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Name: 20240604_Tue_Alex
Air Date: June 4, 2024
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses legal issues surrounding InfoWars and his battle with the media while addressing global events such as potential threats of World War III, Biden's actions, COVID-19 vaccine efficacy rates. He expresses concern over current affairs and encourages people to take action against it while urging them not to be fooled by propaganda. The speaker also discusses alternative media outlets, civil war potential in America, new cancer treatments, whistleblowers within agencies, and potential nuclear war or global catastrophe due to the vaccine. Other topics covered include controversies surrounding Dr. Anthony Fauci; faith, science, God, globalists, bioweapons, false flag events, upcoming election, reintroduction of another kind of pandemic, support for cardiovascular health through supplements like Nitric Boost, criticism of men for not taking action, historical events such as the French Revolution and Operation Paperclip; media manipulation during that era; impact of Google searches on public opinion; portrayal of Trump's presidency by media; whistleblowers; courage; honest journalism and more. The speaker also discusses their new platform, Laura Logan's exclusive meeting with then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008 while she was pregnant; how his administration made things worse than under Bush years; an Afghan- American attorney warning her before Obama took office that they would get rid of Karzai and make things worse. They discuss the potentiality of free will with their guest; bring up child abuse and lack of accountability for those involved in such acts; compare three-letter agencies and media organizations; manipulation of agents representing individuals; pain and suffering as part of God's plan to fix problems in the world. The speaker promotes two products - a high-grade fish oil and Nitric Boost; discuss drug problem on Native American reservations due to fentanyl distribution by Mexican cartels; mention lack of assistance from authorities leading to state of emergency being declared; how this crisis is changing economy and wiping out a generation on these reservations.

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The Connecticut lawyer is trying to act like I'm a bad guy.
Then I made it up.
The judge just went and got the transcript.
Just said, stop right there.
Stop right there.
So the media is all, oh, Judge Lopez threw Jones a lifeline.
No, he said the hearings on the 14th.
I'm the managing member.
The CRO did not have the power to shut me down.
And I've been asked not to get into this at this point.
I'm going to just stop.
But It's still going on.
And they're claiming it's not from him.
But we have the document.
I'm just going to stop right here.
The judge has asked me to stop.
But everybody that's been saying, I'm lying about this, lying about that they're trying to shut down InfoWars at the courthouse steps in Texas and Connecticut, they said that.
They said, we don't want money.
Don't support him.
We're going to shut him down.
And they've never settled.
But under the law, they have to act like they're trying to settle.
And then they just never do.
So they're trying to have their cake and eat it too.
At the hearing, the Daily Mail got a pretty good transcript as well.
Large pieces of it.
They're like, we want it shut down right now.
He's a loose can.
He's evil.
He's bad.
And look how he's making it up that they tried to shut it down this weekend.
That's a conspiracy theory.
He's created a crisis.
I mean, I'm going to read all of this to you.
I don't want to spend too much time on this.
We've got so much other huge news.
And Laura Logan's going to be in the studio.
Such a fan of her.
Good Lord.
I know the behind-the-scenes stuff with her is amazing courage and all the battlefield stuff she's done.
She's an incredible, really, combat reporter.
So, that's all coming up.
And we've got the huge Russian news, World War III watch, Kremlin warns U.S.
of fatal consequences as Biden greenlights missile strikes on Russian mainland.
Yeah, this is what I'm really worried about.
You've got the total Fauci meltdown that was so incredible, and then even bigger bombshells.
Suddenly it's in Yahoo and AP and it's in the Australian newspaper.
Oh, guess what?
COVID vaccines are killing a bunch of people, and the numbers are way up, and they're killing masses of people.
The Australian?
Overhead shot!
I mean, look at that!
That's like the government saying that.
Yahoo's like CIA, folks.
What's happening is, we're having total vindication, and the crooks that did this are imploding, and there's a good chance Trump's gonna get in, they're not gonna be able to kill him, and we're gonna save the country and stop World War III.
But Biden's like, mm-mm-mm.
He's like, Trump and Putin are planning an October surprise to stop my re-election.
What, to cancel the election, you mean, Biden?
October surprises are always for the incumbent.
Almost always, in history.
99% of them.
Right before the election crisis.
Everybody knows that.
How is firing heavy missiles and saying the West is behind it at the Russians, Trump, doing that?
No, the provocation is the goddamn Joe Biden and Obama behind him.
These people are psychotic demons!
Good Lord!
I mean, my God!
They've got to get off the air.
We could have nuclear war in days.
That's why they want us off.
They're going to try to shut us down.
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Tomorrow's news.
the Husker Sports Network.
12 hours, 53 minutes, 21 seconds.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I am so honored and blessed to be here in defense of this republic, in defense of this planet, at this incredible time.
God bless you all.
Ladies and gentlemen, my spider sense has never been this on fire.
On a scale of 1 to 100, it's broken the meter.
And I know you're feeling it too, and the threat is total nuclear war.
World War III, watch!
Let me say that again.
Biden has been announcing, and so have the other globalist leaders, that they already started it.
missile strikes inside the Russian homeland of their major cities.
Let me say that again.
Biden has been announcing, and so have the other globalist leaders that they are,
they already started it, heavy bombardment of Russia with heavy cruise missiles.
Heavy cruise missiles.
And they're saying they're going to give them to Ukraine, which is what they've been doing.
And they told Ukraine they can hit any target they want.
Now, that is designed to be as provocative as you can.
That's like coming to somebody's house, knocking on their door, and a little kid walks up to the door, and you put a gun to their head, and then the parent walks up and you say, I'm going to blow your child's head off.
So, it's on.
They're starting World War III.
The globalists have always planned this to depopulate, and I think there's a very good chance, unless cooler heads prevail, we're about to see World War III.
See, what did I say hundreds of times when I knew from the actuary first numbers, I knew with rodent studies and other mammal studies, that it killed half the rats when they tested the COVID-19 vaccine.
They already had it on the shelf, so-called vaccine, years before at Chapel Hill and University of Texas.
It's all public.
I read the documents dozens of times on air.
I had scientists on about it.
And there was a big national freakout.
They were doing this.
So they moved it to Wuhan.
It was a big controversy.
It was a secret.
They're like, you're making weaponized SARS, COVID, and airborne.
And you're crazy.
And they tested the vaccine on the rats and got blood clots all over them and heart attacks and strokes.
And half the rats died within There's like a year.
Now a rat, the thing about a rat is they love rats because it's just like a human, but it's accelerated life and it pretty much matches up.
So like, you know, a year in a rat's life is like, what?
How long does a rat live?
Four or five years usually?
So that's the equivalent of like, oh, this is going to kill you in 20 years.
So half the rats die within 20 years and die within a year or 20 years.
And you have to get into the actuaries and numbers.
It's something like that.
I'm just going from memory.
Now, pigs are also very similar to us, so they also did a test on them, and it killed a lot of the pigs and made them really sick.
Tumors all over them.
Some, it didn't even hurt.
But that's what they've given you.
So, I remember saying, they're going to have a nuclear war or something when all the death starts, because they just want to make sure that once there's a nuclear war, the survivors, oh, it's the radiation killing you.
Oh, it's just, it's unbelievable.
I mean, they've given four and a half billion people a shot that'll kill Most of them over time, and a lot of them really quick.
And now it's right on time as all the death comes out that, okay, we got to go into the nuclear war now or they're going to get us.
So I think there's about to be a nuclear war and I'm really sorry for everybody.
Now, if we get the word out about this and we really pray and we have cooler heads prevail, we can turn this around.
If Trump was in office, there would not be a nuclear war.
But Obama and the New World Order and Hillary are, and King Charles unveiling blood paintings with Satan demons all over it, I mean, these are psychotics!
And this is their death religion.
And it's a death cult.
And I'm sorry that's so whacked out, I'm sorry that's so insane, I'm sorry that's so horrifying, but it's true!
I told you it's gonna kill masses of people!
Excess deaths!
And then there's now doling out the number.
Well, it looks like it's a little bad.
Oh, it's kind of really bad.
So it's the opposite, but the similar inverse of how they went, oh, it's 99% effective, it's 92% effective, it's 86% effective, it's 81% effective, down to it's 40% effective.
It actually makes you sicker and gives you...
Instead, they're like, oh yeah, there's a 2% death increase.
Oh, there's a 5% death increase.
Oh, there's a 20% death increase.
Oh, all-cause morbidities are 40-plus percent, higher in some age groups.
40% increase in all-cause mortality.
Again, World War I and World War II were less than 10%.
I'm going to say this again.
This is killing more people per year per capita than World War II.
You're in a germ nanotech replication factory and there's all these new weird viruses and the people are sick in the summer now and even healthy people are getting sick all the time because they freaking hit us folks and people are shedding this crap everywhere.
And I'm just getting right with God.
I am just blown away that the FBI and the CIA are all going along with this.
A lot of them, but there's been whistleblowers, but the majority, and these people are completely crazy.
And it sounds so crazy to say this, that even though a lot of Congress people now know this, they're like, but Alex, we were trying to dole it out.
People can't handle this all at once.
I mean, there's going to be a, there's going to be a, and look behind the scenes, folks, The big names you know out there are all just like me.
I have dinner with them.
I talk to them all the time.
They know all of it.
They're just as smart as me.
They know all this.
And you see, Joe's already there, basically.
Three years ago, he was already there.
We're having dinner.
He's like, he's absolutely right.
It's this and that.
We're finishing my sentences.
You know, everything.
He knows everything I know.
He's just as smart.
The guy's a freaking super sly, okay?
He comes off as a nice, friendly guy, but Joe Rogan's like, uber smart, okay?
And he knows all this.
That's why I got pissed at him six years ago.
I'm like, dude, you know all this?
Knock it off.
And he's decided that they are complete psychotics and are killing everybody, and so he's not selling out.
He's doing the best job he can to warn people as fast as he can at the pace he believes.
And I told him, I said, you need to up your security and be safe, buddy, because they don't like, and Tucker knows that, and Tucker's fully awake.
Elon Musk, unless he's putting on acts behind the scenes here in Austin with people, I'll just stop there.
They say, this is like Alex Jones 2.0.
I mean, you can say, well, he's got his hands on all this stuff.
Yeah, that's why he even knows more.
So, the good news is we got a lot of smart people that know what's going on.
And a lot of the population is smart and knows what's going on.
The bad news is the new old order knows that.
Most of their minions at the Justice Department and all these agencies don't know all this stuff.
They're just compartmentalized.
They like having power and authority and think they're cool.
They're in a little club and their SJW is most of them now.
They've successfully brought them in to the military leadership and most of the leadership positions are people with chips on their shoulders.
Who are diversity hires.
I'm not saying they're black, whatever.
The women, the black folks, the ones they're bringing in are brought in because they're politically following orders.
They could get a black guy just as smart as the white guy in the FBI.
But they go look at the guy's Christian, he's conservative, he doesn't know.
Sorry, you didn't make the cut, the FBI.
You're some SJW Black Lives Matter black guy or black woman.
You're in fricking charge right now.
And then all there is is the chip on the shoulder and following the order and why are all these evil Americans racist and why do they hate me?
Because you were put in there to be the black face on the New World Order when it starts a civil war, dumbass!
So when they see the commanders, it's a bunch of brown people and black people.
So that white people go, oh my god, it is an anti-white takeover so they can make the civil war racial.
That's what the White House says.
Whites are the terrorists.
They're the bad guys.
They're about to attack.
That's what the movie Civil War is about.
If you watch closely, I mean, it's all right there.
This is insane.
This is, this is mass suicide.
This is beyond cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
And as the left gets scarier and scarier and scarier and scarier and scarier and scarier, they have to go out, they think, and suppress people and make us just submit, and then it'll make it all better.
That's what they're being told, that we're the ones causing the problem.
No, you're the ones that gave four plus billion people shots and bullied them into it, and now there's mass death.
You're the ones firing, loading masses of cruise missiles, preparing to fire them at Russia, the biggest nuclear power in the world.
So, oh don't worry though, there's all this new cancer, they've got a new mRNA shot that's gonna be a therapy.
It doesn't quite work.
You see how this is going on?
I mean, these people have got a plan, they know what they're doing, and each time they attack you, they give you another way to think you're gonna get out of it by going to them, and it only gets you deeper into it.
That's how the scam works.
That's what's going on.
That's what's happening.
All right?
I need to get on record what's happening with InfoWars, and I'm going to do it one time.
You're here today, and not spend an hour on it like I did yesterday, because we have a lot of big stuff to cover.
And Laura Logan's coming to the studio.
I want to get into the World War III stuff, the huge poison shot news breaking, the Fauci being destroyed, just all the campaign stuff.
Will they put Trump in jail?
The rise of totalitarian, quote, democracy in America, how they do that.
I mean, it's just, it's all very, very apocalyptic.
So that's all coming up.
And this only happens when I really get upset and concerned.
Or when the air conditioner's broken, it does that too.
Sometimes it's broken in here.
The old days, we got new air conditioners, that's why you used to be sweating.
It'd be like, you know, 85 degrees in here with lights on, which makes it even hotter.
But it's cold in here right now, and I'm sweating.
Because my body wants to fix this.
My body wants to get people to wake up.
My body's pleading with everybody.
I'm like pleading with the establishment, everybody else, and everybody that sits on the fence to get up off your asses.
I mean, I'm not an asthmatic, but when I get in this position, I start feeling like asthmatic.
I can't breathe because this is nuclear war, folks.
This is not like a chance of this.
The United States and Europe start blowing up Russian cities.
Russia says they're going to respond by attacking European cities and they're saying that because the West does have a parity of missiles that they can't use their conventional missiles to destroy all the EU missile sites that are hitting them.
So they're going to use nuclear weapons and they already said we're picking tactical points.
They said on Russian TV.
Some of the authorization of Putin yesterday.
They said, NATO, we know you've got this main missile base in this city of Poland, and we're telling you we would probably start advising Polish people to leave that city.
This has been the primary target as a demonstration of nuclear weapons.
We're not going to do a total commitment on you.
And then they list like five or six different cities in Poland, and they say, those are all targets of your weapon caches, and we're going to knock your weapon caches out, but we've been following those.
And so we just want you to know that, and if it's your choice to fire nukes back, we'll have full commitment.
So that's it.
So nuking a large part of a Polish city, weapons depot district, is called a shot across the bow in nuclear war.
That's taking the safety off.
It's not a nuclear test.
And Putin's also talking about testing a nuke on the border with Ukraine and Belarus.
A big one, a hydrogen bomb, a super, and to attract people's attention.
Like, hey, these things are real.
That's probably a better idea than actually nuking Poland.
I mean, my instincts are to get my children and get the hell out of Austin, Texas right now.
I mean, that's how serious this is, okay?
And that's why future of InfoWars, yeah, I want to stay on air to warn people.
I'll be able to warn people.
I'll be able to be on the air.
And they're strategic.
They know that.
They want us off right now because of what's about to happen.
It's not going to matter soon, folks.
There's going to be nobody on the air.
You know, the Department of Energy is now sending out memos to their employees saying, prepare to live off the land.
And that's a code for all the training they've been given.
They're saying, prepare for there to be no power grid.
They're quietly sending out, they're not saying, get a week of storable food and have your flashlight ready.
they're saying their federal employees are now being told prepare for the end of the world.
And I just see a pack of wild-eyed lying crazy Connecticut and New York lawyers just like little gremlins hopping around
licking their lips like we're gonna get him we're gonna get him we're gonna get him.
And they go, why is he looking at us?
Why does he care about us?
And I'm like, looking up at a giant...
T-Rex behind him, licking his lips, looking at them.
And I know that's going to go after me too.
And I'm like, whoa, nuclear war.
I'm just like, oh.
And they're like, why isn't he looking at us?
And I'm like, oh.
What are some examples of that in movies, where like some little guy thinks he's scaring some big thing?
Like some mouse thinks he's scaring an elephant or a lion.
And then the mouse turns around and looks, and it's like a T-Rex.
I mean, and that's why everything's going like this, because, oh, God, I mean, and again, we've had such a normalcy bias for so long that people think, "Oh, this will never happen."
I'm surprised we haven't blown ourselves up yet.
So I'm going to stop because I've got so much to get to and Laura Logan's coming up.
I gotta get focused here.
Oh, my god.
I-- by the way, this is not an act.
The crew's seen me.
I'm like actually stumbling around the office from anxiety.
I mean, I finally, because I know, I mean, I'm not, I know.
I mean, me and my family are all, I mean, this is horrible.
I'm not even able to continue doing the show.
So please God, just give me the strength.
