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Name: 20240517_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 17, 2024
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses tensions between Europe and Russia, an assassination attempt on Viktor Orban, the possibility of civil war in the United States due to the presidential election, weather weapon events during the civil war according to the CIA director, health products available at drjonesnaturals.com, and the crisis in Taiwan and Japan involving Michael Yan and Matt Bracken. He also reflects on his own experiences and encourages trusting God through difficult times, while promoting InfowarsStore.com for support and introducing a new sleep support formula.

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The world has for the most part stopped asking for the current whereabouts of Kate Middleton.
And the royal family has been eerily quiet.
Suddenly, King Charles III, self-proclaimed descendant of Vlad the Impaler... The genealogy shows that I'm descended from Vlad the Impaler, you see.
So I do have a bit of a stake in the country.
As it were.
Appears to unveil a painting by pornographic portrait artist Jonathan Yao at his royal satanic majesty's request.
The portrait, bathing in the color of bloody red, the symbol of power, replete with a symbolic butterfly Perhaps nodding to the deeply occultic world that King Charles has not only finally attained the throne, but has undergone complete transformation from a former close friend of satanic ritual abuse monster Jimmy Saville.
In 1986, Charles and Jimmy grew close.
The Times claims that the two exchanged messages for 20 years, from 1986 to 2006.
With the release of a new video describing Jimmy Savile's relationship with the royal family, it has become clear how closely related King Charles and his family were to the man who was exposed as a paedophile in 2011.
Into a fully programmed vessel to be wielded.
Wielded by what, you may ask?
That is revealed by mirroring the painting as an image of Baphomet reveals itself.
Now, it is time to take it to the next level.
In order to secure our future and to prosper, we need to evolve our economic model.
I've come to realize that it is not a lack of capital that is holding us back.
But rather the way in which we deploy it.
Therefore, to move forward, we need nothing short of a paradigm shift.
We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis.
Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change.
Global crises like pandemics and climate change know no borders and highlight just how interdependent we are as one people sharing one planet.
The symbolism isn't lost on the King's Coven of the Order of the Garter, or King Charles' fellow New World Order accomplices, or the artwork of the satanic elites.
Did you know Stanley Kubrick filmed his famous movie Eyes Wide Shut inside the Rothschild family's country estate?
Well, take a look at these pictures that show an actual Rothschild event from 1972.
Here's some MKUltra programming.
Many guests are wearing masks with multiple faces.
Victims of MK Alter Programming report systematic and ritualized pedophilia, drug and sexual abuse, and torture designed to deliberately shatter the minds of victims into multiple personalities called Alters, which can be molded and manipulated at will.
Simultaneously, strange things are afoot within the United Kingdom, seemingly heralding a larger awareness of the coming of a global satanic effort To release what is known by some as the Black Awakening.
I dealt with someone from Fort Bragg for quite a while and a few others.
We're sitting in a lake, Conneaut Lake.
They reached over and ripped over my shirt to see if I was wired, if I was wiring and recording them.
And they were the most sophisticated, satanic warrior type person.
They knew five, six languages.
They knew the ancient twilight languages.
They knew how to conjure.
They knew how to use Balthasaray, Oquam, all these old Pictish languages of the Druids to summon.
They are the real Luciferian.
They've been through many human sacrificial things.
So they sat there to tell me some of those things.
What they've been involved with, how they sacrifice a human, I'm listening to all the stuff from them, and then they said to me, you have no idea Russ, how many of us there are out there.
How many satanic chose, they use the term, chosen ones.
You have no idea how many, you have no idea what's coming.
We smell Christian blood.
We are waiting for our day.
And when the call is given, millions of us will be released.
And they looked at me and said, you believe in revivals and you believe in Pentecost and the power of God.
You believe in all that.
We believe in the Black Awakening.
A multi-continental release of power to activate the program DemonEyes, where they weaponize the demonic powers to these super soldiers.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.
It is Friday, May 17, 2024.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're 171 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes, 22 seconds to this incredibly important, undoubtedly the most important election in modern history.
OK, we always have a full plate, but I've got to get to all of this news today.
Plus, we have two really informative guests to cover the waterfront on big military developments, not just in the Middle East, but also obviously in The South China Sea and of course, for the Ukraine situation, Matt Bracken, great investigative journalist and author.
Of course, another amazing investigative journalist, and that is Michael Yon.
Both of them will be joining us coming up in the second into the third hour today.
Okay, look, let me just go ahead and tell you the news I'm going to be hitting and then I'm going to start drilling into it.
I know you know that things are marching towards full World War III.
Down the continuation ladder that has been predicted by all the major war games.
And it is following that trail exactly.
Ukraine formally asked NATO to send troops for the first time.
NATO says they're mulling doing it.
They've already sent troops, but now they're getting ready to tell everybody that the troops are there.
We have just massive developments on that front that are so critical.
We're going to be hitting.
Then, billionaire investor Ray Delano warns the U.S.
is on the brink and estimates a more than one in three chance of civil war.
Again, it's not really a civil war.
It's a contrived civil unrest that will be branded as a civil war to bring in martial law that will be called a civil emergency.
We'll be getting that.
Then, a little bit later in the hour, We saw unprecedented 80 and 100 mile an hour winds come across areas of South Texas yesterday.
Over a million people are without power in Houston.
Massive high-tension power lines were just crumpled like Godzilla walked through them.
Those power lines are rated, I looked it up, to up to 160 mile an hour winds.
They're reporting some of the winds were over 100 miles an hour.
The word for these events that happen in Texas is Derencho, from the Spanish meaning straight, where you have just suddenly continued winds that just blow in one direction and do not variate.
Now, the reason we have this term that the Spanish came up with hundreds of years ago is because this is a natural phenomenon.
This happens occasionally.
But there are weather weapons and weather manipulation going on.
And there are a lot of lay experts but also mainline meteorologists that we've had on the show over the years that have pointed out something that I was told 25 plus years ago by an engineer working on the Doppler radars that they were putting in in the 90s all over the country that gives us that amazing radar view of weather.
And he was saying they were putting in power couplers and power hookups 10 times stronger than what those towers needed.
And he said that it was for weather control, that they could ionize the atmosphere and steer storms.
Now, years later, it came out in major government studies in the US, in the UK, in Germany, in China, and also in Dubai of all places.
With mainline headlines about, oh, Dubai's turning the desert green by ionizing the atmosphere with Doppler radar towers.
So this is a technology that works.
And I've had mainline meteorologists on, but there are also some of the best researchers are just lay folks who've done the research and who are tracking what's happening and making accurate predictions off of it.
And what's more important is they're being censored When they post these videos to any place but X. So you can see on these time-lapse feeds from NOAA, the federal agency that integrates all this together, this is official, both satellite and radar readings, key Doppler arrays manipulating and steering the storms.
You can see unusually high energy beams because a Doppler will always, according to the experts, I'm not one but I definitely research it, from the experts, you'll see when there's already a storm going on or it's starting to form, you can see Doppler popping up in little spots.
It'll already show up in other radar scans of it.
But not with these beams that are being fired out.
And so clearly there's massive weather manipulation going on.
I'm not saying what happened yesterday was or what's been happening around the country or around the world is particularly on a certain date.
But it's very reasonable to investigate this and ask this because it does exist and it is going on.
And I played the CIA director under Obama eight years ago saying when he was leaving office, or about to leave office, that yes, we control the weather, but we've kept it from the public.
So they're telling you all this cataclysmic weather's coming.
Well, they're involved in giant secretive projects, so we need state investigations.
The feds aren't going to do it, obviously.
We need congressional investigations.
We have UN treaties on weather modification, 1978-79.
This is a real thing going on.
But the details, again, are secret.
Then you add the high-altitude aerosol spraying.
The government will tell you it's a chemtrail because that's a layman term.
It's like, you know, calling something a slang name.
Well, they can technically say that doesn't exist.
But then you've got the technical name.
They're like, oh, yes, of course that exists.
So this is a big deal where they terrorize us and then say, oh, the weather is about to get really bad.
And they take regular weather events and hype it up and say, just pay us carbon taxes and we'll save you.
But then there's definitely weather manipulation and problems going on.
And I remember, again, massive floods.
This was about 25 years ago.
Massive floods in South Texas that killed a whole bunch of people.
And then the Air Force admitted that, well, it may have been our fault.
We were doing weather modification tests in those storms.
And that was on the local news.
Like, why did they just put that out there?
Oh, sorry, it might have been us.
We were doing weather modification tests on those storms.
So this is going on.
Why is this secret?
They admit, I've had the director of Harp on years ago.
About 20 years ago.
Admittedly, they can manipulate the weather with that as well, so I'm kind of already getting into that.
That's coming up.
And then we've got really critical information with G7 countries, including the United States, reached agreement to shut down all coal-fired plants in the next few years.
And I thought I'd actually show you some of the maps of energy production around the world and break down what's really happening and then tie that into some good news.
If it's true, which I think it is, the word is they did this decades ago, they're just not telling us, and if it actually gets deployed to the people, it would make our civilization so much more wealthy than it is currently with the globalist policies of suppressing wealth.
Because energy is the main marker of human wealth, obviously a relationship with God,
being a decent person is the most valuable thing you have, but when it comes to physical security,
and mobility and food, everything's energy.
Fertilizer is energy to plants, the food we eat, those plants is energy,
or is broken into energy for us, the gasoline that we refine out of crude oil
is energy for the cars, energy for the farm equipment that also produces the food that becomes our energy.
It's a very serious cycle.
So here's the big news, MIT claims they've figured out how to make fusion energy practical.
And again, they've had tests and created fusion reactions for 50 years or more.
They've never been able to harness it.
We've seen some of the wild footage of the Communist Chinese a few years ago, creating an artificial sun on their coastline and launching it.
A lot of equations show one can get out of hand and ignite the atmosphere, but they still do it.
The U.S.
government, the Japanese, did it decades ago in underground bases, which they've released the footage of, but so that the sun couldn't, the small sun they were creating couldn't escape.
But in fact, people don't believe this if they're a new viewer.
Guys, go to X. It's probably the best place to find it, or even Google will probably have it.
Just type in Chinese create artificial sun.
It's crazy.
And again, they created on a tower out over a beach.
You see the sun appear and it's super bright.
It's only about five feet across.
Within seconds, it becomes a thousand feet across or more and just shoots up into the sky and then dissipates and falls apart.
So, there's just a lot.
Yeah, here it is.
Yeah, that's one at more of a distance.
Great job finding it so quick.
There's one, not shot from cell phone, but by the Chi-Coms themselves, by the government, that right up close shows it.
It's just beyond spectacular.
We are living on a very interesting planet with incredible marvels of science as we unlock the secrets of the universe, but we're still just as sinful and barbarous as we ever were.
I pray we don't destroy ourselves.
So we've got that huge news.
And then we've got some other really, really important news.
Let's go ahead and hit this first.
Because this story in and of itself is not as important as World War III or Fusion Energy or all the other news I've got here.
There's quite a bit of it.
But these three articles that I'm going to hit, all tied together and show you snapshots of what's good and what's bad.
In my perspective, you may disagree with that.
But if you watch what's happened with President Trump, and you watch what's happened with the UN, and you watch what's happened with Merrick Garland, the head of the Justice Department, that is the real coup over America.
And if you look at what's happened with the Supreme Court, they're all saying two different things.
And at the same time, the Democrats are paradoxically saying both things at the same time.
And I'll explain what that means here in just a moment.
But they're totally contradictory.
So, we have a clip here of the Attorney General, Merrick Garland, saying that, well just hear it for yourself, that he admits to contempt of Congress, declares himself as having the sole power to ignore congressional subpoenas based on whether he decided those subpoenas are legitimate.
Now, let's stop right there.
To oversimplify this, this is a complex issue.
They're saying Trump doesn't have the right to presidential immunity.
And he can be indicted for having documents that are his and they're legal and lawful on his face in the law and the Constitution.
But Biden can have even more documents as vice president and keep them when that's illegal and he doesn't get in trouble.
And that's because Merrick Garland decides What is reality and what's not?
Just like federal judges have gone public, and I've met with some of them that are involved at the highest levels of this, and Merrick Garland has policies in place where when they catch, say, a third or fourth time convicted pedophile or rapist, you name it, armed robbers, sometimes they have dozens of, you know, arresting convictions or deportations, Merrick Garland sends a message to them saying, you're not allowed to prosecute.
So they've put Different members of the Trump administration in prison, like Peter Navarro, for saying, I was a lawyer for the president.
You can't subpoena me and make me answer questions from the branch of government.
Your only power over the president is a power to impeach him or the ballot box, which is cutting around the Constitution.
And now you have that same Congress that's introduced bills via Blumenthal.
To strip the power of the Insurrection Act from the President ahead of the riots they're going to stage when and if he gets re-elected.
And again, that's a Congressional coup over the Executive.
So this is just wild what they're doing.
Dusty Bannon should be going to prison very soon for also saying, I work for the President and I'm not going to violate the branches of government and I'm not going to answer your questions.
Now they subpoenaed me and I knew what the trap was.
And I was really the first and everybody else followed him.
I'm bragging, it's just true.
It was my decision.
I took the fifth 98 times.
Notice you never saw that on TV, me testifying to Congress.
You never saw any of it.
And of course they then destroyed all that footage, not just mine, but all the rest of the footage.
They destroyed it all because it was so damning what testimonies they did get.
That was not a real congressional committee either.
The Democrats selected who could be on it.
Violates the law again.
So this is just the first little piece of these articles I want to tie together here as fast as I can because it's a big deal.
You now have Merrick Garland telling Congress that they have no power to subpoena the head of a federal agency.
Well, Congress 100% has the power to subpoena the heads of federal agencies.
Because Congress is funding those agencies.
And even though those agencies are under the executive, they do not have the immunity of the executive branch because one person has that, and that's the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief.
The check and balances is again impeachment or the ballot box.
The left now plans to use insurrection and uprisings to get rid of Trump, if all else fails.
And they've said they are.
So the arrogance of Merrick Garland, who thinks we are so stupid, so utterly mindless, that here he is indicting all these people that were in the President's office as his lawyers and as his advisors, so that does extend to them not having to testify, but then the heads of agencies Where they have to be confirmed in front of the Congress, so there's that check and balance.
He says, I don't have to answer any of your questions.
Here it is.
The Justice Department is a fundamental institution of our democracy.
People depend on us to ensure that our investigations and our prosecutions are conducted according to the facts and the law and without political influence.
We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the committees get responses to their legitimate requests.
But this is not one.
To the contrary, this is one that would harm our ability in the future to successfully pursue sensitive investigations.
Now, there have been a series of unprecedented and Frankly, unfounded attacks on the Justice Department.
This request, this effort to use contempt as a method of obtaining our sensitive law enforcement files is just the most recent.
The effort to threaten, to defund our investigations and the way in which there are contributions to an atmosphere that puts our agents and our prosecutors at risk, these are wrong.
Look, the only thing I can do is continue to do the right thing.
I will protect this building and its people.
You kind of answered this just now, but I was wondering like, you know, what does this combined with the efforts to defund Jack Smith and the other attacks on Biden administration officials say about, you know, the broader effort to discredit you and to discredit the Justice Department?
And also, how do you manage that?
How are you resisting that?
And what can you do about that as Attorney General?
We have to go about our work following the federal principles of prosecution.
As I said, we follow the facts and the law.
We screen out outside inappropriate influences.
That's what we're doing here.
We're protecting our ability to continue to do high-profile and sensitive investigations.
And we will continue to do that.
Mr. Kerry, last question.
It now seems, the odds now seem vanishingly small that the two Jack Smith federal cases are going to begin trial, let alone finish trial this year.
What does that say about the pace of the justice system and confidence in this Justice Department?
Look, the special counsel brought both cases last year.
He appropriately requested speedy trials.
The matter is now in the hands of the judiciary and I'm not going to be able to comment any further.
So there he is saying that he is above the law and he decides.
And of course Congress can cut funding to that agency if they want to.
They have the power of the purse strings.
That's the check and balance there.
Not saying that the president doesn't have immunity.
So here's Justice Alito's house.
The New York Times, CNN, they're all freaking out because the neighbors back during the contested election of 2020 took these photos and now they've given them to the New York Times of the justice, the chief justice, flying a upside-down American flag.
And in all these articles, I read four or five of them, they don't even tell you that it means the country is in distress.
That makes me feel a lot better about Alito that he was flying that at his house during the whole contested election because back then that was the symbol of the fact our country was being stolen and of course the wife of Clarence Thomas also posted upside-down American flags on her social media which shows she gets it.
Yes, look it's not radical when your country is Literally being destroyed from within to fly an upside down flag.
The media always spends it like it's a disrespect, no?
In the Navy, all over the world, in Western Navies for a long time, if you've 500 years or more, if you fly a flag upside down, I know most listeners know this, for new listeners, it means you're in distress.
It means we have a problem.
You fly a white flag with a big black spot on it, that means we've got plague on board, stay away.
You fly a black flag with skull and crossbones, it means no quarter.
If you don't give up, we're going to kill everybody on your ship.
Flags mean things, ladies and gentlemen.
And so, on one hand, you have the Supreme Court Justice over here saying our country's in crisis.
You've got the Attorney General who's got his own little dictatorship going over the country, who won't prosecute real criminals but throws the book at innocent people who've done nothing, who's put our country into This major crisis.
And then we've got this report, out of zero heads, the trouble with world government.
And again, what is the trouble?
It has no checks and balances.
It's above the law in all of its own documents.
Back to the same thing we were just talking about.
Now, we're going to go to break.
When we come back, we are going to get to the war news in Ukraine and the fact that Ukraine has folded like a house of cards, and that Russia is making good on
their threat to take about a third of the country and then create a demilitarized zone. NATO has
already been flooding weapons in there for not two and a half years, but for 10 years. And they've already
sent a lot of troops in. That's been admitted. I told you that years ago. Now it's all declassified
or parts of it is. And so now they are escalating with open calls for main NATO forces to
go in, not just advisors, and fight the So, I really cannot stress on everyone that the Russians put in, other than their aircraft, their lower grade forces just to absorb and draw out the Ukrainians the last two and a half years.
