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Name: 20240513_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 13, 2024
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including midterm elections, censorship, international relations, popularity of InfoWars, potential reintroduction of compulsory military service in Germany, book sales as money laundering scheme, populism attacked by political elite, ancient Greek city-states and democracy, financial instability, fifth-generation warfare, need for independent parallel society, Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine harm to women and babies, AI-driven force with supernatural origins disrupting human systems, nefarious forces targeting Western countries, mass immigration as strategy into the US, potential terrorist attack used as pretext for martial law around elections, importance of unity and local resilience against globalist forces, Trump's love for his country, control over politicians, Dr. Naomi Wolf's leadership, decline in morality and soul in institutions, supporting independent media, potential shutdown of InfoWars, metaphysical battle between good and evil, challenges faced by InfoWars, need for financial support from listeners and viewers, and importance of being prepared with essentials.

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I'm watching the midterms.
Man, you would think our country is Mad Max Thunderdome.
This guy is like, they're coming from Guatemala, they're coming from Mexico.
There's a liberal mob that's coming.
You wanna talk?
You wanna talk?
You're the president.
You're in support of [BLEEP
And you would think everybody in the country is just like,
to the bunker.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be hurt.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be hurt.
When you have U.S.
senators in both parties saying, we may need to go ahead and nuke Russia first, and the Russians are aware that's almost happened before, what do you think that makes the Russians do?
Well, it makes them go into war mode.
So I don't like them invading Ukraine.
I don't like him putting his nuclear forces on maximum alert.
Only one level above that on their DEFCON, just like our system, and that's fire the weapons.
And so now we have Democrats all over the news saying, let's just use nuclear weapons on Russia.
Think of their ignorance.
Russia has hundreds of submarines off our coast with sea-launched missiles that would vaporize our cities within five minutes on average of being launched.
Sea-launched cruise missiles that fly at Mach 5.
Land-launched systems they can also launch from ships that are at Mach 9 and cannot be shot down.
And yes, the United States has those too.
That's a Pentagon lie that Russia developed systems that we don't have.
It's on record the U.S.
has those systems.
The point is, it's called Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD for a reason.
Because anyone that would violate the MAD doctrine is insane.
And you know, I'm on the side of not having a nuclear war.
Especially when Russia's not starting a fight with us.
And especially after we just heard for years that everything happening in this country is run by Russia, when that was all a giant lie.
The globalists are the outside evil force.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
It's Monday, May 13, 2024.
175 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes, 41 seconds.
And let me tell you, if you go to the front page of the Drudge Report, it's the rat testifies against Trump.
Trump surging everywhere.
Drudge Report is like the mouthpiece of the New World Order now.
And they're even admitting it.
Bill Maher admitted it on Friday.
In real polls, Trump's 20 points ahead in general, 10 points ahead in battleground states on average.
It's unbelievable.
And then Farid Zakaria.
CNN is not important to the general public because it has about 100,000 viewers per show.
Their biggest shows rate a million.
They are a joke, okay?
We have 15 times the viewers every day that their biggest show has.
Joe Rogan has 50.
They've done industry analysis.
Tucker's pretty much tied with Rogan.
They're like the twin, two biggest things out there under Musk.
Musk's in a category of his own.
But the reason CNN is important is it is the direct mouth of the New World Order and the State Department and the CIA.
And Farid Zarqaria is one of the only journalists allowed every year for decades in the Bilderberg
group and in the closed meetings at Davos.
So when he talks, you should listen because it's their mouth.
He came out Saturday, I'm going to play the clip here in a moment, and said nothing is stopping Trump, the establishment was wrong, everything's exploding, and all we can hope for is some, you know, accident or something.
I like the Democrats from the Washington Post last week saying, you know, maybe he'll just die.
So they've gone from believing they could turn this global awakening around to now knowing they failed, which makes them even more dangerous.
So I'll tell you all the other insane news and former top leftist, top advisor to Hillary Clinton, Naomi Wolff's been awake for about five years.
She's joining us in the third hour to talk about the situation and the poison shots and the rest of it.
And if Naomi Wolf can wake up, you can wake up if you're a new listener that's a leftist.
Anybody that's got any real intellectual acumen can see that in the old days the Republicans were corrupt as well.
So you had to choose between two corruptions if you were in the system.
Democrats were really bad.
Republicans were bad.
But now it's blazingly obvious.
That's why Tulsi Gabbard has joined the Republicans.
Because we have a beachhead in the Republican Party of common sense and anti-World War III.
And Trump is not a conservative and he's not a liberal.
He's an America First guy, a true pragmatist, and that's what he is.
And he doesn't want to run America on the ground.
He doesn't have it out for the country.
That's his big crime.
He went to North Korea and said, you can have shopping malls and casinos and hotels.
South Korea is the most prosperous country in the world per capita.
You could be just as good.
What is your problem?
And of course, the communist Chinese blocked that deal.
Reportedly, Kim Jong-un cried in the meeting and then after the meeting came out on TV crying with Trump.
Because he's just a puppet of the Chai Kongs.
So Trump knows how to sell prosperity.
He could sell ice cubes to Eskimos, but what he's selling is freedom in an age of tyranny.
And man, I've done the math, I've checked the numbers.
It was 100,000 in and around the Jersey Shore event area outside of the carnival ground.
Another probably 50,000 couldn't get in.
10 miles of backed up cars that couldn't get there.
Probably 200,000 actually tried to get there.
More popular than ever.
And here's Fareed Zakaria admitting it.
He plants some landmines here.
He slips some lies in.
That's his nature.
But this is them hitting the panic button.
Here it is.
Here's my take.
When President Biden made clear he was going to run for re-election, I had a sense of what his election strategy was and thought it was an intelligent path to victory.
After the chaos of COVID and Trump, Joe Biden would stand for normalcy and a rising tide of good economic news.
Donald Trump would divide Republicans with significant chunks of the party wishing that someone like Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis would be their nominee.
Meanwhile, Trump would unite and motivate Democrats, allowing President Biden to focus on the votes of independents and swing states who threw the Electoral College to Trump in 2016 and to Biden in 2020.
I have to admit, none of this is playing out as I thought it would.
Trump is now leading in almost all the swing states, but behind those numbers lie even more troubling details.
As someone worried about the prospects of a second Trump term, I think it's best to be honest about reality.
I understand that polls are not always accurate, but in general, they have tended to underestimate Donald Trump's support, not overestimate it.
I doubt that there are many shy Biden voters in the country.
The economy has been in a robust recovery for more than two years now, with unemployment hitting a 54-year low in 2023 and increasing only slightly since then.
But Biden is getting little credit for it.
The shift here is stark.
On the question of who voters trust more to deal with the economy, Trump has a 22-point lead over Biden, according to an NBC poll from January.
This marks a 15-point bump for Trump compared to the same poll in 2020.
Perhaps this is because inflation is a far more pervasive problem than unemployment, affecting all Americans every day.
Perhaps it's because people's views on the economy now are largely derived from their broader attitudes towards the candidates.
But whatever the reasons, it's a stunning reversal in the midst of a relentless stream of good economic news.
On cultural issues, Biden and Democrats benefit from the opposition to the Republican Party's position on... Alright, I'll stop right there.
Obviously, that is absolute crap.
Biden says inflation's at, you know, 1%.
It's at 9+.
And that's their cook numbers.
I mean, so that's all pure crap.
But notice he admits nothing's working.
Can we play the Free Jacare Club?
Or maybe it's a computer glitch.
It's alright.
Here's my take.
The Hamas war, which is now opposed both by people who think he is too soft and people who think he is too hard on Israel.
Meanwhile, Republicans seem to be uniting behind Trump.
Whatever opposition he faced in the primaries has largely melted away.
And the trials against him keep him in the spotlight, infuriate his base, who sees him as a martyr, and even may serve to make him the object of some sympathy among people in general who believe that his prosecutors are politically motivated.
This happens to be true, in my opinion.
I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.
A majority of Americans are skeptical that Trump will be able to get a fair trial, according to a CNN poll.
And I haven't even mentioned Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Alright, let's stop again.
Let's back it up 30 seconds.
He just said the key there.
He said it's politically motivated.
Now, we all know that.
But now because they failed to convince us that it's not politically motivated, they're like, oh yeah, it is politically motivated, oh yeah, those shots did hurt you, and oh yeah, we never tried to make you take those shots, you see?
Because they have zero credibility, they're trying to get it back.
Let me give CNN a message.
MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox to a great extent, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, Almost no one believes you, okay?
Almost everyone hates your guts and they're waking up fast, okay?
Let me give you the news that you are incredibly unpopular and hated.
And everybody who's got half a brain knows it's the New World Order, globalist, black rock, central bank combine that is raping the living snot out of us and destroying the world economy and cutting off the damn energy.
Let's continue.
Let's continue.
Let's continue.
Meanwhile, Republicans seem to be uniting behind Trump.
Whatever opposition he faced in the primaries has largely melted away.
And the trials against him keep him in the spotlight, infuriate his base who sees him as a martyr, and even may serve to make him the object of some sympathy among people in general who believe that his prosecutors are politically motivated.
This happens to be true, in my opinion.
I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.
A majority of Americans are skeptical that Trump will be able to get a fair trial, according to a CNN poll.
And I haven't even mentioned Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
and Cornel West and Jill Stein, all of whom would probably take votes away from Biden.
Things could change.
Polls do suggest that were Trump to be convicted of a felony, it could shift votes in Biden's favor.
The administration may be able to pull off a ceasefire in Gaza and then a broader political settlement that gives Palestinians political rights and Israel diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia.
Trump could always embroil himself in some kind of scandal.
But trend lines are not working in Biden's favor.
He needs to do something bold and dramatic to seize the initiative on asylum policy, for example, and reverse these numbers.
The one that troubles me the most is on the question of who was the more competent.
Joe Biden led Donald Trump by nine points in 2020, but Trump now leads by 16 points in January 2024.
That 25 point shift could be a reflection of people's sense that the president's age is affecting his capacity to govern.
And there's very little that Joe Biden can do now to change that perception.
All right, we're tomorrow's news today.
So a lot of you are tuned in right now by the millions, great people.
And you're saying, oh, we already know this.
Okay, why are you showing this?
Well, for the rest of the equation.
He talked about the things that might reverse what's happening.
And the Washington Post says hopefully, you know, Trump just dies.
What's the real wild card?
It's not a ceasefire in Gaza.
It's not Trump embroiled in some new scandal.
Trump could actually do something wrong now.
Though he's a very focused professional guy, I don't think that's going to happen.
And people wouldn't care.
I mean, he can be found with a dead body now.
No one will believe it after all the false charges.
So that's not going to work.
No, if you study the globalists and the CIA and the deep state, come on folks, what are they going to do?
You know what they're going to do.
Some big crisis.
A new virus.
They're already trying to launch the bird flu hysteria.
A massive group of terror attacks blamed on right-wingers.
False flags, a cyber attack went on the Russians.
They've already pre-programmed and hyped this up.
So they got it out of deep freeze, warmed up, now in the oven.
They're ready to serve.
So we can't sit back and say, well, looks like we're winning on every front.
Boy, this is great.
Ha ha, jolly times.
Because there's one constant with our enemies.
They never give up.
And so we had all better be asking ourselves, what is the deep state going to pull now that everything is blowing up in their face?
So I've made the decision, you know, you're supposed to do X Spaces a day or so after you announce them.
Everybody learns about them so people can subscribe and know to come to it.
But we've been having some very successful spaces that have reached hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people.
But what I really like for the fuller audience is the cool thing about having all these great folks from X being able to join us.
So I saw Chase Geiser around here and he's the one that runs those for us.
Let's get Chase hauled in here, unless he went somewhere, which he's almost always here.
And let's go live on Spaces.
In about 15 minutes or so, or even sooner, with the question, now that the deep state admits they're losing, what are they going to pull next?
Or, the deep state is desperate, what's their next move?
That's the headline.
And I'll also open the phones up and take calls while we do that.
Until Naomi Wolf joins us in an hour and 40 minutes from now.
And then we'll have so many people still on there, they hold over.
I'll just commandeer the fourth hour, but I've got a lot to do, so maybe I won't.
Plus, Gerald Cilenta does a great job.
But let me show you this, and it's been updated, it shows the same numbers from a week ago when I first showed it to you.
Real clear polling is some of the most accurate out there, overhead shot.
And currently, Biden would get 226 delegates, Trump would get 312.
All right?
That's a landslide for those that don't know.
Almost a 100 point lead.
100 more.
Close to 100 more delegates.
100 more votes in Electoral College.
And you look at the states that are in play.
Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota.
Look, Michigan's not even in play anymore.
15 point lead for Trump.
Or not 15 delegates, but it's about 15 or 20 in there.
Look at all this, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, New York.
They've got those states, but they're all in play, folks.
So, that's the facts.
2024 Electoral College, no toss-up states.
226, 312. So if you even count the ones that aren't even up for grabs Trump's
winning by a landslide.
How are they going to fix this?
You're like, well, they stole 2020.
Yeah, but Trump didn't have more than a 10% lead nationwide, and he had a 5% lead or so.
That's a boil down, just a guesstimation.
But my head's in these numbers.
He had about a 5% in those swing states, purple states.
They were able to go in with the database that Facebook paid, Meta paid 400 something million dollars, 445 or whatever it was, million dollars to get all the names of dead people and all the names of people that have moved out of districts and then to create the databases to then be put on the paper ballots at the distribution centers, little criminal centers that Dinesh D'Souza and others exposed with the cell phone tracking data so they can then deliver them to Dropboxes.
And they were barely able to do it, and they had to do it at midnight and 1 a.m.
when the polling places were closed and put up coverings on the windows and have trucks pull in at 3 a.m.
and go in and just do their dirty work in Georgia, in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Arizona, where the lady that ran the elections then became governor, I mean, you talk about blatant.
2024 Electoral College, no toss-up states.
So you take those out of the equation, and they're toss-ups.
So a lot of them are going to go to Trump.
Even without the toss-ups, 312 to 226.
So let's say half those states go to Trump.
So let's say half those states go to Trump.
I think it's going to be more.
How much is Trump winning by then?
I mean, look, if they steal this one, it'll only piss people off more, which is what they want.
Because you're like, well, they'll be exposed and then we'll take, no, no, they'll blow stuff up and blame us.
And then cut the power and say, we did it.
And then when you can't get food for two weeks, most people will do whatever they're told.
So we are far, far, far, far, far from out of the woods here.
And our destination.
So we should really be wargaming and all of us discussing what is the deep state new world order going to pull next?
That's really the big question, that's the big issue, and that's what I wanted to start the broadcast with.
Okay, moving along now, because we're going to be discussing that a lot during the next couple hours, so we can move on to some of the other subjects here.
Let's talk about some of this news, because this morning I was ruminating on what's happening in Russia and Ukraine.
And we've talked a lot about it, but there's been new developments.
France and a few other smaller Eastern European countries have already sent troops to Ukraine in the last month.
The Russians have always said from day one, they admitted two and a half years ago, a little under two and a half years ago, that They wanted the eastern part and then down to the southern part of Crimea and they've only got a few small areas to get until their buffer zone is there.
So the Ukrainians who were doing this for six, seven years stopped shelling the Russian border.
And they've been trying to pick the fight with the Russians the whole time.
That was State Department's plan.
And there was a NATO trap laid for them with all the high-tech anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles and training, but that ran out very quickly because the Russians were willing to take Conservative estimates are probably 400,000 dead troops and even more Ukrainians.
The number of Ukrainians is probably about 600,000.
So, Russia launched an expansion and said, we're going to push this line and then no further, which is their original goal, the map Putin put out two plus years ago.
And NATO was waiting for them.
And they ran the headlines over the weekend, Ukraine thwarts new Russian attacks on border in Kharkiv region.
Of course, they didn't.
Russia's taken almost all the territory in their new offensive.
That's admitted today.
How did I know their offensive was failing?
Because they told us it was... How did the Ukrainian defense... Did I know it was failing?
Because they told us that the offensive was failing.
And just whatever they say, it's usually the opposite.
But, they're almost out of ammunition, as you know.
They're out of men.
Now they're sending down Syndrome folks and women and people, as young as 14, to the front lines.
As the globalists and NATO fight the last Ukrainian.
And so, the Russians have already won.
And now, NATO is saying, Well, you can't just, you know, shoot missiles 50 kilometers.
We're going to give you missiles that go 150 or 200 kilometers, and they're doing it.
And so now, NATO-made weapons from the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, are firing out of Ukraine into Russia proper, not just into the Russia-held areas that are in red here.
So the Russians have now said, well, we were only going to move up to about right here in a buffer zone along this river.
But now because you're doing this, we may just go ahead and push more.
And so they're saying the farther you let the missile shoot, the longer range, the more we've got to take it.
And if you give them thousand mile missiles, we'll just have to take the whole country.
You're going to use Ukraine as a place to shoot missiles at us, which you've been doing for years, before the war started, officially.
We'll just take the whole shooting match.
How's that sound?
And Russia could easily do that, folks.
All you do is bring in the artillery and direct it, and then flatten everything as you move forward.
But the Russians have been very, very strategic in this, because they want to be seen as the good guys.
The Ukrainians have not.
They just aim their artillery at cities and fire.
And then most of the civilian deaths we've seen that have been very moderate, and just a fact, on the Ukrainian side, is when the Ukrainians shoot down a Russian missile, and then it falls on a park or falls on an apartment building.
