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Name: 20240524_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 24, 2024
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The passage discusses an interview between Keith Weiner and Alex Jones on buying gold and silver directly from Texas Precious Metals Depository for wealth preservation. It also covers topics such as digital IDs, 15-minute cities, centralized control, globalist agendas for population control, use of technology in daily life, monetary systems, espionage involving sex and drugs, Brazilian car wash scam, conspiracy theories, education and media co-opted by top elite think tanks, historical studies, and dark forces in various aspects of life.

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The truth is, this whole government's coming down.
This whole vampiric system is coming down and I feel damn good about it.
It's comments like that that get you in trouble.
What you just said right there.
This whole government is coming down?
This whole corrupt system is coming down.
Define corrupt system.
Ran by who?
The private interest of the Federal Reserve, the big Vatican system, the traffic in children, the people that ship narcotics into America, the corrupt system is in the spotlight and it's coming down.
And to make this clear, you're not talking about one side of politics.
You're saying this is happening on both sides.
You're talking about the elitist.
And what I'm saying is, is that I'm dead already.
I already passed the River Styx.
Everything I'm doing now is pure victory.
This is the kamikaze mission.
People think humanity just takes this stuff?
The spirit of humanity manifests itself in resistance.
And so that's what's happened.
It's not about me.
It's about what do we do to Hollywood?
What do we do to the corrupt blue-blood Republicans?
What do we do to the Democrats?
What do we do to let them know we're still alive?
Alright, I'm gonna talk about something that's really central to everybody out there watching and listening.
And when I say this, I'm not lecturing you.
I'm lecturing myself because it's a psychological phenomenon of how tyranny works.
We've all heard of the frog in the pot, and it's a true story.
Because in Louisiana and Mississippi, they eat a lot of bullfrogs, folks.
I've had them.
They're pretty tasty.
They're fresh.
They're boiled with a little bit of Cajun seasoning.
If you throw a bullfrog into boiling water, he'll jump out.
If you put him in cold water and slowly turn the heat up, he'll just sit there, and as it gets warm, it gets hot, he passes out, he dies.
So we all know we're in tyranny, those of us that are awake.
Some people don't.
But a large portion of America, I'd say a majority now, overwhelmingly knows we got a corrupt, occupied government that's absolutely at war with us.
But that's not enough to just know it.
And then you can't just get used to whatever the new insane excess is as the tyrants double down and then say, oh sure, we know about it.
And then just accept it.
You've got to speak out against it.
You've got to get upset about it.
You've got to pray about it.
You've got to vote against it.
You've got to support lawsuits against it.
And you've got to back the people in the media and in the government and in the corporations and in the churches and in education that are fighting the tyrants and in medicine.
We're not in normal times.
And it's not normal to be under this level of oppression and surveillance and bullying and tyranny.
And our enemies, a bunch of criminals, have arrogantly hijacked this country.
And they mistake America's history and its power for their own.
And that's why whistleblowers in the federal government, whistleblowers in big tech, whistleblowers in private industry, in law enforcement, everywhere are so critical.
We've got to kill their ideas.
We've got to expose them.
We've got to remove our support from them.
We've got to get control of our governments.
And then we're not going to imprison and execute these people once they've had due process because we hate them.
We're going to do it because we love the good people of this planet, and we're not going to take it anymore.
But when you see unbridled, psychotic evil by the technocrats and the big corporations unleashed on people, folks, if you're not pissed off, something's wrong with you.
The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.
The most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.
White supremacists.
The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
We have seen a rise in white supremacy.
The number one threat to this country, domestic terrorism-wise, is white supremacy.
But at the end of the day, folks, the best sports players, anybody, have emotion.
And the best artists have emotion.
And I'm just telling you, I'm really sick of these people.
I've got four children.
I care about humanity.
I like good, decent, wholesome fun.
And man, the people we got running things aren't just evil pedophile jerks.
They really want us eating poison bugs.
They want to take away everything decent, a nice juicy steak.
They want to take away a nice piece of fish.
They told people during the fake pandemic, don't look at the sun.
Don't look at the sunset.
Don't talk to your neighbors all over the place.
Screw these people!
I'm sick of them dictating everything!
I'm tired of their cult!
And I'm not in their cult!
And I want to stop them!
What did he just say?
He said there's a storm coming in.
I know.
Naomi Wolf's been on a few times years and years and years ago, more than a decade ago.
But she now joins us and she is a globally recognized communicator.
I'm gonna read her whole bio, Rhodes Scholar, all these degrees, or former top Hillary Clinton advisor, dailyclout.io.
You can follow her on X as well, but she's been doing a really great job through the whole pandemic and all the tyranny, exposing it as a leading voice in that fight.
So we're gonna talk about her being ejected from the left for accurate reporting on mRNA vaccine injuries.
She's not doing it.
Now, like Cuomo and everybody's doing to try to do this BS rehabilitation to her.
She did it three years ago, four years ago, two years ago, a year ago.
She's going to talk about a team of 3,250 doctors and scientists who volunteered to read through all the Pfizer documents and report the greatest crime against humanity ever recorded.
Also, election integrity draft bill, which are passed in multiple states to clean up elections.
Dr. Naomi Wolf, thank you so much for joining us today.
Thanks for having me on.
What a pleasure to see you a decade later.
You were one of the first and biggest platforms to talk to me about the end of America in 2007 when I was trying to warn the world that this, where we are now, was inevitable.
You took that seriously.
I appreciate it.
Well, most people know who you are, and I like to talk, so just don't stop or I'll interrupt.
Start wherever you want.
We've got probably 3 million people watching now, another 10 million are going to watch this one way or another.
You're talking to 13 million people.
What do you want to say to the world?
What's your warning?
Well, starting in 2007, you and I both saw that democracy could end in the United States, that we could have a fascist or totalitarian state in the U.S.
And this is a truism now in the circles in which we inhabit.
But at that time, it seemed really marginal and surprising.
But I looked at the, so I guess my headline is, we're in it now.
It's happening.
There's a war.
It's the same message that you've been bringing to your audience for a long time.
And I guess What I bring that's different is a couple of things.
One is that in 2007, I looked at times and places in history when a democracy was subverted or overthrown and fascism or totalitarianism was established.
And by doing that, I saw that there were 10 steps to fascism.
And the last one is martial law.
And so when in February or March of 2020, we were told in New York State, where I'm sitting right now, that, you know, we were under emergency law, I knew that it was step 10, right?
And I knew that, you know, by June, I was saying to my husband, you know, they're not gonna let us out without a fight.
This is not about a virus.
And I guess the other thing that I bring in addition to that kind of framework, recognizing, well, what are the steps, right?
It's really helpful.
It's really helpful to know that there's a map to fascism, because then you can see, oh, look, there, you know, you can predict what's going on there.
They're going after our food supply.
They're going after our communications.
They're calling critics like me insane and cancelling us off of social media.
I mean, these are all steps in a process that's been thoroughly hammered out by history.
And it's reliable.
I mean, we at the School for the Americas teach it to our own influencers and soldiers and agents and operators who go to other countries and do this to other countries, right?
Well, now it's being done to us.
And I guess the biggest piece of that over the last two and a half years, the update of that is, yeah, that's the 2007 book that you and I discussed that predicted literally everything that's happening now.
And then the update for now is in 2021, in June of 2021, I began To warn on social media that women were having menstrual symptoms from receiving this mRNA injection.
And that's my beat.
That's something, you know, women's reproductive health and sexual health has been my subject for 35 years.
By the way, they called you crazy when you first warned of it three, four years ago.
Now they admit it in mainline news and studies it's happening.
They say, we don't know why it's happening.
We don't know why infertility has exploded.
We don't know why suddenly heart attacks are off the chart.
We don't know why there's miscarriages.
Yeah, I know.
I've been telling everyone for the last two and a half years.
I'm not laughing because it's funny.
I'm laughing because it's tragic, Alex.
In June of 2021, I issued this warning and I was immediately deplatformed, not just from Twitter and Facebook.
And it later turned out that it was the White House illegally putting pressure on Facebook and Twitter to censor me, that tweet, that tweet warning of reproductive problems in the future, right?
The President was behind that.
The White House was behind that.
Oh, let's not skip over that.
It's come out in the weaponization hearings, the documents, that you were specifically targeted on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
and others by the government trying to silence you.
Not because what you're saying was wrong, but because what you're saying was true.
And even if it had been wrong, we have something called a First Amendment.
But it was not only not wrong, it was true.
And it was not only true, it was unbelievably important information.
And the most powerful person in the world You know, his staff in the White House lifted out that accurate tweet of mine and went after it with all the power of global media.
So overnight, my Wikipedia was changed.
I was called a crazy person and I was exiled from my comfortable perch in the liberal elite media.
That doesn't matter, Alex, right?
What happened to me doesn't matter.
What matters is that that information was suppressed and other information about the dangers and harms of this injection were suppressed.
And so in early 2022, at the prompting, by that time, the only people who'd speak to me were conservatives and people of faith.
And I was very happy to talk to conservatives and people of faith, because why not?
You know, just like I've always been happy to I don't understand people who demonize conversations with people who don't agree with them because that's the only way I learn anything.
But anyway, Steve Bannon prompted me to put together a kind of volunteers team to read through the Pfizer documents that were released under court order in 2022.
And as a journalist, I knew this was important because otherwise they're so voluminous and they're so technical that they would be lost to history if we didn't have experts Volunteering to read them.
So for nearly 400, I'm sorry, 450,000 pages, 3,250 volunteers, experts, doctors, scientists... And that's a whole other story to interrupt.
Remember, Pfizer asked it to be sealed for 75 years.
Why would you do that unless there's something terribly wrong in there?
And we found exactly why they wanted to do that.
They wanted us to be dead before this story came out.
But the judge did not agree.
So these papers were released.
And my team of experts under the leadership of this wonderful COO, Amy Kelly, who oversaw the project, they have been reading through these 450,000 documents and they've broken now, they've written over a hundred reports and they've broken, unfortunately, evidence confirmation of the greatest crime against humanity in recorded history.
And it centers on reproduction.
It centers on destroying human reproduction.
And let's, so it's the final solution against humanity itself, which you've been doing a superlative job of your team exposing.
They try to suppress us.
So lay out, I know it's 450,000 pages, but the, I want to say the highlights, it's a horrible nightmare that you've documented.
Yeah, it's so.
Hard to even talk about, Alex.
It's honestly like opening the gates of Auschwitz, you know, when the Allied troops first, when they didn't know there were concentration camps, and then they saw stacks and stacks of bodies.
It feels like that.
Well, number one, Pfizer knew that the vaccines didn't work to stop COVID.
They knew it a month after rollout.
The third most common side effect in the Pfizer documents is COVID.
Pfizer's own language is failure of efficacy and vaccine failure.
So Alex, imagine what this means.
Every single thing that followed, the mandates, the lost jobs, the children at home, the people dropping dead on the athletic field, the side effects, it was all based on a lie from the very beginning.
And everybody knew up and down the chain of command.
Pfizer and the FDA, who had custody of all these documents, And the White House knew.
Pfizer hired 2,400 staffers to manage the flood of reports of adverse events that they knew they would be getting only three months into the rollout.
And you just said a key, they knew.
In October 2020, the FDA puts out a document of predicted adverse reactions.
It's exactly what followed.
That's the key.
They knew.
They knew, but they didn't tell us.
What followed was a gigantic propaganda and pressure campaign.
They knew by May of 2021 that children were sustaining heart damage from the injections.
And in fact, our lawyers FOIAed White House communications and all the big top names were in that email chain.
Dr. Walensky, Dr. Fauci, 15 White House staffers and they were freaking out because there was conclusive evidence from the Israel Ministry of Health and from a pediatricians group that
kids were having their hearts injured and instead of telling us, they were freaking out in order to create a fully redacted script to continue to lie.
That's called a strong signal.
Hard to say at least.
To say the least.
It's murderous.
They knew that, I mean, if you went to get an injection, you would have seen that.
The warning signs, the side effects were chills, fever, maybe a headache.
Well, they knew that the top side effects were joint pain.
How many people do you know who now had hip replacements, knee replacements, have arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis?
That's the number one side effect.
Tens of thousands.
They knew that.
I have three friends, sorry to interrupt.
I have three friends that are middle-aged, 40, 50.
Who that were great, athletic, great shape, who literally hobble around like they're 90 now after the shots.
Unfortunately, that's...
Pfizer knew that would happen.
There's another second symptom, myalgia, where people just have muscle aches.
Their quality of life is terrible.
So many people just feel bad.
Pfizer knew that would happen.
But then the other top side effects are catastrophic levels of strokes, tachycardia, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombotic thrombocytopenia, blood clots, lung clots, leg clots, horrible clotting problems, epilepsies, dementias, and So now we know why.
So I'm going to fast forward.
I'm going to skip over kind of the lesser headlines of horrors.
But my team now knows exactly why all these things are happening.
These lipid nanoparticles, which are industrial fats, coated in polyethylene glycol, which is a petroleum byproduct, They don't stay in the deltoid, which is what you were told, right?
That they stay there, as CDC said, it stays in the injection site.
No, within 48 hours these go to every organ in the human body and they cross the blood-brain barrier, they cross every membrane in the human body, right?
So they kind of, I don't want to gross people out, but they kind of dissolve Um, the integrity of the body from within.
And I don't want people to freak out too much.
Although, Alex, you go there.
You're freaking them out plenty with the... I mean, that's what we're looking at right there.
Well, go ahead and go there, doctor, because only the truth is going to set us free.
And I'm not a scientist, but I do this all day.
I'm a scientist.
We have Gates bragging, oh these are self-assembling nanobots and so you get a little shot and suddenly there's these clots they've never seen and it appears to be some type of nanotechnology that's absorbing the body and then we have Ray Kurzweil bragging about it.
I haven't gotten that far because I don't know that for myself.
You're just sticking with the Pfizer's own documents.
I'm just sticking with what I know.
That said, you always give me nightmares because things that you find that can't possibly be true always end up being true.
So, I'll... Like Elon said, all the conspiracy theories keep coming true.
Yeah, and I can tell you I'm a tech CEO now and I can tell you that the dream of the whole tech sector is to hack the human body.
I mean, why stop with software?
Why stop with your computer?
They want to get into our bodies.
It's a goldmine.
And that's why I personally didn't get vaccinated because It was the biotech industry that was so excited about the lipid nanoparticles, not so much the medical journals.
And I'm like, I recognize a gold rush for an untested technology that tech is excited about, you know, and then when the damage is done, they'll walk away, right?
After the VC bubble.
Well, that's right.
I mean, even Google was heavily invested in the Wuhan laboratory.
Oh, it's so evil, yes, but also the whole cabal, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, Facebook, all of them were part of the COVID-19 reaction project, COVID-19 response project in the very beginning of 2020 to amplify these messages of fear and this unified messaging that you saw all around the world.
Because locking us in our homes and then injecting us Locking us in our homes led to a 23% boost in net revenue for the digital technology companies.
And they knew that.
And yes, Facebook, Zuckerberg is invested in the vaccines.
Google's invested in vaccines.
Google was invested in the PCR tests.
I mean, it's all a giant digital play along with the globalists in China.
They're all aligned in this.
But just to get back to what I want to be sure to tell the world.
Of the horrors and the deaths, 1,225 deaths, right?
The central horror, the central goal of these injections from the documents is to destroy human reproduction.
By the way, you're just talking about their quiet secret test they wanted to cover up.
So speak after this to what we know.
We hear insurance actuaries of 17, 22 million.
We see Edward Dow with numbers of, you know, hundreds of millions damaged.
Let's get to that.
But first, what we know from just their limited test that they try to suppress.
Yeah, well, part of it is the test before the emergency use authorization, which was completely gamed, like they hid dead bodies in order to get the EUA.
But part of it, which is also scary, it's three months of data they include after the rollout, right?
So they're already Rolling out November, December, January, February of 2020 to 2021 is the period and people are getting sick and dying and getting sterilized and babies are dying and they're monitoring it, checking it, tabulating it and they just keep going.
So it's horror on both sides, right?
It's the horror, the lies to get the EUA and then They roll it out on a public that they're assuring that it's safe and effective.
Meanwhile, they're just documenting the injuries, documenting the deaths, documenting the side effects.
Shall I go to what I think is the centerpiece of this?
Sure, I said I wouldn't interrupt, but you're so on target.
I just keep adding everything you're saying is on record.
So, please, go wherever you want.
No, I just want to make sure that people understand this.
So Alex, you know, COVID is a respiratory infection, arguably, right?
It's supposed to be.
Well, there's very little in the Pfizer documents on lungs.
It's all about, not all, the centerpiece of it is about sex and reproduction.
So what you've got is the lipid nanoparticles accumulating in the ovaries.
and blocking the ovaries, and there's no way they leave the body, right?
So first injection in the ovaries, second injection more, third injection more.
And so what you have now is, along with women with horrific menstrual dysregulation, hormonal dysregulation, You've also got blocked ovaries, which nurses are seeing in women's abdominal surgeries.
The lipid nanoparticles traverse the placenta.
The lipid nanoparticles suppress semen.
Actually in the Pfizer documents, They tell vaccinated men not to have intercourse with unvaccinated women without using too reliable forms of contraception.
Paula, in their own documents they say a man can shed it to a woman.
So this is literally a torpedo aimed right at the goddess, right at the woman.
Well, that's a beautiful way to put it, but that's exactly right.
It's about destroying women and babies for sure, but also emasculating men because the lipid nanoparticles degrade the testes of baby boys in utero, including the latex cells and sertoli cells, which generate masculine hormones in adolescence and turn boys into men.
So we don't even know if the babies of vaccinated moms will grow up to be normal men.
And then they just say, it's okay, you're a mutant, you're really a girl, and now you compete in girl sports.
Yeah, we can see the plan.
It's like a fire ant eradication program where they hit the ants with hormones so they have mutated babies or kill them.
I mean, this is a depopulation operation.
It's a depopulation operation, for sure.
I didn't want to say that, but I reached a point in the evidence where you just can't ignore it.
Pfizer has charts of babies getting sick from nursing vaccinated moms vomiting.
One baby died.
They just passed that on to the White House.
They have charts of tens of thousands of women menstrually ruined, like bleeding every day, hemorrhaging, two periods a month, no periods a month, meaning no babies.
And they just keep, you know, gleefully, they keep going.
And lastly, I know we only have a little bit of time, but it's not last.
There's so much more, but the main thing I want to tell people is there's an eight-page report on pregnancy and lactation that shows that this injection kills babies in utero.
