from the poison shots.
And then we're told, no, no, no, it's the bird flu.
It's going to kill you.
We've got to bring back the lockdowns, everything.
That's what the UN is already saying.
And they declare a pandemic that doesn't exist.
And they turn up a PCR test and put it on people dying from the poison shots or car wrecks or motorcycle accidents.
Remember, they're counting all that and say, oh my gosh, it's a pandemic.
So let me go over some of these headlines for you.
HPV shot.
That's supposedly to stop girls from getting human papillomavirus that's in the dirt, that's everywhere.
If you have an autoimmune disease, then it can kill you.
It's a very rare form of cancer.
But they've been giving this thing out for 15, 16 years.
Nobody's taken it because it causes so much death.
Well, now they're back pushing it.
HPV shot test subjects were injected with massive amount of aluminum causing serious side effects.
Now that's the new spin.
Oh, the huge amount of aluminum in it.
No, it's live viruses they're injecting you with.
Here's the British Medical Journal.
Heard of them?
They're about as respected as it gets.
Guys, I asked you guys earlier, it was three hours ago, or two hours ago, I didn't get to this yet, pull up this actual report, because it's got incredible graphs in it, that you're going to say if you're a TV viewer or a radio listener, wait, I've heard this for years from you, is this new?
Right when the shot came out, we got the initial death rates, 40% increase in overall deaths for that month, then for that six months, then for that year.
And it stayed about 40% increase, mortality, total record, World War I, World War II, weren't 10% increase.
So this is bigger than World War II, increased death numbers, and they're like, gee, we don't know where it's coming from.
But finally, Yahoo News and London Telegram and The Australian, all these papers are like, well, the scientists are saying it's the shots.
Yeah, scroll down to the overall numbers.
You saw that graph, yeah.
The point is, it's all in the report.
And right when the shots start, the deaths happen and it continues on.
And the countries with the highest uptake on the shots have the highest death numbers.
I read this whole report last night.
Yes, that's why I'm exhausted all the time.
I read, I read, I read.
And I clicked through a lot of the exhibits.
And the study synopsis is 20-something pages long.
You need to go read this so it's not just Alex Jones telling you this.
Because if I'm telling you the truth, there's a 40% increase in death plus And it's worse in countries with a higher up taking the shots.
And they say in the report, we think it's the shots.
Again, this is hypothetical.
I would not do this.
Or let's just say a random place.
Let's say your neighbor.
You see him cleaning a shotgun on the front porch.
You got to go to work.
You walk out your front door and you say, hey, Bob.
How you doing?
How's the wife?
He goes, she's all right.
Names a shotgun at you.
And you're like, hey, everything's all right, and you get in your car.
And he's obviously suicidal.
And as you're driving off, you see him shove the shotgun in his mouth and blow the whole top of his head off.
Do you need to be a pathologist to know the shotgun killed him?
You saw him blow his head off.
He knows what it is.
So I'm not a pathologist.
I just interviewed a bunch of them, and I can read the numbers.
This is not, if I took a hatchet out right now and hacked my arm off and blood spraying everywhere on TV.
Should I be a pathologist to know that cutting my arm off with a hatchet did it?
No coroner needed.
Same thing with people that go in front of these buildings and pour gasoline on themselves and burn themselves up.
You need a pathologist to say they died of fire?
No, when somebody burns themselves up or blows their head off on TV, they'll put on the death certificate, no autopsy needed, cause of death witnessed and known.
There's a huge car wreck and two cars head-on collision.
There's five people in one car and one in another and the driver of one car dies and a couple of the others die.
They don't have to do corner reports because the police fire report, the cars hit each other, combined speed of 130 miles an hour, because you know, it adds the speed together.
One car is going 70, the other car is going 60, you know, it's 100 and whatever, 130 miles an hour.
You know the car killed him and so it's on the death certificate, car accident.
So we sit back and act like we need them to tell us that a bunch of our friends are dead or sick suddenly.
And it didn't come during the first year of COVID.
COVID numbers were, mortality rate was basically flat.
They had all this COVID death, but it was, again, people with heart attacks, cancer, motorcycle accidents, car wrecks, gunshot wounds, suicides, cops that got shot, criminals that got shot.
They put them in there.
Remember that?
Whether you were in Germany, or England, or Australia, or Canada, it was all the same.
They counted motorcycle deaths in Australia.
They counted motorcycle and automobile deaths in England.
Because the administrative global state wrote up this whole plan.
