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Name: 20240531_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 31, 2024
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Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes discuss recent political events such as Trump supporters' trial verdicts, globalists losing culturally and politically worldwide, escalating conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, and potential false flag attacks. They emphasize nonviolence, support local law enforcement agencies, warn about powerful elite groups, and share their beliefs in God's plan for their lives. The conversation shifts to Israel under Netanyahu's leadership and various conspiracy theories including the flat Earth hypothesis, gas equalization on a flat earth, restrictions in Antarctica and the North Pole, 9/11, and nuclear weapons. The speakers debate about ancient buildings and cities in North America that are not mentioned in history books, airships, and legal disputes surrounding Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. They encourage viewers to investigate information critically rather than accepting everything as true.

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Tomorrow's News.
Alright, the show trial verdict has completely blown up in the Democrat deep state's face.
But everybody getting so excited needs to listen to me and listen real good.
I've been telling you for years, they're going to stage big false flag attacks in the lead up to the election and blame Trump supporters.
And I came out while the verdict was still being read.
And I said, you watch, they're going to go cull the internet and anonymous posters and say, look, the Republicans are getting ready to start shooting and killing Democrats.
J6 2.0 is here.
And if you don't think the Feds aren't planning another J6 or another Whitmer kidnapping type deal they got caught in, you aren't paying attention.
So we have to get this information out to everybody.
We have to get the Republicans talking about this.
And we've got to distance ourselves from violence.
And when I made those comments yesterday, And last night and this morning on X, I saw a minority of people with real accounts that are real folks who seem like they're doing some good work and aren't feds, saying, OK, well, we agree with you, but we had 1776, so when is it right?
The globalists want us to get violent because we're winning culturally, not just here, but around the world.
Populists are winning almost every election.
There's a major political global realignment.
The U.N.
treaty just failed.
The globalists are resigning in droves.
They admit in their internal documents that come out that they are losing.
Elon Musk is hosting a town hall now with Trump and says he's taking on the New World Order.
Joe Rogan sounds like Alex Jones.
Everybody else does now.
That's victory.
And I said decades ago, I want to become obsolete.
Now I'm far from it, but I'm a lot closer to that than I was 20, 30 years ago.
I'd say we're 80% there.
And believe me, if we turn things around and turn the tide and stabilize things, you're going to hear Alex Jones on the air maybe once a week.
I'll write a few books a year.
Maybe make a film here and there.
I like doing this show, but I've been doing it 30 years.
My mission is to create the new generation and the awakening.
And you've heard me say that if you're a longtime listener a thousand times.
It's happened.
God told me it was going to happen.
And God told me I was going to get attacked and tortured and my family would get attacked.
And I've been telling you this 25 years that God told me this.
Now, sounded crazy then.
In fact, have the archivist... I know we put AI to good use too.
We've got AI scanning as many old shows we can find.
I want to find the earliest breakdown of me predicting, because God told me, what was going to happen.
Now, we're still far from winning, but the huge massive awakening is here, and that's the problem.
It's also the solution.
Because the globalists are going to overturn the chessboard.
They are openly telling Russia they're going to start delivering even more heavy weapons, cruise missiles, to attack Moscow and other major Russian cities.
On a threat escalation ladder, the Russians say they'll go nuclear if this happens.
Then Stoltenberg tried to spin it and said, well, we've always been launching these attacks on you.
Because he understands the threat escalation ladder.
He's trying to play this game because in the rules of war, the West are the ones that are escalating.
Huge developments.
Biden, as the Trump verdict was read out, five minutes later releases a White House statement that the United States will now deliver heavy cruise missiles and long-range weapons to Ukraine, which they've been doing secretly, and the British and the French have been doing it publicly, to stop bombarding Russian targets in Russia.
We're not talking about little, you know, small drones that fly in 100 miles and blow up one apartment.
We're talking about 2,000-pound, 1,000-pound bombs.
Coming in, baby.
So, they're planning World War III, and they're planning civil unrest that they'll call civil war.
It's going down.
This is it.
With 157 days left to the election, you are living in the most dangerous time in human history right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, May 31st, 2024.
I am your host, Alexander Emmerich Jones, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
All right.
I want to be absolutely laser focused and I just want to state my preface here and then I'll go through the evidence.
And I know most of you already get this, some of you better than I. If everybody wants to get so excited and happy and oh it's backfiring and the numbers already show it and Trump is gonna win in a landslide despite the fraud, you can override that with a massive landslide, the numbers are clear.
But Tucker Carlson nailed it, he said, Anyone supporting this verdict and anyone not supporting President Trump is an enemy of America and your family.
And you're in danger of World War III and total enslavement in a dictatorship.
Now, that's what's going on.
We are already under a coup.
I was just on Eric Bolling's show talking about this with him this morning.
I think it airs tonight.
It's going down.
Soros is just the CIA front.
When you hear Soros, it's CIA.
Has gotten control of almost all the cities and populous counties and towns, over a thousand of them.
They've got 18 of the state attorney generals totally on his payroll, trained by him in his special college he has.
They're fellows of the Soros group.
A couple others are semi, but 18's the number.
They've got over a thousand DAs and county attorneys.
They've got a lot of the police chiefs.
The ADL does the training with the Southern Property Law Center.
And they're not just defunding the police and releasing violent criminals to destabilize things.
That's a small part of the equation.
It's then the persecution of populists and conservatives and nationalists.
And just right down the line, if you're a victim and you're white, you don't get any support.
If you're a black criminal or a Hispanic criminal, they let you go.
And again, that's to create massive division and to make white people hate black people and back and forth.
It's not working, but people see the injustice, people see the unfairness, and Americans don't like unfairness.
And that's why they don't like what's happening to Trump.
So yes, if this was a football game, We're in the third quarter and we are seven points ahead and we have the ball at the 50-yard line and it's first down.
But in the fourth quarter that we're now entering, in the next 157 days and then the craziness that comes after that, Ahead of the inauguration, the 79 Days of Hell Part 2.
I told you hell was coming.
All 79 Days of Hell predicted all that.
In the lead up, and they could detonate a bomb tomorrow, they could truck bomb next week, they could shoot up a black college, or attack a black grocery store, or a black church, or a string of synagogues.
The globalists have got mentally ill people wound up ready That when they get the green light, they'll activate them to go carry out attacks.
But those are usually not very well coordinated and aren't big enough.
So I'm predicting that international crime syndicates working for the globalists are going to hit targets around the country.
And I'm predicting it's going to be bigger in the aggregate than 9-11.
I'm not saying the one event will be bigger than 9-11.
I'm saying I'm predicting hundreds of terror attacks Are going to be conducted inside the United States and attributed to Trump supporters.
Now, I've only done this a few other times.
Like I said, back in 2001, I said, call the White House and tell them we know they're going to fly buildings in the World Trade Center and blame it on their CIA asset, Bin Laden.
I've seen the pre-programming, all the stuff that was going on.
It was obvious.
It happened.
Now you think I want to just sit there and give out the White House switchboard on my syndicated radio show and on my local TV show and they got reportedly thousands of calls?
You think I want to mess with the New World Order?
I'd already had them physically send people to attack me once before when the Clintons were in.
Good thing I was young and still tough as hell because I beat the living hell out of those guys.
They broke my nose and stuff.
They just hit me in the side, the kidneys, and hit me in the head.
It really wasn't, you know, it hit me pretty hard, but it just pissed me off.
Broke my nose.
They stood back with a blob of spray, and I like, I was gonna do something.
I just was like, I'm gonna hurt you bad.
Sorry, I'm having a little flashback of enjoyment there.
I remember getting on my knee up, because they were trying to hold me, and I just slammed my knee right in that guy's ribs, and I heard him crack, and he started crying.
And I just punched him right in the nose and just smashed his nose almost completely off his face.
Anyway, sorry.
I'm sorry, folks.
I'm a little emotional right now.
I have some memories.
Very good memory, though.
Oh, yeah.
I'm climbing in that minivan, bleeding, running like I'm one of those little cowards.
Oh, I had a gun in my pocket too, kind of blasting them, but I didn't do that, I just beat the living hell out of them.
Uh, sorry, um, excuse me, sorry, some of those memories are just, I am, I'm not a sadistic person unless it's bullies attacking me, and I just started having some pleasure, some feelings of victory and overcoming and dominance.
I'm sorry.
I apologize.
I'm going to quit right there.
Because I am very threatened by the tyranny that's happening at a very beastial level.
So all my instincts are turned on to be aggressive as well because we are under attack.
So I'm going to move out of that story now and move on to where I was.
I know how serious these people are, and when they death threat me or attack my family, I'm just like, I already know you're criminals.
That's why I'm fighting you.
I've made a decision to take you on.
I've made a decision to expose you.
I've made a decision to go after you with everything I've got.
Do you understand that?
And people better get their heads screwed on absolutely straight about what we are, because The reason I gave you some past examples of me exposing terror attacks where they came is because that's the clear next move.
That's the next thing to do in the playbook if you're evil, if you're the globalist.
And I said, watch them after the verdict.
They're going to run around like chickens with their heads cut off saying, oh my God, the Trump supporters are going to kill us any minute.
Remember Maxine Waters a few months ago.
There's militias in the woods training to overthrow the government and do a new January 6th.
That's because they're giving them briefings and telling them, oh, there's all these terror camps around the country in Texas and Michigan and Ohio and they're, we're getting intel, they're going to attack black colleges and they're going to attack government buildings and then they're going to attack feds.
And so, I mean, when Biden came out three years ago and said the number one terror threat in America is white supremacy, put my Earpiece keeps coming off back here.
Let's fix that.
There you go.
And they put that out, then you know the massive funding went in to not countering white supremacism and terrorism that didn't really even exist, but to running the investigations that are the bootleg to actually go out and create and organize and lead the groups like the white supremacy group that was used to build the cutout for the attack.
On Oklahoma City, but they had to back off of Ellingham City because it came out because of federal informant that it was a setup.
And so they had to not fully launch that operation.
And you have to understand that Holder was the guy running that operation, who later became the Attorney General.
So they do this over and over and over again, and they're preparing it right now to make the Whitmer kidnapping plot that they admittedly cooked up.
Look tame in comparison.
So think of a bunch of Whitmer kidnapping plots.
Congressman being kidnapped.
Then the SWAT team and the shootout will kill the kidnappers and the congressperson.
You know, it'll all be swept up very nicely.
Those are the type of scenarios that are right now in play, being prepared, and they're going down the checklist, flipping the switches on to carry that out.
And that's what they're going to do.
Now, if we get this information out, and if we expose this, there are enough people in the system that aren't criminals and enough people watching that are on the streets, they'll never get away with this.
I was talking to Bolling and he was talking about having Laura Trump on and she's one of the co-chairs of the RNC and
they're gonna put a hundred thousand poll watchers out there and people watching the drop boxes everywhere just to expose it.
That's really smart ahead of it as well.
So the system only got away with stuff in the past because people weren't aware of it.
People are hyper aware, large segments are.
And so we have a chance of stopping false flags.
And there's different types.
There's where they use a real mentally ill person to do it, and there's ones where they'll completely stage an event.
They'll also foil some attempts.
And they'll just know about one group they've wound up, they'll have another group of FBI that goes and busts them that isn't part of it.
So, that's what's going down, that's what's happening, and the attacks will be so terrible, hundreds of dead black people is what they're setting up with the pre-programming.
That then black folks are told by the media, burn everything down.
The white Trump supporter went in the black church and killed 37 people.
And then the riots start and then Biden can address the nation and say it's because of Trump.
And then that creates this hysteria where even if Trump is still able to win, they will then say, well, We're in a civil emergency and we have to just not let him get into office under a national emergency that Biden would declare because half the country's burned down.
And the reason I know that is they've introduced bills to strip Trump as president-elect before he gets in, but then once he's in, of the power of the Insurrection Act, and that's giving military power to Congress and taking that away from the president, which is a legislative coup against the executive branch.
And they're saying that they're going to fund and support the mostly peaceful, violent demonstrations that Maxine Waters and others called for.
And I put that out on X yesterday, and I think I sent it to you, but go grab it again.
I want to play a little compilation of them calling for violence.
I put it out last night or this morning.
I can't remember, but just get it.
It's important.
So we knew right away, right away, that They were going to start beating the drums everywhere.
The Republicans are terrorists.
The Republicans are going to blow things up.
They're already saying Trump is a dictator.
Trump's going to arrest everyone.
Trump's going to destroy America.
Trump's going to kill you.
Trump's going to start World War III.
But now they've got to extend it to their real target, the American people, to bring in the civil emergency.
It's what they'll call it, but it's really martial law.
With the censorship, the control, mass arrest, persecution, and they've already geared up the feds by harassing over 20,000 people that were in DC, putting over 2,000 in jail to have that new political army out there.
That is ready to be set upon the American people.
And we've had CIA analysts and FBI analysts on CNN, ABC News, NBC News, all the channels.
We played the clips, saying, you know how we fought the Russians in the Cold War and had the apparatus of Homeland Security, which they didn't actually do until after 9-11.
They called it Homeland Security.
And then we went after Islam for 9-11.
That was the training wheels.
He goes, and now we need to use it against MAGA and after Trump's gone, we got to use it on their supporters.
And I've seen hundreds of clips.
You've seen them where they say, we got to go after his supporters.
We got to, Hillary said, put them in camps and re-educate them.
Like it was a joke.
It wasn't a joke.
And so that's the logical extension historically of where we're at with the persecution, the lawfare, the censorship.
The persecution, the trying to steal elections, the stealing elections, the trying to take Trump off the ballot, rigging these trials, that's all walking us into the permanent martial law like Venezuela has, or the permanent martial law they're trying to instill and install right now in places like Brazil.
And that's why, as a gestalt, you have Tucker saying, well, we're now a banana republic.
And anybody that doesn't understand that is a fool.
And anyone supporting this is an enemy of you and your family.
I retweeted it this morning, guys.
Pull up BX, where I said, perfect analysis, and it's a Tucker Carlson tweet.
It's short.
I've been paraphrasing it.
I want to read it, please.
I can just pull it up.
So, that's where we are in this whole situation, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, overhead shot, please.
I'll take you right to it.
And I'll read it to you here on air.
A lot of these, but I'll find it.
Just gotta have it.
There it is.
Go ahead and open that up larger, please.
So I can read it.
Import the third world, become the third world.
That's what we just saw.
This won't stop Trump.
He will win the election if he's not killed first.
But it does mark the end of the fairest justice system in the world.
Anyone who defends this verdict is a danger to you and your family.
And that's absolutely true.
This is a big deal, people.
And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the only way to get ahead of this, the only way to stop this, the only way to deal with this, Is to be a hundred percent honest with how much trouble we're in.
These globalists have already delivered hundreds in just the last few months of heavy cruise missiles that they're now firing into Russia cities.
Blowing up whole blocks.
And they're bragging about it to piss Russia off and go ahead and just get it on.
That's how this works.
They've totally dissolved the border.
Hundreds of thousands are dying a year from fentanyl.
They're promoting pedophilia all over the news and all over the TV.
They're devaluing the currency, telling you there's no inflation.
They've put all these completely insane people in charge.
And they've been announcing that white supremacy is the number one crime in America, the number one threat.
Those are quotes from Biden.
And he put out a national security directive in June of two thousand and twenty-one Then defining what a white supremacist is.
Anyone that questions open borders, anyone that questions elections, anyone that questions forced inoculation or lockdowns.
What do you think the COVID was?
It was a martial law drill.
And you've seen Klaus Schwab and the UN brag, oh this was a good drill for climate lockdowns that are coming and societal lockdowns and the angrier world.
So the main strategy is countering this domestic terror threat that doesn't exist.
They're going to make sure it exists, because they're going to provocateur it, and they're going to stage it.
That is the logical 2 plus 2 equals 4.
Many other countries have gone down this road, but now we do it bigger and better, don't we?
What person in their right mind would want to trade out the country we had that had its problems but was the freest in the world for a literal Stalinist, Maoist, Hitlerian, tyranny wonderland for tyrants?
I mean, this is hellish!
So then all the scumbag left can run around and persecute the living hell out of the American people.
While they themselves roll their sleeves up for poison shots.
I mean, what a nightmare!
They now admit the shots don't work and make you sick.
They now admit 22 million dead.
Because they think they've got the federal police, folks.
And they think they control the media.
And they just killed a bunch of people as a test to see how much more they could do.
And they didn't really get what they wanted.
We failed at first, but woke up, and now it's backfired, but they're like, well, okay, just because that didn't work, let's do it again.
And right on time, oh, the bird flu!
Oh, a new bird flu strain was found!
Someone's finally sick, right as Biden gets the new mRNA shot ready, and ooh, we may have to quarantine all the farms, and you may have to stay home as well!
We're sorry!
And then, bloop, the new, whatever the hell it is they'll release, is released.
They set the PCR test to say it's bird flu, And we're back right where we were.
So, I'm not obsolete yet, and I want to become obsolete because we're so free and people get this, that other people really aren't seeing this.
