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Name: 20240516_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 16, 2024
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In his discussion, Alex Jones touches on a variety of topics including Nitric Boost supplements at InfoWarsStore.com, Brain Force Ultra, globalist agendas, NATO's actions against Russia, Joe Biden's lies, and debates between him and Trump. He promotes health products from DrJonesNaturals.com, discussing the dangers of chemtrails containing toxic substances. Additionally, he discusses the cancellation of the debate commission, the attempt by globalists to control information and manipulate society, and potential consequences of their actions. He encourages listeners to be vigilant about the actions of global elites, block BlackRock, fight against a cashless society, and oppose the globalist agenda. Jones promotes his book "The Great Awakening" and emphasizes the importance of engaging with culture for lasting societal impact, using the MAGA hat as an example. Concerns about potential election fraud are raised, along with recommendations for Trump during debates. The discussion also promotes Brain Force Ultra and anti-globalist sentiment while urging listeners to wear 1776 red, white, and blue Gadsden flag shirts to show support for the Infowar and connect with like-minded people.

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In an April 16th interview with Polly Tommy, Dr. Paul Thomas explained how the American
medical establishment incentivizes pediatricians to fully vaccinate their young patients
and fines them if they don't.
Vaccinations that have been proven to cause more death and harm than the diseases they are said to be preventing.
Well as other practices started kicking people out of their practices if they weren't following the CDC schedule, I was getting more and more families who didn't want to do any vaccines, which was fine with me.
So we took an entire month of every single billing sheet and on every visit On the back of that, our providers would mark off what vaccines we recommend according to the CDC schedule.
Families could decline them.
And then our billing department, insurance company by insurance company, vaccine by vaccine, we looked at how much money was being lost For vaccines that were refused, just the admin fee.
So there's three main ways you make money off of vaccines and pediatrics.
Number one is the admin fee.
And you get about, it depends on the insurance company, every contract's different, but I would average it out to say about $40 for the first antigen and $20 for each subsequent antigen.
So let's just say a two month well baby visit.
There's a DPT.
That's three shots, three antigens.
Hib, Prevnar, Hep B, Polio, Rotavirus.
Six shots, eight antigens, about $240.
Thank you for giving those shots.
Multiply that by the fact that I was getting 30 to 40 newborns per month.
They're coming in repeatedly at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15, 18 months, and age 2.
So we looked at the admin fee loss, and from my practice that was billing at that time about 3 million gross, we were losing a million dollars, over a million dollars, in vaccines that were refused.
So you cannot stay in business if you're not giving pretty close to the CDC schedule.
It just doesn't pencil out economically at all.
Let me tell you about the other two ways we make money from vaccines.
One is the markup.
That's small.
They don't allow a lot of profit on vaccines as far as markups, but they do this thing called
incentives or bonuses and it's called a quality bonus. Well in pediatrics, one of the main quality
measures is how well you vaccinate.
Isn't that interesting?
It has nothing to do with how healthy your kids are.
Like when I studied my vaxed versus unvaxed patients, the unvaxed were so incredibly healthy, they rarely got sick.
They rarely would end up in an emergency room or in a hospital or with any chronic condition.
So being unvaxed results in very healthy kids who don't use a lot of medical dollars.
Every health system should want that, but it's reversed.
It's all flipped.
It's bizarre.
You're supposed to have had your kids up to date, about 80% of them by age two.
Guess what percentage of my population was at fully vaccinated age two?
The goal is 80%.
So Dr. Paul gets an F minus.
Basically what that means is, not only do I not get paid the normal amount for everything else
we do in the office, I get dinged maybe 10% or 15% off of those RVUs, relative value units that
are ascribed to everything you do in medicine is given a value.
If you do very well on your quality measures, you're a really good vaccinator, you may get an additional 10% on everything you do in your office.
That's huge.
SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
When you hear the word syndrome, it means we don't know what it is.
We don't know what causes it.
Well, we actually have a pretty good clue because there are six data sets, studies, that
looked at SIDS, when that infant died, relative to when they got a vaccine.
In one data set, 97% were in the first 10 days after the vaccine.
For the six other studies, a couple of them showed that 50% of the deaths happened in the first week.
But 75 to about 90% of those deaths are happening in the first week after vaccines in all these studies.
We've known this for decades.
The countries that have the most infant vaccines have the highest infant mortality.
Guess where the U.S.
We are number one in infant vaccines.
We are number one in industrial countries for infant mortality.
There's a document, 450 page legal document, that has tables showing for every single disease for which we have a vaccine, there are more deaths from the vaccine than there are from the disease for which we have that vaccine.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
It's Thursday, May 16, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
It is Thursday, May 16, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and the election is looming in 170 days from now.
in 170 days from now. 172 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes, 15 seconds.
Jack Pasović joins us in the second hour to talk about the massive events in
Europe, the attempted assassination of the Slovakian Prime Minister who is
leading more and more of the Eastern European countries to want to have a
peace deal with Russia and Ukraine.
And he's also wanting the arrest of the Pfizer and Moderna CEOs for crimes against humanity.
He's also again wanting to stop the massive open borders and replacement migration that is taking place as well.
That's what makes him a major target and all evidence points towards NATO being behind that.
Putin has called it a terrible Biden has called it very upsetting.
Putin calls attack on Slovakian PM a despicable crime.
And again, people could say, okay, who cares?
This politician got shot five times yesterday and has barely survived, but is expected to live now and gone through several surgeries.
The next thing NATO would do if they began to lose the war with Russia would be start assassinating leaders that weren't going along with it.
They've already blown up the Nord Stream Pipeline, many other things like that.
So this is what we expect if NATO is not going to give up.
Now they've announced they're planning conscription of the forced, not draft, just everybody 18 and up, 18 to say 30, depending on the country.
You've got the German Defense Minister, the British Defense Minister, the Swedish Defense Minister.
They're all saying that.
French troops, many other troops.
Different NATO countries have been sent publicly into Ukraine now, so this is really a situation where we're sleepwalking into Armageddon.
And it's a big deal.
And all of the different Pentagon and NATO policies of just a year and a half ago, not sending heavy missiles, heavy weapons, long-distance missiles, heavy tanks, and fighter jets, because that would, quote, lead to World War III, They've now disregarded that and they're doing all of those things.
So there really isn't a bigger issue on the table right now than that in my view.
Slovak PM Robert Pico expected to survive.
UK media appears to justify assassination attempt.
It's right there praising it, saying that he's the leader over there that's gotten now, now it's four countries to say they don't want to be part of the war.
Putin calls attack on Slovakian PM a despicable crime.
He said, I know Robert Fico as a courageous and strong-willed person.
I very much hope that these qualities will help him to get through this difficult situation.
Putin continued, according to the statement published on the Kremlin website, he was shot five times.
How Robert Fico used COVID in Ukraine to gain power in Slovakia.
That's out of the BBC.
Oh, he's terrible, he says.
That the virus is man-made and the shots are full of poison and he doesn't want to open borders and says Islam's not compatible and breaks down the fact that if the U.S.
had Mexico taken over by the Russian government with Russian troops and Russian weapons on the border, the U.S.
would do something.
Well, that's exactly what the U.S.
and NATO have done to Russia.
It's a Newsweek story demonizing him a few months ago.
Europe's pro-Putin faction is growing thanks to the leadership of Robert Fico.
So, meanwhile we have German politicians that are pro-war caught eating poop out of toilets and smearing themselves with it.
I'm sorry to tell you about that.
That's what's happening.
Who benefits from the assassination attempt of FICO, Slovakia's Prime Minister, two months ago?
I agree that the Western strategy in Ukraine is not working.
He spoke out against the Russian-Ukraine war.
That's why we're trying.
That's why they're trying to kill him.
Absolutely overwhelming evidence that it's NATO.
Renowned economist Martin Armstrong says because The Western governments have such massive debts and they need to have a new crisis to cover up the bubble that's popping.
That's why they want war.
And he came on a few years ago and said that.
He said it again last year.
He's coming on as soon as he's able to, very, very soon.
So that's a big area of discussion.
We have what's happening here domestically.
I don't want to get some into that in a moment.
In a leaked email, an FBI official encourages agents to use wireless wiretaps on Americans.
Now the FBI has publicly come out and said, well of course we're censoring people.
We're censoring Russian disinformation.
Oh, like the Hunter Biden laptop?
So it's really starting to get front and center attention.
It's just how much Joe Biden lies.
Remember, he had to drop out of a presidential race because he said he had three degrees, top of his class.
He had one degree, bottom of his class.
He plagiarized everybody.
I mean, the guy is a lying machine.
And now that he's so brain damaged, it's beyond saddening.
It's beyond comical because it's so incredibly dangerous.
But I've got a whole group of clips I want to play.
It's gas and shelter that's made up most of the gains in terms of inflation this month.
But look at these numbers.
You've got shelter at almost 21%.
And I'd say that's a little bit low because mortgage payments have actually gone up by a lot more than that.
But once you leave home, of course, you're talking about Gasoline prices.
You're not going to like this during driving season.
Almost 52% up since January.
That's a killer.
If you're not walking someplace, in other words, it's going to be painful for you.
Now, you've got car prices, you've got gas, but don't forget about the background costs as well.
Look at these insurance costs.
Up 52%.
So if you want to put your car on the road, You're going to have to deal with that price.
And then, of course, you have a problem if you've got a breakdown or something.
You've got to pay for that.
That's getting the car in the shop.
That's up 41%.
So, talking about home, talking about car, your prices have gone way up.
Two last ones for you.
Graduation season right around the corner.
What does it cost to go to college?
Look at this.
Tuition prices up 6% since January 2021.
And why that matters is, of course, you're starting with a tuition price of like $60,000 at a place like Columbia.
So when you put 6% on top of that, you're talking real money.
And Taylor, this one's for you.
The little ones, daycare costs are up 9.3%.
So look, if that's the kind of help that you need, you're paying much higher prices right now.
Let's look at a couple of clips.
This is back during the last presidential debates, almost four years ago.
And this is Biden lying in his butt off.
The American people saying that all these intelligence chiefs, which is true, they're a bunch of liars, and it turned out they were known liars, were saying the laptop was a Russian plant.
Of course, it was known to be Hunter's laptop.
It was all public.
Just like they said that the Ashley Biden A diary was fake with her Pino Joe molesting her in the shower.
Let's play those clips back to back.
50 former national intelligence folks who said that what this he's accusing me of is a Russian plan.
They have said that this is has all the care for five former heads of the CIA.
Both parties say what he's saying is a bunch of garbage.
This is classic Trump.
We have four days left and all of a sudden there's a laptop.
There's overwhelming evidence that from the intelligence community that the Russians are engaged
Yes, yes, yes I know you'd ask it.
I have no response.
It's another smear campaign.
It's the last ditch effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family.
The vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there's no basis at all.
That's a good point, and I don't want to have to get Secret Service involved in this, right?
It's a whole process.
But, you know, I am Ashley Biden.
It is my stuff.
So if you could just skip all of that over, I would really appreciate it.
I know you sent a picture to my husband with a camera and a few other things that are mine as well.
So that would be really great.
Where is a good place for him to meet you?
But, hold on a minute, but the laptop's not real, the diary's not real, none of it's real, but of course it is real, they always knew it was real when the FBI went around suppressing and raiding people to stop that information coming out.
Just like they protected Hillary from the WikiLeaks, they had all the different criminal activity in there, including Alistair Crowley rituals and quote, children as young as seven being delivered as entertainment to the quote, hot tub.
Now here is the press secretary days after Biden came out, as you know, on the weekend in a speech and said that when he got into office, inflation was nine plus percent, even though it was a fraction of that.
And he continued to state the lie.
And so her response is, well, he in general was just saying he inherited this problem from Trump that grew once he got in.
So you talk about BS, go ahead and play that clip.
I want to ask you about how the President talks about inflation.
So, two times over the past two weeks, the President said inflation was 9% when he came into office.
Is the President misleading Americans on that?
Or does he just not realize that inflation was 1.4% when he came into office?
So, you know, and thank you for the question, because I know that this, we got a lot of incoming on this yesterday.
And look, what the President was, the point that he was making is that the factors that cause inflation was in place when he Oh yeah, he did that alright.
He cut off thousands of pipeline repairs.
Killed almost all the oil and gas drilling permits.
caused inflation around the world to be by disrupting our economy and breaking
our supply chains as you know we had to act quickly on dealing with the supply
chain he put together a task force you saw the president do that. Oh yeah he did
that all right he cut off thousands of pipeline repairs killed almost all the
oil and gas drilling permits killed the Keystone pipeline now they're supporting Europe shutting down up to a third
of their farmers just they won't quote produce greenhouse gases
They're cutting off the energy.
They're creating the scarcity.
And it was the private central banks and the UN and the globalists that shut down the world economy and caused the supply chain problems, not the pandemic.
The pandemic was the pretext and excuse for that.
And back when it was first starting four years ago, plus I said this is going to cause worldwide food shortages.
It's going to cause all sorts of problems and then the answer they're going to tell you is global governance and a new central bank digital currency because they are destroying the old system.
And I've said hundreds of times, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
So we're now in that and you see the inflation and it's all part of the Great Reset to bring the old system to its knees, which they own and control, to consolidate what's left the economy vertically into their system.
Now, here's another clip.
This is Joe Biden arrogantly acting like Trump hasn't been challenging him to a debate.
The last six months, acting like Trump is scared and Trump lost the last debates because quote Biden won.
Frauds within frauds within lies within scams.
Here it is.
Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020.
Since then he hasn't shown up for debate.
Now he's acting like he wants to debate me again.
Well make my day, pal.
I'll even do it twice.
So let's pick the dates, Donald.
I hear you're free on Wednesdays.
The only thing that was quasi-true in that statement Was he's not showing up for debates.
Well, that's because all the other candidates combined upwards of what, 10 of them at one time only had 20, 25% of the vote.
So why would he debate people and elevate them that weren't even players?
And of course, Biden's not a player either, but he's got the Justice Department in Michigan and other states signing legals up to vote.
Not Zuckerberg doing it now, it's the federal government.
He's got the federal government running around trying to block Trump off the ballot, all these fake criminal and civil cases.
And then he's got the guts, the nerve, the chutzpah, the bravado, the arrogance to pretend like Trump's running from him.
And now they're not going to have the debate commission.
That way, RFK Jr.
can't be on it.
According to law, if he's a major third-party candidate, he'd be there.
Also, They want it virtual, where Trump and Biden are there.
But there's no crowd there, so they can try to control that.
And I agree with Rameshwani in a post he put on X last night.
I was making this point yesterday that they're going to play some serious skullduggery and serious manipulation here.
So we'll be looking at that as it unfolds.
This is a live Thursday broadcast.
NATO operatives are the prime suspect in attempted assassination of the Slovakian premier.
Signals major escalation in war.
Jack Masovic joins us in 40 minutes to break down that incredibly important central situation.
Now, I've got a lot of other news I want to hit and a lot of other big stories I want to hit.
That tie into all of this, but really, before I went live today, I was sitting back looking at all this news and thinking, what is the most important thing?
And I really personally think the most important thing is to realize the globalists are mad scientists.
They control most of the West.
They control most of the rest of the world.
They want live ascension technology.
They want to live forever.
They want to use this as getting pigs to discover.
Those breakthroughs and they also want to remove us in the process while they're using us up as guinea pigs and they really are waging war against us.
They have all these secret and quasi-secret projects like the geoengineering and the 5G and the synthetic nanotech shots and all the things they're doing to us.
Are lowering our life expectancies fast, are destroying our fertility super fast, are lowering the population and everything.
So, it's not like we're just up here, a right-wing radio show on TV, sitting back talking about what the politicians are doing and the latest political footballs and red meat.
This is a total societal corporate takeover of the planet.
That's what it is.
And every show is so precious and every broadcast is so special that I would guess, I've been to the doctor about two days ago, I started feeling really bad.
I haven't had flu in many, many years.
This feels like flu, hit my guts really bad.
I'm not complaining.
I just couldn't keep myself from coming into the show yesterday.
I did two hours yesterday, just felt too bad by the end of the second hour to continue on.
But I feel a little better today, though as I'm on air, it kind of comes in waves of nausea.
I took some Advil a little while ago, so hopefully that works.
I'm going to take some of my other supplement products because that always helps as well, but I've been burning a candle at both ends and this potomac bug has been going around the office.
The only reason I mention that is so people don't think I'm depressed or think that I've been drinking or something because I'm talking a little slower.
It's because I feel like I've been kicked by a mule.
But here we are, and I'm on air, and I almost didn't come in today, but Jack Wasabic's got such important stuff to cover that please stay with us into the next hour.
And we're going to be talking to him about stuff that's just... I mean, that's really it.
I can't believe how insane things are.
I can't believe it's come out, mainstream news, that there is record heart attacks and blood clots and infertility.
Neurological disorders and thyroid problems and just everything.
I mean they literally gave us a shot knowing that it would replicate in our bodies nanotech and then our body would attack that nanotech because that nanotech is synthetic and matches some of the main proteins in our body and to know that they really did it.
And then to sit here and try to have words described to you just how horrible this is.
And I just, it's just, we have to really let it sink in and come home to us.
