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Name: 20240521_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 21, 2024
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In this video, Alex Jones discusses several current events including the resignation of Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum (WEF), the cancellation of elections in Ukraine, and a viral video claiming to show a presentation from 2005 discussing a gene called VMAT2 allegedly related to spirituality and suppressed using vaccines. He also discusses changes in technology and media over time and the dangers of centralized control over information. Jones talks about Brain Force Ultra, a supplement that improves mental clarity and focus, and warns about technology presenting itself as convenient but actually designed to make humans obsolete. He shares his opinion on ongoing legal trials against Trump, criticizes mask mandates, and discusses COVID-19 origins. Klaus Schwab steps down as chairman of the WEF but will continue serving in a non-executive role, with critics arguing that his leadership has promoted globalist ideologies. Jones also mentions various products available at InfoWarStore.com and encourages listeners to support Team Humanity. In another broadcast, Jones discusses an album called "Real and Human" that empowers humanity and talks about human creativity, intelligence, and getting rid of AI systems. He addresses a caller's concern about distractions in politics and focuses on pressing issues like the dangers of vaccines. The discussion revolves around the replacement of printers with digital check printers, the role of international organizations in imposing their agenda, and the potential misuse of AI chatbots. The show also covers hate crimes laws, class action lawsuits against AI creators, and current world events such as conflicts in Gaza, Iran, and Ukraine. Promotion of InfoWars products like fish oil, food, water filtration systems, DrJonesNaturals supplements, and Nitric Boost is also discussed.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
Tuesday, May 21st, 2024.
21st 2024. Klaus Schwab has stepped down from the WF.
More than a hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner wrote that in the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine under
the pretext of a healthy point of view.
There will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and spirit.
He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience.
And that is the true goal of some materialistic circles.
A viral video which claims to be a leaked 2005 presentation to the DoD by American geneticist Dean Hamer shows a man briefing a room of men about the VMAT2 gene, the God gene, and how it can be suppressed with the use of vaccines.
Excuse me, on the left over here we have Individuals who are religious fundamentalists, religious fanatics.
And this is the expression, RT-PCR, real-time PCR expression of the VMAT2 gene.
Our hypothesis is that these are fanatical people, that they have overexpression of the VMAT2 gene and that by vaccinating them against this, we'll eliminate this behavior.
In 2002, former news anchor Ryan Harper claimed in the San Francisco Chronicle that he created this video as a short film, but has provided no clear evidence to substantiate this claim.
And if it is a hoax, then it appears to be disinformation.
False information deliberately spread to employ strategic deceptions To advance political, military, or commercial goals.
Because in 2009, Dean Hamer lectured at Marlborough College about this same subject.
Well it turns out, at least one gene that's involved in spirituality has now been identified.
It's one of many different players.
The next slide shows it.
It's what they call the vesicular monogamy transporter number two.
And in 2004, Hamer published the book, The God Gene, How Faith is Hardwired into Our Genes, wherein he argues that a variation in the VMAT2 gene dictates one's openness to spiritual experiences, and without it, we cannot feel God.
Not only is this information accurate, but it appears to have been deployed.
In a recent article by Dr. Ariana Love, it is shown that this technology has existed for years.
The VMAT2 gene is a protein that carries several vital neurotransmitters to synapses in the brain.
It basically controls the central nervous system.
Deleting it, known as a knockout, would greatly reduce these neurotransmitters, creating an endless list of chronic health issues.
VMAT2 deletion is accomplished using the SLC18A2 cDNA ORF clone, where cDNA is complementary DNA, which is used in human cloning and genetically modifying an organism.
In 2013, Supreme Court judges ruled that cDNA added to target cells in the human genome makes a person patent eligible.
And there are patents for using this to genetically edit the human VMAT2 gene and delete it.
This can easily be done using simple CRISPR technology and is even sold online.
In a 2020 study on mice, VMAT2 gene deletion caused schizophrenia.
In a 2022 study, it caused Parkinson's disease.
In the American Journal of Human Genetics, a study on deleting the VMAT2 induces an intellectual disability syndrome in humans.
It causes autoimmune disorders, cerebral palsy, type 1 diabetes, and several other illnesses.
Begging the question, as Dr. Love asks, How long have pharma and the government been reducing our humanity through VMAT2 knockouts?
VMAT2 deletion also causes fearfulness, psychiatric disorders, cardiac arrhythmia, cancer, and accelerated aging.
While it's unlikely that these sadistic mad scientists can cut us off from God, They are definitely doing their best to murder us.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, huge news.
Klaus Schwab has resigned from the World Economic Forum.
There's a bunch of other resonations happening.
They are in deep crap.
Stay with us.
Back in 60 seconds, we join a bunch of stations.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Tuesday, May 21st, 2024.
I'm coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Well, breaking!
WEF founder, Klaus Schwab, steps down as chairman.
He'll take a non-executive role.
Klaus Schwab just said in January at their big annual meeting, they have them constantly, Well, they brag about all the crimes they're committing against us and try to hide it in plain view and normalize tyranny.
He said, I'm never going to resign.
I'm going to live past 100.
In an angrier world, where they penetrate the cabinets, and you will eat some bugs, and you will own nothings and be happy.
But now, he's resigned.
Melinda Gates resigned last week from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
And there have been so many other Resignations from the most powerful systems in the New World Order in the last few weeks and months.
And they have the worst approval rating of any organization or group.
The people that make up these organizations.
So that is a big deal.
And we'll be talking about it here on this live broadcast today.
Also today, Zelensky is no longer an elected leader.
He cancelled elections a few years ago, banned the Orthodox Church, banned his political rivals including liberal parties allied with him, took over all the radio and TV stations, and he's conscripting people into war.
That's called being dictatorial or totalitarian.
So, Zelensky is now officially a dictator in Ukraine.
And the West is saying, people that run our countries, that this war will last for decades, what Ron Paul calls the Vietnamization, Vietnamization, if I'm saying that right, of the Ukraine conflict.
Kind of a big deal as well.
Then we've got giant news on the Trump persecution fiascos that are going on, where Cohen gets up on the stand.
I have the transcript right here.
And they say, so you would take money and pay people and Trump didn't know?
And then you would keep a lot of the money?
So you stole the money?
So you are a convicted felon?
And the judge blew up, and Alan Dershowitz was in the courtroom and was giving his analysis of it, and cleared out the courtroom and at first admonished Trump's lawyers for Asking real questions of a criminal who knows they've got witnesses that he's lied, so he doesn't want perjury charges.
Cohen's not the smartest guy around.
He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, as they say, but he's not that stupid.
He's already had a nice little prison stint.
That's spectacular.
I've got the transcript of that.
I mentioned this a few days ago, but I didn't get to it.
It's a big deal, because it goes to the methodology of the Globalists, and I've mentioned it, and I've said I'll get to it, and I haven't.
I think I said it once Sunday, I said it yesterday, I didn't get to it.
Today, I'm going to get to it.
Because it's bigger than just the glyphosate, which is as big as it gets.
Understanding their methodology, A big pharma and that's who owns it.
Probably only one company as evil as Pfizer in the whole gallery of demons that is big pharma.
And that is Bayer!
And in all these studies it sterilizes rats and mice and now humans!
Isn't that liberal?
We'll also look at the latest developments on crime gangs and the completely open borders and what I've been saying really for three plus years.
What MS-13, the Mexican Mafia and others working with elements of the CIA, that's long been documented, are doing is laundering money being used as muscle to control the illegal aliens the Democrats steal from and control.
And that's why Nancy Pelosi called MS-13 All's God's Children.
They're God's children.
Big DEA report.
Mexican cartels have foothold in every U.S.
state DEA.
And a big report.
Both ruthless Mexican cartels operate in 50 states and bringing turf wars to the U.S.
DEA and working with politicians, corrupting governments.
You want to be a failed state like Mexico?
We're very close.
Here's the DEA report.
Now, you've heard me say it hundreds of times the last few years, but there it is.
And I got that from federal law enforcement that are good men and women.
I've talked to both extremely high level But not the final management level at the DOJ, but like federal judges, the big ones, federal magistrates, FBI agents, federal marshals, senior border patrol.
And they say, it is unbelievable.
We can't tell you the secret stuff, but would you look at the docket here?
Would you look at the docket there?
Man convicted four times of raping children, released.
Caught again in South Texas.
One example I use.
They gave me on the docket.
We covered.
Caught driving a school bus for disabled children in South Texas.
Raping again.
Nothing's done.
The DOJ tells them can't prosecute.
I mean, that's an evil government.
I mean, they're the bad guys at the top, and you could have a whole jumbo jet full of pilots flying somewhere, but if evil guys are flying in and have bulkheaded the door, barricaded it, and they're going to fly it into a building, it doesn't matter if you've got a whole bunch of good people in the back of the plane.
I don't think most federal agents are bad people, but the people running it are bad.
They are a criminal group.
Remember the Strzok emails?
Well, we got an insurance policy.
We'll never let Trump get in.
And if he does, we'll just set him up.
So we've got that news and you've got Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fuming over the fact that the UN International Criminal Court has moved and called for his indictment on war crimes along with Hamas.
I'll be giving you my take on that.
I think Israel's committed war crimes.
I know Hamas has committed war crimes.
But the UN criminal court is illegitimate and has been caught engaging in all sorts of cover-up of crimes in the UN.
And political persecution in the past of groups, so it's not a real court.
So that's where I stand.
So many people that are even on the conservative side don't like paying Israel all this money, don't like what Israel does, and don't like the Israel lobby.
And I get that.
But you can't then say, oh, well then, you know, because we don't like some of the things Israel does.
We're going to say the UN is going to be the savior.
No, no thanks.
The same ones that want to take control of our bodies and force inject us all beginning into That as well.
We've also got some really interesting, entertaining things coming up.
Wealthy women paying big bucks to engage in bizarre rage rituals where they go pay thousands, tens of thousands of dollars to scream and yell in the forest and beat sticks on the ground.
You think, well, why make fun of them?
Well, it goes to their mindset.
It's very important.
We're going to be getting to that today and a lot more.
Also, new Trump-appointed judge blocks Biden's ATF rule, expanding gun background checks.
So a lot of good things happening from Trump's first four years.
That's just some of what we're going to be talking about.
Syrian girl, very informative, on the UN criminal court going after Netanyahu and Hamas, and on the mysterious helicopter explosion and crash.
Now they're saying the helicopter burst into flames, so I think it was an assassination.
I think now he did get killed.
Now we have the details for the meteorology and the Iranian government.
And they were flying above the storm, and then the helicopter caught on fire.
I'm not saying it was an assassination, but things move closer to that.
And now, in Slovakia, the Deputy Prime Minister is saying they have evidence and they're going to present it, that there wasn't just one shooter, but like Sirhan Sirhan, the shooting of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., or Robert F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.' 's father.
Sirhan Sirhan was the decoy.
So we've got all of that news as well for you today.
And so much more.
Now, let's go ahead first and plow into Zelensky and the fact that he is now officially a dictator.
And any angle you look at this, the West started this war 10 years ago.
They stirred up the Russians.
They did this.
The Russians have come in.
They've destroyed all the NATO equipment and forces that were trained.
And now NATO's sending in official troops, and you've got Victoria Nuland, I just can't believe how chilling it is, on TV, saying, we played it yesterday, we need to start bombing Russian cities with U.S.
weapons, that would lead to World War III.
I mean, this has escalated completely out of hand very, very quickly, as we said it would.
And it's really kind of weird, it's not kind of weird, it's super strange to be sitting here on air, Just calmly talking about the fact that we're at war with Russia right now, and then it's becoming an official war with Russia.
Jack Posobiec posted on Exit Today, breaking Zelensky's term in office has officially ended as of last night.
He has now extended his term by martial law.
And that's what he's done.
Ukraine's Zelensky stays in power despite term expiring.
Zelensky's presidential term expires.
TASS News Agency.
Zelensky's presidential powers expire.
Today, Ukrainian legislature.
Zelensky's term would have expired this month, but he's staying.
Russia wants to use it.
Oh, it's Russia that's the dictator because they're pointing it out.
They're the bad ones.
So if Russia points out something corrupt, well, it's okay because Russia doesn't like it.
Zelensky mandate expires.
President until who knows when.
President until who knows when.
That's the way to say a dictator.
Hitler's president until who knows when.
Stalin's president till who knows when.
President Xi Jinping's president till who knows when.
Chairman Kim Jong-un is leader till who knows when.
Zelensky says it's not the right time for elections in Ukraine.
Well of course it's never the right time when you're a dictator.
Ron Paul calls it the Vietnamization of Ukraine.
Excellent article up on InfoWars.com.
Warmonger Victoria Newland pushes for strikes on Russian bases inside Russia.
That's an article up on InfoWars.com with the video.
Assassination plot.
Robert Fico's shooter may have not acted alone.
Slovakian minister.
EU approves sending Russian money they've seized to check Says the Czech Foreign Minister.
But then when Russia starts grabbing Western money, oh my gosh, it's the worst thing ever.
Why, you just did what we did.
You're bad.
We're good.
So that's kind of a big deal.
And you know, France is set to outdo Canada with the government-pushed euthanasia and the government killing handicapped people.
It's not even euthanasia, it's open government murder.
There's a quicker way to depopulate people, though, than even poison shots.
That's a big war.
Euthanasia, France.
They have the most permissive law in the world.
All right.
I have hit that information.
And what I'm going to do is open the phones up coming up for first-time callers today and give you a chance to be on board.
And we can talk about any subject or issue you like, but I'd like to encourage us to try to chime in on these huge areas I'm laying out.
I think these are pretty big areas.
I hope you'll call in on some of the topics that I just covered.
Oh, by the way, when I was covering all the news I was going to get to, can I give you a quick boil-down, run-down, snapshot before we drill in, like I just did on Ukraine a little bit?
I didn't mention What's probably the biggest story out of all these other than World War 3 and this whole death cult trying to kill us any way they can and that's what you're already seeing with the big sites like Facebook and Google and the rest of it that when you go to YouTube which is Google and you notice it just takes over the whole page now.
It just takes over the Search box and then the browser at the top and you know they've always said that's web 2.0 but they've called things the last decade web 2.0 it's not really so now they're calling it web 3.0 but what it means is whatever device you buy whether it's Apple or a Google phone or whatever it is you just get that like if you have an iPhone you Apple News is on there and you notice it's a bunch of other people's news but it's in their feed
On their sites, they can curate it and decide what you're going to see.
and already going back to about 2016 when the system panicked and put this in place.
When you go to Google, you get selected results they want you to get.
Before, when Google was amazing, when they were getting everybody addicted to it, Kind of like the crack dealer handing out free crack or free fentanyl to the school kids until they get addicted.
Want more of that kid?
Go steal your mom's wedding ring.
Parents got cash?
Go get your dad's wallet.
Want more of this?
Bring me money.
The days of stuff being freeze over.
Back then, I mean, if you had the most popular thing, it was the knowledge of the crowd, it went to the top.
That's been phased out the last decade, but really been gone for about six, seven years.
Well, now Google just says, oh, there'll be no articles, no stories, only what AI gives you.
But of course, they program that AI the way they want.
That's why Google AI came out a few months ago and would not show a white person because they were training it not to show you white people in most cases, but the AI overdid it.
Show me George Washington, black.
Show me Kaiser Wilhelm, black.
Show me Vlad the Impaler, black.
Imagine you say, show me Shaka Zulu and you get George Washington.
It's not because they care about black people, folks.
They're just using black people to kind of override everything and piss everybody off.
But here it is, Google's AI future, no more sites, only Google answers.
So now it's going to pick sites they like and then push you to that.
Now they're going to get out all the middlemen.
And that's the thing about this singularity of propaganda.
When they want to shut down all their competition, well then once they've done that, they don't need all the gatekeepers and all the fact-checkers.
And notice the implosion that's already been going on for decades but accelerated since the mass censorship was instituted six years ago.
And then now you see the newspapers cutting back 60, 70, 80 percent, or closing, or getting rid of their print editions, or Just basically becoming a hodgepodge of internet stories?
Because the journalists made themselves obsolete by becoming mercenaries that just repeat information.
You already stepped aside and created a void, where now they can have just a few technicians write the propaganda they want, give it to AI, and then it goes out and makes it look like 10,000 reporters all said the same thing to create a false consensus.
Google's AI future, no more sites, only Google answers.
Now what did I tell you probably 300 times since 2017 when I was reading the articles in the Wall Street Journal and others where they said, listen, talk about it yesterday.
We're gonna ban Alex Jones and Julian Assange.
And when the left and right together don't defend them, we'll then ban everybody.
In a few years, the internet will be like Netflix, where you'll have a few thousand different main articles and a few hundred providers.
And that is what's going to make, it was actually a Wall Street Journal News Corp article, where they were explaining to shareholders, hey, don't sell off your News Corp stock, The news is going to be big again.
We're just going to get rid of most our old line competition and we're going to get rid of the general public's competition.
Because how are you going to compete when a couple thousand new podcasters go online every day and hundreds of millions every month more start tuning into it?
How do you compete when somebody in their garage who's interesting can have more viewers than the view?
How are you going to compete when Alex Jones had Eight billion views on YouTube when they banned me.
Or five billion views they estimated on Instagram and Facebook and all the rest of it.
You're whacking Alex Jones, people still have taste for something different than corporate sludge, so it becomes a whack-a-mole.
But see, in this new system, there's a giant filter through it all.
So you only get the messages they want and then over time they remove that entirely and now it's all these lifelike avatars of people.
But it's all really just AI flooding the entire zone with billions of articles a day if they want.
And that creates then the consensus.
So they did a beta test and it released the AI on everybody during COVID and They fooled a lot of people for a while and created mass psychosis and Stockholm Syndrome but humans fought back and we exposed it and the truth came out and people word of mouth exposed it.
People went to the hospitals that were supposedly full of people and showed they were empty and showed actors dressed up in hazmat suits in front of news cameras with people coming in on stretchers.
Remember all that all over the US and Europe?
They tried to suppress it and block it but still it got out.
But not once they've got everything controlled by AI.
We'll talk more about this when we come back.
Big deal.
We've got to get ahead of this now.
We've also got to operate in the third dimension no matter what they do.
I'm going to talk about some of the scenarios here when we return.
Please follow me on Exit.
Real Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
We're broadcasting worldwide on this Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 transmission.
So, this is a very complex issue, but you can boil it down to pretty simplistic terms.
We live in the third dimension.
We have eyes that see, ears that hear, nose that smell, taste buds that taste, fingers that touch, skin that feels, nerves that pick up.
And the metaverse and Web 3.0 and this whole system is about submerging us into a system Where they can artificially basically give us a false reality.
And that's not being done because they want to entertain us or take good care of us.
They want to dumb us down to process us out and get rid of us and build a post-human world.
That's the official WEF plan.
