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Name: 20240601_Sat_Alex
Air Date: June 1, 2024
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to InfoWars, including different classifications of mentally retarded individuals, the ongoing battle against censorship and suppression, and legal troubles surrounding his company. He also addresses suspicions about infiltration by the CIA and FBI, legal battles with creditors, and recent developments in the information war. Jones emphasizes that the fight is not just about him but about humanity standing up against oppressive forces.

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coming to you from the embattled InfoWars system in Austin, Texas.
InfoWars Tomorrow's news, today.
A public service announcement about the Democratic Party and other Satanists worldwide.
Usually, the mentally retarded are divided into classifications.
The Educable, the Trainable, and the Custodial.
Obviously, we can only assess the abilities or potential of the mentally retarded on an individual basis.
Seemingly random motions and movements are fairly common among the custodial retarded, and they may take many forms.
Sometimes there are motions which seem to have no meaning whatever, and may even cause unintentional self-inflicted injuries.
The vast majority of the mentally retarded are intelligent enough that they can be taught a great many things.
However, there's a wide range of ability, even among those considered educable.
And their ability to learn obviously varies according to their level of intelligence.
Equally important is a stimulating environment.
However, we must remember to set realistic standards that are not too high for the individual.
Many of the trainable retarded can learn to take certain kinds of household responsibilities, some of which may be more complex than they are usually given credit for.
It would be wrong to expect a mentally retarded person to become a master craftsman.
The standards are too high.
But even in the skilled trades, for example, the mentally retarded can be trained to become valuable assistants.
Who are the mentally retarded?
They are people.
They come in both sexes and in all sizes, shapes, creeds, and colors.
Wherever people live, there also live the mentally retarded.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, "I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of this, but you wanna fight?"
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, the battle to shut down Infowars has been going on really for a decade, but it intensified, as you know, in the last six years.
Tens of thousands of news articles lying about it's written, thousands of news reports conservatively.
Some days in Google Alerts, I would get 30 plus thousand articles because they would republish AP and Reuters articles attacking me in 10,000 publications.
It'd be on every local news channel, national news, everything, just total lies.
We knew it was the CIA.
We knew, and now lawsuits have been filed, and Congress is investigating, not just what happened to us, but many others.
It was set up and launched under the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act, one of the final things that Barack Obama did when he was leaving office in the Defense Authorization Act of 2017, because they do it before the next year, that was done in December of 2016.
And they used the CIA and Justice Department, it's now been declassified, listing myself, Donald Trump, And 30 plus other organizations as Russian agents, and they turned covert operations loose on us.
And we had infiltrators, the Southern Poverty Law Center successfully infiltrated, couldn't find anything, but still published their disinformation.
They hacked into the computer systems and, oh my gosh, showed me going and pouring myself a vodka and smoking a cigarette, which I do occasionally, sometimes every day.
I mean, that's the type of weird-ass crap that went on with them in the camera systems for six months trying to find something in the office bad.
And then they publish it.
I mean, you know, and notice no one even picked it up because it's so nasty and evil.
Even the media is like, my God, I mean, this is totally illegal.
And if I told you all of it, it would take five hours to even just scratch the surface.
It's been epic.
I knew their mission was to pull me off of exposing their larger operations and divert me to defending myself.
So a mother hen will sit on her chicks while a weasel slowly drinks her blood because she instinctively wants to save the chicks.
So I've had the weasels attached at my neck.
On the chicks, that is the truth, and getting it out while it's drinking my blood.
And at a certain point, we'll run out of blood and we'll just collapse over, okay?
So, I've understood this.
I knew when I signed on for this 30 years ago, I was putting my life at risk.
I'm not a victim, I'm an overcomer, and I am extremely successful thanks to God and your support.
We have changed the whole paradigm.
We are recognized by the enemy as patient zero in the massive awakening happening right now.
And that's all God working through you and your support.
It is Saturday, June 1st, 2024.
When I tell you that this could be one of our last broadcasts, I want you to listen to me very carefully.
I have worked with the system.
I have been totally professional.
I have been completely truthful.
And by the grace of God and the fact that I am a Boy Scout, when it comes to my life and finances and things, very straightforward person, like my family.
They had Justice Department investigations, criminal investigations, grand juries.
The Washington Post admitted what I've already been told.
Six different criminal investigations in the last Five years, and no grand jury indicted me for all the stuff they tried to cook up.
And I never made a big deal about it, and I didn't tell you when the FBI and the Justice Department was subpoenaing me and putting me through all of these grand juries.
I just didn't talk about it on air, okay?
But what you've seen with Trump and them cooking stuff up on him, they've tried that with me.
And DC decided, this came out in the Washington Post a year and a half ago, that Special District 2 indictment, and Merrick Garland said, no, this is too political.
This won't work.
So I was told that by the FBI, and then it was in the news.
So that went on.
Again, I'm just scratching the surface here.
I was never scared about this because I, other than speeding, which I don't even do anymore, because I love to drive fast when nobody's out on the road, I haven't had my car up to 100 miles an hour in three years.
I drive the speed limit now, like an old lady in the middle lane, because I'm just going to do things absolutely 100% by the book.
If I have two drinks, I have somebody drive me.
I went out to dinner with Mario LaFolle last night.
Just to give you an idea of my mindset.
Went out to Eddie V's with him and some of his crew.
Rob Dewey went with me.
I ordered iced tea.
They ordered drinks.
And I said, OK, I'll take a double vodka.
And I had a double vodka.
That was the first time I've been drinking in a while.
And I drove home.
I mean, I had Rob drive me home.
I actually slept here at the office.
I said, Rob, you'll take me.
Rob didn't drink.
And I said, just I'm going to go sleep on the couch.
I'll explain why in a moment.
So I slept here last night and then went home this morning to see my two daughters still live with me.
And I'm just trying to give you a feel of this.
So that's who I am.
And that's where we're at.
So, before we get Daniel Esselstyn on and cover the whole Bilderberg Group thing, and it's so important, all the big news on Trump, I want you to know what happened.
It would take two hours to explain just what happened in the last 24 hours, so I'm just going to give you a quick, basic summation, and I'm going to explain why I'm doing this, okay?
But the best way to start is to explain that We have a private security firm that's a local security firm and we've had them for six years, seven years.
We've got, you know, during the day when people are here, you know, armed guards and at night some armed guards as well.
They're great people and they do a good job and they're professional.
But I don't go around here all paranoid, you know, I'm confident but I pick up on things and I've learned to follow, you know, the Holy Spirit instincts.
So I noticed that a guard I've known for about a year, a nice guy, was acting kind of weird and running around the office and looking at me kind of weird.
And I called my lawyer and I said, is something going on?
And they said, yeah, we didn't want to upset you.
They're going to close InfoWars tonight at 9 p.m.
And they're going to change the locks.
And we learned about this yesterday, but we were trying to fix it.
And we just didn't want to give you a heart attack.
But that's what's going on.
And I said, well, why is that happening?
There's a hearing on the 14th.
There's plenty of money in the company.
Not a ton, but I'd say we've got a tenth of a gas tank.
The bills are paid, there's a few million bucks extra in there, which you need as a buffer.
Taxes are paid, and they're like, yeah.
And then they explained it to me.
And that gets into a whole bunch of issues and things that are going on.
But the long and short of it is, people that don't know how bankruptcy works, you can only go with select groups of people that are already in that court during a bankruptcy that come in and manage a company.
And none of the established people want to touch Alex Jones' infant pole.
So imagine who would come and say, oh, I'll do it.
And that's basically the story of what then happened.
There was one CRO here for about six months.
He was a very nice person, but did not understand anything.
And the company was in a good position, had plenty of money then, and did things like It's important to understand all this.
I said it would take hours.
If we've got $170,000 a week of shipping costs on $500,000, $600,000 of product being sold at that time.
Now it's half of that because of all that's going on.
They don't even buy the product anymore.
Most of it.
Then how do you, if you put it to the court that shipping will be $100,000 a week, well how are you going to ship the other $70,000 if it didn't happen?
So this is before I'm in bankruptcy, free speech is in bankruptcy, this is two years ago.
So I go and I say, fine, I'll put my money in to pay for the shipping because they didn't want to go tell the court that they'd filed something wrong.
And so for a month and a half, I put in at that time most of the money I had To then make sure the product, because we usually ship stuff a day after you order it.
People notice, you know, back two years ago, like, why is it taking, it's been a month I haven't gotten my stuff.
Well, they just wouldn't ship it.
They wouldn't pay for the postage.
You know, the money was there.
People put the postage in.
So I was like, we got to fire this CRO.
Well, the judge is so astute, Lopez.
He fires that guy.
While I'm up at the Connecticut show trial.
And I got him to give a press coverage and said, I think Lopez is the right thing.
I'm not against the last CRO, but this is bizarre.
The media spun it.
What's Jones doing giving his own money for shipping?
Well, I mean, my God, you've got to ship your stuff.
And of course, that hurt confidence in a lot of the people and hurt our overall sales because that happened.
And I get it.
So then he's gone and then We get this new guy that says, well, if I get appointed by the court, I'll do it.
And he'd done some small cases.
And I had some people in Houston that knew him.
And they said, well, he's never done big cases, but he's known as OK.
And I'm like, OK.
So they bring this guy in.
And immediately, he gets rid of all the sponsors we had, which was $12 million a year.
So he just gets rid of $12 million of advertising.
And I'm like, why are you doing this?
Well, these advertising groups and these ad agencies, they're not going to get 10%.
I go, hell, a lot of ad agencies get 30%.
I said, well, they're the ones that do it.
They get the sale.
They bring us the people.
They manage it.
That's normal.
No, we're not going to have outside groups doing that.
And I said, well, that's funny.
John Harmon, he's our affiliate relations director.
He's with all our great radio stations.
He's been here 21 years.
No, it's 22.
This is a year ago.
And I said, he's actually managed some of the in-house advertising.
And I said, he gets 5% for that on top of the salary.
He does a great job.
I said, let's bring him in as the ad manager.
I've got all these advertisers.
Let's not get rid of this $12 million that we made the year before to bring that in and fund the operation.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we'll do that.
We'll do that.
I'm like, well, you understand.
You just killed all this other advertising.
We've got one sponsor that he handles, that's the Satellite Phone Company, and there's currently in the bank account a couple hundred thousand dollars from that group.
I want to bring that into free speech.
That's something that was happening previously that was an ad that John and I had.
It was something that I was paying myself that he was being paid from.
Most of it went into free speech systems, but I would pay it into it.
And so I had meetings with him and my lawyers and the people are all there and this goes on for like six months and I go, hey, that sponsor left because we weren't going to do a deal without you agreeing.
And he goes, yeah, well, that's just the way it is.
And then I tell my lawyers about it and they go, well, we'll just file, I just filed bankruptcy.
We'll file that you've got a couple hundred thousand dollars sitting over here and that John Harman's supposed to get his 5% or whatever, and that's totally normal.
That's really low for a sales manager.
Most of it's about 10% usually.
And I filed in the court months before, hey, we've got this money, we want to bring it over here, we disclose it, sit in the bank account.
I mean, I know I'm being watched, plus I'm not a crook ever anyways.
Like, literally like a Boy Scout.
So it's filed in the court.
He doesn't even know that.
His name's Pat McGill.
He's the CRO guy.
And he goes to the court, which is got in the news.
Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, you name it.
And says, oh, I found this money just now that they were secretly holding over here, but don't worry, I fixed it, and they've agreed to give me the money.
I caught them.
So I go in there with my lawyers when they were here, and we said, hey man, they wrote notes in those meetings four or five months ago, and we filed two months ago.
You need to go public and retract that.
That's a terrible thing.
You have Alzheimer's?
I mean, I asked him, I said, are you having memory lapses here?
He said, I'm protecting you.
It's fine.
It's good.
Don't worry.
And I said, so you're not going to go retract that to the court?
It's wrong.
You know, I'd already filed with the court.
You want me to go make a stink in front of the court?
Because you just, in the news, said I was stealing money from my own company.
And this guy is like literally could be like, like, like play, you know, the bad guys in Oliver Twist or something.
I mean, this guy is like literally a street cretin, you know, slimy.
I mean, just absolutely the most light of your face person you've ever met.
I mean, it is just unbelievable.
So I'm dealing with that.
And then three months ago, I'm out there doing Tucker Carlson's show in Florida.
And I get in my email a secret filing he filed with the court.
He didn't even know that the judge would give it to me.
And I have the filing, I have it all.
And he says, Alex Jones is incompetent and Alex Jones took this money and I caught him, as I told you.
And I need to take full control of the company and I need to be able to basically fire him and all this other stuff.
And the judge immediately gives that to me, and it sends a scoriated McGill in court repeatedly.
And I didn't talk to him after that.
I talked to him one time after that with my counsel, just a few weeks ago.
And he stayed away, except when I'm on air.
He comes here about once a week, every two weeks, except for one day.
So I'm like, oh my God, you just did this again.
I mean, it's cut and dry.
It's filed with the court months before he claims this.
I have all these meetings with him, with witnesses.
And that's just one story.
There's like 50 of them.
So the judge says a week and a half ago, no, I'm not going to liquidate and shut down InfoWars.
I'm going to kick it out of bankruptcy and give it back to Alex Jones.
Which then means the state, the state courts and Judge Gware Gamble and the wild-eyed Democrats can try to come in here, but he washes his hands like Pontius Pilate and he says, you know, just, I'm not doing this.
And so there's this thing coming up on the 14th of June in Houston, the federal courthouse, I'll be there.
And we're like, okay, well, we'll see what happens there.
If we can keep it in the federal court, we can ask for it back in there and we can do some negotiations.
There's other creditors, not just the creditors from the judgments.
We're still appealing all that.
And those creditors are saying they want to keep it in federal court.
So last week, PQPR, that's my dad's company that I have nothing to do with.
And by that, I mean, I really don't make the decisions.
It's a supplement company and he sells them to us and then we sell them.
Says, well, I only learned this last night.
I was like, what the hell's going on?
They put a filing in saying, hey, we need to get it teed up, but only free speech system CRO can do it to say, we want to keep this in federal court.
When you kick it out, we want to put it back because we don't want it going to the state courts.
And they say, nope, says we're not doing that.
And don't, by the way, don't have that hearing, or I will padlock the doors with the private security company that I hired six, seven years ago, and we'll shut it down because I can't have my cash collateral challenged to have any expenses going on, even though the shopping cart's working, the warehouse in Denver's going, everything's purring along fine.
And I went, oh, but you can have security here while we're all kicked out of the building.
They can be paid.
He goes, yes, that's essential.
So it puts the company into cardiac arrest, turns the show off, the radio stations will all kill it.
Turning one of these off is like turning a nuclear reactor off.
There's a way you've got to do it.
Or you screw a bunch of people.
How is that fiduciary to just, vroom, and to turn the whole thing off and turn the revenue off and all this, all because he's about to be removed on the 14th and I'm about to be back in control of my company in the interim for the new assault.
And so because he's not going to get paid $50,000 a month to sit around and do nothing, in my opinion, he's going to then shut it down.
So let me go back to my 4 o'clock air state.
I've known this guard's been here about a year, nice guy, don't talk too much, but friendly fellow.
Walks out of my car, comes out when I get there, you know, does a great job.
And he's acting kind of like this.
And my instincts are good.
I've learned to always follow him.
And God goes, okay, they're shutting InfoWars down today.
You're not been told about this.
So I bluff him.
And I go, hey, why are extra guards coming in tonight?
He goes, how do you know that?
No, I mean, I heard about it.
I mean, I heard about how they're going to lock the doors and change locks tonight.
He goes, yeah, man, I just feel terrible.
I go, it's all right.
This is Jedi level stuff, man.
This is what God's told me.
Like, you go with it.
When I tell you something, you go with it.
I literally saw it.
I'm like, okay, now they're shutting us down tonight.
So I call up my people and they go, listen, we don't want you to have a heart attack.
I told you earlier.
We're trying to fix it right now.
But we've got to try to keep it in federal court and stuff.
And he's not saying he's going to do that.
And this is all crazy.
And I go, let me guess, you know, he's claiming there's no funds to run this, even though there are any.
They go, yeah, what, have you talked to somebody?
I go, no, I just see how this goes.
Because they don't want to be the one to shut it down.
It's like, oh, sorry, there was no money.
Even though the hearing is on Monday about extending it out another month, and the judge has already said he'd do that.
He said there's a hearing that's not even needed.
But my dad's lawyers wanted to simply put it out there that, hey, we want to get free speech systems in McGill.
It's literally like always happens.
It's just a formality to then keep it in federal court for the decision of the wind down or whatever is going to happen and you know to the plaintiff say he wants to sell the product out you want that money you know whatever you want to just shut this down.
There's that whole process and there's other people that have you know stakes in it so they get to say what they want and then it'll take you know however long six months you know whatever.
But instead, oh no, if I'm out and I'm no longer the CRO, well, I'll just make the decision before the judge to shut it down.
And so, I make some phone calls and talk to some of the people that he's called, because I don't talk to him.
They're like, well, hey, don't worry.
They're only going to shut it down until Monday.
And I said, yeah, but that hearing's not for two weeks.
Well, isn't it really two weeks?
Well, yeah.
Oh, you were told.
Yes, it is two weeks.
It's two weeks you're being shut down.
Oh, yeah, thank you.
It's just, it's a cop tactic.
You know, you just tell them what you already know they're up to, because you're smart enough to put it together and deduce it.
Then you're like, oh, I know about that thing.
Hey, we know about that dead body you buried.
Oh, God.
I'm not saying they buried a dead body.
That's an analogy.
So the only way I know how to explain this is just to explain it.
So I go, hey, guess what?
It's four o'clock in the afternoon.
I said, you guys have got two hours to tell me you're not locking the doors here.
Or, I'm going on air right now, and I guess you think the security will follow your order?
Sure, have them drag me out.
I'll call the police.
Because on record, I am still the owner under law with this type of corporation, and when McGill tried to take this place over a few months ago, the judge said, you can't do that under law.
