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Name: 20240519_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 19, 2024
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Alex Jones, host of InfoWars, talks about various conspiracies related to globalist agendas and the COVID-19 pandemic. He discusses the dangers of Glyphosate in Cheerios, the manipulation of people by the ruling elite, and censorship on social media platforms. He also addresses modern slavery, human trafficking, and child labor around the world. Throughout his monologues, Jones criticizes prominent figures such as Fauci, Redfield, and Boyle for their involvement in depopulation and world government projects. He promotes his book "The Great Awakening: The Plan to Defeat the Globalists and Launch the Next Great Renaissance" and encourages viewers to support independent media through purchasing products from InfoWars.

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I've been on air 30 years and I'd have to say six, seven times over that 30 years I've had really awakening moments and I have Really had one of those last 48 hours, just getting the bigger download from God, the universe, that God communicates with us through.
And it's just amazing to be alive and to be here.
And I'm just so thankful for the wonderful audience of activists and the incredible crew and just everybody that's contributed to this transmission over the years.
I'm very, very blessed to be here.
And, you know, I've said some pretty dark things the last few weeks about we're on the rocks, the ship has crashed.
Hard times are coming, but after those hard times, really, really great things are coming as well.
And I think we all know that, and that's God's promise.
It's Sunday, May 19th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I'll be here live for the next two hours, and then the great Harrison Smith is coming in to do Sunday Night Live, and that is 6 to 8 p.m.
Okay, there are a lot of big stories here, and This doesn't happen a lot, but I always, right before the show, try to decide for myself what is most important, and they're just all super important.
I really can't differentiate.
They're all deals with the crises of entrenched global powers fighting with each other for global domination, the globalists being the dominant group trying to cut off resources to create a global crisis that they can come out on top in, and the fact that the establishment feels insulated and immune From any type of retribution only emboldens them.
They were really smart.
They look in the mirror and know that they themselves are the biggest threat to themselves.
So let me tell you the big news we've got coming up today.
There is a constellation of reports here where governments around the Western world are just saying, we don't care.
If glyphosate is causing the infertility and record cancer, one of the big reasons, we're just going to continue to authorize it.
And, oh, the U.S.
government had a 20-year study of electromagnetic radiation from 3G, 4G, now 5G, and they conclusively found massive cancer increases and all sorts of health problems.
And so they just said, we're going to kill the 20-year study project with all these universities and not publish our findings.
That was a month ago.
And then OpenAI, the most powerful AI group, disbands team devoted to artificial intelligence risk.
Yahoo News.
You know what?
Used to we would even study the globalists, say ourselves, and see if something was dangerous or had seriously disruptive facets to it.
But now we just randomly do whatever we want and really The mad scientists have always been like that, but now that the technologies are even more powerful, more dangerous, it's not the time to dispense with any guardrails.
But we're told that the general public and families and masculinity and, you know, an NFL kicker saying that, you know, women's greatest goal should be loving their children.
Well, so should men's.
And then that's like the dirtiest, worst thing you can say.
But fission-fusion reactors and giant cyclotrons doing experiments the scientists admit could randomly blow the planet up?
That's no problem!
And all the major governments creating artificial suns and releasing them into the atmosphere they admit could explode and kill everybody.
It's okay!
We're just gonna do it!
Ha ha ha!
So we've got that.
We've got the Iranian president disappearing in a helicopter in Azerbaijan and all that feeds into that and the season of assassination I've been telling you was coming.
That on the heels of what happened to the Slovakian Prime Minister.
And then you've got, well, just so much more.
We'll be covering it all tonight.
Stay with us.
O Haram!
(Persian song)
That's national prayers going on in Iran.
Because the helicopter carrying President Raisi has gone down north of Iran in Azerbaijan.
And I've seen local news, and I've got the satellite footage here, and he did fly straight into a giant storm and fog banks.
So at one level, sounds like a risky maneuver by the president of Iran, who's constantly running all around the region, stirring people up for war.
I'm not glad if he's dead.
First, Iran reported he'd had a hard landing, but they thought he was okay.
That was eight hours ago.
And now people are trudging through the torrential storm.
But again, I don't just believe the local news.
I can look at the satellite images and the weather reports of 80 mile an hour winds.
I mean, what the hell is he doing in a helicopter up there?
So, out of the gates.
I don't think Israel did this.
My job is not to defend Israel.
My job is to cover what I think out of the gates.
You fly into a giant storm in a helicopter.
You shouldn't be in a helicopter if the winds are above 30 miles an hour.
And I'm a helicopter guy.
My dad flying fixed-wing helicopters.
Flying around with my uncle.
Got a bunch of buddies like Shane Steiner have helicopters.
I'm in helicopters all the time.
We'll have some plan to fly out someplace for the day.
Eat lunch, you know, picnic lunch, shoot some guns, do some hunting, fly back at night.
And many times Shane says, yeah, we can't go, you know, tomorrow.
There's going to be 30 mile an hour winds.
Hey, got it.
But it shows two days after that, there'll be no wind.
Let's go then.
Let's go.
You don't go up in a helicopter if it's over 30 mile an hour winds, unless you're asking for it or you're in a war.
So Iran is now saying, And the Palestinians are saying, closely allied to Hamas, that if there's any evidence Israel did it, they're going to go to full war.
Now, Israel has killed Iranian generals and leaders before.
So has Trump.
So I'm not saying that they may not have said, look at this guy.
He's flown off in a helicopter on a long mission into another country.
Why wouldn't he fly in a jet above the weather?
And that's, that's crazy.
This is crazy.
And let's, you know, fly a Predator or something over him at 30, 40,000 feet and missile him.
I mean, maybe that happened.
I don't know.
Once they find the wreckage, we'll find out.
But the local news is reporting, I mean, we're talking 60, 70, 80 mile an hour winds, thunderstorms, fog everywhere.
It sounds like Kobe Bryant, but 10 times crazier.
Remember, they were telling the helicopters of Kobe Bryant to don't, don't fly.
They were telling him, ground the helicopters.
He told his pilot, take the son of a bitch off.
They flew him to the side of a mountain.
So, again, don't fly in fog, even if you've got instrumentation, and don't fly in high winds.
So, they're looking for him.
Russia says they're going to join the hunt.
It's right there near the Russian border as well.
Who knows?
But it just adds the insanity.
Now, I did say, obviously, last week, it's clear that NATO was behind trying to assassinate, shooting four times, still alive.
At least, last time I checked, earlier today, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Slovenia, and he was calling for an end to war and criticizing NATO and saying that Ukraine shouldn't enter NATO.
And I said with Jack Posobiec many times in the previous months, I would look for him and Victor Orban to be getting some bullets pumped into them, or their planes blowing up, or their helicopters crashing.
Because it is a favored way to get rid of leaders, including back in the day in the 80s and 90s.
Remember how many congressmen blew up in airplanes?
And it's happened since then.
Very suspicious cases of U.S.
senators coming in for landings.
Whole plane blows up.
So, right now we don't know what's happened with this, but we'll learn more as it goes on.
Again, this morning, Iran was saying, oh, helicopter with President Raisi.
Raisi suffers hard landing, state TV says, but he's okay.
And I'm like, all right.
And then, We get the footage of the high winds and the basically tornado weather.
I'm like, wow, this guy's really crazy.
I mean, doing that.
So, I mean, you're flying a helicopter and 60 mile an hour wind, you're suicidal.
You're nuts.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
We will continue to watch that as it unfolds.
But if I had to guess, he's dead.
And I'm not saying Iranians are stupid.
Persians are not stupid people on average.
But they're known as some of the smartest out there.
That doesn't sound too smart.
It sounds like a Darwin Award to me.
And I'm no president, but you gotta fly through weather.
You fly above it in a jet.
And Iran's got plenty of jets, but maybe they're scared of a jet being shot down.
Because that is easier to shoot down from high up than a helicopter on the ground.
So maybe he was trying to maneuver below something.
It sounds crazy.
But that's where you skip one poison for another.
If you wonder why they're flying around in US helicopters, they've got a refurbished...
Reportedly close to a thousand helicopters.
They still have operating that they bought the United States back in the 70s when Iran was still our ally.
So they've got all their main jet force is the United States as well.
They upkeep them pretty well, but still flying around in 45-year-old helicopters in high winds.
It's not smart.
Okay, I've kind of repeated that and beaten a dead horse.
No pun intended, but the power structure is definitely in Iran is going to use this if he's dead and say that Israel did it just to hype people up more and Israel has said that the president and the generals are targets so here I am saying imminent assassinations of Iranian leaders and of Eastern European leaders that are allied with Russia and then this happens and he's probably dead
And then you're like, well, why are you not?
Well, again, you're flying into a frickin basically a hurricane.
You're crazy.
Uh, so it's just makes no sense right now.
So everybody likes to blame Israel for everything.
Let's just say Israel did it.
Okay, fine.
Israel killed him.
It'd be like if I was a, I signed up to be a drag racer and I'm driving a funny car that goes 300 miles an hour and it blows up and I die.
And they go, the Israelis killed Alex Jones, he's driving a funny car.
But again, they've said they want to kill him, so maybe they put a brain worm in him like RFK Jr.
Like in Wrath of Khan and it crawled in his ear and they controlled the brain worm and they told him to fly into basically a hurricane.
All right, I'm done.
Things like this that just don't make any sense from any angle, I don't even know what to say.
Because he was just flying a helicopter on some long mission into Azerbaijan, and the helicopter blew up in a clear blue sky or something, I'd say, okay, Israel.
But I just don't know what to say at this point.
Clearly, and now that's even mainstream news, I've got an article out here today that was on Drudge, that I was reading where, and I'll get to it later, they're like, Well, yeah, we're already really at World War III, and it's a covert war, and Russia's blowing up stuff in Europe and the U.S., and we're blowing up stuff inside their country, and it's gonna get a lot worse, and yeah, the CIA did blow up the Nord Stream Pipeline, and it's fun, no big deal, so everybody enjoy that you're now all in line to be killed by the Russians as collateral damage in this shadow war.