They're not really saying this.
People aren't getting this.
Some are.
But it needs to be a boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, drumbeat.
Because that's where we are.
That's what's going on.
I'm up here risking my life.
Because the alternative is far worse to let them do this for all of us.
I can't sit back and watch these people do it.
I can't be part of this.
So, here's the good news.
We've planted so many seeds.
You've planted so many seeds.
People are getting so awake that even if they go up with this plan, which I think they're going to do it.
I'm trying to stop them.
That doesn't go well either and it ends in They're destruction.
This political class will all get arrested.
They'll all go to prison.
They'll be Nuremberg too.
They'll be neck snapping.
Here's the problem again though.
If you do a deep historic analysis and just use your gut and common sense and look at that.
Do you think after going through this giant counter purge and what's going to happen that people aren't going to get out of hand and that then the people that are part of this new movement won't then be totalitarians themselves and we're right back where we started?
And that's what this is.
There's a desire deeper in the New World Order system to actually get rid of the modern liberal order, which is totally disease non-control and needs to be gotten rid of.
It's not liberal at all.
It's tyrannical, but they call it liberal.
And replace it with a kind of slick scientific fascism that's pretty much the same thing, but they're going to euthanize the people with low IQs and the left.
After they sold them on it, got them on board with it, they'll then be wiped out.
And you're gonna get pretty much more of a Hitler plan.
I'd really like to not go there, because that's who in the final equation is going to march up to my house when I'm 55, 60 years old and I'm never seen again.
And my children have no future.
I mean, you can see where this is going.
Once Rome started having kings, or started having emperors, they had kings first, and then the republic, and then emperors.
It was constant fighting and constant, you know, turmoil and destabilization.
Once we go down this road, and we're on the road, and it's happening, and... I reposted somebody's image on X from a movie where two guys are machine-gunning each other, and they're just filling each other full of holes, and that's basically what this... intermural warfare does.
and so there were checks and balances and there were protections of chivalry built in to America from lessons from other
countries so that we wouldn't get this destabilization system and groups constantly battling over power
Instead, we would have innovation and expansion.
We would have renaissance, not conquest.
And we are now on the road to total destruction, 100%.
And to me, Right-wing, left-wing, any of this stuff, it's all, at the end of the day, going to be a tyranny.
And we're all being manipulated into going along with this, so that any old checks and balances are destroyed, so the real scientific tyrants can move in and clean things up.
And those of us that have been fighting the tyranny will be told, you can sit over there on the sideline now and live out the rest of your life if you shut up, because you know what we're doing, and we got rid of your enemies, but shut up.
You understand?
Or you're dead.
So that's coming.
I want to tell the left, though.
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You're the losers.
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All right, I want to explain something really important. When I say something, just one line, you can search what I said and find history on it.
But if I tried to go through each little piece of why I know this stuff, it would take hours, so I can't do it. But here's a microcosm.
Germany, you've heard, is trying to ban the national conservative right-wing party that's about as right-wing as Trump is.
They just don't want totally open borders and want lower taxes and to be, you know, pro-Germany first.
They're trying to outlaw the party right now.
Now, how do they do that?
If you go back to the 70s, German intelligence in West Germany With the CIA, when they weren't placing small children of Christian families with convicted pedophiles.
That's... Matron is, by the way.
They were using Germany as a testing ground.
West Germany.
It was under martial law.
Until unification with Helmut Kohl.
And the fall of Berlin Wall.
And it still never really got out from under it, just like Spain never got out from under martial law with Franco.
Man, you don't talk back to police there, they'll break your neck.
They're real nice.
I'm going to tell you one time, you don't do it, you're going to knock your teeth out, and it's going to happen.
The German police are CIA run, and they were just even worse in East Germany with Stasi, and they went out and firebombed Hundreds of mainly Turkish people's apartments over those decades and they would blame it on right-wingers and put them in jail and then ban any political party they were associated with by false flags.
It's standard when they were writing fake dossiers on Trump.
You don't want it to be able to be looked at by Congress, so the Democrats paid MI6 to create Pissgate and all the rest of that.
Well, it's the same thing.
A lot of times when the CIA wants to kill American citizens, they don't send army officers who are attached to the CIA for killing people in the U.S., which they do all the time, usually non-citizens.
They will have a German intelligence or British intelligence will come over and do the murder.
So when Eric Holder and the Justice Department, and when he was Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno, when they carried out Oklahoma City, that's why we know there were members of German intelligence in there, and some got arrested and later came out as eyewitnesses.
That's how they operate.
And that's why it's come out that the Southern Poverty Law Center that was running Ellingham City, the white supremacist compound, was actually running money into Germany and then money back from Germany with Germans in control of that.
So that's just a standard compartmentalization thing they do.
So I would guess they've got a German team, which is the same as the Ukrainians now, a NATO teams, that again are going to have a mentally ill, drugged up white manga person who's shot their mouth off.
That person will be kept in the van, drugged, they'll make sure all the cameras are turned off.
They'll park somewhere like a church loading dock or something where they can make sure there's no cameras.
That's their concern with all the cameras today.
And then they're going to go in with masks on and they're going to kill as many black people as they can.
When it's a professional team, they can kill a church of 300 or 400 black folks, they'll kill 100 of them.
And then throw some hand grenades in to confuse the whole thing.
This is just one type scenario.
That's the one I think, that's probably one of those.
They probably got the vans loaded, the troops ready.
If people control Biden, give the order, they'll roll out Sunday to your black church.
So they're coming.
Now, they're going to go in there and just spray women and children saying, Hail Trump!
And then they'll just go and take the guy that's kind of halfway waking up, and then they'll just throw him in there.
And then that's it.
And then you'll hear that Trump's supporter went and killed 100 black people.
Or, if they can find a more competent mentally ill Nazi, They'll say, you're about to trigger the final war.
Hitler's coming back.
You've got to go out and you've got to attack this black church, helter-skelter, like the CIA test they did with Charlie Manson.
They never actually launched that part of it.
You've got to go out and you've got to do this to trigger the war.
So they'll even think they're going to trigger the war, because they want the war.
But they're not working for the secret Hitler battalion of the Hitler White Hats.
They're working for the Deep State Globalist.
And He'll go in and, you know, maybe shoot 20-30 people.
Somebody will have a gun.
They'll shoot back.
But those are the type of scenarios.
Or they'll just do an old-fashioned truck bomb, you know, rolled into a federal building.
Or more.
I mean, they're gonna pull the stops out.
So they've been planning this forever.
They've been beta testing this forever.
And this is what they're gonna do, okay?
So we're 157 days out from the election and they are moving as fast as they can to take us off the air while putting out fake headlines like this in the Associated Press that I'm going to show you.
Sandy Hook Families Offer to Settle Alex Jones $1.5 Billion Legal Debt for a Minimum of $85 Million.
Now, I've not made $50 million myself in 30 years on air.
And like $10 million of it was again in a settlement With my ex-wife, and that took me years to pay her that.
I didn't have ten million bucks laying around, that took me six years to pay her ten million dollars.
Or was it nine million plus?
So, in thirty years, I've not made sixty million dollars.
Fifty-five million dollars.
And that's before taxes.
So I've really made, like, thirty million dollars in thirty years on air.
And that's what I've made, and I've put it in to fight the New World Order and everything else.
So that comes out to about a million bucks a year.
They know, oh, and they want a board in here where I don't run the company, and they want to try to control my speech, but then they run a headline, oh, they gave Jones a way out!
$85 million minimum, and then them controlling what we say and do.
That's not an offer.
And we've been debanked and attacked and all the rest of it and bring in half of what we used to gross.
have sold all my assets.
Didn't get them but a few million dollars.
What, a 10-year-old motorboat?
127 acres outside Austin so I'd have a place to go to if things collapse?
Didn't even have a house on it?
Has a barn?
With some bunk beds?
Means nothing to me.
But you have to understand, this is CIA run.
This is all government, FBI program, and they want me off the air before the election.
Now, obviously, I'm going to be on the air one way or another, but it doesn't matter to them.
Militarily, they think it'll disrupt what we're doing.
Now, obviously, it'll do the opposite.
it'll make the show bigger.
But if you look at their tactics.
They don't care.
I'm not talking about the families or even the lawyers.
They're just, you know, the FBI came and created the suits.
They testified, they did.
The General Counsel of Connecticut, their head lawyer, testified.
He initiated it all.
He went and organized the people, got them, then the media ran PR firms, and I was doing all the stuff I didn't do.
They then got discovery forever, thinking they'd find something criminal.
They didn't.
And then now at the end of the day, yeah, we don't want money, we want you off here.
Like they said at the courthouse.
We want Mr. Jones off the air in Connecticut, Texas.
Our job is to remove him off the air.
But still they run articles.
Oh, no, no, no, we're not.
Now they know it's not working.
Oh, we're not taking him off the air.
He could give us $85 million.
He's just got laying around over there.
And this article goes, Jones has $900,000 in the bank.
$900,000 in the bank. That $900,000 is in a court bank account controlled by the court.
I don't get that money.
But again, it's all lies.
And yes, the fact that they're not going to settle and shut this down, I am going, and I've got the groups, that are going to sue the feds.
And we are going to get on the offensive.
Because that's what we do.
We fight.
Because they don't control every court.
But I just want you to understand the season we're in.
Trump's not invincible.
I'm not invincible.
The government at the top is run by bad people.
The Q thing that, don't worry, there's all these white hats, isn't true.
I know Trump.
I know Elon Musk.
I know the players.
I know who's good.
And you can count them as prominent people as a couple hundred.
Yes, I've met with high-level federal judges and good agents that have told us, go investigate this, go do that.
They say, look, we're totally in trouble with the Justice Department.
We're not allowed to charge convicted pedophiles unless the Justice Department greenlights it, and they're not.
We have to let them go.
All we can do...
I'd say half of them are pretty good people, but their hands are tied.
few months under the federal law, they have that power to hold them for the illegal border crossing, that power is not controlled by the Justice Department, so they put them in
jail for a couple months, and then they're right back out.
So yeah, there are a lot of white hats in your local police department, in your local FBI, in your local federal marshals, in your judges, they're not all bad.
I'd say half of them are pretty good people, but their hands are tied.
So I mean, to the point of their coming to me, I'm having meetings?
In person and virtual?
And they're asking me what to do?
So... You gotta admit how much trouble we're in.
And I know people think of the government and fantasize that it was this big monolithic powerful thing.
No, it's a big monolithic corrupt thing.
It's gotten really corrupt.
And... Yeah, the people are awake, and yeah, it's backfiring, but...
You have to understand, ladies and gentlemen, they're not pre-programming that white people are the number one terror threat and are going to kill everybody for no reason.
The main U.S.
government directive, the most dangerous thing in the world, is white supremacist.
They're everywhere, they're going to kill you any minute.
Almost none of it's happening.
Very rare.
some lunatic goes and shoots up some innocent synagogue or something.
And there are real crazies out there too.
I mean, that's why I'm on air saying, telling everybody else, hey, you better tell everybody nonviolence, and I get the response back.
Most people go, oh, we get it, we understand.
But some people are like, well, why not?
Well, let me ask you a question.
Why does our enemy want violence?
Why are they trying to provocateur it?
Because we're winning intellectually, culturally, and slowly but surely, we're going to defeat them if they can't trick us into a physical confrontation.
And you're like, oh, well, there's hundreds of millions of gun owners.
We'll defeat them.
You'll be fighting a bunch of compartmentalized police and military that don't even know what they're doing, and they've been told you're this devil, and it'll destroy the country.
Then the globalists will swoop in like vultures.
And yes, look at this civil war they're trying to stage.
I believe they will lose during it.
But what comes out of it will probably be just as bad or worse.
And let me add a little cherry on top.
In the last decade, when countries wanted to leave the EU, the head of the EU, Von Ruppe at the time, Herman Von Ruppe, Austro-Hungarian royalty, the owner of Luxembourg, oh just a normal old politician, normal old guy, it's Herman Von Ruppe, the Supreme Duke, said to those countries, if you leave there will be war with Russia.
There will be nuclear war.
And now even if countries want to join NATO and Russia's upset because they're moving missiles up, notice we're going into World War III.
So they were like saying, hey, we'll just start a war.
See, you ask, why do we have these other giant wars?
Because powerful elite groups want more control.
That's why they're in control, because they want it and they can't quit.
And that's all they want, people.
So if they'll kill 22 million people with poison shots and growing and maim hundreds of millions others, do you think they're going to go blow up black churches in federal buildings?
You think they're going to attack a black college because they can control the cameras there, make sure they're turned off?
Like in World War II, when a bomb's dropping, you hear a... ...whistling through the air.
Hear that?
Hear it?
Just like the sun's gonna come up tomorrow morning, just like it's gonna set tonight.
And so I'm just here watching, like in slow motion, a giant car wreck.
And you see two people, you know, guy run a red light, you go, oh God, they're gonna T-bone that car.
And we're just like right here before the T-bone, like, oh boy, oh my gosh, bam!
And it's totally psychotic, and it's totally evil, and it's totally crazy.
And you're like, why would they do that?
Because you wanna go home and cook dinner and hang out on the back porch with your wife
and drink beer while the kids play volleyball, right?
Well, that's because you're normal.
Do you think the people that came up with all this evil crap, do you think they're normal?
Do you think they're like you?
You wanna be nice to a kid and give 'em an ice cream cone.
They want to slap them around and rape them and pull their teeth out with pliers before they slit their throat.
Because it's about them.
They're in charge.
They're taking a life.
They're powerful.
They've got the will to go in there and rape and kill kids.
Oh yeah, they don't just rape kids.
That's their minions rape the kids.
No, no, no.
They go in and they torture children to death.
These globalists just sit in their banquet halls and their basements with kids, little kids in cages, and some of them like kidnapped women, you name it.
And they love, while they beg and plead for food, to sit there and eat.
That's one of their favorite things.
Oh, that's come out, yeah.
Imagine, people in cages, hanging from the ceiling, and Some of them like the smell of rotten meat.
They'll be like a dead toddler over here.
You know, a woman weighs 75 pounds begging over there, sitting on her bones with sores all over her body.
And these globalists are just sitting back, bringing the champagne!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
That's who you're up against.
And they love killing 22 million people.
They love shooting babies up and watching them.
Have horrible, agonizing, long deaths.
Oh, they love the Oregon failure.
They love hurting the families.
They just love the DU.
They love the 5G.
They love the Satanism.
They love it.
And here's Donald Trump that likes big, beautiful golf courses and fancy airplanes and beautiful women and everything's great.
They're like, it ain't great, dude.
You don't like to rape kids in dungeons.
You ain't in a club.
Because you're not a Satanist.
And he's full of life.
And he's bigger than life.
And he reminds them how miserable they are in their devil worship.
And that's why they don't like me.
Because I'm alive and I'm red-blooded and I like freedom.
And I like my good-looking wife sitting on my lap.
I like sunsets.
It never gets old.
I like a delicious steak grilled.
I like who I am.
I like my family.
I've got goodwill towards people.
They don't have goodwill.
They want you dead.
But they want to torture you before they do it.
And everything they do in those dungeons, if you look around you in the world, they're externalizing.
Men dressed like demon clowns in front of little kids.
And, ah, sit on my lap, little kid.
And all of this.
And runway fashion shows are women with their breasts cut off, strutting around like some Hellraiser movie.
You go watch a movie like The New Dune that's excellent, and it gets closer to Herbert's book.
And you see the Harkonnens and they're just like randomly slitting women's throats and doing all this horrible stuff.
Everything's dark architecture, like Geiger.
And you say, where do they get that?
Where do they come up with that?
Well, that's what it looks like.
That's their spirit.
That's what they want.
And you think, oh, that's crazy.
The Harkonnens just running around murdering people, you know, just randomly.
And having ugly architecture and just in everything dark and disgusting.
That's all based on what really goes on in the universe.
That's all based on what these people are actually like.
Look at Drag Queen Storytime.
Look at this and then look at the big national TV runway shows.
And they've got women with their breasts cut off walking around on the stage.
I mean, imagine if you went and saw the movie Dune, and it showed them cutting eight-year-old girls' breasts off.
He'd say, nobody would ever do that.
that. But we do it in the real world and then it's cute and it's funny you see.
It's totalitarian.
Everybody dresses the same, everybody acts the same.
Everybody's under the controller's control.
You think that's Donald Trump's world?
No, Donald Trump's world's the opposite of that.
So, they're coming to kill you.
What are you going to do about it?
Well, we know Soros will indict you if you're getting stabbed on a subway train.
You defend yourself, but better to be tried by nine than carried by six.
So there is a time to defend yourself.
And if they push the martial law and are doing mass arrests of people, it's going to kick off.
But you have to understand that the police and military that are going to get chewed up and killed during this, it's part of their larger plan.
So, all you folks shooting your mouths off about wanting violence, have you really studied it?
I mean, do you know how to do it?
Do you have any idea?
You know, if you've got a little brain tumor, you don't go in there and cut out half the brain to get it, you cut out the bare minimum.
