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Name: 20240512_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 12, 2024
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Alex Jones discusses a variety of topics in this episode of Infowars, including the upcoming Democratic National Convention (DNC), sleep support products available at InfowarsTore.com, Nancy Pelosi's views on populism, the criminal case against his father, false allegations against Trump, a study suggesting that nearly 90% of adults in the U.S., over the age of 20, are at risk of developing heart disease due to various factors, FDA preparations for a possible bird flu spread among humans, Ray Kurzweil and nanorobots, his new book The Great Awakening, obstetricians and gynecologists pushing dangerous COVID vaccines on pregnant women and newborns, whistleblower Dr. Thompson's exposure of data manipulation and fraud in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trials for pregnant women, and Escape the Prison Planet Coffee being back in stock at InfoWarsTore.com.

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Tomorrow's news.
It is Sunday, May 12, 2024.
It is Sunday, May 12th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And the Trump rally yesterday on Jersey Shore's had over 100,000 people at it.
The arena held 80,000.
There was another 20 to 30,000 behind it.
And traffic jams for 10 miles out, people couldn't even get there.
Too many people here.
There's so many people here.
Over 100,000 people!
This was supposed to be... You know, they thought they'd hit 40.
So they more than doubled it.
But you can't even see the end.
I wish we didn't have the press here.
I wish we moved them the hell back so they'd have... Because they can't see in the back.
You know, I always tell the press, turn your cameras around to show the audience, okay?
They never do it.
Look, fake news.
They never do it.
They never do it!
By the way, I have been watching CNN, ABC News, Fox.
Fox will show kind of the crowd, but mainly they show close-ups of Trump and say 80,000.
They're saying over 100.
I went and looked up the park, the theme park.
It holds about 80,000.
It was a standing room only.
And then again, 20,000 the state police estimated behind it.
Tens of thousands in the parking lot.
Let's be conservative.
Traffic jams 10 miles long, they're reporting.
Tried to get to the Trump rally.
And I love when Republican establishments are like, why is he campaigning in a blue state?
Those are red states.
There's election fraud there.
But an overwhelming landslide, they won't have enough dead people and illegal aliens to vote.
With the 445 million Zuckerberg spent in the last general election three and a half years ago.
Remember that?
To get the database of people that had moved out of the county or the state and a bunch of illegals go vote.
It is just mind-blowing.
I got so many clips from last night's rally.
It's so exciting.
And the Democrat response.
But there's a big story that I saw in Newark Magazine and I saw it on the Democrat Party website.
When I saw it this morning, I went and looked it up and it's true.
The Democratic Party is talking about cancelling the DNC.
I mean, that's what it really is.
They're calling it virtual so no one can protest them switching Biden out, which is the word.
Or, you know, there's no evidence that he's unpopular because no one wants to go to it.
He can't fill a Volkswagen with his crowds or a phone booth.
But young people won't know what a phone booth is, so I shouldn't use that analogy.
He couldn't fill a clown car.
And so now they have announced that, oh, no big deal, just like in 2020 because of COVID.
Remember, he had Chevy vehicles as the crowd.
He's up there alone, a little stage, Chevy vehicles would honk and flash their lights like they were people.
And they had a virtual DNC because he was campaigning from his basement.
Now, three and a half years later, they are going to have a virtual convention, and I believe they will.
They're saying they're considering it right now.
A virtual convention is not a real convention, just like they wouldn't let anybody be involved in Democratic primaries against him.
So this is simply amazing.
I remember they would have people standing at blue screens saying, I represent Alaska, I represent Texas, I represent California, I represent Florida, I represent New York, I represent New Jersey, I represent South Dakota, I represent Colorado.
They're getting ready to do it again, ladies and gentlemen.
The Emperor's New Clothes.
Stay with us.
We now take you live.
We now take you live.
To the retaking of America.
To the Central Texas Commencement.
In the heart.
In the heart of the resistance.
Rallying patriots.
Rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Stand up and be counted for what you are about to receive.
I wanna say, I grew up a Democrat, and I've always been a Democrat.
(crowd cheers)
Until I met this man right here.
I'll tell you what.
He will not have to worry about nobody in my family ever voting for a Democrat again.
So many people here.
There's so many people here.
Over 100,000 people!
This is supposed to be... You know, they thought they'd hit 40.
So they more than doubled it.
But you can't even see the end.
I wish we didn't have the press here.
I wish we moved them the hell back so they'd have... Because they can't see in the back.
You know, I always tell the press, turn your cameras around to show the audience, okay?
They never do it.
Look, fake news.
They never do it.
They never do it!
Yeah, yes we do!
Ha ha, yes we do!
It is Sunday, May 12th.
I'm coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, from the embattled InfoWars operation.
Victorious, dauntless, but on fire with enemy attacks.
And that's good, because it makes us happy.
Shooting star across the horizon to rally patriots to come to the sound of the guns in the InfoWars.
And so this salute is for you.
Ha ha ha!
whoa [Music]
let him go ahead and steal it in front of us New World Order is going down.
It may take a year, it may take ten, but they're losing.
No matter what they do, nothing can reverse the global awakening of humanity.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
I salute you, the listeners and viewers, and the activists.
Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, you name it.
We salute you!
We salute you! We salute you! We salute you! For those about to rock! We salute you! For those about to rock! We
salute you! For those about to rock! We salute you!
Alright, the globalists are in deep trouble.
So let's get into it right now, ladies and gentlemen.
But let's see that crowd one more time.
And this, the camera, it's such a big crowd, the camera couldn't even get it.
As Trump's flying in, hours before it starts, there's already like 100,000 people down there.
10 miles, people couldn't even get in.
Traffic jams, 20,000 outside the gate, 20,000 behind the stadium, 150,000 there conservatively.
Tens of thousands lined up, couldn't get in.
It's supposedly deep blue New Jersey.
It's all election fraud.
It's all a fraud.
It's all a lie.
Let's put up a little show headline if we can.
The Democratic Party, and I'm translating this, that's what it is, is now floating the idea Of cancelling the DNC.
Sunday Live.
That's in Chicago, they're gonna have it.
Deep State Panics May Cancel Democrat National Convention.
Oh, they're going to cancel it.
Now they'll spin it and say, wait a minute, it's virtual.
That's having one person stand there.
Oh, I'm in Nebraska.
Oh, I'm in Maine.
Oh, I'm in Washington State.
Oh, I'm in Montana.
Oh, I'm in Oklahoma.
Oh, I'm in Georgia.
I'm in Pennsylvania.
I'm in Michigan.
Like they did three and a half, four years ago during the DNC for the COVID excuse.
Remember, Biden would toddle up and could barely talk and there were no crowds there.
It was, it was a Chevy sponsored it and it was, it was got a government bailout from Obama.
That was just a payoff with just cars there.
Can we pull that up?
Biden's virtual DNC with the sponsored by Chevy, Biden at DNC 2020.
And it's him up there with 10 or 15 cars in front of him, like they were people.
Like at sports games, they'd have robots up there.
I mean, this is so ridiculous.
And so now without even the excuse of COVID, they're not saying bird flu,
Well they're not even saying that's your excuse for this.
They're saying, oh, well, you know.
Just because of the protesters over Palestine, we're scared to have this event.
All these colleges have cancelled events again, just like they're planning to intensify the uprisings ahead of the election, to use that as a new excuse for the new lockdown.
I told you that a couple of years ago, I figured it out.
Now they're officially cancelling colleges all over the country.
They're cancelling in-person classes and making you go virtual and saying, we've got to go virtual at the DNC in Chicago.
Because of the danger of the protesters.
Absolutely ridiculous.
Yeah, here's Biden at the DNC.
And when they pull back... So we're going to be going over all that today, but here's the headline of the New York Magazine.
Can the 2024 DNC thwart Chicago protests by going virtual?
And they go on here to say, well, because of the threat of the Palestinian protesters, this is something that we think we need to do.
And the Democratic Party is now proposing that today.
Trumpeting the success of their COVID-era convention four years ago, some in Biden's orbit are aggressively pushing a 2024 Conclave, a hybrid production.
That would mean in-person speeches from the President, party luminaries, and rising stars to draw television attention alongside a mix of pre-recorded testimonials and videos.
Decentralizing convention events, so that's a good way of saying it's not real, or even moving them out of Chicago would facilitate the hopes Would frustrate the hopes of protesters for a dramatic 68-style confrontation.
If convention planners do move in that direction, it will undoubtedly spur complaints that Team Biden and other Democratic wire pullers are suppressing dissent in order to paper over The very real internal party differences in the U.S.
