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Name: 20240528_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 28, 2024
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In this radio show excerpt, host Alex Jones discusses various topics such as his Ultimate Fish Oil product, potential World War III scenarios, and takes calls from listeners discussing conspiracy theories, religious beliefs, and Trump's re-election prospects. He criticizes actor Robert De Niro for attacking President Trump and encourages listeners to stay informed and vigilant amid increasing political and social unrest."

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Hey, Bill!
Look at this!
Look at it!
Hey, where'd you get that?
Give it back to me!
You better give it back, you fart knocker!
I give it back, but you gotta do what I say!
You hear that, America?
I'm the victim!
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a Hollywood pimp, who serves lots of movie stars and politicians.
Chameleons try to hide it with their evil smiling lies.
With Kinsey Lane, and Epstein's shoe.
Chappelle here, and Monica's guy.
Some movie stars, Prince Andrew and Jill Cosby, here on Epstein!
Hey, Ghost of Jeffrey Epstein, where you been?
Just been hanging around.
So, what can a guy like me do for fun around here?
I think you'll find something to do.
How old is she?
I feel pretty.
Oh, so pretty.
I feel pretty, and witty, and gay!
Excuse me!
Have you seen my husband?
Who's your husband?
You don't know my husband, Bill!
He's been here like 26 times!
Sorry, I have no idea what goes on here!
I know what goes on here!
Me too.
Me too.
Oh, I tell ya, a guy like me can really get some thinking done on an island like this.
Just look at this brand new electric car I just made.
Hey, Christopher!
You still got that evidence on me?
What evidence?
Hey, man, what are you doing here?
I owe Jeffrey some favors.
I'm here because I'm being blackmailed.
Hey, LaMama?
Hey, is that dirty report gonna get us in trouble?
I'm not too worried about it.
You're not?
Nope, not at all.
Well, why not?
Well, it's simple.
We're above the law.
We are?
I mean, have you been paying attention to any of this joke?
I don't know.
I just say what you tell me to say.
That's why we picked you.
So let me get this straight.
You impeached Nixon for breaking into the DNC.
You impeach my husband for breaking into Monica.
You impeach Trump for the lies that we made up.
You got it.
And we get away scot-free?
Well, it's not like the Republicans are going to do anything about it.
Now that's what I call justice!
Nice shot, Joe.
Hey, thanks.
By the year 2024, everybody's going to have a Joe Biden car.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, and he's going to be made and sold only in America.
Um, Joe?
Where are you going to get your batteries?
Where do you think lithium comes from, genius?
Oh, damn it!
Well, I'll have to get the batteries from China, but I'll sell the batteries in America!
People, listen!
Never mind the impeachment of Biden and all the weapons and money he's given to Ukraine!
Forget about Hunter, Obama, and Hillary and the Durham Report!
Ignore Pelosi's insider trading!
Stop thinking about Adam Schiff and Epstein's client list!
Stop focusing on election fraud!
And don't even give AOC breaking ethics rules a second thought!
They focused on me!
I'm the new distraction!
You know, if people stopped being poor, groceries and gas wouldn't be that expensive!
It's Tuesday.
If you think the awakening we've seen so far is big, this planet and the globalists have not seen anything yet!
Tuesday, May 28, 2024.
We're aware of your activities, trying to muzzle the American people and gaming your search results.
Google is evil.
We now take the challenge, not to censor like you do, but to stand against you and to fight even harder for our birthright that you are trying to steal!
Remember this, you killed your profession by becoming nothing but mercenaries for the globalists, and people know that you're fake news, many of you.
Now, with you trying to kill the First Amendment, you're making yourself true villains.
You've declared war on the First Amendment!
You've declared war on free speech!
Since when There are hundreds of doctors unable to have press conferences in America and they take it off YouTube, they take it off Google, they take it off Twitter, they take it off Facebook.
There is a giant crackdown that even the New York Times calls it a crackdown on conservatives and a plan to de-platform conservatives from the internet and communicating with each other, just like Communist China.
I'm here to expose this fraud.
I'm here, just like the Congress has hearings about me, I go there.
And I get in their face and I expose the truth and that's what I'm going to do.
We had over 40 million subscribers on Apple.
That was our biggest thing with my three podcasts.
Those were all banned.
and the most banned man in America, Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Tuesday, May 28th, 2024.
160 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes, 2 seconds to the most important election in world history.
I've never reported on air in my 30 years.
(dramatic music)
160 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes, two seconds to the most important election
in world history.
All right, I'm gonna cover the massive news right up front.
And then Steve Bannon joins us in the first half hour of the second hour, one hour from now.
And this huge story ties into everything else, obviously, and deals with how our perception is being managed.
Ten years ago, NATO overthrew, with five million dollars of U.S.
State Department taxpayer money, The elected government Ukraine because they were neutral.
Since then they have staged assassinations and terror attacks across Ukraine and have been ethnically cleansing Russians and pushing them out of Ukraine.
Even though a thousand years ago Russia was founded in Ukraine.
Missiles have been moved, nuclear missiles, to the borders of Russia.
Russia was manipulated into invading, and I did not think it was a good idea.
I said that, and then it was a CIA trap.
That said, a half a million dead Russians and 700,000 dead Ukrainians later, Russia has done exactly what Putin said he threatened to do three years ago before he invaded, two and a half years ago.
Take a swath of the East as a buffer along several rivers and of course continue to keep the South that he took over six years ago when he took Crimea, which is their only Black Sea port.
Hundreds of billions of dollars later and over a million dead.
If you count both sides, Russia has now secured the area they wanted to secure.
They have demilitarized most of the Ukrainian military by killing them, as Putin said he would do.
And what he calls the denazification, which is what it is, when there's real Nazis, they're getting standing ovations at the UK Parliament.
That's the new one, just happened.
And then also in the Canadian Parliament.
Boris Johnson just got photographed with a Nazi flag in Ukraine.
You can't make this stuff up.
And then if you try to promote American values, the ADL says you're a Nazi.
It's just ridiculous.
There's Boris Johnson posing with the Azov Battalion and their Nazi symbol.
That symbol is from World War II.
It is an SS symbol.
Ukrainian military.
The Ukrainian was one of the largest sub-armies that the Germans had.
So now what's the big news?
Well, in the last three months, the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, some of the other nations and NATO came out and said, We're going to start contributing troops directly to fight the Russians.
Now, that was already going on, but now they're increasing it.
France, of course, has sent troops publicly last month.
They're already there.
I know multiple people, personally, who have been in Ukraine off and on over the last five, six years, and who in the last two and a half have been Gathering intelligence and directing artillery and missile attacks on the Russians.
That's why I told you two and a half years ago there's U.S.
troops there because I personally know two people and then I have an associate whose son is in Army Special Operations who has been there off and on in the last five years, including in direct combat with the Russians.
And I'm friends with the father of this individual, and his son won't give him details, but his dad has aged probably 10 years while his son has been over there, because his son won't give him details, but it is described as what he was told World War II was like.
Dead bodies everywhere, massive artillery barrages, tank battles, just down and dirty, full-on war.
And I know this particular individual was very upset after his son served a year in combat against the Russians that he volunteered to do it again.
And a year of real combat, folks, in trench warfare is like 10 years in regular military service.
Where you get sent here and there and you run security and there's a truck bomb, you know, every few months or you get shot at every few weeks.
It's bad, very stressful, but not like full-on war.
And so now, what's the big development?
I gave you the backstory, a little snapshot.
Now, a string of NATO countries, and I'll show you the articles, just announced that they are sending troops directly to fight the Russians.
The Russians basically don't pull back.
They are going to now have tank battles with them.
And what that means is they're going to start telling you about the dead Brits and the dead Poles and the dead Germans and the dead French and the dead Swedes.
We have Stoltenberg, the head of NATO, last week saying, yes, we're giving Storm Shadow missiles and other heavy cruise missiles to the Ukrainians and we're directing them.
The Ukrainians aren't controlling those.
And we're going to start striking major Russian cities.
Including Russia's strategic nuclear bomber bases.
Now in military doctrine, when you start bombing somebody's strategic nuclear arsenals, that is a absolute red line with the Russians, and they will go absolutely ape on the threat escalation ladder.
And I told you this a year ago, but now the Russians have officially said, their Prime Minister Medvedev and Putin have both said, we will start striking, that is the Russians will start striking, NATO bases in Europe.
And just watch, the Russians are going to do it.
And if they don't, look for false flags to be blamed on the Russians.
So, everybody's going out and drinking wine and going to the movies and going to see George Strait, and I get it.
I had some family recently invite me.
Hey, we got tickets.
George Strait's coming to Dallas.
You want to come up here?
Let's have a barbecue, you know, swim in the pool, talk about old times.
And I just said, sorry, I can't do that.
I just, I'm watching everybody.
By the way, I love George Strait.
Saw him a couple of years ago, Willie Nelson here in Austin.
Incredible, that new theater.
They've got that new, that new convention centers that got incredible acoustics.
I'm talking myself into it right now.
Really, I'm mad at myself because I haven't packed up my wife and my children and moved to Montana in the middle of nowhere.
20 miles, you know, off of Main Road, Dirt Road.
I haven't even looked.
I haven't even found a place to go stay out of nuclear war.
I mean, it's that serious.
It's a 50% chance, I would say right now, we're going to have a full nuclear war in the next year.
And that's the end of everything.
And hydrogen bombs will rain down on me and my family here in Central Texas and we're all dead.
Or we'll wish we're dead.
And we climb out of the wreckage.
And the whole infrastructure collapses.
So, even mainline analysts are unanimous, this is going nuclear.
And, I love the NATO statements about, oh, we'll have a limited nuclear war.
War game that's been done in a nuclear war starting with tactical nuclear weapons, which there's no such thing as General Flynn has said here on the show.
Every war game, it leads directly to full nuclear war and the Pakistanis are going to nuke India, India is going to nuke them, China is going to get involved.
The Northern Hemisphere will be unlivable.
Hundreds of millions will die in the first 30 minutes of the nuclear war.
Whoever uses the tactical nukes first will then get hit back within 10 minutes.
Then the other side will start exchanging.
And then the decision will be made that if you don't launch and commit everything, both on the US, NATO, slash Russia sides, that you'll be destroyed.
In the doctrine, you've got to then hit first.
And so I wouldn't be surprised if the Russians decide to use nukes.
They'll just have their submarines in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean pop up.
They're going to hit Kauai, because it's got the main nuke base there.
They're going to hit Oahu.
They call it the Big Island, that's where everybody lives.
They're going to hit Los Angeles.
They're going to hit New York.
They're going to hit Houston.
They're going to hit Austin.
They're going to hit Dallas.
They're going to hit Detroit.
They're going to hit Chicago.
They're going to hit everything.
One of those submarines can destroy 50 cities or more because they've got MIRV technology in them where whether it's a cruise missile or whether it is a ICBM or whether it's a Triton-style sea-launched, the nose cone pops open and five or six decoys shoot out and five or six real warheads shoot out if it's a submarine-launched.
It's a big ICBM coming in, it might have 30 devices, half of them will be decoys.
We'll all be dead in 30 minutes.
And hell, that's what God allows to happen.
You know, God curses a nation by giving them evil leaders.
And that's exactly where we are.
So, I guess if we've got to be cleansed, I just hope they get... I just hope, you know, that they get King Charles and Bill Gates and, you know, the rest of them in the exchange.
It's very sad.
I wish we weren't going to be nuked.
I wish we all weren't going to die.
I mean, they already killed 22 million with the poison shots and growing.
I mean, they're not playing games.
The globalists want a nuclear war to get rid of the free society.
They think they've got enough technology warehoused, enough nuclear reactors to re-emerge after 20 years, which was a real Pentagon plan.
When you watch the movie Dr. Strangelove, dark satire, it's really prescient.
You know, the CIA visited Stanley Kubrick.
I remember my mom telling me about this and I asked Vivian Kubrick, his favorite daughter, his protege, if that was true.
She said, yeah, it was true.
She told me everything.
Told me not to repeat most of it.
It was very interesting.
Trying to get Vivian to come on the show.
She listens every day.
But her dad was a remote viewer.
That's the secret about Stanley Kubrick.
He didn't, he didn't, uh, Faked the moon landing.
He was a remote viewer.
He was highly psychic.
And he saw Eyes Wide Shut.
He saw Dr. Strangelove.
The CIA came to him and they said, how do you know the name of the plan to launch a nuclear war first on Russia?
Plan R, or whatever it was.
And how do you know about the radio scrambler encoders on the B-52 bombers?
And just like I know stuff, he just said, I know.
They put him under full surveillance, confirmed he was not talking to any intelligence agents.
He hid in the English countryside, because he couldn't, he didn't dislike people.
He was so psychic, he just couldn't be around it, because he could basically just pick up everything.
And I'm not that psychic, but I am, I have that as well.
And as I get older, it actually gets stronger.
You know, they say, oh, children are more psychic.
Not in my experience.
I get more psychic by the day.
It's pretty scary, actually.
And I understand why a lot of people that have those powers drink, because you want to suppress it.
With great knowledge comes great sorrow.
But I'm digressing.
She told me a lot more, really fascinating, about the Demonic attacks he was under.
But the point is, is that you don't need to be psychic to see what's going on.
And I say it with 100% certainty that on the path we're on, Like you're driving in a bus, you're driving a school bus full of kids, and you're going over a bridge, and if you ram it into the side and jump over the barrier, you're going to fall 200 feet in the water and you're going to kill the kids.
I mean, I'm not saying we're gonna jump the medium, I'm not saying we're gonna wreck on the bridge, but right now, the intention of the system is to drive the school bus off
the edge of the bridge into the water below.
And that's why people say...
Man, you're attacked all over the news, and they're doing all this to your family, and you're being persecuted.
How do you take it?
It doesn't even register.
See, my concern about nuclear war is a hundred on the scale of one to a hundred, and my concern about me is a one.
And it's not because I'm some great, wonderful person.
It's because my head is screwed on straight.
I have my priorities straight.
And I'm really mad at myself that I decided to go down with the ship, even though they shut this operation down.
We're going to come right back on.
I'm not worried about that.
I'm sad for the crew because it'll take time to be able to find an organization or group to try to get them.
Who knows they can go wherever the new operation is going to be.
I haven't dealt with that yet.
I'm trying to explain to people, we're going to look back on these days, like I said a few years ago, and a few years before that, and you're going to look back on this as the good old times.
And I don't say that to scare you.
I say it because I want you to get ready and right with God.
You know, if you go back and you see the comments still, oh Jones, he's a fear porn dealer.
Yeah, well I've been in the mountains of Colorado driving with my children in the back.
And asking myself, why didn't I do more research before I went to this cool mountaintop resort that I'm driving for an hour on a switchback around a mountain where for many miles at a time, I am one foot from the edge of a 5,000-foot chasm, and if I don't totally focus, we're gonna die.
See, that's a leftover of when there wasn't an anti-state.
And you notice when you're focused, you drive really good, don't you?
And the reason I raise that is we're driving on a mountain pass on little roads with a foot of error, we're dead.
And the globalist accelerating war is the equivalent of, okay, you're going up a mountain at 40 miles an hour.
Everybody's taking it easy.
They're taking it slow.
Everybody knows it's dangerous.
It's a two-way road.
Some of them are one-way roads, super dangerous.
And you're not in control all of a sudden and somebody's jamming the accelerator down and now you're going 100 miles an hour up this or down this mountain road.
And I'm just like, hey guys, this isn't going to go well.
We got to slow this down right now.
This has got to quit.
This has got to stop.
This has got to go bye-bye.
I mean, I'm really nostalgic The last 20 years were nuclear war wasn't a big threat and I'm also like reverse grieving and grieving for the future.
Knowing, oh my God, we blew it all up.
