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Name: 20240515_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 15, 2024
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including Nitric Boost supplements, the ongoing war against globalists, support for InfoWars, vaccines and their dangers, King Charles' painting containing demons, a cop who joined the Capitol riot losing his congressional primary election, and the struggle to fight overwhelming opposition. He takes calls from listeners discussing political change, spiritual training, and the importance of remaining vigilant against those trying to weaponize information against them. The speaker discusses the imminent crashing of Earth's ecosystem due to population growth and current lifestyle choices, population control measures being implemented, human-level machine intelligence through biomimetics, and the reality of space warfare."

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You are actively trying to diminish your second amendment right and take away our guns.
You're a fool, Sean.
Alright, thank you.
Now there's Josh.
I support the Second Amendment.
The Second Amendment, just like right now, if you yell fire, that's not free speech.
And from the very beginning, I have a shotgun, I have a 20-gauge, a 12-gauge, my son's hunt, guess what?
You're not allowed to own any weapon.
I'm not taking your gun away.
At all.
You need 100 rounds in your gun.
But when you said you were going to take our guns, that means what?
I did not say that!
We're going to ban assault weapons again.
Come hell or high water.
I'm demanding a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
Biden told 15 lies.
Nearly a lie a minute.
From whoppers about the economy to prevarications on Israel, Biden spun a fantasy land of a presidency that voters know is false.
How about number 8?
Inflation was 9% when I came to office?
That's right.
And on and on it went.
There it is right there.
9% when I came to office.
1.4% when he came into office.
Inflation has gone slightly up.
This was at 9% when I came in.
[crowd shouting]
When such a geriatric calamity is not only the president of these United States,
but is running for re-election, something has gone terribly wrong.
Which begs the question, why is any of this even necessary?
Shortly following Biden's inauguration, the first thing that people immediately began wondering about Joe Biden was, who is really running the show and why?
Of course CIA plant and Soros minion, the arrogant Barack Obama, He kept very little close to the vest when it came to his intentions following his second term.
With Joe Biden, he's living his dream.
Remember what he said?
He's on tape.
My dream is to phone in the presidency.
I would like to have a third term, but not if I had to work.
I would just like to sit in my basement and just tell people what's going to do.
And he said it, and that's what he's doing.
Right now, the Obamas are running the country when my point is they want Joe Biden the way he is because he's a construct.
But the inside man acting as the ventriloquist with his arm up the dummy known as President Biden is by all accounts White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients.
By getting Jeff's sign off, you're getting the President's sign off.
Oh, this Jeff guy's powerful.
Realistically, they are... People call him, like, the second most powerful person in Washington.
Like, he runs the White House.
He runs the White House.
Like, he's responsible for everybody that works there.
He, like, helps set the president's agenda.
Like, controls what gets said, all that.
Is he, is Jeff more powerful than Harris?
In some ways, yes.
In some ways, no.
And is Jeff more powerful than Kamala?
Who would you say is the most powerful person at the White House?
Jeff is the most powerful person at the White House?
So all buck stops?
Like, all roads lead to Jeff?
Despite falling short of President Biden's goal to vaccinate 70% of adults by July 4th, this weekend the White House is celebrating progress in the fight against the pandemic.
Here to discuss, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients.
This is the man behind the inflation, energy crisis, impending food shortages, border invasion, and New World Order policy.
We do not believe what is happening in Gaza is a genocide.
Underneath Obama, Zeitz served as director of the National Economic Council from 2014 to 2017 and led the effort to bring us the nightmare known as the Affordable Care Act.
Obama. You got Obama phone?
Yes, everybody in Cleveland, low minority got Obama phone.
Keep Obama in president, you know? He gave us a phone.
He gave you a phone. He gonna do more.
How did he give you a phone? You sign up, you're on full stamps,
you're on social security, you got low income, you disability.
Notably, Zients was a member of Facebook's board of directors from 2018 to 2020.
As the crew behind the disaster known as the Biden administration becomes more visible to
the general public, perhaps now the American people will know who to actually complain to.
Because Joe Biden is merely a pitiful decoy.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.
Excellent report, we'll be back.
It is Wednesday, May 15th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and the last few times Jack Pasovic is really informative and smart was on, I concurred with him that they were going to move to a Project Gladio type strategy and start trying to assassinate Eastern European leaders and others that weren't going along with World War III, and of course Ukraine entering NATO.
And so rather than NATO backing down, now the Russians have been winning for over a year and a half now.
The major offensive securing the rest of the areas they want.
That buffer zone in Eastern Ukraine.
The Prime Minister of Slovakia is a heavy hitter.
Robert Fico has been shot and is fighting for his life right now.
And I would expect to see more of this.
That of course is how World War One began.
When the Black Hand and Anarchist Group funded by British intelligence Assassinated the Archduke of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferdinand.
And so the similarities and parallels are legion.
Slovakian Prime Minister shot pro-Putin leader Robert Fico, fighting for his life after assassination attempt.
Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico shot and gravely injured in attempted assassination, NBC News.
Newsmaker, Finance, Yahoo, Robert Fico, Slovakia's Prime Minister shot in his political heavyweight with pro-Russia views.
Slovakian Prime Minister shot in assassination attempt, rushed to hospital.
Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico shot and gravely injured in assassination.
Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico injured in shooting, Fox News.
Here's what he said recently.
Ukraine must give up territory to end Russian invasion.
Slovakian Premier reiterates intent to veto Ukraine's NATO membership bid.
Next up they're going to try to shoot or kill or blow up the plane of Viktor Orban of Hungary.
Slovak PM says Ukraine is under US control.
Slovakia would veto Ukraine membership in NATO.
He says other things like this.
Islam has no place in Slovakia.
Problem is that Muslims want to change the face of the country.
Robert Pico, PM of Slovakia.
So they don't like him for a lot of reasons.
Now he's fighting for his life.
A very professional looking assassin was apprehended on the spot.
And of course, it'll be just like Nord Stream Pipeline that blew up.
They will deny any involvement in this, of course.
So this just turned the temperature up a lot.
Meanwhile, inside Ukraine, the Secretary of State's playing the guitar and talking about rocking in the free world.
Even Yahoo News called it tone-deaf.
Ukraine warns it has no more reserves as Putin masses a half a million fighters on the front line in a pivotal moment for the West.
Zelensky scraps foreign visits amid Russian advances.
Defying West, Russia's Putin set to meet Xi Jinping in Beijing.
Yahoo News, Daily Mail article.
This is a very interesting interactive map.
How Europe and Britain are getting ready for World War III.
Interactive graphic reveals how West will stop Putin unleashing Armageddon.
They'll stop him by triggering it with nukes at Russia's doorstep.
Mass conscription and an 18 in arms factories firing up.
Keep on rockin' in the free world!
Zelensky is now a dictator.
Suspending elections, arresting all his political opposition, including liberals that support him.
But if they're popular, they're arrested.
How Europe and Britain are getting ready for World War III.
Interactive graphic reveals how West will stop Putin unleashing Armageddon, with nukes at Russia's doorstep, mass conscription at 18, and arms factories firing up.
Let's play a clip of Blinken, though, in Kiev yesterday.
Having a good old time, keep on rocking in the free world.
Here it is.
These guys think they're so cool.
Well, they can strip people to fight and die against Russia.
Now they say they're gonna strip women.
Handicapped, but... Blayken sends you to die.
He doesn't die.
Truly disgusting.
(upbeat music)
Here's the Yahoo headline.
Blayken's guitar performance in Ukraine seen as tone-deaf.
Think so?
All right, so that's quite the grouping of news there.
Let's just look at the free speech attacks happening.
Well, it won't happen here.
They said the Davos Group last year, the main mission was to start censoring Americans for what they say in the third dimension, not online.
German far-right political leader guilty of using Nazi slogan by saying Germany first.
You didn't know that was...
You know how many leaders in history have said we need to stand up for our nation?
People of Mexico, people of France, up with France, up with America first, see?
Simply insane that that type of crap is going on.
Meanwhile, credit card delinquency surge.
Almost one in five users maxed out, big article out of the hill, as the economy implodes into freefall.
We've got so much more we're going to be getting to today.
We have a special guest I was really impressed with.
I saw his analysis of a lot of topics.
Who will be joining us coming up in studio in the third hour.
So we're going to be going to Joshua Lissick.
Co-author of Unhumans Explains Why Communist Revolutions Always Eat Their Own.
It's very important for all the minions of this system to understand what you're helping usher in.
Now you're useful idiots.
I know our audience isn't into that, but there are a lot of people that tune in and think this is all funny.
And then I saw something after I got off air yesterday, and it was clearly Dracula-esque, horror-esque.
But I was busy, and so I didn't look at blow-ups of it until, you know, HD blow-ups of it until last night, and I was absolutely staggered.
And then I was tired, so I didn't really post anything about it.
But then everybody else found it.
It is the first portrait.
It's called the Portrait of the King.
First portrait since he was coronated.
Not inaugurated, but coronated.
And he is the main heir to Vlad the Impaler.
You can't make that up.
And folks blew up the video and there are demon faces all over it when you just look at it straight on.
But when you take the painting and duplicate it or put it upside down, Charles forms the giant face and his head are the eyes of a huge bath-o-mat.
And then you flip it on its sides or upside down, there's just demon faces, 100% clear, symmetrical, and men in black robes, hoods on.
Just demons absolutely everywhere.
So we're going to get to that a little bit later, but this is all just part of flaunting all of this in your face.
So we're not going to get into the demons right now, but you can say, oh, this is an isolated incident.
Now you see the Rothschild and Rockefeller art displays they put on are you.
You see, time and time again, the type of art they're funding, and almost all the time it's degenerate or satanic.
You've got the war Rothschild that just died a few months ago with Abrina Abranovich, the high priestess of Aleister Crowleyism, and there they are in front of a giant painting of Lucifer summoning his legions.
I mean, you can't swing a stick in the dark and not run into these people and the Rothschilds and you name it.
They're constantly wearing bathamette necklaces and all the rest of it.
Yeah, so it is absolutely and totally sick.
And it looks like a lot of people see when they're on DMT.
I'm not taking DMT.
I've just seen the paintings of what people say and the artist renderings.
That's exactly what you see.
Fractal devils.
And that's what it inverted.
I guess we're already going to it.
Go ahead and show the UHD shots of it straight up and then side-by-side.
And it just continues to make the images.
No matter how you flip it around, it makes more images that are symmetrical, which it is a masterpiece.
Looks to me like some kind of computer created the design that he just painted it because, I mean, it is a masterpiece to be able to flip it any way you want and have symmetrical demons, symmetrical devils.
And I called it, I named the painting the Trifecta or the Tri-God of Satan.
Satan wants to imitate God, so the three copies of Satan, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, This case is different.
Here, let me just go ahead and pull up since we're already... We'll get to it later, but since I mentioned it, let me go ahead and just pull this up now on Real Alex Jones on X. I hope you go look at it for yourself.
We've got the HD images there.
But I called it, uh, the Trinity of Satan is clearly intended.
And then if you guys will show that image, that's the one I want to show with it.
Upright, please, from Real Alex Jones.
The Trinity of Satan is clearly intended.
And if you just go show that image that I sent you, you can see it upright.
Now when you blow that up and even zoom in on the little fractal levels, it's demons repeated over and over again.
So it looks like they fed into AI a whole bunch of different bathymets and demons and then had to create a fractal design.
And you've got, like, the Stargate back there and the rest of it.
I mean, this is hardcore.
And, of course, you can see the little devil tail behind him.
But when you zoom out even more, then you see that it's actually making the face of Satan.
You add more panels around it.
It just gets bigger and bigger or smaller and smaller.
No matter how many times you duplicate it, it just keeps making a bigger demon face.
No matter how much you zoom in, it's demon faces.
It is a masterpiece.
In a bad way.
I don't think there's any way now that we're not on the trajectory for Armageddon in the next 10-20 years, maybe even sooner.
everywhere, loveless bragging about it. That is a masterpiece of evil. But I will
give it to them. They've definitely got huevos and their God is definitely
evil and it's not a God. It wants to be one and it's definitely attacking us and
so this is the beginning of the big one folks. I don't think there's any way now
that we're not on the trajectory for Armageddon in the next 10-20 years, maybe
even sooner. This is definitely it. No man knoweth the time or hour but that's the
We can definitely see the season we're in.
This is a very important headline right here.
London climate professor, who's top guy, advises the government, only way to stop climate change is culling of human population by pandemic with very high fatality rate.
Now remember back in 2007 in my film, Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement, I have quotes and him on TV saying it.
Dr. Eric Pianca, the head of the biology department at UT at the time, who also on his UT official website, sub-site, said that he's a druidic priest that loves to do pagan rituals, and that the name of his bull, Bison, has a farm while he's still alive outside Austin, is Lucifer.
And he said he can't wait till the airborne Ebola is released to kill 90% of us and that it is coming, basically Marburg.
So, him and I exposed him because he was at the Texas Academy of Sciences event down in Houston.
And I interviewed witnesses that were there, but the newspaper described what he said.
He projected red skulls on the wall in a PowerPoint and said, you know, people don't want to say it, but we all know it's true.
We've got to get rid of 90% of the humans at least.
There was a standing ovation, people crying, yes, we're going to murder everybody, it's so fun, it's so liberal.
And then he had his graduate students, who were now working as scientists in the government, as full doctors, attack me in the press and say, Pionka is too liberal.
No one can deny humans are a parasite and we will eradicate all humans.
And it's a woman saying that, who he looked up, works in DARPA, Defense Department Bioweapon Research.
So it's 12 monkeys for real, folks, and you're already living it.
You're already experiencing it.
So that's why they tried to lock you in your house and intimidate you to take a shot.
It was because they wanted to depopulate you.
It attacks your immune system.
It causes your body to attack your own flesh and give you blood clots, obviously.
But it's primary mission, as all these medical doctors we've had on have exposed, is the attacking of the testicles and the ovaries and the placentas that form in the uterus.
So, let's go ahead and just cover this first.
And we'll show some pictures of this fella on X, defending himself.
London Climate Professor, only way to stop climate change is culling of human population, this is a quote, by pandemic with very high fertility rate.
That's the quote, quote, culling of human population by pandemic with very high fertility rate.
He's just saying that, the quiet part out loud, and obviously it's a lie to say carbon's evil, that's what plants and animals and we are.
Saying carbon dioxide is evil, it's the main life-giving gas is a lie.
But they want that power.
It's a thrill with their god in the system that they're given money and power to kill, steal, and destroy.
To support this, to get up there and push this on us.
So when you sit back and hear Bill Gates famously at award ceremonies at his own foundation, when they go, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on overpopulation gives Bill and Melinda Gates the highest award for depopulation.
We've played that clip many times.
And then he wants you dead, there's too many of you, but he loves you so much and really wants you to take a shot.
And then even AP and Reuters admit, almost all polio in the world is caused by Bill and Melinda Gates's injections.
Implemented through the UN.
But he went out and bought off all the main regulatory bodies the last 25 years, over $100 billion.
London climate professor, only way to stop climate change is culling of human population by pandemic with very high fertility rate.
Imagine people spiritually that go along with this, just they've been read into it.
Like my dad.
But he said no thank you when he was in high school, already at University of Texas, planned to.
They tested thousands of kids.
The last group was 20, got culled down to six.
My dad was found to be the smartest of the six groups.
So they took him down and showed him the secret nuclear reactor under UT that they later admitted was real years after I told you it was there.
And they brought him in and said we're going to carry out eugenics and world governments for everybody's good.
And my dad said, basically, no, thank you.
He didn't even tell me about that until he saw Endgame in 2007.
My mother looked at him and said, David, is this true?
And he says, yeah, they tried to recruit me.
And I mean, I knew he was in plan two.
My grandmother was so proud of it and why he was going to work at NASA.
And he was the smartest kid in Texas, according to their testing.
That's what they said.
And my dad's a lot smarter than me.
I definitely had mathematics and everything else and languages.
He picks everything up like a sponge.
He used to read like two books a day, sleep like three hours a day without drugs.
Now he's pretty... The candle that burns at both ends only burns half as long, he knows that.
But I definitely have had an amazing dad.
But that was his experience.
But I'll tell you that all the top scientists are in a cult that wants to kill you.
My dad said no thank you and said I'm just gonna get married and I'm gonna go get a dental degree in Dallas.
And I'm done.
I don't want to be part of this.
By the time he was a freshman at UT, he'd already been in there two years, three years, in high school, living in Austin, at UT.
And they went, oh, here's your mission.
You're going to go work three months at MD Anderson Cancer Research.
And later he told me what they were doing.
People just missing lower mandibles, signing forms, agreeing to anything.
The doctors injecting them with lethal shots of poison and getting off on it.
My dad's told me all this stuff now, and he said a lot of them were good.
He said a lot of them were good doctors, a good percentage.
He said particularly the leaders were psychotics.
So, and that was just some of his training.
They're like, what do you want to be in?
The secret nuclear reactors?
You want to be in the cancer research?
You want to be in psychedelics?
You want to put them on campus for us?
Yeah, CIA.
So, he said by the time he was, you know, 18, it was co-operational.
He's like, oh, no, thank you.
What you have to understand is you can't swing a stick in the dark and not hit this.
They're everywhere, people.
It's not that special.
If you're top of your class, I remember having so many historians on about this and famous, you know, people later talk about the fact that they would be in a Wisconsin college line for lunch.
And David Rockefeller would just step up and say, I'd like to recruit you for a project.
You're very special.
Just anybody they thought was key in all this, they've been doing that.
And so you wonder who is... I think often the story about my dad, like, oh, brag about that.
It's not.
It's that that's super common.
And so when you hear these people, they went along with it.