And that now the main Russian military is starting to come into the country and not a half million, the new numbers are coming out, a million more troops on the border.
So if NATO does this, we're going to be facing a million troops.
And I say that because that's why they're announcing conscription across Europe.
And making chilling statements along those lines.
So, World War III is not a nice place to go, and we are really entering World War III right now.
Please stay with us.
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All right, I'm not going to spend a lot of time on World War III right now because we're going to have Matt Bracken and Michael Yohn, both military geopolitical experts, on with us in the second into the third hour today.
But let's just go ahead and mention these headlines.
Ukraine formally asks NATO to send troops for first-time Pentagon mulling.
They're already there, folks.
are just making it public. France has officially sent troops. As Russia advances, NATO considers
sending trainers to Ukraine. That's how they're easing the idea into the public when the war
is obviously 80 plus percent unpopular. Russia is now coming out and saying the attempted
execution assassination of FICO in Slovakia is clearly NATO.
Now they're singing may die shot five times. Victor Orban is also targeted, obviously.
So FICO's condition was more serious than previous reports than that he was when he was a stable
condition. He says that he is now in between life and death. All because he called for
peace and didn't want Ukraine to join NATO.
It's the world's fault, says Zelensky, tells ABC News that it's the West's fault that Russia's winning.
It's the West's fault the war started out of that.
Ukraine poised to sacrifice entire adult population as government warns of full mobilization.
You gotta go read this article on InfoWars.com for natural news.
It's got the quotes of the Defense Minister.
And they're just astounding.
Russia's a powerful enemy.
We've got to defeat them.
So every man, every woman, able body is going to have to fight in total war.
And they're going to try to mobilize millions and millions and millions of people additionally to be fed into a giant kill grid that the Russians have set up, which Putin said Three years ago, he said, if we go in there, we're going to destroy the Ukrainian military.
We're going to take the East, set up a perimeter, and then draw them in and destroy the Nazis.
And you have to say, NATO and the operating system of the Ukrainian people under Zelensky is very Nazi-esque.
You don't need me to belabor that, actually, where Swastika is and how Hitler and all the rest of it.
They're simply refighting World War II.
Predominantly, some of the heaviest fighting in World War II happened right in Ukraine, for those who don't know.
80% of the casualties in World War II were between Russia and the Germans.
So that is a big, big, big deal.
We'll be looking at that next hour, as I said.
But then that ties in with this, and you see all the movies, and the TV shows, and the professors, and the dramas, and the propaganda articles, both fiction, non-fiction.
Civil War, Civil War, Civil War, and it's going to be between the evil white people and the loving, perfect brown people.
Now, obviously, I don't blame the brown people, folks.
They're not the ones cooking this up or pushing this.
It's the globalists.
But they will find enough brown people and enough white people once this kicks off that do want it to be racial.
And it will be racial if you're being attacked for what color you are.
So the ground level will be very real, just like the situation in Israel and Gaza is real, but clearly a false flag staged at the highest levels of governments to allow it to happen, bare minimum.
The Israelis stand down.
We'll talk about that next hour.
Michael Young has done a great job breaking that down, so has Matt Bracken.
But just adding to the crescendo or the cacophony or the drumbeat of civil war, which again will be civil unrest, the deep state triggers, they're already doing, which will then be build a civil war and then civil emergency to drive Trump from office when he's president-elect with the answer to stop the burning cities.
And they've said that.
That's been in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times.
That's their go-to plan.
They're even telling you.
Remember what they did four years ago?
They go, it'll be a red mirage.
It'll look like Trump's going to win, but no matter what he does, he's going to lose.
We'll have enough mail-in ballots to beat him, Pelosi said.
I mean, they even told you what they were going to do.
So, billionaire investor Ray Delano warns U.S.
is on the brink and estimates a more than one in three chance of civil war.
Well, yeah, 45% of Americans believe we're going to have a civil war.
Again, Ilana, who founded the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, before relinquishing control in 2022, believes this year's presidential election between incumbent Joe Biden and challenger Donald Trump is the most important one of his lifetime and be served as a litmus test that determines whether risks spiral out of control.
We are now on the brink, he told the Financial Times in an interview published on Thursday, estimating the probability of strife erupting somewhere between 35 and 40 percent.
I'll put it at about 100.
The question is how bad will it get?
Then he goes on to talk about the best parts of where to invest in the U.S.
during civil war.
It says civil war seemed inconceivable only a few years ago.
But then January 6th happened.
Oh yes, the Feds provocateured that.
So they're really, really, really, really, really hyping that up right now.
We'll talk about that with Michael Yan and Matt Bracken coming up in the second, into the third hour as well.
I'm just giving you a little prelude of what's coming up.
All right, I want to get into the event or events that happened in Texas and Louisiana yesterday
that were so devastating and killed a bunch of people and have over a million people just in Houston
without power right now.
And is it a weather weapon event?
Well, you have to ask that question because the CIA director admits they have weather weapons.
We know what's going on.
And if you look at the different radar arrays and the signals they're putting off,
I'm not a meteorologist.
I'm not a radar operator.
I'm not an atmospherics expert, but I've interviewed the father of weather weapons.
I've interviewed a whole bunch of meteorologists.
I mean, you'll see Air Force planes doing spraying when they admit there's a drill.
You'll see weather change.
But the biggest thing is the Doppler radars on the ground.
The next red.
And again, before I ever read this in a document or saw it in like Scientific American, which it was in there, I Talk to an engineer, I've been telling this story for 25 years, who said, look, we're putting in the power cables and the power relays, these Dopplers, and they're 10 times what you need.
He goes, unless you're using them to ionize the atmosphere.
So normally they're operating at one level just to, you know, check what's happening in the atmosphere.
And they admit even at low level it has some effect.
But when you crank these son of a bitches up, excuse my French, They can absolutely control the weather.
So there's a lay individual that I've been watching for a few years.
We need to get him on as a guest sometime.
Who, a couple days ago, I guess he did this on the 14th, wow, and then the 15th.
There's a bunch of these videos.
He predicted exactly what was going to happen, and now they're taking his videos down all over the place, but they're still on X. So this is clip three.
TikTok just banned this video of the weather predictions I made that's at into thin air.
And so here he is breaking this down.
I can tell you what he's saying according to all the experts I've talked to, literature.
I mean, you know, articles again like China making it rain with Doppler radar, Dubai turning desert green with Doppler radar.
And so they can fry the atmosphere with this stuff and form nuclei and make a rainstorm out of nothing.
They can also kill a storm.
They can steer a storm.
And I interviewed Dr. Ben Livingston, who was the father of the weather weapons.
He was a pilot in World War II doing it then.
He was like 90-something when I interviewed him.
I don't think he's still alive.
He's still alive.
He's like 110 now.
Probably isn't.
Fellow Texan, that interview's been posted to Band.Video.
Father of weather weapons.
And it was declassified.
So I got on the phone and called him.
He lived up in the panhandle of Texas.
Flew him and his wife down.
Interviewed him.
And then he said, I can't talk to you anymore after that interview.
He got contacted by the Pentagon saying, Ben, you need to shut up.
But he flew squadrons in Vietnam leading them for Operation Popeye to flood things.
This guy's a father of weather weapons.
He was talking about Doppler radar, all of it.
So, this is a reality.
Did this happen yesterday?
Very unusual radar signatures showing up in the clouds from other radar that picked it up.
And according to all the people, the experts I talked to, when you see one of these giant energy beams fire out, that's not how regular radar works and it's way more pronounced Uh, then again, the normal power of a Doppler system and is more associated with the weather modification.
So I lean towards this being manipulation, uh, going on.
So let's go ahead and play that clip.
Look at the next red beams going off right where they're expecting these large tornadoes and severe weather.
This is no coincidence whatsoever.
They're doing this on purpose and they do it often.
We've been proving this time and time again.
This entire area is being created almost as a force field.
And I'm going to explain that all right now.
Listen to this.
All right, everybody.
Welcome back.
We're going to do a quick forecast for this.
By the way, hit pause.
Start over.
I want to explain to you this.
He put this out two days before this even started.
And he does this over and over again because they fire these up when the storms come in to control them and he sees the activity just like I do and you do and the engineers I've talked to do when this is happening.
So they think we're dumb.
They think we don't know what's going on.
It is happening.
Play it from the start.
The next red beams going off right where they're expecting these large tornadoes and severe weather. This is no
coincidence whatsoever They're doing this on purpose and they do it often
We've been proving this time and time again This entire area is being created almost as a force field
and I'm gonna explain that all right now Listen to this. All right, everybody. Welcome back
We're going to do a quick forecast for this upcoming system that is apparently going to be affecting Texas and Louisiana pretty significantly and we can already see it happening.
And what I mean by happening is they are already manipulating this situation and I'm going to show you exactly how they're doing it.
So we have a pretty significant weather situation going on in Florida and some weird heat that went on overnight last night.
I can explain that as well.
But right now I want you to focus on this big gap in between these two systems right now.
The one that's coming in from the west and then the system we've just been dealing with.
Take a look at this gap right in the middle of both of them.
We have a counterclockwise spin effect going here but at the same time we have a clockwise situation going on right here.
So picture this as two wheels.
One spinning in the counterclockwise direction and then obviously the clockwise direction.
And what we're going to do is explain how this system that's right here is going to eventually turn into a big tornado threat down in southern Texas, more so southeastern Texas, and then Louisiana the next day.
This is over the next three days.
So very quick before I get into the details one more time, watch this gap that is forming or has been formed in between system one and system two.
This clear line right here.
We also have a lot of smoke in this area from the fires from Canada already.
So we'll go through this quick and then we're going to jump to the mosaic chart where we can see the next red tower.
Alright so here we are we are set up this is May 13th going into current time the 14th and right off the bat I want you to notice the counterclockwise spin here and then the clockwise momentum here.
I'll go back and we'll look at it together you can see them spinning in different directions with the gap right down the middle.
Now this gap is here because they are creating this gap and I'm going to show you exactly when it starts right about here you start seeing a static buildup We also saw a significant radar beam right there.
There is nothing natural about this beam.
It has a cause and effect.
And then as we move forward, you're going to see the entire area here become all staticky.
You're going to see these little blips.
You're going to see each radar tower from Texas through Oklahoma all the way up to the
Dakota is going off at this point in time, creating a force field right in the middle
of these two systems, one here and one here.
Now stay with me here because you're going to see how this is going to affect the system
on the West.
That is basically being put in a holding pattern until this system moves off into the Atlantic
or enough out of the way to where it will no longer affect this side.
So again, I show you they're creating this wall where weather does not want to survive.
You could see it all building up here, all this little static looking stuff on the radar.
That means all of these next red towers are being triggered at the same time.
And now when we go back to this chart, it's going to be a lot easier to see what's going
on here.
So they want to separate these two systems.
This one here and this one here because if these two were to interact with each other it would take away from the
momentum that This storm is going to build up and then run across, Texas
in a counterclockwise motion after it fixes itself right now
It's in a clockwise momentum and once this storm passes out this way
You're gonna see this thing begin to spin in a counterclockwise direction
It's going to start pulling up that moisture through Texas and Louisiana.
And that is where we're going to get our severe weather on this next system that's up on deck.
You can see they've already put out a risk map of this situation in the next three to four days.
They're focusing on this more than they're focusing on the current weather in Florida.
That should tell you something.
This is going to be a significant weather event right here.
As I said, eastern Texas into Louisiana.
And of course they dropped this chart as soon as I'm making this video.
Watch this one closely.
You can get a very good idea of all the action they're putting into the middle of the country right here.
They are separating this system, counterclockwise motion, from this system, clockwise motion.
So they are halting this system out here in order to separate any influence from this system and once this is out of the way, this will begin turning counterclockwise and again pulling that moisture up through Texas and Louisiana.
Look at the next red beams going off right where they're expecting these large tornadoes and severe weather.
This is no coincidence whatsoever.
They're doing this on purpose and they do it often.
We've been proving this time and time again.
This entire area is being created almost as a force field to prevent weather.
And another thing to point out with this situation is you can actually see the weather fading away whenever it touches this part of the country.
Whether it's It's coming from the west this way, or if it's backtracking from the counterclockwise spin of this system, anything in here gets dissolved.
You can see that right here as we move forward.
They never touch the center of the country as both systems move.
Not to mention, as I said before, we have a lot of smoke from Canada pouring down right into this gap here.
And that is also a good storm preventer.
That's the same situation that we see with the Sahara dust coming off the western coast of Africa and preventing hurricane.
It's almost like a deterrent.
Everything is set up right now for this new system that we're going to see in the next three to four days and it's going to be a very significant situation for Texas and Louisiana and obviously the other states in this area.
Oklahoma will be involved with this, Arkansas as well, and then we'll move into Mississippi and then the southeast again.
This will be a more southern situation than what we saw getting pulled through Oklahoma and through Missouri over the last week or so.
Please keep your eyes fixed on this situation because over the next day or two you're gonna start seeing them blowing this up as a very significant storm.
They're gonna relate it to the last two weeks of weather we've had and it's going to be another blockbuster type event that they're going to advertise on all the weather channels and then my friends we got to start dealing with hurricane season.
Because if you want to see a movie legit on TV, that's what this hurricane season is going to be.
Just like a movie that they plan and put out to the public.
Alright my friends, I appreciate you all.
I'll be digging into this situation and putting out more updates as more time goes by and we can see what these radar are actually doing to this system, but it's clear as day what's happening right now.
A literal block going on down the center of the country to separate two systems to enhance the second system to the west for the near future into Texas and Louisiana.
All right, my friends, thank you all so much.
Take care.
Bye bye.
Okay, so that's what he predicted two days before what hit yesterday took place.
We'll show you both radar and satellite of the unprecedented 80 to 100 mile an hour winds.
In Spanish it translates into English as a straight.
These do happen naturally, but they are intensifying not just here, but similar patterns around
the world.
And then the globalists say, cut off your carbon, let us run your life and everything
will be okay.
As they cut the energy off.
And more.
So the whole thing is very, very suspicious.
We're showing you your TV viewer footage of Houston.
Huge power lines knocked down, buildings with their windows blown out, just a lot of damage.
Some areas devastated, flooding, people drowning.
Reportedly, no wind, one minute, 100 mile an hour winds.
The next minute, buildings being blown over.
Some of these high tension power lines can take up to 160 mile an hour winds.
What they're rated at, they were just crumpled down like Godzilla attacked them.
We'll continue to watch all of this, but you have to say, is it a weather weapon?
Because it exists and it's going on.
And then we get hit by freezing temperatures.
Two years ago in Texas, the feds ordered the state not to increase power and cause the blackouts there.
So they're administratively doing everything they can to pressure the population across the board.
All right.
Done talking about that.
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All right.
Other news coming up.
Under distress or duress, prosecutors allegedly threatened convicted perjurer Michael Cohen to flip on Trump or will indict your wife.
Well, The Gateway Pundit's right about that.
That came out at the time.
We're also going to get into Greg Abbott.
Pardons Daniel Perry for 2020 fatal Black Lives Matter protest shooting as a recommendation from the Pardon Board.
Now that guy is totally innocent.
The guy he shot literally lifted the AK-47 and aimed it at him.
And what are we just supposed to do?
Sit here and take that crap?
If you run out in front of me with a gun and you stop my car and you bang on the window and you start to aim that gun at me, I'm going to shoot you.
I mean, what are you supposed to do?
Just wait until you get killed?
A citizen?
A police officer?
You think you're going to run over to a cop car and bang on the window and then aim a gun at him?
He pulls the gun up.
What do you expect?
Just to roll over and die for you maniac communist?
So you can howl and scream and bitch and complain?
About your stupid George Soros crap?
Your fun about the George Soros crime syndicate?
So you have this evil district attorney that literally lets murderers out of jail.
Sometimes without even bail, he'll shoot and kill somebody, he lets them out in a day.
But oh, they throw the book at an army sergeant who was working three jobs, one of them driving an Uber.
And then he runs smack dab into a communist rally, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, scumbag event.
And you know, he's pushing daisies up right now.
That was a real punk.
He's dead now.
Shouldn't go around pointing guns at people.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
All right, hour number two.
Huge amounts of critical news with experts.
When we come back, stay with us.
This is so, so important.
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And I think you all know it, too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is, humanity's waking up and we're going to turn this around.
So, buckle up, folks.
Buckle up and get ready now.
Because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now.
And I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you, the new world order's coming.
It's here.
Welcome back.
Hour number two.
Michael Yan's with us for the next 30 minutes at least.
He wants to get into Taiwan and Japan and the crises intensifying there.
Putin just visited in China with Xi Jinping.
He's in Asia right now.
And then Matt Bracken's joining us on Israel and October 7th and the clear false flag that's developing.
Major evidence there and the plan to ship the survivors of the Gaza situation to Europe, the United States.
We'll also get Michael Yan's take on all that.
He's been really putting out some blistering We'll talk about Taiwan, where I'm at now.
I'm actually in Kinmen Island, for those who don't know where that is.
Some stations don't carry it.
So Michael, just give us a prelude of what some of the things you're going to be talking
I will talk about Taiwan where I'm at now.
I'm actually in Kinmen Island.
For those who don't know where that is, there's actually green berets here on this island.
And this is, for instance, the tip of the island.
There's two major islands here, Kinmen Island and Little Kinmen.
They're both both actually very tiny.
And so if you look on Google Earth and you look up Kinmen Island, you're going to think it's connected to China.
That's how close we are.
For instance, today they have a megaphone out there where you can come out and shout into the megaphone and people in China hear you.
That's how close you are.
I mean, you're within 50 caliber rifle distance.
Let's put it that way.
You see those speakers right there?
That's the megaphone.
Actually, I was doing a shoutout.
I said InfoWars to them, actually.
and do that megaphone. But that make those speakers that you just saw in the in the
that you know the big stand of speakers those just they blast those out every day and they go for
hours on end and and and and they just give messages to to to China.
And so you have actually Chinese that swim over here to escape and they come to Tiananmen.