We destroyed ourselves, you bastards.
Let's get Planet of the Apes final scene coming in next segment.
Tarleton Heston, what an awesome person.
I hate Hollywood.
I hate movie stars and stuff, the modern people.
But man, it wasn't that they just captured our attention back then and we were naive.
It was that there was just such better art and people really cared about quality, like the great Rod Serling.
And I just love the fact that I got to interview Charlton Heston a few times and talk to him on the phone quite a bit.
He was so classy.
Like, he would literally mentor talk show hosts and people and say, hey, call me anytime if you need advice or want to talk about the world or the future.
And I called a few times after he'd been on the show.
But the third or fourth time I called, I'd wait a few weeks and call, he answered.
We talked like 30 minutes about America and the future and how important the youth's work was and how he appreciated what I was doing.
Yeah, he'd probably come back on soon.
And then I talked to a local talk show host who he went on with, a lady, former state rep.
And I was talking to her about it and she said, yeah, he did the same thing with me.
And I never called him because it was just Charlton Heston.
But then I talked to him about the new Chuck.
And that was the type of guy he was back in the civil rights movement when it wasn't popular in the 50s.
And it's just like those, it reminds me like of my grandparents who were just classy, and real, and cool, and had good will, and were proud of the fact that they were good, decent, smart, well-read people.
And I look at the modern leftists who'd have no idea what planet they're even on, and they think they're intellectual, they think they're smart, and the statistics show they're the most ignorant, insular, shuttered individuals.
I mean, both my grandparents, both sides of the family, We're reading history books, and literature, and culture, and... They were reading writings of, you know, Cleon Skelton, and... All of them.
Or Cleon Skousen.
And, and... But also reading the Communist Manifesto, and I just look at how we're rotting.
And I just asked myself, I mean, how long are we really going to be here?
So I'm going to cover all the actual news when we come back.
Steve Bannon's coming up.
But this is a fabulous universe we live in.
And Thomas Jefferson said, he was asked by a newspaper reporter to actually research and actually found the original article, or scans of the National Archives, and he's asked
the newspaper reporter, "What is the level of tyranny people will accept?"
And he said, "The level of tyranny you will accept is the level, it is unlimited, basically."
He said, "It's unlimited.
It's all up to the individual, what they'll put up with.
They'll always be a tyrant willing to go further, commit greater crimes, do more evils, that'll replace the last group."
That's why evil just always intensifies when good men do nothing.
And that's the quote.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
That's in that newspaper article, but he explains it there.
And it's totally true.
That it's like a survival of the most evil.
When good people lay down, evil just gets more sophisticated, more bold, more crazy.
And like cancer, it doesn't know when to quit.
It will push until it even destroys itself.
That's why they hit us with a bioweapon.
That's why they gave us poison shots and killed 22 million.
Because they're seeing what they can get away with.
They've already gotten away with so much.
Why wouldn't they?
And now, the military doctrine says, don't do this with Russia, it'll lead to the end of the world.
They're like, screw it, let's do it.
Because you see, no one's constraining them.
And the devil is in there driving them.
You gotta choose a channel, folks.
God or the devil.
You gotta dial into the channel.
We'll be right back.
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Oh my God!
I'm back.
I'm home.
All the time.
We finally, really did it.
You maniacs!
You blew it up!
God damn you!
God damn you all to hell!
[sound of jet engine]
Steve Bannon's coming up.
It's Tuesday, May 28th, 2024.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
One thing's for sure.
Judgment is coming down on the planet.
All right, let's get into the news.
I just spent 30 minutes kind of setting the table here.
And the urgency, the danger we're all in is very intense.
I intellectually can see it.
I psychologically understand it.
But at a cellular gut instinctive spiritual level, I am just reviling what's happening.
My body is just recoiling from it.
And I get people want to just go play golf or go play frisbee golf or Go out on the boat, go see a movie, go play pool, go play poker.
Oh, I love it.
Love playing poker with the guys and, you know, eating a sandwich and drinking a cold beer.
I don't do it.
All I do is spend time with my family and study this information and pray.
And even two years ago, I'd go play poker once a month.
I'd go play pool every couple weeks.
I'd go to a movie, I'd go out with some of the crew, get dinner once a month or so, go over to Rob Doo's house or you can go over to mine with his kids and swim in the pool.
And I just, people say, well you're a killjoy.
No, I mean, we're on the verge of nuclear war, folks.
We are going down the slide into this.
And I mean, it's a fact.
It's not even me saying this.
It's all the top military analysts.
I've got a stack of news reporters saying it.
And just because we haven't blown each other up yet doesn't mean it's not going to happen.
There's this normalcy bias.
And then I look at the disconnected elites we have.
Russia's withdrawn its ambassadors to Europe and NATO in the U.S.
last week.
You know the Japanese withdrew their ambassadors 48 hours before they attacked Pearl Harbor.
I mean, all the signs are there.
And I'm sitting here, it's like, it's not even real.
And my wife, if I said, we are stopping the show, I can still do it remotely, and we're going to get a U-Haul, we're going to get a truck, and we're going to move, and we're going to go buy some little nothing house that's got a well and a garden, again, 20 miles off a dirt road, behind a mountain.
Because, ladies and gentlemen, if there's even an economic collapse, Which is all being prepared.
That's like on the good side.
You run from bad to worse.
Do you know what 350 million people, half of which are lazy dumbasses, will do when the EBT cards get turned off?
Again, there are estimates by major universities that between 7 and 11 million people starve to death or die of malnutrition From 1929 to 1940 in the United States, when the Globals were consolidating power and control, it was all staged.
It's come out of Congress, for those that don't know.
Eighty-something percent of people, it varies in the numbers, 85, 90 percent were rural in 1929.
And around half of them were self-sufficient farms and ranches.
So seven plus million people starved to death in the Great Depression conservatively, that's the low number, with close to half the population being completely self-sufficient.
My family in East Texas, just on the side that we still have the same family property going back to a Mexican land grant from Santa Ana, had tens of thousands of acres at the start of the Great Depression.
And had, I think it was more than that, like 50,000 or something, had like 10,000 at the end of it, had to sell a bunch of it, and had cattle ranch, and had a pig farm, and raised chickens, huge barns, you know, 50 hands, horses, whole nine yards.
You go out to our property out there, there's all these old collapsed barns, and my God, there's like parts of cotton gins, and you go back in the woods, and there's old stills, moonshine.
And in the Great Depression, that hit Texas really bad because of the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma, my family was pretty much aristocracy.
They were the wealthier people.
Hell, my family owned a railroad.
Now, it was a limited railroad from Teague, Texas to Fort Worth and then over to Frisco, but they owned a railroad.
And of course you can see how for a few generations that all got pissed away.
But they lost most of what they had in the Great Depression and they were rich.
And they knew how to skin a buck and run a trot line.
Now, and they took care of a lot of people, but by the end of the Great Depression, my grandmother told me, her mother told her about it, because she was, you know, born back then, but, you know, was little.
And there's a magnolia tree, right?
At the one ranch house that hadn't collapsed.
That's, you know, planted by her grandmother.
So it's like 150 years old now.
Big, giant, biggest magnolia you've ever seen.
But the point is is that after 10 years of depression there were almost no deer, no rabbits, no squirrels, and they were they were eating possums.
And during the depression a couple days a week they would put on a big feed in the backyard for 50 to 100 people to come eat for free.
And this isn't some leftist virtue signal.
Most of them were black.
But that's how America operated.
And that's how America survived.
For close to a decade.
My family sold land and everything they had so they could feed poor people.
There wasn't welfare, there wasn't soup kitchens unless you were in big cities.
The reason I tell those interesting stories is they're really interesting.
Now, we're 90% or it was 90% or now folks have moved out of the city so we're about 85% city now.
City and suburb.
We're about 85% city now, city and suburb, urban.
And how many people do you think are self-sufficient?
When I go to East Texas, yeah, we got cows and Christmas tree farm, stuff you can make money on to pay the bills.
But there's not a lot of farming going on.
There's some.
But nobody is self-sufficient, basically.
And everybody's got two jobs.
Doesn't matter if they served 30 years in the Army.
Doesn't matter if they're 60 years old, they got a job.
Or two.
And those are the productive people.
Do you know what's gonna happen if there's a collapse, which is imminent?
Do you know what it's gonna look like?
And they've already defunded the police to get the crime out of control.
It is going to look like Viggo Mortensen's The Road in many areas of this country and the world.
That's the angrier world that Klaus Schwab talks about.
And I could just go on for hour after hour after hour.
It's estimated, you can look it up, that 5% of the United States is self-sufficient right now.
You know who most of that 5% is, right?
They live to 86 on average.
They don't have any autism.
They don't have myocarditis.
And they're from Germany and Switzerland and they got big beards.
They're called Amish.
We are sitting ducks in this just-on-time delivery system economy.
And you throw a wrinkle into that, it's like having this big dinner set for ten people coming to dinner, and everything's set on the table, everything's nice, and you just grab the tablecloth and pull it out from under that, and food just spills off the table everywhere.
COVID was just a beta test of what they're getting ready to do.
do. So I'm gonna tell you again, I am very torn and I'm normally a very decisive person about what I should do because I believe we can mitigate the
crash we're going into.
We need to stop World War III, and if I run off to the middle of nowhere, and I'm not blaming people that have done it, And just hope I can protect myself there, that's a lie.
The best shot I've got for self-preservation is to be outspoken, to be in the global's faces, to tell people how bad things really are, so that sanity in the establishment and without can set in and we can put the brakes on this and stop this and derail where we're going, because we're going into hell.
So I don't stay here at the helm during this historic evil because I'm a hero and because I want to be a hot shot in this fight.
I am doing this out of total self-preservation for myself and my family.
And the best shot I've got for myself and my family is you and your family having a future and us stopping this together.
Because billions of people with no food We'll make army ants that go through the Brazilian rainforest, they'll come through, and there's all this lush jungle and all these bugs and animals, and when they come through, a billion army ants, there's nothing.
No leaves, no animals, they eat everything.
Humans will make army ants, when they're on the march, look like a kiss on the cheek, compared to what it's gonna be.
And so you should go watch the movie based on the book, the Pulitzer Prize winning book.
I believe it's Pearl Surprise, if memory serves.
The Road.
You know, I asked Viggo Mortensen on air, I think maybe he was off air, he's been on the show before, he's a listener.
I said, you know, what's the most challenging role you ever played?
I knew he was going to say, he said The Road.
I said, did it give you nightmares?
He said, you bet it didn't.
Because if you watch that movie, ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what's going to happen.
Just absolute hell on earth.
The end of civilization as we know it.
And if Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and King Charles think they're going to be safe in their bunkers, when they try all this and pull all this, they got nothing coming.
They need to know that They will face retribution.
And I don't say that to be the big swinging, you know what, and sound powerful.
I don't want to confront these people, but I have to because they're going to destroy humanity.
I'm forced to confront them.
I'm forced to call them out.
I'm forced to be their enemy.
Because the alternatives are worse.
There's no hiding from this.
We're going to have to confront it head on.
And that's why I just want, myself included, everybody to have a wake-up call and just really think about where we are, boys and girls.
because this isn't a game.
The globalists promised world government to end war and create peace, but they only use it to steal and rob and consolidate power.
And then they've created a world so dangerous that they're walking dead.
Bill Gates' enemy is William Gates III.
King Charles' enemy is King Charles II.
The Rockefeller's enemy, the Rothschild's enemy, is them!
Look in the mirror!
You're the enemy!
You're the bad guy!
You're the problem!
You're the Satanist!
You're the loser.
All I can offer is the truth.
Like Winston Churchill started World War II.
Pain and suffering and hell.
But the alternative is total destruction.
And that's what Steve Banzer will talk about coming up.
if we don't get our heads screwed on straight and admit how much trouble we're in, and if we don't make it a priority to get prepared
well we're all dead.
And it's going to be miserable, and it's going to be horrible, and it's going to be a terrible process.
90% of people within 16 days in major Pentagon studies, no matter what color they are, where they're from, revert to cannibalism.
of the other 10% kill themselves.
So let me just show you a few of the headlines.
Look at this right here.
Poland and Baltic countries prepared to send troops into Ukraine if Russia makes a strategic breakthrough.
Russia's already said they have the area they want.
So I knew what I was going to read before I read the articles and then link through to the actual NATO statements.
They said if Russia doesn't pull back, they're going to do that.
Well, they already are fighting the Russians.
This is World War III.
Norway closes borders to Russia fearing acts of sabotage.
Yeah, what?
Like the Russians blew up the Nord Stream 2?
No, they're gonna false flag.
We've entered that wheelhouse.
The US is playing a dangerous game of nuclear chicken with Russia.
Excellent article, Zero Hedge.
UK government praises neo-Nazi Ukrainians in parliament.
Can't make this up.
Biden fears October surprise by Russians in North Korea.
Every actuary and war game shows that a war helps the incumbent.
So they're spinning that around now.
Are Russia and North Korea planning an October surprise that aids Trump?
North Korea missile explodes over Sea of Japan as South Korea conducts air drills.
Putin wants Ukraine's ceasefire on current front lines, sources say.
This could be the moment Putin wins in Ukraine.
The answer is, oh, we've got to up the war, says NATO.
Fight the last Ukrainian.
Bulgarian President says it's impossible for Ukraine to beat Russia.
British Member of Parliament says West is already at war with Russia.
They just haven't told you yet.
Let Ukraine freely strike Russia with Western arms deep inside Russia, including Moscow, says Stoltenberg, head of NATO.
By the way, you talk about an organization dealing drugs, opium, child trafficking.
I mean, NATO is, they're as bad as it gets.
US strike on Russian targets would be start a world war, says Russian Prime Minister Medvedev.
Mandatory National Service will get young people out of their bubble, BBC.
British MP promises to bring back conscription.
Lawmakers want to automate selective service registration for military in the U.S.
America is actually preparing for war with China with war games.
Chinese nationals breach U.S.
military bases' secretive sites over 100 times.
And it goes on and on.
G.G.Ping's recipe for total control, an army of eyes and ears.
That's just some of the news.
And then, this is the big thing I'm gonna hit.
We got 30-something thousand dead, maybe it's 40-something thousand now, in Gaza, and I think it's wrong, and those people don't deserve to die en masse because of the dictatorship of Hamas.
But that said, okay, we got 20-something thousand dead women and children, 40-something thousand dead total.
You'd think it's the only thing going on in the universe.
The 40,000 dead and counting in Gaza, you know about it because the media shows it to you, they choose to, is a paper cut.
Compared to having your head chopped off, there's a nuclear war.
It's literally a paper cut, in the scheme of things.
I'm not saying it's not a bad thing, but Stalin said one man dies, it's a tragedy, 10,000 dies is a statistic.
And that's a true statement.
We're distracted by the Israeli war, and all the grandstanding by the EU, with all their war crime charges, and all the rest of this, and all these EU countries, recognizing the Palestinians, And the left is pumping billions, it's in the news, into these Muslim movements around the world to destabilize the West, and it's all part of a sophisticated Machiavellian divide-and-conquer Hegelian dialectic strategy.
But what about the 22 million dead from the shots?
Where's the media covering that?
Well, they won't, but it's coming out.
Where's the concern about the million dead, if you count both sides?
That's what it is in Ukraine.
Oh no, a million versus 40,000.
The Ukraine war is like getting your arm chopped off versus a paper cut.
But man, they know how to show the Gazans and the dead kids and all that.
Again, ask yourself, why is $40,000 bigger than a million?
Why is $40,000 bigger than the potential of billions dead?
Because it is a distraction.
It is a diversion.
Netanyahu's not going to jail.
They're going to push all the Muslims out, they're going to ship them here, and they're going to build condos.
