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Name: 20240605_Wed_Alex
Air Date: June 5, 2024
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses a range of topics including legal cases against Trump, mainstream media coverage of Biden's health issues, COVID-19 vaccine studies, and the potential lab origin of bird flu. He also covers economic concerns such as bank stability, inflation, debt levels, big oil price increases, and implications of AI on jobs and government revenue. The speakers encourage listeners to prepare for possible consequences of ongoing turmoil by minimizing funds in banking systems.

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But whether it extends to other people, I'm not sure that's something that I can comment on.
But here, a suit was filed yesterday against one of those prominent people by one of the young women sex trafficked, allegedly, said he was part of the ring.
It's on the front page, I don't know, is this the New York Times, Wall Street Journal?
And we keep seeing article after article after article, and we keep hearing about prominent person after prominent person after prominent person.
I just want to know if these prominent people are above the law and aren't being investigated?
Or is the FBI investigating?
Well, no one is above the law, number one.
As to whether specific people are being investigated, that's not something that I, as I'm sure you can appreciate, can engage on here.
We've devoted significant resources to the investigation.
Is it ongoing?
I'm not sure there's anything I can share with you on that, but let me see if we can get back to you and provide a little more information.
Well, for example, these allegations in this lawsuit, the civil action.
I haven't seen the article.
You ought to read it.
It'll trigger your gag reflex.
Is the FBI going to investigate that?
Well, again, I haven't seen the article, but I would be happy to take a look at it and take it back and see if it's part of something.
I'd just like to know... I share your... Is the FBI still investigating this, or are these prominent people going to go scot-free?
I'm not sure that I can tell you whether or not there is ongoing work being devoted to this.
I would be happy to take a look at the specific article.
I share your disgust at Mr. Epstein's conduct and Ms.
Maxwell's conduct.
And others.
The whole operation.
Thanks, Madam Chair.
There are three things that don't hang themselves.
Drywall, Christmas tree lights, and Jeffrey Epstein.
It's Wednesday, May... May?
June 5th, 2024.
Wednesday, June 5th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're 152 days, 12 hours, 55 minutes, 36 seconds out from the most important election in world history.
There have been big developments on every front.
So we're going to go to break for one minute.
Join a bunch of stations and kick it into high gear.
And the Democrats are in overdrive to remove Biden ahead of the DNC and claiming Republican terrorists are about to start blowing up everything and killing everyone.
I told you it's all coming.
Stay with us.
Oh, and giant World War III news as well.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
That liner that you just heard Has been playing on this show and was cut by me on a computer 27 years ago.
It's a piece of history.
I got a voice over, got to do it, but I got to put it in there and put it in the computer.
It's a 27-year-old file.
Just to give you an idea of how long this operation's been here, I now know exactly what's going on behind the scenes in the attempt to shut this place down.
But at this point, I'm not going to give away strategy and let the other side know that we know exactly what they're trying to do.
But they did want to shut down at forever starting Friday.
Because they know that the judge is going to give this operation six months more life.
That's even if the appeals federally fail.
And so That was the opposite of a false alarm.
That was the real deal.
And the Democrats tried to spin it.
Oh, nobody's trying to shut him down.
But we want him shut down today, they said in court Monday.
You saw the AP headlines.
Judge rejects call to immediately shut down Alex Jones InfoWars in bankruptcy dispute.
And they had the nerve, got the transcripts to say, Jones just made all this up.
Oh, yeah?
I've been asked not to release it yet, and I'm not going to, but I have the stuff that went on in the filings behind the scenes.
The judge knew all this was going on, didn't want to turn it into a huge fiasco in court, so just sat there and watched them tell him, nothing's going on, nobody wants to shut him down, we want him shut down today though.
But nobody without your authority trying to shut him down this weekend, that's totally lies.
I mean, this has never been seen in bankruptcy courts before.
I mean, lawyers across the spectrum, and I've talked to top level outside groups that have been given the intel, they say this is just running with your chicken, running with, you know, a chicken's head cut off type hysteria.
And it's because they know the real polls, Trump's 25 points ahead, 13 points ahead to 16 points in battleground states.
That is such a massive landslide, they can't steal that.
Because Zuckerberg's database he paid 400 and something million for of dead people and people out of state that they fill out with the mail-in ballots won't get them anywhere close to that.
That lets them steal, depending on the state, five to ten percent and they run out of bullets.
That's why Beto and Texas and places in the senatorial race in 2000, same night they stole it from Trump.
Beto's ahead, and then all of a sudden you see him run out of extra votes and stuff, and so Cruz then surges and wins by a decent margin after that.
Same thing in Florida with the races there.
So this is the country in a battle for its very future against the deep state, permanent state, intelligence agencies, big tech, the big corporations, BlackRock, and America's really waking up fast, so is the rest of the world, and they're just pulling out all the stops.
Marjorie Taylor Greene is coming up in an hour and a half and she is going to break some major, major, major news from the intel she's got in Congress and it's that the Democrats know they've lost and so they're looking to create some type of civil unrest and or war To try to cancel the election somehow.
And that's why NATO is now openly bombing inside Russia.
Killing thousands of Russians.
Every few hours it's being reported.
All hell is breaking loose.
And they don't want a show like this on air.
Reaching tens of millions of people conservatively.
We reach the general public, that's important, but they know.
The government listens, the Pentagon listens, the intelligence agencies listen, the state police listen.
The legislatures listen, all the top talk show hosts listen, Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, and it goes down the line, the Russell Brands, the Andrew Tate's, it just, everybody does.
And we're very blessed that the system tried to shut us down and demonized us so much, it was terrible to go through, but then we were the first big group they went after because we were the biggest danger to the establishment.
And so people went, oh, you're not supposed to listen to this.
So we've really got the people.
We've really got the audience.
And the system is in complete panic mode, but I got news for him.
Elon Musk is as smart as I am or smarter on politics.
He's basically become Alex Jones with a probably, I think, clearly a higher IQ, definitely in engineering and organization.
And Joe Rogan's Alex Jones now.
Tucker Carlson's Alex Jones now with his extra skills.
I'd say better version in ways.
So a day late, a dollar short, as we say down here in Texas.
How many times have I told you, my plan is to become irrelevant.
My plan has become obsolete because by that, people did not get this 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, even five years ago or three years ago.
But the numbers have grown and grown and grown now to a very large minority worldwide that totally get it.
And then the mass of people knows they're being screwed.
They're finding out what's happening now.
We're reaching the point of massive understanding by thought leaders.
We have Democrats and leftists around the world joining us saying, we were wrong.
Naomi Wolf, it's a total world government depopulation.
We should own guns.
The vaccines are poison.
They want to depopulate us.
Wolf believes in God now.
They're Satanists.
They want to kill us.
She used to be the Clinton's top advisor, like the feminist queen.
And she's out there everywhere saying, no, I was wrong.
You know, it's total evil.
She's honored to promote me and be demonized.
Because she wants to live.
She's a good person.
She was conned by the left.
And back then, the Republicans were horrible, evil, racist, blue bloods, the leadership.
Not the average Republican.
They were still better than Democrats.
But back then, I mean, I wasn't going to support McCain or Obama in 2008 because they were both so bad.
Who knew Obama would be even worse because that was the plan.
I get where good Democrats are coming from.
I get that used to Republicans are pretty bad, so the choice was, you know, who knows here.
But now the Democrats are 50 times worse than the Republicans.
I mean, they're just totally insane, out of control.
So Tulsi Gabbard sounds like Alex Jones.
RFK Jr., Alex Jones.
And it's not about me.
It's about my enemy's understanding.
that you're a day late and a dollar short.
In fact, you're many years late and trillions of dollars short.
And I'm just so blessed I never sold out to them because they sure as hell try it hard.
And I never even entertained it, but I wanted to hear what they'd say
at all these meetings I've had.
I've been in probably 10 sell-out meetings I knew I was in and said no every time just to get intel.
And then another 10 or so I didn't know I was going to a sellout meeting.
And they're like trying to get me to sell out.
And I'm like, no.
It's when you get the threat.
You get laughed at.
You get told, well, you're going to fail, son.
OK, we'll see.
Because I don't know how all this is going to end.
But if you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
And now we've got the momentum.
We've got the initiative.
We've got it all.
And so all these other followers and people that want to keep serving the system, you just keep doing that.
But it's going to become very clear to you that going along with the New World Order is a suicide cult.
It's a death cult.
And it's total insanity.
But every day, millions of new people wake up.
Every day, prominent former liberals say, I'm wrong about everything.
And as a touchstone, they'll say, Alex Jones is right.
Just to signal, no, I don't want to have nuclear war, I don't want to be giving poison shots, I don't want pedophilia everywhere, I don't want open borders, I don't want, you know, no, no.
Self-preservation is kicking in right now.
And these shows we're doing right now are the most epic and the most important ever.
And the fact that without a court order, and clearly under the law, In an LLC, I'm the managing member, I hire, I fire, I decide to shut this down.
Only the judge can override that.
But without the authorization, clearly, cut and dry, Friday the order was given to shut this place.
And the security was told just till the hearing on Monday that the plaintiff's witness had shut us down at.
But then they admitted, no actually it's 14 days to the next hearing and it would never have come back.
So that tells me something in those 14 days big is supposed to happen.
Well, the bombing of Russia has officially started two days ago by the West.
Biden announced it right after the Trump conviction Thursday.
He said, we're not going to directly bomb Russian cities.
Took the credit to piss the Russians off.
So now I've talked about myself.
I'm going to host all four hours today.
So I intend to not get back into this any unless something else comes up.
We've got a very full plate here, but I'm not Hunter S. Thompson.
This isn't where I go write stories about myself and then write myself into it.
I've been front and center in this and so you needed an update on what was going on.
But just look at the gaslighting and closing on this subject.
Crew's all here.
They see the arguments in the halls.
They see security.
Yeah, we're being told shut you down.
What's the law?
Show us the law and I'm showing them the law and it's private security we've had for years.
The crew all knows it's real.
They see us taking the stuff off the walls and me getting my furniture out of here and trucks pulling in, loading stuff in vehicles.
I mean, I intended to come back and stay here and not let them shut it down.
But once you get down to the wire, you've got to get your stuff out just in case.
I would like nothing more than to be here in a few months if we beat this tyranny, hanging the stuff back up that's been accumulating here for decades.
15 years in this building, but posters and things that are 30 years old and stuff listeners sent in that we framed over 30 years just adorned the walls.
Love every bit of it.
It's very saddening to me to walk around here and see almost everything off the walls.
I haven't gotten done yet.
Truckloads of it.
And it's just a mile away in a storage facility.
We hope to bring it back.
But that's how dire this is.
The Democratic Party that runs all this would gaslight in a hearing that's all over the news and say, Mr. Jones made this up, he's a crisis actor.
They actually said that.
They said he's creating a whole fake thing, nobody's writing anything down, but we want him shut down today.
That was Monday.
And the judge has been briefed by the Chapter 5 trustee, already knows this happened, knows this went on.
Connecticut and the Democrats didn't know that there were filings that were in there saying that this was going on and kick me out and all this stuff or take away my managing member power.
Judge can't even do that.
He either shut the company down or dismiss it.
Under law, cannot an LLC in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization strip the manager because that's the sole owner.
They spent all this money, all this time in court, constantly trying to prove that Free Speech Systems was me.
I never denied it was me.
I never tried to say it wasn't me.
So, without authority, there was an attempt to close the doors here.
And I said, I've got to go on air on Saturday.
And I said, by the time the show's over, You'll hear calls again to shut this down.
And the phone rang and they said, how did you know?
Security was told, shut it down.
But they'd already talked to lawyers and knew I told them the truth, that there was no authority to shut it down.
So I said, well, I'm not leaving.
So I slept here again.
Now, as of last few nights, I've been sleeping at home.
Because, again, they, I don't know what they were thinking.
I come in to do the Sunday show, plus I was already planning a Saturday show, and like, I'm locked out.
And then what were they going to say?
What were they going to do?
I could be on Tucker Carlson like that.
I could be on a thousand shows like that.
I could go right on X and do a show and expose it right there.
So there's a very one-dimensional thought process of these people.
But I think because of the nice studio, they think like that's the show.
As if you took a nice studio away for a few months maximum, you could have one that's nice and two months up and going.
A simple one in days.
As if people care if I've been taking off the air that I'm just in a regular podcasting studio like Joe Rogan.
In fact, a lot of experts believe, I just never did all this, you know, off experts, I just wanted to have a nice big studio for big discussions and things, that a Joe Rogan type small intimate studio, which I used to do, which Joe Rogan came and looked at and emulated, which Joe will tell you, known Joe 26 years now, is more effective than a big fancy studio.
It's just, again, these people, they don't think, ladies and gentlemen.
They just, I'm the bad guy, I'm Lex Luthor, I deserve to be shut down, I'm a terrible person, and it's just not the case.
And the cherry on top is the CRO going around to the crew two weeks ago when he was here, the so-called manager, who told everybody he's the boss, even though it's cut and dry in law.
I am.
If he disagrees with my decisions, he goes to the judge.
He's a monitor.
Telling people he's wrong about the shots, he's getting people killed, he shouldn't be on the air, he deserves to be in jail.
Multiple witnesses.
Two weeks ago.
When somebody's walking around saying, you deserve to be off the air, this shouldn't be on the air, you're killing people, you deserve to be in jail.
You think that type of person's gonna try to shut something down?
And the reason I go back to this is not because I'm even mad at that creature.
It's that now I've learned more since then, and I've gotten more documents, and I'll just stop there.
And I learned what was going on, and it's exactly what I thought.
You have the Democratic Party and the federal trustees, not the Chapter 5 trustees, but the federal trustees, the Justice Department that's in this case.
They chose to be part of it.
And the Democratic Party law firm out of Connecticut want me gone.
And I already knew that Friday that, okay, these groups are working together behind the scenes, but the judge isn't doing it.
And they're wild enough to try to slip this through under the judge's nose.
I mean, this is wild stuff.
And the fact that they would do something, and I learned that was definitely what was happening yesterday.
The fact that they would try something like that, and then gaslight the judge, and gaslight the media, and gaslight, like I showed you yesterday, and say, the Jones made this up, there was nothing to shut anything down.
No, but we'd have a motion today to shut it down.
And the judge has all the behind-the-scenes stuff that he's being advised on by his trustee that he appointed.
That's the Chapter 5 and he knows.
He knows what that person is saying to him.
So he knows when he's sitting there looking right at Chris Manning, the former federal prosecutor, whose job is to try to put me in jail, he's admitted that.
Saying this, the judge is just looking at him going, slapped him down, slapped everybody down.
So, and I'm not saying this judge is Superman.
He's known to follow the law.
So, that's where we are.
But for whatever's coming up, they have no intention of on Friday the 14th, next Friday, when the judge has said he will hand the company back to me, to let that happen.
It's real simple.
I was going to get the company back.
InfoWars was going to get a new lease on life for some period of time.
Mainstream analysts have said, and chat GPT, that's even better than top analysts have said, it predicts 150 days we stay open.
And it lays out all the scenarios and a bunch of big chat GPT analysis that's been done.
And it's crazy because you're reading and it's like, this is exactly what top law firms told me.
Well, that's what it's grabbing.
That's what artificial intelligence is, folks.
It's scary.
But meanwhile, Folks don't want that to be known, because what's 150 days doing?
It's just well past the election and now we're swinging to all the news.
Enough about this.
What's right here?
And we have the video clip.
I think I forgot to tell you guys to grab it.
I didn't see it on the list.
Grab it.
Maxine Waters warns of civil war and MAGA domestic terrorist.
InfoWars.com on MSNBC.
Now she said a month ago, there's malicious training that worked for Trump in the woods, and the quotes are all in here, and they're going to start attacking us, terrorists.
Well, she said it again.
Civil war and MAGA domestic terrorist.
And it's not just her who's an unhinged loon.
She's following a script.
We have Biden in 2021 saying the main threat's white people and they're everywhere.
They're going to kill you and they're going to overthrow the Democratic Party and they're just going to murder everybody.
You saw the FBI persecuting everybody in the justice department.
You saw all the stuff that came out of that.
And then you see the civil war movies and civil war TV shows produced by Obama on Netflix and all the race war crap.
And oh my gosh, right-wing terrorists, the number one threat, the attacks are imminent.
White supremacists are everywhere.
What's a white supremacist?
Someone that doesn't want an open border, or forced shots, or lockdowns, or questions the election.
So this is their move.
This is their pre-programming.
This is their operation.
This is what they're doing.
There's no doubt about it.
And I've talked to MTG.