But again, it's within direct artillery range, direct fire, like using an artillery piece as a rifle, right?
And now they've exchanged thousands of rounds in the past, probably tens of thousands of rounds.
They haven't done it lately, but in previous generations they were doing that for about 20 years, just firing at each other constantly.
There's people here that use those rounds now.
And make knives out of them and that sort of thing.
I mean, there's just, it's just unbelievable.
So, yeah.
So, as you know, Taiwan is, you know, Xi just made another threat that he wants to take it.
By the way, a lot of people say, I see these so-called analysts and including CIA people that I know that are normally good analysts, they'll say things like, you know, the breakaway province of Taiwan or Actually, when I ask people, when was Taiwan part of China?
I mean specifically.
Not everybody knows, but I'll tell you when.
It was never, never, not for one day, not for one hour, part of China.
And almost nobody seems to know that.
That's actual hardcore InfoWars, when nobody actually realizes that Taiwan was never for one second part of China.
All right.
It's just information warfare.
And so you see members of Congress, intelligence people, everybody else constantly using those old worn out talking points.
And so, you know, and so what we know, meanwhile, Taiwan is saying we don't want we're just a separate country.
Stop talking about us as if there's going to be some kind of solution to this.
It's us and them.
You know, Masako Kanaha, The Japanese journalist and I, we were just down recently in Belize and Guatemala, as an example, and those two countries still recognize Taiwan.
Masako actually interviewed the Taiwanese ambassador in Belize.
But anyway, China is trying to knock down all the relations that That Taiwan has in the world so that the members of the government can't fly around.
And actually Taiwan is extremely safe, but I have noticed a change.
For instance, now I see a bunch of graffiti.
You see the kind of the woke thing coming in.
But it's extremely safe, still family oriented, that sort of thing.
But interestingly, where I'm at now is an actual war zone that's not at war at this point.
Stay there, stay there.
Let's talk about all the Chinese drills around there, talk of imminent invasion of Taiwan, how that ties into the rest of military action.
We see really accelerating and popping off in the Middle East, in Eastern Europe with Michael Yan.
Stay with us.
Everything is interconnected geopolitically on this planet.
Putin just traveled in the last few days and met with Xi Jinping.
China's doing all these drills around the sovereign nation of Taiwan, openly threatening to invade imminently.
You've got major threats going on against Japan.
You've got the Chinese communists claiming control of the whole South China Sea, ramming fishing boats, stealing property, building man-made islands around the Philippines.
And China is getting ready to move according to their military.
That ties into what Russia is doing in Ukraine.
That ties into the UN NGOs and the invasion down at the Darien Gap into Panama.
The new supposed Panamanian president says he's going to put a stop to that.
Is that true?
To look at all the geopolitical angles and how this comes together and then we'll also get Israel and his really blistering criticisms now that we've got some real For hindsight on what happened October 7th, where that's all going as well, the plan to trans-ship at least a million of these people to the U.S.
and a million to Europe, and they're building the pier, the Navy is.
Biden's saying he wants to bring them here.
That was in a Netanyahu leak report three months ago.
Now it's all confirmed.
Just absolutely outrageous that these people are so deadly dangerous that they can't even live next to Israel, but that they should live in our backyard.
I mean, that is... If somebody craps on you, you can just wash it off.
It's a terrible insult.
But if someone ships to you people they say are the most deadly in the universe, and I'm not even saying they all
are, but some obviously hate our guts and are, that is really just an arrogant assault on our country and
it makes me mad at Israel and the leadership there.
And Michael Jahns had some really powerful critiques of that former Green Beret and probably undoubtedly the most
well-known prolific war correspondent from war zones around the world.
So if he's in your area, as he likes to say, that means you've got some serious situations going on.
So, yeah, I mean, you know, one week, one month you're in Central America, and the next month you're in Asia, and the next month you're in Europe or the Middle East.
A lot going on.
So please give us a breakdown of what's happening right now there in the South China Sea.
Right, yeah.
I'm on Kinmen Island, which is right next to China.
When this war finally does kick off, this will be the first to go almost certainly.
I mean, seriously, they outlawed basketballs here at one point because Chinese were swimming over here using basketballs as flotation devices.
That's how close it is.
You don't need a flotation device.
You can swim it in probably an hour and a half, right?
So, I mean, that's how close we are, right?
And so this will be the first to go.
Now, if you want to talk about Panama, that's obviously incredibly important.
Panama is, you know, I spent a lot of time down there.
We've taken Operation Burning Edge.
We've taken 50 or 60 different people down there.
We took, oh, good Lord, you know, Anne VanderSteel, of course, is one of the principals in Operation Burning Edge.
Masako Kanaha and I have taken so many people and now we see it's coming to pass the things that we warned about.
You see, for instance, that they've been opening the gap up more, but we're the ones who set conditions for this president, the incoming president down in Panama, to actually use it as a platform to close the dairying gap, right?
So he used that as an election platform to get elected.
That was our doings directly and unambiguous.
We spent Three years getting it to this moment.
Now, it's not done yet.
He hasn't closed it.
Now, I already see media saying you can't close the Darien Gap and that is bull stuff, right?
You can definitely close it.
They closed it during the pandemic.
It was closed like a water spigot.
No drop was getting through.
Now, it's easy to close physically.
I've been out in that gap a lot.
It's simple.
There's choke points out there like at the Mountain of Death.
They call it Montagne de la Muerte.
There's only a few ways that you can really get through.
And so the difficulty in closing it is going to be politically and economically.
They're going to come at him hard.
We saw what just happened to the Slovakian.
What happened in Slovakia with the Assassination attempt.
I hope he's survived.
I haven't seen the news today because we've been out here looking.
He's taking a turn for the worse according to Victor Orban that visited him and he says he's in between life and death right now.
That's terrible.
You know, yeah, well, you can see this is the way things will go.
You know, by the way, today, just like three hours ago, Misako Kanaha and I were clearly being trailed by a spy.
I got photos of him.
I just sent it out to people.
It was straight up.
I walked right up to eventually I walked right up to him.
I said, Are you a spy or a policeman, right?
I mean, sometimes you just fly right into it.
But I mean, this is a high threat environment here as well.
I mean, they're clearly starting to come after people.
I think it was yesterday I saw you saying it on the show.
It's just a matter of time.
I think it was yesterday I saw you saying this.
You were on with Jack, I think, talking about how they're going to start to assassinate people like you, right?
I mean, clearly you're, I mean, you are apex Predator for those evil people, and they know it, right?
And I'm your B-team, you know?
I mean, it's pretty unbelievable.
But let's look at the dairying gap again.
Now, they can close it down.
And I know that the Panamanian government is making physical moves to do that at this time.
I know it because I know some things that are going on in the gap right now.
They're definitely going to go for it, or at least they're preparing their assets to do this thing.
Now they're going to need support from media like you, of course, that supports them and says, hey, they can close it.
They have to close down what's called the City of Knowledge.
The City of Knowledge is right next to the Panama Canal.
Every Panamanian watching this knows exactly where I'm talking about.
Ciudad de Saban, right?
Right next to the Panama Canal near the Miraflores Locks.
That used to be the U.S.
Army South Headquarters.
That's where I took Brett Weinstein and Laura Loomer and Dr. Chris Martinson and so many others, right?
And Michael Young, let's just pause for a moment.
Because it's not about credit, but it's about giving credit where we're having victory.
For years you've been taking journalists and others down to the Darien Gap, showing them how the former U.S.
command base got taken over by the UN NGOs.
Now that's finally in Congress.
Now that's mainstream news.
Now they're talking about cutting the funding off.
And now we get a president in Panama that says he's going to shut it down.
So this is showing how what you're doing right now, spotlighting this, really, really scares them in the power of real journalism.
But going back for a moment, why do you think this new president got elected?
And why is he doing the right thing?
Because you pointed out there's major CHICOM money there, major UN influence.
How is he able to buck them?
And you're saying they may assassinate him.
Oh yeah.
I mean, you know, there's only two people in this entire time, this more than three years I've been going to the Darien Gap.
I've probably spent six months in Panama since Biden was installed.
Only two people recognized what I was doing.
And that was Matt Bracken and you.
Force multiplying.
I'm just, I was just talking with Matt on the phone about this an hour ago.
I'm just doing what I was trained to do as a Special Forces soldier, taking other people down so that they can see and say what's going on.
We've taken Spanish speaker, we took Epoch Times, their incredible documentary just came out with Josh Phillip, Laura Loomer's documentary is about to come out, she's going right after HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Brett Weinstein has reached millions of people with it.
That's how we did it.
We set the table, just like we set the table on Colony Ridge.
Todd Benspin was the key to that.
And, you know, we kept going to SpaceX, for instance, there in Texas, to try to prod Elon Musk to start talking about the border.
Which he is, which he hammers now.
That was your mission.
And then also you've got Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan.
I mean, it seems like That's what I said a few months ago to you.
I said, look, keep going to Daring Gap all you want, but you've reached critical mass now.
We need you instead to be testifying to Congress.
Yeah, actually, Todd just testified, I think, yesterday.
And, unfortunately, I wasn't there.
I was asked to go, but I'm down here, you know, feeding information to the people that do testify, right?
I am force-multiplying.
Maybe I should be there.
Maybe that's a tactical error.
Oh, no, I'm not saying you're wrong.
I'm not saying you're wrong.
Continue with Panama, and then why you're again, right, you know, literally a mile from China right now.
Yeah, because this is clearly, I mean, Masako Kanaha and I, by the way, let me give you a sort of a back brief since the last time I've been on your show.
We were down the Darien and then I flew up to Tennessee with Anne Vandersteel on Burning Edge.
We made a documentary up there and then I went on with Sean Ryan and Tucker Carlson up there and then we went to the Bahamas.
Why did we go to Bahamas?
We went to the Bahamas because China's building a huge embassy there.
They've already got a port, a major port, right off the coast of Florida.
Again, it's only like 50 or 60 miles.
Look it up on Google Earth.
They're taking over Antigua.
They're taking over many places down there, right?
So we spent some time down in Bahamas, checking it out, you know, making good contacts down there, that sort of thing.
And then Masako Kanaha and I, we flew up to Canada.
Why did we go to Canada?
We went up to, we started in Toronto, and you see the biggest land border in the world is between Canada and the United States.
And I would say, to be directionally accurate, 99.9% is completely unguarded.
So we went to a place, for instance, where they're crossing over a railroad track, this, that, and the other.
You know, we were driving down the road, a major highway in Canada, and I smelled marijuana, right?
And I'm like, Nobody in here smokes marijuana.
We were with a retired Canadian Army officer, right?
And he said, no, all these greenhouses are growing marijuana on the sides of the highway, right?
And you know, I know some people get angry at me for going after Joe on these, you know, smoking dope on a show.
But what I do is war.
And I'm watching how the Chinese are using the marijuana to make billions of dollars and dumb down our population.
Well there's no doubt marijuana is 20 times stronger on average than it used to be and
there's no doubt that Soros got it legalized and it's causing mass schizophrenia, artificial
schizophrenia, it's causing all sorts of mental illness.
Some people can smoke it and be okay, but I know a lot of people it's ruined and marijuana
is not, I was never a big pot guy, but I smoked some in high school, a little bit here and
there in college to take a hit.
I've tested it every few years just so I can, and literally one or two hits of the new marijuana
and I can't get out of a chair for two hours.
And there's people that are smoking, you know, four or five of these marijuana cigarettes a day.
There are people taking, you know, huge bong hits of it.
And it is a weapon.
It is being flooded against the people.
That's a fact.
Oh yeah, and you know, keep in mind, Alex, I spend most of my time downrange.
I'm usually overseas, right?
And so when I come back to my country, the United States, I can see that it's doped up.
Not necessarily on marijuana, but something.
Maybe it's prescriptions, or I don't know.
But the bottom line is I can see it.
Oh, Americans use more drugs per capita than anybody else on the earth.
You can see it.
I mean, when I'm here in Taiwan, the people are not drugged up and, you know, everybody's happy.
This is a happy place.
Super low crime.
Kids running around all over the place.
You know what I mean?
It feels safe.
By the way, I've seen footage of Chinese, I've seen footage of Chinese in China proper, and I'm not perfect myself, but they look unhealthy, they look weirded out, they look on average pretty crazy.
Then I see raw footage that our own team's been there, and I've seen yours, just walking down the street, the Taiwanese are like healthy, they're skinny, they're happy, it looks like footage, I've seen color footage of 1950s America.
What is the difference between the people of Taiwan and the people of China?
Is it just the culture?
Oh, very, very huge difference.
A lot of people say that that's due to the Japanese influence from, you know, 1895 to 1945.
This was actually Japan.
And so, you know, a lot of people don't actually realize that.
And by the way, I've written three books on Chinese information war that are only in Japanese.
They're not even in English, right?
Today we were with, we hired a tour guide to give us tours around Kinmen and we were having coffee at a Do you know who's the hero of Kenman?
He said to me in English, he said, "Do you know who's the hero of Kinmen?"
And I guess he didn't think I would know.
And, you know, most people, I guess, don't get the right answer.
And I said, "Japanese."
And he almost slammed his hand.
He goes, "Yes!"
You know, nobody apparently knows that the Japanese are looked at as heroes here, and in Taiwan as well.
But due to the information war, people don't realize that.
I spent, you know, about a year running around inside China and 25 countries in Asia doing a lot of research on this.
I'm telling you what, Alex, I don't know when you got the idea to name your show InfoWars, but I mean, it's brilliant because that's basically what I see everywhere.
The Japanese influence in, by the way, Formosa, it used to be called Formosa, Taiwan.
This place was replete with headhunters.
I mean, straight up cannibals.
I picked up a book from 1896 the other day.
I picked it up about two weeks ago.
I've been reading it in Taipei.
It's by this Presbyterian missionary.
I love to read missionary stuff.
You learn a lot from those guys.
And he talked about all the headhunters and how the Chinese, so this was 1895, he published the book in 1896, but he was actually in Taiwan for 23, or Formosa for 23 years, but he talked about when the wily Chinese traders would come in and bring in toxicants to the natives.
We're talking Straight up headhunters, right?
And he talked about when you see the bad... This is what's interesting about McKay, this missionary, the Presbyterian missionary.
He talks about how these headhunters, I mean, and they chopped a lot of heads.
You should read some of these things.
And they did cannibalism.
He said, except for that, they actually had very good morals.
I mean, they were monogamous, they didn't beat their wives, they didn't do any of that stuff.
Except when they had very close associations with the Chinese who were coming in, who would give them intoxicants.
That's the same thing we see in the Darien Gap.
In the Darien Gap, for instance, with the Imbara Indians, we took the chief, or actually the mayor, Of 29 villages.
His name is Francisco Agapi.
We took him up to Washington to talk with a bunch of congressmen or whatnot.
I go out with Francisco all the time.
I've been to, I don't know, probably 15 Indian villages with him out in the jungle in the Darien.
And he tells me that all this money that's coming in from the human smuggling coming to the Darien Gap, which is what people are doing, He's now got his young men, especially, out drinking all the time, doing drugs, getting tattoos all over the place, beating their wives, just like McKay said in this 1896 book.
It's the same story.
Well, that's what the dry goods salesman did all over the West with the Native Americans, too.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, we did the same thing.
Let me go back to Canada.
So we left Panama, we went up to Tennessee, went on with Tucker Carlson and Sean Ryan, shot down to the Bahamas, researched that, headed up to Canada, so Marijuanaville, and I went on the border, and then we flew up to Northwest Territories, a place called Yellowknife.
The last time I was in Yellowknife, I was actually in the army on leave.
It's 250 miles from the From the Arctic Circle, right?
We saw the Northern Lights and that sort of thing.
So, Yellowknife, right?
250 miles from the Arctic Circle and all of our taxi drivers for more than a week were from Africa.
All of them.
Eritrea, Niger, that sort of thing.
Restaurant owners were Chinese and Indians and that sort of thing.
Now the native, as they call them, First Nation people in Canada, They were just drunk, glovingly everywhere.
I mean, they had to mostly close down this mall in downtown Yellowknife.
It's not much of a town.
And you know, and everybody talked about how the COVID lockdowns just destroyed the place's economy, even worse.
And then they had these huge fires.
Remember those fires across Canada?
So we went into this one restaurant, this is about, I don't know, two months ago now, and we went into this one restaurant talking to the waitress and she's like, oh yeah, you know, there was Smoke everywhere and they they forced everybody to evacuate but the fire never got within I can't remember it was like 15 or 20 miles But they evacuated the whole town for like three weeks and her car with her Husband or boyfriend got burned badly going through the fire to get out to Edmonton, right?
So anyway, the the First Nation people are just you know drunk all over the place.
Meanwhile, they're all being replaced by By the way, the northern passage there around the Arctic Circle, you see the Russians and the Chinese are working hard to get that route open, right?
Right now it'll be icebreakers and whatnot.
So one of the things that they're doing with their InfoWars, with their InformationWars, Is, in every country we go to, they're getting the indigenous people to break off, right?
We saw this in Guatemala, we see it everywhere we go.
I mean, so up there they're doing the same thing.
Of course, we always go to the museums and you see they're trying to make the people feel like victims, which they are, but they're also trying to get them to split off from the main country so they can be dealt divide and conquer, right?
Is that what's happening in that French island off Australia right now, with the big uprising?
I have not been to New Caledonia, but my guess is that is what is happening.
Because I read about it and I'm like, bingo.
I mean, it just looks like it.
I'd have to go to look myself, but I would say 9 to 1 odds, right?
Now, from Northwest Territories, we flew down to Vancouver, right?
And actually, when you fly to Vancouver, you actually land in a place called Richmond, which is now China, basically, right?
Richmond is right next to the airport.
Vancouver Airport is actually in Richmond, which is basically China.
So then we went to, Surrey is right next to Richmond, and that's basically Indian, mostly Sikhs.
So is that why we hear about the secret deal Trudeau had, where he got caught training Chinese troops in Canada?
Oh, he did!
This Canadian officer, we stayed at his home for more than a week, right?
And he said, he showed his photos, straight up they were training him.
He's like, oh yeah, here's, you know, blah blah blah, and he gave us all this information.
