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Name: 20240511_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: May 11, 2024
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Here's the progression.
Bondage to spiritual faith, spiritual faith to great courage, courage to liberty, liberty to abundance, abundance to selfishness, where you just start collecting things for you and you stop giving it away, and then selfishness to apathy.
Once your wallets get really thick and fat and you're just kind of smooth sailing through life, you get apathetic.
What happens when you get apathetic?
You stop caring.
You stop voting.
You stop listening to the things that are important because Your wallets are fat.
You're stagnant.
And then that apathy, though, when a period of apathy, you go back into dependence because you stopped caring and people got voted in that shouldn't have been voted in.
And then that dependence leads back into bondage.
And so in this cycle, where would you say that America is?
I mean, going into bondage.
We're in dependence back into bondage.
We're at the last stage.
So we go back into bondage.
I think central bank digital currency is the financial form of bondage.
You're going to have political bondage.
You're going to have all of these things that you can't do this.
You can't travel.
We already saw the test of that with with COVID.
You know, and everything that Dr. Judy was talking about before me on the show, and it's like... Oh, Davos admits, and they were at Davos, the WF last week, saying, we use COVID as training wheels for the COVID lockdowns and total control, and Germany's going to ban cars on the weekend this summer, now!
I mean, it's all going down, folks!
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
All right, I had a two and a half hour meeting with our next guest last night over some delicious
Mexican food and when he makes a lot of these predictions, it's kind of what with me,
I'm saying it's not a prediction, I have the intel, I have the sources, they're not
really predictions, but he, there's a lot of reasons he can't tell you everything,
I'm gonna leave it at that, okay.
But Dr. Kirk Elliott is We're here to talk about finances, the government, the economy, the world.
But he's a big fish in all this.
He doesn't toot his horn for a lot of reasons.
But he was giving me intel last night and then obviously we were arguing whether he should even release this information because, let's just be completely honest, they'll come after him.
But they also know this is coming out, so in a way we've got to.
So whether it's today or whether it's in a month or whatever, there's big stuff happening.
There is.
I think we're on the precipice, Alex, of kind of like tectonic changes in the economy.
As banks continue to fail, as what we've talked about numerous times, this movement toward central bank digital currency, you've got people who are For a good reason, wanting to go into tangible assets like gold and silver.
And there's a whole separate, the whole supply chain being attacked and robbed.
Yes, absolutely.
And some of the numbers we're going to go over today will absolutely blow your mind.
I mean, folks, crime is on purpose as they defund the police and will prosecute in over a thousand jurisdictions.
It is bunker town.
It is, and so as this move towards people seeking truth, wanting something that's real, wanting something that's tangible, losing faith and confidence in the system, the system being the government, the system being banks, everything that we've held true and stable since, I don't know, the 1940s, you know, when The dollar became the world's reserve currency.
I think all of that is about to change.
And as gold and silver continue to move up in value, I think, Alex, you say I make predictions, you make predictions, but really it's based on just reality and what we see.
The dominoes are already falling.
It's not a prediction that if dominoes are falling, the next domino is going to fall.
It's a fact.
It's a fact.
Or like if you threw a punch at me, I mean, there's no doubt that if it's going to land, it's going to hurt.
I mean, the punch is thrown.
So who is at risk when Precious Metals goes up?
I think it's the big brokerage houses.
It's the big banks.
It's an attack against paper money.
It's an attack against stocks, bonds, mutual funds, all of that.
So here's where I think we're probably headed in the near to medium future.
And you predicted six months ago That would start regional bank failures in March and April, and now it's begun.
But it's barely getting any attention.
Notice what happened a few years ago was huge.
Now the fact that it's so quiet, crickets, woo!
Yeah, I mean, the bank that failed in Philly, Republic First Bank, just two weeks ago, there was $3.3 billion that evaporated that wasn't insured.
Why isn't that getting news?
I mean, that's a big bank.
People didn't get their money.
They didn't get their money because FDIC covered $667 million.
That's everybody that has zero to $250,000 in their banks.
But that bank had $4 billion in deposits.
So I'm just doing simple math.
It's like, OK, what's $4 billion minus $667 million?
That's $3.3 billion.
Where did it go?
It's just gone, Alex.
So as people start to lose faith and confidence in the system, they are going into precious metals.
This is an attack against the monetary system as we know it, banking as we know it, hedge funds, all of that.
And so here's what I think is coming.
Regulators around the country are going to start attacking the precious metals industry and attacking specifically those companies that target seniors that overcharge for their metals.
because they want to try to pretend to protect people.
But I think that safety is of utmost concern.
So when you invest in precious metals, you should always go into something that has a market,
a built-in market, which would be bullion.
It's used for manufacturing.
It's Sony, Samsung, Tesla, LG, the defense industry, which we're gonna go over today.
There are massive demand there.
It's a built-in market, which is easy, but a lot of times you get overpriced stuff that goes into the hands of people and you get shady sales techniques.
You know, overcharge, but those firms have to make a market for that.
So when you own them and you say, OK, it's time for me to sell and they go back and say, OK, we have to call some other unsuspecting clients and say, hey, we've got a deal for you.
We've got this inventory that just came in, but it's going to be gone pretty short order.
Those kind of tactics, I think, are going to be clamped down on and ultimately Those people have delivery of those things at home, Alex, and so what else I see coming is like, I don't know how else to say it, but like criminal crime syndicates almost, where they know what's being shipped.
They know who's getting what, because there's probably going to be people on the inside of big shippers around the country, and there's going to be outright theft.
So I think you're going to see... Okay, well you're going there now, and I already knew about this from other sources.
It's not probably gonna, it's going on.
So again, it's not like you just started saying this.
I've been in gold and silver for 30 years, or 28 since I got sponsors.
I have, this is key folks, this is about me jumping in to make a point because I'm smart.
I've had a gold or silver sponsor for 10 years because I could not find one that was moral and good and wasn't going to sell people collectible stuff that they're going to have a big trouble getting if they're overcharged on.
So all the companies that came to me, and a few of them I signed deals with, and then they would immediately break the deal.
That's why we'd have a gold sponsor for a week and be gone, because I would call and check myself and say, I want silver and gold bullion.
And they would say, oh, well, that's great, but we actually need this shipwrecked gold and this thing over here is the best thing ever.
The point is the system is going to use that with regulators, they already are behind the scenes, to go after those groups to then try to roll the whole thing up.
So people ask you when you're on about a couple weeks ago, will they do like 1933 gold confiscation?
Well, no, that was the main currency then.
And so they made you turn your gold in for the paper.
That's totally different.
When you've got like a point and a half or maybe two percent owning gold and silver, they admit they're not gonna try to get the physical stuff from you, they're gonna try to destroy the market before people figure it out and go into it, and they're gonna use the unscrupulous sharks out there because the people don't have knowledge, they perish for lack of knowledge.
And then that will expose and hurt the good dealers like yourself.
So what you're telling people is you better get into gold and silver while you still can because when the hyperinflation goes really crazy, I believe, then there's going to be a run on it.
They're going to try to discredit that because gold and silver discredits their whole fractional reserve banking system.
A hundred percent.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
And so as years, decades ago, Alex, when, when I was actually envisioning how my firm was going to look, you know, I think I saw this coming even, even back then, which is... It's 25, 30 years ago.
You were already a top broker at a big company.
Yeah, yeah, I mean I've been doing this for a really long time, but here's where I try to connect the dots like you do, and it's like, okay, what is it that people are always going to need?
They're going to need stability, they're going to need value, and I would encourage everybody to start redefining how you measure your wealth.
Don't measure it in terms of paper dollars, because that erodes with inflation and everything that we're seeing.
Start measuring your wealth in terms of how many ounces of tangible assets do you control.
And is it in your backyard?
I mean, do you put your fingers on it?
Because digital ain't jack crap now and it's going to be nothing in the future.
Yeah, it is going to be nothing.
And if you have something that's digital, they're going to know.
Everything about you.
They're going to know your spending habits.
They're going to know your pattern.
Your preferences.
All of that, Alex.
And if it's digital, I don't care what people say about privacy.
With the flip of a switch, they can cut you off.
For example, look at the people in Russia who had Bitcoin, for example, and they had their Bitcoin owned through Coinbase.
Well, when Russia-Ukraine conflict started, Coinbase basically determined the IP addresses of those in Russia and said, okay, you're not going to be able to access your funds.
They cut off an entire people group because of... Including people that had Russian surnames who were even citizens in the West, in cases.
Well, it's just bonkers!
And so here, say, okay, well that's okay, we're at war with Russia and Putin's evil and whatever people think, but take it one step further.
What if you're a Christian and they don't like it?
What if you're a conservative and non-globalist and they don't like that position?
That's the Social Credits Court!
That should have been a plan!
That is the plan.
In their own words, that's the plan.
It's like they say, we're not predicting, we're telling you what's already happening.
And I hate to take the thunder away from us, but you do that too.
It's true.
It's not Dr. Kirk Elliott or Alex Jones.
This is already happening.
We're not making predictions.
We're connecting dots and showing where this trend is headed if we don't do something about it.
So look at crypto and gold or precious metals as a whole.
To me, they're very similar in philosophy and why people would invest in them.
So why do people invest in cryptocurrency?
Number one, they think it's private and number two, they want high growth.
You know, decentralized blockchain, it technically is very private and they want growth.
Why do people invest in gold and silver?
Because it's a private transaction and because there's growth behind it.
So philosophically, both of those two are very, very similar.
They're dissimilar in the sense of one is digital, one is tangible.
If it's digital, it can be tracked, it can be shut off.
If you own a tangible asset, then that's the ultimate in safety.
So as I compare the two assets...