And I'm not calling for violence, but I'm saying the way they've dressed everybody up for martial law, the way they show you the way martial law looks, we all kill each other according to racial lines, that's chopping your arms and legs off because you've got a skin cancer.
Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab, and King Charles, and all these New World Order people, and Larry Fink.
I don't want a hair harmed on their head, but in a real revolution, against the establishment, against the power structure, that's who people will go after.
To stop World War III.
To stop nuclear war.
It's not blow up a synagogue, or go shoot up a migrant center, or go shoot up a black church.
Obviously, no real person's doing that that's not under the enemy control, either spiritually or actually programmed.
And I'm not here saying, oh, get violent with these people.
No, no.
They would turn that into their victims and spend that and make the elite do desperate stuff.
We don't want to go that route either.
But I'm saying, that's a better road if it kicks off than just, oh, let's, oh yeah, blow up another federal building.
All the federal buildings have been blown up.
It's pure crap, ladies and gentlemen.
We need to continually, to culturally, intellectually fight.
The enemy persecutes us.
They cheat us.
Everybody's seeing it.
Mahatma Gandhi was getting hit in the head with clubs by the British soldiers for no reason, all because he wanted to march to the sea and collect salt that he didn't buy from the government.
When he sat there and took it, it made him a hundred times stronger.
There is a time for peace, there's a time for war, there's a time to live, a time to die, a time to reap, a time to sow.
And our enemies want us to get violent because they've done the calculus and that's the only hope they've got.
So, to all the tough guys talking about violence, and there's not many of them, but you know who you are, You want somebody else to go out and do it.
You want to sit back and watch a fireworks show, even if you're not a Fed.
And a lot of you are.
So, I tell you, don't get violent.
But all these tough guys, notice they're telling you to go be violent.
Because they're trying to pull your strings.
Alright, look, I'm going to get to the Trump clips, all this other news.
There's so much happening.
I've spent time on this.
It's important.
We're going to come back next hour, get into it all.
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Oh, is this some kind of secret signal from my old friend Matt Drudge that he still really runs Drudge?
I don't know, it's all shrouded in mystery.
He linked to our posting of the Bilderberg 70th anniversary conference kicking off, meeting agenda and attendees list.
Remember, yesterday he didn't say it existed, now he admitted it existed.
That it exists.
So, interesting.
Drudge really helped the show out, really helped Trump.
I don't know what happened over there.
That's a mystery.
But maybe Drudge didn't want to go through all the stuff I've gone through, and maybe Trump wouldn't give him any support financially.
That's probably part of it.
Am I right, Matt?
If I'm right, post another InfoWars article as a signal.
Oh my gosh, very reclusive, but I got to know him a little bit.
Interesting guy, very smart.
And hell, you know, what you gonna do?
Okay, you know, I should have been plugging this for hours.
I just am so upset about their plans to stage terror attacks.
That is so incredibly obvious.
And their next move, along with their insane World War III behavior, I'll get to in the next segment.
I should have told you it was coming up today.
Mario Nafal is now one of the biggest talk show hosts in the world.
He routinely gets 25 million listeners a day.
And he dominates the X-Spaces.
He is in studio coming up with Nick Shortor, who's also very interesting and informative.
So they're both going to be in studio with us in 30 minutes.
In fact, let's... People ask, do I do my ex posting?
Yeah, the crew puts out live links and things, and then I tell them sometimes what I want put out.
But no, I'm in control of my ex account.
It's 3 a.m., folks, that's me.
People are like, that's not Alex Jones, that's somebody else.
Why didn't there's typos, folks?
Plus, I use the voice-to-print thing, and it messes up a lot.
So don't expect perfection over there.
I'm certainly not that.
So Mariona Falls, so have Do, or whoever's in there, Just tweet out that, you know, the King of X Spaces, Mario Nafal, and his trusty sidekick, Nick Sortor, will be joining us to talk about all the incredible developments in the world.
So look forward to that.
You usually just hear Mario and Nick via Spaces.
And then Roger Stone's got big updates.
He's been talking to the big guy.
And then this was already set up weeks ago.
I love Eddie Bravo and I know who David Weiss is.
And they wanted to come in here and get into a bunch of controversial stuff, which is fine with me.
But Eddie's agreed that he'll also talk about Trump.
And, you know, obviously, everybody wants to talk about the conviction.
Turning one potential slap on the wrist misdemeanor, you pay a fine into 34 felonies.
That's quite the trick.
So that's coming up as well.
So we have a lot of guests and then I am coming in tomorrow at 10 a.m.
we go live with Bilderberg coverage we should probably get not just one of the top Bilderberg experts on Daniel Esselstyn who is on with us we should also get Charlie Skelton's been wanting to come on and I said yeah just come on once you're at the conference of those get intel it's in Madrid And so live at 10 a.m.
tomorrow, and we'll probably go three hours.
I'll cover a bunch of news as well.
10 a.m.
Central Standard Time.
The Alex Jones Show tomorrow will be streamed at InfoWars.com, ForgeLiveShow, Band.Video, and on X, and to any radio and TV stations that want to be able to pick that up.
In a few weeks, I'm going to be able to tell you a lot more of what's been going on, but let me just tell you, the CIA that's running all this with the Justice Department has really turned up the heat.
Not just on me, but a lot of other prominent people are getting jacked with, and I mean hard, attempted infiltrations, harassment of family, dirty tricks.
AI attacks where you get a phone call from a family member telling you they've been kidnapping stuff and it's not kidnappers doing it, it's the bad guys.
So they have been really trying, they know they're not going to get me to stop, but they just want to distract me.
They want to take my energy, which is a standard war tactic, to disrupt and interdict and destroy the enemy, which is anybody that isn't a Satan-worshipping pedophile.
I mean, we're up against Satan worshipping pedophiles.
When psychotics can control government, you get Barron Harkinen.
You get Joseph Stalin.
You get what you got going down right now.
This is a murderous, insane, megalomaniac takeover you're living in right now.
Happens all the time.
It's happening again.
Well, I can see, my friends, for miles and miles and miles, just like The Who says in that great song.
We should come in next segment with that.
And God is in control.
God's real.
And that's what really matters at the end of the day.
Yeah, we're being tested by evil.
But evil tries to convince you you've been defeated.
They try to convince you you're a victim.
They try to convince you that it's all over.
But the persecution is the proof that you're over the target.
And the satisfaction I have The feeling of completion, watching God's plan, watching God work through so many of you and work through myself, and seeing what I'm on record saying 25 years ago, that God told me.
I sat there in a restaurant after a show I did by myself eating, almost in there, it was closing down.
They barely let me in the door.
And I'm on record saying what God told me 25 years ago, it sounded crazy back then, that we would trigger with this broadcast and with our guests, everything we did, and the InfoWars family, the mass awakening, and that what I was saying, what I was doing, and all of the old timer information I was taught by that wave of patriots that came before us, the real John the Baptist archetype, They were the guys in the wilderness.
I was the guy bringing it into the city, and to the people, that then triggers the mass awakening.
And that was all God, not me.
And I've told you that story a thousand times, probably, probably 500 actually, in, a lot of you are like, yeah, we've heard this story 50 times Alex, we know.
But the thing, it came true just like I said God told me, and it was God.
First it was like a tap on the shoulder, I'm sitting there eating a chicken fried steak, drinking a nice tea.
I'm saying, God, I want to fight evil.
I want to stand against evil.
I want to help people.
Just please help me be a good person.
Give me discernment.
I just want, I just love you.
I just, I just want to be, you know, as effective as I can.
And I, and I just, just need your guidance.
And it was like, oh, you, you want to, you want to do that?
And it was like all this data at once of, are you willing to go through the pain and the persecution and the system coming after you?
Well, here's an idea of what it's going to be like.
And you just get all these thousands of possible futures and permutations and things depending on actions people take.
And you understand these different scenarios.
And yes, and it was like, all right, you're making that decision right now.
All right, we'll say you're making it.
I'm making that decision.
And that was like an angel or something.
It was a presence.
And the hair on the back of my neck was standing up.
And all of a sudden it was like...
And it was like, I was in another dimension.
It was like, oh, I wouldn't call it fear, but it's like standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and winds blowing at your back.
You're about to fall.
It's like, oh, wow.
And it was like, now, here is the download.
Start crying.
I was sitting there mopping, looking at me like, has this guy gone crazy?
And I'm just going, ah, ah, for like 30 minutes, ah, ah.
And then after that, I was another person, folks.
And I was given an imprint of data, slamming myself.
And just like that, everything took off.
Because I wasn't in the driver's seat anymore, folks.
Imperfect as I am, God's light shining through a rose-colored darkly, but still people could see it, they knew it.
And there it is.
And then everything I said, I was told in the download, I was told so much more than I even said here, I said God told me what happened and then I saw it all happen just like God said it would.
And the reason I go back to this today is because God's real, folks.
And I don't know how I duplicate this or how I would, because it's only when God decides to do it, but it used to happen a few times a year.
Now it happens like every week.
It happened like four times a month ago in one week where God says, get up.
And I get up, and it doesn't happen all the time, I don't know what's going on, I get up, and I'm like, you want me to get up and go to my phone or go in the kitchen and look at the clock?
Go in the bathroom with the phone as I don't sleep by it.
I get up. He goes, "It's going to be 4 a.m. Hurry up because it's going to flip over to 4 or 1 if we don't."
"Okay." And I'm like, "I got pissed really bad too." I flip the phone over, 4 a.m. and guy goes, "Now, you're thinking that's just a coincidence. It's not. It's not that you have some super
time understanding. Go ahead and take your piss. Now, count down. It's at 15 seconds now."
It's going to flip to 401 in 50 seconds, okay?
13, 12, get it right, make sure I don't count too fast, okay?
8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 401.
It's like, now, I know you know I'm real, and I've already done all this, but you, now you, I'm telling you this.
Because big stuff's coming and you don't always follow what I tell you to do.
I need you to do what I tell you immediately when I tell you.
Do you understand?
I'm like, yes, yes, yes, yes.
I literally just, you know, go back in the bedroom and just get down on my knees for an hour.
Yes, I got it.
I'm trying here.
And God's like, and you've done better not drinking, but you still drink some.
I cannot get a full transmission in to you when you're drinking.
It's lowering your energy resonance, which it literally does.
So you've got to stop it.
Because I've got to get a clear signal in there.
I mean, this is awesome, people!
I've literally got God telling me what time it is!
This isn't like Close Encounters of the Third Kind where the aliens are telling them build the mountain and go to the mountain and all that and some psychic thing.
I'm being told literally down to the second what time it is on an atomic clock.
Get up!
Go look at your phone!
Now, do you think the New World Order can even deal with something like that?
No, they can't, ladies and gentlemen.
And God has given you gifts as well.
And God wants to work through you, but you've got to willingly start letting God get in the driver's seat.
And I'm telling myself that while I'm saying it, because I'm my own person, and I'm rebellious, and I'm bad, and I get off God's directive.
But I'm like a cruise missile that's got God's GPS, and God's telling me, hey, I need you to get your act completely square, because I got orders for you, buddy.
You signed up for this.
This is dangerous.
You better get your ass in gear.
It's not like, for a baby Christian, the Holy Spirit where you cry and it feels so good and all, that's the beginning of it.
Once you get into missions with God, it is, it is, it is loving, it is direct, and it's, you really want them to get your family?
You really want them to kill billions of people?
I know you don't want this to happen, well then you need to get your ass in gear.
And that's why I'm telling you the stories, because this is all true, on my soul.
And I'm just telling you folks, you've got a mission God's got planned for you as well.
I don't know what that mission is, only God does, and that's between you and God.
But let me tell you, God's real.
One hundred percent.
I can tell you, I can remember them all, hundreds and hundreds of other things that God did to show me that there is no space and time with God.
God is in control of everything.
And I've already seen God In this mission, working through me, working with all of you, do incredible, miraculous things, and it's just so exciting, and I want you, despite all the evil you see, and all the corruption, all the bad things happening, to know that we serve a mighty God, an invincible God, and it's only through that God that we can stand against this enemy.
Now, that said, I mentioned these earlier, but I should just get them on record, because, you know, I don't want to just say something and not show you.
I have stacks of these.
This is Times of Israel, Just everything.
AP, Reuters, The Hill, Newsweek.
Hang everyone!
Trump supporters react to guilty verdict with calls for violence.
Here's another one.
This is Newsweek.
Civil War warning issued by MAGA after Donald Trump guilty verdict.
And it's a bunch of ding-dongs.
A lot of them are anonymous.
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And so I've talked about that, but now let's talk about something even more dangerous.
Because what's happening here domestically is just a backdrop of the larger insanity of the megalomaniacs, whose minds are being twisted by Satan to destroy everything.
And then in the process, remember they're losers, they're slaves.
They're inspired by old scratch, by the old worm, the old serpent.
The devil!
Biden announces plan to bomb Russia after Trump show trial conviction.
And would you like me to play you the CNN clips, the Fox News clips?
While, right after the conviction is read, Biden puts out a statement saying, yeah, we're authorizing attacks inside Russia.
and German authorities authorize Ukrainian attacks against Russia.
Nordic countries, Greenland, long-range Ukrainian strikes on Russia, give them the weapons from the U.S.
to do it, and then Stoltenberg does nothing but lie, so he goes, oh, we've always authorized that.
No, they didn't.
Oh, and you didn't blow up the Nord Stream Pipeline either, did you, bud?
So, then that leads us to this.
Top Putin ally warns the West, Russian nuke threats are not a bluff.
Yahoo News.
Survivors say Russia's waging a war of sexual violence in occupied areas of Ukraine.
Men are often the victims.
So, oh my god, the Russians are raping men.
That'll make conservatives mad.
No proof of that.
Shrinks below 73,000 troops for the first time since the Napoleonic era.
That's in England, but they want to have a giant war.
So, this is all just completely insane.
And I really don't even know how to respond to it, other than just saying that this is what you get when you've got psychotic devils running things.
And when they get in trouble domestically, and their whole New World Order, Castle Society agenda is in trouble, then they get us into a major war, but now we've got nuclear weapons.
And in the threat escalation ladder, if Russia's being hit with heavy weapons, then their next tactical response, they've said, just like the U.S.
has said in our doctrine, that we will launch nuclear weapons and they will launch nuclear weapons.
So, and mainstream news, Financial Times of London's like, well, looks like we're having a nuclear war.
Okay, well, here's what you do.
And all these rich people are building bunkers.
I mean, I'm the radical, I'm the bad guy, because I don't want nuclear war.
Like, well, they invaded Ukraine, blah, blah, blah.
The West went and started that and brags about it.
Victoria Nuland brags, George Soros brags.
I could play the clips.
I have played them.
We would never put up with Russia on our border pulling this type of crap.
They've been launching attacks before Russia invaded into Russia.
But just a few miles, 20, 30 miles in.
Now, they're like, yeah, we're going to send drones into Moscow.
That's World War III.
You know, a year ago, or 14, 15 months ago, Biden said, we can't give them tanks and airplanes, that's World War III.
Well, they did that.
I'm like, well, what comes next?
Heavy weapons?
Well, they're already doing it.
Now we're gonna give them a whole bunch, thousands of cruise missiles, rain big giant bombs down on Russia.
That's gonna go really well.
Oh, you're a conspiracy theorist.
You know, the Russians say they start doing that, they're gonna start striking NATO targets.
And then maybe NATO does a tactical note.
I mean, what's going to happen?
Russia's already said, because Poland's bragging, yeah, we're getting the weapons, we're getting the Ukrainians, we're going to help them launch hourly attacks into Russia.
Russia goes, okay, well, we're going to hit you in Poland.
And the new Polish leader is a globalist, he wants that.
So just like World War II was triggered with Poland, it's happening again, ladies and gentlemen.
History is repeating, and this is unspeakably dangerous.
Yeah, this is all an establishment out of control.
We've been through this before.
An intelligent elite, even if they're corrupt, wants to own and run things.
They don't do stuff like this.
But this is global domination, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin-type crap.
The left has convinced itself to do lawfare, and to surveil, and to censor, and bully, and attack, and stage false flags.
And they've convinced themselves to start war with Russia.
And they've convinced themselves they can do whatever they want, because they're in charge!
They've got the power!
They're the CIA!
They're the Carnegie Endowment!
They're bringing in the global crisis to bring in the global government!
And I sit here and see my persecutors thinking they're hurting me, and I'm looking at the whole ship we're on together that they're drilling holes in the bottom of and we're flooding.
Like, I'm gonna get you!
And they're sitting there, like, you know, drilling holes, we're in a frozen ocean, we're all gonna flood and die.
Using that analogy, a couple minutes, I have athermia, and they're like, I'm gonna get you!
And they're, like, knocking holes in the bottom of the boat.
I'm like, hey, dumbass, you're gonna go down with the boat too.
Shut up!
I'm winning, I've got power!
Like pinkie in the brain, what are we going to do today?
The same thing we do every day, conquer the world.
Conquer the world.