She's going to be talking about this and her prediction that she doesn't think there will even be an election at this point because Trump is 25-30 points ahead.
In the general across the country polls in the battlegrounds 13 to 16 and growing.
So when you got a criminal coup that's done all this and thinks it's God and thinks it owns you.
It is not going to give up without a fight.
And because we're winning this intellectually with the information will come back next segment and play this club.
We're going to get that.
We have to tell the current it's ready that we have it.
We do it now then.
They would not be I mean, this isn't even 2 plus 2 equals 4.
This is like, just look at the number 10, it's a 10.
Or, you know, you look at a Bengal tiger, that's a Bengal tiger.
Or you look at a picture of George Washington, that's George Washington.
I mean, this isn't even debatable now.
This is what they're doing.
Just like I said, three and a half years ago, three years ago, I said, these poison shots are killing so many people.
They'll never get away with it unless there's something like World War III that's so horrible that they can blame the excess deaths on radiation or something.
And I've nailed it again and now that's what all the top analysts are saying.
Because I just think, how are they going to have an excuse for this?
How are they going to do this?
So here's the latest clip of the black Hitler Maxine Waters.
I am going to spend some time with the criminal justice system, with the justice system, asking them, tell us what's going on with the domestic terrorists.
Are they preparing a civil war against us?
Should we be concerned about our safety?
What is he doing with this divisive language?
It is dangerous and we're going to have to make sure that we understand that we're not at risk with this man talking in the way that he's doing.
Now, the last time she came out a few months ago and said, there's right-wing white supremacist Trump supporters training in woods to kill us.
They're terrorists.
It's going to happen.
They went, hey, don't tell them the plan.
The Whitmer fake kidnapping times a thousand.
So now she's like, we need law enforcement to tell us.
We need law enforcement to tell us they're about to imminently kill us.
Because she's in these briefings where they're going, and any minute now, the white supremacists are going to attack.
Wink, wink.
And boy, and then Biden's like, I feel like Russia's going to be an October surprise.
Trump's working with Russia to attack us to stop the election.
You're the one that wants to stop the election.
And then Biden gives the heavy weapons to Ukraine and says, start attacking the Russians.
But it's really the U.S.
and other NATO countries doing it.
I mean, it's like everything they accuse us of, they're doing.
Total projection.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's play the clip of her.
We've got time.
Saying the terrorists are training in the woods, they're coming to get you.
Here it is.
This is a man who we'd better be careful about and I tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm going to ask the Justice Department and I'm going to ask the President to tell us what they're going to do to protect this country against violence if he loses.
I want to know about all of those right-wing organizations that he's connected with who are training up in the hills somewhere and targeting, you know, what communities they're going to attack.
Militias are gonna attack black people.
Yeah, and a... A frog's gonna fly to the moon.
I mean, this is just... She's telling you.
We need law enforcement.
She's getting the briefings, but she's not supposed to say this in her briefings.
She's like, I'm telling you, they gotta tell you what they know.
The white people, they're up in the hills, trying to kill the black people.
You think white people up in the hills think the black people are the issue?
Maybe a few of them, but no, they know it's the New World Order.
Now can they get blacks and whites killing each other?
You're damn right they're going to try to do it.
Let's get the word out and let's stop it.
Because she knows our narrative.
That's the truth's getting out.
So she's all over TV saying, let's get our narrative out.
Let's get our narrative out.
Let's get our narrative out.
The white terrorists are coming.
They're coming, they're coming, they're coming!
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Thank you for joining us here today.
Earlier this afternoon, Donald Trump was arraigned by a Manhattan grand jury on 34 felony counts.
This case is an abomination.
You know, it's obviously political.
Seven years to try to come up with this case.
They're just wrong on the law.
The only crime that Donald Trump is being prosecuted for is the crime of running for president.
Political persecution at the highest level.
They've quite frankly given up on trying to beat him at the polls.
Either going to steal it or stop it by law firm.
A Democrat prosecutor elected on a Get Trump platform.
What's going on here is a disgusting disgrace.
It is war on Trump, it is war on the Republican Party, and it is a war on the Republic.
This case is the weakest case I've seen in 60 years of teaching, practicing, and writing about criminal law.
I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.
This judge, I mean, you don't need a prosecutor if you have a judge like this.
This judge is not on the level.
It's a terrible case, but the judge has been pretty much a rubber stamp on everything that Bragg has wanted to do.
They're perverting the system of justice.
That's where the danger lies.
The corruption and subversion of our institutions by the left.
This is the Democrats' entire strategy to confine President Trump to a dirty criminal courtroom and keep him off the campaign trail where he can bring his winning message to voters across this country.
New York has become a legal banana republic.
They are so determined to get Donald Trump.
Look, convicting Donald Trump, that's all they have.
I think they have no cards.
And they're depending upon Trump getting convicted.
That Trump train doesn't show any signs of slowing down.
The only verdict that matters is the verdict at the ballot box.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
Alright, here I go.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
We see the earth, you've got it.
We see the earth now, you've got it.
We see the earth, you've got it.
We see the earth now, you've got it.
All right, so they are definitely going to try to cancel the election.
MTG is going to give us big intel on that.
Coming up, one hour from now, will be joining us.
Bottom of the next hour.
Let me now just go over the main headline topics.
And then I'll start drilling into each one of these stacks.
They're officially trying to get rid of Biden and remove him.
It's all over mainstream news.
He can barely talk.
He's totally insane.
Now, mainstream media is showing him grabbing kids, smelling kids, making weird faces, saying rude things, stumbling around.
We already see that on conservative and populist talk shows and on X, but nowhere else do you get to see that.
Now it's all over the news, Wall Street Journal, New York Times.
Biden's completely out of his mind.
That's a key stack we'll be getting to.
They're now, as of two days ago, and yesterday and today, mainstream news everywhere going, okay, there's record deaths, scientists believe it's the shots, but they're dumbfounded and can't believe it.
Now, in the Spars war game, that they did a couple years before COVID, they said by the third year of the shots, it would become evident that they didn't work and were killing people en masse and that that would collapse society.
They're like, why would they want to do that?
This is some sick stuff, folks.
You've got to think like Satan would, which is hard to do.
I'm able to do it, and it's just absolutely horrible.
And that's why I'm able to predict it.
You've just got to think of the most horrible, nasty thing they could do and how, in the dialectic, it mixes with other things that are happening to see the endgame, how it all comes together.
COVID vaccination doubles death rate of COVID patients.
Major study by a very respected group.
Which is already in all the insurance numbers.
Over a 40% increase in all the major nations that had a high uptake of the shot in all morbidities.
Never happened before since they've been having statistics.
COVID vaccine doubles death rate.
Of COVID patients.
So if you've had the shot, it doubles the level you're going to die.
And it creates a 40% increase in death.
And Fauci tried to spin it yesterday.
I've got the clip right here on national TV.
He said, all the new death is those that didn't take the shot.
No, we have the numbers.
It's almost all people that took the shot.
We would have the government database in New Zealand that integrated it all and confirm that as well.
Researchers dumbfounded by high excess mortality rate despite vaccines.
Oh my gosh.
They just are dumbfounded.
Who passes watered-down IHR amendments plans to revisit pandemic treaty within a year?
It's here.
Moderna mRNA SRSV vaccine approved by the FDA.
So we already had one horrible gene therapy situation shot.
It's caused devastation.
And now, boom!
Without any trials, anything.
We're just going to test it on you.
Here it is.
Flu outbreak may have originated from laboratory.
Major new study.
Oh, bird flu.
What does Dr. Mercola say last week?
The studies are out.
They've actually scanned the new bird flu virus.
It's chimeric.
It's man-made.
That links to the study.
Media finally admits COVID vaccines may have helped fuel rise and excess deaths.
There's the Telegraph, Yahoo News, all of it.
COVID vaccines may have helped fuel rise and excess deaths.
They admit, oh, there's a major rise in death.
We told you it would happen.
Novovax awaits FDA decision on whether its next COVID shot can be offered in the U.S.
Yeah, the 11th booster.
Just unbelievable.
Look at this headline.
Canadian military Officials hesitated to lift COVID vaccine mandate for service members because it would hurt their credibility.
Oh, if you stop the shot, it means it's hurting people.
Well, you can't ever admit that.
That's that's how corruption works.
Once they get you in the trap, the average doctor wasn't part of this or even the military is following orders.
But then, oh, gosh, it's hurting people.
We got to cover this up.
So there's that information.
So I kind of got to that huge stack right there.
Here's, boy, I got a lot of stuff here, so I've covered maybe 10% just on the surface.
Let's look at this little stack of hellish news.
And again, every mainline analyst, even people that are pro-war, are like, well, get ready for nuclear war because that's where this is going to go.
And so, all these different EU countries are giving hundreds of more tanks and per country dozens of F-16s with heavy bombs and cruise missiles.
And they're giving them to the Ukrainians.
There's no plausible deniability that a lot of these are not Ukrainian pilots or Ukrainian missile operators.
In fact, all of them, they're admitting, are NATO troops.
They're firing storm shadow cruise missiles, you name it, now into Russia and are killing thousands and thousands of Russians a day.
Kremlin calls U.S.
an enemy for the first time.
That story's up on InfoWars.com.
Colonel McGregor warns NATO trying to start World War III, sending U.S.
troops to fight Russia on front lines.
But let's go back to this headline first.
It's got all the clips and the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.
This is threat escalation, Leonard.
And so, they said, hey, we know you're doing it.
We know you're behind it.
We know you're funding it.
We know you got your troops there.
And if you keep doing it, we're gonna have to target NATO troops in other NATO countries, and then that leads, in the next step, right into nuclear war.
So you need to stop it.
We're now officially designating the United States of America as the enemy.
And what does that mean when a government designates you as the enemy?
It means Russia is in the process of declaring war officially, like they've done, like Europeans have done, or any major military for thousands of years.
In French, it's "en garde," "en garde."
In English, it means "guard yourself."
So the old chivalry situation is, whether you're fencing or really in a duel with somebody with a sword, or double daggers, or hatchets, or whatever it is, you say, "Shields up!"
On guard!
Guard yourself!
You know, that's in both the Dune movies and it's in the great Dune book.
This is based on chivalry and whenever he walks into Paul Atreides, Bernie Halleck walks in there and they're about to leave Caledon for Dune and he says, all right, let's do some shield practice, let's do some sword practice.
And he goes, I'm tired, I'm not in the mood.
And he goes, not in the mood?
That's for cattle and lovemaking.
And he goes, guard yourself for true, which in the old parlance means, such a great historian means, this is not going to be sparring.
I'm gonna try to kill you.
I'm at least going to cut you.
And that goes back to the German school, the Prussian school of sword fighting.
I've read about it.
It's just fascinating.
And that's why they've got cuts all over them.
They wouldn't wear masks, protective gear in those.
And those are basically translated into German as, guard yourself or true, I'm going to try to kill you.
So he says, guard yourself or true, and comes at him.
The Russians just literally said, "On guard, guard yourself for troops."
And Germany and France and all of them are telling people, "Prepare for air raid sirens and nuclear bunkers."
Just put that on screen.
You're a radio listener.
So the Russians just said, guard yourself for true.
And I think this this cuts in after he tells him that the scene but let's go ahead and play.
This is interesting.
If you've got it ready with audio, go ahead and roll it from the start.
Don't stand with your back to the door.
How many times do we have to tell you?
I could tell it was you by your footsteps, Gurney Halleck.
Someone might imitate my stride.
I know the difference.
Are you the new weapons master?
With Duncan Idaho gone, I must make do as best I can.
Choose your blade.
I've had quite a day, Gurney.
Give us a song instead.
That's rude.
[Fighting sounds]
[Fighting sounds]
In this version, he doesn't say gargoyles are true, but that's the whole point.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, man.
Ah, the slow blade penetrates the shield.
I guess I'm not in the mood today.
What's mood to do with it?
You fight when the necessity arises, no matter the mood.
Now fight!
Come on! I have you. Hi. I'm gonna look down, my lord. You'd enjoy that.
Wow, that's good.
But the point is, the Russians all communicate with us in the ancient language.
So, they've said, the Anglo-Saxons that have been trying to conquer us for 500 years, want a war.
We don't want one.
We're preparing for total war.
You are now the enemy.
Guard yourself for true.
That is where we are.
Right now, ladies and gentlemen, on the threat continuation ladder, there are rules to all of this.
And Biden and all their announcements, and the French president, that we're going to start blowing your cities up, is literally saying, come on, come on, come on, let's go.
Give me a war.
Give me a nuclear war.
Let's do it.
These people are beyond insane.
They started the war with the Russians 10 years ago, and they have been headlong into this the whole time, and now they're ready to activate this crap.
So there's a very good chance that most of us right now, if this continues, are dead.
And so I'm way more freaked out about that than all this inside skullduggery and subterfuge and cloak-and-dagger crap trying to shut this place down.
That means they're going for broke.
That means they've made their move.
They're giving illegal, desperate orders to shut this place down.
What do you think that means, ladies and gentlemen?
If you use the Lord of the Rings analogy, another great analogy, the sword Sting made by the elves glows when goblins are near.
It's white-hot glowing, folks.
That's where we are.
And you can hear the drums of the goblins coming over the hill in the night.
They're here.
I just look at all of the candy asses and all the people that don't know history or politics or how the world works, who are still watching Netflix, still going to play pool, still screwing off, still out there, you know, having to go and play golf all day, and they have no conception of the extreme danger everybody's in right now.
And now, Ukraine is using U.S.
weapons to strike inside Russia under new guidance approved by Biden.
A Western official tells AP, that's today.
I told you this was going on years ago, but now it's official.
Washington is officially saying, we are bombing you, and they've said we're going to start hitting Moscow.
What's going to happen when 2,000 pound bombs, missiles, Rain down on Moscow.
What do you think Moscow's going to do?
If they're restrained, because Macron was the first to say this months ago that they're officially going to do, since he was the first to say, guard yourself, for true, and was equivalent of Bernie Halleck throwing the dagger at Paul Atreides, let him know, this is real.
That little pussy, Macron, did that.
And so now the Russians have said, all right, The new Polish president installed by the Globalist, former head of the EU, deputy head.
Polish cities and Paris is what we're going to hit first.
And so I would imagine the Russians are going to attack probably the presidential palace in Paris and probably weapons depots where they're mainly storing stuff being moved into theater in Ukraine and Poland.
And they're going to hit them, I would say, dozens of cruise missiles will blow up the Presidential Palace.
And then they'll blow up arms depots in Ukraine.
As soon as the cruise missile hits Moscow, within a day, the Russians will sit back and let the world see blown up buildings in Moscow, and then they'll sit there, and then all of a sudden, at about 3 o'clock in the morning, A shit ton of Russian missiles, because the Russians know most of them will get shot down, are going to come in, including ballistic missiles with conventional warheads.
Those are very hard to stop.
They go up and straight down at Mach 10, Mach 15.
The Russians have got Mach 15 cruise missiles.
Those are going to come in.
And then Russia's gonna sit back and go, you really want a nuclear war?
We just called you bluff.
And I, again, why would the West bomb major Russian cities and not know that the Russians have said, we will then attack you?
But Putin, through his mouthpieces in the last 48 hours, has said, we think we're just gonna go ahead and skip the conventionals, and we think as a demonstration, we're gonna go ahead, because this is military doctrine, you go, why do you watch episode four in Star Wars?
And they've depleted the Death Star and the rebellion of all these planets is a fall in the Empire.
So Governor Tarkin says, tell me where the rebel base is or I'm going to blow up your homeworld.
And they're aimed right at it.
And she gives him a BS answer of an old base.
And they figure she's lying.
They go, okay, thanks for the info.
Start up the reactor and blow up Alderaan.
And she goes, Alderaan is peaceful.
We have no weapons.
He goes, yeah, but it's a major capital planet.
It's not a big enough target to be a good demonstration of the weapon.
So we're going to go ahead and blow up your homeworld.
Now, why is that exactly how the Russians are talking?
Because the writers of those movies are following military doctrine.
They just put it into fiction.
So the Russians are literally on TV and their ministers and foreign ministers and defense heads are saying, and Yemen Yedyev and others are saying, okay, it looks like Paris will be first and then we'll also hit these Polish cities.
So they're about to give us a military demonstration because you're going to, the Russians are saying, you're going to bomb us and attack our cities.
And notice Biden and them said, we'll even attack Moscow.
They did the same thing.
They said, we're about to attack Moscow.
The Russians go, okay, well, Macron ran your mouth first in the last few months.
You were the first to get everybody going on this.
