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Name: 20240530_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 30, 2024
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The passage discusses InfoWars covering a historic show trial with confusing jury instructions, President Trump's comments on the situation, and legal experts weighing in. It also touches on topics like financial freedom, crypto currency, censorship, free speech, reform in the legal system, and concerns about government control over private businesses and increased intervention in Big Tech companies. The passage highlights examples of corruption in the legal system and its politicization, as well as positive experiences with DrJonesNaturals.com products.

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Tomorrow's news.
today. Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, May 20th, 2024.
The New York jury in the historic show trial asked to have the instructions read to them again.
They were confused, so was the whole world, and the judge reissued them the same way.
You don't have to find unanimously he committed a crime.
You can all pick different crimes and just say he's a criminal.
Top lawyers, both liberal and conservative, have chimed in.
They say that's completely illegal and absolutely unprecedented in English common law in U.S.
law, it is unbelievable.
He's not putting his thumb on the scale, he's putting his tyrannical fat ass on it.
And President Trump has come out and just destroyed it.
It's all coming up.
We're simulcasting on X Spaces, coming in 30 minutes.
We will, as people fill the space, start taking your live comments and speakers on air and so much more.
We have guests in studio, lawyers coming on, you name it.
I'm thinking the verdict comes out sometime today.
Maybe tomorrow, because they won't have a long weekend to hide.
But ladies and gentlemen, let's go ahead and go to what President Trump said this morning, calling the judge a corrupt crook, which is what he is.
Thank you very much.
Here we go again.
Five weeks.
I've been here.
I'm gagged.
I'd like to answer all of your questions.
They're very easy questions to answer, but I'm gagged, so I can't talk as much as I would like to about this ridiculous case that's hurting our country so badly.
Some of the reviews from yesterday are the... And by the way, everyone's against this case.
I haven't seen one legal scholar or expert in the law say that this case It should have been filed.
It should not have been filed.
Or at a minimum, it should have been filed seven years ago.
At seven years old, everybody turned it down, including federal elections turned it down.
Southern District turned it down.
Brang turned it down.
Then he rejuvenated it when I was running for office.
It's a terrible thing.
At the request of Biden, the editors of the National Review say, quit Trump!
Bragg has failed to prove his charges.
Totally failed.
Greg Jarrett.
Who exactly was defrauding?
Voters who had already voted?
Well, they already voted because all of this stuff came in after the elections.
How are they defrauding?
And then you say, what about Hillary with the dossier?
What about all of the other things that go?
And this is nothing.
This is nothing.
But what about all of the corruption, the voter fraud that you've seen over the last year on behalf of the Democrats and nobody talks about it?
This is ridiculous what they're talking about.
This is called running for office.
Rick Jarrett.
The government which received full payment on all taxable income.
The government, by the way, received full payment.
The taxes were paid in full.
In fact, they make comments on that.
Even if the taxes were paid in full, the Federal Elections Commission had concluded that money paid did not constitute a campaign contribution under the law.
And remember, this judge wouldn't allow us.
He's a very conflicted judge.
Everybody knows that.
You don't want to talk about what the conflict was.
I'm not allowed to talk about it.
Because of a gang order that he put on me.
It's the one subject he really doesn't want to talk about.
There was no fraud.
There was no conspiracy.
It's that simple.
Moreover, without a primary crime, there can be no secondary crime.
It's a classic law thing.
A weaponizing statute.
Because the law's been... Okay, ready?
Because no law has been broken.
That was a great chap.
Eli Honig, legal analyst for CNN.
The crime here is not easy to explain or to understand.
It's just not understandable.
In other words, there is no crime.
This is CNN.
Catherine Christian from MSNBC.
I call it MSDNC Legal Analyst.
It's difficult because it's a very nuanced argument.
It's never been prosecuted before.
This is an argument that has never been prosecuted.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have the conclusion of a seven-minute statement.
We come back and then liberal, conservative, top analyst judges are weighing in saying this has never before been done.
These people are absolute insane criminals that are completely desperate and are running scared.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
Follow me on the MightyX at RealAlexJones.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, May 30th.
2024, and you're listening to the most censored, attacked broadcast in the world!
The Alex Jones Show, coming to you from Deepinarda, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, dauntlessly in the face of tyranny!
one hundred and fifty eight days twelve hours fifty three minutes thirty seconds to the most important election in world history
the UN tree to take over our bodies World War III with Russia.
The border completely collapsed.
Our major pipelines and energy and food supplies being cut off by the New World Order.
But humanity's waking up fast and taking action.
And we are at the very tip of the spear, ladies and gentlemen!
Coming in like a hurricane of truth against the globalists.
Ha ha ha!
You can feel liberty rising.
All the tyranny is a response to the Great Awakening accelerating now.
The epic time we live in could not be overstated.
Ready to win.
Because we are rockin' like a hurricane!
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And our attacks only make us stronger and only certify us as the rebels fighting for a pro-human future!
*sigh* [BLANK_AUDIO]
We are simulcasting on X right now at Real Alex Jones, both video and in X spaces.
We have speakers coming in by the thousands and at the bottom of the hour in T-minus 22 minutes, We will start going to your comments on one big subject that's so huge, the total weaponization of the judiciary, not just here but across the Western world, the nakedness of these criminal and civil cases, and now, out of all of the incredible oppression, out of all the incredible kangaroo courtism and railroading that we've witnessed, ladies and gentlemen, in show trials,
The judge yesterday in jury instructions, we read them on air, we've got them again.
I just saw it right before I went on air.
I said, well, I'm not a lawyer, but you're supposed to unanimously agree on the criminal charges if you're convicting.
You can't say there's 30-something charges and you can not all agree on each of those charges.
That's like saying...
That fish don't live in the water.
It's like having a football game with no football team.
It's such a massive fraud.
And it's now stunning Democrat, Republican analyst, legal analyst in the UK.
It all comes out of English common law.
You've got to have the jury on each charge unanimously agree on that.
You can't sit there and say, well, if you just all think he did something, even though it's not really listed here, you can then still convict.
That's the judge not putting his thumb on the scale, but putting his wart-covered petunia ass on it.
This is incredible.
We already played part of Trump's statement this morning.
We're going to play the conclusion where he calls the judge basically a corrupt crook and then I've got legal analyst analysis and then we're going to start.
We've got lawyers coming on, Robert Barnes, Viva Frye, got a bunch of other people lined up to be joining us, people in studio coming up.
We're going to be taking a lot of X's, spaces, comments from you again coming up in 20 minutes from now.
We're simulcasting my syndicated radio slash TV program that's been on air.
27 years of syndicated radio.
I've been on there 30 years total.
But we love adding new things like the X Spaces.
And it's great to have you all joining us there.
I hope everybody on X reposts and retweets the live video feed of the show and the X Spaces as well.
And we look forward to speaking to you coming up as speakers.
Let's go back to what Trump said this morning.
And hopefully they'll never be prosecuted again.
Andy McCarthy, this is anything but standard.
It's the antithesis of standard, actually.
The idea that they do not have to agree on what the other crime is.
We spent six weeks wondering, what is the other crime?
What is the other crime?
And at the end, the thud we all get is this.
There's three or four of them and you could pick one from the other and they don't have to agree on anything.
And what he's saying is it's so corrupt Nobody's ever heard of a thing like this.
It's called pick'em.
It's like the lottery.
You pick'em.
And you don't have to be, even though in a criminal case you have to be unanimous, you don't have to be.
Just give a couple of votes.
Because the judge, unfortunately, is corrupt.
Judge Jeanine Pirro, no one has heard of this.
It's like there's a menu column A, B, or C. You don't have to agree on it.
This is a kangaroo court.
This is unheard of.
I've never seen anything like it.
I've done this for 32 years.
I'm not a federal prosecutor or a state prosecutor, so I know what I'm talking about.
I'm not a federal judge.
I'm a county judge, just like Bershka.
This is New York law.
This is Mike Wilhouse.
He is 100% wrong.
He's wrong.
That's what Jeanine Pirro, very good woman, very smart woman.
Jonathan Turley.
This is becoming a three-card bounty game on where is the crime?
Smart guy.
Where is the crime?
Mike Davis, the U.S.
would sanction a country for doing this.
I think that's good.
I think that's good.
Seattle, it seems that every single day these proceedings go on, the judge and the prosecutor just go out of their way to prove Trump's point.
I guess he is, but they all prove me my point, wouldn't you think?
That's why I write some of these things that are very sad.
Mark Levin, this Stalinist-like case, it's a Stalinist-like case.
It has prevented President Trump from running for office.
It has prevented him from campaigning.
He's unable to campaign because he's been in a courthouse for five weeks.
And yet we just had a poll came in, NPR.
Trump's 54, Biden's 42.
And that's with independents.
That's the best we've ever had.
They said this is the single best call that Trump has ever had with independents.
Trump's largest lead among independent voters, NPR Marist College, 44-28.
And Junior is way down, way, way down.
But it's 44 juniors, extremely liberal.
By the way, he's extremely radical left.
I think you know that.
But he seems to be already Biden, probably a little bit.
So that's it.
It's a disgrace.
The millions and millions of dollars that are spent daily on this case.
Outside, it looks like it's Fort Knox.
Like they're guarding this.
I've never seen so many policemen.
Now with Columbia University, you can plant a tent right in front of the main door, no problem.
NYU, just put your tent up.
Don't worry about it.
Over here.
But I just want to say that this is a very sad day for America.
The whole world is watching.
And it's a very sad day for New York.
I've gone through two of these trials already.
It's a very... with the same kind of a judge.
It's all worked.
It's all rigged.
The whole thing, the whole system is rigged.
Judge Ingorn was overturned five times in my case.
And he's going to be overturned again.
And we were treated very, very badly.
And the outside world is watching.
And the outside world is just not going to bring their business to New York.
And that's going to cost the city trillions and the state trillions and trillions of dollars businesses are leaving.
And people are fleeing, so... You can see the courts yourself, and thank you all very much.
We'll come in later on in the evening, but we'll be here, it looks like, a long time.
Thank you.
Are you here?
You're gonna be headed to jail?
What do you think of the jury so far?
Do you trust the jury?
The Duke arrives.
You know, the feds are spying on that jury.
You know, they're talking about not convicting Trump because they can't find a crime, even in New York.
That's why the judge put his ass on the scale yesterday and said, you don't have to unanimously agree on any crime here.
Just, you can all have separate crimes you think he did.
No, on each count, they've got to be unanimous.
Again, this is the most illegal thing I've ever heard of.
It's almost like judges finding me guilty in Texas and Connecticut
in coordination with an HBO production that ran the trials and ran the script
where we couldn't talk about how we were innocent or anything,
but people still expect a trial, so they had a trial on damages
and then wouldn't let us show any financial info and they said I had secretly $400 million
and I was in the hole at the time they said that and I had never, never had more than $5 million.
I mean, this is just, I got the Bitcoin donation, nine million,
I remember they said in the court in Connecticut, they go, we're going to go to the feds, you're perjuring yourself.
Right now, Mr. Jones, you kept the Bitcoin money.
I said, well, it was given to me, I could have, but no, I could have run to the Bahamas, but I put it all in to save InfoWars.
That kept us on air for several years.
And of course, it all came out in court, in federal court, and I did.
I kept $25,000 for myself.
So again, and that's what I said on the court, I said, I think I bought some software for myself personally, $25,000.
So that's the type of stuff that goes on here, ladies and gentlemen.
And when people saw that, they totally turned against him on YouTube for both my show trials.
So they stopped comments because 99% were against them.
Now that was two years ago.
People now really get what's going on.
And if they can get away with this with Trump, they can get away with it with anybody.
Now, here's Senator Ted Cruz, who is the top of his class, unlike Joe Biden, who said he was.
He was the bottom of his class.
Here's Ted Cruz explaining what's happening, and then we've got NBC's senior legal correspondent saying that it appears that this is a rigged trial.
And then another expert, Doug Bergman, Burgum, every American should be concerned or scared if you can take a business filing records case and magically turn it into 34 felonies.
Let's play those clips back to back.
Listen, Sean, I've got good news and bad news.
The good news is the exchange you were just having with Jonathan Turley is exactly right.
We now know to a virtual certainty that no conviction will be upheld on appeal.
That the judge today committed, I think, clear reversible error.
These jury instructions were nonsense.
Now here's the bad news.
The bad news is, this has been a kangaroo court from the beginning.
This is a wildly partisan prosecutor who hates Donald Trump, who came with a political objective of going after Donald Trump, and we now know from these jury instructions that this judge is every bit the partisan that the prosecutor is.
and he knows this is reversible error as you noted Ramos versus Louisiana clearly held in 2020 that every element of the crime must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt must be unanimous by the jury and yet this judge says it doesn't matter not in New York the Constitution does not apply in New York which means if we get a conviction it will be reversed on appeal but The judge doesn't care.
The prosecutor doesn't care.
Nobody cares because this is not about law.
This is not about criminal justice.
This is about politics.
This is all about the press conference, the national address that Joe Biden is scheduled to give from the White House, where he gloats, we've now convicted Donald Trump.
This is all about November.
We are watching election interference.
This is the most blatant case of election interference that we've ever seen in our country's history.
I got it.
These are the instructions that the jury has to follow in Donald Trump's hush money trial before they can reach a verdict.
53 pages!
This is complicated.
This is lengthy stuff.
It took the judge over an hour to read it.
But guess what?
The jury doesn't get this in the room during deliberations.
They have to write questions, they can write notes, but they don't get these instructions.
In New York, both parties have to agree and the judge has to agree.
And in this case, it didn't happen.
They don't have this in the room right now.
I mean, every American should be concerned.
Every American should be afraid or scared because if you can take a business filing records case and magically turn it into 34 felonies, I mean, I asked myself as a business person, I said, Why isn't the courts in New York filled with CEOs?
There's tens of millions of business records filings that have gone on in the last seven years in that city.
This is the only one where they've taken the CEO of a company and said, oh, we think this might be a felony charge we're going to bring in court for five weeks?
I mean, there's not enough capacity in the judicial system.
That's why these things are misdemeanors.
The Democrats passed a law in New York so that E. Jean Carroll could go make up her story about Trump.
trying to manufacture something out of this thing and so yeah he it's whatever comes out of this thing it's the whole thing it's been a travesty of justice
and I think that's what the American people see.
The Democrats passed a law in New York so that E. Jean Carroll could go make up her story about Trump and then when Trump said he was innocent they found
him guilty not of raping a woman but 25 plus years ago supposedly saying he's innocent defamed her.
And the Democrat that authored the bill has now had a woman say that he raped her and is using the bill against him and he's now saying the bill is unconstitutional.
See, they dig a pit for us and then they fall into it because they're mad dogs.
Trump's put out a campaign ad dealing with the weaponization of the judiciary.
Here it is.
Thank you for joining us here today.
Earlier this afternoon, Donald Trump was arraigned by a Manhattan grand jury on 34 felony counts.
This case is an abomination.
You know, it's obviously political.
Seven years to try to come up with this case.
They're just wrong on the law.
The only crime that Donald Trump is being prosecuted for is the crime of running for president.
Political persecution at the highest level.
They've quite frankly given up on trying to beat him at the polls.
Either going to steal it or stop it by law firm.
A Democrat prosecutor elected on a get Trump platform.
What's going on here is a disgusting disgrace.
It is war on Trump.
It is war on the Republican Party.
And it is a war on the Republicans.
This case is the weakest case I've seen in 60 years of teaching, practicing, and writing about criminal law.
I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.
This judge, I mean, you don't need a prosecutor if you have a judge like this.
This judge is not on the level.
It's a terrible case, but the judge has been pretty much a rubber stamp on everything that Bregg has wanted to do.
They're perverting the system of justice.
That's where the danger lies.
The corruption and subversion of our institutions by the left.
I think they have no cards.
And they're depending upon Trump getting convicted.
That Trump train doesn't show any signs of slowing down.
his winning message to voters across this country.
New York has become a legal banana republic.
They are so determined to get Donald Trump.
Look, convicting Donald Trump, that's all they have.
I think they have no cards, and they're depending upon Trump getting convicted.
That Trump train doesn't show any signs of slowing down.
The only verdict that matters is the verdict at the ballot box.
(upbeat music)
The establishment is hated.
Congress has a 9% approval rating in the high polls.
6 in some of the other polls.
On average it's a 9.
The corporate media has a 9% approval rating.