Um, I already wanted to play some of these.
I'm going to take a break here.
I'll be back at the bottom of the hour.
And that's... Let's go ahead and... Let's go to clip four.
Dr. Ronnie Jackson accuses Fauci of lying.
It's like accusing a fish of living in the water.
And covering up the Wuhan lab leak.
What do you think?
It wasn't a leak.
They did it on purpose.
Here it is.
You can be removed.
Actually, you're not allowed to speak.
Take your Starbucks with you.
Mr. Garcia, Mr. Raskin, you're out of line.
Your times have expired.
I now recognize Dr. Jackson from Texas for five minutes of questions.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Dr. Fauci, I have to say, I, as so many Americans, am deeply disappointed in your actions during a critical time in our nation's history while you were in key leadership roles as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and as the Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden.
Put quite simply, you failed miserably in my opinion.
Based on all we have learned during the pandemic, and all that we have since learned through this committee's work, I believe your failures stem from both an effort of self-preservation manifested by a series of lies and cover-up, and by a total failure of leadership.
It was obvious to everyone that you and your organization, NIH, had a lot to lose if the American people were to discover that COVID-19 was most likely leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, and that you, via EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszak, actually funded this research, and that this lab was actively and recklessly conducting gain-of-function research.
As such, you did everything in your power to deflect and cover up this possibility.
You even recruited others to help you in this effort.
Unfortunately, this cost our country and the world valuable time, time that may have led to answers regarding the origin, may have blunted the spread, and would have almost certainly saved lives.
While I think most of us have known all along what I just described, what I have been appalled to discover, through sworn testimony to this committee is the level of which you and those that worked for you
went to cover up the obvious. Just a few examples, and I know these have been touched on, but they're important for everyone to hear. Dr. Lawrence Tabak, former acting director of NIH, testified
that under the generic definition that NIH did in fact fund gain-of-function research.
This was based on a definition that was initially used by NIH and a definition that was abandoned and removed from the website in October of 2021 and replaced by a new much more detailed definition
with a much higher bar that you have since conveniently used to define gain-of-function testing and to deny what Dr. Tabak has since confirmed.
He also said that EcoHealth Alliance failed to properly and promptly report that their research violated the terms of the grant, something that went completely unaddressed under your watch.
Dr. Moran's, your senior advisor, who you have tried today to distance yourself from, but whose large volume of emails clearly demonstrate that you had a very close and personal relationship with, and who reported to you directly has openly bragged about how he subverted FOIA requests.
I remind you that the law requires you and your former organization to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests.
It is not optional.
If you or your employees or your organization that you oversaw were systemically avoiding transparency and illegally hiding or destroying documents that rightfully belong to the American
people, then you should be criminally charged and they should as well.
In addition, Dr. Gregory Folkers, your chief of staff, also engaged in illegal practices in which he crafted messages using symbols instead of letters to avoid FOIA exposure.
In an email April 2020 from Dr. Moran's to Peter Daszak, he says, quote, There are things Oh, I wonder what he couldn't say.
He also went on to say, quote, except Tony is aware and I have learned there are ongoing efforts within NIH to steer through this with minimal damage to you, Peter, and colleagues, and to NIH and NAID, end quote.
And then a few days later he said, quote, I have reason to believe that there are already efforts going on to protect you, end quote.
In February of 2021, Dr. Morans wrote to Boston University scientist Gerald Kirsch saying, quote, I learned from our FOIA lady here how to make emails disappear after I'm FOIA'd, but before the search starts.
So I think we are all safe, end quote.
Dr. Fauci, I want to know what you're being protected from and what you needed to be safe from.
I'm going to go on because I have a little time here.
He went on to say, quote, plus I deleted most of the earlier emails after sending to Gmail.
Once again, illegal and an actual crime.
Dr. Morans noted in another email to Dr. Kirsch saying, quote, I learned the tricks last year from an old friend, Marge Moore, who heads our FOIA office and also hates FOIAs, end quote.
It is absolutely amazing to me that Dr. Morans and Marge Moore still have jobs and taxpayers are still paying their salaries.
Dr. Morans wrote to Dr. Daszak in April of 2021, quote, P.S.
I forgot to say there is no worry about FOIAs.
I can either send stuff to Tony on his private email or hand it to him to work or at his house.
He is too smart to let colleagues send him stuff that could cause trouble.
Apparently, end quote.
Apparently, you neglected to surround yourself with equally smart individuals.
Dr. Morans wrote to another collaborator, Peter Hotitz, in June 2021.
At Baylor College of Medicine, that he had deleted all his emails related to COVID origin when, quote, the shit hit the fan, end quote.
He said, quote, I feel pretty sure Tony were too.
The best way to avoid FOIA hassles is to delete all emails when you learn the subject is pretty sensitive.
In October 2021, Dr. Moran's wrote to Peter Daszak, quote, Peter, from Tony's numerous recent comments to me and from what Francis has been vocal about over the past five years, we are trying to protect you and they are protecting their own reputations as well, end quote.
I'll just jump ahead.
The American people can rest assured that we are going to continue to pursue answers and we continue to push for full accountability from you and your colleagues despite continuing efforts to try to cover this up.
Dr. Fauci, history will not be kind to you and you will be known as the man who put his personal interests before the interests of the American people, the very people that you were supposed to be protecting.
Your actions, along with several others we have had before this committee, have completely eroded America's trust in our public health system and the agency that you represented for half a century.
Your cardiovascular system is under attack.
Everybody knows it.
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you we are nothing. I just want to acknowledge your leadership and your ability to see around corners.
Again and again and again, you have been labeled as a conspiracy theorist and a nutcase for speaking the truth that you were able to perceive earlier than many people.
And I'm in your debt and I think we're all in your debt for your courageous actions over these many years.
You've been vilified and denigrated and gaslit and everything else.
I've received a small taste of what you've been through and I don't like it very much.
So I certainly appreciate and empathize with everything you've been through.
and thank you for being the hero that you are and not backing down in the face of all the crap that's been thrown at you.
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It's Alex Jones.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, let me get focused and run through this news.
Just met Laura Logan and her crew.
What an amazing person.
I've been such a fan of hers since she ever was on the news.
I was like, wow, who is this lady?
So beautiful and smart.
Meet her in person.
It's like meeting Melania Trump or something.
It's kind of like, boom.
Wow, what an amazing spirit and a great crew as well.
So, I only wish the day she finally gets on the show, but I asked her for years, we've been talking about it forever, that I wasn't, you know, disheveled from sleeping up here trying to keep from shutting down this building.
So, here's what's happening.
Again, what's happening behind the scenes, the judges asked us not to talk about this.
At this point, he is protecting the operation right now.
He has asked, he knows all of it.
Believe it or not.
But he called in the U.S.
trustees, all of them, and said, is this really going on?
I'm going to, I've been asked, in fact, I've been asked not even to say that.
I'm going to stop right now.
But just, this is so crazy that outside of law, they tried to close the doors and One of the groups is trying it now, and I'm not supposed to get into this, so I'm going to stop.
But just let me show you these articles, okay?
They try to close the doors.
I explained this to Security Cabinet Spinner for years before we were in bankruptcy.
I'm the sole member.
You don't have a right to do that.
They're not lawyers.
They don't know.
They call their lawyers.
They say, we need to see the documents.
We get it to them.
They go, okay.
Then Jones is a sole member, LLC.
He is the one that makes firing decisions and hiring decisions.
Only the judge can override that through the CRO, but the CRO has to go to the court.
Well, the CRO tells him, no, I'm in charge.
Like when Ronald Reagan got shot and Alexander Haig goes, I'm in control now.
I'm in control now.
It was basically like that.
But again, that guy's not doing that on his own.
And I knew that.
Now we've learned it's the other feds involved, and the Justice Department has been involved, at my depositions, in my bankruptcy and this bankruptcy, there's up to two Justice Department lawyers.
This is like one in 10,000 cases.
Literally there with notes, writing everything, and they show me documents, show me U.S.
code, that if I say anything wrong or lie, I'm going to be charged with crime.
So they thought they were going to come in here and find some crimes and put me in jail.
That didn't happen.
I'm a Boy Scout, folks.
I got CPAs and accountants.
I don't touch the money.
My wife pays the bills.
I'm not a guy that's like in that stuff, so I'm like completely not even in it.
All they found was a clean operation.
You saw the lies in the news.
$400 million dollars hidden in all this BS.
It was just totally made up, okay?
That's how I know the stuff with Trump is totally made up, as you saw in these trials.
They just make this stuff up.
And so, to me, the fact that they came in here and are desperately trying to close the door, still, when a judge is blocking them, And the new stuff I discovered this morning is even more insane.
And people tell me, you're not going to be told this if you get into it.
So I've told you 1%, okay?
But I am telling powerful journalists and people in case something happens to me.
But the issue you need to know is that this is not about us, folks, okay?
They're about to do it.
The World War III killed Trump.
I don't know.
I can feel it.
I know this isn't about me.
You take out key communications when you're making a move.
So we're in the middle of a full final coup against America.
That's bottom line right now.
When they convicted Trump, that flipped the switch and they're going into overdrive.
Okay, this is it.
The CIA overthrows countries all the time?
Well, they're finishing us off right now.
But it's blowing up in their face.
So, America's coming back so strong to this, and the awakening's so big, it's scaring the living hell out of them.
And for whatever reason, when they attacked me first years ago and said I was the lead elephant they had to get, they are obsessed with getting this operation because I see what they're doing.
And yes, I've secretly advised Trump a bunch, and a bunch of other people, and I would write secret reports to Trump.
And, I mean, just, that's why they really flipped out, okay?
And I told him who were globalists in his administration, what they were doing, how he's being spied on.
I explained to Trump, I'm not bragging, this is why the CIA got so pissed, how Obama put stay-behind networks into the government with the Countering Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2017.
So, that's it.
So now let me just show you how they think you're so dumb, they just put the propaganda out.
Thank you.
I forgot to make coffee today.
That's probably part of the reason I'm just completely out of my mind.
And look at this, ladies and gentlemen.
So here's AP last night, okay?
And they can't get their propaganda straight.
Judge rejects call to immediately shut down Alex Jones, InfoWars, and bankruptcy.
Now wait a minute.
You saw and heard all these people, left and right, saying I was making it up.
Why are we going to shove cameras in the security people's faces when I'm explaining to them don't shut it down?
That's escalation, folks.
I'm not doing that.
This is happening.
Stop living in denial.
Here they are saying we filed to shut him down on Monday morning.
Nobody's shutting Alex Jones down, but they filed an emergency motion to shut me down and the judge says no.
Oh, but nobody shut... That's the biggest... That's like saying two men can have a baby.
That's the gaslighting.
We want him shut down today.
We want the doors closed today.
It says it in their filing.
But no one's trying to shut him down.
Sandy Hook relatives asked bankruptcy judge to liquidate Alex Jones company.
Lennon Guardian.
It's never about Adam Lanza.
In the whole documentary made up HBO propaganda from those show trials that HBO ran the production.
They had scripts, everything.
In that whole production, I remember I was there looking over the judges in both cases and saw it was like a script they were following.
And then when I was at Connecticut, I saw the same script and I went, oh my God, this is total script.
It was a TV studio, basically.
So that's what's happening.
And the FBI, head of FBI Connecticut admitted he ran all this, initiated the suits, everything.
So Sandy Hook, relatives, ass maker, Mr. Judge, Liquidate, Alex Jones Company.
CBS News.
Sandy Hook families ask bankruptcy judge to liquidate Alex Jones media company.
Judge says no.
Sandy Hook denier.
This is an independent.
Alex Jones handed lifeline by judge after crying on InfoWars show.
So this is the MI6's way to attack me.
And oh look, he's a crybaby.
So the judge is on his side.
Start attacking the judge.
Because the judge is just following the law.
Judge extends InfoWars lifespan after Alex Jones live streamed Meltdown.
Because without a law, without a court order, they're here telling armed security, certified security company, remove me and shut the doors.
And I go, hold your horses.
No, you're not.
And they go, fine, we won't.
Then they give the order again Saturday when I went to get a hamburger.
I told people, don't leave, I need somebody to always stay here, okay?
I'm gonna go get a hamburger, see my kids and my wife for like an hour.
I get back, nobody's here, except the security.
And they go, you predicted it, we're getting a call, they're saying, you know, shut things down again, but it's not gonna happen, you know.
I mean, and I told my lawyers, I said, you want someone to try it again today?
And they're like, Jones, stop being paranoid.
They're like, it's happening, it's happening again, they're trying again.
Outside of the judge!
Judge extends InfoWars lifespan after Alex Jones livestream meltdown.
Now this is where you really get the CIA stuff, because they use the Daily Mail.
Now this article is so important to go read.
It's full of lies, but listen to this.
It's full of ridiculousness too.
Judge rejects call to shut down Alex Jones InfoWars bankruptcy dispute days after confirmed conspiracy theorist claims feds were out to get him in hysterical rant.
Oh, I'm hysterical, I'm crazy, but they filed to shut it down.
And then listen to what the lead former federal prosecutor, whose specialty is putting innocent Republicans in jail.
He works directly for Senator Blumenthal.
He puts innocent Republican governor of Connecticut in jail.
Look at this.
There's Judge Lopez, the honorable judge.
Top of his class.
Here is Chris Maddy.
The quarterback of this thing.
In the testimony yesterday, as a result, Chris Maddy, a lawyer for the Sandy Hook family, testified Monday, claimed Jones was manufacturing a crisis or erroneously shilling the idea of his network being shut down immediately.
Then they go on to say they've been unable to reach any agreements with me and I've not worked with them.
No, the judges said, Jones just offered you all the profits that he ever made or had, which is almost nothing left, and 10 years of any extra profits that you could oversee, but his crew stays there and he's able to travel, all this stuff.
I said, I don't want hardly anything.
Just enough to live, I don't care about that.
You, I want like a 15 year old shirt right now.
I don't like, I don't care about things.
They don't either.
But they've got to represent, it's because I won't pay their made-up kangaroo court debt.
I don't care about that.
And I know, they said at both courthouses, you've seen the videos, where they said, we don't want money, we want to shut him down when they won their fake cases where I was already found guilty.
Now you're understanding how big this is.
So you just saw all these articles that they want me shut down immediately, but they're in the court saying nobody wants to shut him down, he's crazy, we want him shut down immediately.
We want him shut down immediately.
He's crazy.
No one's trying to shut him down.
I'm going to say that again.
He's nuts.
No one's trying to shut him down.
Shut him down.
What do they say in the court cases?
Guys, it's like a five-minute, four-minute version of them saying, shut me down.
We played it again last week.
Find that for me right now.
Shut him down.
Shut him down now.
Don't ever let him get behind a microphone again.
Shut him down and intimidate.
Everybody else never speak out.
They actually say that.
Shut him down now.
Shut him down now.
We're going to shut down InfoWars.
We want him off the air.
We're going to divide up the corpse of InfoWars.
Those are all quotes.
But here they are saying, I'm crazy.
No one wants to shut me down.
Shut him down immediately.
They're saying shut me down two years ago when they won their fake cases that they already won.
Now they're saying, I'm crazy.
No one wants to shut me down.
And some dumb people still believe that.
So that is the level.
Of these scumbags.
I'm talking about the lawyers, the feds, and all them.
Not the people they're manipulating.
Here's one, Daily Mail.
Oh no, this is The Hill.
Sandy Hook families ask for Alex Jones Media Company's liquidation.
Alex Jones InfoWars parent company, that's Free Speech Systems, must liquidate.
Creditors say.
CBS News.
Okay, so.
I just showed you all that.
There it is.
Judge rejects call to immediately shut down Alex Jones.
Immediately shut me down.
And they're up there, Your Honor, we want him immediately shut down.
And he's crazy.
Nobody's trying to shut him down.
And I have the documents where now we learn that they had documents ready to do this last week.
So it's just, it's, it's, I have all the receipts.
I have everything.
I've been asked not to show at this point.
That's how courts work.
I'm going to just continue here, doing the best job I can, but this is about a takeover of our society.
Did you guys find the clip from last week?
You did find it, okay.
I'm going to play this, and then I'm done talking about this, and I'm going to move into all the really serious stuff.
World War III, Trump being thrown in jail, mainstream Yahoo News admitting that the shots are killing people.
I've been floundering around so much I can't even find my Yahoo and AP articles admitting that it's killing everybody in mass.
So just print them for me again, guys.
I'm literally cross-eyed in here because I want to hit that next, and that's the next thing I was gonna hit. So
This is all going down.
Suddenly, Yahoo and the Australian and all the headlines, it turns out there's massive death being caused by the shots.