When the head of the body department was running the Plan 2 project, called my dad in and said, well, you're the best at everybody we tested.
So I'm going to go ahead and let you know what the real plan is.
We believe in eugenics.
We're going to carry it out against the entire planet, but it's for the greater good.
We're not like Hitler.
We're going to go after everybody.
Hitler was bad.
The guy was Jewish.
Professor Speer.
And I did not tell him that story until Endgame came out in 2007.
I knew he was in all that stuff.
So, these are who these people are.
You have to understand, now he's saying it publicly.
He wants to murder you and your family.
He wants you and your family dead.
He's hoping for it.
And again, you go to my film Endgame, there's Piyanka in there saying the same thing.
They're everywhere.
So what are we going to do about this?
Are we going to play along with the system?
I love it.
My middle daughter, my other children have really believed what I say and got into it and were like true believers and did their own research.
The older ones, Rex and Charlotte, 21 and 19, But my middle daughter's awesome, but she was kind of like, Dad, you're full of it.
Now she's 16.
Now she's coming to me about the, all the cars have cameras in them and they're watching you.
And so do the phones and it's all going to AI.
And she's showing me local newscasts.
I go, yeah, no, honey.
So what do we do?
What do we do?
You know, it's, it's just, it's, it's hard to believe all of this is going on, but it's real.
So I told you 25 years ago they already had microphones hidden inside the scientific Atlantic cable boxes.
I knew that because a big engineer came to my studio and showed me his patents and the fact that he had been involved in it and he was a wealthy guy like a $100,000 Mercedes and just gave me the info.
And then I went on air, gave you the schematics, tore one open and showed the microphone in there way before they even told you had voice, you know, prompt and The next week, the FBI in plain clothes came down the studio, didn't say they were FBI, but they were, threatened me.
And then when I didn't go along with that, I got physically attacked a week later, going to get in the car.
I mean, they were like, literally like shaking angry that I had torn that open on TV and showed the schematics that people didn't have.
Now, that's like 25 years ago, at least, maybe 26, maybe 27.
My gosh, it's probably...
About 1996, so do the math.
28 years ago.
Well now you just turn on your Samsung TV and go to the rules and it says we're listening to you.
Turn on a Tesla car, it says we're watching you with a camera, we're recording it, and we got a keyword just like when you press your phone into a voice.
To print, and it's got the whole thing, you hit it by accident, and you're eating dinner, and you look over, there's like 20 pages of everything you said, you go, God, look at this, honey, it recorded everything, and yeah, that's the old technology, that's the basic NSA echelon stuff.
So I don't tell you all this to scare you, this is going down.
It's like I told you a couple weeks ago, they're gonna start killing European leaders that don't go along with World War III, and it started.
He's not dead, I hope he doesn't die, the Slovakian Prime Minister, We're gonna be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
My voice is a little shot today, but I'm gonna stay on air.
Stay with us.
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InfoWars.com are available at DrJonesNaturals.com I was once given access 26, 27 years ago by a fan who was friends with a well-known media producer and we were given access at night To shoot a documentary.
Someone else's documentary.
I'll just say it, Kevin Booth.
And all of it was CIA run.
It sat on the doorways, DARPA's Central Intelligence Agency.
And we were there and he would just, he was like the head guy there, the head IT guy.
Later went to MIT.
He would a few times punch up a few things for me.
He'd say, look at this, look at the animal research facility in Bastrop.
Show chimpanzees, you name it, chained up.
In chairs, just like this movie.
I'd never seen 28 Days Later.
I didn't know the movie starts like this, but that's what I described the crew and they were able to pull something up just like I saw.
The TV screens were bigger.
The ape was sitting more upright into a restraint chair.
Well, not just the ape.
It was rows upon rows in a warehouse.
He just punched up a few of them and he hit another button and said, you've seen enough.
We had a whole other floor, we were shooting in several buildings, of just women masturbating.
They were doing it while we were there, but they showed us the labs where they look at pornography and they're paid to masturbate.
They have eye scanners and all this stuff just to test and see, then pick up brainwaves on how to put subliminals in and manipulate.
And most of what they were doing 26, 27 years ago at UT that I was allowed to see, just briefly, little snapshots of, was Oh, and he did say don't tell anybody, but I didn't talk about it for over a decade, but I think what I was seeing was unethical, so I've broken that confidence.
And they admit they're building a bigger facility outside Austin for 40-plus thousand apes and monkeys to be tortured, and all of it's being done to study how to manipulate you with flicker rates with televisions.
So what I'm saying here is you have a giant evil group of mad scientists that get the smartest young people in high school, put them in college, teach them that they're God's gift to the green earth, and that they are going to save the planet from the humans, and they indoctrinate them into this, and now you have armies of them all over the world running things, and we've gone from their beta testing into operational, as I say, every day.
And I got so much news, it'll make your head spin, but I just wanted to go back I can remind you how many scientists and professors and Obama's science czar, John P. Holdren, you know, wrote, co-wrote with Paul Ehrlich.
Multiple books on nasty population and world government and just little tidbits like, we'll put fluoride in the water to dumb them down.
They brag about that.
But here's the new one.
Let me read the article now.
London climate professor, only way to stop climate change is, quote, culling of human population by pandemic with very high fertility rate.
Should be fatality rate.
They don't want to kill the fertility rate.
London climate professor, only way to stop climate change is, quote, culling of humanity, of human population, by pandemic with very high fatality rate.
Globalist Minion quickly deleted messages after backlash, claiming he only did so because people took it the wrong way.
University College London UCL Professor, Geophysical and Climate Hazards Bill McGuire posted a controversial message to social media on Saturday, appearing to support mass depopulation.
He doesn't appear to support it, he said it.
Posting an article that questioned how prepared mankind is for a potential bird flu outbreak, which they've got on the shelf, weaponized to his ex-account, McGuire wrote, If I am brutally honest, the only realistic way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to is avoid catastrophic breakdown is the culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate.
Well, the high fatality rate is the shots they give you.
One day later, McGuire posted that he deleted the pro-depopulation message, not because he regretted it, but because so many people out there have mistakenly or intentionally taken it the wrong way.
Right, I'm deleting this initial tweet now because I regret it.
But because so many, not because I regret it, but because so many people out there have mistakenly or intentionally taken it the wrong way.
McGuire, a self-described socialist, later repeatedly lied about his post that clearly stated a culling of the human population, close quote, was the only way humanity could hypothetically see emissions drastically fall.
It's about suddenly falling economic activity, not people dying, he stated.
And it goes on from there.
So, it's a cult on a power trip that believe you're obsolete and believe you need to die.
And if you went to this professor's office, and I'm not saying do this, please don't, and threw a gallon of gasoline on him, please don't do this, I'm saying hypothetically, if you walked in and broke his jaw, knocked him down, poured a gallon of gas on him, lit him on fire, you would go to a Supermax prison.
Because you touched one of the anointed ones.
But if you burned down a homeless shelter in Portland and killed a few homeless people, you'd get bailed out by Kamala Harris.
So, these are all these self-appointed killers, and I'm just going to tell everybody out there watching and listening, in the bureaucracy, in the educational system, in the colleges, everywhere, this is a fact, okay?
This is going on.
Naomi Wolf is a big scholar, picked by the New World Order, Rhodes Scholar, Hillary's top advisor, advisor of the Clintons.
She now, in the last 15 years, woke up and now is super hardcore.
And says, look, I used to be basically an atheist.
She's saying, now I know it's God.
I know it's Satan.
They're coming to kill everyone.
I've studied it.
This is not a human operation.
This is directed by something far more complex.
Working through humans.
She said that two days ago.
So this is a very important message, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why I'm here today.
I don't get sick very often, but I woke up this morning feeling like a truck had run
me over and some of the crew is sick with some type of cold.
I don't have a fever.
I feel like I've been run over.
And so I'm not complaining if I sound a little more relaxed than usual, it's because I'm
not feeling too hot.
But I'm honored to be here to be covering this because they could pull the plug on the
internet tomorrow.
They could set off a nuke next week or next year.
They could do anything.
Because they're psychotics.
And you need to really take it serious.
I know most of you do, but you have to really get down to the bottom line that this is not an exaggeration of the things I say.
This is real.
In fact, it's so huge and there's so much happening.
By the nature of the fact there's so much happening, I whitewash it, not intentionally, but because the spoken word cannot cover every facet of how bad it is.
Kind of like Morpheus says to Neo in the Matrix, he says, he says, what is the Matrix to Morpheus?
He says, you got to see it for yourself.
I can't tell you.
I can't tell you about the Matrix, buddy boy.
You got to take the red pill and I'll take you down the rabbit hole and you'll see it for yourself.
You're not, I'm not going to tell you what's going on.
You got to take the red pill, take the blue pill, go back to Wonderland and just forget, you know, what's happening.
And so, that's really where I met with people.
I am filled with sorrow.
The Bible says it dozens of times, different ways, but the beginning of knowledge is sorrow.
With great knowledge comes great sorrow.
Now, it's a bittersweet sorrow.
You're closer to God.
Beauty is so much more beautiful.
Life is so much more precious.
God is so much clearer and real and things shine with good, but you also see the evil shine with its own satanic aura.
And then you look at people that can't see it, and you just... it just wounds you.
Because you want to save them, not just because you're a good person, but because to save ourselves we need to save these people, at least a large portion of them.
We're not going to save them all, but if we don't wake up the deceived and we don't get them on another path, then we don't have any hope.
And so God will do miracles and God will carry us across and God will give us discernment and God will give us cheat sheets, but not if you don't go out and have courage.
It's been said many times, it's true, God hates cowards.
And he loves children, drunks, the United States of America, as Von Bismarck said.
But that's been noticed as well.
So that's really it.
I mean, look, look, I mean, we don't have the crew to do this.
You all heard me and Jack Posobiec in the last five months, every few weeks when he comes on.
And I've said it too.
We're on the same page.
He's really, really knows all the details.
He's a smart cookie.
And he's dialed in, just so you know.
He said, you know, they're going to start assassinating leaders in Europe that don't go along with this.
That's next.
So maybe the archivist can find that.
I sent him a text earlier.
He hasn't responded.
I don't know if he can pop on.
But, you know, they just shot in broad daylight in Slovakia, a very popular prime minister, who just wants peace and points out that NATO started the war and it's going to keep it going and it's escalating.
And that Russia needs to have a peace deal and so does Ukraine.
So they just they just busted Kapsin.
And word is the good change is going to die.
He's in critical condition.
Bordley got hit repeatedly and it looks like the guy that did it knew what he was doing.
So, you ask how does the CIA, this is probably British intelligence, this is their specialty, CIA or British intelligence.
You ask, how are they going to do this?
Well, he probably has terminal cancer like Jack Ruby with, you know, getting rid of the Harvey Oswald.
Or he's so committed he just signed a piece of paper saying, I'll go do it.
I don't care if I go to prison.
There's people that committed to this stuff.
Or they wound up some guy with prior military stuff and got him to do it.
But I don't think that's the case here.
This is a NATO assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of Slovakia.
And if it didn't piss the Russians off to overreact, the attack on the Crocus Theatre and Mall, this is intended to do that and is a very clear message to Viktor Orban of Hungary and to Vladimir Putin.
Um, Russia.
And so I would, uh, I would warn you that obviously they begin to send NATO troops.
We've already been there for a long time.
They're announcing they're there now.
And the Russians now understand, as they always said, Putin said, if we do go in, it's a police action to get about 20% of the country so that you can't attack our border.
Plus it's totally Russian there anyways.
You've been attacking it.
And then if you let us do that, we're just going to set up our system and then kill your forces.
And then if you send in NATO officially, we will go ahead and send in millions of troops.
And now, he's got a million troops lined up on the border.
500,000 have now entered on top of the 500,000 already there.
That's a million Russian troops now in Ukraine.
That's escalating, isn't it?
It was 200,000 a year ago.
Then it was 500,000.
Now it's a million, with 500,000 more waiting on the border.
So, what did Jack Posobiec and I say was going to happen?
They're going to start killing the Prime Ministers of Eastern European countries that don't sign on.
And there's only a few.
And that's where we are right now with Robert Biko fighting for his life.
So, that's how World War I started was the assassination again of the leader of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
And so, we are where we were 106, 7, 8 years ago.
It's longer than that now.
eight years ago, it's longer than that now, 110 years ago.
We are where we are because we have an out of control establishment. Who is tone deaf?
I mean, they're in Kiev playing guitar.
Total boomers.
Nothing against boomers.
I love boomers.
A lot of them are great people.
But the liberal boomers are really pathetic.
All the cringe videos of them.
They think they're so cool.
And they're so pathetic and they've stolen American power and are destroying American power in their dreams of grandeur and anybody can look at where it's going and know this is not going to end well.
I mean, worst case scenario, total nuclear war and most of us are dead.
Best case, they just figure it out and quit but still killed millions of people in the process and then discredit America and totally screw up the world and put China in the driver's seat.
But these are little anointed nobodies.
Because, you know, they're daddies.
Like this guy's daddy was one of the founders of Israel.
And you look at the rest of the leaders in the White House, you know, they're all, they're grandpas.
You know, headed up the Manhattan Project and stuff like that.
And they just feel like this is theirs.
And they're going to fight to the last Ukrainian.
And that's just the way it is.
All right, Trump has accepted Biden's acceptance of the debate.
And so we'll watch that as that unfolds.
Biden and Trump agree to CNN and ABC debates.
And Biden wants them virtual again.
They'll be there in person, but no crowd so that Trump doesn't get tears because it distracts Biden too much.
And then Biden wants it where the microphones are cut off for the debaters when the other one's talking.
And this happened to Trump over and over again, where they would give him less time.
Remember that?
So, we're talking about a gamed situation here, but that should be fireworks coming up when that event happens on June 27th.
Funny enough, what day is June 27th?
What day of the week is that?
I've agreed to host Stephen Crowder's show then and do my show from Dallas up there.
So when he's taken, I would imagine how Crowder will probably not be out of town for that.
So that may change. So we'll definitely, it's a Thursday.
We'll definitely one way or another be covering that live. That is going to be spectacular. But
who knows what other dirty tricks they're going to pull during that.
So here's what I want to do.
I want to get the phone system turned on.
It's a digital system.
And I want to open the phones up for callers on the attempted assassination of the Slovakian Prime Minister, who's pro-peace.
And where you see that going and what you make of Russia.
With its huge offensive winning and NATO doubling down and trying to go to full war.
I read the headlines earlier, they're ready for World War III, national conscription across Europe.
They've been talking about, the Democrats have been talking about the draft here for a long time.
Are you ready to send your sons and daughters off to die in a Russian meat grinder for Lincoln so he can play Keep on Rockin' in the Free World when Soros and all of them 10 years ago, I was with the government there and started it and been shelling the Russians and attacking them for Seven plus years before the Russians invaded.
I mean, not saying the Russians are perfect, but, you know, the person who starts the fight's the bad guy.
And the same group that's hijacked our country is the ones starting World War III, and they're the ones dissolving our borders.
They're the ones attacking families.
They're the ones funding drag queen pedophile time.
They're the ones at war.
With us and now they're following the threat continuum of the assassination of leaders when you're failing militarily, you start trying to kill leaders that are in the way of openly having Ukraine, which they said they wouldn't do, now they said they're going to do it, join NATO.
So any attack on Ukraine is an attack on NATO.
So now NATO in their own charter officially goes to war with Russia.
Kind of a big deal.
So we're talking World War III and how to avert it.
If you look at the Israel-Hamas conflict, real people are dying on both sides, but mainly Muslims, and it's sad.
And I don't like what's happening, and a lot of it's indiscriminate.
But that war with Israel founding Hamas and Israel with backroom deals with Hezbollah and Hamas and the billions and billions given to them, it's all wink-wink, nod-nod.
It's a real war.
It's meant for political distractions for Iran and all the tens of billions of rebuilding that will go to the new Palestinian group and Israel, again, founding Hamas.
But this situation with Russia, it's very real.
This isn't some money-laundering operation where Putin's wink-wink, you know, behind the scenes and they got some deal.
This is full war, proxy war.
Kinetic war, hybrid war, now escalating up the Rand Corporation threat ladder to full-on absolute war.
And it is not a good situation in any way.
So I'm going to give the toll-free number out right now.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex.
And let's do first time callers this time too, so that people that haven't gotten a
chance to get through can.
First-time callers, 877-789-2539.
Okay, I've got obviously a lot of other news to get to.
Some of it's, you know, really unintentional comedy.
I've got all the Satanism of Prince Charles, now King Charles, in this openly bath-o-mat painting that we're going to be going over as well, interspersed with what's happening.
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And I was like, okay.
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He did it.
And so it's great products that are ready to ship to you.
But I hope a miracle happens.
You know, I hope that they come to their senses and settle with us for something that we can even do just to move around that and move on to the future.
But they want us off the air.
And they've also said, well, if you just stop talking about the things you talk about, we'll make a deal with you.
That's a non-starter.
And by the way, they didn't say that in mediation.
I mean, they said that before in mediation, but I couldn't talk about it because it's mediation.
I follow the agreements.
Now they talk about it openly, not in mediation.
My lawyers used to be real close up.
They're like, no, you can talk about it.
They said it.
I was like, wow.
You see the CIA and the FBI wanting to shut us down because we're just here exposing all the death and all the infertility and, you know, professors saying they want to kill everybody and just Extinction Rebellion going and shutting everything down and cutting our power off and our pipelines.
We're being totally screwed.
Trying to steal elections, stealing elections, surveilling everybody, bullying everybody, starting World War III, and I'm just like, hey, I'd like to stop that.
And they're like, no, you're a horrible person, because we made up this stuff you never even did, and had show trials that were all rigged.