Look it up.
Just type in media more hated than Congress in polls.
And then they think having rigged trials We'll then convince somebody that somebody's bad when they're experts in Austin, Texas and New York City and Washington, D.C.
That's the three big places and a few in Connecticut where they own the courts and where they manipulate the juries to then stage these operations.
But people see through it and they know what's going on.
So what's their answer?
World War III.
Total insanity.
Now, some meme makers put this out, and I posted it on RealAlexJones on X, and it's just so well done that I really don't know what to say.
It's politically incorrect.
That's what we're all about.
They tell you don't use the word retarded, but the left, all the world wants to euthanize Down Syndrome people.
So I love Down Syndrome folks, and I don't want to euthanize them.
See, notice they say don't use a word that hurts somebody's feelings, but then they actually want to kill them.
Here it is, introducing the mentally retarded, but they're not Down Syndrome, they're the Democratic Party and Mitt Romney.
Here it is.
The Democrats of America.
A special report.
Usually, the mentally retarded are divided into classifications.
The educable, The trainable and the custodial.
Obviously, we can only assess the abilities or potential of the mentally retarded on an individual basis.
Seemingly random motions and movements are fairly common among the custodial retarded and they may take many forms.
Sometimes there are motions which seem to have no meaning whatever and may even cause unintentional self-inflicted injuries.
The vast majority of the mentally retarded are intelligent enough that they can be taught a great many things.
However, there's a wide range of ability even among those considered educable.
And their ability to learn obviously varies according to their level of intelligence.
Equally important is a stimulating environment.
However, we must remember to set realistic standards that are not too high for the individual.
Many of the trainable retarded can learn to take certain kinds of household responsibilities, some of which may be more complex than they are usually given credit for.
It would be wrong to expect a mentally retarded person to become a master craftsman.
The standards are too high.
But, even in the skilled trades, for example, the mentally retarded can be trained to become valuable assistants.
Who are the mentally retarded?
They are people.
They come in both sexes, and in all sizes, shapes, creeds, and colors.
Wherever people live, there also live the mentally retarded.
Well, I'll tell you who the mentally retarded are.
That is a master meme.
They're an establishment that was given their power from the establishment that stole power and who are arrogant and don't see that everyone's turning against them.
Because they're politically retarded.
And that's what we're dealing with here.
And they're in control of the nuclear weapons and commanding troops in the field.
Putin three days ago said, alright, you're moving nukes up, you're giving heavy weapons to hit Russia, you're already bombing Russian cities, we're going to start bombing the near future NATO bases outside Ukraine, and if you strike back, we're going to hit with nuclear weapons.
Old Hitler thought he'd beat the Russians, and he did kill 26 million of them, but he didn't.
The Russians are going to pull the trigger, folks.
And I'm sad for what's going to happen in that process.
Because a lot of good people are going to be killed along with the Democrats who are mentally retarded.
They're certainly spiritually mentally retarded.
We would never put up with Russia putting troops on our border and overthrowing Mexico and putting a puppet regime in and firing missiles and hitting Dallas, Texas.
The Russians did that, the nuclear war, like that.
But that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
That's where we are.
All right.
We are doing a simulcast with my syndicated radio slash TV program and InfoWars.com forward slash show and band video with the real Alex Jones channel.
Please follow us there on X with a video feed and on the X spaces with speakers coming up.
The great Chase Geysers running the speakers button.
He's got control that panel like a phone board, but it's an audio board for X. He's coming in.
Elon's going to add video soon.
We hear that's great.
We're ready to do it.
We got a bunch of guests coming up as well.
Lawyers, you name it.
Revolver expert.
Trump advisor.
Professor Beattie.
It's all coming up today.
Stay with us.
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Some of us are really weak and fragile, and I don't know why they made this podium so high.
I told them I'm coming straight from the bathhouse and didn't have my platform shoes with me.
I'm speaking to you today because I'm a scared little man, a washed up actor with lots of skeletons in my closet.
People like me need Joe Biden in power.
Not because he's any good, but because he enjoys the same sick perversions we do.
Lots of dipshits think I'm smart because, uh... You know, I used to be able to memorize lines, cock my head to the side, and squid with a New York accent.
In reality, I'm just a mook.
M-O-O-K, mook.
I'll be honest, Donald Trump scares the living shit out of me.
I've always been jealous of him.
He's a real man, a true New Yorker.
He walked the walk, talked the talk, and like Sinatra, he did it his way.
I, on the other hand, only pretend to be tough and powerful on a movie set.
If Donald Trump was in front of me right now, I'd punch myself right in the face, get down on my hands and knees and beg to blow it.
If Trump gets reelected, sickos like me will be permanently banned from the circle of trust.
I'll be stuck pumping blue milk from Mark Hamill's tits in a gay porn parody of Meet the Parents.
I'm begging you, vote for Joe Biden so I don't shrivel up and die.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live, simulcasting on hundreds of radio stations, TV stations, cable stations, and of course, InfoWars.com, Fort Slush Show, and Band.Video.
But the most important place to share the live links is RealAlexJones on X, and the followers there, and the spaces that is now live with a lot of speakers coming in, a lot of other speakers.
Coming up.
And then we've got Viva Frye, a great lawyer, joining us.
Robert Barnes, another great lawyer.
We also have Darren Beatty, who's a really smart former Trump advisor and Trump speechwriter, popping in as well.
It is the Trump Kangaroo Court Railroading Watch.
And I don't know if the jury's going to come back today.
They asked to have the instructions read to them again, where the judge said, you don't have to unanimously agree on any of the counts.
If you just think he's a criminal, just say he's guilty.
That is a judge misadvising them on purpose to confuse them to convict him when the law says the opposite.
It's cut and dry.
The legal experts across the political spectrum admit this.
This is an amazing moment.
Chase Geiser.
My co-host here is also running the X-Spaces.
He has to be over his phone, hooked into our system.
This is just doubling down on top of doubling down.
Do they not get, every time they do this, his poll numbers go up?
Nationally, in scientific polls, he's 20 points ahead on average.
That's in mainline establishment polls that oversample Democrats.
He's probably 30 points ahead.
He's 13 points ahead in most battleground states.
This is a political realignment.
The people already hate the establishment.
They would vote for ham sandwich over Joe Biden.
But Trump is dynamic and amazing.
This is a perfect storm.
Well, the thing that concerns me about it is, you know, I like the meme a lot, the Democrats are retarded video.
And it's certainly true of most of the candidates.
But at a campaign management level, like the Axelrods and others, we have some very sophisticated.
Oh, yeah.
And that great piece we played last segment makes the point that their managers, their minions been trained to do this, which is true.
And that's what's so scary to me about this because on the surface it doesn't make any sense why they would come after Trump so hard if it's making him go up and up and up and up in the polls.
Maybe they're thinking that it's not going to matter what the people think at all because there's going to be some legal recourse for them to use this as an excuse for the Republican Party to replace him as a candidate or something like that.
I mean, if he's locked up, do you think that the Republicans at the convention are going to try to replace him as the candidate?
Yeah, I mean, that's a big part of it, but the system admits, some of their key mouthpieces, the Soros Group and Breen Zakaria admit they thought the image of the justice system saying he's a criminal and that idea they put out, well, okay, the indictment's backfired, but if he's convicted, that will hurt him.
That's not gonna work.
I think they really miscalculated here.
You think it was just bad judgment?
Well, they're in their bubbles with a bunch of yes-men and women around them, and they still think that they're in control, so it's a political assassination.
But the federal courts are already kicking it off in the election.
They don't want any part of this.
So yeah, the globalists aren't as smart as you'd think.
At the top, they're pretty smart, but they still inherited their power.
But they give orders to minions below them that are very stupid.
And so they're not really getting the intel back.
You know, the globalists just give the orders and then that's it.
Well, you said something brilliant ten years ago, today, where you said the globalists have the knowledge to dominate, but not the long-term wisdom.
And I think that's what we're seeing here with the transhumanists and the eugenics.
This manifests in the political spectrum and in the cultural spectrum, where they're so self-righteous that they think they have it all figured out, and they make stupid mistakes as a result.
It was a great idea you had a few months ago.
You think of a lot of great ideas.
You're a real innovator around here with the ads, the promos, the reports.
To start every day, I guess you said you and your wife.
I was riding around with you and your wife and your baby and your younger daughter.
And she's heard my voice and said, Alex Jones.
She woke up in the car when I was giving you a ride to work.
How old is the baby?
She's three years old.
And she said, Mommy, is that Alex Jones?
Because you're sitting in the front seat.
So, so, but the point is you should start posting those without me asking me.
Because people ask you, I post on the X account.
Yeah, 95% of it's me.
They'll put out the live show feed for the other shows and stuff, but I've told you, just do it.
I trust you to be on there.
You've got my, my code every, every day.
You're, you know, you're, you're showing me these videos.
I always forget to play.
Hey, this is 10 years ago today.
You said this, so feel good to just put that out as a regular feature.
Absolutely, yeah.
So we'll play that later in the broadcast if you remind me.
I want to really go to the people on X Spaces and I want to be very clear.
Yesterday I was getting ready for the show.
About an hour before the show I saw that the judges Rules and jury charge.
And I thought, well, I'm not a lawyer, but aren't you supposed to be unanimous on felonies, unanimous on crimes on each count?
How is he saying, don't worry, mix and match, even if you don't all agree, just still go ahead and convict on everything.
He's trying to confuse them.
This is the most brazen, illegal kangaroo court thing.
I mean, it's so over the top.
And then I saw all the legal analysts, even Democrats, going, yeah, this is a show trial.
This is rigged.
I mean, even NBC's Chief Legal Analyst said this is rigged.
I mean, so this is rigged.
I mean, now maybe the jury does jury nullification and realizes it's rigged, but the judge is telling them, just like the judge said in Texas and Connecticut, run by HBO as an HBO production, literally, with powder puffs and camera crews and everything.
They had scripts, they followed, we weren't allowed to talk unless they asked the specific questions.
They could read from notes, we couldn't.
They could put on fake financial stuff.
We couldn't.
And the judges said, you're not allowed to say you're innocent.
You're not allowed.
It was dozens of things we couldn't say.
People two years ago weren't quite awake yet, but now they really get it.
I've seen the blowback on my cases as the public now really wakes up seeing what's happened to Trump.
So the arrogant lawyers are expending any capital.
Lawyers were already hated, but now they are a pariah.
I mean, they have really screwed the pooch.
You know what alarms me the most about all this is I have people that are very close to me that I trust, longtime friends, ten years, and in these Various chat groups that I'm in, I hear whisperings and murmurings, and I see it online too, where people are having very rowdy ideas about what they think should be done in the event of a false conviction.
And if you look back on... Yeah, we don't want that.
That's the real theory.
They're turning the temperature up, as Klaus Schwab said, angrier world, hoping people get pissed.
So that is the genius of the evil.
You just nailed it.
Yeah, I think that's it.
And I'm concerned about that.
I think there's a lot of things, obviously, that can be done before we turn to violence.
Violence is not the answer.
We're winning culturally.
The states don't blame us.
No violence.
They want to provoke us to act irrationally because then they can bring the hammer down harder than ever.
Well, look how they provocateur January 6th.
And a bigger extension is they want World War 3 with Russia to overturn the table.
They're losing, we're winning, so we don't want any violence.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
By the way, that's a no-brainer, folks.
We're winning on every front.
They're going to stage stuff and blame us, don't worry.
The last thing we want to do is have any violence.
I agree with you 100%.
My concern is, I try to think about everything that we face today in the context of how the Founding Fathers would respond.
How do you think our Founding Fathers would be responding to this?
And if we could bring them on a time machine to today, after their minds are blown with all the technology that we have, what do you think they would think about this political climate?
They would definitely give us good advice because they were very learned men.
It was so cool to be a scholar.
Benjamin Franklin, when he was 10 years old, could go pass any college exam.
They were into like how many languages you can speak and understanding history.
They would still be so blown away by technology and things they didn't think of.
They'd be gobsmacked, but they would still give us good advice.
But I don't know what they would say.
I mean, I think it's... The prosperity, that's the paradox, is what's made us like this.
Because hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men, and weak men make bad times.
It's having to learn to live with this level of prosperity that has made us so weak.
So it's very paradoxical.
So do you think that we're going to experience this suffering and this corruption to such an extent that it wakes people up but not to such an extent that it's insurmountable?
Do you think that people Genetically or whatever, something's going to be reawakened in the American spirit that stops this in time?
Well, that's already happening.
And look, it's never been a majority that changes things.
And the evil ones know that.
It's a minority on the good side and the bad side.
And so, the minority that's awake now is...
A thousand times bigger than the little globalist cabal that knows what they're doing.
And then there's just a bunch of dumb people that are following along with their own destruction.
And as soon as we show them how exciting it is, not cool, Hollywood's not cool being pat on the head by the establishment, but how cool it is to be a real man or a real woman and know what's going on and stand up for what's right, you're designed to do it and it is spiritual and then incredible doors open.
I've already spent 43 minutes playing clips and setting the table here.
This is just total running scared desperation.
If I had to call the show one thing, the establishment's running scared, none of their censorship's working, their attacks aren't working, and as long as we don't give up and take what they call victory, you know, they shut down InfoWars, which they're close to doing, we'll just come back stronger.
Don't take it as a defeat, take it as a sign of our success.
And you have to continue to understand, just because you get knocked down, you get back up.
And it's how many punches you can take, not just how many punches you can deliver.
And in the aggregate, we're winning pound for pound. We are gaining the momentum. We've already turned the tide. And so everything else we're seeing now is like Skynet and Terminator sending
back a Terminator to try to kill John Connor, because they've already lost.
Now, as far as the globalists are concerned, do you think that they're so self-righteous that they don't even realize it?
Are they in denial that we're winning, or are they freaking out that we're winning?
Oh, no, they're totally freaking out.
And they want life extension.
They want technology.
They want to use us as guinea pigs.
And they're so inbred and degenerate, and they've got all these minions under them that tell them what they want to hear.
They're just ordering them, kill them, dumb them down, keep control of them, replace them with robots, and they're just giving these orders.
They get more and more shrill, and it's not working.
All right, great points.
Chase Geyser, we'll follow you on X. Just follow me in the X space, at realchasegeyser, or if you're listening on radio or anywhere else that we broadcast, at realchasegeyser on X. And I'm the real Alex Jones, and please follow the rest of our crew as well.
Whether it's Owen Schroyer, Harrison Smith, you name it, or Darren McBrain, you name it.
Okay, let's go.
Who's up net first here on X-Spaces, Azalea Speaker?
Well, Liz Churchill's always one of my favorites.
She's had her hand raised for some time.
Go ahead, Liz, say what you have to say.
Good afternoon, everyone.
I'll begin by stating in regards to the Trump trial, is this what you would like to discuss, sir, Alex?
Well, I mean, there's the giant panoptagon of weaponized judiciary, desperate deep state, the Trump trial.
Yeah, I mean, that whole weaponized judiciary.
Right, right.
Okay, so this is really important to understand.
What you need to pay attention to are the Marxist Obama lawyers that are behind the scenes.
And we're talking about people like Norm Eisen.
These are the people that are orchestrating this litigation abuse that defies all common sense.
And by the way, you're right.
From the White House, the Sybil, the state, the federal, they admit it's all illegally coordinated.
That's key.
That's right.
And what we need to look at in regards to the judges in charge right Right now is the money trail.
I will extend on what my sister in spirit has said many times, Laura Loomer.
Please pay attention to the money trail that she has discovered.
Satanist Kathy Hochul is personally funding the children of the judge in charge of these cases.
This is crazy!
And when you look at the money trail and all of the people involved in this financial orchestration By the way, Liz, take some time here.
You've got the floor.
You're not just saying things as a comment.
The judge is being financed by the Democrats.
His daughter.
All of them.
They're not even hiding.
They're committing the real crimes.
Elaborate on that.
Well, that's correct.
And again, I don't want to take credit for any of this information because it truly goes to Laura Loomer, who you should have on the show to state exactly the money trail that she has discovered.
And you will see that the Democrat Party is entirely funding this orchestrated nightmare against President Trump.
They're not hiding the money that they're sending to his children and the judge himself.
And this is why you see such a corruption and murdering of the logic when it comes to the decisions that he's making.
Like you've stated, 4 plus 4 plus 4 is unanimous.
Like this defies common sense.
This defies what your justice system used to be.