That's the article I've got.
It's out of reason.
What if World War III has already begun?
And guess what it has?
Yeah, there it is.
World War III may have already begun, may have already started in the shadows!
And it's really a disgusting article.
So, I don't know.
Now, as I said, moving on.
Moving on from that.
To even bigger news overall, though stuff like this can trigger full World War III that we're already basically in, but let's say get us deeper into it.
There has been a big movement of rats leaving the sinking ship, and a year and a half ago, Robert Redfield, the head of the CDC under Trump, and up to his eyeballs and all the Fauci stuff, just as bad, he came out and said, you know, to Congress, no, actually Fauci's lying.
They're all lying.
It's gain of function is totally illegal.
And it needs to stop it.
It endangers the whole planet.
And I'm not part of it.
And I'm not going to lie to Congress.
And I said right there, this guy's been involved in it as long as Fauci.
So he is watching his butt.
He is covering his ass and all the experts that I've had on that worked with him at
the CDC and all of it going back 45 years, 50 years almost say, Oh no, he's just as
bad as Fauci, just not as arrogant.
So what does that mean?
Well, I'm giving you backstory.
Now he comes out on, uh, Cuomo's show.
There it is.
Former CDC director Redfield admits significant side effects from COVID-19 vaccine.
So first it's totally safe and effective and you can't get the disease if you have the shot and you can't spread it.
And it's just a panacea and it's totally safe and effective and totally tested to now it has significant side effects.
And that ties into a whole nother constellation of news I've got on that front of why are they now leaving the sinking ship?
Now who would predict that they would admit all of this?
We had four years ago plus on air with Dr. Francis Boyle and I'm not in a competition but a lot of people like to say we were the first to expose the emails and Fauci and the gain of function and there were a lot of folks that did it in the first year and I'm not in competition with them but it was Dr. Francis Boyle On this show in February of 2020 that first laid it all out and everything he said was true and all of it came true.
He's the former top UN prosecutor.
He wrote the help write the UN world laws on bio and chemical weapons.
He wrote the US laws, authored the law that we're currently under on chemical and biological weapons.
So he just has the contacts.
Used to work, you know, in the same office at Harvard as Henry Kissinger.
So he was on the inside of that.
Why is that important?
Well, in the SPARS 2025-2028 document, that is a blueprint for the attack they were going to run in 2020-2024, they just said it in a future year, that they ran two years before they released the virus and then the poison shot.
they say in that report, you should go read it.
I did a multi-hour reports on it.
Just go to band.video and type in SPARS 2025, 2028.
Watch it again, share it.
We shoot some boil downs of it.
Most people don't have time to watch one hour, two hour and three hour presentations.
We did three of them on it.
There's no reason to do it again 'cause we nailed it completely.
And by the way, you could not nail it.
They even have the same tweets for the same days over the four years laid out.
and they only change a few words in it and a few acronyms.
So it was the blueprint of the whole attack and the PR and how to do it so they could carry the blueprint around with them.
And if they got caught, they go, oh, this isn't a plan to launch the attack, it's just a drill.
And so in the document, it says by year three and four, it'll be completely known that the Vaccine causes blood clots, cancer, and infertility, and it's destroying everybody's immune systems, and there'll be a political uprising over it, and then we'll just have some of the government heads fall on the sword and act like they just screwed up and were wrong, and it basically admits that it was a premeditated plan to destabilize civilization.
And then you really get the evil genius of these people.
Can you imagine?
If you think society hates each other now and there's no trust, This just destroys Western civilization.
And then 22 million dead so far, it'll be 40-something million, they're estimating, in like another couple years.
And then 100 million.
Because it's designed, depending on your genetics, to kill you different ways.
Makes your body attack itself.
It's incredible.
But its main mode is depopulation, and it's in all the studies now.
Eats the testicles, eats the fallopian tubes, eats the endometrium of the uterus, eats the ovaries, just eats all the fast-growing cells in the body.
Because your body basically attacks those and sees them, because sperm and eggs are made up of the same stuff as the spike protein.
But it's a synthetic spike protein, so it attacks that.
According to Dr. Mikovits, and she's been proven right, and that's in the literature.
So... I mean, look at this, yeah.
The independent analysis gained popularity in traditional and social media due to visual presentation and interactive content.
Government attempts to respond with data and press releases largely failed.
Yeah, that's in the year 2023, but set in 2027.
And then by the next year, they're all resigning.
They're, you know, it's starting to happen.
It comes out, you know, the lawsuits, what they did.
I mean, they war-gamed it all.
Which shows how advanced these AI wargaming things were, had they even had, um, six years ago.
Because this was wargaming six years ago, two years, roughly, before they launched the attack.
So, it's so diabolical.
I have a tendency, this is what's coming up, I'll start covering what's coming up, but I'm going to play those clips, get more into it, and tell you where this is going.
But you're up against full spectrum dominance, only admitting that it's full attack, and they've planned out every scenario, beats them, when you realize the whole thing's a lie, that's how you're able to then circumvent it.
And, so it's all scripted, And the more senior members like Redfield have been read in on that.
I don't even know if Fauci has been read in on the Spars document.
Because the Spars document is a commissioned Pentagon plan through think tanks.
Remember, the Pentagon ran the attack.
Because it's the military.
I mean, if it's gonna kill an enemy, it's gonna do the job.
And the enemy's us.
So, you have to understand that.
And there's a lot more on that and more studies coming out, but it's for new listeners.
It is confirmed in literally thousands of studies coming out a month now, the most prestigious out there, just a flood every day, that it destroys your immune system, makes your body attack your capillaries and arteries and ventricles and veins, attacks all your fast-growing tissue, your intestinal walls, your testicles, the uterus, It attacks the brain.
It attacks the DNA.
And depending on your family history and genetics, it's like spin the wheel how it's going to kill you.
And I don't want to freak people out, but everybody knows this.
You can get it from shedding as well.
It's not as bad as getting the injections.
And no one can quantify how much less worse it is, but it's way less.
I mean, I would say the estimation 5% As bad as, say, taking three shots.
But also, they didn't fill all the shots with the death injection, depending on the part of the world.
But we have government admissions of this now.
About 25% had a really serious load in them.
About 45% had, you know, just a little bit.
And then the other portion had nothing.
And in some areas it was half placebo, just saline water.
And depending on certain areas, certain conservative areas around the world, they would bomb.
And some of those areas would get half deadly shot.
Like Alabama, conservative counties of Georgia, Texas.
I mean, we just got bombed.
That's how you do it.
They still mixed in some poison in Portland and Seattle and San Francisco.
And they're killing their people there, too, with the fentanyl and all the rest of it.
I mean, they're one of everybody, but they want to mix it up.
It's called range finding.
And that's what COVID-19 was, was the test.
So if you think 22 million dead and hundreds of millions are walking dead, being eaten alive right now, And people just collapsing everywhere, just everyday, prominent people.
Another CNN reporter just died.
Young woman.
Bragged about how she had all the shots, just dropped dead, heart attack.
It's just, you know, every ten minutes, it's another one.
I mean, sportscasters, weather people, local young doctors just dropping dead everywhere.
Nobody knows why they had a huge blood clot or nobody knows why their liver was just liquefied.
Nobody knows why they had a huge heart attack.
Nobody knows why their heart just swelled up and popped.
It goes on and on and on and on and on and on.
And they're just completely normalizing what they did.
What did I say a thousand times going back four years ago?
I said they're going to launch big wars after this and release new viruses and have all sorts of crime in the streets and defunding of police.
So the other crises are so horrible and so crazy and so out of control
that people just kind of, "Well, okay, they did kill us, but let's move on to the next thing."
Meanwhile, they knew when they approved glyphosate back in the early 1980s,
actually late 70s, that in studies of all mammals, it just destroys fertility and causes turbo cancer.
And they always had it baked in through Bayer Pharmaceutical.
Who famously shipped out, you know, all the HIV and hepatitis in the blood factor clotting agent, Factor VIII, for kids.
Killed millions.
Their own documents bragged about it.
They said, too many hemophiliacs, they don't have good lives anyways.
In the document, look it up.
Bare blood scandal.
Back then it would actually be in the New York Times.
They wouldn't dare touch that now, because they totally bought and paid for it.
They were bad then, but not that bad.
You know, back in the 90s, Fauci was in trouble for kidnapping black kids all over the country.
It was mainly his favorite.
Uh, and, uh, for some reason he likes to pick beagles to have their larynxes removed and then he gives, he puts flesh-eating worms on them, brain-eating worms, uh, but 90 plus percent of those he did murder in the tens of thousands were small black children.
Just he, he likes to kill beagles and, I mean, I'm not kidding.
He does studies all over with flesh-eating worms with beagles.
He, he chooses beagles.
He just likes to kill beagles and he likes to kill black kids.
It's, you know, he's liberal though, so it's trendy and kind of fancy and fun.
And, uh, it was like, Joseph Mengele liked to kill, for some reason, blue-eyed Jews.
He would single out blue-eyed Jews and then go slit their throats or shoot them in the head with a Luger.
Before breakfast, he'd put five kids in the back of his car, give them chocolates, and then drive them out on the road and then just shoot them in the head.
That's admitted.
That was a Nuremberg.
You're like, why does he do that?
I don't know why Fauci loves to kill black kids, chaining them down and giving them poison.
Uh, in illegal AIDS testing drugs.
I don't know why Bayer wanted to kill all the hemophiliacs.
And it's in their own documents.
They said screw them.
And they said they don't have good lives anyways.
I mean, I don't know why Mengele wanted to kill blue-eyed Jews and wanted to shoot them in the head while they ate chocolate bars.
Uh, so, these are crazy people.
Lenin had a little private island on a lake.
This was admitted in the Russian histories and he would, uh, He'd have his little islands populated with thousands of little bunny rabbits.