Make your point about it, then I'll make my point.
Yeah, so if you look at the fundamentals behind crypto and gold and silver, I think the foundational pillars of why people want them, the philosophy behind it, is exactly the same.
Now, what's different is safety and asset preservation and having something in a worst-case scenario that you can use to barter with, for example.
Have something that's not digital, that can't be tracked, that you own, that you can take with you.
What if there's, you know, let's take a worst case scenario.
We're seeing solar flares right now, right?
What if the power grid goes out?
What if there's communication disruption and you can't access... By the way, a bunch of satellites did go out.
That did happen.
Yeah, I mean, those kind of things are, who knows why all this is happening?
I mean, God knows.
But what about an EMP blast?
What about anything?
Anything digital that you have?
Sure, gold and silver to me is like family you can trust, a relationship with God, a garden, some canned foods, and gold and silver.
And again, I don't like the fight between crypto and precious metals.
To me, it's another space you need to cover.
I think gold and silver is more important.
Because it is tangible, and possession is nine-tenths of the law, and you've got to hold it.
And I'm all for new systems to communicate, and Bitcoin.
I'm not for the central bank digital currencies and their own systems, but the attacks by the Bitcoin people against gold and silver is just stupid.
And I can tell you behind the scenes, the folks that are in that are buying gold and silver.
So, I mean, it's really just a box people need to check.
And people say, well, how are you going to take a piece of silver or gold into a grocery store?
No, when they're devaluing the currency and everyone wants gold and silver, you can cash it in at that point for whatever inflation is, and gold will meet that or silver will surpass that.
So it's only a way to basically insure, in my view.
I don't even see it as an investment, though it is a good one overall.
I see it as just another emergency hedge.
People recognize gold and silver.
It's an insurance policy against a collapsing currency, against an inflated currency, against everything.
To me, gold, Alex, is the perfect barometer of people distrusting the government.
So, for example, you look back to the Reagan years.
What happened during the Reagan years?
Interest rates came down, jobs were created, taxes came down, the Cold War was over, the Berlin Wall came down.
Remember, Newt Gingrich had this contract with America and Democrats and Republicans were actually talking and cutting deals together.
It was like a fat and happy time for America.
So therefore...
What did gold do during that, really, 20 years?
From 1982 until about 2002, it went from $250 an ounce to $258.
It went up $8 in 20 years.
That's nothing, but everything else was smooth sailing in America.
It was almost like a renaissance for America.
It was so good.
But now, we can't say that the same is true right now.
Everything is falling apart.
We've got the opposite.
And now we've got something even worse, which we didn't have back then.
We haven't had this actually ever.
And that is the BRICS nations, Alex, are taking over global monetary dominance.
They've dismantled the petrodollar.
And so now there's really no international demand for the U.S.
And therefore, every dollar that we print is going to cause inflation because there's no capital inflow
coming into our economy to offset the spending, to offset raising the debt ceiling,
to offset all the entitlements, social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare,
infrastructure, and we're now in a wartime economy. Martin Armstrong, an amazing forecaster, he does
social forecasting, political, economic, all of that.
He now says that we're in a wartime economy and these things don't end any time real soon.
And so when you're in a wartime economy, people start to act out of fear, people start to make different decisions, and this is where I look at these trends as well and What is going to happen when central bank digital currency comes and hits the mainstream, which is probably going to happen, Alex, as soon as September of this year, because the United Nations is meeting at their UN pact for the future.
Oh, the EU said last year it's coming out this year.
Yeah, and so I would say just because they're announcing that they're ready, World Economic Forum has said that 98% of the world is actually ready for central bank digital currency, doesn't mean that on day one all of these countries are going to be implementing it.
Well, I played the clip from Davos last week.
The central banker said, we're not going to call it CBDC, we're just rolling it out.
They're taking the CBD part, the central bank digital part out of it and just calling it currency to make it mainstream so there's going to be broader acceptance.
But that announcement is going to be made in September with the UN and their meeting in China.
But probably within 12 months after that, you should see, I would say, almost full adoption of central bank digital.
And won't they need a crisis?
They've said this themselves to get this through.
I mean, every time you have a public policy change in things, a change in the economy, a change in currency, you have to take either incremental steps for people to accept it, or something that's massive.
Just in your face, things change, and people out of fear say, please.
A cyber attack, a new virus, a bigger war, burning down the country.
The Democrats said they were going to do that if Trump was re-elected.
We're 170-something days out, folks.
Yeah, or bank failure.
I mean, all of those things could add into that.
Oh, bank failure, you're right.
That's the big one.
You're betting on that.
I'm betting on that, and I think, well, I wish it wouldn't happen.
No, no, no, but I mean, you're betting.
But yeah, I'm guessing that that is going to happen.
We're going to see a lot of bank failures this year.
I think the Republic First Bank in Philly was the first one, and there's going to be many more that follow.
So what's going to happen, Alex?
The governments, the central banks of this world, in combination with the governments, are going to start demonizing all other decentralized blockchain cryptocurrencies because they are private, but they're going to want something that's centralized, that's not private.
Sure, so they're going to go after Bitcoin, they're going to go after gold and silver, everything.
But the difference is they're going to go after the people supplying it, they're going to cut it off at the head, they're not going to try to confiscate it because it's only 2% or less.
Yeah, if I were an evil politician, I wouldn't waste any time on trying to confiscate something that only 0.9% of the population owns like silver, or 2% of the population owns gold.
I mean, Alex, if you were an evil politician, I would go after the masses.
Oh, we're shutting down these corrupt people.
They'll use a few bad apples to do it.
Yeah, they'll do that to change how it's defined, to change what's legal and what's not legal.
But they're going to go after the masses.
If they want money because they're running out, I would go after the 98% of the population that has brokerage accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, where it's low-lying.
And that's called a bail-in.
That's a bail-in and they've already legislated that Dodd-Frank bill under Obama.
They've already legislated bail-in.
This is not a dystopian future.
This is not something that we're predicting.
It's already here right now.
All they need is the appropriate crisis, the government running out of money where they can institute a bail-in.
So that is coming.
Here's where I think we've got, we're on the precipice of a global tectonic shift in philosophy, in how our economy is run, how our government is run, and so there was a a Scottish historian from the late 1700s named Alexander Tytler.
So I'm gonna go over what his cycle of democracy, now for everybody watching,
you know, I'm not saying that we're in a democracy, we have a republic, it's different,
but listen to this trend.
Yeah, we're a limited democracy.
Yes, it's, the trend is gonna hold very true.
And as we go through these steps, you're going to see how how this plays out.
So again, Alexander Titler, Scottish historian from the late 1700s, he said.
A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government.
It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.
From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.
So, as we're thinking about this, it's like, Dang, that's actually true.
We're voting for people who are going to promise the most things, whether it's free healthcare, free this, whatever.
People vote for politicians that give them stuff.
So, the average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.
That's the average.
So, when did we start as a nation? 1776.
1876, 1976, so you're looking at 250 years into this experiment called America.
And there's a fourth turning happening.
Fourth turning?
I mean, Neil Howe's book was incredible.
It's all these mega trends are coming together now.
All of them.
It's like the convergence of a perfect storm.
So listen to this cycle, though.
It's a mega realignment.
And they know it is so that we're trying to make it a better future, they're trying to twist it when it's all liquid.
They describe it, the historians do, different ways, but it's like it's hard for 60, 70, 80, 90 years, and then a liquification happens for maybe 4, 5, 10 years.
But now everything's accelerated so maybe it's six months.
As Lenin said, there are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen.
I mean, how true is that statement?
With technology, everything is advancing.
Knowledge is doubling at a very rapid clip.
So, the cycle of democracy, the nations progress through a sequence.
And let's use America as the example here, because I think it'll give a great understanding to this.
We go from bondage to spiritual faith.
From spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to apathy, and from apathy to dependence, and then dependence back into bondage.
So, let's play these out in our Nation so how did how did we become a nation?
You know our our Ancestors came from Europe and they were looking for what they were looking for religious freedom.
That's why they left They didn't like that oppression.
So from bondage to spiritual faith that spiritual faith led to great courage we fought the Revolutionary War and we won and that gave us Liberty and And then that liberty led to abundance.
People started working.
They could work in the fields.
We started industry and people worked for a living and that created abundance.
They weren't feudal slaves anymore that were working on somebody else's land and could never get out of it.
They were actually free for the first time.
Yeah, they didn't have to give everything they had back to the government.
And this was why America was so great, because it gave us financial freedom.
And now they could buy things, and buy land, and open a restaurant, or write a book.
Now you had time to do something.
See, all of these freedoms that came when America started, what the founding fathers envisioned for us, personal freedoms, and political freedoms, and religious freedoms, and health freedoms, and all of that, And that's why the globals are attacking the American system because they're selling total tyranny, eat the bugs.
They've got to discredit this system because people can't have something else to aspire to.
So view this human nature.
This is just human nature.
When you start to have abundance, you start to get selfish.
And it's like, mine, mine, mine, mine.
I want to accumulate this.
Greed just starts to set.
Decadence is setting in.
Start over at the beginning.
I'm interrupting.
Start over at the beginning again.
Because again, there's a shorter version of this.
Hard times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make hard times.
Yeah, that's a good paraphrase.
So, here's the progression.
Bondage to spiritual faith.
Spiritual faith to great courage.
Courage to liberty.
Liberty to abundance.
Abundance to selfishness, where you just start collecting things for you and you stop giving it away.
And then selfishness to apathy.
Once your wallets get really thick and fat and you're just kind of smooth sailing through life, you get apathetic.
What happens when you get apathetic?
You stop caring.
You stop voting.