Can't even conquer your own soul.
Can't even dial into God.
How the hell are you going to conquer the world?
Conquer the world.
It's all Satan.
Conquer the world.
Conquer the world.
It's like a parrot.
Conquer the world.
Conquer the world.
Conquer the world.
Make people do what we want.
Make people do what we want.
Run everybody's lives.
Run everybody's lives.
Cut women's breasts off.
Cut boys' penises off.
We like it.
If it's ugly, if it's sick, if it's bad, it's about our power.
Our power.
We do it in dungeons.
It's not good enough.
We want to do it to you.
We want to do it out in the open.
Out in the open.
Figure it out yet?
Here's some of the Trump news.
House Republicans called Bragg to testify about Trump prosecution.
What, just embarrass him?
Need to be indicted.
Donald Trump found guilty.
All 34 charges.
Hush money.
Devastated Trump says I'm a very innocent man after being found guilty.
For weary Democrats, Trump verdict is finally a bright spot.
Robert De Niro celebrates Trump's conviction.
This is my country!
This guy wants to destroy it!
This guy wants to arrest everybody!
That's why we're arresting him!
I saw a couple videos, I'm not even looking for them, so they're everywhere, of like, women in New York with people with pro-life signs, they'll just come over and attack them, and then when the person defends themselves and simply pushes the woman back, they go, ahhh, he's hitting me!
There's a video out of Germany that happened yesterday, Where a Muslim goes out to a conservative political rally that's against open borders, and the guy has a big old knife, B-roll it, and he starts stabbing these people, and a bunch of women, cops, and a few men run over and start tackling the people that have been stabbed, because they see a brown person stabbing people.
I mean, we've got to protect the Muslim.
And then, The cops have tackled one of the guys that was being attacked, and the Muslim jumps up and runs and stabs the cop in the neck and head.
And then all the women cops run up.
I mean, I don't think it's women, but like all the new cops are women.
And you see them getting pushed around and everything else going on.
But man, when there's a German getting stabbed, the cops are on him.
Good job, stab that son of a bitch.
I'll help you out.
And so why are they taking this down off Even-X?
The German government has requested it be taken down.
We don't want to show you one of our little precious social justice warriors, cultural enrichment gods, just running around with a huge double-edged dagger, stabbing people in the neck, and then the cops are like, well, good job!
"Let me tackle this guy you stabbed!"
The cop's like, "Why are you stabbing me in the head and neck?"
I worship you!
I'm gonna help you kill the Germans!
I'm gonna help you destroy it!
You're here to help us bully them!
And they got some Muslim cops there getting off on it, too.
It's like, ah, yeah!
Beat them up!
Stab them good!
Stab them good!
Stab me!
I worship you!
Why would you stab me?
I'm here to help you hold down the people while you stab them!
I'm liberal!
I want to cut little girls' breasts off!
I love Satan!
They're there to keep the Germans down, make sure they behave themselves.
And the cop gets stabbed in the neck and the head.
And then they shoot the guy.
Because the crime, just like under Soros in America, you defend yourself and you're white, you're going under the jail, buddy boy.
Elon Musk!
To stage huge town hall with Trump.
Date to be announced.
That's gonna be nice.
Still don't think Elon Musk isn't joining us?
Like I told you three years ago I was told he was.
By Joe Rogan?
At dinner?
Donald Trump supporters threaten civil war as US braces.
Elon Musk slams Trump's rigged show trial says great damage done to the American legal system.
I'm gonna go read his quotes.
The first felony conviction of a former U.S.
President wasn't for Iraq or Afghanistan wars, illegal CIA coups, drone killing, stalking weddings, or spying on Americans.
It was because Trump misclassified a $130,000 payment to a porn star's NDA, wrote a user that he then retweeted and said he agreed with.
Yeah, what about not a single member of the Epstein operation?
The client has gotten in trouble.
But oh boy, we got that Donald Trump!
All right.
We got some really big special guests, Mario Nafal and Nick Shortor coming to the studio.
I haven't announced this, but we ought to do a Spaces simulcast and just say Mario Nafal does Spaces with Alex Jones.
I don't know.
I forgot to do that.
It's always just good to add that little tidbit and maybe Great Chase Geyser could do that.
I don't know how many speakers we'll take.
We'll take some.
Launch it.
Launch it now.
And then Roger Stone, Eddie Bravo, and others in studio.
Again, it takes money to fight a war.
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All right, so we have time to get our guest in here.
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This is a case where if they can do this to me, they can do this to anyone.
These are bad people.
These are, in many cases, I believe, sick people.
When you look at our country, what's happening, where millions and millions of people are flowing in from all parts of the world, not just South America, from Africa, from Asia, from the Middle East.
And they're coming in from jails and prisons.
And they're coming in from mental institutions and insane asylums.
They're coming in from all over the world into our country.
And we have a president and a group of fascists that don't want to do anything about it.
Because they could right now, today, he could stop it.
But he's not.
They're destroying our country.
Our country's in very bad shape.
And they're very much against me saying these things.
They want to raise your taxes by four times.
They want to stop you from having cars with their ridiculous mandates that make it impossible for you to get a car or afford a car.
Make it very possible for China to build all of our cars.
It's a very serious problem.
That we have.
We just went through one of many experiences where we had a conflicted judge, highly conflicted.
There's never been a more conflicted judge.
Now, I'm under a gag order, which nobody's ever been under.
No presidential candidate's ever been under a gag order before.
I'm under a gag order, nasty gag order, where I've had to pay thousands of dollars in penalties and fines and was threatened with jail.
Think of it, I'm the leading candidate.
I'm leading Biden by a lot, and I'm leading the Republicans to the point where that's over.
So I'm the leading person for president, and I'm under a gag order by a man that can't put two sentences together, given by a court.
And they are in total conjunction with the White House and the DOJ, just so you understand.
This is all done by Biden and his people.
Maybe his people more importantly.
I don't know if Biden knows too much about it.
Because I don't know if he knows about anything.
But he's nevertheless the president, so we have to use his name.
And this is done by Washington.
And nobody's ever seen anything like it.
So we have a judge who's highly conflicted.
You know what the confliction is.
Nobody wants to write about it.
And I'm not allowed to talk about it.
If I do, he said, I get put in jail.
So we'll play that game a little bit longer.
We won't talk about it, but you're allowed to talk about it.
I hope you do, because there's never been anybody so conflicted as this.
As far as the trial itself, it was very unfair.
We weren't allowed to use our election expert.
Under any circumstances, you saw what happened to some of the witnesses that were on our side.
They were literally crucified by this man, who looks like an angel, but he's really a devil.
He looks so nice and soft.
People say, oh, he seems like such a nice man.
No, unless you saw him in action.
And you saw that with a certain witness that went through hell.
And when we wanted to do things, he wouldn't let us do those things.
But when the government wanted something, they got everything.
They got everything they wanted.
It was a rigged trial.
We wanted a venue change where we could have a fair trial.
We didn't get it.
We wanted a judge change.
We wanted a judge that wasn't conflicted.
And obviously, he didn't do that.
Nobody's ever seen anything like it.
We had a DA who was a failed DA.
Crime is rampant in New York, violent crime.
That's what he's really supposed to be looking at.
Crime is rampant in New York.
Yesterday in McDonald's you had a man hitting him up with machetes, a machete.
Whoever can imagine even a machete being Wielded in a store, in a place where they're eating and it's going rampant and Bragg is down watching a trial on what they call crimes, crimes.
They're falsifying business records.
That sounds so bad.
To me, it sounds very bad.
You know, it's only a misdemeanor.
But to me, it sounds so bad when they say falsifying business records.
Well, we've got a fully loaded broadcast today.
We're also going to have Nick Fuentes joining us in about 40 minutes from now.
We have Mario Nafal and Nick Sartor.
Mario Nafal is the king of X-Spaces, reaching 20-30 million people a day.
It's wild.
I've done quite a few with him where he's invited me on, and we did one that had like 25 million views of Elon Musk, and then the derivatives of it had like 20 million clips of it on my channel.
I can't even keep track of it, so I'd say probably 100 million views of that.
People log to me almost every day on the street and say, I love that Mariana Fall and that Nick Sartor and that interview with Elon Musk and have Elon Musk back on.
I mean, wow, sure.
I hope I get invited on Spaces with Elon Musk again.
So thank you.
It's great to put, you know, a personal face to the name Mariana Fall, at Mariana Fall on X. Everybody should follow him.
Nick Sartor, Nick Sartor on X as well.
I'm going to try to let you guys roll here because you're really good at letting me talk on the Spaces and I'm well known for, you know, diarrhea of the mouth.
But I mean, what happened with Trump?
The dying corporate media, everything they're doing is blowing up in their faces.
Nick, Mario, your take on the time and history we're living in right now.
There's only a few moments in my couple of years doing the show where they're memorable moments.
There was a mutiny in Russia, the Twitter files, and yesterday was one of those days.
I was interviewing Robert F. Kennedy.
And he didn't comment on the indictment.
And then a few minutes afterwards, we get the conviction.
Guilty on all charges.
Nick was with me.
It was one of the more emotional days.
I remember Nick.
Nick was just losing his shit, throwing his hat.
I think it was a very emotional day for a lot of Americans.
I try to be balanced.
I try as much as I can, not only to be balanced, but to be as realistic as possible.
It's one of those days where it's hard to look at it without being concerned, whether you're an American or you're a foreigner.
You're looking at the biggest democracy, the most powerful democracy in the world.
A pillar of that democracy was shattered yesterday.
The legal system is losing trust and it concerns me what happens next.
You know, Nick, maybe you can comment on that day yesterday, what that means for you.
I'm telling you, Alex, I saw this as being a hung jury.
That's what I thought this entire time.
I would have put money down on that because I was like, there's no way in hell there's not at least one person On that jury that is willing to stand up to this witch hunt of a trial.
Nobody else would have ever been brought up on these pseudo charges, especially not felonies like this.
But the problem is when you have a New York City jury, as everybody knows, they picked a city and venue that had 80% voting for Joe Biden.
I mean, it wasn't an accident that they did it in New York City.
That's they and they got what they wanted out of it.
Well, exactly.
And when you see Cohen saying, I took the money, I lied, I stole it, I'm a liar, convicted felon.
And you see the judge blowing up and not letting Trump defend himself or his lawyers.
I mean, the world saw this just from transcripts.
Imagine there had been cameras in there.
And despite that, I thought there would be a conviction because I know how rigged this stuff is.
I've been through it.
But yeah, for the rest of the country, Americans really don't like unfairness.
Nobody does.
And this is just record fundraising for Trump.
The tables have totally turned against him.
What do you think the system's going to do now?
Not sure.
The sentencing is what?
A week or just over a week before the RNC?
July 11th.
July 11th or 4th?
I think it's July 11th.
Okay, so the question is from a strategic perspective.
If you look at this as a corrupt conviction, what do you think happens next, Alex?
I think the Democrats are going to stage a provocateur violence and blame it on Trump supporters.
That's what they're now saying.
Oh, Trump supporters are going to blow everything up.
But almost all Trump supporters are calling for peace.
It's not really a Republican thing to go out and riot or shoot or kill people, but I... The leftist papers that are calling for civil war.
Using Civil War, Civil War, Civil War.
Newsweek, Newsweek.
I think you were reading out one of the Newsweek headlines as well, mentioned Civil War.
And, you know, again, I was chatting to Robert yesterday, RFK, and he said this is the most polarized the country's been since the Civil War.
Again, without fear-mongering, the concerns of this escalating a lot further, and I'll try not to use the term Civil War, and Nick, you know, behind the scenes, we were talking whether to even use that term.
Well, it's not just Newsweek.
There's hundreds of headlines saying Civil War, violence.
I mean, they're hyping it.
You're right.
Sorry to interrupt, go ahead.
No, not at all.
I think it's... I don't know how this could... If Trump doesn't become president of this, if he does go to jail, we've had a lot of lawyers on stage, Nick.
What could happen next with this conviction?
Based on all the lawyers you've spoken to on the space?
I mean, there are a myriad of things that could happen, especially because Judge Mershawn still has Trump under that gag order.
He still can't even talk about the case.
And they're saying today, just based on talking about it in his press conference today, that they could end up jailing him for that.
It seems like they're trying to find any excuse at all to keep him off the campaign trail.
And being that he keeps violating those gag orders, I wouldn't be surprised if they just try and shove him into prison.
That's right.
They're trying to goad us into violence or make it look like there was a reason for us to be violent when they staged something.
That's the next move.
One interesting observation as well, we've had a lot of, whenever we do the show, we've got people both from the left and from the right coming together and both sides of the aisle agree that nothing was fair about what happened yesterday.
Even Lev Parnas was on the show yesterday and even he said he thought this was politically motivated, which is good to see finally both sides coming together on one topic, but it's really not the best topic to have them come together on.
All over the world, people just see this as America being a third world country.
Look, for me, it's all about a functioning democracy.
A democracy cannot function without a legal system doing what it's meant to be doing.
And if the legal system continues to break as it is right now, I just don't see how this democracy could continue functioning as it has been for many decades.
It continues leading the world in how a country should function.
So look, I'm not sure.
I'm not a lawyer.
I'm not an attorney.
We've had a lot of them on the show yesterday.
You've had some on your show as well yesterday, Alex.
So I'm trying to understand what can happen next from a legal perspective.
Well, you just nailed it.
well and whether this could end up, you know, could Trump end up going to jail, which is like the scenario, the worst case scenario.
And we're already past the worst case scenario for him to be convicted and found guilty on all 34 charges is something I didn't expect.
Well, you just nailed it.
In any normal case in New York, this would never have been brought.
And you would have, even if it was, it would be a fine.
And so we're not in a normal wheelhouse of information.
So whatever the worst is they can do, they're going to do, even though putting him in jail, which I think is a real possibility, will be explosively politically more damaging.
But again, because they want to actually create actual explosive action that's then blamed on Trump.
It's got to look legitimate.
The movies are out, the culture, as you said, Nick, they are goading everybody into civil unrest that they will call a civil war, and then they want martial law.
Democrat senators are saying, we're going to have martial law if Trump gets re-elected, because he's going to try to have martial law.
So we've got to use the military first against him.
I mean, this is what happens in third world countries.
This is what happens in Nazi Germany.
I mean, this is an incredibly dangerous time.
And then, I know you guys really cover this well, They're now officially giving heavy cruise missiles to Ukraine to bomb Russian cities.
And Russia says, we'll start hitting European cities.
And Russia will do what they say.
So that, to me, is even bigger than Trump.
That's what I want to go through.
I've got my notes right here.
Everyone is talking about the Trump charges.
In the meantime, we've got the Biden administration, there's reports that they're deliberating whether to openly authorize, I'm not sure if they've authorized it already, sending U.S.
weapons, allowing- They have.
Oh, they have?
When was that, yesterday?
Well, a bunch of members are already doing it, but now they're officially authorizing it.
That's the stuff that Merck said.
Oh, it's actually been authorized for a while, which is secretly true.
And then you've got the British Foreign Minister as well did the same thing.
And to make things worse, we've got a member, it was two days ago, a member of the Moscow Defense Establishment proposed a non-combat nuclear explosion to intimidate the West.
It comes after the various countries, various NATO countries are supporting, allowing US weapons, allowing British weapons.
The British Foreign Minister said Ukraine was authorized to use British weapons to strike inside Russia.
And you got, that's the biggest, that's the world's largest nuclear power.
Who says they'll use them?
So we're on the eve of nuclear war.
I mean, you can't hype this enough.
I say it, it doesn't sound real, but all the main analysts say, no, this is probably a nuclear war.
Yeah, probably a good time for you to get out of the US.
I tell you, no, I'm serious.
I mean, I'm not going to abandon ship and I love my kids.
I mean, this is this is crazy.
You know, the the idea at this point that the Biden administration is is going to His term's almost up here, okay?
You know, at least it should be.
But, you know, now we're... How many new wars are we in now, since Joe Biden has taken office?
And now we're doing things like this.
Are they running this stuff now, under the cover of Darkist, because the media is so focused on the Trump trial?
Well, that's what I... when I was driving to work this morning, I was gonna say, Trump's important, but compared to World War III, it's a distraction.
But it just... that's how these world wars start, is all this stuff gets out of control, the elites get out of control, and everything just gets unstable, and then boom.
And no one's even talking about Taiwan because we've got so many other things to talk about.
China just did a test blockade and a test invasion drill and so we can take Taiwan in one day.
I'm glad you brought that up.
That's what I mean.
This just gets crazier by the minute.
And then North Korea's detonating missiles over, you know, on the coast of Japan.
Yeah, and the U.S.
is increasing military presence in the Philippines as well.
So you've just got, you've got the two, the three largest militaries in the world.
You've got the U.S.
and Russia pretty much at war.
I think Putin gave a speech.
Did you hear Putin's speech a couple of days ago?
Yeah, he said, he said, we're already at war with the West and he said it looks like they want a nuclear war.
I really don't think they want one.
So you've got Putin saying he's already at war with the West.