I went to get barbecue with my daughters Saturday and I walked into one of my favorite places and back in the corner There was about a three-year-old child, Hispanic child, with a big VR goggles on.
And about 45 minutes later, when I was done eating, I saw a lady walking through.
Middle-aged Hispanic lady.
And I said, hey, who's with that little kid over there in the corner?
She goes, oh, that's my grandson.
Yeah, are you looking at the goggles?
That really freaks people out.
She said, I'm taking care of him today for my daughter.
I said, listen, I'm not judging you.
Here you are working hard on a Saturday and everything else.
I just, yeah, it kind of freaks me out.
She goes, well, he really likes it.
And I said, well, he might like puzzles and games and toys better.
I said, I'm not trying to get in your business.
She goes, no, no, I hear you.
I feel bad about it.
But that's what my daughter gives him.
He really likes it.
He gets mad if he doesn't have it.
And I said, well, ma'am, that's exactly What I was talking about, I was about to say to you is, is that that system is being deployed by Microsoft and by...
Sony and by Google and by, you know, all of them are rolling them out in competition to basically take control.
And if it's done with children, the studies are clear, it can really mess them up into the future of their lives.
And I said, I'm sure you've heard phones with kids is really causing problems and making them not very social.
She goes, Oh yeah, no, I hear you.
I hear you.
I'll talk to my daughter about it.
I said, Hey, am I trying to get your business about it?
You're a really good sport.
I'm not perfect either.
But I did shoot video of it.
So I'm going to go ahead and show it to you.
Plus his face is covered, you don't know his identity.
I thought about this, but so many times I say I see stuff, but I'm into people's privacy really a lot.
But at the same time, everybody has a right to understand what's going on here and what's happening with the children in this country.
Let me find it here.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll find that during during another break and I'll I'll put it on screen for you because it's it's I shoot so many videos and so many articles it's painful to watch and again it seems so easy it just seems like something that is no big deal But it is a big deal.
And it's losing our humanity.
Okay, I found it.
Overhead shot, please.
Overhead shot, please.
I shot this video.
I'm gonna run it again.
Showing the camera.
And then I, uh, zoom in.
A red shot?
See that?
And he's just in a corner.
That's what he does all day.
He's got his arm in one robot control, he's got his hand on the other.
And that's what's going on.
So, and you don't need me to show you that video to know that went on.
Because you see it everywhere.
You go to a restaurant, and you'll see a family of You know, 10-15 people sitting around a big table after church.
Be a black family, white family, Hispanic family, Asian family, doesn't matter.
Particularly Asian and white families.
And there'll be five or six kids with the parents there, but none of them are talking to each other.
None of them are listening to adults and learning about life.
They are all separately on their own device, in their own little world, programmed by the globalists,
and the globalists want them dead.
And so whereas adults put on VR goggles and get nauseous, get a headache, it's a hell-verse, in the public schools and the private schools and everywhere, it's been accepted by the parents and the teachers don't teach, they just stick them on VR goggles.
The crew just pulled some of that up.
Google only feeding you, not just its search results it wants you to see, not from popularity or truth, but from agenda, is only what they're currently doing.
Now they're just going to only give you an AI feed, an AI filtered version on the Google platform, where you never leave there.
And they want to make the real universe so ugly that you give up on the real world and then you accept the matrix.
I've made this analogy for many years.
There's many graphics and pictorial representations of this that have been made over the years.
But imagine 1920s, radio becomes popular.
It was around before that.
People started putting radios in their houses, radio shacks got popular before it was even
called radio shack company, that you have little stores in the town that sold the pieces.
People put their own radios together and soon it became the center of the dinner table.
And people would get in the living room and sit around the radio and listen to what it
had to say.
And back then it was just advertisements and song and dance and stories, but still you weren't hearing grandpa's stories or grandma's stories anymore or dad's stories or mom's stories or your uncle or none of them.
You were now only hearing or mom reading you a book or you learn to read a book.
Now you're on the radio and then by the 50s TV becomes popular and now it's in the living room.
You're no longer at the dinner table.
Now you have TV dinners Fast food, mom's not even cooking, and you're all sitting around watching the television to get its social messages.
But you're still together, you're still laughing, communicating some.
So then it becomes desktop computers, then it becomes tablets and laptops, then it becomes phones that try to control you, and then it becomes VR goggles and Google glasses and contact lenses that are little, you know, TVs.
But for the children, They're being born into this.
And there's that famous photo from eight, nine years ago of Zuckerberg making all his employees when he walks into a big arena, conference hall, and they're all sitting there squatting over their laptops with their VR goggles on, programming them and getting them ready to roll out to the public.
And here he is walking Mark Zuckerberg bipedally in to the meeting.
He's not wearing any Google glasses.
He's not wearing VR goggles.
But he's got his good little Borg, they're behaving themselves, entering into the universe he wants.
While he lives on a multi-thousand acre ranch in Kauai, he's not, while he's surfing, while he's doing jiu-jitsu, your children, he's rolling out programs with billions of dollars of government grants to give them free VR goggles to addict them like a crack dealer for life to what they brought them.
So we must reject this system all along.
We must realize what it is.
We must realize technology always is a double-edged sword.
It's good and bad, but the way it's being rolled out, the way it's being angled, the way it's being deployed, the way it's intended is to dumb you down, make you poor, make you sick, isolate you, have you not care about anybody because you have no relationships, have you go inward, Have everybody else be atomized and isolated, so we can all be picked off one by one.
And that's what we're talking about here in this world, is consciousness.
And there's a microcosm of this, and I'm not mad at the crew, but I'm going to talk about it right now.
It happens to me too.
We're in a broadcast building streaming out the TV satellites, radio satellites, internet, video encoders, radio stations, TV stations, all of it.
And nine times out of ten, I'm the one that finds out one of the feeds is dead.
Or I'm the one that found out the show today of the live show feed didn't get posted on X because humans didn't communicate and the guy that's usually here to do it was sick today.
So no one ever told anybody, and if I wouldn't have noticed, no one would have ever known, because again, perception.
People are in the building, they're watching the screens of the show, they believe it's there, there.
See, that's a perception deception.
Just because the show's on here, just because I'm sitting here in Austin, Texas, at this table talking.
If they cut all the lines off of it going out, it's not actually going out.
It only exists here.
And see, that's a perception thing.
And they know humans perceive things up front to themselves, so they think what they're perceiving is real.
Though to the larger world, it's not real because it's not going out.
It'd be like if you're driving in a car and it had a video screen instead of a windshield.
You don't want to trust your evil eyes.
Well they could hack that with a fake video feed and make you think you're driving down a highway, you're driving over a cliff.
Or the screen could glitch out and break.
But now they're replacing the side mirrors, the rear view mirror, with TV screens.
None of this is being done because the system likes you.
All the cool new cars don't have handles.
They got rid of keys a long time ago, it's so convenient.
But all of it is admitted by the social engineers To set up a system where we are obsolete.
There was a great clip I meant to play last week of Sylvester Stallone, and I posted it on X. Guy's trying to go find it.
And he talks about, basically what I always talk about, how calculators are great, but nobody can do math anymore.
And he talked about basically having a robot that goes around and carries your bags for you.
You think it's building you up, but you're designed to have a certain system in your humanity, and all of these things they're giving us kill us.
Here's a better analogy.
Imagine thinking gravity is a bad thing.
Oh, it's so tough, I gotta lift one foot and lift the other.
But if you don't have gravity and you're on some mission to Mars, even the most healthy astronaut after six, eight months to Mars, even though the atmosphere or the gravity is much weaker there, When you get off on Mars, you can barely walk.
Even though you're trying to exercise on the ship, because there's no gravity,
your body's designed to push against the gravity to get stronger.
Plants don't grow well in zero gravity.
They just grow in circles and die.
They sprout, grow in circles and die.
You need that thing pushing against you.
You need that interaction.
That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
And all these systems supposedly to help humans are not empowering us.
I went last week, talked about it briefly, to renew my six-year-old's Now seven-year-old's passport.
And when a child's little, in case one parent's trying to run off with a kid, you've got to have both parents.
So I went with my wife and my seven-year-old daughter.
We go to the new giant Travis County Courthouse, run by the communists, literally.
And we get there and we go and we sit there and wait for an hour for the lady to call us to the little passport offices there and have us swear out that we're her parents and get CRLR documents.
I noticed the big glistening giant new building they built, that there are no buttons on the elevators.
You just get on the elevator, there's no buttons.
And it's all just computerized.
And then, when you're leaving, there's doors that have to authorize you leaving.
It's a prison.
And then I walk out the front door and a Chick-fil-A robot vehicle rolls by, delivering Chick-fil-A.
And the point was, this wasn't innovation, this was human activity and human power and basically mechanical systems being removed for automated AI control grid.
With the 5G being put up everywhere to run the AI cars, the self-driving, and it's just this whole system.
We're going along with the globalists that are building a system that is designed to make us obsolete.
And again, it all seems really convenient.
It seems fun.
It seems easy.
But every system they deploy is actually designed to crash the old system, but not even replace it, a bridge to nowhere.
Just like electric vehicles, they now admit, use more power than the average house uses in a week.
And they're crashing the electrical grids.
And they're not building new electrical grids to even upkeep it.
And they know that, and they brag about it, and it's a big joke to them.
Am I against electric vehicles?
No, they're getting better and better.
But the way it's being deployed and the way it's being set up was designed to not have cars, period.
And they now admit that, and they're saying, really, we're just not going to have any personal ownership of cars.
You just call up a rideshare, self-driven car when you want to go somewhere.
But then, when you're not a good little globalist, that company bans you.
Or when it's the wrong day for you to be able to travel, you can't go.
And that's the admitted plan rolled out by the UN over a decade ago in documents and in instructional videos where they admit it.
And now the WF and UN, a few months ago we played it, said everybody's got to wear earbuds at work that monitor your brain for everyone's safety and report your brainwaves to your boss.
Why the hell would anybody let their privacy be run over like this?
And my 16-year-old daughter the other day was saying, man, I don't know why you like Elon Musk, Daddy.
And I said, honey, I don't think Elon Musk is perfect, and he's part of the system.
He knows the direction he's going, and he's certainly part of it, but he's also doing some good things, so he's the best house in the bad neighborhood.
And she goes, yeah, but watch this video.
Teslas have cameras in them that video record you, and they admit in the terms of service that they watch you on it, and they share it.
And I said, yeah.
And I pulled her up.
All these other car companies are doing the same thing, and I said, yeah.
And as consumers, we should say we don't want that, or we want that option removed.
Or we should go in and disable the software or not have that vehicle and let them know you're not buying it because of that.
Then I spent like 30 minutes showing her all the new cars are doing it, all the companies in the world, from South Korea to China to Japan to France to Germany to the US, everywhere, all the major manufacturers.
I said, why isn't there all doing it?
Then I showed her the law.
From last year that all cars have tracker kill switches in them that were already put in decades ago, but now it's the law they've all got to have it in new cars.
Then I said, by the way, honey, you're 16, so you can have a phone all the time and you're on it too much.
You've gotten good about not being on it.
But I said, honey, you're mad at Elon Musk.
And I said, go ahead and be mad at him.
But I said, what's in your hand?
And she held up the phone.
I go, it's got cameras on both sides and it listens to you all the time and watches you.
And it is the most powerful system out there of this control grid.
So I said, yeah, home assistance, drones, cars, appliances.
I showed her the CIA director 10 years ago saying you're washing machines listening and watching you.
And she went, oh my gosh.
And I said, yeah.
And she said, well then why aren't you against all of this?
And I said, don't you think I am?
I know when I have this powerful device that can take incredible photos and record things and do great things, that it's also something tracking me and controlling me and manipulating me, but I'm exposing it.
I'm admitting the hypocritical paradox that is there.
So, again, The globalists have this panopticonic AI surveillance grid.
They can integrate all this information in and get a full picture of what's going on everywhere.
You and I are limited in our perspective and they manipulate that.
Just like the perspective of being inside InfoWars and looking at TV screens and audio feeds that are internal.
And thinking everything's okay when it's not, the feed's down or the feed didn't go out because you've got to go look at the places it's coming out to actually see that it got there.
It'd be like in the old days if you said, I'm gonna drive cattle up from South Texas to Chicago up the Chisholm Trail.
Well, if you're the cattleman that's down there at the southern end of the trail in South Texas, and you see your 4,000 head of cattle in the dust disappear with your cowboys up to the Chisholm Trail, you know it hasn't gotten up to Chicago yet.
You gotta get a telegram back or a letter back in a few months that your cows got there and how many lived and how many died.
You see?
And I'm not criticizing the crew.
I'm the same way.
But it's an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing.
And we can use the AI against it.
And we can be aware of it, and we can jump around through these points.
But you've got to go for a wider awareness, and you've got to understand different schools of thought, and different science schools, and different languages, and different systems, different histories, and geopolitical systems, to then know how they interact, to actually know what the real movements worldwide are, versus what they're telling you they're doing.
And then as you get deeper into the knowledge, and you read their own white papers where they talk about us like we're animals and admit their plan, and they say, we're getting rid of everybody.
Humans are obsolete.
We're gonna dumb you down, drug you up, and euthanize your ass, and there won't be any humans by 2047.
That's the number Ray Kurzweil and Yuval Noah Harari have picked, and you can say they'll never get that done.
Ray Kurzweil said by 2020, we're gonna put nanotech in you and start taking over your bodies.
They did it in 2020.
It's killing a bunch of people.
They're like, well, you gotta break eggs to make an omelette.
We're all being experimented on.
Alright, I'm done talking about that.
I got a lot of other news in your phone calls.
I'm going to open the phones up right now for first-time callers on AI, on the New World Order, on the Iranian president's death, on Zelensky being a dictator, on the International Criminal Court moving to indict Netanyahu.
The prosecutors recommended it.
Now it's in a three-judge panel.
What's going on with Trump?
That kangaroo thing?
Whatever you want to talk about, folks, the toll-free number is 877-789-2539.
But all I ask is, give you a first-time caller, giving first-timers a chance today, and you got a good, juicy, clean digital or phone line.
That's what we're looking for here.
We're good old fashioned analog out there, but it all runs through the fiber.
So we want to hear from you, 877-789-2539.
All right.
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All right, in this segment, I want to air one of the best compilations I've seen of Fauci lying.
Boy, there are a lot of them.
And then we're going to come back when Stacey's joined us and hit all the big news.
And take your phone calls.
We've got a huge guest coming on third hour.
Here it is.
But they're really criticizing science because I represent science.
If you're vaccinated, you really don't need to worry about getting it in a way that's serious or transmitting.
That is true.
That is correct, Chris.
It'll need to protect you completely against infection, and the chances are very likely that you'll not be able to transmit it to other people.
The risk is extremely low of transmitting it to anybody else.
Full stock.
Vaccinated people are clearly capable of transmitting the infection.
When you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better.
If people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it.
I often myself wear two masks.
And I'm quoting you now, at the population level, masks work at the margins maybe 10%.
To hear that they only work at the margins maybe 10% would make a lot of people ask, okay, then why was I wearing a mask?
You're really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you're attacking science.
When you say that this is gonna go away tomorrow like magic, when you know that there's no chance it's gonna just disappear.
We hope this just goes away, burns itself out.
So my question is, why weren't you straight with the American people about this to begin with?
So the bottom line is, it's a guesstimate, I gave a range.
It seemed in that quote to suggest that you were basing your recommendation on polling and what people could accept.
Is that not what you meant?
No, I mean, it's a bit of that.
We're seeing all of these school closures around the country.
Is that the right move for children and families?
I think what's going on right now is generally an appropriate approach.
You want to start doing something to socially distance yourself.
How dramatic that is?
Closing schools and doing other things should be proportionate.
It went too far, that particularly for kids who couldn't go to school except remotely, that it's forever damaged them.
Well, I don't think it's forever irreparably damaged anyone.
The U.S.
Surgeon General has called it an urgent public health crisis, a devastating decline in the mental health of kids across the country.
According to the CDC, the rates of suicide, self-harm, anxiety, and depression are up among adolescents.
And the record will show, Neil, that we didn't recommend shutting everything down.
First of all, I didn't recommend locking anything down.
I recommended to the President that we shut the country down.
And that was a very difficult decision, because I knew it would have serious economic consequences, which it did.
Because if you look at the people that are politicizing me, there's somebody that's all the way over on one level.
But there are a lot of other people who look upon me the way they should, as a non-political person that I am.
They're not doing it because they say they don't want to do it.
They're Republicans, they don't like to be told what to do.
And we've got to break that.
But now is the time to do what you're told.
Where did this virus come from, do you think, today?
Did it come from a lab?
Was it man-made?
When you have the animal-human interface, and you have animals that come out of the wild that are sold at these open, what they call them, wet markets.
The place of origin was not within the market itself.
No, I don't think you could say that.
There's a report today that another intelligence arm of the U.S.
government, this is inside our Energy Department, has joined the FBI in concluding that COVID began with a lab leak in China.
That the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute.
We now know that a bat coronavirus was enhanced in a lab.
The National Institutes of Health acknowledged that it funded research of a virus that was studied at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
The experiment unexpectedly, we're told, made a bat coronavirus more contagious than the original naturally occurring one.
Take an animal virus and you increase its transmissibility to humans, you're saying that's not gain of function?
Yeah, that is correct.
And Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly.
And I want to say that officially.
You do not know what you are talking about.
They took animal viruses that only occur in animals and they increased their transmissibility to humans.
How you can say that is not gain-of-function?
It is not.
What we're talking about now is the gain-of-function research in studies that increase predominantly the transmissibility as well as pathogenesis and alteration of host range of the virus.
Nobody is lying here, Senator.
It is you!
I'd have to laugh at that.
I should be prosecuted.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Big Brother!
Big Brother.
Oh, but the children aren't listening to Big Brother.
Big Brother!
Can you keep them in the dark for life?
Can you hide them from the weighted world?
Big Brother. Big Brother! Can you keep him in the dark for life? Can you hide him from the weighted world? Oh, Big
Brother! Ha ha ha! Gonna take you down to her house tonight.
Gonna show her! Big Brother! Big Brother! Can you keep him in the dark for life? Can you hide him from the weighted
world? Oh, Big Brother! Ha ha ha! Gonna take you down to her house tonight. Gonna show her!
My world!
Yeah, Gloveless, you gotta run for your money!
Humanity's weighing it up, bitch!
Not about to bow to Lucifer's light!
You wanna bang heads with me?
We'll do it!
Kill your bleeding.
Uh, yeah, folks, I know I'm not singing the actual lyrics of this.
I'm having a little fun.
Instead of mother, it's... Big Brother!
Big Brother!
Don't listen to the show, kids.
Don't tune into Alex Jones.
He's bad.
He's a villain.
You wanna feel everything.
Oh, you do, don't you?
Let's bang heads!