You stop listening to the things that are important because Your wallets are fat.
You're stagnant.
And then that apathy though, when in a period of apathy, you go back into dependence because you stopped caring and people got voted in that shouldn't have been voted in.
And then that dependence leads back into bondage.
And so in this cycle, where would you say that America is?
Going into bondage.
We're in dependence back into bondage.
We're at the last stage.
So we go back into bondage.
I think central bank digital currency is the financial form of bondage.
You're going to have political bondage.
You're going to have all of these things that you can't do this.
You can't travel.
We already saw the test of that with with COVID.
You know, and everything that Dr. Judy was talking about before me on the show, and it's like... Oh, Davos admits, and they were at Davos WF last week saying, we use COVID as training wheels for the COVID lockdowns and total control, and Germany's going to ban cars on the weekend this summer, now!
I mean, it's all going down, folks!
Right in front of us.
And so you've got all these freedoms that are eroding, the political freedoms, our financial freedoms, our economic freedoms, our personal freedoms.
And to me, the banking system, our ability to buy or sell when we want to, is the ultimate form of bondage in a financial form.
And that's why I think we're right at the end of this cycle.
And so what comes next?
So, Alex, If you go back to, you're a historian like I am, if you go back to 1776, what caused the Revolutionary War?
What caused it?
It was religious freedom.
America was founded on a pro-God, pro-family movement.
They wanted their freedoms.
So same year, 1776, was also the French Revolution.
The French Revolution, the peasants rose up and they wanted money to, you know, they wanted the government to take care of them.
And that revolution, they won.
And France to this day is still a socialist nation.
Because it was communist, it wasn't our version.
It was a completely different version.
They didn't have the Constitution, we had the leaders.
Yeah, so I see us right now, this paradigm shifting moment, this time in history where it's like the tale of two revolutions and which one is going to win.
Are we going to have another American-style revolution?
Are we going to have a French-style revolution?
And that's what Soros wants, is an off-of-their-heads, unending purge that goes on forever for our system, a whole new system of the Republic where everybody's rights are protected.
And who gets to decide what's going on?
You know, enough people wake up, enough people start smelling what's happening.
But what you said is key.
We're in a revolution whether you like it or not.
It's who's going to win it.
We're already in the Civil War, but it's not the people fighting over black versus white they want it to be, it's us versus the globalists.
Start over.
Yeah, and I think as we look at this...
This is why you do what you do, this is why I do what I do economically, is to bring freedoms to express this message of, yeah, you think you might want the government to take care of you, you think you might want them to give you money, but when they do that, you become a slave to them, you become in bondage to them, and if they can cut you off from buying or selling based on your ideology, this becomes, we're marching down the road... That's mind control!
That's the ultimate!
It is the ultimate mind control.
It's a mark of the beast.
You're a theologian too.
Yeah, and I think...
So, during times in history, you know, that the Christian churches thought, oh my word, the mark of the beast is coming.
By the way, you're not some lightweight theologian.
You were on the board, like, focused on the family, all that stuff.
Yeah, I served on Dr. Dobson's board for like seven years, but I operated in those circles, in those Christian conservative circles a lot, and I have a lot of friends in there.
And, you know, throughout time, even going back, people thought that Hitler was the Antichrist.
People thought that going all the way back...
There are many anti-Christ.
There are so many different anti-Christ.
But we didn't have the technology of the ability to have a Mark of the Beast system where,
what does Revelation 13 tell us?
It says, "Okay, you can't buy or sell unless you have the mark."
Okay, people can buy or sell...
And you have to submit to get the mark.
You have to worship the beast, which means total commitment to get the mark.
People say, oh, it's just a mark.
No, you have to follow what it says.
Cut your son's genitals off.
You've got to support pedophilia.
You've got to support world government.
You have to worship the beast to get the mark.
Yeah, and so the mark of the beast isn't just for America.
It's not just for Europe.
It's not just for Africa.
It's a global beast.
And what is Klaus Schwab and all these guys?
They are a beast.
They are attacking us. The system is a beast system and now we have with the internet, with social media, with all of
these different instantaneous communication, you can spread the message to everybody instantly.
You've now got the ability to cut people off digital via central bank digital currency and biometric identification
to your bank accounts.
Now this, to me, is the first time in history where a Mark of the Beast type system in that era.
How did people, how did John, I mean, how did Pat most envision this?
That's God.
I mean, this is happening.
We're eternal spirits.
I've already seen it myself.
I don't, most people don't get to have the experience I've had.
God's blessed me to actually really show me stuff and tell me stuff so I know God's real.
Both of you are like, oh, I don't know if it's real or whatever.
No, God's real, your eternal spirit, but also, we're going to go through this.
Like, this is real, people, and you're seeing it happen.
How did somebody 2,000 years ago envision this?
How did Ezekiel 3,000 years ago envision this?
How did Daniel envision this?
Only with God, who knows the beginning from the end, and there is, God transcends time.
So, of course, when God is seeing something, he's seeing the past, the present, and the future all at one time, and he's speaking that into the prophets, and they're just repeating it, and so... So God gives us free will, but he gives us a cheat sheet.
He tells you, okay, you've got free will, by the way, this is what's going to happen.
He knows what's going to happen.
This is what a father would do.
I'm giving you free will, you're a new free creature, but I'm going to give you lessons and tell you how this works.
Why would you not listen to the father?
I mean, of course.
Listen to our father.
He tells us in his word how to live, how to survive, how to thrive, and he didn't say, Alex, ever that this was going to be an easy path.
In fact, he said it was going to be opposite.
He said, hey, you're going to be, Jesus said, you're going to be persecuted when you follow me, right?
But the end result is this amazing life of peace.
We're given the keys of the universe after the boot camp.
This is Marine Corps boot camp.
And God's like, this is going to be tough now.
The keys are waiting right here!
Yeah, and just like the disciples, what are we called to do?
We're called to be light in this dark world.
You're a light in this dark world by spreading this message.
I do financial stuff.
Everybody watching this show has the ability to be light to your neighbor in your workplace, everywhere, and the only way that this message of hope Which there is hope.
Just because we're talking about garbage and what the government's doing, we didn't create that.
We're talking about how do you not just... We're talking about the problems so we can avoid it.
But again, think about that.
God is eternal.
God can make new creatures that have free will that are eternal.
They weren't before, but they're now made.
That's beautiful.
How do you test an eternal creature?
You put it in a body, you put it under stress, you put it there to see what it's going to do.
I mean, it's right there, folks!
That's it!
It's real!
I mean, we are eternal!
There's going to be no discussion!
Do what God says!
Yeah, I mean, tested by fire.
I mean, so what will survive?
Things that have eternal value.
You know, you can't really take anything with you ever, except your reputation.
And I want to hear, Alex, when I'm done, On this earth, and I meet Jesus face-to-face on Judgment Day, and I look into his fiery eyeballs, I want him to say, Well done, my good and faithful servant.
With you I am well pleased.
Because if I don't hear that, if you don't hear that, nobody that hears anything...
If you don't hear those words, you're not going to like the other words that come out of the great judge's mouth, right?
And so here's where we go through life and we spread this message of hope.
We give solutions to eliminate and melt away people's fear.
Fear is a tactic of the enemy to actually get people to do something that they don't want to do.
So fear will cause you to not act.
Fear will cause you to make a wrong decision.
But God didn't give us a spirit of fear.
He gave us a spirit of a sound mind and wisdom and creativity and everything that the creator of the universe instills in each and every one of us, we can operate in that amazing Anti-spirit of fear.
It's faith, Alex.
It's love and commitment and loyalty and honor and freedom.
I mean, literally, it's freedom.
This is what the Founding Fathers envisioned for this country.
That's all Satan offers is slavery.
And we've deviated from that so much.
To me, it's like, it's no wonder we are where we are in this country.
It's surprising we've gone this far and God hasn't blown us up.
I mean, seriously.
It's mind-numbing to me that God has tarried so long, but He's a God that's full of grace.
He's a God that's full of mercy.
And we then, during this time that's left on this earth, We have to actually take that, take that rallying cry, and do something good.
And here's the cycle of democracy going back to that.
Start over.
I keep interrupting.
This is important.
You're getting to the theological, but yeah, go through it again.
Well, we're pretty much done with it, but if we don't do something, this cycle, this revolution that we are in, We will actually be a French-style revolution if we don't wake up.
And that's what it's all about.
God wants us to break the cycle.
Because again, if you're God and created all of the universe and all that there is, which this is happening, what's the one thing you can do that's different?
You create creatures that have free will.
But if they have free will, then there's like, oh, but they might be bad, so then God again Literally puts himself into a human to come out here and teach us, does all this, influences us, sends the angels, sends the Holy Spirit, everything to like guide the children.
Remember the Bible talks about God loves a sparrow so much, think how much God loves you.
God can't stand losing any of us, but God did this to give us free will.
What a gift!
Yeah, and it's not a suggestion from him.
It's a command, don't worry about tomorrow.
Right, and so here's in my simpleton view, how do you succeed in this world?
I think there's two things.
Number one, you'd be an extravagant giver.
And because God tells us in Malachi 6, when you give and when you give with a grateful heart, watch out because the floodgates of heaven are going to be opened up so much you won't have room enough to contain the blessing.
That could be a financial blessing, relationship blessing, all kinds of different blessings.
Healthy children.
All of it.
It doesn't say what the blessing is.
It just says blessing so much you can't contain it.
And number two, never give up.
You know, if I were going from Colorado to California and I were going on this track, if I keep walking, if I keep riding a bike, if I keep running, if I keep driving, I will ultimately get to California.
To the ocean.
But if you stop, well then you're never going to get there.