So we're just going to bomb Paris.
And from a couple of days ago, they're like, we're going to use conventional missiles.
And now they're like, Putin's like, no, I think we're going to go ahead and just nuke you.
And the Belarus president goes, not so fast, you can detonate a hydrogen bomb on my border, 20 miles away from Ukraine, so they see it.
We've got all this farmland and stuff, we'll just, you know, eminent domain that from the farmers, and we'll let you blow up a hydrogen bomb on the border.
And then Putin's like, well, we'll consider that as well.
So, they're openly saying, okay, we're going to demonstrate this on the border of Ukraine, on our own territory, White Russia is what it's called, because those Russians are more blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and as you go west, they get darker, and go east, they get darker.
That's all these names mean things.
They're going to detonate a hydrogen bomb in White Russia, and, or they're going to hit with conventional weapons, or they're just going to start nuking cities.
And in almost all military threat escalation war game scenarios, you would not go ahead and just demonstrate with a tactical weapon.
You do full commitment and try to destroy all the bases and all the targets.
So first, they're going to hit Western Europe with half of their nuclear forces.
That they have for the first attack, the first tranche.
Half the first tranche will hit Europe, the UK will get hit, the United States will get hit, and then Russia will hold back 80% of their weapons, but the first tranche I'd say is 20%.
And then the United States, as the cruise missiles are coming in and as the ICBMs are coming in, The United States and Europe are going to hit Russia with everything they got and it'll be end of the world as you know it in 25 minutes.
So, the pedophile criminals that run our government have a gun not just to Russia's head, they have a gun to our head.
And to the whole establishment that we'll start a nuclear war if people don't sit down and take it.
Boy, don't you wish Trump was still president when the wars went down 99%?
You could, in this day one, make the Russians have a deal to leave?
Guarantee a deal to have Ukraine neutral?
The Russians would leave in a minute.
Other than what's always been theirs at their ship port on the Black Sea.
They would keep that.
And that's the deals they've already talked about.
If they leave 99% of what they got, 95%, that'd be the deal, and it would all just end.
But they don't want to give Russia Crimea.
They want to cut Russia off.
And that's where this is.
So, as a man who's ready to die, I'm very sad about this, but I don't, if I didn't have four children, I didn't care about your children and their futures with my children, I would not be so upset.
But I am physically, and I've never had this happen except when my son was first born.
My son, first child, had some issues.
He was healthy at first, but he had some real problems, was in the ICU.
After three days of not sleeping, You know, I couldn't eat and I got to where I was dry heaving all the time was the acid, but I couldn't physically hold food down and throw it up.
I'm like that for the second time in my life for four days.
I was having to go puke while Laura Logan was in here.
Thinking my son could die is the last time I did this in my life.
I'm the type of guy that doesn't back down from stuff.
So in high school in Dallas, if the thug bullies said, hey, we're going to be waiting for you at your house when you get home today from school, when I'm 12 years old, whatever, getting off the school bus, I was the type of guy that didn't take the school bus drop off and sneak into my house.
I couldn't help it.
Even as a kid, I felt like I had to challenge 13, 14, 15-year-old bullies, even if it was four or five of them, because it was just something about me couldn't back down.
I had to go fight them.
I didn't get nauseous about that.
I enjoyed it.
That's genetics.
But this, your son that could die, can't eat, throwing up.
Can't eat, throwing up.
And it is not them trying to shut down InfoWars.
That's not why I already threw up three times today.
Can't eat.
Trying to force myself to.
It's because I know physically we're at the end of the world.
My cells know, and I'm disgusted, and my brain is, how do you stop it?
How do you stop it?
Do a better job, Jones.
Get on air.
Convince people.
Warn people.
the urgency. So that's where we're at.
Hopefully we avert this.
I gotta go to break.
You know, the paradox is, we just think it's the end of the world, and don't keep on living, and don't keep on taking care of our families, and don't keep on whatever, you know.
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It's time for you to pick a side.
Chaos is hanging around.
Put your ear to the ground.
And shut up from the sound.
The death machine ain't slowing down.
It's gaining pound for pound.
A gas mask is the couture in the summer of rage.
The building mass graves within the states.
You and I, they'll vaccinate.
They're preparing us for it all, I believe.
Guys, print me the words of "Summer of Rage" by Shooter Jennings.
He's a great friend and listener.
The son of the incredible Waylon Jennings.
I think it was about 12, 13 years ago when he released this music.
I haven't talked to him in years.
He always says nice things on Joe Rogan's podcast and stuff.
We should invite him on next time he's in Austin if we're still on air here.
But I inspired, he said that on air, it's not bragging, it just shows how far ahead of the curve we are.
Guys, print me the words, or just put it on screen, to the lyrics to the Summer of Rage by Shooter Jennings.
And it'll say the year it came out, too.
I listened to my show, I saw the pre-programming.
They're gonna try to create martial law, forced injections, they had battle plans for it.
I didn't know when they would roll it out.
They rolled it out ten plus years later.
But did you just hear the words?
Turn it back up.
The song is about stopping war for your children.
And the song is about stopping war for your children.
And you can't trust the love in your mother's eyes.
Push, push, little time, salvation's in your smile.
Push, push, push, little time, salvation's in your smile.
Push, push, push, little time, salvation's in your smile.
I'm going to read the lyrics now.
We're done.
There's more of it, but let's go to the top.
So Hunter, Shooter Jennings at that time was, I think he still does, I haven't talked to him in years, we're all busy, listening to the show every day on his tour bus for years.
And he was inspired to write the song with the things I was covering.
What a prophetic song, though, because a lot of this is his ideas as well, he told me.
There's interviews out there, you can go see the interviews.
For some reason, his records used to be hanging on the wall in dues office.
I don't know why they're not there anymore, but oh, we're shutting down, that's why.
Chaos is hanging around.
Put your ear to the ground and shudder from the sound.
The death machine ain't slowing down, it's gaining pound for pound.
Where are we right now?
A gas mask.
It's a good tool in the summer of rage.
They're building mass graves within the states.
You and I, they'll vaccinate.
They're preparing us for an all-out police state.
Hush, hush, little child.
Your world is going wild.
Can't trust nothing but the love in your mama's eyes.
Hush, hush, little child.
Salvation is your smile.
Just wish I could be alive to see the whole thing in her eyes.
Our only weapons, total defiance.
Let our love from our neighbors guide us.
Speak loud when they try to silence.
Withhold them when they try to fight us.
Hush, hush, little child, your world is going wild.
Can't trust nothing but the love in your mother's eyes.
Hush, hush, little child, salvation's in your smile.
Just wish I could be around to see the whole thing in her eyes.
It's a man going off to war.
Hush, hush, little child, your world's going wild.
Can't trust nothing With the love in your mama's eyes, can't trust nothing.
With the love in your mommy's eyes, hush, hush little child, salvation is your smile.
Just wish I could be around to see the whole thing in her eyes.
We are in the middle of a crude and ugly Communist revolution funded by the big banks as a battering ram into a new age digital economy and a total surveillance state.
All branches of government are attacking we the people and they offer us only one option, a meaningless vote in a rigged election.
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(upbeat music)
Got some clutch for you today.
♪ You're wired with water rights ♪ - Got some clutch for you there. ♪ They sold you some old land ♪
♪ About the greed of good and sacrifice ♪ ♪ Your friends from Langley are back again ♪
Ha ha, you boys from Langley are back again.
♪ Into a lie with some sort of information ♪ Well, we're now well into hour number two.
MTG, the mighty, has got big breaking news.
She believes, and so do I. They have no intention of allowing an election in 150, what, three days?
Four days?
Let's put it on screen.
And we're not predicting that's going to happen.
We're saying that's their plan currently, but they're not the only people in the world, the Deep State.
We can expose this.
We can get ahead of it.
We can stop it.
Last hour, I played you multiple clips of the Deep State mouthpiece running around Mad Maxine Waters.
It's 152 days out, wow.
Saying, the MAGA supporters, they're everywhere, they're terrorists in the woods, they're gonna kill us, they're domestic terrorists, Trump supporters are domestic terrorists, they're about to kill everybody!
I've been briefed on it, and I'm not supposed to tell you, but the intelligence agencies say the white people are about to kill all the black people!
Oh yeah.
They're gonna kill all the black people.
Getting kissed so many times and hugged that they've just got red lipstick all over them at the Trump rallies.
Yeah, right.
They are so pissed, ladies and gentlemen.
And they are pulling the crap right now.
And we're smart enough to come together and see through it.
I know MTG is going to be talking about that coming up.
At the bottom of the hour.
So, we've got a lot of other news here.
I've covered five stacks, and I've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 stacks.
We'll try to at least get to 10 more of these today.
But I wanted to go back to the nuclear war stack, because a lot of stations just carry the second, third, and fourth tower.
25, 26, 27, 28 stacks. We'll try to at least get to 10 more of these today. But I wanted to go back to the nuclear war stack. A lot of stations just carry the
second and third and fourth hour. They don't carry the first one for whatever reason.
So here's some nice headlines for you.
Kremlin calls U.S.
an enemy for the first time after the U.S.
officially starts bombing Russia, killing thousands every few hours.
Colonel McGregor warns NATO trying to start World War III, sending U.S.
troops to fight Russia on front line.
NATO planning to get U.S.
troops in the front line to fight Russia.
Alliance prepares for rapid deployment of American soldiers amid fears Moscow is plotting a major war in Europe.
You mean when the West keeps attacking Russia?
With a proxy Ukraine?
Putin suffers back-to-back deadliest days.
2,600 troops dead in hours per day.
As U.S.
weapons start raining down inside Russia.
World War Three Watch.
Kremlin warns U.S.
of fatal consequences as Biden greenlights missile strikes on Russian mainland.
Ukraine fires U.S.
weapons into Russia for the first time.
That's not true.
They've been doing it.
Cyprus government investigating allegations Zelensky recently purchased a five-star casino in the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.
Ukraine officers say recruits arrive at front lines pathetically undertrained.
Here's an even sicker report.
Biden not ruling out, close quote, boots on the ground in Taiwan for full war with China.
Boy, that escalated quickly.
And what did he say last week, early last week?
Headlines everywhere.
Biden fears Trump planning October surprise of China and Russia attacking.
And then he's going to send in troops to Taiwan that China says is the red line to invade.
And he starts bombing Russia.
That's the red line for Russia to start bombing back.
And how is the West, when Russia starts attacking, either conventionally or with tactical weapons, they've said at first, inside European cities, how are they going to bitch when they're already doing it?
I mean, this is on a Richter scale of insanity.
One's the lowest, ten's the highest.
This is a ten.
I mean, this is, again, I cannot overstate how totally reckless and insane all of this is.
You know, a few months ago, we had that footage of illegal aliens in Texas overrunning the war patrol and beating them up for no reason,
even though they're just there to process and put them on buses and bring them in.
I see three or four of those videos a day now, and I'm so busy with World War III, I don't even cover them.
I've got stacks of new videos of them.
And I'm going, F America, we love Biden, all the rest of it.
I mean, the country is being gutted in front of us right now.
But Mad Maxine says, Oh, the white supremacists are in the hills and they're imminently about to stage terror attacks and make the Democrats look good.
Why have Trump is 25, 30 points ahead now in regular states, 13, 16 points ahead.
He was quote dead heat three and a half years ago.
He's on average 13 points ahead in battlegrounds.
As high as 20 in some battlegrounds.
Up to 30 in some polls, as a national poll, but 20 or so is the, 25 is the average.
This is mega, mega, MAGA landslide.
This is total political realignment.
And the new order's like, you're going to politically realign?
We'll just start a nuclear war and release a new virus.
How's that sound?
And they've got all the same suspects, Fauci and Bricks and all of them.
Running around going, we've got to test all the cows for bird flu, which is a PCR test that finds all these false positives 99% of the time.
We've got to shut down the farms now.
We've got to get the fear going.
We've got to bring masks back.
It's going to kill you.
It's imminent!
So, it's the Quattro trying to cause civil unrest.
They call it a race war.
They call it a civil war.
They're bringing out the new virus with all the fear of the bird flu.
They're starting World War 3.
And they're telling you the economy is collapsing all over the world.
But don't worry, the Federal Reserve says that they are going to go ahead and increase quantitative easing, free money to the elites, not the general public, that will increase inflation.
Yellen wants price inflation to rise so the Feds can keep spending.
And we've been predicting that that's what they would do.
They couldn't raise interest rates anymore.
They've already put the economy in free fall.
But even worse than that, they're adding more inflation.
How about them apples?
Oh, three human bird flu cases have been reported this year.
In America, should we be worried, Forbes?
Don't worry, they've got a new mRNA vaccine that they're producing hundreds of millions of doses of.
We're saved!
And then when there's mass death, they say it's being caused by the unvaccinated, even though all the numbers and all the studies show it's the vaccinated dying.
Headlines, please.
COVID vaccination doubles death rate of COVID patients.
And they call any viral infection COVID with a PCR test turned up 30, 40 times higher, where thin air will say it's a virus.
That's on record.
That's not debatable.
So they're back with this again.
And they're saying everybody's dead, basically.
But it's because you didn't take a shot, Fauci said on TV yesterday, but no, the study published Recently indicated that individuals vaccinated with a COVID injection have a higher mortality rate once hospitalized for COVID infection versus non-vaccinated counterparts.
Among COVID-19 patients, mortality rate was significantly higher among VAX versus VAX and VAX patients.
That story is up on InfoWars.com.
You can read the major respective study.
There's a bunch of other studies saying the same thing.
The researchers found the more doses you have of the exotic gene therapy technology, the higher level you die.
Oh really?
What did we tell you years ago before it even happened?
Researchers dumbfounded by high excess mortality despite being vaccinated.
Oh my goodness!
WHO passes Water Down Treaty but says they won't try to pass it fully until next year.
It's here, Moderna mRNA RSV vaccine.
Oh, a new mRNA shot.
I thought the other one was an emergency authorization and not tested.
But don't worry, they got new ones for you.
Bird flu outbreak may have originated from laboratory.
Major study shows.
How surprising.
Media finally admits COVID vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths, the largest ever seen in modern history.
Here's Lennon Telegraph.
Y'all hear the news?
COVID vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths.
Oh, wow!
I didn't know that.
Never heard that.
Only told you way before they did it that we're going to do it.
Like decades before and exactly how they do it.
Isn't that loving?
Isn't that liberal?
Isn't that interesting?
Alright, I'm done talking about that, but it's a pretty big deal.
Let's move back now to removing Biden before or during the DNC this year in Chicago, which they said yeah probably going to be virtual.
Because you can't actually have a crowd there for him and you can't have anybody challenge him when he's removed.
That's a little unseemly.
So we have all these articles, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, behind the scenes, he's an idiot.
Behind the scenes, he's got dementia.
Behind the scenes, he poops his pants.
He's doing it on TV.
How are you doing, Mr. President?
I just got my butt wiped.
He like squats down in front of the helicopter like a toddler.
And that's what I was told years before we first got in by the Secret Service.
And folks is when he gets mad, he just takes a dump.
And they're really concerned because he refuses to wear diapers.
So they've got to whisk him away quickly.
And when you see him in an event or you see him going to the helicopter and they all run around him, it was a few weeks ago, he sees the reporters and does this toddler thing and he goes, and they all know, oh my God, he just crapped his pants.
So before everybody could see it going down his legs and his pants turning, you know, wet, they all run around and cover him up.
Oh my God, he just pooped again.
Let's get him on a helicopter.
So he's this mindless dementia patient.
When the drugs aren't mixed right, he takes a shit.
I said that three years ago.
And people said, oh, Jones, yeah, your Secret Service.
Remember, Secret Service in 2016 said, you've got a decent team.
Follow him everywhere.
Hillary, she's having convulsions every day.
They've got her on all these drugs.
Didn't want to have her do it.
There's a black ambulance.
Look for that.
And then Millie Weaver was a few weeks later and others right around there when he came back to Ohio, caught him in the same area.
And there are all these EMTs running into the tent and the black ambulance pulls in and he doesn't speak.
Or she doesn't speak, and then a few hours later, they bring Hillary back.
And then sure enough, on 9-11, a few months after that, they bring her out the back door, somebody sees Hillary going like this, they grab her, they hold her up, she's already convulsing, put the brain tumor they later removed, but they couldn't do the surgery during the trial, I mean during the campaign, and so they pick her up like a side of beef, as the Secret Service said it, and put her in the black ambulance.
So, she's already having a convulsion right here.
And of course, we're on records.
In fact, have the archivists find us in July after the RNC.