I mean to understand there's a massive financial incentive to give pregnant women these shots, where until just five years ago you never gave a pregnant woman any vaccine.
Even the ones that, you know, quote are classical vaccines that have their own problems and a lot of contaminants, much less the gene therapy.
And then you see the numbers of the majority of women having serious reproductive problems, menstrual cycles, you name it, after they take these shots.
The New England Medical Journal years ago and more medical journals confirming the number of 80 plus percent of women in the first trimester having violent miscarriages.
When the women shoot themselves up or get shot up during the third trimester, the babies tend to live with the placenta is much smaller and deformed.
And then the babies end up having serious internal birth defects, holes in the heart, fried immune systems.
I mean, you sit back.
And if you thought about some psychotic that kidnaps a baby and injects them with something, you'd say give them the death penalty.
But with the establishment, these mad scientists do it to us.
People just take it like, well, they're the establishment, we've got to go along with it.
So I have a big stack of news on that front today.
Edward Dowd's joining us tomorrow.
Great statistician to, uh, and all his whistleblowers.
Talk about the latest numbers that have come out that just confirm the horrible numbers that we've been covering before, but it only gets worse.
So, I believe in you and I believe that when you See this information, you face this information, that that gives us a chance at rallying humanity to say no to this and to stop it.
But because we all have limited awareness to our own surrounding environment, it's very hard to fight a scientifically organized taxpayer-funded System that is attacking not just humans, but plants, animals, the environment, the entire life system on the planet.
And if you take away from it the endgame, that's why everybody from Naomi Wolf to Tucker Carlson says this is spiritual.
This is organized evil against all life on Earth.
It really should be a no-brainer to then not comply with anything and everything the system pushes.
I mean, if something's coming out of Biden's mouth, you oppose it.
If something's coming out of Bill Gates' mouth, you oppose it.
If something is coming out of Klaus Schwab's mouth, you oppose it.
But then you've got to realize that all over the Western world, the medical system, the education system, primary education, secondary, It's all UN.
I mean, the coding system since 47 in the medical system are UN.
Everything is really the UN.
People say, oh, the UN is not that powerful.
It was set up by the globalists to be the body that administers this.
But it's the corporations that are around are really the ones that are doing this.
So that's the reality.
And I also just have real trouble believing so many people work for the system and actually fight for it and believe in it when the system is at war with us.
But you have to understand, they're naive, and they believe that the system's actually good, or they believe they get power from it, so they're defending it because they're followers.
Well, that's okay, because we're not followers, other than following Christ.
I don't know who you follow, but you gotta serve somebody, like Bob Dylan said.
But the sad thing, and it's also the good thing in a way, is that things are gonna get so horrible, That if you think the Great Awakening we've all witnessed in the last few years is big now, it is going to become absolutely explosive.
By explosive I mean it's growth.
It's already happening.
But the enemy has plans for that as well.
But it's not going well for them.
So, all I can tell you is this is going to be spectacular.
This is when the immovable object comes in contact with an unstoppable force.
When that happens, you're going to get fireworks at every level.
And I mean cultural fireworks.
That's what we want.
But they're not going to go for that.
They're going to go for physical fireworks.
And so, as I've said the last few days, it really is time to get right with God, because this is such a dangerous time to be alive.
And for people out there that serve the spirit of this world, I really think you ought to reassess what you're doing, because you can see where we're going is a very, very horrible place.
I'm Alex Jones.
Please follow me on X at RealAlexJones.
And you can follow us also at BandaiVideo and InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Please stay with us.
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Either today or tomorrow, we'll have it either for the Sunday show or Monday.
I'm going to get maybe a hundred quotes together, a bunch of videos of world leaders.
King Charles, his father, Prince Philip.
Jacques Cousteau, I mean the list goes on and on, at WEF meetings and other ones saying we want to reduce the world population by 80 to 90 percent, and then dovetail with all these professors and scientists that say the same thing.
I covered the shared statement.
Listen to this headline.
London climate professor, only way to stop climate change is, quote, culling of human population by pandemic with very high fatality rate.
And that's what they say constantly.
What did King Charles' father say?
Prince Philip, he said, I want to come back reincarnated as a deadly virus to kill 80% of the population.
He said the quote different ways in at least five publications we found.
And that's what they're doing.
And so they're trying to tee us up.
They're trying to make us sick.
But they're testing when they release something really bad.
Making sure we stay locked in our houses orderly way, so we can just be gotten rid of.
So I'm sorry to have to make those announcements to you, but I wanted to talk a little bit about mad scientists here, because there's a very important clip.
I'm not just a Manhattan Project and then after it testing atomic bombs, then hydrogen bombs on troops, but the British and the French, the Chinese later and the Russians, all these governments tested nukes.
On their own soldiers, detonating them just miles outside of the main blast zone.
And many of them of course died early deaths from cancer and many other ailments from it.
But then you look at projects like Operation Fishbowl.
Or the particular British operation I'm about to show you a historical clip from UK television on.
And understand this is stuff in the 40s, 50s and 60s they were doing.
Trying to ignite the atmosphere and burn the atmosphere of the earth up.
Just to see if they could do it.
And then extrapolate that out to what they're doing with the Poison Shots and the 5G and the geoengineering and all of it.
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All right, the first thing I want to play is Dr. Peter McCullough.
This is him at a big conference just a few days ago.
Flip 19.
And this has been well known, really, for four plus years.
We had the lawyer on that wrote the U.S.
Biological Chemical Weapons Laws and also helped write the World Treaty on it.
He's the author of the U.S.
And that's Dr. Francis Boyle.
He said in February of 2020, four plus years ago, all of this, and he had all the documents and all the proof.
Obama was behind it when he was president.
Then it got shelved under Trump, but they still rolled it out against Trump and he didn't know what he was up against.
So, you know, he at least partially went along with it, although not anywhere like Biden has done.
And this is all a government project.
They told Moderna and Pfizer and AstraZeneca and J&J.
What they wanted the virus vector shots to do, or the mRNA shots to do, and they both order the body to mass-produce a deadly spike nanoprotein that is the spike protein of HIV-AIDS.
HIV that reportedly causes AIDS.
And, you know, we've had so many scientists on talking about this, Dr. Jim Mankiewicz, a pioneer in exposing it.
This is now a fact, and we have Barrick and all the rest of the so-called government
experts admitting like oh, this is kind of like HIV now long Cobra is yes very much like it and now we're
seeing people's amuses are destroyed by the virus And yes, there is shedding people to take the shots
I've got a lot of scientists that said no there was an original virus
It was very hard to get, but could give you these types of symptoms, but nothing compared to the actual injections that order your body to produce all of this.
So here's Dr. Peter McCullough.
We'll skip this break.
And then we'll go into National British Television talking about testing nuclear bombs on sailors and on soldiers.
Again, this is really old news, but people tend to forget just how deadly these mad scientists are.
And then we'll play a little one-minute Aaron Rodgers, Joe Rogan Club after that, and then I'll come back, hit some other news.
But I just want to explain to you again, when you read this headline, London climate professor, only way to stop climate change is culling, this is a quote, culling of human population by pandemic with very high fatality rate, close quote.
You translate that, not climate professor, but no, globalist death cult eugenics priest.
Only way for them to get total control over the earth is to kill the majority of the population.
You have to understand, I'm sorry this is the truth.
They've made their move.
That's why there's so many movies like Soylent Green and Zardoz and Children of Men and Twelve Monkeys.
And the X-Files show that they're telling you everywhere what they're going to do to you.
And some have said, well, I guess that's your job, Jones.
And maybe that's why they've let you live.
Well, I'm sure I haven't got any orders from these people.
I'm trying to stop it.
But yeah, I mean, I think that's true.
I mean, I think you're being told by them.
You, when you do your own research, you find out about this and if you don't do anything metaphysically now, God allows the system to take over because you were warned and you didn't warn others.
So yeah, that's why I said the other day, I feel guilty.
I haven't done enough.
And people say, well, I've been red pilled for 20 years.
I saw that comment on my video about that on X. Yeah, dude, I know.
So I'm just saying we can all do more because If we did take this more seriously, even those of us that have been awake a long time, we could have done more.
And I'm not blaming us for what's happened.
I'm just simply saying, I at a spiritual level feel a very serious, deep responsibility to want to do more and to not just sit here and tell people about this so they're warned and then do nothing.
I'm warning you to believe in yourself and to believe in God working through you to take action and stop this.
I'm not just up here to chronicle this and then continue to get more and more popular as everything I said comes true, but we don't stop it.
And then we all basically die.
I want to put the brakes on this.
I legitimately love God and love God's creation, the people.
And I have a real responsibility at a cellular level, at a spiritual level, to want to oppose this.
But, I mean, I guess if we don't turn this around, if we don't stop it, I guess we are just Being used as agents of the system to let people know what's being done to them so they do nothing and die.
But that's really up to you, isn't it?
I know I do this from a place of a good heart and caring and really trying to stop things.
But it's very paradoxical.
I can't see how people aren't completely resisting this.
And again, there is a lot of resistance and good things happening, but it's not enough.
And it's coming to grips with this total demonic takeover.
And just how real this is.
Shakes me.
And I know that's why so many people learn this information.
You say that can't be true or that's not real.
Because it is a big deal.
And it's so upsetting to know this.
I mean, there's so many microcosms of it.
Everyone I know basically can't eat gluten now.
And I've got all the experts on, I've got the studies.
It's not that you're gluten intolerant.
That only started in the late 90s.
It's that they're spraying the wheat when it's about to be harvested a week before, so fungus doesn't grow on it in the silos with Roundup.
And so instead of getting a little bit of Roundup in the soybeans that it bioaccumulates, or a little bit of Roundup in the water supply you drink that's enough to still grow cancer all over your body, they admit that's what it does in the human body or any other mammal.
It's soaked into the wheat, almost all the wheat, Show that we're really ground up intolerant.
And that's just one more little... I mean, what type of established... And the farmers still do it?
And the companies still do it?
And everybody knows it?
And everybody's just sick eating it?
Or they have to totally avoid it?
We are poisoning ourselves.
It is so satanic.
I mean, the Romans lined their Pottery, they're clay water containers and wine containers with lead.
Lead was plentiful in what is Italy today.
Big mines in and around Rome.
And you could melt it easily and put it on the inside of clay pots so that the water wouldn't leak out.
But lead makes you aggressive.
It makes you schizophrenic.
I wonder why the Romans at certain points were so violent and crazy.
Well, now they've studied their bones in the catacombs.
And almost everybody had serious lead poisoning.
Well, the Romans didn't know.
But the globalists put so-called fluoride in the water.
It's really a whole range of And then the aluminum dioxide, the barium salts, the radioactive nuclei, they're spraying.
It's putting the jet fuel.
It's declassified as a part of energy program.
It's now gone worldwide.
There was a Nobel Prize given for it in 92.
They added to the jet fuel.
There's patents on it and the jet engines put it out.
It forms nuclei, water vapor condenses around it.
It's cloud seeding.
But it's toxic stuff they're using, and Bill Gates says we're doing it to block out the sun.
The CIA director says, yeah, we're doing this project.
Then when we talk about it, they go, oh, you're crazy, it doesn't exist.
It's the same thing.
It's mad scientists, like Operation Fishbowl I mentioned earlier.
Look it up, where they detonated hundreds of hydrogen bombs in the upper atmosphere, the U.S.
government did, the U.S.
Air Force, trying to ignite the atmosphere.
Here are those clips back to back.
In 2012, DARPA, which is the research division of the military, started a program.
It's called the AdeptProtect P3 program.
Pandemic Prevention Platform.
Look what they proposed!
They said, listen, we are going to use gene encoded vaccines as a new category of preventive measures based on RNA or DNA.
And in this approach, we will stop a pandemic within 60 days.
Within 60 days, in 2012, this was started.
When President Trump came out and said it's Operation Warp Speed and they're going to develop vaccines.
It would have been nice if he was prepped or Anthony Fauci was prepped to say, listen, we're working on this.
We've been working on this since 2012.
This is not new.
This isn't warp speed.
This is 10 years in coming.
The deception out in the open that this was rapidly developed, that there was all this stunning innovation.
The contractors, Moderna got its first multi-million dollar contract in 2013.
The military works on programs, both the threat, SARS-CoV-2, and work on the answer, monoclonal antibodies and vaccines.
But the military has biological threat programs.
There's one for smallpox, monkeypox, there's one for anthrax, and who knows how many more programs.
This was part of a program.
But the military came up with the idea of messenger RNA vaccines.
Not Pfizer or Moderna.
Not Operation Warp Speed.
It wasn't in response to what was, you know, came out of Wuhan, China.
This is a military program.
When it was announced by Health and Human Services, Alex Azar and the Department of Defense, that's who entered into this, you know, ushered us into the vaccine era.
The military.
Emergency use authorization is a mechanism to get rapid new technology into the military.
It's not a mechanism for the public.
Its first application broadly to the public was when the COVID-19 pandemic.
That's the reason why the FDA doesn't seem like they have any ownership over this.
They can't seem to respond to it because it's a military program.
This has a military origin to it.
And the program is executed like a military program.
No one will be spared.
There's no exceptions.
You can kind of see the similarities there.
[Birds chirping]
Five, four, three, two, one.
We were told nothing. We knew nothing.
We were told very little about the day.
except don't look at the flesh.
Can you describe the day that the nuclear bomb was dropped?
Just before the sun comes up, we were marshaled in groups.
I went out on the aircraft carrier, the Warrior, and we were told to face the stern of the ship, the back of
the ship.
We were told to cover our eyes with our hands or bury your eyes into the crook of your arm.
Which we did.
To say it was frightening is an understatement.
I think it shocked us all into silence.
When the flash hit you, you could see the x-rays of your hands through your closed eyes.
It was just sheer brilliant light, so... I've never seen anything like it, never had done.
In the process of hands over your eyes, you saw every bone in your hand.
If I was looking at you now, I would see all your bones.
You would see all the blood vessels and everything, and the bones a lot.
Then the heat hit you, and that was just as if somebody my size had actually caught fire and then walked through me.
It was an experience that was absolutely unearthing.
It was so strange.
Some of the lads would stand up, but about 30-odd seconds later, you'd get the blast.
And the blast would knock you flying.
And there were guys with bruises and broken limbs.
We couldn't believe it.
After a while we were told that we can now stand and look up and watch the mushroom fall.
You caught sight of it at 90 degrees.
It was that huge.
It wasn't there.
It wasn't there.
It was there.
It was practically a barbea.
All I saw was this rising fireball.
A colossal fireball just going up and thunder, lightning, you name it.
What I noticed was, was the cloud moving away like that.
You know, round and round and round.
I think it was too much for some of them and some of them would cry and ask for their mum.
That was awful.
There was no comprehension that anything like that could even exist.
It was immense.
It's a sight to see but never one to see it going.
Over a 10 year test period, 30 years.
In 2013, we estimated that 18,500 of us had died.
And the reports that I'd seen, nobody had died practically of natural causes.
we estimated that 18,500 of us had died.
And the reports that I'd seen, nobody had died practically of natural causes.
They had all died of leukemias and cancers, carcinomas, or one sort or the other.
And for a government to do that to its own people is absolutely disgraceful.
It's outrageous.
All the major governments in the world are signed on to UNESCO.
That's the big scientific body of mad scientists.
They see us as animals, they see us as lab rats, they see us as a scourge, like wild hogs.
They've got to be gotten rid of.
And that's why it's a unified corporate global governance to carry all this out against us.
The things that were done decades and decades ago are nothing compared to what's going on now.
And I mentioned glyphosate.
Again, it's in major lawsuit studies.
It's been settled lawsuits.
Take wheat.
Even if a farm isn't using glyphosate, the farm next to it is.
Most of them are.
They spray it again when it's about to be harvested so no fungus eats it.
They put it in the silos, mix it all together, and it doesn't matter where you're getting wheat, there's some very small companies now starting to, from their farm to your house, and people that I know, a lot of them, are now baking bread and stuff with it, and they're not getting sick.
But you eat anything else, even if they say it's organic wheat from a store, you get sick.
You go, why is that so important?
Because they've known this for decades, they do it and it's on purpose.
Not the farmer doing it locally, he just knows he'll get more for his crop if he sprayed it with that.
They incentivize it.
It's like they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, excuse me, millions of dollars per average pediatrician practice.
I'll play that report again, the first five.
You got a three million dollar a year practice?
A million of it at least is the bonuses you get for giving the kids the poison shots.
So they incentivize it and so that's why they're now starting to inject the chickens and the turkeys and the pigs and now even the cows with the mRNA and now meat allergies are off the chart and so they said you won't eat the cows soon because you won't be able to eat the cows, ladies and gentlemen.
So they are poisoning our entire environment.
It is a takeover plan.
We'll start the next hour.
Jack Passove is coming up, but I want to air this Greg Rees report that deals with this.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
We're having it posted right now on X as well.
I hope you share it from there.
The Financial Incentive to Murder and Poison American Children.
There it is at Bandop Video.
It's also being posted as we speak at Real Alex Jones on X.
So, look, I'm, again, sorry I have to tell you all this.
I think most of you already understand there's a problem.