So if you don't give up and you have extravagant Giving, and actually thirdly, I'll add this one in there, you love your neighbor, but to love your neighbor, you have to love yourself first.
You know, you have all those three things.
And people think giving means just money.
No, it's giving of energy, giving of caring.
It's giving of your time, of your energy, of your compassion, of your prayers, of your finances, of your talents, of your brain.
All of that.
Well, I've experienced that.
I didn't do this from some holy roller.
I'm a perfect guy.
I hated the tyrants.
I love God, but God was coming over here.
Yeah, God, you're like a little helper, you know, the first 10, 15 years of this.
But as I got more attacked, I was like, no, it's all God now because he got so big.
But every time I'm attacked, the doors blow open to victory.
And every time I go, God, I'm not like Job.
I think Job has, I don't want my children to die.
But the point is nothing compared to Job, but it's like literally now I go, oh, I'm being attacked.
Really good stuff's about to happen.
I'm not a masochist.
I don't like the pain, but I'm like, oh my god, big stuff.
Every attack instantly leads to victory.
It does.
And the enemy is blind.
They can't seem to see that.
They have all these smarts about the world, their own system, but above that, they have no understanding.
So Alex, if we can shift our mindset as a society from short-term pleasure to medium and long-term gain and benefits, if you know where you want to go, what are you going to do to get there?
If you want financial freedom, what are you going to do to get there?
Is what you're doing now going to do it for you?
If you need to lose weight and you just sit there on the couch eating potato chips and candy all day, are you going to get to your fort?
Well, I don't mean this is an attack on crypto, because it has some uses, but God made the heavens, the earth, iron, the soil, the trees, us.
He made gold and silver.
I think at the end of the day, I'm betting on what God made gold and silver.
I agree.
I mean, it's... God made uranium.
We blow up cities with it.
I mean, God made some powerful stuff.
This metal does this, this metal does that.
He's like, here's the keys of the universe, boys!
Yeah, and God is so powerful that he's not sitting up there scratching his beard thinking, look what's happening to the world.
I didn't see this coming.
He knows the beginning from the end, but he gives us solutions.
And what I focus 24-7, my time on, is financial solutions for people to navigate through this storm, to have a smile on your face, because I know every... It's a no-brainer, people.
I am pitching this because I wish I could do it myself, but I'm not.
Everybody should be in silver and gold right now.
Yeah, everybody with whatever portion of your assets gives you that peace of mind when you put your head down on the pillow at night and you think, I don't want anybody to think, oh man, I've done too little, I've done too much.
No, you have to do what's just right for you.
Now for me and my house, we're like 100% into silver because it's the only thing that makes sense.
And explain that, you'll buy the gold later with the silver money.
Yeah, this is exciting because there's this historical ratio, which we've gone over on previous shows, between gold and silver, and historically that number is 20 to 1.
It takes 20 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold.
Well, today it's literally like 85 to 1.
It's not at an all-time high, but it's really close.
So, what does that number tell us?
It tells us one of two things, Alex.
It either says gold is overvalued or silver is undervalued.
Well, do I think gold's overvalued?
Because what causes gold to go up?
Unsustainable debt, inflationary pressures, political chaos, geopolitical conflict.
We have all of that in spades.
And they're using naked shorts to suppress it all.
Wait till we get into the naked shorts and silver, Alex.
I'm going to shut up.
It's been a great discussion, but I say I'm going to shut up because I'm so excited.
Keep going.
But if gold's not overvalued, it's going to continue to grow.
Uh, what's silver going to do?
It's going to outperform.
So in theory, let's just say over the next 12 to 18 months, silver triples the rate of growth of gold.
Well, what I would recommend is we sell our silver, go into gold.
And what did I just do?
I got you triple the amount of rate of gold then that what I could have purchased for you today.
Again, that's free ounces.
Technically, that's extra ounces.
Go slow those.
People ask me in the street.
Explain it slowly.
So if we're Alec, if gold is growing.
And silver is growing faster.
Well, then what?
Let's just say it triples the rate of growth of gold.
Well, I'll sell the silver, go into gold, and if silver tripled the rate of growth of gold, we can get almost triple the amount of ounces of gold then, as what I could have purchased for you today.
So if you could have purchased 100 ounces of gold today, And we allocate into silver, it outperforms.
I could maybe get you 250, 300 ounces of gold down the road, depending on that ratio.
To me, this is the beginning of how we started the show.
It's like, don't measure your wealth in terms of paper dollars.
Measure it in the amount of metals and ounces that you control, because that was free gold.
That extra 200 ounces in this example, Didn't come out of nowhere.
It's not magic.
It's just math.
You allocate into the outperforming metal and sell it when the time is right.
It's not like I'm married to silver.
I couldn't care less, Alex.
If it were pointing towards going to gold, I would go into gold.
But why are the globalists, because I said this with the Hunt brothers and all covering it, they're obsessed with suppressing silver.
They really don't like it.
So there's a few reasons.
I think number one is And I got a lot of this information from silverwars.org.
Those guys are the guys behind Wall Street Bets and that whole thing when they were shorting GameStop.
Going back to the Manhattan Project, you have the suppression of silverware.
Because so much silver is needed in the defense industry.
Like missiles.
Let's see, I've got this.
So they want to log as they're using it.
They want to use it for everything that they can.
So in seven torpedoes, 34 kilograms of silver is used.
Some of these big ICBMs that need silver in them have 11,000 ounces of silver per missile, per missile or torpedo.
So if you look at the price being suppressed by the government, if the largest user of silver in the world is the defense industry, are they going to want those prices to be high or low?
They're going to want them to be low, because they have to buy it.
So it's so strategic.
Very strategic, and it's been suppressed for a long time because of that.
But here's where we're at the end of the road on this.
Silver is a depleting asset.
There's not much left.
You know, COMEX available inventories are down 70% over the last 18 months.
We're in a war economy.
You need silver for all this stuff.
If it runs out, then what?
Do we just not actually produce missiles or anything?
You jack up the prices because if there's no supply, the people that own, like you and me, or hedge funds, or countries, like what China is now doing, encouraging every single one of their citizens to buy silver instead of gold, they know that... Well, we should have started that.
That's in the news.
China tells citizens to buy silver.
What is that about?
So this goes back to the day before, actually it was the last time I was on the show, it was the day that Iran was firing those stupid drones at Israel.
So the day before that, the Western banks had shorted 1.2 billion ounces of silver.
1.2 billion.
So there's only 800 million ounces of silver mined in the entire world in a whole year.
So they shorted way more than exists.
Yeah, they shorted 50% more than the global mining production of silver in one afternoon.
So what did China do?
China says, hmm.
We want to be the world's reserve currency.
We want to destroy the West.
We want to destroy the Western banking system.
So in one fell swoop, when they shot off those drones, which literally Alex, everybody knew that those stupid low flying, slow flying drones with lights on them were going to be shot out of the sky.
So, but it created fear because after that, and I was, we were watching it on TV and watching these things go.
And you know, the narrative after that was, okay, We're going to attack Israeli and U.S.
targets all over the world.
80 mile an hour paper airplanes.
It's fear, fear, fear.
It was just instilled in the hearts and minds of people.
So if you want to destroy a civilization, A, you create fear, and B, you destroy their banks and people's access to money.
So I think what China's doing is they are planning on winning this battle against America
without ever firing a bullet because if they can entice every one of their citizens to
buy just one ounce of silver, there's over a billion people there.
That'll stop the shorters.
Yeah, but they don't even have to do that much because in 2024, India has already committed
to 66% of the global supply.
Sure, so there's already a run on silver and China's calling the bluff of the naked shorters.
Yeah, so.
Explain that to people that don't do that.
So a naked short means you sell something that you don't have.
I mean, we can't do that, but central banks can.
So they're selling naked shorts.
So look at this.
Commitment of Traders Silver Report from May 10th.
That was just yesterday or something like that.
This report shows how many short positions commercially and basically from speculators there is.
So you add all of this up, the number of short positions by the commercial criminal banksters is 568.2 million ounces of silver that are short.
So clearly naked shorts and I would say as early as next week and any time after that These shorts could be killed, and what China wants to do is they could win an economic battle against America, dethrone our dollar by killing the Western banking system, and they do that by enticing their citizens to buy silver, the rest of the world to buy silver, because when you have all those short positions, you're expecting the price to go down for the reasons we talked about, needed for defense and everything else.
Sure, so obviously, how do the globalists come in and try to block that now?
Well, I don't know if they can actually do that right now.
I mean... Wait a minute, is there some mechanism?
When a naked short gets called by a government, what do they do?
Well, when it's called, they have to pay up.
So China knows this.
And so, I think what's going to happen... So you could default, or you could print money.
They try to bail it out.
I mean, those are the two things.
If you default, there's political ramifications of that, because who owns our treasuries?
Like, China still has almost a trillion dollars worth of them.
So that's just like stealing money out of their wallets, and they're going to get ticked, and that starts to create geopolitical conflict, and even intensifying the war.
But the media will call it a sanction.
So they have to now steal the Chinese money, they'll call it a sanction or something.
Yeah, they would call it a sanction.
I mean, just like when Biden froze Russia's assets after the Russia-Ukraine war started, I mean, they couldn't access them and they said, oh, we have to do that because we have to stop this evil Russia from invading Ukraine.
And so they froze their assets.
So you could try to freeze assets by putting sanctions on them.
You could actually default, which would have major geopolitical ramifications.
Or you could just print money, which there's probably going to be the result as they just try to inflate their way out of it.
How do you square up Keely Unlimited with interest rate hikes coming?