Let's do it!
Let's go!
Kill y'all bleedin'!
Alright, I wanna go to your phone calls.
And I mentioned some of this news last hour, but I didn't drill into it.
So interspersed with your calls, all the stuff I talked about in the next few hours, I'm going to cover it in detail.
But for a lot of people that just joined us, and a lot of radio stations for whatever reason carry the second, third, fourth hours, not the first, let me tell you what's happening.
Let's hit this and go to your calls.
Klaus Schwab, one of my most unfavorite people, a singularly arrogant SOB, That's not fair to bastards.
They're angels compared to this guy.
Has resigned from the World Economic Forum.
And here's the little important point.
There's a little face-saving proviso there that he'll have some other advisory role.
So he's not leaving and then becoming the vice chair.
He's not leaving and going to be on the board.
They're just saying, Lauschwab is out.
Klaus Schwab is bye-bye, because nobody wants to be associated with it, nobody wants to have him come to their world events anymore, no one wants to have their world government events.
Suddenly all the Hollywood trash, like Leonardo DiCaprio, doesn't want to go.
Because now it's not cool to sit around and talk about world government and post-human world and you'll eat bugs, you'll own nothing, have nothing, we're going to kill everybody, we penetrate the cabinets, we run everything, we're going to stage total collapse and bring in world government.
You think you just sit up there for years and run your evil mouths while you did this to the UN and the IMF and World Bank?
And that then, when it all started going down, you were just gonna have us all kill each other because we're all pissed?
Yeah, there's some dumb people that'll go along with that, but not most people.
People know you're the supervillain!
My God, you even look like... a James Bond villain.
You're what the James Bond villains are based on!
This is a big deal.
Does this mean the New World Order is gone?
No, but it means that they are having to pull their head back in to their rat hole and they are in retreat right now like when the supervillain gets caught and he goes and jumps in his little rocket ship and flies off.
WEF founder Klaus Schwab steps down as chairman.
Will take non-executive role.
What's a non-executive?
Hmm, what's that mean?
Well, if somebody has a non-executive role, it means a non-decision-making role.
It means a role with no power.
It means ceremonial, if any.
Unpacking that is delicious.
So the founder of it, the Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller mini-me, W.E.F.
founder Klaus Schwab, steps down as chairman, will take non-executive role.
Guys, find the article from just January.
Klaus Schwab says he will serve into his hundreds, I think was the headline.
Klaus Schwab says he has no intention of stepping down, was one of the headlines.
And he said something like, going from memory, like, I feel great.
I intend to stay on until a hundred at least.
I think that's the quote basically.
Something like that out of his arrogant mouth.
With the organization he founded 50 years ago, bringing in nearly 500 million in revenue,
With the organization he founded 50 years ago, bringing in nearly 500 million in revenue,
the year ending in March, and sitting on a neat pile of 200 million
Swiss francs cash, Paul Schwab will own some things
as he reportedly steps down from his role running World Economic Forum.
He helped create 1971.
It's being reported that Schwab announced the intentions to step down as executive chairman,
then emailed the staff on Tuesday that was shared with the press.
He goes on, "The change in his role "is pending approval by the Swiss government,
"but should be finalized ahead of the WEF's "annual meeting in 2025."
But what's interesting here is... Yeah, they found it.
Print that for me, guys.
Klaus Schwab declares he will run WEF into his hundreds as globalist colleagues demand succession plan.
It is preposterous.
I will be into my hundreds.
I feel great.
They're like, no dude, you give us a really bad name.
All of them do.
They all sit around talking about how they want to depopulate us and how we're obsolete and they giggle and laugh and smirk.
I mean, whatever the new one will be will be even worse.
His deputy head is the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.
A singularly disgusting creature.
So, this is a big deal.
And so, can you guys find the song for me?
From The Wizard of Oz.
Can we, can we play that?
Ding dong, the witch is dead.
The witch, oh witch, the witch, oh witch.
Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead.
He's more of a...
She's like the chief flying monkey in Wizard of Oz.
Remember, there's a bunch of flying monkeys, but one's like wearing like a kind of a soldier's helmet or like a general's hat.
And then he starts waving the other monkeys.
She says, you'll go get that little girl for me right now!
Bring her to me!
And he says, I mean, that's kind of, I mean, I think of Klaus Schwab as more of the leader of the flying monkeys.
But you can take any Wizard of Oz analogy and always, you know, just like Star Wars and
Yeah, crank it up [Music]
♪ And it's great stuff to make a rich's day ♪ ♪ She's gone where the mountains don't belong ♪
♪ Behold, behold your host ♪ ♪ There's no one out there ♪
♪ We love you, we love you ♪ ♪ We all love you ♪
♪ We love you, we love you ♪ ♪ Singin' love ♪
♪ Singin' love ♪ ♪ Making good, makein' rich's day ♪
(lively music)
Of course, you know the problem.
The witch has got a sister.
And she arrives in a moment and says, Ah!
You're all gonna pay for what you've done!
But we're gonna pay anyways, aren't we?
I mean, they're not gonna stop attacking us.
So we might as well just fight back, huh?
Isn't that the way to do it?
Here, let's hear a little bit more of this.
Is that Congressman Nadler right there, the mayor?
As coroner, I must suffer. I thoroughly examined her.
And she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead.
(dramatic music)
And this is a day of independence for all the munchkins and their descendants.
If any, yes, let the joyous news be spread, the wicked old witch at last is dead!
Ding dong, the witch is dead!
Witch, a witch, a wicked witch!
Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!
You know, Klaus Schwab said not only must we give up our cows and everything, we have to give up our cats and dogs.
Remember the witch?
I'll get you and your little dog, too.
And bring the milk out, ding dong, ding dong And the cloth swab said not only must we give up our cows
and everything, we have to give up our cats and dogs.
Remember the witch?
I'll get you and your little dog too.
Me pretty?
Oh, we done a number on 'em.
Ha ha ha ha!
And they think stepping on me makes me scared of them?
That just wakes me up.
Can you do a little harder?
Because when I get attacked, all it does is spotlight the enemy.
And you gotta start thinking of this as the final war for humanity, because that's what it is.
This really is for all the marbles, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to go to your phone calls here.
And again, we're having massive victories on every front, intellectually, culturally, spiritually.
We're also having a lot of losses.
It's the best of times, worst of times.
A tale of two cities, as they say.
I'll get into all the other news I've mentioned, interspersed with your calls.
But right now, let's start going to them in the order they are received.
And Rick wants to talk, before I go to him, let me just recap that since he called.
Rick wants to talk about the Trump trial, so let's just get that, let's just get that going right now.
Okay, I've got the transcript here because they don't allow cameras in there.
Federal court.
No, it's local court, they should allow them, but I guess it's too embarrassing so they're not.
And Trump Again, it's destroyed Cohen, who admitted on the stand, it's all over the news, you want me to tell you about it?
I mean, it's worst day for prosecutors, blah, blah, blah.
And they're like, so you didn't, you know, tell Trump you paid the money?
Well, not that money.
And you didn't, and did you keep the money?
Yeah, I kept part of it.
So you stole the money?
Yeah, I stole the money.
I mean, those are quotes.
Absolutely amazing.
Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone says Democrats are using lawfare against Trump.
You're like, well, we already know that.
Well, I mean, he's a big giant liberal saying it's wrong.
Okay, so.
Trump co-defendant details additional prosecutorial abuse in the motion to dismiss Jack Smith's classified docs case.
More lies, more tampering information coming out.
And when the Cohen stuff came out yesterday, we got the transcript and here it is.
The judge flipped out.
A fuming judge runs interference for brag, shouts at Trump defense witness, Robert Costello, get out of the courtroom now to act like they've done something wrong as they were exposing Cohen as a big fat lying criminal.
I'm trying to find my article that had the quotes in it.
Oh, here it is.
You stole from the Trump Organization, correct?
Michael Cohen.
Yes, sir.
And it goes on from there.
In other Trump news, Trump considering Texas AG Ken Paxton for U.S.
Attorney General.
Ken Paxton has been persecuted for eight years.
They've thrown at least five investigations at him, and of course the impeachment in the statehouse of Texas that blew up in their faces, well, total lies.
And he has filed all these lawsuits against the globalists.
He's had all these huge victories against their carbon taxes and against BlackRock and the globalists.
He's been devastating them.
Now he's very calm, kind of like Ben Carson, who's also super smart.
He'd be a good VP.
But it is kind of like paint drying.
Listen to him talk, but he's a good man.
He would be a great VP for Trump.
They are talking about the Ferengi ambassador from Star Trek.
That's what he looks like.
Marco Rubio, who is a deep state clown.
Now he's certainly singing from the right sheet of music like Mike Pence did right now.
Or, of course, what we saw happened with Mike Pompeo.
And I just pray to God That Trump does not pick Marco Rubio.
Trump's not the type to pick somebody to pander to a demographic group, but if you want to pick a Hispanic who actually would be great, that would be somebody like Devin Nunes.
So please pick Devin Nunes over... I mean, Nunes is as smart and has proven himself as much as Ken Paxton.
And he's younger and better spoken.
So I would go like this.
Devin Nunes, Ken Paxton, Tucker Carlson.
Tucker's not going to do it.
Long before he told the press he would never do it, I was talking to him about it.
I think we were talking about how Trump was trying to get him to do it.
He's like, listen, I'll never do it.
You know, I don't like Washington.
I don't like cities.
I love living in Florida and hunting and fishing.
I love living in Maine and hunting and fishing.
That's all he does.
And that's what Tucker does every day is hunt and fish when he can.
And then the media stuff's, you know, I mean, the guy works like 16 hours a day, but he does a good four hours of fishing and hunting every day.
It's crazy.
It's fun, man.
It's like, wow.
And, uh, Tucker's like, you gotta move up to Maine up here with us.
Well, I'm telling my wife, I don't know, it looks pretty good.
You really serious about that, Tucker?
Man, but I'm, I'm, Going on about Tucker.
That's not happening.
So, Devin Nunes is the best.
And not because he's got dark hair and a little bit of brown skin.
He's the best.
Maybe we could ask listeners who you think his VP ought to be.
Somebody he can trust, and somebody that can go out and expose evil and investigate, and somebody that can help Trump pick who is in his damn cabinet and who's in the federal agencies, and Nunes Gets it all.
And he's a former dairy farmer that ran a successful dairy.
That's not easy.
I'm so sick of lawyers.
I'm so sick of lawyers that never had a job in their life other than the legal system.
Okay, there's a prelude for Rick in Arizona.
The trial for Trump, or the trials of Trump.
What's your take on this?
My take, Alex, is that the fact that Michael Cohen is even sticking his neck out testifying against Trump tells me that Trump is hoping it's fake.
You know, we've got these diversity-hired prosecutors going after the most powerful man in the world, who appointed more judges in four years than any president ever, and none of them come to his safety.
You know, Michael Cohen is living the dream in New York City, and he's testifying against Donald Trump.
He thinks he's—he wouldn't do it if he really thought he could put Trump in prison and end the MAGA movement, because they've killed people in New York City for a lot less than that.
This is straight out of central casting.
It's all BS.
It's to keep Trump off the campaign trail because the less he talks, the better off he is.
He cannot run on his four years as president.
You know, on the 87th day of Trump's presidency, he shelled Syria with cruise missiles.
Six months before, he told us he was getting us out of the Middle East.
So, these trials are to keep Donald Trump tied up on television as the persecuted underdog And I want to ask you one quick question, Alex.
How long do you think it will be before he does a 180 on his promise not to enact any more gun rights?
How do we know that right away when Trump becomes president that mass shootings are going to go crazy, he's going to declare an emergency, and now we need a 50-state red flag law because states like North Dakota, Wyoming, are never going to pass it?
Okay, well you asked me a couple, you asked a couple questions.
You want to keep going and then I can try to answer them all.
I'm going to pen out right now the questions.
Do you want me to answer that question?
Go ahead, go ahead and answer the question.
Yeah, I mean, I'll answer your question this way.
I'm not up here putting up a screen to not have people criticize Trump.
So if you want to criticize Trump, go ahead and spend a few minutes doing that because I've got my own concerns as well.
Really concerned about his involvement in Warp Speed.
Really concerned about some of the other things he's done.
But overall, a lot of really good things have been done.
But let me tell you, I've experienced the lawfare.
I've experienced the left's attacks.
I've seen the hate the left has for Trump.
And I don't think that these trials are like W...
I don't think that the E. Gene Carroll thing or this or Jack Smith are trying to help Trump.
They are coming after him.
They've tried to set him up as a Russian agent.
They had the government try to set me up as one.
You know, I tell these stories.
These are true stories, folks.
So, I've been run over by this thing.
I've tasted the treads in my mouth repeatedly, and they don't taste too good.
So, here's the deal.
You can say, I don't trust Elon Musk, and he works with him too much, and I think he's an opportunist trying to take over the New World Order.
I would entertain that, and I think that's a legitimate possibility.
He either has woken up and loves his 10 or 11 children or whatever it is and has decided to be pro-human and go against the globalists or he realizes the globalists are in deep trouble and collapsing and he wants to come out on the other side and not be associated with them and be the hero and then move forward with his plan for the new world order.
And you could say Trump's coming in with his own branch of power and control, sees a weak globalist system and wants to control it, and so, but they are, and you could say that.
Or he's really a great guy that means well, just doesn't understand everything.
I don't know exactly what the answer is, but to say that he's working with the Democrats And that he's working with them with these trials and Fannie Willis and all the rest of it and Letitia James and all of these people is absolutely not true.
They hate his guts.
They are legitimately after him.
These attacks are extremely real.
They have been trying to put me in prison.
They put Owen in prison.
I mean, let me tell you, this is not like dress up in the park, you know, that LARPing where people dress up like knights and, you know, soldiers and hit each other with plastic swords.
This is very real.
Now, again, you can say, well, Trump's bad.
He's just another predator group coming in.
I would entertain that.
Maybe you're right.
But what are you, I mean, are you saying that he's really working behind the scenes here with Merrick Garland?
I'm saying that Donald Trump did more for gun control as president than any president ever.
He gave us the red flag laws in 21 states.
I've got the video of him telling you he wants to take the guns first and he's trying to get the Senators to go along with it and then accuse him of being afraid of the NRA.
Hold on, I gotta go to break.
I'm gonna hold over and give you more time to respond.
And I agree that the bad things he did was go along.
With the red flag thing, because he's like, well, let's get crazy, people.
Well, that gets rid of due process.
And most of the time, they know they're crazy.
They came to have a gun legally, and almost all these mass shooters got them illegally in almost every case.
So that's a legitimate point.
But his own judges, he appointed, have now shot down the bump stock and all the rest of that garbage.
I mean, here's another one today.
A Trump judge just shot down a whole nother gun control bill.
Did you see that?
Look, Trump says a lot of things, but when he gets into office, it all seems to change.
Well, you've used the gun control thing, and I think that's a real legitimate point.
And his sons have even said that they don't agree with that.
Here it is.
Trump appointed judge, blocks ATF rule, expanding gun background checks.
So, when you say he's done a lot of things, what are the other things?
I saw a lot of good things Trump did, like Roe v. Wade and all the rest of it.
We'll come right back to you.
Bennett Botham's dying.
You can see here the Great Awakening orbiting the Great Reset.
Although the depopulation systems of the Great Reset are not yet fully operational, the Great Reset does have a strong conspiracy network.
It is protected by a satanic shield, which can be disabled by the Great Awakening.
The Great Reset must be deactivated if any victory for humanity is to be accomplished.
Once the Great Awakening deactivates the shield, InfoWars.com forward slash show will cover the truth while Info Warriors fly into the superstructure and attempt to knock out the Great Reset.
Alex Jones has volunteered to lead the fighter attack.
Get a signed copy of the Great Awakening today at InfoWarsStore.com.
All right, Rick.
You know, we should probably do a whole show or group of shows on what people really think about Trump.
Just do you love him, you hate him, and just do three, four hours of calls.
Heck, maybe I should come up here on Saturday.
You know, there's no maybe about it.
I should come up here Saturday and do like a four-hour spaces simulcast on InfoWars and our systems and our streams and say, is Trump good or bad?
Trump on trial.
And really, you get a list of his accomplishments, and a list of the good things he did, and a list of bad things.
Because your argument that was, well, they're not really after him, they just want to keep him off the campaign trail, well, that is after him.
Then you're arguing about, well, he bombed Syria.
To get the Hawks off his back and basically bomb nothing sites, we had major four years of peace deals and de-escalation and no new big wars.
I don't think that's a fair criticism.
War of Speed is a very good real criticism.
Him kind of playing footsie a little bit with gun control.
Really bad.
Pissed off a lot of people.
I agree with you.
But on the border, great job!
Shipping jobs back to America, great job!
Stopping the carbon taxes and shutting down more of our power infrastructure, great job!
Making us the number one energy producer in just a few years, great job!
Lowering energy prices, great job!
Taking care of our veterans, really reforming, massive reforms at the VA, great job!
And so, it's a paradox.
I'm very critical of Trump, and I don't try to go sit in his lap at Marlago, but at the same time, I don't think there's any
choice here that he's better than Gavin Newsom. They're going to try to replace the Crip Keeper,
Pito Joe, at the DNC coming up in July. Now, you had a few minutes, but I talked over you.
You got two minutes and I have to get to everybody else. So just let them have it and say
whatever you want, Rick. All right, Alec.
You know, the first lesson you learn in college chemistry is if you want to remove a stain out
of your shirt you got to use a light chemical.
If it's grease, you've got to use grease.
If you want to remove gun rights from Republicans, you've got to use a Republican.
Trump isn't here to take your gun.
Trump is going to come in here and he's going to pass law that the ruling class is going to have the right to take the guns away from the people they don't like, okay?
And these red flag laws are being used in situations where, like, if you're going to be evicted from your apartment, well, hey, we got a threat order here.
We're going to stop this guy at the light, get his guns, and then we're going to evict him from his apartment.
Or you're going to get fired and your employer thinks you might be a threat, so they're going to stop you at the red light, take your gun, then they're going to fire you.
I'm here to tell you that Donald Trump I don't give a damn what he said to the NRA yesterday, and maybe the NRA is in on this, but the ruling class is scared to death of an armed American populace and they want the right to take your gun.
They're not going to collect your guns, but there's only a small percentage of people out there that they're worried about, but it's big enough to be a problem.
Donald Trump, he's done more for the Democrats.
He never got rid of Obamacare.
He never put Hillary in jail.
You go down the list.
I'm just telling you, beware of Donald Trump and your gun rights.
Look it, I'd rather have Biden in there.
Nobody respects these idiot Democrats.
Democrats have gotten nowhere in gun control, but those four years that Trump was there, You can't even have... Alright, alright.
I've heard it.
Back to guns over and over again.
They've lost the confiscate our gun argument for now.