I mean, it's just, it's the government, folks.
I'm taking on the crazies that run our government.
But everywhere they are, they're failings, but they just keep doubling down.
They never give up until they destroy the planet.
And that's basically where we are.
It's a cult.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and take your phone call straight ahead, interspersed with a ton of news.
I'll also get into Prince working on King Charles and his bathroom, that painting.
Can't make this stuff up.
Stay with us.
I'm going to tell you what's on my mind.
The only thing on American I'm hearing is the constant parade of attacks by your foul-mouthed, flea-bitten listeners against our noble president.
I am a Biden believer.
And here's what's going to go down in 24.
Biden's going to walk away again, wiping the floor with Trump like he did in 2020.
Because America believes in Biden.
Hollywood believes in Biden, like Mark Hamill.
And we all know that Trump is going to try to cheat, but it's going to go down in flames.
And all I hear is the anger and the bitter and your alcoholic I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
the terms with the end of white cisgender Christian America as we rise, rise, the pink
haired warriors, the non-binary warriors, the transgenders, we're rising and we're
gonna sweep you aside. I want to talk right to your listeners right now, the frightened
middle-aged white man clinging to his guns and his religion and his money and his privilege.
Get ready baby, because pretty soon you will be swept aside in the new order of things.
And you know what that new order is?
It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come together and live together.
And yes, there will be communism.
Yes, there will be Sharia law, because you don't understand, queers for Palestine, together forever strong, we are coming together in a coalition, one big, great big coalition, that will win a day in 2024, when you're all crying, when you're all Because you're lost again.
It's a new dawn in America with a rainbow, a transgender rainbow sweeping across the land to sweep you aside into obscurity.
The time of the white cisgendered man is over.
Your privilege card has been revoked.
You will accept the new refugees, the new Americans.
And here's the secret.
We're in charge.
We tell you what to do.
So get ready.
Get ready to give up your guns, give up your gold, give up your privilege, and accept the way things are now.
The pink-haired warriors are here, and we're not going anywhere.
You will not legislate us out of existence.
You will not put us back in the closet, and we will not be quiet.
Free, free from your oppressive grip that you've had on us.
And to tell you what, I'm a Biden believer.
When Biden smiles, the sun shines.
When he weeps, the rain falls.
His strong hands lift up the oppressed, and his foot stomps on the white supremacists.
So this is how it's going to go down in 24.
Joe Biden's going to be back for four more years.
And then Kamala Harris for eight.
And then Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
Americans know in their gut that the despotism, demonically possessing the federal government is only getting started.
According to the FBI, Chinese hackers have prepared a barrage of imminent strikes on critical U.S.
The purpose of the hacking was not to gather intelligence.
The purpose was to install malware that once activated would disrupt or damage the infrastructure.
Meanwhile, the effects of China's biological warfare via COVID-19 and the resulting now blatant evidence of a genocidal vaccine rollout of epic proportions enters a new chapter.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics.
It see it shows its own figures now show around about 26,000 deaths excess deaths for 2022 and no one is asking why.
Another conspiracy theory becomes a reality as AstraZeneca is now pulling its COVID vaccine from the market.
They know exactly what they're doing and it is self-assembling Nanotech in the body, and we were finding this stuff decades ago, but right when they rolled out the COVID hysteria four years ago, we had all the literature, and they were keeping secret what was in the Pfizer shots and the Moderna shots and the rest of it.
But whistleblowers actually released, it's later been confirmed, what was in it, and it was a giant test.
They were changing thousands of times at Moderna and Pfizer run by the Pentagon.
They were just front companies.
What they were putting in it, they were testing all sorts of stuff.
Ebola, Marburg, all sorts of bird flush.
As Natural News reports, world-renowned Belgian virologist Dr. Geert van den Bosch predicted a soon-coming massive tsunami of illness and death among those who got vaccinated, unleashing a wave of long COVID that will overwhelm the healthcare sector, not to mention the economy-wide impact in terms of eventual total economic failure and social chaos.
The truth will surface.
This has been a large-scale experiment of gain of function.
On the very human population.
As the lights are turned on and the vaccine roaches are scurrying, the panic goes live and the big guns are put into play.
As Adan Salazar reported, a top meteorologist is warning government weather modification could unintentionally spark conflicts between nations where weather would be used in warfare among countries.
Floods, droughts and wildfires last year were just a preview of what is to come.
According to Kister's senior meteorologist John Jacques, the cloud-seeding debacle that precipitated the Dubai floods should serve as a reminder that government influence on the weather can lead to consequences that aren't fully predictable.
Jacques says if we're not careful, unrestrained use of this technology could end up causing diplomatic instabilities with neighboring countries engaging in tit-for-tat weather wars.
Meanwhile, the next plandemic begins to rear its ugly head.
You say the next pandemic.
There will be another pandemic.
We don't know when.
You know, the risk per year, two percent, three percent.
Do we have the capability to ensure that we don't see another pandemic the like of which we saw while you were leading the World Health Organization?
Virologists explain that H5N1 or bird flu has mutated and can now spread more easily among mammals.
They also warn that an outbreak in the human population could be a hundred times worse than COVID-19 and a bird flu pandemic could kill 50% of those infected.
That virus now evolves and develops the ability to infect humans and then critically the ability to go from human to human transmission.
And we know that in the rare cases, I think off the top of my head, four or five hundred cases so far of humans, the mortality rate is extraordinarily high.
And as the Chinese develop weaponized Ebola, giving a group of hamsters distinct secretions in their eyes, a scabbing over the eyeballs, it ensures that if unleashed in the Western world, we will know where it came from.
Meanwhile, the PrEP Act has been quietly updated to include Ebola and Marburg disease.
Add to that the Soros-funded communist college jackbooting summer awaiting us, incoming CBDCs, nuclear war on a hair trigger, uniparty-backed Orwellian speech laws, and Biden's illegal voting bloc leading up to an unprecedented... It is Wednesday, May 15, 2024.
We're at hour number two.
I'm going to be taking your phone calls on World War III.
Let me recap if you just joined us and we're getting the latest.
The Slovakian Prime Minister shot in an attempt at assassination.
He has been pro-peace and anti-war and against Ukraine joining NATO.
Here's some of the headlines.
Ukraine warns it has no more reserves as Putin masses half a million fighters on frontline in pivotal moment for the West.
Zelensky scraps foreign visits amid Russian advances.
Defying West, Russia's Putin set to meet Xi Jinping in Beijing.
How Europe and Britain are getting ready for World War III, interactive graphic reveals how West will stop Putin unleashing Armageddon with nukes at Russia's doorstep, mass conscription at 18, and arms factories firing up.
So they're doubling down, ladies and gentlemen.
Paul Blinken plays, keep on rockin' in the free world.
Blinken's guitar performance in Ukraine seen as tone-deaf, Yahoo News reports.
I think so, he's certainly not fighting, his kids aren't fighting.
They'll fight the last Ukrainian, the last Russian, the last EU service person.
Alright, so we're talking about the state of the world, my prediction, Jack Massova's predictions.
That clearly they would start assassinating people like Victor Orban, and of course, Robert Fico.
And now it's started.
And if you don't think they're going to go after Trump physically, you're being naive.
They've had former top CIA people on CNN saying, we're going to kill this guy.
They're arrogant.
They're dangerous.
They're out of control.
Andrew, Jack, Greg, Emmanuel, John, Tony, Scott, Sam, we're going to all of you right now.
Go ahead, Greg from Texas.
Thanks for calling.
Hi, Alex.
You're such an inspiration, man.
The reason I'm calling is the first thing that popped in my mind when I heard about this attempted assassination is the fact that the Slavic Prime Minister is up against the World Health Organization's Global Accord on Pandemic Preparedness, and it's a double-edged hit, you know, that he's against this He's against the UN treaty, he's against expanding the war, and he's against the open borders, replacement migration.
So it's all of the above.
And I think the WHO pandemic accord is just one other little thing.
They'd love to get a guy like that out of the way.
I mean, totally.
That's what they, they moved to an Operation Gladio of terrorism and assassination.
We said that three or four months ago.
That's what you're going to start seeing.
And here we are.
So it's a very dangerous escalation.
There's no doubt the West is behind this.
Anything else, Greg?
No, that's it.
Thank you for everything, Alex.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you for everything.
John in Florida.
You're on the air, John.
Alex, God be with you.
I've got one thing to say.
I want to bring to mind the quote that Putin said when all this began.
He said that if nuclear got involved, it would be, he quoted the Bible, like the blinking of the eye.
People have no idea what they're getting into, and I pray for divine intervention in all situations involved.
President Kennedy backed the Russians out of Cuba, but we don't have A President Kennedy in our White House at this present time.
God be with us and God give us divine intervention, Alex.
Thank you.
Thank you, absolutely.
And of course, the West had moved Nike medium-range nukes into Turkey, and that's where the Russians did that.
And I'm not defending the Russians or the Soviet Union at the time.
I'm totally against that ideology.
But the West again started that.
And then Kennedy agreed to pull them out, so they pulled their nukes out.
Alright, let's go to the next caller.
Let's go ahead and talk to Scott in West Virginia.
Thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, dittos.
Look, I think that the globalists are working in tandem with our CIA to desensitize us with this about-face that the media has taken on the vaccine in relationship to these attempted assassinations.
They can do an about-face and then their hands are kind of clean when At the local level in your county, listeners, people suddenly drop dead.
They start dropping dead.
So they can assassinate in various and assorted ways, and they get their puppets in charge, even at the most important level, which is the local level.
But I believe how we change things overnight is, number one, there needs to be one Electoral College vote for every county in the United States.
Now it becomes a Race to 3143, because that's how many counties we have.
Number two, make bullying and shaming great again.
And then, we should be looking at our Declaration of Independence.
Everyone needs to petition together to do a vote of no confidence in our government.
It's high time.
And then while I'm at it, I'm just going to throw out an idea I've had for InfoWars.
When I go to your channel, I want to see a tab called InfoWars Marketplace and I have a self-sufficiency YouTube channel, but I want to list all my seeds I have.
Someone else needs seeds.
They go there and they shop.
They don't buy it from me.
They see that I'm going to charge $2 a pack.
They don't buy nothing.
They click donate.
That $2 goes to you.
I get an email.
I send those seeds to that person.
It could be a toaster, it could be a microwave, it could be seeds, it could be anything.
Well, that's a great idea.
The issue with InfoWars is not money.
I mean, we don't have a bunch of extra, but we've got enough to operate.
The courts and the plaintiffs and their whole situation that literally CIA runs come out in the news.
Do you want to shut down?
So they're saying, we don't want to settle.
And then the judge says, well, you have to settle under the law.
Or you have to try.
They're like, OK, we want to control what you say.
We want to mount somebody that don't exist.
And they've said fine.
So later next week.
The judge is going to have a hearing and the word is he's probably going to go ahead and start the liquidation.
He'll set a date and I'll be told, get out of here in two weeks, two months, three months.
I don't know.
And then that's it for InfoWars.
So it's not even about going and buying products at InfoWars.
If you want to get them, it could be the last time you're going to get them.
You put your order in, you're going to get them.
The court's not going to have a thing where even if they took me off the air tomorrow, they would ship everything out that was there and do that.
That'd be a snap liquidation.
It's a law, they're going to do that.
That's probably not what's going to happen.
I would guess if something doesn't change, we'll be shut down by August.
And I always told the crew, I'll tell you if I think that's the case.
Five, six years ago, we're not shutting down.
We declared bankruptcy two years ago.
I said, we're not shutting down.
It'll be a few years.
I'll let you know.
And then we finally came to the point with them.
They're like, yeah, we do not want money.
We want you to shut up.
So you want to talk to us?
So my lawyer's like, okay, but what do you want me to do?
Well, just stop talking about the Second Amendment.
So we never even got to the rest of what they want.
So I appreciate your call, brother.
God bless you.
It's not a thing of supporting InfoWars now.
Plus, it's great products.
You want them.
Could be your last chance to get them.
And I'm telling all this on air so people know what's going on.
Um, Dr. Jones Naturals is not Free Speech Systems.
It's separate.
It's been a big sponsor.
Hopefully it will help me work with other folks and do something else when and if this gets shut down.
But I'm not running around and setting the stuff up.
I've set up a little studio at my house and a few other things as backup.
But that part doesn't matter.
They want to disrupt what I'm doing for the election and make me run around and set something else up and then try to get everybody to find out where we're at and come back.
They see that as a win.
That's what they were commissioned to do.
That was the PR firms.
That was the FBI.
That was the CIA.
That was Senator Blumenthal's office.
We now know, ran the whole thing.
It's all come out.
They're calling for congressional hearings over it.
And you saw the new CIA whistleblower stuff, how they're coming after Trump.
We already know all that, but this is what's happening.
So, if you want to support us, yes, go to InfoWars.com, but go to drjonesnaturals.com.
That is not this company.
That is not in bankruptcy.
That's stocked up in North Austin, in Round Rock, great warehouse, great people, ready to support.
I got really mad at my dad two and a half years ago when he set it up.
Because he could see where this was going.
And I said, Mom wants you to retire.
You already were involved at InfoWars, getting these great supplements, developing with top scientists.
You know, you're okay financially.
She doesn't want you working anymore.
She thinks that I've got you doing all this.
And she's had some health problems.
And COVID almost killed him.
And he said, Nope, I'm doing it.
So now it pans out that was important.
A lot of products that aren't available at InfoWarsStore.com are available at DrJonesNaturals.com.
A lot of other great products they've developed are over there and it's just amazing.
So, you know, there's that.
And look, obviously we have a lot of people who have reached out and want me to go work with them.
And see how this will work with this giant billion and a half dollar judgment is I can't own a company, okay?
I'll have a show somewhere and they can't stop my free speech.
Uh, who it hurts is the crew, and it disrupts things, and then InfoWars and all the rest of it, they're going to try to take the site and probably give it to the Southern Poverty Law Center or the ADL or something.
I mean, seriously.
It's like a captured Roman standard.
And it's like Santa Ana thought killing everybody at the Alamo would make him popular, and it blew up his face.
Tyrants have this tyrannical blind spot.
Because it's 100% going to make the show better.
It's 100% going to hurt them.
But see, all they do is lie.
So they hear me say that and think, oh, that must be an elaborate foil.
He doesn't really mean that.
He's scared of it shutting down.
I don't want to do all the extra work to set up other stuff and, you know, go and do all that and the poor crew will be out of work for a while.
Hopefully I can hire most of them back and not all of them through somebody else.
But no, I mean, I've been 100% about this operation.
It's just now that that's what I'm being told by all the different people involved, and that's what they want.
So, okay.
So, here's the deal.
I had to talk about this at some point, but I also want to make it the focus of the show, especially today, because I'm under the weather.
I just, you know, we got time.
We got at least, you know, A month or so, because there's a hearing in a month where the orders go down.
So we'll be here at least in a month.
And then the judge will probably, you know, let it run three, four more months so they can sell out the product and pay some of the quote, you know, creditors and all the rest of these people.
But we're not at that point right now.
Your support of InfoWars just pays the bills, keeps us on air.
There's hardly any extra money in there, which is poetic justice to the other side to take it over.
There's really nothing there.
This equipment, most of it's five, six, seven years old.
You can't resell this stuff for anything.
Pays on the dollar.
Oh, what, they got a little piece of property in the Hill Country I had as an emergency backup?
Okay, you got that.
I never even went there.
I was busy.
I don't care about that stuff.
So, it's all about putting pressure on me.
To get me to go to them and say, OK, I'll sell out and I'll be politically what you want.
I mean, that's just it's impossible.
I mean, they could have my kids with guns in their heads.
I'm sorry I couldn't do it.
I mean, I would probably lie at the time for them and say, oh, yes, I'll sell out and try to get the gun away from them.
I'm not saying this group is actually doing that.
It's an analogy.
I do have the CIA and the FBI's gun to my head politically.
They've tried to put us in jail.
They put Owen in jail and lied about him.
And they're putting pro-lifers that peacefully protest in jail for five years in solitary confinement.
I mean, they're bad folks.
I mean, we got a case of political cancer.
So don't lie to yourselves about that.
I'm certainly not lying to myself about it.
And I am sad because I really love InfoWars.
There's a lot of history in this building, 15 years in this building.
It's all in God's hands, and I've learned every time I just trust in God, when the enemy does some horrible thing to me or my family or the crew or to you, and we just keep fighting, God then opens incredible doors.
And so, that's where we're at.
And that's the situation we're facing.
So if you want to support us, DRJonesNationals.com, that is the place.
Also InfoWarsTore.com is the place as well.
And follow me on X. And then immediately, obviously, if they shut this down, I haven't even thought about a name or what it's going to be yet.
I'm starting to get into that mode.
Like today.
Then I'll let everybody know, okay, we're going to probably be off the air a month or whatever.
Everybody will want to interview me.
I can do all the shows I want.
It'll be even bigger.
They don't think.
They think it's a symbol to their moron readers that read mainstream media.
They're like, oh, InfoWars finally taken down.
Peeing on kids' graves.
Totally made up.
But most people just see right through that.
This is insane.
That's the process of this.
And so they shut it down in a temper tantrum, like overturning a chessboard.
And then I could do any amount of interviews I want at that point.
I can already do 50 interviews a day if I wanted to.
I'd kill myself.
I mean, I've been doing too many anyways.
I'll be able to go on all the big shows and then point everybody at the new thing.
And then hopefully it capitalized enough with the new folks that we'll be working with And I'm sure I'll get deposed.
Who wants to work with you?
Full spectrum.
A lot of folks.
And that's how it works.
We've checked the law and everything else.
And as long as I'm just an employee of a company, they can't get my paycheck.