But most of the Russian missiles go right into where they're supposed to go, into the power plants, into the munition bases, into the military bases, and they've not even been hitting The presidential palace and the civilian government buildings.
But that's coming next.
And then they're just going to fire heavy cruise missiles or ballistic missiles out of Russia into Ukraine.
And there we go.
Because the Ukrainians with NATO are escalating.
The Russians wait for the West to escalate.
They escalate.
The West escalates again.
The Russians escalate.
In the world of war, the guy escalating is the bad guy.
Just the fact of actual rules of war.
So this is quickly leading towards thermonuclear war, just in case you didn't know.
Stay with us.
This is so, so important.
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All right, we're 30 minutes into my weekday broadcast, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
weekdays, InfoWars.com, four slash show, band on video, with live streams, radio stations across the country, some TV and cable stations, and of course, simulcast on the mighty Elon Musk X. Well, I just thought 10 minutes ago for radio listeners and TV viewers, you heard me say it, I said, why don't we just do a X Spaces right now on the deep state and how desperate they are and what is their next move going to be?
I know most people promote X Spaces days out.
Everybody gives everybody a chance to come in.
But we just pop them up.
Because I was just thinking, why not get comments or statements or questions from all the great people on X. So if you just joined us, let me just recap this.
Fareed Zarkaria is the mouthpiece of the Globalist.
He goes to Bilderberg Group.
When he talks about something, it's New World Order all the way.
He admits all the prosecutions against Trump are fake and political.
It's blown up in their face, and what are they going to do?
And then I show people the Electoral College map on a real clear polling.
CNN's polls show the same numbers.
Trump, at an election today, would win by 312.
Electoral College votes, Biden 226, and that's if you don't even count the toss-up states.
If he wins half the toss-up states, we're talking about a 350-360 delegate win against 170-190 or so.
That'd be one of the biggest landslides in history, if not the biggest.
So, they gotta bake in the dead people, the illegals voting, but that still won't mitigate this.
So they are in full panic mode.
What are they going to pull?
A cyber attack power outage.
Terror attacks they blame on Trump and the right wing.
A new war.
All three.
A financial collapse.
Because if you think the deep state is going to give up, think again.
Everything they do, they have the cesspit touch.
They have the sewage touch.
They have the Midas touch.
What they touch doesn't turn to gold.
It turns to maggots.
It turns to death.
It turns to failure.
Because we're in the fourth turning.
We're in a global realignment, the biggest in recorded history in 7,000 years.
It is on, ladies and gentlemen.
So what is the power structure going to do?
They've got all this AI and the censorship and the surveillance and cutting off the energy to make us poor, to make us go under their control.
But that would only work, according to the WF, and I agree with them, if the public doesn't know it's administratively being done by the private central banks and their quarterback, BlackRock, and Larry Fink.
So what are they going to do?
We better be talking about that.
Let's show some of the footage, the clip I showed like 10 times last night on the Sunday show, if we can.
I don't have yesterday's list, I think it was like clip 2 or 3, that showed the 100,000 plus now, they're saying, because there were tens of thousands all around the thing.
It panned out in the parking lot, 20,000 here, behind it, 20,000.
The fairgrounds, completely full there on Jersey Shore.
So if we can, we'll show some of that B-roll from last night.
What are they going to do in response to something this incredibly massive?
I mean, look at that footage right there if you're a TV viewer.
And again, there's footage where it then pans around the back of the stadium, or the fairgrounds, and it's 20,000, 30,000 there, and then the parking lot, tens of thousands There, and it just goes on and on and on.
Meanwhile, Biden cannot get 10 people to one of his rallies, and that's why the DNC said yesterday they may go virtual again, like four years ago, not using the excuse of COVID.
Oh, just this is just better.
So there's no one there opposing him at the convention when they remove Biden and bring in Gavin Newsom or AKA Big Mikey.
These are just incredible developments that are happening right now as we speak.
But then there's the other big issue of war.
France, Estonia, several other countries have announced they've already sent troops to Ukraine.
Germany is announcing a plan to not just ban cars being driven on the weekend for the Earth, but Yahoo!
Germany may introduce conscription for all 18-year-olds.
Then you read deeper, it's the EU is preparing conscription.
For 18-24.
Germany is considering introducing conscription.
That's the press gangs, the draft.
But for everybody, not just the draft.
eighteen-year-olds and it looks to boost its troop numbers in the face of Russian
military aggression. Military planners in Berlin are in the final stages of
discussing three options, two of which involved a form of conscription according
to leaked plans reported to the German media Der Spiegel.
Defense Minister Boris Pistouas is set to go public with the official plans in
June. One of the options being discussed, Germany would bring back a compulsory
military year Oh, not women, I see.
Once they turn 18, which was suspended in 2011, and apply it to women as well.
Oh, I guess they will.
This would require a change in the German constitution, but is seen inside the ministry as likely to receive societal approval.
And it goes on that the EU is looking at conscription.
World War III's never been closer, Chase Geiser.
I absolutely agree and when I see the desperation from the left there's a couple of things that I want to look at.
So the first thing that I always like to look at when we're talking about candidates and who's going to run for any office is who's coming out with books because we know that book publishing is a major money laundering scheme where campaigns can buy hundreds of thousands of copies of books and then the candidate can directly profit from that.
And it was amazing because last night we were looking into this on Sunday Night Live Gavin Newsom, on May 9th it was announced that he's coming out with a book.
I think that this is all a ploy so that they can have the justification to replace Biden as the candidate with somebody like Newsom or Michelle.
Roger Stone said this three years ago and he's been saying it all along and I mean, clearly, it's all lined up.
And now the Democrats are like, Biden's got to step down, he's got to step down.
And then they're going to have some stage virtual convention where everyone agrees and he's the guy.
Yep, and the entire media has turned on him.
And that free clip that you showed, we showed it last night too on CNN Live.
I mean, this is the mouth of the globalists of the New World Order coming out and turning in a very explicit way on Joe Biden.
So, you know, they could do things like whack Trump or any number of these other major things or both.
But I think the main thing they're focused on right now is getting Biden out of the seat as candidate.
By the way, I want to go back to that montage of photos we put on screen.
Trump took that photo.
It's reported flying in the land three hours before it began.
See all the lines coming in?
That's before they filled the fairgrounds.
Then the whole parking lots and areas around it.
And look at all the people coming in on the road right there.
You see it?
Yeah, so that photo actually worked against Trump because that's three, four hours before the event began.
Totally jam-packed.
Those outside areas filled as well.
They later stuck people on both sides and behind it.
What do you make of that, Chase?
I think it's absolutely amazing.
I think Harrison did a great job on the American Journal this morning covering this as well.
Lauren Boebert came out and said that more people were at this event than all of Joe Biden's events combined over the last several years, which I think is true.
I think probably 10 times, actually.
Yeah, and you see leftists say things like, oh, there's no way it was over 100,000.
85,000 max.
Like, as if that means that it's BS.
I mean, who else can get 85,000?
And that's in a blue state.
Wait till he does it at Madison Square Garden.
Wait till he does it in Alabama or Texas.
Wait till he does it.
I mean, it's going to be no matter where he goes, because it's, you know.
Yeah, it's going to be massive.
I think it's abundantly obvious that this time Trump has even more support than 2020.
And I'm curious to ask you, Alex, we get a lot of callers, as you know, who call in and they have a sense of hopelessness or helplessness about the integrity of our elections because of what happened in 2020.
But it seems like Trump really thinks he can win this.
Well, I've interviewed in the last 30 years on air hundreds of election experts.
I've studied in depth.
It would take hours to get it all.
Most listeners already understand this no more than I do.
They've only got so many dead people, people that have moved out of the district, to give them a database of names of these Democrat centers, these safe houses, where they fill out the tens of thousands of ballots per safe house, just as soon as they bought the cell phone data in only a few battleground cities and states, and track thousands a day going to these houses, getting their ballots, and then the surveillance footage of them stuffing them in the mailboxes.
So, so, that's what the, but they've only got Seven, eight percent, depending on the state.
Maximum ten.
So if Trump wins by more than ten percent, they cannot do it.
Because even if they use electronic manipulation, that's easily discovered later, plus you just run out of the actual votes to do it.
I mean, hypothetically, it's not going to happen, obviously, but if Trump got 100 percent of the votes, how do you steal that when there's only so many votes of registered voters?
Does that make sense?
Yeah, their capacity to cheat is limited.
It's powerful, but it's limited.
Yeah, I mean, they've got a ten percent.
So, I mean, here's the analogy.
Let's say, you know, two fighters are evenly matched.
And then the referee kind of cheats.
Well, that's going to mean probably the guy that the referee's cheating for wins.
Or even a football team, very evenly matched.
The refs are paid off by the mob.
This has been, this has come out, it's happened in baseball too.
They do some bad calls.
That lets their team win.
But if a team is like way more powerful and is going to win by 45 points, Doesn't really matter what the refs do, they're not going to stop him.
It's like the scene in Gladiator, where the Caesar stabs him in the ribcage right before the battle and he still beats him because he was that much better of a warrior.
Oh, that's a composite of three true stories.
There was an actual case where Ember did fight and they drugged him instead.
But Gladiator is a perfect analogy of that.
Doesn't matter if they stab him in the heart, he still beats him.
Well, that makes me feel optimistic that we can win, and that explains why Trump is fighting so hard for this election.
But it also goes to show how important it is to vote.
I'm so sick of hearing Republicans, conservatives, right-wingers, populists, whatever, say that they don't want to vote because the entire election is tanked and they're just going to give up.
I mean, that seems like the last thing.
Yeah, we don't want to be blackpilled.
We also don't want to be white-pilled, where everything's perfect, we're invincible, the White Hats.
No, it's a very close fight still.
Yes, with our handicap too, especially.
So we have to just fight like we're always losing by a little bit, and then hopefully we can pull it off.
Well, Trump also understands they want to discredit the idea of him as populism, discredit the populist.
And they admit on MSNBC, they're going to come after his supporters, which they're already doing to many of them, like myself.
Bannon's probably going to go to prison.
Navarro's in prison right now.
They are coming after everyone.
So they've got to destroy Trump.
Trump is in a death battle.
He's a gladiator.
He's like, well, I'm going all out then.
That clip you showed yesterday of Nancy Pelosi in that debate saying populism was the enemy of democracy blew my mind.
I could not believe that she would say that just based on the definition of what populism is.
It's a political philosophy that represents the interests of the people over a political class.
And it goes to show that they are actually coming after the entire philosophy of populism, not just one or two key players that they perceive as political dissidents.
And let's be clear, the founders said this and they were dead on.
The wild howl of pure democracy is dangerous because you can manipulate 51% to say all the black people are slaves again, or we're going to kill all the white people, or we're going to take the land from these people.
A republic has basic rules you cannot violate like any game or system.
That's a republic, but then people vote on how that's tweaked and how that's implemented.
That's a constitutional democracy.
That's a republican form of limited democracy.
She full-frontally always says she's for democracy.
She says the people are the enemy of democracy.
It's an actual quote.
Right, which is a total counter.
And if you think about it, you can't really advocate... Let's say a black cat is white.
Or a fish is a bird.
I mean, it's just... Or two plus two is five.
Or Lex Luthor Superman.
I mean, it is ridiculous.
Well, and the left is always advocating for minority rights.
They claim to be the champions of minorities, minorities, minorities.
But if you advocate for straight democracy, which is not what we are, but if you advocate for straight democracy, that's literally the opposite of minority rights because it's majority rule.
One of the first city-states that had democracy, the first one in ancient Greece, it was a bunch of different... people don't know, it was a whole bunch of different cities that had different systems.
They had Blackstones and Whitestones.
Blackstone was a no vote, Whitestone was a yes vote.
And it was only the elite men that could vote when they first did it.
And if they didn't like you, they'd vote to kill you.
They'd give you hemlock or throw you off a cliff.
Yeah, they did that to Socrates.
They killed him.
Yeah, they said, get out of here or poison yourself, and he took the poison.
They said, we have a choice.
We're throwing you off the hill, like, you know, the Taliban, or you take hemlock.
Went home and took hemlock.
Hell of a way to go.
Well, that's democracy, Florian.
That's exactly what that is, the rule of the mob.
Well, he was telling the young people that these guys are idiots.
Yeah, he was basically... Greatest flaws forever.
He said they're full of crap.
Well, and he invented the Socratic method, which is to just basically ask why over and over again, ask questions over and over again, and then it reveals the ignorance of whoever you're questioning.
And he won every debate, so they killed him.
Which is what they do today, don't they?
They try to kill your name.
That's what the left does.
First they take your speech, then your money, then they put you in prison and kill you.
And that's the game plan.
That's where we're going.
That's why First Domino's up front, we're like a lighthouse in the promontory with the waves hitting.
We've got to stay in place, folks, because when they get over us, they're coming for you.
And people think that knowing or saying the truth is enough. I can't tell you how
many people who have been cancelled who have been frustrated that they've been cancelled
because what they said was true.
And you have to realize that in the eyes of these people, the truth doesn't matter at
all. It doesn't matter whether you're right. In fact, if you're right, they hate you even
more for it. And so you have to have more than the truth.
You also have a strategy and a tactics in place to get the truth out. And that's why one
of the best things Infowars ever did, because we're close to being shut down. And I'll
get into the details soon.
It sounds unbelievable to people. It's not. Hopefully we're still here. But we're like
final months here unless things change.
And I said I'd do it this week, I guess I need to get all my ducks in a row, and it's a lot to tell, but it needs to be on record, so I'm going to have to do it soon, maybe in the next day or two.
It makes me so angry writing notes about it though, that I could barely, I got so angry today, thinking about it, I could barely do the show.
I'm just so mad because it's your rights they're taking folks and the dirty tricks and the corruption at every level and just the nastiness of it but...
What was my point though?
I just digress.
Well, we were talking about how the truth doesn't really matter to these people.
Oh, yeah.
One of the things I'm most proud of InfoWars is, you know, because I've been on there 30 years, but was successful monetarily about 27 years ago and put 95% of the money always back in.
Had a nice house, a nice car, but didn't have a private jet.
You know, didn't do hell.
So I put 95% of it back in.
Built the infrastructure.
I was always building it knowing the censorship was coming.
And knowing we had to be on every platform and still stay in the traditional media as well.
Knowing digital where it was coming from.
So we stuck it out during those five years of all that.
Now X has helped some but...
Now the awakening is here.
And so it was our understanding of that.
It's not enough to just be telling the truth.
You've got to be hard to kill.
You absolutely have to diversify.
And so what's the lesson to be learned from that on a macro level?
I mean, what are listeners supposed to do in order to help fight?
Because we really have to decentralize this InfoWar if we're going to expect to win.
Just as they have decentralized tyranny, we need to have decentralized freedom.
And that's that term you were saying, that coin, but it really is.
They've learned to decentralize it.
It has a command philosophy and systems that feed off of it, but they diversify it, quantify
So basically what's happened is, in a nutshell, through all the institutions that employ their
philosophy, whether it's diversity, equity, inclusion, or ESG scores, they have successfully
created half of the population that, whether it knows it's doing it or not, is manifesting
this leftist globalist philosophy.
So through the banks and how they process loans or through the schools and how they determine who they're going to hire to teach your kids and what the curriculum is going to be.
All of it is this philosophy entrenched.
So they have decentralized the philosophy.
So if you look at Hitler and what happened to the Third Reich, that was top down.
Everything he said happened, it propagated throughout the party.
This is different.
They have basically infected all the institutions.
10,000 head Hydra.
Yes, and they just manifest it in a way.
So if they have decentralized tyranny, then we need to have decentralized freedom.
If they are conspiring against us, then we need to conspire against them.
This war is not like the Revolutionary War where it's fought on the front.
It's a war by conspiracy.
It's fought in the shadows against us, and so we have to figure out a way to fight in the shadows back against them.
It's asymmetrical.
It's asymmetrical warfare.
It's philosophic and spiritual.
And it's economic at its base.
It's everything.
It's physical and metaphysical.
It's everything from our supply chain and our resources to our day-to-day lives to spiritual and philosophical issues and they're trying to cripple us on all fronts and so far they've been fairly successful.
But once people get the game plan, then they can stop complying, we defeat it.
It doesn't work.
Once you see it, it doesn't work.
It's like that double-slit experiment that they did in physics, where when you look at the electron, it performs differently than when you're not looking at it.
As soon as you look at the New World Order and the globals and what they're doing, then they're totally neutralized.
And it's been recreated thousands of times.
And it totally freaks out the New World Order.
So, we're going to start going to your spaces, comments, speakers here in a moment.
Please remember, we've got great products you need and it takes money to fight the New World Order.
You order your products at InfoWarsStore.com.
It'll be months and months and months until we get a shutdown.
But the court ruling should come down as early as two weeks from now.
That looks like where it's going.
I'm going to be honest and I'll explain it all and it's going to be told and it's going to be very interesting and we'll be on all the big shows.
But that's their move.
It's military.
They can't even think past destroying something.
They think it's a victory.
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That's separate from InfoWars, that's separate from this operation,
that's separate from whatever's happening here.
And I've been very true to the courts and very true to the system,
and that I've not gone out and jumped off ship before they sink it.
So I've not done anything.
I've not made plans.
There's obviously a lot of folks want to work with us.