And it's terrible and I'm against it.
but just understand the left is behind hyping it because it's a diversion from Ukraine.
I don't think anybody intellectually could disagree with me on that.
I mean, that's a fact.
So ask yourself why that's going on.
Did the media the last 10 years show you the shelled Russians in Ukraine and their houses getting blown up every day?
Oh no, they didn't show you that.
Because they didn't want to piss you off.
They didn't want to humanize the Russians, you see.
They want to humanize the Palestinians as part of a larger strategy of diversion.
Humanize them, but then put it in context and ask, why is this being shoved in your face?
We're going to go to break.
Steve Bannon's coming up.
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ultimate fish oil.
In 2018, the World Economic Forum discussed the possibilities of mind control using sound waves.
This is something that several people have claimed to be a target of.
They have become known as targeted individuals.
A subcommittee for Homeland Security was recently held to discuss this technology and the targeting of U.S.
government employees and their families.
This is commonly known as the Havana Syndrome and dates back to 2016 when U.S.
diplomatic personnel in Cuba experienced unexplained health problems.
Guys, if your assessments here are correct, these are very covert weapons, aren't they?
They don't leave behind bomb fragments, bullet holes, etc.
They could absolutely be used by our adversaries and have very low levels of, very easy to deny that they were even there, that they were used.
Is that correct?
That's correct.
There's no entry or exit wound.
How they're designed is to make the target feel like they're crazy, like they're imagining things, especially on the low duration, the low-intensity, long-duration hits.
Have any of you three panelists ever seen one of these weapons?
I have seen a 1991 version of the weapon, and it looks like a satellite dish with a unit this size attached to it.
Of course, over the years, miniaturization has been possible.
Obviously, there's a limitation to how miniaturized it can be because of the antenna size, which is always related to the wave.
But still, it is something that can be well contained in the trunk of a car or even a large backpack.
My experience shows that it can be cobbled together.
It's something that can A rough, crude version of this that will probably require longer exposure than the more advanced version that has been tested, as we see from this document, can be put together inexpensively.
But again, I would abstain from commenting further, lest I encourage people to try it at home.
What you all are saying is there's a government cover-up?
The fact that something is out there afflicting, targeting us?
The government in the IC assessment is wrong.
It's dead wrong.
I can't tell you if it's a cover-up, why they're doing this, malfeasance.
I won't go there.
So cover-up would depend on intent.
There could be good reasons to withhold information.
I will say that the public statements that the executive branch is making is inconsistent with the classified record.
And then it would be Congress's job as an oversight authority to determine why that is.
Whether it was a legitimate reason to mislead the public or...
Because of some nefarious reason or all the above.
Mr. Grozev said you spoke to a Russian agent who said that they believe that Americans are using the same weapons on them.
Is that correct?
That is correct.
Back in the 80s.
Might that have something to do with part of the CIA's motive to cover up the existence of the this tech and these weapons?
That is a very logical possibility.
While it was admitted that this technology is being used, the discussion was focused primarily on Russia,
as if to create more incentive to escalate war with the Russian Federation.
When the question of whether it has been used on the American population was raised, it was dismissed with a smile.
Are any of you aware of any reported incidents from individuals who are not members of the United States government?
into the future.
Domestically, I should say?
There are many people who believe they are victims of AHIs.
All you have to do is look at my Twitter feed whenever I post on the topic.
I only represent federal government employees and their families, so I don't focus on the accuracy of those particular claims.
There is plenty of evidence showing that the targeted individuals who claim to be victims of this were the guinea pigs in today's all-out assault on the American people.
And our government is far more concerned with starting another war.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Well, Trump is his own man, and is incredible, and has boundless energy, and is truly an American titan.
And if he can win this election and defeat the deep state, he will be as great a man as George Washington.
And King George III, whenever President Washington became the president and not a king, said, George Washington is the greatest man alive in the world today.
Well, if Trump can do this, and if we can back him to do it, he will be in George Washington territory, and no one else is even close.
Now, that said, Trump's his own man, but if anybody was the impetus and the brain behind so much, it's Stephen K. Bannon and his war room.
And I saw an interview he did last week that I just thought was dead on with the energy about let's stop fucking around and don't use profanity to act cool.
There's times when you're supposed to use it when your country's burning down around you and people need to get their heads screwed on straight.
I go to some of these Trump rallies and the people are great.
They're having fun.
It's a carnival.
And Trump feeds into that because he's so confident.
But folks, he is on a ship in the middle of a hurricane.
And so are we.
And we better get right with God.
And we better get serious.
We better realize Trump can't save us.
He's just a focal point.
We have to help Trump.
We have to save him.
We can't get this backwards.
It's the people.
That's what the left fears is the people at the city councils and the school boards and running for office.
And they fear you spending all your time.
I used to go play poker once a month or go shoot some pool.
It's been years since I did that.
Because I tell my family, everybody, this is all I do.
This is because we're going to lose everything.
This is a real totalitarian takeover.
He's only with us for 20 minutes.
Don't stop, Steve, because, you know, I love to talk.
I want you to have the floor, because your call to arms on your show daily is the best medicine for this dying republic there.
We've got a chance.
We're turning the tide.
But if people, you know, buy into this Qism that we're invincible, we're going to lose the ship, I believe.
But you're a Navy man, you can correct me if I'm wrong.
Steve Bannon, you've got the floor.
The people are listening.
What is your call to action?
Well, the call to action, look, you couldn't have a more historic week.
We know from all the polling, Alex, you've seen the Politico story this morning, that the Biden regime is in complete meltdown.
They know they can't beat Trump, and they can't beat Trump because Trump represents the people.
Trump is a populist, nationalist, sovereigntist.
And that is our movement.
Our movement's not old-school Republican, you know, elite neoliberal neocon.
It's a totally new thing.
We are two-thirds of the nation.
And you know who knows that?
It's the mainstream media.
Alex, this was the book review, which as you know is the intellectual kind of railhead for the New York Times every Sunday.
Look at that.
MAGA on the March.
It's about that book that the left has put out called, uh, finish what we started, which was off the Trump, you know, saying, and look at that.
It's about MAGA taking over from the precinct level to the school boards to everything.
Every institution in this country is subsidiary at the ground level.
And you saw this at the Coca-Cola 600 over the weekend.
You saw it in that incredible rally in South Bronx.
You saw it in Trump going into kind of the lion's den of really the left-wing version of the libertarian movement and sitting there and saying, hey, look, This is why you've got to vote for me.
This is how we win.
This is how we put this coalition together.
Trump is going to places and addressing people that have never been addressed before and you're seeing an uprising of just average Americans and this is why right now we can't let the Republicans, we can't let the people that didn't have Trump's back and drove Trump to this to this To this point, when this verdict comes down, if a couple of brave jurors can't hold out for a hung jury, you're going to have the establishment trying to put Neocon Nikki on the ticket.
You're going to have the return of guys like Ron DeSantis.
You're going to have Paul Singers of the world saying we'll give you this much money if you soften your policies.
Now, we're in the red zone.
We're in the red zone five or six months out and everybody's got to come together and I agree with you.
Put away your hobbies.
The country's on the line.
The Republic's on the line.
And this is the biggest inflection point.
This is the fourth great turning in American history.
And baby, it's all on the line right now.
And wait, this Friday night, if that jury comes back with guilty, you're going to have the White House just go full-on convicted felon, convicted felon, convicted felon, and try to steal the second election from President Trump and the populist movement.
"Steve, continue, I mean the stakes, and I'm not trying to repeat what you said in that interview, but just give them the fire, the brimstone, 'cause you are dead on. People better get, this is the big one, this is the time to get up off our asses. And I'm not bitching at the audience, I know they're somewhat active, but we've got to get really active."
"You're the first person, years ago, that brought up the concept of controlled opposition. People didn't really know what it was, because it comes from a very detailed analysis of the Frankfurt School of Political Warfare.
You brought up this concept, Alex, a decade ago, and what controlled opposition is, is the Republican Party.
It is the neoliberal, neocon Republican Party, and things like Murdoch News.
And right now, for too long, and this is why conservatives have fallen into this, Everything was just performative.
Everything was just controlled opposition.
The reason the country got in such dire straits, there was no opposition.
The first real opposition we had was MAGA.
That's why the New York Times says MAGA on the March.
Look at that.
That's a Trump rally.
That's not J6.
That's a Trump rally.
Of just average Americans.
MAGA on the march.
It was the MAGA movement.
A collection of populists.
A collection of nationalists.
A collection of people that put the sovereignty of their country and the sovereignty of American citizens.
Remember, it's just not America first, it's American citizens first.
This is self-organizing.
We've never had any real organization.
You saw it the precinct strategy.
You saw it the school boards.
These are working class people that work all day long or middle class people that have enough on their plate just to get through the day and to make ends meet.
And what they're doing is taking their time to take back these institutions that they actually can take back.
This is what the globalists have never wanted is involvement.
And my point on these interviews is that that is the people that had the ability to do it.
The clubbable chamber of commerce in the Republican Party in the National Review.
They weren't tough enough.
They didn't have the balls to sit there and go, "I don't care if you call me a racist. I don't care if you call me a nativist or a xenophobe.
I don't care what you call me.
What you think about me does not matter.
What matters is my country. What matters is my family.
What matters is my children and my community.
And I'm going to fight you every inch of the way."
And that's what we've seen.
And that's what's had Trump's back.
Remember, this is why the only tool they got is two things.
They got lawfare and to steal the election.
Lawfare and steal the election.
And this week, the polling is a blowout number.
Politico's got the story.
They've turned on each other because the numbers are so bad.
And now the pressure is coming to get rid of Biden.
Just getting rid of Biden is not That's not a remedy, because it's more than just Biden.
It's this collection of globalist elitists that have tried to destroy this republic, that have had a neo-Marxist revolution to try to destroy the traditional family, and to weaponize children, just like Mao Zedong did in the Cultural Revolution, to weaponize your children against you.
That is what we're fighting in the American people, working class people, middle class, to rise to the occasion, to step into the moment, has been historic.
That's why President Trump right now could possibly be another Washington or Lincoln.
Because right now, in this great cauldron, of really this conflict that's going on between about what kind of country we're going to be.
Are we going to be the constitutional republic that was bequeathed to us from 12 or 13 generations?
We just had Memorial Day yesterday, Alex, and you saw that is for our honored dead.
That is for the dead at Guadalcanal, in Tarawa, in the 8th Air Force over Germany, in World War I, the Civil War, Spanish-American War, the Revolutionary War.
12 or 13 generations that handed this thing down to us and saying, "Hey, keep it in safekeeping." We allowed it almost to get away. And the return and the fight has
not been done by the Republican Party. It's not been done by any conservatives, elitists walking around in bow ties.
It's been done by working class people.
And if you go to South Bronx, and you go to DC to the Libertarian Convention, and you go to Charlotte yesterday for the Coca-Cola 600, you see America embracing Trump.
You see America embracing Trumpism.
And now is this fight, and I'm going to tell you, at the end of this week, they're going to come back on us on convicted felon, convicted felon, convicted felon.
And we're going to have another thing to push through.
But I know right now, if the American people and MAGA and the American First Movement stick to their guns, we can't lose here.
And we have the potential of a sweeping victory and to kick these people into the dustbin of history.
Well, that's right.
I've got clips here.
I'm not going to play them.
After you leave, I'll play them.
But Democrats making statements, and they're being honest, they say, you know, the Hollywood actor, you know, puppet out there, Robert De Niro, Trump's going to destroy the government.
Well, he means they're permanent deep state criminals.
And look, it's not about retribution.
It's not about gang warfare.
It's about we have a coup of the bureaucracy with Brennan, you know, right before they stole the election in 2020, bragging the deep state's going to take this guy out.
They do have to be removed.
Trump better go in there.
And I think what you're saying is more and more it's going to be hard for them to steal the election from him.
We've got to make sure that deals aren't made and he doesn't, you know, work with these people because they're going to play possum and say they've given up and say they're done.
They're not.
They're going to do a repeat of 2016.
So what do you advise Trump to do when he wins this election?
Well, hold it.
The elections now, the deals are being cut now.
Here's what they're trying to do.
The Republican establishment is going to use, if the jury goes against him, if a couple brave people can't step up and do it, they're going to use the convicted felon and say, look, we told you this was coming.
This is why you need Nikki Haley.
This is why you need Tom Cotton.
They're going to put the neoliberal, neoliberal, neocons in his vice president and they want to put them on the cabinet.
You're already seeing it.
By the way, I respect your view.
So you think Cotton is just as bad as Rubio?
I think Tom Cotton.
Look, Tom Cotton's a good man.
I got a lot of respect for him as an individual and what he did in volunteering to go over to Afghanistan and Iraq.
But man, he's as bad as... I mean, Tom Cotton right now has not seen a forever war he didn't love.
He's way off base.
He's just... I don't think Tom Cotton is as good a man as he is.
Can't be VP, shouldn't be Secretary of Defense.
Same with Nikki Haley, right?
Same with Marco Rubio, same with Lindsey Graham.
This is all because the money now sees the work that MAGA has done.
They see the work that America First has done in having Trump's back and they want in on it.
They understand, they have their own pollsters.
They know what the Democrats know.
They know this thing is collapsing around Biden.
So the first thing they try to do is lock down with Stephen Law, the Senate, that $70 million.
And then they have over $120 million from Singer and that crowd in the House.
to lock in the House and the Senate and then they, you know, if they get Biden he's made him a lot of money, they think they control him and they're a lot closer to him on social policy than they are
to Trump. However, if they get Trump in, they want Trump in on their terms and that term is they don't want populists, they don't want nationalists, they don't want to end to the
forever war, they particularly don't want the deportation of the 15 million.
That fight has got to be our internal fight and we have to be rock hard and have President Trump--
No, I totally agree, but I don't want to put the cart before the horse.
Yes, the Democrats are capitulating and saying Trump has 20-point leads across the country, 13-point leads in battleground states.
This is a total political realignment.
Even in their skewed polls, it's probably 25-30%.
This is a political realignment.
This is a populist beachhead, an Americana, America first beachhead, out of just necessity and desperation, pushing Trump all the way to the front.
But let's talk about the next 160 days.
Steve Bannon, what is the Deep State going to do?
Because I believe this possum behavior, them capitulating and saying, fine, he's going to win, is to lull us into a false sense of security.
What are the dirty tricks they're going to try to pull?
Well, first off, you see right now what they're doing on the legal.
Remember, if this jury comes back with a conviction, you're about to be carpet bombed like you've never been carpet bombed before with a sigh of conviction.
And Biden's going to address the nation.
Sorry, go ahead.
A hundred percent.
That's why you had De Niro.
They kind of spit the bit, did they?
They had De Niro and this crowd walk up and say, hey, we're here as representatives.
We're surrogates for the Biden campaign.
I mean, they totally served the politicization.
The deep state, you've seen this in Garland.
Look, you just had Judge Kennedy come out today and basically crap all over Jack Smith's head at 10 o'clock at night on Friday on the holiday weekend, Alex.
Jack Smith filed and said, oh, this is terrible.
Julie Kelly, Steve Bannon, Mike Davis, they're saying everything about this assassination attempt.
And let me be blunt, this was not a standard operating procedure.
Alex Jones, you know that better than anybody.
They were hoping for a confrontation.
They were hoping, in plain clothes, the Secret Service would think it was an attack.
Even though Trump wasn't there, they were hoping.
Explain that.
The standard of what they set up.
They had U.S.
police force approved.
They had a combat medic that went with them.
They had a whole triage plan for casualties.
And they had a hospital to go to, a trauma center that was 18 miles away.
Alex, you know West Palm Beach.
There's hospitals a lot closer than 18 months, 18 miles away.
They wanted somebody to bleed out.
This entire thing was thought through in a high level of detail.
