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Name: 20240520_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 20, 2024
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The excerpt discusses various global events and issues, including political tensions, military developments, economic crises, and the importance of independent media. It promotes products available on InfoWarsStore.com while discussing power dynamics between nations, historical events related to coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccines, financial instability, geopolitical developments, censorship, personal experiences with divine intervention, and societal decay. Specifically, it mentions sex offenders being housed in hotels used for migrants, a warning from the U.S. about Islamic groups planning attacks on gay individuals who want to bring them into the country, a pregnant woman abandoning her baby in a shopping cart with attempts by authorities to arrest her, a measles outbreak in Chicago linked to Venezuelan immigrants, a study claiming that wearing face masks does not reduce the risk of infection with the Omicron variant of COVID-19, Alabama becoming the second state to ban lab-grown meat, and a French study finding high levels of glyphosate in the sperm of sterilized men potentially linked to fertility issues. Dr. Francis Collins, NIH Director, admitted that the six feet separation during the pandemic was scientifically unfounded and that he is unsure as to the origin of COVID-19.

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It's Monday, May 20th.
Start your engines for World War III, or as some are calling it, the Final War.
Tomorrow's news.
He's an old guy ♪ Good guy ♪
Has dementia.
Can't lead us.
And the country is screwed.
Tells some big lies.
Barely speaks English.
Sniffs children.
And their mom's hair too.
Goes the wrong way.
When he leaves his speeches, gets lost each day In the White House yard, all the Dems say
That we should re-elect him How can he run, when walking is hard?
And Joe keeps Keeps falling, yeah he
Keeps falling, yeah he Keeps falling
Keeps falling, yeah he Keeps falling, yeah he
And Joe keeps Keeps falling, yeah he
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When I grow up, I wanna be a rock star Ha ha ha ha
Woo 168 days to go
168 days, 12 hours, 58 minutes, 16 seconds, boys and girls, for the most important election in world history and in the main ring, World War III!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
This weekend, my spirit went up to the next level!
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide from the embattled InfoWars studios in Central Texas
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Well, they had a plan.
The boys in the back.
Well, if you can't feel the energy on planet Earth going up a notch, you must be dead.
*outro* Everybody can feel it.
There's a lot of opportunity and a lot of danger.
It is May 20th, 2024 on this Monday edition.
I call him a whistleblower because he went and got a bunch of whistleblowers.
He was a very well-known, successful stock picker for BlackRock and some of the bigger companies.
Edward Dowd, three plus years ago, started going public about the plan to depopulate and got the numbers together.
Now a lot of new numbers.
Have come out confirming even worse than he had previously said.
Obviously, as time is going on for the sea population, he'll be joining us coming up.
What hour is that?
In the middle of the second hour and an hour and 30 minutes from now.
Other than that, we're going to cover masses of news, take your phone calls and so much more.
Well, I said it looked bad on yesterday for the Iranian president.
He's dead.
We'll talk about what's really going on with that, all the giant political developments as well.
Stay with us, big broadcast today.
The date is Monday, May 20th, 2024.
The final war has begun.
World War III launch.
Iran's president.
Fatal chopper crash.
Set to make region more volatile.
Coup, civil war, rumors, swirl in Iran.
Thank you for joining us on this live Monday broadcast.
I am your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, transmitting worldwide.
All right.
I was talking to Tucker this morning and we were discussing how the globalists are insane and are planning to push everybody into total war.
That's their obvious plan.
We're in basically the beginnings of total war.
And I said, yeah, it really is World War III.
And he said, it's the final war.
I told him, well, I said, I'm using that, actually.
That's what they should be called.
They said World War I was the war to end all wars.
It killed so many tens of millions of people and was so horrible.
With modern weapons, but with old-fashioned tactics of troops just running in against each other, with 18th century military mindset, but with 20th century technology.
But then, of course, World War II came along and killed even more people.
And then really they call the third world war, the cold war at the CIA.
So they would call what's happening now World War IV.
But I really think Tucker's right. If it goes to full war, it'll be the final war, at least for a few thousand years
they estimate.
We even survive.
If anybody survives, most estimates are 90% of people on Earth will die within 10 years of a full nuclear war.
Half of them in just a few hours, and then the rest from the breakdown of society and civilization and starvation and the little side wars that will come with it.
It was Einstein said, I don't know how World War 3 will be fought, but I know that World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.
So that is certainly, certainly true.
Back to the Stone Age, as they say.
So, I think Terry Carlson has coined the term, I haven't heard him use it on air, he probably has, the Final War.
In fact, maybe I wrote that headline hastily for the live show about five minutes before I went live.
Let's punch up the live show headline again.
Maybe I should change that in live time and have the great Ben Warren update it for me and also update it on X and send another link out.
Let me see.
Let me see.
Nuclear War Watch?
Everybody's heard World War III too much.
Nuclear War Watch.
Iran president's fatal copter crash escalates the threat of final war.
Now, let's just leave the headline there, but I'm trying to... See, something this big, you can't over-hype it.
And then there's the problem of like, how do you even say how dangerous it is?
Because people have such a normalcy bias for so long.
What have I been saying the last six months like a broken record along with Jack Posobiec?
What did we say on Friday?
We said look for them to try to kill the Iranian president, look for them to try to kill Viktor Orban and some other folks.
The CIA's been saying they're going to start killing leaders.
They've been saying they've been trying to kill Putin.
And of course, if you kill Putin, most analysts agree, and I agree with them, that you're going to get even somebody more hardline who will escalate.
But see, that's what NATO wants, is to escalate Russia into full war.
They think they can win that nuclear war.
That's official.
That goes back to Curtis LeMay and LL Emdinster in the early 1960s.
They thought that too.
That's an ongoing doctrine.
And then Israel doesn't want to be the bad guy, but they've been trying to manipulate a wider regional war, and they've already toppled Libya, And Iraq, and almost Syria, and so many other countries.
And so a lot of analysts say Israel is really losing the hearts and minds of the world, but Israel wants to enrage, the leadership of Israel, wants to enrage the Arab and Muslim world to attack them, so they have the pretext to annihilate them.
There's only one country in the Middle East that is still Standing against Israel.
And by the way, I'm not saying that makes Iran good.
I wish Israel wasn't playing at global domination because they control that region, they control the globe.
And I wish the Iranians weren't trying to export Shiite Islamic imperialism around the world.
But that's what's going on.
And when Trump killed the big Iranian general, What was it?
Five years ago, Soleimani, he took credit that day.
The Israelis, though, don't take credit when they kill somebody.
And I think it's probable that Israel had a hand in killing President Raisi of Iran.
Maybe 55% chance.
Israel said they want to kill him.
But the problem is, All the local news reports in that region of Azerbaijan, it's not the country of Azerbaijan, it's a region called Northern Iran, reported total fog and 50 to 70 mile an hour winds.
And you saw the local footage where people are trying to walk up the mountains and they can't even barely walk like weathermen when you see the hurricanes blowing into Florida.
People trudging through the darkness, you know, all the rest of this via very, very, very dramatic footage.
And I said, any helicopter pilot, there was three helicopters, two of them survived, that would go into an area like that flying over mountains.
Helicopters are not very maneuverable when you get them above 15,000 feet.
They were flying above that in bad weather.
I mean, you don't fly a helicopter in 140 mile an hour winds unless you're on a rescue mission or suicidal.
So there is the body of the president of Iran.
So did the Israelis make the president fly into a blizzard on a mountain?
Now, the Israelis are hooked into all the geo systems that the West has.
The GPS, all of it.
And were the Iranians dumb enough to be using a Western GPS?
Because the Israelis before have hijacked GPS and crashed things.
They bragged about it.
Or the West could have done it.
The US could have done it.
It's all pure speculation.
Now, there's also internal fighting in Iran.
Was the pilot anti?
And did he suicide the helicopter into a mountain?
We just don't know, but saying that, you do have the attacks inside Russia, you do have attempts on Putin's life, you do have in Slovakia, their Prime Minister getting shot five times last Monday.
And I've said it throughout the week, I said, I would expect to see a lot more of this now, or less Tuesday.
I would expect to see a lot more of this now, including attacks on Iran and anybody else backing Russia.
So, everybody wants to hang a hat on something and say they know what happened, and I usually have a pretty good idea on things, but I don't know here.
I really don't know, but certainly it escalates things and it's the timing.
You can say there's no coincidences during this shadow war that's expanding into full war.
But I'll ask again, why in God's green earth did they fly into that storm?
Now, I've got several clips I want to play and I've checked this myself on the International Weather Satellite Sites.
And I've never seen this before.
I'm kind of a weather bug.
I like looking at weather.
I like looking at everything, I guess, you know, news-wise.
And two days of data, the day before and the day of, in Northern Iran, has completely and totally disappeared.
We're going to play a news report on that in a moment.
That is absolutely unprecedented.
So you're flying over Iran's northern mountain ridge and you do it in a helicopter and not a jet where you can fly above the bad weather and then you die.
So Maybe he wanted to go somewhere and ordered him to do it and they just followed his orders.
That happens like rock bands and stuff, where they gotta get somewhere and play and they just say, damn it, take off, it doesn't matter, like, it's really dangerous winds, sir, do it!
I said do it, or you'll be fired!
Or the pilots that are here, have a bottle of whiskey, it's cool, let's party, yeah!
That's a true story in the Wolf of Wall Street where Jordan Belfort orders the Captain of the boat is also partying with him.
He goes, Hey, I need to get to, you know, this port over here so I get to Switzerland and get my money out of the bank.
He goes, well, we got a storm coming in, so it's pretty dangerous.
He goes, just do it.
Of course, the boat sinks.
That actually happened.
His yacht sinks.
So that stuff goes on.
And the big question is, what is Iran going to say it is?
Is Iran going to say it was Israel?
Very interesting.
Here is a clip of the Iranians mourning President Raisi's death.
Alright, so they're pretty upset.
Now let's move on to what Hillary Clinton said after they set up and murdered Gaddafi, who worked with the West and Obama, gave up all his weapons and invested his money in Western companies and thought he was going to be everybody's buddy.
They set him up using Al-Qaeda, murdered him, raped him, murdered him, and then Hillary came into town and made a big joke about it.
Here she is.
I mean, that is the land of unconfirmed... Yes, we came, we saw, he died.
Did it have anything to do with your visit?
Oh, I'm sure it did.
Meanwhile in Israel, here's clip 5.
Hundreds of thousands, millions are protesting, getting Yahoo, the war, everything.
So, they don't like what's going on either.
Here's that club.
That's almost a daily occurrence now.
Let's go to what I mentioned, that weather report breakdown, and I've checked this.
This is accurate information that they've erased.
Two days, the day before and the day of the crash that caused the death of the Iranian president.
The fact that the weather Information was removed makes me think they might have used some type of weather weapon Which they've got systems that can really cause a storm quickly I still think it's hard to believe with the avionics even the Iranian aircraft that they wouldn't see a big storm form in front of them and turn away from it But it is very suspicious to see the weather information just disappeared.
Here it is.
All right, everybody Welcome back May 19th 2024 and I wanted to check out the weather weather that was taking place while they said the
helicopter the president of Iran was in a helicopter crash and they said it was due to
some weird fog. Now I'm going to show you something very weird when it comes to
the weather in this area called Jalfa. This is where the helicopter
crashed. It was right here on the border right near this city Jalfa and here's the border
right here. So it was in this area somewhere so what I did was I lined this
up with a weather chart.
It's not exactly easy to get weather reports for this part of the world but I did find some and that is here on the CIRA weather website.
A very detailed chart you can use and here we are.
This is the Middle East.
We're looking at Jalfa right in this area here.
Can't get much closer without it being very pixelated but I want to show you something interesting.
You can see the date up here.
We're on May 18th.
Now this happened the morning or early in the day on the 19th and now it's obviously a whole different time.
So as So as I move this, you're gonna notice something weird.
We get into nightfall.
This is the beginning of the night of the 18th for this part of the world.
And as we move forward, you're gonna notice something.
We're gonna get to the end of this bar here where we should be moving into the 19th,
which is where we would see the weather and what's going on in this area
when the helicopter crashed.
But look what happens here.
They have removed the entire 19th from the weather chart.
You're gonna see 'em just about at the end of the data here.
Watch, it goes from the 18th right to the 20th.
There it goes, boom.
It just pops from the 18th to the 20th, removing the entire 19th day.
So we cannot see what was going on here, no matter what setting I pick here.
And I'll just show you on this chart here, this overlay here is meant to be able to see fog,
and we'd be looking right in this area here.
And again, you move from the 18th across the day.
These take a little bit longer to load, but once you get all the way to here,
it goes from the 18th to the 20th right there.
Again, one click covers an entire day.
So they have removed 24 hours.
of weather from one of the biggest weather charts that exists is the one of
the most detailed charts we can use to find weather all over the world and we
would be able to see exactly what was going on in this area but they have
taken the data away once again I'll show you here is in May 20th which is in
about two hours for the East Coast but look I backtrack goes right to the 18th
so the entire day of the 19th is missing so we can't see what was going on in
this area take that for what it's worth if anyone can find the radar chart for
May 19th of this part of the world I would love to see it thank you all bye
All right, that's In Too Thin Air.
Great job on that.
Okay, so... I don't like to speculate.
The CIA developed the term back in the 60s after they killed Kennedy that anybody that questioned real stuff happening and put pieces together was a conspiracy terrorist just to ignore what they said.
I'm a conspiracy realist, but I will not just jump to conclusions when the evidence is not overwhelming.
That said, all of this put together and the timing and all these other assassination attempts and things going on, I think there was deliberate foul play going on here.
I think everybody pretty much agrees with me.
So this just adds to all of the insanity.
That we're dealing with.
And let's look at some of the other military developments before I shift gears into all the other wild stuff that's
going on.
Slovakia's PM condition remains very serious, says his deputy.
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico remains in serious conditions after surviving an assassination attempt, his
deputy said over the weekend.
Zelensky blasts West for wanting conflict to end.
Ukraine's president has claimed Kiev forces would be more successful on the battlefield if they were not banned from using Western-supplied weapons to hit targets inside Russia.
Victoria Nuland agrees with him.
We'll play a clip of that in a moment.
So these are complete and total maniacs that we are dealing with, and you notice they just give them more and more advanced weapons, more and more long-range missiles.
They're firing medium-range, large, heavy cruise missiles that the British are supplying into Russia, and it's insane!
Because if you go up the threat continuation ladder, In military doctrine, then the Russians will continue to double down, then we double down, then they double down, and then you know where we're going.
And we're just marching up that ladder to thermal nuclear war very, very rapidly.
Here is clip 31.
Victoria Newland pushes for strikes on Russian bases.
They need to be able to stop these Russian attacks that are coming from bases inside Russia.
So I think there's also a question of whether we, the United States, and our allies ought to give them more help in hitting Russian bases, which heretofore we've not been willing to do.
I think if the attacks are coming directly from over the line in Russia that those bases ought to be fair game whether they are where missiles are being launched from or where they are where troops are being supplied from.
I think it's time for that because Russia has obviously escalated this war including as you said at the beginning attacking Russia's second city Kharkiv which is not on the front lines and trying to decimate it without ever having to put a boot on the ground.
So I think it is time to give the Ukrainians More help hitting these bases inside Russia.
One of the reasons that the administration has hesitated is because they believe it will escalate things even further with Russia pulling the U.S.
further in.
So why do you think that's a good idea?
Because it's Russia that has escalated this war.
Russia has learned how to pull its forces back out of the range where we have allowed Ukraine to use our weapons and get our support.
So they are getting a direct advantage in this war from our hesitation and they have escalated massively.
As you know, they have flattened a third of Kharkiv without ever having to get on the ground there.
So it is time to stop that and help Ukraine push them back.
You know, are there any dominoes in the building?
I don't think there are, but there's a Target and a Wal-Mart down the street.
Can I give somebody a $20 bill?
Somebody go get some dominoes, please.
Somebody, just ask Rob to go grab some dominoes.
I'll pay him back.
Because I want to explain the analogy.
I know everybody gets it, but seeing it is better.
Ten years ago, the Maidan coup, the West admits in congressional testimony, and Soros admits on TV, That you have an elected Ukrainian government that's a little bit pro-Russia, doesn't want war with Russia, doesn't want inter-NATO.
So, the West overthrows it, blows up government buildings, shoots thousands of people, kills a bunch of police, overthrows the government.
And that's the first domino falls.
And then elections go back and forth, and the Russians start getting involved, and then the West gets control, loses control, gets control, loses control, but starts pumping in CIA and weapons and money, and then start running terror attacks against areas that are 100% Russian in the East and have always been.
The places basically 60% Russian, 40% want to call themselves basically German.
And so they give themselves names like Adolf and German.
I mean, literally a lot of the popular first names and... Bush, Ukraine, or Adolf, and German, and Kaiser.
And it goes back to World War II.
So there's been this fight.