They had two babies die that were in their moms, you know, in utero.
And Pfizer concluded that the deaths were due to maternal exposure to the vaccine.
And this report was sent on April 21st, 2021 to the White House.
April 23rd, 2021, Dr. Walensky, who had the report and knew this injection was killing babies and poisoning nursing babies, told the pregnant women of America that it was safe and effective and that there was no bad time to have your injection before, during, or after your pregnancy.
And she knew that this would kill babies.
I remember the headlines.
Oh, pregnant women should take two shots.
It's so good for you.
And then you have the internal, which you put out, Pfizer documents admitting it would do this to women and babies.
I mean, you said it.
This makes Joseph Mingle a blush.
No, it's true.
I'm Jewish, and my grandmother lost nine brothers and sisters to the Holocaust.
And just objectively, this is worse than the Holocaust.
More people dead.
And it's going to go on for generations.
I mean, this is an attack on humanity such as human history has never seen before.
You don't like to speculate, but you're so on target.
You've done the research.
You've got the documents.
What were they?
What would you call this system?
Biomedical mad scientist fascism?
I don't even know a name for this!
Well, we don't really have a good name for it, because even in times of war and slavery, the basic assumption of humanity is that humanity wants humanity to survive.
So now we've got people in the world who are very, very powerful, who seem to not really want humanity to survive in the same way that it always has, and who are happy.
I mean, the moral magnitude of what happened is so extraordinary.
Babies were targeted.
Pregnant women were targeted.
Nursing women were targeted.
And now we've got a 14 to 20 percent drop in live births, according to government records, especially in the West.
And what I want to say, especially to you, is that in the Pfizer documents, it's the West that's targeted, especially America.
The vast majority of side effects are in America, the rest of them Western Europe, in order of political importance.
That's key.
We got a break for some stations.
We're on over 300 radio stations.
We're going to come right back.
I hope you can stay 15 minutes the next hour.
I know you're busy, but we've got 25 minutes of airtime left when we come back.
If you stay another 15, that'd be great.
But just stay right there.
I'm going to try to have you go back to this point when we come back.
This is all in the documents, folks.
This is proven.
Stay with us.
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and we are facing the beast look i had an uncle it was high level i ran contra he told me the u.s government was smuggling kidnapped kids and and i knew he had like all his medals from vietnam
he was just like he was like superman or something He was a good man.
That's one reason I wasn't naive.
But for the general public that doesn't know how evil all this is, when you come up to face a true evil, just like she mentioned Nazi Germany, Eisenhower made the Germans go look at the death camps and see their bodies.
They didn't believe it.
Because they weren't, most of them were not in it because they were compartmentalized.
Well, this is something going on a mass scale against everybody.
It's a reality and it's in the Pfizer documents on record.
AP, Reuters, they don't deny the documents are there.
Their group's looking at it.
This is in them, but they fight like the devil to keep it from seeing it.
So I'm going to try to shut up, give her the floor to go back where she got cut off by break.
on this attack on the reproductive system of men and women.
And now she was saying this years ago, now they're admitting,
oh, we don't know why there's all the heart attacks, why there's all the miscarriages,
why there's all the menstrual problems.
Well, we don't know why, we don't know why.
So go back to where we were before break and then continue on with what you found on the documents.
Then we need to talk about what do we do about this?
Dr. Naomi Wolf.
Yeah, well, I guess to me the most stunning thing is how many people were corralled
into lying to women and men to get something that is now making it
very difficult for them to reproduce.
Dr. James Thorpe, I was starting to say, one of the very few only really maternal fetal medicine specialists who's come forward to talk about the damage that he's seeing.
He followed the money and found that obstetricians groups were getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars Millions of dollars in some cases to stick to the CDC script to pregnant women, but they had to give the money back if any of their doctors gave pregnant women informed consent.
So that's the structure and that happened around the world.
So it is just mind-blowing to think that a level of evil this massive could be unleashed on humanity And so many people who are trusted.
I mean, you trust your obstetrician, you know, so much because that's the person who's going to help you have a healthy living baby.
That these people tasked with reverence for life, with supporting women and babies, almost without exception, got on board to lie to women and hurt them and hurt and kill babies.
It's extraordinary.
I've seen some of your viral reports with scientists and doctors backing you up.
What are the numbers we've got on miscarriages in the studies and pregnant women being hurt and babies that survived having horrible, you were mentioning earlier, birth defects.
What's the... quantify that.
Um, I can't quantify it beyond saying again this 14 to 20 percent drop in live births.
Uh, the kinds of things that babies are being born with if they are being born alive, um, are anecdotal because, uh, well, because the scientific and medical establishment now is so corrupted, Alex.
That the kinds of studies you should be doing, like here's the obvious one, right?
All of us who took eighth grade science, has there been a large-scale study comparing the children of vaccinated women to unvaccinated?
Since 2021?
No, the answer is no.
But what I do know is that, and it's because they don't want to look for what they don't want to find, right?
But what we do know is that independent midwives are coming forward and saying they've never seen things like the following.
Two independent midwives confirmed to me, and Dr. Thorpe also confirmed, that placentas are not growing the way they used to.
And I've seen pictures of this, it's horrific.
Placentas are flat and small, and instead of being like a nice comfortable place for a baby to grow, And what's happening is that babies have to be delivered two months early or prematurely because the placenta just can't grow.
It's compromised by the lipid nanoparticles and I've seen Dr. Thorpe's sonograms showing a kind of netting of calcifications that destroys the integrity of the placenta.
and that limits the placenta's ability to get oxygen and food to the baby.
And so in the Pfizer documents, we know that they knew that that would happen, but they also knew what kinds of birth defects babies would be born with if they were born alive.
For example, this is so incredible, But Pfizer knew, and it's in this eight-page report that went to the White House, that babies would be born with, this is so sad, it always makes me cry, a gap between their lungs and their chest wall.
And that's what new parents are experiencing, that their babies are born, they seem healthy, they take them home, and then these poor little tiny babies can't even breathe, and they're rushed to the ER, and no one knows what's wrong with them.
Well, Pfizer knew that that would happen.
Pfizer knew that that would be wrong.
And now they're trying to spin it as long COVID, but I've seen the studies.
It's almost everybody that's been vaccinated or their children that have it.
It's not the Amish.
It's not groups that are outside in control groups.
So this is clearly an anti-life torpedo, according to scientists I've recently interviewed.
They're saying that it's shedding, not as bad in people that aren't injected, but it's still shedding, and when they inject pigs and things, they're trying to move the cows, they're seeing the same things in the cows, so they're trying to, basically, this weapon looks like it attacks all mammals, but the scientists I've talked to say, no, no, no, this, whatever this is doing, whatever it's growing, is attacking all life, basically.
Yeah, I'm sure you're right.
I mean, shedding is defined in the Pfizer documents as skin contact or inhalation, as well as whatever is in semen of vaccinated men that they're not very clear about.
And anecdotally, there's so many people who get sick when they've been around vaccinated people and women have Like menstrual type problems around vaccinated women.
And so Pfizer said shedding is real.
You know, we're called crazy for bringing up this question, but Pfizer defined shedding in a certain way.
So it is real.
And I, it does appear to be an attack on all human life.
I mean, that's why the ultimate, I mean, look, part of my book, Facing the Beast, I, in the middle of this had to conclude that we're in a war that's metaphysical.
You know, this is beyond ordinary politics.
It's beyond ordinary medicine.
These are the symptoms of a massive cosmic war between good and evil.
And it made me believe in God a lot more literally than I had before, because clearly something demonic or satanic or even, I concluded, like ancient negative entities like Baal or Malak, you know, I totally agree with you because I wasn't even sure about God decades ago.
I wanted to believe in it and love God as a concept.
But when you look at something this scientific and this evil and unified, humans aren't smart enough to do this.
There's like a unified field and energy that is inspiring them to do this.
I'm getting chills right now.
Well, exactly.
I mean, that's almost literally, you know, how, how it occurred to me.
I looked like I've studied history, Alex, deeply.
And even the best totalitarians aren't this good, right?
There's always human error.
I mean, there are people who try to assassinate Hitler or, you know, they didn't calculate how cold the Russian winter would be, or there are rich people who can't be bribed.
You know, whenever evil people want to take over the world, something goes wrong.
And in this, In this takeover and then in this rollout and then in the subtlety of this injection doing so much damage to the things that bring us closest to God, right?
Or the things that are most divine, like, you know, mothers and babies and nursing and, you know, love and intimacy.
That, it rolled out perfectly.
It rolled out in lockstep beyond any kind of human capability.
So as a result of that, I really thought, wow, this is a, Negative force that I have not seen in my lifetime.
It can't be explained by a bunch of bad people.
It's a negative force beyond any kind of human capability.
Not just as an intellectual, not just as a really respected smart woman.
With a woman in this situation, you go, this isn't human.
Like, this is beyond human.
Yeah, it's beyond human capability.
I'm not just intuiting, like, it doesn't feel human, obviously.
But just look at all of human political history.
And so I've concluded that we're not... It's new.
It's new.
It's new.
We're not living in human history anymore, is what I've concluded.
We're living in some kind of metaphysical history.
Well, for what I've talked to, and I know some of the... I know you've probably been invited to big things, too, off record.
I've met with some of the Bilderberg groups and the top millionaires, and they were concerned even four or five years ago.
They said, the plan's not going the way we thought.
They told me, listen, AI's actually been around 20 years.
History's frozen right now.
There's a way more advanced technology.
They told me it's AI.
And they said, this is an AI attack.
And I said, well, tell me more.
They said, we can't.
This was in three different meetings with household names.
They said, no, AI is already here.
This is an AI attack.
When did they say this to you?
Oh, I met with one of them five years ago, four years ago, three years ago.
I mean, like, well-known people.
And they said, this is, they said, the AI has been kept from the public.
This, basically, they wouldn't, they said, look, what's the biggest company?
And I said, Google.
Who thought they would create the first AI in 1998?
They said, yeah, they did it within Basically 10 years.
And what I was told without, they said, fill in the blank, we're not going to tell you, was they said, this is AI, which is alien.
We think, why is it so?
Because it can scan everything we're doing in lifetime.
It's grabbing everything.
It's got algorithms.
It can intuit what we're going to do before we do it.
So now the AI we've been given is like tinker toys, basically.
But I'm not even saying it's just AI.
I'm just saying the people I talk to that don't believe in God, they say AI is way more advanced than we know.
And so what's the takeaway from that?
What are they warning us to do?
Or what's the resistance there?
They were asking me in all three of these meetings, well it's been more than that, but three with big top people, was what do you think is going to happen and do you think What's Russia going to do?
Because they were saying the war was coming.
What do you think an alternate plan is?
And I said, you think too much of me.
I said, I can see what's going down.
I can't tell you what to do.
But these were very powerful people, not trying to co-opt me, but actually concerned that they had been deceived into the plan and it wasn't what they thought it was.
Wow, well that absolutely makes sense to me, and that's why things feel, it's not the only reason things feel so weird, but things feel weird because in the past tyrants were still human and they were using human reasoning.
But think about, I mean this is how I realized this must be kind of mechanically scaled, is that Think about what got targeted in the lockdowns.
This was the subject of my book, The Bodies of Others.
It's everything that makes us human, but it's almost as if an algorithm had the inputs what makes people human.
it spat out dancing, education, culture, love, family, you know, encountering nature, going to church, going to synagogue, every single one of those was targeted and shut down in the lockdowns.
And that's why... Hit the food, hit reproduction, hit people coming together communally to resonate.
Exactly. And even now, you know, as we're trying to fight the AI, it's learning as it goes, right?
So if we resist in one way, you get another attack in another way that feels like a machine thinking it through, not like human beings.
For example, you know, where we were going before the break, what's the goal of this destruction of human reproduction in the West, right?
Specifically in the West.
Well, it's paired, of course, with the destruction of the border in Our southern border and also in Western Europe, their borders and the unlawful immigration.
I'm the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants, nothing against legal immigrants, but these are unlawful millions that my reporting found and others reporting found are being brought over with the assistance of the UN and the US State Department.
Our own State Department is, our own tax dollars are going to bringing in millions and millions of undocumented... So it's assaulting, and I'm going to interrupt, all human systems, which aren't perfect, but it's erasing all human systems in lifetime for its plan.
Go back to the border.
And so if you want to do that, what's an obstacle?
The United States and Western Europe and our tradition of respect for human rights, our structures around free speech and human dignity.
And that's what you got to rub to them.
I will shut up before the break.
That's what you said.
You said that a main attack seems to be on the West.
So start elaborating.
Yeah, so if you want to roll out this evil plan of AI slash Moloch taking over the world in the name of the globalists, and I'm sorry I can't be much more specific than that, but that's as far as I've gotten.
I don't mean literally Moloch, right?
I mean pre-Judeo-Christian negative forces that are metaphysical, that's what I mean.
And maybe AI is a manifestation of that now, right?
We don't know.
But if you want to do that, the US and Western Europe stand in your way.
So, inject all these people with this destructive, deadly, sterilizing injection.
Then, as Ed Dowd said, just wait.
If you've also opened the border and you've brought in 18 million fighting age and childbearing age people, right?
It's not families.
It doesn't look like any immigrant group I've ever seen.
It's not elders.
It's not even a lot of children.
It's childbearing age women and fighting age men, and they are not being injected.
So in five years, you're going to have a population in the United States and Western Europe Which is made up of people who have no memory of free countries, right?
Those are not the cultures they're coming from.
And you're also going to have a massive baby boom of those kids and the kids of Americans who remember America or French or English people who remember France and England are going to be many, many fewer.
And then That will get rid of the problem of the United States and Western Europe for these globalists.
It's clear social engineering right in your face.
Same plan with Europe, but they use mainly Islamic invasion.
I mean, it's right there.
They're poisoning the population, black, white, Jewish, old, young, Christian, doesn't matter.
The old population, because of the memory, that's why we're all targeted.
Not about your color, folks.
We're targeted because of the memory of society, the epigenetics, where they're bringing in literal slave classes, nothing against them, as the new plantation group.
And they won't be treated like immigrants to America have been treated.
That's why it's not about race.
Bob said last week these illegals are model citizens.
We're targeted as citizens, Hispanic, black, white as citizens, but the new group is model.
Military-age men and women with children are women about to have babies.
I mean, clearly.
And when in American history, or any history of immigration, have new immigrants been housed in barracks type structures and given free housing by the state?
Not my grandparents, not your great-grandparents, you know, not the descendants of slaves.
No one got free housing in groups by the state.
So what's being put together right now, this goes along with everything else, is I'm worried there could be at a signal probably before the election a terrorist attack or worse in which soldiers and mercenaries who've been embedded in these barracks basically at strategic points including sensitive locations like Chicago O'Hare Airport.
All directed by State Department UN cell phones.
They have command and control.
Exactly, exactly.
And look at what happened with one day, October 7th, with a crossing of the border from the Negev to Israel.
You could have catastrophic harms if, you know, a handful of Americans get taken hostage or murdered or a handful of explosions or other kinds of terrorist attacks.
And again, a pretext for martial law and lockdown just in time for the election.
But it's completely anomalous to have These people housed in this way and in addition to everything else that's happening, you are looking at a new kind of globalist, Marxist America being built up very quickly amid the ruins of democratic, free America.
And that's the intention.
There's one last piece of evidence I need to be sure to give you, Alex,
which is my own reporting found that who manufactures and distributes Pfizer's injection, right?
BioNTech became part of an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding,
with the biggest pharmaceutical company in China, run by a leader in the Chinese Communist Party,
and a billion doses were manufactured, but not for use in China,
for use in Western Europe and North America.
There are 11 manufacturing plants owned by China making this injection in Western Europe
and two in North America.
And in 2021, the SEC filing shows that the IP was to be transferred to China.
So you've really got to understand what that means.
Our existential enemy who is working with the globalists, who is working with Bill Gates, who wants us dead, As my husband, who's been in intelligence most of his career, says about China, they want our food supply, they want our natural resources, they want our farmland, they want our water resources, they want our energy grid, they don't want our population.
And Bill Gates is their pure agent and he's doppelganging everything they're doing, grabbing up the farmland, grabbing up everything.
Exactly right.
So, you know, it's like the Trojan horses within our borders and people have got to wake up and understand it.
So, we're going to do 50 minutes the next hour.
You've been gracious about that.
People should follow you on eggs.
They should go to your website.
But continue, because we're talking about the shots, but also the bigger picture.
Is there hope?
I mean, I see a lot of people waking up, people kind of getting what's happening, but is the day late?
Is it a dollar short?
Well, the day is certainly late and what you just shared with me made me even more worried, right?
Like if the Bilderbergers are worried about AI already being here and being far more destructive than we even realized.
Well, I think they're figuring out they've been double-crossed.
I think even the big billionaires are like, I think that's what happened to Elon Musk.
I'm not saying that's who I met with, but I've talked to him on air and believe it or not, but he says the same thing on air.
They're like, whoa, this is anti-human.
This is out of control.
It's self-preservation by them.
They're like, don't you get this doesn't stop with the general public?
It doesn't stop with the general public.
I mean, honestly, we're at such a precipice, like you're not going to like what I have to say, but I feel like especially with the role of AI, if we get out of it, It's going to be with metaphysical help, right?
I mean, I've come to conclude that prayer is a weapon and that it changes things.
On the planet.
It changes things politically and militarily.
There's not just AI.
We're ancient creatures from the universe that God created.
We're going to have to dial in and get that transmission to beat this one.
Because it has a unifying transmission that unifies this operation.
We're going to have to unify through God, through the metaphysical, cyclically together to beat this.
Well, that's really well said.
And in fact, I was just looking at social media revealing CIA documents that seem to be confirmed that show that See, I knew this, that if humans raise their vibration through love and, you know, elevating their consciousness and banding together, it makes them incredibly powerful as a unity.
But that's really what we have to do.
And maybe that's why, you know, I believe in God.
I'm not trying to proselytize.
Maybe that's why God sent this hellish period in human history to force us To evolve so quickly that we can tap into that, you know, love field, force field, unity field, peace field, where we can be warriors equipped to combat and overcome whatever this monstrosity is.
I'm going to interrupt you.
I'm not just saying this.
I've been on here 30 years.
I think I feel this.
I know this.
This is the most important interview I've ever done and it's not just you're a great smart person and I know a lot of stuff.
It's the time we're in, but I think what we said today here in my 30 years is the most important thing we've ever said, at least I've ever had on my show, because this is it.