But we have to identify these globalist groups, to identify their operations, we have to take our governments back, we have to cut these systems off, and then we have to have Nuremberg to trials to bring them to justice.
So we'll air this special report.
Some stations don't carry that first five, so if you're listening to this and want to see it, go to RealAlexJones on X or go to Band.Video and get it, or InfoWars.com.
I think I'm going to have this report posted on the live show feed at the front page of InfoWars.com.
The financial incentive to murder employees and American children, understand it's the same incentive For every other evil rollout they've got, you've just got compartmentalized people following orders.
Here's Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers talking about predictions, and then we'll be right back with our number two.
Please stay with us.
Because the guy's balls deep in it all day long.
You could call him right now.
It's like, I'm doing the documents.
I'm reading the research right now.
This is sick.
This is what they're doing.
This is bland.
I talk to him all the time.
We text each other.
Every time something's crazy, I'll text him.
Like, what is this?
And he'll send me all these documents.
He's talking about... I saw something he said the other day about...
Well, there's a lot of people that think that.
Including me.
Because if I was a foreign government and I wanted to cripple America, I would kill the power grid.
do something well there's a lot of people who think that including me
because if I was a foreign government and I wanted to cripple America I would
kill the power grid we'd go feral in two weeks I'm gonna tell you what's on my
The only thing on American I'm hearing is the constant parade of attacks by your foul-mouthed, flea-bitten listeners against our noble president.
I am a Biden believer.
And here's what's going to go down in 24.
Biden's going to walk away again, wiping the floor with Trump like he did in 2020.
Because America believes in Biden.
Hollywood believes in Biden, like Mark Hamill.
And we all know that Trump is going to try to cheat, but it's going to go down in flames.
And all I hear is the anger and the bitter and your alcoholic listeners I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
with the end of white cisgender Christian America.
As we rise, rise, the pink haired warriors, the non-binary warriors, the transgenders,
we're rising and we're gonna sweep you aside.
I wanna talk right to your listeners right now.
The frightened middle-aged white man, clinging to his guns and his religion
and his money and his privilege.
Get ready, baby, because pretty soon you will be swept aside in the new order of things.
And you know what that new order is?
It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come together and live together.
And yes, there will be communism.
Yes, there will be Sharia law, because you don't understand,
queers for Palestine, together forever strong.
We are coming together in a coalition, one big, great big coalition,
that will win a day, and in 2024, when you're all crying,
when you're all just so broken up because you're lost again.
It's a new dawn in America with a rainbow, a transgender rainbow sweeping across the land to sweep you aside into obscurity.
The time of the white cisgendered man is over.
Your privilege card has been revoked.
You will accept the new refugees, the new Americans.
And here's the secret.
We're in charge.
We tell you what to do.
So get ready.
Get ready to give up your guns, give up your gold, give up your privilege, and accept the way things are now.
The pink haired warriors are here and we're not going anywhere.
You will not legislate us out of existence.
You will not put us back in the closet and we will not be quiet.
Free, free from your oppressive grip.
Put your head on us and tell you what, I'm a Biden believer.
When Biden smiles, the sun shines.
When he weeps, the rain falls.
His strong hands lift up the oppressed and his foot stomps on the white supremacists.
So this is how it's going to go down in 24.
Joe Biden's going to be back for four more years.
And then Kamala Harris for eight.
And then Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
In an April 16th interview with Polly Tommy, Dr. Paul Thomas explained how the American
medical establishment incentivizes pediatricians to fully vaccinate their young patients and
fines them if they don't.
Vaccinations that have been proven to cause more death and harm than the diseases they are said to be preventing.
Well as other practices started kicking people out of their practices if they weren't following the CDC schedule, I was getting more and more families who didn't want to do any vaccines, which was fine with me.
So we took an entire month of every single billing sheet and on every visit On the back of that, our providers would mark off what vaccines we recommend according to the CDC schedule.
Families could decline them.
And then our billing department, insurance company by insurance company, vaccine by vaccine, we looked at how much money was being lost for vaccines that were refused, just the admin fee.
So there's three main ways you make money off of vaccines and pediatrics.
Number one is the admin fee.
And you get about-- it depends on the insurance company.
Every contract's different.
But I would average it out to say about $40 for the first antigen and $20 for each subsequent antigen.
So let's just say a two-month well baby visit.
There's a DPT.
That's three shots, three antigens.
Hib, Prevnar, Hep B, Polio, Rotavirus.
Six shots, eight antigens, about $240.
Thank you for giving those shots.
Multiply that by the fact that I was getting 30 to 40 newborns per month.
They're coming in repeatedly at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15, 18 months, and age 2.
So we looked at the admin fee loss and from my practice that was billing at that time about 3 million gross, we were losing a million dollars, over a million dollars, in vaccines that were refused.
So you cannot stay in business if you're not giving pretty close to the CDC schedule.
It just doesn't pencil out economically at all.
Let me tell you about the other two ways we make money from vaccines.
One is the markup that's small.
They don't allow a lot of profit on vaccines as far as markups, but they do this thing called incentives or bonuses and it's called a quality bonus.
Well, in pediatrics, one of the main quality measures is how well you vaccinate.
Isn't that interesting?
It has nothing to do with how healthy your kids are.
Like when I studied my vaxed versus unvaxed patients, the unvaxed were so incredibly healthy.
They rarely got sick.
They rarely would end up in an emergency room or in a hospital or with any chronic condition.
So being unvaxed results in very healthy kids who don't use a lot of medical dollars.
Every health system should want that, but it's reversed.
It's all flipped.
It's bizarre.
You're supposed to have had your kids up to date, about 80% of them by age two.
Guess what percentage of my population was at fully vaccinated age two?
The goal is 80%.
So Dr. Paul gets an F minus.
Basically what that means is, not only do I not get paid the normal amount for everything else
we do in the office, I get dinged maybe 10% or 15% off of those RVUs, relative value units
are ascribed to everything you do in medicine is given a value.
If you do very well on your quality measures, you're a really good vaccinator, you may get an additional 10% On everything you do in your office, that's huge.
SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
When you hear the word syndrome, it means we don't know what it is.
We don't know what causes it.
Well, we actually have a pretty good clue because there are six data sets, studies, that looked at SIDS, when that infant died, relative to when they got a vaccine.
In one data set, 97% were in the first 10 days after the vaccine.
For the six other studies, a couple of them showed that 50% of the deaths happened in the first week.
But 75 to about 90% of those deaths are happening in the first week after vaccines in all these studies.
We've known this for decades.
The countries that have the most infant vaccines have the highest infant mortality.
Guess where the U.S.
We are number one in infant vaccines.
We are number one in industrial countries for infant mortality.
There's a document, 450-page legal document, that has tables showing for every single disease for which we have a vaccine, there are more deaths from the vaccine than there are from the disease for which we have that vaccine.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
We'll be back with Jack Pizzoli.
We're now connecting with Jack Posobiec, syndicated talk show host, former Naval Intelligence, really educated, dialed in, smart guy, one of the best brains out there on geopolitical developments and the military.
We talk about the Slovakian Prime Minister, Robert Fico, having five bullets pumped into him yesterday and surviving, and they believe he will survive now after multiple surgeries.
Vladimir Putin has come out and called it a despicable crime.
And of course the West is denying any involvement just like they did with the theater attack on the Crocus Theater and of course the attack on the Nord Stream Pipeline.
A lot of people say, well why do we care if a Slovakian leader gets five bullets put in him?
Well, because of time constraints, we reposted some of the videos on X yesterday and InfoWars.com.
I'm Jack Posobicon.
A month ago, two months ago, three months ago, and we could go back saying they've changed their operation in Ukraine because they know they've lost militarily.
Now they're going to go with Project Gladio 2.0 asymmetrical warfare and then that is going to push things up the threat ladder to full direct war with Russia.
So we're talking about standard NATO, standard Russian military doctrine here that comes from the RAND Corporation since the 1960s and has been updated since.
It's a threat continuation ladder.
It goes from 1 to 43.
You get into the low 40s, it's total nuclear war.
We're in the mid-30s right now.
Once you get up into those, you have the assassination of different leaders.
Now, the Slovakian leader was already the Deputy Prime Minister before.
He got back into office being anti-COVID lockdowns and anti-war with Russia, calling for peace deals.
But no one was willing, even Orban of Hungary and a few others, to actually come right out and say, we don't want entry of Ukraine into NATO, which Putin always said they were going to do and the West denied.
Now they're officially trying to bring him in.
Now, because of his leadership, they've tried to kill him.
And I think all arrows point towards NATO.
And so now he's got multiple other leaders, not just Viktor Orban, but others joining him in the call for this.
This is clearly a message to those leaders.
We're going to kill you.
If you don't go along with this, it reminds me of The Godfather where they get five shots into The Godfather and they don't kill him and the bad guy says, five shots and he's still alive.
That's bad luck for me.
Yeah, this is next level.
We talk a lot about history repeating or rhyming.
World War I has the closest parallels to all this.
That's how World War I started, when British intelligence was funding different anarchy groups like the Black Hand, who killed the Archduke of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and that's when World War I officially kicked off.
And also, Robert Fico predicted assassination threat amid heightened national tension.
So when I get up here and I say Trump's in danger and Any of the big talk show hosts that are well outspoken, exposing, we're in danger.
The globalists are losing on every front, so the next step is to give up, back down, or escalate.
And it looks like that is now exactly what's happened.
Biden said he was shocked and troubled by it, whatever that means.
But I also have major British newspapers right here justifying The attempted assassination because, oh, he's a Putin puppet because all he wanted was peace.
Now, I have several clips here while Jack Posobiec is talking that I'm just going to roll the B-roll of, but I posted them on The Real Alex Jones.
They're on InfoWars.com, where he comes out and says we're stopping the Muslims invading.
They want to take over the UN's funding them.
We're going to have criminal hearings on Pfizer and Moderna and their poison shots.
And we need to have a peace deal with Russia.
We need to stop sending weapons.
This guy was the big leader.
And that's why Putin said of him, quote, I know Robert Fico as a courageous and strong-willed person.
I very much hope that these qualities will help him to get through this difficult situation, Putin concluded.
So here's just a little one-minute RT club.
And then I want you to see what he actually said, so that's subtitled.
So while Jack's talking some, we'll put this up here just to get it on record because this interview is live right now, but it'll also obviously go viral.
It does every time Jack Posobiec is on with us.
He'll be with us for the rest of the hour and he does his own show coming up in about 15 minutes for the great human events.
Okay, so here's that one-minute clip.
Slovakia has other and bigger problems than Ukraine.
We don't agree with army in Ukraine.
We would do everything also as a part of the EU and support everything for peace in Ukraine and efforts to start peace negotiations on Ukraine.
At today's meeting, it became clear that I have different opinions on some topics with Mr. Prime Minister of Ukraine.
Above all, it is a view of the war in Ukraine.
I reiterated that I do not believe in a military solution to this conflict.
In 2014, after the Maidan, Ukraine became entirely controlled by the U.S.
Why did the Russian President order the use of military force in Ukraine?
Imagine Mexico, next to you, with its defense ministry and entire political scene, including the President and government, under full Russian control.
That's right, folks.
I'm not a Russophile.
I'm an America First guy.
But our criminal ruling class started this 10 years ago with the overthrow of the Ukrainian government, and then now we're here.
And we're marching right into thermal nuclear war.
US control.
France has already sent in troops to recap what's happened.
But then to tell us what's going to happen next is Jack Posobiec.
We'll put up his ex-account so you can follow him there as well.
But Jack, you've completely nailed it.
Better than anybody out there.
So please recap and then tell us where you think this is going.
Look, Alex.
This is something that, as I always say when I come on here, I wish I had been wrong.
I wish that we hadn't been right in our predictions.
I wish that these assassination attempts, that this political turmoil, that these types of operations were not going on.
But unfortunately, we don't live in that world.
We live in the same world that has always existed throughout history.
And Eastern Europe has traditionally been a tinderbox of world wars.
It has always been the tinderbox of world wars because Eastern Europe is the front lines between the empires, whether it's the Atlanticist Empire, whether it's the Empire of Western Europe, whether it's the Russian Empire of the East, Eastern Europe is always going to be those crossroads.
So whether it's Sarajevo and Trans-Ferdinand, whether it's Poland 1939 or we'll see what
happens Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary with Orban, so many of these other countries and other
named places all within the very same region.
That's actually what the word Ukraine means.
Ugranica in Slavic language means at the border or the border lands, if you will.
And that's how it's always been referred to as the border territories.
And so this idea then that this is the area now that today the border of the empire is
the border of NATO.
And it's NATO that it's pushing up against the border of the Russian sphere and the Russian influence sphere.
So what do you see?
You see this guy, Robert Fitzo, who gets in in 2023, right?
He was only just re-elected.
He'd been in power before, but then just gets re-elected in 2023.
And as you say, he was against lockdowns.
He was totally against COVID, totally against the globalist agenda out of Brussels.
And Alex, this is a big part of it.
We have to understand that the communism of the Cold War was coming out of Moscow.
The communism of today is coming out of where?
Brussels, Geneva, Davos.
It is globalism.
That is the totalitarian expansionist power.
Call it the neoliberal order, the rules-based order, Tony Blinken, the collective West, whatever you want to call it.
It's all the same thing, okay?
It's another form of new communism, cultural Marxism, and it's emanating from Brussels.
So in the same way that the tinderbox of both world wars was the place that we saw the turmoil, now we are seeing that very same turmoil play itself out.
And what do we know about this specific situation?
We know this guy was anti-NATO.
And all of a sudden, an anti-NATO leader gets shot.
By the way, Viktor Orban, I hope his security is paramount.
Viktor Orban is someone that NATO and the collective West would love to have taken out.
And I'm sure that these same leaders would have loved if these assassins' bullets had actually made it to their intended target and killed
him uh... so that they would have been able to come in
and get their own type of leader in place and we've seen by the way it's it's interesting that
the perpetrator one of the things uh... first things that i thought of when i saw this at the
fact that this guy
to name your eyes and to let them to love was seventy one years old
that uh... they i noticed that it's very similar age to the steve scully shooter
james t hodgkinson is a similar age to william bonds bronson an antifa guy who
attacked and i facility back in twenty nine jack ruby we've
definitely seen this before We've seen this before where the assassin doesn't necessarily fit the Hollywood picture of someone that the left has used to further their ends, both domestically and now we're seeing internationally around the world.
And so the question before us, of course, the question before us is who benefits from a situation like this by taking out a leader?
And you have to understand, Alex, the way that NATO planners look at this, the way they look at it is they'll say, well, If the Russians have an ally in Hungary and an ally in Slovakia and an ally in Serbia, they're just looking at the map and they're saying, this is where we need to get our hooks in because what they're going to say is that Russia, keep in mind, remember this is what they keep saying, is that Russia is going to take all of Ukraine and then push into Poland and push into Slovakia and push into Hungary and push into Romania and all of the bordering countries, Moldova.
And the Transnistria separatist region.
And so, from their perspective, they think they have to get there before the Russians can get there.
They're saying, we need to take these areas now.
We can see, by the way, the Poles are doing this right now.
They've got this globalist government puppet state that they put in charge of Poland.
It's basically Vichy Poland at this point.
That you predicted they would do?
And what are they doing now?
They're saying that the Poles have to take down their crucifixes all throughout Warsaw, all throughout the city of Arshava.
They have to take down crucifixes.
They say, oh, we can't put these up anymore.
We've got to have LGBT flags.
We've got to have the rainbow flag everywhere.
So people need to understand that that flag, that LGBT pride flag, is the flag of the new empire.
And if you understand where that flag flies, they will not allow any other flag unless
it is a supplicant to that agenda and to that ideology.
That's the new flag of the new communism, of cultural Marxism.
That's really what it is.
It's a cultural Marxist flag.
It's not pride at all.
And so what we're seeing throughout Warsaw is the same thing.
They're pushing in.
They got in, completely lied to the Polish people about what this new agenda would be.
Now they're in charge in Poland, and they're going to try to expand this throughout the Polish people, put their ideology in place, and they're going to come down.
They want to push this into Slovakia.
It's why they've been trying to take out Orban.
That's why they've been trying to take out the government of Serbia.
That's why they're trying to go into Romania and turn NATO, turn Romania into a puppet
And we see this again and again in this region, because of course, this has always been the
It's the same region, by the way, where Yugoslavia was bombed by none other than Joe Biden himself.
So NATO and the globalists have been focused specifically on the Balkans and Eastern Europe
ever since the fall of the wall.
And the idea was we need to push as far into Russia as possible.
Yes, but recapping your predictions, they were going to shift to assassination terror attacks, which is now happening, and what that signifies with the massive Russian advances in Ukraine, the collapse of the Ukrainian military, then that would speak to an acceleration of this Project Gladio 2.0.
And then let's talk about what Russia's response is going to be, and this is obviously a huge escalation, and why this is important for people here in the United States, or people in Mexico, or people in Japan.
They're like, why do we care about Eastern Europe?
As you said, this is the place where these wars start.
It's where the globalists say they think it's going to start, and so they've started it as the excuse of, well, if we don't go in, the Russians will go in.
Kind of like Hitler with Operation Barbarossa, said, well, if I don't invade Eastern Europe and Russia, they'll invade first.