It's a battleground zone for the Muslims invading, but also Western Europe invading Eastern Europe.
It's called the frontier.
And so those ancient battle lines that Putin talked about in his two-hour interview with Tucker Carlson was a very accurate breakdown.
Are being exacerbated by the State Department.
And they admit this.
And Soros goes on Fareed Zakharian's scene and goes, actually, I was State Department money did it all.
We have taken over Ukraine and next we take over Russia.
You know, they kind of call me, you know what they call me, Fareed?
What do they call you, George?
They call me the czar of Russia.
I am the czar.
I am czar.
That's a quote.
I am Tsar.
I am King of Russia.
It's just meant to poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke.
And after seven and a half years of poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, well first Putin came in and took Crimea that's always been part of Russia.
Never not, you know, and their main Black Sea port.
He did that five years ago, six years ago.
He said, OK, is that enough for you?
Stop it.
And they went, no, we'll just send in more CIA and more commandos and set up bases and launch more attacks and cross-border attacks into Russia and shell into Russia itself and have mass shootings.
And so they've knocked over all the first dominoes, just like we just showed a clip or TV viewers from V for Vendetta.
But that's not V doing it.
That's Soros and the Clintons and a door in the winter.
And then Victoria Nuland goes, the Russians have escalated.
We've got to escalate.
And then the reporter goes, but if we escalate, they escalate.
She's like, exactly.
See, the reporter's like, well, wait a minute.
So you want to escalate it.
But if anybody starts a fight, if I walk up to you and punch you in the nose and you break my neck with a super left cut, you don't go to jail because I hit you first.
You understand that?
But they didn't just- The Globalist didn't just knock him over the first time, I know.
They've been just knocking him over the whole time.
And then if Russia does anything bad, they're like, Oh my gosh!
What did you just do to me?
How dare you?
We want to attack your main cities!
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God gave us a planet that gives us everything we need, total abundance.
And for most of human history, people were kept in squalor and controlled by ruling elites.
That's called feudalism, to control them.
But in the Renaissance, the West had an idea of human empowerment.
And it created incredible wealth and success and beauty and strength and honor.
Out of that then always comes decadence, and corruption, and extremely entitled, disconnected elites, who then start going back to tyrannical, totalitarian, manipulative, Machiavellian ways, to not just defeat their political enemies, but to consolidate power over everyone, including our bodies, and to finally turn humans into a commodity.
I look at Iran, I see a monotheistic tyranny.
I look at Israel, I see another sophisticated crime syndicate.
Not all the people there, not all the people in Iran.
I look at China, I see a very sophisticated, evil, anti-human technocracy.
Remember the Communist Chinese, not blaming the Chinese people.
I look at America, the heart of the big, corrupt, global, leftist, satanic empire.
The UK is the jewel in the crown.
We're the dominant force of the planet, but they're all just competing tyrannies.
And then Russia went through 70, 80 plus years of incredible oppression, almost 90.
And they've got big problems and are run by strongmen.
But if you want to see where some virtue, like a lily coming up in the mud, is happening, any historian, anyone analyzing can go to Eastern Europe and tell you that the only signs of Renaissance are there.
The only signs of governmental resistance are there, and that's why the globalists hate Russia and Eastern Europe, because they're not playing complete and total ball with them.
Iran faces brutal civil war after President Ebrahim Raisi death in helicopter crash.
Yes, most of Iran is below the age of 30.
The Mullahs are very unpopular since their takeover in 1979, backed by the CIA.
They could have the best enemy money could buy.
They don't control Iran.
It's like Israel didn't control Hamas in 1977 when they founded them.
But Israel admits, Jerusalem Post, that it was created to destabilize the Palestinian Authority and make them look bad and make them radical.
Just like the FBI in the 90s infiltrated militias, which are constitutional and good, civil defense, constitution, and put feds in as leaders to get them to plan bad things so they could demonize the idea of a militia in general.
So, we did get some dominoes, there were some in the building.
Here's the analogy of whether you've got October 7th, or whether you've got the overthrow of the Ukrainian government 10 years ago, Israel knew that attack was coming.
Biden gave the money to Iran to fund it.
Israel stood down.
Now the innocent people of Gaza are paying for what a handful that's hijacked their country created by Israel.
Hamas is done.
So Victoria Nuland in that chilling clip we played earlier.
Alright, shift gears to other news, I'm going to play it one more time.
She goes, we've got to escalate because Russia's escalated.
But she goes, won't that escalate when you start bombing Russia?
The US needs to start bombing Russia.
Say that again.
Imagine if Russia started bombing the US.
There was a big article in Reason over the weekend on Drudge Report that said the shadow war is here.
We're already in World War III.
Tucker Carlson's right.
More of these dominoes fall, it goes into the final war.
And I'm no longer going to call World War III, which the CIA really calls World War IV, the Cold War, World War III, World War III.
It is the final war.
The Doomsday War.
The Armageddon War.
You're like, I haven't heard Tucker call it the final war.
He told me that this morning.
I said, I'm taking that.
He said, fine.
But it is the final war.
That is what we're facing right now.
So lots of dominoes have already been knocked over in Eastern Europe.
The open borders, the collapse of the third world with the COVID lockdowns across the planet.
It's happening in the South China Sea, the Middle East, October 7th.
And then every time each group escalates more, more dominoes fall until you go up RAND Corporation's threat escalation ladder to full nuclear war.
And that's what Victoria Nuland's saying.
She's saying, we need more dominoes to fall and go that direction.
Now to nuclear war, they'll depopulate people, all freedom will be destroyed.
Billions will die and the globalists have their bunkers.
They believe they will emerge dominant in the future.
You say, how do you know that?
They've said that.
It's Pentagon doctrine that we can launch a first strike or manipulate Russia into one and even survive a second strike.
If you go back to the movie Dr. Strangelove that I put behind me so much, that's out of the fact that Kennedy fired L.L.
Lemnitzer and Curtis LeMay And it even came out in the news at the time because they wanted to launch a preemptive nuclear strike during the Cuban Missile Crisis on Russia.
And they actually told Kennedy, well, we're not saying we won't get 10, 20, 30 million tops killed.
That quote by George C. Scott in the movie where he's telling the President, Mr. President, quit thinking about your name in the history books and go get this war going.
We need to go ahead and go ahead with a preemptive war.
Crazy General Jack T. Ripper.
That's a fictitious name for Curtis LeMay, had launched an air wing of B-52s and the Russians had shot them all down but one.
And that one plane was still going to drop its bombs on its main target and primary target.
And so the President says, well, let's help the Russians shoot it down.
And they go, no, you can't do that, sir.
We need to go ahead and attack them first and we'll lose 10, 20, 30 million tops.
Not saying I won't get our hair messed up a little bit.
Guys, pull up Dr. Strangelove.
Go to YouTube.
Dr. Strangelove, George C. Scott.
I won't say we won't get our hair mosque, I think means messed up.
See if you can find that club.
Because that's really what these maniacs were doing.
But you're like, oh yeah, right, they did that.
No, that's historical.
But you can see Victoria Nuland saying it right now.
Weird little piggy face, probably can't reach around and wipe her own ass.
Never been in a fist fight, doesn't understand military doctrine, but she's up there behind this whole thing for over a decade trying to get a war going with Russia, and here she is like a demon on TV trying to seduce America into backing strikes with heavy weapons, missiles, cruise missiles is already happening, but bigger ones inside Russia.
Gee, if Biden said Not this December, but last December.
We can't send F-16s and Abrams tanks, because that escalates to World War III, but they went ahead and still did it.
Now we're talking about bombing main Russian cities with U.S.
The president in the movie says, by the part of Kennedy, goes, I will not go down in history as the greatest mass murderer since Adolf Hitler.
George C. Scott, playing the part of L.L.
Lemnitzer, says, Mr. President, you shouldn't be thinking about yourself in the history books.
So, we're reliving what the same, and where'd the neocons come from?
They came from L.L.
Emmonster and Curtis LeMay.
And Stanley Kubrick was so upset about learning about that, he made a movie quickly about it that's a masterpiece.
And by the way, I know the Kubrick family, and I know his daughter that was his favorite daughter that worked with him on the films, that's in so many of his films, The Shining and 2001 Space Odyssey and the music on, she watches every day, I want to say hi to Vivian.
Did the music and other stuff on Full Metal Jacket.
She gets very upset by people saying her dad faked the moon landing.
And all this stuff when he was anti-establishment all the way and could not stand the military-industrial complex and had nothing to do with it.
Did he consult with NASA and people when he made 2001 Space Odyssey?
What does that mean?
It's an Arthur C. Clarke movie.
So, again, that's where... And I like David Icke.
I'm not attacking David, but I saw him the other day post on X, you know, Stanley Kubrick faking the moon landing.
Stanley Kubrick did not do that.
Stanley Kubrick was not involved in that.
Stanley Kubrick was anti-establishment.
He made Eyes Wide Shut to expose what he'd heard about.
And how do I know about all this stuff?
Because I've sat there and spent a lot of time with his daughter that was his protégé.
And so, I am a Stanley Kubrick fan.
It's very interesting.
But I'm just going back to the movie because that stuff actually almost happened.
And it's a movie about what they wanted to do and what would have happened if Curtis LeMay, the head of the Air Force, would have launched the attack.
And if Kennedy wouldn't have fired him.
So look at Victoria Nuland.
This is Ella Limitzer and Curtis LeMay reborn as a fat woman.
Here it is.
We need to be able to stop these Russian attacks that are coming from bases inside Russia.
So I think there's also a question of whether we, the United States, and our allies ought to give them more help in hitting Russian bases, which heretofore we've not been willing to do.
I think if the attacks are coming directly from over the line in Russia that those bases ought to be fair game whether they are where missiles are being launched from or where they are where troops are being supplied from.
I think it's time for that because Russia has obviously escalated this war including as you said at the beginning attacking Russia's second city Kharkiv which is not on the front lines and trying to decimate it without ever having to put a boot on the ground.
So I think it is time to give the Ukrainians more help hitting these bases inside Russia.
One of the reasons that the administration has hesitated is because they believe it will
escalate things even further with Russia pulling the U.S.
further in.
Why not?
So why do you think that's a good idea?
Because it's Russia that has escalated this war.
Russia has learned how to pull its forces back out of the range where we have allowed Ukraine to use our weapons and get our support.
So they are getting a direct advantage in this war from our hesitation and they have escalated massively.
As you know, they have flattened a third of Kharkiv without ever having to get on the ground there.
So it is time to stop that and help Ukraine push them back.
Look at the look on that woman's face now.
Now by her logic, because Russia's bringing arms in out of Russia and Ukraine, well the West's bringing weapons in out of Europe, out of Poland in there, well then Russia should attack Poland, or attack the United States, or attack Germany, or attack England.
And now they're sending in European troops.
They're not thinking about it, it's already been done, but now they're telling you they are.
So we're just barreling into the final war.
The war of total destruction.
The last one.
Armageddon, whatever you want to call it.
By the way, they found the clip from Dr. Strangelove.
Here it is.
Mr. President.
There are one or two points I'd like to make, if I may.
Go ahead, General.
Our hopes for recalling the 843rd bomb wing are quickly being reduced to a very low order of probability.
In less than 15 minutes from now, the Ruskies will be making radar contact with the planes.
When they do, they are going to go absolutely ape, and they're going to strike back with everything they got.
If, prior to this time, we have done nothing further to suppress their retaliatory capabilities, we will suffer virtual annihilation.
If, on the other hand, We were to immediately launch an all-out and coordinated attack on all their airfields and missile bases, we'd stand a damn good chance of catching them with their pants down.
Hell, we got a 5-to-1 missile superiority as it is.
We could easily assign three missiles to every target and still have a very effective reserve force for any other contingency.
Six, an unofficial study which we undertook of this eventuality indicated That we would destroy 90% of their nuclear capabilities.
We would therefore prevail and suffer only modest and acceptable civilian casualties from the remaining force, which would be badly damaged and uncoordinated.
General, it is the avowed policy of our country never to strike first with nuclear weapons.
Well, Mr. President, I would say that General Ripper has already invalidated that policy.
That was not an act of national policy and there are still alternatives left open to us.
Mr. President, we are rapidly approaching a moment of truth both for ourselves as human beings and for the life of our nation.
Now, truth is not always a pleasant thing.
But it is necessary now to make a choice, to choose between two admittedly regrettable, but nevertheless distinguishable post-war environments.
One, where you got 20 million people killed, and the other where you got 150 million people killed.
You're talking about mass murder, General, not war.
Mr. President, I'm not saying we wouldn't get our hair must, but I do say no more than 10 to 20 million kills, tops, depending on the breaks.
I will not go down in history as the greatest mass murderer since Adolf Hitler.
Perhaps it might be better, Mr. President, if you were more concerned with the American people than with your image in the history books.
General Turgeson, I think I've heard quite sufficient from you.
Thank you very much.
Mr. President, they have the Ambassador waiting upstairs.
Oh, good.
Any difficulty?
They say he's having a fit about that squad of MPs.
Well, that can't be helped.
Have him brought down here straight away.
Yes, sir.
Is that the Russian Ambassador you're talking about?
Yes, it is, General.
Am I to understand the Russian Ambassador is to be admitted to entrance to the War Room?
That is correct.
He is here on my orders.
I don't know exactly how to put this, sir, but are you aware of what a serious breach of security that would be?
I mean, you see everything!
You see the big board!
That is precisely the idea, General.
That is precisely the idea.
Staines, get Premier Kissoff on the hotline.
And that's the whole point of this show, is showing you the big board.
Victoria Nuland knows the big board, and she doesn't think you know she's trying to stop World War 4, also known as the Final War.
So we're in that real war room from the 1960s right now, but with 10 times more powerful weapons.
And they're shooting the Slovakian Prime Minister last week, and the Iranian President's dead this week.
Where do you think this is going, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls?
To hell in a handbasket.
Absolutely insane.
And then you add the cherries on top, and the whipped cream, and the chocolate sauce, and Mass human trafficking of kidnapped children.
Stacks of news on that.
Just mass escalation fentanyl deaths.
Mass deaths from poison shots.
Totally open borders.
Biden now, every time he talks, is even worse than he was a week ago.
Just gibbering idiocy, but he is the most unintentional comic on earth.
The number one comic ever.
He says, the Republicans are planning another erection.
He reveals he has no idea when he was VP and what he calls J6 people that have erections at the NAACP dinner.
Yeah, they're saying it's hilarious except we have maniacs running things and the most of them are a bunch of lawyers That have a normalcy bias that they've never been defeated.
They've swindled.
They've stolen.
They've scammed.
They've engaged in insider trading.
They're a bunch of pedophiles.
They're just the most decadent, psychotic group that has inherited America's power and the West's power and is absolutely using it to destroy the world in the raw exercise of megalomania.
Here, there's a bunch of these clips, but this is just, this is just too much.
Here it is.
He calls the erectionists who stormed Capitol Hill patriots.
And when I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic.
And what happened was Barack said to me, go to Detroit and help fix it.
Well, poor mayor, he spent more time with me than he ever thought he's going to have to.
God love you.
I could go to a nursing home and randomly pick somebody out and they do a better job.
And that guy, who can barely walk, stumbling around has a military officer behind him with a nuclear football.
And what else is going on with the economy?
Let's pull this up from RedState.
This graph on the economy may be the most damaging for Biden for the 2024 election.
And when you look at the graph, we'll pull up the HD on screen in a moment.
Joblessness is exploding.
Inflation is off the hook.
The country is demoralized.
We've spent hundreds of billions of dollars on all these wars, and you turn on the news and it's literally white supremacists are everywhere they're going to get you, and they're telling you imminent civil war, which they're hyping up, a civil unrest that they'll call a civil war, and then a football kicker goes and speaks at a conservative Catholic graduation, And says, you know, a lot of you women are looking forward to great successful careers, but I know you're looking more forward to having children.
Oh my gosh, he's a white supremacist.
Look at the change in household net worth since the start started his presidency.
Look at it, under Trump it was skyrocketing.
Under Biden, it's literally flatlined.
Excuse me, it's gone below the line.
But, remember the first couple years, they told us, oh, the economy's great, there's no inflation.
And they said, well, it's moderate.
It's Trump's fault.
And now they tell us we inherited the inflation from Trump, though that's not true.
And the truth is, they only hope to have a giant expanding war that's so huge that it creates such a crisis that you forget about all the other horrible things they've done and they can create a permanent emergency.
That keeps him in power.
And it's the same thing for Benjamin Netanyahu, who's only got a 20% approval rating, but uses crises to stay in power.
Same thing with Trudeau, 20% approval rating, uses crises to stay in power.
And the same thing with the Mulas.
They've done big internal polls, where the Mulas have about 40% support, and the average age of the supporter is 70 years old.
Iran used to be like San Francisco.
Not now, but what San Francisco was like in the 70s is what Iran was like.
Metropolitan, smart, arts, beautiful, museums.