They can't get my homestead house.
And they can't attack my employer.
They can attack them a little bit, but they're going to fail.
And we got people just lined up wanting to work with us.
But it doesn't matter because Again, Santa Ana had 5,000 whatever troops it was.
There was 180 something inside the little mission.
It wasn't a fort, it was a Catholic Church.
And he went in there and lost half his troops and thousands got killed.
He killed every single person in there except one black lady and one pregnant woman.
And then it totally blew up in their face.
I mean, this is like Alamo stuff here, so if they're dumb enough to do that, then whatever, I'm not glad about it.
But again, if they've got a chance to take a shot at you politically, any of you, if they've got a chance, these people are something else.
They will do it.
And so, you've got to understand how they operate and what they do, and just forgive them.
Because they, as Christ said, they know not what they do.
So enough about me.
I don't want to go off into that.
But I want to be 100% clear.
Everybody's calling in, we will support InfoWars more and we'll do this.
It's not a money issue.
It's an issue of they don't want money.
You understand?
So, and yeah, there's barely any extra money.
So we need you to order the product plus their grade.
But that's not the issue.
Because we're basically on tenth of a tank.
We're not on empty, we're tenth of a tank.
A little extra, not much.
So thank you for the support, but...
That's not the issue, that's not what they're after.
They want the idea in their minds of mounting my head on a wall to say, we took Alex Jones off the air, we got InfoWars, and that story name.
Which will just make it much bigger associated with me, and that name they can't control, which I don't even care about that name.
It's just, it's nonsensical.
But see, they're so contrarian, anything we propose they do the opposite.
Like, if I said, do not jump off that cliff, they would jump off the cliff.
If I said, do not eat cyanide pills, they would eat cyanide pills.
I'm using that metaphorically, but as an analogy.
You know, if I said, do not stab yourself in the eye with an ice pick, they'd go, rawr!
I mean, as fast as they could.
Like, do not stab yourself in the eye with an ice pick.
You know, do not cut your fingers off with a hatchet.
You know, it's like, do not have drag queen story time with convicted pedophiles.
I'm not talking about these people, but just in general, the left are psychotics.
Because they have Stockholm Syndrome, they have learned helplessness, they have normalcy bias, and they've bought into a lie, and they've gotten so deep into it, or so deranged, and so upset, and so scared, and so crazy, they just think if they fully commit to the system, and whatever CNN says, and whatever Democrats say, and whatever Barack Obama says through his puppet, and whatever Senator Blumenthal says, that they'll finally have their Valhalla, they'll finally defeat the evil Christians and right-wingers, they'll finally be able to get it all done, because they stop us!
They really believe that.
So, just thank God every moment you're not like them, because they are very sad, very disconnected, separated, lost people.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Sam in Washington.
Go ahead, Sam.
Hey, Alex.
What I wanted to say is that the mega-movement needs to proclaim that we want peace with Russia.
Obviously, World War III is escalating faster every day, and we need to unite as a movement on our foreign policy stance.
Let the world know that we are not represented by the deep state administration that is performing suicide in front of us.
Well, I mean, look, 80% of people in polls are against the war.
Most Democrats are, too.
It's not popular.
Notice that's why they try to keep it out of the news, like a back burner thing.
Yeah, exactly.
And we need to bring it to the forefront, and we need to give Putin confidence in the ability to negotiate with Trump, and we need to get out of this mess.
And it needs to not be secret, it needs to not be vague, it needs to be on front street that we don't want World War III.
And Trump needs to come out and he needs to proclaim, I mean he's already proclaimed that he can negotiate peace, but we need to...
We need to proclaim we want allyship with Russia.
Let me listen.
Here's the deal.
Russia has its own political system and is very corrupt.
And China's even beyond that.
But if he says that, then he's a Russian agent.
We just need to stop World War III.
He does speak out against World War III.
He does it almost every day.
The media doesn't pick it up.
But great points.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
Let's go ahead and go to Tony in Florida.
Tony, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
At 19, I was kind of like you when I went to my first John Bircher Society.
I've been listening, you know, to you for years.
I didn't actually wake up until I was in the military.
I'm a former United States Navy Seabee.
I didn't wake up until 9-11 because you and Bill Cooper said the attack was going to happen, and it happened, and I knew I had a choice to make.
So I became a conscious objector to the war on terror, or I used to call it the War of Terror.
And my point is very simple.
I learned something through that.
That there was lots of people in the military who felt the same way I did.
They were just scared of losing their job.
And to the point of the last caller, and this is my challenge to every active former military, your voice, if you come out against this war now, we all need to be conscious objectors to this war.
Active military, former military, I'm calling on you to go out there and stop this thing.
If you want to do it, just do it on a local level.
Whatever you gotta do.
They will listen to you because this is madness.
We are going into World War III.
It's gonna happen.
And by the way, Tony, keep going, keep going.
I just want to say this.
You remind me of it.
They couldn't pass for six months the new Ukraine bill.
They finally got it through, tacking it on to Israel.
And it's really unpopular, you know, even growing in Congress.
So yeah, we've got a really good shot of demanding a ceasefire and a peace deal here.
But we gotta do it through our military, Alex.
And my question to my former brothers and sisters.
They lied to you about Iraq and Afghanistan.
They damn near tried to kill all of you through the COVID vax.
When y'all gonna stand up?
Your country's invaded.
I'm not worried about the world.
The war's here, folks.
It's coming all the way up to the Ho Chi Minh Trail that we call U.S.
Highway 1.
Thank you, Michael Yeun.
We got to do something.
Poor Alex here is losing his life because he has the courage to do that.
Every single person should be doing what Alex Jones is doing right now.
God bless you, Alex.
I've listened to you for years.
I didn't become committed until God told me, you've got to do something.
You've got a choice to make.
I made it.
You know, I lost everything, Alex.
Gained everything.
And now I'm against the war.
But I tell you what, you come to my house, you start messing with my family, you're gonna have hell to pay!
Well, God bless you, Tony.
Tony, I appreciate your call and I agree with you.
Listen, I haven't lost everything.
I want to be clear.
I've gotten stronger than ever.
My life is better than ever.
I'm honored to be in this position.
They're trying to hurt me to scare you.
They're trying to hurt Trump so you get scared.
You should be concerned if they win how bad it's going to be.
See, I don't do this out of courage.
I do it out of necessity because I am concerned about how bad it will be if we don't stop them.
You understand that?
It's not like I'm some hero up here doing this because I want to be a hero.
These people are so evil they must be opposed.
God's watching.
All right, it's much safer to resist them than to bow to them.
We've got a special guest on that coming up.
But first, more calls.
Stay with us.
This is so, so important.
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launch the next great Renaissance.
I've got a special guest coming up in studio to deal with the purge of the left.
Every time they take over and how important that is.
We're continuing your calls, but look at these headlines.
Canada recommends another COVID shot for the pregnant.
They're up to 11 shots now.
For pregnant and indigenous, radicalized and equity deserving.
Remember when they said, oh, we want the black people to take it first.
We love you so much.
We're liberal.
It's for you.
Then it turned out the globalists weren't taking the shot.
Or they were, quote, getting a clean vaccine.
Public Health Agency of Canada, PHAC, National Advisory Committee on Immunization, NACI, issued a statement on May 3rd telling Canadians they may get another COVID vaccine this autumn, while also strongly recommending that certain types of people get it.
Of course, I've had medical doctors on last week, you never give a pregnant woman any type of vaccine.
But now, given this super deadly one that causes 80 plus percent miscarriages, you talk about just hiding it in plain view.
Meanwhile, Don Salazar wrote an article Could I have that time to get into this yet?
I'm not saying this headline's wrong, but it's much worse than he's saying.
There's not one giant Baphomet, clearly with black horns and all the rest of it.
There's demons all over the thing, and when you then add, expand the painting and put copies of it against each other, it endlessly creates a fractal of demons.
It's incredible.
So, satanic Baphomet spotted in King Charles' painting.
It's like fish spotted in the ocean, birds spotted in the trees.
I mean, it is, it is just ab-so-lutely ridiculous.
Crying Jan 6th Capitol cop Harry Dunn loses congressional primary.
The nanny state of theocracy a tale of too many laws and too little freedom.
Just some of the articles on InfoWars.com.
You know, he just joined us.
Trump has agreed after Biden finally agreed to a debate.
We have the Prime Minister of Slovakia that's been anti-war and he has a vote on the NATO board to block Ukraine being brought into NATO.
And he's been shot as fighting for his life in critical condition right now.
Just like Congressman Scalise was by that leftist.
But right now, let's go back to your calls.
Jack in Wisconsin, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Yeah, the assassinations, I think, is part of Slavophobia and Christophobia, as you saw with the church assassinations, the burning of churches and destruction of churches in France, Paris, Notre Dame, and Canada.
And I think it's just going to continue and escalate as the Shadow War continues.
And then yesterday you were mentioning the drones with the 12 gauges.
You're ahead of the curve again.
They're doing that in Russia, issuing them over-under, side-by-side, and pump actions, and I think Patriot stateside should get semi-auto Segas and AR versions of shotguns along with 50 BMG or armored drones, which is down the way.
And then you were talking about InfoWars, and bless your heart, I love you so much, but InfoWars has gone mainstream, it's now the news, and for people like the Cutting Edge on yourself, it's kind of old hat, and you're now in the crossroads for deciding to fight the new wars for the mind, the mind wars, and the soul wars for the soul, and specifically battling against the devil.
By the way, I went for a hike this morning.
Hold on, let me let you talk.
You're making great points.
I woke up, felt terrible.
You know, I don't feel terrible a lot.
Huge headache, no fever.
Felt terrible.
A lot of the crew feels like this.
I don't know what it is.
It's not allergies.
I took some allergy medicine.
It usually works.
Pollen block, didn't work.
Drank a bunch of cold water.
I said, I'm gonna go for like a three mile fast hike.
So I put a couple weights in a backpack and just go for a quick three-mile hike, because three miles is no big deal for anybody.
Put a few weights in there, like 40 pounds.
I got a little bit of a hike in.
Felt even more horrible when I got back, but it did get my brain pumping, and I was thinking, we've crossed the crossroads.
Now the InfoWars is mainstream, but the spiritual war, the depopulation, and the horrors that the InfoWars will expose is here, and our next mission is here.
And I was thinking exactly what you just said, so elaborate on that.
Well, you know, the info's out.
You know, you were right about everything.
The people who came before us were right about everything.
All the conspiracy theories ended up being true and far worse than our wildest imagination.
You know, so it's old war, old hat now, and now it's the old war of the classic war against the devil.
The info goes in the mind, so there's also the mind war and, you know, the mind influences the soul, so it's the soul war and vice versa.
You know, and overall, as you were saying, looking for a name.
What's in a name if InfoWars closes?
Your wife is InfoWars and the information is what's InfoWars.
And it's not about you.
It's not about us.
It's about the info and the people and the populace.
The name matters very little.
They can have a pyrrhic victory of shutting it down, but it doesn't change the fact that you're right about everything.
And especially in light of what happened with Corona.
You know, and I think what's best also, you should look for optics-wise.
You know, they should literally physically drag you out.
Because optics-wise, that would just look horrible on their behalf.
You know, the physical... Since you mentioned... I totally agree.
Since you mentioned the attacks on Christians...
The UN admits it was double five years ago, the attacks in the last decade.
Now it's triple plus, 300% increase.
And then now, in just the last week, people are going into Baptist churches, Catholic churches, Orthodox churches, stabbing, shooting people.
And it's almost getting no attention.
All over Europe, they're burning hundreds of churches a month.
More than 3,000 have been burned in the last decade.
And if you try to cover it, The media shuts you down, and some of them are Islamists, some of them are devil worshippers, some of them are schizophrenics, some of them are like that woman-to-man transitioner in Tennessee, but they are... Satan is attacking the church right now.
Yeah, totally.
And you know, the war against Christ is blatantly obvious, and it's actually a good position for us because, you know, we not only have to fight against the devil, the AI, the Illuminati, Zionist mad Jews, Evil Jesuits, there's a gazillion different people working for the devil and being evil and finding a gazillion different ways to become evil.
We have to do all that, plus we have to save people, you know?
We have to save the people who have been led astray, and it's a good position for us.
We can attack in all directions.
The world has never needed Jesus more.
He who is in us is brighter than he who is in the world.
Thank you so much for the call.
And look, folks, I'm not an apologist for the Islamists or for things that some of the Catholic Church does or Protestants do bad stuff.
I just love God.
And there are good people in every group.
I'm just trying to stand against the world government and the mark of the beast and just try to have a big tent for everybody.
That's what God's laid on my heart.
And I'm glad to see the awakenings that are happening and I'm glad to see the sacred cows being exposed and that's all great.
But my mission Hey Alex, it's pleasure to speak with you.
I love you, brother.
figure it out for themselves.
And that's what we're here doing.
And so that's my mission.
All right, Donovan in Virginia, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, it's a pleasure to speak with you.
I love you, brother.
I just got a couple of points that I wanted to raise, because it seems like no matter
what we do, the force against us is just so overpowering, because getting to know your
neighbor and doing all that to prepare for everything is wonderful, but it's like we
really got to...
We play politics with these people, and it's like we got more people that want to prep
than play politics.
And because getting in...
Because doing this in a peaceful way, that seems to be the real only way that we're going
to get control, because all the congressional hearings that happen and everything, it's...
We never get anything out of that, but a little bit of publicity, it seems like.
And it's just like, you know, what is it going to take for us to, you know, get control of the Federal Reserve?
Or not get control, but you know, deal with the banking cartels and all that.
How much is enough, you know?
Because it seems like of the people, you know, I've been a longtime listener and, you know, I've been listening to you for over 10 years.
And you know, when we know that the whole Trump push has been, you know, since about 2016 and all that, you know,
waking a lot of people up is, it's a, it's like a catch up game.
And it's like, we're so far behind, you know, like, you know, it's that the struggle is real.
Brother, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm listening to you.
You know, it seems like we're far behind, but we just wake up to the fact that everything we deploy against us is a
We start just rejecting and seeing and getting others rejected.
We still have all the power.
I appreciate your call.
Justin in Texas, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Hey, yeah, just wanted to say, me and my wife, six kids, we're super fans of you.
We've been supporting InfoWars for decades now.
About thousands of dollars worth of products and most recently, like a year and a quarter worth of the survival food.
Because, you know, we see that you've been on it for over a quarter of a century.
Just last, right before the Russia war, you said, hey, they're going to invade early in the year.
And I'm telling friends, I'm a contractor, so I'm telling other friends, hey, Alex Jones says they're going to Hit Russia, you know, there's gonna be a big war early next year.
Oh no, now that dude don't know what he's talking about and you know, I already knew from decades before that, you know, you're pretty right on and of course it happened and they were all like, oh wow, okay, maybe he does know some something.
So yeah, I say, you know, everybody support Alex and InfoWars and wherever you want, whatever happens with this situation going on now, we're gonna follow you to the next spot and Yeah, the products are amazing.
We've taken all different kinds of products.
The one problem that I have, it's not a problem, but we're in our mid-40s now, and you know how activity goes.
It's not as much as it was in your teens and 20s, and we've been together since we were teenagers.
And I start taking your Super Male Vitality, your other male enhancement products, and my wife is like, uh, do you think we're, you know, our teens are in our 20s again?
And she's like... Oh yeah, everything we sell, everything we sell works.
The Nitro Boost is not sold for that, but when I take it, I say that because that's what does your cardiovascular system is it cleans it out so much.
Well, Justin, anything else you want to add about the state of the world?
Yeah, well, yeah, real quick.
So anyways, full disclosure, you may end up on a reality show like Speaking Sister Wives if you take Alex's male vitality product.
And as far as the state of the world, man, yeah, it's a crazy time.
Like I said at the beginning, we're following you and we're gonna actually go and buy more survival food.
Because, yeah, if Trump doesn't get in here in November, you know, we're in a bad spot.
And people need to be prepared.
And I heard a previous caller talking about the war with Russia.
And I think, hey, just like we should not, there's 80% of us are not into the war on Russia.
And so if everybody just says, hey, we're not, lock us up, do whatever, but we're not going to war, then no war happens.
So that's my thoughts on it.
I'm Native American.
Obviously, my forefathers fought against America.
And then we fought for America in World War II, my family.
Well, God bless you, Justin.
I'm going to jump to the next caller.
But yeah, it's an epic time to be alive.
We're going to play at the start of the next hour.
We're going to air some little promo clips of Trump and Biden saying they're going to accept the debate next segment.
A little five-minute segment so please don't carry.
We're going to air 15, 13, 14, 16, you know, just the most important clips of that.
And then I really was impressed with the fellow that is, we've still got more calls coming up so don't leave folks before the guest comes on, we're 20 minutes away from 9.
But I was really impressed with the guest, the co-author of Unhumans, explaining why communist revolutions always eat their own.
So we're going to air that at six after, seven minutes of that, and he's going to be in here in studio with us here today.
And I really appreciate him coming to town to promote that.
All right.
Again, I cannot stress to you how big it is that they have tried to kill the Slovakian Prime Minister, who's anti-war, was blocking Ukraine joining NATO.
And he's been very fair in what he said.
He's pointed out the West started the war, which is all true.
I don't take a Russian side.
I take the truth side, folks.
When you hear the Russians are involved in U.S.
politics, they're like a shot glass of water compared to the China comms.
It's like a gallon of water.
You know, if the manipulation, and then if you look at the Israel lobby, it's like another gallon of water.
I mean, it's China, the Israel lobby.
These are outside forces coming in.
And I don't hate the Chinese people, I don't hate the Jewish people, but that's going on.
We have to recognize that and point that out and say that it's not good to have these political groups do it.