People see it.
Guns are more popular than ever.
The courts are all ruling in our favor.
They're losing.
And I appreciate your call.
I gotta get to everybody else now.
You've been on for 15 minutes.
Thank you.
People have their choice.
They can go vote for Joe Biden.
So, the border is wide open.
Trump will shut down the border.
And I think Trump was playing politics and saw these terrible shootings and is a New Yorker and is not really a hunter like his sons.
His sons don't support any of that.
And I think it's a blind spot.
People don't know Trump like I do.
I know all about him.
Nobody's telling him what to do.
He's in his own world.
Now, I gotta get to other people.
Thank you.
Let's go to Jake in Illinois.
Jake, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, man, first-time caller.
It's great to talk to you, man.
I got a few things to talk about, so I'll hit them quickly.
First of all, good riddance, Klaus Schwab.
I mean, bye, Felicia.
Secondly, I live in a pretty liberal city, and I gotta say, nobody likes Joe Biden.
Nobody likes Joe Biden.
Everyone likes Trump, even the liberals.
I mean, even if they are liberal, They don't even like Joe Biden.
I mean, this whole show trial thing, no one's talking about it to me.
No one I hear is talking about it.
Everyone talks about Biden and how the economy's terrible, how the border's wide open.
Nobody is even talking about this Trump thing unless you're just a CNN watcher, I guess.
I don't know.
I don't know how you feel about that.
Second, I mean...
No, I mean, that's what I...
Listen, I don't say every couple days of the year, "Hey, I'm really popular now on the
I'm popular.
I'm a public figure.
Most people aren't, so they don't have the experience of what's really popular, what's
And I go out in public and all I get is love now.
I mean, 99.9%.
And four or five years ago, it was like 10% hate.
And it was a lot of love, but whoa, it was a lot of hate.
I still went to restaurants, grocery stores.
There's footage of me getting hit, you know, coffee dumped on me, tea thrown on me.
People key in my car, you know all that crap. I'd be sitting there in a hot tub in a resort on vacation
Somebody walk over step on my hand and say you want to fight?
You know f Trump you Russian agent that doesn't happen anymore and it's not because I'm that popular
They associate me with Trump. So I agree with you and the numbers show it
the Donald Trump is killing the Democratic Party. Their actions
are killing themselves I disagree with the last caller saying Donald Trump's the
best thing to ever happen Democratic Party Yeah, no, I think that's a perfect segue into what I was
gonna talk about next because I was gonna talk about We need to take about the we need to take the culture back
the art back music movies theater These things, I think, have been controlled by the ball for too long, and I think the people are getting sick of it, and you can see that everywhere.
I mean, I play in a band, we're called Gilded Cages, and we just made an album called Real and Human, Real and Human, and it's all about Empowering humanity, talking about human creativity, human intelligence, getting rid of these AI systems and this control grid that's been set over the whole entertainment industry.
And I think people can really see it and smell it because the people, I mean, they love this music that we are making and these other bands and artists I know that are also being creative.
We have a song called Vultures that's all about the World Economic Forum, all about the AI takeover, you will eat the bugs.
Well that's beautiful brother.
Jake, I hate to cut you off, but I let the guy have 15 minutes.
I gotta move quick to everybody, but thank you so much.
We'll check it out.
Send us links to it.
Tweet at me at RealAlexJones.
Thank you.
Matt in Long Island.
You're on the air.
You say everything's a distraction.
Go ahead.
Is that a chainsaw?
Or a leaf blower?
What's up, brother?
Yeah, we're deep in the jaws of the communist beast, but we got one arm free and it's scratched tightly around the knife, America.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna let the beast kill you and eat your children?
Or are you gonna jam that thing in his eye?
What are you gonna do?
Let's go!
Why can't we all come together, right?
Let's all come together, put our money together, get some lawyers, and press charges on these blatant crimes against humanity.
They're poisoning us in the air.
They're injecting poison in our children.
Why can't we get Robert Barnes, give him a bunch of money to press charges on everybody that was involved in Operation Warp Speed?
How come we can't do that?
Well, I mean, he is suing Pfizer and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and it's a process, and all the documents have come out.
But the legal system moves slowly.
It's not just having a lawyer that gets it done.
But you were saying everything's a distraction.
What's your point?
Go ahead.
Just like the first caller said, if you can't see that a billionaire having an affair is a nothing burger while he rolled out a poison death shot, which he continues to promote and tells you to shut your mouth when you bring it up, what good is a guy like that?
How's that guy going to help us?
That tells you to go shut off when you start, oh, I can't go bring it up.
He told me not to say anything.
What good is a guy like that?
Listen, this isn't, this isn't no, like, opinion.
You can just look at the animal research with the poison death shot.
Case closed.
There's no debating.
There's no nothing.
They took a biometric tracking system, which was developed in the 1950s to study amoebas.
It's biometric tracking.
They were just trying to get the dosage right.
Elon Musk was behind it.
Democrat and Republican are all scumbags.
It's only the enslavers I appreciate your call.
People are pissed off at Donald Trump.
Alright, I appreciate your call.
People are pissed off at Donald Trump.
Well, don't worry, you're going to get Gavin Newsom.
There is a technocratic elite that is manipulating all this.
Trump is not a scientist.
I'm not here to defend him, but this idea, like you say, tracking system for amoebas, and then you say Elon Musk is behind it.
I understand you're pissed off, sir.
Let's go ahead and go to Joshua in Louisiana.
You're on the air.
Yes sir.
Hey Alex, long time Lister, big fan.
I wanted to quickly plug your products.
I'm a veteran with sleep disorders and I was diagnosed with a movement disorder but I had started taking your Rocket Rest and your multivitamin and now it's 99% gone so I wanted to thank you for saving my life because I don't think I would have made it that far with that.
But anyway, I wanted to quickly say that, did you see the article the other day about using your face as payment?
Yeah, I mean, that's been going on for a long time.
They're training with the phones to use that as your ID, and then of course Amazon is rolling out its own global payment system with that, and it's very, very dangerous.
Yes, sir, it definitely is.
Perhaps there's a way that we can use it to our advantage.
What that is, I have no idea, but again, I want to thank you for everything you do and everything you go through.
Well, I appreciate you, brother, but back to the supplement issue since you raised it.
These are all the highest quality ingredients that are known to do the things they say they're going to do.
So whether you get one of the products at InfoWars store, like the Knockout or a few of the other sleep aids we have, they're all different, varied formulas.
One's apples, one's oranges, or whether you get RocketRest over at DrJonesNaturals.com.
It's incredible.
It works great.
It's next level.
I've got friends and people that have sleeping issues and, you know, they take our product and say, wow, this is better than sleeping pills.
Sleeping pills make me groggy.
This doesn't.
This gets you to naturally sleep.
So, yeah, that's 40% off RocketRest right now at InfoWarsStore.com.
I appreciate you calling, sir.
All right, we're moving quick to the calls.
Angela in Wisconsin.
We want to talk about war crime indictment against Netanyahu.
Go ahead, Angela.
Yes, thanks for everything you've done through the years.
No need to thank me, ma'am.
Go ahead.
Okay, well, I couldn't help but shout at my phone, G.G.
How come he's not on that One World Government court list?
So what do you think about the U.N.
War Crimes Court recommending to the full court, now they're going to decide, they're going to indict Netanyahu and a bunch of his general staff?
I'm going to keep it real simple.
My mom taught me years ago, I'm 65 now, that the U.N.
was really bad news.
So I don't want anything, I don't think America should have anything to do with the U.N., any of these foreign countries.
I'm totally on board with 3rd John too.
Uh, King James Version, people want to look it up, equals life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that's more or less where they got it from, I do believe with all my heart.
Yeah, quote that, quote that, quote that John Verskin, we'll pull it up, which one is it?
Oh, uh, beloved, this is, uh, 3rd John 2.
It's the epistle of John.
3rd John 2.
King James Version is the best.
Uh, that I've learned through biblical research, uh, classes and stuff.
As a rule of thumb, but it's biblical research, so they could go use all kinds of different Bibles, you know, to research.
But neither here nor there.
Beloved, I wish above all things, this is God talking to us, his children, and his people, really.
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth, which is the fun stuff.
And that includes bicycle riding and exercise, just a way of life.
Good work, you know, and then you have fun too and eat good food.
You know, that kind of thing.
Everything that Bill Gates, everything Bill Gates does not want us to have.
Great points.
Thank you.
We're moving quick to everybody here.
Travis in Missouri, you're on the air.
What's up, Alex?
I didn't take my X2 this morning, so hopefully my words come out good.
First time caller.
I don't know a lot about brainwashing, but I do know that repetition is one way to go about it.
Um, kind of like driving by a McDonald's sign 20 times, you know, next thing you know, you want some McDonald's.
Well, um, about a week after COVID was first announced to the world, basically, I went to the hospital and they put a little pulse monitor on my finger and the sticker said COVIDIAN on it.
C O V I D I E N.
I was kind of like, COVID, that's what everybody's talking about.
I asked the nurse, I was like, hey, have you noticed that this says COVID on it?
He's like, oh, I never really noticed that.
Well, went to the hospital a couple years later and I got a specimen cup that said COVIDian on it.
And I started doing a little bit of research.
Basically, they wrote those words on everything in the hospital.
And so, like, I think that's one of the mechanisms that they use to brainwash all these hospital workers to accept COVID.
I don't think it's a possibility.
You know how many of these global government, nanotech, vaccine company, all these evil companies are now named Molek.
Really? Oh, it's like I see it like every week some evil company, some evil GMO, the company that's creating
soybeans that are pink that is literally pig flesh.
Plants can be programmed to do that. It grows pig protein and it's called MOLEC.
Well, I believe you. I work at a bank and one thing I noticed that they did with us with that,
I'm looking at our printer right now and it says digital check on it.
They came and replaced all of our printers and all the banks
that were working just fine with these new ones that say digital check.
Here's a great example, and this is a great call.
And I know how they did it, it's admitted.
You have the IMF, the World Bank, with the UN, their partners with the WEF, that has corporate sponsors and corporate deals where they fly in the heads of the International Restaurants Association, and the heads of the International Trucking Associations, and the International Logistics, International Military, and they all get together and they tell them, here's the new thing with your ESG corporate score, do this, you'll get all the bank money you need.
Go out, now that COVID started, this is four years ago, put QR codes everywhere, say menus are dangerous, it'll get everybody into your database, and then soon we're going to make people QR code with a digital ID to buy and sell, which is now rolling out.
And so all of that was an admitted beta test, and then two weeks ago the WF, they admitted, we use the COVID and we use the QR codes to get you ready for the casual society.
This was training wheels.
They've said it dozens of times.
So they admitted it then, they admit it now, and what you're saying is totally true.
Go ahead.
I just concur.
I just can't believe that, like, it's happening faster than people think.
I think the AI is going to, you know, put fuel on that fire.
And I try to tell people, because no one in the bank, nobody, I asked my boss who's been banking 30 years, I told her about CBDC.
She's like, what's a CBDC?
I'm like, Oh my gosh, like no one knows except for the very, very top
what's going on, I'm guessing.
Canada is officially rolling it out, the EU is officially rolling it out, the Federal
Reserve said last year they want it rolled out by next year, and it gets rid of all the
original currency, it'll still be there, but it'll be monetized in a general ledger, all
computer programmed, your home, your investments will now be theirs, and you'll just be a shareholder
or stockholder, but you will not be the manager or the conservator, and then they can do bail
ins and skim money out of it or value out of it whenever they want, isn't that incredible?
And tell you where to spend it and how you can spend it, I mean, again, this is not coming,
it's all here.
And like I said, it's still subliminal, though.
That's the thing that's so scary about it.
It really is here, but it's just right below the surface and it's just going to pop up with this power outage or whatever they're going to do.
It's crazy.
Beautiful points.
Anything else, Travis?
That's it.
I appreciate you.
Amazing call.
Thank you, sir.
Man of the Arena in Chicago on AI.
You're on the air.
You wanna talk, man in the arena?
Hello Alex, can you hear me?
Yes I can, go ahead.
Okay, Man in the Arena here.
You're in the arena, I'm watching you.
It's easier for me than you.
Okay, some topics I got here is... Okay, the ChatBot AI, when it put all the white people as black, what would happen if it was reversed?
If all the black people, like Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, all those guys were Well, that's what smart black people have said, and my people were persecuted, and it used to be open season on them.
And then the black folks explained that was meant to basically make them, you know, become racist and then be in control of the government.
And now they explain they're doing that to white people to make them become the same way so we all hate each other.
It's the globalists doing this.
It's not black people replacing all the white people in AI chatbots.
And in the real world, they're replacing white people and black people.
Uh, with illegal aliens and Hispanic Americans with illegal aliens.
So we're all under attack.
They don't want us... I mean, remember Fauci?
Black people need to get the shot first, everybody!
I love black people!
We love you!
It's the people going, I love you!
Yes, the hate crimes.
under attack. Does that mean there's not racist whites who do bad stuff to blacks? No, it
happens. Does it not mean there's racist blacks who do bad stuff to whites? No, it's happening.
But we have to understand that's the dumb people doing that.
We are all under attack.
We need to come together and say no to the New World Order.
Yes, the hate crimes, that's the crux of the whole thing.
The Supreme Court, they might have made that law under good intention, but it backfired.
It's the worst thing ever.
If all men are created equal, how can all hate crimes, you know, are all hate crimes, uh, you know, created equal?
What it means is the government's going to prosecute some violent crimes, but not others.
Just like these thousand plus DA's that Soros put in.
If a white guy defends himself against anybody, he goes to jail.
If a black guy goes and does something wrong now and he's a liberal, they let him go.
And again, that's meant to create a crime wave and then it kills more blacks than whites because they're mainly killing each other.
It's terrible.
That's a great point.
But why can't we sue, like say, a class action lawsuit against the AI creator, the JetBot GT owner, for a hate crime?
Well, I mean, they say it's a mistake, but here's the deal.
There are lawsuits being won by the day at colleges and government and corporations where whites are fired because they're white, or they're not hired because they're white.
So that's happening, but the globalists want that to bankrupt the system.
They have unlimited money they use at first, and we get the bill, we get the inflation, we get the problems.
That's why you've got to understand the whole system and reject the whole thing.
Thank you so much, man in the arena.
All right, Syrian girl is going to join us for about 35 minutes in the next hour and cover what's happening in the world.
She's really a smart lady.
I've been interviewing her for eight, nine years now, and her parents were in the ruling party in Syria.
You know, that's just her nickname.
Her name's Dung.
But she's going to be joining us to talk about the Iranian president's death, what's happening with the, you know, moved and died Netanyahu and Hamas.
She's also been in Russia a lot lately and covering Ukraine.
She knows her stuff.
So big developments she'll be covering for the first half of the hour.
And then I'm going to go to Dave and Sean and Jimmy and Mike and Sarah and Charlotte and Mike and Brendan, if you guys can hold, we will get to all of you.
Calls from Canada, North Carolina, Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, Houston, Texas.
We're going to go to all of you coming up next hour interspersed with other important news.
But you've heard the callers talk about how great the products are, they fund the operation, and they're really amazing.
Please go to InfoWarsTore.com.
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Lot of big developments taking place in the world today Zelensky is now officially a dictator today.
The UN criminal court yesterday, the prosecutors recommended the indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu and a bunch of his cohorts.
They also want to indict Hamas leadership.
We've got the death of the Iranian president and the helicopter crash a few days ago.
I have an interview with this lady.
It's got to be more than 10 years.
Syrian girl and your family lived in Syria.
They were in the ruling party.
And of course, she's lived in Australia.
She's been in Russia.
She really is a smart person.
She needs no introduction.
Ant-partisan girl on X.
And she joins us right now.
Some stations don't carry this first little five, but that's fine because we'll get into it all when this one-minute break comes up.
In the four minutes we have to break, great to have you on with us.
I don't know where you're at right now because you move around so much.
Please tell us and then give us a little prelude or snapshot of the incredible information you've got for us because you've always got amazing information for us, Syrian girl.
Thank you so much.
I am from Syria originally.
My grandfather was in the ruling government before the Baathist coup.
So that was the government prior to this one.
And basically I write for Al Mayadeen English.
I also write for ThinkTanks and I've been doing this for 10 years with you, Alex, as well, interviewing on my analysis on the ground.
I was very much into the war in Syria, explaining the Al-Qaeda elements there and how the U.S.
was supporting them.
And I'm going to tell you what's going on on the ground now with Gaza, with Iran and with the world at the brink of World War III.
I was talking to Dr. Carlson yesterday and he was calling it the final war.
I mean, I think if this goes into full war, All experts agree it's going to go nuclear, and if it goes nuclear, it's going to go total.
We're talking about the end of civilization here.
Absolutely, and in fact, I actually, five months ago, I said the same thing, like, this is the last war.
It's just, you get that feeling, like, this is, this is a war, like, as they called World War I, a war to end all wars.
You know, it's all in on all sides, and, you know, so far, There have been more and more indications that this is going to spiral out of control, that this may even go nuclear.
I mean, world leaders are getting assassinated left and right.
We have, you know, like, NATO fighting a nuclear power.
We have genocide going on in Gaza.
This is definitely something that the world hasn't seen since World War II.
And we see it only getting crazier.
Did you see the Victoria Nuland clip where she's on national TV saying the U.S.
should start bombing Russian cities itself?
I mean, that goes right to World War III right there.
I actually did not see that, but I remember her saying, fuck the EU, and bringing out the cookies in 2014 during the Maidan colour revolution in Ukraine.
I remember that, but her going all out about nukes, you know, I'm not surprised, however.
Well, because she didn't say nukes, she said Since Russia is attacking Ukraine, we need to give Ukraine heavy weapons to start bombing major Russian cities.
So that would be the U.S.
Russia said, no, that's the U.S.
doing that.
If you knew that, we take that as the U.S.
So the U.S.
gives heavy cruise missiles to the Ukrainians and then they hit Moscow.
That's what she called for.
She is really like, uh, the brinkmanship is getting out of control.
I mean, they obviously don't care if, uh, how many people die, if it leads to nuclear war, because they all have nuclear bunkers, as I keep saying when I come on here, and they don't think their lives will be affected at all.
I mean, you know, they're going to destroy the whole world and their families will be safe.
And once everything, once everyone is dead, they'll come out and they'll be the ruling class.
That's right, exactly.
Dr. Strangelove, but for real, we'll be right back.
Maram Sulci, a.k.a.
Syrian Girl, dead-on world traveler, knows her stuff, been a guest for more than a decade, is our guest at Partisan Girl on X.
Recently in Moscow, hails from Australia.
Okay, let's drill right into it.
We've got Victoria Noolan, the architect of the Maidan coup, and what's happening right now, saying the US should supply heavy weapons to Ukraine to start blowing up Russian cities.
Russia responds and says that will be the US directly attacking us.