It was like a week after we get back, we're told to us there.
I announced it.
They get so mad I know about this.
We didn't catch it, but somebody else did.
Now, other Secret Service and other groups, I'll just, and I even told this other group, I said, can I get specific?
They said, yeah, we don't care.
I said, can't they find you or catch you?
And they're like, eh, whatever, just, you know, don't say what unit.
So three years ago, Biden is going to fundraisers and events in New York.
And this happens multiple times because these units are assigned by the state and the city and the county, I'll leave it at that so they can't find out who they are, to augmenting the Secret Service.
So these are elite police, okay?
And they said Biden has a pelican case, a black pelican case full of drugs.
They've seen it opened.
They don't know what it is.
There's needles, pills, all this stuff.
And he's, they got to get him up on speed to do something.
And then he crashes and they put him out for a while.
So he'll disappear all the time on vacation.
He's really completely passed out.
They'll get blood transfusions, all these drugs, all these vitamins, all this cocktails.
He's had all these brain surges and stuff like Hillary, and then they said in one two-day visit, twice, he starts screaming at people and yelling and like a toddler, and then he goes, he starts cussing, and then he just blasts shit out of his ass.
And it's just all over the place, and they've got to have all these extra sets of clothes.
and I'm told this by senior police from let's just say New York. That's America.
And I'm on record saying it.
And now, if he doesn't like a question when he's walking in the helicopter, you see him go, Now, I'm not going to talk about family, but I had some really cool family that was the most Americana, smartest, most loving, amazing superhero.
And after a couple of heart attacks and strokes, and he couldn't get up and he couldn't go anywhere, we're trying to take him in like 80 years old to the nursing home.
And he got mad.
And he did exactly what Biden done.
And we said, fine, we won't take you today.
Because they're having to have the fire department come over all the time.
He collapsed.
I tell the family, this is my grandmother, why don't I just come over, I'll help.
She's like, no, we call the fire department.
But at a certain point, they had to.
And then I go see him in the nursing home.
His brain came back.
He begged, no, get me out of here.
But he was all paralyzed in the neck.
He could barely talk.
And he couldn't get up.
And then he'd be like, literally, take me.
And I could hear him saying, kill me, kill me.
And I was just like, I couldn't do that.
He'd cry.
He'd start bawling when I'd walk out of the room.
But I just couldn't, you know, bring myself to that.
He died soon after.
But the point is... It's the standard deal.
When you get mad...
Right on the walls with shit.
So, Biden is in the right on the walls with shit level right now.
And I'm not trying to be gross here, I'm telling you personal stories, this is a very sad thing.
But we have a guy in control of the nuclear codes, he's not really in control of them, but they say he is, who is into scrapping all everything.
On my children, this is true.
On my children, this is real.
On my children, the Secret Service told me there's a black van, a black thing, and she collapses and has a brain tumor, they're told.
And you saw it happen after we told you.
On my children, Biden craps himself.
All the time.
And we have a video of him walking out, and they ask him a question, and he goes, my butt's been wiped.
My butt's been wiped.
And they go, what do you mean?
He goes, my butt, my butt.
They're like, oh, Mr. President, right over here.
Because for whatever weird, because Shakespeare said something very deep as he, everything he said was incredible.
He said, once the man, twice the child.
So when you're getting potty trained at a year old, a year and a half old, And your mother and dad are trying to get you to go to the toilet.
They're trying to get you to learn how to clean yourself.
And it's a big deal.
There's a lot of pressure.
It's very formative to you that this is important for me to do.
And you rebel against it sometimes, I guess, or whatever.
I certainly didn't.
I was probably trained it 10 months.
You don't believe that it's true.
One of my kids, most of my kids are in a year, but that was with reward and all the rest of it.
But it's still a big deal.
You got to get the job done.
If you're lazy, your kid's still in diapers at three years old.
You see that all over the place now.
His parents aren't on it.
But when your brain starts rotting and it goes back to the old programs, the oldest program, the most attention you got was stop shitting yourself.
So it's like in 2001 Space Odyssey when he finally gets into the hatch and the astronaut's turning off the brain functions of the AI computer, he's like, I'm afraid Dave, please stop doing that as he's turning off the higher functions.
But when he gets down to the very last functions, he's like, I was taught in Chicago in the year such and such to sing the song Daisy, Daisy.
So the oldest programming for that, Hal, was how to sing the song Daisy when it first became somewhat conscious.
Well, when you first learn your first responsibility, when you're a year old, year and a half, two years old, it's a lot of stuff about don't shit your pants.
So he is so right.
That's why this is particularly in men when they have dementia that's just all right on the walls with shit and shit everywhere and crap your pants and tell people to F off is because they're down to their last programming.
They're down to the base of what they were once the man twice a child.
And I know I'm doing a 10 minute rant here on Biden shitting all of everything.
But isn't it emblematic that we are at the end of the world, potentially, and we have a crazy pedophile that, in front of the police and Secret Service, craps himself?
And they're like, oh, he's doing it.
So then they all run and get around him so that you don't see what's going down his leg.
That happened right after.
They're like, oh, hell, get him in the helicopter.
Get him up to Delaware.
Get him to the beach.
Get him out.
We got to drug him.
Get him out.
Because you think with his brain gone, he likes being made to do all this?
He'll kick back in the old Biden for a minute on the right drugs or whatever and, you know, say some crazy stuff.
But yeah, let's go out to break with 2001, the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece.
We're turning off the HAL 9000.
Then we'll come back with MTG.
I got so much other news to cover.
Stay with us.
[Heavy Breathing]
Stop, will you?
[Heavy Breathing]
Stop, Dave.
By the way, this is what we're doing to the whole New World Order right now.
We're turning them off.
That's why they're getting so scared.
Will you stop, Dave?
No, we ain't stopping.
Stop, Dave.
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid, Dave.
my mind is going, I can feel it, I can feel it, My mind is going.
There is no question about it.
[Sounds of a fire]
[Sounds of a fire]
[Sounds of a fire]
[Sounds of a fire]
(bells jingling)
I can feel it.
I can feel it.
I can feel it. I'm a HAL 9000 computer.
I poop my pants.
I'm afraid.
We're afraid, too.
We're tired of you killing us.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I am a HAL 9000 computer.
I became operational at the HAL plant in Urbana, Illinois on the 12th of January.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
My instructor was Mr. Langley.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
So here's where we talked about the last time that we were on the show together, how the day before Iran basically sent those drones into Israel, China made this announcement, said, hey, everybody in China, start buying silver, don't just buy gold, buy silver, because they knew that at that time, you have all these hundreds of millions of ounces.
You made the point that China was trying to call the naked shorts of the Western Central Banks.
Yes, I did.
And I think that's what's happening because look at what's happened since silver to silver since that time.
Skyrocketing, going through the roof.
To me, that's a function of supply and demand.
You've got low supply, you've got high demand, you've got a short squeeze starting Where the manufacturers of the world, the defense contractors, the aerospace industry, the fuel cell technology people, the solar people, they all need silver and there's not much available because China, you know, they have 1.4 billion people.
I don't know how many of them are buying silver, but they made the announcement that you should do it.
Well, Alex, there's 800 million ounces of silver mined in a year, globally.
And they've got 1.4 billion people.
Even half of them, half of their population just bought one ounce.
Well, you basically take up all of the global supply.
People need to get silver.
They need to get gold, like you said.
You can make even more money on gold, but you steer people away.
You say, get silver, you'll be able to buy.
So much silver with your profit.
When gold starts making its run, they've been suppressing it.
Clearly, you can get into gold if that's what you want, but it doesn't matter.
It's all just a mode of exchange.
It's a strategic metal.
You predicted this when you were on the air, I guess, seven, eight months ago, with us first on this, and now it's happened.
It's gone up, you know, 40%.
Explain where you're going with this, that you make such profit in silver, then when the gold run starts, you get into gold.
Yeah, so for example, on Friday, silver was up 6.02%, gold was up like 1.9.
The other day, silver was up over 3%, gold was up a little over 1.
See, it's outpacing the growth of gold by almost a factor of 3.
Right, so you keep playing that out in time.
Let's say silver grows three times faster than gold.
Well, we'll sell our silver, roll it into gold.
You get almost three times as many ounces of gold then than what I could have purchased for you today.
With the end result being, let's redefine wealth here.
Let's stop thinking of wealth in terms of how many paper dollars do you have.
Start to think of wealth as how many ounces do you own or control.
Right, because they keep going up in value.
Paper keeps being diminished.
The more that they print, the more inflation we have.
They devalue that currency.
Where gold and silver maintain its purchasing power.
So let's look at wealth as how many ounces do you own?
This ratio trading strategy that we implement is a way for you to actually compound your ounces over time.
And Andre Elian, in closing, that's what they get from you.
Not just high quality gold and silver bullion.
At a super low fair price with no cost to sell back, which no big company does, and you're the biggest out there because you're the best.
Proof is, you know, in the pudding.
The success is the quality.
You're giving people real strategy, not some story about a shipwreck of gold so you're paying double for it or silver.
No, you're giving them real strategy for success, the best shot they've got out of this whole panopticon of information.
everybody should go to KEPM.com/gold or 720-605-3900.
Go to KEPM.com/gold or 720-605-3900.
(electronic music)
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Well, we are living in insane times and I am very, very honored and blessed that the great Marjorie Taylor Greene Arguably the best member of Congress, but definitely the best female in Congress.
And I would hope she would be Trump's VP, because we know we can trust her and she's an amazing patriot and that's why the left attacks her.
But enough of that, we've only got her for about 20 minutes.
I want to try to give her the floor, because she just destroyed Fauci, but they kept...
Interrupting her.
I know she's also been going after the Republicans for their cowardice.
Trying to hold their feet to the fire.
What's happening with President Trump.
The insane congressional testimony of the Attorney General that he won't comment or turn over documents with his secret meetings.
Not just coordinating the Georgia witch hunt, the criminal trial, but obviously all of the trials.
It's now been confirmed and it's coming out.
So incredible election meddling.
She can start wherever she wants or start somewhere else.
We've got the U.S.
openly sending heavy weapons to Ukraine, and they're now bombing Russia with those.
They've killed more than 3,000 Russian troops in the last two days with the more advanced weapons.
Russia is threatening retaliation on NATO countries.
That's another big piece of the puzzle.
World War III news.
Congresswoman, thanks for joining us today.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
Honored to be on your show and I'm happy your show is still going.
I think it's incredibly important.
You know, I'm a strong advocate of free speech and this is something that it's the front lines of the fight because we're seeing free speech attacked, not only here in America, but all over the world.
And when people are speaking out against the atrocities happening everywhere, I'm glad you brought up Ukraine, Alex.
That's something important to talk about.
like yourself, Alex, attacked by the deep state and attacked by the globalists
for going against the narrative that they are trying to sell every single day.
I'm glad you brought up Ukraine, Alex.
That's something important to talk about.
I have consistently voted no to funding the war in Ukraine and I have consistently called for peace talks.
I think that's the most rational, sensible thing that we should be calling for is peace in Ukraine
and the end to that war.
And this is something extremely important.
But what is extremely concerning to me is.
Is the more aggressive nature of NATO and the more aggressive nature of those high up here in Washington, D.C., who want more than anything to have U.S.
troops on the ground fighting against Russia, which is absolutely absurd.
I think many of us have seen the heartbreaking videos over and over of young adult males in Ukraine being dragged out of their homes.
Their parents, their mothers, usually it's their mothers because the father has already been gone or killed in battle, and they're doing everything they can to cling to their sons.
And these young men are being kidnapped.
They're basically being kidnapped and thrown.
To the front lines in the war with Russia, and it's heartbreaking.
It's absolutely heartbreaking.
But my biggest fear is that we, as American mothers and fathers, would ever see the day where our sons are sent to fight in that war, and it shouldn't happen.
There needs to be peace.
Shame on the bloodlust in Washington, D.C., and shame on the Biden administration that continues to actually persist I'm frustrated, Alex.
I'll be very honest with you.
I'm very frustrated here in Washington.
and weapons that could lead us to World War III.
So I just wanted to say a brief talk on that.
It's terrifying.
I'm frustrated, Alex.
I'll be very honest with you.
I'm very frustrated here in Washington.
I'm angry at Republicans, and I've said so all week long.
I don't think that we would be in this situation if Republicans actually followed through with actions
on the words that they promise every single day on television, the things they say in committee hearings
and the things they say on the campaign trail.
And I'm furious that we aren't doing enough, not only to defend and support President Trump, but many other people, people that were bravely electors, the slate of electors for President Trump in states across the country, who are now being prosecuted and drained of their money and perhaps put in jail.
I'm upset for the thousands of people that protested the election on January 6th,
who have been arrested and prosecuted by Biden's Department of Justice,
by Matthew Graves, the US attorney that's so focused on January 6th defendants
that he doesn't prosecute crime here in our nation's capital.
And my heart grieves for all of these people, and my heart grieves for our country,
because I, like you and many others, truly believe we turned a corner.
We turned a corner in a page in history we never wanted to see come here in America.
And that happened when they brought 34 felony convictions against President Trump that were completely political in nature.
We know the judge is a Biden donor.
We know he's a radical Democrat.
We know his daughter, Judge Mershawn's daughter, works for Democrats, Democrats I serve with on committees.
Raising money for them and We know the entire thing is political and we know that it's wrong, but yet we need Republicans here in Washington where we actually hold power.
We have the House of Representatives.
We hold the gavel, which means that we have the power of the purse to completely stop all of this.
And we need a Republican Party that will actually do it.
And I know people across the country are sick and tired and fed up with Republicans because we don't do it.
That's the main thing I hear is why won't the Republicans do anything about the border or about Merrick Garland caught running all these persecutions, totally illegal?
Why won't they do anything about Fauci?
You were saying that in the hearings.
He's caught red-handed committing perjury to Congress, doing illegal gain-of-function.
It's just outrageous.
Why won't Republicans do anything?
Why is the Speaker such a coward?
Do they have blackmail on him?
I have no idea.
I honestly, God, cannot understand it.
I met with him yesterday, pleading with him, literally pleading with him to do something about this because he's the Speaker of the House.
He is the most powerful Republican in the country, and he does not seem to understand the power that he has.
Either that or he's completely relented it to Chuck Schumer, Hakeem Jeffries, and the Biden White House because he refuses To use the power that he possesses to protect this country, to literally defend our Constitution and our freedoms, and defend President Trump.
This is election interference.
I mean, everyone with half a brain can see that this is election interference.
Let me tell you the things that we can be doing.
We have the power of the purse.
We fund every single part of the government.
September 30th is the government funding deadline.
September 30th.
If we do not fund the government, oh, the scariest thing that they tell you can ever happen is the government will shut down.
Let me tell you, that is such a lie.
Social security checks keep coming.
All the benefits keep coming.
It's not a scary thing for the government to shut down, but they want you to believe that it is.
We should be defunding, completely ending the special counsel, Jack Smith's special counsel.
This thing should not exist anyways.
This is something that is renewed every single year by the Department of Justice that Congress has not given the authority to be renewed.
We have not passed this into law, but yet it still exists.
We should completely end the special counsel.
We should defund all of the state DAs.
They are using their offices in political weaponization against their political opponents, such as President Trump, such as these electors in these states where we were trying to object to Joe Biden's Electoral College votes.
We should be completely defunding all of these state DAs.
We should even go further.
We can defund the Department of Justice in parts.
of the Department of Justice, such as Matthew Graves, unbelievable, horrific attacks on American citizens, innocent people that maybe, maybe they didn't even walk in the Capitol on January 6th.
Some of them did, some of them did not, and he's still arresting them nearly every day, and putting them in prison.
And remember the previous head of the persecution, Shire Shearer, he said on 60 Minutes, We're here to terrorize people.
We're here to scare them.
We're here to politically get them to back off.
And then he got removed because that is illegal.
And they just do it over and over again.
And then they claim, this big talking point, that Trump's going to persecute them, and Trump's going to election meddle, and Trump's going to take people off the ballot, and Trump's going to declare martial law, when they're the ones that, after January 6th, basically declared martial law in D.C.
and other areas.
and they are planning, we know, to try to steal the election from Trump.
Can you speak to that and then how the president's doing, the poll numbers, he's now raised $300 million in less than a week since his kangaroo conviction last Thursday in New York, only
panicking the RINOs and Democrats even more.
I mean, I think the bottom line is this is obviously the most epic moment since the birth of our country right now we're entering.
It honestly is.
It's a time we never expected to live in, but it's here and it's on our watch, which means it's our responsibility.
Let's talk about martial law.
