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Name: 20240523_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 23, 2024
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In this passage, the speaker talks about politics and economy, expressing support for certain aspects of Trump's policies while acknowledging his imperfections. The main focus is on the economic system, highlighting the role of Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, WTO and their interconnectedness within Bretton Woods system. The speaker criticizes Bush Sr. and Clinton administration's approach during the dissolution of Soviet Union as "ideological thievery." He warns about the impending collapse of current economic system due to a global debt of $4 quadrillion, which can only be written off through force majeure events like war. Daniel Estulin predicts civil war in the US due to conflicting interests between globalists and uber-globalists, while Alex Jones emphasizes men's role as proactive leaders in protecting their families from threats. The speakers also discuss the importance of micronutrients and supplements in health and healing.

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You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Thursday, May 23, 2024.
For decades, those with eyes to see have been aware of chemtrails in our skies.
And for decades, we were called conspiracy theorists.
But in 2016, while serving as director of the CIA, John Brennan admitted that chemtrails are real at the Council on Foreign Relations.
Another example is the array of technologies, often referred to collectively as geoengineering, that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.
One that has gained my personal attention is Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels.
This process is also relatively inexpensive.
The National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.
In 2007, it was announced that nano-sized particles, known as smart dust, can be dispersed over the battlefield via aerial spraying.
The military has contracted several multinational corporations to develop wearable biosensors.
Biosensors and smart dust can become something known as body dust that can spread inside the human body as an active network capable to provide telemetry from inside the body for the use of monitoring humans.
There is a patent for using polyethylene glycol derivatives as a way to modify the weather.
The same substances used in the COVID-19 lipid nanoparticles.
These polymers can be integrated with biosensors and soft robotics for smart materials.
Materials that can be modified by external stimuli.
Soft Robotics is a subfield of robotics that utilizes compliant materials rather than rigid ones, such as the hydrogels found in the experimental COVID shots.
DuPont is manufacturing elastomers for fast-moving soft robots and have developed the fastest DEA-driven soft robots ever reported.
Designed for biosensing, interacting with biological entities, and actuating on a cellular level.
In her recent article, Smart Dust, Biosensors, Polymers for Geoengineering, and the Multinational Corporations that Manufacture Them, Dr. Ana Maria Milchia points out that these are the transhumanist technologies that will be giving AI enormous amounts of data, as Bill Gates said, to understand 100 trillion organisms.
She also points out the important fact that the elastomers being fabricated by DuPont for this soft robot technology are made of the exact same chemicals found when analyzing the mesogens, a compound that displays liquid crystal properties, found in targeted individuals.
And they appear to be the same compounds she found in the blood of the vaxxed, as well as the blood of the unvaxxed, which appear to be the same structures used as part of electronic circuitry in self-assembly nanotechnology.
SmartDust is a system of tiny microelectromechanical systems that can detect light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, or chemicals.
They are operated wirelessly on a computer network, can be used for medical or military surveillance purposes, and can be dispersed through the air via chemtrails, which would greatly go unnoticed by the sleeping masses who have come to accept them.
When combined with the messaging soft robot technology, which has already been found in several blood samples of unwitting victims, they could create a means of monitoring and controlling the entire human population.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
This is an excellent report.
Look, there's no doubt we're being colonized by nanotech.
It's like the Johnny Depp movie 15 years ago, Transcendence.
That's how you take over.
This is modern warfare.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, May 23rd, 2024.
I am your embattled host, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
I am Alex Jones.
All right, I was sitting here at the start of the first five minutes of the show that some stations don't carry.
When I aired a new Greg Reif's report, he's been doing a superlative job on the nanotech colonization of the entire biosphere, not just humans, by the globalists.
And if you go back to the 90s, Ray Kurzweil, who is the chief futurist over at Google, that is the main dominant company of the New World Order, Of all of them, it's the most important, undoubtedly.
You have the private central banks that own and control the system, but as a company, it's the deep state, it's the tip of the spear, it's the jewel on the crown, it's the new world order, it's the whole shooting match.
All they talk about is how, by the year 2020, they would colonize us with nanobots.
And they talked about the fact, I played a clip last week, that they'd have regulatory agencies that kept us safe from the bad nanobots.
And so this has been the plan the whole time, and they have movies like Transcendence in 2014, nine years ago or ten years ago, with Johnny Depp, where he just transcends and becomes dust that is in the atmosphere, and he becomes part of our bodies, and we all become him, and we all merge together.
So this is their religion, this is their final war, this is their takeover.
And they are infecting us with thousands that we know of, of different variants, And it's growing in our bodies.
It's growing in our brains.
It's making us very, very sick.
And it's killing hundreds of millions of people.
Not just the poison shot rollouts.
And that is the universe in the world we live in today.
Now there's obviously mitigating systems to remove these or to at least negate them.
And there's many different spectrums and types of them.
But one of their favorites is the giant Spike protein.
All viruses have a spike protein to try to get through the cell membrane.
Or in the case of plants, cell wall.
That's why plants are really tough, because they have a wall, not a membrane.
And it's one of their favorites, and they've cloned it and made it even more deadly, toxic, and they've infected everybody with that.
It's not just in the mRNA shots, it's in basically everything now.
And now it's mainstream news.
We reported about a year ago that they're also putting the mRNA injection in most of the other vaccines.
When you go in to get a shot, you think you're getting a tetanus shot, but they'll mix that in with it because they get paid money to do it.
And so, this is a full-on, total and complete assault.
And it's a rape.
It is a...
Biological takeover.
And we can sit here and talk about all the other things happening in the world that's dehumanizing us and making us sick and making us fight with each other, but all of it is to destabilize the old universe, the system God made, and have this forced takeover of our bodies, and of our will, and of our psyches, and finally imprison us in enough of an artificial system to trick us to then give up our free will and our soul.
And that's really the best quantification or boil down of what this is.
And it isn't aliens from a distant star system coming here and taking us over.
The classic plot of a movie.
Putting chips in us or putting slugs in our ears or, you know, things like that that take us over.
Alien laying eggs in our stomachs.
Or the thing taking over our cell by cell.
It's the scientist.
And you've got to hand it to them.
I mean, they came up with the internet plan in the 50s, the intergalactic communication system, and they described when they declassified it in 61, the whole plan to have little handheld computers as soon as they could develop them that would track everything we did.
This is the Borg.
This is, you will assimilate.
Resistance is futile.
You will be absorbed.
So, That's the reality and people ask how I take all the attacks and how I take all the stress and you know really none of that is even on the Richter scale other than the frustration of battling to stay on air to warn people.
And I know I'm right.
The globalists brag about their plan.
You all know Harari, Klaus Schwab, all of them say the future is not human and humans are obsolete and that all humans are bad.
But they're now teaching carbon is bad.
So we don't just have Al Gore and Tony Blair and John Kerry in video clubs and other WF luminaries.
We have Ted Rose of the World Health Organization saying food is bad.
Normal food production is evil.
Even rice growing, just rice growing in mud is bad because they flood the paddies with water.
It is swamp.
That's what rice grows in and then methane forms in the mud.
And mud is bad.
And CNN says we need to cut trees down.
They're bad.
They put off oxygen and carbon dioxide.
And Bill Gates, you can play the clip if you'd like me to.
I've played it probably 20 times.
He said late last year that, I'm sick of hearing about how planting trees is good for the earth.
Trees aren't good for the earth.
And then he goes on to fund an operation to cut them down.
So you have to understand, the aliens are here and it's a spiritual infestation of humans to then go out and wage war against not just other humans, but all life on Earth built by God.
This is a war against God's creation.
It is a war to kill, steal, and destroy.
And that's it!
And you can pretend that's not what it is.
You can go along with the system and think you're going to work in the system and be powerful and rule people.
But you notice, King Charles is miserable, Klaus Schwab is miserable, Bill Gates is miserable.
They're all slaves that sold out and have a little bit of temporal power on this planet.
But only to wage direct war on logic, and order, and beauty, and truth, and justice, and honor.
Satan in this system is the opposite of honor, dishonor.
The opposite of fealty and loyalty, treachery.
The opposite of beauty, ugliness.
The opposite of peace, war.
The opposite of God.
The opposite of all that is good, separation from God.
The only rebellion Satan could engage in would be to go against God.
Not to try to be God, But to be the anti-God.
And they are establishing a system with unlimited finance to dismantle everything wholesome and everything good and replace it with a nightmare system where they are promised eternal life in the silicon if they will destroy the third dimension.
And because life came out of God's third dimension, they intend to overthrow the third dimension.
Interdimensional overthrow.
And the creating of cyberspace, metaverse, hell, where the metaverse swallows reality.
That's what this is.
And The energy force coming out of it is the lowest resonance that can even be imagined.
You can't even imagine it.
And the imminence, the emanation of it is totally being alone in an absolute sorrow and desperation.
And because we're spiritual eternal beings, by choice, Completely cut off from God in something that is so beyond actually boiling in fire and burning in pain forever would be ecstasy compared to this.
But when you interface with the energy and can see into the void, your cells reject from it with just pain.
And that's why those interfacing with God, being given the vision of it, say it is a lake of fire.
Because it is absolute separation from God.
So when you see the Globalist, you are seeing captured entities, captured souls, that by exercise of ritual, in the real world, carrying out crimes against God, crimes against humanity, God's creation, Have separated themselves by choice so that they can receive the satanic transmission to carry out their God's directives.
And that's it!
And you can choose to go with God or you can choose to go with Satan.
And if you're here listening going, well, yeah, I know that's true instinctively spiritual level.
Well, thank God.
That you were raised right and your family background and where you came from because the system wants to make people desperate.
They want to put VR goggles on children at birth.
They want to chemically damage them and attack their DNA transceiver capability, which is now mainline science.
That's what it is, to cut you off from the space winds, from the magnetic forces, from the ether that the Holy Spirit transmits through.
So they can be so isolated and then by increment sin, which means going against God's program, to be prepared at an industrial scale to lose their soul to the black hole.
And that's basically, if you had to describe it, it is a black hole but The way you see a black hole described in movies, guys pull up a model of a black hole, as you see a two-dimensional plane, and then all of a sudden it's made up of squares, a grid, and then it goes in, and then you think of a black hole as that perspective.
But from my own visions and deep research, and a recurring dream I've been having since I was about two, one of my first memories of this, It looks from a third-dimensional plane like the movie Tron, the original, when you see the big mainframe AI computer and you see an hourglass, a red hourglass coming down and then a point and another bottom of the hourglass coming in to that point.
The entering hell and the black hole is a spinning centrifuge, top and bottom, and then when you enter in to that gate, you then go into the new dimension created by Satan via his free will, and you are now in that domain.
And so everything going on on the third dimension is a staging ground to prepare you to be sent to that place.
You do not want to go there and you do not want to see it.
I have been shown it.
Just so you know.
And yes, I have been sent to hell quite a bit.
So that I would have imprinted on my cells an understanding of it so that I would have an allergy to it and reject it.
But the gulping helplessness and suffocation Just orbiting the vortex of hell enough to make you pass out.
So, I really want to warn you that you do not want to mess with these entities.
You don't want to have anything to do with them.
And I know they manipulate, I know they tempt, and I know they try to program your instincts to get you to be rebellious against God.
I understand that.
But from the bottom of my heart, I want you to know God loves you, and a lot of you are listening that are Satanist and serve the devil, and you know that you are slaves, and you know that what you were promised you've not been given, and you know that the more you go along with this, the more lonely and betrayed you are, and if you have any desire to know God, all you have to do is reach out to Christ, and say, Christ, come into me, cover me with the blood, Help me be a good person.
I ask via free will for you to save me.
I can't do it.
I know that you are everything.
Please, please protect me and sanctify me and purify me and I will pick up the cross and I will follow you and I will be persecuted by this world, but that is my choice and I take it willingly.
Go ahead and do that.
And then watch all hell break loose in your life.
And be happy.
Because you're gonna see how real the spiritual realm is, fast.
And then you're gonna go, oh my gosh, this is real.
Yeah, it's real.
It's as real as anything you could ever even sink your teeth into.
It's way more real than anything you've ever experienced.
It's the real real.
I mean, look, you're on this gorgeous planet in the middle of a universe.
You just think we just popped up out of some pond scum?
You think the globalists are doing all this incredibly evil, satanic stuff for no reason?
They are being directed to do it, ladies and gentlemen.
They are at war with humanity.
Now, I want to play first, before I get into all the news, and boy, there's a lot of it today.
I want to Play a clip of Ted Cruz talking to a judicial nominee for federal judgeship who's already been a judge.
And he's talking to this woman who's just a cult member.
And to be in the cult, you know, they show you four fingers and they say, how many fingers do you see?
And you say, I'll say whatever number you want.
So the litmus test is you're going to put convicted rapist men in jail cells with women and let them rape them.
And let them get them pregnant.
And you're not going to be able to define what a woman is because we want you to give up your identity and these judges are going to sit there and accept whatever the new programming is.
And so in any cult, they want you to do things that go against logic and go against common sense to prove that you will do what you're told and you will wage war on logic and on science and on truth and on honor to be a dishonorable person.
Just like the UN, all over the world's coming and putting governments in there, just saying, we're banning your farms and ranches, we're cutting the fertilizer off, we're cutting your pipelines off, we're gonna give you poison shots.
And you're like, why do they do it?
Because they've been selected, because they will follow orders.
They don't have enough truly satanic evil people to get all their positions filled, that's why they want robots and AI.
But they got plenty of people that, well, I'm the good person, so I say a man can have a baby.
And Bill Nye says there's no X and Y chromosomes.
It's not, oh, they're misguided liberals and they just want everybody to feel good.
No, they're in a cult.
Germany's basically legalizing pedophilia.
I've got that coming up.
But none of that's a crime.
No, no, no.
Decades ago, when a group of brown men We're running around raping women in Central Park.
Trump said, I hate these people.
They're evil.
And the news is running ads saying, look, they're black.
He hates black people.
No, he hates rapists.
Though they claim he is one with no evidence.
But see, that's how that works.
Oh, the big crime is he doesn't like rapists and says they're horrible people.
But if you are Germany that placed tens of thousands of foster children with convicted pedophiles to rape them, Mainstream news.
That's virtuous.
If you're Madeleine Albright and triple the sanctions on Iraq and kill two million people, at the time a million, half of them children, yeah, I'll kill 500,000 kids.
I'm proud of that.
Well, she's an evil, demonic woman, so we should worship her.
And when she kills children, it's good.
But when Alex Jones questions a mass shooting a couple times, he's the worst guy to children in the world, right?
And they misrepresent what I said and did.
Again, they flip on and off the morals.
They tell you who's immoral, they tell you who's moral, and then you look at who they say is moral, they're the very worst people out there.
And they teach selfishness.
Let's go to this powerful Ted Cruz clip.
In your court, what matters more?
The rights of individuals or your political ideology?
I apply the law to the facts.
I asked a question, which matters more?
Well, my political ideology doesn't matter at all.
Okay, so I don't believe you.
And I think this case demonstrates That you are willing to subjugate the rights of individuals to satisfy your political ideology.
This case involves a male defendant who raped a 9-year-old boy.
Was he guilty of that?
Yes, the petitioner pled guilty to that.
Okay, so he raped a 9-year-old boy.
He also raped a 17-year-old girl.
Was he guilty of that?
He pled guilty.
The petitioner pled guilty to that crime as well.
So was he guilty?
I hope so, because she pled guilty to it.
He was a he when he did this.
That's correct.
One year after being released again, he was convicted of having child pornography, is that correct?
I'm unclear on exactly the time frame that you're at, but the petitioner was convicted of distributing child pornography.
Child pornography that was images of adults violently raping children.
Abhorrent conduct.
For which there are real victims.
And this individual, six foot two, biologically a man, a minute ago you said that when this man decided that he was a she, you said this individual was, quote, I wrote it down, sober and entirely a female.
That phrase struck me as remarkable.
Did this individual have male genitalia?
I think what I said, or at least what I... That is a verbatim quote.
Entirely a female.
Sorry, what I meant to say was hormonally a female.
Okay, but that's not entirely.
Did this individual have male genitalia?
So you took a 6'2", serial rapist, serial child rapist, with male genitalia, and he said, you know, I'd like to be in a women's prison.
And your answer was, that sounds great to me.
Let me ask you something.
The other women in that prison, do they have any rights?
Is that a question you're asking me?
The other women in that prison, do they have any rights?
Of course.
Do they have the right not to have a six-foot-two man who is a repeat serial rapist put in as their cellmate?
Senator Cruz, I considered the facts presented to me and I reached a decision based on what the law says.
I asked you a question.
I asked you a question.
Do they have a right not to have a 6'2 man who is a serial rapist put in as their cellmate?
Do those women have a right to that?
Every person who's incarcerated has the right to be safe in their space.
But you didn't think so.
You didn't think so.
And in fact, I'm going to give some quotes from your order because Senator Kennedy is right.
This is not a judge's order.
This is a political activist.
By the way, the beginning of your order says, at birth, people are typically assigned a gender.
I gotta say, that would astonish a lot of Americans.
A lot of Americans think you go to the hospital, a baby is born, and you say, congratulations, you have a little boy, a little girl.
The assigned gender, I know you went to Brown, but it sounds like it's in a college faculty lounge.
Alright, we're going to go to break, come back with the rest of this incredible exchange, but exactly.
Everyone knows we assigned gender at birth.
See, they're just changing everything.
Then I've got all this news, as they accelerate cutting off the food that is going to cause a complete worldwide meltdown.
We're already deep into it.
And they're going to say climate change caused it.
No, you're cutting the food and energy off.
We are under attack, folks, for real.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Follow me on Exit Real, Alex Jones.
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Across the world, governments are waging war with corporations against our biology.
And for every cell in your body and for your soul, you have been warned.
It's 21st century war.
The overriding of all life on earth and replacing it with silicon.
You're simply a lab experiment to them.
You have to become fully aware of the total horror, realize that God is in control, and then start making decisions at every level to withdraw support from the enemy operations.
It is your compliance and your acquiescence that greases the skids for hell on earth.
All right, let's finish up with Ted Cruz talking to the judge.
And you've seen hundreds of these judges in the last few years up there, these nominees of Biden.
And if they told him to say 2 plus 2 equals 7, and that was the rule to be a Democrat, they'd say, no, it equals 7.