Look at it now.
And the mullahs Get incredible power out of their war with Israel.
They're bad.
The Israeli leadership's bad.
People need to understand that there's this human mindset of tribalism where people tend to think of like one group's good, one group's bad.
Well, no, not in World War II.
Hitler was bad and so was Stalin.
I understood we allied with Stalin and I understand why for a while, but he was just as bad in the long run.
We all know, most of us know, Hitler was bad and so was Stalin, right?
And America wasn't perfect, neither was England, but we were definitely not as bad as them.
A lot more freedom here than they had in Russia or Nazi Germany.
Well, it's the same thing.
And I would say the Mullahs are like Hitler, and Netanyahu's like Stalin.
That's about what we're dealing with here.
And of course, Netanyahu stood down.
It's overwhelmingly clear.
These idiots go, oh no, the military would have... didn't know what to do for seven and a half hours.
Michael Yohns lived over there.
He's a Green Beret.
He's a combat journalist, the most famous there is, and I know the doctrine.
He explained, ten minutes to get a helicopter up, they keep them loaded, ten minutes away at a base, Apaches, Cobras, Blackhawks, heavy weapons, launch them, they would have annihilated those people that were breaking through three fences.
They stood down.
Seven and a half hours.
Why did Israel do that?
Why did Israel found Hamas?
Because they're creating it, because Israel wants to keep control of its people by having an outside threat.
You know the Middle East before Israel moved in there.
In most areas was as metropolitan as the United States.
You know that, right?
Women wore bikinis all over the Middle East.
They played rock and roll.
I'm not even saying all that's perfect.
My point is the West went in and overthrew regimes.
They overthrew the Ba'athist regimes.
They were secular, and they put the radical Muslims in.
And then when we blow up the radical Muslims later, the borders are open, they bring them in here, and we elect them to Congress.
See how it works?
And now you see in America they're destroying our culture too.
The globalists don't want any culture.
They want to run over you.
Second hour, straight ahead, stay with us.
This is so, so important.
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All right, Edward Dowd on incredibly important COVID mass death news joined us coming up.
and where it's all headed at the bottom of the hour.
But after that, I'm opening the phones up to take everybody's phone calls.
Now, I have a ton of other news that I've not gotten to yet.
There is a lot of it.
Let me just tell you that.
And I'm going to be hitting it coming up next segment.
But you know, last week on the show, I said, There's no turning this around, and when I say that, I mean that.
Obviously, we're already in a crisis, things are already really bad, so we're not turning that around, we're in it.
But we can turn it around from total destruction and nuclear war and just a long, endless depression that's designed to bring us into global poverty because the globalists don't want upper mobility and general success and wealth for people anymore.
We can use the crisis they've created to expose the globalists, discredit them, and then make it through a fight with them politically, culturally, to stabilize things.
But anybody that tells you you're getting free this and free that and free healthcare and free college and Reparations and all this crap is lying to you.
The left, you know, obviously offering pie in the sky.
The right wing, though, the politicians up there, most of them are sold out.
We've got a beachhead in the Republican Party, but that's it, just a beachhead.
We haven't taken it over yet, but we're close.
We're gaining ground, that's why the system's so panicked.
They're not willing to tell their constituents how bad things are.
And that's really a problem, because I know when things are really terrible, it sounds weak to some people to say we're screwed.
Well, no, I mean, it's like you're in a car wreck and you're flopping around, your legs cut off and somebody runs up and says, lay down, relax.
I'm going to tie a tourniquet around.
If you keep fighting me, you're going to bleed to death.
That person's not being a fear monger.
They're like, hey, relax.
You know, I was a medic in the army.
Let's just randomly say the guy's a medic in the army or maybe in the You know, retired EMTs ride by and they know what to do and they jump out and they run over and they say, hey, you're like freaking out, you're bleeding out.
Hey, relax, I'm gonna, let me tie this off.
And it's the public needs to know that and leaders need to be honest about how serious things are.
And we also have to speak to the establishment because they're not all Psychotics that have a death wish.
They're not all megalomaniacs.
I think they're invincible.
It's a mix of both.
Both nihilist and just people who think they're invincible.
We've got to really talk about the grave danger everybody's in and have a collective, let's stop this.
But again, the general public knows things are bad.
They're pissed off about high grocery prices and crime and homeless everywhere and their neighbor dying of fentanyl and their dad dying of a COVID shot.
And, you know, people are starting to get it quick, but It took me 30 plus years to really get awake, even though I was around people that were awake when I was a kid.
It took me 30 years of being on air to really get to the point I'm at, and I still don't know as much as I should.
But compared to most people, it's a whole other level.
I know the audience of this broadcast are super smart and informed, and a lot of you are smarter than I am.
But it's great how awake Joe Rogan is.
And he's fully awake now, but he still doesn't go all the way because he thinks his audience can't handle him.
But he's getting there.
Tucker's going all the way.
He gets it.
He's just fully woken up the last few years.
And boy, he's off the races.
And again, waking up is not getting what Alex Jones says and repeating it.
It's once you see the perspective, once you see the hidden image, you can't unsee it.
And I've gone to those art galleries and I see that stuff online and I always instantly see the hidden image.
And they'll have these images on X and say, do you see the image?
And half the people go, I can't see it.
I can't see it.
And just the way my brain works, I instantly see all that stuff.
I mean, they unveiled the King Charles painting a few weeks ago.
And before I even HD'd it and blew it up, I went, that's demons all over the place.
I just saw them.
Horns, demons, and of course it was symmetrical demons and devils everywhere.
It turns out that's what that artist does.
But, again, it's just perspective.
Once you ship the perspective and you know how to see it, you can't unsee it.
We're going to go to break and talk about it.
Folks, we've got to go ahead and just tell people the bad truth.
That's what Churchill did in his big speech to start World War II.
He just said, The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the president gives the order, it must be followed.
All right, ahead of Edward Dowd joining us, who really is the amazing Wall Street whistleblower
on what really happened following the money on COVID, the latest developments, I want
to hit some really shocking news that's important to understand here in a moment.
But I did not plug anything in the entire first hour.
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What did I say back during the whole COVID thing?
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It's the lockdowns that they're doing that that's causing it.
And it's going to cause massive inflation.
And now the White House blames it on COVID.
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I started to mention this on the Sunday show last night, but I didn't get to all of it, but I want to go back here in a moment and I want to play the short clip.
of the former director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, who is, again, a rat leaving a sinking ship with Chris Cuomo, another rat leaving a sinking ship.
And just two weeks ago, Cuomo goes from arresting anybody that doesn't take the shot and take their jobs away and fire them to, oh, I'm damaged, I'm hurt, and it was terrible what people did to you.
I'm your friend now.
So he can sucker you back in.
He's reading a script.
The whole deep state's doing it, other than like Fauci.
Well, Redfield's saying, oh yeah, gain of function's real, it's illegal, it's terrible, Fauci's evil, and oh, by the way, you know, what we did really saved a lot of people and it's a really great shot, but I know a lot of people that are sick.
There's a, quote, significant side effects in a lot of people.
So we went from safe and effective to just very rare to, well, there's a lot of problems.
And it doesn't protect you.
So these are rats leaving a sinking ship and this ties in to everything else I'm going to be hitting in a moment.
I'm going to explain how this works.
This is very important to understand the enemy's methodology.
Go ahead and roll the clip.
No, those of us that tried to suggest there may be significant side effects from vaccines.
We kind of like with the rest of your show that you had early on, we kind of got canceled because no one wanted to talk about the potential that there was a problem from the vaccines.
It's because they were afraid that that would cause people not to want to get vaccinated.
The reality is, I was part of Warp Speed.
These are important vaccines.
We saved a lot of lives.
They're important for the most vulnerable people, those over 65, 60, 65 years of age.
They really aren't that critical for those that are under 50 or younger.
But those vaccines saved a lot of lives.
But they're also, we have to be honest, some people got significant side effects from the vaccine.
I have a number of people that are quite ill.
Uh, and they never had COVID, but they are ill from the vaccine, and we just have to acknowledge that.
Now I'm going to go to a clip of Dr. David Martin, who I think is one of the most articulate, best people out there exposing COVID.
And by the way, I met him at a great premiere for Mickey Willis.
He said he would come on.
It never happened.
He's one of my bucket list to get him on.
I had him scheduled like two years ago, and I had a family emergency, and I got mad on air, and Just walked off and left to go deal with a family thing.
That only happens like every three or four months, but it happens when I get mad.
And he thought it was personal.
And I really want to get him on because he's gone back into the documents and so did Dr. Francis Boyle.
It's not about who gets the credit, but they were both the first guys in the first few months.
I mean, I'm talking about Boyle was in February of 2020.
Explaining, no, it's a long-term project to weaponize the cold.
And remember growing up, even until like six, seven years ago, they always said we cannot make a vaccine for the common cold.
And when they would try, it would kill the rats and other animals they tested on.
It would cause all these autoimmune problems because the coronavirus is just basically part of our bodies.
It's everywhere.
So it's associated with all sorts of problems in the gut and the lungs and everywhere else, but more and more it looks like it's a byproduct, but they can use it as a carrier and weld it onto other viruses.
So I really want to get Dr. Martin on the show just as soon as we can, because it needs to happen.
He just did a great hour-long talk with Folks in England, and I posted to X, just much watch, it's up on Real Alex Jones for a few days ago, also posted this, and he's moving quick here, but all of this is dead on accurate.
So when I mentioned that we covered it back in 2020, it's not about competition, it's about, I know what he sings true, and the whole time he's been singing true, we're covering the same documents on air.
But he's a big financial guy, and he goes into all the financial ends in Wall Street and the companies.
Boyle wrote the bioweapons and chemical weapons laws for the U.S.
and was a top U.N.
He knows all about the history of the bioweapon production itself, and so does Martin.
But the reason I mention both their names is they've both done a great job nailing all this down.
And the big frustration, and it's something that Martin talks about, and I said this about Rand Paul a few years ago, Rand Paul has these letters, he has the emails, he knows that Fauci with the Pentagon Souped up COVID-19 and had it on the shelf years before they released it.
They even have it by name.
And Martin exposes that and so does Boyle.
And I would say Martin is more prolific on going about it.
So he does the best job overall.
It's just I'm mentioning other sources there because it's important.
And there's so much literature.
There's thousands of studies, as he says, and it's so frustrating that That this is not in Congress.
So is Rand Paul acting like he's exposing this and saying Fauci needs to go to jail just for lying about gain of function?
Why leave it with Fauci?
Why not go back to Chapel Hill and Obama and these projects and then the Bush before that and it goes back?
They've been working on this forever with spike proteins, with HIV and well, here it is.
It's a short clip.
It's only about seven minutes long, but it's historical and it needs to be on the record.
Here it is.
Most of you don't know that coronavirus as a model of a pathogen was isolated in 1965.
Coronavirus was identified in 1965 as one of the first infectious replicatable viral models that could be used to modify a series of other experiences of the human condition.
It was isolated once upon a time associated with the common cold.
But what's particularly interesting about its isolation in 1965 was that it was immediately identified as a pathogen that could be used and modified for a whole host of reasons.
And you heard me correctly.
That was 1965.
And by the way, these slides are public domain.
You're welcome to look at every single reference.
Every comment that I made is based on published material.
So do make sure that you look at those references.
But in 1966, The very first COV, coronavirus model, was used as a transatlantic biological experiment in human manipulation.
And you heard the date, 1966.
I hope you're getting the point of what I'm saying.
This is not an overnight thing.
This is actually something that's been long in the making.
A year before I was born, we had the first transatlantic coronavirus data sharing experiment between the United States and the United Kingdom.
And in 1967, the year I was born, we did the first human trials on inoculating people with modified coronavirus.
Isn't that amazing?
56 years ago.
The overnight success of a pathogen that's been 56 years in engineering.
And I want that to chill with all of you.
Where were we when we actually allowed, in violation of biological and chemical weapons treaties, where were we, as a human civilization, when we thought it was an acceptable thing to do to take a pathogen for the United States and infect the world with it?
Where was that conversation?
And what should have been that conversation in 1967?
in 1967.
That conversation wasn't had.
Ironically, the common cold was turned into a chimera in the 1970s.
And in 1975, 1976 and 1977, we started figuring out how to modify coronavirus by putting it into different animals.
Pigs and dogs.
And not surprisingly, by the time we got to 1990, we found out that coronavirus, as an infectious agent, was an industrial problem for two primary industries.
The industries of dogs and pigs.
Dog breeders and pigs found that coronavirus created gastrointestinal problems and that became the basis for Pfizer's first spike protein vaccine patent filed, are you ready for this?
In 1990.
Did you hear what I just said?
Operation Warp Speed?
I'm sorry.
Where's the warp and the speed?
Pfizer 1990, the very first spike protein vaccine for coronavirus.
Isn't that fascinating?
Isn't it fascinating that we were told that, well, the spike protein is a new thing?
We just found out that that's the problem.
As a matter of fact, we didn't just find out it was not just now the problem.
We found that out in 1990 and filed the first patents on vaccines in 1990 for the spike protein of coronavirus.
And who would have thought?
Clearly the innocent organization that does nothing but promote human health.
Clearly Pfizer.
The organization that has not bought the votes in this chamber and in every chamber of every government around the world.
Not that Pfizer.
Certainly they wouldn't have had anything to do with this.
But oh yes they did.
And in 1990 they found out that there was a problem with vaccines.
They didn't work.
You know why they didn't work?
It turns out that coronavirus is a very malleable model.
It transforms and it changes and it mutates over time.
As a matter of fact, every publication on vaccines for coronavirus from 1990 until 2018,
every single publication concluded that coronavirus escapes the vaccine impulse.
Because it modifies and mutates too quickly for vaccines to be effective.
And since 1990 to 2018, that is the published science, ladies and gentlemen.
That's following the science.
Following the science is their own indictment of their own programs that said it doesn't work.
And there are thousands of publications to that effect, not a few hundred.
And not paid for by pharmaceutical companies.
These are publications that are independent scientific research that shows unequivocally, including efforts of the Chimera modifications made by Ralph Barrett from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, all of them show vaccines do not work on coronavirus.
That's the science.
And that science has never been disputed.
But then we had an interesting development in 2002.
And this date is most important.
Because in 2002, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill patented, and I quote, an infectious replication defective clone of coronavirus.
Listen to those words.
Infectious replication defective.
What does that phrase actually mean?
For those of you not familiar with language, let me unpack it for you.
Infectious replication defective means a weapon.
It means something meant to target an individual but not have collateral damage to other individuals.
That's what infectious replication defective means.
And that patent was filed in 2002 on work funded by NIAID's Anthony Fauci from 1999 to 2002.
And that work, patented at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, mysteriously preceded SARS 1.0 by a year.
Dave, are you suggesting that SARS 1.0 wasn't from a wet market in Wuhan?
Are you suggesting it might have come from a laboratory in the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill?
No, I'm not suggesting it.
I'm telling you that's the facts.
We engineered SARS.
SARS is not a naturally occurring phenomenon.
The naturally occurring phenomenon is called the common cold.
It's called influenza-like illness.
It's called gastroenteritis.
That's the naturally occurring coronavirus.
SARS is the research developed by humans weaponizing a life system model to actually attack human beings.
and they patented it in 2002.
And in 2003...
And what's frustrating is, that's all public knowledge.
It was actually all in the news over the years, they were doing that.
So Francis Boyle went public in January.
Late January, we had him on in early February 2020 saying all that.
Dr. Martin came out, was going over even more of the documents, laying it all out.
And that's why Fauci said, oh, we just developed this in two days at Pfizer.
And then when he's out talking to black community, we played the clip yesterday and the black man says, well, you just developed this too quickly.
He goes, it's actually 20 years of development.
And they knew in all these rat studies we've covered, the ones in, um, 2013, 14, 15 at Chapel Hill and the University of Texas at Galveston, that it killed more than half the rats they gave it to.
Ate their lungs, blood clots, all of it, infertility.
They knew exactly what they were doing.
Because as Dr. Martin said, it's a weapon.
It's a toxic replicating virus where it doesn't even, it's not the replication that gets you, it's that the virus itself is toxic and your body then attacks itself because it mimics different fast-growing tissues.
And I'm not the scientist, I've had Dr. Mikovits, who was a huge whistleblower before this happened, saying it was coming.
But her brain's like way up here on, you know, Level 100 and even listening to her, I can't understand half of it, but then I go read the white papers and it's all right there.
So, special guest is joining us that's worked to the highest levels in Wall Street and BlackRock and all the big companies and came out three plus years ago, Ed Dowd, and said, look at the insurance numbers are about to come out.
I'm talking to whistleblowers.
He's now had those whistleblowers last few years go public.
And now we're going to update on the mass death numbers and all the other things that are happening statistically and where he sees this going.
With Ed Dowd straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
Follow me on X at RealAlexJones.
That's critical.
Follow me at RealAlexJones.