What the hell?
We already knew that, but what does it mean they're saying?
I mean, all hell is breaking loose.
There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.
Yeah, there's Yahoo.
COVID vaccines.
May have helped fuel rise in excess deaths.
Oh, now it's not.
Oh, it's very rare now.
Oh, by the way, the numbers is 40 plus percent increase in total morbidity.
I mean, that's a world record.
Good god.
So, I just read you the lead fed.
He's still a federal prosecutor.
And that's what he is.
Whose whole mission has been to put me in jail.
And because I'm not a creature like him, there's nothing there.
And I'm being protected by God in your prayers, and I appreciate it.
But I'm not worried about me, folks.
I am physically nauseous.
And I'm not a guy that gets like that.
You've seen me march in with like three security guys into 500 anti-fund Dallas, Texas, when they're threatening to kill us.
I said I had to do it, and I had to show them I wasn't afraid of them.
And they had hired thugs.
These weren't the normal little professor types.
These were hired thugs.
And I didn't do that to show off.
I just, God told me to do it.
And a couple of the big, mean, former military guys, like, stood back and wouldn't even go in.
I'm like, oh, you're the big Navy SEAL.
You're not going to march into 500 of these hired thugs?
And a bunch of the thugs they'd hired were like, wait, that's, it was like really dangerous white guys, black guys hired, like, you know, paid 300 bucks to be there at the Trump rally to intimidate and attack, but they went, well, he's good, wait, and there was everything going, get him, get him, get him!
And I wanted to show, and it was really amazing.
I got to find that video because I started just marching around in them for like 10 minutes.
And all the military guys, who were good guys, it was obviously super dangerous.
He said, look, Alex, this is too dangerous.
You got to stop.
And I said, we'll stay here three more minutes and we'll march out of here.
And man, those guys were, and I'm not trying to act like I'm tough.
I'm explaining to you that I don't physically get nauseous when I got 500 convicts wanting to kill me.
Because God told me to do it.
I am nauseous, ladies and gentlemen, because we are on the edge of a nuclear war.
And they killed 22 million people with poison shots.
So I'm gonna go throw up again and then I'll be back and I'll hit the news.
But here, here is the video of them I'm sorry we're in these times.
in court saying you're gonna see Chris Maddie say never let him do it again, shut him down.
But nobody wants to shut me down so when they shut us down, it wasn't a shutdown.
No one's censoring you, no one's attacking you, no pedophiles are coming after your kids, the border's not wide open.
Remember until a year ago, Biden said the border wasn't open.
And once none of that worked, he's like well of course it's open, it's Trump's fault.
Gaslighting, gaslighting, gaslighting, gaslighting.
I'm sorry we're in these times.
Here's video.
That's what matters.
Take him out of this discourse, of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies, and make sure he can't do it again.
That is punishment.
That is deterrence.
But somewhere out there right now is another thing.
Getting their kids ready for school.
Fixing their lunches.
Going to work.
Picking up their kid.
And there's going to be a day when that child doesn't come home from school.
And we know it, and it's sad, and that's the reality.
And the question's going to be, where is Alice Jones when that happens?
Is he in the studio, getting ready to pounce, or will you stop him?
That's going to be in your hands.
And when we get all done with all the evidence, we're going to come back, and we're going to ask this.
Because that's what justice is in this case.
I hope that we never see someone like him again.
I hope that with your verdict he can go away.
Alex Jones is patient zero for our society's inability to speak without lies.
I believe it.
He is patient zero for alternative facts.
Yeah, there's going to be a resolution made on what these claims are valued at.
And that's also going to have to take into account what the Lafferty claims are valued at, and the Posner claims are valued at, and the Fontaine claims are valued at.
And that is why I've been saying that, what this is heading towards.
Is there's going to be a large set of plaintiffs who are going to be dividing up the corpse of InfoWars and the bankruptcy of the state.
And over the course of that process, that could get very, very dangerous for Mr. Jones.
Because there is going to be a new level of financial scrutiny.
And if, you know, some lawyer like me can basically find out that he's hiding the keys to the candy store, pull it out in front of him on the stand, I can only imagine what Federal Receipt is going to do.
So yeah, it's going to get interesting from here on out.
It's going to get really interesting, that's for sure.
It's already super interesting, but like we say, it's the end of the beginning.
And boy, are these clients happy about it.
There was certainly a message sent out of this courthouse today, that's for sure.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, all Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you.
And they testified that I won't settle, I won't give them a billion and a half dollars I don't have, and I'm a liar and no one wants to shut me down, so shut him down immediately.
Have you ever been gaslit?
Thank you very much.
And they testified that I won't settle, I won't give them a billion and a half dollars, I don't have, and I'm a liar, and no one wants to shut me down, so shut him down immediately.
Have you ever been gaslit, because you're the people being lied to.
And I got all the other videos of Matty and them saying, we know he's a criminal, we're going to find all the hidden money, we're going to find the offshore accounts, and none
of it was there.
A tiny lake house, 127 acres, and my main house.
And I sold my big expensive house that I made a really good move on for $2 million, sold it for $7 million two years ago, and put it all into this operation.
All of it.
And I feel so good now having $200,000 the court lets me have in my house.
I don't give a damn about the money.
And they sit up there and they say all this crap.
And now there's no money here and there's nothing.
And I said, whatever profits there are, you can just have them.
But our deal is we keep the crew, we have this, we go on the road, we're able to operate.
Sure, you want your money?
And I told everybody, I said, watch, they'll never settle.
And they didn't.
And now they're going to say Jones refuses to pay.
And they're going to come and shut this place down.
And then I will go, no matter what, work for free.
I will sleep on people's couches.
I won't be silenced.
But that's not the problem.
The problem is the World War III.
The problem is the poison shots.
The problem is they're coming after you and your republic.
And that's why they want me off the air, because they know we reach tens of millions of people a day.
But the good news is, they're obsessed with me.
There's the fantastic Tucker Carlson's and Joe Rogan's and Laura Logan's of the world.
And there's more people proliferating every day.
And that's why they're in panic mode and want to turn over the whole chessboard with World War III.
Now, there is a chance that the judge is going to do a cram down on them because he sees what they're doing.
That's why they're attacking the judge now all over the news.
I only showed you a few of them.
It's everywhere.
He's a Trump-appointed judge.
He's known to follow the law to the T. Extreme integrity.
He's either going to do that, or he's going to hand the company back to me, as he said he's going to do.
And then they're going to go to Judge Gore Gamble, the corrupt judge that literally had a movie set production, with HBO, just the same HBO that ran the Connecticut thing.
And they're going to come in here with the constables, and the constables will be polite, and they'll have an order.
And they'll say, we're really sorry.
They'll probably have tears in their eyes, because most of the cops are listeners.
I'll shake their hand.
I'll appreciate them.
Our staff's already out of the building.
I'll say, have a good day, and God bless you.
I hope we can save the Republic.
They're not even trying to wait the couple of weeks till this happens, behind the scenes right now.
And I promise the folks involved, I was told all this, I would not tell the majority of it, so I'm not, I'm gonna stop there.
But I have the documents, I have everything, I have everything.
Just like I heard recordings of what I told you was going on before, I got stuff way worse, okay?
I don't, in my life, I very rarely record people.
But when I'm clearly, people are clearly, in my opinion, trying to set me up And doing things like that, I did it.
And if you think the recording I aired Saturday was bad, the stuff I've got is unbelievable.
I mean, I don't know who these people think I am.
And they had the CIA come when I was in D.C.
and try to give me $3 million from the Russians.
I went directly to the FBI to report.
I know it was them.
But the CIA was doing the operation and I can look up who the person was, high-level diplomat, secret operations, wife heads of federal agency, major federal agency.
I mean, that's the stuff I'm dealing with.
They had me come to another meeting.
It was supposed to be about something else and the top Democrats come in the room with a huge high rise in DC and say, look, man, we love you.
Why don't you come home?
I just said, we're not even having this meeting.
This is about something else.
I'm out of here.
That's what they do, folks.
All right.
At the time, the richest man in the world, not Elon Musk, the richest man in the world at that time, this is six years ago, said, we'd like to fund a free speech organization for you.
How's a $50 million a year salary for you sound?
Son of a...
And I had to, of course, sign documents agreeing to a private meeting.
It wasn't illegal.
I just said, but I declined it.
I said, I declined.
They said, you made a grave mistake, son.
on. Yeah, I did make a great mistake.
Good evening, America.
I thought we'd take some time out of our daily lives and sit down for a nice little chat.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
I suspect now even calls are being placed from the White House to members of Big Tech.
I can almost hear George Takai and Stephen King tweeting furiously on their phones, and very soon federal agents will be on their way.
Because words lead us to the truth, and the truth is, there is something very wrong with this country, isn't there?
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression, and where once you had the freedom to object, until now you have had censors and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable.
But truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
Oh, I know why you did it.
You were afraid of the Orange Man.
Who wouldn't be?
Mean tweets, funny jokes and fights with Rosie O'Donnell.
Fear got the better of you and in your panic you turned to Joseph Robinette Biden.
He promised you war, he promised to forgive your student debts and make reparations for slavery, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
So if you have seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then I would suggest you allow the 5th of November to pass unmarked.
But if you see as I see, if you feel as I feel, if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me at the ballot box,
and together we shall give them a 5th of November that shall never, ever, be forgot.
There is a war here.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the InfoWars.
Started in the 1400s, the Russian monarchy was based on the second letter to Thessalonians where Paul speaks of a restrainer who holds back evil.
As long as there was a Christian czar on earth, the dark powers of the Antichrist would not come to power.
Symphonia is the Orthodox relationship between the Church and the State, where the State protects the Church, and the Church protects the State from falling into sin and heresy.
In 1916, after the Russian Civil War, known as the Time of Troubles, the Russians elected Michael Romanov, 16 years of age, as Tsar of Russia, and the Romanov family ruled from 1613 until 1917.
During this period, Russia prospered.
They became more focused on Christianity and promoted it worldwide through missionary work.
While Christianity was the main religion, there were Jews, Muslims, and pagans who were free to practice their own religion.
The only religion that was made illegal was the Talmudic worshipping Jews, because the Talmudic traditions were seen as anti-Christian and in complete opposition of their spiritual goals.
These anti-Christian philosophies infiltrated the country when Freemasonry migrated to Russia in the mid-1700s.
The Freemasons taught that the traditional Christian values upheld by the dynasty were outdated and were keeping Russia from competing with the West.
Liberal ideas were introduced, such as misogyny, because women weren't allowed to be Freemasons, which became so popular that if you were a noble person, you had to be a Freemason.
And Freemasonry taught that all religions can be one and therefore the Russian Orthodox Symphonia must be abolished.
The Tsar stood strongly against this and so the idea of revolution was introduced.
During the industrialization of the 1800s, factories became home to Masonic revolutionary ideas.
And in 1917, the revolution began, and the royal family was taken prisoner.
The family was taken from their home to a stone house several miles away, on the highest point of the Ural Mountains, called Ascension Hill, and murdered.
According to the official narrative, they were executed by a firing squad in the basement.
But according to the evidence, they were murdered in a very dark, ritual manner.
According to the investigation of the Orthodox Church, the murderers themselves, and the material evidence, this is what happened on the night of July 17th, 1918.
The Stone House was known by the Bolsheviks to be a place where evil acts have taken place in the past.
It was prepared ahead of time, and the murder involved 11 assassins and 11 victims.
The Tsar, his wife, the four daughters, the son, and four servants.
The number 11 is believed to be based on the 11 apostles who remained after Judas betrayed Christ.
These 11 people were taken into the basement, they were shot in the knees, and they were stabbed with bayonets.
And during all of this, their mouths were gagged to quiet their screams.
In their memoirs, the murderers wrote, it was so bad that they were vomiting.
The bodies were then wrapped up in white linen, placed into the back of a truck, and kept alive as they were driven to a swampy area outside of the city.
They were finally murdered by being hung upside down to drain their blood.
They were beheaded, their teeth removed, and their bodies chopped into pieces.
The body parts were partially dissolved in acid and then burned.
Eggs were boiled, sprinkled with ash from the burnt linens which were soaked in royal blood, and consumed at the crime scene.
The Tsar's head was placed into a jar, preserved in alcohol, and shipped to Moscow.
In the 1920s, the Romanov family diaries were released by the Bolsheviks.
They showed the Tsar to be an honorable man, highly intelligent involving political affairs, and a devout Christian.
As if part of the ritual, this brought shame to the Russian people, who were turned against the Tsar through Marxist propaganda.
The Federal Reserve System, the Rothschilds, and the British Roundtable opposed the Tsar and the traditional Christian policies that stood in the way of their plans for world domination.
And many Russians see the murder of Tsar Nicholas II as a necessary precursor to the New World Order, which began proliferating after his death.
Tsar Nicholas II is now a saint in the Russian Orthodox Church, and millions of Russian Orthodox Christians believe they need to repent for allowing the dynasty to be destroyed.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Gregg Reis.
Thanks for watching.
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I want to thank you all for spreading the word because without you, we are nothing.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, one of the big things on my bucket list is now happening.
Laura Logan.
I remember watching her 20 years ago, it seems.
Man, who is that reporter?
She's not just beautiful, but super smart and has so much courage in all these war zones.
I'd call you a combat reporter, not just a wartime journalist.
And of course, censored.
And then some of the most powerful...
Things I've ever heard perfectly said have come out of her mouth on live television.
So I wanted to play this first clip because Fauci's the man of the hour as he burns down politically in front of us in his mainstream news, Yahoo, London Telegraph, the Australian, the German newspapers.
Oh, the COVID vaccines really are causing massive death.
What an insane new development.
Well, not for you.
And not for her.
And what happened when she went and attacked Fauci on Fox?
They took her off.
Remember that?
She... Sure, we were doing it here.
She was doing it off-air on other shows.
But she broadsided him on-air.
And they went, boop, you're gone.
Boop, you're not a guest.
You're not on the show.
You're not doing stuff.
But she's only come back stronger.
And that's the answer to their tyranny of 1984-76.
So, here is one of my favorite clips of her.
And then we're going to go right to her.
And so in that moment, what you see on Dr. Fauci, this is what people say to me, that he doesn't represent science to them.
He represents Joseph Mengele, Dr. Joseph Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps.
And I am talking about people all across the world are saying this, because the response from COVID, what it has done to countries everywhere, what it has done to civil liberties, the suicide rates, the poverty, it has obliterated economies.
The level of suffering that has been created because of this disease is now being seen in the cold light of day, i.e.
the truth.
And people see that there's no justification for what is being done.
And the crew's great.
I told them, get me the Laura Logan falchion clip.
They got a short one.
There's like a five-minute one we'll add in post when we upload this and we're not live.
So put a mark in there for the crew to add the full five or whatever full segment is, because the full thing is even more powerful.
Laura Logan, thank you so much for being here.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
And your crew's amazing people.
Thank you, they are.
I love the light in the eyes of the Patriots.
It's the total difference than our enemies.
Yeah, because they have truth on their side.
I've got so many questions.
The state of the media, the COVID hearings, the election, wanting to start bombing Russia with heavy weapons, which is World War III.
You've been all around the world.
You've had incredible experiences.
You grew up, I guess, in South Africa, so you're a world traveler.
You're a really smart person.
I mean, it's one of the most intelligent out there.
What is your view on the world, the time we're in, and what we can do to save civilization?
So I'm a journalist, right?
And that's all I am.
And I try not to be a prophet, because I'm out of my lane when I go there.
But it's very obvious, certain things that we're seeing.
We have a couple months before the election.
And this is quite evidently the most important election in the history, in our lifetimes.
There's never been a more important election.
Which is probably one of the reasons you're under so much pressure right now, because everything that happens over the next few months is going to change the course of history forever.
So, there are increasing signs all around us that people are not buying into the narrative.
Remember, as you know, Alex, better than anyone, you say InfoWars, right?
You've called it that for a very long time.
Well, we are in an information war and it's a war for our minds.
And what you're seeing, though, is the tactics are failing.
Over and over and over again.
That's why they're so dangerous.
They're losing.
You just crystallize it again.
They're losing.
They're losing.
That's why they're so dangerous.
I feel it.
We're going over the top.
We're in history right now.
This is it.
That's right, because this time, if Donald Trump were to get into office, he knows he cannot do what he did last time.
He cannot be suckered by the RNC and the establishment and the party.
He cannot, you know, try to appease people because it's not going to work.
He's hardcore.
This is real.
This is it.
And he's a life raft.
Okay, and he's going to need a lot of strong people around him if, if they were ever to allow that to happen, because they do hold the power right now.