But instead, they're up there saying, oh, we assign what somebody is at birth, and then they can change it any time they want.
No, you're born that way.
But the state and the system and the corporations are declaring they control reality.
They can suspend the rules.
When Winston Smith's being tortured in 1984 by O'Brien at the Ministry of Love, he tells him, he says, we can suspend gravity if we want.
Our mathematicians can do that.
We can just make it up.
And we're going to torture you until you believe whatever we say because we want your free will.
You understand?
And that's what this is about.
And you're looking at a dangerous cult whose litmus test is putting convicted rapists in women's prisons so they can rape women.
And then they have a headline, oh, the prison this year had five babies.
Women had, two women had a baby.
No, two women didn't have a baby.
And they get these followers who will just say whatever they're supposed to, and then that's supposedly who your judge is, and then they're saying it's not political.
Well, it's beyond political.
But at one level it is political, and she won't even say it's political.
Oh, I'm completely unpolitical.
I just say that, you know, I'm going to put convicted male rapists in women's prisons if they just suddenly say, I don't want to go to a male prison, I'm a woman.
Okay, sweetheart, here's some lipstick, get right in there.
Oh, you want to go compete against women in sports?
Now it's not enough in the UK and Canada and France.
You have people that say they're a different age.
So, oh, I don't dis-identify as a girl.
I identify as a 16-year-old girl.
I'm a 60-year-old man, but I'm going to go be part of the high school swim team.
In fact, I don't even go to these schools.
I'm not even allowed to compete.
But, oh, it's a man saying he's a woman.
Let him in the... These are real cases.
Again, the most ridiculous thing they can get you to acquiesce to, so someone doesn't call you a name.
Or in California, I guess they say they're going to prosecute you, but they don't really enforce that law because it's unconstitutional.
It's all about seeing what they can get us to do.
Stand on your head.
Stand on one leg.
Walk like a duck.
Quack like a duck.
Howl like a wolf.
Roll around on the ground.
You know, they do that in the Marines just to get people used to doing what they're told.
We're going to walk around in circles.
They actually do what you see in Full Metal Jacket.
I've talked to Marines.
They still do it.
And they walk around and grab their genitals and sit there and say, this is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun.
And you say, that's a really stupid thing to do.
Well, yeah, it's about telling you you're gonna do something really stupid right now.
And it's about calling black people racist names and white people racist names to get them used to that, to not be victims and to not let people punch their buttons.
That's old-fashioned mind control.
There's stuff way more sophisticated going on, but to hurt our children.
And that's who they're targeting.
As adults, most of us go, that's ridiculous and rejected.
But you've got the system targeting the children, ladies and gentlemen.
Because the children are there thinking, well, the adults care about me.
No, no.
The adults are following a psychological warfare program to literally destroy those children's minds and their psyche and their future.
It's hardcore child abuse.
From the government and the system that says it's there to protect the children.
They're there to destroy the children.
Not your firefighters, not your EMTs, not your police, not your ground-level people.
But the transgenders, and I don't hate them.
I don't hate the ones that are non-political and think they're a woman or a man and want to do that.
I don't hate them as people.
But as a movement, they are the priest class.
Michael Levine, the admirals.
Not an admiral.
Not a woman.
The creepy dude.
Obsessed with your children's genitals.
He's a priest of abomination.
He wants to defile your children's innocence.
Let's finish up with Ted Cruz.
The beginning of your order says, at birth, people are typically assigned a gender.
I gotta say, that would astonish a lot of Americans.
A lot of Americans think you go to the hospital, a baby is born, and you say, congratulations, you have a little boy, a little girl.
The assigned a gender, I know you went to Brown, but it sounds like it's in a college faculty lounge.
With no bearing on reality, the Bureau of Prison argued what I'm saying right now, that if you put this person in a female prison, there will be a risk of sexual assault to the women.
And you know what you did?
You said you didn't care about the women.
Have you dealt... In what universe is someone who is a serial repeat child rapist not at a risk of re-offending?
Senator, as I do in every case.
I know you've been told to repeat the line, I follow the law.
I asked a question.
In what universe is someone who is a serial repeat child rapist not at risk of reoffending?
Sir, I looked at the facts that were before me in this case.
All of the evidence, including the statements of every warden who had supervised this petition.
I have to say, if I were the father of one of those women, And you decided that my daughter's cellmate was going to be a six foot two man who over and over and over again committed violent sexual assault.
I would say the entire justice system is absurd and it is clear on your record your political ideology matters a heck of a lot more than the rights of those women that you endangered.
I think you're a radical and I think you have no business being a judge.
We call them kooks, we call them nuts, we say they don't live in reality.
They're destroying reality because they're creating a hellscape so horrible it'll be rejected.
They have to take over the fabric of society, the institutions, the language, so that the youth never knew what hit them.
Now, Richard Levine is his name.
He says he's a woman.
He says he's an admiral.
I wonder what's on his laptop.
And he runs an operation through the public schools and many of the private schools that are accredited to literally scramble children's brains and tell them they're another sex so they can give them deadly drugs that are super toxic and stunt their growth and put them on the fast track to have their breasts and genitals cut off.
Again, this isn't a movie like Hellraiser where you open the demon box and hell opens up and it tears people's bodies to pieces.
This is the real world.
Here's Richard Levine, the Admiral.
Hello, I'm Admiral Rachel Levine.
This Black History Month, I'm pleased to partner with OMH in advancing better health through better understanding for black communities.
Climate change is having a disproportionate effect on the physical and mental health of black communities.
Black Americans are more likely than white Americans to live in areas and housing that increase their susceptibility to climate-related health issues.
And 65% of black Americans report feeling anxious about climate change's impact.
Through our Office of Climate Change and Health Equity and the Office of Environmental Justice, we're working with providers and community leaders to identify innovative approaches that empower communities to address the health consequences linked to climate change.
Visit hhs.gov for more information and tune in next Thursday to hear from another HHS leader on how you can contribute to advancing better health for black communities.
For more information, visit hhs.gov slash black dash history dash month.
Produced by the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services.
What's the main mission of Black Lives Matter in their mission statement?
Of the six original mission statements, it's all about isolating black families, breaking up black families, and getting black men to transition to, quote, being women.
Well, like the South Park episode, I could probably find some plastic surgeon to mount a big plastic fin on my back and I could probably get him to cut my hands off and put some plastic fins where they were.
And I could say I was a dolphin.
But I'm not a dolphin.
I don't have dolphin DNA.
I wasn't born in the ocean.
I didn't come from dolphins.
We all know that.
It's 100% fact.
And now we have the transabled.
This has been going on for decades, but Mexico's legalized it.
People go down there to have their arms and legs cut off.
But then they're not as cool as the other people that are into it.
So they, a lot of the, mainly men, live their lives in cardboard boxes and they have their arms and legs cut off.
And they're called a nugget.
And then the, quote, gay men come have sex with the nugget.
And then they have to be taken care of as a nugget.
Of course, usually they commit suicide soon after.
They're usually just a nugget for a few months.
They get left and die in the box.
They wear a diaper in the box.
I'm sorry to tell you about that, but they're now trying to push that in mainline news.
So that's what this is all about.
Of course, we have China surrounding Taiwan in a blockade.
It's a blockade right now with loaded fighter bombers with weapons saying that they could attack.
They'll probably fact check me and say, well, it's not a blockade because they're not calling it a blockade.
It is a blockade.
The question is, how long will they do it?
That's all coming up, but let's shift gears out of that into the UN.
I've got all these WEF leaders and central bankers and Tedros who covered up a million plus people dying of cholera, which it turned out they basically didn't give people treatment in his own country, in Africa, in Ethiopia.
And so here he is saying that, you know, 30-something percent of the evil greenhouse gases come from farming.
No, first it's your gasoline car that's bad and things like that.
And you know, reasonable stuff like, hey, let's have a catalytic converter.
That's great science.
Let's put scrubbers on coal plants so they're clean.
Nothing comes out of water vapor and carbon dioxide.
But they list carbon dioxide as toxic.
And now they're moving on to methane, not just from cows bellies, but Also, again, from rice farming, you type in, UN calls for curbing rice production to meet CO2 goals.
Half the world gets half, look it up, half the world gets half their nutrition, actually 60%, half the world gets 60% of its nutrition from rice, their calories.
So they want to cut off more than a quarter of the world's calories with one move.
Again, eight, nine years ago, Sri Lanka passed laws.
First place to do it.
Now it's being done in Ireland and England and the Netherlands and all over the place.
to your ESG score with the government and the corporations to shut down the farms and shut down the systems.
And the UN just gets up there and says the problem is the food.
And then the very same UN says, wow, we've got record starvation because of the COVID virus.
No, the response locking the world down, the third world for years, triggered the collapse and then they bring the refugees here.
And then they say, oh, there's record starvation that they've been predicting that they're administering.
No doubt about it.
I mean, it's just the public policy of the technocrats killing people by technocracy, by these regulations.
And they're just getting started.
And then they say climate change is the reason you don't have money for food.
Not inflation, not them cutting off resources while they devalue the currency.
And they've got actuaries out that when the population spends half its money In the third world, on food and energy, when it goes above that metric line, you always get civil unrest.
You go up to 60% or more, you get guaranteed burning down of the country.
Most of the world is now spending more than 50% of its income on food and energy.
And the UN says, oh, coronavirus caused food shortages.
No, you did in front of the world.
And as if that isn't enough, now they're all over the news, everywhere, saying everything's bad.
And whatever they allow us to get is soaked in glyphosate that destroys your testicles and gives you cancer.
They admit almost all breast cancer is from glyphosate.
It grows it in women's breasts.
It bioaccumulates and turns on the cancer cells.
And they think it's funny.
But here's the bigger issue.
Why does the public sit here and listen to this show and imagine being the people at the CIA and the FBI and the law firms and the bureaucrats that watch this show every day and try to figure out how to get it off air when everything I'm telling you is on record?
40 plus percent worldwide global average of increased mortality.
World War I wasn't even a 10% increase.
World War II wasn't a 10% increase.
So you've got hundreds of millions of people dying.
And it's all caused mortality.
What, 7% World War I?
It's 40% global average and a bunch of countries didn't take the shot?
At very low uptake.
A bunch of countries didn't push it.
So, you're averaging in those countries and you're at 40% on average.
That's in official insurance company numbers.
Everybody, it's all over the news.
We told you about a couple years ago.
The number just continues.
For the first time, the world population is dropping.
For the first time, life expectancy is plummeting.
Fertility, 90 plus percent of sperm.
Immobile So I'm gonna get us some clips on that
Some nice little summations Joe Rogan did.
I can play you hours of doctors saying it if you like.
I've got clips of that today.
Here is WHO Director General calls for transformation of our food systems away from meat eating and traditional agriculture under the pretext of tackling climate change.
And what did all the mayors in Berlin and New York and Austin all say this week?
They all follow a script, they get their email, they're told what to do, and then they are given the investments and told what to do, and they get into office and they're worth a million dollars, and a couple years in office they're worth a hundred million dollars.
Twenty million dollars.
You just sell out humanity, sell out yourself, sell out your children, buy yourself to be poisoned yourself, just go along with it, and you just get slow suicided.
And they sit there and say, we've got to save the earth.
All these mayors, we've got to track people eating meat.
And we've got to start taxing it, we've got to stop them having it.
That's what all these tracking systems are for.
And they're just getting started.
Everything's bad.
Unless it's lab-grown meat.
Clone cells.
Bill Gates' company, or Benjamin Netanyahu's pushing it.
We got something good for you.
Oh, yeah.
Welcome to the depopulation.
Everything else was a beta test.
We're now going down the slide.
5G, the chemtrails, all of it.
Go ahead and play.
Let's play clip one, then play Dr. Peter McCullough on bird flu and how it's designed to shut off the food.
And then clip three, World Economic Forum announced European Food Innovation Hub.
That was four years ago. Now they're shutting down the farms all over the EU. Here it is.
Our food systems are harming the health of people and planet.
Food systems contribute to over 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and account for almost one-third of the global burden of disease.
Transforming food systems is therefore essential by shifting towards healthier, diversified and more plant-based diets.
If food systems delivered healthy diets for all, We could save 8 million lives per year.
WHO is committed to supporting countries to develop and implement policies to improve diets and fight climate change.
I'm therefore very pleased that over 130 countries have signed the COP28 UAE Declaration on Climate and Health.
Together, we can protect and promote the health of both people and planet.
Next clip.
Is this bird flu just another election coming scam?
What is it?
Bird flu now we have credible evidence that it's gain of function research again being done in U.S.
laboratories this time.
The Athens, Georgia U.S.
Poultry Research Center The University of Wisconsin-Madison.
We can identify even this gain-of-function strain.
I mean, CDC Director Redfield, the former director, came on national TV and said it's gain-of-function research.
You know, so this has now become very clear.
It's perfectly timed ahead of this WHO meeting to try to, you know, bring in the U.S.
and everyone else under this global treaty control.
It's poised right ahead of the elections.
State of Michigan just declared a bird flu emergency.
What they're doing now is they are doing mass PCR testing of animals, creating this artificial crisis.
And then mass culling or destruction of poultry, they're going to create a food shortage.
In reality, bird flu can be treated in humans with modern day treatment and early detection.
We shouldn't lose a single life with bird flu.
Probably only the animal handlers are at risk anyway.
And the bird flu scare, which is disease X, the Global Vaccine Alliance says it is disease X.
That this is going to create food insecurity as the driver of fear going into the election cycle.
So the role of businesses in the agri-food sector should be stimulated and able to create scalable solutions.
And here I'd like to highlight a World Economic Forum initiative in this regard.
The World Economic Forum Food Innovation Hubs.
And these hubs in Africa, in Asia, in South America and in Europe will allow businesses to connect regional stakeholders to skill innovations because this is key.
A skill innovation that can address food systems challenges.
And here, I'm particularly proud to announce that the Netherlands will host the Global Coordinating Secretariat of the World Economic Forum Food Innovation Hubs, which will connect all other food innovation hubs.
And I believe this is important because it will be facilitating to create the partnerships we need.
They're building a mega city in the Netherlands.
They're the most successful farmers, no one debates it, in the world.
They are the best.
They're the Michael Jordans of farming.
And they are taking hundreds of thousands of acres a year away from the farmers and are building giant high-rises for the illegal aliens.
And that, of course, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, who now, four years later, has already shut down about 30% of the farms in the Netherlands that are just ultra gorgeous and beautiful and perfectly run, basically.
Now, we're going to go to break.
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It's the lockdowns that they're doing that that's causing it.
It's going to cause massive inflation.
And now the White House blames it on COVID.
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Hour number two is now live.
Massive news coming up in T-minus six minutes on China's actions in Taiwan.
Nazis march out in the open in Florida.
It looked like a scene from Charlottesville.
Many of you may remember in February 1979 there was a big uproar.
Because someone by the name of James Guttman applied for a permit to lead a march of Nazis through downtown Philadelphia.
Now eventually some enterprising reporters did an investigation.
You know what they turned up?
James Guttman was none other than Mordecai Levy who worked with the Anti-Defamation League And later split off that to form the Terrorist Jewish Defense League.
This was an operation that was run by the ADL.
They wanted to have a Nazi march in Philadelphia.
Because how can they raise money to justify their existence if American Jews don't think there's a lot of anti-Semitism?
So what better thing to do than to slap swastikas on a couple of people, leave them on a march through town, and then the next day the ADL comes marching in and says, look, there are Nazis on the street, you need to give us money so we can protect you.
The ADL's been sued before.
Um, for defaming people and they've lost.
Now they're basically in control of a lot of law enforcement and Soros DAs.
Being put on an extremist glossary with known terrorists and known murderers, um, obviously is very detrimental to how, you know, Believe me, I know, I'm on there.
Yeah, you're on there too.
And we have been debanked, um, and we've been deplatformed.
And part of this lawsuit, in fact, is we're looking into what PayPal has done, uh, because PayPal, um, was mentioned in a Newsweek article about our event, the second event that we did in Vegas.
And they said that the ADL was basically partnering with PayPal and other financial institutions to curb extremist behavior.
We're very pro-Trump, we're pro-Christian, we have multiple different types of people at our show.
So, you know, they latch on to that because they don't want people getting together in really tough times and discussing really tough issues.
And they especially don't like it when people get together and bypass the mainstream media.
I have software engineers and data scientists working at ADL.
We're monitoring all this stuff.
And we're working with all the platforms, by the way.
Google and YouTube and Meta and Twitter and Reddit and Steam and Amazon.
All these companies.
From like, Apple to Zoom.
We work with all of them, okay?
That's relevant.
Because we've been working with Twitter now, since it was founded.
We work with the old regime.
We're working with the new regime.
Like, I'm talking to Elon.
And we're trying to work with them.
Yeah, I mean the fact of the matter is that ADL did initiate a boycott.
They don't call it a boycott, they call it a pause.
We saw a massive drop in U.S.
We saw basically no change in advertising in Asia, but domestically ADL is strong.
We saw a 60% drop in advertising.
ADL was instrumental in getting Donald Trump de-platformed.
And then when we restored the account, they made it super clear that they were simply restoring his account on Twitter and Alex.
That constituted hateful speech.
He hasn't even said anything.
So the truth is that our community is vulnerable, people are on edge, and when Elon Musk is amplifying these people, it's very problematic.
Stop saying the Jews.
We don't all have the same opinion.
We don't all believe that the Anti-Defamation League speaks for us because they seem to ignore very important things and focus on very political things.
There is a rise of antisemitism on social media.
95% of it's from the left.
And they're blaming Elon Musk because he doesn't hate Trump.
Now, meanwhile, if you go on Instagram or any platform that he doesn't run, that's ran by Zuckerberg, you will see much more vile antisemitism.
It's not even comparable.
And they say, oh, you call out George Soros, or you call out the... And that's automatically anti-Semitic.
Oh, they're big, powerful groups?
Right, but that doesn't make it automatically anti-Semitic if you're calling out people that are bad people.
This is about good versus evil.
I never even think about, like, what color is somebody when I... I remember when I would attack Xi Jinping, they'd go, are you anti-Asian?
He's enslaved all those Chinese!
What does that have to do with Asians?
Alright, back in 60 seconds.
Massive news straight ahead.
Stay with us on China and more.
We are now into our number two.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Alright, the developments in China we've been predicting.