Bring us this information.
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All right, Edward Dowd is our guest and he has been since day one exposing what this real situation is.
He's an ex-Wall Street professional at HSBC and BlackRock and you name it.
And he began exposing over three years ago.
What was really going on with this and then the insurance numbers and then had the major whistleblowers go public to Congress, legislatures, you name it.
So I've been following obviously him on X and seen clips of him on other shows.
I want to get him on the last month just to update us on the new numbers coming out from
not just here but around the world that back up what he was saying years ago and just how
serious this is.
So there's that big takeaway of this update.
But there is also another really central thing here.
What he said on the show two years ago and what I've been talking about because it's
the big enchilada.
What does the public do when they learn about this?
So we're now seeing all these different people like Redfield and Chris Cuomo and Bill Maher
and the list goes on for a thousand plus prominent people.
Oh, we were never trying to make you take it.
They even had that former Planned Parenthood Chinese lady that was on CNN.
She's now up there on national TV saying, oh, we never made you take it.
We never made you wear a mask.
Bill Gates is saying he never made you wear a mask.
Leaders in Canada and leaders in Australia are saying we never tried to make you take it.
So there's a lot of backpedaling going on, but if you read the SPARS 2025-2028 document, if you read that, they even predict this would happen.
So they've even baked this in, but it's much worse backlash than they were even waiting for.
That's real wargaming.
What our response would be, how they would then try to pacify that.
I think it's fair to say, Edward Dowd, the Great Awakening is here, Team Humanity is awake, and this is blown up in their face.
Thank you for being here, appreciate your time.
People can follow you, obviously, at Getter, at Edward Dowd, and on X at Dowdward.
And again, just type in Edward Dowd into X, everybody should follow you.
Which part do you want to tackle first?
Well, let's just talk about the numbers as of the end of 2023.
In February, end of February, I went down to D.C.
and testified in Ron Johnson's panel.
There were a bunch of doctors and experts and I was the The numbers guy just gave what we would call a pandemic scorecard of how the policymakers did since they instituted all their crazy-making policies in 2020 and 21.
And we measured it, we split it up between 2020, pre-vaccine and then post-vaccine.
and then post vaccine.
And in 2020, there were 458,000 excessive deaths.
There's a lot of people who have said that a lot of that, those deaths were needless.
There was denial of early treatment, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and that was a systematic smearing of those medicines because to get the EUA to ram through the vaccine, the EUA is the Emergency Use Authorization.
You needed to have no existing treatments available to get such a vaccine out there without any testing and get immunity to the pharmaceutical company.
So there was a actual effort to suppress these treatments.
So those excess deaths in 2020 could have been severely reduced.
So that was kill shot number one, murder scene number one.
They also closed people from seeing their loved ones.
They put them on remdesivir.
They intubated them, which we now know is probably a death shot.
So that was 500,000 Americans perished in 2020.
Then if you look at 2021 to 2023, we conservatively estimated about 1.1 million people in the U.S.
died excessively.
And the bulk of that was 2122.
we conservatively estimated about 1.1 million people in the U.S. died excessively.
And the bulk of that was 21-22.
There were zero excess disabilities in 2020, zero.
And then they took off starting in February of 2021, an additional 4 million Americans from a base of about 29-30
into last year, June was the high.
So 4 million Americans disabled, half of which were employed, curiously enough.
So, you know, why would the employee who are the healthiest amongst us all of a sudden get disabled?
And again, this is not people scamming the system.
This is just a real-time survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
It's not a monthly survey.
It comes out with the payroll numbers.
So we have that number.
And then we've estimated through more data at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, absence rates and work time loss that went off the charts in 21 and 22.
So we estimated an injury number, people who are chronically sick, their immune system's blown up.
Of about 28.6 million people in the U.S.
That's a total of 33 million people in the U.S.
that are either dead, disabled, or injured.
Obviously, the death toll being the smallest number, it's a funnel.
So, the injured can turn into disabled, and the disabled can turn into dead people.
Morbidity leads to mortality, obviously.
Now, we haven't done a global number, but if you want to do back-of-the-envelope math from the numbers I just gave you for the U.S., I can come up with it.
Again, it's not scientific.
We like to do real data analysis, but Dennis Rancourt's number of 17 million is at the high end of our death estimate, and the low end globally is about 8.5 million.
And again, that's back-of-the-envelope math.
Dennis had a method that he did so and we've looked at it.
It's one method of doing it.
So there's a lot of dead people globally.
Disabled globally, if you use just the U.S.
numbers and assume 5 billion people are vaccinated, it's about 60 million disabled individuals and then about 500 million people whose immune systems have been blown up.
So this is a disaster globally.
We believe it's the vaccine.
We have no doubt about it.
Some of the excess deaths may be due to Lockdowns, starvation in other countries and maybe some pickup in fentanyl and maybe some suicides, but we think the bulk of the excess deaths are vaccine related.
Now, you were going off your insurance company experts in your own analysis, and that's obviously what you've done professionally.
And it turned out, I think, to be a little bit worse from the numbers I've seen than what you estimated.
But now we have prestigious scientists, we have governments coming out with similar numbers, and it's just unspeakable, really.
You can't overhype.
The backlash now, and it seems like major procedure studies every day about how it ravages the immune system, ravages the reproductive system, destroys the cardiovascular system, just attacks the central nervous system.
How is the establishment going to respond to this?
Well, they're doing it now and I'm watching it and you've probably seen some of my Twitter posts.
It's the narrative tap dance.
So we've gone from you and I were nutter conspiracy theorists to well, your numbers are too high.
It wasn't that bad.
That's where we are.
We're at the debate about what the numbers are and they're starting to leak.
Well, there was some vaccine injury, but it's not very high.
We need to care for them.
So this is a narrative tap dance.
Some individuals are doing it purposely.
Others are unwittingly doing it because they were injured.
And I don't think everybody that's like Chris Cuomo, I just think he is slowly tap dancing into the arena.
And eventually, once he gets to people like me and looks at the hard numbers, he'll become enraged.
He's already probably very mad that he's injured.
But he's providing a limited hangout without knowing it.
Well, when we talk about Redfield or people like Cuomo, though, we know that Cuomo's got money, both the governor and his brother.
We know Maddow got a bunch of money.
She's not backpedaling, though, but most of them are.
I think they're really liable, including criminally, as all this comes out, to be accessories, you know, too Fauci.
And I think it's clear they're getting ready to hang Daszak out to dry, maybe even Fauci.
We've seen Redfield distancing himself for over a year and a half now.
How do you see that unfolding and do you agree with what I said before as I introduced you that they had some planning and knowing that this was going to come out.
We know it's depopulation operation that's confirmed now.
We would have professors that pushed the shots to save humanity now admit they want to kill everybody with a deadly pathogen.
So people are really getting the full horror of it.
Do you think the establishment shocked by the backlash and how do you think they're going to try to compensate for that?
Well, you know, I think you and I talked about this a couple of years ago.
This may be part of the plan, knowing that the backlash will cause a distrust of all institutions.
So institutions collapse, and then, you know, some shiny people we haven't seen yet come to the forefront with new solutions and new systems.
And that's what we've got to watch.
That's what you said word for word the first time you came on, I think, like two and a half years ago.
You nailed that.
So tell us, since you told us what's coming, tell us what's coming next.
Well, so right now we get this election in November and there's crazy making all over the place.
The little lawfare against Trump.
I don't care what you think about Trump.
What they're doing to him is literally so unconstitutional, so out of the norms.
They came for you.
They're going to come for everybody.
This is the totalitarian technocratic takeover.
And it all comes back in my mind to the financial system, which is Literally, in the end days, they need a reset.
They don't want to take the fall for it because of all the debt that's out there.
So the politicians and the central bankers have to come up with excuses to collapse the system.
And they want to, you know, dangle little distractions over here, over there, wars, pandemics, and I've even joked about an alien invasion because, you know, to keep the system alive, you need constant credit creation.
It's a Ponzi scheme, but it's gotten to the point where to support the debt you've already issued, you need to issue more debt.
That's how money is created, through debt issuance.
So you need to keep creating more More debt, you need excuses to ease monetary conditions faster and more rapidly now because the time to crisis is getting shorter and shorter because mathematically the system is literally so fragile it could blow up at any moment.
So you need to have a distraction or a cause you can point to.
Another one that I've been thinking about and we saw some Seeding of a narrative in Reuters and AP.
And whenever you see Reuters and AP seed a narrative, you know it's an intelligence agency.
Reuters and AP are CIA, MI6, on record.
On record.
And when you see narratives come out there, be very suspicious.
One that came out a couple months ago was, oh, AI could be so dangerous it could collapse the financial system.
Yeah, the ghost in the machine is going to collapse the financial system.
The financial system is going to collapse of its own weight.
It's mathematically, we're in the endgame.
It's not 110 years of the private Federal Reserve.
It's not the fractional reserve banking.
It's not the derivatives.
It's not all the scams.
It's not all the overprinting of money.
It's not all the entitlements.
No, the AI is going to do it.
The AI.
And when I read that, I mean, I just laughed.
I broke out laughing and I posted it on Twitter a couple months ago.
So just, you know, be smart.
Whatever you see put forward as the cause of what's about to happen.
And again, timing is hard to figure out.
We're thinking the real economy is a disaster.
They're keeping, we call this the MacGyver economy.
They're keeping it together with chewing gum, masking tape, and tinfoil.
And they're going to try to hold this thing up until the election.
And if Trump does get in, they're going to, you know, probably let it collapse or it will collapse right when he gets in.
Or they don't keep control of the situation before the election because there are things going on that are out of their control.
There's a serious, serious problem at the Bank of Japan.
Japan, the European Central Bank and the U.S.
have been coordinating global monetary policy since the Great Financial Crisis.
And Japan is at a problem right now.
They have 250% debt to GDP.
Their currency is hitting levels we haven't seen since the 90s.
It's devaluating because they print so much money.
and they have a demographic problem and the US raised interest rates, they can't raise interest
rates. So they have a Hobbesian choice. They either play ball with the US and keep the global
financial system afloat or they torch their own economy and their currency goes to zero.
So that's where we are. And this is the game. The game is global finance, keeping the system
afloat until they can pull the plug and bring in their control systems.
And it seems like, sorry, I was going to say, it seems like they're a deer in the headlights too,
because they didn't cut rates, they didn't increase rates.
It looks like deer in the headlights to me, and it seems like no matter... I think what you're saying is they're out of options now.
There are other options, and it's getting very close to some sort of credit event, the likes of a global fire where they can't control it, and it's default-default chain, custody chain reactions, and things go kaplooey.
So, over the weekend, something interesting happened.
There's this bank, a private bank in Japan called Norin Chunkin.
And there's this guy on Twitter who's a financial guy, lives in Hong Kong.
He goes by the handle of JustDario.
He's a great analyst.
I've been following him for about a year.
And he's been on top of this Japanese yen situation.
And he flagged a bank About five, six months ago in Japan, they mysteriously started getting Fed repos.
They were admitted to the standing repo program at the Federal Reserve, a private Japanese bank.
So you ask yourself, what's going on with that?
Why are we Lending money to a private Japanese bank.
And it turns out this bank could be systemic to Japan.
And over the weekend, they quietly issued a press release saying they're going to raise $7.5 billion in equity capital.
They claim that they're solving, but you don't raise that kind of equity capital unless you've got serious problems.
So literally, it's going to be very interesting this summer to see if the system can hold together before the elections.
And it could go at any time.
Well, we look technically at the markets, we think the time frame for real economic turmoil.
I mean, there already is economic, the real economy is intact.
But when this starts to hit the financial global capital markets sometime in the fall, third quarter of 2024, right around the elections.
Now, we see record activity by the billionaires building bunkers and building redoubts in the middle of nowhere around the world.
And even their own publications are saying, wow, it's going to get really rough.
And the Davos Group bragged that they would use a financial collapse to bring in their next financial global central bank cashless society, obviously.
But that all was predicated on the public not blaming them.
But because Gates and Schwab and the UN are now villainously hated everywhere and it's intensifying, Now they're going to get the blame.
So A, do you agree with that?
B, where do you see that going?
And then when we talk about the fallout, how bad would this financial collapse be?
Because if 90% of the public was rural during the Great Depression, And half of those were self-sufficient according to university studies.
You know, that's 40 plus percent self-sufficient and then they could take care of the rest.
If you've got maybe 20 percent rural now and maybe half of those self-sufficient, that won't be able to take care of 20, 30 percent.
And so we had this estimated 7 million people died of malnutrition during the Great Depression, but people still knew how to skin a buck and run a trot line.
They were just one generation out of the country, if even they lived in the city.
The type of end of days Diego Mortensen's "The Road" scenario I see here,
really is so hard for me to even grasp it, and I've got a good idea of what it would look like,
that it's so horrifying, Edward, I can't even speak to the public
about how much grave danger we're in.
Yeah, I don't like to go there because you and I live in this world,
and I would hope that the policy makers at least try to kick the can down the road,
save themselves and us at the same time, give us each more time to battle each other.
Because if they lose control, it becomes chaos writ large.
And so I don't know how bad of an economic collapse it's going to be until I see their policy responses and whether or not they were.
And so we won't know how bad it's going to be until after their reaction, there'll be rallies in the financial markets when they come in to do what they normally do, print more money, issue more debt, you know, you know, break laws, rewrite laws to, you know, save financial institutions, whatever.
But, you know, if they can't, if they can't stem what's coming or control it, then it's chaos unleashed.
And then we have supply chains break down.
We have, you know, people's 401ks, you know, down 80 percent, that kind of thing.
I'm looking, I'm conservatively calling for 30 to 50 percent market correction based on them trying to save the system one more time.
But again, if they can't, then, you know, Katie, bar the door.
Well, I mean, look, They say they rolled out their COVID operations so they could get more liquidity into themselves and prop it up, but that killed the real economy because they greedily wanted to consolidate at the same time.
If I was them, I would be releasing all the disruptive technologies, the free energy.
I would create incredible optimism.
I would be boosting farming.
I would be calling for peace.
I would be turning off all the social engineering for divide and conquer.
And innovating out of this is obviously the only way out, not building bunkers.
So it just shows that That there's really something wrong with them, that their solution to control us is austerity, when it's obviously the opposite.
To end one bubble, they need to create a bunch of new ones based on innovation that would become bubbles and corrupt down the road, but that's 30, 40 years.
I mean, do you see what I'm saying?
Yeah, you know, it's baffling to me why they're taking this route, but to do this kind of planning and collapse the system and take total control, which COVID was a war game to see if they could do it.
They were hoping to bring in Digital IDs, vaccine passports, and whatnot.
But unfortunately for them, the vaccine was deadly out of the chute.
If you really wanted this thing to slowly kill people over time, you wouldn't make it so that people start dropping dead immediately after the vaccine, especially young people.
That's where people started to figure out something was very wrong.
So I think the vaccine was more deadly than they anticipated.
And so all of a sudden they're caught flat-footed.
And if they wanted to roll this all back, They've already created these systems and people are profiting off them.
There's a whole censorship industry that's funded making money that isn't going to stop because they get the orders to stop.
They're going to keep doing what they're doing because they make their living off it.
I mean, Mike Benz, I don't know if you've had him on yet, he was on Tucker.
He's done a great job of calling the blob.
It's a consortium of intelligence agencies.
Government entities and private entities that are in the business of censoring anything that is not conducive to narrative or profits.
Sure, and they're going to sell it to government even, or sell it to private corporations even if government stops buying it.
So the genie's out of the bottle.
So let me ask you this, you're a smart guy, I respect you.
If you were advising the globalists, because there are some that aren't totally insane, I've met with some of them off record, what would you advise them to do?
I mean, you heard my little, you know, layman back of the envelope, innovate, release a bunch of technologies, shift from the negative war economy, you know, to a, you know, empower the people one.
Is that a possible thing?
Or how would you get us out of this?
Well, the problem is they've been caught and they're psychopaths.
And I've seen this on Wall Street.
And their egos are involved.
And they can't admit they're wrong.
I mean, they're constitutionally incapable of admitting they're wrong.
So people like that will operate until they're put in handcuffs.
So there's a whole swath of these folks who need to be put in handcuffs.
The ones you're talking about that maybe participated and didn't see the full picture were kind of siloed.
Those are the people we need to talk to and have them help us, you know, figure out, A, how we reset the economy and the global economy is going to reset whether we want it to or not.
The question is, do we have a seat at the table?
So we need to get a lot of these people in the silos who have taken the jab, been poisoned, They didn't get the memo that the jab was poisonous.
They need to come, you know, have a come-to-Jesus moment and join with Team Humanity or, you know, it's gonna be very bad for them.
Probably worse for them than it is for you and me and everybody else that's awake.
Well, that's right.
And there is some positive signs.
We are seeing a lot of people in the establishment head for the exits, a lot of public media people, but there's also been a heading for the exit.