Anyway, so that was over in Toronto side, then we went to Yellowknife, then we're down in Vancouver.
So now we're in Vancouver, and we go over to Chinatown.
And we're looking at the dragons.
We always look at dragons, right?
Because you count the number of claws they have.
If the dragon has five claws, China is claiming that.
They're claiming that as their imperial area.
If it has four claws, like they have here on Kinmen, they're saying basically, you're our relatives and, you know, this may be our land someday.
They're definitely saying this will be their land.
But the Taiwanese won't let them put the five-clawed dragons out.
We were talking about that with a Taiwanese guy today.
But if it has three claws, then they're just saying you're a friend, right?
But up there in Chinatown in Vancouver, all of them have five claws.
Go look, right?
Everybody that's in Vancouver right now can go to Chinatown and count the claws, right?
Five claws.
That means they're claiming it, right?
Now, Masako Kanaha and I, we found a Chinese police station there, just like we did in Dublin and London.
Masako found a hidden one in London.
I don't even know how she found it.
But anyway, so we found this one in Chinatown in Vancouver, which is pretty easy.
It's got a huge sign right on the front and you can walk right in the front door, which we did.
So we walked in and we're talking with them.
They're like, oh yeah, we're just here to help, you know, blah, blah, blah.
It's MSS, you know, and United Front.
You know what, MSS is The Ministry of State Security, that's their CIA, right?
I mean, it's straight up.
Everybody knows it's MSS and United Front.
So anyway, when you leave that police station, you walk like five minutes down the road.
This is still in Chinatown.
Drug addicts everywhere.
It looks like San Francisco or Los Angeles.
It looks like Skid Row, right?
So you go down about five minutes and there's this place where the Canadian government's literally handing out drugs.
Not handing them out, they're literally shooting people with drugs.
There's this one guy that's in the, I took video of this, he's in the door of this government place and he's trying to light his crack pipe.
He can't move.
You know how they get frozen?
And he's just like trying to every 30 seconds or so, his thumb moves, tries to do the lighter, you know what I mean?
So we walk inside and they're literally, they kicked us out.
We were there for just long enough to see a little bit.
They got angry and you know, but they're literally shooting drugs.
This is the Canadian government.
Keep in mind in Canada they do the MAID.
MAID is medical assistance and dying.
They are euthanizing people.
They're clearly setting up an infrastructure to do this on a huge, they already do it on a large scale.
I mean you see people going in, you know, you can go in and just say I'm depressed and you can be dead that day.
And I'm not exaggerating. That is zero exaggeration.
Straight up.
I mean, there's one guy, I think his daughter had, she may have had Down syndrome.
I think it was Down syndrome. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sorry.
But she went in and she got herself put to sleep. She's dead, right?
And these sorts of things are unbelievable.
Absolutely. And Pierre Polyev, he's been criticizing Trudeau for the mass deaths that are happening now that they've
They're actually handing out the drugs, something Biden's been trying here.
It's just absolutely atrocious.
I was reading just last week in San Francisco, they hand out bottles of liquor to the homeless.
The government does.
Straight up!
You know, and so... Stay there, stay there.
We got Matt Bracken.
That's a good briefing on what you're seeing around the world.
Oh, autism.
How crazy it is.
I want to ask you, as a segue into Matt Bracken though, about Israel, about Ukraine, about the Slovakian Prime Minister fighting for his life, the attempted assassination that may be successful, we hope not, and how all these global crises feed together, and what you expect the next big trigger point Or inflection point will be.
Michael Johns, our guest, will give you his contact info on the other side.
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All right, Matt Bracken's going to ride shotgun with us over the next hour.
It's always great to have Matt Bracken back.
I've been interviewing Matt for like 15 years or so.
Former Navy SEAL, best-selling author, great journalist, and he's really been exposing all the dangerous developments around the world.
But I want to talk to him about the election coming up, and I want to get Michael Yan's quick take on that as well, because he's an expert as well on the pre-programming of civil war, the pre-programming of civil unrest.
They're going to call civil war, and the Democrats introducing legislation to strip The power of the Insurrection Act from the President so he can't stand up against Bob's burning the country down.
That legislation is introduced by Senator Blumenthal so this is really unprecedented.
Then you've got clearly a stand down by Israel and Biden sending money to Iran before the October 7th attack and now the clear plan to push all the Palestinians out, ship them to Europe and the United States.
It's all been built.
And Matt Bragg has put out some interesting graphics that just lay it out.
A blind man can see the plan unfolding.
So it all ties together, total destabilization, total insanity.
You can find Michael Yan at michaelyan.locals.com and michaelyan.com and of course on X at Michael underscore Y-O-N.
So I know you're busy there just off the coast of China with all the great work you're doing, but you've done some really, I think, very on-target criticism of Israel.
And, you know, you criticize Israel not because you hate Jews.
You said that because you hate the leadership and the policies and what they're doing to themselves and their neighbors and to us now.
So you spend a few minutes on that and then tie it back into what's happening, obviously, with the attempted assassination of FICO in Slovakia and what a serious escalation that is.
And then we're going to segue over to Matt Bracken.
Yeah, by the way, Matthew went down to Darien and braved it.
He spent quite a bit of time down there, so he's knowledgeable on Darien as well.
On October 6th, the day before the attack in Israel, we were down in Darien and the Costa Rican president and the Panamanian president, they had just built three new landings, little landing pads for helicopters.
They flew down to Darien to a place called Las Blancas.
Matthew's been there.
And they talked about increasing from 60 buses that are carrying the alien invaders to 200.
That's why when I came on your show, I said, I think they're going to at least triple the number of people that are coming through.
I think is what I said, because, you know, that's pretty easy math.
But actually, that was a safe bet because they're also increasing the flow.
Actually, anyway, I'll skip all that.
But the bottom line is, so that was October 6th.
They flew down there.
They said they're going from 60 to 200 buses, right?
The next day, of course, the attack happened.
And then, you know, the next day we were still down in Derry and I was down there with Ann Banner-Steele and Masako and we're like, you know what?
All those people from Gaza are going to be coming right through here, right?
I think I may have said that on your show at one point, way back then.
I was just talking with Misako about you yesterday, about at some point it feels like, and I know it feels like this for you because you studied so hard for so many years, which is pretty obvious, but at some point it just feels like cheating when you Say these things are going to happen because you've studied so hard it's really obvious.
2 plus 2 does equal 4, right?
Now let's go back to October 7th on the attack.
Now I have, you know, there's war correspondence and then there's combat correspondence.
There's a lot of people that call themselves war correspondents.
There's not that many that really do a lot of combat.
I did a shit ton of combat, right?
Which you can easily find by just I mean, you go in with the troops, well, I mean, in close-quarter combat.
months and reading my work and looking at all these combat videos, right, that I'm in,
right, that I was shooting, right?
So I know how long it takes to get a black hawk off the ground.
Dramatic, I mean, you go in with the troops, well, I mean, in close quarter combat.
I mean, you've got the photos and videos of incredible shootouts.
Many, many, so many, even I can't remember, right?
I mean, I did a lot of combat.
Real combat, right?
Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, actually.
Anyway, yep.
Bottom line is this.
I know something was wrong on October 7th.
I know it only takes about four to five minutes to get a cold Blackhawk wheels up with your QRF, your quick reaction force.
They should have been wheels up maximum five minutes.
Those things go about 180 knots.
They should have been slinging lead in 20 or 25 minutes, max.
And you know, some people have said when I've said this, they go, no, no, they need to make a plan first.
I'm like, you need to sit down and shut up.
You don't know anything about combat.
You don't know anything about real soldiers and how they operate.
When you see the guys that are shooting, you go for them.
You get right in it.
You get right in their face.
You don't let them kill your people.
You get between them and your people and you shoot it out.
And if you're going to lose some people, that's the way it goes, man.
We're men.
We fight, right?
And they didn't.
Why did it take about eight hours to get the first real assets into combat?
We could have rode horses down there faster than that, right?
You could have walked or gone on your mountain bike to get there, right?
I mean, it's unbelievable.
I mean, it's clearly, it's clearly a Gleiwitz.
It's clearly, they clearly set this up.
And, you know, obviously Hamas are terrorists and they're useful idiots.
Keep in mind, this is all about that energy that's off the coast.
This is all about that land, the Indo-European corridor that'll go from Mumbai.
By the way, why did Governor Abbott go to Mumbai?
I didn't miss that little part.
Mumbai, the Indo-European corridor, go through Mumbai, through UAE, through Saudi, through Jordan,
right through Gaza, right?
And then up to Europe, right?
There's a lot more going on here than just Hamas versus anybody, right?
And meanwhile, we've got HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, down the Darien Gap.
You should look at HIAS.org.
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.
All those names on there of the people that are putting money into HIAS.
HIAS is down in those camps helping people.
I've got so many videos of HIAS helping people, physically helping them.
It's not just signs, it's like, I'm there with HIAS while they're helping people, right?
Now keep in mind, Secretary of Homeland Security Ali Mayorkas was a board member on HIAS at one point, right?
He was a board member.
Because his parents He was in a camp that Matthew Bracken was in with me.
We call it China Camp.
refugees. So his parents were refugees from Cuba, they're Jewish, and that's how he ended
up on the HIAS board. And then if you look on HIAS.org, they congratulate him on taking
over for Department of Homeland Security. He was in a camp that Matthew Bracken was
in with me. We call it China Camp. HIAS office down in Darien is about 40 yards, four zero
yards from the front gate of China.
So give us, before we go to Matt Bracken, he's going to break this down next.
Give us your analysis of, obviously, they stand down, they fund Hezbollah to fund Hamas.
The real people die, but the globalist leadership have it all set.
Then they ship a bunch of these people here, they use that for destabilization.
I mean, what's the master plan in all this?
Just get that area of Gaza, get control of the coast there, get that natural gas?
Oh, absolutely.
You know, because this is all about corridors.
This is all about energy and food.
And as you know, we are going to go into global famines at some point.
There's a long flash to bang here, but it's clearly the conditions are building for this.
That will create more of that hop.
Hop is the human osmotic pressure.
The human osmotic pressure is that push and the pull of migration.
And you see these routes being opened, for instance, through Darien.
Those routes have been expanded dramatically.
Now with this incoming president, Opie has very good security.
They'll be gunning for him for sure.
Because he can close it.
Now, obviously, everybody knows that the United Nations and whatnot will work around it, but it does slow them down.
Keep fighting them.
Fight them in everywhere you can.
And Guatemala is another front that needs to be fought, right?
Of course, that president's not exactly on our side, but neither was the previous president in Panama, right?
And setting conditions, we can cause people to reexamine who they vote for.
All right, Michael Yan.
Mike Leon, thank you so much.
Great job.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, shifting gears down to Matt Bracken, we're going to skip this network break, come up so we have more time.
Matt, we just laid out a lot there, but you're an expert on this all over the world.
How would you describe the state of the planet right now, and what do you want to drill into first?
The election, the clear domestic crises that are already warming up, or do you want to get into Israel first, or Russia first, or the South China Sea?
I mean, it's like those times in World War I and World War II, when in the buildup, we see this crescendo that then goes into a full-bore war.
It's very much like the build-up to World War I and, you know, often they say you plan for the last war and you miss what's really going on.
We should be planning for a 1914 scenario, not a World War II.
It's great to see Michael Yan.
You know he never sleeps.
I have spent weeks with him and he's on a 24-hour clock.
Honest to goodness.
I ask him day to day, what time zone are you in?
And it's like 2 in the morning there and we're just talking like it's noon.
All the time, anywhere in the world.
He is a force of nature.
I defy anybody to stay up with him.
It's just amazing.
Yeah, you know, I was actually in Beirut in 1982, so a lot of this is a deja vu for me.
People that are much younger won't remember, but in 1982 the Israeli Defense Force invaded Lebanon, Right to the Beirut suburbs.
Beirut is like halfway up the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon.
Capital, obviously.
They got right to the suburbs.
The world was saying, stop, stop!
You know, they were bombing the crap out of parts of Beirut.
And then Christian militias that were allied with the Israelis went into big refugee camps called Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.
Killed thousands of primarily civilians.
The world said, stop, stop, can't do this.
Israel said, oh, wow, that was pretty bad.
I guess we went a little too far with our allies there.
We sent in the multinational peacekeeping force.
I was in charge of a sealed attachment, spring of 1983.
We all know that they blew up the embassy in the spring of 83.
They blew up the Marines in October of 83.
But the bottom line is we went in as peacekeepers.
We actually did peer over the beach, you know, in In Beirut, we had a beach pier, floating piers, and the bottom line is we ended up taking the PLO out, the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
We evacuated them on Navy ships to Tunisia, a thousand miles west, where they set up the new PLO headquarters.
So a lot of this is déjà vu.
It's like we're just running the same op again.
We've got another pier over the beach for humanitarian reasons.
But at the end of this, what we're going to see is the Israelis are going to do walking fire, rolling fire, street by street.
They'll leaflet, they'll do loudspeakers and say, get out of here because we're bombing the crap out of it tomorrow.
When politicians talk about the holding up the arms supplies to Israel,
we're not talking about rifle bullets and helmets.
We're talking about 2,000 pound bombs, right?
These will level a city block.
We're gonna walk them straight towards the Gaza Pier.
The Israelis are not going to go into Rafa street by street doing
underground house fighting.
They're just going to pulverize that country or the Gaza until everybody is huddled around that pier.
It'll be a humanitarian disaster and they will evacuate on American ships.
They'll be taken first to Cyprus and other nearby places and then there'll be big refugee camps there and then the the world will say oh we have to do something and they'll come to America and Europe.
You can bet on this.
It's like what Michael was saying.
We've already we already you know know the plan.
This is just running the same playbook again.
And that's clearly going to happen over this summer.
That's what's going to happen.
It has to be done by October because, just like that derecho across Texas, it's a thousand miles of open Mediterranean due west of Gaza and Israel.
A thousand miles of ocean.
Mediterranean Sea.
They get these derechos in the wintertime from October through March.
Where you can get those 60 mile an hour winds building up, you know, 10, 15 foot waves.
That will absolutely wreck any floating pier system known to man.
It's not the Chesapeake Bay, you know, or some safe port or harbor.
This is basically like an open ocean to the west.
All winter they get these gales from the west.
I saw tremendous damage done to Navy ships from those gales.
So all this has to be wound up by October.
And I think that the plan is, they won't say it yet, They're going to evacuate the Palestinians out of Gaza.
The Zionists in Israel don't care about the Jews in America having to deal with 100,000 or a million more Palestinians.
They want Israel to be Jewish.
They want good, pious Jews from around the world to return to Israel.
So, by putting pressure on Israelis outside of Israel, they're going to encourage more of them to return to Israel.
It's essentially a large-scale macro-ethnic cleansing process going on.
Bibi Netanyahu is willing to take the heat.
You know, when he talks about Amalek, that's from the Old Testament, that's, you know, We had to, we were the chosen people and we had to kill those Amaleks down to the old grannies and the babies, dogs and cats.
Because they were so evil.
When you hear Zionists today talking about Amalek, that's code word for ethnic cleansing.
And that's what's going on in Gaza today.
Well look, if you look at Israel... October 7th, yeah October 7th was a green flag operation.
Explain what that means.
It's like the Lusitania in 1917 or Pearl Harbor.
It's not the same as a false flag operation.
False flag operation, you actually have Germans dress up in Polish uniforms, you know, at the beginning of World War II, for example.
Right, but this is, you have intel, you know that the Germans have declared, they put right in the New York newspapers, a state of war exists between Germany and Britain.
And ships approaching Britain are going to be sunk.
They sent the Lusitania straight under Ireland, in sight of Ireland, like the heart of U-Boat Alley.
This is like 1917.
Fairly primitive U-Boats, but if you're just lurking there next underneath of Ireland, here comes a troop ship.
Well, a cruise liner and a troop ship look like the same thing.
During wartime, they would use cruise liners as troop ships because they didn't need to be... Well, the Germans put ads in the New York Times saying the Lusitania is carrying weapons, we're going to sink her, don't get on her specifically.
Right, and they sent that straight into Torpedo Alley, into U-Boat Alley, as a Casus Belli.
Once, and this accomplishes several things, same thing with Pearl Harbor, to a lesser extent Gulf of Tonkin or the Maine in Cuba.
Once these atrocities quote-unquote happen, you can essentially shut down all opposition.
What are you on the side of the Germans?
Do you love Kaiser Wilhelm?
You know, you pass sedition laws and you basically make protesting entry into a war illegal.
You know, so they They do a green flag operation that just means your intel knows it's going to happen and you let it happen.
And it's pretty devious.
You can't warn, say, the commander in Pearl Harbor or, you know, they'd be ready.
They'd have the planes dispersed.
For a successful green flag operation, you actually need a defeat, you know, an atrocity.
Many people think this about 9-11, that they had advanced knowledge.
Sure, you're talking about a stand down.
Right, we're just not passing the intel out.
At the very top they say, you know, it would serve our interests.
FDR was trying to get us into World War II forever.
Well that's all admitted, but it goes worse than that.
It's worse because Israel, obviously this was happening, their intelligence did, but then they stood down for seven and a half hours once it's already happening.
So that right there, and Netanyahu doesn't even deny that.
He says, when the war is over, we'll investigate and find out who did this.
And you know, they actually moved that rave.
If you had to pick the people that, you know, motivated Zionists would despise the most in Israel, it would be, you know, atheist, hippie, drug-taking, rave attenders.
The Sun Rave, or whatever it was called.
They changed its venue at the last minute to move it right next to Gaza.
Like, let's put it in paraglider range.
If you were going to sacrifice anybody, it would be atheist, you know, hippies.
You know, dope-smoking atheist hippies.
They actually moved that rave concert right to Gaza.
And the people that did respond in a timely fashion were people who were like off-duty reservists, etc., that got into their own car.
Israel, believe it or not, is a very gun-controlled state.
People don't just like have a Glock at home with a hundred rounds.
You get a very limited, even if you qualify to have a gun, you get almost no ammunition.