So we're now seeing that battle with the Fed and that the federal presidents of all the different regional Federal Reserve banks have now deviated from what Jerome Powell has been talking about of we got to lower interest rates.
We're going to lower it.
We've won this battle again.
You've got the floor.
I've been asked that today.
Yeah, you've got all these regional banks that aren't the real Federal Reserve, but you have the local control fighting with the real Federal Reserve of New York.
Folks, we're not in Kansas anymore.
I don't know how to explain how bonkers this is.
I'm not an economist like you, but studying this for 30 years on air, this is unprecedented.
Well, so, when you've got the Federal Reserve Presidents, they're the ones that are voting.
It's not just Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Fed, that has one singular vote.
The Board of Governors actually votes for policy.
So, the narrative is changing from, hey, we're going to have 7 to 8 rate reductions, to 5 to 6, to 2 to 3, to maybe just 1 right before the election so we can show that we're winning.
However, you've got now the Federal Reserve Presidents, which are trying to save face, saying that we are smart economists here, we can't actually have a rate reduction at all.
In fact, we're probably going to have to have a rate increase.
Why would you have to have a rate increase?
You increase rates to slow down inflation.
So this is the problem that we're seeing.
I think that the Fed knows that there is a major financial battle starting to be waged here.
It's an attack from China against the U.S.
banks to dethrone their dominance, to actually get them to run out of money.
And you could actually start to win an economic battle if you cause them to be undercapitalized Pay off all these short positions, and there's 568 million plus ounces of silver in short right now.
In a short position!
So, that's why I think as early as next week, some of these shorts would have to be unraveled, and I think what that's going to do to the price of silver, it's going to go up and up and up, and what did China just do?
They just squeezed the U.S.
banking system out of silver.
But we go back to what the Fed is going to have to try to do.
Are they going to bail out the banks?
Well, they already said they didn't want to because they already legislated bail-ins and they want the depositors to bail out their own banks.
So that's what a bail-in is versus a bail-out.
A bail-out means the federal government's going to bail everybody out.
A bail-in means you bail out your own financial institution.
But I think it gets so bad, Alex, that when we look at what's coming next, they're going to be forced to print their way out of everything.
Everything, because it's like this culmination of a perfect economic storm where banks are running out of money, politically things are in upheaval.
Biden is lying.
Like we talked about on the last show, Biden says inflation was 9% when I took office, and so technically it's lower now I'm winning.
It's like, dude, you're lying.
You're lying.
Inflation when Trump left was officially at 1.4%.
I think that's understated too.
If it was at 1.4 and now they have these bogus numbers that they are, nobody believes for a second, Alex, that Biden is telling the truth on inflation when eggs have tripled or quadrupled in price.
He just said Wednesday that inflation was higher under Trump, but it's 9 plus percent under him.
It was 1.5 when it was under Trump.
I mean, he's literally saying whales fly in the sky.
Yeah, I mean, nobody that actually goes to the grocery store believes any of that nonsense.
All right, I want to take a break, because this is so important, what you mentioned.
I'm glad you reminded me, because I had the clip 30 months ago.
Here is last year, the FDIC board meeting, where they're saying, we're going to have to have bailouts, but we can't tell the public.
Maybe we shouldn't be talking about this on video, because it's all public records.
This is actually a federal agency, like the Federal Reserve.
We'll play this clip.
We're going to play a John Bowne report, so we can both take a break.
And then we're going to come back and talk about this with Dr. Kirk Elliott.
But folks, I want to explain something.
This guy's been on air for an hour and a half.
He's not even plugged his company and told you to go there.
This guy has one of the biggest gold and silver companies in the world.
He has five-star ratings.
I don't know why the hell, when I didn't have a sponsor for 10 years, I didn't go get him.
But I was literally trying to get him on as a guest.
And I was like, well, why aren't we trying to talk to you?
You need to go to KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Is it perfect?
No, only God's perfect.
But I only promote what I feel good about.
And I've been on there 30 years, folks.
You know, 98% of what we say happens, okay?
I make mistakes, but there's no perfect thing.
But I feel good telling you to get gold and silver.
I wish I had money to be getting it myself.
I've told my family in the last six months has been a sponsor.
They've been doing it.
You need to go to KEPM.com, Forged by Gold.
They're really busy.
They'll give you a call six hours a day, whatever.
He's trying to get more crew in.
This is exploding, obviously.
You need to get gold and silver.
You need to get it now, in my view.
That doesn't mean a huge part.
Whatever your portfolio is, just you need to start sticking your toe in it.
And people that are smart are going all the way in.
My firm belief, and who knows, they may do some giant naked short and drive it down 20%.
It'll go bloop, I believe 100% back over that.
I mean, we are in an inflationary spiral.
My whole gut, my whole intellect says get into it, but then I can't ever do it because the companies are a bunch of frickin' sharks like everything else.
This guy's not.
Go to him.
I love this guy.
Go to KEPM.com forward slash gold or you can call 720-605-3900.
Do a consultation.
Tell him your needs.
Talk to him and at least stick your toe in today.
Don't screw around.
Don't wait.
That's my opinion.
I'm not telling you what to do.
But I, on my children, feel this is one of the best moves you can do.
You should also, if you don't have a gun, get a gun.
Get a gun safety course.
Learn how to use it.
Get a water filtration.
Get some extra storable food.
More importantly than getting gold or silver from Dr. Kirk Elliott, you better get on your knees to the founder of the creator of the universe and say, I can't handle this.
I need you.
You're a god of free will.
I love you.
Please come into me and tell me what to do.
That gold doesn't even, it's not even 1% of a trillion.
Good neighbors, loving your husband or wife, that's all great.
God is the whole thing.
It was like a giant ocean.
It's like one drop is getting the gold.
One drop is having guns.
One drop is having a garden.
It's still important, but if you don't have God, you don't have any of it.
So I'm gonna tell you, get God first, get guns, get some food, get some water filtration,
get ready and get gold and silver and get it from trusted people now
at KEPM.com/gold or the phone number on the screen.
I'll never steer you wrong, folks, but I make mistakes every once in a while.
I don't think you think I'm making a mistake here.
You know in your gut, you can see it.
You need gold and silver now.
Go there now.
And they finance this operation, which is wrecking the enemy.
We'll be right back.
Here is the clip of the incredible statement.
It's a little bit conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution, but they're going to be.
And it could be an early warning signal to the FDIC and the primary regulators when these things happen, and there may be some other Prices, this is similar to what Jay was saying, in the market that you can tell whether people understand who's going to be protected, who isn't going to be protected.
Because they own this fucking place.
It's a big club and you ain't in it.
You and I are not in the big club.
I completely agree with that.
I almost think you'd scare the public.
If you put this out, like, why are they telling me this?
Should I be concerned about my bank?
Like, my insurance company doesn't tell me what they're doing with my assets.
They just assume they're going to pay my claim.
I think you've got to think of the unintended consequences of taking a public that has more full faith and confidence in the banking system than maybe people in this room do.
We want them to have full faith and confidence in the banking system.
They know the FDIC insurance is there.
They know it works.
They put their money in.
They're going to get their money out.
So there's a select crowd of people that are on the institutional side.
And if they want to understand this, they're going to find a way to understand this.
There's a bunch of law firms represented in this room.
There's a bunch of people that will charge them by the hour a lot of money to explain this all to them.
And it's fine.
I don't have a problem with that.
And they all have huge staffs.
But I would be careful about the unintended consequences of starting to blast too much of this out in the general public.
I would, in fact, make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
They deserve to be heard.
Biden gets rid of the border three and a half years ago.
20 million people are here.
That's the real number, 22 million.
They're slaves of the globalists, a new permanent underclass.
He tells them immediately to surge the border if he wins.
They get here.
He says, oh, the border's not broken.
He says, oh, it is broken.
Pass amnesty.
And then yesterday he comes out and says, oh, we can't have it illegal to come here.
It's moral.
This is totally open.
You imagine a kid two years old saying, mom, don't take me across Rio Grande.
It's against the law.
Give me a break.
These have been model citizens.
Imagine telling a kid it's illegal to come across the border, which it is, which he's made legal by Fiat, and they're model citizens.
They're citizens the minute they get here.
Do you think there are people that are coming over that have the intent to do our neighbors, our friends, our family members harm?
These huge give up groups that we're getting, you know, the media is only reporting what They can report on rape, which is, statistically speaking, a small percentage of the actual bad guys that we're catching.
No one is coming to protect you.
Even at the local law enforcement level, we do not control the border.
The cartel controls the border.
Everything that we do is a reaction to things that they have planned.
Usually we're chasing around pawns while the kings and queens are doing whatever they want.
Think about the magnitude of what he just said, the lawlessness of it.
They're going to grab your junk, they're going to search your family, they're going to put you through a body scanner at the airport, but the border is wide open.
Absolutely insane.
They stole the election three and a half years ago.
They're planning to steal it again.
Does the investigation confirm that there are missing ballot images?
Do you know why 380,761 ballot images from Election Day machine count are not available?
Those are for the recount.
Those are from the recount.
We have no ballot images for 380,761 ballots from Election Day, correct?
What was subpoenaed was the ballot images for the recount because that's what this case
was about, not the Election Day.
Does Fulton County know why there are not 380,761 ballot images from Election Day?
According to news sources, a Wisconsin government employee has been fired from her government job for helping to rig the 2020 presidential election in Joe Biden's favor.
We have a documented email from one of her co-workers by the name of Ryan Chu.
He wrote on November 4th at 4.07 a.m.
Damn Claire, you have a flair for drama.
Delivering just the margin needed at 3 a.m.
I bet you had those votes counted at midnight and just wanted to keep the world waiting.
Now, if you're interested in learning more about hosting a migrant family, all you gotta do is take out your phone, dial 2-1-1.