Deny healthcare, give them remdesivir, put them on ventilators, kill them, don't let their families come see them while you're killing them.
Once the shot starts, then say something else to it.
And so, every day, without even looking, I have the numbers to prove it, but anecdotally, I see stuff like this.
Passed away suddenly at home on the 10th of August.
Last year, 42, a serving Met Police officer, he will be terribly missed by his wife, Haley, and his son, Alex, and heartbroken family and friends, funeral services.
And I've got his death certificate and stuff right here.
They posted, they're upset.
He posted, I took my COVID vaccine.
There's his funeral home notice right here.
He just dropped dead.
So do you want to be like those people?
Do you want to continue to go along with all this?
Or do you want to wake up to what's happening?
That a bunch of crazy globalists have decided to have the power to kill a bunch of people, mainly old folks so they don't have to pay their social security or similar things around the world, but also to corrupt the medical system that has the real power to get them involved in a mass crime like this.
So that now they'll commit the next crime because you got them by the balls.
You know, the CIA doesn't come along to an army officer and offer them $50,000 in a satchel just for free.
Now you're corrupted, bitch.
You took 50 grand.
You better do what we say next time.
And what was in the news yesterday?
Oh, the Canadian military saw a massive increase in death and sickness after the shots.
Just like I played that clip of the Navy officer saying we've seen a 900% increase in heart failure in their own document that was secret.
Remember that?
Last year?
And he was just doing the medical stuff on their pilots, helicopter and fixed wing.
So what did, I covered it yesterday, what did the Canadian government said?
They said, well, we got to cover this up, it'll destroy confidence.
And then once they did that, they got them because now they won't say the next thing's wrong either, the bird flu shot, or the next mRNA shot.
Because they're already corrupted.
They sold out that first time and now learned how to sit there and take it.
And now you got the medical system ready to cover up a total and complete takeover.
These people have got it figured out.
Well, guess what?
I got them figured out.
If they think shutting me up on this platform is going to stop that, I'm going to find the can in order.
I'll actually get it again today.
See if we can find it.
It doesn't matter.
I showed it like three times yesterday.
Massive increase in illness and death.
Yeah, and that's just the one today.
There's another one where the government said, we have to cover it up in a memo to the legislature, to the parliament, because this will kill recruitment and kill confidence in us.
But they found one of them.
Put it back on screen.
Because radio listeners, I've got to read it for them.
After COVID shot an introduction, Canadian military had 800% increase in vaccine injuries.
What did the Navy find? 900!
Gee, funny.
Different militaries, different groups.
800, 900 percent.
Boy, that sounds like something really good we should be taking.
You need a pathology degree?
If I pick up this marble table I got right here sitting next to me and I put my drinks on and I walk over to you full power and hit you in the head and put you in a coma for six weeks,
when you wake up you think the cops go well we're not going to charge Alex Jones for that because A pathologist was there to make sure the marble table didn't do it.
There it is, Canadian military officials hesitated to lift COVID vaccine mandate for service members because it would hurt their credibility.
Then it's a letter to the government admitting it.
Well, those are some nice people, see?
So see, when you figure out how the system works, you're like, why the hell would they want to kill 22 million people and counting?
Because all these doctors and lawyers and nurses and bureaucrats and media people took the money.
They went along with it.
They sat around in empty hospitals while everybody was really dying from not getting treatment for regular stuff.
They killed a bunch of people on their special COVID wards.
They got massive money for it.
And now it's coming out.
They're like, we better cover this up.
I remember it came out like 2005 from 2000.
An FDA meeting.
And all we know is one of the members of the board of the FDA recorded it.
And the head of the FDA said, my own grandson at 18 months took the next group of shots.
He said, come see me every week.
He can't talk.
He's totally sick.
He's got diarrhea all the time.
The vaccines attack your gut.
And We just can't cover this up.
And the other board members go, this will bring down the whole system.
We got to cover it up.
And they decide at the meeting, okay, well, we're going to fix the shots.
But we're going to cover it up for the agency's own good.
Well, they just removed that board and put a new one in.
And they kept their mouth shut because they were involved in the last corruption.
And what do they have to do to get an FDA board That would approve the experimental shot with no testing.
It would have been secretly tested.
They knew how bad it was.
But the board didn't.
They fired two boards.
The third board agreed.
And what did the board members say in a live Zoom hearing of the FDA?
They said, well, we finally decided.
We don't know what it's going to do.