So we look at, you know, we look back at history, Stalin, etc.
All of those dictators that use the very same tactics.
Against their political opponents.
The reality is that the old Biden regime, this is Obama and Biden, are orchestrating and purposely persecuting their political opponents.
And Liz, you just nailed it.
You just nailed it.
You just nailed it.
People ask, why are they doing something waking everyone up?
Because they plan a full totalitarian takeover.
They're going for broke.
Go ahead.
That's correct.
Because you have to understand that they have nothing left.
As you witnessed earlier, all of their A-list celebrities, all of their Hollywood endorsements, these people are hated.
And they cannot use them as a prop any longer to induce the hypnosis that they have portrayed on the American people for so long that these people are on our side.
We now know that they are not.
So they're out of solutions.
They're out of everything that they've used in the past.
And the only option that they have now is a weaponization of the justice system.
And it's the only way to keep Trump off the ballot.
And what do they want?
What do they actually want from this?
They want the headline convicted felon.
They want to use the headline convicted felon up until the election.
And when that time comes, this is when they will put him in prison because they will have no other option.
And they're all run by psychological warfare experts, unless you're aware of the psychological warfare It has power.
If you're aware, you have power.
Just real quick.
They want to say that Trump supporters are criminals.
That's been their talking point.
We've got to be re-educated.
We've got to be burned down.
These are quotes.
Go ahead, Liz.
And this is the thing, you've said it a million times before, this all is run by behavioral psychologists.
Once you see that the behavioral psychologists are hijacking your mind to convince you of whatever illusion it is that they're choosing that day, or whatever narrative it is that they want, once you can see past that, it becomes very crystal clear.
That everything is exactly that, an illusion.
So we're at the point now where you're going to have over 100 million Americans vote for President Trump and they cannot beat this level of people showing up to vote.
They can't beat this cheat.
They can't do it.
There's no amount of fake ballots, there's no amount of psychological warfare, there's no amount of vote switching.
Even if they implement some ridiculous mail drop box, sucker box, whatever you want to name it, it's still not going to be able to steal this election because too many people see it.
So the reality is they have no choice but to completely imprison and persecute their political opponent because the people will still overwhelmingly come out in his favor.
It doesn't matter what happens to President Trump in the grand scheme of things because it's only going to make him stronger.
So they're in a real dilemma here.
We are.
Yeah, you know, their back's against the wall.
They tried to put us against the wall.
Instead of creeping away and giving up for a while, that would be their smart move.
They're not.
They're going for broke because they want the latest in technology.
They know all these new technologies have been suppressing.
Other companies are now discovering that the West discovered 30 years ago, 50 years ago.
And so it's a war for the future.
It's a war against logic.
It's a war on humanity.
And people are starting to get it.
Liz Churchill, amazing points.
How do people follow you on X?
I'm at Liz underscore Churchill 10, and thank you very much.
I'll stay on listening for the next while.
Thank you very much.
And by the way, Laura Loomer, we've had her on many times.
We love Laura.
She's one of those censored people out there.
If she can get on on X, we'll put her on the front of the line.
So maybe send an invite to her.
Somebody else can.
I'm sure she's there in New York covering all this.
All right, Liz Churchill, amazing points.
Who's up next?
All right, let's go to Donnie Darkin.
Donnie Darkin, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, sir.
Hey, thanks for having me on.
Really, really appreciate that.
So, you know, I'm listening and, you know, I've been listening.
I've been very, very involved in the Truth and Movement since I was 15 years old.
You know, I started with the 9-11 rabbit hole, you know, continued, you know, going further and further and further.
And it really hasn't dawned on me until very, very recently.
Uh, that there is an even deeper deception that is at the root of all this, that is springing up a false light reactionary movement against the blatant tyrannical wickedness of the globalist elite.
So like when we think about George Soros, we think about Klaus Schwab, we think about all these great resets, you know, blatantly evil, you know, DC comic book villains that, you know, are, they're like something out of an Austin Powers movie, you know, We underestimate how clever Satan is and that the elite, you know, they're just pawns, right?
You said earlier, you know, what's going on with the elite?
You know, they're pushing.
The more and more they push, the more and more people awaken.
The more and more humanity wakes up to the truth and is uniting on this front against it.
And I believe this is exactly the plan of deceptive spirits.
I think that the root behind the deception isn't necessarily the elite, but it's the deceptive spirits that are guiding not only the elite, but also humanity's response against them.
Well, I mean, look, look, look, look, look, look, evil with an alien dialectic is to try to use any counteraction they control, but good is way more powerful.
This is the great awakening for every action, there's an equal or opposite reaction.
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord lives, Elizabeth Sander against it.
But there are so many good people, evil is in trouble.
Good things are happening.
And I think you're kind of saying like people exposing corruption or being guided by evil I don't think you're saying that, but clearly they want violence.
They want to piss us off.
We shouldn't go that direction.
I mean, what are you actually trying to say?
So you bring up a good point.
Violence isn't the answer, of course.
But I think that what's happening, what's stirring within the hearts of man, will inevitably lead to violence because of humans' natural, sinful, fallen state.
So they know we're going to respond back.
Donnie, thanks for speaking.
Let's go to Phenomenology.
I wanted to hear what you have to say.
Your bio sounds very interesting.
It's everywhere. Any response back is controlled.
No, the globalists aren't that powerful.
Good is way more powerful.
People just don't realize how powerful they are.
I appreciate you. Let's go to the next person.
Sure. Donnie, thanks for speaking.
Let's go to Phenomenology.
I wanted to hear what you have to say.
Your bio sounds very interesting.
You might have to speak on this.
Hi, everybody. Thanks so much for the mic.
I want to take a moment and speak about the elections.
I wish I was as confident as you Liz, but we've got data showing that there's a stigmatographically concealed Algorithm that can basically hide or conceal record attributes in our electronic poll books.
This is so compelling that the data was published in the Journal of Information Warfare, which is a peer-reviewed cybersecurity journal.
We recently have seen through public records requests that indeed Double batches of ballots.
They've been scanned double.
Again, this is from public records requests from FOIA.
We see that, yes, indeed, there was a database in China and a Huawei phone used with our elections.
We see what Sheriff Darlief has found.
I've interviewed hundreds of election experts.
They have a problem, though.
Above 10 point lead They have problems with dead people and machines because the numbers are so giant when you're winning by 10, 15, 20 points that even the computers, which are only sporadically manipulating, it's mainly mail-in ballots is a fraud.
You can't override that.
Especially if you have high turnout.
That's why, yeah, that's why the system's panicking.
Well, I'm just saying that these things have not been addressed.
So there are people working hard in every county of our country that are trying to bring attention to this, but these changes have not been made.
A lot of the You know, a lot of what's planned now is just let's get more people eyeballed on watching the elections, but they are not going to see what's happening inside the BMDs, the ballot marking devices, inside the printers, inside the tabulators.
There was a hearing yesterday in South Dakota.
They were not turning on the ballot image aspect of the voting machines.
And so then that way people can't recover the ballot images, so they can't have a proper audit.
massive fraud, there's a globalist coup going on, and then they steal it again only makes us make up even more. So, and then we have 90% vote for the next
compatriot, and it backfires. But no, I absolutely hear you, and you're making great points. I guess you cover this on your ex-account?
Yeah, I'm no influencer.
I'm not a journalist.
I'm just a mom who cares.
And I want to bring as much attention to this as possible because we can't just vote harder, Daddy.
We have to have better policies than that.
No, we need paper ballots at the precinct level, all publicly done.
That's what the State Department wants in other countries, but not here.
Great points.
Hour number two.
We're back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
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Some stations don't carry this first five minutes.
We'll go to all your spaces, comments and speakers in six minutes.
But here is from the vault ten years ago today what I was talking about.
Here it is.
Well, the globalists are a couple steps ahead of everybody.
Does that mean the Chinese elite aren't absolutely evil?
No, they're really evil.
Does that mean the Russian elite aren't evil?
No, they're evil.
Because they're cheating to control society.
They're using tricks to be in control that are bad.
Because good people don't want to be in power and don't want to dominate people.
We are then automatically supplanted by the evil ones.
Not because they're better than us, but because we won't stand up against them until it's almost too late.
Then we do.
We defeat them.
A new renaissance happens.
We become decadent in the cycle.
They creep back in and take control.
And this time, if we don't reverse them, they're going to probably destroy the planet, irrevocably destroy the genetic code of the human race, and really wreck our chances of becoming a Type 1 civilization and setting up off-world colonies.
And then you can decide if you want to be a transhumanist and leave one colony and do whatever you want here, or you want to go to this colony where people maintain their humanity.
I mean, real freedom.
We need...
A renaissance, trailblazing, explorer system.
That's what humans do.
That's what makes us great.
We change our environment.
We do evolve faster than any other species.
We are incredible.
And we need to have a view that we're incredible and amazing.
Not the view put out by the Bilderberg Group that the general public is trash while they try to dumb us down.
That sin against life and against true competition is an unbelievable blasphemy.
And if you don't believe in God, that's your issue.
I'm saying it's a blasphemy against art.
It's a blasphemy against beauty.
It's a blasphemy against free will.
It is a tyrannical, authoritarian blasphemy against my soul and my very programming.
And I have a right to self-determine against it.
And if I'm attacked, I have a right at warfare.
And I am in warfare in Information War with the truth, viciously attacking my enemy.
And I want you to join me in attacking the enemy as well.
Because they're your enemy one way or another.
They're attacking you whether you admit it or not.
These people are absolutely anathema to everything good.
I like driving by a beautiful farmer's field and seeing the beautiful rows of wheat or corn.
I love seeing happy, beautiful, excited people.
These globalists are the pessimists who don't believe in humanity and who think we're ugly and bad so they're making it a self-fulfilling prophecy and who are waging war against humanity because to a man and a woman, I've studied them, They like ugliness and they don't like your good-looking wife.
They don't like you if you're good-looking.
They don't like your art.
They don't like your healthy kids.
They don't like you having your own wealth.
They want it all for themselves.
The bureaucracy of them trying to put all of us collectively in a control grid prison to protect themselves shows how they're now in a prison as well of their own making.
See, what you try to do to somebody else generally ends up happening to you.
And the globalists have knowledge of how to dominate.
They do not have long-term wisdom of, gee, is this good for my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, what I'm doing to humanity?
Well, yes, I'm making my house powerful and great and big.
Yeah, but I look at your kids.
They're all basically on average messes.
I mean, you are destroying your genetic line.
You are committing a crime against your name.
It's just not good.
And the argument is, well, I'm not really a bad person.
I'm in a larger corrupt system and I work within it to try to do better at certain points.
But you never do.
I'm not saying everybody at Bilderberg is evil.
I'm not even saying they run the whole world.
They are a key organization that admits they set up the plan for the European Union, and that's been declassified BBC.
In the 90s reported that, and interviewed the head of the Bilderberg group at the time, Lord Healy.
And they were in, again, German newspapers two weeks ago bragging that they're the most powerful.
I don't know.
According to Helmut Schmidt in his book, Men in Power's Political Retrospective, German Chancellor, he said it was probably the most powerful, along with Trilateral Commission and Bohemian Grove.
And he went on to say, we actually get a lot done at Bohemian Grove.
And it's my favorite place.
Yeah, because they have sex by night and party and get drunk and make decisions by day.
It is a beautiful area in Northern California.
One of the prettiest places on the planet.
But the issue is, we don't like you running our lives and then saying you're not.
See, once we force them to admit they are making a lot of the decisions, then we have to say, what are those decisions?
Oh, you didn't have a right to make those decisions.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
All right, we are simulcasting here on the Alex Jones Show, Thursday, May 30th, 2024.
We're now six minutes into hour number two.
We have constitutional lawyers joining us, you name it, all coming up.
We're hosting right into the fourth hour, the known short of 3 p.m.
as we are on The watch of this verdict out of New York.
But I wanted to get Dr. Darren J. Beattie of revolver.news at Darren J. Beattie on X to pop in quickly before I go back to other X speakers as a former Trump advisor and also White House speechwriter and really one of the smartest guys out there about what's really going on to give his quick snapshot take on Everything they're doing to Trump is blowing up their face.
Beyond that, 20 points ahead nationally, 13 points battleground states.
What is the deep state going to do?
They're clearly planting false flags.
They're clearly promoing that there's white supremacists everywhere.
Hide under your tables.
Even though no one's buying that.
They've got J6 cops running around campaigning for Biden who's hiding in the basement.
They've hit the panic button.
And now the judge puts out this jury order that's completely illegal, saying, oh, we don't have to all agree on the crimes, just any crime you want, then just convict him on everything.
This shows total running scared desperation.
So Dr. Beattie, what is your view on what's happening right now?
I think desperation is the perfect word to describe what's going on.
And you saw it the other day with this kind of mangled PR effort, which was really probably an effort to influence the jury pool with washed up actor Robert De Niro and the other washed up actor from January 6, Michael Fanone.
And so, yes, they're desperate.
Why are they desperate?
I think that's interesting to consider.
And I'm Somewhat uncomfortable being the voice of measured optimism here, but actually I think the Democrat machine
I was guilty of a profound miscalculation here.
What is that miscalculation?
Well, you know, they had COVID in 2020.
COVID was massive for them.
The fraud on the back of COVID was massive for the Democrat machine, the mail-ins, and they had censorship.
They don't really have COVID now.
And I know there are a lot of theories, but I suspect that 2020 was a high watermark for that sort of thing.
I just don't see them being able to shove another COVID.
Pandemic type event down people's throats, not this late in the game.
I might be wrong.
I don't suspect it.
As for censorship, 2020 was also the high watermark.
Now you've had a bunch of this stuff exposed in Twitter files and probably most importantly, you have Elon Musk who's taken over Twitter.
And so, yes, there's still censorship, but it's far less than it would have been in 2020.
So the COVID style shenanigans are lower than they were in 2020.
The censorship is much lower than in 2020.
So what are they banking on now to give them that extra edge, to put it charitably?
It's the lawfare techniques.
They really thought that these sham legal cases, both civil and criminal, could function in effect as the COVID of 2024.
These joke trials We're supposed to be the COVID of 2024, and they're seeing dramatically, right in their face, undeniably, that it's just not going to work.
And in fact, it's backfired.
Not only is it not working, it's backfiring.
And it might have been one thing if they got the J6 criminal trial before the election, which they haven't been able to do.
I mean, it is interesting.
They were trotting out some J6 Actor Michael Fanone, but he's not talking about the J6 case.
He's out there talking about this stupid Stormy Daniels case that everyone recognizes is a complete joke.
So they've kind of mixed and matched here to a point that really looks awkward and clumsy.
Someone lost the plot at some point and it's just too late for them now and that's why they're panicking.
This is really kind of all that they have.
They were really counting on these trials to have an effect.
And now that they all see that that's not the case, and it's probably too late to get rid of Biden, frankly, without unsustainable collateral damage politically.
They're really caught in a tough place right now.
And it's as simple as that.
Can they pull a rabbit out of a hat?
I agree with your analysis 100%.
What is their ace card?
World War III with Russia?
I mean, what is it?
Yeah, and even if it's going to be something like that, I think at this point, it's just going to make Biden look worse.
You know, Russia and China are going to attack to help Trump.
Everybody knows the political science, which you have a degree in.
They are literally a new war helps the incumbent.
That's the October surprise.
It's never done by the challenger.
That is traditionally the case, but I think when you have someone with the obvious limitations of Biden, it could actually work in the opposite direction.
Explain that.
Especially the way that he's mishandled the Israel issue.
Already there's just so much pressure against him.
If he allows under his watch global chaos to erupt, and he's a leader and he can barely stand up for more than five minutes and say anything, I don't know if that traditional incumbent advantage will hold.
I have to agree with you.
So what's, do they have any cards to play?
Because we don't want to be too confident here.
Like the wolf says in Pulp Fiction, we're not out of the woods yet.
So what do you expect?
Well, I think of all objective metrics, it looks like the advantage goes to Trump pretty resoundingly.
And, you know, you don't want to get complacent.
You know, that's why people, you never want to say something like that because it runs the risk.
Sharma, your newsletter for Reids Arcaria said two weeks ago he thought the lawfare would work.
He admitted it was lawfare.
AOC admits it.
But he said it's failed.
He said, and so even the Washington Post said hopefully Trump has a heart attack, which brings in the assassination angle.