I think in the last 45 minutes, we've just stated the real world here and the decisions as free spirits, as free will creatures we have to make.
I agree with you.
I mean, and we're even, it's really interesting.
We're coming to the edge of what we know, right?
And so whatever we're going to know next, we're only going to know it if we Dedicate our hearts in that direction and wait for that kind of knowledge from the universe of well How do we how do we fight this together now?
But on a happier note, I mean, I hope you understand what I just said, right?
Thank you.
Um on a happier note I do look back the last two years Alex and I what I see just like the evil couldn't be explained by human capabilities the The victories we've won can't be explained by us alone, right?
Like, you've been targeted, you know, gazillion dollar whatever, you know, people trying to get you off the air, call you every kind of name.
I've been targeted by the most powerful forces on earth, you know, principalities and powers kind of forces, right?
And look at our colleagues, you know, a handful of people like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Thorpe, did stop, you know, did inform people there's a 4% take-up.
of Pfizer's vaccine. A handful of people, you know, have- Humanity is waking up and showing it has an instinct to not accept this.
But I'm saying something even further, which is that when even a handful of people, it's like 1776, right?
When a handful of people dedicate themselves to saving humanity, to loving each other, to sacrificing their personal comfort for, I would say, following God's path, but you can call it whatever you want.
Everyone out there, I'm not proselytizing nonetheless, then they become more powerful than they would be alone.
And even kind of this extraordinary power, right?
Because we have stopped these, not stopped them.
They thought it would be a lot easier.
We've definitely slowed them down.
Them down, exactly.
There's a lesson there.
Stay there.
You're so right.
And the globalists are panicking.
You can see it in their faces in their own documents at least.
They don't know why it isn't going according to plan because there's so many good men and women, folks, and our children, and they're counting on us for the future.
We must prevail.
We will prevail.
Hour number four with Naomi Wolf.
Straight ahead, back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
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We are honored to invite into the studio for the first time to respond live Alex Jones who has a different, more holistic view of what we're seeing.
The great Alex Jones, who needs no introduction, one of the most famous people in American media.
I can do as good as you, but I'm blessed to be here.
Great crew, great people, great to be here with you.
So what, I mean, just give me your big picture Assessment of that I gotta say because we didn't even meet before we went on air I was downstairs writing notes and you basically said everything I was gonna say and so did the doctor But but you asked him a question out of the gate.
She said why do they lie so much?
They think we're dumb or what's going on?
Yeah, they want to tell so many lies that you have time to counter them all because it would take five hours to counter all that I mean I gave up in my note-taking everything was a lie and I mean, the biggest one was like, yeah, this woman got killed by a legal alien.
We're trying to stop that.
I want to shut down the border.
He said, when I win, immediately surge the border.
And then they had the big NGOs, the State Department that funds the UN NGOs, have all the illegals come up here.
They have UN camps in South America and Central America and in Mexico.
And he's running it all.
He says, come here.
They show up by the thousands in Biden shirts.
So he's like, I'm so sad.
The illegal aliens are killing you, and many of them are convicted felons, a large portion, and then he's acting dumb and saying, oh no, no, I'm really sad, illegal aliens are raping and murdering.
So just that little window there, he's playing the good cop to his own globalist policies.
Everything that the State Department, the Victoria Nuland's won, and you're absolutely right.
First he comes out and says Trump is Hitler, and then he moves on to Ukraine.
So it's not about the dying cities, it's not about the fentanyl, the needles, the illegal aliens everywhere, and the homeless everywhere.
It's all about Ukraine because that's their big model to distract us and also launder So this is a very, very dangerous moment for America.
And your last guest was dead on.
He and the whole establishment is so emblematic of a rotting, collapsing facade that knows the people have turned against it.
And it's just pure rage.
All the fakeness, all the pop and serpent stance has been stripped away.
And now there's just this seething, ancient dinosaur.
In fact, I was watching, you know, earlier during the State of the Union and then sitting here watching earlier, I was thinking, how do I start this?
I want to say, it's like we're in a time machine looking back on the age of the dinosaurs, the Paleolithic or something, or, or, or, I mean, we're looking back because we're time
is compressed now.
So we're here looking at a dying, corrupt, dead political empire that hates America and is trying to use our power to take over the world.
And it's already gone.
The world's turning against it.
The Great Awakening is here.
All the numbers show it.
And they're trying to hang on.
And so we're looking back at Jurassic Park.
We're looking back at the dinosaurs.
But instead, the dinosaurs are trying to claw us back into hell.
I mean, take World War II.
Operation Valkyrie was the German General Staff, who were Nazis and bad guys, but they were like, we're going to lose the Russians.
We're going to lose the Americans.
We're going to lose the Allies.
A year and a half before the war ended, let's kill Hitler.
But they failed.
It's the same thing.
The globalist program has failed, but they're thinking, well, if we just enslave people and arrest people and do all this, they'll shut up and go away.
The New World Order has already failed.
The question is, when Hitler knew he was going to lose, he wrote and said, if the Germans fail on the Eastern Front with the Russians, all the Germans deserve to die.
They failed and they're weak.
And so he flooded the German subways.
He let the whole Russian army come in.
25 million Germans died.
26 million Russians died.
Most of World War II was the Russians and the Nazis killing each other.
And so it's kind of that same thing.
The left saying, if we're going down, we're taking you all with us.
And then we have Klaus Schwab saying, you will eat bugs.
We have Tyson Foods saying, we're moving in with crickets as the main batter for your chicken and everything else.
I mean, they're really, you've all know Harari was on late night comedy just last night.
And he's like, yeah, the age of humans is over.
And then the talk shows agreed, yeah, we need computers to decide everything programmed by the globalists.
So all they're offering is more of the same.
And if we just fully reject them, which is happening, they will fall away.
But they're trying to claw us down to hell with them.
It does almost seem like I mean, flirting with nuclear war, which they are doing on multiple fronts with no plan whatsoever at all, we're going to finish the job.
They never explained what the job was.
That's that's suicidal.
I mean, it's not right.
It's not.
It's not going to help them.
It's psychotic.
It is psychotic.
So it does feel like the leaders of the society are trying to destroy the society.
And I'm going to go back to Hitler and his own writings.
This is not my opinion.
He's like, the Germans deserve to die, so we're just going to stand here at Berlin.
And they're like, sir, the Russians have entered the subways.
Flood it!
And they go, sir, we've got a million Germans, families, children in the subways.
He said, they deserve to die.
So the left is not giving up because they're disconnected from reality.
Unlike German soldiers who were fighting for an evil force, but they were at least fighting, the left live in high-rise apartments, they're disconnected from reality, and to them it's all like a video game.
And they don't realize, as you were just saying, Macron three weeks ago, yeah, we're going to have a national draft, we may have to send troops in to fight the Russians directly, the British Ministry of Defense, the Swedish Ministry of Defense, NATO officially, Yeah.
And you've got Sean Penn saying, you know, we shouldn't have nuclear war off the table.
It's survivable.
What does he know about nuclear war?
And so you can see it.
It is a... Sean Penn said nuclear war is survivable?
If you look it up, he's like, the quotes basically, a lot of people say we shouldn't use nuclear weapons in Ukraine or against the Russians.
Well, we shouldn't take that off the table.
And so that's the mindset of these people.
To them, it's like a video game, and they know they're losing their power.
They have this relish of control.
Hollywood's collapsed.
Mainstream media's collapsed.
I mean, CNN's top show, 100,000 viewers.
I was down there in your studio.
I was at the entrance watching this before we went live and I was writing notes and I was like, I haven't watched this in years.
And again, I was like studying, I was like an anthropologist, like studying some ancient tribe that died and watching them all.
Well, he's old, but he's really smart and he's great.
And they would all like these talking points regurgitating them.
And I was like, but I get it because I'm like an ancient tribe that died 10,000 years ago.
They're still in control of nuclear weapons, so we need to study them.
So nicely put!
If the hallmark of evil is deception, I think we can say that we're looking at evil.
I mean, if you're telling, if the basis of your entire program is a lie, it's not just spinning it a little bit, it's a lie.
It's the inversion of the truth.
And they know it's a lie.
And they know it's a lie.
Then, I mean, isn't that evil?
What's the other definition?
Well, that's really it.
We have to realize evil is lying.
Like in your own life.
As I get older, I lied when I was a kid.
I lied to someone when I was an adult.
As I get older, lies have consequences.
My whole life is now about not ever telling them.
Like catching myself, being honest.
My wife's like, you looking at that girl?
Yeah, I am.
Instead of like, oh no, I'm not.
Because your mind gets trained to be accurate when you stop lying.
Instead, when you lie, it's a disease.
And then it takes you over.
And these people are literally cancer.
And they can find all this fodder and all these mercenaries that will read their talking points.
But as negative as it is, Tucker, you know this.
What, 3-4% have taken the new booster shots?
And when they rolled the first shot, it was like 70%?
People are rejecting it.
But there's the converse of that.
The dying establishment, like when a woman tries to leave a man that's beating her, they're going to try to break our jaw in the parking lot while we're trying to get in the car.
They're trying to keep us from escaping.
And so we're at that point, we're trying to get in the station wagon with the kids, we're trying to pile them in, and you know, the drunk mean is right there punching us in the face.
But at the end, We're getting out of Dodge.
We're leaving Egypt.
We're going on the promised land here and it's going to take, you know, that archetype of the promised land.
It's going to take 40 years or whatever out in the wilderness, but at least we're not going to be slaves anymore.
So we're in that process of emancipation right now.
They're pissed.
They're freaking out because they want control.
Any fulfilled person is out fishing or or hunting or hanging out with family like you and I are, there's a beautiful sunset,
we're having a great dinner, playing with our dogs, our cats, our kids, these people are not fulfilled.
They don't have that.
If you study globalists, they are the most empty.
You look at Soros or Alexander Soros, I mean, they have nothing.
So they're projecting their hatred, just like a Hitler or Stalin or Lenin on us.
We've got to realize they are mentally ill, they are sick, they are cancer, they're malfunctioning.
We don't hate them.
We just politically cut them out and separate them from the rest of society.
And we're at that point right now of the surgery.
America and the world is going under the knife and let's hope and pray that it's a successful surgery.
It's just amazing that they tried to cancel you and what you just said even if you know people don't agree with it ever it's so much more interesting and smart than anything ever uttered on CNN or MSNBC and I worked at those channels so I know for a fact so I just think well they just want to be called out you know you're better than I do we're just real people there's no teleprompters you know other than like I have a few notes you have a few notes of stuff you wrote yourself.
Those are my notes.
No, but it's different when you write the teleprompters.
In my office, I have a teleprompter sometimes too.
When I have time, I'll write what I want to say on my talking points.
But it's your words.
It's my words.
But it's CNN and Fox News and other places you know.
They're loading it for you.
The difference is, we write our own notes here.
So what's the experience, not to get sidetracked, but it was so interesting what you said about your commitment to just telling the truth in your personal life and your professional life.
What's the effect on you once you decide, I'm going to really try not to lie at all ever?
Your brain is a powerful, all our brains are a powerful electrochemical computer.
And so when you, so it's like AI, when they corrupt AI and give it some woke agenda, it doesn't work right, it messes up.
You see the Gemini thing with Google, then it messes the whole thing up.
They wanted a little bit of erase the white people, not totally erase them.
So it backfired on Google's down 70 billion, the market cap, huge scandal, because it's so ridiculous.
So for my own research and studying mainline literature and scientific research on it, But I've already experienced it.
So I did the research.
I went out and found that what I'd already experienced was real.
When you tell your brain to lie, Or not be honest, you're really lying to yourself and then you start using all this brain capacity to figure out the lie and to then try to project things to cover up the lie.
When you get into a, I'm at a neurotic level.
I go on the air and talk bad about myself and bad things and I hear people say, why is he doing that?
Because the more I do it, the more my brain cleans out and now it's just laser focused and now I know things much clearer.
And so it's like removing computer viruses.
And so when you get to the point of just not lying, I mean, I used to tell lies every day.
Leftists tell lies continually.
The thing is, you go to the other extreme, all you do is tell lies.
So when you start moving away from lies, you get to the point where, well, I told one lie this week and that was terrible because it's robbing from you, not just people you're lying to.
So I've gotten to the point of almost zero lying.
And it's super empowering.
And again, it's cleaning out your computer to where your brain can then operate, not worrying about telling lies.
It can just say what's accurate.
That's amazing.
I strongly sense that what you just said is the key to everything.
To tell the truth, period.
No matter what.
It is, and that means sometimes it's painful.
Because I don't want to hurt people's feelings, but at the end of the day, we just gotta say this.
I mean, we gotta say it.
So, back to the behavior, the impulses, the motives of the people running things, obviously they're incompetent, that's demonstrable, but they're also kind of monomaniac, like they're very focused on certain hatreds.
And just judging by what they say, their main hatred is for white people who are the majority of the country.
They talk about it constantly.
They've set up a whole regime to punish white people on the basis of their skin color.
You're an allodimensionate.
You're the racist.
Okay, got it.
But I don't think I've ever seen it on clearer display than in a now sort of famous MSNBC segment from last week.
I hate to even play their garbage, but this is just so amazing.
I have to play it for you.
Why are white rural voters a threat to democracy at this point?
You would think, as we pointed out, looking at Joe Biden's background and Donald Trump's, that the opposite would be true.
I mean, we lay out the fourfold interconnected threat that white rural voters pose to the country.
First of all, and we show 30 polls and national studies to demonstrate this.
We provide the receipts in Chapter 6.
They're the most racist, Xenophobic anti-immigrant and anti-gay geodemographic group in the country.
Second, they're the most conspiracist group.
QAnon support and subscribers, election denialism, COVID denialism and scientific skepticism, Obama birtherism.
Third, anti-democratic sentiments.
They don't believe in an independent press, free speech.
They're most likely to say the president should be able to act unilaterally without any checks from Congress or the courts or their bureaucracy.
They're also the most strongly white nationalists and white Christian nationalists.
And fourth, they are most likely to excuse or justify violence.
So, there's so many things that are interesting about what those two pigs are saying on television.
And the most interesting to me is that white rural voters are of course the weakest people in America.
When rural people period.
Rural people period.
That's exactly right, regardless of race.
But that none of the supposed crimes that he mentioned, whether they're true or not, are crimes of action.
They're all thought crimes.
And so they're the most dangerous people in the country, not because they're killing others or embezzling money or getting rich through the carried interest loophole or starting wars, pushing people in front of subway trains.
They're the most dangerous because they have thoughts that those two pigs don't like.
It's so interesting.
Well, this is the whole key, and of course what you played, as I know you're a news anchor like I am, is just emblematic of all of it.
That is the Carnegie Foundation, that's the CIA, that's the Liberation Theology at the universities.
They know the world's 93% not white.
So they think, well, we'll control these people who are exploiting by making all their ills about rural white people In America, but you go to rural areas.
I don't care.
We're black Hispanic white people are all basically populist They're conservative.
They know what's going on.
They live on the land.
They're not stupid and they haven't done anything to anybody That's the remarkable lowest crime rate.
Well, yeah, like what's their crime?
Well, their attitudes are bad like they will kill people for having the wrong attitudes I mean, that's what they're saying and that's what it comes down to if you remember in June of 2001, when Biden had just stolen the election in my view and gotten into power, he put out that national anti-terrorism perspective, national directive, and he said,
White supremism is the number one threat.
Then he defined white supremism as questioning lockdowns or open borders or forced shots.
And so it's real simple.
That MSNBC talking point from 10 years ago that all Republicans are racist, they're trying to codify the law and then define racist as anyone that doesn't want to give up their cows or their farm or be a slave.
So what they're threatened by is self-sufficient people Because it's a military takeover by the left and by the WHO, and we talked about this when I was on three or four months ago on your show out of Maine, they are literally understanding we've got the cities, we're about to take the dollar, we're collapsing the border, who is the opposition?
They're already lazing the target that it's the rural people.
Remember I said next it's get the rurals, they're the enemy.
And now that talking point is everywhere.
I probably saw that clip 30 times last week.
Fifty times the last month.
And that's their next target.
Just like when Lenin and Trotsky and Stalin took over just Moscow and a few cities.
It took them five years to take over Russia.
Who was the target?
The farmers.
The Kulaks.
Because they produced the food.
And if you get them, now you've got everybody.
So they're doing, as you did a few weeks ago with that incredible lady, a malice-slash-Stalinist-Lenin playbook because it works.
And so this is happening.
This isn't a question.
This is going down.
So what's the... I wish I didn't agree with that, but the evidence suggests you're absolutely right.
What is the purpose?
No one has ever explained the purpose of admitting 10 million foreigners illegally into the country.
So we used to hear Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Lobby would say, we need the labor.
No one's saying that now because we don't need the labor.
And you hear people say, well, you know, we're doing it because, you know, there's some reason we're doing it.
I haven't heard one person, including Joe Biden tonight, explain why have they done this?
What is the purpose?
Well, I love how you played Merrick Garland earlier, and he's like, oh, there's all these racists.
They're trying to keep people from voting.
How many cities, how many blue cities let illegals vote?
In San Francisco, they put a Foreigner, not even a citizen, on the board of elections in San Francisco.
A Chinese national.
So they're just normalizing this.
And of course you had Colonel McGregor on a few days ago and he said literally they're bringing in the foreign army.
But it won't happen overnight with you in blue helmets.
It's just they're now your police.
They've already purged the military.
They bring them in.
They'll follow orders.
This is very simple.
So Rome took 400 years of bringing in foreign troops to fall.
They didn't do it on purpose.
But the globalists look at 1984 as fiction or they look at Rome, which was historical, and they go, that is a blueprint.
That is an owner's manual.
That is a battle plan.
So that's what the Great Reset is.
It's accelerating the collapse of Western civilization because you don't want in around to compete with the globalist model of eat the bugs and enslavement and collapse.
So they're actively seeing prosperity and Christian nationalist freedom.
God forbid the rest of the world pick up Western culture.
So you brand it as racist, you say it's bad, because it's like kryptonite, you know, to Superman, or holy water, and high noon to a vampire.
If people say, I want my Second Amendment, I want my due process, I want my capitalism, well then it's over for the Black Rocks and the Googles and the Facebooks.
So that's why they're fundamentally branding freedom as a white evil thing, because let's face it, Western civilization did develop From Greece on, this incredible thing that could uplift humanity, so you discredit it by making it racial, instead of selling it to the world and having everyone adopt it and creating unification, not through centralization or enslavement, but through adoption because it works so well.
And so the globalist tyrants are fundamentally threatened by Western Christian civilization, and that's why they're at war with it.