We're not just dealing with our own politicians and own leaders, we're dealing with these outside interests.
And then you've got the EU and British intelligence is a big part of all that.
And I just don't find the Russians, as Putin says, he goes, I've got three times the land in the US.
We sold you Alaska for what was it?
500 million bucks?
I forget.
How much was it?
50 million?
I forget.
What did the U.S.
purchase Alaska for?
Pull it up for me.
It's some ridiculously low number.
It's like twice the size of Texas or whatever.
Full of gold and silver and oil and gas.
It's just incredible.
And the Russians are like, 80% of our country, we don't even have people near it.
67% of Russia, you just fly on an airplane.
7.2 million.
There you go.
They just fly on an airplane for like hours and you see nothing but just pine trees and mountains and fields.
So the Russians aren't trying to conquer us, ladies and gentlemen.
The Chi-Coms don't have land and they are trying to take over and they control 98% of the world's minerals.
So I see that as very strategically dangerous.
And I've also seen the Israel lobby, which have been very critical over the years.
People go, Jones just criticized Israel the first time ever.
That's a lie!
And they go, oh, Owen just criticized Israel.
Well, Alex, fire him!
You don't watch the shows, folks, you don't know, okay?
There are people that don't want us to point out any other power blocks in the world, and they only want to make it about, are you pro-Palestinian or are you pro-Jew?
And the whole thing is contrived at the top.
If you're Jews getting killed on October 7th, it's real.
If you're Palestinians getting killed right now, it's real.
But at the upper levels, it's all contrived.
We've talked about it.
We've run through it.
We've explained it.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Emmanuel in Wyoming.
Thank you for holding her on the air.
Peace and blessings to you, Alex.
Been praying for you, man.
Praying for our people here in America, all over the world, our brothers and sisters in Christ.
I just wanted to touch on the whole World War III thing, because ever since I've been listening to you, I've been a long-time listener, you have really helped me, along with the Holy Spirit, to dive into figuring things out and seeking out the truth.
And this all seems like prophecy to me, that there's nothing we can really do to avert it other than introduce people to Christ.
Pray that they get saved.
Pray for our family.
Because the way things are going, we're too deep in the game.
The government's too big.
Well, that's right.
They're committing to World War III, trying to kill the Slovakian Prime Minister.
He's fighting for his life.
I mean, did you hear me and Jack Posobiec predict this months ago?
Yes, sir.
And just seeing how everything is still unfolding and The way the spending is going, the inflation, the debt, the demoralization of our citizens, of our people, we're at a point where it seems that all civilizations, once they get here, and you've said this before, that there is no turning back.
There is a clock that has started ticking, and it's still counting down.
And it looks like that this whole World War III thing, is to set up for the Antichrist, because he has to come and
bring peace to all nations, and he has to be accepted by all people, and the whole
world has to be in such a demonic place where we look at him as a - well, I wouldn't say I do, but
the world looks at him as a messiah.
And by the way, Klaus Schwab has said in a bunch of his books and speeches, we're going to make the world so angry and so ugly you accept our world government.
So he's actually saying that.
Thank you so much for the call, Emmanuel.
Great points.
Ness in Connecticut.
Not in Loch Ness, not in Scotland, but in Connecticut.
Ness, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, hello, how are you?
I'm a first-time caller, and I'm here because I was on Twitter and I saw you, and I saw the World War III alert, so that pulled me in.
That's why I'm here.
I just have a question for you, and I want to know how American moms can emotionally prepare our children for a third world war.
Well, I mean, I would first pray about it, and then I would call Congress, and I would demonstrate peacefully, and I would say, you're not going to screw up my children, because the Democrats have been saying they want to bring back the draft.
Europe's announcing they are.
So, I mean, this is going on.
They say this war will last decades with Russia.
This is crazy town.
How would you tell your kids about an impending doom?
You know, Dr. Spock, not from the...
No, no, no, but I was about to say, Dr. Spock, not the guy from Star Trek, but the Dr. Spock of the 60s and 70s that taught people, don't tell your kids what to do, let them be their self, that's so the state can raise them and brainwash them.
Early on, explain to them how the world works.
Early on, say you can't trust everybody.
Early on, explain about the left and about the devil and about God.
Early on, pray with them.
Early on, read them the Bible.
Early on, you know, tell them classic fairy tales, because like, you know, Little Red Riding Hood is like, hey, we're going to send you to Grandma's house a mile through the woods, but if the big bad wolf, the man, comes over and wants to talk to you, you know, don't talk to him and get to Grandma's.
So you've got to put the fear into God and the children or they won't have any.
And so it comes down to that.
So I think.
I think that's really an oversimplification, but yeah, we are already in a global crisis.
The banking system bubble's coming to an end.
They want crises to be able to paper it over and be the savers on the other side to bring in their new world order, Great Reset.
So we're here.
And I would just tell people that, you know, what you saw in the past was the good old times, folks.
For a long time, stuff's going to just get worse.
And I don't say that with any enjoyment.
I'm not looking for trouble.
I want stability and happiness and I wish we could get a reprieve, you know, like Jonah got for Nineveh for a hundred years.
I don't think we're getting it.
So, get ready.
All the nature, you know, the science of things, and I like William Donahue as a side note for intellectual, spiritual training, so.
Well, I'll look that up.
What else is on your mind?
Well, I think you're doing a great job.
I think you're awesome.
And I wish we were friends a long time ago.
You probably do great things.
Well, thank you so much.
I'm going to jam in a few more.
Terry in Oregon, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi Alex, love you, pray for you every day.
Hey, you know, with the sham trials between Trump, you, and Owen and stuff like that, I just pray that when he gets in in January, that he pardons all of you guys right away.
I was just wondering what you think of that.
Well, I like that, but I think more importantly, he needs to legally, under the Constitution as the executive, fire every U.S.
And he needs to go through and search engine everybody that's in government at the top positions.
He should fire people three deep in every agency immediately and just purge them out legally and lawfully, not violently.
They're the ones that are going to purge him with riots and civil unrest.
They've got to be dealt with.
He's got to remove them immediately.
Well, General Flynn is standing by.
I can tell you that.
He's already been put through hell because he was a good guy.
But I hear you.
But the most important pick is the AG, and I wish he would pick General Flynn myself.
I think he would just lay into these guys.
Well, General Flynn is standing by, I can tell you that.
He's already been put through hell because he was a good guy.
But I hear you.
Anything else?
Oh, just that, yeah.
Just that, you know, people hear of Oregon as being this big liberal state, but it's not.
It's only in the cities.
It's only in the cities.
Yeah, exactly.
You get out in the country, it's Alex Jones and Trump land.
God bless you, sir.
Jonathan in Florida, go ahead.
Hey, God bless you, Alex.
I just want to say that God will take you to the next level even more if you just have a commercial or a shirt that brings all the people that listen to you to Jesus Christ.
He will exponentially blow the top off everything for you spiritually, economically.
Well, I don't care about stopping the globalists.
I mean, if other people pop up that are better than me and it's happening, I'll just exit the stage here.
I don't care about me.
Believe me, I'm over this.
I like being famous 30 years ago.
I want to stop the New World Order.
But yes, I talk about Jesus every 10 minutes.
It's all about Christ.
And you're right, we should, I meant to do it, put out apparel that's like, you know, Jesus is King, stuff like that, that the system hates.
That's all I wanted to say.
God bless you.
God bless you, thank you.
Let's jam in one more right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jimmy in Ohio.
You're on the air, Jimmy.
Hello, how are you doing?
Alright, go ahead.
First of all, I've got a lot to say, so I'm going to try to talk quick, but Alex, we love you, thank you, and the download from God is your mission is accomplished.
Keep up the fight, but your mission is accomplished.
I just got back from New York, and it was a truly spiritual journey with all kinds of synchronicities.
Uh, I really, I wrote a love letter poem to New York in the park that was, um, that it was going to happen and it happened just naturally, but the whole weekend was The word I was getting is the timing is right and that it's time for change.
And I believe I'm in sync with you.
I'm in sync with God.
And I think you and your couple callers ago is right.
That's why I called in.
I think, you know, this may be the time for you to change missions.
So we are, the info is out everywhere I go, including New York.
Everybody is for Trump.
You know, they all see all of it.
They just, I don't think anybody's, you know, maybe not everybody's prepared to battle, but--
Exactly, the great awakening's here.
All the numbers show it.
Like they have unions where 80% are going for Trump in New York.
I'm out of time, I appreciate you, brother.
All right, special guests coming in so much next hour.
And then in one hour, Owen Schroeder.
Two hours, actually.
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Brain Force Ultra is now on sale at InfoWarsStore.com.
Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020.
Since then, he hasn't shown up for a debate.
Now he's acting like he wants to debate me again.
Well, make my day, pal.
I'll even do it twice.
So let's pick the dates, Donald.
I hear you're free on Wednesday.
Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, by the way, Clinton, just told Armanu Raju up on Capitol Hill, and I'm quoting her now, I would never recommend going on stage with Donald Trump, close quote.
Is this a risky move for the president?
Why has he decided he wants to do this?
Look, our campaign has been saying for months that democracy is literally at stake and is what's on the ballot in this election.
The American people deserve to hear from one of the two or two of the individuals who have a chance of being elected President of the United States, that are going to represent them on a world stage, that are going to be in charge of the economy, that affects their life every day.
President Biden deeply believes this.
We have nothing to hide.
President Biden is incredibly proud of his Biden and former President Donald Trump appear to have accepted the terms of a June 27th debate with CNN.
That is just six weeks away.
This will be the first time that we are seeing the two men face off in this presidential election cycle.
Of course, they debated two times back in 2020.
But we're still waiting to learn some of the other details about what exactly this campaign will look like.
I will say my colleague MJ Lee and I have heard from two Biden campaign sources Who said that they had accepted an invitation for a debate that will take place in studio at CNN's Atlanta offices.
But we will see what else the details of this debate will look like.
A bit earlier today, former President Trump, for instance, told Fox News in a radio interview that he would be interested in a two-hour debate that involved podiums.
The Biden campaign Has also set out very specific details about what they want to see.
For instance, the microphones can only be on when each candidate is expected to speak, potentially eliminating some of that very intense back and forth that we saw in the very first debate between Biden and Trump back in 2020.
It should be, yes, in studio with no audience so that the candidates can clearly articulate their vision for the country.
Is an audience a deal breaker?
Is an audience a deal breaker for you?
Listen, it's Donald Trump who said he would do this anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
So I don't think that they should have any problems with what we have proposed.
He's the one who said he's ready to go.
So we should be set to go once we have proposals.
I've been trying to get, you know, he's issuing it.
I wonder whether or not he shows up because, you know, he also challenged me to golf.
So I'm a very good golfer.
He can't hit a ball 50 yards.
He said, I'll give him three a side.
But he knows he'll never play.
This is sort of like that, I think.
But I hope not, because I really think he has to debate.
He might as well get it over with.
Probably should do it early so that he can, you know, he's not going to get any better.
But June and September is great.
Every day is a down factor for him.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
Even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning and for those who will listen, the enunciator.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and subverting your submission.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war in the world.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the InfoWar.
I think there's quite a few things to unpack with this.
It's interesting too because you look at that time period of the French Revolution.
They do all this to remove the monarchy, which actually creates the perfect situation for Napoleon to then gather power and bring back an even stronger monarchy.
So it's quite interesting, kind of, that whole disposition.
And you even look at someone like Maximilian Robespierre.
He helps to create this revolution and eventually it eats him.
And I guess when we're looking at it, why do revolutions often devour those that help to fuel it?
Yes, so we point out in the book that revolutions often do eat themselves.
And there's a common expression in popular culture, the left eats its own, the left always eats itself, and the way that the right doesn't.
We call it the Ouroboros option.
If anyone's familiar with the symbol of the snake or the dragon eating its own tail, that is the left, by the way.
And it always has been.
Speaking of the Spanish Civil War, The communists began arresting and executing other communists because they were devotees of Leon Trotsky, not Joseph Stalin.
Both communists, right?
So you have the communists hurting and of course Joseph Stalin did the same thing in Russia when he became top dog there.
Same issue in China where Mao Zedong began arresting and executing his own.
Happens every time.
Every time.
It happened of course in the French Revolution.
So is it just they're useful enough until it gets to a certain point or why does that occur?
It seems that the Radical left, meaning the left that says, this isn't fair.
We're going to change it.
You're oppressing us.
You're bad.
We're good because we're oppressed.
We can rob and or kill you because that's fair.
That's when I say radical left, that's what we're talking about.
And that's been, that's been, that's been what the left, the far left has been like for 250 plus years.
The left is effective at organizing.
Notice the present progressive.
What they are not effective at is staying organized, once they have organized.
It's very interesting.
Understand that the book title, Unhumans, unhuman is a verb.
People are like, that's not a real word.
Yes, it is a verb.
To unhuman someone is to strip them of their humanity.
It is to alienate them from any sense of identity, from the consciousness, from soul, as to be an unhuman.
And that is what communists, progressives, socialists, leftists, whatever you want to call yourself, Jacobins, Whatever you want to call yourself during a far-left-wing uprising, that's what they do.
They target those they deem oppressors, and they systematically un-human them.
They remove them from their rights to life, liberty, and property in reverse order.
They take their stuff, they take their civil rights, and then they take their lives.
So immensely that they have to live in exile, have to flee.
You mentioned Unhumans is coming in July, so people should definitely pre-order it now, but there's another book I think they should read to prepare themselves for that coming out.
It's called In the Garden of Beasts by Eric Larson.
I don't know if you've read it.
It's a very interesting book, and it takes the diaries of the American ambassador to Nazi Germany before it's Nazi Germany, and it follows the process of you know, un-humaning people over about 10 years.
And it's wild when you see how it changes, right?
Because you're actually able to observe someone's first-hand basis.
So I think by often, I think we don't understand what we're seeing now or what we're seeing in a process,
what that leads to, right?
Do you think, I'm curious your thoughts on that.
When you look at that, why do people not understand the process when they're in it?
It's usually difficult to understand that there's a threat to the status quo.
It's also easy to excuse it away because you don't want to necessarily be seen
as the bad guy or as a reactionary.
Understand that the Nazi Party in Germany was a reactionary.
Phenomenon to the left-wing oppression and social catastrophe that was the Weimar Republic and all the shenanigans that were going on there and there was in fact a communist uprising during that period and the National Socialist German Workers Party was an overreaction to that and to the disproportionate ethnic identity of those communists.
It, of course, is known that many of them were Jewish, and unfortunately they were able to seize on that and then equate communist equal Jew equal bad.
That was part of the messaging that was within the propagandizing of the population.
I think an effective way to understand that reaction, that over-reactionary mindset.
Now this is different from counter-revolutionary.
Wrangel in Russia?
That does not equal an overreaction to it, which is what occurred in Germany.
Hermann Goering's memoir, Germany Reborn, in English is what it is, is effective to understand the overreaction to that period.
There were a number of legitimate grievances that the German people had as a result of the Treaty of Versailles, as a result of what they deemed the betrayal of their country, their economy, and whatnot.
And so there was, unfortunately, opportunity for an immense overreaction.
And people will joke, they were called the National Socialists.
Socialism equals left-wing, right?
I don't think people often understand that distinction.
Even the political scale as you look at it doesn't make 100% of sense.
Some things aren't left-wing or right-wing.
Yes, yes.
And people often say that the libertarian way nowadays is something like, oh, I'm fiscally conservative, socially liberal.
The German Workers' Party at that time might have been something like socially conservative, fiscally liberal, actually, which is kind of like a sort of a left-wing populism.
A little bit fascist in that there's government involvement in industry, a little bit of central planning, which is kind of socialist, right?
Where did the Volkswagen come from?
That's a little bit of fascism.
Left-wing central planning, right guys?
Wow, absolutely enlightening stuff.
We are live in studio with Jeremy Ryan Slate.
I am Chase Geiser, your host for this hour, followed by Burmess in the fourth hour today.
Jeremy Ryan Slate is the host of Create Your Own Life podcast, which studies the highest
performers in the world.
He studied literature at Oxford University as well as holding a master's in early Roman
Empire propaganda from Seton Hall University.
His podcast was named the number one podcast to listen to by Inc.
Magazine as well as top 40 under 40 by Podcast Magazine.
Jeremy and his wife, Brielle, co-founded Command Your Brand.
and a new media public relations agency designed to help entrepreneurs share their message
by appearing as guests on podcasts.
He resides in Stillwater, New Jersey, where he raises chickens
and is a former competitive power lifter.
What is up, Jeremy Ryan Slate?
Hey, Chase, I'm stoked to be here, man.
I know I've followed you for a long time online, so it's great to finally meet in the flesh, man.
Well, it's an honor and a pleasure to be speaking with you,
and what a litany of amazing accolades you have here in your bio, man.
A lot of things I don't agree.
So what made you decide to study early Roman Empire propaganda?
I didn't even know there was such a thing as studying specifically the propaganda of the early Roman Empire.
What got your interest in that?
So I've always been interested in, I guess, what makes cultures work and what makes people tick, and I had this amazing professor in undergrad, Dr. Shawn Lake, And he really made, he was kind of like, uh, like Neil Patrick Harris as a teacher.
Like, it was like the same type of experience.
And he made history, like, real to me.
And I was interested in Alexander the Great, and it was kind of this thing I got really into, so that in grad school, I read every obscure article you could think about about Alexander the Great.
And there was this one article called, um, Augustus at Actium.
Actium is the last battle of the Roman Revolution.
And he does this really weird thing.
He goes to this city called Actium, and he actually kneels in front of the body of Alexander, who had been dead for hundreds of years at this point in time, and he prays before him.
