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Name: 20240529_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 29, 2024
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In this passage from InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses various topics including former President Trump's Senate trial, public health crises like COVID-19 pandemic, and his company's products. He expresses concerns about the impending conviction of Trump in the Senate trial, comparing it to the French Revolution which was based on public health emergencies to grab power. Jones also promotes his wellness company's products, including emergency kits and nutraceuticals, urging listeners to be prepared for any potential crisis. He emphasizes the importance of supporting the company to keep operations going and highlights the need for individuals to take charge of their health during these uncertain times.

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It's Wednesday, May 29th, 2024.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We're 159 days, 12 hours, 59 minutes, 22 seconds.
The most important election in world history.
We have got the broadcast loaded with amazing guests today.
We have the great painter that goes around with his activist art exposing the left.
Who's going to be popping in and joining us at the bottom of the hour from outside the Kangaroo Courthouse in New York.
That is coming up.
He's got a new painting out.
He was just on with Harrison Smith.
It comes on right before I do with American Journal and InfoWars.com forward slash show and man dot video.
We also send the feed out to hundreds of radio stations, cable and TV stations, and of course on Real Alex Jones on X.
You can also find Owen Schroer at 3 p.m.
Central as well right after my broadcast with The War Room.
But here's what's coming up today.
A quick pop-in from Kirk Elliott on the latest developments in the economy.
That's economist Kirk Elliott.
Huge developments there.
Mike Adams in the studio with a whole bunch of big developments and the people fighting back against the military-industrial-censorship complex.
Then, of course, we have Dr. Peter McCullough with huge updates on the shooting down of the U.N.
Treaty, the huge death numbers coming out from the poison shots, and so much more as the world completely awakens to that huge situation.
And Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, on the just insane developments taking place in the latest show trial, the first criminal trial now coming to a head with the jury now in deliberations.
Judge, in jury instructions this morning, told the jury that you don't have to all agree on a crime, just that some crime was committed.
Well, I'm no lawyer, but I looked it up quickly and I remembered this and we talked to Barnes, he agrees, he's coming on later.
You've got to have the jury say that there's overwhelming evidence.
If there's any reasonable doubt, you can't convict somebody and you also can't say, oh well, We all separately think he committed different crimes, but we're going to just find him guilty of the crimes put down here by the prosecutor.
So that is just next level.
Kind of like in his real estate trial, he didn't get a jury trial, he asked for one.
People go, oh, it's a bench trial.
You can ask for a bench trial.
Trump didn't want one.
And what about me and my kangaroo cases in Texas and Connecticut?
Well, the judges both coordinated with each other.
It was an HBO film production.
The whole thing was just a reality TV show.
I was supposed to just be a bit player in it and I wasn't allowed to basically defend myself.
I was found guilty before they ever had the trials.
The judge says, this person is guilty.
You're here to find out how guilty they are so they can still have some type of sham, sham event for the media because they wanted to have their cake and eat it too.
Just absolutely Insane, but people are waking up to it.
You know, they tried to remove and disbar my lawyer in Connecticut because he was given dozens of things he couldn't say, like I was innocent or that I wasn't getting a fair trial or all these, or that I never did anything to these people and never said their names except one guy's name.
And he said a little too much, and so she threatened to sanction him, went after him.
Use of technicalities to try to take his license, that just got overturned by the appeals court.
And if you go to the YouTube video about it, literally 6,000 comments, I read hours the other day, couldn't find one person against me.
In the latest Viva Frye video they put out about it.
I mean, that's just an example.
People are really, really seeing through all of this.
All right.
So much more coming up.
We're going to plunge into all the news.
Some stations don't carry the first five.
We're about to join hundreds of radio stations coming up here in just 60 seconds.
Please follow me at RealAlexJones on X. That is so essential with 24-hour-a-day news breaking there.
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Stay with us.
It's Wednesday, May 29th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours.
We are joined by Dr. Peter McCullough, we are joined by constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, we are joined by investigative journalist Mike Adams, we are joined by economist Kirk Elliott, and we are joined by a very popular artist who's been kicking ass and is up there covering the Trump criminal show trial in New York, Sean Oliva.
So, he'll be popping in at the bottom of the hour from right there in front of the courthouse where this travesty of injustice is taking place.
Okay, here's what we've got today.
It's going to be jam-packed, not just with guests, but with all the news.
The judge told the jury they don't even have to agree on what crimes Trump committed.
I've never heard of this before.
Just that he committed some crime.
And then they can If they think he committed another crime, just go ahead and convict him of the crimes that the prosecutors have put forth in the indictment in the subsequent show trial.
This is next level tyranny, ladies and gentlemen.
Judge says to jury in instructions this morning, and they could come out any time, could take days, could take hours, could take weeks, to convict Trump of felonies.
Jury does not need to unanimously agree on what predicated crime he committed.
That's next level.
It's not just guilt, you're not guilty.
Here are the possible outcomes of the Trump trial.
Most of their guests, including Lepnicka, this really isn't a fair trial.
Cohen's a horrible witness.
Just because I have a plumber come to my house and do some work doesn't mean I was there watching them and what they did.
Because he was keeping the money for himself and all this, and has a history of stealing, he admits.
How do you sit there and listen to a convicted thief?
So, continuing.
Trump posted on Truth Social during yesterday's closing arguments that it was boring.
They've rolled out the January 6th police.
Say it was the most deadly day in U.S.
history and Trump's a total criminal and wants to be a dictator.
De Niro is acting like a complete and total clown.
It just goes on and on.
So there's that stack.
We're going to be going through a lot of that today and obviously Robert Barnes is going to be joining us at the end of the fourth hour.
So we'll have more or no more obviously by then.
I want to talk More about Tedros, the head of the WHO, and his global virus pandemic power grab, funded by the IMF, World Bank, Bill Gates, and others, to give really a medical tyranny to those who want world government, and then the fact that he's not facing reality with his treaty being destroyed.
Then I have a big stack on what all the different poison shots are doing to people and how all of that ties together with Dr. Peter McCullough.
Big developments on the central bank, digital currency, and inflation news.
Big attacks on free speech developments.
Big attacks with leftist governments around the world.
They all act in unison trying to Get rid of the age of consent for everything from drugs, to sex, to military service, to voting.
The Labour Party is proposing letting children vote in the UK.
So... They're even trying to take adults' rights to smoke cigarettes away, but kids, they can go vote.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
So that's just some of what's coming up.
Also, EV, electric vehicles, twice as likely to hit pedestrians as gasoline vehicles.
Well, I'll tell you, I've rented a few times because I just wanted to see what they're like.
Electric cars.
And they are scary as hell.
I mean, the acceleration in those things, and I like muscle cars, folks.
I've owned a thousand horsepower Hellcat, and I got rid of it because it was too fast.
And I gotta tell you, I've driven These Teslas and other cars and I mean I guess they want to have the fastest cars around they sure as hell are.
I mean you barely hit the accelerator you're going 100 miles an hour.
So why aren't they putting a governor in there to control that?
I guess they wanted to show the one thing EVs can do better and that is sure as hell give instant power that is unbelievable.
There is no doubt about that they are.
They're death traps, too, because they're so lightweight and they go so fast.
But I'm not in a war against electric vehicles.
I'm against the war against all these other forms of energy.
But electric vehicles, for at least a foreseeable future, in my view, are a bridge to nowhere.
So that's all coming up.
We've also got massive news with the UN-funded invasions of illegal aliens in Europe and North America.
That is all coming up today.
And so much more.
But first, let's drill into the Tedros news here because it's so important.
You know, I was wondering when the treaty got shot down four days ago and they said it was dead, could I find a video of Tedros?
And it took some time, but I did find one.
I posted it on X and it's him saying, don't worry, we're still going to get this through at some point.
and trying to rally his troops but as long as we expose them and as long as we show what this is really all about they'll never get this through and it is the jewel in the crown of the central
bank digital currency social credit score market the base control grid here's a clip of Tedros my wish is we will come out of the assembly re-energized inspired we will try everything
believing that anything is possible and make this happen Because the world still needs a pandemic treaty.
And the world needs to be prepared.
Because many of the challenges that caused a serious impact during COVID-19 still exist.
Still exist.
Starting from equity, for instance, was the center of this negotiation.
So, still exist.
And we should really prepare the world.
So, let's continue to try everything.
And anything is possible.
And as we always say, if there is a will, there is a way.
So I'm still positive, to be honest.
Despite the outcome.
That's what I am.
That's what I believe.
There could be hiccups.
The issue is what do we learn from it and move.
This is not a failure.
Even when I fail, by the way, many times, I try to learn what happened and then move on.
Failure doesn't stop us.
It should not stop us.
But this is not failure.
You have really done a lot.
You have progressed a lot.
I don't call it failure.
So Big Pharma sits right at the center of the New World Order globalist system.
It wants power over your borders, over your bodies, over what they can put in your bodies.
But everything Tedros said about COBA was a lie, everything he said about the poison shots being effective and safe was a lie.
Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Yvonne O'Rourke, All of them are ultra unpopular, hated around the world, and they're perfect poster boys for the globalists because they discredit this corrupt system completely.
But they are preparing to release new viruses, gain a function.
They are preparing new mRNA shots.
They are now hyping up the bird flu, only 158 days out of the most important election in world history.
As predicted.
And you know, and he's going to talk about this when he joins us, Dr. Peter McCullough has been exposing the actual patent numbers where they have gain-of-function bird flu on the shelf, the U.S.
government does, as well as the U.N.
So that is a big, big deal.
Here's one of the headlines.
Sean Miller, InfoWars.com.
mRNA bird flu vaccine in development.
And guess what?
They've already got the quote, current strain ready.
Trust the science.
That just redacted 11,000 peer-reviewed papers.
That's right.
Who knew academics and journals were a 30 million dollar a year industry and almost all of the fake studies that just got pulled We're financed by Big Pharma.
Remember Bill Gates financed the studies in the UK and the US in early 2020, claiming 5 million Americans were going to die and 500,000 Brits.
And of course, none of that was true.
They killed a bunch of people with remdesivir and ventilators.
Get another reminder of why blindly trusting the science may not always be the best go-to move of the future.
The 217-year-old Wiley Science publisher has reported peer-reviewed more than 11,000 papers that were determined to be fake without ever noticing The paper's referred to as naked gobbledygook sandwiches and it goes on to report on that.
And of course we have this news reported to you years ago but it's now in mainstream Australian television and US news.
The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine injected into billions of arms was not the same one used in Pfizer's clinical trials.
Jimmy Dore didn't just start saying this like Chris Cuomo.
He's been saying it for three years.
He took the COVID shot and has been sick ever since.
Connecticut claims religious exemptions to mandatory child vaccinations somehow pose a threat to public health.
Well, if you've taken the shot and you're protected, which you aren't, then why do I have to take it?
Insane and gross turbo cancer cases.
From COVID shots flooding social media and it's in major peer-reviewed studies that indeed cancer is up more than 3,000% since introduction of the injections.
Not in the year COVID came out, 2020, but from the injections.
Absolutely devastating information, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, I want to hit the big World War III news.
That is the biggest yet as we go each day deeper into the black hole of Armageddon.
And then I'm going to hit all these big governmental moves.
If you think the censorship's been bad the last few years, get ready.
It's about to get a lot more intense and there are ways to stop it.
We're going to be hitting that and so much more here in just a moment.
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All right.
You know, I know I sound like a broken record on this.
And it's because I've studied wargaming, I've studied threat escalation ladders.
I've just always found it very fascinating since I was six years old.
And I started reading Guys, bring me some.
It's out there in the bookshelf.
There's World War II time-life books, encyclopedias.
Bring me five or six of those in here real quick.
I'm going to show somebody something.
Again, my dad, they'd buy me clothes about twice a year.
I was taken care of.
I got three square meals a day.
But if I wanted a toy or I wanted a new bike, I had to go mow lawns for it.
That's just old fashioned.
It was a good thing.
So the time I was seven, eight years old, you know, I'm mowing the yard.
I'm doing chores for extra money.
I'm doing chores for neighbors because my dad would say no.
But if I wanted a gun or I wanted to go hunting or I wanted to go fishing or, hand them to me.
Thank you.
Or I wanted books.
That was the one thing he would get me.
And he'd take me to the library.
We'd go like once a week.
And I just got into like Viking history and just Roman history.
And I was a good reader by about five, six years old.
And when I was six years old, remember if you're old enough, remember they had Time Life book ads on TV all the time.
And I would say, hey, I want that.
So a new one would come every month.
And he ended up buying me more than 20 encyclopedias.
My dad was a big encyclopedia guy himself.
He would buy every few years the new Britannica edition.
The house was just full of books.
His house still is full of books.
My mother's a historian.
She's got a degree in it.
She never went and taught it.
And so I grew up around this, but just an example, here's just a few of my World War II encyclopedia, overhead shot, and I read these, and they're great for kids because they're for adults, but they're pictures.
And then write-ups about it, all the old newspaper clippings, and just all this amazing, amazing stuff.
So I read all these.
And then he would occasionally, I would also take my money and get model airplanes and glue them together.
And then when I got older, I'd get little gas-powered airplanes and we'd go out and fly them and put them back together and Estes rockets.
I mean, I had a great childhood.
But the point is, when I tell you that I know about war, not from going and doing it, but from studying history, I did not get into comic books.
I did not really get into sci-fi, though I read some of it.
This is what I got into.
Okay, I got a World War I encyclopedia, a Wild Wild West encyclopedia.
By the time I was 10, I was reading Pulitzer Prize books, Order of the Deathshed, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
Then I wanted to read other perspectives, so I read Mein Kampf.
I went to the bookstore when I was 11 and bought Mein Kampf.
The lady said, are you a Nazi?
Because it had Hitler on the front of it.
I said, no, why are you selling it?
She goes, well, you're a really smart kid.
And I said, yeah, why are you selling it?
And then, because that edition was a big orange, and it had Hitler on the front, and the woman was like, really scared, she's like, what are you doing?
You like Hitler?
And I said, no, I want to read what Hitler wrote.
But the point is, is that I've probably, no exaggeration, read 200 books on World War II, and talked to a lot of World War II vets.
I'm not trying to brag here, I'm just trying to, when I say, I got encyclopedias on World War II, I've had these since I was six years old, folks.
So, but I shouldn't even have just said that.
I should have just said all of the mainline experts agree that we're the closest to nuclear war that we have ever been.
And on the threat continuation ladder of escalation, We are like two seconds to midnight now.
And the Atomic Energy Association of scientists with their doomsday clock in Chicago agree with that analysis.
So there's a threat continuation ladder.
There's different models and different senses, but Rand Corporation is the one that the Pentagon mainly follows.
And it goes from like 1 to 43 and we're already up in the high 30s.
So now it goes into nuclear war and Vladimir Putin came out and so did the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev in just the last three days and said it looks like the West wants nuclear war.
You're moving missiles up to our borders, you're talking about using nuclear weapons, NATO's saying we might use tactical nukes.
They're announcing, it's already been going on, that NATO is officially Giving long-range, high-tech, heavy cruise missiles to rain down, not just on Russian positions, but to now attack inside Russia.
And Russia said, we will then hit NATO targets around Europe.
And Poland openly bragged, as they want a provocation, because they put a globalist in as their president just a month ago, or two months ago.
That they are stockpiling weapons and they're going to supply heavy weapons and cruise missiles to the Ukrainians to hit Russia.
Now, why would you admit that?
It's been going on for a couple of years, but now the weapons are getting heavier.
Why would you say that?
Well, that's a provocation to get Russia going.
I mean, this is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, absolute crazy town behavior, ladies and gentlemen.
And I know I spent probably 45 minutes on this yesterday, so I'm not going to spend much more time on this, but the developments just got a lot worse.
World War III has never been closer.
NATO announces plan to deploy troops to Ukraine and bomb Russia.
Here's RT.
Ukraine striking targets deep inside Russia with Western weapons.
Putin goes on, and you can read the quotes here, from state-run media in Russia saying, it appears the West is continuing to escalate and wants a nuclear war.
So we're prepared for that.
EU state permits Kiev to strike inside Russia and takes credit for it.
How the US is flirting with the idea of limited nuclear conflict with Russia and China.
And then it's got the doctrine, the article's got links to the Pentagon and the defense publication saying, yeah, well, nuclear war's not that bad.
Meanwhile, Israeli embassy in Mexico City set on fire by protest.
Brand new F-35 crashes in New Mexico on way to the U.S.
Air Base.
I mean, just what a piece of crap.
Billions of dollars apiece.
Pilot injured after military fighter jet crashes near International Airport in Albuquerque.
molds new cruise missiles on subs to deter China.
They've already got them on the bigger submarines, but now they want to retrofit them for that.
I mean, we are off to the races.
And Putin's like, you really want a nuclear war?
That's where we're going.
He told NATO, you keep backing Ukraine, I'm gonna invade.
And he did.
He's gonna do it.
That'll put a crimp in your drag queen story time, won't it?
Be right back.
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I want to thank you all for spreading the word because without you, we are nothing.
Coming to you live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, and we've got Shawn Oliva and Scott Labado out there in front of the courthouse where the kangaroo show trial of Trump is
ongoing with the jury now in deliberations.