And to me, what's insane is that you still have respectable, smart journalists who are saying climate is a scam and, you know, you see the Twitter files and you see all these things.
Oh, but election integrity or, you know, election, we can't talk about that.
It's amazing to me.
You're moving into an election right now and people are still going to the polls without knowing if their vote is going to count or not.
That's got to be one of the number one issues of all time.
I totally agree.
Keep going.
You get cut off of these national shows.
Everything you say is so amazing.
Just keep going.
Well, if you look at the playing field right now, people are no longer afraid to stand up and say they support Donald Trump.
And that's people of all races, and it doesn't matter where they come from.
They're coming out in droves.
I mean, there's MAGA Black now.
That was created by Pastor Leon Benjamin.
There's a plethora of organizations, whether from, you know, Hispanic Americans to African Americans, people are standing up, even Muslim Americans are standing up and supporting Donald Trump.
Remember how intimidated they were before, how terrified people were of saying that I would go into events in Washington, D.C.
and people would whisper in my ear, I love what you're doing on Fox, even though I was never paid by Fox News for any of the work I did on Fox News.
I was paid to do a show on Fox Nation.
I was hired by a production company. When they canceled me I never had a deal.
And as you know that's their secret thing to control the conservative movement is they always either pay people like 50 grand to be a occasional
guest, a contributor, or they give them a little Fox Nation thing but then they use that to control your other stuff you're doing. Yeah. Or try to. And then
you see people like Don Lemon because you know he's asking Elon Musk for five million dollars up front. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? That man's
not worth five cents. Well Elon did it. He told me this. I'm gonna leave it at that.
He told me that he was doing that literally to just... I'm not gonna say what he told me, but Elon's really smart.
He wanted to... He's not smart enough to come and talk to me.
I'm sure he would.
I'm right here!
He just doesn't trust a lot of people.
Yeah, but I'm a South African.
He would love to talk to you.
I've been out there for a long time.
I just so happen to know how to get a hold of him.
I don't want to talk too much about Fight Club.
I just know some folks that know Elon.
The rules of Fight Club.
Well, I mean, I was told three years ago by a very well-known talk show host, Joe Rogan, who hangs out with him all the time.
He said, look, he's hardcore.
You're going to see him get more and more hardcore.
And Joe said, I'm going hardcore.
It's all real.
You're right.
He told me, I'm sorry.
I thought you were right.
I thought you were wrong like six years ago.
Now it's all real.
She's joking more hardcore.
So that's all going on.
Well, let me tell you something about Elon Musk that I remember very well.
Because as a fellow South African, I never forgot when he sold PayPal.
He took, and now being a South African, he was using South African currency.
He gave every single member of that company a million rand.
Including the gardener, the guy who was looking after the grounds, the tea lady, everybody.
So I've always believed in his heart, Elon Musk.
He really is, now that I've gotten to know him some, he's super genius.
It's not an act.
He's a super genius, obviously.
And we would want someone that's in all their operations for us.
That's their biggest nightmare.
They're like, oh he works for them, and I'm realizing it's the other way around.
Well, you know, I don't share his opinion on the hive mind and all of that stuff.
I don't want an enhanced experience.
A human experience is enough for me.
But when do we get to a point where we're not allowed to disagree on anything?
Why do we have to agree on everything?
Well, I think with Musket, now I've really only come to this realization, is keep your friends close, your enemies closer.
Well, that's probably true.
That's the art of war, right?
Yeah, and they now know, so I'm not giving up any secrets now about Musk, that behind the scenes he's... I mean, he sounds more hardcore than me.
Well, he's the only one who's, you know, on their playing field who's a real player.
That's the reality.
Because we're being overwhelmed by these monopolies from, you know, Google to Amazon, you know, and all the rest of them.
And Musk is the only one giving them a run for their money.
Well, he also calculated that this tipping point was coming, and then when it did, he came in at the key time, like
the deus ex, like in the famous history of like two armies are battling, one's about to lose, but then the other army comes over the hill right at the right time.
And Musk says the globalists are going to destroy the world, global government's going to destroy competition, this is all out of control, you've got to go back to free speech
innovation or we're all dead.
Then he is a transhumanist in that he says you're not going to stop all this stuff.
He doesn't agree with the globalist model, who's decided to actually end civilization as we know it, because they think AI is going to get out of control.
He actually thinks we should gamble and try to have it, so he doesn't even disagree with the life extension and all the things it'll do.
He's actually the transhumanist.
The globalists have decided to take over transhumanism and just kill everybody.
That decision's been made.
That's a super sophisticated thing, and it's a whole other subject.
I don't want to belabor it, but it's what's going on.
Well, we're in an undeclared war, and I try to always be conscious of what I don't know.
You know, because like I said at the beginning, I'm a journalist.
That's all I am.
I'm not a prophet.
And there's so much that we don't know right now.
And honestly, if you're in a covert war and everybody knows your play, then you've already lost.
So I'm hoping that everyone from Elon Musk to a few others have some, you know, some cards to play, have a few things up their sleeves that we don't know.
Well, the moves he's making are devastating to globalists.
Christ says, judge the tree by its fruits.
So he's got his hands in all the dangerous, crazy stuff.
But then, in the move he's making, it's so dramatic and quick that it's irrevocable.
The seismic political and cultural and economic waves he is pushing are absolutely showing how weak the establishment is, and you see them failing like you said in your opening statement.
this old, evil establishment that thinks it's God is on the way out. The whole corporate media.
So Musk is, you can call him an opportunist if you want, he now knows that, okay, it's over for them, and so he's saying, I'm with you now.
Well, when he took over Twitter, that was probably one of the most significant events in our lifetimes, because they have information dominance, and they have used that to their advantage.
They've exploited it and they continue to do so every day and now you have people like David Brock in Media Matters.
He's moved on from media matters.
It's not just good enough to discredit and attack people.
Now he's running an organization called Facts First USA, which is about that feedback loop, right?
Working with big tech, they want to keep people isolated and divided.
And so you just get this constant feedback loop where You know, you go on your Twitter account, you go on your, you know, whatever account it is,
and you're, you're getting this information fed back to you.
And this is how they want to control us.
And so, you know, you only have to look at all the posts on X today to see all the people saying, oh, we need to get, you know, rid of these people and get X back onto our side.
That tells you everything that you need to know.
It hurt them when they lost that space, because it's probably the most important.
It was like blowing up the Death Star.
And then he delivered.
Most important platform in the world.
Keep going.
I want to hear what you have to say.
I hear me all the time.
I mean, you're amazing.
No, I'm not amazing.
I'm just, you know, I'm just one person in this fight.
But tell everybody about all the great productions and research and shows you're doing.
I watch it all the time.
And I'm a little mad that you haven't come on until now, but I appreciate you coming on now.
I know you are, but you know, really what I'm trying to do, Alex, is I'm trying to do, I actually have done 60 Minutes quality journalism.
I have done that in independent journalism, so I'm kind of the living, breathing example to Uh, to other journalists that you don't have to sacrifice quality for independence and freedom.
You don't have to do that.
And I think we have to offer young people something more than saying to them, okay, lie your way through high school and you'll graduate.
Lie your way through college and you may have a chance of getting a job.
Then take a knee.
Take a knee and bow to the narrative and maybe you'll have a future in the media.
Otherwise, your life is just going to be as an independent journalist.
You're going to be attacked all the time like you are.
We're going to come after you with lawfare.
We're going to have, you know, people funding lawsuits against you.
Look at what they've done to Jim Hoffman, Jim and Joe Hoffman, the Gateway Pundit.
Look what they're doing.
They're swarming.
And they do it.
They overwhelm you.
But what's funny is all these populist conservatives, Christian pro-humans, None of the attacks, no one I know that didn't take the money backs down.
People immediately sell out or they never give up, is what I've seen.
That's right.
And you guys, when we talked before you came on live, you saw me talking about, at the time, the richest guy in the world, you know, wanting to, and I signed agreements and all, but none of it was illegal, so I live by saying I won't say it, but I can, you know, give hints if I want.
He had us up to DC and all this and literally tried to get us to sell out.
It wasn't like that.
It's like, you want $50 million a year for a free speech foundation?
Just work with us.
We'll do it right now.
And then I'm like, no.
And then it happened again.
And they said, listen, you understand that you really need to take this.
And I had Henry Kissinger's Rothkopf group head try to get us before that.
And he literally laughed.
He said, you're a fool.
You need to take this.
And, uh, he was interested and wants to meet with you next week.
New York, come.
This was like 15 years ago.
That was one of the first ones.
But you were saying you've had similar experiences.
People obviously look at you.
Beautiful woman, super smart, amazing.
I mean, this is what they do.
They try to buy us like baseball cards.
I'm like, sorry, I need for sale, man.
I'm already, already, already, already sold out to Jesus.
Already sound on the bottom line.
I think one of the things that scares them is that, you know, my husband was in special operations and defense clandestine services for many, many years, and they're terrified of him.
You know, so I think that's one of the things that's been a barrier for me.
They've tried to take us down.
They tried to destroy our marriage, destroy our family, destroy everything.
I mean, that one clip that stood out to me was that lawyer saying, you know, they want to feed off the corpse.
Of InfoWars, right?
I mean that's what they want.
It's what I said in my testimony before the Senate, right?
When I testified in Ron Johnson's sort of rogue committee hearing.
When I said they want to murder a journalist without killing you.
This is how they murder you without killing you, right?
That's what cancel culture is.
They want to murder you.
They want your children.
Because then they can steal your identity.
People think, oh, you're just, you're off the air.
No, they can say whatever they want.
You can't respond.
Yeah, you can't respond.
And you also can't feed your children.
That's what they want.
They want you to be homeless.
They want your children to grow up in poverty.
They want you to, that's what they wanted to do to every doctor that was on the front line of COVID, that was treating people, that saw that ivermectin was working, that saw that remdesivir was killing patients, that saw that ventilators were killing patients or nurses, that saw that hospitals were not Uh, overflowing when they were saying that they were.
Every single person that stood up and told the truth.
People that said natural immunity is better than an experimental drug treatment, right?
People that said masks didn't work.
I mean, look at what they have done.
People that said that Fusion GPS is paid for by the Clinton campaign and Trump is not a Russian spy.
I mean, these people are disgusting.
And you know how they did it?
It's now admitted.
They open up an investigation saying you're a Russian agent with no evidence, and now they can have the CIA and FBI run clandestine operations.
That's where it is.
Of course.
It's not fun.
Look at someone like Carter Page.
Nobody wants to talk about Carter Page anymore.
This is a man who went to the Naval Academy, who served his country, who was a fluent Russian speaker, who worked, who helped the FBI put Russian spies, real Russian spies, he helped put them behind bars.
Okay, he worked for the CIA, and what did they do?
They altered documents when the CIA confirmed that he had been on their payroll.
They altered those documents, submitted fake documents to the FISA court.
And then when the guy was the lawyer for the FBI was caught, the mainstream media played it down by saying, oh, you know, this wasn't very important and he wasn't a very, you know,
key person.
You know, all this nonsense that they come up with, right, to manipulate the truth and And to lie and deceive all the time, over and over again.
And for these people to stand in judgment of people like myself or people like you or anybody else.
You know what?
I don't know if you're allowed.
I have a very, I have a classic saying.
It's three words.
You know what they can do?
Your husband was telling me a story right before he came on air and he didn't say it was off, off the record or on the record.
That was off the record, right?
Yeah, it's off the record.
But I will tell you a story.
I can tell you a story, it's not off the record for me.
And I didn't, well I'll tell a real quick one.
I didn't tell him this real fast thing like it was cool or I was trying to impress him, I was being honest.
But I don't say this to like, because once you really know about this stuff, it's like, it's all disgusting.
Even the good people that get sucked in one way or another, it's turned to bad.
My family, on both sides, were the all-American people during when it was HUMET in the 60s, 70s, 80s until it all went 90% digital.
Now they're going back to HUMET because digital doesn't really work.
But they were all like, wanted to help America, wanted to fight the Communists, wanted to do all this stuff.
But I have the luxury debt.
And my family's asking me not to talk about this, but most of them are dead, so it's okay.
They were the guys that believed what they were taught that when they were getting their final exam about being Machiavelli in In Justifies the Means, that hey, we've got to be more
evil than the bad guys, and they would make them read Zbigniew Brzezinski, that we've got to control the evil to limit it by being in that space.
So they would do the things.
Ship the drugs out of Laos.
They would, you know, do the really nasty stuff.
Just kind of like Colonel Kurtz in that, you know, movie.
It's kind of an idea.
It's fiction, but about, you know, these soldiers are willing to cut the arms off children and do all this stuff because they were good men and they were strong.
No, that's sick!
They didn't go that far, but then they said the emissions got so bad and so evil that you couldn't even believe it, and then it was finally child trafficking.
And that's when they would go, no.
And so both sides of my family, when people are on deathbeds, say, tell me the stuff decades, years ago, because as these people died 20 years ago, 10 years ago, that would literally be driving around on a ranch with somebody and they'd turn and they'd go, listen, you're dead on, this is what's going on.
And I know these people did all this stuff.
And we're like in charge of things because they did it.
They did the evil.
When your husband refused the first level of it, they were just saying that was the first level.
This is what they do to their own.
But what I'm saying about my own family is they were tricked to believe it.
But people go, oh Jones admits his family was in all this stuff.
Yeah, and they told me it was bad.
That's why I'm here.
There was no one after that.
No one giving me money.
No one doing anything.
I was told by my family and then saw the truth and did it.
So I was just saying it's kind of like Darth Vader becomes Darth Vader, but at the end he's not Darth Vader.
Does that make sense?
And that's what I'm trying to say is I've had family that was like Darth Vader, but at the end they did the right thing.
Does that make sense?
And then they boobaraged and they got me out of it.
Sign up to an ideal.
Because they believe it's pure and honest and noble.
And then they find that the reality behind that ideal, there's evil men behind it that are manipulating you.
And so they exploit, they're Boy Scouts, and they get exploited.
And then finally they're like, you're smuggling kids?
Where are they going?
Just you don't worry and follow your orders.
No, I'm not.
Yeah, that's a whole other level though.
You can't go there.
But when I was being first told this 20 years ago, more than that, I mean 30 years ago, my uncle would like, he's like working on his truck, and he goes, I was like, I love Rush Limbaugh, and he goes, that's control.
They're freaking running, kidnap, kid, blah, blah, blah.
And I'm like, whatever.
And he would, he got on little pieces and stuff, but then...
You know, the whole point is, is that now you see all that stuff in the news, that's all real.
I mean, it's all confirmed now, but it's like, people can't believe this stuff.
No, because it is hard to believe.
I mean, if you think about it, you know, a few short years ago, we thought Disney made kids films.
That's what you thought.
And nobody really believed that anyone could steal an American election?
The whole election?
No, not possible.
And nobody thought, you know, there were a lot of things that have come out.
I mean, look at the Jeffrey Epstein stuff.
Are we really this far into Jeffrey Epstein and still no one has been held accountable?
How is that?
How many children have to be trafficked before people stand up and do the right thing?
It's disgusting.
It really is.
But it's all coming to a head.
The good news is it's being exposed.
How do the globalists get out of this crisis they're in?
Another pandemic?
Nuclear war?
I mean, a civil war they're trying to start?
I mean, they're already doing all this.
They're trying to start all this.
It's like a kamikaze mission.
They're trying to hold, not just, when they're threatening to nuke Russia, folks, they're trying to hold America hostage.
That's what this is.
Okay, here are the obvious things, right, that are already on the table, right?
So, first and foremost, I think one of the most important things to acknowledge is that they have underestimated the American people.
They really don't understand integrity and honor and commitment because they don't have any.
So they expected a long time ago, I think the average, you know, we're here in Texas, right?
They thought that the average veteran or law enforcement officer who's retired or even active duty out there, that they would snap long before now.
And that they would, you know, that they would rise up.
They're trying to antagonize us.
That's right.
And what they had, they sadly underestimated the oath that these people take.
And that when you take an oath, they actually mean it.
But they also know you can't just snap at low level.
They're not awake.
If everybody wants this war, you gotta have targets.
And anytime you try to pick targets that's all surveilled, they use that against us.
That's why we have to culturally information war devastate them.
And then we win everything else.
Stay right there.
You're absolutely right.
This is key.
Laura Logan.
I knew she'd be great in studio.
And it's amazing.
This is a real treat.
Stay with us.
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What do you make of the attempt to take January 6th, which we know was a federally provocateur event at many levels.