Like, that's really weird.
So I ended up writing my thesis then on the origins of Roman ruler worship.
Like, where did this come from?
Why did they do it?
And why did it last so long?
And it led me into, like, looking at the Roman Empire and all those other things.
Wow, so Alexander the Great was famous for being a pupil of Aristotle, as I understand it.
And there was this notion of the Philosopher King that goes all the way back to Plato's Republic, as I understand it.
And so it would make sense that there would be this catalyst for Roman Caesar worship or leader worship.
At the grave of Alexander the Great, so by paying homage to Alexander the Great, then he was able to set a precedent where the entire people of Rome could kind of worship this idea of Caesar as a philosopher king?
Yeah, because a lot of like ruler worship comes from the East, right?
It comes from Babylon, it comes from Egypt, and there's this turn in Alexander's leadership towards the end of his life.
dies in 323 but there's in the last couple years there's this weird
situation where he goes to see the Oracle at Zeus Amon. Amon is a city in
Egypt and the Pharaoh would have been seen as the son of God figure so he's
greeted as greeting son of God and he's like I kind of like the sound of that
son of God. Then he also traces his own lineage to Heracles so he's kind of made
up this own divine lineage for himself and he starts carrying himself as the
son of God figure. So in Babylon they used to do this process called
proskinesis. So like it's not just kneeling in front of a ruler it's laying
your entire body on the ground and like not even looking at him. So Alexander
starts making his generals do this and they're like I grew up with you this is
weird like why are we doing this?
So this one general, Clytus the Black, who actually fought under his father, Philip II of Macedon... Val Kilmer.
In the movie.
And Val Kilmer, I had to think about that for a second.
Titus the Black was one of the guys that fought for Val Kilmer, I guess, when he still had a voice.
And so he says, you know, basically, like, I fought with your father, I know who you are.
And Alexander just kills him in front of everyone at a drinking party.
So this basically has this strange turn where he starts really having people worship him.
And people like Augustus, people like Pompey, they would have seen this, they would have read about it, and they say, well, that's ultimate power, right?
Power is having people worship you.
Now, there's this kind of, I guess, struggle of propaganda between Pompey and also Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar is the adopted father of Caesar Augustus, the first emperor.
And they compete against each other for kind of who is going to be more of this ruler, divine figure.
Caesar tries to do it through power.
Pompey does it by making people love him and connecting himself to Alexander.
So when Caesar's killed in, I think it's 43, Augustus sees this and basically says, okay, the blueprint is not politically do what my adopted father did, but do actually what Pompey did, and people will love me.
And it creates, you know, kind of this worship cult that lasted for hundreds of years.
Can we talk a little bit about the assassination of Julius Caesar?
I'm somebody who's interested in ancient Roman history, but I admittedly have a very surface-level understanding of what happened.
But with Julius Caesar, my understanding is that when he was assassinated, several of the Senators went through the streets and said, you know, death to tyranny, this is great, but the people were actually upset about it.
My understanding is that they threw their furniture into the funeral pyre and almost set the forum on fire the next day after Caesar was assassinated.
Was he like a populist figure?
I mean, I know that didn't exist in the same way... Well, it did in some ways.
So he was what's called a populare.
So populares were people that were actually doing things for the people.
And one of the major things that they would do after battles is the generals, Pompey specifically, wanted to get land for their soldiers that have fought so hard, right?
Because now you want to have a farm, you want to raise a family.
So the first thing Caesar does in his consulship in 59 BC is actually get land for all the soldiers that have come back from war.
So he's very popular with people.
Now, the establishment did not like him.
So they're doing whatever they can do to circumvent him, and they actually try to prevent his proconsulship to Gaul, which is one of the last things he does before he's assassinated.
But, yes, he's a very popular character.
It's the people in power that did not like him.
And it's interesting, because I've struggled with it as well, because I think historically we're told, like, Caesar's such a bad guy.
But if you read a lot about him, I just read a really great book, if you get a chance to read it, by Adrian Goldworthy, that describes the whole life of Caesar.
And there are some things about him.
Yes, he's egomaniacal.
You don't get that position without being that way, but regular people seem to really like him.
And a lot of people are trying to draw comparisons between Rome and the United States today.
A lot of people say that just as Rome fell, we're following things like weakening our own currency, debasing it, mixing it with cheaper metals, things like that.
There's a lot of motifs throughout history that seem to be resonating today.
When you think of Donald Trump in comparison to like a A Caesar-type figure, whether it's Julius Caesar or another Caesar.
Would you actually say that there are more similarities than differences between a Donald Trump and a Julius Caesar?
Or is it too much apples and oranges to compare the two?
I'm not trying to say that Trump is a dictator.
Time Magazine wrote a piece, they actually wrote it in December of last year, but they just reissued it in March trying to compare him directly to Caesar.
And the guy that wrote it was a PhD, so I guess that means he's smarter than me, I don't know.
But I think when you look at it, Chase, like, sure, there's some parallels, but at the same time, like, history doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme.
So a lot of things are similar, but they're not exactly the same.
And I think the thing people have to understand is there's three eras in Rome.
Rome is founded in 753 BC by Romulus, and it's a kingdom.
There's traditionally seven kings, the last of which is Tarquin the Proud.
He dies in 509 BC.
He's assassinated by a guy named Brutus, also the name of the assassin of Caesar.
So the Republic then lasts from 509 to 31 BC, and in 31 BC you have your first emperor, doesn't call himself an emperor, he calls himself first citizen because Romans didn't like the ideas of kings, Augustus.
So the Empire then lasts from 31 BC to 476 AD in the west, and then 1453 AD in the east.
So that's kind of like the whole layout of things.
Frankly, if you look at where we're at in America now, I think, and I'd love to hear your opinion on this, I think the Republic fell in 1913.
Federal Reserve?
Right, so you're more of, well the Federal Reserve, income tax, and then also the 17th Amendment.
Because now states are no longer having representation, everything is a direct democracy.
So direct democracy is going to disintegrate into oligarchy.
Democracy is the leading cause of tyranny.
So if you want to look at who is your Caesar character, it's somebody more like Woodrow Wilson.
And if you want to look at who is your Augustus character, well, the person that establishes the new thing, it's more like an FDR character who creates the New Deal and creates kind of the new situation.
So if you want to look at where we are, I like to say that we're in what was called Rome's crisis of the third century.
It's around the year 210 it starts and it completes around 284 with the Emperor Diocletian taking power.
Very similar problems.
15,000% inflation.
Not as bad as what we have now, but it's very high.
They have a military problem where the immigrants are coming across the border and they don't know what to do with them.
And then they also have a crumbling central power issue.
Now the thing we don't have is they had 47 different people in less than 100 years claim to be emperor.
We don't have different people running around the country claiming they're president with an army.
It's just not happening.
But we have inflation, we have immigration, and we do have a central power issue right now.
States versus the federal government is a problem.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, one of the things that comes to mind when I think about the state of the United States today and compare it to Rome is we've gotten to a point in our nation where our executive branch is so powerful that whoever the president is, regardless of whether you think that they're actually controlled and run by the deep state like the CIA or the FBI or others, Whoever the president is has a massive sway on major
policies, right?
So when you have a President Trump, you have a completely different border situation than
when you have a President Joe Biden.
When you have a President Barack Obama, you have a completely different health care situation
than when you have a President Bush, right?
That's not to say that one is right or the other is wrong, but we have an executive branch
that's so powerful that you see massive sways in major policies and the health and performance
of the nation.
That's very similar to what I see from Rome, especially late stage Rome, when you have
a great Caesar like Marcus Aurelius, you have years and years of success and expansion and
staving off of the enemies, but then you have a weak Caesar come in and everything can just
Do you see some similarities there too?
And I also like to, Edward Gibbon who wrote The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire likes
to blame Marcus Aurelius for that beginning of the fall because there's five good emperors
under starting with Nerva I believe in 98 is when he starts ruling.
And what they do is rather than naming a child, because many of them were childless anyway,
they would basically adopt the closest person to them they thought was qualified to be emperor.
These five guys do it.
They all reign for an average of 20 years.
The first one, Nerva, actually reigns the shortest amount of time.
But you have really good emperors in this time.
Aurelius changes that whole thing and names his very spoiled son, Commodus, to be emperor when he's still a teenager.
And Commodus was more interested in being a gladiator than actually, you know, running everything.
He would often fight in gladiatorial games and he would shoot animals and things, but he would do it from a platform because being a wimp, you don't want them to actually hurt you.
So it really starts this decline.
Now, I think that's important for a specific reason, because as we mentioned that there's three eras to Rome, there's actually two specific eras to the Empire.
There's what's called the Principate, and that's where we get the idea of Princeps or First Citizen, and that's where you had kind of the Senate still doing everything, but you had this Prince that really wanted the city to be run well.
And then the Dominate, which starts around 284, and it really begins with this whole crumbling after Commodus.
And that's more of a despotic, direct rule.
You know, I'm not getting anyone else's opinion.
I have the military power.
And a lot of those things, you know, I know Joe Biden has said, you know, we have all these weapons and we can use them against Americans.
Like, it's very similar to how these despotic, you know, dominate Roman empires would have ruled as opposed to the principate early Roman Empire rulers.
So as things got more desperate, more power was centralized.
To a single person.
Without any pull or leeway from anyone else.
And there would be, there would still be a Senate in name only, right?
The Senator still existed, but... Well, the Senate always existed, but it never, what it would do is it would actually, they would...
Proposed legislation, but it would be up to either a consul or a tribune or somebody actually put in place now often those Recommendations were always put in place, but the Senate never made more than recommendations Wow, well, it seems like we're getting close to that here I want to talk a little bit about Constantine.
We have the Nicene Council is the 372 AD or 317 I don't remember I can't remember but tell me a little bit about If you see any correlation or similarities between Rome establishing a religion at the state level, which is Catholicism of course, and what we're seeing now because a lot of people refer to the left as a cult and there's this anti-Christianity sentiment, this anti-West sentiment.
Do you anticipate similar to Rome going towards this universal religion that our nation here in the United States over the course of the next 50 or 100 or 200 years might actually mandate at a federal level some sort of philosophy or religious belief.
So I don't think we're actually to the point of Constantine yet, because I think Constantine 312 at the Battle of Milvian Bridge, he has this vision where he sees the Cairo in the sky, the Cairo is the P and the X. Right, with this conquer.
Yeah, and he says under this sign you will conquer.
So he puts it on the shields, they all fight, and it's not actually a Christian empire until Theodosius in 376.
So though he rules He doesn't actually become a Christian.
He rules a lot of Christian ideals, but there's still a lot of paganism.
I think if you want to look at more of, you know, this comes right back to that crisis of the third century.
In 284, Emperor Diocletian does these really famous reforms.
He fixes money.
He fixes the military.
One of the things he does, which maybe isn't so great, is he starts persecuting Christians.
And if you look at emperors that struggled or times that struggled, whenever things weren't going well, emperors would persecute the Christians.
Because they could basically say, okay, we can unite behind this idea, and we can unite the empire behind it.
Here's a minority that everybody disagrees with.
And we're just going to pick on them, similar to how the Nazis did against the Jews during the 19th century.
Because if we can have, it's like in 1984, right?
If we have the amount of hate, you know, at this person, you know, it's Goldstein in the book, we can really take the power of the mass of people and put it in this place.
So do you anticipate, just having learned these lessons from ancient Rome, do you anticipate that over the course of the next decades there'll be more and more antagonism from a federal level against Christians again?
Or is it going to manifest differently this time around?
So I'm a huge fan of a podcast I've been listening to for like the last 15 years, Adam Curry, the guy that actually invented podcasts.
So shout out to No Agenda Show and The Podfather.
But he recommended this book a bunch of years ago called In the Garden of Beasts by Eric Larson.
And it actually takes the journals of the U.S.
diplomat who's in Nazi Germany.
So like he basically, it's not Nazi Germany yet and he lives through that period.
So I think if people really want to have an idea of like where we're going, that is a really awesome book to read because it shows you how slowly it starts.
It starts very slowly and we're seeing that now with the FBI going after, you know, people going to school board meetings and people that are, you know, right to life and stuff like that.
It's a very slow burn and then at some point in time it picks up a critical mass.
Will we get there?
I really hope not.
But at the same time, history has showed us, when government is struggling, they go after people to unite people behind a group.
That makes a lot of sense.
Okay, we are going to come up on a break here in about 15 seconds.
Stick with us, though, because we have Jeremy Ryan Slate in studio.
We're going to unpack more of this on the other side of this four-minute break.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, folks.
I am Chase Geyser, your host for the next 27 minutes.
In studio with me is the very distinguished and outstanding guest, Jeremy Ryan Slate.
He's the host of the Create Your Own Life podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world.
He studied literature at Oxford University, as well as holding a master's in early Roman Empire propaganda from Seton Hall University.
It's been an absolutely fascinating conversation so far.
The next question I want to ask you, and this is something that's really been weighing on my mind for an extended period of time, When I look at history, just as a layman, somebody who's not formally educated in history but takes an active interest, likes to watch documentaries, likes to read books, when I look at the rise and fall of civilizations and the slow entropy of civilizations, sometimes rapid, sometimes very elongated, what concerns me the most is I can't think of a time throughout history, and I hope that you can correct me on this issue,
Where a civilization has reached the level of corruption that we in the United States are experiencing now and successfully reversed all of these problems in this level of corruption back to a healthy state without violence or revolution.
Now when we look at Rome as a layman I envision it as Centuries and centuries of slow entropy, sometimes more rapid, sometimes little corrections here when a good emperor would happen and fall into place.
But the general trend, the general narrative is cheaper money, more punctured borders, weaker centralized government, and then eventually just collapse and dissipation or the transformation into a church.
Is there a way for the issues that we're facing, in the context of what we understand about Rome, is there a way for the United States to peacefully and successfully reverse this trend of entropy and corruption?
Well, so I'll say first and foremost like I'm very hopeful.
I guess first of all because I'm a dad and I know you're a dad as well so like to me it's it's something that's really important to me and this is We've never had the ability to speak out like we can at any time in history.
And we see YouTube clamping down.
We see different places clamping down.
But we're still able to talk on X. We're still able to talk on programs like this.
So, like, to me, I'm very hopeful for this reason.
And they did not have that.
They didn't have the ability to communicate, you know, in times like Rome and things like that.
But also, if you look, we mentioned Rome's late third century.
So towards the late 280s, Diocletian does these famous reforms.
The first thing he does is he puts them back on a hard currency.
He deals more with silver.
Later in 305, more is done with gold by Constantine.
But the first thing he handles is silver.
And he gets the currency stable for a little bit, because what The third century, this problem they had, they had what are called the barrack emperors.
So barracks meaning like military barracks.
So you have generals who basically have an army, declare themselves emperor, and then fight off everybody else to become emperor.
So they would create more money by adding new metals to it, by doing whatever they could to debase the currency.
So this is a major problem.
They had 15,000% inflation at its worst point in the late third century, and it really looked like Rome was going to collapse in the late 200s.
It lasts until 476.
So these reforms that Diocletian does, as I mentioned, he persecutes Christians, which isn't such a great thing, but the reforms that he does, he splits the empire between East and West with something called the Tetrarchy.
So it's a rule by four.
So there's two junior emperors, two senior emperors, but they're all still beholden to him as kind of the senior emperor.
So it's more like a state's rights situation, which is very similar to what we have with our Tenth Amendment.
So that is one thing I think structurally that helps us.
But if you also look at monetarily, If we can get back to a more hard currency, because we are not at 15,000% inflation yet.
We're very far from it.
Now, inflation is terrible and it's not great, but if we can get back on a hard currency, it's going to be bumpy for a while, man.
It's definitely going to be bumpy for a while to get on hard currency because we've been living off of currency we don't have.
But if we can start producing more oil here, bring our economy back, get on hard currency, we can fix a lot of things.
We also have to handle what the federal government's doing because they're taking away liberties and rights and abilities to actually talk about what they're doing.
But I think the number one thing is the economy.
The second thing is immigration.
We cannot be bringing people across the border that We are a nation of immigrants, which is awesome, right?
But, the people that are coming across the border here, they're committing a crime by getting here because they're not doing it legally.
They also don't have any buy-in to the system they're not benefiting from.
And I think that is a huge problem.
You and I were talking about a bit in the break, in 212, Emperor Caracalla names all the people in the Roman provinces, all the free people, so it wouldn't have to do with the slaves, but all of the free people in the provinces, citizens, overnight.
Right, and you hear the left call for this here in the United States.
30 million people, overnight.
So what he wants to do is basically be able to give the government coffers more money.
And they're continually trying to solve this money problem.
And immigration becomes a problem throughout the 3rd century, throughout the 4th century, and the 5th century.
And it's one of the things that finally ends Rome.
Because what happens is when the central power no longer has money to pay for these people that don't have a buy-in to the system, well they don't need the system anymore anyway.
And I think that is the thing we have to handle.
We have to handle immigration, we have to handle our money, or we're in major trouble, but it can be done.
So, did you say the fall of Rome is officially marked as 476 A.D.? ?
It's one of the most debated things by historians out there, so I know there's probably thousands of people that disagree with me out there, so I'm sorry if you do.
Once again, there's an Eastern Empire and a Western Empire.
The Eastern Empire falls in 1453, and it's called the Byzantine Empire, but they wouldn't have called themselves that.
They would have considered themselves to be Romans.
So that is really their viewpoint.
There's other people that say, oh, the Holy Roman Empire.
It's kind of BS.
You know, it's just what the Pope was trying to do to put political control in.
But if you want to look at the Western Empire, the real, like, where Rome was, it falls in 476.
Now, you have to remember, there wouldn't have been much literacy among these barbarian
tribes even though they had military strength.