And they weren't absolutely sure Trump wasn't going to be there.
Remember, those kind of decisions by Trump were at the last minute.
Oh, exactly.
They were looking to have a confrontation that would be an armed confrontation.
They wouldn't have had the details on the Trump- And let's be clear, because they had him in plain clothes with a bunch of vehicles rolling up and driving through the security.
They were hoping to act like, they even said it in the warrant, as you know, the Secret Service may engage them, as if another federal agency would engage the feds.
Trump would have probably made stakes for the feds.
I mean, Trump is a guy on a golf course, totally classy.
The idea in his M.O.
It's like them storm-trooping Giuliani's birthday party.
They're looking for somebody to think it's a burglary.
That's what they wanted.
That's the key.
They were in plain clothes.
That's the key.
No, you show up, you tell them, you pull up, we're Secret Service, we're here, we have a warrant, in uniform, or FBI of the Secret Service.
The fact that they didn't do that was they were, again, trying to hope somebody made a mistake.
They were the, they were equivalent to the Apaches hitting, hitting Fort Apache.
This was, they rolled in hard.
They rolled in hard on a documents issue with the archivists.
I mean, this is absurd and they think you're fools by sitting there going, standing in our procedure.
That is a bald-faced lie.
And Judge Cannon told them today, hey, don't come back with any crap like this and don't do it or you're going to be sanctioned.
She's had a belly full of these people and I gotta tell you Alex, you're gonna see exposures down there and a bunch of documents and he's being put on trial, Jack Smith, for three days in late June.
You're gonna see the exact collusion of every aspect of the federal government and DOJ, FBI, archives, and you're gonna see the Biden White House.
This is why, to me, there's got to be an investigation right away.
There's been a vast conspiracy from Georgia to Arizona to Michigan, also New York City, and what's happening in these federal cases and tying in J6.
We've got to get to the bottom of this.
We have to adjudicate.
And they also understand, back to your point, that they're going to throw everything at us, that on the afternoon of the 20th, we're going to set up committees in Congress to really adjudicate this.
We're going to adjudicate the 2020 Stone Election.
We're going to adjudicate J6, the Fed's erection.
We're going to adjudicate everything they've done in the interim to try to, from school boards of what they're doing to traditional Catholics, to abortion centers, all of it's
on the table.
All of it's going to be investigated.
They're going to be held accountable and folks have got to, what you just said, they understand when we win, the accountability project comes in and the deep state can't take that.
We're going to take apart the administrative state brick by brick, and we're going to purge the deep state.
And that's where they're going to fight back.
They're going to punch back hard on this.
Wait, you just wait and see.
All right.
We only got about five minutes left with Steve Bannon, war room.org.
Shifting gears, Biden has come out and said he's worried about an October surprise that Russia or China will attack to help Trump.
But in my lexicon and mainline political science studies, it's a default that a war helps an incumbent.
So they're clearly trying to spin something there.
And I'm really concerned about Ukraine and China surrounding Taiwan last week with a limited test blockade, threatening to invade.
Those are the friends.
We know Russia wants Biden.
We know it's come out.
We know China wants Biden.
How does that calculus feed into this?
Listen, you talk about the Third World War, we're already in the kinetic part of it.
We had Captain Finnell, who used to be head of intelligence for the PAK fleet, PAK-COM, came on the other day and said, hey, there's been about a million casualties so far in the Third World War.
If you roll up everything in Ukraine, Sub-Saharan Africa, what's happened in the Middle East, he said, we're in the fighting part already.
The PLA, what they did over the last couple of days in Taiwan, That was a full flex.
And that flex, Alex, was to say, the 7th Fleet can't stop us.
The Americans can't stop us.
This thing will be over in two days.
We'll control the advanced chip design plants.
The American economy will collapse by 25%.
Yes, clearly, the October surprise would try to help Biden.
Mike, I think right now this thing's so far gone.
I mean, President Trump's got to step in too.
Got to deport, got to seal the border and deport 10 to 15 million illegal alien invaders.
You got to stop this financial crisis that's going on right now with this out of control federal spending.
No, I totally agree, but back to China.
I think China, there's a good chance, they did a test run last week as you know, I think they may move before Trump gets in because they know Trump won't put up with it.
They knew Trump backed him up and braced him up in his term.
I think they look at Biden and Biden, the 7th Fleet right now, the military commanders, the naval officers in the 7th Fleet are quite frankly not up to the task.
If the Chinese are going to strike, they're going to strike in a Biden regime with Austin and this group of clowns running the Defense Department with Jake Sullivan, with Tony Blinken.
And then Biden is already saying he's going to blame Trump as if he has anything to do with it.
Yeah, saying that Trump, oh, Trump kind of signaled this.
Also in Ukraine.
Look, Kharkiv could fall at any moment.
The number two city.
What's happening there?
You had, oh, listen, what's happened in the last 72 hours?
The Tories said they're going to call for a draft.
The Germans said, oh, they might want a draft.
You had two congressmen, a Democrat and a Republican, on TV all the weekend saying the United States can have a draft because nobody wants to volunteer to fight their forever wars.
Okay, including the Ukrainian people at 25 and 27 years old, that's 500,000 short.
They're now going to try to institute a draft to Shanghai people into going and fighting their voices.
And you're saying World War III has basically begun.
The question is, will it go nuclear?
Well, the war has already started.
The kinetic part has definitely started.
If Fennel walks through, there's a million casualties already.
There's a million casualties in the Third World War.
And we've got to be very careful we don't trigger the Russians to go tactical nuke right now.
That's why I think Trump has got to get back in.
I agree.
In closing, two minutes left.
A hundred and sixty days of the election, people better get their heads screwed on straight.
And I'm not bragging, but like, really famous, cool people I like go, hey, let's go out, go to the comedy club, let's play poker, you know, come to the house, let's, you know, let's go out and I'm just like, I'm sorry, I cannot morally do that.
I've got to do this full time.
People need to get their heads screwed on.
This is serious.
This is historical.
Two minutes left.
Steve Bannon, call to arms here.
The call to arms is, look, if you look at the next year, we got now to November 5th to win.
We got November 5th to the 20th to close. We must close. And closing comes from everybody.
You can't let these folks like Jamie Raskin steal this. They're going to try to steal, Mark Elias and Jamie Raskin. Then on the afternoon of the 20th, the first hundred days
of Trump's second term, his third victory in second term, we cannot allow the Republican Party, the lords of easy money, the tech oligarchs, the Chamber of Commerce,
to try to de-Trumpify the second term.
That is what the fight's got to be every day.
And you're right.
This doesn't allow us any time to take off because we got to fight all three of those simultaneously.
We got to win.
We have to close on the win.
And we have to make sure they haven't taken Trump's I look at this, Steve.
Isn't it amazing to be alive right now?
I mean, I've studied history.
It's fascinating.
right now to do, Alex Jones.
I look at this, Steve, isn't it amazing to be alive right now?
I mean, I've studied history, it's fascinating.
Is this not, how would you describe this period of history right now?
One of the greatest moments in American history.
They're going to talk about this for a thousand years, what happens over the next couple of years.
This is why, you know, Divine Providence put everybody in this audience, you, me, and everybody in this audience at this time and place right now.
You got to step up.
Fully commit.
If you fully commit, we'll win this thing.
And we don't give up.
The only way they can defeat us is if we quit.
If we don't quit, we're a rising tide.
We'll take the country back over.
We'll set things right.
Yeah, people have to get.
Quitting is way worse.
What happens?
We have to be full in to save.
People say, oh, why do you have so much courage?
I'm like fighting a tyranny that'll destroy us all.
There's not even a question.
And the good news is, I'm even critical of Musk, and I get he's not perfect, but he knows we're winning, so he's coming over to our side.
I mean, there's a lot of wild things happening.
Steve Bannon, thank you for the time.
I know you're a busy man.
People can find your show at WarRoom.org.
Great job.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
That was a powerful 25 minute interview, folks.
We're gonna post it on X.
It needs to get 20 million views.
Get it out now.
Steve Bannon, thank you so much.
All right, I'm gonna cover all the news.
Coming up and take your phone call straight ahead.
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Bring it back up.
Everything they sell you is death.
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They will not people the stars.
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But they are failing on every front.
Their UN treaties are failing.
Their leaders are reviled and hated.
Their system will achieve dominance for today.
But it will fall the minute it takes control.
They win in the third quarter.
We win in the fourth quarter.
When the game's over, the New World Order are the losers.
Not the winners.
Not gonna get the soul.
Not yours.
I give my soul freely to God.
And I want to transcend.
And I will transcend.
I have transcended.
All right.
I've got... I covered three stacks.
I've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24... 24 stacks I haven't hit!
1911, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. 24 stacks! I haven't hit.
They're all insane. I've got dozens of videos from the 1960s till now showing sea levels staying the same.
I've got California saying they're going to use all the chips that are in your car.
Imagine they start taxing you.
We told you that was coming.
I've got RuPaul on national TV telling women, cut your breast off.
Because a man is going to tell you how to be a woman.
I got it all right here.
But I want to open the phones up for first-time callers, and all I ask is you got a point to making a clean phone line.
About World War III.
And NATO saying, hey, we're getting conscription ready, we're giving heavy weapons to Russia, we're going to start bombing Russia, we're rolling in, baby.
That's World War III guaranteed.
And that's their answer to populism and Trump and populists being elected all over the world.
And some of them are controlled, some aren't.
Point is, people want freedom.
They're going for it.
It's happening.
And so their answer is, overturn the whole chessboard with a big, giant, disgusting nuclear war!
Bare minimum, a huge kinetic war with your children being sent, my son, 21 years old, to go fight for George Soros and his degenerate son.
Where are you on the draft?
Where are you on World War III?
Where are you on Trump?
Where are you on the New World Order?
That's a huge subject.
You can tie any topic you want into that, but I ask you respectfully to call in on the subject of what are the globals going to do next, because Trump's 20 points ahead in all the polls, 13 points ahead in battleground states.
The New World Order is crapping its britches.
So what are they going to do?
Because they ain't going to give up.
They got a normalcy bias.
They're invincible.
First time callers.
On the subject of what's the new world order going to do.
What do you think about the Russia situation?
What do you think about China surrounding Taiwan and threatening to invade?
They say they can take it in one day.
What do you mean?
And then blaming Trump for it.
Wow, that's a dandy.
That's a daisy.
I'm your Huckleberry.
Dems in full-blown freak out.
Trump got in and tried to work with them and thought, hell, I'll bring prosperity.
They'll work with me, I'll give them a seat at the table.
No, it's spiritual.
They want power, they want control, they want evil.
It's breaking on InfoWars.com.
Secret Service met with NYC jail officials to discuss preparations for Trump imprisonment.
It's going down like Donkey Kong.
And of course that'll just boost him more in the polls.
Because the people are awake.
And the people.
Just like Uncle Sam, that famous illustration.
Uncle Sam rolling his sleeves up.
Because he's still there.
America's still there, folks.
Our Republic's still there.
This isn't our government doing this.
This is a hijacked government doing it.
Yeah, we're going to cut the government down.
But the government's not our enemy, I can tell you.
When I'm outside a federal courthouse, I've been in these cases, or I'm at an event, my God, the red carpet rolls out with the federal marshals and the feds and all of them running out, wanting my autograph, shaking my hand, black, white, brown.
And I'm just a censor.
Like an engine heat sensor.
When I tell you I'm well known, oh, everybody loves me.
That's not, oh, I'm so great.
It's again, I am out there.
I get the grassroots.
Five years ago, man, I got attacked every time I went out in public.
I'd shake 20, 30 hands and then somebody'd slap me in the back of the head or dump coffee on my face or say they want to kill my family.
It happens like once a year now for two years.
I've been confronted three times in two years.
And baby, everybody says, oh, we hope you got great security.
I do some of the grocery shopping.
I go to church.
I go to the gym.
I pump my gas.
I'm a regular guy.
And man, all I get is cars driving by honking and yelling.
So again, the New World Order has done everything they can to demonize me and attack me and say I'm the devil.
And it's done the complete opposite.
Not because I'm some great person, but because people know the government and the corporate media is out to get them and is their enemy.
That's the good news here.
Roger Stone gets hunted in Florida.
He lives in Liberal, Palm Beach, just north of Miami.
He used to get attacked every day.
People beat his wife up, beat his wife up in the little apartment they've got, beat her up, everything.
Now he gets attacked once a month.
He used to get attacked every day.
Again, the New World Order is in trouble.
They're out of ammo.
But that said, they're going to pull some major crap and we better be talking about mass shootings, white supremacist attacks, bombings, you know, it's coming.
But the globalists are so paranoid and so out of control, they don't even trust their own minions anymore.
Because Elon Musk is coming over and Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.
Everybody's already come over to our side because they see which way the wind blows.
That doesn't mean there's some utopia on the other side of getting Trump in, but it's at least not people actively out to destroy us.
We are corrupt and decadent and lazy as a population.
That's what freedom does.
You know the saying, it's totally true.
Hard times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make bad times.
Bad times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make bad times.
Say it again!
But start at the end.
Weak men make bad times.
Bad times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
And that's the cycle.
And that's where we are.
So let's lace up our boots and get our belts on and get our packs on and get ready in the InfoWars and realize, baby, you are in the middle of history happening right now.
And there's nowhere I'd rather be.
I feel so good, even though things are terrible, because I'm where God wants me to be.
The Holy Spirit is aligned with me right now.
And that's where I stay.
And I even entertain selling out, which I would never do, but I war game it.
I mean, you can't help that.
And I thought, oh, Holy Spirit goes away.
Oh, no, no, no.
We don't even think about ever selling out.
We don't even ever get there because, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, sir, we, okay, I won't even entertain it.
Even though I wasn't entertaining it, the entertaining it is entertaining it.
So the minute I start thinking about selling out, God starts pulling out.
So, we are...
Already over the precipice.
You're not going to reverse the crisis that's here.
The question is, can we mitigate it?
I know I said that last hour and I said it this hour and I'm saying it again because it's everything, people.
This is the big change.
Humans are about to develop incredible technology.
They already have it.
Life extension, all of this.
It's amazing what God's done.
The globalists don't want you to have it.
They're selfish.
They don't want you to have access to this.
They don't want people living at 200.
They don't want, they got cures to cancer and everything!
They're like, God, this is ours, we don't even need people anymore, let's just kill them!
As if their own minions won't kill them in the process.
As if releasing that, because they don't look 10 moves ahead, 20 moves ahead, 100 moves ahead.
Because they're selfish, they're satanic.
We have to take the keys away from these people.
We've got to do it.
And people want freedom.
If you promote freedom and have a free hand to do it, we'll win.
Without firing a shot.
But our enemies are going to make us fire a shot.
So let's do it in the Information War now and be willing to be attacked and lied about, which is a blessing.
I mean, that's the big secret of the Republican wimps, the bluebloods.
They were picked as their lawyers and scummy families and sellout scoundrels, and they think the establishment's the way to go.
And they're literally scared of a New York Times article.
They're scared of a Washington Post article.
They're scared of CNN talking about them.
It's an honor that Supreme Court Justice Alito Had his wife fly a flag upside down and say, America's in crisis.
That's a good thing to be attacked by the New York Times.
That's a good thing to have the enemy not like you.
You want that!
It's not just like, oh, you can handle it, you can take it.
My God!
I can't even buy dinner for myself or lunch at any restaurant.
Most of the time, somebody buys it for me.
They send over drinks.
I'm like, no, I'm not drinking.
Everywhere I go, all over the United States, New York, Florida, Hawaii, North Texas, Austin, California.
It's not about, oh, I'm cool, he'll buy my dinner.
The point is, I don't pay for my dinner most of the time.
Oh, this guy just paid for your dinner.
This person just paid for your lunch.