And then he would run around with a shotgun shooting them, or he'd pull out a dagger and just stab them for hours and bite their heads off and just flop around in dead bunnies.
I don't know.
I'm not a Satanist.
I don't understand it.
By the way, you can look everything up.
I said it's all true.
The beagles, the bunny rabbits, the black kids, it's all real.
It's all real.
We'll actually come back and get into all that straight ahead.
I think that's what we should get into and tell you what's coming next.
Stay with us.
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available at drjonesnaturals.com. So the rats are leaving the sinking ship of the New World Order,
Bill Gates, WF, Pfizer, Globalist depopulation program, but they were always going to in their
war game and just say they didn't know, they were stupid, boy they made a big mistake.
Now your civilization's just completely wrecked and the medical system's completely corrupted and well, now there's so much death going on it covers up all the other projects they're running and engaged in like the glyphosates and the 5G and all the rest of it and the companies have been given liability protection to do that which further bankrupts the governments as trillions of dollars of lawsuits are filed around the world.
Yes, the people doing this are doing it because it's a spirit of evil running them and they do it despite the fact he destroys them because they believe they've got to depopulate the earth.
Remember the big professor in the UK saying he wants to kill everybody with a deadly virus?
When that was getting big news last week, I said, well that's par for the course, that's King Charles, that's his dad, Prince Philip said that over and over again.
I mean, basically Jacques Cousteau, Ted Turner, I mean, they all say it.
David Attenborough.
The list goes on and on.
You think of a globalist, they all say it.
You've all know Harari, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Bill Gates' wife, all of them.
And I said last week, I said, "Has anybody checked to see that professor
that heads up a whole department in London?"
If he, uh, If he pushed the shot, told everybody they should be made to take it, and of course he did.
He wants everybody to die from a deadly virus they inject us with to save the Earth, and then he's promoting an injection for you.
Gee, hmm.
That's that, that's, is that really hard to understand?
Bill Gates says there's too many people, but he wants to give you a shot?
Because he loves you?
He wants you to live?
And then you take the shot, and everybody starts getting sick, and many die?
Boy, that doesn't sound too hard to understand.
It'd be like if you learned you had a convicted child molester that lived down the street.
And then your kid gets kidnapped and raped, and your kid says, the man in that house raped me.
And the police check the address, they go, that's a convicted rapist.
You think they'd bust his door down?
They're not just suspects, folks, they did it.
Now they're trying to cover their asses.
And I'm sorry that people don't understand this, but this is a cult that recruits all the top-scoring students in the world.
And a lot of them don't go along with it.
Like... Dr. Francis Boyle.
Or, my dad.
He said, no thanks, I'm out of this project.
I'm gonna go be a dentist and get married.
And why? Because he was the top of his class.
And they brought him in and said he was really past his line collars.
Went all over the country and worked on all these weird projects for us in high school.
And now, We're telling you what it's all about.
Depopulation and world government.
And my dad said, no thank you.
But Fauci said, oh yes, this sounds wonderful.
Dr. Redfield said, oh yes, this sounds wonderful.
And Bill Gates said, oh yes, my daddy runs Planned Parenthood.
Of course, we run it.
Of course, this sounds wonderful.
So he gets put in charge of all of it.
It's the culture.
It's how they run.
It's who they are.
A death goal.
It's who's attacking us.
It's who we face.
And you've got to admit it.
So I've got dozens of clips.
I over-prepared as usual.
Let's play five or six of them here.
Here, let's just start, because I've been mentioning it, with the former head of the CDC, who stepped down three years ago, Robert Redfield, Who's now admitting gain of function, everything else, going on Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, Fredo, who now claimed he's sick from the shots and he's backpedaling reading a script.
You know it's fake because it's the same script they're all reading.
They didn't know it was a mistake.
People were allowed to question.
They were wrong to say they shouldn't question.
They don't want to be, during the collapse, the ones that get blamed.
That's why we've been saying for a couple of years, it looks like Fauci, who I really hate, so I'm happy.
He's a fall guy, and hopefully gets the rest of them.
And Peter Daszak, they're the fall guys.
First is going to be Daszak, and then it's going to be Fauci.
And I'm not going to cry my Cheerios over that, my Glyphosate filled Cheerios.
But, that's how sick these people are.
And this has been done in times in history over and over again.
The Romans would send a really brutal general to oppress and torture and kill everybody for like three years.
And then they would reprimand the general, sometimes even execute him.
And then they'd send some savior general who would put slavery almost as bad on everybody, but because he was sent as a savior, well, they would put up with it and they would totally be able to take over forever.
That's how they operate.
Maybe that's what Trump is, but they hate him legitimately, they don't control him.
But I will say this in a moment.
Redfield leaving, all these other rats, Deborah Birx, all of them going, oh yeah, COVID's like HIV now, it never goes away.
Which is what the shot actually causes, autoimmune disorder.
One of the wonderful things it does.
That they're getting ready to set up Trump, and he's really walked into it.
Because I know the inside baseball, and I've studied all the angles, and they tricked Trump when he was saying, get me cures, get in there, take the controls off.
No, sir, we can't do it.
Well, there is this project, which they had ready for decades, they now admit.
He goes, good, do it, do it!
He was also like, all the other therapeutics and ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.
I mean, I know how Trump is, a super optimist.
He got let into that, and I'm not being an apologist for Trump, that's what happened.
And because he's so pig-headed, he won't now admit he got set up.
But enough of that, they're getting ready to set Trump up and hang that around his neck, which I said three years ago, plus.
Here's Robert Redfield, and then we'll go into Clip 26, that's the current CDC folks had admitting eschatum function took place last week in Congress.
So play the Redfield, then clip 26, then I'm going to play clip 12 with Fauci after that.
Here it is.
I mean, the question is that what could we be doing about it?
And do you believe that we should have a review commission a la the 9-11 Commission?
Not sitting congressional members who take a look at all the decisions made during the pandemic for both administrations to see what was right, what was wrong, and what needs to be different.
You know, Chris, I think it would be useful, and the reason I say that is there's been so much credibility lost in the public science groups, NIH, FDA, CDC, because I think there was a lack of really just transparency.
One of the things I used to tell my colleagues, don't be afraid to say you don't know the answer.
And all too often people would make up the answer.
And as you know, those of us that tried to suggest there may be significant side effects from vaccines, we kind of like with the rest of your show that you had early on, we kind of got cancelled.
Because no one wanted to talk about the potential that there was a problem from the vaccines.
It's because they were afraid that that would cause people not to want to get vaccinated.
The reality is, I was part of Warp Speed.
These are important vaccines.
We saved a lot of lives.
They're important for the most vulnerable people, those over 65, 60, 65 years of age.
They really aren't that critical for those that are under 50 or younger.
But those vaccines saved a lot of lives.
But they're also, we have to be honest, some people got significant side effects from the vaccine.
I have a number of people that are quite ill.
Uh, and they never had COVID, but they are ill from the vaccine, and we just have to acknowledge that.
Oh, now it's super significant.
So, just two weeks ago, Cuomo says, I'm sick, and I'm sorry that I didn't listen to other people.
Weeks later, they were canceled, and they were the saviors trying to save us, and it did a lot of good, but yeah, now it made a bunch of people sick, and he knows a bunch of people that are sick.
They're rewriting history.
Right in front of you.
Remember Fauci in Congress?
It is faith.
It is effective, Senator.
And how dare you say I had gain of function?
Meanwhile, Rand Paul made him public.
We had him before he did.
There's all these emails of him hosting gain of function conferences in favor of gain of functions, the name of one of the conferences two years before they released COVID.
Funding, classic gain-of-function, souping up viruses, making them spread faster, making them more dangerous.
It's all on record!
and they just think we're complete and total idiotic moron buffoons.
Speaking of the gain of function, here's a little clip last week in Congress.
Dr. Fauci, do you still support funding of the NIH funding of the lab in Wuhan?
Senator Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Do they fund it, Dr. Barrett?
Did NIH fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through Echo Health?
It depends on your definition of gain-of-function research.
If you're speaking about the generic term, yes we did.
Oh, splicing five viruses?
That would never happen naturally in a trillion years?
But, oh, to protect you from a virus that might arrive, and then what they have on the shelf arrives?
They give you a so-called vaccine for it that doesn't even do what they say it does?
Now, we haven't seen this clip in about three years, but this is during the hot and heavy rollout of the poison shot, and Fauci goes around on PBS Pissed off to black people's houses and telling them, well, you're ignorant.
You need to take your shot.
And they hit him with the facts.
And he gets more and more pissed.
Because after Tuskegee and everything else, the black folks are kind of like, you know what?
We don't believe a word you're saying.
And notice Fauci says it's safe.
It's been tested.
And then he changes the story.
Well, it'll protect you.
You can't get sick if you take it.
You can't spread it.
And they go, well, wait a minute.
They say it doesn't protect you.
You can spread it.
Well, actually, that's a very limited time that it does.
Only every once in a while does that happen.
Meanwhile, 95% effective, 82% effective, you're down to 46% effective now.
No, you're twice as likely to get COVID if you've had one shot.
Look at the studies, and it gets worse the more you take it.
And then you get regular viruses that can kill you.
There's all these different autoimmune disorders it causes.
I mean, it's just a cocktail of death, ladies and gentlemen.
So here's that incredible exchange.
No, no, not at all.
In fact, we got to get you vaccinated so that if you were to get infected, you could pass it on to them.
them to be able to. Oh, you should get it first. Okay, that way you won't give it to
them. I thought I thought I would give it to him if I get it. No, no, not at all. In
fact, we got to get you vaccinated so that if you were to get infected, you could pass
it on to them. So you're actually protecting your family by getting him vaccinated. Well,
I heard that it doesn't.
Hit pause.
Back it up 10 seconds.
Listen to it.
They have like five or six tactics.
Be a man.
Protect your family.