It's really for three, four years with a lot of really powerful, serious people that, you're right, were compartmentalized, made money off the system, but never really believed it was that evil.
And I think the horror of the COVID rollout finally shook them out of their slumber.
Yeah, you know, for me, you know, I've known for a long time the system was corrupt, but it was like, what can I do about it?
I'm just a dude.
And then, you know, in 2021, I was sitting there watching people take the vaccines in the early days saying, what are you doing?
This thing is, all the rats died.
This thing's a joke.
Don't go near it.
And everyone thought I was insane.
And I didn't realize what was going on, which was a massive psyop propaganda campaign to really incentivize the globe to take this thing.
Then when the mandates came, I said to myself, okay, that's it.
I have to get involved.
And I can no longer stand by and be, you know, knowing things are bad and just trying to eke out a living.
So I just said to myself, I'm going to get involved.
And honestly, I didn't know I'd blow up as much as I did, you know, in the media.
All I did, I was just a dude with 16,000 followers on Twitter who met Dr. Malone and he amplified me.
And like I said, I'm going to watch the numbers.
And sure enough, the numbers were ridiculously bad.
And then I assembled a team of geniuses around me.
My partners, Carlos and Yuri, are bona fide Ph.D.
Rocket scientists, basically.
And these guys are doing the heavy lifting of all the research on our website at finance.com.
And then introduce this video that your friend made.
It's funny but also sad and got some great animations.
So that's coming up.
We'll go to break.
You can finish up your point.
Introduce this video.
We'll play it and then you're going to leave us and I appreciate you.
And then we're going to cover all the other news and open the phones up in the third and fourth hour.
We'll be right back in two minutes with Ed Dowd.
I'm going to tell you what's on my mind.
The only thing on American I'm hearing is the constant parade of attacks by your foul-mouthed, flea-bitten listeners against our noble president.
I am a Biden believer.
And here's what's going to go down in 24.
Biden's going to walk away again, wiping the floor with Trump like he did in 2020.
Because America believes in Biden.
Hollywood believes in Biden, like Mark Hamill.
And we all know that Trump is going to try to cheat, but he's going to go down in flames.
And all I hear is the anger and the bitter and your alcoholism.
I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
on the terms with the end of white cisgender Christian America.
As we rise, rise, the pink haired warriors, the non-binary warriors,
the transgenders, we're rising and we're going to sweep you aside.
I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
The frightened middle-aged white man clinging to his guns and his religion
and his money and his privilege.
Get ready baby, because pretty soon you will be swept aside in the new order of things.
Get ready, baby, because pretty soon you will be swept aside in the new order
of things. And you know what that new order is?
And you know what that new order is?
It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come together
It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come together and live together.
And yes, there will be communism.
Yes, there will be Sharia law, because you don't understand.
Queers for Palestine, together forever strong.
We are coming together in a coalition.
One big, great big coalition that will win a day in 2024 when you're all crying.
When you're all just so broken up because you're lost again.
It's a new dawn in America with a rainbow, a transgender rainbow sweeping across the land to sweep you aside into obscurity.
The time of the white cisgendered man is over.
Your privilege card has been revoked.
You will accept the new refugees, the new Americans.
And here's the secret.
We're in charge.
We tell you what to do.
So get ready.
Get ready to give up your guns, give up your gold, give up your privilege, and accept the way things are now.
The pink-haired warriors are here, and we're not going anywhere.
You will not legislate us out of existence.
You will not put us back in the closet and we will not be quiet.
Free, free from your oppressive grip.
Put your head on us and tell you what, I'm a Biden believer.
When Biden smiles, the sun shines.
When he weeps, the rain falls.
His strong hands lift up the oppressed and his foot stomps on the white supremacists.
So this is how it's going to go down in 24.
Joe Biden's going to be back for four more years and then Kamala Harris for eight.
And then Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
Alright, Ed Dowd sent me an interesting little music video with great animation that one of his friends made.
We're going to play this little short segment, come back, and he wants to talk about solutions.
And we'll talk about Elon Musk and a lot more after we air this video.
But tell us about your friend's video.
Yeah, so Ben Joseph Stewart was a member of an indie rock band called Histrionics.
It disbanded around 2012.
But he came to Maui.
He's now a filmmaker.
He did a documentary with me, Unsafe and Ineffective, that was produced by Aubrey Marcus.
It's a great hour-long video about what happened with the vaccines and COVID and ivermectin.
I suggest you try to find that if you can and send it to your loved ones who still think everything's hunky-dory.
But Ben Joseph Stewart is a fabulous human being, and he and his band did this song, I think in 2012, but it's very prophetic.
It's called Paper Nation.
We're gonna roll it.
Paper Nation.
We gotta roll it right now.
Here it is.
We'll be right back.
I'm late.
I'm late.
I'm too late.
Too late for what?
I'm late.
I'm late.
I'm too late.
We have pure imagination.
They have books for masturbation.
We have resolution.
They have bombs to sink a nation.
Maybe that's why the nation's falling.
Maybe that's why the earth is calling.
Maybe that's why the nation's falling down.
Down just a little bit more.
More of the bridges burning, separate the people Wouldn't need a revolution if we had a chance to heal
So ding, the nation's falling Ding, the earth is calling
Ding, your nation's falling down We are the people, the nation is paper
And if the nation's burning, then the people brought it down
Place all the blame on the same set of names But the mother fucker's burning and it's us that brought it
down Consciousness and fame got money, money, power, power
We share the fuel, fill the window to the soul I can see by the lies we're about to lose control.
Maybe it's for the best this time.
Maybe it's for the best this time.
Maybe it's for the best this time around.
We are the people, the nation of paper.
And if the nation's burning, can the people put it down?
♪ Brought it down ♪ ♪ Placed all the blame ♪
♪ On the same set of names ♪ ♪ But the mother fucker's burning ♪
♪ And his trust, it brought it down ♪ ♪ Consciousness and fear ♪
♪ You got me on the power ♪ ♪ Consciousness and fear ♪
♪ You got me on the power ♪ ♪ Consciousness and fear ♪
♪ You got me on the power ♪ ♪ Consciousness and fear ♪
♪ You got me on the power ♪ ♪ Consciousness and fear ♪
♪ You got me on the power ♪ ♪ Consciousness and fear ♪
This song really did predict a lot of stuff.
I didn't realize it was old.
I thought it was good when I watched it.
It's even better now that it's old.
Talk about tomorrow's news today.
You've got money, money, power, power.
We are the people, the nation's neighbor.
And if the nation's burning, then the people brought it down.
Place all the blame on the same set of names.
But the mother fucks are burning and it's us that brought it down.
Consciousness and faith you've got money, money, power, power.
Consciousness and faith you've got money, money, power, power.
Add again, what's the name of this?
I'm going to post it on Twitter.
This was made when?
I think 2012.
We'll check that.
But it's old and it's prophetic and it's called Paper Nation.
Well, if your buddy's okay with it, I'll upload it myself to X and we'll probably get a million views.
Oh, yeah, I know.
He's totally cool with it.
All right, well, we'll do it right now with a video in 2012 predicting what's happening now.
We'll be right back with that, Dowd, in 60 seconds.
And coming to you live from the beautiful islands of Hawaii, Edward Dowd.
Very smart, well-spoken guy that really helped a lot of big whistleblowers.
And experts come out on the insurance actuaries and the raw numbers that are now being reported in Congress or being reported in the EU government.
It's confirmed, they're not denying.
20 plus million dead around the world from the shots and growing and it's only intensifying and people are dropping dead all over the place.
Young people, they have TV ads in Europe and Canada, the US, heart attacks for normal and little children.
They're admitting mass miscarriages.
It's insane.
But there's good news because people are waking up during this period.
And Ed, you want to talk about team humanity and solutions and what people can do in this incredibly dangerous age.
Because the Chinese proverb is, may you live in interesting times, which means both good and bad.
So we've got to make lemonade out of these lemons.
Yeah, so look, this all starts with you, the individual, and your mindset.
And for me, you know, years ago, I suffered with depression.
And depression is nothing more than constant toggling in the past and the future, worrying about nonsense.
And I cured my depression, got off all the drugs, and, you know, started to heal through God, living in the present moment, diet, and exercise.
And in these times, it's easy to get depressed, get in fear.
Once you get in fear and anxiety, you're not that far away from depression.
So you have to keep your mindset as strong as you can and understand that, you know, nothing is that bad in the present moment.
You know, the sun's going to come up, everything's going to be fine.
If you currently have a job, great.
You have a roof over your head, great.
Don't sit around worrying about losing it.
Don't worry about what you can't control.
And then when it comes, take it day by day.
And that's how I live my life.
I mean, you know, I'm literally like the prophet of doom and gloom, the Grim Reaper, because I'm following all this death and destruction.
And if I wanted to get angry and mad and live in that, I would lose my mind.
So I try to do what I can, try to get the word out, but I also try to live my life.
I hang out with like-minded individuals.
I try to find a community of people that I can relate to that are awake.
And I suggest everybody do the same.
Everybody needs to find a core group of people that you don't have to agree on everything, but you got to kind of have a core worldview.
And one of the core worldviews is there was a mass poisoning that just occurred.
And if you're not down with that, you really can't hang with people that aren't aware of that because they're just they're still living in the matrix.
And you need to wake them up gently if you can, but you're not going to be able to rely on those people who can't see the force of the truth.
Continue down that line because, again, it's not negative to say how bad things are.
It's positive to admit it, say it's an adventure, and then realize they're going to try to depress us and control us to make us bend to their will.
We have to explain they're the ones wrecking civilization and us going along with it, and then start building alternative systems so that people have something to move to instead of their great reset.
The reset's happening.
The globalists are panicked to get us in line.
They did the beta test of COVID.
They even admit now.
At Deimos, you and I said this years ago, but they admitted two weeks ago, oh, we use COVID as a beta test for the new system, the carbon lockdowns, the new cashless society, the new beautiful world they're building, this feudalist hellhole, and they even admit that it totally blew up in their face.
At all their big foundational meetings, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative meetings, they get up there and say, wow, everybody hates us at Deimos this year.
They said, our main thing is getting trust back, but They don't have any trust, so we're in this paradox where they're still controlling things through BlackRock, but they're almost universally hated.
This is quite the paradox.
Yeah, and you know, you gotta take the flip side of what's coming.
Let's say there is a financial market crash.
Well, that's a great opportunity for young people who can't buy homes, who can't invest in stocks that are overpriced.
I mean, what comes from a deflation of financial assets is someone else's opportunity when people panic and sell.
So there's always opportunity in chaos, and you just got to keep your head straight and accept it.
Being in acceptance is the key because You know, there's so much out there, Alex, you and I can't control.
I try to predict things.
Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong.
But, you know, what I do try to be aware of is what I can't control and just give it up to God.
Because if you sit around worrying about things you can't control, you'll lose your mind.
And there's so many people that think they have control in their lives and they don't.
Shifting gears into geopolitical developments, the attempted assassination of the Slovakian Prime Minister, who's been calling for peace and becoming the leader, getting other EU members to say, we don't want Ukraine to join NATO.
That was causing a domino effect.
Now the Iranian president mysteriously going down in a helicopter.
I mean, I've been predicting they're going to start assassinating anybody that's backing Russia, and clearly that's going on.
Where do you see all that going?
So it's a good news, bad news situation.
The bad news is people are being killed.
The good news is they have to now start killing people because the word is spreading so quickly.
So they're at the point now where they're shutting up people by literally taking them out.
And that is going to be just another indication of how corrupt the system is and it's going to wake up more people.
By the way, I totally agree with you because I wanted to hear what you said.
I was about to say, I wanted your view, but that's a major sign of weakness.
You start offing people because you can't handle what they say or they might be, you know, like the Slovakian leader.
That's a tell to me that we're winning.
It's sad.
And, you know, there are going to be casualties in this war.
And now we're at the kinetic part.
We're literally at the kinetic part, but it's starting with individuals before it goes into the cities.
They're going to they're trying to gin that up so they can create martial law.
But we have to avoid participating in that nonsense.
The good news about the Palestinian protests a couple weeks ago is I did some research, called some kids on college campuses that I know, and 99% of the students couldn't care less.
They want to finish their exams and go drink beer.
It's a very tiny minority of brainwashed students and then about half the people in those encampments are 40 years old and 30 year old thugs from outside.
So, it's a sigh-off.
It's not a real thing.
The nation has got a problem, but there's more of us than there are of them.
It's a tiny minority and they try to blow it up so that we think everybody's insane.
What is your view on the whole situation in Israel?
I mean, I see it as Israel standing down, Iran helping finance it, all these governments get power out of a war, then the Palestinians pay, the Democrats ship the survivors here as voters, and then the very same Democrats giving the bombs to Israel that are the saviors of the angry Muslims.
You know, I like to look at this as like a chess game, and I looked at what went on on October 7th.
The timing of it was super curious.
It came right at a time when the COVID narrative was falling apart with Steam, and then this happened, and that wiped the COVID.
It's a perfect way to divide people even further.
in the vaccines off the map for a brief period. It's a perfect way to divide people even further.
People ask me, "Which side do you choose?" I choose neither side. I don't like people dying
needlessly. So peace is what we need to call for.
I don't want to get into who's right, who's wrong, who's committing atrocities, but the timing of it is super curious.
It's apparent to me that this is like their 9-11 where the Palestinians, they knew they were coming in, they let them come in, and then they created the conflict necessary to chin this up.
I mean Netanyahu is on record financing Hamas.
We know this.
This is a fact.
How is it going for Israel?
I mean, at one level, it's destroyed Israel's name around the world, but Israel, I think, is clearly trying, or the leadership, to stay in power, elicit a bigger attack, to then be the victim again, and then secure Israel basically expanding its power.
Well, I'm not terribly knowledgeable of Israeli politics, but let's talk about Jews at home in the U.S.
It's becoming apparent to a lot of Jews in the U.S.
that are, you know, dyed-in-the-wool liberal leftists, that maybe they're on the wrong team.
And so there's a lot of new awakenings going on amongst the Jewish community.
Why are we supporting people that want us dead?
In the U.S., that is a good thing.
A lot of Jewish people are trying to figure out, why am I a Democrat again?
Why am I a liberal?
And they're having a cognitive dissonance, which eventually will lead to, hopefully, an awakening.
Shifting gears into Trump, you mentioned it earlier, that it's got to be on purpose, that it's turning everybody against him, but they have that arrogance of power, they believe they were invincible, even Fareed Zakaria, and now even Mitt Romney, who's the biggest Democrat of, you know, any of them, have said, boy, we shouldn't have done this, it backfired.
Well, I mean, I don't claim to be the rocket scientist of geopolitics or politics, but that was a no-brainer, that take a popular person, And then try to take him off the ballot and throw a bunch of fake indictments against him while crime rages in the streets, that that would give Trump a bump.
I mean, that's like throwing Briar Rabbit in the Briar Patch.
But I think at one level it was pure humorous, but elaborate on that and what you expect them to do now.
Because I agree that the campus protest or a bunch of communists trying to seize on anger over
Israel and cause a Cloward and Piven style uprising
for destabilization, but clearly all the media hype, movies, oh, civil war, white supremacist everywhere,
the Democrats have introduced bills to strip the emergency powers from Trump,
which is really a legislative coup against the executive for the insurrection act saying,
oh, there'll obviously be uprisings once he's president elect,
and we're gonna drive him from power when he's president elect,
and they've got movies like civil war.
Clearly, they're telling us what they're planning.
Can you give me your view on that?
Yeah, they want maximum destabilization and we all know how these people operate.
They have a deep understanding of how to control populations psychologically.
This has been going on since the Babylonian mystery schools.
How do you control populations through fear and anxiety and anger and division?
And these lawfare streets against Trump are, for anybody with a critical thinking skill that is not emotional, they know what's wrong.
But what they're trying to do is not so much, you know, convince people like us that Trump is a bad person.
They want to wind up their 20% of their base that's insane and get them all emotional so that if Trump gets in, these people will take to the streets.
They have a reason to call martial law.
It's all about creating and winding up emotionally unstable people who have been through years of propaganda and victimization, get them out into the streets and gin up this quote-unquote civil war.
And we win by no one doing that.
The problem is there is this, you know, anywhere from 10 to 20% of the population is just brainwashed beyond belief and emotionally unstable.
And they operate on emotions, fear, anger, envy, jealousy, and that's where they are.
And that's how you get people to get into the streets.
It's a game plan.
Gut level, what do you think is going to happen with Trump?
I think he wins, but there's going to be a lot of chaos around it.
A lot of chaos.
they're gonna try to cheat.
And I think we gotta be on the lookout for the bird flu, which Mitt Romney last week was trying to gin up fear about.
And that seems to be something that, you look at the organizations of the government
and the AP and Reuters, they're taking it seriously.
In my humble opinion, it's not a real thing unless they release something that we're unaware of.
But a guy who got pink eye in Texas is not something to be concerned about.