I was in Hawaii.
Almost every meal was paid for by somebody else.
And again, you'd think all these attacks would make me be a demon.
And I would do that.
I would still attack the New World Order even if I got persecuted.
But I've not had a Jobian experience.
It's been rough, it's not been fun, some of it, but Job lost his family and everything, and then God gave it all back to him.
Me, I get to sit here in like real time, because I guess God knows I'm a wimp compared to Job.
It's like, dude, you get it instantly.
God comes in every time.
I'm just like, it's gotten ridiculous for him.
It's like, well, God, there's a giant door just slammed in my face.
I just got really persecuted.
Some leftist just pointed a gun at me driving down the highway because they saw it was Alex Jones at the red light.
That happened a few weeks ago.
Hadn't told you that yet.
So it's been a few things.
And it's like, I just said, I love you when he's pointing the gun at me.
And I just didn't call the police, just kept driving the red light.
Don't turn green, just ignore it.
I was like, F you, gun pointed at me.
White guy, liberal, little chicken neck guy.
I was like, man, this guy shoots me right now.
Man, that'll really hurt the Lord.
I was just like, And when I wasn't scared, when he was pointing the gun at me, he went, and I went, hmm, you haven't figured it out, have you yet?
You haven't figured it out that I am 100% absolutely committed to this.
If they SWAT team me tomorrow and threw me in irons, I'm not happy about it.
I want to go with my family.
But I know the minute I'm in that solitary confinement and jail cell.
It's being paid forward for my family and God's going to take care of them.
And now I've reached the level of my ancestors.
Now I'm a badass.
Like ancestors in the main war in Texas.
In the main battles.
I never talk about it because it would sound like bragging.
I mean, those are people.
I want to be like them.
Like Gnarls Barkley says in that great song.
We'll probably play that song here in a minute.
Because I'll butcher it, but he says, you know, I just remember I want to be like them.
Those people that stood up against evil.
Those people that weren't cowards.
Those people that had strength and will.
And that's what I want.
I want to be like them.
And I am like them.
Yeah, go ahead and roll the song, then I'll hit the notice.
Here it is.
Lost your mind?
No, no, you gained your mind.
You don't care anymore what they do to you.
No, no, you gained your mind.
You don't care anymore.
We'll take you to you.
So much space.
Like, whoa!
And when you're out there, without care, yeah, I was out of touch.
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough.
I just knew too much.
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
And all that you have is the time of your life.
But think twice.
That's my only advice.
You think you're in control?
Ha ha ha!
King Charles!
Yeah, you're not in control.
You're gonna die.
Just like Lord Ra's Al Khan.
And then God's gonna chew you up.
You really think you're in control?
Ha ha ha, Soros, King Charles.
Yeah, you're not in control, you're gonna die just like Lord Ra's Al Khan.
And then God's gonna chew you up and spit you out.
Key part right here.
(upbeat music)
And I'll remember.
Because I want to be like this.
And all I remember, is I want to be like them.
Ever since I was little, it looked like fun. If there's no coincidence, I've come. And I can die when I'm done.
Maybe I'm crazy.
Maybe I'm crazy.
Maybe I'm crazy.
Maybe I'm crazy.
AI can copy humans, but it ain't human.
It comes from us.
We're the source.
We're the fount.
We're the progenitor.
All right, let me get the toll-free number.
I'm like, hey, where are the calls?
They said, boss, you had to give them the number.
Wow, I didn't do that.
First-time callers on World War III and how do we stop it?
And Trump 20 points ahead in their own fake polls, probably 30 points ahead.
This is a political realignment.
This is big.
The UN treaty failing.
But, like the wolf says in Pulp Fiction, we can't start sucking each other's ding-dongs yet, because the New World Order is going to strike back.
So, don't make any mistake about that.
The war has just begun.
And we're winning.
Because the decision is the victory.
Toll free number 877-789-2539.
And all I'm asking is that you have a clear phone line and you're a first time caller.
And we're going to take your calls next hour.
877-789-2539 and all I'm asking is that you have a clear phone line and you're a first time caller and we're going to take your calls next hour.
All right, it's exhausting to research all this news in a good way but also a bad way because you're like well I can't properly, one of these articles I got to talk for three
hours about but I'm going to intersperse these with your calls coming up next hour.
I'm going to say this real damn clear to everybody.
I know you're flooded with entertainment, flooded with media, flooded with shows, flooded with stuff, but...
This broadcast, the New World Order really doesn't like it because they know they've got my M.O.
They know I'm as real as it gets.
As real as a heart attack.
A precision-guided munition coming after their ass.
But I can't do this without you.
So I'm asking you, if you believe in what we're doing and you don't want to roll over and die in the New World Order, then are you betting on the horses that are in the fight?
Are you backing the people that are taking on the New World Order?
Plus get great products?
I need you to make the decision.
I can't make you do it.
I need you to make the decision to take the articles, take the videos, take the reports, and share them constantly.
You're doing a great job.
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And then now the way it looks is good chance we'll be shut down.
And it's okay.
I just want to own the company.
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We got bigger things like World War III and censorship, but it's an important moment to be in.
So everything you order will be shipped to you.
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We just want to shut him down.
The judge said, well, the law doesn't say that.
So I'm just going to kick out of bankruptcy.
And then they're going to go to Judge Guerra Gamble.
And she's going to order that the constables come and put padlocks on the doors.
And we'll show it, and it'll be here, and that's when it is, and we're going to fight it in court.
But, you know, people say, why do you live in Austin?
It's where I'm from.
I won't be doing the new show here.
You can guarantee that.
I won't be under her jurisdiction.
But they can't help themselves.
And it'll just be like Trump when they indict him and convict him and all this fraud.
It'll make him bigger.
So, you know, but the enemy can't help it.
They just do what they do.
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Oh, you get my farm, 127 acres, and that's all I got?
And then, okay, got a few million dollars?
It doesn't matter.
Because it feels way better to me And they even admitted, and this is what's crazy, is that they did this in mediation but I couldn't talk about it because I agreed and I followed what I say and should not talk about it.
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Hey man, what do you got?
Look buddy, this is like your fourth time this week.
What do you want to know about?
You want to talk about how JFK had a bunch of mistresses?
I don't want the surface s***, I want you to go deep.
Okay, you wanna figure out why JFK was assassinated?
Because he figured out that the CIA was trying to run the entire country with blackmail?
You want to talk about how the CIA controls almost every country's politicians and celebrities?
That all the bad sh-t in the world is basically coming from the same source and they're able to control people who would ordinarily not be this evil, but because they're being compromised and blackmailed so much, they're afraid of losing everything.
They are extraordinarily evil, which is why you're not going to be able to get it to stop unless you bring down the whole frickin' thing.
Is that what you want to hear?
You hate sleeping?
You really want to come out of the shell and realize that nobody's allowed to just be cool and awesome like all your buddies were in school because everybody's controlled at the top of every f*cking organization?
Because if they're not, they just get replaced by something that is?
You thought your favorite actor got that role in that movie because he was the best actor for the job?
*laughs* No.
They met with him in the back room, recorded him making out with a 15-year-old and have blackmail on him and made him commit to Satan for 18 years.
Then they gave him the platform because now he's controllable.
But Robert De Niro's such a good father figure!
You think Taylor Swift, Walmart, and the MLB all have the exact same very specific opinion about political ideas?
You sweet, sweet, sweet little idiot.
I'll be back tomorrow.
All right, we didn't have music going out of the break, so I missed it and finished my story.
Literally, the Democrat Party main law firm, you can look it all up, their biggest law firm, Hillary Clinton's law firm, said two, three weeks ago, two and a half weeks ago, they said, okay, well, we'll settle with you.
We want Alex to not promote the Second Amendment and some other things.
And they came and they said, OK, we don't think this is legal, but I mean, are you?
I said, hell, no, of course not.
I mean, it's a nonstarter.
But that that that is so ridiculous.
It's so pathetic, people.
And then again, they see it as, oh, InfoWars shut down.
Oh, we have this big victory.
Oh, my God.
They run corporate news articles going, Tucker Carlson has been diminished since he was kicked off Fox.
He had 4 million viewers on average night at Fox.
They censored him everywhere on the web.
Maybe he reached 10 million people a day, web-wise.
Now, everything he does gets 50 million views or more.
So he's 10 times bigger!
That's conservative!
Talked to him the other day about it.
So, I mean, again, it's their delusion They're absolute delusion!
I mean, they got a committee in my bankruptcy that's run by the Democratic Party, and they literally said, $500 a steakhouse.
Who was that meeting with?
We're not going to tell you.
It was a business meeting.
I mean, it's literally like, oh God, you're harassing me.
You're asking where I spent $500.
Oh, I'm so upset you're in my business.
I'm going to cry now in my pillow at night.
That's what you got?
That's what you did?
I mean, I signed on to this knowing I'd be put in prison or killed.
I knew it.
To use the cheesy analogy, it's like Luke Skywalker climbing in an X-Wing, and Han Solo says, you know, that's not an attack, that's a suicide mission.
That's what I did.
I'm in the X-Wing.
And guess what?
I didn't just get blown up on the first attack, I've blown up a bunch of Death Stars because of my audience supporting me.
So, I'm winning, hearts and minds everywhere, I'm on a roll, and I'm under attack as a man?
And you think I'm gonna give up so I can, oh, have a fancier car?
I mean, my life is delicious.
It's frustrating to see the evil.
It's frustrating to see dumb people being hurt.
It's frustrating to see the children being targeted.
But me as a person, I am so fulfilled.
I want people who are scared of the system to hear me.
I am the second most attacked person after Trump.
And all it's done is create success and victory.
Stop bowing to the New World Order.
Stop being scared.
But I do need funds to fight them.
Plus, I've got great products.
It's simple.
I want to sell you stuff that works really great.
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Go to drjonesnationals.com.
We'll come right out with your calls and tons of news.
stay with us. Yeah we got our heads screwed on real straight baby. We want security, freedom, prosperity, a future.
We're pro-human.
And we're rolling up our sleeves to take on the New World Order.
All right, I am loaded for bear.
I've got dozens of articles, dozens of clips I want to add.
But I'm not going to get to those yet.
I want to start going to your calls.
I appreciate you calling.
So we've got the order received.
We've got Jerry and Paul and Mark and Zach and Joe and Wayne and Bikini Truther.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Yeah, I just noticed a disturbing trend where people are lumping in police officers, cops, with federal agents.
the situation.
Crystal clear.
Start over.
Go ahead.
So I just want to let you know I've, you know, been seeing a disturbing trend of people lumping in police officers, you know, cops with federal agents, like we're the bad guys, like we're going to come take away your freedom or something, but we're not.
And to be honest, cops hate federal agents almost as much as everybody else does.
You know, I've worked with them for several years.
They proactively stopped me from my investigations.
I've been a narcotics detective for most of my career.
They've gone out of their way.
To prevent me from doing my job.
We hate federal agents, but you know just to let you know we we are not like them So I'm seeing a lot on X you know various podcasts where they're really starting to attack the cops like the left does but This is a very important topic and there are also some good feds, but the top is corrupt obviously but That's why the defunded police, they're blaming police for everything so they can then put leftists in those positions.
They're destroying all the institutions.
The institutions have problems.
They're not perfect.
But if you think the police have problems now, folks, when they're communist globalists, they're a hundred times worse.
The average cop has a super rough job, super stressful, just like firefighters or EMTs.
These are great people on average.
I mean, I see them out there.
Most cops are listeners.
I totally know what you're saying is true.
And then yeah, a lot of people just in general see the corruption of the feds and they project it into their local communities.
This is our government.
We have to take our government's back and put our people in.
Just like when a hijacker takes over an airplane.
They don't really work for American Airlines, they're a hijacker.
You don't blame American Airlines, you blame the hijacker.
And so yeah, our government's hijacked.
I mean, what's your take on the situation?
Yeah, no, I mean, you nailed it.
I talk to cops all the time and all of them watch your show, you know, we say the same things, but, you know, we do get annoyed.
Like, I love Royce White, but recently I've heard Royce White say some stuff about cops and I kind of broke my heart because I'm a big listener of his, big fan.
I missed what he said, I mean, what did he say?
I missed everything you said.
What did he say?
I think it started with the old, with the Derek Chauvin thing and it just went to saying, you know, Some of you guys are just too quick to back everything the cops say.
The cops are bad.
And then you started rolling into the federal agent thing.
And that's when I'm like, no, we're different.
I've had federal agents get in my way my whole career.
I mean, there's been several times where I was going to do a big drug bust, and then the federal agents stopped me from doing it.
You know, they say they're in control.
Well, look, I mean, we certainly know.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
everybody, half the brain knows, the local police are not the feds and that's an important point.
I appreciate your call, sir.
All right, let's go to the next person.
Let's go to Mark in Florida.
Mark, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
It's a super honor to talk to you.
I think you're probably more influential than Rush Limbaugh ever was just because you have something that the Republican Party or ... Well, brother, I'm not trying to keep score, but
I mean, I appreciate that.
You know, Rush was in his time, I'm in mine.
It'll be easy to look back 30 years from now and say Jones could have done better, but I think Rush meant well and he did a lot of good work.
He made a lot of mistakes, too.
He was too pro-war, but yeah.
I mean, obviously, we're way more influential than Rush Limbaugh ever was.
And I think the problem is, and the problem with, I guess if you want to lump them into the Republican Party or the right, we don't have foresight.
We can't see ahead of what's going on.
And that's why you're so influential is because you have your finger on the pulse of what's going on.
And again, it's not that I'm that smart.
The globalists have a plan.
I study them.
Republicans respond to each story like it's its own little thing.
No, it's all interconnected.
It's all a big plan.
And so, again, the police aren't perfect, there's some bad ones, but statistically, you know, the police do a pretty good job overall.
The point is, is the globalists want to purge the police and take them over and make them 100 times worse.
That's my point.
The problem that I see is that if we as a party and everyone could unify and see ahead of the curve of what's coming up, we'd be able to get ahead of the situation and the elites.
No, I agree.
I mean, here's the deal.
Here's the deal.
We're already in World War III.
The question is, does it go nuclear?
They've now announced NATO is sending troops to fight Russians.
I mean, this is a bonker town.
And NATO started it.
I'm not a Russophile.
I mean, I got invited.
I haven't announced this yet.
I shouldn't even get to it.
I got invited to go to Putin's big thing next month, you know, his big Russia global forum, and to be a speaker.
And I just, I can't, I can't do it.
not just the optics, I'm pinned down here doing what I'm doing, but I mean I'm not sitting there saying Russia is the answer. The difference is Russia is not going along with the globalists
is the point. That's why they don't like them. If you do that and go to the whole Russia thing, you're going to be vilified by Tucker, but the problem is... Well listen, I'm not worried about
that. It's that they'll open up the CIA.
They already did it.
They'll open a full operation against me.
And so I have to look at how successful it would be to go on a panel and interview Putin.
Versus what I can just do here, and I've already had this massive guilt that I haven't just shut down and gone and moved to Montana or someplace because of the nuclear war threat.
So I've made the deal with myself that I'll stay at the ship, but I gotta stay with my family.
It literally, things are so dangerous, like a mother hen, I gotta sit on my kids and family.
You understand?
I'm like sitting on them.
So that's why I'm like sitting here in my nest, like just sitting on them, because the weasels are in here.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, exactly.
You know, just like with the hens and the eggs in the nest.
You know, I'm comparing myself to a hen right now.
I'm trying to say I'm, you know, John Wayne.
I'm literally like a mother hen just sitting on my eggs, man.
And I'm just trying to like stop World War III and just like, this is insane.
You know, it's just all insane.
And they're talking about Israel just went into Rafah and blew up Kemp cities.
They do it every time to drive them onto the boats to come to the U.S.