It's as easy as that.
You're gonna be asked a few questions.
Things along the lines of how long are you able to host somebody, what kind of space are you available to provide.
But this is the last gasp all over the world 83% was the number I saw last week in regional local national elections from Australia to El Salvador to you name it Europe Patriots are getting elected.
That's why the system is so scared Myself and Dr. Kirk Elliott are not here telling you what's coming.
It's already going down Yeah, right with God first, folks.
And take the border piece we just played, part of it, the computer glitched out, and put the whole thing, the whole thing's in VanDawgVideo and InfoWars.com and RealAlexJones on X. Congress, the Democrats, voted to not stop illegals from voting or apportioning them for the Electoral College.
And if they bring in, you know, 20-something millions since Biden's in, that in the new census will be counted as new blue districts.
So, and the border is not controlled by the cartels.
They're working with the CIA.
It came out decades ago that the CIA was controlling the cartels.
When they got out of line, they'd go kill them or use another cartel.
So to try to explain to people how big a deal this is, there's really not words for me to describe to you.
And you don't need me to tell you how big a deal this is, but here's the bottom line.
We're in a war.
There's a war against civilization, a war against your wealth, a war against your health, a war against your spirit, a war against your future.
Recognize the war is here.
And I know people tune in here because you get that.
Well, you've got to tell the people.
Because as things get more intense, they're ready to hear the truth now.
Senator Kirk Elliott, just watching that border clip and the other key points you've got.
There's an obvious battle economically between the BRICS nations and us.
They want to be the world's reserve currency.
So in Russia, this again I got from silverwars.org.
So this is a great piece that they wrote.
There's an economist in Russia named Sergei Glazyev.
So he proposed pegging the price of one gram of gold To one barrel of oil as a way to undermine the dominance of the US dollar in global trade.
Introduce a gold currency!
Exactly, that's what they want to do.
So, Credit Suisse analyst Zoltan Pozar analyzed the potential implications of this proposal.
So, when I think about this, it's like, oh my word, Alex, this is brilliant!
Because, A, they got rid of the petrodollar, and now they're going to peg the One gram of gold to a barrel of oil.
So what has happened in the United States?
Well, over the last few years, Biden has eliminated the Strategic Oil Reserve.
Like, it's depleted.
It's gone.
So they now have to replenish the Strategic Oil Reserve in America.
If they have to use any Russian oil to actually do that, It's going to be pegged to gold instead of the US dollar.
This is going to dethrone potentially because you realize that the implications of this, the BRICS plus plus plus nations are literally about 70% of the world's population.
It's not just a country.
This is big deal that they're going to peg oil to gold.
Now, if they really wanted to stick it to the West, what could they do?
Change the peg.
So instead of one gram of gold for one barrel of oil, what if they say one gram equals two barrels of oil?
Well, what does that do to the price of gold?
That would put it at about $3,200 an ounce or $3,600 an ounce.
So that's what this this this guy, the Credit Suisse guy, Pozar, said.
Credit Suisse analyzes that if they did that, the potential would put gold at $3,600 an ounce.
So why would they want to do that?
Because what China has done over the years is they have been the number one miner of gold in the world.
They mine more gold out of the earth than any country in the world.
How much of that do they sell?
They keep it all.
They're also the number one purchaser of gold on the planet.
So they're amassing mountains and mountains and mountains of gold.
They're the number one producer of gold and they're not selling any of it.
So the unofficial estimates are they've got about 30,000 tons of gold in China.
Now, Russia has like 1,000 tons, India has 600 or so tons, but officially the World Gold Council I think says that China has about 5,000 tons.
No, they have way more than that.
So, if this peg of pegging one gram of gold to one barrel of oil All they have to do is change the peg to two barrels of oil for one gram of gold.
That puts gold at $3,600 an ounce.
China owns tens of thousands of tons of gold.
This, Alex, is the paradigm tectonic shifting moment that puts gold as the legitimate currency of the world.
And Dr. Elliott, I'm not a rocket scientist, but I remember the globalists invading Iraq and Libya over them wanting to put Africa and the
Middle East on a gold standard or moving away from the petrodollar This is just like a hundred times two hundred times
I don't even a number more intense than that the globalists have been outmaneuvered, but then I look at them propping
up China They're doing everything they can to actually drive us into
this He was there that stupid
well, I kind of
They're just arrogant.
They're just arrogant.
I mean, it's absolutely arrogance.
And what does the Bible tell us about arrogance?
Pride comes before the fall.
Fool goes before the fool.
And I think that's what's happening there.
Arrogance has finally got the best of them.
That's what's crazy is I've got more power in my life.
I realize my mistakes are bigger, because even if it's a small mistake, it has a bigger effect.
But I see this paradox in other people.
They get power, they get delusional.
Like, power's dangerous.
It's like, I had a jet ski that would go 70 miles an hour.
I sold it.
It was so dangerous.
I was like, I don't even, I think the jet ski goes 30 miles an hour.
Like, you know, like, it's like somebody has like, you know, some 700 horsepower motorcycle.
It's like, to death.
I mean, like, don't they get that?
Well, power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I mean, this is, when they want absolute power over every factor of our life, this is what they're going to.
But, but to me, God's word always remains true.
It never returns void.
And that power, that pride, will actually ultimately be their destruction.
But if you look at what else they're doing, so Russia, China, India, the Arab world, most of Africa and Latin America, they outfoxed the Federal Reserve because what are they doing?
They're actually starting to open up new massive mines in Africa, I think in Ghana, maybe?
Where they're going to actually start to mine their own gold.
They want to have a BRICS nation.
China already has 98% control of rare earth minerals.
Why did the United States allow that again?
They block any US company or European company that tries to get into it.
That was the old deal before Xi Jinping broke the deal with Obama 10 years ago.
They've been set up as the powerhouse.
And then they double crossed.
Absolutely double-crossed.
And so now that they own the gold, they actually own the power, they're owning the wealth, they got rid of the petrodollar, they're dismantling the U.S.
And what did Putin say six years ago?
He says, our new national initiative is not weapons, it's organic food.
The West, he said, is producing poison food.
We will supply the world with non-GMO.
They're even seeing that trend.
All of these trends are playing against us.
Meanwhile, Bill Gates is buying up all our farmland to feed his poison.
So Putin, say what you want, I'll be honest.
He's bet on humanity.
He's paying people to have kids.
He's growing organic farms.
He's actually playing a masterful game and Biden is not.
It's absolutely the opposite.
Well if you know the globalist game it's easy to beat if you just do it.
Like people want prosperity and freedom and good food.
Yeah, they do.
And so now I think there's a new central bank that's about to emerge and that's the BRICS central bank.
They want to issue their own native currency, so forget about the yuan, forget about the rupee and the ruble.
They want their own BRICS native currency, and what China and Russia are pushing for is a gold-backed currency to push demand into their central bank digital currency.
Here's the danger of that.
For any central bank digital currency, Once you go in that door, you're not coming out, Alex.
No, I agree.
It's like the Ring of Mordor.
You shouldn't use it.
Yeah, you shouldn't.
I'm going to break some news here I haven't broke yet.
I got invited by Putin, official letterhead, next month to be at his big, you know, global ruse economic forum.
It's the biggest thing he does and I respect that and I want to go.
But they're trying that month, next month, to shut this down.
And I'll just be honest with the listeners.
People hear me say this, they think, oh, InfoWars has been around 27 years, Jones has been around 30, come on.
There's a 50% chance, I've told the crew this, that a judge on June 14th at a meeting in South Texas, Houston, is going to liquidate InfoWars.
All right?
And next week, I'll do a whole hour on this, because I've got all my ducks in a row, but I've got all the documents.
I want to really nail this, because this is a big deal.
This is a historic operation.
Obviously, I'll continue on air.
It hurts the crew.
I'm going to try to work something out.
But I've been very honest about this.
I've not gone out and got other opportunities.
I've not gone out and started new operations.
I'm not, because that's like cheating on your wife.
If she leaves you, then you get divorced and you get another wife or another woman.
I'm fully committed to InfoWars and I am like here doing nothing with all the opportunities and all the stuff, okay?
They think it'll disrupt us, it's the opposite, it's gonna blow up in their face, whatever.
The last straw was, and I couldn't tell this a month ago in mediation in Fort Worth, two days with these people.
Democrat top law firm, you know, the top law firm, Hillary's law firm, all of it.
They were dumb enough last week, To have a mediation with my lawyers, that date was not a mediation.
And my lawyers are very conservative.
People say, oh, my lawyers are dumb.
No, I was in rigged court cases, folks.
They were given a list.
They'd be, they're trying to take their law licenses because they did the did try to defend me.
They were given huge lists of what they couldn't say in those.
I was already found guilty of a rig.
So I said, I'll do it next week.
I'm already trying to kind of do it.
I told you about it for almost three hours last night.
They are literally saying, well actually, we'll settle if Jones just doesn't talk about guns anymore.
Now, we all know how that works, folks.
I can keep the crew, I can stay here and do all this, but now I've already done a deal where I don't defend the Second Amendment.
You can put a gun to my head and say, don't, you know, don't criticize transgenderism or I'll kill you.
I can't physically do it.
So it was more than just that.
So we get back down to me being their political creature.
And so I'm just like, hey, I trust God.
Whatever happens, happens.
And they cannot believe that I will not do that for them.
And they're dumb enough to tell my lawyers, yes, we want political control.
So they're literally like, we got your company, buddy.
Sell out to, they're like, oh my God, you just screwed the pooch, man.
Like, are you kidding me?
Like, there is no, again.
So that's where we are.
