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Name: 20240525_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: May 25, 2024
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Your cell phone isn't just watching and listening to you.
It's doing a lot more than that, and we're about to break down the secrets they hope you never learn.
Well, we've been doing a study following our device, a Google Mobile Services phone, any Android running Google Mobile Services, which is all of them, or an iPhone, and at about 3 a.m.
we're seeing a spike of data leaving the phone.
50 megabytes that is basically that phone dialing home to the mothership
Exporting all of your goings-on. Well, your pillow talk is going to pillow talk, whatever
Eric Prince recently sat down with Tucker Carlson and exposed the fact that his security/military company did an
internal study of iPhones and droids and Found that all of them in the middle of the night
Were transmitting large packets of information back to their home companies back to the mothership
Now decades ago I showed you industry documents had whistleblowers on that indeed cell phones even when they're off are recording the audio and transferring it over to a text
document to be sent back to the telecommunication companies and big tech. But it's not
just the cell phone itself that's doing this. It's being sent back through the apps and Prince
singles out Mark Zuckerberg, who's probably the worst offender out there.
But this is going on across the board.
Look at Amazon and the Alexa that for more than a decade people have brought into their homes.
But it's also your automobiles.
And now by law, all automobiles sold in the United States have tracker systems in them that can also trigger a kill switch in your car and are also recording audio and in many cases recording video.
Now Prince hits the key here and so does Carlson.
They make the point that this is a monopoly.
A monopoly of a handful of big tech companies that can use this information to take control of markets and dominate and vertically integrate the economy shutting down all of their competition.
And that's just on the economic side.
Think of the political power that is there to be able to gauge and manipulate the minds of the population because each man, woman, and child in the Western world who's around these, quote, smart devices that are spying on us is having giant profiles built on us and that data is being sold.
Just a few weeks ago, big banks in the United States, like Chase, announced, hey, we're selling our customers' purchasing history to other companies.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
This is a whole technological breakaway civilization that is operating completely illegally and interfaced with private intelligence agencies to manipulate, censor, and steal elections.
We've got to educate Congress about this.
We've got to educate the State Attorney Generals about this.
We've got to educate The military and the public about this, because this is a security threat to all of our civilization.
Now in the past, this data was crunched by computers and was used in algorithms, but now with AI that can do trillions of calculations a second, they are able to do even more with this and take full control of civilization.
Just last week when China did a blockade of Taiwan and flew loaded planes with bombs over them in a simulated attack, What did Taiwan threaten to do, the main chip maker in the world?
They came out and announced, hey, for decades we've been putting kill switches in all the microchips that we sold to China and others, and if you keep messing with us, we'll kill the microchips in most of your military equipment, and your dams, and your highways.
Think of what the NSA, or the Communist Chinese, or the Taiwanese, or the Russians, or hacker groups can do with this.
This doesn't give us redundancy.
This doesn't give us security.
This gives us a world that's like Swiss cheese for hackers and criminal groups and governments and corporations to do whatever they want.
When I would tell people that your phones are listening to you decades ago, people laughed at me even though I had the documents.
Then they roll out all these home assistants and people say, oh, so what?
I trust them.
And then we now learn that the police have been listening to people over these systems.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to end up bringing down civilization.
We have to educate the public and we have to bring in controls now.
And we have to realize that technology itself is not evil, but it has all been Trojan-horsed by corrupt governments and corporations to make it evil.
And the infrastructure that we live in today Is the opposite of what Google said in their founding documents 25 years ago, don't be evil.
Because from day one they had been evil and were set up by In-Q-Tel and the CIA.
And more documents just came out two days ago that indeed the CIA has been in a process of taking over all the social media and targeting the American people.
We have rogue corporations and governments teamed up, playing God, waging war on the economy, cutting off energy, cutting off fertilizer, cutting off food to create a global meltdown so they can offer their solution.
The public rollout of this cashless society, social credit score enforced, not by drones in the sky or army tanks on the ground, but by the devices that run and control our lives.
Here's Eric Prince with the great Tucker Carlson.
I hope you share this video and I hope you educate yourself and others around you because this is the most important thing happening in our world today.
And when they roll out the next viral scare, whether it's bird flu or something else, the UN treaty openly states they're going to lock us in our houses and turn off our cars and turn off our phones if we don't submit.
Australia is the test case and it's happening now.
If you want to live like the communist Chinese slaves in China, you're about to be living like them.