England calling for that, then the Russians will attack England or English targets in Europe.
I mean, this is completely out of control.
You've got assassination attempts, assassinations all over the place.
I want to walk through those with you.
You've got the UN criminal court recommending to the full board that's got to vote three judges to indict the leaders of Hamas and the leaders of Israel.
You've just got all of this insanity going on.
Syrian girl, you've got the floor.
You've been dead on about this stuff.
We've got the ongoing pushing the Palestinians into the sea, building the pier to then force them completely out in the near future.
That's now admitted.
Start wherever you want, but clearly all hell's breaking loose everywhere as we march towards the final war, aka Armageddon.
Thank you so much, Alex.
You know, I have been on here for 10 years and I feel like the current event, and I'm really grateful for you to have me on the platform.
I have great respect for you, always have.
Even before I was coming on your show, you know, I was a watcher.
So I just want to say that I think people are ready now to hear what I see is happening.
And it very much has to do, unfortunately, not with Jewish people at all, of course not, but with Zionism.
And I believe that Zionism had a lot to do, and the Zionist lobby, like AIPAC and the ADL inside the United States, had a lot to do, as we know, with the Iraq War.
Like, let's go back in time a little bit.
This is where it all began.
They had very much to do with the Iraq War post 9-11.
And this is admitted, even Netanyahu, he went into Congress and he said, if you invade Iraq, peace will reign throughout the region.
And what we have since then is multiple wars, including in Libya, in Syria, in Yemen, you know, in Afghanistan.
So these areas, Syria, Yemen, and And Libya.
You know, these areas and countries were opposed to Israel.
Very much so Syria, because Israel occupies the Golan Heights.
And as we know, like, Genie Energy and, you know, the people that were on the board of Genie Energy, which are some of the architects of the Iraq War as well, They were invested in destroying Syria, and the reason was because they want something called Greater Israel.
The Greater Israel is everything from the Nile to the Euphrates, but before they get there, they want to take over the West Bank, and they want to take over the Gaza Strip.
What we have now is Israel has never actually declared its borders.
People need to understand that Israel has never come out and said, these are my borders.
So, unlike every other country in the world.
So their borders or whatever their borders are keep expanding.
So before, like in 1948, they had like 50% and the Palestinians had 50%.
But since then, that area where the Palestinians reside has been shrinking.
And finally, they have the Gaza Strip, which is basically 70% made up of refugees, of Palestinian refugees, from the surrounding areas of the towns like Ashkelon, that are currently occupied by Israelis.
So, they're actually from the heart of Palestine.
All of them are not from Gaza.
And Gaza since then has been a killing field.
Every few years they call it mowing the lawn, where they slaughter a bunch of people.
That is the Israeli term for it, mowing the lawn.
Because the thing about Zionism is their biggest fear is not the end of Israel, but it is the end of Israel as a Jewish state.
So if you have 6 million Jews and 6 million Palestinians, or if it's 7 million and 7 million now, you know, their fear is that they live in a state where everybody is equal no matter what your religion is.
And in Gaza, the churches, you know, the fact that Palestinian Christians exist, the fact that there's churches inside Gaza, such a thing is inconvenient to what they want, which is a Jewish state.
And I know Tucker Carlson recently had a Christian Palestinian, a priest, From Bethlehem, Bethlehem as you guys call it.
So, you know, the truth is finally emerging and I feel much more comfortable to say that the Golan Heights, which is the part of Syria that Israel occupies, used to be 12% Christian before the Israelis took it over.
Now there's zero Christians there.
They burned all the churches there.
The thing is, the way that we see them as Syrians, We see them as the Jewish ISIS.
You know, they came in from all over the world.
They wanted to take the land because they said that their religion is designated for them.
And then they decided to genocide everybody that didn't agree with their religion.
Unfortunately, this version of ISIS has nuclear weapons and they have control of the banking system.
And, you know, it's not a coincidence that the Balfour Declaration was signed to Lord Rothschild, Balfour signed the Balfour Declaration in 1914, Britain's promise that they will give Palestine to the Jewish people.
And that is the original sin where all this began.
Of course we could talk about Herzog, that's a little bit earlier.
I don't mind getting into that history, and that's accurate.
I also want to, in the time we have, get into all the current events and things, but just to back up what you're saying, Wesley Clark famously talked about the big map, the seven countries that were going to be taken down, and Israel admits that it's taken out these strong countries, and it's helped destabilize it with the West, the U.S.
has gone in, made the Middle East much worse, and then they bring all the refugees here On top of it, and then Israel doesn't want their refugees, they want us to take them, so that's another thing that really, really angers people.
Let me ask you this, how do you think seven months in to this whole operation, and clearly an Israeli stand-down and all the rest of the stuff that went on here, how is it going for Israel?
Because it doesn't look like it's going well, but then at the same time, when the West starts failing Ukraine or In Palestine, I said months ago, you're going to see assassinations.
So the Slovakian Premier fighting for his life, Prime Minister, you've got the Iranian President's helicopter basically blowing up.
Now, I do think it was an assassination.
It wasn't the weather.
He was above the weather.
Now that makes sense.
I mean, this is serious times.
You know, as you said, Wesley Clark said seven countries in seven years.
One of those countries was Iran.
And I think, you know, after the United States suffered such an economic crisis, And so many dead of its own soldiers in the Iraq war, which was, they decided, everybody knows it's a catastrophe.
I don't think there's a thirst, even though they went into Syria, even though they went into Libya, I just feel like for the US, Iran is a bridge too far.
And they don't want to go there because they know how much it's going to cost the United States.
It might even destroy the United States economically, especially at this stage when they're sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine and to Israel.
And not to mention, all of their bases in the Middle East are going to be a target.
So Israel is kind of getting more and more desperate.
They couldn't get the United States to attack Iran for them.
So, they decided to try things themselves.
What did they do?
Well, essentially, why are they so desperate in the first place?
Like you said, things are not going very well for them.
On the ground, it may look like, yes, of course, Israel has completely destroyed Gaza.
You know, they've devastated, they brought in not just tanks, but bulldozers to come in and flatten that land in northern Gaza.
And they've had a great success in killing a large number of civilians.
As you said, they want to drive them out as refugees, just like they drove us Syrians out as refugees, and send them over to the West.
And by the way, there's millions of Palestinian refugees, like tens of millions already in the West, that are trying to get back into Palestine, but they're not allowed to.
And that is the refugee right of return.
It's a part of every peace treaty that is rejected by Israel.
They don't want refugees to have the right of return because that's going to skew the demographics.
So the thing is that they want to drive them out because they want to, like as Jared Kushner said, that's excellent real estate over there.
But their problem is that militarily they're not succeeding.
So while they're being able to genocide these people, and they're losing a lot of soft power and a lot of support in the international sphere because of the genocide, they are actually, or ethnic cleansing, however you would like to call it, they are not succeeding militarily, they're not going to be able to defeat Hamas.
That was my next question.
I think what you said is pretty gnomic.
You said it well.
It's established fact.
So, what comes next?
Because you're really smart.
I want your expert view.
What do you think is going to happen now?
Okay, well, here's what they're trying.
So they have Hezbollah in the north.
They have Hamas in the south.
Experts agree.
Even Israeli experts say they can't defeat them.
So, what are they trying to do?
They're going to try to intimidate Iran, because Iran is funding them.
And they're trying to make Iran de-escalate somehow, and fear for themselves.
So, what did they do?
They target some generals, Iranian generals, in Lebanon or Syria, I forget exactly.
It was in Syria, they blew up a whole building of them.
Yes, that was after.
And in Lebanon, you're right, both.
Absolutely, but just before they blew up the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, you know, just before they did that, they did kill some high-profile Iranian officials.
But the Iranians didn't react to that.
So, they didn't stop funding the resistance, like in Hezbollah and Hamas, and other resistance factions.
The thing is, there's other resistance factions that we don't even hear about in the media.
But then Israel decided to escalate by striking the embassy.
Iran retaliated directly against Israel and the US, you know, not wanting to go into full-blown warfare with Iran for the reasons I said earlier, were like, maybe we could just pull this thing back, like this is going further than we want, right?
So, and Iran was able to, just like I told you when, you know, Soleimani was assassinated, that Iran's gonna, like, attack The U.S.
inside Iraq because the U.S.
attacked Iran inside Iraq.
So they like to have this parity thing.
So Iran attacked Israel directly because technically an embassy is Iranian territory.
So that kind of like things kind of stopped after all.
That's what I said a few months ago.
They're going to try to kill the Iranian leadership including the president.
That's now happened.
It's the exact same policy of NATO with The leader of Slovakia.
And so big picture, let's shift gears then over to Ukraine and to the exact same policies basically being exerted there.
That's not going to intimidate the Russians.
It's not going to intimidate the Eastern Europeans, I predict.
It's a desperation tactic to start killing leaders.
Do you agree with that?
And what's your view and intel on what's happening in Ukraine with the Russians steadily advancing and basically almost completing their aims?
Well, it's exactly right.
You want to strike fear into the leader's hearts.
Like with Hamas, they had one of the Hamas leaders, Israel, killed his children and his grandchildren as a kind of a means by which to make everybody feel afraid that their own families are going to be targeted.
But I think the horse has bolted from the stable.
I don't think they're going to successfully be able to intimidate Iran.
and to stopping support of the resistance in Lebanon or in Gaza.
So, I don't think the US is going to be able to make Russia step down.
I was there during the Crocus terrorist attack in Moscow and I can tell you that immediately nobody thought it was
Everybody knew that it was Ukraine and NATO proxies and that was it.
Like there's no other narrative because gone are the days where people believed in this thing called ISIS that isn't a puppet of the CIA.
So we've at least we've got moved past that that even world leaders are saying it.
So, like, I just don't see Russia, from what I saw from when I was there, for the conference that I was there for, they see this as like their existence is on the line, there's no stepping back for them.
So, the question is, is the United States going to step back?
I think Trump has indicated he's more likely to step back on that front, but he doesn't look like he's going to step back on the Iran front.
And now with Iran, as you asked me earlier, what was my prediction?
I agree with you.
I don't think it was just the weather.
And I think this is sort of a form of hybrid warfare that the Israelis are trying because they tried the direct approach and it didn't work.
Now they're like assassinating world leaders of a nation that could, you know, between Iran and Israel, there's mutual, like mutually assured destruction, like they could destroy each other completely.
So if you're going to assassinate the president of that country, that shows A, your level of desperation, and B, how far you will go.
So they're trying to say, like, we're ready to go to the end.
And so I think that this is very dangerous because I still do not believe that Iran is going to back down.
So I wonder what form... I don't think Iran is going to attack directly, however, and I actually don't know if Iran is going to blame Israel directly either.
I don't suspect that they will do that.
I think that they're going to retaliate in some form of like hybrid warfare in retaliation.
And, you know, as we saw, Iran has a way of requiring some sort of escalation.
You know, the Israelis attacked this embassy, so they sent a bunch of ballistic missiles and drones.
So some, you know, Iran has to step up a notch.
And I'm not sure how much more higher you can go.
No, I agree.
And if you watch the Victoria Nuland clip that I mentioned earlier, we should just play it again.
Go ahead and queue it up.
She's talking to the reporter and the reporter goes, but wait, if you escalate and the U.S.
starts giving heavy weapons to attack major cities inside Russia, Russia will escalate.
She goes, yeah, that's what we want.
They're literally taking us down the threat escalation ladder.
And that's the globalist answer, because the globalists are in trouble.
Klaus Schwab is stepping down.
Bill Gates is falling apart.
There's all these resignations everywhere that are happening and nothing's working for
them, so they keep blowing up Nord Stream Pipeline and sending heavier weapons and that's
not working.
And so it's escalate, escalate, escalate.
And exactly, there's not much more escalation other than direct NATO troops.
That's starting.
They've stuck their toe in there.
And so it's such an incredibly dangerous time.
Here is Victoria Nuland, for those that don't know, is like the top globalist over Ukraine,
always trying to get this going, got the coup going 10 years ago with Soros that brought
And now here's her answer to the fact that NATO has decisively so far with conventional weapons lost this war.
Here's her answer.
We need to be able to stop these Russian attacks that are coming from bases inside Russia.
So I think there's also a question of whether we, the United States, and our allies ought to give them more help in hitting Russian bases, which heretofore we've not been willing to do.
I think if the attacks are coming directly from over the line in Russia that those bases ought to be fair game whether they are where missiles are being launched from or where they are where troops are being supplied from I think it's time for that because Russia has obviously escalated this war including as you said at the beginning attacking Russia's second city Kharkiv which is not on the front lines and trying to decimate it without ever having to put a boot on the ground so I think it is time to give the Ukrainians more help hitting these bases inside Russia.
One of the reasons that the administration has hesitated is because they believe it will escalate things even further
with Russia pulling the U.S. further in.
Why not? Why? So why do you think that's a good idea?
Because it's Russia that has escalated this war.
Russia has learned how to pull its forces back out of the range where we have allowed Ukraine to use our weapons and get our support.
So they are getting a direct advantage in this war from our hesitation and they have escalated massively.
As you know, they have flattened a third of Kharkiv without ever having to get on the ground there.
So it is time to stop that and help Ukraine push them back.
Notice she said Kharkiv is a Russian city, which it is in Ukraine.
A little bit of a slip of the tongue there, Syrian girl.
Yes, you know, what do they call it?
There's a special name with psychology where they say the truth.
Freudian slip.
Freudian slip, that's the one.
Thank you very much.
You know, you're absolutely right.
So the thing is, who's paying for this?
And why?
Why are they doing this?
You know, when the NATO, when Warsaw was disbanded at the end of the Soviet Union, one of the deals they made was that NATO wouldn't encroach into Ukraine.
So what is the point of this?
Like, why?
They're so crazy.
And it comes to the point where, like she says, we want them to escalate.
Like, do they want World War 3?
I'm starting to think that they do.
And this is where it comes up, all of this eschatological reasoning or analysis behind what is happening.
You know, this president, Iranian president's death comes 40 days after a solar eclipse.
And there was this crazy soothsayer, essentially, going around on Middle Eastern television Saying that she actually predicted this three months earlier based on these eclipses.
And there's stuff about like red heifers that need to be slaughtered in order for the temple to be built and for the Messiah to come.
And Netanyahu is playing in on this.
He's super unpopular, 20% approval rating, giant demonstrations every week in Israel.
He would be gone now if it wasn't for the attack.
So the West all over needs these wars as distractions to stay in power.
Well, I think that people are increasingly getting sick.
People in my generation are unable to buy houses, but people in the Z generation, in the Zoomers, they are unable to buy groceries.
So things are getting worse and worse and worse.
But it seems like, I don't know if they're causing a distraction from this, because the COVID, the pandemic that they had, and the wars that they're having are Just making things like worse and worse to the point that maybe people are so like Tired out by their daily lives that they can't even Absolutely every time economies fall apart empires go to war and speaking of that.
Here's a clip of the Major African President meets with Vladimir Putin, and he makes a great point about the globalist monetary system and need for a challenge to it, which is now successfully happening.
And this globalist power grab in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe has now only backfired and made the BRICS stronger.
Here it is.
Manufacturing anything at all.
It's printing money.
And this will be one of their weapons.
Globally, the monetary system, the global monetary system, controlled by dollar and euro, is being used.
Sanctions here, sanctions there, sanctions there, grabbing this account, grabbing that account, has been one of their tools.
This is not going to continue indefinitely.
And we need a new financial architecture, globally.
Not controlled by you, not controlled by the dollar, not controlled by other currencies.
I think everybody agrees we don't want a one world currency, Syrian girl.
Well, you know, if that crashes, then we're all doomed, because one world currency is essentially a new world order, one world order under one power.
You know, it's who controls the finances of the world.
I think, you know, we believe, like, I agree to the notion of a multipolar world.
I'm sure you've heard the works of Dugan.
I was grateful to meet him over there.
He makes a very good point.
Why do we have to go to war with each other if people can just live the way that their society deems acceptable?
Anti-human, anti-family system to replace humans in general.
It's a post-human world.
We've got to go to break a little bit more with us.
We've got some callers on the subject of World War III, Dave in Arizona.
Mike wants to talk about assassination attempt on Trump.
I want to ask your view of Trump.
And so we're going to mix some callers here.
We've got a Call in Canada. Let's talk about how to escape. What's the
safest places in the world?
I'm gonna get your take on that You're a world traveler
And so much more that you leave us will get to Mike and Sarah and others who calls don't fit in to what we're
covering Here, but I do want to talk to you. So don't hang up Syrian
girl. Ladies and gentlemen is our guest We'll be right back with her be sure and follow her
On X at partisan girl. I'm Alex Jones. Please be sure and follow me at real Alex Jones
That's really important to get all the live feeds and updates real Alex Jones on X. Please go there and follow me
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, final segment with Syrian Girl, then I'll get to any of the other callers that we're holding over on other important topics.
I've got a bunch of other news I'm gonna hit as well.
But Dave wants to ask the question, you know, he wants to say that World War III is here.
I also want to talk about, we've got some breaking news on who might want to kill President Trump in this season of assassination.
And I've been really hammering this for six months with Jack Posobiec, who's extremely smart.
That if you look at the threat continuum ladder and you look at the re-scrambling in Ukraine and other places of the type of warfare NATO is now setting up for, it's going to be terror attacks and assassinations.
And I said look for them to kill FICO, Orbán, and others.
But it was FICO Obama's playing both sides, but saying, I don't want to be at war with Russia.
We need a peace deal.
He was like, well, I don't know if I'll support them going to NATO, Ukraine, but let's wait.
FICO was saying it's wrong.
It'd be like if Russia put troops in Mexico on the border and had a puppet government.
You'd stop that.
This is wrong.
It's got to quit.
He recruited several other members in Eastern Europe to join because it was Orban all alone before FICO got back in office, who was, you know, being the leader, but he was being a little more careful.
I think he's probably the top target.
FICO was really hardcore, so they put five bullets in him last week, as you know.
And so all these leaders are in grave danger.
And this is what happens when the power structure Runs into a brick wall and starts killing the leaders.
So it was not a hard prediction to say that that is where this was happening.
But that's how World War I began when British intelligence, the evidence is overwhelming, funded the black hand anarchist group to shoot the Archduke Fran Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
So just comments on that and any other areas or predictions or concerns, Syrian girl, then we're going to go to some calls.
Well, I wanted to add that in Australia now they've instituted the digital ID and we're going into full draconian mode.
You can't buy anything without this barcode on your phone and essentially that's going to be a credit system.
And maybe even carbon, you know, lockdowns where we won't be able to move.
Oh, that is the CBDC.
That is the jewel in the crown of the Capitalist Society.
And it just passed last week.
And you know, people don't want it.
They didn't go to referendum.
They didn't ask people.