I've been predicting that China would launch a blockade of the island nation for about a year.
And that China was gauging how Russia's operations were going in Ukraine before they did that, and that Putin visiting last week was a harbinger of that.
Just to illustrate again, for tomorrow's news today, I know what I'm talking about.
We'll hit that in a moment, but I want to be very clear here.
The UN and the WEF corporations, BlackRock, that control over 80% of the world's resources and money and assets, is the term, the proper term, in the vernacular parlance, is the big war.
Again, I haven't checked the numbers in six months, I'll check it again, in the Four years of the shutdown of food supply and infrastructure that we've seen under the rubric and the excuse of the COVID virus.
The UN administering that with the IMF and World Bank where they tell the third world countries don't run your farms, don't run your businesses, keep people locked down for over two and a half years to three years.
Killed 87 million people.
And the UN's like, oh, 87 million people starved to death.
And that's triple what would normally starve to death in those four years.
It's normally about 14 million a year.
So that is a war.
But you think of a war as Ukraine or what's happening in Lebanon and what's happening in Gaza.
You think of a war Like Korea or Vietnam or World War II or World War I or Desert Storm.
But the real war is administrative.
And the UN and the big central banks are openly administering all of this and doing it with the purse strings they control.
And if you just joined us last hour, I played the World Health Organization head and the Davos meeting saying, and the leader of the Netherlands, one of the biggest food producers in the world, Per capita, the biggest producer, and they're just cutting off the resources.
So this is spectacularly dangerous, spectacularly murderous, and it's destabilizing the world by design, the angrier world Klaus Schwab talks about.
But because it's not tanks and fighter planes and soldiers goose-stepping down the street, people just go, okay, well, okay, all right, fine.
Because in America, with inflation and the rest of it, it just means you don't go on vacation for now.
Or you don't get a new car for 10 years, or you go bankrupt.
But there's still plenty of food.
Most of it, you know, adulterated garbage.
But in the third world, when they cut off the food, you get malnutrition, and then you die.
You starve to death.
They don't usually list it as starvation.
They just say, oh, they died of the cold, or they, you know, they died of malnutrition.
So it's a big deal.
I just want to point that out again.
So China came out with a press release and said you're being punished and there will be blood and other very provocative incendiary statements.
And they now have hundreds of ships and aircraft.
They've surrounded Taiwan.
They're blocking ships coming in.
And that's a blockade.
And they're threatening a blockade.
So what you do is you launch a blockade, and then you don't call it a blockade.
I don't know if they're going to keep the blockade in place.
I don't know how long.
But right now, Communist China has now put up a naval and air blockade over Taiwan that's never been part of China.
China's military drills around Taiwan are punishment for a new president.
And they are, quote, simulating strikes on high-value enemy targets with loaded missiles and bombs on the aircraft, simulating bombing military and governmental facilities and attacking transport.
Here's the Washington Post.
China military drills around Taiwan are punishment for the new president.
Here is BBC.
China holds military drills around Taiwan as strong punishment.
How China will squeeze, not seize Taiwan.
Will China invade Taiwan?
A potential timeline for conflict.
China holds Taiwan war games, vows blood of independence forces.
World's top chip makers can flip a kill switch.
Should China invade Taiwan?
Bloomberg reports.
Wow, isn't that interesting?
Oh, there's kill switches in them.
Told you that decades ago.
China actively arming Putin's war in Ukraine.
UK confirms for first time.
You know, everybody calling Putin perfect or a hero is wrong.
And everybody calling Xi Jinping, because he's opposing the West, a good guy, is nuts.
Just because we've got bad leaders doesn't mean that, oh, those must be good too.
This is out of control.
Classical kinetic war.
All time.
If you look at the number of conflicts, the number of people dying from the poison shot, all time high.
I mean, we are just in fifth generational warfare, full spectrum dominance.
They're cutting the food off.
They're cutting the energy off.
And the top story, literally all over the news is Donald Trump was mean to black people.
Let's play MSNBC talking about the clip.
And in the clip, Biden-Harris campaign drops ad claiming Trump hates black people ahead of his Bronx rally.
Now before I go there, to the listeners, the millions of you listening right now, millions are listening and then millions will see different clips from the show.
We'll probably reach, let's not exaggerate, oh, we'll probably be, you know, 15, 20 million people will see part of the show or large segments of the show or clips of the show today.
Imagine if folks all over the world watching and listening to this decided, man, I think I'm going to take the clip I just watched of the full show from Man.Video or RealAlexJones and I'm going to share it On my email, on my text message, and I'm going to share it by word of mouth, and I'm going to tell them if they find it to be interesting and informative, I'm going to tell them to share it, and they should tell those that they give it to to share it, and they should tell those to share it.
And that creates a chain reaction, and we could really, just in that little action there, change the world.
Just remember that, that they don't want somebody up here explaining all this.
And you have to understand, they want me off the air more than anybody, because this is all I do, is study them.
And I know all about them.
And they tried to recruit my father, and they did recruit my uncle, and they did recruit my father's uncle, he called him, but he was really his older cousin.
So, before I ever got out of high school, I knew all about this.
I didn't think my family was lying, but it was kind of science fiction-esque.
My mother's father, my grandfather was an inventor, and Worked, did stuff at the Pentagon and he would never talk about it.
He just said he got out of it when he was 50.
And said the government is evil.
And it's run by Satan.
And there's going to be a one world government and all the rest of it.
And he didn't get that from some theologian.
He got that from... Working on crowd control devices at the Pentagon.
So, you're a fool if you don't listen to what I'm saying, and if you don't research what I'm saying, and if you don't find out what I'm telling you is true, okay?
So I'm going to play even more important clips here in a moment, but first, this is the big evil, okay?
Not cutting off the food, not 80 plus million starved to death in the last four years, none of that's an issue.
China doing a blockade of Taiwan, not a problem.
Sending troops into Ukraine, Europe mobilizing for conscription.
That's military force service.
That's not a big deal.
$130,000 fentanyl a year, not a big deal.
Mass child trafficking, mainstream news, not a big deal.
Fox News went down to the border, watched hundreds at one time, men come across and none of them were Latin American or none of them were Mexican.
They were all from the Middle East and China.
but don't worry they're going to grope your genitals and put you in a body scanner so Chertoff the former head of homeland security makes money off of it
so just let that sink in Here is Trump.
And ahead of that rally, the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign is out with a brand new ad highlighting the dire threat Donald Trump poses to black America if he's reelected.
I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.
Of course I hate these people.
Donald Trump disrespecting black folk is nothing new.
He was sued for refusing to rent his apartments to black families and called for the execution of five innocent black and brown teenagers.
And it's more than anger, it's hatred.
It's why Trump stood with violent white supremacists, warned of a bloodbath if he loses the next election, and if he's president again, vowed to be a dictator who wants revenge on his enemies.
Now, who do you think that is?
Of course I hate these people.
And they were talking about reports of people raping women in the park.
Now, we heard yesterday that Trump put out a campaign ad saying he will unify the Reich.
No, it's an online plug-in of newspapers in the last hundred years flipping through headlines.
Famous things that happened.
Hindenburg crashes, World War I, World War II, Kennedy's assassinated.
And in there is a headline about Nazi Germany.
Oh my God, he's a Nazi!
That's the type of cheap tricks.
Hey, did you hear Trump's disrespecting black people?
Elon Musk put out a post on X that I put on my channel, on Real Alex Jones.
Some people still believe the legacy media.
You know, I don't think legacy media is the right term.
The corporate liars.
Here's the clip.
CNN edited a video to make it appear as though Trump impatiently dumped a box of fish food into the water in Japan.
The full video showed Trump had simply followed the lead of Japan's Prime Minister.
In June 2017, NBC News reported that Russian President Putin said he had compromising information about Trump.
Actually, Putin said the opposite.
Do you have something damaging on our president?
Well, this is just another load of nonsense.
Where would we get this information?
The New York Times and CNN shared a story with photos of immigrant children in cages.
It turns out the photos were from 2014, during the Obama administration.
In November 2019, Newsweek falsely reported that President Trump was spending Thanksgiving golfing in Florida.
He was actually in Afghanistan serving dinner to U.S.
CBS aired a story in March of 2020, supposedly showing a New York hospital crowded with patients.
It's all hands on deck in America's hospitals.
It was actually file tape from Italy.
A week later, CBS News mistakenly used the Italy video again.
In May, the BBC and The Guardian reported because Trump wasn't wearing headsets, he didn't bother to listen to the translation of a speech by Italy's Prime Minister.
But Trump was wearing his earpiece in his right ear, as always, at the White House.
Newsweek reported Poland's first lady refused to shake Trump's hand, but later acknowledged she did.
And we could go on for 10 hours if you like, but man, he fed the fish wrong.
Hey, they just killed 87 million people starving to death.
Yeah, but did you hear Trump fed the fish wrong?
Did you hear Trump said he hates all black people?
Oh, it was people in a report of rapes.
Oh, oh, okay.
All right.
And that's what they do.
It's like with me.
The internet doesn't believe a mass shooting happens.
It's a huge story.
I cover it a few times.
I have a debate with two newspaper reporters debating it.
Then the CIA goes with the FBI.
Runs thousands of articles and newscasts saying, I'm going and peeing on graves and attacking people and going to people's houses.
No one went to anybody's houses.
Nothing happened.
And then they just say, why do you keep harassing people?
I had Ron Paul, about five years ago, say, He was calling us a guest, and I go, hey, Ron Paul wants to talk to you during the break.
Before he goes on, I go, hey, Congressman, hey, Dr. Hayden.
He goes, Alex, I really don't want you to ring up Sandy Hook when I'm on today.
And I said, Dr. Paul, I haven't talked about that in years.
That's a made-up story.
He goes, no, don't, don't, don't, don't tell me that.
It's all over the news.
And I said, Dr. Paul, I really helped your campaign when you ran for Congress again, helped your son.
I said, I'd like you to respect me enough to, you know, he goes, listen, I'm not going to do the interview.
If you don't promise, I'll talk about it.
And I said, no, that's fine.
I won't talk about it.
Never invited him back on, never had him on again.
Not mad at him, love the guy.
I just, I just can't, I can't deal with it.
And I'm not going to deal with it.
Even Ron Paul knows the media lies, but he doesn't understand that level because he's like, I had people, I had family calling me back then going, will you please stop talking about Sandy Hook?
In their lawsuit, it came out, I hadn't talked about them for two plus years before they sued me.
Two plus years!
Never one mention on the show.
As if that's my career and how I've been seen.
They make me that.
They say, Trump said, Mexicans are horrible criminals, they're all criminals.
Where's the clip?
Never said it.
They say, he said the KKK are great people.
Never said it.
They say, I said on the stand that I'm an actor, don't believe anything I say.
Where's the clip?
It doesn't exist, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a lie.
And I know nowadays people get that.
And I'm not mad at Ron Paul.
I remember I told that story.
And I should have invited him back on over the years.
It was just, I was just like, I was like, doctor, that's something I haven't talked about in years.
Now come on, Alex, it's all over the news.
Don't don't.
I mean, the first time he ever talked to me like that, I'm like, OK, well, let's do the interview.
Thank you.
And I was like, bye bye, doctor.
Have a good life.
Bye bye.
They told me at one time I was running for president, half the donations came from my show.
And I'm not mad at Ron Paul.
I'm just getting all this stuff out on air so people can get the mindset of understanding this.
They say Trump raped E. Jean Carroll.
She never said it before.
It's 25 years ago.
No witnesses.
Didn't even know what year it happened.
And the jury said, well, he didn't rape her, but he's not allowed to say he didn't rape her.
80-something million dollars.
There's two juries.
But the second one, 80, what was it, 85 million?
Because he said, I'm innocent.
Aren't you allowed to say you're innocent?
Oh, no, it's defaming her.
It's defaming her.
All you gotta do is just say somebody grabbed your vagina 25 years ago, and you're not allowed to say you're innocent.
This is so whacked out.
It's just over the top.
And I can't tell you how many times I've been in a restaurant, it doesn't happen anymore, and people walk up to me and they go, you better stop talking about those kids.
And I'm just sitting there going, I don't even try.
I just sit there and go, have a nice day.
And they'll go, ask your family!
Some of us have been caught on video, and you're just like, okay, thank you.
Because they're mind-controlled people, but the folks doing all this know this.
They're perception-managing you and deceiving you, and then it came out in court, the FBI hatched all this with the CIA.
Forget the undercover video where they admit it, yeah, that's all real and true, but they got on the stand and said, William Aldenberg, That the head counsel of the FBI went to the Democrat Party law firm and they did all this and then the PR firms ran the news that I was doing all the stuff I didn't do?
And built it all up that I was doing all the stuff I didn't do?
And Ron Paul's like, you need to stop doing that?
Because again, Ron Paul's like, why is Alex Jones all over the news?
Why is he everywhere?
Constantly, he must be doing this!
No, I'm not doing this!
And Trump didn't say Mexicans are all evil!
He didn't say he hates black people.
None of it's true.
He didn't say he's going to create Hitler's Reich.
It's a compilation of news articles from a plug-in that's free online.
He didn't make the ad.
And I'm not mad about it myself.
I want people to start getting wise to how this really subliminal deception is going on.
Now let's shift gears into why they don't want us on air.
Now, I can sit here and play, you scientists and doctors saying this, and I've had them on, I've played the clips, I've had the guests on, it's in the insurance actuaries, Edward Dow broke it, you know, three years ago.
But here's two clips of Rogan, and these have reached literally 100 million people.
First is Rogan on Bill Gates, now he made millions of dollars, no, it's billions of dollars, and it's all hiding in plain view, quick short clip, and then let's play clip 14, Joe Rogan and actor Terrence Howard on Governments Worldwide.
Let me tell you, Terrence Howard, everything he says is dead on.
This guy has done his research.
Listen to this carefully.
Here they are.
The Gates Foundation profited millions of dollars on the vaccines.
Millions and millions of dollars.
It's all easy to find.
And then once he dumped the stock, then he completely changed his narrative and he started talking about how ineffective the vaccines were and about how the virus wasn't as bad as we thought it was and about it was mostly targeting old and obese people.
Like, this is f***ing wild, because this is the same guy that, through the entire pandemic, was talking about how great these vaccines are, and these vaccines are so effective, and they stop the virus, and they stop transmission, they stop infection, and all that was a lie, and he profited off those lies.
And no, everyone wants to pretend that he's just like this amazing philanthropist.
Like, no, he made a lot of money.
This is motivated by money, and his entire career, he's been motivated by money.
He's been a guy who is really good at monopoly and that was why they went after Microsoft so many times for monopolistic practices.
I mean, he's a businessman and in that time his business was the business of telling people things that he's not educated in.
He's not a scientist.
He's not a virologist.
He's not a medical doctor.
Yet he was this public health advocate on television telling everybody to go out and get this medical intervention that he would profit from.
Which is f***ing wild.
It's really wild that it's that transparent.
That it's not like multiple steps and shell corporations and it's really difficult to find out where the money's going.
It's like, what the f*** is going on?
This is crazy how transparent it is.
You're not even hiding it.
It's right there.
They listen to everything I say.
They do.
I'm sure.
They do.
It's a lot of boring s***.
You took a bold stand, though, years ago when the governments were trying to poison their citizens.
You took a very bold stand, and nobody else took.
That's what I was like, wow.
I appreciate you, because I lost three, four jobs because I refused to take it.
I refuse to take it.
I bet you feel better about it now.
Especially when you know all these people that have health problems because of it.
Cancers have increased 300%.
All-cause mortality up 40% in some age groups.
Pulmonary embolisms almost up like 500%.
Yeah, I wonder what caused that.
Well, the spike proteins that's being built and collected within the system.
We can go into... I can walk you through what the spike protein did to the BRCA1 gene.
That's the gene inside of our DNA that tells us that there's a damage, there's damage that's happening almost like the crews that go along the highway and they immediately put up cones every time there's a problem.
Well, the spike protein, which is never...
protein has ever been able to enter into the nucleus of a cell.
Not only does it go to the ribosome and say, "Hey, you know what?
I don't want you to produce whatever protein like if it was a skin cell. You're not going to produce keratin anymore. You're just going to
produce these spike proteins." That spike protein went into the DNA and it tells the BRCA1 gene,
"Turn off." And that's the gene that says, "Hey, there's a mutation here.
Let's scrap that thing." And so now the cancers are building up.
The spike proteins weren't shedding from the body.
They collected in the ovaries.
They collected in the lymph nodes.
They collected in the bone marrow.
So now we have all of these diseases that's showing themselves because the body is overwhelmed trying to deal with the spike protein that's attaching itself to the H2 and the endothelial cells in our Vascular system for everybody out there.
And the more boosters you get... Boom!
You're turning your system off.
You're turning it off.
Your body cannot defend itself.
And it's just collecting.
It's just collecting.
But it also showed me the bizarre state of human psychology.
That people, if you're presented with what could be a potential solution, you want to believe in it so bad, That you're willing to defend these companies that have been the most deceptive companies, proven deceptive, not just deceptive, but deceptive in the way that they are allowed to distribute information.
They're allowed to not be transparent about their studies.
They could have multiple studies that show a negative cause or a negative effect.
This is so, so important.
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well get a copy of one of my two newest books, "The Great Reset and War for the World" and the newest one, "The Great Awakening - The Plan to Defeat the Globalists and Launch the
Next Great Renaissance."
The Globalists are trying to play God, but they're not God.
Have you asked why?
Whether it's China, or Europe, the United States, or any Israel, any advanced country or region.
They are all We're racing ahead with human-animal hybrid clones and just all sorts of nanotech invasions of our bodies and just this overwhelming forced scientific revolution.
Well, the globalists say if they don't do it, somebody else will.
So it's this race to get life-extensive technology while they also call out the general public.
I've harped on this for decades.
Elon Musk has harped on it.
PragerU has done some excellent breakdowns.
Pro-population foundations that have done the numbers and done some really good mathematical breakdowns and graphic illustrations of this, but it's very simple.
If you have an aging population and countries in the West on average are having 1.4 children for every two people, you need 2.1, 2.2 replacement rate just to not have civilization collapse.
All the numbers show robots and the rest of it aren't going to fix it.
So Communist China was set up by the globalists.
And in the 70s, they made a deal after the Chinese communists that were 30 years enslaved and killed 80 plus million people and gotten them where they wanted them.