So that's the same, same doctrine.
It's the exact same mentality.
We've got to get there before they can and so you're going to see NATO try to push into all of these areas all the
Countries that I just named they're already doing it right now in Poland
Hungary will certainly be the next if you just put up a map of area you could see there's Poland there Slovakia
The next one is cut. The next one is is Hungary just to the south then of course
What what country do they all border is Ukraine?
So it's very obvious what's going on here and what's Russia doing Russia has shifted to a war of attrition in May 9th
Which was Russia's it's it's kind of like their national day there. It's their victory day
And so with all the parades, that's when Russia has launched their latest offensive into Kharkiv, which is the northern provinces, the northern border area.
And this, by the way, is not the same Russian army that we saw in 2022.
This is now, Russia currently has half a million people, Alex, half a million soldiers on that
northern border and in the border areas with Ukraine that they haven't even put into action
So the real question is, the real question for all of us is, is Russia going to stop?
No, they're not.
They are going to slowly use this war of attrition to wear down the Ukrainian government, to wear down the regime.
They're going after Zelensky.
And they are not, I think at this point, they're not interested in peace talks.
They're not interested in peace talks at all.
So the question is, NATO is going to respond through asymmetric escalation.
So asymmetric attacks, assassinations, terrorist attacks.
They're going to be attacking inside Russian cities.
They're going to be attacking Russian Bridges, they're going to be attacking Russian power plants, and they're going to attack Russian civilians.
The question is, do they continue to attack Russian politicians, Russian leaders, and if there's anything that we see, any other terrorist attack, Crocus City, those guys just got their detention extended by another three months.
I don't think they've yet to be formally charged, but they just had a hearing earlier today in Moscow.
So the question, that terrorist attack that they claimed was ISIS.
So the real question here for all of us, Alex, is how much escalation do we see play out that the Russians
decide does not count as a proxy war because the proxy war is turning hot.
The Cold War is turning hot and we're going to see escalation from NATO as Russia advances
on the battlefield, NATO will continue to advance in every area outside of the battlefield
because that's where they're losing.
So they're going to respond through these types of asymmetric attacks.
It's going to be continued to go on.
And look, I understand people are saying, oh, well, you know, all the leaders and Von
Delayden released these statements saying, oh, we're so sorry that this happened.
You're not sorry.
You're not sorry at all, because this serves your interests and this serves the same interest
that you always served.
If you were actually sorry, if you were actually seeking peace, then you would stop the escalation,
that you would seek peace.
You would be talking about ceasefires.
People talk about ceasefires for Israel, Gaza, but they never talk about it for Ukraine for
some reason.
There's only more money and more money.
And what do we find, Alex?
We find that those Ukrainian leaders, where I was just talking about in this Kharkov area,
that they said, where are all the defenses?
Where are the minefields?
Where are the drones?
Where's any of this stuff?
Well, it turns out that none of the fortification lines were even built because the local oligarchs there were pocketing the money and claiming that all of this stuff was built.
But Alex, here's the dirty little secret that they don't want to talk about.
The dirty little secret is some of the oligarchs in Western Excuse me, some of the oligarchs in Eastern Ukraine
have flipped, they've now flipped and they've decided if Russia is going to come in and Russia's gonna win
this thing, they're gonna pocket as much money from the Americans as they can and they are going
to switch their allegiance to Russia.
That's why you're not seeing these minefields built, that's why you're not seeing these defensive fortifications
built because at this point, they're ready to sell Zelensky out.
And the problem, of course, is that when Zelensky becomes a caged animal, the CIA is gonna put him
on an early retirement plan really fast and then the question is once those guys are unleashed,
how far are they willing to go before they cut their losses?
That's a very dangerous escalatory situation that we're in.
I wish that we weren't in this situation but this is what we're in.
We covered this on Human Events.
A couple of days ago we broke the story and you've got Ukrainian anti-corruption officials coming out now and claiming that this is what's going on.
The BBC is down there interviewing soldiers.
And Ukraine, they said the Russians just walked right in.
They said, where are the defenses?
They claimed the defenses were built.
It was just lines on a piece of paper somewhere.
So let's expand.
None of it's actually built.
We see a supposed attempted coup by his private security, Zelensky, a few weeks ago.
Something you've been predicting.
We see all this desperate reshuffling deck chairs in the Titanic.
You've been saying for six months, next will be Zelensky.
What are the scenarios where the West will remove or kill Zelensky?
and then try to save face. Maybe they blow up his airplane, blow up his helicopter.
Notice now he's not going to be taking flights. He's now reportedly in a bunker in Kiev.
He used to fly all around. Now he's not going to be leaving for months, they're saying.
They blow up his plane, blame it on Putin, or what would they do?
Of course! Look, Alex, Zelensky has lost all of the cards that he had to him.
He's lost in terms of popularity.
He's this false popularity.
Turn him into Captain America, like the Marvel movie kind of character.
All the Disney officials and, you know, people that were behind this, all the planners, look, the marketeers, look.
There's only one thing left they can do with Zelensky, and it's not peace.
Because, keep in mind, this guy's term ends in just a couple, in five days, on May 21st.
Zelensky's official legal term will have ended because he has not been re-elected.
Remember, Tony Blinken came over to Ukraine, we're fighting in Ukraine for their democracy, we're fighting for democracy, and yet he said there will be no future elections in Ukraine indefinitely.
So that means he is no longer legally the president of Ukraine.
He is now the president by military decree.
His own military decree.
And the question is, if he's not actually the president, then can he even sign a treaty?
Can he be someone that they negotiate with?
That the Russians negotiate with?
Because this guy isn't even legally in power anymore.
He's not even considered legitimate.
He's gone beyond his term.
Just five days.
So here's the thing.
The only thing that he's good for at this point is as a martyr.
I agree with that.
That's the next place I was going.
We've got a break here in a few minutes.
We'll finish up with this, then shift into domestic policy and also look at what's happening in Israel and Gaza.
But look, I look at this.
I think their attempted assassination is really going to blow up in their face.
The fact that the leader of Slovakia wasn't killed makes him even stronger.
Even though they killed him, though, I don't think that's going to intimidate Eastern European leaders.
I think it's going to make more of them buck the system.
What do you predict?
Well, I'm not so sure about that because the real question for a lot of these guys, look, they don't have the two massive oceans next to them the way that the United States does.
And there have been people all around the world who will say, why don't we speak out against the United States because of the CIA?
Because we know what the CIA can do to us, what they can do to our children, what they can do to our families, what they can do to our spouses.
And so this is a huge part of love.
You mentioned Jack Ruby earlier and John F. Kennedy, and there's no question that this is something the United States and NATO have done for years.
And not just the U.S., but also the British and many others.
They intimidate using the intelligence agencies and using the threat of assassinations and the threat of exposure to get these officials to do what they want.
And so either you go along with the system, you go along with the order, or they're going to turn you into the next Robert Fitzo.
Sure, but what's the danger of Russia and others starting to do the same thing?
Well, the danger of Russia... See, that's the thing, though, is that Russia doesn't need to conduct these asymmetric attacks because they're conducting symmetric attacks.
They're winning on the conventional battlefield.
It's NATO that's getting desperate.
They're the ones who are turning more to these asymmetric aims, and that's the real danger.
Like Nord Stream?
like Nord Stream. The Kerch Bridge, by the way, is definitely going to get bombed, I think, here in
the next couple of weeks to couple of months. There's no question about that. That's this
main symbolic bridge connecting Crimea with the Russian mainland. And you're going to continue
to see attacks on civilians in Belgorod and Donetsk and many of these areas that are just
across the border. That's why the Russians are pushing for this buffer zone in northern Kharkiv.
Well, NATO is losing and has lost big and the dollar's in trouble. And I'm sad to see all this,
but our so-called elite is at war with us.
And where's Putin right now?
Putin is right now in Beijing, sitting down with Xi Jinping, so there's no question, this idea of the isolation, no, there's no isolation, what you're seeing is multipolarity.
That's right, they're creating the bipolar world that Putin wants.
The multipolar world.
The Russians have been planning this for 20 years, and the West is only now just starting to acknowledge it.
We'll be right back with Jack Posobiec.
We'll talk about how he sees this ending, and then we'll shift gears to the left's plan for 170 days from now, the election.
They're clearly cooking up civil unrest.
They'll bill a civil war.
Jack Posobiec is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
This is so, so important.
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Now, I know most of our listeners and viewers are really informed, but a lot of new listeners come on and I see the comments on X. Why does Jones talk about Ukraine so much?
It's over there, who cares?
Well, you just spent hundreds of billions of dollars over there.
It's the start of World War III, but it doesn't stop.
The globalists are doubling down.
It's driven Russia into the arms of China.
We can B-roll Putin yesterday arriving in China, you know, to a hero's welcome, and everything the globalists are doing is now blowing up in their face.
So, this is a small planet, folks, and I know, I love Americans, I'm an American, but for any big country, we have the lowest level of passports, the lowest level of international travel, folks.
Europe's only six, seven hours away.
Russia's eight hours away.
China is 15 hours away.
But missile-wise, they're five minutes away, okay?
They're submarines.
They're two minutes away.
This is a big deal.
And I noticed when he gets off the airplane and then goes and meets with Xi Jinping,
they have both of their adjuncts with them who are carrying clearly the nuclear football suitcases.
And all of this is choreographed for an example to people.
Guys, go back to the other clip, yeah, where he walks up and shakes the hand
of Xi Jinping here.
And then you notice in the shot, after they start shaking hands,
then both men are being followed a foot away by clearly people carrying the nuclear football.
You don't normally see, you'll normally see the foreign minister with them, or you'll see the ambassador with them, but instead, in the clip I sent you earlier, it shows them being followed by folks with the nuclear footballs.
Yep, there it is right there.
So, what do you make of this symbolism that I'm intrigued by what you said, with the history of Ukraine constantly playing both the West and the East, that there's already been flips towards Russia's side with the success of this Russian offensive?
Well, you know, Alex, it's interesting.
We were actually just, so we've got the book, Unhumans, and I want to appreciate Chase and Jeremy for covering that and playing some of the clips of it the other day, because we talk about the history between Russia and China in the book.
Keep in mind that it was the Russians who predominantly set up the Chinese Communist Party to begin with.
Now, that was the Russian Communists.
That was the Soviet Party.
That was doing that, the Soviet Union who set them up.
But the history between Russia and China is extremely complicated, extremely fraught, but at the same time it's also extremely connected.
It's intrinsically tied the same way their borders are.
Keep in mind that when they went to Yalta, When Stalin goes to Yalta, and he's not even talking to FDR, he's talking to all the communist agents that are around.
Remember, FDR is like, he's more brain-dead than Biden at this point.
That Yalta conference was right before the very end.
So he's, you know, they were able to take a picture of him, but he wasn't actually mentally cognizant for much of the negotiation.
So Stalin was basically able to get whatever he wanted.
And so the agreement that he said was, If you want the Soviet Union to go to war against Japan, then we want Manchuria.
We specifically want Manchuria and all of outer Manchuria.
And this was what the Tsar had controlled all the way back prior to the Communist Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, going back to 1850s, 1860s.
This is what the Russian Empire controlled.
And the city of Vladivostok is still there and remains Russian to this day.
So outer Manchuria has always been controlled by the Russians.
This is something where they were able to push back on China.
Now, they come in at the end of World War II, they set up the Chinese Communist Party.
Now, of course, as we know, the Soviet Union then falls.
Putin comes to power.
He's essentially a czar-like figure for Russia.
He completely stabilizes the insane decline and spiral of their economy throughout the 1990s and what drunk Yeltsin was doing.
And so now we see the next chapter in the history of Russia and China is being written and the United States is not part of it.
The United States is not involved anyway.
Now, the United States, of course, allowed China to be taken by the Communists.
This was essentially the dowry for the Soviet Union.
This was a deal that they had made with the Soviets that the Russian agents within the State Department, Alger Hiss and so many others were making.
This was a deal for the United Nations.
This is why Chiang Kai-shek and the Nationalists were sold out.
And George Marshall wrote about that in his memoirs that they were sold out.
So, what I mean to say by all this is that when we talk about When we talk about the Chinese-Russian history, they've got hundreds and thousands of years of history that doesn't even involve the United States.
And so when I see the leader of the Empire of China and the leader of the Empire of Russia meeting up, we have to understand that we as Americans, we have a tiny little thimble of history compared to the history that those two nations can share.
They are civilizational states, whereas the United States has lost touch with Western civilization.
We try to be this secular humanist state that exists in a quasi, you know, sphere of claiming that history is over and that we are run by progressive, egalitarian forces, and it's a complete joke.
No, no, we are part of Western civilization, and if we understand that, then we can come to an agreement, and this is something that Trump needs to do.
So here's the thing, Alex, this is what it comes down to.
That's the way to look at it.
In the Cold War, the communists were the expansionist power.
The communists were trying to expand around the world, and we go through this in Unhumans, and we're doing the book launch in Detroit coming up here.
Trump's going to be speaking on the same day in Detroit.
We're doing the event in June.
And they were the expansionist power, and the United States and the West rose up to stop their expansion.
However, here's the dirty little secret, is that the West is now the expansionist power.
Globalism, Atlanticism, Neoliberalism, whatever you want to call it, the rules-based order, this is the expansion.
It's the new totalitarian contagion.
It's the new totalitarian contagion.
It's the same thing with a different name on it with a marketing update.
They are joined together because we have driven Russia and China together.
Rather than try to work with them mutually, we have tried to demonize, particularly Russia, and then driven Russia into the arms of the Communist Chinese.
Where, of course, you could see them They're meeting today.
They had another meeting when Xi Jinping visited Russia on the one-year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.
And of course, everyone remembers that just prior to the invasion, where was Vladimir Putin?
He was in Beijing for the Olympics meeting with Xi Jinping just weeks, even days before the invasion of Ukraine took place.
And so, people need to understand that this has been a long time coming, and a long time planning, where Russia has decided that they are sick of the expansionist West, and they want to batten down the hatches, and they want to pull out of the system that the West has built, and so they're building a new system.
And guess what?
They're taking China with them.
They're bringing India on board. They're bringing Iran on board the rest of the world the global South. We're gonna
call it They are walking away from so so the real danger is how
does the West respond?
Do we try to go to war?
With Russia and China at the same time because that would be insane and that would lead the world to be a smoking husk
Or do we elect someone who understands?
who understands the power of regional...
Nixon drove a wedge between the Soviets and the Communist Chinese.
We need a Richard Nixon.
Approach Mott, the basic rapprochement of someone who can cut a deal and say we don't
want war, we're going to have economic relations.
Look, who understands the basics of great power theory and John Mearsheimer has been
exactly right on this from day one, over a decade ago when he predicted that if the United
States continues on its current path, we will be faced with a two front world war.
And this is the Mearsheimer's warning.
Mearsheimer's warning is that the United States will incite a two front world war, one with
Russia, which we're essentially already proxy to, and the other one will be with China over
In that situation, World War III breaks out, and it breaks out immediately.
Instead of Germany and Japan, it becomes China and Russia.
But of course, the same characters and the usual suspects in the West that are driving it.
The question is, do we want to return to a stable world with great powers, or Does the West attempt to seek this totalitarian hegemony over the entire planet?
There's two options.
Two options.
And Jack, now in the final minutes we have left, the domestic scene, China still heavily involving the left, Hollywood, destabilization operations, the left branding civil war in movies and TV shows and professors and CNN and every channel, branding civil unrest they're planning, even when Trump gets re-elected in 172 days.
They've got bills introduced to strip the war power from him, to strip the power of the Domestic Insurrection Act.
They're saying there's going to be an uprising.
If he's re-elected while he's president, elect for those 79 days of hell, ahead of the inauguration, from everything I've looked at, they know They've only got so much fraud baked into the cake with dead people and people out of district with that database that was obviously created and being updated with hundreds of millions of dollars from Zuckerberg and Facebook.
So they already know they're losing no matter what they do.
Even Fareed Zakaria last weekend admitted that.
He's the mouthpiece of the globalists for those that don't know.
So they are acting like he's going to get in, but then they're going to pull something big once he's in.
Clear programming for civil unrest, branded as martial law, branded as civil war.
What do you see unfolding there domestically?
Look Alex, it's simple.
What they're going to do is they're going to start coming after all of Trump's greatest supporters.
They're going to come after his most vocal promoters.
They're going to come after the outlets like here on InfoWars and like you yourself personally.
Look, they're trying to put Steve Bannon in jail.
Peter Navarro is currently in jail.
They've been coming after Alex Jones.
They're going to come after Don Jr.
I'm sure they're going to come after me.
They're going to come after all of us and it's all going to go.
They're probably going to announce.
You know, we're all going to be Russian spies and they're going to come after us again, just like they did in 2016.
And then what are they going to do?
They're going to do everything they can to either delegitimize us through giving us the social death of a social assassination all the way up to and including a direct physical assassination.
And I wouldn't be surprised if what we saw happened in Slovakia Is just a precursor and foreshadowing for what happens here in the United States on U.S.
oil going into this fall.
And then of course, as you say, going into that crucial period, the 79 days held in between Election Day and when Trump is inaugurated.