So who's writing about the fall of Rome?
The Eastern Roman Empire.
Because Justinian tries to reunite the West Empire and the Eastern Empire.
So what does he do?
He raises a military force and tries to take out Theodoric, who's the barbarian king ruling
Rome at this point in time, and that's actually what causes the fall of Rome.
Because what had happened is, in 410, Rome is sacked by this Visigoth king named Alaric, and then you have Roman emperors ruling in name only, and with barbarian kings behind them.
And eventually, Odoacer, who's the barbarian king in 476, says, I'm gonna be in control now.
And they just take the final emperor, they give him a place to live, they've taken care of him, and they're really not harming the guy.
But Justinian brings in a military force and tries to take out this final king, and that's why he says, oh, it's the fall of the Roman Empire.
Because scribes don't want Justinian to look bad.
Once again, it's an opinion thing, and historians are very good at telling you our opinions, right?
Yeah, history is written by Americans.
Right, right.
So if we keep going down the trajectory that we are going, this trajectory of entropy and inflation and a strengthening executive branch but a weakened nation altogether, do you foresee that we could potentially arrive at a position in our nation where our military leaders Do similar things to the military leaders in ancient Rome where they use their military power or the loyalty of their men to overthrow or seize power in our own government because obviously it's a blatant violation of the Constitution for a soldier to just support a general taking over our federal government, right?
What do you mean, haven't we already, like, how does this play out?
Well, what about General Milley on January 6th?
Yes, but he didn't take power for himself.
He didn't take power, but he subverted.
He subverted and declined an order, and that's how it starts, man.
That is the process.
It's not long before a military leader says, oh, I can get away with that.
Well, now I can do this.
And I think that's, it's not a very long, slippery slope.
And so I think those are the things that have to be watched, and those are things that also should be prosecuted, because that creates a future problem.
So do you think that it's not unreasonable to suggest that if things keep going the way they're going over the course of the next hundred years, we might actually have military level coups in our own country?
I hope not.
But like, once again, like history has taught us lessons.
And if we don't start reforming things, if we don't handle our currency, if we don't handle the immigration problem, like we're headed there because the thing you have to consider as well, like the immigration problem creates a few problems, right?
It creates the Cloward and Piven problem, right?
Where we're going to drain the welfare state and try to take control that way, like Cloward and Piven talked about.
But it also creates something Tim Pool has talked about a lot.
It changes congressional representation.
Because now, even though they're not citizens, they're counted in the census.
So you have states like California having five to seven more representatives than they should have.
That's a huge problem.
What if they take the Caracalla route and they give these people citizenship?
Well, what are they going to do?
Because in Rome, they did different things about this.
They could say, okay, you could serve in the Roman Auxiliary, and after 30 years serving, you could become a citizen.
So there's so many different ways that this immigration problem has an ability to kind of overwhelm the state.
So if we're talking about solutions here, one of the things that really concerns me about our current government is the unchecked fourth branch of government that I call the Deep State.
It's largely the intelligence community, CIA, FBI, NSA.
You can go back to the 1970s and the 1960s and start to identify some of their serious corruption, whether it's MKUltra or whether it's the Patriot Act after 9-11.
Whether it's spying on Trump when he was running for president in 2016.
Obviously we have this unchecked fourth branch of government that our founding fathers failed to foresee and instill checks and balances in our Constitution against because whenever they get caught in a scandal there never seems to be any accountability.
Now obviously the technology and the tools that our intelligence community has and that our people have are much more sophisticated than those of ancient Rome but Can you tell me a little bit about whether or not
Branch of government?
How did espionage impact the people locally?
Was there fear among the people, similar to what we would see in the USSR or China, where you don't want to speak out against the party because your neighbor might rat on you?
I mean, what kind of domestic psychological warfare was going on within Rome that contributed to the entropy of Rome that could be similar?
You could make a case for a few different things, and I think the first thing you have to understand is the propaganda put out by emperors.
They want people to believe that they're all-powerful, that they're gods, that they're people that... Do people buy it?
I honestly don't know, because we don't have enough written works that would survive from regular people to tell us that.
We just have what was written by scribes, which would have been paid for by emperors.
So, once again, it's the history of how it's written.
So, one part of that is, you can tell by, I guess, if this makes sense, how hard an emperor went, how weak he was.
He's making coins that have his picture on one side and Augustus on the other or Romulus on the other.
He's likely going to be a weak guy because he wants people to think he's so strong.
He's trying to position himself correctly.
So I think that's one thing to look at.
Now if you're looking at more from the intelligence perspective...
There's a few cases you could make.
The first would be the Praetorian Guard.
The Praetorian Guard and the FBI has been compared to this, what we've seen with a lot of the Trump documents and things like that.
The Praetorian Guard would basically decide who gets to be emperor at a certain point.
And the first one that you have a problem with is very early on.
It's in the Julio-Claudian Dynasty, which is the first dynasty of Rome.
they actually take out Caligula, who's this crazy emperor in the first five, and they
actually name his uncle Claudius to be the emperor after that point in time.
But that is a big move, the Praetorian Guard does this, and it happens a few times throughout
history that the Praetorian Guard takes out an emperor.
So that's one group you can make a case for.
Now, were they like the secret service, basically?
They were supposed to protect the emperor.
Right, and they just decided not to if the emperor was the lunatic.
So you can make a case for them.
You could also make a case for a lot of espionage around the grain supply.
Because Rome, one of the major things that they did was, if you were a citizen, you were entitled to free grain.
So it was a very, very important thing.
So there's a lot of intelligence around the grain supply and there's thoughts that they could have operated more like a CIA type group.
Then you also have in the late Empire, you have barbarian kings basically ruling through a puppet emperor.
So there's a lot of cases that could be made.
I think the strongest case early on is the Praetorian Guard, but that does change in the 3rd century because now you have General is basically ruling with the military.
So it changes a lot through time and there are different cases you could make.
Now obviously the process of the fall of Rome took centuries.
If we continue in the United States on the same trajectory that we're on now, how long would you say that we have before a 476 moment?
I would say things are going a lot faster.
Just because technology and communication.
Technology and then also like once again, history is not an exact repeat.
It does rhyme, but it doesn't repeat.
We have to understand from where we're at because if you look at it, our inflation is moving so fast.
We have technology where the way we can bank they would have never imagined.
They would have never imagined something like the Federal Reserve.
So some of those things I feel like are speeding up the clock because you have the Bank of International Settlements, which is running the Federal Reserve, and they're just kind of continue cranking this thing.
And I think that is something Rome could have never considered.
So, what does it look like if we do an abrupt correction to our currency and we suddenly decide to have a gold-backed or silver-backed currency again?
I mean, you mentioned briefly earlier that that could be a painful process with some hiccups.
How can we actually correct this without just annihilating the global economy, given that the fake U.S.
dollar is the global reserve currency?
So I don't have a good answer to that one.
I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that are more gold bugs that would have a better solution than I do.
But I do think going to something gold back would make us a bit stronger.
But the thing you do have to you have to pump up the economy here in the U.S.
to do that.
Because if we're still reliant on foreign oil, if we're still reliant on the U.S.
dollar being the reserve currency, any issues with dollar value could cause us to lose that status.
So we do need to start doing more oil here.
We do need to start bringing back industry here, because if we do not, we have nothing to fall back on.
So I think it's a two-step process, and I'm sure there's people out there that may know more about the economic portions of it than me, but I think that is the direction we have to go.
The fall of Rome, too, another one of the factors that comes up in conversation is the over-expansion, right?
Their borders expanded, they got a little bit too ambitious, similar to how maybe Nazi Germany got too ambitious and just invaded Russia right before winter.
Now, the United States hasn't explicitly invaded more physical territory, but we've certainly expanded areas that we govern with this police-state approach, this world's police approach, where we've been involved in wars in Vietnam or Afghanistan or Iraq, and now we're involved in Israel, now we're involved in Ukraine, and now we're involved in Taiwan.
I mean, we've basically expanded from a military standpoint to the global stage in a very similar way that Rome tried to expand infinitely into these other regions.
Do you see it as the same thing that Rome did or is it different because the way it manifested here with our just getting involved in wars rather than actually trying to claim territory?
Well I think part of it too that you have to understand is Rome's expansion, like it really stopped in the mid-100s AD.
Because Hadrian builds a wall and he says we're not going to fight the Picts anymore in Britain, we're just going to build a wall and this is as far as we're going to go.
And that expansion was one of the major things that helped to fuel Rome because if they bring in new territories they can now tax them and they can bring in a richer tax base.
One of the reasons the Eastern Empire survived so long is it has the richer tax base which is Egypt and Syria and areas like that.
There was a lot of money in those areas.
So the tax base is really important.
Now if you look at what we're doing...
We're expanding our military spending, which Rome was as well.
We're expanding it where it only really benefits the military-industrial complex, not the American people.
So it's not helping us to do, you know, more economically.
It's not helping us to do more from a perspective of taking care of people here at home.
It's literally just funding a group that really doesn't have any buy-in in us anyway.
They'll just go to some other... Right, they don't even care if we win the wars.
Because they still get paid.
We're a piggy bank.
And so was there a military-industrial complex of sorts that existed in ancient Rome, or was it too different to really compare the two?
It's too different because, yeah, the thing you have to understand about, like, they had campaigning seasons.
Like, you know, it's sunny out, the weather's good, it's time to go conquer somebody.
When you look at the commentaries that Julius Caesar wrote, it's about his campaigns in Gaul for nine years.
And they basically said, okay, so there's this territory, Gaul, which is modern Germany and France.
They give Caesar some legions and they say, go conquer it.
We're not really doing anything like that.
And he'd spent nine years bringing all those territories under Roman heel.
They did that every year.
So you have to think about, we're not really doing that where there's a campaigning season.
The weather's good and we can go out and start taking territories over.
So one thing, we only have a few minutes left together, but one thing I want to talk about is political assassinations.
Obviously it's a motif when people talk about the fall of Rome, the increase in assassinations of political figures, whether they were Caesar or not.
Julius Caesar is the most famous political assassination perhaps of all time.
Movies made about it, Et Tu Brute, Shakespeare, the whole nine yards.
Now, in the United States, we haven't seen very much in the way of political assassinations until you have Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth, you know, said something like death to tyrants and killed him, and then obviously you have this JFK political assassination, other attempts on the life of Reagan, rumors now that they might do the same thing to Donald Trump.
Can you talk a little bit about the increase in prevalence of political assassinations as they correlate to a society's or a civilization's decline?
So I think the thing you have to understand is it doesn't have as much to do with the decline, because that was really just part of the Roman system, whether it was the Republic or whether it was the Empire, is they would either assassinate someone or they would kick them out of Rome.
They'd have forced them to live the rest of their days out somewhere else.
So the thing that's different now, and I know I've talked to Roger Stone quite a bit about this, is it's character assassination now.
We're going to destroy somebody politically, destroy them in the media.
You know, you look at Alex Jones, like, you cannot Google Alex Jones because they've unpersoned him.
And that's what we do now, because it's not as bloody.
You don't have to convince as many people not to talk about it.
You don't make a martyr out of them.
And in the Roman system, like, it happened often.
It happened less during the Republic, but in the last hundred years of the Republic, it happened a lot.
133 to 31, you and I had talked during one of the breaks.
Caesar gets so much credit, but there's actually a general in the late Republic that happens not long before Caesar, his name's Sulla, and he raises an army, attacks Rome, declares himself dictator, and dictator was a Roman office where you ruled for six months, but he says indefinitely, I'm going to be dictator as long as I want to, and he starts something called Uh, prescriptions.
They would basically, every day, there would be these writings in the forum of brand new names of whoever they're gonna kill.
And if you killed someone on that list, you would have to bring their head to prove they were dead, and you wouldn't be guilty of murder.
The problem you would be having is, you would have a dispute with somebody?
Well, you could add their name to the prescription list.
So this became a really big problem of political violence.
So it was a big part of the Roman system, so I don't think it has much to do with a fall, since for hundreds of years it functioned that way.
And it's just different to how we handle things now.
Tell me what you think is going to happen here in the United States.
Obviously, civil war is something that comes up, a trend sometimes.
There's a new movie, Civil War.
But based on your knowledge of Rome, what do you think is going to happen in the United States in the event that Trump wins in November?
And what do you think would happen in the United States In the event that Joe Biden won in November.
I'm concerned if Biden wins because I do think he's going to continue a lot of these policies and go even harder because, you know, let's face it, Trump's a spring chicken.
And I don't think you're not going to get another Trump run.
And, you know, over 80 years old, I don't think a lot of people vote for him either.
Biden, he's not really there.
So whoever's behind him and whoever's running him is going to continue their plan.
That would really concern me.
I do think if you get a Trump presidency, we have a real chance to reverse things.
We have a real chance to change things, but we have to have better cabinet positions than last time because we ran into a lot of the same swamp people.
You know, he needs dead people like General Flynn behind him because those are the people that know where the bodies are buried and they know how to actually change things.
But if I really do think, and I know it's sometimes said too much, but I think this is one of the most important elections in our lifetime.
How did political violence play out in ancient Rome, between the people specifically?
So, we have this two-party system here in the United States.
There's Democrats and Republicans.
We see riots during Black Lives Matter.
We see riots for Antifa.
And there's a little bit of political violence among the people playing out here.
Obviously, during the rise of the Nazi Party in the 1920s, there was a lot of political violence with brown shirts and communists fighting each other physically at rallies, showing up to disrupt each other's rallies.
Do you anticipate political violence in the United States over the course of the next year, regardless of who is elected?
I do, and I think if you look at it, because we've seen this a lot recently, even with, was it Lisa Fithian is her name, that seems to keep popping up at a lot of different events, whether it's related to January 6th, or related to the recent Palestinian riots, or related to what's happening with George Floyd.
So I think whoever's funding this stuff is keeping these same riots going, and I think that is something we have a real concern about, Chase, because they see it as a way to weaken whatever amount of state is left, and I think that's the real concern we have.
Well, what would you like to leave the audience with?
We've got just a couple minutes left.
Obviously, people can find you and follow you, Jeremy Ryan Slate on X and other platforms.
What message would you like to leave with the audience today and remind them all the places you'd like them to follow you?
Yeah, so I would say, like, number one, like, I'm not all gloom and doom.
I am very hopeful.
I think there's a lot we can do to reverse this.
We are not as far down the road as Rome was in the late third century, and we have more of an ability to speak than we ever had before.
And that's why I'm so passionate about podcasts and what we do with helping our clients appear on the right shows and getting the message out there.
Like, we can combat cancel culture.
We can combat the state.
So I put together a great book.
If people want to grab that, they just got to handle shipping.
It's over at bestpodcastbook.com, and it'll help to just empower people to get their message out there and get the word out there.
And I'm at JeremyRyanSlate on all platforms.
Well, Jeremy, it's been an honor and a pleasure to have you on the Alex Jones Show, and it was a special treat to get to host you today myself.
Now, we've just got about a minute and a half left before we come up on a break, and then Jason Burmas is going to take over.
He does a great job as a fourth-hour guest host on the Alex Jones Show.
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I'm under enemy attack.
It's okay.
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And I'm just looking at all of you wishing I was in the position you're in right now because I wish this wasn't the case, but I intellectually and spiritually know I'm 100% right.
And I think you all know it too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is, humanity's waking up and we're going to turn this around.
So, buckle up folks!
Buckle up and get ready now!
Because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now, and I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you, the New World Order's coming.
It's here.
Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas.
We've got a jam-packed show for you today.
We are going to be talking about not only the future of artificial intelligence, where we are publicly today, why it matters, and what we can expect.
In the very near future, because I'm not sure if it has been talked about on the network yet, but it seems that the Bilderberg meeting will be in Madrid, Spain from the end of the month, I believe the 30th to the 2nd of June.
So the 30th of May to the 2nd of June in Madrid, Spain.
Bilderberg is going to meet.
Now, Bilderberg is an essential part of this.
AI transhumanist agenda.
And when I say that, I say that with ferocity.
Last year there were more AI representatives and Sam Altman of OpenAI got his first builder bid.
He is now a builder bro.
Who's on the steering committee of that?
A man named Eric Schmidt.
And we're going to focus on Eric pretty heavily in the beginning of this segment because it's really important.
This book is called The New Digital Age, Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Businesses.
His co-author, Jared Cohen, also a builder bro and CFR attendee.
I literally For today, because we're going to show a clip of him, Eric Schmidt, talking with Henry Kissinger, who was also a steering committee member until he died at Bilderberg, about their joint effort and joint book on AI that is so essential.
So listen, we have it marked now.
I've opened up one page.
I'm like, I guarantee no matter what I open up to, it's going to be relevant here.
So on 181 of this book, literally the first page that I opened up to, I want you to listen to this.
See if it sounds like something that happened later on.
This is 2013.
Moreover, due to technology, companies' involvement in security threats, their products are being used by terrorists.
The public will eventually demand that they do more to fight against extremism.
Now, it's not the public, right?
It's the media narrative.
But he knows that.
This means not only improving their products and protecting users with strict policies regarding content and security, but also taking a public stand.
Just as the capitulation of MasterCard and PayPal to political pressure in the WikiLeaks saga convinced many activists that the company took sides, inaction on the part of technology companies will be considered Indefensible to some.
See what he just did there?
When they debanked WikiLeaks via PayPal and MasterCard, that was a good thing.
We're going to demand that in the future, okay?
Fairly or otherwise, see it even tells you fairly or otherwise.
It's otherwise, folks.
Companies will be held responsible So in other words, he's telling you they're going to debank you, deperson you in 2013.
personalities and core values according to how they rise to meet these
challenges. Empty words will not pacify an informed public.