You can't make this up.
There's Politico.
Judge said, you don't have to agree on the crimes he committed.
Just say he's guilty.
That is unprecedented.
And constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is coming up later in the broadcast to break this down.
I don't know how long they're going to deliberate.
If it's quick, that's not good for Trump, obviously.
So at least they've been going a few hours now, three hours or so.
But the power of art, the power of activism is beautiful.
And I've been seeing Shawn Olivas work for years.
And then, of course, I'm also familiar with actor Sean Libeto and the work he's doing.
And they're out there all over the national news at the Trump rallies, at the show trials, going to Soros' New York offices, exposing him with art.
It's peaceful.
It's nonviolent.
It reaches millions of people.
It's very effective.
So I've been wanting to get Sean on for a while.
And then I saw he was on with Harrison Smith right before I went live at 11 a.m. Central 34 minutes ago.
And I said, "Please come on show."
They're coming on with us.
Before we talk about that great art, Sean and Scott, give me your take, because I've seen you on the national news off and on during the show trial and at some of the other events
and doing great things at the huge Trump rallies, with hundreds of thousands showing up, just on what you're witnessing and what percentage of people in the crowds there are pro-Trump.
It appears it's like 90 percent.
And we obviously have that actor, that punk.
That paid individual, Robert De Niro, and that's your painting is Trump as the great Cassius Clay, the great Muhammad Ali, you know, knocking out baby De Niro.
I mean, look, De Niro is a great actor.
I've loved him in films, loved him in Cape Fear, loved him in The Godfather.
But the guy is a paid actor that reads off a script.
So just give me your overall sense of what you're seeing and what's happening there on the ground, Sean and Scott.
Yeah, Alex, thanks for having me on.
So yeah, I'm trying to set up a job for PBS 7.0.
I'm the founder of the Freedom Charities Network.
Freedom Charities Network.
This is the creator, Scott Labado.
Guys, let's do this.
Let's do this.
When I saw you on American Journal, you had good audio.
I think you guys were sharing earbuds.
I think I see that's what's going on.
So why don't you guys, let me talk to one of you first, and then you can, like, in Greek mythology, passing around the one eye, give the stuff to the other guy, because there's so much...
You sound better.
Okay, start over.
Go ahead.
All right, so I am a Christian conservative rapper, DBS 7.0, founder of FreedomChariot.com.
And this is the painter Scott Labado, who created this beautiful painting of Trump as Cassius Clay.
And over here we got De Niro as the crybaby who just got shouted down to shame yesterday.
The MOOC himself.
And over here, it's a great day.
I mean, there's a lot of support out here for Trump.
As always, the cops usually always do a great job of keeping up the problem starters.
And it's just always a great time here at the Trump trial.
And we're ready for whatever, whichever way it goes, whether they put him in jail or they don't.
We're ready for it.
And it's all good, because if they put him in jail, He's just going to gain numbers in the poll.
You're going to make him a martyr.
You're going to make him prosecuted like the people on the ground who have been persecuted for so long.
So, that's what we're about.
That's what we're here for.
Scott always comes to shut it down with such great work all the time.
Scott Lebado, the one and only.
I'll pass him over to you to give him a few words.
Alright, Scott, thank you so much for the artist there with us.
Thank you for coming on.
How you doing, my brother Alex?
Give me your feel on the ground, what you've seen.
It's a positive.
You know, I mean, everybody's anxious, but positive.
Like I am.
And like I tell people, this is his campaign trail.
He doesn't have to be on the road.
This is it right here.
And like he said, and like I say, you could put this man in jail.
Take every dime he has.
He is going to be the next president.
And I tell people, watch his face when he walks in and out of court, Alex.
Watch his face.
Like John Wayne.
John Wayne has a smirk, a confident smirk, when he walks into a bar, kicks open those swinging doors, guns blazing at him.
He's got that confident smirk because he knows he's right.
He knows this is an injustice, travesty, sham.
That's why this punk, yesterday, that abused He got abused that the Biden administration sends him here as their spokesperson.
He came here because he knows if Donald Trump gets away and gets to be president, he's going to pull out all the stops to get people like him who were at that island with that guy that maybe killed himself.
Just saying.
Tell me about, I've seen your other art, a lot of it.
Tell me, tell me about just the reaction you're getting from people.
Oh, they love it.
You know, as an artist, I have to constantly up myself.
I mean, if you recall last week, I was the guy that released the giant penis balloons with all the judges faces on it and the DA's faces on it.
That was pretty epic.
Again, it's creative to provoke emotion.
And not only that, but I have the gift to use art to speak not only for myself, but for the masses of people who don't have an outlet.
And that's why they really come around to these creative expressions, per se.
And we've got the artist Scott Lebado here and we've also got the rapper and also I've seen him in some of the acting pieces he's done.
You know, Sean here with us.
Gut level, what are you expecting to happen here with the show trial with the judge saying they don't have to agree even on what crimes he committed, just convict him?
How are they supposed to do that?
This is the whole point, and you know this, and everybody knows this.
I have Democrats, I have liberal friends who do not like Trump, but they agree that this is a sham.
This is going to destroy the judicial system if he is convicted.
There's two lawyers on that jury, and I'm hoping that they see the history that they can make right now by saving, because nobody's going to respect the law anymore, because this is a travesty.
I'm not going to use the words I usually use.
Do the math.
Anyway, I'm going to pass it over to him before I say something.
Like I said before, this guy right here is a straight up mook.
He's trash.
His movies are garbage.
They used to be good, but he's no longer any good.
He's making sorry music.
He's acting like a punk.
And that's why we're out here to stick it to people like this and to support Trump.
As you know, as you said before, you've seen me many times around.
I am the great shouter of Adam Schiff.
and all of these scumbucket scumbags, Eric Adams, Leticia James, Kathy Hochul, all of them are a bunch of scumbags and we're outside for it. Well, what you said earlier, Sean, is so important
that no matter what they do, there's a political realignment all over the world, populists are being elected, and then we've got an incredible individual like Trump with all of his charisma
and his will.
That's a perfect storm against tyranny.
And in a way, it's even better, because they're talking about not letting him have an appeal or putting him in jail.
While there's an appeal, the Secret Service has been preparing to be in the jail with him while he's locked up, if the jury's dumb enough to believe the lies of that rat Cohen.
It's all a joke.
And I think, you know, I was going around in my Freedom Chariot just the other day registering voters, and I was driving down Corona, Jackson Heights, the Bronx, all these areas, and so many people support him.
And they're supporting him more here in New York than people understand, particularly because they made a mistake of bringing Trump to court.
Here in New York and keeping him here so that he could rally and woo the people over here and people are coming for it.
People are here for it all over the Bronx, all over New York.
The foolishness that's going on in the courthouse right now with Trump, everybody's noticing how ridiculous it is.
Stormy Daniels, E. Jean Carroll, a freaking ugly woman who's never been even remotely close to anything of the type of Women that Trump has dealt with in his past.
I mean, all of the nonsense that they're throwing at him is becoming so obvious that people are waking up.
Even the libs, even the Looney Tunes, Trump derangement syndrome psychos that run around here are also waking up.
They're snapping out of their nonsense and they're seeing what's happening.
They're like, man, we can't, these people are making us look like fools, sticking up for this foolishness and we can't even make a case for it.
Now we're just trying to talk and we can't even, Defend ourselves because we look like idiots and it's because of stupid stuff like this.
It's obvious and people like Eric Adams, Leticia James, Alvin Braggs, they're all scum and liars.
I want to go back to Scott Labado here, the artist, here in a moment and we'll put up on screen.
People can find both you guys on X, but just closing comments about any other key points you'd like to add as folks down there on the street in the trenches.
Well, listen, I started this movement called FreedomChariot.com, where I will be driving all across the country wherever I need to go to register voters, to set up events right from the vans, you know, where I'll have a stage and sound and everything in there ready to pull out and just do events and support Trump however way we can.
You know, helping out with Scott Labado.
I mean, sorry, Scott Pressler and changing the numbers on these votes.
And so that's what I'm doing.
I'm making music.
What's the movie?
that means something and on the topics that matter today.
So check out my music, DBS 7.0.
Find me on Instagram @officialdbs7.0.
On Twitter @dbs7_0 and freedomchariot.com.
And you can help me out through there.
Let's go.
Scott Labato.
Plug the movie.
Thanks again for having us on, brother.
I know you couldn't hear me 'cause you guys are having to share a microphone there,
but, or earbuds, but what else do you wanna get off your chest about why you're so active,
where you see this country, what's happening next and what we can do to ensure we get Trump into office
and what we do once we get Trump into office in 158 days?
I've been doing this for 30 some odd years, my friend.
Using my art to wake people up.
And back in the 90s, nobody listened to me.
Because I saw, not prophetically, but as a visionary, as an artist, I saw this hell happen.
And everybody was complacent.
Yes, I blame the radical left who took it to the moon, but I also blame us because we were complacent.
Walking to a grocery store and there's 18 different flavors of Cheerios.
We were sucking up this beautiful milk and honey that we should suck up, but we should always understand, should have, that it could be taken away.
And here we are.
So I am confident that enough people have woken up, you know, thanks to people like Sean and myself, To use our gift to wake people up, you know, in an orthodox way, to get that message out there.
My movie hits theaters.
It's about, you know, my life's work, doing all of this for 30 years.
It opens up across the country on June 13th, this month, and it's a wake-up call.
Yeah, it's about my radical activism, my patriotism, but it is a last-minute wake-up call.
Alex, you know, we went through World War I, World War II, the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam.
This is our worst This is our biggest challenge, our biggest test in the history of this country.
And it is 11 o'clock.
And at 12 o'clock, we lose everything.
So, the rest of the people that are sitting on that fence, wake your ass up.
You don't have to go out and release giant penis balloons or do paintings.
Everybody has a talent and a gift.
And use that gift to save not only your community, your child's future, your economy, your community, but this country and the world, if you think about it.
So I'm really confident.
I really feel confident that people have finally woke up late to the game, but nevertheless at the game.
So I feel good about this.
All right, gentlemen.
Well, I want to thank you, Sean Labado, for your great work.
And of course, Scott Labado and Sean as well.
Thank you very much, gentlemen.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thanks for having us, brother.
I just wanted to show you some of the activists down there on the ground and and what's going on and what's unfolding there because you know people are standing up in every way they can and some people reach millions of folks unlike those guys some people just reach a thousand or a hundred or ten but all of us doing little things are going to change things and it's going to be art it's going to be culture it's going to be ideas that are going to be able to do all of this and if we just sit there in our houses and let the left run around and intimidate us I mean I'm so Sick of the intimidation.
Richard Dreyfuss went to a showing of Jaws.
And he dressed in a dress and made fun of the transgender movement and said, I'm not a woman, it's because I'm wearing a dress.
And it's time to stop targeting our children.
And it's time to quit cutting their balls off.
And the left's all pissed at him.
Let them be pissed!
They're the bad guys!
Who gives a hell what those people think?
It's happening.
All over Europe, they're banning hormones and surgeries on people under 17.
And in the UK, they've basically tacitly banned it.
Now they're officially banning it, because they realize they've bit off more than they can chew.
It's a crime against humanity.
But then they have RuPaul, the drag show now, showing women up there that have their breasts cut off, and then they dress in drag.
It's all an attack on women, an attack on families.
It's sick.
It's a devil cult, folks.
They love death.
They love degeneracy.
They love sick stuff because it's all they've got left.
Now they're worse than, you know, pedophilia.
Now they want to murder children.
Now they want to cut their genitals off.
Yeah, it's one thing to rape a child.
That's really evil and bad.
You deserve the death penalty.
But now they want to cut their genitals off.
They're doing it.
They're calling it a medical service.
This is just upside down world.
Look at this.
England set to ban gender identity teaching in schools.
And it goes into the fact that the UK government and already the National Health Service says it's destructive and bad and needs to stop.
They're officially moving to ban it.
England's set to ban gender identity teaching in schools.
The brainwashing.
Look at this.
Demonic RuPaul drag race features drag queen acting out undergoing double mastectomy surgery on runway.
Cutting themselves up.
In a simulated event.
Remember the quote, drag queens that simulate cutting a baby out of their stomach and drinking their blood?
This is a devil cult.
Meanwhile, at Cannes Film Festival, a woman has Jesus on her dress and the security guards try to block it.
Because Jesus is dirty.
But cutting your breast off is sexy because it's a demonic thing that hates women, that hates life, that hates families.
It's sick.
It's absolutely sick and disgusting and a Satan cult.
All right.
We've got Robert Marns coming up on the Trump Show trial, Dr. Peter McCullough, so much more.
I've got world news, a bunch of financial news we're going to be hitting.
But speaking of financial news, Kevin O'Leary is nonpartisan.
He's a billionaire, and he's been pointing out how dangerous the persecution of Trump is and how it affects everybody.
Here's the clip.
We'll be right back.
Kevin O'Leary is warning the world that leftist policies are destroying America's economy.
But what Kevin doesn't understand is, it's all being done by design.
Frankly, all of these trials on Trump, and again, I want to stay out of the partisanship of this thing, the real estate wars trials were very bad for New York.
It scared capital away because people started asking, well, if they're doing this to this person, who's next?
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Billionaire investor Kevin O'Leary has been warning for months that the show trials against President Trump, his real estate trial, where the judge already found him guilty before
he even had a show trial with no jury, would destroy America's brand and kill people investing here.
Because most nations are not safe to invest in, like Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea or China, because the state can swoop in and take over your money.
So in this latest video we're about to play, he points this out and says, this is only intensifying.
This is insane.
It's creating a huge exodus out of New York.
You see, that's the globalist plan.
They're doing it on purpose.
O'Leary says they're ignorant and are dumb.
No, they want total power.
They want total control.
They are totalitarians.
And that's why this election coming up in 160 days is so important, because these people are going for broke.
They're not worried about second, third, fourth order responses to what they do.
They don't care if it collapses the whole country, because they'd rather rule over a pile of ashes Then just be part of a successful free nation.
These are real tyrants.
If cancer had consciousness, it would not take your body over and kill you.
But it doesn't have a consciousness.
It just wants to dominate.
It just takes over.
And that's what leftist policies in the WF are.
Now, the good news is they're being rejected everywhere.
The problem is they continue with their policies because BlackRock that controls 80% of world assets doesn't care. It wants the raw control. But the good news is in Texas and other states the attorney
generals have sued. They're pulling out the pension funds from BlackRock and saying you're not going to use our money against us. And that's the real revolution. Real wars are fought with
money, not with tanks and not with planes. The globalists know they're failing. So they're trying to start World War II with the Russians. NATO's announced they're sending troops in to
Ukraine as we speak. They're trying to create national drafts again. This is a dying empire.
Not an elite that is powerful, not an elite that's in control, but losers. That's why whether you're conservative or Democrat or liberal, whatever you are, the new law is not good. We need to oppose it.
We need to go back to the fundamentals that have made societies and civilizations successful.
Here's Kevin O'Leary, dumbfounded, godsmacked, not knowing why they're doing stuff that's so crazy that doesn't make sense, because they want total control.
They'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.
Here's the clip.
I want to bring in O'Leary Ventures chairman of Shark Tank Adventure, Kevin O'Leary.
Now let's start with the U.S.
energy policy.
So what do you think about this electric utopia just around the corner?
Well, I would start by just saying all administrations, regardless of your red or blue stripes, should stop talking about energy transition.
There is no such thing as a transition out of oil and gas or hydrocarbons.
Not during anybody's lifetime, not for maybe a hundred years, maybe longer.
There is such thing as energy diversification.
So that nomenclature should be changed because even the global economies that met on climate change in Abu Dhabi recently admitted, for the first time ever, there is no such thing as energy transition.
So let's just stop talking about that and be honest with the American people and people all around the world.
Diversification, that's okay, as different sources become economic and make sense.
Right now, most of the transitional ideas, like wind and solar, don't really work economically.
They're getting better, and over time they will take their percentage of diversification, but they won't replace oil while you're alive, or your kids are alive, or your grandkids are alive.
So, I'd like people just to get over it, because I'm tired of hearing this rhetoric, because I know it's not real.
So, I want to get to... Oh, go ahead.
So number two, what we should be doing in America is energy security.
We've learned from the Ukrainian war that's an ongoing situation, and even the British have admitted they started to drill in the ocean again, that we need to increase the production of energy here and be a next exporter.
Be the largest.
Net export matters to the American taxpayer.
I'll tell you why.
You talked about ANWR in that last interview.
That's in Alaska.
We should maximize output there and put a royalty on it, like they did in Norway, and use that royalty for one purpose, paying down the national debt.
You want to get out of this mess we have in debt?
That's how you do it.
The Norwegians did it starting in the 70s.
We can too, because we're one of the largest producers of oil on Earth.
The policy should be pro-production.
Drill, drill, drill.
Distribute, distribute, distribute.
Build new high-quality refineries all over America and make sure that our economy is number one in terms of energy security.
That's what should be happening.
I never want to hear the word transition again associated with hydrocarbons.
And that could have that ripple effect that would lift all boats, so to speak.
I want to switch gears with you, Kevin.
Former President Trump is in court for closing arguments for his case.