Actually, this was in mainstream Israeli news, two months before the October 7th, regulations and laws were passed to disarm the local, because they had a few permits and some armed Orthodox Jew militias in the area.
They took their guns two months before.
Right, and so this In order to have a successful green flag, it has to arouse the passion of your people.
It has to really hurt, like a Pearl Harbor or a Lusitania.
And why would a leader do this?
Well, just strictly in military terms, this is very common in standard operating procedure, for example, for a general who's in charge of a division to sacrifice a battalion.
To send it out on what is essentially a kamikaze run as a... A gambit!
To draw the main enemy force in that direction.
Now, you don't tell that battalion commander, hey, Colonel, you're on a suicide mission.
I hope your will is up to date.
You say, hold that bridge for 24 hours.
We're coming behind you.
But you don't.
You're just sending them out as a diversion.
So this is a military tactic that's just standard.
Well, when these military people become politicians, they think the same way about civilians.
I mean, look what they did with the whole COVID jab.
They don't have any problem forcing a clot shot on a billion people.
No problem at all.
You know, if for the greater good.
They have no problem.
So sacrificing the people that live near Gaza for the greater goal of turning Gaza into Amalek and ethnically cleansing it, rubilizing it.
That's why they're not going to go street to street underneath.
They have these glue bombs now.
It's like the polyurethane foam that expands and hardens.
They have bombs like that.
They just put them down the tunnel.
The tunnel is blocked.
They're not going to go tunnel by tunnel looking for Hamas.
They're going to drive all the Palestinians towards the pier.
Oh my goodness, humanitarian disaster.
We got to get the U.S.
Navy and take them out.
That's, I mean, this is like two plus two equals four, as Michael said.
And very frustrating.
I want to start the next hour and get your take on domestic situations we're facing here and also what you think is happening in Russia.
But we're still a few minutes from break.
Which one you want to start tackling first?
Well, I think that, you know, we can talk about Ukraine because we're playing out the end of that.
It's so funny, you know, it's not funny, it's actually kind of bitterly ironic.
As we quit Afghanistan, left all his armaments there to destabilize that region, that was not an oversight.
That was like, leave these arms in Russia's backyard to help destabilize Russia's rear area.
We immediately pivoted the money spigot, the military-industrial complex money spigot, to Ukraine.
Almost the same amount.
So, our country is really ruled and dominated.
Obviously, the Israeli lobby is extremely powerful.
And they're not concerned about Jews in America as much as Israeli interests.
And then you've got the military-industrial complex.
People like Nikki Haley, you know, she got Boeing to move a big plant to South Carolina.
She, you know, she went from being governor to board member of Boeing, basically a do-nothing publicity job for a couple million a year.
But that's standard.
I mean, Lloyd Austin went from Raytheon, from Joint Chiefs of Staff diversity hire, to Raytheon, millions a year, no-show job, directly to head of the Department of Defense.
I mean, this country is as corrupt as it can be.
And all they really care about Is the profits that they're laundering through Ukraine right over the dead bodies of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians.
All for the purpose of what?
Antagonizing Russia?
I mean, if the Communist Chinese pulled a color revolution in Canada or Mexico and installed a puppet, which we did in Ukraine, you know, had a coup against the elected Canadian or Mexican president, installed a puppet after a color revolution, And then said they're going to join, they're going to ally with China and we're going to move tanks and missiles into those countries?
We would not stand for it.
Ukraine is much closer to Russia than Canada or Mexico is to America.
They speak a language that's 90% the same.
Intermarriage is like 90%.
Hold on, Matt.
We gotta go to break, but I want to continue walking through those technicals.
The escalation, the Russians winning, the Deep State now wanting to send mainline NATO troops in.
We know they're already there as advisors.
Where do you expect this to go?
when we come back in just a few minutes.
And then I'm really concerned about what we saw happen at the last general election and
the provocative stuff that went on there.
They're definitely betting everything on some type of civil unrest they stir up and billing
it as a civil war.
And then, you know, all this talk about not letting Trump use the military to quell any
Senator Blumenthal's introduced legislation.
I mean, this is the big one.
We're 170 days out until the election.
So I want to get your views on that.
But let's finish up with the Russia-Ukraine situation when we come back.
I'm going to tell you what's on my mind.
The only thing on American I'm hearing is the constant parade of attacks by your foul-mouthed, flea-bitten listeners against our noble president.
I am a Biden believer.
And here's what's going to go down in 24.
Biden's going to walk away again, wiping the floor with Trump like he did in 2020.
Because America believes in Biden.
Hollywood believes in Biden, like Mark Hamill.
And we all know that Trump is going to try to cheat, but he's going to go down in flames.
And all I hear is the anger and the bitter in your alcoholic listeners.
I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
the terms with the end of white cisgender Christian America as we rise, rise, the pink
haired warriors, the non-binary warriors, the transgenders, we're rising and we're
gonna sweep you aside. I want to talk right to your listeners right now, the frightened
middle-aged white man clinging to his guns and his religion and his money and his privilege.
Get ready baby, because pretty soon you will be swept aside in the new order of things.
And you know what that new order is?
It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come together and live together.
And yes, there will be communism.
Yes, there will be Sharia law, because you don't understand.
Queers for Palestine, together forever strong.
We are coming together in a coalition, one big, great big coalition that will win a day.
And in 2024 when you're all crying, when you're all Because you're lost again.
It's a new dawn in America with a rainbow, a transgender rainbow sweeping across the land to sweep you aside into obscurity.
The time of the white cisgendered man is over.
Your privilege card has been revoked.
You will accept the new refugees, the new Americans.
And here's the secret.
We're in charge.
We tell you what to do.
So get ready.
Get ready to give up your guns, give up your gold, give up your privilege, and accept the way things are now.
The pink-haired warriors are here, and we're not going anywhere.
You will not legislate us out of existence.
You will not put us back in the closet and we will not be quiet.
Free, free from your oppressive grip that you've had on us.
And tell you what, I'm a Biden believer.
When Biden smiles, the sun shines.
When he weeps, the rain falls.
His strong hands lift up the oppressed and his foot stomps on the white supremacists.
So this is how it's going to go down in 24.
Joe Biden's going to be back for four more years and then Kamala Harris for eight.
And then Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
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The Great Awakening is here.
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Some stations don't carry this first five minutes.
We've got a one-minute break coming up.
People on X are always asking, why are there ads?
Because we're still on hundreds of radio stations, folks.
When they banned us off everything five years ago, we wouldn't even be on air if it wasn't for those hundreds of radio stations.
We appreciate those stations.
You know, I woke up in the middle of the night last night, as I often do.
That's why you'll see me like at 3 a.m.
putting stuff on X.
And I was thinking, wait a minute, that professor that came out saying we need to kill the general public with bioweapons to save the earth.
I said, I bet he pushed the COVID shot to save everybody.
And I had Ben Warren go research it and lo and behold, I'll cover it right after our guest Matt Bracken leaves us here in about 30 minutes.
Lo and behold, the new article just went up.
He checked it out this morning, it's true.
UK professor that wanted deadly pathogen to cull population also praised NHS vaccination program.
Totally premeditated, ladies and gentlemen.
It is a death cull, just like Bill Gates says.
Yeah, I'd like to talk, slow down for a minute and talk about, we're at like a huge pivot in history.
Many pivots, financially, debasing the currency, all of these things, debasing our culture, right?
up with Israel and where you see that going and then I want to shift gears
back into Russia, Ukraine and then to domestic and then anything else you want to have?
Yeah I'd like to talk, slow down first for a minute and talk about, we're at
like a huge pivot in history, many pivots financially debasing the currency all of
these things, debasing our culture right that's very key but we're really at a
crossroads of history and it goes back a little over a century
Two men, one was named Admiral Mahan.
He wrote the influence of sea power on world history, and he came out with the whole sea power theory, why we needed the dreadnoughts, the battleships, the aircraft carriers, because America keeping the sea lanes of communication open, America and Great Britain, Would be the key to our economic success.
And part of this was never letting Russia and China be allies.
Always we always nipped around the periphery.
That was the British called it the great game like the Crimean War in the 19th century.
Never let let all of Asia become one huge economic block.
And a guy named, a guy named, um, Halford Mackinder, this is before the Bolsheviks.
This is when the czars are still like early 1900s.
He wrote about the, the, um, the heartland theory, the world island.
I think I, I sent a picture over of that, but if Asia ever was able to, you know, throw off all the nipping, the nipping ships and navies and colonists and imperial forces, That from Europe to Asia would become such a dominant trading bloc that the rest of the world would be insignificant.
It would just roll over the rest of the world.
And essentially, most of the 20th century, America's primary diplomatic goal was to prevent Russia and China from ever forming an alliance.
Well, we completely wrecked that.
We can see it with blowing up the Nord Stream Pipeline.
That just drove Russia, because it's much easier to send a pipeline to China than underneath of the Baltic.
You know, pipeline on the land, you can just lay it all... Hold on, stay there.
Stay there, Matt.
60 seconds, join some stations, recap.
This is really important.
I haven't read the book you're talking about, but I've read the analysis of it, absolutely.
That's what General Flynn was saying.
We're crazy to be driving Russia and China together.
This is actually the opposite thing that should be going on.
So how does all these geopolitical mistakes play out, or the globalists at a higher level manipulating these mistakes?
Back in 60 seconds with Matt Braggin.
All right, if you just joined us, or just tuned back in, Matt Bracken, former Navy SEAL, great author, researcher.
You can find all his work at x at Matt underscore Bracken 48, or EnemiesForeignDomestic.com.
And Matt, you're making great points about the world at a key inflection point here and
how the West has, the globalists have driven China and Russia together, which even Brzezinski
would say on the grand chess board is something you never want.
So why are they going against the doctrine that we've had really for 80, 90 years here
in this country?
It seems like the globalists are trying to actually destroy America while they try to
use America to expand their power.
What's really happening here?
I use these little sticky notes that I have in front of the screen.
I just wrote down Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Grand Chessboard, because I was about to bring that up.
But Ukraine is like the key terrain.
That's why the Nazis invaded through there on the way to Stalingrad, now called Volgograd again, on the way to the Caucasus oil fields.
This is like the pathway.
Ukraine means the borderland or the frontier.
It was never a country before the breakup of the Soviet Union.
But it was always considered super key terrain.
The black soil, everything grows, there's oil, there's gas.
It's just resource rich.
And that's why we were basically going after it to antagonize Russia, but essentially driving Russia and China together.
There's an old saying by Ian Fleming, one time is happenstance, two times is coincidence, three times is enemy action.
Or as Ann Coulter would say, if you flip a coin 20 times in a row and it lands on heads, it's not a straight game, okay?
Something's going on.
If everything your State Department does is to sabotage America's national interest, Maybe their real national interest is in America.
Maybe they're globalists wearing an American suit.
I mean, imagine this guy Alejandro Mayorkas.
He's the head, one of the bosses of HIAS, which is their global mission is to flood the West with third world refugees.
That's like their mission statement.
He goes from that to being the head of the Department of Homeland Security.
This is like taking Rommel or Guderian and putting him in charge of the British Army.
It's like what?
It's like putting a fox in charge of the head house.
He's the other side.
He's the enemy general.
Why did you just promote the enemy general?
To being in charge of your homeland security, and he immediately opens up your borders.
Michael Yan was down there with a drone.
He actually filmed, guessed where Mayorkas would land, filmed his Blackhawks coming in.
Mayorkas landed at the China camp when it was, you know, one-tenth the size of what it is now.
And immediately they started, what they were talking about is smoothing the flow, meaning take a rickety pipe and make it bigger and smoother.
So those, instead of 60 buses, big buses, right?
Academy, NFL style buses.
Instead of 60 a day, 200 a day.
Rolling straight through to the American border.
Then, God bless them, you see like Fox News, there's Mr. Perfect Hair Mnuchin down there in his safari jacket.
Saying, it's like, wow, it's amazing, these guys just pop up on the other side of the border.
It took people like Michael Yan to actually go down to the Darien Gap.
And leading other pathfinders like Oscar Blue Ramirez, Um, Ann VanderSteel, all these other heroes.
Now it's finally penetrating the mainstream.
The mainstream media never went down there.
The only time, like, the New York Times would go down there is to try to find dirt on Jan and Lara Logan.
They don't care about the invasion.
They're on the other side.
They're not fighting for America.
So what happens next?
All the pieces are lined up.
China's obviously gearing up to go into Taiwan, certainly threatening to.
All the pieces are lined up at this inflection point.
Where do you see things going?
And then the key, the election, Trump, all this talk of civil war being hyped up by the media.
Well, Russia is doing exercises with tactical nukes, just like in Belarus.
Meaning moving their mobile rocket trucks around, so forth, testing communications systems.
Iran did this test launch against Israel after, like two weeks ago.
They fired drones plus ballistic missiles into Israel and a key factor about that is You know, we don't, we just know what a little bit happened.
They hit some bases out in the middle of the night.
Nobody's killed.
But this could have been like a brushback pitch from Iran to Israel.
Because if, if they, you know, the next days give the coordinates of where they were aiming and they hit what they were aiming at.
They said, oh, it's like funny thing like, oh, they had a tennis court and a swimming pool on at the officers club.
Well, if that's what they were aiming at, that's a message to Israel, okay?
No casualties, we aimed at the tennis court, we hit it.
That means next time we aim at Mossad headquarters, it's coming right through the roof.
So there's a lot going on at a level above what's being discussed on television.
What I said is Iran showed them we can target you, not just with those ballistic missiles,
but they can put, and I believe Iran has atomic weapons already,
they can hit them with an atomic weapon, have an airburst,
it doesn't matter if the Iron Dome even tries to shoot it down,
if it detonates 2,000 feet.
Well, so all of these things, Taiwan, Gaza, Iran,
our own election coming up, and the Antifa about to be mobilized on a vast basis,
if it looks like Trump is gonna win, and we have literally thousands of Chinese agents,
thousands of Syrian and Somali, and all over the Middle East.
So forget about like the Venezuelan high-level technical criminal gangs.
They're a threat, you know, to your house.
But we are letting in the cadres.
The safe houses are already established.
Their bosses are already in country.
But what's been coming across the border now are thousands of foot soldiers.
When they are activated, they're going to take down our grid, take down our water systems, take out key bridges, which is very easy.
Just hijack a gasoline truck, park it on a bridge, ignite it.
That bridge is out of action for at least weeks, say Mississippi River, any major river.
We saw it happen with just the ship hitting the bridge in Baltimore.
On one night, you could take out 50 bridges that important.
Very easily.
And these guys are in place.
They are just waiting for orders.
And the deep state could do that right before the election to cancel it, or they could do it when Trump is president-elect.
But they've worked it, I'm sure you've seen it.
Or they can green flag it like October 7th.
You see, that's another factor.
It's not always a black flag.
It's not like an FBI agent with a disguise, or even like an Oklahoma City, LOM City, you know, cultivating lunatics.
You can actually just know by letting them in you know it's going to end up happening.
But that's my point.
You might even have informants saying this is going to happen and you just say we're not paying attention to that.
Well that's like the first up World Trade Center bombing where Ahmad Salam the Egyptian security agent went public because he basically the FBI told him help him make a real bomb and then they were gonna let it go forward he tried to stop it.
And there's other factors in this whole situation we're coming into, like a quickening or the pot is like boiling and just bubbles are spitting over the edge of the pot.
But those aren't just the only bubbles.
Like you see, we've had two burning men, which is a very un-American thing.
We had the Air Force soldier who burned himself, and we had the guy outside of Trump burn himself.
This is not an American thing.
But it shows the level of hysteria among the people who are emotionally vulnerable right now.
The guy that shot up the Republican baseball game, or baseball practice, he bought his first gun, bought a van, left his house, drove from like Indiana to Washington, camped out in his van for like a week straight doing surveillance on the field, showering in a YMCA, just so he could kill Republicans.
When they are posting pictures of mainstream liberal presses posting pictures of Trump with a Hitler mustache, right?
It's very clear with how a dictator, how fascists arise.
They are sending a signal to people.
If Trump is the coming Hitler, what should you do if you knew Hitler was coming to power?
You should kill him.
You should shoot him.
And that's what they say.
They say, we've got to stop him.
He's going to be Hitler.
He's going to kill us all.
Then they show Justice Alito's house and say, oh, look, he flies an upside down American flag.
This is where he lives.
And then they hype up, let's protest there again.
They're saying this is a target.
Yeah, they're ratcheting up on every level for a civil war because this is sort of Sam Francis anarcho-tyranny at the ultimate level.
You know, taken to the vanishing point where you're doing everything you can.
You're amping up racial hatred to the point where in New York and other cities, minorities just walk up behind white women and cold cock them in the head.
Or push them onto a subway train.
Or stab them.
So, these are obviously not the average person, but the whole temperature in the pot is being raised.
So that when an event happens, it's going to go haywire really fast.
And I think no matter what we do at this point, we're going to have a very bad outcome because, like last week they were talking about the solar flare ejecta maybe causing a blackout.
Got it.
Anything that causes a grid down in this country, and this country is going to burn itself down.
Our cities today are like dry kindling soaked in gasoline.
The people are almost at a frantic level and there's still food in the stores.
If the power goes out for any reason, whether it's Chinese agents, Jihad agents, anything at all, a cyber attack, we're going to see our cities loot the stores, It will be very hard to recover from that.
Very hard.
Because once the stores are looted, you can't just bring in trucks full of food without security.
A truck full of food will be like Fort Knox on wheels.
It won't get anywhere near the supermarket.
It'll be looted.
And that's the end of the supply chain.
Then the cities just will completely implode.
I'm very pessimistic about this.
I think something like this is going to happen over and over again.
No, I agree because the globalists say they want a great reset.
They want to bring us to our knees and they need to be the saviors once the crisis happens.
But if we expose them enough and people realize they're cutting off our power plants and cutting off our pipelines and dissolving our borders and flooding us with illegals that it's clouded and pivened on steroids, then we can get around this and have regional leaders, local attorney generals, others get together.
I don't see America surviving as a 50 state constitutional republic.
I think we're too vulnerable at this point.