And at the other bankruptcy hearing in Fort Worth, in the mediation, the judge told their lawyers and all of them that as well.
He is not the managing member.
He is not.
He is the manager for the court of the operation that reports back.
He's not that person.
So I said, you can't even do this.
You've got to get a judge's order.
So they say, we don't care.
We're ordering them to lock this thing.
I say, fine.
You've got two hours.
I'm going on air.
I mean, you're going to throw me that briar patch.
You did it.
An hour later, calls up.
OK, well.
You can pay $15,000, which I don't even, you know, out of my bankruptcy, you can pay whatever, you can pay to keep it running three days.
That's the cost of it.
It's really like eight, eight, nine grand for the crew and all the stuff.
And then I go, I go, okay, the call get made.
Actually, no, you're in bankruptcy.
They don't want your money.
They want your dad, who's basically out of money himself.
They want $15,000.
My dad says, absolutely.
We don't want to close that place.
We got, you know, my dad's got a debt on here, a stake on it.
Whatever happens, you know, he's, of course we'll, we'll do that.
McGill calls back up to his lawyers and says, you know what, it's $25,000 now, and you better send me an email by 7.35, 7.30, or I'm shutting it down.
It's just all like weird, you know, thug, gangster stuff.
My dad goes, sure, but does that mean it's going to go up again?
So, they didn't want me to go on air.
That's the only reason they didn't lock this place.
They thought they were going to sneak attack it and I'd come here and it'd be, you know, locked up.
And I think me talking about this, they may do it tomorrow.
And it's fine.
I'm coming here with the police.
I'm calling the police.
I've got the law.
I've got it all.
There's no judge's order.
And so I'm going to put the address out.
And I want a thousand people out here.
And because this is literally the hijacking of this operation right in front of us.
And they think because I was so nice and treated the system like, well, let's see if some court, let's see if some system isn't a bunch of crooks.
And the judge has been fair so far.
Point about Trump, black guy, really smart.
And Judge Lopez.
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And, and, I mean, this guy, I see, we're going to go to break, but let me explain something.
I was told By the people on the other side of the building, because this is the broadcast part, the other side over there is like, you know, accounting and customer service and the janitor, you know, in-house, you know, stuff like that.
They're like, man, do you know McGill is like a super hardcore woke leftist?
And I'm like, no, because you know, like, I like your politics.
I agree with you.
And I'm like, whoa, it's really creepy.
Like he come and sit down next to you.
I really love you.
Such a great person.
My family really loves you.
Behind the scenes, he's like that Jones needs to, he's going to get people killed.
He needs to be in jail.
Tell people not to take shots.
This is after all this has come out.
So he's up here two weeks ago.
He goes in John Harmon's office.
He comes in in the control room while I'm on air and goes, but I had vaccine people on he goes that he goes he he's going to get people killed.
The vaccines wonderful.
This is this place is a disgrace.
So He's been riding this for 50 grand a month while he took the sponsors away, while he fired some of our best people, while he cut us down to nothing.
Didn't fill up my contract to pay me.
Couldn't believe I stayed here.
And... I mean, I'll give my life to fight tyranny.
You think taking money away from me means jack shit?
Doesn't mean shit.
And... I'm not trying to cozy up to the establishment.
I was offered a $10 million a year contract, book deals, everything repeatedly.
I was invited to go meet with Henry Kissinger in New York City by the head of his organization in front of my producer.
The only reason I tell that story is that's the one time they didn't say it was off record.
I've sat there in Bilderberg sub-meetings.
I've gone to the meetings, not the big one, but I've gone and met with them and told them they're crazy and they should turn back.
And my security around here knows because they go on the trips with me.
They're good guys.
They've gone to the big giant mansions up to the thing with the helicopter pads and, you know, all of it.
I mean, this goes on.
This is real.
This is the level we're at.
So, I don't know what the CIA and FBI are doing behind the scenes.
We know they ran the San Diego thing in Connecticut.
The head of the FBI in Connecticut admitted he ran it and organized it all.
They scripted both trials that were rigged, where I was already found guilty before it started, and had HBO production run it with the script for both judges.
It was the same script.
So, obviously, it's 2 plus 2 equals 4.
What do we deduce is going on around here?
We already found Southern Poverty Law Center in here.
And we caught them again in the parking lot about two months ago with a compact stingray trying to get into the system, the same operative.
3 a.m.
Security goes out there and they're Parked not in our main parking lot on the neighbor's parking lot but enough to get the zone and we even went and looked at the files and there was the not just a stingray it was a hacker system trying to bust bust in trying to get into the I mean this is just it's fun folks I mean that's all I'm telling you.
So that's what's happening here and and so when I when I get up here and I say I mean this could be the last show ever do I slept here last night.
And I'm going to sleep here tonight, and I'm going to sleep here the next night because I'm going, I'm not mad at the guys, they're nice, but they want to follow their orders without a court order.
I'm going to sit there and call the police!
And we're going to have a good old-fashioned airing of this in the public, all of it.
And by the way, I didn't tell you the rest of the story, we'll go to break and come back.
With Daniel Essin, we've got big fish to fry.
I'm driving the Tucker Carlson interview.
The night before, because I flew in and had some meetings there in the Sarasota area with some people.
I'll leave it at that.
And then, uh, with some Trump people and another part of Florida.
And so now I'm back on the other side of Florida and I'm, and I'm driving the night before the Tucker interview out to where he's out on a beautiful Island in the middle of nowhere in Boca Grande.
And I've already seen hours before this report.
His filing, that I'm a horrible person, you know, committing all these evil acts and hiding money and all this made-up crap, in this environment where they're trying to indict me.
Thank God, it's all filed with the court, all in front of meetings, all completely transparent.
That's our power, is being transparent.
That's what we're doing right now.
And he calls up drunk, and I don't have a recording app, but we had other phones, so I put it on speaker, and he's drunk.
And we recorded it.
And I say, Pat, why did you file that thing again saying that we're hiding money and that I'm incompetent?
He says, I'm incompetent.
And I'm a bad person to the court.
And why do you think the judge wouldn't give it to me?
He goes, Alex, I give you my word.
That's fake.
I filed nothing.
And he says it over and over again.
I swear to you, that's not real.
Your lawyers are lying to you.
You'll hear the tape, I'm sure.
Hell, you want to hear it right now?
Maybe we'll have to rest for a while.
Yeah, you know what?
Let's just air it.
Let's air it for you.
Pat, we're airing it.
So, I'm not taking this stuff lying down, and he sits there for 20 minutes going, I love you, Alex.
None of it's true.
And I'm like, dude, you think I'm like a mentally retarded person you can gaslight?
But I'm being friendly.
I'm like, oh, I believe you, Pat.
You're so good.
Well, why do you think my lawyers told me this?
I don't know, Alex.
There's no filing.
And I'm like, well, here, let me read you the filing.
He goes, nope.
I don't know anything about that.
I'm like, well, is this your signature right here under penalty of perjury in the court?
Alex, I swear to you, that's not me.
I'm like, oh well.
Pat, thank you so much for being so truthful.
You're a very nice person.
He's like, have fun with Tucker tomorrow.
I pick up the, I mean, it's not even hard to put two together.
A guard I've known for a year, nice guy, former military guy, all of a sudden sees me in the hall and goes like, ugh, and like looks at me like, like, you tell the conflict, like, I'm like, oh, I'm getting assessed here, like I'm a threat.
Well, you guys think I'm gonna throw this guy out of here?
They say, I don't like this position.
And I'm like, hey, how you doing, man?
Shake his hand.
Go pick the phone up.
So, they're closing it tonight.
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, how do you know that?
We're, we're, we're, we're, we're, we're, we're, we're, we're trying to stop that, but yeah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
So, you know, that's how this works, folks.
And that's the reality of where we are.
It's just completely insane.
Totally and completely insane.
And I've got the federal filings.
I've got the minutes.
I've got the documents.
I've got the text messages.
All about, hey, we got a couple hundred thousand dollars over here in a sponsor.
We've paused the sponsorship because we're not going to take more money.
I'm now in bankruptcy.
I'd like to give you the money, but I'd like, you know, under my contract to get 30 percent, I need to pay bills.
Oh, just hold off on that, Alex.
It's one of my lawyers, "Just hold off, maybe, maybe."
In fact, one day he's like, "You know, maybe you just should keep that money."
And I'm like, "No, I'm not keeping that money."
He came to my office a few months before he filed the first lie and said, he's a little drunk then, he says, "Hey, you know, maybe you can have some side deals, maybe you just
keep that."
And I said, "No, Pat, that's illegal.
It's in my DIP account.
It's in, I just declared bankruptcy.
You wouldn't take it.
You just put it in my bankruptcy account with my manager and it's there.
So I'll just give you all the money."
Okay, fine.
So he goes and files a report that I've got stolen money because I tried to give it to him after I declared bankruptcy.
I mean, you think I'm going to violate bankruptcy law when I'm Alex Jones?
That's like pouring gasoline on yourself and lighting your ass on fire.
Daniel Esslin, I apologize we got to you late.
It's no disrespect.
We're on the verge of being shut down right now.
We barely stopped them changing the locks last night.
I slept here.
I'm going to play a clip, compose myself and come back.
And that's where we are.
But I just this has been outrageous.
It's open season on me.
We know it's the CIA and FBI behind the scenes.
I've got even more evidence of that.
One of the crew members walked in on him when he was on a speakerphone and they saw the name on the phone and heard what he was saying too.
So, I got a lot of intel folks, okay?
And I got all the receipts and I'm not taking this stuff.
And all I asked for from these people, I even told the plaintiffs, I said, I'll sell the rest of the product, give my crew a few months severance package when you shut the son of a bitch down.
And they're all fighting over that.
Well, we want him to make money and give it to us and just shut it down now.
I mean, this is literally being in the hands of these people.
And I am not going to sit here and be part of all this secrecy that's destroyed this country.
Speaking of secrecy, Bilderberg Group 2024 is meeting in Madrid, Spain.
Daniel Esselstyn has lived in Spain.
He's lived in Russia, lived everywhere.
He's coming up.
We really appreciate Daniel Esselstyn, the top Bilderberg expert.
We'll talk about what the secret ruling class is up to.
We'll be right back in a few minutes with Daniel Esselstyn.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas, the U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion, paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Megaton hits us of the total takeover.
We try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things integration global social score complete command and control system.
It is the virtual reality AI.
system now attacking the United States with traitors inside the major security agencies blocking Trump's resistance of the program and attempting to stop us from removing the
tentacles of the Chai Com slash Big Tech banking combine emergency situation.
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children and is against these wars, and so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones!
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction!
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and is being used against you!
Only your full understanding of this TE will break you free from this paradigm!
I have given you the transmission!
Now break free!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson, if you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
In Madrid, Spain, right now, the most powerful secretive group is being delivered.
Until about 15 years ago, they denied its existence in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the BBC.
But Jim Tucker, Daniel Esselstyn, and others intrepidly exposed it.
I was a little sidekick, but also did some decent work there.
And traveled around the world with them, exposing it.
Now the New World Order of Global Government's out in the open!
But when they were building it, they wanted you to not know about it.
So we're in a very special moment.
Daniel said he would come back on when he was on a week or so ago, as soon as Bilderberg had been meeting for a few days.
They've been meeting now for two and a half, three days.
They'll finish up tomorrow.
He's got incredible sources.
There's a lot of people inside of it who don't actually like what's happening.
There's a lot of infighting that goes on.
So Daniel is here to give us updates on this critical information.
Daniel Estelin can be found, ladies and gentlemen, at estelin.media.
And I've got his old ex-account here.
He'll tell us on air which ex-account he thinks is best for folks to visit.
He's got several.
He is a worldwide best-selling author.
His books have been translated into dozens and dozens of languages.
They're all number one bestsellers.
And we are very, very honored to have him.
He's also had the highest rated Spanish language TV program in the world on RT for three years as well.
I'm not going to go over all of his accolades and all of his background, but he's very smart.
He knows what he's talking about.
Daniel, thank you so much for joining us during this pivotal time.
Thanks, Alex.
I didn't realize you were about to be shut down, but whatever it is that I can do to help, count on my help.
Thank you.
Well, I mean, I feel honorable about it.
We've stayed the course.
We've never backed down.
We've never sold out.
It just shows they're moving against everybody right now.
But just in context, not to write myself in the story, you know, I'm not Hunter S. Thompson, but I see what's happening with Trump, with myself and others, as a real indicator that the system's going hotter against the people.
Well, if they're going against Trump, they're going to move against you as well, needless to say.
And against me and against anyone out there.
There's a dialectic out there, Alex.
And I was looking actually yesterday, it wasn't yesterday, the day before yesterday, at Trump's conviction.
All the liberal progressives, I mean, it's amazing how unhinged these people become.
What do you think would happen if you actually put a few of them in the room with Donald Trump, the locked room?
What do you think would happen?
they'd love him in five minutes there was a video that I posted on this crazy lady she actually looks like my brother she was screaming at the TV screen there
was a poor dog in the room who was going apeshit and she was screaming at the screen effing you know there's a Trump conviction is talking to somebody on
the phone taking pictures of the TV screen and I thought to myself this is absolutely insane so you know I was kind of after watching that video and a few
I thought to myself, why is it that they hate Trump as much as they do?
I mean, it's not a natural thing.
And I think, more than anything else, Alex, to the elite, Trump represents the untapped potential of the American system of economy.
You and I talked about this briefly last week, of technological progress, infrastructure development that will improve the lives of people per square kilometer of space against nature.
And I think what is absolutely clear Even for the most naive adherents of political correctness, that what is happening has nothing to do with interests of one party, of one state against the other.
It's not about the Republicans or the Democrats.
It has to do with the methods used by a collapsing empire against the emergence of a new paradigm.
The precise content of which has not yet been clearly defined, but which nonetheless represents the rejection of the system of globalization.
And so apparently this transatlantic neoliberal establishment is having a very hard time accepting the fact that Donald Trump was democratically elected back in 2016 and if given a chance will be more than democratically elected in 2024.
Because their world is coming apart as at the time German Chancellor Angela Merkel put it.
What world?
The world that is coming apart is the unipolar world.
Which is the neocons of the Bush administration put in the effect when the Soviet Union broke up.
And at that point, the neocons proclaimed the project of new American century to consolidate a world empire on the basis of this Anglo-American special relationship.
And governments that would not buckle Under, to this unipolar world, will be eliminated over the course of time brought, you know, by a policy of this regime change.
For example, color revolutions financed from the outside, as Victoria Nuland unabashedly admitted in the case of Ukraine.
I mean, the U.S.
State Department spent, what was it, five billion dollars?
But this policy also involves direct military intervention under the pretext of defense of democracy and human rights.
Again, what are we talking about?
Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan.
And naturally Russia and China were the ultimate targets of this regime change policy.
And so the European Union bureaucracy was the unnamed junior partner in this arrangement, a kind of a beneficiary of the globalization system and itself eager for this maximum imperial expansion, which they would get a piece of as well.
And so a prerequisite for membership, you're talking about Bilderberg, but this is also a prerequisite for membership in this unipolar world's establishment club.
Was naturally the adoption of the official narrative.
You have to believe what these people tell you.
Of what?
De-stabilization of democratically elected governments the world over.
And these wars, which were allegedly fought for freedom, democracy, human rights, world-based order.
And those who are target always the dictators and the demons.
And of course, the dictators and the demons are all those who are uncomfortable.
For the interests and the diktats of the global elite.
And I think what is spectacular about the operation against Donald Trump, and I want to clarify for those who are watching, okay?
Millions of people who are watching your show the world over.
I'm not a US citizen, which means I don't have a horse in the game.
I'm not for Trump.
I'm not against Trump.
But as someone who understands that Donald Trump is what the United States needs.
You're just geopolitically analyzing the facts.
So, again, what's spectacular about the operation against Trump, and I started kind of thinking about this when I watched this unhinged, insane, liberal, progressive lady in her little, tiny, horrible-looking apartment, screaming at the TV screen, effing Trump or whoever she was talking to on the screen, is that it's the British intelligence And it's American counterparts.
You talked about the CIA, you talked about the FBI and the NSA, which have operated for decades as spooks in the shadows, have now been forced to expose themselves openly.
And as you said, Alex, more than once, the empire is on the run.
And this empire is something other than the nations of the United States and Great Britain.
I'm not talking about the United States as a country.
I'm talking about the oligarchical forces exerting their power through the transatlantic neoliberal financial system, and also the military defense of the unipolar world order.
And they don't care, you know, a bit about the general welfare of the population in whose nations they happen to live.
It's a global revolution that is underway against this empire, and so the empire is striking back.
And you talked about this in your documentary, what, back in 2008?
In fact, it's a new McCarthyite, what would you call it, witch hunt that the neoliberal establishment on both sides of the Atlantic is orchestrating.
And it's because Trump has literally shelved the entire system of this unipolar world axiom that the United States has pursued since the beginning of George W. Bush administration.
So Trump's argument that one could have rebuilt the United States economy two or three times over with the six trillion dollars that was spent on the wars in the Middle East highlights the stark contrast and the elite are not too happy about this.
But this is only one part of it.
There's another thing, and again, you talked about this way back when.
In early February 2017, a month after the inauguration, President Donald Trump launched a deadly, serious war on drugs.
Drugs is a lubricant of the global economy that moves annually in cash.
950 billion dollars in cash per year.
And so on his speech in early February 2017, in a speech before the major cities police chiefs association in Washington, Trump said that the drugs scrouge was destroying the potential of America's youth and America's future and must be destroyed.
The mass drugging of the American people is a secret hidden in plain sight.
Nothing like this has existed anywhere in the world ever of this scope of this magnitude since, again, the enforced opium addiction of tens of millions of Chinese by the British monarchy in the 19th century.
And so over the span of four decades, Americans have literally consented to this deluge of drug usage.