So right now, I have zero fear about it unless they release something and start spreading it, which is definitely in the cards.
That's that's out there.
There's cyber attack out there lurking.
There's all sorts of there's climate lockdowns.
I mean, we just had solar flares.
The likes of which we haven't seen in years with, you know, Aurora Borealis as south as Alabama.
And they could gin up scares over that kind of thing.
They're going to use fear to control the populations.
And literally, they might, you know, in their own words, Klaus Schwab calls it poly-crisis.
He says, we're going to be on the lookout for poly... What is poly?
That's basically like The FHIT hitting the fan all at once, you know, a new pandemic, world war, financial collapse, climate lockdowns.
They may try all of it, you know, full spectrum.
I totally agree.
Let's go back before you make more of these points because they're so important.
Clearly, they're warming up all these crises to try to use them for control.
But the bird flu, definitely, and you nailed it.
They keep saying it's about to make the jump to humans and then you see all these news articles that it has jumped to humans in local news but it's never true and they show pink eye and then the CDC says don't worry the UN says don't worry it hasn't jumped yet but it's imminent and then we clearly know they admit that they've weaponized a bunch of this so it's waiting and then they could release some of it to again create the fear right ahead of the election.
I mean, it's very obvious when they're pre-setting something up.
It's like watching mom cook dinner and she's getting it out of the oven
and setting up the place where it's saying, hey kids, get the iced tea.
Okay, everybody, ding, ding, it's time to eat.
They've got the bell in their hand about to go ding, ding.
Yeah, what's absurd about this whole thing is COVID hit during an election year, mysteriously.
And also as the global economy was starting to falter.
Perfect timing.
You save the global economy and the debt system, and you also do it right before an election, and you have mail-in ballots to steal it from Trump.
I don't care what anybody thinks.
That election was stolen.
Anybody that's a quant that can use math skills can see what happened.
It was a joke.
We saw it in real time.
So the election was stolen, full stop.
And it's just funny to me that we're sitting here in May of 2024, you know, several months out from an election, talking about another potential pandemic.
So you just have to question the timing.
Why is the timing during election cycles?
It's insane.
This is I'm almost laughing at how absurd this is, but there's a certain segment of the population that's going to get spun out by this.
It's kind of sad.
I totally agree with you.
If I was the Carnegie Endowment that's about as powerful as it gets, that advises and basically runs the CIA, the former head of Carnegie runs CIA right now, and people that understand after the end of World War I, it's all declassified.
They tried the League of Nations and then they commissioned the Carnegie Endowment to end war.
And they had this project to basically end human society as we know it, make everybody valuable and drugged and controlled, isolate families and societies basically in masculinity.
They were saying that by the mid-twenties would be the plan and it took them decades to get it rolling.
And now they've set this horrible unstable world up in the name of stability and I would just tell the establishment that any actuary I look at or any historical analysis or my own common sense would say they've made things worse for themselves instead of better.
They've not been aristocrats that empower civilization because they're better than us.
They've tried to dumb civilization down because they're worse than us.
Is there any way to talk to the power structure in your view To get them to start reversing the suicidal course they put the planet on.
Unfortunately, you know, I don't think there's a smoking room with six guys controlling everything.
There's a bunch of people that are profiting off this and there's competing interests, competing nations, but there does seem to be this agreement that the global financial system is going to collapse.
We need to have control over how we collapse it and then this new system on the other side.
So they're all in alignment on that.
It's just a question of who wins and who's going to be in control.
So they're fighting amongst themselves.
I mean, It's not hunky dory love everywhere.
And there's going to be people thrown under the bus.
It looks like Fauci and Daszak and some other people are going to get thrown under the bus.
And we're supposed to be happy about that.
But, you know, there's countless people who are involved in this.
And one of my biggest problems has been the censorship.
Censorship kills.
And this whole censorship industrial A compilation is for me the most evil and insidious thing out there.
The censorship during COVID killed countless people and that to me is where the crimes need to be investigated.
The media companies, the CIA, the link between intelligence agencies and the media companies and clearly AI has been around longer than we think because so many of these news stories that we see flooding at the same time I believe a lot of these articles are AI generated.
I think there's just this blanket... Oh, I know they are.
I know they are.
I mean, let me back you up.
I've talked to high-level insiders off-record.
Five years ago, they said, look, AI has already been deployed.
It's way worse than you think.
You saw those stories 20 years ago at the CIA, once computers write articles.
When I would be attacked, And it was tested on me and that's later come out with the CIA and FBI involved, not just from the one guy that caught on tape, but we will learn the FBI in Connecticut ran the whole suit.
They testified to it that they didn't even deny it, but their chief counsel did.
But what they did was is they used me as a PR test and to test the system and some days There would be, not an AP article syndicated in a thousand publications.
That happened a lot too.
It would be on every nightly news channel, local news, national news.
That's the old-fashioned system where one article is written and then republished.
But because people trust local news more, they would re-scramble it and just change it up.
But I would look at the articles and I would see the publishing time and there would be a hundred, two hundred, sometimes three hundred articles in Google News at the same minute.
Published against me, and it would be different authors, differently written, but basically the same.
And I remember going, that's a computer.
Because there's no way you had not the same news agencies, not AP syndicated, it would be all these different publications around the world and different companies, differently written articles, but the same information in the same minute.
Edward, that's AI.
That's AI, and it's been deployed.
It was deployed during COVID.
It'll be deployed again, and it's insidious, and it's a detriment to what's going on.
That's how so many people were, you know, sighed off.
This overwhelming narrative that they thought was real, but it was literally computer-generated articles sent out everywhere.
This is insidious, and AI is way deeper in the system than we think.
And there must be somewhere in Langley what I call the information desk, where there's some people Oh yeah, Winston Smith.
assignment that day, we're gonna do this thing to Alex Jones and make it happen.
And that, you know, that came right from the CIA desk in Langley is my guess.
Oh yeah, Winston Smith. I mean a bunch of Winston Smith's in the Ministry of Truth.
Yeah, they have a desk, they have an information psy-op desk at Langley that's being targeted on the US.
and they know how to do it.
And they, you know, they don't do it all the time, but they do it when they need to move the needle.
And you were obviously a test case because they needed to take you out and take out other individuals.
And then, you know, they have a system in place for doctors.
The pharmaceutical companies have that system in place.
Before COVID, before the attacking of doctors, there was a system Of getting rid of people that would testify for vaccine injuries pre-COVID.
And they took those doctors out.
They have a system.
There's a method to smear.
Find somebody to create a medical board complaint.
There's big money in silencing people.
And that's where I have the problem, is the silencing of these alternative voices, which You know, mysteriously have been right for the most part.
We've gotten, you Alex, I and others have mostly gotten this right.
I'd say 80%.
Every now and then we make an error, but we're human.
All right, Edward Dowd, thank you so much for the update.
People should follow you on X. There it is on screen.
We'll talk to you very, very soon.
God bless.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
The War Room, today, 3 to 6 p.m.
Harrison Smith, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
Knox-South Park.
As well, InfoWars.com, Ford's Last Show and Band.Video.
You can always find me, no matter what happens to InfoWars, at Real Alex Jones, or hopefully there for a while.
All right, we'll be right back.
Follow me at RealAlexJones on X. We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
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Alright, I'm going to cover something really important here for just a moment before I shift gears to some other critical news.
Not because it's about me, but because it's a window into how this has gone down.
When Amber Dabb was on saying clearly you were talking about the CIA, I didn't give you more evidence because, I mean, obviously I know that.
And if I tried to go over all the evidence of it, it would take hours.
And more evidence is obviously coming out all the time.
But the Wall Street Journal, six years ago, about six, seven months before they started
their main attack and sort of taking me off everything, had a big, long, it was behind a paywall,
but I got a copy of it somewhere around here.
But the way I found the article was, I think it was a Moto article linked to the paywall article
and quoted some of it.
And it was, "Hold on to your tinfoil hat, Alex Jones."
You're about to be taken off YouTube.
I think that's the exact headline.
Guys, try to look it up.
Hold on to your tinfoil hat, Alex Jones, Gizmodo.
I think it was Gizmodo.
And it said, Yes, well, News Corp, it was a real business article, not just propaganda, for News Corp shareholders.
And back then, News Corp was still part of the media holdings of Fox.
Remember, Fox sold off its entertainment division.
I think it was Disney, wasn't it?
It all becomes a blur.
And it was before the sell-off, or it was right during the sell-off, and they said, don't worry.
The news division that Rupert Murdoch was keeping is still going to be very, very valuable because, yeah, and again, there's the, or it was TNW, yeah, that's February 2nd, 2018.
That may be the article, it may be another one, but the point was, that article didn't have it all.
It was more like, oh, you're getting taken off the internet, ah, the big guys say so.
But it linked to the Wall Street Journal article.
It was like 30 pages long that I printed.
And in that article, they were like, don't worry.
You think there's all this new media that's killing old news.
We've got a whole strategy to censor and take over the web and basically make it like Netflix, where you'll still have a few hundred choices, but it's going to be corporate media.
And how are we going to do it?
It was very honest, they said.
We're going to go after Julian Assange and silence him everywhere.
He was, you know, already held up in the consulate then.
And block WikiLeaks everywhere.
And when the left doesn't defend him, we'll be able to then get all the leftists after him.
And then we're going to go after Alex Jones.
And when the right doesn't defend him, the precedent will be set and then we'll get all of them.
And then they were quoting in there a NATO meeting in Germany Where they were talking about, once we get Alex Jones and WikiLeaks, we're going to get everybody.
So it went from, don't worry, we're going to shut everybody down, and then they showed off in the article and said, see, NATO and the CIA are on our side.
It's like when Albert Bourla a couple years ago said, I'm talking to the CIA and they're going to get the people lying about me.
I was very proud of it.
I'm working with the CIA and we're gonna arrest the people lying about me.
They'll stop them.
Yeah, how'd that work out, Borla?
How'd your AI work?
Doesn't matter how powerful your AI gets, we'll just start distrusting everything you say.
So, when I talk about what happened to me, you have to understand, folks, it was a test for you.
And what they do is they take one thing, like Trump hates all Mexicans.
Never said anything close to that.
He said there's a lot of great people coming across, but also a lot of really dangerous people.
Most of them aren't even Mexicans.
What's that got to do with Mexicans?
He just said that.
The media said that, but they took that and then they would just hammer it, hammer it, hammer it, hammer it, and flood it with these computer-written articles everywhere.
So they'll pick one thing out of context and then blow it up and make it who you are.
It's like they're now calling the kicker who came out and said, you know, I know women are mainly excited about having babies.
Well, I tell you, I was excited.
I never disliked kids, but man, once I had them, they're anything close to what I care about my children.
I mean, that's a hands down.
It's like saying, man, I sure love oxygen.
And what's the talking point?
He's a white supremacist.
What's his name?
I don't really follow football anymore.
Harrison Butker.
He's a white supremacist because he cares about families?
I mean, again, but you just hear that.
It's how they do it.
So understand that.
And the great news is people saw the lying system attack me.
And at first it worked a little bit, never really even half the public bought it, but now almost no one buys it.
So they'll have a big article out or a YouTube thing about Sandy Hook saying, I pee on graves, attacked children and made money off them and barely ever even talked about them.
And you'll see like 90% of comments are like, you're full of crap.
You know, you raise money off dead kids, you know, the law firms, PR firms, the government.
Fundraiser, seventy-something million from Remington.
His mom bought the gun legal for her.
Goes on and on.
But oh, they killed the kids too.
Never hear about the guy that actually shot them.
But this article was The Independent.
It was in NBC News.
It was all over.
Look at this headline.
When I say this article, the same similar headline, same similar article.
They all get together, it's published at the same time.
It's all coordinated.
Because they're being paid to do it.
It's like when a Bill Gates pro article comes out, it'll be in a hundred publications the same minute, because they all agree, they take the money, they agree to publish the same time, so they can all compete with each other.
But it's all a starting line.
Tucker Carlson claims Sandy Hook denier.
I'm not the guy that predicted 9-11.
I'm not the guy that exposed the chemicals in the water.
I'm not the guy that's anti-war.
I'm not the guy that has reached tens of, you know, billions of views.
I'm not the guy that's done all that predicted the Russians invading by late February.
I'm not the guy that exposed and predicted viruses to be released for lockdowns.
No, I'm none of those things.
Not the guy that exposed Bohemian Grove.
I'm Sandy Hook denier, like a climate denier or a Holocaust denier, you see.
And then Tucker Carlson says Alex Jones is like a prophet.
I mean, kind of got Tucker when I said, I think Tucker will be fired within one month.
He was just too hardcore.
I could see what was happening.
I saw his one of his shows and I said, he's exposing the war, the poison shots, the censorship, the deep state, the CIA.
And I just knew because I have all these data points.
This is all I do.
I dreamed all last night.
I slept eight hours.
It was all about work and the new world order.
And I was working and researching while I was asleep.
And so, 99% of the time when I say something and it sounds like a prediction or out of the ether, it's that I've got so much data and so much information that I just came on air that day, one month, it was like 28 days before he got fired, and I said, I think Tucker will be fired within a month.
He was fired 28 days later.
And I remember Tucker calling me and his crew sent me a text message saying, man, do you know somebody at Fox?
How'd you know that?
You said within one month, 28 days.
I said, it just came to me.
I mean, because it's just like they cannot allow this guy to operate.
I mean, I saw the show he did the night before, and it was so hardcore, I went, okay, it'll take them about a month to fire him over that.
They're going to put so much pressure on Murdoch.
I'd say it usually takes them about a month just, you know, really... He's fired.
He's fired.
It's all going on there.
I'm not judging.
So that's what happens when you totally immerse yourself.
It's like if you're a super fan of a football team and the coach has been there five years and you're at the game and you're on the 50-yard line in the third row and you've got your binoculars and you're just literally looking at what he's got in his playbook when he's not covering it up, you know what he's about to call how they line up.
You're like, oh, they're about to do a trick play because you know that team.
It's not that you're psychic.
I mean, there's a little of that in everybody.
But, I mean, it happened again five times last week.
God told me, get out of bed.
I'm going to show you how real I am again.
And I don't keep a clock in my bedroom.
For whatever reason, never have.
And God said, walk into your bathroom where your phone is, where it was on.
I left it in there.
I didn't want anyone there to bother me.
I walk into my bathroom sink, and God said, get up right now.
And I went, okay.
And I already had a full bladder, so it's kind of like, wake up, and God's like, hey, go in there right now, it's 4 a.m.
I'm gonna show you how real I am.
I walk in, pick the phone up, hit the button, 4 a.m.
And then God goes, now I told you that about 45 seconds ago, so count down 12, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.
I mean, God even told me.
I told you that 45 seconds ago.
There's 15 seconds left, boy.
You watch.
And I counted down and it went, bloop!
And God said, I'm a real buster.
That happened four or five times last week.
And I finally got on my knees.
Friday night for about an hour after my wife and daughters went to bed.
One's 16, one's now seven, and the older one's moved out.
She's turned 20 this weekend.
Beautiful Charlotte.
And I got on my knees and I said, I already know you're real.
I've already experienced it.
So will you just lift me up because I'm weak and I'm exhausted?
Will you please just energize me?
Because I can't do this and I totally will do whatever you say.
And I came into work and people go, man, you look like five years younger when people are online going, what's going on?
And I literally, I mean, I'm not saying I look like a movie.
I mean, God just literally energized me in the last 48 hours.
I mean, that's how real this God is, people.
And our enemies knows God's real too.
They're against him.
They don't like him.
And it's literally happened thousands of times since I was about 10 years old, where God says, get out of bed.
Go to the microwave, or, you know, turn on the light, look at the clock, and then you're like, well, that's a clock with hands on it when I was a little kid.
You know, oh, and digital clocks, and then atomic clocks, and then cell phones.
I mean, what is that?
It's 100% nailing it.
And it's not like I'm psychic and I know what the clock is.
I'm literally told, go look at the clock.
It's 4 a.m.
Get up, go look at your phone.
4 a.m.
I'm like, this is really God.
And God goes, yeah.
And I told you 45 seconds ago, now 15, count down.
By the time I go, okay, it's been about three seconds, 12, 11, 10, 9, and this happened, all my children.
and then right at zero, 401.
And I'm sitting there while I'm looking at the phone, pissing at 401 going, my God.
I wouldn't take the Lord's name in vain.
I'm like, my God.
And I'm kind of like, oh Lord, I'm literally, literally, literally communicating directly with me in space lifetime.
Like in the movie, uh, Interstellar.
Where he thinks it's aliens communicating with him.
And it is, but it's also him from the future that's now basically gone to heaven.
It's heavy.
I've got to watch Interstellar again.
I mean, Matt Damon, I can't stand him.
Part of it is stupid, but the plot of it.
In fact, I'm watching Interstellar tonight because I'm here to tell you folks, that's been happening my whole life.
So many times.
In high school, this guy started a fight with me, punched me in the face, for no reason.