You know, I've wondered about this all along.
I know you follow this closely.
Does this case and the treatment of the former president damage new investment in doing business in New York City?
Well, I think you're bringing up a great point.
This trial by at least 50% of the population, and I don't even want to get partisan on it, half the country thinks this trial should have never happened.
And what I think is it hurts the American brand.
We are the number one economy on earth for foreign capital because they believe in our appellate court system, they believe in the fairness of our system, they think it's safe to put money long-term here, and we're the largest economy on earth.
These kinds of trials I call, I mean, I don't know what this trial is, a porn star wars or whatever it was, I don't know why we would do this To any former president.
Any former president.
This hurts the executive, the brand, the White House, which sits for all presidents, doesn't matter what party they're in, you don't want to hurt that brand.
And frankly, all of these trials on Trump, and again, I want to stay out of the partisanship of this thing, the real estate wars trials were very bad for New York.
It scared capital away because people started asking, well if they're doing this to this person, who's next?
So I really think we have to think about if you're going to bring a former president into a federal trial where he'd be accused of a felony and potentially jailed, think about the American brand first.
I understand if it was murder, I get it.
But this is not murder.
This is porn Star Wars.
What does this have to do with the American brand?
This was a bad idea and frankly, I don't think it's making any difference to the polls right now, which is very, very strange for people that might have thought this could be used for political reasons.
Stop doing this to the American brand.
That's my message.
Yeah, Kevin, we unfortunately... Hour number two, only minutes away.
Please stay with us and please share the live links.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, I tend to get so close to a problem I get behind it because I'm so far ahead of it.
You see what I'm saying?
The UN, the globalists, the Pentagon are getting ready for new bird flu lockdowns and the shutdown of all of the beef production and poultry production in the United States.
That's their plan.
That's in the news.
We'll be covering it next segment.
I've got videos of it happening, of it unfolding.
But I want to talk about courage.
I know folks that know Dennis Quaid, also love his brother, and I don't normally care about actors because I know they're actors and they get blackballed in Hollywood if they're conservative, if they're populist, if they're pro-family, if they're Christian.
But some are so big they can't stop them like Mel Gibson.
So I would put, you know, Quaid up there close to Mel Gibson over the years speaking up and doing things.
One time I was really mean to Dennis Quaid because some folks told me, we need to go protest this event the Democrats are putting on.
And when I got there bullhorning it, it was Dennis Quaid's charity for children.
That was like 20 years ago.
If I ever meet him in person, I'm going to apologize for it.
The cops come out and they said, Mr. Quaid asked you to please stop.
I go, Dennis Quaid?
And the cops got in my face and said, I'm not stopping!
So I kept bullhorning the hotel and ruined their event.
But I'm not pervert, I make mistakes.
The point is, is that You have to have a lot of courage.
To do this when your whole profession, I mean, take Ted Nugent.
Ted Nugent can fill 50,000 arenas all day long.
But because Live Nation has a monopoly, when he supported Trump, he started losing about $20 million a year.
They would not book him at any establishment place.
They'd have to have a fairground or a county do it.
And of course, Ted Nugent's been fighting tyranny since the 60s.
He didn't care, he didn't stop.
But not everybody's made up of the same stuff as Ted Nugent.
By the way, Ted Nugent's impressive on air, more impressive in person.
He's the real deal.
That's a real Americana, and so is Dennis Quaid.
So here he was with the globalist, you know, New World Order red coat.
Pierce Morgan, but not in a tepid defense of Trump.
It was a strong one.
He said, look, Trump can be an asshole, but he's our asshole.
I don't even really think Trump's an asshole, but here it is.
What do you think of Trump?
I think I'm going to vote for him in the next election.
Yes, I am.
Are you ready for the blowback, which inevitably comes with Trump?
Well, you know, I think this election, everybody's got to, I think they're going to take a side or whatever.
But it's, it just seems to me, it just makes sense.
I was ready not to vote for Trump until what I saw is, more than politics, I see a weaponization of our justice system and a challenge to our Constitution.
Us as Americans, I don't think we're going to have.
And you know, Trump is the most investigated person probably in the history of the world.
And they haven't been able to really get him.
People might call him an asshole, but he's my asshole.
Well, there you go.
It takes courage when you work in Hollywood.
So, Dennis Quaid, hats off to you.
All right, we're going to go to break and come back with the bird flu news.
And I really, for those of us that are super awake, it just seems absurd they would try new lockdowns.
But we've got the feds in their meetings And we've got the CDC and the FDA and all of them saying, oh yeah, no, when the bird flu is out there, we're going to have to shut down and quarantine these farms.
And the way they've built farms and things in the U.S., whether they're large or small, you shut them down, you make them kill the animals, it takes decades to restore that back.
We're already low-level beef production.
Low-level milk production.
All the numbers are really, really serious.
And this is another program to derail our economy and the war on food.
So it's a big deal.
Plus, drop boxes again, attempts at lockdowns.
You won't go along the lockdown.
But the feds are going to these farms and prosecute them if they don't.
And you're going to have a lot of the sheeple that go right back to it.
So we're about to cover tomorrow's news today on the other side of the 60-second break.
Remember, the power of the broadcast is we, the people.
It's you taking a live feed from Real Alex Jones and sharing it right now on X. Share it now.
Share the live feed.
We're now into hour number two of this live teleprompter-free Wednesday, May 29, 2024 transmission, and we're about to hit Tomorrow's news today.
Now, you know the UN World Government Pandemic Lockdown Forced Injection Treaty has failed.
But Tedros and Bill Gates, we played the clips last week, have been giggling and laughing saying, don't worry, we'll get it passed.
Something big's coming.
And remember that Fauci clip in 2017 when Trump had just been elected and just been sworn in.
He said, there's going to be a major new virus out of China and it's going to change everything.
Just watch.
You will be challenged by a new pandemic.
Well now in the federal documents we've been covering for a week, the FDA...
The CDC, all of them are preparing to lock down poultry production and beef production in the country.
And they have the same stupid PCR test they turn up 30, 40 times what it should be to where a glass of water says that it has bird flu.
Just like a papaya or the air, if you turn up a PCR test, as the inventor of it said, even 10 times, it'll say the air has COVID.
Whatever you're testing for, you can just turn that up and it'll tell you that it's a problem.
Fauci warned Trump administration 2017 of surprise infectious disease outbreak.
Fact check.
Answer true.
So, they're now pre-programming this.
And if you're awake, it's like you're not blind.
You can see it.
People who aren't awake are basically blind.
So you look at it and go, this is ridiculous.
They're trying to get a treaty through.
They're trying to take control of our lives.
They want new lockdowns, they want all this control.
We got documents over a year ago and sources, they were going to try it then, they tried the mask, they tried it again last year, they failed.
And no one's buying this bird flu thing now, or some people I guess, but most people aren't, and they're running all these scare stories, oh the man has bird flu, bloodshot eyes, oh bird flu, and then they'll admit it later, okay actually nobody had bird flu.
But Dr. Peter McCullough, is going to be joining us coming up.
He is one of the most published research doctors and scientists in the world, peer-reviewed, and he got the documents two weeks ago that the federal government and others have weaponized bird flu, chimeric, gain-of-function on the shelf.
So they keep saying, oh, it's about to jump to humans.
Well, are they about to release it?
Or they could lie and say it's jumped to humans right before the election with 158 days left.
This is deja vu.
This is Groundhog Day.
This is really happening.
So, I'd love to get a weekly update from Dr. Kirk Elliott, who's not just an economist and not just a well-respected name with making so many hundreds of accurate predictions, including, eight months ago on this show, they would start seeing by last month, regional bank failures, which began last month.
He sent me a clip and it was funny because I saw this clip two days ago and meant to go on air and cover it and got busy and didn't.
So I'm glad he sent this to me last night and said, hey, I know you want me on about what's happening with the economy, we can hit that, but this is bigger because this will affect the economy bigger.
And I'm like, oh gosh, yeah, thank you.
I love taking calls too, because I'll forget to cover some of this stuff.
This is big.
Breaking alert.
Shocking leak footage.
H5N1 pandemic is a go.
Active preparations underway.
Leaked footage of public health officials discussing enhanced surveillance, and it's in federal documents, and farm quarantining for avian flu.
Make sure that you understand what is happening and get ready with thousands of like-minded, freedom-loving people around the planet.
Absolutely, because you could say, oh, well, we exposed the shot, now we got 4% taking the 10th booster and people seem to be awake.
They're going to try it again.
If you go to the BAMF Canada documents that Judicial Watch sued and got that was covered in great detail in 2007 by Lou Dobbs, one of the biggest show in the U.S.
on CNN.
That was the old days of CNN.
He was the head of CNN then, not just their top host.
And he got the documents where they were saying the main way we're going to get world government is virus scarce.
We'll get a global ID with that, then we'll use third world populations, surging migrants, And financial crashes to bring in world government.
Well, what do we see all looming?
Open borders, collapsing from the lockdowns, financial crises, devaluation of currencies, inflation and viral hysteria, disease X. So, good to Dr. Kirk Elliott for sending this to me.
There's hours of this, but this is a short clip of public health officials sitting there in their meetings getting ready for this, the next big power grab.
Thanks, Jessica Hopkins, Public Health Ontario.
I was just wondering, so in the event there is a positive for milk, do we have a plan to start active surveillance in humans?
I think that, you know, I'm just sort of thinking about, like, what's the next step?
Are we just going to wait or do we have something that's kind of queued up and ready to go once we see a positive?
So, Jessica, that's exactly the protocol I was talking about in the enhanced surveillance that we're working to put together that we won't use.
Well, I shouldn't say we won't use.
There's some potential ways we could use it.
We could get baseline.
We could do it on pigs.
We could do it on avian, even though it's been done by the BC folks.
But obviously, the preoccupation is to land something so that if we do find a positive farm, we can get in there.
But that's where our work right now has been focused on trying to develop something that would be implementable around those farms.
I will flag that, you know, there's the science part, and the lab part, and the thinking through the EPI part, and then there's the enormous sensitivities around who's going on farms, are these quarantined areas, the farmers, the undocumented workers, or migrant workers, document, like that whole sensitivity area about we're here from the government and we're here to help you, testing, that has been very challenging in other jurisdictions who have attempted to do this.
So, the same feds that created the COVID hysteria and gave us the poison shot as a response, that have been totally discredited on every point, are telling you they're getting ready for lockdowns of major poultry and beef production in the United States.
We already have record low Flocks of chickens, turkeys, and cows.
That's all over the news.
We are already at super low levels.
And they're shutting down farms all over the world, from the Netherlands to Sri Lanka, from Ireland to Italy.
This is a war on food.
Meanwhile, we have the FDIC last year, in a public meeting, but they said we better not talk about it in public, but they do.
The average public doesn't go watch these videos saying, we're getting ready to grab your bank accounts.
When the regional banks fail, which has started.
So we don't know the hour of the day, but we know we're in the zone, boys and girls.
And COVID was the beta test for what they're about to do.
They have weaponized bird flu on the shelf that does kill animals.
The stuff currently is nothing.
It's hype.
They can release it or they can claim using fake PCR tests it's deadly and just hype things up and say some man that dies of cancer or a heart attack died of bird flu.
The bottom line is though, they're getting ready to try it again.
Governor Kerr-Kelly, I'm really glad you're focusing on this because if you're an economist and well-respected and have an incredible batting average, you'd be Babe Ruth if you were a baseball player or Michael Jordan if you were a basketball player, literally, and you've got the most successful gold and silver company now in the United States because for 25 years you've been the best out there.
That's a side issue.
You're a sponsor.
We've got you here because you're smart.
The listeners love you.
You're right.
This is the big next economic bomb.
And there's an obsession with the left and cutting off resources with Cloward and Piven to bring us to heel.
And now it's clear they're moving ahead with this ahead of the election.
They are.
And you know, Alex, as I was, you know, just sending you, we were talking back and forth, giving you some of these things that I was focusing on for today.
My CEO, Ashley, reminded me of something that you told me when we first met.
And literally, I think it's one of the wisest thing that you've ever said.
That is, their agenda, this evil agenda, it's all about breaking the will of the people.
And so I'm thinking about that.
It's like the financial piece is only part of it, but they're all interconnected, Alex.
So if you can eliminate the food supply, well, then you're going to eat bugs and you're going to like it.
If they can cut you off from your money, well, then you're going to be serfs and slaves to them.
They're going to be your God.
They're going to be your provider.
They're going to be the way that you can get money rather than going to banks for private capital.
They're going to be your your safety.
And I was looking at some of the headlines.
It's like, man, This is actually, everything's coming together all at once.
And so, as I was looking at some of these things, it reminded me of a very, very old prophetic vision from the Old Testament in Genesis.
And it actually kind of, as I remembered it, and I want to read it, it's not very long, But it kind of creeped me out.
So there was this dream that the king had and Joseph interpreted it back in Genesis 41.
The seven years of honey, the seven years of famine.
Yeah, the seven fat cows and the seven lean cows.
But when you listen to what the seven lean cows did to the fat cows, it's like, oh my word, this is what's happening today, Alex.
It keeps repeating.
It keeps repeating.
It keeps repeating, so here's the dream.
The king said to Joseph, in my dream I was standing on the bank of the Nile River, I saw seven fat and beautiful cows that came up out of the river and ate the grass.
Then I saw seven more cows come out of the river that were thin and lean and ugly, the worst looking cows I have seen in all the land of Egypt.
And these thin and ugly cows ate the first seven fat cows, but after they had eaten those cows, no one could tell that they had eaten them.
They looked just as thin and ugly as they did in the beginning.
And then I woke up, and I had another dream, and I saw seven full and good heads of grain growing on the stock.
Seven more heads of grain sprang up after them, and these were thin and ugly and burned by hot and east wind.
And the thin heads of grain ate the seven good heads.
And these dreams, he tried to go to the magicians.
Nobody could explain it, but Joseph did.
He said, these dreams are the same thing.
The seven good cows stand for seven years of plenty, and the grains seven years of plenty.
The dreams are the same thing, but the thin and ugly cows stand for seven years of famine, you know, that comes after that.
Seven years of hunger.
And God said, this will happen as I told you.
He's showing the king what he is about to do.
The seven years of good crops and plenty to eat in the land of all of Egypt.
But those seven years following, Are going to be so bad that people will forget about the good years prior.
And I was thinking about all the stuff that is going on around the world today.
It's like people forget how good it was.
And all these things that are planned, whether it's 15 minute cities and corralling people into districts so they can't leave, they can't drive cars.
California's taxing wants to tax mileage.
To get people away from from driving cars.
You've got in Colorado, I saw this article this morning about how they want to have drones be first responders, right?
And now they want to get rid of all the chickens in these farms and do surveillance on everything.
It's like they are wanting to break the will of the people.
They don't want human interaction.
WaterBurger, a classic Texas corporation bought by an Illinois corporation, Yeah, absolutely.
And so you've got this, you've got no food, you have no gas, you're going to corral people and control by fear.
and not talk to a human they desperately want to cut off human interaction yeah absolutely and so you've got this you've got no food you can't have no gas you're
gonna corral people and and control by fear and what's the biggest way you know outside of eating if you don't eat you're not gonna survive but access to
your money right so they're looking at your your sustenance your food they're looking at your money and they've got this evil diabolical plan to control all
And so we've talked about this numerous times on the show, central bank digital currency, right?
it's this monitoring arm of surveying everything that you spend your money on and attaching it to your digital social profile and your social credit score.
We've talked about that.
Not interrupting, but just to make clear, the left said in the '60s, and it's a cloward pivot plan, but it's just a copy of older plans under that name, capitalism creates
too much wealth.
We'll never defeat it with a centralized system.
We've got to undermine it and destroy it and discredit it and claim that a new corporate communism is the answer, which the corporatists, of course, are exempt from.
They still have their huge houses and private jets and they have children, but we can't.
That's why they're doing this.
They are literally shutting down the industry and infrastructure because they can't compete with it.
Here's where last week, Congress, the House passed this bill, House H.R. 5403.
And a lot of people on the conservative side are thinking, Kirk, this is fantastic.
Look what they've done.
They want to outlaw the Federal Reserve having central bank digital currency.
And it passed in the House.
So it's like, wait a second.
This is political theater, Alex.
This is completely political theater, and it's window dressing.
So the reason I think that is, if you look at the verbiage, and I'm going to read Section 13 of this House Resolution 5403.
It says, a Federal Reserve Bank shall not offer products or services directly to an individual, maintain an account on behalf of an individual, or issue a central bank digital currency or any other digital asset that is substantially similar under any other label to any individual.
So that's the tenets of this bill.
But what does it say?
It says the Federal Reserve can't do this.
Alex, you and I have been talking for a long time.
This is a global agenda.
This is a global currency that they're wanting to bring in.
And let's be clear, the globalists have unlimited currency.
They've got to get us in debt and wreck economies again to make us be owned by the company's store.
And I want to get back into the CBDC, the 50-Minute Cities.
You sent me powerful clips on that doc, but let's go back to bird flu.
Overhead shot.
This is currently breaking, okay?
AP Reuters, all right here.
Farmers resist push for workers to wear protective gear against bird flu virus.