No, it's because he is governing from a basement and is a literal dementia patient controlled by the globalists and the front man, Barack Obama.
This is the third unelected term of Barack Obama.
And so this is them basically getting ready to throw in the towel.
That he goes into a restaurant, he goes into a bodega, he goes into a gas station.
No one wants to talk to him.
They turn their backs.
The manager will come over to shake his hand.
Trump goes everywhere, he gets mobbed.
Shows up in Harlem, mobbed.
Shows up in LA, mobbed.
Shows up anywhere, mobbed.
Because people know he's a black sheep.
People know the system's after him.
People know he's under attack.
And as I've told you, all I get is love on the street.
I can't imagine the amount of love Trump is getting.
Last night I walked into a barbecue place, Pokey Joe's.
Been there like 20-something years.
My daughter wanted it.
Both my youngest and middle daughter with me.
My older daughter's moved out.
And we go in there, and the guy goes, is something going on?
Because I just saw three guys with InfoWars t-shirts in here a couple hours ago, and then another guy came in with one a little while ago, and we were just talking about you.
This is really weird.
And then more people come in, and they're fans.
The place was basically half-empty.
It was like 4 o'clock.
We were eating early.
And I thought about me.
Oh, I'm famous.
Oh, I'm cool.
Literally a little barbecue place in South Austin, and almost everyone shook my hand.
The manager came out and shook my hand.
They're trying to give us, you know, free stuff.
I said, no.
But the point is, is that freedom is popular.
And the guy behind the counter, the manager, goes, yeah, something's going on.
And my wife goes, yeah, something's going on.
Is there something going on?
Is there a convention?
What's all with it?
And my wife goes, oh, yeah, something's going on, buddy.
It's called a revolution.
So the new world order is in deep crap.
I've got a bunch of other clips from his speech and his event last night, but man, now you know why they want to pin him down with these civil and criminal cases.
But Trump's got his own jumbo jet.
And so all he's going to do, and I think it's been making him rest because he works so hard.
In fact, he has to sit in court all day.
He looks great.
He sounds great.
And so now he's just going to crisscross the country on the weekends while they haven't done all these show trials and when they convict him, no matter how innocent he is in New York, that'll just blow up bigger in their face.
I mean, this is a magic moment that we have entered.
So let's play some more of the clips.
We played three and four.
Let's go ahead and just start with, uh, let's play 11 where he talks about New Jersey.
And then let's talk about his little talk with Macron.
Because this is a true story.
Remember when it happened?
They were going to put massive tariffs on a bunch of U.S.
And Trump said, fine, I'll just put 100% tax on all your wine and champagne.
Instantly stopped it.
Because he was standing up for America.
So go ahead and play those clips.
As you can see today, we're expanding the electoral map because we are going to officially play in the state of New Jersey.
We're going to win the state of New Jersey.
Can't make a deal.
I called up Macron of France.
The head.
Nice guy.
Loves France.
You know, he likes France.
He's a friend of mine.
But I said, Emmanuel, hi, Emmanuel.
How are you, Emmanuel?
Oh, Donald, Donald, I love you so much.
You're doing such a good job.
I said, thank you very much.
I agree.
But let me just tell you, Emmanuel, you're putting a big tax on American companies doing business in France.
You can't do it.
Oh, it's too late.
I wish you would have called me early.
It's too late, Donald.
I cannot.
I said, yeah, you're going to do something about it.
You got to do it.
You're going to do it.
I won't be able to.
I said, let me just tell you something, Emmanuel.
Are you ready?
Every bottle of wine and champagne that comes into the United States, this was a Friday evening, starting on Monday morning, is going to be taxed and tariffed at 100%.
Every single bottle of wine and champagne from France will be taxed at 100%.
No, no, no, you cannot do that!
I said I can do it.
It's done.
I have an order right in front of me.
I'm signing it.
You have ten minutes.
Call me back.
He calls me back in about three minutes.
Donald, Donald, we are pleased to inform you that we were able to end that horrible tax that we... I won!
You know how many deals I made like that?
I made more!
Trump's like, no way.
There's no way.
Yeah, nobody else.
And what would you say to a black person that says Trump is racist and therefore you are white adjacent?
I would say that they need to actually pay attention to what he's talking about and understand that if you actually want to become successful as far as money in this country, Democrats are not who you want to vote for because obviously they're replacing you with illegals.
They're telling you to your face, they're replacing you with illegals.
So I don't understand how you could still say...
I played the clip Thursday.
I asked the crew to dig it back out because he said more stuff again yesterday.
in New York, they're giving them housing everywhere else here, they're giving them $10,000 gift cards.
But when you need aid, the state says, sorry, you make too much money, you're over the threshold by
500 bucks a year, and we're not going to help you. So if you starve, you starve, we don't care.
So I don't understand how you pay taxes, but they don't, but you're not getting help and you're
going to still vote for somebody who's going to give you your taxes, somebody else.
I played the clip Thursday. I asked the crew to dig it back out because he said more stuff
again yesterday. Biden said illegal aliens are model citizens and have a right to just come here.
And then there's a new clip from yesterday that I just saw this morning where he says it basically again.
So, these are not faux pas.
These are not, no, no, he's actually saying the quiet part out loud.
The total sellout of this country.
Look at this headline.
ICE expected to roll out ID program for illegals this summer.
They can basically use that in blue sectors to vote.
Got a whole bunch of articles dealing with all of that.
We've got a bunch of war news.
Europe's getting ready for conscription, a draft for war with Russia.
Yahoo Germany may introduce conscription for all 18-year-olds.
Germany's also banning driving cars with kill switches on all the vehicles starting next month, in the summer, on the weekend.
I mean, the New World Order is here, folks.
It's going down.
But what do you make, as listeners and viewers of the DNC, saying, maybe we'll just have another virtual event?
Because they can't get crowds out.
They're embarrassing their constituents.
They want to be able to do whatever weird replacement with Gavin Newsom or Big Mike, aka Michelle Obama.
I mean, that's all going down in July when they have the DNC in Chicago.
And the city is such a crime-ridden hellhole now.
Why'd they even pick Chicago?
Now it's going to be virtual, they're saying.
It will be virtual.
You know it will be virtual because it's BS.
It is the man behind the curtain from The Wizard of Oz.
We just have to have Operation Toto and pull back the curtain.
I've got some more clips here of Trump.
Really, really powerful clips of Trump talking about all the different things that are Let's play Trump talking about, clip 6, these offshore wind turbines that are causing absolute mayhem.
Here's a clip.
They ruined the environment, they killed the birds, they killed the whales.
But are the ocean floor surveys for their construction that are causing tremendous problems
with the fish and the whales and everything else?
Nobody even knows what it is, but I think in 20 years, one whale washed up on shore, and then when they have these things, they come up all the time.
They come up for sure.
He said they remind him of Chris Christie.
What the hell are you doing?
This can only happen in New Jersey, right kid?
It can only happen in New Jersey.
The electricity cost, it's the highest in the country.
It's what you've got.
We are going to make sure that that ends on day one.
I'm going to write it out in executive order.
Now let's look at probably everybody's favorite clip, where the crowd starts chanting BS.
Here it is.
I've been indicted more than the great Alphonse Capone.
Al Capone was so mean that if you went to dinner with him and he didn't like you, you'd be dead the next morning.
And I got indicted more than him!
On bullshit, too!
[crowd chanting]
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!
There is a global political realignment happening against the globalist...
happening against the globalist.
There's mass populism.
I've got a clip coming up of Pelosi.
Went to the Oxford Union for a famous debate.
It's one of the most famous debates, probably the most famous debate center in the world.
About 400-something years old.
And she got up in her speech and said populism is a threat and is undemocratic.
Now I get it.
Pure democracy is dangerous.
Howl the mob.
We're a limited democracy republic.
I get all that.
But the point is she said anti-democracy is populism.
No, populism is democracy.
And I've got that clip coming up next segment and she just gets destroyed.
Absolutely destroyed by the British that are in there debating her because she's completely full of bullshit.
And when she gets torn up, they read off like a dozen or more headlines of the 2016 election saying, we have to get rid of democracy because the people don't know how to vote.
People voting for who they want is bad.
They actually say that.
And Pelosi, after she's confronted with that, says, yes, it's true.
We can't have the voters decide.
She's so senile, so drunk, whatever it is, so, I don't know what it is, so stupid, so addled with dementia, that she doesn't even get it.
It's called hypocrisy, lady.
You've had him indicted for questioning the 2020 election.
There's overwhelming evidence of fraud.
And then you turn around and say, oh, but we can't have the voters vote for him.
Oh my God, the populists are coming with the pitchforks.
That's all coming up.