Unless we stand up as a population and a people and go into these big tech companies and break up these trusts and outlaw
this Crap now bill gates had Microsoft broken up 20-something
years ago for simply running a software monopoly This is a trillion times worse. I'm Alex Jones. This is the
info war. Please follow me in X Now here is Eric Prince and the great Tucker Carlson. I've
had so many people I've talked to you about They said I was talking to my wife
About needing a new mattress in our bedroom the next day.
They're getting advertising for mattresses Which means the camera or the phone was listening to them
in their bedroom?
with all the follow-on conclusions to be drawn from that
Yeah, given what happens in healthy bedrooms, that's, I mean, what happens to those recordings?
Well, we've been doing a study following our device, a Google Mobile Services phone, any Android running Google Mobile Services, which is all of them, or an iPhone, and at about 3 a.m.
we're seeing a spike of data leaving the phone.
But 50 megabytes.
That is basically that phone dialing home to the mothership, exporting all of your goings
All your pillow talk is going to...
Pillow talk, whatever.
So Zuckerberg paid $20 billion for WhatsApp.
Because every message, call, video, picture, voice note, everything that goes through there, they say, well, it's end-to-end encrypted.
Yeah, it's end-to-end until it passes through their server where it's sliced and diced and analyzed and used to push, used to sell advertising to that customer.
If you're not paying for something, you're not the customer, you are the product.
So if you want to get... well, I think people right now are used to Mark Zuckerberg listening from their nightstand
every night.
Because that's effectively what your phone signal is and does.
So why isn't he like the creepiest person in world history if he's listening to what's going on in your bedroom?
Because they're able, as big tech, to shape that message.
That's the frightening thing about the power of big tech and their ability to influence what you watch, what you think about candidates, if you search something, how they score those rankings.
It is shocking.
We have an antitrust problem here in America, vastly worse than in the late 1800s, early 1900s with oil and railways and steel and all the rest.
Yeah, this is not the sugar trust.
This is more important.
Yeah, this is literally how we communicate, interact with other human beings in our lives, how we gather and share information about the realities of life, of food, of medicine, of vaccines, of healthcare issues, of truth.
And so it's especially in an era of AI, It's scary stuff.
The average kid in America by the time they reach the age of 13 has had 72 million data points collected on them by big tech.
So it's almost like that much collection allows digital grooming.
By Big Tech to to share and to shape your preferences, how you interact, etc.
Your sexual preferences.
I mean, if you're being honest here.
Yeah, exactly.
Considering that young people are introduced to sexuality through pornography.
Given that there's no privacy, it's probably pretty dumb to watch porn.
Again, this has been going on for decades.
It's getting worse by the day.
It's all completely illegal.
Congress must act.
The governors must act.
The legislatures must act.
The Senate Attorney Generals must act now, because this is a big tech private intelligence agency takeover of the world.
We'll be reporting more on this, edX, at Real Alex Jones.
Please follow me there.
HSBC and JPMorgan Chase.
So you look at what do they do?
What are they the biggest banks in the world of?
Those two are number one and number two largest short sellers of silver on the planet.
Those two banks.
And now we're starting to see a short squeeze happening in silver.
But we had 568 million ounces of silver being shorted, naked shorts.
Meaning they don't own the assets.
They just put these futures contracts on them to shorts to drive the price down.
Well, when you have a short position and the value of the underlying thing that you're shorting goes up, Alex, you lose money hand over fist in multiples, not dollar for dollar, but multiples.
The day before Iran basically sent those drones into Israel, China made this announcement, said, hey, everybody in China, start buying silver.
Don't just buy gold.
Buy silver.
You made the point that China was trying to call the naked shorts of the Western central banks.
Look at what's happened to silver since that time.
You've got low supply, you've got high demand, you've got a short squeeze starting where the manufacturers of the world, the defense contractors, the aerospace industry, the fuel cell technology people, the solar people, they all need silver and there's not much available because India has already committed to 66% of the world's supply this year.
So here's where we've got this short squeeze happening.
Physical supply coming out of inventory.
Not available for the manufacturers to purchase.
And what has happened to the price of silver in the last two and a half months?
Literally, the last 75 days or so, silver's gone from 22 and a half to almost 32.
It's up like 45% in two and a half months.
And you've got those Western banks that have millions, hundreds of trillions of ounces of silver short.
And the price went up 45%.
They are losing money hand over fist.
So part of me says this kind of being on the wrong side of a price move when it's leveraged could cause HSBC and JP Morgan Chase to have a really, really, really big financial problem.
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Viene una tormenta!
What did he just say?
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At Real Alex Jones on X.