You know, that's maybe the only X factor they have.
Something like that.
Something that could take him off the table.
As for ace up the sleeve, you know, you never want to rule it out, but it's really hard for me to imagine.
Like, even things with COVID, these kinds of things, they require a substantial degree of advanced preparation to kind of cultivate the public conscience.
That's right.
They prepared the law fair as their final left hook, but it failed.
They don't have another one ready.
That's dead on.
And even even if they were to try to roll one out, I just think it's too late in the game, just like it's too late for them to comfortably remove Biden and replace someone else.
It's always been a strategic problem for them because we all know nobody likes Kamala.
So they have to find a way to get rid of Biden, overstep Kamala and manage whatever kind of Uh, indignation might, uh, result.
So they're going to go to assassination and false flags and civil war, which they have movies about and they pre-programmed.
Do you agree with that statement?
How do we counter that?
Well, I mean, I don't know if assassination is such a huge possibility.
I mean, you never want to rule it out.
But I think they're very desperate now.
They don't know what to do.
And they might have just fumbled in this case.
But again, you never really want to say that because you don't want to encourage complacency.
Now is the time to push harder than ever because, you know, Trump is the front runner in every respect.
Now is not the time to let up.
But it really seems like the vaunted Democrat machine.
Remember how capably and competently they moved in lockstep in order to solidify Biden in The 2020 Democrat primary.
Remember, there were so many different players, then all of a sudden it seemed overnight it was Biden.
That was a masterful display of the Democrat machine's power.
It just doesn't seem like that level of power and coordination and consensus and competency is operative.
I think that's a very accurate statement.
So again, what Hail Marys will they throw?
Because if I know one thing about them, they're not going to give up.
Do you agree with that, Doctor?
Of course, yeah.
Um, and they were again, they were banking a lot of the lawfare stuff and maybe they're gonna try to, and that's at the extracurricular level, at the retail level they're counting on ginning up the woman vote with all the pro-choice stuff, the abortion stuff, but I think those are basically the pillars of their strategy.
But grocery prices and gas prices and crime overrides all that.
So I think they're operating at a pretty severe disadvantage now.
And again, you know, everything's can change.
It's a long time between now and November, but things look A lot better for Trump than I would have imagined a year, a year and a half ago.
No, I agree.
Everything they're doing is turning to crap, which for me, though, I've learned been on the air 30 years and, you know, 50 years old, super old.
But when you think you're winning, you're about to lose.
I'm really concerned.
The desperation adds a very dangerous wild card to what the lunatics may do.
What do we do to put major pressure on the establishment, the media and the culture?
That's always a concern, but you know, I think the censorship issue is really crucial for that.
Twitter is less censored, and so they're not able to get away with the kind of stuff that they're used to being able to get away with.
They're so delegitimized at the moment that anything that happens, a broad swath of the general public is going to approach it with Immediate skepticism.
So I don't even know if these kind of traditional kind of false flags, you know, these last minute Hail Mary attempts that, you know, we've seen in the past.
I think even these would have a profound backfire effect on the regime at this point.
Well, I totally agree with you.
And their attacks on Trump have created the due sex effect like Han Solo coming in to save Luke Skywalker in the last, you know, moment before he fires his torpedoes at the Death Star.
I mean, that's where we are right now.
This is epic failure.
But again, if we're overconfident, as you're warning, then we're screwed.
This is not to encourage complacency.
It's to Increase our enthusiasm.
It's to say we've got this.
We need to move ahead and not make mistakes.
It's ours to lose at this point.
I was about to say it's ours to lose.
So, Dr. Darren Beattie, what do you advise folks to do?
What do you advise Trump to do right now?
Because this is just epic.
I think Trump is handling it very well.
He understands the public's reaction to this.
He understands that there's a general perception that these Cases against him, in particular the one right now, there's just a total farce.
And any disinterested party looking at this understands it.
So it's like, again, it's an own goal, I guess you could say.
It's amazing that they put so much of their cards.
Remember, this is the only criminal trial that's going to happen in all likelihood before the election.
And it's a trial that's ridiculous in every conceivable dimension.
It's just somebody screwed up profoundly.
Well, I was about to say, they said get him no matter what and they overdo it, it backfires.
So that's really the paradox here.
Like, if I was a Democrat and being evil, they would just have him found not guilty and move on and forget it.
But instead, I think it's better for Trump to get convicted.
I mean, that's what I think.
I think so, too.
It's certainly, you know, there's no sense that it would harm him.
You know, if Biden were smart, he would have stayed away from this.
He might have even, you know, this is kind of a controversial thing.
That's what Mitt Romney said.
Pardon him.
Pardon him.
I think that's probably good advice because it would show that Biden's the bigger guy.
It would show that Biden has more power because he's able to pardon.
And just move on from that to really lean into this and make it their strategy was a profound miscalculation, as was, I think, not getting rid of Biden at some point, maybe like a year ago.
And that's been the plan, but I agree with you.
They're not going to be able to change horses at the convention.
They're going to go ahead and go with Biden.
Chase Geiser, final question before we go back to other spaces with the great Dr. Darren Beatty.
Yeah, so for the longest time, I agree with you.
I couldn't believe that they didn't swap out Biden.
Do you think there's any...
Connection to the question of whether Biden will be swapped out and the fact that for some reason the Democrats have scheduled the convention just 75 days before the general election.
I know that's fairly... And now they're saying it's going to be virtual!
Yes, so what's going on there?
Who knows?
I certainly don't know.
One can only speculate.
But again, it's too late in the game.
It's too late in the game to be effective because these types of changes require a certain runway length.
Massive planning!
You gotta have runway.
You gotta have runway, as you said.
You gotta prime the public for this.
You gotta, you know, introduce and seduce the public to this new idea.
Get them used to it, whatever it is.
And they just don't have time to do that.
So it's ours to lose.
You say Trump's doing a great job.
He is.
But you're a smart guy.
You've advised him.
I know he gets the show.
He gets the memo.
We gotta give him some advice, Doc.
What would you say to him?
Well, in terms of these trials, Keep going.
Keep going in the same direction.
Keep hitting it hard.
You know, I think, you know, choose your VP wisely.
Don't pick Nikki Haley.
That would be my biggest bit of advice there.
At least don't pick Nikki Haley.
Let me put it forward.
Who's the best one?
I like Devin Nunes.
I like Rand Paul.
Tucker's not going to do it.
Who do you think the best VP would be?
Because instead of him picking a bad one, we should tell him who to pick.
Well, I think that him picking someone like Nikki Haley would be a worst case scenario.
I like J.D.
Vance a lot.
We've supported Vance.
We supported Tucker.
But I think Tim Scott would be a really bad choice.
I think Trump is smarter than that.
He won't do Tim Scott, I hope.
He's not going to do Nikki Haley, I hope.
But again, you know, you have these These deceptive voices always whispering on the side, trying to encourage him to do things like that.
So, he just needs to trust the better angels of his nature.
Yeah, well he should pick Hillary Clinton over Nikki Haley.
Same thing.
And you know, it's for a number of reasons.
If he picks Nikki Haley, like from the regime's standpoint, the regime actually wouldn't mind Trump and Nikki Haley.
Then he might have to worry about assassination because the regime wouldn't mind a Nikki Haley presidency at all.
In fact, the regime, if they could, if they could get away with it, they probably prefer Nikki Haley to Biden at this point.
All right.
Any closing comments, Dr. Darren J. Beatty?
Well, again, it's ours to lose.
All of the factors that worked to our disadvantage in 2020 are improved now.
So 2020 was the high watermark for censorship, was a high watermark for, I believe, election fraud.
Now we have so many things working in our favor.
Their one ace, which is the lawfare ace, is backfiring tremendously.
So it's simply a matter of staying focused.
Don't get clownish.
Don't make poor decisions.
Keep going on the same track.
And I think all of the objective metrics point in favor of a Trump victory in 2024.
Last question.
I really respect your view.
Elon Musk, is he an opportunist that sees the globalists are failing and doesn't want him on the wrong side of it?
Or does he really care about humanity?
He's got a bunch of kids.
That's a good sign.
And he's actually on our team.
I mean, I think with all of these things, the answer is kind of more complicated, maybe a combination of All of these factors and some factors that we haven't identified.
You know, it's one of those things.
There are so many people with a lot of money who can make a big difference on things.
And he's one of the few people with a lot of money who's actually stepped into the arena in a meaningful way.
Has he done it in a perfect way?
Of course not.
But simply the fact that someone would step into the arena and someone in his position would step into the arena with a fairly entrepreneurial approach.
You know, he's done more For censorship from the private sector than any, you know, president or elected official on our side has been able to do through the government.
So he's been entrepreneurial in that sense and bold, and he's taken a great risk in doing so, even though from our vantage point, we can find a lot of things that he hasn't done well.
He hasn't done perfectly from the broad kind of View of things, especially given the other people, you know, the other billionaires who basically do nothing or do bad things.
I think he's had a really remarkable effect on our political and cultural landscape.
And at this point for him, no matter how much he would maybe not want this to be the case, he's already got a mark on him from the standpoint of the regime.
So whether he likes it or not, His fate is somewhat intertwined with Trump's, and I think that accounts for the recent sort of collaborative activity, affinity.
There was a report in the Wall Street Journal on this.
This has been going on for a while.
He understands that, and even from the most, you know, selfish level, that his financial and business interests are much better off under Trump.
That's right.
Perfectly, perfectly.
Perfectly said.
Dr. Darren J. Beatty, thank you so much.
We'll talk to you soon.
Revolver.news got a big new report out about Meet Donald Harvin, Trump-hating deep state official who predicted the J6 pipe bomb in advance.
That's a very important data point.
People should go read that and share that.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you.
We're going to go to break, come back and take a ton of spaces, comments.
You're going to stay with me.
We've got a guest host that's already scheduled to come in here.
London Real, the new big film, and he'll ride shotgun with us.
But let me just say this right now.
Beatty nailed it.
Musk has chosen us and now criminal investigations are open in Brazil, Australia, the EU, and the US.
This is real.
Whatever reason he did it.
And as he gets more power, he comes more over to our side.
That's a key point.
So people said, oh, he didn't really do this, or he didn't really invent that, or he didn't really do this, or he didn't really do that.
He did do all that.
We know he's sick of that.
And now he's like, okay, did I buy Twitter?
Did I open it up?
Did I do every post pro-Trump?
Every post anti-Biden?
Are you talking about the Wall Street Journal and media?
And they're all mad.
No, no.
Is he showing media matters?
Folks, when you get something like this, you can't ignore it.
I mean, it's seismic.
You judge a tree by its fruits.
Elon Musk is slaying the current globalist system.
You can say, well, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
I'm not this holier-than-thou guy that sits back in the face of this and says, well, I've been around 30 years before he did this.
I'm the guy that's in charge.
I'm the only one you can trust.
I want to beat this.
And as Elon has said, the globalist system is a suicide cult.
It will destroy civilization and the world.
So, thank God for Elon Musk.
You want to comment on that before we go to break?
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, I think one of the things that I learned having watched how this played out with Elon Musk is how impatient people are.
So Elon Musk buys Axe and doesn't reinstitute Alex Jones immediately.
He had to crawl through it!
He doesn't institute Nick Fuentes immediately.
And everyone's like, oh, he's not really a free speech guy.
He hasn't done these things.
And they say the same thing about Trump.
Oh, Trump didn't shut down the FBI or the CIA during his first term.
The lesson here is it takes time to do these things.
And just because they don't happen right away doesn't mean that they're not part of it.
and it's been happening, and they're coming after him, and it's real.
Folks, people say, "Oh, Jones isn't real."
Believe me, baby, they're coming after me.
I'm real as hell.
And see, that's the thing.
People don't expect there's other good people.
There's a lot of good people.
We've just been under evil control for a while.
Things are turning around.
Absolutely, and you can feel it.
My God, we're promoting freedom and prosperity.
Can't we admit we're successful and just get ready to win?
We're not offering some leftist utopia, free everything.
saying we're gonna free each other together. Absolutely.
Pisses me off, man.
I mean, like, Elon Musk is devastating them.
Mm-hmm, absolutely.
And he had every business incentive not to do it, because all of his government contracts with SpaceX- And they're taking them away!
And they're screwing them on subsidies and everything.
He's doing it, man.
You see a man in the arena, and people sit- I mean, I'm in the arena.
I admire a man in the arena.
No, no.
Elon Musk is running the tables.
Thank God for him.
We'll be right back.
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You are the resistance.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
All right, big development, not just in the Trump trial.
Michelle Obama has announced she's running for president today.
This just broke.
Here is Michelle Obama announcing her run for the presidency 2024.
Yeah, okay, okay, shut your butt.
Listen, this s*** will literally save your life.
So if you 45 or 455 like me, get your ass checked!
This shit is killing way too many of my constituents!
Especially black men!
And I need you all alive to vote 2024!
I'll see you bitches in November!
Is that the president from Idiocracy?
Yeah, Rondo.
She didn't really announce, folks.
I don't think she's got the stomach for it.
I know they're trying to get her to.
Roger had the intel, but... She's got the balls.
Linebacker NFL.
Alright, let's go back to X Speakers here.
I want to go to Jeremy Ryan Slade.
I saw that you took your hand down, Jeremy, but if you're still with us, please unmute because I had you in studio a couple of weeks ago.
Amazing guest, amazing expert on ancient Roman propaganda.
Jeremy, are you there?
Can you go ahead and unmute and say what you have to say?
Yeah, I'm here.
Chase, Alex, thanks for having me back again, guys.
It was good to see you a couple weeks ago.
And I did want to build off of the Robert De Niro thing yesterday, because I think it's really interesting that they're still trying to, in a veiled way, make the parallels of Trump and Caesar.
Because De Niro said, you know, like, if he gets back in there, he's not going to leave.
And the thing that people don't understand about Caesar, like Caesar didn't disband his troops because if he went back into the city of Rome, they were going to arrest him.
Because what happened in the late Republic, Is they would pass laws after someone served a political office to then use those laws against them and arrest that person.
So it created a really difficult time in the late Republic before it becomes an empire.
But the point I keep making that shows that De Niro is a liar is, well, Trump left office.
He said, you know, maybe I don't agree with your process.
Maybe it's a sham process, but he left office.
So, in just that, the positioning he's trying to make in people's mind, I also see it as a veiled threat, too, because I know Time Magazine read an article about this in March, where they keep trying to connect the whole Trump is Caesar thing, because at the same time, all you've got to get is one stupid person to hear that to get the idea, and then, you know, go after President Trump for that as well.
So I also see it as a veiled threat, but I don't see the...
You know, they're not equal.
They're definitely not the same, because Caesar didn't relinquish power, and Trump did.
He didn't agree with the system, but he did that.
And I think also from, I know a couple people have touched on it, but also from, there's two other aspects of it.
The first being, I know Alex had mentioned the Hegelian dialectic aspect of it.
They also can get someone to do something stupid to justify the next action they want, which might be the criminalization of conservatives or Republicans or conservative-minded libertarians, whatever it is.
It's to go after a group, right?
They have a result they want in mind.
They're just trying to cause the action to create that.
And even with this verdict and the strange way they're running it, The judge basically saying we can pick any combination of these things and if it works then we can find him guilty.
They just want to be able to say that Trump is a felon.
That's the whole idea on this because it's going to be overturned on appeal if it does actually happen.
But the point is just to have the PR play.
I'm a public relations person.
This is how I look at these things.
To have the right way to call him so that they can run this campaign in the future.
So that was my thoughts on that.
No, I agree with you.
When you were here last week, I had to go because of some family issues, but I did watch the show later.
You were explaining, really, the history of this and what you think they're going to pull.
Yeah, and it's interesting because, you know, they keep trying to make this comparison.
I think the major thing is people don't realize that Rome's three eras in time.
It's a kingdom first, then a republic, and then an empire.
And I think the major thing that you have to look at is that the republic phase, you know, though we are A republic by constitution, we're not a republic by function.
In 1913, a lot of the main elements of a functional republic, the Income Tax Amendment, the Federal Reserve, and then also the 17th Amendment taking away the representation... You're right, we are a private, corporate, Federal Reserve farm.
So we're not, there is no republic to fall.
The republic has fallen, now we have to figure out how to fix what's here.
And they're really just clamping down power is really where we're at.
So we're in kind of a late third century stage of Rome.
And as I said, history doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme in a lot of ways.