It's like the mask at first creates the fear, creates the hysteria, and they start testing the workers.
They turn up the PCR test.
They claim they're positive when it's not to create the hysteria.
The time to act on bird flu is now.
FDA chief advises lawmakers.
It's happening now.
Avian influenza type in U.S.
dairy cattle.
Avian flu.
Time to rethink on farm surveillance, which means the hysteria and the fear.
Bird flu has spread to more farm animals.
Here's what to know about food safety.
How poor tracking of bird flu leaves dairy workers at risk.
Oh, you poor dairy workers.
These cows are so evil.
They want to muscle in and shut it down by hysteria.
Using fear.
to post influenza and wastewater data online.
To assist bird flu probe officials say they use PCR test to test it and lie about it.
So they are now trying to create a new hysteria.
Cows have human flu receptor study shows raising the stakes of bird flu outbreak.
They want the cows.
They said you will eat the bugs.
They said they're going to slaughter the dairy and beef herds that are at all time lows.
This is so freaking transparent.
If you are awake, Dr. Elliott, this is crazy.
Well, it's crazy.
This is their fear mechanism.
This is where I go back to what you said when we first met.
It's like, they will use these tactics to break the will of the people.
If our will is broken, we're going to give up our freedoms as a people.
It's like, we just, we want to, we want to be fed.
We want to feed our babies.
We want to, we want to be able to pay our rent, pay our mortgage.
We want to have a retirement, right?
And so... The UN said, in 1996, at the World Food Summit in Beijing, we will use food as a weapon for global government.
Yeah, and they are.
I mean, these aren't dystopian ideas.
These are reality ideas of today.
And we have to understand where this is going.
So here's where this is not a US thing.
This is not a Canadian thing.
This is not a European thing.
This is a global agenda, right?
They just ordered almost all the honeybees killed in Australia for a U.S.
disease that's not even there.
It was all just a lie.
They're literally just carpet bombing the people to take away our food supply.
I mean, that's what they're doing.
So you take away that, you take away our ability to spend, and to me, the first thing that I looked at when I heard this bill that the House passed, it's like, it's a bunch of garbage.
It's like, they're saying that the Federal Reserve can't issue a central bank digital currency.
Alex, so what?
So what if they can't?
Because what about the Bank for International Settlements?
What about the international market?
Well, that's right, the globalists are already implementing it above it all.
Yeah, so it doesn't matter if a nation's central bank can do it or not.
So to me, this is why this is window dressing.
It's political theater.
So the politicians can say, look, we were fighting the central bank digital currency thing, right?
And we actually passed this bill.
But oh, these big global organizations like the Bank for International Settlements that want to tokenize everything.
I mean, they're When you look at it, they didn't do anything to stop it.
They just pretended like they're going to stop it.
That's right.
I mean, it's a good start that they're at least aware of it and are starting to learn about it.
But you're right.
It's not a panacea because it's coming in on top of everything.
But let's get back to bird flu because this is a big deal.
They're saying they're going to start running out of PCR tests, they want to wear protective gear, they're creating hysteria, they're going to go with this.
How do we try to stop this?
And if we don't, what will it look like if they shut down even a small percentage of the poultry and beef production?
It'll create a total hysteria.
It will, and following social disarray, well, economic fallout always comes with social disarray.
You're going to have blood in the streets, you're going to have riots, you're going to have protests.
This happens.
So imagine what it's going to be when people have no food.
Alex, do you remember, this was years and years and years ago, the Arab Spring, when you had all those terrorist attacks all over the world?
And Obama funded it.
Obama funded it.
Yeah, and it was produced by famine, right?
Those people didn't have food, you know.
So this is where I see this headed, is they're going to actually scare this.
Yeah, that's the angrier world Swab talks about.
They turn the infrastructure off, and then they create racial division, and then they try to use that crisis to bring in total control.
They admit that's their plan.
So we're laying out, not a conspiracy theory, the admitted plan we're now living under.
Well, in this plan that Biden signed off onto when he gave up his sovereignty as the president to the president of the World Health Organization, because under that treaty, or whatever you would call it, The World Health Organization has the power to limit people from opening up bank accounts, from traveling, from selling things, from doing anything if there's a global health pandemic.
Well, we're seeing this played out with the bird flu and now everything else Total Orwellian, you know, surveillance, and they actually have the ability in our country to do that because our president gave up his sovereignty to a non-governmental international organization to say what we can and can't do.
But it's not just him, there's like 192 countries that are part of the World Health Organization.
And let's be clear though, Tedros said this.
It's Biden's former head of the COVID response that is the main officer in the UN treaty.
So even though they didn't pass the treaty, which is good news, they're still implementing it by fiat right now.
But it is a victory that they couldn't officially get it passed.
It shows the world's waking up.
They are waking up and, you know, so there's proof in the pudding that the world is waking up.
You look at what Norway did.
So Norway just, over the last few days, passed a bill that said, you know what, this whole digital money thing, we're going to still allow people to use cash.
So it's like, okay, they're starting to break away from this government onslaught of digital-only, complete... Texas is pulling out of BlackRock investment.
Texas is pulling out of BlackRock.
You've got all these other government... It's happening.
It's happening.
And it's not just happening in Texas.
It's happening in other countries.
It's happening in other states.
There's over 13 states that have already passed legislation.
There's gold and silver, there's legal tender.
This tells me that there's hope.
There's always hope, right?
Because people are waking up.
But you need more of the masses to wake up and not have this be a thing of convenience of 365 days a year, 24-7, instant money transfer and it's digital and all this garbage.
Dr. Elliott, hold on, you're on fire!
Let's come back with other big topics and tie it all together straight ahead.
Stay with us, folks.
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Former top FBI agents, former members of Congress, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, former head of the Army.
If I started listing them all, it would take an hour.
I was so blessed to first get on air 30 years ago, when there were all these authors and researchers who were going around at little conferences around the country and the world and warning people about the coming of the New World Order and their plan to cut off the food and create a digital system to track everything you do, that I was informed by that incredible generation.
And now it's here.
We're inside the New World Order now.
This is their main assault.
This is their takeover.
It's not war with jets and bombs.
It's asymmetrical.
It's fifth generational.
It's economic.
It's cultural.
It's here.
And if you admit you're under attack, if you admit what the Globals are doing, you can shoot down their treaties.
You can stop their operations.
You can end their lockdowns.
You can stop their drag queen pedophile times.
But you've got to know you're under attack and you've got to admit it.
But a lot of people are so selfish spiritually, they don't want to admit they're under attack because they've got something to go do today.
Well, it's going to become very clear you're going to lose everything you've got if you don't stand up and find God and say no to the New World Order.
Because the globalists of the cashless society, social credit score, are going to make you worship the beast.
In Revelation, It was predicted in Ezekiel and Daniel before, and you know, obviously, Kirk Elliott's a theologian, not just a well-known economist.
He can speak to this.
There are many antichrists.
It's the same social, cultural, spiritual virus that finally gets its day for a short period.
And it wants you to worship the beast.
You don't just, oh, I'll take the mark and everything's fine.
No, no.
You've got to do whatever it says.
You've got to give power unto the beast.
You've got to get on your knees.
It's going to tell you What to do and how to jump when they say jump.
They got all the patents, all the plans, all the digital systems.
And it's here.
And it's prophecy fulfilled.
You think you go to a mainline church, you'd hear this?
No, you'll hear a bunch of name it, claim it, feel good about yourself BS.
Whereas it should be the churches that know this and understand this and say hallelujah because it proves God's real and God gave us free will, but he gave us a warning and a cheat sheet.
Just like a microcosm, you have children.
I'm a father, many of you are parents.
And they have free will, they're gonna have their own life, but you educate them, you inform them, you guide them like an arrow loosed from a bow.
And that's where we are right now.
And just as our children should listen to us, we should listen to our Father, God.
Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
And we are walking through the valley of the shadow of death.
But we should fear no evil, because God is with us.
In that quiet place, the most high that King David talked about.
But this is it.
And this is going to get more intense, it's going to be crazy.
And Satan wins in the third quarter, but he loses in the fourth quarter.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, since we mentioned it, here is the mayor of New York and his full policy is to surveil all beef-eating in New York, that's surveillance, and to go after people.
Remember Bloomberg said that 10 years ago?
They laughed at him when he was the New York mayor.
It's happening.
This is their control.
This is their system.
And then we have the FDIC I mentioned, the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation, saying we're getting ready to grab your bank accounts.
Let's play those clips back-to-back.
Food is the third biggest source of city's emissions, right after builders and transportation.
But all food is not created equal.
The vast majority of food that is contributing to our emission crisis Lies in meat and dairy products.
I mean, it's a little bit conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution.
But I mean, they're going to be.
People need to know, but I don't think you have much hope of reaching a public that doesn't have a professional need to know.
I completely agree with that.
I almost think you'd scare the public if you put this out.
Like, why are they telling me this?
Should I be concerned about my bank?
If my insurance company doesn't tell me what they're doing with my assets, they just assume they're going to pay my claim.
I think you've got to think of the unintended consequences of taking a public that has more full faith and confidence in the banking system than maybe people in this room do.
So there's a select crowd.
That's a public hearing.
I think you're too dumb to watch it.
And if they want to understand this, they're going to find a way to understand this.
There's a bunch of law firms represented in this room, there's a bunch of people who will charge them by the hour a lot of money to explain this all to them.
And it's fine.
I don't have a problem with that.
And they all have huge staffs.
But I would be careful about the unintended consequences of starting to blast too much of this out in the general public.
That's a public hearing.
I think you're too dumb to watch it.
So let me explain something here.
There is no perfect way out of this other than spiritually being right with God.
Let's just get that straight.
I don't want to break your will, that's the intention.
And every time Elliot comes on, I try to get him to plug his great silver and gold company that is the best company with the highest ratings, the best people, and they keep this broadcast on there, they're great people.
But it should be like...
Giving away free water in the Sahara Desert, what I'm saying.
Everybody that has extra assets should be trying to get a redoubt, storable food, water filtration, firearms, family you can trust, relationship with God, physical place to go to.
And then if you've got extra assets in these banks or stocks and bonds, for me personally, those won't be safe.
You can see that with whatever's about to go down.
You need to move a large portion of that into silver and gold now.
I had a view that inflation's bad now.
I think it's fair to say it's only going to get worse.
We're already entering stagflation.
Which is completely artificial.
So Dr. Kirk Elliott, before we get back to the news here, let's do a plug.
Because you're really great at being on air and great in people analysis, but bad at plugging.
People need to call you, do a free consultation.
I am too.
But by bad, I mean, you don't even want to talk about your company.
It's a great company.
Everybody should write down the phone number.
They should write down the website.
They should call your great crew there in Colorado.
They should get into silver and gold now, before everybody rushes for the exits, which if you look at the Chinese and governments and universities and globalists and millionaires, they're heavily in gold and silver, they're heavily in armored redoubts, they're heavily in storable food, they're heavily in farmland, while they tell us not to be.
So, spend a few minutes...
On the website, on your company, and silver and gold before we plow back into all this.
But when you have the main board of the FDIC meeting saying, you know, eight months ago, we don't want the public to know we're about to grab part of their bank account, and that that's the whole plan.
This is a no-brainer.
Get ahead of this now.
This is so easy for me to pitch and sell because it is the surest thing out there.
And nothing's sure, folks.
In life, but it is the most idiotic thing in the world to not get gold and silver.
The problem is, and it's true, is that most of the companies out there want to make a huge profit.
I have all these companies come to me, the ones that are on the other big talk shows, where they've got 100% markup, 50% markup, they're selling you all this numismatic, so-called collectible stuff.
Whatever, maybe you want to back that talk show, that's fine.
I haven't had a gold or silver sponsor in 10 years because I won't do it.
And the few I signed up that had so-called good names would immediately make and switch my listeners.
I'd shut them down in a week.
I'd say, we're not doing that.
I'd call.
I'd say, I want bullion.
I want silver and gold.
Well, actually, the shipwrecked gold or found in the Amazon is much better.
I mean, it's going to be really valuable.
I'm like, I want bullion.
Then they say, OK, here's the bullion.
It'd be 20% above what bullion was actually at.
They're not haggling.
They say, well, we got it for 10% for you.
And I'm like, listen, I want a clearinghouse where people make a percent so they can fund themselves or they get good advice.
But I don't want to be part of this.
So thank God we've got you.
Thank God you've got a 4.7, 4.8 star.
People need to call you.
They need to get ready now.
Talk about your company.
Talk about gold and silver right now.
Well, you explained it really well.
Not all gold is good, not all silver is good, right?
So it's almost like let the buyer beware.
When you have anything with a story to it, that means somebody has to market it.
So if you have some dealer saying, Hey, Alex, have I got a deal for you?
We just got the shipwrecked coin and and you know, if it's going to be gone in 72 hours, but if you buy it today, we'll give it to you for 5% off.
That kind of stuff is garbage because they might be the only firm that's marketing that stuff.
What if that firm goes out of business?
You have no place to liquidate it, right?
So what we focus on from the get-go over 29 years of doing this, right, is bullion.
Bullion is a global commodity.
It's used for manufacturing.
It's an industrial metal.
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Why are you the funds?
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They want the cheap stuff, bullion.
We're buying the same thing that they are because the goal in investing in anything is buy low and sell high with gold and silver.
Maximize your ounces by minimizing your cost.
That is where true wealth comes from, which is why we focus on bullion.
So Alex, on one hand, I can count the number of things that people should buy in the whole universe of gold or silver.
100 ounce bars of silver, 10 ounce bars of silver, 1 ounce refinery rounds.
And on gold, a kilo bar or a 1 ounce gold bar.
That's it!
If it's not one of those, you shouldn't actually buy it because you're going to be overpaying and have premium.
And our goal is to compound your wealth by compounding your ounces.
So they call the number on screen 720-605-3900 or go to KMPM.com forward slash gold.
What's the process?
You make it easy.
And when they sell it back, no charge.
Nobody does that.
So very simple.
Kept it simple on purpose.
Not very many moving parts here.
I want to make this easy.
So when you call in, you'll talk to one of my schedulers.
They'll ask you some questions about what Kirk and Alex were talking about.
What's your fears?
What's your concerns?
What is your goals and your motives?
And then we'll set you up with a consultation with one of my amazing consultants where we'll dive in deep to your personal situation.
And then my team will actually move, help you move the assets from your old IRA to a new IRA that we can put into physical metals.
I'm not talking about paper.
No ETFs, no mining shares, no mutual funds, physical gold or silver, or just cash accounts.
That you take delivery of or you store at a vault, at a depository.
But that's it.
I mean, that's the process.
So schedule an appointment.
Consultation will dig in deep to hear what your dreams and aspirations and fears are so we can actually put a smile on your face by being in the right place at the right time.
Identify these trends.
And then, Alex, this is where our relationship journey begins, not ends.
To me, these transactions are like the necessary evil.
You have to buy to get into a trend, you sell to get out of one, but life happens in between those bookends of those transactions.
And every single week, I'll send out a video email to every one of my clients, letting them know
what I'm seeing politically, economically, socially, spiritually, what you should be careful of,
what you should be joyful about.
And when it's time to sell, we'll let you know so you can lock in profits.
The point is, you're not on this journey alone.
It's like this partnership where we wanna do this life with you to make sure that you're in the right place
at the right time the majority of the time.
That's it.
All you have to do is say yes or fill out the little 15 minute forms.
And then my team actually does the rest to move those funds over.
Because here's the thing, most people think gold and silver is confusing.
I don't know what to do.
Boy, it's not paper.
It's not like buying a stock.
Yeah, it is.
You know what governments, you know what universities buy, you know what rich people buy?
They're not buying numismatic collectible coins, folks.
They're not even buying, you know, US stuff they say is bullying but has 10% on it.
They are buying raw bars, folks.
That's what the rich people do because they know.
Well, and the uber uber rich people like central banks, that's what they're getting as well.
You look at what China's done, 30,000 estimated tons of gold.
Tons, not ounces, tons of gold they own.
And all the BRICS nations have hundreds to thousands of tons of gold.
Even the Federal Reserve has 8,500 tons of gold.
The European Central Bank has 10,500 tons of gold.
Excuse me, and here's where When we look at that, it's like, don't watch, don't listen to what they say.
Watch what they do, right?
Because their actions speak louder than words.
And when they pooh-poohed gold and silver for forever, saying, oh, it's an ancient relic, but then why are they buying it?
Because they know it's a hedge against a collapsing currency, against the inflationary... Well, plus, let's talk about where gold and silver is the last 12 months.
Guys, pull up a 10-year silver graph, 10-year gold graph.
Where is it right now?
I mean, you were on here 8 months ago saying silver's gonna go up 20-30%, it's gone up 40%.
So, here's... So, if we go back to... I'm gonna give you a long-term, middle, and immediate trend.
If you go back to 2000, the long-term trend, the last 25 years, silver was at about $4.50 an ounce and gold was at $250.
It's like, dang!
Gold's pushing well over $2,000.
Silver's at $32 an ounce.
That's massive growth.
It's pushing well over 2,000 silvers at $32 an ounce.
That's massive growth.
But you go back to three and a half years ago, right?
go. Right, right?
And so, where was silver?
It's on screen right there.