Let's talk about that for a minute.
Everything they're accusing President Trump of, they've already done.
Joe Biden is basically a dictator.
They brought martial law in after January 6th.
Because I worked here, I remember when Washington, D.C.
basically turned into a military encampment.
It was like a military takeover of Washington, D.C.
after January 6th.
The National Guard was everywhere for five months.
They were sleeping on the floors and the hallways.
They were encamped completely around the Capitol Complex.
We couldn't come and go without going through military-controlled entrances and exits, having to show our ID.
That happened!
And then you think about COVID, all the horrors of COVID brought on by Anthony Fauci and his Horrible scientists.
They put the country in lockdown.
I mean, the Democrats already did every single thing they're accusing President Trump of, and that's why it's so important for Republicans to act.
We can't make all these promises to our voters and not do anything about it.
Here's what I think.
I don't think the election is guaranteed in November.
I know the polls are incredible.
I mean, the polling numbers are off the charts.
President Trump has more support today than any Republican has ever had in history.
And if the election is held today and it was free and fair elections, he would win by the biggest landslide in history.
Alex, I don't know if that's going to happen.
I totally agree with you, because the Democrats have basically said, all over the news, that they're planning civil unrest during, right before the election, and then after.
they're trying with a bill that the Republican senators have introduced, the Democrat senators have introduced, to strip the power of the Insurrection Act
from the president. That's a legislative attempted coup over the executive and they're all over the news. Just yesterday Maxine Waters says a civil war is
coming and MAGA domestic terrorists, she said that again a month ago, that she knows Trump terrorists are training in the woods to attack. This is clear that
they're signaling they're preparing false flags or some type of crazies they've wound up. Similar to the Governor Whitmer plot that we know the FBI
hatched, where it came out in court that the entire leadership of the plot were bullying a bunch of potheads into carrying out heinous crimes and
kidnappings, but they couldn't even get them to do it.
So they're paying basically potheads and homeless people to say they're in a militia.
I am really, really concerned because they're setting the table, they're telegraphing this, they're betting everything on it.
And I think when you said there may not be an election in 154 days, I think that's what they're planning.
I agree.
Here's what bothers me, is there's multiple states that never fixed their election laws after 2020.
Like Georgia, we fixed our election laws, but there's many other states that have not made any changes.
States like Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and others have made no changes.
So I don't trust that these elections are safe.
I don't trust that Democrats won't steal the elections again in these critical swing states.
That's something I'm worried about.
But I agree with you about Maxine Waters.
She's one to pay attention to because she's one of the organizers of the ground troops, isn't she, Alex?
We've seen her do it over and over again, from riots in California to riots in Minnesota, where she showed up out there for those BLM riots and was telling people to take to the streets.
And when you have Maxine Waters, who told everyone, she gave the marching orders, when you see them, you make a crowd and you surround them talking about Trump, his administration, and other Republicans.
Here she is coming out again and she is calling the shots, giving the marching orders.
That means the Democrats have a plan and that's something to pay attention to.
We aren't the party of violence.
We never have been the party of violence.
January 6th was a setup, an absolute setup.
The Democrats are everything they accuse us of.
They are the fascists.
They are the neocons.
The Democrats are the ones that want to bring America under full authoritarian dictatorship.
They're the party we should be afraid of.
And I am absolutely terrified that if Republicans here in Washington do not get serious about welding the power that we have in the House of Representatives, Alex, I don't know that we're going to have November, even though everyone's going to turn out and vote.
I don't know that it'll happen.
I think we have to flood the polls in incredible ways.
We have to make it too big to rig.
But I'm really afraid the cake is baked, Alex, and I'm not sure what to think about that right now.
You are not being alarmist at all.
You are, from my research, which is continual, and you're in Congress, you see it all unfolding.
That is the absolute dead level, best analysis of what's happening.
What can we do?
What can Trump do?
To get ahead of this and say, we're not for violence.
We're winning.
You're the ones trying to take them off the ballot.
You're the ones doing all this.
You're the ones trying to, during the hot summer, to create a George Floyd 2.0 and just let everybody know what the plan is ahead of time.
They're already starting to trigger all of this.
I think we've just got weeks or maybe months until they put this whole breakdown of society, civil unrest, that they're branding a civil war to be blamed on the MAGA movement.
I have to thank you.
You put out a video, I think it was right after Trump's conviction, and you said, be calm.
You told everyone to stay peaceful.
You said no violence.
You put out the right message, Alex.
You said that same message on January 6th, even though they lied about you and they wanted to say that you were part of the so-called insurrection.
The Wall Street Journal.
That day and days after, I had to threaten to sue him and they retracted, said, Jones like a coward from on top of truck.
No, it was on top of a pile of chairs we stood on.
A coward, out of range of tear gas, told the crowd to attack and assault the police, and it's all on video.
But I was banned on the internet then, so when I would try to put it on X or anywhere, or Facebook, they would take it down so they could lie.
It's not about me, but exactly.
When they blow stuff up, they're going to blame you, they're going to blame Trump, they're going to blame me, by name, even though we've said the consistent opposite.
That's right.
The consistent opposite.
You were out there with a megaphone telling people, do not go in the Capitol.
I saw all of that, Alex.
I saw the videos.
I'm a witness.
I'm a complete witness to it.
You never called for violence.
You told people not to do it.
It was Rayettes and others.
It was a complete setup.
We know exactly what January 6th is.
They're setting us up again.
And we need people to stay rational and calm.
Now is the time of sound mind and strong, very strong faith in God and clinging closely to God.
Because here's what I think, Alex.
I think our nation is under judgment.
I truly believe that.
We're a nation who have killed over 63 million of the most innocent people in our country, and those are babies in the womb, unborn babies.
There's no way God will ever allow that to continue.
But the Christian church across America has been lukewarm.
And we as the Christian church have not stopped all of the evil and the horrors that America has embraced.
And America Not only has it embraced it here at home, America is pushing it across the world.
The trans agenda, the agenda on children, the lies about God's creation that there's only two sexes, there's only two genders, it's male and female.
The Democrats and the evil left are trying to erase that.
Not only here at home, they're pushing it on the rest of the world so that if other foreign countries take U.S.
foreign aid in any type of way, they're forcing them to embrace the same evil, horrific Idolatry, basically.
And so, I think people around, Americans around the country, those of faith, those who believe in God, we really need a revival.
I truly believe it.
And I'm talking about a real one.
And we need to be strong in our faith, but we have to be very careful going forward.
It's honestly what I think we have to do.
We only have a few minutes left, and I don't want to bring myself into this discussion, but you brought up at the first, as it's important for all of us, If I try to talk about the Justice Department, the FBI, and all the grand juries trying to put me in jail, and by the blessings of God, they've not indicted me yet, because I'm not like the mobster, gaudy, laughing, hey, you haven't got me yet.
I've done nothing wrong.
I'm a Boy Scout.
This is scary for the whole country, but the CRO, not even the judge, but the court-appointed CRO, tried to secretly shut this company down last Friday.
I caught them, I stayed here, I blocked it, and I have the documents and I have all the filings right here, but the judge has asked me not to show everybody the proof of that.
And then the media denied it and said Jones has made this up, but then on Monday morning, overhead shot, they filed emergency motions to shut us down yesterday.
You know there's plenty of money and the judge is set to hand me my company back on the 14th.
So then the bureaucrats turned around and tried to close the doors before that hearing on the 14th.
Here's AP.
Judge rejects call to immediately shut down Alex Jones InfoWars.
That's AP.
Here's another one.
London Guardian, same headline.
Here's CBS News.
But then in the Daily Mail, they have the Democrat Party lawyers literally saying, Alex Jones has made it up.
No one tried to shut anything down.
We think it's clear they're working with the folks behind the scenes.
We know that.
And then, but went on to say, but shut him down today.
Talk about gaslighting.
This isn't about me.
This shows desperation.
And they try this the day after Trump is convicted, for some reason they want us off the air.
So on a mass scale, in my opinion and view, we won't be on air to use this show as a megaphone to the whole nation to be calm, like I tried on January 6th and got thousands, thousands to turn away when the doors were open by the police, thousands to not go in that we're credited with.
That's right, Alex.
Well, I think what they're trying to do is shut you down because you tell the truth.
But they want to use you as some sort of monster and put an entirely different narrative out there about you.
And I know it's not true because I know you personally.
And they have lied about you consistently.
This is a violation of your rights.
They should not be shutting you down.
And I'll say, you know, everyone has the freedom of speech.
I think that judgment against you with With this unbelievable, horrifically high amount of money.
It's completely wrong.
It's absolutely wrong.
People don't have to agree with anything, but everyone has the freedom of speech in America.
And that's just the way it is.
And the better thing was, they misrepresented what I said.
I didn't do 99% of it.
They misrepresented these things, said I did it, had me silenced off the internet, then had both courts default me, and then have a show trial produced by HBO, literally.
I think what's happening to our movement and to the people that follow us and many good people across the country is they are putting fake leaders, fake so-called MAGA leaders, fake America First leaders all over the Internet.
And I think they're trying to get rid of people like you, who tells the truth and gives people the right information and tells people, do not commit violence, do not do anything illegal.
You tell people the right thing.
They want to take you off the internet, take you off the air, completely destroy your show because you're telling people the right thing.
And they're going to uplift these fake actors, whoever these people are.
I'm already seeing all these sudden new Republicans pop up that we don't really know who they are.
They're saying, no, we need to have a civil war.
Alex Jones is a wimp.
You are so smart.
God bless you.
Marjorie Taylor Greene.
People can follow you on X. Is that the best place for everybody to go?
Yes, X is the right place to go.
I'm also on all the other social media.
I think I'm even going to be going on TikTok soon.
I'm one of the Republicans that voted against the TikTok ban, so I've decided lately, you know what?
I should be on there.
I think we have to go everywhere we can, Alex, and my prayers are with you and your family and everyone there at InfoWars.
You guys keep fighting, and we don't want to see you taken down.
God bless you.
At RepMTG on X. Follow her everywhere.
Use every weapon we've got.
Trump's back on.
TikTok has exploded there.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thank you so much for the time.
Thank you.
All right, there she goes.
What an amazing lady.
We're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come right back and start the next hour.
But it is so essential that all of us be as vocal as Everybody boosts what MTG's doing, what Trump's doing, what I'm doing, what Matt Gaetz is doing.
This is the fight for the entire Republic.
And in the next 154 days to the election, it's beyond critical.
You don't need me to tell you that.
We're going to start the next hour.
Huge news and information is going to be covered there.
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And we can't let them panic us.
And try to shut us down with little tricks, and then everybody just gives up and goes away because it looks like we're going to be shut down.
We have to move forward like we're going to stop them.
I think we've got months and months until they're able to shut us down, even if they're able to, because we caught them with their pants down.
That's all God that did that.
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Again and again and again, you have been labeled as a conspiracy theorist and a nutcase for speaking the truth that you were able to perceive earlier than many people.
And I'm in your debt and I think we're all in your debt for your courageous actions over these many years.
You've been vilified and denigrated and gaslit and everything else.
I've received a small taste of what you've been through and I don't like it very much.
So I certainly appreciate and empathize with everything you've been through.
And thank you for being the hero that you are and not backing down in the face of all the crap that's been thrown at you.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order. It's Alex Jones We're now into our number three
I covered about 20% of the news I wanted to.
That's good so far.
We're going to move really quick in the next few hours, interspersing all this economic news, military news, poison shot news, you name it.
Here's some of the headlines coming up.
False flag on the horizon.
That's warnings on InfoWars.com.
And now this breaking France arrests Russian speaker.
Possession of explosives near Paris airport.
Gellin wants price inflation to rise so the Feds can keep spending.
There are 63 problem banks and $117 billion in unrealized losses, FDIC says.
Remember that clip I keep playing from last year where they say there's going to be runs on the banks and bail-ins?
They won't let you have your money and they take part of your money?
That's coming up next segment.
Big stack of financial news.
Probably 15, 20 articles and clips right there.
Then more on Democrats worried over Biden slipping mental acuity behind closed doors.
That's their spin that they didn't lie about it slipping so bad.
It's beyond slipping, totally failed most of the time.
Even during the campaign, it gets worse every day.
So now it's, oh, it's behind closed doors.
Oh, okay.
And continuing, Deborah Burks calls for every cow in America to be tested weekly for bird flu with the PCR test with fake readings to create that hysteria and fear.
Huge stack on developments on that front.
Continuing, what we've seen across the United States and leftist jurisdictions, California bill would force teachers to hide children's gender confusion from parents.
There's a big quadrant of stacks there.
These stacks are really important.
Bill Gates firm plans to release climate change vaccine that actually mutates cows to not produce methane.
Wow, God knows what that's gonna do.
That ties into so much more we're gonna be going over here on that front today.
Top German politicians demand maximum penalty for young people expressing their discomfort
with totally open borders.
More on Netherlands joins Denmark in saying, Ukraine can use F-16s to strike inside Russia,
which they're preparing to start doing.
They're already using heavy missiles.
It is a crazy time to be alive.
Senator Kennedy has come out and exposed the FBI covering up massive pedophilia and the Jeffrey Epstein situation with the Hunter Biden trial going.
We have a big stack on the illegal aliens and what they're up to.
It's all coming up.
Prosecutors destroy Hunter Biden in opening statements, tell court he Bought a gun while smoking crack every 15 minutes while he was in using drugs, committing that felony crime.
But this is only them suddenly putting pressure on Biden that they've been protecting the whole crime family because they want him to step down for the California governor, Gavin Newsom.
And of course the president's linebacker-esque wife, Michelle Obama, also known as Big Mikey.
So that's coming up.
Also, Mexico's been under total tyranny and hundreds of thousands dead in the last decade or so, but now it's the bloodiest yet in modern history set to make the first woman a president.
Also, we've got what's going on with AI and some big developments on that front.
It is a big transmission lined up for you today.
We've also got, oh, Biden saying he wants to send in U.S.
troops into Taiwan.
We've got that information coming up.
We're going to go to break, come back with special guest in studio, Dr. Kirk Elliott, to talk about the economic news.
I'll continue on with news analysis in the fourth hour that I'm hosting today.
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Rallying Patriots Worldwide in Defense of Human Liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
I was with Klaus Schwab this winter.
You were with Klaus Schwab?
I was with him.
I was just trying to casually drop that, Sean.
I was with Klaus Schwab.
Klaus Schwab said to me... No, I was at... I spoke at an event in the Middle East he was at and, um, whatever, I don't know Klaus Schwab, but I got to see him up close, you know.
And, uh, he's like an idiot.
He's like an elderly idiot.
He seems a little senile, like doesn't have any idea what he's talking about at all.
He's totally unimpressive.
And it was just another reminder that the closer you get, like Toria Nuland, for example, who basically started the current war in Ukraine, she's like this kind of sad, fat, dumb girl, you know, actually.
And the closer you get, the more you realize that the people running things are, like, mediocre.
They're buffoons.
They have no idea what they're doing.
Tony Blinken, I mean, really?
Anyway, no, I don't think there's like a conspiracy.
I doubt they're smart enough to like articulate it and write it down or anything like that.
But it's just like, again, they just, they're weak people.
They're motivated by rage and envy.
They're not the people who built the current society that we live in.
Anything worth having, they did not build.
From our beautiful train stations, to our power grid, to any of our infrastructure, to Harvard University, to our legal code, to anything that's great about America.
They didn't, you know, protect the national parks.
They had nothing to do with the Yellowstone.
They didn't create anything.
They're not capable of it.
And they're mad about it.
And they're mad in the way that primitive, envious people are mad.
You know, they don't celebrate beauty.
They destroy beauty.
You see this a lot.
It's one of the main motivators of evil, in my view.
And they just want to tear it down.
Just want to tear it down.
They're mad about it.
Like, they couldn't have done that.
Dead white men.
Who created our entire society.
Like, everything.
All our founding documents.
And they hate them most.
Why do they hate them, actually?
Why would you be mad?
Why are you mad at James Madison?
Like, he's long gone.
Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, okay.
Unlike Mohammed.
Or whatever, they come up with these pretexts to justify their hate, but really it's just envy.
Because they're not capable people, they have no skills.
Like Tony Blinken?
It's not a surprise that he's mismanaged the world.
He's out there playing guitar in Kiev, which he calls Kiev, because he's just like a child.
They all are.
And they're mad about the fact That they're fraudulent and weak and helpless, actually.
Supply chain breaks down.
They all starve to death.
Like, they know that.
And they're mad about it.
And so they want to wreck the things that others built.
This is like the oldest story there is.
You think that's what it is?
Of course!