And the last time Australia voted in referendum for any form of identification like that, you know, they voted no.
But of course, we don't really live in a democracy.
We live in a, you know, basically the companies control what we do.
I also wanted to say about like also the CBDC is run by Israel so it's the usual suspects unfortunately.
You know when it comes going back to that war and what it means I don't think that People should be very careful to not encourage this notion that Palestinians should go to Egypt or to surrounding countries because there's already like a million Palestinians in Syria, there's two million in Jordan, and there's already a million in Egypt.
The surrounding countries have taken in Palestinian refugees, but eventually those Palestinians do end up in the West because they remain refugees.
By the way, just in a I see a lot of Muslim and Arab support on my ex-account when I say don't ship the Palestinians here and they give a lot of reasons.
They say they're not happy, they get politically manipulated.
Why does it almost seem unanimous that Muslims say don't ship out the Palestinians?
Because it's basically accelerating the ethnic cleansing.
I mean, if you're pressuring Egypt to, say, open the border with Rafa, you flood two million Palestinians from Gaza into Egypt, essentially what you've done is you've moved the problem down a few kilometers, okay?
That doesn't solve anything.
Eventually, like, the IDF is going to go in and take over the Sinai, which they've always wanted to do.
They've already taken it in the past, which caused the Yom Kippur War and essentially like this is not going to solve anything.
And also, you know, ethnic cleansing is like this is 2024.
Are we still encouraging ethnic cleansing in this day and age?
Furthermore, it's not just like Muslims, like Middle Easterners, like me as well as Christians.
Christian Palestinians don't want to be ethnically cleansed because Palestine, like the Holy Land, is the heart of Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism and all Christianity really.
So there should be Christian Palestinians there, in that land.
Finally, like you know what with Syria, we lost millions and millions of our population.
We had a brain drain as well because like Germany was poaching Syrian doctors offering them a fast-track visa during the war while people are dying and doctors are needed.
Germany was taking Syrian doctors.
So like I don't think it's that this is a great thing.
So they might call you every name in the book and they might say that oh this is racism and you should be accepting refugees.
You know ask those same people is well why isn't Israel accepting refugees?
Why is it so important And by the way, let me address this, because I don't hate Israel, I don't hate Jews, I don't hate anybody.
This is not good for Israel long term.
And let's be clear, a lot of Jews in Israel don't support this either.
Is that your experience?
I think that they're basically destroying the very basis on which Israel was made, right?
Like, Israel was made on the basis that, like, there was a holocaust and there was a wrong and therefore we have to secure the safety of the Jewish people.
But, like, they are essentially, by doing this, they are kind of destroying themselves.
They are not helping themselves.
A one-state solution where everybody has equal rights under the law, where Israel can exist, like, just like a normal country, that would be what's ideal, but unfortunately the crazies are in power.
I'm going to address something, too.
Because I'm a conservative, you can use that term, I'm a populist, a free market Christian guy that just loves, you know, basic Western freedom and Christian values.
Call me classical liberal, I mean, I'm not really that, but I mean, these terms mean nothing.
It's the deeds that people stand for.
If you go on right-wing radio, they say kill every Muslim, carpet bomb them, drop nukes on them, turn into a glass parking lot, and then Israel on TV says Amalek and makes similar statements, and then they say we're not ethnically cleansing, we're not doing anything, when Amalek is the literal biblical definition of ethnic cleansing, and then you expand out from there.
And look at what's happening.
Over half the bombs Israel's dropping, the Pentagon admits, are not smart at all.
They're 1,000, 2,000 pound, gigantic bombs that destroy whole blocks.
That's what's going on here.
And by the way, there's a disinformation thing about me, when I was on with Steve Bannon, like seven months ago when it first happened, that's like 12 seconds long.
Where I said Israel, they don't show this, should not go in.
Israel stood down.
It should be investigated.
We should investigate Biden giving money to Iran and Hezbollah.
They give money to them.
I said if you want to kill the leaders of Hamas that were involved, that's fine.
I decry this attack.
But I said unless you go in and you carpet bomb systematically down from the north of Gaza down all the way to Egypt, and down to the ocean, you will have massive casualties and
it's not going to work.
And you can't do that because it'll kill too many civilians.
Now we already war game that today.
That turns into, I said, drop MOABs and sit there and do them.
I said that's the way to do it, but it's a trap and that they shouldn't do it
and it's going to turn the whole world against Israel and I was dead on.
People that then just want to score points lie and say that I said carpet bomb and kill all those people and that's a lie.
They'll probably take the clip right now and say I just said carpet bomb, I'm a Syrian girl.
Alex, anyone that knows you would know they would never say that.
Because anyone that knows you knows that you hate and decry all the death of any innocent person.
And I know... Well that's right, I've been anti-war since I got on the air 30 years ago.
Absolutely, and I know that it hurts you seeing all of the carnage that's happening.
So yeah, Israel could have done a lot of things.
It could have gone into the tunnels.
Not a single prisoner of war was rescued, except by trading them for the prisoners and hostages that Israel is holding, which it also holds including children.
So, like, they released children for children, civilians for civilians, now most of what's left is military, and that's when the negotiations stopped.
And instead of going into the tunnels and getting, like, living people out, they're, like, killing the prisoners, along with the Palestinians.
Because I honestly don't believe that they care about the prisoners anymore, it's just like an excuse.
They don't even care about defeating Hamas, they're ignoring them.
Israel created Hamas!
Israel created Hamas!
And expanding on that, this has been done... Netanyahu did!
Explain that to people that don't know that.
Yeah, absolutely.
Netanyahu funded Hamas in order to create a rift between the Islamic-based resistance and secular, non-religious-based nationalist resistance.
He wanted to destroy the nationalist resistance because at the time during the Soviet Union they were the ones that were the most powerful and had like the most support internationally and he wanted to boost up the Islamic resistance because it was it's easier to like tarnish their reputation but also because he wants to kill the two-state solution and he said this openly like months ago like we have to empower them in order to kill the two-state solution.
Sure, and don't you think, don't you think Israel's leaders are trying to make this as bloody and ugly as possible to enrage the Muslim world to attack Israel so Netanyahu could be the victim again?
Well, you know what?
They would love if they could just use this as an excuse to slaughter as many Palestinians as possible.
And eventually they said themselves they want to build a temple on Al-Aqsa Mosque.
So that's going to enrage a lot of Muslims, I'm sure.
Unfortunately, destroying that mosque will enrage more Muslims than killing 30,000 Palestinians.
That's what upsets me.
But the fact is they also bombed churches and people have not risen up over that either.
I want to go to these calls, but just one other point.
And when I say this, I'm not calling for Iran nuking Israel.
Someone will edit this out from the pro-war, crazy Zionist right wing.
I war game what could be done.
Iran, from my intel, has atomic bombs.
We've been hearing for 20 years they're 15 days, 30 days away from it.
No, they've got it.
That's why Israel's so concerned.
Israel's got hydrogen bombs, way more sophisticated.
What I saw When Iran sent in those drones and Iran sent in those ballistic missiles and they hit the targets they were trying to hit, some of them did, that was saying we can deliver an atomic bomb and we can hit your targets to let Israel know that.
And so again, wargaming that, that leads to Armageddon.
We don't want that either.
And so this could be a trap for whoever escalates first.
But the trap, it's a trap where everybody loses.
It's like war games, the movie.
The only way to win this game is not to play.
You're absolutely right.
And unfortunately, Biden is so pathetic that he's not even able to pull them back.
He tried saying, oh, we don't want to direct war with Iran.
Maybe pulled back.
But they still went ahead and did what they did.
Well, we can't admit it just yet.
We don't have the proof about the helicopter.
But I think we can assume.
And you're absolutely right.
Iran hit It's my belief that Iran does have nuclear weapons.
Of course I have no proof of that.
Just by their posturing, that's what I think.
dome and there's nothing that Israel can do about it and I agree with you I
believe it's my belief that Iran does have nuclear weapons of course I have no
proof of that just by their posturing that's what I think but even if they
didn't have that even alone they would be able to just by the sheer size of
them and their military they would be mutually assured destruction between
Israel and Iran And as we know, Israel has the Samson option where they promise to nuke the world if anything happens to them, and we definitely don't want that.
And again, I talk to people in the military, I'll leave it at that.
Fifteen years ago, they have satellite systems and planes that can scan and give you the resonance of nuclear material.
We know they have atomic bomb material.
Twenty years ago, Netanyahu said they did.
So that's why Netanyahu is so frantic, because somebody else has nukes in the region.
Saudi Arabia has them, Pakistan has them, India has them, and look how close Iran and Russia are, and Iran and China are.
Folks, you can bet your bottom dollar, Iran has at least atomic weapons, okay?
Or is Netanyahu lying?
I mean, he's been saying for 20 years, 21 years, they're two weeks away, they're three weeks away.
Folks, they've got it.
And they kicked the inspectors out years ago.
So this, just like North Korea has it, the Iranians aren't stupid.
I mean, they're just as smart as the Pakistanis.
Uranium's all over the world.
It's easy to get.
It's easy to purify.
And so, it's going on, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go to a phone call.
Dave, thanks for holding her on the air with Syrian Girl.
Go ahead, from Arizona.
Thanks so much, teacher.
I appreciate the opportunity.
I'm a short-time listener, first-time caller.
Before I jump into my topic, could I mention one thing?
That you put in my heart during the first hour?
Yes, go ahead.
President Trump, as imperfect as he is, and we're all fallen men and women, has been placed here at this time to help save our republic.
Not by me, not by you, not by God.
They didn't steal the 2020 election from President Trump, they stole it from we the people.
And I feel very strongly, this is, President Biden puppet is not Obama 3.0, it's Obama 4.0 because he never left D.C.
He and his crew at the CIA and NSA ran stuff behind the scenes the whole time President Trump was trying to break the establishment class.
That's all true.
Thank you.
No, no, I mean, that's all true.
But you wanted to speak to World War III is here.
You've been talking about World War III.
I did.
So we saw on May 25, 2020, That when George Floyd died of an overdose, the Obama crew, which I'll reference again, activated their local soldiers.
BLM and Antifa were directed to go into the streets and launch Operation Chaos.
And they did that to steal an election.
Because they know plantation politics doesn't work anymore.
So now they've got the society in general, almost in whole, worked up into the grievance culture.
and they see the writing on the wall after resident biden puppet was
installed in twenty twenty and they stole my election in twenty twenty two
with carry lake in the core four so they started importing foreign soldiers and you and i
both know when thirty thousand fighting age males from china somehow leave
china and they stand out in lukeville it ready attention and you're then
given cell phones and disperse throughout the country
Bad things will continue to happen.
Lake and Riley is not an isolated event.
A 13-year-old getting raped in a New York City gymnasium that they've converted to, in their words, an immigration center for illegals is not a mistake.
There is a reverse revolutionary war right now.
The establishment class against we the people.
I just hope more of us wake up in time.
No, I hear you, but you brought up World War III and you made two great points, but I want to get Syrian Girls' take on this.
Even the Hill newspaper, that's the big newspaper in D.C.
and for Congress, says, do our leaders, experts, and pundits want World War III?
Everybody, mainline analysts from China to Russia to the UK to Canada to the US to Australia to Mexico to Brazil, they are doing everything they can to start World War III, the final war.
This is insane.
Your take on that, Dave?
I agree and I think they've started it here.
I mean, they launched the first salvos back in Europe a decade ago.
Now they're trying to close that loop.
Afghanistan didn't work.
They want to roll all that military industrial complex into Ukraine and destroy Ukraine and then get paid to rebuild it.
I wish I could follow you on Twix, but Elon and his operators, after 30 appeals, Well, get a burner account.
Just get a Walmart phone, do a burner account.
God bless you, brother.
Great points.
That's why they won't let true patriots back on the court.
Get a burner account, just get a Walmart phone, do a burner account.
God bless you, brother.
Great points.
Syrian girl, I mean, the Pentagon and CIA called the Cold War, World War III.
So they're calling this World War Four.
I call it Final War.
Tucker Carlson gave me that term.
I guess other people probably said it since the truth.
It doesn't matter who first said it.
I mean, clearly that's where we are right now.
And I think it's very clear that, like you said earlier, the ruling class knows they're in trouble.
They want to overturn the chessboard and have such a devastating world event happen that everything is basically forgotten.
Well, they think they're going to survive through it.
You know, they have their bunkers.
They think they're going to, since the world population is going to be diminished, they're going to have all of the wealth in the world left over and they're going to be able to much more easily control people and cage them into zones where they have, you know, they have to dig their way up out of financial hell in order to just walk, be able to cross to a different town.
And the line in Saudi Arabia is an example of this.
The West Bank is an example of this.
There's section A, section B, section C, where people can't move around without permits.
It's essentially the Blueprint for what they have planned for the rest of the world.
Do they really want World War 3?
I think some of them do.
I think some of them are going to make money out of it or something.
Or they think this is going to lead to some kind of prophecy fulfillment.
There's a lot of Mazianic Psychopaths that are in power.
Mike Pompeo is an example of such a person.
So I just, you know, Netanyahu is another.
The people that pushed for Netanyahu also believe like in this messianic prophecy.
And if it doesn't happen naturally, they want to have put everything in place to make it happen.
Good point.
And that is what we're facing.
The crazies are in power.
Let's take a few more calls.
Before we go to Mike and Houston on assassination attempt on Trump, new documents.
Not only did Jack Smith lie and falsify documents, not only is that more of that coming out, this is on InfoWars.com, bombshell FBI authorized use of deadly force in Mar-a-Lago raid court documents show they were ready to kill people and so they went in as a SWAT team Yeah, hi Alex.
There was a story that a friend of my wife's sent to us by a text message.
to Mike in Houston. Mike, give us your take. Yeah, hi Alex.
There was a story that a friend of my wife's sent to us by a text message. Anyway, it came
from a source called realrawnews.com.
And I was just looking at their website and basically it's a one-man band.
A guy, Michael Baxter, says he was a previous mainstream journalist, runs the site, writes everything for it.
That story about this attempted assassination attempt is still on there for people who are curious.
You have to scroll down a bit.
Well, just give us the exact headline.
That's how you'll find it the fastest.
What's the headline?
He's got little pictures on there that help you bring it up.
Okay, well I'll check it out.
What are they claiming?
The claim is that one of Trump's own Secret Service agents dressed up like a Trump supporter, holding a flag, I believe it was an American flag, waving wildly like he's an enthusiastic Trump supporter, works his way toward the front of the stage.
And Delta Force, who's also working security for Trump, picks up on this guy and they notice he's talking into a American flag lapel, not lapel, a cufflink, talking into his wrist, basically.
And the words coming out of his mouth, I guess some of the guys are good lip readers, Was it, you know, F.U.
How is it you're always late to your own events?
So this guy's bitching about President Trump not being there in time for his own assassination.
So bottom line, they approach this guy, stick a needle in his neck with some sedative, put him out, and they find some kind of gun.
Well, I'll have to look into this.
I don't know about that news source, but let me just stop you.
Last week, the Secret Service headline was, Secret Service does internal review of, quote, internal threats and believes that the agency itself is a danger to the President and other agents.
Guys, type that in.
Reviewing internal threat.
And that was last week.
So I don't know about this report.
We'll look into it.
But absolutely, there is a lot of craziness, Mike, going on.
Anything else?
Yeah, I've been on Twitter since Musk took over.
I was able to get back on.
They had tossed me off.
I was trying to warn people off of the so-called VACs.
But I got back on and I've been fencing with people about usually war matters.
A lot of pro-Zionist Christians I'll tell you what, Mike, I'm out of time, but Mike, you're a medical doctor, I recognize your name, you've actually been on as a guest, you've been listening 20 plus years, haven't you?
Alright, stay there, I'm going to do a little bit in the next hour, and so hold over again, I want to talk to you a few minutes, then I'll hand the baton to the next guest host, but I'm going to take a little bit more time into the next hour.
I wanted to be able to say bye to Syrian Girl here.
Syrian Girl, thank you so much for spending time with us.
People can follow you at PartisanGirl on X. Closing comments.
Thank you Alex, it's an honor to be here and everybody should follow Alex on RealAlexJones because he was out of Twitter commission for a while and now we have him back so it's fantastic.
Thank you for letting me be here.
I hope we can form a union, all of us from the Middle East to America.
There's no need for us to be enemies.
We love the United States.
I hope that Syria and the United States can be allies.
The occupation of Syria can end, and the occupation of Palestine as well, as all these wars being over.
God bless you all, and I hope we can both, you know, shed the shackles of this tyranny out of us and survive.
God bless you, Syrian girl.
And America's occupied by the globalists, too.
Thank you so much.
Talk to you soon.
All right, hour number four.
Straight ahead, stay with me.
I'm going to tell you what's on my mind.
The only thing on American I'm hearing is the constant parade of attack by your foul mouth, flea bitten listeners against our noble president.
I am a Biden believer.
And here's what's going to go down in 24.
Biden's going to walk away again, wiping the floor with Trump like he did in 2020.
Because America believes in Biden.
Hollywood believes in Biden, like Mark Hamill.
And we all know that Trump is going to try to cheat, but he's going to go down in flames.
And all I hear is the anger and the bitter and your alcoholic I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
terms with the end of white cisgender Christian America as we rise, rise, the pink haired
warriors, the non-binary warriors, the transgenders, we're rising and we're going to sweep you
aside. I want to talk right to your listeners right now, the frightened middle-aged white
man clinging to his guns and his religion and his money and his privilege. Get ready
baby because pretty soon you will be swept aside in the new order of things and you know
what that new order is? It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come
together and live together and yes, there will be communism.
Yes, there will be Sharia law because you don't understand, queers for Palestine,
together forever strong. We are coming together in a coalition, one big, great big
coalition that will win the day and in 2024 when you're all crying, when you're all just so broken
up because of the way that The show lost again.
It's a new dawn in America with a rainbow, a transgender rainbow sweeping across the land to sweep you aside into obscurity.
The time of the white cisgendered man is over.
Your privilege card has been revoked.
You will accept the new refugees, the new Americans.
And here's the secret.
We're in charge.
We tell you what to do.
So get ready.
Get ready to give up your guns, give up your gold, give up your privilege, and accept the way things are now.
The pink-haired warriors are here, and we're not going anywhere.
You will not legislate us out of existence.
You will not put us back in the closet, and we will not be quiet.
Free, free from your oppressive grip that you've had on us.
And tell you what, I'm a Biden believer.
When Biden smiles, the sun shines.
When he weeps, the rain falls.
His strong hands lift up the oppressed, and his foot stomps on the white supremacists.
So this is how it's going to go down in 24.
Joe Biden's going to be back for four more years, and then Kamala Harris for eight.
And then Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
Alright, Mike has been a 20-plus year caller, great medical doctor, smart guy, and I wanted him to finish up his point.
You were talking about something happening on X, I had to go to break there, I had to say bye to our guests.