It was on purpose.
It's disgusting.
It's 40,000 dead folks versus a million in the Ukraine war.
You're bad.
China about to invade Taiwan, I'm not lessening it, but it is a distraction.
Gaza and all of that is a distraction.
You're bad. You're very bad.
It's disgusting.
The whole thing, it's all about Netanyahu staying in power.
He stood down.
He's a disgusting person.
But again, 40,000 versus a million?
And it's about to be billions dead?
I don't want to hear the right-wing all getting involved with the left and the commies.
Oh, the Muslims.
I'm sad for the dead Gazans.
The point is, it's a globalist operation to create a clash of civilizations.
I see right through it.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, folks, we had billions of dollars of stuff burned down, hundreds killed.
I mean, some days during the summer of rage, they would kill 10 cops a day.
It's like, it was dozens a week, and we'd never even say their names.
It's not about a cop kissing contest here.
I'm not kissing cops' asses.
They get rid of law and order, folks.
It's total lawlessness, and that's what this is.
And so we hear about George Floyd all day, bombed out of his brain on meth and fentanyl and a bunch of other drugs.
And then the cop worked with him at a nightclub, knew who he was, he asked him to put him down on the ground.
And then they blame Chauvin for it and they put him in prison.
He got stabbed, you know, dozens of times.
I mean, you know, at one time he got, I think he was stabbed like 25 times or something.
Pull up Chauvin.
I think he was stabbed like 50 times or something.
It was like, the guy got stabbed all over his body and the left's like, good, kill that white son of a bitch.
I don't care if he's black or white.
That is crazy, folks, because once they get lawlessness going and once they get the cops to stand down, which they're already doing slow rolling, he was stabbed 22 times.
Then it all breaks down, folks.
They're trying to break down society.
So you sit there all day and just say, ah, screw the cops, hope they get killed.
That's not an easy job.
I mean, I mean, I mean, I'm trying to explain this to people.
It's just, you have no idea.
I can't believe they can even get people to take that job.
It's like the army sergeant working two jobs on top of his army job to pay for his family.
And he pulls in to a Black Lives Matter Antifa march and they stick a gun in his face and he kills him!
Well, I mean, I pull up and you point a gun at me, I'm gonna shoot your ass!
I mean, what?
They do not... They want the lawlessness to explode to bring down society, folks, and we're that close.
And when Trump gets re-elected, which is looking like it's gonna happen, they're gonna stage race riots in America and they're gonna use a few cops that did maybe something wrong to then blow everything up!
This is ridiculous!
Over half the abortions in this country have been black people.
And I tell black leftists, hey, you care about the abortion of black people?
No, I don't care.
So you don't care they've killed 20-something million black people.
30-something million black people.
Chopped them up, they're a baby.
No, you just care some cop with a fentanyl overdose did the wrong thing or might have done something wrong, and you sit there and talk about all that.
It has no credibility.
I care about everybody.
Because God cares, and I'm following God's words.
It'd be real easy to just, because it's super popular, because whites are under attack, and all the rest of this stuff is just get up here and just say, you know, screw everybody, white people, this and that.
Folks, we'll never beat this with just the white people.
I mean, you can sit back and look at this.
We've got to get everybody on board for a programming future, and we've got to stop this crap.
I challenge anybody to say, let's starve black children to death under the UN program.
You say, well they're going to come here, they're going to brainwash them, they're going to be a weapon.
Okay, well you've got to then work harder to wake them up and you just can't kill them.
That's how God operates.
No, I do love black people.
And that pisses the white supremacist off.
Do I not know black people are hunting white people?
Do I not know the media is promoted?
Do I not know with 21 attacks there's horrible black predators out to attack me?
I expose that!
But I also then point out there are a lot of great black people who shouldn't be judged by what's happening to people from fatherless homes that were brainwashed by the CIA gangster rap to do that.
I don't care if it's a black person or a white person or a Hispanic person.
Illegal alien comes to rob you at your house, kill him!
And don't be, don't be guilty about it.
But don't sit there then and blame a whole group of people when the New World Order has set this up.
We either come together and beat this or we lose.
There's not some emperor and some white leader that's gonna save us and we're all gonna come.
That's all horseshit.
We have to unify under God.
That will fix us.
It's a spiritual decision.
It's like Q crap.
Oh, it's all magic.
We're winning.
Everything's fine.
Oh, we just have a dictator.
Blah, blah, blah.
Fix it.
It's horseshit!
I know I'm ranting.
Paul in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Great to talk with you.
Agree with most of what you say.
And just wanted to let you know I called because you asked about how to prevent World War III.
And I've been a cannabis scholar for more than 30 years.
I wrote Cannabis vs. Climate Change and made a film by the same title.
You can see it on Vimeo.
And in order to defund the warmongers, a polar shift in value needs to occur, recognizing cannabis as being both unique and essential.
It's the only crop that produces Complete essential nutrition and an abundance of clean energy from the same organic harvest.
Well, there's no doubt that hemp, even the non-THC variety, is an amazing plant.
Better than cotton.
It's an amazing plant.
It has great medical uses.
But the weaponized, stronger versions of it are creating mass mental illness and schizophrenia.
I've seen it with family and friends in my own life.
What do you say to all the studies out that it's creating schizophrenia?
Well, you know, cannabis affects different people in different ways at different times, but the point is that the energy production potential of cannabis makes fossil fuels obsolete.
No, you're right.
It is the most important plant on Earth.
For folks that don't know, it is insane.
Why don't you tell people that the sales until 150 years ago, or 130 years ago, And the oil and everything replacing whale oil.
I mean, cannabis, most of it is now THC.
Hemp is incredible.
The Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper.
Explain that to people.
Well, yeah.
Historically, cannabis was recognized as essential.
And in 1937, a Nazi spy by the name of Harry Anslinger He wrote the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, two years before Hitler invaded Poland, and gutted America's strategic hemp industry.
That's right, they passed a law to not even grow hemp with no THC.
And that was because hemp competes successfully with Possible fuel.
That's why the Rockefellers were against it.
You're right.
We can run all our cars on it.
It grows like a weed anywhere.
You can grow it in the desert, grow it anywhere.
You're right.
Degradable plastic, safe and effective herbal therapeutics, just superior building materials, and most importantly though, regional production of energy.
Yes, so I want to bring awareness to two things.
Give me a minute.
is against anything God gave us and hemp is one of the greatest things in our arsenal. Thanks, Nicole. All right, let's go ahead and talk to Joe in California.
Joe, you're on the air. Go ahead. Yes, hi. You hear me? Yeah, go ahead. Yes, so I want to bring awareness to two things. Give me a minute. First thing is I want to bring awareness to not
spoke, something not spoken about too much, that I've seen around or even not even that well-known.
Do me a favor, I can't really understand what you're saying.
Talk around your telephone.
Yeah, do you hear me well?
Yeah, go ahead.
Okay, so I want to bring awareness to two things.
First thing, something referred to as long COVID or long haul COVID.
Have you heard of that?
Yeah, that's vaccine damage is called long COVID.
Right, so that's not necessarily true.
It's not only in connection to vaccines.
I know quite a lot of people, and I keep discovering more, that actually have had it not connected to the vaccine at all.
They actually had COVID, and ever since COVID, they've been getting these results as well.
Okay, so cut to the chase, because I said World War III topic, and no one's talking about World War III.
It's hemp, and it's long COVID.
That's great.
I actually asked for a topic here.
Can you respond to my topic?
Shut him down!
Cut him off!
Man, I can't take it anymore!
I sit here and I open the phones up most of the time on any topic you want to cover and then I sit there and I tell you I want to talk about World War III and the election and the deep state and how do we stop it and I'm hearing about hemp and I'm hearing about long COVID.
Holy hell, man.
Wayne in Virginia.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Woo, Alex!
I love you, brother, and I'm glad you shut that guy down.
Well, I mean, most of the time I have open phones, you can talk to me wherever you want.
I said, this is a big topic.
World War III.
That's right.
What do you think of them trying to bring back the national draft?
Is anybody concerned about that?
We gotta hear about him!
We gotta hear about Long Covid!
You know, fine!
Go ahead.
You know, suffering from schizophrenia because of marijuana use.
The guy from Oregon, I believe his middle name is Lucifer.
I agree.
I think that we need to learn how to label both ourselves and the left in order to win this fight.
I really do.
What's on your mind? Let's get some topics.
Listen, I agree. I think that we need to learn how to label both ourselves and the left in order to win this fight. I really do. I think that we need to tell our countrymen and the
patriots that are in this spiritual fight that we need to say we are the party of common Trump's right when it comes to that.
We need to stand on that.
We need to build other, you know, wonderful labels like that for ourselves.
And we need to label the left for what they are, psychotic, you know, like you say all the time, cutting off, you know, our children's, you know, breasts and penises.
This is just You know, how we need to continually label them, and don't let up on that.
And I also wish that we would, you know, I'm a pro-humanist like you are, and I believe that we need to, you know, we see our spirit leaders in the street together, peacefully.
I believe that's when we'll really begin to turn the tide of this war.
God bless you, thanks for calling in on the topic.
I'm not trying to be mean to the callers, it's just like, come on guys.
I'm just trying to have a discussion with you about this topic.
World War III, it's looming.
How do we focus on it?
Because if nuclear bombs rain down, you can forget your hemp.
I'm going to play a few clips here and then go to break and come back with more calls.
This is Robert De Niro saying the government will perish if Trump is elected.
What an honest statement.
He doesn't think of the American people.
He thinks of the government, the bureaucracy, the permanent state, the deep state.
Here it is.
Under Trump, this kind of government will perish from the earth.
I don't mean to scare you.
No, no, wait, maybe I do mean to scare you.
If Trump returns to the White House, you can kiss these freedoms goodbye, that we all take for granted.
And elections?
Forget about it.
That's over.
That's done.
If he gets in, I can tell you right now, he will never leave.
He will never leave.
You know that.
He will never leave.
They're the ones that never leave.
And put that video back up.
Look at the Capitol Police.
They've got campaigning behind him.
About Jan 6, that's all they've got.
No, we don't like inflation.
We don't like open borders.
We don't like World War 3.
We don't like fentanyl deaths.
And then you're saying Trump's a dictator when you're the people that have hijacked the country.
Now here's a clip at the Vatican of a male drag queen artist.
Dances for kids at the Vatican.
This is what's going on at the Vatican.
Here it is.
Totally disgusting.
the Olympics in Rome for World Children's Day led by Pope Francis.
I'm really excited and I can't wait to show my show to all the children from all over the world.
And what better show than the world tour in ten minutes.
Come with me.
Totally disgusting.
So here is actress Melissa.
Trevasa getting into a tussle at cans with a security guard because she unveils her dress with a picture of Jesus on it.
And they think it's like pedophilia or something criminal.
They gotta cover it up right away.
Here it is.
So they can all go half-naked.
They can put whatever they want and she has a dress with Jesus on it.
And they try to grab it.
And they see it.
Oh my God, it's Jesus!
We gotta shut this down.
You gotta stop it.
You gotta quit right now.
Can't show that.
I mean, that shows you who these people are.
We're gonna break.
More calls coming up.
Tons of news.
Zach in Ohio.
What are they going to do to take down Trump?
What are the globals going to pull?
It's all coming up today, live.
And then Maria Z from Australia in the fourth hour.
Then Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
The War Room.
It's InfoWars, fighting for the people.
Follow me, please, at RealAlexJones on X. We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
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He's an actor.
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Couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.
That video's coming up in a moment.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It's posted on X. But right now, I got more news I want to hit here.
Let's go back to your calls.
Democrats in full freakout on InfoWars.com over Biden's reaction And re-election prospects, Politico warns.
Yeah, Trump's 20 points ahead right now, ladies and gentlemen.
13 points in battleground states on average.
Some battlegrounds he's had 16 points, but on average it's 13 points.
This is a rout.
This is a bloodbath.
This is crazy talent.
So I asked the question before I took calls, and I'm not mad at callers, but man, do you hear me?
I respect you, I want you to respect me.
I said, World War III, Trump, what are they going to do?
What are they going to pull?
We need to focus on that.
And then you call in and you tell me about hemp.
Or some other stuff, man, come on.
I made documentaries about hemp, but I don't get it.
I just, come on.
Like, I want to get people focused on stopping World War III.
Do you realize how important that is?
You just smoke your joints all day long when the hydrogen bomb's dropping on your head.
I'm not trying to be mean, it's just holy hell!
Alright, let's rampage through a bunch of calls.
Zach has a great question, he says, and I want to hear his answer.
What are they willing to do to take down Trump?
Yeah, blow his plane up, shoot him.
They're crazy, folks!
We should be- Wow!
Thank you, Zach, for calling in on the subject.
I really respect you and I want to hear your view.
Tell me.
Yes, sir.
I think that the nuclear bomb is what they're going to do.
I think that these people are insane.
They will literally nuke a major U.S.
city and blame an adversary to start World War III.
Wow, I'm glad you're focused on... Yep, tell me more.
Yeah, you've already seen all the kangaroo court nonsense they've tried, they've done to you, and they're currently doing to Trump.
What else do they have left other than just strong-arm violence?
And they never give up!
And in criminology, past behavior is the most important indicator of future behavior.
And you know what?
They're never going to give up, Alex.
This has all been foretold.
There will be world governance.
And the trumpet will blow and all the chosen people will go home.
Um, but that doesn't mean it has to be this time.
The prophecies could be 500 years from now.
People for all time have thought that, uh... Well, that's right.
God gives us free will and knows the end, but he lets us choose our adventure.
And, you know, as far as the answer goes, the answer is Jesus Christ, my friend.
He is the answer.
If we all unite in the name of Jesus Christ, there is no violence they can bring upon us.
It is... He is the answer.
He delivers us from this evil that has Trying to spread world governance and destroy everything that is righteous.
And again, we don't force it, but that's what unifies.
We choose it.
Whether we're black or white, we choose God.
That's what unifies us.
100% Logan.
And I would like to mention the clip you played for Robert De Niro.
When people like Robert De Niro say democracy, what they actually mean is our power, our corruption.
But he's going to end democracy.
He's going to end the government.
Oh yeah, he's going to end the government.
Yeah, your occupational government.
Love you, brother.
Thanks for commenting on the topic, which was great points.
That's all I ask.
You say whatever you want, just on the topic, folks.
I'm not going to put up with this anymore, okay?
Most of the time it's an open phone.
Whatever you want to say, when it's on a topic, it's on the topic.
My God, World War III and Trump?
You could put any topic into that, but you find ways not to.
And I feel bad because I'm being a little bit of a jerk here, but at the same time, like, come on!
It's like saying, come over to my house and play bridge.
And you come over, you want to play go fish.
It's like, hey, we're here to play bridge, not go fish.
It's like saying you want to go to the Indy 500 and you show up and it's a golf tournament.
Like, hey dude, we're here for Indy 500.
Let's go ahead and go to Bikini Truther in Nevada.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to mention the VP pick for Trump because if he picks somebody who's a neocon or who the CIA or the deep state... That opens the door for them to kill him.
I agree.
He's got to pick somebody he trusts.
Yes, and so that's the biggest way to get into World War III.
Well, we're already in it, like you said.
But the best way to avoid more warfare is to get someone in there that they hate more than Trump.
I agree.
So who would that be?
Devin Nunes?
Rand Paul?
Who would it be?
Elise Stefanik is a name that comes to mind.
Rand Paul.
Those two people I respect.
Oh, imagine Ron Paul.
Oh, that'd be great.
But Ram Paul, and like you said, I think he could be recruited.
But anyone who they don't want more than Trump.
No, I think the VP thing is very important.
I totally agree with you.
That's key to how they want to take Trump down.
What do you make of the World War III situation with Russia and NATO announcing they're going to send troops now?