And then they went in and set China up to control 97%, 98% of rare earth minerals, and then the globalists are the middlemen that then sell the goods to the rest of the world, and Trump found, make even bigger profits than communist China.
Just a handful of companies like BlackRock, what it represents, are the middlemen in that.
And then they use that incredible amount of wealth and power to parlay it into shutting down their competition around the world at the same time.
So, Communist China, from the 70s on, as part of their deal to come into the globalist program, they had to agree to a one-child policy.
And unless you were a rich Communist Party member, you could not have more than one child.
They would come and force abortions, they would take newborn babies away, they would kill them.
That's all been admitted.
And then about 10 years ago, Xi Jinping said, we're no longer doing the one-child policy.
And then about, but not about two years ago, they announced, now we're going to actually pay you to have three children.
And Russia's paying people to have children.
Where we're being told, don't have children, it's bad for the earth.
We've got to bring in foreigners because we're not replacing ourselves as well.
And places like Italy and Japan are done.
They're like 1.2 children for every two people.
Some of the lowest numbers in the world.
Or the third world's having an average of five kids that live.
So, now you see the New York Times, the Washington Post, they're all, they're going, oh, the Chinese century the globalists talked about, it's in danger because they don't have enough population and they're collapsing and it's hurting their stock market and it's destroying their infrastructure.
So, the West admits that's hurting China, and Xi Jinping knows it now.
He broke with the globalists, but the globalists paid China to do that, and put them in that position.
So here's an article out of Newsweek, and it just shows how their direct policy is, China do this, and part of China breaking away from the globalists, it's still its own predator state.
Probably as bad as it gets.
Definitely what they've implemented is as bad as it gets.
Because they're just, it's just completely out of control, with the depopulation and dehumanization going on.
But now, Xi Jinping's promoting masculinity and the family and all the rest of it, because he doesn't want the poison we've ingested.
They want to be dominant now, and he's broken with the globalists and wants his own thing.
So, the 2050 population data that could ruin China's century, China's unfolding demographic crisis cast a shadow over President Xi Jinping's mid-century ambitions, Beijing's political Ambitions are based on exaggerated economic forecasts, which are based on exaggerated demographic figures.
The dire demographic outlook makes both China's economic and military goals impossible to achieve, University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher Fuxian Yi told Newsweek.
At the beginning of this first term, Xi set the goal of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by 2049.
The That'd be a hundred years of communist rule in China.
The centennial of the People's Republic of China.
The country made great strides towards the goal over the last decade.
Millions escaped poverty and Beijing positions itself at the center of global finance and diplomacy.
But the world's second largest economy has had a bumpy post-pandemic recovery, weighed down by low domestic demand and ongoing real estate market slump and high levels of public debt.
Economists say China now faces the specter of a middle-income trap.
The long-term economic outlook of China and its neighbor Japan, South Korea and Taiwan is threatened by its low birth rates and aging workforce.
This is the policy the globalists set up with China, told them they had to do on record to get all of the West's investment, and now it's destroying it.
But here in the West, in Europe, the United States, and Australia, New Zealand, they pay through the system to bring in illegals from the third world, and then they have all these other mechanisms in to push Populations in the United States, black, white, Hispanic, doesn't matter, do not have children.
Unlike in the U.S.
where birth rates also are under the replacement rate of 2.1, children from mother, East Asian countries remain hesitant to fully open their doors to immigration in order to offset future manpower shortages.
And so far, new policies and hundreds of billions of dollars poured into measures like child care and fertility treatment have failed to reverse the trend.
Last year marked the seventh straight year that births dipped, the second year in which more people died than were born.
The UN forecast China's population now the world's third largest after India.
forecast China's population now the world's third largest after India, the second largest, will shrink from 1.4 billion to 1.31 billion by 2050. He argues that the
prediction is too optimistic. He believes the population already stands at 1.3 billion and will reach about 1 billion by mid-century if its fertility rate can
stabilize at 0.8 expected births per woman.
So there you go. That's what's really happening. That's the reality of these globalist policies.
And when you sit back and ask yourself, well, why aren't the robotics going to work?
Now, Elon Musk posted on X, and I posted it on Real Alex Jones.
And I'm looking for it, but I can't find it for some reason.
Just pull it up from Real Alex Jones.
Asian women are paid more than white men per capita.
Now, I can already tell you that.
If you look by race, who on average has the highest earnings, it's six groups of Asians, six nationalities of Asians, and then it's white people.
But if you look at that demographic of white people being the seventh group to be making per capita the most, it is mainly Jews.
Which is just a demographic fact that Jews on average, we don't think people know, are successful and wealthy.
So again, if you remove, and I've got the numbers here, I have them in front of me, it's in the stack, I'll find it.
Maybe I can look these up.
Just look at per capita earnings per race, United States of America, it's all over the place.
There's varied numbers over the years, you'll see it.
White males actually are about number 15, so they're actually towards the middle or bottom, and on average are construction workers.
Now, where is the... You guys just go to real Alex Jones, and just scroll down, or go to Elon Musk thing, and you can go to Elon Musk X, and he put out a...
This morning.
And you can just pull up the number on the Asian women.
I'll just do it.
You just go to RealAlexJones, that's how you do it.
Yeah, go ahead and click the link.
And then it opens up the graph, because I know the graph was there this morning.
And I don't know why the graph's not there now.
Hit refresh, guys.
I'll just do it myself, it's fine.
I'll just do it, it's fine.
So, that's what we're dealing with and I've said some things like this, I wanted to show you, but it's well known that Asian women outperform, if you stack them next to white men, they outperform them.
Now again, it's okay if white people were, there it is, it's okay if white people We're the best-performing group.
I mean, if you go to the NBA, who's the best-performing group?
9 out of 10 are black men, or the NFL, 8 out of 10.
But it's just not even true.
And again, if you remove Jews out of the demographic, whites are in the middle.
But let's move aside what color you are, and let's talk about men.
Upwards of 70% of college graduates are women.
Every year now.
A few years ago it was 65%.
It's growing.
They estimate soon 80% within a few years of college graduates will be women.
They're the new professional class.
Men have no place anywhere.
Plus men know you really can't get jobs that are good with a college degree in most cases anyways.
So that's the real world we live in where white men on average are construction workers.
And boy, if you go to a hospital, you don't really see any white men.
If you don't really see any white doctors.
I've been in and out of hospitals last few years with family sick and I'm like, wow!
Very interesting.
There's no white people here except in the beds dying.
But again, it's this idea that there's these evil white people everywhere that have this great white privilege and we're just getting all this wonderful stuff and That's another reason the globalists want me off air, because, wow, I'm a white guy, and people listen to me, and I'm successful, and people listen to me who are all colors, because they want freedom.
And it's not about what color I am.
But again, when you hear this white privilege thing, you say, I'm sorry, I've got so much privilege.
I'm sorry, I'm doing so great.
I'm sorry, I'm so wonderful.
Yes, the system that the Europeans set up has been the new technological system.
You can actually say it's a curse.
Look how it's being used against us.
I'm not saying other cultures haven't had amazing developments in science, you know, in their day, but humanity technologically has peaked because of Europeans.
And I'm kind of sitting back going, wow, that's actually not a good thing.
I guess white people really did do something bad.
But no, it's the misuse of technology.
Look at another white guy.
Elon Musk innovating.
They don't like that either.
Because it flies in the face of the propaganda that white people are giving everything.
The truth is white people aren't doing too well.
The truth is almost no group is doing too well.
Even groups that are wealthy.
Humanity's not doing too well.
But the social envy and the idea that white people are the richest people and the most powerful people is asinine.
It's preposterous.
Are there a bunch of rich billionaires?
And is it true that half of them are Jewish?
And does that create class envy as well?
Why are there so many rich, powerful Jews?
And that's the left biting itself in the ass, where Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL gets up and says, you know, white people are so terrible, and Christians are so bad, and they're so racist, and they're hurting everybody, and, you know, we at the ADL, we represent all the brown people, the majority worldwide, and we're going to help deal with the evil right-wingers.
And then he goes, well, why are you saying Jews are evil, and Jews are powerful, and Jews are doing these bad things?
It's the left doing that more than anybody.
I'd say 95% of the quote anti-Semitism you hear or see is from the left and then they turn around and point their fingers at Protestants or Catholics and say you're white supremacists and then that's the main group that's not even promoting White supremacy or anti-semitism.
And then you go to a college campus and it is like Jews are inherently evil.
Jews are inherently bad.
From the river to the sea or mountains of the sea, get rid of all of them.
I mean, you know they're doing that.
So everything the corporate media says, everything the ADL says is a distortion.
And Greenblatt freaks out.
I played the clip months ago.
He goes, you know, there's this totem pole.
And it's the black women and the blacks and everybody on down.
And the Jews are like at the bottom because, you know, we're supposedly these bad white people.
Well, we're not like the bad white people.
We're the good white people.
Well, Greenblatt, according to you, whiteness is inherently evil.
So you're running around teaching people that.
And then you wonder why they then look at rich Jews and go look at the corporate roster.
And what, half the CEOs are Jewish?
I'd say, well, the big companies?
And then you, so you're saying being successful is bad, being white's bad, and then you're white, even though you say you aren't, your skin's white, you look like a white dude.
I mean, you look like Nosferatu, but, you know, that said, you look like a vampire, and you act like one, but the point is, and you're very ugly, but I'm not trying to be mean, and I know that's why you hate everybody, because you're spiritual, you know, the point is, is that you dig this hole for everybody, and then you wonder why you're being thrown into it.
And it's just, and I'm trying not to be mean, it's just that I've been persecuted by the ADL.
And why has the ADL been persecuting me?
Well, in the old days the ADL had to go out and create fake Nazi groups, they've been caught doing it.
We heard a report earlier about it.
But in the modern age, they can just go out and hype it up and push it and give massive attention to it, so they get more funds.
But that's not working anymore.
And the ADL doesn't like me, because I'm exposing globalism across the board, no matter who runs it, who owns it, who controls it.
I don't give them what they want and sit there and obsess on Jews all day.
I just go, man, BlackRock's really evil, saying that they're going to control our lives and our behavior and do all these terrible things.
And I just leave out of that what Race or religion, Larry Fink is.
Even though Larry Fink's funding to the ESG, corporate governance system, all this anti-Christian, anti-white crap, I don't get down on Larry Fink's anti-Christian level.
I just go, man, Larry Fink's a really evil guy.
Take Bill Gates.
He's not Jewish.
And I can tell you, at the top of the New World Order, it's about science and the takeover and eugenics and depopulation and transhumanism and depopulation and AI world government.
I don't sit there and attack Germans because Klaus Schwab is a German.
I don't blame modern Germans for Adolf Hitler.
The point is, when you get to the top of the New World Order, ladies and gentlemen, it's about transhumanism, it's about life extension, it's about world government, and we need a big tent to say whether you're Jewish or Catholic or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu or agnostic, gay, straight, any of that, Do you want to be depopulated?
Do you want to be injected with poison spike protein?
Do you want to be fried by 5G?
Do you want to eat GMO?
Do you want totally open borders?
Do you really want to promote pedophilia?
Do you really want hundreds of thousands of fentanyl deaths a year?
Do you really want World War III?
Do you really want this?
Because this is what's going on.
And we can fight with each other all day long.
But I would imagine whether you are black, white, Jewish, Christian, whatever you are, the New World Order is slowly killing everybody, including the slaves that serve it.
Who you think are big and powerful because they fly around on private jets and they got billions of dollars in the bank?
It means nothing.
They were put in by a system that hands power down to the others in the system that is dividing and conquering us and destroying us.
And that has committed a laundry list of crimes against humanity that is infinity long.
And you can pretend you're part of the power structure all day long.
You can pretend you're part of the New World Order.
You can go along with it.
It's a joke.
I couldn't imagine how lonely and evil and bad I would feel if I, when Henry Kissinger tried to get me to go to New York and meet with him 15 years ago, And I didn't do it.
They couldn't believe it.
They were like, Fox, you're not the head of the Christian group, Rothko.
I'm like, you're not.
He said in front of my producer, you're not going to come here.
You're not going to meet with us.
You're not.
You can't believe, you know, most people don't get this offer, Mr. Jones.
You can be part of the superclass.
You'll have a seat at the table.
You keep a lot of your ideas.
You're going to have to work with us.
I just can't believe you're turning this down.
I've never heard anybody turn this down.
I can't imagine what it would be like to actually be against my own species and to be involved in this level of evil in a plan to poison and dumb down everybody and then kill almost everybody as if you're going to feel safe.
You're going to stop at 8 billion when you've killed 8 billion?
You think the new world is going to stop?
You think they're going to stop?
This thing is here to kill all life on the earth.
There is no decision in my mind about joining Satan.
And there's no amount of pressure they can put on me to get me to join them.
It's not even a question.
It's not even up for debate.
And I'm not talking about me here.
I've already made my decision, and I'm saying it's not a decision.
To me, it's not a decision when I go down on the deep end of the pool to get a, you know, something that I dropped down there, a golf ball or whatever was thrown around the pool, and I want to go back up and get air.
I'm going down to the bottom, I'm coming back up, I want air.
It's like breathing air.
It's like just being normal.
And I just want to say to all the people that are in the system that feel like you're powerful because you're given power within that.
You're a joke!
You're a fraud!
You're not actually following the destiny that God laid out for you.
You would have just chosen it that will empower you.
I am so enriched spiritually and mentally fighting tyranny.
I only have fear of not fighting hard enough.
I am so strong.
I am fulfilled.
I am a man.
I am a father.
I am the real deal.
And it shouldn't be rare to be honest, to be decent, to be strong, to be good, to care about people, to tell the truth, to not have fear.
But instead, I see a bunch of people that are scared and a bunch of people that want positions in the system.
And that was my real blind spot before I hit more news.
And Daniel Esselin is a huge writer and researcher, has incredible Bilderberg sources and globalist sources.
And we're going to knock it out of the park coming up next hour.
The only problem is one hour is not enough.
With all these globalist resignations, all the things that are happening, it's going to be a really important interview.
I need to tell you that's coming up.
Should have talked about it more.
We put it on the side, he's coming on.
In fact, I'm going to post on X. He's coming up here in a minute.
Everybody should tune in.
Guys, go do me a post.
Just say, hey, I'm about to have, you know, a major researcher and he has incredible, I mean, a real insider, smart guy, Daniel Estelin.
He's not one of them, but he's been in their circles a lot and really knows what way ahead of the curve decades ago.
Talk about the transhumance takeover on my show.
Now we're here.
But what I was trying to get at was, You are designed to be good.
You're falling, you have the capacity to be bad.
But God designed you to be good.
And God designed us to be wholesome.
And we've just lost that.
And most of the people serving the system, oh, the blind spot part.
I've been on the air 30 years, and I've been really awake 35, 40, but I always thought that we exposed all of this, that we would just wake a bunch of people up and they'd
say no because of self-preservation and common sense.
And we were right about that 90% of the time.
But a certain percent of people have told me, and I've seen it happen, that they woke up to how the system works, and that helped them join the system, and that they're working the system because they understand that's just what's happened, so they want to be powerful within it.
They think that's advancing them.
Because they want most people totally done on knowing how it works, because if you know all this information, you can be very successful outside of their system.
It actually challenges them.
So there's groups that aren't awake, there's groups that are awake that fight the globalists, there's groups that wake up and join the globalists, and then there's groups that wake up and don't really help anybody, but they help themselves with the knowledge, and some of the time that hurts the globalists.
You see what I mean?
I just didn't think people's mindsets would be that stupid to sit there and think, I'm going to help myself right now, knowing this, even though you're going to destroy your own future down the road and that of everybody else.
But they don't have a sense of humanity, a sense of other people.
They don't have a sense of a shared human experience.
We're still individuals, but by free will, we then be collectivized.
They have their false collective.
God has his real collective through free will.
Where we agree what is the best.
We agree what the right thing to do is.
Some still decide to deviate, but that's because they've got problems.
This is the people that are fallen, that are twisted, who are into being twisted, and they want to twist us and take us with them.
Hell loves company.
I'm going to go to break.
Come back with Daniel Esselstyn.
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I'm gonna tell you what's on my mind.
The only thing on American I'm hearing is the constant parade of attacks by your foul-mouthed, flea-bitten listeners against our noble president.
I am a Biden believer.
And here's what's gonna go down in 24.
Biden's gonna walk walk away again, wiping the floor with Trump, like he did in 2020.
Because America believes in Biden.
Hollywood believes in Biden, like Mark Hamill.
And we all know that Trump is going to try to cheat, but he's going to go down in flames.
And all I hear is the anger and the bitter in your alcoholic listeners' voices as they have to come.
on the terms with the end of white cisgender Christian America as we rise, rise, the pink haired warriors, the non-binary warriors, the transgenders, we're rising and we're going
to sweep you aside. I want to talk right to your listeners right now, the frightened middle-aged white man clinging to his guns and his religion and his money and his privilege. Get ready,
baby, because pretty soon you will be swept aside in the new order of things.
And you know what that new order is?
It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come together and live together.
And yes, there will be communism.
Yes, there will there will be Sharia law.
Because you don't understand, queers for Palestine, together forever strong.
We are coming together in a coalition, one big, great big coalition that will win a day
and in 2024, when you're all crying, when you're all just so broken up
because you've lost again.
It's a new dawn in America with a rainbow, a transgender rainbow sweeping across the land to sweep you aside into obscurity.
The time of the white cisgendered man is over.
Your privilege card has been revoked.
You will accept the new refugees, the new Americans.
And here's the secret.
We're in charge.
We tell you what to do.
So get ready.
Get ready to give up your guns, give up your gold, give up your privilege, and accept the way things are now.
The pink-haired warriors are here, and we're not going anywhere.
You will not legislate us out of existence.
You will not put us back in the closet and we will not be quiet.
Free, free from your oppressive grip.
Put your head on us and tell you what, I'm a Biden believer.
When Biden smiles, the sun shines.
When he reaches the ring, his strong hands lift up the oppressed and his foot stomps on the white supremacists.
So this is how it's going to go down in 24.
Joe Biden's going to be back for four more years and then Kamala Harris for eight.