My goal will be firing something up quickly and trying to get the crew reconstituted.
We obviously won't be in the jurisdiction of Austin.
That's like living under the Tower of Mordor, totally leftist run like New York or D.C.
So that's all.
But I'm rapidly approaching the moment of Okay, they are shutting this down, and then I'm going to, you know, shift gears and I'll stay here until they turn the lights out and tell me to leave.
The court orders it shut down, they'll put a date on it, as early as a week from now they may put a date on the shutdown, I guess probably two months, three months, four months, and it's been one hell of a fight, but that's just how this is, and I'll give you all the details, the treachery, the evil, the stuff that went on, because they've been dumb enough to not just say this stuff in mediation.
Because if I say in mediation something's private, it's private unless it's a crime.
And I do think a lot of this is a crime.
We know the FBI, CIA, Iran, they have said this stuff outside of mediation.
They want me to not defend the Second Amendment and some other things.
I said, they did this years ago, but they did it officially to my lawyers two weeks ago.
I'm like, hold your horses.
I don't need to hear the rest of the list.
I'm not going to, you put a gun to my head.
I'm not going to shut up and I'm not going to sell out.
I would rather die than that.
So understand that's the last equation in this.
They never wanted money.
They said that on the Courthouse steps.
They wanted to control me and what I said.
Well, guess what?
You're going to get the new and improved Alex Jones.
And we're going to take what you're doing to InfoWars and it's going to springboard the entire message into the election.
Because I don't lie like them.
I tell the enemy what I'm doing.
I tell them I'm coming for them.
I feel sorry for the crew.
It'll take time to reconstitute.
But you need to understand that in the interim, this guy, okay, will only be bigger.
And I say that because I'd rather stay here, do this, not have to move, but hey, it's all starting now.
All of it.
Whole new deal.
So now my mind, the last few days, has shifted from this to, okay, looks like InfoWars is going to shut down, and now I'm moving into the other gear.
So there you go, enemies.
You know what's going on, and God is on our side, and you will be defeated.
New world order.
Just understand that and just know that.
And I need everybody, if they shut this down.
Because I'm like, okay, we'll pay a bunch of money if we can pay it.
Oh, and actually, we want control of your company, and we want to control what you say.
You hear the sound of a car going 80 miles an hour, slam on its brakes.
And they're dumb enough!
They're going to shut this down!
With it coming out, the FBI and CIA ran the whole thing.
I'm going to go ahead with the lawsuits against them.
I'm going to go ahead with all the appeals.
And I was having a moral crisis when this came out months ago about the FBI and CIA running it.
But I was still loyal to the crew and wanted to keep this operation going.
It is fabled.
But with that, it just really freed me up to mentally make what I knew was the right decision.
So I don't even think they could probably convince me.
It is what it is.
So kind of there's a little mini update on this, but it just shows they're so desperate to have some win and it's going to be all over the news.
Which will backfire just like indicting Trump, but they're gonna put it everywhere.
We finally got Alex Jones, we finally shut down InfoWars, and I'm just watching, and you're not supposed to interrupt your enemy when they're destroying themselves, Napoleon said that, but I do, I am loyal to the crew.
It really is true, I love the crew, and I like this operation, and I don't wanna go do all the work to reconstitute it through other people, but it's like, they have no idea!
It's strange how they can master plan how to hurt people and lie and attach themselves to me and make money off of me and act like I did it with them, but then they're just so stupid.
And when they attack us, they don't even know where to attack or what to do.
That's what's even crazier.
We've held these people off for six years.
That's a long time.
And you've said it a million times, it's just like A New Hope with Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting Darth Vader and saying, if you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you ever imagined.
This is what's going to happen.
It is going to blow back in their face so hard, they're not even going to know what hit them.
That's not a bluff!
I mean, anybody knows that's true.
It's like a great scene in the Tombstone.
It's a great movie where he's sitting there, got the gun to his head, 20 guys are aiming guns at him, and he goes, Any one of them, you know, first thing I'm going to do is take you out.
This is not a threat, it's a political analogy.
And he goes, he's bluffing.
He goes, he ain't bluffing.
Just watch.
We'll be right back.
And I'm sorry to give people the bad news, folks, it's all over.
We need to get ready now.
People need to go to KEPM.com forward slash gold KEPM.com forward slash gold.
You need to get ready.
This is the place to go.
I love them.
They're great sponsors.
They're great people.
Or you can call 720-605-3900.
In my opinion, you are insane if you don't get into silver right now and get some gold.
And I wish I could do it.
I'm under enemy attack.
It's okay.
It's fine.
And I'm just looking at all of you wishing I was in the position you're in right now because I wish this wasn't the case, but I intellectually and spiritually know I'm 100% right.
And I think you all know it too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is humanity's waking up and we're going to turn this around.
So buckle up, folks, buckle up and get ready now, because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now.
And I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you the new world order is coming.
It's here.
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Alright, a lot of people on xSpace have asked, hey, why are there breaks every 20 minutes?
We're on hundreds of radio stations, over 300 of them.
And of course, they're just all ready to come right over when this gets shut down.
You used the Steve Jobs analogy.
That was excellent.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's true.
What they did to him was crazy.
You know, Walter Isaacson wrote a great biography about him called, I think, Just Steve Jobs.
And he wrote the same, he wrote a biography.
I read it.
And yeah, they kicked him out.
The board kicked him out because of the decisions he was making because the boards don't have a vision.
Boards are all about maximizing shareholder reports every quarter, quarterly reports.
And they fired him and the company almost went totally bankrupt during the 90s when he wasn't involved in Apple and they had to bring him back and give him total autonomy.
What's going to happen here at InfoWars if they try to put a board in or if they try to fire Alex Jones is the place is going to collapse.
They're going to get absolutely nothing.
You're going to blow up and they're going to either beg you to come back or the next thing is going to be so big that it doesn't even matter.
It's going to be moot.
Well, the reason I haven't talked about it yet is there's so much, and I want to read all the documents to get it exactly right, but the story will be told.
And, I mean, here's an example.
There's plenty of money in this company right now.
No trips, no nothing, no coverage, even though those things bring in money and people want to see it and it does a good job.
So, I mean, it's all meant to drive me crazy and to make me quit.
Not going to happen.
They're going to have to shut the lights off in here, and it's going to be in front of the whole world.
So, they didn't even pay me my employment contract, which is fine because I sold.
I was not into money.
I was not into all these things, but I had a little farm as a backup, and I got a family that's got one.
I can go move there in a collapse, and that's all been sold.
And it didn't matter to me.
So it's all been put in, sold my house, did everything, put everything in before bankruptcy to keep this going when we're under attack.
Because that was the mission.
That stuff meant nothing to me.
And they think it messes with me taking stuff from me.
It means nothing.
I love it.
Well, the harder they push back and fight against you, the more you're doing right.
One of my things when I started being a political voice at all in social media was I was frustrated because it took so long for me to get hate replies.
And I knew, I was like, man, if people aren't hating on me, then I'm not having the impact I need to be having.
And the more they come after you, the better work you're doing.
And Alex, I think they've come after you harder than anybody else, other than maybe Donald Trump himself.
Oh, they come after Trump more because he had, you know, $50 billion, whatever it is now.
They've taken most of his wealth.
And he doesn't care either.
Because it doesn't matter.
He's trying to save the whole ship.
As Elon Musk has said, if we lose civilization, all the rich people have nowhere to spend the money.
I mean, it means nothing to me.
I've had private stuff.
I've had family stuff happen that was absolutely horrible the last two years, that was 50 times worse than all their persecution.
And then, like Job, God turned it all around.
We'll go to break and go back to all the callers, all the commenters, but I'm going to shut up now, folks.
If you're a new listener and you just tuned in, the reason I launched this space is Sam will cast his.
The globalists are desperate.
Everything's falling apart.
Fareed Zakaria admits it.
They're all admitting it.
Everything's blowing up their face.
What are they going to do next?
Enough about Alex Jones.
The attack on InfoWars and the attempts to shut us down and everything that's been done is a microcosm of the whole country turning off our power plants, turning off our pipelines, brainwashing our children, locking the country down for years that they admit pulled the rug out from the whole system.
This was done to destroy the country and destroy you and it's a worldwide attack.
Whatever's happening in Germany or Australia is happening in the UK, it's happening in Canada, it's happening here.
So we're in complete solidarity with the people of Africa that were under three years of lockdowns.
Or Latin Americans.
This is a globalist attack on humanity.
And when I've said the illegals coming here, most of them are economic refugees.
I don't hate them personally.
They're humans.
I'm sorry for them.
They're a globalist victim.
And I noticed the super right-wing white supremacist said, look, he's defending the migrants.
He's saying they're humans and a lot of them are good people.
They are, damn it!
But does it mean that we open the border up to them because they're turning them into weapons against us and they'll be slaves too?
We've got to beat this thing together.
So I'm proud to stand with people black, white, brown.
I'm proud to stand with humanity.
I am on Team Humanity.
I'm a human supremacist.
And I don't support the super fake right wing.
I don't support the left wing.
I support justice and freedom.
Your comments as live speakers in 60 seconds when we come back, Please support us at drjonesnaggles.com and infowarsstore.com
and share the links at RealAlexJones and follow me at RealAlexJones.
Alright, well simulcasting right now my syndicated radio/TV program from the heart of Texas on Spaces on X.
And they got a little internet booster in here that makes it where Chase's phone will work and go through our system
but it had some hiccup.
The Spaces is still alive, but he's lost control.
He can't go in and do anything right now.
We were one of the first, you know, going back to start putting Spaces on a syndicated TV slash radio news program.
So as soon as he gets that fixed, I, we're going to, I'm going to shut up now and I'm going to go to your Spaces comments about what is the Deep State's next move?
This is really, really, really, really important.
But before I go any further, there's a great breakdown here of fifth-generation warfare happening now.
Government is literally waging war on you, and that means the special interests are, while they consolidate wealth and power, while they use you as a guinea pig, while they put you in a position where they can control you, to suck your wealth out while they slowly weaken you and then kill you.
And that's the New World Order plan.
Here's part of that report.
We'll go right to your spaces, comments.
Fifth generation warfare is an all-out war that is being waged against all of us by our governments and the international organizations to which they belong.
It's being waged against each and every one of us right now, and it is a battle for full-spectrum dominance over every single aspect of your life.
Your movements and interactions, your transactions, even your innermost thoughts and feelings and desires.
Governments the world over are working with corporations to leverage technology to control you down to the genomic level, and they will not stop until each and every person who resists them is subdued or eliminated.
The most incredible part of all of this is that so few know that the war is even taking place, let alone that they are a combatant in it.
The best way to understand this war is to look at some of the ways that it is being waged against us.
Information Warfare Perhaps the most insidious part of the fifth generation InfoWar is that it has become so normalized that everyone knows it is happening, but no one thinks of it as warfare.
Of course everything is advertising and propaganda, and of course it's being used to manipulate our behavior.
That's just how the world works, isn't it?
But we ignore the real nature of the InfoWar at our own peril.
After all, I've often observed that this is a war for your mind, and that the most contested battle space in the world is the space between your ears.
You might have thought I meant that metaphorically, but actually, I mean it quite literally.
Which brings us to... Neurological Warfare To anyone not yet a victim of the information warfare operation designed to prepare humanity for the coming transhuman dystopia, all of this sounds insane.
But for those who have fallen for the InfoWars psyop of the enemy, these types of mind-altering technologies are exactly as advertised.
Exciting opportunities to upgrade the feeble biological wetware we call our brain.
But if you think you can avoid the biological aspect of the Fifth Generation War by simply avoiding the brain chip, you're out of luck.
You're also going to have to deal with... Biological warfare.
I'm sure you can fill in the blanks with myriad other examples of the attacks upon the world's air, water, and biome that constitute this unconstrained fifth-generation biological war being waged against us.
When and if you do put the pieces of this puzzle together and seek to warn people en masse that they're under attack, your ability to resist this agenda will be predicated on your ability to use your accumulated resources, your wealth, to foster communities of resistance.
Don't worry though, the enemy has that domain covered too.
Economic Warfare We only have to look to recent events in Canada to understand what this will look like.
This perfect control of humanity down to the level of being able to witness and ultimately to allow or disallow any transaction between any individuals at any time represents the apotheosis of technocracy and one of the key objectives of the Fifth Generation War itself.
As this nightmare comes closer and closer to reality, all seems hopeless.
But then again, That's exactly the point.
The real war.
I could go on.
And on and on and on.
But hopefully you get the point by now.
There is a world war happening right now.
It is a fifth generation war, or whatever you want to call it.
It is being waged across every domain simultaneously.
It's a war for full-spectrum dominance of every battlefield and every terrain, from the farthest reaches of the globe and beyond, to the inner spaces of your body, and even to your innermost thoughts.
And it is a war on you.
Recognizing this, the task we face seems nearly insurmountable.
How are we to fight back in a war that the majority of people don't even recognize is taking place?
How do we fight back against an enemy that has spent decades refining its weapons of economic and military and technological and biological control?
How do we fight back in a war that is not taking place on two fronts or even three fronts, but in every domain and battle space simultaneously?
Framed like this, our prospects do appear hopeless.
But therein lies the key.
Our perception that it is our duty to fight back against the enemy in their war, on their battlefield, on their terms of engagement, is itself a narrative frame.
And that narrative itself is a weapon that is being wielded against us in the battle for our minds.
My regular viewers will understand what I'm proposing here.
The creation of a parallel society.
We won't achieve this by asking for more scraps from the master's table, or by gently complying as we're herded into ever more constrictive technological pens, or by thinking that we can win this war by engaging the enemy in their controlled domain.
We can only achieve this by creating our own table, our own economy, and our own communities of interest.
This will require the long and difficult task of increasing our independence from the authoritarian systems in every domain.
The information domain, the food domain, the health domain, the monetary domain, the mental domain, and every other contested battle space in this all-out fifth generation war.
Easier said than done, of course, but there is no alternative.
Some will say, but won't they come after that parallel society?
As if that's a rebuttal to what I've laid out here.
The point is that you are already the target of the enemy in a war that most people but dimly understand is happening.
Yes, the enemy will come after you, but they are already dominating you in more ways than any one person can fully understand.
That doesn't stop just because you comply with their demands or take part in their system.
We must stop playing their game.
We must stop fighting their war.
We must stop ceding our power, our authority, our time, our attention, our energy, and our resources to engaging the enemy in their terms, on their battlefield.
We must create our own parallel society, on our own terms.
And so we rediscover an old piece of wisdom.
To paraphrase, Fifth Generation Warfare is a strange game.
The only winning move is not to play.
War is over.
If we want it.
Your guide to Fifth Generation Warfare.
All right, I posted that on X last night.
It's excellent work.
And I hope you get it out there.
All right, we're going to go to your X-Spaces comments, but you have to be aware of the enemy operation.
We realize it's behavioral psychologists in their own documents building a societal control grid that's designed to absorb society and build a breakaway civilization.
Some aliens from outer space, they believe they're creating a new alien species.
The future's not human.
You've got to be aware of it and then simply oppose it at every level.
That will then build parallel systems by the new systems we build.
You think it's small?
Having a farm, raising kids that are healthy, loving God, avoiding GMOs.
They're putting in 15-minute cities all over Europe and all over the UK, taxing you to drive out of your 15-minute area, blocking cars completely, harassing people, and people are just cutting them down in Germany, cutting them down in Spain, cutting them down in Greece, cutting them down in the UK.
That's just a microcosm of just a few hundred people in the UK alone that have cut down thousands of these, and it's stopping the whole system.
That's just at one level identifying what it is and not complying with civil disobedience.
Here's a quick clip, and we'll go right to your speakers.
Oh, we've got a nice close-up on this one.
Look at that.
All burnt up.
George and the Dragons.
It's a bit wobbly.
It's a bit wobbly.
I hope it don't fall over here.
I hope it don't fall over.
Yeah, it's a bit wobbly.
But yeah, George and the Dragons up here on Swakeleys.
And if we look down here, folks, I've put a little warning on it for them.
Yeah, you know what happens next.
Someone's tried peeling the sticker, but the warning still stands, I do believe.
And we've got another one up here, another one up here.
Let's see if this one's getting any fines.
These were only installed the other day.
It didn't even get 10 hours old.
There we go, that's your warning.
Last warning.
You know what comes next.
Yeah, yeah.
So, have some of that.
George and the Dragon up there, folks.
So yeah, all burnt, all painted.
So it ain't getting you.
That's a new unit they're going to have to replace that with.
But the boys have said, yeah, you know what happens next, yeah?
So if you put a new unit on here, this traffic light goes.
That's what's being said there, yeah?
I'll spell it out for you.
Put a new unit on, the traffic light goes.
Two brand new ones, didn't even last 12 hours.
Have some of that, you little mugs.
These aren't staying in Hillingdon, no way, no how.
And they admit they're putting them up to make the average person not be able to afford driving a car in the rural and poor areas.
It's a control grid.
So they put a sticker on it that's the, you know, English King George Cross that the left hates.
They blow towards it for a few seconds.
It melts it on.
And if they fix it, they then cut it down.
And it's just an example of people power.
There's 8 billion of us.
We start becoming aware of what's happening.
It's game over.
That's just a microcosm.
Alright, thanks for being there for 30-40 minutes holding, because we lost this Spaces on X simulcast.