And we've got the equivalent of the Visigoth, Alaric coming in with the illegal aliens.
Correct, and that's exactly what's happening because the Roman state, the first thing that was killing them was inflation.
By 284 AD, they're at 15,000% inflation, so the state is crumbling.
They're bringing in all of these immigrants from the borders to fight in the Roman army because the armies weren't big enough and each emperor would raise an army to attack other emperors.
And once there's no money and the people that are serving the army don't have money to get paid, well, they don't need the state anymore.
And that's exactly how Rome dissolves.
So history is repeating?
In a lot of ways, I would say that, yeah.
What's your prediction for the election?
You know, I think that the goal here is to throw Trump in jail.
I think that's what they're doing.
I think if it's run ethically, I think Trump runs away with it.
You guys were talking earlier about Michelle Obama, and Roger Stone had mentioned that to me as well, about her being the possible candidate in the future.
I just don't see Biden being the candidate.
I don't know.
I think if things aren't done the correct way, I do think the Democrats win, and I think we have a lot of work ahead of us.
I agree with you, great points.
Chase Geiser?
Yeah, one of the things I wanted to ask you about, Jeremy, as this pertains to the comparison of Trump with Julius Caesar.
Obviously, on the top of our minds here in America, as a civilization that values freedom and tends to not like autocrats, I mean the whole country was founded in a rebellion against a king.
We think of Julius Caesar as the end of freedom, regardless of whether or not that's true.
We think of him as the first Caesar, the first dictator of Rome.
Permanent dictator, that is.
Dictator for life.
And I would say Rome was already under a bureaucratic oligarchy, or plutocracy, and he was actually a populist leader coming in.
That's why he was so popular.
It's actually a manifestation.
The Trumpian example is non-accurate because he did seize power, but in that Trump is popular, there is a Caesar comparison.
Yes, and that's what I wanted to ask you about, Jeremy.
People think, or just assume, that because Julius Caesar seized so much power for himself that he was hated by the people.
Even the Senate, as I understand it, believed that he was hated by the people.
That just isn't true, right Jeremy?
No, it's 100% not true.
And I think the thing people don't understand is, so Julius Caesar dies in, I think it's 43 BC, but Rome is in revolution from 133 to 31 BC.
So almost 100 years of revolution.
So people are very beat up by this point in time.
They've been experiencing war for 100 years.
And there's actually a character right before Caesar that in my mind in history should get more attention and really doesn't, and that's Sulla.
Sulla is one of the, he's not the first, but he's one of the major ones to attack Rome and declare himself dictator.
He declares himself dictator for the restoration of the Republic.
and he starts this process called proscription where they put these tablets up in the forum every day and they just start killing people. You know, new names will be added every single day.
Hitler walks into this power vacuum and he's basically, he's a populist in a lot of the ways.
He becomes consul in 59 BC. Consul was, basically they have two consuls every year.
It's like having two presidents because they don't want one person to have power.
So one of the first things he does is he gives land to the retired troops so they have the ability to farm.
So he starts bringing in a lot of these things for the people, but the issue is too, in the late Republic, a lot of the guys in the Senate and in political positions were broke.
So there's this one guy, Marcus Crassus, and Marcus Crassus, he's also a member of the First Triumvirate with Caesar, but he's actually the one that was lending the money to all these politicians.
So yes, Caesar is a populist and does a lot of different things, but he's broke his entire career.
So because he always owes money to Marcus Crassus, just like a lot of the Senate.
So he makes a lot of bad decisions based on, well, if I fail at this, my career is over because I owe Crassus money and I don't have a way to get it.
All right, very interesting points and people need to understand we base a lot of our country on Rome and so history does repeat and rhyme.
Great points.
Who's up next?
Thanks, Jeremy.
Let's go to Hi-Rez, the rapper.
Hi-Rez, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
What's up, brother?
How are you?
How's it going, guys?
Great, thanks.
Go ahead.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know it's quick.
Alex, I just wanted to, first of all, I'm not shouting myself out, but just so you know who I am, I'm the guy who made the AI raps of you and that cartoon animations and everything, man.
We're a big fan.
We're gonna keep supporting you.
I've seen your work.
Great job.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, we're big fans, man.
Whenever you figure out your legal issues, whenever they get over, we have a ton of fucking patriots ready to, like, just donate you a fuck ton of Bitcoin and crypto currency.
Just gotta remind you, we are on the radio, so please watch the language.
We can get fined.
Okay, we'll cover the fines with the cryptocurrency we'll donate, don't worry.
But yeah, so thank you.
Regarding Trump, man, I don't think I'm going to offer anything ridiculous than you've heard, man.
I think that I'm confused to the point where, why would they, are they that stupid?
Because they have to know that things backfire on this man every single time, right?
They have no other recourse but lawfare.
But it's not working, is my point.
Unless, once again, like Jeremy said, this guy goes to prison, World War III, Civil War, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
You know, it's not working.
Every time this guy got a mugshot, boom, everyone loved him even more.
Every time this guy gets whatever, boom, they love him even more.
They're in their own bubbles.
This is a real attack on Trump.
Is that what you're asking?
Yeah, so I know it's legitimate.
I just can't picture someone being that stupid that they wouldn't take another course of action.
That's why we aired a promo earlier asking why are the Democrats retarded.
Yeah, bro, it's like, it makes no sense, you know, like you said, maybe they just live in their little ivory towers, which we know is the case, but it's just, to me, these people are, you know, they might be rich, they might be wealthy, I don't think they're stupid.
They might be retarded, like you said, in all the worst of ways, you know, I think retarded people are much more intelligent than these people, but it makes no sense to me that they wouldn't just do something different.
Maybe you can't vote your way out of this.
A bunch of lawyers.
We have a weak establishment.
They're not soldiers, they're not philosophers.
They've just been ripping everybody off of legal stuff.
So they thought, well, we'll just use legal things.
Now that's backfiring.
They're out of bullets.
I appreciate you.
But since you mentioned how retarded they are, this piece put out is so good.
I posted it.
The credit's on real Alex Jones.
We're going to go find out who the group is because the printout doesn't have it.
But here it is.
Introducing the Mentally Retarded.
This is a Democratic Party public service announcement.
Or maybe we're retarded.
Like Robert De Niro.
The mentally retarded are divided into classifications.
I'm kind of retarded, I'll tell you what I'm talking about.
Hey, let me be honest with you, I'm kind of retarded.
Like Robert De Niro.
The mentally retarded are divided into classifications, the educable, the trainable, and the custodial.
Obviously, we can only assess the abilities or potential of the mentally retarded on an individual basis.
Seemingly random motions and movements are fairly common among the custodial retarded, and they may take many forms.
Sometimes there are motions which seem to have no meaning whatever, and may even cause unintentional self-inflicted injuries.
The vast majority of the mentally retarded are intelligent enough that they can be taught a great many things.
However, there's a wide range of ability, even among those considered educable.
And their ability to learn obviously varies according to their level of intelligence.
Equally important is the stimulating environment.
However, we must remember to set realistic standards that are not too high for the individual.
Many of the trainable retarded can learn to take certain kinds of household responsibilities, some of which may be more complex than they are usually given credit for.
It would be wrong to expect a mentally retarded person to become a master craftsman.
The standards are too high.
But even in the skilled trades, for example, the mentally retarded can be trained to become valuable assistants.
Who are the mentally retarded?
They are people.
They come in both sexes and in all sizes, shapes, creeds, and colors.
Wherever people live, there also live the mentally retarded.
That's a really good public service announcement.
Speaking of the mentally retarded, here's First Lady Jill Biden, Dr. Biden, Attacks Donald Trump with a view saying he can't string a sentence together.
I think she's talking about her husband, but we can't blame her because she's mentally retarded.
Here it is!
You know, I think, but I think that American people deserve a debate because you need to see your choices.
You need to see Trump and you need to see the President.
And you need to see the differences.
And my husband's, and you're going to see how smart he is and the experience he has.
And then you'll see somebody who, like you're saying, I'm going to use Julie's words, can't put a sentence together.
And everything is beautiful and it's wonderful.
So I think you deserve, the American people deserve to see the two men who are running for this office.
Because your choice is going to be clear.
Man, that is some gaslighting.
I mean, that is next level.
It just makes me sick.
That's like saying dog crap is chocolate ice cream.
I mean, that is wow.
That is gaslighting at its peak.
She shouldn't even have her license after what she did to cover for Hunter Biden's abuse of the relative, the underage relative.
I mean, it's just, every time I see these people, it makes me sick.
You mean Jill Biden's not a good person?
No, no, she's not.
I don't think so.
All right, who's up next?
We have the Trump verdict watch in the kangaroo trial in New York.
Trump totally violating the gag order.
It's unconstitutional.
Great job.
Judges a crook and a criminal and a fraud.
I mean, this is beautiful.
Let's go to Jason Burmas.
Burmas, what do you think, man?
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
Lord Burmas, former InfoWars talk show host.
Thank you so much for having me.
Let me integrate a couple of things that I've seen on the show today.
Number one, that clip from 10 years ago when you're discussing Bilderberg.
Bilderberg is now taking place.
We have the official list.
It is in Madrid, Spain.
And you also mentioned Fareed Zakaria.
He is in attendance.
It seems that their love affair for him continues.
You also have other people on the left, such as Stacey Abrams, who they were unable to position within our government.
Abrams go to Bilderberg?
Oh wow, that's hilarious.
Get my two seats on the flight.
Well, this isn't the first time she's been there.
She's actually started going pre-COVID and she is also on the list.
We're talking about Americans.
We have the Directors of National Security.
We also have the NATO head.
By the way, for those who don't know what Bilderberg is, until 15 years ago they did not even exist and we still cover it.
It's important.
I'm doing a special Saturday show at 10 a.m.
Central with Daniel Essel on this Saturday.
Tell us about Bilderberg and then get into it.
Yeah, absolutely.
For those that don't know, this is actually the 70th conference.
There were two that did not take place during the COVID-1984 nightmare.
But to me, this is the cream of the managerial crop.
In other words, you have people that come every year.
People like Peter Thiel are there.
His partner, Alex Karp, they run Palantir.
There was just a trade show this week on modern-day warfare, kind of like a CES for the military-industrial complex, where Karp was interviewed and basically talked about the future of Let me just read the topics that they have put down for Bilderberg down the list.
It is the state of AI, AI safety, the changing faces of biology, due to their transhumanist agenda, by the way.
Marmos, your audio cut out.
You still there?
Cut out.
Let me continue.
No, you're back.
You were talking about AI and warfare.
State of AI, AI Safety, Changing Faces of Biology, Climate, Future of Warfare, Geopolitical Landscape, Europe's Economic Challenges, U.S.
Economic Challenges, U.S.
Political Landscape, Ukraine and the World, Middle East, China, and Russia.
And, you know, there is not a lot of representation, obviously, on the Russian end or in the Middle East.
This is basically what I believe will be them doling out the plans for things like the World Economic Forum.
Four things like the election process coming up in 2024.
So, you know, I'm keeping an eye on this one.
I think there are going to be some other players out there.
Let's go, Jason.
What do you think they are going to do about their whole agenda falling?
Like Klaus Schwab resigning.
You've got Melinda Gates resigning.
Hundreds of major corporate resignations at big banks.
What's behind that?
Well, let's talk about Melinda Gates because she's actually launched a new foundation.
So I think that she's just trying to get away from the negative press of her former husband.
When you talk about Klaus Schwab, he is stepping down as the head, but he will still be in a chairman's role somewhere in the background.
I think they want some rebranding.
They want to put a new face out there because the guy does talk and act like a Bond villain, but at the same time, you know, kind of talking about the World Economic Forum and possible players that are meeting that are not on the list.
Oh, we lost you again.
Jason, are you still with us?
Sorry about that, guys.
I'm on a good internet connection.
I don't understand.
Keep going.
So, continuing on, when looking at some of the possible players that may come in, you know, Barack Obama was there in 2008, again, as you documented, not on the list.
Last year, in Lisbon, Portugal, Yuval Noah Harari showed up, and no one talked about it.
He actually gave a lecture in Lisbon, Portugal.
You would think that he's also having meetings with some of the I agree.
What do you predict with the show trial in New York?
I think they're going to find him guilty, Alex.
I've been saying it from the very beginning.
They want that guilty verdict.
They've stacked the deck against him.
The only question is when and how they put him in an actual jail cell.
I remember interviewing Roger Stone, I think about a a year and a half ago and positing this and he said you know this is only going
to make him more popular. I don't know if they're going to try to pull the rug from under him obviously they want that narrative if they can take him off the
ballot in key states due to this due to some chicanery I think that that is the plan but at the same time we're in the wildest election after the wildest
election in 2020 we've ever seen. Nobody should be bored right now.
Jason Burmas, great points.
Thank you for calling.
Alright, I'm gonna go to more comments and then we got London Real producer, documentary filmmaker, Mr. Rose coming in here.
You're gonna ride shotgun with us.
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We are back live.
Hour number three.
Almost in all four hours today.
All right, Chase Geiser's here.
We got Brian Rose of London Real riding shotgun with us.
We'll host right through into the fourth hour today.
Viva Frye, other lawyers coming up on the Trump verdict watch in New York.
Let's go to more speakers on X, Chase.
All right, let's go to Prometheus.
Prometheus, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say if you're still with us.
Of course I'm here with you, Chase.
Such an honor.
Brian, so good to see you, my friend.
Alex, as usual, brother.
I've been praying in the Holy Spirit before coming online and speaking to you.
And God has been giving me a couple words directly about yourself, Alex.
So if you will just Allow me to begin with a prayer.
Holy Spirit, thank you so much for these warriors who are at this final hour before your return.
We know that you have a master plan, a master chess move that you are unfurling upon this earth right here, right now.
And I thank you, Lord, for being with such amazing warriors.
All right.
I accept that.
I accept that and ask God to make that so.
Amen, sir.
Amen, as always.
So, the first thing, Alex, that the Lord spoke to me about is that He wants you to deeply relax.
Not relax in the sense of, like, giving up, but I hope you hear me in the Spirit now, brother.
God's been telling me to do that.
That's funny you say that.
I agree with that.
Exactly, exactly.
So that's confirmation, right?
This is the Holy Spirit moving between us both as fractals of the great I Am Oneness node that we are, right?
It's moving like a ping pong ball, right?
Alright, so the first thing is to relax.
Because it is the relaxed muscle that has the most power.
You'll be able to punch with the most brutality through the Holy Spirit, but it's a gentle brutality.
It is to even remind these fools who are destroying our beloved Earth, you know, the coming Kingdom of God.
We have to feel even repentance and passion, compassion for them.
And I know you know that.
I know at a deep level you actually know that.
You've expressed that so many times.
So that's the first thing.
The next thing he told me to say to you is that do not fear about your financial woes, my friend.
You're about to see abundance like you have never seen before.
All right.
Brian Rose is there.
The man's a crypto expert.
You know, there's there's a lot of token gated services and a bunch of other things that you can explore.
We can have a chat about this another time.
But the general message was very simple and clear, like the whole whatever you're in.
Remember, Donald Trump was billions in debt.
All right.
He walked past beggars and he said, you know, that that man is richer than I am because they don't have to pay that debt back.
And guess what?
God used him.
He pulled him out in the private business life to prepare him for the presidency where he is going to bring America out of this debt hole.
OK, trust.
By the way, let me just agree with you.
do this because they're you know when was the last time you heard the Federal Reserve right having it's it's rates being dictated by a quote-unquote former
president okay look at his look at his bodyguards look at look at his entourage let me just agree with you the message you're saying is God's telling me be at
peace we're winning don't stress out just move forward and fight as hard as you can but be calm when you do it absolutely absolutely
So I hope this is just confirmation for your spirit.
And by the way, the same is true for everyone listening to this broadcast and beyond, all right?
Another word he said, and you've been doing it this broadcast, is to go back on the road.
Go back on the road, my friend.
Go do what you're great at.
Okay, God gave you... Oh no, my enemies have been trying to keep me off the road, so we're going to do a lot of that soon.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
And don't be afraid to be funny, all right?
He put a master comedian in you, my friend, all right?
Wink, wink, all right?
Bring that man back.
He is ready to come back for his, like, the greatest shows ever.
We're talking, you know, like Dave Chappelle when he comes back, but way, way better, all right?
Something like that is coming.
Call us again.
We gotta go.
We've got Brian Rose coming in the studio.