$11 and now it's $30 something.
Right there.
It's over $32 an ounce today.
That's well over 140% over the last three and a half years.
I mean, that's averaging over 30% a year.
That's outperforming Apple.
Outperforming Apple?
It's outperforming everything.
Quite honestly.
And so you look at what gold is doing, similar story, just not to the extent that silver is.
But now the immediate trend over the last two and a half months, silver has gone from 22 and a half to 32 and a half dollars an ounce.
It's like, Alex, That's up well over 40% in just the last 10 weeks.
I mean, this is incredible.
And that acceleration is happening because the world's falling apart.
And why did the Chinese government a month ago tell its citizens to buy silver?
What does that mean?
So this happened right before the drone strike from Iran to Israel, and there was 1.2 billion ounces of silver in short position.
Now the outstanding number of ounces is like 568 million ounces in short, which means the big banks, the JP Morgan's, the Bank of America's, the HSBC's, They're doing naked shorts on silver to drive the price down because if the price goes up and they have all these shorts because over the years they've shorted the markets because when gold and silver rise it's a slap in the face to the Western financial banking system.
So they wanted to suppress that price.
Well now that China's entered into the game with the BRICS nations and they want to be the world's new reserve currency and they've got tens of thousands Of ounces of gold.
I mean, look at all these.
So let me ask you, since the Chinese did that, how's it going with the fight with the naked shorting?
Do we have any new numbers on that?
How's that going to shake out?
So what you're seeing is the price action shows you what's happening.
So over the last two and a half months, silver's up over 40%.
I would say they're being a little bit effective in what they did by encouraging all the Chinese citizens to buy silver.
Right, instead of gold, because the Western banks, the two banks, this is interesting, the two banks that had their CEOs resign last week, or announced their resignation, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase is resigning, the CEO of HSBC is resigning, those two banks are the largest shorters of silver on the planet.
Right, and now they're resigning.
And by the way, thousands of CEOs are resigning.
So in closing, all these other big topics, Dr. Kirk Elliott, just getting into the biblical, you heard me earlier, you had a degree in theology, we met and talked like you're really smart, I respect you, you know more about it than I do.
I'm rejoicing that the prophecy is being fulfilled.
It shows this is real, God's real.
I mean, God's holding our hand through this.
How do you see this unfolding?
Well, I see this unfolding as this, like, for lack of a better term, this Babylonian money system based on debt.
The Bible says a lot about money.
A lot, if you read through it.
Christ attacked the money changers at the temple because they made you buy a really expensive coin to do a sacrifice.
I mean, that's one time he got mad.
Yeah, and I mean, you know, ancient proverbs, a borrower is a slave to the lender, right?
So, who's the biggest borrower in the world?
The United States?
Look it, we've got $34 trillion worth of debt, and then that wasn't enough, so we decided, hey, let's leverage that debt through derivatives and have multiplied debt.
I mean, this whole global financial system is based on debt.
And ultimately, you have to pay the piper.
This is why God warned us about this so many times throughout His Scriptures, is that a borrower is a slave to the lender.
Don't ever pay for something that you can't pay back in your generation.
That's what the Founding Fathers said.
Because that's unfair to our kids and grandkids.
But yet, we needed to keep up with our neighbors.
We needed to live a lifestyle of conspicuous consumption.
So the chickens are coming home to roost, people bet, I mean, it's a no-brainer.
You came on eight months ago and said silver's gonna go up, it's up 40%.
I mean, either they manipulate it down in the trend, I don't see how low is inflation, they can reverse this.
No, because things never go to zero, Alex.
I don't care if it's a box of cereal or a bicycle or a house or a car or gold or silver.
Things have intrinsic value.
They never go to silver.
But you need to physically hold it so they can't grab it.
With the FDIC saying, we're getting ready to grab people's bank accounts, but we better not tell them.
I mean, if that isn't a sales job to get gold and silver, I don't know what is.
And you're right.
People should buy silver because Briefly explain that, because they're suppressing gold right now.
It's gone up some, but you'll use the profit from silver if you want gold later.
Yeah, so there's this historical ratio between gold and silver.
It takes 20 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold.
Okay, so silver, let's just call it $30 an ounce for the sake of math.
You know, times 20, that would be gold at $600.
Gold's not at $600!
It's well over $2,000, right?
So the ratio today is about 78 to 1, which means silver is undervalued, it's going to outperform, and here's my strategy.
Let's say over the next 12 to 18 months, that ratio compresses.
We go from 70 to 1 to 60 to 1 to 40 to 1.
When we're at 40 to 1, we're at about half of where we are today.
So you could sell your silver, roll it into gold.
You almost double the amount of ounces of gold then that what you could have purchased today.
Alex, that's free gold.
Right, and you can only do that with bullion.
You can't do that with premium high-grade stuff and expensive commission stuff.
You have to do it with bullion.
Because it's overvalued and you can't find a market and you can't liquidate it quickly.
What you do that nobody else this big does is you sell it for free.
We liquidate it at no cost.
Whatever the depository is paying on the date, you get all of it.
And so our model is simply different.
It's 8% when you purchase, 0% ongoing, 0% when you liquidate.
And by the way, you don't want to brag because I get it on the radar, but you are now the most successful gold and silver company in the United States.
And it's because you did this model.
Yeah, we do a lot of silver.
I mean, literally, we're probably the, well, not probably, I know by far, the largest producer of silver in North America.
Because people like value.
People like to know that they're family.
They like to know that... No, I mean, when you're the big kahuna, it's kind of, you don't want to actually tell people you're the Muhammad Ali of silver, but you're kicking ass because you're doing a good product.
Well, that's what people look for and that's why companies get big.
And to me, it's just I'm not doing anything special.
I'm just being me, Alex.
We love people.
We want to get them out of harm's way.
We don't want to overcharge them.
And we've done this from day one.
And you want hundreds of transactions.
It's like a man and a woman getting married.
You don't slap your wife around.
You have a good life.
It's like you want a relationship, which is the opposite of satanists.
They want to screw you now instead of just have a life together.
We want a lifetime relationship with our clients.
You don't get that by treating them poorly.
In fact, our clients keep sending us referrals all the time.
Because they don't get overcharged and they get ongoing support, ongoing communication.
To me, Alex, it's not enough to be in the right place at the right time.
That's only half the equation.
The other half is, why are you doing what you're doing?
Which is why we focus on that education and that understanding the why and why we're doing what we do.
Because when you've got both of those things going on at the same time, then you've won.
That's right.
Because that's going to bring you peace in the midst of the storm.
Well, it's like when I go see my parents and they love me.
They're smart.
It's family.
I just feel secure.
That's God.
That's how God works.
It's just goodness and we're all together and we want a future together and it's so smart.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Tell them Alex Jones sent you.
Eyes are going out.
Thank you, Dr. Kirk Elliott.
Amazing interview, and thank you so much.
You bet.
We'll talk soon.
All right, folks.
Mike Adams is in studio for the next hour with a lot of breaking news.
We'll hit bird flu.
We'll hit his lawsuits against the deep state.
A lot of exciting stuff with Mike Adams coming up.
And then we have...
A top research doctor joining us, Dr. Peter McCullough, on the bird flu, on the new world order, all of it.
And then we're joined by Robert Barnes on the show Trial of Trump in New York City with a jury out right now in deliberations.
It's all coming up.
We've reached the halfway point.
We've done two hours live, two more hours, and every day is precious.
They're trying to shut us down right now.
I mean, this was the Hoth base at Empire Strikes Back.
Imperial troops were in the base, but we're transmitting right up the line, trusting in God all the way.
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In 2018, the World Economic Forum discussed the possibilities of mind control using sound waves.
This is something that several people have claimed to be a target of.
They have become known as targeted individuals.
A Subcommittee for Homeland Security was recently held to discuss this technology and the targeting of U.S.
government employees and their families.
This is commonly known as the Havana Syndrome and dates back to 2016 when U.S.
diplomatic personnel in Cuba experienced unexplained health problems.
Guys, if your assessments here are correct, these are very covert weapons, aren't they?
They don't leave behind bomb fragments, bullet holes, etc.
They could absolutely be used by our adversaries and have very low levels of, very easy to deny that they were even there, that they were used.
Is that correct?
That's correct.
There's no entry or exit wound.
How they're designed is to make the target feel like they're crazy, like they're imagining things, especially on the low duration, the low-intensity, long-duration hits.
Have any of you three panelists ever seen one of these weapons?
I have seen a 1991 version of the weapon, and it looks like a satellite dish with a unit this size attached to it.
Of course, over the years, miniaturization has been possible.
Obviously, there's a limitation to how miniaturized it can be because of the antenna size, which is always related to the wave.
But still, it is something that can be well contained in the trunk of a car or even a large backpack.
My experience shows that it can be cobbled together.
It's something that can A rough, crude version of this that will probably require longer exposure than the more advanced version that has been tested, as we see from this document, can be put together inexpensively.
But again, I would abstain from commenting further, lest I encourage people to try it at home.
What you all are saying is there's a government cover-up?
The fact that something is out there afflicting, targeting us?
The government in the IC assessment is wrong.
It's dead wrong.
I can't tell you if it's a cover-up, why they're doing this, malfeasance.
I won't go there.
So cover-up would depend on intent.
There could be good reasons to withhold information.
I will say that the public statements that the executive branch is making is inconsistent with the classified record.
And then it would be Congress's job as an oversight authority to determine why that is.
Whether it was a legitimate reason to mislead the public or Because of some nefarious reason.
Or all the above.
Mr. Grozev said you spoke to a Russian agent who said that they believe that Americans are using these same weapons on them.
Is that correct?
That is correct.
Back in the 80s.
Might that have something to do with part of the CIA's motive to cover up the existence of this tech and these weapons?
That is a very logical possibility.
While it was admitted that this technology is being used, the discussion was focused primarily on Russia, as if to create more incentive to escalate war with the Russian Federation.
When the question of whether it has been used on the American population was raised, it was dismissed with a smile.
Are any of you aware of any reported incidents from individuals who are not members of the United States government?
Domestically, I should say?
There are many people who believe they are victims of AHIs.
All you have to do is look at my Twitter feed whenever I post on the topic.
I only represent federal government employees and their families, so I don't focus on the accuracy of those particular claims.
There is plenty of evidence showing that the targeted individuals who claim to be victims of this were the guinea pigs in today's all-out assault on the American people.
And our government is far more concerned with starting another war.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Mike Adams on the coming bird flu hysteria, the lockdowns of farms, the quarantining.
It's all coming up and how people are taking action against the globalists here today.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with Mike Adams on the other side of this quick break.
Well, I've been interviewing this guy for close to 20 years.
My Lord, Mike Adams, the health ranger in studio with us.
Fellow Texan.
Dealing with the bird flu, the FDA saying they're going to lock down the farms.
It's imminent.
They want them to wear protective gear even though humans have gotten the bird flu.
Dr. Peter McCullough coming up in about 50 minutes from now.
He's got the fact that they've weaponized it.
They've got a chimeric gain of function.
This is crazy.
And you've got President Trump and the jury out and all of this, and then Mike Adams taking action against Big Tech, fighting them toe-to-toe.
Mike Adams, so great to have you here.
I really appreciate you.
And coming up in about 25 minutes, Jeffrey Graber, your lead attorney, and Jason Feck, expert consultant, coming on about your counterstrike against the New World Order.
Yeah, we're going to cover that at the bottom of the hour.
We've filed a major lawsuit against Big Tech and also the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, NewsGuard, but also Google, Meta, and even Twitter as well for this global collusion of censorship.
It's a global censorship industrial complex.
And you're taking them on!
You're the man in the arena, buddy!
Alex, I'm telling you, this has implications for you and all of us.
We're going to cover that at the bottom of the hour.
But yeah, we filed that lawsuit a couple days ago.
Boone, so you are the expert on, you predicted the lockdowns, all of it, six months before it happened.
What's happened with Burfield?
Looks to me like they're going all out.
So I want to say on the record here, and you know Alex, you know I run a large mass spec laboratory and I'm a published food scientist and so on.
This whole bird flu scare is a total fraud.
When they say that they run PCR tests and they found bird flu in cows or chickens or humans or anything, it's a complete fraud.
There is no diagnostic capability.
You just turn the PCR up, right?
Yeah, just turn up the replications on it.
And by the way, all PCR interpretation, it does not give you a quantitation answer.
And the inventor of that said that.
That's right.
Explain this.
You're a scientist.
Explain this.
Well, when I'm testing for heavy metals, let's say, in my lab, we have verified NIST traceable standards
of lead at a certain concentration in solution, in nitric acid typically, or mercury, or whatever.
And then we compare the thing we're testing against the certified standards.
And that way we know what's the quantity that we found.
If I say I tested something that's got two parts per million lead in it,
I know that because I've got 10 parts per million lead over here I can compare it to.
When it comes to PCR testing, there are no real standards.
It's all virtual.
It's all downloadable libraries.
And as a lab, Alex, we tried to buy a verified standard of SARS-CoV-2.
We tried to buy it.
doesn't exist. What they call a standard is actually a mixture of like human snot samples with cow, like bovine serum, cow blood
and chicken blood and all this other stuff mixed in. So it's just a random biological spectrum and they call it that.
And they can find anything in that. They can find any protein sequence. That is so huge though.
It's a complete fraud.
So, but Alex, they're using this to shut down the food supply.
So what they do is they roll into some giant chicken farm, this actually happened in Texas, and they swab a couple of chickens and they put it on the PCR machine and they crank it up and they say, oh, we found bird flu in this chicken farm.
And what do they say you gotta do?
Kill 4 million chickens!
And look, that employee's got a runny nose!
Yeah, yeah, right.
They're telling him to put a hazmat gear on to create the... It's all completely, it's a total fraud.
Total fraud.
But this is being used to shut down the food supply, drive up food inflation, increase food scarcity, and then to scare people into the next round of COVID.
And by the way, you're not just saying that.
It's happening.
This just happened in Texas, like six weeks ago.
They ordered the destruction of millions of chickens on these farms.
Have you seen this clip of the Feds and the FDA saying, we're getting ready to lock the farms down, people are going to get pissed?
I mean, they're coming, man.
This is going down like Donkey Kong.
Look, if the people don't stand up and say no to this, again, peacefully and lawfully, but say no, expose the fraud.
We need the governors of the red states to also take care.
The Attorney General's damn right.
Ken Paxton, who I think would be great as Trump's DOJ lead, by the way.
He should be the agent.
He'd be the head of the DOJ, yeah.
He should be the head of the DOJ, yeah.
I vote for him for that.
Although... By the way, I hear that's in the works, also VP.
Well, man, I would definitely support Ken Paxson for VP or AG of the DOJ.
We would miss him though in Texas because he's done such great work here in Texas.
But the point is, we gotta have the state authorities stand up and say no to this complete destruction of the food supply.
I mean, which again creates, they know when 50% of your check is spent on energy and food, there's riots, collapse of society, like the Arab Spring, they're doing it again.
Well, what did Joe Biden do day one after he occupied the White House?
He signed all these executive orders.
He's throwing down the Keystone Pipeline.
Energy exploration, energy delivery and transportation.
This is the engineered decimation of Western civilization.
You take down the energy grid, then you take down the food supply, then you enslave people with censorship controls, which is what my lawsuit is about, against the Department of Defense, by the way.
And then you control every narrative, so there can be no dissent, and then of course they're using lawfare against you, as they have for many years.
They just want us all silenced and off air, because we're the only ones telling the truth about this.
We're the voices of reason and sanity.
That's what's incredible, is I've known you 20 years, but everything you're saying is happening.
It's not like I've even got to trust you now.
It's happening, Mike.
It's happening.
No, that's the thing.
Like 10 years ago, when I was here on your show, we'd be talking about what's coming, right?
Agenda 2030.
Yeah, right.
They're going to cut the food off.
They're going to try to give you a forced shot.
They're going to have lockdowns.
Or even, remember in the first days of censorship, even in 2016, when you were reporting the extreme censorship against Trump supporters, what was the mainstream narrative?
We're not doing it.
There's no censorship.
It doesn't exist.
It's not happening.
When they de-platforming, they said Jones claimed he's been de-platformed.
Right, right.
Now they say, well of course we censored those people because they were spreading misinformation or disinformation.
And by the way, we have to kill all your chickens and shut down all your egg farms and kill all the cattle farms.
And kill all the beehives in Australia.
So let me ask you this, this is an important question.
I'm going to give you the floor because you're smart and I love talking to you.
You've got to come in more often, man.
Happy to.
How would you describe the moment?
How's it going for them with the treaty being shot down and the UN?
I mean, how would you describe this as a football game?
What quarter are we in?
Who's winning?
Western civilization, the leadership, has us on a suicide cult path, but the people who were dragged into the cult, by and large, are now realizing, oh my god, this is a cult.
It's a climate cult, it's a pandemic cult, it's a... Exactly, the bureaucracy's going, whoa, this is really bad.
Yes, yes.
And, you know, and you have Zelensky out there now with a CIA-produced perfect video talking about how we need the Global Piss Summit, you know, and the global leaders, everybody gotta bring the piss to the Piss Summit.
I'm like, is he saying Piss Summit?