And the responsibility for this lies at the feet of this pro-drug Wall Street establishment, the pro-drug news media, the pro-drug politicians, you know, psychiatric professions, the drug-saturated Hollywood industry.
It's an environment that has been deliberately created in which everyday drug use is seen as acceptable.
If not normal or desirable.
And so this is the 21st century fulfillment of the SOMA vision of British oligarch Aldous Huxley.
And I think that's the reason why they really despise Donald Trump.
He's not playing the game, he's not part of the system.
And Trump made it clear that 99%, speaking of drugs, of heroin enters the United States and that's produced in Mexico.
And so this is a drug business which makes a lot of money for a lot of people.
The governments, the Wall Street, the politicians, they can't get off of drugs because if they're not using it, somebody else is going to be using it.
Not the drugs themselves, but the cash from drugs finances the entire system.
And so they need that money.
Hollywood needs that money.
The media needs that money.
Banks need that money.
Because when people say that, no, it's the Taliban, I asked him, so let's imagine you have a Taliban dressed in bed sheets with slippers and a towel on his head.
He's got a bag of drugs on his head.
How do you turn that into money?
How do you turn that into influence?
Do people not understand that you use banks to launder this money too?
And what are the leading banks that are used to a lot of drug money?
HSBC, Hong Kong, Shanghai Banking Corporation.
They've been in the drug business for 200 years.
Well, Spargo, but you're right.
They go back to the British East India Company, they go back to China, they go back to the open wars.
And you're absolutely right.
So the very people bringing in this panoptagonic surveillance AI system of the social credit score claim is to protect us, but they're actually the human traffickers, the drug traffickers, they're the apex predators.
Well, the Washington and the mass media have portrayed the United States as being the forefront of the struggle against narco-trafficking, drug laundering, political corruption.
We've seen this in Hollywood films.
So, the image is of these clean, white hands fighting dirty money.
And the truth is exactly the opposite.
The U.S.
banks have developed a highly elaborate set of policies for transferring illegal funds or illicit funds to the United States from the world.
Investing those funds in legitimate businesses in the United States or U.S.
government bonds and legitimizing the profits.
And that's how the system runs.
And so they decided to legalize drugs.
The entire system would collapse before the show was over.
So they can't.
But they tell you the parallel story and that's why they hate Trump.
Okay, they're very good at making the people the stupid little you know people out there And I know you're excellent at laying out the history the system the philosophy the operation
And I want you to continue and have the floor here wherever you want to go But I'd also like you to tie it into your intel about what they're talking about at Bilderberg both what they released publicly
Which they didn't used to do versus what your intel is you've got great sources some of the best and then Where you see this going with Trump and other populists being elected everywhere because it's clear
There's a global political realignment.
It's beyond the fourth turning.
It's not just a regular hundred year cycle.
This is a mega cycle with the acceleration because of technology of a lot of mini singularities that are really endangering the very slow to respond, arrogant establishment that just thinks if it floods us with evil and corruption and infighting, That'll neutralize us, but out of that process, like pesticides on bugs, in two or three rounds of pesticide, 10% of the bugs are immune.
Then the next generation, 50%, then 90%, then at a certain point, the poison actually backfires on them.
And I think we've reached that point where a lot of people are still falling to the cultural and physical poison and the fluoride and the GMO and the 5G and the drugs.
But for a large minority, it's actually having an opposite effect.
and it was 3% started the Revolutionary War, 5% won it. I would say right now in the West 50% of people are somewhat awake, 30% very awake, 10% ultra awake. When you're talking about an equation
like that, and that's a guesstimation, they have a tiger by the tail. Do you really think 50% of the people are awake? Because I have a really hard time believing that.
I'm not arguing with the numbers.
No, no, no.
I said, I should have quantified.
You're right.
50% now know they're being screwed and know they're being lied to.
So they believe in flat earth and all this other stuff because they believe nothing now.
So you've got a lot of, you know, people that don't have... I loved your segment with Eddie Bravo.
That was so funny.
I, Andy Bravo is such a funny guy.
But anyway, that was so funny.
I enjoyed watching it so much.
He's the most entertaining fun guy to hang around with.
He's a good friend.
But he's been, I'm not putting him down, I've got head injuries too, but he's nuts.
And, and, and I love him to death.
And he's super genius on some things.
And then other things, you know, he just, he just, I don't know how to explain it.
He drives me up the wall.
We gotta get together and have some fun.
Like, not fun at his expense, just fun, because I think he's a really, really funny guy.
You asked me about, you know, some of the things that they discussed at the Bilderberg Conference.
Well, if you look at the subject matters, which, you know, they published, you know, way back when, when you and I started covering Bilderbergers with Jim Tucker, you know, God rest his soul, of course.
They didn't have any official sites, and as you know, you know, they denied the existence of these people.
Ha, ha, ha, this is not real, you guys are crazy.
And then after my book came out back in 2005, They were forced to create their own webpage, because they said, well, you know, if somebody's going to promote this stuff, we might as well do it ourselves.
And by the way, you're not just saying that.
This is important history.
Your book becomes an international global bestseller.
Tucker had been doing it decades before you and I, but he never really got any traction because he was suppressed.
But you broke out number one bestseller in a whole bunch of countries, and then they literally had to then come out and go, OK, we're real, but we're... Exactly.
That shows the power of the independent press.
And then here's my bigger question.
Well, again, it all comes down to how many people are awake.
For me, a wake-up call, really a wake-up call, was 2020 when the COVID thing happened.
I didn't realize how easy it was to basically count all the entire world population in three weeks.
that the deep state is now out in the open?
Well, again, it all comes down to how many people are awake.
For me, a wake-up call, really a wake-up call, was 2020, when the COVID thing happened, okay?
I didn't realize how easy it was to basically count all the entire world population in three weeks.
I mean, they locked up seven and a half billion people in a matter of days.
And that's something that scares the living daylights out of me, Alex.
I mean, I don't really care about the bill, the emergence of the CIA, the intelligence community.
I come from that world.
But the fact is that we're able to orchestrate this coup d'etat against the entire global population.
Terrified the bejesus out of me.
Now one of the things, again, that they're talking about at the Bilderberg Conference this year, if you look at the list of topics, I think the first two on the list, or number two or number three, I can't remember, is the future role of artificial intelligence.
So the elite have a plan.
The plan is total control of humanity, which ties in with your question.
So the question is, again, I think we talked about this a little bit last year, or a year before that.
So what's the most important impediment to being able to carry out this task?
In other words, total control of humanity, that's what they want.
Systemic control of the society by the elite.
Now, what is this systemic control and how does it work in real life?
Because the idea is, how do you control?
Because the people, okay, out there, the liberal progressives, you know, believers, okay, they're going to tell you why it's impossible, I can't agree with my neighbor who's going to take the garbage out, how are you going to get 7 billion people, how are you going to get the elite to control 7 billion?
It's actually quite easy.
Okay, it must be said that again.
We're talking about the economy and therefore politics from the earliest development of civilization We can go back to the ancient Greeks ancient Romans ancient Egyptians Thousands of years ago has been determined by what by technology aqueducts when that's technology and in fact the level of science today has become such and we're seeing it with Chad DPT that we have literally invaded God's domain and And I think today very few will disagree, okay, that we are living in the conditions of a planetary war.
And I call this stage the Cold Hybrid Pre-War Stage.
We're not at the thermonuclear stage yet.
We're almost there, okay?
We're not quite there yet.
So what do I mean by that?
It's a multi-level operation, Alex.
So, for example, the elite find a target country that they hate.
Could be Russia, could be Venezuela, could be North Korea, could be Iraq, could be Iraq, doesn't matter.
You know, you have the Hollywood movies, you have the entire thing.
And actually, it could be also the United States of America, so the war is on in the United States against America.
Against Trump's America.
Next step, phase one, apply maximum pressure on the country in question, which is a no-loud attack, a no-loud attack on all fronts.
Education, culture, economy, science, defense, security, sports, everything.
I'll give you an example about Russia.
Russia has the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world, but Russia is not allowed to go to the Olympic Games, and if they do, they're not going under their own banner.
Russia and Russian flag, Russian national anthem.
If you win a medal, you're just going to get it and go away.
Nothing is played, no anthem.
So what are we?
Are we a nuclear power?
No, we're not.
This is a hybrid war.
And it's a no-aloud attack on all spheres of society.
And today this war is underway, not only against Russia, But also against the United States.
Also against the entire world.
Those of us who want to be free.
And it's a war out on all fronts.
And we're losing this war.
We started really losing this war.
And I realized how far ahead these people are back in 2020.
Yes, we've learned.
But I think they've learned a lot more than we have.
Okay, so what phase of the conflict are we in today?
We're in the phase of preparing for the second stage of this war.
And what stage is this?
Direct slavery.
You talked about China.
We talked about the control of technology.
Well, today the situation of colonization and physical slavery has been replaced by what?
By technological slavery.
And in the past it was done via what?
Military aggression.
Today you don't have to do this.
You can do this with support of advanced technology, the telephone.
Let me give you a simple example.
What is Internet?
It's a digital Gulag under the control of Big Brother within the confines of this permanent hybrid war.
Except that I like the gulag back in the Soviet Union when the victims were whisked away at night and locked up in a concentration camp, placed behind barbed wire fences.
Today these people, they are all voluntarily happy, you know, asking authorities to be admitted to this concentration camp.
And it is they, the people of the world over, who dream of being inside this concentration camp.
Working with the government against those of us who do not want this concentration camp.
And again, we saw this during COVID.
That's technology at work.
And in Canada, in fact, well, it's on right now.
This is a, you know, a textbook case of what a concentration camp is going to look like, where the people, where your neighbors call the government and tell the government what you're doing, and you get monetary reward for that.
During COVID, for example, if you have people in the house who did not belong in the house, the owner of the house will get a $10,000 fine.
The people who came to the house, where they do not live, would get an $800 fine.
And the person who called the police on these people would get 20% reward.
And so these people, again, all of them live in this comfortable, within the confines of this make-believe world.
And these are the kinds of people who look at the screen and scream at Donald Trump, HAHA!
And also this collective degradation That we're experiencing as a society is palpable.
When you were on the Tucker Carlson Show, you guys talked about that, and it's absolutely true.
It's a world where physics and mathematics and science are considered racist subjects, invented by a white race.
And if you tell people that everything you need to know is freely available on Wikipedia, that there's no need to study, there's no need to go to school, okay, that everything is on internet, that 2 plus 2 is 22, and whoever tells you that 2 plus 2 is 4 is a racist, Why can't it be 22?
Let's do a show of hands.
It's a democracy.
Okay, boys and girls, how many of you think 2 plus 2 is 22?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
10 people.
How many think it's 4?
1, 2, 3.
Okay, it's 22.
Democracy wins.
So the next step, we're building a society absolutely dependent on this concentration camp technology to survive.
And what I was saying a few minutes ago about the need Okay, to have this informational independence to survive in this world of metasystems, which is why, again, I'm not surprised they're trying to shut you down.
Now, if you cut off access, your access to the Internet, most of these people will not be able to survive.
Because they're empty vessels.
Their brain is an empty, clueless container.
That's one thing.
And the second thing, okay, that I want to explain has to do with human cognition.
I will explain it in a way that people will understand.
I don't want to make it very complicated.
So, what we have, Alex, is a color revolution.
We know that.
We've seen it in Ukraine, we've seen it in many other countries.
Now, what's that?
This is the use of cognitive technologies to manipulate consciousness of the masses.
So, again, there are steps to this.
What do I need to do?
First, I need to dumb down the masses.
Simplify education system.
Lower everyone's IQ.
And that's what we're doing right now.
Mathematics, for example.
Last year, Stanford University Studies, you know, they said that blacks have more trouble with math than Asians or whites.
Therefore, solution, declare math a racist subject invented 5,000 years ago by some Greek racist who intuitively hated Black Lives Matter.
So math is out.
And by the way, people that don't know, math is how the cell phones work, the chemistry works, how we have satellites work.
I mean, it is the numbers of the universe.
It's like declaring the universe doesn't exist.
It's such an assault on reality.
So they're literally trying to turn the public into mindless idiots just like in 1984 where O'Brien is torturing Winston until he finally believes 2 plus 2 equals 7.
Well, that's it!
So math is out, science gone, logic cancelled, philosophy.
Well, that's the counter-sort of any scholastic knowledge.
That's triple cancelled.
Furthermore, Alex, philosophy is one of the most racist fields in the world according to the ideologues of the new normal.
Because every renowned philosopher is white, thus racist.
There's not a single African philosopher, not a single transgender philosopher, not a single declared unicorn philosopher.
Done deal!
So they teach you fake history.
They teach you fake geography.
They teach you, you know, God bless Eddie Bravo, flat earth theory, fake science.
They break up knowledge, whole knowledge, into smaller and smaller bite-sized versions of a whole universal.
And they fill your head with flat earth theories, ETs, aliens, shapeshifters.
They subjugate and substitute.
History for some invented nonsense.
And next step, you give everyone an iPhone or a Samsung phone, put up a satellite, and you can control it and manipulate the dielectric for the entire planet via mind control.
And then, well, it's a matter of the application of cognitive technology.
In other words, total government control of mass consciousness.
Control of information and through information control of the population.
Color revolutions in governments.
Thus, I can overthrow, Alex, any government that wishes to free itself and escape from the dictates of the financial world.
And it works in a very simple and exquisite way.
Let me explain it to you.
Let's take a step back.
How does the world work from a historical vantage point?
Well, this is the ideology, Alex, of Western world.
At first, long, long, long, long time ago, we had the slave owners.
There were fewer numbers, obviously, and everyone else were slaves.
And this modus operandi did not resist the test of time, and eventually the Roman Empire gave way to the feudal order.
And the slave owners were forced to share some things with the former slaves, and the system could not resist the test of time either.
And so feudalism, between the 16th and the 17th centuries, Gave way to capitalist system where each ex-slave bought a small car, a small house, a vacation to its year, whether it's in Disneyland or wherever the hell it is that they go, okay?
And that was the system.
For the very simple reason that the slaves were physiologically the same as patricians, the slave owners.
And first, they multiplied, the slaves.
Okay, second, they wanted to eat two or three times a day.
And third, they developed self-awareness, self-consciousness.
And as a result, they appeared yet another, another, another Spartacus who wanted to become a slave owner, obviously.
And the system changed again and again and again and again.
And therefore, the elite.
And that's what we're talking about right now with Bilderberg.
They have a dream.
And a dream of creating a new subspecies who possess a limited cognitive capacity, who can be easily reproducible in a synthetic and cheap way.
And let me stop you to back you up.
1932 it's published, written in 1931.
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World.
61, he published his Brave New World revisited nonfiction.
His brother is running the UN UNESCO and he says, actually, we're the transhumanist gods.
We're going to turn you into a new suboid species.
He said like three foot tall goblin creatures.
We're totally mentally retarded and controlled chemically, and that's even if we decide to keep you around.
And he gave speeches at Berkeley, and people can find a speech.
So for people to understand, this is a very long-term strategic plan, but they developed all these technologies and things.
Theoretically, knowing humans are so incredible, if they put the idea out, we would be able to incrementally build whatever they wanted, because we don't realize the power we have.
And now they're in their endgame to basically, with drugs and technology and video games as they brag, Well, you know, 3% of the population rose up against the British tyranny in the Civil War.
And, sorry, in the Revolution, back in 1776.
We're going to need a hell of a lot more people this time around.
Now, you mentioned how easy it is, and they've been planning this long term.
Today, from the point of view of the elite, for the first time in history, Alex, of civilization, We have the technology and the opportunity to create this new homo sapien, a homo aehorus.
Harari talked about this in his books.
Soros talks about this.
Musk talks about this.
With genome editing.
What's that?
Genome or gene editing is a group of technologies that give science the ability to change your DNA.
So take, for example, a woman.
That's not a very complex organ.
So, we take an artificial uterus and incubate it in the same way that you have an incubator for chickens.
And then you have artificial insemination and we genetically shorten the gestation period, okay, from nine months to however many months you want.
And you get as many of these holomechoris with limited cognitive abilities as you need.
And today's technology, we can do this.
And I want to warn those of you who are watching this and who are awake.
We, humanity, not Russians or Americans or the French, we are losing this war.
So what would we need from the elite to change the dynamics of the game?
You mentioned it a few seconds ago.
They play a long game, Alex.
Most of us plan a week ahead, maybe two weeks, maybe if somebody gets married, six months ahead.
But they plan centuries ahead.
For example, at the end of World War II, the Soviets were celebrating their victory over Nazi Germany, and they, the elite, were already meeting to create their Bretton Woods system that today is on its deathbed, and they were already preparing a dismantling of the Soviet Union 50 years later.
For example, the Dulles brothers.
One was the director of the CIA, the other John Foster Dulles.
He was Secretary of State.
And so with full coverage and financial support from David Rockefeller, they began plotting in the 1940s what we're suffering today.
They created the World Health Organization.
It is they who created it.
They created it not to heal people.
Again, the idea is not to heal people and improve the lives of people on the planet Earth, but in order to take control of the health of the entire world.
And influence it through what?
Through vaccines, big pharma, etc, etc.
It's from cradle to grave mentality.
And this was the organization founded by the Rockefeller family.
The same could be said for the Tavistock Institute, also financed by the Rockefellers.
I repeat, What's under assault, Alex, are not only our individual human rights, but the very institution of the nation-state republic from the oligarchist, massive social engineering program conducted by Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.
Now, let me ask you this.
Integrated networks of centers applied the world over since which they put together at the end of World War two And so these groups they regard us and the principles of the idea of nation-state as its axiomatic
Philosophical enemy and so Donald Trump need us to say easily fits into this equation He is the leader thus he is the enemy and we have the enemy because we are many and they need to reduce us
Now let me ask you this What's the purpose of these behavior modifications?