I've got more clips of Trump.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
I'm loaded for bear, as always.
Again, I've been doing so much research.
It's sickening how many incredible articles I've got.
So I'm going to move out of the Trump stuff now.
I've got a little bit more on the fake indictments and what's happening there.
But Judgment Day is coming in 176 days.
Hold on, is it 176 days?
I won't remember here.
Until the most important election.
I'm right!
176 days, 7 hours, 34 minutes, 13 seconds.
So that's all coming up.
Please remember, though, the globalists know there's a populist uprising.
Those are global political realignment, a fourth turning.
And so they think if they just target Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones and President Trump
and Steve Bannon and Roger Stone and do all that and a million other people, really hardcore, the leaders,
'cause they're targeting a lot of people, not just me, we're kind of the lead elephants here.
They believe they can then intimidate everybody else.
But see, we were asleep before, the general public was.
I've been awake forever, luckily, to the family.
I've been involved 35 years, 30 years on air plus.
But they, in their own white paper, said, "Oh, the public's intimidated."
No, they were asleep.
Now you woke them up, bullying them so hard, and the more you bully them, like they had two Boeing whistleblowers during depositions, during breaks, get shot in the head or killed.
Now they've got 10 last week.
Now it's like 30 they're reporting going public.
Oh, you thought killing a few Boeing whistleblowers would scare the rest of them.
No, at a certain point, people go, screw this, I'm done.
Feel your hand, you son of a bitch, to quote John Wayne in True Grit.
So, you've got to support the lead elephants in the stampede against the enemy.
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We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, the corporate enemy of the people media trying to suppress the 100 plus thousand people who came to the Trump rally in New Jersey yesterday.
That's why we're showing it to you right now.
And President Trump's comments that all the maps show is accurate.
Every state is now in play in 2024.
But they're good.
As you can see today, we're expanding the electoral map
because we are going to officially play in the state of New Jersey.
We're going to win the state of New Jersey.
Trump, like, no way.
There's no way.
Yeah, nobody else.
And what would you say to a black person that says Trump is racist and therefore you are white adjacent?
I would say that they need to actually pay attention to what he's talking about and understand that if you actually want to become successful as far as money in this country, Democrats are not who you want to vote for because obviously they're replacing you with illegals.
They're telling you to your face, they're replacing you with illegals.
So I don't understand how you could still say...
"Oh Democrats are doing it up." No, they are literally replacing you. They're giving them housing in New York.
They're giving them housing everywhere else here. They're giving them $10,000 gift cards.
But when you need aid, the state says, "Sorry, you make too much money. You're over the threshold by 500 bucks a year."
And we're not gonna help you. So if you starve, you starve.
We don't care. So I don't understand how...
You pay taxes, but they don't, but you know, you're not gonna help and you're gonna still vote for somebody who's
gonna give your taxes to somebody else.
All right, I got a lot of other big stories to hit here and we'll start shifting gears into that, but
Nancy Pelosi was just in the UK a few days ago and the full article, the full video, went on for a couple hours,
is at InfoWars.com You want to go see it.
I'm just going to play a four minute clip here because of time constraints.
So she gets up there, she says, populists are dangerous and we got to worry about this uprising and Trump wants to be a dictator.
And she's at one of the best debating halls in the world and then gets totally chewed up With the fact that she's saying populism isn't democracy, it's the definition of it.
Now I get we're a constitutional republic, limited democracy, where there's basic rights for everybody, so 51% can't vote to take other people's rights away.
But this isn't a debate about democracy, it's a debate about her saying populism is not democracy.
It is the most historical, obvious form of it.
It's like saying, think of a shark, a great white shark.
Think of a superhero, Superman.
Think of an American president.
George Washington.
Think of water.
Think of wet.
Populism is the people's will.
It can get dangerous.
It can get manipulated.
But this populism is against the globalists.
That's why they're so scared.
So, she gets responded to right here.
Here it is.
But the fact is that using ethno, whether it's people different from me, nationalism, populism, is a very dangerous threat to democracy, not just in America where we're seeing it play out, but in the whole world.
In the context of a fight between democracy and autocracy, our, not our, not mine, but the version of populism, ethno-nationalist, Populism, which tries to bring down education and fake news, the media, which is a protector of democracy.
That version is contributing in countries other than our country and is a danger to democracy.
We think democracy isn't a ballot in America.
It's a victory that we must win.
Because it will only make matters worse if they have another stay at what they're doing to the courts in our country, the fear that they're instilling in jurists in our country, the suppression of the vote in our country, the role of their big, dark, rich Billionaire donors who don't want to pay taxes, suffocating the airways from the fossil fuel industry and the gun industry and the rest of that.
So money and populism, sadly, have gone together with this ethno-nationalist, anti- what they call elite, which we call education-free press, and the rest.
So I urge you to think in terms of the word.
It says it's a threat.
You're going to deny that it's a threat to democracy in the versions that have emerged, that have emerged in America so clearly?
And why does everybody here say to me, what happens if he gets elected?
Well, you can't let that happen because for us this election is Washington crossing the Delaware.
Before Covid, intelligence services colluded with big tech to have Trump suspended off Twitter.
Yes, the same platform which hosted the Taliban and Ayatollah Defter Israel Khomeini, they thought the President crossed the line when he tweeted on Jan 6th, quote, remain peaceful, no violence, respect the law and our great men and women in blue.
That's a quote.
You may be thinking now that Trump is a populist.
You are right.
He didn't accept the 2020 elections.
And he should have.
So should Hillary in 2016.
So should Brussels.
And so should Westminster in 2016.
And so too should Congresswoman Pelosi, instead of saying the 2016 election was quote hijacked.
Quote hijacked.
Thank you.
doctor. What about the mainstream media?
Let me read you some mainstream media headlines.
The New Yorker the day before the 2016 election.
The case against democracy.
The Washington Post the day after the election.
The problem with our government is democracy.
The LA Times, June 2017.
The British election is a reminder of the perils of too much democracy.
Vox, June 2017.
The two eminent political scientists say the problem with democracy is voters.
New York Times, June 2017.
The problem with participatory democracy is the participants.
Mainstream media elites are part of a class who don't just disdain populism, they disdain the people.
If the Democrats had put half their energy into delivering for the people, Trump wouldn't even have a chance in 2024.
He shouldn't have a chance.
You've had power for four years.
From the fabricated Steele dossier, to trying to take him off the ballot in both Maine and Colorado, The Democrats are the anti-Democrat party.
All we need now is the Republicans to come out as the pro-monarchist party.
Ladies and gentlemen, populism is not a threat to democracy, but I'll tell you what is.
It's elites ordering social media to censor political opponents.
It's police shutting down dissenters, be it anti-monarchists in this country, or gender critical voices here, or last week in Brussels, the National Conservative Movement.
I'll tell you what is a threat to democracy.
It's Brussels, DC, Westminster, the mainstream media, big tech, big pharma, corporate collusion, and the Davos cronies.
The threat to democracy comes from those who write off ordinary people as deplorable.
The threat to democracy comes from those who smear working people as racists.
The threat to democracy comes from those who write off working people as populists.
And I'll say one last thing.
This populist age can be brought to an end at the snap of a finger.
All that needs to be done is for elites to start listening to, respect it, respecting and, God forbid, working for ordinary people.
Thank you.
Alright, so Nancy Pelosi got destroyed.
The full exchange is at InfoWars.com.
There's an article about it, but it's just miraculous.
It's bizarre.
It's incredible that the people are the threat.
And he went through that whole list where they say the people are the problem.
But, oh, Trump's not with the people.
That's why he gets 150,000 people, not 100,000.
But Biden can't get five people and is about to have another virtual inauguration.
There's basically a cancellation of that.
All right, I'm shifting gears out of all of that.
And boy, do I got a bunch of news I'll tell you about when we come back on the other side of this break.
Follow me at RealAlexJones on X. Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order is...
It's Alex Jones.
We're here with our friend Eric Trump, the Trump Organization Executive Vice President.
Eric Trump.
You've been sitting in this trial in Manhattan.
You've seen what's taken place.
You yourself have been subjected to scores and scores of subpoenas in one case after another.
Congress and so forth and so on.
I want to give you an opportunity to speak to what's been going on in that courtroom and generally to you, your father and your family.
Well, Mark, 110 subpoenas in the last seven years.
Those are ones that I've received personally.
110 subpoenas in seven years.
I've never gotten so much as a traffic ticket.
We're a good family.
Never have done anything wrong.
And the way they've come after my father since he's gone down that escalator is unthinkable.