Which is why we should embrace it, and that's why the great numbers of double the blacks voting for Trump.
or triple the Hispanics, what we just saw 10 years ago.
And that's why they're in full panic mode, trying to bring in totally uninformed foreigners
from all over, who they control, and who they can run through NGOs,
hoping that they'll be the savior.
So as negative as all this is, I see this as the panic button being hit.
So what's the right response for normal people in a moment like this?
I think they have to promote your show, which is the number one show in the world.
I mean, not just in news, but just in commentary.
I mean, it is.
You're up there, and Joe Rogan, and Jordan Peterson.
I'm down below that.
But I'm really pleased to see you reaching hundreds of millions of people every day.
And really, that's not about Tucker Carlson, though it is about you, but that's secondary.
It's about people resonating with that, shows they have the instinct and the spirit for victory.
And people love you.
Black, white, old, young.
It doesn't matter.
And promoting other shows and then also not being intimidated by leftist bullying and standing up at school boards and county commissions and running for office and really being peaceful but extremely aggressive about defending our rights and realizing we predicted, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, so many others, everything that's now come to pass.
We're actually on the mark.
We actually want a civilization.
We want prosperity.
I liken it to, I'm selling for free, I'm giving away ice cold water with lemon in it in the Sahara Desert.
And the left's selling sand in the Sahara Desert.
You know, I mean this is insane.
They're selling things that go against, you'll have nothing, you'll eat bugs, you'll drink sewage water, your families are horrible.
You said earlier, we offer abortion and cutting your son's penis off.
It's like, it's Hellraiser.
And when you just sit back and go, Wait, this can't be real.
Klaus Schwab is promoting stuff that sounds like Hellraiser.
Well so is Hitler, so is Stalin.
And we realize that this is an evil manifestation that crops up in our species of bad people who want power.
The problem is good people don't seek power.
Because we're going to be left alone, hang out with our families, go fish, go hunt, go to dinner, go play golf.
I'm the same way.
But I'm sorry, folks.
Good people can't sit there and say, I'm too good for this.
Because we will be destroyed if we don't.
And that's what evil fears.
So the good men and women are now standing up, and we're super popular.
Every popular talk show, there's no one Even Bill Maher poses as a conservative now, and I hope he comes all the way over as a populist.
There's no one that's popular promoting the New World Order.
Look at the positiveness of how humans desire, and like a man in the desert wants water, freedom!
And all we're doing is promoting the natural programming that works.
And so it's easy.
We're the winners.
We're the victors.
We're not the cancer.
We're following the program God gave us that is like oxygen and we have to just declare the enemy cancer and just say we're done.
Shun them.
Don't engage in violence.
They want that.
And just give them no support and the maximum back the truth and we will win.
As I listen to you talk Why is Alex Jones getting cancelled?
Well, you haven't been cancelled, thank God.
Well, they tried.
I mean, they tried, but thanks to you, you were the big, big... Listen, I'm not kissing your ass or anybody's ass, but Trump helped break the back of political correctness, but you helped break the back.
The critical person in the censorship, and you were there boosting me on Fox when nobody else was, and you took us over the top because you recognize if they can get Alex Jones, they can get anybody.
And so it's true, Tucker.
Well, I mean, first, I mean, I've defended a million people just on principle.
But as I listened to you talk, I was like, well, where's the where's the crazy stuff?
This is really smart, actually.
And I think I've always thought that I mean, agree or disagree.
It's not shallow at all, so I'm grateful for that.
So, you think that as things get more intense, which they will, the people in charge desire violence, are trying to provoke a violent revolt?
They can't win in a peaceful fight.
But you have said, contrary to what they say about you, you've said, no, no, remain peaceful, period.
I mean, what they do is, anytime you're watching corporate establishment, enemy media, you'll see a three-second clip.
That's not, folks, you're being deceived when you see that.
So I'll say, like, this is satire.
It's the modest proposal by the famous Irish essayist and satirist, Swift, that if the world collapses, I'll eat my neighbors.
This is a joke.
But I go, collapse of the world leads to that.
They go, look, he just said, I'll eat my neighbors.
They're deceiving.
It's like that refrigerator game where you have all the little words and you can move the words around and say whatever you want.
They basically take our words, move them around, and that's a deception.
But when you look at what they're saying, conservatives and populists and Christians are going to kill people and they're going to murder people and Trump is going to be a dictator.
And he's planning to, you know, enslave everybody, but meanwhile, they're the ones taking him off the ballot.
They're the ones indicting him.
They're the ones saying, I mean, the Atlantic Monthly, that's the mouthpiece of Soron, the mouth of Satan, came out two weeks ago and said, the headline was something like, "Even
if Trump wins, we're just going to block him."
Well, all Trump did was say, "I want a 10-day investigation," which is constitutional.
They said, they were honest, they said, "Even if he wins, we'll just decertify him."
So they've basically indicted him in Georgia for saying, "Let's investigate."
They're openly saying, "We're going to disqualify him, and then it's okay."
So again, there's a murder of logic.
And people see that and they're saying, oh, Trump is going to engage in terror and there's white supremacy everywhere.
So I think you can do two plus two equals four.
We know false flags are real.
Provocateurs are real.
We know they try to stage the kidnapping of Governor Whitmer and multiple trials.
People got released.
They finally got the third trial, sent a few to prison where you've got a bunch of marijuana.
You've covered it detailed.
A bunch of potheads, friendly little guys.
They're homeless.
And then they tell them we'll give you $10,000 a month if you just meet with us and just say you'll kidnap Whitmer.
So you're going to see a lot more of that and we need to disavow that because that doesn't fix it.
We're winning the culture war so they want to induce us into violence and they've said They're introducing legislation, the Democratic Party in the House and Senate, to strip Trump of the Insurrection Act, which George Herbert Walker Bush used during the LA riots.
And they're saying, oh, we know when he gets elected, if he does, there's going to be huge uprisings.
and he's a white supremacist so we've got to drive him from office that way so they're planning to torch the country when he's president-elect before he's in and try to intimidate everyone
so black lives matter and antifa and all of this uh Hezbollah Hamas protests and again i'm not against i'm up for the war
I don't like how far Israel's gone.
But they're invoking that and hyping that up now as their third rail or their fifth column as the Islamicist to then burn the country down within weeks of him being president-elect and thinking they can terrorize the American people and the establishment into removing Trump somehow during that period.
They've already pre-announced that.
So I'm telling you now, eight months out, that's their plan.
You mentioned the Atlantic, which is owned by a tech oligarch, Steve Jobs' widow, and almost everything bad in the country is financed by the richest people in the country, I've noticed, the oligarchs.
And so all the money is kind of arrayed against the population of the country.
That worries me.
Can you throw off the yoke if the yoke has You know, hundreds of billions of dollars?
I think we are, thanks to Elon Musk.
I mean, you can say what you want about Elon Musk, with all his past activities, and he's trying to dominate every technological sector.
But, Christ said, judge a tree by its fruits.
And the last two years, let's say it's a 360, like right here is New World Order, and right here is Total Patriot.
Musk was already over here.
He wasn't a bad guy.
Bring us this information.
You can see here the Great Awakening orbiting the Great Reset.
Although the depopulation systems of the Great Reset are not yet fully operational, the Great Reset does have a strong conspiracy network.
It is protected by a satanic shield, which can be disabled by the Great Awakening.
The Great Reset must be deactivated if any victory for humanity is to be accomplished.
Once the Great Awakening deactivates the shield, InfoWars.com forward slash show will cover the truth while InfoWarriors fly into the superstructure and attempt to knock out the Great Reset.
Alex Jones has volunteered to lead the fighter attack.
Get a signed copy of the Great Awakening today at InfoWarsStore.com!
All right, my next guest is here for an hour and a half and he always does a great job and people love him.
I love him too, but listen to me.
He's never sent me, in six, seven, eight months we've been, I've known about it for 25 years, World Net Daily, you name it.
I have never, in all the interviews we've done, covered this much information because the quickenings here, so much insanity is happening.
He sent me Three big stacks, and some of this I was already going to be covering, and a lot of it I didn't even know about, of insanity happening right now in the world markets, the economy, and the big money running around, moving things around, telling the public one thing while they do another thing.
So you see massive exits, not just Klaus Schwab, not just Melinda Gates, not just Peter Daszak, But not just Mitch McConnell.
The rats are now stampeding to the exits off the edge of a cliff like Lemmings.
What do they know is coming?
Well, we know from mainstream media that they admit it.
And about fights in the last year of the WF asking him to leave or step down, Klaus Schwab said no.
I showed you the headline yesterday.
But I've talked to my sources that are at the highest levels of this whole thing.
And I've told you this before, but they just confirmed.
Yeah, no.
I mean, I said, what's going on?
They said, well, you know better than anybody.
They're super unpopular.
Bill Gates is hated.
Biden's hated.
Klaus Schwab's hated.
All these front people are hated, so they think they can put new front people up and try to get their agenda through.
Their world government, UN pandemic treaty's stalling.
I got headlines, central bank digital currency's at risk of failure already.
In China and other areas, they're being rolled out.
Everything they're doing is turning to crap.
They were supposed to destabilize things and bring their old bubble down and bring in a new bubble, but if the world's aware of them and aware of how they're the evil and how they're the bad guys, well, we have a great reset, but they all go to prison.
They don't become even more powerful.
So, Dr. Elliott sent me so much here that we're going to be going over, and we've got all Of these massive, massive, massive exits that are happening.
Rats leaving sinking ship.
JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon settles retirement.
It's closer than ever.
Davos Foreign Leader Klaus Schwab steps down.
FDIC Chair Martin Grutenberg to step down.
As new bank rules loom, HSBC CEO announces surprise retirement.
This is all just the last few days.
And remember that clip we played last time Elliot was on?
And we got so much here, I shouldn't play old clips, but the FDIC board meeting.
Saying, well, we're going to have bailouts, we're going to take money out of people's bank accounts, but we can't tell them yet.
And it's being recorded and put on the government website.
So this isn't coming.
This is here.
As Dr. Elliott predicted six, eight months ago, regional bank closures, now they've begun again.
So, Doc, I mean, we could talk for an hour and a half, just about five articles.
You sent me like 40 or 50 of them.
You sent me a whole List of videos.
So you tell us where to go first here, and you tell us what videos you want, when you want to go to them.
I'll try to give you the floor here as much as I can.
I'll obviously love to chime in because everything you're saying is dead on, but I don't know what you call this moment, but I mean they've been planning this collapse for a long time, and now once it's initiated, I don't think they can even stop it, even though it's not going the way they want it.
I think that's fair to say.
I think that's fair to say.
You know, you and I were touching base this weekend when the Iranian president went down in the helicopter, right?
And I started putting a bunch of things together.
I'm just looking at weird stuff, Alex.
It's been happening over the last couple of weeks.
And people are dying.
People are resigning.
And to me, it's like, how do you explain it?
It's like, I think something is Big is coming.
Like literally, I just think something big is coming, because if we go back... By the way, let me interrupt you.
I said I wouldn't, but I should add you're an economist, you're an economist, you're a researcher, you're an author, you've been well-known for 25 years, you made some of the most accurate predictions.
Sorry, start over.
No, so you look at What's coming?
So, let's look at May 7th.
There was an assassination attempt against Saudi Crown Prince.
Okay, so May 13th.
Turkish President Erdogan holds an emergency meeting following a warning of a possible military coup.
May 15th, an assassination attempt on the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fee.
Let's see, May 16th, citizen arrested for threatening to assassinate Serbian President Vucek.
May 19th, Saudi Arabia King Salman hospitalized for the second time in four weeks.
So then you come to 19th, this weekend, when the helicopter went down with the Iranian president.
And their foreign minister, and they died.
So to me, Alex, I'm a lot like you when a headline is just a headline, but you always have to look at what happened to cause the headline and what are the ramifications moving forward of what that headline said, right?
So I'm looking at this helicopter crash with the Iranian president, it's like, ooh, A, this smells bad, and B, this is going to create havoc all over the world.
And sure enough, you know, a lot of the Iranian militant groups or whatever starts talking about, whoa, this helicopter crashed and the president was just in Azerbaijan meeting with these Zionist leaders there.
It's like, okay, keyword, right?
Because what are they thinking?
They're thinking, Zionists, you know, the Jewish political elite, they're basically blaming the helicopter crash on Israel with that statement.
It's like, they must have done it, right?
He was coming back from a meeting with those Zionists, they must have done it.
And then, there was more talking points after that of blaming America.
It's like, okay, how could they blame America?
Well, because Biden put economic sanctions on Iran and they couldn't get any parts, you know, replacement parts for their airplanes and for their helicopters.
And so, therefore, the president of Iran had to fly in this helicopter that was old and doesn't have good parts, and that's why it crashed.
You've got part of them blaming Israel.
You've got part of them blaming the United States.
Well, I put a couple of these statements together and you've got these uneducated terrorist groups now who are basically coming across our open border, Alex.
And we've got sleeper cells all over the country and they're going to hear these talking points It's like, man, so you look at that stuff and I think these kind of things will cause more and more unrest.
But then you've got on the 20th, which you already referenced this one, Jamie Dimon announced that he's retiring as the CEO of Chase.
May 20th, also, speculation, unverified, but speculation that Jerome Powell is resigning as Fed Chair.
And then it came out that the Trump administration said, oh, Trump's president, he's going to start, he's going to dump Powell.
It's one of the first things that he does.
And then May 21st, Klaus Schwab stepping down as the president of the World Economic Forum.
And then those other two articles that you posted, HSBC, their CEO stepping down, and you've got all this stuff that's happening, and the FDIC leader stepping down.
And Dr. Elliott, I want you to continue, but I just want to add something here that is so central for everybody to understand.
Right before 2008, in that big crisis, there were a bunch of stepping down like this.
This is even bigger.
And right before COVID, in November and December of 2019, record.
In fact, bigger than this so far.
I'm sure more is coming.
CEOs stepping down or resigning.
You're an economist, respected guy.
You're super smart.
You know more than I do in many cases.
I know you don't like to speculate, but in the past, why did they step down right before these events happened?
Because they want to get their money?
They don't want to be blamed?
I mean, what is it?
Well, they want to make sure that they don't actually get the blame, and because they want to leave with their golden parachute, right, before things collapse.
I mean, I would say part of it is ego.
They don't want to get blamed for what they cause, so they just step aside.
And it's always the person holding the bag gets blamed at the time.
But they also get to walk away with their money, you know, before everything falls apart.
So I'm looking at some of these big dogs like Jamie Dimon, I mean, those three kind of strike it weird to me.
I mean, if Jamie Dimon and Klaus Schwab alone, it would be huge.
It would be huge.
It would be massive.
And it's like, Alex, we are so close to their dream for decades coming to fruition.
If we were that close and you put all this stuff together and that was your baby, why wouldn't you stay to see that dream fulfilled?
I mean, why leave now?
So, my brain is going into overload.
It's like, I think that something so big and so bad is coming that they don't want to be blamed for it.
And maybe that's a good thing that's coming.
Maybe they know that Trump is going to come in and clean house and expose all this nonsense and the rats are jumping off the ship first.
Or maybe they know what the economic collapse and mayhem that's going to come from like central bank digital currency having access to everybody's bank accounts and the unraveling that that's going to cause and they don't want to be part of it.
Yes, they want that to happen, but they don't want to take the blame for it.
No, exactly.
It's like, you know, once the war starts, the General's on the front line, but he pulls back.
They now want to try to sink off of the shadows.
I think that's clearly what's happening with most of them, because we've seen this pattern before.
With Schwab or Melinda Gates, it's different.
Her resigning last week from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that's carrying out the Admitted Worldwide Depopulation Program.
They give each other awards, by the way, we've played their own banquets where they give each other awards for Human Depopulation Foundation.
That's its real name, Global Depopulation Foundation.
They're doing it because they've become such horrible leaders that are so hated that even though they're arrogant, they've hit the panic button.
But other than them, we're seeing this mass exodus because big stuff's already started.
Really big stuff has already started.
And so two of the big things that the two people on there, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase.
So you look at what do they do?
What are they the biggest banks in the world of?
Those two are number one and number two largest short sellers of silver on the planet.
Those two banks.
And now we're starting to see a short squeeze happening in silver.
And so you look at it and where we are today.
Or actually, as of Friday, I haven't seen the numbers of this week, but we had 568 million ounces of silver being shorted, naked shorts, meaning they don't own the assets.
They just put these futures contracts on them to shorts to drive the price down.
Well, when you have a short position and the value of the underlying thing that you're shorting goes up, Alex, you lose money hand over fist, in multiples, not dollar for dollar, but multiples.
So here's where we talked about the last time that we were on the show together, how the day before Iran basically sent those drones into Israel, China made this announcement, said, hey, everybody in China, start buying silver, don't just buy gold, buy silver, because they knew that at that time you have all these hundreds of millions of ounces.
You made the point that China was trying to call the naked shorts of the Western central banks.
Yes, I did, and I think that's what's happening because look at what's happened to silver since that time.
Skyrocketing, going through the roof.
To me, that's a function of supply and demand.
You've got low supply, you've got high demand, you've got a short squeeze starting, Where the manufacturers of the world, the defense contractors, the aerospace industry, the fuel cell technology people, the solar people, they all need silver and there's not much available because China, you know, they have 1.4 billion people.
I don't know how many of them are buying silver, but they made the announcement that you should do it.
Well, Alex, there's 800 million ounces of silver mined in a year, globally.
And they've got 1.4 billion people, even if half of them, half of their population just bought one ounce, right?
Well, you basically take up all of the global supply.
They don't have to do that much because India has already committed to 66% of the world's supply this year.
So here's where we've got this short squeeze happening.
Physical supply coming out of inventory.
Not available for the manufacturers to purchase.
And what has happened to the price of silver in the last two and a half months?
Literally, the last 75 days or so, silver's gone from 22 and a half to almost 32.
Alex, it's up like 45% in two and a half months, and you've got those Western banks that have millions, hundreds of billions of ounces of silver short, and the price went up 45%.
They are losing money hand over fist.
So part of me says this kind of Being on the wrong side of a price move when it's leveraged could cause HSBC and JPMorgan Chase to have a really, really, really big financial problem.
And their CEOs are jumping ship.
They're getting out of Dodge.
And so I think it's clear that I think it's clear that that's what's happening.
Will the Chinese be successful?
And if so, what does this do to the markets?
I mean, not just obviously silver and gold.
Something like this is going to be like a giant torpedo.
So how do you see that unfolding?