Is that what this guy just said?
Because that's what it sounds like.
I mean, but it's a CIA-produced show.
It's crazy.
It's designed to be theater.
It's all theater at this point.
And the American people are waking up like never before.
By the way, you warned me five years ago that a few of the people around here were CIA.
I didn't believe it was true.
It turned out.
I have no doubt.
But now, I'm like, oh come on, the CIA.
Now they admittedly are coming after me.
Oh no, no question about it.
Look, we're, I mean, you're number one on their target list.
If they could silence you in any way possible, they will do it.
By the way, it's not about me, but as important as a lesson, why do you think they hate me and Trump so much?
Because you're willing to tell the truth no matter what.
That's it.
You can't be bought off.
I mean, you've proven that over the years.
They can't come to you.
I know they've tried.
They've tried to come to you, to Ed Group, to me, to others.
They've tried to say, here's $50 million, here's $100 million.
Ed gets offers for like half a billion dollars to sell the company.
And all of us say no.
And then when you say no three or four times, then they say, okay, we're just going to destroy you.
We're going to reputation assassinate you, then we're going to censor you, we're going to lawfare you, we're going to do everything possible.
In this lawsuit that we're going to talk about, the government named my companies.
I remember.
By name.
Yeah, I think I sent your crew the documents when we got them.
So they can't argue that, no, it's not about you.
No, they named us.
You're named, obviously.
InfoWars is named in the same documents.
They had a target list, Department of Defense, weaponization of their surveillance infrastructure You're their number one target.
I'm targeted.
Many others are targeted.
That's what this is all about.
They have turned the weapon of surveillance and so-called monitoring extremism overseas.
They've turned it inward domestically, unconstitutionally, illegally, targeting American citizens for telling the truth.
I don't fully know your opinion off all your show.
What do you think of Elon Musk?
Because here's the European Council approves rapid response team to combat disinformation.
Brazil, Australia, the EU are trying to criminally charge Musk.
Does he know we're winning so he's now jumping to our side?
Is he opportunist or what do you think?
I think Elon Musk, he's got one foot in both camps is my opinion.
He could go either way.
He loves freedom, I know that, but he's beholden to the military-industrial complex.
Now, we're naming Twitter, or X, in our lawsuit simply because we reached out to Twitter to say, stop the shadow banning of my account, of your account, of David Icke's account, and so on, and stop blocking links to Brighteon.com, which is our video site.
Twitter's legal team refused to reply, so we're suing them.
We're suing them to compel them to stop their unethical behavior.
And hopefully Elon Musk will get the message, which is like, we're not trying to go to war with Twitter, we just want the right to compete in the public square of ideas.
That's all.
Without shadowbanning.
And even though he brought you back, Alex, you're still shadowbanned on Twitter.
You know that.
Like David Icke, like I mentioned, 99% shadowbanned.
Same with me.
And, like, Elon's moved in the right direction, but it's not done yet.
You gotta go all the way for free space.
No, I agree, but I think he realizes we're probably gonna win, so he is, and once that boat tips and the establishment goes, wait, we're not actual Satanists, we were just working with it to get power.
Once we start winning, we will be, we have to be ready to win, everybody come over to our side.
And that's going to happen with the collapse of the dollar.
And so I'm really glad you were just talking about gold and silver, because gold and silver in your hands, this is the one asset that has no counterparty risk.
You own stocks, they can disappear.
You have money in an investment account, that company, that holding company can vanish.
The great taking.
They can take all your money.
You have gold and silver in your hands, Alex.
You have it.
And they can't track it, they don't know what you've done with it, and they can't just come take it unless they want to bring in, you know, like a SWAT team with force and take it.
It's like having a farm and family.
It's way better than being in a compact 200 square foot apartment coffin.
It's not perfect, but we're moving yourself physically and being self-sufficient and having the money out of the bank.
I mean, that famous clip we played so much, the FDIC says get ready to grab people's bank accounts.
Yes, yes.
No, people who end up holding dollars as their primary asset, they're going to lose almost everything.
I absolutely guarantee it.
There's no doubt about it.
There's dollars going the way of these other failed currencies in history, and it's going to happen very rapidly.
I hear people out there talking about, oh well, you know, Social Security is going to be broke by 2050.
I'm like, what 2050?
What are you talking about?
There's not going to be a dollar in 2015.
It broke 10 years ago.
I mean, the whole centralized United States of America government, funded by all this money printing, will not even exist in its current form.
And by the way, the WF and UN, they all say we need a big crisis to jump the tracks from their old Phil Ponzi scheme to the new one, but they're supposed to have a virus that makes them the hero, not a virus they made.
So they wanted to be the hero of the Great Reset, instead they're the villain.
Well, and they're trying to provoke Putin to nuke the West so they can have it.
Putin said yesterday, he said the West wants a nuclear war.
And it's only Putin's restraint, actually, right now that's stopping that.
But the West, I mean, you know... Can you imagine the U.S.
if Russians were in the north and the south running around with nukes on our border?
What would we do?
No, we'd go crazy.
The U.S.
through Ukraine just attacked the over-the-horizon radar installations of Russia that allows it, you know, to see the incoming ballistic missiles.
This is a very dangerous... When you're taking out the anti-nuke radar, that's a prelude to full nuclear war.
It allows the U.S.
to launch a surprise nuclear attack on Russia.
Putin knows this.
And still he's holding back, but it's clear the West is trying to provoke Putin into a nuclear attack on the West.
Stoltenberg says we're going to start bombing Russia proper, which they've already been doing.
NATO's taking credit now as a provocation.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
And talking about a EU-wide military draft.
Think about that.
And also, you know, they want to have a draft in the UK now.
Rishi Sunak is there talking about, oh, national service.
We have to have... Think about this.
He's like, we have to have British pride now.
Suddenly national pride is okay in the UK.
As long as you're in the military, they're going to send you eastward into the Russian grinding machine to die on the front lines in the Donbass region because Russia is now
the world's most accomplished ground-based military force.
Nobody can beat Russia on the ground.
Russia's got the technology, the artillery, the hypersonic missiles, the soldiers, the experience, the communication.
And the commitment.
90% of U.S. weapons are now nullified by the GPS jamming of Russia.
Did you see that story?
90% to explain that They just turn it on and none of it works.
Yeah, because all of our weapons are too dependent on GPS.
Instead of having terrain maps built in and then following the ground waypoints to their target, they depend on GPS.
Russia just jams the GPS, and then 90% of our weapons don't hit the targets.
And that's electromagnetic warfare.
Russia is the most accomplished in the world with electromagnetic warfare, drone warfare, anti-air defense systems, hypersonic missiles, and orbital nuke platforms.
Alex, I know you covered this story.
They've got orbital nuke platforms.
They can drop EMP weapons into high altitude above North America and detonate them at any time.
And they've got cruise missiles and submarines.
Something the Pentagon just finally thought about today.
They want to build 10 submarines in the next five years.
Sorry, Russia's got 30 off our coast right now.
Why would the globalists let Russia get a checkmate position like that?
The globalists want to see America destroyed.
That's why Joe Biden- That's what Joel Skousen always said, is they're trying to elicit a Russian attack.
Yeah, Skousen is right about that.
But understand, why Biden is there was to dismantle America's energy infrastructure, dismantle the food infrastructure, dismantle the banking infrastructure, get us into a global nuclear war with someone like Russia or China- Poison the public with poison shots.
And think about Rishi Sunak.
Think about this.
So in the UK, the illegals are welcome to come in and replace the British citizens that are now going to be drafted from age 18 and sent to die at the hands of the Russian military.
So this is replacement.
Rishi Sunak.
Who, I mean, think about this.
He says, we're going to kill the Brits in World War III and replace you with Muslims.
That's exactly what's going on in the UK.
That's how they destroy Western Europe.
And look, he's laughing.
He's laughing.
Oh yeah, no, he's laughing because of the history of the British Empire ruling India, and then himself being of Indian ethnicity, destroying the British Empire.
That's why he's laughing.
Because he gets the irony.
And most of the Western media has no idea what's going on.
And by the way, we cannot hype up enough.
This is all proven.
This is no longer theoretical like us 20 years ago.
And we were accurate on the theoretical because we raised our own plans.
This is here.
This is not a drill, folks.
This is here right now.
You're 100% right.
People are about to be wiped out in their assets because I think, by the way, there's a very high risk of a false flag nuclear detonation in a U.S.
city before Election Day using nuclear material that was acquired through the Uranium One scheme that Before the election, there's a very high risk that the U.S.
I'm going to put this to the front of the interview.
I totally agree.
They're pre-programming that Russia or somebody else is going to nuke us.
Start over.
Let's go to the front of the interview.
We're live right now, but the interview gets millions of views.
Start over, Mike.
I agree.
We are now in the season of false flag.
What would the enemy do?
Before the election, there's a very high risk that the U.S. deep state and intelligence communities would detonate a nuclear warhead in a U.S. city.
city, using nuclear material that was originally derived from Russia through the Uranium One scheme that goes back several years, in order to blame Russia and say that we're under a nuclear attack.
Because they can fingerprint the isotope.
Yeah, and they already possess the isotope.
Right, you're exactly right.
They use mass spec instrumentation, they can fingerprint the ratio analysis of the isotopes, and they can say that's a Russian nuke.
But it's the U.S.
deep state that's probably going to set it off in a U.S.
That's going to be 9-1-1 times a million, where the entire United States population will say, oh my God, Russia nuked us, because that's going to be the story.
And then, Alex, just like they canceled elections in Ukraine, Zelensky, his term expired.
He's no longer an elected official.
He's not even the legitimate president of Ukraine anymore.
They're going to do the same thing in America.
They're going to say, well, we can't have elections.
We're in a nuclear war with Russia.
They've even been saying they may suspend it for World War 3.
And not only did they, think about it in Ukraine, that's the model, they suspended the elections, they also suspended all press.
Including loyal press.
Yeah, yeah.
No, they sent out kill teams in Ukraine.
To kill journalists who were reporting things that the government didn't want to hear.
And this is what's being set up in America right now.
By the way, Mike, I'm just dumbfounded because I've known you 20 years, respect you.
Everything you're saying is totally true and I'm like in surreal world.
People ask, how do I take all the attacks and imminent shit out of InfoWars?
I'm like, I'm going to look back on this as like easy day.
I mean, I don't think people understand like, Folks, it's going down.
I mean, we're here.
We're not old-timers 30 years ago, Jim McGriffin telling us and Ron Paul.
We're here, which is crazy how accurate all those people like Benton Parton and everybody I knew and General Stubblebine Those guys were freaking dead on, Mike.
If we had listened to Ron Paul, we wouldn't be in this problem right now, today.
If we had listened to G. Edward Griffin, who's still active, by the way, he's still doing Red Pill Expo.
He's awesome.
If we had listened to him, if everybody had read his books, Not only the creature from Jekyll Island, but World Without Cancer!
We wouldn't have cancer either, by the way, because that lays out the solution to cancer.
But these people, they were attacked, they were smeared, they were blacklisted, using the same techniques that have been leveled against you, and myself, and many others.
When this is all said and done, though, Alex, as long as we and our supporters and our community can survive, then you realize that when the U.S.
Empire falls, That the world will be more free, by far?
Talk about that, because I remember you saying that ten years ago, five years ago.
I'm like, Mike, you're being too negative.
Now, I've 100% moved into survival instead of thinking we can stop it.
Well, the World Terror Organization is the U.S.
It bombs every country they want to bomb, they assassinate leaders, you know, Libya, Iraq, they fund the bombs.
Slovakia, they just killed the big anti-globalist MP in Italy?
Well, FIATSO didn't survive.
No, they killed a member of parliament, a big anti-globalist.
Oh, okay, okay, okay.
Yeah, sorry, there's been a lot of assassination attempts.
There's so many, you can't keep track of them.
It's Gladio 2.0.
Yeah, it is, absolutely.
But they also weaponized the dollar, so they used the dollar as sanctioning, as a weapon against all these other countries.
Did you see Thailand yesterday just announced they're going to join the BRICS system?
And they said, well, we need to work in a multipolar world because the dollar hegemony is collapsing.
And the BRICS plus nations, did you know they now represent 45% of the world's oil output?
And growing.
And growing.
And that's the next thing.
China surrounding Taiwan, because it sees Western weakness.
I mean, it's going down.
Taiwan's, I mean, you know, I lived in Taiwan.
I love Taiwan, but Taiwan doesn't have a chance being allied with the United States.
Is it true they'll be taking over in one day?
It probably won't even be a war.
It'll probably just be China telling Taiwan, okay, we've got you surrounded, the dollar has collapsed, the U.S.
can't support you.
And by the way, there's going to be a similar thing that happens to Israel.
When the U.S.
can't support Israel anymore, Israel's... No, I agree.
The old order's coming to an end.
It is.
And the Klaus Schwab screwed up.
It's not going the way they want.
No, no, no.
Because out of this, here's the...
The potential golden era.
If states like Texas and many other states across America can be ready with a backup currency and be ready with a strong local economy, Texas can emerge from this.
It's like a super city-state.
As the globalists say, their models collapse the world.
Instead of a city-state, we have These new city states that are actually people run.
Yeah, we will have these golden era regional states that, like Governor Abbott, he will even tell you how much better off could Texas be without all the federal interference and the regulatory punitive actions by the EPA.
We have 10% growth rate.
Yeah, and they're shutting down farms in Texas and other places due to the EPA.
So, we can unleash new abundance after the collapse of the dollar, but we've got to be ready for it.
Mike Adams, we've had some great interviews.
This is the most powerful yet.
We'll talk about your lawsuit against the New World Order when we come back with your lawyers.
Stay with us.
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All right, Mike, as we get your lawyer and expert consultant lined up here to come on with us in your big action against the world order, Mike Adams, Health Ranger, NaturalNews.com.
This is the New World Order.
This is not a beta test.
We're in it now.
You were just saying, as we went live 10 seconds ago, 20 seconds ago, it will be a miracle we make it to the election.
Yeah, and I want to be clear that there are elements, of course, trying to halt the election and destroy America from within, but there are also, you know, there are these white hats or just, you could say, good faith people that are in every agency as well.
That scares the globals.
They're being watched.
You know, there's like, inside the DOJ, there's evil people and there's good people.
Inside the FBI, there's also good people.
They're not in charge of the FBI, but they're still there.
And they're ready for big reforms.
They're ready.
Now, by the way, if Trump gets elected, he should go in and just fire 80 percent.
Fire every U.S.
attorney like Clinton did, day one.
Yeah, that's what Trump should do.
And then rebuild at a much smaller level.
We don't need 80% or even 90% of what the federal government is today.
It's mostly in the way.
I should have told you this off camera, but you wouldn't believe a government agency was ordering us to destroy an entire pallet of our toothpaste.
And we had to fight.
It cost us tens of thousands of dollars to save a pallet of toothpaste.
And I was like, what is going on?
Why is our government just weaponized against us constantly?
Like, did you know, you can go out, you know, the Azempic drug that people inject themselves with, you know, it's made from the Gila monster reptile venom peptide.
That's what that's made from.
It's actually a reptilian venom.
And you, you know, you jab yourself with a needle like you're being bit by a reptile.
Like the FDA says, oh, that's fine.
Don't worry, inject yourself with reptile venom, but you can't, you know, have this natural product over here, or, you know, this, you can't see... We're gonna kill all the cows!
Yeah, it's crazy.
But anyway, I know we're going to talk about our lawsuit.
Introduce your lawyer, Jeffrey Graber, and your expert consultant, Jason Fick.
I mean, you've got the floor right now.
My gosh.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, we have Jeffrey Graber, who is our lead attorney in this case, and we have Jason Fick, who is the leading expert in Section 230 and understanding the full censorship, the global censorship industrial complex.
Let's bring in Jeffrey first.
Mr. Graber, welcome to the show here today.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you for having me.
Pleasure to meet you, Alex.
Mike, good to see you again.
Jason, thanks for being here.
I look forward to the interview.
Thanks, guys.
Well, let's quantify this lawsuit and why it's so important and what's in it.
Okay, now, real quick, I'm getting a little bit of static on his audio.
Let me introduce Jason and let's see if we can clean that up.
Jason Fick is our expert, again, on Section 230 and censorship.
Jason, welcome to the show today.
We've interviewed you before as well.
It's great to have you back.
Thanks for having me, gentlemen.
Are we seeing Jason?
Oh, here we go.
All right.
Sorry about that, Alex.
Now, in this lawsuit, let's go back to Jeffrey.
Do you want to give us just a big, quick picture of who we're suing and why?
I'd be happy to.
How's my audio now?
It's a little overdriven.
Just turn it down.
Go ahead.
Turn it down.
Will do.
How about now, guys?
Yeah, it's not.
It's just the miracle of the internet.
I'm getting static.
I don't know if this is in my ear.
Let's go to Jason first and ask Jeffrey to clean that up.
Jason, go ahead.
Give us your take of the summary of this lawsuit right now.
The general overview is this, is that most of us have known that the United States has had some hand in the global censorship issue, right, with the big techs and so forth, but a lot of the lawsuits that come out there, if you sue the government, they point at private entities and say, oh, it was a private decision, and the private entities say, oh, it was a government decision.