That's the second biggest nuclear stockpile and one of the three largest militaries in the world.
You've got the US and China posturing around Taiwan.
Biden said he will use military force if China invades Taiwan.
There's been reports that China's planning to invade Taiwan by 2025, 2028.
There's different years being mentioned.
And now you've got the US democracy at stake.
So again, it does seem like China, you know, kind of taking a step back.
I'm still a believer in the US.
You might hate me for this, I'm still a believer in the U.S.
legal system.
I think it's one of the better legal systems in the world, despite how corrupt it is.
No, I agree.
It's the best house in a bad neighborhood.
But it's like... It's getting worse.
The gangrene's advancing quickly.
I'll give you an example, just to kind of bring some optimism here.
I've had President Bolsonaro from Brazil on my show, what, three weeks ago right now.
I'll tell you how bad it was.
He couldn't even come on MySpace.
Remember that day, Nick?
The space was blocked in Brazil.
Anyone in Brazil had to use VPN.
It was another level.
So I'm just going to say, the US is still way ahead of other countries.
But the criminals in our government are advising Brazil, and actually, you know that was run by the CIA, blocking Bolsonaro.
I mean, you know the CIA is helping Exactly, there's a lot of reports today, obviously the CIA has been involved in what happened in Ukraine as well.
I mean, it came out in court!
Forget the whistleblower that got, you know, about the CIA.
The FBI admitted in court they ran all the legal stuff against me!
On a positive note, look, there's reports now Trump is coming to X.
He's gonna do an interview on X.
I think he's gonna do a debate on X.
With Musk.
Free speech is still winning.
Elon's obviously playing a key role with this.
And I hope that, look, we're heading down a very dangerous path.
I don't know where this will end up.
And that's not only in the U.S., that's the world as well.
Looking at the war in Ukraine is not talked about enough.
And we haven't even talked about AI and the risks of AI.
For the first time in human, in civilization, there's gonna be a higher form of intelligence.
We've never experienced this as a species.
So you've got AI coming in, which probably is the biggest risk
out of everything we're talking right now.
But it's a discussion.
By the way, I love your spaces.
You do a great job, but it's even better with video.
People are gonna love this.
When is video going to come to Spaces?
Yeah, we're starting to do videos.
We're going to have a video show next in about two weeks' time.
But you've got AI, the risks of AI.
Again, it's not understood enough, that's why it's not a big election issue.
It will become the most important issue in the next couple of years, maybe by next year.
I agree.
AI is going to be the biggest threat to humanity, and I'm not over-exaggerating.
So you've got AI, and then you've got a potential nuclear war between the US and Russia.
You've got what's happening in Taiwan.
I'm not going to talk all the other small wars because they're going to have a global impact.
But we're entering the age of total crisis.
And you've got the world's biggest democracy at stake.
I just don't know.
So Alex and Nick, I've got a question for you.
I love asking questions.
I'm a curious person.
But if Trump does not become president, actually ignore if Trump is not becoming president.
Let's take it a step further.
If Trump does go to jail, what would you expect to happen next?
The deep state's going to stage terror attacks and blame Trump supporters.
Their real target is Trump supporters.
They've been all over corporate TV for years saying, "We need to eradicate the Trump supporters.
We need to arrest them all.
We need to go after them.
They're the terrorist."
So I think America is going to go into a total totalitarianism.
If Biden wins, they're going to go full-out totalitarian and try to secure their takeover.
Like Venezuela, there'll still be elections, but they'll be fake.
Or what you're seeing in Brazil, which is run by the CIA.
That's where we're at.
If Trump gets in, it's a huge fight and totally insane.
So it just runs from dangerous to more dangerous.
I'm not trying to be alarmist.
We're in the age of fear porn coming true.
I mean, this is it.
So if they end up putting Trump in jail, I'm curious from your perspective here Alex, because we've been talking to people for days on this topic, and some are like, you know, the mainstream media is running this whole narrative that says if Trump were to go to jail, people are going to be less likely to vote for him.
Do you find that to be the case?
No, they're pre-programming him.
Oh, okay.
Well, the indictment's backfired, but if he goes to jail, that's it.
They're trying to convince them subliminally, not even subliminal, they're everywhere, to then believe that, but that's already backfiring.
So, if he goes to jail and we don't go out and carry out violence, he gets another 10 point support and there's no way to defeat that.
You can't steal a landslide.
The problem is the establishment will supply the violence.
What happens with the other three cases that Trump is facing?
You've got the one in Georgia as well.
So there's not going to be a decision on those until after the election.
So is that all the focus is on this one, the Stormy Daniels one?
Is that the most important one prior to the election?
I mean, the documents thing in Miami is derailed.
The thing in Georgia is derailed.
Everything is derailed.
But they want to hold those back if he does get in as leverage against him to get him to bow down to them.
But that's not going to work because Trump is literally the most pig-headed person I've ever known, which is a good thing and bad thing.
So yeah, it's the immovable force, or the immovable object comes into the unsolvable force.
I mean, this is going to be wild.
You've got people on Spaces.
I'm not sure if they can speak.
Got Mickey here who can talk about what's happening in Taiwan.
Not sure if people on Spaces right now.
If you're on Spaces, make sure you retweet the Space.
But if you can speak, let me know, Alex.
We do it ourselves, you're controlling it now, I think it's going to work.
So I don't know if Chase is a co-speaker, can do it, or co-controller, or however.
Yeah, should be good.
Should be good, yeah.
Let's get Mickey.
Mickey, can you just give us a bit of an update?
I'm not sure if anyone can hear, we can test it out.
Chase, if it doesn't work, let us know.
But Mickey on stage, can you give us an update of what's happening in Taiwan as well?
And I want to kind of pivot to another thing.
I've got another question for Alex.
I want to look at the best case scenario, because There's a lot of things we disagree on, by the way, Alex, but there's not much I can disagree on with you.
And people on the left and on the right, I agree.
World War III is not good.
Yeah, I think we can agree on this.
The charges that Trump is facing are politically motivated.
I think it's hard to disagree with this.
But I want to touch on Taiwan as well.
Miki, can you give us an update there on the latest and how this could escalate?
Could China leverage what's happening in the U.S.?
Could they see the U.S.
is getting weaker right now facing those domestic issues?
that they start making more moves and towards Taiwan.
Yes, go ahead.
Yeah, thanks Morgan.
And Alex, thanks so much.
You're a natural treasure.
It'll be discreet on some things.
I think you're amazing.
Just great to be talking to you again.
I'm Taiwanese American just for background and lived and worked in Taiwan a while.
You know, the overall grand strategy that people in Taiwan believe is that one, there's a couple of things that one is sort of China and Russia, maybe Iran and others sort of want to stretch the United States out as much as possible, like take a little pieces of Ukraine, you know, move in Venezuela and China eventually to try to take, you know, parts of Taiwan if they can.
I think they've been doing this for a long time.
The drills they ran, they've run before.
The Taiwanese mindset is very different from the American one, which is that China's going to invade any day now.
I don't think that's widely held among Taiwanese people.
I think most people feel like when China says they're going to take Taiwan, the Western bias is violence.
The Eastern white mentality is more through But Mickey, be as honest as possible, is that risk increasing with what's happening, the
domestic issues that the US is facing?
Could China see the US as getting weaker?
The United States looks weaker.
I think that they were, you know, playing their cards extremely well.
They win whatever happens with Russia, right?
If Russia fails in Ukraine, they get to buy Russia at a discount.
If Russia succeeds, the U.S.
is weak, they can take Taiwan.
I think they were very clever about that.
And, you know, the feeling, you know, what Taiwanese don't want people to want, they don't want people agitating, you know, China and poking the bear.
I think they just want to be left alone.
And, of course, the U.S.
a good ally because it's far away and you know you want someone helping you as far away as possible.
I think obviously everyone now in Taiwan is worried about it. Taiwan is a small island.
I don't think China could take it in 24 hours and that's propaganda but of course they would eventually win the war. There's no question there. Well by the way I think your analysis is dead on,
please continue. But what I'm saying is Biden's saying oh China's going to move against Taiwan and North Korea is going to do stuff with South Korea and Russia is going to attack to help Trump.
Normally, a military escalation is done by incumbents for power.
So I don't see that as true.
But I do think, as you said and Mario said, the weakness of Biden and Russia winning Ukraine is what's green-lighting this. Not Trump, but the West overthrowing Ukraine,
starting this conflict 10 years ago.
That incompetence is leading to the destruction of the dollar and American hegemonic control.
Not Donald Trump.
Yeah, and I see a few hands up as well. You go ahead, Miki.
First, just to land the point. Thanks so much.
And just to land the point, I think that there's a lot of truth in that.
I think that the view of Trump in Taiwan is basically that they think Trump would do a deal with China for the chips
and just let them take Taiwan.
I think that they view Biden as sort of an old school.
We don't run network ads, but we still have 6-7 minutes an hour of our local stations.
Tom, speaking of old school, we're on 300+ radio stations, over 100 TV stations, which still have big viewers.
So, we skip all our network breaks now.
We don't run network ads, but we still have 6-7 minutes an hour of our local stations.
Gotta break for 2 minutes, gotta come back, and we'll go right back to whoever you guys Whoever Mario Nafal wants to go to or Nick Sordor.
And then we got Nick Fuentes coming up.
You guys will ride shotgun with him.
You're here for a crypto conference.
We're going to hang out tonight.
So much coming up.
Stay with us.
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All right, we have the king of X-Spaces, Mario Nafola, and his trusty sidekick, Nate Sartor, here with us.
And again, we're on radio stations, hundreds of them, so we have to take breaks here and there.
We're going to join a bunch of stations in five minutes, but that's a one-minute break.
Mario, you were talking to a speaker who I had to cut off because of the break.
Yeah, I wanted to pivot to something else.
We're talking about what could happen, and rightly so.
The worst case scenario here, you've got a former president for the first time in the history of this democracy that was convicted of 34 charges.
You've got the risk of nuclear war when it comes to Russia and Ukraine.
You've got the risk of Taiwan.
You've got the risk of AI.
But I want to look at the positive side of all this.
Not the positive side of what's happened, but the positive outcome out of all this.
Because I've still got faith in this democracy.
No, I'm being very honest.
The U.S.
is still one of my favorite countries.
I've got faith in the legal system.
I hope it can be fixed moving forward.
I don't know how that could happen.
But I want to ask you a question differently.
What is the best-case scenario moving forward?
What could happen next?
Could Trump, you know, could he just face fines and not end up being in jail and, you know, potentially become president?
Or we get a fair election and either Biden or Trump are president?
And things start improving moving forward?
I think we're seeing the best-case scenario on the current trajectory.
If the globalists don't start World War 3, yes, all the legal experts pretty much agree.
Things like the judge kicking the media out and observers, you're not allowed to do that.
The case will be overturned because of that.
Then you've got his jury instructions.
It'll be overturned because of that.
They wanted the symbolic image of him being a felon so that Biden can say that in the debates or say, I'm not going to debate a felon because he can barely even talk.
So they know that all these cases are going to be overturned.
If they don't fully take the government over.
Their intention is, once they defeat Trump, if they can, or kill him, is to pack the Supreme Court, which they've said they're going to do, add a bunch of new members, which are their new nominees, maybe 10, 15, 20 members, and then say, oh look, the Supreme Court said so, that's the real threat.
The best case scenario is, billionaires and the general public and everybody that hasn't really been politically active, a lot of rich people aren't, their money counts, but also the general public counts, Realize, this is gangrene, this is cancer.
We've got to shut this down.
That's why there's huge Silicon Valley money now coming to Trump for the first time.
Because they see, whoa, if you can get him, they can get us.
We've got to have a balance of power in our constitutional little-D democracy republic.
We're on the best case scenario.
People are rejecting Trump being demonized.
They're rejecting them trying to take him off the ballot.
People are seeing through it.
They see it's a danger to themselves.
And so the best case scenario is he gets back in, he energizes energy, energizes innovation.
We back off censorship.
We, you know, go after, as you have to legally, not out of retribution, but just out of the law, some of the criminal groups that have committed all these crimes, and we see some prosecutions to let the
bureaucracy know, both corporate and government, don't try to do this again. At least, you know, wrap them on the hand a few times, and then we stabilize the world and bring up a bunch of inventions that have been suppressed, and
have a bunch of innovation, and turn the world back for the break of destruction.
I think that's the best case scenario, and I think we're on the path to that, if the globalists see enough public pressure blocking them, if we get Trump in with a landslide, and if we can somehow derail World War III.
The problem is, the globalists know war is the health of the state.
They're accelerating towards direct war with Russia.
I'm finally seeing the panel here on the space.
I'm going to ask you that same question and then we're going to go to the panel.
I know you were very emotional yesterday.
I was mentioning talking about it earlier, but trying to look at it from a positive light.
How could this turn out if things go in a positive direction?
And again, I'm on 300 plus radio stations.
It's super annoying.
If they shut down InfoWars, I'm going to do pure basic commercial free like you do.
We have a one minute break to join up like 300 and some stations.
We got to come back and say it.
But before we do that, My audience knows who you are.
A lot of folks know who you are.
You're dominating on X. How do people follow you?
How do they find your spaces that you're doing multiple times a day, Mario Nafal at Mario Nafal?
Yeah, so just go to Mario Nafal on X. You know, one thing I try to do is we're talking about polarization.
I try to bring both sides of the aisle together, whatever topic it is.
And you've been really good at that because usually the left and right won't get together.
I try to bring people from Russia, from Ukraine together, people from China, from Taiwan, people from Biden supporters and Trump supporters to cover every issue.
And that's why I said earlier, both sides of the aisle agree that this is not right.
This is not the legal system doing what it's meant to be doing.
That's right.
Back in 60 seconds, and Nick Sartor, you can find him at Nick Sartor, will get his take on optimism straight ahead.
So we've got Dinosaur Media, and I'm also high-tech media, married here with the highest tech there is, with Mario Nafal and Nick Sartor on X Spaces right now.
These guys reach 20, 30 million people a day.
Amazing to have you here.
I know you're at a big conference.
You gotta leave in 30 minutes.
We've got Nick Fuentes.
Nick Fuentes coming on in about 10 minutes.
So this is wild.
Eddie Bravo and more.
So much coming up.
But you were asking a question to Nick and then you wanted to go to some other comments.
Yeah, Nick, as I said, Nick was very emotional yesterday for obvious reasons.
I want to ask you a question.
We've talked about how bad things are and how they can get a lot worse.
But let's look at it from a different perspective.
If things were to improve, how could that happen?
Well, I think things actually improved.
I mean, the odds of Trump being re-elected just went way to hell.
I don't think anybody disagrees with that at this point.
You can tell it's the leftist talking heads on X that make posts saying that... They're in their own bubble.
They're delusional.
They're like Hitler in the bunker in 1945 with 3 million Russians breathing down his neck, still thinking he can win.
Sorry, go ahead.
I don't think, like at that point, I don't believe these leftists actually believe anything they say about Biden at this point.
I believe they're just paid propagandists.
You know, they're trying to generate... They're mercenaries.
And they're trying to generate excitement that is not there.
Nobody's excited about the corpse that we are parading around through the White House.
You know, and so they have to fake it.
And you know, when you have President Trump, who is, you know, going, going, going all day, every single day, the energy that the man has is reassuring to a lot of people.
It's night and day, at a primitive level, there's the big smart man, versus a cryptkeeper.
Yeah, Stephen, I want to go to you.
You know, you've been on my show for a long time in the early days.
Is there another way of looking at this?
Could this end up bringing both sides, you know, finding common ground, Stephen, from spaces?
I see your hand up.
Could we see the left and the right finally agree on one of very, very, very few things?
In this case, that this is politically motivated.
We've seen that on our spaces.
We've seen lawyers that despise Trump say, hey, Even Lev Parnas, again we just mentioned it, Lev Parnas himself said this is politically motivated.
Could that be one of the positive things that comes out of this, Steven?
Yeah, good to speak with you Mario.
But more than that, I do think that this is going to continue to nudge disenfranchised voters, to apolitical folks, to people who were previously completely ambivalent To all of this, I've been seeing those folks get completely galvanized and activated on behalf of Trump.
By the way, I'm interrupting you to continue.
That's the smartest comment of a bunch of amazing comments today.
People that had given up, people that were sick of it, see this persecution and it's getting that giant 20-30% of the public that had just tuned out, back involved.
That's why the deep state is fucked.
Go ahead.
No, no, they could come in, Steven.
I think that's a very good point.
They could come in and say, hold on, I don't like Trump, but I don't like what's happening to him.
I'm going to vote for Trump as an indicator that this is not okay, and I believe in democracy.
Because it could happen to me!
They're like, whoa, this is freaking a monster.
This is why, like, this is for me, you know, if this is politically motivated, which obviously it's hard to disagree that it is, If this is politically motivated, I just don't understand how it logically makes sense.
It just keeps backfiring on them.
Again, it's backfiring in this case.