This could be potentially the most destabilizing period for the United States that we've seen since the 1960s.
I agree.
And I mean, it's not even agreeing with you.
That is the facts.
That is the reality.
But don't the globalists see?
We talked about this during the break.
That they're losing by exercising this power that America had saved up in it like a battery, and the battery is basically on E. But you said, listen, they don't believe in God.
Some of them do, they believe in Satan, but they're absolutely scared of death.
And they just exercise power like if they can crush something, they do it, even though they don't look out a few moves of what that's going to trigger.
And I told you off air about in the whole litigation and all this, they've now just come out and said, in mediation which I couldn't talk about but now they said
outside of that just come out against the second amendment just come meet
with us about other things you can do politically and we'll just forget
about all this literally asking me as you said to kiss the ring
that is a microcosm of how they want total power as if they would even ask me
that jack as if they would even believe that I could physically do that I physically could not do that I
physically can't even entertain treason against my family and humanity
in America Alex we have to understand these people do not believe in
the transcendent They do not believe in a spiritual world.
They don't believe in a world beyond this.
They don't believe in any of these things.
They believe in the here and now.
They are incessantly materialistic.
This is why they go in for hyper-capitalism.
This is why they go in for hyper-communism.
Because all they believe in is the here and now.
Abstract ideas like freedom.
Like the freedom of the individual, like freedom of thought, like free association, like the right to defend yourself and defend your family.
It's as simple as that.
Why do they care about the Second Amendment?
Because as As Chairman Mao once said, not exactly someone I always quote positively, but you gotta give him his credit where give the devil his due when he's right.
Chairman Mao said, political power grows from the barrel of a gun.
He said all, all political, all political power.
All of it.
And so we have to understand that all these beliefs we have are all grounded in violence.
Yes, they're grounded in violence and the threat of violence, because that's what self-defense is.
If I have the ability to defend myself and defend my land, defend my property, defend my family against all enemies, foreign or domestic, whether it's criminal or otherwise, that is the ability to actually have true power.
Every regime in history, every empire has understood this.
Well you used the analogy when I told you what was going on during the break of Braveheart made me think of that where they just want us to just kiss the ring and... Beg for mercy Alex!
Beg for mercy!
That's all they want.
Because they say if they can break you, then they can break all of your followers, all of the patriots, all of the nationalists, all of the freedom fighters.
If they can take a guy who believes it more than anything and break him, then they believe that they will break the Spirit.
But that's what they don't understand, is that we are tapped into the Spirit, that we are tapped into Source, that we have God on our side because we are on God's side.
And they don't understand that that is an unlimited reservoir of power, an unlimited reservoir of energy that is directly connected to the heavens of the universe.
And that you can never break that because, as you said, it is physically and spiritually unbreakable.
What's so crazy is they're so good at Machiavellian manipulation, but...
Only like one-dimensionally and they never think about the repercussions because they're saying we have the power now, we're going to exercise and of course if they shut down InfoWars they'll declare victory and run around.
That will only make us bigger!
Look what they've done to Trump!
Look what they've done to Trump!
They say, oh this guy's a criminal and he's gonna be on trial and the whole thing is a joke and they've made Trump a martyr.
They've made Trump a living martyr by putting him on this show trial that's going on every day.
And you and I both said years ago if they do that it'll make him bigger.
Why couldn't they understand that?
They don't understand it because they believe that everyone is like them.
They believe that their holdings now, their reputation, they're terrified of risk.
They've never actually had to risk anything in their lives.
They've never achieved anything.
They've had it all handed to them.
And if you haven't had that hunger, if you haven't ever felt true hunger, if you haven't actually had to claw yourself up from the muck and actually build yourself the way that the people of this country Built this country out of nothing when they did.
The way the people of the West built this civilization out of nothing.
Taking the savage land that was here and turning it into the greatest country on the face of the planet.
That's done on belief.
That's done on intergenerational construction.
The idea that the stuff that you begin building today will not be finished in your own lifetime.
They're terrified of that because they only believe That they are only alive for now.
That's why they're obsessed with transhumanism.
That's why they're obsessed with uploading their consciousness into the cloud and Elysium and all of these various things, because they're terrified of dying.
And that's why, by the way, they will be more than happy to make a deal with the devil, because deep down, Alex, deep down, they know where they're going when they go to meet their maker.
Jack, you always impress me.
And in closing, I just want to elaborate on what you said.
They believe when America was asleep the last 30-40 years being bullied and attacked that we were scared and that that's why we were submitting.
Once we woke up, they keep bullying.
It only makes most people stand up and fight harder because they think we're cowards like them.
I mean, you look at Blinken, three generations of wealth.
You look at all of the leadership.
None of them ever got it themselves.
They literally inherited it in this kleptocracy, in this hereditary oligarchy that they've got.
And so they keep thinking, if they just take things away from us and hurt us, that it makes us want to give up, when it only makes me want to fight harder for the ideal that I've sacrificed for.
Things taken away only make it more valuable.
They don't understand that.
They don't get it.
And someone will always fight harder for something that has been taken away from them.
Look, Alex, love being on the show, man.
God bless.
I gotta run.
We got human events to get ready for here in a minute.
Alright, thanks, Jack.
And how do people find you on X?
Yo, be there on X, right on the side.
People can find the live stream.
The book is UnHumans, UnHumansBook.com for all the info.
And when's it come out?
It'll be out July 4th, but the pre-sales are going on right now.
We'll be in Detroit in one month from today.
We'll be in Detroit with Donald J. Trump, the rightful President of the United States.
And you said you're coming to Austin, so give me an advance copy.
I want to read the book.
I want to interview you about it.
Oh, I'll send you a copy right now.
Thank you, Jack.
Alright, there goes Jack.
I'll send him.
Thank you.
Folks, it's absolutely true what he's saying.
This is where we are right now.
And these people are nuts.
I mean, they're absolutely nuts.
They're absolutely out of their mind.
And their followers are beyond pathetic.
And I don't say that with pleasure.
I wish that their followers were not so pathetic.
I wish they had honor.
I wish they could be talked to.
I wish there was a way to get through to them.
But I've not found that.
All right, here's what I want to do.
I've got a bunch of news and a bunch of breaking news here in front of me and I've got a ton of news dealing with the poison shots because, folks, I know as an audience you know the shots are poison, you already know they're mRNA, you already know they're synthetic, you already know they're nanotech, you already know all this, but people now are ready to wake up.
It's happening.
I want to hit some of those articles.
I want to hit some of the Global ID information coming out because you think, oh, the U.S.
won't have a world ID.
Well, here it is.
FAA reauthorization bill approves digital IDs.
So they're trying to sneak that through on us right now.
And I've got a bunch of other clips and things we need to get to.
But what I want to do again is fire up the phone system, as we did yesterday, and I want to take your calls on the Great Awakening.
And what do you think the globals are going to pull next?
And what are you going to do in the next 172 days ahead of the election and during that 79 days of hell?
What are we going to do to not take part in, obviously we're not going to riot and burn things down, but what are we going to do when the news is promoting people burning things down and are saying it's all Trump's fault and it's all your fault because you're white?
How do we navigate this globalist move that they are launching against us?
So we're going to fire up the phone system here in a moment.
I'm going to give out the toll-free number again for first-time callers.
There were three or four callers left on the board yesterday when I went to the guest after that.
So those folks are welcome to call back in if you can get back in as well.
But I want to talk about what we just discussed in the last hour and 50 minutes because it's the big enchilada.
The globalists took over America, they took over our power, they parlayed our incredible gravitas to try to take over the world.
Now they've run out of gas, the world's turning against them.
Doesn't mean Russia's good, doesn't mean China's good, doesn't mean any of this is good, but they're their own countries and they're not going along with the new world order.
So now the globalists are failing everywhere but here in America trying to keep control of us and they're failing at that.
Now we can't talk to the globalists and get them to stop what they're doing, but we can talk to the public so they understand what we're going into.
Because imagine, we're able to tell you the future, you can figure it out yourself too, I'm not saying I have a crystal ball, this is all very clear.
What do we do in the time we have?
This is just a warm-up for civil unrest.
It'll be billed as civil war, and the answer will be martial law.
They're going to let Trump have the martial law, which we don't want either.
They're going to call him, trying to stop it, legally and lawfully, martial law.
They're going to call him a dictator, when they're burning down the country, and he goes out and does something, and they're shooting up firefighter vehicles and shooting up police, and then the police shoot back and kill some people.
You know they're going to have the media turn against the police as they've already done, turn against the firefighters, turn against emergency workers and promote even more uprisings.
That's where we're going.
And of course, as Jack said, as I said a few weeks ago, the targeting of Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones and Joe Rogan and Jack Posobiec and Steve Bannon and Roger Stone and anybody else they know can't be bought.
Anybody else they know that you can't control ideologically who won't bow to you.
And I'm not saying I'm perfect or Joe Rogan's perfect, but I told you Joe would get hardcore three years ago and now he has.
And behind the scenes he's totally awake.
Publicly he's awake now.
But Joe's very strategic.
It took him a while to get to this point.
And I've told Joe personally and I've said it on air, he's a target when everything goes down.
Because they're not going to want to leave anybody out there that's prominent that can reach a bunch of people So they'll probably go with a cyber outage, a power outage, just to cut out communications for the general public so you can't get to the truth.
But that's okay because now you're recording this show.
Now you're creating a hard drive or a thumb drive of it.
Because this show, if the enemy goes all the way, will be evergreen.
It'll be more important during this than when I'm even on air now.
All the shows we've done, you can get a show from ten years ago, it'll be a battle plan for victory in the future.
Or one we do today, in six months.
See how that works?
Because we're so on target that it doesn't matter because we've already jumped ahead in the timeline.
We don't have to be reporting on it once they do it.
We've already war-gamed every possible scenario the enemy's going to pull.
We don't know exactly how they're going to pull it or at what time, but we got their number.
That's why they don't like us.
All right, we're going to go to break.
We'll give the number out.
Come back and take your calls.
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You the people have the power!
The power to create machines!
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You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful!
To make this life a wonderful adventure!
Then in the name of democracy, let us use that power!
Let us all unite!
Let us fight for a new world!
A decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give youth a future and old age a security.
By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power, but they lie.
They do not fulfill that promise.
They never will.
Dictators free themselves, but they enslave the people.
Now let us fight to fulfill that promise.
Let us fight to free the world.
Let us all unite!
[Crowd cheering]
[Crowd cheering]
If by Rudyard Kipling (dramatic music)
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting.
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies.
Or being hated, don't give way to hating.
And yet, don't look too good, nor talk too wise.
If you can dream and not make dreams your master, if you can think and not make thoughts your aim, if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same, if you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, or watch the things you gave your life to broken and stoop and build them up with worn-out tools, If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss And booze and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the will which says to them, hold on
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, or walk with kings, nor lose the common touch, if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, if all men count with you, but a nun too much, if you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run, yours is the Earth and everything that's in it.
And, which is more, you'll be a man, my son.
Thousands of former Nazis went to work for the United States government.
A flying disc has been found and is now in the possession of the army.
There is a bulletin from CBS News.
President Kennedy has been shot.
This is a different kind of war.
The USS Liberty had just been attacked by Israeli jets and torpedo boats.
The CIA could manipulate the news in the United States.
They took the babies out of incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor.
It was almost as if it were a plan in motion.
We need to go into the Capitol.
You will always have conspiracy theories.
They are nothing but distractions.
You guys censored Harvard-educated doctors.
You silenced those voices.
What we want to do in Davos is push the reset button.
Soon as we start exposing the grape reset, the Suda, these globalists start going to prison!
Hello, this is Hank Hill, and I'm telling you what, you need to listen to Alex Jones.
Yeah, yeah.
If you don't watch it, you're gonna end up like Jason Adderley's boy.
Deal me out this hand, Jason.
I'm about to bust.
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was the bathroom.
Oh, good lord!
Alright, a bunch of radio stations join us in T-minus 60 seconds.
scientific data, take over, blast, control world government, shut down infrastructure, ship everything to China.
Look at this person.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, a bunch of radio stations join us in T-minus 60 seconds.
We're gonna...we're gonna go to break.
Come on, come on, come on.
Your phone calls are straight ahead.
Lisa, Adam, Rob, John, Kyle, JT, Jeff, Big Al, Sebastian, Mike, stay with us.
All right, we got some key news stories hit this hour and a lot of your phone calls to take.
I cannot express to you the urgency that I personally feel and see intellectually and spiritually about how much danger we're in, how crazy the world is.
I don't think you need me to tell you that.
Everybody can see it.
All the polls and statistics show that it's going to be World War III, Civil War, all of it.
Well, the globalists are pushing towards that because the end of their old monetary scam is coming to a close.
They want to bring in the new system but not get the blame for it.
So we are already...
Gone off the edge of the cliff and we're falling, basically.
The question is, do we have a parachute?
And that's what this broadcast is all about.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Thursday, May 16th transmission.
Every day we're on air is very precious.
We've fought off so many attacks and so many attempts to shut us down, really, for decades, but now they've intensified.
And so, please pray for us because we're in very, very serious waters for everybody.
Let's do this.
Let's start going to your calls now.
Then I'll hit all the other news I mentioned interspersed through your calls.
We're going to go in the order the calls are received.
Let's go to JT in Boston.
JT, thanks for calling.
Uh, hello?
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Uh, hi, Alex.
I just want to say I'm a huge fan.
I really appreciate everything you do.
You really help me, like, waken, awaken, and become more, like, secure and feel a lot more comfortable and prepared for what's going on.
Well, thank you, brother.
We're all in this together.
So every person I wake up, it's good for me as well.
We're all, we're all the same team.
And I also want to say, I know Elon isn't perfect, but shout out to him for bringing you back to X because for a long time, especially growing up, you were almost like, I'm only like 23 years old, so growing up you were made out to be this like boogeyman character.
And I remember any time I would bring up anything or question anything, the first response I would get is, well you sound like Alex Jones and you're acting like Alex Jones.
That was always such a negative connotation and I remember it first hand.
why they did it. Take me as the lead elephant, demonize me, create a straw man and then use
that to beat people over the head. Exactly. But people figured that out, now they've rallied
around us. So I want to thank all of you for doing that.
Yeah, I mean, I want to say it's really important that you got your exposure out again and that
you were able to get your message out because ever since you came back to X, I remember
the first spaces I heard you on.
After that, I've just been like a religious listener, like always going straight to the website, InfoWars.com, Vandom Video, Mad Max TV, all of them.
Just like checking it out every day, trying to catch the broadcast.
It's extremely informative.
It's basically like the only thing I listen to.
Before, I used to listen to a few other things, but most of them are just saying what you're saying a lot later, you know?
So it's...
Well, brother, here's the frustration.
It's in the Rand Corporation battle plan.
It's in the NATO plan.
If they start losing against Russia, they start assassinating leaders.
So it wasn't hard for me and Jack to predict that.
We're trying to prevent what comes next after that.
It's just full-on nuclear war.
There's a very good chance of that.
Even the Pentagon admits it now.
We're in the most danger we've ever been in since the development of nuclear weapons.
And it's just crazy.
I mean, it's totally crazy.
The government's funding ain't a function.
Super bio-weapons everywhere.
They've got labs everywhere.
Our government are out-of-control people.
That believe they own everybody.
And they don't.
They're not our gods.
They're not our owners.
They're not our bosses.
But we have to start saying, we're not your slaves.
You don't own us.
And you're against our country.
We're against you.
And we're in the process of that.
And we've got a leader that believes that.
He's not perfect.
None of us are.
But that's why they hate Trump so much.
Because he legitimately cares about the country.
Yeah, and like you said, it's not just him, it's you, it's other people trying to spread such a positive and informative message about what's actually going on.
Like you said, one of the things that I started doing once I started listening to you was, the first thing I did was went out, I got my license to carry, I got firearms, I bought emergency food, I'm looking into being prepared in case anything happens, paying attention to You know, all the immigration going on in my state.
I'm in Massachusetts, which is obviously not a border state, and even I've felt the effects and talked to people feeling the effects of all the, like, the mass wave of news.
Oh yeah, the media spends it like Democrat Party members are lovingly taking illegals in their house.
No, they get a welfare check And then part of the money is taken by the Democrats.
So part of it goes to the illegal, part of it goes to the family, part of it goes back to the Democrats, just like they farm homeless people.
And then the bureaucrats have an article today, $2 billion made in the last couple of months by NGOs on the open border.
$2 billion in the last two months.
They're making a billion dollars a month in the U.S.
alone, just the top NGOs doing this.
Yeah and it's on top of that they're giving special deals to like hotels to host illegals or even here in Logan, Boston, Logan International Airport, they have a whole wing of the airport shut down and they're just using it to house illegals and it's crazy and every day I feel like I'm I see somebody posting online like what's going on with this and it looks like a like a homeless shelter almost inside of our own airport.
And that's just a holding facility where they organize where to send them to Denver, Colorado, or Austin, Texas, or St.
Louis, Missouri, or Trenton, New Jersey.
They're just sending them out everywhere, signing them up for the welfare, and then milking them.
Thank you, JT, for the call.
Big Al in Wisconsin, you're on the air.