But listeners and viewers need to understand, like, this is a very serious situation.
And the minute they do the shutdown, and the judge may give us a week to shut down, three months, six months, I don't know.
That's called a wind-down.
But, we're here.
So when I tell listeners, like, we're at the end of Infowars, it's emblematic of where the world and the country is right now.
So, I'll continue to be honest, I'll continue to be forthright, honorable.
The minute the judge says we're shutting it down, I will instantly go entertain all the deals.
I will try to get the crew rehired.
Obviously, I won't own it because they can try to get at me, but we're here.
And so that shows you how long of the tooth America is, folks, that they don't want money.
Like they said in Texas and in Connecticut in the courthouse, their lawyers said, don't send him money, don't buy his products.
We want to shut him down.
And I thought, maybe that's talk.
No, it's not talk.
It's not talk.
They said literally, "Come here and talk to us about your politics."
I mean, I can't even believe they would ask that of me.
Like, you don't think they have at war game who I am?
Like, I cannot physically do it, you understand?
I get deceived, manipulated, and I have been before, but I don't consciously sell people out.
And the Revolutionary War started over the Second Amendment.
So to me, them, cause I couldn't do it in mediation, which this went on mediation, obviously.
Now they've done it outside of that.
And it was like giving me the metaphysical card I needed.
Cause I felt so bad about it before shutting down.
And I just, I love the best crew ever.
I mean, they're hard to get.
These are, I love every one of these men and women in there.
But when they did that and my lawyer's like, no, you can talk about it.
They openly said it, it took away any guilt I have.
Because I was really struggling with that, you know, Dr. Curt Elliott.
So that's where we are.
I mean, this is epic.
And you know, they've come to Trump with the same thing.
Just, it's like the devil up with Christ.
I'm gonna compare myself to Christ.
We're all like an archetype of that beneath Christ.
Just, just, just, just deny God for a minute, I'll give you the whole world.
They're literally like, it's like, are you, thank you for putting me in this position to say no.
This is like the most valuable thing in my life.
I mean, it's like, I'm not, like, halfway like, oh, maybe I should do it.
I'm like, oh, how about hell no?
How about fuck no?
Well, that's their pride, Alex.
Everything we've been talking about, pride, comes before the fall.
But I got God watching me!
I got an audience of one.
I've told listeners this.
Folks, I don't claim to be the most godly man or the most perfect guy.
I just love God.
I got an audience of one.
Every time I'm on the air, I'm thinking God's watching.
My audience is God.
When I'm speaking to people, I'm speaking to the Creator.
I'm like trying to be good.
I'm like literally like humble.
Because I'm in the presence of the Maker, man.
He's watching.
Sorry, I'm ranting.
Is a good rant.
And it was worth saying.
I mean, this is a microcosm of what's happening in the world.
They're trying to shut down truth.
The world is trying to shut down truth.
Even Alex Morgan Stanley, you know, big JPMorgan Chase, said the U.S.
has only a couple of years left to fix its unsustainable debt problem, or that's it.
It's over.
Now show that headline.
That was like CNBC this week.
So what's it?
What is it when they say it's over?
All their derivatives.
It's all coming to an end.
Thank God we're not with them!
Attack us!
We ain't with you!
Like, this is a chance to say, to jump ship, which you see all the globalists that push the poison shot.
They're all jumping ship.
They're all evil is not all powerful see but I think they're preconditioning us to something that's coming
That is so bad that they said well, we told you there's an unsustainable
That's right. We can't be too positive. The enemy has tricks they have tricks and what's coming is
They're using this debt crisis to really implement Absolute people control over all of us. That's all the
grill Yeah, even also the World Economic Forum president so oh my
favorite person I know.
He's all of our favorite person.
I loved him.
So, he said last week, we haven't seen this kind of debt since the Napoleonic Wars.
It was in the 1800s.
1800, 1815.
Yeah, so governments need to consider how to reduce their debt and take it in the right fiscal measures without getting into a situation where it kicks us off.
I mean, they're starting to say, we've got this problem.
What is the one thing that they're not doing?
They're not taking the blame for it.
They blame people like Trump and they blame everybody for just being spendaholics in America and it's all our fault and it's capitalism's fault and we've got a solution but they said this kind of debt we haven't seen since the Napoleonic Wars.
It's their stinking central banks that have created the debt that go two trillion dollars into debt.
Biden's budget for 2025 is over $2 trillion in the hole, and yet Congress says, it's a pretty good budget.
It's like, what do you mean it's a pretty good budget?
I mean, how in the world could you continue this?
But here's the reason why they continue it.
Because if you look, Alex, at what makes up our budget, 80%, just go to whitehouse.gov, look at the budget, 80% of everything that we bring in is entitlements.
If you start to slash the budget, you're slashing the 80% of the entitlements.
That's most of what we spend money on.
And what does that slash?
That slashes votes.
So they can't get out of it without shooting themselves in the foot.
So we've come to the end of the podcast.
We've got 12 minutes left in the live show.
We're going to archive it, cut it up.
It's an incredible interview.
One for the history books, my rant, your analysis.
You've got the floor in the last 12, 13 minutes.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, bottom line.
Biden's economy gets an F. An absolute F.
And what do we do to actually progress, to survive, to thrive?
I'll put it into bullet points.
Number one, don't have too much in paper.
Don't have too much in the banking system.
Look, if banks start to fail and you've got too much in the system, you are not going to get that back.
FDIC only has 0.74% of all assets covered now, all deposits covered.
They just stole this month three plus billion from accreditors.
Yeah, another $3 billion they stole.
So don't have too much in the banking system.
This is just rule of thumb.
When something's going down, get out of it as soon as you can.
When something's going up, get into it as soon as you can.
Everything that we see in normal traditional asset classes is a function of revenue.
So, for example, the stock market.
It's a function of revenue.
That means either people are spending money Which we're not.
We're not spending money.
Not when wages are coming down.
I know Biden will tell us that, oh yeah, we're creating jobs.
213,000 jobless claims, new ones, last week alone.
That's the worst since August.
So don't tell me that you're creating jobs.
You're not.
When people aren't working, they're not spending.
So there's no revenue from us spending money to companies like, you know, whatever we spend money on.
Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, wherever.
It's not that.
So where's the revenue coming from?
It's coming from stimulus money.
That's what's keeping markets propped up.
That will come to an end without the petrodollar and the built-in demand for our currency.
So here's where we look at that.
Don't have too much money in the bank.
I wouldn't have too much money allocated into a debt-based system, but rather allocate into strength.
Allocating the strength.
Gold, silver going up really nicely.
I mean, you look at it.
Silver's $28.15 at the time of this airing.
I mean, it was $22 60 days ago.
The growth is incredible.
And it's because of these fundamental issues that are facing our global economy.
We just need to allocate into that strength.
And this is where I will keep shouting it from the rooftops, Alex, until there's nobody else to listen.
Because it's that important that people allocate into strength, get out of things that are coming down, get out of danger, get out of the path of that hurricane.
Now, how do you do it?
You go into bullion and bullion only.
That's five different things that you could go into.
100 ounce bars of silver, 10 ounce bars of silver, one ounce silver rounds, one ounce gold bars or kilo bars of gold.
That's it.
If it's not one of those things, I would not recommend it because the premiums are too high.
The commissions can be too high.
And you want something that's liquid.
Liquidity is king.
When you go to sell it and lock in your profits, you better have something that's buoyant, that's a global commodity that's used for manufacturing, and not rely on a firm to actually have to make a market to sell it.
Because what if that firm goes out of business and they were the only one marketing some kind of a fancy rare coin or some kind of a collectible or commemorative or something like that?
Boy, that makes no sense.
No sense.
I don't even like government issued things like Canadian Maple Leafs, Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles, because just like anything, Alex, once the government touches it, they ruin it and they make it too expensive.
So I would just do generic refinery rounds or bullion bars.
That's the cheapest way to go.
This is how you start to really accumulate wealth, is maximize your ounces, minimize your cost, and just ride out the trend.
And this is what we will help you do.
If it's just a brokerage account, cash you have in the bank, an IRA rollover, you can roll over your IRA, get out of paper, get out of ETFs and those things that are, you know, a normal advisor say, well, I can put you into silver and the silver ETF.
It's like, that's paper.
That's not the same.
It's you need to allocate into tangible assets.
That's if you want silver, then allocate into silver.
If you want gold, allocate into gold.
Those are things that are that are going to defy.
Paper manipulation, because there's inventory constraints, there's supply and demand.
The law of economics, you know, supply and demand comes into play here.
When you've got COMEX depositories running out of silver, we get to take advantage of that supply chain disruption of that low supply, allocated to strength, grow, have a smile on your face.
So again, Whether it's just cash in your accounts, brokerage accounts, or an IRA rollover, the key is silver bullion, gold bullion, low cost, maximize your ounces.
That's what my team will help you allocate into that strength.
And Alex, I am not going to stop shouting this from the rooftops until there's nobody else to listen because it's that important.
I think the economy as we know it is changing before our eyes and in the blink of an eye.
We're going to wake up someday and say, We've got central bank digital currency.
There's no more privacy anymore.
I wish I would have done something.
You just nailed it.
Explain what Gold and Silver have done the last year alone.
We can put up the 10-year graphs.
I mean, I only promote stuff, folks, that I believe in.
To me, this is like selling ice water in the Sahara Desert.
I mean, I only promote what is absolutely clear and that supports our message.
That's all I do.
This is a no-brainer.
I mean, the fundamental supply and demand forces, geopolitical, political consequences that we're seeing every single day.
If you go back to 2020 during COVID, silver was $11.91 an ounce about 17 months ago.
It was $17.97 an ounce today.