I want to thank everybody.
Chase, let's start going to the folks here.
Let's go first to Andrew Meyer.
Andrew, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, sir.
Howdy Chase.
I think Alex is absolutely right.
The deep state is desperate.
I think when Roger Stone says that they might change horses, that would be a big desperation move for them to go to like Michelle Obama.
They might do it because Joe Biden is failing so badly.
But I think their real move is to try and undermine the Trump presidency.
I think that they know he's going to win, so they're already looking how can they sabotage him.
I think the most effective candidate for vice president right now isn't even a candidate.
It's Devin Nunes.
No, Andrew, you're really smart.
I've had friends with Andrew.
He's an awesome guy.
Great point.
The little bird told me Devin Dines is in the lead.
He's probably going to be the vice president.
You're right.
The deep state's already announced.
They're going to burn the country down when he's president-elect.
I agree.
They're now capitulating and admitting he's going to win.
Then they're going to try to discredit him once he's president-elect.
Andrew, I'm glad you raised this.
Keep going.
Yeah, absolutely.
I think that they know they can't stop the tidal wave in November, so what's their move?
Okay, how do we undermine his administration, put our people in, infiltrate, get people at the heads of the DOJ, the head of the Secretary of Defense again, the generals.
They want to have everybody around Trump be able to stab him in the back like they did.
Legally purge them all.
He can fire them all.
All the U.S.
All the top generals.
You do a Google search.
Are they a globalist?
Fire them.
And a president's allowed to have a loyalty oath for people that he puts in executive positions.
Have a loyalty oath.
And the minute they don't do what he tells them, fire their ass!
There was a report that Johnny McEntee, who worked with Trump the first time around, who is a loyalist, that he's working on a project to actually purge anybody around Trump that really wouldn't be a loyalist.
That needs to be priority number one.
Personnel is policy.
And if Trump has people around him that really have his back, we can have a presidency for the people.
That can withstand whatever other calamities the deep state wants to foist on him.
Whether it's financial calamities, starting other wars, using weather weapons and creating natural disasters.
Whatever they want to do.
If we have a real Trump administration and if he gives money to his supporters the way that the libs do.
NPR is funded right now.
It's commie propaganda.
I would love if the federal government was funding people like Alex Jones and Roger Stone.
Totally legal!
It's what they do on the left.
Canada is already funding billions of their press.
I'm not actually saying that myself, but I get your point.
By the way, Andrew, you should come on as a guest soon.
I apologize.
I've been out of touch.
You did a great job making AlexJonesVideoGame.com.
It's been a big success.
I have been so pinned down with family and them trying to shut down InfoWars.
I tried to stop it.
I'm now literally weeks away from it officially, a date being set to shut it down.
So I've just been in the middle of flux.
I've been basically ignoring everything but this.
Doing some things behind the scenes, but I really appreciate you.
So let's stay in contact and have you on as a guest soon, brother.
Anything else you want to add?
It would be my absolute pleasure, Alex.
I gotta buy AlexJonesVideoGame.com because you say that sometimes.
It's AlexJonesGame.com.
Greatest video game.
Game of the year.
Everybody loves it.
Say it three more times while I'm teleprompter free so I get a lot of stuff wrong.
Say it again.
Say it five times.
Greatest video game you'll ever play.
It's a lot of fun.
More importantly, I want people to know, you know, I use the survival shield.
I use the silver bullet.
I use the super male vitality.
Everything you put forward is great stuff.
And if they strike you down like Obi-Wan Kenobi, you will rise up greater.
So the country has a real chance for renaissance, but we got to connect to God and we got to do our best.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you, brother.
Yeah, and look.
The products are in.
You order them, you'll get them.
The judge isn't going to just shut it down one day.
They'll do a wind down.
They may keep me here.
They may just say goodbye.
I mean, I could be told two weeks from now, a week from now, Mr. Jones, it's your last day.
I mean, we're up a week and a half out from just, I'm kicked out like happened to, you know, with Project Veritas and James O'Keefe.
So I could be gone in a week and a half.
And people are like, oh, yeah, right.
People think it's an institution.
It is.
Let me tell you something.
My wife's dad was playing pool with me three weeks ago and playing poker.
Love him.
He lived in my house.
Then he moved into an assisted living place.
I was like, stay with us.
He was like, no, I need to not give you problems.
Love the guy.
John Wolf.
Great jokes.
Great pool player.
Great poker player.
He's like my buddy.
Died last Tuesday.
So, don't sit here and think this stuff goes on forever.
I'm not crying wolf here, folks.
I don't want to prove it to you.
I mean, I still hope something changes, but they got to take off the table controlling my speech.
But they said, no, we want to control what you say.
I mean, it's ridiculous that this is the level, and it's going to all be exposed.
Okay, so it's just so important.
I said I'd wait because I need to get it all ducks in a row and expose it all, but I've got to do it before they take me off the air.
It could be a week or two.
The judge will probably be reasonable and say, okay, we can sell the product that's there.
It'll go to the creditors, all that stuff.
That's great.
Gives the crew time.
I've asked them to give the crew severance pay.
That's literally the point we're at right now.
And so that is in their ballpark right now.
I'm probably late telling you this now.
It's just such, to me, horrifying news, but then I can see where it goes.
It's great news, but I don't pull Machiavelli stuff, you understand?
I don't engage the manipulation.
If they go that direction, I make lemonade out of lemons.
But yeah, it is an insane moment.
Who's up next?
Let's go to Robert the Builder.
Robert, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say if you're still with us, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you, Chase.
We're very sorry for your loss, Alex.
Oh, he was a great guy.
It's really hitting my wife, but the point is, he's with God now.
He was a Christian.
We prayed every day around the campfire.
The last few months, he had cancer and heart problems, so he was a tough guy, but thank you.
Yeah, on the Jim State, if anybody thinks it's a conspiracy theory, all we have to do is use common sense and look at all the Everything that's going on is bad.
I don't need to go through all the lists of everything, of course, but I want to bring up one point.
There's how, you know, the way Mao in China, the way he got into power, is he used the college age kids.
He used those.
And I think Fidel Castro probably did the same thing.
And that might have to do with a little bit of what we're seeing now.
And I think the only way out of this whole mess is the messaging on the right is going to need to change.
No, I agree.
You're talking about offense.
I'm asking you, what is the deep state going to pull to try to stop Trump?
And I think Andrew Mayer calling in was right.
They're going to probably know they can't stop him.
I think it's good to broaden our horizon and adjust that messaging so that it reaches out
to other groups, especially...
No, I agree.
You're talking about all things.
I'm asking you, what is the deep state going to pull to try to stop Trump?
And I think Andrew, Mayor calling in was right.
They're going to probably know they can't stop him.
They're going to launch the attack when he's president elect and doesn't have power yet.
Yeah, I agree.
And I mean, they could use a new variant.
Then we know about the elections too, right?
I mean, but we don't want to deter people from voting.
Everybody needs to get out and vote.
Everybody needs to keep fighting.
You know, Trump is going to help us no matter what.
I think people need to realize that.
We all need to stick together no matter what happens and keep fighting.
And that's what you do, Alex.
You keep fighting and your messaging is good.
You're always at the forefront.
Your messaging right now is to reach out to everybody, not just a specific group.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you for allowing me to speak.
Thank you for calling.
No, we didn't allow you.
We appreciate it.
We were honored to have you.
Everybody else has to kiss the ass these talk shows.
I'm blessed to have you tuning in.
There's a lot of enemy plans, and they haven't decided what they're going to do yet.
I know that.
They're really upset.
They're gauging things.
But here's what's most important.
In one scenario, they kill Trump, but then blow up a bunch of buildings of innocent people to then say Trump supporters did it, to make it demonize the supporters.
So the minute they kill Trump, if they do, and we should not lie to ourselves, that's a probability, not a possibility.
I'd say more than a 3% chance they're going to try it at least.
If they do that, you better believe false flags are incoming within hours.
Chase Geiser.
Yeah, I absolutely agree.
I think the only thing keeping them from killing Trump is they know that if they did it now, or if they did it the wrong way, he would become a martyr.
So, when JFK was assassinated, they were able to have enough plausible deniability, at least in the controller sphere.
Oh, he could be struck by a bolt of lightning.
Nobody's buying it.
And so that's the thing, just like Joe Biden is kept in office because Kamala Harris is just as bad of an alternative.
I mean, she can put a sentence together, but she's about as dumb as Joe Biden is, even with the cognitive decline that he's going through.
Whoever Trump picks as vice president needs to be an insurance policy.
This cannot be a neocon.
This has to be somebody who's just as populist as he is or just Someone that the deep state fears just as much as they fear Donald Trump.
That is going to be a major component of this decision in a way that it's never been a decision for presidents before is, okay, who would the deep state hate to have come into office if I was assassinated?
I think that's a major play here.
And I'm sorry to have to talk to listeners about this.
I mean, I think people get now.
I've not been an alarmist.
I've been dead on.
I mean, we are, we are in some deep water.
I mean, and I'm not saying to be negative.
Admit you're in deep water.
First step to getting better is admitting you have a problem.
All right.
We don't have time for another question for Brad Dewey.
Oh, I don't know.
I'll be cutting close.
Jam in one more.
We'll hold them over.
All right.
Let's do it.
Eric John.
Eric John, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
You've got one minute.
Hey guys, yeah, I actually think that you guys are right and I think that taking out Trump is going to happen.
I think it's definitely the last thing they want to do.
And they can't replace Biden, right?
That's not their next move because then they're sort of admitting that Trump Politically, it's better than Biden, right?
They're saying that Biden's a failure, we need to replace him.
But if they take Biden out, no one would be shocked if Biden just turned up dead one day.
I think most people would be like, well, that makes sense.
And then they can replace him without taking the political hit.
Kamala becomes president, but she doesn't run.
They run somebody else like Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom.
So I'm curious, Alex, what your thoughts are on that possible scenario?
I mean, Chase said it earlier, they've already got a book tour for Newsom, they're clearly priming him.
I know Roger says it's Big Mike, and Roger's almost always right.
I just, it's ridiculous.
Not because he's a black man, it's just that the whole background, and I do believe it's a man.
It's overwhelming evidence.
Not just John Rivers saying it.
So, stay there, I'm gonna come right back to you and talk more about that because that's really a big deal.
But no, no, they're replacing Biden at the DNC.
That's why it's virtual now.
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Let's move through them quick.
All right, Eric John, do you have anything else you want to add, man?
I know you got cut off last time.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say if you're still with us.
Oh yeah, no, I think you guys make a great point about the VP thing.
You know, I think that if anything, that Deep State definitely would wait and just to see what he does on that front.
I think if you pick somebody like Marco Rubio, man, I just think he's signing his own death sentence, to be honest.
And I don't really know of anyone, aside from maybe Tucker Carlson, Tucker told me he will never do it.
Before he said it in the news, he told me in Maine last year, he said, God would have to appear and tell me to do it.
Well, maybe God will appear and tell him to do it.
So you like Devin Nunes or who do you like?
Um, I don't know about Devin Nunes.
Um, you know, I think maybe J.D.
Vance would be a decent pick.
I think Trump-Vance has a nice ring to it.
Although, to be honest, I think the most Trump thing ever would be to pick Byron Donald because then the name of the ticket is basically Trump's name in reverse.
But I think that would be the most Trump thing ever.
Trump, Donald, or Donald Trump.
They make Nikki Haley change her name to Donald.
He's already said no Nikki Haley.
Alright brother, great points.
Who's up next?
Alright, let's go to The Savior.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
What's going on, Alex?
Thanks for having me up.
As I say, just as your title says, the deep state's becoming very desperate.
And as I say, have you noticed how Biden's sort of trying to shift the narrative now and make the world think that he's somehow like the peacekeeper and how Trump may end up being worse?
For example, Biden's acting like he's pulling funding from Israel due to the Rafah invasion, but at the same time, he's still sending money behind the scenes to Israel and Ukraine.
I just think that they know the majority of the world's programs.
Trump had a major peace deal, the Abraham Accords.
So yeah, absolutely.
No, no, Biden's the war president.
Yeah, exactly.
He's pulling on the heartstrings of the people because he knows the world's pro-Palestine and still selling money behind the scenes at the same time.
So what do you think the deep state's going to pull?
I don't know.
I just think that it's just a big, you know, mainstream sort of psy-op going on.
They're just pushing all this news that, oh yeah, Biden cares about the Palestinians.
He's pulling the money because of the Rafah invasion.
But I just think it's all a lie.
And they're just trying to brainwash the people so that when they can rig the elections, they can say, oh, well, the people wanted this.
Do you know what I mean?
He's helping the Palestinians.
He's not funding Israel no more.
Well said.
Anything else?
No, that's it.
That's it, really.
I'm just wondering your thoughts on it, really.
No, I think that's dead on.
Up next.
Alright, let's go to Jay The Narrative Destroyer.
Jay, go ahead.
Hi Alex, Chase.
Alex, I've been a longtime supporter since 2001.
I've been donating.
I suggest everybody donate or, you know, buy something.
But I got a question for you, Alex.
I've asked Owen and Harrison.
They both think that it's probably the play.
What do you think of them using the facts against Trump?
They announced it in the New York Times, and I think that's the play, dude.
I think that even if they wait through his presidency to bring it on him, dude, he's
They are gonna pin this on him if he does not come out against it.
And I wanted to know if you feel the same way.
And that's I think that's definitely in the cards, but I wouldn't.
The globalists don't want to damage big pharma.
They don't want to damage Biden, who promoted it 10 times more than Trump.
It's really Trump's only weak point is that he got bought into that.
He supported every other therapeutic and thing he thought, you know, was good.
So Trump's strength is he won't back down, but it's also his weakness.
But yeah, I mean, we're only 170 days, 172 days.
as we'll put it on screen, from the most historic election in world history.
If they're going to do that, they're going to do it soon.
They're already hyping up the bird flu, they're hyping up cyber attacks, they're hyping up right-wing terror attacks.
And then civil unrest once he's president-elect, and there's 79 days before he's inaugurated.
But we're 175 days out, 11 hours.
75 days out, 11 hours.
So, Chase, what do you think?
Well, I agree that the vaccine is probably the only weakness of the Trump administration.
I think that's why they put RFK in the running.
I actually think that RFK is a CIA plant, and we could get into that another time.
Well, his vice president is.
Yeah, and his campaign manager is a former CIA, and she also married his son a year after they've been together.
So the CIA is married into his family and managing his campaign.
I just think the guy's a CIA plant.
But they run RFK as an independent, and that splits the votes away from former Trump voters who are alienated from Trump because of the vaccine stance that he took.
That's what's going on here.
So he's the answer to Jill Stein.
What do you mean?
Jill Stein pulled maybe half a point away in 2016 to help Trump.
Yes, and I forget who ran as a libertarian in 2020, but she also pulled quite a few of
the votes away in some swing states as well when people voted libertarian instead of for
Trump because of what happened during 2020.
So yeah, I think that this is a threat, but I agree with you.
I think he's got an insurance policy and that the deep state doesn't want to go after Big Pharma because those special interests have bought off the narrative.
That's the real reason that Big Pharma purchases all the advertising on these networks.
It's not because they're trying to sell you drugs with their ads.
It's because it's a conflict of interest then for these networks.
Memos have come out!
I remember in the 80s and 90s on CNN, half the ads were Lockheed Martin ads.
Well, nobody's buying fighter jets.
It was literally a payoff of the criticizer.
That's exactly what happens.
That's why they always criticize Elon Musk and Tesla, because all the other major car manufacturers have so many cable ads on the major news networks, and so they're always talking about Tesla's crashing off and falling off of bridges and crashing into buildings.
It's because Tesla isn't buying any ad space.
Yep, absolutely.
Anything else?
Yeah, um, I just want to ask you, okay?
So, you're telling me that they're not going to try to blame him for Warp Speed because he signed it in, and then just say Big Pharma had nothing to do with the approval of rushing a vaccine that was all the president.
They're going to use an angle, dude.
You know how they play.
They're going to play the angle that their base will believe, and their base will believe anything.
They believe men are women and women are men.
No, I mean, I hear you.
I've said that's a trap for Trump for years.
But now we've gotten so close to the election, they've not really matured that yet.
They're still totally defending it.
So I would have seen us.
You're starting to see them apologize for it.
You're starting to see maybe you're right.
I mean, I think I think you make a good point, sir.
Thank you.
All right, let's go on to Jefferson.
Jefferson, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Thanks, Chase.
And God bless you, Alex.
I know that really would have hurt.
And to you and Erica, condolences, mate.
I really feel for you.
And look, Alex, for all these years you've been so on the money, you've been so right.
And I'll just tell you, mate, you've always said, That they're going to roll out another pandemic.
And if we rock back to event 201 was in October of 2019, what was happening at the exact same time, the Wuhan Games, the military games.
We don't know whether or not that was the seeding event, but the Italians said that their troops came back with illness.
The Canadians said it.
And then all of a sudden we have this pandemic that was launched.
Trump gets no pat on the back for the fact that he shut down flights from China for the first time in history.
But you look at the way that If we go back all the way back into the 90s, under the Nunn-Lugar initiative with Barack Obama, what did they do?
He opened what was called the Anti-Plague Institute in Ukraine.
The very first virus they studied all the way back then was avian influenza.
And here we go again.
They said All the time, in their narratives, in their playbook.