You're gonna get your wife and kids sick.
Hey, you're bad.
You gotta do it.
Just like Ernest Ramirez.
Phone company.
Take your shot, Ernest.
You don't want your son to get sick.
Be a man.
Get your son the shot.
Oops, sorry.
Four days after your son takes it playing basketball, heart blows up.
Hey, you protected him, didn't you?
And then the black lady comes up, you know, with the CDC and goes, starts talking down to the black people.
Listen, you better do this right now.
You're not protected.
You've got a problem.
And then the black guy basically chases him off his porch.
Good for him.
Those wacky black people, man, they need to just start doing what the government tells them.
Let's go back to the clip.
So that if you were to get infected, you could pass it on to them.
So you're actually protecting your family by getting it vaccinated.
Well, I heard that it doesn't cure it and it doesn't stop you from getting it.
No, on the very, very, very rare chance that you do get it, even if you're vaccinated, it's a very, you don't even feel sick.
It's like you don't even know you got infected.
It's very, very good at protecting you.
Just to Anacostia, so get up there.
Okay, see you later.
The people in America are not settled with the information that's been given to us right now.
So I'm not going to be lining up taking a shot on a vaccination for something that wasn't clear in the first place and then you all create a shot.
And miraculous time.
It takes years to create vaccination.
Well, it used to take years.
You know how many years were invested in this approach?
About 20 years of science to get us to be able to do it.
20 years is not enough.
And nine months is definitely not enough for nobody to be taking no vaccination that you all came up with.
The only reason I'm talking to you right now, as close as we are, is that I've been vaccinated.
But if it allow thousands of people like you don't get vaccinated, you're going to let this virus continue to percolate in this country and in this world.
Something like the common flu then, right?
It's much more serious than the flu.
Well, the flu killed a lot of people.
You know how many people died of the flu the last year?
I mean, not this year.
Virtually none.
But the previous year... Pause there.
Back it up ten seconds.
All this is pure lies.
Remember, there was no flu worldwide in 2020 because they needed death numbers because they're made up virus.
It was a real new virus that could scare everybody in the science labs.
It was man-made.
So they could create this so-called shot for it that actually replicated the spike that was really bad.
But notice, he's like, oh, it kills a lot more than the flu.
I mean, the flu is not killing anybody this year.
Because it just went away.
Because, no, the flu kills 30,000 people a year.
And it's real.
And if you don't get the right hydration and nutrients when you got it, you can die of dehydration.
Okay, mainly old people.
But notice, nobody died that year from flu because they just took it off, just said it was all COVID.
People that had heart attacks and cancer, they all said that's all been admitted now too.
So these black folks are like completely informed compared to the general public, especially three years ago.
God bless them.
Let's continue.
How many people died of the flu the last year?
I mean, not this year, virtually none.
But the previous year, about 20,000 to 30,000.
How many people have died from COVID-19 in the United States?
600,000 Americans.
Well, the number that you all are giving that died, that, once again, that's you all's number.
You gotta pay us.
Yeah, definitely.
Because when you start talking about paying people to get vaccinated, when you start talking about incentivizing things to get people vaccinated, it's something else going on with that.
It is something going on with that.
You're right.
But I'm glad millions of people like me and almost everybody here didn't get in. You know what their incentive was? Protecting
their health and protecting the city.
It's okay, cuz my campaign is about fear. It's about inciting fear in people. You all
attack people with fear. That's what this pandemic is. It's a fear, it's fear this pandemic.
That's all it is. So those are smart people right there.
Literal Count Dracula.
Nosferatu shows up at your door, a little snake-like wolf.
Little evil gremlin.
Hi, I'm Fauci.
Oh, no, you love your family, don't you?
It protects you.
Oh, you're gonna hurt people.
You don't take it.
The flu kills a lot of people, but none this year.
This is killing a lot.
You see, you got some children here.
Let me give them a shot right now.
Let me give them a shot.
And you're like, how can it be so evil?
Because there's evil people.
There's a small percentage of people.
It's about 1% that are psychotic, about 3% that are sociopathic, depending on the study.
And then you got a bunch of ignorant people that don't know what's going on.
They're being preyed on by these folks.
Some people say, well great, let dumb people die.
It's gonna collapse civilization.
It destroys culture and families.
You can't let them kill the dumb people.
So the vampire came to the door and said, Hello, I'd like to come in and sink my fang into you.
You'll be real safe once you take it.
Why don't you let me in?
And then when his tactics don't work, they'd already prescripted this, he goes, okay black lady, let him have it.
And she's like, you listen here, buddy boy.
You're gonna hurt some people.
And she says, get off my porch.
That guy and those ladies scored holes in one.
They literally nailed everything exactly right, exactly true.
Everything they said was 100% perfect hole in one, dead on truth.
Everything that vampire said was a lie!
Damn him to hell!
Good God!
I mean, it's not often we get to actually see the murderers in action.
You hear about serial killers grabbing people, torturing them, killing them because they like to do it.
Those are the low-level, dumb ones.
You're looking at hyper psychopath predators.
Literally, like great white sharks stalking seals or something, or killer whales stalking seals.
I mean, it's literally... You ever seen a killer whale just shoot out of the surf and grab a seal off the side of the beach and slide back in?
It's like, that's it.
Get in.
Come, let me in.
We just wait right there on the side of the shore.
Let me up there.
Come a little closer.
Don't mind these big sharp teeth.
I'm going to take good care of this.
Look, I may be four feet tall, but I don't really kill a lot of people.
I really want to kill you, mister.
Oh, I don't like black people.
Do you know the ten... over ten thousand little black kids, mainly boys, we took from their mothers and tested toxic
drugs on them till they dies?
God, please destroy them!
There's Fauci.
Hey, Black Daddy, bring your baby seal down closer.
I'd like to kiss him on the cheek!
Here comes Fowchee!
Oh, got another one.
I'm helping you now.
Do you like that?
And I'm not making jokes about this.
This is better than me tearing my eyeballs out, okay?
I just... I just know this.
Fauci better never come to my door.
I was thinking about today rather than work.
What if I was walking down the street and I saw Bill Gates?
And I thought about it.
If I did what I wanted to do and turn him into a martyr, And that would help the enemy know we're going to destroy his name, and we're going to expose him and Fauci, and we're going to take our governments back, and then we're going to prosecute them, and then they're going to pay for it legally and lawfully.
So nobody touch a hair on their head, please.
But destroy them politically.
Destroy them!
Fauci, no, now we need to give the first shots to black people here and in Africa.
Remember that?
It's very important that we give it to the black people and to the disadvantaged and to the Native Americans.
Because I love them so much.
Because I'm a liberal.
Oh, the gay community was perfect to introduce a pathogen in the 1970s, HIV, which they put in the hepatitis shot.
That's been declassified.
You know, they always call this stuff conspiracy theories.
Number one cause of polio worldwide, Bill and Melinda Gates project.
Look it up.
HIV was a Pentagon program run by Fauci, put in the hepatitis shots.
Look it up.
Here, I actually have a clip of Fauci.
I'll get to in some of the latest slides how this disease, which we surmised early on, started off in the male homosexual population in this country.
Not that there was anything intrinsically different or wrong or what have you about homosexuality.
It was very simple.
It's straightforward epidemiology.
You take an infectious agent and you introduce it into a population in which the spread among those individuals, if it's sexual contact spread, it's a perfect setup to spread.
In any event, What we had was a concentration of cases, as you'll see here, in the New York metropolitan area, New York City and New Jersey, and in Los Angeles.
Take an infectious agent and you introduce it into a population.
You take an infectious agent and you introduce it into a population.
You take an infectious agent and you introduce it into a population.
In which the spread among those individuals If it's sexual contact spread, it's a perfect setup to spread.
Oh, by the way, you want to know where the biggest slavery in the world is going on?
New footage out of the Congo has come out of slavery of children.
And guess who's running it?
I'm going to show you all that.
And I'm going to play this clip of Fauci bragging.
So get ready for our number two as we expose this evil.
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Hour number two, straight ahead.
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I'm going to tell you what's on my mind.
The only thing on American I'm hearing is the constant parade of attacks by your foul-mouthed, flea-bitten listeners against our noble president.
I am a Biden believer.
And here's what's going to go down in 24.
Biden's going to walk away again, wiping the floor with Trump like he did in 2020.
Because America believes in Biden.
Hollywood believes in Biden, like Mark Hamill.
And we all know that Trump is going to try to cheat, but it's going to go down in flames.
And all I hear is the anger and the bitter and your alcoholic listeners I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
the terms with the end of white cisgender Christian America as we rise, rise, the pink
haired warriors, the non-binary warriors, the transgenders, we're rising and we're
going to sweep you aside.
I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
The frightened middle-aged white man clinging to his guns and his religion and his money
and his privilege.
Get ready, baby, because pretty soon you will be swept aside in the new order of things.
And you know what that new order is?
It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come together and live together.
And yes, there will be communism.
Yes, there will be Sharia law, because you don't understand.
Queers for Palestine, together forever strong.
We are coming together in a coalition, one big, great big coalition that will win a day.
And in 2024, when you're all crying, when you're all You're lost again.
It's a new dawn in America with a rainbow, a transgender rainbow sweeping across the land to sweep you aside into obscurity.
The time of the white cisgendered man is over.
Your privilege card has been revoked.
You will accept the new refugees, the new Americans.
And here's the secret.
We're in charge.
We tell you what to do.
So get ready.
Get ready to give up your guns, give up your gold, give up your privilege and accept the way things are now.
The pink haired warriors are here and we're not going I'm not going anywhere.
You will not legislate us out of existence.
You will not put us back in the closet, and we will not be quiet.
Free, free from your oppressive grip that you've had on us.
And tell you what, I'm a Biden believer.
When Biden smiles, the sun shines.
When he reaps, the rain falls.
His strong hands lift up the oppressed, and his foot stomps on the white supremacists.