We're going to play trailers for his new film that is incredible.
He's also given us the codes to stream it free.
So this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow, it will be streamed out on X. He wants us to do it.
We're honored to do it.
We will not be silenced.
Brian Rose is coming up while we simulcast on X. We've got two hours left, or an hour and 55 minutes and 20 seconds left here live.
Stay with us.
A lot of people came up to me and said, Brian, like, why did you even do this?
You could have stayed at home.
Why did you put your business on the line?
Why did you put your reputation on the line?
And the truth is, probably like a lot of you here, it's just not in my DNA to do that.
This is our fight for this most basic fundamental human right.
And that is freedom of speech.
It's that simple.
We've been doing this for 12 years.
We've made a lot of pieces of content.
Now, a lot of you know, about 30 days ago, London Real was completely deplatformed from YouTube.
There were 2.3 million people in the world that were subscribing to my content.
Now, a trillion dollar technology company has come in the middle and said, no, you can no longer talk to each other.
This gets no mainstream media coverage.
This is a violation of a fundamental human right and it's happening right in front of our eyes every single day.
And I believe this is our most important fight for all of humanity.
Free speech is meaningless unless you allow people you don't like to say things you don't like.
Otherwise it's irrelevant.
And if, at the point at which you lose free speech, it doesn't come back.
And if we don't stand up and fight for these rights, we are looking about a future where we're no longer in control and we are being controlled.
And so it was against my DNA to just sit back.
And so we went all in and fought as hard as we could.
With a small team in London, with a bigger team around the world, we called the London Real Army.
We fought back and we won.
We put our message out there and ultimately to a live stream of a million people and we showed them that we are more powerful than they are.
Because ultimately we will not be silenced. We will not be censored and we will not be stopped "China has identified the cause of a mysterious new virus."
Over the past few weeks, our entire world has been transformed.
You must stay at home.
Our freedoms have now been replaced with fear.
We need all the protection that we can get.
Now governments dictate what is allowed to be said.
But today we will not be silenced.
And one million people will be watching.
I prepared my whole life for a moment like this.
But nothing would prepare for what happened next.
This is London Real.
I am Brian Rose.
My guest today is David Icke.
What happened after that broadcast, Brian?
London Real had an interview with David Icke.
It was removed from YouTube.
If you take that guy off, you just make him bigger.
What the hell just happened?
Have you ever lost the only thing that makes you feel alive?
You are only one piece of content away from termination.
This is the story about how we got censored.
There is no COVID-19.
How we put everything on the line for what we believed in.
They picked the wrong guy to fight with.
How we were betrayed.
Fuck the BBC.
How we fought back.
We are freedom!
And we'll accept nothing less!
And expose the truth.
Who benefits?
He who most benefits from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it.
Who is telling me what I can and can't say?
So it will never happen again.
I want to be with Brian Rose and David Icke.
That is the future and that will never be defeated.
I love Brian Rose.
I've been watching him for five, six years.
I am more powerful than they are.
And they freaking know it.
That's right.
So I love Brian Rose and I'm super honored.
Weeks ago he said he was coming to town.
I thought the film had already come out.
I didn't know he's premiering it today at 4 p.m.
at Real Alex Jones and at Brian B. Rose and London Real TV.
So, 4 p.m.
Central, 5 p.m.
You're going to be on Owen's show during it.
But separately, we're going to put it on the front page of InfoWars.com.
Real Alex Jones.
The film is amazing.
And it's the whole story of what's happened in the last four years.
This is a real rallying call right now to try to stop the new push for censorship we're seeing everywhere.
So, Brian Rose.
is the founder and host and CEO of London Real.
Brian left a successful career as a banker on Wall Street in the city of London to start London Real.
His life up until this point has delivered on the promises of his university education at MIT
and his personal ambitions, but he felt empty.
So he quit his job and started the podcast to share his journey.
He fought a resistance to turn London Real into a new generation media business
with half a billion views, more than that now, and two million plus subscribers.
Brian has conducted over 500 in-depth interviews and as the antidote to the numbing effects
of the corporate mainstream media, Brian also founded London Real Academy
offering online personal mentorship and courses designed to help you
transform yourself, LondonReal.tv, @LondonRealTV, and Brian B. Rose on X.
And we've got Chase here riding shotgun with the X.
Folks, we'll go to some.
You're happy to host it in the fourth hour with him.
That is fabulous.
So seven hour.
We've got two hours.
We'll get an hour break and then go on with Owen in his second hour.
But let me just say congratulations on everything you've done.
And early on when the censorship started, so many people buckled.
Now that we're winning, a lot of folks have joined us, which is fine.
We're not mad at them.
We got to accept them in.
But you, day one, when everybody else was being banned, having me on, you said, I want you on because of the fact you're being banned and you got censored.
Partly because of that.
So I see that as a real, you know, sign of the real McCoy.
Yeah, I mean, this is the movie that Silicon Valley doesn't want you to see because it's a detailed case study of the censorship apparatus of the 21st century.
And you remember back in 2020, I was minding my own business.
I was a ex-banker turned podcaster inspired by Joe Rogan.
I was on Rogan Show in 13 and I was just interviewing people.
COVID hit.
And then boom, on April 6th of 2020, we had the second largest YouTube live stream in the world with my conversation with David Icke.
30 minutes later, they deleted and banned the video.
I was a darling of YouTube.
I was in their partnership program.
I'd made them millions of dollars, but that was the tip of the spear of censorship for COVID, and they tried to shut me down, shut my business down, ruin my reputation.
This movie is about us fighting back and winning, and you reached out to me.
And you heavily supported us during that time.
You gave me a lot of good advice, Alex, including asking my community to help us build the Digital Freedom Platform.
And we streamed to a million people live for that final episode as just a final kind of an up yours to big tech and showing them that we will not be silenced, we will not be censored, and we will not be stopped.
You got the floor here.
Tell me about the film that's premiering today at 4 p.m.
Central in just two hours and 45 minutes.
You know, a lot of people don't understand that censorship is real.
I think it's our most important fight of the generation.
And as Elon Musk says, censorship only applies to people you don't like saying things that you don't want to hear.
And he also says that once you lose freedom of speech, you never get it back.
And so I tell my personal story of exactly what happened to me in 2020.
And the truth is, Alex, is it's still happening today even worse.
Eight months ago, I was completely deplatformed from YouTube.
All seven of my channels, including my personal channel from 07 with videos of my kids on holiday, completely taken off because of the trailer for this film.
So a movie about censorship has now been censored.
YouTube is the biggest censor.
Of a generation.
And we gotta hold these people accountable.
It's a basic human right.
It's a civil right.
And it's not just happening in the Twitter files.
It's happening in every corporation in America.
And it actually starts at the top in the government.
And so we go through this entire process so people will never forget.
And we can fight back.
That's what this is all about.
And when you say censorship is everything, it is because censorship of us talking about everything is everything.
Humans want freedom.
They want prosperity.
They want competition.
They want enlightenment.
They want unity.
Not through some corporate forced communist board, but through individual actions of recognizing what's best and coming together.
So it is everything because it is everything.
And, you know, the fact that they have come after you so hard shows how desperate they are.
This is not the sign of strength.
This is a sign of weakness.
And I've talked to high-level executives, billionaires, globalists.
I've had meetings off-record with them.
They said, no, we saw you as a joke in, you know, 2010 and 2015, all that.
It wasn't until 2016 they didn't see you as a joke anymore because they were so arrogant.
So we really got the jump on them.
Now they've come in to try to silence everybody.
That's backfired.
Created a real hunger and a real, you know, that outlaw country effect.
Because outlaw country just wanted to smoke pot and make jokes.
It was Willie Nelson and Chris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings.
they went from being kicked out of Nashville in like 1970, and I'm just ballparking it,
and I know those guys, by the way, but they're telling the stories,
but the point is it's well-documented, and by 1977, '78, they were more than half,
four guys, the entire gross of country music because they didn't do what they were told,
and people said, "Well, I want the outlaw."
I want the Hank Williams Jr.
But they were just singing songs about drinking moonshine and pot, and they didn't want that in Hollywood, basically Hollywood-controlled Nashville.
This is about the future of our humanity, our medical rights, our bodies.
I mean, this is the real outlaw country, folks.
This is the real rebel.
This is the real Dukes of Hazzard happening right now.
You know, everyone thinks that censorship happens to the weirdo until it happens to you.
And it happened to you in 2018.
Some people noticed.
Happened to me in 2020.
And as people get canceled and they get censored, they start to realize it can happen to anyone.
And it's going to stop all human progress.
We always want more ideas.
The best idea will always come to the top.
And when they start censoring things, you know you're over the target.
And so, if you have people to support you, like you supported me in 2020, you can push forward.
But the immediate reaction is to pull back.
For me, I remember that day, Alex, it was on April 6th when they pulled that video.
I had a visceral, angry response, and my immediate thing was to re-upload it, and then upload a vlog complaining about it.
You were being robbed!
Yeah, it's something... Of your essence!
Of you!
Your car doesn't matter, folks.
Your house doesn't matter compared to your mind.
Something in my DNA knew that was wrong.
And yes, it's in the Constitution.
And yes, it's in the law.
But something deep and down inside knew that something was being taken away from me by an organization who had no business interfering my communication with another human being that, by the way, wanted to listen to what I had to say.
Because that's the thing about freedom of speech.
It's not only my right to speak, but it's your right to listen to me and make your own opinion.
That's being denied on a regular basis.
Our big tech are our worst offenders, but so many other corporations are offending us.
And this will get worse, and once you lose it, you cannot get it back.
They're raping our free will!
Very much so.
And I recently reread 1984.
It's a dark book.
But that is where technology has gone so far and the surveillance state is so high, there is no undoing that.
We are on the precipice of that happening with CBDCs, with the censorship.
This is our most important fight.
We need everybody to be on board.
And yet most people are walking around blind without a cane.
They just subscribe to the Google services and they don't even know I'm censored.
Because censorship works.
When you silence people, they silence the ideas.
Unless we all fight back together.
And that's what you're doing here as well.
That's why you could be black, brown, white, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, gay, straight.
You're out there watching.
You have the real power when you promote something, when you create your own information, whether it's gardening or whether it's praying or whether it's playing a violin or a piano.
All of that is original content from you.
And what Brian said is key.
The globalists admit they want AI to control everything.
It's people like Trump and Tucker Carlson and Brian Rose.
Joe Rogan, they're just already popular and the system is scared and angry that they organically are so popular when Hollywood and the sports and all of it is failing.
The system is very jealous.
The NSA admits they're very jealous of popular people.
It's not that you're even fighting them, it's that you're doing your own thing.
And so that's why when the grassroots realizes that supporting and promoting true authentic human culture, real diversity, is like sunshine to a vampire.
Can you speak to that?
Yeah, and again, if it wasn't for X, if it wasn't for the moves of Elon Musk, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.
The discourse in America couldn't even be having this conversation.
And we've got to take this and move it with more momentum and push back further.
I think humans, they know authenticity when they feel it and they see it.
But because of the tech, because of the AI, because of everything that's coming, We can lose it, and we can lose it in a heartbeat.
I'm telling the story of what happened to me with YouTube and Google and Facebook.
We are streaming this on X because it is the only major platform that still respects freedom of speech, and you can say what you want about Elon Musk.
He is enabling free speech.
I was about to say, we're like a snail on a straight razor.
To quote Apocalypse Now.
And let's bring up David Icke.
I've invited him on the show, hopefully he'll come on soon.
I think David's an icon, a very wonderful person.
I love him so much.
I get he's a purist, but you've helped amplify him.
He's amplified you.
Some of the biggest interviews ever are your interviews with David.
It's literally Elon Musk and Joe Rogan, Alex Jones and Joe Rogan, and David Icke with Brian Rose.
I mean, those are some of the top five, ten Interviews, and you didn't censor David, and I'm not spanking David here.
He just says, I'm this man, I'm this mainstream alternative media.
No, I'm not.
I don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
I see Elon getting better and better and better.
He's doing a bunch of bad stuff, too.
I call that out.
But boom, we're back.
We're reaching tens of millions a day.
Whatever it is, I can't then just say, oh, this sucks, and then everything I say suddenly has no value just because Elon Musk is letting it get out.
It's our listeners that are promoting it.
Elon's just letting him promote it.
And so I would love to maybe get, maybe actually get Elon in an interview, which I think we can probably do, and maybe have David on with him.
Because, I mean, that's what this is about, is engaging people.
I know David's not as scared to talk to him, so I think we should do that.
Look, David has some incredible ideas.
Those three interviews we did in 2020, they literally changed the world.
They did.
You guys were up front.
David called it all up.
He knocked it out of the park.
Yeah, and because of everything we had prepared for for 10 years at London Real, we were in the right place at the right time, and we were able to put out that content in our studio.
And again, hundreds of millions of people watched, changed the dialogue, and David really opened a lot of people's minds.
When they knew something fundamentally was wrong, they knew they couldn't trust our mainstream media, but they didn't know why.
that sense we still need X and it's crucial in what's happening and so I just that's the thing that's the thing I'm not even trying to call David out he
calls me all the time and it won't return our emails and so he'll probably say oh I missed your emails I get it I love David but I'm saying he loves you
and you're saying Elon's doing good you I just can't look at something positive and then and then and then just say throw the baby out with the bathwater
that's my point For me, any instrument of freedom is a net positive.
You can look at Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is now being used by Wall Street executives in the ETF.
Some people say that's a corruption of this.
I disagree.
Any instrument that increases our freedom is something that we want to promote, and that's exactly what X is.
Let's not kid ourselves.
There's no way that millions of people could not watch this movie today if it wasn't because of what Elon's doing with the bold moves at X. And again, even InfoWars, so many people can now see your content because of what Elon's doing.
So yeah, I'd love to see that debate with David.
Perhaps we can agree to disagree.
We need everybody out there fighting for our freedom.
Well, that's my point is I'm not in a competition who, you know, who's the best, who's the purest.
I am trying to be the purest, best person I can, but we all see through rose-colored darkly, as the Bible tells us.
So I only brought that up because, yeah, you're singing Elon's praises.
We're not in some...
Elon fan club, I'm in the fan club of where I reach tens of millions of people a day.
And sure, and the left goes in and flags it and tries to block it and we see that, but it doesn't matter.
We are kicking some ass.
And there's no other tech platform where you can do that right now, right?
YouTube won't allow you to do that.
Instagram, Meta won't allow you to do that.
There's no other platform that will.
And so X is that bastion of hope right now, and it will force the other platforms to change.
It's happening.
So speculation, Brian Rose, and I'm going to ask Chase Guyser this right after the show, and then we'll go to some spaces.
This is all the same subject.
Why do you think Elon's doing what he's doing?
I think, personally, deep down inside, he believes in freedom of speech.
I also think he's not from this country, and when he used to think and believe and dream about America, he idealized everything that we supposedly stand for, and he wants to be a part of making that happen in the future.
At the end of the day, I don't even care why.
All I know is that he's doing it.
The proof is in the pudding.
I was about to say, proof's in the pudding.
It is.
Plain and simple.
And that's it.
We can now use this platform, and every other platform will change, just like when Spotify took on Rogan, YouTube relaxed their rules.
And if we continue with X, then the other platforms will have to at least adjust what they're doing, and maybe we can get freedom of speech.
Y'all would ask David, so should we just give, should we give it back to Soros?
That's a really random report.
Should we just end any freedom on X?
That's not the alternative we want.
So clearly this is the right step.
Can we do more?
So maybe set that debate up.
I'd love it.
Are you kidding?
That's what we do.
Chase Geyser, great points by Brian Rose.
I'm so honored.
I thought the movie was out in a few days.
He's like, oh, we'll stream it on your show.
And I'm like, well, thanks.
What better place to stream it?
I didn't realize it's premiering at 4 p.m.
today central.
Thank you.
I'm blown away.
What better place?
Well, thank you.
Sorry I missed the memo.
You're like, we're going to stream it on your show.
I'm like, sure.
And I'm like, wait, it's exclusively here?
Thank you.
You want to comment on what he's saying?
Well, on the Elon Musk issue, I think a lot of Americans have a really hard time understanding what it's like to be worth $100 billion.
Under Bidenomics, we're all struggling.
We're going to the grocery store and coming out with less than is on our list.
But it seems to me that once you reach a certain level of wealth like that, You can go one of two ways.