Hey, you were talking about World War I and Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the Serbian assassin Gavrilo Princip from the Black Hand and an interesting nugget in your wheelhouse regarding that your crew, Intrepid crew, can pull it up that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was into the Egyptian occult.
And would dress up like an Egyptian pharaoh and lay in a sarcophagus coffin.
And there's even pictures of it.
And I think... No, you're right.
I've seen that.
And it's the same Egyptian cult at Skull and Bones where they lay in coffins.
Oh, yeah.
So, you know, history rhyming and repeating itself, as you said before.
And the Balkans are the 90s.
Balkan conflict, I think, is shake-and-bake plan and what we should expect to see not
only in Europe but also in the US where they tank the economy and people who
were for the country were bribed with money in order to be turncoats.
And I think here in America, the Republican side, it needs to be under strict supervision, not take the bribes like how we see with the Congress and the Senate and the turncoats that stay there.
Patriots, but then the second bill comes and they take the money, they turn on a dime.
And of course, you're talking about the Speaker of the House.
Yes, Johnson.
You know, and there's going to be plenty of others because they're going to have people come out and say, we're going to solve all your problems, we're on your side.
But they're fakes, they're phonies, they're plants.
You know, and the strategy, what happened in Serbia was that they just played the clock out, as you're seeing now.
So time goes by, people's lives go by, and then we're all wondering when we're all old, you know, still complaining about the left and nothing ever changes.
Well, that's why we have to oppose their entire project, their entire operation, because, I mean, the whole thing is anti-human.
Thank you so much for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Ohio.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
This is Mike in Ohio.
I'm down here in a Democratic hellhole that I moved away from 45 years ago.
And I came back to take care of my parents who just, I just lost my mother.
Sorry to hear that.
Um, but I watched the Democrats take over this area down here when I was a kid, chase out the steel, uh, Empire Detroit steel.
25,000 people lost their jobs.
All of my family that stayed had to drive two hours to Columbus, Cincinnati, To get work and take care of their families.
And I moved to Northern Indiana, worked up there in construction, built houses, went to work for an automotive manufacturer back when I was in my late 30s.
I'm 67 now.
They tried to get everybody to take the shot.
I got, they lined us all up.
The UAW gave us all kinds of promotions.
Everybody take the shot.
Take this shot.
We got it.
In six months, they carried me out on a stretcher.
I lost everything.
And I mean everything.
My family.
My house, my vehicles, my construction equipment, I lost it all.
And only by the grace of God am I still here.
And I've spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get my health back.
We understand why they did it.
They go into people that have built something, they give you a hot shot, you get sick or you die.
Now they can bring in the illegal to replace you and they control them for the rest of their life.
That's why they're exempt.
This is a strategic takeover plan.
And that's why, whether it's Australia or the U.S., New Zealand or Germany, you know, it doesn't matter, anywhere in the world, they literally locked us down and said, you've got to do it because it attacks your entire body, it attacks your fertility.
The women that take it are almost all sterilized.
I mean, this was their big move, folks.
We've literally, if a foreign army marched in, we resisted, but it was done through the injections.
And I got family that works for the Salvation Army.
They were forced to take it.
They're all they're all having major health problems.
The recent the recent the COVID shot.
And I tried to warn them through my situation where... So you took some of the first shots and got deathly ill.
You warned them.
It's not the 10 boosters.
I was on Sherry Tiffany's show yesterday.
I said, yeah, we're up to the 6 boosters.
She goes, no, we're not.
We're up to the 10th.
I looked it up.
She's true.
They're up to the 10th booster.
What number booster did your family take?
They took, from what I understood, they took both shots and a booster.
I've got a friend in Indiana.
Uh... that his wife took the Moderna.
Both shots and a booster.
She's got definitely cancer.
She's got about three months to live.
She took it a couple years ago, I think.
And let's let this set in.
The numbers show it.
It's not just anecdotal.
You call in and say you saw this.
I believe you.
Twenty-two million dead.
Record cancer.
Record heart attacks.
Record infertility.
Eighty-plus percent miscarriages.
I mean, they hit us.
They did it.
And we had... we had uh...
I went to church in Indiana and all the old people, now the preacher didn't promote it, but all the old people listened to their doctors and took it and they dropped like flies.
And these were healthy people, 80 and 90 years old.
But now they're not going to get that Social Security, that's what it's all about.
Yep, all of it.
Have you seen Logan's run back in the early 1970s?
My mom was actually in it in Dallas.
She's an extra, but she's in it a few times.
She never tried to be in a movie, but she worked for Dallas Morning News and Dallas Times-Herald.
She went down and was in a movie.
But in that, you hit 30-something years old, they vaporize your ass.
They put you in a carousel and laser beam you.
Oh yeah.
I was helping guys with PTSD coming out of the military.
When I was up there, I've been down here for five years taking care of my parents.
America was hit with a giant bio-attack.
So how does that tie in, which is a very important story, to what I'm saying is coming during the election and after the election?
I just think they're going to pull it again.
I think they're going to release something.
I watch the skies down here.
They spray so heavily.
We've literally, they tell us we haven't had it.
I've got a 5-gallon bucket out in my yard.
In 60 days, that 5-gallon bucket has filled up and run over.
We've had so much water down here, it's washed my driveway out, it's flooded the basement, it's the roads, it's washing the roads out, the woods and A couple of weeks, you can see through them, you can't see anything because it looks like a tropical rainforest.
Alright, brother.
I'm going to jump to more callers, but yeah.
They're playing God, there's a giant geoengineering program, and on record, it's confirmed now by all the insurance company numbers, those are solid numbers.
Mass death.
Live expectancy plunging.
Global population suddenly diving.
Infertility off the charts.
They have killed us.
So just don't take the next shots, folks.
I can't believe we're even here.
This is so crazy.
Rob in Michigan.
You're on the air.
Welcome, Rob.
Hey, Alex.
Long-time listener and first-time caller.
I got to tell you, you know, your question today is such a broad one.
They've all got food, they've all got bunkers.
what's coming in this and that.
And I think one of the things we need to realize is that look at all the preparations that they made
to prepare themselves for what they're wanting to do.
And we have to realize that we have to do this very incrementally.
They've all got food, they've all got bunkers.
When I say prepare, I mean, offensively, politically to stop their operations,
secondarily from prepping individually.
Exactly, so as far as handling what's coming at us through this election, I mean, I gotta tell you,
it's ironic that I find some of the things that are really effective
and they're nonviolent types of things.
Like you see where people, they start singing the national anthem in places
and it just shuts these people down.
Words are stronger than bullets, and actions are stronger than bullets, I think.
So, number one is, you know, being non-violent, but also, you know, when you start to... I live here in the Detroit area, and I saw what they did in our last election.
So, you know, it's up to us to keep our eyes open and our heads on a swivel, and when you see something, you gotta stand up and say something about it, and at the same time be prepared for You know, for you to be the criminal.
I mean, there, you know, you look at Canada, they're already, the wrong think is now going to be something they go, they can go backdate it and then put you in jail for things.
Oh, yeah, no, no, no.
The globalists are losing.
So they brought out real tyranny, which people don't expect to face because it hasn't happened here very often.
No, it's happening.
And so we all need to be prepared, you know.
If you don't have your Second Amendment affairs in order, you should.
I also just think, though, that that's the last ditch effort.
You know, don't fire till fired upon, maybe.
But in the meantime, you know, staying strong in your faith with God is probably going to keep you to the most center of everything.
And, you know, I guess there's so many things I want to talk about, Alex, but I think that's, you know, the best thing I can say is stay centered around God and And, um, you know, know what it takes to protect your family and teach your family how to protect themselves.
Rob, I totally agree.
Get ready individually, but also let people know what's going down.
Explain to them they've had a civil war.
Explain their planning power outages.
Explain the poison shots so that people don't get fooled again.
Use the fact that things are so horrible against the enemy.
Like, wow, we were right.
We predicted it.
Here we are.
Yeah, well you're right, and you know, getting into these poison shots for a second if I may, you know, I'm unvaccinated, but I know a lot of people around me, including a lot of my family members, and my mom passed away last September due to, well, she was in the hospital, I went to see her last summer and she was in the hospital and there was some mobility challenges she was having, she told me she's going to go get into a rehab center and get stronger and go home.
I never complained about any pains or any other symptoms.
And literally about, I don't know, three weeks after I came back from visiting her,
she said she had this pain in her tongue and whatever.
Well, she goes in and it ends up being oral cancer.
None of us in our family have ever had oral cancer.
And from time of diagnosis to death was eight weeks.
She was gone.
And her husband as well, he's now got prostate cancer.
And they've all been vaccinated.
And again, I know cancer is a killer, but normally you get a little bit more time than that, even if they're going to jam you full of poison.
Well, I've had a lot of scientists on that explain it.
I'm oversimplifying it because it attacks the whole body.
But it creates a protein that's already in your body, but it's synthetic.
So your whole body attacks itself and then can't spend its time.
We all get cancer every week or so.
in our life, our body beats it.
But because it gives the body so many targets, it doesn't know what to do.
That's why they had top oncologists in Germany and others saying, look, we give patients
that were in remission or had no more cancer, these shots, they're dead in weeks.
It grows cancer.
Yeah, it's horrible.
And even if it's not the cancer, I mean, I've got other family members
that have experienced a lot of other things, like major arthritis problems.
And I mean, it just literally, like I said, it attacks your whole body and wherever you're most vulnerable, it's going to go there, you know, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
Well, it's your body attacking itself, because the spike protein grows all over it and your body attacks it.
They're giving you an autoimmune disease.
And then, you know, on the last part here, Alex, I do want to say that how thankful I am that I found you, you know, some years ago and been able to, you know, really listen.
And I'll tell you what, if the other thing that people need to do to be prepared is listen to guys like you and get away from all the mainstream media stuff, because it's all a bunch of propaganda.
Well, thank you so much, Rob.
I'll say this.
I'm going to fight to keep InfoWars on the air, but We're not going to be shut down as a lack of money.
We don't have extra.
We're not swimming in money.
But the issue isn't just support us.
That's important.
Go to InfoWarsTour.com.
Go to DrJonesNaturals.com.
That's separate from this operation.
It'll be a great sponsor in the future.
It's that they don't want to settle and they want to control what I say, so I can't do it.
So we're going to be shut down in a matter of two months to four months.
We'll let you know.
I can be removed at any time.
going on about 25 days from now is kind of when it could happen and then it just goes
from there.
Remember, find me wherever you can because I'll still be on air and I'll still be speaking
out and I do not intend to lay down, but just remember, find the show, tell everybody where
the show is if that goes down.
Thank you so much, Rob.
What an incredible time to be alive.
Jeff in Georgia, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, Jeff, go ahead.
Hey, sir.
I just want to thank you for all the work you've done over the years.
I'm here in Georgia.
I retired out of the military after 20 years.
I did not take the shot.
They threatened to kick me out on the way out.
But what I want to talk about is a great reset.
It's here because I always had this, I don't want to say it's a fascination, but I watched a lot of the Clint Eastwood movies growing up, the cowboy movies, and I always said, one day it's going to be like that again.
People are just going to carry guns, you know, your limited mobility, and you're just going to have to trade.
And that's why I think, like, yeah, we're there again.
You're right, they're creating a post-industrial world.
I love Clint Eastwood movies too.
But yeah, I mean, the globalists are collapsing civilization.
And imagine the folks that don't know how to take care of themselves.
They're gonna be pure slaves of Klaus Schwab.
Yeah, and that's gonna...
You know, whenever you go to the Walmart and you play this game with your wife, like, oh, they're gonna survive, they're not gonna survive.
And I see a lot of people and I think, they're not gonna survive.
Just when I see them, I'm like, they're not in any shape.
And I'm not saying you have to be some pro athlete or some crazy weapons expert, but it's just like, you just gotta know what's right and what's wrong.
Well, they're not mentally in shape, they're not spiritually in shape, they're not physically in shape to do anything.
And they're all dead.
That's the first wave, and then the real war is going to start.
Well, the globalists have said they're creating a human culling.
All these professors are saying they want to release a virus and kill everybody.
Did you hear me cover that article?
Yes, sir.
I mean, these people are out in the open.
What do you say to those guys?
I say they bit off more than they could chew because, like I said, I was in the Army for 20 years and I met people every shape, color, size, and they all kind of feel the same way.
We're the little people we get stepped on.
Don't mess with us.
Well that's the key.
They can only carry out the New World Order if we were caught flat-footed.
But there's a large cadre of people, as you said, of Erase Color and Creed, who get what the New World Order did, and I don't care how big their bunkers are, or how many robots they've got to protect them, they're the ones that are creating their own noose.
They're creating their own gallows, their own noose, they're sticking their neck in it, and they're the ones that are going to pull the switch on themselves.
They think this is the end of us?
Yeah, a lot of us are going to die, but I guarantee you, Klaus Schwab and the New World Order, not any threat by me.
I'm saying, what they've initiated, just like Hitler, they're the ones that are going to get it.
Yeah, he was buried in his own grave, too.
That's right.
Anything else?
No, sir.
Thank you.
I appreciate talking to you.
Thank you, sir.
All right, we're going to go to break.
That was a little clip on technocracy that's really good because it doesn't talk about them turning your car off or turning your food off.
It just shows what you've got to go through to buy a glass of tea in America or Europe.
Because the corporations want to train you to submit with a world ID to do anything and make you jump through all these hoops because that's going to be their system where they outlaw all other systems.
But it's not going to work, ladies and gentlemen.
It's going to be our greatest moment, the greatest revival And awakening and renaissance we've ever seen.
We are going to be in it as this thing intensifies.
Which we're already in!
We're already in!
I could list to you a hundred prominent people right now.
All the prominent talk shows.
All the most popular people.
We're talking about the New World Order and the globalists and their plan and how we're going to stop them.
In fact, play that one-minute Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers clip again.
Boy, Aaron Rodgers knocked you out of the park a few days ago with Tucker Carlson.
I haven't even gotten to that.
And then we'll go to this little piece on the technocracy.
Straight ahead, I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
And band.video, follow us on X at RealAlexJones.
RealAlexJones on X. Keep in touch with me there.
And I'm sorry to people of bad news, folks, it's all over.
We need to get ready now.
People need to go to KEPM.com forward slash gold KEPM.com forward slash gold.
You need to get ready.
This is the place to go.
I love them.
They're great sponsors.
They're great people.
Or you can call 720-605-3900.
In my opinion, you are insane if you don't get into silver right now and get some gold.
And I wish I could do it.
I'm under enemy attack.
It's okay.
It's fine.
And I'm just looking at all of you wishing I was in the position you're in right now because I wish this was the case, but I intellectually and spiritually know I'm 100% right.
And I think you all know it too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is, humanity's waking up and we're going to turn this around.
So, buckle up, folks!
Buckle up and get ready now!
Because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now, and I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you, the New World Order's coming.
It's here.
Welcome back!
Your phone calls are coming up.
You are either with the Republic or against it.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
And it's Thomas Jefferson that said that.
And your calls are coming up.
Trump has slammed Biden for blocking R.F.K.
for debates.
Here it is.
It used to be so easy to dismiss.
But now, you know, it's the Alex Jones was right meme.
Like, do you realize how many times that guy's been right?
Like, Jesus Christ.
Like, how is he so good at predicting all these things that are happening?
Because the guy's balls deep in it all day long.
You could call him right now.
It's like, I'm doing the documents.
I'm reading the research right now.
This is sick.
This is what they're doing.
This is the plan.
I talk to him all the time.
We text each other.
Every time something's crazy, I'll text him, like, what is this?
And he'll send me all these fucking documents.
He's talking about, uh, I saw something he said the other day about, you know, you gotta, gotta have your shit ready in case they... Yeah.
Turn the, turn the power off, turn the water off, do something like that.
Well, there's a lot of people that think that.
Including me.
Because if I was a foreign government, and I wanted to cripple America, I would kill the power grid.
We'd go feral in two weeks.
One herbal tea.
So... Foreign government.
What is the UN?
What is the WEF?
What is the New World Order?
It's a foreign globalist group that's hijacked our country that's at war with us.
Here's a little piece I saw on X. I posted it on Alex Jones this morning.
That really gives you an example of what it's like.
I tried to go to a Michael's to buy some...
Art supplies for my 16-year-old daughter a few weeks ago.
Nobody was in the checkout lanes, only self-checkout.
Robots trying to make you have an app to pay.
Oh, we don't take cash.
I was at the courthouse yesterday morning renewing my passport and my youngest and middle daughter's theirs was out too.
So when you got little younger kids, you got to have the wife and husband, you know, both parents there to renew them.
And the whole where the whole new courthouse in Austin just opened six months ago.
Doesn't have any buttons inside the elevators, and the doors are all robotic, and they don't let you out unless they want to.
And I thought, man, I'm in a robot hell.
I walk out the door, and a robot Chick-fil-A robot rolls by delivering Chick-fil-A.
You're like, well, that's just innovation.
No, it's all designed to remove humans.
It's all predatory, ladies and gentlemen.
It's everywhere.
Here's a clip dealing with that.
We'll go back to your calls.
One herbal tea, please.
Which flavor?
Sorry, I meant for the boba.