They're in a bubble!
get the shot... They're in a bubble. They must be, are we missing something? They're Hitler in the bunker, Mario. I mean, they thought that this was going to go a totally
different direction at this point.
They thought, we got him, this is it, we're going to end his campaign, Trump's going to go away forever.
And I believe they tried to scare him into submission with this stuff and threatened him in the background right before he announced.
Because, you know, the left wants to act like, oh, this is all, the timing of bringing- Well, they didn't do their opposition research.
He loves this.
Well, I mean, you know, they want to act like the timing was coincidental with these, uh, with the indictments.
They happened, the one that we just saw, uh, and then the one, actually the one in Florida started the week that he announced he was running again.
Why did they wait so long to bring these indictments?
I mean, it's, it's not, it, the writing's on the wall there and it's been blatantly political since the beginning.
And Trump hauled in, what, $36 million last night?
The American people said- The website broke!
It could not get on it.
Could not get on WinRed.
Yeah, I think Elon says it best.
Let me read out this quote.
Actually, I don't have it here.
Nick, can you read out the quote that you sent me from Elon?
I think it's a very good quote that sums it up really well.
It says he doesn't take sides, but he says the system is broken.
This is a concern that he has.
He said, indeed, great damage was done today to the public's faith in the American legal system.
If a former president can be criminally convicted over such a trivial matter, motivated by politics rather than justice, than anyone is at risk of a similar fate.
Anyone is at risk of a similar fate.
And then, you know, you cannot, as a president, you've got to make a decision on a daily basis.
You're making very major decisions.
And then to have to always have in the back of your mind, as for future presidents as well, that, man, if something as trivial as this...
Any little bliss and jurisdiction can get you.
And that's the thing.
The villagers know Frankenstein is the deep state.
Going around, the villagers are getting their pitchforks and torches.
Because they realize Trump ain't Frankenstein.
They are!
And the tweet that Elon tweeted with his thoughts is one by Geiger Capital.
Let me read that one out.
I think he articulates it really well.
He says, The first felony conviction of a former U.S.
President wasn't for the Iraq War or the Afghanistan War or the illegal CIA coup or drone striking weddings or spying on Americans.
It was because Trump misclassified a $130,000 payment for a porn star's NDA.
Tells you everything you need to know.
This is unfair!
people aren't gonna put up with us. You know we sign NDAs on a daily basis you know that for me to have in the back of my mind that having someone sign an
NDA or or doing it the wrong way or paying someone to sign an agreement that is misclassifying the payment could end up backfiring. Listen I've had lawyers
tell me and I've done it and I don't like doing it years ago people make up fake stuff the lawyers go look fine it was five million dollars give them a
hundred grand and a few times I've said I don't know this person fine I'll do it and now I have no money so it's another problem but yeah people do this where
they haven't done anything wrong.
Yeah, I see Alex Jones, I see your hand up as well.
Alex, your thoughts on the decision yesterday and what could happen next?
And if you can answer my question, Alex, I want to get your thoughts, either yours or mine, since you've spoken to, I think, Roger about this, Roger Stone.
Is there something we're missing?
Because if this is their strategy, if their strategy is to hurt Trump's re-election chances, it is backfiring.
They're not stupid.
So what I'm trying to understand, maybe some of you disagree, but I'm worried there's something we're missing when it comes to that strategy.
Alex Stone.
Alex Stone?
Well, man, I just want to say, first of all, I'm a 20-year-old.
I'm not an expert.
I just love this country.
I got involved when I was 15 years old.
I, like you said, talked with Roger Stone and many other people about this.
The thing that I'm worried about is Generation Z, the young voters, and what this is going to do to the future of this country for young people, right?
I've talked to a few Generation Z patriots about what they think and they're sad, but most of my generation is Being lied to by people like Harry Sisson and people on TikTok.
And what they're going to see is Donald Trump is a bad man and he's a convicted felon.
Obviously, I know that that's not true.
We all know that's not true.
But I want to know.
Alex, what I want to say is I don't mind Harry Sisson or anyone else that you want to mention.
I don't mind people heavily disagreeing with you.
I don't mind people just putting out lies, having their opinions on this.
That's the beauty of free speech, whether it's on the left or on the right.
I don't mind that.
I don't mind even paid propaganda.
I don't.
What I mind is the legal system falling prey to this.
Like, this is where a massive red line is for me.
Whether it's the left or the right in the future.
Again, when we go back to Brazil, right now, and Elon made this clear, right now the censorship is by the left, by the incumbent president.
Previously, it was by the former President Bolsonaro who was on my show.
He was guilty of censorship and he may be guilty of censorship.
When the system is broken, that's when it gets concerning.
When a specific people, any influencer, any politician crossing the line, that's their opinion.
That's the beauty of free speech.
Let me say this, we got Nick Fuentes ready to come on.
This is fully loaded.
I'm so glad you're here when you do this, but this is not kissing your ass.
It's recognizing something because I was reaching Not clips, people tuning into the show on radio and with what we had, 35 million people a day, bigger than Joe Rogan, bigger than Eric Ralston.
Biggest thing in 2016, 2017, that's why they came after me.
We still reached like, you know, 10 million a day.
Fine, I don't care about keeping score, I want to stop nuclear war.
I've got children.
How does it feel for you because I look at numbers I can see them you've got probably in the top five shows in the world right now actually reaching people but it's not about Mario Nafal that's just a personal question what does it mean to CNN whose top shows have a million viewers I mean Nick Fuentes Uh, you know, puts out a video, gets 5 million views on X. What are they, do they not get that eyeballs are everything?
Everything's moved on.
Like, but they still sit up there like, well, we'll just have World War III.
We're, we're going to Nick Fuentes is on now, but what is it like for you on the air a few years?
Cause it took me a decade to get a huge audience and it took me 20 years to get the biggest audience.
What is it like to be reaching 25 million people?
For me, it's concerning to see.
When trust is broken, it's really difficult to rebuild.
And the same applies to the media, to mainstream media.
Trust has been broken.
All of mainstream media.
Rebuilding it is mission impossible.
And that's why I kind of link it to what's happening now.
When trust is broken in the legal system, I don't know how... Exactly!
No matter what they do, they can't put Humpty Dumpty back together.
That's what concerns me.
Now, it's not about me reaching all these numbers, that's an indicator of how far down the polarization is in the system.
A guy with an iPhone that brings both sides together and sounds reasonable gets 25 million views, CNN doesn't have that in 24 hours!
The system is breaking.
The democratic system of this democracy is breaking, whether it comes to the media or the legal system or the business world.
Yeah, and they blame us that have big audiences.
They think, well, we just get Mario Nafal, or Elon Musk, or Tucker Carlson, or Nick Fuentes.
We'll win again.
No, you get rid of us, 10 more come, because people want freedom!
And an example is you and Nick, when he came back on Next, we did a show on, you know, welcoming you, remember that show when Elon and everyone came in?
Nick, we did a show when you came on on Next.
It was a great show as well, massive debate.
And we saw the numbers on that day as well.
People that love you, people that hate you, they came on, they appreciated the opportunity to hear what your opinion was.
They want a debate.
So on the subject of free speech and where the elite is at this point in time and the Trump verdict yesterday, Nick Fuentes.
Hello everybody, great to be with you.
Yes, the guilty verdict for Trump, truly an historic moment in history.
And I talked about this actually with Mario in a space yesterday.
I think this is the culmination of 10 years of this.
I think that's maybe the biggest takeaway for guys like yourself, Alex, and certainly for people like me.
This is the culmination of a very long period of time and basically a systematic witch hunt against the president.
Every manner, every way, shape and form that they can come after him, they've done it now.
And I believe it started with the FISA warrant, which was issued in June 2016, which allowed the Obama administration to spy on Trump Tower and to spy on the campaign.
Why was Obama never prosecuted for that?
Well, it's a great question.
There's no prosecution for Obama.
There's no prosecution for Hillary Clinton and all the deleted emails.
No prosecution for Hunter Biden and the laptop.
And no prosecution for Joe Biden, who's connected to that.
And that's really the thing is, and I talked to this, I talked to Mario about this in the space the other day.
We have all these lawyers getting in on this and they're talking about the tedium and minutiae about this particular case.
I think a lot of that is a distraction.
I think to get too into the weeds on these particular cases, it's almost like, what are we even really talking about?
Yeah, we know it's all fake crap, so my question is, Nick, because you're a smart guy, I respect you, very articulate.
I don't agree with everything, but I think, I agree you're smart.
What is the Deep State going to do?
Because they're programming, white supremacists are going to kill everybody, imminent terror attacks.
That's not hard to go.
The signal is, they're about to stage something or provocateur something.
That's, all my red lights, when I asked Mario that too and Nick, my red lights are like, meh, meh, danger Will Robinson, meh, meh, meh, I mean that's all I'm thinking about.
You're absolutely right.
It's going to be false flag city, I think, for the rest of the year.
And we saw this in 2020.
In 2020, I think everybody knows Trump was sailing towards an easy reelection.
Economy was great.
Everything was going well.
There had been no new wars.
The border was being secured.
And then we got COVID.
We got the biggest pandemic ever and the economic shutdown and the BLM and we got the election fraud.
And I think it's going to be repeated out in 2024.
I think you see a mass awakening.
Free speech is happening on Twitter and Rumble, and I think you're absolutely right.
This is the playbook every single time.
It's always some kind of black swan event.
It's going to be crisis actors.
It's going to be some kind of Patsy, a Christian nationalist, a white nationalist.
They got a messed up schizophrenic ready to go gun down a bunch of blacks in a church right now.
The FBI's got him in a hotel room right now.
That's how it plays out every time, and few people even remember.
I mean, there's so many that have been memory-hulled.
I mean, whatever happened to, do you remember, I believe it was the eve of a very important campaign, there was some kind of RV that was detonated in Nashville.
Turned out to be some, I mean, this is just like one, there are dozens of examples like this of actual false flags that were followed through with, some that were aborted.
Or they were botched and memory hold we never heard about them again.
So I think people need to be on high alert and this is why it's important for your audience to know this and for people on spaces.
Be extremely careful about what you do and say between now and the election because the feds are not messing around.
Deep State is not messing around.
They take this stuff very seriously.
They are looking for a patsy to bring the whole Deep State down on to blame for, you know, whatever's coming next.
So, it's very important.
All these people are talking, and I saw you said this today on Twitter, Alex, or rather on X, you said it's very important to direct all of our energy And to targeted, precise political action.
Not violence, not illegal activities, but you want to do something, go out there and engage in politics in a legal, legitimate way.
And it's like you said earlier, they are Hitler in the bunker thinking that they can win.
It's hubris, it's arrogance, and the one thing that they can't tolerate Is the kind of thing that we've seen, which is somebody like Trump, methodically and with perseverance, engaging in the system, winning the hearts and minds and working through the process.
We're talking about how this is threatening the democracy.
It's breaking the system.
It's breaking trust in the system.
But I want to try to what we did earlier, and I'm not sure if you're listening, but try to put your optimistic hat on.
And, you know, looking at it from pink colored glasses.
Because we need that.
They want us to be pure negative.
What path could we see over the next few months where things improve from this point onwards?
You don't have to agree with that view, but I want an optimistic view moving forward.
My optimistic view is that Donald Trump, just as he has in the past 24 hours, he raised $36 million.
I think there was one poll, which he talked about in the press conference this morning, that showed that he's up.
6% in the polls.
After the conviction, he's up 6%.
And so I think the optimistic track is that you start to see the country move past this Joe Biden, COVID, Ukraine stuff.
It seems that all of these All of these false narratives that we have been battered over the head with for the past four years, they're all being dispelled largely because of free speech, largely because a spotlight is being shown on all this.
And I think so, the optimistic track is that things keep going in the direction that they have been actually for the past couple of years.
A lot of people don't realize this.
We're in a better spot now than maybe we've ever have been.
And I think that's largely due to, and I think you mentioned this earlier, it's people coming together in the global village, it's people coming together on the Social platforms and being able to talk about these things openly.
Censorship peaked in 2021 and it has started to recede.
That's something that we never thought was possible.
I remember doing my show in 2019 and thinking they were eventually going to go for the ISPs and they were going to make it so we couldn't even have websites.
You know, forget about a Twitter account.
I was thinking we were going to not be able to have websites or email or anything like that.
So things actually have been moving in a better direction.
The important thing is that people stay engaged and they keep pushing.
The worst thing, and Alex, you're so right about this, this is what they want.
They want for us to despair.
They want for us to engage in, you know, what people call blackmailing.
They want us to be pessimistic.
Because it's when people despair, that's when people give up.
And when people take their foot off the gas, or when people start to consider extreme forms of action, or maybe illegitimate forms of action, those are the things that play into their hands.
I'm going to read out one thing while you're speaking.
Just looking at the polls.
Less than an hour ago Axios put out the following.
I'm going to read it out for you, Nick.
Get your thoughts on it.
And Alex, your thoughts on it as well.
Trump's historic felony conviction makes half of Republicans even more likely to vote for him, according to a poll and the verdict's immediate aftermath.
Yeah, and that's even their spin.
Look, my phone never blew up like it did yesterday.
And my parents have a lot of liberal friends, so do I. They're like, we're done.
We're going for Trump.
Nick, sorry, go ahead and answer his question.
Yeah, absolutely.
You're absolutely right.
I mean, and this is the hubris of the regime.
They always overplay their hand.
You know, after Donald Trump left office, I think that, and you know, whatever you think about the 2020 election, I think it was stolen.
He left office and I think there was a real crisis where a lot of people are questioning if there was a future for Trump because his first term had been so sabotaged.
The way he went out was so ignominious and such a disaster and it was really a rigged election and stolen.
I think a lot of people question...
Is it over?
Are we going to have to... Well, that's the thing.
They want the comeback.
They see it.
And look, here's the deal.
Real power is sitting back, knowing human nature, wanting to help people and letting them make decisions and then guiding them.
The globalists are going against the stream at every level and people now are figuring that out.
It's game over.
They can use their trillions of dollars to have a bunch of mercenaries, like you were saying, Nick.
But it doesn't work at the end of the day, because people, once they get that they're being controlled, it's game over.
I mean, don't you think?
Talk about optimism.
I'm super optimistic, except they want World War III with Russia.
Nick, can you comment on that?
I mean, Nick Fuentes or Nick Schwartzworth, I mean, literally, they're like, we're giving heavy weapons, we're gonna start bombing Russian cities officially, and we take credit.
They're like, yeah, Russia, bitch, let's go.
I mean, this is fucking crazy.
The whole situation's insane.
The situation domestically, the situation internationally.
And it's important to kind of keep an eye on the ball.
I know that you were talking about this earlier.
In some ways, this whole election thing and even this particular case, it does take our eyes away from Three theaters of war, or three critical flashpoints where a potential World War III could break out.
And as you said, it's the escalation with the use of offensive weapons by Ukraine against Russia in Russian soil.
It's the presence of 11 Chinese fighter jets in Taiwanese airspace this morning.
And it's a situation with Israel and this broader conflict in the Middle East where Yes, we have to be optimistic.
Yes, I think we shouldn't give into despair.
and this recent massacre that was committed this past weekend.
So, you know, it is very important, yes, we have to be optimistic, yes, I think we shouldn't give in to despair, but it also doesn't mean that we underestimate the severity of the
crisis that we're in.
Admitting the severity is what makes us rise to the challenge to stop it.
In closing, you guys got to go.
I wish you'd be here for 10 hours.
I'm doing a special show tomorrow, by the way, if you guys want to come back.
Eddie Bravo's coming up, too.
Stay there, Nick Fuentes.
You're going to have the floor when we come back.
I moved some guests.
You're here.
We appreciate it.
But Nick Sortor, Mario Nafal, closing comments, and I hope to have you back soon in the studio.
Yeah, look, my comments are very simple and very straight to the point.
I'm not sure what's going to happen next.
We do have A very serious risk of a world war between the West and Russia.
It's very serious.
We've got obviously the risks of AI, which no one's talking about now, which Alex you're starting to talk more and more about, which I think you should.
And we've got what's happening in Taiwan.
And now we're going to add to it is that we've got the world's biggest democracy, the leaders of the democratic world, The system is breaking in front of our eyes.
Whether you're on the left or on the right, it doesn't matter, even if you're voting for Biden.
You've got to agree it's breaking.
The trust in mainstream media is dying.
Trust in the legal system is dying.
And if this continues, it doesn't matter who is president this year, in four years' time, in eight years' time, it's only going to get worse and it's going to hurt both sides of the aisle.
So this needs to stop.
It's sectarian war.
I'll try not to use the word civil wars, but we're getting, it's now become, it's no longer fear-mongering to warn of a civil war if we continue going down this path.
Alright, we only got 20 seconds left.
Mario's done.
Yeah, I mean, clearly, I don't think we would be seeing this backfiring as bad as it is for the Democrats if we were back in 2020.
Nick Fuentes made a fantastic point on that.
The free dissemination of information now has really, genuinely changed the world.
I mean, because I got banned off of Facebook back in 2020.
No, it's Elon Musk.