We took it a lot further.
Mike and, you know, the Brighteon, Natural News, they were all named in government funded organizations, organizations like NewsGuard, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, which is a foreign entity.
And these these institutions were granted money by the United States government to create censorship tools, which were then used by big tech companies, including Google, Facebook and Twitter.
To censor American speech.
So essentially, we proved by following the money that in fact the United States government is funding and coercing private organizations as what are called instrumentalities, right?
They're basically instruments of government censorship.
And they are, in fact, censoring people.
So this is a true scheme.
Critically, Jason, sorry to interrupt, but this is not the usual lawsuit, Alex, where somebody is just directly suing Google and saying, oh, you censored us.
Because those all get dismissed under Section 230 because the court says, well, Google can do whatever it wants.
What our lawsuit is asserting and proving conclusively with the evidence, the money trail, Is that the United States government using taxpayer money laundered the censorship activities through foreign NGOs that came back around to big tech and told them who to silence.
That's right.
Instead of attacking it the way they want you to, you actually go to the antecedent.
Yeah, exactly.
And we have a First Amendment that specifically says the federal government cannot engage in the censorship of free speech of Americans.
And by the way, I remember them bragging years ago how they're going to use the EU and other governments to shut down our speech.
They're doing it now.
The EU is even worse than the US government.
But Jason, please continue.
That was a great summary set up for it right there.
Talk to us about this laundering of international censorship through government money.
So that's exactly what they're doing here.
I mean, the best way to explain it is that they're laundering it through private entities' First Amendment rights and then claiming it's not the government.
Well, it is the government.
And you bring up the EU.
Well, we can take this a little bit further because we've proven this.
It's in the facts.
We've followed the money.
The United States The DHS, Department of State, and the Department of Defense, they've granted money to companies like the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, right?
That is a U.K.
The U.K.
company then goes out and they did a massive hit piece on natural news, so they targeted them, and they said how they were disinformation and misinformation.
Of course, we know misinformation is just a keyword for real information.
And then that's used as a label to then censor.
That's your justification.
So what ended up happening is, is that foreign entity Institute for Strategic Dialogue was then used by Google and Facebook and Twitter.
To essentially censor domestic speech.
So, in reality here, what this is, is the United States is paying a foreign organization to create censorship tools that the United States is using private entities to censor domestic speech.
And by the way, that's the oldest trick in the book, where they had the British surveil Trump during 2016 and all that.
They do that thing to hide it from congressional oversight.
They push it overseas, they use overseas organizations.
Even the origins of the Trump dossier, you know, they were paying these, you know, former spies or whatever to put this together, and then they cite that in the Western media.
Well this is a smart lawsuit, so how did you guys come up with this?
Well, we've been working on this for what, almost a year and a half, Jason?
Oh, yeah.
There was a lot of work, a lot of research that went into this.
We, you know, following the money, finding where the grants went.
You know, I believe you may have saw an interview between Mike Benz and Tucker Carlson out there.
And everything that they were talking about, we were already working on it.
Like, we've been working on this well before any of that stuff came out because we knew it was happening.
This is actually bringing it to the forefront.
I'm bringing it to a 1A situation, you know, 1A case where we're saying no.
Mike and Natural News and Brighton were named.
Like, the government went after them.
Like, that's where you get what's called a concrete particular injury, in fact, due to the government that ultimately ended up in their suppression.
So you're saying that's standing?
That we have standing.
We believe we do.
Because we're named.
In fact, let's see if we've got Jeffrey's audio here again.
Welcome back, Jeffrey.
In your opinion, what is the importance of this in terms of a First Amendment, potentially historic case?
I told the crew, cut it, because this is going to go on for hours.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, no.
We'll talk to Jeffrey soon.
We're not getting it.
We'll just move on from that.
I'll say it on air.
We'll move on.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
We work with what works here.
This is the way we do our businesses as well.
When we are silenced, as was just happening, we fight back.
And so we are suing the Department of Defense, we're suing Homeland Security, we're suing NewsGuard, Twitter, Google, Meta also, and we are asking the court to compel them to stop this censorship.
And Alex, what matters here is that if we can set a precedent with this case, it benefits all of us, all of your listeners, your operations, the Truth About Cancer operations that's been targeted in much the same way.
We're not here to just settle with these companies to get our own speech back online.
We are here to set a historic precedent.
Jason, your comments on that?
In fact, actually, this should really interest Alex because of the coordination aspect of it.
They did this to Alex.
They've done it to InfoWars.
They did it to Parler.
They coordinated the shutdown of anybody that would disparage anything that the government didn't like.
If you said the wrong things about COVID, they would shut you down.
But these are things that, I mean, it's a much longer discussion.
In fact, actually, I don't even know if you know this, Alex, but I was on War Rooms back in 2016 talking about exactly what is here now.
All of this censorship.
In fact, I can't even bring it up.
I already have an InfoWars mic, believe it or not.
I followed you guys forever.
We just haven't had the long discussion.
It's intelligence agencies and they hope it doesn't get exposed because it's so illegal.
If it gets exposed it's game over and now in 2024 they're doing it again on a wider scale.
And think about Alex, how many of the things that we were censored for that turned out to be completely accurate?
You know, you and I and others in our space, we're the first ones who said, these COVID vaccines don't work.
They don't stop transmission.
They don't stop infections.
The masks don't work.
The lockdowns don't work.
And at the time, we were censored.
Oh, that's misinformation.
You need to follow the science.
Now it all comes out in the science that we were right all along.
Do they reverse the censorship?
No, of course not.
No, because they don't want to hear our voice.
Let me ask you this.
What are they going to do now with the heats on them, Jason and Mike?
I mean, what are they going to do now that they're being exposed, Jason?
Well, I gotta tell you this, I'm not suicidal.
First off, I'm not gonna hopefully Epstein myself, but...
I can tell you that they're going to fight tooth and nail.
I mean, we're dealing with that with the Section 230 fight.
We know, I mean, believe it or not, we know exactly what's wrong with it and why the courts won't fix it.
Because the reality is it will change the entire dynamic of the economic system on the internet.
So what we are dealing with is we have a government that is essentially trying to suppress speech and also a government who is protecting them from liability.
It's kind of convenient that they're doing the same thing.
So as far as what they're going to do, I mean, we're all we can do is put the pressure on.
And the bravery here is not to fight a fight that's easy to win.
Bravery is about fighting a difficult fight.
And that is what Brydeon and Mike Adams has taken on here.
We're just, you know, we're just giving them the tools to do it.
And regardless of the suit.
It gives a roadmap to Congress and Attorney Generals and legislatures to take action.
Yes, and we've already been... If you read it, we've already mapped it out for you guys, for everybody.
It shows exactly what happened.
So explain, Jason, how the intelligence agency set this up, how they're doing it, how they get huge corporate and government funding to do it.
It's a whole industry.
So in brief terms, it basically goes back to Obama setting up the NDAA, which formed what's called the Global Engagement Center, right?
The Department of State, their charter was supposed to be to counter foreign disinformation.
Foreign disinformation.
Well, of course, that foreign disinformation then went into, OK, so we're going to run a bunch of like technology, you know, contests and so forth.
And we're going to find companies that can make censorship technology and we're going to grant the money.
Sure enough, companies like NewsGuard comes along and DisinfoCloud and and several others, ISD and so forth.
And they create what we're calling the tools or government censorship tools.
The government granted the money, so the government then pays these companies to go out and make censorship tools that can better, faster, and more easily censor foreign disinformation.
Remember, foreign!
And that's how they all move forward and left, the Countering Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act.
And then what ends up happening is that foreign disinformation idea and that whole charter gets lost and they said, you know what, hey, we have all these censorship tools, big tech Why don't you come in and use these tools?
And then they coerce them to use the tools.
I mean, you see Google with the NewsGuard links, right?
That's government-funded censorship tools they're using.
So the reality is, is that the government is funding the tools that are being used by the private entity, you know, Google, Facebook, Twitter, to silence people.
So what is the lawsuit?
Because I haven't read the lawsuit.
I know Mike's written about it on naturalnews.com.
We'll put that on screen.
I'm told I'm in this.
I'm told I'm in these documents.
What does the lawsuit do?
How do we get behind it?
Basically, it goes after the entire industrial censorship complex apparatus.
It explains how all of it does it and what we're going for is there's monetary damages with regards to the private entities, right, and how they've done what they've done.
But then there's also declaratory relief that we're seeking with the government agencies that basically tell them to stop.
And hopefully, we're at least in Texas, and hopefully the judges there will tell the government, you know what, enough is enough, and stop it.
We are.
Let me jump in here.
You see we've named Alejandro Mayorkas of Homeland Security.
We've named government officials.
We have 10 John Doe's also in there.
If we get this case into discovery, big tech is going to lose their minds because we're going to be able to access... Because you're going to the nexus of intelligence agencies and government funding with foreign outfits.
Yep, and we'll be able to get all the emails and all the data showing the collusion and the planning between government, big tech, and overseas NGOs.
And our goal, as Jason is alluding to, is to completely dismantle this global censorship industrial complex so that the American people can be free from this government-funded censorship.
You're exposing the big tech coup against America.
Yes, exactly.
That's exactly what this is.
And the support that you were talking about is that, you know, we're a small team here with limited resources.
The reality is that we need more people to help us.
If you guys want to protect your own free speech, that's what we're trying to do here.
We are just, you know, I hate to use the colloquial term, tip of the spear, but we are here.
This is the first lawsuit of its type where we are... Well, exactly.
I'm glad you did this because I've been in the middle of this.
I know about it.
I follow the laws that allow all this to happen and I'm sitting there watching them.
Congress acts, you know, are you censoring?
Oh, no, we're not.
They're sitting there lying because they farmed it all out.
You've got them by the shorthairs.
Yes, exactly.
And they can't blame each other because they're all in the case.
I was talking about this on Mike's interview.
You know, if you sue the government, they blame big tech and say, oh, it's a private entity.
And if you sue the private entity, they blame the government.
And we're saying we don't care who it is.
You guys figure that out in court.
But all of you are under It's the same way with COVID where Google and Facebook with Bill Gates and Peter Daszak are funding Wuhan.
They all do it so they all are equally guilty.
It's all a big mob.
That's what John Doe's are for.
You hit a very important point there.
The U.S.
government has been weaponized against the American people.
And they built the bioweapons.
They funded gain-of-function research.
They were distributing the bioweapons.
They pushed the vaccines.
They silenced anybody who told the truth about them.
And then they've been silencing all the voices that are telling the truth about anything, from elections, or January 6, or COVID, or gold, for that matter, or history, or 9-11, you name it.
All the voices of truth and reason are censored.
And they're megalomaniacs that have got to be stopped.
Absolutely, or we have no future as a country.
I would say, Jason, all of Western civilization is in an existential threat if we don't dismantle it.
The whole world is.
Let me ask you both this, and everybody would comment on that.
I don't think they're too happy.
People love to hear who's winning and losing.
We have the initiative, they've still got a lot of power, but I would say they're really upset right now.
Well, they've got a lot of people after them.
It's a problem.
And death by a thousand paper cuts is still a death.
You know, if we're all at it, I mean, like, look at us.
There's three of us in the room right now, and we're all coming from different directions, doing different things, and we're coming at them.
I mean, eventually, it's possible to stop them.
This has already set off a wave of interest.
There are people and organizations out there that are now taking our lawsuit, and reading it, and studying the strategies, and using it for their own lawsuits.
And they'll duplicate it.
So that's why we wanted to get this on the public record.
This is filed in Texas, in the federal district court.
And let's say, you guys have courage, this is dangerous.
You're going right at Obama's military industrial complex, Defense Authorization Act of 2017, John Warren's Defense Authorization Act, the heart of his coup against Trump.
You're striking right at it.
And as Jason said, I am not suicidal.
I am here to win.
I am here to dismantle this censorship complex and to restore freedom for the American people.
I'm a Texan.
I believe in the future freedom and abundance of the great nation of the Republic of Texas.
And that's where this is all going.
I mean, seriously, this is history unfolding in real time in front of us.
And Alex, you have a front row seat.
All your viewers have a front row seat.
You're in the middle of much of this history.
Because they want to shut you down.
They failed.
Think about it.
The fact that you're here today is a metaphor.
I don't want to write myself in the story.
I haven't read your lawsuit.
You're saying I'm in there?
You're named in the documents that we're citing.
You're named in the same government documents.
Just like we are named.
There's a list of who's targeted.
And so, the fact that you're here, the fact that I'm here, you know, one of the things they do with censorship is they take away your revenues.
You know that.
I know that.
To where you never have enough money to hire lawyers and experts like Jason here.
It's not inexpensive to file a major lawsuit, to spend 18 months doing research, and then to fund the upcoming depositions and discovery and everything else.
You know how this goes.
We're going to be millions of dollars into this lawsuit by the time it's said and done, and it's worth every penny.
Well, you're fighting, and like you said, it's a blueprint for others.
That's the big victory.
Yes, exactly what it is.
Jason, anything else you want to add?
Wrap this up?
Alex, you were talking about where you are in this.
A lot of the research I did, your name comes up all over the place.
And the reality is that you've had standing in this situation to do something similar.
I've dealt with it, just we haven't had the long conversation at this point.
And we probably should because there's a lot of stuff that I've learned in all the research that I've done.
You know, this whole thing, this is a government coordination against you, it's against Brideon.
There's other litigants that have already reached out to us that they've been named as well.
The government is in fact, I mean, and that's what the takeaway here is, is that this is not a conspiracy theory anymore.
The facts prove that the government has been paying for censorship.
Domestic censorship of American speech.
They are targeting us and they're doing it deliberately to squash any information that disparages the government in any way.
That's a dystopian nightmare.
Well guys, you gotta fly to Austin.
Mike, we gotta do three hours on this.
And we'll get your lawyer on.
Might not be our technical thing, his.
I know he's really smart.
We're gonna get Jeffrey Graber on as well.
But this is a big deal.
And look at the CIA leaks that have come out.
Look at the whole Sandy Hook thing, now they admit was run by the FBI.
They testified, no, we created this.
And I never said any of those things, I didn't do those things, but that's their sign-off.
And the fact that they're so concerned about little old me shows how weak they are.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
And here's another thing, you know that we're working on AI engines, and we've been doing fine-tuning training.
We have the archive of all your shows, and we've transcribed over 10,000 hours of your shows that are going into the engine.
And the most difficult name... That's scary!
No, seriously, you're going to love it.
In about 60 days, I'm going to come here with the InfoWars language model and I'm going to demo it for you.
But that's another story.
But your name is the most difficult name to retrain through fine-tuning of AI language models because you were so disparaged by so many sources that have been built into all the models.
Well, that came out from a high-level Google source.
They said they use me as a training.
I see it.
I see it.
You type anything Alex Jones, and even when we're retraining the models, normally we can retrain models, we can memory wipe them on almost everything.
But that's the thing.
It's not me.
They just chose me as the archetypal populist as their enemy.
It's not even me.
It's like they go, Jones is the enemy.
That's the thing.
Even if I query a base model from a lot of these companies, if I just query it about 9-11 for example, like what really happened on 9-11, it will start telling me about Alex Jones.
Like I didn't even ask about Alex Jones.
You are permanently etched into the memory banks of all the AI models that have been released by Google, Microsoft, Chat, GPT, you name it.
Well that's what they told me, the big Google guy, he's like one of the top people there, he said, no, you have like a ghostly machine we can't get rid of.
You are, yeah, you are, seriously.
It was the listeners, though, searching me that did it on me.
Well, I've seen it myself in all the testing that we're doing.
Well, I hope we're here in 60 days, wherever I'm at, come on the show.
But listen, I beg you to come over six months.
You're a busy beaver.
Get your tech guy on, your expert, get your lawyer on, and get them in studios so that we can't have technical problems.
Let's do three hours next week.
Let me talk to Graber here and see if we can get him in Austin and do that in person.
But I'm happy to come on, but you know, I'm doing what you're doing.
I'm in my studio also trying to bring on guests that can help save the world and help Americans.
I'm just glad you're taking action on this.
So in closing comments, how do we support NaturalNews.com and the great work that you and Jason Fick and Jeffrey and Graber are doing?
Well, I mean, look, it's simple.
We're not even asking for donations.
We're just asking people to read our website, support us, you know, visit our store, whatever.
Just all the usual stuff.
That's all.
But, Alex, I gotta say...
This, whatever we are able to achieve with this, if anything, if we can survive motions to dismiss, it's a major victory, even if we don't win in the long term.
Just to get to discovery is worth every penny, and what's going to come out of that will affect you in a positive way.
But here's what's crazy, I didn't even know about your lawsuit you sent to me.
We covered the history of it, I know all about it.
They literally have the CIA attacking the American people and they admit it in Congress, then they act like it's not happening.
You guys have got their ass.
Yeah, and I want you to know, Alex, and I'm sure Jason would agree.
No, Jason, go ahead.
You're talking about it all.
Go ahead.
Let me just say this real quick.
The real disinformation, like the real information that they're afraid of is really suppressed.
I hear all the time about how, oh, I'm so suppressed.
I'm so suppressed.
And I'm sitting there going, no, everybody's squashing me because I know how to stop them.