But we're just going to shoot it in people and see what it does.
Hell, Bill Gates one of them even said, we have no idea what it's going to do.
We just shoot it right in the little kid's vein.
So on one side, they're like, we have no idea what it's going to do.
We just shoot it in the kid's vein.
But that itself is a lie to their own people, like laughing.
They had tested all on rats in the New Full Well.
See, this is all I do.
I've got them up one side, down the other.
I know how to beat them.
And I'm willing to die.
I'm willing to go to prison.
I'm willing to be shut up.
I literally have, outside of court orders, goon groups trying to take us over.
Not the people they ordered to do it, but the goons that told them to do it.
Because the enemy's down to the wire.
And I will continue to fight, but I need your word of mouth.
I need your prayer.
I need your support.
And whatever happens to me, I need you to support my family.
But they're not even political.
How are you going to support them?
It's okay.
I'm going to do it regardless.
I'm in God's hands.
That's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
But I believe in you.
I bet on you.
I know you can do incredible things.
But you've got to get pissed.
You've got to get focused.
I know how people's brains works.
Mine's the same.
You watch a bunch of entertainment all day.
You read a bunch of comic books.
That's fantasy.
You get obsessed with that.
I'm in the real world.
And people got to realize, between the show, why does the system want it off?
Why are they so pissed about the show?
Because it is the most fully focused, hardcore, serious system countering their system.
They're all compartmentalized.
They hate me and tried to buy me off many times because they even admitted to me, you're able to get our own people decompartmentalized.
We need them compartmentalized while this is happening.
It's for the greater good.
Once you join us, we'll read you in on it, but I think you're smart to understand.
I'm like, yeah, I know.
I've read enough of your writings and stuff and I see it in predictive programming.
You got to have world government to stop nuclear weapons.
And then you proliferate nuclear weapons.
Then you've got to have world government or AI will take over.
You've got to have a controlled civilization.
We're all dead.
Exactly, Mr. Jones.
But you're not even doing that.
It's a classic thing of we've got to enslave everybody to keep them safe, and then it's like, actually, let's just kill them all because they're too dangerous, because they're going to have their own hopes and dreams, their own ideas, and you want to steal the future.
I know the argument.
I know the reasons.
I've been hearing it my whole life.
I reject it and I say no.
You guys create instability.
You create the dangerous world.
You cause the technological races.
Out of all the insecurity!
We could have a World Compact that people are publicly told about, people publicly vote for, as nation-states.
Nation-states can opt out or be part of it, to be public about the dangers of AI, and the dangers of all these weapons, and these systems, and do that, and we can decide what to make legal and what not.
But that's not being done, because you're in a race to get the power, you have no constraints on it, while you tell us we gotta get total power to put constraints on it.
You would have put constraints on it up front, if you actually cared.
You're greedily stealing and grabbing as much as you can temporarily, claiming you're trying to get full control to help everybody.
We can't do that.
You got to educate the mass of the people on the truth and then collectively through free will.
We're still free individuals, but collectively individuals make the best decisions that we learn are what?
And that's why you don't want me on air.
Because I have a real vision through free will that I believe people will resonate with.
I know they will.
Because this is not my consensus.
I am hooked into God.
I am given millisecond by millisecond transmissions.
More than I can even receive.
It's just like... But I see around all the corners.
I know the enemy operations.
Any answer I want, I can say, give me the answer.
Jim, it's always right.
And the enemy knows that and they're like, oh my God, if this guy figures out what he's really got, we're all done.
Ha, forget that.
If the general public figures out what they've got.
If the general public figures out the power they've got through Jesus Christ and the Father and the Holy Spirit, we can unify, not through tyranny, not through a forced system, but through the Spirit and defeat this and then launch a renaissance that we cannot even begin to describe or understand it's so powerful.
Who's set up for the fourth hour?
Drew Hernandez always knocks it out of the park.
So I'm going to abdicate to him and have him take over, but I'll say it again.
I've crawled up from Access Television to this point, thanks for your support, but it's all been God's Spirit working through me and you responding.
So you're 95% of the equation, I'm 5% temporarily.
God's everything, but take God out of the equation, working through us, you're 95%, I'm 5%.
I can't do this without you.
So when I sit here and I've been right over and over and over again and told you over and over and over and over again and now I'm really starting to unlock my potential.
Now I'm really, because the times we're in, for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.
Plutonian Physics.
So I'm telling you, I need your word of mouth.