And then Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
What do you make of the attempt to take January 6th, which we know was a federally provocateur event at many levels, there were also some useful idiots that got sucked into it, in my view, to now project on that, no, it's not radical Islam that's the big threat, it's not communist China that's the threat, it's the American people and patriots that are the threat, and with straight faces the CIA has come out and said, oh, we believe a civil war has already begun?
We're going to have to arrest all the leadership?
I mean, this is what a real authoritarian takeover looks like historically.
The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.
The most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.
White supremacists.
The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
Can you speak to that with your historic understanding?
I expect something, again, another distraction.
I expect because of what was staged on January 6th and what was staged up in Michigan to kidnap, you know, the fake kidnapping of the governor up in Michigan, Whitmer.
I think we're going to see staged events.
I really do.
I mean, I really do think that do not put past this administration with their thugs, in some cases, that they have access to.
do not put it past them to stage something.
Hey man, what do you got?
Look buddy, this is like your fourth time this week.
You wanna talk about how JFK had a bunch of mistresses?
Okay, you wanna figure out why JFK was assassinated?
Because he figured out that the CIA was trying to run the entire country blackmail?
You want to talk about how the CIA controls almost every country's politicians and celebrities?
That all the bad sh** in the world is basically coming from the same source and they're able to control people who would ordinarily not be this evil but because they're being compromised and blackmailed so much they're afraid of losing everything they are extraordinarily evil?
Which is why you're not going to be able to get it to stop unless you bring down the whole frickin' thing.
Is that what you want to hear?
You hate sleeping?
You really want to come out of the shell and realize that nobody's allowed to just be cool and awesome like all your buddies were in school because everybody's controlled at the top of every f***ing organization?
Because if they're not, they just get replaced by something that is?
You thought your favorite actor got that role in that movie because he was the best actor for the job?
They met with him in the back room, recorded him making out with a 15-year-old and have blackmail on him and made him commit to Satan for 18 years.
Then they gave him the platform because now he's controllable.
But Robert De Niro's such a good father figure.
You think Taylor Swift, Walmart, and the MLB all have the exact same very specific opinion about political ideas?
You're a sweet, sweet, sweet little idiot.
I'll be- I'll be back tomorrow.
Declare Defcon 3. Scramble all alert aircraft.
I repeat, scramble all alert aircraft.
The Embroiderer spends all its time thinking about World War 3.
Target selection complete.
Time on target sequence complete.
22 Typhoon-class submarines departing Petropavlovsk, turning south out of Nordkapp, bearing 095 degrees.
Radar reports two unknown tracks are penetrating the Alaskan Air Defense Zone.
From the front lines of the Information War... Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
We are at DEFCON 1.
Are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
You bet!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
We'll keep control, but we'll keep it here at the top where it belongs.
3... 2... 1... Impact!
Shall we play a game?
How about global thermonuclear war?
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All units confirm weapons targeted and ready.
Awaiting launch codes.
We are on a launch mode.
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're in!
The Russians are still denying everything, sir.
We have a Soviet submarine watch detection.
I wish I didn't know about any of this.
I wish I was like everybody else.
In the end, the only winning goal is not to play.
Ladies and gentlemen, he is arguably one of the most accurate experts on the new world order out there, a true visionary and a worldwide best-selling author in more than a dozen languages.
Last time I checked, Daniel Estilun, straight ahead at T-minus 60 seconds.
All right, I'm very excited about this hour's interview and the only problem is we should have tried to book him for two hours but hopefully he'll come back again soon.
It's been a few years since he was on, that's too long.
He'll come back on next month, we'll have him for two hours.
He is a worldwide bestseller in languages all over the world.
And he has lived all over the world and I remember interviewing him 20 years ago.
I remember going to Bilderberg events and covering it with him and him explaining they're taking over society, AI takeover, they're going to take over the human body and he was just hammering it and I knew that was their plan but I didn't know 10% of what Daniel Estlin did on that central subject.
He's a huge part of my film, In Game Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
You can find all his books and more at EstlinBZ on X. Estlin is E-S-T-U.
L-I-N, Estalin, Estalin, and then capital V-Z on X. And he joins us now to talk about the incredible developments in our world.
He can go wherever he wants.
I'm not the old Alex that I constantly interrupt, but I'm sure I'll have some points I want to raise.
But all I will say up front, because I want to know his view on this, We are seeing record numbers, other than what we saw right before they released COVID four years ago, four and a half years ago, record numbers.
Thousands of prominent CEOs, heads of major banks exiting or announcing their exits.
We have Klaus Schwab, we know being removed.
They wanted to remove him in Davos this year, but he refused and said, I'll be here at 100.
Well, he's gone now.
We are seeing massive Movements.
We have Melinda Gates leaving the foundation last week.
I mean, I tried to cover yesterday.
We covered at least 50 major globalists leaving yesterday with Dr. Kirk Elliott.
So I'm going to ask him that up front and then where he thinks the world is today and then to go into any direction he wants because he's got so much knowledge.
I wish that you weren't so right, but man, you have been just dead on.
They say Alex Jones is next decade's news today.
Well, you have certainly, in many levels, surpassed that.
I'm just giving credit where it's due.
You're one of our best brains that's pro-human out there, so thank you for all you do.
Alex, thanks so much for having me.
You and I have been friends for, the first time you interviewed me was back in, if I'm not mistaken, in 2007 when my book on the Bilderbergers came out.
And I've been on your show and off and on for almost 20 years.
So I'm very grateful for the opportunity to actually have such an important platform to be able to reach people and explain to them things that otherwise they're not going to be able to see through the mainstream media.
It's a very interesting question.
When you and I talked, I should say your producer and I discussed today's interview and the idea was to look at some of the exit plans as you call it for the elite.
And I want to call your attention, draw your attention to the fact that we've seen a lot of people The assassination attempt on Robert Fico is naturally associated with his position on Ukraine.
the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. We can talk about the death of Raisi.
And the assassination attempt on Robert Fico is naturally associated with his position on Ukraine.
They say that Fico was shot by a 71-year-old retiree who bears little resemblance to a lone gunman.
Now, if you look at things conceptually, in other words, from a much higher vantage point, so if the assassination attempt is political, then either it's a signal to the entire Eurosceptic community
before the upcoming European elections, where the fate of individuals such as Ursula von der Leyen is decided, and also hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars are at stake, Alex.
For FICO himself.
Now, Slovakia is not in a position to exert global influence.
It's a pipsqueak country.
And so assassination has always been, well, let's say, an extremely comfortable argument.
And needless to say, it would have been easier to remove the unwanted FICO in a kind of a Maidano color revolution.
And so the motive for the assassination attempt must be extremely convincing and very, very urgent, Alex.
And needless to say, it hasn't come to light, but it will.
And so, if the West, the West, the collective West, with its rules-based order, okay, going back to the end of World War II, so this collective West now prefers to kill political undesirables without wasting time on the Maidans, on buying them off, On scaring them off, on showing them the files of photographs of their pedophilic events, then life on the planet will soon become very, very interesting, Alex.
And so, to put it in context, the collective FICO is not a victim of the struggle in Western Russia, as many think.
FICO is a victim of the internal struggle between political forces in Europe.
More specifically, between the two, let's say, main coalitions.
The coalition of the collection, represented by FICO himself and Viktor Orbán of Hungary, which focuses on ordinary democracy.
In other words, on the fact that governments must express the interests of the citizens.
The preservation of national European cultural identity, as well Which is very important, religion and also Christianity.
And the second coalition, the other side, which is the post-modern globalist coalition.
Let's call it the liberal coalition, although this will not be accurate.
This coalition proclaims itself to be liberal, but its fundamental values contradict classical liberalism.
And so we can call it ultra-liberal, but this word has not yet become Let's say a generally recognized term, but there's still no precise definition of the new geology that was born from classical liberalism.
I mean, isn't it really just transhumanism?
Haven't they just turned into their final form, transhumanism?
Well, eventually transhumanism and posthumanism.
The final form is going to be posthumanism.
But the guy who shot FICO is not a Ukrainian Nazi, but a liberal gone crazy, a Soros clone.
And so the conscience of these people, I'm not talking about FICO, I'm also talking about the people, you know, who want to kill Donald Trump.
In the United States, who want to kill Putin, who want to kill other leaders, is under terrible radiation of this incessant propaganda.
And they begin to spew this hatred.
And we've seen this in the United States, the Trump syndrome, towards anyone.
Who has the opposite political views.
So a liberal who is against the freedom of others to have a different opinion is a direct contradiction to the idea of liberalism.
This is something that Tucker Carlson was talking about a few weeks ago.
But these people are no longer able to understand this because they're really on the verge of madness.
And again, we've seen this in the United States where all these people, you know, screaming at the top of the lungs on Trump was elected back in 2016.
And so the entire world propaganda Of this world authorities is raiding such crazy people.
And so the sign of this madness is a symptom of mental illness.
And we have already millions of these people in the world.
So the idea again, to go back to the initial question.
The idea again that the rules based order is on its deathbed.
Which means that a new order needs to be created and a lot of people are going to be killed.
And the liberals understand.
In other words, the liberal banking financiers, they're financiers of the United States.
They focus on the United States.
They understand that if they lose the elections, they're going to be killed, they're going to be imprisoned.
And which is why, again, all bets are off.
It's a free-for-all.
They have no choice but to win.
Because if they lose, they're gone.
Like, physically gone.
I want to elaborate on that key point that you're saying that there's a clash of civilizations.
There's an article out called The Revenge of the Normies that kind of quantifies that in a populist way.
It's not too sophisticated, but it gets the basics.
The globalists have their post-human world, their scientific takeover plan to secure their power, give themselves life extension, but that all rested on destroying the old order and the public not knowing that the globalists were the ones destroying us.
But now, because they've been exposed, And Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and King Charles and others are so hated, they understand now that they're going to get the blame for what they've engineered and their bunkers aren't going to protect them.
So that old order is rolling forward with all its funding and BlackRock and Central Bank power, but it's running into more opposition every moment.
So the question is, what Well, you see, it's a very complicated question.
It's a very good question.
I'm glad you asked.
what will be its replacement and what will be the power struggle over its collapse and that's going to be a very very dangerous period of time. Speak to
that and tell us what you think is going to probably come out of that or what the different scenarios could be Daniel Estiman. Well you see it's a very it's a
very complicated question it's a very good question I'm glad you asked and again we can bring it back to the American elections because again big-time
politics and big-time economy they always go together out in many countries elections are no longer purely domestic or political affair because they've
acquired literally an economic dimension as well And it's particularly true for a country like the United States.
And so that said, it's easy to see why someone like Donald Trump is literally 90% inevitable as a kind of reaction to the US foreign policy.
And probably also domestic policy, because today the lines between domestic and foreign policy are pretty blurred.
And so if you look at national sovereignty, it has been increasingly replaced by corporate sovereignty.
You mentioned BlackRock, you mentioned Vanguard Group.
We're talking about one world company limited, corporations that have a lot more power than any government on the planet.
So if you go back to 1648, I don't want to go too far back in history because people get bored, but let's call it Global 1.0.
And at that global 1.0, which goes back to Westphalia up until the end of the 1960s, we had nation-states with all of its, you know, prerogatives.
And then in 1968 at the Bilderberg Conference, they discussed a totally new concept, the idea of one world company limited, corporations that have more power than any government on the planet.
And so out of that came out, again, we're seeing these corporations, the Black Rocks, the Vanguard groups.
And then after that, we're coming into a new stage where globalization is dead.
And the initial phase of death of globalization was COVID.
Everything was shut down.
And we're seeing regionalization of global economies.
And in fact, Brexit and BRICS, we've talked about this way back like a few years ago, you and I. Brexit and BRICS were two initial attempts to regionalize the global economies.
In other words, anyway, so the national sovereignty Has been again replaced by a corporate sovereignty and so initially this was nurtured by the state major transnational companies, global financial corporations, international online communities.
They literally become strong enough to pursue an independent policy and in some cases even dictate the needs and opportunities of entire countries including the United States.
And so these Let's call them non-state actors.
They literally now shape the global agenda.
China, which is the rival to the United States, has been transformed into this economic giant thanks to neoliberal globalization.
And it's now pushing for a geopolitical re-division of the world.
In other words, re-regionalization.
And so what we're seeing, Alex, today on the global stage is as much geography as it is about politics.
And so this new order is being created where Literally, geography and money are proving to be the ultimate trump cards.
Because geography becomes the governing economic decision-making factor.
And geography is literally giving us our first major political tectonic fault lines.
And the war is on!
Forever depleting natural resources, not to mention water, not to mention food, in the age of this global population explosion.
So as you mentioned earlier, we're talking about trans-evolution.
We have 8 billion people on the planet, or if they don't need that many people.
They're destroying the middle class, there's going to be the sliver of the upper class and everybody else.
But the problem with everybody else is we all need to eat.
I don't know about you, but I eat about three times a day, sometimes four.
I can skip a meal, which I may not even eat one day, but I cannot eat for two weeks.
Neither can you or anyone else.
So the idea is, if in this ever-depleting natural resources and the deaths of food, Security of water.
They don't need so many people who are hungry because hungry people tend to get irritable.
Okay, and so we know what's happening in the Middle East.
You have secular regimes are being replaced by these, let's call it anti-modernity forces.
And so the choice of this controlled chaos Which is what we're seeing right now, controlled chaos as a foreign policy strategy by the U.S.
Democratic Party played a major role in destroying these secular regimes the world over and also contributing to, let's call it, barbarization of vast territories.
We've seen this all over the world.
And historically, if you kind of look at the United States, there have been two main cycles in the United States.
You have the period of expansionism usually represented by the Democrats, whether it's Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman, JFK, and then it was followed by inward-looking policies with the Republicans at the helm, with the exception of George Bush Jr.
And so Trump's election in 2016 Was in fact a response to the expansionist policies.
They need to get some breathing space and focus on the domestic agenda.
And so the America first.
So to make a leap forward to be, let's say, a beacon for the rest of the world, as Trump often said.
So because America needs a break, it needs to refocus.
It needs to regroup its energies.
It needs to realign its resources.
And the big question is, when will those inevitable changes be enforced or take place?
Let me throw a few questions here and go back to things you were just saying that we can focus in on.
It's very important.
If you read the Globalist on Admissions, they're quite honest about all of this.
They admit they're losing power.
They admit they're running in.
Uh, to more opposition and, and, and they admit they don't know what to do because China in the last 10 years broke away from them.
Russia's been breaking away for 20 years successfully.
And as those examples spread, they tried to squeeze harder.
And it was Zbigniew Brzezinski said, what, 12 years ago in Canada, dead now, but he's one of their top brains.
He said it was easy to propagandize a million people 20 years ago because now it's easier to kill them.
We're not going to be able to convince people.
We're going to lose.
We've got to start killing everybody.
And so then the question is, how do they camouflage the wiping out and the killing of the spoiled people in the West, then replacing them with third world populations in the interim before they move to pure robotics?
I mean, that's their stated operation.
And now I think it's clear we're no longer living in beta testing of Agenda 21.
We're now in Agenda 2030 and beyond.
And the global collapse cutting off the food, the energy has already been initiated and I really don't even see it being reversible unless Trump got a global coalition together.
And so you talk about the barbarization of the world.
They admit, as you've written in your books, they want to move to a city state.
So they claim globalization to get the world under control, they collapse things, and then only have certain regions they control that are wealthy within the original nation-states themselves, kind of like they told us they would do in the 1970s in Rollerball, where there's no more nations but there are basically capital cities that are corporate cities within the system, and we're moving back to the city-state.
Alex, you've nailed it.
So we've gone from, you know, global 1.0, that's, you know, globalism, to regionalization of global economies, and finally city-states, as we had in the Middle Ages.
You also said something else which is very poignant.
You talked about innovation and technology.
Any innovation in technology has a direct impact internationally, but the prevalence of the pain capacity over production factors will definitely speed up the process of the world's
regionalization. It's a kind of a fencing off from globalization as a way of restricting access to competitors. And so the trend for building such exclusive corporate economic zones has been there
Again, I mentioned before, Bilderberg first discussed it back in 1968, the idea of one world company limited.
But why Trump?
And why do the elite see him in such a danger to their rules-based order?
Because you see, America and the world in general, they need to be perceived not as a kind of united front, but as a, let's call it, matryoshka, nesting doll, hiding at least three Americas.
So the first layer is the America of Wall Street, Washington's bureaucracy, Chicago, Hollywood, Silicon Valley.
It's America's 1%.
America of the printing press, hedge funds, insurance companies, and so on and so forth.
What do they sell?
They sell nothing.
They sell air.
It's an America that lends to others and it was represented by Hillary Clinton and now by Joe Biden.
Before that by Obama, the Clintons.
And so the real world economy, including the service sector, accounts for about 80 trillion dollars, more or less.
While the global financial sector, that's an 800 trillion dollars.
So 80, that's the real economy.
That's 10%. And the rest of it is nothing air. And if you add derivatives of about two and a half quadrillion dollars, that's two and a half plus 15 zeros of this financially
And so in the future, somebody will have to pay the price for these transgressions.
The Clinton crowd, they, well, they hope it won't be them.
Clintons, the collective Clintons.
And so if the Democrats lose the elections, I repeat, if they lose the elections this November, they will be jailed and a lot of them will be killed.
Because this is a war for keeps.
But how do you pass the buck, Alex, without writing off one's responsibilities?
That's the fight worth fighting for.
This is one percent is engaged in that fight to the death.
And then there's the second America, the post-industrial or the corporate America.
It stands for production and transnational companies born out of the second industrial revolution.
And Trump became their voice.
These are the deplorables, as Hillary Clinton called them.
But most importantly for us, it's a marriage of industrialists on the one hand and the energy and the oil.
In the military sectors, with the services and also construction industries.
And that said, Trump would never have won the elections in 2016, and I don't think he has a chance to win it this year, if the third America did not support him or does not support him.
And this is the high-tech America, as you mentioned earlier.
It's the America of knowledge, of brain workers, of new technology, of IT that has emerged over the past 40 years.
And so on the global stage, Donald Trump has become a kind of a symbol and a mouthpiece for those forces that are not ready to sacrifice America for global schemes and will forego them for the sake of America First ideology.
And this vision represents a radical change in the balance of force of this global arena and consequently it represents a change of the direction in which mankind, not only the United States, but mankind is going.
Because it's an issue of universal concern.