So this is how it's going to go down in 24.
Joe Biden's going to be back for four more years.
And then Kamala Harris for eight.
And then Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
The world has for the most part stopped asking for the current whereabouts of Kate Middleton.
of Kate Middleton.
And the royal family has been eerily quiet.
Suddenly, King Charles III, self-proclaimed descendant of Vlad the Impaler... The genealogy shows that I'm descended from Vlad the Impaler, you see.
So I do have a bit of a stake in the country.
As it were.
Appears to unveil a painting by pornographic portrait artist Jonathan Yao at his royal satanic majesty's request.
The portrait, bathing in the color of bloody red, the symbol of power, replete with a symbolic butterfly Perhaps nodding to the deeply occultic world that King Charles has not only finally attained the throne, but has undergone complete transformation from a former close friend of satanic ritual abuse monster Jimmy Saville.
In 1986, Charles and Jimmy grew close.
The Times claims that the two exchanged messages for 20 years, from 1986 to 2006.
With the release of a new video describing Jimmy Savile's relationship with the royal family, it has become clear how closely related King Charles and his family were to the man who was exposed as a paedophile in 2011.
Into a fully programmed vessel to be wielded.
Wielded by what, you may ask?
That is revealed by mirroring the painting as an image of Baphomet reveals itself.
Now, it is time to take it to the next level.
In order to secure our future and to prosper, we need to evolve our economic model.
I've come to realize that it is not a lack of capital that is holding us back.
But rather the way in which we deploy it.
Therefore, to move forward, we need nothing short of a paradigm shift.
We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis.
Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change.
Global crises like pandemics and climate change know no borders and highlight just how interdependent we are as one people sharing one planet.
The symbolism isn't lost on the King's Coven of the Order of the Garter, or King Charles' fellow New World Order accomplices, or the artwork of the satanic elites.
Did you know Stanley Kubrick filmed his famous movie Eyes Wide Shut inside the Rothschild family's country estate?
Well, take a look at these pictures that show an actual Rothschild event from 1972.
Here's some MKUltra programming.
Many guests are wearing masks with multiple faces.
Victims of MK Alter Programming report systematic and ritualized pedophilia, drug and sexual abuse, and torture designed to deliberately shatter the minds of victims into multiple personalities called Alters, which can be molded and manipulated at will.
Simultaneously, strange things are afoot within the United Kingdom, seemingly heralding a larger awareness of the coming of a global satanic effort To release what is known by some as the Black Awakening.
I dealt with someone from Fort Bragg for quite a while and a few others.
We're sitting in a lake, Conneaut Lake.
They reached over, ripped over my shirt to see if I was wired, if I was wiring and recording them.
And they were the most sophisticated, satanic warrior type person.
They knew five, six languages.
They knew the ancient twilight languages.
They knew how to conjure.
They knew how to use Belteshari, Okwa, all these old Pictish languages of the Druids to summon.
They are the real Luciferian.
They've been through many human sacrificial things.
So they sat there to tell me some of those things.
What they've been involved with.
How they sacrifice a human.
I'm listening to all the stuff from them.
And then they said to me, you have no idea Russ, how many of us there are out there.
How many satanic chose, they use the term, chosen ones.
You have no idea how many.
You have no idea what's coming.
We smell Christian blood.
We are waiting for our day.
And when the call is given, millions of us will be released.
And they looked at me and said, you believe in revivals and you believe in Pentecost and the power of God.
You believe in all that.
We believe in the Black Awakening, a multi-continental release of power to activate the program demonized, where they've weaponized the demonic powers to
these super soldiers.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.
All right ladies and gentlemen, we are now into hour number two tonight and
I want to shift gears into some other big topics away from the missing Iranian president,
Azerbaijan, that flew into a giant blizzard and fog snowstorm.
And I'm not saying Israel or the U.S.
didn't kill him, he's definitely on the target list, but that's like suicidal right there and of itself in a helicopter into, I mean, Iranian TVs are boarding.
They can't even get rescuers because they can't even walk, the winds are so high.
There's footage we showed earlier of people marching up a mountain with like When the Weathermen and the Weather Channel are out there in a hurricane and leaning forward and can barely even walk, just totally insane.
So we don't know what's going on with that, but it definitely has implications to supercharge World War III situations with Iran promising that if there's any connection to Israel or the United States, serious repercussions and the rest of it.
When Trump killed Soleimani, he said he did that day for attacking U.S.
And the Iranians backed down because it was Trump.
In this case, again, I don't know.
Everybody wants to have a quick answer.
I just don't have one.
During that quick break, we're airing that really special report.
In the first five minutes, I was watching Fox News.
They're basically saying the same thing.
Why the hell would somebody fly into a storm?
I don't know.
Or, I mean, who knows, did the Iranians kill him for some reason and claim he died in the storm?
I mean, I don't know.
None of this makes sense.
I mean, are Iranians that stupid to fly their president into a blizzard?
Through a mountain pass when there's a giant blizzard that's already there?
Here, let's fly through that blizzard!
That sounds like a fabulous idea.
So, very, very insane.
Again, helicopters aren't very safe up above 10,000 feet anyways.
They get more and more weak control.
I guess you can get them up to 15, 16, 17, 18,000 feet, but that's it, folks.
Then you lose complete control.
So, flying in mountains in a blizzard is about the biggest death wish you could have.
I'm not a pilot.
I know a lot of pilots.
I think that's known information pretty much.
It's like being 500 feet under the water and your oxygen tank is at 2%.
It's just insane.
You're not going to make it back.
All right, shifting gears out of that now.
I have a lot of other news I want to hit.
Dealing with the true nature of the world today.
And why the globalists are able to enslave us and why they're able to defeat us.
And you're going to ask me when I hit this in a few minutes, what does glyphosate detected in human sperm four times higher than concentrations than in the blood and everyone that has the high concentration is sterile?
What does that have to do with open AI, this man's team devoted to artificial intelligence risk and How does that tie into World War 3 may have already begun, it may have already started.
That's another headline.
And then how does that tie into the headline from a month ago?
Federally funded 20-year study into the dangers of RF from cell towers.
Findings do not be released and government simply is going to stop studying the matter.
Well, that's because they don't like what they found and what they already knew from studies 30, 40, 50 years ago.
How does that tie in to what we're going to hit first?
And that's slavery going on in at least six African countries, at least two Middle Eastern countries, and at least four Asian countries at levels above what went on in the United States.
And that doesn't take away from it, but you have to ask, Why are you not ever shown this on any Western TV?
Well, there's a big reason.
And by the way, it is the West and the Chinese as well.
They're actually worse now.
Chinese communists that are exploiting these people.
And I don't look at thousands of black slaves and think, well, I'm superior to them.
Makes me feel like crap.
Makes me feel like I'm in danger.
If I allow this to go on, if I don't culturally stand up to this, So I'm going to be talking about that coming up in a few minutes.
But first, I want to hit this and hit some political news.
You know, I said this a year ago.
I said it two years ago.
But there is a complete political realignment happening around the world.
And all the same tricks that were used in the last midterm and then again almost four years ago to steal the 2020 election are being used again.
And the FBI came out on Thursday And said, you bet your ass we're working with big tech to censor people.
They've gone from denying it to saying, well, anybody we don't like's a Russian agent.
So they're right back manipulating the 2024 election and doing all the same crap they've done.
And there was a video that I probably had 10 people on the street and family talk to me about the last three days.
I saw it Friday after the show, so I didn't air it Friday.
I just learned about it Friday.
It's amazing.
And it is the censored video being taken off Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, everywhere.
And this is suddenly, you know, really, really scaring the establishment.
And it's a Tom Petty song with new lyrics that's clearly a parody set to what Biden is actually doing.
It's Joe Biden and the Alzheimer's.
And so Trump put this out.
Well-known musician Trump fan put it out.
And what's interesting is when you go on Instagram or you go on X, and we have an article about this at InfoWars.com that Jamie White wrote today.
And you see that it's been taken down because of a copyright claim.
In every other case I've seen on YouTube or on Google or on X or anywhere in the past, they tell you Universal Music makes a claim or this group makes a claim.
It doesn't tell you on Instagram or anywhere I checked.
And I know because I posted it on X yesterday.
It got like 3 million views on my channel.
And it got hit with a copyright claim, but in the notice we got, it did not say who it was from.
So, you can bet it was the White House.
There's all those emails that came out by the thousands of, you know, going back three and a half years ago of Biden's administration demanding, take this down, take that down, take this Trump video down, take this Alex Jones video down, take this Naomi Wolf video down, take this RFK Jr.
video down.
I mean, just thousands and thousands of things.
Millions of requests total.
By the different NGOs and groups and so-called news guard organizations.
Fact checkers.
So here is the new song that they don't want you to see.
And that's why it's important we have outlets like InfoWars.
Because just because there's a little less censorship than there was two years ago when Elon Musk took over X, still everywhere else is totally censored.
And whoever hit X up, To take it off our account and so many other accounts is trying to keep you from getting this.
So we've linked up under the live show feed of the show today, just under the live show feed with the headline about Iranian president goes missing, maybe assassination, maybe bad weather.
Under that, we've posted the truth social original version.
I don't know if they've reached out to whoever's making these claims to them, but here's the deal.
There is no real claim.
Because a well-known musicians group made this.
It's a parody under the law.
It's fair use if you substantively change the lyrics and the song, which they've done.
So you're allowed under...
A parody, and you're allowed under political parody, is the strongest fair use there is.
It's been adjudicated.
I've been on air for decades.
I've dealt with it myself.
Their main business is parody songs, and we've won this.
So now you've got a settled issue with a clearly clear song that's clearly not the people that made it that have put in the copyright strike.
And boy, if True Social did it, they're idiots.
I mean, if Trump, who I think has made a big mistake not being on X and promoting True Social, hey, come here.
See my link here.
He should tell people, come to True Social on his X and send them to True Social.
That is the dumbest...