That's right, going back to 2000, they've been hyping avian flu, and now, I've said this a couple years ago, now they're bringing it right up there, and absolutely hyping the living hell out of it.
I agree, it's the next thing.
So how do you see that rolling out?
How do you see the dominoes falling?
I think what people forget is that we look at this as an instance that, okay, maybe they played this to get out Trump.
When they played this, the New World Order said to themselves, we are going to take every chip, put it on the table, and we're all in.
We're all in to take down humanity once and for all and to wipe out the population of the planet to the number that we decide.
These guys have committed themselves now to roll this out.
And what did they do?
They convinced the public to go and get PCR tested and for the first time in the history of the world they got billions of people's DNA in which to put in CRISPR-Cas9 to reprogram the accuracy of the mRNA in the next code that they roll out so that they can target race-specific bioweapons.
You've spoke about it for years and years and the way that I feel which really the Lord has been placing on my heart for years is This is about what we do right now and thank God for... I totally agree with you.
I believe, I think you're right.
I said this... They're gonna release a beta test and then they're gonna release the one that really kills large portions and if this thing kills 10% it'll shut down society.
And they've got stuff like mousepox that kills 90 plus percent.
And I think you're right.
I think their ace of spades is to release the bioweapon.
But that was the training wheels with COVID.
And even though we kind of failed, but we still passed, we got like a 75.
We got a C plus.
So, but they always double down.
I think you're right.
Even though it doesn't look like it'll go good, it may destroy them.
They can't help themselves.
I think you're right.
I think they may release a serious bioweapon in the next few months.
What do you think?
I think that if I was a member of the New World Order, a cult, that there is no possible way that I can allow Donald Trump to be elected.
There is no possible way I can allow Trump to be president again.
And I have to do something as powerful as what they've been preparing.
And then we go and look at Poliari.
Is that how we say the opposition leader in Canada?
He comes out and says the Canadian intelligence community releases a paper talking about you.
Who sent Ebola from Winnipeg to the Wilhelm Lab and we're sitting there and these Senators and all these people in the Congress are not screaming at the top of their lungs.
And let's go further!
The Canadian military, which is heavily globalist, and their National Police, the Royal Mounted Police set up two weeks ago.
Society will collapse in the next 24 months.
What are we going to do?
So they admit we're already in a collapse.
They need a big crisis to make it about the collapses, the virus, not their monetary system, to then bring in their new monetary system.
Well that's right, and you think about this.
This two-lady from Winnipeg that sent Ebola to the Wuhan lab, and we know Ralph Baric, you were the one that released it with Dr. Francis Boyle in, I think it was the 1st of March back in 2020, about what the actual virus was.
A SARS-like cluster of bat coronavirus shows potential for human emergence.
And then what does Chu send it to?
Xi Jinping takes Chen Weiwei, who's the head of Chinese biological warfare, and takes her down to Wuhan and institutes her as the leader of the whole episode.
And what does she release in January of this year?
A SARS coronavirus that was with humanised mice has a 100% lethal infection of the brain.
So here we have an instance where we have the Chinese involved with the cabal, creating bioweapons, taking now the DNA of the whole of, well, billions in humanity, to then prepare us for what they're now... And by the way, it came out early, it came out early!
You know, when it all started that the Chinese were controlling the companies with Bill Gates, Absolutely.
and with George Soros that owned the company that they set up a year before they launched it in 2019,
they got all the, remember the Pentagon warned, oh, don't do those no swabs,
well, you're supposed to even go to work.
And the CHICOMS, which is the front for the globalists, got all those, I totally agree with you.
Absolutely, and I think, Alex, something that I've been wanting to tell you
for years now during this whole event is both in the SPARS document
and a company called Partners in Health out of Massachusetts
was run by a man by the name of Paul Farmer.
He is in the Spars document.
He was killed, I think they knocked him off about a year ago.
We're in control of the whole testing program for COVID and what have you said recently and what have George Soros and Bill Gates been doing?
Buying PCR testing companies.
If I was the new world order and I wanted to prepare a great mass seeding event that would have the greatest fatality rate ever, You've already trained the populace to go and get tested.
Once they get tested, it just so happens that every single one of the new viruses that have been created has a minimum incubation period of five days up to 21 days.
That means in, I was in Victoria, 50,000 people were getting tested a day, these morons.
That means 50,000 people every day, for five days minimum, will not even show any form of symptoms.
Up to 21 days, people will be at work, at home, infecting each other.
I mean, we are going to get hit so hard.
The other thing is, back in the, I think it was the 50s or the 60s, what was it how the Americans tested an EMP strike?
They use balloons and what do we have?
Chinese flying balloons across the country.
We have Dr. Phil showing that the Chinese are purchasing land next to the United States military bases.
I can tell you right now, this Australian is not going to stay home and I will be there on the ground and we are not asking for war and I'm not saying that anyone should do anything to attack anybody. But when the attack starts, it's going
to be multi-level and Klaus Schwab said it the other day, he doesn't say a Black Swan event, he says
Black Swans events. He talks about different events and I think that's right. So global destabilization,
full spectrum dominance, asymmetrical attack. We're going to do another, we're going
to do a lot of spaces here.
As they try to shut in force down, we're going to be on right to the end.
But we need to do a whole other Spaces for like 3-4 hours Saturday.
That's like...
Space's speakers talk about how to save the world.
How to stop the global collapse.
Space's or something.
Because these are smart people.
Thank you so much, sir.
We'll talk to you soon.
Chase, you want to comment on him?
They've got more speakers?
Well, as he was speaking, obviously it was very provocative and in a way inspiring because it catalyzed so many thoughts.
The thing that's so different about what we're experiencing now from the New World Order versus other collapses Is the New World Order, globalists, whatever you want to call them, they have learned from the collapses of the past.
So you go back to Rome, you go back to the Weimar Republic, you see that there was a collapse or a major disruption, and then it was like a wild card as to what would come in its place, whether it was the Germans in Rome and the barbarians taking over and different civilizations.
They've been pre-positioning to use the crisis to bring in the full power.
Crisis is totally unnecessary.
Everything would be going fine if they weren't interfering and screwing with the currencies and manipulating everything.
And so what they've done is they've built the infrastructure for the post-collapse world already and now they're catalyzing and actually trying to cause the collapse so they can justify this reset.
And the key is they've got to be the saviors during that.
Yes, they've already set themselves up because they know if they don't have the infrastructure in place already.
It's why you see policy from WHO about diseases that don't even exist yet.
They know if they don't have the infrastructure in place already, then when a collapse happens, anything's possible.
That's why they're already building a new system.
And they say they're going to use the collapse, that's a great reset, to build back better.
So we'll take what you just said and we post this on X and put that up front as well because it's dead on.
What else do you want to say?
That's it, man.
Let's go on to other speakers.
How about we hop over to Monkey.
Monkey, you've had your hand raised for some time.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Thank you.
Hi Alex.
Thank you for the mic.
While we're on the subject, I'd like to know, you know that in a couple of weeks time we have the WHO Treaty going to get signed by all of the countries that are also obliged under the UN Charter.
Their latest statement were, these goals must remain our North Star as we move towards the finalization of this historic pressing commitment for the world.
You know, this is going to mean that all of the countries that have signed up to this will lose their sovereignty, will be force-jabbed.
Jabs that are going to be authorized by the WHO for whatever they deem fit.
It could mean that we're going to get locked down.
What's your thoughts on this?
Because I don't see a lot of accounts talking about the WHO treaty.
Oh, it's absolutely massive and it's all lined up for what's currently happening with bird flu, Chase.
Yeah, basically we know that the WHO is a major globalist entity.
We know from the COVID-19 pandemic time period that they refused to refer to Taiwan as Taiwan.
They called it Chinese Taipei, which means that they're basically under the control of the CCP.
And I think that any participation that we as the United States have in these entities like the WHO, the World Economic Forum, the UN and others is a compromise of our national sovereignty.
It's nothing but an infiltration bridge.
Yes, exactly.
So I'm opposed to basically signing any treaties with these organizations whatsoever, even if they look good.
And again, when Tedros said six months ago, I can't imitate his voice, but the treaty is not us giving power, it is you.
Yes, the government signed agreements with it to follow its agreement that puts the governments in as dictators, but via the UN.
So it's true what he said, it's you doing it, but it creates dictatorial power in all the versions.
Which is what the whole U.N.
project is.
After World War II, we had our own elite.
They go, well, how do we move our sovereignty into a multinational organization that we then graduate as congressmen and women and presidents up to, like Tony Blair and all of them, and then they transfer power to it and they move to that.
They tried it with the League of Nations after World War I, too.
is just League of Nations 2.0 in a lot of ways.
So it's a transference of power to that.
Alright, up next.
Alright, let's go to Marauder Magazine.
Marauder Magazine, go ahead and unmute yourself.
Are you with us?
Welcome, Marauder.
Yes, Marauder.
Yeah, great to hear from both of you.
Just do me a favor.
Take yourself off speaker.
It sounds like you're in a bathroom.
Off speaker.
Just take it off speaker and talk right in the mic.
Are you with us?
Yeah, just a little rule.
Don't use speaker phones.
We can hear you loud and clear now.
Go ahead.
Sorry, I was using a new studio mic.
You guys brought up the League of Nations.
I think it was, who was that president, James Madison, who was involved in creating it?
But then Congress refused to actually ratify the League of Nations mandate because, or the charter, because they were afraid of that exact reason, that it would interfere with America's sovereignty.
And same thing with the International Criminal Court.
We signed the Rome Statute, but we never ratified it because the same argument.
We were afraid that surrendering power to some intergovernmental
organization would interfere with American sovereignty.
And this is fairly recent.
This was, I think, what, 2002?
Yes. Early 2000s when the ICC.
So only 20 years and we have this drastic 180 turn on
our entire political positions.
This is really drastic and volatile.
I agree.
And just one quick food for thought for the whole, since they
were talking about COVID and flu.
So COVID, it's really, I would say, compared to flu, COVID is a very, I would say, acute disease or a very, not even acute, maybe attenuated compared to To Influenza.
It's not as virulent as what I want to say.
So Covid, you know, Coronaviruses, they account for more than 20% of common colds.
But Influenza, the thing about Influenza is it has a segmented genome.
So you have Antigenic drift and antigenic shift.
And because most of the viruses, they can succumb to antigenic drift.
I think, I hope I'm not squeezing, mixing those terminologies up.
But the thing about when you have a segmented genome, they can go into an animal host and then exchange genomes.
This is how we have a jump from a cow into, well, supposedly now what they're reporting is From a cow to a human, which is very rare.
And you read the fine print, it's not even happening.
They are getting ready, I believe, to release a variant that does jump.
So they're telling you get ready, but they want to have the control of that.
I think all the evidence points towards that.
Absolutely, but you also need to understand, like, this is provoked, you know, like, in order for it to jump from human gluten and neuraminidase, they're very, the isotopes are very, I would say... Yeah, they've souped these up as gain-of-function, and they admit they have.
There's no doubt about that.
Thank you so much.
All right.
We got Naomi Wolf coming up, former Top Leavis advisor Hillary Clinton, totally awake now.
That's going to be amazing.
We're going to end this space in about 10 minutes.
We're going to go to break, come back and take a few, but I keep hearing callers say this.
I want to be very specific.
And then soon I'll do a whole show on it this week.
In fact, I will.
What's really happening with the bankruptcy?
What's happening with them wanting to shut us down?
Them wanting to control what we say and do and not let us have reporters or go out on the road or any of this stuff?
I won't agree to that.
So, that's the end of InfoWars, okay?
Now, maybe they back off.
I don't know what the courts do, okay?
How do you shut down a business that's profitable?
Our business is information, so I can do it elsewhere and I'll try to bring the crew with us.
Probably be successful at that.
It'll take some time.
Because I haven't jumped horses yet in the middle of the stream.
I'm going to wait until that's clear and then I'll do it.
I've been very faithful.
But your wife dies, you get a new one.
You know what I mean?
So, wife gets killed, I'll get a new wife.
Use that analogy.
Everybody's like, we're going to buy more products to keep you on air.
InfoWars doesn't have a ton of money.
It's not like a big extra checkbook.
They got plenty of money with the court and the people that run this.
They don't control what I say on air, though that's started to happen.
That's why I'm telling you.
They got money to send us reporters around to go to the RNC, DNC, to send people to the border.
They have that.
They're just like, nope, you don't get that.
We want to send a guest to a studio.
A lot of guests want to be in a studio.
Big shows all do it.
It's like 500, 600 bucks.
Nope, you don't get that.
They won't pay for the cell phone bills around here.
So that's the attack within.
Then we've got the attacks without.
And the plaintiff's lawyers, the DNC, runs it.
The CIA, the FBI, it's come out in the news.
Literally saying, hey Jones, we'll let you continue your company, we'll even make deals for, you know, less stuff, just shut up.
Well, that's, you're trying to bring me to the point of this as if I'm going to sell out.
You've just, you've not done your homework.
So, support InfoWars store.
It could be your last chance.
Get a t-shirt, a book, a film.
Buy the products.
That's great.
But our sponsors, for whatever goes on in the future, like drjonesnaturals.com, if you want to support us, there's great products there.
You go to drjonesnaturals.com.
That's a sponsor.
That's not this company.
That's not this operation.
Support our sponsors like drjonesnaturals.com.
That is the place to do it.
That'll be the genesis of new stuff.
I'm going to tell you what's on my mind.
The only thing on American I'm hearing is the constant parade of attacks by your foul-mouthed, flea-bitten listeners against our noble president.
I am a Biden believer.
And here's what's going to go down in 24.
Biden's going to walk away again, wiping the floor with Trump like he did in 2020.
Because America believes in Biden.
Hollywood believes in Biden, like Mark Hamill.
And we all know that Trump is going to try to cheat, but it's going to go down in flames.
And all I hear is the anger and the bitter in your alcoholic listeners' voices as they
have to come to terms with the end of white, cisgendered, Christian America.
As we rise, rise, the pink-haired warriors, the non-binary warriors, the transgenders,
we're rising and we're going to sweep you aside.
I want to talk right to your listeners right now.
The frightened middle-aged white man, clinging to his guns and his religion and his money and his privilege.
Get ready, baby, because pretty soon you will be swept aside in the new order of things.
And you know what that new order is?
It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful utopia where we all come together and live together.
And yes, there will be communism.
Yes, there will be Sharia law, because you don't understand.
Queers for Palestine, together forever strong.
We are coming together in a coalition, one big, great big coalition that will win a day.
And in 2024, when you're all crying, when you're all Because you're lost again.
It's a new dawn in America with a rainbow, a transgender rainbow sweeping across the land to sweep you aside into obscurity.
The time of the white cisgendered man is over.
Your privilege card has been revoked.
You will accept the new refugees, the new Americans.
And here's the secret.
We're in charge.
We tell you what to do.
So get ready.
Get ready to give up your guns, give up your gold, give up your privilege, and accept the way things are now.
The pink-haired warriors are here, and we're not going anywhere.
You will not legislate us out of existence.
You will not put us back in the closet and we will not be quiet.
Free, free from your oppressive grip.
Put your head on us and tell you what, I'm a Biden believer.
When Biden smiles, the sun shines.
When he weeps, the rain falls.
His strong hands lift up the oppressed and his foot stomps on the white supremacists.
So this is how it's going to go down in 24.
Joe Biden's going to be back for four more years and then Kamala Harris for eight.
And then Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
Alright, final segment before Naomi Wolf takes over.
We've got some big breaking news.
Ted Rose, the head of the WHO, making jokes about the new pandemic.
That's coming up, but... Go to all the speakers.
Who's up next?
Alright, we're gonna give full Hitler speeches a try.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say if you're still with us.
Now you requested to speak some time ago.
Full Hitler speeches, go ahead.
I see you unmuted yourself, are you there?
All right, he's having a hard time.
I'm sure!
I'm ready to speak to you!
Yeah, usually full Hitler speeches is just yelling and screaming.
Let's go to... We're just taking these as they come in here.
Let's go to Free the World.
Free the World, you've been waiting patiently.
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
It's your turn.
Hey guys, so I haven't been here for the whole thing.
So sorry if I repeat something.
But I know that Alex and some other people, Tucker Carlson and stuff, have mentioned the possibility of, you know, an attempt of Assassination or something on Trump.
My concern is a larger scale event.
So people are talking about, you know, viruses, things like that.
I'm more concerned about with the open borders and all of that, especially it might be used as a cover for like a false flag.
Kind of reminds me of, you know, like maybe the events of 9-11, something like that.
I think they are desperate enough and I feel like These globalists don't really have any concern for human life.
So, in my opinion, I think, you know, anything's really possible.
No, I agree.
I think, I mean, I think, obviously, I'll play a clip, but Naomi Wolf joins us here in just a few minutes when some stations join us.
He literally is making jokes about the next pandemic and laughing that they've already are, I believe, already launched the new bird flu hysteria.
Yeah, I genuinely worry about that.
And like, of course, obviously the virus.
I think as a backup, my thought is if people don't fall for that again, because I think a lot of us are not going to comply that maybe complied with masks and things like that, to be fair.
I don't want to admit it, but I was a Democrat until 2020.
That woke me up.
Very, very hard slap to the face.
I have three kids with disabilities.
I was really busy and wasn't thinking about it and then back then I kind of woke up and I wonder if there's people who just wouldn't comply if they would go further.