The little spheres of tapioca and sugar?
The tea comes with boba.
Well, it doesn't, because I see the tea right there, and I see the boba over there.
So why don't we just not combine them?
So I'll take the tea without the covert diabetes delivery mechanism, please.
The system won't let me do that.
Yeah, no, fine.
One boba, please.
We'll call it a mental health day treat.
Self-care, right?
Isn't that what people call it?
Whenever they need an excuse to do whatever the fuck they want?
I don't know.
Yeah, of course you don't.
Of course you don't.
One chewy sugar tea, please.
All right.
You can scan the code.
Because the code takes you to the app.
That's two apps today.
Got apps for everything, you know?
Even though I'm already talking to the person that could just take my order right here, but I gotta download an app, right?
How about this?
I have cash.
You have tea.
Why don't we just streamline things?
We don't take cash, though.
How about cards?
Take cards?
Uh, yes.
Oh, great.
But there is a $10 minimum.
There's no minimum on the app, though.
Sorry, it's, uh, it's not your fault.
You know, you didn't create the system.
The system is raping you.
They're getting you ready for the Cashless Society Social Credits Court, they admit.
And I've got articles right here, today, where the new FAA system makes you have a national ID to fly.
That's in the news today.
That's just some of the news we're focusing on here.
Kyle in Kentucky, welcome here on the air.
What are the globals going to pull ahead of Trump's re-election?
Well, I was just wondering what you thought.
How you doing, by the way?
I'm alright.
I've heard a little bit about it, but I haven't heard anybody really talking about it.
all the research I've done, doesn't, or at least what I read, says that Obama is not
disqualified from running as vice president.
So I'm just wondering what you think, and if it matters if he does run as Biden's vice
and they somehow rig the election so that they are put back in office and then they
enact the 25th amendment and Obama serves his third/fourth term.
I would put nothing past them.
You know, they got Gavin Newsom and Big Mike warmed up.
They're gonna have a virtual... First they were thinking about it, now they're gonna have a virtual DNC.
They want a virtual debate with Trump.
Yeah, they're hiding in their bunkers.
They want everything to be virtual so they can control it.
And I think that's a very, very valid situation.
We could end up with Barack Obama as the VP.
Yeah, I mean, like I said, I've heard it once on the radio and then I've tried reaching out to a few different people on X to see what they thought.
No, they can pick anybody they want and he wouldn't be precluded from that, I don't think.
Maybe by the amendment, the 25th Amendment, so that you can't run three terms, but I mean, they don't care about the law.
They're going to pull something big at the DNC.
Yeah, I mean, that's what I, what keeps going through my head is just because it's not, It hasn't ever been done, doesn't mean that they won't, especially if it's not written specifically in the law.
Well, Biden doesn't even know what planet he's on, so they're going to pull something big, Kyle.
Alright, buddy, well, what do you think it looks like if Obama is, or by proxy becomes, the next president?
Well, he's already the president right now.
He's the front guy.
He's a puppet himself, but he's actually making some decisions over Biden, thanks for the call.
So he's already the president right now via fraud.
It's his third unelected term.
Sebastian in Alabama.
Sebastian, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I just want to start by thanking you for helping awaken me as a 26-year-old young man who is a former addict.
I've been clean for five months now.
Good job.
I am almost mad at myself for not knowing about y'all since I was, you know, about 18 years old.
But of course, it's kind of out of my control from the fact that the propaganda we've been fed for years in my age group, it just it's so weird.
It's so just... It's mind control.
It's mind control, brother.
It is.
And, you know, Alex, I've heard you say it a few times, and I'm not a longtime listener, but I'm going to be, and I can tell you that what you said before is absolutely right about what we need to do.
We need to go to our local churches, our local businesses, you know, gather people together, but let them know, hey, this is happening.
This is real.
This is a real deal.
This isn't a game, and it is in effect.
They are killing people with these shots.
They are killing people with just anything they can think of.
And it is a mad scientist-like rush they get from it.
I can see it.
And you know, you said I think yesterday or the day before, you were talking about how in the Spirit, whenever you live for God, yeah, the knowledge that you get is like It's a good and a bad thing in some ways, you know, but I was riding to work and I was seeing the glow of society.
Just like this is what America is about.
This is what is beautiful.
This is of God and us, our generation.
I'm just going to speak for the younger people.
Please, everybody, please.
Well, here's the deal.
A lot of people aren't going to listen now.
It's like they didn't listen a couple years ago, but now more listen than they did then.
As things get worse and worse, people are going to listen.
You've got to plant the seeds now.
Like, you don't plant the seeds once summer already begins, whether you're growing, you know, produce or whether you're growing flowers.
You plant them at the end of the winter.
Because the seeds get activated by the cold.
About a month before spring, you plant the seeds.
And so we got to plant the seeds now, knowing every person that we begin to wake up, as the tyranny comes, they'll wake up even more.
Does that make sense?
Yes, sir.
And I completely agree.
And, you know, I believe that God's going to add the water, you know, or they can choose to not even accept the water.
But I believe that the plants will be grown over time.
And, you know, I just want to end this by thanking you again and saying that I got you marked off my checklist.
I've talked to everybody from the InfoWars programs and I'm so thankful for y'all.
For real, man.
Y'all are doing God's work.
Thank you.
Well, thank you, Sebastian.
Thanks for the call.
Look, I just find it at a fundamental level hard to believe that humanity is going to go along with eating bug protein and being given poison shots and dying.
And some are going to get fooled and die, but we see them dying.
We see them getting sick.
I just believe in you.
I believe in myself.
And I just believe that no matter how sophisticated and how horrible this is, we're going to wake up and stop it.
But in that is the paradox.
It's so horrible.
It's so evil.
It's so ridiculous.
It's so soulless that you're like, that can't be going on, but it is.
And that's the thing we've got to understand and face.
Is that this really is going down.
We really do have 80 plus percent miscarriages from the shots.
We do really have record cancer and heart attacks and blood clots.
We really do have record infertility.
They admit it.
They have ads.
Oh, kids have heart attacks now.
It's totally normal.
They're just thinking, oh, it's normal.
We're all dying.
Oh, it's so much fun.
I think we're all so lazy that we're just going to move on from our family dying and move on from us getting sick or dying and just move on to the next thing.
And then you look at the artwork and the culture and what the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and UN promote.
And the Davos group has like paintings of Satan eating babies at their main event over their dinner tables when they eat.
I mean, and King Charles with his Baphomet painting and all this stuff.
It's wild.
I mean, these are evil people.
But because we don't believe they exist, because we've been asleep, they get to rule.
They live, we sleep.
Like they live.
We have to live.
We have to be awake.
We have to be alive.
And when you're asleep, you're not really alive, folks.
Daryl in North Carolina, go ahead.
Hey Alex, tomorrow there is a big event happening at the Vatican.
They are preparing to release a document which gives guidance on how to discern supernatural phenomena so that we can communicate.
And they are saying that divine beings such as saints, angels, or Jesus Christ himself So I'm wondering, why is the Vatican doing this tomorrow?
I mean, the current Pope obviously promotes World Government carbon taxes, the end of the family.
I mean, you know, he's just as rich.
I mean, so all that stuff coming out of there is just total New World Order.
Yeah, yeah.
The last time the Vatican Doctrinal Office released guidance on apparitions was in 1978 under Pope Paul.
They talked about the miracle of Fatima and all that stuff.
Now also, my first thought was, these guys are paving the way for the Antichrist.
I hear the Vatican, that's the first thing I'm thinking of.
But now I'm wondering if maybe they, because I feel like there's good and evil fighting it out in the Vatican.
And maybe the good guys have got the upper hand, because last week... Oh, well there are definitely a lot of cardinals and bishops, you know, coming out and exposing the New World Order, a lot of them.
So yeah, there's definitely, just like in every organization, there's a fight between good and evil.
Yeah, and last month the Vatican released a document that provides guidance on the place of human dignity, and the document denounced gender theory, gender transition, and surrogate pregnancies as violating basic moral precepts.
Yeah, there's the headline, Fox News, Vatican preparing guidelines for apparitions, other supernatural phenomenon, apparitions and appearances, communication, divine beings such as saints, angels, and Christ himself.
Wow, interesting.
Anything else?
Uh, I got a 20 second dream about Trump I could run by ya.
You're on here, we're not censoring your call.
Alright, so I'm climbing a mountain, right?
All of a sudden I find myself climbing this mountain.
I look over and there's Trump climbing it with me about 10 feet away.
As we get to the top, it's almost as if my body's being controlled by something else.
I notice there's two lions, a male lion and a female lion at the top of the mountain.
So I stop about 5 feet back because I'm a little scared.
But old Trump, he keeps on climbing.
He gets up to the male lion He sticks his face right in that lion's face, and I'm watching this, and that lion licks him, just like a big ol' cat right on the forehead.
That's the end of the dream.
Very interesting.
Thanks for the call.
Jim in North Carolina, you're on the air, go ahead.
Alex, are you suspect as I am to how and why these Trump-Biden debates came together like they did and that Trump agreed so quickly?
I don't know.
I'm still trying to figure it out.
The whole thing's suspicious.
Biden wants a totally controlled debate.
Trump is now complaining, which I did yesterday.
He slams Biden for blocking RFK Jr.
from debates.
So I don't think Trump's fully up front he's going to agree because he's not a coward, he's Donald Trump.
But then now he's going to argue about the particulars.
So what do you think the Biden controllers are planning?
Well, I mean, to me, it's nearly like the Biden and Trump campaigns got together and colluded to put these debates together, you know, before Biden even challenged him.
I mean, they had dates and all this stuff.
I mean, it just didn't add up at all.
And so, of course, I suspect Biden, there's some reason, of course, why they want to do it like this.
No live audience.
We don't even know who the moderator is going to be.
I just smell a giant rat.
I do too.
But again, Trump's been begging for this for six months.
Biden already has it set up with CNN.
He comes out, proposes the dates.
Biden's got the plan set up.
How does Trump then refuse that?
But he's definitely walking into a trap.
I don't think he refuses it, but the art of the deal guy, is he going to give in on every single thing when it comes to debates?
He doesn't have to.
No, he's not.
He's saying RFK Jr.
should be there.
Oh, he is okay.
And Biden's the one that needs the debates.
Trump don't need him.
He's the... Yeah, because I mentioned this a few times, but you missed it, so I'm not mad at you, Jim, but I'm gonna read it to you since I talk fast, people miss it.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
We'll put it on screen, please.
Trump slams Biden for blocking RFK Jr.
President Trump on Thursday blasted Democrat presidential opponent Joe Biden for blocking independent presidential candidate RFK Jr.
for participating in the upcoming debates.
On Wednesday, the Biden campaign agreed to two debates against Trump.
However, they set specific parameters, including demands prohibiting the person and personal audiences and request the debates be one-on-one between Biden and Trump only.
Crooked Joe Biden does not want RFK Jr.
in the debates because Jr.
is far left like him and they would be debating over the same territory like Ridiculous Open Borders and the Green New Scam.
Both of them are killing our country, Trump declared on the Truth Social Thursday.
He's also sharper and far more intelligent than Joe.
All making for a bad combination of ingredients.
Trump added, going on spot, and to point out that RFK Jr.
should be able to join the debate, even though he doesn't meet requirements.
I don't care if Jr.
joins the debate, but right now, his polling numbers are very low, he is not properly qualified in the states, and he seems to be on a downward path.
needs more than his name to get on the stage.
So what do you make of that?
Well, I mean, that's exactly right.
I mean, of course, and that's what I want him to say and I expect him to say, but it just seems like to me that before he just said, yeah, we'll do the debates on June 27th in September, that he would have kind of got some of that stuff straight before agreeing to these debates.
Sure, but listen, Trump knows, I'm not here to defend Trump, he's wrong about a lot of stuff.
I'm going to say it again.
Trump knows he's given a challenge, he doesn't turn it down.
He says, I accept it, now we talk about terms.
Right, yeah, I'm glad he's doing it because, and if R.F.K.
was there, just Biden having to pay attention to one other person would be disastrous for Biden.
Exactly, Biden wants his talking points with no interrupting him and no questions, so he's just going to say his talking points.
It's still going to be a political destruction for him.
Thank you for the call, sir.
All right, let's take more calls.
Frank in Massachusetts, go ahead.
Hello, I'm from the north of Greece and the border of Albania.
And, uh, you know, with the, uh, the modern day Thermopylae happened.
Wait, you said, it says Massachusetts.
Where are you calling from?
Uh, yeah, that's right.
Uh, southeastern Mass.
You were talking about, okay, go ahead.
What's on your mind, sir?
I'm Greek.
I'm a dual citizen.
Oh, got it.
Got it.
And, uh, my, my lineage.
So I'm a first generation American.
Okay, go ahead.
So what happened is right after World War II, communism happened in Greece.
There was a civil war.
And we had Churchill to help us.
But anyway, it was only Greeks, but the Russians were helping the communists.
And what they were doing was that they decided to have the children, they shanghaied the children away to Hungary.
Even my father was one of the kids.
They took the children away during the war.
That's one thing they were doing.
And then at one point the communists were actually taking women and children as hostages, as human shields.
Just to let you know what kind of dirty tactics they do, the communists.
Well, I hear you.
I know a little bit about the Greek Civil War after World War II.
You're saying that's a prelude or kind of a foreshadowing of what's going to happen here?
Yes, it's one technique that they do.
But anyway, I just want to let you know, you know, like that's one thing that could happen.
But the Tetrahedron Collider, it worked.
The globalists, they worked.
I had a sighting of one of their dogs.
They're demon dogs.
I saw one of those things.
It looked like a deer and it ran as fast as a linebacker.
All right.
Thanks for the call, brother.
Let's go to Paul in Florida.
Paul, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Very proud of you.
You know what?
Five years ago, I found you and Jesus at the same time.
Pretty good combination.
But I've taken more notes in the last four or five years than I ever took in college.
And this stuff, I'm with you, it's definitely going down.
And I'm afraid it's not going to be good, but good wins in the end.
Yeah, I just want people to know that we're not in Kansas anymore.
Stuff is already hard-coursing a lot crazier.
Yeah, I know everybody's caught up with the election and stuff, but if we're living in the movie of all times, which I think we are, it's going to be fantastic.
I love your saying, what a great time to be alive, because we're going to see stuff that people never imagined seeing.
Yeah, we're going to see a battle for the future of the human species, brother.
I think Russia, well, Putin's over in China right now.
I bet they've got a map of America and they're divvying up who gets what.
How about that?
I appreciate your call, buddy.
The globalists have control of America.
They've already got their map.
I think China and Russia have their own systems.
China's allied with the globalists to a certain extent, but we'll see.
Adam in Oregon, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you so much.
All of God's prayers and power be with you.
Almost 10-year listener, first-time caller.
Good to have you here, brother.
What's on your mind?
Dr. Paul Thomas has been a providing physician to our family for going back about 30 years for my wife.
He cared for her through her birth and all the way up until her 20s and he was also the physician who provided care to my son and came to the hospital.
I wanted to thank you for having Dr. Paul Thomas and I was able to share that link.
And get a lot of people in my circle to actually look at your program and take it serious, because Dr. Paul Thomas is known within my family, and I'm calling from Portland, Oregon, surrounded by the deep blue, but seeing clearly and hearing your message and thanking you tremendously.
Thank you!
So, the big question is, the Globals are making their move.
How are we getting ready?
That's what I'm praying for the answers to.
I just, I wish I can get the folks around me to I can barely run my life and keep this operation on air.
of the skepticism. I had an idea about, I've been listening to Spaces on X. Is there any
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I can barely run my life and keep this operation on air.
There's a million ideas with financing and support we can do. That's really up to the people out
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I mean, to sit here and, like, out of the box talk about, let's make money this way, let's make money that way.
I mean, I just try to have good products that work good, that people like, so they order them again.
T-shirts, books, films, water filtration, air filtration.
You know, we just try to sell stuff that's good, high-quality brands, that helps people to keep the show on air and fight for the globalists.
But I mean, I've...
I'm not a business guy and I just, you know, people call these ideas constantly.
And where I'm at, the bankruptcy of this operation, I have basically control over what I say on air.
But that's it.
We're like, you don't get any trips, you don't go to the border, you don't go to the RNC, DNC, you're shut down, you're shut down.
And they're like, we're going to shut you down in a couple months.
So that's where we're at.
I keep telling people like, well, we'll just support more.
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All right, look, I'm out of time, but I'm going to do one more caller, Adam in Rhode Island.
When we come back, then we'll hand the baton to the great Drew Hernandez that is set to take over.
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We'll be right back.
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I want to jam in one final caller from Adam in Rhode Island.
Adam, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex, I am a co-host of a radio show called Red Tide Radio, and every week we go on the air talking about the vaccines, election integrity, and things of that nature.
And I feel like sometimes I'm talking to a wall because people say, oh, why don't you get over the COVID vaccines and stuff.
It injured and killed so many people.
I say, would you ever forget 9-11?
Would you ever forget the Holocaust?
To me, it's at the same caliber of evil of the globalists.
So, my question for you is, what needs to happen in order for people to start waking up and changing their minds?
Because right now I feel like we're not getting anywhere with this fight.