Move by Trump I've ever seen.
I've been clear about that.
My job is not an ass-kissing corps for Trump.
This is not the ass-kissing section here.
I care about victory over the globals.
I love a lot of what Trump does.
The things he does that are wrong, I think, are just stupid.
And I've gotten the message to Trump, and he's going to look into it.
He did post his mugshot on X. But that's about it.
So it's stupid.
So maybe, we need to know, here's the question, we need to know who had that taken down.
I don't think it was Trump.
That just sounds too idiotic.
But if his campaign people are the ones taking down a video when it gets posted to their places, 3 million views in one day on my X account?
I saw another version with 15 million views yesterday?
Probably had 30 million today?
It's gone.
I went around looking on X trying to find it, had a lot of trouble.
Found accounts that had like 300,000 views in an hour.
Sent it to my people.
It was gone by the time they went to look at it.
So they are scared of this video.
They're running around slapping it down.
So this report is bigger than just this video.
But it's viral things like this that are already being manipulated, already being gamed, already being stopped.
But we can override them By going to InfoWars.com, taking that page, going through social, finding the link, which is on InfoWars.com.
Let's put the live show feed up and I'll show you.
You've got my headline about Iran, the live show, a write-up of the other topics.
You scroll down.
Just put it back on the screen, it's okay.
And then scroll down, underneath, keep going, a little quicker, underneath the live show video feed, right there.
And then I asked him to post it, I'm sure it's there.
Keep going.
I don't know, maybe it's going to be there.
I guess it's not.
Well, let's just go back to the front page, maybe it is, of InfoWars.com, because Jamie White wrote an article about it.
I'm just trying to show the viewers, trying to show the listeners, because the censors don't want this out, where you can go find it.
And then we should repost, or I'll do it during the next break, Jamie White's article.
Here, I'll show you on my phone.
You go to InfoWars.com, there it is.
Dim Sensor Viral Parody Music Video Exposing Joe Biden's Cognitive Decline.
And if you scroll down there, we got backup copies for you.
So that's your homework, folks.
They're very scared of that video.
They don't want people to see that video, so we've posted it on there, so you can find it, and so you can share it, and so you can get it out, okay?
And I know a lot of you are smarter than I am, you can find it real quick.
Most people can't find stuff real quick, so everybody you know, go get the InfoWars.com article in your email, your text message, say, the Democrats are scared of this video, because A lot of times it's the court gesture that brings down the king.
And this report is out of the park and it needs to be seen by every American.
go ahead and roll it.
He's an old guy, has dementia, can't lead us.
And the country is screwed, tell some big lies.
Barely speaks English, sniffs children.
And their mom's hair, too, goes the wrong way.
When he leaves his speeches, gets lost each day.
In the White House yard, all the Dems say.
That we should re-elect him How can he run
When walking is hard?
And Joe keeps (Falling, yeah he keeps falling)
Keeps falling (Falling, yeah he keeps falling)
And Joe keeps (Falling, yeah he keeps falling)
Keeps falling (Falling, yeah he keeps falling)
Keeps falling (Falling, yeah he keeps falling)
Keeps falling (Falling, yeah he keeps falling)
5/20 central.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I want to play a few clips now of Trump and his statement about wanting a drug test for Biden, which is absolutely true.
That man is on methamphetamine, clearly, whenever they wind him up.
And then an idiotic clip of Biden says, my opponent is not a good loser, but he is a loser.
And he's talking to a tiny crowd of like 20 people.
And they all cheer like trained SEALs.
This guy cannot get 100 people in a room.
Trump can't find enough room for 150,000 people.
Turned away at least 50,000 in New Jersey, and he's pinned down on these fake court cases.
Just, you know, gosh, I love Trump.
I love him so much.
I love what he's doing, how hard he's fighting.
You just gotta admire the guy.
But then he lets them set him up with a poison shot and still won't admit he's wrong.
And I know Trump never admits he's wrong.
I know they'd use it against him, but they're going to do it anyways.
He's got to get ahead of it and burn them first.
I'm smart, Trump.
I know what I'm talking about.
I predicted all this.
I know you think you know everything.
But... Very, very, very, very frustrating.
I'm going to stop ranting.
Not really ranting.
I'm mainly just very, very frustrated.
Here's those two clips I mentioned.
I'm going to shift gears into the big news.
No, I have fake tappers.
They said, I just want to debate this guy, but you know.
And I'm going to demand a drug test, too, by the way.
I am.
No, I really am.
I don't want him coming in like the State of the Union.
He was high as a kite.
I said, is that Joe up there, a beautiful rope?
And by the end of the evening, he's like, well, he was exhausted, right?
No, we're going to demand a drug test.
How you guys doing with vaccines?
My opponent is a loser.
But he's a loser.
Play that little one-liner again.
They give him these one-liners and he's so proud of himself.
Just absolutely ridiculous.
Here's Biden one more time.
Not a good loser.
But he's a loser.
All right, I am not going to get into the slavery report, and viewer discretion is advised, until we go to break in
about six minutes.
So that I've got plenty of time and I'm not going to be interrupted before I get into it, because it is really
But the main reason I play it is to expose it so we can stop more stuff like this happening in the future.
But before I go there, I want to get a few other big reports out of the way.
As you know, last week a NFL kicker was speaking at a conservative Catholic college, and when you have a tyranny that is feeding you upside-down world and inverted reality, you can't have somebody call out the obvious fraud, the Emperor's New Clothes.
You just can't have that.
And so the entire media, the NFL, they're talking about, you know, getting him in trouble, all of this, for the kicker coming out and saying, you know, a lot of you women are going to do great things in the workforce, but I know most of you really want to be a mother, and you'll be marrying me a mother.
Well, you can talk to anybody, a father, a mother, anybody that has children, and they'll tell you, what's the greatest thing in your life?
What's your greatest accomplishment?
Well, my family.
What's the most important thing to you?
Well, my family.
And then we've got all these videos of these harpy women and others going, look at that white supremacist, look at that scumbag up there.
There's really still men like this out there everywhere.
Because they've convinced so many women that hating men and being all alone is what's going to empower you.
Of course, every statistic shows that's not true, and it's undermining society, and it's been done by Gloria Steinem and the CIA, and it's all declassified that they've done this.
So, Bill Maher just defended Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, who promoted traditional values.
Now, first he has to backpedal and say he doesn't like conservatives and doesn't like family, so they all cheer for him, because that's how sick they are.
But he even knows this is too far.
Marr then condemns leftists who say they're for women's rights, but riot in support of Hamas, who throws the gays off buildings.
Irony is entertaining.
And that ties into more censorship.
Zuckerberg's Instagram warns against tagging Tucker Carlson in happy birthday posts.
Oh, see, first it's Alex Jones being censored.
Now you can't mention Tucker Carlson.
That's coming up.
But first, let's play this clip from Marr, and then let's play a short clip of these sea hags.
Here it is.
I think there's a guy in the news named Harrison Butker.
He's the kicker on the Kansas City Chiefs, also known as the Taylor Swift Chiefs.
He got invited to do the commencement address at a conservative Catholic college.
But look, I can't express how much this guy is not like me.
He's religious.
He loves marriage.
He loves kids.
I couldn't be more not like this guy.
He's in big trouble because he said at this event, and this is a Catholic college, conservative Catholics, and he's now history's greatest monster.
Again, I don't agree with much with this guy, but I don't get the thing.
He said, some of you, talking to this, the women here, some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world.
Okay, that seems fairly like modern.
But I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.
I don't see what the big crime is.
I really don't.
And I think this is part of the problem people have with the left, is that lots of people in this country are like this.
Like he's saying, some of you may go on to lead successful careers, but a lot of you are excited about this other way that everybody used to be, and now can't that just be a choice too?
And I feel like they feel very put upon, like, there's only one way to be a good person, and that's to get an advanced degree from one of those asshole factories like Harvard.
I find it very ironic that he's saying, you know what, in my world, you know, we like the women to stay at home and just have babies, and the college kids and the young people find this absolutely abhorrent.
But they're demonstrating for Hamas!
Who make that a law.
It's not just an opinion in Hamas that you stay home and have the babies.
We will enforce you for doing that.
Okay, I just wanted to make that point.
Nelly is queers for Palestine, right?
Queers for Palestine.
We both are.
We wanted to come and do an intervention.
So Trump...
I'm not going to even mention the name of these ladies.
They got some leftist podcasts.
But here are these two women, probably don't even have husbands or children, hating and calling him a white supremacist because he's up there saying what women want.
And let me tell you, all these women hit 40, they suddenly run off, try to have a kid.
They'll tell you they suddenly want a husband.
Most of these lesbians suddenly want a husband.
Then it's usually too late for them.
It's not modern to get rid of our biology and who we are.
Here's the clip.
I think it is you, the women, who have had the most diabolical lies told to you.
Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world, but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.
I fucking hate him!
It's unbelievable that at a time, this last football cycle, where all of these women are attracted to the NFL because of Taylor Swift.
And here's this incredibly successful woman, Taylor Swift, that has this amazing work ethic.
Hold on, stay there.
I'm going to come back and finish up with these hags and explain what's really going on here.
This is so, so important.
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All right, let me finish up with these ladies.
If you know about Gloria Steinem and the CIA and Ms.
Magazine, great.
If you don't, go look it up.
It's declassified.
And, Eber Bernays, starting in the 20s, they had a job.
They said, we want to get women in factories.
We want to take control of the children.
This has all come out.
So, he financed these liberty parades and they called them liberty tortures because women didn't smoke cigarettes.
So, they got women to smoke cigarettes and killed tens of millions that way.
And, again, there were a lot of legitimate things and, you know, freedoms I think women needed to develop there.
Obviously, it's been a process in our country that led the world in it.
And the West led the world in ending slavery.
We'll get to that in a moment, but it's still not over in some areas, but ending it obviously in most of the world.
But here are these women that want to own women.