Multiple impeachments, going after his Supreme Court justices, suing him civilly every single second they could, weaponizing civil cases against him, weaponizing the DOJ, Weaponizing the Russia hoax.
Dirty dossiers.
I mean, I could go on and on forever, as well as a thousand other ways that they've attacked us.
They've tried to bankrupt him.
They've tried to use every form of legal lawfare possible.
They've tried to take him off the ballot in places like Colorado and Maine.
I mean, everything that they could possibly do.
In fact, this week, it just came out that they're trying to register voters using taxpayer money in the state of Michigan because they realize that they're losing That state.
And then I get to watch and sit right behind my father in the first pew as they try and slander him.
They try and keep him off the campaign trail.
They try and waste his time.
They try and destroy his reputation and his image with a nonsense case.
No one believes that the Democrats are going after my father for 34 felony counts.
Think about this.
34 felony counts for a $130,000 retainer to a lawyer that was billed as a retainer from a lawyer to a lawyer.
That was booked as a legal expense in a city where you can't go into CVS and buy shampoo because it's locked behind plexiglass because there's so much theft.
You have little kids who have been shot in the face in Times Square in the last 12 months.
Think about that.
New York City.
Times Square.
Kids getting shot in the head.
Women being thrown in front of trains.
And they have the entire DA's office, the entire might of the New York DA's office.
I am talking about the top brass in that office.
They are all in that courtroom.
And as Stormy Daniels goes up there, they are giddy.
They're laughing.
They're smiling at one another.
This is their big moment.
As crime is through the roof, people are fleeing New York State.
Homelessness is everywhere.
Illegal immigration is everywhere.
The city has gone to hell.
Restaurants are being shut down.
And you mean to tell me they're going after the former President of the United States, the 45th President of the United States, and very likely the 47th President of the United States, a guy who is beating Biden in every single swing state over $130,000 from eight years ago?
That was a personal expense?
Give me a break, the world doesn't believe it.
And there's only so many times that they can cry wolf.
They did it with the impeachments and they were shams and everybody saw it was a sham.
They did it with Russia and everybody saw it was a sham.
Every time that they could put an arrow in him, they would.
They would make up nonsense.
They would subpoena me.
They would subpoena Don.
They would go after Barron.
They would go after every person in our family.
Because they don't fight fair.
They would try and take the guy off the ballot, as I said before, every time.
Every time they could get any little advantage.
When they weren't doing too well in the primaries, guess what Biden did?
He emptied the strategic petroleum reserves to try and reduce the price of gas by three cents for his advantage.
You know, when they wanted more votes in certain places, when they wanted to change the census, guess what?
They put 320,000 illegal immigrants on airplanes U.S.
taxpayer dollars, and they flew them into the United States.
They left the border, which was being built, all the steel was bought.
They left the border open to flood the census, to change the makeup of the political system in this country.
Every time that they can utilize something to their advantage, they do.
And you know what?
The Democrats, they always dig so deep that they end up finding themselves.
And that's why every one of these trials It's turning out to be a sham.
The third in charge of the DOJ, Mark.
The third in charge being sent by Garland to New York to prosecute everything related to Trump.
How do you think that looks?
The American people don't buy it anymore.
And that's why this trial is going nowhere.
And that's why, you know, Georgia is failing.
And that's why the Box's hoax is failing as they tamper with evidence.
And, you know, it's just sad that we have to live through this.
The American people have quite a decision in November.
Do they want to save the country or not?
Because if Joe Biden has another four years, he's the American arsonist.
He's burning things down here.
He's burning things down overseas.
He doesn't respect tradition.
He doesn't respect our institutions.
He doesn't respect our allies.
He gives aid and comfort to anti-Semites and bigots.
He gives aid and comfort to terrorists overseas.
This is a loathsome, diabolical man in presidency, and of course, his number one target is your father, because he wants to clear the playing field, politically.
He wants that scarlet letter pasted to his forehead.
He knows he has his Democrat Party, Islamist, Marxist media 100% behind him.
We'll be right back.
That was a good boil down right there.
But I want to talk about COVID right now and next hour because it's really important with an insider whistleblower that exposed all this coming up.
But look at these headlines.
Surprisingly high number of adults in the U.S.
at risk of heart syndrome.
NBC News.
And they say in the article, we don't know why heart disease has exploded, especially in children and young people.
It's the highest ever recorded.
It's off the charts.
We don't know why.
It was in the insert, and it was in the FDA warning in October 2000 that these shots would cause that.
How do they know?
They just gave a kid, two weeks ago, mRNA shot.
One test subject for the disease he had, it killed him.
They just gave a man a genetically engineered pig kidney.
He died.
This week.
None of this crap works.
So instead they just rolled it out against everybody.
Look at this article.
Surprisingly high number of adults in the U.S.
at risk of heart syndrome.
Nearly 90% of adults.
Over the age of 20, United States are at risk of developing heart disease.
An alarming new study suggests while the unexpected high number, oh, the unexpected high number doesn't mean the majority of adults in the U.S.
have full-blown, oh, 70% of the shot heart disease, it does indicate that many are at risk of developing the condition, even younger people.
Research identified people at high risk using a recently defined syndrome.
Oh, it's recently defined!
It's new!
That takes into account the strong links between heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and kidney disease, according to the research published Wednesday in the Journal of American Medicine.
The American Heart Association alerted doctors in October about the cardiovascular kidney metabolic syndrome, or CKM, a condition which affects major organs of the body, including the brain, heart, liver.
Oh, what's that spike protein do?
CKM is diagnosed in stages regarding from zero, no rest, to factors for heart disease, to four.
They found 90% are at rest.
Isn't that liberal?
But don't worry, they've got a whole new freakout for you going on right now.
Bird flu!
It hasn't gone into humans, but it's all over the news that it's in humans.
Total lie, total fake news.
FDA preparing for possible bird flu spread among humans.
The commissioner says, well he's got a white lab coat on and a nice little red clown bow tie.
Right for the election with 175 days left.
I love this meme.
Remember Mother's Day is for moms, not men in dresses.
And here's one of the big actuaries, great expert who had all these whistleblowers go public.
Since the vaccine's rollout, Edward Dowd, we have 1.1 million excessive Americans dying.
That's Kind of an important clip.
4.0 million, 4 million disabled.
We estimate another 28.6 million injured.
So that's 33 million Americans have been injured, disabled, or died from the poison shot,
former BlackRock fund manager, Edward Dowd.
Kind of an important clip.
We'll get to that next hour with these whistleblowers.
And it just goes on from there.
All right.
I just want to thank the crew for the splendid job they do.
I want to thank all of you for tuning in today and all the work you do.
I want to point out Mother's Day is for mothers, not men in dresses.
And I want to thank you all for joining us.
The second hour is coming up and Chase Geiser will host Sunday Night Live 6 to 8 p.m.
You definitely want to stay tuned for that here tonight.
And there's so much more we're going to be getting to as well coming up.
It's getting crazy.
Germany says they're going to reintroduce conscription for full war with Russia.
That creates total next level clown world.
Another key story that I'm going to hit more tomorrow on the weekday show at 11 a.m.
Racist secession.
Conservatives escape Democrat-run Baton Rouge with creation of new city.
No, that's people getting away from Democrat rule, which a lot of the poor minorities are stuck in.
We feel sorry for them.
There's a lot of folks going to the suburbs, not just white people.
But the idea of you have election fraud, Democrats entrenched, robbing everything.
Only thing you can do is move away from them other than fighting them.
And I say move away.
And then build your own system.
Don't let them get control of voting machines.
And then you can have a free area that you and your family live in.
So we'll be talking more about that coming up.
Second hour straight ahead.
Follow me at RealAlexJones on X and go to DrJonesNaturals.com where so many great products
are there and available and game-changing supplements, all the nano silver products,
next level foundational energy and so much more at DrJonesNaturals.com and InfoWarsTore.com
where nitric boost, so important, it's back in stock.
Nitric boost, 40% off, InfoWarsTore.com.
Thank you.
And in 2008, he said that humans would become infused with nanorobots, which would vastly improve the human body.
If you go out, Even to 2045, that's only four decades from now, most of our intelligence of our human civilization will be non-biological.
We're going to put this inside our bodies and brains.
So we're going to become machines, but not... And if you say that, then people go, well, I don't want to become a machine, because they're thinking of machines As we knew them from the 19th century, which were much lesser than humans, and machines today are still lesser than humans.
I'm talking about a new type of machine that's actually greater, more subtle, more supple, more intelligent, more creative, more beautiful than humans.
In 2010, he interviewed Robert Freitas on the future of nanotechnology, who said that nanorobots could cure aging and death.
Medical nanorobots really have the potential to extend human life more or less indefinitely.