Well, it's to bring about force changes to our way of life and without our agreement and without ever Realizing what's happening to us. And again, what does that mean go back to your home Cove it tell me if they did modify our behavior
Please stand two by six feet away two meters away six feet away from me. Okay, don't breathe on me We got people to to do nonsensical things and fear their bodies and fear other humans to to balkanize and divide us
But in order to change mankind's behavior away from industrial production, okay, into the spiritual... Yeah, because humans can't be around each other in a factory or a farm.
They're too dangerous.
Oh, bird flu is too dangerous.
All the workers at the farms have to wear hazmat suits.
It's all creating hypochondria to bring in the robots.
Exactly, because by breaking the basic value system, what you do is extirpate the human being from his world.
And this is very easy to understand.
It taught us not to, like, work as much and take more time off.
They're spinning it like working life is good, but instead, you're on the phone, you're being programmed, and humans are being removed out of the equation to collapse the old human-based civilization, which is their main mission.
Undermine the military to make the human military collapse.
And people say, well, that's just the future.
No, no, no.
It's like, uh, Sylvester Stallone put a video out a month ago.
I meant to play it.
See if you guys can find it.
And he goes, listen, you know, Basically, are you going to put us on a respirator because it's easier to not have to breathe yourself?
That's the logical extension of people wanting everything done for them is making yourself obsolete.
It's not making yourself in luxury.
It's how they told Chinese emperors 3,000 years ago in several dynasties, you can look it up folks, that elites don't walk.
they've got to be carried. And so they would bind the empress's feet, because the emperors didn't want women that could even walk. They'd have foot-long fingernails and
couldn't feed themselves. And so to control the royal line of women, the women had their diapers changed their whole life, had bound feet and couldn't walk and foot-long fingernails, so they
couldn't feed themselves. And everyone told them how beautiful and amazing they were, because they weren't allowed as non-royal servants to have long fingernails. And these people in a caste system,
not of the lower caste like India, but the highest caste, being like a bug creature that was totally controlled, they're now externalizing that down to the general public.
Well, again, and not only that, Alex, but they're destroying families.
You've talked about this quite a bit.
And so in today's neoliberal Western world, how are they destroying families?
Well, children are more important than parents.
Hold on, hold on.
I'm sorry.
That's why I'm going to shut up because everything you're saying is so true.
Go back to the thought I interrupted you on about how they're trying to dehumanize us, remove us from the system, and then continue.
Go back to your original thought, and then I'm going to shut up for five minutes.
Well, I think this is also a key point.
Again, by breaking the basic value system, you extirpate a human being from this world, and this is very easy to do.
And then the next step, you take individual freedom to absolutism, destruction under the slogan of state sovereignty, sovereignty that is only a force that ensures the protection of society, protection of its values, the balance between human rights and freedoms.
I repeat, the elite have managed, okay, to break this balance.
In other words, if you're talking about families and children, okay, this is the next step.
The authority in general, and the parents in particular, is purposely being destroyed.
And you can see the consequences of this policy just by looking at the United States.
So you have this absolutization of personal freedoms, and that becomes this ledgehammer that, under this motto, destroys the sovereignty of the state and the people, not the elite.
Who are destroying America.
Don't understand what they're doing.
They think it's about freedom, democracy, human rights.
Oh, you're destroying the family, which is the cornerstone of society.
They don't understand that the state is the only instrument.
That can guarantee the rights and freedoms of these people.
And this is too, is a meta-system designed to destroy us.
And then once you have destroyed the system, well, you can do whatever you want.
And simultaneously, what are we having?
We're having declining fertility.
56 million children aborted each year in the world.
56 million children!
You have this incessant propaganda from organizations funded by Bill Gates and George Soros, for example, Child Free Family.
If you look at their, you know, guarantee statement, that's a hundred million dollar funding that these people are getting from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at George Soros.
A hundred million dollars a year to make sure you kill as many children as possible.
And the vaccines, well, they're not vaccines without that.
And they're not there to save you from COVID, but a vital element.
Of this reformatting of the New World Order as per the needs of the elite, because we have reached the limits of growth within this Bretton Woods economic model.
And this is being done, needless to say, on purpose.
So the idea is, again, we need to wake up.
We need to see the big picture.
It's not about, you know, little tiny bits of knowledge.
It's about seeing the big picture, how all of this stuff fits together into a general scheme.
What's their objective?
They're talking about this at the Bilderberg Conference, at the Trilateral Commission Council on Foreign Relations, PNI Circle, all kinds of, you know, Davos.
They're telling it to you in black and white.
You see the reports, you can read them.
Okay, Van der Leyen, you can see what they say in European Commission forums.
They're telling you outright, to your face.
And that's what people, I think, a lot of the times don't understand.
They think secrecy is about, you know, four old geezers meeting in a dark room.
A real conspiracy is always an open conspiracy.
Wells talked about this in his book, which he published back in 1928.
Open conspiracy.
They're telling to your face what they're going to do.
And that book was, that book was things to come.
Keep going.
It's a very masonic thing.
In other words, they tell you what they're going to do to you.
It's a game.
Then they kill you.
They tell you how they're going to kill you and then they kill you.
But the fun part is they're telling you to your face what they're going to do to you and you don't believe it, needless to say, because you think a conspiracy is some, you know, thing behind seals and secret orders.
It's open.
Every conspiracy is an open conspiracy.
And Bilderberg is not a secret society.
It was a secret society.
We wouldn't know about them not even a hundred years from now.
It's a private organization which, you know, back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, And even in the 80s, it was important because it's kind of a mid-level organization between those who make decisions, okay, and those who pass decisions on to the people.
And so that was the Bilderbergers' role.
But still, it was important.
Today it's less important because the entire global liberal order is on its deathbed.
And because they don't have a language to explain what's coming around the bend.
Language, I don't mean English or Spanish or French.
The language to explain to people what the world is going to look like in the near future.
That's why they've got Hillary and the rest of their false prophets trying to give us the future, that the future's not humans.
So we just accept it and acquiesce instead of saying, "No, we have a decision and a determination to make."
And I want to go back to what you were saying, and I said I wouldn't interrupt, this is totally genius.
It's at the heart of all of this.
You mentioned that woman earlier, celebrating... - Rinaldin.
And we'll play the clip.
Celebrating Trump being convicted.
She really thinks she's with the establishment.
She thinks she's winning.
She thinks she's moral.
They're literally poisoning her.
They're dumbing her down.
They're killing her, and she thinks this predatory system is Is her friend, though we could show her the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, we just did, saying we're gonna kill everybody, the future's not human, looking forward to the end of humans, there'll be no humans in 2047, you've all know Harari, and they're not some crazy guy under a bridge, they are the high priest of this cult, telling you this, and they're doing it, and they've killed 22 million with the poison shots and growing, and people see that and they go, oh come on, Daniel Esselstyn's crazy, but you were telling them decades ago, I was telling them decades ago when it was in their white papers,
And they said, oh no, it's not true.
What changed when they just suddenly went, yeah, we're going to kill everybody?
Isn't that loving?
Well, again, you said something quite interesting, that this woman thinks she's part of the establishment.
I think she thinks that her life is going to be much better if you kill Trump.
That's the long and the short of it.
You know, look at Robert De Niro.
Okay, totally unhinged, yelling and screaming, spitting at the people, effing the people who are saying to them, hey, you know, you washed up loser.
Okay, making a speech in front of the courthouse saying that, you know, New York is his city and Trump shouldn't be there and without Trump.
So again, these people actually believe.
And the point is, at what point were they made to believe?
And I think, again, it goes back to the campaign itself.
Okay, because Trump represents an alternative model.
Brazil, you have two models.
Again, Trump, I mean, the United States is not a homogenous country.
It's a country divided on itself.
On the one hand, you have liberal banking financiers, and on the other hand, you have the nationalists, so you have the MAGA people, make America great again.
They're not Nazis, they're not fascists, okay?
These are the people who love their country.
Okay, and so Trump, the idea of Trump's idea, you destroy the entire liberal global system, okay, and you survive at the expense of the global system.
And the global financial liberals, we talked about this last week, We'll talk about the Rockefellers, we'll talk about all of these, it doesn't matter, these JP Morgans.
They may have an American passport, but they're not American.
They're globalists, and they're in the United States and New York, because that's where the money is.
They see humans as spare parts.
They see humans as only having a value until they get their cloning perfected, which is close.
So the end of the human era is over, because the globalists are playing God of Decide What It Is, and we have to decide, is the human era over, or are we going to wake up to the fact that we're stating?
Well, again, it's up to us, because many of us, unfortunately many of us, again, people are saying, no, this is 7 or 8 billion people, and 99% of the people are with us, and 1%.
Let me ask you a question.
If you have a lion, and if you have, on the one hand, you have a hundred sheep, who's going to win the fight?
The lion.
A lion or a hundred sheep?
The lion.
Well obviously, so the whole point is that these people again, they understand they have a plan.
And their long-range plan goes back hundreds of years, and they've been at it for a long time.
Well Huxley said in '31, we're going to make, and he was re-quoted by Bertrand Russell, we're going to make resistance to the elite as ridiculous as mutton having an uprising
against wolves basically.
So sheep uprising against wolves.
They're saying it isn't in the nature, it isn't there.
And so there's Huxley saying we're going to make the public love their servitude and defend their enslavers.
Well, again, yeah, absolutely.
So the idea, again, is like the idea that Trump's idea, again, Trump is a face.
Trump is not a person.
He's a face of one part of one of the global projects.
The idea is you have a nationalist, isolationist, industrialist.
These are people behind Trump.
Okay, the idea is make America great again at the expense of this global liberal order.
They can't do it by themselves.
And back in 2017, the whole point was that Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, and Putin would get together, and Modi, India, would get together and create a system.
They would work together to destroy the liberal banking order.
It's not because Trump works with Putin, or Putin has, you know, some secret information along Trump.
No, it has to do with the fact of survival.
You need to survive at the expense of the global liberal banking finance.
Yeah, the Russians don't want to end the human system, and neither does Trump.
Putin likes the human system, and so does Trump.
That's the crime.
Well, that's the idea.
So the idea is, there's not enough space on the planet Earth for these two models.
The idea is you can only expand infinitely as long as there's place to expand to.
And so, before you had two models.
If you go back to the 19th century, you had four models.
You had the London model, you had the Prussian model after the war with France, you had the American system, and you had the Japanese system.
Okay, which is always the continuation of the emoji model going back to 1868.
And at the end of World War II, these four models became two models.
You have the Western capitalist model with the United States, the dollar system, human rights, free speech, private property, and the dollar system.
And on the other hand, you have the Soviet model, the socialist model with Warsaw Pact countries, common good, etc.
And by the way, everything you're saying is absolute fact.
The Carnegie Endowment that really runs the CIA, it's on record, their job after World War I, they said, was to comfortably merge, by the end of that century, so they're behind a little, the Soviet or the Communist model with the Western model, and so we've been in that dialectic since then.
Exactly, and so you have these two models, and the United States and capitalist world control 60% of the global system and the Soviets control 40%.
And then in 1991, when the Soviet system collapsed, It didn't collapse.
I want people to understand this.
It didn't collapse because socialism is worse than capitalism.
Because I want to remind you of something else.
Back in 1991, the Soviet Union was growing 11% per year, and its global GDP was higher than America's today.
Just so people understand, it collapsed.
Look at how the Russians could out-produce the U.S.
and all of NATO, 3 to 1 with artillery shells.
So the idea is that you have a system, okay?
And you're going to expand at the expense of someone else.
So the United States, who control 60% of the world economy, in the 1970s came to the limit of that space and they needed to expand.
And the only way they could expand would be at the expense of the Soviet Union satellites.
And the same thing with the Soviet Union satellites.
The only way that they could expand their system would be at the expense of the capitalist West.
The Soviet system collapsed first.
Why did it collapse?
Because the people who ran the system within, the bureaucracy, wanted to become the owners of the country.
Because in the Soviet Union, we were all owners of everything, the people.
And the only way you could actually have private property and be a billionaire is if you could steal.
You could only steal if you could dismantle the country from within, which is what was done.
And so the West was able to expand the Soviet space into Warsaw Pact space between 1991 and 2007, which is 40% of the world.
But it expanded very quickly, because capitalism is a very dynamic model.
But in 2007, the capitalist world The elite came up with the same problem we're seeing right now.
They expanded into a space and they were no longer able to expand because the world is finite space.
And then in 2008 we had the Lehman Brothers, we had the subprime crisis, they call it that.
It wasn't that, it was the beginning of the end of a model.
And now we're coming to the end of the model.
The problem again, going back to what I said earlier, That they have no language, Alex, to explain exactly what's coming around the bend.
By the way, is Orwell obsessed on that?
How they would intentionally dumb down the language, then bring in a new language that's even dumber, and then the globalist controllers have their own actual language?
Well, exactly.
Of course.
But the point is that the biggest problem for them right now, for the global elite, is to define what the world is going to look like.
And that's what they're trying to do.
One of the key things that they're discussing at the Bilderberg conference today, yesterday, the day before, is what is this world going to look like around the corner?
Because again, what we're seeing right now, and I've said this several times in previous interviews, if you kind of Look at the world history as a linear progression.
What we're seeing right now has only happened twice in the last 2,000 years.
The first time, between the 4th and the 6th centuries, when the Roman Empire collapsed and feudalism came about, and then about 1,000 years later, between the 16th and the 17th centuries, feudalism collapsed and gave way to modern capitalism, which today, in its current form, is on its deathbed.
So the problem is today... So they're murdering the Renaissance and replacing it with a planned dystopia?
They don't know what to replace it with.
That's the problem.
They don't have a language.
By the way, I told you, when I met with Bilderberg Group members, and I know you have as well, they literally asked me, what do you think we should replace this with?
They admit the crisis is the new system, and now their technocracy is not working like they thought, even though the public is still mainly asleep to how bad it is.
That's why I have optimism, because even within the establishment, they're not even trying to get me to join them now.
They're literally saying, yeah, we agree this is not going to work.
What should be done?
So you're as smart as I am, or smarter.
They're going to watch this.
What would you say to Bilderberg?
Well, again, they need to define a model, and they don't have the language to do that, because their model is based on infinite expansion.
So that means that there's no one in the West No one in the West who can explain what the model is going to look like.
There's something else I think, Alex, which we need to discuss.
Experience shows that during periods of social unrest, natural disasters, we're seeing extreme social unrest the world over.
You have natural disasters and epidemics occur.
For example, the Black Death.
You know, plague epidemic preceded the crisis of the long 16th century, that's right.
And so in the midst of this great migration of people in the 6th century, another plague epidemic broke out in the weakened Byzantium and indirectly also contributed to the Muslim conquest of the West.
Or we could talk about the 20th century and the 1919 Spanish flu, which claimed more lives than World War I. Or we could talk about AIDS, which began together with globalization.
And in the literal sense, the word globalization appeared the same year as the AIDS virus back in 1983.
So in general... Which is what they said in Bilderberg documents that have leaked, Club of Rum documents and public North American Union meetings in 2006 in
Banff Canada. They said the star in our crown, how we're gonna get all this, is using virus fear to unify the world around a single authority which they now
admit with the UN treaty that's now failed for now. And then we have Operation Lockstep 2011 saying all of this. And people ask how I predicted, how we
predicted, how you predicted. They admit this like we're animals and can't even read what they're saying they're doing. And then seeing what they said
they do 50 years ago they basically did. They are not in full charge but they're they're getting there. You know it's impossible to predict the impending
crisis and also the formation of this post-capitalist system. I think...
Without taking into account natural and also climatic factors and natural shocks, and naturally I'm not referring to force majeure and unpredictable phenomena such as the impact of an asteroid from space, but to a completely cyclical phenomena well-known to geologists, paleoclimatologists, whose time, moreover, is about to arrive.
Let me give you an example.
First of all, this is the end, we're living right now, of a three or four century period of relative geological calm on the planet Earth.
What I'm saying right now, people may not know, okay?
It's not as sexy as talking about Bill Burr, but the elite certainly know this.
And so, according to experts, Alex, from the middle of the 21st century, which is like about now, we have a new cycle of geological activity.
Now we talk about volcanism, earthquakes, natural disasters, and volcanism as a rule becomes the trigger of what?
Of cold periods and biotech crisis.
And the peak of this geo-activity will occur in the 22nd century.
In other words, that's the first point.
Second point, every 12 to 15,000 years, the poles Okay?
And the tilt of the Earth's axis shift, often causing serious natural disturbances.
And so the last time this happened was about 15,000 years ago.
And thirdly, the geological history of the existence of human races built in such a way that out of every 100,000 years about, 100,000 years, 85 to 90,000 years belong to the Ice Age, and 10 to 15,000 years to time.
So our post-Neolithic civilization is completely related to the global thought, and it's a product of this interglacial period predicted, okay?
Not a small one, but a big one.
And of course today's humanity is not the same as 10 to 15,000 years ago.
We have incomparably greater access to information, energy potential, but But this potential also has a destructive component, creating greater dangers than the Stone Age.
And we're seeing it right now.
You know, the thermonuclear war could start at any moment.
And of course, global cooling can become a powerful stimulus for further human development.
Or, on the other hand, it may end all life on the planet Earth.
In any case, the superposition The wave resonance of these three geoclimatic shocks or triple social crisis can become a super test for humanity.
In fact, the footsteps, Alex, of this impending crisis can already be heard from the rate of extinction of animals and plants on the planet over the past 30 years.
We have already entered this era of global catastrophe.
And the polls are already moving quickly, looking like scientists' mainline agreement is about to ship.
Maybe this year, next year, ten years.
We don't exactly know because it varies.
So let's pull back for a moment.
The CIA director, eight years ago, gets up and says, we're controlling the weather, it's a giant secret program, we've got secret treaties, we really can't tell the public, like we're animals.
Then they go out and say there is no geoengineering going on.
So they just ignore us like we're little kids at the little table at Thanksgiving, while they're over there making all the decisions and trying to get control of the weather in a position ahead of this to secure their future.
I mean, it's all right there, and I just want the public to start thinking like adults, and stop reading science fiction, and stop mindless entertainment, and like you said, all this fake conspiracy stuff, you know, about, you know, reptoids, and Flat Earth, and, you know, oh, you know, we didn't build the U.S.