I need you to share articles and videos.
I need you to copy them and put them other places.
I need you to save all the stuff on Bandot Video.
It could be down within weeks.
I hope it isn't, but like, we're in crisis here.
So, and I need your support.
I need you to support InfoWars because we don't want to not support it when it gets shut down.
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I've got a few more things to say and then Drew Hernandez takes over.
Stay with us.
What do you make of the attempt to take January 6th, which we know was a federally provocateur event at many levels, there were also some useful idiots that got sucked into it in my view, to now project on that, no, it's not radical Islam that's the big threat, it's not communist China that's the threat, it's the American people and patriots that are the threat, and with straight faces the CIA has come out and said, oh, we believe a civil war has already begun.
We're going to have to arrest all the leadership?
I mean, this is what a real authoritarian takeover looks like historically.
The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.
The most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.
White supremacists.
The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
Can you speak to that with your historic understanding?
I expect something, again, another distraction.
I expect because of what was staged on January 6th and what was staged up in Michigan to kidnap, you know, the fake kidnapping of the governor up in Michigan, Whitmer.
I think we're going to see staged events.
I really do.
I mean, I really do think that do not put past this administration with their thugs, in some cases, that they have access to.
do not put it past them to stage something. What did he just say?
He said there's a storm coming in.
I know.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
at RealAlexJones on X.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
All right.
(upbeat music)
Drew Hernandez always does a great job.
Take over here in just a few minutes.
But like I told everybody days ago, they didn't try this secret.
Unlawful, outside of court order, shutdown.
For no reason.
It wasn't about us.
It was about a move on everybody.
So now Bannon's been ordered to report to prison.
Clearly, illegally.
All scholars agree.
He did contempt of Congress.
He's in the executive branch.
They can't make them testify.
You see the Democrats all the time say that.
We're in the executive branch, not testifying.
So it's just crazy.
You got the Epoch Times CEO being arrested for bringing money in from China that was his money to invest it in a company and then donate it to Trump?
Or donate it to ads for Trump?
That's why he's indicted.
Facing 50 years in prison.
I mean, it's going down, folks.
They just fakely convicted Trump last week.
The day after they did that, they're trying to, like, cover commander of the office.
And then, like, oh, gaslight.
Hey, it's no big deal.
We're just going to close for only two weeks.
You know, two weeks.
Stay in your house two weeks.
Hey, your office just closed two weeks.
And the next day, the Democratic Party people that ran this whole hoax against us, the whole legal thing, the fake judges that HBO running, they're real judges, but they're fake in my view, in their office.
Finding me guilty beforehand, never letting me defend myself.
That's how powerful we are that the deep state had to do all this and none of it's worked.
Look at the headline.
Epoch Times CEO Accused of laundering $67 million.
Yeah, I got to arrest everybody.
And here's the Washington Post, literally the CIA today.
Twitter's post January 60 platforming... Twitter's post January 60 platforming reduced info study fines.
And the article goes on to say, you don't want to just block misinfo that the Washington Post itself, the king of misinfo, claims it is.
So they, the misinfo, the lies called truth lies, they should be the ones de-platformed.
I'm not even calling for that, they're already de-platformed.
No one hardly reads them, no one believes them.
So they want to silence everybody else, and they want to be the arbiter of who's real and who's not.
But they say, once we find you, say something that's not right.
Like the Washington Post says, Anthony Fauci is taller than Michael Jordan.
That's the kind of thing they would say, and that's not literal, it's an example.
And you say, actually, Michael Jordan is 6'7", 6'9".
Look up how big, I don't know how big he was at his prime.
He's probably shrunk some now.
I'm guessing 6'8".
So Michael Jordan's 6'8", and Anthony Fauci's 4'8", and the Washington Post says, Dr. Fauci's 9 feet tall!
And I go, actually, you can look at him.
He's really little.
Michael Jordan's almost 7 feet tall.
No, we're the Washington Post.
We decide how tall you are.
And if we say you're wrong, you're banned.
Because once you're banned, then you can't respond and say, no, Fauci's short, Michael Jordan's tall.
Or let's use Andre the Giant.
The Washington Post says Andre the Giant was 3 feet tall, not 8'6".
The Washington Post says Anthony Fauci is 8'6".
The Washington Post says that Andre the Giant is 3 feet tall.
Now, you all know that's not true, but they can't have you... Guys, just type in how tall Michael Jordan was at his peak, please.