Here are these so-called academic control freak women that want to go put chips on women's shoulders, be their supposed leaders, induct them into the system and the feminist leaders are Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller operatives that then teach them the way of the future and what it is to be a good woman and you don't need a man.
Well, it'd be like telling any other species, a male bird and a female bird, you don't need the other bird.
Well, all the birds die.
Or, oh, chemicals are making the frogs gay, so there's no more frogs.
Well, those frog species are collapsing.
It's depopulation.
It's not just about social control.
First, it's social control to erode and break down society for the Great Reset.
Then society breaks down, like the great...
Society, in the 60s, LBJ wrote letters saying blacks are getting wealthy, the pressure we put them under in segregation just made them stronger, they own all their own businesses, their crime rate in many areas is low, they have lower illegitimacy than the whites, that's true, less divorce.
And within decades of paying women to have more children and kick their husbands out, now the boys were raised by gangs in the neighborhood, Society broke down and fell apart and you've got almost 80% illegitimacy in the black community was less than 10% in the 1950s.
Now it's the highest in the world.
So you can do this to any society very, very quickly and they tested on the black people like they've done so many other things.
And so here are these women, I'll play the clip from the start,
because I didn't know that we didn't have it bleeped.
Liberal radio can play cuss words all day, we don't want to do it anyways.
But conservatives were not allowed to according to the FCC, we understand that's how discrimination works, so I wanted
to bleep that.
I didn't know it hadn't been bleeped, so we had to bleep it on the station so
you didn't hear the full context.
So here are these women on their podcasts, this is just a snippet of what's going on.
The total vitriol to destroy this NFL kicker that said you're gonna go on to
have great careers, some of you, but others I know are just wanting to be
married and have children, cuz that's such an amazing thing.
And that's what most women, and there's a re-insurgence, a huge re-insurgence,
not just here but around the world, as women are pissed at the system and say,
hey, I wanna raise children.
I want to be a homemaker.
That's what I want to do.
Yeah, sure, you could be an astronaut.
You can be an industrial deep-sea diver.
But when I move to this next story, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.
It's men that actually are given the tough jobs.
You know who goes to the slave mines in Africa to dig rare earth minerals for the Chai Kams?
Boys and men, they don't put women in there.
Even the most barbarous African nations have women as slaves, but they're at home cooking food or picking vegetables.
They are not in mines.
That's men's work.
That's deadly work.
No culture puts women in dangerous positions.
They don't put them in war.
They don't put them in mines.
They don't put them in deep sea diving, because it's instinctive to protect women.
In a lion pride.
You have the females taking care of each other, but then when outside hyenas or things try to come and attack the pride, then the males get together and go attack.
And then whoever the most dominant, protective male is, he gets to mate with all the females.
You see, men compete in the animal kingdom to be dominant and strong and smarter and provide better.
So in the nest, I mean, is the queen bee the slave?
Are the feminists going to go save her because the whole hive dies?
Is the queen ant the slave?
You know, the queen ant in an ant hive is 20, 30, 40, 50 times bigger than even the warrior ants.
In a red ant hive, she's like four inches long.
The other ants are like a millimeter long.
And she's down there with them bringing her food and everything else, and she's down there pumping out the eggs.
And I get it.
People are like, hey, I'm into liberation.
I don't want to be the queen bee.
Everybody dies.
Hey, you know, that's what David Hogg said.
He's like, I don't like Alex Jones saying there shouldn't be anything in the water.
I like gay frogs.
It's good to be gay.
Yeah, no more frogs, dumbass!
So, the point is, is that...
Is that this is our biology.
And this is how we're designed.
And you try to just change that overnight, you're gonna cause destruction.
But it's being done to cause destruction.
It's not some leftist mistake.
The Tavistock Institute and the Trans Agenda and taking over women's sports and everything else.
It's an assault on women.
Women are more unhealthy, more unhappy, more depressed in every state they've ever been.
Because they bought into the system.
And the men stood by and let them do it.
It's outrageous.
So, let's play these harpies.
I'm going to shift gears to the big story.
The kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, who has got to be the most sexist, white supremacist dick I have ever seen in my life.
Watch this.
I think it is you, the women, who have had the most diabolical lies told to you.
Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world, but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.
I hate him.
It's unbelievable that at a time, this last football cycle, where all of these women are attracted to the NFL because of Taylor Swift.
And here's this incredibly successful woman, Taylor Swift, that has this amazing work ethic.
And then I forget that this type of person Exists everywhere and this is this is evangelical Christianity what he said is so disrespectful So to such a large portion of women and it's so dismissive I I just I hope that he is cancelled I do to hell and back and I feel so sorry that his wife has to sleep with him Well, nobody wants to sleep with you lady.
That's for sure gross women doesn't look like one that look like androids are like Some type of, like, weird walking stick or something.
I mean, they're not even alive.
But they're pushed by the system because they sit up there and say, you know, that Taylor Swift, she's got a great work ethic.
We've always had women in entertainment.
There's always been women that were warriors.
Jonah Harcourt.
There's always women that aspire to that and they get a place doing that.
But most women don't do that.
And you're trying to put them like a pimp out on the street and telling women, you better go do that.
You go better.
You become a boss in a company.
And again, what does this show?
Almost all these women desperately skip this break.
They desperately then run out at 40 and try to have a family, try to have children.
And go through all the artificial insemination and all the fertility stuff and all the rest of it.
And there is a giant awakening in women to this, so that's really good.
Now, let's talk about the big enchilada.
There are thousands of videos out of different countries in Africa, but the Congo's the worst, where slavery is openly practiced and Western corporations finance third-party companies to go in and run these.
They have plausible liability.
The communist Chinese do not do that.
Now, everybody's seen the videos of the big mines with men and children as young as eight, nine years old stomping around in toxic, deep mines, hauling up all of this ore for rare earth minerals.
Not just lithium, but dozens of them.
And the Communist Chinese, look it up, control 98% of rare earth mineral extraction.
They've been positioned by the globalists to do that.
And most of it is hand-mined.
And these mines, some of them look like the Grand Canyon.
I mean, they're like 50 football fields long and wide.
They are just gigantic.
And little bitty boys, I said as young as eight.
I mean, some of these look like they're five years old.
Gosh, he looks like he's three years old.
They are down in these mines and they are processing these toxic elements.
And they are doing this.
Now, where did they come from?
Did they go home to mommy at night?
Most of them do not do that.
Now, people think footage like this is bad.
But I could show you right now an hour of footage, particularly in the North Africa, where the Muslims control things, of the lighter-skinned Arabs Literally with groups of hundreds if not thousands of young boys and young men, as the average age about 12, literally at gunpoint, killing some of them, enslaving them, selling them.
But if you go down south from there to the Congo, there are now countless videos coming out that are being blocked on Instagram, blocked on Google.
You try to post the video you're seeing on YouTube, it's taken down.
But on X, you're allowed to post this and I posted it.
We'll show you my X posting and then play the video with the audio.
It looks like a scene from hell.
And here I am commenting on it in the post.
Ask yourself this, why does the corporate media never show you images and videos like this?
It doesn't fit the narrative that white people are the sole source of evil on planet Earth.
How are people going to feel guilty for limited slavery in the West that took place hundreds of years ago, if it's taking place on a massive scale today in Africa, the Middle East and Asia?
And ladies and gentlemen, there are all these videos now.
In the Congo and in other areas.
Congo's right in the middle of Africa.
You will see a lithium mine that's got concentric rings, they have to march down where they've been mining for years, down into this giant pit, and then it's caving in, they're sliding in, and there are children, I'm sorry, as young as three, I was saying as young as eight, we were just showing footage, like three-year-olds, and there's deaths every day, and they live in camps with barbed wire around them, with machine guns, some of them are run by the UN, most are run by Communist China, And then China then sells the material to the West.
So the West is contracting with China to go run this, but because it's Asians doing it, it's okay.
And they use black contractors to do it.
So in areas of Asia, not just North Korea, but other areas, there's slavery going on.
There's slavery going on in Libya after Hillary's liberation.
There's slavery going on in a bunch of other countries.
There's slavery still legal in several Middle Eastern countries.
If you're black, it's actually legal in the Quran.
I don't know why so many blacks are Muslims, because it actually says in the Quran that it's okay to have blacks as slaves.
It's just insane!
It's totally insane, but this new footage has really got people upset.
Got like five plus million views since I posted it this morning on Real Alex Jones.
Go follow me at Real Alex Jones, share it, because it's really waking people up, and the system does not want you to see this.
So in this one shot, it looks like about... That's probably about a hundred?
Probably about 80, that says about 80, 80 boys ranging from about, looks about like seven years old to maybe 10.
Okay, so seven to 10, and they're all huddled in, they're all being starved, and what happens is the traders, the slave traders, go to the villages, they either buy them for up to $20 a piece, Because the people are already starving, or they just kidnap them and take them.
Now this has been going on for thousands of years, selling them to the Middle East.
Rome did not have black slaves.
Their favorite was German and Gaul, which is France, and also the Visigoths and a few of those groups out of what is Switzerland.
But I just want to point out that the media and leftist academics, if you talk about the history of slavery, they go, you're lessening American slavery by talking about it to make it look like it's okay.
No, I'm not!
I'm talking about the history of slavery.
I mean, did you know that millions of white people were kidnapped by North African Muslims, the Moors, Since the Muslims took over the Mediterranean over a thousand years ago.
That's a fact.
They invaded Spain so they could get more women and held it for 700 years, most of Spain, until the La Reconquista.
So, do all the Africans own or North Africans own reparations to Spanish because their ancestors kidnapped white people?
Hell, that's why North Africa isn't black because they've been interbreeding with the whites so long because they were sex slaves.
And they had harems, the rich Muslims had harems of all their kidnapped white women.
So, this is the reality of what's going on.
And, now at another level, the UN shipping all these sex slaves and other people into the United States, signing them up with the Democratic Party to work in slave factories and as sex slaves, that's a whole other arm of modern slavery.