Capitol, it was built 3,000 years ago, all this insane horseshit, instead of the real stuff that's happening now in front of our eyes.
Let me tell you, Alex, the real reason why they're after Russia.
Okay, so that people understand.
It has nothing to do with Putin.
It has nothing to do with democracy, human rights, liberal freedom.
It has nothing to do with that at all.
For us, the situation is very complicated.
And it's complicated by the fact I was about to say, just to show we're on the same page.
and disasters. We're talking about a country that has, you know, if we consider it with 2% of the world's population, Russia controls one-eighth of
the land. I was about to say, just to show we're on the same page, not to, you know, it's the biggest country in the world, more resources than Africa, and it's got
really smart people, and so it is the future. Including freshwater, then obviously a weak Russia turns out to be a target for the global elite.
That's what it's really all about.
It's a plum.
It's the biggest plum.
They're already exploiting Africa and they want to exploit Russia.
Yeah, exactly.
Whereas Trump just wants to make a deal and so does General Flynn, where we should now work with a capitalist Russia in an alliance that would dominate the world for freedom and have all the resources we needed.
There's a thing, Alex, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, that at the end of the 19th century, in fact, the West sent Russia, let's call it a black mark, and it was called the Berlin Law Conference of 1884, which established the principle of, listen to this, effective occupation.
What does it mean?
If a country cannot adequately extract raw materials from its territory, then that country is obliged To allow more efficient and developed countries to exploit them.
And formally this was said of the Afro-Asian countries, but it also referred to Russia, which was becoming increasingly dependent on Western banks.
We're talking about the Tsarist period.
So now the situation is repeated this typographically under the banner of globalization, transnational corporations, and they were actually doing that back in the 1990s when Russia was destroyed in a period known as the Rape of Russia.
And so again, returning to the privatized world, we observe that it is the ideal victim for the crisis, especially a crisis that combines on the one hand social, also natural characteristics.
And so privatization, going back to the 1980s, has facilitated on the one hand social collapse, which is an integral part of the crisis we're seeing right now, and its negative consequences.
of this matryoshka nature which is nestled all inside a nestled doll have clearly become not fully calculated by those who decided that Russia is the
next country that should be destroyed but having solved their mid-term problems or medium
term problems the elite aggravated global long-term problems and consequently of the elite itself which is uh
increasingly today less capable of thinking geo-strategically and I agree I want you to continue with geo-strategically but this is key
Russia has a small population and a and a GDP the size of California but its potential is again even bigger than Africa that is the second greatest
uh potential is already being exploited But the other reason I hate Russia is Russia has an identity, and it's not giving up on its patriotism, and the globalists have to get rid of any powerful national identity in the way of globalism.
And this is all very simple stuff I'm stating, but that is why they are so angry.
And Russia now understands the plan, understands the system.
I go on national Russian TV, explain it all to their top poster, nodding, yes.
I go, hey, I know the West wants your resources and doesn't want to pay you for it.
I'd like to, you know, I'd like America to be free.
I'd like to work with you, you know, basically like in a marriage for a pro-human future, space exploration.
We need that.
We need that desperately.
But instead, to finish your point, and then I want you to speak, and I've got to leave in about 15 minutes, I want you to speak to How you think we do reach out a to the elites and get them to realize they're failing and they should really get off their plan.
I think some are listening because some kind of went along with it to make money and power or board into it, but they're really figuring out this is not going to work versus that.
And then do we focus on the proletariat more or do we try to focus on the elite?
Because I found personally Behind the scenes now, they're not trying to like co-opt me by saying I'm smart, they actually know I got a bunch of people listening to me and I actually have thought about all this, and they think I'm right that it's going to fail just like you're right, that they could be sold on some way to phase out of this.
Because I don't want to kill the globalists, I don't want a big war, but they're going into that.
But I'd rather have them come to their senses, and a lot of them are pedophile satanists, but a lot of them are just going along.
So that's a lot right there, Daniel, go ahead.
Well, again, the point is, Alex, is that one of the reasons we're seeing the resistance against Trump, going back to what we talked about in the beginning, is the fact that, no, if Trump wins, a lot of them are going to be killed and most of them are going to be in prison.
Okay, so it's them or us, they're saying.
Okay, there's no other way out.
You can't divide the system and share because these people don't understand.
It's like David Rockefeller, when he talked about sharing and people saying, oh, bravo, David Rockefeller, humanitarian, let's share.
No, he wasn't talking about sharing his infinite wealth with you, you moron.
He was talking about taking whatever it is that you have and dividing it amongst his buddies.
That's what sharing to them means.
By the way, they admit that in the UN treaty failing, that the third world country leaders wanted a share of the depopulation money, and that they didn't get it, so they didn't get it.
It came down to, they didn't share enough of the bounty to kill people.
Well, you know, we're seeing it right now.
I mean, these plans are out in the open.
They're out in the open.
They're talking about dividing Russia into 10 different territories.
This isn't now.
This goes back to the 1970s.
But then, when the Soviet Union collapsed back in 1991, it was out in the open.
Divide the country into 10 different regions.
Get these regions to fight each other.
That's the whole idea.
And that's why the globalists are all for the civil war in the United States.
Just make sure that you, the Americans, understand this.
They love the idea of civil war.
It's not that they hate the civil war because the right is going to win.
No, they love the idea of civil war.
Because you get everybody to fight each other, and you can sell them guns and butter at the same time, you can reduce the population, which is what's being done right now in Ukraine.
Because the Ukrainians fighting the Russians are the same people with the same race.
And they speak the same language, and they talk the same way, and they say the same obstinate as the Russians are, which is why Russia is having such a hard time.
Because they're willing to die.
For whatever it is that they believe.
And something that the West will never be able to do.
And which is a genius plan, get Russians to fight Russians, and they're going to continue to exploit that down the line, and they know that's the stated NATO goal.
Alex, they're doing the same thing in the United States.
That's why I make sure that Americans wake up.
The idea is that Trump could be a catalyst to stop this.
Now, he made a big mistake back in 2020.
Now, again, I'm not promoting war and violence.
But Trump, when he lost or had his election stolen from him, he should have said, up to the barricades, let's go after these people.
They're trying to destroy our country.
The problem was he was completely surrounded by traitors.
All the real people got pushed out or left.
He was literally surrounded by traitors and was giving orders and they weren't following him.
The same could be said for Putin.
Putin has been in power.
People are saying, why is Putin doing this?
Because he's surrounded by traitors.
Putin became President at the end of 1999.
He's been President or Prime Minister for the past 24 years.
Okay, why isn't he doing this or that?
Why can't he get rid of the Director of the Russia Central Bank?
It's like a Nabiulli, that's an equivalent to Powell.
Why is the person responsible, solely responsible, for the 300 billion dollars Of Russia's wealth in the West, which is being taken from Russia, still the Director of the Russia Central Bank.
Why hasn't she been killed or imprisoned?
Because she works directly for the International Monetary Fund.
I'm going to say this again, in case people didn't understand what I said.
The Director of the Russia Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, she doesn't work for Russia.
She works directly for the International Monetary Fund.
Which is why in 2015 she was named the world's banker.
Not because she works for Russia, okay, but because she did everything in her power to destroy the country.
And so if Putin were to eliminate her, kill her, bury her, fire her, or imprison her, the International Monetary Fund immediately would write a letter saying that the new director of the Russian Central Bank is an incompetent boob, and thus Russia's credit rating would go down to junk.
And because private corporations could never have a higher credit rating than a sovereign government, the entire system, because we're living in a globalized world, will collapse onto itself.
And that's why Putin, without the permission of the International Monetary Fund, cannot get rid of the person who has done so much harm and damage to the country.
Could be set for so many other people within the country has begun the process of a stalemate just like America He's completely surrounded. They needed a war Alex. They needed this war. They call it special military operation
They needed a war to cleanse the system of itself and the same who should have been done the same Should have been done in the United States after Trump had his election stolen from him in the same
That's why Putin took he's smart. He took the NATO beta for 10 years of provocations Knowing that even though this is gonna kill a lot of people
Existentially Russia's done if he didn't galvanize Russians to the threat betting on Russians again, like with Hitler and Napoleon to rally Well, the reason that the reason that it took Russia again, people are saying why didn't the start back in 2014?
With the Maidan, why didn't Russia invade then?
Because Putin realized and the people around him, they realized that they had started the war.
These 20 or however many thousand sanctions that the West has imposed on Russia would have destroyed the country because Russia was not ready back in 2014 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 19 or 20 or 21 to go to war with the West.
They would have taken over Ukraine without, you know, literally a matter of days.
But then what?
Our economy would have been destroyed.
Russia's economy and by the way, that's why Putin said I'm doing a limited military operation I take this area and I'm gonna demilitarize and sap them because he didn't want a quick war
He's actually giving Russia the long war. I that's what I've been thinking. Is that what you're saying?
And that's why it's kind of mean he did, he did sacrifice their very worst troops, you know, that they did in the first, other than air people, they threw in literal cannon fodder to then draw the Ukrainians out, kill their best, while killing, I mean, it's total war, it's what generals do, folks.
People talk about generals and they're all whatever.
Generals all the time sacrifice a smaller group for the larger victory, and Putin did that.
Well, you know, going back to the United States, you said that, you know, Putin, Trump was surrounded by traitors.
Yes, he was.
And the only two people that he had, the only two people that he had he could count on were General Flynn and Steve Bannon.
And they were gone within weeks of him, you know, becoming President of the United States.
And so the deep state ran the country.
They ran it.
He would sign executive orders and they would throw it in the trash can.
The same could be said for Putin.
It's copy and paste out.
The same situation in Russia.
There are orders being given right now, okay?
There are orders being given by Putin, which the liberal banking financiers, and there are too many of them still in the government, and they pretty much control Russia's economy.
They're not following orders, and the same could be said for the United States.
So the problem going back to the United States, the global elite, they want war.
Hold on, stand there.
We're going to come to the final conclusion.
Stand there, Daniel.
I'm going to take a quick break, take a three-minute break.
You mentioned that lady earlier that was totally celebrating.
The average of these middle midgets, they're so sad, that are probably half the country How do we reach them?
I'm going to ask that question when you finish.
The big issue of war, where your predictions are, where we're going.
But let's first play a little PSA about the Democrats and the puppets they have.
And then we'll play that clip when we will be back in three minutes with a conclusion of the amazing Daniel Esselstyn.
And Daniel, budget a few minutes because your books are incredible.
Four or five of them.
They're number one bestsellers worldwide.
We'll do a big plug.
People need to get Daniel Esselstyn's books.
They are the best out there to understand this.
Trans Evolution, all of it, he wrote years ago.
It's not even more important today.
It's evergreen.
Let's play these clips.
We'll be right back with Dan Lesslin.
The educable, the trainable, and the custodial.
Obviously, we can only assess the abilities or potential of the mentally retarded on an individual basis.
Seemingly random motions and movements are fairly common among the custodial retarded.
And they may take many forms.
Sometimes there are motions which seem to have no meaning whatever, and may even cause unintentional self-inflicted injuries.
The vast majority of the mentally retarded are intelligent enough that they can be taught a great many things.
However, there's a wide range of ability, even among those considered educable.
And their ability to learn obviously varies according to their level of intelligence.
Equally important is a stimulating environment.
However, we must remember to set realistic standards that are not too high for the individual.
Many of the trainable retarded can learn to take certain kinds of household responsibilities, some of which may be more complex than they are usually given credit for.
It would be wrong to expect a mentally retarded person to become a master craftsman.
The standards are too high.
But even in the skilled trades, for example, the mentally retarded can be trained to become valuable assistants.
Who are the mentally retarded?
They are people.
They come in both sexes, and in all sizes, shapes, creeds, and colors.
Wherever people live there also live the mentally retarded This is idiocracy cause
Can a convicted felon run for president?
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Trump was convicted on 34 counts dude!
This idiot has no idea that Trump's literally trying to fight for her standard of living, trying to turn the energy on, trying to stop the inflation, and she's literally cheering for her own destruction.
This is mind control.
This is Stockholm Syndrome.
Oh my God, I can't believe it.
She literally thinks she's winning.
He wants to probably be the future.
I don't want that.
I feel like I'm with the establishment.
I'm a winner.
Daniel, I just want to know you got to go take care of family here in a minute.
We really appreciate you.
I got to get to my kids as well.
We appreciate your time on this Saturday.
We got ten minutes left.
You got the floor on war and you're such a gentleman.
You never plug your best-selling books.
People need to read them.
They need to get them.
So, Daniel, you've got the floor in the last ten minutes.
Well, you know, again, going back to this individual, whatever her name is, I mean, this is a poetry motion.
What we're seeing, Alex, is an individual who doesn't understand that the elite, the same people that she supports, not that she's the elite, she's a nobody, she's a totally great unwashed.
But the fact is that she thinks that by destroying Trump, by putting him in prison, it's gonna make her life better.
She doesn't understand that the people who are putting Trump in prison are the same people who are trying to get the United States into a thermonuclear war with Russia.
Which means the destruction of the entire human race.
She doesn't understand that.
And that was, again, like, you know, a couple of days ago, we, we, uh, the Bilderbergs were talking about the, you know, the Bilderberg plan to destroy Russia.
And nuclear was a big part of it.
It's a big part of what the people are trying to do.
And then Medvedev, okay, who at the time was Prime Minister of Russia and now heads one of the key Institutes of Russian Federation.
And a lot of the times, he says things that Putin, the President, due to his status, cannot say directly.
But if you read what Medvedev says, and we have to, people have to understand that this isn't some clown talking nonsense.
No, he's really a Putin surrogate.
It's Putin saying it.
This is exactly, this is Putin saying it.
So it reads clearly that if the escalation increases, We will also strike with tactical nuclear weapons.
Okay, he said, Western countries that allegedly approved the use of their extended-range weapons on Russian territory must clearly understand the following.
He said, number one, that all their military equipment and specialists fighting against us, okay, will be destroyed, both on the territory of Ukraine and on the territory of other countries, if attacks are carried out on Russian territory.
And he said that Russia proceeds from the fact that the long-range weapons in the Ukraine is already directly controlled by military personnel of NATO countries.
This is not military assistance, he said.
This is direct participation of NATO alliance in the war.
And NATO, he said, will have to decide how to qualify the consequences of possible retaliatory strikes on equipment, facilities, military personnel.
We saw that a couple of days ago.
Okay, when the Russians can drown, killed, what was it, 200, 300 foreign French, Polish, German, American military personnel instructors.
And I think Alex, in all likelihood, NATO leadership wants to pretend that we're talking about sovereign decisions of individual states of the North Atlantic Alliance to support the Kiev regime.
Okay, but we understand that that's not the case.
And these are very dangerous and harmful misconceptions.
Because as Medvedev says, such individual assistance, and he put it quote-unquote, from NATO countries against Russia, be it controlling their long-range cruise missiles or sending a contingent of troops to Ukraine, is a serious escalation of conflict.
So what this individual was yelling and screaming at the TV screen, okay, saying haha Trump was convicted, she doesn't understand that the same people who are trying to convict Trump, because Trump is not going to go to a nuclear war with Russia, Okay, not because he's a coward, because he's not an idiot.
He understands the escalation, what it means for Russia, for the West, for Western Europe, for the United States, etc, etc.
It's not good business to turn the Northern Hemisphere into an ash heap.
What's his name?
Donald Trump is a businessman.
Okay, and as you said, it's not good business, if you are a businessman, to have your entire country destroyed.
You can't make any money on this.
But for the West, the idea is they have no model.
They've been painted into a corner.
Okay, they can survive at the expense of something else.
We talked about this last week, First Second World War.
You destroy everything and you rebuild, you have growth.
But now with nuclear weapons, the problem is that the elite, the Western elite actually think that global warming or some other nonsense, COVID, is more dangerous to our survival of thermonuclear war.
And the problem that they don't seem to understand, if you look at the map of population density, and Putin said this the other day as well, European countries have a very high population density.
And if those enemy countries whose lands are further than the tactical nuclear weapons coverage area, well then there's, again, then there's the strategic potential of Russia's full-range nuclear arsenal.
And this is not intimidation, Alex, of a nuclear bluff.
I want you to understand this.
I'm not against the United States.
The current military conflict with the West is developing according to the worst possible scenario.
There's this constant escalation in the power of applicable NATO weapons.
And therefore, unfortunately, Alex, and I think you will agree, Today, no one can exclude the transition of the conflict to its final stage will be the destruction of the human race.
Well, that's right. Every actuary, you have the floor, but you're asking.
People who don't know, every mainline analyst, it's baseline war game doctrine on the threat escalation ladder, Russia has theirs, we have ours, Iran Corporation, CIA and others, is that we're already like 37 on the escalation.
And once tacticals are used in every scenario, 98% of the time, it leads to full nuclear war within hours or days.
And as you said, Russia is much closer to Europe.
So Europe's knocked out in two minutes.
And then the submarines are off the coast.
All our major cities are knocked out in about five to 10.
And it's just madness.
It's total insane madness.
France is knocked out, destroyed in 200 seconds.
England is destroyed in 202 seconds.
Ottawa, that's the capital of Canada.
And Ontario and Quebec, that's the populated area, that's destroyed in 900 seconds.
Washington is destroyed in 804 seconds.
So divide 804 seconds by 60 seconds, you're looking at about 12 minutes.
Okay, so that's how much time you have.
Which means the entire world is going to be destroyed.
And again, unfortunately these people don't understand the consequences.
And also something else Alex, unfortunately Putin, okay, and his pussy-lanimous actions have led the West to actually believe that Russia will never use nuclear weapons.
How many red lines have we seen?
You can like Trump, you can dislike Trump.
When Trump said something, he did it.
Okay, so I'm gonna kill this guy.
He's bad for business.
He killed him.
Whether it's Soleimani, it doesn't matter who.
Whether you agree or disagree, it makes no difference.