It'll be a well-known number.
I'm guessing 6'8".
It's a neurotic?
No, I'm gonna keep going then.
I can't have it.
I'll type it in.
I'm not mad, I just gotta have it.
Let's type in, how tall was Michael Jordan at his prime?
That just, God Almighty, that's all.
How tall was Michael Jordan?
I'll do it myself.
6'6", I guess, not even that tall.
Okay, so see?
Washington Post is right.
So they're saying Fauci's 6'6", Michael Jordan's 3 feet tall.
Andre the Giant's 3 feet, Fauci's, you know, 10'10".
So, so that's how crazy all of this is.
So the key is, we're the arbiters of truth, we're the arbiters of speech, we say you can speak, we say you can't speak, and then if we one time say you're wrong, like, hey, WMDs aren't in Iraq, that's not true!
You're banned forever!
Hey, your shot didn't work, here's the statistics, they worked perfectly, you're banned!
This is total desperation, and look at Will Ormus, the guy on here, looks like a cross between a serial killer and a weasel.
You gotta look at this picture on here.
These people are predators.
All right, great job, crew.
Appreciate everybody else.
We have the amazing Drew Hernandez coming up, and then the mighty Owen Schroyer in 55 minutes.
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Alright, what's going on InfoWarriors?
You are now watching the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I am your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
And I just really wanted to break down everything we are seeing.
And by the way, just for the crew that's listening in, I don't have a show clock to tie me down on the segment, so...
If I get cut off, that's alright, guys.
So thank you.
But I just really wanted to give a word of encouragement today because I think everyone for the past few days, for the past couple weeks, has been watching what has been happening with InfoWars, and not just the past couple weeks, the past few years, with the deplatforming, the censorship, and the targeting, and the persecution.
And all of this is simultaneously Flawlessly being coordinated and when I say flawlessly is you know without a shadow of a doubt that this is a coordinated attack and you know without a shadow of a doubt that this is a coordinated operation that is being deployed on everybody all at the same time in less than a month.
They've made their move, they've played their hand, they have made their Move on the chessboard with where they're going forward next and it's because we the InfoWar, we the Patriot, we the free human being, you and I right now pose a threat to the regime.
You and I now pose a threat to their tyrannical operations.
We pose a threat to foreign lobbies.
Across the entire world that are gutting the United States of America and feasting off of its corpse.
Raping us all of our bank accounts through taxpayer money.
You got the Israel lobby, the Ukraine lobby, you got the CCP, you have Iran, you have all these different entities all at the same time.
Especially with the installation of Biden in 2021.
And I've been saying this right when it happened, two things.
That maybe it's a good thing Biden gets installed, because unfortunately there are millions of retards out there that aren't paying attention, but now they're paying attention.
And they've overplayed their hand.
They've gotten overkill, and every time these authoritarian regimes, they move forward in that type of direction, it always backfires.
Now, what the duration of the turnaround is varies.
You could study human history.
I mean, you could take a look at the course of different regimes, communists, all kinds of authoritarian, dictatorial, fascist regimes that are installed for a few years, sometimes more than a decade.
You could take a look at North Korea right now where they are.
They've been multiple decades a dynasty of tyranny and tyrants.
But ultimately, it's God's will be done.
And ultimately this war is in God's hand, as we like Nehemiah.
Now understand, don't get it twisted, I'm sick of these Protestants that run around and, like, well Jesus is gonna return at any moment and you gotta understand that, you know, he said there'd be days like this and he said it would be dark like this and he said it would be depraved like this, so it's time to just sit back, look up into the sky, And enjoy the show.
Yeah, well we don't know that because we don't know if Christ is returning in 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 years, or 500 years or even more.
No man knows the day or the hour.
Faith without works is dead.
We should be always about our Father's business, fully activated in the faith.
Like the Bible says, not partaking in unfruitful works of darkness, but rather exposing them.
You are the light of the world, according to Jesus, and everywhere you go, everywhere you walk, is going to have that effect.
If you are fully operational as a born-again Christian, you are a black light to the entire world around you.
And at the same time, that will have a retaliation result, and depending on who you ask, a consequence.
Now, I view that as a born-again Christian.
Because you are a Christian?
You take a look at 1 Peter, the Apostle Paul makes it very clear, well that's actually an indication that the Holy Spirit is upon you.
If you are getting hit, I'm paraphrasing, you can find this in 1 Peter, if you are getting hit, if you are getting persecuted for the sake of Christ, His Gospel, you're a Christian, well that's indication that the Holy Spirit is upon you.