So what's your view about the role of death and do we need death?
Death is something that is an end.
It's an end to life.
It's an end to progress.
It's an end to thoughts.
It's something to be cured.
Aging is a disease.
It's a curable disease.
Nanomedicine is the cure for that disease.
He said that this technology is expected to be deployed by 2020 and that laws will be in place to protect the public from its misuse.
I expect that by the time nanorobots are deployed, which will be sometime perhaps in the 2020s or the 2030s, we will have a whole set of laws in place, regulations.
There will be things you can and cannot do.
The laws were never put in place, but the technology was patented and deployed to billions of people without their knowledge in 2020.
We know this because several independent labs have confirmed the presence of this nanotechnology in the COVID vaccines.
And Bill Gates recently admitted to this as well.
Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap and that's the magic of this thing.
But there's no doubt in the next five years we can, you know, we just need to mess around.
There's a lot of lipid nanoparticles and some are very self-assembly.
Self-assembly and self-replication seem to be the same technology when it comes to nanorobots.
And this was considered to be the greatest danger involved with the use of this technology.
Self-replication causes disease.
Nanorobots are inherently much stronger than biological systems being built of diamondoids.
So if they self-replicate, that disease, quote-unquote, could be even a tougher problem than biological disease.
So, first of all, what's the feasibility of self-replication in the nanotechnology world?
As a general principle, you do not want to put self-replicating nanorobots inside the human body.
I suppose not everybody agrees with me on that, but that is the way I think that we can best guarantee safety.
If the nanorobots are able to replicate inside the human body, that means they're using some component of the human body as food, and we don't want them to be doing that.
In his 1986 book, Engines of Creation, Kim Eric Drexler wrote about what he termed the Grey Goo Scenario, a hypothetical catastrophic event caused by out-of-control, self-replicating nanotechnology which consumes the biomass of the host.
And this is exactly what independent researchers are finding.
It explains the large so-called blood clots being found in the dead.
And it's spreading.
Evidence shows that the vaxxed are shedding this to the unvaxxed.
How do we prevent...
A terrorist or someone who's bent on destruction from creating such a self-replicating system?
There will be some terrorist acts because that's what humans do, unfortunately.
So what we're going to be needing in this era of nanofactories is something equivalent to the fire department.
Hopefully the incidents will be very few, but we will have an emergency regime which is set up to deal with that That type of event.
But the event is worldwide, and there is no agency set up to put out this fire.
Our governments are not even discussing the problem, and the perpetrators are planning a second round of nanobot deployment with another fake pandemic.
If we the people cannot unite and stand together now, then what exactly are we?
There were 42,086 casualties, including 1,223 dead on page seven.
Listen, this is the most lethal and injurious drug ever rolled out.
And if you calculate the injured to kill ratio, it's unprecedented warfare and medicine.
Listen, Gates said in 2010, this is going to be the decade of the vaccine.
This whole The pandemic, if you will, was actually rolled out for political purposes to disrupt the election, number one.
And number two, the ultimate goal was to roll out this highly dangerous mRNA platform.
And this was the way to do it.
By the way, a platform of which was shown to be lethal in animal studies in the last 20 years.
Yeah, that's what I mentioned.
UT, North Carolina, they all knew this.
It was an Obama National Directive with Fauci, so they knew.
So it wasn't tested.
No, it was tested.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
All right, we are living in the middle of a giant mad scientist.
Operation to Discover Immortality.
I played clips of Ray Kurzweil, Aldo Harari in the last few days, where they admit all of this.
But we have professional doctors and scientists and healthcare providers and coders, the air traffic controllers, and we have the morticians down at the ground, we have the pathologists, the coroners.
We have the insurance companies.
It is conclusive that world population is now dropping, particularly in the West.
It is now conclusive that longevity or life expectancy is dropping in the key countries that had the biggest uptake of the mRNA injections.
So we're very honored to have, we have an article about it at InfoWars.com.
OBGYN doctor calls on attorneys to sue institutions that force dangerous COVID vaccine on babies and pregnant women.
And they may have liability protection under the program, but they don't for fraud.
And now they want to indict Bolsonaro for blocking it when he was the president of Brazil.
So Dr. James Thorpe, MD, is a prestigious, respected, certified obstetrician, gynecologist, and maternal fetal medicine physician.
44 years of experience.
He served in the Air Force, and I'm not going to go through his whole bio, it would take an hour.
He's seen over 27,000 high-risk pregnancies in 4.5, the last 4.5 years alone.
And he is a top person testifying in court.
His information is being used in legislatures to expose what's happening.
So we see New England Medical Journal stuff two years ago with just numbers you don't even believe.
Like the first two trimesters, the majority of women having miscarriage.
Is that real?
And then now the numbers are out in Canada and the UK and Europe and here.
It's just, you watch the graph, miscarriage is normally like this.
It just goes off the chart.
I'm not a doctor.
I am not a certified MD obstetrician gynecologist but if I'm standing out on my front porch and I watch a car run a red light and slam into another car and I see bodies fly out of the car and then I see them bleeding to death and then I can tell they just died.
I've seen a few of those wrecks.
I don't need to be a doctor to know and I'm driving on the highway at 80 miles an hour and some guy's racing a Corvette with a Porsche, and the tire blows, and the car blows up, and humans are flying out.
I pulled over to render aid.
They were dead by the time I got to them.
I was like 16 when that happened.
I'm not a doctor.
I could see that just killed them.
You say, well, that's just anecdotal.
Well, we have the statistics.
We have the numbers.
We have the insurance actuaries.
We have the facts.
This is 100% going on.
The question is, How big is it?
How bad is it?
Is it getting better?
Is it getting worse?
What's currently happening?
We have the same UN that did this, coming in with these treaties, all this control.
So Dr. James Thorpe, MD, thank you so much for your time.
You can be found on X at jathorpe.mfp and people put that on screen.
Everybody should visit.
there and the incredible material you have, but you're one of the leading experts,
highly recommended by so many of the other medical doctors and hospital heads and people at the Pentagon I'm talking
to and whistleblowers, they say we should talk to you.
So we appreciate you coming on, doctor.
Alex, thank you so much for having me on.
Again, it's J-A-Thorpe M-F-M, as in Maternal Fetal Medicine, and it's such an honor and a privilege to be on your show.
Thank you for having me.
And again, it's at J-A-Thorpe, T-H-A-O-R-P, J-A-T-H-O-R-P, M-F-M, and that's on screen.
So please, doctor, give us a presentation on what you've witnessed.
Well, it's it's been just an unbelievable, unbelievable traveling through this last four years.
And you know what I saw in 2020 was just completely what I felt like I was in a different world a different galaxy.
I I was told I have, as a maternal fetal medicine specialist and obstetrician, of course, I've been using hydroxychloroquine in pregnancy for 40 years regularly.
In women of reproductive age, we used it frequently for autoimmune disease and of course women of reproductive age are at much greater risk for that disease compared with their male counterparts.
And when they became pregnant, of course, we did not take them off it.
So it was clearly a safe and effective medication during pregnancy.
And it was actually in breastfeeding and in children.
And I knew that.
I had never had a problem with it.
And then what happens?
I'm automatically slandered and told I'm not allowed to prescribe that.
And of course I knew with SARS-CoV-1 that it was very, very effective.
So that's when I knew there was a big problem.
Listen, I'm a disabled veteran.
I practiced by the laws.
I practiced an extensive career.
I've been honored by all of my three major institutions, the American College of OBGYN, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
I was an examiner in the mid-90s.
And my subspecialty society, international, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.
I've received countless awards for teaching and research on the board of directors with these three organizations who I've really respected most of my career.
But they were bought off, Alex, and now I am one of the only maternal fetal medicine doctors that I know and one of the few OBGYN doctors that are aggressively attacking these organizations.
I believe, it's my opinion, Alex, that these are criminal organizations.
And why do I say that?
I say that because they changed their narrative within six months to, well, we won't push this in pregnant women.
Now remember, pregnant women are the most vulnerable population in the world.
These are my patients.
Pregnant women, preborns, and newborns.
We've always had the golden rule of pregnancy.
You never Ever use a novel substance or even drink alcohol or even eat certain foods in pregnancy, let alone use an investigational gene therapy.
So the OBGYN community then over the course of six months, through massive amounts of bribes and paybacks through the Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC, Essentially captured the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Board of OBGYN and SMFM Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine.
And by September of 2021, Alex, they issued September 27, 2021.
And I provided you with that link, a pathetic Fascist, one-page threat to every of the 60,000 OBGYN doctors in North America and several countries in South America, all of the provinces of Canada.