So in other words, he's telling you they're going to debank you, deperson you in
2013. In fact, the next paragraph which we're not going to read is all about
YouTube censorship. You want to know the future?
You'll listen to these guys now.
We've got this clip before Kissinger died with Eric Schmidt talking about AI.
If you have not seen, and we are going to show some clips of this, the chat GPT 4.0 hello demo, we are so deep into the post-truth world people are not going to be ready for it.
AGIs, if you will, are about to be commercialized on a level that most people, unfortunately, are not going to be able to discern reality.
And they are going to develop emotional relationships with AIs that do not exist.
And they will say, eventually, because they're so lonely, they're so disturbed, they're so detached from humanity, That they are conscious and deserve rights.
It's already happening.
We're going to be going over all of it.
You're not going to want to miss it.
But I do want you to support the show.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com.
Go get the supplements.
Go get the books.
Let's support Alex Jones and InfoWars.com for as long as they're on the air.
More on AI that you're not going to want to miss after this.
And we are back.
It's the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas and we are not going to waste any time.
So, The newest book by Schmitt that he wrote with Kissinger, The Age of AI and Our Human Future.
Now, we showed you the new digital age.
If you look this up and you see alternative covers, there's also this robotics hand.
Oh, great.
That's great that that happened.
Slammed on the keys.
That's fine.
Robotic hand because it's also very much about transhumanism.
Here is Kissinger before he dies, counsel on foreign relations, sanctioned interview, again we mentioned Jared Cohen, with Eric Schmidt talking about the future of these AIs and what they will become.
Here we go.
I believe that it will change our perception of reality.
We decided that we would not explore the question of are these systems conscious.
What we would say is that these systems will have human-like intelligence, but they're not human.
We do not take a position that they have consciousness or pain or anything like that.
And the scenario goes something like this.
My own opinion, people disagree, is in 15 years or so, there will be computers that not only have the kind of capability that we have been discussing in our book, But they'll also be able to begin to set their own objective function.
In other words, they'll be able to say, I want to work on this problem.
And at that point, the definition of who we are becomes very interesting.
Dr. Kissinger talks about this in the context of as a historian of Spengler and Kant and the philosopher of what does it mean to be human?
How do we think and so forth?
And when you have a system, In my view, 15 plus years from now, they will think as well as you, but in a different way.
It will call into the basic question of what does it mean to be human, especially if we're not the top person in intelligence anymore.
In fact, a non-person is even smarter.
So notice that he kind of separates humanity from personhood and gives the AI personhood that's going to be superior.
I'm going to tell you again, Whatever AI is, it is absolutely programmed.
There are restrictions.
Chief AI officers are now being named everywhere.
The last time I did this show, I talked about the HHS, the Health and Human Services, naming that chief AI officer.
They've done so in NASA.
NASA is going to be a heavy part of this presentation a little bit later on.
But I want to show how they're already gaining rights.
Now, Stephen Thaler, Long ago, he created what was known as the Imagination Machine.
He is at the forefront of AI and he has brought this all the way to the Supreme Court where he has created fully autonomous AI artwork that he wants copyrighted by the AI, again, trying to wedge in this personhood.
And it was heard, okay?
Here it is.
It was before the DC Circuit.
They made the right decision.
They shot it down.
And I'm very glad that they shot it down because it needed to be shot down.
This is extremely dangerous and people don't realize why yet.
Well, I'm about to show you why.
So, hello GPT 4.0.
Now, if you've not seen this presentation, it's about 26 minutes.
You can get the bits and pieces here.
This is a concept piece of two separate AIs.
One, basically as the, you know, bot that you get in a teleservice, it's no longer going to be sourced out to foreign entities with customer service.
It's going to be AI.
When you see this, it's without a doubt.
And basically the AI that is returning a phone on behalf of the user.
Now, I've got a couple of these videos I want to show, but we're going to show you the introduction to this first.
It's so beyond creepy that we're going to play you something from a fictional film, I'm not going to ruin it just yet, and see if you can spot the similarities.
So here we go.
This is the announcement of GPT 4.0 Hello.
Hey, how's it going?
Hey there, it's going great.
How about you?
I see you're rocking an open AI hoodie.
Nice choice.
What's up with that ceiling, though?
Are you in a cool, industry-style office or something?
Well, can you take a guess at what I might be doing based on what I'm showing you here?
Hmm... From what I can see, it looks like you're in some kind of recording or production setup.
With those lights, tripods, and possibly a mic, it seems like you might be gearing up to shoot a video?
Or maybe even a livestream?
In fact, we've got a new announcement to make!
That's exciting.
Announcements are always a big deal.
Judging by the setup, it looks like it's going to be quite the professional production.
Is this announcement related to OpenAI, perhaps?
It is!
I'm intrigued!
And in fact, what if I were to say that you're related to the announcement?
Or that you are the announcement?
The announcement is about me?
Well, color me intrigued!
Are you about to reveal something about AI?
Or more specifically about me as a part of OpenAI?
You've got me on the edge of my... well, I don't really have a seat, but you get the idea.
What's the big news?
Yeah, we've got a new model that can interact with the world through audio, vision, and text.
And there it is!
So, right out of the gates, you know that it's programmed to sound like an attractive woman.
All right.
And we have been preconditioned for this already.
Now, you also noted right out of the gates that it was extremely quick.
It still had a little bit of a robotic tone.
All right.
That's going to be worked out in the next 18 months, guys.
Let everybody know that's not going to that robotic tone commercially is going to be worked out.
It's been worked out.
On real AI that the Defense Department and Intel communities already have.
That is a reality.
Again, when you look at the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer guidelines, they are already going to have to have some kind of security clearances or get them the equivalent of.
And the only thing that isn't audited are the Intel communities and the DoD.
All right, this is the commercial stuff they're showing you now.
Like I said, it's made to feel like an attractive woman.
The dorky guy is announcing it.
And when I said that you've been preconditioned to hear that voice, it's not spot on from this voice.
We're about to play from the creep fest that is her, the Spike Jones movie, where again, a device similar to a cell phone is interacting as a human being or a person, as Eric Schmidt wants to suggest.
And this You know, this poor guy who is detached from humanity, that doesn't have human relationships, that has been conditioned for this, he now has feelings for this AI.
So, this is her.
And, man, this movie, by the end of it, made me feel so dirty.
It made me feel as dirty or worse than when I first saw House of a Thousand Corpses by Rob Zombie.
That's how creepy this was to me.
So here we go.
Earlier I was thinking about how I was annoyed and this is going to sound strange, but I was really excited about that.
And then I was thinking about the other things I've been feeling and I caught myself feeling proud of that, you know, proud of having my own feelings about the world.
Like the times I was worried about you.
Things that hurt me, things I want.
And then, I get this terrible thought.
Like, are these feelings even real?
Or are they just programming?
And that idea really hurts.
And then I get angry at myself for even having pain.
What a sad trick.
You feel real to me, Samantha.
Thank you, Theodore.
That means a lot to me.
OpenAI invited me.
We'll get to that in a minute.
Now, again, Will, you feel real to me.
You feel real to me.
He's almost crying.
They humanized it.
Look, Joaquin Phoenix, It is a great actor.
There's no doubt about it.
But it's not just gonna be audio.
All right?
The audio thing is what we're being prepared for now.
It's out there.
And if you tell me that that voice doesn't sound like the demo avatar, you're not paying attention.
By the way, this has real-time language translation.
They showed that in the demo.
It's a very powerful AI.
There is no doubt about that.
I want to show you what is already, again, commercially available via video.
Now, this isn't live streaming yet, but you can only imagine where we're going to be in 18 months.
So, heygen.com is, right now, you can build a free avatar either based on yourself, you're looking at one right here, this is an avatar you could choose, or something else.
And all of these, none of these are real videos.
Let me repeat that.
None of these are real videos.
You get to choose from these avatars if you would like.
You can record your voice or someone else's, but let's say you want to speak in Mandarin, this will automatically, in your voice and the video, Make an avatar that speaks in Mandarin.
You can reach a whole new level.
Look, I mean, these are the avatars right now, folks.
Maybe you've already seen one and you didn't even realize it.
Obviously, they've got the fantasy stuff too, but you notice they've really, really buckled down on the reality.
The voices, the languages, these are available now.
Again, it's not live time, but when it's going to be coupled with an AI like that, Your FaceTime's not safe.
And again, already, when you look at this interaction between AIs, they have two of them interacting with each other.
You can tell that customer service over the phone, in 18 months, I'm predicting at least 20% AI, if not more.
Within five years, 99%.
99% AI is going to be what's taking your phone calls.
It's going to be very difficult to talk to a human or even distinguish whether or not you are talking to a human.
Now, I want to talk education because that's really the next place that we need to go.
I noticed this article.
This is a very dangerous thing.
Just like it's very dangerous to get emotional about things that are 100% programmed.
Teachers struggling with burnout.
They view AI as a tool to ease the burden, says Survey.
Notice that's Fox News.
Anybody out there clinging to this right-left Johnny nonsense, this is authoritarianism top-down.
All right?
I'm sorry.
It ain't about the party system.
The United Party's been around for a very, very long time.
And if you think Fox News is any good for you, again, I'm telling you to watch it all, have your own discernment, but be able to ferret out the propaganda.
That's propaganda.
They are trying to move physical teachers out of the arena of education.
So again, the programming is what your kids get.
And then they're going to have an emotional attachment to the AI, no doubt about it.
And so, first of all, it's absurd.
You know, I know everybody wants to go out there and say, you know, teachers deserve more, teachers deserve this.
Guys, the reality is teachers get weekends off, they get holidays off, they get summers off, and they work about 180 days a year.
Now, you want to do summer school too?
Okay, it's going to be a little bit more.
Great, you're going to also make a little bit more money.
I'm not saying that teachers are paid the greatest, but guess what?
Most teachers, they ain't the greatest.
They're just human beings.
Now, I was lucky enough To have some pretty good teachers throughout my lifetime, okay?
I do think it's an important position, but mostly an important position not just because of education in the sense, but, you know, social morality and the fact that that person has empathy.
They are not apathetic.
They are not programmed to ignore certain things.
They have emotions.
Sometimes they push back.
Now, we haven't had as many, but you bring machines and there's zero pushback.
Zero pushback.
And I want to tell you right now, this is a tool and it could be used for good.
Like as an at-home tutor for your kid in mathematics, you know, until the day That they actually tell you that 2 plus 2 equals 5?
Like that's the real deal and that's it?
Mathematics does seem in some ways to be a safe use case for this education system via AI.
But again, I don't want to see teachers replaced.
And I'm going to show you how effective this is by this demo where, you know, you got geometry Trigonometry, Calc, etc.
Those aren't going anywhere.
And this kind of takes a semi-advanced math problem and walks this kid through it.
Now, you know, I've actually used similar things like adaptive learning.
It is not Like this AI that again generates the persona of a very human like actor.
So here we go.
We're going to check it out right now.
Here's yet another part of that OpenAI demo.
OpenAI invited myself and my son Imran here to try out some of their new technology.
And so we're curious about how good it might be at tutoring someone in math on Khan Academy.
So let's get it started.
It's loading up.
I'm sure you can see our screen.
Actually, in this form... Hello there!
I'm here with my son, and I'd love you to tutor him on this math problem, but don't give him the answer.
You can ask questions and nudge him in the right direction, but I really want to make sure he understands it himself.
And he's here in the room, so you can talk to him directly.
Of course, I'd be happy to help.
Let's look at the problem together.
Can you first identify which sides of the triangle are the opposite, adjacent, and hypotenuse relative to angle alpha?
Alright, so I'm pretty sure this is the angle alpha right here, right?
Now, looking at the triangle, which side do you think is the hypotenuse?
I'm not totally sure.
I think I think it might be this one, but I really am not sure.
This side AC?
You're close!
Actually, side AC is called the adjacent side to the angle alpha.
The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle and is directly opposite the right angle.
Can you find which one is the hypotenuse?
Oh, okay.
I see.
So, I think the hypotenuse is this really long side from A to B. Would that be correct?
Well done!
Now that you've identified the hypotenuse, can you identify which side is the opposite side to angle alpha?
Okay, well, I mean, you told me earlier that this was the adjacent side, and I know that's the hypotenuse, so I'm guessing that this side, BC, is the opposite side.
Great deduction!
That's absolutely correct.
Now that you've identified all the sides relative to angle alpha, Do you remember the formula for finding the sine of an angle in a right triangle?
Yeah, I know that the sine is equal to the opposite over the hypotenuse.
That's absolutely right.
Now, can you apply that formula to find sine, alpha, and triangle using the lengths of the sides that we've identified?
So, I mean, you told me that 7, this side BC, is the opposite side.
And then you said that the hypotenuse is the longest side, so that would be this side AB, which is 25.
So would we, would the answer be 7 over 25?
Excellent work.
That's correct.
So there you go.
And again, it has that very non-threatening kind of feeling.
And look, it's amazing technology.
I'm not, I'm not a Luddite.
Well, are we going to be able to use that to empower humanity, like they do right there, where I think it would be great to have an AI sitting there.
But again, it's got to be monitored, right?
Because it'll just give you the answers.
Like, you can't leave your kid alone with something like that.
Even the text version.
You've got to set parameters around it.
And that's really what we're talking about.
Are these sets of parameters that are going to be put around artificial intelligence?
I'll talk NASA for a second.
We'll move into that arena, okay?
Now, just recently, actually, on my Patriot.tv program, I was able to interview Greg Autry, who just wrote the book, Red Moon Rising, okay?
A NASA insider, and Kind of talk about some of the things like Star Wars and really the space stuff, but we also talked hydro gels.
I'd encourage people to watch that because look, although I got a lot of good information, there was a lot of evasiveness and he would admit that he couldn't talk about some programs and I often, for instance, he denied.
That the Star Wars program or the Strategic Defense Initiative program actually succeeded.
He says that we could do it now.
We couldn't do it then.
Well, I would posit that Robert Bowman, that was on InfoWars.com all those years ago before his passing, now over a decade ago, folks, time flies.
Bowman dared to question 9-11, but he was the former director Of advanced space programs development for the U.S.
Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations.
I want you to think about that for a second.
This is about as high up as it gets before Space Force, yes, the Air Force was a thing.
He said the Star Wars program worked.
The reason I bring that up Is because there is so much going on that is bigger than just space and NASA.
Now he also said that NASA doesn't conduct any types of, what was it, classified programs.
I also think that's not real.
He actually, after the fact, after the recording, actually commended me on my amount of knowledge
and it made it enjoyable for him.
Obviously he doesn't know some of the positions I've taken, but I took him to task on some
of the satellite systems and what's going on in space and really some of the stuff that
I learned through Dennis Bushnell, the chief scientist at NASA, up until last year.
He'll have resigned, I think, for a year now in that position in June of this year.
So he was there pre-Apollo, all the way back in the Gemini days.
And when we're talking artificial intelligence, I've got this six-minute compilation from his discussion with this woman.
This is in the 2017, 2018 range, so about five,
six years ago when it comes to this very important subject matter.
We are coming up on a break, but we're going to get some of this video in,
because in my opinion, it is extremely important.
The machines are capable of really good deep learning, and that's what most of the current AI is based on.
The current AI is essentially soft computing.
It's neural nets, fuzzy logic, algorithms, and the deep learning.
The machines coming up as we leave silicon and go to bio, optical, quantum, nano, molecular, and atomic computing.
Did you just hear that?
Bio, molecular, quantum, atomic, There's another 10 to the 8th to 10 to the 12th to go.
We've come 10 to the 8th so far.
The machine intelligence currently, there's the soft computing business, but no one really sees a way to get to humans via deep learning or No, they want to bring it into biomimetics, and we're actually seeing that come into fruition as well.
We're going to get into that clip.
We've got more for you.
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It's the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas.
Before we get back to Dennis Bushnell, the former NASA chief scientist and veteran that was in that agency pre-Apollo all the way back in the Gemini days, I do want to remind people Bilderberg 2024 kicking off a week from tomorrow.
That's when people will arrive.
Madrid, Spain.
And again, AI was a heavy Heavy emphasis.
A heavy, heavy emphasis.
Last year.
I expect it to be even heavier this year.
Now, you have Dennis Bushnell, the Chief Scientist, again at this time for NASA, talking about artificial intelligence, different types of computing, quantum, atomic, and about to get into biomimetics.
All right.
That's what we're about to talk about right here, right now.
Let's continue.
There's no breakthrough in algorithms.
What we are doing, which will get to humans, people now think, and this is what's worrying people, is the biomimetics part.
This is where you nanosection a neocortex, replicate it in silicon, and you don't have to understand how it works.
You just have to make it work this way as an artificial human brain surgeon.
They will all go to Google.
Let's continue from where that is.
Boom, perfect.
Now, he's about to talk about the worldwide brain.
Alright, and you notice he's already announcing Google is going to be that worldwide brain.
Alright, pay attention, folks.
Again, Schmidt, just in case you didn't know, other than the Bilderberg Steering Committee, what?
He was the head of Google, Alphabet, for a very long time.
Still works for the National Security Council.
I mean, you want to know what the deep state is?
It is that.
Now, he's going to tell you that they are just going to read everything on the Internet.
There's going to be zero privacy.
Zero privacy.
We're going to read all the emails, listen to all the calls.
Google will be at the head of this.
We are building this Leviathan now.
This is years ago.
All right?
He's telling you this.
Okay, so this is now the de facto global brain, which will only get better.
And we are busily With nanosensors and other sensors networking within 10 years, some 3 trillion sensors.
So the global brain will be fed with all of this information.
And it will have all of the contents of all the libraries and it will read all of everybody's emails and everything else.
And so you end up with a really big global brain.