I think that one good way for the United States to stay out of it is if we implement a draft.
I think that Americans just aren't ready for that.
People can't even handle it if the app isn't working for Grubhub.
American kids are not going to...
Go for a draft.
And neither are their parents.
So that's the best way to keep America out.
And honestly, that's the most important thing to me.
No, I agree.
But how delusional is it that Europe says they're reinstituting a draft?
I mean, it's happening.
The UK Prime Minister says they're doing it.
I mean, that is... It just shows how delusional... Like, take the main river in Paris.
It's totally toxic, full of sewage, they dump sewage, it's brown.
And so, Macron said he's going to swim in it so they can have Olympic swims there.
And then now the French say, we hate the government, we're all going to go poop in the river.
I mean, it's just, it's literally a shit show.
I agree, and I just don't think, I don't think Europeans will put up with it either.
My son travels all over the world and he meets other travelers.
These kids, they're not the type of people that we had during World War II.
It's just a different generation.
I just don't think it will happen.
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So I'm very thankful that you liked it.
And I hope you'll continue to support DrJonesNaturals.com because my dad's our big sponsor.
The deep state's coming after him.
And so it's a strategic place to support.
Plus they're great products.
Anything else you want to add?
No, just I appreciate you and God bless.
Thank you so much, Bikini Truther.
And I wasn't trying to be mean blowing up earlier at the callers.
I just, I'm really worried about World War III.
And the topic is not hemp.
We probably should do a show on hemp.
I can get the research and show it.
It's way better than cotton.
And you can grow it anywhere.
Folks, did you know hemp is better than cotton?
Makes better, softer clothing.
We didn't even really use cotton compared to when we had him.
They just outlawed it.
So yeah, I get that, but it's like I'm not talking about that right now.
Now I'm mad I bitched at the person about it.
Fine, we'll talk about him all day then.
Let's go to Joe in New York.
Go ahead.
Yonkers, New York.
How you doing there?
Good, brother.
Go ahead, Joe.
Yeah, bless Boy Scout.
I'll stay on topic with you.
promised just to assuage any of your fears, I don't think we'll ever have an all-out nuclear war, because then the economies that control this world will not have control anymore.
So they're not going to relinquish the control.
What they will do is probably a tactical nuke just to piss everybody off.
But the progress and the sequence would probably be something to save the dollar, like your buddy Palente said, "When all else fails, I'll come to war."
But they're listening to him and they're listening to you, so they're probably going to fake that and do a bunch of diversions at once.
Yeah, they can blow up like 50 tons of TNT and say the Russians launched a tactical nuke.
Well, the Russians aren't our enemy, and you know that as well as I. Russia is not our enemy.
In fact, they're our friends because they're also against the Central Bank, the Federal Reserve that controls the planet, who also controls the CIA, and who also will be manipulating the next conflict that we have.
Right now, they're going to switch out Good old Joe and put somebody else in probably for candidate.
Trump's in their palm already because he loves the Federal Reserve Bank.
He's just going to play ball.
And what we're going to probably have is some controlled conflicts around the world.
But we won't have an all-out nuclear war, you know that.
Well, I mean, I hope that's the case, but the buttons they're pushing on Russia could lead to that.
And I hear you, Trump does work with the system and tries to use it for the people instead of abolishing the Federal Reserve.
There's actually legislation introduced right now in Congress to abolish the Federal Reserve.
We had that 111 years ago.
It's time to get rid of the Federal Reserve.
Everybody that tries to stop them, they kill them.
Like that with that guy McFadden, they poisoned his butt right after the Federal Reserve Bank took over.
They're coming after everybody.
They came after JFK.
By the way, his nephew should wake the hell up.
Because they're going to, well, we won't go there.
I know John John probably bit the bullet too, because I was flying that damn pilot.
And I was flying out of Bridgeport.
In fact, I interviewed with the radio station about spatial disorientation, which wasn't a fact, because the Manchurian candidate pilot was taken out of the plane.
That's why the Coast Guard closed that area down for 14 hours.
Anyway, I don't want to digress.
Let's stay on topic.
All right, brother.
I hear you.
I'm going to get everybody else.
Thank you, Joe, for calling on topic.
James in Florida, we'll go to you, and then Chris and Michael and Jeremy and Ed, that'll be it for calls.
Maria's easy to take over, but we got 15-20 minutes until that happens, so I'll host the first five.
But since I mentioned it, here's the clip.
We already played of De Niro attacking Trump and saying he's going to be a dictator, because he's against the permanent dictatorship of the deep state.
And then the new clip of him being shouted at, people calling him a loser, which he is.
Here it is.
Yeah, so go ahead and play clip 9.
under Trump, this kind of government will perish from the Earth.
I don't mean to scare you.
No, no, wait, maybe I do mean to scare you.
If Trump returns to the White House, you can kiss these freedoms goodbye, that we all take for granted.
And elections, forget about it.
That's over.
That's done.
If he gets in, I can tell you right now, he will never leave.
He will never leave.
He's a puppet.
You know that.
It's a fake man.
He will never leave.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters.
You are gangsters He's an actor, people.
He's a wimp.
He's a punk.
He's a nobody.
Couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag.
Truly disgusting person.
Let's go ahead and go to Chris in FEMA Region 9.
That's on the West Coast.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First time, long time.
And I want to be on topic.
I think it would be important For your InfoWarriors to have an SOP to counterman the globalist systems.
What I mean is, you remind them daily of some steps that they can take.
As normal, average people, I can't reach out to everybody.
But you can, you got a huge audience.
So explain, I love this, what is the standard operating procedure to counter the new order?
Admit you're under attack first, then what do you do?
No sir, it's a list of things that we could do as individuals, and I'll give you some examples of that.
Now, I get the word of mouth about Spreading about InfoWars and buying your products.
I take bodies.
Cut the edge off my tonight is great.
But for example, January 6th.
Obviously that was an operation to prevent us from exercising our rights to peacefully protest.
So what we need to do to countermand that is leave your phone at home.
If you want to go and leave your phone at home but you're still scared, wear some sunglasses.
Maybe a COVID mask.
Whatever it takes for you to get there.
And I'm saying this because a lot of your audience members, they know already what to do.
And they understand these things.
And you probably expect that, but so many of them don't.
And the proof is, when I went to a protest in my state, when the last election was stolen, Man, there was 24 people there.
And, you know, I see that because of fear.
People were afraid because of January 6th.
You gotta counterman that and do whatever it takes to go to a peaceful protest.
Other things, for example, and you can add more, but your InfoWars needs to be reminded on a daily basis.
You're smarter than me, you can think of better things.
Here's some examples I have.
If you have a streaming service that continually promotes DEI initiatives, especially to our children, you need to cancel that subscription.
I know it's hard.
It's tough.
Small sacrifice.
Do it.
We need to show everybody these systems are still in place and they're thriving.
We need to shut them down.
Another example, online retailers.
Online retailers, some of them are so easy, they make our lives You know, easier to deal with, but they promote values that we're against.
They ban books, they censor speech, etc.
Cancel your subscription.
Do not use them.
And you know, that's all I got to say.
If you could set up a daily protocol for your InfoWarriors and remind them small steps that they could take, because a lot of them don't know what to do or aren't willing to do it.
That's all I'm asking.
That could help stop World War III.
I agree, brother.
I really appreciate your fine points.
Thank you, Chris.
Ed in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
I'm a first-time caller, Alex.
I'm 58 years old, and I've been to the Soviet Union in 1986.
I was there in January.
I was there right before the Chernobyl incident.
I went to Ukraine.
I was a political science student.
I was engrossed as heavily as you were.
I hear about your reading and everything.
I just stuck it right up.
I returned there in 1996 for the presidential elections, and I had hundreds of rolls of film.
I got into photography, and I even had a chance to meet Professor Stephen F. Cohen and Katrina Vanden Heuvel.
We were hanging out in front of the Boomer building, and Professor Cohen was saying, well, you know, there could be tanks coming down the street.
You know, we weren't sure whether That process would have commenced, but, you know, I saw Yeltsin dancing on the stage drunk, and, you know, I've been to Gaza, and, you know, I had a chance to look at all the poverty and everything there, hundreds of rolls of film, and, you know, I heard what, you know, I followed very closely, and, you know, I first became aware of your program.
A gentleman was handing out DVDs, and I got to watch your excellent documentaries on 9-11.
And, um, you know, I started thinking about all this, and, you know, at this point, um, you know, when you're talking to Mr. Bannon, uh, you know, when's this going to happen?
Are we under the threat of World War III?
Absolutely, yes.
I'm sorry to report that.
And, you know, before the election, I say most probable.
Most probable.
Um, how did this come to be?
Well, you know, We've been at war with the Russian Federation since the Berlin Wall came.
And most acutely, right after 9-11, every country that we attacked was an ally of the Russian Federation.
So we had this problem of the war on terror was really a war on the Russian Federation.
And, you know, Trump gets in and we have a breakfast right there.
You know, I felt at peace.
I'm sure you felt it too.
You know, we all felt a sense of relief.
You know, we didn't need to go to our families, we could go home.
Sure, the big issue is what's going to happen now with NATO openly sending troops?
That's now happening.
France and a bunch of others.
So they're not giving up, they're just going to double down.
This is insane.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go to Michael in Boston.
You're on the air on the Ukraine war.
Go ahead.
Alex, my name is Mike and I'm a Ukrainian-American.
I'm first generation.
My parents emigrated over here after World War II.
The youngest of five, and I'm just, you know, like... I wish I knew you, because I could talk to you for like five hours.
I have so much to say, and I know I don't have time to say it, but... If this is like, you know, Obama's wet dream, the globalists, they've got that one corner of the world, that one last vestige of, like, the white world, and I know I'm going to be seen as a white nationalist just for saying that, but you've got Russia and Ukraine, and that's pretty much about it.
Sure, I mean, the left wants to get rid of Russia because they're not doing the multicultural thing, that's a fact.
white over there you got Christian killing Christian they're probably the same blood. No I mean it's horrible it's like cousins killing each other.
Zelensky's gotta go. I got a funny feeling you know I'm not an actual but I think Zelensky's hiding over the Polish border because you know they can't get him
there because you know it's NATO country so I think he hides over in Poland and then that's why. Let me ask you this the Ukrainian Americans you know about like
compliments to your women they're about as good-looking as they get. I'm sorry I just had to add a little caveat in there. I saw the super hot blonde at the
grocery store the other day and I said let me guess you're Ukrainian. She said how do you know? She got freaked out. She's like amazing look Melania Trump but
she's getting serious here. Where do you see all this ending? Well I honestly I'm glad you brought that up because I've been thinking about what to say while I've
been waiting and it's hard to you know have your thoughts ready but I don't think Russia is ever gonna
Leave, because put it this way, like, Putin had to go in, like, they kind of gave him no choice, because think about it this way, I was thinking of this, if, let's say he had, when he hadn't gone in yet, if, if, if U.S.
and NATO had, like, just moved troops in there, and say, oh, Ukraine asked us, he would have never been able to go in.
And they were about to do that, so let me ask you this then, the Ukrainian Americans, you know, what do they think?
Oh, they're completely against it.
I mean, we have our issues with Russia.
My mother lived through the Holomodor.
I'm not gonna, I know, I'm trying to get involved, but I mean, you know, they're against it.
They don't want to fight Russia.
They just want to live peacefully.
It's a small country.
It's the second largest country in Europe, but it's a small country compared to Russia, and they're right next door to them.
They need to remain neutral.
I understand there's a lure to some people to go with the West.
You know, they think of the old, back in the, you know, Elvis and blue jeans and American muscle cars.
No, it's not.
You know what else comes with it?
Decadence, homelessness, drug addiction, pornography, all the filth and decay that's going to be... Well, that's right.
Eastern Europe is rejecting the West, the evil globalist West, which we can only admire.
I mean, that's good.
Listen, Alex, I don't think he's ever going to be able to leave, because think about it.
Let's say he, it's, oh, we're even a true suspect, and he pulls out.
The next day, it'll just roll in, and then they'll never leave.
So, and then he'll be screwed.
You know what I mean?
There'll be weapons right there on his border.
No, that's why Russia did this, is that Russia knew it was an existential threat.
Yeah, and I hate it.
I hate Alex.
I walk around Alex.
I'm praying so much.
I find myself praying several times a day now.
I'm a Roman Catholic, but I'm... Well, that's because you're smart, so let me ask you that question.
What is Russia going to do now that NATO's sending troops?
Because it's happened, folks.
It's happening.
Listen, if we're stupid enough to actually make an actual move move, God forbid, because we're all going to have hell to pay.
And I know Russia doesn't want to do it because they'll get new train down on them, but Russia's not going to allow their country to be invaded and subjugated either.
God, hell, you know, hell be damned.
You know what I'm saying?
Yeah, there's no doubt the Russians aren't going to blink, so... Well, you know, if we're stupid with the stupid leadership we have in now, God knows what the hell they'll do.
And another thing, De Niro, what happened to him?
A Defear Hunter.
Taxi driver.
Some of my favorite all-time iconic movies.
This guy's turning into an old woman trying to stay relevant now.
He's got nothing to say.
Well, the word is he's been involved in the Epstein stuff.
I think if someone dug deep enough, they'd find out that Trump screwed him out of a real estate deal somewhere in New York City.
Because he's got a personal hard-on for Trump.
You know what I mean?
Well, Trump definitely beats people in business.
He is something else.
That's the Scots, man.
His mother's Scottish, and Trump is something else in business.
He doesn't cheat you, but he will run your ass over.
He probably did screw De Niro.
That's probably true.
You know what kills me, too?
I was just planning on going over to Ukraine because I'm single, and like you said, the women.
I was going to go over there and look.
I don't dare go over there now.
Anything could happen to me.
I don't want to.
I don't care.
Yeah, they'll throw you in the front lines.
Yeah, yeah.
They'll just crestang me.
They'll be like, oh, you think you're an American?
Well, congratulations on the Ukrainian women.
God made some really great creations right there.
Good Lord.
I said, you're Ukrainian.
She says, how do you know?
And I said, baby, I can tell.
I'm sorry.
I'm married.
I was just like, wow.
All right.
All right.
We'll be right back.
I'm going to take a few more calls.
Stay with us.
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Alright, final segment before Maria Z takes over.
Russell Brand put out a video about the King Charles painting and he didn't really put the best images up of the demons, so that's coming up next segment when she takes over.
But right now, let's go to Jeremy in Ohio.
Jeremy, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hi Alex, I'm a first-time caller.
My favorite product is the HGH Max that you guys used to have.
It helps me sleep like a baby.
And my question is, I'm going to ask my questioner and hang up because I'm pretty nervous.
What do you know about the third prophecy of Fatima as it relates to World War III?
Well, I'm not Catholic, but I have read the prophecy of Fatima and about World War III, and I'd have to look it back up, but I mean, I think we're pretty much there.
What do you think?
I think you're right.
I've never been more religious in my life because I see the Bible as coming true, and I think we're going to see a rapture probably between 2028 and 2033, if I had to guess.
I mean, I know this.
Prophecy is fulfilling itself right now.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you, Jeremy.
Yeah, this is the time to be talking about that, folks.
This is, that's what I'm, what callers are calling about it.
I want your view, because this is big.
I mean, this is, they're, NATO troops are marching in to Ukraine right now.
I covered it in the first and second hour.
It's, it's, it's just, it's insane.
It's hard to believe it's happening.
James in Florida, last caller ahead of Maria Z. Go ahead.
Hey, hey Alex, how are you?
I'm doing all right, brother.
Go ahead.
I'm really happy to be on here.
It's amazing.
You do such a great job.
Just love you, man.
So, on the subject of World War III and World War II, the Nazis never really went away.