There were also some useful idiots that got sucked into it, in my view, to now project on that.
No, it's not radical Islam that's the big threat.
It's not communist China that's the threat.
It's the American people and patriots that are the threat.
And with straight faces, the CIA has come out and said, "Oh, we believe a civil war has already begun."
We're going to have to arrest all the leadership?
I mean, this is what a real authoritarian takeover looks like historically.
The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.
The most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.
White supremacists.
The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
Can you speak to that with your historic understanding?
I expect something, again, another distraction.
I expect because of what was staged on January 6th and what was staged up in Michigan to kidnap, you know, the fake kidnapping of the governor up in Michigan, Whitmer.
I think we're going to see staged events.
I really do.
I mean, I really do think that do not put past this administration with their thugs, in some cases, that they have access to.
to do not put it past them to state something.
(dramatic music)
(upbeat music)
(speaking in foreign language)
What did he just say?
He said there's a storm coming in.
I know.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Mother leaves her child, father leaves the crowd, and the sky is gray, and the sky is gray.
I'm living in Austin for a while, on a winter's day, on a winter's day.
If I didn't tell her, I didn't tell her, I could leave today, I could leave today.
By the way, I didn't even go over Laurel and Hardy's bio, because for me, I mean, I'm a big fan forever.
I don't think everybody knows who Laura Logan is and how amazing she is.
But it would take days to research all the cool stuff she's done.
At Laura Logan on Exposure and follow her there.
LauraLogan.Locals.com And she's with us.
She said she'll stay until Celente's on with us in the fourth hour, so we've got another hour and 20 minutes or so with her.
She's a very, very gracious and amazing lady.
But I want to clarify, because I'm really stressed out, having a lot of sleep, and rarely in my life been at this point, just of stress.
And I'm only saying that because people can tell I'm a little stressed.
That's fine.
I kind of just say things, and then I think, oh, that didn't sound right.
I'm going to be clear.
My uncle didn't say anything bad about Rush Limbaugh.
I'm sitting there while he's working on a car going, I love the Republicans and I love Rush Limbaugh and I love all... He goes, yeah, I used to be like you, but then I found out how bad things are.
I go, what do you mean?
He goes, I just, you know, the stuff I did for the government, all the rest of it.
Because he was one of those guys that was like, after Vietnam, secretly in army operations, like in the CIA.
And I didn't learn that until he was dying.
He told me, he told my mom even more of the stuff he did.
And so he was the guy that when they said, hey, that 50,000 bucks is for you, he took it in Vietnam.
They did all the stuff they said, and then they put him in charge of stuff.
That was the rest of it.
So he wasn't saying Limbaugh was bad.
He was saying, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
The Republicans are just as bad.
Reagan, he said, didn't know.
But he was like in communications.
So he was like the world champion.
when he was like 14, he was the youngest person, like eight years old, with a ham radio operation.
He was like world champ for a while at Morse code.
And even back then, they still used Morse code for like really key messages to the White House
and the Pentagon.
So he was like sending these things on Morse code and secret codes that nobody could get.
And he told me all this when he was dying, which I knew he was the world champion Morse code guy
and all that.
But my point was, is he was only, only reason I tell that story is,
he was just saying, "No, the Republicans are just as bad."
And then I didn't get the next level of it until later, what he knew was going on.
So I wanted to clarify that.
But you were making a really key point when we went to break about how they're losing, how they're desperate.
And I forget what you were saying, but it was so critical.
Go ahead.
Well, you asked me, you know, what are they willing to do?
What are the things that could happen?
So I said, let's look at what's already on the table.
So it's been very obvious for some time that they've been trying to incite a false flag event.
And I think what they have seriously underestimated is that when an American takes an oath, whether they're a soldier or they're a law enforcement officer, that's a very serious thing.
And there is, honor is real.
Honor and loyalty and commitment and integrity.
These things are real.
They're not real to the globalists because they'll do anything to hold on to power.
They'll do anything to win.
And they don't understand that the average American who signs up and puts on a uniform is not going to take up arms against their fellow Americans.
They're not.
They're not going to violate the Constitution.
they will die to uphold the Constitution.
And I spent more than a decade on battlefields watching people actually bleed and die for those ideals.
And so this is not something that they just say.
I mean, these people, they truly do not understand what loyalty and integrity and honor are all about.
They think that anyone can be bought because they have a price.
They don't understand that, you know, there are people who actually are willing to die for principle and who are not going to surrender, ever.
And by the way, I'm not correcting you, I think you're right.
It's beyond that.
You can't sell out.
It's not even they're willing to die, they can't sell out.
It's not in their DNA.
You can't do it.
It's not even a thing of like, they can put a gun to my kid's head, I can't do it.
It's like, I can't do it.
And so they have underestimated that.
And they have been trying.
If you look across social media right now, it's very, very obvious.
I take a breath before I repost a lot of things because you can see the incitement constantly.
It's constant, constant, constant incitement.
And I say to people, anytime something triggers your emotions, Think about it for a moment because that's what they want you to do.
Respond emotionally.
So that's one thing.
You can see that they've been trying to incite, you know, a false flag event.
They've been trying to incite people with relation to the border or whatever it happens to be with the Trump trial and so on.
Then, on the other hand, there's all the talk about bird flu, avian flu, you know, another pandemic coming.
That has just failed miserably in every direction because now doctors who were caught, you know, blindsided last time, they're not going to be caught again.
And you have credible doctors like Peter McCuller and many, many others who are saying, oh no, you can treat avian flu, you can treat bird flu, and here's how you do it.
So people have gotten ahead of that narrative.
And this is what they hate, right?
Because when you live in the world, in this battle space of information warfare, you know, when they anticipate what the attack is going to be and they get ahead of it, it fails over and over and over again.
By the way, this is the most important thing ever said in 30 years.
I'm not just kissing your ass, it's true.
Literally, they hate it because if we get ahead of it, none of it works.
They can't have us there seeing their operation because we're smart enough to see the pre-programming.
If we have that, it's game over.
It's like knowing a chess player's plan before he does it.
That's exactly right.
So, you know, one of the things I didn't understand when I went on Fox News and they asked me, Fauci says I'm science, you know, so if you're criticizing me, you're criticizing science.
And I just said what was true was that doctors and people, some of them from across the world, many of them in the U.S.
By the way, I have issues with Kennedy, but his book is a masterpiece.
see him more as Dr. Joseph Mengele because he is the embodiment of evil to them and because he has been responsible for the death of millions and millions
of people not just with COVID. Read Robert F. Kennedy's book and do some research yourself. NBC News was one of the people that showed up. By the way, I have issues with Kennedy but his book is a
masterpiece. Yeah. A magnum opus. And it's just it's just the tip of the iceberg.
Look at Fauci and HIV and his role in the HIV virus.
And people don't want to address this, but I'm a South African.
I was born and raised in South Africa.
And I stood, I reported on this, I stood in the graveyards on a Sunday night when they would dig rows and rows and rows of graves for the babies that they knew would die of HIV that week.
How many millions and millions and millions of people died.
And not only that, what did they do?
That's because it was race-specific.
And what did they do with AZT?
Exactly what they did with Remdesivir, right?
They created a drug that they said was treating HIV.
It was not.
It was mimicking the progression of AIDS, of HIV, and people thought their loved ones were dying of HIV and they were dying from AZT.
And whose fingerprints are all over AZT?
Dr. Anthony Fauci.
So this COVID wasn't his first rodeo.
So when people talk about this, I mean, I was told over and over again by doctors and scientists and others who said that Fauci will go down in history as one of the biggest mass killers ever to have walked the earth.
And by the way, this is so well known that when I was a kid growing up in Dallas, all these FBI agents and army colonels and people would come over to the house and see my dad
who did whatever he did.
He never told me any of it.
It was pretty obvious when I was a kid what was going on.
And my dad was obviously in charge.
But they were just sitting around the table going, "Yeah, it's really wrong.
They're doing it to the Africans.
You know, it hits the receptors, blah, blah, blah.
Yeah, you don't have to worry about it."
We're not going to get it.
This is probably, this is just crazy.
And so there was one version.
They've got viruses that peter out quickly.
So they hit them with the first virus that actually did kill blacks.
And then you're right.
Then they brought in drugs after to make money to then kill everybody else.
But it was a first phase, second phase.
Alex, Dr. Anthony Fauci conducted experiments, medical experiments on black and Hispanic foster children.
It's on record.
It's on record.
In the 90s it was in the New York Times.
Tell people about that.
Go ahead and tell people about it.
Yeah, I mean, it was reported by the New York Times, it was reported by NBC, it was, I mean, all across mainstream and legacy media, where you're actually taking foster kids, some of them babies, and you're carrying out medical experiments on them.
I mean, I just, I don't understand how anyone can look themselves in the mirror, call themselves a real journalist, And give Fauci a free pass on that, especially in this day and age.
It's just unconscionable to me that you would take foster children who are the most vulnerable of all, you know?
And I mean, I'm a mama bear, first and foremost.
I'm a mama bear and I'm a journalist.
Those are the two defining things of my life.
And you're going to take foster children who don't have a mother or a father to fight for them and protect them?
And you're going to subject them to that, and then all these years later, the rest of the media is going to say, well, we're not interested in that.
We have no curiosity.
We're just going to give Fauci a free pass on that.
He's a horrible little man.
When you watch the arrogance of him, he could win Oscars playing an evil person because he is evil.
I mean, I've never seen a movie character that could act that evil.
He's a literal evil leprechaun.
An evil gremlin.
Because I was busy with other stuff yesterday, but when I got home and spent time with the family and then they went to bed at like nine o'clock, I stayed up, which I shouldn't have done, but I couldn't sleep anyways, and I watched, I finally went home last night, and I watched the whole hearing, and it was just him, he's like just a crouching predator.
I mean...
Ian McDermott playing Emperor Palpatine is like the most amazingly evil person and I was watching Fousey and this is better than Ian McDermott because this is real.
How many children, how many children dropped out of the education system during COVID?
How many kids were the victims of domestic abuse, beaten to death, At home because they were trapped in a house that they couldn't escape.
What has happened all across the world and in Africa?
You know, when I was at during COVID, I was on Fox News every day and I reported this at the time.
I said later when people are dying of poverty and people are dying, you know, kids have no future because they were left behind during COVID.
No one's going to be reporting on them.
Nobody's going to be keeping a body count.
Nobody's going to be honest about that.
And that's exactly where we are today.
And the fact that these people expect to get some kind of amnesty.
Fauci and all the others around him got rich during the pandemic.
They got richer than they were before.
We've got to show Fauci.
I sent you like 15 Fauci clips.
Just find one where it's close-ups of his face.
Because, I mean, he...
Great actors like Christian Bale can play a psychopath, but it's nothing compared to this.
I mean, if you look at his face... Because it's the real thing?
It's the real deal.
It's the real thing.
You know that song by Five Times August?
He's a fellow native Austin.
Also in Austin, Texas.
Sad Little Man.
That's what he is.
He's a sad little man.
He has the Napoleonic Complex.
You know, 5'11 when I was, you know, younger, but I've got a shrunk so I'm like 5'10.
I don't care that I'm 5'10.
If I was like 3 feet tall, I would already feel strong for where I am.
But I don't get this thing with little guys.
This Napoleonic complex.
He's got it.
He's got it.
Well, and you know, after I said what I said, the point that I was trying to make about getting ahead of the narrative, no, is about, I don't know, five or six days later, I read an article that the head of the EU was talking about, she said it was time to discuss forced mandates for the vaccine in the EU and that we needed, you know... By the way, there's a new Fauci clip he did in an interview that I've never seen that came out, they played in Congress, where he says, oh, we're gonna make them all take it.
And the host was like, yeah, we want to be forced mandates.
He goes, that's right, we will.
But Alex, you know what's key about that?
What do you have to do to get forced mandates?
You have to dismantle the Nuremberg Code.
Explain that, explain that, explain that.
So the Nuremberg Code, why was the Nuremberg Code, why was that written?
Why was that made into law?
It was because of Dr. Joseph Mengele, because he was one of the most evil people ever to walk the face of the earth.
And what he did in those camps, what he did to Jewish people, was absolutely unforgivable.
And so the Nuremberg Code was written so that people like Dr. Mengele were never ever able to inflict so much pain and suffering and hatred on anybody else ever again.
So in order to have forced mandates in the EU, right, Europe of course where so much of this happened, in order to have forced mandates anyway, what would you have to do in Europe?
You would have to dismantle the Nuremberg Code.
So when I made that correlation between Fauci and Mengele, I did not know what they were planning.
I did not know that the head of the EU was going to make a public statement, you know, roughly a week later, saying that this is what would have to happen, that it was time now to discuss forced mandates.
And so I inadvertently got ahead of their narrative.
And they don't like it when you do that.
You're not allowed to do that.
They trotted Fauci out on CNN and all his, you know, typical propaganda shows going and saying, well, you know, and this idiot, you know, she compared COVID to flu.
What did they come out later and say?
COVID was pretty much like flu.
Notice there was no flu in the world.
Yeah, it disappeared.
Because they had to call, because there wasn't no real stuff going on in the first year.
Then all the death starts after the shots.
And it's just incredible.
Well, what do you think MTG, and they tried to shut her down there today, she did a great job of it, but they were interrupting her constantly.
I mean, she just nailed him.
She's like, why'd you, he funded directly, as you know, the study of hundreds of beagles having their larynxes removed because the workers didn't want to hear him begging.
And they chain them down and put a flesh-eating maggot screw worm on them for a week eating their whole face and brain.
Sorry to say all this.
And she's like, why do you do this?
What's the science?
It's not, it's about seeing if the scientists will do it.
And so, I'm just going to stop there, but I had family that was involved in the secret medical stuff, and they figured out early on, and got out of it, by the way, that it was to see what they would do.
It was not like, this is, we're doing a study here, it's like, well, you torture a dog to death, which the SS, by the way, make them keep a dog for a year, German Shepherd, you love it, Bobby, and then you cut its head off.
Okay, so, but this is way beyond all of this.
And I told this stuff, my family's really upset about it, I'm not going to tell you.
The point is, is that in the medical system, before you become a medical director, you're actually put in in college into the CIA or one of the other groups, and then they send you to cancer research facilities And then you literally inject and kill people just to see if he'll do it.
I mean, that's the entry level.
So Fauci's like, this is what he's thinking, he's like, what one of our training systems, torturing dogs is that?
He's just like, what's dogs gotta do?
What's dogs gotta do with what we're talking about?
It's got everything to do with it.
So what'd you think of what she said?
Well, Marjorie Taylor Greene, I mean, she impressed me from the moment she held that press conference, you know, a couple years back, where she confronted the media and she stood there and, you know, and she, she is one of the few people in Congress that consistently stands up and takes a beating and doesn't budge, right, on principle.
But when I look at her, I want to know, where's the army around her?
Where's the army of Congress?
I think she ought to be the vice president.
I love her.
Well, I don't make political projections because I'm just a journalist, but you know what's frustrating to me about this?
The American people, yes, they need this hearing, but what they need more is accountability, Alex.
And, you know, Representative McCormick, he also did a good job yesterday because he's a medical doctor who was treating people from the beginning to the end.
I just feel like, you know, Marjorie Taylor Greene should not be alone in this.
She should have people to her left and to her right.
You know, we should not be at this point.
And I'll say this, where are the men?
It's great to see wonderful, smart women like you guys fighting, but where are the men?
They're all playing Peter Pan.
And not all of them.
There are some good ones.
Scott Perry, Matt Gage.
There are a lot of wonderful men.
I'm just saying, most men are on the bench, sitting there with their thumb up their ass.
And where are the governors?
Where are the governors?
I'm sorry, but they are missing in action.
Well, they're playing it safe because they're scared.
They ought to be more scared of this thing succeeding.
Yeah, so that says coward.
So they're cowards.
You know, you asked me, where are we in this moment in our history?
Well, this is it, right?
We're playing for keeps now.
That's what we're playing for.
This is it.
money's gonna protect you, it's not gonna protect you. If you think your influence, your power, the people that you know are gonna protect you, it's not. It's, you
know, it was never about Donald Trump. That should be obvious to anyone with an open mind and an open heart. Use what God gave you. Use your brain. Because if you
can't see that after Trump, once they get rid of him, they're coming for you. You know, I think it was Brezhnev, right, who said, the former Soviet leader, who said
that what the Communists don't know is that they're gonna be lined up against the wall and shot when they're done with him.
It's the same with Antifa.
They always get rid of the group that brings them in.
That's a fact.
They always, they always do.
So maybe it starts with Trump and then it goes on to his supporters and then it goes on to this and then it goes on to that.