You can go the way of vanity and you can go the way of principle.
So once you have everything you want, like Donald Trump or like Elon Musk, then what's left other than your conscience and satisfaction?
So some people go straight sociopathic vanity way.
And I think Musk has accomplished all of these, much of the success that he ever hoped for.
And now that's why he's making these plays, because what else is his conscience?
No, he is a maverick and I've studied Musk and read the books about him years ago, but kind of sidelined it because he gets these opportunities.
They're going to fund electric cars, he funds it.
They're going to go for self-driving, all this.
He got all the big money, but when he got the real power, he flipped over to us because he wants to be a real maverick.
And folks can deny and say he isn't a maverick, which he's a maverick's maverick.
Taking over X and having Brazil and Australia and the EU and the US government prepare criminal charges.
Baby, that's what Tom Cruise wishes he was when he played Maverick.
That's Maverick as hell.
Yeah, he overpaid for Twitter, $44 billion.
Turning that around is going to be a nightmare.
Again, that media platform hurts all of his other businesses, potentially his entire net worth.
And he said that!
But he said free speech is king.
That's money where the mou- I'm sorry to interrupt you.
That's money where the mouth is.
What more proof do you need?
But I'm gushing because it's, it's maverick.
I mean, it's, it's like, why would I be mad when we start getting victory?
Like, what the hell?
Imagine where we'd be without it.
Look, America was popular and the whole world adopted what we did when we beat the British Empire.
Like, why do we keep thinking we're losers?
Why do we keep thinking freedom can't win?
Yes, it can.
And we have proof that it can right now.
And we need everybody to come along with us and keep fighting for this because we can lose it like this.
And I'm interrupting the last five points.
You got the floor for until we got a break.
Yeah, look, most people are oblivious that this is still an issue.
And I'd say to anybody out there, just wake up and realize that everything you're looking at on that mobile device is being censored in some way, shape or form.
All of your mainstream media outlets, the same thing is happening.
And you have to go deeper and find out what's going on and fight for this right because it will happen to you and it'll corrupt everything that we've been working for.
So it's an important fight.
We wanted to drop the movie to show what happened four years ago, but it's still happening today.
And again, YouTube recently deplatformed me entirely.
Thirteen years of work, a billion views, 14,000 videos, my entire life.
Because of this film?
Because of this film.
The trailer for that film you just played took all of our channels down.
And again, no questions asked, no appeal, no nothing.
And that's the way these organizations roll.
They're ruthless and they are coming for you next.
Tell us how people make this film.
You want it free, which is great, but how do they make it?
People say, oh, free?
Well, who cares?
Oh, it's a very well-produced film, very powerful.
People need to make this movie huge.
I want it watched 100, 200 million times.
I want people to see it and really understand what happened.
This is my personal story.
You know, I was just minding my own business.
Ryan Rose, stay there.
Folks, that's what it comes down to.
they stepped on my toes and I knew I had to fight back.
Everybody can do this.
I want as many people to watch this movie.
I want to continue this fight for freedom of speech.
I want people to recognize what X has brought us and how we can even take it further across all platforms.
That's the ultimate win for me.
So if people can watch it and share it and get it in front of the eyeballs
and consider these points and support independent media like InfoWars and everybody else, that's the message.
Ryan Rose, stay there.
Folks, that's what it comes down to.
We're not looking for a fight, but we're getting our heads pounded in.
And as men and women, we got a certain point to say, I'm done laying down.
And that's what this story is about with Brian Rose.
Because when you start laying down, that's all you do.
And it's been good men and women that have built the good civilization.
We've been through a lot of hell, fought a lot of dictators, a lot of nasty people.
If we make it through this next struggle, I'm telling you, human potential is just unlimited.
Because I want that life extension they're suppressing.
I want it for me and my kids and my family.
So there's a lot of stuff they're suppressing, not just censoring you.
They're censoring a lot of science that we need access to.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, we are doing a simulcast on SpacesX.
We've got comments on the Trump trial, the law fair.
Brian Rose is going to ride shotgun through the fourth hour.
That's coming up.
Viva Frye, great lawyer, experts joining us, and some others are popping in.
But we will not be silenced.
Brian Rose is here.
Brian, my greatest pleasure in life, other than my wife and my children, I mean, obviously, that's number one.
You saw the NFL kicker say the best thing in life is your wife and children.
And women love their children more than anything.
And they said, how dare him?
Well, that's your father.
That's that's no brainer.
You have children.
But the second best thing is I get to know the real men and women, the real people that aren't cowards, the real people that have spirit that won't bow down.
And to me, this is where they say the journey is the destination.
This journey is amazing.
It'd be so easy.
I've been offered a lot of money, I'm sure.
I never asked you this.
I would imagine, do they give you any offers to sell it before they clamp down on you?
Maybe they knew you wouldn't sell it, so they didn't ask.
They asked me, thinking maybe I was immoral.
Is that not the most valuable thing in your life?
And can you speak to the experience of being able to meet all these incredible people?
Yeah, well, first of all, they tried to shut me down because 95% of my business was based on YouTube.
So they thought that would get me to stop and to comply and to shut up.
But something inside of me just wouldn't let that happen.
I still remember my first conversation with you on InfoWars, Alex.
You encouraged me to ask for help from my supporters to get to the next level.
And that was the hardest thing I ever did, Alex.
I never asked for anything.
I hate asking for help.
I always feel like it's a sign of weakness.
But you're helping them too, they get it.
Yeah, and it was the right thing to do and because of their support we created the Digital Freedom Platform and we took it to the next level.
I remember you looked at me and you said, really?
And I said, yeah dude, they get it.
Because that was early on in the attacks when nobody else was standing up.
I was like, dude, people are going to rally to your aid.
Yeah, we were really early.
Again, this is March, April, May of 20.
And we were right at the tip of that spear, one of the first people to really put out those controversial conversations.
A lot of great people came later, but we were right there on the edge.
And so we had to fight that initial pushback.
By the way, those were devastating interviews.
I walked into my parents' house.
My mom barely watches YouTube.
She's watching you.
The next day I walk in, on like a Saturday, my wife's watching you and I'm like, oh my god.
Then I'm at Barton Springs a week later, there's a family watching you on an iPad.
I was like, oh my god, you broke through.
I mean, I was getting text messages from people I hadn't heard from in high school.
And I'm like, what's going on here?
They're like, we're watching you, we're watching you, we're watching you.
Isn't hitting the zeitgeist beautiful?
Because you get humanity's resonating with freedom.
Anyways, I'm interrupting.
Tell me more.
So there we were right there at the tip of the spear and they're pushing back and I hadn't experienced that before, but when I finally asked and reached out to the people like you told me to do, then they rallied around us and they made everything possible and they allowed us to fight back.
So it's a big lesson for me, maybe for lessons for people out there.
You can't do it alone.
we all have to support each other and pushing back and if you don't think this is gonna happen to you it is they're gonna start taking away your human
rights and that's why this story is important to embrace because it's gonna happen to all of us sooner or later and so again we were really early and we
were almost that case study for what came later well you were but that's the it's not like you're just saying they're coming after you
You're an economist.
You're a successful banker guy.
The CBDC, the ESG, the carbon tax, it's designed for everybody.
When Trump says they're trying to get through me to get to you, it's true.
They want to screw everybody.
They already are.
Yeah, and it's a huge apparatus.
And again, they're looking to censor information about everything that is in their interest.
It starts at the very top in the government.
I recently had a guy on named Mike Benz, who really studies the entire government.
He's amazing.
He's incredible.
And he was at my movie premiere in Myrtle Beach, where we won Best International Documentary Film.
And Mike was laughing during the movie.
And he was the only guy I was watching as he watched the movie.
And later he said, Brian, I know exactly what was happening to you behind the scenes while you were struggling at the tip of the spear.
I know the social graphs they were mapping out.
I know the keywords they were looking at.
They started in November 19, then moved it to January 20.
And he could literally see the playbook being run against us.
In the meantime, Alex, I was sitting there oblivious to what happened.
People said don't believe in conspiracies when Dropbox and then Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn and YouTube all de-platformed me.
PayPal suspended me.
And meanwhile I found out later that it was all being orchestrated by government organizations.
So the Twitter files helped teach us that.
Mike was involved in the Twitter files.
And now it's interesting to see what was actually happening behind the scenes.
Thank God for people like Mike.
It's also telling us this didn't just happen at Twitter.
It happens in every major corporation.
And it's ultimately directed by the government.
Yeah, and not to top your story, I never tell about stuff that's journalistic.
I'm mainly a pundit and give my own personal opinion, but I wear a journalist hat, so I've been invited the last four or five years.
And Roger Ailes tried to give me a Fox job, and they tried to give me Clear Channel, all that stuff, and I said no to that.
That was one level 15 years ago.
But I've been invited to some well-known billionaires' houses and they didn't try to get me to sell out.
They're actually like, hey, if you just join us, you'll have a seat at the table because this is so dangerous, but we don't even know what to do.
And I don't think that was even them with the sales job.
they're even now in the establishment understanding that the new world order plan they had is not going to work, but then it has its own inertia.
It's already been turned loose.
They don't know what to do.
I think that's why we have to understand, we're not little outsiders trying to warn the establishment or back them off.
The establishment is inherited wealth, is like a self-fulfilling prophecy or a perpetual motion machine, and a lot of the people on it don't like where it's going either.
They just don't know even how to change it.
Does that make sense?
It's not one person, it's not one directive, it's not one agency.
It's got so much momentum now that even they can't stop it.
But one thing that I learned in my fight, and you learned probably here through InfoWars, is that it only takes a small group of people, a massive what I call London Real Army around the world, to change it.
These institutions aren't as big as we think they are.
They're not as powerful as we think they are.
It just needs some people to fight back.
And that's why our movie is a story of hope, and you're an example of that.
And people need to know, we can change this narrative.
We can.
Well, let's talk about, they've got war, they've got economic crises for control.
They used COVID, that blew up in their face.
Am I putting your words out?
Tell me if you think that happened.
I think it did.
What do they do next?
I mean, lawfare is not working.
You know, fear is the instrument, and that's what we showed in our film.
Fear is that instrument that gets everyone to run, that gets everyone to change their value systems.
And so they'll continue to use that in every way, shape, or form.
We saw the WHO recently back down on their pandemic preparedness treaty.
It's coming back.
You see what's going on with the war?
You see what's going on with the AI?
There'll always be something that can introduce that fear.
And so I think we all need to understand as humanity to avoid that knee-jerk reaction to comply and to sell out your values in the face of fear.
And we all know what fear is.
One of my mentors used to say fear is F-E-A-R, false expectations appearing real.
Once you push through, you realize it's actually a phantom that causes you to behave in a way that's not necessary.
And that's what I learned when I pushed back against YouTube.
It wasn't that Strong.
And we were able to do that live stream in the end and change the narrative.
Chase, I want to go to some ex-spaces that are on the Trump situation that ties into this.
Why, Brian Rose, why do you think they're so threatened by Trump?
And obviously everything they've done has blown their face.
Where do you think they go from here?
It's been a fascinating to watch and obviously this trial is a huge pivotal moment.
But regardless, it seems to just making making him more and more popular.
I live in London.
We're watching this from afar and people are trying to figure out exactly what's going on.
We also see recently an about face when it comes to the current President Biden on crypto because he saw Trump talking about crypto and it's just amazing to see Everything coming down to this election.
They clearly see so much power in him.
I worry about his safety.
I also wonder what happens in this country post-election, regardless of the result, because there's so much tension here, and there's so much riding on this single election.
What do you think is going to happen today?
Well that's my, all they've got left is expanding war, which they're trying to do with Russia, and false flags to do horrible things or wind up crazy people, like the attempted kidnapping
of Whitmer that was an FBI operation that came out in court.
That's really all they've got left.
They were planning an economic collapse, they could pose as the saviors.
They know they're going to get the blame, so they don't know what to do, but the collapse they kind of set up at the end of the old economic order, which you're an expert on,
That's coming to an end.
So they're kind of damned if they do, damned if they don't.
You're right.
Crypto is so popular and doing such a great job that they want to attack it, but then their own people own it.
I mean, it's a really schizophrenic, paradoxical moment.
Look, the money and the inflation, I think, is putting everyone in fear.
That's another control mechanism that they have.
They're going to use.
We're down to the wire here.
I saw your ticker earlier.
We're, you know, six months out.
And this verdict's going to be interesting.
But if they get what they want with this lawfare, it's going to end up being not what they want.
Because if they try to convict, I believe it's going to make him more popular.
I'm going to tell a story to the viewers right now because I never took college for marketing.
I never took broadcasting.
I started on AXS TV 30 years ago.
I got a local show a year later.
I got syndicated three years later.
I've been syndicated for 27 years.
But I did learn how brains work.
So if I come on air with a huge story that I've got ready and just announce it at the first show, a few million see it, it's a little blur, but it's no big deal.
But if I build it up for five days and make a big deal about it, like Searchlights, the old movie premieres, everybody cares and it has a huge effect.
So I have this thing where I want to immediately always say, next time I'm going to cover this, then I cover it right then.
Because I just want to tell you now.
But it's something very, very important to understand about dealing with this, that when people are just given something, they don't appreciate it.
I learned very early on, 27, 28 years ago, in my first film, selling coffee mugs and a newsletter like other talk shows.
I was like, how do I make more money?
Well, you know, to fund things, you put out a newsletter, put a coffee mug or t-shirt.
I said, no.
I said, I want to make films.
I want to prove what I'm saying.
Immediately, I was selling 100,000, you know, of my new films.
Suddenly, I had a bunch of money.
Not a ton, but a couple million bucks.
I was hiring crew.
I was buying better computers.
I wasn't shooting VHS anymore.
I was shooting DV cam, you know, 27 years ago.
But I noticed when I would come out with a DVD, if I put it up for pre-sale, in the two months before pre-sale, I would sell more than I sold in the year when it was available.
And so what you're doing is this purist thing of, here's my movie.
Looks like multi-million dollar budget, all these huge interviews, promoted for a year, winning all these awards, and you're like, oh by the way, it's free today.
I don't want people to sit there because something is so amazing and free and take it for granted.
I want you to appreciate we will not be silenced when this comes out today.
And when it goes on LondonRealFreedomPlatform.tv, when it's on LondonRealTV and Brian B. Rose, We're gonna stream it everywhere.
I want you to take it serious that somebody bucked the censors, kicked ass, took action, made a powerful film, and then gave it to you because he believes in you.
So there's that paradox of you give people something free they don't appreciate it.
I hope people see through that paradox.
You know, what's interesting is this is the first movie we ever made that we submitted to film festivals.
The reason we did that is because YouTube de-platformed me on September 4th, right before the premiere.
We would normally put our movies right on YouTube.
And so we decided to submit to film festivals.
Now look, I knew, Alex, that a film festival, maybe the arts are left-leaning.
They're probably not going to like my movie about censorship.
But I also know that artists Believe in free speech because they create.
And so we submitted it to all over the world.
We started winning festival after festival after festival on like six different continents.
We've won over 20 film festivals.
So that which didn't kill you only made you stronger.
That's the truth.
And interestingly we won none in the United Kingdom.
And so for some reason they don't seem to appreciate Ike or me or anything there.
But a lot of them... Well a prophet's not known in this country.
It's true.
Keep going, I'm interrupting, keep going.
And so we were just amazed and shocked we got all of this recognition, including Mickey Willis got recognition for his Great Awakening film at one of the same festivals, Santa Monica Film Festival, and I was surprised.
And that's why I think these leftists are in this dual moment where, you know, part of them believes that this is a fundamental right for free speech, but part of them have been conditioned that they're the party of censorship.
They know that's wrong.
Plus they tune in, we're not Nazis, we're the opposite!
I mean, it's ridiculous!
People just need to go into their heart and act on their own truth.
That's the final message, really.
You know what's right to do.
Stop listening to what other people are telling you what's right and just do what is right.
If people can connect to that, then they know that we should allow people to speak and have these conversations and have these ideas.
And so that's what I learned by putting this film out.
Again, won all these awards, never have done that before.
Now it's free.
Yes, please don't take it for granted.
We want it to be watched.
Yeah, no, don't take it for granted.
Promote it and say this is an important film given to you.
It needs 10 million views by tomorrow and it needs 50 million views by the end of the week and it needs 100 million views right now for Victory.
We will not be silenced.
4 p.m.