What was it you were getting at, Doc?
Well, the link you wanted, the name of the story is Delta Force Stops Trump Assassin at New Jersey's MAGA rally.
Alright, I'll look into it.
The other thing is, I encounter a lot of just bloodthirsty, self-styled Christians on Twitter.
And, you know, we used to have a little ministry to other Christian churches who were confused about this Zionism issue.
What most Christians, I mean, most Christians know little enough about their own Bible.
They know next to nothing about the Judaic faith.
They don't know that Judaism as practiced today has almost no resemblance to that, you know, in the time of Moses and Abraham.
What came back from 70 years of captivity in Babylon was some incredibly distorted version of Judaism, this Babylonian Talmudism.
Which says that Rabbis tell God what to do each day.
I mean, it's bizarre.
And I can't explain otherwise why otherwise good Christians would countenance the slaughter of tens of thousands of Palestinian women and children, civilians.
I mean, dropping surface bombs on Gaza isn't going to root out the Hamas people 40 feet underground.
Obviously, this is just a ground-clearing operation.
You know, the Prime Ministers of Israel, from Moshe Shoret on, have been quite clear that they believe there's no possible coexistence with the Palestinians.
This is very cynical to say that, oh, we've offered peace so many times.
Oh, I know.
And look, I'm not even anti-Israel.
Everybody knows that, because I know all these governments are corrupt and out of control.
But the point is, I'm sick of the controlled right wing going, how dare you say Israel's hurting innocents?
They are perfect, the best army on earth, the most moral army.
You know, Netanyahu's saying, like, give me a break!
Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining!
It's just preposterous!
I mean, he's up there saying Amalek!
That means kill everybody!
You're dropping 2,000 pound bombs on apartment buildings!
That's not a frickin' precision-guided munition!
They had a minister, apparently Israel has a minister of antiquities.
Who walked onto the leveled portion of northern Gaza after they got done bombing it and said, well, this isn't as beautiful.
It's just, you know, this level sand and rubble.
I mean, these guys... I'll do you one better.
Jared Kushner said this is going to make fabulous beachside condos.
Yeah, they were already showing plots of property available along the coast there.
That's my issue with Trump, is love-hate relationship.
And I don't roll the red carpet out to the Muslims either.
No, they're not perfect.
Give me a break.
I can't stand the Iranian mullahs.
Why are we embroiled in this?
Don't give them weapons.
Don't be involved.
Let them all kill each other.
Well, yes, sometimes you think that way, but unfortunately we've built our society to a great extent on being the weapons merchants of the world.
Oh, no, I got it.
I know America.
That's why, I mean, look, I can't sit here and shake my finger at Israel or anybody and then compare it to what we've allowed as Americans.
I hear you.
Mike, always good to hear from you.
God bless you, brother.
All right, I'm going to come back after one minute.
Maria Z's there.
I wanted to go to Sarah and Mike and Charlotte and Bernadette.
I apologize.
John, get all their names and numbers.
They want me to call them back.
We'll call them tomorrow.
We're going to take calls again tomorrow, unless it's World War III.
And when we take calls, I'll call you back and go to you first.
Okay, and we're probably doing Spaces tomorrow, too.
A bunch of big guests this week.
Huge stuff tomorrow.
Maria Z is coming up, but I've got a few other things I want to hit straight ahead here on the broadcast, and I'm going to hand the baton midstream live to her in just a few minutes.
Back in 60 seconds, please follow me on Exit Reel, Alex Jones.
It is a great honor and a great blessing to be a talk show host here at InfoWars.
I'm very blessed that you've allowed us to have this operation and be here over the years and fight these tyrants.
You know, we can talk about World War III all day.
It hasn't completely started yet and that's still a good thing.
But what we do know is the medical system has been weaponized.
Not your average doctor or nurse.
But the corporation is taking it over half.
And I meant to get to it again today and I didn't.
So I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm going to cover this at the start of the show tomorrow.
And it ties into this.
UK government NHS infected blood scandal chronicled in massive government inquiry.
And again, how the government not only put loud and new HIV and hepatitis C in the blood, and that ties into what's currently happening, and it ties into the glyphosate and all the rest of it.
So I'm going to put this in a folder.
This is now three shows I haven't done this in a row, and with more stuff breaking, I'm going to hit it tomorrow.
All right, before I go any further, I also want to get into the Mexican drug cartels, footholds in all 50 states.
We're working with the Democratic Party, that's even coming out in mainstream news.
I mean, this is a criminal takeover, folks, as we've been asleep, we've been weak, we've been dumbed down, but now we're waking up.
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They don't want that.
They want to shut down.
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All right.
Owen Schroer is coming up in 50 minutes live.
Maria Z. from Z Media takes over now.
Thank you so much, Alex.
And I just want to echo what Alex just said.
I cannot overstate the importance of supporting InfoWars.
I've been a longtime listener, longtime supporter, and I'm so honoured and grateful that Alex gives a platform to broadcasters from all over the world to warn humanity of what is coming.
There has never been a time that, in my opinion, that is more crucial than now to support InfoWars.
And I'll tell you why.
We have confirmation from the Rumble CEO that he is receiving unprecedented levels of censorship requests from the Australian government and the New Zealand government and X has also, Elon's confirmed, the same thing.
They are currently working on censoring every single option that we have to Talk about the truth on the internet, including on social media.
And I'm going to talk about that today in the wake of Australia just passing digital ID and what's already transpired in the past week since they did it.
They've started rolling out digital ID mandates.
And why does this matter for the US?
Well, you're not in the clear either.
This is absolutely, as Alex said, the testing ground.
And I'll show you right now, congress.gov.
Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023.
This is not exclusive to Australia.
They are going to bring in this agenda worldwide and the US is not in the clear.
And so it is absolutely vital to support InfoWars because very soon In Australia, if I stay here, I won't be able to broadcast on Rumble.
I won't be able to broadcast on social media because they are talking about bringing in digital ID mandates to be able to continue on social media and I will absolutely not be complying with anything to do with digital ID in my opinion.
It is the precursor to the Mark of the Beast and it's very much involved in that.
We have Prophecies from Saint Paisios, who is a very well-known Greek Orthodox saint.
He predicted, or prophesied, I should say, that there would be a vaccine that was released for a global virus.
This is all the way back in the early 90s that he said this, and he said that this would be used to usher in an economic system that would eventually lead to the Mark of the Beast.
And that same saint has warned That those who take the digital ID will very likely end up taking the Mark of the Beast.
And it's interesting because Australian media has just done this huge hit piece on crazy Christians that are linking digital ID to the Mark of the Beast.
And of course, you know, they're labelling them as some sort of deadly cult.
That is what they're doing.
And so, I want to play this clip very quickly from Catherine Austen-Fitts warning about digital ID.
And then I'm going to take you into the United Nations plan for digital ID.
We're going to talk about some of the things that are already being implemented, including Canada, where you cannot leave your city Without a digital ID, essentially, or it's setting up the infrastructure for that system.
And what this will actually lead to, we've got an example already out of Iceland of how this is impacting someone, the whole country really.
And on top of that, we have Australian organisations Telling people already, it's been less than a week since they passed digital ID in this country and they are already trying to impose digital ID mandates.
Here's a clip from Catherine Austin Fitz.
...to put into place a digital transaction control grid, which will tell you what you can do with your money, when you can do it, where you can go.
If they don't want you to be able to use your money more than five miles from your home, that's it.
Your money will turn off five miles from your home.
If they decide they want to double taxes, they just take it out of your account.
You know, there is, it's all taxation with absolutely zero representation.
The interesting thing about it, once they get the system into place, It won't even be, I believe it won't even be your National Central Bank that will control.
It will be the Bank of International Settlements and the, you know, the global systems that will control.
So this is coming for everywhere in the world and again I can speak to the effects that this is going to have on the world because it's happening as usual in Australia first and I want to really quickly mention this.
On my very first broadcast that Alex asked me to guest host, it was a Sunday show, he gave me a lot of time to speak and I'm grateful to him for that.
And I exposed what's called the Melbourne Experiment.
This is something that you can find on the United Nations website.
It's widely available.
Monash University in Australia was involved in this Melbourne Experiment.
And they, as soon as I exposed it on InfoWars, they pulled it down from the internet.
And so you can see how powerful this broadcast is.
Apart from that, when we had in Australia, we had them trying to pass this voice referendum, trying to change our constitution and telling us that, oh, we'll tell you later what's going to be included.
We just want to want you to vote yes or you're a racist.
And we had our electoral commission essentially encouraging people to commit voter fraud by voting more than one time.
And they refused to retract that statement until I brought an Aboriginal elder on this broadcast, Grandmother Malara, who said that she was being silenced.
And she's an elder!
On her voice on this particular referendum.
Before we were even finished, or as soon as we were done on this broadcast, the Australian Electoral Commission were rapidly tweeting, encouraging people saying, don't vote more than once, we just want to clarify our position.
So I cannot overstate the importance of InfoWars.
I really, really mean that.
So please continue to support this broadcast.
It is a powerful Powerful tool against the globalists.
Okay now, digital ID and where this comes from.
The United Nations has a report of the Secretary General called the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation.
This is a United Nations official report from 2020 and they say inside the Melbourne experiment But you can still find on their website that COVID was a living lab experiment.
And this is what the original Monash University report says, a living lab experiment that's going to extend Passed COVID to the whole world, but they used Melbourne as the testing ground.
And if you don't know, Melbourne was the most locked down city in the West.
All the images that you see of police shooting at innocent protesters with rubber bullets, you know, kicking down grandmas, all of that happened in Melbourne.
And they boast that this was such a great experiment because it's going to help us, that sort of tyranny is going to help us defeat The climate change problem.
And so it's just, it's unbelievable.
Now I want to take you to this page on this United Nations report that actually says that they are going to, they are the ones that are going to be responsible for digital ID.
And the section that I'm looking for, I'm just having trouble bringing it up.
But they openly say, we're going to be the ones that are implementing this, we're going to have control over this, and it's essential for life in the metaverse.
The United Nations actually says that they are a convener and platform And they are ready to serve as a platform for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue in the emerging technologies that they've outlined above.
And they openly talk about global connectivity, and I've mentioned this a few times, where Hillary Clinton, there we go, in order to ensure that every person has safe and affordable access to the internet by 2030, including meaningful use of digitally enabled services, In line with the Sustainable Development Goals.
Hillary Clinton recently went to some remote village in India and the World Economic Forum says one of the biggest lessons we learned from COVID was that the whole world needs the internet.
And that was just a really bizarre thing because as we know all of the remote African villages that don't trust the WHO and don't really have access to the internet largely did not comply with injections, did not get
injected, and they're not dying in droves like the people in the West are, just dropping dead,
live on air, because of climate change or, you know, shoveling too much snow, they say.
And so they say that, you know, we need the internet.
We need the whole world to be connected.
And then Hillary Clinton goes to some village in India to deliver high-speed internet.
This wasn't that long ago.
And you think this is just madness.
Why would Hillary Clinton be interested in delivering high-speed internet to India?
Well, that is very, very simple.
They want digital ID for everyone in the world because they plan on transitioning us to the metaverse, a digital existence.
And the World Economic Forum says why we need to regulate digital identity in the metaverse.
They openly talk about the fact that we need this.
This is from 2022.
And they say that most internet users don't have a digital identity that they own, instead relying on apps like Facebook, Google or LinkedIn for authentication or logging on.
But if we're going to move across multiple platforms in the metaverse, they'll need a unique digital identity owned or controlled by them.
Well, it's not owned or controlled by them.
In fact, inside Australia's digital identity bill, it says in there that third parties that are government approved are going to be given that responsibility and we don't
necessarily have a guarantee that they won't be using that against us.
And I'll explain why.
They say that protections need to be given to ensure that they're not collecting political
views, religious views, so on and so forth.
But then there's a little caveat there that if they happen to do that, they have to delete
it within a reasonable amount of time.
I wonder what they'll be doing with the collection of our political and religious views.
It's just another way to...
Essentially a China-style social credit system where if you align with something that the government deems dangerous to our democracy, like for example attending a school board to talk about the fact that you don't really want your children to be learning about explicit sexual activity between animals, Humans and animals, yes.
That's happening in Australia, by the way.
They're teaching children about bestiality without their parents' consent.
If you dare to protest that or discuss that at a school board, you'll be deemed a domestic terrorist!
And so they've allowed for this profiling inside this digital ID bill and, you know, I want to say, guys, it's absolutely unbelievable how much they do not care or consider Australia to be a democracy.
You look at, for example, the Finance Minister, Katie Gallagher, who has been shamed on multiple occasions publicly, including the time that she tried to tell a man that he was mansplaining to her.
It was a very embarrassing video.
She is an embarrassment to this nation.
And you look at her comments when she announced digital ID, usually she switches her comments off because she just gets hammered so much.
But every single comment, almost every single comment, was completely against this.
The government was absolutely getting hammered about this digital ID.
No one wanted it, or majority of people didn't.
And they just rammed it through and in less than a week they're already talking about mandating it in multiple industries.
And in fact, I'll give you that example.
An electrician was just told that in order to renew his electrician's license, he had to get a digital ID.
He said, because they've said that it'll be voluntary and what we need to do is hold them to that voluntary, and he's actually had a win.
But he said that the Electrical Safety Office claimed that for his license as an electrician to be renewed, he must obtain a myGov digital ID.
And in other words, they were blackmailing him, he says, and saying, if you want to be able to put food on your family's table, you'll submit and obtain a digital ID.
Doesn't this sound exactly like vaccine mandates?
Doesn't this sound exactly like what people were warning about when they said, if we go ahead and implement a digital ID, no matter how much they'll say it's voluntary, it will be like the injection mandates.
It'll be, oh, well, no one's mandating it, but you just can't work or eat if you don't get one.
And there's a reason for this and it links with the WHO's World Global Health Certification Network where they've basically, they launched that last year and I reported on it when they did and they say that essentially all of this, your vaccine certification, this Global Health Certification Network that they built is built on the EU's digital vaccine pass that they introduced during COVID.
And essentially doctors will be stripped of their right to practice if they don't comply with future vaccine mandates because they won't be considered a trusted provider of these digital vaccine certificates.
So this is where this is going.
For now, they've already started limiting people's ability to work and feed their families if they don't get a digital ID.
It was passed just a few days ago.
So they are steamrolling full speed ahead into this agenda.
And he says that this electrician, back to this story, he gave them his point of view, he emailed them numerous times, called them and they just wouldn't budge.
So then he wrote a formal letter explaining there was no consultation, he does not agree to this, there's no contract with the state that says that he must obtain a digital ID to continue his employment as an electrician.
And he asked them to provide evidence of both the consultation and the contract which shows that he must do this in order to keep his job.
While he was arguing with them, in the end he won and they sent him his licence renewal.
But the point is that while he was arguing with them about this, he was not able to work.
And so already, like I said, just a few days ago this digital ID passed and we already have people in Australia unable to work under digital ID mandates that are being enforced by government bodies.
And private institutions.
I've had a report from another one of our Telegram audience members, and if you're not in our Telegram, it's Z Media, Z with three E's Media, all one word.
Very, very important channel.
I post much more in there than anywhere else because it's not censored.
They reported that someone in the coal mining industry is being told the same thing.
So the World Economic Forum has a digital identity page where you can see all of the different things that will be linked to digital identity.
And again, I remind you, United States, you are not out of the water.
You already have a digital ID bill introduced.
And it says that digital identity is crucial for cyber security, supply chain and transport, retail, consumer goods and lifestyle, banking and capital markets, data science, Internet governance, systemic racism, blockchain, European
Union, global governance, global risks, illicit economy, civic participation, inequality,
gender inequality, global health, human rights, Africa is on there, and we'll talk about what
Bill Gates is already doing in Africa.
Innovation, economic progress, Internet of Things, trade and investment, travel and tourism.
It's crucial for the fourth industrial revolution, for financial and monetary systems.
The Digital Economy, Justice and Law, and the list just goes on.
So you can see that this encompasses, as Catherine Austen-Fitts says, all areas of society so that you cannot function in society without a digital ID.
And the way that they'll do it, and they've already started with the banks here in Australia, by the way, Is they will regulate the banks and say, right, for cyber security and to make sure, you know, anti-money laundering and things of this nature, you have to mandate this digital ID so that we're sure that we're dealing with the right person and we're not experiencing money laundering and all of this sort of stuff.
Well, that wasn't the case for me when they debanked me.
I was not participating in any money laundering.
My banking practices were confirmed by the bank, not suspicious.
And I know this because about a month before I was debanked, I contacted my bank because my ATM card stopped working at every single ATM in my city except two.
And I called them and I said, is there something wrong with my bank account?
Have you got any flags on your end?
Because I'm not able to use my card.
And they said, no, it's all fine.
And lo and behold, a month later, I was debanked right before a hit piece on 60 Minutes that labelled me as some sort of a domestic terrorist.
So you don't need to be participating in money laundering or tax fraud or anything of this nature for them to debank you.
You just need to say things publicly That they don't like.
And of course, we know in Canada now, Bill C-63, they're trying to retrospectively punish you for things that you've said in the past.
To hold things against you that you've said in the past.
And of course, if digital ID is linked to that, well, ladies and gentlemen, there goes your bank account for life.
So I'm going to continue talking about this on the other side of the break and why we must resist this absolutely worldwide at all costs.
Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Zee of ZeeMedia.com, coming to you live from the land of tyranny down under, where our government is behaving like Gigi Ping more and more every single day.
I'm going to show you today some federal court documents that reveal how everyday Australians that criticise the government are now being You know, siloed and profiled by the e-safety commissioner who's trying to censor the entire internet.
And this is happening in line with Australia already rolling out digital ID mandates just a week, not even a week after digital ID passed in this country.
I want to show you this article from the Exposé.
Bill Gates and the UN impose their digital IDs on Sierra Leoneans.
It says that the West African nation of Sierra Leone is at full throttle with its digital transformation efforts and its Mossip-based foundational identity system is the nucleus of this project.
It's a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation initiative and it provides a platform on which all countries can build their own digital ID system, quote-unquote, for free.
And basically they're already being told that they can't register their vehicles, they can't, you know, do anything.
They cannot do anything without this Bill Gates digital ID that is being imposed on them.
And so it's no wonder that they are going so hard after Africa.
Africa is traditionally very distrusting of the World Health Organization for good reason.
Bill Gates and Tedros sterilized so many women over there through vaccines.
And so they are very distrusting.
They suffered not so much with COVID and certainly not so much with vaccine injuries, injection
injuries from the COVID injections because they just didn't take them.
So what do you do to ensure that next time you kill off bigger amounts of the population?
Well, you enforce a digital ID where they can't go to the supermarket, they can't register their car, they can't have a driver's license, which means they can't get to work.