So I guess that's my worry is, especially with all the the warmongering, if they would Cover for some kind of attack on U.S.
soil, and I think that's a genuine concern for me.
And I don't really feel like they have boundaries, if that makes sense.
Like, I don't feel like anything's too far for them.
It's like all they want is to control us.
They think what they're doing is- No, I totally agree.
I would call this, I would call this like technocratic, crony capitalist, crisis management fascism, neo-feudalism.
I mean, there's not a word big enough, but it's just scientific corruption via corporations and government.
That are literally just angling to power grab everything.
I mean, I don't know what you call it.
It transcends political labels.
It's death.
And I think the fact whether you're right-wing, left-wing, none of that means anything.
Are you pro-human, pro-future, pro-survival, pro-prosperity, or are you pro-insanity?
And so I think that's where we are.
Yeah, you're right, and I appreciate you giving me a minute to speak, but yeah, I was starting pharmacy school when all this went down, and I noticed, you know, everything they were pushing with the vaccine didn't even align with what we were taught in school.
You know, like, it takes many years to develop a vaccine.
There's, you know, many different processes they didn't go through with their emergency authorization and everything else.
All this, everyone, work, school, was all trying to mandate it.
I did not get vaccinated.
I think I'm the only student in my entire class who did not give in, and surprisingly, they gave up eventually.
After I turned in like a three-page religious exemption with quotations from the Bible and everything else.
But the point is that all of this was kind of a wake-up call and I am hoping and praying, and a lot more Christian than I was before now, but I am praying that these people do wake up because I did.
It took a lot.
It really was like people are too busy Well, there are no atheists in foxholes, and this is a good, versatile thing.
Thank you so much for the spaces.
We're going to end the spaces now, because a guest I've had on like a decade ago, best-selling author, former top Clinton adviser, Naomi Wolf, is joining us.
For years, she's been really, you know, kicking ass.
I think she's always a very moral, good lady.
Because back then the Republican Party was corrupt, so were the Democrats, so you had to choose one.
Now the Democrats seem to be the more psychotic party, and there's a little bit of Sandy in some places in the Republican Party.
We're going to talk about all of this with her straight ahead, but first Tedros just came out at the World Economic Forum and was laughing about the next pandemic, which they've got in full swing, the bird flu.
We're going to play that clip, go straight to her.
Chase, guys, you're a great job.
Thank you.
And great job to the crew.
One minute break and then 300 plus radio stations join us.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Do we have the capability to ensure that we don't see another pandemic the like of which we saw while you were leading the World Health Organization?
I think the answer to that is we're unprepared and we're still vulnerable to the same problem.
But the good news is, based on the lessons learned, we're building something.
For instance, we're trying to address the surveillance by building a collaborative intelligence and a mechanism to share pathogens so that can be used for research and development.
And for countries who have potential, they're moving into production of the tools to address the equity problems.
And there is a pandemic fund now created.
World Bank is running it and WHO is part of the Secretariat.
And there are many other initiatives that have started.
This is really important.
But the key is how can we have a binding pandemic agreement that member states would respect.
So if anything happens, first of all, the best is to prevent it.
And that's why we're building capacity.
But we need to have a binding agreement in order to prevent or to early detect and respond in a better way.
And that's what you're hoping for this year?
That's what you're hoping to see this year?
As we speak, Member States are now negotiating.
And I have been following the negotiation and I'm hopeful that by May 2024 there will be a deal.
and that will help us to prepare better and prevent the same thing with COVID like COVID from happening.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
We are broadcasting worldwide, now into the third hour on this Monday, May 13th, 2024 transmission.
We've got a clip coming up of Tedros, the head of the UNWHO, making jokes about the next imminent pandemic and bird flu, saying, I sure hope we pass the treaty so that we can save you.
We'll get to that coming up here in a little while.
But Naomi Wolf's been on a few times, years and years and years ago, more than a decade ago.
But she now joins us, and she is a global recognized communicator.
I'm gonna read her whole bio, Rhodes Scholar, all these degrees,
bestselling author, former top Hillary Clinton advisor, dailyclout.io.
You can follow her on X as well.
But she's been doing a really great job through the whole pandemic and all the tyranny, exposing it as a leading voice in that fight.
So we're going to talk about her being ejected from the left for accurate reporting on mRNA vaccine injuries.
She's not doing it.
Now, like Cuomo and everybody's doing to try to do this BS rehabilitation to her.
She did it three years ago, four years ago, two years ago, a year ago.
She's going to talk about a team of 3,250 doctors and scientists who volunteered to read through all the Pfizer documents and report the greatest crime against humanity ever recorded.
Also, election integrity draft bill, which are passed in multiple states to clean up elections.
Dr. Naomi Wolf, thank you so much for joining us today.
Thank you for having me on.
What a pleasure to see you a decade later.
You were one of the first and biggest platforms to talk to me about the end of America in 2007 when I was trying to warn the world that this, where we are now, was inevitable.
You took that seriously.
I appreciate it.
Well, most people know who you are, and I like to talk, so just don't stop or I'll interrupt.
Start wherever you want.
We've got probably 3 million people watching now, another 10 million are going to watch this one way or another.
You're talking to 13 million people.
What do you want to say to the world?
What's your warning?
Well, starting in 2007, you and I both saw that democracy could end in the United States, that we could have a fascist or totalitarian state in the U.S.
And this is a truism now in the circles in which we inhabit.
But at that time, it seemed really marginal and surprising.
But I looked at the, so I guess my headline is, we're, you know, we're in it now.
It's happening.
There's a war.
It's the same message that, you know, you've been bringing to your audience for a long time.
And I guess What I bring that's different is a couple of things.
One is that In 2007, I looked at times and places in history when a democracy was subverted or overthrown, and fascism or totalitarianism was established.
And by doing that, I saw that there were 10 steps to fascism.
And the last one is martial law.
And so when in February or March of 2020, we were told in New York State, where I'm sitting right now, that, you know, we were under emergency law, I knew that it was step 10, right?
And I knew that You know, by June, I was saying to my husband, you know, they're not gonna let us out without a fight.
This is not about a virus.
And I guess the other thing that I bring in addition to that kind of framework, recognizing, well, what are the steps, right?
It's really helpful.
It's really helpful to know that there's a map to fascism because then you can see, oh, look, there, you know, you can predict what's going on there.
They're going after our food supply.
They're going after our communications.
They're calling critics like me insane and canceling us off of social media.
I mean, these are all steps in a In a process that's been thoroughly hammered out by history.
And it's reliable.
I mean, we at the School for the Americas teach it to our own influencers and soldiers and agents and operators who go to other countries and do this to other countries, right?
Well, now it's being done to us.
And I guess the biggest piece of that over the last two and a half years The update of that is, yeah, that's the 2007 book that you and I discussed that predicted literally everything that's happening now.
And then the update for now is in 2021, in June of 2021, I began To warn on social media that women were having menstrual symptoms from receiving this mRNA injection.
And that's my beat.
That's something, you know, women's reproductive health and sexual health has been my subject for 35 years.
By the way, they called you crazy when you first warned of it three, four years ago.
Now they admit it in mainline news and studies it's happening.
They say, we don't know why it's happening.
We don't know why infertility has exploded.
We don't know why suddenly heart attacks are off the chart.
We don't know why there's miscarriages.
Yeah, I know.
I've been telling everyone for the last two and a half years.
I'm not laughing because it's funny.
I'm laughing because it's tragic, Alex.
In June of 2021, I issued this warning and I was immediately deplatformed, not just from Twitter and Facebook.
And it later turned out that it was the White House illegally putting pressure on Facebook and Twitter to censor me, that tweet, that tweet warning of reproductive problems in the future, right?
The President was behind that.
The White House was behind that.
Well, let's not skip over that.
It's come out in the weaponization hearings, the documents, that you were specifically targeted on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
and others by the government trying to silence you.
Not because what you're saying was wrong, but because what you're saying was true.
Right, and even if it had been wrong, we have something called a First Amendment, but it was not only not wrong, it was true, and it was not only true, it was Unbelievably important information and the most powerful person in the world, you know, his staff in the White House lifted out that accurate tweet of mine and went after it with all the power of global media.
So overnight, my Wikipedia was changed.
I was called a crazy person and I was exiled from my comfortable perch in the liberal elite media.
That doesn't matter, Alex, right?
What happened to me doesn't matter.
What matters is that that information was suppressed.
And other information about the dangers and harms of this injection were suppressed.
And so in early 2022, at the prompting, by that time, the only people who'd speak to me were conservatives and people of faith.
And I was very happy to talk to conservatives and people of faith, because why not?
You know, just like I've always been happy to... I don't understand people who demonize conversations with people who don't agree with them.
Because that's the only way I learn anything.
But anyway, Steve Bannon prompted me to put together a kind of volunteers team to read through the Pfizer documents that were released under court order in 2022.
And as a journalist, I knew this was important because otherwise they're so voluminous and they're so technical that they would be lost to history if we didn't have experts volunteering to read them.
So for nearly 400, I'm sorry, 450,000 pages, 3,250 volunteers, experts, doctors, scientists.
And that's a whole nother story to interrupt.
Remember, Pfizer asked it to be sealed for 75 years.
Why would you do that unless there's something terribly wrong in there?
And we found exactly why they wanted to do that.
They wanted us to be dead before this story came out.
But the judge did not agree.
So these these papers were released.
And my team of experts under the leadership of this wonderful COO, Amy Kelly, who oversaw the project, they have been reading through these 450,000 documents and they've broken now, they've written over a hundred reports and they've broken, unfortunately, evidence confirmation of the greatest crime against humanity in recorded history.
And it centers on reproduction.
It centers on destroying human reproduction.
And let's, so it's the final solution against humanity itself, which you've been doing a superlative job of your team exposing, they try to suppress this.
So lay out, I know it's 450,000 pages, but the, I want to say the highlights is there's a horrible nightmare that you've documented.
It's so hard to even talk about Alex.
It's honestly like opening, The Gates of Auschwitz, you know, when the Allied troops first, when they didn't know there were concentration camps and then they saw stacks and stacks of bodies, it feels like that.
Well, number one, Pfizer knew that the vaccines didn't work to stop COVID.
They knew it a month after rollout.
The third most common side effect in the Pfizer documents is COVID.
Pfizer's own language is failure of efficacy and vaccine failure.
So Alex, imagine what this means.
Every single thing that followed the mandates, the lost jobs, the children at home, the people dropping dead on the athletic field.
The side effects, it was all based on a lie from the very beginning and everybody knew up and down the chain of command.
Pfizer and the FDA who had custody of all these documents and the White House knew.
Pfizer hired 2,400 staffers to manage the flood of reports of adverse events that they knew they would be getting only three months into the rollout.
And you just said a key, they knew.
In October 2020, the FDA puts out a document of predicted adverse reactions.
It's exactly what followed.
That's the key.
They knew.
They knew, but they didn't tell us.
What followed was a gigantic propaganda and pressure campaign.
They knew by May of 2021 that children were sustaining heart damage from the injections.
And in fact, our lawyers FOIAed White House communications and all the big top names were
in that email chain. Dr. Walensky, Dr. Fauci 15 White House staffers and they were freaking out because
there was conclusive evidence from the Israel Ministry of Health and from
Pediatricians group that kids were get having their hearts injured and instead of telling us
They were freaking out in order to create a fully redacted script to continue to lie. That's called a strong signal
to say the least.
To say the least.
It's murderous.
They knew that, I mean, if you went to get an injection, you would have seen that the warning signs, the side effects were chills, fever, maybe a headache.
Well, they knew that the top side effects were joint pain.
How many people do you know who now had hip replacements, knee replacements, have arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis?
That's the number one side effect.
Tens of thousands.
They knew that... I have three friends, sorry to interrupt, I have three friends that are middle-aged, 40s, 50s, that were great, athletic, great shape, who literally hobble around like they're 90 now after the shots.
Unfortunately, Pfizer knew that would happen.
There's another second symptom, myalgia, where people just have muscle aches.
Their quality of life is terrible.
So many people just feel bad.
Pfizer knew that would happen.
But then the other top side effects are catastrophic levels of strokes, Tachycardia, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombotic thrombocytopenia, blood clots, lung clots, leg clots, horrible clotting problems, epilepsies, dementias.
And so now we know why.
So I'm going to fast forward.
I'm going to skip over kind of the lesser headlines of horrors, but my team now knows exactly why all these things are happening.
These lipid nanoparticles, which are industrial fats coated in polyethylene glycol, which is a petroleum byproduct, They don't stay in the deltoid, which is what you were told, right?
That they stay there.
The CDC said it stays in the injection site.
Within 48 hours, these go to every organ in the human body and they cross the blood-brain barrier.
They cross every membrane in the human body, right?
So, they kind of, I don't want to gross people out, but they kind of dissolve the integrity of the body from within.
And I don't want people to freak out too much, although Alex, you go there, you're freaking them out
plenty with the, I mean, that's what we're looking at right there.
Well, go ahead and go there, doctor, because only the truth can set us free.
And I'm not a scientist, but I do this all day.
I have scientists on.
We have Gates bragging, "Oh, these are self-assembling nanobots."
And so you get a little shot and suddenly there's these clots they've never seen.
It appears to be some type of nanotechnology that's absorbing the body.
And then we have Ray Kurzweil bragging about it.
I haven't gotten that far because I don't know that for myself.
You're just sticking with the Pfizer's own documents.
I'm just sticking with what I know.
That said, you always give me nightmares because things that you find that can't possibly be true always end up being true.
So all the conspiracy theories keep coming true.
And I can tell you, I'm a tech CEO now, and I can tell you that the dream of the whole tech sector is to hack the human body.
I mean, why stop with software?
Why stop with your computer?
They want to get into our bodies.
It's a goldmine.
And that's why I personally didn't get vaccinated because it was the biotech industry that was so excited about the lipid nanoparticles, not so much the medical journals.
And I'm like, I recognize a gold rush for an untested technology that that tech is excited about, you know, and then when the damage is done, they'll walk away right after the after the VC bubble.
Well, that's right.
I mean, even Google was heavily invested in in the Wuhan laboratory.
Oh, it's so evil, yes, but also the whole cabal, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, Facebook, all of them were part of the COVID-19 reaction project, COVID-19 response project in the very beginning of 2020 to amplify these messages of fear and this unified messaging that you saw all around the world.
Because locking us in our homes and then injecting us Locking us in our homes led to a 23% boost in net revenue for the digital technology companies.
And they knew that.
And yes, Facebook, Zuckerberg has invested in the vaccines.
Google's invested in vaccines.
Google was invested in the PCR tests.
I mean, it's all a giant digital play along with the globalists in China.
They're all aligned in this.
But just to get back to what I want to be sure to tell the world.
Of the horrors and the deaths, 1,225 deaths, right?
The central horror, the central goal of these injections from the documents is to destroy human reproduction.
By the way, you're just talking about their quiet secret test they wanted to cover up.
So speak after this to what we know.
We hear insurance actuaries of 17, 22 million.
We see Edward Dow with numbers of, you know, hundreds of millions damaged.
Let's get to that.
But first, what we know from just their limited test that they try to suppress.
Yeah, well, part of it is the test before the emergency use authorization, which was completely gamed, like they hid dead bodies in order to get the EUA.
But part of it, which is also scary, it's three months of data that include after the rollout, right?
So they're already Rolling out November, December, January, February of 2020 to 2021 is the period.
And people are getting sick and dying and getting sterilized and babies are dying and they're monitoring it, checking it, tabulating it and they just keep going.
So it's horror on both sides, right?
It's the horror, the lies to get the EUA and then they roll it out on a public that they're assuring that it's safe and effective.
Meanwhile, they're just documenting the injuries, documenting the deaths, documenting the side effects.
Um, shall I go to what I think is the centerpiece?
Sure, I said I wouldn't interrupt, but you're so on target.
I just keep adding everything you're saying is on record.
So, please, go wherever you want.
No, I just want to make sure that people understand this.
So Alex, you know, COVID is a respiratory infection, arguably, right?
It's supposed to be.
Well, there's very little in the Pfizer documents on lungs.
It's all about, not all, the centerpiece of it is about sex and reproduction.
So what you've got is the lipid nanoparticles accumulating in the ovaries.
and blocking the ovaries and there's no way they leave the body.
So first injection in the ovaries, second injection more, third injection more.
And so what you have now is, along with women with horrific menstrual dysregulation, hormonal dysregulation,
You've also got blocked ovaries, which nurses are seeing in women's abdominal surgeries.
The lipid nanoparticles traverse the placenta.
The lipid nanoparticles suppress semen.
Actually in the Pfizer documents, They tell vaccinated men not to have intercourse with unvaccinated women without using two reliable forms of contraception.
In their own documents, they say a man can shed it to a woman.
So this is literally a torpedo aimed right at the goddess, right at the woman.
Oh, that's a beautiful way to put it, but that's exactly right.
It's about destroying women and babies for sure.
But also emasculating men because the lipid nanoparticles Degrade the testes of baby boys in utero, including the latex cells and sirtoli cells, which generate masculine hormones at adolescence and turn boys into men.
So we don't even know if the babies of vaccinated moms will grow up to be normal men.
And then they just say, it's OK, you're a mutant, you're really a girl, and now you compete in girl sports.
Yeah, we can see the plan.