This is what human trafficking is, so I'm going to ask this question.
I'll ask the left.
If it's improper because you're the gods of morals, we're not supposed to talk about the history of real slavery.
It's gone everywhere, and it's in the Bible.
Every culture did it, and then the West began to end it 500 years ago.
White people began the process of ending slavery.
It's just a fact!
England, 220-something years ago, went to war with nine countries to ban slavery on the open seas.
The War of 1812 was partially over that.
They're trying to make us stop it.
So, England, Protestants, that's where the abolitionists that spread to the U.S.
came from.
England, if you want to give old England something good, England is what knocked it back to only a few places.
White people.
But the left's like, let's not talk about that because we want to put guilt on all whites so you'll follow our political agenda.
That has nothing to do with helping black people.
But then, let's move that aside.
Okay, liberals, you're right.
Just for the sake of argument.
We should not talk about history of slavery.
Only whites had slaves.
Whites are evil.
We're inherently bad.
We know.
You taught us that.
So you can turn everybody against us and take over society.
I get it.
Let's just move on for the sake of argument.
You're right.
We shouldn't talk about history of slavery.
You're right.
That's bad.
Well, what about current mass millions?
Estimated number of slaves in Africa right now is around 30 million.
The UN estimates, last time I checked.
So, 30 million slaves, the UN knows about it, helps the Chinese do it, never even criticizes it.
The Chinese run almost all of it.
It's like, well, they're not white, so it's okay.
Plus, they contract other blacks to do it.
And so, you've got children and men kept as slaves in these camps till they die or escape, mining toxic elements, I'm sorry, the UN now says 50 million people.
I think it's 30 million in Africa, though.
Yeah, that's right.
30 million in Africa, 20 million around the world.
So, seeing my memory serve right.
So, I don't just throw stuff out here, folks.
I do my research, okay?
The crew just types in what I say and there it is.
Sometimes I get it wrong when I am.
I'm like, oh, I'm sorry, it's worse than I said.
It's almost worse.
It's always worse than I say.
And you're like, well, you said the UN's bad, why do you use their numbers?
Oh, they're very proud of their numbers.
Oh, 87 million extra people starved to death because of COVID.
No, because of your lockdowns you ran.
And then when they kill 87 million people, they take the survivors and flood us that are all pissed off.
And then they collect tens of millions of dollars for food aid that they just keep.
Oh, Africa's starving!
Because you're starving them.
Give us money, we're going to feed them!
Then they sell it to the Chinese companies that then feed their slaves with it.
And if you get uppity, they take you out and shoot you in the back of the head and give you to the starving Africans to eat.
Oh, you know what they mainly eat in those camps?
Same in China!
During the Cultural Revolution, they called them dinner parties.
Look it up.
Type in Chinese Communists during Cultural Revolution.
Dined, had parties dining on human flesh.
They had giant cook pots.
There's photos.
They would just throw all the people they executed in, cook them into a stew, and that's what they ate at the base.
Ah, the human flesh, the delicioso.
Oh, but the white people are the barbarous ones.
We're the only people that have ever done anything bad.
I admit it, we're bad.
And it's so moral of the left to not talk about the slave camps in Africa and the Chi-Coms running them.
Or all the lithium for the electric cars.
Yes, you're the moral authority.
You're right, we shouldn't look at it.
Only America's evil, only America's bad.
That's why everybody wants to get here, because it's so horrible!
Because the white people are so evil!
The electricity and all the rest of it, but see, the systems within the country attacking it as well, so we're certainly not perfect.
So I've mentioned it a bunch.
Now there it is.
Man eaters.
Flesh banquets.
Ripped out our hearts and victims eaten alive.
China's gruesome cannibal past.
The communists cover up.
Just type in flesh banquets China.
Click images.
It's actually university sites have it.
Them cutting the bodies up with hatchets and then just throwing them into the luscious plumpy pots.
Pouring off the gravy.
Slurping with delight.
Oh, but no reparations for the Chinese killed for the Communist Party?
No, no, no.
Communist Party funds Hollywood, saying the white people must pay reparations for the 2% of whites in the South that own slaves.
More than half of the white people in this country had descendants that came here after slavery that had nothing to do with it.
How does some Irish person whose grandmother came here 100 years ago owe a black... It's not about black people.
The globals aren't going to ever give you reparations.
They're just doing that to make us all fight each other.
Come on.
They want to give you poison shots.
Wake up!
Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros!
His main mission is to castrate black men!
So here's just the latest clip of these little boys being marched up, this is confirmed, and sold to the rare earth mineral mine.
Here it is.
My opponent's not a good loser.
That's kind of reminiscent of generated vision of hell that we showed a few weeks ago.
See if you can dig that up in the minute, three minutes we have left, that AI vision of hell.
And I think the people that do that to children, they're the ones that will actually be cast into something like that.
I want to take that footage that's shot vertical, like all video, and I want to blow it up tomorrow and zoom in on their faces.
I want to start the show with that.
I want to zoom in on their faces and cut into different shots of those children so you can look at it and ask yourself why that's not on CNN, why that's not on ABC News, why that's not everywhere, and why we aren't calling for action to have China stop it.
Oh, because you can't talk about black people selling slaves because they can't do any wrong.
It's only white people because you've got to create the division.
Plus, the West wants the slavery.
They don't want to sit in big trucks or big companies and actually have to extract that stuff properly.
You have any idea how toxic those mines are?
They banned all our mines here because there is toxic runoff from them.
You can contain it and deal with it, but occasionally it breaks through and floods the river.
Oh no, but here it's just, hey, let them, let them just wallow around and starve them and kill them and do everything else.
Like they're in hell.
Yeah, go ahead and roll the hell scene with audio.
Go ahead and roll that.
(crowd cheering)
By the way, we put a new computer program in the switcher to try to fix bugs and it's causing bugs.
That's why you keep seeing little clips of other videos.
We're not doing that on purpose.
It'll be fixed in the next few days.
Cruz is doing a great job.
So there you go.
We're going to continue because I'm the bad guy, like the media tells you, to tell you about stuff, try to stop it.
Because I'm the evil guy that when the internet questioned a mass shooting, I questioned it too.
So they made up all the stuff I didn't do.
So I'm worse than Madeleine Albright saying she killed 500,000 kids by cutting their medicine off in Iraq and she'd do it again.
She's good because she's a big fat ugly lady.
Me, I'm bad because I actually love God and love everybody.
Stand against these tyrants.
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Central is Harrison Smith tomorrow, American Journal.
But he's coming in for two hours straight after this quick break with Sunday Night Live.
So stay with us and I'll see you at Real Alex Jones.
Let's go to Nurse Keith in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Welcome and thanks for holding.
About an hour ago, you were kind of explaining to people about how the micronutrients and stuff that are available and different foods actually have an effect on... Well, let's be clear.
There isn't long-term, billion-year evolution.
There's jumps, but like how you build a car.
Cars have evolved, or electricity, or computers have changed.
There is innovation, and humans do get ancestral memories from their ancestors.
That's called instincts.
Not trying to brag, but I'm a board-certified wound care associate, which is not an easy certification to get.
It takes years.
And it encompasses, you know, cardiology, endocrine, pulmonary, you name it, you've got to be good at all kinds
of stuff. And let's face it, a lot of my doctors, they don't know anything about this stuff. It's my
job as a nurse to figure it out.
And the average medical doctor gets two hours of college education on nutrition.
So one of the things that I do is I'm looking for results.
And by using very good nutraceuticals and supplements and things like
that, I can I can fix a problem.
Just a real quick example.
Let's say you have a really bad wound on your leg and you have diabetes and poor circulation.
Well, I can order you a bottle of Nitric Boost, a bottle of BezoBeat, and Get your ass up on a treadmill a little bit.
And these things work better than any of the medication that we give.
So I've got about 35,000 points because I give these things away as gifts.
Hold on, hold on.
This is important.
This is important, absolutely.
Just iodine alone, it's essential.
It means you die without it.
They don't tell you most people are deficient.
Two billion people have cognitive disabilities, the UN admits.
That's what these concentrated plants and other compounds do.
So you're saying you're taking care of people with wounds, one of the biggest Medical industry's out there.
Super tough job.
You're seeing with nutrition and also they need to not be sedentary, obviously.
You're seeing massive effects, because I've actually read about this.
I'm not an expert like you, but that there's massive problems because the doctors don't even say exercise or get out of the bed or take supplements that are good for your skin.
And it's so simple.
I mean, my wife takes supplements to have good hair and good nails, and it really works for her.
I mean, this stuff works.
It's the compounds.
Tell people about some of the things you've witnessed.
Alex, I would not have 35,000 Patriot Points if this stuff didn't work.
I'm not into buying BS and I don't push BS.
When I've got a complex wound and I see something that you guys sell that I know We can sell the stuff Walmart sells, synthetic stuff, and the bottle costs more than what they're selling.
With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a bottle, like DNA Force, okay?
The stuff that you guys sell is legit.
We can sell the stuff Walmart sells, synthetic stuff, and the bottle costs more than what
they're selling.
With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a bottle, like DNA Force.
I mean, so there's cost because it is the highest rated.
If you're taking a nitrate, like you were talking about the nitrate boost, well, that
is going to vasodilate.
So when you're vasodilated, yeah, you're going to be pitching a proper ten.
The vasobeat does the exact same thing.
But it also helps if I've got a person who's got really poor perfusion.
And I just want to get their blood flow going so that I can keep this wound from going septic and actually get some granulation going.
Or I could throw all the medications at it.
Not going to do a damn thing.
The doctors see the patient for 10 minutes, write a prescription and say, okay, come back in 45 days.
And it's my job to actually go figure it out.
And so I use a lot of the stuff that you guys have.
Thank you so much and God bless you, Nurse Keith.
We'll talk to you soon.
Give us your name and number.