Okay, so people were terrified because Trump, if he said something, he would do it.
I mean, with Russia, there's been like a hundred quadrillion red lines.
Of every shade and color.
Well, if you do this, you know we're going to go after you.
And Stolenberg is saying, punching Russia, saying, yeah, we're going to start really bombing you with heavy cruise missiles.
He's trying to get the escalation.
Hell, Victoria Nuland was on TV two weeks ago saying, we want to escalate with Russia.
We want full war.
And the West doesn't.
And even the crazy talk show host went, but that's the end of the world.
The liberal old reporter, I forget her name, she says she's a smart lady.
I've seen her do interviews.
She was laughing, not at Victoria Nuland.
She was laughing, saying, are you crazy?
Like, why is the old system to stop nuclear war being totally disregarded?
That's what you're saying.
So why are the globalists doing this?
Because they don't believe that Russia will do it.
When the push comes to the proverbial shove, they think that Russia will not press the red button.
That's the whole thing.
So Russia needs to show, again I'm not pushing war, I'm not pushing murder, I'm not pushing destruction, but Russia needs to show the West that it is willing to go all out if need to be.
Okay, because right now the way things stand, unfortunately, Alex, unfortunately, they don't believe it.
Russia has become, you know, a laughingstock.
When these peep-squeak nations like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, who are these people?
Their population of Lithuania is less than the population of one of the regions of Moscow.
And this guy, the president, comes out and starts talking nonsense against Putin.
A Latvian president, an Estonian president, Finnish president.
Who are these people?
Can you imagine back in the Soviet Union, if any of these people had, you know, the gall to open their mouth and threaten the Soviet Union?
That would have been us.
That would have been the end of it.
But today they do this because Russia has allowed it.
Because they believe that diplomacy lets, you know, cooler heads will prevail.
The only language that the West understands, and that's also a message for Donald Trump, Against his own enemies.
The only language that your enemies understand, Mr. Donald Trump, future President of the United States, is death and violence.
A lot of people will, you know, will fight for money, but nobody's going to die for money.
Which is why Black Lives Matter had a beginning and the end.
You could steal, you could pillage for money, but you'll never die for money.
And Trump and the people who actually, the deplorables, the patriots of the United States, they're willing to protect the United States.
God-flag country.
I will die for my land in the name of my future generations.
The liberals don't have a future generation.
It's a now.
It's a gay parade.
You know, let's celebrate, let's be happy right now.
Well, that was my next line.
You've got a gallon.
I want you to plug your books.
But if you look at the top lawyers and the globalists and the minions that follow the orders, they're degenerates, they're crazy, they're lunatics, they're mentally ill.
They don't think second, third order.
It's a very stupid globalist minion class.
I know there's a larger crazy plan above it, but I also see delusion by the actual controllers.
Because anybody could look at where this is going and see, if there's a full nuclear war, their bunkers aren't going to protect them.
The survivors in these countries are going to go dig them out for just the food alone.
I mean, this is just satanic.
Absolutely, Alex.
I know we don't have a lot of time.
If I may, I'd want to plug my page.
No, no, no.
You've got as much time as you want.
You can stay another 20 minutes.
I know you had to go at noon Texas time.
You gotta... Okay.
Show us your page.
So, my webpage is estulin.media, okay?
It's in English and in Spanish.
And, you know, we do weekly intelligence conceptual reviews.
In other words, from the point of view of intelligence, counterintelligence, we do analysis every week of global situations, both in English and in Spanish.
We also have our own TV channel.
We can't publish a lot of the stuff on YouTube because our television is limited.
media. Talk about the books, and in closing, what we can do to stop World War III.
I think the most important thing is people have to understand you've got to get involved.
This isn't something that concerns someone else.
I know there's football and baseball and basketball and hockey, all kinds of, you know, you have, what's her name?
I can't remember these people's names.
Kanye West and company doing all kinds of crazy stuff out there.
Okay, but keep your eye on the prize.
The prizes are freedom.
In your case, it's the United States.
In my case, it's Russia and the rest of the world.
So the idea is we must get involved.
Must get involved.
We must physically get involved.
Not going to war.
I don't mean that.
But become aware of what's going on.
Help people understand.
Put together groups of people who can work together.
Because when the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan, you've got to be ready.
That's no good if by the time everything comes down, you say, well, what do we do now?
Start preparing, because this thing is going to turn violent very, very quickly.
Because the elite, they have no other way out.
They've been painted into a corner.
Their only way out is through a war.
Live at somebody else's expense.
Educate yourself.
Understand that watching mainstream TV is not going to do you any good.
Don't waste your time on stupid stuff.
If you do like 17 or 18 minutes a day and you concentrate on a subject, you'll be smarter and better informed about the subject than 97% of the world population.
Okay, instead of spending your day on Facebook and Instagram and watching stupid videos and stupid dog tricks, concentrate on learning, on becoming a citizen.
Okay, remember what John F. Kennedy said, it's not what the country can do for you, it's what you can do because the United States of America is in grave danger.
As is Russia, as is Spain, as is France, as is the rest of the world.
We are in danger.
We are losing this war, Alex.
We, the people of the world, we are losing this war against the satanic elite.
There are a few of them, but again, they understand.
They do not want yet another and another and another Spartacus.
So they need to destroy us.
And they're doing a great job doing this because they work together.
And stop believing this nonsense about flying saucers and shapeshifters and flat earth theories.
God bless all these people who talk about this stuff.
I'm not criticizing them.
You can talk about whatever you want.
You talk about Fred Flintstone if you want.
I don't care.
Just realize that there's a bigger, you know, prize in this.
And the prize that's at stake is our freedom.
You want to be free or you want to be a slave?
That's the question.
I know you want to be free.
You've been doing this for many, many years.
I want to be free.
I want my children to be free.
And among the people, yeah, there's a good image of that film.
So the idea is, again, Hollywood, mainstream media, you know, the stupid TV series, it just tells you exactly what they want you to see.
They're wasting your time and your life.
Don't waste your life.
Make your life productive.
Contribute to the well-being of society.
Because the idea, like, you know, after when I interview people, especially world leaders, I ask them the same question.
What does it mean to be immortal?
I was in Cuba back in 2010.
Castro had read my book.
He loved my book.
He wanted to meet me.
So I went there for a week and I spent some time with Castro.
It was a lot of fun.
And not because I'm a communist.
David Rockefeller spent a lot more time with me than Castro than I have.
Sure, but it's a historic figure you got to talk to and meet with.
And so I said to Castro, what does it mean to be immortal?
And he sat there for about five minutes thinking.
Okay, didn't expect that question.
And so the idea of immortality is not, you know, you've done something and they build a statue for you and that's it.
No, the idea is that, you know, when I'm dead, when you are dead... Your ideas ripple throughout eternity because people heard you and even though you don't even get the credit, you put your big mark on things.
We want people to know that you and I, we lived, we were here.
We contributed to the well-being of the planet Earth in some way.
And our job, that's the photo of Fidel Castro back in 2010.
And you can talk about the, you know, the... What was his answer?
What was his answer?
He didn't give me an answer.
He started talking about space.
He talked about, you know, fixing the country.
He didn't really know.
He didn't really understand the concept of immortality.
But I think Castro is immortal.
Not because I love Castro, because he contributed in one way or another.
And the idea is that I want to contribute to as the builders of the pyramids and the builders of the cathedral.
You're talking about leaving a mark.
And the globalists want to be immortal.
They want to totally take control of all life on Earth.
So they want to destroy anyone who has a divine spark of reason.
That's what the NSA said about 15 years ago.
The NSA director said, we're not worried about terrorists.
We're worried about interesting people that people listen to, because we don't want them being able to influence.
We want to be the only ones that have influence.
So again, I'm not surprised, I'm going to shut you down.
I am surprised, okay, that you've been on the air for so many years.
That's surprising enough.
Maybe they thought, well, let him talk, it doesn't really matter, he doesn't have enough, you know, there's not the critical mass.
Again, in the revolution in the United States, 1776, 3% of the people rose up.
And so they made their, you know, they calculated, they played with the numbers, say, I'll let this Alex Jones guy, you know, talk.
Okay, but they suddenly realized that Alex Jones had a lot of pull and a lot of people started paying attention And I think they really went after you after Trump's election because Trump he said Alex Jones is one of the reasons why I became president of the United States and so they said that's it Okay, let's shut him down and they've been after you since then and they just killed me and make me a martyr so they have to build a straw man and then destroy that straw man and then destroy me and Destroy your credibility in the down, you know, and again destroy credibility means putting all these crazies on TV You know yelling and screaming at the screen because what's his name Donald Trump was needless to say he's gonna be absolved in the Supreme Court Okay, and so this decision doesn't really matter what it has done This decision is the fact that a lot more people are now gonna vote for Donald Trump So there's no doubt that Donald Trump is gonna be the next president of the United States for Russia It's bad news because Trump is a lot but is a lot better man than
Okay, then Joe Biden.
Okay, Trump is going to work with Russia, they have no choice.
But Trump is going to stand for the United States.
And Joe Biden stands for the liberal banking financiers.
You know, he's a criminal.
You have a guy who's a criminal, he's running the United States and it's a criminal mafia regime.
And that's what these people want.
And they're terrified of Trump.
Well, that's it.
Technocrats set up the modern, liberal, globalist New World Order, but they're all mainly dead.
They're still kind of operating on their battle plan, but now it's a bunch of criminal lawyer pedophiles that are actually implementing things, and it's all falling apart.
But you never do it.
And I've read, I think, four or five of your books.
What are the most important books people should get?
How do people find them?
The easiest way, I mean, you can do it on Amazon.
Don't give these people money.
Go to my U.S.
publisher, Trinidad Press.
Okay, Trident Day Press.
Chris Milligan is a wonderful guy.
He's publishing all my U.S.
And it's TridentDayPress, I can't remember, I think it's .com or .org.
Yeah, but where in the world?
Like, people in Europe?
like people in Europe or where should I go there go send me send me again I'm published by by in 68 countries and some of the biggest publishers of the world
Not because we conspire together, but because they make money.
And so they make money, so the idea is that they publish my books.
But again, I think the easiest way, if I may give them my email address, it's daniel.estulin.es At gmail.com, but the best way you can help me is go on my web page www.estulin.media, sign up for the things that we do.
We have a lot of different services, the webinars in English and Spanish.
We're expanding our operation a lot.
We do private consulting.
We do a weekly intelligence conceptual reviews where we analyze from a conceptual point of view the entire world of all the things that are happening.
That's more important than ever.
And we also have our TV channel where we do things that you could never do on YouTube.
I understand, so support echelon.media.
Alright, I know you gotta go, and I'm gonna go as well.
I got some more cover after you leave.
I would love to be back, Alex.
I would love to be back on your show.
Let's do this more often, because I think, man, we're like, this may be the last free elections free, quote-unquote, in the United States.
Well, that was my last question.
That was my last question.
They want to start a civil war.
They're hyping that Trump supporters are gonna kill everybody.
I believe they're gonna stage false flags.
That's the next logical move.
What do you think about them staging false flags?
And then what happens if they kill Trump?
Because we can't say they wouldn't do that.
I don't know, Alex.
That's a good question.
Again, you know, we saw back in 2020, the United... Like, if they kill Trump, the Republican... I don't want to say the Republican Party, because the Republican Party is in bed with the Democrats.
I want to say the Patriots.
They need a leader.
Who is the leader?
I don't see a leader.
Okay, you can't have a revolution without a leader.
And that encourages them to kill Trump.
That encourages, because the next move, if the prison fails, is the killing.
I'm not trying to be morbid here, it's a fact.
That encourages them to get rid of Alex Jones.
Okay, so if I were you, Alex, I'd be very, very careful, and I do mean that.
I have no idea what they're going to do, but again, all bets are off.
It's a do or die for them.
If they lose, a lot of them will be killed, most of them are going to go to prison.
Because the two systems cannot survive together.
One can survive at the expense of the other.
Or, you make America great again at the expense of the global liberal banking financiers, or the liberal banking financiers destroy the United States to survive themselves as a parasitical world order.
All right.
Amazing hour and a half.
Thank you so much for the time.
Thanks so much, Alex.
Take care.
Thank you.
And this could be our last show.
They were going to lock this company up that has plenty of money and is operating great without even a court order last night.
And the fact that I said I'm going to go in there and expose it, and I'm not going to go, you know, quietly, backed them off.
But I'm not going to sit here and not get this information out.
I'm not going to sit here and take it.
So I spent 30 minutes on the future of InfoWars and what's happening.
I'm going to recap it and give you the rest of the story.
Because people know how nice I am.
And they abuse me, and they lie about me, and they attack me, and they do things that I think try to put me in jail.
And they go, oh it's okay, we're gonna gaslight you.
And wasn't that cute that we did that?
Wasn't that funny?
No, it's not funny.
So whatever happens to me, I'm going down swinging politically, non-violently.
But I will defend myself physically as well, just, you know, in the main.
But yeah, the globalists are in desperation mode.
They're rolling out on all fronts against everybody.
I'm just way up at the front, so I'm one of the main guys getting attacked.
As Trump has said a thousand times, they're not trying to get me, they're trying to get through me to get to you.
And it's the same thing.
If you want to support me, a sponsor that I really trust, it's a guy I know very, very well.
It's my dad.
I know him pretty good.
Has DrJonesNaturals.com.
The products are amazing.
But he may just put up a straight up donation page, too.
Because whatever next move we make, if they shut this down, and I mean, it could be tomorrow, the next day, next week.
Hopefully it doesn't.
And people will be like, oh, look, they survived again.
Oh, Jones is just saying that.
No, I'm on my shoulder not saying that.
InfoWarsStore.com is great, but that's overrun.
I'm sure whatever orders you put in, you'll get.
I don't know, though.
They're going to just lock the whole building down.
I actually don't know.
But it was like, oh, the rest of the people stay, just you and your talk show host are locked out.
That was the other part.
We don't have money to have a company running, but security and the other people that are my minions, they'll all be here.
But Alex Jones, his talk show host, Owen Schroer, and Harrison Smith, and Darren McBreen, and the writers, and Ben Warren, and Don Salazar, they're all, Kelly McBreen, they're all bye-bye.
But, you know, so this is just because people think it's open season on me.
They think, well, Jones is attacked by the Deep State.
We can do whatever we want.
We won't get in trouble for it.
Well, you get in trouble with me.
So you big tough guy, push people around.
Well, you just ran into somebody that doesn't back down.
I'm real nice for the overall good.
See, they take me taking abuse.
Well, this guy's a pussy.
I mean, he'll sit there and take me out.
I'll take abuse like a mother hen sitting on her chicks when the weasel's drinking his blood because she knows it's saving them.
So I've been sitting there with the weasel literally sucking my blood, going, all right, well, it's all right, because I'm getting the transmission out, not spending our time on me, not telling you about the dirty tricks, not telling you about all the attacks and all the harassment, all the rest of it.
I'm just sitting there like a man going, folks, the New World is really serious.
They're coming after you.
Twenty million dead from the shots.
You know, I think about all the bad that's been done to other people.
So I think, well, we're not gonna make it about me.
Except now we're down to the wire and I've got to get the truth out.
So, I'm going to air a 15 minute phone conversation from back in March when I'm out to interview Tucker Carlson and I get in my email a secret filing by the CRO, appointed by the court, saying that Alex Jones is incompetent and Alex Jones tried to steal money Uh, and, but I discovered it.
Pat McGill, the CRO says, and you know, uh, I need to take this all over, be able to fire him, do whatever I want.
And the judge said no to that.
But then the few people around here that have actually drank the cure, they're like, well, that's not that bad.
I mean, you know, he told the court you're a criminal one time and then did it again, even though it wasn't true.
He already followed the court, what was going on.
And then he does it again.
And I'm just supposed to, Oh my God, that's really sweet of you.
Come on, Alex.
It's not that big a deal.
Your gas lightens over.
And I got a posse.
So you can swear out all your fake bullshit all day.
I got my warrant written out by the American people.
To quote... Guys, pull up the Open Range clip.
That's such a great movie.
I mean, there's so many great... Robert Duvall, Kevin Costner... I hate the fact that Kevin Costner's a leftist, but man, he's a great actor.
I love Kevin Costner.
But that Open Range, folks... Like, watching that movie reminded me of my grandfathers and people, and they weren't...
When I was a kid, I was like, these guys are like John Wayne.
They're so big.
They're so amazing.
And they weren't fake.
They were super integrity the whole nine yards.
And they actually, you know, stood up to tyrants and did things I never even knew about because they were bragged about it until after they were dead.
And then I found out the stuff they did.
And you know what?
They're looking down from heaven right now at me and they want a man.
They want somebody that stands up and does the right thing.
So I took a lot of abuse to keep this operation going because that was the main mission to warn people.
And we're having the greatest success for people that we've ever had.
It's the bar scene.
Bar confrontation, restaurant confrontation, open range.
You just type in open range, it's one of the top clips that come up.
So they're in there and the corrupt sheriff, and they've just killed a couple of their guys for no reason, just because they got their cows coming through the open territory.
As the age of fences was going up, there were a lot of conflicts, so it's historical fiction.
He says, you know, I got a warrant right here for all your arrests.
And they said, well, I got a warrant sworn out here by reality.
And so the games absolutely stopped dead.
And that's how it is.
And if people want a war, I don't know how this is going to end, but politically, if they want to fight, they better believe they got one.
So, that's what's going down here, folks.
And the CIA and the FBI ran all the other stuff.
They're probably running all this.
And, again, the gaslighting's over.
You don't piss in my face and tell me it's raining.
You don't shit on me and tell me it's Dutch chocolate ice cream.
So, hey, you got Alex Jones to deal with now.
All right?
Yeah, no, this is the scene where they won't serve him in the bar.
Here, I'll pull it up.
You guys are great, but I'll pull it up.
I'll show you the clip I want.
Let me just do this.
Go to YouTube.
Type in OpenRange.
This is a great clip.
That's what these abusers do.