People not giving Elon love are...
Fuck them!
Elon Musk!
All right, Nick Fuentes coming back.
You guys got to go.
Stay with us, folks.
We'll be right back with Nick Fuentes.
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So, if people ask what my political alignment is, it's life.
Life for babies, life for adults, life for old people, not having World War III, having capitalism, having prosperity, having freedom.
I'm a big tent guy, I love everybody, I'm a big teddy bear.
Let's try to start World War III.
And I'm going to keep harping on this because I'm kind of a history buff on war, and I know the threat continuation ladder.
When you start publicly saying, yeah, those prisoners we've been firing at you, Into Russia?
We did that, and you bet we're doing it, and we're about to do it 100 times worse.
That goes to World War III.
It's guaranteed.
It's not like, oh, there's a chance.
This is the most psychotic craziness.
The average person is watching television and movies, having no idea, like, Russia's a million miles away.
No, folks, it's 8,000 miles away from where I sit.
So, Nick?
You've been speaking about this, talking about this, and it ties into Trump.
It ties into the fake conviction, where this is all going.
I'm just going to give you the floor here, because you're an interesting guy, to give us your view on everything.
Well, with regard to this recent development with Russia, this is something that we've been heading towards for a long time.
The latest development, of course, is that the European countries, and as you said earlier, this is something that they had actually already been doing privately, but has now become public, which is that they've authorized Ukraine to start launching missiles into Russia using NATO Western weapons to bomb Russians in Russia, on Russian soil.
And now, The latest in the past couple days is that the Biden administration has authorized Ukraine to use American weapons against Russia, although Biden has said they're limiting that only to particular cities in Russia.
It really is immaterial and doesn't matter.
This is a full-fledged war with Russia.
And as you said, it's been a gradual escalation over the past two years, started February 2022.
We really entered the picture.
Well, I mean, realistically, it's been going on since 2014.
And we have been giving aid to Ukraine, the government in Kiev, in their war, the secession war against the Donbass throughout that entire time, that eight-year interregnum period.
Trump escalated by providing lethal aid, redeploying medium-range ballistic missiles.
And over the past two years, it has been a steady escalation and a march towards war.
And the question is, at what point did the decision-makers in Washington DC say that Ukraine is not worth World War III.
And specifically, the accession of Ukraine to NATO is not worth World War III.
And maybe another related question is, what is a reasonable sphere of influence and a reasonable self-interest or foreign policy for the government in Moscow and in Beijing to exercise?
Does Russia get to influence the affairs of Belarus and Ukraine?
Or are we going to deploy NATO missiles right up A hundred, two hundred kilometers from their capital.
And the same is true of Chile.
It's all insane provocation and then they speak on average to an ignorant American population.
I love Americans, but on average they're very ignorant about weapons geopolitics.
I mean, again, what would we do if Russia, because it's not just one country, as you said it's a bunch, what if Russia stuck missiles in Canada and in Mexico and overthrew the governments that was running them?
I mean, we would go completely ape!
That's precisely correct.
And, you know, we've had this for 200 years.
It's called the Monroe Doctrine.
The Monroe Doctrine says that the United States controls everything on this half of the planet.
So if you want to go into two continents, like South or North America, you got to deal with us.
You got to go through the United States.
We want to put missiles and military bases in Ukraine, which is historically part of Russia.
And even if you acknowledge their sovereignty, which is really, you know, kind of a technicality as a result of how the Soviet Union divided up the autonomy... Yeah, Lenin gave it up for a thousand years it was Russia.
Ukraine literally gave birth to Russia, so Russia's mama is Ukraine.
This is like saying, is New York City part of America?
That's only 250 years old.
This is, like you said, literally the motherland.
Exactly, and it's not like we're saying we want Ukraine to be a democracy.
It was.
It's not like we're saying we want Ukraine to have freedom.
It had a relative degree of freedom.
We want to put missiles that are capable of striking Moscow inside Ukraine on their border in their historic territory, which is something that is totally unacceptable.
Putin has said over and over it's unacceptable.
Now you don't have to lie to me.
You say they're going to hit them with the missiles?
That's right, and Zelensky as recently as February 22 was saying that he was going to pursue a nuclear arsenal, which is tied up with the Budapest Memorial.
That's right, you're hinting at the fact they're going to move nukes into Ukraine, not just hit them with conventional.
Well, that's right, because Ukraine, of course, had the nuclear stockpile from the Soviet Union after 1991, and one of the conditions of Ukraine transferring the nukes to Russia was that the West would guarantee Ukraine safety.
So, Zelensky said, hey, if the Donbass is breaking away, then I guess we get to have nukes, don't we?
You can't play around with rhetoric like that.
You can't play around with rhetoric, certainly not when Ukraine is seeking accession into NATO.
You can't play around with having nukes in a country that's at war with Russia.
You know, this is, point being, it's extremely reckless, as you said.
It's extremely provocative.
It's something that's totally outrageous, I think, to any reasonable or sensible person.
And I think the larger point is that this is not the only theater of conflict.
As you said earlier, because like, you know, like myself, you're into geopolitics.
You see the big picture.
You've got North Korea launching missiles at Japan.
You've got Chinese fighter jets in Taiwanese airspace.
You've got Venezuela threatening to take the Essequibo region from Guyana where they recently discovered energy resources.
You've got basically a new Cold War in Latin America.
You've got a broader conflagration in the Middle East that involves no fewer than five or six countries.
And you have a civil war in West Africa between France and Russia.
And, you know, one other one, two others I'm not thinking of, you've got Kosovo and Serbia and Azerbaijan and Armenia.
And you've got Israel literally bombing refugee camps on purpose trying to make the Arab world attack them so they can be the victim.
I think that's clear.
You know me, I don't hate Israel, but I'm starting to hate their leaders bad because they're openly trying to get a giant Arab attack to play victim so they can nuke Iran.
This is biblical insanity.
And we just saw that in Rafa the past week.
As you said, in West Rafa, they bombed the refugee camp.
They bombed these tents.
Absolutely abominable.
You don't do that by accident.
You bomb the main refugee camp, you make a move eight times, and now they're all in a refugee camp.
Oh, we missed with our missiles.
I don't think anybody's buying this one anymore.
They've been doing that for all this time.
That's the final bombing to move them onto the ships.
It's like they just herd them towards the ship.
Bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom.
Well, yeah, it's not hard to see what they're doing at all.
I mean, they go in the north, push them south.
Then they move into the south, they push them west.
They push them towards where?
The Mediterranean Sea, where they got nowhere to go.
And that's exactly right.
Stage two is they're going to load them up onto ships and they're going to be brought here to America.
There were two Israeli politicians for the Wall Street Journal.
They said, well, we don't want the Palestinians, but Americans should take them in.
Americans and Europeans better be taking the Palestinian refugees.
Well, if these people are such winners, you know, why don't you want them living next to your country?
They gotta come live over here?
But that's precisely what they're doing and all you got to do to see the evidence is look at a map.
Look at a map and look at where the Israeli campaign has been pushing these people around and you're displaying it right now.
They got pushed from north to south, now from east to west.
They're going to be herded up, they're going to be put on ships.
These people blame the United States and to some extent I think they are correct because we're supplying the munitions and bombs to conduct the campaign.
And they're going to come and be in your school system, in your neighborhood, they're going to be in your place of business, in your city.
We don't want these people, we don't need these people.
Israel is literally shitting on us with this.
Quite literally.
Quite literally dumping their problems, a steaming pile of their problems, into our country.
And we're paying for it.
We're giving them the support to do it.
And as you said, you don't hate anybody, I don't hate anybody.
We love everybody.
It is a big tent movement.
We want nationalism.
But this is an abuse.
This is an abuse of our country.
I don't think any reasonable person could say that this is in America's interest or America first.
It's totally contradictory and hypocritical.
But this is just one theater.
It's a very significant one, but one theater and now a global conflict.
And I think we talked about this last time.
This is setting the stage for the same kind of global, intercontinental conflict.
That's where I was going next. Let me interrupt for a minute because you're going there.
Let me go back to Russia for a minute.
Okay, the Russians in World War II lost 26 million people, the Germans lost 24 million, 95% of the war was between them.
My grandfathers were both in it. I'm not saying America didn't lose 600,000, and the Brits and all that was terrible, but compared to it, it was like, it was a paper cut.
Looking at this, bombing Russians will not make them bow down and give up.
They will make them even more aggressive. It's guaranteed.
Like, they welcomed Hitler as a savior because they didn't like the communists, and then they started killing the Russians for no reason, so the Russians went completely ape.
The Russians are like, I'm pissed at Putin.
He's not nuking right now.
So they're ready for full war and the West is going, let's bomb them.
That'll make them give up.
They know they're not stupid.
Stoltenberg's not dumb.
So why would they want a full nuclear war with Russia?
This is insane.
Well, that's that classic hubris.
The West, they don't know how to do anything other than double down.
These leaders in Washington, whenever there's a problem, whenever anybody stands up to the West... And they're a bunch of lawyers, not even military leaders now.
They're all sitting in rooms acting tough.
Well, let's just bomb the Russians.
Yeah, that'll show them.
Oh yeah, that'll really show the Russians, folks.
90% of the Brits were anti-war.
Until Churchill bombed German cities to manipulate Hitler to bomb British cities and they went 99% pro-war.
You're right, it's arrogance, it's insanity.
And this is because Washington has been totally uncontested and unchallenged for 30 years.
Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, and even a little bit before that, there has been this idea that America is invincible.
And this is a very dangerous idea because when you know that you can die and get hurt, you approach things cautiously.
And you look at your challengers, you look at the competition, and you sort of estimate their willingness to fight and the level of threat that they pose in a reasonable way.
When you believe that you're invincible and you believe that you can do anything, this is what gives rise to these kinds of awful decisions like, we're going to go to Iraq and turn it into a democracy, and we're going to go to Afghanistan and turn it into a democracy, and we're going to go to Ukraine and we're going to destroy Russia and do regime change in Russia, and then we're going to beat China for dessert.
It's like, You know, it's not 1991 anymore.
China's back.
Russia's back.
It's a multi-polar world.
And they've got giant armies and nuclear weapons and we'll go to war.
I mean, my God, Korea, the Chai Koms didn't have nukes then and they were kicking our ass.
I mean, we had to threaten to use nukes for them to back off.
This is crazy.
It's totally insane and they have industry.
They build things.
The Russian economy is going to grow 3% this year.
The economy of Germany is going to contract.
Germany is like one of the only countries in the West that makes things.
Their industry has been destroyed because the pipelines were taken down and they have no more cheap energy, no more cheap natural gas.
Russia makes things.
China makes things.
They make ships.
They make missiles.
They make a military.
The United States is still living in this World War II LARP.
Well, that's right.
Russia is outproducing all NATO countries 3 to 1 with artillery shells.
That shows it's a joke, really.
We're not making missiles.
We're not making ships.
We're not even making kids.
And the kids we are making are all gay.
I mean, not to be insulting.
No, it's true.
They just cut the submarine order in half.
China just crippled their submarine order.
Why would an empire weaken its own people when it wants to take on the Chai Koms and the Russians?
Well, and I think that's part of why they're trying to build up our strength a little bit.
I think that's why there is, like, right now, a big push against DEI.
I don't know if you've seen that lately.
A lot of the elites are coming out against diversity, equity, and inclusion.
I think it's because there is kind of this recognition, although it is begrudging and I think reluctant, I think there is this recognition that DEI has gone so far, it's now actually impacting their ability to Go to war with Russia?
Well, the Pentagon admits it.
They go, okay, white men, we said you were evil, gave you poison shots, you left.
For whatever reason, we need the white men to come back and kill the Russians.
Well, and a lot of people made this joke.
They said, now that we're at war with Ukraine, now that we're effectively at war with Iran, you start to see all these advertisements for the military and now these advertisements actually have white guys.
When we weren't at war, all the advertisements were like a black woman and a computer because they weren't serious.
Now that they need the recruitment, oh now it's a Call of Duty Michael Bay advertisement for the military because now we need the good old boys To jump back in the military and die for Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and Boeing and everything.
So it's very typical, it's very classic.
And it's like you said a moment ago, this is the system breaking up.
It is breaking up.
It is failing.
You know, what cannot go on, will not go on.
I mean, you just do, it's like a math problem.
If Russia is outproducing artillery 3 to 1, if China is outproducing ships 10 to 1, if they're having kids and we're not, if their population is 10 times bigger, something has got to give.
And that's before you get into, there's so many different numbers like the debt, you could get into the inflation, stagflation situation.
Eventually this thing will not go on.
And that is good news, but, and it's sort of like we talked about with Mario a moment ago, the threat is absolutely enormous.
It cannot be overstated, the peril that we're in.
At the same time, there is a huge opportunity for us to turn things around.
So, so, so Mario asked you the question, exactly.
So, real optimism.
Political correctness is dying.
People know they're in danger.
Women get they're in danger.
People have that danger gene.
They're like, whoa, okay, this is not good.
How do we get the establishment to stand down and realize they've lost?
They can still keep all their stolen money.
They can creep around.
I want to put them on an island like Napoleon.
How do we get them to realize they've already lost without blowing the planet up?
Because that's where they're going.
Well, I think we need to keep pushing through 2024.
And I think we need people really to get engaged in politics.
That is the number one thing that they fear.
They don't like when people talk.
They like it a lot less when people get organized.
I think that's a huge reason why they came after all the January Sixers.
Because, I mean, what was... It was a pure outlawing of conservative populist politics.
It was an attempt to intimidate everybody.
Well, because Stop the Steal and everything that was going on back then was grassroots organization.
And, you know, of course we disavow the law-breaking and violence and vandalism and things like that.
But that was 95% provocateur!
And that was a very, very tiny number of, it was half a million people that were there in Washington, D.C.
They were using that as a pretext, basically, to go after all conservative organizers and influencers, anybody that was pro-Trump.
Because it wasn't the GOP that was trying to prevent the steal.
The GOP wanted the steal to go on.
They effectively made a deal.
I mean, you know, not to get too into the weeds on that.
No, they did.
The Republican establishment stabbed Trump in the back.
A hundred percent.
And so the January 6th thing and everything that happened since, including the censorship, including, you know, that dragnet everybody got caught up in, it was about, it was about disabling and paralyzing any kind of activism.
And that is the thing that they don't want people to do.
They want people to, you know, watch the show, buy the shirt, back to the regularly scheduled programming.
They do not want people to get involved.
That's why they called the school board parents terrorists.
That's why they arrested the January Sixers.
And fundamentally, that is why they're going after Trump.
I mean, to kind of bring it back full circle into the conviction, their big punishment against Trump is also meant to chill the entire right wing.
This is as clear of an example as they can give.
It's just like with Jesus, in a sense.
I know people don't love that comparison.
It's not to say that Trump is Jesus or God.
But it is a comparison.
The persecution, people see it.
It's classic.
Well, we'll write it, and they hoist him up for everybody to see in this ignominious way to say, this is what happens when you mess with us.
If you mess with us, we will nail you to the cross in a brutal and painful way.
We will destroy your reputation, your business, your family will come after your friends, your fortune.
We will destroy you.
And the intention, it is to disable Trump, but it is also to chill the entire right wing.
Oh, it's totally, it's totally a message.
You, you and I, I don't want to say this because you're here with me, it's true.
It goes, the most censored, Trump, Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones, in no particular order, but Trump on a bigger scale because they're so scared, because they can't control him.
It doesn't mean he's perfect, or you're perfect, or I am.
The fact is, these are men that they don't meet with, that they don't tell us to do.
Believe me, they've tried with me, I'm sure they have with you.
The fact that we're our own people and make our own decisions, they're scared of that.
And the more they persecute us, the more successful we get.
You're an example, I'm an example.
And now they want to shut down InfoWars in the next month or two.
And they think that is going to... I mean, I love the crew.
I'll probably have to work under somebody else, try to bring them back.
It'll be a lot of extra work, but it only makes us bigger.
And I can look at that and know.
That's how the world works, but they only think one-dimensional.
It's very bizarre.
This is not the elite that took over the world.
This is not the grandfathers and mothers of the current elite.
They've been handed things, and they're just going around smoking crack cocaine and stuff.
They have no idea that they're only making it stronger.
And I paradoxically look at it and I go, how are they so dumb?
Yeah, well, it's as you say, these are not excellent people, you know, and you're absolutely right.
A hundred years ago, the elites that built the modern world were geniuses.
They were extremely intelligent.
They came from a different society.
I don't think we have a society that can even produce people on that level.
And you always, I love that you always talk about this, the genius of the founding fathers that came from a societal milieu.
You know, that was probably the greatest collection of political thinkers in thousands of years of world history, maybe not since ancient Greece, and it was produced by a society.
They were planted in the soil of that society.
We don't have that anymore.
It's like the real soil now.
You know, you grow vegetables now.
They don't have minerals and vitamins anymore.
It's like the same thing with our society and the way they treat this.
They don't treat this like chess, which is to say in chess, you have to look at action and reaction.