Central at Real Alex Jones.
And I love the fact you're going to simulcast it.
Where else is it being simulcast?
So we're going to do it at London Real TV and then Mario Naffal is also going to simulcast it as well.
Oh, he's amazing.
He's amazing.
I know him, good friend from Dubai.
I think he's in town soon.
Yeah, he might be coming to the conference.
There's a crypto conference on now as well.
Oh, I didn't know.
Maybe we'll get dinner Friday night or you're already leaving Friday.
Yeah, well I'll stay for that dinner.
We have a lot of friends out there that are looking to fight for freedom, and that's a beautiful thing to see, so we're going to cover pretty much every time zone globally between our three organizations.
Smart move.
Well, I just wanted to be part of it.
I want to go to some of these spaces commenters have been holding, and I've been a jerk talking so much, but I just want to say, no one can deny we're at a critical juncture in history.
Chase Geyser and then Ryan Rose, what would you call this moment in history?
Absolutely pivotal.
A pivotal patriotic moment in history.
We could go one way or the other.
And frankly, if we see what happened in the Weimar Republic in the 1920s, I think we're getting really close to that here in the United States in the 2020s, where we're going to have total hyperinflation and collapse and we're going to have to choose between Marxism or fascism or a third populist alternative.
And that's why, to me, it's more important now than ever that we pay attention, that we embrace populism, that we reject violence and hate, because if we don't create the new way, we'll go an old way, and the old ways always lead to millions dead.
That is a hole-in-one.
That is the most important thing said in years here.
The globalists want to use crises to bring us into a new tyranny.
We cannot accept a violent populist movement or the globalist evil.
We have to have a loving, open renaissance.
And I know love is a strange word, but at the end of the movie, after all the things that Ike says about COVIDs and masks and vaccines, he says, this is about love.
And he talks about love.
And I say, David, this is what they're trying to ban.
And he said, because that's what scares them most.
When they can stop dividing us and they stop getting us to hate each other, that you're a this or a trans this or this color or that color.
When the love is there, then we're not going to go there.
And so if you ever find yourself in that fight-or-flight mode, they are in control.
So take a step back, find out where that love is.
I think the phrase for this time is The Great Awakening, which is Mickey Willis' film.
We've all seen the evidence, thanks to COVID.
Before that, nobody knew this was going on.
But now everyone has seen it, but now it takes action.
And that's the thing.
And years ago, it was David Icke and Alex Jones, not trying to credit.
I feel so good to be eclipsed.
By so many people, because that means we're winning and now freedom is so popular and there's so many great prominent, like Mickey Willis reaching hundreds of millions, you're reaching hundreds of millions.
I mean, the globalists have got their work cut out for them.
I mean, man!
I mean, Dr. Peter McCollum was on your show and he said, our team is incredible and it's getting better every day.
Yeah, he's amazing.
And you started it, Alex.
Well, I mean, people before me, but yeah, this wave, I was right there.
I just caught a wave.
And you inspired so many people to pick up the baton and run with it.
So all these people kind of spawned from that InfoWars concept and the fact that you never stopped fighting.
So just want to recognize that, Alex.
Thank you.
Well, I want to recognize this.
Thank you for saying that.
All I care about is beating them.
But I also get a sick pleasure, which I apologize for.
I'm all about love, but I still have a little bit of devil in me.
All these attempts to shut me down.
I'm obsolete, you dumb bastards.
Have you not figured it out?
It's everywhere now.
You get what I'm saying?
It's hilarious.
You already won.
Well, I mean, God's winning, but yeah, I mean, it's ridiculous.
All right.
I want to say again, the movie is going to premiere in two hours and nine minutes, and it's going to be at Real Alex Jones and LondonReal.tv.
Let's be conservative.
I'm not going to exaggerate like everybody does.
There's probably four million people tuned in right now.
Will you just send it out on your email and text message?
Will you just retweet it?
Will you please?
Because I get there's so much info.
I'm the same way.
But when you see that really special piece of info that people really worked on, that's what you've got to promote, folks.
All right.
I apologize, everybody.
I'm out of control.
A lot of spaces.
Folks probably want to slit my throat.
Who we got next?
Let's go straight to Chief Trumpster.
You've been waiting a long time.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say if you're still with us, Chief.
Yeah, so I'd say this about the Trump trial, that the key message for this is that Democrats are trying their very best to keep Trump in court forever and ever and ever and prevent him from running for the American people and spreading the message to not just voters on our side, but voters who are in the middle, independents, maybe even some people Oh yeah, that's a total green light for Marshall Law.
I mean, exactly.
People, if they get Trump, they got you.
succeed in jailing Trump and locking him up, they're gonna go for each and every one of us.
Oh yeah, that's a total green light for Marshall Law.
People, if they get Trump, they got you.
This is bad.
And it's not just, you know, they target Alex Jones, they target everybody above.
InfoWars has lots of influence and can really go... Now they're moving on to the imprisonment phase like Hitler or Stalin.
Yeah, they're gonna really go and shift it to, you know, people who aren't even, like, overly political, people who are just normal people who, you know, just have a day job and, you know... Oh, it's like with the Nazis, it'll be some company they want that didn't even do anything.
They'll just grab it.
Right, and like, the Overton window has shifted so much on the right, which is awesome.
But with that being said, if they do jail Trump, it's going to be the biggest crackdown on conservative politics in history.
There is going to be a complete shadow over us discussing conservative ideology.
No, I agree, and they're dumb enough to do it.
So what happens if they do throw his ass in jail?
Yeah, if they throw Trump in jail, there's going to be a lot of people on the right who are going to be infuriated by this.
That is basically going to be the end of, in my opinion, the end of America's say on the world stage and America's standing and the Constitution.
If they jail Trump, all of our liberties, all of our rights, all of our freedoms are effectively gone.
That's it.
And I want to ask, Brian Rose, this, and you, and Chase Geiser.
Chase kind of said it earlier.
If they put him in jail, they know they're failing.
I think they're going to blow something up and blame it on Trump supporter.
I think that's a no-brainer default.
And that's what my gut level thinks.
I'm worried about it because the closer to reality violence or a lie is, the easier it is for the false flag to be viable, right?
So January 6th, we saw this false flag, we saw the feds really pushing it.
People were really pissed off.
That was the closest that the right in America has come to having thoughts of any sort of protest.
Yeah, they're going to get at the head of our movement where it makes sense and they're going to do what they think we should do.
So they have to push it to the brink of where it seems reasonable to somebody who's not paying attention that the right-wingers would be violent.
Then they can usher in the false flag and it has plausible deniability or it's close enough to the truth that people buy it.
That's what I'm really worried about, too.
And that's why I'm so proud to work here at InfoWars, because we never advocate for violence.
You've been against virtually every war that we've been in for the entirety of the 21st century.
This is a pacifist platform.
You get censored for hate speech, ironically, but it's so important not to act out violently.
Worst case scenario, if they do put him in jail, he can still be elected from jail.
That's true.
So he can proceed.
Obviously, no rallies, etc.
But that's still plausible.
So that can't stop him, technically.
The old cage?
Yeah, I mean, it's just, it's... But what about the fall?
What, will they stage something in his name?
I mean, that's... I actually got shudders when you guys are talking about that.
Well, that's the next move in their playbook, though.
And they're running out of moves because this is going to make him more powerful.
It's going to make the gap even more between him and Biden.
And so they're going to go for something even more desperate.
Again, Trump always says that every single one of his rallies, they're going to take away my freedoms because I'm fighting for yours.
This is the message for today.
When they start taking away any one of our freedoms, they're coming for you next.
And Trump is a symbol of that and all the freedoms, freedom of speech.
Again, judicial system, free and fair elections, financial freedom, it's all the same thing, folks.
They start taking one of those away from anybody, they're coming for the rest of us.
That's right.
You can't come back from this system.
Look at China, look at their CBDC.
It's not coming back ever.
And this is the time to fight right now.
That's right.
I want to be very clear with everybody.
Those of us that are away, black, white, old, young, brown, you know, Christian, Buddhist, Jew, they're good people everywhere.
We get a little blind spot because we're so awake and the other people are.
Yeah, folks are ready to wake up but they're not fully woken up.
Right now is the time to work like...
The devil, and we're not the devil, you know what I mean, the saying, we better work hard right now to affect this and explain to people because I'm getting chills right now.
I mean, history's going down.
I mean, this is a, we have a hundred year cycles and we're in the fourth turning, but that's a, that's an easy way to say it.
We have all the AI, all these systems.
There's a quickening of a quickening.
History is accelerating and everything you do, Norm is like a pebble in the water.
It has an effect.
You're like every little thing you do is a boulder.
Right now.
And what the evil guys do is big, too.
I absolutely agree.
I was a pretty fast runner when I was in junior high before I had an injury.
I ran the mile in four minutes and 52 seconds when I was in eighth grade.
And the last lap was always the fastest.
When you're the most exhausted, that's when you double down.
This is the last lap.
The enemy isn't sleeping.
You can look up on Google Pizza Hut orders outside of intelligence offices to see the demand go up at one in the morning right before a major conflict breaks out.
They don't sleep.
And so we have to think of this as the last lap where the guy's right behind you.
Yes, we're winning, but if we slow down or turn over, look over our shoulder, they're going to blow past you.
Their method of control is dividing us.
And so if ever you feel yourself feeling angry, feeling hate toward any group, you need to take a step back and try to see what's really going on.
Because someone is yanking at your strings, getting you to do things you don't want to do that will ultimately lead in less freedom in your life.
So I'd say to anybody out there, I don't care who you think hates you or who you need to hate.
That is not our natural state, alright?
And again, it comes back to love, and I'll just say that.
We need to take a step back because ultimately as humans, we all want the same thing.
That's peace, freedom, love.
Wow, that's so critical.
There's a lot of real little fights on the level, but they're exacerbating them.
It's all fake.
All fake.
Love is the answer, folks.
Alright, I'm going to come back and talk about all the resignations that are happening.
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And for breaking news and updates, be sure and follow me at RealAlexJones, here on X.
All right, Brian Rose and Chase Geisel continue on with your Spaces comments.
I am distracted.
Something I have to take care of.
I would love to be here.
The Owen Schroeder in one hour takes over with the War Room and you're going to be on there on the second hour of it when they launch.
Aviva Frye is coming up in five minutes.
The amazing lawyer to get his take on this travesty of justice with the show trial in New York.
But I wanted to just make this point about I had Dr. Kirk Elio, an economist, and he said, "Oh, there's over a thousand CEOs the
last two months resigned."
And I went, "Okay, let me search it."
I was on CNBC.
It was like 4,000 CEOs, and they were like the heads of major banks and Bill and Melinda Gates and Klaus Schwab.
It's almost as big, or maybe it's bigger, I can't quantify it, that we saw right before COVID and right before 2008.
So Brian, you're a former banker and a smart financial guy.
What do you make of record resignations that never bodes well?
You know, the financial sector is in bed with the U.S.
And when I got to Wall Street in 1993, I was taught about the Federal Reserve, which, by the way, is neither federal or reserve.
I got taught about all the intricate relationships where people go from Goldman Sachs to the Treasury Secretary and back.
It's always a leading indicator if you see what's happening in finance, because it's intermittently linked into the government.
So yeah, when you see things like 08, usually they're cleaning house.
Usually they're trying to bring in a new order and a new vision for what they want to do to the next level.
So yeah, I probably want to look into this a little more.
It's an election year.
Inflation's in play.
Crypto is a new wild card.
And I'm sure they're trying to resist a lot of those forces right now.
Elaborate on that.
So that was my question.
The old guard scurrying around with stolen money because they don't want to blame, or are they trying to fix it by bringing in a new guard?
So you astutely answered my question partly.
You know, I honestly believe this crypto card is something that is going to change a lot of minds.
And we saw the administration do an entire 180 over the past seven days and go from Elizabeth Warren and her cronies trying to lock people up throwing crypto to basically Biden giving Gary Gensler at the SEC a green light to approve this next ETF for Ethereum.
And I think they're starting to realize that 50 million Americans own crypto and they're tired of their politicians telling them what they can do with their own money.
So adoption is winning?
And the freedom is the issue.
And again, crypto is a, is a really a currency of freedom.
And we got to remember that just like X is a, is a medium of freedom.
Well, that's how slavery ended.
It's why people said we're sick of having black slaves.
This is wrong morally.
It's just a moment.
Now we say we want crypto.
We can iron out the problems with it, but the idea is good.
Yeah, you can't put that in the bag just why you can't undo a CBDC.
And so we got to be very careful about these decisions.
I'm very happy to see what's happening with crypto.
Trump's embracing it.
Biden's doing a reversal on it.
And ultimately, it's an instrument of freedom.
They vowed to ban CBDCs, I think, in the House.
I don't know if it'll be passed.
These are good signs, but we've got to push it because money is everything.
I'll say one last thing.
Freedom of speech is one thing, Alex, but if you don't have financial freedom, freedom of speech is a luxury.
So if I pull all of your memes... I'm gonna say monetary is even more important.
It's more important.
It trumps everything else and yet we don't think about it that much.
So follow the money.
It's the ancient expression.
Follow the money.
That's being controlled.
You're being controlled.
I'm a pro-gun guy.
I know it's the second, but it should be the third.
You're right.
Financial speech, then self-defense.
Like, if you don't have the money and the speech, forget the guns.
I mean...
Yeah, very much so.
The guns were there to protect your property.
The money is essential.
Otherwise, you have no freedoms.
That's so important for people to understand.
You've got to be able to own your own money.
And if we can just get the average right-winger to get into monetary issues, we're going to win.
That's what we need.
And it's the libertarian voice.
Hopefully, they're moving that way.
All right, it's going to premiere in an hour and 57 minutes at LondonReal.tv and at LondonRealTV and at Brian B. Rose and at Real Alex Jones.
The film is amazing.
We will not be silenced.
It will stream out while you're co-hosting with Owen Schroer.
We're going to go to break.
Viva Frye, an amazing lawyer and patriot, is going to give his take on this.
I'm a layperson, so I only had an hour yesterday to get ready.
Wait, they don't have to agree on the charge?
Isn't that wrong?
All the scholars came out and said it's completely illegal.
They all have to agree 100% on each charge.
What are they doing?
Well, desperation.
Viva Friday takes over and you'll get to a bunch of spaces.
Everybody be patient.
We appreciate you all.
So amazing.
Brian Rose, we will not be silenced.
Film Freedom Platform dot TV and at Real Alex Jones in two hours or two hours or an hour and 55 minutes.
All right.
Thank you so much.
Stay with us, folks.
We'll be right back.
I am Chase Geiser, your host for the remainder of the hour.
We have Viva Frye with us, as well as the great Brian Rose, co-hosting the Alex Jones Show.
You're back in the saddle, man!
Viva, it is an honor and a pleasure to speak with you.
I have been a fan of your work for a long time, and please pardon my ignorance on these issues.
I don't know much about law.
These suits, obviously I've been following them.
I've only really gotten interested in politics extensively over the course of the last several years and my understanding of how this works out is so counterintuitive to what I'm actually seeing.
Can you just explain to me what's going on with what I'm hearing rumors of judges saying that only a certain number of members of the jury have to agree on certain charges?
I am just totally confused.
Please give me like a 101 on what the hell is going on.
I always preface this by saying I was a civil litigator in Quebec and not a criminal lawyer in America but I've managed to piece this together because you hear people saying things and you're not exactly sure what they're saying.
I saw the tweet that said the judge instructed the jury they don't have to be unanimous for a conviction and I'm like that doesn't sound right and it's a little bit more confusing than that because this is a 34 felony charge case indictment That would have otherwise been a misdemeanor that would have otherwise been
barred by the statute of limitations. And the way they got around this being a misdemeanor was by arguing that the falsification of business records was for the purposes of
covering up an underlying felony. That's how they get past the misdemeanor, statute of limitations, and make this into something insanely idiotic that it never was.
The judge tells the jury, you don't have to be unanimous on the underlying crime or the predicate act. That's what the judge is telling the jury. You can find, you have to
find unanimous conviction, that's just the basis of law. But you don't need to unanimously agree on what the underlying crime was that turned this from a misdemeanor into a felony.
That's bizarre.
No, it's bizarre.
And there's like three floating theories.
I was trying to find the tweet of the judge.
I couldn't find it.
But there's three underlying theories of this case that the underlying predicate act was federal elections, law violations, election interference.