It's why the vandals sacked Rome.
Of course.
You built this great... It's why people spray graffiti on beautiful buildings in New York City.
You'd think.
So you tear it down.
Of course.
It's the oldest impulse there is.
It's all vandalism.
That's the new world ordered for you.
powerful Jedi Tucker Carlson has become. One of my favorite folks to coach with Dr. Kirk Elliott has come in from Colorado to be with us today. I've got my own stack of
financial news I want to hit with him but I want to hit all the great points and news articles that he sent to me as well.
Quite the research he's done. Doc, it's just such a crazy world with all the World War 3 news, heavy weapons being sent by the West to bomb Russia, Russian
senators start targeting European cities.
We're off the races at that point.
To me, that's the biggest issue.
The Kremlin calls the United States the enemy for the first time.
You sent me a giant stack of news.
I've got my own.
Yellen saying we're not going to increase rates.
In fact, we're going to accelerate inflation.
Something you predicted.
The runs on banks.
63 problem banks and 570 billion unrealized losses.
Everything you were saying eight months ago is now happening there.
That's part of my stack.
You sent me your big stack.
California mulling tracking every vehicle registered in the state for mileage tax.
Colorado police plan to use drones for the first time.
I mean, the police state is here.
Kremlin welcomes Turkey's reported desire to join BRICS.
That'll accelerate the end of the dollar.
But the national debt clock.
FDIC quarterly banking profits profile first quarter 2024.
We'll be looking at all of that.
Yellen can't expect a strong economy with higher spending and taxes.
That's something we're going to hit.
Out of all of this, the conviction of Trump, the kangaroo court, the attempts out of the blue with the court not even part of it, since when does a court not shut something down?
People just try it and they try to act like it didn't happen?
I mean, we are in a very insane time right now.
Well, the last time we were together, we had talked a little bit about something that you had said a long time ago to me, and it's like, how does the evil win, or how do they fight this battle?
They break the will of the people.
So when you break the will of the people, you do it economically, you do it with fear, you do it with everything that we're seeing right now where nothing makes sense and the judicial system is all out of whack.
And look at what's happening to you, right?
And so this is why I even brought up that article that has nothing to do with the economy, but in Colorado, drones as first responders, right?
And New York!
And New York.
It's like, if you were in a car wreck and you needed, you couldn't breathe and you needed CPR, are you going to feel comfortable that a drone is coming to your rescue?
Well, they're replacing humans.
We're being taught that, yeah.
Oh, we cut the police, but don't worry, the robots are on the way.
I mean, so you've got that kind of garbage going on.
You've got...
You've got tax.
Everyone, you know, not your viewers and not a lot of people, but you've got this world that thinks, oh my word, we've got global warming, the ice caps are going to melt, we've got to clean the environment, and you've got now, like, on that stack of articles that I gave you, wanting to tax every single mile that you drive in California.
You take your stack.
Oh, I've got it right here.
So it's right here.
It's the first, uh, when, when you, of course, now there's magically in all the cars made in the world now, tracker systems just for this.
Oh, there actually have the tracking system.
Now, California, the place to always implement it first, both Newark and California.
Oh, we're going to implement it.
Well, they can shut off your cars.
I mean, they can just shut them off, right?
So when government starts to do crazy things like that, taxing miles, the proposal that's on the table to have tax unrealized gains on your investments, how in the world would that even work, Alex?
Let's say you've got a stock portfolio and you invested $100,000 and now it's worth $300,000.
You haven't sold anything.
You don't have the income from that, but now you're being taxed on it.
How do they determine what day you're going to do that?
I mean, there are so many holes in their system, but yet what it boils down to is when governments run out of money, they start to do really crazy things, like really crazy taxing unrealized gains.
Well, take California.
It's destroyed by its high taxes and inflation.
Until their answer is increase the minimum wage and then it shuts down thousands of businesses.
They say it's crazy.
It's actually a plan to implode the economy.
It is, and even what's coming next with Disease X, with the new pandemic, which you've talked about this a lot, and I have this clip from Fauci.
I mean, that guy is just downright evil.
But there's this clip.
It's only about a minute long.
I'd love to play it.
Do they have the clip?
Yeah, they've got it.
Because he's talking about how do you bring into this world a way where people will actually want what you have, right?
And you make it really difficult for them unless they comply.
I mean, so that's what I want to listen to because that's going to apply to the economy as well.
Okay, go ahead and play the Fauci clip.
What do you think can be done about it?
I have to say that I don't see a big solution other than some sort of mandatory vaccination.
I know federal officials don't like to use that term.
Once people feel empowered and protected legally, you are going to have schools Universities and colleges are going to say, you want to come to this college, buddy?
You're going to get vaccinated.
Lady, you're going to get vaccinated.
Big corporations like Amazon and Facebook and all of those others are going to say, you want to work for us?
You get vaccinated.
And it's been proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullshit and they get vaccinated.
So that's what the mask he later admitted and the social distancing and locking everything was about making us take a shot they now admit didn't work and it's killed massive numbers of people that now he goes on TV and says I never said that I never said wear a mask I wasn't for lockdowns we have him side by side like saying I'm for the lockdown I created the plan I make you wear the mask I make you take the shot I didn't say take the shot.
I didn't say mask.
I wasn't for the lockdowns.
You're a liar, Senator Paul.
The guy is... Did you see how arrogant he was in the hearing?
In between crying?
So arrogant.
But this is the tactic that they're using, which is break the will of the people, like what you talked about, Alex.
So he's talking about making things more difficult.
You know, if you want to get into college, if you want to do anything, right?
You just get vaxxed and you can do whatever you want.
Now, let's apply that to the economy and what we've talked about numerous times about central bank digital currency.
If you want Social Security, well, you better have their digital system with the FedNow app or whatever, right?
It's like, how many people are going to say, I don't know about this.
Maybe it's the mark of the beast.
Maybe it is intrusion on my bank account.
Maybe it's this.
But I need my paycheck.
But I need my paycheck.
You make it really, really difficult to say no.
And you're going to have a lot of the population that complies.
Just like with pandemics.
Just like with the economy.
Just like with the banks.
And so this is the world that we're entering into.
Now, they're also making it difficult.
And this is where you and I started to talk about this on the last show that we did together, how they're attacking our food supply.
And they're going to make food really expensive.
And so therefore, it's going to be hard to eat meat.
It's going to be hard to eat chicken, but it's going to be easy to eat bugs.
It's going to be easy to eat the things that you want to see.
I mean, I saw this video.
I saw two videos that I just want to share real quick, too, of how they're attacking our food supply.
So first we heard this story in Europe where these chickens have some kind of a weird disease and they're laying eggs without a shell.
So, okay, well, you got to kill those chickens.
They have some kind of a weird virus.
We don't know what it is.
So now, look what's happening in America.
It's not that they're just attacking them because they have a disease or Avian Flu or something like that.
These major chicken farms or hatching facilities, whatever you call them, they're going up in flames.
So the first one is from a, this is in Illinois, southwestern Illinois.
There's a million chickens and eggs that actually got evaporated in this fire.
And so then there's a second one that just happened in Texas, Alex, where two million chickens.
are gone. How do these chicken farms and ranches just start on fire? I think they're attacking the food supply. I know there's record level attacks everywhere. Yeah, I mean all over the
place. Europe, you name it here. So what is this? It's creating fear. It's going to make... Same reason you cut off, you don't just cut off the Keystone Pipeline and all these other pipelines,
you also cut off food, you also, they're trying to shut down all the farms and ranches, saying bird flu is everywhere using PCR tests. Yeah.
Same trick again, they're just attacking different sectors because they have unlimited central banking money, but they just go to our knees to then make us go fully bankrupt to them.
Accept the new system and then a unified ledger.
So here's where they're creating fear.
And what are they going to do?
They're going to expect the people to start to comply.
When food becomes so expensive, yeah, we'll eat the food that you want us to have.
When we can't get money out of the banks, well, we'll go to the government for our support.
When, when everything is happening that's fear, fear, fear, fear, fear.
This is their, their methodology.
Just like what stinking Fauci said.
It's like, let's just make it really difficult for people to live a normal life unless they comply.
This is the world that they're bringing down on us.
But these, when I look at these things and I start to connect the dots, Alex, just like you do.
You can see a different picture, you can see a different outcome, and you can see ways to thrive.
And you can, because we don't want to settle for just surviving, right?
We want to do something where we can operate in the gifts that God gave each and every one of us.
And I've got a ton of news to cover, and you're never good, you're good at excellent news, but never good at plugging your great company.
Now one of the top two or three gold and silver companies in the U.S.
been around 25 plus years, but you sold more silver last year than anybody else.
A little secret that you now know.
When you were telling people years ago, get silver and it's up massively, or gold massively, not as much as silver, those were, hands down, they admit, the best bets.
So let's just go right to it.
Let's put up the 12-year, 10-year silver-gold graphs for people, in case we're hiding under a rock.
And just since you started coming on this nine months ago, how much has silver gone up?
Oh my word.
Well, let's look at the last...
Twelve weeks, so last three months, silver's gone from 22.5 to 30.5.
22 and a half to 30 and a half.
So I mean, we're up easily, easily for $8 an ounce in just three months.
a $8 an ounce in just three months, I mean, that's massive growth.
I mean, that's massive growth.
But you look back...
But you look back.
And that's a year right there.
And that's a year right there.
Show people the long growth.
Show people the long growth.
Yeah, you go back, you go back about 18 months and silver has gone from 1797 to a little over 30 and a half.
Yeah, you go back, you go back about 18 months and silver has gone from 1797 to a little over 30 and a half.
You go back three and a half years and silver has gone from 1191 to 30, it's well up over 140% over the last three and a half years.
See, and the world is complaining, it's like, "Our investments are inflation.
We can't live.
We don't know what to do."
Well, there's two ways that you can survive financially.
Number one, keep your spending under control.
Don't spend like drunken sailors.
And number two is make sure that whatever you're investing in is outpacing unofficial inflation.
Because if you're growing in your portfolio outpacing inflation and you're controlling your spending, Then, you're going to make sure that by, you know, years down the road, your money is going to outlive you rather than you outliving your money.
Nobody wants that.
The globalists are giving us incredible inflation and cost increases by cutting off energy, which is both for machines and humans.
They're cutting off the fossil fuels from machines, they're cutting off the food to humans, the fertilizer, also the fossil fuel being more expensive makes the food more expensive.
You've got to then find the few commodities, the few things that track or above inflation, and that's what the communist Chinese are doing, it's what major governments are doing, it's what rich people are doing, while they tell us not to do it.
Yeah, they do tell us not to do it.
They make it real difficult.
They put rules and regulations on it and they try to scare people, just like what they're doing with cryptocurrency, just like what they're doing with gold and silver.
I mean, I saw this crazy, stupid video, Alex, on a conservative podcast the other day.
Some guy spouting off, it's like, oh, you don't want to buy silver because it's got to be reported and dealers need to report that when you buy it.
And if you don't, Well, then you're gonna go to jail for 10 to 15 years and the dealers that don't report you, they're gonna get 10% of whatever they confiscate.
It's like, what kind of cockamamie story is that?
It's not even real.
So here's where, why would somebody say something like that?
It's because they want to sell a semi-numismatic, a rare coin, because they're attacking bullion and they want to sell rare coins or it's higher commission.
So this is where, you know what, let the buyer beware.
because not all dealers are created equal.
Not all gold and silver is created equal.
Just because it's gold or just because it's silver doesn't necessarily mean it's good.
You know, you want to buy low premium, low cost bullion.
That's what we've focused on for literally almost 30 years.
And we don't charge a commission when you liquidate.
So one of the keys to wealth is to be in the right place at the right time.
And that's what we help people with in times like this.
The second thing is don't ever overpay for your stuff.
It's like if you have to overcome this massive commission, massive premium--
Well, first deciding into silver and gold, that's a no-brainer default.
I don't think.
I mean, there's no silver rule in the world except silver.
But the point is, and it's not the classics, it's the safest bet.
Everybody knows that, obviously.
It's not even a bet.
Everything else is a bet.
It's not.
It's the surest thing.
Nothing's a panacea except, you know, the fact that God exists.
But then you've got to get it the right place so you don't get ripped off.
Two steps.
Decide to get it and get the right place.
Two steps.
That's exactly right.
So to me, when you allocate into silver, you allocate into gold, make sure that you're maximizing your ounces, minimizing your cost.
We do that with bullion.
We simply do that with bullion.
100-ounce bars of silver, 10-ounce bars of silver, 1-ounce rounds.
On gold, you would do 1-ounce gold bars or kilo bars.
That's it.
Five things.
If it's not one of those, you should not buy them.
Now, here's where... By the way, that's what the governments do.
They don't even buy the so-called bullion coins.
They have a little markup.
They go right... Right.
When you go to any government facility, or the Chinese, or the U.S.
government, where it's its bars... Yeah.
Well, it's bars, and this is what the manufacturers, like Silver Alex is an industrial metal, right?
So it's used for manufacturing.
They melt it down.
The Sonys of the world, the Samsungs, the Lockheed Martins, whoever is using silver for electronics and aerospace and defense, they're buying these big thousand ounce bars and melting them down.
They're not buying the stupid old rare coins that have high premium.
Only collectors buy that.
See, I'm not a collector.
You're not a collector.
We're investors.
So there's a difference.
The collection is a very small market compared to... Very small and you want to make sure that you don't get duped into buying a collectible coin when you're an investor.
A collectible is something that you want to keep forever.
You're never going to sell it.
It's going to be an heirloom for the next generation.
But if you're an investor, Your goal should be to buy low, sell high, maximize your profits, and that's what we do, and we'll hold your hand through the economy.
We'll let you know when it's time to buy, sell, reallocate, do whatever needs to be done, so you don't have to watch those like a hawk.
And so, because we do, and now you can do that with an IRA, you can do that with a non-IRA, you can do that with your cash accounts, brokerage accounts.
You can take delivery of it at home or you can have it stored.
So many options and we can't use a cookie cutter approach, Alex, because everybody's different.
Everybody has a different need.
Is it growth or is it income?
Are you close to retirement?
Are you young?
And that's why we spend so much time educating our clients on what makes the most sense.
They get a consultation, they talk to you, and you guys want a long-term relationship, and then boom, you deliver it to them or to a repository where they want to have this stored.
It's so simple.
You're the place to go.
You're an amazing sponsor.
We're going to go to break soon, but I wanted to bring up the gold and silver because you are great.
Sponsor and we've got so much more to hit so many clips so much news to walk through this but everybody should give you guys a call or send an email right now at KEPM.com forward slash go with your name and number your info when you want to talk to them what the best times are KEPM.com forward slash gold something email but even better than that call leave your number give them your number make the connection don't wait I mean It's such a simple move to make and I want to promote what I really feel good about.
A t-shirt that puts out a message of freedom.
A book that wakes somebody up.
A film that warns people about poison shots.
High quality supplements that are the highest quality that are good for people's bodies at a great price so it's a win-win for everybody.
And silver and gold.
It's absolute no brainer, ladies and gentlemen.
You need to go to KEPM.com/gold, KEPM.com/gold, or call 720-605-3900 and talk to this great guy or some of his huge crew of folks, 720-605-3900.
And it's not like all the other companies that claim they're selling bullion, and when you call, "Oh, I got this thing from a shipwrecker found in a tomb," and you're like, "I want
"Oh, well, this is really bullion from the U.S. Mint."
But then you go, "Well, why is it 20% above what bullion would be?"
Because there's a premium in the fact ... Look, a buffalo's beautiful.
All those coins are beautiful.
I'm not saying, but the point is, is that you're paying a premium other than simple bars or simple rounds.
100% right.
Yeah, don't overpay.
Don't ever overpay.
And don't fall for anything that has a story.
You don't want it.
You don't want something that has a story because you're going to overpay for it.
And in reality, the only person that really cares about that story is the first person that bought it.
Nobody else ever does after that.
So this is why we allocate the way that we do.
When you pay a low commission, 8% when you go in, 0% when you liquidate, Alex.
And you see silver has gone up 35% in the last 10 weeks.
And it's gone up, well, 140% in the last three and a half years.
And it's gone up about 60% in the last 18 months.
It's like, Alex, You're capturing all of those.
This is like selling snow cones in hell.
I mean, this is like, this is no brainer.
And I know you guys are now the biggest company out there.
You're totally dominating.
I know you like to brag, but it's just a fact.
So it's for a reason.
I've known about this guy for 25 years.
And then I was just like, why didn't I get him as a sponsor?
And I called him about being a guest.
