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Name: 20240530_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: May 30, 2024
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America is in the middle of a totalitarian takeover.
George Soros didn't spend tens of billions of dollars given him by the CIA and State Department for no reason.
He's got over a thousand DAs and county attorneys under his control.
He's got almost 20 state attorney generals on his payroll.
And you're seeing the weaponization of the judiciary right now, putting the number one presidential candidate 20 points ahead of Biden.
In prison if they have their way, with their fake conviction.
This means they can put you in prison and Hillary and the rest of them said they want to put Trump supporters in prison because they failed.
They're totalitarians.
You've read about it happening in other countries.
It's the most common thing in the world is tyranny.
America was supposed to be different, but it's happening now.
America has political cancer, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to play you a clip of MSNBC where they cackle like witches and talk about the balls of the George Soros minion, Alvin Bragg, who works for Letitia James, also a Soros minion, about how they're putting him in jail.
Their plan is to take everything you've got and literally come after your children and castrate them.
This is a satanic death cult that has declared war on America and thinks you're weak and thinks they can control you.
But just like all the indictments backfired, This is going to backfire on them as well.
We're going to save this country.
We got to be peaceful.
They're going to stage false flags.
They're going to blame us.
We know that's their next card to play.
We have to intellectually, culturally, spiritually expose them and what they've done and not submit to them and vote in such massive numbers, because the statistics show this, we can override all the dead people and illegals they're going to have vote for Biden.
They're in full panic mode.
They're running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
They're running scared.
We're going to win.
We've got to recognize the historical time we're in and how much tyranny we're facing.
Here's the clip, ladies and gentlemen.
George Soros and Hillary Clinton plan to put you in a FEMA camp.
We're going to defeat them, and they're never going to win.
We know that this crime, which would be the aggravating factor, it affected the campaign.
And it showed that no one is above the law.
And today, a jury of 12, a jury of his peers, called Donald Trump what he is, and that is guilty of 34 counts of falsified business records for his actions of trying to interfere with the 2016 campaign.
So thank Alvin Bragg for having the balls to be able to move forward with this case.
And I'm glad we're on streaming.
Misty, so listen, as a journalist, right?
So listen, as a journalist, right?
The storyteller in me loves that argument.
He had the courage.
Alvin Bragg had the courage.
But the skeptical cynic in me says he also tried this case in Manhattan.
Do you think former President Trump got a fair trial?
I mean, he had 12 people that were from Manhattan.
We know this is a very blue area of the country.
Do you think he got a fair trial?
And for breaking news and updates, be sure and follow me at RealAlexJones, here on X.
Let's go ahead and go to Bikini Truther in Nevada.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
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