He was jealous that I was dating his ex-girlfriend, I didn't even know it was his ex-girlfriend.
I threw a right hook, tore his nose basically off.
I was just, that's how I am, I didn't mean to hurt him that bad.
They tried to sue us, weren't able to, because he hit me in front of everybody.
And he bloodied my nose, he hit me in the nose, I hit him back in the nose.
And His cousin was the big senior football player and I'm in the field house and I'm a freshman and they'd already stuck me after the year with the seniors and you know in their field house and I didn't like it but they were getting me ready for varsity next year and all these guys thinking they're tough and I'm about to walk into the main field house central area where the coaches and all the stuff set off the wings of it and I literally hear a voice go
Don't go in there.
This hasn't happened a lot in my life.
It's probably happened like 20 times.
A voice like, don't, like you hear it, don't go in there.
And I'm like, eh.
I walk in and then his cousin jumps on me, starts trying to choke me out, kill me.
I get him off, start kneading him in the face.
They get me off him.
But he still broke some blood vessels in my eyes trying to kill me.
And that was because he was trying to kill me.
And God was like, had a mission for me and was like, don't go in there.
And I've had it happen when somebody runs a red light, I'm driving along the country, coming up to a four-way stop, or whatever it is, and then all of a sudden, somebody runs it, almost kills me, like, look out!
And folks, you're out there, you've experienced this too.
I'm not the only one this is happening to.
So, as powerful as you think these people are, they don't have that ability.
They've got their demonic inspiration, they've got all that stuff, but they don't have the God of the universe behind them.
And so, our only power is Christ, through Christ the Father, and they can't stand it.
And that's why the CIA chose me first for destruction.
Because they've got my number, I've got their number, and they know I see them.
They know this stuff pops out.
Like the night of the...
Vegas shooting in the last 15 seconds of the show, I just go, and I think there'll be a mass shooting tonight at a big concert.
And then the crew's like, why did you say that?
I said, that didn't happen a lot.
I was talking about false flags and stuff and what was going on.
I just said it.
Then the FBI calls up the hostage rescue team.
And they said, we don't think you're involved, but how did you say that?
I said, did I really say that?
And they said, yeah, this is what you said.
And I said, I don't know.
And they go, yeah, we believe you.
You're something else.
You could make a lot of money if you could control that.
Why aren't you working for the government?
Well, see, if I worked for you guys, I wouldn't be getting the information, would I?
Because it's not me.
And that's what I want people to understand.
Is that it's not you and it's not me.
It's God!
God uses us.
It's not the men or the women that have been touched by God.
It's God touching them.
You understand that?
So, they have these articles all over the place.
Oh, Tucker Carlson claims Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones is a supernatural prophet who predicted 9-11.
That's all they've got is... He hurt children.
He was mean to them.
The internet didn't believe the story.
He had these professors and school safety people coming out saying all this stuff.
Hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.
And I did a few shows on it and had a debate with people about it.
Showing both sides and never really talked about it again.
They sued me over callers calling in talking about it.
Owen covering Dateline talking about me.
And then they had to default me because... find me guilty because there was no guilt!
You couldn't put on no guilt to a jury, then they still had a show trial, and I know you already know that, but understand, that's their downfall!
With the judges putting on makeup and HBO cameras, and then they had premieres around the country, with the judges going up with camera flashes and being given standing ovations.
These people are jokes!
Lawyers discover that and they say, anywhere in America you're disbarred, you're removed from the bench for going to a movie about you, where you're still overseeing a case on somebody.
But they don't care!
Because they're lawless criminals!
They're pigs!
Little goblins in black robes!
And God is gonna deal with them, not me, not you.
So, this is all in God's plan.
This persecution has been a blessing.
And I'm sorry for friends and family and crew that have had to get the collateral damage from it, but you need to understand you'll be blessed as well.
And I've not been perfect, but I've never made mistakes on purpose.
I've never lied to you about a story or a piece of information.
On purpose.
I have certainly made mistakes.
I have certainly got things wrong.
When I used to do nighttime shows, I have been drunk on air.
Everybody knows that.
I go through times of never drinking and drinking too much.
My problem is nighttime shows when I'm drinking.
I'm not drinking right now.
But the point is, is that I'm still a real person.
And I've got goodwill towards people.
And I really want to change the world and I want to help people.
And I, I didn't smuggle in hundreds of thousands of missing children.
They find a lot of them in sex slavery or dead or at slave factories like Biden did.
But these frauds that say I'm the evil, but I didn't launch the wars or lie about WMD or have drag queen pedophile time.
It's those known devils.
The corrupt Democratic Party and the CIA and their system that want to point their finger at me and say that's the bad guy, that's the villain, that's the demon, that's the one that hurts the children when all they want to do is abort every child they can get and the ones they can't get they want to sterilize with chemicals and mutilate their bodies and fill them full of Prozac and Ritalin and everything else in the world and feed them GMO and shoot them up with shots that eat their organs and cause heart attacks.
They're the villains, they're the bad guys, they're the devils, they're the evil people, and the whole world's waking up to who they are!
And so it is an extreme honor and blessing to be persecuted by the New World Order.
Because they're the losers!
And they can wrap themselves in dead children or whatever they want to do till Kingdom comes.
At the end of the day, the world's waking up and the lies are coming out across the board.
And on top of it, they will all have to face God, the creator of the universe.
But long before they do that, they will have to face the poison shots they took.
And they will have to go along with the system they helped build.
And they will have to deal with the inflation, and the crime, and the tyranny that they have supported.
I'm not talking about even the people that persecuted me.
I'm talking about the whole evil system in general.
I'm not here to take the easy path.
I'm not here to go along with the system.
I turned down the money and all the big deals and the Fox News shows and the big movie contracts, all of that.
And it was never hard to turn it down.
But I entertained it 10, 20 years ago.
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to throw up even thinking about entertaining any of it now.
I revile Hollywood.
I revile corporate media.
I revile the power structure.
I revile Washington.
I revile the Democratic Party.
I revile the Republican Party.
I don't dislike Trump and his people, but I wasn't into proms by the end of high school.
I was already dating the college girls.
I was already dancing at the Broken Spoke.
I don't want to go to Mar-a-Lago and wear a tuxedo and feel like I've arrived and be around that.
That makes me want to throw up.
It makes me want to die to imagine hanging out with the Democrats with Joe Biden at the beach and all his crackhead son and Nancy Pelosi and the Chuckie Schumer and Nadler and Bill Clinton and Hillary and Obama.
Obama, you look at them, they're unhappy losers strutting around trying to act confident and powerful like they're the winners.
No, they are the losers!
And we need to psychically and spiritually break from them completely and then the gates open and God's energy begins to flow in and it is the greatest experience you will ever have in your life, ladies and gentlemen.
And you'll see the whole world like it's your son or your daughter or your mother or your father.
You want to cherish it.
You want to love it.
You see the beauty.
You see the perfection God's made.
You see the design everywhere.
You literally worship God because you can see God in the creation right in front of you.
Then you see the globalists trying to build the ugliest, Stinking things to imprison our minds and the metaverse around us to cut us off from God because they can't stand the perfection and the beauty because they are so spiritually disgusting.
Look at Booty Judge up there.
Pathetic loser surf.
Look at all of them.
Look at Pocahontas.
Look at Biden.
Look at Bernie Sanders.
Look at Kamala Harris!
They're like animatronic Chuck E. the Cheese rats!
They're jokes!
You think they can get out of bed and tell you what time a digital clock is in another room?
You think they can predict the future?
You think they can see beauty?
They can't even see.
They're not even alive.
They sleep.
We live.
I'll do five more minutes and hand the baton to Gerald Cilente.
I'm Alex Jones.
Follow me on X and RealAlexJones.
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takes over in T-minus six minutes.
I want to hit a few of these stories.
You know, we see hundreds of these a day, but we need to humanize it and remember it's happening.
Underage girl trafficked over the border, rescued in California after months of sex slavery.
Goes into the tales.
Here's another one.
Illegal immigrant children being housed with sex offenders in Massachusetts.
Of course!
Who do you think wants them?
And they get government money.
To do it, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities has been housing immigrant families with children in facilities that either employ or house sex offenders, according to an investigation by the Boston Globe.
Sex offenders convicted of a range of crimes, from child rape to possession of child pornography, were housed or working in five hotels that are used to house illegal immigrants and their families, including children.
What do you think Biden's doing?
issues gay event terror attack warning says Islamic groups are planning to attack the gays that want to bring them here.
European Commission shuts down Wilder's plan to opt out of the EU migration pact, trying to make the countries that don't want them, like the Netherlands, take massive numbers of them.
EU is a tyranny.
And then stories I like this one.
Pregnant mother in Los Angeles County abandons baby girl in store shopping cart.
Now they've identified her and want to arrest her.
Well, if she just killed her baby before it was born, she'd get a medal.
Now, it's very sad, very desperate.
She's pregnant.
She's out of her mind, probably on drugs.
Who knows?
And then she dumps the baby in a shopping cart and goes and gets in a taxi cab.
Leaves her at a county business.
But imagine the desperate, look at this sweet little child that will now be sucked into the foster care system more and more run by pedophiles.
Absolutely disgusting.
Look at this article.
84% of measles cases in Chicago outbreak linked to Venezuelan immigrants.
Now there's two big stories here.
They act like we all got to take measles shots because they're so deadly.
I think measles back when they didn't have a vaccine killed like five people a year.
I mean, it's just, it's just, okay, big deal.
I'm as bad as the community.
Oh, measles!
But what do the illegal aliens bring in?
Drug-resistant TB, all sorts of other horrible diseases.
But they never tell you about how that's spreading at record levels.
They'll just hype up something like measles.
Around 84% of measles cases and a large outbreak in Chicago earlier this year are linked to Venezuelan migrants.
Oh my gosh!
Again, stories within stories, wheels within wheels.
We already knew this back during the pandemic, but wearing face masks had nothing to reduce the risk of infection with COVID Omicron variant.
Another study shows, in fact, it gave you bacterial pneumonia.
Here's another one.
Here's some good news.
This is where we can really take action.
The lab-grown meat is not meat and it's toxic.
Lab-grown meat banned in second state.
Alabama follows Florida's lead.
Alabama's become the second U.S.
state to ban the production and sale of so-called lab-grown meat.
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill into law.
What we need to do is ban mRNA experimental shots being given to chickens, pigs, and cows, and it's been going on with chickens and pigs for years, and now they're moving on to cows.
And we need major labeling, and people need to go absolutely ape about this because they ruined wheat, Most gluten intolerances, again, glyphosate sprayed on wheat right before harvest so fungus won't grow on it.
It bioaccumulates.
It's one thing to spray it on soybeans or corn when it's first planted so weeds don't grow up.
Then it runs off into the water table and you get a little bit of bioaccumulation and it causes a lot of cancer.
We already know that.
Oh, I meant to get to that study.
I forgot to get to that study.
Oh my gosh, that was really, really important.
I keep not getting to that.
The French did a study, because they use glyphosate too, of 160 plus sterilized men who couldn't have babies, who were young and healthy, and they found they all had massive glyphosate in their sperm and it was sterilizing them.
Yeah, it kills weeds, we think it'll do to your sperm, but it's just insane.
That's in my stack.
But I didn't get to that, so I'm gonna staple that to my nose and really try to cover that tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Central when we kick off again.
We are now into hour number four and the prolific...
Worldwide best-selling author and top trends forecaster, Gerald Cilente, will be taking over for the next 50-plus minutes.
And then, Owen, the Cut Destroyer Shroyer, live from the War Room in the ATX.
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All right.
Gerald Cilente takes over now.
Thank you, Alex.
And again, everybody do what you can to support InfoWars because they're doing everything they can to support you.
And censorship is the American way.
Yeah, so you get that, you know, that, that nitric boost.
They said you got to get your bloodstream going, you know.
Nobody talked when the COVID war began about getting in the best shape you can physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
The only thing they told you is you got to get the Operation Warp Speed jab.
And if you didn't believe it, you're a jerk.
Matter of fact, if you don't believe it, we're going to censor you.
And look what they did to Dr. Joseph Mercola.
On and on.
Anyway, so do what you can to support InfoWars.
Again, I go there, we travel the world in the Trends Journal.
You know, so for example, with the Israel war going on, I subscribe to Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper.
I go to Times of Israel.
I go to Jerusalem Post.
But I also go to Tehran Times and their other papers, IRNA and ISNA.
And I go to InfoWars.
I want to see what everybody's saying, and of course we keep going on and on.
But here's an article in InfoWars, very important, because it's about censorship, and it's about how they destroyed the world.
And nobody talks about this.
The world, that little clown boy Fauci, he gave us the AIDS scare, when straights weren't dying of AIDS, you see the facts of who was dying and why.
And they gave us the COVID war.
It changed life.
And there's an article on InfoWars right now.
It has been recently revealed that former National Institutes of Health NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins testified behind closed doors to the select subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic.
Earlier this year, where the pro-social distancing medical establishment quote expert admitted that the six feet separation he parroted during the pandemic was scientifically unfounded and that he is unsure as to the origin of the COVID virus.
I make fun of this all the time.
You go into stores, restaurants, circles six feet because the wind blows exactly in straight lines in six feet.
Doesn't go like that, the wind.
Right out across the street from me over here, there's a big parking lot.
There's the county office building across the street.
By the way, where the seeds of democracy was sown.
Kingston was the first capital of New York State.
And over 70% of America's Constitution comes from the Constitution that was written right here.
And John Jay was a Supreme Court judge, he was a judge over here.
Anyway, so when the pandemic broke out, and the World Health Organization, or the World War Organization, more appropriately, called it a pandemic on March 11th, 2020.
Remember, The COVID war begins on Chinese Lunar New Year in January 2020, the year of the rat.
January, February, March 11th.
Almost two and a half months later, they called it a pandemic.
When the grand total, you could Google it up, 4,219 people died out of 8 billion.
More people fell down the stairs during that time and died.
So, going back to the article.
In trend forecasting, all things are connected.
So, we've got to keep making the connections because it keeps going on.
So anyway, six feet apart, so these little clown boys and girls, adults still in kindergarten, drawing circles out in the sidewalk, every six feet, going into the farmer's market, into the parking lot, and A clown lady counting the amount of people going in there.
Remember, this is outside.
And in front of each of the vendors in the farmer's market is little boys and girls, adults, painting circles with chalk every six feet.
You're outside!
Shut up, Salenti!
We hate you!
I had a big rally right across the street.
I had the big garden, the Franz Rogen garden over here on Most Historic Four Corners.
I had a peace and freedom rally when everything was locked down.
They hate me.
They hate me.
So anyway, you got this great article on InfoWars about the big lie about standing six feet.
And then again, the mask, the masquerade.
Right here on the box.
These masks do not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.
So now you look what's going on.
Make connections between different fields.
One of my sayings is, oh, here's another article.
This was from the Wall Street Journal.
September 9th, 2023.
September 9th, 2023.
COVID-19 rises again and masks are back on the table.
Useless masks!
COVID-19 is back on the minds of American CEOs and school principals.
A rise in COVID-19 cases and the approach of fall when other respiratory illnesses start to spread has received discussion of how to best protect students and workers.
We've taken a pretty clear line That just says, please, you ready?
For the love of God, if you're not feeling well, don't come in, said Aaron Levy, Chief Executive Officer of the technology company, Box.
Levy said some Box workers, blah, blah, blah, blah, has voluntarily worn masks recently or taken them off to care for sick relatives.
The company has told employees who are required to come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays If they live near its offices, they can stay home.
You gotta wear masks.
Cuomo says it's shocking.
Most people, new coronavirus hospitalizations are people that are staying at home.
Yeah, that's right.
You're closed in lockdown with other people and you're getting it.
And they keep reading it.
New York hospitals will be overwhelmed by coronavirus patients without help of U.S.
Some 65 ICU beds were occupied by the coronavirus patients as of Sunday afternoon, Cuomo said.
What do you got, how many million people you got living in New York?
What, it was 65?
New York hospitals will soon be overwhelmed by the oncoming wave of coronavirus.
Cuomo warned.
Cuomo penned a letter to President Trump calling on him to take unprecedented steps and mobilize the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers to retrofit buildings like SUNY Dormitories, that's the State University of New York, Into medical facilities.
You ready for this?
The wave could break the hospital system, Cuomo said.
In my opinion, which is not science-based, you will not be able to flatten the curve to avoid the wave.
You will be short thousands of ICU beds, thousands of ventilators.
In my opinion?
Why don't you shove your opinion up your you-know-what?
No, Salenti!
I'm Andy Cuomo!
Don't you see my brother Chris out there?
Oh yeah!
Vaxxed up, screwed up Chris!
Don't you know who my daddy was?
My daddy was Mario!
I'm a little boy born on 3rd base!
With a bad attitude and thought I hit a home run!
I'll tell you what to do!