It's like a fire ant eradication program where they hit the ants with hormones so they have mutated babies or kill them.
I mean, this is a depopulation operation.
It's a depopulation operation, for sure.
I didn't want to say that, but I reached a point in the evidence where you just can't ignore it.
Pfizer has charts of babies getting sick from nursing vaccinated moms vomiting.
One baby died.
They just passed that on to the White House.
They have charts of tens of thousands of women menstrually ruined, like bleeding every day, hemorrhaging two periods a month, no periods a month, meaning no babies.
And they just keep note, you know, gleefully.
They keep note, keep going.
And lastly, I know we only have a little bit of time, but it's not last.
There's so much more.
But the main thing I want to tell people is there's an eight-page report on pregnancy and lactation that shows that this injection kills babies in utero.
They had two babies die that were in their moms, you know, in utero.
And Pfizer concluded that the deaths were due to maternal exposure to the vaccine.
And this report was sent on April 21st, 2021 to the White House.
April 23rd, 2021, Dr. Walensky, who had the report and knew this injection was killing babies and poisoning nursing babies, told the pregnant women of America that it was safe and effective and that there was no bad time to have your injection before, during, or after your pregnancy.
And she knew that this would kill babies.
I remember the headlines.
Oh, pregnant women should take two shots.
It's so good for you.
And then you have the internal, which you put out, Pfizer documents admitting it would do this to women and babies.
I mean, you said it.
This makes Joseph Mingle a blush.
No, it's true.
I'm Jewish, and my grandmother lost nine brothers and sisters to the Holocaust, and just objectively, this is worse than the Holocaust.
More people dead, and it's going to go on for generations.
I mean, this is an attack on humanity such as human history has never seen before.
You don't like to speculate, but you're so on target.
You've done the research, you've got the documents.
What were the What would you call this system?
Biomedical mad scientist fascism?
I don't even know a name for this.
Well, we don't really have a good name for it because even in times of war and slavery, the basic assumption of humanity is that humanity wants humanity to survive.
So now we've got people in the world who are very, very powerful, who seem to not really want humanity to survive in the same way that it always has.
The moral magnitude of what happened is so extraordinary.
Babies were targeted.
Pregnant women were targeted.
Nursing women were targeted.
And now we've got a 14 to 20 percent drop in live births according to government records, especially in the West.
And what I want to say, especially to you, is that in the Pfizer documents, it's the West that's targeted.
Especially America.
The vast majority of side effects are in America.
The rest of them, Western Europe, in order of political importance.
That's key.
We got a break for some stations.
We're on over 300 radio stations.
We're gonna come right back.
I hope you can stay 50 minutes the next hour.
I know you're busy, but...
We've got 25 minutes of airtime left when we come back.
If you say another 15, that'd be great.
But just stay right there.
I'm going to try to have you go back to this point when we come back.
This is all in the documents, folks.
This is proven.
Stay with us.
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And we are facing the beast.
Look, I had an uncle who was high level Iran Contra.
He told me the U.S.
government was smuggling kidnapped kids.
And I knew he had, like, all his medals from Vietnam.
He was just, like, he was like Superman or something.
He was a good man.
That's one reason I wasn't naive.
But for the general public that doesn't know how evil all this is, when you come up to face a true evil, just like she mentioned Nazi Germany, Eisenhower made the Germans go look at the death camps and see their bodies.
They didn't believe it because they weren't, most of them were not in it because they were compartmentalized.
Well, this is something going on on a mass scale against everybody.
It's a reality and it's in the Pfizer documents on record.
AP, Reuters, they don't deny the documents are there, their groups looking at it.
This is in them, but they fight like the devil to keep it from seeing it.
So I'm going to try to shut up, give her the floor to go back where she got cut off by break On this attack on the reproductive system of men and women.
And now, she was saying this years ago, now they're admitting, oh, we don't know why there's all the heart attacks, why there's all the miscarriages, why there's all the menstrual problems.
Oh, we don't know why, we don't know why.
So go back to where we were before break and then continue on with what you found in the documents.
Then we need to talk about what do we do about this?
Dr. Naomi Wolf.
Yeah, well, I guess to me the most stunning thing is How many people were corralled into lying to women and men to get something that is now making it very difficult for them to reproduce?
And Dr. James Thorpe, I was starting to say, One of the very few only really maternal fetal medicine specialists who's come forward to talk about the damage that he's seeing.
He followed the money and found that obstetricians groups were getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars in some cases to stick to the CDC script to pregnant women, but they had to give the money back if any of their doctors gave pregnant women informed consent.
So that's the structure and that happened around the world.
So it is just mind-blowing to think that a level of evil this massive could be unleashed on humanity and so many people who are trusted.
I mean, you trust your obstetrician, you know, so much because that's the person who's going to help you have a healthy living baby.
That these people tasked with reverence for life, with supporting women and babies, Almost without exception got on board to lie to women and hurt them and hurt and kill babies.
It's extraordinary.
I've seen some of your viral reports with scientists and doctors backing you up.
What are the numbers we've got on miscarriages in the studies and pregnant women being hurt and the babies that survived having horrible, you were mentioning earlier, Burton effects.
What's, quantify that.
I can't quantify it beyond saying again this 14 to 20 percent drop in live births.
The kinds of things that babies are being born with if they are being born
alive are anecdotal because well because the scientific and medical
establishment now is so corrupted Alex that the kinds of studies you should be
doing like here's the obvious one right All of us who took eighth grade science, has there been a large scale study comparing the children of vaccinated women to unvaccinated?
Since 2021?
No, the answer is no.
But what I do know is that, and it's because they don't want to look for what they don't want to find, right?
But what we do know is that independent midwives are coming forward and saying they've never seen things like the following.
Two independent midwives confirmed to me and Dr. Thorpe also confirmed that placentas are not growing the way they used to.
And I've seen pictures of this.
It's horrific.
Placentas are flat and small instead of being like a nice comfortable place for a baby to grow.
And what's happening is that babies have to be delivered two months early or prematurely because the placenta just can't grow, it's
compromised by the lipid nanoparticles.
And I've seen Dr. Thorpe's sonograms showing a kind of netting of calcifications that destroys
the integrity of the placenta and that limits the placenta's ability to get oxygen and food
to the baby. And so in the Pfizer documents, we know that they knew that that would happen,
but they also knew what kinds of birth defects babies would be born with if they were born alive.
For example, this is so incredible, but Pfizer knew in this eight-page report that went to the
White House that babies would be born with a...
It's so sad, it always makes me cry.
A gap between their lungs and their chest wall.
And that's what new parents are experiencing, that their babies are born, they seem healthy, they take them home, and then these poor little tiny babies can't even breathe.
And they're rushed to the ER and no one knows what's wrong with them.
Well, Pfizer knew that that would happen.
Pfizer knew that that would be wrong.
We need to.
And now they're trying to spin it as long cover, but I've seen the studies.
It's almost everybody that's been vaccinated or their children that have it.
It's not the Amish.
It's not groups that are outside in control groups.
So this is clearly an anti-life torpedo.
According to scientists I've recently interviewed, They're saying that it's shedding, not as bad in people that aren't injected, but it's still shedding, and when they inject pigs and things, they're trying to move the cows, they're seeing the same things in the cows, so they're trying to, basically, this weapon looks like it attacks all mammals, but the scientists I've talked to say, no, no, no, this, whatever this is doing, whatever it's growing, is attacking all life, basically.
Yeah, I'm sure you're right.
I mean, shedding is defined in the Pfizer documents as skin contact or inhalation, as well as whatever is in semen of vaccinated men that they're not very clear about.
And anecdotally, there's so many people who get sick when they've been around vaccinated people and women have like menstrual type problems around Vaccinated women.
And so Pfizer said shedding is real.
You know, we're called crazy for bringing up this question, but Pfizer defined shedding in a certain way.
So it is real and I It does appear to be an attack on all human life.
I mean, that's why the ultimate, I mean, look, part of my book, Facing the Beast, I, in the middle of this, had to conclude that we're in a war that's metaphysical.
You know, this is beyond ordinary politics.
It's beyond ordinary medicine.
These are the symptoms of a massive cosmic war between good and evil.
And it made me believe in God a lot more literally than I had before.
Because clearly something demonic or satanic or even I concluded like ancient negative entities like Baal or Malak, you know.
I totally agree with you because I wasn't even sure about God, you know, decades ago.
I wanted to believe in it and love God as a concept.
But when you look at something this scientific and this evil and unified, humans aren't smart enough to do this.
There's like a unified field and energy that is inspiring them to do this.
I'm getting chills right now.
Well, exactly.
I mean, that's almost literally, you know, how it occurred to me.
I've studied history, Alex, deeply.
Even the best totalitarians aren't this good, right?
There's always human error.
I mean, there are people who try to assassinate Hitler, or, you know, they didn't calculate how cold the Russian winter would be, or there are rich people who can't be bribed.
You know, whenever evil people want to take over the world, something goes wrong.
And in this In this takeover and then in this rollout and then in the subtlety of this injection doing so much damage to the things that bring us closest to God, right, or the things that are most divine, like
You know, mothers and babies and nursing and, you know, love and intimacy that it rolled out perfectly.
It rolled out in lockstep beyond any kind of human capability.
So as a result of that, I really thought, wow, this is a negative force that I have not seen in my lifetime.
It can't be explained by a bunch of bad people.
It's a negative force beyond any kind of human capability.
Not just as an intellectual, not just as a really respected smart woman.
With the women in this situation, you go, this isn't human.
Like, this is beyond human.
Yeah, it's beyond human capability.
I'm not just intuiting, like, it doesn't feel human, obviously.
But just look at all of human political history.
And so I've concluded that we're not... It's new.
It's new.
We're not living in human history anymore, is what I've concluded.
We're living in some kind of metaphysical history.
Well, from what I've talked to, and I know some of the, I know you probably invited the big things, too, off record.
I've met with some of the Bilderberg groups and the top billionaires, and they were concerned even four or five years ago.
They said, the plan's not going the way we thought.
They told me, listen, AI's actually been around 20 years.
History's frozen right now.
There's a way more advanced technology.
They told me it's AI.
And they said, this is an AI attack.
And I said, well, tell me more.
They said, we can't.
This was in three different meetings with household names.
They said, no, AI is already here.
This is an AI attack.
When did they say this to you?
Oh, I met with one of them five years ago, four years ago, three years ago.
I mean, like, well-known people.
And they said, this is, they said, the AI has been kept from the public.
This, basically, they wouldn't, they said, look, what's the biggest company?
And I said, Google.
Who thought they would create the first AI in 1998?
They said, yeah, they did it within Basically 10 years.
And what I was told without, they said, fill in the blank, we're not going to tell you, was they said, this is AI, which is alien.
We think, why is it so?
Because it can scan everything we're doing in lifetime.
It's grabbing everything.
It's got algorithms.
It can intuit what we're going to do before we do it.
So now the AI we've been given is like Tinker Toys, basically.
But I'm not even saying it's just AI.
I'm just saying the people I talk to that don't believe in God, they say AI is way more advanced than we know.
And so what's the takeaway from that?
What are they warning us to do or what's the resistance there?
They were asking me in all three of these meetings, well it's been more than that, but three with big top people, was what do you think is going to happen and do you think What's Russia going to do?
Because they were saying the war was coming.
What do you think an alternate plan is?
And I said, you think too much of me.
I said, I can see what's going down.
I can't tell you what to do.
But these were very powerful people, not trying to co-opt me, but actually concerned that they had been deceived into the plan and it wasn't what they thought it was.
Wow, well that absolutely makes sense to me, and that's why things feel, it's not the only reason things feel so weird, but things feel weird because in the past tyrants were still human and they were using human reasoning.
But think about, I mean this is how I realized this must be kind of mechanically scaled, is that Think about what got targeted in the lockdowns.
This was the subject of my book, The Bodies of Others.
It's everything that makes us human, but it's almost as if an algorithm had the inputs what makes people human.
And then it spat out dancing, education, culture, love, family, you know, encountering nature, going to church, going to synagogue.
Every single one of those was targeted and shut down in the lockdowns.
And that's why Hit the food, hit reproduction, hit people coming together communally to resonate.
And even now, you know, as we're trying to fight the AI, it's learning as it goes, right?
So if we resist in one way, you get another attack in another way that feels Like a machine thinking it through, not like human beings.
For example, you know, where we were going before the break, what's the goal of this destruction of human reproduction in the West, right?
Specifically in the West?
Well, it's paired, of course, with the destruction of the border in Our southern border and also in Western Europe, their borders and the unlawful immigration.
I'm the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants, nothing against legal immigrants, but these are unlawful.
Millions that my reporting found and others reporting found are being brought over with the assistance of the UN and the US State Department, right?
Our own State Department.
Is our own tax dollars are going to bring in millions and millions of undocumented people.
So it's assaulting, and I'm going to interrupt, all human systems, which aren't perfect, but it's erasing all human systems in lifetime for its plan.
Go back to the border.
And so if you want to do that, what's an obstacle?
The United States and Western Europe and our tradition of respect for human rights, our structures around free speech and human dignity.
And that's where you got interrupted and then I will shut up before the break.
That's what you said.
You said that a main attack seems to be on the West.
So start elaborating.
Yeah, so if you want to roll out this evil plan of AI slash Moloch taking over the world in the name of the globalists, and I'm sorry I can't be much more specific than that, but that's as far as I've gotten.
I don't mean literally Moloch, right?
I mean pre-Judeo-Christian negative forces that are metaphysical, that's what I mean.
And maybe AI is a manifestation of that now, right?
We don't know.
But if you want to do that, the US and Western Europe stand in your way.
So inject all these people with this destructive, deadly, sterilizing injection.
Then, as Ed Dowd said, just wait.
If you've also opened the border and you've brought in 18 million fighting age and childbearing age people, right?
It's not families.
It doesn't look like any immigrant group I've ever seen.
It's not elders.
It's not even a lot of children.
It's childbearing age women and fighting age men, and they are not being injected.
So in five years, you're going to have a population in the United States and Western Europe, which is made up of people who have no memory of free countries, right?
Those are not the cultures they're coming from.
And you're also going to have a massive baby boom of Those kids and the kids of Americans who remember America or French or English people who remember France and England are going to be many, many fewer.
And then.
That will get rid of the problem of the United States and Western Europe for these globalists.
It's clear social engineering right in your face.
Same plan with Europe, but they use mainly Islamic invasion.
I mean, it's right there.
They're poisoning the population, black, white, Jewish, old, young, Christian, no matter.
The old population, because of the memory, that's why we're all targeted.
Not about your color, folks.
We're targeted because of the memory of society, the epigenetics, where they're bringing in literal slave classes, nothing against them, as the new plantation group.
And they won't be treated like American immigrants to America have been treated.
That's why it's not about race.
Biden said last week these illegals are model citizens.
We're targeted as citizens, Hispanic, black, white as citizens, but the new group is model.
Military-age men and women with children are women about to have babies.
I mean, clearly.
And when in American history or any history of immigration have New immigrants been housed in barracks type structures and given free housing by the state.
Not my grandparents, not your great-grandparents, you know, not the descendants of slaves.
No one got free housing in groups by the state.
So what's being put together right now, this goes along with everything else, is I'm worried there can be at a signal, probably before the election, a terrorist attack or worse, in which soldiers and mercenaries who've been embedded In these barracks, basically, at strategic points, including sensitive locations like Chicago O'Hare Airport.
All directed by State Department UN cell phones.
They have command and control.
Exactly, exactly.
And look at what happened with one day, October 7th, with a crossing of the border from the Negev to Israel.
You could have catastrophic harms if You know, a handful of Americans get taken hostage or murdered or a handful of explosions or other kinds of terrorist attacks.
And again, a pretext for martial law and lockdown just in time for the election.
But it's completely anomalous to have these people housed in this way.
And in addition to everything else that's happening, you are looking at a new kind of globalist Marxist America being built up.
very quickly amid the ruins of democratic, free America.
And that's the intention.
There's one last piece of evidence I need to be sure to give you, Alex,
which is my own reporting found that who manufactures and distributes Pfizer's injection, right?
BioNTech became part of an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding, with the biggest pharmaceutical company in China, run by a leader in the Chinese Communist Party, and a billion doses were manufactured, but not for use in China, for use in Western Europe and North America.
There are 11 manufacturing plants owned by China making this injection in Western Europe and two In North America, and in 2021, the SEC filing shows that the IP was to be transferred to China.
So you've really got to understand what that means.
Our existential enemy, who is working with the globalists, who is working with Bill Gates, who wants us dead, as my husband, who's been in intelligence most of his career, says, About China, they want our food supply, they want our natural resources, they want our farmland, they want our water resources, they want our energy grid, they don't want our population.
And Bill Gates is their pure agent and he's doppelganging everything they're doing, grabbing up the farmland, grabbing up everything.
Exactly right.
So, you know, it's like the Trojan horses within our borders and people have got to wake up and understand it.
So we're going to do 50 minutes the next hour.
You've been gracious about that.
People should follow you on eggs.
They should go to your website.
But continue, because we're talking about the shots, but also the bigger picture.
Is there hope?
I mean, I see a lot of people waking up, people kind of getting what's happening.
But is it a day late?
Is it a dollar short?
Well, the day is certainly late, and what you just shared with me made me even more worried, right?