You know, the Nazis are in control of most of the major corporations in the world today.
You know, companies like Bayer, BASF, okay?
You got Pfizer.
You had IG Farben back in the day.
Well, BASF and Bayer... Bayer Pharmaceutical?
Yes, Bayer Pharmaceutical and Bayer Big Chemical.
I'm in the chemical business.
I make wood finishes and natural finishes.
Otto Bayer invented polyurethane in 1937.
Otto Bayer supposedly wasn't connected, wasn't the Bayer family supposedly, but he became the head of the board of directors of Bayer, the big chemical company and the pharmaceutical company.
Bayer and BASF joined forces and they funded the Nazi war machine.
And one of the ways they funded the Nazi war machine was the invention of polyurethane.
They used the chemical coatings industry to fund the Nazi war machine, as well as the big pharmaceuticals.
And they never went away.
They're here today.
I mean, Bayer got caught 20 years ago putting HIV and hepatitis in shots for hemophiliacs on purpose.
I mean, that's mainline news.
That's evil.
That's evil.
Evil of evil can be.
And they are state panicked.
The Nazis were state-ness.
And what do you have today?
Look what's going on in Ukraine right now.
These guys are flying SS flags.
And you've got Boris Johnson, the former British Prime Minister, posing with an Azov battalion Nazi flag.
Yes, yes.
So the Nazis never went away.
World War II is still being fought.
So World War II and World War III are just molding into each other.
And what we have today, the problem is that Western culture and Western society has funded the Nazi war machine by buying their nonsense BS products.
I agree.
That's why we've got to shop and support the independent economy.
That's why they want the ESG and the Central Bank Digital Currency to make us buy their products.
We write blogs about this all the time.
We put them out every week.
My brother Michael is the author of a lot of them.
I'm the inspiration for all of them.
I give them the information.
Tell us, what do you do?
You do memes?
What do you do?
We make a product called Odie's Oil.
It's a natural wood finish, concrete finish, plastic finish.
It's made from tung oil and natural essential oils and waxes.
And we beat any polyurethane, any film form.
I love it.
Give me your info.
Guys, give his name and number.
Maybe he can be a sponsor.
All right.
Name and number.
Give it to me right now.
All right.
I'm out of time.
I want to air this Russell Brand clip.
Because Russell wanted to make me the prophet.
He's like, oh, Jones saw something no one saw.
Everybody saw the demons in the Prince Charles video.
So we're going to air that.
And then Maria Z is going to take over.
Please support us.
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Those of us that live in these spaces are well aware that there have long been rumours that the royal family are interdimensional beings.
People say that sometimes.
Sometimes they say that the king has extraordinary connections and perhaps interdimensional connections at that.
So when those rumours are around, it's a bit like if you're the president of Iran, don't travel by helicopter.
If you are King Charles, don't have a weird satanic portrait done of yourself.
Actually, I think I will have a weird satanic portrait done of myself.
Now when you blow that up and even zoom in on the little fractal levels, it's demons repeated over and over again.
So it looks like they fed into AI a whole bunch of different bathymets and demons and then had to create a fractal design.
And you've got like the Stargate back there and the rest of it.
I mean, this is hardcore.
And of course you can see the little devil tail behind him.
But when you zoom out even more, then you see that it's actually making the face of Satan.
Okay, let's have a little look at that extraordinary portrait right now. I mean, first of all, people are talking about it, and there is a monarch butterfly on it. Now,
the monarch butterfly, isn't there an MK-Ultra style mind control technique connected to monarch butterflies? Why would King Charles have a monarch butterfly? Well,
I suppose he's a monarch. Perhaps we're looking too deeply. Perhaps this is like when people talk about that tattoo. He's got a monarch butterfly, which I think is some sort of
MKUltra deal. Now let's have a look at this woman's analysis.
It's amazing.
If you've not seen this yet, you'll love it.
So I saw this online and before I posted it, I wanted to check if it was right.
So I cropped in half one of the pictures of King Charles and I mirrored it and then I cropped it again.
So I have two of the same picture.
Now I am taking it in on the right-hand side.
In order to make one of them smaller.
Now, as you can see, I've opened up my Instagram stories because I find it really easy to edit things together.
It's a little bit awkward.
This is the picture the correct way up.
Now, I'm going to turn it upside down.
I find Instagram really easy to mess around and spin pictures around.
Now, I'm going to get the other version that I took the right-hand side off and match them up together.
Take a look at that.
That's why I had bad vibes about this picture.
As soon as I saw it in the reds and it just seemed a little demonic to me, but there you go.
A little happy smiling demon.
Do you think people would say, oh, you could do that with anything.
You could do anything.
Like, I've turned it upside down, I inverted it, I put it back together.
That artist, I feel like he did those pictures of George W. Bush that were a collage using pornographic images.
Is that right?
What do you think?
Do you think that's... Let me know.
One, if you think that's a stretch.
Or two, if you think...
They're deliberately doing that, because I know that Alex Jones is absolutely the dumbest thing on the show ever.
Alright, fair enough, fair enough.
I don't know, I mean, that is a little demonic.
But you did have to sort of move those things around.
I don't know, let me know, let me know what you guys think.
Why do they do that?
Why do they use sigils and insignia of darkness in such an extraordinary way?
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Welcome back to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Z. And yes, we absolutely are at war, humanity.
Not only are they escalating us to a potential nuclear war, but we are, humanity, has a war being waged on it.
And part of that war, of course, is the poisons that they put in our foods.
Part of that war is the poison shots.
That they want to continue to roll out.
The WHO says, oh, we're going to have more injections for bird flu.
And of course, you know that their attempts for the IHR and the treaty somewhat failed this week.
But if you haven't seen it yet, on my Rumble, Maria Z or One Word, I did a broadcast last night and it's now up on the homepage of zmedia.com on an alternative Backdoor document that the WHO has basically asked every single country to agree to.
It's not legally binding like the treaty in the IHR, but this document is asking the world still to give authority to the WHO.
So it's not over until it's completely over.
But a huge part of exposing this assault on humanity involves paying attention to geoengineering or solar radiation management.
Whatever you want to call it, they're spraying our skies and poisoning us through various means.
And now there's been an admission from the UK government of it.
In fact, my guest today is an investigative journalist and content creator.
His name is Lewis Brackpool from the UK.
He's done an FOI request And had stunning admissions from the UK government.
He's going to talk to us about it today.
Lewis, welcome.
Thank you very much for having me.
How are you?
Very well.
Thank you, Lewis.
It's great to see you.
Well, thank you so much for joining us today.
I came across this interview that you recently did with Jim Ferguson, started looking into your research, and I was absolutely astounded at the open admission now from the government.
Yes, absolutely.
We're geoengineering.
This is great.
And, you know, I mean, it's astounding to me.
I actually found Myself, through an investigation that I conducted, contracts in the US uploaded onto the NOAA's website some time ago, and this was damning at the time, but now we actually have admission from the government.
So, tell people a little bit about yourself and what you've uncovered.
Well, thank you very much, first of all, for having me on.
You're one of the very few people, including Jim Ferguson, that you mentioned, that you saw, that actually wants to talk about this subject.
So thank you very much.
I really, really appreciate it.
So my name's Lewis.
I've been an investigative journalist for a couple of years now.
I run mostly on X.
Instagram, YouTube, Rumble, all of those.
And I never believed in geoengineering.
I never believed in the practice.
I thought it was, I've got to be honest, I was a bit of a normie at one point.
I thought it was just some, you know, just Run-of-the-mill conspiracy theory or whatever, but I recently saw a story come out of the US called, it's to do with the San Francisco Bay marine cloud brightening program that was very recently disclosed, but TV aired the story and it showed that the government was pushing salt crystals up into the atmosphere to brighten the clouds in order to
Stop or slow down the process of global warming.
And the public was not admitted to this until the day that they decided to start the experimentation.
And I thought, that's wrong.
We need to look into this.
So I decided to send off seven governmental departments or seven Freedom of Information requests to seven governmental departments here in the UK to see whether there was projects here And what they sent me was quite incredible.
We had two replies, one from the Met Office, which is the UK's weather forecaster, and the other was the UKRI, which is the United Kingdom Research and Innovation Council.
Now the Met Office, our weather forecaster, replied with a 25 publication sheet of all these different types of scientific publications done on geoengineering, solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol injection and the Met Office made it clear we do not condone geoengineering, we're not part of geoengineering, but here are some research projects and they say it's hypothetical cloud models.
Now When going through these publications, because a lot of the time people will see that and say, oh there's nothing there, but one of the first was all to do with the Paris Climate Agreement and in context with temperature goals, Agenda 2030, all of that nonsense.
And the reply, or if you go through this particular sheet, you could see that they were citing real experimentation within these hypothetical quote-unquote data analysis runs.
So I thought, okay, that's a bit strange.
I asked for funding and the Met Office in particular was receiving 150k from the United Kingdom government and other different departments but there was a United States NGO called Silver Lining to which I'd never heard of this NGO before and looking at it, if you go on their website,
you can see under the equity tab, that they have a Young Global Leaders Initiative, which immediately, as soon as I saw Young Global Leaders Initiative, we know World Economic Forum, so checked there, and
the executive director, Kelly Wanzer, has ties to the Pritzker family, who have donated to this NGO, who has co-written
articles on geoengineering, one titled on the World Economic Forum's website called "Can we geoengineer our way out of climate change?"
And it shows all different types of Techniques such as stratospheric aerosol injection, such as marine cloud brightening, and even space initiatives by putting up big discs into the sky to try and reflect sunlight.
All of these crazy ideas, yet they were handing over 200,000 US dollars to the Met Office alone.
Now on the UKRI, the Research Council, They admitted that there was over 327 geoengineering projects that were being funded through universities and an extra seven results if you type in through their gateway system stratospheric aerosol injection.
Now when I asked I want to see physical experimentation rather than just these climate models the reply that I had was actually There might be some physical experimentation within this 327 projects that are being funded through British universities.
And I thought, right, well I need to get to work and put this information out there and get people having a look at it, basically.
So they said that there might be, but they haven't specified exactly which projects are currently being undertaken.
And I know that you have requested further information from them.
What I was quite impressed about with you, Lewis, was there's a lot of people talking about this.
Obviously, the skies don't look right.
This is the acceleration of the activity in the skies.
The, you know, GT stripes in the skies has certainly increased post or during and post COVID.
It's unbelievable.
It's impossible to see a clear sky these days, at least in Australia.
I don't know what it's like everywhere else.
When I was in the United States, it was shocking in Texas and Florida.
I mean, you know, just grids everywhere.
But more and more people are paying attention to this and you've actually done something about it.
You've submitted this FOI request and gotten an admission.
I wanted to play a clip of Jim Haywood at the Met Office.
He's the Aerosol Research Manager team, if you can cue that clip up, and what he actually says about some of the risks of this technology.
Carbon dioxide removal is often thought of as a relatively benign kind of geoengineering because you're simply reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
It's not quite as simple as that because a lot of the land that would be used for general agricultural practices like they are at the moment would have to be converted into land for specific growing of biomass burning.
So there's certainly some ecological implications that are associated with CDR.
Solar radiation management, the main conclusions that are coming out of the solar radiation management studies, is that you cannot get a no temperature change Earth, no global mean next temperature change, without there being some regional side effects.
So although you can hold the temperature of the Earth fixed at, say, pleasant day conditions, You will get regional responses in both temperature, for instance the poles will warm up more than the equator, and you also get impacts on precipitation.
It's just astounding to me because this gentleman is obviously, you know, he doesn't even seem like a bad guy, and he's talking about some of these risks, you know, he's talking about some of these risks, the risks associated with carbon dioxide removal, solar radiation management, the regional responses to this. Of course we actually have a rain making legislation in
Australia and as part of that it actually says that adjoining states, even though it only happens in the state of Victoria, adjoining states can be
affected by it. Of course, you know, rain making isn't the only thing that they do in terms of cloud seeding, but I find it fascinating that this
assistant aerosol research manager, sorry, at the Met Office is openly talking about all of these risks associated with it.
I wonder whether through your FOI you found projects involving carbon dioxide removal or solar radiation management considering they're risky?
I did.
I did find all of this.
Within the 25 publications the Met Office actually cited, what was interesting is I got to about the 10th one, I'll be honest, and I wanted to just blow my brains out because it's such boring jargon, so forgive me.
The first 10 going through I saw an immediate pattern and the pattern was that it isn't safe and exactly what this gentleman was saying, it has regional effects and even it talks about harmful effects to humans.
I mean the idea of throwing sulfur up into the atmosphere to recreate a volcanic eruption, it's not going to be good if you're going to continue to keep doing that over a region or over a populace.
So it is quite Sinister in that way and same with that Silver Lining NGO.
I forgot to mention that on this website, Silver Lining, the Executive Director, Kelly Wanzer, has actually put out a quote on the website and you can read it for yourselves and the audience can read it for themselves.
She explicitly states that they do not have enough information to say whether this is safe.
And whether these types of practices are actually safe in the long term.
So there's so many questions left unanswered with regards to this and of course this will be an ongoing investigation through myself and various other people have pulled together to want to help which is fantastic.
I've got some pilots as well that's been part of either the RAF and commercial as well.
And they've been looking into it as well and they've been looking into other factors with regards to grids like you mentioned earlier within the sky and just trying to figure out what's going on.
But the key message that has come back from this is There is research there is millions and millions of pounds just in the UK alone through universities funding projects all to do with this and they've all come to around the same conclusion that they still don't believe it's safe and they don't have the long term implications to suggest that it is safe.
And that is a big concern considering that so much money is being pumped into this and there's so much hype within the climate alarmist community to want to get involved in climate intervention.
Yes, and I recall, see, nothing's changed, Lewis, in terms of them not being able to assure the public about whether it's safe or not, because it's not.
And so they keep this position of, oh, we're just not sure, because later on down the track they all say, oh, you know, plausible deniability, we did the best that we could with the information we had at the time, just like, Health officials are doing now when everyone's dropping dead.
But I watched a documentary quite some years ago by Dane Wigington of geoengineeringwatch.org.
I think it was either Frankenskies that I saw it on or The Dimming.
I don't know.
Anyway, in his documentary, he's talking to this, you know, geoengineering advocate I wish I could remember the guy's name now.
And he basically says, well, we don't really know what the risks are.
We're just riding on the coattails of our grandkids.
I mean, these people are mad, mad scientists.
And, you know, Tim, if you can, if you don't mind just going full screen for a moment for me, this investigation that I did, this is up on zmedia.com.
I know Lewis doesn't like the word chemtrails, but we're going to use it here.
I did this investigation in June of 2023 and this features all of the geoengineering projects listed on the NOAA's website, buried deep, deep, deep on the NOAA's website.
It shows you projects happening in Utah, Colorado, all over Texas, California, everywhere, everywhere.
This literally could be used, in my opinion, In lawsuits, the evidence contained within that report.
And so please, if you haven't seen it, go to zmedia.com, type in smoking gun on the interviews page.
It's also up on our Bandop video channel.
So, you know, this is not new, Lewis, but as with anything, we need more evidence piled on to be able to do something about it.
And that's what you've done here.
I'm interested in this silver lining company because What I did find when I was digging around for Australian geoengineering projects, they have done cloud seeding and things of this nature, but there was also a company that was based in Switzerland doing the geoengineering from Jordan, making it rain in Australia.
And at the time, I mean, no one knew about it.
So they're doing from Jordan, making it rain over here.
I mean, and that was 2016, I believe it was, so how much more advanced is their technology now?
I'm keen to know about some of these players, and Silver Lining is obviously a key player in the UK, some of these players that are doing this behind the scenes without the public knowing, perhaps even internationally, because they're a US company involved in the UK.
Yes, absolutely and you know you mentioned some great examples there as well.