That's the information they don't want out there.
And you were saying, how can they help?
It's our 501c3.
I can give you all sorts of information about how the internet can be fixed, why they won't fix it, everything.
Hold on, do you host the next five minutes?
I'm going to give you the floor, because you guys get me excited.
I can't help but erupting out of ADHD.
Tourette's or something.
Jason Fink, explain your organization, your group, because I'm all about this and we got to get on the march and I can see the congressional hearings right now because I've got the dogs before like Jones is telling Trump this.
What if Congress gets it?
You know, let's come out in Congress.
They're scared folks because they're the criminals.
Back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
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All right, Mike Adams is going to host here with his amazing expert consultant, Jeffrey Feck.
Say it wrong?
Yeah, Jason Feck.
Jeffrey Graber is your lawyer we're going to get on.
I'm dyslexic, I just can't play with other names.
No, no, no, good.
So Jason, you're welcome to be in studio whenever you want.
We want to get you in here soon.
I know how important this is.
I knew Mike was doing this.
I hadn't read the suit until we were on air.
This is dynamite because I know all this stuff.
Not all of it, but a lot of it.
You're really striking at the Achilles heel of this.
We've got five minutes to break here and then Dr. Peter McCullough is coming up.
So you've got the floor.
You guys finish up.
Okay, Jason, jump right into why the courts have been wrong in their interpretation of 230 and how we're going to fix that with your help.
Okay, so basically the whole Section 230 thing, there's so many people out there that say they understand it and say they know it, but the reality is that they don't know what's wrong with it.
Here's what's going on.
In Section 230c1, right, the courts have basically just been sloppy.
It says that they cannot be treated as the publisher or speaker.
That's a who.
They changed it to you can't be treated as a publisher speaker.
They changed the article.
And in doing so, they changed it to a what?
Which means that they went from they can't be treated as someone else to they can't actually be held accountable as a publisher in the general sense.
We've been fighting this for six solid years.
We've been to the Supreme Court twice.
We know what we're talking about because the courts won't even address it.
But it wasn't until there was a case, Dangard v. Instagram.
It is actually in the district court.
Same district court we're in in California.
And Judge Allison nailed it.
He finally said it on record in a case and he said that 230C1 was being used as quote a backdoor to CDA immunity contrary to the to the history and purpose of Congress.
That right there is it.
They've been using 230c1 as a catch-all, like absolute unlimited immunity, which is what's been transpiring in the courts.
It happened in my case.
And meanwhile, the whole good faith, good Samaritan stuff that you talk about, everybody says, well, they're not acting in good faith.
Yeah, because it's never applied.
Jason, let me jump in and just back up a little bit.
As you're referring to your case, I want the audience to understand that Facebook destroyed your very successful business many years ago.
You sued, and through that process, you became the expert in Section 230, and you're now applying all of that knowledge and experience to our case with our attorney Jeffrey Graber here as well.
But what I'm saying is, If you hadn't gone through that lawsuit, you know, we wouldn't have had the benefit of your knowledge applied to this case, which is going to affect many other cases.
So, this is snowballing.
Yeah, effectively it forced me to understand all this because unbeknownst to most people I've had more fans and lost more fans than people have ever even conceived of.
At my peak I had 38 million Facebook fans and I was competitive against anybody.
We were doing $300,000 a month and then of course Facebook's business model comes in and says, you know what, we're going to steal your distribution and we're going to sell it to somebody else.
It was straight up anti-competitive.
Their whole business model is anti-competitive.
But the thing is, is that if the courts understand that, the whole thing falls apart.
Well, right.
And plus, in your case, you didn't have the government targeting you through the Department of Defense.
Yeah, mine wasn't politics and so forth.
Mine just had to do with the internet and the application of the protections they get.
And because of that, and the fact that I was an OG and making memes and whatnot, Like, I understand everything that's going on out here, because I've been in it for over a decade.
You know, and the reality is down at the bottom.
It is the antitrust angle that bypasses the politics.
Exactly right.
And by the way... Wait, wait.
Mike, let me stop you here.
That's the whole point we're trying to say here, is it's the antitrust issue, which is the competitive issue, is what's not allowed.
The fact is, is that they're choosing the winners and losers in everything.
We're out of time.
You guys are welcome anytime in the next two weeks in the studio or via Skype.
I want to get your lawyer on as well.
Jason Fick, very impressive.
My account is very impressive.
How do people find you, Jason?
You can find me on there.
I'm also on Twitter still, luckily, barely.
Where on Twitter?
Twitter at Jason Fick.
All right, great job Mike, naturalnews.com.
The great Dr. Peter McCullough is coming up with huge bird flu news.
Big man-made bioweapon, gain of function, that's coming up.
Thank you gentlemen, incredible job.
Thank you Alex.
Hey, you're here, you booked the time.
You're drafted.
Okay, I'm in.
Great job Mike.
All right, thanks Alex.
All right, we'll be right back, stay with us.
Great job Jason.
All right, we've only got him for 30 minutes and I'm gonna do my best to shut up
and let Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the top published cardiologists,
so respected in the world, temp of the spear, exposing evil.
He hadn't been on in probably six months.
In the 30 minutes we've got, or 25 minutes of air time, Ahead of us looking at the Trump trial and what's happening there in New York to talk about what's happening because now the mass death numbers are out there and all the autoimmune problems and the heart attacks and myocarditis and the the bird flu and him exposing the patents to weaponize it and gain of function.
And everything that's happening and now the feds quietly saying we're getting ready to lock down all these ranches and all these farms and all these dairies and they wanted to wear hazmat gear to create the hysteria again.
It's clear they're trying a repeat of what we saw in 2020 again.
Dr. Peter McCullough, I really appreciate you taking time out to join us from Dallas, Texas.
People can find you at P underscore McCulloughMD or OnlineHealthNow.com.
Thank you so much, sir.
I've thrown a lot out there.
Start wherever you want to begin and please give us an update on what's happening.
Well, just a quick update on COVID-19.
There is a rise in cases in Asia now.
It's second or third infection for most people.
It's very mild, still in the Omicron sub-variant family.
Investigations on Capitol Hill clearly identifying Lawrence Tabak, NIH says it was gain-of-function research.
David Morins, who worked for Fauci, clearly writing in code between Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, they all knew they were caught
creating SARS-CoV-2. So let me make it clear Alex, this was a U.S.-Chinese creation, goes back to 2012, they published their findings in 2015-2016 in Nature Medicine and Presidents of the National
Academy of Sciences, Ralph Baric, senior author.
They declare with the Chinese that they have created a Wuhan Institute of Virology SARS-like virus.
And that it can invade human beings.
We are talking about Primordial SARS-CoV-2 published in the open 2015-2016.
in 2015-2016. We're finally now, in 2024, getting down to brass tacks of what happened.
Peter Daszak at the EcoHealth Alliance, who's one of the co-conspirators with Beric Fauci and Dr. Xing Li, the bat lady.
He's now been debarred from any more federal funding at the EcoHealth Alliance across all the different federal agencies.
And I think it's now time for special prosecutors.
I think we need three of them.
One for the origins of SARS-CoV-2, the second one for suppression of early treatment, and the third is on the vaccine debacle.
And so, out of all the subjects, I forgot to ask that one.
They're basically setting Dasik up as the fall guy, though he obviously deserves it, but he's mid-level.
Goes back to Obama, as you exposed four years ago, Chapel Hill.
So this is a big moment of you and Senator Paul and others completely vindicated.
Looks like the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
We see Redfield running scared, saying, yeah, it's going to function, yeah, they lied.
I mean, this is a big moment.
It is.
It couldn't be any bigger, Alex.
You called it from the very beginning.
This was, by design, a biological threat, designed hand-in-hand with a countermeasure.
In this case, a vaccine-only strategy.
You know, on the vaccine side, we can bring in co-conspirator Stephan Bainzel at Moderna.
Remember, before his job at Moderna, he was CEO of Baume-Rieux.
Alex, Baume-Rieux Built the Chinese biosecurity lab in Wuhan.
So Bainzell is actually part of this U.S.-Chinese conspiracy with Moderna.
Then he co-writes the patents with the National Institutes of Health.
That's Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci.
And it's game on for the COVID-19 pandemic.
It was planned out ahead of time.
The Johns Hopkins So you only deal with facts, and this has all come out, you've been vindicated, but clearly this is a power grab.
It didn't go the way they wanted.
I'm not putting words in your mouth.
You agree it hasn't gone the way they want.
They are completely discredited.
Bio power grab pandemic treaty has failed.
How would you describe the climate now with these collaborators that did this?
It's not over with, Alex.
The WHO is meeting some resistance.
There's a lot of freedom fighters, people from various countries who are over in Geneva right now, United States, Canada, UK, and others.
Japan, Japanese are showing up big for this.
But what Secretary General Tedros Khebresis has said is that the resistance is really with the small underdeveloped countries,
the African countries that don't want to go along with this.
The WHO said in a press release this very recent said, listen, they're going to still try to by hook or by crook get this kind of dominion that they want over all plants, animals
and humans binding by international law.
We have all the Republican senators against it.
At least half of the U.S.
Surgeon Generals.
And we have at least one state, state of Louisiana, says they're not going along with this at all.
Tremendous show of force against the WHO.
We're going to find out in the next few days, but I don't think it's over with because WHO indicated today they want to raise $7 billion off this.
They've got to feed 8,000 employees, 194 member nations and installations, a big German biosurveillance unit they want to build.
Their aspirations are huge.
We'll see if the world can really stiffen on this.
So the bottom line is it's like Star Wars.
We've blown up the Death Star.
We haven't defeated the Empire.
But man, how the tables have turned, though.
People are really rapidly understanding what's happening.
That's so true.
The resistance and great credit to Frank Gaffney at Security America and the Sovereignty Coalition, Dr. Tess Lowry at the World Council for Health.
The Japanese again have had protests.
I was about to say, what's up with the Japanese?
I see like their most prominent university heads, top scientists are saying, we want to arrest the leaders.
This is genocide.
The Japanese are usually very restrained.
They are hopping pissed.
You are so right about this.
They're usually so conservative, but they have their lead oncologist now coming out and saying, listen, these cancers and the rapidity that they're occurring now are due to the vaccine.
The vaccines should be pulled off the market.
Again, Japanese stepping up big.
Well, I mean, look, it's a Japanese cliché, but it's true.
That's why a Toyota or a Honda lasts twice as long as the other vehicle.
They are obsessed with quality.
Even when they're told, build planned obsolescence, they won't do it.
So as doctors, you're a doctor, you know better than I, but I've studied the Japanese.
They just have a real problem killing people with medicine.
They're pissed.
You're right.
And I've worked with the Japanese for years.
I have an active project with them right now.
And they have the highest integrity.
And they have called this now from the very beginning.
You know, they did studies with the Olympics showing that routine PCR testing was completely bogus, Alex.
They called it there.
Now they've called, they've returned millions of vials of Moderna and Pfizer because of visible contaminants.
Now the Japanese calling for all the vaccines to be taken off world markets.
Limited time we have.
Please join us again for a full hour.
I know you're very busy.
Bird flu.
I've seen you on big reports and you've got the patents, all of it, that they're planning something big, that they've weaponized it, it's gained a function.
What's happening?
You know, Gavi, the Global Vaccine Alliance, they're part of this biopharmaceutical complex I've outlined in my book.
Gavi said in 2021 that bird flu is the next disease X. And now World Economic Forum, WHO, CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation, CDC, all have bird flu positioned as disease X. That is the next pandemic.
And they are doing everything they can through messaging to raise public awareness, As well as fear, Alex.
What we know is highly pathogenic avian influenza, H5N1 influenza.
The current clade or specific strain is 2.3.446B.
So we got it down to exactly what it is.
What we've learned, Alex, is this is a version of this that was gain-of-function research.
Gain-of-function research doing what's called serial passage.
That is keep trying over and over again to pass the virus and to make it more I'm not an expert like you, but you're saying they just keep breeding it until they finally get a mutation?
That's what it is.
So it's not going in and changing the genetics, but keep trying and trying and trying until you get a more lethal strain.
And most of this work was done in the USDA Poultry Research Lab in Athens, Georgia.
Some of it done at University of Wisconsin, some of it done in Rotterdam.
In the Netherlands, but what we learned is the big mistake they did, Alex, is they did it in mallard ducks.
So, you know, nobody in the press has asked, how is it spreading across the world?
No one's asked the question.
I'm telling you, the answer is it's in mallard ducks.
They don't get particularly sick with it and they land on different farms and they spread it to chickens and to cows and other livestock.
So just like Fauci bragged how gays were the perfect thing to spread HIV, now they've gotten mallard ducks.
The Maldives is the only answer.
They largely have big migratory patterns north and south.
We know now that the Chinese have been vaccinating domestic poultry for 20 years.
It's backfired.
The virus just mutates.
The vaccines don't work in poultry.
What's that syndrome with chickens?
When you give them a vaccine over and over again, they have a huge mutation?
I can tell you Alex, it doesn't sound very good, doesn't sound tasty, that's for sure.
But you know, the Chinese did this, the French last summer tried to vaccinate ducks that they have actually for duck meat.
The U.S.
banned that meat, you know, people in the United States don't want to eat vaccinated Chicken or duck and now we're on the verge of vaccinating our poultry.
The main method of dealing with this, which is a disaster, is called culling.
Turns out the government reimburses farmers to actually cull large flocks of hens.
So Sid Miller, the Ag Director in Texas, he directed the incineration of millions of egg-laying hens at the The nation's largest egg producer out in West Texas because of a bird flu scare.
So we're talking about mass culling of food production, which is exactly what the WF wants for the collapse of society.
So you don't like to speculate, but you're saying Mallard Ducks.
Come on.
I don't think they accidentally released it at the Wuhan lab.
We've always known it was man-made.
It looks to me everything, like you said, was already on the shelf.
It's pre-made.
I don't think it's being shared by Mallard Ducks.
It's probably being shared at the site by some of these leftist operatives in the FDA.
No, it could be.
I mean one of my patients told me for sure that they're coming on farms with hazmat suits doing mass PCR testing of healthy animals.
All that's going to do is raise a false case count and create Orders for mass culling I can tell you what needs to happen We've only had two human cases so far in animal handlers as the cases of pinkeye This version doesn't appear to cause severe invasive pulmonary disease at all the prior bird flu strains actually about 800 or so cases There was a fifty two point seven percent mortality rate, but it was all in Thailand Malaysia
So let me ask you this, Doctor.
What do you think is going on?
Because it's right before an election.
They're trying to pass a UN treaty.
They're hyping it.
They want people to wear hazmat gear.
It looks like a rerun of four years ago to me.
I would predict.
We're so ready for this, Alex.
We know that iodine, nasal sprays and gargles work fine.
Wellness Company, we expanded our contagion kit.
We know that Tamiflu and hydroxychloroquine work fine, started early.
So we have this so well covered in humans.
We shouldn't lose a single human with this.
I don't think there's going to be a threat to mankind.
I think this is a giant threat to the food supply because the response is this elective Mass destruction of livestock.
What I think should happen is I think we should get rid of all of this pre-functory testing and let the animals get through it.
They'll get through this fine.
We need an investigation to the gain-of-function research.
It probably is being spread around by mallard ducks.
I mean, it's in that duck population.
It even spread to a dolphin off the coast of Florida.
So I can tell you, it's in migratory areas.
Obviously though, they're rolling it out now for a power grab.
It doesn't really affect humans.
It's a bunch of hysteria.
Knowing the bad guys, trying to cover up the last evil thing they did with COVID, they need a new story to cover it up.
We talked about this years ago.
Disagree if you think I'm wrong, but then, if you're in the enemy's brain, what do you think they're going to pull next?
They want mass vaccination, Alex.
They want mass vaccination.
We know that CSL, a company, Sequarius, has the Audens vaccine.
It's an antigen-based vaccine.
They developed it with BARDA, a research unit of the military.
FDA cleared it in 2021 with no human data.
Now, they have pre-purchased enough vaccines for the entire country.
Right after this antigen-based vaccine, Alex, they have a self-replicating messenger RNA vaccine.
CEPI, the international organization with the Koreans, they have a self-replicating messenger RNA vaccine.
I think the end game for the bad guys is mass vaccination.
I mean, I totally agree.
They're now saying they're ready for it, so they're trying a repeat of this.
If you're Fauci, though, how's he feeling right now, as all his past videos at Gain of Function conferences by name promoting Gain of Function, he denies it.
Rand Paul's calling for criminal charges.
I just want to nip this in the bud.
I'm not a vengeful person, but I want Fauci and Tedros and the rest of them to stop trying to be our saviors.
It's true, you know, they work together.
Fauci is very involved with the WHO, even though he's in retirement now.
Brad Wenstrup, who directs the House Select Investigative Committee, is calling Fauci back.
He just announced that on social media.
Fauci is going to be back up there.
Remember, they have repeated sets of questions, Alex, because all the witnesses, Fauci, Daszak, Barak, and others, because they're impeaching themselves.
They said things previously which are not true and now more evidence has come out and they are being held accountable at least in this form of theater.
It needs to move into special prosecution with criminal charges.
We only got about five minutes left.
What else is on your radar?