But they're coming for you as well.
And you know, I hear really smart people saying, well, the Americans aren't going to let that happen and American politicians aren't going to, the American military is not going to let that happen.
They have a normalcy bias.
Are you paying attention?
Are you paying attention?
When you've got people in the U.S.
Navy wearing high heels with their uniform, this is not the image of a strong military.
It's a mind control ritual.
It's not just a humiliation ritual.
A mass delusion.
It's a masked illusion.
And they want you to participate.
And I'm not participating.
Because, as opposed to, you know, the narrative is that I'm crazy.
You know, you're the crazy one.
Okay, you think there's 54 genders and you can change your gender as many times a day as you want?
You're the crazy one.
Oh wait, Alex, I gotta give you this one.
I talked to a firefighter the other day.
She was fantastic.
She said, when I'm treating people, you know, cause firefighter, paramedic, she said, I got people in emergency situations and they want to give me pronouns.
She says, I look them straight in the eye and I tell them, look, you can call yourself whatever that you want, but I'm treating you, you're a girl and I'm treating you as a girl.
And if you want to live, you can choose.
You can live or you can die.
But in my world, in emergency medicine, you're either a boy or you're a girl and that's it.
Well that shows the insanity.
We can put you and your husband up there on the camera and you can see he's a man, you can certainly see he's a man and you're a woman.
It's a test to see if you're in the cult.
Cults always want you to just agree to something that's ridiculous.
To mass delusion, literally the whole world.
You know who said that?
Hunter Biden's psychiatrist said that to Tucker Carlson in an interview.
And I just thought it was brilliant.
Don't repeat that, you're right.
Yeah, because he said they've created a mass delusion and they want all of us to buy into it.
The world is about to combust.
Oh, the idea that you can't eat meat.
Wait, you can't eat beef.
You can't eat cattle.
Cattle are poisoning the earth.
You're insane.
They've got to get you to accept illogic because they're about to get you to do a bunch of horrible stuff.
You are insane.
If you actually believe that cattle are poisoning the earth and we have to get rid of all farm animals.
Plus we now have 60, 70 years of satellites.
We have satellites from the 60s till now.
So that's 40 and 60 plus years and it shows all the coastlines.
And they haven't moved up one inch!
Ask any geologist.
Any geologist.
They can tell you, because they can measure in the rocks up to, you know, thousands and thousands of years, that the Earth has been warming and cooling every 200 years since it began.
How long have they been keeping temperature records?
A little over 100 years.
And that's the 200 year cycle, and there's a 12,000 year cycle, and it's... Yes, it's just nonsense.
And it's all the sun.
It's nonsense.
I'm not doing it.
And then they argue the human passed a revolution five years ago because a bunch of scientists came out and said, look, it's the sun, it drops 99%.
And they said, no, the sun has no effect on climate.
All there is is thermal vents from the original heat of the earth left.
All other temperatures, the sun, everything.
You can take your nonsense.
You can shove it where the sun don't shine.
I'm not doing it.
It's a mass delusion.
It's complete and utter.
It's made up.
There is thermal heat from magma and there is the sun.
And then there is fossil fuels we can burn for heat.
That's it.
I'm not doing it.
It's a fact though!
And by the way, what does it take to make every electric car, every battery?
It takes fuel, oil, and gas.
Okay, and what is oil?
Oil is a renewable.
Because oil is actually... It's regenerating.
Nothing is closer to the earth.
Then oil.
I mean, that's what is regenerating all the time.
So don't tell me that this is the evil and the scourge of the earth that is destroying everything.
This is exactly as God created the earth.
I don't have a desire for power.
I don't have a God complex.
I don't need to live forever.
I'm not looking to die and I'm definitely not suicidal.
Just want to get that on record yet again.
However... But you're not scared?
No, and I also don't have this God complex where somehow I have to live forever.
No, I'm quite okay.
They have convinced us with our superheroes and everything else that our human frailty is a weakness.
It's not, it's a gift.
But you are an eternal spirit.
We're all eternal spirits.
I don't want to get into it, but I mean, it's 100... We're all eternal spirits.
Because I'm like, I have all these incredible dreams that come true and stuff, and I don't question God, and I'm not going to... those don't make fun of this stuff because they know it's all true.
I literally had this thing happen to me since I was a kid, but now it happens like all the time.
I'm like, "Get up out of the bed,"
'cause I don't leave my phone in there, and go to the bathroom, go to your sink.
It's 4 a.m., it's happened like a bunch last month.
I'm like, "Okay, yes."
And I'm like, "Sure enough, it's 4 a.m."
The guy goes, "Now you're thinking "you just randomly guessed that.
"You got up 45 seconds ago.
"Start counting down from 15."
So by the time I follow the order, it's 12, 11, 10, and right when I hit zero, and I make sure I,
it's like, bloop, 401.
I'm like, "Whoa."
It's like, "Yeah, so when I give you orders next time, "I want you to listen to them directly."
It's beyond the military, we're like followers.
It's like, follow them instantly.
So I'm in here last Friday, and the guards I've known for years,
most of them, they're nice guys.
I just see what kind of weirdness in his eyes, and he's like, he wants to tell me something.
He goes, "Ah, ah, ah."
And it was, and I literally go in my office, and I go, "They're gonna shut this down today."
So I start calling and then my people go, how did you just find out?
We just got word of this.
They're going to shut you down at nine o'clock tonight.
They're bringing in more guards.
So I walk over and the other guards are going to go, hey, what time is the other guys coming?
He goes, yeah, it's weird.
You know what's going on?
More are coming in tonight.
And it was literally God.
It wasn't me.
I'm not superhuman.
But God, right before this happened, a couple weeks before, was like, Half the time I would ignore it in bed, or it's always the one I've been sleeping.
I guess because I'm not thinking about it, I think God can really get the transmission in.
But that's magic!
That means God's real!
I don't tell it because, oh Alex Jones is incredible.
No, I think we all have that.
I think we have some of it.
And God was like telling me, I was like, what is this?
He did this like four times in one week.
And I go, I'm literally like, you can say it's your brain.
No, it's like, when I give you directives, I want you to absolutely execute.
Follow my orders now.
Do you understand?
You know what's incredible to me?
They want to say that anyone who believes in God.
What is Yolanda Harari?
The craziest... He says I don't believe in God yet.
Stay there.
We gotta go to break their hard satellite break.
He says it's fake news, Alex.
You know what's crazy?
They think all of this created itself.
We're coming back to you.
We got a hard break.
That's what's crazy.
Thank you for joining us here today.
Earlier this afternoon, Donald Trump was arraigned by a Manhattan grand jury on 34 felony counts.
This case is an abomination.
You know, it's obviously political.
Seven years to try to come up with this case.
They're just wrong on the law.
The only crime that Donald Trump is being prosecuted for is the crime of running for president.
What's going on here is a disgusting disgrace!
given up on trying to beaten at the polls, either going to steal it or stop it by law firm.
A Democrat prosecutor elected on a "get Trump" platform.
What's going on here is a disgusting disgrace.
It is war on Trump, it is war on the Republican Party, and it is a war on the Republic.
This case is the weakest case I've seen in 60 years of teaching, practicing, and writing about criminal law.
I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.
This judge, I mean, you don't need a prosecutor if you have a judge like this.
This judge is not on the level.
It's a terrible case, but the judge has been pretty much a rubber stamp on everything that Bregg has wanted to do.
They're perverting the system of justice.
That's where the danger lies.
The corruption and subversion of our institutions by the left.
This is the Democrats' entire strategy to confine President Trump to a dirty criminal courtroom and keep him off the campaign trail where he can bring his winning message to voters across this country.
New York has become a legal banana republic.
They are so determined to get Donald Trump.
Look, convicting Donald Trump, that's all they have.
I think they have no cards.
And they're depending upon Trump getting convicted.
That Trump train doesn't show any signs of slowing down.
The only verdict that matters verdict at the ballot box.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I'm going to go grab some documents here.
Five minutes of my life.
Oh my God, I want you to host the whole show.
You can be here every day if you want.
Laura Logan, the amazing Laura Logan is here.
Some stations don't care if it's five minutes.
I want you to host later too, but just take it away with what you were saying earlier and then we'll continue on.
Well, the point that I was making is that today, you know, there are a lot of people that will say, if you believe in God, that it's fake news.
There's Yuval Noah Harari, for example, the Israeli professor who's an advisor to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, and Bill Gates and a few others, and they have...
Use science to try to convince people that the idea of free will doesn't really exist.
That every decision we make is the result of a certain number of possibilities.
Random possibilities that are then, you know, compared to data and decisions previously made and that you're not actually acting out free will, you're just acting out one of these possibilities.
And that the entire concept of God is fake news, which is interesting because these are the same people that say that they are on the verge of aspiring to godlike status, right?
That they're on the verge of becoming gods because what will they do?
They will defy aging.
They won't ever age.
They will defy death.
They want to live forever and they don't want to die.
And so at the same time they can become godlike and become gods and yet we're supposed to believe that God doesn't exist.
And they posit the entire concept of faith as proof of insanity.
Well, I would say to you, isn't it more insane to believe that everything around you created itself?
That everything on the earth is completely, you know, it's just a product of energy?
And no one can really answer the question, even those who believe in the Big Bang Theory of what really created the Big Bang in the first place.
So, I will say though, I don't really know how I got into this position where I'm hosting the Alex Jones Show while he's in the bathroom.
I think this is the definition of being dropped in the grease.
Or as his producer said to me before the show, you can always expect a few curveballs with Alex, so here we are.
So since the question that he asked me before he ran from me, I'm going to give him a hard time when he comes back.
You know, what can you expect?
What can we expect over the next few months?
Because this election is obviously historic, right?
People say that all the time, but we're on we're on the verge of Massive changes.
If the globalists get into power, they have not hidden the fact.
Another thing that Yuval Noah Harari says is that in this revolution, unlike the industrial revolution, humanity is really the product.
And we see this every single day because our data is more valuable than anything else in the world.
And this audience probably knows everything that I'm saying already, but I'll lay it out there regardless.
We are.
You know, when you're sitting at a poker game and you're wondering who the mock is, that means you're the mock.
And this is the poker game of our lives.
And so the globalists, really the people who are facing accountability, they have everything to lose, which means that they will stop at nothing.
They will stop at absolutely nothing to prevent accountability from happening.
And so that opens up the world of possibilities.
And I am not an alarmist.
And as I have said many times, I am not a prophet.
I'm just a journalist.
But we know that there has been a pathetic attempt to reintroduce another kind of pandemic.
And when I say pathetic, I don't mean that bird flu or avian flu is not I just mean that we're not playing the same game.
We've been to this rodeo, right?
And so this time we know.
And there are treatments out there.
There are doctors out there that are telling you what you can do about it.
Look at Dr. Stella Emanuel.
Look at Dr. Peter McCullough.
There's many others.
So when you look at something like that, Bear in mind that bioweapons are not a weapon of choice very often because they're hard to control, right?
And so they don't want to unleash Ebola if they don't have a way to survive Ebola.
So bioweapon is one thing.
A false flag event is another.
Oh, he's coming back.
And then what else are we looking at?
We've got to go to break.
Keep going.
We're back in 60 seconds.
Laura Logan, stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
Well, the amazing Laura Logan is with us.
And she's got the floor here.
I just want to hear more what she's saying.
You were saying some incredibly heavy thing.
You're right.
There's an old saying, you can't fool or con an honest man or woman because we don't operate like that.
Now you might behind the scenes cheat us or do something bad, but we're not into scams.
We're not into, you know, but the left.
It really is the left-hand path of Satanism.
That's where it comes from, the French Revolution.
Where does left and right come from?
Well, that was always thousands of years ago.
You've got God on the right, you've got the left is the secret path, you know, the satanic, the sinister.
And so, that was the French Revolution, the first kind of modern communist And so it's just repeats of Satan's plan, the same play being run over and over again, just with, you know, new, more high-tech systems.
And they really are the losers.
They're the ones that bought the con.
They're the ones that are now up against the wall.
They're the ones the whole world's waking up to.
It's happening.
But to me, it's very horrifying, at the same time, a lot of satisfaction.
Because when Yahoo News and AP and all the major newspapers, one in Telegraph, are saying, OK, there is massive new death.
Looks like it's the shots.
What is that?
That means so much and so much goes into that and... You know what that is, Alex?
That's the narrative, the false narrative, the lie that was created is crumbling because it doesn't have any legs.
It's not real.
So, you know, my mother always used to say that when you tell a lie, you have to keep telling more lies to keep it up, right?
Because otherwise it just disintegrates.
And so the COVID lie is disintegrating.
I mean, the Russia collusion, you know, Trump is a Russian spy, you know, Putin is Trump's handler.
That lie fell apart.
Hunter Biden's laptop is not real.
That lie fell apart.
I mean, by the way, one of the big ones, Ashley Biden's diary.
Ashley Biden's diary is real.
She's admitted it now and nobody's talking about it.
And it was real back then.
There was an FBI report then and they always knew it was real.
Yeah, and they know it's real.
And that's how, talking to psychologists, that's how people that have been abused say it.
They want to say it, they go, I feel like my dad molested me.
That's how it begins to say, in the shower.
I mean.
It's just unbelievable that he just gets a free pass.
It's utterly disgusting.
Here's one of the biggest deceptions that nobody talks about, well very few people talk about, that probably will resonate with you, and you may have talked about it on your show.
Operation Paperclip.
Okay, so I'm just still trying to come to terms with the fact that... 34,000 Nazis brought to the U.S.
And the bodies were not even buried in the concentration camps when those people were being given safe passage by the Red Cross, by the way, who was providing passports.
Why was the Red Cross providing passports?
And the Vatican.
And they're being brought out with their families.
They're being given jobs for life.
That's the rat line.
And by the way, the rat line that went through the Villa Carey, which was John Carey's family in Austria, right?
That was one of the rat lines where the Nazis were going.
But you literally have one of the worst events that has ever taken place.
And Madeleine Albright's family was involved, not in the rat line, but in like Soros, but at a higher level.
Jews that would work with the Nazis to basically shake them down, that came out about her.
Go look at Soros with Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes in the days when it was doing Real News.
It was the best time of my life.
It was exhilarating.
I feel no guilt.
What he did.
And you start to look at that.
Look at Verna.
Wilhelm Verna Jr.
You know who that is?
Bill de Blasio.
Says he changed his name because he was molested by his father.
Now, there's no way that you can know if that's true or not.
But how many of these people, Tom Steyer, his uncle was a famous footballer for the Nazis.
So, I'm just thinking about... The Deputy Prime Minister in Canada was, her grandfather were top Nazis.
The one that brought the Nazi into the Parliament?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, that's great.
That's just great.
And then another Nazi standing ovation in the UK Parliament two weeks ago.
And by the way, have we just conveniently forgotten that the Azov Battalion, which is more like a division in Ukraine, that has the Schwarz sticker as their flag.
And, you know, remember NATO posting a picture of a female soldier on Women's Day and they had to change it because she had the black sun of the occult on her uniform?
Boris Johnson just posed with the Azov Battalion sign that was the Nazi rune for their Ukrainian forces in World War II.
You know, there was a lot of reporting about the Nazi associations of... And that was the rune for the Ukrainian forces under the Nazis in World War II, right there.
And that's what they were.
And that, you see the sun behind it, that's the Black Sun of the Occult, which was the insignia of the Nazi SS.
That was their secret high symbol.
The Nazi SS.
And where were they headquartered?
In Western Ukraine.
Because after they invaded Ukraine, that was the headquarters of the Nazi SS.
So we don't want to talk about that.
You know, we don't want to address the Nazi nature and roots.
And why did Alan Dulles, when he was head of the CIA, why did he...
protect the Nazis of Ukraine from the Nuremberg Trials?
Why were they never held accountable?
And why, when you have one of the worst horrors in the history of the world, you know, it was just unfolding, people were finding out what was really happening
inside the concentration camps, and at the same time, the United States is bringing the people responsible to America,
putting them across the U.S. government, giving them safe passage along with other countries.
Have you ever read any of the finders' documents that have been declassified?
Go ahead and read them, and you will see that they were...
They were fighting over which Nazis they could have.
You know, and the Italians were saying, well, we want this guy in the CIA.
And, you know, I remember there's one paper I read.
It was an American general, and he was arguing with the CIA.
They were arguing for why these two Nazi leaders needed to be given safe passage to the U.S.
And they said, well, they helped negotiate an end to the war.
And this U.S.
general said, you know, as I recall, we won the war on the battlefield.
We actually won the war.