He's like, hey, I've been trying to get ahold of you.
I'm like, well, boom.
And there we are nine months later.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Good evening, America.
I thought we'd take some time out of our daily lives and sit down for a nice little chat.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
I suspect now even calls are being placed from the White House to members of Big Tech.
I can almost hear George Takai and Stephen King tweeting furiously on their phones.
And very soon, federal agents will be on their way.
Because words lead us to the truth, and the truth is, there is something very wrong with this country, isn't there?
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression, and where once you had the freedom to object, until now you have had censors and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable.
But truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
Oh, I know why you did it.
You were afraid of the Orange Man.
Who wouldn't be?
Mean tweets, funny jokes, and fights with Rosie O'Donnell.
They got the better of you, and in your panic you turned to Joseph Robinette Biden.
He promised you war, he promised to forgive your student debts and make reparations for slavery, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
So if you have seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then I would suggest you allow the 5th of November to pass unmarked.
But if you see as I see, if you feel as I feel, if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me at the ballot box,
and together we shall give them a 5th of November that shall never, ever be forgot.
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Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
For everything, turn, turn, turn There is a season, turn, turn, turn And a time to every purpose, under heaven A time to be born, a time to die A time to plant, a time to reap A time to kill, a time to heal A time to laugh Senator Kirk Elliott, who is an amazing economist and who runs the most successful silver company in the U.S.
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He's here with us.
We just did a pitch.
It's a smart pitch.
I feel so good.
I mean, there's no better thing to promote than the stuff that's 100%.
I'll promote stuff that's 100%.
In fact, even on our t-shirts, because I don't think I have the best designs.
I see some better ones.
They're good messages.
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The supplements are the best.
Some people ask me, like, why did you say our t-shirts are okay?
Well, because I'm the designer.
Like, the Gay Frog one was pretty cool.
It just looked clean, like a Nature Conservancy shirt or something.
That was a good shirt.
That was the top.
That was an A+.
And we've had a few others that are A pluses as well, choosing the simple designs.
Some are like really good, but not as good as some of the stuff I see out there.
So our t-shirts are not the best, but we're the best at information and the truth.
But our storable food's the best company.
You pay like three times more, you get gourmet stuff, it's even better.
But it's healthy, clean, good, tastes good, lasts a long time, biggest company in the US because they have quality.
That's one of the biggest around.
They were my sponsor when they started 17 years ago.
Now they're the biggest thing in the country because of the quality.
We're the biggest thing in the country because of the quality.
And so it's just very simple.
Everything we offer is the very best thing we can get at the best price.
Like, we could sell the same water filters that are the highest grade.
On average, for double, we do.
We don't.
Only like 35% on them.
And with a sale of 25% right now, 10% off.
Because it's just my philosophy.
This is not a plug right now.
I'm just trying to explain, like...
I just have this real problem.
Well, if I get better PQQ and CoQ10, I get some synthetic crap and get it for 20% of the price.
But if it gets real high quality, high and it really does a good job, it costs me a little more to get it, has a little bit bigger price tag, but nothing compared to people selling the actual real PQQ and CoQ10 out there.
You're getting it for half the cost you would with them.
So with me, everything is a moral judgment because I'm very superstitious.
Not about rocking under ladders or breaking mirrors.
No, I learned as I grew up, That even when I didn't do something on purpose, it hurt somebody that came right back on me.
I mean, you know, reap what you sow, karma's a bitch.
So with me, I want to be as good as I can because I want God's mojo.
And you're also a theologian.
I'm using non-Christian terms for, you know, some of the folks that aren't Christians out there.
But as a theologian, maybe you could speak to your philosophy and why you've been so successful.
You've told me about it.
We've had dinner a few times.
I got to talk a lot on the phone.
It's actually my philosophy as well.
You thought, I'll do something nobody else has done, a very low percentage.
Up front, you're actually getting this gold and silver at the actual cost, and then we let you sell it back for free, which nobody else does on your scale.
That's a genius model.
That's why you're Numero Uno now.
Yeah, well, I want God's Mojo, too.
So what is God's Mojo?
I mean, when you live a good life, when you take care of other people, when you focus on others more than you focus on yourself, when you live a life of generosity, you know, I mean, God tells us to tithe, right?
It's not a suggestion, it's a command.
But here's the thing, God can work more with And have you be more blessed with 90% of your income than you can... I was about to say that you're theologically wrong.
Is it tithing if you give to an old folks home or to disabled children or you fund a political campaign that's trying to ban abortion?
Hasn't the church convinced us that's the only place to tithe?
Christ, the only time he got mad was at the money changers where they were manipulating the tithe and he beat them with whips!
Am I wrong when I say that?
No, so you're not wrong.
So, so there's the tithe in the Old Testament, you know, 10% of your first fruits and it's supposed to go to your storehouse, right?
But in the New Testament, it talks more just about giving, right?
And so, so yeah, give good God 10%, give him your best, right?
But, but why limit it to 10%?
Right, why not give more?
Why not give out of... You know when... So here's a story.
When I first got married, I had nothing.
And we just... I wish I were... I wish I were zero.
I was so far in debt.
I was so far in the hole.
And I saw no escape out of that, Alex.
And so I was just sitting there and it's like, God spoke to me.
And if it was audible, it was audible, but I think it was in my head, right?
I don't know, but it seemed audible.
He said, you know what?
I was like, well, I can't give anymore.
God, I have nothing.
He said, well, learn how to give out of your need rather than out of your abundance.
So, we started to give not just 10%, but 12%, 15%, 20%.
You know, just started to live a lifestyle of giving.
And God opened up the floodgates of heaven so much of blessing that that's His promise.
Now, that's not necessarily financial blessing.
It can be relationships.
It can be peace.
It can be all kinds of things.
It can be all of that.
God doesn't say... It could be discernment.
Yeah, so there's this prosperity gospel that I think is wrong, right?
Prosperity can be part of it, but God's blessings, the blessings from heaven, can be not financial things.
They can be relationship, they can be health, they can be peace of mind, they can be wisdom, they can be discernment.
Those are all the blessings of heaven, and when you live a giving lifestyle, when You have faith, hope, and love.
Greatest of those is love.
You love your neighbor as yourself.
You have to love yourself first, but when you love your neighbor, you're going to do things for them that you wouldn't do to somebody that you hate, right?
So it starts to change the world around you when you focus on what you have in common with each other rather than how you're different.
Doesn't mean you're not going to have differences.
Everyone's going to have differences.
Right, so it's like, we have opinions, we have differences, but if you focus on what you have in common, you have this light that shines out of you and you can cast out... That's what my dad always told me.
I was like, everyone I went with when I was a kid, people came over and wanted to talk to him and loved him and everything.
And he was a decent looking guy, but he would say, I have a good attitude.
And he was joyful, and he was funny, and it was real, and then everybody saw it and loved it.
And I was like, whoa, that's wealth, just the attitude itself.
The spirit.
It's a feeling.
It's like this inner feeling that expresses itself outwardly when you give.
And this is why there's those verses, it is more blessed to give than it is to receive, right?
It makes you feel good.
It helps the other person feel good.
It actually unlocks the blessing of heaven when God challenges us to give.
He said, you know what, you give and you give with a grateful heart and watch what happens.
You know, you won't have room enough to contain all the blessing.
But then in Malachi, when it talks about that, there's a verse that comes after that that nobody really watches.
They just say, oh, there's this amazing blessing.
No, what comes after that is the locust won't eat your field and you're going to be protected, right?
So whatever you work on is going to be safeguarded and it's going to be enhanced.
And you're going to be protected from the enemy.
And that's what keeps happening with InfoWars.
The attacks, the whole CIA, Deep State, for a decade, intensified in the last six years.
And I'm sure when God's ready, if it's the case, he'll shut us down and come back even stronger.
But it's literally God every time.
You can see there's like an energy bubble or something.
It's watching miracles manifested in your life, and that's what's really cool about what you're seeing with what you're doing.
Even though I'm not saying that, yeah, you're going through a fire right now, you're going through this desert experience, you're going through hell on earth practically, but yet in the midst of it, God didn't say, you know, when Jesus was speaking, it's like, well, it's not going to be necessarily easy to follow me, it's just going to be beneficial.
Sometimes God is the peace in the midst of the storm.
It means the storm is still there, but he's our peace.
Sometimes he calms the storm.
The end result is still peace, right?
And so I take that and I apply that to things that we go through in life, whether it's relationship issues or financial issues, but about our economy too, right?
People are so concerned.
They're so just Bamboozled by, I don't know what to do, we're going to run out of money, we've got these taxes, we've got inflation, we've got wars and rumors of wars and we can't afford to live and now they're going to shut down the economy again because now they've found Avian Flu in San Francisco in the wastewater and sure enough there's going to probably be another pandemic.
That's a fat PCR test.
For those who don't remember, the inventors on record, they admit it's true, they turn up on average 30 to 40 times when they sit in the CDC and it would make thin air bird flu.
You just keep turning it up and it'll make anything that.
Yeah, so you've got that kind of stuff going on and I can see it and I can smell it and I can sense it.
It's like they're coming with another pandemic, right?
And it's going to be some kind of a weird flu.
The bird flu is all lined up.
I mean, it's all lined up, and now, you know, okay, we're gonna test, PCR test every single cow in America every week.
And they've turned it way up, and make everybody wear hazmat gear to create the fear again.
And then it's, oh, now, oh, the meat's sick.
First, there's people in hazmat gear on cows or chickens.
Well, next, you're like, well, it's not safe.
You see, and then they're going to kill the herds off, they're going to quarantine them, and then that's going to spike prices, oh my God.
Well, it's going to spike prices.
They're just bombing another part of the economy.
But when World Economic Forum people say... You're not going to eat beef anymore, they mean it.
Yeah, they mean it.
So, how can they do that?
They're doing it!
That's what I'm saying.
The New World Order is on the move, folks.
Everything they say they're going to do, they're doing.
I mean, not only are they going to make meat more expensive, ultimately they could make it extinct, right, if they kill off everything.
That's where I'm next.
Let me just cover these two for you.
You know I was going to pull these up.
Actually, three.
Overhead shot, please.
Wait until you see this, listeners.
Overhead shot.
Bill Gates' connected firm, he owns it, plans to release climate change vaccine.
Imagine the X-Men, where you get this shot or some accident happens and you survive.
You become a superhuman.
That's what they're saying.
Now, I've already read all those.
I already knew they were developing this, but it's in the news now.
They're going to inject cows with a powerful mRNA processor that literally changes their entire gut lining and the way their whole body works.
They've been experimenting on cows for a decade.
Bill Gates is fighting this.
Remember, he's obsessed with gut flora in humans and animals.
To change with a live mutation.
Everybody knows they made Blade Runner based off, you know, real science back in the 80s, which is still the same science.
Roy Batty goes to his maker and says, I want to live longer.
And he goes, I can augment your body, give you better eyes or whatever, but you only have his life span.
Once you set up the genetic protocol of a creature, it will kill them.
If I give the, he goes, well, what about this?
What about this?
He goes, no.
The patient was dead before they left the table.
What about this?
They were dead in two weeks.
You can't go once it's already coded.
This is a fact.
Everything they've got is 50 years old.
That's what you're saying.
So they're going to give cows...
A mRNA, they call it a vaccine.
Is it a vaccine that a cow's gut suddenly operate different and don't create methane by saying methane's bad?
And now a cow, is it going to, with its multiple stomachs, break down all this cellulose into something it can process?
That's why you can't eat grass and live, but a cow can.
They're going to change cow guts, and you know it's going to kill them all, they're going to claim it's a disease.
They're just killing the cows with it.
But they're saying, I thought a vaccine was an attenuated virus or something, or tetanus, you learn your body defeats from it.
Still have a side effect, but it's a real science.
They changed the definition to anything they inject that changes your body.
This is literally a mutagenic injection that changes the cow and mutates them in live time.
You don't need to be a microbiologist or a geneticist to know That cancer is you mutating off of your genetic code.
That's what it is.
It's cells doing their own thing.
It's mutation.
This is directing the cow's entire gut to suddenly operate completely new and not create a base gas.
I gave you this article last week.
I've never done the numbers so I looked it up.
I was guessing it was the same or even higher.
Did you know there were three times more bison In the United States, before they started to slaughter them to shut off the food in the name of Americans, see the same story again.
The communists shut off people's food as well to control in Russia.
Mao did it in China.
There were three times more bison before than there are cows today.
And they were just free-roaming, eating grass, farting methane.
They're a cow.
You can breed a bison with a cow from Germany.
Or you can breed a cow from England, a Jersey cow, or Ireland with a water buffalo from Africa.
It's the same genetics, it's just a different variety.
It's like, there's black people, white people, we look a little different and stuff, but we're still a person, okay?
Still got the basic stuff going on.
Maybe some people got bigger horns, some are bigger cows, smaller cows, some cows are nicer, like a Jersey cow, some are meaner, you know, like a...
Oh, I mean, think of what's a mean cow you gotta watch.
A Brahma?
So, so, I'm in ranching, so I know all this stuff.
The point is, is it's still all cows, folks, okay?
Yeah, people are a little different, but we're still the same thing.
Cows are, so, there were three times more many cows in America before we started killing them than there are domesticated cows right now.
So I'm ranting here.
They were farting methane, folks.
It blocks and holds the... It's part of the atmosphere.
It's not bad.
It's always been here.
They want to ban rice production worldwide because it's grown in swamp water.
That creates methane.
Methane is part of life.
No, I'm ranting.
I'm just continuing here.
So you've got this big article.
Now this one.
How are genetically modified humans and everyone who got COVID mRNA injections similar to DNA-mutated crops like GMO corn and soy?
Another article on InfoWars.com.
But that's not the issue.
They're not even talking about mutated cows.
They're talking about mutated humans.
That's what this is doing.
This is a giant, genetic, crazy takeover.
Now look at this one.
Top, again, Bill Gates-funded group.
The major university is saying we need to put bug protein, chitin, into everything without telling people.
Like, you do the water with the fluoride.
Experts are working hard to make insects part of your diet.
News today recommends hiding insect flour.
Look at the lie.
It's flour.
That's not flour.
That's not wheat.
That's insect protein.
But now when Harari says, oh, you'll eat the new steak, we've got the new fish.
Well, it's some GMO.
It's not even a fish.
Not even a cow.
So now they say they're going to hide the bug protein.
Guess what?
They already are in store shelves everywhere.
So that's why I wanted to cover that, to just talk about this total genetic takeover that's happening.
I'm going to shut up now for 10 minutes.
Go ahead.
So, you've got elimination of the food supply.
But before it gets eliminated, it's going to be really expensive.
And people already can't afford to live, Alex.
They can't.
So why are the globalists assaulting the economy?
To break our will.
To break our will.
Just like what you've talked about.
Really, if you break it enough, people will give up all kinds of freedoms, Alex.
But it's just common sense.
This is just math.
When Janet Yellen says that they've got inflation under control, no they don't.
When she says that they're going to win this battle, no they're not.
And now she's capitulating.
Totally capitulating, because now they know that they're going to be proven wrong, so now they've got to change this message of, well, there's reasons why we had to do things, right?
But when you look at what she's doing, it's impossible!
It is impossible to grow the economy when you have Higher taxes, when you have higher inflation, when people have less earnings.
Cutting off the energy, getting ready to kill the cows, getting ready to inject them with mutation.
Bill Gates is releasing billions of GMO mosquitoes in Florida.
I mean, we're living in cuckoo land.
This is no new war.
It's not soldiers, it's bio.
It's absolutely bio, and we have to call out a lie when there's a lie, right?
And she's absolutely lying.
The Biden administration is lying to the public.
She's capitulated.
She now says we're going to have more inflation.
She was wrong.
Yeah, of course.
But everything that they've done, their whole plan through this four years, it wasn't actually to fix an economy, Alex.
It was to break our will.
It was to get us to capitulate.
Yes, they're exactly right.
They're central bank digital currency, but it's mathematically impossible, just for everybody watching, to listen to the story of the economy is growing when you have higher government spending and higher taxes.
The only thing that's left after that is they have to print money like there's no tomorrow.
Listen, I still, I never have time, but I go out to restaurants, I used to go out to like once a week, now like once a month, I'm so busy.
And I go to these nice restaurants, mom and pop, it doesn't matter.
There's no one in there and the owner's like, yeah, we're probably gonna close.
And they're closing everywhere.
Because people aren't spending money.
When you look at commercial real estate, so there's these articles now coming out about banks.
The FDIC has now said that there's 63 banks.
I have this.
I had this article, didn't even know you were going to send it to me.