Yeah, that's it.
These abusers abuse you.
And then they sit there and tell you, when you're picking your teeth off the ground, that, that, oh, I didn't do nothing.
I didn't punch you.
And they go, oh, punch you again.
Hey, I really love you.
That wasn't a punch.
So, that's what we're talking about.
Roll that clip, and then roll Jon Bowne's new report, and I'm gonna come back, and I am gonna air the audio here on air.
Hell yeah.
Games are over.
Gloves are off.
Let's go.
Here it is.
For all of none of you folks, Fascist men bushwhacked our friend, shot him dead.
Shot a 16-year-old boy, too, and clubbed him so hard, he might not live.
Tried to take our cattle.
You marshal here ain't gonna do nothing about it.
You don't like free grazers in this town.
We don't much like being here.
But a man's got a right to protect his property and his life.
And we ain't letting no rancher or his lawman take either.
We got no intention of harming bystanders.
Anyone who helps or comforts these goddamn law-breaking free grazers is gonna have to deal with me.
Your call, Marshal.
[Water running]
We don't have to settle this here and now.
You ain't going nowhere in this weather.
But I'll be seeing you gents real soon.
You can count on that.
What do you suppose this looks like?
It don't matter.
This was a rigged, disgraceful trial.
The real verdict is going to be November 5th by the people.
And they know what happened here and everybody knows what happened here.
You have a Soros-backed DA.
Our whole country is being rigged right now.
This was done by the Biden administration.
Thanks to the George Soros circus of treason stars.
I mean, there's no coincidences here.
The fact that Judge Mershan has had all of these cases And by the way, when he finishes with the Donald Trump case, Steve Bannon is next.
Out of all the judges in New York County, somehow they keep on coming up with the same judge.
The quest to indict a ham sandwich has become a cruel reality.
But the Biden administration's not responsible for this trial.
How can you say the Biden administration is not responsible for this trial?
It's a state trial.
It's Alvin Bragg.
Whether you think there's a political motive for him, it's not connected to the DOJ.
I mean, the Fed's passed on these election charges.
Shannon, you should look at how many logs they have of state officials, Letitia James, Fannie Willis, visiting the White House and then tell me that this is not a Biden trial.
As a former president is railroaded by an unprecedented political lawfare attack on the Executive Office of the United States, or as it stands now, the divided states under George Soros and proud villain, Joseph Biden.
His political movement, which is still very strong, will now again take power in the United States.
We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power.
I mean, I'm hearing people say, I had no intention of voting for Donald Trump, and now I am.
And if you ask the Trump campaign what's happening, you know, they literally broke their online donation portal.
I think there's a real chance here it's going to massively backfire on the Democrats and help Donald Trump.
The treasonous clown show that preceded this verdict now raises more questions.
Why is the man Karen De Niro on the Epstein list?
If you wasn't my man's mom, I'd tear that ass up.
Thank you!
And why was De Niro pulled into an underage sex trafficking investigation 25 years ago?
Is the washed-up actor just as compromised as Biden?
Do we want him running this country and saying, I'm not leaving, I'm dictator for life?
But this city is pretty accommodating.
We make room for clowns.
Meanwhile, during the outrage of the verdict, Joe Biden pulls the U.S.
closer into World War III, secretly directing Crane to conduct strikes on Russia using American weapons.
Meanwhile, a Red Dawn scenario waits in the wings as two million terrorists have been brought into the United States under Biden to foment a day of coordinated bloody terror, according to a CIA informant that spoke with Wayne Allen Root.
The fact that a hugely unpopular and despicable relic like Joe Biden is still confident of remaining president should raise the alarm, signaling impending false flags and martial law as his only recourse.
If you look at their next playbook and the next Cardiner playbook, their next move, it will be false flag terror attacks blamed on Trump supporters angry about the verdict.
We do not want any violence.
We do not want any attacks.
We are intellectually, culturally, spiritually winning.
Now that the Soros operatives have opened the door to prosecuting former presidents.
While this defendant may be unlike any other in American history, we arrived at this trial and ultimately today at this verdict
in the same manner as every other case that comes to the courtroom doors, by following the facts and the law and doing so without fear or favor.
What's to stop the United States from prosecuting every other living president for far worse?
What about the...
Millions upon millions of dollars that went missing that was supposed to go to Haiti.
And why did the donations to Bill and Hillary Clinton's foundation plummet?
And I mean plummet when she lost the election.
You just wait and it won't be Hunter Biden the next time.
It's going to be Joe Biden.
It could potentially still be Barack Obama.
It could still potentially be Hillary Clinton.
We're going to have to look at what the statutes of limitations are on the various crimes they surely committed.
That's the only way they'll learn.
The only way to save the Republic now.
is to give them a taste of their own medicine.
That's it!
This historic verdict was far more than it seems.
In their own cowardly and ambiguous way, the minions of Biden and Soros have declared war on the United States of America and its citizens.
John Bowne reporting for Info.
InfoWars is still up.
Pandot Video is still up.
But I learned yesterday at about 4 o'clock that they were going to lock up the building, kick all the crew out, and take over the company outside of even a court ruling.
And When last year I declared bankruptcy, six months before that corporate bankruptcy, I'm sitting there talking to lawyers constantly, following the law exactly, giving them access to everything.
The court-appointed CRO comes in here.
You've done a bunch of little Mickey Mouse stuff, but that's who would take the job.
Patrick McGill.
We're going to show you his picture here in a minute.
And we go, hey, I got a few sponsors here that are managed by John Harmon, our earliest employee.
He just got rid of $12 million a year of sponsors.
We need to bring those back.
He's been a sales manager.
He's worked for 20 years.
That's what he's done.
Need to bring him back over.
He's like, yeah, great.
Let's wait on that.
And I tell my lawyers about it and they go, well, let's have meetings about it.
We had like 10 of them.
Notes, everything, witnesses, you know, all there.
And my lawyers, without me even asking, file it in court.
And by the way, Jones has this $190,000 or whatever it was, something like that.
$193,000 in memory service in this, you know, account here.
So we need to put that into the account.
But we need to go back and bring back the advertisers.
Why are you getting rid of the advertisers?
Why are you cutting everything off?
And why are you saying no more trips?
Because we don't have money, but we have plenty of money and we can expand the company.
So it's just cut, cut, cut, fire people, you know, do all this, get outside IT to come in and take over.
Then he goes and files with the court, and it's in Bloomberg, it's in Reuters, it's in the Wall Street Journal.
Oh, Alex Jones had a company with another guy that works with him, John Harmon, Mountain Way, and they had hidden money.
Hidden money.
It was one advertiser that he hadn't gotten rid of that I told him, hey, you got rid of all the other advertisers.
We have a satellite phone company that's been advertising for five, six years.
They want to re-up, so we're ready to bring this over, give it to you, put it in the thing.
We need to give you this money.
Oh, you just keep that.
I don't want side deals.
So he was trying to set me up.
It's very, very clear.
As I told my lawyers, it's really weird.
He won't take the money.
I said, well, we're going to file that with the court.
I mean, because I got good top flight people on the bankruptcy.
And not just the lawyers, but the financial CPAs, advisors, they're literally up my ass.
I said, I want my house searched.
I want all my storage facilities searched.
I want everything.
I'm not going to get set up.
Because they told me, with top lawyers, they said, no, the plans put you in prison.
The Justice Department was in here, involved in it.
I mean, they thought I was a crook.
They'd find all this stuff.
And I had hundreds of millions of dollars, they said.
None of that was true.
You notice that now?
So, I said, this is horrible that you did this.
And my lawyers were like, yeah, never be alone with him.
Never be in a room alone with him.
He's never here anyways.
50 grand a month.
But I told him, I said, don't ever lie about me again.
Oh, it's nothing.
It's for your own good.
I'm your friend.
I love you.
Behind the scenes, I hate Alex.
I hate Republicans.
I love, you know, Biden, Jones.
Should I get people killed?
He should be in jail.
Hey, that guy runs around saying he should be in jail.
What's going on?
So, so then he files a secret report while I'm in Florida and tells the court Alex Jones is incompetent.
He thought it would be secret.
Oh, by the way, Ray Battaglia, a very respected lawyer in Texas, resigned then.
But he would never even talk to me because he was so professional.
McGill was telling people, according to them, that I was in secret deals with him and controlling him.
I've only been in a few meetings with him, with everybody there.
He was so professional and the judge loves him.
The guy's like super known as like a classy dude, like a Boy Scout.
And Ray resigns.
And so I try to call him and say, why have you resigned?
You're a great guy.
And my lawyer's like, Ray's not going to talk to you.
It's just, he's gone.
It's really bad.
And I don't know what Ray discovered or what went on, but the judge totally turned against Pat McGill because he knows Ray Battaglia is very credible.
Everybody knows who he is.
Nobody knows who Pat McGill is.
He would just take the job.
And that's how this works.
It's weird, you know, who will overtake it and who is a CPA in the court deal.
And so he leaves.
And then McGill files a secret deal to remove me as the owner, even though in law, under the corporation, you can't do that, and be able to get rid of me or whoever he wants.
And the judge shoots that down.
So I tell my lawyers, everybody, I say, there's no way he's not making another run at us.
This guy's going to shut us down.
I believe that's the plan.
That's my opinion.
They're like, no, no, no.
He's been discredited.
It's fine.
We'll move on.
Because the judge says he's giving me the company back on the 14th because the other side hasn't made a settlement that's reasonable.
He knows he'll be gone.
So I told my people, I said, he's going to make a major move.
I'm not a lawyer, but you watch.
He'll try to shut this down.
So my dad's lawyers, they had a lot of interest in the company because they're owed money still for supplements.
And years ago, you know, had that UCC filing of the debt there.
They would be able to basically, when the other creditors come in and try to shut us down, have another battle over that, and also try to get their money, since it's a legitimate fight, but also keep us open.
But McGill, the default would be to file with the court, because he's the guy that has to do it, and say, we want this not to be kicked out, we want the future decisions, even once it's under Jones' control, to be in this court, not in the Democrat Party, where a gamble here in Austin, Texas, who says she'll shut us down day one.
He wouldn't do that.
So my dad's lawyer, without even telling me, because I never talked to him, there's not a bunch of coordination going on, my dad has his own company, but I heard about it, so that sounds reasonable.
After I learned about it, yesterday, files to just have a hearing and say, you can't do cash collateral future stuff ahead of this without having us at hearing to tell the judge, hey, they're not trying to keep us in federal court, this is crazy, and we need some type of wind-down plan, even if it's going to be shut down, to ship out the products that's there and take care of stuff.
I'm asking for severance pay for the crew and stuff.
I'm telling you, we're close to being shut down.
So about four o'clock yesterday, I'm used to NIGS.
I said this two hours ago before Daniel came on.
I've learned to go with my gut and what I see and it's always right.
Holy Spirit, whatever you want to call it, that's what it is.
And I've had the same security company six, seven years longer doing security stuff here in the company for six years.
With armed guards, great guys, professional, trained, not nice people, and good friends.
I think of them as friends.
I see the guard and he sees me.
He stops in the hall and looks.
He's a military guy, a nice guy, a professional guy.
He sees me and he goes, because I can tell.
And I go, oh, they're shutting the company down today.
And so I think about it a little bit and I go back over.
And I'm like, oh, so that thing's coming up tonight.
Extra guys are coming in, right?
He goes, oh, you know about it?
I haven't been told anything.
We're just going to change the locks.
He goes, I don't know what to do.
I was like, it's all right.
It's not your fault.
So I just knew it.
And I didn't even know about all this stuff.
This is some court thing.
I don't pay attention.
I pay attention to news.
But I'm telling listeners we're down to the endgame here.
And so I make phone calls and I call my folks and I go, listen, we don't want to freak you out.
This is just crazy.
Yeah, we're trying to talk him out of padlocking and kicking everybody out tonight and just turning it off.
I go, that's like a person turning their heart off.
You can't do that.
The stations will dump us.
What about all the product?
What about the money in the bank?
This is a successful company.
The bankruptcy courts don't do that.
Yeah, we know, blah, blah, blah.
I say, well, what's the problem?
Well, you know, if a cash collateral is being challenged, I go, well, that's, you know, I made some calls, well, that's just to, you know, be able to put in front of the judge that we want to keep it in federal court.
That's just a mechanism to, you know, have a discussion about this.
They're like, we know, we know it's reasonable.
This is all being spun.
And I said, well, how much does it cost to run this till the hearing Monday?
So we did the math on the employees and Saturday, Sunday, Monday, because cash collateral ended, funding ended Friday, putting money in the bank, ran out of money, was like $9,000.
And I say, I'll pay that.
I've got a little bit of money in the bank.
Not much, but it's in my bank account.
I can pay that.
Pay $15,000.
We'll do it.
Then I get another call back.
Oh, now they want $25,000 and they don't want you.
They want your dad to do it because he's an outside company.
And I'm like, okay.
I call my dad and he goes, this is really weird.
But I said, dad, just, just do it.
They're looking for an excuse to shut down.
He goes, okay.
And who knows if they'll even accept that.
So, I'm literally here in a building with a security company that thinks they work for this guy.
Even though under the law, I'm the owner, I make the decisions, which he's already tried to push the court.
The court said, no, Jones is in charge.
The head of the security company believes McGill's in charge.
And so I'm just here putting it all out on the table.
Here's everything.
Here's what's going on.
I'm not going to sit here and let these people do this behind the scenes anymore.
So, I told you, that he did it one time last year even though I'd already filed in court. He was too lazy to read
that. Hey, we got a couple hundred thousand dollars. This is from before my bankruptcy, but it's sitting there waiting. We're trying to put it into McGill. He's waiting because he's
like, "Oh my god, these people have a couple hundred thousand dollars."
You can see it.
Oh, I'm gonna say at a certain point, oh my god, I clocked in with money.
But I already filed it in court two months before he made that announcement and had meetings for four, five, six months saying, hey, I want to bring back the advertisers and why aren't you letting us bring money?
This isn't good.
So that's a whole nother scandal.
So again, I'm driving to Tucker Carlson's house in Florida, because I came into Florida north of there and did some other meetings and things, and then I'm driving down south to where he's in the middle of nowhere, beautiful peninsula out there, Boca Grande, and again, it's a couple hour drive, I get this secret filing that the judge didn't hide from us, saying all this, that Jones was hiding money and Jones is incompetent, I gotta be able to get rid of him.
And all of a sudden, ring, ring, ring, Pat McGill calls me.
And I'm sitting in the passenger seat, driving down the road in the Tahoe, we'd rented, and Rob Deuce sitting right there, and the security guy sitting right there.
By the way, he heard all this and quit, he was so freaked out.
Great guy, Fonzie.
McGill comes on the line and says over and over again, Alex, though it's not true, I promise you.
You're going to hear it in a moment.
I promise you.
And Florida's legal, Texas is legal, we're both one-party consent states, they'll try to say something, I don't care.
This is all going out, this is here, and if they try to do anything, I'll go on Tucker Carlson next week.
He's ready, by the way, I'll just say that.
So, you ain't stopping shit, okay?
I'll be in Florida on Tucker Carlson next week.
I'll be on Patrick MedDavid, I'll be on Joe Rogan, I'll be on every- So see, you ain't stopping shit.
But let's just get that straight, buster.
And foul lies about me, and too lazy to check on follow-up with the court.
Obvious who he's working with.
You made a big miscalculation, buddy boy.
So I'm sure, because I'm getting the phones ringing off the hook here, they're going to give orders tonight to shut this son of a bitch down.
I'm not going to get violent, not going to be mean.
I'm just going to be here and I'm going to call the police.
I'm going to tell the police, where's the order?
You ever seen somebody take a company without a judge's order?
You ever seen that?
We got armed guys in uniforms here that work for me, and this guy says he's their boss and kicked me out of the building.
And that's fine, we're not gonna resist.
If the cops say go, I'm gonna go.
But I'm gonna be taking my stuff out of this building.
That's how real this is.
And I'm not taking their gaslighting anymore and their abuse.
Oh, you're running at windmills.
Big deal he filed a report saying you're stealing money.
Big deal he filed a secret report saying you're stealing money.
Big deal he did all this.
Big deal he shut down your company.
Big deal he didn't take in 12 million in advertising.
Big deal he said no road trips, no news coverage of the border.
Big deal he walks around the office telling people that I should be in jail and that it's criminal and I'm gonna kill people because I'm saying the vaccine shouldn't be taken when only 4% are taking the new one and everybody's waking up.
These people are nuts!
Absolutely nuts.
They've taken my kindness for weakness.
They've taken the fact that my mission wasn't to cover my ass.
My mission wasn't to bitch on air about all this while I took it and took it and took it.
My mission was to get the news out and kick New World Order globalist ass and change the world.
But now, when we're down to the alligator that's got me in its mouth, or like jaws, I'm going to say a few things as I'm going down the gullet.
But I tell you, I'm not going to be a very tasty snack.
You're not going to like the taste of that.
And you bit off a lot more than you can chew, son.
So, I don't know how this is going to end, but if people want to get in a fight with me, they better believe they got one.
I don't live on my knees.
My ancestors didn't live on their knees.
We built this damn country.
And I will not sit there and play along with this bullshit.
He was so drunk he couldn't even control his phone when he called me.
And this is God that did this.
And by the way, there's more.
Do you think I might have hit record when he came in my office that time?
He said... Oh!
I've just decided to air that too!
Yeah, you think I'm gonna take it?
You think you can just lie to me like a frickin' snake in the jungle book?
What's his name, Ka?
He's like, sleeping!
Oh, I'm your friend, Mowgli!
No you're not.
And your hypnotism doesn't work on me.
You didn't understand.
You thought I was a dumbass.
I'm a gunner in an information war attacking the New World Order just because some flies are biting me.
Or I've got a bullet wound.
I don't sit there and whine because I've got target narcosis.
Target psychosis.
But now we're the target.
So your Jedi mind tricks don't work on me.
So, I give you, and you know, it's a sealed federal document.