You have to think about your move, but also the opponent's move, and then what you might do as a counter to that move, and so on.
And so, as you say, they can persecute Trump, but then Trump gets a move.
You know, Trump has a turn.
He gets a card that he gets to play.
And the same is true with you.
They censor you, they did this ridiculous lawsuit against you, but you get a hand to play too.
They cancelled me in a similar way.
I have a hand to play as well.
And so did they think that by banning us from Twitter that we were going to disappear from Earth?
Like, if you block the Twitter account that you and I, and more importantly, the people that follow us, do millions of people just vaporize overnight?
Or do they say, huh, okay, do they shrug their shoulders and say, oh, Alex Jones got banned, and we're going to go back to watching?
Yeah, they don't care.
Taking us away from them makes our fans, who are great people, want us more!
They're not playing chess.
They're not even playing checkers.
It just makes them angry.
It just makes you and I more determined.
It just makes our followers more angry.
And it's like with Trump.
He got all these charges.
What happens the next day?
Raises $36 million.
And the thing is, but that goes back to the hubris.
They really believe that they are God.
If you challenge them, then you will be smited.
You're banned from Twitter.
We will charge you.
And they don't, on some level, really reckon with the threat that's posed by any of the situation, whether it be Russia, whether it be, I think, the strident anti-Israel sentiment right now, people like you and I, or people like Donald Trump.
They just don't recognize it.
Well let's talk about Israel, because I do see Israel as another corrupt country, corrupt elite, but they are particularly trying to get the Arabs to attack, they're trying to
goad people, it's a big piece of this, so what do you think is going on with Netanyahu?
Because I think he miscalculated, I mean he's, Israel has really screwed up.
I totally agree.
I think that Netanyahu probably had prior knowledge of the October 7th attack.
He let it happen.
And I think he let it happen so that he could, which was his dream, his ambition, annex Gaza.
And I think that that would keep him in power because he's facing a prosecution on popularity.
I'm sure he thought that taking Gaza would extend his rule, increase his popularity.
By the way, he said that.
He said, once the war is over, we'll go back to me.
But now he says the war never ends.
Exactly, and then the war is going to go and expand to Lebanon, and it's supposed to expand to Iran, and it's Palpatine.
You know, this is Star Wars 3.
It's supposed to be this never-ending power grab, but you're right.
I mean, it's not working.
The regime is destabilizing.
Israel, like him or not, they have ostracized themselves from the world.
They have become...
A pariah state under Netanyahu's leadership.
It's a crisis within the Jewish community.
I mean, even many of the Jewish leadership are saying this.
And now they're talking about holding snap elections against Netanyahu to remove him from power.
So, I think you're totally right.
The damage that this has done to Israel, it's incalculable.
And I think it'll take a generation to reverse.
I don't even know where they go from here.
And it's a mirror, though, of the other Western elite committing seppuku as well, suicide.
And they're all just, whatever the worst move is, it's like a psychopath.
They kill people at first in criminology, and as they don't get caught, they start sending letters to the police.
They start getting more reckless.
They want to be caught.
It's weird.
You're absolutely right.
It's this weird, like, self-destructive impulse or something, and it's almost like they just don't know how to turn it off.
They start to do these things, and, you know, they have these kinds of tactics in place, and I think they just don't even know how to act like normal politicians.
Because doubling down works when people are asleep.
It doesn't work when they're awake.
Right, and when you have activated a resistance.
They have a real resistance, I think, in the world against Israel, I think in the United States against this regime.
And as I said, they have not reckoned with the severity of that threat to their rule, or I would even say the conditions that are now going on right now.
All right, Nick, do five more minutes.
We appreciate you, and we got Eddie Bravo coming up.
But before we go to break, do five more minutes.
How do people follow you?
Rumble.com slash Nick J. Fuentes, Monday through Friday.
And on X?
And yes, I'm on at Nick J. Fuentes, recently unbanned.
Alright, so we're going to come back.
I've got a few final questions, and then I'm going to hit some news, and then Eddie Bravo's coming in there.
Can't wait to talk to Eddie.
Alright, we'll be right back.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
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Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
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Anything else you want to add?
No, just I appreciate you and God bless.
Thank you for your support.
Now please take action by going to drjonesnackles.com today and checking out the amazing products.
All right, Nick Fuentes is going to host the next five minutes because I don't want to interrupt him, plus I want to be able to finish up, plus I've got Eddie Bravo and other guests coming in, so we're going to be sitting there watching him while he talks.
We've got five minutes left.
Nick, you've got closing comments to tie all this together.
All right.
Well, thank you, Alex.
It's great to be with you again here, and I guess I'll take it away here.
Obviously, it's been a historic 24 hours with Donald Trump receiving the conviction on 34 charges in Manhattan.
I guess I would say in closing, The biggest takeaway from all of this to me, maybe more than anything that we've talked about yet, I think everybody recognizes the severity of the situation we're in.
People see it's a crisis domestically inside the United States.
They see the crisis with inflation, with economic growth, with the debt.
They see it with the border.
I mean, you don't need me to tell you.
I think everybody recognizes the country is in a state of serious decline.
I think people also recognize the peril abroad.
As we talked about, you can take your pick at over a dozen flashpoints for conflict in the entire world.
It's anybody's guess which one is going to blow up and initiate World War III, but everyone sees that we're heading in that direction.
But I would draw everybody's attention to One particular thing which I don't think I see a lot of people talking about, or at least they're not talking about enough,
And that is the fact that when Joe Biden took power after January 6th in 2021, he wielded the power.
Joe Biden illegitimately seized power with these fake mail-in ballots, and it didn't take him long to go to work.
And the first thing he did, unlike a lot of the things that he promised to do, it had nothing to do with his ideology, it had nothing to do with liberalism or leftism.
The first thing, I would say even before he took office, is that his Department of Justice started to round up Every single person that breached the Capitol on January 6th.
They appointed a thousand judges, 10,000 FBI agents.
And they went around, they went to the Bank of America Records, they went to social media platforms and subpoenaed direct messages, group chats, private messages, you name it.
And they went and they started the largest investigation in the history of the Department of Justice to get as many of these people in jail as possible.
To date, they've arrested and charged over 1,500 people.
And then, not soon after, the Department of Justice and jurisdictions across the country And plaintiffs in civil suits began working on a number of cases, criminal cases, civil cases, against the former president.
And, of course, the four major indictments are the ones in Fulton County and Manhattan, the two DOJ charges, which include January 6th in the classified documents.
It's the civil rape case in New York and the related defamation case.
In a word, Joe Biden used his power to punish his political enemies.
The Democrats, the left, I mean he's clearly not in power, but the regime, they forked over back the power and they began to use it to target their political opponents.
To me, this is a striking contrast with Donald Trump who took office in 2016 and infamously declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton.
He said he would appoint a special counsel.
He said he was going to look into Hillary Clinton and put her in jail.
He won the election and dropped it.
Dropped the case against Clinton, dropped the case against Obama, and he thought that he could go to work on taxes and just sort of ignore the political condition under which he was elected.
And so I would say the main thing that Republicans need to rethink about their approach in 2024...
Is we have to engage in politics.
It's not enough to lower the taxes.
It's not enough to pass, you know, whatever bill, repeal Obamacare, this and that.
Republicans have got to get serious about governing.
They need to learn about governing.
They need to learn about statecraft.
And the one thing that Trump can do, the one thing that will have, I think, an impact that will stretch far beyond his one or two terms in office is to fire as many federal employees as possible.
And replace them with patriots.
And then, once empowered, patriots need to use that influence to fix the elections so that they are free and fair, and free people on social media so that we can ensure that we have a platform in the future to spread our message.
I think that's the most impactful political thing that Trump can do.
As far as I'm concerned, it's the only thing that matters.
We see what happens when we don't take politics seriously.
Trump went in, changed a lot of things.
Joe Biden came back, changed him right back.
The only thing that we can do is to disable the opposition and secure a mutual plus.
I agree.
Nick Fuentes, thank you so much.
Join us again soon.
Nick Fuentes, we'll talk to you soon.
Thank you.
Alright, Eddie Bravo and crew, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Look at that big, beautiful globe right there.
I can't believe you think that's real.
Listen, I love you when you come to town.
I love you to death.
And I love challenging the system.
But, Eddie, Trump has been convicted of this fraud.
They're trying to have World War III.
They're announcing they're going to start bombing Russia with U.S.
And all I said this morning is, I said, you're coming in.
Can you at least talk a little bit about Trump, the politics, the world?
And then we can talk about, you know, the Easter Bunny stuff.
I'm being mean.
No, no.
And he wants to tell you the big secret of the world's flat.
And he's got, he's got... Flat Earth Dave.
He's got Flat Earth Dave, folks.
One of the biggest flat earthers here with us.
Dave Weiss.
So, fine.
Just tell us, tell the big secret.
It's all flat.
It'll really beat him.
Well, the thing is, when you're looking for flat earth, it's like looking for truth.
You're not going to find it on Google.
You're not going to find anything.
I think challenging the system is good.
Just humor me.
Give me your take on Trump, your take on Russia, before we go into the worst flood.
I don't really follow a lot of that.
I listened to what you said.
It's got to be easy though.
We talk about flat earth all day, nothing else.
Um, I think that the entire system's rigged, it's all fake, and it's a complete and total mess.
And I think what you're being lied to, that's a reasonable response.
We are being lied to, for sure.
We're being lied to about everything.
And NASA, you know, is what tells us that the Earth is a globe.
You're showing CGI pictures.
The globalists lie about the globe.
Well, I've got a big telescope.
I've had it since high school.
And some others.
And I can look and I can watch Jupiter turn.
I'll drink a six-pack of beer.
I can watch the Sun with a green lens.
I'm looking at it through a lens.
It's not a CGI.
It's the Sun.
Are you looking at Earth?
Can you pull up Jupiter?
Are you looking at Earth?
No, but the issue is, as above so below, here's the deal.
The universe is forming.
It's explosive.
It's heating.
everything goes into a globe, just like metal sprayed into the wind that's molten goes into little spheres.
So all I look at is I'm seeing spheres out there.
And so are you saying Jupiter and Saturn are not round?
I'm saying that they appear to be round.
If you can look, anything in the distance will look will look like a sphere.
I have a video of a train in the distance and it looks like the sun.
It looks like the moon.
But when it comes to you, you see that it's square.
How are they rotating?
How do I look at them, myself, time-lapse, and they're orbiting and they're an orb.
Hey, looking at the lights in the ceiling does not dictate the shape of the floor.
No one has ever seen a star, anything other than a point of light in the sky.
I had access to a major telescope in college for four years, looked at all the things.
If you look at Jupiter and Saturn, it's a light.
It's small, it's close.
So you agree with Sheila Jackson Lee that the moon Is a translucent plate.
No, I don't know what the moon is.
I know that it's not what they tell us.
Alright, well, we'll get to that.
Can you give me your take on Trump and nuclear war?
Nuclear weapons don't exist.
Did we land on the moon?
Yes or no?
That's a no.
I mean, I think we're showing some fake stuff.
Come on, man.
Come on, man.
You think we landed on the moon?
For real?
Be honest.
You think we landed on a motherfucker?
So you think Starlink's fake?
What's that?
I can prove it's fake.
So how does my cell phone talk to people in China?
It does work.
I'll tell you exactly how it works.
Cell towers are all over the earth, and the higher they are, the bigger of a radius they have, and we go from tower to tower to tower, and that's how the technology works.
If we had towers that were a mile tall, they'd have a much bigger radius, right?
So when you have a satellite phone that is in an area where there's no cell towers, what's it connecting to?
Is it connecting to a little satellite that's flying 200, 300, 400 miles above us, Through space, where is it getting its power from?
How is it staying?
How is it following the Earth as it's corkscrewing through space?
What it's connecting to is airplanes.
Airplanes have the power source, they have the equipment.
I have Wi-Fi in the airport, I was uploading videos on my flight to Austin, right?
It connects to an airplane, it either connects to another airplane or down to a tower, and now you're connected, you use all the... So you don't believe... And satellites are on... And I can prove that Starlink... They have blimps too, we're not denying that's there.
You're saying there's no satellites?
No, no, I'm not saying that at all.
They're on balloons.
There's stuff in the sky.
They're on balloons.
But have you seen the Starlings go across the sky?
I have.
The trail of them, right?
So when you look at a 747 up at cruising altitude, five miles, can you see the plane?
Can you see the engine?
You can't.
It's very small.
You can fit 30 Starlink satellites inside that engine.
So that's how small a Starlink is.
If you doubled the height of that airplane to 10 miles, you wouldn't even be able to see the airplane.
No, the reason you're seeing them is they're above the horizon of the Earth with lights on them.
Yeah, it doesn't matter.
Well, a tiny mirror would look big.
No, it doesn't matter because the angular size is too small.
Those Starlink satellites are 350 miles away.
You think you could see a school desk at 350 miles away?
Alright, we will cover this, but you guys, before you came on, I said... Oh, you got him.
Give me, you know, you don't have me.
You're taking the subject.
I know, I mean, I'm just totally focused on Trump being indicted, convicted in World War III, but let me guess, there's no nuclear weapons, right, Eddie?
Absolutely not. 100%.
No, I've heard this before.
I've been around a while.
Okay, so there's no nuclear weapons.
It's meant for fear.
It's meant for control.
What real technology is there?
There's big bombs.
They stack TNT at Ground Zero in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
There's video of troops stacking TNT at Ground Zero.
Wow, the U.S.
had invaded Japan and did that.
War is a theater.
That's why they call it the theater of war.
They're all working together.
There may be some rogue states and some stuff going on, but all of this is combined.
Well, I mean, I get challenging and questioning everything.
But, I mean, so the Trump adoptment is fake too?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I think they're really going after him.
I think if Trump gets in office that their plans might be foiled.
But everything else is fake.
Everything's a theater.
How can it be Trump's fault?
My answer was I don't know.
It's not all or nothing, Alex.
Come on.
I love how you're playing devil's advocate to make sure that you're not labeled as a flat earther.
I love that.
No, I don't give a shit how I'm labeled.
I'm sitting here, and I look at globes, orbs, in my own telescope.
You guys look at Earth?
I'm on Earth.
The fact that it's a debate.
Kind of hard to look at my own ass.
The fact that, shouldn't there be hundreds of motherfucking thousands of photos of Earth from space?
No, but for me, it's like the Jew obsession.
All the Jew bastards who say, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew.
I didn't say none of them, I don't do it!
I know, I'm saying it.
With the Flat Earthers, I said, can you even talk about Trump?
And the conviction.
You can't!
I talk about Trump all the time!
I talk about Trump all the time!
I know, but not on my show!
Because it's all, we're going to prove, we're going to blow him away and expose the flat earth!
No, it's not that.
I love, I love how you're setting it up.
I'm asking for five.
You're staying safe.
No, I'm not staying, although get me.
Haven't you talked about Trump for the last eight hours?
The system would love it.
Yeah, but the system would love it.
One more Trump?
Okay, Trump.
Hey, wait.
Five minutes of Trump.
Does she still do that?
Just finish, let me finish.
You said you brought up nuclear bombs, right?
If anyone wants to prove that nuclear bombs aren't real, there's croton7radio.com.
Check out their No Nukes session.
You watch that, you'll know it.
But here's the thing.
Well, my family's dead now.
That was in New Mexico.
They had the Geiger counters, they watched it explode.
There is big explosions, there is radiation, but there's not- Okay, Alex, tell me, tell me, can you tell the difference between a nuclear missile and a conventional missile?
Can you?
By the detonation, yes.
Oh, how?
Because if you only got a thousand pounds of plastic explosive, it doesn't blow up a whole city.
So you can look at an explosion and go, oh, that's nuclear and that's not nuclear?
I can hear the only one!
How did you become such an expert?
Three days later, the trains were running, the sandwich shops were open, the flower shops were open... Let me ask you guys, how is AI working?
How is it a trillion times faster than it was 10 years ago?
Is that made up too?
I think they had it 20 years ago, they just never told us.
Oh, but they have that technology and not all the others.
They're releasing old... Eddie, you've sent me stuff where you show buildings that are built in the West and you claim they're a thousand years old or a hundred years old.
Oh, that brings us to Old World Order.
There's a documentary that just got released called Old World Order and it's going to change the world.
You can find the banner at flattereddave.com.
No, I've seen it.
You guys are great fiction writers.
You guys just came up with the most spectacular...
Can we watch the trailer?
It's one minute.
Can we watch the trailer?
Daria has it set.
Can we watch that trailer?
Old World Order.
It's going to change the world.
Because I told Daria... This is connected to Trump!
This is all connected to Trump!
This is all connected to Trump!
Oh my God.
We will play it, but I want five minutes on the Trump conviction.
Still won't do it?
No, I'll do it.
I don't know a lot about it.
I think the entire thing is a complete setup.
I think that they want their cronies in office.
And I think that Trump, maybe he's in the club, but he's not who they want in there.
And he's going to win.
He's going to win in a landslide that's going t