And that's why I say, depending on who you ask, to me, that is a positive consequence.
And as a born-again Christian, we have already been forewarned that these days, yes, are ahead of us multi-generationally.
Now, I think the United States of America has been blessed by God's mercy and by God's grace for His own purposes, I think, in our existence.
To not experience the full extent of persecution that the church has experienced in its history?
Or God's chosen prophets or utensils or tools that he uses?
You take a look at the Old Testament, the prophets getting martyred, getting murdered, getting executed for speaking a message that was unpopular with the people at the time that just wanted their ears tickled and they wanted to be told, everything is okay!
You're all practicing degeneracy and you're sacrificing your children to Moloch.
You're incinerating them.
You're having homosexual orgies everywhere.
You've turned your back on God's Word.
You no longer practice God's Word, not only in a religious or personal context, but in a government legislative context.
What do you think the Book of Judges is all about?
Who do you think God is targeting?
Not just the religious leaders.
Not just God's chosen people.
But also political leaders, governors, those in positions of power that are tasked to lead with biblical principles.
This is why I believe, and especially if you're running around saying the United States of America was funded on Christian principles, well, I believe this nation should be governed and influenced legislatively by God's Word.
I'm a Christ supremacist.
I'm unapologetic about that.
Don't call me a Christian nationalist.
That's too weak.
Doesn't hit hard enough.
No, no, no.
We are Christ supremacists.
I believe in the supremacy of Christ's Word, of His reign, of His rule, of His kingship, of His lordship, not only over humanity, not only over the church, but over the universe and creation.
And his lordship and his kingship and his command over even the multi-dimensional world and universe that we live in?
And so yes, that includes government.
That includes legislation.
And if people still want to be retarded, even right now, if people still want to live this American experience, Removed from God's word or his word and principles, influencing legislation, influencing policy, influencing culture, influencing music, influencing lifestyle, influencing education, influencing the science community.
Alex just got down breaking down and roasting Dr. Fauci, which in my view is one of the most notorious, in my opinion, murderers in human history.
Don't you think we could use God's Word in that space as well?
The medical community, doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals.
Pick one.
I don't care.
Pick an influential institution that the cultural Marxists and cultural globalists, the Satanists, have been infiltrating and subverting.
That's what Christians should be doing every single day.
But because we've been living in this comfy American experience and lifestyle, and also a lot of Protestant churches over the past, I would say maybe heavily, past maybe 80 years, I would say.
Are not only telling their congregations to worship Israel, but they are also simultaneously telling their congregations, don't get involved in politics.
Don't get involved in government.
Don't let your voice be heard.
Don't speak out against abortion.
That's political.
Don't take a stance for traditional marriage and oppose homosexuality.
That's political to each their own.
Just keep it, just keep it in the bedroom, bro.
As long as you don't push it on kids.
They can't!
Not push it on kids.
It doesn't work that way.
And the woke right now, their retardation wants to sit here and continue to think that, oh, well, you know, we're not going to actually address the big gay elephant in the room.
We're just going to, you know, we're only going to go after those that go after kids.
Go after those that go after kids.
But the root problem is the sexual perversion, which is homosexuality.
No getting out of this.
Stop calling yourself a Christian if you try to do all kinds of mental gymnastics to try to wiggle out of this biblical truth that is dismantling and deteriorating culture, the United States of America, and even our children to this day.
God will always be right in the end, you know.
I don't have to sit here and Take it personal, or any Christian out there that is saying, yes, amen, yes, amen.
You don't have to take it personal.
That's the consequence.
What did God tell us in Romans chapter 1?
Because they suppress the truth and they embrace the lie.
Well, God gives them over to a depraved and a reprobate mind.
Look around you.
Are we not living, not only in America, but in this planet, experiencing reprobates And depraved minds, which one of those indications, according to God's Word, is full-blown, embraced, practiced homosexuality, sodomy, and lesbianism.
It is a cultural, civilizational downfall.
And you want me to address it in terms of opposing globalism?
It's depopulation.
Say, Drew, what are you saying?
What I'm saying is, nothing's gonna change.
Until this nation finally, and until this nation finally, finally submits to God and His Word and starts to do what needs to be done from a biblical perspective, from a legislative perspective, really starting to side with God and His Word on all things across the entire board.
Christ supremacy!
Hey, anybody got a better idea?