And basically that threat from ABOG Invoke the Federation of State Medical Boards, Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine, the American College of OBGYN.
It was a pathetic, intellectually just egregious statement.
They reference literally nothing more than a grocery market tabloid.
You know, MedPageHealth and some, literally, Lay Magazine and some lay writer who was interviewing people and put out this gross misinformation.
By the way, for folks that don't know what lay means, doctor, that means someone that does, it's like saying the person's not a police officer, they pose as one.
Lay means they know nothing about it.
That's right.
And so they have the audacity.
In fact, one of the links, Alex, goes to the CDC.
You push the link.
And my wife, who's an attorney and my fellow researcher, you push the link and it goes right to a CNN article.
So then I started putting out these logos of these organizations with a hammer and a sickle, a red hammer and sickle, because this is fascism.
Listen, as a military officer, Alex, I took an oath to the Constitution.
So the powers that be, George Wendell, who was a executive director of the American Board of OBGYN, my colleague, my contemporary, he didn't like that and apparently by email threatened me personally.
And so what I did was I put my nose down to the Grindstone.
I wrote them, in contrast to their pathetic one-page letter with no data, I wrote them a letter that you have a link to.
It's on the internet perpetuity forever.
This was dated January 12, 2022, almost 18 months ago.
And I wrote them a 98-page letter, Alex.
And in that letter, I told them my clinical experience as a seasoned I reviewed high-risk, high-volume maternal-fetal medicine specialists.
I reviewed physiology and experts from all over the world and their data.
I reviewed the government's own data through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, extensive graphs.
And if that weren't enough, Alex, I went a little bit further.
I quote, I read 1019 peer-reviewed medical journal articles published just since the rollout, that was only 12 months, documenting severe injury and death after the COVID-19 vaccines.
I submitted that to them.
It was a If I do say so myself, it was an extremely well-written article, and since then...
They couldn't respond.
George Wendell, the rest of the officers of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology knew that I was right.
They knew that they were wrong.
Listen, Alex, we've lived through this.
We lived through the diethylstilbestrol disaster that began in 1938 and went to the 1980s.
We lived through the thalidomide disasters that went, you know, in the late 60s and 70s, and we saw the frightening effects of that.
We should have learned our lesson.
So when my wife, incredible researcher, incredible litigator, For fraud, insurance fraud actually.
We knew that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists had to be captured because there's no way 60,000 OBGYN doctors around in North America and South America would all of a sudden roll over and play stupid and go along with these narratives.
And in fact, you know, Maggie sucked up to some individuals.
Maggie, my attorney wife, at the HHS, we executed a Freedom of Information Act request and we struck gold.
There were over 1,400 pages between a government and an institution that controls 60,000 OBGYN doctors.
And in fact, What ACOG did was accepted millions of dollars, and they were not allowed to deviate from the lethal HHS narrative.
And they had to push that it was safe, effective, and necessary in pregnancy.
And they, in essence, gave up their own independent sovereignty in terms of making their own decisions.
Along with 60,000 OB-GYN docs.
There's the article you have on screen.
And so, in essence, they were bribed.
And then, of course, the American Board of OB-GYN colluded and then threatened statements that they will, we, anybody that misinforms, according to their definition, in other words, questions their data, they get their state licenses removed.
They documented, they linked the Federation of State Medical Boards, and what every physician works for their entire life is accreditation from their board specialties.
They will revoke them.
All right, let's talk about the persecution of the doctors and the nurses, and it's the same in Australia, the same in the US, same here.
It's all UN coding, we know.
We had a whistleblower on yesterday that was a big coder, and I looked it up, it's true since 1945, The U.N.
controls the codes.
They control what you can do, what you can't do.
If a doctor does what he knows is right or she does what she knows is right, they come after you.
But this is the same thing we see in the Congressional 800-page report that came out last week.
Where most of the focus of the censorship was not even election meddling, it was blocking doctors and scientists and blocking peer-reviewed studies that were on X and Facebook and other places.
The federal government saying, take this down.
And so you're talking about the federal government and other groups coming in, you know, to the medical watchdog groups and telling them what was reality when it wasn't and then controlling the narratives.
It was a unified front.
That's absolutely right.
Absolutely right, Alex.
And what they did was, perversely and pervertedly, they invoked and created relationships with private entities, which are highly illegal, by the way, because they took away the First Amendment rights of those six of mine.
And 60,000 OBGYN doctors and threatened them if they spoke the truth.
So any innocent pregnant woman who went in for her first visit in the most important medical visit, the most personal exam room, intimate exam room, you know, discussing everything, the first baby, a pelvic exam, and they were trusting their OBGYN doctor.
But they're OBGYN doctored.
What they didn't disclose to this lady is they were an agent of the state.
They weren't acting independently and giving their patient, Mrs. Smith, honest information.
They had to parrot false Misinformation pushed the vaccine in pregnancy and if they didn't they would be fired from their employer and they may lose their license and they may lose their accreditation.
Alex, this is what happened.
This is how it went down.
Well, doctors, tell the story, but let me just go back for a moment.
I'm not a doctor.
But my dad is a doctor, and I read the news for 30 years on air.
Until four years ago, you never gave a pregnant woman any shot.
Like you said, they don't eat shellfish, they don't eat raw honey.
Suddenly they go, no, it's totally safe.
I saw headlines, it's better for pregnant women.
Pregnant women should take, I saw the headline.
Pregnant women should take double the shot.
I mean, no science, no nothing.
Guys, pull that up.
Pregnant women should take double the COVID shots.
Remember that?
Like all over the news three years ago.
With an experimental shot, and then we'll get into after you finish that, sir, your point.
Now the numbers of the miscarriages, the numbers of women getting sick, the numbers of the babies that are born that have problems that they can't deny.
So you're telling the first part how they suppressed you and others, or tried to, and now the carnage that ensued.
Talk about raping of the Hippocratic Oath of Hippocrates.
Yeah, well, there's really three incontrovertible sources of data.
Come from three separate sources, Alex.
Number one is the mandatory legal 12-week rollout, Pfizer 5.3.6, by every government.
The government mandates every company review the first 12 weeks of adverse events.
And they had that available to them in February 28, 2021.
It was actually 10 weeks of data.
and there was the most colossal injury and kill rate of any other drug in the history of humanity.
On that first 10 weeks, there were 42,086 casualties, including 1,223 dead on page seven.
Listen, this is the most lethal and injurious drug ever rolled out.
And if you calculate the injured to kill ratio, it's unprecedented in warfare and medicine.
The injured to kill ratio of that first 10 weeks was 33.4.
What does that mean, Alex?
That means for every person killed, There's 33.4 times that injured and many of these are severe injuries.
And then on page 12 of that document, it details the outcome of women who were pregnant.
Pregnant women weren't even supposed to be receiving this.
So it was a horrible, catastrophic outcome.
There was an 81% miscarriage.
There was a five-fold increase of fetal death.
There was an eight-fold increase in neonatal deaths.
And there were major breastfeeding complications in those babies whose mothers received the vaccine.
Now, what did the federal government What did Biden do with that?
What did the Chief Executive Director, Chief of Staff, Jeffrey Zients, Vivek Murthy, the Surgeon General, then head of the NIH, Francis Collins, what did they do with that, Alex?
Did they tell the American people what Pfizer's own data showed?
They tried to hide it for 75 years, but it was immediately available from a whistleblower.
And thank God to Aaron Seery and ICANN, the Informed Consent Action Network, 15 months later it was revealed to the public, ironically, Absolutely.
on April Fool's Day, 2022.
So that's the first source of document that will- - Let me back you up, doctor.
Anybody can search engine.
This happened two years ago in the lawsuits against Pfizer.
They asked the court for 75 years to seal it.
If their science is so good, why can't it be public?
Is it science about public?
Absolutely. - Continue.
So the second source of irrefutable data is the government's own database.
And I incorporated that.
That's the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or VAERS.
And listen, the reason why Harvard and many of these captured institutions are poo-pooing that Is you know why Alex?
Because the danger signal is so strong and they do lie and cheat and troddle it because I know experts, including myself, that have reviewed that.
But the danger signal is so damning and so huge... And again, doctor, for folks that aren't doctors, what's a danger signal?
A danger signal.
They use a risk ratio and what they do is this is biased.
The FDA will take a novel vaccine like COVID-19 and compare it to a quote safe and effective vaccine.
So they always compare a vaccine with a vaccine which always favors The new vaccine.
So that's if you have a ratio that is two.
In other words, a twofold increase in the risk of any particular adverse event.
That is a danger signal that exceeds their safety limits.
And listen.