Well, those two banks, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase, aren't the only banks and hedge funds that are shorting silver.
You know, so when the price goes up and it's gone up so rapidly, you're going to see kind of the contagion spread across the financial markets.
But here's where inflationary pressures are going to be extreme.
And the budgetary constraints are going to be extreme.
So, inflationary pressures, because manufacturers need silver for just about everything that we buy in electronics.
Well, if the price of silver has gone up 46% in the last two and a half months, what's that ultimately going to mean for prices, retail prices, when we're buying stuff, when we're buying electronics?
Well, it's going to go through the roof.
What about the federal budget?
Right, so we've got our federal budget, the defense spending that we have, when they need 11,000 ounces of silver in these big missiles, in these big torpedoes that they're shooting off, that they're gone.
When they're done, when they're shooting them off, they're gone.
You're not reclaiming any of that because it blew to smithereens.
They have to replace it with silver that's now 46% higher than it was.
In a government that's budgetary constrained... And to explain that, it's a strategic metal, so that's part of the excuse to keep it low.
The other reason is to hide inflation.
When they're unable to do that, it sends more shockwaves.
More budgetary shockwaves and now they're already constrained at the government level.
They don't have enough money coming in to pay the expenditures.
So we're going to see a budget meltdown, I think, and we're going to see inflationary pressures continue to ensue.
But you look at the budget numbers that just came out.
And our debt levels, Alex, are so extreme that the interest-only payments on our debt for fiscal year.
The fiscal year is done later this year, around October.
We're already at 517 Let's see, billion in interest only payments.
That's our debt payment so far.
We're on pace for a trillion dollars of interest payments this year.
Now that surpasses Medicare.
That surpasses the Defense Department.
It's like, what?
We're in a wartime economy.
We're spending a lot on defense.
And we just spent more money than the entire Marine Corps budget.
$62 billion to Ukraine.
But Doc, is it the big elephant in the room or the trillion pound behemoth?
The issue of inflation with Tyson Foods and all of them saying, you're going to create riots.
People can't buy food.
A bunch of major food producers said, we're seeing people unable to buy basic staples.
So major producers are going to the government and say, you got to do something.
Yeah, everybody's saying the government has to do something.
See, if you're the government, and now you've got everybody coming to you saying, you've got to fix something, you've got to fix something.
If I were an evil politician, I'd be thinking, sweet, I've got everybody where I want them.
Because now I can give them a whole line of crap and they're going to want it because they're already asking for it.
I just give them the solution that I want.
Which is the Central Bank Digital Currency and the Unified Ledger.
You always come on.
You're an amazing guy.
And I have you as a guest.
People love you.
But you need to plug.
You're also a sponsor.
You keep us on air.
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not going to be shipping silver and gold directly to your house because this country is under total soros lawlessness
We'll cover that next hour.
I know you're ready to give people the inside baseball on that, Dr. Kirk Elliott, but now is the time for people to call, get a consultation, talk to you.
You're saying mainly silver right now.
You explain that.
Spend a few minutes before we go to break.
And then all this other news.
You haven't even really gotten all the stuff you sent me.
It's insane.
These clips.
These articles.
These angles.
But give us a pitch for gold and silver.
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Yeah, okay.
So first, after the break, you've got to come back.
The videos that we're going to watch today, the video clips are insane.
They are so wild, you've got to watch them.
But here's where we've already talked about how silver is up 46% in the last two and a half months.
And if you go into high-grade, semi-rare, semi-numismatic, collectible-type junk that most of the dealers sell, you know what?
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And this is where a typical advisor would say, well, I can do silver for you, Mr. Klein or Mrs. Klein, but it's going to be an ETF.
It's like, no, that's paper.
You're only as strong as the underlying issue, whoever your brokerage house is, because if SIPC goes belly up or you have more than that limit, you lose all of it.
Like when Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns went under, anybody that had over, you know, today's limit, $500,000 in their accounts, vanished, gone, it's done.
See, when you have a tangible asset, physical gold, physical silver, it's not tied to a brokerage company.
And the way that we charge 8% when you purchase, 0% when you liquidate, that is a huge deal.
Well, absolutely.
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All right, we are loaded with information.
We're going to have to move quick because I want to get to everything he sent me and it's going to be hard, but we're going to move quick.
Some say she's okay with this first five, but next time we'll kick into all of it.
Dr. Kirk Elliott finishing up.
Because again, I know the gold and silver business.
I've had sponsors been involved in it with great folks who are no longer in the business going back about 20, 70, 28 years.
And there's just not that many good companies.
It's great to be in gold and silver personally, but there's not a lot of great big companies.
There's folks that know how to go pick gold and silver here and there, good deals on it.
But as a one-stop shop, you guys are the place.
But you got caught up on the break explaining to people That almost no one of any real size says, no fee in selling it back.
And then you've got all these other services, so explain that.
Yeah, so we deal directly with the depositor.
We don't carry an inventory.
That way, it goes right to the source, you know, right to the basically wholesaler, which is a depository.
So when you purchase, we just take whatever their wholesale price is, we tack on 8%, it's shipped off to them, right?
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To the depository if you have it at home or it's a simple quick phone call or keystrokes and we lock it in like seconds and then we wire you the funds because we are not selling out of our own inventory.
See, Alex, this is an important thing.
When when companies sell out of an inventory, they expect to they can have this big spread between buying and selling and they can amplify their profits.
But when they're on the wrong side of the trade, meaning they bought in a bunch of silver from a client, let's say, and then the next day silver goes down 50 cents, it's like, well, what are we going to do now?
If we sell it at these prices, we're going to lose money.
So they start to play this game of artificially having higher prices, higher spreads, higher commissions.
This is the kind of game when I started Decades ago, never wanted to play that game.
Just make it simple.
Don't carry an inventory, deal directly with the depository, because A, you can validate and verify that the gold and silver that you're getting isn't counterfeit, that it's real, that it's legitimate, and then you don't have this extra fluff that a lot of dealers might be Kind of telling a story about to try to get rid of something that they're on the wrong side of.
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The majority of the time, And to be clear... And you understand every single thing about it.
And you buy all these big, respected, high-quality depositories, but you also know all the good little depositories around the country.
There's a bunch of them in Austin.
You said one of the best.
Anyways, the point is, is that you get delivered there so it's safe it's there, and then you go there if you want to bury it in your backyard or whatever.
You go or leave some at the depository and you take the rest home, or you give it to family, or you put it in a safe deposit box.
The point is, now it's not being delivered to your front door, now it's not on a FedEx truck being robbed.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, here's a strategy, like a splitting of the strategy.
Take a little bit at home.
So if the wheels fall off, merchants don't want our currency anymore, and you need something small for barter, well, you'll have some.
But the lion's share should be stored at the depository where it's ultimately safe.
The depository we use in Shiner, Texas, the Texas Precious Metals Depository, Unlimited insurance coverage on that through Lloyds of London.
So there's, I don't know, 30, 40, 50 insurance companies, you know, carrying that insurance.
But it's in Texas.
Texas has very favorable legislation towards precious metals, where I can't say the same for California, New York, New Jersey, some of these other states, right, that just kind of might buckle under government pressure.
Yeah, you've done all the legwork, all the thinking, you've got the best plan.
People should check it out.
You know, there's an excellent meme that says it all that I just reposted on my ex account at Real Alex Jones for radio listeners to go check it out.
But for TV viewers, I'm going to show it to you and I hope you go to Real Alex Jones and share it.
And we'll actually put it HD on screen for TV viewers.
And it shows Trump at his inauguration in 2021, what it looks like when you win an election, and then below it when Pelosi surrounded the Capitol with thousands of troops and barbed wire fences with Constantino wire, what it looks like when you steal an election.
That says it all.
Going back to Dr. Kirk Elliott here with us, a great economist, also a theologian, really smart guy, KEPM.com forward slash goal.
He's also a great sponsor of ours.
You've sent us a lot of intel, a lot of data, a lot of key clips.
We're going to be going over here, dealing with the digital IDs already been passed in Australia, the WEF 15-Minute Cities, and what that really means.
Let's start launching into this.
Yeah, let's watch this first one on Australia.
This is going to be the beginning of what I think is an ugly trend.
Now, 15-minute cities.
First, let's say, what are they?
Right, so before we start watching these videos, well, it's this globalist World Economic Forum plan to have cities where you can walk or bike anywhere in 15 to 20 minutes.
What is that goal?
To get rid of carbon emissions, to have no cars, so you're going to have all these Millennials and Gen Xers and all Gen Zs and all these college kids thinking, this is utopia!
This is amazing!
Look, we can walk everywhere and it's going to be so cool!
Not so much, because wait till you see some of these videos and what comes next.
So they want to corral everybody, Alex, and then how are they going to basically do the investigation on whether you're complying or not?
That's where central bank digital currencies come in.
So let's watch this first video from Australia.
The bill for an act to provide for the accreditation of entities in relation to digital IDs and to establish the Australian Government digital ID system and for related purposes.
I have to report that the Digital ID Transitional and Consequential Provisions Bill 2023 has been fully considered by the Federation Chamber and has been agreed to without amendment.
I present a certified copy of the bill.
The question is that the bill be agreed to.
I'll put the question.
Those opinion say aye against no.
I think the ayes have it.
No's have it.
Division required?
No division required.
This bill has been agreed to.
No consideration, no actual vote.
They just had the committee decide to ram it through.
So that's the total WF Global's agenda.
Well, and so that's how easy our freedoms can erode.
In one minute, we just saw what happened in Australia.
You know, I saw this meme yesterday and it's like, what does the future of prison look like?
And it was a space, you know, satellite view of Australia, the continent.
It was like, that was it.
That's what prison is going to look like, just Australia, where now digital ID, what is going to be part of those digital IDs?
And I know, Alex, you've talked about this a bunch in the past, but your health records, your passports, your driver's license, your bank accounts, your preferences, everything that you spend money on, it's all there.
It's all there, right?
And so, they just passed this digital ID thing.
Now, to me, that is the beginning of digitizing everything in your life.
Now, the United Nations is meeting in September of this year to basically expose their UN Pact for the Future agenda, which is everything that they've been working on since about 2019.
No, that's not on there.
Hey Doc, I apologize.
I'm sitting here listening to you.
I had the mic live and I was about to call Robin here and ask him for another video clip.
I forgot.
Sorry, go ahead.
No worries.
So, you know, back to 2019 when a lot of this Executive Order 14067 started, where Biden said, hey, we're going to have central bank digital currency in America.
Then you have all the other things that you and I have talked about on previous shows.
And if people want to go back and look, they should watch those things.
The Bank for International Settlements, Project Icebreaker, Project Aurora, Unified Ledgers, You know, programmable money.
This is what this is all about.
So to me, if you have a digital ID, you have to have a digital currency.
That's what comes next, right?
Because that digital ID that's going to be you, it's basically your financial DNA.
It's your kind of political DNA.
It's everything that you are is now going to be part of this big brother world where they know everything.
And with the flip of a switch, they can cut you off.
So this just happened in Australia.
You know what?
Note to self, it's coming here next.
Because we've got other video clips talking about some ridiculous things.
So let's look at video number Three, Alex, that I sent over you about the 15-minute cities in the United Kingdom.
You want to go to the next clip?
Yeah, if we've got it ready, that would be great.
Or else I can just talk about it.
No, no, go ahead and talk about it.
That's the 15-minute cities.
That's clip three.
Yeah, the 15-minute cities, number three, in progressing in the United Kingdom.
So in Oxford, you know, where the big university is, What are they doing?
They've got their first 15-minute city basically up and running and deployed, and here's what they're doing.
And you'll see on the video when we watch it, 11 districts.
So they've separated this 15-minute city into 11 districts.
Now, to be able to leave the districts, you need to get a permit.
It's like, what?
Is this the Hunger Games?
I mean, I'm not joking.
You're walking around, you think this is convenient, you've got all your amenities, your gas station, or not gas stations, there's gonna be no gas, grocery stores, convenience stores, shopping offices, everything within 15 minutes.
And then you need a permit to leave your district that you're assigned to.
Alex, this sounds like the Gestapo when they would put into different sections, you know, the Polish Jews and everything else and Nazi Germany.
It's like, this sounds just like that.
And yet, they're viewing this as some kind of an amazing utopia to help fight carbon emissions.
It's not about that at all.
This is about complete people control.
And let's go ahead and roll now.
Let's go ahead and play clip three.
This is WUF 15-Minute Cities.
Here it is.
This brand new rental community in Tempe has all the amenities.
Fitness center, dog park, outdoor kitchens, but something's missing.
So, there are no cars in this community at all.
Isn't it great?
Cul-de-sac is the first community in the U.S.
designed and built specifically for car-free living.
Co-founder Ryan Johnson says the demand is strong.
Every generation, including 90% of Gen Z, would like to pay more to live in a walkable neighborhood.
Retail, restaurants, and to start nearly 200 apartments all within steps of each other.
No cars means no parking spaces, no garages.
Because we don't have residential parking, it opens us up to have 55% landscape space.
We get to add so much to the neighborhood.
Like social spaces around every corner.
The complex is strategically located right next to the area's light rail system.
All residents get a free pass.
The first 200 also get a free electric e-bike.
Now, Dr. Elliott, I played a clip before you got here, and you were probably busy, but in the first, or start of the second hour, I played a clip of Israel with Netanyahu, and they're going, yeah, you know, we're going to ban beef and ban everything that's bad for the earth, but we've got this lab-grown meat and lab-grown fish that's literally cloned cells that go through all these dirty tubes, and then we're going to spray it out and make you eat it with no regulation.
No control and then we've got Bloomberg famously saying he wants to ban red meat and ban salt and ban soft drinks because then they can ban anything they want.
And now we have Eric Adams saying we're going to track the meat you eat.
Now think about that.
They'll have to be tracking everything you eat to track the meat you eat.
This is total and complete big brother to ban everything.
The Netherlands wants to ban 70% of the farms by 2030.
They already banned 30% of them.
Ireland's banning them.
Sri Lanka's at a total overthrow of the government because eight years ago they started the project.
Everybody's starving to death.
They're cutting off the fertilizer.
They're killing the real infrastructure while they create inflation.
So, government and these private corporations, these globalists are acting like this is all out of control and they don't know what to do, but they're the ones engineering it.
Can you speak to that before we play this clip of Eric Adams?
Well, yeah, so that, I mean, meat done in a lab?
In dirty tubes?
That sounds disgusting!
But that's the new world that they want us to live in, right?
So, because cows are so dirty and toxic to the environment, right?
They emit gases and that hurts the greenhouse effect and all this other nonsense, right?
They want us to eat bugs and like it!
Right, so when Netanyahu is doing that in Israel, the same thing is happening here.
This isn't just a European thing or a Middle Eastern thing.
This is happening here now.
When you look at those rules, people aren't going to comply 100% of the time.
You know, this is just like the Old Testament, when you had Deuteronomy and Numbers and rule after rule after rule after rule.
People break them!
It's human nature, right?
But which is why in the New Testament, You have Jesus that's full of mercy, full of grace, and it covers all of that stuff.
It's like living in this massive rules-based society becomes extremely hard when the rules are coming from the government and not from God, right?
So you look at this, and people will not be 100% compliant all the time, and that's where how do they get the data?
How are they going to be able to tell if you're not compliant by what you spend your money on?
Right, so you've got your digital ID.
That's going to be tracking you, put it in your forehand or forehead or wrist or wherever they're going to put it, right?
So you've got that that's going to track you, but you've got your money, your bank account, which is going to tell you what you're spending your money on.
So if you leave the district, if you leave that cul-de-sac community, they're going to know everything about you.
Well, what are the what are the regulations?
What are the ramifications that are going to come next?
See, Alex, when they control your money, When they control what you buy and sell based on your digital social profile and social credit score, this is how they're going to penalize you.
They don't have to put you in jail.
They just flip the switch and say, you can't spend any more.
You can't spend any more on this stuff.
So look, I know most our audience gets that.
But the point is, it's here in a common people.
I know.
I know, you know, I'm just it's pissing me off.
It's it's right here.
There's, the mayor of New York just gave a speech about how they're going to start monitoring everybody who eats beef.
It's like, what?
I mean, there's a little video clip.
I mean, this is just fantastical level tyranny.
These people are a joke!
They need to all be in prison!
They just injected us with all this poison garbage, Doc!
I know I've never ranted when you're on the air with me, but I mean, this is just outrageous level nanny state tyranny, and it's all designed to make us eat bugs!
Yeah, let's play the clip of the horrible, evil, race-baiting, demonic mayor, who acts like he's against the open borders, but tells the illegal aliens to come there, and then gets all the money, and then when people, like, shoot cops, they let him out of jail.
I mean, it's just crazy!
These are the bad guys!
These are the disruptors!
These are the enemies!
Here he is, he's gonna track meat-eaters!
You know, they made the Jews wear yellow stars.
You know that?
Well, that was wrong.
It was terrible.
This is going on to American meat eaters because it'll take down the whole economy.
They want to feed us their literal crap.
Here it is.
Food is the third biggest source of cities emissions right after builders and transportation.
But all food is not created equal.
The vast majority of food that is contributing to our emission crisis.
Lies in meat and dairy products.
And I got the full articles right here.
He goes on to say they're going to track it now.
So, in fact, guys, pull the article up.
Just type it in.
New York City mayor proposes tracking what meat you eat.
Again, that's the social credit score.
That's on the debit card.
That's on the new QR code.
That's the central ledger.
Eric Adams vows to reduce New York City's food-based emissions at agencies By 33%.
I mean, they're literally going to track and tell you what to eat.
My God, these people, I mean, prisoners in a frickin' prison have more freedom over their diet.
If they have their way.
Well, they do.
See, this is all coming together, Alex, and we can see it.
And we're putting the pieces together.
You have the enforcement arm of these stupid politicians saying, if you do this, well, you're going to get in trouble.
We'll cut you off from your money.
You're going to go to jail.
You've got the corralling of people in these 15-minute cities where you can't leave without a permit.
So much for freedom of choice of anything.
Good grief.
And then you've got the investigatory arms, which is truly now your bank accounts.
Like, what in the world?
How can you say that your bank account is the investigatory arm?
Because it's now digital!
And because you can track with it!
And so this is where all these pieces are coming together, right here, right now, right underneath our nose, and yet...
Hmm, you've got people that put all this stuff together, like Klaus Schwab, and like Jamie Dimon, and like the CEOs of these other places that are all jumping ship right before this happens.
It's like, Alex, do they know?
That this is going to absolutely be a colossal cluster of a rollout, like Obamacare was.