And that's why the fight is not only between the Democrats and the Republicans, but all those who represent collective interests of nation-states on the one hand, and these global parasitical financiers.
And so we're witnessing actors in a process where the world is literally entering a new era.
It's an era marked by the struggle for national liberation of societies, separated by state boundaries and also customs, against a common enemy, which is this all-destroying dominance of this global ruling class against the background of looming social collapse as a result of aggression of liberally-minded global profiteers.
And in that case, I repeat, The Trumps and the Xi Jinping's and the Putin's and the Irban's and the FICO's, they stand on the same side, not because they're buddies!
Okay, that's what the mainstream media wants you to believe.
FICO is a stooge of Putin.
Trump is a stooge of Putin because Putin has info on him that's, you know, will benefit Putin against him.
And that's not the case.
They represent a wing against which they need to band together because the other side is very powerful.
It's the global financial liberal banking financiers.
It's the Satanist wing.
And so the idea in the United States right now is all As Trump wants to do, you save the United States at the expense of those global financial liberal banking financiers, or if they win, they will destroy the United States from within.
And again, the Democrats, the Republicans, it's not a different thing.
That's the same thing.
They're all the same thing.
Trump is different.
But, oh, but it doesn't matter.
We're talking about the Bushes.
We're talking about, it makes no difference, the Clintons.
They all represent a global liberal banking financiers.
The idea that they have.
You should destroy the United States to save their global liberal system.
And people like the Rockefellers and company, they're not American for as much as they have the United States passport.
They're globalists.
And they're in the United States, they're in New York, because that's where the money is.
That's right.
And to them, I think it's dumb that they care about a country.
Or it's people.
They don't care about any country or any people.
They're gonna build city-states and then have their armored rural redoubts and bunkers and they literally have set up a system to play us off against each other, divide and conquer.
And then there's the fourth America, the average hard-working poor people that they've balkanized using race.
And religion and sex that are waking up that they've been screwed and realizing Trump is actually for them because he's not selling out the industrial system of America.
Let's come back with Daniel Estillin and get his predictions of what's going to happen with this election and so much more.
We'll also talk about his books that you need to get.
Daniel Estillin is one of the most informed people in the world on the subject of the New World Order.
And I'm sorry to people of bad news, folks, it's all over.
We need to get ready now.
People need to go to KEPM.com forward slash gold KEPM.com forward slash gold.
You need to get ready.
This is the place to go.
I love them.
They're great sponsors.
They're great people.
Or you can call 720-605-3900.
In my opinion, you are insane if you don't get into silver right now and get some gold.
And I wish I could do it.
I'm under enemy attack.
It's okay.
It's fine.
And I'm just looking at all of you wishing I was in the position you're in right now because I wish this wasn't the case, but I intellectually and spiritually know I'm 100% right.
And I think you all know it too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is, humanity's waking up and we're going to turn this around.
So, buckle up, folks!
Buckle up and get ready now!
Because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now, and I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you, the New World Order's coming.
It's here.
Well, Daniel Estlin is the real deal.
He does his research.
And I knew what he was saying, and I don't think he remembers.
I interviewed him way before I met him at Bilderberg in 2007.
I've been interviewing Estilun for years before that.
I don't blame him for not remembering, but I do.
And I remember him talking about all of this, the transhumanism and the plan to take over our bodies, all of it.
He's agreed to stay 15 minutes the next hour before the gas toast takes over.
So I'm going to reserve some of that time to ask my questions, but I want him to continue to go where he wants because it's really informative.
Because I struggle with Trump.
He's far from perfect.
I know Trump well.
We've had our own share of arguments.
I'll leave it at that.
Because I'm not going to kiss his ass.
He doesn't care if he kisses his ass.
He will tell you what he thinks.
And, you know, the Trump behind the scenes is kind of the same Trump, but he's even more focused, more serious, and is really smart.
And he is not out to get people.
He really believes in prosperity.
He believes he's got strong nation states.
He wants peace.
He thinks war is dumb.
He has a weak spot that he believes in any technology, and that's why he was for ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, but also anything Fauci puts, he said, sure, try it all.
And he has that right to try law.
This sounds good on the surface, let people, you know, even do fatal treatments if they're, you'll have a disease that could kill them, but he won't admit when he's wrong.
But he's definitely got the satanic globalists, as Daniel said, angry at him and threatened by him because they want to de-industrialize the West and Trump's not going to go along
with that.
And so I think it's really, I don't want to see an endorsement from Daniel Estelin, but this guy doesn't play games.
He's not, you know, political on a side.
When Daniel tells you that Trump really has the new world order after him.
It's 100% true.
Because we open the phones up, and I get this a lot, you know, Trump I'd say is popular with 80% of our audience, but 20% thinks I'm selling out because I'm supporting Trump and he's not perfect.
Well, I'm a critic of Trump.
To his face about warp speed and the rest of it.
But that said, would you rather Joe Biden?
I mean, take Elon Musk.
He's not perfect, but he's definitely promoting Trump.
He's definitely promoting free speech because he says the globalists are going to destroy civilization and collapse things.
And they're going to kill themselves in this attempt for their plan.
Their plan has failed.
They may keep pushing it, and it's going to get everybody killed.
I think that's really the consensus.
So, is Trump perfect?
Is Elon perfect?
But they do have children, and they are pro-human, and they don't want to blow the planet up.
So, comparing that to the Rothschild Satanists, that are completely disconnected from humanity, it's the question of, do I get in a lifeboat, or do I jump into the freezing ocean?
Going along with the New World Order is jumping into freezing water.
I'm going to die in 60 seconds of hypothermia.
Trump is getting in a lifeboat.
And if I saw a better boat, I'd go with it.
And I don't put all my eggs in his basket.
I don't know if I'm putting words in your mouth, Daniel Esselstyn, best-selling author, researcher.
We'll talk about your books if you want to bring them up.
They're amazing.
The one on transhumanism is incredible.
But do you think I stated that accurately, or am I misrepresenting what you said?
Absolutely accurate.
Alex, let's not beat around the bush.
I think that one of the key reasons why Trump won in 2016 is because of you.
And I think that's one of the key reasons why you were deplatformed and hated so much by so many of these Global liberal banking financiers, because you're the cause, quote-unquote, okay, the culprit for, in great part, for having Donald Trump.
Will they, just interrupt, they say that and believe that, and when I've been in these law firm meetings with top Democrat Party lawyers, they shake with hatred, and I'm like, So, yes, they actually believe I did that.
I didn't.
My show was a focal point for guests and callers and people to come together.
And when they went to the RNC and a third of the people were wearing my shirts, yes, that's when they blamed me.
And credit's great.
I don't care about it, but it's dangerous credit.
I don't think it was me, but it was the show that was the catalyst reaching 30, 40 million a day at that time that did do it.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
Please continue.
No, absolutely.
I mean, you're too kind, but the thing is, I mean, you played a key role in having, and even Trump himself, I think on more than one occasion back in 2016, even said it for himself.
He told me that in person.
Yeah, well, he said it also publicly.
So you see, beginning in 1981, The growth of global economy, I guess in one way or another, to explain to people exactly where are we, in essence was driven by redistribution of U.S.
dollars printed by the Federal Reserve and then passed through the Federal Reserve System and that process is controlled by the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, and other globalist Bretton Woods institutions.
For all this talk about the Bretton Woods system being abolished back in 1971, this is not true.
You have the International Monetary Fund, you have the World Bank, you have World Trade Organization, and these are all Bretton Woods created institutions.
The system is alive.
Albeit, needless to say, wearing a different mask.
And so, on the whole, Alex, everybody understood that money printing required assets to back surplus money.
And so in the 1980s, the role of assets was played by, well, let's say, various newly emerging
And then in the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, those were the assets that appeared
as a result of what?
Of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
I propose the United States had two approaches at the time.
The first approach implied using assets taken from the USSR to cover debts accumulated in the 1980s
and then start from scratch.
And that was the approach of the George Bush senior administration.
There was another approach to embezzle everything, to steal everything, to rape everything, and make good use of those assets.
And that was done by the Clinton administration in what became known as the Rape of Russia period in the early to mid 1990s.
And for that reason, people who emerged in Russia as affiliates or affiliated units of the Clinton team, the entire financial and economic structure of today's Russia, ...is considered ideological thievery.
So what we're seeing right now in Russia, and that's something the mainstream media will never tell you, is that the war in Ukraine is not only between, you know, to recover not only lost territories, but the identity of the nation-state, but also to destroy and dismantle, okay, what was done to run it back.
What was taken away in the 1990s, to destroy this liberal banking financier structure which today controls Russia.
And so things were rolling, you know, chugging along smoothly, but beginning in the 2000s, it became clear that there were no assets left.
And so the United States government decided to do what?
To print money, backed by what?
By these completely fictitious assets, which became known as signed prime mortgages.
And then in 2008, well we know what happened, the system collapsed.
And so, today we're at the gates of this worldwide economic default and dismantling of the system itself.
The only difference is, Clinton, talking about Hillary Clinton when she ran in 2016, she would have pushed us into world war which would probably have meant the end of humanity as we know it.
And by the way, she said that, the quotes are not, she said, I will go to war with Iran, I will go to war with Russia, without any proviso around it.
Why was she making such a, such a megalomaniac statement?
If you have a global $4 quadrillion debt, Alex, if you add all these bubbles, that's about a $4 quadrillion debt.
And the only way you can write off this enormous unpayable debt of 4 and 15 zeros, in case people are wondering how many zeros that is, is through force majeure.
Now, force majeure could be what?
It could be, I don't know, Godzilla, okay, coming out of the ocean.
It could be, you know, aliens coming from space.
It could be meteorites.
For those that don't know Latin, that means an act of God.
It could be a thermonuclear war to write off these debts and responsibilities and start from scratch.
And so with Clinton and Biden, it doesn't matter which one, the system of quantitative easing, in other words, printing of unlimited amounts of cash, would have continued for another six to eight, you know, maybe 10 months.
And during that time, the oil prices, the markets, they would have risen on the strength of the emissions and eventually, you know, sometime down the line.
This money would have returned to the American markets, thus causing enormous inflation above the current mega-galactic inflation rate.
Don't believe it at all, it's 2 or 3%.
Anybody who goes to the store knows how much things cost, how much they were six months ago, a year or two years ago.
Or if you go to McDonald's, I saw the other day, the price, I don't go to McDonald's ever, but I saw the prices.
From what it was like four years ago.
It was like a 400% increase in the price of a burger.
Or French fries.
Now, the end result, it doesn't matter if it's with Trump or with Clinton, it doesn't change.
But, the approach is different.
So Donald Trump represents another scenario that saw the printing press put in idle mode by Barack Obama back in 2014.
And so it puts American interests first.
Focuses on doing what?
On improving the economy and getting rid of this huge debt.
So how will Trump take care of the debt?
He's not talking about the finances right now.
They're not talking about the financial model or talking about the economic program.
Now on paper, because that's the question I would ask.
Mr. President, how are you going to take care of the debt?
Now, on paper, Alex, it's quite simple.
Raise the cost of borrowing and write it off as a part of the bankruptcy procedure because it will be impossible to service the snowball debt.
And then the United States economy will start to breathe again.
It will, however, bring about the collapse of those banks who keep that debt on their balance sheets as their main assets.
Now, to put it differently, the way that people understand... They collapse or we collapse?
Trump's plans are an attempt to save the United States economy at the expense of the banks and the financial system itself.
And that's why they despise him.
While the Clintons, the Bidens, and everybody else would have sought to bail out the banks at the expense of the U.S.
And that's why as soon as Biden got in, everything started tanking because they shifted from the people to them again.
So in other words, the plans of Trump and Clinton, or rather by the forces behind them, are mutually exclusive.
Again, furthermore, if Trump goes through with his plans, it would wipe out those elite who are behind Clintons and the Bidens.
In other words, the Wall Streets, the hedge funds, the speculative financial interests, they would remain alive, although things happen, but they would lose their resources they previously had, which is what?
The little machine that prints money that you and I don't have.
Okay, and so Putin's plan, or Biden's plan, would endanger those forces.
In other words, the U.S.
economy's real sector that brought Donald Trump to power in 2016, that will probably bring back Trump to power in 2024.
So it's the real economy versus the fraudulent economy.
And so if Biden wins the re-election, his actions would undoubtedly include easing monetary policies and restarting the printing press.
And Trump, he believes that there's a need to recover the national sovereignty and national economy that the United States has lost.
Because again, before the crisis, 70% of debt belonged to the financial sector.
Now it's amounted to 35%.
So in any case, If the funds rate is zero, the capital does not reproduce.
It's simple.
It's like two plus two is four.
And that's why the rate should be raised.
But then again, this cannot be done, okay, with so much debt.
So what should be done?
If we speak about raising rates, we need to make corporations and households go bankrupt.
And this way you can write off the debt.
And the problem with the global economic crisis, Alex, stems from the issue of demand.
As it was, supported by just printing more money.
Because again, a war, big war, not some tiny, piddly little war between Israel and Palestine.
No, a big, global, thermonuclear war can decrease demand.
In other words, deepen the crisis.
Well, that was my next question.
Why do they want war and what are you predicting they're going to pull, the globalists?
Well, they want war because they need to write up debts and responsibilities, because when they have their first world war, and then they have their second world war, you have the biggest, you know, uh, uh, jump as far as production is concerned, because you, you destroy, then you rebuild.
That's the magnificent period between the, the mid-1940s and, and, uh...
They're in the 1970s.
But right now, you know, getting into the Third World War, Fourth World War, because Third World War was the Cold War.
It's kind of dangerous because you have all these countries like North Korea, Pakistan, etc, etc.
Who have they?
Maybe Iran, who have their nuclear weapons.
You just never know what's going to happen.
And so the idea is, again, you need a force majeure, but they're afraid of the consequences.
So they're seeing how far they can put Russia, push Russia.
And if they're willing, because again, we would have this thermonuclear war already.
The only question for the West, collective West, is will Russia use thermonuclear weapons?
And so, but from Trump's point of view, The simple economic logic is as follows.
If we raise the Fed rates, it will cause mass bankruptcy.
And the United States bankruptcy, okay, for all our international audience, is not aimed at paying off the debt to creditors, but at maintaining the business.
So if the rate is raised, transnational financial institutions will start collapsing and disappearing.
And if the rate rises, okay, for the dollar will not be a good investment tool.
The only way to compensate other countries would be to create regional investment currencies.
And that's why Okay, going back to what you said earlier, we've gone from nation states, that's global 1.0, okay, countries, etc, etc, their currencies, to regionalization of global economies.
And to regionalize a global economy, Alex, what we need is, okay, a group of countries between 300 and 500 million people.
And so you have, for example, Canada, United States and Mexico, that's 500 million people, that'll be like a dollar region.
Which they said they would do, as you said, that was the Trilateral Plan in the 70s was power blocks, regional blocks.
Exactly, exactly.
That's what I was about to say.
That's it.
And so the transnational companies and banks, they understand this, which is why the bankers and the financiers, what they did is...
Way back in 2011, they tried to take away the issue of global currency away from the United States and put it into the hands of what central bank of central banks.
In other words, Bank of International Settlement.
In other words, it would be a supranational institution that would have the exclusive right to print this global currency.
Okay, and the United States Dollar would remain a national currency, and its issue would be limited by the amounts set by the Central Bank of Central Banks.
And it was actually decided at the G8 meeting at the time, G20 meeting, to set up this under the international auspices of the International Monetary Fund.
But then came the Strauss-Kahn scandal, remember that, no?
And the whole thing just disappeared from the media.
For those who don't remember, Strauss-Kahn was General Director of the International Monetary Fund.
There was this criminal case against him relating to these allegations that he allegedly sexually assaulted and attempted to rape, you know, some maid in a hotel in New York in 2011.
Then the charges, of course, were dismissed at the request of the prosecution because, well, they said that the maid, whatever her name was, she had little credibility.
It was all orchestrated and planned by the elite.
It was a message from the Obama administration, don't screw with our currency.
Okay, and so they left it alone.
But the idea hasn't changed.
As you said, you've gone from nation-states where everybody has their currency to regionalization of global economies.
Okay, so we've gone from global and now it's regional.
And as you said, from regional, later on down the line we're going to go to nation-states as we had in the past in the Middle Ages.
It's absolutely the plan of the globalists.
So, let me pick your brain on this.
And I know this from some of the same people.
When I knew you 20 years ago, I didn't, you know, have Kiss's or Invite Me to New York.
I didn't get to, you know, meet with billionaires and people that go to Bilderberg.
But I've since, you know, off record, because they're not talking about crime, so I can wear a journalist hat and have a private meeting with people.
They agree things are out of control.
The old system's going down and that they just made money in it and we're going along with it.
But they don't support it.
They asked me.
...about an alternate system or what we think we should do with the populist movement.
I know Elon Musk is publicly trying to get control of the populist movement.
to build a plan B, because if we just have the globalist system failing, but there's not a new plan for the West, then it's kind of the old plan just operates by autopilot. So I know you've got
a lot of amazing contacts in the security agencies in Europe and in Canada and in Russia. I know you're really a trusted guy and a guy that has a lot of really powerful contacts. What are you
hearing from people, regardless of what group they are "affiliated" with, about where they see things going? Because the establishment recognizes they're in deep trouble, and anybody
with real money who's seen in the power structure now is in danger, because they're all being seen as being New World Order.
They're all looking for ways to signal that they're not with the dying system to extricate themselves.
And I'm the type of guy that says, hey, if you're not a pedophile and not a Satanist, but you worked with them, you want to join us.
That's what victory looks like.
Come over, we'll forgive you, we'll give you amnesty, but then that's only one part of it.
The question is, what do they do with the money, like Elon?
Speak to that incredibly important question, complex obviously, and then what you think of Elon.
Well, let's start with Elon Musk.
I mean, uh, I have a lot of questions about Elon Musk.
I'm not exactly sure who is behind him.
He makes a lot of interesting observations, at the same time, very contradictory observations.
So I'm not exact- I don't know, Alex.
I mean, I'd love to find out- However, he's very contradictory.
You know, there's a lot of stuff out there.
You know, I couldn't say the same thing about Tucker Carlson.
I mean, I think Tucker Carlson is great.
This is exactly what we need, but I also have a lot of questions.
They're not bad questions.
I'm not saying anything bad about Tucker Carlson.
I think he's wonderful.