Well, just 70 days ago, it was $22.
an ounce about 17 months ago it was 1797 an ounce today well just 70 days ago it
was 22 now it's just 28 and a half I mean unbelievable that is incredible
growth and that will put a smile on anybody's face that's allocated
Well, I'm so pissed because I got so focused on bankruptcy trying to keep free speech going.
I have no money, which is fine.
It's not how I judge myself.
You know, I'm being persecuted.
It's fine.
I just tried to call my family the last six months saying, call Dr. Kirk Kelly and get sober now.
Because it's like, it's like, it's a no-brainer.
I mean, this is like literally Selling a scuba diver oxygen at 100 feet under the water.
His tank's out, here's your new tank!
I mean, it's not...
And it's for such a time as this, right?
I'm not saying gold and silver are the greatest things since sliced bread.
It's probably not going to be the last investment you ever have.
Unless we have central banks that are backed by gold, which I think we will, then you might never want to get out of gold.
But really, time and place for everything.
It's the smartest investment.
It is the smartest investment for right now to protect.
The no-brainer.
I mean, something, this is so obvious.
It's like you saw Tiger Woods in his prime.
That's the best golfer.
Mike Tyson, that's the best boxer.
Michael Jordan, they're all black, that's just mentions as they are.
That's the best basketball player.
I mean, it's the thing.
It's like there's no... He's so high above everything else, there's no debating.
I mean, you look at Michael Jordan, possibly the best basketball player of all time.
Nobody can touch him.
Nobody could ever touch that kind of success.
How did he do it?
He was in the right place at the right time.
He practiced.
He did hard.
He went against the trend.
When the rest of the team... And he had the genetics.
Yeah, and the rest of the team hated him because he was always working.
This is what we do.
We're always working, looking at politics.
And not many firms will do this, but we'll take politics, economics, the social landscape, the spiritual landscape, put all of those puzzle pieces together, and that gives us a pretty clear picture, Alex.
Silver is Michael Jordan right now, and gold is LeBron James.
Michael Jordan was the best.
So why would you not bet on that?
So you want to put a smile on your face.
You want to start to melt away the financial anxiety that the people... Well, it's so frustrating.
The answer is right there.
It's not the answer to your family or your relationship with God.
That's more important.
But when it comes to finances, it's a no-brainer.
Yeah, absolutely a no-brainer, and here's where it is my mission to try to put a smile on people's face by melting away the financial anxiety that Biden, that Jerome Powell, that Janet Yellen, that Putin, that China brings into our lives, that internal strife and fear that everything is going to fall apart.
You know what, Alex?
I think everything is going to fall apart, but this will actually transcend time and be the right place at the right time.
Bottom line, we're both salesmen, and a salesman wants to sell a good product.
I don't go out and sell Chinese jugs that breaks in one hour.
I don't go out, I sell family and God and country and freedom and the Second Amendment and gold and silver.
It's an easy job.
I promote what I do.
It's easy.
I can sell stuff because I'm selling oxygen to a diver whose tank ran out at 200 feet under the water.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, it's not rocket science, folks.
It's so easy to go what's real.
Men and women and families and God and the planet and what we're doing, and you helping keep us on air.
And then the great stuff you're doing, regardless what happens to InfoWars, I know we're going to work together.
So this guy's key in the future to the whole operation, folks.
You need to call.
I personally say take physical delivery, but don't tell anybody you got it, folks.
They got depositories all over the country.
Those are great as well.
What do you recommend when people call and get the silver and gold?
You're going to do that.
What do they do?
So you'll call, you'll talk to one of my schedulers and they will schedule it with one of my amazing consultants where we'll dig deep into your fears, your goals, what you want to do.
And then we will take that and we'll roll over your assets.
We'll make the burden easy for you.
Transition easy.
The burden light.
And look, everybody's different.
You take physical delivery of it home, or you store it at a depository.
Not all depositories are created equal.
I would only choose one of them.
I choose the Texas Precious Metals Depository in Shiner, Texas, because of the ownership status.
It's singular ownership.
They have segregated storage.
They have unlimited insurance.
I've known the owners for decades, and they're God-fearing patriots like we are.
And in Texas, Alex, it's a different kind of estate.
They're very favorable legislation.
Designed to fight carpetbaggers.
What about split?
Have some at home, some of the depository.
Yeah, I think that's great because you probably want to have a little bit at home to cover you in a barter situation if there's a complete meltdown.
You can't, nobody, merchants don't even want that.
But don't let anybody know because the danger is getting stuck up.
Yeah, and I wouldn't have too much at home.
I would store it.
I store mine at the depository.
It's simply just safer.
And when you want to lock in the ratio trade that we're talking about, it's fast.
It's easy.
You guys sell it for nothing, which nobody else does.
When you liquidate, we don't charge a commission, correct?
I don't know any other firm that does.
KEPM.com forward slash gold 7206053900.
See it on screen for radio stations 7206053900.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much.
720-605-3900, KEPM.com/gold.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much.
Incredible hour and 45 minutes.
Thank you.
It was great being here.
And the Judy Megibus thing was powerful.
That was powerful.
She was feisty today.
She was on a mission.
Well, she's pissed.
I get it.
She's right.
I mean, what she's saying is all true, and you get why she's pissed.
Yeah, I do too.
At least she's awake.
She's alive, you know.
She's ready to fight with her.
She's ready to go to war.
Yeah, she is.
She's a great lady.
Well, you should come back in the next few weeks.
We're ready to talk about it all.
But the move to shut down Gold and Silver is coming very soon.
And it's not me.
Just everything I say is I know.
I don't just say something to get you to do it.
They're coming after the distributors.
Most of them are overcharging you.
This guy's not.
There's some other good people out there as well.
They're coming after it, folks.
So not after your holding of it, your ability to get it.
Take action now.
KEPM.com forward slash goal 720-605-3900.
Dr. Kelly, an incredible job.
Thank you so much, brother.
It's so great being here.
Thank you.
30-second closing comment.
Don't let fear cause you to not act.
It's a leap of faith, calling somebody that you've never talked to, different state, phone call, but you know what?
We've got clients all over the world, literally tens of thousands of clients all over the world.
Give us a call, take that leap of faith, and then you act after that.
I'll say this, my gut, which is the Holy Spirit, tells, plus you have top ratings, boom, go!
It's like boom, boom, boom, boom, go!
Yeah, we're eager to talk to you and help you give, get you that financial peace you're looking for.
All right, we're going to rerun all this till tomorrow night at 4 p.m.
when I go live again, if we're still on air.
And folks, Imperial Troops have entered the base.
We are so close.
We're celebrating.
We're not going to give up.
Regardless, God will make it right.
They killed Obi-Wan Kenobi.
He just comes back stronger.
Thank you so much, crew.
Great job.
Love you all.
all. Thank you.
economy is about to hit the skids and Russia and the BRICS nations are playing a masterful game of chess.
And our administration's going in with like a checkerboard.
They're not even... And the Federal Reserve has signaled they're done with interest rates.
And things are going to get so bad, the globalists are going to usher in a new world of central bank digital currency.
A form of money you could not see.
Central bank digital currencies.
They don't hide in the shadows anymore, they tell us exactly what they're gonna do.
Exactly, that's what's so frustrating.
If you study it, you know the battle plan, but they know the public doesn't check that out, so... But we're able to give it to the public, that could really mess up their operation.
The world is going to see a functioning CBDC very soon, within the coming year.
We saw bank failure 1.0.
It was Silicon Valley, Credit Suisse, First Republic, Silvergate Bank.
I mean, all of those.
First, we had the effects of a dramatic rise in interest rates, leading to the closure of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic Bank.
That was just a tremor before the bank bank.
Yes, I think bank failures 2.0 is coming.
I mean, just last week, the CEO of Citigroup said we're laying off 10% of our workforce.
So at times of crisis, which happens to be happening during an election year,
people will say, OK, this is so bad.
Banks are shutting down.
All this economic failure.
We'll give you what you want.
Government just will give you away our freedoms.
Just take care of us.
Make sure that we can still feed our family.
But this is happening in surprising numbers.
We all sort of take our local bank for granted until it's gone.
That's happening in 4,000 other locations around the country.
And I think in the months ahead, we'll get more failures of regional banks around office space and commercial real estate.
Surveillance and privacy issues could arise if the central bank is able to monitor every transaction.
We've had, over the last three weeks, major disturbances in the banking world, right?
This comes after the regional bank suffered a week-long plunge in its stock, plus a credit downgrade.
We've seen stocks of things like Comerica Bank, Hackwest Bank, New York Community Bank, and even Schwab just start to hit the skids.
By the way, when you first came on months ago, you predicted this.
Yeah, I mean, because the writing was on the wall.
There's another big concern that a central bank issued digital currency could cause a bank run during economic instability.
Here's the ugly reality.
We are no different than Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Greece, Cyprus.
Any country who loses demand for their currency and is forced to print, they go into an inflationary spiral that brings social chaos.
Tangible assets like gold and silver are so important, not just because they're growing, because I think it's a means to protect your financial privacy and financial freedom.
I think there's going to be alternative systems of using tangible assets like gold and silver to back private currencies for individuals to actually be able to transact business on their own, not be a digital slave in their digital world.
These are the kind of solutions that I've been shouting from the rooftops for decades, Alex.
Inflation is coming.
What happens to tangible assets like gold and silver during inflation?
They go up!
People do need to get basic gold and silver.
They need to at least stick their toe in the ocean and do it.
They need to go to your website, KEPM.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
That's KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Or call 720-605-3900.
They need to talk to you folks.
And start getting gold and silver bullion now.
But regardless, we're in for an insane time.
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While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.