What they wanted was all the secret money the Nazis had hidden, and that goes into the Bushes and Brown Brother Harriman, and Bush Sr., Prescott was one of the head guys there.
They were funding the Nazis.
It just goes on and on.
Yes, it was U.S.
banks that were among those funding the Nazis.
For those that don't know, they had the McCormick-Dix team committee hearings after World War II.
This was all confirmed.
It's not on the news.
Go back and look.
There's a documentary, Skull and Bones.
You can find that.
I think it's on Amazon.
I'm not sure, but you can find that online.
Skull and Bones.
It's done by, I think, a Dutch filmmaker.
And they show some of that original footage.
Go back to this.
Another one.
That was on Amazon.
It was a series.
Look at the actual footage in the 1950s during the McCarthy trials.
Look on the floor of Congress how many senior U.S.
leaders admitted to being avowed communists.
And then look at what Hollywood has done to whitewash that whole history.
And ask yourself this, why almost instantly, the moment the Nazis were defeated in the Second World War, The Russians, who had been our allies in defeating them, overnight became our enemies.
I mean, you start to wonder, you really start to feel when you look at the history, and you actually go back and look at the testimony of people who were living through it, and the evidence that exists, and you start to feel like we've been lied to about so many things.
And I know that's what your show has been about.
No, it's totally true.
And the public reason when it came out was, and the service is part of it, is we need to stay behind networks that the Germans had in Eastern Europe and then counter the Soviet.
But they put Nazis, like Wernher von Braun and all of them, but not just that, over 20 federal agencies.
And then it came out that the... They helped establish the CIA!
Klaus Barbie, the SS officer, was an unofficial section chief in South America with the CIA.
Now, you just explained this to me because I have lived through war.
Okay, I spent five years living in Baghdad at the height of the violence.
I lived in Afghanistan.
I spent year after year after year going there and I do not understand because I never saw anything remotely on the scale of Auschwitz or anything that happened during the Second World War.
I went with a Catholic priest who investigated Hitler's policy of total annihilation in Eastern Europe.
I went with him to some of those villages where they massacred every last living Jewish person.
Well that's right, because the communists were so oppressive, all those Eastern Europeans when the Nazis rolled in thought they were saviors, but instantly turned against them when they started just killing them.
And you think about all of that going on, and you took the leaders, you took the people responsible for that, and you protected them?
And you put them in sensitive national security positions across your government?
And you lied about it?
And when, by the way, that was declassified?
When the documents now exist?
Nobody cares about it?
it I just I do not understand that to this day yeah I uh it's so surreal the stuff I know just separately about this not from news or anything but just from
family stuff in Texas that it's it's just amazing And how big it was, how much it was going on.
Because people don't know, like in Time Magazine, Hitler was Man of the Year twice.
They would play him on the radio and they would have English, the media was saying to people in the 30s, support Hitler.
So our own media was backing that.
And by the way, can I just say this nonsense that Hitler was some great orator?
I mean, the SS was there, the brown shirts were there, and if you didn't, you know, cheer and do everything that you had to do, you died.
And the Germans had been under the Versailles Treaty that was wrong, so they were really pissed off.
But yeah, absolutely, it was all a manipulation.
Yeah, and there's so much manipulation in it.
And what kind of history were we taught?
You know, what kind of history were we told?
And even worse, what kind of history is being told today?
You know, General Mike Flynn, this is going to, as if I'm not going to be attacked enough just for being on your show, they're going to go absolutely nuts when I say this now, because the one man they fear as much, if not more, than Donald Trump is General Mike Flynn.
And so, but one of the things that he says is the first thing that he would do when he, you know, if he were Trump, when Trump gets back into office, is get rid of the Department of Education.
Just blow the whole thing up.
Right, because if you want to talk about information warfare and this being an undeclared war that we're in now for the mind of the American people, you know, much of it starts with the Department of Education.
So before you even look at the FBI, I mean, they made that stupid movie Civil War, right?
And again, I'm no rocket scientist.
try to you know manipulate the information battlefield so that if Trump ever gotten into power and starts to you know hold the FBI or the DOJ to account
then they can say oh look you see we predicted that this maniac was going to do it. And then all the crossfire hurricane and again I'm no rocket scientist I knew as
soon as he was nominated and then I saw what started happening around me and then I went and said let me see what Obama's doing it wasn't just that the
Defense Authorization Act had had a couple billion bucks in it to finance stay-behind networks in the media and the government and the system to attack
Trump and do this there was a bunch of other stuff I found and then I of course everybody around Trump knew that or most of them did they were scared to say it
most of them weren't operatives but they were scared to say it to get targeted so like I said I was telling Trump all this and warning him and then as soon as he
discovered he started listening even more that's when he went ape against me but I wasn't that smart of a guy sitting here in Texas.
Anybody can go research this and know this.
But now, that's why they're so scared.
Because Trump does know about the networks and he is going to remove them when he gets in.
Just going to fire them.
It's not a purge where we take him to a FEMA camp.
We're going to kill him if he doesn't.
And his whole family.
I mean, that much is obvious at that point.
Look at what they're doing to him now.
I mean, has any man in history ever had more indictments for moat kangaroo coats than that man does now?
It's ridiculous.
The Left's been very arrogant, though.
In a 30-minute Google search, folks, he can check all the way down to the lowest levels around him.
These people are all identifiable now.
It's simple.
He's allowed his executive to fire all these people.
There's not a purge.
We're not shooting anybody, any of that.
That's what they want.
We just get rid of them.
Yeah, it's something else.
I mean, you said the Google word, right?
Which is like, that's the embodiment of evil.
Yeah, exactly, because they said they weren't able.
So continue, wherever you want to go.
I've got a thousand questions, but stay to the media.
Let's talk about Trump.
Wow, $250 million since last Thursday.
So in like six days or five days, $250 million.
And that's yesterday's number.
I haven't seen the new one out.
So on Sunday it was $200 million.
Yesterday it was $250 million.
This is unprecedented.
They're all little donations, basically.
This has got to be panning in the deep stuff.
I think a portion of them, a huge amount, are small donations.
And then there are some bigger donations as well.
I think when Eric Trump, one of them, came out and spoke about it, he said that some of it was small donations and some of it was bigger donations.
But regardless, it's historic.
There's no question about it.
I mean, first of all, you've never had a former president that's been treated the way Trump has.
And convicted in these ridiculous trials where nobody can even identify, nobody can even articulate what he's supposed to have been guilty of.
It's quite shocking.
But when I said to you, Alex, at the beginning that the lies are falling apart, this is further evidence of it.
You know, if this were five years ago, if this was 2016, this would be when people were afraid to even say that they supported Trump or that they voted for him.
This would be very different.
Look at what you have now.
People know because in 2020, remember there was that map released, which showed all the people that had donated to Trump.
This was meant to kind of, you know, shame people and target them and intimidate them and basically bully them into not supporting him.
Well, think about how far we've traveled from that now.
People are saying he's been, you know, so-called convicted of a crime.
And I don't care.
I'm voting for this man anyway and I'm going to take my hard-earned dollars and I'm going to donate them to him because this is how strongly I feel about this.
And that's a paper trail.
When you donate money, everybody knows that's a paper trail.
You're signing the Declaration of Independence when you give money.
And people are like, oh, we better not do it.
Now people are like, screw it, I don't care, I'm all in.
That is the John Hancock moment.
Yes, that's what they've done.
And if you think about it, look at January 6th where Chase Bank and others were closing people's bank accounts.
Look at what has been done all across the country.
People are not stupid.
You know, this is one of the things I really took to heart that I learned in my time at 60 Minutes.
I would hear people all the time, journalists and colleagues, complaining all the time that, oh, the audience is so stupid, oh, the audience is so dumb, oh, we've got to explain this to the audience.
And I remember my boss saying, never underestimate the audience.
When we would have a screening and there would be something, he would say, why did you do that?
Don't underestimate your audience.
And I thought about that and I realized he was 100% right.
You should never confuse And by the way, 30 years ago, and it's got worse since then, 60 Minutes would expose major hospitals killing people and selling their organs.
Like, there was still some journalism.
The deep state didn't have full control, but I would say they had 80% control of corporate media.
When Trump got elected, that caused a panic, more globalist money poured in.
I'd say corporate media is like 99% control now.
I mean, they fired or removed every good journalist.
You just have to look at what they're producing on a daily basis.
I mean, you know, I'm sure there are still some good journalists there, but what they lack is courage.
You know, if you're a moral coward, then it doesn't matter how good you are at your job.
Well, who was that ABC News reporter?
Another really smart, funny, beautiful woman.
But I forget the clip.
Obviously, they're filming before they go live.
So some intern.
About Jeffrey Epstein?
Yeah, exactly.
And so she's like, what's her name?
Amy Robach.
So, the reason I say she's got real sociopathic issues, at least from the clip I saw, I don't want to judge her by one clip, she sits there and talks about, oh my god, they're trafficking kids, women, it's terrible, it's horrible, everybody knows, blah, blah, blah, man, I'm really upset, that would have been a big story.
Yeah, no, what she said was that she would have been first.
It was her story.
And they didn't let her report it.
That's what she was upset about.
So she only cared about her, not kids being trafficked.
I know.
It's just incredible.
You're not thinking about all these kids and people?
You're thinking about you didn't get the story?
Because that's what matters in that moment, yeah.
Well, I see people like LeBron James and he'll say, I'm not going to stand up for this group of people.
That hurts me.
They all think they're like an island.
No, no.
If I was a reporter and I knew there was child trafficking going on, I would expose it.
I don't care if I get fired.
If they fire me, I go somewhere else to do it.
But again, it's her.
She's like, yeah, it would have been really great for me.
I would have been first.
But you know what Alex?
She's down accessory.
Okay, but I'm going to say something else about that, okay?
Because you're not wrong.
However, most people are not leaders.
You can't ask every person out there to be an outlier.
What we are lacking is people to stand up and reduce the cost of standing up.
So when you have, you know, all these people.
When there's more leaders and more people, they have more targets.
They can't, sorry, I interrupted.
Well, what I mean is that there are a lot of people out there who have the ability to reduce the cost of standing up.
If you want whistleblowers inside the FBI and inside the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice and so on, if you want them to stand up and do the right thing, then you have to support them when they stand up.
You can't let, like, you know, Tariq Johnson, Capitol Police whistleblower, one of the only people who stood up and told the truth about, you know, about many things that on January 6th, whether you agree with everything he said or not.
If we celebrated him and carried him on our shoulders like a war hero, which he is in the InfoWars, then more would come forward.
Where is he?
Working for a furniture removal company, struggling to pay his mortgage.
He's not the only one.
Stu Scheller, who stood up and told the truth about the Afghan withdrawal and echoed the sentiments of many, many soldiers and many more veterans.
Where is he now?
You know, where are the people that are willing to put their money where their mouth is?
I'm sorry, but you know, on the conservative side and the Republican side, there are a lot of people that are just hiding under their desks.
And that's the thing, Laura.
I'm not just saying this because you're an amazing person.
I'm a big fan.
I am.
Everything you say just nails it.
Because that's a point I should make more often and I don't.
It's highly important for you.
The biggest weakness... You cause everybody to be a leader.
You cause everyone to be an outlier.
But we've got to mobilize behind them and celebrate them.
And that's one of Trump's... You can do that.
Trump's talking about pardoning the Silk Road guy.
That's questionable, though.
The way they screwed him was wrong, so he should be released.
But, I mean, Julian Assange is a hero.
Edward Snowden's a hero.
Trump needs to get behind them.
We need to... because that's what's going to save all of us.
You're right.
We've got to back the whistleblowers.
Yeah, if you want people to stand up and also think about this, you can't just mock people all the time for wanting the safety of numbers because it's part of our DNA.
We are herd animals and we know there's safety in numbers.
And so what you're asking people to do is to strip away all of these layers.
Now, we are in, you know, we're in pretty desperate situation right now.
We stand to lose everything.
So this is the moment.
If ever you were to find your courage and your ability to act in the presence of fear, this is the moment to do it.
But there are many, many different ways that you can do that.
If you have a company, give someone a job.
You know, if you have expertise, if you're retired, you know, help somebody.
And that's what the left does.
They reward their little scoundrels.
We've got to reward the good people.
We've got to stop punishing people for telling the truth.
We've got to stop punishing people for having courage.
We have to stop punishing people for being willing to stand up and give up everything.
And we have to start standing by them.
And we only have ourselves to blame.
I'm a journalist and I've been very critical of the media.
But it's my responsibility as a journalist to help fix that.
So, that's what I'm working on.
I'm trying to build the Press Club.
I'm trying to, you know, build my own show and organization that can bring in other journalists and share what I learn.
You're not talking about yourself, you should.
How do people get behind you, all the amazing things you're doing?
Tell people about it.
Well, I have to show the rest of the story with Laura Logan and the first season was about January 6th.
We have other seasons planned.
One of them is on child trafficking, inter-familial trafficking, satanic ritual abuse.
You know, there's a lot involved in the child trafficking realm that deserves real investigation.
Real investigation and honest journalism and courage, right?
Because we have to take this out of the dark And we have to take it out of the realm where it can be dismissed as conspiracy and disregarded, and we have to stop being honest about who we have become as a society when we allow these things to happen, never mind excusing them the way that's going on with so much of the politics behind this today.
And how do we get behind the amazing things you're doing?
Because, and I want to come back for a break.
Well, I'm on X. You're on X. I'm on X and I'm looking to launch my own platform on lauralogan.com, lauralogan.us.
That's coming soon.
That's beautiful.
I also want to talk, when we come back from break here in just a few minutes, because I've never been a big mainstream media A person that's consuming it.
But I would always see you, and I'm like, that's a very beautiful woman, but that's boring just by itself.
But I was like, the things you said, the genuineness of it, the reports were so powerful.
I was a big fan.
I remember sitting there watching with my grandfather.
He thought you were amazing.
And I want to talk about you when we come back, the process of your awakening.
Because you were always a great reporter trying to tell the truth, but as I've gotten older, I'm 50 now, I just get more and more knowledge, more and more knowledge, more and more knowledge.
And now you're like one of the smartest people out there when it comes to understanding things.
Well, I don't know about that, but I try.
I watch your show all the time.
I learn stuff all the time, but most shows I don't.
So believe me, you are.
And I know you're a humble person and that's important, but you need to realize you're doing a really great job.
Laura Logan, ladies and gentlemen, on the Twilight of InfoWars, in studio with us.
You can't stop us!
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Frankly, you know what?
Our Constitution is much more important than jail.
It's not even close.
I'll do that sacrifice any day.
How about tomorrow?
I'm sort of conflicted about whether or not he should be held in contempt and put in- he's already been held in contempt, but put in jail for it.
But I do think that 71% of Americans have said that he should be put in jail if he is convicted.
He's a f***ing moron!
I don't want this to sound like I'm doing wishful thinking.
He inevitably, very soon, is going to be ordered into jail.
Hey everybody, it's me, Donald Trump.
You're gonna roll with me. I got the knife.
Don't talk to the police.
Okay. Grab my pepper spray.
I don't want this to sound like I'm doing wishful thinking.
But which prison would be best?
I know which one.
I'm gonna give you Michael Willis.
That's what I asked.
Number one is Riker.
But, you know, I'm okay if he goes to Alcatraz and they reopen it.
You know?
And what are you doing over here?
Kicking your ass!
He's so f***ing stupid.
What about Guantanamo Bay?
Well, that'd be close to Mar-a-Lago.
Melania can come and visit.
That's right!
When he sits in his chair, he does it with the common slump of the elderly.
He sinks.
His 77-year-old backbone shrinks.
And he sits, for the first time in his life, as a little man, in confinement.
He's an outright f***ing criminal.
His next move will of course be to try to start another riot to get people to demonstrate on his behalf.
He's dangerous.
We gotta get rid of him.
Donald Trump's jail is upon him now.
He's in the jailhouse now.
He's in the jailhouse now Well, I told him once or twice stop playing cards and a shooting dice
What did he just say he said there's a storm coming I know.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming at Real Alex Jones on X.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Now we're telling you what's coming at Real Alex Jones on X.
Now we're telling you what's coming at Real Alex Jones on X.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, I gotta say, I've always been impressed by Laura Logan.
And she's even more amazing in person.
And it just lets you know God's real.
Melania Trump, just incredible energy.
And Laura Logan's got that energy.
I never met Marilyn Monroe, but I feel like I have today.
And I'll be completely honest, your husband's a very blessed man.
But even more beautiful is your soul.
And I'm kissing your ass, it's true.
I mean, you are amazing.