But there's a lot of questions that I have that I'm not sure, you know, what they are.
Now, to answer your other question, I'm not sure it's a good answer.
The problem is, and it's a scary, you know, thing to say, is that they don't have, they have no model Okay?
They have no model.
And you can tell me about the CBDCs and they can tell me, you know, the Bitcoin and the cryptos.
It's not a model.
They don't have a model for the first time in history, Alex.
For the first time in history.
If we look over the past 2,000 years, I've explained it many times before.
Like, what we're seeing right now, globally, has only happened twice in the last 2,000 years.
The first time, between the 4th and the 6th centuries, when the old Roman Empire collapsed and feudalism came about, about 200 years later.
And then, 1,000 years after that, between the 16th and the 17th centuries, when feudalism disappeared and capitalism as we know it today.
It doesn't matter whether you take it, you know, 1694, the point of... We're at the end of an era.
There's a lot of scrambling.
We're at the end of an era.
And so, this is, you know, that model of capitalism, as we know, is on its deathbed.
Because the whole idea of limitless expansion doesn't exist on a planet Earth, because it's a limited space.
You can expand, but you need to expand at the expense of something.
And so the Soviet Union and the United States each had its own economic area.
The West controls 60% of the global economy, the Soviet Union satellites 40%.
When the Soviet Union collapsed, The modern capitalism literally took over that 40% and it did it in 17 years because it's a very dynamic, vibrant system.
But between 1991 and 2007, but in 2007, what happened?
What happened is what we saw in 2008, okay?
Because you expanded to the limits of a model.
And so what we saw was the beginning of the end.
And so the metaphorical patient went to the hospital because, you know, it had a That's exactly what the Globalist I've met with, or former Globalist, said.
later, that metaphorical patient is on his deathbed.
Because there's no model to define this world or what's this gonna look like for the first time.
And that's exactly what the globalist I've met with, or former globalist, said is,
what do you think the model should be?
So let me tell you this.
Okay, so let's look at it from a higher vantage point.
So what happened is that between, as I said earlier, between 1940s, mid-1940s, after the war, and mid-1960s, you know, everyone's rebuilding Europe, the United States, Russia, etc., etc.
But in the mid-1960s, progress began to falter.
But a new world was no longer possible because of nuclear weapons.
And so in the mid-1960s, the world elite was faced with the key question, what do we do now?
I know people don't ask these questions, but the elites certainly do because they plan like way ahead.
And so capitalism at the time had already exhausted its economic dynamics at the end of the 19th century.
And the exhaustion of the non-capitalist zones, which was 1991 as I said earlier, meant the suffocation and relatively rapid death of capitalism, or rather its dismantling.
And so, in this sense, globalization was literally what was brought, not only to the Soviet Union, to systemic anti-capitalism, but also to capitalism as a system, and in a very symptomatic way.
In other words, the dialectic is what?
Globalization is, to a large extent, a product of the activities of the conspiracy system.
Now, let's think about what we would do if we were the elite, okay?
A lot of the times when I give conferences, I work in, you know, in small groups and people have to decide and, you know, put themselves ahead of the elite and decide what they would do.
So if we're the elite, we're faced with what?
With the limits of growth within a particular economic model.
It's also the problem of the Soviet Union looming over us, in other words, the West, forcing us to share The profits were the working class, the middle class, because otherwise, well, people will start voting for left-wing parties, as we saw in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s.
So the West, they lead, are stuck in a kind of globalists.
They're kind of a sticky situation in the mid-1960s.
Except capitalism and stagnation, war is impossible.
So what are we going to do to avoid an economic collapse or crisis?
They're asking themselves in all of these Bilderberg meetings.
So what's happening now?
Deindustrialization, zero growth, Greta Thunberg's global warming, renewable energy.
All of that started back in the 1960s.
Daniel, stay there.
We've got to start the next hour.
We're going to stay 15 more minutes.
Let's come right back after a two-minute break.
And then it's a five-minute segment, a ten-minute segment.
We're going to get into this key point because this is it.
The old systems are coming to an end.
It's admitted.
Why would they then try to destroy infrastructure?
You would suck that infrastructure into a new system.
You wouldn't destroy the infrastructure.
You'd use it to build a new one.
So that's what's really crazy.
And that's why the globalists are nuts.
It's because they're going to get the blame.
They're not going to get away with this.
We'll be right back.
Nutraceuticals that the elite are taking, that they've made sure are so expensive, it's hard for the general public to get them.
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All right, Drew Hernandez takes over in about 15 minutes, but Daniel Esselstyn's here.
He just reminded me Bilderberg kicks off in a week, so he's going to be live with us again in a week to cover that here at InfoWars.
All right, Daniel, you got cut off by the break.
You're bringing up the end of the global system.
They don't know what to do.
So the question again of the mid-1960s is still very current.
What do we do?
We have, you know, this biblical crisis looming that will turn, you know, this entire world to mush.
You'll have revolutions and all kinds of stuff.
So what do we do?
Science and development for the 99% of the population?
For the elite, yes.
And that's where transhumanism comes in, CRISPR technologies, 5G, 6G, etc, etc.
And again, progress is good for humanity and bad for the elite because it makes us, the people, richer.
And they need to do the opposite.
Pay attention.
The first half of the 20th century, Alex, was a riot of inventions and discoveries.
And then if you kind of look, what have we discovered in the second half of the 20th century?
Cell phone, internet, personal computer.
And all of these things are directly related to control over human beings.
And then, at the height of the 1960s, we have Tavistock Institute was given The task to kill a cultural optimism.
And so the Western elite made a very simple decision.
They began literally to stop scientific progress, technological progress, the elements that would improve the lives of people per square kilometer of space against nature.
But to do this, it was necessary to justify why they're reducing progress.
And then... And that was my question.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but that's my question.
Why would they want to kill progress and kill the general public having wealth?
Because if we have wealth, we're stronger together.
We don't need them anymore.
They need us to be dependent on them.
And so in the 1960s, the environmentalist movement was born.
Environmentalism is an ideology.
Environmentalism as an ideology, Alex, implies the reduction of the world population to 1 billion people.
I mean, you have a documentary on it.
Ecology is an ideology that equates human beings with all these other biological species.
In other words, if a human steps on a spider or an ant, that spider has the same rights as a human being.
We know that to be true.
Michelle Obama is promoting that.
And then you have the Green Movement, which again was designed to curb industrial growth.
And then you have, of course, the so-called Club of Rome was created.
And the first report of the Club of Rome, as you know, proposed the concept of zero growth.
But the only way you can take advantage of the zero growth is if the Soviet bloc also participated.
And so the Soviet Union was invited to participate in these environmentalist projects as a Club of Rome.
And so together they work together.
For those people who think that they're opposite ideologies.
No, they work together.
Because for the Soviet Union to the West, the idea of progress was bad because then it would give people freedom that they didn't want them to have.
And then look what happened in the 1960s and 1970s.
The apex of capitalism and then systemic anti-capitalism, which was the Soviet Union, stagnation, technical stagnation, scientific stagnation, industrial progress, each of these things, you know, were reduced in its own way.
But where the capitalist system Have room to maneuver because it was more advanced.
The Soviet system did not and that's why it collapsed when it did.
And so what we're seeing right now, but now, and I've talked about this before, you cannot have one system without the other.
They need each other and they're mutually inclusive.
And so the Soviet Union collapsed.
And again, I talked about this metaphorical train that came back in 1991 to a station called the Soviet Union.
That train is coming today to the station that says the United States of America.
And unfortunately, the result for the United States is going to be exactly the same as for the Soviet Union.
Collapse, dismantling of the country.
Once there was this country called the Soviet Union, made up of 15 republics.
Now, it's all of these different countries fighting each other.
And in the United States, we're coming to the period of the Civil War.
And you and I, Alex, talked about the Civil War in the United States back in 2017, before Ray Dalio's, before all these other people.
We're now talking about the Civil War in America.
We talked about this like seven years ago, you and I, on your show.
Seven years ago, we discussed one, just when Trump was elected.
I remember the interview, we talked about how they won a civil war, what you hear is coming up in Bilderberg, final segment Daniel, and you name the date next week or when Bilderberg
or after Bilderberg, you name it, we need to get you on the show more, Daniel Esselen, we'll also talk about your books for folks that want to find out about those, talk about
next level, look at all the private jets that go to Bilderberg, look at the private jets that go to Davos, but they want you to be poor.
All right, Bilderberg, which didn't exist they said decades ago, but Daniel Esselen, Myself, Jim Tucker, before it's proved it exists.
Now, global government's out in the open.
Remember, oh, global government doesn't exist.
Now, it's out in the open.
So, they're in a lot of trouble.
Finishing up, any other key points?
Bilderberg coming up.
You were talking about how we've been warning the globalists want to try to have a civil unrest that they call a civil war.
We talked about it many, many years ago.
Talked about it eight, nine years ago, seven years ago.
Give us now kind of your quick predictions, or not even predictions, the direction we're going and what we should be looking out for.
Best-selling author, Daniel Estelin.
Well, again, what we're seeing right now is the problem, Alex, the biggest problem is nobody has a model, or language, I should say, a language to explain what's coming.
By language, I don't mean English or French or Russian or Chinese or German.
The language of the economy to explain what's coming around the bend.
Nobody really knows.
And so this year at the Bilderberg Conference, they're going to be talking about this.
Because again, I want to remind you, back in 1991, many people in the West and also in the former Soviet Union thought that the demise of the Soviet Union was a blessing.
You have this new era of planetary capitalism was beginning in Fukuyama, wrote back in 1992, his famous book, The End of History.
So what he wanted to say was that this was an age of liberals was coming.
It should have been clear to people who understood the political economy of capitalism that the destruction of the Soviet Union was the beginning of the end of the capitalist system, okay?
When you're talking about systemically.
It's just a question of how long it would take.
And now we're seeing... Exactly, because when you get rid of the opposition to it, it's not because you've defeated it, it's because you've now prepared the West to merge with that.
Which was the Carnegie plan since the 20s.
Since the 20s, exactly.
So they decided it was necessary to create two centers that would face each other, okay, as they're fighting, you know, like wrestling, for example.
And so, they needed time to carry out their plan, and the plan was, what do we do now?
And the plan was 16 years, 8 years Barack Obama, 8 years Hillary Clinton.
But, again, But Clinton lost.
And in the 16 years, the plan was they would solve the problem of the end of the economic model and the end of infinite expansion, which cannot exist, obviously, on a finite planet.
And the answer to the problem was really simple.
It was brilliant from the perspective of the ruling elite.
The creation of, on the one hand, trans-Pacific community and trans-Atlantic community.
And these two communities, as the Soviet Union and the United States, they would fight each other, but because both groups were represented by the same group of people behind them at a supranational level, it was a brilliant idea, but their plan failed.
Because Trump won in 2016 in great part thanks to Alex Jones.
And Trump represented a completely different ruling class.
And so Trump was never an isolationist or a nationalist.
He's not.
He's a globalist.
But he's not an ultra-uber-globalist.
And the difference between these uber-globalists and globalists, globalists believe that the state should remain, but it should be controlled by the structures like International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, etc.
But the state must remain.
And that's what Trump is saying.
And therefore, the industry must remain.
The middle class that feeds this segment must remain.
And on the other hand, the uber-globalists, the Schwabs, a classic example. And Schwab is not a head of these uber-globalists, he's a talking head.
And the people behind him think that the state is obsolete, should no longer exist. And that's what we're talking about. And that's why Schwab has a linen bus in his office, the withering away
of the state. By the way, this just happened. Another one bites the dust. Morgan Stanley's James Gorman stepping down as executive chairman at the end of the year. What is coming? Dr. Kirk
Elliott was asking you to respond to this. How to beat financial meltdown with all of these big guys dropping like flies?
I mean, this is pretty concerning, Daniel.
We talked about this earlier in our interview, in the beginning.
We talked about the fact is that if the global liberal elite loses the elections, they're going to kill them.
Like, literally, it's life and death.
I'm not promoting violence.
I'm not promoting death.
I'm saying that there's no other way out.
It's one or the other.
The Trump and his people, they saw what happened in 2016.
They understand that these people will stop at nothing to remain in power.
Which is why they have no choice but to get rid of them.
You can jail them and you can kill them, there's no other way.
And so they need to create a structure, a parallel structure Alex, on the intelligence level, on every level, because...
Again, if you look at the intelligence community, if you look at the bureaucracy, they're all the representatives in the United States, allegedly.
The bureaucrats are apolitical.
They're not apolitical.
They're all working for the same mechanism, the same structure that's been feeding them for the past how many, you know, decades.
But more and more they see that there'll be nowhere to spend their money as it destroys society, so that's causing a crisis.
In closing, you name the day next week, or whenever you want to come on to cover Bilderberg, or one next week, Let's start on Thursday, maybe like on Friday we'll have a better idea of what's going on.
So on Friday the 31st of May we'll have, you know, first ideas of exactly what these people are talking about.
You know, if I very quickly may just tell people where they can come and see my webpage and everything else we do.
Yeah, I don't know, talk about, most people up front, talk about your books, your website, tell people everything about Daniel Esselin.
My U.S.
publisher, God bless him, his name is Chris Milligan, Try and Date Press out of Oregon.
Try and Date Press.
And this is one of my books, The Shadow Masters, How Governments and Their Intelligence Agencies Are Working with International Drug Dealers and Terrorists for Mutual Benefit and Profit.
Try and Date Press.
That's my U.S.
publisher right there, Try and Date Press out of Oregon.
And my webpage is www.estulin.media.
And we do a lot of subscription-based as well for the people.
We have very active social media as well.
There's a lot of stuff on the page.
We do webinars.
We do weekly intelligence, conceptual intelligence review.
We do interviews that you could never do publicly because they eliminate our channel immediately.
And so if you guys want to support us, sjulent.media.
Alex, you know, this is a critical time for humanity.
And I can't think of anyone else in the United States I'd love to work with more than you.
There's just simply not enough voices out there.
Have the projection that you have.
Well, I appreciate the time.
We skipped over because of the break.
Civil War.
You got interrupted.
A few minutes on that.
Well, the Civil War, again, the problem with the Civil War is that it's absolutely coming because the differences between the two extremes is so great that there's no other way, there's no way you can sit down and solve the, you know, unsolvable issues between the two extremes, the left and the right.
So they're going to have to go to war.
And then they're going to have to sit down because obviously the Republicans are going to win.
The Americans, the patriots are going to win because they have guns and they know how to use them.
Okay, and so the country is going to be split into several countries.
Maybe Texas is going to be one country.
The deplorable states are going to be another country.
So you really think the U.S.
is going to break up?
What's the timeline?
Well, you know, back in 2002, the Russian intelligence was looking at about a 25-year period.
So we're looking at about by the year 2030.
Absolute is going to happen.
That's right.
When I interviewed you for Endgame, you said that.
We put the full interview out, but I never put it in the film.
You were saying that in 2006 in Canada during the Bilderberg conference.
Well the thing is again, the problem is that people are saying it's not going to happen.
I want to remind you there was this big country called the Soviet Union.
The evil empire, Ronald Reagan called it.
Where is it now?
It doesn't exist.
Literally overnight you went to bed in a country called the Soviet Union and you woke up in another country.
If you're gonna tell me this can't happen in the United States, absolutely it can happen in the United States!
Tell me what's, you know, is there anything, any similarity between California, the West Coast of the United States, and Texas?
Or the deplorable states of Florida?
Is there any common ground that these states have?
They're gonna have to go to war to decide.
Which means that the country's gonna break up.
Does Trump being re-elected interrupt that?
It happens later?
Or does it happen now?
I think, you know, what should have happened, Alex, again, I'm not promoting war, is when Trump lost or his elections were stolen back in 2020, okay?
Instead of meekly sitting there and saying, well, let's just, you know, take it easy.
With a flag in hand, you should have said, let's go for it.
Barricades, it's us against them.
And about two years later, by 2022, the United States would have come out at the end of that civil war, still number one in many of the areas, still leading the world.
Okay, but because that didn't happen, it exacerbated the problem and the differences between the two extremes, and now the United States is a lot worse.
So the sooner that the civil war happens, the better it is for the United States.
Boy, that's a, that's a, that's a statement.
I really respect you.
All right, Daniel, you're on next Friday.
Let's do it.
One more time, your website for RadioListers.
We have a lot of subscription-based information there.
Please join us and help support us.
All right.
Thank you, Daniel Estulin.
Talk to you soon.
Take care.
God bless you, Alex.
All right.
The great Drew Hernandez is set to take over.
I barely plugged today, and if I don't plug, we'll be shut down.
All right.
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Alright, for the balance of the hour, the amazing investigative journalist, activist, talk show host Drew Hernandez takes over now.
All righty.
Thank you, Alex.
You guys are now watching the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
Listen, listen.
Part of what I really want to see, let's say we get a miracle.
Let's say that this is actually a free and fair election.
Let's say this thing is actually too big to rig.
Let's go with that, right?
Let's go with that, you know, Trump dominates on such a level that it actually beats out the riggers.
Let's go with that scenario.
What needs to happen immediately is offense.
Right off the bat.
No waiting.
No time wasted.
No sitting back and hoping things will change.
No, immediately offense.
Literally not on day one.
Hour one.
Hour one inauguration.
Don't even give a speech.
Don't even give an inauguration speech.
Just get straight to work and start to go directly on offense.
Full reformation, full draining of the swamp, full cutting all foreign ties.
Israel, Ukraine, CCP, and every other nation that is taking advantage of this dead rotting corpse known as the United States of America.
That needs to happen immediately because we don't have time.
One thing we don't have is time.
And one thing we don't have is that luxury of being able to wait, and that luxury of being able to make a move whenever we plan to make those moves of offense, legislatively, nationally, on the geopolitical stage, cutting ties that need to be tied, severed, excuse me, and alongside of that, with a lot of this foreign aid.
Part of the biggest issue right now is this foreign aid that is dismantling the United States of America.
And when we take a look at where we are going currently now, you can tell, I fully agree, that they view Trump as this focal point of an American revolution.
They truly view Trump, they view MAGA, they view Alex Jones, the InfoWar, they view an Owen Schroyer, they view a Nick Fuentes, they view a Drew Hernandez, you just watching at home.
That's totally awake, not gay and woke, based and awake, informed, educated, understanding the issues and where we need to go.