And there's going to be riots and protesting and looting and people are going to revolt.
And they're going to look at the people who put it together and say, we're blaming you.
Where if they get out of Dodge, they got all this stuff put together and now they don't get the blame for it.
That's what I think why these people are leaving.
Well, expand.
I don't think you're right.
I know you're right.
So expanding on that.
If you pull back and look at this, they don't just track what you do with this.
Again, they're able to say you can't have meat right now, you've already gone past your allotment.
And how do I know that?
That's proposed by the environmentalists, anti-humans.
That's proposed by the UN, the WF.
That is in 12-year-old cartoons funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the UN that Play to elementary school children in Canada and the UK called Plannedopolis.
It's a whole series and they say computers and robots run your whole life.
You only get meat on your birthday.
You only travel out of your city once a year.
You live in these controlled cities.
You have to get permission to go anywhere.
Everything is self-driving cars.
This is their damn plan, people!
It's in my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, made in 2007!
That's what's so frustrating.
People keep thinking I'm Nostradamus and I had a vision about this.
And I have had revelations from God, I think we all do at some level.
But 99% of this is their own admissions.
Where the UN World Food Council decides how many calories you get, and drones watch everything you do, and your house is full of cameras.
Well guess what?
All new cars have cameras, by law, and tracker and kill switches.
And cars for 15 years have been putting them in.
It's not coming, it's here.
I mean, there's no refuting it.
I mean, this is the problem, and this is why I want to help bring these solutions of how do you escape a digital world?
I mean, and... By the way, there it is!
Back it up!
CalorieCar, for radio listeners, I'm putting it on screen.
Oh, look, you've got a calorie ration!
I mean, seriously.
In this world, this global utopia, you're not going to have everybody equally wealthy, you're going to have everybody equally poor, and you're going to have everybody equally dependent on the government.
See, this is why I actually think they're letting the banks fail.
Right, I think they're letting banks fail.
So if you remove private capital and the ability for you and I to get a loan for a house or to get a home equity line or to get a personal loan of anything, if the banks have run out of money, people will just do an end run around them and go directly to the government and say, hey, we need this, we need that.
And then what's the government's nature?
It's like, OK.
We'll give you all of this stuff, you just have to vote for us.
And by the way, what you're saying is total nationalization, but it's fascism because a handful of select corporations will then make the money, they'll all be above the law, that is the admitted part.
In fact, back this up ten seconds.
This is the clip from the particular episode of Plandopolis, where you go, oh, you don't get meat, it's not your birthday.
So the little kid's looking at the meat case, and they go, sorry, you only get meat once a year.
Listen to this, here it is.
Well, it won't be long until the little darlings get their career announcements.
They've been working so hard, so I'm sure they'll get something good.
Not that there's anything wrong with fixing carbon scrubbers for a living or anything.
Are you hungry?
Let's pop to the market as we're passing.
Right, what's on the menu this month?
No, not meat.
It's not your birthday.
The Global Food Council are doing a really good job of keeping food production going.
I mean, you don't get the choice you used to, but we're better off than most.
I think it's probably easiest to walk from here.
You barely see a car in a city centre nowadays, unless you're rich.
Well, the state knows they just aren't practical anymore.
We're all trying to meet our global carbon deal.
Electric bikes are so much better for getting around our neighborhood.
And why waste valuable space on car parks when you can use them to grow food?
Now, let's just pause.
This is 12 years ago where they acted like, oh, you'll grow food.
No, you'll get bacteria-cloned meat cells sprayed out of a robot when you even get meat, which isn't meat.
Dr. Elliott, this is pissing me off.
Well, okay, so I've never seen that before, but here's where I'm looking at it.
Twelve years ago, what were the talking points that that stupid cartoon lady said?
Only the rich people have cars.
See, already they're starting the divide, right?
They're starting this division process of the haves versus the have-nots.
They talked about, it's not your birthday, you don't get meat today.
The Global Food Council, or whatever she said, has actually done a really good job about doing this.
Well, this goes into the depopulation that they want for the whole world.
There's not enough food to handle all the people.
So rather than figuring out how to grow more food, they figure, oh, let's just get rid of people.
I mean, everything that she said in there has been in this plan and this agenda that you've exposed a long time ago.
It's all happening right now.
And now we've got vaccines and we've got avian flu and how it's transmitting from birds to humans and this and cows and this has never been... Boy, what is this bad disease actually?
This is really bad.
And so they're preconditioning us to get into stupid vaccines, which may go into the population ...reduction plan that they had in that video from 12 years ago!
That again is made by the UN with the Rockefeller Foundation!
Go watch it folks, at the end it says who funds it!
I mean, these people, and now it's here!
In the clip from Israel, they go, you're not gonna get beef or fish anymore, we're gonna give it to you from cloned fish and cloned meat.
It's not even a fully cloned fish.
Okay, it's a copy of a fish, you know, a clone, whatever.
No, it's cells they make in vats, where it's just, you get 10,000 cells of the same fish, a blob, made by these crazy people, and God knows what they're gonna put in it!
We know what they're gonna put in it!
Burn in hell, globalists!
We'll never accept your tyranny!
Many boffins die.
You can see here the Great Awakening orbiting the Great Reset.
Although the depopulation systems of the Great Reset are not yet fully operational, the Great Reset does have a strong conspiracy network.
It is protected by a satanic shield, which can be disabled by the Great Awakening.
The Great Reset must be deactivated if any victory for humanity is to be accomplished.
Once the Great Awakening deactivates the shield, InfoWars.com forward slash show will cover the truth while Info Warriors fly into the superstructure and attempt to knock out the Great Reset.
Alex Jones has volunteered to lead the fighter attack.
Get a signed copy of the Great Awakening today at InfoWarsStore.com!
At a very instinctive level, I really want these people off our backs.
They're such villains.
I mean, if you knew down the street from your house, the little old lady that you've seen and talked to and helped carry groceries in, was tied up being gang-raped, you would grab your gun, you wouldn't even probably call the cops, you'd go down there and you'd kill their ass.
Well, we can't just go do that with the globalists, because they've got, like, shark teeth, row after row of replacements.
We've got to kill their ideas, we've got to expose them, we've got to remove our support from them, we've got to get control of our governments, and then we're not going to imprison and execute these people once they've had due process, because we hate them!
We're going to do it because we love the good people of this planet, and we're not going to take it anymore.
But when you see unbridled, psychotic evil by the technocrats and the big corporations unleashed on people, folks, if you're not pissed off, something's wrong with you.
And, you know, the old Alex Jones, been on air 30 years, would blow up once a week on air, and it was never fake.
People could tell it wasn't.
And I've really learned to not let myself get angry and try to be What do the Buddhists call it, or the Zen Buddhists?
It's not separated from it.
It's, oh, there's a term I'm looking for.
I'm not a Buddhist.
I've just read the philosophy, and it's detached.
You're still against something, but you're detached from it.
You're not emotional about it.
Well, that's a good coping strategy if you're a trauma surgeon, or you're somebody on the battlefield.
But at the end of the day, folks, the best sports players, anybody, have emotion.
And the best artists have emotion.
And I'm just telling you, I'm really sick of these people.
I've got four children, and I care about humanity, and I like good, decent, wholesome fun.
And man, the people we got running things aren't just evil pedophile jerks.
They really want us eating poison bugs.
They want to take away everything decent, a nice juicy steak.
They want to take away a nice piece of fish.
They told people during the fake pandemic, don't look at the sun.
Don't look at the sunset.
Don't talk to your neighbors all over the place.
Screw these people!
I'm sick of them dictating everything!
I'm tired of their cult!
And I'm not in their cult!
And I want to stop them!
All right.
Doc, you told me you didn't mind if I was ranting.
I'm venting.
I'm feeling a little bit better now.
But I mean, this is me like 10 years ago right now.
I don't know what I'd do if I saw Fauci walking down the street or Bill Gates.
I mean, he's so outrageously evil.
He's such a murderer!
And we need to have, you're a Christian, you're a father, you're a theologian, you're able to be really calm and nice about this.
I know you're pissed off about it, but the thing is, take action, folks.
Resist them, protect yourself from them, expose them.
What do we do biblically, do you think, to just spiritually be able to deal with this?
Well, we can't deal with stuff like this on our own.
You have to, you have to lean on God.
You have to, because when you look at what he is, he knows the beginning from the end.
He knows everything that we're going through.
In the midst of the storm, he brings peace.
It's like he'll bring this calming presence, because you know what?
We know how... Here's the thing, Alex.
We know how this game ends.
And we know who wins.
And the Bible tells us every knee must bow.
The knee of sickness, the knee of disease, the knee of all these things that we're seeing.
And we know what happens to the devil.
Jesus throws him in the pit.
And so we know who wins this.
But here's the thing.
God never told us that this life was going to be easy.
He never told us.
In fact, He told us the opposite.
He said, Jesus said, when, you know, take up your cross and follow me, people are going to oppose you for following me, but you know what?
The end result is going to be better if you follow me than if you don't.
Right, so look at the opposition, take the opposition, but never deviate from that path of following truth and following victory, and that strength of God who created the universe, who put all of His creativity in us, because we were created in His image.
We have to realize we've got that power of God pulsating through our veins every single day because we're created in His image.
And when we do that, we can have confidence that like what Psalms tells us, and we can rest under the shadow of His wings, that the enemy will come near our tent, but they can't come into it, right?
So we're going to be opposed, but know that the end game, the end result is good for those that are following truth.
And I totally agree and history shows it and God's real.
Look at the enemy.
They're all slaves.
Satan always destroys them.
Even before they die, we see them betrayed.
We see them destroyed.
And we see billions and billions of dollars spent by the federal government secretly, with just Walgreens and CVS alone, to not prescribe ivermectin.
So all this evil, you wonder, why are they not giving people the drugs that they now admit works?
Because they wanted to hurt people.
They wanted people fearful.
But it took billions to buy them off to do the evil, and the devil has the control of the purse.
He has the power of the earth right now.
He's the god of this world right now.
But it shows every bit of it is mercenaries working against their own self-interest for a little bit of money.
It's all about money.
It's all about greed.
And here's where money isn't evil.
The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, right?
So these people love money and they love the control.
And you go back to the Founding Fathers.
The Founding Fathers did not want a central bank.
In fact, they warned against it.
If you go back to the Constitution, sound money Was gold or silver.
I mean, it just was.
Because it was real.
It's transparent.
It has accountability.
You can't manipulate something that has to be made like that where you can by printing a red button on a printing press.
So, we're actually, all this garbage that's happening Alex, everything that we've talked about for this first hour, boy, there is things that are being changed right now, right underneath our nose.
For example, Nebraska, earlier this, well, it was the end of last week, basically signed a bill.
Oh, I meant to raise that.
Explain what happened.
It's huge.
Yeah, this is massive.
And there's a couple of things that are starting to happen.
So, last week, Nebraska passed a bill that said when you sell, as an owner of gold or silver, when you sell it, there's no more, basically, state income taxes on gold or silver sales.
Explain why that's so huge.
Explain why that's so huge.
No capital gains tax in the state.
Explain that.
Yeah, so whenever you sell anything, stock bond, mutual fund, gold, silver, it doesn't matter.
You know, when you have a gain, you pay capital gains taxes, short term or long term, you know, they're taxed differently.
But what Nebraska just said is the CBDCs are unlawful money.
The only thing that's actually real is gold and silver, and we're not going to tax Currency transactions.
So therefore, when you sell gold or silver, and let's say you bought silver when it was $17 an ounce and you sell it at $40 an ounce, there's no tax on that gain in Nebraska anymore at the state level.
But now, take it one step further.
This is where in everything that we're talking about, and people have a tendency to put their head in the sands, you know, out of fear, they just want to hide and forget about it and brush it under the rug.
You've got Representative Mooney, U.S.
Mooney from West Virginia, is basically proposing legislation floating a bill that makes gold and silver transactions federal tax-free, right?
So no taxes at the federal level when you sell gold or silver.
That's a U.S.
Representative Putting this in front of Congress.
Now, who knows if it's going to pass or not, right?
But what we have is hope that people are starting to look in this direction of sound money.
That what we have since 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act Is that real?
You can't say that somebody can actually charge the U.S.
interest by printing money out of thin air, by pressing the red button on the printing press, which is what the Federal Reserve does, and count that as real.
But when you control people's money like with central bank digital currency, this is why Nebraska said it's unlawful, The Founding Fathers knew that absolute power corrupts absolutely.
They didn't want this centralized power of banking into the hands of a central bank and these cartel-owning families, right?
They wanted Congress to determine what money was.
They wanted something that was real, something that was tangible.
Now, I was at a meeting last week And you can look at the website TransactionalGold.com.
So, there's a group that's bringing, you know, in Texas, a central bank, state chartered central bank, you know, the depository that has gold that you can attach a debit card to it to get out of the federal system, get out of Fed now, get out of the Federal Reserve, right?
And there's a list on their website on TransactionalGold.com that I was looking at and it's like, I had no idea, and I'm in this business, right, that actually this momentum was being created.
And Dr. Cruz, great, I can't even keep track of it.
You sent me like 50 articles and clips.
I know you sent it to me.
I didn't even send you this one.
I'm just thinking of it off the top of my head.
But TransactionalGold.com, people can look it up and go to active states.
So listen to this list of states, Alex.
Mississippi legislation filed.
Every one of these things that I'm talking about is to make gold or silver legal tender in those states.
Mississippi legislation filed.
Kansas, a hearing scheduled.
Florida legislation filed.
Utah, the study bill was signed.
Arizona, Moved out of committee already, so now next thing you do is it goes to the floor for a vote.
Iowa legislation filed.
Missouri legislation filed.
Oklahoma legislation filed.
Wisconsin and Alaska legislation filed.
It's like, oh my word!
And then you've got other states where it's already legal tender, like Louisiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming.
I mean, this is amazing, Alex, that That this is starting to happen where states' rights are coming to the forefront.
They're opposing the federal government overreach and central banking to actually have gold and silver sound money in these states.
Now you've got Nebraska saying, we're not going to tax We're not going to tax, at the state level, any gains on the sale of gold and silver.
And I'm afraid that Representative Mooney can actually get this bill passed.
I mean, imagine a world where we're going back to sound money.
And so, you know, kind of a little side note, any of you watching this, contact your U.S.
Representative and say, hey, this bill that Mooney sponsored for sound money to not tax gold and silver, have you bother them? Absolutely, and Dr. Elliott, let me just shoehorn something in
here. This shows states' rights are exploding, but bigger than that, and it's still gigantic, but I'd say that's penultimate, paramount in that is that it shows a general education
about getting off the gold and silver standard back in the 1970s, and the fact that it's tied to nothing and people are searching for something real.
So looking at crypto and I think that's part of the basket of things as long as it's a, you know, one that's One of the few real ones out there.
But when it gets to property, and your health, and a relationship with God, and family, and knowing how to skin a buck, run a trot line, knowing how to machine parts, knowing how to be a plumber, doctors.
In a small town, if things collapse...
You don't have to be a doctor, a mechanic, a farmer, a midwife, but you've got to have all those together.
And if everybody has skills, it goes back to us having the skills together to survive.
That's why the globalists want to ban those skills and dumb us down so that only the big corporations have those skills to have full, absolute control to then carry out the depopulation so no one can stand against them.
But this really shows At the state level, all over the country, a huge understanding of that and a real hunger as the central bank digital currencies roll out, as the whole new world order comes in, there is a huge counteraction for every action.
There's an opposite and equal reaction.
Newtonian physics responding to that and it's beautiful and it's exciting.
So what you were saying earlier, we know evil exists, but we know good exists and good is way more creative and way more powerful.
and of God and so have faith folks myself included I get really mad to understand we see this marveling evil you know John Patmos marveled at the
beast was so incredible and evil and big but God is going to then stand up a standard against it
when the enemy comes in like a flood. I mean this is absolutely a hundred percent true and this is so exciting
that the people are waking up This is proof that people are waking up, that legislators are waking up at the state level.
This is just human nature!
Alex, we all get so frustrated when people are controlling us that shouldn't control us, right?
So, with the fact that now state legislators are saying, this should be in our sphere of reference, not the federal government's, let's kick him out!
If the state can do it, this is federalism, this is how it works, this is what the founding fathers envisioned.
If a state can do it, then the federal government shouldn't.
And if it's something the federal government needs to do, like a national defense, then the states shouldn't, right?
So this is a separation of powers.
So can a state have its own bank?
Of course!
Anybody can make a bank, right?
So the feds don't need to do it.
And again, this isn't just patriots.
When you and I were around 30 years ago, Well, 50 years ago calling for this and it was like little weird meetings at hotels with 20 people.
It's now passing legislatures and all and being introduced everywhere at the federal level and it's hot and people get it!
So positive things are happening.
Positive things and and it's You don't even have to be very smart to actually realize that this is really good stuff, right?
So so this is okay.
We've got a couple more videos to watch but one of them the second one that we I want to watch is is your favorite guy in mind Harari and Yeah, let's play clip five first.
You all know Harari or later.
You want to play Dr. Michael Yeadon first, former Vice President of Pfizer?
Let's play the doctor first and then Harari second because that'll be a good one.
Okay, let's play clip one right now.
Here it is.
We are living in a peri-tyrannical situation where there's only two clicks left.
When you are required to have digital ID to move around and have a life, and when cashless central bank digital currencies are the only way you can buy and sell, at that point you've lost your freedom.
If you follow the breadcrumbs to 2030, Anyone can look up the UN 2030 SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals.
By 2030, Britain specifically will have no commercial passenger aircraft leaving the country.
You will not be able to leave.
There will be no ships leaving the country.
You will not own private transport.
You will have a digital ID to do everything, and you will only have electronic money with which to transact.
I would say at that point you are a slave, and because you can see them coming, you should say no.
Say no right now.
And again, he's not lying.
That's the official plan, and then you see Eric Adams of New York saying, we're gonna track via your ID all the meat you eat, and we're gonna start banning it.
I mean...
Again, we have this normalcy bias, Dr. Elliott, that we've lived in relative freedom so long, that now that the most hardcore, insane, satanic tyranny is here, people are like, come on!
And it's here!
Well, people are so used to, I don't know, rogue conservative podcasters talking about Agenda 2030 and it was such a big conspiracy like 15 years ago.
It's like, you guys are just crazy tinfoil hat wearing weirdos, right?
But now, when it's all in front of us, people don't know how to, it's like, I've heard this before.
Was this really real this whole time?
It's like, yes, it was real the whole time.