It's egregious in pregnancy.
Now, we published, myself and six other authors, including notable authors, including a PhD statistician, including other clinicians, including military doctors, including Peter McCullough and others.
And we did an open source Another peer-reviewed publication, and we looked at 18 adverse events from your government's data.
This is not Jim Thorpe's data.
This is your government's data.
And what we've found, and that's been published for now well over a year, It's completely open source.
Every single one of those 18 adverse events were so far in excess of the danger signal.
Alex, for example, if you took abnormal menstruation in those who got the COVID-19 vaccine, compared with the influenza vaccine, or all other vaccines, the danger threshold, for example, was hundreds, if not a thousand.
The information is The world is waking up.
Remember this clip from six months ago?
High-level Navy medical officer, Ted Macy, who's also advising the Surgeon General of Florida, brings out a secret Navy report.
A 90-plus percent increase in cardiac arrest.
And then I looked at his full disclosure later.
They had graphs going back to World War II.
It would go up 1%, 2%, down 2%.
It would just, it was flat.
Then the shots start, not COVID in 2020, the shots start, 90 plus percent increase in cardiac arrest.
We're talking with a prestigious doctor, an OGBYN, who can tell you about all that.
But then there's all the cardiologists and all the rest of it, like Dr. Peter McCullough and others.
And now the insurance companies don't deny this.
Now the drug companies don't admit it.
So there's this weird moment.
Where all these people, like the Governor Cuomo and the CNN Cuomo, I mean, I've seen all them out to play the clip today.
They're all coming out saying, sorry, we never made you do it.
The Australian government says, we never made you take it.
So they're backpedaling.
That's the good news is they know they're caught.
The question is, will they be brought to justice?
Here's that clip of the Navy officer who's in the documents and talking about them having to, like, sideline half their pilots because they're having heart attacks.
Here it is.
So you may see my wife's recent post and I want to elaborate on that and give an example as to why reinstatement back pay and apologies isn't enough.
So in July, Undersecretary Cisneros acknowledged the DMAT data, the database working properly and also acknowledged Things such as myocarditis rising 151 percent.
So what I did, I went in today.
I'm doing the same thing, five-year average.
However, I'm comparing it to 2022 and I only am using fixed-wing pilots and helicopter pilots, active duty.
So we get hypertensive disease 36 percent, ischemic heart disease 69 percent, Pulmonary heart disease, 62%.
Heart failure, 973%.
Other forms of heart disease, 63%.
Cardiomyopathy, 152%.
I called that clip, that's another clip of him.
We got in trouble coming out with new numbers.
The old clip, he says 96% is cardiac arrest.
Dr. James Thorpe, MD, what do you make of that?
Well, it's absolutely stunning.
And you know, there's other military whistleblowers and I've looked at all of their obstetrical data.
Uh, very close friends of mine.
I'm former military.
I'm not at liberty right now to disclose it.
It's going to Senator Ron Johnson, but I can attest and vouch for the veracity of those numbers and also the horrible numbers that my dear friend, a lieutenant colonel physician, has on the obstetrical data.
I want to go back.
Can I interrupt you?
You only got the second point.
Start over.
So there's three irrefutable data sources that document it's a bloody disaster.
It makes DES and thalidomide look like prenatal vitamins.
So the first was Pfizer's own data.
The second is the government's own data.
Published in a peer-reviewed journal article in the Journal of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, authored by seven prominent authors.
I was lead author, Claire Rogers, Stuart Tankersley, others, and Peter McCullough.
And that is published.
And then the third irrefutable article is from Pfizer's Phase 2, Phase 3 data that they tried to sneak out Just in July of 2020, they tried to hide it, obfuscate it.
And it is stunning.
It is absolutely scary.
And this is why I am so angry.
And I'm calling for aggressive Plaintiffs' attorneys to come and litigate against obstetricians, hospitals and these organizations.
Because you know what?
This is going to make the tobacco litigation in the 90s look like chump change.
Listen, SSM Health Hospital Systems, almost a $10 billion system, fired me last summer.
They fired me because I was on high-profile interviews speaking the truth, because I published extensively on this, and I fed them all the data, which they categorically ignored.
The CEO, Kevin Elledge, calls me up in the presence of my attorney wife, And called me a model physician for the system.
I was the most senior, the most extensively published, and saw by far and away more patients.
Mr. Kevin Elledge said, Dr. Thorpe, you know, after praising me for 30 minutes, we have to fire you.
But we're firing you for no cause.
Kevin Elledge and SSM Health tried to bribe me with $100,000.
No, I won't take the money.
agreement, an MDA separation agreement. I said, Mr. Elledge, you're having financial
problems. That's why you're letting me go. No, I won't take the money. And by the way,
by my no cost contract, I had another 120 days of work and pay. And he became adamantly
more aggressive that you need to take the money.
I didn't would not take the money and within seven minutes of that phone call.
He fired me immediately, which is unprecedented, which implies that I was a horrible person.
My colleagues all got the email.
They're shot.
He had to fire me because they took 307 million dollars.
So This is what's going on.
Maggie Thorpe, JD, also MACP, my beautiful wife, we're a We're a team that are a thorn in the side for truth, for these bastards that are killing and injuring pregnant women and taking money to do so.
That's right, you're following your oath.
People that don't know, the Oath of Hippocrates, I read a lot of colleges don't even give it now, a lot of the medical schools.
Explain what do no harm means.
Yeah, what that means is you are not allowed to break the agreement as your patient, as your primary concern.
And that's what every single one of the... I mean, you don't take money and use them as a guinea pig!
That's exactly right.
So they fired me.
And that's fine.
But I will not let go of this because the third source of data that is irrefutable is Pfizer's own Phase 2, Phase 3 clinical data on pregnant women, Alex.
And they finished it in 2022.
They released it in 2023.
And Alex, I need to tell you that this is absolutely a smoking gun.
The study, of course, they try to cheat.
They try to lie.
They try to hide it.
There was no press on this.
They snuck it out last July, nine months ago.
And what did it say?
They said that the women who were pregnant in the vaccine group compared with the placebo group, allegedly randomized double-blinded, found the following eight very concerning findings.
The pregnant women that took the vaccine had a 100% increase in depressed babies, that is babies with low AFGAR scores.
Number two, there was a significant increase in a potentially lethal A complication called meconium aspiration.
Number three, jaundice.
Newborn jaundice was increased by 80%.
Congenital birth defects, congenital malformations were increased, Alex, by 80%.
A specific cardiac defect called atrial septal defect, a hole in the heart, was increased by 220%.
The small babies that were starving in the womb and couldn't grow because of the severe adverse effects of the placenta were dramatically increased.
A skin deformity called congenital nevus or hemangioma was increased 200% and here's the worst.
Birth defects associated with a developmental delay at six months of life were increased 4.1 fold.
310 percent.
Now, Alex, I want to ask you, I want to ask you, there is no person in their right mind that has one brain cell who would consent, if they were told Pfizer's own information, they would never have taken this vaccine.
And you, I'm calling on my obstetrician colleagues, you know, you were due You were threatened.
Your First Amendment rights were violated.
You need to stand up and speak the truth or these aggressive plaintiff's attorneys are going to come after you.
And I'm going to help them because I've tried everything I can.
To try to speak truth to the system, and they've ignored me, they've censored me, they have deplatformed me, they've fired me.
I've been persecuted.
I have nothing to gain except speaking the truth.
Well, doctor, let me just talk to you, because it's all come out in the documents.
You've been vindicated, and you're only about facts, but just looking at what they've done, We know they did test with mRNA with SARS on rats at UT in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
They knew what it was going to do.
What was the goal?
Roll it out, corrupt the medical system, get them to be part of the cover-up of the crime?
That's not working.
I mean, depopulation?
The people doing this want depopulation?
I mean, speculating as a citizen, as a veteran, what is the endgame of this?
Because clearly they knew what it was going to do.
They were ready to cover it up before it even happened.
I mean, they were on the spot.
What is this?
This was a fait accompli.
This was started in 2010.
All you have to do is go back and read multiple books showing patents, showing publications, pharmaceutical publications and patents back to 2010.
Listen, Gates said in 2010, this is going to be the decade of the vaccine.
This whole The whole pandemic, if you will, was actually rolled out for political purposes to disrupt the election, number one.
And number two, the ultimate goal was to roll out this highly dangerous mRNA platform.
And this was the way to do it.
By the way, a platform of which was shown to be lethal in animal studies in the last 20 years.
Yeah, that's what I mentioned.
UT, North Carolina, they all knew this.
It was an Obama National Directive with Fauci.
So they knew.
So that way it wasn't tested.