This is why they've introduced through this global media, that's why they've introduced through this culture, that's why they've introduced everything that is appealing to lower the IQ of an individual, whether it be pornography, whether it be social media engineering of Some type of dumbing down of mental stimulation or whether it be an obsession with sex or an obsession with anything other than God.
This is why they introduce all of this with poisoning our food and our water.
And obviously the propaganda that's spewed every single day with the enemy of the people which is the fake news media.
All of this to lower the conscience of an individual.
So that you are not even capable of discerning the world around you, identifying the red flags, and this isn't just, and I'm not only talking where they dumb you down, they get you obsessed with sports, right?
There's nothing wrong with sports.
I would rather play sports than sit there and watch it.
Just being honest.
Just being totally honest.
But people worship sports.
They're totally distracted.
And I get escapism.
I get that.
If you're a gamer or if you're into sports or if you're into some kind of...
Some type of activity outside, right?
Trump obviously loves to go and golf, to probably get his mind off of things and just feel normal for a time, right?
I'm not against doing those things as a time of unplugging.
What I'm saying is when you go to those things, As an absolute obsession, idolatry, and a distraction, and that matters to you absolutely more than the absolute destruction of your country, of your, an attack on your faith, your Christian faith, or a full-on assault against your family through public health, public education, through the mainstream media, through Hollywood, through the arts,
Through the sciences, with the death jabs, through these globalist billionaires and these foreign psychopaths in Israel, the CCP, Iran, the list goes on.
The list is long when it comes to the enemies of the USA.
And if you're the type of individual that is obsessed with all of these other things other than These devastating threats and issues that are going on in your generation, especially particularly if you are a father.
Honestly, if you have a base wife that is totally read up on everything, that is trying to warn you as a husband, and your kids, and your family, and siblings, and aunts, and uncles, but you're the type of beta male that sits there in a weird, weird Adam and Eve scenario.
You just kind of You just kinda like don't even wanna address it?
Very passive?
Like, ah, I'll just let my wife handle it.
Well, number one, you're a cuck.
Because you have this deep state, you have these elites, you have these pedophiles, you have these vampires, literally, that are viewing your children, targeting your children.
Going after your son, going after the innocence of your baby girl or your daughter.
You have these Joe Biden pervert pedophiles that if they had the chance would not only rub the shoulders of your daughter but would have their way with her, just to put it lightly.
And it baffles me that we are living in a current generation, especially the church, And I'm not saying all men are like this.
If you are an alpha male in the InfoWars, you understand the issues and you're pushing back, I'm obviously not talking about you.
But if you know someone, I'll tell you right now, if you know someone that fits the description, and if the Cinderella heel fits for this type of beta male homosexual, well, send them this transmission because they need to hear it.
If you are a male out there, And you're in the United States of America, or globally, and you are just passively like a cuck, using sports as an excuse, or I work too hard so I don't have time to invest into the personal lives of my children, or oh my god, I just, ugh, I would, I just, I just want to sit down and play video games all day.
I'm not knocking video games, what I'm saying is, if all you want to do is sit there And like a vegetable and not engage in any of these communities where these psycho homosexual LGBTQ Luciferian globalists are infiltrating to target your children, but you just want to sit there and like literally do nothing?
Like those, like those fat, you guys remember the movie WALL-E?
Remember those, like the humans are all fat and they're just like stuck in VR and they weigh like 800, they're like a bunch of Chris Christie's just like jacked into VR and they're just, you know, they're on like electronic Wheelchairs?
You know what I mean?
That's where we're going.
That's the technocracy.
That's the future of the New World Order and putting us into a matrix where you are an absolute vegetable not giving a damn about anything.
And this could be anything, not just video games or sports.
And I'm not knocking video games.
What I'm saying is, if that's all you care about and you are not even concerned about this Luciferian takeover of your world, Well, you're part of the problem.
Men have always led the charge, and they will always lead the charge.
And when men act like Adam, and they're betas, and they're compromised, and they're passive, well, they just sit there, and they allow their wife Eve to be deceived by the serpent, and they go along with it.
Civilization has always been pushed forward by men.
That's not a sexist thing to say, and that's not something to say women don't play a role.
They do.
In a biblical context, there is an order.
There is a specific prescribed functionality within the Bible.
And men are to lead.
Men are to lead.
That is the creational order for humanity.
God created Adam first out of the dust of the earth, and then he proceeded to create Eve out of the side of man.
That is order.
That is order.
God has always, always existed.
He's eternal.
He's the creator.
He's the Alpha, the Omega.
God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, God the Father, Adam.
Eve, in context of mankind's structural authority and functionality, it will always be this way.
And if it goes unchecked and unregulated, well, you get a bunch of psycho feminists that want to rule men and think that they are men.
And you get a bunch of, and this happens in every generation, you'll get a bunch of cringe boomer feminists, cringe Gen X feminists, cringe millennial feminists, cringe Gen Z, Gen Alpha feminists that want to rule men and lead society into an absolute destructive chaos.
Why does that happen?
Because men are unwilling to oppose wickedness and evil men and women that want to lead us down that path of destruction.
If you're a beta cuck and this offends you, well then, stop listening.
I'm gonna be honest.
We'll be right back.
The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
But if we simply start thinking about things according to the definition of, is it pro-human or is it anti-human, we start to win.
And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
I brought it up to Elon Musk.
He loved the idea.
What would you call the debates and discussions about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
And so we have the t-shirt.
Team Humanity with a nuclear family.
Standing against the globalists.
This shirt is a great conversation starter, but it also is a fundraiser to keep InfoWars on the air so we can promote and support Team Humanity.
I want to thank you all for your past support, but I want to encourage you all now to understand that this is a revolution against the globalists and it is so critical now to signal the fact that you are part of Team Humanity.
We're told humans are the problem.
We're told we're killing the Earth.
We're told all this garbage so we hate ourselves and stand down and roll over and die.
We're not going to do that.
Get your Team Humanity shirts now at InfoWarsStore.com.
I thank you all for your support.
When tyrants get desperate, they get even more dangerous.
When tyrants see the writing on the wall, they get even more dangerous.
They go into full-blown panic mode, hit the red button, scorched earth policy, end of World War II scenario.
And when you're dealing with a death cult, that's how they go down.
Kamikaze, suicidal, collapse the entire building around them.
Because it's either they have power, or no one does.
This is why they don't believe in elections.
This is why they don't believe in anything free or fair.
This is why they always rig.
This is why they always use force.
Deadly force and seize power against the will of the people and our free will that's been given to us by God.
It's satanic.
It's either they rule or we all die.
It's not, it's not.
This is why I want no unity.
I want, I want no unity with satanic Democrats.
I want no unity with satanic Republicans.
They're both the same.
Democrats are not your only enemy.
Don't be retarded at this point, okay?
That is... What is this?
You know?
What are we, in the early 2000s?
What is this, the 90s?
Mainstream politics?
Come on, dude.
You think the demon quads are the only bad guys?
You know what I mean?
It's like... Republicans are literally bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby.
Well, simultaneously, the Democrat Party as well, and every other foreign nation.
Why is America falling?
Why is America in such a freefall?
Why are we losing everything?
Why is all of my money going directly to taxes to fund Israel?
Billions of dollars, my gosh!
It's the demon quits!
Like, no, dude, you know how many Republicans are on that damn payroll?
Destroying your life?
Making your life harder, living paycheck to paycheck?
But hey!
But hey, America first, am I right?
Make America great again!
By giving billions of dollars to Israel and giving billions of dollars to Ukraine and every other damn foreign nation on the face of planet Earth while we experience this free fall entirely?
What, MAGA, am I right?
Make America first, am I right?
Oh, it's nonsense.
It's nonsense.
If we truly are going to be America first, all of that needs to be utterly, overtly, and bluntly rejected.
Well, if you guys are just tuning in, I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
You are now watching the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I want to invite you guys to follow me on X at DrewHLive.
And speaking of Trump, I host Drew Hernandez Live Monday through Friday on Rumble.
That's Rumble.com slash Drew Hernandez at 8 p.m.
Pacific, 11 p.m.
But tonight, I will be streaming and reacting live to Trump pulling up in the Bronx.
It's going down in just a couple hours.
I'll be going live.
At 2 p.m.
Pacific, 5 p.m.
I'll see you guys over there.
And if you're watching on X, share all the links at Drew H. Live, at RealAlexJones, at InfoWars.
Do it right now, and I will re-share it.
Speaking of Trump, and by the way, I conducted an interview with Roger Stone last night, so go check that out.
Rumble.com slash Drew Hernandez.
Show Roger some love.
But speaking of deadly force, I'm seeing, it's so insane.
There is this term, the woke right, being thrown around, and I think a lot within the right wing are trying to define it.
I think there is some truth to it.
I think there is some truth to it.
Because I've seen a lot of people on X, within the right wing, a lot of retards that are out there that are like, well the FBI, uh, uh, given the green light, weapons free, to use deadly force, That's normal procedure.
That's totally normal.
So, you're just trying to make it a bigger issue than it really is.
Don't you understand that these people want Donald J. Trump dead and shot in the head or blown up and out of the picture?
I'm not, I am not calling for that.
I'm not saying I want that to happen, but you are dealing with a death cult.
See what Laura Loomer reported on last night and various other journalists?
A Trump supporter posted some excitement about Trump pulling up to the Bronx last night, and an account that was followed by Democrat Amy Klobuchar commented, shoot to kill, if I have a shot, somewhere around those lines, expressing they're willing to shoot to kill President Donald J. Trump if they have a shot.
I mean, that may or may not happen.
But we have to, I mean, you gotta understand who you're actually dealing with, right?
Like, if you're the type of individual, okay, that actually believes, and I'm not mocking you by saying that, I believe that, I think there's tons of evidence to prove that this is what we're dealing with!
You actually believe that America has fallen into a third-world-style country, If our justice system is in a third world style banana republic, even our election system has fallen into a third world banana republic.
Look at our inner cities, look at big blue cities and states, third world environments.
Third world crime rates, third world behavior, total deterioration of morality.
You are dealing with a baby-killing death cult where psychopaths like RFK Jr.
are coming out and openly saying, I believe that a woman should have the right, full-term, she should have the choice to have a full-term abortion.
Like, dude, that is insane.
That is a death cult.
That is human infant dismemberment and sacrifice in and outside of the womb.
Of course, he tried to retract that and pull that one back in because it kind of showed his true colors there.
But you are dealing in a generation that not only advocates for the slaughtering of babies, but celebrates The slaughtering of babies by the millions on a daily basis.
Dismembering, crushing the skulls, shredding the bodies of babies like they're spaghetti.
Ever seen an abortion before?
It's disgusting.
It makes me sick even having to describe it like that.
Demonic and satanic.
That's not just politics.
That's not just like, well those are leftists with a difference of an opinion than me.
I don't want any unification with those people.
I don't want any unification with a death cult.
I don't want any unification that advocates for the shredding of infants like they're spaghetti or ravioli or lasagna.
I don't want that!
I don't want that!
Legally and lawfully, women that get abortions should get arrested and receive the death penalty legally and lawfully.
That's my pro-life position.
Go watch an abortion and come back and tell me.
Go watch a baby's skull getting crushed.
Go watch their body getting ripped to shreds.
Okay, go watch that and then come back like, no, dude, that's too extreme.
No, no, no, it's not.
It's not enough.
And not only do they advocate for that, and I'm all for redpilling and pulling people out of the Matrix with compassion or righteous fury and aggression.
They both work, by the way.
But I don't want any unification with these people.
If they're unwilling to change, I want no unification with a Luciferian.
I want no unification with the death cult at all.
I want a massive line drawn between me and these pedophiles and these deep state, luciferian perverts that prey on children, that legislate normalizing pedophilia across the entire world.
I want no unity with these people whatsoever!
Take your damn perverted death cult, alright, and go to hell!
Repent or go to hell.
I don't want any unification with you.
I don't want to agree to disagree.
I don't want to meet people in the middle when it comes to these subjects.
I don't want any of that.
If that's what you want and you think that's how the world functions, you're retarded and you live in la-la land.
You want to know why?
Because these people damn well don't want any unification with you.
They hate you.
They want to kill you.
They want to kill babies.
They want to rape children.
They want to normalize pedophilia.
They want to pump you up with death jabs to destroy you and your family and fill you with cancer so you die and watch your family die.
They want to separate your families.
They want to abduct your children.
They want to rape you of all your freedom.
Yeah, I want no unification with anybody that holds those beliefs.
The problem isn't that we're divided.
The problem is, you have cucks and retards out there that are trying to unify with people like this.
That's the problem.
Jesus said, you're either with me or you're against me.
Pick a side.
Pick a side, yes.
This is the division that's necessary.
Pick a side.
It's either good or evil.
God or evil.
The Lord Jesus Christ is king.
Or the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer.
It is literally that simple.
I'm sick of hearing this stuff, man.
You see all these retards within the right wing, and they think they're base, these conservative types, these woke right types, right?
Where they really won't get into the issues.
Like, oh, I don't, I don't, I don't, uh, you know what I mean?
I just, I don't really take care, I don't really take issue with homosexuality, you know?
To each their own.
Just keep it at home.
Don't push it on children.
But I'm a Christian.
I'm a Christian, though.
Yeah, how's that working out, dude?
You know?
I don't take issue with the Baphomet transhuman agenda.
I don't take issue with that.
I don't take issue with all that.
I'm a Christian, though.
If you're an adult, I don't take issue.
Just don't push it on children or push it on me and my family.
But I'm a Christian.
Doesn't work.
That's woke right type mentality right there.
I'd rather you not call yourself a Christian.
Because biblical values trump whatever type of scapegoat that you try to use, right?
The woke right worships Israel, too.
They really do.
The woke right worships Jews.
Like, they will not criticize the secular state of Israel for anything.
It's like, God's gonna curse me!
Oh my God!
Genesis chapter 12!
I don't even know what that means!
But my retard boomer pastor told me that, so I have to believe it!
That's the woke right.
In my opinion, that's the woke right.
These cuckservatives, these retards that run around claiming to be Christians, but they do not stand on biblical values when they're engaging this secular world of politics around them, or geopolitically as well.
But no, I saw a lot of these types running around X, and it comes out that the FBI greenlit deadly force during the Mar-a-Lago raid.
They did the same thing with Roger Stone.
Against him and his wife.
6 a.m., right?
I believe?
6 a.m.
Pulled up.
CNN, by the way, was ready.
Just ready.
Ready to go.
Cameras rolling.
Lights, camera, action!
FBI, CNN, together!
It was a humiliation attempt on Roger Stone and his lovely wife.
And they've done the same thing.
They've done the same thing to Those that are being politically persecuted, and obviously with Trump.
But this is where I push back and I say, no.
No, it's not normal.
It's not standard procedure.
Because none of this is normal.
Do you see how that is used to bring you into a new normal?
Do you see how that is used to desensitize you?
Or a procedure that is used to actually go after criminals, pedophiles, human traffickers.
Things that should be standard procedure to go after people like Jeffrey Epstein, the Biden crime family, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton.
Did he?
Oh, it's standard procedure.
They do it for... No, no.
That's standard procedure when you're going after criminal suspects.
When the feds have a case and they're ready.
To hit the red button and pull the trigger and bring it into court.
And they're ready to go weapons free to shoot and kill these criminals.
Because they have all the evidence they need to drop it on these individuals.
Put them away forever.
That's standard for actual criminality and criminal activity.
So all these retards running around, it's standard procedure!
It's standard procedure!
You are literally going along the PSYOP, intelligence agency, mainstream media narrative, normalizing federal raids on innocent people.
You retard!
Are you retarded?
And it's a lot of these woke right retards that are saying this stuff right now.
That's how they bring you into a new normal.
Oh, it's totally normal.
The Feds raiding innocent people.
Oh, it's totally normal.
The Feds raiding Roger Stone and his innocent wife.
That has literally nothing to do with anything.
Weapons free.
Greenlight the use of deadly force.
Totally normal.
Standard procedure.
Oh, same thing with Trump.
Standard procedure.
Yeah, we know he wasn't there.
Doesn't matter.
We know Trump wasn't there.
Doesn't matter.
You don't think they would love a shootout between Trump and his security detail?
Spin that, use that as optics to further- It's all about narrative, propaganda.
That is how they warp and hijack the minds of people.
They have been developing this narrative for the past few years.
The ultimate endgame may be a false flag event.
Let me just- You want me to tell you what I really think?
And I hope I'm wrong about this.
I think they want to assassinate President Trump.
I do.
I really do.
They've already assassinated presidents in human history.
I'll use an illustration in terms of the Matrix.
Whenever there are uncooperative, rogue files in the Matrix, they get deleted.
They get deleted immediately.
Or whenever there are compromised files in the Matrix, they get deleted like a Jeffrey Epstein.
And they bring in somebody new or someone that's not willing to comply according to the programmer's programming from the other side, you get deleted.
That's how it works.
That's how it works.
I think they want to assassinate President Trump.
I think the ultimate endgame with all of this propaganda, they've been building up this narrative, especially after J6 with that op.
That took us into high gear, that took us into overdrive, right?
J6 committee, everyone's a MAGA Republican right-wing domestic terrorist, right?
They took that and they ran with it to the extreme.
It's not about what is true, and it's not about what you can prove is not true.
It's about whatever the hell they decide to say.
Because we know, January 6, Trump got up there and said what?
Peacefully and patriotically protest at the Capitol.
But they act like that doesn't exist and they still run with it.
Trump is the chief.
He's the insurrectionist in chief, not the commander in chief.
And everybody in MAGA is an insurrectionist as well because they are willing.
They are willing to oppose the government you should trust, right?
They've been installing this narrative for a reason for the past few years.
And I think the ultimate, ultimate op To really drop the hammer on MAGA.
And I think part of all of the weaponization of the FBI, these federal raids at the homes of Trump supporters, pre-Dawn raids of Trump supporters that were like literally just standing outside on the Capitol lawn on J6.
All of that is to, is to install Psychologically, in the minds of millions of people, Trump supporters are terrorists.
They are a threat.
Look at J6.
Look at all these federal raids.
Look at all these court cases.
Look at all of these convictions.
Look at, you see, we are, and it works.
Unfortunately, it works.
It does work on NPCs in this country and normies that aren't paying attention.
But I think that's all part of a build-up.