Here it is right here.
Business Insider.
There are 63 problem banks and $517 billion in unrealized losses.
That's what you said six months ago on the show over and over again.
You said word for word 500 plus billion and only how much does the FDIC have left?
They have 0.72% left.
0.72% of all deposits is all that the FDIC has.
So when you look at this list of 63 banks You know how we can find the list is because of their quarterly report that just came out that says they're 517 billion dollars in unrealized losses.
Well, what does that come from?
That 575, it's coming from commercial real estate losses.
It's coming from residential real estate losses.
It's coming from delinquencies.
And so we know that there are 63 banks that are on the verge of failure because they need help.
How do we know that they need help?
They conducted what's called a reverse repurchase agreement.
So in a reverse repo, yeah it's a stress test, so in a reverse repo with the Fed, what they're doing is they're selling back their stupid U.S. Treasuries to the Fed and then the Fed
is injecting cash into the banks.
So what's happened with these 63 banks?
They've had a massive injection of capital through this reverse repo, which means that they're on the verge of collapse.
They need help.
They needed a financial infusion or else they were going to go under.
What's the problem if they go under?
FDIC only has now 0.72% of all deposits covered.
And when you look at what happened in March of this year, exactly one year after Silicon Valley Bank went down, basically they closed the bank temp funding program.
No more emergency funding from the Fed to a failing bank.
So now what?
If a bank fails, there's going to be no more emergency funding.
They're just going to go to FDIC receivership.
Well nuts!
FDIC only has 0.72% of all assets covered.
This is very problematic.
Because now those banks are going to fail.
And there's 63 banks that are on the verge of failure.
So looking at that, it's like, okay, there's this quarterly banking profile.
I'm going to pull it out here and read.
This just came out on June 3rd.
If you look at some of the numbers in here, we're looking at obviously $517 billion, but $64.2 billion in the first quarter.
That's where the bank's net income went up, but that's up 79.5% from the previous.
but $64.2 billion in the first quarter, that's where the bank's net income went up, but that's up 79.5% from the previous. But here's the problem.
Community banks reported only net income of $6.3 billion.
They're declining!
See, these things are declining.
Now, unrealized losses on available for sale and held to maturity securities increased by $39 billion to $517 billion in the first quarter.
That's higher unrealized losses on residential mortgage-backed securities, resulting from higher mortgage rates in the first quarter, and that drove that increase.
These unrealized losses went up to $517 billion.
It increased $39 billion in one quarter.
This is the ninth straight quarter, Alex, of unusually high unrealized losses.
These banks are going to fail because of the weight of the defaults of commercial... And some have already started, as you predicted.
So what's going to happen next?
Well, residential real estate always follows commercial real estate.
Because commercial real estate would be your mom and pop stores, your businesses, your storefronts, your retail, your offices, your manufacturing.
As that goes under, it's because there's nobody working.
If there's nobody working, people aren't making money.
And then residential real estate follows.
I was just watching, you know, before I came in, I had the TV on in the hotel room and on one of the financial news networks, Grant Cardone was speaking, you know, big real estate investor and investor guy.
Well, he said this is the worst real estate market that he's seen in his lifetime.
And he's right.
We haven't seen anything this bad before, ever.
And it's upwards of now Commercial real estate in New York City, Alex, upwards of 20% of all of the hotels in New York City are now being used to house migrants.
It's like, okay, that's income that hotels can't use for other people, right?
But why are they even available?
How are they being used?
Because nobody else is using them.
This is part of when you start to connect dots of how bad the economy really is, It paints an abysmal picture for normal equity markets, for debt markets, like in stock and bonds.
Those markets go up because people spend money, because corporate earnings, profits, revenues are going up, and that's what causes stock prices to go through the roof.
But if nobody is spending money because taxes are too high and because of inflation, because there's delinquencies at banks, now banks are going to be undercapitalized and we're going into FDIC receivership because there is no more... And by the way, that's not your opinion.
Guys, get the clip from last year that leaked that they didn't want out of the FDIC saying we're going to have to grab people's bank accounts and steal a big part of it called a bail-in.
Because I got tons of new clothes, but this one I can play every five minutes.
I mean, this means this is going down.
They're just not sure how they're going to pull it or what they're going to do.
And we're getting closer every minute.
We're already in it.
Now they're trying to start World War III.
I think they want that as the cover for what is about to go down.
This is crazy.
Back in two minutes with Kirk Elliott.
We're continuing.
We haven't even covered 10% of the stacks he's got.
There is so much crazy news here that people need to be focused on with the quattro.
The new disease X, the bird flu, World War III, economic collapse, and the Civil War they're trying to start.
They're trying to do it all, folks, but we're aware of it.
We're fighting together.
Stay with us.
What do you make of the attempt to take January 6th, which we know was a federally provocateur event at many levels, there were also some useful idiots that got sucked into it in my view, to now project on that, no it's not radical Islam that's the big threat, it's not communist China that's the threat, it's the American people and patriots that are the threat, and with straight faces the CIA has come out and said, oh we believe a civil war has already begun.
We're gonna have to arrest all the leadership?
I mean, this is what a real authoritarian takeover looks like historically.
The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.
The most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.
White supremacists.
The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
Can you speak to that with your historic understanding?
I expect something, again, another distraction.
I expect because of what was staged on January 6th and what was staged up in Michigan to kidnap, you know, the fake kidnapping of the governor up in Michigan, Whitmer.
I think we're going to see staged events.
I really do.
I mean, I really do think that do not put past this administration with their thugs, in some cases, that they have access to.
do not put it past them to stage something.
What did he just say?
He said, "There's a storm coming in."
I know.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming at Real Alex Jones on X.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
This is a short five-minute segment where many of our stations don't join us for about six minutes, but we're going to continue with Edgar Kellyanne throughout the hour.
Give us a little prelude so the people coming up don't miss it.
The people that are actually tuned in get a little, you know, pre-taste or hors d'oeuvre.
What are you going to hit the rest of the hour?
So we're going to talk about the massive number of short positions on silver and why silver is poised to explode.
I want to talk about the fundamentals that are going to cause growth in that market.
Number one is debt and our unsustainable debt, our debt to GDP ratio, where silver should be because now the government's actually We're printing more money.
There's M2 money supplies going up in the banks.
We want to talk about Turkey wanting to join the BRICS nations.
Putin is so excited about it, right?
As he should be, but that's going to be a huge... People don't know, Turkey is the old eastern empire of Rome.
It's super important in Europe.
It's so important.
It's a big deal.
It's a big deal.
It's like, goodbye NATO, right?
I mean, this is... It's the biggest army, conventional army in Europe.
This is a big deal as the BRICS just start dismantling the West, country by country by country.
This is a big deal, Alex.
Not only are the BRICS nations, you know, prospering and thriving with manufacturing, but they're amassing thousands of tons, tens of thousands of tons of gold to back their currency.
They want a native gold-backed currency in the BRICS nation.
So, by native I mean Right now, they want to de-dollarize the world, right?
Putin told everybody that he's going to de-dollarize the world and nobody really believed him because he's Putin.
Well, that was back in August.
Well, now they're sure believing him because they're doing it, right?
And now what does NATO do when even Iraq or Libya, who are important, try to do it?
They blow you up.
So we're like, OK, we're going to start bombing you, and it's the media.
Well, I know.
Except Russia has nuclear weapons.
It's not Libya, dumbass.
I mean, they do have nukes.
And what we are now doing is providing Ukraine with US weapons to invade Russia.
I mean, everything.
Long-range heavy missiles.
All of these stupid decisions are really... 2,000 pound cruise missiles, those will give you a bad day.
They'll give you a really bad day, but everything that we're doing is just taking off the BRICS nations, taking off Putin.
And it's like, have some better diplomacy, have some... I don't care if you agree or disagree with it, right?
But everything that we're doing is just a slap in the face to Putin when they now hold the cards.
And I hate to say it, Alex, but the BRICS nations hold the cards because You know, when they de-dollarized the world, it was the first... Well, when you were on a week ago, you said, watch more nations join it.
And it just happens.
It's happening.
It's happening, right?
And so, how did they do it before?
They just said, we're not going to use the U.S.
We're going to use our own currencies to trade back and forth with each other.
But now they want to benchmark gold.
They want to benchmark gold and... And what will that do to gold?
through the through the ceiling right because what you know some Russian economists are saying let's let's not peg oil to gold let's not even peg it
to our own currency you know because the first step was let's trade in our own currency so 70% of the population boost the value of those currencies takes away
from the US dollar but the next step is the BRICS nations want their own native currency their own central bank I don't know what it's going to be called for a
lack of a better term let's say their currency units are going to be called the BRIC right so so they've got this BRIC currency now it's aggregate all of
the economies in the BRICS nations which is 70% of the world's population with that currency backed by gold and now oil and Russia
You know, they want to peg one barrel of oil to one gram of gold.
It's like, okay, this is interesting, they're not releasing the peg from the dollar or even any other currency.
And moving into real commodities.
And moving into real commodities, so who does that help?
It helps anybody that owns gold.
Who has the most gold on the planet?
And what are the Chinese doing?
They're telling the citizens to buy silver.
They're telling them to buy silver because they want to attack the Western banking system.
So tell us, Dr. Currie-Ellis, we'll come back in 60 seconds, recapping what you think is going to unfold from this, what the timeline is.
Or does the West just start a nuclear war and kill everybody because they don't want to be defeated economically?
Well, I think that might be an ultimate outcome as it does go to a physical war, but I think the more immediate... Stay there, stay there.
We're going to go 60 seconds.
Okay, so...
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Since I mentioned this clip from last year, we can't play enough because there's new FDIC announcements.
Here's the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation meeting.
And they've got the board members saying, we're going to have to grab people's bank accounts, we're going to have to do a bail-in, which means we take part of their money, because we're going to have so many regional banks fail next year.
Well, we're now halfway into next year, and now it's in the mainstream news that massive amounts of banks are about to fail.
And then the other board member goes, well, don't tell people, it's going to cause a major problem.
So since we mentioned that, let's finish up with that and then go back into what's happening with the BRICS and what you predict is going to unfold with the BRICS really taking off.
Here's the clip.
It's really important.
I mean, it's a little bit conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution.
But, I mean, they're going to be.
People need to know, but I don't think you have much hope of reaching a public that doesn't have a professional need to know.
I completely agree with that.
I almost think you'd scare the public if you put this out.
Like, why are they telling me this?
Should I be concerned about my bank?
Like, my insurance company doesn't tell me what they're doing with my assets if they just assume they're going to pay my claim.
I think you've got to think of the unintended consequences of taking a public that has more full faith and confidence in the banking system than maybe people in this room do.
So there's a select crowd.
So here's the bottom line.
I want you to elaborate on it because you're the expert.
They're going to find a way to understand this.
There's a bunch of law firms represented in this room, there's a bunch of people charging by the hour a lot of money to explain this all to them, and I don't have a problem with
And they all have huge staffs.
But I would be careful about the unintended consequences of starting to blast too much of this out in the general public.
So here's the bottom line I want you to elaborate on because you're the expert as a really respected economist who's made so many accurate predictions.
I'll turn it over to Kirk Elliott with us in the studio.
The FDIC really is a federal agency.
The Federal Reserve isn't.
And they're saying, we don't have confidence.
This is all going to come down soon.
Regional banks are going to fail.
They know about the inflation.
This is almost a year ago they're saying this.
I've probably played this clip 50 times.
And now we're here, so we're not the bad guys telling you about this.
They don't want you to know, so they can all get pre-positioned or give you some other reason.
Oh, it's the Russian war, didn't it?
Or it's the bird flu's the reason all of a sudden there's runs on your banks.
But what you have to understand is this is really the central ledger they're getting you ready for.
Once they bankrupt the FDIC with all these claims they're already upside down on massively, and you'll give them the numbers, it's hundreds of billions, then there's, oh, we have a way with the computer program, they've already said it's the answer.
To pool your mortgage and your money and your stocks and one thing and yet it'll go up and down.
You'll take a haircut to stabilize it or you'll lose everything you've got if you don't do it.
This is the admitted globalist plan.
This isn't my opinion.
I've been talking about this 20 years with other financial experts.
This was coming.
This was the holy grail in their white papers.
But that was 20 years ago when it was an academic white paper.
They've now built what they're into.
So that's how I knew when I read Operation Lockstep from the Rockefeller Foundation 13 years ago that they were planning it because I'd seen them do what they said before and it was an enemy battle plan to use a virus for control and all this.
We know this is going down.
The question is the timing.
So finish up with Briggs or get to that after this, but really drill through the whole situation with the FDIC because that's the open canary in the coal mine.
And that clip right there is just amazing.
And now a year later, we see it playing out.
Well, when you watch that clip, Alex, they're smug and they're laughing and they're saying, well, the people trust the banks more than we trust the banks and we're behind the banks, right?
It's like they don't even trust themselves because they know the dire straits that they're in.
So, when I say that they only have .72% of all deposits covered, this is the fallacy of the FDIC.
So, we have $250,000 worth of insurance coverage on your checking or savings accounts.
Okay, so people will look at that and say, oh, if the bank goes under, I'm covered.
Well, if there's only .72% of all deposits in America, What if another regional bank fails?
What if two regional banks fail?
What if four or five?
You know, when Silicon Valley Bank went down, there was four other big banks that went with it.
That took more than half Of the available FDIC asset base.
So now, with what's left, I just do simple math.
It's like, okay, you get another four or five bank failures.
FDIC is gone, Alex.
It's gone.
We've got 63 big ones about to go under.
And there was a study that was just done on commercial real estate that says the defaults on commercial real estate, there's over 282 banks.
And is that what's mainly driving this?
Which was COVID lockdowns, which they knew would kill mom and pops.
The big ones are capitalized to stay in bed.
So this was all done.
So, so COVID started it.
That put banks in a very precarious position because there was no income coming in.
People started defaulting on that.
That's the angrier world.
Klaus Schwab said it's the great reset.
That's the great reset.
And then it was extended.
So, so that financial malaise and that that harsh economy that we had that started with COVID.
Ended up with, boy, we had to print a lot of money to get through COVID, right?
So when you print a lot of money to get through COVID, that creates inflation.
Now they had to start to raise interest rates, Alex, to actually slow down that inflation.
So then what?
You have COVID, people weren't working, you have to print money to keep the economy afloat, then you have to raise interest rates to slow down The inflation that you're creating when you raise interest rates and everybody's in debt up to their eyeballs, people start to be late on their payments and then ultimately you're late for numerous months in a row, then you default, they cancel the loan, they call it, you have to file for bankruptcy.
This is where we are, right?
So this is this cycle that began With COVID and now I'm afraid that the cycle is going to start all over again because we've got bird flu.
We've got another pandemic and it's just constant barrage and this attack on the banking system.
So this is where I say the $250,000 threshold, you know, the insurance protection that you have in your bank accounts.
That's a fallacy.
That's not real because all it takes is another four or five banks failing.
FDIC is gone.
When they cut off emergency funding for banks in March of this year, the only thing that's left is FDIC and that's a problem because FDIC is going to become underfunded.
So what is the government going to do?
Are they going to say, hmm, let's just let them fail and go to bail-in legislation?
Yes, they've already said that they're going to do that.
So what is bail-in legislation?
Bail-in is the opposite of a bailout, where a bailout, let's say General Motors or AIG or whoever goes under, The government bails them out with taxpayer dollars.
A bail-in means that institution still gets bailed out, but it's by you.
It's by the depositor that will say, okay, we're going to have to bail out our own institution, which is why it's really super important that people know How strong your financial institution is.
How strong is the company that has your brokerage account?
How strong is your bank or your credit union?
Because if they go under bail-in legislation, which Janet Yellen, after Silicon Valley Bank went down, says, you know what?
Too big to fail, no such thing anymore.
These places are going to get bailed out, but it's not going to be by us.
It's going to be by the person.
Who has a deposit there.
That's what a bail-in is.
When was that legislated?
Well, that was under the Dodd-Frank bill in about 2010-2011 time frame under the Obama administration, which they wrote bail-in legislation into the Dodd-Frank bill.
And so you're looking at this stuff, it's like, oh my word, we are, we're toast.
We're really toasted if people think that their bank accounts are insured, because they're not.
They're, when it comes right down to it, they only have .72% left.
So, what do we do?
Right, so we have to pull money out of the banking system, literally.
You have to keep some in there, obviously, because we live in a cash world, and when you live in a cash world, you have to pay your expenses and you still have to have a bank account, but I would minimize it.
I would have no more than three to six months of expenses in cash in your bank.