If people want or they challenge me, I'll just publish it.
Got it right here on my phone.
You want to read the document where I'm a criminal, and I'm out of control, and I'm bad, and I'm terrible, and this place will be shut down.
I can't get money in here.
He just killed the advertising, and killed the product sales, and killed us going on the road, and fired a bunch of people, and seduced the security head.
While they all sit around in some big legendary operation and pretend they built this.
You dumb bastards.
You miscalculated.
It'll only make us bigger.
We'll come back even stronger.
So we don't go out with a whimper.
We go out with a bang.
Call me Captain Ahab.
Call me Ishmael.
Call me Moby Dick.
Call me whatever you want, but you got a tiger by the tail.
So here is Pat McGill, the so-called CRO, who's never even here and does absolutely nothing, and did a whole bunch of other horrible stuff I haven't even told you about, that he kept from the court, we'll be telling you about.
Millions of dollars.
Not here.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, you see, I'm not even bringing out the strongest stuff, and this is devastating.
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, for the world to hear, telling me he didn't file this secret filing a day before that I got the next day, because the judge gave it to me that he never thought I would get, telling me he didn't file it.
Listen to the gaslighter of gaslighters, Patrick McGill.
Yeah, Pat, can you hear me?
me? I don't know why you can't hear me.
I don't know why you can't hear me.
I don't know why you can't hear me.
I don't know why you can't hear me.
Is your phone working?
I don't know what happened.
What's going on, man?
How you doing?
You sound like you're relaxed tonight.
You sound like you're relaxed this evening.
I'm just really tired.
I mean, I've been beaten up today.
How you doing?
You know, I just was in really important meetings and stuff and all sorts of important stuff.
Now I'm driving back to just hang out and go to bed.
So, um, how's Florida?
Florida is very nice, but listen, cutting to the chase, I haven't, I've heard all this stuff and all the fracas going on and my big concern is I don't want a big fight and I'm not involved with Ray Battaglia or any of the stuff you guys are involved in.
Like you know that I've never talked to Ray Battaglia like literally like three or four times in the last two years on the phone and only four or five times in person.
You know that right?
Well anyways, so, I know you love me, very sweet, but obviously that filing hurt my dad's feelings and some other people.
Um, you know, where I'm incompetent and stuff like that.
Okay, so let's talk about that.
That did not happen.
Well, I mean, what did happen?
I never And I called your dad and he wouldn't take my call.
That, I would never do that.
That did not happen.
Okay, good.
So what happened?
I have no idea.
But I called your dad and I said I would never do that to Alex Jones.
Well listen, listen, I got, Pat, Pat, I got thick skin and I think me being in a bankruptcy means I need help.
And I thought maybe your lawyer just got a little exaggerated.
It did not happen.
I would never do that to you, Alex.
I would never say that about you.
And I called your dad.
He would not take my call.
And I left him a message.
And I said, David, I would never do that to Alex Jones, nor would I do that to you.
Well, I mean, my dad's not mad at you.
In fact, he wouldn't answer the phone for me for three hours.
He finally talked to me.
He's had some family issues.
But listen, let's just... Alex, you need to understand something.
I would never do that to you.
And you don't have to believe me.
And you don't have to trust me.
Because I'm confident.
How do I want to say this?
I'm comfortable in what I'm telling you.
I would never do that to you or to anybody.
Okay, well, Pat, I believe you.
So let's just move on from this.
Here's what happened today.
I'll just tell you.
A lot of people were upset about this.
I was in important meetings, and I refused to talk to anybody.
Then I tried to talk to you, and you couldn't answer, so I called Enloe.
And then Enloe was riding his motorcycle and we got a little bit of an argument.
That's all fine and dandy.
I had to talk to my dad about 45 minutes ago and he was all fine.
I got a thick skin, however that got filed, whatever.
I'm not worried about that.
But I instructed my lawyers, I talked to Vicky like five minutes, three hours ago, I said I don't want this bankruptcy derailed.
I don't want this plan derailed.
I said I don't want Ray Battaglia And his fights with McGill to be involved with me and I said, and I said, and I said, so I want an intermediary to fix all this.
And I said, let's get Shelby Jordan in on that.
And so that's who's dealing with this stuff now.
And so it's all fine.
I'm not involved with Bataglia.
I'm not involved with this hearing.
I don't talk to anybody.
I'm not gossiping and I'm not in the middle of it.
So all I care about is getting the plan confirmed so we don't let the free speech employees go.
What's going on right now will not affect your plan and not affect our plan.
But what I'm telling you, it's important for you to understand for me very clearly.
I did not do this.
It's important for you to understand that.
Listen, I believe it.
Well, explain to me what the filing... I would never...
Never do that.
And when I'm afraid, you know, and I told you dad, it's voicemail.
Well, I guess that somebody, Pat, here's the deal.
with you, okay? I've been very strict with you. I would never ever put the bad mouth on Alex or put him in any bad situation. I just wouldn't do it. And the fact that somebody
thinks that I would, like your dad, your dad actually thinks that I would do that.
Well, I guess that somebody, Pat, here's the deal. Even though that filing's real, your lawyer did it.
No, nobody did it, nobody did it. You know what? Of anybody in the world that would know how people fuck with you-
Hit pause.
Back it up 10 seconds.
So, it's right here on my phone.
He later admitted he did it, by the way.
They filed a secret filing saying I'm a criminal stealing money, and I get to that with him, and that I'm incompetent, all this other stuff, and he's literally telling me it doesn't exist.
And then he was telling them they were going to lock me out last night, and I said, I'm staying here.
I'm going to call the police, we'll have a confrontation.
I've been sitting here, other than going home this morning to see my daughters and family for a couple hours.
I'm going to stay here tonight.
I got clothes, I'm sleeping on a couch.
And I'm just waiting for him to say this, oh, I didn't file something.
We got the damn filing.
He filed it under a penalty of perjury with Judge Lopez.
He admitted it later in hearings.
So you're, this guy thinks I'm so stupid that he's saying I didn't file a secret filing that you're a fucking criminal and that I'm supposed to sit here and take it because it's cute.
Who would put up with this?
Let's continue.
Is anybody screwed with you?
Hey, no, Pat, I just want to get this, listen.
And I did not do this.
No, I believe you.
So let's talk about this.
I'm not involved with you and Ray Battaglia.
I never talked to Ray Battaglia.
Ray's gone.
He doesn't give a shit.
He wants to be gone.
That's not the issue.
The issue, fucking issue, are people in this company that are fucking with me.
They're trying to put you and me together.
Pitch you and I together.
When I left to Florida two days before, he calls me when I'm going to the airport.
I'm in the airport, walking with my bag.
And he calls and he goes, I just want you to know, Ray Battaglia is doing all this horrible stuff to me.
I'm standing up to him and I am going to file something tomorrow to put the record straight.
But don't worry, I'll file it secretly so it's not in the press.
And I'm like not even trying to engage in subterfuge.
And I'm like, okay, great man, whatever.
I'm not involved with Ray Battaglia.
Because Ray Battaglia said I can't ethically be involved with this guy.
He wouldn't say what it was.
So then he was running around saying I'm in some conspiracy with the lawyer they hired over there.
In the bankruptcy.
I don't even talk to him.
He's at some of the meetings.
Just sits there quietly.
I know the judge loves him.
He's very respected.
That's what I'm told.
So... And whatever's going on, Raymond Tatler refuses to even talk to me since this happened.
He just said, it's bad, I'm not involved.
He told the judge, I cannot be involved, I'm out of here.
And he said, and it's the CRO.
It's this guy.
So I keep thinking, explaining to him, I'm not in some thing with you, you paranoid loon.
But I'm wondering why he's attacking me.
Why is he filing this?
And I haven't gotten to the point like, dude, you said I'm a criminal and stole money to the court again right here.
Not just that I'm incompetent and should be fired.
I have the damn letter right here.
I'll pull it up.
Like, I'll dig it out.
It's in there for March.
So, so again, imagine living under this and then watching the security people like weird and like, what's going on?
Oh, we're shutting you down tonight.
Oh, great.
I'm staying here.
And again, it's all this brinksmanship.
This is crazy town, people.
They got $6 million in the bank over here, and a couple million in debt they've got.
They've got money.
I've told listeners, hey, we're in the black a little bit.
I've told listeners, hey, InfoWars is not the big thing to support right now.
They're great products.
You need them.
Obviously, go to dotterjonesnaturals.com.
That's a separate company, a separate operation.
That's what you should be supporting.
So again, I've told you all this.
I've known all this.
I'm sitting here putting up with it.
And then I'm here.
And they're gonna lock me out.
So, again, over and over again.
It's like when a man, you know, breaks his wife's jaw.
He's like, I didn't punch you, baby.
I didn't punch you, baby.
This is gaslighting 101.
Let's continue.
There's nobody fighting.
You and I are great.
We don't have problems.
I'm not upset with David either.
I'm just telling him I won.
Well, he's not really upset with you.
He was just confused by that document he got sent.
Well, I want to see it.
Oh, well, I'll get you one right now.
I guess it's in my email I'm driving down the road.
I want to see the actual document that was filed because I never did any of that.
Well, I believe you, Pat.
Look, Alex, I'm here to support you on this.
I want you to be successful.
Well, I think we are going to be successful.
Everybody thinks the plan is going to go through.
By the way, have you seen Tucker?
I'm about to.
I taped the show today and then I met with some bigwigs and then I'm going to see Tucker in the morning.
But listen, let's talk about what's going on.
However this got stirred up, The good news is Shelby Jordan said we need to confirm Pat McGill's plan.
We need to just shut all this down.
So let me ask you, where is all this coming from and then what is going to go on with Steve Lemon and all those people?
Listen, Pat, you've been on the phone all day.
I've been in meetings doing my show and taping them.
So I know nothing.
OK, that's why I wanted to talk to you.
So what's going on?
Well, I mean, see, Steve's, you know, making, you know, he's than what Steve does, which is why I wanted to talk to your dad because I wanted to make sure
that I understood that, you know, he that he was in agreement with what Steve was doing.
Steve's kind of creating a little problem of course, but not to worry.
Well, that's what I've been trying to do is try to get everybody on the same page just to get this done.
Like, I've already agreed to give up any interest in PKPR, to give them my 76%, to have my dad cut that debt.
We already talked about this yesterday.
That's a great deal for them, but let's just get it done.
I'm in favor.
I'm in favor.
You just need to get to me.
You and I agree on what?
Like, 99% of everything is... But Pat, that's what I told Vicky and all of them.
And they said, great.
I said, listen, Pat says it's not his job to sit there and say that all of that debt's real.
He's just saying if we can agree, then he will agree.
I will agree.
I told Anthony.
Plain as today.
I'm ready.
Let's go.
You know, Alex, all I can tell you is, you and I need to talk a lot because, you know, at the end of the day, um, you know, uh, these lawyers, God, I don't know.
Can they tell you what you want to hear?
No, I really don't talk to my lawyers very much.
I don't believe much of what they say.
Well, they really, I mean, I'll be honest, I've had my issues with Vicky and everybody.
They're just like, hey, we want to do a deal with McGill, we want to move forward, we're not part of this thing with him and Raymond Tagliati.
And I know you're saying they were all kind of aligned, I think, whatever, I'm not involved, I'm not a lawyer.
I've already put all my money into free speech, I care about my employees.
I'm not gonna give up and let them have that victory of shutting it down.
If it gets shut down, that's the way it is, but all I need- >> No, no, we don't want to shut down.
So let me ask you this.
If you're saying, and I'll send you this in email, if you're saying that this thing I've got is some forgery or whatever, or manufacturing, what does your sealed document say?
I don't know.
I never said what your dad said I said.
And that document does not say what your dad said.
I would never do that.
I would never.
I know that Alex, but I would never do that.
I'm just telling you, I would never do that.
That's not me.
You can never do that, that's not me, that's not me.
Sure, sure, sure.
Well, listen, I believe you, Pat.
Let me just read you this.
This is item one, page one, the F.
FSSS employees, approximately 50 personnel, and has the potential to generate very real significant value for the creditors.
Point 2.
Unfortunately, the principal, Alex Jones, can be unreliable and is unable to competently manage the affairs of SSS.
It goes on from there, but unable to competently manage means incompetent.
So, look, I understand that I declared bankruptcy.
I thought that was some legalese term, meaning I needed help.
So, I don't even take that as an insult.
They all got upset about it.
Is that the document or is there a different one?
No, they talk about you being an alcoholic.
That's what your dad was saying, that there was something that said you were an alcoholic and you were not reliable.
And I said, I never said that.
Okay, well I think they were in between the lines.
What is the blacked out stuff?
Can you tell me?
No, I don't know.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I've not seen what you're saying.
Can you send that to me?
Sure, sure. Well, then let's move on from the alcoholic tech. I don't think that's in the document. I didn't see that. But what about the unreliable, unable to comprehend?
I've never seen that. I have never seen that.
Hit pause.
Back it up 20 seconds.
He's now testified in court.
He did it.
It's real.
They did it.
We have it.
It's been on national news.
They put it in the news that I'm incompetent and all this.
It was in Bloomberg.
So, days later he's in court.
Yeah, he's incompetent.
I gotta take it over.
He's telling me it doesn't exist.
And then it gets into Alex Jones.
I caught him stealing money.
He's like, no, no.
Imagine having this creature with no court order.
Tell them to kick me out of the building last night.
And then when I call up the head of the security guy, I go, hey man, they don't have a court order.
It's like, hey, you're at windmills.
You're upset.
Oh, yeah, like you just ran over me with a car.
Why am I upset?
Well, hey, we're not going to do it.
We want a court order.
Then don't.
Well, if he says he's the... No, he's not!
And I have lawyers telling him this.
It's like, it doesn't matter.
He's God.
Pat McGill's God.
Pat McGill's God.
I get it.
Because he told them all they're going to be the people that run this company.
And I'm supposed to sit here and again, have them shit in a bowl and tell me it's Dutch chocolate ice cream.
No, it's not.
It's a pile of shit.
So, and folks, if you think this is bad, it's like a war.
We bring out the low-level stuff first.
Walk to my office.
And he said, you can just keep that money.
And I start looking and he's wearing a wire and I go, dude, I don't care about $200,000.
I'm trying to get 18, 20 million, whatever it is in here.
12 million you've already denied.
I'm trying to fund the goddamn operation.
I'm just saying, you can keep, have side deals.
and I'm just sitting there going, "Dude, you're a dumbass."
But these people, in my opinion, are crooks.
They think everybody else is a crook.
Dude, I ain't a crook, man!
My family founded Texas!
They died in the major battles!
My family came over with the Mayflower, bitch!
My family invented the stock exchange!
My family owned railroads, bitch!
You come from scum, not me.
And I'm not putting little people down, but my family's kick-ass, man.
We ain't scum.
People worked with us for hundreds of years because we're the real deal.
You got that?
And I won't sit there and have scumbags like you sit there and claim I'm a goddamn criminal, because I'm the fucking opposite, you motherfucker!
You want a fucking political war?
You got one!
And just pull one more fucking thing, you'll see.
I'll fucking release the other video.
In fact, I don't make threats, I'm playing the motherfucker.
Let me dig it out.
Play more of it.
Alex, come on now.
Specifically the part about incompetence.
Okay, well I believe you.
No, I know.
I would never say you're not incompetent.
I would never say you were an alcoholic.
I would never say you didn't know what you were doing.
I would never, ever, say that about you.
I just wouldn't.
You know, look, and as I was telling your dad, look, and I called your dad, and he wouldn't take my call.
Well, he wouldn't take mine.
His hearing aids weren't charged.
He had them and he was asleep.
No, all I'm saying is... I'm serious.
I had to call my mom and have her go wake his ass up just to talk to me an hour ago.
So if you try him now, I'd probably answer.
But, well then, I appreciate your time, Pat.
Let's just move on to how do we fix this next week.
Let me ask you, let's just move on.
That's my instruction.
Hold on, hold on.
That's my instruction to Vicky.
And I openly said, hey, she agreed.
Maybe it's best, since you guys have had some fights, that maybe we bring in Shelby.
Shelby agrees.
He wants to maybe change, you know, maybe not even have a hearing.
I mean, who knows?
The point is, how do we fix this?
How much danger is the confirmation in?
Or is it not a danger?
What can we do to just move on and have collective amnesia and forget this ever happened?
Collective amnesia never happens.
Yeah, so what do we do?
Yep, nothing.
We're good.
We're good.
Don't worry.
Just knock him dead with Tucker, really.
I will, but listen, my dad was asleep.
He had his hearing aids turned off, so I was really mad because for three hours he wouldn't answer the phone.
He answered 45 minutes ago, so he'll probably answer if you call him now.
Alright, thanks, Pat.
Good luck.
Don't knock him dead with Tucker.
I'm gonna try.
I'm gonna try.
Thank you.
What the fuck was that?
Hold on.
Let's just stop.
Don't stop.
Let's get this on record.
I'm not trying to be mean.
No, no, no.
This is very dangerous.
He's had a psychotic break.
The date is, what is it?
It's March... Today's March 6th.
March 6th.
And we were forced to record this because... We told him in multiple lawyer meetings when he first came in about Mountain Way and a few sponsors, and we wanted to bring the sponsors on.
We wanted to transfer the money to him.
He said, great.
I'll tell you when to do it.
Then told the court, That we had hidden the money as a power play.
He has re-put that in the new document that he filed today.
I guess it was yesterday, the 5th.
And now he is saying he did not file this document that he clearly filed.
This is an unedited tape.
This has been done under duress for my crew and everybody and I'm being accused of crimes I haven't committed.
Pat McGill is, I believe mentally ill.
Alright, end recording.
Hey, McGill, we'll give you the rest.
How's that sound?
Let me go to break and dig it out.
So, let's just get it all out right now.
So, I don't know if he's getting paid to do this.
I don't know what's going on, but I'm not going to prison because this guy thinks he's a fucking big Johnny Dick, okay?
And so, everybody else around here, because most