No, it was tested.
So they knew what it was going to do.
What is the plan?
To take down a civilization?
Well, I mean, I can only speculate, but I think it's as clear as you're looking at my nose, and I got a big one, is that there was a depopulation agenda.
You know, just go back 50 years, you know, look at what their goal is, okay?
God wrote 10 commandments on stone and gave it to Moses on Sinai.
Satan, through the World Economic Forum and the globalists, also wrote Ten Commandments.
But on a much grander scale, the Georgia Guidestones, there were Ten Commandments written in stone.
And what the Ten Commandments, the first one was what?
Reduce the global population to how many?
How many?
Oh my gosh!
You know, we're looking at 500 million people.
Reduce the global population to 500 million people.
That was written in stone.
That's what Satan does.
Satan tries to mimic God.
So he wrote his Ten Commandments and put them in Georgia Guide.
He's a counterfeit.
You're dead on, Doctor.
He's a counterfeit.
That's right.
Now, you know, the more dangerous thing that they've done is they've captured all the medical journals, you know, and they're involved with it.
Like, for example, there's now about Dr. Peter McCall.
I'm here in South Florida with Dr. Peter McCall, our postman.
Dr. Drew Pinsky, a close friend.
Dr. Kelly Victory, a close friend.
Dr. Harvey Reese, a close friend.
With extensive in-depth communications meetings with the wellness company.
So, you know, Peter McCall and I were talking just recently and, you know, we said, you know, it's unbelievable.
You take those three irrefutable sources that I documented showing death and destruction and pregnancy.
And by the way, all three of those studies that I cited are highly biased.
For the Pfizer, because it was Pfizer's data, and for the government, because it was government data.
And by the way, our peer-reviewed publications are all open source.
Anybody in the world can replicate what we did, and nobody has refuted it over the last 15 months.
They can't!
They can't.
In contrast, there's about 31, maybe 32 articles that are published in the peer-reviewed, corrupted, captured medical journals, and they're not open source, okay?
They are performed in institutions that are highly biased.
You know, you're looking at like institutions that have received hundreds of millions of dollars from the NIH, They are closed.
They are all performed by physicians that have been heavily vaccinated.
They're all published through departments, which, by the way, as Dr. Peter McCullough pointed out as a previous chairman, you know, a previous chairman, any chairman of a department will not allow a publication to go forward out of that department when it violates the department's Protocol.
So, of course, and the data are manipulated.
They switch out vaccinated versus unvaccinated willy-nilly.
They've been caught with their pants down.
They admit that they would change what was in the shot.
That's right.
So, you know, the fact of the matter is the whole system is a house of cards that have collapsed, you know.
This Shimabukuro, and I attack him egregiously and aggressively because he's responsible for killing and injuring millions of pregnant women, preborns and newborns globally because he had an article that was, by the way, you quoted the infamous Eric Rubin.
The captured New England Journal of Medicine editor-in-chief before I got on.
You know the famous statement, well we don't know how safe it is in kids, we just have to roll it out and figure out what happened.
That's what he said.
That's not science, okay?
But Eric Rubin, the New England Journal of Medicine, then teams up with With Shimabukuro, Tommy Shimabukuro, and 20 other authors that are all employed by the federal government.
Tommy Shimabukuro himself is on multiple vaccine safety committees, Alex, in the CDC and HHS.
Wasn't he on the FDA board?
Like the third one they got?
In fact, since you mentioned it, here's the clip.
And I have Bill Gates, I have them all saying, we don't know what this will do.
I played the clip like 20 times last week, I'm not going to play it again.
Gates is like, we're just going to mess around and see what this does.
And then I've got all these other key people saying, we don't know what it'll do.
As they, when they're in like their own little board meetings for the public, they say, oh, it's all tested.
It's fine.
Here is one of the FDA board members that got all this approved for children saying, we don't know what it'll do until we give it to them.
We're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
We're never going to learn what the vaccine does.
He's a criminal.
He's a criminal.
He needs to be prosecuted in criminal courts and punished to the full extent of the law.
And so does Shima Bakoro.
And so does Dr. Mehra, the cardiologist from Harvard.
And so do all these other physicians.
So does Francis Collins.
So does Vivek Murthy.
So does the executive chief of staff of the White House, Jeffrey Zients.
These people are responsible.
Listen, as of last September, Alex, okay, and I can corroborate this, there have been 585 million global citizens that have been killed or injured.
And that data is directly from Dr. Denis Rancourt and from my analytics of Pfizer's own data
with an injured to kill ratio of 33.4.
So for every death multiply times.
Let me give you an idea, okay?
I'm a veteran.
I know my military history.
Do you know how many people were killed dropping the atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
A few hundred thousand.
There were 94,000 injured and 105,000 killed, okay?
The injured to kill ratio was 0.9.
And you take every war since then, the injured to kill ratio might be up to 4.5.
So this is worse than atomic weapons?
Yeah, it makes the atomic weapons look like child's play.
And if you take thalidomide, you know, thalidomide... People don't know that was a sedative they gave women that made the babies have short legs and short arms.
Yeah, actually created by a Nazi Germany pharmaceutical company, right?
And they marketed and thank God for Francis Oldham Kelsey, who was the one honest FDA She was actually Canadian and she blocked it.
She knew there was no data and President Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, gave her the highest Medal of Honor for a civilian for protecting the American people.
Now, American people were still injured because these corrupt pharmaceutical industries would go distribute it all over the country and give it to their patients before it was FDA approved.
But it was never FDA approved in the United States of America.
It injured 20,000 and killed about 80,000.
Injured to kill ratio of 0.25.
33.4 is the injured to kill ratio of the COVID-19 vaccine, not according to Jim Thorpe, according to Pfizer's own legally mandated post-market data.
Let's just pull back here because all the numbers are out now.
You're right.
Nobody can dispute that.
They thought they'd get away with it and test killing us for depopulation for whatever reason that I talk about, that Elon Musk talks about.
What are they going to do now that it's all coming out?
Because there's so many prominent scientists and doctors like yourself that are so prestigious.
What do you think they're going to do?
I think they're going to have a new pandemic.
How do you kill a story with a new story?
Well, listen, Alex, the American people aren't that stupid.
They're not vocal.
I wish more of my colleagues would be more vocal and grow some balls and stand up for the truth and honor their Hippocratic oath.
I hope they do that.
Please do it.
Dr. OBGYN, you're going to be my hero if you do that.
I'm going to honor you if you do that.
It's time to do this.
You've been duped.
Now, I want the aggressive plaintiff's attorneys that went down and destroyed the tobacco industry, I want them to look forward and to look out.
All of you prominent, wealthy attorney's firms, Listen, they call these cases, and I don't want to, you know, they call, they have acronyms for them.
They call them dead baby cases or bad baby, damaged baby cases.
That has some negative connotations, but that's how it turns out.
You know, a damaged baby case could be $200 million, $300 million, and they're brewing out there now.
They're brewing out there now.
SSM Health may have one.
And listen, I mean to tell you, attorneys, when you have a client come to you with an adverse pregnancy reaction, the first thing you do, you ask them, did you get the COVID-19 vaccine?
Whether they got it three years before the pregnancy, two years during the pregnancy.
By the way, doctor, there was a meme that came out two weeks ago, the congressional 800-page report on censorship.
And the main thing they wanted censored was a meme That showed Leonardo DiCaprio where he points the TV with a beer in his hand and he says, soon you'll be seeing ads saying, did you take the COVID shot?
Were you damaged?
I mean, that's where this is going.
That's where I want it to go.
I want it to go.
Listen, Maggie and I publish, we publish extensively.
She's a brilliant attorney.
Okay, she's taken down large corruption in the bad faith insurance industry.
Maggie and I have published probably 16 medical legal briefs published on America Out Loud News.
Look them up.
The last one of the, in December, we published a brief.
Okay, we documented that the federal government paid allocated $186+ billion dollars,
billion with a B, buying out over 420,000 hospital systems
around the country.
They're all bought.
They all signed a similar cooperative care agreement that they promised to follow the directives, the lethal directives of HHS.
And if they didn't, they'd have to pay the money back.
That's why SSM Health had to fire me.
So that's why they're using the medical system we trust to come after us with the tyranny, the lockdowns, the FEMA camps, the COVID camps, all of it, and they're now in a world treaty.
They're making their move.
Stay there, doctor.
We got a break.
I want to come back and do a few more minutes with you.
Please join us again.
Dr. Jim Thorpe is our guest.
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Any other key points you want to make?
We'll invite him back soon.
But this is where we are.
And so many times the corruption will come through medical tyranny.
That's where we are now.
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