There are too many forces at work that know how vulnerable we are.
They don't need to fire a missile at us.
They don't need to shoot an EMP blast over us.
All they've got to do is cut our power for a couple of days and we'll do the rest of it.
And so do you think the average Democrat politician, say a congressman or woman, I mean, you know, they think the moon is hollow and a glowing, you know, gas ball into the same size as the sun like she and Jackson Lee, or they think that islands float.
How many of them do you think are red in that they're actually destroying their own future going along with this?
I think that most of them are morons and they couldn't run a, you know, they couldn't run a 7-Eleven.
You know, they would If they ran a 7-Eleven, it would be out of business in two days.
But they're the people that run our country, ostensibly.
So, I'm very black-pilled on this.
You know, I had a long gap between writing any new novels because I just couldn't see a path forward out of this, and I didn't see a point in writing another Cormac McCarthy, The Road kind of a novel.
So, it wasn't until I could see, like, what's on the other side, you know, how do we recover?
Because I think that our self-immolation is going to happen.
It's not, we can't turn this around.
It's like trying to turn the Exxon Valdez around in a quarter mile.
It's going to go on the reef.
So, I didn't even write a new book.
I've got a new book coming out, but it's going to be after a very difficult process.
We're not going to deport 30 million illegal aliens.
But we're going to have to deal with them, and it's going to be done at a regional, state-by-state, county-by-county level.
And it's going to be done with a much smaller population.
Michael Yan has done extensive research in this area, and when a region, a contained region, you know, there's never been a global famine before this time, but when a region like, say, a China or an India, goes into a starvation, you can have a severe population die-off.
It takes a long time to reach a new stability, a new holding, a new carrying capacity based on just what's growing and the animals that are left.
And the globalists are cutting off the fertilizer, the infrastructure.
There's all these suspicions attached.
Yeah, you know, I was talking to Vlad Tepes up in Montreal this morning and he's warning me about a guy named Mark Carney.
It's spelled like Art Carney, C-A-R-N-E-Y.
He is like a, he's a smooth talking guy.
He's got a great education, handsome, played hockey, so he knows how to like culturally appeal to the Canadians.
He is straight up building a better world for all.
He's like WEF, Redden, WEF, Comintern.
His whole thing is net zero by 2030.
He will starve the Canadians, you know, for their own good.
Cut off the food, cut off the fuel, no coal plants, no fossil fuels.
By the way, Matt, we're not just saying that.
I think we've already run on the reef.
The question is can we save the ship or pull it off?
G7 countries including the United States to cut all coal power plants.
I've got a map here that lays it out.
that shows countries that have power and countries that don't.
There's no such thing as a low energy rich country.
You look at all the countries that don't have energy, they're the poor ones, the ones that
do have cheap energy are the rich ones.
And we see how our power is being cut off.
If you just go back 20 years ago, we had more power than China.
Now look at how much more power China has than the United States.
I mean, we're literally having the blood drained out of us.
Yeah, we are being run by traitors right now.
You know, they're very smooth.
They know, like the next Prime Minister of Canada, Mark Carney, they know how to talk the culture, right?
Hockey, eh?
But they are dedicated communist globalists.
They recognize, especially in the case of America, America has to be wrecked for the global project to succeed.
What comes out after America's wreckage?
Will a Chinese come in to save us and then take over?
Or what will happen?
I don't know.
But they all agree America, as a sovereign superpower, has to be wrecked.
And that's why our State Department has done everything that they could to wreck America, just driving Russia and China together.
This has been the primary directive of the State Department since World War I.
Since the Bolsheviks, is keep China and Russia apart.
And we blew up the Nord Stream and pushed them together.
So we are not being run by people who have America's interest at heart.
And just like we saw with the COVID Clotshot campaign, they don't mind causing casualties.
They think that they will, in their ivory tower, be safe.
They don't care.
These are people like Bill Gates, like Ted Turner, You know, the pillars there in Georgia, right?
The stones?
They think that the carrying capacity of the Earth has to be about 10% of what it is.
And they don't care how they get there.
It may be Bill Gates with vaccines that are, you know, essentially sterilizing agents, long-term slow motion.
You know, or it may be starvation by taking away the fertilizer.
Our food, this has never happened in history.
The average American, his food comes from a thousand miles away, it goes through ten different steps that all require energy.
The food's grown on giant mega agri-projects where it's essentially industrial agriculture using industrial levels of fertilizer, chemicals, Monsanto seeds.
You cut out this supply and the food just disappears.
I always ask, how much food grows in your zip code?
You know, that's the only food you're going to have possibly for a couple of years.
How much food grows in your telephone area code?
You know, how much food is within walking distance?
Because when this supply chain fiasco catastrophe happens, It's not going to be reversible.
It's not going to be, well, get the National Reserve to pass out MREs.
Well, when they ask why so many illegal aliens are coming here, 90 plus percent of the surveys say, we were under three years of lockdown, there was no food, no jobs, and the UN organizes them and brings them here.
But clearly, they're shutting down farms and ranches all over the world, from Sri Lanka to the Netherlands, and they're saying it's all a UN program.
We're already here, man.
I think you're right.
We are already deep into this.
It's just that it'll take, I mean, look at the inflation.
So what's your timeline in closing?
We'll have you back again soon.
I think that the election is going to be huge.
I mean, I'm very worried about Trump's physical security.
He likes to, you know, just spur of the moment, stop the motorcade and walk out and, you know, be within squeaky from pistol range of any unknown people.
You know, we saw the former Prime Minister of Japan assassinated.
FICO in Slovenia.
Scalise and the other people at the baseball match.
Bolsonaro was almost stabbed to death in Brazil.
So I think that there's a real risk to him.
If he is elected, I think they're going to just send the dogs of war out in the streets, calling him, you know, Hitler.
They'll ramp up the PLO Gaza thing.
I agree.
You know, we have to save the Palestinians.
And yeah, I think that the election from now until through the spring, first quarter 2025, is going to be really tell the tale.
I don't see a smooth landing.
And I'm not a Trump fan, but I'm going to vote for him.
You know, my analogy or my comparison is if somebody puts a gun to your head and says, swallow this cyanide or swallow this arsenic or I shoot you, you're going to swallow the arsenic.
That's Trump.
Because you've got a chance you can get an antidote and get your stomach pumped.
Cyanide, the bullet, you're dead right there.
If Biden is re-elected, the Biden's carcass or whoever they put in for him is re-elected, the DOJ will be off the chain.
If they aren't punished for the 2020 stolen election, or putting people in jail like Navarro and Steve Bannon, while their own people just flaunt contempt of Congress, then after a Democrat president in the White House next year, another stolen election, There'll be nothing stopping them.
I mean, they're arresting people for questioning the 2020 and 2022 elections.
No, you're totally, you're totally right.
Matt, Matt, God bless you and thank you so much for the time.
You can find your novels and your writing there.
And I have a new book.
I do have a new book coming out next week, Doomsday Reef.
So it's about America.
Well, come back on.
Let's talk about it when the book comes out.
OK, you bet.
Thanks, Matt.
All right.
Look, I'm going to come back next segment.
I hit this big story and then I've got some other news we're going to hit.
But this is a really important story we're going to cover when I come back.
So I hope you pay attention because it's 2 plus 2 equals 4.
But so many people are missing that.
And it's important.
I believe we can survive this crash landing.
I agree with Matt that we're already basically on the reef.
I need your support.
I need you to share the articles, the videos.
I need you to reach out to people because we're affecting the mind space going into this deeper crisis now.
And this is going to have huge reverberations.
Everything we do today is like a pebble in the pond.
It has huge waves compared to the size of the pebble.
And we're a lot bigger than a pebble, all of us collectively, the show, the listeners, the viewers, the activists, everybody.
So I want to thank you all for your support.
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All right, we'll be right back.
And I'm going to hit an incredibly important story that just went live at InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
Bring us this information.
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Alright, so we have all these different professors and academics and leftist leaders, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the list goes on and on, Ted Turner, Prince Philip, King Charles, saying we want to reduce the world population using a deadly virus.
I've got a bunch of examples in my film, Endgame, made in 2007.
It's constant.
There was a prominent professor, though, that broke a few days ago, as you know, in London, who posted on X, we need to have a really deadly bioweapon to kill the majority of the population to save the Earth.
And I was thinking this morning, hey, I bet if you go on his X account, I bet he is attacking people that don't take the shots and saying how great they are and how they want to save lives and how much he cares about humanity.
Sure enough, Here's the original article, London climate professor, that means globalist death cult professor, only way to stop climate change, only way to stop humanity, is culling of human population by pandemic with very high fertility rates.
That's a quote.
Culling of human population by pandemic using very high fertility rates.
So I thought, well, let's just look that up.
So Ben Warren did look it up.
He put together this article, and sure enough, UK professor that wanted deadly pathogen to cull population also praised NHS vaccination program, National Health Service in the UK.
You can read his quotes, him attacking the Surgeon General of Florida, him attacking DeSantis, we need to, you know, inject everybody, we need to make them take it because they're going to save us.
And now it's a complete farce and the shot works so well.
So it's like Bill Gates, he wants to depopulate you, there's too many of you, but he wants you to take a shot because he loves you so much.
I'm brutally honest, the only way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to is to avoid catastrophic climate change breakdown is the culling of the human population by Pandemic with a very high fatality rate.
And what are they doing in the real world?
Cutting off the energy, cutting off the power.
They're creating the global crisis and imposing as the saviors using weather weapons to manipulate the weather.
This is their crisis.
Or a group of crises do this.
We also have to look at the economy and what they're doing there with the inflation.
Let's get to some very important breakdowns of this with Dr.
And great researcher and economist, Kirk Elliott.
Bondage to spiritual faith.
Spiritual faith to great courage.
Courage to liberty.
Liberty to abundance.
Abundance to selfishness, where you just start collecting things for you and you stop giving it away.
And then selfishness to apathy.
Once your wallets get really thick and fat and you're just kind of smooth sailing through life, you get apathetic.
What happens when you get apathetic?
You stop caring.
You stop voting.
You stop listening to the things that are important because Your wallets are fat.
You're stagnant.
And then that apathy though, when in a period of apathy, you go back into dependence because you stopped caring and people got voted in that shouldn't have been voted in.
And then that dependence leads back into bondage.
And so in this cycle, where would you say that America is?
Going into bondage.
We're in dependence back into bondage.
We're at the last stage.
So we go back into bondage.
I think central bank digital currency is the financial form of bondage.
You're going to have political bondage.
You're going to have all of these things that you can't do this.
You can't travel.
We already saw the test of that with with COVID.
You know, and everything that Dr. Judy was talking about before me on the show, and it's like... Oh, Davos admits, and they were at Davos, the WF last week, saying, we use COVID as training wheels for the COVID lockdowns and total control, and Germany's going to ban cars on the weekend this summer.
I mean, it's all going down, folks.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
All right, I had a two and a half hour meeting with our next guest last night over some delicious
Mexican food and when he makes a lot of these predictions, it's kind of what was me. I'm
saying it's not a prediction. I have the Intel lab sources that they're not really predictions,
but he there's a lot of reasons he can't tell you everything. I'm gonna leave it at that. Okay.
But Dr. Kirk Elliott is [BLANK_AUDIO]
You're here to talk about finances, the government, the economy, the world, but he's a big fish in all this.
He doesn't toot his horn for a lot of reasons, but he was giving me intel last night, and then obviously we were arguing whether he should even release this information because, let's just be completely honest, they'll come after him, but they also know this is coming out, so in a way we've got to, so whether it's today or whether it's in a month or whatever, there's big stuff happening.
There is.
I think we're on the precipice, Alex, of kind of like tectonic changes in the economy.
As banks continue to fail, as what we've talked about numerous times, this movement towards central bank digital currency, you've got people who are, for good reason, wanting to go into tangible assets like gold and silver.
And there's a whole separate, the whole supply chain being attacked and robbed.
And some of the numbers we're going to go over today will absolutely blow your mind.
I mean, folks, crime is on purpose as they defund the police and will prosecute in over a thousand jurisdictions.
It is bunker town.
It is, and so as this move towards people seeking truth, wanting something that's real, wanting something that's tangible, losing faith and confidence in the system, the system being the government, the system being banks, everything that we've held true and stable since, I don't know, the 1940s, you know, when The dollar became the world's reserve currency.
I think all of that is about to change.
And as gold and silver continue to move up in value, I think, Alex, here's... You say I make predictions, you make predictions, but really it's based on just reality and what we see.
The dominoes are already falling.
It's not a prediction that if dominoes are falling, the next domino is going to fall.
It's a fact.
It's a fact.
Or like if you threw a punch at me, I mean, there's no doubt that if it's going to land, it's going to hurt.
I mean, the punch is thrown.
So who is at risk when Precious Metals goes up?
I think it's the big brokerage houses.
It's the big banks.
It's an attack against paper money.
It's an attack against stocks, bonds, mutual funds, all of that.
So here's where I think we're probably headed in the near to medium future.
You predicted six months ago.
That would start regional bank failures in March and April and now it's begun.
But it's barely getting any attention.
Notice what happened a few years ago, it was huge.
Now, the fact that they're so quiet, crickets, woo!
Yeah, I mean, the bank that failed in Philly, Republic First Bank, just two weeks ago, there was $3.3 billion that evaporated that wasn't insured.
Why isn't that getting news?
I mean, that's a big bank.
People didn't get their money.
They didn't get their money because FDIC covered $667 million.
That's everybody that has zero to $250,000 in their banks.
But that bank had $4 billion in deposits.
So I'm just doing simple math.
It's like, OK, what's $4 billion minus $667 million?
That's $3.3 billion.
Where did it go?
It's just gone, Alex.
So as people start to lose faith and confidence in the system, they are going into precious metals.
This is an attack against the monetary system as we know it, banking as we know it, hedge funds, all of that.
And so, here's what I think is coming.
I think...
Regulators around the country are going to start attacking the precious metals industry, and attacking specifically those companies that target seniors, that overcharge for their metals, because they want to try to pretend to protect people.
But I think that safety is of utmost concern.
When you invest in precious metals, you should always go into something that has a market, a built-in market, which would be bullion.
It's used for manufacturing.
It's, you know, Sony, Samsung, Tesla, LG, the defense industry, which we're going to go over today.
There's massive demand there.
It's a built-in market, which is easy, but a lot of times you get overpriced stuff that goes into the hands of people.
And you get shady sales techniques, you know, overcharge, but those firms have to make a market for that.
So when you own them and you say, OK, it's time for me to sell and they go back and say, OK, we have to call some other unsuspecting clients and say, hey, we've got a deal for you.
We've got this inventory that just came in, but it's going to be gone pretty short order.
Those kind of tactics, I think, are going to be clamped down on and ultimately Those people have delivery of those things at home, Alex.
And so what else I see coming is like, I don't know how else to say it, but like criminal crime syndicates, almost, where they know what's being shipped.
They know who's getting what, because there's probably going to be people on the inside of big shippers around the country, and there's going to be outright theft.
So I think you're going to see... Okay, well you're going there now, and I already knew about this from other sources.
It's not probably going to, it's going on.
So again, it's not like you just started saying this.
I've been in gold and silver for 30 years, or 28 since I got sponsors.
This is key, folks.
This is about me jumping in to make a point, because I'm smart.
I've had a gold and silver sponsor for 10 years because I could not find one that was moral and good and wasn't going to sell people collectible stuff that they're going to have a big trouble getting if they're overcharged on.
So all the companies that came to me, and a few of them I signed deals with, and then they would immediately break the deal.
That's why we'd have a gold sponsor for a week and be gone, because I would call and check myself and say, I want silver and gold bullion.
And they'd say, oh, well, that's great, but we actually need this shipwrecked gold and this thing over here is the best thing ever.
The point is the system is going to use that with regulators, they already are behind the scenes, to go after those groups to then try to roll the whole thing up.
So people asked you when you were on about a couple weeks ago.
Will they do like 1933 gold confiscation?
Well no, that was the main currency then, and so they made you turn your gold in for the paper.
That's totally different.
When you've got like a point and a half or maybe 2% owning gold and silver,
they admit they're not gonna try to get the physical stuff from you.
They're gonna try to destroy the market before people figure it out and go into it.
And they're gonna use the unscrupulous sharks out there because the people don't have knowledge.
They perish for lack of knowledge.
And then that will expose and hurt the good dealers like yourself.
So what you're telling people is you better get into gold and silver while you still can.
Because when the hyperinflation goes really crazy, I believe, then there's gonna be a run on it.
They're gonna try to discredit that because gold and silver discredits
their whole fractional reserve banking system.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
And so as years, decades ago, Alex, when I was actually envisioning how my firm was going to look, you know, I think I saw this coming even back then, which is... It's 25, 30 years ago.
You were already a top broker at a big company.
I mean, I've been doing this for a really long time, but here's where I try to connect the dots like you do and it's like, okay, What is it that people are always going to need?
They're going to need stability, they're going to need value, and I would encourage everybody to start redefining how you measure your wealth.
Don't measure it in terms of paper dollars, because that erodes with inflation and everything that we're seeing.
Start measuring your wealth in terms of how many ounces of tangible assets do you control.
And is it in your backyard?
I mean, do you put your fingers on it?
Because digital ain't jack crap now, and it's going to be nothing in the future.
Yeah, it is going to be nothing.
And if you have something that's digital, they're going to know everything about you.
They're going to know your spending habits.
They're going to know your patterns.
Your preferences.
All of that, Alex.
And if it's digital, I don't care what people say about privacy.
With the flip of a switch, they can cut you off.
For example, Look at the people in Russia who had Bitcoin, for example, and they had their Bitcoin owned through Coinbase.
Well, when Russia-Ukraine conflict started, Coinbase basically determined the IP addresses of those in Russia and said, OK, you're not going to be able to access your funds.
They cut off an entire people group.
Including people that had Russian surnames who were even citizens in the West, in cases.
Well, it's just bonkers!
And so here, say, okay, well that's okay, we're at war with Russia and Putin's evil and whatever people think, but take it one step further.
What if you're a Christian and they don't like it?
What if you're a conservative and non-globalist and they don't like that position?