As I'm trying to... Hey!
Raped any girls lately?
You're trying to feel them up?
Oh, you got sexual abuse, huh?
Not only sexual abuse, you arrogant boy!
Public abuse!
You destroy this place!
Hey, why don't you take a ride on the subway, Andy?
Andy Dandy?
D-I-C, I can't say the other K word.
One after another.
One lie after another.
And that's why you support InfoWars.
They put the truth out there, the facts, the facts.
Oh, so Trump sent in the ships up the Hudson River, hospital ships.
Nobody went in them.
There was no hospital crisis.
They closed down Javits Center, big convention center.
Like 12 people went in there, just to put people in there.
Total, total, total lies.
Destroyed the country and the state.
Hey, how about these headlines in Yahoo?
Right now.
Woman stabbed to death on Manhattan Street.
A woman died after being stabbed multiple times on Manhattan Street Monday morning.
29-year-old woman was stabbed in the face, neck, and shoulders near West 175th Street and Haven Avenue in Washington Heights.
Oh, let's keep going.
Woman slashed at Lower East Side Subway Station.
A woman was slashed at a subway station on the Lower East Side Sunday morning.
35-year-old woman was slashed at the Lansing Street and Essex Street J on the Z Station.
Hey, how about this one?
Innocent woman shot in leg while waiting for bus near Brooklyn Deli.
As I said when they launched the COVID war, and they destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions of people across the planet.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
And they've lost it.
You've never had this going on.
I'm a New Yorker.
Got it?
Napolitano, born in the Bronx.
I know New York.
Even at The worst times.
Things are going down financially in the 70s.
One day, go outside on Greenwich Street.
There's a jack in the middle of my car with both of the front tires taken off.
You couldn't keep a radio in the car, they'd steal them all the time.
But nothing like this.
Your life wasn't in danger like this.
Oh, plus the homeless.
Plus, all the migrants.
Plus, you got one little jerky boy playing mayor after another.
Remember Warren Wilhelm Jr.?
Oh no, I changed my name.
I might have made a Balita Blasio.
Locking down the place.
Again, trend forecasting, all things are connected.
Where are we going with this?
See gold prices?
Again, one of your top trends for 2024.
A golden year for gold.
Read all about it.
January 2nd, we mailed the Trends Journals out to our subscribers.
And you get the Trends Journal for the grand total of $2.50 a week when you go to jonestrends.com.
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It's Trends Journal Magazine, nothing, nothing, nothing.
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Again, imagine, we don't tell you what to do.
Gold prices are up.
Before I went on the air, they were like, what?
Gold prices are up almost $400 an ounce since we made that forecast.
So now let's go back to the COVID war.
Why are gold prices going up?
Inflation and the destruction of the global economy.
Look at the debt levels.
These little clown boys and clown girls pumped in trillions and trillions of dollars of fake money backed by nothing and printed on nothing to fight the COVID war.
Go home!
Stay home!
Here's money!
Don't worry about it!
Close down your business!
But the bigs could stay open because we get paid off from them, you know.
Oh, and all the liquor stores!
You could stay open too!
Because we got a lot of tax money from selling booze, alright?
If it wasn't for that tax money, that bottle of wine that you're paying $20 for would cost you $5.
So we want to get all your tax money so you could stay open too.
They made up this stuff.
Pumping in trillions and trillions of dollars of fake money.
That's what drove up inflation.
By the way, I don't know if it's true or not, but I think I just read that Powell, I did read it, but I don't know if it's true, Jerome Powell, Oh, the guy that came from like the hedge fund, venture capitals place.
Oh, yeah.
That guy is the bank's the bandit running the show to FedHead.
I think he got COVID.
Oh, all those jabs didn't work.
Another jab will do you.
There's always people that got jabs and got COVID.
Going back, before I forget this, before I go on to the why gold is going up, going back to InfoWars and the products.
No one talked about getting in the best shape you can.
Physically, emotionally, and spiritually to beat the coronavirus.
I just had my first cold in four and a half years about a month ago.
So you get these vitamins and supplements to build your immune system up, which they never talk about.
Because after all, look who's talking.
You see the clown that's like this guy Rachel, Richard, Rachel Levin.
Lola, L-O-L-A, Lola.
That's our health director over there.
You look at this clown.
You got more chins than Chinatown.
So they don't teach you anything about health.
So going back, you get these products from InfoWars because you got to get in the best health you can right now.
Because we're in a time fight for our lives.
Moving forward back to gold.
Powell said, No, it's not inflation, Slenty.
You're full of baloney.
It's only temporary.
And as it kept going up, no, it's only transitory.
And then transgendatory.
Why is gold going up?
Inflation, phew!
Look at the prices of housing, on and on.
One thing after insurance.
One thing after another, going way up.
Medical care.
Number two.
All that borrowed money.
Massive, massive, massive government debt.
Levels that are unprecedented in history of the world, part one and part two.
Nobody's ever seen anything like this.
The amount of debt You ready?
Finally, CNBC.
Soaring debt and deficits causing worry about the threats to the economy and markets.
Concern over... The federal IOU is now $34.5 trillion or about $11 trillion higher Than where it stood in March of 2020.
As a portion of the total US economy, it is now more than 120%.
We should be below 100, like in the 90s range.
We should be below 100 like in the 90s rain.
The agency forecast a 1.6 trillion dollar shortfall in fiscal 2024.
It will balloon to 2.6 trillion by 2020.
And it just keeps going on.
But they say in the beginning here about it happened in 2020, March.
But they don't talk about the COVID war.
And they don't talk about what I just said.
About all the cheap money and a zero interest rate policy.
Not a word.
Not a word.
That's why gold prices are going up.
And there's another big reason it's going up.
A very big one.
And when we get back, we're going to tell you all about it.
So stay tuned.
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And go on.
I said about gold prices and what else is going to bring it up.
The Israel and the Ukraine war.
People that are in touch, see the dangers ahead.
World War III has already begun.
People don't have a clue, the general public, they don't have a clue.
You know, I go out, you know, I like to get out, you know, because I'm working all the time, so I drive around, go to different places, and I I sit outside, you know, now it's summertime.
There's loads of people outside and I look at them.
I look at the shape they're in.
And I realize that this whole society is going down so terribly.
And the people don't have a clue what's going on.
When I just began to learn a little bit And I said to my father, you know, I was upset about what people were doing in the news I was hearing.
And he said to me, son, take it easy.
He said, people have little minds.
Going back to the COVID war.
Look how many people swallow the crap spewing out of the mouths of these clowns.
Again, that guy, Rachel Levin.
I changed my name from Richard to Rachel.
I got my things cut off and I don't know who I am.
And you look at all of these so-called health ministers up in Canada, the other clowns up there, one after another.
Don't have sex.
Don't have sex.
Yeah, you don't like to have sex so you don't want anybody else to have it, right?
Don't enjoy life.
So, going back, when I say people don't have a clue what's going on, World War III's begun.
It's only going to escalate.
It's a horror story going on in Israel.
The latest report that came out, over 900,000 people in Gaza are displaced.
900,000, almost a million people.
Could you imagine if it was you that's there?
Imagine where you're living now, your home, your apartment, wherever you are, the neighborhood, all blown to, level, blown, gone, bombed, bombed to ruin.
How would you feel?
How would you feel losing everything that you put all your life into, boom, bombed away, thanks to the USA?
It gives them the weapons of death.
And now of course, the Ukraine war.
They're losing.
Go back to your Trends Journal.
Go back a year ago.
A year ago!
The crap!
The garbage!
The BS!
Spewing out of the mouths of the little clown boys in the military!
A salute!
Yeah, we're giving them that money and that ammunition and the weapons.
They're gonna be successful at that counteroffensive.
The Bronx needs to say, BS has its own sound.
You look, go back to the covers of your Trends Journal.
Don't count on the counteroffensive.
Not a word now, not a word of the great failure.
Not a word, not a word from the turds that sold it.
The little prostitute boys and girls that sold you the COVID war, that sell you every damn war.
Not a word about the great failure of last year's counteroffensive and Russia now controls what, about 20% of the land that they
didn't have before?
You gotta have a brain the size of the little clowns running Congress, like a Mike Johnson,
to believe the crap.
Or an out of his mind Mitch McConnell.
Or an Adam Sch... I can't say the right word.
I think it's S-H-I something T-T, yep, yeah, yeah.
One little clown boy after another, supporting these wars.
One after another, stealing our money to go kill people.
And, if you're against, which I am, The man that launched Occupy Peace over a decade ago, and was shooting for another peace rally coming in September.
And again, you get your Trends Journal, you go to jonestrends.com.
We're giving you, there's no magazine like it.
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing comes close to it.
Geopolitics, economics, and a whole AI clan of humans.
New book by Joe Durant, a whole section in technocracy, high-tech science, on and on.
Anyway, the damage that's going to be happening with this war ramping up in Israel is going to be what they're warning about, and that's called the Samson Option.
This is what's bringing gold prices up, by the way.
That plus the reality of the decline of the great decline of the global economy that was artificially propped up.
Again, every week we have big sections on what's going on in China.
They're going down.
So going back to coming out against this war again, we have a whole articles in this about a woman by the name of Lily Greenberg Call,
called out Biden.
And she's Jewish.
And she's another Biden staffer who quit.
He is making Jews the face of the American war machine.
And this is deeply wrong, she said.
I think the president has to know that there are people in his administration who think
this is disastrous.
He told the Associated Press.
Not just the Palestinians, the Israelis, the Jews, the Americans, the election prospects.
So I guess you can't call her an anti-Semite because she's Jewish.
Oh, so too is Max Blumenthal.
And you go to the Gray Zone and there's a great article about How they're covering up the people in UCLA, the pro-Israeli, pro-Zionists, that beat up all these innocent people protesting at UCLA.
They were sleeping.
And how the police have done nothing.
And how they've showed the videos of who these people are.
Oh, Max Blumenthal must be an anti-Semite.
Oh, he's Jewish.
I forgot.
And Norman Finkelstein.
Listen to him.
Every one of my Jewish friends are opposed, except one.
What's going on over there.
As I said, I'm not an anti-Semite.
Three of my last four girlfriends were Jewish.
So nothing to do with that.
And going back to why GoldPriority... Here it is.
This is...
UCLA Attackers Exposed!
Meet the Violent Zionist Agitators L.A.
Police Haven't Arrested!
Max Blumenthal!
The Gray Zone!
And now of course they're coming out calling for the arrests of Netanyahu and the Hamas guys.
And the administration is against that.
How dare they say that?
Then another important thing to follow.
Again, why gold prices are going up.
The global economy has been destroyed by the COVID war.
I talk week after week, month after month, one of our top trends for 2024.
Banks going bust, going back to the COVID war.
Again, your office vacancy rate in New York City is 23%.
There are over 36% in San Francisco.
Oh, and then go back to the zero interest rate policy that they had.
When they gave people all this money and people were putting money in the bank during the COVID war.
What did the banks do?
They bought treasuries.
Yeah, they bought treasuries when interest rates were at zero, so the dough's worth nothing.
So, when the people default on their loans, the banks aren't going to have money to cover it.
Again, I keep saying, go to the site, Wall Street on Parade.
Russ and Pam Martins are putting out information on the banksters that nobody else does.
So, again, knowing the data, It's now up to at least 30 banks are ready to default.
Why gold prices going up?
You haven't seen the beginning of it yet.
Gold could definitely hit $3,000 this year.
And silver's following.
Silver's going way up to over $30 an ounce now.
Silver was stuck in that $20 range.
Oh, go to your Trends Journal.
Go back for the last several weeks.
And again, you go to jonestrends.com and you get all you want.
When crypto went down, we gave the bottom of it.
We said, if it doesn't break below this point, it's on the way back up.
And what's it back up to now?
It's getting back near the 70,000.
We call things to the way they are, not the way we want them to be.
And as far as the political system, I'm a political atheist.
To me, it's a crime syndicate that the people call a government.
They're murderers and they're thieves.
Here's an article that came out from the Cartoon News Network.
The backbone of America's economy was just dealt a serious blow.
Last month, retail sales were unchanged to March.
April spending missed a 0.4% increase.
Biggest spending was at gas stations. Yeah.
Up 3.1%.
Spending more for your gas.
Going back... Again, when I say, when all else fails, they take you to war.
You're seeing the protests going on in Israel that the United States media does not report.
You're seeing about how there is great division within Netanyahu's government.
that the media barely reports on.
As they ramp up the war, the slaughter, the genocide in Rafah, it's going to keep escalating.
Oil prices, if they shut down that Iranian helicopter, excuse me, the president of Iran died, his helicopter crashed.
If they tie that into Israel, you're going to see oil prices spike to above $130 a barrel.
Again, the consumers, they just gave you the number.
Retail sales, they call that retail sales.
Spend them on gas.
It'll crash the economy and the equity markets.
But again, the equity markets and economy are going to crash when the reality of the banks going bust hits the street.
Main Street is already suffering.
They only know how bad it is when Wall Street goes down.
Again, when all else fails, they take you to war.
So that's our greatest concern right now.
This war.
And it's going to continue to escalate.
The United States is sending more and more money.
To both Ukraine and Israel to keep the wars going.
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You know, in your Trends Journal each week, we have different sections, of course.
And one of them is the Economic Update and Market Overviews.
Very important.
Look at what's going on in the luxury markets.
So here's an example.
Burberry records earnings decline as demand for luxury goods slows.
We've been writing about this now for over the last six months.
Following the Christmas holiday last five months.
Luxury sales are going down.
The fish rots from the head down.
When you're seeing luxury sales going down, and I told you what's going on with the consumer retail sales, they're down.
This thing's going to go down big, but here's what they're going to do.
Why gold prices are going up?
They're going to lower interest rates.
Not only in the United States, they're going to lower them in the EU.
To juice up the economy, hopefully, for the Presidential Reality Show in November.
They do it all the time.
So, the lower interest rates go, the deeper the dollar falls.
The deeper the dollar falls, the higher gold prices go up because gold is dollar-based.
Got it?
And that's why Bitcoin prices are going up.
Expect lower interest rates.
The lower interest rates go also, the higher inflation goes.
You're not going to be able to stop this inflation.
Going back again with the wars going on.
I love this, this line that they're saying about what's going on in New Caledonia.
New Caledonia?
What happened to Old Caledonia?
There used to be a great song by Kev Calloway.
Don't let your big head do it so hard.
New Caledonia, huh?
New Caledonia is off the coast of Australia.
In that area.
And it's a French, quote, territory.
What do you mean territory?
You mean colony?
Oh, they're trying to pass a law that gives the indigenous people less rights?
I just stole a lot of them anyway.
And now the French, they just killed, what about, they're sending more troops over there?
This is colonization.
Just like, by the way, what's going on in Israel with the, quote, settlers.
Not settlers.
They're land-stealers in violation of the Geneva Convention and Article 242 of the United Nations.
We'll call them settlers and we'll call it territories.
How about calling it BS?
How about calling it colonists?
Oh, and you know what else is going on in Caledonia?
Or New Caledonia?
Yeah, a Scottish guy made up that name like in the 1800s or late 1700s.
And France has been there like since the 1800s.
It's loaded with nickel.
And they want to steal as much as they can.
Just like they were in Niger.
And they threw them out, the French finally threw them out this year, last year.
Because they were stealing all the uranium.
Because France has more nuclear power plants than just about any other country.
And you need uranium for it.
Oh, you forgot about French Indochina?
When the French invaded Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos to steal their rubber, their tin, and rape, pillage, and plunder?
These are the countries that spew out the BS about bringing freedom and democracy to other countries.
I want that guy cut off.
Get out of there.
Oh yeah, that little scumboy, Sarkozy, slimeball of France when he was president.
And that little caisson Cameron, that little jerk of nothing, a nothing little boy, that was the president, the prime minister of the UK, and put an F and a U and a C in that one too.
And that UK.
Oh, and now he's their foreign minister.
And the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner, Barack Obama.
That brought you the Libyan War.
The most prosperous nation in Africa.
Where people had more rights and benefits than most of the world.
Great tourist attraction.
Hey, yeah, but we got their oil.
Got a lot of oil over there and you don't have to dig, drill deep to get it.
Just like why we're in Syria.
Oh, we're getting ISIS's.
Getting their oil in Eastern Syria, stealing it.
These are the people running a country near you.
Going back to gold.
Top trend 2024.
A golden year for gold.
This is just the beginning.
Nobody can predict the future.
There are too many wildcards, whether they are made by nature or humans.
If the current trends stay their course, look for gold 3000, 2024.
Because if this Israel and Ukraine war expands, and Ukraine is going to attack deeper inside of
Russia, and that slime ball little boy of nothing, a little boy of nothing,
With a thing like this, Cameron, sending more weapons to Ukraine so it could fire deeper into Russia.
There's going to be a false flag attack, you mark my words, that's going to drag the United States into this war.
Because Biden ain't going to win.
Except if we go to war.