You regulate the industries that provide like an electrician's license, for example, and make it so that people cannot work or eat unless they comply.
So that the next time you have an injection mandate, people can't find a way around it to still work elsewhere or eat.
Because, as I said to you before, as per the WHO's Global Health Certification Network system, that will be linked to your digital ID and if you don't comply with future injection mandates, you will be locked out of society.
Your bank account will be shut off.
You won't be able to go to the supermarket to buy food because Like in China where they have their facial recognition going into supermarkets or as you know there are multiple chains in America that are now bringing in the palm payment or palm scanning to enter.
And so, of course, that will be linked with your biometric data.
You don't have a choice.
And the Australian Roadmap for Digital Health, by the way, which I reported on just last week, says that.
They say that they have intentions to fully comply with the World Health Organization in future, that they are going to roll out this digital health agenda in Australia, full steam ahead, and it will be implemented in full by 2028.
Doctors won't have a choice.
They won't be able to get paid.
Unless they enforce this.
And so it's just vital, it's absolutely vital for people to understand just how tyrannical this is and why we need to resist it.
Tim, if you can, can you try and find that clip where at the World Economic Forum they're saying that we need digital IDs so in future we know who's vaccinated and who isn't.
Let me know in my ear if you can find that clip while I keep going through this.
This is an immigrant defense project document that talks about digital ID in smart cities and it basically says, the smart city digital ID projects, common features for authentication in digital ID projects, they employ technology-based approaches to legal identification.
These projects often combine personal information, existing government data, and biometric data,
such as fingerprint, face scans, or iris scans to authenticate identification.
And this visual illustrates common features used for authentication in current
and planned projects across the globe.
This is all smart cities, guys, and let me tell you, there's a lot of them in the US.
So it takes note of your blood type, your fingerprints, your iris scans, facial images or scans,
and biographic data.
Your blood type, everyone.
They're collecting information about your blood.
And of course, Australia is not the only country that is already starting to roll out shadows of what smart city open air concentration camps will look like.
And that is what they are.
These streetlights that they have in smart cities can kill They will be able to, as Catherine Austen-Fitts says, you won't be able to travel more than five miles away from your home if you do, oh, bank account shut off, social credit score, digital ID in the red, maybe even authorities coming to your door to take you to re-education camps.
We'll see.
Canada certainly is preparing for re-education camps for climate deniers and Australia, of course, has provisions inside our legislation That if a person is inside a quarantine camp, that the United Nations can come and interrogate them in special interrogation rooms and they're entitled to deny you a support person.
I think the team just found that clip.
team if you want to play that clip now I'll be quiet for a moment.
Because in order to open an account, you need to have an ID.
And I have to say that when I started this job, there were actually very little countries in Africa or Latin America that had one ubiquitous type of ID, and certainly that it was digital, and certainly that it was biometric.
And we really worked with all our partners to actually help that being, I mean, to grow this.
And the interesting part of it is that, you know, yes, it is very necessary for financial services, but not only.
It's also good for school enrollment.
It's also good for health who actually got a vaccination or not.
It's very good to actually to get your subsidies, you know, from the government.
So this has not only effect to the financial services.
It's a very important issue.
Very important issue because we'll know who's injected, who isn't.
And by the way, if you read the WHO's Immunisation Agenda 2030 document, it says in there that they plan to introduce 500 new vaccines by 2030.
Now that's Certainly not going to be, doesn't mean that 500 new injections will be expected of every single person, but they don't plan on stopping the injection agenda because it's vital to their crazy transhumanist goals.
In fact, just last night I was watching an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ray Kurzweil, I know, and just to see what they're saying, and this interview was about a year ago, and Neil deGrasse Tyson was saying to him, oh well, you know, I've heard about, you know, essentially how people view AI as, you know, this external force that will eventually become so powerful, you know, when we get into past AGI and sort of the point of singularity, it'll become so powerful that it'll overrun and destroy the human race.
But what we're talking about is actually putting AI inside of us.
Isn't that right, Ray?
And he says, yes, it will be inside of us, we will connect to the AI and therefore it won't overtake us because we'll be connected to it.
And then Neil deGrasse Tyson says, oh, I really should have clipped it for you, but he says, Oh, so you're talking about incorporating AI into our cells so that it becomes part of us, right?
And Ray says, yes, that's what I'm talking about.
And he says, oh, OK, how are you going to do that?
And Ray Kurzweil says, well, we have our ways.
And Neil deGrasse Tyson responds, oh, it's, you know, very cryptic.
And he pretends like he doesn't know what's going on here and he says, I've heard about things like nanobots in the brain that'll connect us all to the internet.
Is that what you're talking about?
And he says yes, but it won't be ready until 2030.
Oh, really?
It won't be ready until 2030, which means you have the technology now.
We know that Bar-Ilan University partnered with Pfizer in 2015, who say that they can deliver 1,000 billion nanobots through a vaccine.
So we're the globalists perfecting their You know, dreams of life extension technology by injecting these nanobots into humanity.
You know, now they're forming these white clots that are killing a bunch of people and yes, some of the nanobots will kill and then they're fine-tuning their technology through this experiment that was launched through the COVID injections.
I don't know, just a theory.
I certainly know that it's killing people and I certainly know that we're seeing this technology in the blood.
But I digress.
My point is that they fully plan to integrate humans with AI inside our brains.
These are their stated goals.
This is what they want to do and Digital ID will make it possible because they will be able to continue mandating these gene editing cyborgization shots to humanity for everyone who continues to comply with Digital ID.
This is why it must be resisted at all costs and I will talk about that before we end the broadcast today.
I just want to show you a couple of other developments around the world.
You may have seen this where a Canadian municipality now requires a QR code to visit and to leave.
And basically the residents are up in arms about this and so they should be.
It says that a Canadian town in the Gulf of St.
Lawrence has become the first municipality in the country to officially require a QR code to enter and to leave.
And officials say that the requirement will only be for tourists, while residents will
be required to show their driver's license to enter or leave.
And people may say, "Oh, what's the big deal there if you have to show your driver's license
to enter or leave?"
Huh, well, when your driver's license becomes a digital ID that's linked to your behavior,
or as per the AARUP report, which is the guideline for smart cities, it really outlines that
people will not be allowed to travel more than 1,500 kilometers, or approximately 900
miles, every three years.
This is per person.
And so, what happens if you leave your municipality too many times?
Oh, sorry, you can't.
And of course we won't even need, you know, goons at checkpoints because we'll have streetlights that can kill you.
This is literally what these maniacs are planning.
I mean, it couldn't be more sick if you tried.
And this is what I'm telling you about the UN calling this a living lab experiment, the Melbourne experiment.
A living lab because they treat us like rats.
Even Netanyahu said about the people of Israel, we turned Israel into a lab for Pfizer with his injection, with his death shot on his desk.
These people believe that we are rats to be experimented on.
So resistance is absolutely necessary more now than with injection mandates.
I'm telling you because if they successfully go ahead with digital ID and a central bank digital currency, it's game over for humanity.
Really it is.
And then people will become weak and they will take the Mark of the Beast.
So I hope people take this warning seriously.
Canadian Climate Ministry will have an arms storage and detention rooms.
This was reported by RT some time ago.
The facility for Trudeau's new climate cops includes a massive firearm storage space and interrogation rooms.
It's a sprawling 50,000 square foot building that also encases biological labs, media relations offices, a weather forecasting station, and perhaps most disturbing, given the implications, facilities for housing hundreds of people, including what they call enforcement officers working for their climate police department.
They are endowed with equivalent authority by the 2019 Impact Assessment Act, which purports to be legislation aiming to reduce the impact of energy farming and other large projects on Indigenous communities and their environment.
They may enter any property without a warrant to verify compliance with the IAA, taking photos, accessing computers, phones, other devices, giving orders to anyone operating machinery or even demanding the premises To be vacated and future access prohibited.
And of course, this will be the case if they successfully get away with digital ID, because they will tell you that because of the climate, you can't be in your property anymore.
And I haven't checked whether the US has similar legislation, but I certainly know that the United Nations plans on banning very, very huge amounts of the United States From being accessed by humans.
These maps go back to the 90s.
Greg Rees has reported on this extensively.
Huge red zones, military zones, enforcement zones, where people in America will not be able to travel within their own country under the guise of, you know, protecting biodiversity and protecting the land.
This is already happening.
There is a United Nations 30 by 30 agenda.
The US is 100% on board with this agenda, as is Australia, as is every single Western nation.
And if you dig deeper, the Council on Foreign Relations says, well, even though the United Nations says it's 30%, it's actually about 80%.
Oh, okay.
And so Canada has already shown us what this will look like through their climate police and their, you know, bio labs with arms rooms and interrogation rooms.
And again, we have very, very similar legislation here in Australia.
They can enter your property without a warrant.
No evidence that you're sick.
They can strip you naked.
Separate you from your children, take you to a quarantine camp, inject you for as long as they want, as many times as they want, with no evidence that you're sick.
It'll probably be based on something that you said online, criticising lockdowns.
Just like they arrested a pregnant mother for criticising lockdowns in her home.
But they can't catch pedophiles, guys!
We need to implement a digital ID linked to your social media so that we can protect the children.
They're so interested in protecting children all of a sudden.
They're all pedophiles meanwhile behind the scenes doing their little satanic blood sacrifices of children when no one's watching.
Sick freaks!
They want to lock us up in quarantine facilities.
And by the way, this legislation exists in New York.
Governor Kathy Hochul fought tooth and nail with millions of taxpayer dollars to make sure she got her quarantine camps back after Bobbie Ann Cox, the attorney, defeated them.
She wanted them back.
They want to lock people up in these facilities and re-educate them.
Hillary Clinton has said, Trump supporters, we need to put them in re-education programs.
It is literally setting up 1984 where you walk out saying, I really love Big Brother and you mean it.
Are we going to let them do this to us, humanity?
Are we actually going to let them put us in these camps, re-educate us to their leftist, satanist, transgender, pedophile program?
Are we going to walk out saying we really love Baphomet and the Antichrist?
Yes, we worship the beast.
Is that what they want?
Well, it's not going to happen.
We serve Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone, and I'm not going to any quarantine facility, let me tell you now.
I will go down fighting before I get locked up in one of these crazy Trudeau climate police facilities.
You pedophile freaks!
You Satanist freaks!
What, they think we don't know?
They think we don't know that they're killing children in the middle of the night in their little underground facilities?
We know!
The world knows!
And the world's going to let a bunch of satanic pedophiles lock us up?
I don't think so.
Too much has been exposed now.
This is why they're rushing with this digital ID.
This is why they're rushing with this digital tyranny.
Because too much has been exposed.
Broadcasts like this one, InfoWars, have done too much to wake humanity up and they are running scared.
They are terrified.
They need to implement their AI global hive mind to rewire your brain without you even realizing because now you've got nanobots in you being injected, being put into food, being sprayed from the skies.
Well guess what?
It's not working!
No matter how much hacking they try to do, particularly if we're believers of Jesus Christ and we have faith, It's not working!
We are not hackable animals as Yuval Noah Harari says.
It's not gonna work!
Too many people know the agenda now.
Too many people have woken up to the dark satanic forces behind all of this.
And so I am calling on the world to resist this digital tyranny at all costs.
I want to show you briefly what's happening in Paris.
They're already trying to implement digital passes for entrants ahead of the Summer Olympics.
That's already happening in Paris.
Excuse that, whatever that ad was on that news article.
And they want us, they want to transition us into the metaverse.
This is an article from McKinsey & Company.
If you don't know who they are, I really recommend watching Stephen Crowder's expose on McKinsey & Company.
These people are maniacs.
And they talk about what is the metaverse.
It's having a moment.
You know, it's not just individuals who are meta-curious.
Private Capitals is getting big money in the metaverse.
And it means different things to different people.
But essentially, it's a sense of immersion, real-time interactivity, user agency, platforms that work seamlessly with everyone.
Instead, it's about embracing and augmenting it with virtual content and experiences that can make things more fulfilling and make us feel more connected to our loved ones, more productive at work and happier.
Yeah, more connected to your loved ones.
Do you know what the biodigital convergence documents say and these transhumanists say?
They say that you will not actually be able to visit your mother So you'll have to hug her through a hologram in your living room.
But don't worry, all the nanobots inside your body will make you feel like you've given your mum a real hug.
You'll get the sensation, you'll get the oxytocin release, you'll get all of the good feelings like you've hugged your mum.
It'll feel like a real hug.
It'll just be a hologram inside the metaverse.
And of course, digital ID is needed in the metaverse.
We need digital ID in the metaverse, the World Economic Forum says.
And you of course have the UNDP saying that why legal identity is crucial to tackling the climate crisis.
So we can lock you in to concentration camps if you dare to eat meat.
If you dare to travel outside of your 15 minute city.
If you dare to make a purchase that's not approved.
If you dare to refuse an injection.
It's crucial for a digital ID to tackle the climate crisis.
This is the greatest existential threat and InfoWars recently reported as well on the fact that, you know, a UN climate scientist was calling on the fact that we need a new pandemic to cull massive amounts of the population.
There's no other way to save the planet.
I mean, are you people insane?
But at least they're telling us openly now so that we can see exactly what kind of satanic tyrants we're dealing with.
At least they're telling us openly so that there's no illusion anymore.
It's not about public health.
People understand that now.
It's about killing you.
So what are we going to do, humanity, against those that want to kill us?
How are we going to resist this?
Well, we will not comply.
It's very simple.
We just do not comply with anything that they ask of us.
Now, if people start cowering, I said before, a digital ID is easier to comply with than an injection mandate.
Well, very simply, During injection mandates, you could, okay, I've lost this job, I can still go work somewhere else where someone will employ me.
When digital ID is mandated on the whole of society, you don't have that option.
You don't have another employer to go to.
You can't even have a bank account because you can't have one without a digital ID.
So it's easier to comply with a digital ID.
They'll make it very convenient and they'll make it almost impossible to do life without one.
I want to show you really quickly the eSafety Commission.
Before we wrap up today, you all know that she's trying to censor the entirety of the global internet.
Julie Inman-Brandt, she's worked with the White House on gay staff and, you know, she's very liberal, you know, believes that, you know, we need to protect children, I guess, by mutilating their genitals.
And so we've got federal court documents now that show that the eSafety Commission, with the help of AI, Meltwater AI is actually collecting evidence of every bit of criticism that is being done of her and the eSafety Office online.
They are forming a dossier of sorts of all of their critics with the click of a button,
with this third party that's collecting all of this information, and apparently they're
also doing that with the Prime Minister as well.
I don't know which department's responsible for that, but Prime Minister Anthony Albanese,
who couldn't string a coherent sentence together if he tried, he sounds so stupid and foolish
every time he opens his mouth.
He is also collecting all of the criticism of him online ahead of the digital ID mandates
So you all see where this is going, but you also see that I, living in Australia, don't plan on complying with any of this.
They want to link our digital ID with our social media now.
They're saying, oh we need to protect children, so we need to bring ID linked to social media and of course it'll be enforced as a digital ID.
My final words here in the last few seconds that I have is, even living under this model of tyranny, I plan on resisting this at all costs.
Any companies that tell me I need a digital ID, I will take my business elsewhere.
And guess what?
We will build the parallel economy.
Millions of us will not comply with this.
Yeah, you had stupid people complying with your injection mandates.
But let me tell you, when it comes to this digital tyranny, we will not comply.
We will not become China.
It is time for the people in the West to rise up against this.
I'm your guest host again, Maria Zee of ZeeMedia.com.
It's been an honour.
Please continue to support InfoWars at InfoWarsStore.com and DrJonesNaturals.com.
This broadcast is vital to our existence.
God bless.
Let's go to Nurse Keith in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Welcome and thanks for holding.
About an hour ago, you were kind of explaining to people about how the micronutrients and stuff that are available and different foods actually have an effect on... Well, let's be clear.
There isn't long-term, billion-year evolution.
There's jumps, but like how you build a car, cars have evolved, or electricity, or computers
have changed.
There is innovation and humans do get ancestral memories from their ancestors.
That's called instincts.
I'm not trying to brag, but I'm a board certified wound care associate, which is not an easy
to be at takes years.
And it encompasses, you know, cardiology, endocrine, pulmonary, you name it, you've got to be good
at all kinds of stuff.
And let's face it, a lot of my doctors, they don't know anything about this stuff.
It's my job as a nurse to figure it out.
The average medical doctor gets two hours of college education on nutrition.
So one of the things that I do is I'm looking for results and by using very good nutraceuticals
and supplements and things like that, I can fix a problem.
Just a real quick example, let's say you have a really bad wound on your leg and you have diabetes and poor circulation.
Well, I can order you a bottle of Nitric Boost, a bottle of BezoBeat, and Get your ass up on a treadmill a little bit.
And these things work better than any of the medication that we give.
So I've got about 35,000 points because I gave these things away as gifts.
Hold on, hold on.
This is important.
This is important, absolutely.
Just iodine alone, it's essential.
It means you die without it.
They don't tell you most people are deficient.
Two billion people have cognitive disabilities, the UN admits.
That's what these concentrated plants and other compounds do.
So you're saying you're taking care of people with wounds, one of the biggest Medical industries out there, super tough job.
You're seeing with nutrition and also they need to not be sedentary obviously.
You're seeing massive effects, because I've actually read about this, I'm not an expert like you, but that there's massive problems because the doctors don't even say exercise or get out of the bed or take supplements that are good for your skin and it's so simple.
I mean my wife takes supplements to have good hair and good nails and it really works for her.
I mean this stuff works, it's the compounds.
Tell people about some of the things you've witnessed.
Alex, I would not have 35,000 Patriot Points if this stuff didn't work.
I'm not into buying BS and I don't push BS.
When I've got a complex wound and I see something that you guys sell that I know We can sell the stuff Walmart sells, synthetic stuff, and the bottle costs more than what they're selling.
With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a bottle, like DNA Force, okay?
than the think tank. The stuff that you guys sell is legit.
We can sell the stuff Walmart sells synthetic stuff and the bottle costs more than what
they're selling. With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a
bottle like DNA Force. Okay. I mean, so so there's costs because it is the highest rated. If you're
taking a nitrate, like you were talking about the, uh, the nitrate boost, well, um,
that is going to vasodilate.
So when you're vasodilated, yeah, you're going to be pitching a proper ten.
The vasobeat does the exact same thing.
But it also helps if I've got a person who's got really poor perfusion.
And I just want to get their blood flow going so that I can keep this wound from going septic and actually get some granulation going.
Or I could throw all the medications at it.
It's not going to do a damn thing.
The doctors see the patient for 10 minutes, write a prescription and say, OK, come back in 45 days.
And it's my job to actually go figure it out.
And so I use a lot of the stuff that you guys have.
Thank you so much.
And God bless you, Nurse Keith.
We'll talk to you soon.
Give his name and number.