That's the Social Credits Court, that should have been a plan.
That is the plan.
In their own words, that's the plan.
It's like you say, we're not predicting, we're telling you what's already happening.
And I hate to take the thunder away from us, but you do that too.
It's true.
It's not Dr. Kirk Elliott or Alex Jones.
This is already happening.
We're not making predictions.
We're connecting dots and showing where this trend is headed if we don't do something about it.
So, you know, look at crypto and gold or precious metals as a whole.
To me, they're very similar in philosophy and why people would invest in them.
So why do people invest in cryptocurrency?
Number one, they think it's private.
And number two, they want high growth.
You know, decentralized blockchain, it technically is very private and they want growth.
Why do people invest in gold and silver?
Because it's a private transaction and because there's growth behind it.
So philosophically, both of those two are very, very similar now.
They're dissimilar in the sense of one is digital, one is tangible.
If it's digital, it can be tracked, it can be shut off.
If you own a tangible asset, then that's the ultimate in safety.
So as I compare the two assets...
Make your point about it, then I'll make my point.
Yeah, so if you look at the fundamentals behind crypto and gold and silver, I think the foundational pillars of why people want them, the philosophy behind it, is exactly the same.
Now, what's different is safety and asset preservation and having something in a worst-case scenario that you can use to barter with, for example.
Have something that's not digital, that can't be tracked, that you own, that you can take with you What if there's, you know, let's take a worst-case scenario.
We're seeing solar flares right now, right?
What if the power grid goes out?
What if there's communication disruption and you can't access... By the way, a bunch of satellites did go out.
Let it happen.
Yeah, I mean those kind of things are...
Who knows why this is happening?
I mean, God knows.
But what about an EMP blast?
What about anything?
Anything digital that you have?
Sure, gold and silver to me is like family you can trust, a relationship with God, a garden, some canned foods, and gold and silver.
And again, I don't like to fight between crypto and precious metals.
To me, it's another space you need to cover.
I think gold and silver is more important.
Because it is tangible and possession is not against the law and you've got to hold it.
I'm all for new systems to communicate and Bitcoin.
I'm not for the central bank digital currencies and their own systems, but the attacks by the Bitcoin people against gold and silver is just stupid.
I can tell you behind the scenes the folks that are in that are buying gold and silver.
So, I mean, it's really just a box people need to check.
People should be, and people say, well, how are you going to take a piece of silver or gold into a grocery store?
No, when they're devaluing the currency and everyone wants gold and silver, you can cash it in at that point for whatever inflation is, and gold will meet that or silver will surpass that.
So it's only a way to basically insure, in my view.
I don't even see it as an investment, though it is a good one overall.
I see it as just another emergency hedge.
People recognize gold and silver.
It's an insurance policy against a collapsing currency, against an inflated currency, against everything.
To me, gold, Alex, is the perfect barometer of people distrusting the government.
So, for example, you look back to the Reagan years.
What happened during the Reagan years?
Interest rates came down, jobs were created, taxes came down, the Cold War was over, the
Berlin Wall came down.
Remember, Newt Gingrich had this contract with America and Democrats and Republicans
were actually talking and cutting deals together.
It was like a fat and happy time for America.
So therefore, what did gold do during that really 20 years from 19…
It went from $250 an ounce to $258.
It went up $8 in 20 years.
2002, it went from $250 an ounce to $258.
It went up eight bucks in 20 years.
That's nothing, but everything else was smooth sailing in America.
It was it was almost like a renaissance for America.
It was so good.
But now we can't say that the same is true right now.
Everything is falling apart.
We've got the opposite.
And now we've got something even worse, which we didn't have back then.
We haven't had this.
Actually ever and that is the BRICS nations Alex are taking over global monetary dominance.
They've they've dismantled the petrodollar.
And so now there's really no international demand for the US dollar.
And therefore, every dollar that we print is going to cause inflation because there's
no capital inflow coming into our economy to offset the spending, to offset raising
the debt ceiling, to offset all the entitlements, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare,
And we're now in a wartime economy.
Martin Armstrong, an amazing forecaster, he does social forecasting, political, economic,
He now says that we're in a wartime economy and these things don't end anytime real soon.
And so when you're in a wartime economy, people start to act out of fear, people start to make different decisions, and this is where I look at these trends as well, and What is going to happen when central bank digital currency comes and hits the mainstream, which is probably going to happen, Alex, as soon as September of this year?
Because the United Nations is meeting at their UN pact for the future.
Oh, the EU said last year it's coming out this year.
Yeah, and so I would say just because they're announcing that they're ready, World Economic Forum has said that 98% of the world is actually ready for central bank digital currency, doesn't mean that on day one all of these countries are going to be implementing it.
Well, I played the clip from Davos last week.
The central banker said, we're not going to call it CBDC, we're just rolling it out.
They're taking the CBD part, the Central Bank Digital part out of it and just calling it currency to make it mainstream so there's going to be broader acceptance.
But that announcement is going to be made in September with the UN and their meeting in China.
But probably within 12 months after that, you should see, I would say, almost full adoption of Central Bank Digital.
And won't they need a crisis?
They've said this themselves to get this through.
I mean, every time you have a public policy change in things, a change in the economy, a change in currency, you have to take either incremental steps for people to accept it, or something that's massive.
Just in your face, things change, and people out of fear say, please- A cyber attack, a new virus, a bigger war, burning down the country.
The Democrats said they're going to do that if Trump gets reelected.
We're 170-something days out, folks.
Yeah, or bank failure.
I mean, all of those things could add into that.
Oh, bank failure.
You're right.
That's the big one.
You're betting on that.
I'm betting on that, and I think, well, I wish it wouldn't happen.
No, no, no, but you're betting it.
Yeah, I'm guessing that that is going to happen.
We're going to see a lot of bank failures this year.
I think the Republic First Bank in Philly was the first one, and there's going to be many more that follow.
So what's going to happen, Alex?
The governments, the central banks of this world, in combination with the governments, are going to start demonizing all other decentralized blockchain cryptocurrencies because they are private, but they're going to want something that's centralized, that's not private.
So they're going to go after Bitcoin, they're going to go after gold and silver, everything.
But the difference is they're going to go after the people supplying it.
They're going to cut it off at the head.
They're not going to try to confiscate it because it's only 2% or less.
Yeah, if I were an evil politician, I wouldn't waste any time on trying to confiscate something that only 0.9% of the population owns.
Or 2% of the population owns gold.
I mean, Alex, if you were an evil politician, I would go after the masses.
Oh, we're shutting down these corrupt people.
They'll use a few bad apples to do it.
Yeah, they'll do that to change how it's defined, to change what's legal and what's not legal.
But they're going to go after the masses.
If they want money because they're running out, I would go after the 98% of the population that has brokerage accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, where it's low-lying.
And that's called a bail-in.
That's a bail-in and they've already legislated that Dodd-Frank bill under Obama.
They've already legislated bail-in.
This is not a dystopian future.
This is not something that we're predicting.
It's already here right now.
All they need is the appropriate crisis, the government running out of money where they can institute a bail-in.
So that is coming.
Here's where I think we've got, we're on the precipice of a global tectonic shift in philosophy, in how our economy is run, how our government is run, and so there was a a Scottish historian from the late 1700s,
named Alexander Tytler.
So I'm gonna go over what his cycle of democracy, now for everybody watching,
you know, I'm not saying that we're in a democracy, we have a republic, it's different,
but listen to this trend.
We're living in a democracy.
Yes, the trend is gonna hold very true and as we go through these steps,
you're gonna see how this plays out.
So again, Alexander Tytler, Scottish historian from the late 1700s, he said, A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government.
It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.
From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.
So, as we're thinking about this, it's like, Dang, that's actually true.
We're voting for people who are going to promise the most things, whether it's free healthcare, free this, whatever.
People vote for politicians that give them stuff.
So, the average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.
That's the average.
So, when did we start as a nation? 1776.
1876, 1976, so you're looking at 250 years into this experiment called America.
And there's a fourth turning happening.
Fourth turning?
I mean, Neil Howe's book was incredible.
It's all these mega trends are coming together now.
All of them.
It's like the convergence of a perfect storm.
So listen to this cycle though.
To mega realignment.
And they know it is so that we're trying to make it a better future.
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And they know it is so that we're trying to make it a better future, they're trying to twist it when it's all liquid.
They describe it, the historians do, different ways, but it's like it's hard for 60, 70, 80, 90 years, and then a liquification happens for maybe 4, 5, 10 years.
But now everything's accelerated, so maybe it's six months.
As Glennon said, there are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen.
I mean, how true is that statement?
With technology, everything is advancing.
Knowledge is doubling at a very rapid clip.
The cycle of democracy, the nations progress through a sequence.
They go, and let's use America as the example here, because I think it'll give a great understanding to this.
We go from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to apathy, and from apathy to dependence, and then dependence back into bondage.
So, let's play these out in our Nations.
So, how did we become a nation?
You know, our ancestors came from Europe and they were looking for what?
They were looking for religious freedom.
That's why they left.
They didn't like that oppression.
So, from bondage to spiritual faith.
That spiritual faith led to great courage.
We fought the Revolutionary War and we won and that gave us liberty.
And then that liberty led to abundance.
People started working.
They could work in the field.
Say we started industry and people worked for a living and that created abundance.
They weren't feudal slaves anymore that were working on somebody else's land and could never get out of it.
They were actually free for the first time.
Yeah, they didn't have to give everything they had back to the government.
And this was why America was so great, because it gave us financial freedom.
And now they could buy things and buy land and open a restaurant or write a book.
Now you had time to do something.
See, all of these freedoms that came when America started, what the Founding Fathers envisioned for us, personal freedoms and political freedoms and religious freedoms and health freedoms and all of that, And that's where the globals are attacking the American system because they're selling total tyranny, eat the bugs.
They've got to discredit this system because people can't have something else to aspire to.
So, so view this human nature.
This is just human nature.
When you start to have abundance, you start to get selfish.
And it's like, mine, mine, mine, mine.
I want to accumulate this greed just starts to set decadence is setting.
Yeah, that's start over.
Good paraphrase.
I'm interrupting start over at the beginning again because again there's a shorter version of this
Hard times make strong men strong main strong men make good times good times make weak men weak men make hard times
Yeah, that's that's start over good paraphrase. So here's the progression
Bondage to spiritual faith spiritual faith to great courage courage to Liberty Liberty to abundance
Abundance to selfishness where you just start collecting things for you, and you stop giving it away
And then selfishness to apathy.
Once your wallets get really thick and fat and you're just kind of smooth sailing through life, you get apathetic.
What happens when you get apathetic?
You stop caring.
You stop voting.
You stop listening to the things that are important because Your wallets are fat.
You're stagnant.
And then that apathy though, when in a period of apathy, you go back into dependence because you stopped caring and people got voted in that shouldn't have been voted in.
And then that dependence leads back into bondage.
And so in this cycle, where would you say that America is?
Going into bondage.
We're in dependence back into bondage.
We're at the last stage.
So we go back into bondage.
I think central bank digital currency is the financial form of bondage.
You're going to have political bondage.
You're going to have all of these things that you can't do this.
You can't travel.
We already saw the test of that with COVID, you know, and everything that Dr. Judy was talking about
before me on the show.
And it's like- - Oh, Davos admits, and they were at Davos,
the WF last week saying, "We use COVID as training wheels for the COVID lockdowns
and total control, and Germany's gonna ban cars on the weekend this summer."
Now, I mean, it's all going down, folks.
It right in front of us.
And so you've got all these freedoms that are rewriting, the political freedoms, our financial freedoms,
our economic freedoms, our personal freedoms.
And to me, the banking system, our ability to buy or sell when we want to
is the ultimate form of bondage in a financial form.
And that's why I think we're right at the end of this cycle.
And so what comes next?
So, Alex, if you go back to, you're a historian like I am, if you go back to 1776, What caused the Revolutionary War?
What caused it?
It was religious freedom.
America was founded on a pro-God, pro-family movement.
They wanted their freedoms.
So same year, 1776, was also the French Revolution.
The French Revolution, the peasants rose up and they wanted money to, you know, they wanted the government to take care of them.
And that revolution They won, and France to this day is still a socialist nation.
Because it was communist, it wasn't our version.
It was a completely different version.
They didn't have the Constitution, we had the leaders.
Yeah, so I see us right now, this paradigm shifting moment, this time in history where it's like the tale of two revolutions, and which one is going to win?
Are we going to have another American style revolution?
Are we going to have a French style revolution?
And that's what Soros wants, is a Off of their heads, unending purge that goes on forever, or our system, a whole new system of the republic where everybody's rights are protected.
Yes, and who gets to decide what's going on?
You know, enough people wake up, enough people start smelling what's happening.
But what you said is key.
We're in a revolution whether you like it or not.
It's who's going to win it.
We're already in the Civil War, but it's not the people fighting over black versus white they want it to be, it's us versus the globalists.
Yeah, and I think as we look at this, this is why you do what you do, this is why I do what I do economically, is to bring freedoms to express this message of, yeah, you think you might want the government to take care of you, you think you might want them to give you money, but when they do that, you become a slave to them, you become in bondage to them, and if they can cut you off from buying or selling based on your ideology, this becomes, we're marching down the road... That's mind control!
That's the ultimate!
It is the ultimate mind control.
It's a mark of the beast.
You're a theologian too.
Yeah, and I think...
So, during times in history, you know, the Christian churches thought, oh my word, the mark of the beast is coming.
By the way, you're not some lightweight theologian.
You were on the board, like, focused on the family, all that stuff.
Yeah, I served on Dr. Dobson's board for like seven years, but I operated in those circles, in those Christian conservative circles a lot, and I have a lot of friends in there.
And you know, throughout time, even going back, people thought that Hitler was the Antichrist.
People thought that, going all the way back, there are so many different Antichrists.
But we didn't have the technology of the ability to have a mark of the beast system where,
what does Revelation 13 tell us?
It says, okay, you can't buy or sell unless you have the mark.
Okay, people can buy or sell.
And you have to submit to get the mark.
You have to worship the beast, which means total commitment to get the mark.
People say, oh, it's just a mark.
No, you have to follow what it says.
Cut your son's genitals off.
You've got to support pedophilia.
You've got to support world government.
You have to worship the beast to get the mark.
Yeah, and so the mark of the beast isn't just for America.
It's not just for Europe.
It's not just for Africa.
It's a global thing.
And what is Klaus Schwab and all these guys?
They are a beast.
They are attacking us.
The system is a beast system.
And now we have with the internet, with social media, with all of these different instantaneous
communication you can spread the message to everybody instantly.
You've now got the ability to cut people off digital via central bank digital currency
and biometric identification to your bank accounts.
Now this, to me, is the first time in history where a Mark of the Beast type system in that era.
How did people, how did John, I mean, how did Pat most envision this?
That's God.
I mean, this is happening.
We're eternal spirits.
I've already seen it myself.
I don't, most people don't get to have the experience I've had.
God's blessed me to actually really show me stuff and tell me stuff so I know God's real.
Both of them are like, oh, I don't know if it's real or whatever.
No, God's real, your eternal spirit, but also, we're gonna go through this.
Like, this is real, people, and you're seeing it happen.
How did somebody 2,000 years ago envision this?
How did Ezekiel 3,000 years ago envision this?
How did Daniel envision this?
Only with God, who knows the beginning from the end, and there is, God transcends time.
So, of course, when God is seeing something, he's seeing the past, the present, and the future all at one time, and he's speaking that into the prophets, and they're just repeating it, And so God gives us free will, but he gives us a cheat sheet.
He tells you, okay, you got free will, by the way, this is what's going to happen.
He knows what a father would do.
I'm giving you free will, you're a new free creature, but I'm going to give you lessons and tell you how this works.
Why would you not listen to the father?
I mean, of course.
Listen to our father.
He tells us, in his word, how to live, how to survive, how to thrive, and he didn't say, Alex, ever, that this was going to be an easy path.
In fact, he said it was going to be opposite.
He said, hey, you're going to be, Jesus said, you're going to be persecuted when you follow me, right?
But the end result is this amazing life of peace.
We're given the keys to the universe after the boot camp.
This is Marine Corps boot camp.
And God's like, this is going to be tough now.
The keys are waiting right here.
Yeah, and just like the disciples, what are we called to do?
We're called to be light in this dark world.
You're a light in this dark world by spreading this message.
I do financial stuff.
Everybody watching this show has the ability to be light to your neighbor in your workplace, everywhere, and the only way that this message of hope Which there is hope.
Just because we're talking about garbage and what the government's doing, we didn't create that.
We're talking about how do you not just... We're talking about the problems so you can avoid it.
But again, think about that.
How do you... God is eternal.
God can make new creatures that have free will that are eternal.
They weren't before, but they're now made.
That's beautiful.
How do you test an eternal creature?
You put it in a body, you put it under stress, you put it there to see what it's going to do.
I mean, it's right there, folks!
That's it!
It's real!
I mean, we are eternal!
There should be no discussion!
Do what God says!
Yeah, I mean, tested by fire.
I mean, so what will survive?
Things that have eternal value.
You know, you can't really take anything with you, ever, except your reputation.
And I want to hear, Alex, when I'm done, On this earth, and I meet Jesus face-to-face on Judgment Day, and I look into his fiery eyeballs, I want him to say, Well done, my good and faithful servant.
With you I am well pleased.
Because if I don't hear that, if you don't hear that, nobody that hears anything, if you don't hear those words, you're not going to like the other words that come out of the great judge's mouth.
And so, so here's where we go through life.
And we spread this message of hope.
We give solutions to eliminate and melt away people's fear.
Fear is a tactic of the enemy to actually get people to do something that they don't want to do.
So fear will cause you to not act.
Fear will cause you to make a wrong decision.
But God didn't give us a spirit of fear.
He gave us a spirit of a sound mind and wisdom and creativity and everything that the creator of the universe instills in each and every one of us.
We can operate in that amazing Anti-spirit of fear.
It's faith, Alex.
It's love and commitment and loyalty and honor and freedom.
I mean, literally, it's freedom.