Alex, when you talk about things, when I talk about things, it's not like we're making it up.
We're just reading off of their own minutes.
My uncle was a high-level boss in secret military operations in Iran-Contra, and he left it and got out of it because they were smuggling kidnapped kids.
Okay, I don't even need to see it in the news today.
I told people over a decade ago about it because he told me when he was dying.
And the guy had like four or five silver stars in Vietnam.
And he could not, he goes, they are Satanists and they rape kids.
And he wasn't involved, but he built airfields and communications for the CIA and the Pentagon.
And he literally knew what was going on and was running communications and was like trying to stop it.
So folks, Again, it's everywhere!
They are Satanists!
You go to the restaurant and feel a little guilty, you order veal, because it's so delicious, but it's a calf!
They don't feel any guilt when they rape children and kill them!
Do you understand, folks?
I mean, Alex, this has been going on for decades.
Decades after decade after decade.
And what was their plan?
To have one world government?
To have one world currency?
To corral people?
To have population reduction?
To have the ability to track you wherever you go?
To get rid of carbon emissions?
I mean, this has been their dream.
Which is why it is weird to me how we started the show with all these people who their dream is now about to become reality are jumping ship.
I think it's because they realize, oh man, people are waking up.
People are waking up, and this guy Trump, he's gonna win!
And he's gonna expose all of it!
I'm out!
So, you look at this kind of stuff, but it's not hard to be, you don't have to be super smart to understand this, when you've got people on the other side that are saying such incredibly dumb stuff.
So, the Harare clip, Okay, he's supposedly some smart scientist.
He's like an evil scientist to me.
But listen to what he says.
This is... Actually, you just have to watch it, and then I've got to explain why.
You all know Harari.
Here's the thing.
He's the high priest at WUF.
He says, resistance is futile.
The human era is over.
The future is not human.
God isn't real.
We're going to create a god.
Humans will all be gotten rid of.
These are all quotes, by the way.
Here's the latest quote.
I look at Bitcoin as a historian.
I don't like it because this is a money built on distrust.
The central idea of Bitcoin is basically electronic gold.
That we don't trust the banks, the governments, so we don't want to give them the ability to create as much money as they like.
So we create this Bitcoin.
It's a currency of distrust.
I do think that the future belongs to electronic money.
But what we've seen over the last centuries is that it's actually a good idea to give banks and governments the ability to create more and more money for themselves in order to build more trust within society.
So, I'm not sure what kind, what money would look like in 20 years or 30 years, but I hope it will be a currency of greater trust and not a currency of distrust.
I mean, truly, that's one of the dumbest, so the first thing that he said, I actually agree with.
That Bitcoin is a currency of distrust.
Yeah, people want privacy, they want decentralized blockchain, they don't want the government snooping in on everything that they do.
It is a currency of distrust, but it's also, you know, they want this growth, it's like, oh boy, but it's so risky.
But anyways, currency of distrust.
The second thing that he said, as I first heard it, I thought, this is the dumbest thing that anyone's ever said.
Other than Biden's Chief of the Council of Economic Advisers that we heard a few weeks ago, when he was just mumbling around and saying nonsense.
But what did Harari say?
I'll paraphrase it.
He said, inflation will bring trust.
It's like, what?
Because he said, allow the government to print money because that'll bring more trust.
It's like, he's insane.
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
He knows he's on the ultra-rich end, so they get first use of it.
So no matter, they'll just give themselves more as it's devalued.
For the average person, it spells curtains!
Yeah, so, but here's what I think... Hold on, we're almost out of time.
Let's do a little bit more in the next hour.
We've got a guest list coming up.
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Silver's up over 40% literally in the last two and a half months.
That trend should continue.
But what Harari said to end this was inflation brings trust, no it doesn't.
What he's using is trust, is he's misplacing that.
What he's saying is- Hold on, we'll have time next hour.
Hold on, we'll have time.
See, I'm trying to get you to plug as a sponsor and you won't even do it.
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They're very empathetic.
That's why you have 4.7 stars everywhere.
Nobody else does.
And again, my problem is not fear.
All right.
My fear is getting too angry.
I just cannot take these people, man.
I just can't wait till God destroys them.
Stay with us.
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All right, we're going to do about 10 more minutes and then the great, he always does a superlative job with his documentation, Jason Burmas never disappoints coming up.
And then the amazing Owen Schroer, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm a little punch drunk from the judge yesterday telling the Democratic Party lawyers, no, I'm not going to shut down InfoWars for you.
I'm going to give it back to Alex Jones.
If you don't settle with him in the next 20 something days.
I mean, that was just wild.
And of course, then they're going to attack with the state courts.
It's just insane.
I mean, it just gets wilder and wilder.
And we just keep trusting in God like the widows might.
And every day it's just back to next day.
But just enough, God keeps going, see, I'm in control.
Here's more runway.
Trust me, here's more runway.
Trust me, here's more runway.
But God always does that, just letting you know, see, it's me.
Doc, I interrupted you because of the break, and I wanted you to plug what you never do.
You're a great guest, but you're also a great sponsor, so I want you to get a great result on people who get prepared.
My God, just since you were coming on with this, gold's up, silver's up 40%.
It's a no-brainer here, but finishing up, you all know Harari and just how full of crap he is as an economist.
You as an economist watching him.
So I'm watching that and I'm thinking, is this guy absolutely nuts?
I mean, he is a smart guy, he's evil, but he's a smart guy.
How could he say that printing money is going to bring trust when so much in our society right now is people can't afford to eat, they can't afford to pay their mortgage or their rent or buy food or do anything, right?
Inflation doesn't bring trust, right?
What is he saying?
This is where I was ending before the break.
He's misusing the word trust.
Because what he's actually saying is, hey, when we print money, we're going to be able to give you Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, handouts, stimulus.
We'll raise the debt ceiling to keep this game perpetuated.
We'll do all of this stuff.
And so then the people will say, Trust?
It's like, I'll tolerate you because you're giving me free stuff.
That's not trust.
That's accepting they're garbage because they're giving you free stuff.
That comes with printing of money excessively.
So, misuse of the word trust, because I don't think he's a dumb guy.
I think he's evil, beyond evil, who has no respect for human life, right?
But yet, He says this and it's like, man, they just said in his words from the World Economic Forum, you know, their biggest evangelist, that we're going to continue to print money.
We're going to continue to make people dependent on the government for all of their needs because the government wants to take the place of God in people's lives.
And that statement, when you dissect what he said, that's what he's saying.
Amazing points.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Check them out.
Go on the site.
Call them.
Get a consultation.
Email them.
Talk to them.
Again, that's 720-605-3900.
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We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with that Joe Biden news he just mentioned.
Stay with us.
Big Joe Biden news.
Alright, Jason Burma's getting ready to take over here in a moment, but Dr. Kirk Elliott mentioned this and it's true.
And this is a lot bigger than a formality or just, okay, he'll probably get on the ballot.
It shows the arrogance.
Biden got rid of any Democrat debates.
He kept all the Democrat candidate challengers off the ballot.
Talk about election theft.
I mean, it's never been done in U.S.
In 240-something years.
And now they didn't even fill out the paperwork in Ohio.
I've got the Yahoo News article right here.
And Ohio came and said, are you going to file the paperwork?
They said, we don't need to file no stinking paperwork, bitch.
Joe Biden.
And they went, all right.
Well, and then they never filed it.
So they didn't put them on the ballot.
The Democrats came back.
I just read the article.
I didn't even know about this.
I just scanned over it.
And they just said, well, you're going to put them on there anyways.
They go, you just violated the law.
And again, this is, this is the, they could have just, it was a, the filing was no money!
But they don't, we don't, we don't fill out paperwork!
Who do you think we are?
We are the Democratic Party, baby!
Governor Kirk Elliott, closing comments on this.
An obscure provision of Ohio law could keep Joe Biden off the ballot.
Top of Yahoo News right now.
What is their major, it's just like, They're starting World War III.
All the threat escalation ladders by the Pentagon and War Games show where they're going is going to cause World War III.
They admit that.
That was the Hill newspaper yesterday.
Experts agree.
Democrats want nuclear war.
I mean, it's like they're doing, it's like you pour gasoline on yourself and light it, you burn up, you know.
You drink five gallons of vodka a day, your liver fails.
I mean, they are just, they're mad dogs, Dr. Elliott.
So you look at this.
They are.
If this were a conservative that tried to pull this trick, I mean, they would say, you're done.
But when it's a liberal that does it, what's going to happen?
You're going to have uprisings.
You're going to have riots.
You're going to have looting.
Because that's how the left operates.
So what they're doing is they're going to create so much civil unrest that what could the end result be?
It's like, there's so much disarray.
By the way, that's a good point.
They probably did this on purpose.
How can we even have an election with all this madness?
I mean, who knows where this goes?
But you know how the left reacts.
They react through protests and riots and looting and destroying people's property.
And if their guy can't be on the ballot, well, that's what they're going to do.
When they tried to take Trump off the ballot, you didn't see that kind of action.
People were upset and mad.
But this is, I think, I would bet that they want this to happen to create an outcry, right, that will actually divide society even worse.
I totally agree.
Well, people need to get silver, they need to get gold, like you said.
You can make even more money on gold, but you steer people away.
You say, get silver, you'll be able to buy so much silver with your profit.
When gold starts making its run, they've been suppressing it.
Clearly, you can get into gold if that's what you want, but it doesn't matter.
It's all just a mode of exchange.
It's a strategic metal.
Explain that in two minutes.
We're going to go to Jason Bermas, how you predicted this.
We were on the air, I guess, seven, eight months ago with us first on this, and now it's happened.
It's gone up, you know, 40%.
Explain Where you're going with this, that you make such profit in silver, then when the gold run starts, you get into gold.
Yeah, so for example, on Friday, silver was up 6.02%, gold was up like 1.9.
The other day, silver was up over 3%, gold was up a little over 1.
See, it's outpacing the growth of gold by almost a factor of 3.
Right, so you keep playing that out in time.
Let's say silver grows three times faster than gold.
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With the end result being, let's redefine wealth here.
Let's stop thinking of wealth in terms of how many paper dollars do you have.
Start to think of wealth as how many ounces do you own or control.
Because they keep going up in value.
Paper keeps being diminished.
The more that they print, the more inflation we have.
They devalue that currency.
Where gold and silver maintain its purchasing power.
So let's look at wealth as how many ounces do you own?
This ratio trading strategy that we implement is a way for you to actually compound your ounces over time.
And Dr. Elliott, in closing, that's what they get from you, not just high-quality gold and silver bullion at a super low fair price with no cost to sell back, which no big company does, and you're the biggest out there because you're the best.
Proof is, you know, in the pudding, the success is the quality.
You're giving people real strategy, not some story about a shipwreck of gold so you're paying double for it or silver.
No, you're giving them a real strategy for success, the best shot they've got out of this whole panoptagon of information.
Everybody should go to KEPM.com forward slash gold or 720-605-3900.
Dr. Elliott, thank you so much.
The interviews just get better and better.
The last one was the best.
The one before that was the best.
I'm not just saying this.
This was a spectacular interview.
Thank you for all the research you did.
We covered about half of it.
We'll talk to you soon.
Sounds good.
We'll see ya.
That was a grand slam, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm gonna tell you what's on my mind.
The only thing on American I'm hearing is the constant parade of attacks by your foul-mouthed, flea-bitten listeners against our noble president.
I am a Biden believer.
And here's what's going to go down in 24.
Biden's going to walk away again, wiping the floor with Trump like he did in 2020.
Because America believes in Biden.
Hollywood believes in Biden, like Mark Hamill.
And we all know that Trump is going to try to cheat.
But it's going to go down in flames.
And all I hear is the anger and the bitter and your I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
to terms with the end of white cisgender Christian America as we rise, rise, the pink haired warriors, the non-binary warriors, the transgenders, we're rising and we're gonna sweep you aside.
I wanna talk right to your listeners right now, the frightened middle-aged white man clinging to his guns and his religion and his money and his privilege. Get ready, baby,
Because pretty soon, you will be swept aside in the new order of things.
And you know what that new order is?
It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come together and live together.
And yes, there will be coming.
Yes, there will be Sharia law, because you don't understand.
Queers for Palestine, together forever strong.
We are coming together in a coalition, one big, great big coalition, that will win a day in 2024, when you're all crying, when you're all Because you're lost again.
It's a new dawn in America with a rainbow, a transgender rainbow sweeping across the land to sweep you aside into obscurity.
The time of the white cisgendered man is over.
Your privilege card has been revoked.
You will accept the new refugees, the new Americans.
And here's the secret.
We're in charge.
We tell you what to do.
So get ready.
Get ready to give up your guns, give up your gold, give up your privilege, and accept the way things are now.
The pink-haired warriors are here, and we're not going anywhere.
You will not legislate us out of existence.
You will not put us back in the closet and we will not be quiet.
Free, free from your oppressive grip.
Put your head on us and tell you what?
I'm a Biden believer.
When Biden smiles, the sun shines.
When he weeps, the rain falls.
His strong hands lift up the oppressed and his foot stomps on the white supremacists.
So this is how it's going to go down in 24.
Joe Biden's going to be back for four more years and then Kamala Harris for eight.
And then Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Glad to be back.
Glad to be with you.
I want to talk about interesting developments this week in terms of the document that recently was produced by the Vatican that deals with apparitions, that deals with phenomena such as demonic manifestations.
The idea of even perhaps alien visitors, ETs, how this plays into a larger scale deception that we would link, I think, to, believe it or not, weird sexual deviancy.
So I'll be giving a talk on June 22nd in Las Vegas.
It's going to be a fun talk where we get into the history of espionage, the history of Geopolitical power and control.
We're going to have other speakers as well.
It's not just me.
I'll be talking about religion, technocracy, sexpionage, spiritual forces.
We'll have Made by Jim Bob, the cartoonist, with us.
My wife Jamie will be giving a talk on Hollywood occultism.
Isaac Weishaupt will be there giving a lecture on Eyes Wide Shut.
And it's going to be a lot of fun.
We'll have merch and everything.
You get the tickets on my Twitter at the top of my Eventbrite.
The top link there is the Eventbrite link.
So I want to go into a little bit of history because, as we said, to give a little context, we had this recent mention of aliens, which is odd timing because, of course, we've seen so much to do with aliens and spirituality in congressional investigations, so-called whistleblowers, so-called leaks.
At the same time, however, we've had a consistent expose that's been done for many years in documentaries like Mirage Men.
Where you have people from counterintelligence that come out and say that this is really a psychological warfare phenomenon that is used for social engineering, for covering up operations, giving it an alien cloak, smokescreen, and really to distract from perhaps even black market illegal operations.
So, what's the real endgame there?
What would be the purpose of that?
Well, I think that If we look at the bigger picture, let's go back to history to the ancient mystery religions, the ancient cults, how they would control people.
This is a portion of the lecture that I'll be giving when we do our live event, so you get an idea of what I talk about.
We go back to the ancient empires of the world.
There was a very obscure scholarly text written called Origins of the Intelligence Services by Francis Dvorak.
He was a famous Eastern Catholic scholar.
And in this text he covers the history of espionage going back to the great empires of Egypt.
He talks about the beginning of the text, the empire of Amenhotep.
And he says that Egypt was really, really good at developing the idea of secret police.
The spies, however, in his take We're intimately linked to the state cult of Pharaoh.
So even at that time, they understood at a very sophisticated level that the intelligence apparatus, the espionage information gathering network needed to be connected to The cultists of Pharaoh of the state.
That's because, of course, he had a divine status and so to have this network of spies would be very crucial to backing up this almost claim, you could say, of omnipresence and omniscience, right?
So, in other words, if Pharaoh could claim that he had this divine status and power, but in reality had a network of spies who could give him, you know, inside information, That could help to bolster the lie that he was, you know, Ra on Earth or whatever, or the manifestation of Ra.
In the ancient world, spies were also intimately connected to being mailmen.
The original spies were mailmen and they were the postmen and deliverers of the news or the cryptograms of the king to, you know, rival Army's or to to traffic the secret information, whatever, and they developed pretty sophisticated cryptology at that time.
There's a famous Caesar cipher, I think is a well-known cipher that Caesar used for his intelligence communications.
So, the spies in Babylon, for example, were closely tied to the God of the roads.
In other words, there's an intimate connection between espionage and the cult and the divination of the roads because They think about something like Mercury.
I know Mercury was not a god of Babylon, but Mercury is the deity that pertains to information and the trafficking of information and speedy information.
Spies of the king were believed to be able to see all and know all as a result of this inside info.
So tying spying to the cultists again was key.
And massive empires were able to thus amass vast wealth, vast intelligence of spy networks and control through advanced information.
If we go to scripture, you might be surprised.
Back in the 1970s, the CIA actually did a study on biblical presentations of espionage.
And so a lot of this occurs in the Old Testament, obviously, but also in the New Testament text as well.
We have, for example, Joseph Being accused of being a spy in Genesis 42 when he's in Egypt.
We have the story in Judges 13 of Ehud getting information and becoming an assassin to kill the Moabite King Eglon.
In Numbers 13, Moses sends out Joshua to spy on the Canaanites.
Joshua in turn sends spies to spy on Jericho and Joshua too.
Did you forget Judas?
Judas was actually kind of an informant for the Sanhedrin.
In the New Testament.
So what's interesting too is that this fascinating 19, it's the Studies in Intelligence is the text in the 1978 issue of the CIA's official journal.
They forgot one interesting element in the Bible which is one of the best and that's the honeypot known as Delilah.
Delilah was actually a swallow, a sex operator for the Philistines.
So essentially they forgot that story.
And that plays heavily into a lot of the information that we've talked about recently on my channel on YouTube and Rockfin.
I've been lecturing on the history of sex espionage in this excellent 90s book that I found.
It's got a sort of a very 90s CNC Music Factory video cover here.
But this is a great overall assessment of the history of sex espionage and blackmail, which turns out, if you remember Alain Whitney Webb's text, such as Volume 2, for the essence of this with Epstein, this is a crucial element to how governments and leaders are controlled in our day.
Not just government leaders, but also religious leaders.
Perhaps popes have been compromised and blackmailed.
Perhaps that pertains to why, you know, Benedict stepped down.
We know in a lot of these texts we have a long history of meetings between Kissinger, CIA heads such as Colby, such as Other heads under Reagan meeting with the papacy on regular intervals, both John Paul II and Paul VI.
So, there shouldn't be anything really surprising that in today, there's no difference with the ancient world and today's world with this relationship between the espionage operatives, the blackmail operatives, the Swallows and the Ravens.