Well, yeah, I mean, I said to the listeners who are great, and it varies with a lot of good callers, but they had no idea what we're going to do.
I'm saying, what's the enemy going to pull?
How do we stop it?
How are we going to speak out?
And people are just like, you know, well, I don't know what we're going to do.
So, I mean, this is crazy.
It's just crazy.
Yeah, and to me, what do you think needs to happen?
Because right now, we can talk our brains off, but at the same time... You've got to call Congress, you've got to call the Attorney Generals.
There's a lot of good things happening.
You've got to block BlackRock, the globalist agenda.
We've got to try to call for an end to this war.
We've got to try to kill the cashless society.
We've got to say no to the FAA bill to create the national ID.
We have to just oppose the entire globalist agenda at every front.
We have to understand that they're cranking up bird flu to try to release a new variant of that and create a bunch of fear.
And they're going to try to create a civil war.
They've said they are when Trump is re-elected, so we have to talk about that and get that buzz going.
And the people have the power.
I agree.
I agree.
I do think that people, some people are slowly starting to wake up, but I just hope it's happening quick enough.
Well, I still think even the awake people don't realize how immediate or how The word's not desperate, the word is urgent, the situation.
Does that make sense?
Yes, it does.
It is very urgent.
And I think that they're going to keep, like you were saying, Ron, like the 10th vaccine now, the 10th booster, and people keep lining up and getting these, and they don't want to admit... Well, the good news is only 4% took it, so... That's good.
That's a big victory there.
I appreciate your call.
I want to show people an HD photo.
Put the actual article up and I'll show it here.
Look at this photo of a sweet little baby that just trusts everybody and trusts its mommy and trusts the nurses about to be given an injection that will destroy its life and probably kill it by the time it's five years old.
Are we going to put up with that, folks?
When we know the numbers, we know the facts, we know what the enemy's done.
It's that simple.
So support the broadcast.
Support other broadcasts that tell the truth, like Tucker Carlson.
Support Drew Hernandez.
Support InfoWars.
Support it by sharing the articles and videos today for that little baby.
And realize we have a 4% uptake of the new shot six, eight months into it.
That's the good news is almost no one's buying it.
They're so upset.
So we're having victories.
But we don't just want to not have people take the next shot.
We want to put Fauci and the Globalists in jail, and Senator Paul has a plan to do that.
We're very close, actually.
That's why the enemy's so desperate.
We have to get the listeners to realize how important they are to call into other shows and go to political meetings.
And you're not going to save the world by yourself, but with God together, we can turn this around.
So pray to God for discernment.
Do that today.
And yes, please support us.
By taking every article and every video and every posting at RealAlexJones on X or BandUpVideo or InfoWars.com forward slash show this live feed for Hernandez.
We're going to break in like one minute.
He's going to come back and talk about a whole bunch of key issues.
And if you just take the live feed from InfoWars.com forward slash show or at RealAlexJones on X and share that on your email list, your text message list, word of mouth.
And then tell them to share it, and then they tell to share it, and that's the chain reaction, the globalist fear.
We've got to realize, this broadcast is talking about the real central issues, not the thousands of distractions that are out there.
We're tomorrow's news today, and so it really is in your court.
And we know, you think the awakening is big now?
That's the good news, it's going to get a lot bigger as the enemy comes in.
Because when the spirit of the enemy comes in, folks, when the enemy comes in, the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
All right, Drew Hernandez is set to take over.
Remember this little baby and stand up for this little baby.
That is what this is all about.
Drew Hernandez takes over now in 60 seconds.
Take action now and get great products at the same time.
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We'll be right back with the great Drew Hernandez in T-minus 60 seconds.
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All right, InfoWarriors, we are back, heading into the fourth hour.
You are now watching the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
And, you know, people need to seriously pay attention.
And I'm speaking to the unbelievers out there.
You're taking a look at this Prince Charles portrait that's been rolled out.
And here's what's interesting.
When you take a look at the Prince Charles portrait, just the portrait itself.
You see all kinds of satanic, disembodied faces and elongated skulls and Baphomet heads on the sides, like he's draped in the blood of humanity.
It's 100% occult human sacrifice, Luciferian, thousands of years of straight homage being paid to Lucifer that's been going on behind the scenes.
For a very long time.
I mean, and to be honest with you guys, a lot of young people, which I find interesting, a lot of Zoomers, Gen Alpha, that are paying attention to what's going on within the music industry, with what's going on within the movie industry, a lot of young people are waking up to the reality of the Luciferian occult, the death cult, and the pedophile cults and rings within Hollywood, it's actually been a pretty interesting development going on.
The past, honestly, the past, I would say, couple weeks, I know a lot of people, especially in the right wing, may not be too engaged, which I think is retarded, may not be too engaged or interested with what goes on in culture, but this whole Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef is insane.
Just to keep you up to speed, This beef has gotten to the point of one of the biggest rappers in our generation, in the world, of being accused of operating human sex trafficking and pedophile rings, being used by Zionist control within the music industry.
And I'm going to be honest, if you guys go look at YouTube right now, you go look, it's crazy to see a lot of young people really diving into, well, what does that really mean?
Is that actually going on?
And I'm talking about like mainstream YouTube.
It's a crazy phenomenon going on.
And you know, I'm a fan of hip hop and I love paying attention to all things culture.
But to be honest with you guys right now, what's actually going on with this whole Drake and Kendrick Lamar thing, there are like millions, millions of young people out there that literally sound like us right now.
I'm not even lying, dude.
It's crazy.
They are going down the rabbit hole.
They're being exposed to Zionist control within the music industry.
They're going down the rabbit hole of pedophile rings within the music industry.
And it's all because of this recent rap beef.
That kicked all of this off.
So if you haven't been paying attention to that, I recommend you do because I guarantee you if you have kids out there, they are all talking about this and they are being exposed to the deep, dark, Luciferian secrets of the music industry.
Honestly, it's a huge red pill moment.
Going on right now.
And I can already hear it.
You know, the right wing and conservatives, they're retarded.
They want nothing to do with culture.
And then they wonder why they have no influence in the culture.
And they wonder why they have no voice in the culture.
Same thing with the church.
You got a bunch of retarded senior pastors out there.
You know, don't don't get engaged in politics.
Don't engage in culture.
OK, all you got to do is sit at home, read your Bible and then come listen to me talk about my life.
And water down sermons so you can feed my 501c3 status and build my little miniature superstar evangelical career while we actually really don't do anything or any long-lasting damage to the kingdom of darkness.
Yeah, I don't agree with that mentality at all.
It's funny because conservatives or right-wingers, they don't even want to hear about culture or anything going on in culture.
And then they wonder why they don't have influence in it.
And they wonder why they don't, when it comes election season, when it comes time to mobilize the culture, they don't want to hear it.
They don't pay attention to you.
You have nothing to say to them.
Well, because you don't even care to even understand them.
And even a lot of parents, you know, I was a youth pastor for like six years and one of my biggest pet peeves were like retarded parents that are just like their kids were running circles around them.
Literally running circles around them because they are so far ahead of the game in technology, so far ahead of the game in culture.
The parents have no idea what their children's culture is engaged in, how they talk, how they walk, how they speak, how they move, what they're into.
And these kids just run circles around their parents.
And I would have conversations all the time with moms and dads and they're like asking me, what does this mean?
What does this mean?
What is that?
My child is into that?
That's what that means?
No wonder they have that!
Like on their wallpaper, on their phone.
And I'm like, how do you know?
How do you?
And that's honestly, that's a failure on leadership.
That's a failure on leadership in the context of the church.
That's a failure on leadership in the context of Right-wing political talking heads or political thought leaders, right?
You see this with Trump, right?
To me, Trump is the epitome of retarded conservatives really not wanting to engage culture and definitely rhinos.
I think that's part of the two-party system, PSYOP.
I think we've been PSYOPed.
To believe that.
Because when you take a look at the left-wing sect of the Democrat Party, they are very good at propping up useful idiots.
They are very good at making sure they prop up a Beyonce or prop up a Jay-Z or prop up a Taylor Swift or prop up very famous, very influential cultural individuals, especially when it comes election season.
And it works!
And it works!
And you get retard rhinos and conservatives out there, they're like, yeah, nah, nah, nah, nah, look at that, they're just pandering.
Well, sometimes their pandering kind of actually works.
I'm not saying we need to pander.
What I'm saying is, if we are going to neglect culture, well, then we are going to literally throw major influential or potential voices into the trash.
And we need to stop complaining when we find ourselves No longer having any type of influence in the culture.
Alex Jones, cultural influence.
Donald Trump, cultural influence.
Nick Fuentes, cultural influence.
Linking up with Ye, dipping into the culture.
His name is known, right?
There has to be a level of cultural influence if we're actually... You want to talk about change?
I'll give you one solution.
You want to talk about what do we need to do that we need to improve on or we haven't been doing as a pro-America, America first, right wing, whatever you want to call it, movement?
We need to engage culture.
We need to have influence.
Why is Don, again, I go back to Trump.
Why is Trump so influential and such a threat to these people?
Is it because he is against the establishment?
Is it because, to an extent, he's against this New World Order?
When it comes to Zionist control, no, Trump is not a threat to that.
In any way, shape, or form, that's for damn sure.
They got Trump's name in the Golan Heights in Israel, so.
I tell you that.
So, I mean, there are pros and cons with the man.
And he's a huge fan of Operation Warp Speed.
There's that as well.
And so like, but however, the reason why someone like Trump is such a threat is because of his cultural influence.
That's why they had to neutralize that in the very beginning, because they know how powerful that really is.
When you get not just an outsider that is against the establishment that is not or never has been engaged in American or geopolitical politics ever, On an official capacity, that is a threat.
But at the same time, when it's a populist that has major cultural influence, well, that's even more of a threat.
Think about how the CIA moves, think about how the FBI moves, manipulating mainstream media, manipulating cultural avenues, influential institutions.
Music industry, movie industry, Hollywood, and this is not just in America, this is worldwide.
Understanding their tactics helps you understand what makes them concerned and what will make them move into acts of prevention.
And so that makes total sense to me when they When they see a person like Trump rise, it's not just that he was an outsider or he is an outsider.
It's the aspect of cultural influence to the masses.
And you see, this is why even the right wing or the RINOs or the Republican establishment right out the gate in 2015 sought to neutralize Trump because they didn't want MAGA.
They didn't want what was birthed.
The Great Awakening, the Patriot Resurgency.
Like this revolution, this peaceful American revolution, right?
That's what communists, totalitarians, fascists, globalists, luciferians, tyrants, always fear, is the people in a freedom movement being conscious and fully aware that their enemy, who they are, and what they're doing, and what their tactics are, Getting together and mobilizing against them for the sake and cause of God-given inalienable freedoms, right?
This is why they censor.
This is why they deplatform.
This is why they shadowban and deboost.
This is why they debank.
This is why they deperson.
This is why they launch lawfare.
This is why they attempt to neutralize in any way, shape, or form, even carrying it out to the extent of presidential assassinations.
Look at JFK.
And the list goes on.
I mean, we just saw another attempted assassination on a Matrix-breaching individual in a different part of the world as of recent.
And so what I'm saying is, if you take a look at the Trump phenomenon, this is what has breached the matrix, and they have to launch every single piece of propaganda, lawfare, political assassinations, even potential actual violent assassinations, depersoning, debanking, the list goes on, deplatforming.
This is why they have to launch a full-scale assault, because they have been moving into damage control Ever since MAGA or the Freedom Patriot Movement and Populist Movement was born.
I mean, really think about this attempt to take down InfoWars during an election year simultaneously with launching lawfare on Donald Trump to stall him or slow his momentum down on the campaign trail by having to attend These obvious, obvious waste of time court dates, correct?
And I would argue, and I don't even think that the Deep State or the Communists or the other side would argue with what I'm about to say, that InfoWars played a huge, very influential role in the 2016 election of getting Donald J. Trump elected.
Like, that's unanimous.
I don't think anybody would argue with that on any side.
That's why they view it as such a threat.
And here we are, in 2024, with InfoWars on the verge of a shutdown.
Like, you think that's just happening because Alex Jones is a bad person?
And they're spreaders of misinformation and disinformation.
No, these are intelligence agency coordinated plans in order to shut down people that are simply effective.
Politically, culturally, intellectually, etc.
And so the point I'm trying to make is if you take a look at Trump and you see it from that viewpoint, part of the neutralization of people like Donald Trump and Alex Jones is their cultural influence and impact.
You see an Alex Jones linking up with someone like Joe Rogan and that unity breaching the matrix and that becomes culture.
You see memes birthed out of that that are not just thrown around in right-wing spaces.
You see this all over the place.
You see the cultural impact actually changing things, right?
And so it makes total sense to me that part of the neutralization of Donald J. Trump from the very beginning was to assassinate his character.
Yes, to neutralize his cultural influence and power that he had before he decided to truly challenge the establishment and this global regime.
Because anyone that can carry on, this is why if you take a look at You know, communist regimes, we'll just pick on, you know, the classic Mao example with the useful idiots and mobilizing the youth and the educational institutions and influential individuals in every influential institution to prop them up because they have influence to influence the masses.
They go after the youth, Because the youth sets the trends, and the trends are set to take us into the next generation, into the future.
It's quite that simple, right?
It's crazy because, like, right-wingers and Christians fail to, like, fail to acknowledge that and move on that.
But the Luciferians, they work overtime, right?
They work overtime, they work the graveyard shift, they don't take vacations, they never sleep, they never rest, they pounce on that daily.
Look what they're doing to the youth right now.
We have an entire generation that's been convinced not only that they could pretty much declare whatever gender or sex they are that goes against their biological assigned sex.
Yeah, that's crazy.
But they've been convinced to take it a step further.
Well, you're gonna feel bad about yourself for the rest of your life unless you chop your penis off.
Unless you chop your breasts off.
Dismember your body, and that will be a psychological fix.
A physical dismemberment will be a psychological fix, because you feel like you're in the wrong body.
That's where we're at!
That's where we're at with the other side targeting the next generation and the youth to manipulate them into the future.
What is the church doing?
What is the right wing doing?
And that's cultural!
They have made that Not political.
They have made that a cultural issue.
That's why you see it everywhere.
See it all over Snapchat.
You see all of the Hollywood superstars regurgitating the message or feeding into it.
Demi Lovato, right?
The list goes on.
Elliot Page, the list goes on.
They have the culture on lock and that's why they win a lot.
Honestly, and I could already hear conservative right-wing dinosaurs out there like, I don't care about any of that stuff!
Well, that's why you're losing, okay?
I don't care about all that nonsense.
Well, that's why you don't have any influence.
Why are we losing everything?
Why do all the kids hate America?
Why do they all hate white people?
Why do they all hate Christianity?
Why do they all hate God?
Why have the kids lost their minds?
Because your dumb pastor told you not to engage the world of politics and culture, or some right-wing retard in Khan Inc.
told you to not care, okay, about anything that has to do with culture.
Well, the culture's been hijacked.
Well, you handed over the youth.
Well, you forfeited it to Lucifer and the homosexual pedophiles and the LGBTQ and the black supremacists.
You handed it over to the Zionists because you're unwilling to call these people out and call them to repentance because God is going to curse me because in Genesis chapter 12, oh my God, I can't criticize a Jewish person.
I can't criticize an Israeli.
God is going to curse me.
What Bible are you reading, dude?
Anyways, back to the point.
Back to the point.
They had to neutralize Trump's cultural influence.
They had to neutralize his populist dominance.
That's what makes Trump effective today.
And that's why the Rhino Republicans and establishment right wing Not just because he opposes them, because they understand how powerful he is.
Like, really think about it.
When was the last time that the Republican Party had such a massive movement and influence?
I've heard different numbers of this last rally he did in New Jersey, somewhere between 30,000 and 100,000.
That is insane.
That is phenomenal.
When was the last time That the Republican Party had such a massive influence.
The MAGA hat is not just a political symbol.
The MAGA hat is a cultural symbol as well.
See, and this is what brings us into the conversation, and this is what brings us into the culture, and this is what gives us a seat at the table as we engage With this culture, it's truly interesting to me, even how some pastors, Christians, and so-called churches, they're willing to study the culture to evangelize some third world country, but your same retarded pastor will sit there and tell you, you don't need to understand the culture in your own country.
It's like, What?
It's like you're literally being PSYOPT if that's the type of environment you're in.
And American culture is changing and if we're going to have any influence of having a pro-America culture, well damn, you'd better start caring about this fallen culture and you better start caring and understanding it to engage it.
We'll be right back.
I have a lot more to say.
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Alright guys, as I was saying, I do have a bone to pick with people like this that Seem to want to neglect culture.
Honestly, what I think it is and what I believe it is, is I believe it's somewhat of a intellectual cop out, if you could call it that.
It's just being intellectually lazy.
It's just being willing to throw in the towel because it's easy to do so.
I mean, look how the establishment right wing fears Trump, fears you.
To such an extent, why?
Because of the cultural influence and power that MAGA currently has.
Here's the question, is Make America Great Again, is MAGA part of the cultural conversation, whether in a positive way or a negative way?
How much of MAGA is being addressed in the culture, in mainstream publications?