This is what the Founding Fathers envisioned for this country.
That's all Satan offers is slavery.
And we've deviated from that so much.
To me, it's like, it's no wonder we are where we are in this country.
We've deviated.
It's surprising we've gone this far and God hasn't blown us up.
I mean, seriously.
It's mind-numbing to me that God has tarried so long.
But He's a God that's full of grace.
He's a God that's full of mercy.
And we then, during this time that's left on this earth, We have to actually take that, take that rallying cry, and do something good.
And here's the cycle of democracy going back to that.
Start over.
I keep interrupting.
This is important.
You're getting to the theological, but yeah, go through it again.
Well, we're pretty much done with it, but if we don't do something, this cycle, this revolution that we are in...
We will actually be a French-style revolution if we don't wake up.
And that's what it's all about.
God wants us to break the cycle.
Because again, if you're God and created all of the universe and all that there is, which this is happening, what's the one thing you can do that's different?
You create creatures that have free will.
But if they have free will, then there's like, oh, but they might be bad, so then God again Literally puts himself into a human to come out here and teach us, does all this, influences us, sends the angels, sends the Holy Spirit, everything to like guide the children.
Remember the Bible talks about God loves a sparrow so much, think how much God loves you.
God can't stand losing any of us, but God did this to give us free will.
What a gift!
Yeah, and it's not a suggestion from him.
It's a command, don't worry about tomorrow.
Right, and so here's in my simpleton view, how do you succeed in this world?
I think there's two things.
Number one, you be an extravagant giver.
And because God tells us in Malachi 6, when you give and when you give with a grateful heart, watch out because the floodgates of heaven are going to be opened up so much you won't have room enough to contain the blessing.
That could be a financial blessing, relationship blessing, all kinds of different blessings.
Healthy children.
All of it.
It doesn't say what the blessing is.
It just says blessing so much you can't contain it.
And number two, never give up!
You know, if I were going from Colorado to California and I were going on this trek, if I keep walking, if I keep riding a bike, if I keep running, if I keep driving, I will ultimately get to California.
To the ocean.
But if you stop, well then you're never going to get there.
So if you don't give up and you have extravagant giving, And actually, thirdly, I'll add this one in there.
You love your neighbor, but to love your neighbor, you have to love yourself first.
You know, you have all those three things.
And people think giving means just money.
No, it's giving of energy, giving of caring.
It's giving of your time, of your energy, of your compassion, of your prayers, of your finances, of your talents, of your brain.
All of that.
Well, I've experienced that.
I didn't do this from some holy roller.
I'm a perfect guy.
I hated the tyrants.
I love God, but God was kind of like over here.
Yeah, God, you're like a little helper, you know, the first 10, 15 years of this.
But as I got more attacked, I was like, no, it's all God now because he got so big.
But every time I'm attacked, the doors blow open to victory.
And every time I go, God, I'm not like Job.
I think Job has, God, I don't want my children to die.
But the point is nothing compared to Job, but it's like literally now I go, oh, I'm being attacked.
Really good stuff's about to happen.
I'm not a masochist, I don't like the pain, but I'm like, oh my god, big stuff, because every attack instantly leads to victory.
It does.
And the enemy is blind, they can't seem to see that.
They have all these smarts about the world, their own system, but above that they have no understanding.
So, Alex, if we can shift our mindset as a society from short-term pleasure to medium and long-term gain and benefits, if you know where you want to go, what are you going to do to get there?
If you want financial freedom, what are you going to do to get there?
Is what you're doing now going to do it for you?
If you need to lose weight and you just sit there on the couch eating potato chips and candy all day, are you going to get to your point?
Well, I don't mean this is an attack on crypto, because it has some uses, but God made the heavens, the earth, iron, the soil, the trees, us.
He made gold and silver.
I think at the end of the day, I'm betting on what God made gold and silver.
I agree.
I mean, it's God made uranium.
We blow up cities with it.
I mean, God made some powerful stuff.
This metal does this, this metal does that.
He's like, here, here's the keys of the universe, boys.
And God is so powerful that he's not sitting up there scratching his beard thinking, look what's happening to the world.
I didn't see this coming.
He knows the beginning from the end, but he gives us solutions.
And what I focus 24-7, my time on, is financial solutions for people to navigate through this storm, to have a smile on your face, because I know every... It's a no-brainer, people.
I am pitching this because I wish I could do it myself, but I'm not.
Everybody should be in silver and gold right now.
Yeah, everybody with whatever portion of your assets gives you that peace of mind when you put your head down on the pillow at night and you think, I don't want anybody to think, oh man, I've done too little, I've done too much.
No, you have to do what's just right for you.
Now for me and my house, I'm like 100% into silver because it's the only thing that makes sense.
And explain that, you'll buy the gold later with the silver money.
Yeah, this is exciting because there's this historical ratio, which we've gone over on previous shows, between gold and silver, and historically that number is 20 to 1.
It takes 20 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold.
Well, today it's literally like 85 to 1.
It's not at an all-time high, but it's really close.
So, what does that number tell us?
It tells us one of two things, Alex.
It either says gold is overvalued or silver is undervalued.
Well, do I think gold's overvalued?
Because what causes gold to go up?
Unsustainable debt.
Inflationary pressures.
Political chaos.
Geopolitical conflict.
We have all of that in spades.
And they're using naked shorts to suppress it all.
Wait till we get into the naked shorts and silver.
I'm going to shut up.
It's been a great discussion, but I say I'm going to shut up.
You get me so excited.
Keep going.
But if gold's not overvalued, it's going to continue to grow.
Uh, what's silver going to do?
It's going to outperform.
So in theory, let's just say over the next 12 to 18 months, silver triples the rate of growth of gold.
Well, what I would recommend is we sell our silver, go into gold.
And what did I just do?
I got you triple the amount of rate of gold then that what I could have purchased for you today.
Again, that's free ounces.
Technically, that's extra ounces.
Go slow, though.
People ask me in the street.
Explain it slowly.
So if we're Alec, if gold is growing.
Well, let's just say it triples the rate of growth of gold.
Well, I'll sell the silver, go into gold, and if silver tripled the rate of growth of gold, we can get almost tripled the amount of ounces of gold then, as what I could have purchased for you today.
So if you could have purchased 100 ounces of gold today, And we allocate into silver, it outperforms.
I could maybe get you 250, 300 ounces of gold down the road, depending on that ratio.
To me, this is the beginning of how we started the show.
It's like, don't measure your wealth in terms of paper dollars.
Measure it in the amount of metals and ounces that you control, because that was free gold.
That extra 200 ounces in this example Didn't come out of nowhere.
It's not magic.
It's just math.
You allocate into the outperforming metal and sell it when the time is right.
It's not like I'm married to silver.
I couldn't care less, Alex.
If it were pointing towards going to gold, I would go into gold.
But why are the globalists, because I said this with the Hunt brothers and all covering it, they're obsessed with suppressing silver.
They really don't like it.
So there's a few reasons.
I think number one is And I got a lot of this information from SilverWars.org.
Those guys are the guys behind Wall Street bets and that whole thing when they were shorting GameStop.
So there is a...
Going back to the Manhattan Project, you have the suppression of silverware.
Because so much silver is needed in the defense industry.
Like missiles.
Let's see, I've got this.
So they want to use it for everything that they can.
So in seven torpedoes, 34 kilograms of silver is used.
Some of these big ICBMs that need silver in them have 11,000 ounces of silver per missile.
Per missile.
Or torpedo.
So, if you look at the price being suppressed by the government, if the largest user of silver in the world is the defense industry, are they going to want those prices to be high or low?
They're going to want them to be low, because they have to buy it.
So it's so strategic?
Very strategic, and it's been suppressed for a long time because of that.
But here's where we're at the end of the road on this.
Silver is a depleting asset.
There's not much left.
You know, COMEX available inventories are down 70% over the last 18 months.
We're in a war economy.
You need silver for all this stuff.
If it runs out, Then what?
Do we just not actually produce missiles or anything?
You jack up the prices because if there's no supply, the people that own, like you and me or hedge funds or countries, like what China is now doing, encouraging every single one of their citizens to buy silver instead of gold, they know that... Oh, we should have started that.
That's in the news.
China tells citizens to buy silver.
What is that about?
So, this goes back to the day before, actually it was the last time I was on the show, it was the day that Iran was firing those stupid drones at Israel.
So the day before that, the Western banks had shorted 1.2 billion ounces of silver.
1.2 billion!
So there's only 800 million ounces of silver mined in the entire world in a whole year.
So they shorted way more than exists.
Yeah, they shorted 50% more than the global mining production of silver in one afternoon.
So what did China do?
China says, hmm.
We want to be the world's reserve currency.
We want to destroy the West.
We want to destroy the Western banking system.
So in one fell swoop, when they shot off those drones, which literally Alex, everybody knew that those stupid low-flying, slow-flying drones with lights on them were going to be shot out of the sky.
So, but it created fear because after that, and I was, we were watching it on TV and watching these things go, and you know, the narrative after that was, okay, we're going to attack Israeli and U.S.
targets all over the world.
80 mile an hour paper airplanes.
It's fear, fear, fear.
It was just instilled in the hearts and mind of people.
So if you want to destroy a civilization, A, you create fear, and B, you destroy their banks and people's access to money.
So I think what China is doing is they are planning on winning this battle against America without ever firing a bullet, because if they can entice every one of their citizens to buy just one ounce of silver, there's over a billion people there.
That'll stop the shorters.
Yeah, but they don't even have to do that much, because in 2024, India has already committed to 66% of the global supply.
So there's already a run on silver and China's calling the bluff with the naked shorters.
So explain that to people that don't do that.
So a naked short means you sell something that you don't have.
I mean, we can't do that, but central banks can.
So they're selling naked shorts.
Look at this.
Commitment of Traders Silver Report from May 10th.
This report shows how many short positions commercially and basically from speculators there is.
So you add all of this up, the number of short positions by the commercial criminal banksters is 568.2 million ounces of silver that are short.
So, clearly, naked shorts and I would say as early as next week and any time after that These shorts could be killed.
And what China wants to do is they could win an economic battle against America, dethrone our dollar by killing the Western banking system.
And they do that by enticing their citizens to buy silver, the rest of the world to buy silver.
Because when you have all those short positions, you're expecting the price to go down for the reasons we talked about, needed for defense and everything else.
So obviously, how do the globals come and try to block that now?
Well, I don't know if they can actually do that right now.
I mean... Wait a minute, is there some mechanism?
When a negotiator gets called by a government, what do they do?
Well, when it's called, they have to pay up.
So, China knows this.
And so, I think what's going to happen... So, you could default, or you could print money.
They're trying to bail it out.
I mean, those are the two things.
If you default, there's political ramifications of that because who owns our treasuries?
Like, China still has almost a trillion dollars worth of them.
So that's just like stealing money out of their wallets and they're going to get ticked and that starts to create geopolitical conflict and even intensifying the war.
But the media will call it a sanction.
So they have to now steal the Chinese money, they'll call it a sanction or something.
Yeah, they would call it a sanction.
I mean, just like when Biden froze Russia's assets after the Russia-Ukraine war started, I mean, they couldn't access them and they said, oh, we have to do that because we have to stop this evil Russia from invading Ukraine.
And so they froze their assets.
So you could try to freeze assets by putting sanctions on them.
You could actually default, which would have major geopolitical ramifications.
Or you could just print money, which there's probably going to be the result as they just try to inflate their way out of it.
How do you square up Keely Unlimited with interest rate hikes coming?
So we're now seeing that battle with the Fed and that the federal presidents of all the different regional Federal Reserve banks have now deviated from what Jerome Powell has been talking about.
We've got to lower interest rates.
We're going to lower it.
We've won this battle again.
You've got the floor.
Explain, because I've been asked that today.
Yeah, you've got all these regional banks that aren't the real Federal Reserve, but
you have the local control fighting with the real Federal Reserve of New York.
I mean, folks, we're not in Kansas anymore.
I don't know how to explain how bonkers this is.
I'm not an economist like you, but I've studied this for 30 years on air.
This is unprecedented.
So when you've got the Federal Reserve Presidents, they're the ones that are voting.
It's not just Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Fed, that has one singular vote.
No, the Board of Governors actually votes for policy.
So the narrative is changing from, hey, we're going to have 7 to 8 rate reductions to 5 to 6 to 2 to 3 to maybe just 1 right before the election so we can show that we're winning.
However, you've got now the Federal Reserve Presidents, which are trying to save face, saying that we are smart economists here, we can't actually have a rate reduction at all.
In fact, we're probably going to have to have a rate increase.
Why would you have to have a rate increase?
You increase rates to slow down inflation.
So this is the problem that we're seeing.
I think that the Fed knows that there is a major financial battle starting to be waged here.
It's an attack from China against the U.S.
banks to dethrone their dominance, to actually get them to run out of money.
And you could actually start to win an economic battle if you cause them to be undercapitalized Pay off all these short positions, and there's 568 million plus ounces of silver in short right now.
In a short position!
So, that's why I think as early as next week, some of these shorts would have to be unraveled.
And I think what that's going to do to the price of silver, it's going to go up and up and up.
And what did China just do?
They just squeezed the U.S.
banking system out of silver.
But we go back to what the Fed is going to have to try to do.
Are they going to bail out the banks?
Well, they already said they didn't want to because they already legislated bail-ins and they want the depositors to bail out their own banks.
So that's what a bail-in is versus a bail-out.
A bail-out means the federal government's going to bail everybody out.
A bail-in means you bail out your own financial institution.
But I think it gets so bad, Alex, that when we look at what's coming next, they're going to be forced to print their way out of everything.
Everything, because it's like this culmination of a perfect economic storm where banks are running out of money.
Politically, things are in upheaval.
Biden is lying.
Like we talked about on the last show, Biden says inflation was 9% when I took office, and so technically it's lower now I'm winning.
Dude, you're lying.
You're lying.
Inflation when Trump left was officially at 1.4%.
I think that's understated too.
If it was at 1.4 and now they have these bogus numbers that they are, nobody believes for a second, Alex, that Biden is telling the truth on inflation when eggs have tripled or quadrupled in price.
He just said Wednesday that inflation was higher under Trump, but it's 9 plus percent under him.
It was 1.5 when it was under Trump.
I mean, he's literally saying whales fly in the sky.
Yeah, I mean, nobody that actually goes to the grocery store believes any of that nonsense.
All right, I want to take a break, because this is so important, what you mentioned.
I'm glad you reminded me, because I had the clip 30 months ago.
Here is last year, the FDIC board meeting, where they're saying, we're going to have to have bailouts, but we can't tell the public, maybe we shouldn't be talking about this on video.
Because it's all public records.
This is actually a federal agency, like the Federal Reserve.
We'll play this clip.
We're going to play a John Bowne report, so we can both take a break.
And then we're going to come back and talk about this with Dr. Kirk Elliott.
But folks, I want to explain something.
This guy's been on air for an hour and a half.
He's not even plugged his company and told you to go there.
This guy has one of the biggest gold and silver companies in the world.
He has five star ratings.
I don't know why the hell, when I didn't have a sponsor for 10 years, I didn't go get him.
But I was literally trying to get him on as a guest.
And I was like, well, why aren't we were trying to talk to you.
You need to go to KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Is it perfect?
No, only God's perfect.
But I only promote what I feel I've been on there 30 years, folks.
You know, 98% of what we say happens, okay?
I make mistakes, but there's no perfect thing.
But I feel good telling you to get gold and silver.
I wish I had money to be getting it myself.
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They've been doing it.
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They're really busy, so they'll give me a call six hours a day, whatever.
He's trying to get more crew in.
This is exploding, obviously.
You need to get gold and silver.
You need to get it now, in my view.
That doesn't mean a huge part, whatever your portfolio is, just you need to start sticking your toe in it.
And people that are smart are going all the way in.
That is my...
My firm belief.
And who knows, they may do some giant naked short and drive it down 20%.
It'll go bloop!
I believe 100% back over that.
I mean, we are in an inflationary spiral.
My whole gut, my whole intellect says get into it, but then I can't ever do it because the companies are a bunch of frickin' sharks like everything else.
This guy's not.
Go to him.
I love this guy.
Go to KEPM.com forward slash gold or you can call 720-605-3900.
Do a consultation.
Tell him your needs.
Talk to him and at least stick your toe in today.
Don't screw around.
Don't wait.
That's my opinion.
I'm not telling you what to do, but I All my children feel this is one of the best moves you can do.
You should also, if you don't have a gun, get a gun.
Get a gun safety course.
Learn how to use it.
Get a water filtration.
Get some extra storable food.
More importantly than getting gold or silver from Dr. Kirk Elliott, is you better get on your knees to the founder and the creator of the universe and say, I can't handle this.
I need you.
You're a god of free will.
I love you.
Please come into me and tell me what to do.
That gold doesn't even, it's not even 1% of a trillion.
Good neighbors, loving your husband or wife, that's all great.
God is the whole thing.
It was like a giant ocean.
It's like one drop is getting the gold.
One drop is having guns.
One drop is having a garden.
It's still important, but if you don't have God, you don't have any of it.
So I'm gonna tell you, get God first.
Get guns, get some food, get some water filtration, get ready and get gold and silver and get it from trusted people now at KEPM.com forward slash gold or the phone number on the screen.
I'll never steer you wrong, folks, but I make mistakes every once in a while.
I don't think you think I'm making a mistake here.
You know in your gut, you can see it.
You need gold and silver now.
Go there now.
And they finance this operation, which is wrecking the enemy.
We'll be right back.
Here is the clip of the incredible statement.
It's a little bit conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution.
But they're going to be.
And it could be an early warning signal to the FDIC and the primary regulators when these things happen.
And there may be some other Prices this is similar what Jay was saying in the market that You can tell whether people understand how the who's going to be protected who isn't going to be protected Because they own this fucking place.
It's a big club And you ain't in it You and I are not in the big club I completely agree with that.
I almost think you'd scare the public if you put this out.
Like, why are they telling me this?
Should I be concerned about my bank?
Like, my insurance company doesn't tell me what they're doing with my assets.
They just assume they're