That's just a male seducer.
A little more, that's more rare than the women.
Women obviously are more prominent in terms of seducing and being swallows.
But this is an ancient thing and we shouldn't be surprised because this is how the world is ruled today.
When we dive into a lot of these big famous, big fat historical texts, whether it's Tragedy and Hope by Dr. Carol Quigley or MI6 by Stephen Dorrell, another big fat massive history of British intelligence operations.
We find out that a lot of revolutions have actually been funded, aided and fostered, not just by the money power, by elite banking houses and so forth, but actually also through sexual degeneracy.
In fact, it was crucial to the French Revolution that sexual degeneracy sort of be allowed to have free reign.
And I'll give you an example.
There was another famous operative of the Frankfurt School named Wilhelm Reich.
Well, Wilhelm Reich, even though he's not at the time of the French Revolution, he expresses the idea here very well, because he says that in order to ultimately destroy patriarchy, what we'd have to do is unleash total sexual freedom and liberation.
Now, he was saying this again before, if I recall, in his writings, the Frankfurt School, prior to the 1960s counterculture.
And he was explaining, look, you're not understanding that The real way to have revolution is not through ideas.
It's not through the news or through music or pop culture.
The real way to have liberation and change in society, to revolt, is to unleash man's passions.
And the most base passion being, of course, the sexual desire.
By base, I don't mean that it's evil in itself.
I just mean that it's the most more fundamental.
It's at the base, right?
Food and then sex, right?
At the base of humanity's Maslow hierarchy of needs, right?
And so if you can unleash that, if that can be a kind of a weapon, you can weaponize that, that's tremendous power.
Now, Wilhelm Reich wasn't the first to realize this.
In fact, British Fabian socialists had realized this a hundred years before, in the 1880s and 1890s.
And not just British famous socialists.
In fact, in this excellent history text from historian Richard Bower, excuse me, Donald Bower, there's a famous chapter on, there's a chapter on a famous Japanese general named Kenji Doihara.
And Kenji Doihara was sort of the master spy of Japan in the early 1900s, 1904, 1905 era.
And he figured out that the best way to run his operation was to weaponize two key vices, sex and drugs.
So, way before 1960s counterculture, Kenji Doihara had figured out that he could pimp out his sister, who happened to be an attractive Japanese maiden, and he pimped her out and made her a sex operative to Chinese rulers in the various Chinese provinces.
Not only that, he figured out that if you flooded China with opium, same idea that the British Empire had, well, Kenji Doihara had the same idea, Not only would he create a network of drug addicts and sort of debase the Chinese culture, he would also be able to create a vast network of spies.
Because if the spies that were informants for him, if they were dependent on his opium, he forever had them enslaved.
And the story is that eventually, he was able to march into China and very easily took over many, many provinces without much opposition because of the cultural warfare and debasement.
Likewise, the Russo-Japanese War, Kenji Doihara ended up getting advanced intelligence, at least the story is, through his houses of ill repute that Russians had visited.
So, the Russian soldiers visited these Asian pleasure domes and talked too much, and this cost them the Russo-Japanese War.
Of course, later on, Chiang Kai-shek came to power, and he's actually who put Kenji Doihara to death. But this is a famous example in history of figuring out from the
vantage point of nation-states and warfare that these are key elements to wage not just kinetic, physical tank-soldier warfare, but culture war to degrade, to weaken, and to destroy
a power so that it can be taken over by a new power.
And this is kind of a cycle of history.
But we live in this weird era, this weird malaise where people think that this doesn't exist anymore.
You know, I talk to a lot of people and many of them are, you know, Gen X, millennial, younger, and they often express that the older generations have a really hard time accepting that this is happening and going on, especially the boomers, which is odd to me because every boomer I've ever known loves war stories.
They love to talk about World War II and espionage and the Civil War and this and that.
OK, but all of those Wars centered around advanced intelligence.
In fact, some of the key World War II battles were lost due to sexual compromise and intelligence.
If you didn't know that, I'll be lecturing and talking about that on my channel from this text.
Some of the most famous spies in the world in the history of espionage.
Such as Soviet agent Richard Sorge.
Richard Sorge was a double agent for the Soviets who infiltrated the Hitler's spy networks.
And he was very successful for a long time and he ran many prostitutes and hoes underneath his operation.
And ironically, he ended up falling to an Asian dancer named, I think her name was Osaki?
No, Kiyomi.
So he was entrapped by another Asian spy and ended up being exposed as a Soviet operative.
It's a famous operation and then Soviet counterintelligence known as SMERSH ended up killing the dancer as well.
But you see that these famous cases, and by the way, if you get into the famous Cambridge spy operations, even mainline history when it comes to Philby, Blunt, Burgess, McLean, all these characters, They weren't just gays.
They were actually, many of them, pedos.
They were part of the Cambridge Apostles pedo gay network.
And even Boer in his historical text noted that the assessments of those guys at that time by various psychologists and psychiatrists, and why would these people betray, you know, queen and country?
Why would they do this?
And the assessment of the psychiatrists and psychologists at the time is that, well, they were homosexual narcissists, and they had no loyalty except to their desires.
And so this made them, as sexual deviants, prime targets for compromise.
So all of that Cold War espionage was really just a bunch of Skittles, fake and grey stuff.
It was all fake and gay, is what I'm saying.
I say it's fake like it didn't happen, but what I'm saying is that that's what's really going on.
And it's no shocker then that the same thing would be going on today, at a large scale, with large-scale sexual entrapment.
Of key leaders all over the world.
And not just that, assassinations.
We just saw the attempted assassination very recently.
Most likely due to his stance regarding Putin and the Ukraine situation.
But again, this entire Cambridge spy network, it's the most famous spy case in the history of Britain during the Cold War in the 1960s, was actually a big gay pedo-ring.
That's why it was so Prominent and so powerful and so devastating.
So you understand that you can't have a totally libertarian idea of I just want my freedom for me and myself and I don't want anyone else imposing cultural collective values and norms on me.
That's not possible.
You can't have a successful society that operates that way.
There has to be some kind of collective binding force, some kind of collective religious idea.
It cannot be reduced to a purely pleasure-centered moral calculus view, which we find in people like Jeremy Bentham and these Enlightenment utilitarian thinkers.
And by the way, Bentham was also himself a pedo, so it's interesting to note that the key figures that promote these ideas tend to also be compromised sexual deviants.
So this is old tricks.
You have to understand that everything that's running us today, it's all old tricks.
In fact, the Federal Reserve itself, did you know that came to be not just because Edwin Mandel House was working as an operative for the Rothschild-Milner circles out of the UK and the Bank of England?
That's true.
But the means by which he was able to ensure that Woodrow Wilson would go along with that was because he was sexually compromised.
In fact, this is mainstream news in the Washington Post.
President's secret letters to another woman that he never wanted public.
That ensured that Woodrow Wilson would definitely go along with the private Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve Act as was planned.
In fact, Colonel Edwin Mandel House wrote a famous book called Philip Drew Administrator.
Where he has a figure behind the scenes controlling a puppet world leader.
In other words, he's writing in a prideful way about what he himself was doing.
And so ultimately we find that this is nothing new.
This has been studied by war colleges.
A very powerful deep level for scientific technocratic ends.
That's why there's so much degeneracy by design.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Don't go anywhere.
We will be right back going into history.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Appreciate you joining me on this deep dive into history.
Be sure and follow me over on X. If you look up Jay Dyer, I'll pop up there.
And follow me on all the other forums that you can, Instagram, YouTube as well.
And we're talking about compromise at a high level.
In fact, you know, we were talking about the Cambridge sparring and Phil being blunt and Burgess McLean and all those guys and how at that time the media was asking, how is it possible that so many compromised sexual deviants were able to get into the power structure and able to get into these key sensitive government positions?
And they failed to realize that it wasn't accidental.
It wasn't happenstance.
It wasn't just all, well, we all, everybody just messed up.
All the boobs, the boobs that we voted in, we just got to vote all the boobs out.
No, it was by design.
In other words, people have studied criminology to such an in-depth degree and for the purpose of weaponizing criminal operations that you can actually set up a government, set up a control structure that's almost foolproof To be run by corruption.
I'm not kidding.
I met with, I had a dinner with a lawyer one time, a prominent person, I won't name him, but he was involved in a foreign case where he was consulting and analyzing what's called the Brazilian car wash scandal.
If you look up the Brazilian car wash scandal, you'll notice it's famous because it's one of the most famous cases of government corruption.
The whole government was essentially a giant self-funding and self-perpetuating Perpetual motion machine of corruption literally run running this way and there just happened to be one guy in the chain of command that messed up that he left a car at a car wash or something by accident that he rented and there was information in the car this ended up bringing down the entire
I believe it was the Brazilian government at the time.
It was like the 90s, I think.
So it's called the Brazilian Car Wash Scam.
And the architect of this was this individual that the security forces had called the Italian.
He was named the Italian.
And apparently he had studied organized crime and criminal operations and structures.
For a really long time, and actually he went in and sort of helped them construct this compromise blackmail structure that ran the entire government for many years.
It was an almost a foolproof system.
It was very compartmentalized.
So in other words, the real estate sector, the construction sector, the business, other business sectors, et cetera, but political sector, they were all involved.
They were all compromised, but it was compartmentalized and they didn't know the other people who were involved, but they all were.
It was a very ingenious structure.
And people like Kissinger and Brzezinski and others, in reality, I know they passed on, but they're key examples of this, especially if you look at, for example, Kissinger and how he ran and compromised the Italian government during the Cold War through Licio Galli and the P2 operations.
It's the exact same structure that we're talking about.
In fact, I asked this person, I said, this sounds like the way that the Compromise in Italy occurred and he said it's exactly like Gladio.
The same structure that was set up there.
And by the way, if you looked into remember the FTX collapse, that was almost a 2.0 version of the same type of structure.
So it's like shells within shells within shells.
Compromise within compromise.
You have a compartmentalized information.
And the money sort of bounced around, and in the case of FTX, it was all just, they didn't have the actual Bitcoin and the other cryptos on hand.
They were just saying that they did, and so people kept funneling money in, and it ended up being a giant Ponzi scheme, you know, money laundering operation, and it all collapsed eventually.
Well, ironically, that's kind of the way the entire BIS, Federal Reserve Global Banking System itself has run.
It's run as a giant.
Criminal enterprise is compartmentalized and is a giant Ponzi scheme.
And if you heard Daniel Esselin's interview yesterday with Alex, that's essentially what he was saying.
And if you've watched my channel the last week, I've been lecturing on the exact same stuff.
We've gone into a lot of history with Bitcoin, why that's a big part of the solution here.
Gold and silver are also great.
I'm not casting shade on gold and silver.
I think all of these are great models and alternatives that we can use as we go into the future as the existing fiat debt-based usury system begins to implode.
And so don't ever forget those great books like Confessions of an Economic Hitman, right?
Because that gives us an insight into the window into how this corrupt system works.
Don't ever forget books like Crossing the Rubicon, which although I think Michael Ruppert went a little haywire towards the end of his life, at least in that book, which is one of the earliest books written on 9-11, he was able to piece together the entire global drug trade, the entire zombie banking system, and the fiat derivatives based system.
And 9-11 into a coherent picture and how it all relates.
And actually, this even goes back further to the savings and loan crisis.
This goes back to, you could say, the creation of the Federal Reserve.
Ultimately, it's the post Bretton Woods BIS, Bank for National Settlements, international banking structure, which is all run With a frontispiece of legitimacy and men in suits and giant skyscrapers, but in reality is a bunch of scams, Ponzi schemes, zombie banks, etc.
And it's only a matter of time until it collapses.
Now, I don't know.
We don't know.
It's not necessarily, but it might be a gradual collapse and descent.
We might wake up in, you know, another stock market crash as we saw, you know, back in the heyday after the Federal Reserve is created.
Isn't that interesting?
You get the Federal Reserve and not too long after this boom bust, you get the boom, then you get the bust.
And according to Dr. Quigley, there's an actual design behind the boom bust cycle.
If you read Tragedy and Hope.
It's not all accidental.
It's not everything's all chaos.
It's also not the case that the elite control every single thing.
They're not omniscient, they're not omnipotent.
But we're beginning to understand and see just how insidious and just how universal at least the attempt on the part of the octopus control structure is in terms of controlling and having their fingers in everything.
Full spectrum dominance is what we're talking about here.
So if you remember, as I said, in 1912, so a year before, The Federal Reserve.
And before that act, on the part of, under the administration of Woodrow Wilson, his handler, Colonel Edwin Mandel House, wrote the book, Philip Drew Administrator, which is a story about a man who leads a revolt against the U.S.
and through this revolution, throws out the Constitution, makes himself an administrator, and gets rid of the idea of nation states and national governments to reflect his own control structure view of government.
So, a year before 1913 in the Federal Reserve Act.
So, ultimately these international institutions that we've seen set up, right, throughout the last several decades, going back to 1920s and 30s, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Aspen Institute, all of these things, OSS, CIA, MI6, Mossad, NATO, all of these, League of Nations, United Nations, RIA, Chathouse, Or Chatham House, Pratt House, all of these things are part of this superstructure.
And the superstructure runs both on a public face of legitimacy, legitimate operations, and a back end of black operations, money laundering, zombie banks, Ponzi schemes, scams.
Every now and then we get a window into this again when these things collapse.
For example, in Operation Gladio, several of these big banks, Vatican Bank as well, got outed and some of these banks connected to it collapsed.
Banco d'Ambrosio in Italy, one of the biggest banks in Italy, collapsed and all of the pension funds of the workers have been stolen by this criminal syndicate.
Daniel Esselstyn mentioned Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
Remember when he got outed?
Remember that whole drama back in the day?
Remember Bernie Madoff?
Remember, on and on and on, we see constantly scams, Ponzi schemes, they get outed, the things collapse.
Enron, remember Enron collapsing?
It's not just banks, it's giant, big corporations too.
The woman with the weird voice who tried to create the The test that could test to see if you had diabetes or whatever.
Forget her name, but she ended up being a multi-billion dollar fraud as well.
Theranos or whatever it was called.
So on and on and on, we see these things come out and then we think, oh, well, that's a one-off.
There's just going to be these bad apples.
No, you don't understand.
The whole system is a bad apple.
It's just a matter of time.
When that will be, I don't know.
Infallibly, no, when things will collapse.
But one thing we do know is that it can't go on forever.
You can't.
Every fiat-based currency ever has gone to zero.
The dollar is not going to be the one magical thing that doesn't.
And we've already far departed from having anything to back the dollar other than faith and confidence in the idea of America.
So who even knows what's in Fort Knox, right?
Remember for Ron Paul for years and years and years calling for an audit of the Fed?
Do we ever get an audit of the Fed?
So we don't even know what's going on.
We just know there's basically infinite debt that can never be paid off.
So understand that whether it's sexpionage or whether it's blackmail and compromise in other ways, whether it's paying people off, our system is run by total corruption.
And it only gets worse and worse and worse as long as we pretend And we listen to the conning gatekeepers who pretend and act like there are no conspiracies.
There are no large-scale global corruptions.
CIA is not up to anything bad.
The international elite are not doing anything.
There's no international elite.
It doesn't exist.
The sort of daily wire talking points that you always get.
Stay away from the conspiracy people.
They don't know what they're talking about.
And yet, we've been vindicated over and over and over.
Feminism was a CIA-promoted operation.
Especially under Gloria Steinem.
Does Khan Inc.
ever talk about that?
Did they ever talk about going back to patriarchy?
No, they just criticize feminists.
They criticize the low-level idiot college students.
But they will never talk about the real entities, the real institutions that promote and push these.
Do they ever talk about NGOs, think tanks?
No, they don't talk about any of that.
It's always directed at the idiots on the street and never the power structure that pushes these things.
So if you want to blame anybody for why things get worse, you can blame the power structure and these power block entities.
And you can blame Con Inc.
as the gatekeepers that tell you endlessly that there's no conspiracy and there's nothing wrong and you're an idiot if you question this.
So, those are the two people that you can blame for why everything gets worse and worse and worse.
It's their fault.
Because they're liars and they're paid off.
So, if you don't understand education is co-opted, if you don't understand the media is co-opted, if you don't understand that things like the New Age Movement are fostered and funded by these top elite think tanks on purpose to promote Christ Consciousness, all this meaningless, weird, bizarro stuff, literally out of the United Nations.
I mean, I have the guy's book right here.
Reflections on the Christ.
David Spangler.
Christ Consciousness.
What does that even mean?
I have no idea what Christ Consciousness is.
Oh, well it turns out Lucifer is Christ and God.
According to UN promoted New Ager Christ Consciousness aficionado David Spangler.
Lucifer and Christ are God.
That's basically what he's saying.
I mean this is like Charles Manson level theology.
So beware of Christ Consciousness when you hear people talking about this.
Because we don't know what that, what does that mean?
I don't know what that, I mean, that terminology comes out of the UN and David Spangler, so I know what that means, but I don't know what you mean when you say Christ Consciousness.
Are you talking about this?
You don't want the United Nations and all this nonsense?
So all of these entities, all of these things, again, are not just in the political, we always think about this as a political sphere.
Now you understand that Powerful religious leaders have also been compromised.
There's abundant amounts of scholarly literature and historical literature on this.
Of course, people just don't know this, and they don't think about it, and people don't read anymore.
People used to have personal libraries that they would go to and reference things and read.
Now, oh, no, we trust everything on the Internet.
Oh, really?
Well, have you noticed they're starting to ban movies and books?
They're calling for the banning of, the censoring of movies and books.
Lord of the Rings, 1984.
And now it's moving into movies.
They're putting up warnings.
Oh, you're going to get triggered if you watch Gone with the Wind.
Oh, you're going to get your feelings hurt.
Not a safe space if you watch Blazing Saddles.
And we're not very far from those things being banned.
So this is why you have physical copies of things.
Books are going to be very valuable in the near future.
I mean, if they aren't mandated to be burned, Like Fahrenheit 451, right?
If you haven't read Bradbury's novel, it's also very important.
By the way, in Fahrenheit 451, if you remember his wife, who is this sort of brainwashed drug adult, she takes the state-mandated big pharma pills every day because she can't handle the reality.
She spends all of her time doing what?
Do you guys remember?
Have you read Fahrenheit 451?
She spends her day not talking to or interacting with her husband.
She has a surrogate family that she interacts with on her social media screen.
Yes, Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 essentially predicts the atomization that occurs through social media.
Meanwhile, the main character, He's tasked with burning t