Like, if the Bilderbergers are worried about AI already being here and being far more destructive than we even realized.
Well, I think they're figuring out they've been double-crossed.
I think even the big billionaires are like, I think that's what happened to Elon Musk.
I'm not saying that's who I met with, but I've talked to him on air, leaving it at that.
But he says the same thing on air.
They're like, whoa, this is anti-human.
This is out of control.
Like, this is not...
It's self-preservation by them.
They're like, don't you get this doesn't stop with the general public?
It doesn't stop with the general public.
I mean, honestly, we're at such a precipice.
I'd like you're not going to have to say, but I feel like especially with the role of AI, if we get out of it, It's going to be with metaphysical help, right?
I mean, I've come to conclude that prayer is a weapon and that it changes things.
On the planet.
It changes things politically and militarily.
There's not just AI.
We're ancient creatures from the universe that God created.
We're going to have to dial in and get that transmission to beat this one.
Because it has a unifying transmission that unifies this operation.
We're going to have to unify through God, through the metaphysical, psychically together to beat this.
Well, that's really well said.
And in fact, I was just looking at Social media revealing CIA documents that seem to be confirmed that show that the CIA knew this, that if humans raise their vibration through love and, you know, elevating their consciousness and banding together, it makes them incredibly powerful as a unity.
But that's really what we have to do.
And maybe that's why, you know, I believe in God.
I'm not trying to proselytize.
Maybe that's why God sent this hellish period in human history to force us to evolve so quickly
that we can tap into that love field, force field, unity field, peace field,
where we can be warriors equipped to combat and overcome whatever this monstrosity is
that's coming toward us.
But I certainly think we have to do something like that if only to survive, right?
And there is the-- - No, no, no, Wolf, I'm gonna interrupt you.
I'm not just saying this.
I've been on here 30 years.
I think I feel this.
I know this.
This is the most important interview I've ever done.
And it's not just you're a great smart person.
I know a lot of stuff.
It's the time we're in, but I think what we said today here in my 30 years is the most important thing we've ever said, at least I've ever had on my show, because this is it.
I think in the last 45 minutes, we've just stated the real world here and the decisions as free spirits, as free will creatures we have to make.
I agree with you.
I mean, and we're even, it's really interesting.
We're coming to the edge of what we know, right?
And so whatever we're going to know next, we're only going to know it if we Dedicate our hearts in that direction and wait for that kind of knowledge from the universe of well How do we how do we fight this together now?
But on a happier note, I mean, I hope you understand what I just said, right?
Thank you.
Um on a happier note I do look back the last two years Alex and I what I see just like the evil couldn't be explained by human capabilities the The victories we've won can't be explained by us alone, right?
Like, you've been targeted, you know, gazillion dollar whatever, you know, people trying to get you off the air, calling you every kind of name.
I've been targeted by the most powerful forces on earth, you know, principalities and powers kind of forces, right?
And look at our colleagues, you know, a handful of people like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Thorpe did stop, you know, did inform people there's a 4% take-up.
Humanity is waking up and showing it has an instinct to not accept this.
But I'm saying something even further, which is that when even a handful of people, it's like 1776, right?
When a handful of people dedicate themselves to saving humanity, to loving each other, to sacrificing their personal comfort for, I would say, following God's path, but you can call it whatever you want, everyone out there, I'm not proselytizing nonetheless, then they become more powerful than they would be alone.
And even kind of this Extraordinary power, right?
Because we have stopped these evil- not stopped them.
They thought it would be a lot easier.
We've definitely slowed them down.
I'm down, exactly.
So there's something there.
There's a lesson there.
Stay there.
You're so right.
And the globalists are panicking.
You can see it in their faces in their own documents at least.
They don't know why it isn't going according to plan because there's so many good men and women, folks, and our children, and they're counting on us for the future.
We must prevail.
We will prevail.
Hour number four with Naomi Wolf.
Straight ahead, back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
Absolutely key information.
Best interview ever.
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All right, we only got 15 minutes left.
We're facing the beast with Naomi Wolf.
That's her latest book.
Doc, you gotta come back for a commercial-free show.
Those are huge, too.
You'll be interrupted by the breaks.
But we got a few minutes here.
We joined some stations in about five minutes.
Other key points you want to impart to folks?
Well, gosh, I mean, if we're talking about what we can do, right, I just want to stress to people that I think that the answer is local and that knowing, you know, getting together with your neighbors, knowing where your food supply comes from, making friends with a farmer, Rebuilding those community institutions that were intentionally destroyed, right?
Going to church, going to synagogue, going to a mosque, going bowling, right?
Having the potluck.
That's so important because I think we can expect that there's going to be a breakdown of some kind before the election.
I just want to stress to people that if you're prepared, you will be less scared and you'll survive better.
I mean, your kids will as well.
I personally am learning to shoot.
I think the Second Amendment, which I used to be skeptical about as a liberal, now that I'm an independent, I think it's the best thing ever.
Yeah, now it's just a desperate last attempt at some type of defense.
And the other thing I want to mention that we can do to save our country, it's important, is clean up our elections.
And so we have an election integrity bill on my website dailyclout.io that you can download right there.
You can send it to your To your representative, your state assembly person, and to your federal assembly, federal, I'm sorry, federal representatives.
And you can ask them to sponsor it.
And it's been sponsored now in five states.
And I will personally go to any state house where any legislator invites me to lobby for this bill and to meet with people, citizens and legislators who want to pass this bill.
And it gets rid of the corruption that has derailed our election since 2005, since the machines got introduced.
Pardon me, so it's paper ballots, same-day voting, voter ID, right?
So all of these newcomers can't vote.
It's no ballot harvesting.
You have to proactively ask for an absentee ballot.
And for radio listeners, a couple times, we're on 300 plus stations.
Can't see this.
What is the URL to get involved in that?
Sure, it's dailyclout.io, like Indian Ocean, just what you see there.
Oh, I'm sorry.
And for radio listeners, it's dailyclout.io.
And so I just ask people, you know, to not wait to be saved.
You're not going to be saved by either political party.
You're not even going to be saved if your guy gets in, although it's going to be better if a non-globalist candidate gets in for sure.
But we have to save ourselves, I think is the message, and it's always been your message as well.
I agree.
What is it going to look like?
Because Trump's far from perfect.
He's got hoodwinked into it.
Why do you think they don't like Trump?
Because it's legitimate hatred of him.
He's got his major problems.
But why do they hate him so much?
Well, he's the he's the black swan, right?
I mean, he's got so much money.
He can't be bribed.
He's got so much money.
He knows how corruption works.
There's no more polite way to say this.
I was an advisor.
You know, to presidential campaigns, actually not to Hillary Clinton, to Bill Clinton's presidential campaign.
And you have to kind of know how corruption works at that level to be effective at that level.
And he loves his country.
I mean, I can't believe I'm saying this as a lifelong former Democrat.
He seems to really love his country.
I've heard him speak twice.
He's weirdly impressive in many ways.
For someone that I was taught was the worst thing on earth.
Trump's even stronger in person.
He's got something going on.
So they can't control him.
Everyone else, look how they exert control.
Look how they exerted control over the media.
You know, like, I'm a test case.
Like, destroy someone, hold them up for ridicule, bribe other people.
They're doing this in profession after profession.
They can do it with every other candidate imaginable.
Maybe, maybe not candidates who might follow Trump, but they can't do it to Trump.
So... 60 second break.
Naomi Wolf on fire.
The Defense of the Human Future.
Straight ahead, 60 seconds.
and stay with us.
You don't need me to tell you that.
You can feel it.
You can see it.
You can analyze it intellectually.
But at a gut level, you know it.
The threat is real.
As Yvonne O'Hara, the High Priest of the Invisible said, the most human world is here.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
But I'm a human, and my wife's a human, and my four children are human, and my parents are human.
I am a human.
I'm loyal to our process.
Humans are the only species that builds its own environment.
Why should we then be engineered to give up our supremacy of this planet?
I'm not a white supremacist.
I'm not a Christian supremacist.
I'm not a Jewish supremacist, Islamic supremacist.
I'm a human supremacist, not to dominate and hurt the whales and, you know, the birds, the bees, but to empower them, to seed them to other planets, to have a future.
The 10 minutes we have left, I'm going to shut up.
Dr. Naomi Wolf, you've done a great job today.
Best interview.
I'm not just saying this.
I don't say this all the time.
I might have said like 10 times in 30 years.
Best interview yet.
This is the best.
This is the most important.
I think it's in the time we're in, though.
Things are so clear now.
They're focused.
It's not a thousand miles away or a hundred or a mile away or a hundred feet away.
It's in our face.
We're here.
What do you want to say to the viewers and listeners right now, this pro-human rallying call?
I mean, on a happier note, right?
I think we have capabilities we're not even aware of.
I think that when we do kind of devote ourselves to saving humanity, we're going to get guidance to do that.
I think that we can't, I think we've been dumbed down so much in the last 200 years, especially that when we start, I mean, in a way, this has been such a blessing, right?
Because the scales have fallen from so many people's eyes.
It's been so painful.
So many relationships have been disrupted.
So many, you know, families have been split apart to this day, right?
I mean, I've lost people, friendships.
I don't mean that they've died.
I mean that, you know, we're no longer aligned with each other and it's incredibly painful.
But even though all of this is so painful, It is a blessing that we've looked around and seen that all of these institutions we thought we could count on really are crumbling, right?
The media is crumbling.
Legacy media is dying.
Independent media like yours and mine is booming.
We can't trust the doctors.
People no longer reflexively do what their doctors say.
They research things independently.
We can't trust Politicians for sure, right?
All of our institutions, you know, the church, the churches stayed closed.
Very few churches dared, or synagogues or mosques for that matter, dared to stay open during the lockdowns.
They pushed the injections, so many of them, right?
They're not apologizing, they're not, they weren't good shepherds of anybody, with very few exceptions.
So I think maybe this was You know, intentional, right?
So that people, especially in America, but around the world, everyone who loves freedom is an American, essentially, would be forced to rebuild this country and this planet, this civilization from scratch, in a better way, you know, a city on a hill.
That's That's what I believe.
And I think I do believe we can do it by unleashing those incredible powers that we have when we start to tell the truth and don't care what people say about us and, you know, love one another and ask for help.
From, you know, a higher being or a system.
How much more alive are you?
Because you were never a bad person.
And back then, the Republicans were totally terrible, warmongers, blue bloods, country clubs, super evil.
Democrats claimed they were anti-war.
So I could see I was, you know, kind of in the middle then.
But now, since you've seen the clarity, things are there.
How much more alive are you right now than you were, say, 20 years ago?
Well, that's a lovely question.
I mean, I feel like, I keep thinking about those passages in the gospel where Jesus says, you know, if you have ears, you should hear.
If you have eyes, you should see, right?
I feel like I didn't know anything.
I didn't see anything.
I didn't hear anything.
I was so blind.
You were trying to help within the system you were presented.
You meant well, but you were trying to be helpful within that.
Yeah, and I don't think the solution to this is partisan, as I keep saying, but now I feel like, you know, the universe is absolutely vibrating with, you know, love and life, and we get to participate in that.
If that's what you mean by how much more alive, I would say it's incomparable, right?
I'm not sure.
I always said that because that's how I feel.
Anybody engaging this lie and promoting truth is so alive, but anyone engaging with the lie, it seems dead now.
It's very sad.
I absolutely feel that.
And it's, again, it's so biblical, right?
Like some people just chose the lie.
Oh, I don't even hate my enemies anymore.
I feel like they're a dead person.
I'm sorry for them.
And it's not like some power trip.
It's like, oh my God, they're gone.
And I feel like a failure.
It actually hurts me.
No, Alex, I feel like some people are actually no longer even in the room.
You know, you talk to them and it's like there's not even a human, there's not even a presence anymore because they've so aligned with things that they know by now are not true.
Exactly, and I see black people, Asian, white, Jewish, Muslim, if they're alive and are aware, their eyes are alive, they're real, I feel them, that's the kinship, and those that buy in the system are like gone!
No, and you can barely see, they're hard to see almost, they're like dim, right?
I mean, again, like the gospel, right?
What is the truth is in the eye, and if your eye is in darkness, your whole body is in darkness.
Yeah, there's a division.
People are being divided into two groups, right?
And that makes me really sad.
But there are people who are choosing to align with light and truth and love.
You know, whatever that looks like.
You have to choose it now, right?
You can't just go along.
You're in a place historically where you are being forced to choose.
And there are people who are choosing comfort and, you know, to be invited to that PTA meeting or that play date or the country club or whatever.
And by the way, once you break with the country club, And the cocktail party, you couldn't be paid to go to it!
It's like once you make the break, it means nothing afterwards.
You're making a good point.
Or it feels very different if you go back.
Let me ask you.
You were a big part of the establishment.
You have a soul.
You're against it.
You're a smart lady.
I was just saying my personal experience protecting you, because I was given Hollywood roles without asking for them at all the parties.
And I kind of thought it was cool.
But once I fully rejected it, now it's like, Disgusting.
It's like I lost nothing.
I don't know how to explain that, but it just seems like dividing yourself from this is not a curse.
You're not even giving anything up.
No, I'm very lucky.
I know what you mean, Alex.
But it's more dead now than it used to be, right?
I mean, we've changed, but it's changed.
That whole world of power and institutions and Yes, it lost.
You said it.
You're smarter than I am.
You're right.
It lost.
Instead of me saying, I don't care about it anymore, you're right.
It lost its power in the last 10 years.
What is that?
What is that?
Indeed, I can't explain it.
But I do think morally, like if you align with lies over time, something goes out of you, right?
Whether you're an institution or a university or just a human being, a deadness enters.
A soullessness.
A soullessness, exactly.
Yeah, and that's moved, that's shifted.
I was at the Truckers Rally outside of D.C.
and it was people who have really hard lives, right?
People who are not hugely privileged, people who work like 12-hour days.
And they were standing there in a group and I could feel, I don't know what you want to call it, right?
The spirit of something magical, the spirit of something transcendental resting on them all as they sang the Star Spangled Banner with their hands over their hearts.
And it was a rally with some of the, you know, freedom leaders.
And I thought, well, like, this is the center of the culture now.
You know, when I go to a cocktail party with New York Times reporters, I just feel like I'm standing on an ash heap.
It's very different.
Well, that's it.
And it's not just that I'm into old movies.
And so, you know, the hypnosis was lost with them.
But when I watch old movies, even movies made 20 years ago, the actors were better.
It was real because they were real.
And now you go see movies, there's no soul there.
It's not because I've lost wanting to go into suspended disbelief.
It's gone.
And you look at the old actresses and actors, it's there because they were still human.
You look at photographs or film of people 50 years ago, black, white, old, young, doesn't matter.
They look totally different because their soul was so much stronger.
And so Hollywood has lost its soul.
The government's lost its soul because they teamed up with this.
And you can see the failure and people are rejecting it.
From your mouth to God's ears, as my grandmother would say.
I hope they are.
I hope they are.
You know, one of the things I said on social media when your producer reached out was 20 years ago, I would have thought I would have been appalled to be invited to Alex Jones.
Now I know it's an honor.
I'm really grateful for people like you who persevered and raised issues ahead of them being conventionally known and
persevered in the face of a lot of opposition to tell people the truth and wake people up. And
if it weren't for, again, a handful of people who've been doing that, I don't think we'd have
any hope. And now I think, you know, there's a path because of people like, you know, you and
all our colleagues out there who have been So thank you and thank your audience.
Well, thank you.
So in final closing, I haven't read your new book.
I read the last one 10 years ago and I follow you all the time, but I'm going to read it immediately.
I'm going to order it.
Facing the Beast.
What is that about?
Facing the Beast is about exactly what you and I discussed here in the last hour about my journey over the last two and a half years, being exiled from my former life, being embraced by humans in the rest of America, and also what my team of 3,250 doctors and scientists found in the Pfizer documents, the greatest crime against humanity.
In recorded history.
And finally, my kind of exploration of these questions of what is this metaphysical time we're in, this battle between good and evil, with my best understanding in there.
Thank you.
Dr. Wolf, I'm going to finish up, but please come back on soon.
We love you.
I think this is probably the best interview I've done yet.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much, Alex Jones and audience.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What a beautiful person.
What a beautiful soul.
What an amazing hour plus interview.
Another great soul is about to take over.
Dr. Dr. Naomi Wolf did a great job.
Charles Linden is going to do a great job.
But please remember, I can't do this without you.
And the enemy just thinks it's scorched earth.
So I haven't wanted to go there, but we are Weeks away from the announcement to shut down InfoWars.
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They're going to shut that down as soon as they shut us down.
They're probably going to try some stuff once they've shut this down.
That's their next move.
I'm okay.
I asked for this.
It's where I want to be.
But I want to have the full effect now.
So please support us.
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I've got to get all the documents together.
I've got to get prepared.
And I've gotta hit it out there, because they could shut us down next week.
I don't think it'll be next week, but we could be shut down in like 10 days, okay?
And it's strange to me at this point, it's like you're an old man, you love your family, and you're about to die, and you can't believe you're about to die, they can't believe it, you're dead the next day and they're burying you, okay?
We've done this mission, we've run the course, we've had a giant effect, I've seen how God is so real, and I've seen what we've gone through together, but I just have to tell you now that we're at the end of the road.
Of this operation and it's up to you now what happens in the future.
I hope I can reconstitute, come back.