And it's just so crazy that the best part about fighting tyranny is Whether it's men, women, whoever it is, the people that hate evil and fight tyranny have courage and they have light in their eyes.
And it's just, we're different.
And that's why this is the best job in the world, because I get to know all the best people.
It's crazy.
Have you ever felt that same thing?
I really have.
Especially, as you know, over 16 years, I was the chief foreign correspondent at CBS and I was a correspondent on 60 Minutes.
And I met a lot of people in that time.
You know who's like that, too?
Who's got that magic is Bruno Mars.
I met a lot of famous people, but he's a good man.
He is a good man and brilliant at what he does.
You know Tucker Carlson, right?
Yeah, I love Tucker.
He's like a young Santa Claus.
He's fantastic.
I've hunted with him and done other stuff with him outdoors, and it's like people see all that jovial stuff.
It comes off as real, but you go, God, is that really?
It's more powerful in person.
You know, I'll tell you something else about Tucker that people don't talk about.
He's a great dad.
Oh, yeah.
He's a great dad.
A very loving, very engaged father.
And, you know, brilliantly smart.
I mean, just really brilliantly smart.
And brave.
I have a lot of respect for him.
One of the things I'm most proud of, he said this on air, is he thought I was a horrible person 15 years ago.
He was naive, he said, because he was projecting his own goodness on people.
And then his kids, when they were in like junior high, would show him clips of Building 7 and stuff.
And he goes, well, that's not the Alex I heard about.
And then about 10 years ago, he said, I want to come meet you.
I want to go to dinner.
I want to hang out.
And he apologized to me here like 10 years ago or 12 years ago.
It's time flash, 12 years ago.
I'm not trying to brag.
One of the things I'm most proud of is that Tucker said on air that I was instrumental in his awakening in the last decade.
And that's precious to me.
Because I want him to be 50 times bigger than me.
There's no competition.
And he's got some big announcements next week.
I'm going to leave it at that.
But this is just magic.
And I get to know you.
I get to know Tucker.
Well, yeah, I've got one for you.
So not so long ago, maybe a year, year and a half, I ran across your escapade into Bohemian Grove.
I remember you sent me some text about it, yeah.
Yeah, because I was like, wow, that's fascinating, you know, because it's a similar kind of thing, is that I was like, you were way ahead on that.
I mean, years and years and years.
That's not a small amount of time.
But people think it's me, it's literally the Holy Spirit.
I understand that.
And I say that because people don't know God's real.
God literally, most of the time when I was younger, I didn't listen.
The few times I listened, it was to victory.
Now I'm finally like, now I just literally do what it tells me.
And I think that's why they're scared is they knew if I ever, if all of you start following it.
You just got to get out of the way.
You call your conscience, your conscience, it's not, that's God.
That's, you're being told the right thing to do.
Oh yeah.
And God will give you intel to see around corners.
I spent a lot of time being very angry with God.
I was, you know, especially because I was on the battlefields in Angola and Mozambique and the civil wars then and from when I was very young and of course growing up in South Africa, witnessing the violence then under apartheid, that really sort of, you know, formed, forged my soul.
I was, my soul was forged in the fires of agony, really, in Africa.
And the pain that I felt for the suffering of the people around me, you know, was just unbearable.
Even as a little, little girl, my mother used to say, the problem with you, my girl, is you got your bladder behind your bloody eyeballs.
Because, you know, it was painful for me.
I couldn't even bear Christmas to think about, you know, all the kids that had nothing.
Or that we're alone or that we're, you know, cold or, you know, it just, it still pains me today.
So, and then, so I didn't understand how, how could God, if God was real, how could God allow this suffering, especially on the innocent and people who didn't deserve it and people who labor their whole lives and never, ever, you know, and never, ever improve, right?
They struggle forever from until the day they die.
By the way, I've learned that's Satan's main attack, is that we're good people, but then we blame him.
No, he gave us free will.
Well, that's the thing.
That's it.
It comes down to free will.
It's when you realize that principles are absolute.
And I think that pain that I have always felt all my life, when I witnessed suffering, or even thought about it, is just a fraction of God's pain.
That's what God said, exactly.
I'm expecting you, you're my instrument to fix it.
I'm in more pain, exactly.
Yes, much more pain.
I learned this from a man who spent years undercover in what he calls the global cult, right?
He infiltrated the Middle East faction.
And a fascinating person.
And one of the things I wanted to know from him was, what is this thing with children?
You know, why?
It's hurting God.
You've said this.
In fact, repeat that.
I'm interrupting.
I've watched you say it.
Repeat that.
Well, he said to me, because I said, you know, when I was trying to understand it, he said, you're looking at it all wrong.
You're just approaching it the wrong way.
He said, you have to think like they think.
And I said, well, how do they think?
And he said, for them, it's all about God.
So you can be mocked for believing in God.
You can be, you know, they can try to make you a domestic terrorist because you're a Christian and you love your country.
But he said the way they look at it, they look at everything through the lens of God, because it's all about a war on God.
And when we're born, you know, that's the moment because we're created in the image of God.
That's when we're closest to God.
And so the more pain and suffering they can inflict on God's children, the greater the victory over God and everything for them is about a victory over God.
And so that really That child is a nerve-ending of God and the potential of God's plan.
Guys, pull up Viggo Mortensen, "The Road" with Robert Duvall.
Pull up the scene real quick.
Just type in "Robert Duvall, The Road."
He's only in a bit part and he looks at the child because everybody's dead, basically.
90% of the world's dead.
And Robert Duvall goes, "The fact that your son is still alive, that's God."
He's not saying the boy is God.
He's saying that's God in this desolation is the children, is the future.
And that's the thing you have to understand.
That is the potentiality of free will and the future which they're attacking.
And what you said is so incredible.
That's absolutely right.
Well, that's really the difference, right?
I mean, we do have free will.
So, I expected God to intervene.
When people make a terrible decision, I wanted Him to intervene and stop that suffering.
But that principle is absolute.
God is, I am here.
He gives you free will.
He has to leave.
I am intervening with you.
It has to be absolute.
Because principles mean nothing if you just pick them up and abandon them.
You know, my friend Jewel said to me once, the singer, she said, principles are just bumper stickers.
If you, you know, if you don't stand up for them when it counts.
And that's true.
They're just bumper stickers.
And Satan gives them a thrill when they're hurting a child.
Dumbing them down, you know, it just goes on a spectrum.
Cutting their breasts off, cutting their genitals off.
I mean, think about what we're doing.
Think about what we've become.
There's an entire genre of pornography now called Hurtcore, which is sadistic pornography, which is all over the dark web.
So why is there no accountability?
See, I've never gone on the dark web.
I haven't been on the dark web, but this is well documented.
I've read the reports.
I read the FBI stuff.
They don't put it in the news, but it's public.
20 men raping a two-year-old boy and then blowing his head off with a .357 Magnum?
Or more!
They do these rapes live around the world.
Slit their throats.
And the other thing, some of them like a blood show, Alex.
So when they rape a child to death, or a baby, they want them to bleed as much as possible.
So they cut certain veins and get a blood show.
It goes back to a Black Sabbath.
They torture them and then get all the hormones of the pain.
And it's real!
Well, and of course, you know, the moment you talk about that, they're going to be taking clips of it and saying, well, there, you know, they go on their crazy stuff.
But this is well documented.
And what I want to know is.
Where are the big tech companies, the computer companies, the people who own those servers where this is stored?
Because Ericsson, for example, has the contract to store for the National Child Exploitation Hotlines in more than 150 countries.
So they're storing child pornography in 150 countries.
These things that are on the dark web, they exist.
They move along physical infrastructure.
They are hosted on physical servers.
This is not something that just goes... They called it a cloud because they want you to think that it goes into the ether and it disappears.
No, they've got it.
But it doesn't disappear.
Someone has it.
They want to deny responsibility, by the way.
Someone has it.
Someone controls it.
Why don't we hold these people to account?
I agree.
Keep going.
Did you guys find the road club?
So it's just the road?
Robert Duvall.
How long is it?
Yeah, it's hard to end this interview because I love what you're doing so much.
I don't want to waste our time.
Let's start the clip.
Hopefully it starts at the part where he says it, but let's play a few minutes of what she's talking about from the amazing book that was made into a film.
Viggo Mortensen's a listener.
He's come on and talked about it.
Here it is.
You see your little boy?
Your son?
What's he look like?
I don't know, I can't see real good.
Is that right?
Can you see me?
me? No, I can tell somebody's there. Yeah. Okay, good little boy. Yeah. You can't have No.
Good night.
Go to sleep.
Good night, Sean.
See that, can't ya?
When I saw that boy, I thought I'd died.
He was an angel.
I had a boy one time of my own.
I never thought I'd see a child again.
Never thought that would happen to me.
It's the means of God.
But I hope it's not true.
To be on the road with the last guard like that... ...would be nothing but a... ...dangerous situation.
situation What happened here soon I
Can't talk about it Not with you
What Oh
Oh Oh
I knew this was coming.
This was something like it.
There were warnings.
Some people thought it was a con.
I always believed in it.
You try to get ready for it?
What would you do?
Even if you knew what to do, you wouldn't know what to do.
I suppose You were the last man left alive
How would you know that?
That you were the last man alive?
Well, I don't guess you'd know it.
You just... leave it.
Maybe God would know.
God would know what?
God would know what?
He knows.
If there's a God up there, he would've turned his back on us by now.
And whoever made humanity will find no humanity here.
No, sir.
No, sir.
So beware.
Did you ever wish you would die?
It's foolish to ask for luxuries at times like these.
I'm just gonna die and you don't care.
I care enough.
Ah, that's enough.
You just brought that up.
I don't know if I made that point.
I hate to burn the time I got with you on that, but we got like 10 minutes left.
It's so great to have you here.
What else do you want to add to folks?
Well, you know, you asked me about sort of my journey, and there's two things I want to say.
Number one, I really want people to understand I don't do my job differently today than I did when I was at 60 Minutes as a full-time correspondent.
You know, when I was leading the evening news at CBS, except that we are held to a higher standard now because we're scrutinized.
I mean, as you've seen, they can say whatever they want and they can report things that are wrong and they get the Pulitzer Prize for it.
And they do it year after year and they never apologize for it and they never correct the record.
And that's not the standard that I work to.
So, if anything, it's made me better.
That's number one.
But number two, I would say that I don't know, have you seen the film Into the Light, Mike Smith's film?
No, I've heard about it.
Okay, so Mike Smith did Out of Shadows, he's a famous stuntman out of Hollywood, an amazing man.
That was an extraordinary film, Out of Shadows, banned all over the place and unstoppable, right?
Millions and millions and millions of views.
And Mike did another film, he approached me about doing this film, I'm in Into the Light, and one of the things that he said You know, he wanted to demonstrate how you have all these three-letter agencies on one side, whether it's CIA, NSA, and so on and so on.
And then what do you have on the other side of that?
You have CBS, NBC, ABC.
Oh, more three-letter agencies, right?
And I could see that because William Paley, who was the original founder of CBS, you know, he was a former naval intelligence officer.
And so you can find those links, right, easily.
One of the things that Mike said to me when he was interviewing me It was about another pillar of that that I hadn't considered, which was the agencies that represent you, right?
Because everybody's got an agent.
What do you have there?
CAA, UTA, and so on.
More three-letter agencies.
So in a sense, you know, your agent operates almost effectively like your handler.
Because they're guiding you, telling you where to go, where not to go, what to do with your career, what not to do, you know, when you get in trouble.
It would be too obvious to have the CIA directly approach most people.
It's just your agent is really being told what to do.
Yeah, so that was one of those moments, you know, for me where I realized it wasn't that, you know, I spent many, I've been a journalist for more than 35 years.
That's a long time.
And I do most of my reporting firsthand, right?
If not all of it, everything that I possibly can.
But what you realize, it's not that what you saw wasn't real.
It's not that what you did wasn't real.
It's just that you were used.
Like you said about the guys in the CIA and Army Special Operations, all of it, they're Boy Scouts incrementally being manipulated.
We're all being used.
And there's a point you finally get it, you're like, I'm not used anymore.
Yeah, so I'm six months pregnant.
I'm in my office at CBS in Washington, D.C., and my phone rings, and I answer it, and it's Jim Axelrod.
I've never spoken to Jim Axelrod in my life.
David Axelrod, sorry, not Jim.
No, the Democrat party leader.
I've never spoken to him in my life, and he's like, hey, Axelrod.
How did the DNC at the time?
Yeah, he's like, hey Lara, how are you?
And I'm like, oh, this is what, 2008?
So this is before Obama was elected when he was still a senator.
And I had just moved to Washington, D.C.
from living in Baghdad.
And so I'm like, hey, and he's like, how would you like an exclusive with the boss?
And I'm like, what do you mean?
And he said, well, he's going to Afghanistan and, you know, we'll give you an exclusive.
Now, of course, I'm so stupid.
It's because, you know, I'm a great reporter and, you know, I have a lot of credibility from the battlefield and this is why they're turning to me.
No, they're turning to me because at the time, Obama had no foreign policy credentials.
Remember, he had, he was a senator, the one place where they said he was weak in the campaign was that he had not, I think he'd been on one trip abroad or something and they used me.
to give him, they used the credibility that I had from the battlefield.
That's why they chose me, not because I was such a great reporter, but because they figured that was beneficial to their campaign. So six
months pregnant, what do I do? I fly out to Afghanistan and I interview Senator Obama, and that's a funny story if you want to know.
Tell us please, keep going. Well I was six months pregnant, like I said, so I was, you know, I wanted to time it.
I had to pee at just the right moment because I knew that they were going to be strict on you.
You've got so much time for the interview.
And so I waited until they said he was on his way over and I raced to the bathroom and I just... Because you've got to pee a lot when you're pregnant.
There's a lot of pressure on your bladder.
So I just sat down and I heard his voice and I was like, So then I was like, OK, well, I'm committed now.
There's no getting out of this.
And so I hurried as quickly as I could.
And as I ripped open the toilet door, he was right there in front of me.
So I said, oh, so you're going to take a piss the whole time you're talking to him?
No, I had peed.
So I said, when I opened the door, the bathroom door, I said, oh, you got to go?
And he said, no, that's OK.
I'm good.
So my first words to the man who was about to become president were, oh, you got to go.
Well, she's not attracted to women, so it was OK.
Well, I didn't know anything about that.
I mean, I'd never met the man before.
And quite frankly, you know, after the Bush years and all the lies living on the battlefield, I was ready for a change.
I thought, oh, a hope and change.
I was the same.
I didn't back Obama, but I knew the Bushes and Republicans were evil.
Back then, I was like, both parties are evil.
I thought nothing could be worse.
And I was thinking, nothing could be worse.
And it was way worse.
Yeah, that's right.
That's exactly what happened.
You know, I mean, I couldn't vote at the time, but honestly, if I could have voted, don't kill me in your audience, but I would have voted for him.
I believed in him.
He's a great speaker.
He was promising unity.
He did the opposite.
And he was promising honesty.
And I was living on a battlefield, and I thought, we need honesty.
You can't stand... You were sick of the wars.
Who knew he'd make them worse?
I had no idea.
And actually, you know what?
I had a very good source, an Afghan-American, an attorney, an extraordinary man, and he went and met with some senior people in the Obama administration before they took office.
I won't say the names out of respect.
And he came to me after that meeting and he said, you're not going to believe this.
And I said, what?
And he said, they're going to mess this up worse than the Bush crowd. I said, "You've got to be kidding me. Please don't tell
me that." And he said, "I'm not kidding." And he explained it. He laid it out. I mean, he knew, he knew before Obama took office that they were going to get rid of Karzai,
that they were going to, I mean, they started looking for the exits before he was inaugurated.
It's so hard to end this interview.
We've got Joe Salente coming up and if you've got to go, you've got to go.
I appreciate your whole crew being here.
Can you do five more minutes with us?
Again, happy we'll find you and all your great information.
Well the rest of the story with Laura Logan on X and at Laura Logan on X and I'm also on Wimkin.
You know Wimkin?
I've heard of it.
Okay so the good thing about Wimkin is I mean the amazing thing about them is this is they're kind of like a cross between Facebook and X.
Founded by this guy Jason Shepard, very nice man.
When the January 6th Select Committee came after them for the data of all their users around January 6th, they refused to hand over that data and they fought a pretty big battle with them and they won it.
They survived it.
So it's just another example of here you have a tech company that's not sharing your data, that's not owned by the masses of big tech and what do they do?
They try to eviscerate them.
Absolutely, I'm going to read about that.
We've got a few minutes to break.
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I haven't.